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A, V ' L Qwwmdd 0 G . J? 623 W TK' W 1 . j , K I '1'W""'P13 3 f W Mm swing ,WKWQQ vrf' 2 2 2 f f W I u- I 3 5 , I L 3 ' Q00 2 0 X ws X - 3 S FM' ? + X3 5 , ' , Q.- i -6' Q c W TQQJ MEF , 1 fe' ff. . , Al -f.1 ,A . .. Avivv .,. . ' , . WW if KT .N l 9 ti., x., X341 QNX A QNX 63, V T f ff? Q ESX. 7 L. L !,,,f1 ,Y Z Sv l ..- 1 Q xxx? 2' . , " XX X A - ' N X! c. ' L - I 1 ' "-fr:-:Q- TfX fi Q 4, LF L", -, Q Q aj '1- THE K DARTER DllCl'1Ed by t Q St dents of APG! fix WSH SCHOCDL Apopka Florida f Q Ex-ribrkfx Hdff Bu wg EG V P .' Q h L2 ry ' jx wK ' 1 QH,15'L,f f'2Q'1 flff YQWLKE- Ec1'of--Qui fN:1we'gr' Edhgr T L Vfiffjbff JP V' .W sw -has ?Q.2s'ugegr fxigustgmt 'no G in 'f ur hz-lr N I E J Th: if rg FQ it to her IU. uf afprffwc :gn an a LOVNU f, C, Q Q WD' 'wOUQT.Jr'C1r g Juv dHCr up df f .fu XM tw, F17 Dar,-r SMU. -' 1? C f Q 'Y X fi X of 0 fe to a -.xzvwdeffmf f'df+"'i' 1 ing ffl:-rfd avi te wxdf' person Mfg Maine? E Bmwiv- Ver mwmg Dccf C35-,Alx assoyyfr . x Nh LET dwmg Th ' Lv gt gum mr HI Vs , ' Q ' gfvd Q 1 3 Dfw 731' G 4,715 but GT: .,1.' J Us 'f ,-ilcm WV VIH: Qaafwed l.et us flip the pages of time over into the future and view there a moment the scene that is before us It is a man in a dream a man who has long since put away actlvities of the days of the golden rule taught to the tune of a hnckory stick And just for a moment just for a dream he visualizes himself a boy again with a crew haircut where now scarcely any hair grows and a blue sweater boasting a white A instead of a blue serge suit and a white carnation are the good old days of 47 when people were settling down to normal football and basketball were back on the sports throne again people went to parties and proms in shiny new cars once more and plans were made for college or good iobs instead of service for Uncle Sam And so our fondest hope is that you will enjoy and treasure the 47 Darter a summary of the happy living dream of today and a gentle reminder of the sweet sleeping dream of tomorrow Administration Seniors Underclassmen Activities Athletics Features School Daze Advertisements -v Passing in review, as the "timber is sowed" in happy reflection, 31- f 1 I "-ag lIl"IH!HH r"' AVI' , bww ,- Y Uoggomt, maybe I should have done more of that apple- polmshmg , "7 ev . rfff - 21 -A QTL- ,, fa .JL ' E I ' X L,S.a1-Z N 4 gh-'Q,-0. , Y .K ' 'I' Looked Like This from the Oufsade P ,Jn 11 HARRY N BATTELS B S Bowlnng Green State C P Ohuo Northern Hnuverszty Asslsfdrr nclpal Hsstory and Social Science ROC-ER A WILLIAMS A B Erskune College M A Duke University Prsnclpal L ,Q I -j ' A ,- a 4 MABEL E, BARNSLEY A B -Stetson University Mathematics, Senior Sponsor EDlTl-l CORTON B A.-University of Florida Sponsor B-A Social Studies WINIFRED C BECK B.S,-Florida Southern Commercial 8-B ancl Darter Sponsor MURIEL HARRISON Temporary Librarian HOWARD M4 BECKERT BS.-State Teachers College, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Physical Education, Coach RUBY l-lAYCiOOD University of Florida Dean of Ciirls Office Assistant OPAL C. BEVlLLE B M -Florida State College for Women Clee, Band, Public School Music WS 'UW LANORA E Tl-lOMF'SON L I --University of Florida Seven-A and l-lobby Club Sponsor English, Social Science 1-vi ELIZABETH HUDSON """-- 4 B S -eFlorida Stare College for Women Beta Sponsor Freshmen Girls Sponsor Home Economics ULAY j, THOMPSON A B,-University of Florida , Seven-B Sponsor English and Social Science ' . JANET rvi. ROGERS A Br--Florida State College for Women junior Class Sponsor ii' Blue and White, lournalisrn Club English c. F, WHWNEY ,3 Q AB., MAL-Texas Christian University Freshmen Boys Sponsor STELLA THACKER AB. .iiaini University of Ohio Librarian 'T FLoRENcE L. wiNpHAiv1 65 AB.-Rollins College ' P Sophomore Sponsor U Travel Club "Q-7' Languages 31 '3- 5 sp 5 1 Se or at last' "Really a wonderful fee ni Semofm 5-QM .Mi 'flu J 0 ffif l 1 ,W at fl" AMT Q, s ,lv ' 'af' T' CHARLIE ASHLEY "Not a politician, but he always gels elected" Cilee Club 3, 4, Blue and White 4, Darter Editor 4, Class Officer 4, Football 4, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who 4, lr. Play, "A" Club, EEA. l, 2, Beta 3, 4. HlLDA lOYCE BATEMAN "I shall laugh myself to death" Stunt Night l , Who's Who 4, Drurn Major 2, 3, Cilee Club l, 2, 3, Blue and White l, 2, 3, 4, Darter Staff 3, 4, Drarnatics Club 4, Miss AHS. 4, Speech Club l, Beta 3. RUTH NAOMl BIEVER "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, and so do I." Stunt Night l , Clee Club l, 2, 4, Blue and White l, 2, 3, Darter Staff 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4, "A" Club 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Ath, Ass'n 3, lr. Play, Who's Who 4, Ass't Editor Paper 4. EFFIE BLACK "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free: nothing ever bothers Blue and White l, 2, 3, 4, Darter 3, 4, Clee Club 4, Dramatics Club 4, Beauty 4. RUTH BURCUST Slow but sure' 3 4' Basketball l 2 3 4. ,gf S Stunt Night l, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Beta ,, . , , , . a 1 '-5 JAMES Cox "Better to be small and shine, than to be large and cast a shadow." Stunt Night l, Dramatics Club 4. DELLA COVINCTON "One so meek can do no wrong" Transfer l, 2, 3, Cilee Club 4, Dramatics Club 4. iuufx CRENSHAW "She is mild but she satisfies" Transfer I, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Majorette 3, C-lee Club 3, 4, Dramatiis Club 4, Beta 3, 4, Drum Major 4, Class Reporter 4. BETTY JEAN CRUMPLER "l!'s all Greek lo me" Transfer l. Clee Club 2, 3, Beta 3, 4, Library Assistant 2, 4, Drarnatlcs 4 iuamirfx oiusaearri Euerylhina comes to him that u.'ui1s so why hurry ."' Stunt Night l, Annual Staff -Q IUANITA ClLLlAM "lt does not pay lo worry. lhlnqs will happen anywall. V' Class Officer 2, 3, Clee Club l, 2, 3, jr Play. Banrl l, 2 3, Beta 3, Pres Youth Council 4, Bluf? and White l, 2, 3, 4, Dar- ter 2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr 4, Athletic Assn 4, Scorekeeper 2, 3, Dramatie -l, Vxfhos Who 4, Beta Pres 4 ' BETTY lEAN C-ILLIARD "Nt-wr dn lmluu what uou ran pu! oil until tomorrow." Q Stunt Night lg Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Blue and White l, 2, 31 Darter Staff 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Whos Who 4, "A" Club 4, Beauty 4, Asst Editor Paper 4. iousie cream "ln argument she is quite sound." Transfer l, 2, Cllee Club 3, 4, Blue and White 3, 4, Darter 4, WhO's Who 4 VERNON HOLLOWAY "He has brains. pep, and personalilu, wha! more rould he want?" Football l, 2, 3, F EA. 2, 3, Veteran of World War ll. BOBBY KELLY "He comes Io school ocrasionallyu Clee Club 4, Who's Who 4, Football 4, jr, Play, MARY MAE HART "Con1enlmcnI is the best powder for a woman's face." Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Beta 4, Dramatics 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Blue and White l,2, 3, 4, Darter 3, Library Assistant 3, jr. Play, Who's Who 4, Stunt Night l. . -1 X 1' K K, 19 if Q.,- ,K X 'Inha- 1 A 2 i 1 - ' ,f W , 6, . ' rl' Y A X' i I Q Q X at -gi' C I fl , iky "' , l , . K g , gs, , , - 3 Q l 2 -i fix '3 DS I l 1 I if! MARY LAND "Sin K xnmll hu! thu! alnrsn I ramp fvvr ttqluf' 'fmt Nght 3, Class C'ttCff I 7, Hdflf fx 1. Cleef Club l. Q, Blue f3"'i 'Whutf 3 5, Blue and Vxfimte Edlter -1, Darrel .3 5 41. Ben 3, "A" Club 3, Drfzhvallei -l l' Pla., Xlultuf Whe --1, BssPse'lull l, f 3. 5. Cll5't2'Et'ddGF 3, 3 9, Beeut. -Q lf. lLLARD . ff " l'ht- nun: whu hlushtxs lm nut :Julie u I Football 3, bl, Xldhds Whs Q, Ben FRANCIS lx1OC3llTL "xl lf'll'l7IHllN Lwnrl: of f117llY'74'tf ullvmxx Drumuttcs 4, Who's Vxfho -l, Football 'l Cflttcr Club l , Veteran Ot Vxforid Vvbr ll NELLIE RUTH MQRRIS "Monday nwrningzs find irrr ul hunk' Blue and Vxfhtte l, 2, 3, 4, Dgrte' 3, 4 Cllee Club 3, sl, Dramattcs -1, If PM Cheerleader 3, Class Qtftcjer 3, 4, Who' Vxfho 4, ALLEN MURRAY "fl wrnc uf hunmr. a wmv ol' LL'l'I and plcnly of rvrvrtscrvsvl' jr Play, Vxfhds Who 'l, Dfafvnttcs l. IANE PRICE 4'1,1'!l1e bu! loud" lmuster l, 1, Datter 4, Vxfhds Vxfho -l Blue and Wltlte Al, Basketball 3, tl, Beta 3, 'l, Dramatles 4. BETTY RElNERS Hlivllvr to bt' ml! of thc ujnrld ui In hr' mul of fashmnf' Stunt Ntght l, Clee Club l, 2. 3, Band l 2, 3, Athlettc Assh 2, Youth Councnl 2, 3 jr Play, Cheerleaders 2, 3, Basketball l Z, 3. "A" Club 4, Blue and xl-AHWITG l, 2, 3 Darter 7, 3. GLENN ROBERTS HAIUCI denvon No, I" Class Offtcer lg FFA, l, 2, Transfer. I-IERMAN ROBINQCN Iough bu! h so gentle ! xt! xxf , C1 u T L Rocees IR A man am nq women s ttcer I 2 b J O C ELAINE SKIPXMORTH -I uual Iusthedp IUJUFCIHULLUL e aho Whtte I 7 3 4 Darter 2 3 Basketball 2 Class Officer 3 4 Chee leader 3 4 Beta 3 I Stunt Nlght I Ba d 2 3 4 Ctlee Clubl 7 3 4 WhosV!ho ROBERT SMITH My Eh uclht ur mu r mpan ons FFA I 2 Beta 3 I DramatuCs4 ho Who 4 ROLF STRANCIFR ll hy studu uhm there sa lady s hmarll u.m A Club 4 Dramatucs 4 Football 7 3 1 Who s Who 4 MICKEY TESTON Y ran pzck a s de and I 11 argue with u F F A 7 r Class Play Football 7 Who s Who 4 Blue and Whnte 4 Varslty DICK VOELKEL Somelrmes I srl and thmh somelzmes I just srt Stunt Nlghtl Cllee Clubl 2 3 4 Basket b 2 3 4 Athletic Assn2 3 4 jr Hay e and Whtte I 3 4 Darter 2 3 Beta 4 Dramatu s 4 Who s Who -I Banc NEVA VVILKINS "She is gentle. she is quiet, but there is mischief in her eye." Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4g Blue and White I, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night lg Dramatics 45 Who's Who 4. par, fu' w4,,,-an gk-, A F' was nf" 5 22154 .41 ag I ,.,,aW-gy 4',.E,,. , gg! A. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT W COULD WE FORC Ill an X a ri fE9f 4-4 bd Z' Ca L ..,,b 31.4.- Evem these mderclavmew days look gccd raw zf'W I ' 'xxx a , ,I 1' x N - 1 5 ' ' " 7775, 'LX' ' X . Af 'X' l ' I 5 'Wx x F g ?. L V Lv r-'PQ 1 M'-ab wif "? if I Xl' vt' nn. lf! Wx xglxxl MMLCUZ4 ASS OFFIC C V 0 CL ER. u V ' V r Flrst Row lLeft to Rrghtl joan Whrtney Mary Rrsener james Harrrs Tom Lrghtsey Allen Owens Mary Wrrght Betty Prrce Roy Rawls Second Row Margaret Krlgore Vance Wrllrams Opal Stonecypher j D Channell Mac Cullrard C-ene Kelly Cracre Etty james Ustler Betty jo Ashley Thrrcl Row Betty Stewart Albert Crlbreath Robert Crrffrn A Z Watter rmmy Crrce james jorner Prentrss Tootle Marrlyn Walters Fourth Row jack Cullram jrmmy Dayls C Hxcks Elmer Harper Loure Bell David Ustler jack Christmas rs, rvslvwar gg-jf? 11 ' syffx,-1" A rr-1' ' ' ' .. ' . "Q J- , . , , A ,Y C I ,,, , , - mkauimwsm. : M- . t - r . ' I 1 . . - . r , . r , , - f . , . , 4. ., . . , . Y r - I . , . . , f-, l r , . r , . 'if 130-,rfb 67 Furst Row lLeft to Rlghtl jrmmy Haynes La Voy johnson Vrrgrnua Sanford Florence Hart juanata Carpenter Peggy Redman Kenneth johnson Eugene Davus jo Ann Pope Second Row Peggy Hann Ronald Drrggers Betty Hudson Phrllrp Rawls Maxune johnson lrrnmy Hutchrns Vrrgrnla Smrth Bully Huggrns Margaret Croome Bully New Verlle Mae Calney juanlta Turk Thrrd Row Myrtlce Thompson Wtllram Smuth Violet Bogar Bobby Davus Beatrlce Bryant Devonne Pterce Marguente Urquhart Mark Ryan Alwrlda Srnrth Houston Wrlluams Myrtle Thompson Fourth Row Edgar Harns Shrrley West junror O Neal Dons Murray Mackey Cyukrn Annte Greene Warren Barber Pat Walters Q 1 "' ' K , . J ' ' - " . -B ' ' I "J1f'fw."f-lk V. ,L A ,, . K , . y ' . A , ,Jw 4 k f -, ,M , ' ' ' V I , ' 'Q l ' W x Y t it ' , Iwi, ,na f. M ' ,, . 5, . , . H . r r r . - , - V . . . , . r , . . I I ' - - . . . , , I , r , . , . - , , r , . I l ' 5. FN A Hfkctnvutnes took u pA MM .IM ' hgh, Jil! f ,1 ,J NN V, J xx CORNET Curt Haygood lunlcr Q'Neal IlUWVTlj' Ussery TRUMPET Charles lennien Estelle Klrklanfl Franklln Slnearon DRUMS Edgar lnlarrlS Vance Vxfllliarns Dwrght Walters ROLL CALL CLARINET Betty Slewarl Carolyn Ustler Dol Mallwewz luanltd Krrk Ulmer T lwcrnlluion Bwidy Slnni SXXXCPHONE Petty Blair lonn Sller L G Harper FLUTE Pal Walters Elalne Skipworllfn BASS HQRN james Harris BELL LYRA Nancy Danuels CYMBALS junior Cllluard -Il ,L Ly. 11- -7' if """'v- 1- ':, . ,1 4' . '+' "T . A 4 ' J g s , v . wr gf .1 I - " .IJ ,A , -1' 'fwfr 1, g Carvab f rcgrgnf mfg f wr! I wi v 51 ,fig ,g -ff -1,,1 ffl -I 044 in 5? I ,MM V 5 f'Sf,'. .,'..1 7-735425. 