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1+ u en U E' QC 0 G QAN TENTS ond 8+2 ly pus 8182 and Organ r Class r Class mom Closs lry and Staff s rmsemenrs IZ ION 1 - 11619 MQ- 47S 155 5. 5' 1' 28 -.1 ,-A. q , Cl '1'V QW 1 f'.' ' .'-' l..., sea l 1ll 1 l 1 .1 .,,. 5Q QfhCre-'Klasse ,. .J . - s f - '3 Qf l 1l I . , . 1. .1 "1-f'5 "'l ,,,: I, 1 ,,,. 1 A51 5 .-l' ..... .1 2 glgw-Q . ,lll. . , , 1 .. . 224 1553392 CODILYZMLPUS Stu il'e Cl s and Grgani Se or Class Ju r Class omore Class .man Class o ity and Stott on TS ........ A ertisements LIONS erri Tucker K n Trourrna Stacy eaver Co- itor Kathy L ns Sheryl N Keith Lew' Ca-Editor ion Baxter o-Editor Ginny llten Roy Hunt Penny Thom Q. Klm Krumiouf I o-Editor Kelly Jennings o-Editor Jan Baxter Sheryl New Dawn Waugh o-Editor Stacey Weov Ca-Editor Sue Didra, Kathy Lyons Bruce Lancaster Patricia Avila -Editor Lisa Decroix C -Editor Kathy McKinn Sherry William Lisa Alger Kelly lennin Editor Patricia Avi! Lisa Decroi f Kathy Mc ney Bruce La aster Kim Kr lauf Keith wis Ro unr P ny Thamp Q Lisa Pearso I siness Manager Debbie gart ev 'ffeldt F 'FIN f' L' ..... ......... . .. V Dawn augh:CoeE r SO . .... . , Fr , i f l l I Photographers . . ' ark Raines Karen Troutman Kathy Lyons Sheryl New Kim Krumlauf Bruce Lancaster Joe Gagnon Advisor: Mr. jim Brown Co-Editors: Sherri Tucker and Karen Troutman Cover designed by Roy Hunt WM Xgwiffw iw76?i39?39bffJi QQ? U N gf f My Q? mfg I W MWA jf ,S ff OLYMPUS 1-I-9: -I-2:10 Ajgwllcs Hi lm SQIEAQQH 80Q5INfQWwm AWQHMQ GHQmQ1fMlce9 .Arizmma 53355602 Advisor Mr. Jam Brown i Tucker ond Keren Trourmon A '- Srudenrs, Foculry, odminisrrorion ond personnel' vve'd lil-ce ro inrroduce you ro rne perfecr "1O" No ir's nor rne oesr Ioolsing person you've ever seen, your fovorire movie, or even Bo Derel-2, Ir's somerhing much berrerg rne oerfecr "1O" is your school, APOLLO! x, is Q i a y ' 11 4-ri. 'frfJuK , 1' .SF , W .:.., . . ' A. 'fu ffm? W 1 hm' ,Wx 45 M w. MJ, W' KW' EW if -6-du v H Viviun-mud 'A' M px. ww 'Aw Qx L. W'-v "XJ .ff ,S .-5 , ,ss jak' 8, , S 1 A : . 'ik wi Q i r A -Q 1 ...Q QQ, 44-L, 4: "ff A f r 1 I . yi, if y. iff xxx 8 .SRA X ww-2sg1'W f fs-.:'Q ff . 'TA ' A' ,NAR iz.. W in y 'Q I " , en- 7 Q- 10? -5 5 ,fa Y. M in U 3. Y, Q 'VS GK- : VY iv .s M K i' if 9 . 3 'gfaii 34 0. 'Y .li ,r g. 'A 3 3 l 1 off f f ' 1 6 wx 5 v-M is wx, 1- J.. 5 ii . .1 its 41-fi' 5? 4 ff .....--"W X . I We 47 'T 4 14 Qs. Q Q 3 X J is .ag -s ' I' 4, a W M, nf all A if' W Q gy 'Q muh, 'ff -Q " 1 A 1 42 4 0 I 1 Throughour rhe yeors, we hove been forniiiorized vvirh the number 10 os being The besr, rhe ulrimore in perfection ond experrise. This describes APOLLO. Howlss show their excellence in every oreo, Academics, orr, orhlerics, dromo, music, publicorions, speech ond mony orher oreos. Throughour rhis bools, you wiil see rnony of rhe foces, moods, ond ocriyiries of rhe 198182 school yeor, os we presenr our rhenne ro you. . . HAWKS NOT ONLY RULE THE SKY, THEY APE THE PERFECT HiUH 1-I-Q: 8-i-2: 'x1O" FN rfaffiif, A xx Qv,.,,,, N, ' Q 3 61' VX 1 5 Q g 55 K S .1 J 3 W-f-l...QNv - pu.,-, , .. .,.. X - .Q Awww-my XE ' Y .ies NWN.-K N N. F A.. 1.x.Qg,.,.,A,...,...,.,. M.. K gr-gaxmwk w. ya' I N x x Q. .W A' 1 if jf? s i 2. 5 E i E Q V S3 Q s 1 X L 5 5 3 Q X 2 , , . A ' , A X -'fs "'w"' s X 1... -.au-Q' F ,ss0""""-V 'fs s 3? fl ,gaun- 14V 17 MCDST ATI-ILETIC 15r ploceg Pierre Foullss ond Lori Corpeorer Cnor picruredb 2nd oloce1 Brocls Heorhcorre ond Korem Whire BEST DRESSED 1sr ploce: Joe Bomooci ond Porry O'Roulse. Qmd ploce: Bruce Former ond Yverre Apodoco. Qs! 3 ,i 24324 545 xg I X M' .16 S X 'irq' fp wir- L 1 BEST PERSCDNALITY 1sr place: Don Ansrerr ond Sheilo Dole. Tony Elmore ond Debbie Toggorr. MCDST SCI-IGLASTIC Morgorr Eorie ond Moria Loube. 2nd plocen Chris Milier ond Rondo Kurob, . Y. .lx Qs 1.59: fav 1 if 'ah- Uivl QQ D ' df L- :-"R - ' F 8,1 21 ' S e ' 5 -.-f RCDWDIEST 1sr place: Mike Rishirig ond Cindy Hocisers 2nd place: Lori McI4insrry ond Eric Nelson. MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED isr ploCe1 Rondo Kurob ond Morls Loube. 2nd place: Chris Miller ond Kim Corroll. ,Q Q QA Qi 1 r I 1 NJ MCDST TALENTED 'lsr place: Jackie Trial aaa Kevin Gallagher Qrid Place: Kristi Peace and Sieve Svaricara. FRIENDLIEST 1sr place: Marcia Cariady arid Dan Arisredr. Qmd place: Marie Squires and Jae Herrin. MOST I-IUMORCDUS isr plocep Dovid Piones ond Koreri Whire. Qrid place: Rom Welker ond Lori McI4insrry, CDUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP isr piece: Srieilo Dole ond Kevin Hurirer. Qnd ploceg Terry Green ond Kim Corroil. -Qi 6' 4 .. p e i 'Qi X M wkw- S X ,T 'F Nw. 1, QQ45 6,,,.,5X- -W' X 3 5 2 s lv im g. B I T Q Q 1 L X. i sf . ff fx f .Q 4 X3 'wx - QS gf R' x I Q 5 Q CCN ,UBS AND CCDTERGANHZATHQNS Q JR CG LA UN BH SZ A AT NH D0 N S CCJIMJESS AND 03-QCGANHZATHQNS sa-I-fi! Clubs ond Orgonizorions secnom Sroff, Kneelung, Bruce Lomcosrer Sronding, Srocy Weaver, Korhy Lyons, Down Waugh, Nor Picwred, Sheryl New Srudenr Council Our otjecrives ore: To represenr ond express the feel ings, opinions, ond inreresrs of oll srudenrs or Apollo rnrouglw o wide voriery of ocriviries ond evenrsi Our ocliievemenrs ore: Homecoming week ocriviries Homecoming Donce Homecoming Holfrime Foculry Appreciorion Doy Speciol luncnrime evenrs Fresnmon elecrions Eric Locls Fund Roisers We wonr ro be remembered for: Doing me besrioo we lsnow now wirh our feelings ond our lsindness, Borrom row L ro ll: Kevin Hunrer, Terry Green, lliclword Dole, Second row: Korie Wolloce, Cheryl Young, lsorny Mclsinney, Nlorrno Fierrooinedo Psebecco Glenn, Snoron Houcls, Myriom Vonroy Top row: Cindie Burnerr, Morci Turner, Kim Corroll, Liso Peorson, Sneilo Dole ond Julie Ogden Booster Club Our objectives ore: To assist the various clubs, groups and organizations on campus to achieve their goals, many of which require material and financial assistance. Our achievements are: COE and DECA scholarship, soccer nets, water cool ers, music fronts, boseballjaclsets, UN Delegate fees, swim caps, coaches' shirts, teachers luncheon, spa- ghetti dinner, Hawls emblem shirts and jaclsets for students, parents and fans, ads in newspaper and yearbools, football and basketball programs, speech team stopwatch, baseball field sprinkler sys- tem, and so much more. We want to be remembered for: Our assistance to any and all clubs ond organiza- tions, our annual spaghetti dinner fund rasier where all clubs sell ticlsets and reap profits, responsibility for season ticlset sales, and support for all activities. Fm sys.. ...xg QA ' .cz AM um ,,, :Ag 3- Y .i W f 1 .N .,?c ics. . xc. N , xc xo N' . X Ken Lindsey Charlotte Nelson Ethel Hale Pot Young Daisy Elmore Judy Mclsinstry Presidentg Sue Burton, Beth Sheva Zinder, Jon Lindsey and Carl Vorsiry Spirir Our objecrives ore: To promore school spirir ond school sponsored ocriviries, enrer- roin rhe oudience during gornes ond ossemblies, ond ro provide for school uniry. Our ochievernenrs ore: We hove ochieved higher sron- dords for ourselves, encouroged more people ro offend rhe gomes ond pleosing rhe srudenr body os besr we lsnovv hovv, ond selling ribbons during rhe foorboll seoson. We vvonr ro be remembered for: Doing rhe besr vve con or oil rirnes, being strong under pressure ond criricisms by rhe srudenrs, ond rhe unique vvoy we execure our donces ond rnounrs, Seored: Srocey Klein, Koihy McKinney, Mitzi Dehrendr, Julie Domoror, Tiffony Kennedy, Liso Meyer, And Cindie Burnerr Srondingf Joe Herrin, Dione Affoldr, Kevin Hunrer, Porn Crovvford ond Sreve McCogno, Nor Picruredz Keirh Lewis ond Sieve Fowler. is 1, if , U: F .l ' v A lil 'V' H 53? 13 Q x s --rt Front row L to R: Genie Vonce, Cristo O'Dell, Quento Kellis, GiGi Corbet, Second row: Trocy Cutting, Eileen Moy, Trocy Schneider, Liso Whemullor, Stephonie Burton, Debro Lynch. 5 -4. V iv. spirit Our objectives ore: To promote school spirit through- out the school yeor ond to tolse port in school octivities. Our ochievements orez We hove ochleved higher ston- dords for ourselves ond we sold ribbons to promote spirit. We wont to be remembered forg Storting the spiritline ond showing other schools whot cn success it con be. Frosh Our oqectives ore: To promote school spirit through- out the freshmon closs. Our ochievements ore: We led the freshmon footboll teom to ond undefeoted seoson. We wont to be remembered for: Bringing school spirit to the fresh- mon footboll ond boslsetboll teoms. Pictured Left: L to R1 Koren Cutting, Co-copt, Mory Trefry, Belindo Doiley, Jeonine Jones, Toni Moccorone, Coprg Melanie Robinson. Spanish Our objectives are: To promote international exchange, support district foreign exchange stu- dents, as well as travel to Mexico and receive Mexican students. Our achievements are: S We sponsor Delicias exchange stu- 4 dents, aid financially in the National Spanish Exam, and we host summer exchange students. We want to be remembered for: Being an active club, and our contri- butions to foreign relationships and exchange organizations. Left to Right: Regina Rivers, Ofelia Omoran, Ilene McCabe, Whitney Tippitts, Lexi Cunningham Q fi 3 ' EX: Bottom row, L to R: Pat Lopez, Pete Dozeman, Samuel Munoz, Jodi Epp, Ann Russell, Ofelia Omoran, Connie Curley, Margaret Territo, Kim Nelson Second row: Antonias Druni, Ilene McCabe, Allison McCarthy, Regina Rivers, Myriam Vanroy, Martha Fienropineda, Richard Durten. Third row: Mrs Molina, Mrs. Griggs, Advisors, Peter Perrislsa, Stacey Kimbell, Cathy Keefer, Debbie Frank Lexi Cunningham, Sue Grattino, Susan Anderson, Rob White Milse Linorrity, Cathy Welsh, Michele Gerstner, Carol Bough, , . ...:.. ,X .X . . i EX , iii 4 -.Q - 1 Q 'Ei X Q93 , lg s AS s, s YK x ' -af Nr- ,txfffx 5 , ' s s fi -1 X X N L-s ' fx -3. . ., sais Top Row: Jeff Wood, Dennis Wilson, Joel Birch, Doonsin Kaeselitz, James Decker, Drian Durt, Fred Fiala, Sponsor, Bottom Row: Mike Fitzpatrick, Dawn Gtimmer, Alice Harlacher, Greg Miller, Angela Luk, Pete Ullinger. Am' .5 1 1 , f'fsf Wig Top Row: Shannon Bigwarfe, President, Jennifer Trueblood, Jay Hall, Joe Fish, Bob Linxwiler, Treasurer, Front Row: Tina Morin, Anita Meya, Fred Talsiguchi, Vice President, Dave Cairns, Darren Shea. German Our oqectives are: to learn about the German civiliza- tion. Our achievements are: Bicycle tours, climbing Squaw Peak, contests, and a calender sale. We would lilse to be remembered for: the people and activities of the orga- nization. Latin Our oqectives are: to participate in the Junior Classical League Convention and promote the Latin language ro all people inter- ested. Our achievements are: participation in various fundraisers such as candy sales. We would like to be remembered for: our famous saying, "ad quid perdirio haecf' Golden l-loyylss Our okjecrives ore: To help rhe Cross Counrry reom wirh irs rneers ond during rhe ' ,Q f spring we work for rhe boys rrods reom rolsing meosurernenrs, rim- Q X, lx .z ing ond onnouncing. , ix . if Our Achievemenrs ore: Q . is ., We help rhe Cross Counrry ond rrock reoms goin recognirion. They ore o hord working group of orh- leres who deserve supporr. We wonr ro be remembered for: y gi Supporring the reoms vvirh encour- ! f g ogemenr ond friendship. 