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Appalachia High School - Accolade Yearbook (Appalachia, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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KM, J, , wif X ff!-gygzbj fda! bf,,,ii',,2'i,?Q1i W li , ur an form -'Cf' - V . Jiv' fZ5,m,,,mQ?yMa,,,w,MQ.Q,au4MW,Z,!? - 5 f'-,aff 1: 'd f5Wfii,,2fM AWWJWLJQ ffiixgm' ' JMWA Mqffkwm ag ,W A - !ff3:fW,,,M,?W,,,5W2'i,'Q:fb?,?Q4,pvW6 V 4-,wf 4-nifnavffwif bf ,al f, VWYV VY?wwVW,7v ,, , '14 V' 4 . ' bf,6.i?,5v,., Vpmaif- , MQW ,6Q, 54 f.,4.-wind! wf ,af 44' ,,4.?:ff.f2VAV Af gwyzg, 412,14-4g,:Z,,,,,,,4, Ji 77: - D V' 'V L, , V ' ' PE ' A A f V V .1 . .f V . V xt-,LZ I , yy Y , - . -. V V V Vl -sw ' , - ' ' V , , I ,. V , . V w :fu ,' . , ' . - If ' .- f , ' , ' , f - H A: "1 HQ- .f ' ' ,. ,Y ' ' N .' f . V V Y W . V I i S P l V .' -V 1 ffffp f' v , , "ii 'I A A . '4"" ' " 1 'J 4 V vcCb1 J v H , 5 C X .T-f .ff V -"' f..-112 fr w any H., K V , A.: 1 Fi 7' f ff- .f , , I, ffl? av 1' XKJULI , a I mf . 15 FN gif' U I 4 D A Frou Jig prea enfin .-123 - Q '1 . 'N .fl , . JI, 'V I 1 " 7., , . L 1 x 1' 1.:KY'Qgf3'.,f.f' 12:42-'L f wx LVAVU yr" vga:-7-:zz ,-.4Lff-'--L 7 11, ,,.y..-:Q--J'-'l-1: I ' '. ' Q :,,'g,.5u',g,-rf1f.f1wf-Lff ' ,K V71 '59 X, ,ffjl .,LYL!vg'aQ-,fzgjfi ,I If REFLECTIONS X, X' , 3 . . 5J'w,,2V"' 2 9 of Ap p al Cl c h I a H u g h J U 1 UM 'm 93 "N x '-. .411 fgfgi. A, "P-fs. I , . ,.,.-- .anna WE 1-1ff+.,f.-0 4. mf-rw -W kc ,,,,.v Q, . M. . ,. M, . A ..- L 1 ,,., . .mm vf ff1'f,g-uw .VA jIT""f"j M5fs. f N ,, '-' .- 1 - 2 H M H WMS i fiwaa, fl i 74 cfffffdf Jfywb, ,fgfjydmfga faf V. 6Qf4fif522'zhQ Am If 70' f X -f A ' , f 7 A , ' i . ja? aff? .52 1ffZfZ,ZZ-132,54 5,44 X ' Z, -dzffggif, 4 4 V4 M ia Q67 51441 Qakfzf.. Z2 7 Jfyafjeffcoijazff' Lama ebgaz 45 ff I dfdlfx 'Cf Jin!!! f 01? 1' 4' WV ! i 8 1 Y , 7 L 7 7v f V F 1 ,4 1 U K7 " ,, 2c1! 7 fc"4744?f WK 4 ff , 1 Z2 -7516 I a a f ' I 45666, KQZ6 Cf ' 10 ina! ' i ' ff- I ' lf 1 c ' 'X f I X Z f , ' 6 I I 0 , 1 1 Ll! i I 1 ' i ' f if 4 p ,f df fj Published by the Seniors o .4 51 fAPPALACHIA HIGH scn i Appalachia, Virginia CAROLE' LUNTSFORD LUCRETIA GIVENS 1 l F O R E W OR D f Xlt is the hape of the Accolade ftigme to come these ieflections Appalachia, High, with its varied f be ajrue mirrorholf memories for We have atternptedffla capture and glimpses of enthusiasm, olty, gaity, and sorrow which are porated to rinoke. each day a new experience. May the life of eachyof to reflect the spirit and ideals instil us during our four-year sajurn heres I A 5 if 3? Q5 2 i M ia, M i ASPIRIT OF PRIDE AND ACCOMPLISHMENT 7 . A ' X fl' 712721-'4' f n J.ft4nvf4fwfff54fl-J ?frf1-Nrk. iwys 4gDyuuNl5,,WZw4,,-,D,,f gfw' , ZJHAZ-41 ff-4413 Ai! 7'ZA'C6DEMICSl-..l ,... f' ..,.,A ORGANIZATIONS . , . ATHLETICS ..,. FEATURES .,,. ADVERTISEMENTS I,,. I 6-4 I 42-53 54-67 68-81 82-96 5 !-si ak qw CLASSES...AND DEPARTMENTAL ACHIEVEMENTS W: I' V e We A t . i, I a, u-,,jgu .L . " . r . nw 'EX 1? 1 mlm ,. . 'E i LANGUAGE ARTS English, requiring four years of litera- ture and grammar, with our electives- Spanish, Latin, and Speech, play an im- portant part in our college preparatory program, These supply us with a funda- mental background in grammar as well as an appreciation for good literature. MATH EMATICS The mathematical courses are the most challenging ones available at our school. Algebra, plane and solid geome- try, and physics are the most complex subjects which require many hours of diligent study. This extensive program is necessary for the proper mental devel- opment required for the many technical jobs today. SOCIAL STUDIES To prepare us to accept our "Ameri- can heritage" as citizens of our com- muity, our nation, and our world, whether it be as leaders or as followers, we are introduced to and schooled in the prin- ciples ofa democratic way of life through such courses as Virginia History, U. S. History, World History, and civics. SCIENCES General Science, biology, and chem- istry, which constitute our :science pro- gram, give the student a fundamental understanding of scientific facts and create ci thirst for the quest of the un- discovered and the unproved. We are made to feel that we will playa vital part in conquering a great "new world". --M V3 Aim 3 . 5 2 'fi iff .. 521. :K H O Q63 S X wi., , .... ,it 1: :xii 'iw 'H 'Q wi? 1-Q, Q - 4 . Ki , ek i f 'ww - -ring, 1 , 5 - if? , A Wk i5" x'fL:- .' 7 - xi E g g, Q Fe I '-" b k S if 4? , 251 1 H+ ss L Y 441-fel gg L K If Q Q ?M,1 , M - S 7 553 i 4 - - iii! . , E11 SCHOOL SPIRIT... FOOTBALL Football is perhaps the most empha- sized sport at A. H. S., and it is the most popular with fans. Practice begins two weeks prior to the opening of school in the fall. Blocking, tackling, running, passing, and kicking are drilled into the players to develop the necessary skills, strengthen the body, and condition the mind to meet the demands of a strenu- ous schedule. Winning games is import- ant, but the players are taught that good sportsmanship and school spirit are more important. BASKETBALL Basketball at A. H. S. is a highly active sport which requires outstanding team work and the top physical condition of each player. The team follows a rigid schedule in both county and district com- petition playing approximately twenty games per season. Basketball is the only sport in which we take part during the winter months. TRACK Track, a renewed sport at A. H. S. is characterized by individual competition rather than team competition. lt gives each athlete a chance to display his own outstanding abilities in the many dif- ferent events, which are held during the spring. Track is a sport in which much determination and a different type of training are required in order to develop proper muscular co-ordination. ,,,, I aim? wives. Q E In the lite of the student at Appalachia High are many special events which supplement the routine schedule. The Halloween Carnival and the annual Homecoming are added attractions in the fall, featuring much lively interest in the selection of Kings, Queens, and Court. Assembly programs spark the school day every Thursday afternoon. The junior and senior plays give the aspiring Thespians an opportunity for artistic expression. Class outings and parties herald Spring, while the seniors, as they prepare for their final departure, are caught in a barrage of activities, the Washington trip, the Junior-Senior Prom, Class Day, and graduation parties. School days are fun days as these - u SPECIAL EVENTS OUR lO WB, ,M 5, , ,. I 'EJ ' 41 EJ,-sg! K aff l J , fy , 1 o ggglg 5 iv! SA I ' 3 i E u 1 3 , l 5 X 5 . Q 5 " 1 x 4 ' . 1 L A X1 gn n x f x ll YEAR 5' ,I l J 9 s If 1 iw.. Nf ' H L wi 53 :li M 'Rm wwe! .fxmwx Q' R Wa ,S Q "l am a part of all that l have metg Yet all experience is an arch wherethro' Gleams that untraveled world, whose margin fades For ever and for ever when l move." As we ponder these immortal words of Tenny- son, we come to the realization that Appalachia High is truly an integral part of each of us, and, on our graduation, we take that portion with us. May our lives be a reflection and perpetuation of the learning and ideals incorporated here, WE BID GCOD-BYE TO---A.H.S.! WE GRATEFULLY DEDICATE To l 5 i I I I I I For: 'Her deep understanding of personal problems' Patient guidance' Her willingness to accept in- dividual ideas' Her constant inspiration' A radiant class personality' Her sincere friendship' Miss Azlene Stout, with loving respect, this, the l959 issue of the Accolode. Ak I if ca- W -X N f t .t - AX N. 1 N Xi lx i A 1 I gg, 31,52 'A F ". Qin ,t .K , R x ' 5 X x 'RW i .V ly 1 an ,x1Xy1,g. LK- fl-A H 1 x ,X7-kV', X M' Xxx :AX -, qx - I XY-it girl, xx, AJNKMJ "ij x kvikxkhjlvl ' ' . ct x , x , OA J j w AA, -f M ' . ' . . .Lv-f X 1'-'rf '- xnxx, iX:hN"'J X V' ,V li' NU Xp X 1 X- X ' ' 2 'JM 'ft fs x W X NNN' . 2 . J K, Ar. ,Q tavkyl 'BJJVN' '31 ' 'x 1 L"-'ve' Vi I F. K -- 1-A', X X .s"7 J-' ' X X ix 'gl ,X X it. -L fskxivcl X 'LM -Q-f-' 'Q 1 -J X N 5'-r 'X K A h I K'-Nx .XX lx.-vw, -. , vm, .-I, L., N' ' A K i V X ' I 'X I -.X Gun lukr I 'E 'XMK-X A XX RUR :lf ix I ,WN - . ,wxx tx,-Qgyhkw Xivwqvgxvw -iv-J - XTR 'J i x mx SLP X 'v -- A " 'K 'AN Ls.:-aw-:.X5xi,w lf-N-Af-R.. QX' NN. Xsw YIM. L f-JAN C . -J ND 5. X qt t,s',g,K ww . ' Y.,, ' , x x X ,x L, -vw.,-c, cywdl it? Xb, V x Q Unk wk QM- Xb! ' . K r 'X su tr K M ' . . 'N M - t it its YW? WS, Wtiifiwf as so ef iw 3-.IM5-L41-1QEhm.x. 1 I- USX I - 'NSA y h r -L .V xx uni ng MJQ v . Q. . ,, c ,YW L, . X x,,t,,c Ai to ' A l LEM " RASRN XML 1 . f - . A N 's - ' A W, . l X .Q -.H X ,Q-St, , vw,-Xjwv . L, .f i I V i . K P F 1 N xt 5 f VA r L '- , K Ivxlxjsrvvx' hskxjx-, ,A l 35 3 , acl-JxfX Nv-:Xg.L. XQYW YMJ xkuv NLASAQN Xp. X3.J,x5..yv-A-i Km., QAM-2+45fg bhp' , i X 'HRX ,f gm M Eff- H Qs . hkgqxylqh-AJQJ .N -gn -N ,-. , N S- ' -A 'pw W.,w-ew, ,vs QJQMQ in mawwffv Mkgxvh 3 f -.T LL. 3..21.Q,4, gg KX,-rv fi' on ,A "'.-rf." fx' 1' 1:-9 HJ The building of the new school at Appalachia, which is now under construction, we watch with pride and joy. lt is the result of much determined effort and work by interested patrons and voters. 'S xx Nm f .ff X ,ag ,E 'fl wNf- ACAD ENIICS 1' ADMINISTRATION Mr. Walter F. Jones has created a lasting impression upon the lives of the student body and the faculty as he pre- sides with wisdom and dignity. He has served as principal of Appalachia High School since l94O. We are indeed grate- ful for a principal who is outstanding in leadership as well as one who has the ability to understand and work with the students in friendship and fairness. He has proved his versatility in his perform- ance of religious duties and his accom- plishments in civic activities. He received his B. S. from Michigan State University and his M. A. from Columbia Uinversity. i ELEMENTARY FACULTY First Row: Miss Peggy Bledsoe, Miss Katherine Gadclis, Miss Frances Long, Mrs. Buena Ramsey, Miss Charlotte Callahan, Miss Margaret Matthews, Mrs. Hubert McKinney, Miss Estelle Crockett, Mrs. Lynn Weatherly, Mrs. O. S. Barker. Second Row: Mrs. Mae Dixon, Miss Clara Gillenwater, Mrs. Paul Bailey, Mrs. Dan Buchanan, Mrs. Jack Belton, Mrs. P. J. Miller, Mrs. Rush Horne, Mrs. Minnie Duff, Miss Joan Burke, Miss Lena Slemp. IB Mrs. Berta Mrs. Burdette Mr. Burton Mr. Clark AND FACULTY Their Duties are Varied Mrs. Doris Berta, who has a B. S. in Edu- cation from Concord College, teaches English 8 and Girls Physical Education. Mrs. Nina J. Burdette has a B, S. from Radford State Teachers College. She teaches English 9, ll, and I2, is sponsor ot the FTA and Chairman of Committee for Assembly Programs, and she does the staging for the junior and senior Plays. Mr. J. H. Burton, co-sponsor of the junior class, 8th grade sponsor, and teacher of Mathematics 8 and Algebra 9, received his B. S. from Emory and Henry College. Mr. from basketball coach. He teaches 9 Science, 8 Mathematics, 9 Algebra, and Physics. Mr. Howard Ethom Cummins has a B. A. from Lincoln Memorial University. He is sophomore co-sponsor and teaches English 9, IO, and ll and Biology. Mr. Samuel Edward Dixon re- ceived his B. A. from Emory and Henry Col- lege and his M. A. from East Tennessee State College. He coaches football, basketball, and track. Mr. C. P. Dorton has a B. S. from East Tennessee State. He is sponsor of the Hi-Y and D. E. Clubs and the Bark Staff. He is also President of the Wise County Education As- sociation. Mr. J. D. Flanary, who attended James Clark, who has o B. Henry College is the Mr. Cummins Eastern State College, is the band and choral director. Mr. Dorton Mr. Flanory I9 Mrs. Gwaldis vlr. Orr Miss Hill Miss Hurd Miss McKenzie THESE REFLECT AND Mrs. Dorothy Gwaldis attended Radford College, Wofford College, and Clinch Valley College. She teaches General Business, Bookkeeping, and Typing l. Miss Helen Hill, senior sponsor of the Washington Trip, teaches Algebra 9, Chemistry, and History ll. She received her B. S. from Mary Washingtcn College, and her M. A. frorn Columbia University. Miss Anne Hurd is the Accolade Sponsor. She teaches English 8, World History, and Spanish l and ll. Miss Hurd received her B. A. from Emory and Henry College. Miss Mary McKenzie, the school librarian, has a B. A. degree from Radford State Teachers College. Mr. George Orr, sponsor of the Safety Patrol, teaches Mathematics 8, Science 9, and Gen- eral Business. Mr. Orr was graduated from Emory and Henry Col- lege with an A, B. degree. Mrs. Joy B. Parsons attended Radford State College and the Tennessee School of Beauty Culture. She teaches Cosmetology. Mrs. Gladys M. Rankin received a B. S. 