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 MV Vv Ox 0„l°J A Vs wsiV rv 'V -y W " (■aOV . . V j v s 56 Gui J " J Cjocc £f)Oooy Ji J 3aaMa, ffad' ud- UJX. Cj QT Jadt Jp Ytw K. r ‘.Mi Am-1 ' tlfu • a eff Lo 4t (j a JfSo (4CXA t - V IX x o . X :30 L 'M . laJ (jpVouf dM. % COfc M C UL1 -» ig i wsCo-Editors Claire Arthur and Sherri Tucker Advisor Miss Barbara Stewart 8045 47TH AVENUE GLENDALE. ARIZONA 85302  The Hawks of Apollo - Administrators, faculty, school per- sonnel, student body - worked together to earn the fine rep- utation Apollo enjoys. As it enters the 80’s and its Second Decade. Apollo has gained respect through the curriculum and varied programs it offers. Its students and the honors its students have brought to Apollo. Apollo students excel in academics, athletics, music, drama, speech, art and many other areas.This excellence is the outward symbol of an inner pride- a pride which leads us to say the APOLLO'S HAWKS RULE THE SKY! The OLYMPUS salutes all Apollo Hawks - administrators, faculty, school personnel, and student body - and dedicates this volume of the OLYMPUS to all Apollo Hawks Throughout this OLYMPUS you will see the faces, moods, and activities of Apollo as we present our theme for this 1980-81 school year - HAWKS OF APOLLO! 17vj mmm A iOrganizations Student Council Our objectives are: To raise spirit, plan activities, lead and represent the Student Body, and to “reach out” and help our community. Our plans for the year arc: To host the Student Council Conven- tion, plan Homecoming, and Spirit Days. Their community help is: To mediate between students and com- munity. Pictured at top right is Vitiane Bedogni, and pictured at bottom left to right is Sheila Bale and Pat Sell. 26Student Council Pictured at top silting left to right is Jeff Simpson; Senior Class President, Vitiane Bedogni; Foreign Kxchange Student from France. Deanne Frans; Slate Contention Chairman. Sheila Bale; Junior Class President. Bonnie Ogden. Public Relations Manager. Pal Sell; Student Body President. Standing left to right is Terry Green; Student Body Treasurer. Ketin Hunter; Student Body Vice Presi- dent. Mike Kelly; Student Body Secretary, Stete McCagno; Sophomore Class President. Pictured at far left is Fred Takiguchi. Pictured at right is Jeff Simpson; Senior Class President. 27Varsity Cheer Our objectives are: To promote school spirit, and help the crowd become in- volved. Our achievements are: The 80-81 cheer line works together as one unit. Through various activities, we raise the spirit of Apollo Students. We would like to be: Promoting spirit through out Apollo. Pictured Right: l.ori Poor cheering at a home football game. Top Ron: Missie Brewster, Jody Shinn. Second Row: l.ori Spiller, Susie Flspinoza. Third Row: Ijm McKinstry, Cheryl Young. Bottom Row: Ix ri Poor. Debbie Peeples. 1 28Many hours of hard work and practice go in to being on the cheer line. The rewards of all the work. 29J.V. Cheer Our Objectives are: To promote spirit through out J.V. games. Our Achievements Are: Cheering at J.V. sports, homecoming and pep assem- blies through out the school year. We would like to be remembered for: Helping to promote spirit through out Apollo. 30 Standing: Tiffany Kennedy. Dorina Garcia. Second Row; Eileen May. Stephanie Halhtrom. Stephanie Burton. Diane Affeldt. Y cttc Apodaca. Allivon McCarthy.Top Row: Tracy Schneider. Tracy l.ucas, Becky Henderson. Front Row: Sherry Sheehan, Michelle Lancaster. Hugenia Vance. Julie Domotor. Freshman Cheer Our objectives are: To teach individual team members leadership and responsibility and to prepare them for the more advanced cheer lines. Our achievements are: To promote spirit through out the freshman class, and our two successful parties for the football and basketball team. We would like to be remembered for: Being involved in the various school spirit projects such as homecoming, as- semblies, and athletic games.32 First row. left to right: Natalie Chancellor, Maria Christian, Tammy Kirkpatrick, l,ori Collins, I.ori Consolo. Second row, left to right: Esther Delos Rios. I.isa Alger, Sherri Wehmucller, l.iz Piller, Bonnie Ogden. Pom Our objectives are: To entertain during half- time and to help raise school spirit. Our plans for the year are: To sponsor a dance with cheer and per- form at every football game and all of the home Basketball games. We would like to be remembered for: Bringing back a lot of school spirit and the crowds.• ■ rs Abote left to right is Liz Piller, and Esther Delos Rios at one of our schools assemblies. bar Left: l.ori Collins pla s an aclite part on the pom line. I-«ft: Maria Christian smile happil) for the cameraGolden Hawks Boiiom row: Kricka Kellis. Jodi Kpp. Kristi Peace. Sherri Tucker. Top row: Jenny Potter. Leslie Andrus, Susan Balric. Quenla Kellis. Ann Kliason. Golden Hawks Our objectives are: To support the Apollo cross country teams through all of their meets. Our achievements are: Kncouraging the track team and the ath- letes of Apollo High. We would like to be remembered for: Being of service to those athletes who sel- dom get their recognition that they really deserve. A bo e left is Lucinda Mu Abo»c lop lo boiiom. Michelle Goodman: President. (onnie Curly; Vice President Mat Minders Our objectives are: To support the wrestling team as best we can, promote the wrestlers and encourage spirit. Our achievements are: Raising money for Eric Lock by hav- ing a school dance. We would like to be remembered for Raising spirit and our hard work to raise money for Eric Lock. 35 First rov left to right: Kim Grim. Tami Ratti, Michelle Mounes, l.ueinda Maas. l.eeAnn Wagstaff. Second ro : l.oric Gunnell. Christie Boyce, Brenda llussen. I.isa Prazak. Ann Digilio. I.auri Trciber. Ilollie Danielson, Sandie Thul, Cathie Welsh. Third ro : Candy Ramirez. Audrey t'rias, Connie Curley. Rosemary Ruiz. Carol Andrade. Julie Spiegel. Lynne Canning. Krin Mart. Stacey Kleine. Sheri Aldrich.Marching Band Our objectives are: To create and promote the finest musi- cal groups possible. Our plans for the year are: Excell through musical education in all phases of our music department here at Apollo High. Tours to California for all musical groups. We would like to be remembered for: Bringing an integral part of all stu- dent activities and our performances honors which all students and faculty can be proud of. Front row: Sonya Rathgcbcr (Drum Majorette). Donna Estep, Iauric Schaubel. Deanna Dcrhaag, Rubin lluerta. Carol Baugh. Robert Pinkslaff, Lorraine Kisch. Sam Munoz. Traci Screes. Matt Palidino, Darlene Mosanko. Brian Bort. Carol Golden. Michelle Carpenter, Pat Shinagawa. Alicia Huntsman. Stephanie Beville. Doris llauck (Majorette). Second row: Mr. Angalich (Director). Lorraine Olivas. Shelley Beasley. Fawnda Brown. Michelina Slazzone. Billie Scott. Diane Evans, Joy Venando. Dale Rubin. Amy Accdo. Becky Welsh. Terry Holland. Elaine Olivas. Paul Rean. Glenn Kisch. Linda Rizzo. Kathy Whitman. John McCord. (Student teacher). Third row: Tamara Kutzli, Kim Ross. Michelle Sacharko, Susan Ogden. Wendy Kelly. Shana Ellis. Jolynnc Bcrrelt, Wayne Scott. Sherise Aldrich. Mary Hcnninger, Pam Brown, Sandy Tnui. Melodee Brewer. Fourth row: Kristina Shogcr, Kris Jones, Jackie Thul. Kim Machutta, Juan Castaneda, Julie Fischer. Larry Prazak. I auric Andersen. Kim McDonald. Alfred Gouso.Gail Dammann, Phil Murray. Jo Epp. Fifth row: Kim Pulliam. Jim Pulliam, Tim Filippazzo. Mary Rabcnius, Rob Richards Alicia Mendoza, Rene l.ucdeman, Lori Carpenter. Jodi Enters, Charles Cater. Bill Christy. Mike Whitman. Kristi Peace. Sixth row: Sue Gratlino. I.eann Froclich, l ee Ann Wagstaff. Jon Wade. Don Cross. Robert tarkin. Chris Morrison. Frank Moreno. Barry Myers, Mark Piepenbrink. Jay Stewart. Chris McCord. Bob Shepard. Misti LKcach. Seventh row: Joe Granado. Mike Furr. Mike Kelly. Ken Lindsey, John Kulon. Mike Brokke, Jeff Kulon. Brian Froclich. Brent George. Mike Befort. Jeff Mitchell. Doiug Nagy. 36f Flag Line Pictured abote first row left to right: l aminar Kut li. Jodi Kpp, Kristina Shogcr, Mclodcc Brener. Second row: Kristi Peace. Kim Pulliam. Third row: Misti l.each. Sue firattino. Pictured at far left: Sonya Ratgcber: Drum Ma- jorette. 37 Pictured at left: Doris ilauck; Majorette.AutographsAutographs40 Jazz A Our objectives are: To give all individual members as fine a jazz musical education as possible. Our achievements are: We’ve had many superior ratings at Regional and state jazz festivals, we’ve participated in the international jazz festival in Reno, Nevada. We won Sweepstakes award as best Jazz Kn- semble in the state of Arizona in 1980. We were the first Jazz Ensemble se- lected as McDonalds all Arizona Jazz Band. We would like to be remembered for: A well rounded jazz program when re- presenting Apollo High at various per- formances. What we have done for our community: We have played at many community functions, dances and banquets. Front row left to right: Son}» Rathgeber, Juan Castaneda, Joy Venancio, Lorraine Kisch, Becky Welch. Second row: Phil Murray. Jon Wade. Bob Shepard. Third row: Amy Acedo. Dale Rubin. Joe Cranado. Fifth row: tarry Praxak, drums; Jim Toomey. piano; Chris McCord, bass; and Mr. Gabriel Angalich. A bote is Sonya Rathgcber who plays the Saxe A bote is tarry Pra ak who plays drums, phone. First ro» left to right: Craig Doman, Donnie Apodaca. Tricia Staley. Karen Morgan. Connie Will, Dana Ryan. Second row: Russell Walsh. Joe Atkins. Richard Bale. Dean .Mast. Clint Krain, Becky Hinson, Joe Bombaci, Steve Duncan, Rafael Martinez. Third row: Kevin Gallagher, William Gehrman, Mark Bilteker. Mr. Will Stewart, Jeff Wood, Mike Ament, Steve Svancara, Mike l.uederx. Guitar Our objectives are: To cooperate and work as a team to achieve a musical result. Our Achievements are: Apollo has a guitar performing group of twenty- four hard working students who can play many styles of music from Bach to Rock. We would like to be remembered for: Having ability to achieve and to reach our poten- tial and have patience to live through our strug- gles with coordination, knowledge, and skill de- ficiencies until we succeed. Our community help was: The Apollo Guitars are active concert performers (nine appearances in December I980| and we perform for the Musie in Our Schools Week at Valley West Mall each year. Our reputation is being well built by our students and we look forward to greater achievements as our program matures. At far right is Joe Bombaci, and Steve Svancara. At right is Front row: Craig Doman, Corre- sponding Secretary; Steve Svancara, Secretary; Mike Ament, Treasurer: Dean Mast. President; Mark Bilteker, Vice President.Concert Choir Top Row, Left to right; Brent Swsngcr. Kell) Call. Kerin Callaghcr, Mike Lueders, Jay llall. Second Row: Carol Sifuentes. Julie Hawthorne. Wendy Kelley, Wendy Smith, Leslie Morgan, Lisa Scarborough. Third row; Misti l.each, Tammy Kirtin, Julie Domotor, Kristi Peace. Sherri Tucker. Cindy Burmeister. Bottom Row: l ori Wertz, Traci Lowry, Allison McNcesc. Traci Screes, Michelle Ingram. Choir Our objectives are: To work hard so we can achieve our goals in life, and we have been looking forward to our tours to California. We would like to be remembered for: Bringing joy to the hearts of many through singing. Our achievements are: A solo and ensemble festival, Christmas and Spring concerts, and we sang at the capital. What we’ve done for our community: We please many people through song.Concert Choir 43Hint row left lo right: Kim Dam, Deanna Pauk, Kristy Rathgeber, Greg Welsh, Second row: Mark I.usk, Carol Wenzl, Delores Tomlinson, Sheri Griffith, Kelly Anderson, David Ranes. Third row: Terry Martin, Melissa Nash, Julie Mumpy, Mark bubf, Kricka Kellis, Julie Sammons, Janet West, Chris Ferrari, Robert Backer First row left to right; Mark Ijiube, Treasurer; Delores Tomlinson. Secretary; Julie Mumpy, President; David Ranes, Vice President. Second row: Greg Welsh. Historian; Mark l.usk. Publicity; Mr. William Farrell, Advisor; Kelly Anderson, Clerk. Drama Our objectives are: To build Drama Club up to a very popu- lar and enjoyable club for all as well as talented actors. Our achievements are: Financing and putting on “The Diary of Anne Frank” and the “Godspell.” We would like to be remembered for: Putting on spectular plays and being very tidy (especially on stage).Abotc Is Kristy Rathgeber in "The Diary of Anne Frank.” Abote left to right:Mark l-aube, Jeff Taylor. Susan Ogden. Below left lo right: Susan Ogden. Jeff Taylor. Delores Tomlinson. Mark Ijiubc. Kelly Anderson. Robert Backer. I)a id Ranes.46 l.cfl lo right: Kim I a is, Mark l.aube I .eft lo right: Kristy Rathgcbcr, Jeff Taylor. Susan OgdenBooster The Booster Club is basically a group of parents and friends of Apollo who join together and support the school in programs beneficial to the needs of the students. Since 1973 they have provided over 23,000 dollars toward athle- tic scholastic and other activities requested by the various groups in need. Some projects were; equipment for the football, baseball and other team sports; sponsors for var- ious student council scholarships; video equipment, band uniforms and equipment; Special Olympics, Co-ed scholar- ships, and many, many many more. One third of Booster Clubs income is from membership, one third from advertis- ing and one third is from program sales. It is our hope and pleasure that many will continue to join and grow with Booster Club to support Apollo High School. Standing: Karen Mounes. Phone Committee; l)ick Matsuishi, Vice President; Shevie Zinder, Secretary: Sitting: Ken Lindsey. Program Sales; Judy McKinstry. Treasurer; Steve Domotor, President; Charlotte Nelson. Membership; Jim Wehmucller, Advertising; Not Present Ron Brewster. Project Chairman 47NJROTC Our objectives are: To encourage maturity and citizenship among high school students. Our achievements are: One of five best units in the Western region. Drill Team won Panther Cup open competition. We would like to be remembered for: Dedication and willingness to assist school and community. |,cft squad: Dorina Maldonado. Dawn Norton. Anna Rost. Middle squad: Ana Siu. Right squad: Fdwina Strang. Vickcy Fisher, Valeric Galloway. 48 Pictured at top first row left to right: Jesse Sutton, Kelly Moulton, Ana Siu. Second row left to right: Chris Grantham, Bob Barrette, Chris Miller, Carmita Burns, Craig Chipley, Kd Rui . Third row left to right: Rick Salerno, Ron VanCourt, Brett Bailey.Pictured at top first row left to right: Da id Maynard, Mario C'atgcnota, Jeff Taylor, Second row left to right: Marten Niner. Ron VanCourt, Brett Bailev, Rick (.'oodell.Special Olympics Our objectives are: The Special Olympics program is a special alter- native program to the regular sports program at Apollo. Students in the Special Kducation de- partment compete in sport activities including swimming, bowling, volleyball, basketball, gym- nastics, and track and field. Our achievements are: The program is year around, with activities be- ginning in .September and concluding in May. Each teacher in the Special Kducation depart- ment sponors one or more event. Students must show they arc eligible with the proper physicals and good grades just like the regular program. We would like to be remembered for Apollo has participated in Special Olympics since 1975 and has captured the County and State basketball championship for of the last five years. We have also been the State and County Volleyball champs for the last two years. The students have excelled in individual track and field events. I.eft to right: Mr. Joe Ray Alonzo, Mrs. Barbara Beery, Mr. Robert Coyer, Mr. Clen Ridinger. 