5 Club officers, L ro R1 Corolyn Lorson, Treosurer, Jodi Epp, Presidenr, Liso Meyer, Secretory, Cheryl Young, Vice president. , X f we A Q we ix S Siggiggrasfvfwvmwiilgm K so M td , .. . Dorrom Row L ro R: Ann Elioson, Jodi Epp, Middle Row: Sheri Gurhrie, Quenro Kellis, Liso Meyer, Suson Dolzic, ond Corolyn Lorson. Top Row: Allison McCorrhy, Cheryl Yound, Noncy Wiechec, Shelly Hornogle, ond Poige Moore. vs, 41 SR 1' 1' Q. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS, picrured L ro R1 Dovid Homblin, Brock Heorhcorre, Morls Loube, Ed Fischer, Chris Miller, ond Kim Dovis. i Nl-LS. Our objecrives gre: To honor srudenrs who hove demonsrrored oursronding Oco- demic ochievemenrs ond cirizenf ships Our ochieyemenrs ore1 We cosponsored rhe Svveerheorr donce, sold pennonrs, gove schol orships ro groduoring eighrh grode srudenrs, ond we iniriored new members in rhe spring. We would lilse ro be remembered fOl': Being the lorgesr, mosr presre- gious, elire club on compus. 'fo i -WM Fronr Row L ro R- Liso Horlow, Joe Arlsins, Rob Richords, Milse Molinor, Lee Ann Cone, Mory Anne Robenius, Morgorer Terriro, Second Row, Goil Dommonn, Cheryl Dorserr, Rondo Kurob, Volerie Koegel, Cheryl Brooks, Lourie Dovis, llene McCobe, Chris Ferrori, Sue Grorrino, Srephonie Beville, Kimberly Smirh. Third Row: Ken Lindsey, Cheryl Young, Liso Heyn, Morie Squires, Korie Wolloce, John Eorle, Joel Klondyrd, Doyid Smolinslei, Shonnon Bigworfe, Lynne Cgnning, l-lollie Donielson, Fourrh Row: Jill Tore, Joner Renlsenberger, Morrin Niner, Kevin Bender, Jeff Yomomoro, Jeff l-lorron, Sonjoy Gohel, Chrisropher Hole, Mrs. Gordner, Advisor, . .L-:, 1 A ::' .wssfsffwfi-'ff M ..,X, V' ' Marching G , , J fi . A X 7 ' 556 ' c S M ' ,. 1 i A -,. ' c. ' M i , . TRS J F" .W S 'A' Our oqecrives are: fp, M q ' To give all individual members as N gi fix, f V , W W line a jazz musical educarion as L S , k:" 5 A ll--A"" A possible, f A ' ,, W A awww 'l 'I V t Q' Our achievemenrs are: Q A"A S' M Performances ar assemblies, pri- H' L vare dances, and rhe Regional S Jazz Fesrival. j 5 mn ,ii We would lil-xe ro be remembered g . . J cc.r -111 Q A vvell rounded Jazz program is when represenring Apollo High L School ar various erformances, L Human L i p Q S S f , ,Xl Top Row, lefr ro righr- Tracey Ruiz, Don Cross, Barry Myer, Brian Cary, Marr Bender, Brenr George, Jeff Mirchell, Doug Duedel, Ken Lindsey, John Lamb, Shavvn McKinney, Doug Nagy, Milse Deferr, Milse Drolslse, Rob Larlsin, Joe Granado, Sue Grarrino Second Rovv Kris Highland, Alicia Mendoza, Kim McDonald, Marls Piepenbrinl-z, Doonsin Kaeulerz, Glenn Kisch, Chris Johnson, Jay Srevvarr, Tom McCabe, Ken Holem, Wayne Scorr, Rob Richards, Rennee Luedeman, Lori Carpenrer, Dill Chrisry, Kris Shoger Third Row Tina Morin, Paul Reah, Roberr Pinlssraff, Kim Chrisrenson, Karen Myer, Sonja Suferr, David Fredulsing, Dave Armsrrong, Sreve Hadley, Jalsie Thul, Karhy Salem, Vince Gifford, John Drago, Lisa Rose, Dennis Wilson, Carhy Welsh, Jodi Epp Fourrh Row. Deeana Derhaag, Tracy Diaz, Susan Ogden, Tam Blood, Marr Paladino, Tory Luddus, Rubin Huerra, Diane Evans, Sam Munoz, Lori Woods, Holly Lindsey, Jeff Kulon, David Molina, Leslie Norris, Ginger Shaubel, John Folsom, Brian Burr, Terry Dlacls. Fifrh Rovvz Amy Acedo, Terry Holland, Marie Eyman, Par Shinagawa, Jennifer Lavvrence, Carol Golden, Melissa Downing, Srephanie Herman, Carol Dough, Michelle Gerrner, Sandy Thul, Darlene Mosanl-ao, Andrea Mischler, Alicia Hunisman, Tahnee Roberison, Sixrh Row: Gabe Angalich, Direcror, Jim Toomey, Drum Maior, Joyce Wallser, Cindy Kenyon, Richard Molina, Elaine Olivas, Den Dearde, Manager, Lorraine Olivas, Srephanie Durron, Nancy Rhodes, Jennifer Linder, Doris Haucls, Tvvirler, Will Srevvarr, Direcror ix f f r! fx v-wk -Qii'W- A ' ii 'lf Q - Sf' f.. BSESERW 'Q X. : X. I Dorrom row L ro R jenny Porrer, Tino Morin, Krisrino Shoger, Copr, Kris Highland. Top row: Deono Derhoog, Co copr, Jodi Epp, Doris Houcls, Twnrler Crysrol Poyme, Terry Block Nor picrured: Sue Grorrino, Trocy Ruiz, ' -ew M -- t l i ,,. , W Q. c 7" K " -- -+9 -:s24wewgw.giQgs+- wtf? s - - i, h -- X wwf' M- N-if? L Bock Row-left to righri Mr, Angolich, Director, Don Eustice, Jim Toomey, Jeff Mitchell, Shown McKinney, Miise Befert, John Lomb, Woyne Scott, Rob Lorlsin, Joe Gronodo, Dove Armstrong. Front Plow-left to right: Lorroine Olivos, Eloine Olivos, Tohnee Robertson, Beclsy Welsh, Terry Hollond, Dione Evons, Michelle Corpenter, Amy Acedo. Jozz Our oljectives ore: To give oll individuol members os fine o jozz musicol educotion os possible. Gut ochievements ore: Mony performonces ot ossem- blies, privote donces, school con- certs, ond the Piegionol Jozz Festi- vol. We would like to be remembered for: A well rounded jozz progrom when representing Apollo High ot vorious petformonces. Concerr Bond Our ooiecrives ore: To shore our musicol rolenrs wirh Apollo High School ond our come muniry. Our ochievemenrs ore: Our porriciporion in vorious cone cerrs of honor ond fine enrerroin- menr. We would like ro be remembered for: Our oursronding obiliries in per- forming quoliry concerrs. The Conce Februory. rr Bond provided enjoyable musicol enrerroinmenr ro Apollo srudenrs, oorenrs ond friends or irs onnuol concerr in rhe school cofererio in Dromo Our oqecrives ore: To finonce ond produce specroculor ploys such os rhe "Crucible" ond "The Sound of Music", os vvell os orher minor closs ploys. Our ochievemenrs ore: We performed for grode schools oround rhe volley, ond we co-spon- sored the Volenrine's donce with NHS. We would like ro be remembered for: Extreme ridiness oround rhe sroge os vvell os our orher performing oreos, ond for rurning our o rolenred group of fine enrerfoiners ond bocls-sroge experts. Top Row L ro R1 Chris Ferrori ond Kim Dovis, Hisrorion. Middle Row: Rik Griggs, Treosurer, Dovid Rones, Presidenr, Grody Deord. Dorrom Row: Rob Docl-ier, Morls Loube, Terry Morrin, Rodney Smith, Secrerory, Greg Welsh Qiiulwfia Top Rovvrlefr ro righr: Bill Ferrell, Advisor, Joel Birsh, Terry Morrin, Grody Beord, Joy Holl, Middle Row: Rob Boclser, Chris Ferrori, Rils Griggs, Dovid Rones, Rodney Smirh, Kim Dovis, Greg Welsh, Morls Loube. Borrom Row: Kevin Gollogher, Julie Hovvrhorne, Morry Kinsey, Devin Olsen, Kevin Bender, Trocey Ferrell, Krisrino Pouls, Jeonnerre Kinsey, Debbie Geshell. S Q 1 Q g f Q I i Q, 3 Q - S 5- 5 Q 1 E Q 1 . 5 ' 5 x is -'XP' . ' 1 A T N 'ZS G Q . .. Q gifssbkx 5 . by , , Y ,X 4 5 3 -r Rwk '- 1 'X'-Qstll L r 5 I , 5 2 A S Picrured ore rrme cosr members ol rhe foll ploy, rbe Crudble Tbe cdsr members of rho sprung ploy, Tbo Sollrwd of MUSIC Ure Sheryl Grlflnrlw, Arlo Suu, Ronda liar rob, Morly Klmoy, Morne Squlros, Mary Ucrlzlcy Sherri Tbclsor, Jedrrrweye Derrerr Morls Loubo, DO vld Ilombllm, Joy lldll, Klllfl Dowd, Clrrlarlrno Pauls, Dole Plublrw, Rule Grlgqs, ROUND' Fdrwllm, Dcwrd Mollrwo, loner Vlrwcorwr, Clwrrsrd O'Dell, Debble- Ge sbell, Rodney Srmllw, Dowd Pmrwes, lOl'TWl lculrls, Ddrlerle Momnlso, Ledrwrw Wogsrofl, Keylrw Gul ldglwer, Pdbl Flschbr, Grady Beard, Lyrwrw Muddy, Terry Green Choir Our objecriyes oreggl ro esroblish ond promore o high srondord of excellence in chorol music or Apollo High School. an Our ochievemenrs ore, performing in mony engogemenrs through' our rhe school yeor for schools, service orgonif zorions, music fesriyols, nursing homes ond rhe Srore Copirol. We presenr concerrs or Apollo ond we ore looking forword ro singing or rhe 1982 Groduorion ceremony. -ef We would like ro be remembered for: bringing chorol music ond rheioy of singing ro Apollo srudenrs, porenrs, ond friends, Top Row: Shelley Drown, Tomoro Colvin, Kimberly Giles, Jonine Dorrerr, Rodney Burler, Kennerh McLoughlin, Shown McKinney, Brenr Swonger, Kelly Goll, Michele Besr, Lindo Sreworr, Julie Wells, Sheryl Griffirh, Chrisrino Pouls, Melody Dix. Middle Plow. Michele Broelshuizen, Julie Howrhrone, Vicrorio Shepherd, Srephonie l-lermon, Rebecco Glenn, Borry Corrurhers, Milse Lueders, Kevin Gollogher, Trocey Dioz, Jomie Srephenson, Sondro Dominguez, Liso Howlsins, Andreo Mishler. Borrom Row' Jeonerre Shore, Eloine lleoh, Dono Killmon, Mory Johnson, Srocey Klein, Jennifer Yeley, Porricls Ross, Milse Srrode, Esrer Aguoyo, lkochoel Fonum, Down Worrs, Louise Worson, Michelle Curley, 'A 0 . fi'- Guiror Our oqecrives ores To promore music performonce on srring in srrumenrs through concerrs ond fesiivol porrici porion, - Our ochievemenrs ore We performed engogemenrs rhrough our rhe school yeor for service orgonizorions, schools, music fesrivols, ond in rhe srore copirol for "Music ia our schools week". We perform concerrs or Apollo, music evenrs or ASU ond or rhe Arizono Srore Solo ond Ensemble Fesrivol We wonr ro be remembered for Good Vibrorionsll 5.4 Top row, L ro R1 Leoven Eubonls, Jerry Roberrs, Kevin Gollogher, Shown Dennerr, Don Apodoco, John Roberrs, John Mueller, Clinr Froin Dorrom row' Ginger Homblin, Tim Solem, Meghon Joclason, Myriom Vonroy, Morry Adler, Renee DeVore, Eloine lleoh, Russell Wolsh, Tory Ludders, Donielle Armiger Nor Pictured Trocy Lee. NJROTC To develop o more responsive rnorure individuol ovvore of rne ,ki E is G5 Our objecrives orez iz' , ' .. . . responsibiliries of cirizensnip in o dernocroric sociery, Also, ro devel- op pride, selfeovvoreness, selffconfi- dence, ond leodersbip in srudenrs rolsing NJROTC. Our ocnievemenrs ore: 1981 Ponrber Cup Drill Meer, ovvorded oursronding flog Unit dur- ing rhe firsr onnuol Moryville Po' rode. Apollo's NJROTC is one of rbe rop five unirs in rbe vvesrern lfiolf of rbe US, We vvonr ro be remembered for: Achieving rbe club's oqecrives, but olso providing individuol sw! denrs vvirn o sense of comoroderie ond belonging. COLOR GUARDS Robert Noble, Volerie Gollovvoy, Viclsy Fisher ond Ron Von Courr . .fa - r DRILL TEAM Top row L ro VR Ken Holem, Edwuno Srronge, Jonn Bondi, Dorind Moldonodo, Doug Groves Borrom row Eve Jockson, Mandy McKee, Londo Agdrlero, Lrso Molondo, Jennifer DeJocn, Lore Glover Kneeling: Dorf Honlweg -ii-n Lf L Q, so ...LL L .. - ,LL L L XX is FQ ,X gsm L X5 as :NU -L, e OFFICERS Too row L ro R Gronr Brssey, Fred Curry, Jesse Surron, Tvnn Wolrod, Ron Von Coorr Second row Chrms MrHer, Vldsey Frsner, Ken HoJern Mnrmn Nuner Borrorn row Scorr Hobson, Rrds Flsner, E, Pool Frsner, Gregory MrHer, ond LCDLR TJ Tossin ,...,v Top Row-left ro righr: Douglas Nagy, Joel Birch, Vicki Dunevenr, Karen Cali, Mr. Neal, Sreve Pine, Tony Amaio, Jim Farrimond, Lisa Firzhugh, Michelle Gagnon. Middle Row-lefr ro righr: Mr. Halgare, Mrs. Gardener, Janine Berrerr, Anna Maria Lucchese, Laurie Davis, Sreve Brake-bill, Jakie Thul, Juanira Fisher, Lisa Lehrola, Teal Darrin, Mr, Krombein, Dorrom Plowrlefr ro righrg Dave Maynard, Brad Davis, Presidenr, Jodi Epp, Vice Presidenr, Margarer Terriro, Maryanne Piabenins, Kim Nelson. ART Our objecrives are: To make our surroundings more pleasanr, and ro encourage furure arrisrs. Our achievemenrs are: ""f' Many gold key's and awards pre- senred ra our srudenrs in rhe scho- Iasric arr awards. We would like ro be remembered for: , Being an original praducrive group of arr srudenrs, who conrribured rawards a more beauriful world. wks ,f A 1 FT' My X I' M if-if tif Bottom row L to ll: Frances Diaz, Paula Paquette, Renae Tarin, Sherri Flore, Michelle Dedia, Elizabeth Hayes, Virginia Deloen. Second row: Billy Durchett, JR, Pestlsa, Tom Treqillo, Jeff Crenshaw, Tim Jackson, Kieth Fix, Mary Moffit. Top row: Billy Viziris, Lynn McConnell, Stanely Newman, Steve Pappas, Karin Baatz, Laura Marple, and Kathy Anderson. Special Qlympics Our objectives are: A sports program developed for the student who is unable to participate at the varsity level. Our achievements are: Competing in swimming, bowling, tracls, basketball, and volleyball at both the country and state levels. We want to be remembered for: The records we have achieved for Apollo's special olympics. 