3, F, ' Q ',fT,5L7zM7 sw V' x GLEE CLUB BOYS First Row left to Rtghtl Robtnsont Wtlltams, l-larrist Dtreetor Be-nlle, Kelly, Ustle Chagnnell, A 2, Watters. F Second Row' Culbreath, Cllltam, Ashley. Davls, Candy, R Kelly, M Watters, Voelke' Bello GLEE CLUBS FUNCTION The Apoplca Clee Club, a tradlttonal part ot- hugh school lute, was organrged at the begunntng of the year under the capable dtrectucn of Mtss Coal Bevtlle Several programs were presented durtng the year by thas club vwhsih tp drvlded into three parts boys, gtrls, and mlxed The AHS Clee Clubs wire also well repre- sented by four members at the annual Musto Clunrc, whtch was held at Tampa tr: November. To the toy of those tn.ol'.eff, and those ho '.-.ere om, l',tgrtQ'1 'rc t a many new songswere added to thetr repertotr :hrs year And so another rr u r pertai passes tnto ttme, but tt left tts mark tn our ltttle blue book of merrortes DRAMATICS CLUB lnspired by the weighty tntloence of Mr, Battels, a new organization appeared on the Campos--the Dramatlcs Club. Its members 3SDlTGd toward self-expresslon, ponse, speech lmprovement, and lnterpretatuon of other Characters. The Christmas Pageant lett a lastung impressnon on the aurlnence for its simple and beautufol pzctore of the Natwnty Thls and other plays created lnvaloable unterest in dramatrcs among other students. .---f1 HOBBY CLUB "T" Q Ng! And that year Hobby Lobbx had nothrng on AHS Mrs Ulay Thompson spon sorcd our flrst Hobby Club to the great pleasure of twenty tour students who vt shec to fund a specual lrttle nnterestrng srde ltne or further one that they already had Whrle the malorrty of the club worked or sh lls stamps and corn collectrons others Dreferrec tncld traps to study plants and wuld life Annne Creen was top hobbuest Lee Barber her offlcual stand an Dons Murray lool :ng luke the secretarral type fell herr to recordung the progress of the hobbuests and slnce bobble-s can sometames become expr nsmve Louue Bell took the job of keeprng tabs on the frnancnal status Wnth skull and bar-drcratt as a crlterron the hobb ests competed for pnzes Th lucky wrnners were Erleen Morton Dons Murray Emtl Troendle wth specral mentron accorded to A Z Watters and Annre Green for theur tune art work VARSITY CLUB A glub v. a caprtal "A" was a bflgh' spot tor erghteen students eamrng athlet 1 etters tor the rarlous sports rn AHS The long-standlng members bad a deltghttul 'rme heclflrng the rnltlates who speet e week CEVVylt"g toothplclcs and pavrng tbelr respects wlth salaams to their elders, all the whsle oemonstrattng new harrdos make-up methods, and tashlons ot wrong- stde-out clothrng Durlng its more serrous moments, the "A" Club added pleasure tor protrt to :ts schedule by sponsonng dances ann plays. and were seen sellrng refreshments and souvenlrs to buy sweaters tor the graduatrng club members lNeanng the master "A" was Presrdent lunror Rogers asslsted by lvlarcus Vfatters. vice president and Betty lean Qllllard, secretary treasurer l TRAVEL CLUB There are more ways to travel than one and even though the Travel Club, under the guldance of lvlrs Florence Wtnrlharv. was restncted to a small radlus. the mem- bers drd a lot ot travel-tallong to round out a successful year. The hrghlrght of club actrvltres was a taunt to Rollrns College to vrslt the sbell museum and campus The followrng otfrcers were elected Dorothy 'T-flathews, presrdent, Lourse Chan- nell, vrce-presldentg Nancy Danrels. secre- tary, and leannette Lazarus, treasurer. MEET THE STAFF Be lt ever so humble theres no place luke-fthe press room? lt was the scene ol endless worry about crrculatron, frantuc effort to make deacllrnes. and lots of fun and frrendshrp for the lournalrstrcally-rnclrned students Never a dull moment, and never a letsure one for those students whose extra-currrcular lute revolves around gossrp sheets, featurettes, and puttrng the Blue and Whrte to bed just rn tnme for the next issue to come out Strugglrng ever onward wrth the scrssors and paste pot, lookrng out for new styles rn headlrnes was make-up edrtor Nrta Ctllram, and stayrng those after-school meetrngs were asststant edrtors Ruth Brever and Betty lean Culltard Assumrng respon srbrltty for the feature brrghtness of the Blue and Whtte were Nellie Ruth Morrls and Frances Gerard Scannrng the sports treld for newsy :tems and yreldrng sports features were Dtck Voelkel Charlre Ashley and lvltckev Teston Elatne Sklpworth and Neva Wrlkans fauthful typrsts are always on hand to ready the copv for the proofreaders lane Prlce and Effte Black Mary l-lart and her crew of work s from the ctrculatron department reall, looked luke the Ink Spots after puttrng the gossrp sheets rn the papers anct hand une the selltng In charge of exchange of the papers was Mary Lee Welch who always got them where they were supposed to be and on trme too Meettngs were NEVER luke thas l l ' " Q ,Lvl LL Z NJ va s falrhlul ar sraff rrleevo s wr f er ces we e er e ,jo C eva a Ce-er Ash' , and ee fe ers AA uso apo aff l QT LU VTWLJC l'T'lD I V l ,mpg su: :E J Lib Q8 EXE-?5 sa 9 "E?' lfdlfor Land scams latest paper while calling press for galley proofs There s alwa,s work To be dome :rw the Press Room MN! Thus was only the begtnntng THE DARTER STAFF You neyer know no never how much brow dampentng labor ts my lyed tn putttne together an annual ttll youve trted tt or how much fun' These were the senttments ot the 41 Darter Statt headed bt Ecttor Charlte Ashley when the last ptcture was p tec an th ttnal t do d what seemed to be a complete ntghtmare way back tn October 46 turned out to DC a dream ct a year book thanks to all concerned tn the cornpletton ot the Dartcr For the thtrd consecuttxe year Robert E Dtttrtch was a tamtltar and welc nre stght around AHS campus snapptng ptctures at the most unexpected moments BP rcleastng thc shutter