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Phorogrophers Koren Trourmon Kothy Lyons Sheryl New Kim Krumlouf Druce loncoyer Joe Gognon Advisor Mr Jim Drown Co Edirors Sherri Tucker and Koren Troumon Cover designed by Roy Hun») Mflgk Seiko©! 4§ Kf 4Htb Afsiig ©M. Advisor Mr Jim Drown Co Editors Sherri Tucker ood Koren TrourmonStudents, Foculry, odrrvnisrrotion ond personnel we'd Ike ro introduce you ro the perfect ”10" No it’s nor the bey looking person you've ever seen, your fovorire movie, or even Do Derek. It's something much better, the perfect ”10" is your school, APOLLO! 2346891011121415Throughour rhe yeors. we hove been fomAorized wirh rhe number 10 os being rhe besr, rhe ulrimore in perfecrion ond expense This describes APOLLO. Hawks show rheir excellence m every oreo; Acodemtcs, orr, orhlerics. dromo, music, pubbcorions, speech ond many or her oreos. Throughour rhis book, you will see mony of rhe faces, moods, ond ocriviries of rhe 198182 school year, os we presenr our rheme ro you... HAWKS NOT ONLY RULE THE SKY, THEY ARE THE PERFECT ”10'' 1 + 9= 8 + 2= ”10'' 1617MOST ATHLETIC Isr ploce: Pierre Foully ond Lori Corpenrer (nor pictured) 2nd ploce: Brock Heorhcorre ond Koren White BEST DRESSED 1st ploce: Joe Bomboci ond Potty O'Rouke. 2nd ploce: Bruce Fortner ond Yvette Apodoco. 18BEST PERSONALITY Isr ploce: Don Ansrerr and Sheila Dale. Tony Elmore ond Debbie Taggorr. MOST SCHOLASTIC Margorr Earle ond Mark Loube. 2nd ploce: Chris Miller and Dando Kurob. 19ROWDIEST Isr ploce: Mike Wishing and Cindy Hockers. 2nd place: Lori McKinsrry and Eric Nelson. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Isr ploce: Randa Kurob and Mark Laube. 2nd ploce: Chris Miller ond Kim Carroll. 20MOST TALENTED Isr place: Jackie Thul and Kevin Gollagher 2nd Place: Krisri Peace and Steve Svancora. FRIENDLIEST 1st place: Marcio Canady and Dan Ansredr. 2nd place: Marie Squires and Joe Herrin. 21MOST HUMOROUS Isr place: David Rones and Karen Whire. 2nd place: Ron Walker and Lori McKinsrry. OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP Isr place: Sheilo Dale and Kevin Hunrer. 2nd place: Terry Green and Kim Carroll. 22TVait n n DO25 Clubs ond Orgorw-orioos section Sroff. Kneeing. Oruce Loncostet Stondng. Stocy Weaver, Kothy Lyons. Down Wough Not Pictured. Sheryl NewSrudenr Council Our objectives ore: To represent ond express the feel ings, opinions, ond interests of oil students ot Apollo through o wide variety of octivities ond events. Our ocNevemenrs ore Homecoming week octivities Homecoming Donee Homecoming Halfrime Foculry Appreciorion Day Speciol lunchtime events Freshmon elections Eric Lock Fund Raisers We wont to be remembered for Doing the best job we lenow how with our feelings ond our kindness. Bottom row L to R Kevin Hunter. Terry Green. Richard Bale Second row Katie Wo oce. Cheryl Young. Korhy McKmney. Mortho Fierropmedo. Rebecca Glenn, Shoron Houck. Mynom Vonroy Top row Cmdie Burnett. More Turner. Kim Carro . Lgo Pearson. She ) Bole ond Jute Ogden 26Booster Club Our objectives ore. To ossisr rhe vorious clubs, groups and organizations on campus ro ochieve rheir goals, many of which require material and finonciol ossisrance Our achievements ore: COE and DECA scholarship, soccer nets, water cool- ers, music fronts, baseboll Jackets. UN Delegate fees, swim cops, coaches' shirrs, reochers luncheon, spa- ghetti dinner, Hawk emblem shirrs and jackets for students, parents and fans; ods in newspoper ond yearbook, football ond basketball programs, speech reom stopwatch, baseball field sprinl-der sys- tem, ond so much more. We wont ro be remembered for Our ossistonce ro ony ond oil clubs ond organiza- tions, our annual spaghetti dinner fund rosier where ol clubs sell tickers ond reap profits, responsibility for season ticker soles, ond support for oil activities. 27 Ken Lmdsey. Charlotte Nelson. Ethel Hate. Pot Young. Daisy Elmore. Judy Md nstry. President. Sue Durron. Oeth Shevo Zmder. Jon Lindsey ond Corl FreiwoldVarsity Spirit Our objectives ore: To promote school spirit and school sponsored activities, enter rain the audience during gomes and assemblies, and to provide for school unity. Our achievements are We hove ochieved higher stan- dards for ourselves, encouraged more people to attend the gomes and pleasing the student body as best we Isnow how, and selling rtobons during the football season. We wont to be remembered for Doing the best we can or on rimes, being strong under pressure and criticisms by the students, ond the unique way we execute our dances ond mounts. Scored Srocey Wen. Korhy McWnoey. Mitzi Dehreodr. Ju6e Domex ex', Tiffany Kennedy. Uso Meyer. And Crndie Qurnerr Stonding: Joe Herrin. Done Affoldr, Kevin Humer. Pom Crawford ond Steve McCogno Nor Piaured Keith Lewis ond Sieve Fowler 28J.V. Spirit Our objectives ore. To promote school spirir through- out the school yeor ond to roke port in school ocrivities. Our ochievements ore: We hove ochieved higher yon dords for ourselves ond we sold ribbons to promote spirir. We wont to be remembered for: Storting the spiritline ond showing other schools whor o success it con be Frosh Our objectives ore: To promote school spirir through- out the freshman doss. Our achievements ore: We led the freshmon football ream to ond undefeated season We wont to be remembered for: Bringing school spirir to the fresh- mon football ond basketball reoms. Ptaured Left L ro fV Koren Cuffing. Cocopf, Mory Trefry, Detndo Ooh?y. Jeonine Jones. Tor» Moccoronc. Copf, Melonie RobinsonSpanish Our objectives ore: To promote international exchange, supporr district foreign exchonge stu- dents, os well os trove) to Mexico ond receive Mexican students. Our achievements ore: We sponsor Delidas exchonge stu- dents, aid finoncioBy in the Narionol Spanish Exom, ond we host summer exchonge students. We wont to be remembered for: Being on active dub, ond our contri- butions to foreign relationships ond exchonge orgonizorions. Lefr ro Right Regino Rivers, Ofeto Omocon, lene McCobe, Whitney Tippitrs, Lexi CurvTinghom Bottom row, L to R Pot Lopez. Pete Dozemon, SorrxxH Munoz. Jodi Epp, Ann Russel. Ofeki Omoron, Connie Curley. Morgoer Temto. Kim Nelson Second row: Antonios Bruni. lene McCobe. Afcson McCorthy. Regino Rivers. Myriom Vonroy. Morrho Fienropnedo, Richord Burren Thrd row: Mrs Moino. Mrs Griggs. Advisors; Peter Petnsko. Stocey Kimbel, Cothy Keefer. Debbie Frank Lexi Cunninghom. Sue Grottino. Suson Anderson. Rob White, Mke bnomry. Cothy Welsh, Michele Gerstner. Cord Bough 30German Our objectives ore: ro leorn about the German civtzo- rion. Our achievements ore: Dicycle tours, climbing Squaw Peak, contests, and o colender sole. We would Ike ro be remembered for: the people ond activities of the orga- nization. Top Row Jeff Wood. Dome, Wfcon, Joe) Dirch, Doonsm Koesetoz. James Decker Orion Ourr. Fred Foto. Sponsor. Doiiom Dow MDe Fitzpatrick. Down Grmmer, Akce Hariocher. Greg Mler. Angelo Luis. Pete linger Larin Our objectives ore: ro participate in the Junior Gassicol League Convention ond promote the Lorin language ro oil people inter- ested. Our ochievements ore: partidporioo in various fundraisers such os condy soles. We would like ro be remembered for: our fomous soying, "ad quid perditio haec." 31 Top Dow Shannon Dtgworfe. President. Jennifer TrueUood. Joy Hoi. Joe Fish. Dob Lmxwtler. Treasurer. Fronr Dow Tmo Morin. Amro Meyo. Fred Tokiguchi. Vice President, Dove Coir ns, Dorren SheaGolden Hawks Our objectives ore; To help the Cross Counrry ream with its meets and during the spring we work for the boys track ream rolling measurements, rim- ing ond onnouncing. Our Achievements ore: We help the Cross Country ond track teams gain recognition. They ore o hord working group of ath- letes who deserve support. We wont to be remembered for: Supporting the reams with encour- agement ond friendship. Oub officers, L to R Corofyn Lorson. Treasurer. Jodi Epp, President. Leo Meyer. Secretory; Cheryl Young. Vice president 32 Bottom Row L ro R Ann Eloson. Jodi Epp Middle Row $hen Guthrie. Ouento Kefe. Uso Meyer, Suson DoJzjc, ond Carolyn Lorson Top Row Alteon McCorthy. Cheryl Yound. Noncy Viechec. Shelly Hornogle, ond Poige MooreN.H.S. Our objectives $re: To honor studenrs who hove demonstrated outsronding oca demic ochievements ond citizen- ship. Our ochievements ore: We co-sponsored the Sweetheort donee, sold pennants, gave schol- arships to graduating eighth grade students, ond we initiated new members in the spring. We would like to be remembered for: Being the largest, most presre- gious, elire club on compus. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI FNAUSTS. pictured L ro R David HombWi. Drock Heorhcotte. Mork Loube. Ed Fischer. Chns Mier, and Kim Do vs Front Row L ro R Iso Horlow. Joe Attons. Rob Richords, AAi e Moinor. Lee Ann Cone. Mory Anne Robemus. Morgorer Temro. Second Row Got Dommonn, Cheryl Dorsetr. Rondo Kurob. Volerie Koegel. Cheryl Drooks. Lourie Dovs, lone McCobe. Chris Ferrori. Sue Grorrino, Stephanie Dev ». Kimberly Smith Thrd Row Ken Lindsey, Cheryl Young, Ltso Heyn, Mere Squres, Korie ''Valoce, John Eorle. Joel KJondyrd, Dovid Smofcnski, Shannon Digworfe. Lynne Conning. Hofce Domeison. Fourth Row Jl Tore. Joner Renkenberger. Morrn Nner. Kevin Bender. Jeff Yomomoro. Jeff Horton. Sarjoy Gohel. Christopher Hole. Mrs Gardner, Adveor 33Marching Band Our objecrives ore: To give oil individual members os fine o jozz musical educarion os possible. Our ochievemenrs ore: Performances or assemblies, pri- vare dances, and rhe Regional Jazz Festival. We would like ro be remembered for: A well rounded jozz program when representing Apollo High School or various performances. Top Row, left ro right Trocey Ruz. Don Cross. Dorry Myer. Dhon Cory, Mon Bonder, Brent George. Jeff Mitchell. Doug Buedel. Ken Undsey. John Lomb. Shown McKnney. Doug Nogy. AMse Defert. Mike Broklse. Rob Lorlsin. Joe Gronodo, Sue Grottino Second Row Kris highland. Afcoo Mendozo, Km McDonald. Mark Piepenbrink. Ooonsin Koeuletz. Glenn Kisch. Chris Johnson. Joy Stew on. Tom McCabe. Ken Hdem, Wayne Scott. Rob Richards. Rennee Luedemon. Lori Corpemer. Oi Christy. Kris Shoger Third Row Tno Morin. Paul Reah. Robert Pmkstoff. Kim Christenson. Korea Myer. Sonjo Sufert. David Freduking, Dove Armstrong, Steve HocJey. Jokie Thul, Kothy ScJem, Vnce Gfford. John Drogo. Lso Rose. Denms Wteon, Cathy Welsh. Jodi Epp Fourth Row. Deeono Derhoog, Trocy Dwz. Suson Ogden. Tom Blood. Mott Polodno. Tory Luddus. Rubin Huerto, Done Evons, Som Munoz, Lori Woods. Holy Lindsey. Jeff Kulon. David Molno. Lesk Norris. Ginger Shoubel. John Folsom. Boon Burt. Terry Block Fifth Row Amy Acedo. Terry Holond. Morie Eymon. Pot Shinogowo. Jennifer Lawrence. Cord Golden. Mefcso Downrtg, Stephome Herman. Cord Bough. Me hole Gertner. Sondy Thul. Darlene Mosonko, Andreo Mschler. Akcio Huntsmon. Tohnee Robertson. Sixth Row Gobe Angakh. Director. Jm Toomey. Drum Mojor. Joyce Wolser. Cndy Kenyon. Richard Mohno. Elome Obvos. Ben Beorde. Monoger. Lorrone Olivos. Stephanie Burton. Nancy Rhodes. Jennifer Under. Doris Houck. Twirler. Wil Stewort, Drector 3435 Bottom row I ro IV Jenny Potter. Tino Morin. Knstno Shoger. Copt, Kn$ rtghtond Top row Deono Derhoog, Cocopr, Jodi Epp. Dons Houck. Twrier Cryyol Payne. Terry Block Not pictured Sue Grottno. Trocy ftmzDock Row left ro right: AAr. Angofcch. Director. Don Eustice, Jim Toomey, Jeff Mirchel. Shown McKinney. Mike Deferr. John Lomb. Woyne Scott. Rob Lorkin, Joe Gronodo. Dove Armyrong Front Dow left to right: Lorraine OSvos, Eloine Olivos. Tohnee Robertson, Becky Vefch, Terry Holond. Done Evons, MicheBe Corpenter, Amy Acedo Jazz Our objectives ore: To give oil individuol members os fine o jozz musicol educorion os possible. Our achievements ore: Mony performances or ossem blies, privore donees, school con- certs, ond rhe Regional Jozz Fesri- vol. We would like ro be remembered for-. A well rounded jozz program when representing Apollo High or various performances. 