50 Stale Bowling Team left to right: Tom Trujillo, Jeff Rowley. Billy Vcziris, John Andrade, and Keith Fix. flflBack row left to right: Jeff Crenshaw, Mike Millegan, Billy Vegiris, Karen Baatr, Renae Tarin, Crysfall Bradford. Keith Fix, John Andrade. Keith Detifl, Kli abelh llayes, Mary Moffitt, Kathy Anderson, Stanley Newman, Mike Smith, l.ynda Julian, Marie Selleys, Paula Paquette. Kathy Brandi. Front row left to right: Terri Weeden, Betty Moffitt, Tonya Stewart, Tom Delaney, Tom Treyillo, Sherri Fiori, Tim Jackson. Ann Cray. Jeff Rowley, Billy Burchett, Michelle Bedia. Chert Tail. Melanie Barber. Front row left to right: Tim Jackson, Tom Delaney, Mike Millegan, Keith Fix, Jeff Crenshaw. Second row left to right: Michelle Bedia, Tonya Swart, Mary Moffitt. Betty Moffitt, Cryslall Bradford, l.ynda Julian, Renae Tarin. 51AutographsUtopian Our objectives are: To entertain, inform, and advertise to the student body of Apollo High. Our achievements are: Producing what we feel is a very good newsmagazine, and what the student- body wants to hear. We would like to be remembered for: The quality we have put into this years paper. lxfl (o right is Bonnie Ogden, Kditor in Chief; and Danila Priest, Sports Editor. 54 l.efl to right; Julie Shelton, Business Manager; Sandy Miller, Reporter; Theresa Albano, Reporter; Bob Wenxl, News Editor.► I l' firs row left Co right: Jeff Anderson. John l)aylon, Bonnie Ogden, Danila Priest, Mary Bal ic, Scott Reid. Theresa Albano. Nora Coast, Jane Bennett, Angela Parker. Second row: Bob Wcnzl. Da id Hamblin, Kenny Filzhugh, Fileen .May, Sandy Miller, Julie Shelton, Lucinda Maas. 55 l ft to right; Nora Coast, Kditorial Assistant; Datid Hamblin, Kditorial Editor.AutographsTop Left: The Apollo 19X0-81 yearbook and newspaper staffs in a classic pose. Bottom Left: Peter Sankagowit olympus and uto- pian photographer is caught in his usual pose. Bottom Right: Scott Henderson claims that yearbook does this to him. 57Autographs Autographs pud, ,j dr. y xy Cfrrvt JUun tJuU uoa HOLO rmUjcJi uOcuO nQ nrUOL nJ- yb rmJt. (XlbOQxjA JdLmtlnrnJoirJ dU $ OooqJ JjLrYnLb AhCJ'W. yj UXuAq} yj bad rrUMJuy OV o’ rYTU)roUld bUd OlOYr Ooola. uL JM (V tb 6OiM UXLdtin io fobot Jm um (KlOOu oJjr Qy £ z£ dll nq, 'E Vu- x Jyrfxi nnj. JLLj! SctMu. is, Y- lb "8!“ blou. u A41A. c a f iQjuynxvn 59C.O.E. Our objectives arc: To realize that our happiness, future, and achiev- ing our goals depends on us. Our achievements are: We work with the Chamber of Commerce at the Career Fair. lake field trips to various businesses and participated in an employer-employee ban- quet. We would like to be remembered for: Our service projects, achievements in the busi- ness community and growing into the person each one of us wants to be. Pictured left; Bottom row: Cindy Crawford. His- torian; Tina Shinske. Historian; Clenna llirschi. Secretary. Second row: Mrs. Chris Auvil, Advi- sor; Virginia Acuna. Chairman of Publicity; Melody Walworth, President; Michelle Fsancy, Vice President; Shelley Beasley, President; Te- resa Varnum, Treasurer. Bot. jm row: Barbara Mills, Virginia Acuna, Shelley Beasley, second row: Cindy Crawford, Linda McI ntyre. Mary Ann Hess, Crystal Williams, Debbie Dewane. Lina Shinske. Lori Nash. Third row: laurel Rufibach, Bonnie Sutton, Melody Walworth, Sandy Beerman. Kathv Patterson. Michelle Ksancy, Teresa Varnum, Mary Padilla. Fourth row: Glenna llirschi, Vicki Belt, Kelly Hayden.Delicias Our objectives arc: To learn Ihc language, heritage, and culture of the mcxican people: and to gain the student interest in the quest for knowledge of other peo- ple. Our achievements are: The yea.I) trip to Delicias, organizing a slide presentation of the club members, school, and community to be sent to Delicias. Karning mon- ey to sponsor an exchange student for next year, and a charitable Christmas caroling session to the Glendale Health Center. We would like to be remembered for: Our efforts in trying to gain the interest of Apol- lo students in the people of other countries. Pictured above; Mrs. Ginger Griggs, Advisor; Mark Lopez, Treasurer; Shelley Beasley. Presi- dent. not pictured: Jan Baxter. Secretary; Mi- chelle Krautheim, Vice President. 64 Bottom row: Connie Flores, Chris Morgan, Vicki Anderson, Michael Linovitz, Jim Toomey. Second row: Viviane Bcdogni, Ofelia Omoran. Diane Gillcland, Cathy Welsh, David Molina, Shelley Beasley, Rucben Huerta, Terri Griffin. Third row: Advisor, Mrs. Griggs, Norman Kcmpfcr, Stacey Kimbcll, Tammy Hargrave. Rene Lucdman. Dawn Grimmer, Regina Rivers. John Sydow, Robert White, Pearl Flores. Mark l.opez. Mrs. Molina.Art Our objectives are: To make a more pleasing environment through art. Our achievements are: We sponsor the annual student and faculty Christmas art show and sale. We also participate in the open house bake sale. We would like to be remembered for: Our sensitivity to art and man. Pictured aboit; Bottom row: Sallic Frey, Anne Dozcman. Barbara Sowdcn, Jodi Fpp. Maureen Mahoney, l.isa Baldwin. Second row: Celeste Gagnon, Dawn King. Christy Almanza, Penny Peterson, Debt» Bollinger, Kim Datis, Mark Ijirson, Mark Counts. Third row: Ixtren Neal, Adtisor; Katherine Gardner, Adtisor; Suzy Rex, John Farlc. Roy Hunt, Mark Ijiube. Brett Ham- ilton. Joel Birch, Norman Krombcin, Adtisor. Bottom Row: Anne Dozeman. Secretary. Second row: Jodi Kpp, Vice President; Kim Datis, Treasurer. Third row: Ms. Katherine Gardner, Adtisor; Mr. Norman Krombien, Adtisor; Mr. Loren Neal. Adtisor. Not pictured: Brad Datis, President. 62DECA Our objcclim arc: To further our career interests, social involve- ment, personality development, civic awareness, and leadership capabilities. Our achievements are: We adopt a needy family for C hristmas and we buy them clothing and food, hate a banquet hon- oring our employers, represent Apollo at Deca conferences, including the slate conference in Tucson and we attend the National Deca Confer- ence in California. We would like to be remembered for What we do for our school and community, the leadership we learn and the civic awareness we demonstrate. Pictured above; Bottom row: Debbie Rodriquez, Joanne l.ope . Ellssa Levine, Esther Delosrios, David Nichols. Sherri Wchmucller. Sandy Ku- dreyko, Roger Bell, Sherrana Mando a, Kate I.eonard. Second row: Anna Rose. Mark Lope , Carol Hughes, Kelly O'Rourke, Kim Walters, Gref Davidson. Kelly Hart. Mark Peters, Su i Hodgson, Mrs. Joan Zuckerbrow, Patty Valen- tine. Third row: Scott Reid, Jingcr Terry. Bottom row: Kelly O'Rourke, Vice President; Mrs. Joan Zuckcrbrow, Advisor. Second row: Jingcr Terry. Treasurer; Scott Reid, President; Anna Rose, -Secretary. 65Geology Our objectives are: To learn and understand the natural geologic environment and man’s inter- action with it. Our achievements are: We take field trips to improve the rock, mineral and fossil collection of the school; club members also present seminars in the Held of geology. We would like to be remembered for: Schist isn’t gnicss, so don’t take it for granite. Pictured above; Bottom row: David Peskin, Chris Miller, Eric Murphy, Bret Carruthers, Loren Pcchtel. Second row: Ken Tiger, Joe Henlz, Will Howard, Mr. John Barber, Mark Ehlers, Rob Richard . 66 Bottom row: Bret Carruthers, Secretary; Ken Tiger, Treasurer. Second row: David Peskin, Vice Presi- dent; Mr. John Barber. Advisor; Eric Murphy, President.German Our objectives are: To interest students in the German so- ciety, people and their way of life. Our achievements are: A very successful pretzel sale. We would like to be remembered for: Our willingness to help other people and clubs. Pictured above; Left to right: Mike Shinskey, President; Dawn Grimmer, Secretary; Mr. Fred Fiala, Advisor. Not pictured: Jim Becker. Vice President; Vitianc Bedogni. Treasurer. 67 Bottom row: Dennis Wilson, Diane Gilleland. Second row: Mike Shinskey, Dawn Grimmer. Mr. Fred Fiala, Advisor.Hiking Our objectives are: To travel and learn new things about Arizona. Our achievements are: We hike in the Superstition Mountains and also the ( rand Canyon. We would like to be remembered for: The Packrats. Pictured abo c; Bottom: Gayle Gessncr. President. Second row: Bill I .owe. Vice President; Lucinda Maas. Treasurer; Robin Denton. Secretary. 68 Bottom row: Brad Datis. I.ucinda Mass. Janet Gcrsl. Kathy Lyons. Ken Tiger. Second row: Jeff Rowley. Quinn Ream. Kurt Mannel. Mike Birdscll. Warren Schaffer. Joel Birch. Gayle Gessner. Third row: Loren Pcchtcl. Chris Miller. Bud Miller. Scott Seaman. Mark Cowley. Robert Baker. Kurt Sixel.Latin Our objectives are: To participate in the Junior Classical League Contention and promote the l.atin language to all people interested. Our achievements are: We have tarious fundraisers such as candy sales and flower sales. We would like to be remembered for: Our famous saying, “Ad quid perditio haec.” Pictured abote; Bottom row: C arrie Zochower. Lisa l.uikart. (linger Circgory. Kred Takiguchi. Second row: Kim Datis. Jennifer Trucblood. Marie Squires. Anne Do eman. Karen Lang, t hird row: Sue Sund- quist. Mark laube. Rita (ion ales, C handra C ollins. Jay Hall, Wayne Scott. Robert Linswiler, Dan Beauchamp. Doris llauck. Michelle Sacharko. 69 Bottom row: Michelle Sacharko. Treasurer: Doris llauck. Secretary. Second row: Dan Beauchamp. Vice President; Mr. John Kish. Adtisor; Mark Laube. President.Literary Our objectives are: To print a literary magazine consisting of creative writing, original art, and photography from Apollo students. Our achievements are: The organization of the literary mag- zinc. We write, photograph and create the art as well as select the contents of the magazine. We would like to be remembered for: Having a high quality literary maga- zine. Pietur»! above; Bottom row: Emily Nash, Mar- garet Territo, Stephanie Matsuishi, Michelle In- gram. Second row: Tami Weatherford, Rob Richards, l.inda Weir, Kristy Ralhgeber, Stacey Kimbell, Cathy Ammon, Sponsor l.inda (,'eames. Third row: Carla llochwender. Bob Wenzl, Bill Declue, Shannon Bigwarfe, l.arrv Adler, Melissa Nash. 70 Bottom: Stehpanie Matsuishi, Secretary; Bob Wenzl. Treasurer; Ijirry Adler, President; Shannon Bigwarfe, Vice President. Left: Mrs. l.inda Ceames, Advisor.Our objectives arc: To help student achieve leadership qualities and learn responsibility through community service projects. Our achievements are: We help the Glendale Chamber of Commerce with a hot- air balloon race, help the Glendale Kiwanis Club with the 10,000 meter race, donate 600 cans of food to the Salvation Army, gave a Halloween party to the Patterdale Home for girls, help Gompers with a winter carnival, don- ate Christmas trees to the needy and visit a nurs- ing home. We would like to be remembered for: Brightening the lives of a few less fortunate peo- ple in the community. Pictured above; Bottom row: Lorraine Kisch, President; David Cropper, Vice President. Sec- ond row: Mr. Chuck Bayless, Advisor; Will Howard, Jr. Representative; Robert Mcya, Sr. Representative; Melissa Nash, Secretary. Not Pictured: Cheryl Young, Jr. Representative; Ijirry Adler. Treasurer; Kim Cole, Sr. Represen- tative. Bottom row: David Cropper, Kric Murphy. .Second row: Melissa Nash, Lorraine Kisch, Julie Gallagher, Sheila Bale. Allison Morba, Sandra Robinson. Third row: Mark Lope , Renee Young. Randa Kutob, Mark (.arson, Jodi F.pp, Marcia Canady, Margaret Earle. Brandy Healhcotte, Bonnie Ogden, Kim Linnandcr. Fourth row: laiura larkin, Kelly Hart, Lisa lieyn, Ken Tiger, Mark Fibers, Mr. Chuck Bayless, Mr. John Welch. Fifth row: David Fliltner, Bob Greenfield. Will Howard. Don Anderson, Robert Meya, T. J. Gallagher, Eric Nelson. 71Model U.N. Our objectives are: To learn speech and debate techniques, human relations and occasionally how to control a temper through club par- ticipation. Our achievements are: Our delegations go to the University of Arizona to a mock United Nations ses- sion. We would like to be remembered for: The prestige we have brought Apollo and the service we render every year to the United Nations Association. Pictured above: Mr. John Caine. Advisor. Not pictured: Mr. Timothy Rockcy. Advisor. Bottom row: Mr. Timothy Rockcy, Cheryl Young. Anne Dozetnan. Randa Kutob. Allison Morba. Larry Adler. Second row: Mark Fhicrs. Ken Tiger. Jim Harper. Julie Callagher. David Cropper. Third row: David Hamblin. Fric Nelson. Sue Crattino. Mr. John Caine.Spanish Our objectives are: To acquaint Apollo students with the people and culture of Mexico. Our achievements are: We raise money to go to Delicias, Mexico through fundraisers such as candy sales and car washes. We also visit the Phoenix Art Museum. VV'c would like to be remembered for: Fostering a better understanding be- tween the American and the Mexican people. Pictured abotc; Bottom row: l.ec C one. Mrs. Yo- landa Montoya. Julia Krause. Mrs. Meha Mo- lina. Second row: Marcos l.opcz. Jose (Juan. Mike l.inotitz. Robert While. Bottom row: l.ecC one. Vice President: Marcos Up», President; Julia Krause, Treasurer: Mrs. Yolanda Montoya. Adtivor; Mrs. Mclta Molina. Adtisor. 73Speech Our objectives are: To develop confidence before a large group and learn to speak in a logical fash- ion. Our achievements are: Competing in speech tournaments in Tuc- son, Flagstaff and various high schools across the state. We would like to be remembered for: Putting the speech team on the map. Pictured a bote; Bottom row: Kelly Anderson. Ijirry Spitalny, adtisor Fred Schneider, Deanna Pauli, Larry Adler, Vickie Thun. Second row: John Day- ton. Bob Wenzl, Emily Nash. Cathy Ammen, Jill Tale, Cheryl Dorset!, Marten Nincr. 74 Bottom row: Mari Turner. Publicity manager: Kelly Anderson. Vice President. Second row: Anne Dozcman, Recorder; Bob Wenzl. Secretary; tarry Adler, President; Mr. Fred Schneider. Adtisor. Not Pictured: Vickie Thun. Treasurer.Our objectives are: To develop leadership qualities, promote good working habits, have a sense of pride in the community, learn to work with oth- ers, and to develop a positive attitude to- ward career plans and the future. Our achievements are: We have local fundraisers to earn money for state conventions, adopt a needy fam- ily for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we have a team ready to compete in the State Vica Skills Olympic. We would like to be remembered for: Having the sense that we are the future leaders of our country and we are the only ones who can develop this nation. We de- velop our abilities through club activities. Planning and improvising ideas will help not only the community, but also our well being here at Apollo. Pictured above; Bottom row: Trcva Voorncveld, Sec- retary; Claire Arthur, Sweetheart; Maria Silva, Re- porter. Second row: Keith Rabcnncck, Vice Presi- dent; Terry llughncr. Treasurer; Sean Ryan, Presi- dent; Bill I.owe, Parliamentarian. 75 Bottom row: Marianne Wonvbacher, l.isa Hardesty. Second row: Keith Rabenneck, Jody Shinn, Diane Smith, Suellen Shima, Maria Silva, Wendy Walt. 'I bird row: Bill I.owe, Pat Krause, Trcva Voorncveld, Jim Zipf, Michelle Mckailek, Claire Arthur. Fourth row: Jim Rivers, Sean Ryan, Jeff l.ynn, Mr. Michael Yee, Advisor; Terry Hughncr, Dave Convey. Bill Blackwell.Botlom row: Randa Kulob, Valerie Koegel, Jackie Gon alo, I.isa Bochiccio. Poly Neis. Becky Weiss, Jacky Kitcly. Margaret Farle, Bonnie Ogen. Julie Sammons. Second row: Doug Wright. Terry Green, Erie Murphy. Mike Kelly, Lisa Hcyn, Da id Cropper, Marcia Canady, F.layne Rosenberg. Rick Fisher. Third row: Mrs. Katherine Gardner, T. J. Gallagher, Kim I.innandcr, Norma Ponce, Larry Adler. Paul Finch, Chris Miller. Joe Hcntz. N.H.S. Our objectives are: To develop the National Honor Society into a viable force in the school and com- munity. Our achievements are: We sponsor a biannual blood drive, co- sponsor a dance with the Key club, award scholarships to a few select incoming freshmen, and we have a pennent sale to raise money for the initiation dinner. We would like to be remembered for: Moving the club in the direction of more activity and prestige. 