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'vWl, X -fkut (ou ?- fts “te-L Pm ,i . ifld (juets ood etuds. Vjouu amcI Vjoue. frauds ouUl AluiKjs toespX Al do iXoto |6il I 'i te n G duz. X4XmIo XV'He oiuty rn EX C fM yjou, d-fvit 4-0. Xm. Mcrt- 4-X4 foftd f S A AH t K.ic )M . Vw jkB 4Xs Mcc Aud ijlDtie dfciQuds 0,0 ocd 56KU6-ulc£e uXX mj te. eMcls ftud Mir K HcrtM 'blflsk'TT te ppod £-A£e o4 [cXxe(4 okx-f oose y 0ie ° £eH peesoNdlX FVtvvcl yat ood lo±6 JT Xipe vjcu. op4 evbfr 4d you. (Xsk 4b x X X IM 4 ciL Cloic rrtodc M Ufci Xv$S '”3?CIYMPIJS aVIP'OIIII'O high schcci GIENEX4IE, aVIPIIZ'CNaV Mr. Dean Bennett. Principal Miss Barbara Stewart, Advisor[UOjil QtrztnL- b mens m ‘ uOill, ideve. dimes +his Ltf q inq +o 4-1 il MmtDOr rmqte, bji-m tftSf dr MooO's i4- q im hod Q(o? of '■•Uouo a xahMOL somn- ii of Ofrs gM a ear 16 QoinQ +0 be ®£ bt"f L qomq +a dour: houo seator ijaor 6hoao nronf6 -for beiaa gucJl cl, uooei Qua and lomcr fhm (jUQ5 a doujner ancd bet .friend in 0- fmiG il depress oil- (da h«. kefs qef foqofher and neafte p some mcimesJSonne-hnie. 0.4b7, to 3 ments were met and a unified spirit was created. This spirit1 Pl( prevailed and was a part of all of us. Throughout the year, we (j' shared the good times along with the bad and our better times will always remain in a section of our memories. We had our ups and our downs; we sometimes felt as if our lives were going around and around as if in circles. Some of us are Seniors, but our efforts will not be forgotten. Our fun times were not all at school; school has brought us together and thus has become a segment of our lives. We will go on from school facing life as it comes like the perpetual motion of a carousel. The days of this year have slowly, swept by with the constant motion of triumphs and downfalls not unlike a daydream of riding a pony on the carousel of time. apouc’s cakouseii or tirr 3 x , j Uo upa . a a ?r y yjoc Uij, - 6 UJ 5 3 p ? yc ar zzs Joujo I J ) . ) 0 0 , )S J sS xrf Ws?' ? » -Jo ,6 ifsb sy°y byf gZVTZJO y e bc K) , 2 ) - ■ - ' ' (W r f —' -w ' tf bio??. Cfafrn, £ tz ? : cSi4y?K l'?crr I yp iy 5OO JO l ? JZ Ct? 2 ?- 7ZS uJu xJztZ J dj iOd v6 W5. S?dM aJ£o u azu ?aaz v6 o ozosi. csTTi so d?oio 6 o ™ ' ' ■ " OO J dO?l d dOO JKy J6 QM. 6 c on £ - J)fitr??as tpdtef 60 36 P eJo Jo (Joto a-07j Jdoo o fiuonawj (AjUJOUy J Oj? o XD ?7 Jfy Lo£ Jo J jJn fom r? dBd ?c? J JJ J is 0cJ 2s 6mm 789TABIC or CONTENTS 16STUDENT iliriE . CEGANIZATICNS . . CIUES .......... SENIICP CLASS .. - JUNIOR CLASS . SCDUDMDRE CLASS ERESU HAN CIIaVSS . SRCRTS ......... EaVCEIITT....... ADVERTISING .... INDEX .......... Dorinda Edwards, Editor Chavell Stevens, Editor Kelly Wickline, Editor Robrt Pela, Photography IS Shelly Neil, Editor Suellen Shima, Editor Ken Luikhart Jim Morrison 34 Shelly Neil, Editor Suellen Shima, Editor Ken Luikhart Jim Morrison 6© Linda Lamberton, Editor Renae Robinson, Editor Terri Coover Robrt Pela m Suellen Shima, Editor Ken Luikhart Jim Morrison 117171 Sherri Tucker, Editor Andy Bognar Karla Hochwender 148 Renae Robinson, Editor Karla Hochwender Shelly Neil 17€ Carolyn Alewine, Editor Karen Pennington, Editor 2C' 6 Sherri Tucker, Editor Andy Bognar 1188 Claire Arthur, Business Manager Barbie Bates, Assistant Manager 254 Andy Bognar, Editor Karla Hochwender Sherri Tucker STUDENT IITE20Opposite page, bottom left: Some girl» enjoy a day at Metro Center. Opposite page, center: Some Apollo girls build a pyramid during the skate party at Rollerland. Above: Alicia Berger talks to some friends on the way to school. Bottom Right: Lisa Stuck. Molly Shahan. Shauna Greiner and Tobi Sny- der return from the Varsity softball tournament. 21Homecoming Theme: Five of our Homecoming candidates were from top to bottom: Julie Govannlni. Tom Catchings. Molly Shahan. Mike Castro. Kris Cole. Lori Poor and Kevin Horne were voted as Homecoming attendants for the Junior class. The Sophomore attendants for the Junior Gass were Diane Affeldt and Mark Raines.Hawks Rule The Sky Tom Catchings and Jul!« Govannlnl were the Senior attendants. Our 19791980 King and Queen were Andy Acedo and Kris Cole. Pictured together are all of the 19791980 Homecoming attendants. Top row Seniors: Tom Catchlngs and Julie Govannlnl. Juniors: Kevin Horne and Lori Poor. Sophomores: Diane Affeldt and Mark Raines. Freshmen: Jackie Henry and Richard Bale. 23Students of Apollo showed enthusiasm this year during Home- coming’s Spirit Week. Each day was represented with a different event. There was a Western Day, Nerd Day, Hat With Dark Shades Day, Walt Disney Day, and Blue and Gold Day. Spirit At Its Height Above: Hawks rule the sky as shown by the Sophomore float. Upper right: Kristin Krouse and Liz Psller promote pep in the Homecoming assembly. Right: Mary Balzic dresses up as our favorite mouse. Mickey. Opposite page upper comer: Spirit is shown by students wearing their various hats and dark shades. Opposite page lower corner: Winoka Webb. Audrey Smith, and Angle Harper help to raise school spirit by participating in Walt Disney Day. 24 Activities were held during both lunches to boost spirit. The most popular activity was the annual Male Beauty Contest. Winners were: first lunch, Jim Meeks, and second lunch, Andy Acedo. Other events were a flour blowing contest and a pep assembly onthe day of the football game. The feeling of excitement soared as students thought of a victori- ous Homecoming game versus Glendale, one of our arch rivals. Our Hawks defeated the Cardinals, 14 to 7. The half time celebration consisted of floats parading around the football field. Sophomores were triumphant as they captured the first place float trophy. Second place went to the Seniors, Juniors were awarded third place, and the Freshmen took fourth. Half- time festivities ended when royalty was crowned from those nominees who were voted on and approved by the entire student body. The Homecoming finale was the annual dance with music pro- vided by the group Sassi. With spirit higher this year, Homecom- ing will be remembered as a victorious and pleasant memory for all. Sweetheart Dance Ushers In Spring 26 Lynette Klawon is crowned SweetheartApollo’s Santa Makes The Rounds he wants (or Christmas Bottom left: Santa visits some children in the hospital. Bottom right: The children are excited about the appearance of Santa.Julie Conway. Deanna Pauk. Mike Lang, Julie Mumphy and Ericka Kellii put on a memorable performance.This year "The Savage Dilemma”, a comedy-drama, was the fall production put on by the Apolla Drama Department. The play was performed November 15-17 and was directed by Mr. Ferrell. The lead was played by Julie Mumphy. The rest of the cast included: Paula Patterson, Janet West, Deanna Pauk, Jim John- son, Mike Lang, Ericka Kellis. Jim Porter, Julie Ann Conway, Mark Lust, Jeff Taylor, and Dean Bonzani. Production of a play took many long, hard hours of work and the actors and actresses were not the only ones involved. Not to be forgotten are those that worked on the lighting, construction, make up, sound publicity, and props. 29Drama Gets Their Act Together The characters discuss a scene in the play. Jesse Ramirez 109$ for the audience. The play was a continuous comedy. The cast looks to the sky for answers. “Bye Bye Birdie,” written by Michael Stewart and directed by Mr. Ferrell was the spring play this year. The play is a musical comedy concerning a teenage idle that gets drafted. The lead was played by Kevin Diaz. The other main characters were Debbie Charies, Julie Sammons, Wendy Kelly, Jim Johnson and Jesse Ramirez. The play was shown in March for four consecutive days and proved to be a success until the end. Jim Johnson shows an expression of excitement. Jim Johnson and Jeff Taylor have a conversation backstage The actresses In the play get very dramatic The cast watch the other characters in the play. 31Students Face New ChallengesOpposite page, top: The Varsity volleyball team shows off their trophy with excitement. Opposite page, bottom right: Mary Coyne shows off her shirt from a previous concert. Opposite page, bottom left: Some girls from the Varsity softball team take a break at the state tournament. Above left: Larry Sanchez donates to the annual blood drive. Above right: The students show enthusiasm during one of the assemblies. Lower left: Sherri Tucker charms the photographer with her smile. Lower right: Seniors gather together to form the 80. aUjjlfyc cjt.od' • £ jo '£ ifM Uo2) itfzUt rxui) uvmj U xX c La oL )cpa. aJcuDau p nmoJU •'!" - cjOCd VJ V, (S LO Giacmx . the lAxtj, 1QC| a qiS o± bumf a tkci-ir l { £ljj? l j coeAP ‘taSLtjun jo-feju). LjxM. glac (xAfloJ CAxd B,- Up LO-kjlr'i CjO-u P CLaju vJq C)pj -LfaaJ )? icmm c ojul skJ Afrusxilo YtonJ LjCctA jCLticLciS d Mz epstciJ- - u uth ux ouo uuo uyu). daJUc 0 j iJu p Gi xj? CV pC eLxJU) C CL-LA jl AOGLj' d£jlS 'f iv o AcXmcccjX Lj ul£p a - 6-fee CK tkuM! o CjAQcxjf ZU t u »a OsncJ cl sn J oLO o i Jjlvrb 0 CACU Cj' (ncod JLuul 7'£36 f Jcoocm f upb t C£GANIZATICNSHawks March To Presidents Trophy Standing: Melodic Brewster. Farron Jackson. Kim Pulliam. Janet Renkenberger. Valerie Rankin, Tina Shlnskc, Lisa Alger, Kristi Peace. Ann Dlgilio, Kellcne Campbell. Wendy Jacobs, Brenda James.Mr. Gabe Angalich directed Apollo’s Marching Hawk Band to the President’s Trophy at the Northern Arizona University Band Festival. Apollo received straight superior marks for their ap- pearance and performance. After winning the award, the band performed at the halftime activities for NAU’s homecoming. Bottom Row: RobinLynn Smith, Dorit Hauek. Second Row: Laurie Anderson. LaDawn Smith, Dawn King, Gall Dammann, Kim Cary. Jody Epp, Joy Venancio, Judy Martin, Wendy Kelly. Laurie Schaubol. Fonda Brown, Janet Newberry. Third Row: Mr. Gabe Angalich. Misty Leach. Cindy Bo. Tammy Griffin. Bill Gouso. Linda Rireo, Kathy Shoger. Linda Brittain. Susan Goshert, Tammy KuUll, Karen Hunter. Leann Froellch, Kris Shogcr. Emily Ener. Mary Rabenlus. Fourth Row: Pat Shinagawa. Heather MacLoed. Laurie Carpenter. Carol Newberry. Renee Ludeman, Doug Nagy. Rucben Huerta. Cathy Cooper. Eve Nelson. Darlene Moranka, Lorraine Klsch. Stephanie Beville. Alice Mendora. Mr. Wil Stewart. Fifth Row: Clark Krueger. Danny Stkorksi, Chris McCord. Dale Rubin, Laurie Barbie. Barry Myers. Brent George. Eric Yodis. Joe Granado, Mike Wells. Mark Boucher. Ken Howlem. Amy Acedo. Sixth Row: Dan Birch. Rob Martin. Terry Holland. Larry Prawk. Charles Cater. Mike Whitman. Billie Scott. Brian Froelich. Tim Fillipajo. Jolynne Berrett. Shelley Beasley. Jim Toomcy. Sixth Row: John Lamb. Allison Robcrtsen. Patsy Shannon. Mike Kelly. Laurie Burton. Frank Moreno. Alicia Huntsman. Sonya Rathgerber. Juan Castaneda. Lisa Heyn. Seventh Row: Mike Brokke. Jeff Mitchell. Dan Wells. Bob Shepard. John Wade. Phil Murray. Carol Golden. Mike Furr. Kris Jones. Jackie Thul. Ken Lindsey. Eighth Row. John Kulon, sa Alger. Melodic Brewster. Janet Renkenberger, Wendy Jacobs. Tina Shinske. Valerie Rankin. Dan Moore. Ann Digilio. Kristi Pease. Kcllene Campbell. Brenda James, Jeff Kulon. 37Concert and Symphonic Bands took part in the annual Band Festival held at West High School. Twelve band members from Apollo competed for spots in the All-State band. Directed by Mr. G. Angalich and Mr. W. Stewart, both Concert and Symphonic Bands combined with Jazz Band for a special performance on the evening of February fourteenth Bands Perform In Spring Concert Row 1 Joy Venancio. Wendy Kelly, Laurie Anderson. Janet Newbury, Kris Shoger. Judy Martin. Kim Carey. Misti Leach Row 2: Kathy Shoger, Lorraine Kisch. Linda Britain, Eve Nelson. Cathy Cooper. Stephanie Bevllle. Susan Goshert. Sonya Rathgeber. Laurie Schaubel, Jolynne Berrctt. Row 3: Tammy Kutzli. Heather Madeod. Rene Luedeman. RobinLynn Smith. Rueben Huerta. Dale Rubin. Amy Acedo. Chris McCord. Bob Shepard. Jon Wade. John Lamb. Phil Murray. Row 4: Chris Morrison. Dean Fervillo. Terry Holland. Billie Scott. Juan Castaneda. Becky Welsh. Kevin Horne. Laurie Barbee. Eric Yodis. Dan Sikorski. Dark Krueger Row 5: Danny Btrch. Patsi Shannon. Larry Prazak. Shelly Beasley. Jim Toomcy. John Kulon.Jazz Bands Compete In Reno The group took a trip to Reno, Nevada, to participate in the UNR International Jazz Festival. Saxaphonist Juan Castaneda per- Both Jazz bands. A and B, provided entertainment for pep assemblies and concerts. formed a piece in the soloist competition there. Funds for the trip were raised by playing for parties and at various malls at Christ- mas time. Jaw A- Bottom Row: Lorraine Kisch, Juan Castaneda. Joy Venancio. Sonya Rathgeber. RobinLynn Smith Second Row: Patsl Shannon. Phil Murray. John Lamb, Bob Shepard. Third Row. Jolynne Bcrrctt. Mr. Gabe Angallch, Mark Sipes. Jim Toomey. Laurie Barbee. Chris McCord. Clark Krueger. Dan Sikorski. Ill m Jazz B- Bottom Row: Doug Nagy. Tammt Kutzli. Misti Leach. Frank Moreno. Sam Munoz. Billie Scott. Terry Holland. Second Row: Chris Jones. Carol Golden. Jell Mitchell. Mike Brokke. Third Row: Dale Rubin. Mr Gabe Angalsch. Chris Morrison. Tim Filappazzo. Rubin Huerta. Pat Shlnagawa. Barry Meyers. Mike Wells. Amy Acedo. Joe Granado.Choir Takes On A New Note Under the direction of Mr. Doug McCool, Apollo’s Concert Choir took on a new sound. Mr. McCool combined the three previous choirs to create one strong Con- cert Choir. The chorus presented a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert. The group also performed at the Christ- mas Assembly. Bottom Row: Cathy Cocharan, Vicki Anderson. Tracy Screes®, Michelle Coats. Tammy Curtain. Susan Clocca. Second Row: Collctc Toth. Lisa Robins. Michelle Noiseau. Carol Wenzel. Troy Pickering, Laurie Roper. Janice Taylor. Ron Shinagawa Third Row: Sherry Swanson, Sherry Tucker, Robin Kcnde. Kristi Peace. Curtis StrohJ. Kevin Gallagher. Wendy Smith. Caroline Morgan. Brenda Buedel, Robin Berns. Fourth Row: Beverly Mason. Karen Morgan. Kristi Rathgerber. Kevin Diaz. Jay Hall. Mike Lueders, Curtis Mcdlyn. Fifth Row: Leslie Morgan. LaDawn Smith, Carolyn Baker. Lisa Scarborough. Linda McMillen, Bob Teach. Mike Scarborough. Dean Benthelmer, Chuck Siu. Mr. McCool. 40Drama Stages Success Drama Club encouraged all students to participate in the drama productions. This year’s plays were “Savage Dilemna" and “Bye, Bye, Birdie”, a musical that was staged in the spring. The club raised funds this year by conducting various sales, car wash- es, and advertising drives. The dramatists also co-sponsored a dance on January 11. 41 Bottom Row: Dean Bonzani, Holly Williams. Lisa Hamilton, Glenn Rabinowitz, Jim Johnson. Mike Lang. Second Row: Colleen Chandler. Sandy Beerman, Janet West. Julie Mumpy. Deanna Pauk. David Raines. Third Row: Chris Ferrari. Melissa Nash. Joel Birch. Jim Porter. Paula Patterson. Sheri Griffith, Mr. William Ferrell.cv Cheer Sparks Spirit Bottom Row: Janice Collins. Jen Jean Eldridge. Lynelte Klawon. Kris Cole, Jane Bates. Music Brewster, Teresa Cuellar. Jodi Shinn. 42Some of the most enthusiastic crowds Apollo has ever witnessed were led by the Varsity Cheerleaders. Through the final seconds of the season, the squad kept the spirit at an all-time high, while maintaining a sportsmanlike atmosphere. Varsity Cheer was advised by Ms. Golay Hicks. 43JV Cheer Spurs On Enthusiasm 44Keeping the spirit up for this year’s football season was no problem for the JV cheer squad, with their team finishing the season with an undefeated record. The cheerleaders attended the annual cheer camp to prepare for the season, where they took ribbons for their precision and spirit. 45 Bottom Row: Vicki Johnson, Rosalyn Simpson, Diane Affeldt, Cheryl Young. Second Row: Debbie Peeples. Lori Poor. Lari McKlnstry. Third Row: Yvette Apod oca.Frosh Keep Spirit Flowing Frosh Blue and Gold’s cheerleaders capitalized on a winning year to express their strong school spirit. Along with being spirit raisers, the cheer line was a very effective fund-raiser. The squad sponsored several sale drives and car washes. Blue Bottom Row: Ggi Corbet. Darby Jones. Second Row: Dawn Emerson. Patti Fiori. Cathy Heffellinger. Third Row: Dorena Garcia. Bottom Row: Stephanie Burton. Second Row: Stephanie Halstrom. Third Row: Eileen May. Karen Chesbrough. Nancy Brewster. Fourth Row: Susan Trimmicr. 46Girls Support The Long Run Golden Hawks were organized to support the cross country and track teams. The girls keep track of scores from meets, raise funds, throw spirit-raising parties, and pass out drinks. The "gold- en girls” are advised by Mr. Emmett Smith. Apollo’s Cross- Country coach. 47 Row One: Krtity Rathgerber. Angie Harper, Katie Wallace. Kristi Peace. Sherri Tucker, Erica Kelli».Pom Captures Award Fmt Row Tammy Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Johnson. Second Row: Ester Delos Rios. Mary Ann Tomooka. Natalie Chancellor. Kelly Fetzer. Lori Collins. Third Row: Denise Gilbert. Liz Pillar. Sherri Wehmueller. Kristen Krause. Bonnie Ogden.Apollo’s Pom line provided entertain- ment for pep assemblies and basketball and football games. The girls started off the year with a performance of the Blues Brothers “Soul Man” and varied their routines to include modern, jazz and pop- ular dance. The squad attended the NAU Pom and Cheer clinic. There, they cap- tured an award for their performance to music from “Jesus Christ Superstar.”soMat Minders kept score and provided support and encourage- ment at wrestling matches. Each Mat Minder had a "Secret Wrestler" who they gave a small gift before each match, usually fruit or something to drink that the wrestler could enjoy after a grueling match. Mat Minders were advised by Mr. Horne and his daughter Kathy. 