36Concert Bond Our objectives ore: To shore our musical tolents wirh Apollo High School and our com- munity. Our achievement ore: Our participation in various con cens of honor and fine entertoin- menr. We would like ro be remembered for: Our outstanding abilities in per forming quality concerts. 37 The Concert Bond provided erjoyoble musicol enrerronment ro Apo o srudents. pcrenrs ond friends or its onnuol concert in the school cafeteria in FebruaryDromo Our ot jecrives ore: To finonce ond produce spectacular ploys such os rhe "Crucible" ond "The Sound of Music", os well os orher minor doss ploys. Our achievements ore: We performed for grade schools around rhe volley, ond we co-spon- sored rhe Valentine's donee wirh NHS. We would like ro be remembered for: Exrreme ridiness around rhe sroge os well os our orher performing oreos, ond for turning our o rolenred group of fine enrerrotners ond back-sroge experrs. Top Row I ro ft Chris Ferrari ond Kim Dovis. I ter or on Mdde ftow IVk Griggs. Treasurer. David ftones. President. Grody Deard Ootrom flow ftob Dodver. Mark loube. Terry Mcrro, ftodney Smrh, Seaerary. Greg Welsh 38 Top ftow left to right BJ Ferrell, Adveor; Joel Brsh. Terry Morin. Grody Deord. Joy Hoi Middle Row ftob Docker. Ovs Perron, ftfc Griggs. Dovid ftones. ftodney Smith. Kim Dovis. Greg Welsh. Mark Loube Bottom ftow Kevin Gatogher. Ju4e Hawthorne. Morty Kinsey. Devon Olsen. Kevin Bender. Trocey Ferrel, Kristina Pouk. Jeannette Kinsey. Debbe GeshelPictured ore the cou members of the fol ptoy. the Crucible The coy members of the spring ploy. The Sound of Music ore Sheryl Griffith, Ano Sw. Rondo Ku tob. Maty Kmsoy. Mono Squres. AAory Dolzic. Sherri Tucker, Jeonneve Derrett Mark Loube. Do v J Hombin. Joy Hoi, Kim Dovxd, Chnyino Pauls. Dole Rubri, Rk Griggs. Roche! Fonum. Dovid Mohno. Jorver Vincent. Chhyo O'Dei. Debtue Ge she . Rodney Smith. Dovid Rones. Jorm lofts. Dor lane Mosonko. leonn Wogyoff. Kevm Gol tagher. Poul Fischer. Grody Deord. Lynn Moody. Terry Green 39Choir Our objectives ore gl ro eyobfeh ond promote o high yondord of exce4eoce in chord music ot Apoflo High Schod Our ochievemenrs ore: performing in many engagements through- out the schod year for schods. service organi- zations, music festivols, nursing homes and the Store Copid We present concerts ot Apotto and we ore looking forward to singing or the 1982 Groduotion ceremony. We would Hse to be remembered for: bringing chord music ond the joy of singing ro Apdlo yudents, porenrs, ond friends Top Row SheEey Drown. Tomaro Cdvin. Kimberly Gies. Jonine Dorrett. Rodney Dutler. Kenneth McLaughlin, Shown McKmney. Drear Swonger. Kelly Gdl. Michele Dest. Undo Srcworr, Jute Wells, Sheryl Griffith, Chriyino Pouk, Melody Dix MickJe Row: MicheJe Droekhuizen, Jufce Howthrone. Victorio Shepherd. Stephanie Hermcn. Rebecco Genn, Darry Corruthers. Mike Lueders, Kevin Gol’ogher. Trocey Diaz, Jamie Stephenson, Sondro Domnguez. Lisa Howlsins, Andreo Mishler Dottom Row: Jeanette Shore. Elaine Reoh, Dono Kflmon, Mary Johnson, Stocey Klein, Jennifer Yeley, Patrick Ross, MLte Strode, Eyer Aguoyo. Rochoel Fonum. Down Wotts, Louise Wotson, Michelle Curley. 40Guitar Our objectives ore To promote music performance on string in struments through concerts ond festival pornci potion Our ochievements ore: We performed engagements through out the school year for service organisations, schools, music festrvob, ond in the yote copitol for "Music in our schools weds" We perform concerts or Apo o. mus events ot ASU ond ot the Anzono State Solo ond Ensemble Festival We wont to be remembered for Good Vibrations" 41 Top row. L to R leaven Eubank. Jerry Roberts. Kevm Go ogher. Shown Dennett. Don Apodoco. John Roberts. John Mueler. Gnt From Bottom row Ginger Homblm. Tim Solem. Meghon Jockson, Myriam Vonroy. Morty Adler. Renee DeVore. Dome Reoh, Russell Wobh. Tory Ladders. Donefle Arrmger Not Pictured Trocy LeeNJPOTC Our objectives ore: To develop o more responsive, morure individuol, owore of rhe responsibilities of citizenship in o democratic society Also, to devel op pride, self oworeness, self-confi- dence. and leadership in students taking NJROTC Our achievements ore 1981 Panther Cup Drill Meet, awarded outstanding flog unit dur ing rhe first onnuol Maryville Po rode Apolo's NJPOTC is one of the top five units in rhe western holf of rhe U S We wont to be remembered for Achieving rhe club's objectives, bur olso providing individuol stu- dents with o sense of comorodene ond belonging. COLOR GUARDS Robert Noble. Valerie Golowoy, Vicky Fcsher and Ron Von Court 42DRIL TEAM Top row L ro fV Ken Holem. Edwmo Srronge. John Bondi. Dor no Moldonodo. Doug Groves Dorrom row Eve Jockscn. Moody McKee. Lefoo Agurfero. Leo Molondo. Jennifer Deloch. Lore Glover Kneekng Don Hohlweg 43 OFFICERS Top row L ro R Groni D sey. Fred Curry, Jesse Surron. Tim Wolrod. Ron Von Courr Second row Ows Mifer. Vckey Fisher. Ken Holem. Morren Nner Dorrom row Scotr Hobson. Rick Fisher. E Potf Fisher. Gregory Mior. end LCDR T J TossmTop Row-left to right Doughs Nogy. Joel Oirch. Vicki Dunevent, Karen CPI. Mr Ned. Steve Rne, Tony Ama»o. Jim Forrimond. Uso F zhugh, M che e Gognon Middle Row left to right Mr Hdgote. AMs Gordoner. Joane Oerrett. Armo AAaho Lucchese, Lourie Dovis. Steve OrokeWl. Jok»e Thd. Axmito Fisher. Lisa lehtoto. Ted Dotrn. Mr Kromben Dottom Row left to nghr Dove Maynard. Grod Dovis. President; Jodi Epp. Vice President; AAorgorei Territo. Moryonne Robenins. Kim Nefcon ART Our objecrives ore: To moke our surroundings more pleasant. ond ro encouroge future orrisrs. Our achievement ore: Many gold key's ond owords pre seated ro our students in the sc ho lostic ort owords. We would like ro be remembered for: Being on origino! productive group of ort students, who contributed towards o more beautiful world. 44Oorrom row L ro fV Frances Ooz. Pouto Poqoerre. IXenoe Tom, Sherri Flore, Michelle Dedo, Ekzoberh Hoyes. Virginio Detoen Second row Ddy Oacherr. J P Pesiko, Tom Trejflo. Jeff Oenshow, Tim Jockson, Kieih Fix, Mory Moffir Top row: Oiy Vizhs. Lynn McConnd, Sronely Newmon, Sreve Poppas. Korin Dootz, Louro Maple, ond Korhy Anderson Special Olympics Our objectives ore: A sporrs progrom developed for rhe srudenr who is unoble ro porricipore or rhe vorsiry level. Our achievements ore: Compering in swimming, bowling, rrock, basketball, ond volleyball or borh rhe country ond srare levels. We wont ro be remembered for: The records we hove ochieved for Apollo’s spedol Olympics. 45Bottom Row, L to fV Lori McWoyry, Cndy Okxngren, Liso FoJbo. Joe Bomboci, Bruce Fortner. Yvette Apodoco. Vid i Johnson. Suzi Rex Second row Suzonne Gersrner. Jocky Kiteley, Gory Drezinski. Dovtd Nelson. Loir Consolo. Ken Brown, Bev Moson Third row Mr Yee. Advisor; Don Deouchomp. Bruce Truby. Ed Curley. Chorte Coter, Rich Evons. Deon Moss. Dove Most. Bob Parkinson VICA Ovx objectives ore To develop leadership qualities, pro- more good working hobirs. have a sense of pride in the community, learn ro work with others, and to develop a positive attitude toward coreer plons and the future Our achievements ore Local fund roisers ro eorn money for stote conventions, we odopt a needy fomily for Thonlssgiving and Christmos. ond we hove o team reody ro com- pete in the VICA skJIs Olympic. We wont ro be remembered for Having the sense that we ore the future leoders of our country ond we ore the only ones who con develop this notion. Pictured Right. Bottom. L to R Liso E Fofoo. V e President Second row: Jocky Kiteley. Treasurer; Suzonne Geryner. Sweetheort Third row Edword Curley. President; Ken Drown. Reporter; Deon Mast. Portomentor- •on Not pictured: Cindy Dlomgren. Secretory 46C.O.E. Our objectives are To provide on opportunity for o COE member to develop sl is in leadership, financial responsibility and interpersonal relationships. Our achievements are We hove been enriching people’s lives who are less fortunate thon us and participating in Toys for Tots. We would like to be remembered for: Being active and spirited Pictured left. Botrom Row Cndy Hockey ond M hele Ingrom Top Row Jufce Prison» ond Tommie Durnerre 47 Top Row. left ro righr Michcfie Ingram. Tommie Oornerr. R o Greco. Liso locker. Peorl Rores. Morio Arce. Yo e Vosquez Middle Row. lefr ro righr Mary Schwieder. Oorbe Drzcnznsk . Sondy Robertson. Mike Turner. Jute Fnsoni. Loni Zmder. Holy Elwood Dorrom Row. left ro right: Am Orico. Oecky Hnson. Mno Lofmer. Srocey Guth. Cmdy Hodsers. Sheryl Mur. Dee Doe Hofman.Yearbook Sraff Our objectives ore: To produce o student yearbook represenring rhe main evenrs of the school year—delivered on rime. We wonr ro be remembered for The yearbook sroff wonrs rhe 1981-82 Olympus ro occurarely re- flect rhe hoppenings of rhe school yeor. 1 Liso Peorson 2 Debbie Toggorr. 3 Eieen Moy. 4 Kim Krumtouf. 5 Kely Jenmngs. 6 Penny Thompson. 7 Leo DeCrax. 8 Kothy McKinney. 9 Keith Lewis, 10 Stacey Weaver. 11. Porricio Avito. 12 Down Wough, 13 Korhy Lyons, 14 Mr m Drown. Advisor 15 Koren Troucman. 16 Sherri Tucker. 17 koy Hum. 18. ton Daxrer, 19 Ginny Iren, 20. Bruce Lancaster. 