76 Utopian staff member Bonnie Ogden and National Honor Society members Sheila Bale and Lisa Pearson collaborate to bring the spring blood drive to Apollo.i—-------- rimi i»-------------nr — --- Bollom rot»: Robert Quo. Mark Boucher. Shawn Reese, l)an Foster. Norman Kempfer. Jeff Horton, Sonya Ralhgcber, Curtis Slrohl. Cindy Scott Sue Grattino, Kristina Sboger. Second row: Steve Sluyk, Katie Wallace. Marie Squires. Jim Milakovlch. Janet Rcnkcnbcrger. Joy Venando. I.aur'ie Schaublc Lorraine Kivch. ( heryl Dorsell, Dcannc Evans. Third row: Jolynn Berrelt. Daryl White. David Flittner. Bob Greenfield. Mike Molinar. I-aura Iarkin C heryl Young. Susan Hampton, Holly Flwood, Michelina Stazzonc. Allison Morba. David Cropper. I.eft to right: TJ. Gallagher. President: David Cropper. Treasurer; Mike Kelly. Secretary: Kim I.innander. Vice President; Mrs. Katherine Gardner Advisor. 77Thespians Our objectives are: To make drama a popular and enjoyable club for not only talented actors, but the general public as well. Our achievements are: We finance and perform the plays: “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “CJodspell.” We would like to be remembered for: Putting on spectacular plays and being very tidy. Pictured above; Bottom row: Kricka Kellis. Carol Wenzl, Terry Martin. Mark l-aube, Kim Dam, Kristy Rathgeber. Rob Backer. Mark l.usk. Second row: Delores Tomlinson, Julie Sammons, Sheri Griffith, Melissa Nash, David Rancs. Third row: Julie Mumpy, Greg Welsh. Deanna Pauk. Kelly An- derson, Janet West. Pictured at left; Bottom row: Mark l.aubc. Treasur- er; Delores Tomlinson, Secretary; Julie Mumpy, President; David Ranes, Vice President. Second row: Greg Welsh, Historian; Mark l.usk. Publicity Manager; Mr. William Ferrell, Advisor; Kelly An- derson, Clerk. 78Pictured at left: Jim Porter prepares stage make-up for Carol Wcnzl. Bottom left: In a play performance. Delores Tomlin- son finds herself in a moment of depression. Bottom right: Mark Ijube and Kristy Ralhgcber run through their lines during a dress rehearsal of “The Diary of Anne Frank." 7982Seniors Steten C. Adams Christy Almanza 1-aurcnce W. Adler Adriano Allitero Sandra M. Adsil Jeffery A. Anderson Johann C. Anderson Kelly K. Anderson George O. Andrade John Andrade Rosie J. Andrade Shell) Andrus Vitiant Bedojjni Debra I- Bcllittcr Abbate-Bern ■ Ijiurtc S. Barbee Vicki J. Belt Robin L. Bern Cynthia I Barnes Tracy M. Barnett Robert K. Barrette Amy L. Beck Tracy H. Atchley Melanie Barber William R. Atkins Chad W. Barclay John J. Bader Robert J. Baker Michael J. Beck Seniors Robert J. Black William K. Blackwell Tammy S. Betzer Troy R. Bix Robin E. Blessington Maureen F. Bolton Jolynne Berrett Maryjane Blessington Maryann Bonzani Cawandra Borlv Valerie A. Born Datld A. Bovak Sherry L. Bowe Whitney L. Bowman Melissa A. Brewster Frank A. Brodish Brenda I). Brooks Michael Brooks Jeanine N. BrownKandy 1. Brown Tina l Brown Sharon K. Brudcseth Debbie K. Bryan Brenda J. Buedel Berrett-Chipley Lori Burton Daniel I- C arrillo Shannon L. Cagle Juan C'aManeda Nona M. Catchings Kenny J. C’haiwon Hellene Campbell Natalie R. Chancellor John P. C heyne 87 Jeffrey M. Chandler Debbie 1 Chapman Su an M. Chille Robert C. ChipleySeniors Klizabeth A. Campion 88 Russell J. Converse Datid Comer) JuliAnn Conway Brent W. CoombsCiocca-Deritt Mark W. Counts James M. Cowan Terri M. Coyle Guy K. Craig Cindy M. Crawford Da»id P. Cropper Nolan M. Crowell Glenn A. Crowley Stephanie L. Dale Stephen S. Daly Gregory M. Da»idson Julie M. Datidson Allen R. Day Jeffrey M. Dayton Thomas Delaney Esther Delosrios Keith Derill 89Seniors Daniel J. Dcruitcr Debra J. Dewane Ke in R. Diaz Ron Didomenick Brian J. Doeden Datid A. Domolor jine S. I)re%cher Matthew (', Duncan Diana I.. Dunkin Sleten Dutton Cheryl C. Dutall Natalia A. Duwirak Duane DykMra Randell I . IlykMra l.onnie Engle 90 Melanie J. Klliott Misti L. Emerson Robert S. Engst Michelle KsancyDeruiter-Furr Rcy E. Espinoza Ruben J. Espinoza Deannc M. Eians l.inda A. Rians Douglas C. Farrar Glen R. Ecstin Keith Filippazzo Paul W. Finch Lucinda V. Fischer Janiell I.. Folsom Jacquelyn T. Fogarty Jeff D. Fraser Thomas D. Freeman l-cann T. Froclich Michael E. Furr 91Seniors Datid M. Gamboa Sandra G. Garcia William Gchrman Sheri Geivs Scoll George Daryl J. Geraci l isa E. Gerlach Janet R. Gerst Gayle L. Gessner John G. Gibson Robby K. Ginis Matthew Gismondi Sally J. Glasmann Edward W. Clorer Kim M. Golba Joseph B. Green Robert D. Greenfield Ginger E. Gregory 92Gagnon-Hart Shauna K. Greinor Terri A. Griffin Daryl Griffith Kari Guthrie Ketin L. GuthrieSeniors Susan M. Hodgson Paul I). Hoffman Sondra K. Honey Donald I). Hopper Ketin B. Horne Carol A. Hughes Terry I.. Ilughner 94Hart-Knierim Karl Joffic Randall Johns Brian M. Kurd Datid R. Ingram Volanda Jimenez Mary II. Johnson Susan K. Johnson Kris I). Jones Kenneth M. Justen Ericka Kellis Dawn I). Klvm Michael C. Kelly Scott R. Knierim Chris R. Kallcn Gregory I). Karfcld Tamara I.. Kirkpatrick Vicky L. Kasallis Lorraine Kisch Wend) Kell)Seniors John M. Kulon Tamara A. Kulzli Bruce K. langcnhui en Robert l-angford Faye A. laipe %Kimberly A. Linnander Liu A. Lipinski Stanley E. Ul Joe I .ora nee Barry C. Lorenz William R. Lowe Knight-McGinlay Store F. Liddicoat Kimberly A. Light Michael C. Linder Cheri A. Lindsey Lloyd A. I.oper Mark L. Lope Kenneth D. Luikart Sarah F.. Lumpp 97 Mark A. Lusk Jeff S. Lynn Jennifer I). McCarthy Joanne M. McDowell James D. McGinlaySeniors Michael T. McKimmons Christopher B. McMullen Kim D. Macliutta Heather Macl.eod l.inda A. McIntyre Karla A. Mahoney Pamela A. Mahoney Renee M. March Ronald A. Marki Debbie Martin Deena Y. Martinez Rebecca A. Martinez Randy R. Massena Ricky C. Messena Todd A. Matousek Steven M. Mazia 98Mclntyre-Murray James R. Meeks Michelle A. Mekailek Timothy B. Melton Robert D. Meya Brian K. Meyer Kimberly Milton Ben H. Molina Darren Montdlo Dan II. Morgan W. C. Morrrison Keith Mosca Ketin Mullins Julie A. Mumpy Eric J. Murphy Philip MurraySeniors Kathleen M. Nast Michael Nance Karen I.. Oestman Bonnie Ogdon Anthony Olitieri Kelly J. O’Rourke Mike V. Ortega 100Myers-Pedersen David A. Orsburn Rcnni Osburn Maryella C. Padilla Barry R. Page Marc A. Paladino Nicola Parisc Angela C. Parker Joseph M. Parrcn Scott M. Patrick! Katby A. PattersonSeniors Debbie I» Peeples Nathan R. Perkins Mark C. Peters Elizabeth L. Piller Laura L. Pless Norma 1« Ponce Lori A. Poor Da id l„ Pope Kim Preswheat Danila G. Priest John A. Rabenius Keith D. Rabenneck Rosemary B. Ramirez Ste»e M. Ramirez Kelly Randle Elizabeth G. Rangel Todd A. Rankin 102Peeples-Rudge Fdvvard J. Rincon Jeff S. Ringe James F. Rivers l.uann Rivette Linda M. Rizzo John S. Robinson Steven C. Rochford Suzanne R. Rocbcr Kenneth Rogers Anna M. Rose Carol L. Rucker Scott L. Rudgc 103Seniors laurel I.. Rufibach Kdward J. Ruiz Scan P. Ryan Timothy Ryan Clinton I). Sachlcbcn Julianne K. Sammons Michelle R. Saunders Robert J. Saunders Patrick A. Sealf Michael 1- Scarbrough Juli A. Schexnayder l ee Ann Schnitkey Cindy K. Scott Sharon A. Sechrist Patrick S. Sell Caroline R. Sessa Stete W. Scyfcrt 104Rufibach-Slamka Christina M. Shinske Carolyn C. SKwnlw William B. Shrider l.isa L. Sikes Maria E. Siha Rebecca Siha Jeffrey C. Simpson Peat) J. Simpson 105 Rosalyn M. Simpson Joe I). Sipe Mark D. Sipes Kurt M. Sixel Creg S. SlamkaSeniors Rojcr S. Slaton Diane P. Smith James B. Smith Veronica S. Smith l.orna I. Sneddon Tobi R. Snyder l.ori I.. Spiller Patricia C. Staley Michelina Sia ronc Craig R. Stone Cassandra A. Strickland Curtis J. Strohl James R. Stultz Beth K. Stump Kenneth A. Subia 106Karen K. Taylor Sandra S. Swadlcy Joanne Takiguchi Karen Thistle Alicia Thomas C'hcri Tail Becky S. Tober Maryann S. Tomooka Terri I). Trusty Andrew Turner Jeanette A. Umberlino Jeff I). I.'picgrotc 107Seniors Lorraine B. Valasquez Joy E. Vcnancio Kenneth D. Walker Sharon S. Vow Jonathan li. Wade Patrick J. Vincent Trera M. Voornereld Winoka A. Webb Sherri l Wehmueller Stephen P. Weidinger Becky S. Weiss Mike S. Wells Anthony R. Welsh Carole M. Wenzl Janet l„ West Shelley l„ Westover Bcltyjane Whallcy 108Valentine-Zipf Billy Whallcy Carolyn J. Wilkinson Andrew Williams Crystal D. Williams Kimberly K. Williams £ Robert Williams Tammy J. Williams Mickey C. Wilson Cindy L. Wise Tom R. Witte Raymond D. Yaeggi Carol A. Yates Kimberly P. Yeley Eric J. Yodis Eric D. Ziegler Theresa M. Zimmerman Darryl M. Young James S. Zlpf 109 Jerilyn K. Young Renee A. Young112Juniors Diane Affeldt Danny Adler F.Mher Aguayo Robbie Alexander Donna Allen Rhonda Adams Terri Anna Dorina Mike Margo Lauri Jeff Allen Almanza Amarillas Amenl Amparan Amuso Anderson Laurie Nancy Anderson Anderson Jackie Andrick Dan Anstelt Maria Arce Donnie Yrette Apodaca Apodaca e AAdams-BIythe Dari, Jan Dan Joby Jimmy John Karen Baugh Baxter Beauchamp Bedore Beeker Beery Bell Connie Bill Jennifer Richard Chris Karen Da«id Bel litter Bennett Bennett Berg Bergner Bergsten Berry Maureen Donna Mark Riley Bonnie Cindy Karla Best Bidncll Bilteker Birins Blakeman Blomgren Blythe 115Juniors Kathy Chris Kim Brandt Branson Brcdin Mclodcc Barbe Patricia Brewer Brezinski Brimley Lisa Bochicchio Prank Bodisher Linden Bohrer Joe Bombaci Vicki Bonds Brian Borl Mark Brett Damon Boucher Bourbeau Bradley 116 Ken Brown Pamela Brown Don BunkerBochicchio-Connelly iviarcia Canady Tammic Burnell lim Capron Ron Bykerk l.isa Carlisi Charles Cales Benjamin Carlson Tammy Cabin I.ori Carpenter Tina Campbell Michelle Carpenter Robert Callan Gina Carlson Bryan Burgoz Ray Kim Carrizoza Carroll Brian Rene Chuck Kenny Vicki Carruthers Carter Cater Celia Chaney Mike Karen Maria Roberta l onard Jennifer Chappel Chasers Christian Churchill Clark Clewley Nora Coast Scott Mike Collins ConnellyJuniors Don Katherine Randy Cook Cooper CopicConroy-Ferrullo Kim Davis John Dorothy Dayton Dcathcrage Roxanne Robin DeJanovich Denton Brad Davis Renee Craig Ann Devore Dies Digilio Kim . Cheryl Pete Darlene Donovan Dorset! l)o cman Dragonctti Stacey Steve Julie Daniel David Margaret Robert Drane Duncan Dunlap Dvorak Dykstra Earle Kbbens Jeff Jim Cindy Mark Sharron Anthony Holly Eberle Edenhofer Edwards Ehlers Eliason Elmore Elwood Kenneth l.isa Denise Deborah Russ Richard Dean Eyman Falbo Farkas Faust Femyer Fernandez FerulloJuniors Fischer Fischer Fisher Fisher «ire Flath Da«id Fliftner Scott Flood Pearl Flores Lynne Flowers Tina Foldenauer Vlckey Fisher Debbie Clint Doug Frank Frain Freiwald Donald Foster Sandra Foster Pierre Foulks Steve Fowler Julie Frisoni Bryan Froelich Joe Gagnon 120 Dennis Julie Kevin Gaither Gallagher GallagherFestin-Goodman Angela Gallino Dennis Galloway Patricia Gamboa Jim Gardner Luciano Paula Gatica Gchrman Suzanne Douglas Gcrstnei Geshell Todd Danny Bethann Gessel Giebner Giovanlni Brent Debbie George GerbothJuniors Sandy Sharon Scott Bill Joe Sue Ann Goodman Gossett Gould Gouso Granado Grattino Gray Rita Terry Mike Tim Greco Green Greene Grigsby Kimberly Grim Robert Jim Gruhn Gunderson Jerry llamptoi Jacquc Halliburton Christopher HaleGoodman-Hinson Jani Cindy Susan Hancock Harper Halton Joe Victor Kurt Herrin Herzog Hess Lisa Tom Becky Heyn llinsberger HinsonJuniors Carla Cindy Hochwender Mockers Darid Terri Deanna Karlene Malt Moolen Hopkins lloppmann Horne Hornslein Ken Terry Holcm Holland jell Jim Todd Will Kerin Ginny Michelle Horton llouslcy Howard Howard Hunter llten Ingram Jennifer Bryan Cathleen Farron Richard Wendy Greg Inness Irrin Jackson Jackson Jackson Jacobs James Sandra Kdward Kelly Shari Karl Daryl Virian Jaramillo Jennings Jennings Jerome Joffre Johns JohnscnHirsch-Kuo Vicki Julie Joe Mona Cathy Kevin Philip Johnson Johnstone Kane Kapp Keefer Kellehcr Kelly Randy Wendy Norman Terry Mark Sherry Marty Kelly Kelly Kempfer Kenyon Keys King Kinsey I-isa Tammy Jacky Mike Kinstler Kirton Kitclcy Kleyhauer Valerie Rory Karl Koegel Konkle Kowalski Scott Michelle Brad Kranz Kraulheim Krcm Alycc Kriplean Kim Krumlauf Robert Kuo 125Juniors Nina Bill Laura Alice Karen Marlene Mark Lafinier Landram Larkin Larr Larsen Lass I-aube Steven II Kathy Kimball Mary Tracy Keith I .earned Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lewis John Kenny Kristin Robert Melissa Wendy Lisa l.iddicoat Lindsey Linnander Linxwiler I.ipton Littlewood Locker Jeanne AnnaMaria Angela Mike Kathy Lucinda Nancy Lucas Lucchese Lucchesc Lueders Lyons Maas Maccarone Darin Macumber Kari Margaret Jerry Mahoney Mahoney Mandoza 126 Susan Mang Jim Marino Valeric MarinoLafinier-Miranda Elaine Jody Kory Terry April Ray Sonya Marlin Marlin Martin Martin Marriolle Marsh Martinez Be» Greg Dean Brett Deanna Bruce Allison Mason Massa Mast Matthews Maurer McCarl McCarthy Lari McKinstry Joan McNeil Alicia Debi Mendoza Merrill Colin Diane Robert McClure McDaniels McHughJuniors Barry Ken Doug Myers Myers Nagy Da id Narloch Kenny Needle Eric Nelson «I John Mary Mueller Moffitt Maryangel Molina Michael Mclodie Paige Molinar Monahan Moore Allison Morba Karen Morgan MoranMoeller-Odell Pete Karl Neilio Nels Sheryl Janet Mytrang Paula Nelson New Newbury Nguyen Nichols Da id Michelle Nielsen Noiseau Tom Norris Rick Nulliner Mark Nygaard Cynthia OdellJuniors Pall) O'Rourke Ann Orrico Joan Chris Orsburn Ortega Richard Frankie Oshila Palmer Joe Palumbo Bob Parkinson Dianna Parra Susan Parsons Krisli Peace Lisa Pearson Julunn Pennington Cathy Pascale Terry Payne Scott 130 Peralta Lynn Datid Perkins Peskin Jeff Angel Troy Cheryl Peters Petito Pickering PierceO’Rourke-SanMiguel Penny Da id Randall Rants Scott Maureen Rankin Ramey Tami Greg Quinn Ratti Raielin Ream Michelle Shawn Recker Reese Diana Reid Ste«e Janet Reilly Renkenberger Suiie Debbie Rex Ricketts Stella Rios Mike Mark Brenda Ebbcns Gerald John Rishling Rissler Rivette Roberts Roberts Roberts Scott Mark Sandy David Kalhi Elayne Eric Robinett Robinson Robinson Roe Rollins Rosenberg Rossman Kirk Tracy Ruckman Ruiz .sursi Edward David Fernandeo Rosala Sagodi Salem SanMarco San Miguel SanMiguel 131Juniors Eric Scanlon Juan Scurpali Paul Schemers Rob Schedler Craig Mary Anthony Marty Traci Jay Vicki Schultz Schwicder Scires Scott Screes Searles Seymore Robbie Rick Dale Kristina Steve Mark Charity Sharpe Shaw Shipp Shoger Short Simmons Simuangco Michael 132 Sinise Charles Josephine Siu Sipes Pat Sipes Steve Audrey Deborah Sluyk Smith SmithSaunders-Thomas Barbara Chris Marie Sieve Wayne Cary Mark Sowdcn Spradlin Squires Srancara Stark Sleele Sleinmetz Kelly Misti Brent Patricia Ted Steve Randy Stinson Stone Swanger Talamantes Talbot Tarin TaylorJuniors Beth Jackie Kenneth Jim Delores John Tim Thorton Thai Tiger Toomey Tomlinson Torres Townsen Drew Charlie Karen Phillip Sherri Cary Michael Traby Troutman Troutman Trusken Tucker Turek Turner Ron Suzanne Frank Verdino Vidra Villa Julie Voometcld Misty Voorne eld Ron Stete Walker Walker Cindy Daryl Karen Kelly Marie Renee Connie Whipple White White Wickline Wiechcc Wieferich WillThorton-Zinder Nancy Rodney Charles Wright Wright Young Cheryl Robin Sharon Young Zclenak Zelrick Stacey Elana Ziekc Zinder Donald Glenn John Williams Williams Williams Rosa Sherry Connie Williams Williams Wilson Glenn I-orl Doug Wilson Wilson WrightSophomores Jimmy Doug Calk) Karen Alvarez Ambrose Am men Amos Arthur Mike Edie Kathy Vicki Anthony Patty Jimmy Amprano Amuso Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrade Andrade Archer Joe Patricia John Bill Steve Randy Sandy Janet Atkins Avila Aughinbaugh Ayres Bailey Baker Baker Bakker Kris Baldencgro Richard Bale Dan Jeff Karen Bobbi Barbra Ron Barbee Barber Barker Barnes Barraza Barrette 140Stephanie Darren Shannon Joel Mike Grant Mike Stere Berille Berfling Bigrtarfe Birch Birdsell Biuty Birins Boels Debby Jim Bollinger Bond Stere John Bonora Bosak Mark Gary Boston Bore Greg Stere Bore BrakebillSophomores John Brogan Mike Brokkc