1 2' as li f . L S. . ' Q, ,...,, g ,M - :EI - LES' -,.g5f' : K, A. p g ':::.. ff x. . f F s f .. , ..,,, I --.- "X - is Q E - - M ns' --A ' .si ".k . . 5:..: J IE-f ' .- -1 5 . : if-j 1 5 ig Jvwx .r - A -sh' -s . " QQ '-kX' -k'k 5 , . 1121 : -:: . --1 C C -' E K K f 5 . - fs. fs SKY? . r' ,gk ,. ,C s-N K K K N ka .QL K 7 .-Q.. 2 2:5 K .. X-k. ,.., t .b A A Q kkkk K -35: K ci K S s Mr- ...,c , z L ..,., l , ' S LKAL , A .. , s -- T , , -"..- f S - ' A--' K ' f --" K ' h . S ' X . . QQ A P. 1 ' Swv ""' 2 ' " " Ss - g g ,,.. V M , , X . SE J by , Q . SX . kk.L srss or ..,, srss ss L is ' N lg 5 X . 5 V S -- ' Q- 5 .. A. . . ' si gs E L . - f P Q E- - Q . gy C C ,. , .. A5 K . Cf. X 1 S S E' Q " T X --- ,X V , , E , , 1 rs Q ccss C N A as ' F L N L . . . F' X i -c uss: f--- rwrfeis. : K , Ss:Q4ggs.,gf+ . k , 'i-sf -, A . K s . ef- K . .C ws g - -sg: -251-gg K ..f Rr S Eggfgg LXSSKSQS EQA rskiiisiv srss - A 1 - is S A..- 3 eg .L-- 1 . s , .,.., , m .,. is X ,'.- 4 M , r W ' X. - k ' -KhL- T so E. Vg? 74,5 k--,..L Q ,,-k L 1, Wmssyw 7-kkk f , -X--f ..'.. , CL ' . sz NN T .S-Q Borrom Row, L ro Pr: Lori Mclsinsrry, Cindy Blamgren, Lisa Falbo, Joe Bombaci, Bruce Forrner, Yverre Apodoca, Viclei Johnso Suzanne Gersrner, Jaclsy Kireley, Gary Drezlnslsi, David Nielson, Loir Consolo, Ken Brown, Bev Mason. Third row: Mr. Yee, Advisor, Da ' A D an Masr, Dave Masr, Bob Parkinson. Bruce Truoy, Ed Curley, Charlie Carer, Rich Evans, e Our oqecrives are: To develop leadership qualifies, pro' more good vvorlsing habirs, have a sense of pride in the communiry, learn ro vvorls vvirh orhers, and ro develop a posirive arrirude ravvard career plans and the furure. Our achievemenrs are: Local fund-raisers ro earn money for srare convenrions, we adopr a needy family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we have a ream ready ro comf pere in rhe VlCA sleills olympic, We wanr ro be remembered for, Having the sense rhar we are rhe furure leaders of our counrry and we are rhe only ones who can develop rhis narion. Picrured Righr, Borrom, L ro R1 Lisa E, Falbo, Vice Presidenr. Second rovv: Jaclsy Kireley, Treasurer, Suzanne Gersrner, Svveerhearr, Third rovvz Edward Curley, Presidenr, Ken Brown, lleporrer, Dean Masr, Parliamenrarf ian. Nor picrured: Cindy Blomgren, Secrerary. 3. BAND sg if A 5 n, Suzi Rex, Second rovv n Beauchamp THE AXN5 A A 'Q any Q 11 NM , X."-lb 'ef K X 4 Q M c COE. Our objecrives ore: To provide on opporruniry for o COE member ro develop skills in leodership, finonciol responsibility ond inrerpersonol relorionships. Our ochievemenrs ore: We hove been enriching people's lives who ore less forrunore rhon us ond porriciporing in Toys for Tors. We would lil-ae ro be remembered fori Being ocrive ond spirired. Picrured Iefr, Borrom Row: Cindy Hoclsers ond Michelle lngrom. Top Row: Julie Frisoni ond Tommie Burnerre. ix S K ' ' .2 - s. if Q1 N I E, ., A - X A Top Row, lefr ro righr: Michelle lngrom, Tommie Burnerr, Riro Greco, Liso Loclser, Peorl Flores, Morio Arce, Yolie Vosquez. Middle Row, lefr ro righrg Mory Schvvieder, Borbe Drzenzinslsi, Sondy Roberrson, Milse Turner, Julie Frisoni, Loni Zinder, Holly Elwood. Borrom Row, lefr ro righrf Ann Orico, Becky Hinson, Nino LoFinier, Srocey Gurh, Cindy Hoclsers, Sheryl Muir, Dee Dee Hofmon, Our objecriyes ore To produce o srudenr yeorbools represenring rhe moin evenrs of rhe school yeor-delivered on rime. il 31 1 We wonr ro be remembered for: The yeorbools sroff wonrs rhe 1981-82 Olympus ro occurorely ref flecr rhe hoppenings of rhe school yeor. 48 Dnuvqlgmnn :GE all F' J Miki ifl Liso Peorson, 2. Debbie Toggorr, 8. Eileen Moy, 4. Kim Krumlouf, 5. Kelly Jennings, 6. Penny Thompson, 71 Liso DeCroix, 8. Korhy McKinney, Q. Keirh Lewis, 10. Srocey Weover, 11, Porricio Avilo, 12. Down Waugh, 18. Korhy Lyons, 14 Mr. Jim Brown, Advisor. 15. Koren Trourmon, 161 Sherri Tuclser, 17. Roy Hunr, 18. Jon Boxrer, 19, Ginny llren, 20. Bruce Loncosrer, 21, Sheryl New, 22. Suzonne Vidro, 23, Sherry Willioms. Nor Picruredg Liso Alger ond Joe Gognon. 'J 'fx-1Q1:n. 43 2 .tsl gs. 5, is, 5 Neyyspoper Stoff Our oqectives ore: To publish o student newspoper on predetermined dotes during the school yeor with sufficient copies for oll students, foculty ond stoff. We wont to be remembered for: The newspoper stoff wonts the '82 Utopion to keep AHS students ond stoff informed ond interested in whot is hoppening on compus. 9 , f hioe, 4. Noncy Wiechec, 5. Clifford Aio, 6. Mr. Jim Brown, Advisor. 7. Don Sullivon, 8. Lucine do Colemon, 9. Allison McCarthy, 10. Joe Gognon, 11. Eileen Moy, 12. Julie Shelton, 18. Theresa Albono, 14. Don Watters, 15. Kelli Gregory, 16. Liso Corlisi, 17. Emily K. Nash, 18. Koren Troutmon. Not Picrured. Kenny Firzl hugh ond Dorrell Honesro. H' ia 'P ll ll 0 I x q '8 xx 9951. Mory Bolzic, 2. John Doyron, 3. Liso Lo- DECA , Our Objectives: DECA provides on ovenue for srudenrs in morlser- ing ond merchondising closses ro furrher rheir co- reer inreresrs, sociol inyolvemenr, personoliry de- velopmenr, civic oworeness, ond leodership copo- biliries. r K, .Q Arrending mony conferences, in Ocrober. 48 sruf denrs offended o leodership developmenr confer- ence ond six srudenrs will orrend 0 conference in 'D in Los Vegos. The DECA srore conference will be UL held or rhe Hyorr Regency ond rhe Hilron Horel in Phoenix, Those srudenrs who win owords or rhe QM, 'iii srore conference will orrend rhe norionol DECA conference in Chicogo. , W We wonr ro be remembered for: ,,,w,5,, Whor we do for our school ond communiry. We T do fund-roising projects ro help orhers, condy soles, ,ff donces, ond sruffed onimol soles for eosrer. We would olso like ro be remembered for rhe leoder- T Vx ship we hove leorned. K -.ilf-W3 See fii C, .1,-2 ww - X Top row- lefr ro righr: Milse Molinor, Jim Gordner, Domon Drodley, Debbie Merrill, Alice Mendozo, Srello Rios, Cherly Dorserr, Joon McNeil, Juoniro Fisher, Bob Moyo, Jeff Peterson, Jonice Collins, Sondi Schnell, Tricio Weover. Middle Row- lefr ro righrz Kim Corroll, Sherry King, Pills Griggs, Roy Morrinez, Jomi Lofris, Porry Doyis, Sreve Brolsebill, Leonno Voyrels, Kim Burcher, Jonine Terry, Pshondo Hormon, Kris Doldenegro. Borrom Row- lefr ro righr: Morio Chrisrion, Jennifer lness, Liso Corlisi, Noncy Moccorone, Noncy Anderson, Rene Correr, Mory Sheelsey, Cheryl Green, Hollie Donielson. 1 i . N Our Achievemenrs: ,W i i s Lirerory si., seg is Our oqecrives ore: To our rogerher o quoliry fine orrs vw ,mx mogozine for rhe srudenrs or Apol- ,sr Io. Our Achievemenrs ore: A successful fine orrs conresr, ond the encourogemenr of creorivify ond originoliry in A,H.S. srudenrs. We wonr ro be remembered for: Encouroging fine orrs, especiolly wriring, ond recognizing those sru- denrs wirh creorive rolenr. Noncy Wiechec, Co-editor, Lyndo Geomes, Sponsor, Top row: Koryn Olson, Vice Presidenr, Dovid Hcimblin, Edirorg Eloine Olivos, Presidenr. Nor Picrured: Ricl-a Burron ond Liso Lohoye. ig Qs-M r nn A W..-...J Dorrom row L ro R: Michelle Torh, Eloine Olivos, Srephonie Morsuishi, Lorroine Olivos, Tommy Hiffley, Jeonnine Le Volley, Lyndo Geomes, Sponsor. Second row: Jodi Epo, Morino Dlessingyon, Kim McDonold, Liso Beebe, Dovid Homblin, Trocy Schneider, Srocey Kimboll. Our oqectives are: To participate in community ser- vice projects. Our achievements are: Monthly birthday parties at Glen- dale Care Center, helping the Glendale Kiwanis Club, .lay-Cees, Gompers, a canned food drive for West-Side Food Banls, visiting the children's ward at St. Joseph's Hos- pital, and various other charitable contributions. We want to be remembered for: Doing our part to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Pictured Right, Bottom Row L to R: Valerie Koegel, Secretary, Stephanie Beville, Treasur- er, Randa Kutab, President. Second Row: Kevin Hunter, Vice President, Ken Needle, President. if if 5 T' Wt il. ti' it 2-'sac ss is A SM km C, C ,flew-vs, 4. C if N C it s-tif -' f P f 8 is si is , my if ,ic Q Ss, A L lscc i X it 5 S S is :Nfl C Arg gi wt .,"' or 'M it , , ,X b,, , ,, .. it 1 4 s 51 N 5 S t-sci.. ,,, , 53,2 g 41 .Qtr-iai.st-so Top row L to R: Mr. Chuck Bayless, Sponsor, Emily Potts, Margaret Earle, Terry Green, Steve McCagno, Grant Bissey, Rob Schedler, Rob Richards, Ken Needle, David Hamblin, Joy Hall, Kevin Hunter, Cathy Keefer, Debbie Fronls, Susan Anderson, John Earle, Lexi Cunningham, Second row: Janine Terry, Jody Neighbors, Hollie Danielfan, Laurie Davis, Myriam Vanroy, Sharron Eliason, Sue Grottino, Kristine Westover, Mary Haines. Bottom row: Randa Kutab, Valerie Koegel, Stephanie Beville, Stephanie Matsuishi, Gail Dammann, Jodi Epp, Carol Golden, Rueben Huerta, H ,, ', T Ski Our otgecrives arez To reorganize rhe ski club and plan rvva ar Three days "in rhe srare ski rripsf' We earn money rhrough fund raising acriviries. Our achievemenrs are: Planning highly successful and en ioyable ski rrios. We would like ro be remembered for: kim PuIIiman's thrashed our knee, rhe food service ar Grandma's, long Iifr lines, Scorr's cliff jumping, Gesrapo raids, and pushing rhe bus. , H - 2 .. I .w..,',1, ,-', ...1",'- ,h J.. -f cg. fx :cf X ' . . : 5, -. 'H '- "'gg,-",'f'- -1 f'.fl":"5-1,,gi.yf'ic . , . ,. FW -P -, , - A, . 2- If .' ' 1 1- s ' I .rf , ,K fi,-gan, rw, cv s,?V,,gig E '-3 , 5 I . ggi I Q .5-'IBM A. .si-.,k. ,ian -Q r, .C ,E K W, N 5, .vii .-LQ,g,: sb Lmlyhsk X ,ex gi: NN .-.g S . C 'N xx K li C. .,. -K . W 3 v ' ' . 3seg""f'j,'4A2 jst 1,5-'A 5,-.1 kr' ,-'gl . - .gmiiw '-,ug '-1 ,X L' wg . Lt - if " .N 'K . .k,., KWMQ, ,, At .S gb: ,Q g , X . .. X in Uv , , C .C s J, ,Q k -. . J ' 1 - RK 'i' 72 "X f ,L -, .wx ', r V . ' , ,Q ,uf ,leg x : we -gs ,V ws,,,- v, 5 Q.. cg. 'sw -- i, Q is :Q-V N -f 1 nf- X cp, X, ,C , X s L3 L, I L ' , 4: MMM: Qs-,.3,.AJ6, as gicvvkb, i iw. S fy. y K ,W lens. 9 :QW is X X .X . Q . 1, ' A M t ,,. i Q w , s 1 1 . ,. B-5 . ...vm V , ,. kv, fx, N.--,, . J X C to 3 . sl Nw ' . ,l Q '- 1 , 13. ,Jann 'I' 'X,'ffil h f 10, rggl vx K 1. Ac- . ' 5-Au' ', X - Xl' 9, ' Q, y ,,. 'X .-.. , Q . va.. -M Fronr rovv I ro r Krisia George, Sieve Deery, Kuri Sharro, Cindy Williams, Mike Dirdsell, kurr Mannel, Tiffany kennedy, Tracy Curring, Janer Vinncenr, Wendy Fox, Megaan, Jackson, Sracey Weaver. Middle row: Lisa Holler, Darby Jones, Holli Danielson, Anne Dozeman, kim Hilburn, Devney Deigan, Mary Trefry, krisri Duhr, Shelia McCarrhy, Pam Tkak, Paula Tkak, Dock row1 Jeff Firzgerald, Andre Gouin, Mike Magee, Darin Monsanro, Terry Green, Ann DiGilio, kim Pulliman, Scorr Collins, Drew Truby, Bob Parkinson, and Charles Trourman Nor picrured, Tina Cuzzocrea, Robbie Churchill, Marnee Drumheller, Jill Tare, kenny Needle, Ed Curley, kim Smirh, kevin Hunrer, Sreve McCaga and Mike Cuzzocrea. NIESSAGES WE WERE HERE BUT KNOW WE'VE GONE, WE LEFT THIS NOTE TO CARRY ON, THOSE WHO KNOW US KNEW US WELL, THOSE WHO DlDN'T CAN GO TO HELL"' Kum, Ann, and Sherru Karen, Good Luck un the future, you wull go far I know you have a determunation Thanks for beung the best Co Edutor un the world To the No 1 druggues, You guys are the best fruends anyone could ask for. Just thunk I didn't even ask for youll Your PAC MAN partner, Na 2 druggue! Sandy' Good luck wf John Cmy budh Your sus Karen guves me gray hair but your mom us tops Luv, Sue ALISON AND SUE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER WAIT UNTIL UofA" Sher - BROCOLLI BUDS - Ord hour' Ms Natales9 Mr Drown's9 No Apettuta's YETT!"