21 Sheryl New. 22 Suzonne Vidro. 23 Sherry W oms Not Picrured Liso Alger ond toe Gognon. 48Newspaper Staff Our objectives ore: To publish o studenr newspoper on predetermined dotes during rhe school year with sufficient copies for oil students, faculty and sroff. We wont to be remembered for: The newspoper sroff wonts rhe '82 Utopian to keep AHS students and sroff informed ond interested in what is happening on campus. 1 Mary Bolztc. 2 John Dayton, 0. Lao lo hoe, 4. Nancy Wiechec. 5 Clifford Aio, 6 Mr Jm Drown, Advisor 7 Don Sutvon, 8. Luon do Cotemon, 9 Alson McCarthy. 10 Joe Gognon, 11 Eieen May, 12 X e Shelton. 13 Thereso Afcano. 14. Don Watters. 15 Kei Gregory. 16 Ltso Corfci. 17 Emfy K Nosh. 18 Korea Troutman Not Pictured Kenny Frz hugh ond Dorre Honeyo 49DECA Our Objectives: DECA provides on ovenue for srudenrs in morket- ing ond merchondising dosses ro further their ca- reer interests, social involvement, personality de- velopment, a vie oworeness, ond leadership copo- biries. Our Achievements: Attending many conferences, in October. 48 sru- denrs attended o leadership development confer- ence ond six students w® attend o conference in Los Vegos. The DECA yore conference will be held or the Hyorr Regency ond the Hilton Hotel in Phoenix. Those srudenrs who win awards or the store conference will attend the notional DECA conference in Chicago. We wont ro be remembered for: What we do for our school ond community. We do fund raising projects ro help others,- condy soles, donees, ond stuffed animol soles for eoyer. We would also like ro be remembered for the leader- ship we hove learned Top row left to right Mrfse Moioor. Jim Gardner, Damon Drodley. Debbie Merri. Ake Mendoza, Ste«o Rios, Cherty Dorsetr. Joan McNerf. Juoniro Fisher. Bob Mayo, Jeff Peterson. Janice Coins, Sondi School. Tricio Weaver Middle Row left ro right Kim Carrol. Sherry King, Rk Griggs. Roy Morrmez. Jomi Lofris, Potty Davis, Steve Bralsebi. Leonno Voyrek. Kim Dutcher. Jonine Terry. Rhonda Harmon. Kris Boldenegro Bottom Row left to right Morio Christian. Jennifer Iness. Lisa Corksi. Nancy Moccorone. Nancy Anderson. Rene Carter. Mory Sheekey. Cheryl Green. Hc e DadeteonNoocy Viechec. Coediror; Lynda Geome$, Sponsor Top row Koryn Olson, V e President; Dovxj HomWn. Edfcr. EJane Otvos. President Nor Pictured Pick Burton ond Liso Lohoye Literary Our objectives ore. To pur rogerher o quality fine orrs mogozine for rhe srudenrs or Apol- lo. Our Achievements ore; A successful fine orrs contest, ond rhe encouragement of creativity ond originality in A.H.S. srudenrs. We wont to be remembered for: Encouraging fine orrs, espedolly writing, ond recognizing those stu- dents with creative rolenr. Bottom row L to P Michele Toth. Eloine Olivos. Stephanie Motsushi. Lorraine Okvos. Tommy Hrffley. Jeonnhe Le Voley. Lyndo Geomes. Sponsor Second row Jodi Epp. Morino Biessmgyon, Kim McDonald. Uso Beebe. Dovid HomWn. Trocy Schneder. Stocey KimboiiKEY Our objectives ore: To porridpore in community ser- vice projecrs. Our ochievements ore- Monrhly birrhdoy porries or Glen- dole Core Cenrer, helping rhe Glendole Kiwonis Club, Joy-Cees, Gompers, o conned food drive for West-Side Food Bonk, visiting the children's word or Sr. Joseph’s Hos- pital, ond various other choriroble contributions. We wont to be remembered for: Doing our port to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Piaured Right. Gottorn Row I to R Volerie Koo9 H, Secretory; Stephome Oevie, Treasur et; Rondo Kutob, President Second Row Kevin Hunter, Vice President; Ken Needle, President Top row L to R: Mr Chuck Dayless, Sponsor, Emly Potts, Mar gore Earle. Terry Green, Steve McCogno, Grant Dcssey. Rob Schedler, Rob Richords. Ken Needle. Dovid Homb n. Joy Hoi. Kevin Hunter. Cathy Keefer. Debbie Frank, Suson Anderson. John Eorle. Lexi Cunningham. Second row: Jonine Terry. Jody Neighbors. Hofce Donielfon, Loune Do vis, Myrtom Vonroy, Shorron Ekoson, Sue Grotrino. Kristine Westover. Mary Hones Gottorn row Rondo Kutob. Vplene Koegel. Stephanie Oevie. Stephanie Motsuishi, Gol Dommonn, Jodi Epp, Cord Golden. Rueben HuettoOur objectives ore. To reorgonize rhe ski dub ond plon rwo or three doys "in the store ski trips.” We earn money through fund raising activities. Our achievements ore: Planning highly successful ond en- joyable ski trips. We would like to be remembered for: Kim Pullimon's rhroshed our knee, rhe food service or Gr ond mo's, long lift lines, Scott's cliff jumping, Gesropo raids, ond pushing the bus. Front row I ro r Knyo George. Sieve Oeery. Kurt Shotto. Cindy W oms. Mike Dirdsel, Kurt AAonnet, TWony Kennedy. Trocy Cutting, Jonet Vinncent. Wendy Fox. Megoon. Jockson. Stocey Weaver Mtdde row Leo Holer, Dorby Jones, Hoi Danielson, Anne Dozeman. Kim Wburn, Devney Deigon, Mory Trefry. Krisri Duhr. Shebo McCorthy. Pom Rok. Pouio Rok Dock row Jeff Fitzgerald, Andre Goum. Mke Mogee. Dorm Monsanto. Terry Green, Ann DG o. Ktm Pufcmon, Scott Coins, Drew Truby. Dob Porkinson, ond Chortes Trourmon Not pictured. Tmo Cuzzocreo, Robbie ChurchJ. Mornee Drumheler. Ji Tote. Kenny NeecJc. Ed Curley. Kim Sm h. Kevin Hunter, Steve McCogo ond Mke Cuzzocreo S3'wt were ure cwi know Vt vt gcm. wt itn ne note to carry on. those v © metu us wcw us weu. those vio dcnt can go to i«u»« Kn . Am. od Keren. Good lucto rn it «Air. ycw wl 90 «er I Know you hove o dotetmnoon Thorio fer berg it bey CoEdrer n it woto To it No t ««jjn, Yoj g yy ere -he bov tm anyone COiAJ akkr luu it I ddnr e.en a la you« You PAC MAN penna. No 2 G ¥jC1 ionjy Good todi w Jetn (my bud) You y Keren gn y me goy hor bu you mom 6 repy lurv. Sue Alton At© 5« «SI FRD©S FOREVER WAIT INTI UofA" Shot cnoccui 0U» 3rd heu Ml Nadc-P Mr Orowny» NoApcrrroi YETT!»l Afecn. 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Picrure nor ovoiloble of srudenr body officers for rhis poge. Borrom Lefr. Senior Closs Officers, Top ro Borrom: Lisa Heyn, Treasur- er; Jennifer Inness, Secrerory,- Mor- cio Conody, Vice President ond Kim Carroll, Presidenr. Borrom Righr, Senior secrion sroff. Borrom: Jon Boxrer ond Boy Hunr. Top: Ginny llren ond Keirh Lewis.CLASS OF '82 Right; MR. IRRESISTIBLE!! Runner-up Keith Lewis, 1st place, Joe Bombaci. Bottom Left: Homecoming Queen, Sheilo Bole, King Lorry Lopez. Bottom Right; Homecoming Senior Atrendents, Kim Corroll and Kevin Hunter.Adoms-Docker Donno Amorlas Mchoef Amenr Margo Art xxon Lourie Amuso Jeff $ Anderson Noncy Anderson OorxH Anyert Donold fX Apodoco Mono Arce Maro K Ayors fXoberr K DockerSeniors Teol Dairin v Metante S Dofber Sheito Dde Mory Boktc Ltso OocNccho Frank J Bodsher UxJen Dohrer 60 Mark Dirteker Crvdy C DtomgrenDole-Coles Orion Dortz Damon N Orodley Metodee Drewer Gory Drezmsl'y Porrido Orimley Kim M. Dredn Chris W. Oronson Tmorhy Oryonr Craig S. Drown Dorbe S Orzezmsto Ken A Orown Oryon Oorgoz Pometo S. Orown Tommie L Durnerr Morgan 0. Dryom RonoW D Dykeris Charles Coles 61IXoberf D Colon Tim A. Copron Tmo M Compbel Leo Corky Torrxxo Cdvn Moroo Conody M che«e ft. Corpenrer 62Worry G Qngenped Mike P Coonety Srocey Coe Luoodo Coleman Jomce Coftos M hoel Conwoy Lori A Consolo Collon-Curley flondol Cope Glenn Oobtreo Korhenne M Cooper Seniors Kim A Dows Dorothy Deotheroge Goi R Dommonn Drod A Dovts Roxanne Dejonovich ftmberty J Dougheny Cheryl Dorset r '■ I Renee S Devore Tony DePeso Ann M. Dtgito Jufce A Dunlop Morgoref E. Eerie I v Jomes R Edenhofer Steve M Duncon 64 Srocey S DroneDammann-Fausr Jerry T Essig Henry L EubankSeniors 66 Soly A Fesxm Amy G Felner Deon M Ferruto Russel Femyer Vernon S FieWmg AAorrho Fierropmedo Edword P Fischer Dav»d E Firmer Rxhey J Fisher Derk R Fnsrod Vickey S Fisher XAe A Fischer Juomto J Fisher Scorr A Flood J Peorl A Flores Oruce C Former Sondro FosterFellner-George Dry on Froefcch Joseph A Gognon Thomas C. From Ju e A Frtsoni XAe A Gdogher Kevn E Gologher Viiom J Gardner Pierre K. Foc4ss Deborah J Frank % Denms M Golowoy Drenr L George Srephen Fowler Douglos P FreiwokJ Luciono GoricoSeniors Deborah D. Gerboth Suzonne M Gerstner Douglas J Geshei Drendo S Gobeli Dor» E Goetz Danny IV G eboer Jocqueine F Gonzoto Todd W Gessd Down M Gomolski M he«e E Goodman Yvonne A Gooch Susan I Grorrino Sondro J. Goodman Metvm $ Gould Joe A Gronodo 68 IXiro T Greco James T GreenGerborh-Henrz Kei K. Gregory Srocey K Gorh John S Heofy Charlene F Heber Crysrol L Henry Uso C. HensJer Joseph G. Henr 69Seniors Kurt L Hess Thomos rtnsberger Oecky S rtnson Scorr Hobson Cmdy I Hockers Deormo J Hoppmonn Koriene V Horne Kevin G Hunter Ooudio E tonnrel fVolph R Holmes Rolf Hunnfford Terry A Hdond Todd M Howord Joe D Herrin bso M Heyn Ken J Hc4em Jeff C Horron Virginio ft BtenDry on T Irvn Hernondez-Keefer Michele R Ingrom Shoron L Jerome Jgfce Johnyoner r-1 Seniors Kevin F Kelehef Ph p C Kety Ncxmon A Kempfer Michoei S. KJeyhouef Cynrho Kino Wfiom 0 Kfcng 72 Noncy J Koboshi Jocky L Kiretey Volene A KoegetMichele M Krourhern Drod E Krem Nmo R Lofmter M E Londrom Kelleher-Lee Kimberty A Krumlouf Roben T Kuo Rondo M Kurob Louro A Lofkn Akce A Lorr Koren S Larsen Kathleen IX Lee •Seniors Ketfh E Lewis John D LiddKoot Robert UnxwJer Mefcso R Lip on L«$a A Locket Knsiin M Unnonder Kenneth J Lindsey Mfce A Luedets Michael J McCobe AJfcson McCarthy Annomono Lucchese Joon L McNe.i Loti A McKmstry Theodore G McIntyre Robert C McHugh Coin L McClureKori L Mahoney Lee-Marchinsky Morgorer C Mahoney James E Manno Darin K Mocumber . Nancy J AAoccorone Elaine F Martin Deverty L Mason Joonn Martin Deon (X Mast Morgo H Morchiasky 75 Soyno M Marrmez Al Morrero fXay MarshSeniors Brett L. Matthews fWv-irvi Maurer AV r' M Miwin rn Debra A Merrill Douglas J. Meyer Robert 6. Michaels Mark A. Miele Christopher A Miler Paul Miler Sondro A. MJer Sherri L. MJIerMorrhews-Nougle Michele G Molberg MekxJe L Monohon Page F Moore Afcon Morbo Morgairo L MorenoSeniors Eve D Nebon Sheryl A New Pouta Nchob Myrrong Nguyen Work L Nygoord Brendo M. O'Mdey Ann M Ornco Joan Orsburn Michele A Nobeou Thomas V Norris Porry A O’Rourke Cynrhw I Odefl Pjchord ft r jiner ftoy Osborn ftchord S Oshtfo Oevm S Ofcon ■ Mfce E OsrwmkJe 78Neis-Porrs Math A Piepenbmk Vicror N Porros Emrfy D Ports Joseph PoJumbo Dtooo M Porro AAorm Pennngron DovxJ M Peston Ste o A Pemo Terry A Payne Cheryl L Pterce Troy PickerngSeniors Kimbefiey A PiAom Johnny D. Quesodo Becky S Roe Koty Rones Moureen D. Romey Shown L. Reese Jomie F. Quinn Dowd C. Rones Scon D Ronkn Tomi L Rom Michele R ReckecPrice-Ruiz Deborah Ricketts Stelo Hjos Alteon L Robertson Dovid R Roe Nancy L Rojo Kirk E Ruckmon Trocy K Ruiz Mark C. Robinson