Cheryl Brooks Monte Brooks F.than Broughcr Craig Brown Jeff Brown Stephanie Bruder Beth Rick Amy Billy Brian Curtis Stephanie Kim Buck Bunch Burris Burchett Burt Burton Burton Butcher Rick Linda Melinda Butler Campagna Campbell Lynne Alfonso Henry Glenn Ray Canning Cardenas Carpcna Carpenter Carruthers 142 Nick Danny Karen Gary George Carroll Carter Casey Castaneda Castangno Joe Phillip Chris Castro Cea CeleyaBrogan-Dam Kathy Christian Dawn Cimaglia Steien Clark Michelle Coats Erie Coffey Michelle Coffey Paula Collins Chandra CollinsSophomores liollie Rick Angel Jerry ljiurie Pally Paul Wesley Danielson Darby Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Kelly Jim Bill Rochelle Vincent David Terry Jude Day Decker Dcdurc Dejanovich Denham Dhooghe Divila Dobbs Craig Cindy Sherri Garry Anne Mike Jerry Don Doman Domme Domme Downing Dozeman Drilsas Driver Drushel Lynne Benny Nancy Bill Todd Laura Joe John Dugan Duran Duran Dutton Duty Duvall Dynarski Earle 144Danielson-Garrett David Jim Su«ll n Dawn Jeff Tim Samuel Cindy Eckhout Kdenhoper Edenhofer Emerson Evenson Kagan Fernandez Eerchaud Chris Bobb Pally David Dana Kenny Connie Sylvia Ferrari Finn Firoi Fischer Fisher Fitzbugh Flores Florez Bill Bob Tim David Jon I.isa Sallie Gary Fogo Fonlaine Fontaine Foster Fredenburg Freeth Frey Fuller Celeste Valerie Dorina Gloria Troy Michelle Stacey Jared Gagnon Galloway Garcia Garcia Garcia Gardner Gardner GarrettSophomores Ken Kevin (.holson Gibson Julie Kenny Sanjay Brian Carol Rita Sylvia Juanile Gierish Gilsdorf Gohel Gold Golden Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalez Rick David Michael Alfred Goodell Goodfellow Goodman Gouso Debbie Dwight Sheryl Richard Greiner Griffiths Griffith Grins Dawn Grimmer Kathy Grott Jay Hall Stephanie llallslromGeorge-Huntsman Shell) Jeff Don llarnagcl Hammett Hampton Robin Staci Stacey Harris llarward Hast Deena Doris Richard Ijiurien Warren Hastings Hatick Heiser Helenick llelenick Rhonda Tom Karen Jackie Henderson Henderson Hcndley Henry Stacy Donna Eddie Lisa Hinson Hinz Hodges Holler Mike Karen Lisa Wade Holt Honey Honeycutt Howard Recca Rueben Hudspeth Huerta Roy Alicia Hunt Huntsman David Chip l.ori Thomas Hickman High Hildebrand llimmcsMichelle Tim Dour Da id loll Jackson Jenkins Jeppesen Jeff Johnstone Darb) Jones Krysty Keys Jeff Kinney Tiffany Kennedy Stacey Kimbcll Dale Klinger Jim Kerr Dawn King Jenny Kelling Mike Kilgore Joel Klandrud Samantha Knight Sharon Koepp Jeff Kolon Todd Korey Suzlc Koscielski Robin Kostyk Darren Krumlauf Rob Kubisiak Joe IjiCoss Kim Kurt Tracey laidd l.aduron LaincIott-Martinez Doug Store l-angford Lanoue Alex Johnny Grace Brad Andy Kate Michael Jeff libario Lcchuga Lee I-engart Leonard Leonard Lesnick Lewis Kim Eurlt Mike Jam! Irma Pat Joe Angela Linder Link l.inoiitz I.oftis Lopez Iopez Lucas Lucchese Rene Phillip Greg Debra Martin Jerry Knrt Bill Luedeman Lugue Lung Lynch Mackeerer Mandoza Mannel Mar Michael 1-aura Mariani Marplc April Bob Marriott Martin Tami Martin Traci Mike Rafael Martin Martinez Martinez 149Sophomores Rente Stephanie Djuana Eileen Bob Adelle Steve Keith Matson Matsuishi Maurer May Mayo McAbee McCagno McClure I.ynn Sue Carol Allison Leticia Lori Robin Aaron McConnell McDaniels McGuire McNeece Meza Miele Migliorino Miller Kevin Brenda Kelly Morris Mosley Moulton Bruce l.upe Dorina Moorhead Morales Moreno Leslie Darlene Richard Robert Kim Morgan Mosanko Mort Morris MorrisMichelle Mounes Fisa Munoz Jackie Murphy Kelly Murray Shawn Muir Samuel Munoz Daniel Nance Matt Nelson Mark New Fmily Nash Keith Needle Jodi Neighbors Kim Nelson Stanley New Russell Nelson Tami Newman Martin Niner John Norman Sandy Oestman Ofelia Omoran Dawn Olson Steve Parks Mark Parker Matt Paladino Steve Palmer Terry Paddiila Mike Paladino Paula Paquette Matson-ParkerSophomores Lupe Brian Clare Eric Parra Pascale Paltcn Pattison Dennis Crystal Loren Chris Pay Payne Pcchtel Pennington Jim Kenny Mike Penny Penrod Peralta Perkins Petersen Jim Pclhigal Kolleen Kristine Pierce Pierce Lance Pennington Jeff Peterson Doug Pingree Julie Joel Palmer Pollock Christine Rawson Linda Otto Brad Reed Reomelin Rcisncr Pauline Re«eles Robb Richards Michael Rios Debbie Rishling 152Jim Rovcmiry Bob Larry Robinson Rodrigue Roeber Roper Mike Mark Rick Johnnie Paul Sle«e Jaime Warren Sadberry Salerno Salerno Sanders SanMarco Santillian Sapien Schaffer 153Sophomores Dale Schulze Scott Wayne Donna Scaber Scott Seaman John Scars Mark Seller Richard Servcrance Mary Sheekcy Julie Pat LaTerae Mike Patty Tony Mike Mike Shelton Shinagawa Shinske Shinskey Shudins Simuangco Sisney Siu Cathy Randy Janice Kimberly Mike Penny Vickie David Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smolinski Debbie Don Snyder Snyder Scott Bill Stokes Street Rich Patty Stutzman Subia 1S4 Jeff Stuck Tad Stevens Shawn Stansbury Larry Spangler Brad Spencer Julie SpiegelSchulze-Townsend Brad Don Jesse Robert Suggs Sullitan Sutton Swadley Sherry John Jill Mark Swanson Sydow Tate Taylor Keith Greg Margaret Janine Tepper Tcnbarge Territo Terry Stephen Tammy Grace Whitney Thompson Timmons Tino Tippettis Todd Ronnie l.upita Lori Tipton Tober Torres TownsendSophomores Daniel Ijiura Swum Robert Tom James Ken Darryl Tradup Treiber Trimmier Truchan Trujillo Tucker Tnrer Turner Billy Cheryl Shari Regina Ueziris Dlicky Valenta Valenzuela Margie Alex Krlinda Rick Vasgas Vasquez Vasquez Vaughn Billy Cathy John Joyce Vezris Viarengo Voris Walker Doug Tim Russell Jenny Wallen Walrod Walsh WandreyTom Warren Datid Ware Linda Warren Tradup-Zamora I.yndy Warwick Darid I amara Donna Terri Wceden Walk ns Weatherford Wearer ' ■ Joc I-ind Catherine Bob Lori Kristine Kenneth Wehmueller Weidinger Weir Welsh Wenxl Wertx Westoter White Pam Robert Mike Nancy Jake White White Whitman Weichec Wilhelm Kerin Bonnie Wilkinson Williams Don WilliamsFreshman Stacey Thomas Anderson Anderson Carol Leslie Olivia Brenda Andrade Andrus Arce Archer Rodney Anderson ) Scott Anderson Eric Andelin Qrvr2 Gloria Danielle Craig Tracey Archuleta Armiger Artrip Asala Maria Lisa Karen Brett Aviles Ayers Baatz Bailey Roger Baker Lisa Scott Mike Baldwin Baldwin Balian Susan Terri Diane Denise Carol Denise James Lisa Dave Balzic Banks Barajas Barker Baugh Baugh Becker Beebe Beerman Mike David Tiffany Matthew David Shawn Michelle Janine Mickey Befort Bell Belt Bender Benitez Bennett Berray Berrett BetzcrBetzer-Curruthers Da id Philip Terri Marina Bid » ell Bix Black Blcssington Tony Bobby Datid Phil Blythe Bolton Bombaci Bonaguidi Andrew Jim Colette Christie Bosak Bowe Bowles Boyce Denise Crystall Doreen laura Boyum Bradford Branning Brato Mark Cindy Ciadie Carmita Bruesser Burmeister Burnett Burns Cheryl Richard Pam Karen Burrus Burton Cady Cali Campos Carrillo Carroll Carrulhers Daniel Nancy Debbie Jon Shawn Bright Brimley Brokke Brown Brown Scot» l)a id Mario Ken Todd Cary Castro Calgcnoia Caufman C haivson Chris Tina Mike Ernest Da» id (Hannon Chappell Charles Charez Cheshire John Anthony Kim Ste e Donnie Chipman Chiarelli Christensen Christian Christy Bill Barbara Janice Cory Julie Chrysty Church Clanton Cleland Coaklcy Jeff Don Adam Cathy Fred Crenshaw Cross Cupell Curfman Curry 164Curry-Fuller Tracy Deanna Stc»e Francisca Linda Mircya Julie Sherri Ijirry Denton Derhaag Diano Diaz Dombrowski Dominguez Domotor Donahue Drake Duane Bob Vicki Tamara Drape Drew Dunevent Eads Carol Mike Evererto Daniel Erbland Erbland Escobedo Eustice Diane Marie Jim Mike Evans Eyman Farrimond Fatali Carrie Heidi Keith Debbie Ferrari Field Fix Flores Jodi Don F.hlers Elam Ann Shana Derek Eliason Ellis Elmore 165 Darrin Fontaine Joel F'owler Jon Fox Bruce FullerJim I .ori Kelly Pamela Michelle Debbie Jeralynn Ijiura Craig Fusich Gabel Gall Gehrman Centner Ceshell Gessner Cilleland Gillmaster John Lare Jeff Roger Joe Karen Virginia Charlene Dawn Gismondi Glover Goldberg Gomez Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Goodwin Gorman Andre Tim Gouin Grenke Jeff Grewe Todd Boyd Gribler Grigsby Rick Grincr Alex Augustine Richard Guillen Guillen Gunn Lorie Marisela Patricia Karen l.ennie Gunnell Gutierrez Gutierrez Guy Guzman Cary Brett Kathy Kris Hale Hamilton Hammett Hansen David Chris Vincent Harding Harper Harris Erin Hart Tom Hatfield Larry Julie Julie Hatton Hawthorne Hedgpcth Chris llcerdl 166Heedt-Krautheim Tammy Becky Scot Teresa Kristina Dennis lleffley Henderson Herschman High 1 i i land Hinz Koal Hirschi Jami Clay Hlavka Hochwender Kristi Kerry Brian Sharon Angela Chad Tina Lisa Wendy lloltorf Hooper Horton Houck Hougard Howard Humphrey Hunter Huron Brenda Wesley Dana David Dawn Ere Hussen Hutchins Hynes Inness Isrow Jackson Becky Kathy Steve Scott Jeff Lynda Jahn Jaqua Jenkins Johnson Jones Julien Boonsin Krista Steve Quenla Quinn Debbie Kaeselilz Kair Kammeyer Kellis Kellis Kinzer Tammy Clcnn Stacey Chip John Rick Kirkpatrick Kisch Klein Koenes Kole Koons Karen Koster Keith Kowalski Dennis Kratovil Julia Krause Paul Robert Krauss KraulhcimFreshman Craig I .ambcrt John laincastcr Michelle l.ancastcr Karen Lang Daiid l-anlcy Bob Carolyn Steven David Larkin Larsen Lass I .each Michelle Marla John I.ana Lefay Lit Livingston Livingston Bob Eric Ron Alex Lobdell Lock Lock rem Lopez Craig Tracy Manuel Tracy Ia we Lowry Lozano Lucas Lisa Rod Lance Lynne I.uikart Lukcr Lung Mahoney Maureen Lisa Mahoney Maland Dorina Rhonda Maldonado Malloy Kimberly Manley Mark Mariani Elizabeth Marikle Albertico Martinez Danny Martinez Cecilia Mata Adela Mike David Maya Mayberry Maynard Joseph McBride Sheila McCarthy Chris McClaskey Peter McCormick Tamra McCown 168McCovvn-Norton Chad Anthony Kim Kevin Kathy Sue Arthur Barbara Sherree McDaniel McDonald McDonald McGregor McKinney Medlin Mendez Merrill Messenger Tim Miles Andrea Miller Bud Miller Mike Mills Tom Milton Julie Mitchell Ami Moser Paul Mitchell Richard Molina Da«id Molina Paul Moran Armida Moreno Chris Morgan Derrick Moran Rogelid Naranja Mike Noriega Jon Mountjoy Scott Mullineaux Phuong Nguyen Robert Noble Dawn NortonFreshman Sylvia Crista Susan Ramon Elaine l.orraine Ochoa Odell Ogden Olivarez Olivas Olivas Karyn Robin Merced Shelly Fernando Mary Olson Olson Ontiveros O'Rourke Ortega Ortega Steve Pappas Chris Shannon Paquette Parker Jeff John I.eslie Tayna Mike Ralph Patrick Patricki Pcndcrgraft Peters Petito Petito Roy Steve Robert Amanda Cheryl Eddie Pierson Pine Pinkstaff Place Pla.vs Pless Joe Paul Jenny Mike Steve I.isa l.inda Cindy Kim Pulice Porco Potter Power Pratt Prazak Price Puebla Pursell Robyn Candy Jim Rankin Ramirez Rains Mary David Paul Rardon Ralli Rcah ’ Alisa Eric Tom Reisner Renstrom Reveles 170Ochoa-Solberg I-» !•« Scott Michelle Lisa Angela Karen Michelle Danny Rose Rosenthal Rubin Sacharko Sachs Saad Sakata Salem SanMarco Linda Norma Kristal Richard Bob Brad Theresa Mike Jeff Sanmiguel Sapien Scanlon Schaffner Schill Schlecht Schneider Sconce Seaman Joel Rick Sears Shadle Holly Sherry Angela Jacquelyn David Joe Oris Shafer Sheehan Shine Shinske Shockley Shultz . ierras l.ouanne Singer Ana Siu Carole Slaton Barry Smith Lori Smith Melody Smith William Smith Daniel Smolinski Roni Solberg 171narrow Jaime Derek Rob Larry Cindy Keenan F.nrico Perry Soli Solo South Speakman Spilalny Staley Stansbury Stazzone Stepbcrson Jay Dean Kdwina Lance Susannc Inger Tonya Mary Joseph Stewart Stone Strang Sullhan Sundquist Swanson Swart Szakoiits Tarby Fred Bryan Cidny Lisa Mike Da«id Diane Sandy Susan Takigchi Teach Telle Tenbarge Tharp Theriot Thomas Thul Thun Buddy Tracy Aida Bobby Dwanyc Michelle Lori Jennifer Marci Tino Topar Torres Torres Tornquist Toth Townsend Trueblood Turner 172T urner-Zlochower Priscilla Audrey Ron Lori Eugenia John Sylvia Mario Lisa Llloa Urias VanCourl Valenzuela Vance Varljcn Vasquez Verdugo Vilerbo Rick Chuck Robert Jennifer Rob Vochatzer Waelde Waibel Walden Wallace Charles David Mike I.ouise Walsh Walworth Watkins Watson Don Greg Stacey Mike Steven Watters Watlier Weaver Webber Wesen Kelli Timothy Westover Wheeler Susan White Kathy John Whitman Wilhite Michelle Wilson Dennis Rodney Scott Shelley Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Renae Carla Jeff Julie Tim Wiltse Wise Wood Wood Woods Todd Trent Zealley Zimmerman I-eah Carrie Ziraks ZlochowerFaculty Mr. Joseph Bennett, Principal, has had II enjoyable years at Apollo High School, but he says, “the 80-81 school year has been the best.” Mr. Bennett deserves a great amount of credit for all hc s done for Apollo. In the past 2 years, Apollo has excelled in academics and sports. We owe a lot of that to Mr. Bennett. He wishes to thank all of us for always offering our support and help, because Apollo wouldn't be such a great school without it. New to Apollo this year is Mr. George Sisemore, Dean of Students. Sisemore admits feeling much like an outsider in his first few weeks at Apollo. But after his concert he felt much more a part of our school. After 18 years working at other schools, he says he’s happier here then any other school. Assisting Mr. Sisemore is Mr. Sid Bailey, also in his first year. Mr. Bailey is very happy working at Apollo. He particularly enjoys the maturity of the student body and the pride they exhibit in the school. Our assistant principal is Mr. Will Gon ales. Mr. Gon ales has been associated with Apollo since its opening. Much credit can be given to Mr. Gon ales for increased spirit and improvement in our sports programs. Hopefully with his help, Apollo can continue to be the great school it is. Top-lcfl to rijjhl: Mr. Sisemore. Mr. Conrales, Mr. Bennclt. and l)r. Welsh. Bottom: Mr. Bennett Opposite pace-top left: Mr. Oon ales Opposite page-top richl: Mr. Bennett lalhine with a student. Oppostie pace-bottom: Mr. Bailey and Mr. Sisemore observinc the students as usual. 176 177Personnel Top picture, l.eft to Right: Mr. Dennis Woodard, Miss Shirley Mihas. Mrs. Amina Samuels, Mrs. Marge Crow, Mrs. Marilyn Karris. Mrs. Sondra Fish, Mr. Rudy Burrola. Right: Dr. Dennis Welsh. Ass’t Principal-Student Scnices. I)r. Dennis Welsh is our assistant principal in charge of student services. His duties include student records, class scheduling, and administration of Counselers. Dr. Welsh has much experience in education. His background includes three years as a math teacher, two years as Dean of students and assistant principal for one year at other high schools. “Apollo is a super school, one of the best in the state," says Dr. Welsh. These hard working counselors arc always available to the students, whether it is to aid them with schedule changes or to help them with their personal problems. They are also a big help to the students when it comes to the preparation of college and job information. 