1st row Lisa Rolling. Tracy Barnett; 2nd row: Dathi Rollins. Michelle Krautheim. Shan Jerome. Yolle Vasquer. Diana Parra; 3rd row Sheryl New. Mary Schweider. Karen Horne. Michelle Goodman. Lucinda Maas. 4th row Stacey Coe. Susan Chille. Sandy Garcia. Linda Rogers. Jacque Halliburton. Gloria Garcia. Josephine Sipes.Student Council Strikes Up Spirit Drive Front Row: Julie Giovaninl. Sabrina Kellis'. Laurel Brougher, Deannc Evans. Back Row: Mr. Spellman. Ray Miller. Pat Sell, Kurt Manned, Kris Cole. Susie Espinoza. 52Elections, dances and money were all concerns of the 79-80 Student Council. The main goal of the group was to in- crease spirit on Apollo’s campus. This effort was greatly aided by Apollo’s out- standing athletic performance. The coun- cil sold buttons, bleacher creature T- shirts and carnations to raise funds for the Prom. All Homecoming activities were organized by the representatives, who claim the biggest success was “Nerd Day." 53 Kneeling: Scott Reid. Sherri Tucker. Ann Park Standing: John Dayton. Karen Pennington. Carolyn Alewine, Shelly Neil. Robrt Pcla. Rcnca Robinson, Linda Lamberton. Standing (back row): Mike Danley.Utopian Changes Its Format 56Under a new advisor, Miss Barbara Stewart, the Utopian changed its format. A magazine style was implemented to make the paper more appealing to the Student Body. Sharon Tanz was appointed Editor-in-Chief, and provided strong leadership for the staff. 57Olympus Marks 79-80 History S8To meet the challenge of a larger book, the staff of the Apollo Olympus put in many hours of overtime. The staff collaborated with the students and faculty to produce the ninth volume of the Olympus. Funds were raised by selling yearbooks and conducting an extensive advertising drive. Barbie Bates was the top salesper- son this year by selling over one thousand dollars worth of ads. The yearbook was supervised by Miss Barbara Stewart. 59CHUBSArtists Compete Bottom Row Brad Davies. Second Row Kim Stamper. Linda Rogers. Third Row Mrs Gardner. Kim Davis. Mr Krombem Fourth Row Mr Colgate. Stella Rios. Kathryn Trimmicr. Mr Neal Fifth Row Rosemary Rios. Margret Territo. Jodi Epp. Richard Berg Highlighting the year for the Art Club was their participation in the annual Scholas- tic Art Show. Many objects submitted by AHS students were advanced to the state competition. Among the club’s other ac- tivities were a bake sale and their annual art sale. 62Delicias Plans Trip Delicias Club worked all year toward one goal. The club set their sights on raising enough money to finance a trip to Delicias which is located in the city of Chihuahua. Mexico. Apollo’s Delicias members joined with the members from Glendale High School in their efforts. BP 6) Up Front Jim Toomvy Back Row Shvlley Beavli-y, Virginio Acuna, MicMIe Krauteirnto»." DE Stirs Interest In Business On the job and in the classroom. Distributive Education Clubs of America strive to educate students about the free enterprise system. Students here at Apollo participate in classes on market- ing and management. Most DECA members have jobs to earn both credit and experience. DECA was a major fund raiser on campus this year. The club sold candy, washed cars and sponsored dances. 64 Bottom Kow: Kelly Hart. Sherrana Mendoza. Karen Thurman. Jon Devin. Second Row: Duane Fisher. Cindy Norlach. Kim Nadel. Helen Kalafat. Third Row: Kelly O'roukc. Robin Peace. Diana Seaman. Joana Pcskin. Julie Bisinger. Chris Hill. Forth Row: Mark Peters.Mtchcllc Nipper. Karen Benson. Alccia Freeman. Renae Robinson. Sue Reiterman. Linda Wagner. Fifth Row: Larry Konkle. Linda Morgan. Charlene Brummer. Jeni Eckhout. Mrs. Zuckerbrow.Club Studies Environment The Ecology Club dealt with learning about the environment, how it works, and man’s place in it. Mr. Barber advised the club, and this year’s officers were: President- Debbie Miller, vice-president- Mark Ehlers, secretary-Valerie Hodges, and treasurer-Don An- derson. The Ecology Club took two day excursions around the state periodically throughout the year. They took many geologi- cal field trips, and they helped to keep the environment clean. Front Row: Mark Ehlers. J. Barber (sponsor). Joe Hertz. David Peskin. Jody Bedore. Mike Lanning. Back Row. Mike Lynn. Ken Tiger. Robert McCormick. Mike Short. Margaret Earle. Don Anderson. Mark Keyes. Mike Sheridan. Robert Schedler. Ken Holen. Willie Howard. Valerie Hodges.Job Experiences Explored The transition from student to employee was made a little easier for the members of FBLA COE. Through their support of students in the job market, the club en- couraged efficient use of time and mon- ey. Demostrating this efficiency, Robyn Neilson captured first place in the short- hand contest held at the Western States Regional Conference. First Row: Mary Schwclder, Susan Chille. Lisa Scarborough. Second Row: Stephic Matsuishi, Valeric Ruddman. Michelle Krautheim, Virginia Acuna. Third Row: Suzie Koscielski, Ann Orrico, Donald Bunker. Kelly O'Neil.Club Offers Scholarship Apollo Youth Group stireed up interest in famly and community relations by presenting the positive attitudes of the members. The club was formerly known as Future Homemakers of America, and as a chapter of that nationwide organization, the club contin- ued to sponsor the FHA scholarship for graduating seniors who were planning a career in home economics. First Row: Ofella Omaran. Dennis Holden, Maria Silva. Second Row: Amy Neis, Polly Neis. Misti Leach. Third Row: Debbie Comforth. Tammy Kutzli.Hikers Pack It Away Front Row. Bill Low«. Kathy Sch«idl«r. Kurt Sixcl, David SanMarco. Janet Gerst. Don Anderson. Lucinda Maas. Brian Birch. Mark Bullssa. Robin Denton. Cheryl New. On Ladder, Left to Right: Kate Leonard. Brian Doeden. Tanya Halstcnsgard, Robert Baker. Terri Roeber. Tracy Barnett. Shawn McMullen. Mike Sheridan, Matt Gismondl. “We’re just kind of a free-lance club,” commented president of the Backpacking Club, Jeff Sager. The Backpacking Club planned a trip to Havasupai Canyon fol- lowing the closing of school. Other activi- ties planned were a 9-mile climb into the Superstition Mountains, and a trek to Kohl’s Ranch to play in the snow. 68Club Sponsors Mum Sale German Club deals with the culture, language and literature of the German people. Each year the group raises funds by selling pretzels and mums. The advisor for the club is Mr. Fred Fiala. This year’s club accomplished much and worked very hard to learn about a culture other than their own. First Row: Elissa Levine, Ann Russell. Lucinda Maas. Second Row: Rosemary Schoppman, Steve Parks. Third Row: Mark Lope . Stacy Drane. Chris Bergner, Regina Rivers. Mike Shinskey. 69Apollo Students Contribute To Charity Key Club is a community service organi- zation which helps the community by do- ing various charity work. Among some of the activities that the club participated in were, cosponsoring the Sweetheart Dance, their annual canned food drive, visiting various children's hospitals during the Halloween season, and donating Christmas trees to several retirement homes. Front row: Tina Shinskc. Krl Cok. Amy McClaine, Sherry Wehmueller. Ann Park . Second row: Mr Chuck Baylcss. Valenc Hodge . Jim Hoover. Danny Birch. Third row: Tammy Jones, Ronnie Patchen. Jennifer McKensie. Patty McCormik. Kan Matsulshi. Bret Cruthers. Fourth row: Julie Almon. Dan Ztnder, Ray Miller. Frank Gallagher. Scott Papa. Fifth row: James Hei. Mike Lang. Fred Kuo. 70Club Studies Roman Culture Latin Club helped its members to learn a more thorough appreciation of Roman life, history and literature. They hoped to interest students in the study of classical languages and “to hand on the torch of classical civilization to the modern word". The Latin Club attended the state con- vention that was held at ASU, where Mark Laube took first place in the vo- cabulary contest. Mark is also the trea- sure of the Arizona Junior Classical League. First Row Chris Potts. Lisa Alger. Karen Troutman. Kim Krumtauf. Second Row: Robert Meya.Mime Holds Its Tongue Mime Club made great strides in the “ma- gique de silence" this year. The club per- formed for the patients of Gomper's Re- habilitation Center and for the intermis- sion of Horizon School’s fall play. The artists also offered their talents to the Arizona Day School for the Deaf. Mime is advised and instructed by Miss Mary Goiter. Bottom Row: Cathy Perez. David Raines. Sheri Griffith. Glenn Rablnowttz. Greg Welsh. Second Row; Tyler Guthrie. Dean Bonzanl, Joyce Harvey. Third Row: Colleen Chandler. Kim Nelson. Jim Porter. Paul Fischer. Lynette Klawon. 72AMUN: Politics In Action Apollo’s delegation to the Arizona Model United Nations represented two coun- tries, Kuwait and the Phillipine Islands. Some of the problems the members had to deal with were foreign aid, energy, and trade. Advised by Mr. John Caine and Mr. Tim Rockey, the delegates from AHS have developed a standard of excellence by winning the Clifton E. Wilson Award three out of the last four years. Bottom Row. Mr. Colne. James Hci. Ken Copic. Second Row: Judy Atterholt, Robert Maya. Larry Ader, Robert Hall. Mike Lang. Mr. Rockey. 73NJROTC Sets Sail Senior cadets were offered the opportunity to go to sea on a naval vessel during spring break. The cadets used skills learned through ROTC while on board the shop. A large number of NJROTC members from Apollo went on a field trip to San Diego, where they underwent a week of modified boot camp. In San Diego, the cadets met NJROTC members from all over the nation. ROTC was advised by Commander Troy Ray. Bottom Row: Chri Miller. Frank Patterson. Bob Barrette. Second Row: Jim Golden, George Maliga. Debbie Miller. Jeff Rigsby. Anna Rose. Rick Fisher. Vicky Fisher.Pep Club was organized to encourage spirit within the audiences at various sporting events. The club co sponsored Club Rouses Spirit the Sweetheart Dance, along with the Key Club on February 8. Karie Matsuishi was made president of the club, with Do- lores Koopman named vice-president.Soccer Club Uses Its Head A club was organized to generate interest in America’s fastest growing sport, soc- cer. The members of the club who were involved in youth soccer leagues through- out the valley proved to be the most active in the club. Bottom Row: John Robinson. John Gay. Second Row: Jim Eastburn. Tim Oates. Mr. Jim Hiland. Clubs Speaks Its Own Language Spanish club started the year with a large fund raising campaign to finance their an- nual trip to Mexico. Members of the club cooked up several Mexican dishes, whose aromas filled the hallways of building two. The club also participated in a Spanish scrabble tournament. Bottom Row: Mrs Molina. ZsuZsi Sagodi. Jenny MacKenzie. Inn Russell. Second Row: Jim Golden, Dolores Koopman, Stella Rios. Elissa Levine. Sue Grattino, Rosemary Schoppman. Mark Lopez. 76Sandy Mastin captured a gold medal at the International Games in the Special Olympics held in Brockpoint, New York. The Special Education students here at Apollo find fun and competi- tion by participating in many sports, including track and field, basketball and swimming. The participants in Special Olympcs were highly recognized for their spirit and courage. Olympics Provide From Row Bill Whallcy. Joe Sipe. Sherri Colwell. Ann Gray. Paula Paquette. Kathy Brandt. Marie Selleys. Alice Larr. Melanie Barber. Laura Marple. Mike Smith. Stae Newman. Middle Row: Victor Herzog. Terri Wceden. Michelle Bedia. Mary Moffitt. Barbara Barraza. Mark Stephenson. Don Snyder. Randy Masseiw. Sandra Mastin. John Andrade Back Row. Kelly Roberts. Jay Roesch. Mike Winters. Tim Jackson. Keith Devilt. Jeff Carrillo. B-.lly Burchett. Jeff Rowley. Tom Delaney. Ken Eyman. Billy Veziris, Elizabeth Hayes. Don Grant. 77Speech Shoots For State Speech Club strove to increase speaking ability and to learn to better express themselves through the use of words. The mem- bers worked very hard in preparing for and competing in many tournaments held throughout the year. Firs! Row: John Vail (advisor). Nathan Perkins. Mike Llnovttz. Standing: John Dayton. Delores Tomlinson. Randa Kutob, Vlckt Thun. Kelly Anderson. Casey Carey. Julie Sammons. Top: Deanna Pauk.VICA Stimulates Interest In Business Vocational Industrial Clubs of America strove to develop an awareness of the working world. The club took many field trips and heard several guest speakers. They raised funds by selling candy, and holding car washes. The club, advised by Mr. Yee. attended the VICA State Con- ference. Bottom Row: Ray Yaeggt. Laura Hoag. Leslie Jackson. Carolyn Racl. Second Row: John Beck. Dean King, Dave Smith. Charlie Apodoca. Eric Grcgotre. Ann Kcleher, Leonard Rose. Jerri Jackson. Tammy Pcttig. Mlcheal Six. Lori Shaw, Ed Rhinchart. Third Row: Sherlyn Stephens. Julie Almon. Phil Patten. Karen Horne. Patty Sauer. Kim Henderson. Karen Jennings. Dara Swart wood, Mr. Yee. cClL, Oi AMERICA 79Scholars Rewarded For Gains National Honor Society was organized to promote the advancement of scholastic achievement. The members were chosen for their outstanding participation in scholastic and extracurricular activities. On Stairs: Theresa Ponce, Valeric Hodges, Kari Matsuishi. Patty MacCormick. Standing: Ronni Patchen, Cheryl Miller, Jennifer Mackenzie, Mrs. Gardner. On Slide: Brian Bosak, Scott Papa. Chris Potts. Todd Foy. Julie Giovanini. Jim Hoover. Ray Miller. 80Outstanding Artists Honored Some Apollo drama students were recognized by the Internation- al Thespian Society for their continued support of the efforts of the Drama club. Members were selected by the society on the basis of points that were earned by participating in many theatri- cal productions. Bottom Row: Holly Williams, Lisa Hamilton, Julie Mumpy. Deanna Pauk, Qenn Rablnowttz, Mike Lang. Second Row: Jim Johnson, Janet West. Paula Patterson, Melissa Nash, Mr. William Ferrell. 81o. 9£sX-E5 thu b L CLA. J- OO Jt J Xxj?- j xdl “tN cKxrxCSL -fe JA. Jxudbc? uJctk upo. clo jeo. capX • yy -SL LAp. vj. Lj U J axSL ck c suxjz c±jla ju uA J CJola vJL duersxL oCl«JL Jv©bO L j©0 dOxt U iJtKaoJb yr t CLAjSta-t £ HA1. HA I ULftJU, v£k CXL jCXLA- Co - r c ! if-fe ■w cv 0 dlroC OrW'- Jr o 3 p $ £ r tjOi U 4iu LAfaC. c re H- CX°( O C eco . L c c xeuAr y?Ai'or C eo r cx O- j£- Vl££ C4OO 0 ‘( d U j £ oo iKvfe ( (CrKi ( ( y X v uc Sd JJ co p( .c ir 5 '(l 57 £ r sre a 'KlX - c x.i n00 3 a v c K A£S- 361A Active Seniors Wind Up Apollo Senior Claw Council; from lelt to right: Front Row Todd Foy. Representative. Middle Row Karie Matsuishi. Representative; Kris Cole. Vice President. Valerie Hodges. Treasurer; Back Row Karen Pennington. Representative; Ken Copic. Representative. Karen Bulissa. Secretary; Mike Good son, Representative Not Pictured' Melany Hastings. Representative; Laura Hoag. Representative; Patty McCormick. Representative Accomplishments of the Senior Class have highlighted the 1979-1980 year. These accomplishments included two can dy sales which took place in the spring, and a spirit button sale in the fall during football season. Incidently, the buttons were in the shape of a football. This sale was a big success for the Seniors. The Class of ’80 also sponsored the “Fif- ties” dance which took place in the spring, the Senior T shirt sale on which the names of graduating Seniors were printed on the shirt. The Senior trip to Disneyland was followed by a cruise to Catalina Island with a disc jockey on board and a giant beach party upon arrival at the island. The Class of '80 also visited Universal Studios and Knotts Berry Farm. This trip was memorable to everyone who went and was an exciting way to conclude four years at Apollo. President. Julie Gtovanmi. presides over one ol her meetingsFive Chosen For Top Honors Apollo’s lop students. left lo right Valeric Hodges. Frank Gallagher. Judy Attcrholt. Ray Miller. Susan Swindle Valedictorians Susan Swindle and Judy Atterholt Judy Atterholt and Susan Swindle were chosen as Valedictorians for the 1979-80 year. Susan was involved in track. Key Club, and she graduated a year early. Judy, with a grade point average of 5.4865, took part in Speech Club. NHS. Key Club. Spanish Club and Model United Nations. This is the first year since Apollo opened that a graduating junior has been chosen as a Valedictori- an. Chosen for Salutatorians were Frank Gallagher. Valerie Hodges, and Ray Miller. Ray and Frank participated in football. NHS and Key club. Valerie was active in NHS. Key Club, Student Council. Opus II and Ecology Club. This is the first year in Apollo history that more than one Valedic- torian and Salutatorian have been chosen. The GPA’s of these outstanding students were so close that the administration could not choose only one for each title. Saltatonans Valerie Hodges. Frank Gallagher, and Ray MillerFeelings Of A Senior s ’ tfc a enio is: tfcgS tola footbaM. or basketball game and realize that you just atV n e T the last" ames of your high school career. , to wNM er whp is going to be there next year when you need a shoulder toc son. or someone to talk to. X to daydream.about the security you had as a freshman, sopho- more. or a junior, knowing yotshad at least one more year ahead of you. . to woncter how AHS is going to get alon svyith you and yo(K- - without-it. • to wonder what everyone is going to look like at your 10-year to look at the future with anticipation and hesitation, not knowing what is in store for you. finally, to graduate, to end a happy and memorable time in your life and to start all over again.89SENIORS Recognition: Lisa Stuck holds the state runner-up trophy presented to the girls varsity volleyball team. Andrew J. Acedo Carolyn R. Alewine Julie Almon Helen M. Andrade Charles E, Apodaca Stephen P. Arbuckle Leticia V. Arce ludy J. Atterholt 90 Jeffrey R. Bachman Thomas Barnes Donald M. Barnett