'de- gree from William and Mary College. She teaches Home Eco- nomics and.Speech. Mr. James Fugate Reasor, Guidance Director, teaches Civics 9 and l2. He attended Lincoln Memorial Univer- sity where he received a B. A. degree. Mr. Joseph W. Rose, who has a B. S. from East Tennessee State College and who attended Clinch Valley College, teaches 8 History and 9 English, He is sponsor of the junior class and the Senior Washington Trip. Mrs Parsons Mrs. Rankin Mr. Reasor Mr. Rose . ,qms i', d,S,.,t .c w . .. .... ..... , ,,,,,,,...,, , ,...,.,. ,,tH,,.,sx...w. , ,I . . K X , , K ., . MF. SlleTT'1Ol'e Miss Mr. Sfqllqrd IMPART KNOWLEDGE Mr. Jack Sizemore, who teaches 8 Science and General Busi- ness, has a B. S. degree from the Appalachian State Teachers College. He is a Junior Sponsor. Miss Joan Smtih received her B. S. from Radford State Teachers College. She is a Senior Class Sponsor. She teaches Typing I and ll, Shorthand, and Bookkeep- ing. Mr. Emory Stallard, sponsor for the 8th grade and Noon-Day Chapel, teaches Science 8, Algebra 9, English 8 and Arithmetic 8. He has a B. S. from the Lincoln Memorial University. Miss Azlene Stout, Guidance Director, received an A. B. at Asbury Col- lege. She teaches 9 English, 8 History and U. S. History. Mrs. Mar- garet Walker, who is a teacher of English 8 and Latin l and ll has an A. B. from Agnes Scott College. She is a sponsor of the Senior Class and accompanist for the A. H. S. Chorus. Mrs. Beth Wendell, who received her B. S. and M. S. degrees from the Uni- versity of Tennessee, teaches Vocational Office Training and sponsors the V. O. T. Club. Miss Della Willis has an A. B. from Radford State Teachers College, a B. S. from the University of Virginia, and a M. A. from George Peabody College for teachers. She teaches English lO and Science 8 and sponsors the Sophomore Class. Miss Sue Wygal teaches 9 Science, Plane Geometry, and Solid Geometry. She has an A. B. from the Martha Washington College and a B. S. from the University of Virginia. Mrs. Ruth Christian is secretary to Mr. Jones. Mrs. Wendell Miss Willis Miss 5 l . Miss Stout Mrs. Walkc Wygal Mrs. Christian A Gail Amos Kay Barker Betty Barnett Shirley Begley Senior Officers Seated: Lucretia Givens, President, Standing, left to right: Miss Hill, Washington Trip Sponsor, Miss Smith, Senior Sponsor, Mrs, Walker, Senior Sponsor, Ted Collins, Jr., Vice-President, Mary Faye Leonard, Secretary, Joyce Snodgrass, Treasurer. or . rbx v'7 Kenneth Belcher Ronald Breeding Barbara Collier '13 Sydney Bledsoe Mo rtha Brooks CLASS HISTORY ln the sultry heat of August of l954, l55 young, eager, and inexperienced sub-freshmen entered the eighth grade. Numb with excitement and doubt, we sur- veyed that long stairway to the top. We worked like beavers, but played twice as hard. Beorning with pride and importance, we elected our first officers and spon- sors. We were exposed to an array of extracurricular activities, football, basketball, clubs, and social events. There was a slight pause, called summer, and we entered into our freshman year in l956. We were trying very hard to mature, and began thinking more seriously of our studies. We were still happy-go-lucky and some of us were real pills for our teachers but the year ended without a major disaster. The year was l957 and our title was sophomore. This was the year of our first major class event, which was the trip to Hungary Mother's Park. We spent the day swimming, boating and getting scorched, but we will never forget. Sue Carter Faye Chiles Kenneth Collier Ted Collins, Jr, Margie Cooper 'FS' A Q1 is-I Z3 CLASS HISTORY Then we were Juniors and the time was l958. We realized with a shock that we had only two more won- derful years of school. Our class officers were as follows: President, Carole Luntsford, Vice-President, Mary Faye Leonard, Secretary, Bobby Hartleyg Treasurer, Brenda Wolfe. The task of refining ourselves for our senior year was a difficult one. We had the responsibility of the Halloween Carnival, the Junior Play, and the prom which was the biggest event of the year. Our prom theme was "Memories". lt was a night unforgettable. At the end of the year we realized more strongly than ever our need for a good education ond responsibilities. The big moment arrived in l959 when Mr. Jones addressed us as seniors. We were proud and positively radiating with dignity. Our class officers were as follows: President, Lucretia Givens, Vice-President, Ted Collins, Secretary, Joyce Snodgrass, Treasurer, Mary Faye Leonard. This was the year for the Senior Play, the prom, and the Washington Trip, Then came the moment we had all waited for-graduation, With mixed emo- tions we realized it was the beginning of a new life and the end of the wonderful story of the Class of l959. Ronald Fannon Foyle Fields Nicholas Herron Paul Hric Judy Comet, Robert Cress Patsy Gibson Larry Gibson Bill l-lumbert Janice Johnson .gyms-an 24 Donnv Davidson Brenda Davis David Dixon John Dixon 1959 SENIOR CLASS A group of the seniors, Tankersley, Herron, Collier, Wolfe, Cornett, and Lowe, wait impatiently for the bus fem Lucretia Givens B0bbY HONEY preparatory to leaving on that memorable Washington Jessee Jones Phyllis King TWP- L., 1-:rf 'L ,wp ,. ' S L N :P-Q ks km Q it ggi, - jsgt' - ,R N I fn ,,g,gQ,f4,V A k . 'Q S at rreee 'M' l S 1 S S S S ...lA Linda Kirk Mary Faye Leonard Jacqueline Lowe Carole Luntsford Betty Mills Bill Moore Shirley Parsons Roxie Phillips Ralph Tankersley Venna Gaddis Thacker John Trinkle Lavonda Word 5 26 S-f x 'O' N311 1 Sl l ln Shirley Martin Marvin McGee Ruth McGee Carter McKinney Seniors Not Pidured: Robert Clendenon, Doris C L A S S Craft, Doris Mainous, Elizabeth Mainous, Victoria Meade, Bill Mills, Nancy Smith. Linda Gay Powers Ada Lee Rowland Joyce Snodgrass Ronald Sfafzer Barbara Wells Nita Williams Brenda Wolfe Ernesfine Wolfe fir ,ow lv A ' X sand 'sw '7"""lT i 'lvl Q if xivv 27 SENIOR DIRECTORY AMOS, GAIL, Stonega-Band, Latin Club, Safety Patrol, Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Junior Play, Booster Club. BARKER, KAYE, Osaka+Band, Booster Club. BARNETT, BETTY SUE, lmboden-Home Economics Club, Booster Club, V.O.T. Club, Play "Macbeth." ' BELCHER, KENNETH, Roda-Speech Club, Baseball, Shop, D. E. Club. BEGLEY, SHIRLEY JEAN, Appalachia-Vice-president of FTA, Basketball and Football Cheerleader, Junior Play, Girls' State, Speech Club, Vice-president of Nurses Training Club, Basketball. BLEDSOE, SYDNEY, RODA - Band, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Bark Staff, Biology Club, Home Econom- ics Club. BOATRIGHT, TED, Appalachia--Booster Club, Baseball Manager. BOLINSKY, ANETHA JEAN, Exeter-Library Club, Booster Club, Home Economics Club, Secretary-Treas- urer of Latin Club. BREEDING, RONALD, Inman-Speech Club, Shop, D. E. Club, Baseball. BROOKS, MARTHA, Appalachia-Program Chairman of Journal Club, Home Economics I and ll Club, Booster Club, Biology Club, Nurses Training. CARTER, GALENA SUE, Dunbar-Glee Club, Secretary of Choral Club, Safety Patrol, Band, Booster Club, Hi-Y Club, V.O.T. Club, Senior Editor of Accolade, FTA, Jr. Apprentice, Latin Club, Biology Club. CHILES, FAYE, Exeter-Basketball cheerleader, Treas- urer of D. E. Club, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Library Club, Choral Club. CLARK, RUDY, Appalachia-Booster Club, D. E. Club, Latin Club, Biology Club, Basketball, Junior Plays '56 and '57, CLENDENON, ROBERT, Derby-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Shop, Spanish Club. COLLIER, ESTELLA AGNES, lmboden-President of Choral Class, Vice-president of Band, Secretary- Treasurer of Latin Club, Junior Play, Home Economics Club, Accolade Staff, Booster Club, Hi-Y Club, F.T.A., Biology Club, Class Prophet. COLLIER, BARBARA, lmboden-Library Club, D. E. Club, Booster Club. COLLIER, KENNETH, Appalachia-Hi-Y Club, President of Band, Choral Class, Football, Booster Club, Boys' State, Junior Play, Biology Club, Spanish Club, Ac- colade Staff. COLLINS, TEDDIE JR., Appalachia-Football, Basket- ball, Track, Baseball, Boys' State, President of Sub- freshman Class, President of Sophomore Class, Vice- president of Biology Club, Accolade Staff, Library Club, Bark Staff, Student Football Coach, Spanish Club. COOPER, MARGIE: Andover-Home Economics Club, Booster Club. CORNETT, JUDY, lmboden-Booster Club, Latin Club, Chorus, 'V.O.T. Club, Home Economics Club. CRAFT, DORIS, Appalachia - Booster Club, Home Economics Club, Cosmetology. CRESS, ROBERT, Appalachia-Shop, D. E. Club, Track, Booster Club. DAVIDSON, DANNY, Dunbar - Football, Baseball, Track, D. E. Club, Biology Club, Speech Club, Shop, Booster Club. DAVIS, BRENDA SUE, Roda--Booster Club, Latin Club, Home Economics Club, Library Club, Safety Patrol, Basketball, V.O.T. Club, Bark Staff, Hi-Y Club. DIXON, DAVID, Appalachia-Hi-Y Club, Forest Service, Boys' State, Junior Play, Basketball, Football, Base- ball, Track, F.T.A., Class Testator. DIXON, JOHN, Appalachia-Biology Club, Play "Mac- beth." FANNON, RONALD EUGENE, Stonega--Latin Club, Biology Club, Library Club, Safety Patrol. FIELDS, FOYLE A., Appalachia--Latin Club, Glee Club, Biology Club, Booster Club. GIVENS, VERA LUCRETIA, Exeter-Basketball Cheer- leader, Vice-president of Sophomore Class, President of Senior Class, Accolade Staff, Hi-Y Club, Library Club, Latin Club, Booster Club, Junior Apprentice, Girls' State, Biology Club. HARTLEY, BOBBY RAY, Roda-Bark Staff, Booster Club, D. E. Club, Class Historian, Secretary of Junior Class. HERRON, NICHOLAS RODNEY, lmboden-Captain of Safety Patrol, Spanish Club, Secretary of Library Club, Football, Football Manager, Junior Play, D. E. Club, Booster Club, Play "Macbeth," Baseball, Speech Club, Hi-Y Club. HRIC, PAUL, Appalachia-Biology Club, Booster Club. HUMBERT, BILL, Stonega-Football, Band, Speech, Booster Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY JOHNSON, JANICE RUTH, Appalachia-Booster Club, Latin Club, Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Secretary of Nurse Training Club. JONES, JESSEE ALBERT, Appalachia-Football mana- ger, Latin