178Board Of Education Clendale Union High School District Board of Kducation. Seated: Board Clerk Mr. Cordon Wagner and Board President Dr. Donald Voss. Standing: Board Members Mr. Bill Stout, Mrs. Anne Schulz and Mr. Richard Staplcy. Elected by the community, the five board members arc re- sponsible for establishing the policies by which the entire Clendale district is run. During the past year, they made some important decisions affecting Apollo, its programs and stu- dents. The superintendent and the Apollo administration, hired by the board, were responsible for operating the school in keeping with those decision. I-eft: Dr. William L. Jones, superintendent. Faculty I pper left: Mr. Mhillar is Using In look interesting Bottom left: Ms. Hampton. Smile pretl) no»! Iloltom right; Mr. Barber off his rocker, as usual. Opposite page bottom right; Mr. O'Conner and Miss Kurt prose that friends are foreier. Opposite page lop left: Mr. Booth gels reads for the camera. Opposite page top right; Mr. Smith in a serious mood. 180Abillar-Capin Barbara Been Nanncltc Bcallie Chuck Bay lev. Patrick Burke Wendy Blair Jack Bliler Rudy Burrola Samuel Bur h Justin C'apin 181Faculty Cheryl Cooper Ann Coury Margaret Crow l a id Creech Robert Dammann Cristi Dark Owen Dcjanotich Ann Dennis Sharon DiSan a William Krlenmcyer Alary tarns t aut i-eaock Top left: Mr. Colay on his daily stroll. Bottom left: Ms. Proulx playing with her oterhead projec- tor. Right: Nice smile Mr. Bartee!Cooper-Gardner William Ferrell Fred Fiala John Fiala Sondra Fish Joyce Frankc Effle Garcia Upper lefl: Miss Stewart just lo es to play with money, lipper right: Mr. Bursh Irys to be photogenic. I.owcr left: Mr. Brown is confused by a student's question. John Fish Kathy GardnerFaculty 184Geams-Kinney I'pper right; Ms. Moningcr smiles as she helps a sludcni. Above; Mrs. Garcia leaches Knglish 1-2. Right; Mr. Alon o ponders life and baseball. Opposite page lop; Gel that look off your face Miss Blair! Opposlie page center; Mrs. Lyon and Mr. Ferrell. Opposite page bottom; Mr. Ilolgatc smiles as he ties his shoe. Opposite page right; Love those socks Ms. Ijiccy! Faculty Top right; Mr. Bower; "Can't wc get this orcr with?" Abore; Coach Dejanorich breaks up a fight! Right; Mr. Neal studies his work. Opposite page top; Mr. Rockcy wares happily to a passerby. Opposite page left; "You're got to be kidding" replies Mr. Schneider. Opposite page right: Mr. Caine caught off guard. 186Kromein-Parrish l)on Marich Robert Marino Jerry McCormick Shirley Mihas Ruben Miranda Nelta Molina Yolanda Montoya Karl McQuisfon Carol Morris Greg Parrish Anne Natale 187Faculty Ippcr left: Ms. Brallic helps a student chose a career that's right for her. Right: Mr. Walsh just lotcs to hate his picture taken. A bote: Mr. Hudson sits at his desk. Opposite page left: Mr. Christensen leach learning skills. Opposite page right: Mr. Miranda chokes Mark Raines, for obtious reasons. Opposite page bottom: Mr. Ilall teaches World History and Orography. 188Perkins-Shupp Ed Schwarl Sue Seymour Bob Shupp Spencer Rogers Tim Rocky Ronald Roscnlof Amina Samuels Al Schcrba Richard SchwaabFaculty tlmmctl Smith John Squirt Bill Stephen Will Stewart Madelyn Stuckey Ijinna Sullivan William Sullivan Claude Sutton Roy Tolbv Rhea Tram Susan Whitcher Carol Wilkey Cindy Zapien Jo " Zuckerbro » 190Secretary Top: Standing; Rosie Landreth, I rma Krai. Lucille Fulsome, Ginnv Schafer. Seated; Jan Cea, Margret Kennedy, Ida Sanchez. Donna Sutton. Jayne Procter. Above: Marge Fbersold, School nurse, sees to the health needs of Apollo students. Right: Mrs. Fulsome suffers through another hard day at work.l op. row left lo right: Mrs. Grulke, lr». Roetcr. Mrs. Gennaco, Mrs. Yount;. Mrs. Wyulc. Mrs. Hicks. Mr. Creech. Bottom row Ms. Ortega. Mrs. Qui- huis. Middle and Bottom: Title I at work. Title I is a federally funded program that aids teachers. Middle: A student. Sylvia Flores, smiles happily while she works. Bottom: Ms. Cola sits at her desk. 192Personnel Top. Maintenance- left Jo right: John Comllz, Joe Rangel. Jack Smith. John DeGroot. Fernando Solomeyer. Da id Kulp. Angel Andrade. Sam llernande . John Rice. Cal IJssery. Bottom left. Nutritionist ere - left to right: Manucla Aldama, Gertrude Langenhuiscn. Francis San one. Jean Sgouros. Phyllis Damore. Maude Dufaux. Virginia Dominquez. Nancy Forgarly. Joanne Dietz. Jenny Boersema. Beterly Karcher. Jane Richard. Francis Ronquillo. Helen Smith. Bottom right. Nutrition manager- Helen Smith.AutographsAutographs1%80’-81’ Coaches 197Sports Offense: Top Row; larry Kenner. John Knight. Brock lleathcolle. Jim Meeks. Middle Row; Tony Klmorc. Tim O'Dell. Terry Payne. Pierre Koulks. Bottom Row; T.J. Gallagher. I);» id Cropper. Ke»in Home. John Salem. Brandy lleathcolle. Greg Slamka. We They Opponents 19 0 Alhambra 26 0 Thundcrbird 27 0 Central 20 0 Sunnyslope 23 0 Prescott 19 13 Washington 28 0 Cortez 12 0 (ireenway 31 0 Hrophy 3 9 Shadow Mt. Skyline Divisonal Playoff 17 14 St. Mary’s Slate Quarterfinal 3 31 Me ClintockVarsity Football Defense; l op Row; John Torres, Jim McGinlay, Sieve Nelson, Ken Peralta, Jim Meeks, Middle Row; Todd Krause. John Knight, Jerry l.ope . Bottom Row; Terry Payne. Paul Finch. Larry l.ope . Mark Nygaard, TJ. Gallagher. The 1980 Varsity football leant once again excelled by capturing the Skyline A League Championship. The mighty Hawks kept up their winning reputation with a 10-2 record. The season began with high rankings and high hopes and wanting to continue on the winning spirit of the 79 season. There was a big increase in size and strength. Offense was 35 pounds heavier then '79 and equally as talented. To kick off the season Apollo had the first of many shutouts against the Alhambra Lions, 19-0. The next game was against, at the time, 6th ranked Thundcrbird. The llawks soared by the Chiefs 26-0. Defense showed an outstanding performance holding Thundcrbird to 4 yards rushing. Apollo Shut out Central 27-0. Hawks defense held the Bobcats to -29 rushing yards. The next victims were the Sunnyslopc Vikings. They advanced by thrashing Sunnyslopc 20-0. For the fifth straight slaughter, the Hawks bagged the Badgers 23-0. Once again defense did an excellent job holding Prescott to 23 rushing yards. Apollo's sixth victory was over Washington. The Hawks final score was 19-13, with 309 total yards against the Rams. The Hawks devoured the Colts 28-0. Against Greenway the Hawks defense strengths were once again displayed, shutting out the De- mons 12-0. The Broncos were bucked the following week 31-0. The Hawks suffered their only loss of the regular season at the hands of the Shadow Mountain Matadors. Despite the loss Apollo placed first in the Skyline A Division. “Shadow Mountain was just one battle but we won the war." commented asst. Coach Gregg Parrish. 199Varsity Football Top I.cfl: John Knight rushes to pick up first down. Top center: Jim McCinlay 44 and Mike l.ynn 53 leads mighty llawks through cheerleaders spirit sign. Right top: Captains eagerly await the outcome of the coin toss. I.efl bottom: Jim McCinlay and l.opc Brothers rest between plays. Bottom center: Jim Meeks rushes down the field in attempt to score a touchdown in the Apollo »s. Ihundcrbird game. Bottom right: Jim Meeks suffers “excruciating pain and anguish ', after injuring his left knee! 201Varsity Football Varsity Football: Standing; (il«n Williams, Rob Wearer, Malt Aughinbaugh, Greg Slamku, Ste»e Adams, John Salam. T.J. Gallagher. Todd Krauss. Terry Payne. Jeff Fraser. Mark Rains. Mike Kleyhauer, Coach Baily, Row 3: Coach McQuiston, Ste e Nelson. Pierre Foulks. Tim () l)ell. Brock lleathcotle. Ste»c Daly. Datid Cropper. Ke»in Horne, Brandy lleathcotle, Doug Freiwald, Eric Zigeler, tarry l.ope , Mike Lynn, Ray Marsh, Coach Parrish. Row 2; Pally Reynolds, Tony Elmore. Doug Myers, Vernon Feilding, Kenny Feralta. Larry Fenner, Craig Stone. Jim McGinlay, Jim Meeks. John Knight. Paul Finch. Sue Christian, Debbie Rickeltes, Row I; Debbie Bellettier, Su annc Gerstncr, Jeff Simpson, Kent F.yman, Jerry Lopez, John Torres. Kenny Chaisson, Brent Matthews, Mark Nygaard, Connie Bellettier.Varsity Football The first playoff game was against St. Marys, and the Hawks won 17-14. In quarter finals Apollo played the high-powered McClintock Chargers. The Hawks lost to the Chargers 31-3, ending a great season. Defense was definitely the strength of Apollo's football team. In our regular season they gave up fewer points than anyone in the state. They averaged 21 points per game and held their opponents to 2.2 points per game. Several Hawks were picked for special teams Offensive first team. Skyline division are: John Knight, Kevin Horne, Jim Meeks and T.J. Gallagher. Defensive first team. Skyline Division are: Steve Nelson, Larry l.opez, John Knight, and Jerry l.opez. Matt Ugindaugh, Paul Finch, and David Crop- per were Honorable Mentions. 203Sports J.V. Foolbull: Standing: Tim Walrod. Jerry Davis. Steve Clark, Russell Nelson, And} Wronkoski, Chip High. Dennis Pay. Doug Davis. Coach Burke. Ron 2; Coach Rodrigcu , Bryan Irvin. Jim Archer. Keith Lewis, Mike Rishling. Jeff Wincsbaker. Shaun Stansburry. Don N illianvs. Tim Malsap. Craig Mills. Rick Salerno. Richard Severance. Brad Risner. Darren Krumlauf. Rick Darby. Coach Gon ales Row 3: Julie Gierish, Debbie Greiner. Jerry Mando a. John Bosak, Bobb Linn, Sam Fernando . Louis Montoya, David Adams. Stacy Hinson, Nick Carroll, Glen Crabtree, Ronald Walker. Jackie llcncry. Amy Lancaster. Row 4; Dawn King, Todd Tipton. Nathan Crowell. Daryl Turner. Melvin Roberts, Randy Baker. Oh Sung. Jeff Pomeroy. Ken Turner. John Brogan, Doris llauck. The Apollo J.V. football team ended the second consecutive undefeated season with an 8-0 record. The J.V. team started their season by beating Thunderhird, 33-6; Central, 33-0; Sunnyslopc, 26-0; Prescott. 45-0; and Washington, 34-6. At this point, the Hawks defense, so characteristic of Apollo football, had held their opponents to an average of -17 yards total offense. The J.V. team then beat arch-rival Cortez 7-6. Greenway, 19-13; and Krophy, 14-0. Overall the Hawks had an excellent season. The Hawks J.V. team was very impres- sive this year. 204Freshman Football Freshman Football; Standing; David Bombaci. John Cooper, Dean Stone, Rod Wilson, Rodney l.ukcr, David Innes. Dan Cheshire, Mike Thare, Jeff Jones, Todd .ealley. Row 2; Coach Bursh, Coach Miller, Daniel Bright, David Walworth, Dennis Kratovil, Dan Smolinski, Stan Petito. Dan Flam, Richard Crincr, Tony Reveles, Chris Sierras, Manuel Lozano, Coach Smith, Row 3; Eric Lock, David DcCavis, Eurico Stazzone, David Bidwell, Michael Mills, Brett Hamilton, Richard Vochatzer, James Fusich, Joe LaCoss Row 4; Micky Betzer, Brian Teach. Bobbie Barnes, Dana Fisher, Janice Smith, Jeff Crewe, Scott Anderson. Apollo’s freshman football team ended a successful season with a 6-1-1 record. The Hawks opened the season by win- ning their first three games, 12-6 over Central, 31 to 0 over Sunnyslope, and 24-14 over Prescott. Against the Badgers, the Hawks had to come back from a 14-0 deficit at halftime. Although they tied Washington the following week 6-6, they followed up by romping over arch-rival Cortez, 14-41 our win. The Hawks continued their up-and-down season, by losing their only game of the season, 13-6 to Greenway. The frosh then came back by beating Brophy, 20-14. They ended the season by beating Shadow Mountian, 13-0. Coach Sam Bursh feels that the entire team was excellent. “As for outstanding players, take your pick.” 206Varsity Cross Country Girls Varsity Cross Country; Standing; Coach Smith, Becky llinson, Holly Shafer, Cindy Allec, sursi Sagodi, Coach McRcnyolds. Kneeling; Susan Thimmier, Cynthia O'Dell. Marie Squires, Christa O’Dell. “Cross-country is a very demanding and painful sport; mentally as well as phys- ically!'' Coach Kmmett Smith explains. “A cross-country runner must have the intellegcncc to over come the demands.'' After a lot of hard work and practice, the girl’s Varsity Cross-country team came in fourth in their division. They started off their season this year with six undefeated meets. Key runners for the team are: Cyn- thia O'Dell, Cindy Alice, Zsuzsi Sagodi, Becky Hinson, Holly Sahfer, and Katie Wallace. Time is put into cross-country, and an extreme amount of determination is nec- essary to endure running such long dis- tances. But, and one runner slated, “The people on the team make it fun. 207Varsity Cross Country Boys Varsity Cross Country: Standing; Coach Smith, Jeff Anderson, Bret Crruthers, Scott Patrick!, Coach McRenyolds, Kneeling; Bob Black, Joe l.orence. Karl Kowalski. The Varsity boys (toss Country team fin- ished 9th in their division, suffering from a lack of returning varsity runners. They tried very hard according to Coach Em- mitt Smith. During practice the boys would run from 10 to 12 miles a day. Thats not including the time they spend running on their own. The season began with a win over Brophy 24 to 34. They then lost to Shadow Moun- tain 65 to 26. Cortez 33 to 27, Thunder- bird 38 to 20, Greenway 60 to 19, Paridise Valley 60 to 23, Washington 34 to 21, Prescott 44 to 16, Moon Valley 63 to 31, Paridise Valley 63 to 28. The Hawks then heat Sunnyslope 41 to 58, but lost to Thunderbird 41 to 30, Greenway 38 to 17, Mountain View Forfit, Shadow Mountain 54 to 15. They won their last meet against Trevor Brown 54 to 64. Marking the sea- son record 4 wins and 12 losses. 208J.V. Cross Country J.V. Cross Country; Standing; Richard Bale. Von Dam, Joe Palumbo, Don Sullitan, Marls Boucher, l.cnny Clark, Kneeling; Thai l.e, Jeff Peterson, Shawn Reese. Mike Siu. Da id Kckhout. Placing second in their division the J.V. Cross Country had a very good season. Starting off slowly, they lost their first three mets, but turned around and won the next victoriously. Richard Bale and Don Sullivan are two of the more promising J.V. runners. Freshman finished first in their divi- sion with some fo the highest ranking Frosh runners ever at Apollo. John Mor- aha set the pase with Scott Karie, Rob Wallace, Tom Elton, W'es Hutchins, lead- ing the team behind him. Coach Kmmctt Smith concludes, “These Kids, if they stay together, could easly be state champs by senior year.” Things look good for the future. 209 Freshman Cross Country; Standing; Viet Dam. Rob Wallace. Tom Milton, Scott Cary, Barry Carruthers, Kneeling; Greg Watfier. John Naranja, West HutchinsVarsity Volleyball Varsity Volleyball: Standing; Mary Johnson, Peggy Simpson, Coach Zapicn, Sherry licrmanson. Juli Schexnayder. Silting; Marci Avars, Jeannette I'mherlino, Toby Snyder. Vicky Kasallis, Kneeling; Mgr. Brenda Archer. Not Pictured. Laurie Anderson, Mgr. Kalhv Grotl. Ms. Cindy Zapien, coach of the Varsity team commented, “I was pleased with the results of the tournaments and had a great group of girls to work with”. Coach Zapien started the season off in a rebuilding stage due to the loss of seniors on the varsity team. Volleyball ended their season with a 6-6 record. 210J.V. And Freshman Volleyball J.V. Volleyball: Standing; Patty Shudinis, Holly Klttood, Shannon Bigwarfe. Coach Bolah. I.inda Warren, Denise Schneider, Rhonda Adams, Kneeling; l.ynne Dugan, I.inda Reed, Samantha Knight, Margaret Therrito Mgr.. Chris Counts, Stacey llasi, Sandy Baker. Kreshman Volley hall: Standing; l.isa TenBarge, Cindy Staley. I.inda Dombrowski, Coach I.et%is, Jamie lllafka, Marcie Turner. Patricie Crabtree.Badminton Badminton: Back Row; Ann Russell, Sheila Bale. Shauna Greiner. I.isa Pearson. Kim Golba, C oach Blair, Karla Mahoney. Jacky Kiteley, l.ori Collins, l.isa Falbo, Front Rov ; Vicki Bell, Marcia Canady, Lisa Holler. Sharon Zclrick. Dana Ryan. Darby Jones, Becky Weiss. Connie Curley.Badminton Alol of hard work and determination brought the Apollo Varsity Badminton team to third in state. There is no doubt that communieation is the key to success. C ommunication between coach and players was a factor in the success of the team. Coach Blair revealed the fact that sometimes the girls would win a match more out of “guts" than skill. This is not to say the team has a limited amount of athletic ability. "I've never had a team with as much talent as this team," boasts Coach Blair. Apollo sent more girls to state than any other school. Players who qualified were Kim Ciolba placing third, Shawna Circiner, placing in the top sixteen and doubles team Karla Mahoney and I.ori Collins bringing back a fifth place victory. Apollo also sent two doubles teams to a state tournament at Thunderbird Nigh School. I.ori Collins and Karla Mahoney placed second overall in the tourncment. 213Girls Swimming 214Girls Swimming Girls Swimming; I.efl to Right; Jancr Gessner. Brit) Whatley, Gayle Gessner, Jill Tate. CtCe Stanch. Melanie Elliott. Tammy Cabin. Cathy Aromen. Ann Do cman. I.isa l.uikart. Susan Ogden, Andrea Millck, Elizabeth Makiklc, Dandle Armiger. Teri High. Debbie Brokke, Dorina Maldonado. Coach Kurtz. Sue McDaniels, Allison Robertson. Tracy Barnett. Not pictured. Terri Zimmerman. The Apollo swim team finished the season with a successful seven wins and two losses. The girls placed thrid in division- al out of eighteen teams. They then proceeded to slate and brought home a fifth place victory out of 28 teams. Gayle Gessner and Tammy Calvin were named outstanding swim- mers and Allison Robertson outstanding diver. 