Sondro J Robinson Eric Rossmon Edword J Solem Bzobeth D Sounders Ooig S Schultz Juan J Scar pan Mory E Schwieder IXobert W Schedler Anthony J. Scire IXosolvo E Sonmiguel Paul Schemers Trod IX Screes Kristmo A Shoger 82 Cotherine C. Solem Mike V. Schultz rXobb-e D Shorpe louro J Short David V Sonrrvorco Seniors Zsuzsj A Sogodi IXjchard G SechrfeiSagodi-Sowden Sieve A Short Choriry 6 Simuangco Jeffrey Sikes Josephne M S«pes Sieve R. Stuyk Audrey I Smith Kevin T Smith Mike Smith Ovaries A Siu Potroo Sipes Stocey Smith '2% 4 Wendy G Smith Pot J Soorer Fernondo Sotelo Anrvomone C Souch Darboro Sowden 83Seniors Wish S. Stone Steve E. Svoncoro Drent T Swonger Deboroh A Toggott Cheri Toir Potrido Totomontes Lori Toyky fVondy E Toykx Jofwiy Torres Chories L Trout monSquires-Voyrek Ruben Uloo John F. Volenrine Ronald VerdmoSeniors Sr even Wolker Katherine K Woloce 86 Doryl A White Koren WhiteWdker-Zinder John M Wiioms Sherry K W oms Connie J Wfcon Gtenn Wfcon Lori A Wbon Robert D Woler Doogkts A, Wnghr Rodney L Wnghry Top Left, Junior Closs officers. Dor- rom: Richord Dole. Presidenr. Top, L ro R: Anne Dozemon, Treosur- er; Sroci Horvord, Secrerory; ond Doris Houd , Vice Presidenr. Borrom Lefr, Juniors section sroff. Top ro Dorrom: Kim Krumtauf, Kel- ly Jennings, ond Sheryl New. Dorrom Righr, Junior Homecom- ing Arrendonrs Doris Houck ond Richord Dole.Juniors Kim Andy Tony Doug Koren Arthur Alen Alrivoros Akivoros Ambrose Amos Amporono Abr-Doxrer Potty Androde Mone Ashdown ESzobeth Stephen Aversono Boiey Joe Atkins Randy Baker Sandro Janet Baker Ookker Rtchard Dote Steve Bonks Kris BaJdenegro Brett Jeff Karen Barbara Elmer Robert Bantle Barber Barker Borrozo Botterson Baxter 91Juniors Steven Doefe Debby Bo»nger Steven Bonoro Chris Blessmgron Scott Dond Rjchord Don o Tim 92 Booth John Bosok Mxihele Mork Gory Greg Boy Boy on Bove BoveBeord-Carpender John Drogon Mxhoei Drokke Cheryl Brooks Jeff Brown o y Bor chert Sr eve Noncy OrakebJ Brewyer Noncy Brooch Erhon Orougher + V fis. Crotg Orown Stephanie Oruder Bjck BunchJuniors Christine Robert Derry Cetoyo Cefc Chogdo Cdeen Chonder Korhy Chrisrion Roberto Churchi Down Gmoglo Timothy Choppel Koren Chesbrough 94 Steven Oorit Deborah Ooxron Michele Cootes Michele Coffey Chondro Poc o Coins CoinsCorroll-Dovis 04 Comelo Lee Ann Srocy Deboroh Cone Conley Connely Shown Conner Sreve Converse GiGi Eric Chrtsnne Corberr Cosjo Counrs Meteso HoHy Noncy Coyle CronfieW OonnJuniors Porry Do vis Doug Dovts Wesley Dovts Kety Doy Jim Decker M de Clue 96 Lynne Dugon Sr even Dupkki Denny Duronw Dovis-Fiori Joe John DovkJ Dynorski Earle Eckhoor Sueeten Pom Yvonne Jon Down fVoberr Edertfxtfer Edwords Elngron Elor Emerson Enger Tim Fogon Down Forrel i Cindy Fetchoud Chris Ferrori Dob Finn Som FernondezJuniors David Kenny Comie Syfvio ’'Vfcam John Fischer Firzhugh Flores Fiores F090 Footer Uo Sole Freerh Frey Ceieye Gognon Gory Fu er Volerie Golowoy Demo Giono Gordo Gordo Troy Gordo 4 Michele Gardner Todd Gorrerr Mory Gory Dovtd Foyer 98Fischer-Greiner Knyo Chris Ken George Gerberry Ghofeon Drion Gold Cord Golden Juoniro Gonzoles Rao ftchord Dovid Gonzoles Goodel GoodfelowJuniors Stocy Sheri Griffin Griffirh Dwighr Grrffiths ftfc Down Korhleen Griggs Grimmer Gro»r Gil Gudko Tyler Gurhrie Don Morsho Shely Hcmpron Hankins Hornogel Mark Horris Ake Uso Horlocher Horlow Richord Horris Robn Srod Horris HorwordGriffin-Joy Koren Jockie Hendley Henry Don David Herron Hickmon f chord Lori ttgh HWebrond Thomas Srocy Hmmes Hnson Donno Jennifer Edd ? Rhondo rtnz Hobson Hodges Hofy errer 101Juniors Krysty Mfce Sfocey Keyes KJgore Kimbel Down King Jeff Kinney Joef Ktondrud Dole KJmger Shoron Koepp Todd Korey Suzie Robin Dorren Jeff Joe Kur Kosoetsk Kosfyk Krumloof Kulon Locoss LoduronJefferies-Luque Keft Lorkm Jennifer Lowrence Thoi Le Alex Letwno Andy Lecnord Michoel Lesrvck Druce Loncouef Doug Longford Usa Lohaie Sieve Loooue Trocey Amy Loine Lone oyer Edword Lopez Jeff Lewis Evereir Link Michael Unovirz Kim Under Angela Luc these Rene Luedman Angelo LukJuniors Debra AdeBe Lynch McAbee Bene McCobe M McCobe Steve Chris McCo no McCloskey Ron McCormel Mork McC umber Cord McGure Ken McLoughkn Alkson McNeece Keah McClureLynch-Moore Mfce Rofoei Roy Morrinez Morrmez Martinez ' .A Robert Moyo Djuono Mourer Been Moy Craig Maynard Renee Stephanie Motion Mctsmsh Greg MJer Tim Jeff Misop Mitchel Robin Migkxino Aoron Miter ii Lon M eie Kevin Moore Mory Mokno Louis Monioyo 105Juniors Wftom Moore Oruce Mooreheod C r»o Moreno Dor mo lesle Wendy Moreno Morgan Morgan Shown Mur Dortene Kely Mosonko Moulton M hele Mounes Jockie Russel Murphy Myers Somuel Munoz » Doug Nogy Emiy Nosh Frances NovorroMoore-Polmer i Keith Neede Moct Nelson Russ Nelson Mark New Jodi Neighbors Kimberly Nelson Oooe Nunez Sondy Oestmon Sung Oh Down Olsen Ofe o Omoron Tim KeOy Mo»t Steve O'Neol O'Nei Palodno PdmerJuniors Jm Ken Penrod Perolto Jeff Pererson Crystal Poyne Oris Penningion Lonce Pennrrgron Penny Pererson Jim Perhajd Knsrine Ooog Perce Pingree Plummer Koleen PiercePaquerre-Runsradler i Kristy Rorhgeber Christine Undo Orro Rowson Reed Reemeln • 4 Pouine Reveles Mott Ronton Keirh Rich Mel Roberts Wendy Jomes Roberts Robinson Lono Rosemary Rodgers Rodnguez Robert Roeber Kim Ross Thomas Roth Korhy Rowe 109 Roberr Richards AAichoeJ Rios Debro Rtshlng Drod Rissler Regno Rivers Dole Rubin Dory! Ruftooch Tom RunsrodterJuniors Paul Warren Kurt Sanmarco Schaffer Schemers Rosemary Schoppman Wayne Scorr A Richord Severance Mary Sheekey Scorr Seomon Par nek Shnogwo I Jule She on Sandy Schnei Donna Seober Denise SchneiderRussell-Stuck DoooW Synder DovkJ Smotnski Shoun Stonsbury Jomes Stevenson Scott Stokes V om Street Robert Strunk 111Juniors Michoel Mork Torongo Tore Toykx Greg Tenor ge Morgorer Terriro Jonine Terry Dryon Thompson Dovid Thompson Penny ThompsonSupps-Wdrod Don Trodup Ron Tober John Torres Lupiro Torres Jocqoetyn Torh Lori Townsend Louro Susan Robert Thomas Ken Dorryl Treiber Trimmier Trxxhon Tnjlo Turer TurnerJuniors Russel Uoyd Jenny Norole Walsh Wolsion Wondrey Word David Thomas Wore Worren Down Donno Waugh Weaver CyndaJee Warwick Dowd Workins Shari Worrous Terri Weeden Lso Wehmueler Joe Weidnger Undo Wer Cotherine Dob Kristine Welsh Wenzl WesioverWalsh-ZamoraoSophomore Secrion Sroff, Bottom, Sheryl New. Standing, Srocey Waver, Down Waugh, ond Korhy Lyons. Dotrom Left; Sophomore Closs Council; Top ro bottom; President, Cindie Burnett; Secretory, Susan Ogden; Vice President, Kothy McKinney, ond Treasurer, Quin Kellis. Dotrom Right; Sophomore Home- coming Arrendenrs; Crista O'Dell ond David Inness.Sophomores W om Mindy John AJdrich Alexonder Alen Anrhony Amoto Dryon Amd Anno Amporon Rodney Anderson Scorr Anderson Srocey Anderson Thomos Anderson CoroJyn Androde Mork Den Anavino Apodoco Gtooo Archulero John Cindy Chris Acuna Adkerson Ao OiviO Arce Orendo ArcherAcuno-Dehrendr Dom»e e Arrr»ger Dov»d Armstrong Mario Avies Anno Avmo Oetr Roger Lxso Scon Mrchod Susan Tern Daley Doker DokJwin DokJwm Dolon Oolac Donks Mory Michele Dense Dorojos Dorbone Dorker Dionne Corel Denise Dorierson Dough Dough James Mark Leo Dove Steven Mchoei Mitzi Oecker Decker Deebe Deermon Deery Oeforr Dehrendr 119Sophomores Mark David Tiffany Mart David Shown Ronald Derfey Del Belt Deader Benirez Bennett Derg Michele Janine Mickey Dovid Phi Terri Marino Derry Oerretr Deizer Dtdwel Oix Block BJessmgron Druce Robert Dovid Phip Andrew Dry on Colette Bodung Dolton Domboo Donogoidi Oosok Dosric BowlesDeiley-Chiorelli Work Noncy Deboroh Mark Kevin Dly Ed Orovo Onrriey Orokke Grueser Drukordr Durchetr Ourke Cindy Cheney Sco»t Cheney Tony Chiore Mono Cotgenovo Kermefh Coufmon Jenifer Chodwick Todd Choason Mfce Chories Chr ropher Chonnon 121Sophomores Kim Owensen Sr eve Chriyion Donnie Christy PhAp W om Dor boro Owner Chryyy Church Roy Jonice Cory Cipro Oonron Oetond Jule Rob Vince Richord CooWey Colemon Cotwel ConnetyChrisrensen-Dombrowski Sfocey Oowfcxd Adorn Cupel Fred Curry Jeff Crenshow Donold Cross ■ Corhy ft chord Curfmon Curnol Dom John Vier Doniefe Chris Normerre Done! DovxJ Leo Dione Virginio Dove Doyron Deon Decovrs DeOotx Degor Deleon Jeff Lesle Deonno Steve Francisco Mary Undo Demmor Denne Derhoog Diono Doiz Dobos DombrowsW 123Sophomores Morio Sandro AAe Domnguez Domngoez Domot or Sheri Sieve Meteso Donohue Dow Downing Lorry Duone Robert Droke Dr ope Drew V ki M he e Donold Ann Derek Corol Mdse Dunevenr Dziubto Elom Efcoson Elmore ErWood Erbtond Edeveno Doniel Done Marie Rochel Kefly Vn Escobedo Eusrice Evons Eymon Fonum Ferrel Fornmond 124Dominguez-Gough g Mke Forok Come Perron Hetdi Field Jeff FirzgerkJ Ke h Fix Debbie Flores Andrew Ford Joel Jon Druce Fowler Fox Fuler Jxn Lori Michelle Anette Fusich Gobel Gognon Gdong Michele Gersrner Debbie Gershel Jerotynn Angelo Louro Gessner Gonnoccoro GJelond Kety Wgmo Gol Gorico Down Joseph Gormon Googh John Gemondi Lore Glover Jeff Goldberg Irene Gomez Joe Gonzdes N V Virginio Gonzdes Charlene GoodwinSophomores W ■ . dk v; )ed Todd W om Grew© Gnbter GrigsbyBrett Horner xi Chns Horper Michele Homirt Kim Moniey Rhondo Hex moo Kriyioe Hooseo Gouin-Hougord Erio Leo Jule Hon Howkns Howrhorne Kety Sccxr Terri Hendricksen Herschmon Ugh Dervxs Kod Jomi Hoe Hrschi Horko Jule Chns Tommy Rebecco Hedgpeth Heerdt Heffley Heodersoo Terri Knsro Kerry Tim Drioo Shoroo Angdo Hohiefter Hohorf Hooper Hoopes Horton Houck Hougord 127Sophomores Chod Srephonie Tno liso Wesley Dona David Howard Hoff Humphrey Hunter Hutchins Hynes hness Down Eve Rebbecco Di Kathryn Steve Scott brow Jockson John Jantsch Joquo Jenkins Johnson 128 Jeff Jocelyn Lyndo Jones Jordon Juben Dounsjn Steve Quenro Quinn Koesefcz Kommeyer Kefc Kefcs Tomi Dormo Tommy Kessler Kjngsley Kirkparnck Stocey Klein Glenn Kisch David KlossenHoward-Lopez Kenneth Drodiey John Keren Keith Derm XAo Kitsch Koenes Ko»e Kosrer Kowcfcki KrotoJ Krouse Paul Robert Kefy Ml e John Michele Karen Krouse Krourheim Krog Lambert Lancaster Loncoster Long Dovid Robert Corotyn Steven Don Michele Jeonnne LonJey Lartan Lor sen Loss Lotham Lefoy LeVoley Morlo Lit Noorm John Livos Livingston 129Sophomores Trocy Uso Rodney Lucos Lukorr Luker Chris Perer Tomro Chod AAcCioskey McCormtck AAcCown AAcDomei Lance Joesph Shelo Lung McOnde AAcCorry Kjto AAcSwom Lynne Mahoney Dor no AAokJonodo Kmberty AAcDonold AAichefle AAcKee Korhleen AAcKmney 130Lopez-Mirchell Adeto DovkJ Sue Moyo Mayrard Medkn Arthur Gory Oorboro Sherree Leo Tim Ardreo Mendez MenzJer Merrl Messenger Meyer Mies M er Lori Vord Mike Thomas Monuel Trovis Paul Mter MSer M s Miron Mjrondo Mrro