on posed shots too Mtss Wtntret Beck was duly elected to sh u der he burdens whcn the gotng got rough Malte up edttor Marx Lane and h r as tstants Stewart C lltard and Ashley se to wo k to get thc low down ot the lax out and made ntgh ly Journeys to Marys tl par r Elatne Sktpworth and her bu p rtners lost no ttme an seetng that nobody slapped bx wtthout buxtng a subscrtptton Yes Eat the Darter had to be arwerttsef' so l-ltloa Bateman and her staff ane Prtce Verntce Lee Dot Mathews and lcnsle Creen ser out to ootatn adverttsements from the local and ou ot town well wtshers And who was to keep the books balanced and hold on to the cash box? Nobody but the ever penny ptnchtng soul luntor Rogers W re you ever startled b, the bllndxng hgh' o the fl h bulb? You shoulr' hay knOwn that Nlta Cllllam was connected wrth lt somehow for she was always on the alert f r any good shots round the ole campus and halls Feature Edltor Ruth Bae e was slowly turrlng g ey headed amldst the confuslon' and uproar of countng whos who votes along N th her helper Effle Black Nellue Ruth lvlorrs and Oracle Etty Aboard a raft floatrng on tears shed and splllec Indra Ink anchored by sexeral pen polnts worker' our charmlng artlst Frances Gerard wlth asslstants Cllbreath and Rlsener Almost completely wacky fronn trylng to keep thelr eyes on the ball we found the long and short of the sports edltors Ronald Richardson and lvlanlyn Vxfalters with Marcus Watters scrlbbllng scores rn has llttle red book Th n lcst before the llttle men wlth stra ght jackets arnved the 47 Darter was safely on nts way to press V 7 Edltor A hley at work on has faithful Woodstock Department Edltors Dlscussed Plans and Lay out Q' L 'iw C I , Q if K- , lx ,.--f-if-Q A ff fght yffzhlgim ROL? STRANGE R JACK GILLIAN BACK - 'CO-CAPTAIN' FRANCIS MOORE - TACKLE RICHARD DRIGGE RS vANce WDIAIQLIDIIMD' GUARD - J -GUARD - MARCUS' WATTERS I TACKLE '.. -if api RONALD RICHARDSON DAVID USTLER - CENTER - END " I 51,3 'Sk-Q x, J.C.HICKS -mo- JUNiOR ROGERS BACK CHARLIE A, h BATEMAN Q VBACK- M ALL COXVFER lVC'f .V ,l M CHARLIKE ASHLEY X-5AcK1 EUGENE JOHNNY GAIWY KZEEZ. -MQD- MICKEY TESTON WILUARD LEE 'TACKLQ - co-c'Apmffv GUARD - ' -- JUST FOR THE RECORD APOPKA 6 vs ST ,AMES 7 The Aooplca Blue Darters coach d b l-lofvarrl lxl Bee ert otenfd the season or September P7 vxtth the Qt annes Panthers b, loslf g Cn the trrst rlav of the Garre Bateman ran 7 yards for a touchdown but was callcf bac? fer an oft sndf penaltx ln the sccond quarter ltowcxcr Batcwtan scored the only Darter touch town of thc gamc but the failure to malc th cor ter ton lost thc g mc when the Panther challco up Seven points APOPKA 0 vs GROVELAND 33 The next game was t Croveland where the Dartcrs were overoow r fl and los b a score of 53 O The Darters bemg handtcapoe bt the loss ot two xarsttt ola allowed the Creenbacks to score HT both halves two n the ttrst quarter and three the thlrd quarter APOPKA 6 vs WINTER PARK 29 Sconng IO very penod the Wtnter Park Wtlocats defeated the Blue Darters bt a score of 29 f before the largest crowd ot the season Wurwter Park drove to 1 touch clown the ftrst tame they got the hall earlt tn the ttrst penod Mtdwav tn the seconr quarter Wnnter Park comoletel a DC xard pass behlnd the Darter goal for thctr second touchdown just before the halt ended a bad pass from center caused lacl Cllllam to tall on the ball behtnd th g tl ter asatett Earls tn the thtrd peruol ne of Apopkas passes was intercepted and turned unto a touchdown tor th Vfnldca s After a VO yard sustalned drne the Wnldcats made thetr ttnal score Wlth two mtnute left to play Charlle Bateman hcaved a l yard pass to ack Ctlltam for toe only Darter touchdown APOPKA 6 vs MT DORA I9 On ctober lS the Darters trax l o to Mt Dora to take on a t am bout th l own SI e t ough the ga n ot tet 'tr t wns tot the Dart rs orfnared to etght 'or Mt Dora the Hur canes cot necte wth tx o touchdown casses and rntercepted ar wot l H acrtal or at c L VluC Batcman wt wc f c 5 g rc Ill w x tc s Clc ' c N ,. . Q ', t ,, f it , 5 5 - C if , ' .6 . ff Crafts N A ' . il 1 . 1 , 'f A, f-X' s 1 ' 5' ' Aff ' 2., 1 at e tff ,T H a e fs L . a f . f ' 1 f f e yt y. RT- T , , - o N . s T ters. ' 4 , ! e tr -O V l , Q 'K C. . . I 2 . e oc , 4 f If T ' 1, o o l ' A I S' fa - r R , e T s E e 24 c l l K , C t - A ' e' f a er + z.Alh , t efsfto , e c.t'o I I ' , . rt 1 1 1 , ,I f ' . 'rf ' N tx c A e ' Ag, use A 4 4 tother lhf Darters pushed across thetr lona tally tn the last pe ' - 'es tl flga lt:-yt f'l'L,t!'fl ga- for the glt mth L4 yards tht 'edtt R emember wha! fhe r Sf Said dbOur fn I 0099 A Shfef did f ouR BASKETBALL TEAM Fur r Row 4Lefr to Right! Channel! Hncks Rncha ro on Ash! , Crflaarn Second Row Coach Voelkel Bateman Lrghtsey I Daw Chnstrnas Candy Dorman Third Row Ustfer Yoder Brown B Davrs Wrlluams 15 'MT OT f5Jc5 K T Q A C5 A C5 A C5 A5 05 A5165 A5365 ku Apepko A5165 ko A JC5 k 1 Apopko Apopkcl fpopko Apcpko Apopko Apopko A5565 ko Anopko Apopkcl Apepko A5Jo53ku Apcpku Apopku Apep c Apopko A5105 ko A5305 ka Apopko Apopko Apopko CT Apcpko Apopko Apcpkc BASKETBALL SCORES BOYS O oc cm' Lcnkex T Her R Tcwor LUTQV 6 C1115 Tufores Wzrwfer Pork Vxfmier Pork Owedfi CENTRAL FLORIDA CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 3 ST Cc T V mer Cl 37 TovoreQ TOURNAMENT GROUP V Ve 0 Bench USVT R165 DTSTRT T VLASS STATE CLASS B TOURNAMENT TVOVTOTTTTCJ ST ALTQLSTTT e GIRLS o ST Com ST Cewd Occce UHTUTTTTU Lakeview Tavares Lokewevs UHTOTTTTO Ocoee Lyrvcm Towores Q7 Vvmter Rok 39 Owedo 'Q ,kc 48 CTI-TTr'Cf7 X xku SO 52 CTQLL: . Fuo5'kf1 48 ST. CTLLU !A5gTo5.' C1 48 Q A 'J 5,TLc1 50 Um ,Tu 55,5 jkcl 58 ' 'rs-.w '57 'Ju 42 VVTWGV Rgzfk ,553 ,Lku "E . 35 VVTT A wk E .T ykcn 34 es 5 Tiki: 113 L4 T W , ,t SO Urr "TQ: , ' 50 Ocoee ' QU . 56 Lyrfzmw 5' TRC 43 T , '. Q6 ' T "BM ., T9 ' , ' "Ev" A . 9 . I ec ST VT T ' R rk . Jf 47 4' ., 5 ' 47 T15 Q 'TTS f T4 FT. 'ace 33 - ' . . 27 , T 'T . A5,QT5,T:: 6 CT 5"v TE TY QT . T IT . TQ . TE ku T3 T Q5 . 3 Q6 ' 3 T9 , . 