215Varsity Wrestling l op left: Coach Roy D'Agostino shows pinning moc. Top center: Brandy lleathcotte's eyes show deep concentration and determination as he motes in for the lake down. Top right: J.V. and arsily grapplers pin their opponents. Bottom Left: 2 year returning tarsily wrestler Brandy lleathcolte wrestles his opponent. Bottom center: Sung Oh wrestles opponent to the mat. Middle right: The arsily wrestling learn watches as team mate wrestles. Bottom left: Scott TcnBargc takes a little pinning ad icc from coach D'Agostino. 216Varsity Wrestling Varsity Wrestling: left to right: Ro» I: Glenn Crabtree. Kenny Subia, Alex Ulloa, Ruben Ulloa. Row 2: Larry Kenner, Scott TenBargr, Kenny Peralta, Jim Gardner. Row 3: Standing: Coach Roy D'Agostino, Brandy lleathcolte, Gary Steele, Rob Weaver, Mike Beck, Mark Nygaard. Mgr. Joe LaCoss. Apollo’s Varsity Wrestlers finished their season with a 7-3 record. “The Kids have just been great, they are all eager to learn and improve themselves.” Coach Roy D’Agostino com- mented on the wrestlers. Some of the outstanding Hawks leading the team to victory were Ruben Ulloa, Alex Ulloa, Brandy lleathcolte. and Cary Steele. 218J.V. Wrestling J.V. Wrestling; left to right: Row I: Greg Ten Barge, Sam Munoz. Ken Turcr, Ed Curly. Wade Howard. Nacho Rojas. Row 2: 'I'odd Howard. Darren Krumlauf. Bobb Finn. Tint Fillippazzo. Rands Baker. Standing: Gregg Parrish. Doug Fricwald. Jeff Yamamoto. Sung Oh. Eric Coffey. Nathan Crowell. Warren Shaffer. Phil Cea, Seott Peralta. The Apollo J.V. Wrestling team accomplished an undefeated season, ending the year 10-0. I.ed by Coach Gregg Parrish, the Hawks defeated the majority of their opponents by a w ide margin, I'odd Howard, Nacho Rojas. Darren Krumlauf and Wade Howard, all were undefeated indisidually, and this should form as a strong nucleus for next years Varsity team. 219Freshman Wrestling Freshman resiling: left lo right; Ro» I: Chuck Waeldc. Ton) C hiarclli. Danny Marline . Chad Howard. Row 2: Joe McBride. Roh Speackman. Row 3: Standing: Coach Fd Duke, (ilenn Kisch, Joel Sears. Todd .call). F.nRico Stazzone. Charles Walsh. Duane Drape. Vincent Harris. 22 0 The Freshman Wrestling team coached by Ed Duke accom- plished an o erall record of 5-4. The outstanding wrestlers were Chad Howard. Danny Martinez and Vince Harris.Soccer Soccer Icam: left lo right: Row I: l)a c Pekin. Fred Count». Kirk Shallo. John Wilhite. Cory ( Icland. I)a e llickman. Row 2: Sloe Mazia. John Robinson. Dan dlcr. Brad l)a i , Jim Smith, Tim Oates. Mike Rios, Row 3; Standing: Coach Jim lliland. Terry Kenyon. Kimball Lee. Ken Tiger. James dimmer. Creg Datidson. Jim Harper. Peter Sankhagowit. Apollo began a new tradition this year with a Soccer team. A club was started last year playing intermurals between them- selves, and this year as a team played other schools. The team had a lot of inexperience and didn't pick up until the end of the season, finishing with I win, 7 losses and 2 ties. “It's a lot better for your heart and lungs than most sports. You average running 5 hard miles per game.' Head coach Jim lliland comments on the growing sport. 221Varsity Basketball Kneeling, 1-cfC lo Right: Ron Kohatsu, Coach Jerry McCormick, Coach l)a«id I.ope , Tony Miranda. Back Row: Dan Dcruitcr. Dan Anvlelt, Brock llcathcottc. Ray Marsh, Ste c Nelson, Tony Klmore, Ken l.indsey, Glenn Williams, Pat Sell, Craig Stone. Krvs guard. Pierre Foulks, Scott Rankin. The Apollo Varsity Basketball team, led by a trio of juniors, Scott Rankin, Brock llcathcottc, and Glenn Williams, and three seniors, Steve Nelson, Dan Deruiter and Krys Nygaard, came back from a rocky 0-6 start to finish the season with a 12-11 record. The Hawks placed third at the Glendale Com- munity College Christmas Tournament. Apollo beat Cortez, 64-54 and Washington, 53-49 to bring home the surprise Christmas present. Apollo lost in the first round of the Sky- line Division Tournament to the eventual champion - Moon Valley, eliminating them from further post-season competi- tion. 222J.V. Basketball Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: From row left to right; l.ouis Montoya, coach Datid l ope . Greg Lung. Back row: Rob Kubishak. Doug Jenkins, Rick Bunch. Rick Darby, Dennis Pay. Bill DcClue. Jeff Stuck, Cary Fuller, Jim Archer. Datid Thompson. Apollo's J.V. basketball team had an up and down season, first winning, then losing, and then winning again. The high- light of the season came when Apollo lost three in a row and then broke that string at the hands of arch-rival Cortez, 69- 61. The Hawks ended the season with a winning record. 224Freshman Basketball Freshmen Boy's Basketball: Front row. left to right: Jeff (ire»e, l ance l.ung. Patrick Burkc-Coach. Mark Mariani. Steve Kammeyer. Back row: Paul Moran- Manager. Mark Brueser. David Innes. Jeff Jones. Tom Milton. Roger Baker, Steve Pratt. Paul Mitchell. Rod Wilson. Dean Stone. John Cooper. Derek Elmore. In the past, the Apollo freshman basketball team has been divided into two teams: designated blue and gold. This year, the two teams combined into one, and the Hawks continued Apollo's winning basketball tradition by ending the year with a winning record. The team was led by coach Pat Burke. 225Varsity Softball Var.il) Softball; left to fight. Standing: Mgr. Julie Shexnayder, Mary Johnson, Melanie Elliott. Tobi Syder. Shauna Greiner. Sharon Sechrisl. Belt) 'Valiev, Coach Belly Barr. Kneeling: Missy Brewster. Paula Collins. Sandy Baker. Lynne Dugan. Lisa Falbo, CeCe Stanek. Lorraine Velasquez. According to coach Barr, the varsity softball coach, they had an inexperienced team this year. It was a “short season.” The Apollo Softball team was mathematically eliminated from divisional playoffs. Their final record was 7 wins and 7 losses. The team certainly had its share of ups and downs, taking a loss or two then coming back for a win. The leading hitters for the team were Sandy Baker and Melanie Klliott. Missy Brewster was the outstanding pitcher. 226Varsity Softball 227J.V. Softball J.V. Softball; left to right; Standing: Mr.Gibbons. Mgr. Kim Linder. I.inda Weir. Chris Celaya. Shannon Bignarfe. JoAnn Puckett. Marie Wicchce. Kelly O’Neill. Coach Bob Scott. Kneeling: Susie Koscielski. Carol Golden, Margaret Territo. Nancy Brewster, Stacey Hasl. Tanya Peters. Joyce Walker, l auri Amuso. Coach Robert Scott led the J.V. Softball team through a successful season, ending the year with a 10-4 record. This team should provide a strong nucleus for next years varsity team. 228Freshman Softball Freshman Softball; left to right; Standing: Mgr. Nancy Brimley, Syltia Ochoa, Holly Shafer. Cindy Staley. I.inda Dombronski, l.ias Viterbro, Coach Bonnie l.enis. Kneeling: Patricia Crabtree. Alisa Rcisncr, Michelle Ijincaster. Julie Hedgpeth. Virginia Gonzales, Stacey Crawford. Coach Bonnie Lewis led the freshman softball team to a 6-7 final record. The freshman leading batters were Sylvia Ochoa, Virginia Gonzales and Tricia Crabtree. “I think they all played well and gave it their best shot," commented Lewis.Varsity Baseball Front Row, l eft to Right: Andy Turner, Jim Meeks Mickey Wilson, Scott Tenbarge. Ste e Ramirez. Dan Palacios. Kc in Kcllchcr. Ben Molina. Back Row. Left to Right: Coach O'Connor. Mike Dtorak. Scott Flood, (Jen Williams. Bruce Langcnhui cn. Chris McMullen. Pierre Foulks, John Knight, Pal Scalf. In 1976. the Apollo baseball program reached a peak unequaled before or since in Hawk sports. In that year, Apollo fin- ished the year with a 27-3 record and came home from state tournament wear- ing the crown of state champion-class AAA. Apollo sports teams have come close in several instances, but no one ex- cept the baseball team could win it all. This year, the Hawks, under head base- ball coach Chuck O’Connor for the elev- enth consecutive year and only baseball coach Apollo has ever had, are hitting the ball well, the pitchers are throwing flames, and the Hawks are reaching again for that extra effort in the winning in- ning. Apollo baseball should he much more than just “successful" in 1981. Bottom Far I.oft: John Knight warms up while the umpire sweeps off home have. Top Middle: Coach O'Connor goes o»er the baiting line-up with the Hawks prior to a game, lop Right: Bruce l.angen- hui cn si cs-up the batter before hi pilch. Bottom middle: Pat Scalf steps into his swing. Bottom Right: Andy Turner smiles triumphantly after he crosses home-plate following a grand-slam. 2J0Varsity BaseballVarsity Baseball l op I .eft: An Apollo Hawk follow-, through on the swing, smashing the ball into the outfield, l op Middle: The I inpire signals a "safe” call as Pat Scalf slides into home. Bottom Left: John Knight scoops up hot smash. Bottom Bight: Bruce l.angenhui en follows through on his pitch. 232Varsity Baseball Top Right: Ketin Kelleher rounds first, headed for second base with a full head of steam. Bottom I .eft: Coach O'Connor meets on the mound to jiit the llawks a pep talk. Bottom Right: Jim Meeks runs into home, scoring another run for the llawks.Boys J.V. Baseball I ronl Row. l eft lo Right: Crystal Payne. Jake Wilhelm. Creg Lung. Louie Montoya. Ken 'Purer. Amy l incaster. Debbie (irciner. Middle Row. Left to Right: l.isa Falbo. Curtis Burton, Art Amparano. Jerry Mando a. Rick Oshila. Ke»in (iibson. Todd Korey, Mary Shekee. Nancy Brewster. Top Row. Left to Right: Joe Lacoss. Janet Renkenburger. Pat Lope . Klmcr Battcrson. Bill Cornelia. Ted Mclntirc. Dan Anstetl. Doug Jenkins. Rob Kubisiak. Kthan Brougher. Stacey llazol. Coach Ray Alonzo. In order for a varsity sport to be a success, the J.V. program must have the winning tradition. At Apollo, the J.V. baseball team has worked as hard as the arsity and, under Coach Ray Alon o, the team has prospered much the same as the varsity. The Hawks work hard all during the season, stressing condi- tioning, weight-training, endurance, and dieting in order to prepare themsehes for the varsity season of next year.Freshman Baseball Kronl R« ». I.efl lo Right: Deanna Dcrhaag. Jeff Crewe. Mike Charles l.ancc Lung. Mark Mariani. John l.itinRxton. Richard Molina. Ton» ( hiarclli. Krislal Scanlon. Second Row: liarhara Merrill. Datid Bombaci. Alex l ope . I a»id Dccouix, Datid Walworth, I’hil Bonaguidi, John Cooper. I :•»id Inncxx. I’am ( rawford. Back Row: Krixti llollorf. Stc»e Jenkins. Jay Stewart. Don lllam. Derek Klmorc. Rod W ilxon. John I’atricki. Dean Slone. Coach Don Marich. 1 Freshman sports are the first step of elementary and junior- high school students to prepare themselves for the junior- varsity levels. Baseball is extremely difficult to play on the high school level, especially in Arizona. At Apollo, the fresh- men baseball players have always come into the season know- ing what it will take to move up in levels of competition. These goals have to be heightened that much more because of the winning tradition of baseball at Apollo. The Hawks work hard and condition themselves for the years to come. 235Boys Tennis From Ro . left to Rij hl: Don Water». Mike Brokke. Eric Nelson. Richard Burton. Peter McCormick. Back Row: Todd Rankin. Mark Ehlers. Jeff Bader. Joe llerrin. Job) Bedore. Pride. Hard work and pride. If it weren’t for these two key ingredients, the Apollo boy's tennis team could never be what it is today-a true success story. Tennis is an extremely diffi- cult sport to play, and it takes a lot of work and dedication to become a good player. In order to dominate, as some big name players do, one has to give that much more of themselves, hut the rewards are almost limitless. Apollo tennis-a winning tradition. 2J6Girls Tennis Front Row, l.cfl to Right: Shari Wood, l.ori Anderson. Back Row: Theresa Zimmerman. Jeri Young. Emily Nash. Krista George. (iirl's Tennis scents to finally be receiving the recognition due to it. This past year, more women's tennis tournaments were viewed on television than ever before, and this exposure is carrying over to the high-school level. Tennis is a sport that has been with us for quite some time, yet it didn't receive recognition, or very little, especially on the female side of the coin. Hopefully, the trend will be to continue giving these hard-working and dedicated girls the recognition they de- serve. 237Girls Basketball From Row. l.cfl lo Right: Missie Brewster, Tobl Snyder. Monica Wilhelm. Julie Wood. Sheri Wrona. Back Row. I .eft lo Right: Kathy Keefer. Shauna Crcincr. Mary Johnson. Holly Klwood. Pally Shudinis. I.ori Burton. Coach Jim W ilson.Two years aco, a new sport was introduced at Apollo: girls basketball. Instead of doing what most teams do. which would be to win one or two games all sear, the llawks put the motes on cteryone and drote all the was to the stale finals where they were finally stopped, l-lukc? Sot quite. IjisI year, the llawks again made it to the playoffs, losing in ditisionals. Well, as always in pollo sports, the girls are coming on like gang- busters again this year, and they should hate an extremely sucessfull season under third year coach Jim W ilson. State championship? Not an impossibility. 2 39From Ron, Left to Right; F.lainc Olivas. Sally Frey. Carol Coldcn. Sandy Baker. Lorraine Olivas. Second Row: Julie Plummer. I.inda Dombrowski. Julie (iallagher. Dawn King. Tanya Peters. Coach Joanna Burton. Unfortunately for the players on the J.V. level of competition, the varsity gets all the attention while the other players work as hard. At Apollo, the girl's J.V. basketball team is looking better than ever, and attention is righteously being paid to them. These girls held their first two opponents to seven and nine points- not for a quarter or half, but for the entire game. Coached by Miss Joanna Hurton, says these gals will be more than ready for the tough road of Varsity competition next season, and should have an excellent campaign this year. 240Kronl R««. l.efl lo Right: Michelle Lancaster, Lisa Tenbarge. Sherri Donahue. Sylvia Ochoa. Nancy Brimlcy. Second Row. Pam Pah. Kathy Jacqua. I.ee Reischcr. Karen 1-ang. Paula Rah. To add lo Ihc already growing competition of girls basketball on the high school level, freshmen teams were added this year, and like their J.V. and Varsity counterparts, these girls are working harder than ever to be successful and make a name for themselves. These girls have never played the sport at the highschool level, and it's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the high standard set for them by the other teams. These are the players of tomorrow, and they will truly carry the spirit of Apollo sports teams into the years ahead. 