MitchellSophomores Oris Evan Scorr Morgan Morr Muineoux Sylvo Criya Suson Ekxne Lorraine Krn Ochoa O'del Ogden Olvos Ofivos Oben Koryl Ofeon 132 vMdino-Rok Oovxj Onoley Ovtsropher Poquerre Sheley Fernondo Mory Poul Mke Mary Derh ORoorke Onego Onego Osrwnkie Pdodno Palmer Lesk? John Lesie Joe Tonyo Mise Porer Potrickj Pender graft Pesrko Perers Periro Rolph Timorhy lydto Roy Sieve Roden Overyi Periro Phelps Ph ps Pierson Pine Pinksroff PlossSophomores Dovid Poul Dwoyne Rotti Reoh ReevesRok-Shipp Chns Gerry Michele Leo Keren Michele Dome! RumboW Ryon Sochorko Sochs Sokoro SoJem Sonmorco Richord Robert Drod Thereso Schoffner Schl Schlechr Schneider Undo Sonrmguel Mfce Sconce Norma Sop»en Kristol Sconlon Doug Jeff Scorr Seomon Joei R»ck Holy Seors ShocJe Shafer Dor H Kirk Domn Sherry Angeto Jockie Ooig Shonohon Shotro Show Sheehon Shoe Shmske Sftpp 135Sophomores David Joe Chnsiopher Mary Ano Corole Oorry ShocWey Shultz Sierras Singer Siu Sloron Smith Charles Lori Melody Ryon Don Ernest ftoni Smith Smith Smith Smith Smolnsto Solor es SotoergShockley-Voorheveld Dry on Cynthio ■ Lisa Mike Diane Sandie Susan Teoch Teles Tenborge Tharp Thomas Thai Thun Robert Toon Bobby Torres Aida Torres Kori Townsend Jennifer TruebkxxJ Genie Vonce Moro Turner Lori Volenzueta Keirh Vekirueen Leo Virerbo ftchard Vochorzer Jule VoorheveW 137Sophomores Chuck Jennrfec Ira WoeWe WoWen Wofcer (Xoberr Chuck Oovid WoHoce Vobh Wolworrh John Vrfh.re Deans Vfcon ftodney WfconWoelde-Zlochower Scon Sheley Tommy Jeff Wfcon Wfcon Wfcon Wrvef Corta ftenoe Jeff Wee Wttse Wood 139Top Lefr Freshmon doss officers; Bottom: Angelo Wiley. Vice Presi- dent, Second: Dove Coirns, Treo- surer. Third: Jennifer Eorle, Secre- tory. Top: Julie Ogden, President. Borrom Lefr Freshmon section staff; Bottom: Kothy McKinney. Top: Liso De Croix, ond Porricio Avilo. Bottom right; Freshmon Home- coming Arrendenrs Julie Ogden ond Mike Welsh.Freshman Trocey Gory Morrin krmo Ackzen Adorns AcJer Agu or Lenoo fVoy Greg Thomas Agulero Almonzo Ambrose Amos Debt ? ftoben Anrhony More Anfnson Anrhony Anzctone Apodoco Frederick Jl Ronald Richord Oe ndo Leo Brocty Ke Ayors Aycock Dobch Dochmon Doiey Doiey Ooker Darcus More Michele Fronosco Dry on Den Corole Renee Mork Domes Dorringron Domos Dores Deorden Deck Deirrer OenedKr 142 Christine Deger Karo Derry David Oerring AAichele Oesr Kevin Ddteker Metod Dix Trocy DtorcNey Tomoro DloodAckzen-Cender fachord Mao Kim George Drobhom Dronord Droswel Oredn Wifcom Jomes Curt Troy M he«e Dorrel Cynrhio Shety Oreidei Or on Brnkoerter Orodtsh Oroekhuzen Brooks Brown Brown Anronio Douglas Kitty Trenr Ntcole Ten Jeffrey Kenneth Brum Duedel Duhr Bunch Bunker Burrow Butcher TJykerk Dowd Albert Raul Joy Boon Tony IXormro Morvin Corns Colow Compos Corpenrer Cory Cosrro Coroton CenderFreshman Seon Pometo ftchord Sreven Ji Scon Doogtos Coihy Cervonres Oxj verto Christensen Oocco Gcotre Oork Oaxron Coins Korea Ronold A»en Doniel Louro Derkse Ne4 Christine Coins Coins Combs Comelo Compron Conley Converse Conwoy Keith Don Korl Dommonn Kenneth Debetok Deborah Decovis Looren Deboven 4 Devney Detgnon Keren Michoel Cutting Cuzzorcreo 144Jenrrfer Mornno Tom Ova Down VMsi Roberto Woyne Detach Detogorzo Deksie Detosrios DeMone Dempsey Desrochers Devore Donota Dodge Dovxj Downey Von Doren DonrtH Drogonerri Virginio Droke John Duncon Dotares Duron Kenneth Dynorski Jennifer Eorte Tommy Eosron Voughn EoronFreshman Pando Scat Joe Uso Fischer Fischer Fish Ftzhogh AAJchoel Ted Johnny Regino Dove Noncy John Mike Fitzparick Ftarner Flores Flores Fogo Fogoros Folsom Fad Orion Terreso Oret Orion Julie Wendy DovxJ Andreo Fortier Foster Foodroy Foots Fowler Fox Frederking FreemanFoulkner-Hdl Mono Goroo Kyle G kod Keith Gerberry Tom Gismondi Pool Mono Gomez Gonzoles Rene Gonzdes f Donnie Gfc EMe Gooch Michele Gi fochord Godd Dichord GiooJy Voce Kmberty Grfford Gies Sondro Gies Rjck Goroo Doug Too Liso Lupe Ieoh Groves Griffin Grim Guiermo Guio Jdo Sonyo Donief Coroine Mke Hohn Haley Hoke Hoi Hoi 5hem Guthrie Donald Steve Guyette Hodey 147Freshman ABen Andy Ten Srephonie Heber Heerdr Heffley Herman Leo HmtBon Hess jane rtckmon Demse Hotden Kim Roseonno Todd Htourn Hndrrxn rtnsberger Oortxxo Hoffmon Meghon Jockson Mke Jockson Genevieve Hudspeth Deckey Hueao Kimbetty Hughs Mono kme4Homblin-Loichrenberger Orion Srocey Penny Debby Andrew Leo JUo Korl Krby Koanger Kirsopoulos Klrger Klrsch Kok? Kovocs Kuo Soroh Lope Meteso Loryxi Roger Leorned Le Lonchi Por Locefc Jennie Lofrenoye Trocy Kimber Loguno Lonning Von Lee Orion Lehroto V om Lee Lisa Som Kefte Deboro Onon LeNolo Leonord Lewis Liber onie Lichrenberger 149Soon Luckier, i umpp David Tereso McDonald McGregor Holy Lindsey Richord Lopez Korhon McCorrhy Lenord McNel Mochele Christine LincJey Lindner Mory Tom McDnde McCobe Mondy Mork McKee McKmsrry Lourie Koren Liniger link Toni Joe Moccorone Modos Ekso Unovitz Solvor ore Lucchese Drendo McDonald Freshman Morrhew Renee Light Linder Drendo Jeff Little Livingston Wendy Keith Lopez Lowe Jenny McOaskey Dorrin McCourt Robert Locker Anthony Lopez Mke MogeeLighr-Mumph Chriyino Roberr Lori Morin Morino Morrin Ange que Loriso Pometa Denota Mok Mory Renee Lfio Morrnez Massorh Morsuishi Mower AAoxhimer AAoyo Moyo Mazzoc t Kim Meoffrey MKhoel Medtock Michele Mendioto Cindy Migfcorino Andreo Mishler Roymond Mirchel Dovid Moermon take Moermon Dorn Monsonro Monn Monrono Alfredo Monroyo Lydo Moody Dorren Moore tamie Moore Rondel Morgon Tno Morn Lcmso Morns tames Moyer Orion Mumpy 151Freshman Danny Jeff Kier Tuon Nelson Nelson Nguyen Nguyeu X e Ogden Theresa OsrwinWe Lorraine Nxon Lest Norris Donno Ohoro Rick Norton AAichoel Ohara John Nul Nonene Nunez Kiyo Olsen Korea Nygoord Casey Onego Sylvia Ochoo Daniel Orriz Robert OtonderMunoz-Rincon Jeff Adrienne Doreen Perer Kimberty Undo Dovid Dwoyne Penrod Peroulr Perrlo Perrako Pirzer Potokoff Pdock Powel VcJene Anro Geoffrey Srephonie Lonce Scotr Teri Corto Pro» Presnor Price Pucketr Pogmre Rondo! Rondd Ronkm Denjomn Stocey Etane Ken Gregg Viaor Tommy Chns (Waom Rourenberg Reoh Reed Reichord Renrerio Revetes Reynolds 153Freshmon Morni Alyoo Par nek Joom Posen Rovnskj Ross Rubn Keith Mono Heidi Mary Tim Karen Vonesso Morgorei Rupp Sobino Sogodi Soo Solem Sotefno Senders Sonsom Dorrin Schenck Doug Sheri Sehumonn Schwmden Koren Scon Woyne Seober "ft a Seover Cefco Sedo Sonyo Dovid Deboroh Robert Dorren Seyferr Shorpe Show Show Sheo Mory SeoriesRiojas-Srringham .tomes Randal Mark Mark Siegel Sfces Simon Socel Russel Roberto Anthony My Chris Dee Duane Gory Snowberry Snyder Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Keith Mory Mike Jeff Paul Moryonn Stephonie Jenny Smith Smith Smith Sorensen Sotelo Souch Souza SowdenFreshman Joe Gory David Mary Alan Christine Leo Dreodo Stein Stuebe Sulvan Stutffe Swan SweJorxJ Torroro Toubet Jodi Knnberty Por Pouio Kerh lynerte Ptcky Derrho Terry Thomas Thomas Thompson Thomson Thun Todd Torres Doriene Qzobeth Kevin Mary Troy leonn Down Keith Torres Torres Trocy Trefry Trimble Tnxhon Turer Turner Michoel Turner Terry Turner Verono Tutrle Peter Torrvnie Luz Sherrie Poberto Unger Uptegrove Volenzueta Voydo Vengoceo Paul Verdino Jonet Vincent Chris Viterbo 156 Timothy Worn Uso Worokso Pobetr WorngAJe Michoet Wuchod Michod Kjm Chns Crag Louro Weis Welsh Wesr Wesrergord White Whirmg Wienkes Wtour Angeta Mory Dorbie Cmdy Donno Leo Down AJon Wley WJheim Wfcoms Wfcoms Wfcoms Wfioms Wlprechr Wfcon Lorry Mory Arm Rebecco Mxhete Rodney Rond Lone Dovid Wfcon Wfcon Wmcher Wingo WoW Wombocher Woods Wrighr Jermifer Cormie Rondel John Mory Porrido Sreven Yeley Young Young Zetnds Zerhoeus Ztfnmermon Zinder 157Faculty And Staff Counselors Marge Crow. Mortyn Forris. Rudy Durroto. ond Dennis Woodord Front Row Shirley Mhos. Sondro Fish, ond Amino Somuek Secrerones Top Row. Rosie Londrerh. Gnny Shofer, Joyne Proctor, Morgoret Kennedy ond Non Beottie Bottom Row Ido Sonchez, Jon Ceo. Ermo Krol. Donno Sutton ond Lucie FulsomeFaculry And Sraff Nutririorisr crew, rop row: AJuro Rchord. Frances Sonzooe, Moudefca Dufoux. Riro Heppler ond Beverty Korcher Oottom row Sondro Gross. Nefce AJdomo. Vrgmo Donranquez, Aurora Gronio. Nancy Forgorry ond Helen Smith. Maintenance. top row: 'Volrer PhAps. Chuck Cochrone. John DeGroor. Ron Patrick. Rudy Espinozo. Rosemory Yborro ond Angel Andrade Second row Joe Amorios. Cruz Rodriquez AAke Lee. Eydo Lopez ond Dove KUp Oottom Row: Col Ussery. Joe Rongel ond Monuel Somoro 161Faculty Roy AJoozo Gobe Angokh Chris Auvi Mefoo Bocon John Berber Jeon BornhJ Speool Educoron AJVed Arrs Business Physical Educorion Science Engteh Lindo Boss Connie Boremon Borboro Beery Wendy Bloir Jim Brown Lois Burdirr Specid Educor on Engfcsh Speool Educor ion Physicol Educor on Pubkorions Teocher Aide Jusrin Copm Dove Creech Marge Gow Crisri Dovis Am Dennis Cheryl Dingmon Audo Visud Speool Educoron Counselor Science Library Service Morhemoncs B Erienmeyer Mortyn Forris Bfl Ferre! Fred Fido John Fido Sondro Fish ,oeoce Counselor Engfeh Foreign Longuoge Sood Studies CounselorAlonzo - Lopez Joyce Fronke Effie Goroo Horre Economics Engfch Ron Gordelo Engfch Kothy Gordner Lyndo Geomes jjq Engksh Engfch Soool Studes Dob Goyer Dob Grossi Ginger Griggs Luverne GnJke Cathy Hompton Jm Wood Speool Education Soool Studes Foreign Longuoge Teocher Aide Engfch Science Debbe Hoff Home Economics Mike Holowoy Science Kent Horne IndusJriol Arts Doug Howord Mathematics Pcxjine Jimmez Teocher Aide Normon Krombem Afced Arts Gnger Kurtz Physicol Educorion Avis Locey Dennis Loncosrer Engfch Soool Studies Mork Ugon Morhemotics Corotee Lopez Engfch Dove Lopez Morhemotics 163Faculty Jone Lyon Jerry McCormick Shirley Mhos Joe M er Ruben Mrondo Metvo Mdno Sobol Studies Engbh Counselor Science Engfcsh Foreign Longuoge Yolondo Monroyo Cord Moms English EngSsh Koren Mounes Anne Morie Norole Loren Ned English Engfcsh Alod Arrs Rhondo Onego Teocher Aide Rudy Pocheco M Perkns Joner Prodx Glen Rjdmger Tm Rockey Sobd Studes Sood Studies Socid Studies Speed Educonon Science Spencer Rogers Mothemotics Ammo Samuels Al Scherbo Sue Seymour Don Smith Jock Squres Di Stephens Counselor Sobd Studies English Engfcsh Science Safety EducationLyon - Zuckerbrow Va Siewort AAodetyn Stuckey Dud Sutton Terry Tossm Roy Totoy Rheo Trove Aied Arts Speed Educorion NJROTC NJROTC Science Mothemotics Oonnie Vtvion Engksh Dorothy Woggener Teocher Aide Robert Wofeh Socid Studies Undo Wentworth Speool Educotion Sondro Whtfe English Cord Wisey Soool Studies Aurora Wybk Teocher Ade 165 loon Zuckerbrow DusmessDoys Sporrs Secrion Sroff; Kneeling; Mary Balzic and Keirh Lewis. Sronding; Sherry Williams, Joe Gagnon, and Sue Vidra. 