! Aluson, When UofA comes, fund the toulet and not the sunk' GOOD LUCK Sue, fund o bugger car at lunch, 7 us just one too many Cha'? Stag- you mode oth hr worth goung to Dumps Sweetheart- l've been wautung for a guy luke you I have you now and ut's tul death do us part I love you wurh all my heart Yours Forever, D D Hey Space We're gonna be friends forever You're a great person and I lava ya Red Sue, Sandy S, Sandy O, JoAnn, Stacy Lunch was a blast and l'rn gonna muss you all a bunch' love, Aluson Boones Farm heres to our future' We'll make ut someday, BXFXF Skee Ska CDUJ Jul G Cun A Kum Daugherty 6 the yellow V,W G God saud let there be lught Cung frash year G the hurdles un PE HAPPY GRADUATION Luv, Sue Bruce, Remember the Chunese Collar I made for you G Sarah Smuth wurh Cannon G Mannux You were the best part of my high school years I'll muss ya lots Love, Sue Stull luv ya Todd, Tesa, Tacy you're the best' Lusa f does he have fleas? I love ya, lul sus, Sher DS f Dumb Southerner Hey Mamas f Debbue, Dorus, Salleu, Julue, Down Be Cool Tuger, Good Luck un the lulure Love ya always Precuous Bren, Remember all the good tumes9 I do I hope that just because you're goung to NAU we can be as close as we've always beenll l'll muss you"' Sheru Hey Vogey' Hey Bert' From Dusease Mr Brown loves to golf K L G M B ZsuLs, you're the 01 "Magucuan"! Hey Teddy bear, Quenta Honey, Ju lu bean, Sugar Dabue Howdy, Marc, fwuth a "CHD TS Hey Susjen, Actuon Mama, and Daddy Bart Love, MGM Shaun, Take off "A" Suchneud G lKun Steph and Leen Thanks for all the good tumes Luv' Al I LOVE YOU JOE, KEEP ME FOREVER SPACE What us thus' Froggue Terry Payne, I thunk yau'te gorgeous' Julte One 4 the road "Hu sts Love Sus" Mrs Z Thanx for all your love and support' I couldn't have done ut wuthout you' l'm glad I stull have another year to work wurh you' Love YA LOTS' Jamu SPACE OH NO a ftsh Droocee, Gee Babe, Thanx lor everythung' You've been great' You stuck by me through everythung, even when it was not your prob' ljust want to say thanx I couldn't have done ut wuthout you' lamu Love ya Freddueson Hey Yo Hutch CAluas Sherub, Shut the up' But the A A A wants to talk' And uf the V wants to talk' The V talks Its been fun' Love Ya, Starsky Kum f My new name Ftoggue SPACE Hey Debbue, Jackue, Dawn, Kolleen, Krustune, Sally, Celeste, Kum G Julle You're all the greatest Love Darts I'M SURE' ZELDA SUPER COSMO' Class to be us 'BO' Antonuo Muranda, I Love You' Now and Forever Yours forever, Suzue R WEENY WOMPERS 1 2 3 A 5 THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR KEEP ON WOMPING THOSE WEENIESI Love Krus Meras rule death by uzi Kull Commue You make me feel so real Davud Thanks for every thung f Love Dorrs Cundue, You Mole' Hey Wes Why not Dunlap CC CSchneudereuderJ Cundance, Suey Dabue, Karr beth, Angela' Ruch' and all the rest of the gang' Pokey, be careful durung all sessuons or somethung Could come up Att Supply Kum Yau're the best furend anyone could ever awsk for Love ya Loru Davud Thanks for everythung Love Dorus Mogpue 01 Duo was a blast wurh you and "Shaggy" Luv Magpue ff? AXC Rules Kerry and Sharen, I mean Sherry and Karen John Thanks fruend Love ya Allusan Krus, Always remember Mel, Huckues, Curlung uron, SC, Country Kwencher, sum school, Kevun Luke, S10 at sum school wasted, John V , desert weddung 3114 wfstaurs, sneakung out nutes, the 1 day ulcer, uts DESTINY, mom G the yrbls, destuned beaus, Jum L3 Hec, BBB, TTI, yacuzzu, poop traunung lt's been great Love ya, Doll Sher Farewell fellow lunch loons' Rannue Muller, yau're a luttle egg head Dutch Muffy Loves Bully Preppy and Proud Muff Rod Lucker you owe me a dollar Kerry Kleyhauer, thanks for beung there when I needed you You're a great fruend Julue To the Apollo LJTOPIAN The Best of the Rest' John Dayton, Edutor, '81'B2 Mary G Kelli I love y both' Class ol '62 shall rule forever' Love ya' John Sherru You're truely a great Co edutor and iruend Love, Karen O H C A C Quads, Quack' Dog Germs' Say Peaches, Thanks For Beung There When I Needed Ya Love Ya, Fox Dennus Galloway Good luck un the Marunes Love your sustet Valerue Jodu and Kum you guys are so specual to me Love Cheryl BC, No Nu Na Nu, Remember we ful together Love Bop MOONS AND STARS FILL THE SKY, AND OURS IS NOT TO QUESTION WHY? KLA Hey, Spedly' Yep that's you Bon' Thanks lor all the rudes to school' Hu Bobby' Do us a favor and dan't roll anymore V W 's' Scott good luck at boot camp G Army Wull muss ya' Luv Bennette Squurell G Herman Orvulle, P S D S Thanks for beung such a good fruend H O Susan, December 16, 1057 Keep ut open cause I'm stull yah' Mutzu Mouse CID Kum Froggue What us thus A lush SPACE Mary, Thanxs for lettung me stay wurh you, don't worry I won't tell anyone we slept together' Julue Laura You Know' Love Cheryl Screomer Remember all the wuld tumes and look at the future tumes ASU Rambler Aluson and Sue who do these Senuor chucks thunk they are the GO GO's ar somethung SPACE To my Mormon Fruend, Lets eat outsude, Luv your Catholuc Fruend D D K Ttme ts on my sude Doo Lotte Brooks unnocent, uncomparable LTD Sher "l don't know, Maybe, Maybe not, but tume wull tell, so go wuth the flow 'cause you never know" JB G K P I mussed my umagunary buddues un math' Love Always ANN D Hey, ut'5 NO SKIN OFF MY NOSE' LA C .. E L This demonsrrores rne Iocls of spirir omong most of rne Senior Closs, Wx, Top ro bouorn, Advornsnng sroff' Morls Rounes, Lxso P Ednor, Dwone Affeldv, ond Debbie Toggorr f S, Y.. ' s. n 4 f A -w...g.fi . ff K Q ' - Ss - . ' eorson, Monoging 56' ' l' 11? P , 4 ' f J i 9 g A C Jfffviff-I-V M77"'f'iN-W5-Wm. 9fff. Q Q95 r ' X . In IE-SA3LVgN5QAG5513Q1QVx l yg Qiiacjfqkgsiy -537 MQ Q9 2 0 Gfvf f x Qi,-FN? JG Dfxufjxl KGB XQ, X XT ff V X 9531 QF 9 2 CLASS CDF 9 2 Top Lefr, Senior Srudenr Closs Council. Picture nor ovoiloble of sroclenr body officers for rnis poge. Borrom Lefr, Senior Closs Officers, Too ro Borrornz Liso Heyn, Treosure er, Jennifer lnness, Secrerory, Mor- cio Conody, Vice Presidenr, ond Kirn Corroll, Presidenr. Borrorn Psignr, Senior secrion srorf. Borronfiz Jon Boxrer ond Roy Honr. Top: Ginny Ilren ond Keirn Lewis. ,dis w if . s i K . .X M . 5 i 4' Q 1 Xwxt 1, fs. N""x,....,,, --i '- c,- D if wigfll 6,4 CS X N 4 k , K . ...sp . . Rignf, MR, IRRESISTIBLEI! Piunnerfuo Keirn Lewis, isr ploceg Joe Bomooci. Borrom Lefrf Homecoming Queen, Sneilo Bole, King Lorry Lopez. CLASS CDF '82 Borrom Rignrg Homecoming Senior fm, Arrendenrs, Kim Corroll ond Kevin Hunrer, iv f Rhondo Adoms Don J. Adler N A J U .2 f Q x.. H it . ' E 4. Dione J. Affeldr Q ' sX X4-.,,5 draw.. Liso Goil Alger Anno Almonzo Morio Alonge Dorino Arnorillos Michoel Amenr Morgo Amporon Laurie Amuso Jeff S. Anderson Noncy Anderson 45.5 'CTT-'.7 Donrel Ansrerr Donold R. Apodoco Mgng Arce Adoms-Bocleer W, ...WT ,. K T1 iii K -if x nf 149 ,f I .nu ...v x 5 Suson M. Anderson Jackie Andricls YA .5 ,, I Morci K. Ayors Pxoberr K Boclaer 59 Seniors Sheilo Dole Mory Bolzic WX ixuxx Melonie S, Dorber Teol Borrin F- vii Dorlo K. Dough Jon L. Doxrer Charles Dedore Jimmy Beelqer Connie Bellirrer 'iii' X ... if 4 Troci Bello Jennifer Bennerr Richord Berg Dovid Berry Donno Bidwell 25211 1-:ff I iqrtv' La. Moris Birreiser Cindy C. Biomgren Liso Bocniccnio Fronis J, Dodisher Linden Dohrer .4 Dole-Coles Joseph M. Bomboci Vicki Bonds if 1" ""' rg! X Brion Borrz Domon N. Bradley fluur, X s. I Chris We Bronson Kim M, Dredin Melodee Brewer Gory Drezinslsi Porricio Drimley -Q' Croig S. Brown Ken A. Brown Pomelo S. Brown Morgon D. Dryonr Timorhy Bryonr YL' X """' wo-W-Ht Borbe S. Drzezinslsi Bryon Burgoz Tommie L, Bumerr Ronold D. Dykerls Charles Coles ll Roberr D. Collon Tomoro Colvin 1 ,V Tino M. Cornpbeil Morcio Conody Tim A. Copron Liso Ccirlisi ily' Gino M. Corlson Lori A. Corpenrer Michelle Pi- COFDGOFGV ix N J fx Qgfrg Q 2 A 4? ixL:L .V MA, M .k ' .. 1 1 K Kimberly M. Corroll Rene D. Correr Chorles D. Corer Koren Chovers Terri Cheney C X X Moria M. Chrisrion Doniel L. Cipro -...W-1-fi ix . 5 XX 1-J , ' LGOOOFG A. CIOVIS Jennifer A. Clewley Tim C. Clifford Q Collon-Curley ""!3" ig A ' Morry G Clingenpeel Noro Coosr Srocey Coe , , . - 9 ,J 1 ' 4 ' X s 'Q r rs. E . 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Holmes Y A . X Rolf Hunniford Deonno J. Hoppmonn I-iorlene V. Horne Jeff C. Horton Yvff ' MX Kevin G. Hunter Cloudio E. lonnirelli Virginio R. llren Mlcnelle R, lngrom I-lernonoez-l4eefer Ni Q vmwuisqgk x K K - X x 'X N we xr , 3 J, r ' .S l af I sf Jennifer L. Inness Kyle P, lrlsh gif! Bryon T lrvln N 3 N X M 'SX N fy? gl Q X Mx Q NN we X x9 X 3 l' s R L f XE we X X wx xx Y Nb.. A N Q. 3 . ef- - : A Y- 9 Xxx A xg 5 X. Q J 4 Greg S. Jomes 1 I , w fs . K J' ' ' ,.kk s N Corlwleen L Jocl-ason Rlchord A Jockson iix Corol D. Jonnieson Kelly A Jennlngs SX J is X xiii . ' Snoron l., Jerome Doryl T. Johns Vrclxi Johnson Jolle Jonnsrone Julie M Jones Cornerlne J Keefer Seniors we ,if J VM W f f .wi gi f ww if 157 gi --Q -'.,1,. A Kevin F. Kelleher Philip C. Kelly Norman A. Kernpfer Terry L. Kenyon Moria A. Keys is Williorn B. Kling Noncy J. Koboshi Sherry G. King Morrho A. Kinsey Tommy Kirron li. i joqlgy L, lqireley Michoel S. Kleyhouer Cynrhio Kline ,, ,, 3' i up-, Donielle J. 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K 5 ' N .A E K j ' A A X N S ' . 1 K Q X 1 ' f S Curris Srephonie Kim Gary Burton Burton Durcher Durrler 1 A 1 . 5 S Q E N . -" Q X e X12 ' Lindo Melindo Lynne Compogno Campbell Canning my y wg Qx, ji' Al Henry Glen Cordenos Corpeno Corpender 93 Juniors ' l new for ,ii S aff g s ri-1 ,ilgsas "iff ffl: if-V fs ,,-,il . Ei x st-. .A Nick Darry Carroll Carruthers r rr - ,-., l x 1 . ,' Gary George Costanedo Castro Karen Casey r Philip Ceo Christine Robert Betty Celaya Celio Chagolla Q- 'q Q Q1 i 'FM S I b A ' . ix ., ., L K KL.: if " ' Y Colleen , Timothy Karen Kathy Roberta Dawn Chandler Chappell Chesbrough Christian Churchill Cimaglia C ,,,,. , ' ' l X s gg ,.., , gi R or '- '- ' Q C t x 531- i ' ix r.., Et?-f s . im - X t Steven Deborah Michelle Michelle Chandra Paula Clark Claxron Coates Coffey Collins Collins -l- l 4. 1 , X Corroll-Dovis 1- , Xi,, Q- 1 h N iv' . ' 1 . t '-A R ! I , I, . .X Q xl -T Q C .4 X kl' r in ,E r- .1 C nf.. , f bl, x r X X -i n X ihh 1 X mmfx X - 531 ' T C x X ' S X5 , L Bill LeeAnn Srocy Deboroh Shown Sieve Come-Ilo Cone Conley Connelly Conner Converge ,,, ' X D , w-' ' Y. X 'X Cxxxr .A L'x+1nn.,,,,,'j J 4 x Q ' X 1 r C .4g C GiGi Eric Chrisrine Melisso Holly Noncy Corberr Cosro Counts Coyle Cranfield Cronn A N b K " ' Nm? f - I- , 1 ,P ,S in , :' fxx 6, if-. Q ":'- : C IX f , 5 5 Norhon Lexi Connie Trocy Tino Dennis Crowell Cunningham Curley Curling Cuzzocreo Doly . b A .3 I I VMI Tx: . , . . lf C , QQ- tgl ' 'L C X K N xxx xxx. by ls- ., I Ks XX 1 'K -I 1 ff . 