Club, Bark Staff, F.T.A., Class Giftorian. KING, PHYLLIS, Appalachia-Bark Staff, Hi-Y, Booster Club, Band, D. E. Club, F.T.A., Junior Play Prompter, Home Ec. Club, Class Song Writer, Candy Store. KIRK, LINDA LEE, Osaka--Booster Club, Home Ec. Club, Glee Club, Choral Club, Coed-Hi-Y Club, Li- brary Club, Bark Staff, Latin Club, Secretary of V.O.T. Club. LEONARD, MARY FAYE, Appalachia - President of Freshman Class, Vice-president of Junior Class, Treas- urer of Senior Class, Editor of Bark, Treasurer of Choral Class, President of Biology Club, Junior Play, President of Library Club, Home Economics Club, Captain and co-captain of cheerleaders, Class His- torian, Basketball. LOWE, JACQUELINE, Roda-Library Club, Safety Pat- rol, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club, Vice-president of Library Club, President of Spanish Club, V.O.T. Club, Booster Club, F.T.A., Basketball cheerleader. LUNTSFORD, SYLVIA CAROLE, Appalachia-F.T.A. President, Editor of the Accolade, Vice-president of Choral Class, President of Junior Class, Latin Club, Junior Play, Girls' State, Booster Club, Hi-Y Club. MAINOUS, DORIS, Appalachia-Latin Club, Booster Club, Basketball Cheerleader, Historian af D.E. Club. MAINOUS, ELIZABETH, Appalachia-Basketball, Home Ec. Club, Cosmetology Club, Booster Club, Latin Club. MARTIN, SHIRLEY, Exeter-Band, Basketball Cheer- leader, Parliamentarian of D. E. Class, Booster Club, Class Testator. MCGEE, MARVIN EUGENE, Andover-D. E. Club, Bio- logy Club, Booster Club. MCGEE, HAZEL RUTH, Andover-Spanish Club, Treas- urer of V.O.T. Club. MCKENNY CARTER, Appalachia-Spanish Club, Band, Choral Class, Speech Club. MEADE, VICTORIA, Derby-Mid-term graduate. MILLS, BETTY, Dunbar--Speech Club, Home Ec. Club, Booster Club. MILLS, BILL, Dunbar-Booster Club, D. E. Club, Bi- ology Club. MOORE, BILL, Appalachia - Football, Basketball, Booster Club, Biology Club, Speech Club. PASONS, SHIRLEY ANN, Derby-Choral Class, Home Economics Club, Booster Club, Cosmetology Club, Play "Macbeth." PHILLIPS, ROXIE MAE, Kent Junction-V.O.T. Club, Library Club. POWERS, LINDA GAY, Derby-Latin Club, Secretary of Library Club, Choral Class, Secretary of Hi-Y Club, Biology Club, Booster Club, President of V.O.T. Club, Junior Apprentice on Bark Staff, Girls' State. ROWLAND, ADA LEE, Appalachia-Cosmetology Club, Home Economics Club. SNODGRASS, JOYCE DELORES, Norton Road-Program Chairman of Latin Club, Secretary of Senior Class, Library Club, F. T. A., Booster Club, Junior Play, Speech Club, Biology Club, Home Ec. Club. STATZER, RONALD, Big Stone Gap-Latin Club, Boos- ter Club, Annual Staff, F.T.A. TANKERSLEY, RALPH, Appalachia - Safety Patrol, Spanish Club, Accolade Staff, Treasurer of Library Club, Candy Store, Booster Club, Class Poet. THACKER, VENNA GADDIS, Appalachia-President of D. E. Club, Choral Class, Booster Club, Speech Club, Home Economics Club, Class Giftorian, Latin Club, Basketball manager. TRINKLE, JOHN, Appalachia-Baseball, football, and basketball managers, Latin Club, Biology Club, Junior Play, Forest Service, Safety Patrol, Booster Club, Glee Club. WARD, LAVONDA, Dunbar-Cosmetology Club, Home Ec. Club, Booster Club. WELLS, BARBARA, Stonega-Safety Patrol, Booster Club, Choral Club, Home Ec. Club, Football Queen. WILLIAMS, NITA, Appalachia-Feature Editor of Ac- colade Staff, Safety Patrol, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Biology Club, Reporter of Hi-Y Club, Library Club, Junior Play, Secretary-Treasurer of F.T.A., Football and Basketball Cheerleader, Basketball, Booster Club, Girls' State, History Award, Speech Club. WOLFE, BRENDA, Appalachia-Booster Club, Home Ec. Club, Drum-Majorette of Band, Treasurer of Junior Class, Vice-president of V.O.T. Club WOLFE, ERNESTINE, Appalachia-Glee Club, Secretary of Freshman Class, President of Hi-Y Club, F.T.A., Cheerleader, Junior Play, Bark Staff, Speech Club. 'if 4,361 ya 52443 zf ,M y il ,mmf fiiomofv- V ' rod 44-aww jjjkgfafvyr' Z ' 7016 are yn of JM j,,LC.'ff55,5f: , if Jae, zkjdftfrc rw, eerie M514 Twwffwz xf A ' ' Ml, I' V , I M -D ,L I A1544 ' S' W 'wif' sjlwjy J unior Officers Kneeling: Gary Herron, Treasurerg Mr. Sizemore, Sponsor. Second row: Nancy Bouron, Vice-presn denrg Charlotte Isaac, Presidenrg Judy Morrell, Secretary. Third row: Mrs. Berta, Jr.ASr. Prom Sponsorg Mr, Burton, Sponsorg Mr. Rose, Sponsor. THE JUNIOR CLASS 'Yr ""'I'7 so Janice Craft Ella Sue Cress Lorene Cress Charles Davis Jim Davis Carolyn Fulmer Leroy Givens Betty Golden Judy Green Sue Akers Beatrice Anderson Judith Ashworth Beverly Bargo Joyce Bishop James Blair Nancy Boufon Jerry Bush Nellie Barnett Rita Barnett Barbara Bays Joanlee Bishop Phyllis Campbell Wayne Christian Carol Collier Tom Cooper , , , rx N Frances Maggard Judy Morrell Wanda Miles Alice Mumpower Dorothy Miller Bonnie Murnpower Dana Moody Larry Mumpower Patricia Nelson Janie Pridernore Sandra Nelson Margaret Sizemore Brenda Oliver Ray Slcorupa Billy Joe Parsons Paul Snodgrass, 32 Jr. Elva Harrison Donald Herron Gary Herron Roger Herron Charlotte Isaac David Johnson Theda Lackey Charles Leonard Alton Lowe yr' ILBMU Junior Class History In the fall of l955 the doors of Appalachia High were opened to admit a startled but eager group of sub-freshmen. This being our first year in a new and different environment we looked forward to a glorious future, We were caught in a whirl of football, basketball, clubs, and class- work, After the second term we began to get the "feel" of the situation and we worked with re- newed effort. Then we had three long summer months of rest and relaxation. Upon our return in l956 we soon became adapted to our high school, environment, and more sure of ourselves as the clay slipped past, We now realized that each subject taken was important to our eventual graduation. We learned to study in earnest but we also found time to enjoy a trip to High Knob, which was the big outing of that year. N i lfsf. 1, l LLL- L ' Cv'-47 'LL A' "Z'Lk uf if ' . , 15 1 - i 'xr' A I 4 A ft 4 , "ba-NU' . ,, , . NAI "1" V I Q 3 i . -g . s -- f if l. r ff - ' i F l. fl ,ll gf. , 1, , ,, wiv' s t. A group of juniors, Davis, the Mumpawer twins, Herndon, Cooper, and Craft take a break from ri busy schedule to bane up on the latest news in the "Bulldog's Bark." THE JUNIOR CLASS 2. Q L 4 Sb 117' ..-f q.-9 Juniors not Pictured John Adams Charles Brooks Allen Bufford Carl Clendenon Guy Collier Danny Carroll Wayne Herndon Doug Hobbs Curtis Hopkins Eugene Kirk Robert Kirk Dariny Long Randy Mabe Herbert Mahan William H, Smith Tommy Southard Donald Stout Jerry Wolfe Charles Harold Class History The year was l957 and we were "grand old sophomores." We elected our officers and under- took a long list of extra-curricular activities with enthusiasm. From necessity we learned to burn the midnight oil and were rewarded for our efforts with passing grades. ln the spring we recall a happy time at Hungary Mother's Park. ln the fall of i958 we returned to find our- selves one step closer our goal, we were Juniors. The demands on our time, our studies and connected activities, were two-fold. Our class elected Charlotte Issac, President, Nancy Bouton, Vice President, Judy Morrell, Secretary, Gary Her- ron, Treasurer, and sponsors, Mr. Rose and Mr. Sizemore. Our first big project was the Hollween Carnival. We were more than pleased with the results, and had enough capital to stage the great- est event so far in our lives, the Prom. Then came the Junior Play, a success, and as the day flew by excitment rose within us as approched our Senior year. This happy group: Parsons, Bishop, Akers, Herron, and Miller, are all in agreement that one should, "Stay young, and fair, and debonaire, have a Pepsi!" TH E JUNIGR CLASS Charles Stapleton Jerry Strong Shirley Sullivan Gerald Watkins Charlotte Wells Jerry Young i - ' OUR CHOSEN LEADERS Top To Bottom Sophomore Officers: Larry Munsey, President, Brenda Frazier, Trea- surer, Connie McKinney, Secretary, Earl Jackson Vice-President, Miss Della Willis, Sponsor. 1 Freshman Officers: Mr. Dixon, Sponsor, Lee Riggs, President, Jack- ie Chestnutf, Vice-President, John McFarland, Secretary'Treosurer. Sub-Freshmen Officers: Doris Jackson, Treasurer, Linda Williams, Vice- President, Mr. Burton, Sponsor, Patricia Harris, President, Mr. Sfallard, Sponsor, Jerry Hayes, Secretary. 35 ri ,wi Y 4 - , ,fl -VCJ- My - ke QQ , V Cy, V VV R, -J C C i J Col , i i i - R i KV! y, 4 AV' li Lu i, ,V C . C . Y, E ww ,, 1 , V C- f. ,C ir' , V.:5Cx, x F i- :FM - N i x , 3, J F lliiile JSOPHOMORE CLASS Ronnie Caylor Buddy Clark Glenda Clark Jimmy Clark Clyde Collier Glenn Collier Roger Collier Brownlee Collins Wendell Collinsworth Dickie Corneft Jerry Cornetf Tim Cornet? James Crowden Carolyn Dackery Ray Dorton Don Estridge Larry Fannon Roger Farmer Barbara Farmer Ronnie Fields Doyle Flanary Richard Flanary Gail Fowler Brenda Frazier Billy Fulmer Don Gabriel Paul Gillenwater Patty Grogan Jewell Hackney Marvin Hall Glenn Hampton Danny l-larkleroad William Harris Linda Herron B C Gary Holloman Patricia Hylton Billy Jackson Earl Jackson Sue Jackson Barbara Jones ' V - Ronnie Anderson VV ' " 3' ' Jerome Artrip ii C gf ,J 1 g Harold Auer M l ' Roberta Banks 5 'lii C SQ? Brenda Beverly ' " e': C- ig ' P it . A UX ik 513 fs N VV VV L C ,V Q Mickey Blevins. ' ,,:, V' " V, ii.V VV - Berry Bull V VZZN V' VV I 3 ggy' ii W Sharon Carter C 1'i J "i H f Wendell Caldwell Js J CC ' J : C ,,.i ,J C S Lindo Cowdill .R L ss Q C Cf I V V V k-- - ,M .- I C1,C C ir,, C C C so .C Y iif" ' v fe' it Ns 'gl' f R il liii l if J fi, "' CC Q ' K fl C R X J eall Q f fm, r V CC X ' ' A ir' " 'Qian C 3 VVVVVViVVf:v' " F Flik, S 56V JTV CVVV JFJJ: 1 -,. Q. lzi - ' C QQ ... 'E ' . ,gy V J C P' L 3 ,.: V' - ! 'Q E ! Fmifj .err 4 in K C V! .. t. ii :gg ,.A' A Jihk rs M V, Vy I I C C C ' ' J" - 'f C "i- l Ci E ' CC CV C V 1 C' -C J,. bmw C , ' X VV V' Q ,C ioee C C fm -,. : V 2 Ck J J e'ell C, V y ,,,: V ll illii ' ' i CC C it C C : M C. J ' C if "': -C C E 'f' ' S ee Y' W' C ille A C C V C V.,, 2 C ,V V . V V V s CVVVVV F, V C... A -V:C 5. , V i V ,V C M C VV C C , -iV .,C V . . C Q b, V . J -ii' Patricia King W 'll iillll 5. F fl' ' ii llloyfllf 'U' t lilwlilllrgli lfllf , ii 'i Q , W I ll I h , i 3 .. , t VL vi , I i ' 4 U 'ff ' X i Ernestine Lackey , .1 . 7 Patsy Lambert - M I " S- Sue Lone I ' ' N , lf X Betty Leonard .. i lV" f ' ' V I f June Leonard . gg ly 'T 5 L' J 1 'lf' lu X Scar Litton T ' S A ll' wail? Mohan , V ' V M XL .L Bgllty McGee fl 5 V. Q 4 i 2 L5 , 5 i lf 'ev V PM J V iv, annie McKinney "3 ,T , W 7 , fx ljlvl Vliwi -fl l li 'Ty eode A if S S at ' f Q X Olly I L i, -" if T ' H i S fl is l A LU LL 61W X! li I L 0 X. lf' l l x kll' V " Uv 'Ymeron a ltlieade - Lvbl "ll VIL! Al gy re " K In ' A T Ah. .A ' " .U ' , ' ' do oore , ' " I , " , X ' i Ml .N JJ - . 1 +1 ' .opiief Mofeiock T T T .sl at VW '-X Cla Mumpower V ' , ,' Q Q 2 Vi X Au' Y.. ' g!'.'.q-gg, -' ,, R V X, lllulxlly Q 1 l ' X 5 ,M L, L! DPU Larry Munsey David Neeley 1 A Phyllis oliver 7 i S 'P 4 'fi f Annette Owens 9 A ' i Xl X ' X Lona Owsley W W xy Jerry Parsons , L Ronnie Peters w Christina Phillips V Robert Pierce V ' 5 ik- ! r "' g 'f T A John Quinley ' l . If k f ' ' Datty Joe Reece 'V YZ' 'Z 7 K S' I K' """'f "i,g1,y! Carolyn Reed if is If ,Xa M ' X ',', Q x mm A X. A HW, L Linda Robinette V ' Michael Sampson V Pat Scallon "H if i - .V T Sa,ndraHSe5-ton i , s 3, Gilmer Short gps- L44 ua.. L, l Vu' t, Barbara Shultz - X A' 'f ' A A .1 5 4 if 1 LKIAVVV :,.,, V EA X i X ,fs , x Patsy Sizemore V S Reba Sizemore W ,, x A. C. Smith S y S Q Elsie Smith Q. i M L 1 3 -5 7 time 6 1 ll' .s Evan Smith ,ii ' fiii -4, l L. L if . f, ' ' ,Qi f-1-i,,f. ' . 