Jane M. Bates Ronni J. BattersonACEDO-BLOMGREN Bonita M. Batty Diane L. Baugh John R. Beck Nelson Beck Saundra A. Beck Ruth E. Beekcr Michael J. Bergner Christopher B. Bet seeker Marcy D. Bennett Karen L. Benson Donald S. BJomgren Daniel Birch Julie L. Bisinger 91SENIORS Kristi L. Brady Matthew G. Bragonc Brian B. Bosak Thomas V. Booth Jeffrey A. Bove Barry B. Bort Jeanne M Bradley Douglas W. Bolejack Andrew J. Bognar Jill A. Bray Bonnie S. Brimley 92BLYTHE-CAMPBELL Linda K. Britain Michelle R. Broach Tammy P. Bryant Jerry L. Burton Cindy Bustamante Brent H. Campbell Charlene G. Brummer Mitchell D. Burnett Kerry D. Burnett 93SENIORS Janette C. Cassncr Thomas Catchings Jeffrey Carrillo Laura S. Carrolhcrs Michael D. Castro Vicki A Cataldo Antonio Chagolla Marianne Chaires Robert S. Chmelka Freshman year Homecoming Attendants. Andy Acedo and Jenni- fer Johnson. Mikyung Chung Richard D. Clmaglia ■1 94 Michael A. Cisneroi Robert W. ClaytonCARRILLO-CROWNOVER I.tu C rii»Unrl Kristine Cole Donald C. Collins Terrie A. Coover Kenneth R. Coplc Mary C. Coyne Maryalice K. Crawford Betty L. Crimp Stephen J. Crownover Recognition: Susan Crabtree and Stacy Domme proved them- selves to be outstanding on the girls swim team. 95SENIORS Angela A DelakowiU Donald J. De marie Recognition: Lynette Klawon received first place for her costume at the Utopian Halloween skate night. Jerry R. Denton Ronald Didomenlck Rhonda L. Dies Edna Dittrich Gregg L. Doe den Stacy L. Domme 96CRUSAN-FLOOD Kathie L. Dunlap Diane Ebersoid Jennifer E. Eckhout Richard J. Elder Jerl Jean Eldridge Mitchell R. Elliott Kenneth R. Engstrom Art O. Espinora - Eileen L. Fenner Michael J. Ferchaud Kellie D. Fetrer Duane W. Fischer Glenn A. FloodAngle S. Fraser Darryl L. Galbraith Frank P. Gallagher Alecia J. Freeman Kirk E. Frey Chris Gaither Don Freeman Todd P. Gallia John B. Gallen Carmen N. Garcia Chip Garrett Charlie Garza Shana Geiss 98FOSTER-GOODWIN Jane T. Glowacki Mark E. Goldsmith David Gollihar Warren C. Gomolski Larry F. Gonshak John Goodman Michael R. Good son Ronald R. Goodwin Sophomore year Homecoming Attendants. Byron Nelson and Becky Galas.SENIORS Susan L. Goshcrt Nell E. Graber David L. Green Mike A. Granado Robert E. Green Mary P. Greene Erie R. Gregolre Lance L. Gudcrian Phyllis M. Guth Petcr V. Guzri Dcannc GrUzell Tammy L. Griffin 100 Robert G. Hall Lisa J. Hamilton Jacqueline M. HarkerGOSHERT-HOCKERS Tommy D. Harmon Angola Harpor Brenda A. Harper Neal J. Harris Melany S. Hastings Leon E. Hauck 101 Christopher W. Hill Laura L. Hoag Debra A. HockersSENIORS Recognition: Bob Pataky. Caroline Morgan, and Colette Toth played an active part in chorus throughout their years at Apollo. Valerie E. Hodges Katrina M. Holler Dennis L. Holden Jamie L. Holland Bradley G. Holmstrom James F. Hoover Tracey L. Hopkins Karen M. Horne Debra M. Houchard Debbie J. Houser John Howard 102 L. Kent Howard Richard D. Howard Karen S. Hunter Leslie A. Jackson Guy D. JacobsHODGES-KACURA Chris M. Johnson James B. Johnson Cathy I. Jarman Cathy M. Jarnagln Karen A. Jennings Tammy D. Jones Michelle R. Jones Robert T. Jones Mike R. Jonas Rose A. Juarez Christopher R. Jones 103SENIORS Helen A. Kalafat Garry N. Karfeld Timothy A. Karlsrud Mitchell E. Katzberg Mindy J. Keizerstein Anne M. Kelleher Victor A. Kelling Sabrina Kellis Andrew C. Kelly Robert H. Kennedy Dean D. King W. Hollon H. Kinney Kathy L. Klatt Lynetle Klawon Mark A. Klenncr 104KALAFAT-LAMBERTON Kathryn Knight Larry G. Konkle Dolores D. Koopman Elizabeth A. Koster Robert P. Kostyk Jay R. Koon Joseph H. Kreutz Clark A. Krueger Fred T. Kuo George S. Kranz Kristin K. Krause Sherri L. Lachman Linda L. Lafferty 105 Scott A, Lambert Linda L. LambertonSENIORS Joseph E. Landram Mark A. Landreth Michael E. Lang Lori S. Lanlcy Mike G. Lanning Jane A. Lassila Robert M. Leonard Lori Lethcm Brent M. Lee Laura L. Lee Peter Lengvary Betsy K. Lleberman Jonathon Levin 106LANDRAM-MACKENZIE James T. Lofton 8m f I Bradley A. Long Raul G. Lopez Scott E. Lung Dan tela L. Lynch Sherrie T. McClaskey Robert E. McCormick Brenda S. McDaniels Patty J. McCormick Kelly J. McDonald Amy K. McLain Ann M. McNeil Sean McMullen Katherine M. Maccarone Jennifer L. Mackenzie Recognition: Ray Miller and Julie Giovaninl have been acknowledged for their academic achieve- ments and activities In N.H.S. 107SENIORS George G. Maliga Gregory A. Martin Judith Martin Richard A. Martin William L. Mason Randy R. Massena 106 Sandra Mastln Sharon D. Mattingly Terry W Mathews Steve M Matousek Karie K. MatsuishtMAHONEY-MISSIG Debra M. Miller Diane L. Miller Peter A. Miller Raymond L. Miller Kenneth Medlyn Steve MeHenheimer Pamela M. Mehheki Mary H. Mekailek Mark W. Meyer Robert G. Miller Joel R. Mithler Jacqueline E. Minig CVxvcVi mi 109Kim S. Nadel Cynthia G. Narloch Shelly D. Nell 110 Junior year Homecoming Attendants. Andy Acedo and Jeri Eldrldgc. Ruth A, Ninis Michelle R. NipperMITCHELL-PELA Jeffery W. Palmer Scott D. Papa Rusty R. Paquette 111SENIORS Recognition: from left to right; Debt Miller. Jeff Rigsby. Mark Landreth. and Frank Patterson have been active in NJROTC throughout their years at Apollo. Tammy J. Pettigrew Richard L. Pierson Valerie D. Poliak Karen L. Pennington Sharon Perlman Melissa L. Perry Joana L. Peskin Michael D. Pomeroy Theresa M. Ponce 112Carolyn M. Rael Shawn Rane PENNINGTON-ROEBER Jeanne D. Rardon Amy J. Reilly So»an E. Reiterman Carl L. Richard Harold J. Richard Doug L. Richardson Jeffrey A. Rig»by 113SENIORS 114Pamela M. Sacharko Jeffrey A. Sager Lawrence V. Sanchez Kevin L. Sawyer 2 Brian T. Sakata Dennis W Sadberry ROESCH-SHAFER Kurt Schoppman Diana M. Seaman Jeffrey N. Sears Kimberly S. Senko Mary J. Shadle Patricia L. Shafer Brad Schcxnayder Dan Sikorski Michael E. Scheckel Lori S. SeiJer 115SENIORS 116 Robin L Smith Vicki J. Smith Bryan L SnyderSHAHAN-TANZ Jerry E. Sooter Kimberly Stamper Frederick M. Stanek Carie L. Steele Marcia A Steele Susan Stem mete Sherlyn M. Stephens Chavell C. Stevens Cris H. Stewart Rodger Stokes 117SENIORS Jeffrey L. Taylor Mark H. Thomas Tracey L. Thompson Teresa J. Thun Doug D. TiUord Karen J. Thurman Linda K. Tipton Judy A. Torres Colette F. Toth Kathryn L. Trimmler Jane A. Troutman 118TAYLOR-WALLACE Andy Acedo and Krit Cole, our 1979-80 Homecoming King and Queen. 119Robert K. Weideman Kyle M. Welnhcimer SENIORS James R. Walsh Daniel J. Wcnsel Dave J. Wcnsel Orcn N. Wheeler Roy L. Wheeler Kelly R. Weiss Kerry M. Wcinhetmer Christine L. Wells Julte White Lorena E. Whitson Rhonda S. Weiferieh Arbetta Wilckcn Matt C. Wilhelm Susan L. Wilkinson 120WALSH- ZWICK Holli D. Williams Linda K Wolf Mary I. Ybarra Daniel J. Zinder Mark F. Williams Gary D. Wilson Mari L. Wilson Denise M. Winter Kelly A. Zealley Cheryl I. Zclrick Robert G. Zwick Recognition: Left to right; Ann Parks. Mike Danlcy. Sharon Tan . Chris Potts, and Cory Mitchell have excelled in Publications. Gregg G. Wilson 121Jo? a, udtltsuJeetie p»t cotw been thru a. (at teoather jZi nod ci bbsi us year mcbn your nonfs. iohod uoou ol JJ have dene ooithad you dur ncj miy do( 5 n£ 7 ,,-b sU -firs rsnn m hot Wit he ! fL 7 . - f uc vs, w of dtpcfbtjcn- c3tit then Qcjcun uyhaf the ha) mulct I 6U of rfMC aJ)thoed me ajfftff JT snare hr ess Ount 0 f m os a aery dear -Prand- UI q uXh s Z2rr o?to, » » V»1' , Xt, cruz onc r A mY « — (0 can tote a m » ■ Uaf get him on sunshine. Swatreunion P L toot ,ne am uen » ole, Or go X „ jo. fimJ ad Serf rfnccnl's fautt a Mv5 rmmMr L oo,a, ■ 7 uJXn I so rjuY 3 cam ara T lew pu fau roe m -n YOU Ar it. OdwHi ou ,10 A V o cUmt, hmj{. semeaouf. OUT or ro .. ‘•py- yoa "r f«t- To of V , • See '(‘filer b°U- rtfy I , . ,V m gear as, be ht hearth “ e, ( CarH IUNICE CUSSC3CO , ltska are q Gaper t 3 anO £m really a oo I m?V j altS wear, c a rmtsujw a!Stt lJbX a, Ytym l CAPPS'. ? BnqyaJbiq- ! itmsteanH) nihB exvMiih pu! MarKswngmviOe» prej-K boring ixit- pj rrbde irrpore nn! Tlt)s oc[(fii+ bipsw!rep(Bti wry to otwt fwve people' Men are we gonna -fineh ouroarrEac tP p porallj monlij TiivniDerq and ri[ j0 ) WiDbsr S JnvozsMson m at! wn a. joirc' '(MlxttdL tunch or.-, 81 llsh t wMi(r; efc' (Nctocpjn 0 WBUj IWgjeve'fl bai e afar more kn ihiswmfwr 5s ■ nmf bn vofsm tte sccrc fw y r’ Lovzwilofc! ' jJ mlrOss O yJuniors Prepare For Prom Junior Claw Council; Left to Right: Michelle Esancy. Patti Reynolds, Deanne Evans, Jull Schexnayder, Cindy Scott. Virginia Acuna, Sherri Wehmueller, David Cropper, Bonnie Ogden, Bob Greenfield, Melissa Nash.Opposite Page Left: President Deannc Evans waits patient- ly for the bell to ring. Opposite Page Right: Scott TcnBargc and Larry Fenner relax during lunch. Top Left: Halloween caught them at their best. Top Right: Cindy Scott in a moment of concentration. Bottom Left: Barry Lorenz quickly glances away from the camera. Bottom Right: A typical spirit day. 125JUNIORS 126 Abbate, Maria Acuna, Virginia Adams. Steve Adler. Larry Adsit, Sandy Alexander, Bill Allec, Cindy Allen. Jeff Almanza, Christy Amado, Bernie Amos, Deanna Anderson, Don Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Kelly Andrade, Antonia Andrade, George Andrade. John Andrade. Rosie Andrewson, Eric Andrus. Linda Aros. Steve Arthur, Claire Atchley, Tracy Atkins, Reed Aughinbaugh, Matt Bader. John Baker, Robert Baldencgro, Dianna Barbee, Laurie ABBATE-BIX Barber. Melanie Barclay. Chad Barnes. Cyndi Barnett, Tracy Barrette. Robert Bates. Barbie Beasley, Shelley Beck, Amy Beck, Mike Becrman. Sandy Beier. Mark Bell. Roger Bellitter, Debra Belt. Vicki Bern. Robin Berrett. Jolynne Betzer. Tammy Bigelow, Melanie Bisinger, Robert Bix, TroyJUNIORS 128 Black, Robert Blackwell. Bill Blessington, MaryJane Blessington, Robin Bolton, Maureen Bonzani. MaryAnn Born, Valerie Bosak, David Bowe, Sherry Bragg. Sabrina Brant. Jamie Brewster, Melissa Brink, Tom Brodish. Frank Brooks. Brenda Brooks. Mike Brown. Fawnda Brown, Jeanine Brown, Randy Brown, Tammy Brown, TinaBLACK-CHAPMAN Brudeseth, Sharon Buedel, Brenda Buhr, Todd Bulissa, Mark Burrus, Chris Burton, Lori Cagle, Shannon Campbell, Denise Carrillo, Daniel Carrothers, Mary Carruthers, Bret Cary, Kim Cassner, Brian Castillo. Joe Castaneda, Juan Catchings, Nona Chaires, Debbie Chaisson, Ken Chandler, Jeff Chapman, Debbie 129JUNIORS Chavez, Flora Cheyne, John Chille, Susan Chipley, Craig Ciocca, David Clanin, Mike Clark, Kevin Clayton, Becky Clayton, Cheryl Clute. CraigCHAVEZ- DERUITER Coombs, Brent Copic, Kirk Cornforth. Debbie Counts. Mark Cowan, James Coyle. Terri Craig, Guy Cramer, Elizebeth Crawford, Cindy Cropper, David Crowley. Glenn Crowell, Nolan Dale, Stephanie Davenport, Kappi Davidson, Greg Davis, Shari Day, Allen Dayton. Jeff Delosrios, Esther Deruiter, Dan JUNIORS Dewane. Debbie Diaz, Kevin Dice. Dejah Dillaber, Whitney Doeden, Brian Domoter, David Downing, Stephanie Drescher, Zane Duncan, Matt Dunkin, Diana Dunlap, Jennifer Duvall, Cheryl Duwirak, Natalia Dykstra, Randy Eastburn, James Edwards. Dorinda Elliott, Melanie Emerson. Misti Engst, Robert Esancy, Michelle Espinoza. Rey Espinoza, Ruben Evans, Deannc Evans, Linda Farrar, Douglas Fenner, Larry Festin, Glen Filippazzo, Keith Finch, Paul Fischer, Lucinda Fite, Reni Foard, Robert Fogarty, Jackie Fraser, Jeff Freeman, Tom 132DEWANE-GLJTIERREZ Froelich, Leann Fukuzumi, Yayoi Fuller. Kathy Furr, Mike Gagnon, Justine Gallagher, T.J. Gallen, Mary Galpin, Jean Gamboa. David Garcia, Sandra Gehrman, Bill Geiss, Sheri Geraci, Daryl Gerst, Janet Gessner, Gayle Gibson, John Ginis, Robby Giordano, Joanne Gismondi, Matt Glasmann, Sally Golba, Kim Goldberg, Trisha lJ Grccn'Roy fkj O Greenfield, Bob Gregory, Ginger Greiner, Shaun. Griffin, Terri Griffiths, Daryl Guevara, Cecili. Guss. Steve Guthrie, Kari Guthrie, Kevin Gutierrez, Benny O’ 133JUNIORS Hagen, Dean Hall. Debbie Hall, Paula Halstensgaro, Tanya Hamilton, Julee Hampton, Susan Hardesty, Lisa Harper. James Harris, Phill Hart, Kelly Harward, Brett Harvey, Joyce Havely, Joe Hayden, Kelly Heathcotte, Brandy Heller, Sandra Henderson, Crystal Henderson, Scott Hermanson, Sherry Hernandez, CesarHAGEN-JONES Hernandez. Frank Hersrud, Russ Hess, Mary Ann Himmes, James Hirschi, Glenna Hockamier, Tab Hoffman. Paul Holloway. Steve Honey, Sondra Hopper, Donald Hughes. Carol Hughner, Terry Hurd, Brian Hynick, Pat James. Mike Jennings. Danny Jimenez, Yolanda Johns. Randy Johnson, Mary Johnson, Susan Jones, Kris 135JUNIORS Justen, Kenneth Kalian, Chris Karfeld, Greg Kasallis, Vicky Katzenberger. Gayle Kellis, Ericka Kelly, Mike Kirkpatrick. Tamara Kisch, Lorraine Klatt, Peggy Klym, Dawn Knierim, Scott Knight, John Kocnes, Brian Kohatsu, Ron Koon, Tim Koopman, Les Krauss, Todd Kudreyko, Sandy Kulon, John Kutzli, Tammy Kwiatkoski, Debbie Ladd, Kevin Lafave, Bob Langenhuizen, Bruce Lape, Fayeann Larson, Mark Lawver, Kristie Le, Lieuchi Leach, Misti Leatherwood, John Lee, Celina 136JUSTEN-LOVE Lee, Debbie Leonard, Kate Levine, Elissa Lewandowski, Joe Liddicoat, Steve Light, Kim Linder. Mike Lindsey. Cheri Linnander, Kim Lipinski, Lisa Lit, Stan Lobdell, Scott Lopez. Joanna Lopez, Johnna Lopez, Lloyd Lopez, Mark Lopez, Mary Lorance, Joe Lorenz, Barry Love, Debbie JUNIORS Lowe, Bill Luikart, Ken Lusk, Mark Lynn, Jeff McCarthy, Jennifer McCloud, Timeri McCord, Chris McGinlay, Jim McIntyre, Linda McKimmons, Mike McMullen, Chris McNeff, Jenny Machutta, Kim Macleod. Heather Madonia, Pam Mahoney. Karla Mahoney. Pam Malloy, Pat Mandoza, Sherrana Mar, Suzanne March, Renee Marki, Ron Marquardt, Debbie Martin, Candy Martinez, Rebecca Massena, Rick Matousek, Todd Mazia, Steve Medlyn, Kurtis Meeks. Jim Melton, Tim Mendez, Joe Merchant, Becky Meya, Robert Meyer. Brian 138LOWE-OGDEN Meyer, Jim Milakovich, Jim Miller. Tony Mills, Barbara Milton, Kim Molina, Ben Montello, Danny Moreno, Frank Morgan. Keith Morrison, Chris Mosca, Keith Mulinex, Laura Mumpy, Julie Munoz. Tommy Murphy, Eric Murrietta, Alex Myers, Steve Nail. Lori Nash, Lori Nash, Melissa Nast, Kathy Neal, Dave Neis, Amy Neis, Polly Nelson, Steve New, Billie Newcomb, Jerry Nichols. David Nixon. Bart Noble, Sharon Noble. Steve Oates, Tim O’Dell, Tim Oestman, Karen Ogden, Bonnie 139JUNIORS Olivieri, Anthony O’Rourke, Kelly Orsburn, Dave Ortega, Mike Ortiz. Sylvia Osburn, Renni Page, Barry Palacios. Danny Paladino, Marc Palomino, Mike Parker, Mark Parks, Tonya Parren, Joe Patricki, Scott Patterson, Kathy Patterson, Paula Patton, Nancie Pauk, Deanna Payne, Mike Pedersen, Barb 140OLIVIERI-RAMIREZ Peeples, Debbie Perkins, Nathan Perry, Tim Peters, Mark Pethigol, Jim Piller, Liz Pierce, Neil Ponce, Norma Poor, Lori Pope, David Porter, James Preswheat, Kim Price, Peggy Priest, Danita Quinn, Linda Rabenius, John Rabenncck, Keith Ramirez, Anna Maria Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Rosemary Ramirez, Steve 141JUNIORS Ramos, Maria Rangel, Liz Rankin, Valerie Rankin, Todd Rathgeber, Sonya Rauba, Doug Ray. Kimberly Reed, Jim Reed, Lauren Reynolds, Patti Rich, Martin Rincon, Eddie Ringe, Jeff Rivers. James Rivette, Luann Rizzo, Linda Robinson, John Rochford. Steve Roeber. Sue Rose, Anna RAMOS-SCHWARTZ Rucker, Carol Rudge, Scott Rufibach, Laurel Ruiz, Ed Runkle, Gail Ryan, Shawn Ryan, Tim Sachleben, Clint Salcido. Luis Sammons, Julianne Satterfield, Russell Saunders, Michelle Saunders. Robert Scalf. Pat Schaubel. Laurie Scheckel, Bill Schexnayder, Juli Schott, David Schnitkey, Lee Schwartz. GermaineJUNIORS Sciotto, Janet Scott, Billie Scott, Cindy Sechrist, Sharon Sell. Pat Sessa, Caroline Seyfert, Steve Shepard, Bob Shields, Shaun Shima, Suellen Shinagawa, Ron Shinn, Jody Shinn. Teresa Shinske, Tina Shinskey, Laura Shrider, Bill Shroyer, David Sifuentes, Carolyn Sikes, Lisa Silva, Maria Simpson, Jeff Simpson, Peggy Simpson, Roslyn Sipes, Mark Sixel, Kurt Slaton. Roger Smith. Diane Smith, James Smith, Veronica Sneddon, Lorna Snider, Susie Snyder, Tobi Spitler, Lori Staley. Tricia Stallone. Jim 144SCIOTTO-TERRY Stanck, Cece Stephens, Kevin Stone, Craig Strickland, Cassy Stultz, James Stump, Beth Subia, Kenny Suggs, Holly Suiter, Linda Sullivan, Jan Sutton, Bonnie Suydam, Sheila Swadley, Sandy Swindle, Susan Sypherd, Matt Tait, Cheri Takiguchi, Joanne Teach, Bob TenBarge, Scott Terry. Jinger 145JUNIORS Thomas, Alicia Thun, Vickie Tober, Becky Tomooka, MaryAnn Tout, William Trammell, Mike Tudor, Mary Turner, Andy Turner, Nancy Umbertino, Jeanette Uptegrove, Jeff Vankirk, Dean Valentine, Patty Vargas, Hortensia Varnum, Teresa Vaswani, Bob Vaughn, Tim Velasquez. Lorraine Venancio, Joy Vincent, Pat Voorneveld, Treva Voss, Sharon Wade, Jon Wadsworth. Kenny Walker. Ken Walker, Michelle Walters. Kim Walworth, Melody Wang, Robert Watt. Wendy Weaver, Robert Webb, Winoka Wchmueller, Sherri Weidinger, Steve Weiss, Becky 146THOMAS-ZIPF Wells. Mike Westover, Shelly Whalley, Betty Wilhelm, Monica Wilkinson, Carolyn Williams, Andrew Williams. Crystal Williams, Kim Williams. Robert Williams. Tammy Wilson, Mickey Wingham, Eric Wise. Cindy Witte. Tom Wood, Lisa Wood. Shari Wombacher. Marianne Woodruff. Michael Wright, Jason Wyles, Scott Yates, Carol Ybanez, Carmen Ybarra. Cathy Yeley. Kim Yodis, Eric Young, Darryl Young, Jeri Zerbe, Tammy Ziegler, Eric Zimmerman. Teri 147 Zipf, JimSCPHCMC£E CIIaVSS Sophomores Show Enthusiasm Most of the Sophomore class officers settled in to their second year of student govern- ment this year and their experience showed. The Sophomore class took first place in the Homecoming parade float contest. The class also exhibited their Hawk spirit by washing cars, selling candy and sponsoring a dance to raise funds. This years officers were: Su- sie Espinoza, president; Randa Kutob, vice president; Mary Haines, secretary; Sue Grat- tino. treasurer. VV First Row: Cathy Keefer. Kim Davis. Mary Haines. Susie Espinoza. Randa Kutob. Second Row. Mike