38 4 V A f E AO ' J TT A53 Qko 30 1 33 ' I cf! ' fg I I ff!! fry That W55 Sf-30d fof' TWO POINTS Vxfhere were your teammates Mar1l5 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD wnth Coach and Manager Mfr. 5.1: 1 ' X ,1,,"l jf',.', Q X fr' I, I ,,r -, ..?' ' " .f',.of. ' c -4 .'3ffQf:"' ,Qf. C113 Ol .d V 1 4-"L if 'gf ,f - ,,,.,, ,c 1 i n Ax Q 5 . ' I K A L X ! I - , 1 I -4 X . - , an 1 - use ,s 'T Q 5 ' f U f , 3 . ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Will girls ever learn to play a good game of volleyball? Nobly shouldenng the burden of earmng money for the team unltorms and expenses the ten members of the Athletic Assoclatton thought up such profitable schemes as Beauty Contests Dances and Plays lntoxncatungly tntled the Apopka Hugh Ball the largest soclal event of the year featured our dream gtrl Mass A H S The Sprung Tume Dan e was appropriately guven dunng the sprung term bringing the funancual year to a successful conclusnon lLeft to Raghtl Treas Etty V Pres Rnchard son Clovus Pres Voelltel Damels Cullram Hart Dgr man Sec Harns Smuth PHYSICAL ED SCRIMMACE V " - Hicks was ready for , Q that one lunror 4" 'K-r CHEERLEADERS The space ln the stew that s what cheerleaders are to football and basketball Ever readv wlth a peppy new yell arrangement the enght cheerleaders added a proud touch to the athletrc teams ID therr brlght blue skrrts and heavy whlte sweaters From Captaln Mary Land Co Captarn Elarne Sknp worth down to tvny mascot Barbara Stewart julle Crenshaw Betty Stewart Marnlyn Walters Bettx jean Cnlllard loyce Dlxon jane Krrk and Sponsor lulle Vasllow gave wlllungly of their pep and energy to make a success of the weekly pep meetlngs and addeo the vltarnrns the team needed Desprte the fact that the mayonty of the cheerleaders were new at the game they were asked to lead cheers for the Norman Park Bears when th y played Tampa Unrversrty rn Leesburg A brg substantlal yell for the Blue and White gurls' -O 1' v I fx J ' F .- lf I . I 4 fx A ,,- I V . ' 5 Y VV Q, . V , I V ' 0 :fa . 6 , l , . - V ' ' V , f- - ..-, , . . . ,f A .J Vs'.a,.sf if 'S A - 1, ' . t.-- V ' U: i r - -.- ..rV4 V, ' V. 1 , V - 4 ., -.ri , 4 Vi fr.. W ' ' W.. 'I .'t,-eg-j.-- A 4 1' 9 , ' A ..'. 'r ' "' 'lt xvgf.. M' ,-' :-1' .A ' ' , , "M af., MJ, V , , . .V V 0 ', tr, '- V 'V ' ' L. ' , 'V VVQL f' l u ' ' D v 1 y ll 3 . iv 0 7 WM lil Nw ' 1 1 BEAUTIFUL g 1 'l,, XJ , di! USF' I . ., RW N f , U 5 X AK W I1 if W Wwiwm V U if MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED The clumb to success is a duffucuit one requmng much pataence and formude tc reach the top But courage nngenuny and defermlnatson are qualmes that are apt to succeed nn getting Mary Land s and Robert Snnfth s wagons on the stars to which they are hutched 2' , ,,e " f ruin , ye 'f 7 , , ! , K V, HX 1, Q. V ' I M yy, fl ' , 4 ' ,h Q91 4 '53 ' 1 " I f 1-, " ' 'N M www? A x h ' . h , fdfxff quo: .,,,,.ge-,v Y vgfhy' . V' 5' .Zi',fg:a'5' TV? H I ,X , - .X , V 'xg fag! ' ' 5 3224, , H , 'ini' ' , 272 , 1 ' .ff ,- , W A' w-Aw, ,, , V I .Q . ' . fe' 2 f ' ' - . , 1 I , A .ff M34 WM .W MOST TALENTED That Talented couple. News Rmb Mom and Duck Voelkel, are seen ooomomg ou some we From the look on Dsclce face. uf moat be 'AMy Dreams Are Cefrfog Bettef All the Txmef' BEST ALL-ROUND P:?CW'1g m exeryvxhere when The gomg if rough. Iogalb working for frneods am schoo' vhar ever courteous aw! congccoa paw. joamrfa Culluam and Rolf Sfraogcr rnghtfollx, take thelr place as "Beat AH Pound," 4. .. in .Ar-:-It ,Y....:.z MOST SCHOLASTIC Are we dreaming, or can lt be true? l-le'e we see Mary l-lart anc Wllllard Lee ac- tually looklng at a book for a change V, goodness, whats thls world coming to? N ' MOST POPULAR Maybe lt's thenr personallty, maybe 1t's be- cause they heed those tooth paste aaa, bu' whatever It ns, l-lllda Bateman and Bobby Kelly know the secret of "How to Vvlrt Fnends and Influence People." Popular wnth olo and Young aluke, here they are playlng "Butterrnllk Skies" at one of the local beanenes. rr MOST ATHLETIC Thrs Wooks real, our rs rr? Do Ruth Breve' arm Mrckex Testorw know how to operate these mechahrcal devnces, or as rt gust ah- orher excuse To skrp school? Them realiy are outsrahdmg frguros :rm the worlo of sports around A H S, though? FRIENDLIEST H youre cxer rr cf ram I afo RGVTTCFTTDE' Ihr' rho oem ffm: you fo the ramrrot. for Ehzrrze Si-'apmorrh Frarwccg Moore cam bi Courwtco ow fo thelr frlorrdshrp WITTIEST They'll do it every Timel Those cute kids, wizardsbf wit, always good for,a'r least a grin-lonsie Creen and Allen Murray. Their dry humor has cleared up the "rain- iest" day and their funny didoes make this picture seem only slightly out 'of the ordinary. IUNIOR CUTEST COUPLE Dark-hatred and rnl5Cl1levouS are l3Clf-E Datfts and Bob Yoder Who knows wha' oevtlr'nent they are plottlng at Thrsgxer, moment? SENIOR CUTEST COUPLE Tn-as Caotwatrng couple, -lane Prrce anrf T L, Rogers, lr, are all dressed up to go dreamung-- rnnnd if we tag along? 'SOPHOMORE CUTEST COUPLE From Tbatl'eat-you-up-al1l.e" look on Maf- quelene Crlllards face, blopde laolc Cbrlsf- mas IS really ber "man of The hour Amd from all appearances, the feelmg as mutual, FRESHMEN CUTEST COUPLE "See ya at three ar the drug" meang "ll soda wlrh fvvo straws, please" and thug an Ofber drme foward the price of two mm, tlekets for Alwulda Smuth and Bobby Daw DREAMS FOR JUNIORS J 1oAN WHITNEY M 'fdf """":v PAT WALTERS HONEY SHEDDAN PAT BROWN i ' 'Ne' V I , J . 1 1 O R Y YCU CAN'T STCP ME FROM DREAMING Effie BI k Y Betty jean Gilliard THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF L DON'T WAKE ME UP w w 'A l nf' A 3 ' , Dor j H II A Feature that could not be left out of the Darter is that of our sponsor, For smiling at our nonsensical schemes, laughing at our hopeless problems, and helping us out of our tight spots, we, ,the annual staff take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Miss Winifred Beck for her infinite patience and continued inspira- tion as our sponsor in the publication of our annual. M4 g ym, pf! gif 'TN ,f Q. ' 1 7 I' . ez , Z? ,ff A Q"fffZ"' ' rmii-1.1.3 Class. m. saw QW 'S Wonder it Dick and Betty are working Uga-uga-boo-uga-boo-boo-uga, ori Ceometry???? Could this be Latiri????? DAY ls the typing class this industrious Rogers, Murray, arid Smith work on all the time??? formula to conquer the atom bomblll """"""""t"jj: ' ' - E95 i' ' 5 M4 V dim 1 'aah -, -- Mun ...,. .,,.