1' ' Claudette Stidham V '45 I Eula Stidham Terry Strong " I Mary Thomas , . , . L, William Thomas 'A i . ,' I . S I l Sandra Trigg A 1 y Sally Tull Terry Wells Bob Wilder Jewel Williams Bobby Wilson Lonnie Wolfe My Ki., x??l, Y, LAR, xii, 4 . is t , Q We .Q iii. A T-Sr., 5 T iiii 'li fi. T' Y . f f' . N TH E FRESHMAN CLASS Emma Aikens Sue Ashley Lois Ayers Leo Bailey Charlotte Ball Larry Barker Alice Bishop 2 new TQ ? I ., R, UL W S l K g . 1 V:K.'.L ,,.V J gli? Mx t:p.r skew it , ' - ., 2 X' ' A ' f ' . . 1- ggi- -:L is .. E E F ll 1 f ,... , ,f f Sli 1 Q if . - L .i , ' s Q.. 6, 61'-1 lil llr is ,, 1 Q A, is 5 i 1 ' X wt, Q use vw E Q , , x, if . ' Qyq D' V Yi - - - Q pf -',' - ' 'I ' . - L . ,L kiss ' - ' 'E i W . f m .1 . v,,, .K ybewpg l Q54 . 4, Q s i ,jk Q WF l it if -vm? :.s ,,4 ,.., N -:... '-r'- , si sgw f X' R52 use S 1 r ,L Wimiffl KIIUWQI ,, l are Charlotte Bishop Randall Blair David Blanken Homer Blanken Mickey Blanken Joann Balinsky William Bouton Billy Bowen Ella Sue Bray Joe Brooks Judy Brooks Lynn Brooks Brenda Jane Burke Gary Allen Bush David Carroll Delano Carroll Joan Carroll Jack Chestnutt Charlotte Clark Douglas Collins Peggy Anne Collins Scottie Collins Doni Ann Cooper Larry Cooper Jean Cowden Barbara Cress Barbara Cross Douglas Cross Larry Davis Linda Diets Jean Dockery Patsy Dorton Ruby Dorton Jack Eldridge Barbara Evans Freddy Fields Troy Fisher Mike Ford Peggy Sue Franklin June Fritz Ernest Fugate Virginia Fugate Wanda Galloway Linda Gibson Betty Gilliam Brenda Gilliam Peggy Gillian Phyllis Givens Charles Grubb Barbara Hall Patty Hall Walter Hall Terry Hamlin Norma Harold Roy Herron Scotty Hill Sue Hobbs Alvin Horton Steve Hubbard Willis James Johnny Jennings Kenneth Jones Sue Jones Winston Jones Richard Kerns Martin Kilbourne Jimmy Kiser Lucille Kiser Katherine Kobylareyk Lorene Lambert Maurine Lambert Rosemary Lawson Coy Leonard Doris Luntsford Barrie Mabe Terri Mabe Sonny Maddox Joe McCloud Johnny McFarland Jackie McKinney James Miller Raymond Milligan Juanita Miracle Donald Mosier Bobby Mullins Fred Necessary James Oliver Annette Owens David Parsons Fleeman Partin Margie Partin Ann Phillips Dickie Polly Glenda Qualls Rosa Lee Ramey Delmer Raymer Lee Riggs Karen Ringley Linda Roberts Barbara Rose Ernestine Rowland Ronald Rudd Pam Salyer Lloyd Sexton Alma Shelton Lannis Shuler Bruce Shull Lindq Smith 'Mhrhr'L'SfT1Ltl1 John Sneed Mary Snodgrass Wayne Snodgrass Peggy Spears Brenda Stacey Fred Stanley Helen Stidham Betty Stipe Darrell Sturgill Frances Sturgill Georgia Sfurgill Gerald Surrett Trena Swecker Pauline Tankersely Trena Tankersly Stanley Tate Charles Taylor Johnny Taylor Gary Thacker William Thomas Joe Wagner Linda Warden Brenda Williams Faye Williams James Wolfe Shelby Wolfe if 7 M 'W S, 3 ff .K fi, l 1 1' V 5 mg, 'N x 'Wi . S rf a s ,yl -.-f . 5' ' J . r ,est F J, s i J lgiws ' A if 4 M dl A S X ! ki ,ani JA I ' vi A A, , lv!! f " 'f J-it fill it LTJ ' X to We t J, M J ,, ,S A i v N ps' ' 4 T k'L' ls wr I rr l 1 " ,L y r if-Ffa, J l ".yA T S T .1 t F2 1 ti fs THE SUB-FRESHMAN CLASS- Q .... x' "F Q. RYE x 3 Billy Adams 3- ' ' Mary Ayers " Wanda Aistrop 4 - Deanna Anderson 'Ri " 'Wig Loretta Anderson 2 ' r F Terry Anderson ' 3135 f 1' K V' 5 K ,., -. ,... m fg X ' if! , "H ' ti ff. X , ig, .- Q21 Q.,-, ,. H .Ii 'i T M339 X I X' X- - . V . t h ' fi? ' r '-'. as "'-:. ft ., k..,b ff" K .N g A - me X -' ' 'J "" X . X ..., XL. gtg, kiwi : yrkr ' lm ,.k R X :I K A D A .IKV X Q E if X Q , 1 in K , . K- ,kX H -sf, .fX,X. V I , 5 . 5- I I " -:ix J A A JV M N A L- . , Q4 iir -Xl-X 1 EX" X 1 - , .. X if. 1 . . .Yi 4.5, is it wi ,. iii., - X il 27 gg.k W J' it ji 2 J X r.r,. '61 J X. +1 X i- X , f ' -. -, ...v ,, I f -In if fy. f f- Ng - V - X- . A l ' XX .. i? -f F a'Aaa X if ' 13? J' .M - ' 'lk - A A r J' A '- QQ wiv, ,3 E32 Q X , Xt Cv . : fi l S vi gn gi an f 1 . N 5 f-is - ,Q fjyx' fl - lg l ' X ,li 3 I E -'F Q r is 'H sf ' R . J 6 X ff Q- . 3 Y ,ff we ..rq. i pw: l Z Irt K , kv, if , Xgggiw A L .T KKVL 'ig X: V ,, I 5 A . V -r F 1 X , J ,. I 'X 3 l '- Assisi, 'xxmci f f Q is , X ii X CX J - . XJ. J rrnn 3, - e. in-wifi K' ' 5 Q-f .. 2 'Wifi f L-Him-X , I -- X ., i- XX, W -W' r A.-, 3 X r A-r- ii 'ex X W .X ,J X ' an sg, X X -J 5 X f f .5 1' i,,,Xf5. ,A :-- - X, -- X I - 5 . er . J . fr.. 5 if ,5 ,X X F if-'Y gfwkf '. 1 QQ.: V, jg: MQ g JP. -. hx 'V X e. ji.: . - ,K I 'M A -JH , 1 - XJ .WT " 2- in - X - 1 -N - li :L :L A L ei., EX Q. K KA I ,gy M -K - ii we '- 'vw -15, sz g- ?1f:- nf' " .' 'ii . J 1' L " A Xl F ' ' x i XX " X 2 ' i J - f X Q 3. i f --'- X ss- -4 X i Xf fig, -,.1 "2 .- 1 fo' Q5 Q' L , 7, 99 .., V, i 'f L iff if X 'r '1.i241f2'-'om "-- 5121-54 '.ff 7? wi- ,Q LX. wi 'fc -4 X, K i :sl tri ifwsf' Joe Asher Buck Atkins Carolyn Back Brenda Baker Gary Barker Carolyn Belcher Linda Bishop Sonia Black Norma Boafright Elaine Booher Cleo Bouton Shirlev Bouton Barbara Bowling Sandra Brooks Dorene Brown Carolyn Bruner Roger Byrant Sue Bufford Shirley Burgon Jackie Calton Wayne Calton Mary Sue Carlton Wilma Caudill Lonnie Cecil Carolyn Christian Jo Ann Christian Bobby Clark Darlene Collier Larry Collier Alvin Collins Glen Collins Linda Collins Patricia Cooper Elmo Cox Howard Cress Linda Crockett Deborah Cubine Calaie Davidson Glessie Davidson Jimmie Davidson Linda Davidson Marion Davidson Robert Davidson Sammy Davis Wayne Davis Jean Dorton Rebecca Eldridge Jimmy Evans Curtis Fannon Trina Farrell Gerald Fields Larry Fields Gwenda Franks David Fritz Charles Fuson Jean Gardner Jeanette Gilliam Jane Green Fred Gregory Harshel Grindstaff Wayne Grindstaff Darrall Grindstaff Dorse Hall Lindo Hall Jo Ann Hamby Betty Harris Jean Harris Patricia Harris Rex Harrison Danny Hayes Jerry Hayes Jerry Head Brenda Hensley Judy Herron Sharon Hood Estil Houston Carolyn Hylton Retha lnsko Richard Isaac Bobby Jackson Elmer Lon Johnson Phyllis Janes Glenda Kelly Gwendol Kilgore Glen Kindle Katrina Lawson Roy Lawson Carolyn Litton Louise Liyesay Janice Mabe Judy Mahan William Maness Irene Martin Joan Massengill Wanda McAmis Leona McCaroll Judy McClain Edward McClure Dorthea McFarland Harold McFarland Colleen Meade Nancey Miller Brenda Moore Lionel Moore Sandra Morrell Gladys Morris June Morton Charles Mumpower William Nappier Douglas Neeley Joe Nichols Joel Oliver Lucky Owens Gloria Pace Burl Phillips Netha Potter Trina Pierce Lena Rhea Texas Richardson Charles Richardson Billy Rose Patsy Rutherford Gwendolyn Sampson John Sharrett Charles Shepherd Eugene Shockley Eva Shuler Benny Simpson Glenn Simpson Lennis Sizemore Larry Slagle iiiiqssaum Charlotte Smith Chris Smith Russel Smith Patsy Sneod Earl Speaks Charlotte Stanley Roberta Stidham Curtiss Sturgill Louella Summers James Surrett Nancy Thompson Brenda Trigg Billy Tucker Gary Tucker Jettle Vanaver Delano Varble Carl Watts Kenneth Weatherly Bufford Wells Patty Wilder Glenn Williams Judy Williams Linda Williams Roca Williams Freddy Willingham Lloyd Wilson Barbara Yardley Tillman Zion leliirlilyhoileilonrlngs E Ellrgllnljx 'Jennings Qin , lx , ar ns " . . ' ,' Landis Jghnsgg . -' ' "': ' , E x it Q vry, A ,Iii V- , J i'iii to ' i i'-t S 4 il ' 4 X yi gg , ,V k,,. ,51,g ' A' M ,f.lw,j L , M f ,J 5 J, ,. L. C 'T K '- Vx ,, ', I 3 Lf A . Q 1 'rf S Q - S 254 J f , S' Q sei .N 7 1 - 1 Ci ' I M. l A vw I l . N fi rie ' J si i iirr A,il -f iv 4 H 5 'WT i , X WN J V ,sg l 'fl' L l We ' gh ,, f yn A ' Q if .. y B - f L S - , 5 - 2 , 1 I A t,: ,A ,mx T will i' 15- keK'l'Qf32:l7lll?iki i ' WA C " ff ' r S A ' l at , . y J G ,,,. ,lll S 1 ext T 'ti' M xl 7 ,,., . ri? Z .... . ,, . ' . r S H it trrl t iill Q ttli .P li askin., '-'claw iv eww, Wk ORGANIZATIONS QL .ill f Front Row: A. Collier, Thacker, Lawson, C.,-Vidligms, S. Jackson, J. Leonard, B. Oliver, Lowe, Green, D. Luntsford, C. Luntstord, Ringley, Lackey. Second Row?--M. Leonard, Bishop, J. Cornett, Thomas, Wells, Tull, C. Collier, J. Wil' liams, E. Smith, Harold. Third Row: Lambert, Carter, Bay s, McKinney, Snodgrass, E. Smith, Roger Herron, D. Cornett, B. Jackson, C. Collier, Lane, Stanley. Fourth Row: Sexton, Skorupa, Watkins, G. Herron, J. Oliver, K. Collier, Roy Herron, Kirk, Neeley. CHORUS ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES IN VOCALS During the fifth period each day about forty A. H. S. students gather in the "little auditorium" to li-ft their voices in song. Sacred songs and secular ones, serious songs and silly onies-all are practiced with equal attention and enthusiasm. These songs are sung public- - ly as part of other programs, but the crowning achievement each year is the presentation of a cantata-this year's was a Christmas can- tata. J CHORUS OFFICERS All Chorus activities and presentations are under the able direction of these: Accompanist, Mrs. John Walker, Vice President, Gerald Watkins, President, Agnes Collier, Director, Mr. Flanary, Secretary and Treasurer, Mary Faye Leonard. The Chorus members line up off stage for last minute inspection and instructions prior to appearing in an os- sembly program. Because they are so well trained, there are no "jitters" here. I The Appalachia Co-ed Hi-Y is a fellowship of high school boys and girls who are com- mitted to a Christian purpose at work in the home, school, and community. It is not a sorority, fraternity, nor a social organization. The platform is clean speech, clean sports- manship, clean scholarship, and clean living, Throughout the year the Appalachia Co-ed Hi-Y undertakes projects in order to promote goodwill. HI-Y OFFICERS The following Hi-Y officers proudly display their district banner: Secretary Judy Morrell, Treasurer Patty Grogan, Sergeant-at-arms David Dixon, President Ernestine Wolfe, Reporter Nita Williams, and Vice President Bar- bara Bays. The Hi-Y is one of the most active clubs in our school, lt initiated the practice of home room devotions each morning, and here members Nita Williams, Ernestine Wolfe, Jerry Wayne Strong, Kenneth Collier, and Carole Luntsford lead the entire high school student body in a Thanksgiving chapel service. Hl-Y CLUB MAINTAINS HIGEST STANDARDS First Row: Williams, Bays, Green, Morrell, E. Wolfe, Grogan Dixon Second Row K Collier C Luntsford A Collier Blanken, Sexton,,iDysart? Eulmer, Stipe, D. Luntsford. Third Row King Tull Sue Carter Powers Brooks Tank ersley Mr. Dorton, Givens, Sharon Carter, Ringley, Robinette 45 ' l-vvfx rv. wwf' Pk 1 . .fi y fy: its inf' J ,Q iz- H, C, ao, X! is A 1 Y 'V H eo vt ahh' 1- K fv, iq 5 Q my ' LEX ,,.'w 'AM V 35 fc N ,P gf-K 'L v ,WL ,wk Vim Gy NX Y xg ,Q vb ' Nm X Ki X mf av EW! T R' sw f . v Q Q' 'J - N A wmv.. x kffx f Ng 5, af? 5 X, , Q. X Mp-Q w gg, v my 1 Q S. 4 Q 5 in m",a-aussi fake' mime 0 I , , ,ki J ,rl l 4 l L i I l y, I 2 , 'l tl l .f A ' I l ll l i l i f lf. fl It I ifx fi i f rl i l i 1 , A , f ,' ff i . l ' lm, I Mri Flanary., dur Director ' "Ml, llliuslc l-lir1'1Selfl" 1 1 A Maiorettes: Nancy outon, Sharon Carter, Betty J N ,' Golden, Drum M iorette Brenda Wolfe, Judy ,pl y Green, Sue J c on, Bqrbara Wolfe, Acrobat 1 l l, Carol Collier, I F' ! I , Hifi lf: l ll W , 1, liflcii .L j 1 C-"F" ft I ' H 5 l l ful ,CL C J ze' pfff ,eff 4 K- A ' 4 L!! ISL, ,ofa K:-Q F 7. '75 PV A 1' J , . ,IJ QQKK , J., , ,Ms- H . . 