1 ,M Von Hollie Rick Dom Danielson Dorby ii V' 1 xk"'x' A '-A-lx ual 4590 N Terry Jerry Lourie Dovilo Dovis Dovis K X Juniors Porry Dovis X x Rochelle uus u Fw s --fL- 3 5 Doug Wesley Dovis Dovis 1. lp 'M X E X Liso Louis DGIOOQ Demorco Dqonovich sig D if , 'WD X Cindy Domme Jerry Driver Ame Michoel Dozemon Drirgg y I 4 in , , -Q-' " - rg if is . fi ."" 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S+ . it Z: .Q -g U i n s Xxx K- A 4 . Morni Alycio Potricis Joonn Rosen Rosinslai Ross Rubin gs Q W ' ' iii- 's jg X S L KL X .L. Q 1 -- .+ ,At ' 1 -- 4 uw 'A r ' ' ces, S f vw ,. . ,qf: Q ,X X Q , will fix X fig X ixl : Keith Morio Heidi Mory Tim Koren Vonesso Morgoret Rupp Sobino Sogodi Soio Solem Solerno Sonders Sonsom - 1 kkhh Q Q W4 ! ei X Y Yi!! 5 Q K-f 1- - Ginger Dorrin Butch Jorod Doug Sheri Koren Woyne Schoubel Schenck Schneider Schneider Schurnonn Schwinden Scott Seober S X ., -f i i A ' :',' x - ,, f " SVS: - 'ig i . - 3 ., ' 'ff ' " . 1 , . .Q .i i i 'R S g l S sei if X359 N S S ' S S icir st Mory itll Cello Sonyo Dovid Deboroh Robert Dorren Seorles Se-over Sedo Seyfert Shorpe Show Show Sheo Q. f X K NS in K Patricia Sheeckey X-'QE ,mga O' 2, Iv .R t 3 K I C 4-CC NN Karen Shogar X. i James Siegel , ,I Russell Snowberry xH Keith Smith 5,1 me " JE' , 'f Michael Squires vt., Eddie Victoria Debra Sheldon Shepherd Shiota S. N is ,. Piiqas-Stringham Jeanette Traci Gloria Shore Sibel Siegel A N I S2 V -5 -, . L A Y S X i i n Randall Mark Mark Sikes Simon Sixel Roberta Anthony Billy Chris Snyder Smith Smith Smith . -,FI .1 r R Mary Mike Jeff Paul Smith Smith Sorensen Sotelo ,- . W -K -rw x N in an I I W-at b , . if fn. n o V iyb. Z ' Q J t Linda Michael Caroline Kim Stripe Strode Stevenson Stevenson 1-,w ,i f 1 Dee Duane Smith Smith .ni x S , . xl Maryann Stephanie Souch Souza . i". -K , 52 , t l John Chris Stewart Stine ,Q A GOW Smith E I Jenny Sowden i is N Mike Stringham Freshmon T Joe Stein ix w . ' H X KF -as-...N Jodi Terry --. it Q A 4 i . Dorlene Torres Michoel Turner ,K . "' 'af E , X X Poul Verdino Timothy Worn Gory Stuebe ff? 'v Kimberly Thomos ,is , , W 5 N is Elizobeth Torres Terry Turner . F Q ,ie Q' wt 4 ,Qs , is T X is xx 5 , ut ii , u ,gf Jonet Vincent Liso Worolsso .,, " T ,,... X , 5 A , i . W W 1 X X l Dovid Mory Alon Christine Liso Sullivan Stuliffe Swoin Swellond Tortoro ., :' T ii . . my , ii. ' it-ew S+ ' I ' ' ay NM 7 ,A Pot Poulo Keith Lynette Ricky Thomos Thompson Thomson Thun Todd Brendo Toubel Dertho Torres X3 it Keith Turner H- .K-'N set flil?Y2SShQtw-- Roberto Vengoceo -Q, 4 Q .,,L'- i 4 ' ' V ,y 1 si , h Y ld ' , I 5, H K Kevin Mory Troy Leonn Down Trocy Trefry Trimble Truchon Turer X. 1 tg. K X . l x 6 A , ,X S43-A -' , is X? 5 RL K Q i XX .Y S 'p A X i.:: ,'N' i ,,,i .T X Verono Peter Tommie Luz Sherrie Tuttle Ulinger Uptegrove Volenzuelo Voydo 5 .T Chris Viterbo 'I ny ! Robert Woring fi Stein-Zinder .C g Kb X-ax k ,X ' sk Ri, Robert Dawn Shannon Watson Watts Watts 'Y WN? A K gg . ' 'N 2' 1 I Cindy Kris Denise Weolsley Wehmuellar Weindel ar 1- 11.: ' .g,. -' 'S ., . v i i ' ' ts ' . " . g is I C' N ff " 6 P "'--: if! X . J C gs W 1 ss C, R w ,sf sei t K . Q X? X s s . :Q X Julie Michael Michael Michael Kim Chris Craig Laura Wells Welsh West Westergard White Whiting Wienlses Wilbur Q gil' 2, , i ii: sg s ,, 4 -A ' N. 4 '1' V Y -iw: C R R ' s5'X C V f is l C, Angela Mary Barbie Cindy Danna Lisa Dawn Alan Wiley Wilhelm Williams Williams Williams Williams Willprechr Wilson ,g f. Q W Q., jk K we .N X - 15 5 g , V l ,msg - , XA- L . 1 ,,g 1 . 5 X: C27 J W ' .Cu g j K A .,s. ' Q ix X 4 Z-fx BRT' vc-. X I Ll A .:'i 'X . X i s ... Larry Mary Ann Rebecca Michelle Rodney Rand Lorie David Wilson Wilson Wincher Wingo Wolff Wombacher Woods Wright r ..iI is r , X., Kai, . gf K .5. x Arn A ir' . . QS yi, x C I K kk U .... A 'N N :'L '.-: s. Jennifer Connie Rondell John Mary Patricia Steven Yeley Young Young Zelricls Zethaeus Zimmerman Zinder WRWWYMMWMWY QQFQGFW FACCUJUJ FY . .. FACCUJUJIWK Lefr, Foculry Section Sroff, Borrom, Porricio Avilo, Kelly Jennings. Top, Korny Mclsinney, Liso DeCroix, ond Bruce Loncosrer. xl FocLJ'ry And Sroff 5 6- -66- Q 1 -Q.. an 9 'C' Av! '-'41 tm x ist js i Wi as-sas, , . X., X. . . Q 'S Qs' , , ma is 5- i f s If r Counselors: Morge Crow, Moriiyn Forris, Rudy Burrolo, ond Dennis Woodord. Front Row: Shirley Mihos, Sondro Fish, ond Amino Samuels. i I Morge Ebersold, School Nurse. f ii' U Secrerories: Top Row, Rosie Londrerh, Ginny Shofer, Joyne Proctor, Morgorer Kennedy ond Non Beorrie, Dorrom Row: Ido Sonchez, Jon Ceo, Errno Krol, Donno Surron ond Lucille Fulsome. Faculty And Staff 'SQS 4 XY' A1525 ii Nurririonisr crew, rop row: Aluro Richard, Frances Sanzone, Maudelia Dufaux, Rira Heppler and Beverly Karcher. Dorrorn row: Sandra Gross, Nellie Aldama, Virginia Dominquez, Aurora Granillo, Nancy Forgarry and Helen Smirh. ,..,-J F-f 'iii 9- .--Y-,, Maintenance, rop row: Walrer Phillips, Chucls Cochrane, John DeGroor, Ron Parrick, Rudy Espinoza, Rosemary Ybarra and Angel Andrade. Second row: Joe Amarillas, Cruz Rodriquez Milse Lee, Esrella Lopez and Dave Kulp. Dorrom Row: Cal Ussery, Joe Range! and Manuel Somoro. Faculry Ray Alonzo Gabe Angalich Chris Auvil Melba Bacon John Barber Jean Barnhill Special Educarion Allied Arrs Business Physical Educarion Science English Linda Bass Connie Barernan Barbara Deery Wendy Blair Jim Drown Lois Burdirr Special Educarion English Special Educarion Physical Educarion Publicarions Teacher Aide Jusrin Capin Dave Creech Marge Crow Crisri Davis Ann Dennis Cheryl Dingman Audio Visual Special Educarion Counselor Science Library Service MOYlW9f1'10liCS 4. V . Sr X ' xr i f l fri JL? L Bill Erlenrneyer Marilyn Farris Bill Ferrell Fred Fiala John Fiala Sondra Fish Science Counselor English Foreign Language Social Srudies Counselor Alonzo - Lopez .loyce Fronlse Effie Gorcio Horre Economics English Ron Gordello Korhy Gordner Lyndo Geornes Bob GOIOY English English English Social Swdies 4 f 1 Bob Goyer Bob Grossi Ginger Griggs Luverne Grullse Corhy Hompron Jim Hilond Speciol Educorion Sociol Studies Foreign Longuoge Teocher Aide English Science ,,,-A Debbie Hoff Home Economics Mike Hollowoy Kenf Horne Doug HOWOFG Pouline Jiminez Normon Krombein Science lndUSifiOl AHS M0fh9fTiOfiC5 Teocher Aide Allied Arrs Ginger Kurtz Avis Locey Dennis Loncosrer Moria Ligon Corolee Lopez Physicol Educorion English Sociol Srudies Morhernorics English Dove Lopez Morhemorics 4 Foculry Shirley Mihos Joe Miller Ruben Mirondo Melvo Molino Counselor Science English Foreign Longuoge Jone Lyon Jerry McCormick Socioi Srudies English Rx N ss... ' S ' W. ' Yolondo Monroyo Corol Morris Koren Mounes AnneAMorie Norole Loren Neol Rhonda Orrego English English English English Allied Arrs Teocher Aide f E Rudy Pocheco Bill Perlsins loner Proulx Glen Ridinger Tim Roclsey Spencer Rogers Sociol Studies Sociol Srudies Sociol Srudies Speciol Educorion Science Morhemorics Amino Samuels AI Sqherbg Sue Seymour Don Smith Jocls Squires Bill Srephens Counselor Sociol Srudies English English Science Sdfery Educorion Lyon - Zuclserlorow Will Sreworr Allied Arrs Donnie Vivian English Aurora Wyble Teacher Aide Joan Zoclserbrow Business Modelyn Sruclsey Bud Surron Terry Tassin Roy Tolby Rhea Travis Special Educarion NJROTC NJROTC Science Maihenworics X ill SJ' Dororhy Waggener Rooerr Walsh Lindo Wenrworrh Sandra Whire Carol Willsey Teacher Aide Social Studies Special Educarion English Social Srodies gf.. .ta if f . 1 SLQCODJQYJ VS. . SLEDCODJQYJ FS Boys Sporrs Secrion Sroffg Kneeling 5 Mory Bolzic ond Keirn Lewis. Srondingg Sherry Williams, Joe Gagnon, ond Sue Vidro. 166 Rudy Pocneco- Foorboll BUYS CCAC!-IES Roy Alonzo- Boseboll Don' mir S f ' f .,.' . 1 . 5 i.. is i - Skip Hudson- Wresrling Q- I! AI Sneroo- Foorboil, Swimming Varsity Football Bottom rovv, L to R: Louie Montoya, Claudio lannirelli, John Torres, Jerry Lopez, Sammy Fernandez, Doug Meyer, Nathan Crovvell, John Drogan. Row Two: Mgr, Joe La Cass, John Dosak, Kenny Peralta, Brian Crow, Drett Matthews, Russ Nulliner, Jim Archer, Mgr. Mark Parker, Mgr. Joe Macos. llovv Three: Ronald Walker, Mike Psishling, Mark Nygaard, Bobo Finn, Larry Lopez, Doug Davis, Steve Clark, Chris Hale. Row Four: Chris Larson, Bryan Irvin, Vernon Fielding, Craig Schultz, Doug Freiwald, Pierre Foulks, Terry Payne, Derek Elmore, Dill Comella. Row Five: Rick Darby, Mark Raines, Ray Marsh, Glenn Williams, Tony Elmore, Dennis Pay, Chip High, Mike Kleyhauer, Brock Heothcotte. 1981 Varsity Football Results Opporenf AHS Opp Alhambra 6 22 Thunderbird 10 7 Central 13 12 Sunnyslope 7 12 Prescott 6 6 Washington 17 9 Cortez 6 1 6 Greenway 22 6 Brophy O 20 Shadow Mountain 21 O Skyline Divisional Playoff V 1 ' 1 N, St. Mary's O 21 Q, if '1-s 5 4. A-zz x'NQh,,,., bg., MQ., A hindi? Sporfs Apollo's vice-like grip on rhe Skyline Division's "A" League Cham- pionship was shaken rhis year. The Hawks, however, srill won rhe crown for rhe rhird year in a row, despire losing rhree-fourrhs of rhe varsiry foorball coaching sraff. Rudy Pacheco was named rhe new head coach, and rhe Hawks finished wifh a 8-1-1 league record and 5-8-2 overall. Apollo opened rheir season by losing ro Alhambra, 22-o, buf rhe Hawks quickly regained form and won rwo srraighrg 10-7 over Thunderbird and 13- 12 over Cenrral. Apollo rhen was fied by Prescorr in rhe Homecom- ing game, o-o, and AHS followed up by bearing Washingron, 17-Q. Apollo rhen fied arch-rival Correz, o-o, and hammered Greenway, 22-7. The Hawks rhen losf fo Brophy, 12-O, and the "A" League race was a puzzle up unril rhe final Friday of rhe season. The first parr of rhe maze rhar rhe Hawks had ro complere was for Apollo ro avenge lasf year's only regular season loss, which came ar rhe hands of Shadow Mounrain. AHS did jusr rhar, rhrashing rhe Mara- dors, 21-O. Brophy and Correz borh losr, and Apollo was once again League Champion. 169 Vorsiry Foofboll .0 X X Xxx X 'K Xa N., A QQ 0 Q 9 13 1 Ls! ix N mf I tx gg QUIZ' ' N 5 . vim' P Sporrs J Junior Vorsiry Foorooll Fronr Row, Lefr ro Tlighrg Joe Shulrz, Roberr Krourheim, Dovid Adoms, Tony Alriveros, Don Smoiinslsi, Chris Sierros, Tony Coiorelli, Mickey Berzer, Morls Pori-:er ond Mike Berg Second Tlovv- Michelle Derroy, Sieve Kornrneyer, Jeff Curevve, Rod Luleer, Steve Holses, Phil Donogoidi, Dovid Dornboci, Steve Srrunls, Ronnie Berg, Dorryl Turner, Sieve Thompson ond Cindy Sroley Third Row Lori Srnirh, Kool Hirschi, John Cooper, Dovid Inness, Von Dom, Dovid Deerrnon, Rick Solerno, Mei Rooerrs, Jim Fusich, Don Wiiliorns ond Jomi Hlovlso Foorrh ilovv Cooch Gonzoles, Corrie Zlochovver, Jeff Jones, Srocy Hinson, Enrico Srozzone, Rick Curiner, Todd Tipron, Jeff Wisenbolser, Dovud Woivvorrh, Jerry Mendozo, Sreve McCogno, Bryon Thompson, Liso Prozols ond Cooch Dryonr Fifrh Row- Cooch Perry, Mike Thorp, Don Elorn, Rod Wiison, Sreve Prorr, Pisuseil Neison, Drerr Bonrle, Morls Boston, Todo Zeolley, Por Lopez, Jeff Brown, Phil Dix ond Cooch Ridinger ApoIIo'sjUnior vorsiry foorboli reonw once ogoin hoo on oursronding seoson, despire losing irs finol Qorne ro Brophy. The Hovvlas vvon seven srroighr before rhe finol loss, Some of rhe more impressive vicrories included: o 286 posring of Cenrrol, o 20-O win over Prescorr-ovvoy, ond ooclseroebocls 14-O wins over Woshingron ond Correz. The Hovvlss rhen nwonhondled Greenwoy 28-o. The J.V, Hovvlss were cooched by Orbie Gonzoles ond Glenn Piidinger. Freshmon Footboll if Apollo's treshmon footboll teom ended its seoson with o E., perfect 80 record, The l-lovvks opened seoson by beoting we ' S Centrol ond Sunnyslope, AHS then crunched Prescott, 246, ond Woshington, 1947. The Hovvks then ployed Cortez in f the onnuol orcheriyol gome ond dumped the Colts 35-20. X Victory reigned os the Hovvks went on to defeot Green- 'si W 3 R S R woy ond Brophy. The Hovvks polished off their compoign ii . 