Mo- linar. Willy Howard. Sally Fcstin. Ken Tiger. Patty O'Rourke. ISO SOPHOMORES Alder, Danny Affeldt, Diane Aio, Clifford Alexander, Robbie Alger. Lisa Allen, Terri Almanza, Anna Almanza, Tommy Amarillas, Dorina Ament. Michael Amos, Colin Amparan, Margo Amuso. Lauri Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Madeline Anderson, Nancy Andrick, Jackie Anstett, Daniel Apodaca. Donald Apodaca, Yvette Aquayo, Esther Arce, Maria Ayars, Marci Back, Robert Backer, Robert Baeza, Sandra Bale, Sheila Balzic, Mary Barnes. MikeADLER-BONDS Barnum, Jon Bates, Linda Battin, Teal Baugh, Darla Baxter, Jan Bcdore, Charles Beecher, Terri Beeker, Jimmy Beery. John Belken, Rhonda Bellitter, Connie Bennett, Jennifer Bennett, William Berg, Richard Berger. Alicia Bergncr, Christine, Bergsten, Karen Berry, David Best. Maureen Bidwell, Donna Bigelow, Christy Bitteker, Mark Bivens, Riley Blomgren, Cindy Blythe, Karla Bochicchio. Lisa Bodishcr, Frank Bohrer. Linden Bombaci, Joseph Bonds. VickiSOPHOMORES Bortz, Brian Bose. Cindy Boucher, Mark Bradley, Damon Branson, Christopher Bredin, Kim Brewer, Melodee Brimley, Patricia Brooks, Alice Brown, Craig Brzezinski, Barbe Burchfield, Brian Burgoz, Bryan Cales, Charles Callan, Robert Calvin, Tamara Campbell, Kellene Canady. Marcia Capron, Timothy Carlisi. Lisa Carlson. Benjamin Carlson, Gina Carpenter. Lori Carrizoza, Ray Carroll, Kimberly Carter, Rene Castillo. Frank Cater, Charles Celiz. Kenny Cesarano, Jan Channon, Karl Chavers, Karen Christian. Maria Coast. Nora Coe. Stacey Collins, Janice Collins. Scott Connelly. Mike Conroy, Jeffrey Consolo. Lori Conway. Michael Cooper, Katherine Cooper, Lynette Copic, Randal Cowley, Mark Crabtree, Glenn Cranfield, Paula Crann, Judy 154FESTIN-GOODGAR Gaither. Dennis Gallagher. Julie Gallagher, Kevin Gallino, Angela Galloway. Dennis Gamboa. Patricia Gardner. Jim Garland, Tana Gatica, Luciano Gay, John Geach, Pat Gehrman. Paula George. Brent Gerboth, Debbie Gerstner. Suzanne Geshell. Doug Gessel, Todd Giddens. Bruce Giebner, Danny Giovanini. Bcthann Gipson. Phil Girone. Cheryl Gobeli. Brenda Goetz. Bart Golden. Jim Gomez. Basilio Gomolski. Dawn Gonzales. Pete Gonzalo. Jackie Goodgar, AnneSOPHOMORES Goodman, Michelle Goodman, Sandra Gould. Scott Gram. Ann Graham, Steve Granado, Frances Granado. Joe Grattino. Sue Greco, Rita Green. Denise Green. Terry Greene, Mike Grewe, Janice Gruhn. Robert Guerra. Martin Gunderson. Jim Guth, Stacey Gutierrez, Larry Haines, Mary Hale. Christopher Halliburton, Jacque Hamblin, David Hammer, Lynn Hancock, Jani Harper, Cindy Harris. David Hayes, Beth Healy, John Heathcotte, Brock Heber, Charlene BORTZ-FERULLO Crawford, Shelley Curley, Edward Dammann, Gail Darilek, Devin Daugherty, Kim Davanzo, Eddie Davis, Brad Davis, Kim Dayton. John Degard, David Dejanovich, Roxanne Dejarnett, Kent Delozier, Larry Denton, Robin Devore, Renee Dies, Craig Digilio, Ann Donovan, Kim Dorsett, Cheryl Dozeman, Pete Dragonetti, Darlene Drane, Stacey Duncan, Steve Dunlap, Julie Earle, Margaret Eberle, Jeff Edwards, Cindy Ehlers, Mark Eliason, Sharron Elmore, Tony Elwood, Holly Ener, Emily Engel. Lonnie Epp, Jo Espinoza, Susie Essig, Jerry Estep, Donna Estes, Dawn Eubank, Leaven Evans, Rich Eyman, Ren Fain, Mike Falbo, Lisa Fellner, Amy Felix, Daniel Femyer, Russ Fernandez, Richard Ferullo, Dean 155SOPHOMORES 156 Feslin. Sally Fielding, Vernon Filippazzo, Tim Finstad, Derk Fisher, Juanita Fisher. Rickey Fisher, Vickey Flath, Greg Flittner, David Flood. Scott Flores. Pearl Flowers, Lynne Fortner, Bruce Foster, Donald Foster, Sandi Foulks, Pierre Fowler. Steve Frain. Clint Frank, Debbi Frederick. Lisa Freiwald, Doug Frisoni, Julie Froelich, Bryan Fukunaga, CarolGOODMAN-JACKSON Henry, Crystal Hensler, Lisa Hentz, Joe Hernandez, Joe Hernandez, Richard Herrin, Joe Herzog, Robert Herzog, Victor Hess, Kurt Heyn, Lisa Hinsbcrger, Tom Hinson, Becky Hobson, Scott Hochwender, Carla Hockers, Cindy Holem, Ken Holland, Terry Hooper. Mary Hoppman, Deanna Horne. Karlene Hornstein, Matthew Horton, Jeff Howard, Todd Howard, Victor Hoyle, Norma Hunniford, Ralf Hunt. Chris Hunter, Kevin llten, Virginia Inness, Jennifer Irvin, Bryan Jackson. Cathy 159SOPHOMORES Jackson, Farron Jackson, Rick Jacobs. Wendy James, Brenda James. Greg Janisch, Judy Jennings. Ed Jennings. Kelly Jerome, Shari Johns, Daryl Johnson, Bob Johnson, Vicki Johnston. David Justen, Linda Kapp, Mona Karhu, Edward Keefer, Cathy Kelleher, Kevin Kelly, Philip Kelly. Wendy Kempfer, Norman Kende, Robin Kenney, Brian Kenyon. Terry Keys, Mark King. Sherry Kinsey. Martha Kinstler, Lisa Kirton, Tammy Kite, Kathy Kitely. Jackie Kitsopoulos. John Kleyhauer, Mike Kline. Cindy Kling, Billy Koegel, Valerie Kowalski, Karl Kranz, Greg Krautheim, Michelle Krem, Brad Krumlauf, Kim Kuo, Robert Kutob, Randa Kutz, David Kwiatkoski, John Lafinier, Nina Lamb, John Landram, Bill 160JACKSON-MAST Larkin, Laura Larr, Alice Larsen, Karen Laube, Mark Learned, Steve Lee, Alex Lee, Kathy Lee, Kimball Lee, Mary Lee, Tracy Lewis, Keith Lewis, Tom Licari, Larry Lindsey, Ken Linnander, Kristin Linxwiler, Rod Lipton, Melissa Locker, Lisa Lofton, Greg Lucchese, Anna Maria Lueders, Mike Lyons, Kathy McCarthy, Allison McClure, Colin McCormack, Diann McDaniels, Diane McHugh, Robert McIntyre, Ted McKinstry, Lari McMahan, Paula McMillen, Linda McNeil, Joan Maas, Lucinda Maccarone, Nancy Macumber, Darin Mahoney, Kari Mahoney, Marge Mancini, Frank Mang, Sue Marino, Jim Marmor. Danny Marsh, Ray Martin, Elaine Martin, Joann Martin. Terry Martinez, Sonya Mason, Bev Mast, Dean 161SOPHOMORES 162 Matelski, Rhonda Matthews, Brett Maurer, Deanna Meisheid, Kim Mendoza, Alicia Merrill. Debbie Meuret, Leonard Meyer, Douglas Michaels, Rob Millegan, Mike Miller, Chris Miller, Sherri Miranda, Tony Moffitt, Mary Molina. Maryangel Molinar, Mike Monahan. Melodie Moore, Paige Morgan, Karen Morgan. Mike Morrison, James Morrison, Robin Morse, Jim Mueller, John Muir, Sheryl Myck, Lisa Myers, Barry Myers, Kenny Nachess, Vicky Narloch, David Needle, Kenny Neis, KarlMATELSKI-ORRICO Nelson, Darlene Nelson, David Nelson, Eric Nelson, Eve New. Sheryl Newbury. Janet Nguyen, Mytrang Nichols. Paula Ninis, Sue Noiseau. Michelle Norris. Tom Nulliner, Richard Oakes, Marissa Odell. Cynthia Orourke, Patty Orrico, Ann 163SOPHOMORES Orsburn, Joan Oshita. Richard Palmer, Mike Palumbo, Joe Parkinson, Bob Parra, Dianna Parsons, Susan Pascale, Cathleen Payne, Terry Peace, Kristi Pearson, Lisa Pennington, Juliann Peralta. Scott Perkins, Lynn Perlman, Debbie Pcskin, David Petito. Angel Potts. Emily Prazak, Larry Price, Penny Proctor, David Pulliam, Kim Quinn. Jamie Rael, Becky Raines. Mark Rains. Randy Ramey, Maureen Randall. Penny Ranes. David Ratliff. Kathie 164ORSBURN - ROJAS r Rankin, Scott Ratti, Tami Ravelin, Greg Reckcr, Michelle Reese, Shawn Reid, Diana Reid, Ronnie Reilly, Steve Renkenberger, Janet Rex, Susie Ricketts. Debbie Rios. Stella Rishling, Mike Rissler, Mark Rivette, Brenda Roberts, Gerald Roberts, Jerry Roberts, John Robertson, Allison Robinett, Scott Robinson, Mark Robinson. Sandra Roe. David Rojas, Nacho1 SOHFOMORES Rollins, Kathleen Rome, Julie Rose, Bill Rossman, Eric Rothlisberger, Vinson Ruckman, Kirk Ruiz. Rosemary Ruiz, Tracy Sagodi. Zsuzsi Salem, Edward Sanmarco, David Sanmiguel, Fernando Sanmiguel, Rosala Saunders. Beth Scanlon, Eric Scarbrough, Lisa Schedler, Rob Schemers, Paul Shultz, Craig Schultz, Mike Schunk, Kelli Schwieder, Mary Scire. Anthony Scott, MartyROLLINS - SPEARS Searles, Jay Selleys, Marie Seymore, Vicki Sharpe, Robbie Shaw, Rick Shaw, Staci Shipp. Dale Shoger, Kristina Short, Laura Short, Steve Simmons, Mark Simuangco, Charity Sinise, Tim Sipes, Josephine Sipes, Patricia Siu, Charles Slaton, Sherri Sluyk, Steve Smith, Audrey Smith, Deborah Smith. Kevin Smith, Leslie Smith, Mike Smith, Stacey Smith, Wendy Soil, Margo Sooter, Pat Soto, Andrew Soto, Hector Souch, AnnaMaria Sowden, Barbara Spears, Sherri 167SOPHOMORES Spradlin, Chris Squires, Marie Stansberry. Daniel Stark, Wayne Steele, Gary Steinmetz, Mark Stephenson. Mark Stinson, Kelly Stocker. James Svancara. Steve Swanger, Brent Taggart, Debbie Talamantes, Trish Taylor, Randy Temple. Cindy Thiabaut, Lauri Thomas. Floyd Throssell, Vivianna Thul, Jackie Tiger. Ken Tomlinson, Delores Toomey, Jim Torres, John Trend, Shawnet Troutman, Charles Troutman, Karen Truby, Bruce Trusken, Phillip Tucker, Sherri Turek, Cary 168SPRADLIN - ZIEKE Turner, Mike Tuttle, Wayne Valentine, John Vance. Benjy Vasquez, John Vasquez, Yoli Veldhuizen, Todd Verdino, Ron Vidra, Suzanne Villa. Frank Voorneveld, Misty Walker. Ronald Walker, Steve Wallace, Katherine Warner. Chris Warren. Judie Waterman, Mari Wells, Daniel Welsh. Greg Wheeler, Maria Wickline, Kelly Wiechec, Marie Wieferich, Renee White, Daryl White. Karen Whiting, Michael Will, Connie Williams. Donald Williams. John Williams, Rosa Williams. Sherry Wilson, Connie Wilson. Glenn Wilson, Lori Wisniewski, Cathy Woodruff, Edward Woodward, Holly Wright, Doug Wright. Nancy Wright, Rodney Young, Charles Young, Cheryl Zelrick, Sharon Zinder, Elana Zieke, Stacey 169Frosh Begin AHS Career The freshmen class entered a float, which came in second, for the float parade at the homecoming game. They also spon- sored a fund raising selling candy. This year's freshmen class officers are: presi- dent, Kurt Mannel; Vice President, Jen- ine Terry: Secretary. Cathy Ammen; and Treasurer. Stephanie Matsuishi. The sponsor for the representative is Mr. Rob- ert Dammann. Row 1. Lvft to right: Stephanie Maliu.ihi. Janme Terry Row 2. left to right: Kurt Mannell. Shannon Bigwarfe. Donna Him. Cathy Ammen Row 3. left to right Wend. Kevin Bender Top Row Martin Nmer. Not Pictured: Jeff Vamamoto Bob17JFRESHMEN Abt, Tonya Acedo, Amy Adams, David Albano, Theresa Allen, Donna Allen, Kimberly Alvarez, Jimmy Ambrose. Douglas Ammen, Catherine Amos. Karen Amparano, Arthur Amparano, Christina Amuso, Michael Anderson, Edie Anderson, Lori Anderson. Victoris Andrade, Anthony Andrade, Patty Ansorge, Jeri Arce. Manuel Archer, Jim Armbrecht. Tricia Atkins. Joseph Aughinbaugh, John Ayres, William Bailey, Stephen Baker, Carolyn Baker. Dan Baker. Randy Baker. Sandra Baldenegro, Kristine Bale, Richard Barbee, Daniel Barber. Jeffrey Barker, Karen Barnes, Bobbi Barrette, Ronald Bateman. Eric 174ABT- BURCHETT Batterson, Elmer Baxter, Robert Beard, Grady Bend, Kim Bender, Kevin Berg, Michael Beville, Stephanie Bickford, Sheri Bigelow, Lisa Bigelow, Nick Bigwarfe, Shannon Birch, Joel Birdsell, Mike Bissey, Grant Bivins, Michael Blessington, Chris Boan, Brad Bodine, Joseph Boels, Steve Boldin, Stephen Bollinger, Debby Bond, James Bonora, Steve Bosak, John Boston. Mark Bove, Gary Bove, Greg Brakebill, Steve Brewster, Nancy Broach. Nancy Brogan, John Brokke, Mike Brooks, Cheryl Brooks, Monte Broughcr, Ethan Bruder. Stephanie Bunch, Rick Burchett, Billy 175FRESHMEN Burrell, Georganne Burris. Amy Burt. Brian Burton, Curtis Burton, Stephanie Butcher, Kim Butler, Ralph Butterworth, Lorrie Campagna, Linda Canning, Lynne Cardenas, Alfonso Carpena, Henry Carpenter. Glen Carroll, Nick Casey, Karen Castaneda, Gary Castro. George Cea. Phil Celaya, Christine Celio, Bobby Chagolla, Betty Chandler, Colleen Chappell, Shaun Chavez. Leticia Chesebrough, Karen Christian, Kathy Churchill, Roberta Cimaglia, Dawn Ciocca, Susan Clark. Steven Coffey, Eric Collins. Chandra Collins. Paula Cornelia, Bill Cone, Leann Connaughton, Tom Connelly, Debbie Conner, Shawn 176BURRELL - DEEB Consolo. Gregg Converse, Steve Cooper, Leisa Coppes, Cathie Corbett, Paula Costa, Eric Counts, Christine Cranfield, Holly Crann, Nancy Crowell, Nathan Cunningham, Lexi Curley, Connie Curtis, Cindy Daly, Dennis Dana, Nick Danielson, Hollie Darby, Rick Davila, Terry Davis, Angel Davis, Jerry Davis, Laurie Davis, Patricia Davis, Paul Davis, Wes Day, Kelly Decker, Jim Deeb, Annie 177FRESHMEN Dejanovich, Rochelle Demarco, Louis Dhooghe, David Dobbs, Jude Doman, Craig Domke, Todd Domme, Cindy Domme, Sherri Downing, Garry Dozeman, Anne Dritsas, Mike Driver, Jerry Drushel, Don Dugan, Lynne Dunlap, Dan Duran. Benny Duran, Nancy Duty, Jimmy Duvall, Laura Dynarski, Joe Earle, John Echerivel, Armando Eckhout, David Emerson, Dawn Enger, Bob Espinoza, Renee Estrada, Mario Evenson, Jeff Fagan. Tim Ferchaud, Cynthia Fernandez, Sam Ferrari, Christine Finn, Bob Fiori, Patricia Fischer, David Fisher. Dana Fitzlugh, Kenneth Flores, Connie Flores. Sylvia Fogo, Bill Foster. David Freeth, Lisa Frey. Sallie Fuller, Gary Gagnon, Celeste Galloway, Valerie Garcia, Dorina Garcia, Gloria Garcia, Troy Gardner, Stacey Garrett, Tod Gerberry, Chris Gholson, Ken Gierish, Julie Gilsdorf, Kenneth Gohel, Sanjay Gold, Brian Golden, Carol Gonzales, Rita Gonzales Sherry Gonzalez, Fabian Goodell, Richard Goodfellow, David 178DEJANOVICH - KELLING Goodman, Michael Gould, Darrin Gouso, Alfred Granado, Anna Granado, Virginia Gray, Mary Green, Cheryl Greiner, Debbie Griffith. Sheryl Griggs, Rick Grimmer, Dawn Guthrie, Tyler Hall, Jay Hallstrom, Stephanie Hammett. Jeff Hankins, Marsha Harkcr, Rick Harnagel, Shelly Harlacher, Alice Harlow. Lisa Harlow. Wanda Harris, Mark Harris, Ricky Harris. Robin Harward. Staci Hasl. Stacey Hasings, Deena Hauck, Doris Heffelfinger, Kathy Heiser, Janice Henderson, Rhonda Henderson. Tom Hendley, Karen Henry, Jackie Hickman, David Hildebrand. Lori Himmes. Thomas Hinson, Stacy Hinz. Donna Hish, Richard Hodges, Eddie Holler, Lisa Holt. Mike Hompton, Don Honey. Karen Honeycutt, Lisa Housley, John Howard, Wade Hudspeth, Reeca Huerta. Rueben Hunt, Roy Huntsman. Alicia lilies, Carrie lott, Michelle Jackson, Tim Jay, Peter Jenkins, Doug Jcppescn, David Johnson, Robert Johnston, Todd Jones, Darby Keating, Randy Kelling, Jennifer 179FRESHMEN Kennedy, Tiffany Kerr, Jim Keyes, Krysty Kilgore, Mike Kimbell, Stacey King, Dawn Kinney, Jeff Klandrud. Joel Klinger. Dale Knight. Samantha Korey, Todd Koscielski. Suzie Kostyk, Robin Kovacs, Joe Krumlauf, Darren Kubisiak, Rob Kulon, Jeff LaCoss. Debbie LaCoss, Joseph Ladd, Kim Laduron, Kurt Lamountain, Eddie Lancaster. Amy Langford, Doug Lebario, Alex Lee, Grace Lenhart, Brad Lesnick, Michael Lewis. Jeff Linder, Kim Link, Everett Linovitz. Mike Lofton. Mark Lopez. Edward Lopez. Irma Lucchese, Angela Luedeman, Rene Lung, Greg 180KENNEDY - MOORE Luque. Phillip Lynch, Debra McAbec, Adelle McCagno, Steve McClure, Keith McDaniels, Sue Mclntire, Sandy McMyler. Shaun McNcece, Allison Mackeever, Marty Maddalina, Mark Madonia, Francine Majors, Larry Maldonado, Eva Mandoza, Jerry Mannel, Kurt Mar, Bill Mariani, Mike Marple, Laura Martin, Bobby Martin, Tami Martin. Traci Mata. Cecilia Matson, Renee Matsuishi. Stephanie Maurer. Djuana May. Eileen Meuret, Leann Miller. Aaron Miller. Greg Miller, Kevin Mills. Kraig Millsap, Tim Mitchell, Jeff Molina. Mary Margaret Montoya. Louis Moore, Bill Moore, Kevin 181FRESHMEN 182 Moorhead, Bruce Morales, Lupe Moreno. Dorina Morgan, Leslie Morgan. Wendy Morris, Bob Morris. Kim Mosanko. Darlene Mosley. Brenda Mosher. Richard Moulton. Kelly Mounes. Michelle Mountjoy, Susan Muir, Shawn Munoz, Elsa Munoz, Samuel Murray, Kelly Murrietta, Andy Nagy. Doug Nash. Emily Needle, Keith Neighbors. Jodi Nelson. Karyn Nelson, Kym Nelson, Matt Nelson, Russell New, Mark Newman, Stan Newman, Tami Niner, Marten Noble. Robert Norman, John Oestman, SandyMOORHEAD-ROSS Oh, Sungil Olsen, Lisa Olson, Dawn Omoran, Ofelia O’Neal, Tim O’Neill. Kelly Ortiz, Joe Paladino, Matt Palmer, Steve Paquette, Paula Parks, Steve Parra, Lupe Patten, Clare Pattison, Eric Pay, Dennis Payan, Frank Payne. Crystal Pechtel, Loren Pennington, Chris Penny, Christine Penuel. Elaine Penuel, Robert Peralta, Kenny Perkins, Mike Perry, Melinda Peterson, Jeff Peterson, Penny Pethigal, Jim Phillips, Linda Pickering. Wayne Pierce, Kolleen Pierce, Kristine Pingree, Doug Plummer, Julie Pomeroy, Jeff Prelle, Julie Rabenius, Mary Raines, Kelly Ramirez, Donald Ramos, Ramiro Rankin, Matt Raschke, Rosemary Rathgeber, Kristy Rathke, Kristina Ratliff, Roland Rawson, Christine Reed, Linda Reemelin, Scott Reisner, Robert Reveles, Pauline Rich, David Rich, Lori Richmond, David Rios, Mike Rishling, Debbie Rissler, Brad Rivers, Regina Robbins. Lisa Robinson, Jimmy Rodriguez, Rosemary Roeber, Bob Roper, Larry Ross. Kimberly 183FRESHMEN Roth, Tom Rothlisberger, Kris Rowley, Jeff Rubin, Dale Rubio, Henry Rufibach, Daryl Runstadler, Tom Russell, Ann Ryan, Dana Sadberry, Mike Salerno, Mark Salerno, Rick Sanchez, Mandel Sanders. Johnnie Sanmarco, Paul Santillan, Steve Sapien, Jamie Sarsoza, Robert Shaffer, Warren Schemers. Kurt Schneider, Denise Schnell, Sandy Schulz, Dale Scott, Wayne Seaber, Donna Seaman, Scott Sears, John Severance, Richard Shannon, Melanie Sheekey, Mary Shelton, Julie Shinagawa, Pat Shinske, Laverne Shinskey, Mike Shoppman. Rosemary Shryock, David Shudinis, Patricia Sinuangco, Tony Sipes, Karen Siu, Michael Smith, Cathy Smith, David Smith, Janice Smith. Kim Smith, Ladawn Smith, Leslie Smith, Penny Smith, Tyler Smolinski, David Snyder, Debbie Spiegel, Julie Spitzock, Gary Stamey, Kevin Stansbury, Shaun Stevens, Tad Stokes, Scott Street, Billy Stuck, Jeff Stutzman, Rich Subia, Patty Suggs, Max Sullivan, Donnie Sutton, Jesse 184ROTH - TLJRER Suydam, Lynn Swadley, Bob Swanson. Sherry Sydow, John Sypherd, Lesa Tarango, Mike Tate. Jill Taylor. Janice Taylor. Mark Tenbarge, Greg Teppcr. Keith Territo. Margaret Terry. Janine Thompson. Bryan Thompson, David Thompson, Stephen Timmons. Tammy Tino, Grace Tippetts. Whitney Tipton, Todd Tober. Ronnie Torres. Lupita Tradup. Daniel Treiber, Laura Trimmer. Susan Trujillo. Thomas Turer. Ken 185FRESHMAN Turner, Darryl Turner. Rene Ulicky, Cheryl Valenta, Shari Valenzuela, Regina Vargas. Marge Vasquez, Alex Vasquez, David Vaughn, Patrick Valarde, Michelle Vezirie, Billy Voris. John Wade. Howard Walrod, Tim Walsh. Russell Walters. Karen Wandrey, Jennifer Ware. David Warren, Linda Warren, Tom Warrington, Jay Weatherford,, Donn Weeden, Terrie Wchmucllcr, Lisa Wehrli, Scott Weidinger. Joe Weinheimer, Jackie Weinheimer, Julie Weinheimer , Wend» Welch. Tim Wenzi. Bob Wertz, Lori Westovcr, Kristine White, Ken White. Pam White. Robert Whitman, Mike 186TURNER - ZAPERNICK Wiechec, Nancy Wilkinson, Kevin Williams, Bonnie Williams, Don Wisenbaker, Jeff Wong, Scott Wood, Jeff Worl, Sandra Wronkoski, Andy Yamamoto, Jeff Young, Lisa Zamora. Robert Zapernick, Ron 187Bennett Expresses Loyalty Towards Apollo Mr. Joseph Bennett, principal, has watched vigilantly as Apollo has grown from just 100 students to more than 2500 students. In his ten years at Apollo, he has seen the addition of new buildings and programs that have benefitted all students, past and present. The North Cental Evaluation team gave AHS high marks in this years rating. Much credit should be given to Mr. Bennett, who has assisted in establishing Apollo's high standards. By helping to create challenging courses and services to the community, Mr. Bennett has played a vital part in maintaining Apollo's high degree of excellence.Administrators Lead The Way The Dean of Students. Mr. Steve Knight, has done much to help the students of Apollo. He has helped them finish school when they have dropped out; he has helped students reenrole. Mr. Knight is very proud of Apollo and feels it is the "best in the state.” Mr. Knight is assisted by Mr. Dave Spellman, who also advises the student council. In charge of student extra curricular ac- tivities is Assistant Principal, Mr. William Gonzales. He has been a part of Apollo’s administration for ten years. Some of Mr. Gonzales’ duties entail scheduling student activities and money raising projects along with supervising the clubs and orga- nizations on campus so they will better benfit the community as well as the stu- dents. Dr. Dennis Welsh, Assistant Principal, works along with the councelors and data processing on student services. He ad- ministrates schedule changes and other various academic programs which will benefit the student body. Although new to Apollo this year he became popular with the student body through his famous "end of the announcement.” Left to Right: Dr. Dennis Welsh. Mr. Steve Knight. Mr. Will Gonzales. 