2 f . Q r ,L . Q Q 7 15-,A ,L .f A ..,i ' ' ri .1 . A , -rr D -,ffl 1 - - '.' y I -' - Y Y C .- . .ff - 4 f 1 1,15- ,L, c - . . f A - 1 'L' cfvf! 2 '41 ffkkfy-'F' C, ' J L F First Row: gtuntqmaiorette, Carol Collier,gMajorettes: Barat. da Flanary, Sue Jackson, L' ncyi Bouton, Betty Golden, rani Majorette Brenda Wolfe, Second Row: Ronnie Flanary, Lynn Radcliffe, Joe Johnston, Billy Franklin, Eddie Green, Roger Parrish, Linda Teague, Jan Johnson, Patricia King, Doni Ann Cooper, Lindo Gib- son, Janie Pridemore, Sue Trin- kle, Joyce Caudill, Brenda Fletcher, Gail Amos, Phyllis Jones, Linda Caudill, Susan Maddox, Donnie Franklin. Third Row: Linda Crockett, Patty Grogan, Sandra Brooks, Mary Sue Carlton, Jane Green, Glen Williams, Billy Adams, Judy Mahan, Leo Bailey, Sonny Maddox, Mary June Morton, Linda Johnston, Patsy Watkins, Rosemary Lawson, Lorenc Lam- bert, Karen Ringley, Ronnie Caylar, Delmar Ramey, Dana Moody, Sydney Bledsoe. Fourth Row: Brenda Oliver, Brenda Williams, Sandra Sexton, Judy Brooks, Sally Tull, Je'rryWStrong, Paul Snodgrass, Billy Gilbert, Richard Mumpower, Kenneth Collier, Gerald Watkins, James Oliver, Ben Cooper, Glenda Clark, Gary Herron, Sandra Trigg, Scottie Litton, Jerry Moore, John Sturgill,f Beatricey A Dysart, ,Charlotte Isaac, Kay! Barker. ,7 i fx wg A . . ,UQ -- -A if -' ,1 at ve-, .117 ,1 . ' f rw--K Q bara Wolte,iJudy Green, Bren-' X 4 I , ..... .,... . The cheerleaders teach the boosters ourvcurrent yells and school songs, and lead them in cheering our teams on to victory. V "W "'- -f-. .V 2 .. First Row: Frazier, Ringley, Jones, Brooks, Johnson, Cheerleaders: J. Leonard,uWilliams, Begley, Nelson, Amos, Gibson, Tankersley, D. Cooper, Kirk. Second Row: Wolfe, Gibson, D, Luntsford, Dayis, Carter, Powers, B. Oliver, Moody, Herron, Collier, King, Trinkle, D. Cornett, Third Row: D. Herron, J. Oliver, Polly, Martin, Carroll, C. Luntsford, K. Collier, Collins, Mumpower, B. Cooper, M. Leonard, Hartley, Neeley, T. Cornett. go through stacks and stacks of magazines, The "Rah, Rah, Rahs" of tiiese enthusia- The librarians, searching for information, must - stically cheering boosters inspire the team to greater endeavor. LIBRARY CLUB V The librarians are always gracious and willing when we approach them for help, whether it be selecting parallel books, compiling information for term reports, or searching for magazine articles. First Row: Davis, Southard, Collins, Treasurer Tankersley, Secretary l-lerron, Clark, Fannon, Sullivan. Second Row: McGee, B. Leonard, Mabe, Stipe, President M. Leonard, Sponsor Miss McKenzie, Vice-president Lowe, Lackey, Ash- worth, Boatwright, Bargo, Bishop, T. Tankersley, Bolinsky. . 3.5.4, , Q . fs ,Mis , iw lltim. "'. ' is ."'.x!' til" l The Safety Patrol perform effectively such duties as, patroling the halls, taking up tickets at ballgames, serving as traffic patrolmen, and watching over the general safety of the student body. First Row: Captain N. Herron, Lieutenant Clark, Lieutenant R. Herron, Jennings, Cooper, Danny Carroll, Delano Carroll, Peters, Parsons, Young, Tankersley. Second Row: Captain B. Mumpower, Q4l?shop, Craft' in ieutenant A. Mumpower, J. Bishop, Owsley, Cress, Anderson, Rowland, Snodgrass, B, Leonard, Lambart , F!-'Spf . , g i faq-- Williams, Sullivan, Qualls, Sponsor Mr, Orr. 'V ' f H' vf 'f' . 1 ', I , l I 5 gcifvirag iprarctical application to methods D A F Y .' 'of good teaching techniques is Dorothy Miller as she presides over Spanish class. "Stop on green, walk on red" is a traffic rule Gf:l:"7 'C H' T forced by the Bishop sisters. i'ly',', Q. ' if Mx' F.T.A. The Future Teachers of America Club is the most recently organized group in our school, and is a member of h I t e ocal, state and national educational associations. its purpose is to give early experience in teaching situations. First Row: B. Wolfe, Bouton, Sponsor Mrs. Burdette, A. Collier, Tull, President Luntsford, Secretaryffreasurer Williams C. Collier, Robinette, Bays. Second Row: King, Sizemore, Bishop, Lambert, Snodgrass, Lowe, Janes, E. Wolfe, Oliver, Carter, Miller, Grogan. Third Row: Herron, Dixon, Watkins, Statzer. Vice President Bagley not pictured. Si. Vocational Office Training is a part-time work program for senior girls. Training is given in handling the Office Mail, Transportation, Communication, Correspondence Filing, and Office Machines. One year of typewriting must be satisfactorily completed before taking V.O.T. First Row: Sponsor Mrs. Wendell, Phillips, Barnett, Carter, Davis, Lowe, Treasurer, McGee, Secretary, Kirk, Presi- dent, Powers, Vice-president, Wolfe VOCATIONAL OFFICE TRAINING SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is a social club restricted to members of Spanish I and Spanish Il classes, but only second year members have the privilege of wearing pins. First Row: Swecker, Sturgill, Miller, Treasurer, R. S. Herron, Secretory Collins, President Halloman, Vice-president CMIQQI-QE Carroll, Eldridge, Tate, Necessary. Second Row: Barnett, Kobylareyk, Clark, Stanley, Pridemore, Ford, McCroken, Blair, Fields, Litton, Kilbourne, Rowland, Bolinsky. Third Row: Anderson, Smith, Johnson, R. Her- ron, Munsey, Sneed, Napier, Flanary, Summers, Wilson, Collier. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club takes care of minor accidents in the school and works with the Physics department in sponsor ing the Science Fair. Fifsf ROW? l-- Fannon, SOVUDSOD, Sexton, Secretory and Treasurer Tull, President Leonard, Vice-president Holloman, President Moore, Vice-president Collins, Grogan, Kaylor, Pierce. Second Row: Hanis, R. Fannon, Farmer, Munsey, J. Cornett, T. Cornett, Gabriel, Wilson, Quinley, Dorton, Clark, Smitlj,,Litton. Third Row: Leonard, Barker, Scallan, Sizemore, Oliver, Meade, Fulmer, Sponsor Mr. Cummins, Trigg, Dysartb Beverly, Robinette, Carter, Amos, Wolfe. -..A . -.Siem-.. 'Y F- . I V ffm: if .W in 'dm'-x w -:mx DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION D. E. believes that all people regardless of job level, can learn more about the field of distribution, and that, therefore training is a continuous process and that our purpose is to provide that training. First Row: Mainous, Martin, Collier, Chiles, Thacker, Gibson, King, Cress. Second Row: Belcher, McGee, Herron Clark, Breeding, Davidson, Sponsor, Mr. Dorton, Hartley. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club is another of the social clubs including in its membership only Latin I and Latin ll students lt emphasizes an interest in classical learning. First Row: Thomas, Neeley, President Gabriel, Secretary and Treasurer Bolinsky, Wolfe, Snodgrass, Ball, Akens, D. Carnett, T. Cornett, Roberts. Second Row: Oliver, Luntsford, Gibson, Cooper, Tankersley, Frazier, Givens, Ringley, S. Janes, Williams, Shull. Third Row: Givens, Polly, Leonard, Cooper, Mahan, Oliver, Necessary, Maddox, Sponsor Mrs. Walker, McCloud, Miller, W. Jones. COSMETOLOGY The purpose of Cosmetology is to teach beauty culture to students for careers as hairdressers and Cosmetologists. The girls receiving diplomas in this course have completed one thousand hours of class work. First Row: Wilson, Sanders, Shetley, Cooper, Sturgill, Bentley, Leonard, Blevins, Rhoten, Gibson, Rhoten, Clevenger, Ramey, Dye, Murry. Second Row: Vice President Bishop, Tompkins, President lzlill, Anderson, Owens, Smith, Oliver, Mainous, Sullivan, Brooks, Gilliam, Tony, Fulmer, Secretary Herron, .lqt4ei5ie3wsor Mrs. Parsons. 1 ' 'C' 'U' 1 ' 1 lm if E X. H Yvvr K N 1, kZV ,,,, ,T V ,V QM m I KJ, I x C l. is i . 6, ill. EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER Editor Carole Luntstord, Sponsor Miss Anne I-lurd, and Business Manager Lucretia Givens are responsible for the editorial and financial success of the i959 Accolade. BUSINESS STAFF Kenneth Collier, Advertising Manager, Larry Mum- power, Judy Morrell, Ray Skorupa, Barbara Bays, Junior Apprentices, and Ralph Tankersley, Sales Manager provide the income behind the production. ACCOLADE STRIVE FOR COMPLETE A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS The Accolade is a symbol in our reflec- tions andthe history of our past. The things we deem most important and memorable to us must be stored in its pages. We have accomplished this task to the best of our ability. We sincerely thank our sponsor, our staff, and all persons who were in any way responsible for the wonderful teamwork that made our Accolade possible. EDITORIAL STAFF Senior Editor Brenda Davis, Fashion Editor Linda Kirk, Art Editor Dana Moody, News Editor Jessee Jones, Gossip Editor Jackie Lowe, and Sports Editor Ted Collins write up the articles of interest for the school. 11 -'f" W ' BARK COVERAGE FOR '59 As a result of hard work and co-opera- tion, by the staff and with the leadership of Mr. Dorton, the Bulldog Bark is printed and published once a month. The staff strives to follow the long-time tradition covering such items of interest to the en- tire student body as school activities, news, sports, amusements, and social events. EDITORIAL STAFF Senior Editor Brenda Davis, Fashion Editor Linda Kirk, Art Editor Dana Moody, News Editor Jessce Jones, Gossip Editor Jackie Lowe, and Sports Editor Ted Collins writc up the articles of interest for the school EB'?"B"P""" ef - I. A R... :Na ., ,W , I 'N tara-:Qui EDITORS AND BUSINESS MANAGER Business Manager Phyllis King, Editor Mary Faye Leonard, Sponsor Mr. Dorton, and Co-Editor Judith Ashworth co-ordinate the efforts of the staff to pro- duce an outstanding paper. ASSISTANT EDITORS AND TYPISTS First Row: Typists: Joyce Bishop, Janice Craft, Alice Mumpower. Second Row Assistant News Editor Ernes- tine Wolfe, Typists: Bonnie Mumpower, Don Herron, Assistant Gossip Editor Phyllis King, n I 4 -4? A. 'wikflxt A . W Qjfm , f. .6 if rf . L, X. - .,gNkg,, , 1 Z V, . .ww o-.,,,-, L 1,5 ' GY .'.. Q X N Xiggsxgix N. xxx y N. nf ,Z K x t Q,"-'2"f-yv 4 g w v."f'vc Q vu. W. .X ' r First Row: Ted Collins, J. V. Coach, S. Clendenon, Smith, Moore, Leonard, Artrip, Adams, Southard, T. Wells, Jerry Wolfe, Taylor. Second Row: Anderson, Holloman, Mahan, Collingsworth, Fulmer, Harkleroad, Collins, Hampton, Gabriel,,5ianley, B. Clendenon, A. Wells, Manager. Third Row: Blair, James Wolfe, Davis, Wilder, Hobbs, Stout,9Caldwell, Hall, Kirk, Strong, Jackson, Don Campbell, J, V. Coach. Fourth Row: Sam Dixon, Head Coach, Chestnut, F: Fields, P. Smith, Lonnie Wolfe, Collier, Dixon, Herndon, R. Fields, Long, Humbert, James Clark, Assistant Coach. I E THE MIGHTY BULLDOGS EXPERIENCE Al Trainer, Sam Snow, who rendered valuable services all season treating injured players, here bandages a F00'l'bQll SCOrebOCH'Cl sprained shoulder for David Dixon. t 'Home Games 'September 5 Appalachia 48 Ervington 0 September 'I3 Appalachia Clintwood September I9 Appalachia St. Charles 'September 26 Appalachia Wise October 3 Appalachia Gate City 'October 'IO Appalachia East Stone October 17 Appalachia Pound 'October 23 Appalachia Caeburn 'October 31 Appalachia Big Stone November 6 Appalachia Norton Highlights of the Season Coaches Sam Dixon and James Clark of the Appalachia Bulldogs have for the past three years built exceptionally good teams. The two coaches have built up spirit, desire, and physical ability, all of which are of the utmost importance in building out- standing teams. The l958 edition of the Appalachia Bulldogs, defending their l957 co-champ- ion Iaurels, came through with flying colors and were a serious threat throughout most of the season for the coveted district title. J isty Q,-1r'G tt 4 . iz v ' 3' 1 spa if 44" i - 1 l Coaching Staff-Ted Collins, J, V. Coach, Sam Dixon, Head Varsity Coach, James Clark, Assistant Varsity Coach, Don Campbell, J. V, Coach. xcmmo sEAsoN or UPS AND DowNs Wendell ccldwen J, John Adams , 1' Quarterback Guard Alternate Captain i i C0'C0Dtain Captain Bob Clcndenon Sam Clcndcnon Halfbock Hqlfbqck , , 'N L , gi. 