3 Q , ' ' ,R K ' s wg with o smoshing 84-o victory over Shodow Mountoin. .U Adio Q ., ir. .l ,..i....-awry fikatwabmik A Top row Cleft to rightD Mike Westergord, Jomes Broin, Steve Dirton, Steve Ciocco, Rick Gilloly, Som Bursh, Cooch, Doug Shumon, Roymond Mitchell, Gory Adoms, Scott Clork. Second row: Koren Solerno, Dovid Common, Mike Finn, Som Leonord, Mork Sixel, Troy Trimble, Rodney Wolf, Butch Collow, Bryon Fort er, Chris Reynolds Third row: Croig Boston, Mork Eosollis, Mike Jockson, Scott McCogno, Al Montoyo, Johnny Flores, Mike Welsh, Sol Lucchese, Morto Gorcio, Joe Cordovo, Fourth rovvg Steve Zinder, Mike Wood, Derek Curtis, Butch Schneider, Mike West, Doug Cloxton, Bobby Lee, Ken Reed, Robert Show, Rueben Rincon, Richord Lopez. Bottom row: Don Nelson, Rondy Sikes, Mike Peorson, Todd Hinsberger, Donny Mourer, Kris Wehmueller, Joey Frisoni, Donny Comillo, John Drogo. Not Pictured: Joe D. Mille, Cooch. Cross Counrry 1 ,Ni :fu 'fgiv-. NSF' sf The members of rhe boys cross country if L L f c 5 ., reom begon rwice-o-doy procrices in .2 rhe blinding heor of Augusr, ofren run- is ning ren ro fifreen miles in o single work- Rour. Despite on overoge oge of only 15, rhe reom monoged ro finish the . . 5 L, seoson with o winning record, defeor- , L - L my , is ing severol more experienced reoms. L R R nj Rich Dole, Lenny Clorls, John Noronjo ,X ond Milse Siu led rhe reom or rhe Divi- "N ' We RV Q.: M ,X sonols. Thejunior vorsiry compiled o14-8 1 L ' T record ond gor o second ploce finish or R Q rhe disrricr chompionships. 5 -- f , 5 'N an, Fronr Row Cleft ro righrb: Bill Gerrz, Dovid Eclshour, Rob Wolloce, Vier Dom, Geoff Price ond Kirls Shorro. Second Row: Wendy Lopez, Keirh Turner, Don Sullivon, Rob Speokmon, Jeff Pererson, Dill Gouso ond .lo Lowrence. Third Row: Cooch Emmerr Smirh, Greg Worrier, Shown Reese, Korl Kowolslsi, Richord Dole, Lenny Clorls, Wes l-lurchins, John Noronjo ond Cooch Dovid Lopez. Fourrh Row1 Tommy Heffley, Chrisro O'dell, Cynrhio O'dell, Robbie Churchill, Holly Shofer, Zsuzsi Sogodi, Suson Trimmier ond Beclsy Huerro. Boys Swimming Alrhough swimming in rhe winrer can be rarher cold and uncomforrable, rhe Apollo boys swim ream is dedi- ,Qf cared ro worls ro malse rhe ream spirired and successful. Y' This years ream is led by seniors Kenny Needle, and Jim Toomey. The Hawlss have always excelled in swimming ahd have mainrained a marls of excellence, This year Apollo prepared for anorher soaring season. :rf ne. ' 'yy i?"v5'5' . ,g I .A J U '-27' g.. ' R4 kg, 5 x 1-f""s.x 7.1 v.. Varsiry swimmers, nor in order, include Benjamin Dearden, Nicolos Georgiades, Chip High, Kurr Mannel, Timorhy O'Neal, Richard Severance, Trenr Zimmerman, Michael Birdsell, Srephen Hadley, William McCabe, Kenny Needle, Robe-rr Schill, David Smolinslei, Duane Draper, Chrisrapher Heerdr, Marla McI4insrry, John Null, Jeff Seaman, and Jim Toomey. Vorsiry Trock i 123 M -1 ,f if! Fronr Row: Mike Siu, Bryon Irvin, Vernon Fielding, Dennis Doly, Rick Dorby, Lenny Clork ond Richord Dole. Second Row: John Nororyo, Som Fernondez, Chris Lorson, Dove Norlock, Mike Ford ond Greg Worrier. Third Row: Dovid Flirrner, Steve Prorr, Jeff Kinney, Von Dom ond Mel Pioberrs. Fourrh Rovv1 Todd Zeolley, Norhon Crowell, Terry Poyne ond Brerr Morrhews. E NQ-Q ' 'Y P ,,., :cg N M x T ,f fi-L csf-NS ' T N ,. 1 xl - if , ti ix W c X z si f- , 'Wm I. K S3937 A 13,5 , X .,. :, . kr T , U 34 1, 1 S -in s - x T fy X sa E , . . : , . is r P ' A gg , T i 4 X wi' 'T 1 i ff Q,-:.ww'-W-4-1 X-M v M. M- ri 're -R i T wa 5 lf at sf R T SS. S . . 1 6 . Qi ,ada an T Q 'QM R ond! as , A A A wr tw 'TSA X X, Qs es Sports The boys trocls teorn begon practicing eorly in Februory ond for more thon four months hove been working out severoi hours o doy, six doys o week. Rerurning to ieod rhe Howlss rhis seoson were sprinters Rick Dorby ond Dennis Doiy. Senior Vernon Fielding ond junior Mei Roberts exceiied in the 400-meter run, while Rich Boie piled up points running in rhe 800-meter event. Srrongmen return- ing this yeor included Terry Poyne ond Brerr Motthews, both seniors, competing in the shot our ond the discus, while up-ond-coming shot putter Todd Zeolley odded points. Senior Lenny Cloris wos outstonding in his disronce evenrs. Junior Vorsiry Trocik wx is .. , 3 HS, -1 7 .,,, kr' s. . .ax ' in X? I I' I7""""""""" ni .Q "' 'ev-QE-f Front row Clefr ro righrbg Kisossi Lewis, Tim Worn, Todd Hinsberger, ond Geoff Price, Second row: Roberr Locker, Mork Kosoliis, Bobby Lee, Mike Finn, ond John Drogo. Third row: Korl Kuo, Jim Moyer, Mike Welsh, Chris Srine, ond Mike Mogee. Fourrh row: Dove Burkhorr, mgng Tom McCabe, Ted Flirrner, ond Scorr Robinson. 178 it wifsin, T Golf Slsyline Division lndividuol Chompion Todd Howord led Apollo's Golf reom ro rhe srore rournomenr for the firsr time in this school's hisrory. The l-lowlss come home from rhe rournomenr wirh o rwelfrh ploce finish our of 40 reoms, l-lovvord finished renrh in rhe srore. Apollo roole fourrh oloce in the Skyline Division which ollovved rhem ro quolify for srore, Senior Joy Seorles wos onorher oursrondf ing member of rhis yeor's reom, occording ro Cooch Don Smirh. Orher reom members include Ben Duron, Joel Klone drud, Wode l-lovvord, Will Sreworr, Gory Dove ond Sreve Thompson. NO TEAM PICTURE WAS AVAILABLE 41" Soccer A M i O 5 Yi Rb y , 'IVA ,Q4:"' SJ M wif QL' O 1 l I llllyl. flftklv I e i " +-fc W X X f Soccer is o nevvly developed sport here on the Apollo compus. This yeor the soccer teom opened the seoson with o 4-1 victory over Tolleson. They continf ued vvith enthusiosm, olrhough they felt the struggle of competition from teoms composed of older ond more exper- ienced ployers. Nevertheless, Cooch Jim Hilond ond the teom remoined optismis- tic ond finished the seoson with o positive outlook for next yeor. l 1 5? First Row Cleft to rightbz Rondy Young CMgr,D, Robert Pinkstoff, Kirk Shotto, Cory Clelond, Romero Cotolon, Mork Simon Troy Brodish Dovid Hickmon John Wilhite ond Andre Gouin. Bock Row: Cooch Hilond, Kimboll Lee, Viet Dom, Cloudio lonnitelli, Jeff Fitzgerold, Rick Dorby Don Adler Fred Counts Dovid Peskin CGoolieb, Brod Dovis ond Roul Compos. Not Pictured: Vince Colwell, Jerode Schneider, Doryl Rufibock Dovid Moynord Dovid Fogo Froncisco Borrio ond Roul Sotelo. Vorsiry Tennis 1- s... ' .,. as alll K. s... ,G N-TQ, ,.r' Fronr row Cleft ro righrb: Don Worrers, John Doniels, Jeff Goldberg, Keirh Kowolslsi, Kenny Jornes. Bocls row: Joe Herrin, Morls Ehlers, Richord Burton, Eric Nelson, Eric Rensrrom, Dovid Beerrnon, Perer McCormick. Nor Picrured: Cory Clelond, John Wilhire, Alon Swoin, Jody Dedore, Chris Aio, Shown Dernerr, Ruben Huerro, Bob Horch, ond Chris Johnson. 5 5 Q 1 i xx'xiNNxvxN.X , f .xxx-xxxxxxx Q x NBABY-'XXXL .W ' un Qlsw., ' , ? sy.. Y ,. I 3 X 'C fi: l gs 'Y gi - ' Q " i ,-Rxvwx Boys rennis hos o new cooch ond o new look. Cooch Sorn Bursh hos four seniors on his vorsiry squod, rhey ore Eric Nelson, Joe Herrin, Jooy 1' 2-X Dedore, ond Moria Ehlers. Orher rerurning vorsiry nerrers ore Dove 5 Q Q Beermon ond Jeff Goldberg. Vorslry Boslserlooll Bock Plow: Greg Lung, Dovid Thompson, Pierre Foullss, Scorr Ronkin, Jeff Srucls, Ken Lindsey, Glenn Wllllorns, Roger Dol-zer, Brock l-leorncorre, JR Allen, Derek Elmore, Prob Kublsols Fronr Plow: Billy DurcnerrfMgr., Coocn Dovid Lopez, Coocn Jerry McCormick, Sreve Komrneyer, Mgr. p---'W .illaxv ' 0 ' ' 1-X x Q Sporrs Apollo ooslserboll reorn operored rhis seoson wirh only five seniors, our rhe Hovvlss srill mode ir ro rhe ployoffs, Apollo hod some big wins during rhe seoson, lilse rheir 51A 49 upser vicrory over Meso ond rheir 71115 posring of Porodise Volley, our none Compored ro rhe Howlss 71eoo come-fronwebehind overrime vicrory over Shodow Moon roin. The l-lowlss Corne bode from 14 poinrs down or holfrirne ogoinsr rhe Morodors ro snorch vicrory from rhe jows of defeor. Apollo vvos led once ogoin by heod cooch Jerry McCorn'widsr Under rhe slsillful leodership of McCor- nwids, the Howlss rools fourrh ploce in rhe GCC Chrisrmos Tournomenr ond mode ir ro rhe ployoffs. AHS finished with o 1045 overoll record ond were 8-7 in Leogue "A" ploy. Q Junior Vorsiry Boslserooll Fronr row: Mgr. Sreve Kommeyer, Cooch Dovid Lopez, Mgr. Billy Burcherr, Bock row: Morls Drueser, Jeff Jones, Rod Wilson, Tonn Milton, Sreve Prorr, Dovid Bell. Alex Wrighr, Deon Srone, Poul Mirchell, Don Elorn ond Dovid lnness. ffl The junior vorsiry ooslserooll reom vvos cooched by Dovid Lopez, vvho Coiled rhis yeor on Henjoyoble seosonf' The joyvees won o ond losr 18, our goined voluoole experience rhor vvill molse rhern welcome members of nexr yeor's vorsiry, l-lighlighrs of rhe seoson included o double-overrirne vvin over Prescorr ond on overrinne vvin over Greenvvoy. The biggest rnorgin of vicrory vvos six poinrs over Porodise Volley. is if Q ' s up ssss if I T , FMT I M ' h , 14 fue, - 2 'iffwtf ' ,, Y is , :gf E fm, ,,, X 6 ,K my ' V ,W W ,Q vw,f,i,7,ff,,,,,,, , , . , . f 4, , awlfwlqwe f V a ' ff?""4'7Wrfls'wwf , ,-V f ,M ' Hi f R r, 'LW 5 . ,X X N ,V WW, ,,,, ,, at .. 1 . , 1 L ff m fi , Wim, A ,a gm gk, if " ff . ,A . . at rj' n-nv-'-"" -.-if 'ffr 2 W T , 4 1 4 W Q ,iw W t A 'H' ., X J 1 1 ffff + Q 'Q I' 'Q Freshmon Boslserboll 3:1 P52 is ll E4 l.4i s EU - an ...- x i . K L N. 5 W' , -4 ... it .1-' gg ,M ,L L . - Q.. Q ,, . X., .Q ,E X? l L l MS,-.M to X :- Fronr row Joey Mocios, Milne Squires, Cooch Corlos Sonchez, Shone Chrisrenson, Rob Loclser, Bode row Doug Cloxron, Sol Luchesse, Rod Woolf, Doug Shurncin, Drod Boker, Jirh Ayers, Drer Foudroy, Sreve Ciocco, Roy Mirchell, Corl Kuo, Brenr Gilion, Chris Reynolds J The freshmon boslserboll reom, cooched by Corlos Son chez, spenr long hours of prgcrice rirne leorning fundomen rols ond reornworls. These slsills will help rhem next yeor when rhese youngsrers will be counred on ro move up ro rhe junior vorsiry ond yorsiry reorhs ond conrribure ro rhe boslserboll progrom here or Apollo High School. Vorsiry Wresrling l Fronr row Clefr ro rngnrb Jonnnue Sonders, Nocno Rojos, Ruben Ulloo, ond Ken Turer Mwddle row Enc Coffey, Song On, Sonnnny Munoz, Glenn Croorree, ond Jurn Gordner Bode row Coocn D'Agosruno, Mwke Zwnoer, Dorren Krornlouf, Lorry Lopez, Gory Steele, Todd Howord, Kenny Perolro, Greg Tenborge, ond Scorr Perobro me A Sports For the first time in Apollo wrestling history, the l-lowlss hod on individuol os store chompion. Senior Gory Steele won the 148 pound weight closs or the store meet, ond senior Ruben Ulloo won third ploce in the 101 pound closs. Apollo sent seniors Lorry Lopez, Glenn Croorree, Todd Howord, Steele ond Ullos olong with juniors Dorren Krum- louf ond Somrny Munoz to the store rournoment. As o reorn, AHS finished with on 8-2, winning fiftheploce in the Sl-:yline Division ond 18th or store. Junior Vorsiry Wresrling The young gropplers lsepr up rhe vvinning rrodirion of Apollo vvresrling by finishing vvirh on impressive 82 record. The Hovvlss only losses of ihe seoson were ro Shodovv Mounroin ond ro Thunderbird, in rhe finol meer of rhe yeor. The Hovvlss beor sonne schools by complerely monhondling rhe oppoe nenrs. Some of rhe vicrories include: o 54118 rhroshing of Sourh Mounroin, rhe second morch of rhe seoson, o 51,18 posreing of Sunnyslope, o o3-SO olovvour of Sr. Mory's, ond o 3415 win over Porodise Volley. The Hovvl-is impressive record indie cores rhe 1982-'88 seoson ro be success ful. I' can Fronr row Clefr ro righrb, Chod l-lovvord, Morls New, Tony Alrrovoris, ond Johnnie Sonders Bock rovv Glen lsisch, Dorryl Turner, Greg Tenoorge loel Seors, Dovid Worlsins, Eric Coffey, Wode Howord, ond Cooch Hudson, Freshmon Wrestling Front row Cleft to rightb, Trent Bunch ond Jeff Butcher. Middle row. Bobby Lee, Tony Anzolone, Todd Hinsberger, Chris Viterbo, ond Som Leonord Docls row John Drogo, Ride Horris, Joe Cordovo, Brion Fortier, Greg Hothowoy, Robert Murdie, Robert Woring, ond Cooch Duke 56" Q 't sv ' 1 ,.