191G.U.H.S. District Board Glendale Union High School District Board Member . Seated: Dr. Craig Trueblood; President. Mrs. Anne Schulr and Clerk. Dr. Donald Voss. Standing. Mr Gordon Wagner and Mr. Richard Stapley. 192 Elected by the community, the five board members are responsible for establishing the policies by which the entire Glendale district is run. During the past year, they made some important decisions affecting Apollo, its programs and students. The superintendent and the Apollo adminis- tration. hired by the board, were responsible for operating the school in keeping with those decisions. Left. Dr. William L. Jones. SuperintendentTop Left. Mr. Joe Miller jit quitely as he thinks this problem though. Below. Suprise! Couch D'Agostino. Bottom Left, Mrs. Marilyn Farris smiles at a pleasant thought, Bottom Right. Why such the sour expression. Mr. Angalich? FACULTY Joe Albillar Ray Alonzo Chris Auvnl John Barber Joan Coury Dennis Christensen Jean Barnhill Earl Bartee Connie Bateman Charles Bayless Cristi Davis Robert Dammann Barbara Beery Peter Bower Samuel Bursh Cheryl Cooper Owen Dejanovich Ann Dennis Mrs. Ferris smiles as she is caught off guard while talking on the telephone Near Right; Glen Ridinger and Lois Burden en oy themselves on Nerd Day Opposite page Right: Mr. Carrico gives a few words of advice to one of his many shop students. Far Left: Mr. Spellman just can't help but smile. Above Right: Mrs Rhea Travis helps one of her students on campus 194ALBILLAR-DENNIS 195FACULTY Bill Erlcnmeycr Paul Fedock John Fish Fred Fiala Wll Gonzales Bob Grassi Lewis Gregory Rae Harvey John Fiala B:ll Ferrell Efflc Garcia Ron Gardella Anita Heyn James Hiland Donald Holgate Kent Horne Kathy Gardner Lynda Geames Bob Golay Mary Goiter Skip Hudson John Caine Lenorc Kokaska Norman Krombeln 1%ERLENMEYER-KROMBEIN mmM mmmmmmmmam ■■■■■■ —, Top Right; Boy. doc Mis Keith look like she's having fun! Bottom Right; Joyce Franke lectures to a class. Top Left; Mr. Marich concentrates. Bottom Left; Have you got my yellow tablet, wonders Mr. Knight? Middle; That could get you in trouble, says Dt. Welsh. 197FACULTY Avis Lacey Dennis Lancaster Dorclyn Levine Mark Llgon David Lopez Jane Lyon 198 Top Right; You've got to be kidding? expresses Sondra Fish Middle Right; Bill Sullivan coasts through a Monday with zest? Bottom Right; Chuck O'Connor: What a ham! Top Left; Couch D'Agostino takes a few moments to escape the smell of sweatsocks. LACEY-NATALE Jerry McCormick Ruben Miranda Janet Miller Joe Miller Melva Molina Anne Natale Above: Mrs. Tuttle is dismayed over her typewriter error. Above Left: Mr. Caine lectures to students on the Iranian Crisis. Left: Mr. Woodard counsels a student on her academic future. 199FACULTY 200 Loren Neal Greg Parrish Bill Perkins Linda Pfeifer Betty Porter Janet Proulx Glen Queen Troy RayNEAL-SQUIRES Ginger Kurtx and Wendy Blair take statistics at a Volleyball practice. Carmen Rogers smiles while grading Spanish papers. Glen Ridinger Spencer Roger Tim Rockey Ron Roienlof Ed Schwarts Sue Seymour Bob Shupp Jack Squires 201Bill Stephens Will Stewart Madelyn Stuckey Lanna Sullivan William Sullivan Gaude Sutton Roy Tolby Rhea Travis Bonnie Vivan Susan Whiteher Sandra White Carol Wilkey Joan Zuckerbrow Left. Robert Goyer stares off into the deep blue yonder. Above. Dr Dennis Welsh smiles enthusiastically at the camera 202Students Rely On Counselors These counselors always available wheth- er it is to aid students with schedule changes or any of their personal prob- lems. Also to assist student's with job information and the preparation for col- lege. 203Maintenance Keeps Apollo Soaring The maintenance people of Apollo keep Apollo looking its best. If they are not attending to their custodial duties, they are maintaining and fixing Apollo equip- ment. It is a credit to their hard work that Apollo looks like the school we can all be proud of. Right to Left. Raul Boscevez. Juan DeLafuente. Estella Lop«z. John DeGroot. 2(M Front Row: Left to Right. Cru Rodriguez, Gene Zgonc. David Kulp. Angel Andrade. Back Row: Left to Right, Manuel Samora, Tony Lucvano.Providing Special Services The Apollo Nutrition Center Staff from Left to Right: Front Row. Jane Richard. Nellie Aldama. Helen Smith. Supervisor; Virginia Dominguez. France Sorzone. Middle Row: Rita Heppler. Gertie Langenhuzen, Iris Horne, Ruth Carr. Top Row: Phylli D'Amore. Nancy Fogarty. Jean Spuoros, France Ranqulllo. 205 Title 1: Lisabeth Cota. Rhonda Ortega. Dolore Young, Luveme Grulke, Shirley Maldonado. Marie Gennaco. Diane Camarillo. David Creech, Not Pictured: Cheryl Turner. Ora WybleaVYIHUEYIICSHawks Soared To Semi-Finals Offense: Standing; Matt Aughinbaugh, Buck Aibuckle, Ron Goodwin. Frank Gallagher. Bob Kostyk. Andy Accdo. Steve Melscnhcimer. Skip Peeples Kneeling; T. J. Gallagher. Tom Lofton. Kevin Horne. Jim Hoover. Brian Bosak. Dan Zinder, John Salem. 208 We They Opponent 13 6 Prescott 2 10 Washington 22 23 Thunderbird 16 24 Brophy 42 8 Agua Fria 16 7 Cortez 42 0 Greenway 41 0 Paradise Valley 14 0 Glendale SkylkM Divisional Playoff: 21 6 Moon Valley State Quarterfinal 17 14 Trevor Browne State Semi final 3 7 AmphitheatherApollo’s 1979 Varsity football team parted the field with the best season ever with a 10-3 record. The season opened with a win over Prescott. The following two games against Washington and Thunderbird were strongly played losses, but that was not to be a season pattern. The remainder of the season was a giant blast to the top. The traditional rivalry between the Hawks and the Cortez colts was calmed down this year with the cooperation of both student bodies. Apollo won the game and the trophy was handed over to the Hawks. The squad went on to defeat Agua Fria, Brophy, Shadow Mountain, Greenway. and Paradise Valley. Homecoming was played again against Glendale with another homecoming and season victory. With no conference losses, the Mighty Hawks took the Skyline Division League A Championship and qualified for the AAA Skyline Division playoffs. The first playoff game against Moon Valley ended in a 21-6 victory for the Hawks. The Hawks fol- lowed with a victory in the state quarter-final game against Tre- vor Browne, 17-14. On to Arizona State University and the semi- final game against Amphitheater of Tucson. In the toughest and most exciting game played in the history of Apollo, the Hawks went down in defeat to Amphi, 7-3. The Hawks were honored by having a record number of players chosen for the Skyline Division All League team: Offensive Back, Andy Acedo; Quarterback, Frank Gallagher; Lineman, Tom Defense: Standing; Andy Acedo. Tim O’Dell. John Knight. Pat Sell. Byron Nelson, Steve Mcisenheimer. Jim Meeks. Ray Miller. Brian Bosak Kneeling; Buck Arbuckle. Paul Finch, Larry Lopez. Steve Matousek. Mark Meyer. Fred Stanek. Steve Nelson.Lofton; Specialist, John Knight; Defensive Secondary, Steve Meisenheimer; Lineman, Larry Lopez; Linebacker, John Knight; End, Byron Nelson; and Honorable Mentions, Brian Bosak, Bob Kostyk, and Steve Matousek. It was indeed a "winning" year for the Mighty Hawks. Coach McQuiston stated, "From the beginning, I felt that we had the makings of a strong team!” Varsity Football: Standing; Greg Slamka. Rob Weaver. Tom Lofton, Steve Matousek. Clay Morgan. Byron Nelson. John Salem. Steve Nelson, T.J. Gallagher. Pat Sell. Row 2; Debbie Bclliter. Delores Koopman, David Domotor. David Cropper. Matt Aughlnbaugh. Fred Stanck. Craig Stone. Todd Krauss, Skip Peeples. Brad Schexnayder. Ron Goodwin. Frank Gallagher. Steve Meisenheimer. Ray Miller. Heidi Hcrmerath. Row 3; Dan Zinder. Tim O'Dell. Kevin Horne. Jim MeGinlay, Jim Meeks. John Knight. Paul Finch. Bob Kostyk. Andy Accdo. Jim Hoover. Sitting; David Bosak. Larry Loper. Mike Ortega. Jeff Simpson. Buck Arbucklc. Mark Meyer. Jeff Ringe. Brian Bosak.Opposite Page: Left; Brian Bowk dives to tackle a player of the opposition. Right; Jim Hoover takes a break after a long enduring quarter. Above Left; Victorious moments are shown by the team during the quarter final playoff game against Trevor Browne. Above Right; The offensive line settles into a ready position for a passing play. Bottom; Coach Earl McQulston and Skip Peeples discuss the opponents' strategy. 2112121 Opposite Page; Left; Frank Gallagher and Coach McQuiston decide what play to use next in the short time out during a hawk game. Right Top; Players wait anxiously for the results of a key play. Right Bottom; Byron Nelson blocks with an opening for the ball carrier. Right; Bob Kostyk waits with anticipation for the result of a flag on a play. Below; John Knight makes a last minute field goal. Bottom Left; The team goes over plays before starting the second half. Bottom Right; Andy Acedo heads through an opening pro- vided for him by the offense lines. 213 “Wc vaj 0 a AC , a-V S K « or a cfcsgwa? -fc. V »oe A We S -A Moo We, ser 5fcif ;4- t'fl SCU l k to +U - IMQcVwc HA i ! cpo.- ftice.1! ! eV feo4H W fr c soivi e , cHy • Sct? H® +Uis -5v MV es Ua'-'fv app p £ IAC J.V. Accomplishes Undefeated Season J.V. Football: Standing: Coach Queen. Suzie Mountjoy, David Harris. Kathy Christian. Tony Elmore. Chris Hale. Ray Marsh. Eric Ziegler. Robert Baker. Vernon Fielding. Mark Raines. Terry Martin. Bill Blackwell. Tom Norris. Kent Defarnett. Kurt Sixel. Maria Christian. Coach Rodriguez. Coach Gonzales. Kneeling: Cindy Curtis. Mike Rishllng. Brian Irvin. Doug Meyer. Jeff Fraser. Doug Friewald. Craig Schultz. Brock Heathcotte. Pierre Foulks. Larry Fenner. Scott Rudge. Eric Rossman, Cezar Hernandez, Jerry Lopez. Suzanne Gerstner. Mark Nygaard, Brandy Heathcotte. Ken Chaisson, Ken Lyman. Sitting: San Miguel. Eric Murphy. Glenn Crabtree. John Torres. David Hopper. Bcnji Vance. Bret Matthews. Steve Noble. Not pictured: Terry Payne. Mike Payne. Mike Kleyhauer. 214Hawks Junior Varsity football team completed an undefeated season with a 9-0 record. This feat has been accomplished only twice in Apollo's history. The season began with three shutouts; however, the following game against Shadow Mountain was a close fight with the Hawks winning 1312. The widest margin for their season was against Agua Fria, 46 0. The team scored a total of two hundred and twenty eight points while they gave up only thirty-five for the entire season. Head Coach Glenn Queen had a positive outlook for this year’s squad and future team’s to come. We They Opponent 37 0 Prescott 13 0 Washington 21 0 Thunderbird 13 12 Shadow Mountain 7 3 Brophy 46 0 Agua Fria 27 6 Cortez 32 8 Greenway 32 6 Paradise Valley Opposite Page: Left The offense try for a running play Right: Bret Matthews and Chris Hale hold back a Cortez rival to make a runway for the quarterback. Above Left: Mark Raines reaches over Brophy opponent to receive a first down pass. Above Right:U?arfy Fenner runs for a score with the help of the linemen. Left: Brock HeaVtaMte and Mark Raines showed jubilationaMer a close victory against ShadowfMpuntain 215Frosh Completes Winning Season Apollo’s Freshman A football squad came up with an impressing record of seven wins and one loss in their first year at Apollo. The team scored a total of two hundred and seventy-seven points while yielding only twenty-six points. The team was led by head Coach Roy Alonzo and Coach Ken Golash. This year's Freshman B football team ended up the season with a record of three wins and five losses. The team opened the season with a victory over Washington 6-0. The team was also victorious over Brophy, 6-3, and Agua Fria, 18-0. The team was led by Coach Al Scherba and Coach J.D. Miller. Freshman A Football: Standing; Coach Alonzo. Andy Wronkowski. Russell Nelson, David Jeppcsen. Mike Bevins. Matt Rankin. Gary Fuller. John Voris. Jeff Stuck. Keith McClure. Bill Commella. Grant Bissy. Kneeling; John Bosak. Tim Walrod, Ken Fitzugh, Doug Davis. David Rich. Dennis Daley. Chris Blessington, Krag Mills. David Richmond. Bruce Moorhead. Ken Turer. Sitting; Peter Jay. David Ware. Kevin Wilkerson. Brad Retsner. Jeff Weisenbaker, Micheal Sadsberry, Darren Kraumlaf. Ken Peralta. Randy Baker. John Brogan. Sam Fernandez. Freshman B Football: Coach Al Schcrba. Mike Whitman. Jim Kerr. Richard Severence. Todd Tipton. Tom Roth. Arthur Amparano. Doug Jenkins. Joe Lacoas. Coach J.D. Miller. Kneeling; Shawn Stansbury. Jeff Pomeroy. Stary Hensen. Brian Thompson. Pat Lopez. Jerry Mandoza. Jake Wilheim. Don Williams. Greg Lung. Bob Enger. Sitting; Curtis Burton. Mark New. Johnny Sanders. Mike Mariani. Jim Kerr, Greg Tenbargc. Phil Cca. Mark Howard. Nick Carroll. Brian Gold, Toni Runstadler. 216Badminton Flies To Divisional Apollo’s Badminton squad improved over last year’s by achieving a record of ten wins and two losses. Juniors Kim Golba and Karla Mahoney were given the opportunity to play as a doubles team in state competition. Ms. Wendy Blair, Badminton coach, was honored by her Skyline peers by being chosen badminton coach of the year. Blair, upon receiving the award, commented, “My team is what made me look good.” Badminton: Kneeling; Shauna Greiner. Jacky Kiteley, Paula Patterson. Patricia Brlmley. Sherry Swanson. Lori Collins. Sheila Bale, Eileen Martin Standing; Kim Golba. Judy Martin. Karla Mahoney. Melanie Bigelow. Vicki Belt. Coach Wendy Blair. Becky Weiss. Val Galloway. Lisa Pearson. Diane Affeldt. Lorna Sneddon. We They 8 1 4 5 7 2 5 4 5 4 8 1 8 1 4 5 8 1 7 2 7 2 9 0 Opponent Thunderbird Sunnyslope Alhambra Prescott Moon Valley Shadow Mountain Glendale Paradise Valley Washington Greenway Cortez Agua Fria Judy Martin reaches for the birdie at Divisional!.Varsity Captures Second In State Vanity Volleyball: Kneeling; Paula Cranfteld, Margaret Earle, Sandy Maston. Standing; Tobi Snyder. Jeanette Umbertino, Susan Steinmet . Sherry Hermanson. Linda Tipton. Coach Thelma Keith. Lisa Stuck. Molly Shahan. Carolyn Alewine. Becky Turley. Vicky KasallU. We They Opponent 2 0 Thunderbird 2 0 Sunnyslope 2 0 St. Mary's 2 0 Prescott 2 0 Paradise Valley 2 0 Shadow Mountain 2 0 Independence 2 2 Cortez 2 0 Glendale 2 0 Xavier 2 0 Washington 2 1 Greenway 2 1 Cortez 2 0 Agua Fria Divisionals 2 0 Moon Valley 2 0 Paradise Valley 2 0 Washington State 2 1 Camelback 2 1 Sahuaro 1 2 RinconApollo’s Varsity Volleyball team excelled by taking the Skyline Division Championship for the second straight season, with eigh- teen wins and two losses. They triumphed in quarter-final and semi-final matches and climaxed the season with a close loss to Rincon High School of Tucson for the State Championship. Lisa Stuck and Molly Shahan were named to the first team All- State squad for the second year in a row, while Linda Tipton was named to the second team. Stuck was named captain of the All- State team. Stuck, Shahn and Tipton were also chosen to tryout for the Junior Olympic squad. “I got one hundred per cent from all the girls and I was very satisfied,” stated Coach Thelma Keith when the season was concluded. Opposite page: Lisa Stuck concentrates on her serve for game and match point. Above left; Team- mates await the final results from the divisional tournament. Above right; Miss Thelma Keith, coach, happily shows Mr. Dean Bennett the statistics from the state semi-finals. Bottom left; Linda Tipton spikes an- other point while Molly Shahan covers. 