166Rudy Pocheco- Foorboll Roy Alonzo- Boseboll BOYS COACHES Skip Hudson- Wresrling Al Sherbo- Fooiboll, Swimming 167Vorsiry Foorboll Dottom row. L to IX Louie Monroyo, Ooudio lonnirett. John Torres. Jerry Lopez. Sammy Fernandez, Doug Meyer, Norhon Crowell, John Drogon. flow Two Mgr Joe Lo Coss, John Dosok. Kenny Perolro. Orion Crow. Drett Matthews, IXuss NuSner, Jim Archer. Mg' Mark Porker. Mgr. Joe Mocos IXow Ttvee IXoncW Woflser. Mke Rehling, Mork Nygoord. Dobb Fmn. Larry Lopez. Doug Davis. Steve Clark. Chris Hdc fXow Four: Oys Larson, Oryon Irvin. Vernon Fieldmg, Croig Schultz. Doug Frerwold. Pierre FoJks, Terry Payne. Derek Elmore. 01 Cometo IXow Five. IXjck Darby. Mork Romes. Roy Marsh. G enn Vifcoms. Tony Elmore. Denms Pay. Chip Ugh. Ml se KJeyhouer. Drods Heothcotte 168 1981 Varsity Football Results Opporenf AHS Opp Alhambra 6 22 Thunderb rd 10 7 Central 13 12 Sunnyslope 7 12 Prescorr 6 6 Washington 17 9 Cortez 6 6 Greenway 22 6 Brophy 0 20 Shadow Mounroin 21 0 Skyline Divisional Ployoff Sr. Mary's 0 21Sports Apollo's viceUse grip on rhe Skyline Division's "A” Leogue Chonrv pionship wos shoken rhis year. The Howks, however, srl won rhe crown for rhe rhird year in o row, despire losing rhreefourrhs of rhe vorsiry foorball cooching yoff. Rudy Pacheco wos named rhe new head coach, and rhe Hawks finished wirh o 0-1-1 leogue record and 50-2 overall. Apollo opened rheir season by losing ro Alhombro, 22-6, bur rhe Howks quickly regained form and won rwo srroighr: 10-7 over Thunderbird ond 13- 12 over Cenrrol. Apollo rhen wos ried by Prescorr in rhe Homecom- ing gome, 66, ond AHS folbwed up by bearing Woshingron, 17 9. A polo rhen ried arch-rival Correz, 6-6, ond hammered Greenwoy, 22 7. The Howks rhen losr ro Brophy, 12-0, ond rhe "A" Leogue race wos o puzzle up unril rhe final Friday of rhe season. The firsr porr of rhe moze rhor rhe Hawks hod ro complere wos for Apolb ro avenge bsr year's only regulor season bss, which come or rhe hands of Shadow Mounrain. AHS did jusr rhor, rhroshing rhe Moro- dors, 210. Brophy ond Correz borh losr, ond Apoflo wos once ogoin Leogue Champion. 169HIJunior Varsity Foorball Front Row. Left to Right Joe Shultz. Robert Kzouthem. Davd Aboms. Tony Aitivcros. Don Smotnski. Chrs Sierras. Tony Cocre . Wdsey Detzer. Work Porker ond Mlse Dorg Second Row Michele Derroy. Steve Kommeyer. Jeff Grewe. Rod Luker. Steve Hokes. Phi OonogsxS. David Oombod. Steve Strunk. Rome Derg. Dcrryl Turner. Steve Thompson end Gndy Stoloy Thrd Row ten Smith. Kool Hrsch. John Cooper. David Irness. Von Dom. Dovd Deormon. Rick Salerno. AW Roberts, Jm Fusich. Don V oms ond Jom Hovko Fourth Row Cooch Gonzales. Ccrne Ztochower. Jeff Jones. Srocy Hnson. £nr o Stozzcne. R k Gnner. Todd Tipton. Jeff 'Voenbclser. DovxJ Wotworth. Jerry Mendozo. Steve McCogno. Dryon Thompson. Uso Prozok ond Cooch Oryont Fifth Row Cooch Petty. AVke Thorp. Don Ocm. Rod Wison. Steve Prott. Rsusel Nelson. Drett Dontle. Atark Dostcn, Todd Z00 07, Pot Lopez. Jeff Drown. PhJ 0« ond Cooch Ridngec Apollo's junior vorsiry foorboll reom once agoin hod on oursronding season, despue losing irs final gome ro Brophy The Howies won seven srroighr before the final loss. Some of the more impressive vicrories included: o 28-6 pasring of Cenrrol, a 20 0 win over Prescott away, ond bock-ro-bock 14 0 wins over Washington ond Cortez. The Hawks then manhandled Greenway 286. The J.V. Howies were coached by Orbie Gonzales ond Glenn Bidinger 172Freshman Foorball Apollo's freshman footboll ream ended its season with o perfect 80 record. The Howies opened season by beating Central ond Sunnyslope, AHS then crunched Prescott, 24 6, and Washington, 19 7. The Howlss then played Cortez in the annual arch rival game and dumped the Colts 05-20. Victory reigned os the Howlss went on to defeat Green way ond Brophy. The Hawks polished off their compoign with a smashing 34 6 victory over Shodow Mountain. Top row (k?fr to right) MJse Wesrergord. Jomes Oroin, Steve Dittoo, Steve Ciocco. Rick QOoty, Sam Bursh. Cooch. Doug Shuman, Roymood Mirchetl, Gory Adorns. Scott Clark Second row Karen Salerno. David Common. Wise Finn. Sam Leonard. Mork S»xel. Troy Trimble. Rodney Wolf, Burch Cotow. Bryan Forter. Chris Reynolds Third row Croig Boston. Mark Easels. Mike Jackson. Scott McCcxyx . Al Montoyo. Johnny Flores. MRe Welsh. Sot Lucchese, Mono Goroo. Joe Cordovo Fourth row Steve Zinder, AAike Wood. Derek Curtis. Burch Schneider. Mke West. Doug Gaxtoa. Bobby Lee. Ken Reed. Robert Shaw. Rueben Rncon. Richard Lopez Bottom row: Don Nelson, Randy Sikes. AAike Pearson. Todd Hnsberger. Donny Maurer. Kns Wehmueler. Joey Frisom. Danny Com«o. John Drogo Not Pictured: Joe D MJe. Coach 173Cross Country The members of the boys cross country reom began twice odoy practices in the blinding heor of August, often run- ning ten to fifteen miles in o single work- kour. Despite on overage oge of only 15, the reom managed to finish the season with o winning record, defeat- ing several more experienced reams. Rich Dole, Lenny Cork, John Noronjo ond Mike Siu led the reom or the Divi- sonols. The junior vorsiry compiled o 14-0 record ond got o second place finish or the district championships. Proof Row (left to nghr): DA Gertz. David Eckhouf, Rob Wokxe, Viet Dom. Geoff Price ond Kirk Shotto Second Row Wendy Lopez, Keith Turner, Don Suivon, Rob Speokmon. Jeff Peterson, Di Gouso ond Jo Lowrence Third Row Cooch Emmetr Smrh. Greg Wott.ec. Shown Reese. Karl Kowolski. Richord Dole, Lenny Clork. Wes Hutchns, John Nororya ond Cooch Dovod Lopez Fourth Row: Tommy Heffley. Christo O'del. Cynthio O'defl. Robbie Church . Holy Shofer, Zsuzsi Sogodi, Suson Tnmmier ond Decky Huerta 174Boys Swimming Although swimming in the winter con be rorher cold and uncomfortable, the Apollo boys swim reom is dedi- cated to work to moke the reom spirited ond successful. This yeors reom is led by seniors Kenny Needle, ond Jim Toomey. The Howies hove olwoys excelled in swimming ohd hove maintained o mark of excellence. This year Apollo prepared for onorher soaring season Vors-ry swimmers, nor in order, mdude Oenjomin Beorden. Ncotos Georgiodes. Chip Hgh. Kurr Monnei, Timorhy O’Ned. Richard Severance. Trerv Zmmermon, Michael Rrdse«. Srephen Hodey. Wftom McCobe, Kenny Needle. Roberr Schl. Oovid SmoSnsW. Ducne Draper. Chnsrophar Heerdr. Moris McKnsrry. John Nfcjl. Jeff Seomon. ond Jim ToomeyVarsiry Track Front Row Mke Siu, Dryon Irvin, Vernon FiekJng, Derm Defy. Rick Dorby, Lenny Oork ond Richord Oole Second Row: John Naronjo. Som Fernondez, Chris Lorson, Dove Nchock. Mke Ford ond Greg Worrier Third Row: Dovid Firmer, Sr eve Protr. Jeff Kinney, Von Dom ond Mel Roberts Fourrh Row: Todd Zeoley. Norhon Crowell, Terry Poyne ond Dr err Matthews 176Sporrs The boys rrack ream began practicing early in February and for more rhon four months hove been working our several hours o day, six days o week. Returning to lead the Howl s this season were sprinters Rick Dorby and Dennis Doly. Senior Vernon Fielding ond junior Mel Roberts excelled in the 400 merer run, while Rich Dole piled up points running in the 800 meter event. Strongmen return- ing this year included Terry Poyne ond Brett Matthews, both seniors, compering in the shot pur ond the discus, while upondcoming shot putter Todd Zeolley added points. Senior Lenny Clork wos outstanding in his disronce events. 177Junior Varsiry Track front row (left ro right): Kisassi Lewis. Tim Worn. Todd Hinsberger. ond Geoff Price Second row: Robert Locker. Mark Kosois. Oobby Lee. Mire Fnn. and John Drogo Third row Korl Kuo. Jim Moyer. Mire Wetsh. Chris Stine, ond Mike Mogee Fourth row: Dove Qorkhorr. mgr. Tom McCobe. Ted Fhitner. ond Scott RobmsonGolf Skyline Division Individual Champion Todd Howard led Apollo's Golf ream ro rhe store tournament for the first rime in this school’s history. The Hawlss came home from rhe tournament with o twelfth place finish our of 40 reams. Howard finished tenth in rhe store Apollo tools fourth pkxe in rhe Skyline Division which allowed them to qualify for store. Senior Jay Seorles was another outstand- ing member of this year's ream, occordmg to Coach Don Smith. Other reom members include Den Duran, Joel Klon- drud, Wode Howord, Will Stewart. Gary Dove ond Steve Thompson. NO TEAM PICTURE WAS AVAILADLE 179Soccer Soccer is o newly developed sporr here on the Apok compos This yeor the soccer reom opened rhe seoson with o 41 vicrory over Tolleson They contin- ued with enthusiasm, although they felt the struggle of competition from teams composed of older and more exper ieaced players. Nevertheless, Coach Jim Hiond ond the team remained opttsmis tic ond finished the season with o positive outlook for next year Fry Row (left to righi): Randy Young (Mgr ). Robert Pnkstoff. Ms Shotto, Cory Oetond. Romero Cordon. Mork Simon, Troy Brodtsh. Dovid Fkkmcxi. John Viture ond Andre Goon Rods Row Cooch HJond. Kimbol Lee. Vet Dom. Ooudio knmeft. Jeff Firzgerold. R»ck Dorby. Don Adler. Fred Counts. Dovid Peskn (Goc e). Orod Dovis ond Rod Compos No» Pictured Vmce Coiwel. Jerode Schneider. Doryl Rufibock. Dovid Moynord. Dowd Fogo. Froncisco Borrio ond Rod SoteloVorsiry Tennis Front row (left ro right) Don Wotters. John Dornets. Jeff Goldberg. Keith Kowolski. Kenny James Dock row Joe Herrin. Work ENers. Dichord Durton. Eric Nelson, Enc Bensxrom, DovxJ Deermon. Peter McCormick Nor Pictured: Cory Getond. John Wave. Aton Swoin. Jody Dedore, Chris Aio. Shown Bernerr. Duben Huerro. Dob Horch. ond Chris Johnson f Boys tennis hos o new cooch ond o new look Cooch Som Oorsh hos four seniors on his vorsny sguod. they ore Enc Nelson. Joe Herrin. Joby Dedore. ond Mork EhJers Other returning vorsry netters ore Dove Deermon ond Jeff GoldbergVarsiry Basketball Dock Row Greg Lung. Dovid Thompson. Pierre Fouks. Scorr Rorkin. Jeff Sfuck. Ken Lindsey. Glenn Wlioms. Roger Doher. Drock Heorhcorre. J R Aden. Derek Efcnore. Rob Kubisok Front Row My Ourchert Mgr. Cooch Dovid Lopez, Cooch Jerry McCormick. Sreve Kommeyer. MgrSports Apollo boskerboS reom operated this seoson wirh only five seniors, bur rhe Howlss srill mode ir ro rhe ployoffs Apollo hod some big wins during rhe seoson, like rheir SI- 49 upser vicrory over Meso ond rheir 7145 posting of Porodise Volley, bur none compored ro rhe Howlss 7166 come-from behind overtime vicrory over Shodow Moun- roin. The Howies come bod-: from 14 points down or holfrime ogoinsr rhe Morodors ro snorch victory from rhe jows of defeor. Apolb wos led once ogoin by heod cooch Jerry McCormick. Under the skiBful leodership of McCor mick, rhe Howks rook fourth ploce in rhe GCC Chrisrmos Tournomenr ond mode ir ro rhe ployoffs AHS finished wirh o 1015 overall record ond were 3-7 in Leogue "A” ploy 183Junior Vorsiry Basketball Front row: Mgr Steve Kommeyer. Cooch Dovid Lopez. Mgr My Burchett, Bods row Mork Brueser, Jeff Jones. Rod Wilson. Tom MAon. Steve Protr, Dovid Be« Alex Wright. Deon Stone. Poul Mnchel, Don Bom ond Dovid Inness The junior vorsiry basket boll ream was cooched by Dovid Lopez, who coled this yeor on "enjoyable season." The joyvees won 6 ond losr 13, bur gained valuable experience rhar wi moke them welcome members of nexr year's vorsiry. Highlights of the season included o double overtime win over Prescorr ond on overtime win over Greenway. The biggest margin of victory wos six points over Paradise Volley. 