241Boys Swimming Laying Down: Couch Don James. First Row; l.cft to Right: Duane Drape. Stc e Daly. Chad McDaniel. Sloe Thompson, Chip High. Mike ells. Second Row: Kurt Manncl. Bart llahlwcg. Mike Holt, Hob Schill. IVte Do cnian.lq Third Row: Trent Zimmerman. Tim O'Neil. Mike Birdsell. Dare Smolinski. Jeff Seaman. Fourth Row; Dean llagcn. Ron Comon. Roxanne Dejanotich. Sharon Z.clrick. Anne Do eman (Managers). January. Cold water and blustery weather. Boy's swimming. Unfortunately for the young men who comprise the swim- ming and dising teams at Apollo, these three factors combine in the early-year practices in preparation for their first meet. The pool is supposed to be heated, but that doesn’t help the guys once they get out of the water. Still, the boys have shown a mark of excellence that has always adhered itself to Apollo sports. The Hawks ha»e always been able to swim on an even keel with such perennial powerhouses as Brophy and Thun- derbird. This season, they were looking to unset these two from their perches, and then Apollo shall truly rule the sky. 242Boys Varsity Track First Row. Ixfl lo right: Kenny Clark. Datid Domotcr. Kenny Chaisson. Ruby Cenis. Brel Howard. Second Row: Mark Robinson. Vernon Melding. I asid Nichols. Chris llale, Larry Kenner. Third Row: Kenneth Walker. Mike Sui. Scott Palricki. Shawn Reese. Richard Bale. Rick Darby. Kourth Row: Dennis Daly. Jeff Anderson. Stctc Meyers, Datid Jeppcson. Bob Greenfield. Top Row: Ronald Walker, Coach Sid Bailey, Terry Paine, Bret Matthews, Tim O’Dell. Working on the track for an incredible number of hours under the intense Arizona sun will be the Apollo Varsity Boy's Track team. They are protiding Ihemscltes worthy of the fanfare around all tarsity sports at Apollo. Boys' track this year is headed up by a crew of coaches consisting of Sid Baily. George Sisemore, Cindy .apien, John Barber, Bill McRenynolds, and Gregg Parrish. 243Girls Track Krone Rom. I.cfl to Right: Lisa Baldwin. Rnslyn Simpson. Susan Trimmier, Christa O'Dell. Cynthia O'Dell, Suzsi Sagodi. Shundru C ollins. Second Rom: Maria Wheeler (Manager). Finily Potts. Jennifer Bcnnclt. Jennifer Knnis. Betty Whalley, l.ori Carpenter. N icky Kasallis. Roberta Churchill. Third Rom: Jackie Henry. K»e Jackson. Melanie Klliol, Billie Scott. Nora Coast. Julie Schexnaydcr. Cindy Alice. Fourth Rom: Coach Cindy apicn. Linda Reid. K.ujcna Vance. l.isa Sachs. Tammy llcffley. Paula Nichols, Michelle (ierstner. Coach Bill McRevnolds. Fifth Rom: Melody Smith, Stacey Wearer. Patti l)a»is. Karen W hite. Tracy Lucas, Mit i Bchrcndl, Tammy Kessler. 244 For two consecutive years, the girls track program has had the “Mark of Excel- lence" in the Skyline Division. Why? Well, it’s extremely hard to put down the two-time and defending champion of a particular division, especially one as com- petitive as the Skyline. Can the Hawks win it for the third year? An indication of how the year should go was shown in the first meet of the year: with some of the best girls out for various reasons, the Hawks still whipped their opponent.Girls Varsity Track 245Boys J.V. Track Hr I Row. l eft lo Right: Van Dam. Kevin Wilkinvon, Sammv Fernandes. Sung Oh, Mel Roberts. Second Row: Nathan Crowell, Rob Wallace. Mark Parker. Dave Klittner. Third Row: Coach Sid liailev, Mall Nelson. Tom Henderson. Jeff Kinnev, Dave Kckhoul. If someone is interested in seeing excellence on a lower level of competition than varsity at a high school, then let that person attend an Apollo boy’s J.V. track meet. These young men work the same number of hours and at the same time as the varsity, and have perenially been the J.V. Skyline Divi- sion District Champions. Every year, these young performers go out for the team, knowing that most won’t make it. seeing as they are a very select group. The J.V. are ready for the varsity team by the following year, and are working harder than ever to make the team of next season. 246Boys Freshman Track Front Rom. I.cfl to Rijjht: Dan Sniolinski. Greg Watticr, Rob Spcakman. John Karljon, Wes Hutchins. Second Rom: John Naraja. Viet Dam. Stc c Pratt. Cary Hale. Rick Cunn. Third Rom: Coach Sid Dailey. Matt Bender. Knrico Stazzone, Scott Carey. Andy Kosak. Fourth Rom: Dennis Kratatillc. Todd Zealy, Rick Grinner, Joel Sears. In order to prepare themselves for the J.V. team of next year, the freshman boys track team has to put forth an incredible amount of effort this year. The J.V. has a winning tradition that has to be upheld, and the freshman are working harder than ever to keep it up. 247S.S. - "Be causal" - MT A man needs Skynyrd: Montana: A 4x4. Tim Datew Thanks for a great foot ball season your c.c. adoptee To my buddy buddies Banana and Toots. From Peabody Whit. Sharon - lsn't it pretty?'!! stella you guys are great. tMary. Barbie, Sherryl Love ya all, delores Becky your a total babe. I love ya a lot. and I always will. Your Kid Apollo Band - Thanks for sharing a part of you're lives with nie - love you all. LeAnn Froehlich Emily - Thanks for everything. Jen R.M. - IIow's your freekle? - L.L. Allison - It's all your fault! Love Ya! John Inita, Inita, lt's been fun crusin' and singin together Luv, Stelita Forever Yours Boo Boo Bear Love. 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Joanne ' Contrary to popular belief, yearbook REALLY outclasses news- paper! Pat Scalf - I really do want to go out with you. From you know who in Sth hour. Mel- you're too much! Iley where's Rex? Well we made it! Never forget the wild times. BWA Love MAGIC Mary Balzic - Remember the last loygh, IIA! IIAQ Toddg You're super special thollandv Kathy Miss - Never forget those Nair fights, baby oil. or bean bags. Rush Mrs. Z, We had a great time in Deca! Lob ya always. J.T. 84 S.R. K. IT IS A SPECIAL LOVE M. The tide is high Jimmy - I Love You - Glenna Scotty. Be good! l.ova ya Jing. "They weren't really trying to prove anything. wxcept that people are just dumb" R. Tolby IIfI9fll0 Spacey Crawbone, remember? Yum. Kleyhauer - Remember Popeye? Question Authority. IIONEYBUNS. those eyes get me. BABYCAKES llaWAII OR BUST! Jim, Thanjs for being mine, Love Always. Angela To Band Brats, Keep the beat when you're pounding Love. your Atl. Doug Good bye dowsn't mean 4-ever l.ove Kelli VICKI. thanks for a great year. LoVE PA TRICK BABYCAKAES. I love you - keep Charlie's head up, Love Vic. SuRF"S Uh! J.C. RIDE"EM COWBOY MANDOZI-I YEEIIAA BE TOUGII DIP SNUFF - J.C. - 'I'.K. - M.R. LUCINDA NDA ANGIE, YOU KNOW TIIAT I KNOW BUT DOES PIEPENBRICK KNOW? PARKER, KEEP ON BUIIGIN AND SMILING, MEMBER OUR FEATURE TEACIIER MAAS. MEMBER TIIE TRUNK, WEINERS Ml!S13tClll:', high school is over, it was . those furry the streets. Cricket - "You're a true friend. hon. 81 I luv ya, Mary E.A. Bestest Buds Always! Love. K.T. Teri, Youre a great friend. Keep in touch always. Your future doubles partner. Bucket N.T.I..: Give yourself over K.D. Chineese Movies Live On!. K.C.. Lor., Cin., You're the greatest Julie Ili Otto 81 the Baron - the Baronness Sherrana - Wanna go to CA? REO and BOZ. Your the best friend a friend could have. Lone Rangertheme. Want some Glendale Men! Thanx ya big fox. I love you Skin - Toad will liv forever 'talong with the lizzard hunters! fff love Sam Ili Girls! Dan - Love ya MK ' I- L- - .S.tPIe 'el I . l'lI meet ya at :. I Love ua Sisey Sher: U e lion made if. ! og 2 : ya. Jina To MSSII - Your a dool! Love YSSII Ste ve, Thanks, Dave Best Friends Always! - Sherry Back on my feet again TRISII: Cruzin' in the Vette, Those were the days! Gona - Babes we made it! Ride that pony and deep on rising. Ili Ilo Silver! Iley, What's in your eye? I.ove You Pub To JanetW, Caroline S, Juli S, Julie M. and myself, may we reign forever forever at GCC Kim 81 Kel: Thanks for another "fun" Robby, I love you! Annie Iley. wing Wangs - take me llome!! When are you going to get taller lloek Woman I LOVE YOU year! Lova Ya! Deb ,, I I NON-BUYIN ' MACHINE Cathy an Sue. The , , , an C will rel rever. especially when we're reunited! Love, Cookie MTL: llow do you feel about string? To KBGW from one of your biggest fans. I must might miss you nest year after all. Ron - I love you. Gorever, Kim Kevie and Casy the best friends an Ick could have! Love Ericak Shelly - Thanks for making 7th hour bearable. Alicia Comman- das rule! DM Dm - Thanks for beign such a great brother Lova ya, Cookie SB, TM, DH, DB, RG, DS, and Markie , Ill GUYS!! 343: Tough break. but your still the best, Y0u'Il ALWAYS BE. AND SA NDI"S PEDITA L. FRIENDS FOREVER. LOVE CARLA Theresa, Your the greatest never forget it! Friends always!! Luv. Sue I'eople's front or Apollo tofficialsl LLKris l.oves Donny! Step, this is from your friend? Rainy: Thanks for always being there! Luv. Sunny YAIIOGLE INC. Je't' adore It must be nice. Ilolly MIDNIGIIT TURTLES REVENGE Kim, yhour the greatest friend ever. lvllf. Love. Suzie What's that hanging on that tree? Tree Jody, I love Ya - Sis Can WOBBY WEAVER come out and Bestest Buddies! Kim and Ann play? Long live the ghostriders. mainhead, and jibhead L.L. and P. to "C" Seniors. Dr. R. Pure nothingness is an empty concept, A pseudo idea. BC Mike the Mug - We'll get you for nerd day TKV Nolan - Missed you at the Pointe. Next time, though Claire made me do it. Ter. Always and forever Love Jen Jake, the River. Sue Chug it Mary co-editors forever Eileen Claire thanx for all your help sing on remember the wall typewriter 84 the l1oor. P.S. I'm sleepy. l.et's go see Eti Fmuh! Carla CARLA. SUSAN, MYTRANG. STACEY. CATIIY. SALLY LUCINDA. ANGIE- BLEECIIER CREATURES Wucd- Sigma rules! The fault with Russian roulette is that not enough Russian Com munists play it! BC lleavy Sarcasm lives! Dr. R. Mom, Nana. Kimi, Robbie - We've been through so much and I love You so much, Whitney. Track team -Good Luck - I miss ya. Whitney. Charles I love you Mom Iley Suey Babie! Luv Ya Kath Bon tMiss Perky Masonl, Love Ya lots. GOD - We're always here for ya. Love, Becky W. l'll always love you always a I LIKE IKE Iley Dougie Babie! I.uv ya Kath Kev fthe Baronv Vic dn I.ori nd forever. 4. Jackie. Elayne. Kc Teri. Friends Forever. Cindy Connie and Sheryl you're terrific. Julie. MA I I.OVI-I YOU The What - invasion of the Genetically inferior Superstars Dr. McGuire. Do you make Ilousecalls? Peanutbutter in your musnl To those Seniors who had Ms. Seymour. 2nd hour your Junior year in Eng. 5-tv: 40 Bucks and "Dave", made us all get out of that class alive. Fro. Bob R. cfo B.D. Jeff - thanks for being there - C.C. Friz. no for those heady eyes! Steve. Ya oughta take better care of your locker. tor we willl Sue- n-Kath. Tim - Y'ou've helped me through some rough times. thanks for everything. Whitney. Ugle. ugle. ugle! 3! + 9! 2 ? J'T. DE. and IIS wouldn't have been the same without you! I.ove always. SR 'ickiz I love you Cucumbers Bet an lc . ly est Wish to you. Whitney. DECA We had lot's of fun. you were a great class. Best of luck always, Scott The intelligencia must survive. persevere. and lead. Dr. C Ellen. Jennifer. Kip - We Ilaven't seen much of each other lately. but we had the best of childhood years. Ilu? Whitney The computer has yet to mature. BC Remember Babe - l9ll5! I.ove ya lots 84 forever! Your Bunny Guest who's kiss wants on your list I.ove ja Jewl Kathy Kelli - Where the heck is Knoxville? Sher Mrs. Z - DECA's been great, good luck next year! SR Sprout - Thanks for being there I.or, what else ut Italians? Julie ' o . . A . BABE. I'Y'I-I COME TO I.OY'I-I YA' MORE I-IACII DAY. KOOI. WIP FOREVER! MIDNIGHT TURTLE STRIKI-l'S AGAIN. CASSY - It's been a great year? Converting me to Rock! CARS 'Thanks for all the advice! Still' Tania and Tody - a perfect couple. Whitney To all Geddy. Alex. and Neil fans. remember: "The meek shall inherit the earth" tZlI2b A TOTAI. RUSII FREAK Tammy. "Your so high fashion!" Scott MAGENTA, IT'S ME, RII-'I-'. DONT FORGET BAl.D PUP- PIES. BLUE BLANKETS, WEEKENDS IN SAN DIEGO 81 YOUR SIlACKI.I-IS. Kim. shouldn't he be comin ? Jul' Dana. o ' es 5' eve had great times and l'm sure we'll have more. I'll miss ya! I.ove. Robbi Tina dt Robbi tThe Y'AN's Tins!! and best buddies always! I'.S. It's rade Robbie - have fun in Calif. and if you catch a surfer. don't throw him back!! I.ove - Dana Tom - l'm still in love with you - I.isa G.T. - friends forever - IYl.I.. Dave. you've got a nice smile! l.uv ya. Sue-n-Kath Kenny. We LOYE your dimples! Susan-n-Kathy Jim Morrison I.ives! Blaling our own trail - Apollo Coe. Will Seniors of "Bl" remember WE like to party. We're a lot of fun. We're the class of "8l". KC Guy Wendy is a mugaloid! R.K. has quire the southern hemisphere. om Kr Da 'B ' - I I.ove ' "'k' Rhino - 'e finally' got nicknames that fit! May our friendship last forever! Elephant DAVID - I.et's go Roller Skating tAgainl Debbie To my' Big I.ittle Brother: Remember me always: Keep in touch: I I.ove Y'ou I.ittIe Big Sister Agnes. We're cool. llarriet peeps. Best bids always. Jenna To: sis lTrishl Ili from sis tStaceyl Kath bestest buddies Sue Koal ll. You owe me Sllll pencils. E.J.Q.lli. Gerty' 81 Marvi. l.uv Penel Ter. I wuv you! I.ove. Jennifer Brenda. I'II miss ya: Good luck! JB Mena rules! Fantastic Four Drum Section is great. Tim Fillipauo. Bryan Proeligch. I.arry Pralak. Mike Whitman f I.owriders bite the duslgffx l'.F.A. WII.I, STRIKE A A Nw C IKE WAS IIERE I do one thing wrong and the whole world caves in! I Love You Stevie. I.ove Julie The What World Tour - We came. we saw. we left. S.S. st. Mt. llelen - Guess Who? S,D.'I'.S - 'Thanks for lending K to me - B Iley Vic. l'm glad that we're "BIDS" I love you Sweetpea. CAS OOAII OOAII AY'-AY' a-5. Keep in touch s-tv Mr. Kinkle: Now a that it's over. grab the smart one and join me in the twilight mne - where dogs and tennis balls are one. Iley! Isn't that a song by Jennifer Warnes? -Shot in the heart. Alicia, llappy hunting with Ray and Toney. EK Apollo Chess now lives Dan loves the friendly neighborhood receptionist at the modern mechandising company Good luck to my tutorees. Denise. Maria. Anna. and Porfy. from Brett Moe - Just one thing before you go - with you there softball was great- what with all the what ifs. and the when's - Suicide Kid Danita I' WOW man. it's been real. Your favorite photog. Bet. lets keep: in touch. your a great frierd. Mel Mary Ann - Take me away to the isle of view. Only say later. Don't forget love. Todd Sun - remember rainy days . MOM Iley world! Thanks for letting me be me! ESP. the buddies. l.uv. Tanya - Sprout To bad we only have a life time to make our friendship last. 'cause e ours makes life o bv fast. Yicki and l,aura l "ssv: I'lI I.ove you orever. I . D . an . ue - , - r se contact Cassy - I don't know how they found it in the desert! Do you? I.ova ya I.ou I.l-'EN - Softball Art. Moe. Fox. Breener. It's been great. l.uv me! Iley Kirk I.et go see irc. Joanne: I love you a lot. "lIere in my car." attack of the killer centipedes! llail PAJ Beetles. A fellow punkett. tube'in I.ove Leen Sharon. tto a good friendl Thanks! Keep in touch. Tammy Teresa - Don't forget "Trees belong in Tree's" I.ova ya. I.ori Dawn. I still don't know where l'd be without you! Friends 4-ever. Sallie Y'.M.F.! ditching summer school. Steph B. Best friends forever I.I-ZEN Jen - Do you have my Jordache?! Sher Mike ya Prebe! I.ove Kathy Supprot your local T.F.A. Pete - I am not a space Cadet - Elissa ROBINSKI - NEYI-IR FORGE- Jeri. l'II miss you next year. Keep in touch always I.ove. Bucket Sweet Pea' AMY: Your a great friend! Wait til I can drive! I".A. I.ove Suzie Joey. "Iley" I Tree Sisters J - Y'our's floats: ber's follows: mine sinks ll.M. YOU CAN KNOCK TIIAT OFF! I..lI. To Pat Malloy I. 2. 3. Rochelle and Stacey. Steven Ilakes you still owe me a dollar! Since in nature nothing in inlinitly flat. all must be either con- cave or convex. Thus everything must pertain to sex. Dr. R. Paula - I Love You and you are one of a special kind. Whitney. I.isa - What a year! What would English be like without the white moons? You're really gasa-gasa! The Short Paj Dave 8. Cristina. Dan and Rene. Kevin 84 Robin. West gave AIISC the shaft. Dr. C Iley Ron Sweetie. llow's it giing! l.l'Y' EMD Elissa: B.K.l-'.. ll.O.B. S.O.R. l.T.S. O.M.G.I.S.O.M.O. Sweetoe. I-'.I-'.. Davice Steph - Best pals always I.I-ZEN I don't want him. you can have him. he's loo WORLDS F.-s'I"l'ES'l' Y EARBOOK STAFF Julie Baby. you're super! l.uv ya Kath Susan - It's your turn now. Sis - Bonnie Cathy: "Must a got I.ost." Angela love ya always. Jim Bob. I can't thank you enough for being such a super friend! l.uv you. Mary. Kris Nygaard - you'lI always be dl to me. Your Secret Admirer fat for me. Yo! Bon and Kev will it last? N0 S.T. Ilad some craly times I'opo's. food fights. car washes. Bike-a-thon. smashed ding dongs. corners at Ml, EMERGENCY gas station stops. not making the gas station. I2 to a car. Taco Bell. IIA IIA! MORE 'TO COME!!!!! 