219J.V. And Frosh Foretell Future Our Junior Varsity Volleyball team had another outstanding sea- son with a record for the 1979 season of eight wins and two losses. All of the players excelled in their performances and carried on the mighty Apollo motto. "Year of the Hawk." A valuable contribution to the team came from new coach, Brenda Sharah. Sharah, young and spirited, led the team to their victories. In their first year at Apollo, the Freshman Volleyball team exper- ienced a successful season with a record of six wins and one loss. Coaching the Freshman was Coach Cynthia Zapien. Junior Varsity Volleyball: Dorino Amarillo . Laurie Anderson, Rhonda Belken. Marcia Ayers. Coach Brenda Sharah. Julie Schexnayder, Mary Johnson. CeCe Stanek. Ronnie Batterson. Freshman Volleyball: Samantha Knight. Denise Snyder. Chris Counts. Robin Kostyk, Lynn Ducan, Coach Cynthia Zapien, Stacy Has). Dcbbe Grlner, Adell McAbee. Linda Warren. Shannon Bigworf.Swim Team Made Waves At State Opponent we they The Apollo 1979 girls swim team completed their season with a Paradise Valley 107 58 five win and three loss record. The team did extremely well in Camelback 84 85 divisional placing third. The squad was also ranked fifth in state Thunderbird 71 101 among Arizona’s twenty-six competing schools. Ms. Ginger Kurtz. Central 102 69 coach of the swim team, comments, “This year’s team has done Sunnyslope 99 73 exceptionally well; they were a close team and very supportive of Moon Valley 102 64 each other.’’ Xavier-Aqua Fria 93 82 112 L«f lo Right: Tracy Barnett. Kathy Trueblood. Stacy Dommr, Sutan Crabtree, Kathy Patterson. Gayle Gessner. Betty Whalley. Melanie Elliott. Tammy Calvin. Lori Carpenter. Terri Zimmerman. Linda McIntyre. Lynn Rowers. Cathy Ammon, Sheri Dommc, Jill Tate, Sue Grattino. Miss Ginger Kurtz.Varsity Cross Country Strides Through Winning Season Apollo's 1979 Varsity Cross Country team excelled this year with a win loss record of 10 6. The team went to divisional where they placed sixth. Scott Patricki, and Scott Papa both received medals for their performances. In spite of injuries the squad finished the season strong. The team called themselves Smith’s Misfits. The Misfits consisted of Scott Patriki, Scott Papa. Mike Pomeroy. Jeff Anderson, Brett Carruthers. and Mark Klenner. Coach of the Varsity Cross Country team was Mr. Emmett Smith. 2ci 5' 27 2f 51 3( 37 5( 2 ( 77 3£ 2i Apollo Varsity Crow Country: Left; Karl Kowalski. Mark Kt«nn«r, Jeff Anderson, Brett Carruthers. Scott Papa. Scott Patricki, Mike Pomeroy. Coach Emmett Smith. Opponent Moon Valley Brophy Thunderbird Sunnyslope Cortez Prescott Washington Thunderbird Shadow Mountain Agua Fria Cortez Greenway In this event, low scoreGirls New But Successful In State Girls Varsity Cross Country experienced their first season at Apollo. Although the girls have competed in former years, this was the first season they have been recognized as a separate team. The team did extremely well with a twelve win and four loss record. The girls went to divisionals, placing fourth, and then advanced to State where they took eleventh out of ninety com- peting teams. The following received medals for their achive- ments in State, Cindy Allec, Cynthia O’Dell, and Patti Shafer. Coach Emmett Smith was very pleased with the good job that the girls had done. Opponent We They Moon Valley 16 For. Agua Fria 21 For. Xavier 25 65 Cortez For. Thunderbird 36 Greenway 22 For. Sunnyslope 44 21 Paradise Valley 56 74 Cortez For. Prescott 38 Prescott 29 26 Sunnyslope 47 Washington 22 35 Glendale 15 For. Left to Right: Sabrina Kellis, Patti Shafer. Cynthia O'Dell, Zsuszi Sagodi. Cindy Allec. Becky Hinson. Left: Patti Shafer comforts teammate Cynthia O'Dell when the butterflies start on the first meet of the season. Right: A few of the Varsity girls take on Coach Smith on a practice run before an important meet. Opposite Page Left; Coach Smith and Varsity runner Scott Patrick! keep their strides smooth for a good time during a practice. 223J.V. Freshman Cross Country Optimistic For The Future The J.V. Cross Country team performed during the year claiming a six win and ten loss record. The team set goals throughout the entire season, and through uniform effort, many of the goals were met. Karl Kowalski placed ninth in the J.V. District meet. Coach Emmett Smith commented. "The team was young and inexperi- enced and show potential for the future.” The Apollo 1979 Freshman Cross Country team showed unre- lenting effort throughout their season. The season consisted of eight wins and eight losses. Mike Siu and Paul Sanmarco placed in the Frosh District meet. Junior Varsity Cross Country. Left to Right: Shawn Reese. Bart Geotr. Joe Palumbo. Kevin Gutherie. Mark Boucher. Jim Gunderson. Frosh Cross Country. Left to Right: Jeff Lewis. Chris Gerberry. Don Sullivan. Mike Siu. Paul Sanmarco. Jeff Peterson. Dave Hickman.Frosh Tennis Acquire Beginning Tactics This years Girls Freshman Tennis Team showed their talents for the first time at Apollo. The girls did extremely well in their season. Headed up by the Coach, Mrs. Fedock, the team excelled with outstanding players like Carrie lilies and Emily Nash. Also, the Boys Freshman Tennis Team learned basic skills that were needed to play the sport successfully. Coach of this squad was Mr. Paul Fedock. Fre hman Girl : Standing; Janine T«rri. Karen Barke. Lavern Shinske. Jodi Neighbor . Kim Butcher. Mr Fedock Kneeling; Emily Na h. Connie Curly. Carle llllas. Jill Tate. Li a Hollar. Freihman Boy : Back row; Coach Fedock, Mike Brokke. Doug Ambrose. Tim Daniels, Jell Wood. Front row; Rick Harker. Rob Kubisiak. Steve Brakeblll.'pR .rv-CXr VA)P ST Varsity Wrestlers Weighed In Heavy Season Varsity Wrestling Team: Back; Kent Decker. Mark Nygaurd, Rob Weaver, Clay Morgan. John Knight. Mark Hutchinson. Nelson Beck. Coach D'Agostino. Middle; Alex Uloa. Brandy Heathcotte, Larry Fenner. Scott Ten Barge. Brent Crusan. Front; Manager. Ruben Uloa. Danny Palacios. Frank Schwiedcr. 22 6The Varsity Wrestling season was strong throughout the season with a 2 win 8 loss record. Continuing to place big in the Skyline Divisionals. Alex Uloa 3rd in 981b class, Brent Crusan 4th in 1121b class, Frank Schwieder 3rd in 1191b class. Danny Palacios 132 lb class, Mark Hutchinson 1st in 138 lb class, John Knight 4th in 179 lb class. The state championships were held in Tucson, where Apollo competed in six weight classes. Our triumphs rested mainly with the lower weight classes this year, because of the youngness of experience in the upper weight classes. It took many hours of sacrafice, determination, and the coaching of Coach D’Agostino to lead the team to its victories. Leadership also came from graduating seniors Clay Morgan, Mark Myers. Nelson Beck, Frank Schweider, Brent Crusan, and Mark Hutchin- son. Opposite Page: Left; Clay Morgan shoots a take- down by a technique called fireman's carry. Right; Mark Hutchinson braces himself securely against his rival before escaping the grip. Top Left: Rob Weaver reaches around his oppo- nent to place him in pinning position. Top Right; Nelson Beck attempts to control from top using what is called a chicken wing move. Left; John Knight waits eagerly for referee to signal so he can pin his opponent. 227J.V. Wrestlers Pin Rivals By Large Margins Junior Varsity Wrestling spirit was vicious from the beginning to end. The first meet of the season was unique for Apollo. The fact that the final score was 72-6 and every match had a pin with the exception of one forfeit. This happening was a first in Apollo’s history for a junior varsity team. Many of the J.V. Hawk’s meets were won by large margins; Sunnyslope 65-8, Brophy 72-6. The reason for such a great year? Strength, stamia, and endurance were stressed during the systematic training period. Coach Parish said he looks toward prosperity for next year’s Varsity team from the additions of this year’s J.V. team. The performances by the entire team compiled another successful year for the team. Junior Vanity WreUling Team: Back Row- Greg Davidton. Todd Howard. Mike Beck. Eric Ziegler. Mark Nygaard. Tim Fllipazzo. Coach Parrijh. Middle Row- David Hopper. Larry Prazak. Danny Palaclot. Jeff Ringc. matt Duncan. Benny Molina. Bottom Row- Ed Curley. Wade Howard. Ken Subia. Jim Gardner. Not Pictured: Larry Lopez and Jerry Lopez. 228Freshman Wrestlers Takedown Basics The 1979-80 Freshman Wrestling team ended their season with wins and losses. More important than scores was the beginning and molding of the future Varsity wrestlers. Many hours were stretched to fit the manuvers and new techniques the new iniate into wrestling must know. By the end of the season, the team had grown in more ways than one. Freshman Wrestling Team: Front Row; Armondo Echerlvel. Wade Howard, Joe Castro, Pat Lopez, Nick Carroll, Jeff Pomeroy. Nathan Crowell, Don Williams. Second Row; Sam Munoz. Sung Oh. Darryl Turner. Mike Whittman, Bob Finn. Jeff Yamamoto. Ken Turcr, Darren KrumLaf. Ken Peralta. Third Row; Coach Duke. Brad Reisncr. Andy Leonard. Steve Clark. Andy Wronkowski. Eric Coffey, Randy Baker. Tom Roth. Coach Hudson. Left: Pat Lopez takes control of his oppo- nent from Shadow Mountain to receive points towards winning. 229Varsity Softball Catch Skyline Title Varsity Softball Team: Top: Miss Keith. Susan Crabtree. Sharon Sechrist. Shauna Greiner. Brenda Harper. Molly Shahan. Lisa Stuck. Middle; Melanie Elliot. Jane Bates. Patty Shafer. Toby Snyder. Helen Andrade. Peggy AmariUas. Bottom. Missy Brewster. Cece Stanck. Manager. Paula Nichols. Johnna Lopez Opponent We They Washington 10 13 Paradise Valley 9 0 Xavier 15 5 Gendale 35 0 Agua Fria 6 5 Greenway 5 6 Cortez 8 3 Maryvale 8 2 Shadow Mountain 4 3 Gendale 15 3 Xavier 0 2 Agua Frla 15 0 Greenway 3 2 Cortez 10 0 Shadow Mountain 7 1 Skyline Division Washington 4 1 Greenway 3 2 Greenway 3 0 State Tournament Alhambra 8 1 McClintock 1 2 230The 1979-80 Varsity Softball team excelled this year with a 20 win • 4 loss record. The team progressed to post season play where they took the Skyline Division trophy for the first time. The squad then advanced to State where they bowed to McClin- tock in the semi-finals 2-1. Their season ended taking third place in state. The team established a new state record by scoring nineteen runs in a single inning in their game against Glendale with a final score of 35-0. The spirit of the team was tremondous with activities, such as secret sisters, dinners before game days and crazy gifts made the team closer. Guidance was a major factor in the team’s success. Apollo had the number one example of a good coach. Miss Thelma Keith was chosen Softball Coach of the Year. The team knew she was special from the beginning of the season. This year’s team consisted of four quad-letter girls: Lisa Stuck, Helen Andrade, Susan Crabtree, and Peggy Amaril- las. Opposite Page: Susan Crabtree and Jane Bates show their excitement while a teammate hits a home run. Above Left: Molly Shahan safely slides into third base. Above Right: Lisa Stuck warms up in the batters box before approaching home plate. Left: Toby Snyder gives eager look before stealing second place. 231J.V. Sluggers Attain With New Coach The 1979 1980 J.V. Softball team at Apollo had another suc- cessful season. Highlights for the year were winning their opening game against Washington, with a close score of eight to seven, and beating Cortez, thirteen to three. The team practices one hundred percent every day and, at the games, the effort they put out at practice shows. The squad would never had done as well without the help of head coach Brenda Sharrah. Junior Varsity Softball team: Top Row; Joanne Ruckett. Mary Johnson. Marie Wiechec. Maria Wheeler. Lisa Falbo. Bottom Row; Coach Brenda Sharrah. Julie Schexnayder, Kim Golba. Karen White, Lori Carpenter. Dorina Amarillas. Pearl Flore Not Pictured: Roslyn Simpson Above: Marie Wiechee dashes to first base after hitting a possible home run and brings in 2 RBI's Left: Julie Schexnayder returns a ball to pitcher Dorina Amarillas who struck out a Greenway opponent. 232Freshman Softball Hit Big Season Backing this years 1980 Freshman Softball team was the eager- ness and desire to play on the team. Although only nine players can play at one time, the ones that could not play at the time watched and cheered anxiously. Coach of the squad was Ms. Ginger Kurtz. Since this is the first year that Apollo has had Freshman Softball, the girls wanted to win as many games as possible. Freshman Softball Team: Back Row: Miss Kurtz. Stacey Gardner, Linda Warren. Sam Knight. Lon Rich. Lisa Harlow. Paula Collins. Chris Celaya. Cheryl Brooks- manager Front Row; Margaret Territo. Sandy Baker. Carol Golden. Lynne Dugan. Nancy Brewster. Debbie Gnener. Stacey Hasl. Not Pictured; Nancy Wiecher, Donna Garcia. Asst CoachWendy Blair. Scorekceper Kim Milton. Left: Sam Knight anxiously waits for the last hit of the game which will determine the winner Above: Coach Kurtz seriously urges the team on before the last game of the season. 231Varsity Basketball Players Stifle Opponents Vanity Basketball Team: Back. Marta Christian. Suzanne Gerstner, Coach Lopez. Coach Sanchez. Greg Martin. Glenn Flood. Bruce Langenhuizen. Darryl Galbraith. T.J. Gallagher. Pat Sell. Coach McCormick. Cheryl Rivette, Brenda Rtvette Front: Steve Nelson. Kris Nygaard, Ron Kohatsu, Scott Lung. Shawn Blomgren. Dave Nichols. Craig Stone. Opponent We They Chaparral 86 69 Prescott 56 59 Alhambra 64 65 Washington 53 52 Maryvale 88 67 Cortez 79 70 Dysart 83 60 Sunnyslope 62 71 Greenway 76 86 Paradise Valley 75 60 Agua Fria 80 51 Bropy 82 72 Glendale 72 61 Shadow Mountain 47 49 Cortez 70 71 Greenway 65 57 Paradise Valley 73 70 Agua Fria 82 63 Brophy 76 77 Glendale 84 61 Agua Fria —For the 1979-80 Varsity Basketball teams in the State of Arizona, the Skyline Division is, by many considered to be the toughest and most competitive assembly of teams in the state. Then, why were the Apollo Hawks so successful? Precision plays and spirit brought to the team by head Coach Jerry McCormick and the sharp shooting abilities of Darryl Galbraith and Shawn Blomgren, made the team outstanding. Also, contributing to the squads success was the fact that the entire bench had as much talent as the starting five. The Hawks triumphed when they played in the Glendale Community College Christmas Tournament. They made it to the quarterfinals, but bowed out to the eventual winner of the tourney, Sunnyslope. The squad ended this year with a thirteen win and six loss record. Opposite Page: Pat Sell safely holds onto the ball as he watches for an open teammate. Top Left: The team listens carefully to the final play for Coach McCormick. Top Right: Shawn Blomgren hustles by an opponent before making a basket. Left: Ron Kohatsu gave a determined look before scoring a lay up. 23$Junior Varsity Basketball Strive To Reach Success “We are improving each game and practice, and it is an honor coaching such a fine group of young men,” stated David Lopez, the junior varsity basketball coach, during an interview this past mid season. Although the team started slow with three losses, they charged through the remainder of the season with many defensive victories. 236 Junior Varsity Basketball Team: Top Row; Manager • David Flitner, Eric Nelson. Ray Marsh. Tony Elmore. Ken Lindsey. Mike Kleyhaucr. Glen Williams. Kevin Hunter. Coach Lopez. Middle Row; Vernon Fielding, Rlerrc Foulks, Scott Rankin, Brock Hcathcotte. Tony Miranda. Bottom; Suzanne Gcrstner, Brenda Rivette. Maria Kristenson. Cheryl Rivette. Left: Glenn Williams shoots a free shot which was crucial to make to take the lead in the game. Above: Ken Lindsey shoots a lay up while the team follows to cover.Frosh Basketball Shoot Winners The Freshman Blue Team and the Freshman Gold Team both the freshman teams were long and vigorous from beginning to had an even season of wins and losses. The turn out for pre- end. season tryouts and training was a large group. The training for Freshman Gold Team: Back Row; Ken Fitzhugh. Bil! Cornelia. Rick Darby, Bill Bivins. Rick Bunch. Doug Jenkins. Coach Queen. Middle Row; Joe Lacoss. Greg Lung. David Thompson. Alex Lebario. Mark Salerno. Darren Gould. Bottom Row. Suzie Mount joy. John Sanders. Kathy Christian. 237 Freshman Blue Team: Back Row; Mike Dritsas. Gary Fuller, Mark Boston, Jim Archer, Chris BJossington. Jon Voris. Jeff Stuck. Jr. Allen, Front Row; Joe Lacoss- manager. Ramiro Ramos. Louis Montoya. Todd Tipton. Rob Kubisiak, Joel Klandred. Coach Queen. Bottom Row; Kathy Christian. Joey Atkins. Susie Mountjoy.Girls Tennis Swung Into Action Included in this year Girls Tennis Team were two Freshman, Carrie lilies, and Emily Nash, both of girls were rated within the top three positions throughout the season. For freshman to make a Varsity team they had to be extra talented in that sport. The squad, like the boys on their opening match against Washing- ton. This years team was a definite improvement over last years squad. Mrs. Fedock coached this years team to their success. Varsity: Emily Nash. Carrie lilies. Shari Wood. Jeri Young. Lori Anderson. Theresa Zimmerman. 23« Junior Varsity: Back row; Jamie Quinn. Melanie Bigelow. Virginia Acuna. Linda Friend. Treva Voorneveld. Jodi Neighbors. Front row; Beth Compton. Jill Tate. Janine Terry.Boys Tennis Served Opponents Their Best The Boys Tennis Team had more experience this year, therefore the teams record was greatly improved. Many of the players took professional lessons over the off season. The squad won their opening game against Washington with a score of 5-4. Seniors for the team consisted of Mike James and Jeff Diaz. The youngest players of the team was Sophomore. Joe Herrin, who started playing on the Varsity team his Freshman year. The Coach of this years team was Mr. Paul Fedock. Junior Varsity: Standing; Coach Fedock. Jim Milakovrch. Rob Meya. Brett Harward. Mike Brokkc. Damon Bradley. Kneeling; Mark Ehlers, Joby Bedore. Steve Reilly. 