184Freshman Basketball Front row: Joey Mooos, Mike Squires. Cooch Cork» Sanchez, Shone Christenson. Rob Locker. Dock row Doug Ooxron, Sol Luchesse, Rod Woolf. Doug Shumon. Drod Doker. m Ayers. Drer Foudroy. Steve Oocco. Roy Mitchel. Cod Kuo. Orent G on, Chris Reynolds The freshman boskerboll ream, coached by Corios Son chez, spenr long hours of practice rime learning fundamen- tals and teamwork. These slsills will help them next yeor when these youngsters will be counted on to move up to the junior vorsiry and varsity teams ond contribute to the baskerbafl program here or Apollo High School. 185Varsiry Wrestling Front row (left ro right) Johnnie Sanders. Nocho Rojas. Rubeo LHoo. ood Ken Turor Middle row Eric Coffey. Sung Oh. Sammy Munoz. Glenn Crabtree, ond Vn Gardner Dock row Cooch D'Agoymo. MJ«? Zmder. Dorren Krumlouf. Lorry Lopez. Gory St onto. Todd Howard. Kenny Peralto. Geg Tenborge. ond Scotr PerohoSports For rhe firsr rime in ApoBo wreyling hiyory, rhe Hawks hod on individual os srore champion. Senior Gory Sreele won rhe 148 pound weighr doss ar rhe srare meer. ond senior Ruben Ulloo won rhird pioce in rhe 101 pound doss. Apollo senr seniors Lorry Lopez, Glenn Crabrree, Todd Howard. Sreele and Ullos along wirh juniors Darren Krum- louf ond Sammy Munoz ro rhe yore rournamenr. As o ream. AHS finished wirh on 8 2, winning fifrh place in rhe Skyline Division ond ICrh or yore. 187Junior Varsiry Wrestling The young gropplers kept up the winning rrodirion of Apollo wresrling by finishing with on impressive 8-2 record. The Howks only losses of the season were ro Shodow Mountain and to Thunderbird. in the final meet of the year The Howks bear some schools by completely manhandling the oppo nenrs. Some of the victories indude: a 5418 thrashing of South Mountain, the second match of the season, a 51-18 posreing of Sunnyslope, o 60 00 blowout of Sr. Mary's, and a 0415 win over Paradise VoBey The Howks impressive record indi- cates the 1982 '80 season ro be success- ful. 188 From row (left ro righi) Chod Howord. Mork New. Tony Altrovons. ond Johnnie Senders Dock row Glen Kisch. Darryl Turner. Greg Tenborge. Joel Scots, David Workms. Eric Coffey. Wode Howard, and Coach HudsonFreshman Wrestling From row Oefr to right): Trent Bunch ond Jeff Butcher Middle row Bobby Lee. Tony Anzolone. Todd Hnsbergcr. Chris Wert». ond Som Leonard Bock row John Dr ago, Rxk Harris. Joe Cordovo. Boon Fortier. Greg Horhowoy. Robert Murdie. Robert Worng, ond Cooch Duke Despire numerous forfeitures throughout the season, Apollo's freshmon wrestling teom finished with o 56 re- cord. winning agoinsr Cortez, Greenwoy, Sunnyslope, Shadow Mounroin, ond Thunderbird. The Howies lost their first three matches, bur come bock to win 5 of the final 8. Apollo's two most impressive victories come agoinsr Greenwoy, 48-20, ond Shodow Mounroin, 05-02, even though they forfeited four weight dosses in each march. 189Varsity Baseball Front row (left to rigtt): Kevin Gibson. Ken Turer. Lous Monroyo. Orion Crow. Greg Lung. Kevin Keleber. Todd Korey Second row Oil Comelo. Arrlxx Amporono Cunis Ounon. Elmer Dotrerson, Rob Kubesick Thrd row Cooch Roy Alonzo. Doug Jenkins, Don Any err, Berre Focrfks, Ted Mdniyre. Scorr Flood. Don Foyer ond Cooch Eric RasmussenSports The Apollo vorsiry boseboll program kepr up rhe win- ning rrodirion of rhe posr yeors by hoving onorher our yonding yeor AHS wos led by seniors Kevin Keleher ond Scorr Flood, borh of whom were rerurning lerrermen ond were pre seoson ptd s by rhe Phoenix Gozerre os two of rhe besr ployers in rhe Skylne Division. Apollo did go rhrough o major change when 11-yeor coach Chuck O'Connor rook o posirion wirh Phoenix College, and Junior Vorsiry Coach Pay Alonzo rook over. Alonzo wos o suc- cessful cooch or rhe junior vorsiry level, ond rhe promise of good rhings ro come echoes rhroughour rhe dugour. 191Junior Vorsiry Baseball hroor row (left to right) David Domboci, Alex Lopez. Mke Charles. Tony Chore . John Livingsron. ond Hjchxxd Mofcno Second row: Trovis Mirro. Rod Wfcon. Ron Derg. Phi Donogudi. Dovkj Inness, John Cooper, ond Steve Jenkins. Dock row: Cooch Kisner. Don Elom, John Porricki. Jerry Mondoso. Erhon Droogher, Derek Elmore. Pot Lopez. Dean Stone, ond Cooch Mooch Apollo's junior vorsiry baseball ream once ogoin hod o good season, os rhe pasr reams hove. AHS spenr rhe majoriry of rhe yeor learning rhe srroregy of baseball so as ro be prepored for ploying vorsiry. The Howls coaches stressed endurance ond conditioning, ond rhe dividends were enormous. Although rhe JV musr still work harder rhon ever ro moke rhe vorsiry ream, this group should be better rhon ready for rhe Iseen competition of years ro come.Freshman Baseball Breaking inro high school bosebol is rough in ony srore, bur in Arizona rhe competition is rhor much harder be cause of rhe caliber of excellence rhor rhe reams in this srore hove achieved. For this reason, and many orhers, rhose freshmen who moke rhe baseball ream or Apoflo hove a real reason ro be proud. The Apollo freshman baseball program has been rhe foundarion for rhe excel lenr j.v. and vorsiry reoms, ond rhis ream proved ro be no exception. Front row: Mike Jockson. DonieT Ccxnela. Ruben Rincon. Joey Frisoni. AJon Wilson. [My Smith. Orion Fortier. Robert Icjos. ond Doug Shumon Second row Kenny Mockln. Mark Socel. Soi Lucchese. Johnny Flores. AJ Monroyo. Dutch Schneider. Mike O'Horo, Doug Ooxton, ond Mil e Wesr Thrd row Coach John Newhol. Gory Adorns. Vetor Reaieno. Orod 0 er. Ray Mtfchel. Mke Westergord. Shone Christensen. Frondsco Oorrios. Steve Zmder. ond Cooch Don SrrvthGirls Sports Section Staff; Kneeling Mary Bolzic ond Keith Lewis. Standing, Sherry Williams, Joe Gagnon, and Sue Virdz. 194GIRLS COACHES Cindy Zopion Volley boll. Track Ginger Kurtz- Swimming Emmerr Smith- Gris Cross Country 19SSwimming Top row L ro fV Aisoo flobemon, Sheri Schwndet, AAornee Drumheler. Lori Corperoec. Tori High. Dobbe Drokke. Hex Sogoc . liso Lufcort. Tommy Ccfvn. Andreo AMer Middle row: Kimber Loaning. Jenny Sowden, DocxHk? Armiger. Lori Wfoor. Knyne Hghknd, Jute Ogden. Michele G Bottom row Mory Johnson. Soson Ogden. Joner Gessner and Jfl Tote Nor Pictured Michele Honrntr The Apollo Girls Swim Team continued their winning season this foil, with o record of 5 wins ond 3 losses. Topping off the season wos o 3rd place victory or the divisional meet ond finally, on 8rh place finish or Store Outstanding swimmers for the reom were Tommy Col- vin, senior, ond Joner Gessner, sophomore. At the store competition, Colvin finished 2nd in the 200 yd. Individuo! Medly ond 3rd in the 100 yd. Durrerfly. Gessner also placed or store coming in 5rh in the 500 yd Freestyle ond 6th in the 200 yd. Freestyle. Representing Apollo in the diving competition wos sen- ior Allison Robertson who ploced 17rh in the store. 196Cross Counrry Front Row 0« Gertz, Dovid Eckhout, Rob Wokxe. Viet Dom. Geoff Price ond Kiris Shotto Second flow Wendy Lopez, Keith Turner, Don Suivon. Rob Speokmon, Jeff Peterson. 04 Gouso ond Joe Lowrence Thrd Row Cooch Emmett Smrh. Greg Worrier. Shown Reese. Kori Kowalski, Richord Dole. Lenny Ocrk. Wes Hutchins, John Noronjo ond Cooch David Lopez Fourth Row Tommy Hefley. Christo O'de . Cynthio O'defl, Robbie Church . Ho y Shofer. Zsuzsi Sogodi. Suson Trimmer ond Oecky Huerto Coach Emmett Smith ond his girls vorsiry aosscounrry ream compiled on impres sive dual meet record of 13 wins ond only 4 losses. A rash of lore season injuries contributed to the upset loss in the Skyline Divisional meet. Sophomore Holy Shofer wos joined by seniors Cyn rhio O’dell and Zsuzsi Sogodi ond juniors Robbie Church! ond Suson Trimmier, ond sophomores Christo O'dell ond Ton- yo Peters. Cooch David Lopez assisted with the girls cross counrry ream. 197Vorsiry Track The girls vorsiry track ream, one of the more successful reoms here or Apol- lo. again produced a winner this year. The girls lived up ro the reputation of being champions, which they hove earned by consistently being one of the top reams in rhe Skyline Division. The girls hod some injuries early in the sea- son, bur hard work, conditioning and confidence in their ability to succeed produced another winning season Var siry Coach Cindy Zopien wos assisted by Skip Rodgers. VEGfcl 198 Front row: (left to right) Kim White. Jenny Sowden. Zsu si Sofodi, fXobbe Churchi. Cyntho O'del. ond Donno Gorco Oock row Cooch Cody Zopten. Holy Shofer. Pouio Thompson. Koren White. Jenn er Inness. Lori Corpenrer. Potty Dovis. ond Cooch Stop Rodgers 4 fFronr Row flefr ro right) Meghon Jockson. Tommy Heffley. Joctoe Henry. Undo Reed. Myra Jockson ond Ten Heffley Second Row Cooch Cndy Zapien. Angefcque Morrnez. Tohnee Roberison. Ginger HombSn. Michele Curley. Debbie Erblond. Trocy Lucos, Pony Dovxj ond Asseronr Cooch Skip Rodgers 199Varsity Basketball Once ogoin, rhe vorsiry girls' basketball reom showed rhe spirit and dererminorion thor they have been known for in rhe pasr. According ro rheir cop rain, Julie Gallagher, this year's reom has o lor of porenrial due ro rheir tremendous reom work. Our sronding players include juniors Sherri Wrona and Joyce Walker, and Gallagher, o' senior. With a reom of rhis srrengrh, rhe Hawlss can look forward ro on excelent season next year Seniors Lori McKnyry, Xie Gologer. Cothy Keefer, ond Holy Etwood 200 Front row (left to right): Sherri Wrono, Jufco Wood, Down King, Etone Okvas. Joyce Wofcer. ond Corot Golden Dock row Lori McKnstry, Potty Shodnc. Cothy Keefer. Pometo (Xok. Holy Etwood. Juie Gologher, coptom. ond Cooch WfconJunior Vorsiry And Freshman Basketball J V Front row (left to rvghr) M-chefc? Loncasrer. Jufce