'Thanks Mom! I.ove ya. I.ori NIOO! YIOO! I.arry I'ra1ak only TIIINKS he jams better than Jim Tooney. J.R. Thanks for the happiness you gave me. Quan dl. Stu. Co. - l.et's do another Convention tI'm sure you guys!l - Bonnie Shaggy. I I.ove You! Sweetness SCOTT Y'Ol'R GRE.-k'I'. DEPRESSI-QD Bubbles you've corrupted me I.iIly' Mark! I'll bet you never knew 7th hour could be so much fun! San - Kill them puppies! Foesad! In -.-tense fff love Sam llow's my little gremlin? Js. I still want my trip to I.egend City Grady- Chaomp Chomp! I.ove ya - MK Marcia - Badminton was great but please IIAYE A TOWEL! 'Teresa - Don't forget "Trees belong in Tree's" I.ove ya I.ori. Alicia. llappy hunting with Ray and Toney. My Scotty - Sorry for all the problems I've caused through the past sis months. and if I ever get your attention away from S. Balfantz. maybe I'll be lucky again. Never forget my love for you. or the good land badl times we've had. I.ove always. Missy. Miss. or just plain old M.N. Iley lets go see Eti. Carolyn J. and Tammie B. thanks for everything TB Your my shinning star. Midnight dancin'. Palm 'Trees Bite hard "Iley yeh yeh yeh yeh"alDaryl. Nolan. Mike. Rick -Tim won l'uma: you make our lunch time worthwhile Rik - lets go to lunch E.M. Mr. Krouss: Il's been real. Pearl I.ets stay together - Frank ori! Julie. Cindy. .- g. - Y'ou're theybest I.OY'E Ya Kimmy Su - oTmer felloT'fi?aYIi1verTtit7MTA"Y" T w'l Iley Payge - AIIOO-IIOO. Mandoza-Yeehaa I love you Guys - gone-na Y0 MARIE. LOOKING GOOD RETl'RN TIIE MIDNIGIIT Tl'RTI.E B.M.K. Rl'I.ES Tina. Are we totally rad or what?! - Ilolly Dear Quad - STS! LEANN. THANKS FOR TIIE CARING AND Tllli UNDER- STANDING. RENE l'topian Staff- Where are your stories?!!! - B0 John: Parents no beat in head. duh .., I llll 0.3 ::.2 Ear 0 I ' ai: sf IIIIII Sui f.:. 3- ltltll n.O .-i I :e I 07 f... .. Illlll :vs '73 F9 ll Il ao 11' -.2 ,Q Q 2? r I 'Z' ' I: U -. I S 5 '4 Q Illlllll 0 I ' IIIIIIIIII .... W llull ill p- J 2:74, - . .Q -B II II .. fi 0 -3 5 '! IIIIIIIIII W I J ' IIIII -. 9 IIIIII Q iv I n O I E 'S 5 5 -I IIII D 5 '4 5 II IIIII 1 l 1 Tl l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 l 1 1 1 1 Tl i 1 1 1 1 i 1 i 1 1 l 1 l 1 i l I I - - - Dot - Thanx for this summer Remember Jim! - l.or Juan My Saxiphone man I980 Ilawk Football - "llit them in the Face!" Linda W. lt's been fun this year. Geom ugh! Ilave a nice summer. JY' Danny B. Ili from the Chembo kid! Missy and Stevie say hello to you. I hope Kim comes to her senses. and takes you hack. If not thats always BaIfantz!! Ilave fun next year. and maybe you'lI be lucky and see me. A TOTAI. Rl'Sll FREAK Want some dried banana skins? KC Cass - Remember centiped hunting. the big ONMB, and money. money. money lady in the cafeterea. Friends are forever! I.ove always. WORM Art. It's been real. Art Shelly A. Ilope you find the one you want. Keep your hands of YY K. I.ove EK Bare - were the two and only We made it! tCIass of 'ill rules!! Sl 'SA N' ll.-t1T0,N'- YOl"'RE TIIE IIFSTESI' FRIEND. AI,- WAYS REMEMBER OCR I-'IIIIMI NIGIH' I-'UIITIM l.l. Rl-f.N'lNfl'0l'S,Y'Ol R BEING 'I'ERRIBI.Y BUY l'R,'tZl'AND Ol'R GETTING LOST GOING FOR A JOB IN'I'I-IRYII-IW. DONT DESTROY OKLAIIOM A TOO Ml'Cll. "TllOSl-I WERE TIIE DAYS MY FRIEND" l,OY'E CARI.A IIOCII Scott - someday I'lI teach ya to ski like me! I.ove you. I,or To the future Mrs. Troshita tor the flat-nosed onel- thanks for always being a terrific friend to me: and keep searching for those moonveams!! I.ova ya lot's prong-nosed one. Yloe. Art. Squaty body. Greener. Mr. Johnson. Yoplait. dll. and Miss - "Iley mama. what you doing with your fine sell?" Kevin ll. Your the greatest. TB Kim l.innander - I think the world of you - without you to brighten my days. these past two years would have heen unbear- able. Sharon I.ori will you guard my gup? Good-bye Apollo Jan! I'm on to the Bigtime! Bealtitudes BBB's SC- Get hit Kids! I.ove always. Ylom .Iohn - 'Thanks for the gas money! I hope you'lI keep my tank filled this summer. Sean - llope to see you in Acapulco! - I.ove Deanne the DBs of this workd Ilave a sad. sad awakening I.ove Cin TIIE QI AD - JOOI.S. K YIAE. REE. Wlll'I' .lcff Simpson - SIM Thanks for all the love 84 strength I'll see you in the Songs I.ove JCS Sheri. good luck always. I'lI miss you! Bucket YND I meant every word that I said IIEY YA NICE CRI-II-II'. I'YI BACK JI ST TO REMIND YOI' KBOI T ll The Ill:.Ytl RENIII-IZYOI S KT YIIKE'S IIOI SE. 21 Ol R. NIE YOl . PENNY. AND YIONTY NIGIIT. 31'I'he RED RIBBON YND BKBY IYOBIQRMAN. -tl MY "Cl"I'I-I" SOCKS. 51 TIIE IIRIGINAI. CYST I' YR TY . bl YUI K IlAI'I'Y CUMB. 71 Ol'R ENCOI N'I'l'R YYlI'II "SIR", WII-X'l'EY'ER YOI DO DON'li TRY Tlll-Z .I sppreciate the I SE OF YOl'R I'I. KY - llOl SE AND DRY ER, TIIANKS. I.OY's Y Y. BKBY. BY E INCREXDIBLY DISCI SSI ING!! YY sky! I think I'm in love! Duane, I'm saving my money. I.ove Brenda Jeffy and Roberto. I will always love stiffy. Sculie Seymour Ili from Nelly Sheri: 'Thanks for always listening. Sulie Poo l'oo Can you wait the nest 5 years? klways and forever. RSYI I'SSClll-YYY! BABY Bl NS! Bud Man - you'll always be a special part of my life. together or apart. your woman Chandra. Kim. I.ori. Kori. Y ou've all been teriffic friends. thanks. Kelly YY hat's a flick vsfo a good sandwich? Tree Ylararoni and cheese Cas -Gimme Dang Break -Trees ED Cl Kl.EY I will love you forcvcr someone? tv-foot Bunny Rabbit Robby Quinta. I love your pretty hlue eyes. I'MIY Ylichelle. Your great! JB F.N.'s rule! l II-Oll! I love you Sherlock. Kiddo Renne. This has been one heck ofa year. We Glenna. Don' tou' me! l.t i " l'otatoc tlmc. Rhino - lYon't forget the ice cream - Ele Claire. Thanks for everything. Kelly Judith Diane Remillard. Wow! Your name in print: pressed. RJ l'auIa - ll-If-Y -B- s-B-Y . YY hitney YYolly! I wish you luck in everything you do. Sheila - llow about a towel? Ili Stevie babcee Suey Rob good luck ahead sis" Billy Be Yery careful or the lI.ll. bug will bite. Sher. We're gonna run our buns off Jenny - Bee llruce. Keith - Quarters at Tll. - Sue Betty - you Beaut!! SB was fun. but the weekends Stopped on any freeways lately? BWA I.ove Magic Noodles. Rhino and Cookie we had some good times. some more. I.ove you guys. Tinker. Iley Bonnie Baby. still torn between two lovers? Ol? Suzie. thanks for being such a great friend. I love you even though you can't compete in R-hall. Y ou too Beth. we have lots of time to make up for this summer. 'Thank you both for everything! Dunn Dan - klways and llun made il! Kelly ivaY -Yic I'm im- YY A MI. I'.l'. I.ove you Sheri the best. l.et's do it Forever! llun.  DATSU N WHERE SERVICE MEANS SERVICE 4£5© W. Clen ale Avenue P.6. Be% 1497-C enda e. Arizci a £5311 934-3444 CWK» LUCK HAWKS!,, ............................... » . fTTTTTTTTTTTTTTr, : ?;;:: ■ ;: 5;:::; ;;? : «».«?«i..n.«.«8 ? ► !- A« 1U l..„A i. • ;:::; Apollo graduates are in demand! .. APOLLO COLLEGE of Medical Dental Assistants 931-7441 1444 W Northern «Glendale. Arizona (refer 10 white paget lot other locettomj Prepare for a future In the health care field1 • Medical Assistant • Dental Assistant • Dental Lab Technician • Medical Secretary • Respiratory Therapist or Technician VMiiAKS Art» C -,1 Anoroan t T..;« VkoolithAm. • ApV ’., IJ k« VMM T «Mf D ii • V ;. Career Placement Aaalttance • Dey and Evening Claaaea • Federal Funding 'a aauSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sea •••••••• | CRAIG'S WESTSIDe| BARBER SHOP § s STynne end regular GARBER SERUICES 234-0235 V 334-5235 kl IOC AII D AT 424? WIST DUNLAP fM A| PHOf NIX. ARIZONA (M21 0 KfiBsrafrass toffisssQNefiS Headset iiiiiHM itiii au-iiii iiU Ail ifti tliiUtfifiD Hihr fiiOMiWherever you live, work, or travel in Arizona, there’s a Valley Bank office near you. We go out of our way for you. Valley National Bank 200 Statewide Offices. Member FDICDo you love Pizza? Do you wish you could take your family out to where you all can have a real good time? 973-1860 3575 W. Northern Where on earth can you find a pizza house with this much? The answer to A Reserved Room For Special Partys a pizza lovers prayer. Giant TV Screen Take Out Service Salad Bar Friendly Staff Put Together With Our Excellent Atmosphere 25 Firsts. (fl in Iho blanks) First School First Teacher First Kiss First Football Game First Date First Prom First Steady First Dissected Frog First Car First Bank M. TheJ First WIKNU t NK Of ACUOKA 255Real Estate MARK V 3612 W. Dunlap Phoenix, Az. 85021 Phone 602 - 938-0100 Jim WehmuellerFor Professional Representation Call.... 939-8344 247-0808 .....or come by 5058 W. Peoria Professionals at Work DON VANDER GIESSEN JACQjUE TERRY BARBARA LOFTIS BETH HARRIS JAN HOWARD Peoria Ave. RED CARPET Red Carpet Offices Coast-To-Coast JANET BARTLETT We sell a house every 3 minutes of every working day. 257ATTITUDE ...there’s a world of difference at DON SANDERSOI •! Our attitude toward you. our products and our performance is strictly positive at Don Sanderson Ford. And that attitude is reflected throughout the organization whether you're buying, renting, leasing... even if you’re just looking. For the past 25 years, we’ve never forgotten that our product is Ford, but our business is people. 258 New Used Cars Complete Line of Ford Trucks Fleet Sales • Leasing Industrial Engines • Tire Department Rental Cars Trucks • Outdoors Center Largest Ford Parts Inventory in Arizona Classic Ford Parts • Service DON SANDERSON FORD 5300 Grand Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 846-8600 247-6300THANK YOU (her tlic years, our house has always been decorated wall-to-wall with Apollo Kids drafted all over the family room, raiding die refrigerator, straining die capacity of die stereo, rexwing assorted motors In die drive- way at all hours, reminiscing dircc Babe Ruth Stute Championships, and uti incident or two liest not to mention...and...sometimes even a little crying on our shoulders. We wunt you to know we’ve enjoyed every minute and wouldn’t have hud it any other way. It’s radier strange, but as we’ve watcher! you grow Into die fine young adults you arc, you’ve kept us young at heart. You arc the true “fountain of youth.” .Now, while we get ready to move to our new Tempe home, there’s a bitter-sweet feeling around die old shelter. We’ll never be able to replace those years and we Thank You for giving us die experience. Mease come sec us occasionally. We’ll miss you and we love ya! Ruby and 'Pony Subla I.isa Pearson Pierre 1'bu Iks Kent Decker Jem- bipcz Reed Atkins Rick Osliitu Mike (astro Marty Smith Scott Peters Steve Matonsck Danny Gould Ik)b Finn ■ Jim Marino • Jackie Samora G:asar Hernandez Keitli McClure bails Montoya Kris Ikildenegro Ken Turcr Chris Warner Ttxld Rankin Rot in Rankin Danny I’alacios Diane Afcldt lurry Lope . Mike Sunabria Rick Howard Brian Tindall • JcIT Frazer Tommy Smith Ken CliaisNon Scott Gould Chris McMullen Ken Mvers Cliurllc McMullen Kim Melsheld Bob Yuswunl Kevin Kcllchcr • Jim Meeks Sheri Gould B 1 ParkinsonICE Claire Arthur (Commercial Artist) Bill Blackwell (Marines) David Convery (Architect) Lisa Hardesty (Nutritionist) Bill Lowe (Therapist) Jeff Lynn (Cabinetmaker) Michelle Mekailek (Audiologist) Keith Rabenneck (Pilot) James Rovers (Photographer) Shawn Ryan (Lawyer) Suellen Shima (Medical Lab Technician) PREPARING FOR LEADERSHIP I N THE WORLD OF WORK TO LEARN WHILE YOU EARN VICA Jody Shinn (Dance Instructor) Maria Silva (Photo Journalist) Diane Smith (Physical Rehabilitation) Lori Spitler (Flight Attendant) Jeanette Umbertino (Physical Therapist) Treva Voorneveld (Dental Hygcnist) Wendy Watt (Travel Agent) Marianne Wombacher (Sales and Promotion) Patrick Krause (Marines) Terry Hughner (Commercial Pilot) Jim Zipf (Race Boat Driver) WEEKLY CLUB MEETINGS LOCAL CLUB VOLLEYBALL GAME 4438 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix Arizona 85017 246-0422 PIjOEHIX $ 3 Congratulations Class Of 81 G X Wr '«utw rlowdi For" oil 6CCajiorv FLavve r' Sji ASe------------- ?Ua A 934-7, 2L. »» service WiVe f fia2 7VT2.KD.AV E. GLE miXAZ 8SB02 pinCLS TV 5RL55 I 55RWC5 Xfsr 3548 W. GLENDALE AVE. PHOENIX ARIZONA vlvAW|il FACTORY SYLVAN IA AUTHORIZED fe—N 4 r . QUASAR Hi-7868 SERVICE ZENITH RCA serving you 18 yearsAMERICAN TRICHOLOGY INSTITUTE JACK A BOMAR "Like a good neighbor; I am here to help.” %-973-6858- r 8024 N. 35th. Ave.Want hard- working savings? We’re with you. (F) First Federal t=I j-SLlC Precision Tunc-ups Carburetor Work Brake Jobs Electrical Work Refrigeration Alignments JOHN L. JAIINKE 4232 W. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85019 (602) 269-1359rfflflltUoA 12 931-8094 OPEN 6 A M 10 PM D.TU EAT IN OR TAKE OUT Subs • Breakfast • Hot Dinners • Pizza Dunlap 43rd Ave. Olive 8941 N. 43rd Ave. BOB DEBORAH RANNEV Phoenix. Arizona 931-7022 I Mrs. Smith Would Like To: Thank Apollo Students Faculty For Making This Such An Outstanding Year! I i t. I 266 fbtato 937-5988 SI’KC IAI.I .INC IN BAKED POTATOES WITH YOUR C HOIC E CM DELICIOUS TOPPINGS NUTRITIOUS - DELICIOUS OUR 3rd IIUT VALLEY WEST MALL 5 ih AVE. NORTHERN4402 W. GLENDALE PHONE 939-1928 BURR nos, TACOS, AND TOSTADAS SPEND SOME TIME IN THE PAST. On an hour’s tour of Salt River Project’s History Center, you’ll be fascinated by the faces and events that pioneered the Salt River Valley. There are tools and artifacts from the mysterious Hohokam; rare photos of early pioneers; even original documents from Teddy Roosevelt’s dedication of Roosevelt Dam in 1911. Come share Arizona’s his- tory with us. The History Center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enter our main lobby, East Van Buren Street at Project Drive. Salt River Project WATER ♦ POWER 267YOU NEED A ERIE AD WHO KAOWS THE rr x,. Qiriuty-. BARRY HARDILY ( ASSOCIATES 8024 A. 51 AVE. 249-0139 268IMAGC Pizza! CALL: 931-8377 8826 N. 43 Avd. 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The Super Sign' can even protect you whether you're buying or selling with limited warranties that cover repair or replacement of most major working com|X)nents in a home, subject to a modest deductible. Super Sign.' Not-so-secretly disguised as Electronic Realty Associates, fighting a never-ending battle to make home buying and selling simple and fast.Karen Troutman, Co-Kdilor-in-C'bicf and Sherri Tucker Kditor-in-( hief Hey Sherri, How does it feel now that we’ve had the “wonderful" exper- ience of doing this book twice? Oh man, remember all those times when we laughed when we felt like crying - and all those times we cried when there was no more humor left. This year has been full of ups and downs, mostly ups. This book is our efforts, our pride, our failures in some areas, and it’s you and me. We’ll have to do it again sometime. You’re trucly a great editor and friend. Love, Karen. Hello K. Thanks so much for all the “fun." Just think next year we will know our mistakes and no NOT to do them again. Thanks for all the time you helped me keep my sanity!! And as for the time I didn’t oh well, no big loss!!! All in all you have to admit we hade lots of laughs not to mention the crys. This book is “our" book this show all of our hard work and dedication. It even shows our goofs!! But most of all My CO-EDITOR-IN- CHIEF it shows you and I Thank you. Co-editors forever, Sherri P.S. Lets do it again Sometime!!! 272nsssrv ax ( " it -• ir ObaJ v ou such a croze guy and u Cue had grEtf 4ims. hlosfly.. when you iw cn to and § §? L was on arn. All ±1 ie -+ 5 parte were nindoo. X r WOnJ thrqrf thn senior £ o c -trip ei4m . Thanafar ; 5l rim urur s af ode vV'Oh on r'he “ wttu mcolits r UT icapin+wdi,!. O la be bad wro A5.W.( to S«? ' £' So (y) yua tedcr rlmembor nu i cTHAT

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