'W ll, u 4 Jai Guy Collier Wcndcll Collinsworth David Dixon DGYWWY t'lOYl4le"0Cld E d Quarterback Tackle Holfback VW HIGHLIGHTS With a work sheet of seven victories, two defeats and one scoreless tie, Coach Sam Dixon's charges amassed 298 points while limiting their opponents to a scant 42. ln fact, only two teams were able to dent the Appalachia defense tor scores. H The fabulous Clendenon twins were Appalachia's main threats as Sam raced across the double stripes with 12 touchdowns and Bob marked up nine six-pointers. After soundly trouncing Ervington, 48-O, in the season's opener, the Bulldogs ran headlong into the Clintwood Green Wave and battled :tar four bitterly fought defensive quarters in a scoreless deadlock. St. Charles and Wise were the Appalachians' next hurdles, These two opponents fell to the tune of of 26-O and 33-O scores. Eugene Kirk ,- Danny Long Parky Smith Don Stout End Fullback Center Tackle 1 te' NIP' 'S Y Tl i If-Slay ' , 11:1 --vs -s-i t A in Siu i kiss !l 1, kj " ..- Waync Hcrndan ' 4 ,IS-ouglas Hobbs Blll HUI'11bCff EO" JOCRSOH End . Hqlfbggk Guard CQ: Fullback ,ql,f,,,.., 'iN ,ll 1 . - OF THE SEASON Then came the big game at Gate City on October 3. The clash was billed as a championship affair, but Gate City was red hot and fired up with a big homecoming occasion. The Bulldogs came home on the short end of the score, 39-6, In their next four games, the Bulldogs ran roughshod and scored almost at will, taking East Stone 47-O, Pound 49-O, Coeburn 4l-0, and soundly thrashing their bitter rivals, the Buccaneers from Big Stone Gap, 45-O. The final game at the season was at Norton. The Black Raiders were out for the championship. Although the Appy squad took an early 3-O lead, they fell before the Norton champions, l3-3. Som Clendenon was chosen all-district defensive halfback and honorable mention on all state. Eugene Kirk took all-district offensive honors at end. Lettermen who will not be returning to next year's team are: Dixon, Sam Clendenon, Stout, Herndon, Smith, Kirk, Jackson, Collier, l-lumbert, Adams, and Bob Clendenon. Terry Strong Bobby Wilder Jerry Wolfe l-O"m"3 Wolfe Ind Guard Girard Tocklf-' F.. rw , - me T T 'fl mx f W- W X fail A.z..l 1 U -1 ' gt i Left to Right: Linda Roberts, Patricia King, Sandra Nelson, Carol Williams, June Leonard, Nita Williams, Shirley Begley. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS l The Football Team in Action 'l. The official counsels B. S. G. Captain Tom Gardner and Appalachia Captain Sam Clendenon before the al- ways hotly-contested game. 2. Jerry Wolfe tackles o Buccaneer back for no gain. 3. One of the hazards of the game--Som Clendenon completed a 40 yard touch- down run which was nullified by a penalty. 4. Appala- chia's second touchdown against Big Stone is made when Sam Clendenon scores from the 2 yard line. 5. Bob Clen- denon intercepts a B. S, G. pass on the 25 and races for pay dirt, 1 --1'-efzewims .. ..mwimse.Wn,.. , A-MQ.w.WNtmwm2Mewmwavan-R rmmwfffvxap--4-.ffi -4 .Me-. .. . , XJ! HV W Y First Row Jimmie Wolfe Ronnie Anderson,LQurtis,St5u1gj,lLf' Don Gabriel, Harold Auer,,Martin Smith, William Harris, Second Row Bill Sampson Coy Leonard, Herbie Mahan, Pete Price, Glenn Hampton, Danny Long, Jack Chestnutt, Randy Blair Elmo Cox Jerry Hayes. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Scoreboard Lynch Lynch Tennessee Tennessee Clintwood Clintwood East Stone East Stone East Stone Lebanon Season Summary Appalachia's future Bulldogs under new J. V. Coach Don "Sk,nny" Campbell had a very successful season. In the first game with Lynch, Harklcroad scored two touchdowns on 56 and 25 yd. runs to tie Lynch. With 30 seconds left in 2nd game, Artrip ran 80 yds. for a win. Outmanned by Tennessee High, Appalachia last two games after putting up a terrific defensive bottle. We took two games from Clintwood with good offensive runs by Collinsworth and Southard, and defensive plays by Taylor, Smith, Blair, and Wilder. Appalachia, using many J. V. reserves, was outclassed in their first game with East Stone, but went on to win the next two. The final game of the season against Lebanon added an- other win to the list and a promise of exciting games for next season's Bulldogs. 'I Herndon in the end zone snatches a touchdown pass from Caldwell on the two yard line. 2. The ball is in the air and Guy Collier s try for the extra point is good against East Stone. 3. Kirk latches onto ci pass in the East Stone game and races across for a T. D. 4. Against Wise, Jackson after gaining 49 yards is run out of bounds on the one yard line but sets up the second touchdown. w dv Y A o 5 -I X. l Kneeling: Tommy Southard. Standing: Tim Cornett, Eugene Kirk, Wayne Herndon, Gary Halloman, Dave Dixon James Blair, Roger Farmer, Ben Cooper, Jerry Strong. BULLDCG CAGERS CAPTUR Coach Dixon assisted by manager Coy Leonard grooms his son, the team mascot, Sammy, in a pregame inspec- tion. Varsity Scoreboard Dec. Appalachia Jan. 2 5 9 12 16 18 6 9 16 20 23 27 30 Feb. 3 6 10 13 17 ll 'Indicates home games. 56- East Stone Gap Clintwood Coeburn Pound 64-Ervinton 62--Wise 67-Norton 58-St. Pa ul Big Stone Gap East Stone Gap 65-Clintwood 64-Coeburn 61 -Pound 38-Ervinton 66-Wise 54-Norton -St. Paul -Big Stone Gap The Season in Review The Appalachia Bulldogs captured the l958-59 championship in the regular season district eight basketball competition with an outstanding record of l6 wins and two losses. This year's Bulldogs' cage edition was one of the strongest in Appy's court history. The home town team's two losses were to high- rated Ervinton and Pound. The Bulldogs defeated Ervington 64-55 early in the season, but suffered a 55-38 shellacking late in the season. Against Pound in the regular season, the locals wan 64-55 in the sixth game of the season, and dropped a 69-ol decision to Pound late in the year. Impressive 66-43 and 65-44 triumphs were re- corded by the Bulldogs over the strong Clintwood Green Wave. Due credit should be given each player, regular and substitute, for attaining an outstanding record for this season as, Wise County Co-championships, Dis- trict Eight Regular Season Champions of Wise-Dicken- son Division, and lOO'i sportsmanship for District Eight basketball. High scorers for Coach Sam Dixon's charges, dur- ing the regular season play, were David Dixon who averaged l4.3 points per game, Gary Holloman, I 1.7, and Eugene Kirk, lO,8. Wayne Herndon was also an outstanding performer. Graduating from this year's squad are: Dave Dix- on, Wayne Herndon, and Eugene Kirk. REGULAR SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP High-jumping Klfls SFWGVGS Off Southard makes desperate attempt Herndon Screens Ou, Green Wave rebound. for ball for rebound APPALACHIA REACHES FINALS IN DISTRICT EIGHT TOURNAMENT The Appalachia Bulldogs entered the i959 district tour- nament on the spot by virtue of winning the regular season laurels. After taking one win in the preliminary tournament at Coeburn, they posted two triumphs in the finals tournament at Norton, before falling in the championship clash, 4l-36 at the hands ofa charged-up Pound Wildcats squad. ln the preliminary tourney at Coeburn, by soundly whip- -ping Coeburn 6l-39, Appalachia earned the right to play in the final tourney at Norton. ln the semi-finals, the Bulldogs advanced to the championship game with a 40-39 thrilling victory over the Ervinton Rebels. Appy. staved off a fourth quarter Rebel rally to take the game. In the opening game of the finals tournament at Nor- ton, Coach Sam Dixon's squad staged a last ditch rally in the final minutes of the fourth quarter to enable top-seeded Ap- palachia to capture a 52-44 win over Rye Cove. The championship clash at Norton was played before one of the largest crowds ever assembled for a district eight basketball game and marked Appalachia's first appearance in tournament finals in the past 20 years. The tooth-and-toe struggle lived up to all expectations as the issue was in doubt until the final seconds of play. There was ample encouragement for both sides to cheer their team on as first one team and then the other moved in the lead. The battle to death was deadlocked eight times altogether before Pound went out front to stay, late in the third quarter. Gary Holloman with l3 points and Eugene Kirk with nine paced the Appy. offense in the championship game. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Left to right Jackie Lowe Dorothy Miller Pamela Salyers, Doris Mainous, Patricia Nelson, Connie McKenny. 1 i , J, L.,,u,' , IJ! i , M Junior Varisty Team: First Row: Leonard, F, Fields, Price, l-larkleroad, Oliver Cornett Second Row Wilder Wil son, Gabriel, Watkins, Hampton, Strong, R. Fields, Stidham, Scoreboard and Summary Appy. First Game Second Game Opponent " '51-28 East Stone " '38-26 Clintwood '34- 8 Coeburn '29-32 Pound '29-32 Ervinton '49-30 Wise '43-19 Norton '30-21 Big Stone " '43-20 St. Paul 'Appy. Scorc The Junior Varsity had a good season this year, winning thirteen games and losing only five. They were led by three outstanding shots and rebounclers, Stidharn, Gabriel, and Harkleroad. The J. V,'s started the season by winning over East Stone, Clintwood, and Coeburn. They lost the next two games to Pound and Ervinton, the scores being 32 to 29 both games. This seemed to ease the pressure on the Bulldogs, and they won the next eight games in suc- cession. Their victims were Wise, Norton, Big Stone, and St. Paul, which ended the first period of the season. The Junior Varsity started the second period by win- ning over East Stone, Clintwood, Coeburn, and Pound. They were beaten by Ervinton by o score of 43 to 37. They then beat Wise, but were topped by Norton, 32 to 3l, in o cage thriller. They ended the season by win- ning over St. Paul and losing the last game to Big Stone by o score of 30 to 2l. Harklcroad tips the ball in the basket for an- other 2 points against Clint- wood. Stldham, aided by the defensive play of Watkins, takes thc re- bound. 