- Q ,N . I mssswftlg, . K gums!! KE' ' my Pai! ggi! 4 HILIFWIS L. sv. wx tirfivrsj Qs X as s, K f sm NX W Q miwtm.. iss Q, r it , K .Lisp .stirs K f--s w ' -- - ts sm - ,- Despite numerous forfeitures throughout the seoson, ApoIio's freshrnon wrestling teom finished with o Seo ref cord, winning ogoinst Cortez, Greenvvoy, Sunnyslope, Shodovv Mountoin, ond Thunderbird. The Hovvlss lost their first three motches, but Come bocls to win 5 of the finol 8, Apolios tvvo most impressive victories corne ogoinst Greenvvoy, 48-23, ond Shodovv Mountoin, 8582, even though they forfeited four weight Closses in eoch rnotch. Vorsiry Boseooli f ,F 0 "1-'-H"-'-'-v2gn'A'4'Av4vA'. ?l'A'A'5'nvnusvgzgfqnnnun-4.'4nW ur'a'4'A'4 1' -I L?r.y.vA-fAv4v4 p4v4vA.AvAv .'Q'l"'f nv,Nmv.v..v'. 3, mf sf., ,H My 5 Front row Clefr ro righrbz Kevin Gibson, Ken Turer, Louis Monroyo, Brion Crow, Greg Lung, Kevin Kellener, Todd Korey. Second row: Dill Comello, Arthur Amporono. Curris Burton, Elmer Borrerson, Rob Kubisiols. Tnird row1 Coocn Roy Alonzo, Doug Jenkins, Don Ansrerr, Pierre Foullss, Ted Mclnryre, Scorr Flood, Don Fosrer ond Cooch Eric Rasmussen. pr- oi, 4 -of aft' 'iff wifyrj: 'WF-ffl! 4 .fi M n s, KX- 'ku 3 c s., E sw Sports The Apollo vorsity boseboll progrom kept up the win' ning trodition of the post yeors by hoving onother out- stonding yeor. AHS wos led by seniors Kevin Kelleher ond Scott Flood, both of whom were returning lettermen ond were pre-seoson picks by the Phoenix Gozette os two of the best ployers in the Skyline Division. Apollo did go through o mojor chonge when 11-yeor cooch Chuck O'Connor took o position with Phoenix College, ond Junior Vorsity Cooch Roy Alonzo took over. Alonzo wos o suc- cessful cooch ot thejunior vorsity level, ond the promise of good things to come echoes throughout the dugout. is it 1 li s 6,-5,715 ' . Q., 'WV' - 4 J is-. 1 'i I '1 - .. "F 'fs -'M I A aw ff: ":,. M14 A' -ill' A 5 F n- S ' .5 , X ., A 'if 1, gf "Nr: .. V ' - . A , t c i. . , , - V 5 iMmliiiili'ivnitiiiiifeflii?3,, , it i, i ,M , , . r , 4 is ,,.... .ai--gf' bs... 2 X 1 it i ,si -.i A at c 1- :K " 1,4 tr A A i - ' ' W t ,, .1 K +- 'Q in- ' ' , , it ly N wwf, 4. ,K , , M ,M , M45 .N ua A 'I Q , A 'H 3 0' i. , i 11 v' ,Ml , na. , -1- N. ,i .v ,WW ,,g.,," .. . , .-., is-. - fi-at -0- .A ."f W ,J R, A A+. Wi W1 K x 1 165 'A 1. , 3157 ,,, ,. T 3 ,,, i..,k A , ,- c , ,A X f,.wTil'7"'3"1'f-c ' 'V75'JIiv im. - , ' , Junior Vorsity Boseooll lronr row Cleft to rightbz Dovid Dornboci, Alex Lopez, Milse Chorles, Tony Chiorelli, John Livingston, ond Richord Molino. Second row: Trovis Mirro, Rod Wilson, Ron Berg, Phil Bonoguidi, Dovid lnness, John Cooper, ond Steve Jenlsins. Bock row: Cooch Kisner, Don Elorn, John Potriclsi, Jerry Mondoso, Ethon Brougher, Derek Elmore, Por Lopez, Deon Stone, ond Cooch Morich. ApoIlo's junior vorsity ooseboll teorn once ogoin hod o good seoson, os rhe post teorns hove. AHS spenr the rnojoriry of the yeor leorning the strotegy of ooseboll so os to be prepored for ploylng vorsity. The Howie cooches stressed enduronce ond conditioning, ond the dividends were enormous. Alrhough rhe JV nnust still worls horder thon ever to rnolse rhe vorsity reorn, this group should be better rhon reody for the lseen competition of yeors to come. Freshman Baseball Drealeing info high school baseball is rough in any stare, our in Arizona rhe cornperirion is rhar much harder oe' cause of the caliber of excellence rhar rhe reams in rhis srare have achieved, For rhis reason, and rnany orhers, rhose freshmen who make rhe baseball ream ar Apollo have a real reason ro be proud. The Apollo freshman baseball prograrn has been rhe foundation for rhe excel lenriy. and varsiry reams, and rhis ream proved ro be no exceprion, ,, ' W. '- , ws .A if flxili -r ,I Lg, I' , 'f' I -, QIEkw ,f 'L 7, cyl "' lff!?2ex, if? X xt L 4 X iff 3751! 'J If X, ag l 41 ffl 'Q 4 --ii 1-fi fl' i Jax ,L f f 1 mulllxup-1ia'n"'5-If 1 'X "I 'NO'- + sir: yi gwqs U 5, 5 . f - .u .L -- - f cc X s- . Q . ., , g A ,s V X Fronr row: Milse Jackson, Daniel Cornelia, Ruben Rincon, Joey Frisoni, Alan Wilson, Billy Smith, Brian Forrier, lloberr lqas, and Doug Shuman, Second row1l4enny Maclslin, Maris Sixel, Sal Lucchese, Johnny Flores, Al Montoya, Burch Schneider, Milse O'l-lara, Doug Claxton, and Mike Wesr, Third row1 Coach John Newhall, Gary Adams, Vicror Renreria, Brad Baker, Ray Mirchell, Milse Wesrergard, Shane Chrisrensen, Francisco Darrios, Sieve Zinder, and Coach Don Snnirh. "N'Q- sg Q CCEJUQQJLS SIEPDCGDJQYJFS 5522153 WF DEM DQMCQCDD o 'K UW fn G Q 6 D H? In X Bolzic 0 Q, Sherr rw, ond Sue Vurdz, K J Ginger Kurtz- Swimming GIRLS COACHES , fi- Q ek ff 5555? ' . :S 6 TR fd' in ,,,-.3 C vp.. . . Emmett Smith- Girls Cross Country Cindy Zopion, Volleyboll, Trocls 0. Swimming Top row L ro Ri Allison lloberrson, Sheri Schwindel, Mornee Drumheller, Lori Corpenrer, Teri High, Debbie Brolslse, Heidi Sogodi Liso Luilsorr Tommy Colvin, Andreo Miller. Middle row: Kimber Lonning, Jenny Bowden, Donelle Armiger, Lori Wilbur, Isrisrine Highlond, Julie Ogden Michelle Gill Dorrom row: Mory Johnson, Suson Ogden, Joner Gessner ond Jill Tore. Nor Picrured: Michelle Homirr. Sm A ,iihni s if The Apollo Girls Swim Teom conrinued rheir winning seoson rhis foll, wiih o record of 5 wins ond 8 losses. Topping off rhe seoson wos o 0rd ploce vicrory or rhe divisionol meer ond finolly, on Brh ploce finish or Srore, Oursronding swimmers for rhe reom were Tommy Col- vin, senior, ond Joner Gessner, sophomore. Ar rhe srore comperirion, Colvin finished 2nd in rhe 200 yd, lndividuol Medly ond Grd in ihe 100 yd. Burrerfly. Gessner olso ploced or srore coming in 5rh in rhe 500 yd, Freesiyle ond orh in rhe 200 yd. Freestyle. Psepresenring Apollo in rhe diving comperirion wos sen- ior Allison Roberrson who ploced 17rh in rhe srore, , - -mums: .ma , was , .ma , M4 ,,,,..,mn Cross Counrry cn, Fronl Row. Bill Gem, Dovid Eclshour, Rob Wolloce, Vier Dom, Geoff Price ond Kirls Shorro- Second Row Wendy Lopez, Keirh Turner, Don Sulliyon, Rob Speolsmon, Jeff Pererson, Bill Gouso ond Joe Lowrence Third Rows Cooch Emmerr Smirh, Greg Woirier, Shown Reese, lsorl Kowolslsi, Richord Dole, Lenny Clorla, Wes Huichins, John Noronjo ond Cooch Dovid Lopez. Fourrh Row, Tommy l-lefley, Chrisro Odell, Cynrhio O'dell, Robbie Churchill, Holly Sholer, Zsuzsi Sogodi, Suson Trimmier ond Declsy Huerro. S, 515 .125, - ps ..-c ws .g. s urge' . J" C Q se ' I ' R . X R K W .Nc . R 5 A 4 , - . - C Q. X ,, ' - . 5..1 1 -f f M-ll N-mm 5.1!-v-f . " fs ' i. w Q x s . 'A' '. 5 ..smii'i 'X' rf. 5 'S'--53? me if - :fr ,,. 4 S f if Q , , .. ,Q t-.h V-, K , 4, X 4.4 s A -s P . ssl .L fn s .. 'Y Z. - X . - L f . f rx , Q . - 'sense' . , . Q-vim . -- .:-siemg ,C s A . . -. . H we - . . 5 :'x i .qg L ...AM wig., Aff? X5 if Q g -sf i .- -L f.. K . .K -3 u ,sf 3,15-.sv :X wx J k . . K ,W s, .. I 5. 4 r 1 ,,E.,.A,3x , X . . - ,v at .X sf 1 - , . Qsrsxx, L Q wx 1 . ess A U 4' ' ' A 'E ' CRM ' K 7 sv L .-M Cooch Emmett Smith ond his girls vorsiry crosscounrry reom compiled on impres sive duol meer record of 18 wins ond only 4 losses. A rosh of lore seoson injuries conrribured ro rhe upset loss in rhe Slsyline Divisionol meer. Sophomore Holly Shofer vvos joined by seniors Cyn rhio Odell ond Zsuzsi Sogodi ond juniors Robbie Churchill ond Suson Trimmier, ond sophomores Chrisro O'dell ond Ton yo Perers. Cooch Dovid Lopez ossisred wirh the girls cross counrry reom. Vorsiry Trocls The girls vorsiry rrocls reorn, one of the more successful reorns here or Apol- lo, ogoin produced o winner rhis yeor. The girls lived up ro the repurorion of being chompions, which rhey hove eorned by consisrenrly being one of rhe rop reoms in rhe Skyline Division. The girls hod some injuries eorly in rhe seo- son, buf hord work, condirioning ond confidence in rheir obiliry ro succeed produced onorher winning seoson. Vor- siry Cooch Cindy Zopien wos ossisred by Slsip Rodgers. Fronr row: Clefr ro righrb Kirn White, Jenny Sowden Zsuzsi Sofodi Robbie Churclnill Cynrhio O dell ond Dorino Gorcio Docls row Cooch Cindy Zopien Holly Shofer, Poulo Thompson, Koren Whire, Jennifer Inness Lori Corpenrer Porry Dovis ond Cooch Slsip Rodgers Junior Vorsiry Trocle ,jf .K . Y 4 2? Fronr Row Clefr ro rignrb Meghon Joclsson, Tommy Heffley, Jocisie Henry, Lindo Reed, Myro Joclsson ond Teri Heffley. Second Row Coociw Cindy Zopion, Angeiique Morrinez, Tonnee Piooerison, Ginger Honnblin, Michelle Curley, Debbie Eroionci, Trocy Lucos, Poiry Dovid ond Assisronr Coocn Slsip Pioogcrf, ,A ,. -V H. ge, i re.. M 5' ,Ig If Vx Yf, J .V "W W-8 153 i 5? F' N T K :vamp ' E 'ff , 3 ' A ., E ,Q ff Q , M E rig, Y i r i Q B M f ,, if :mouth ,.....,.....u....-W--AW W, l I 'x , " ' , . -, . A-as ' isa XHWN ' ,,,, ...- . M .,..,v , 4 D-116' JA, 1 W an 'MK- 1 199 . , M Vorsiry Boslserooll or Once ogoin, rhe lvorsiry girls' boslserboll reom Jyrheflspirirlond dererfninorionrhor rhey hove beeniilknown for in rhe post. According ro rheir cop- iiroin, Julie Gollogher, rhis yeor's reom hoso lor of porenriol due ro their rremendous reom work. Our- lr sronding players include juifnlors Sherri Wrono ond Joyce Walker, ond Gollogherg disenior. With o reom of rhis srrengrh, rhe Howles con look forword ro on excellenr seoson nexr yeor. KEWZS xxwfks NMS ,lim IA. "IH Seniors Lori Mcl4insrry, Julie Golloger, Corhy Keefer, ond Holly Elwood, HMZ5 MWKS Iffff Mm miwlrs MWK5' 4 " E U -2 Qiixwxs J giwgig iiilwxg MWKS J: J K l I fx! 1 D -lei: Front row Clefr ro righrlz Sherri Wrono, Julie Wood, Down King, Eloine Olivos, Joyce Wollser, ond Corol Golden. Bocls row: Lori Mcl4insrry, Porry Shudinis Corhy Keefer, Pomelo Role, Holly Elwood, Julie Gollogher, coproin, ond Cooch Wilson. Junior Vorsiry And Fresnnwon Boslserboll yif' V 4:- ! , 5 ' . .fx 2 gr ,sb I M, f .v XWWKS ffl 'ns JV Fronr row Clofr ro rngnrb Michelle Loncosrer, Julne Gieresh, Lindo Donnbrowslem, Poulo Rok, Afny Mnrcnlnsky, ond Sywio Ocnoo Bock row Korhy '.'.d4unnoy, Noncy Burnley, Lnso Tenborge, Sondy Boker, Lorroune Olnyos, ond Coocn Dwde Donohue yi Q no 4 3 ii qw 5 .f ' X Fi i T 3 Y. 1 1 , 5 3, ., 4 2 Q . 