- fi., I ,.., 1 I - as 1 N I 4-4? i-- lll T7 Who writes shorthand better wrth Prof discusses biology chart her shoes ott???? and studes .,,. Iister1?? DREAMING Whaddua KHOWP? K9HY'S at School Not bedlam, just Friday afternoonF!!!! fodayu!!! v3 we-quail' fill THIS WAS NO DREAM f he g drn an e In 1 eau l UI ua nw eaxes unto r atned the Sentors l-lat auans. l tn t o t s rr ear harun F3 t en: rs we e acut Nflernlner u son Walk r bchool Trustee ar d rr r urn mothers l-lawattan speeches ant songs vtere ren ered throughout the prograrh Th w tttonal l-lawauan farevtell Ce emonx was Qnen bt a Chorus of unuor grrl sungtn Aloha and present ng theur Senior Classmates wtth lets The Conclurttng nuntb Farther Along was sung by all present and the rernarnder ot the even ne, was sur rendered to The Heaven Sent Seven Orchestra from Orlando Tm-W I .J 2' s S 'W .A- i fi? P DRIFT ING AND DREAMING P13535 Tvqvir '-.- 2' lib "4 Aj . In ...Aw I' , rag. -.-, . 'x s z.,-0 'p fwvfatf, K E, . . - .- .-.. .. I 3 Q - s' . 'S' ' '1 3, E., .31 6 is, 1- - K .--. s. 0 .4545 is , . J 'W Wifi l I ex wr fl K PQ? f f -ff" Cvto Jayf esodea X lx WK ' xy gl- AA : E! ,Y ' ': f , 'V 22 gl N IP X 'XX-J f , wi ,"'Q44,Q.,4'444'4.QQ44-Q040040040040Q4-400400-aa-"0Q,,0Q,Q0"' 'k Congrofulofions Seniors PLYMOUTH CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION mmouw FLoRloA I 1 ::::::::::: :::':::::::::,::: -QQYQQQ' ,'Q4,'00Q".Q4Q0Q"",4-.,.' 'A' BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY FUTURE STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO OF FLORIDA INC FICO DIVISION APOPKA FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF CAREY HAND FUNERAL HOME PHONE 4181 ORLANDO FLORIDA BROWN S GROCERY We corry o complete Ilne of Stople ond Foncy Orocenes The Besf of Meofs ond Seo Foods DELIVERYS FREE APOPKA FLORIDA PHONE I27 O3 IO2 South Centrol Ave Complnmenfs of LA BELLE FUR CO Owner M Lo Bellmon ORLANDO FLORIDA Phone 2 3565 I I 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, I, I, I, ,, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I A 'I 'I I I, I I I I I I I I I, I 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I I, 'I I, I, 'I N 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I , 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, 'I 'I 'I I, I, I, I, I, I, , 'I ' 'I 'I I, ,I :I :I :I I, ,I I . I I I 'I 'I 'I II II I, I, I, ,, ,I I, . I, I, I, ,I 'I 'I 'I I, ,I 'I 'I 'I I, ,I :I . :I :I I, ,, I I I I I, I, I, ,I I 'I 'I 'I I, ,I L I I I' 'I - - A: -::::- -- -:::A--:- , , , C f:-: -::: -- - fe -1 'I i I, ,I + -,, I, :I :I I, I I II I 'I II II T I 'I , I I, I, I, I I, , I I I, I, I I, ,, 'I I, 'I 'I I, I 'I I, :I 'I I, . 'I I, I 'I I, 'I I, :I 'I I, 'I I, I 'I I, I, I, 'I I, ,, 'I I, 'I 'I I, 'I I, :I 'I I, I - I I I I I I I I :I , 'I II II ' I . I, I, I, I 'I I II 'I :I 'I 'I 'I ,I 'I ,, I, I, I I I I , 'I I 'I I, I ,, ,, 'I I, 'I I, I, II 'I II I, I, :I I, :I I, I, II II 'I I' II I I I I, ,I I, I I 9::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, I I I I Congrotulotuons and Contlnued Success CLASS OF 47 VACUUM FOODS CORPORATION PLYMOUTH FLORIDA Congrotulotuons to the class ot 47 RYAN HARDWARE APOPKA FLORIDA Compluments of MUNICIPAL THEATER Ben Rnvers Hunk Henry Chorlne Wenr L BEST WISHES FROM Yon s Furniture Corp ORLANDO FLORIDA I I ll ' ' ll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ir-:::::::::::::.-:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::,-:::::::::: f:::::::::::::::::::::::::,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I ' 1 I I I I I I I I I I I 'A' I I L::,::,,::::::::::::::::,,:,::::,::,::,,::::,:::,,:::::::,::::::::: 4! ::::-:.-::::v-:::::::::::::::::::::::q S:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: II I III ' . I' ir I I I I I I I I I I, I s I 5 . I I I I I I II ' . 1 I I uk II I II ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::JL:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Congratulatnons Students of APOPKA HIGH SCHOOL WEARING APPAREL HARDWARE SPORTSWEAR COSMETICS WORK CLOTHES PIECE GOODS LET us SERVE You SUNSTATE STORES INC C M JONES JR Manager ZELLWOOD FLORIDA BEST WISHES TO Students of Apopka Htgh School USTLER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FLORISTS APOPKA FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN DAIRIES Inc 42I North Kentucky Ave ORLANDO FLORIDA ll ll I ' ' I 'l I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4, f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::9:::v , I I , I , I 4 I 'I ,I I II I I I . II I I, I, I, I, I I, I I I I 'I I : I . I I , I I I I 4, I ff 'k I I I, I II ,. I I ::::::::::::::::::.-::::::::::::J 4,:::::::::::::::::::.-::::.-:.-::.--:: 1 1 1 1 1 1 Best Wushes To The Class of 47 FORT GATLIN HOTEL and DINING ROOM J M MOODY Monoger ORLANDO FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF JONES and LOVELADY GENERAL MERCHANDISE ZELLWOOD FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS TOM BAXTER COMPLIMENTS Haynes Vorlefy Store ZELLWOOD FLORIDA L BEST WISHES FROM HALL and GANDY BARBER SHOP AND BILLARDS PARLOR ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . , 1 , 1 1 'A' 1 1 15iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillliTZiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiii' 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 'A' 1 1 1 .1 1 . 1 1 11 1' 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' ' if 1 1 1 11 1 11 L,x,x:,,,,::,,,,::,x,:,,,,,xx,, ',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. . ..,,:,,,,,:,:,,, 1-::,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::fr ,::::::: .vv...... vv.. v .