239 Varsity: Standing; Coach Fedock. Jeff Bader. Jeff Diax. Kieth Morgon, Kneeling; Mike James. Todd Rankin. Joe Herrin.Gris Track Team: Top Row; Diana Dunkin, Li Piller, Karen White, Whitney Bowman. Susan Crabtree. Patty Shafer. Tracy Thompson. Brenda Harper. Patty Davis. Linda Warren. Second Row; Coach Cindy Zapicn. Karen Pennington. Lori Carpenter. Zsuzsi Sagodi. Juli Schexnayder. Jennifer Inness, Chandra Collins. Samantha Knight. Coach Bill McRcynolds. Third Row; Roberta Churchill. Betty Whallcy, Roslyn Simpson, Vicky Kasallis, Cece Stanek. Nora Coast. Billie Scott. Alice Harlacher. Cathy Ammen. Bottom Row; Linda Reed. Cynthia O’dell. Suzanne Mar. Maria Wheeler. Dorina Garcia. Paula Nichols. Laurie Schaubel. Susan Trtmmier. 240The 1979-80 Girls Track Team started the season off and run- ning with a bang. The team was young with two freshman to every one upper classman. Coach McReynolds and Coach Cyn- thia Zapien stressed individual goals be set in the beginning with attainment at the end. Goals were reached by hard and painful struggles to the top. The whole team benefited throughout the season by showing support and enthusiasm toward fellow team- mates during the competition. Speed, endurance and skill were tested and trained vigorously with weights, distance running, sprints, and plenty of conditioning. Running in the rain to Peoria, hi-knee sprints, and of course, the ever bearable towel drills will be remembered by the entire team. Susan Crabtree and Brenda Harper received a four year letter, and Karen Pennington, Patty Shafer and Tracy Thompson a two year letter. Top Left: Member Vicky Kasallis and Betty Wallcy perform their hand-off during the Gendale meet. Top Right: Julie Schcxnaydcr u es perfect form in practice to insure a win in a meet. Left: Lori Car- penter bounds over the hurdle with determination. Opposite Page: Left; Suzanne Mar and Whitney Bowman spiritly jog a warm up lap. Right; Coach McReynolds advises Susan Crabtree on a running pace. 241Boys Track Jumped Into Action With Wins Boy Track Team: Back Row; Coach Smilh. Coach Bice. Dave Domotor. Steve Meyer . Bob Festin. Kerry Burnett. Tim O'dell. Mark Robbinson. Fred Kuo. Coach Potter. Coach Parrijh. Second Row. Coach Tolby. Jeff Simpson. Dale Cooper. Scott Papa. Jell Anderson. M.ke Pomeroy. Scott Patr.k., Kevin Horne. Ken Wallace Bottom Row; Doug Pingree. Brett Mathew. Vernon Feilding, Bryan Irvin, Kenny Walker. Nell Harris. Eddie Hodge The boys’ track team has probably the largest membership of all the sport teams. To be that large and still prosper, it really takes a lot of group effort and a willingness to succeed. The team was led by head coach Roy Tolby, Emmett Smith, Greg Parrish, and Allan Bice. Hours of daily practicing on the field and track were crucial. Form for running, jumping, and throwing were repeated time and time again so that the team would be in perfect shape for the meets. Weight room workouts were performed mainly by the weightman. but other field and running events used weights be build stamina for winning times and throws. In track, individual ability is brought out and events arc performed solo rather than the ''team” effort found in other sports. Leaving the team this year are Andy Acedo, Ron Goodwin. Kerry Burnett, Fred Kuo, Dale Cooper. Scott Papa. Mike Pomeroy, Scott Patriko. Ken Wallace, Neal Harris, who all played major roles in the season's outcome. The returning participants for 1981 show predictable future accomplishments. Junior Varsity Track Team: Top Row; Luts Salcido. Chris Hale. Dave Flitner. Erie Nelson. Bob Greenfield. Wallie Howard. Charlie Troutman. Bryan Burgosise. Karl Kolwalski. Middle Row; Ron Walker. Danny Adler. Ken Tiger. Brad Davis. Terry Payne. Steve Fowler. Wayne Stark. Eric Murphy. Bottom Row. Matt Hornstan. Shawn Reese. Terry Hughner, Steve Meyers. Ken Chaisson Freshman Track Team Top Row. Jeff Kmaney. Van Darn. Joe Ortir. Dennis Daley. Jim Robinson. Rick Banel. Rick Darby. Middle Row. Chris Gerberry. Dwight Griffith. Sang OH. Bill Moore. John Brogan. Nathan Crowell. Bottom Row; Richard Bale. Mike Siu. Billy Marr. Paul San Marco. Peter Jay Kerry Burnett launches the shot pul for a good measure. Opposite Page. Right Neal Harris runs toward the pit with his pole during a practice Opposite Page Left. Stretching out throughly before a workout is important to Fred Kuo 24 i Girls Basketball Displayed Shooting Skills Varsity Basketball Team: Top Row; Vicki Smith. Hilly Elwood. Lisa Stuck. Karen Benson. Kim Golba. Lori Burton. Linda Tipton. Mr Wilson. Bottom Row; Melonle Hastings. Monica Wilholm. Mary Johnson. Bonnie Brimlcy, Becky Turley. Toby Snyder. Mlssie Brewster, Shauna Greiner.The girls basketball team had a longer season this year, but the outcome was just as interesting as last year. The squad consisted of seven seniors, and some fantastic under classmen. After a long hard tryout, only fifteen gifted girls out of many were chosen. Coach Jim Wilson, leader of the varsity team was very close in keeping track of the girls advancements. He also kept the team well spirited. The junior junior varsity team was equally close as the varsity team. They watched and followed the path of the varsity team to gain the togetherness of a real team. The coach of the j.v. team was Joanna Burton, who directed the girls through a great season. Junior Varisty Basketball Team: Top row; Lori McKinstry, Patty Shudinis, Sheryl Muir, Cathy Keefer. Julie Gallagher, Yolanda Vasquez, Miss Burton. Bottom row; Sally Frey. Sheila Bale, Dawn King. Carol Golden, Sandy Bake. Trish Brimlcy. Julie Plummer. Opposite Page: Left; Linda Tipton and Bonnie Brimley mock a offensive play during a practice. Right: Sheila Bale perfectly drops a free throw into the basket. Left: Becky Turley concentrated on shooting a free throw, while teammates Mclonie Hastings and Vicki Smith arc ready for the rebound. 24SVarsity Baseball Slugged Winning Runs Varsity Baseball Team: Top Row; Mike Dvorak. Scott Flood. Jeff Brown. Glen Flood. Darryl Galbraith. Robert Rios. Frank Gallagher. Doug Richardson. Coach O'Connor. Middle Row. Johnny Martinez. Kevin Kelleher. Chris Zink. Andy Turner. Brad Holmstrom, Mike Castro. Pat Scalf, Matt Bargone, Scott TenBargc. Danny Palacios Bottom Row; The Diamond Dolls - Lori Poor. Teresa Cuellar. Kim Cole. Susan Hampton, Debbie Peeples. Kim Verlodt, Kris Cole. Not Pictured: Esther de los Rios Above: Some of the varsity diamond dolls attentively take the statistics of the game. Right: A ground ball stopped by Jeff Brown slows the action of the play. Opposite Page: Top Left. Andy Turner and Doug Richardson warms up the in- field before an intersquad game. Top Right; Darryl Galbraith pitches a strike to an rival in an important league game. Left; Ben Molina concentrates on keeping his eye on the ball before he gets a hit. Right; Glenn Flood returns the game ball. 246Varsity Baseball excelled again this year after taking third in the state tournament last season. This success was attributed to the efforts of the entire squad mostly returning seniors. Practice began in January, two months before the first game. The boys trained extensively on and off the field. Throughout the spring the team conditioned by running and lifting weights. Coach Chuck O’Connor is a veteran coach at Apollo. Coach O’Connor started coaching at Apollo ten years ago. He is the school’s first and only varsity baseball coach. The captains of the team were Chris Zink, third baseman, and Mike Castro, center fielder. Goals were set, dreams were fulfilled and honor was present at every game. 247J.V. And Frosh Womped With Potential The Junior Varsity Baseball team practiced hard in pre-season play. It was important for this squad to work hard throughout the entire season because the boys would soon have to maintain the outstanding varsity record. Learning new skills and improving the old tactics, such as the play signals, types of pitching, power hitting and the stealing of the bases, will make this team a winning record squad. Coach Alonzo lead the squad through their season. For the Freshman Baseball a new atmosphere at Apollo made the boys more eager to try-out for the Freshman baseball team. The winning records of the other two teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity, was an incentive for the boys. The oncoming years look optimistic for the squad. The boys started new at Apollo but played baseball on various other leagues before entering high school. Coach of the 1980 Freshman team was Coach Marich. Wrtr r Junior Varsity Baseball Team: Top Row; Jim Marino, Chris McMullen. Glenn Williams. Ken Linsey, Bruce Langenhuizen, Mike Kleyhower, Tony Elmore, Ted McIntyre, Coach Alonzo Middle Row; Ben Molina. Don Williams. Dan Amstett, Pierre Foulks, Mike Scarbrough. Joe Lewcndowski. Rick Oshita. Steve Ramirez. Bottom Row; Diamond Dolls - Windy Jacobs. Melodee Brewer. Janet Renkenberger. Freshman Baseball Team; Back Row; Arthur Amparano. Elmer Battcrson. Bill Cornelia. Doug Jenkins. Gary Fuller. Joel Klandrud. Rob Kubisuik. Todd Korey. Coach Marich. Front Row; Tony Andrade. Pat Lopez, Curtis Burton, Greg Lung, Jake Wilhelm. Ethan Brougher, Ken Turcr. Todd Tipton. Louis Montoya. Kevin Gibson.Golf Team Strokes To Perfection The Golf team teed-off the 1980 season led by Coach Glenn Queen. The coach kept the team on their toes in preparation for a wining year. The team was comprised of only two returning seniors. Ken Engstrom and Phil Patten. Most of the team was inexperienced as far as Skyline Division. Practices were held at the BelAir Golf Course. Drills on driving, crucial putting, were worked on strenuously to build the team’s endurance. It was the team effort that brought victories. Golf Team: Back Row; Ken Holem. Todd Howard. Ken Engstrom. Greg Martin. David Green. Jim Garrett. Phil Patten. Front Row. Greg Bove. Todd Garrett. Wade Howard. Gary Bove.Boys Swimming Dives To The Depth Of Divisionals The Boys Swim Team had. like no other squad, the difficult task of swimming in the mid-winter months. Although the water was cold and winds blew swiftly, the boys still had numerous victories. The team did vigorous warm-ups, followed by many laps to build up their endurence. Next, the squad practiced their individual skills, that once were mere goals, that were soon met at meets throughout the season. The coach of the swim team was Mr. Thomas James. Boy Swim Team: Top row. Chip High, Pete Doze man, Frank Patterson, Fred Stanek. Tom Freeman. Middle row; Jo e Quam, Tim O’Neal. Mike Well . Ken Needle. Jim Smith. Scott Rudge Bottom row; Roxanne Dejanovich. Bill Rose. Todd Foy, Ron Comon, Farron Jackson. Above: Frank Patterson comes to the finish of the endurance trials Left: Coach James explains the next stroke to swim during a cold late winter practice. 250Intramural Sports Spark Spirit At AHS If you liked sports but didn’t want to run your legs off on a school team, there were the Intramural Championship Sports. The com- petition was made up of fourth hour classes and other variations with catchy team names. A ladder chart was made to set up the games. It was a process of elimination to find the champion of each sport. The first sport played was co-ed volleyball. There were ten teams listed on the ladder but the last remaining team was "Bateman’s Bums," who won the 1979-80 Intramural Vol- leyball Championships. Mrs. Bateman supported her name sake team by playing, coaching, and just beging there. Runner-up for the competition was Miss Stewart’s Deadliners, (publications staff) with a close record. The next sport was co ed flag football. There weren’t as many teams for this sport, but the excitement and spirit were present at every game. The winners were a combination.ojf Mrs. Barnhill and Mr. Perkins classes. They called themselves t g Perkins 69’ers.ljjnd vere awarded the 1979-80 IntramuraW’foR Pwf!bJall championship. Again. Stewart’s Dead- liners were tdoner-up in this eyGnt. Volleyball Champions: Karen Pennington, Mike Porce. Jeff Brown. Alan McAbee. Mrs Bateman. Rag Football Champions: Back; Brett Bourbeau. Jeff Rigsby. Rick Cimaglta. Frank Chancelor. Sherri Wehmueller. Bottom; Cheryl Young. Tammy Kirkpatrick, Natalie 251252 Competition is cheering, shouting fans. Competition is the height of victory and happiness and the depths of defeat and dispair. Competition is a swarm of cheerleaders screaming at the top of their lungs. Competition is a pre-game prayer asking for strength to play your best and a post-game prayer in thanks for victory or for acceptance of a loss. Competition is gruelling hours of prac- tice, sweat and tears, sore muscles, and self-disciplined pride. Competition is playing third string and fighting your heart out to start the big game. Competition is sitting on the bench and never getting into the big game as your parents and sweetheart look on. Competition is forming friendships with players, coaches, and fans that will last a lifetime. Competition is whaling your oppo- nent in physical contact and receiving the same; and then pulling yourself up by the bootstraps to face combat once again. Compe- tition is pre-game jitters, the preparing of your mind and body to play. Competition is the melting pot in which human beings of all races, colors, and creeds engage in body contact and at the same time erase all prejudices while playing together as individuals in a team effort. Competition is a fight from the very beginning to the end with the will of accomplishments and desire. Competition is guidence of our teams to league, division, and state titles. Compe- tition is the careful training, caring, and watchfulness of the Coaching Staff of Apollo High School. Upper Right: Coach Bice-track. Above: Coach Parrith-toothall. wrestling, track. Above Right: Coach James-swim team. Right: Coach Zaptcn-volleyball. track.253 Upper Left: Coach Sharrah - softball. Upper Right: Coach Dejanovich - football. Coach Queen • football, basketball, golf. Left Center: Coach Keith • volleyball, softball. Above: Coach Hudson ■ football, wrestling. Left: Coach Miller - football. ) f quoti jJbJJMaMl cvn tX Xxwd Job laifoiMC i jjx Jrctxt exL oujbtML. ■.. Jj m otcX- ,, CpKAOiiqK ditat (UtiUU) JujOJn dttm. 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LETICIA ARCE FBLA 4 JUDY ATTERHOLT Spanish Club: 2. 3; Piano Ensemble: 2; Sci- ence Fiction Club: 3; Key Club: 3. 4: NHS: 4; Model UN.: 3. 4; Speech Squad: 4 TOM BARNES Cheer 4 JANE BATES Student Council: 1.2: Treasurer: 3; Cheer: 2. 4. J.V. captain: 3; Softball: 3. 4; Key Club: 3; FBLA: President: 4; Dia- mond Dolls: 1. 2. 3. BONITA BATTY Cheer: 1. 2. DIANE BAUGH Mat Minders: 2 JOHN BECK Golf: 1; Track: 2; Olympus Utopian Contributor: 4; VICA: 4 SAUNDRA BECK-Art Club: 1. 2. 4; FBLA: 3. 4 CHRIS BEISECKER Football: 1; Drama: 1. 2. 3. 4 MARCY BENNETT-Track: 1; Pom: 2; Cheer: 3; Young Life. 1. 2. 3. 4 KAREN BENSON Basketball: 3. 4; DECA: 4 JULIE BISINGER SAA 1; Badminton: 2. 3; Pom Manager: 2; Tennis: 3; DECA: 3. 4; Olympus Contributing Photographer: 4. ANDY BOGNAR Olympus Staff: 4 DEAN BONZANI-Drama: 2; Drama Club: 3. President: 4; Science Fiction Club: 3; Speech Squad: 4. BRIAN BOSAK Football: 1. 2. 3. 4. Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4 KRISTI BRADY Art Club: 1.2.3: Gymnastics: 1; Diamond Dolls: 2; Ski Club: 1. 2. 3; Special Education Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; Drama Club: 1. 2: SAA 1. 2 SONIA BRAVO-Spanish Club: 2. BONNIE BRIMLEY-Goldcn Hawks: 1. 2; Basketball: 3. LINDA BRITAIN-Band: 1. 2. 3. 4. Choir: 1. 2. 3; Vocal Jazz Ensemble: 2. 3; Key Club: 4. NHS: 3. 4. LAUREL BROUGHER Latin Club: 1, Secretary: 2. Vice President: 3; AJCL Secretary: 2; Drama: 1.2; Drama Club: 2; Swim Team: 2; Key Club: 3; Student Council Secretary: 4; Rotary Student of First Semester: 4 JEFF BROWN Baseball: 2. 4 CHARLENE BRUMMER-DECA: 3. 4 CHARLOTTE BRUMMER-FBLA 4. TAMMY BRYANT-Ski Club: 3; Golden Hawks: 3; Speech Squad: 4. Mime Troup: 4; Skinny Dippers: 3. 4; Activities Committee: 4 DORE BRZF.ZINSKI Pop Club: 1. 2; FHA: 1. 2; Band: 1. 2; Track: 1; Drama Club 1; FBLA 2. 4 KAREN BULISSA-Swim Team 2; Pep Club: 2. 3; Key Club: 3, 4; Student Council: Secretary: 4. Treasurer: 3; FBLA: 4. KERRY BURNETT-Football: 3; Track: 1. 2. 3. 4. MITCH BURNETT-Football: 1 MIKE CASTRO Baseball: 3. 4; Key Club: 4 KIM CARY-Band: 4. Speech Squad: 4 MARIANNE CHAIRES Drama 3; FBLA: 4 BOB CHMELKA-Football: 1: Wrestling: 1. 2. 3: Key Club: 3. RICK CIMAGLIA Ski Club: 2. 3; Football: 1. 3; Key Club: 3. 4 KRIS COLE-Track: 2. 3: Student Council: 3. Vice President: 4; DECA: 3; Cheer: 3. Varsity captain: 4; Key Club: 4; Homecoming Queen: 4. CATHERINE COOPER Band: 1. 2. 3. 4; Key Club: 3. 4 DALE COOPER Track: 3. 4; Black Student Union. TERRIE COOVER Olympus Staff: 4. KEN COPIC-French Club: 1. President: 2; Junior Achievement: 2; Key Club: 3. 4. Model U N.: 3. 4; Student Council: 3. 4. NHS: 4 MARY COYNE Drama Club: 1; SAA: 1. 2; Diamond Dolls: 1. 2; Art Club: 1. 2.3; Ski Club: 1, 2, 3; Spegal.EjJucftliqn Jrack 1A 2,3, TERESA CUELLAR Cheer: 3. 4. MIKE DANLEY Art Club: 1; Utopian Staff: 4 KENT DECKER Wrestling: 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball: 1 DON DEM ARIF. Basketball: 1; Football: 1. JEFF DIAZ Tennis: 1. 2. 3. STACY DOMME Swim Team: 3. 4. DIANE EBERSOLD Art Club. Steaks and Lobster Mesquite Broiled Open daily f«»i dinner at 5:00p.m. Sunday at 3:00 pan. Lunch IMIRd Skin.