1958 ATHLETE OF THE YEAR David Dixon displays the trophy which he won as outstanding athlete ot l958. He received this honor for having accumulated the greatest number of points l54 out ot a possible 603 under a predetermined stand- ard. He earned these paints for participating in three sports, lettering in each, receiving honors and awards in each, and attaining passing marks in all of his school subjects. Wayne Herndon and Ray Trigg are shown talking with Eddie l.eBaron, of the Washington Red Skins, guest speaker at the annual District Eight Sportsman- ship Banquet. These two were so honored for having been elected by a vote ot their team mates for dis- playing the best qualities of sportsmanship during the year, Wayne was elected the best sport in basketball while Ray was elected the best sport in football. APPALACHlA'S BEST 1958 WINNERS OF THE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS -me y r er sy, Y? is 'Q was h K A xi i E ,R 3 H 5 3 as px. First Row: Mgr. M. Smith, B. Wilder lmile, 8802, J. Wolfe lmile, low hurdlesi, D. Dixon llO0, 220, 440, 880, shot put, discusi, B. Clendenon llOO, 220, Broad jump, high jumpl, G. Holloman lhigh jump, 8803. Second Row: Mgr. C. Grubb, D. Flannary lbroad jump, high jumpl, E. Jackson lpole vault, 4403, R. Statzer lmile, 880l, D. Long lmile, 88Ol, Coach Sam Dixon. Not Pictured: D. Stout, R. Trigg, E. Kirk, W. Herndon. THE TRACK TEAM IS FLEET OF FOOT The Season in Review Appalachia's Schedule April 2 Lynn View Appalachia 28 April 5 Johnson City Appalachia 'I7 April 9 Ketron Appalachia 90 April T9 Saltville Appalachia 7M April 26 Gate City Appalachia 56Vz 'May 2 Virginia High Big Stone Gap Appalachia 43M " 3-Way Meet Track practice began at Appalachia High School Thurs- day, March l3. Fifteen boys reported for practice and five finished the season as lettermen. At the Saltville meet the exciting event of the even- ing saw Dave Dixon win the 100-yard dash with a time of 9.9, which tied a previous school record set by Ollan Cassell, who has developed into a sprint sensation at East Tennessee State College. In a three-way track meet with Va. High of Bristol, and Big Stone Buccaneers, the Appalachia Bulldogs placed second to Va. High with 43 V2 points. Bob Clendenon broke the school high jump mark witl' a 5 foot, 6 inch jump dur- ing the meet with Big Stone and Gate City. ln this meet the leading individual scorer was Clendenon who earned l4V2 points. Host team Lynn View won rn three-way track and field meet over Appalachia and Gate City winning all but one of the field events, while the two other teams almost com- pletely dominated the running events. Dave Dixon took a first place, a second and a third place, and was a member of the winning 880 yard relay team. ln the meet with Ketron, the Wildcats won l2 of the i5 events, leaving only the 440-yard dash, 440-yard relay and the mile relay forthe Bulldogs. Dixon, Clendenon, Trigg, Kirk, and Stout entered the State Track at Lexington, representing District Eight for the third straight year. Appalachia ended the season being the recognized Dis- trict Eight Champions. V we 'NxllH CAPTAINS Captain Dave Dixon, Co-Captain Bob Clendenon iv! tw 'fm S 'Sirk Wi ear- in Valedictorian Salutatorian Lucretia Givens Gaye Powers d l t torian of Appalachia High School are chosen on the basis of The valedictorian an sa u a the academic averages maintained over a period of three and one-half years ot school work, Valedictorian Lucretia Givens, who majored in science and mathematics, achieved an aver- age of 9657. Salutatorian Gaye Powers maintain sd an average ot 95.57 in her major of business and commercial subjects. This year has proved to be a note-worthy year of great academic inter' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' d f to honors. est with much spirited competition among six qualifying conten ers or p ACADEMIC HONCRS if my it if C l VI C A W A R D S Best Citizens Lucretia Givens Ted Collins The Best Citizens of Appalachia High School are chosen by the Senior Class and the Fac- ulty on the basis of citizenship, dependability, truthfulness, punctuality, cooperation, courtesy, leadership, patriotism, personality and self-control. Medals are presented to the outstanding girl by the D. A. R. and to the outstanding boy by the American Legion. .iw F mlm 2'fw4l 'a. iv.imSSiim Girls State Representatives: Left ta right: Shirley Begley, Nita Williams, Carole Luntstord, Gaye Powers, Lucretia Givens. Boys State Representatives: Left to right: Kenneth Collier, David Dixon, Ted Collins. GIRLS' STATE AND BOYS'STATE The representatives to Boys State and Girls State are chosen by the Faculty and the Junior Class on the basis ot leadership, responsibility, patriotism, dependability, scholastic standings, respectability, and character. Various civic organizations sponsor the student of their choice for their work on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where the student studies and participates in activities, involving functions of city, state, and federal governments, citizen- ship duties, and social behavior. Bausch and Lomb Science Award Lucrctua Guycns ns the wvnner of the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. She attained an average of 96.2 In hvology, chemistry, and physics. This IS considered an outstanding award ln vlcw of the scientific trend of the modern world. 15 nf THESE RECEIVE History and Oratorical Awards Nnta Wnlluams displays the medal she corncd for achuc-vang an average of 99 In U. S. History, She also won the Amcrlcan Lcgnon Oratoriccl contest with her award-warming speech, "Our Constltutlon7WorTh Hav- mg, Worth Defendrngn, on the personal mtcrprctation of thc Constututuon. wan s. ...M- ,aww ACCCDLADES Homemaker of America Award Joyce Snodgrass won the medal for bc-mq Appalachwo Hugh Schools Betty Crocker Homemaker of America, She competed IH a fifty-minute examination on thc basic principles of hamc-making and composed an essay which wa? entered In competition with those of other semor glr S. E: 'W g ,Wil x it L I. 1-rl - f " f .. e,,, ..,. .-4-,milm1Ew1ll3e, King Bobby Ray Hartley Queen Mary Faye Leonard The King and Queen of Appalachia High School are chosen by the Senior Class to reign over the Junior-Senior Prom. Their maiesties are chosen on the basis of personal attractive- ness, dignity, personality, character, and respectability. T l"l E l R M A G E S E S 3 t Q SENIOR SUPERLATIVES EXCEL ff , MOS! Likely to Succeed Most Popular Most Versatile Jessee Jones Lucretia Givens Best Looking Ted Collins Brenda Wolfe .Qs David Dixon Nita Williams MOVY FUYG Leonard Kenneth Collier Wittiest Most Courfeous Agnes Collier Carole Luntsford Ronald Stafzer Ralph Tankersley i.'f1,. ,551 1 M C ,, S '15 91' 7"Ls"'!i v, :gm ff by ,:..n...e V ..,, Wi? 'if' 'G , - 9 'lx v 'lilly' 5,0 P23532 Cr M lb Y' n.. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "For Pete's Sake" was a light hearted comedy pre- sented by the Junior Class on November 2l, l958. lt partrayed the efforts of three young men who were fighting desperately to keep the love of their fiancees. Their efforts were opposed by Pete's Aunt Sarah who wants him to become a college professor, studying earnestly under the supervision of Dean Murglethorpe - X and by Georgiana Clarkston, who wishes her two daugh- ters to marry men of wealth and position. Being hinder- ed by the snooping maid, Jasmine Jackson and by the scheming of the two other boys their battle is won in their favor. This was a laughing hit traveling at top speed. nn wifi R . 7 1 " A " ' vt 4 Brenda Oliver and Bill Parsons have a Barbara Bays reprimands sweethearts, Judy Green The Junior Sponsors, from left to right heated discussion on the future of Jerry and Jerry Strong for their interest in each other. Messrs. Rose, Sizemore, and Burton Strong's study of Latin. work vigorously from start to finish of the production. Brenda Oliver leaves in great haste. Charlotte Isaac looks Dorothy Miller displays anger as she lectures to Carol on with great expectations, Everyone else lust looks an Collier, Don Herron, Jerry Strong, and Judy Green. with interest. -r , 5 9,1 I Director, Mrs. John Walker. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "Daddy Long-Legs," a four act comedy is the story of Judy, a pretty little drudge in a New Eng- land orphanage, One day, a visiting trustee becomes interested in .ludy and decides to give her a chance. She does not know the name of her benefactor, but simply calls him Daddy Long-Legs, and writes him letters brimming Over with fun and af- fection. From the Home she goes to a fashionable college and there develops the romance between ang., 5 P ' ,,,1- - ..n'.1',-13.-ljlif'l5'Q'j, 3.',."' v, if V .mfr al' it - -, ,W . , 6 Director, Miss Joan Smith Judy and her benefactor, Daddy Long-Legs, that consti- tutes much of the play's charm. Ted Collins and Foyle Fields, servants Trustees, David Dixon, Ronald Stotzer, Jackie ln Daddy Long-Legs, played by Ralph Lowe, and Nicky Herron, inspect the orphanage Tankersley, administer to his needs. under the watchful eye of the supervisor, Joyce Snodgrass. Leonard. A group of orphans, Phyllis King, Lucretia Givens, Anetha Bnlinsky, Gail Amos, and John Trinkle, listen to a story told lvy another orphan, Shirley Begley. A Carole Luntsford, Mother of Faye Chiles visits the college and counsels er daughter and her roommate Mary Faye Lady of the house, Agnes Collier, and her mold, Barbara Wells, share a pleasant moment with guest Kenneth Collier and Nita Williams, ward and love of Daddy Long-Legs. ,if 2 A 'iv Sharon Carter stands before wer display on the Atom which won first place in 9hysical Science at the Ap- :alachia Science Fair and also, the Southwest Virginia Science Fair. Prominent citizens judge the talent of participants in Biological, Physical, and General Science. Happy Biology winners assemble for group picture immediately after judges' decision. 2 Appalachia Science Students Win Honors Appalachia High School held its second an- nual Science Fair, February 27 and 28. The one hundred ninety projects displayed amazing men- tal and technical skills, which reflected the creative ability of each student. lt required great determination and many hours of work on the part of both students and sponsors. Patty Grogan, Sandra Trigg, Ted Collins, Ben Cooper, and Sharon Carter, as a result of their winning awards at the Southwestern Vir- ginia contest, held at Wise, Virginia, achieved the honor of participating in a state-wide Science Fair at Salem, Virginia. Those partici- pants who did not receive awards gained the satisfaction of accomplishing what duty de- manded in the field of scientific endeavor. Physical Science for Girls 'lst place: Sharon Carter, 2nd place: Barbara Bays, 3rd place: Dorothy Miller. Physical Science for Boys lst place: Herbert Mahan, 2nd place: John Dixon, 3rd place: Charles Brooks. Biological Science for Girls 'lst place: Patty Grogan, 2nd place: Brenda Oliver, 3rd place: Carolyn Fulmer. Biological Science for Boys lst place: Buddy Clark, 2nd place: Scottie Lytton, 3rd place: Jerry Moore. General Science lst place: Delmer Raymer. Patty Grogan poses with project on teeth that won her top honors in the Appalachia and Southwest Vir ginia Science Fairs. Students entering in the Physical Science category display smiles and certificates. 