Gteresh. Undo Dombrowsfc. PoJo f ck. Amy Mcrchinsky. and Sylvia Ochoo Dock row Kcrhy 7 Kinney. Noncy Ohmtey. Leo Tenborge. Sondy Ooker. Lorrone dvos. ood Cooch Ock Dooc xx Frosh Frorv row Oefr ro nghr) Ju4e Moermon. Mgr. Keren Lrk. Oeneo Woodd. Dono Kirrxso. Michele Gagnon, Lorrane Mxon. ood Oecky Kxjrro. Mgr OAck row Jenrrfer Eerie, Sonyo Seyferr, Corhy Coins. Mery Wfrtdm. Leo Fuzhugh. Krery Dehr. Terroso Foster ond Cooch Derry DorrVorsiry Volleyball Front row (left to right) Dhondo Adorns. Joe Herrin. Mgr. ond Lynne Dugon Dock row Louie Anderson. Denise Schneider. Jube Fisher. Potty Shudirts. More Ayors. ond Cooch Cmdy Zopten Once ogoin the Apollo Volleyboll reom showed sports monship ond Howls Spirit. Together, the girls learned how to work hard ond oim toward success. They experienced the joys ond frustration of participating in o school sport The Howlss ore looking forward to o successful season next yeor.Junior Varsity And Frosh Junior versify Front row (left to right): Sondy Doker. Pouta Coins, ond Morgoret Territo Dock row: porritio Crobtree. Liso Viterbo. Cooch Ootan. Shannon Digworfe. ond Undo Dombrowski 203 Frosh Front row (left to right) Meghon Jockson. Michele Curley, coproin; ond Lon CNe Dock row Karen Unk. Michele Broekhuizen. cocoprom; Cork) Rankin. Mory 'Vdhekn, Tohnee Robertson, ond Cooch DorrVarsity Sofrball Front Row (left ro right): Uso Folbo ond Chriyino Folbo. Second Row Sondy Doker. Noncy Drewyer. Lynne Dugon. Srocey Hosl. Tncio Crobrree. Lori Amuso ond Mono Wiechec Thrd Row Tonyo Peters, Jo Ann Puckerr. Undo Wee. Cooch Deity Dorr. Chris Cetoyo. Pouta Coins end Sheri WfOhO. The 19811982 vorsiry sofrboll yeor cBmoxed with rhe Howks reaching a mini playoff ro determine placing in rhe disrricr ployoffs. A loss ended rhe season and produced a final record of 9 wins and 7 losses. Cooch Derry Dorr, in her second yeor or rhe helm of rhe Howlss, seemed proud of rhe ream ond is looking forward ro nine vorsiry players returning nexr yeor. Mosr voluoble ployer for rhe vorsiry this yeor wos Lisa Folbo. senior 204Junior Vorsiry And Freshman Sofrball J V From Row (left ro righr) Michefle Curley. AAekxJ Bix ood Cordyn Androde Second Row Keren Kosryk. Corhy Coins. Nancy Wiechec. Virgimo Gonzoles ond Sanyo Seyferr Third Row Cooch Dob Scotr. Shannon Oigworfe, Pom Rak, Undo Dombrowsto. Thereso Foyer ond Michele Lone oyer Frosh Fronr row (left ro righr): Angeique Morrrte ond Jodi Terry Middle row Sbety Lindley. Dense Holden, Holy LkxJsey. Mory Smih, Joonn Rubin, ond Gmgor Shoubel Dock row Korhy Johnson, mgr. Karen Link. Anne Freemon, Carlo Ronton. Kriyy Ouhr, Srocey Kissinger. Denise Wemdel. Down Turer. ond Cooch Sinoho 205Junior Varsiry Tennis Girl's renr s, winning six of irs firsr seven marches, served norice on rhe ftyto pivision rhor the Hawlss will be soaring rhidseoson. The Hawks are led by junior Emily K. Nosh and three seniors, Laurie Ander- son, Jamie Quinn, and Sue Grarrino 206 Fronr row (left to right) Corne Ferrari, Yvonne Elngton. Krista George, Derby Jones, and Tino Cuzzocrea Dock row: Norole Word, Jonme Terry. Undo Wer. Loune Anderson, Jom»e Qunn. ond Jodi Neighbors Nor pictured: Emiy Nosh. Melissa Lorson. Liso Holer. Sue Grottino. Chrs Oerger, fVoberto Desrochers, Kim Butcher, ond Michele McDonaldVarsity Dadminron The Apollo Vorsiry badminton ream hod another winning season with 7 wins ond 5 losses. Outstanding ployers were Sheilo Dole and Lisa Pearson They placed 6rh or the divisional tournament os o doubles ream. Oocrom row (left to righr) SheJa Ode. Coorte Curley. Iso Fdbo. ond Noncy Drewsrer Second row Undo Wer. Dor by Jones. Angela Wley. Jodt Neighbors. $he«y Harnoget. Krtyo George, ond Jocky Kirety Top row Ltso Holer. Dtone Affek . Liso Peer son. Miss Dior. Cooch. Jonine Terry, Aison Morbo, ond Moroo ConodyFirsts. First School (fill in the blocks) ® First Prom First Teacher, First Kiss First Steady. M First Football Game First Date First Dissected Frog First Car (mtvx poom). First Bank O First Interstate Bank of Arizona First Interstate Bank ot An ona. N A Member FDIC • Federal Reserve System Formerly First National Bank of Arizona Equal Opportunity Employer BILL FLOWERS PHOTOGRAPHY M STUDIOS PHOENIX • £63-9286 938 WEST CAMELBACK RD. %"o ££J£s SCOTTSDALE1 994-5030 Covj0a 2 sod r. 2515 NORTH SCOTTSDALE RD ATT£NT ON SEM OfiSf [SAVE 120 fc OF TOTAL PURCHASE FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS. rw s OEEEPSfArEE APPl ED TO A Nr s a gie me veep op pa ro tfAVE A PEADY PEPC ASWE GPAOl AT OA p cre PES. good luck, hawkshugctfaypt Pizza! CALL1 931-8377 8826 N. 43 HtudiU iiiiitilft DiiUMiAi iu-iitUigjt iiu Ail WHi (ItiUtiiA Mihr iMtti k FASTPMM- BLUEPRINTING SERVICE Northern Plaza 5008 W. Northern Ave. -13 Glendale. AZ 85302 Drafting Supplies 9314640 9319639 51RGLB TV SAL8S f SSWfCB ifrr 3548 W. GLENDALE AVE. PHOENIX ARIZONA cviVANIA £jth 3{Ized Sn¥iLiVAN,A SERVICE QUASAR ZENITH 841“7868 RCA serving you !8 years If you can’t find a Valley Bank you’re not in Arizona! • • • We go out of our way for you at more than 200 neighborhood offices statewide. Member FDIC 212FLOWER SHACK 934-7220 934-7229 242-908 S Mfddinrt Specialfits Flows For All Occati mt VVIHP .SfcHVICr. j'.aroN 43 ho Ave. GllNIMLF. AZ.«5302 | CRAIC S WESTSIDeI i BARBER SHOP STyunO end REGULAR BARBER SERVICES g 934-8235 LOCATIO AT 4147 Wf ST OUHi AR I A fHOINI . ARIZONA »M2« 0 iclito HAIR designs SERVICE INCLUDES Precision Hair Cuffing 5041 W. OLIVE AVE Tinfing Facials 10% Discount with Student ID on anything over 5$ MON. THRU SAI »:30-J:30 THURS. » 30-9:00 pm 931-7416 Sherri Domme Omitted From Junior Section 213if Why Don Sanderson sells Fords ...and only Fords. Ford selected Don Sanderson. Today, nearly 30 years later, Don Sanderson is still selling Fords...and only Fords. To Don’s way of thinking, it’s a matter of loyalty. A man can not serve two masters. Besides, Ford is an American-made car. And, as Don Sanderson says, “if Americans don’t patronize America, who will?” Back in the early 50’s, Don Sanderson was searching for a business opportunity. He, along with 1200 others, applied for a Ford dealer franchise in Arizona. FORD -Jr DON SANDERSON FORD “Our product is Ford, but our business is people” 5300 Grand Avenue - Glendale 846-8600 - 247-6300 Open evenings ’til 9, Saturdays ’til 7...but never on Sunday il rr DATSUN WHERE SERVICE MEANS SERVICE 4£5© W. dentale Avenue P.C. Be% 1497 - C enda[e. Arizona £5311 934-3444 COOB LUCK HAWKS! SPEND SOME TIME IN THE PAST. On an hour’s tour of Salt River Project’s History Center, you’ll be fascinated by the faces and events that pioneered the Salt River Valley. There are tools and artifacts from the mysterious Hohokam; rare photos of early pioneers; even original documents from Teddy Roosevelt’s dedication of Roosevelt Dam in 1911. Come share Arizona’s his- tory with us. The History Center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enter our gait River Project main lobby, East Van Buren water ♦ power Street at Project Drive.APOLLO BOOSTER CLUB •• , m'H got o gooa- tltinq going II • 4402 W. GLENDALE • PHONE 939-1928 • BURR Il'OS, I TACOS, W NO m TOSTADASTtrtatO 937-5988 Sf“t SPECIALIZING IN BAKED POTATOES WITH VOI R ( HOK E OK DELICIOUS TOPPINGS NUTRITIOUS - DELIC IOUS 01 R 3rd HUT VAl.l EN WEST MALL 5‘)lh AN E. NORTHERN EAT IN OR TAKE OUT subs • breakfasts • hot dinners Pizza slices open: 6 — 9 Sun - Wed 6-10 Thurs - Sol 931-8094 Is - . 0 Dunlap 43rd Ave. olive I I Mrs. Smith Would like to THANK: Apollo Student Faculty For Making This an Outstanding Yea r ! !For Professional Representation Call.... 939-8344 247-0808 mrnmmm fi! RED CARPET Bill HI tVD Ul A. • .....or come by 5058 W. Peoria Professionols Ar Work DON VANDEP GIESSEN JACQUE TEPPY DAPDAPA LOFTIS TPOY PAY JAN HOWARD PITA SHEPPAPD MAPTI KOPP POSE DE VPIES Peoria Ave. RED CARPET Red Carpet Offices Coast-To-Coast qood fuck to the 82 miens!Unique m" V Real Estate MARK V 3612 W. Dunlap Phoenix, Az. 85021 Phone 602 - 938-0100 JIM WEHMUELLERTHE FINEST IN CUSTOM DRAPERIES 939-7492 4726 W OLIVE-GLENDALE Body Guiding • Powerlifting • Women's Progroms • 8941 N 43rd Ave DOO 6 DEBORAH RANNEY Phoenix, Arizono 9317022 PT)0EHIX 3YOU NEED A FRIEND WHO KNOWS THE TERRITORY If you believe a handshake is still the most binding contract of all and are seriously considering selling your house, we urge you to call us. Well give our word to you. Berry Hordill R ociate GznM n 249-0139 in Lucky Center 8024 n. 51fiveDo you love Pizza? Do you wish you could take your family out to where you all can have a real good time? 973-1860 3575 W. Northern Where on earth can you find a pizza house with this much? The answer to A Reserved Room For Special Parties a pizza over s prayer Giant TV Screen Take Out Service Salad Bar Friendly Staff Put Together With Our Excellent AtmosphereCo-Edtors Sherri Tucker orvd Koren Trourmon 224 As rme posses, we hope th6 book he ps you re member your 198182 school year The many dffer ear oeuvres, mooch, focos ond expressions through our the book ore HAWKS OF APPCtO Al truly perfect 10 s Shorn You ore the best coed or I've ever hod Thor's not herd ihough. you ore rhe only one I've ever hod Ho Ho" Senoout smAng without your cromoss Tlse book doesn't even hove to be done twee this year— Hurrcry four UPS' And rhonk goodness four us' Toko Core 6 Dost Wishes Love. Koren Keren This year fnoty over and the book 6 out on rme" Looking bock. I see o tor of good, for nstonce. gong to mol. booting our deoeftnes ond much more I oiso remember rhe bod Fndng out Quoiomoto was leoving. sports 6 dubs 0 ergonzorens Many people helped me along the way. vewy Doby. Mr Drown 6 our staff, but most of ol you CoEdror Forever, Shorn ■ri Tucker ?n Troum SrocyV DownV Korhy U Sheryl N Keith Lew A Co Editor Jon Baxter .to Editor Ginny llren 1 Boy Hunt I Penny Thomason Kim Krumtauf.lCo Editor Kelly Jery ings.lCo Editor Jon Doxter I Sheryl New Down Wough. to Editor Srocey Weovefl Co Editor Sue Bidro. Korhy Lyons Bruce Loncosrel Potricio Avita, i Editor Liso Decroix, C Ednor Kothy McKinnAf Sherry Wflioml Liso Alger I Kety Jennr Porricta Avil Liso Decrow Korhy McK| Bruce Loix« Kim Kr nlo KeirhJewis Ponunt Ck is ond OrgoniAtions Set or Class Jur x Class Sof xxnore Class. Fre hman Class Fo ilry ond Sroff. Spx rs Ac errisemenrs .... 1 V Monoger fekJr Boines Photogrophers Korea Trourmon Kothy Lyons Sheryl New Kim Krumtouf Bruce Loncoster Joe Gognon Advisor: Mr. Jim Brown Co-Ed ors: Sherri Tucker ond Koren Troutmon Cover designed by Boy Hunt

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