5 fx. --.lilgf - Frosh Front row Qlefr ro nqnrb Mme Moernwon, Mgr Q Keren Link, Dense We-wndel, Dono Ksllnwon, MICVWGIXC Gagnon, Lorronne Nnxon, ond Becky Huerro, Mgr BACK row Jonnmfor Eorlc, Sonyo Seyferr, Corby Coilmns, Mory Wwlne-Inn, Lwso Frrznugn, Knsry Bunn Terreso Fosrer ond Ccocn Berry Bnrr Vorsiry Volleyooll Fronr row Clefr ro righrbz Pshondo Adorns, Joe l-lerrin, Mgr., ond Lynne Dugon, Bocls row: Lourie Anderson, Denise Schneider, Julie Fisher, Porry Shudinis, Morci Ayors, ond Cooch Cindy Zopien. ff si fn" Once ogoin the Apollo Volleyooll reom showed soorrs- rnonship ond l-lowls Spirir. Togerher, rhe girls leorned how ro worls hord ond oin'i roword success They experienced rhe joys ond frusrrorion of oorriciporing in o school sporr. The l-lowlss ore Ioolsing forword ro o successful seoson nexr yeor, ' K :,Q,Q,:5-1:5 .. -.1 Junior Vorsiry And Frosn i X W Junior vorsiry Fronr row Clefr ro FIQHTD Sondy Boker, Poulo Collins, ond Morgorer Terriro. Bocls row' porrlclo Croorree, Llso Vlrerbo, Cooclw Bolon, Snonnon Dlgvvorfe, ond Llnoo Domorowslsl 'K Frosn Fronr row Clefr ro rlqnlb Megnon Jockson, Michelle Curley, Coproln, ond Lon Cnlle, Bocls row Koren Llnlx, Mlcnelle Droelsnulzen, co foproln, Corlo Ronlsln, Mory Wllnelrn, Tonnee Rooerrson, ond Coocn Dorf Varsiry Sofroall viii 1 W' Front Row Clefr ro righrb Lisa Foloo and Chrisrina Faloo, Second Row' Sandy Baker, Nancy Brewsrer, Lynne Dugan, Stacey Hasl, Tricia Crabtree, Lori Arnuso and Marie Wiechec. Third Row Tonya Perers, Jo Ann Puclserr, Linda Weir, Coach Berry Barr, Chris Celaya, Paula Collins and Sheri Wrona. , niwlmlwg ., V-I ' . uf jf' J ,. The 1981-1982 yarsiry sofroall year ciimaxed wirh rhe C Hawks reaching a mini-playoff ro derermine placing in rhe disrricr playoffs. A loss ended rhe season and produced a final record of Q wins and 7 losses. Coach Berry Barr, in her second year ar rhe helm of rhe Hawlss, seemed proud of rhe team and is looking forward ro nine varsiry players returning nexr year. Mosr valuable piayer for rhe yarsiry fhis year was Lisa Faloo, senior. Junior Vorsiry And Freshrnon Sofrooll JV Fronr Row' Clefr ro righrlz Michelle Curley, Melodi Dix ond Corolyn Androde Second Row' Koren Kosryls, Corhy Collins, Noncy Wiechec, Virginio Gonzoles ond Sonyo Seyferr Third Row: Cooch Bob Scorr, Shonnon Bigworfe, Pom Role, Lindo Dombrovvslsi, Thereso Fosrer ond Michelle Loncosrer Frosh F'onr row Clefr ro righrb- Angelique Morrinez ond Jodi Terry, Middle row: Shelly Lindley, Denise Holden, Holly Lindsey, Mory Srhirh, Joonn Rubin, ond Ginger Shoubel Bock row lsorhy Johnson, rngr , Koren Linls, Annie Freennon, Corlo llonlsin, Krisry Buhr, Srocey Kissinger, Denise We-indell, Down Turer, ond Cooch Sinohui Junior Vorsity Tennis A f 0 yvfvxy My H Q1 ,rms mx r r r , ,, M 21' f-,fe- we , i , . Ai i,, ,., Girl's tennis six of first seven motches, served notice on thot the l-lowlss will be ore led by ,Fluor Lourie Ander- son, Jomie M' Q t' ii' 4531 all it ' Front row Cleft to rightbr Corrie Ferrori, Yvonne Ellington, Kristo George, Dorby Jones, ond Tino Cuzzocreo. Bock row: Notolie Word, Jonine Terry, Lindo Weir, Lourie Anderson, Jornie Quinn, ond Jodi Neighbors. Not pictured: Emily Nosh, Melisso Lorson, Liso Holler, Sue Grorrino, Chris Berger, Roberto Desrochers, Kim Butcher, ond Michelle McDonald. Vorslry Bodmimrom The Apollo Vorsiry oodmirwrorw reom lwod onorlwer winning seoson wlrlw 7 wins ooo 5 losses. Oursrorwdirwg ployers were Slweilo Dole ood Liso Peorsorw. They ploced orlw or rlwe dlvislorlol rouroomenr os o doubles reom. .f""'N ---. Dorrom row Clefr ro rlglwrb Shello Dole, Comme Corley, Llso Folbo, ond Norwcy Brewsrer. Second row- Lando Weir, Doroy Jones, Angelo Wlley, Jodi Nelghoors, Shelly Horrwogel, lsrlsro George, ond Joclsy lsirely Top row Liso Holler, Dione Affeldr, Liso Peorsorn, Miss Bloir, Cooclw, Jomrne Terry Alllson Moroo, ond Moroo Corwooy lflll in lhe blcnksl First School First Prom First Teacher-Ti First Steady-...l- First Kiss First Dissected Frog ..- First Football Game .1 First Car First Date First Bank First Interstate F B k olArrzona, N A Member F D I C - Federal Reserve Syst Formerly First Nallonal Bank of Arrzona Equal Opporlumly Employer ws, . 1 QlaLalc101124LaLrlllalfclaireiraLaLulaLalraLfm:LMaL+iLraL.alainlalrqlelcialalaLaiolalelralelqleloLnlainieCale X IQ -as e Mm Q g e s se Q5,,s ,, xlX , hX 5 5, , wnwswmswwnwws- 1 Q ee s 3 X " 1 5 xx X X X M fe Regs SQQXS X x N X we QSSQX ve y Q SQ N fb -X - a sm n erve: 6 wee . 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Dllll SHNDERSUN Fllllll Our product IS Ford, but our busmess IS people 5300 Grand Avenue Glendale 846 8600 247 6300 Open evenmgs tal 9 Saturdays tll 7 but never on Sunday E' . 6 ...,, M 6 . , . U 0' 2 G , 7 l ' l Qs l , ll., 1 ' ' J U' ' ! 7 . . , ,, , . .. I! ' ' ' 79 . , . , . , 651 VAQG P WHERE SERVICE MEANS SERVICE 4850 W. Glenclale Avenue P 0 Box l497-Glendale. Arizoltc 853ll 934-3444 GOOD LUCK HAWICS! SPEND SOME TIME IN THE PAS11 n an hour's tour of Salt GRiver Project's History Center, you'll be fascinated by the faces and events that pioneered the Salt River Valley. There are tools and artifacts from the mysterious Hohokamg rare photos of early pioneersg even original documents from Teddy Roosevelt's dedication of Roosevelt Dam in 1911. Come share Arizona's his- tory with us. The History Center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enter our main lobby, East Van Buren Street at Project Drive. -' . 4:4 1. Salt River Project WATER 0 POWER x wav 11 :M 1 2 5, 4 4 ,Reb m M... .. ,,...f-f"""' 216 W.,-e14""" S A is US af' X K R K 'XS' mf: 5. pg'-Q-Wm M ' I .. fl: , fi iiifiii if X? -:X WV X X. . fa., ,- X X S ,-+ X TAC UELITE i 4402 VV GLENDALE PHONE 939 1958 BURR IT OS TACGS TOSTA DAS in - 3 X . 3 mfiiiixf Y W 3- 1 AL,, , 2 T -my 3- . uf 3 '-sszggwf -xB:',5g5:z Wfv fix. I A 3 . 3 1 3 . -, 5 Q 2 I 3 , 3 - f 3 - 3 , 2 Hz, 3 3 3 :Rm Q - 1 VMYWESTW 3 Zami! 3 3 UN LA' A 937-seas SPECIALIZING IN BAKED POTATOES WITH OUR 3rd lll7'I' YOUR CHOICE OF DI-II,ICIOUS TOPPINGS VAI.I.I-13 WI-IST MALI. NUTRITIOUS - DI-1l.IC'IOUS 59th AVE. 81 NORTIIHRN ,4 ' H12 6 - 9 Sun-Wed 6- IO Thufs -Sm EAT IN OR TAKE OUT subs o breakfasts o hot dinners 0 . n- 5 pizza " hi! 81 xo A-A' ' ' sllces ' 931 - 8094 Dunlap 43 rd Ave. 8- olive -6 ' Q'- :W .X 39 J' ' ,1 ', f '7'afffF5 x . ' in I ' 5 I ' 'ffdxiu T, 1- nn. , ,. 4 M, A r J, Vi' , - 1' Aw ' 4 ,L M-S. Smith wou ld like , A. :zr Q I l?s to THAN K: A pgl IQ Lf I I AT 2 Student S Faculty I ' V f 2 H W 2 . . f 1 TTTT s gf 'S For Nlak I ng Th I S an P j 9, I - f Outstanding If if J 3 Year' I I is f f fa I h Rm f T L Ls. I-Q5 For R rr no .....Ol' Professional fs! RED CARPET Come by Representation " can ..... 5058 W. Peoria 939-8344 247-0808 M on r ssss ' Professionols Ar Work Red Carpetn Offices Don VANDER GIESSEN C0381-T0-C0381 JACQUE TERRY fa' RED CARPET- RARRARA Lorrns p Ave. In ESLQQLRD good Ouab to PNITA SHEPPARD , MART1 Ropp Q: RGSE DE VRIES 99000119 ! SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiQQGSNSGSNQSGQQSQ1 1555555515551iiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiii Umque AL QWLK ll lllll mlm Real Estate REAIUKY7 3612 W Dunlap Phoemx Az 85021 Phone 602 938 0100 JIM WEHMUELLER 1 il 11 11111 1115 O 0 O O O O O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O mmm wceqg csmses F m m . .I 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 9. 0. 0. 1. Q. 9. 9. 1. ol 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. Q. ol 0. 1. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. OM. O . . . . . flgi gi. ' ff M: 3 I- ". 5' 10 '-.fbaf Y .- :Q I Q . . Ng, E ' -'51 -' bg . . O . Lv- Q h i ,gi 2 E! , . 0 ' ' - -Wall .Jnl' . ' . 'T 5 ' ' K' !:' c y U . P . - nut? 1- N 2 . -' ' 'FY' i,I fmmgkxi .,.1 ', Q: L1 +I Q QgQjHUNUNHHUUNNHUNNNUHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS 4 4542 YT I- McfKf.7NNff'9' ' If fllliilflsff' S7f?LS THE FINEST IN CUSTOIVI DFIAPERIES 939 7492 4726 w nuvf-GLENDALE K I. A ,..w X f .4 xy 4. V v I 5 9 --.. ggnix' A B dy B Idimg ' Povverlifring 0 Womerfs Prog Q .Q rf!" 9 Xwulnigiafw XX ix? Qx 9 T99 gxX GYM FO! MIN In WOMEN , ,X 2 Qi 9 5041 N as d A Bon 6 DEf3onAH RANNEY 4 ii Phoenix' AHZOHO 9317022 A PBGEHT 4438 N. 35th Ave x Phoenix Arizona 85017 246 0422 I Cong at latlons I Clas Of 82 G ZZJ YOU NEED A FRIEND WHO KNUWS THE TERRITURY . lf you belieye a handshake is strll the most binding contract of all . and are seriously consldermg sellmg your house, we urge you to call us. We'll give our word toyour i 249-0.39 Berry Hordill Er in Lucky Center Hrfociotef 8024 n. SIA Hve Do you love Pizza? W " 1 r-c X 'USM 1' family out to where you all can have a real good time? :l v f ' I Q Do you wish you could take your f Mr' ...xfhf X Q E::': Q "f 973 1860 3575 W. Northern Where on earth can you lind a pizza house with this much? The answer to A Reserved Room For Special Parties a pina 'oven Wye" Giant TVScreen Take Out Service FS we .---M. Salad Bar Friendly starr i ,ji Put Together With Our Excellent Atmosphere Q I vi Xi me V1 -s -an S egff Q .- ' 1 , --r.'f1'v K .- , ,,,. M Co'Edirors Sherri Tucker ond Koren Trourmon As rrme posses, we hope rhus book helps you re member your 1981 '82 school yeor The mony drfferr enr ocrrvurues, moods, foces ond expressuons rhrough our rhus book ore HAWKS OF APPOLO Ali rruly perfecr 1O's Sherri You ore rhe oesr co ednor I've ever hod Thor's nor hord rhough, you ore the only one I've ever hod Ho Ho" Seruoour smuhng vvurhour your crozrness The book doesn'r even hove ro be done rwrce rhrs yeor- A 9- Hurrory four UPS! And rhonk goodness four us' Toke Core G Best Wishes ' Love, Koren Koren' Thus yeor ss funolly over ond the book as our on fume" Looking Dock, I see o lor of good, for unsronce, gonng ro mon, oeorrng our deodhnes ond much more I olso remember rhe ood Funding our Quozznmoro was leovung, sporrs G clubs 6 orgonizoruons Mohy people helped me olong rhe woy, srevvy Dooy, Mr Brown G our sroff, our mosr of oll you Q wx S is ,R Co Ednror Forever, Sherri sg, . ...,k . ' sl - www , QCQLYKXX BLQBXWQM X 3 mggi DWL? X wgydm NUR W1 ' My mwgfjw WML Www W ,B WU ww A5 H33 J wi n j,Q!,f01,41gV,fL bf, V if Wil? ' b 6 ffpm, LVL lL f"4Qj,4""lCV W 72 ' . f' 1,3 cf Lf ' " n f glgzlwfwk .fgflaffa c P 'LjwLzfCjL ff 'Af ' is Siu "'k"' -Lfe .... s and Organi or Class or Class omore Class hman Class Fa Iry and Staff Sp TS 5FfiSQmf?I3TS' - il gh-afagraphersn . .. .- riams S i A. 'Tucker Trourma . . . . . . Stafay eaver or Dfdwri 3 fi' OLJQH CQ-E r Kgifiiy L asf V srieryi Nw E Ke-irh Leviri Co3EdAirQr ' 4 Q . - ,Jan Gaxrer --O-Edfrer i . 1 amy men i my Hwrii i pefifiy Thom ' i i .i KimiKrumiwfiiico-Ed'iiof ' - Heilyq Jneamirrgs jgCo+Edirar i Jan Baxter i . i Sheryl New i . A Qgjwn Wggginu 'VOfEdifOF' 4 Smqey Weave 5Cb-Egziiror i Si1e1Bidrai iz Kathy Lyons' Bruce 'Laatasre . ........ .. Porrigio Avila ' -Edifcir ii i' '-Ebdifar f -Hciiiv Msliiwfi' Q ' 2 gsiierfy wiiiiom 'Lisa Alger i ,. .. iseuy. ienfm Eeiioi K Raihida Avi' -Lisa -Decrqi 'Herhy Ms 'Hey' Lllruge La asrer Kim iauf iiseifiif. , RQ ., duri g THompsa Aiiz 1 , AA"" :Lisa Usiaess Manager i Debbie QIA,, ,.,, i A Aa,.. ,fii sffeldr . . , 'Kogreri Tneigimqm Kdiflfiy Lyons ,Sheryl New Kim .l4rumIa.Luf "Bruce Laacasrer :Jae Gagrion Adyisajg Mr. Jim- Brown I Ca-Ediror51,Sh'erri Tuqlier ariq Karen- Traurmam. i ,I vw K I S N . ' 5 i E Juriig .e .f .. 1 f if ' i ' fi ii, i i is i B I I i 5 X i i i i i 5 1 Fr 51 i L-ISQ,,DeQfCjX, E if ' Q f E Di P ' 1 Caver designed by Ray glvlurir

Suggestions in the Apollo High School - Olympus Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) collection:

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