33. -of i. 11 ill Mr. Locke, latest addition to the faculty, diligently guards door at the "Sock l-lop." C23 Faculty row enjoy chapcraning the Prom. l3l A break for refreshments, molces thc day brighter. l4l Doris Luntsford admires corsoge for Homecoming game. l5l Roger Herron models the "sack" dress at an assembly fashion show. l6l What is the center of interest for Anetha, Shirley OCCASIONAL VARIETY MAKES OUR DAYS BRIGHTER and Billy? C77 Jerry Moore as Le Bossu tells an inter- esting story to Karen Ringley, The lnfanta, in a one- act play produced by the Speech Class. l8l The Marian- etts present "Macbeth" in a special program. l9l The evening dress captures the eyes of Linda, Sonia, and Sally as prom-time approaches. I Q! . '- Homecoming Court Royalty rergnlng over the annual Honweeornlng eeles lwratlon are crowned at a half-time ceremony. This year's court, composed of the queen and ner at- tendants, was Jo Ann Carroll, Queen Judy Mor- rell, Sandra Trlgg, and Mary Faye Leonard. ROYALTY Halloween Carnival The Halloween Carnival IS sponsored each year by the Junior Class as a money-makrng enterprise. A penny casts a vote for a favo- rite. Kung Johnny Jennnngs, Queen Charlotte Bishop, Prince Eddie Kung, and Princess Peggy Swecker receive their royal crowns from Professor Jones. u., JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM "Memories" of the fairy-luke fantasyland of prom nnght lnnger still, here recalled by graceful couples weaving un and out as they promenade to the sweet strains of music in the Grand MOrCl'1. .l.L--H nsw - .Hai ' ., 3 K I , i lf? l: . -ii, , 1 HF. by Jai ,F . it il' l ml 4 5, Fai 4 1 .tl ,ax ,, .1 J . fl L , 'b 1 .ji The Junior girls always carry the daisy chain in the traditional Class Day ceremony. As is also customary at our schoolg the Seniors march in a processional for Class Day, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. These final reflections of our last days at Appalachia High make us realize that Graduation is really the Commencement. The commencement of life for which our sojourn here has prepared us. Y Q- ll" " ill l - Xl' A ill" L . l m" M., f ' H GRADUATION M. E 5 Z 2 E , X f? P 7: Rv ADVERTISENIENTS HERFF .llllllES llll. lndianapolis, Indiana Designers and Manufacturers of Distinctive class jewelry. . .graduation announcements medals. . . trophies. . .scholastic awards STAMPER GLEN N, Representative Serving the dental, medical, and Professional Needs of Appalachia High School Students Gnd fOfT1llleS are: R. C. Shannon, Attorney at Law Dr. C. K. Polly, Dentist HAMER LUMBER CCRPORATION Appalachia, Virginia nr. F. E. Handy, M. D. Dr. B. E. Polly, Jr., Dentist B4 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK APPALACHUA, VTRGINIA La --Yufh. . PJ f" 155 41 K 1 S 0 A 3 A- - X 'Z' J mm 'Q 5 ' llllllll 3 5 muum g . .4 ' num g s -5 X uvusm Z' -df 'ir 0 a " l 'fllt "PeopIe from all walks of life rely on our banking servuce MEMBER Federal Reserve Bank Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 85 CENTRAL SUPPLY CO., OF VIRGINIA, INC., Wholesaler and Jobber of INDUSTRIAL, MINE, MILL, RAILROAD SUPPLIES, HARDWARE 81 APPLIANCES K. 8. M. CLEANERS We Appreciate Your Patronage Owners and Operators: Ernest R. Kelley and Harry Masters Phone 564 Big Stone Gap, Virginia Phones Sales offaaa ,...,... Appalachia II9 DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Mom Ofhce' I ' ' I 'Appalachia H5 Delicious Sandwiches Custard French Fries Milk Shakes CURB SERVICE Andover, Virginia Phone 94 Big Stone Gap, Virginia IIIIY A. IIIIEEN FUNERAL IIIIME Oxygen Equipped Ambulances New Modern Chapel Dependable Since l93I Appalachia, Virginia Phone 220 suck Ar-in GENES UIINTIIAL SERVICE S'l'1I'I'IIllll Appalachia, Virginia Phone 26 BOTTS DRUG 81 VARIETY STORE Phone II7 Big Stone Gap, Virginia Visit Wise County's Largest Fountain Rose-Mar and Landy Coats Gay Gibson and Mynette Dresses Ladies' Shoes in Marquise, Jacqueline, Connie, Natural Poise, and Paris Fashions MATTI E'S DRESS SHOP Appalachia, Virginia Phone 90 THE NORTON PRESS INC. Printers and Publishers- of The Coal Field Progress Norton's Only Wise County's Largest Serving Wise County For 45 Years First in Circulation, First in Reader Interest, First in Advertising Results CLINCH HAVEN FARMS QM, A,..... Producers and Distributors of Grade A Milk A Wise County Product Phone 749-J R. F. D. l Big Stone Gap, Virginia JACK'S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods-Clothing'-Shoes-Ready-to-Wear Co. For the Whole Family Phone 452 Big Stone Gap, Virginia Genera' Electric Appliances Radios and Furniture Compliments of CROCKETT . . . . A l h V PLUMBING AND HEATING PPOQC 'Q' "gm Appalachia, Virginia ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Frigidaire Sales and Service O. S, Barker, Owner Phone 758 Wood Avenue Big Stone Gap, Va. Compliments of CAVALIER "SNACK SHACK" Appalachia, Virginia OLD DOMINION DRUG COMPANY Wise County's Oldest Drug Store Fountain Service Unexcelled Prescriptions by Registered Pharmacist 508 West Main Street Appalachia, Virginia Home of Honest Values DAVE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Appalachia-Phone 592 Norton - Phone I47-W THE ACME DRUG CO Prescription Service Bruce E. Large, Registered Pharmis IO3 East Main Street Appalachia, Virginia HURT YOUNG HARDWARE CO. RCA. Whirlpool Appliances POWELL FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE, INC. Youngstown Kitchens General Electric Appliances Phone 73 Big Stone Gap, Virginia-Phone 8 Appalachia, Virginia Norton, Virginia-Phone 551 DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS IABEI . . . ARE GRADE "A"- All THE WAY! U le SKS ' E .ALI N DAIRY .-.mms , lpn X'llllll g VI 1 X X, ggge ir It ,tcc fl' I , M1 J COMPARE PET DAIRY PRODUCTS WITH ANY OTHER PET IIAIIIY PIIUIIUUTS CII. Big Stone Gap, Virginia Compliments of Your Phillip 66 Dealers SUUTHWEST lllL UUMPANY Big Stone Gap, Va. Phillips ,UW ' ffl yflfyl W 7 of", X 57 . , ., ,Q ff, 014' 4 yljflwywyqlflf. S-W LJ Hfifwffjh COLLIER'S STYLE SHOP Where Style and Value Count t'ii ' L so M ':'L ' M M7 . 2 ,.,,. 1 Y i" Phone 572 H' Appalachia, Virginia .,. , BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. M. S. Quesenberry, Jr. Owner Blocks-Bunlding-Materials-Millwork Big Stone Gap, Va, Phone 3-W QUESENBERRY CONSTRUCTION . CO. General Contractors Big Stone Gap, Va. Phone 3-J JYAL LAUNDRY CDILIPZN lhiiillill ROYAL LAUNDRY COMPANY SANITONE CLEAN ERS "There's a Difference" Phone 113 Big Stone Gap, Virginia APPALACHIA INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED All Kinds of Insurance J. Lincoln Kiser, Manager Jack W. Kibler, Assistant Manager Appalachia: Phone 299 Big Stone Gap: Phone 535-590 KELLY CH S Chevrolet and Oldsmobile SALES -4 - 114, f C H EVROLET J ll TI' EVROLET SALES AND siskvics -lv, A A Phone I Big Stone Gap, Virginia FLEENOR MOTOR CO., INC. Your Studebaker-Packard Dealer Phone l85 Appalachia, Virginia Compliments of KINGSPORT OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Kingsport, Tennessee Compliments of D'CU RY'S Norton, Virginia Compliments of EORD MOTOR SALES BLAKE MOTOR CO. Appalachia, Virginia Eden's TV 81 Radio Servide C0mDlef6' ReD0lf OV' MORGS Ol Congratulations to the l959 Rodms and Televmon Sets Graduation Class for doing a fine Complete Line of Tubes and Accessories Job during the post I2 years- Authorized GE TV Dealers Big Stone Gap, Virginia Phone 632-J MCCORKLE LUMBER CO. INC. J. N. Donaldson Pres. 8. Mgr Lumber and Building Material JA Nl Donaldson, Jr, ASS- MQ, phone 600 J. N. Donaldson, Jr. Ass't. Mgr Big Stone Gap, Virginia 92 Compliments of WOLFE'S HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPANY VIRGINIA WHOLESALE COMPANY GENERAL SUPPLY COMPANY Automotive Jobbers Phone 66 Appalachia, Virginia ghoge Ugg' 558 BEST IN ALL UNES 'Q me ap' C' JOHQSOHN-jfyf'-ERS L. J. Horton, rinfisf M' 'wa' 0 Mon Flowers For All Occasions 29 D Appalachia' VO' wood Avenue Day Phone 209 Keffvsoke Dwmonds Big Stone csnp, vn. Night Phone 931 Nationally Advertised Watches You can save more at the STONEGA COKE 81 COAL COMPANY Big Stone Gap, Virginia HOLBROOK FURNITURE STORE Big Stone Gap, Virginia Compliments of KRISLEE DEPARTMENT STORE Appalachia, Virginia Compliments of INTERSTATE RAILROAD COMPANY 1 ' ' i 'blviti ---:QVEYSW fi n g . K - 5 , O Qt ,L ff , ,S see, ,TMS D ,t smy Tis?" I Hove Yours 1 A v 33 Photographed si NOW If ll xl V7 . . ,yin gf 5 T TM' KING STUDIO our 1948 APp"'0Chlf' our 1958 Portrait of Portrait of Carol Collier Carol THE RECORD SHOP, "Your Hi-Fi 8. Sterophonic Headquarters," East 5th Street Big Stone Gap, Virginia Records--Photo Supplies-Novelties "We Lead-All Others FolIow" B. 81 M. FOOD MARKET Fresh Meats-Groceries GlLLEY'S JEWELERS Phone 22 Big Stone Gap, Virginia Fresh Vegetables C. F. Bond and H. O. Meade Appalachia, Virginia Compliments of SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE Big Stone Gap, Virginia Compliments of TRAIL THEATRE POWELL VAISFEY naive-iN Big Stone Gap, Virginia CARPENTER TOURS iTravel Agents? Educational Tours- ELIZABETHTON, TENN. Adult Vacation Tours- To Everywhere B. 81 C. MEN'S SHOP "Your Style Store" Big Stone Gap, Virginia 94 Qlglll M. D. COLLIER FURNITURE COMPANY Big Stone Gap, Virginia Appalachia, Virginia HAW K'S Gas, Groceries, School Supplies Phone 9105 Appalachia, Virginia J. B. DICK 81 COMPANY 5 8. IO Cent Store Phone 380-M Appalachia, Virginia COHEN'S DEPT. STORE Norton, Virginia GIBSON LUMBER COMPANY Phone II7 Appalachia, Virginia Quality Since 1899 C , Walker-Cook Motor Company ompliments of UPON-I-'ACH SOUTHWEST QUARRIES, INC. mmm, Sem Big Stone Gap, Virginia phone 360 phone llo Appalachia, Virginia FUREMIIST imlmms, INC. 3 "Foremost," For health and energy," demands athlete Tommy Southard. than good Us - - - 'FOREMOST 'MID JACK BELTON'S Sandwiches French Fries Fountain Drinks Curb Service Phone 384 Big Stone Gap, Virginia may f If I ,IJJVJ 1 gif ,EM I VI fgiy W1 ,Il W, III 'if 'J' I 7 ' If i I 4 V 4 ,f ', ' 4,1 ' ffli' 7 46,4 " I" V " !l,I'v'I I' l - ' M l ,L i 'Il ll If , I ,I 'J 1. AM7 li "il iff! . 1,1 'vi I' 5 I I ,Lf fi, fi' I ,pf fi L Lf l iff fi' , I fi 'vi' Ii AV if V I f" K fl X I" "7 x 1- N V ' 1, V x I , If V X, f All rf. LMI C V1 1 iffflfflfj A A F, I k,,, KL, jk, , ,fu VJ- Jiffy: fe . 'G M ' ,f ff LAL! n K!l ff A li I xl i XM 'A iff ir,V ' -' 1 -Upij riv, il if iif f I u gy I ff 1 ll, ,,fx I A 'lj iL,r,LL.L. Jlblbj, V fi' if ,I 'lfl ,WU II I I,Q ' I 5 .ff J I if SALYER CANDY COMPANY "MAKING VIRGINIA SWEETER" Complete line of Candy and Notions East Fifth Big Stone Gap, Va. Phone l3O RlLEY'S COFFEE SHOP Private Dining Room For banquets and private parties Phone 653 and ll95 4 l O Wood Avenue Big Stone Gap, Virginia Compliments of LEONARD'S STORE Please Come ln Leave Pleased Phone 726 Appalachia, Virginia Compliments of MITCHELL BEAUTY SHOPPE Virginia Sprinkle, Owner Compliments of KELLY MOTOR COMPANY Big Stone Gap, Va. The members of the 1959 Accolade Staff wish to express their thanks to all the contributors who made this book possible. We need and appreciate your patronage. J mf? , Am Z7 Zw WWfMm f,5f5D. MW ' ,!4afc,ZZ9W ,idffzaff , wwf? ,,,,:f5,,,a.,20 AMA W ziffiffaff, AM! 0 I H90 J 0 454.426 W DQ eww? , jmfgkg, e0wJ! QQL2zw2fc.'! 51655 fyfaalga me, had WU fffwyfqfaay w, afdffffog ' , ',,7g4 fwzbfz 4o,z44hffo,.ZZ,l0 ,Z4'Z,4"' ,ycwaz mia QM Q 1141 Jfgffv ! fcW,f,4W22,2Q M I A 'Z' WIIMXWM? 4 . - 46,0415 if 0fiQfWZ?Mfj,j!?Z22' W I W gW,,5gV, ffgpff, W ,,f..f.w.aLMD 5,.,,,f4f g,UQ,?Lf4Mi 6, ,214-V -6464! KLWQWJW, ,Lg pf,,,,.,J ,043-if z-raw, 21.02, ifwwzjjpfjdafi . fiaiffbwffudf 626, '.!C24f7i.4,4x.f-fL.2,p-4.1-.f--QA!-7. gang, ding WLM Q-MAQQQM fd! I 'c:,1fy4,Zfff,4f. -66,0666 74.,e,e,a.z,f.fZf0cA?,f,-f Wfgzfyw ffaff 4644? '7"9'M'62fAa"J .17 4' l , fg,,g.,,v: :ZJL4 Ziggy 1 ?5iZ zxfm WWW C!MM,6fC,,g ,jay 'Away i JL: If gzpyuywffiwwdf 0 WWA! wJfJff22"M'?j'0'w' W ,,,WWffffJ wfffwffw my . uf ij,W"""' 2 . X xy 7M zyj

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