--.----v-- - 1 1 'k 'A' 1 1 1 '1 1 11 ' 1 1 11 11 1 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 1, 1, I' 1' 1' 1 1 11 t '1 1 t 11 1 1, 1 1 1 -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: L:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- 'A' Best Washes to the Students of APOPKA HIGH SCHOOL CONSUMERS LUMBER AND VENEER PHONE 44 APOPKA FLORIDA MY VERY BEST WISHES STANDARD OIL COMPANY J A JACKSON Agent COMPLIMENTS OF Bennet and Wright Grocery APOPKA FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS FROM Stewart s Sundry Store ZELLWOOD FLORIDA Jbv I I 4, :::::::,-:::::::::::::::::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4 f ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, A, - - I LQQQQQQQLQLLQQQQQQQQQQQllllllit ' lQllQ::,:LQlllllllllllllllllllli 1 I . I I I 1 1+ 'I I .Q -k 4, 1, In 'I 000 0000000000000000000000000000 0000000 000000000000000000 000000000 COMPLIMENTS OF ORANGE COURT HOTEL ORLANDO FLORIDA Scene of The 46 Junior Sensor Prom VINCENT FLOWER SHOP CUT FLOWERS POTTED ANNUALS POT PLANTS FLORAL DESIGNS CORSAGES PHONE 6420 ZELLVVOOD FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF Shopkms Service Stohon APoP+cA rLor21oA BEST VVISHES FROM Argonne Thrlff Shop Apopm rLor:IDA BEST WISHES FROM THE PALMS HOTEL APoPKA rLor2unA , ll I ' ' ll -,--,,,,--,,,,,.,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,-,--,,,,,,.,-,,., N,,,,,,,,,,--.,,.,-,,,,,,-,,-,--,,,,,,-,,,,-,,,-,--,,,.,,-,-,,-,, 1 ..,,,,,,-,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,----,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,.,..-,-,,,,,- 7-9000009000999999Le00000000099e901 fel-01000900J0J0000000000004 to t Q 5 . S 2 ' . . . 5 L ,,,,,,,--,,-,-,,,,,,,--,-,,,,- 2 f,.,,,-,,,---,,,,,,,,,,- -,,,,-- 1 S L 5 L , ,..,.,-,-, ,,,, , 000000000000000000-004 9000000000000000000000000000 0 QQQQ,04',4Q'Q','00Q4Q,,C,,04"0' '.""000'0Q'QQQQQOQ'Q"00,Q'.p','004'-0-q ir ROBERT E DITTRICH Photographer DARTER PHOTOORAPHER PHONE 5225 I229 NORTH ORANGE AVENUE ORLANDO FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF Apopko Economy Store FANCY GROCERIES FEEDS MFATS SEA FOODS COMPLIMENTS OF FERN CITY SUNDRIES PHONE 79 APOPKA FLORIDA o,-,,,,-,,,,,-,,,-,--.-.4-.,,,3 L,,,-,, , ,,,,,-,,,,,., I I I E BEST WISHES OF 'G Hordee s Service Stohon TIRES OAS ACCESSORIES PHONE B703 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 47 FERN CITY GRILL M ond Mrs J D OI nord Proprletors APOPKA FLORIDA ,.,,,.a-Qi'-:NJ I I I I . , , I I I, ll E I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I ' I I I I 'I If 'I 'I 'I 'I I I II :I I 994-4909999-099090009090-N9-54:199099-0 K'-ev-94-59999-900-:eo Jeec 94-49499990097-Q I I I z I 'I I 'I z I 'I I I I I I I . . I I I 'I I 'I I 'I I 'I I 'I - I I I ' 1 v I I I I I I 'I I 'I E I I I I I I I I ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-,---,-,,,.,--,,-,,,,,,,-,--,.,,,,,g ,I,f."0""""","Q",-,-,,""'0-f rf',',0'f,"'.,,,,"""""'4-.',,,-'41 I I I 'I I 1 'I I 'I I 'I - I I I I I I I 'I I I I I r . . . 'II' I I ' ' I I 'I I . 'I I 'I I 'I I I 'I 1 . 1, 1 I I 1, 'I 'I ,,,-.-,,,-,,, ,,.,,,., ,,,,::,-::::: -::,,::,,::: .,,,..,., ..,,,,,, L COMPLIMENTS OF RAY J EWELRY CO I4 North Orange Avenue ORLANDO FLORIDA BATEMAN S FOOD STORE oI2ocERIEs AND MEATS PLYMOUTH FLORIDA Best Washes to the Class of 47 DR CHARLES DAMSEL COMPLIMENTS TO APOPKA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS KENYON AUTO STORE COMPLIMENTS or THE FOUNTAIN 24 East WashIngton ORLANDO FLORIDA BEST WISHES SOUTHEND GROCERY 8K MARKET PAUL GILLIARD Proprietor APOPKA FLORIDA BEST WISHES Associated Muslc Center I43 North Orange ORLANDO FLORIDA PHONE 5300 COMPLIMENTS OF COX S MARKET APOPKA FLORIDA PHONE 8520 Y::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::qf::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I I I' I' I I 'I 'I 'I I In I I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I , C I I I I I I II I 'I 'I 'I I I,,:::.-:::::.-:::::.A::::::::.-:::::::.-:J 4,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- ::.-::::::::::::.-::::::::::::::::.-:dp ::.-:::::::::::.-::::::::::::::::::- ' I I I, I, 'I 'I I U I 'A' I . I - I I I I, I, I I I I ' I . I 'I 'I f 'I 'I I I I I, L::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?:::J o::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.-::, II5553:I:JI:JJJJJJJJJJJJJJIIIIIIII-5, ,55555555555555555555555555555-555' I I I I, I I, 'I , . I, 'I gh I I . 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II II I I, I 1, I I, I I I ::::,-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J b::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- :::::::::::.-:::::::::::::::::::::fz ff- - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- II I II 'I I I I: II I, I, I, :I II I, 1 I I I I II ' ' II I I I, I 1 I II II II II II I IL :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4'p ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- I I I I II :I . II 'I I I' ' . . . , I I I t I :I I: II I, II I, II I, II I II II I II ' I AP I I I :I I ,I 4,:::::::::::::::.-:::::::::.-::::::- , , , , 4, ::::::::::.-:::::::::::::::::::::- I I II , I I 1 ' I I II II I I I 'k I I . . , I II 1' I I I I II II I I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: L-- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- THE STATE BANK OF APOPKA ORANGE COUNTYS OLDEST BANK SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR TI-IIRTY FIVE YEARS WE THANK OUR FRIENDS VV G Tolfon Thomos W Swonner Jr MIssJosepI'IIne Smuth F L Burgusf Mrs Suson Speece Muss Le Moude Lozorus Miss Eumce LIgI1Tsey COMPLIMENTS OF ORANGE FURNITURE CO BEST WISHES Bishop OFFICE Equlpment Co , Inc ORLANDO FLORIDA BP 'U O 'U 7K 3? -T1 fi 0 E U 37 ,' L',,,,,0,0',,,,,,', Best vwshes To The Class of 47 LEE S TOURIST HOME APQPKA FLORIDA PHONE 123 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,::::::::::::::::::::::::::: , . . . , . ,:::::::,::::::::::::::::::,,,:,,,::--:::::::::::::,,::::::::::::: -::::::::::::::::,,::::::::,::::::,,,:::::::::::-,--,:::,::::::::: . I -,,,,,.,,.,..,,-...-,,-,-,,-.,,,---,,-,,...,,,...,.,.,,,--,,,-,,.,,. -::::::::::::::::,::,,-,-,-,,,,,- V,.,,,--.,.,-,-,,,.-..--,,,,,.,,, I 'I I A 1 'I 'I . . . I , I I - . I , I 'I I 'I 1 II I I I ,,.,,,,,-,,-,--,,-,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,-,-----,---,,,---,-,--,---,,,, A:::::::::::::::: Q::::: Q:::::0o -AA',, ,,,AA-A AAA, ..... -A .... A----, -,----vo ..,v vv----------------- Congratulations to the Darter of 1947 From FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION and Employees W Charles Johnson Jean Burgust Ala Moore Levy Wrsght Chum Boxall Clrfford Qmnth Rudy Mc Lean BATEMAN S STORE ZELLWOOD FLORIDA BEST WISHES JOH N S PLANTS SEEDS BULBS APOPKA FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF Cooper s Music Store ORLANDO FLORIDA PHONE 12720 Homes Farms Groves Acreage Buslness Property LQBECK Regrstered Real Estate Broker ZELLWOOD FLORIDA PHONE 14304 1 II II II II II 'I II II I II Prescruptrons FIIIed Contact Lenses Duplscated Lenses BURT RUTLEDGE Manufacturrng and dlspensang OptIcIan 212 Soufh Mann St Phone 9585 ORLANDO FLORIDA MEET ME AT BUDDIES BUDDIES CORNER Orange and Washlngton CANDIES GRILL FOUNTAIN Just Wonderful Food I I I I I I I I: I: I I, I, 'I I, II 'I I I, I, II I, II I, I, I, II 'I ll II I I, I, I, I, :I :I I I - - I- I I I I I I I II . II :I I :I I I, I, ,I I, 'I 'I I I ' I I I I I I ' , x I ' I I I It I I I I I ' II S ' II II S II 'I 'I' . x' I I I, - - ,, I, I, II N I, I I I :I -I I I I I II I I I I, I, I ' I I I I I, - I, II I :I I I I I I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I ' II I Il II I I I, I, 'I I, 'I I I I, I, 'I I, II 2 I I, I, II I, II I I, I, :I :I :I I I I I I II II Il II I I I.--- ::::-,::::::::::.-:::,I If-::::- -- -- -vY::J If: --:--- -:::::- -- :AJ E f -, ,,:,,,,,,.,,:,,,:,,,,, f,:: :-- -- ------ - :::- f:::- -- - ::::'-'::::- ':: 7 I I I I I-I I 'I 'I 'I II II I I 'I I I 'I II II Il Il 'I 'I I I I, 4: I I, II I II I I 'I 'I I I I I, I ,I ,I I, II I I S I I ' I, I I I ' Il I ' II I I I I I I: I I 'I II I I I, , , , , I, II I I I I I, II I I I :I I I I I I I I I I, N - I I I X I I Il I I 'I I I I I , I, I I I , II I I, I I I Q II I I I, I I N I I, ,C s I I I I z :I - I, I, X I I I 3 Q I 'l II z I I II C I- I, I, I , II T -L I, I, I , II T 'I II 'I I I II I, I, , 'I I, I, z 5 II II 'I I I, , I, I I I I I I II II I' I I I I I., A- , ,,,---, , ,v,-:,,I If::::,,-- , --v,::::,.q ,:::, ::::,-,:,:- :ee-'J ',,,,,,,,,,,,:v COMPLIMENTS OF Orlondo Offlce Supply Co ALEX 81 BLAKE Complete Outtttters ORLANDO FLORIDA 29 Eost Pune Street BEST WISHES CLASS OF 47 TINSLEY HOUSE APOPKA FLORIDA PHONE as O Neol Bronch Co, Inc Founded ID I889 Stotnonory ond Othce Supplnes 39 43 E Pune St Phone 2 4533 Tum B Merrnll President W S Bronch Secty ond Treosurer Best Wishes to the Students of Apopko Hugh School Duck ond Dorls Voelkel BEST WISHES TO THE ORADUATINO CLASS OF 47 FERN CITY CLEANERS BETTY S BEAUTY SA VIN APOPKA FLORIDA Phone I I3 O2 CUT FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HUGO PILAT Florlst PHONE I 205 PLYMOUTH FLORIDA A:,-::::::::::::::.-::::.-.-:::::::-::7 f-::::: ::::4- --::::::::::o-::::::::: I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I 'I I I 'I . 'I 'I 1, I, ' 'I I I, I 'I I 'I I U 'I 'I I, I, I, I, 1 :I :I I ' II I, . 4, I 'I I, I, I, I, -:::::::::::::::::o:::b::::::::::J K-:C-:::::::::::::::::::::.-::::::::.A :I:-::::::::::-::::::::.-:::::::::'T Y:::::::::::::::::::::.-::4-::::::: 'I I 'I I ' , I uk . . , I I ' ' ' 'I I I, I, 1 'I 'I - - II II Q 1 ' ' 'I 'I I, I, . . . ,, , - 1 I, I, I , I, .1 'k ' ' ' 'I 'I 'I 'I wk I :::::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::: g,:::::::.A:::::::::::::::.-.4::,-,AA,-.-: ::::::::.-.-::::::::::::::::.-::::::fy f::::.-::::::::::::::::::..f.-:Q-4,,-...,,., I I 4 ., , -Y- I 'I I 'I I 5 I 'I L. -,U I , , I I II I I I I, I I I . ' 4, ' 'A' ' I , 'ir I 'I :::.A.-::.-::::::::::::::::,::::::::g 4,::::::,-.-:::.-::::::::.-::.-.-,:::.-::: I I I fs'QQ'Q'N404Q04"4 ,'00Q',4., 'W ,Q-..-.,L, 4-.f-.Q 4-vas.,-,'fs'4-1000, 0' W L95 23 22 QFD Z COMPLIMENTS OF SKIPWORTH S SERVICE STATION APOPKA DRUG CO APOPKA FLORIDA APOPKA FLORIDA PHONE I6II APOPKA FLORIDA Best Wushes to The Class of 47 DICKSON IVES CO Home of Southland Foshlons ORLANDO FLORIDA kv peas,-:QQQQQ-.',Q4'4',,,04004004040-'QQ' 4-4-.'e.0-aoa-:s.avA.f4-4-.px4-.'N0ooQQQ-'oaoo-4-.a-a-p-.p-.p I E I I I I I I 5 I I I I I ,-.-.,----.--- ,,,,,-,--.,.,A.-f.,.,..-.-,-,I,,, ,---,-----,---,.,,,-.,---,,--- 5...-,.-..-.,,...,-,A.--,,- --,-,,--,-,-,-.., 7 I I I 'I I I I 4, 4 'I I, 4 I, 4 I 'I I I4 I, I 'I 'I 'I I, I, I I I I 'I I " I I f 'I II I, II I I4 44 L ::'00,Q::::::::::::::4-::::::::::::J - ,,-:::,-::::: :::::::::':::: ,::::: ::1 I 'I I I I, 4 'I 'I I, 4 I II ' i' ' I I I I I , , , 4, I I I 4, I I I ' I :I I I ' . I I4 4, I, 4 I II I II I' - ' II I II I II I I I I, 4, I4 4, I4 , II 1 I, I4 I4 I, I4 'I 'I :I ' I 'I 'I i 'I I 4, I4 4, I I I . 4 I 44 I 44 ::::::::::::::::::::::::.-.-::::: .-::.I Fi sm fm 'J cfL..b..l2,"4",,I 'iffy E Fil m i 'llll r :QM I ll If 'xy '08 x va L 1 wp 4,-,,..z1" i' +A' 4Q"S,- 3 - a 06 22:36-on i' be aragnn re 5 PRINTERS PUBLISHERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 54k II4 Adams Avenue Montgomery, Alabama -, V ' f -wx. Y lr- N X x -5.--, 3, f' 'Vex ff Y' CX' ' K lx., Ypv- ti. ' ' -4--' Ik' 'km' 5... 1 Q . N-if.: L-- ' JJL '- F-.iff .J4 I J, Lf: nl: 'Ti' .L ., A- rf ' :..g...s,' ,. 5 U-:H ,,..v4.. -E - ij? 4. J 1 -' :fl fl fl ' . ' f A m. .,-if: .' is-I , ftalwyt y f I ' I , -HR lr E." a,"2 -'m Fi Q 11 :pm 'H -1 1 ' 2' Q ' , - ' 'Q . I , gflvul I , . . -:+"l Mi 'ft I l I '53 Wil '.J2'5:1f'AT. , ' 7,-'WN TW" - m 35 W'VJTV'! ,X -A ,,, ,1 ' ' ' U-if!! I rl I 1 5- fl I I ' .gf t lgV: . 5' s I U .1 1 I . . 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Suggestions in the Apopka High School - Darter Yearbook (Apopka, FL) collection:

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1947, pg 97

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