-Kri. 11 iM»;mv2:00 pm. 1940 West Bell ltd. 942-HI20 5939 W. Bothunv Home 939-4677 REALTY EXECUTIVES Good Luck In Your Future Plans.Join Us We’ve Uut A Gvvd Thinc Uoinc THE APULLU BUUSTER CLUBDARRYL GALBRAITH-Basketball: 2. 3. 4; Baseball: 2. 3. 4; Cheer: 4. SHERRY GALL-Track: 1. 2; Diamond Doll: 3; FBLA: 4 FRANK GALLAGHER-Basketball: 1. 2; Baseball: 1. 2. 3; Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Key Club: 3. President: 4; NHS: 3. 4. CARMEN GARCIA-HOC: 3. 4. SHANA GEISS-Track Manager: 1; Mat Minders: 2, 3; Student of the Month: 2. 4. MICHAEL GERSTNER-Track: 3; VICA: 4. STEVEN GIERISH-Baskctball: 1. DENISE GILBERT Mat Minders: 1; Diamond Dolls: 1. 2; Pom: 4; Student Council: 2; FBLA: 3. 4. JULIE GIOVANINI German Club: 2. President: 3: Junior Achieve- ment: 2; Key Club: 3. 4: Student Council: Secretary: 3. President: 4; NHS: Vice President: 4; Rotary Student of Second Semester: 4. MICHAEL GOODSON-Track: 1. 4; Student Council: 4; Cheer: 4 RON GOODWIN-Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 3. 4 SUSAN GOSHERT-Band: 1. 2. 3. 4 DAVID GREEN-Football: 1. 2. 3; Baseball: 1; Cheer: 3. 4. MARY GREENE-Art Club: 3. ERIC GREGORIE-Ski Club: 2. 3; VICA: 4. TAMMY GRIFFIN-Band: 4. DEANNE GRIZZELL-Drama: 1, 2. 3. 4; Guitar Ensemble: Secre- tary: 2. 3. ROBERT HALL-Speech Squad: 1. 2. 3; Model U.N.: 3. 4. ED HALLIBURTON-Track: 3. LISA HAMILTON-Drama Club: 1. 2. 3. 4; Thespian Club: 2. 3; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4. TOM HARMON Spanish Club: 1. 2; Ski Club: 2. 3; Key Club: 4 ANGIE HARPER-Golden Hawks: 2; Track: 3; FBLA: 4 NEAL HARRIS Football: 1. 3; Track: 1. 2. 3. 4 MEL ANY HASTINGS-German Club: 1. 2. 3; Key Club: 3. 4; Stu- dent Council: 2, 4, Treasurer: 3. LEON HAUCK Key Club: 4 JAMES HEI-Tennls: 1. 3. 4; Wrestling: 1. 2; Guitar Club: 2; Model U N 3. 4; Key Club: 4; NHS: 4 HEIDI HERMERATH-Pep Club: 1. 2. 3. 4; Sk. Club: 2. 3; Varsity Football Manager: 4. MARK HESS-Basketball: 1. 2. CHRIS HILL-DECA: 3. 4. DEBBIE HOCKERSFBLA: Treasurer 4 VALERIE HODGES Tennis: 1; Opus II: 2; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4. Student Council: Treasurer 4; Ecology Club: Treasurer: 4. KATRINA HOFFER Track: 1; German Club: 2; FBLA: 4 DENNIS HOLDEN Football: 1; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 1. 2; German Club: 3; Art Club: 1, 2. 3, 4. JAMIE HOLLAND-Art Club; Library Advisory Board BRAD HOLMSTROM Baseball: 1. 2. 3. 4 JIM HOOVER-Football: 1.2. 3. 4; Key Club: 3.4; NHS: Treasurer: 3. 4 KAREN HORNE-Track: 1. 2; Mat Minders: 1. 2. 3. 4; Drama: 1; VICA: 4. DEBRA HOUCHARD Pep Club: 3; FBLA 4 KENT HOWARD Rifle Team: 1. RICK HOWARD Football: 1. KAREN HUNTER Band: 1. 2. 3. President 4 MARK HUTCHINSON Wrestling LESLIE JACKSON Pep Club: 3; VICA: 4 KAREN JENNINGS Student Council: 3 JAMES JOHNSON-Drama: 3. Vice President: 4; Theater Produc tions: 2. 3. 4; Speech Squad: 2. 3. 4; Basketball Manager: 1. 2; Model U N : 3. 4 JENNIFER JOHNSON Ski Club: 1; Diamond Doll: 1. 2; Spring Musical: 3; Pom: 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Court: 1. CHRIS JONES-Football: 1, 2; Wrestling: 2. TAMMY JONESSpanish Club: 2. 3. 4. Key Club: 4; Art Club: 4. Delecious Club: 3. JODY KACURA FHA: 2: Guitar Ensemble: 2. 3; FBLA: 4 HELEN KALAFAT DECA: 4 TIM KARLSRUD Wrestling: 2 MINDY KEIZERSTEIN-Swim Team: 1. 2 SABRINA KELLIS-Student Council: Treasurer: 1, 4. Golden Hawks: 1: Band: 1 HOLLON KINNEY Band: 2. 3. KATHY KLATT Ski Club. LYNETTE KLAWON Cheer: 1. 2. 3. 4; Band: 1. 2; Golden Hawks: 2; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 4; Speech Squad: 4; Mime Troup: 4; Spring Musical: 4. Valentine Sweetheart: 4 272 At Last Something for Nothing. Totally free personal checking • No minimum balance required • No service charges • Plus Check Guarantee card protection D GREAT WESTERN BANK fOlC 'NSufifO 6702 W CAMElBACK RO , PHOENIX. AZ 8S301 (602) 264-7441 EXT 390 GLENDALE «FLORAL S743 Glandal Av«. 931-2416 GOOD LUCK GRADUATES RICHARD ELDER-Ski Club: 1. 2. 3; Drama Club: 1. 2; Football: 1; Swim Team: 1; Wrestling: 2. 4. NJROTC: 3. 4. JERI ELDRIDGE-Cheer: 1. 2. 3. 4: Track: 1. 2. MITCHELL ELLIOTT Baseball: 1. KENNY ENGSTROM Golf: 1. 2. 3. MICHELE EYCLESHYMER-Diving Team: 1; Track: 1; Junior Achievement: 1. 2. 3. President: 4; FBLA: 4. KELLIE FETZER-Mat Minders: 1; Pom Manager: 2; Pom: 3. 4; FBLA: Secretary: 4. GLENN FLOOD Football: 1; Basketball: 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball: 1. 2. 3. 4. RHONDA FOSTER-Junior Achievement: 1. 2. 3. 4; FBLA: 4 ANGIE FRASER-Swim Team: 1; Track: 1, 2; Badminton: 2; Ski Club: 1. 2. 3; FBLA: 4 BECKY GALAS-Cheer: 1. 2: Homecoming Court: 2.MARK KLENNER-Track. LARRY KONKLE-DECA: Vice President: 4 DOLORES KOOPMAN-Pcp Club: 2. Treasurer: 3. President: 4; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 1; Spanish Club: 1. 4; Ski Club: 2, 3; Football Manager: 4; Olympus Contributing Photographer: 4. LIZ KOSTER Track: 2. 3; Key Club: 3. 4. BOB KOSTYK Football: 3. 4; Track: 3; Golf: 4 KRISTIN KRAUSE-Ecology Club: 1; Pom: 2. Co-captain: 3. cap- tain: 4; NHS: 3. 4; Track: 3; Key Club: 4. CLARK KRUEGER-Band: 1. 2. 3. 4: Jazz Ensemble: 1. 2. 3. 4: Regional Band: 2. 3. 4. FRED KUO-Basketball: 1; Tennis: 2; Track: 3. 4; Key Club: 3. SHERRIE LACHMAN-Band: 1. 2. 3; Pep Club: 3; FBLA: 4. BARBARA LAHAIE-Tennis: 1; Track: 1. 2. 3; Softball: 2. 3 SCOTT LAMBERT-Football: 2; Track: 2. LINDA LAMBERTON-Olympus Staff: 4. MARK LANDRETH-NJROTC; Rapelling Club; Drill Team: Rifle Team. MIKE LANNING-Diving Team: 1. 2. 3; Environmental Geology Club: 1. 4; Utopian Staff: 2. 3; Key Club: 3. BETSY LIEBERMAN-Volleyball: 1; Basketball: 3. SCOTT LUNG Football: 1; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball: 1. 2. 4 PATTY MCCORMICK-Tennis: 2. 3; Pep Club: 3; Key Club: 2. 3. Vice President: 4; NHS: 3. 4; Student Council: 4. ROBERT MCCORMICK-Latin Club: 1; Environmental Geology Club: 2. 4; Pep Club: 3; Swim Team: 3. KELLY MCDONALD-Choir: 3; Utopian Staff: 4 JENNIFER MACKENZIE-Spanish Club: 2. 4. President: 3; NHS: 3. 4; Key Club: 3. 4; Art Club: 4. GREG MARTIN-Basketball: 1. 2. 3. 4. JUDY MARTIN-Band: 1. 2. 3. 4; Badminton: 1. 2. 3. 4; Tennis: 2. 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4; FBLA: 4. ROBERT MARTIN-Ski Club: 1. 2. 3; Tennis: 2. 3. 4; Band: 2. 3. 4; Concert Band: 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council: 3. 4; Model U.N. Alternate: 4. MANUEL MARTINEZ-Basketball: 1. 2. SANDY MASTIN-Special Olympics; 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 2. 4; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 3. 4; Softball: 3; Volleyball: 4. STEVE MATOUSEK-Wrestling: 1; Football: 1. 2. 3. 4 KARIE MATSUISHI-SAA: 1; Pep Club: 2. 3. 4; FBLA: 3; NHS: 3. Secretary: 4; Key Club: 3. Secretary: 4; Student Council: 3,4; Latin Club: 4. SHARON MATTINGLY-Guitar: 3. 4. DIANA MAYA-FBLA: 3; Key Club: 4; VICA: 4 STEVE MEISENHEIMER-Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; Ski Club: 2. 3; Key Club: 4. DEBI MILLER Pep Club: 1. Vice President: 2; NJROTC 1. 2. President: 3. Advisor: 4; Environmental Geology Club: 1. 2. Presi- dent: 3. 4; Key Club: 3. 4; Rapelling Club: 4 RAY MILLER Basketball: 1; Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 4; Student Council: 1. 2. 4. Vice President: 3; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 4. ROBERT MILLER-Track: 1; Tennis: 2: Soccer Club: 4 JACKIE MISSIGFBLA: 4. CORY MITCHELL-Latin Club: 2. 3. 4; AJCL: 2. 3. 4; Golden Hawks: 2. 3. 4; Student Council: 3; Key Club: 3. 4; Utopian Staff: 3. 4; Olympus Staff: 3. 4. DAN MOORE-Band: 3. 4; Jazz Band: 3. 4. CAROLINE MORGAN-Chorus: 1. 2. Treasurer: 3. President: 4; OPU II: 3. CLAY MORGAN Track: 1. 2; Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling: 1. 2. 3. 4 KIM NADEL-DECA: 4. CINDY NARLOCH DECA: 4 SHELLY NEIL-Olympus Staff 4; Utopian Staff: 4 BYRON NELSON-Football: 1. 2. 4: Basketball: 1. 2. 3; Baseball: 1; Homecoming Court: 2. TANYA NEWMAN-Spanish Club: 1. 2; Golden Hawks: 1. 2. 3; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 2. MICHELLE NIPPER FHA: 1; Tennis: 1. 2; Pep Club: 1. 2; Key Club: 3; Art Club: 3; DECA: 4 MARK OJANEN-Hiking and Backpacking Club: 4; Track: 4. KIM OLSON-FBLA: 4 SCOTT PAPA C oss Country: 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4. Pep Club: 4 ANN PARKSOlympus Staff: 3; Utopian Staff: 4; DECA: 4 DENNIS PASCALE Track: 4 ROBERT PATAKY-Concert Choir: Treasurer: 4; Guitar: 4. RONNIE PATCHEN NHS: 3. 4; Key Club: 4 You’re the First Graduates of the1980’s. Congratulations. We hope you'll always be First in whatever you do. Be First in your banking for a start. Open your First checking account with us.There is no service charge for Regular Checking if you keep a minimum monthly balance of S200 in your account. Below that, the charge is just $3 per month. No limit on the number of checks written. Custom Checking is just ISC for each check you write, plus a 25c monthly ser- vice fee. Write your first check at The First. We'll be delighted to help you with the first loan, the first mortgage, and your first investment portfolio when the time comes. Wc really want you to be First. »■ miwi •I C E-VIC A ICE TO LEARN ... lo become a future professional to become a responsible adult a variety of skills to be creative to understand while you earn to work with people to express individuality proper financial management to prepare for our future goals VICA TO EXPERIENCE ... reaching outwards toward our goals community involvement group involvement daily challenges life selfesteem new friendships growth of knowledge financial fulfillment leadership qualities Almon. Julie-lTeacher) Apodaca. Charles (Veterinarian) Gerstner. Michael (Engineer) Goniales. Rosemary (Nurse) Gregoire. Eric (Engineer) Henderson. Kimberly (Cosmetology) Hoag. Laura (Oral Surgeon) Horne. Karen (Dental Hygenics) Jackson. Jerri (Cosmetology) Jackson. Leslie (Physical Therapy) Jennings. Karen (Actress) Kelleher. Anne (Physical Therapy) Lynch. Damela (Teacher) Nance. Micheal (Truck Driver) Petten. Phillip (Craftsman) Pettigrew. Tammy Cosmetology) Rael. Carolyn (Engineer) Rinehart. Edward (Minister) Rose. Leonard (Mechanic) Saver. Patricia (Cosmetology) Shaw. Lon (Dental Assistant) Smith. Dave (Helicopter Pilot) Stephens. SherlynJPhysical Therapy) Swartwood. Dana (Nurse) White. Julie (Nurse) Yaeggi. Raymond (Diesel Mechanic) In our deepest thanks to our dear coordinator Michael Yee He has been very generous with his time, patience, and understanding Throughout the year he's shown us how its really going to be out in the working world and even though we don't always show it- We Love You. 274 Your ICE Class of '79 '80PHIL PATTON-Football: 1; Baseball: 1. Golf: 2. 3. 4; VICA: 2. 3. 4. ROBERT PELA-Art Club: 1. 2. 3; Utopian Olympus Photogra- pher: 4. KAREN PENNINGTON-Pep Club: 2. 3; Track: 2. 4; Student Coun- cil: 4; Olympus Staff: 3. 4. CATHY PEREZ Drama Club: 4; Mime Troup: 4 MELISSA PERRY-Speech Squad: 1; Chorus: 2. President: 3; Vocal Music Club: President: 3; Jazz Ensemble: ; Pep Club: 2. 3. JOANA PESKIN Choir: 1; Concert Choir: 3. 4; Chorus: 1. 2. 3; Vocal Jazz Ensemble: 3: DECA: 4. TAMMY PETTIGREW Chorus: 1; Concert Choir: 2; VICA: 4. RICHARD PIERSON-Tennis: 1. Guitar: 2. 4; DECA: 4. MIKE POMEROY-Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; Cross Country: 1. 2. 3. 4; Guitar: 2. 4; DECA: 4. THERESA PONCE-Mat Minders: 1; Art Club: 1. 2. 3: NHS: 4; Key Club 4 MIKE PORCO Wrestling: 1. 2 DAVID PRAZAK Chess Club: 1; Student Council: 2. 3. 4; Basket- ball Manager: 2. 3; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 2. 3; Key Club: 3. 4. GLENN RABINOWITZ-Tennis: 1; Spanish Club: 1. 2. 3; Utopian Staff: 2, 3; Drama Club: 2. 3. 4; Science Fiction Club: 2. 3; Speech Squad: 2. 3. 4; Model U.N.: 3. 4; Thespian Club: 3. 4; Mime Troup: 4; Key Club: 4. JEANNE RARDONDance Club: 4; Art Club: 4; Track: 4; NJROTC: 4 AMY REILLY-Tennis: 1; Track: 2; Badminton: 2. 3; Mat Minders: 2; Cheer: Treasurer: 3. ED RHINEHART VICA: 4 CARI RICHARDS-Latin Club: 1. 2. JOHN RICHARDS Football: 1; Basketball: 1. JEFF RIGSBY Football: 1; NJROTC: 3. 4. Commander: 3; Opera- tion Officer: 4; Rapclling Club: Vice President: 4. CHERYL RIVETTE Student Council 1. 2. Secretary: 3; Skinny Dippers: 3: Key Club: 4; FBLA: 4; Stats for boys Basketball: 4. RENAE ROBINSON-Latin Club: 1. 2. 3; Pep Club: 3; Key Club: 3. 4; DECA 4; Olympus Staff: 4. TERRY ROEBER-Pcp Club: 2; Ski Club: 3; Key Club: 3; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 4. LINDA ROGERS Mat Minders: 1.2. 3. 4; SAA: 1; Pep Club: 2; Art Club: 4 MARK ROGERS Football: 1; Basketball: 1. MELISA ROLLINS-French Club: Secretary: 2. 3: Spanish Club: 3; Latin Club: 3. 4; Young Life: 3. 4; Junior Achievement: Treasurer: 3. 4; Mat Minders: Secrctary Treasurer: 3. 4 KIMBERLY ROSE HOC: 3. 4; Band 1. 2; Drama: 1. 2. 3. LEONARD ROSE VICA: 4; Art Club: 4. VALARIE ROSSMAN Drama Club: 3; FBLA 4 BOB RUNKE Football: 1. PAM SACHARKO-Hlking and Backpacking Club: 2. 3. 4; Student Council: 2. 3; Chorus: 2. 3. JEFF SAGER-Hiking and Backpacking Club: 2. 3, 4; Student Coun- cil: 2, 3; Chorus: 2. 3. JEFF SAGER-Hiking and Backpacking Club: 1. President: 2. 3. 4; Student Council: 2. 3; NHS: 3, 4; Key Club: 3. 4. ADOLF SANMIGUEL Football: 2 KEVIN SAWYER Football: 1. 2 MIKE SCHECKEL Football: 1. 2 BRAD SCHEXNAYDER-Track: 1; Football: 1. 4; Cheer: 3. 4. DIANA SEAMAN-Guitar Ensemble: 2; DECA: 4. JEFFREY SEARS HOC: 4 KIRK SEFTON Football: 2. 3; NJROTC: 2. 3; HOC 3 PATTY SHAFER Softball: 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball: 1; Track: 3. 4; Cross Country: 4. MICHAEL SHORT Basketball: 1. 2; Key Club: 3. 4; Ecology Club 4 DAN SIKORSKI Band: 1. 2. 4; Concert Band: 1. 2. 4; Stage Band: 1; Jazz Band: 1. 2. 4; Solo and Regional Band 2. 4 DAVE SMITH-Wrestling: 1: Swim Team 1. 2. 3; VICA: 4 ROBIN SMITH Band: 1; Drum Major: 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band: 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Band: 1. 2. 3. 4; Regional Band: 3. 4. Band Council: 4. FRED STANEK Football: I. 2. 4. Basketball 1; Track 1; NJROTC 1. 2. 3: Latin Club: 1. 2 CARIE STEELE Track; Ski Club SHERLYN STEPHENS-Pep Club: 1. 2; Tennis: 2; Olympus Staff 3; VICA: 4 275CHAVELL STEVENS-Olympus Staff: 4. DANA SWARTWOOD VICA: 4 SHARON TANZ-Tennis: 1, 2. 3; Drama Club: 1, 2; Utopian Staff: Editor in Chief: 4; DECA: 4. TERESA THUN Pep Club: 3. MARK THOMAS Football: 1; Wrestling: 1. 2. KAREN THURMAN SAA: 1; Tennis: 1; Golden Hawks: 2: Mat Mainders: 2, President: 3; DECA: 3, Officer: 4; Key Club: 4. LINDA TIPTON Volleyball: 1.2. 3. 4; Track: 1. 2; Basketball: 3. 4. JUDY TORRES-FBLA: 4 COLETTE TOTH Choir: 3; Concert Choir: 4; Art Club: 3. Vice President: 4. KATHRYN TRIMMIER Art Club: 3. President: 4; Key Club: 4. JANE TROUTMAN Golden Hawks: 1. 2. KATHY TRUEBLOOD Swim Team: 1. 2. 3. 4; Track: 1. 2: Cheer: 3. BECKY TURLEY Basketball: 3. 4: Volleyball: 4. BILL VANBEEKSki Club: 3. TOM VINCENT NHS: 4; Key Club: 4 DAVE VORIS Basketball; Key Club; Art Club. LINDA WAGNERFBLA: 3; DECA: Treasurer: 4 KENNETH WALKERGolf: 3. CHRIS WELLS-FBLA: 4 DAN WENZEL DECA: 4 ROY WHEELER Baseball: 1. JULIE WHITE Tennis: 2; VICA: 4. SUSAN WILKINSON FBLA: 4. MARK WILLIAMS Baseball: 1. 2. 3; Football: 1; Key Club: 3. GREGG WILSON Football: 1; Wrestling: 1. DENISE WINTERDiamond Dolls: 2; Football Score Keeper: 3. LINDA WOLF-SAA: 1; Pep Club: 1. 3; Spanish Club: 1; Hiking and Backpacking Club: 2. DONNA WRIGHT Track: 1; VICA: 4. DAN ZINDER Football: 1. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling: 1; Track: 1. 2. 3. 4; Key Club: 3. 4; NHS: 3. 4 CHRIS ZINK-Baseball: 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball: 1 ROB ZWICK Track: 1. 2; Pep Club: 2. 3. 264-6363 JIM CHERRY ASSOCIATES □3 6829 N. 12TH STRUT. SUIT! 30. PHOENIX. ARIZONA 83014 276 WHAT NEXT? Congratulations! As a high school graduate, the roads to your future are many. Start off in the right direction by applying early to attend Glendale Community College. Glendale offers Associate of Arts degrees as well as Career Training Programs. So shift yourself into gear by calling the admissions office at 937-2773 for further information.Everything Under the Sun There are shopping centers . . . and then there’s Chris-Town. Where else in the Valley of the Sun can you find 11 theatres ... 28 places to eat... specialty shops thatwill dazzle you with theirchoices of merchandise . . . four of the best known department stores anywhere . . . auto repair centers . . . and fashion stores galore. And we’re so easy to reach. You’ll find it takes less gas to get to Chris-Town . . . from wherever you are! Come see the Lew King Show every Wednesday in the Center Court. Lew features local enter- tainers and celebrities appearing in the Valley. 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. Broadway, Bullocks, Montgomery Ward, JCPenney and 150 exciting stores. Bethany Home Road between 15th and 19th Avenues.West Plaza 6117 N 35th Ave. Not lust A Snorts Store SUNWEAR Hang Ten... whenever you can.Phone: 273 1415 East Side Electric Supply 35 South 40th Street P.O. Box 21066 Come to Bob Meehan for all your musical needs BOB MEEHAN’S MUSIC CENTER Phoenix. Arizona MEMBER BROKER MODERN ERA REALTORS TROT MILLER Broker MLS BUS: 938-6650 332 7 W. PEORIA AVENUE BUS: 866-8627 PHOENI X. ARIZONA 8S029 RES: 866-1578 GOOD LUCK HAWKS 5008 WEST NORTHERN GLENDALE. ARIZONA 85301 934-6475 939-3600 ROBERT J. MEEHAN President '34-5281 UNISEX 925 N. 43rd Avenue «Phoenix 1ATEUR COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL TAPE RECORDERS ourtesy of Mrs Smith Wishes To Thank Apollo High School Guild Camera Shop, Inc. For Making 737 WEST CAMELBACK ROAD PHOENIX. ARIZONA 85013 (602) 264-5808 Thi s An Outstanding Year!ACCORD 6742 W Bethany Home Rd Glendale. Arizona 85303 Bus. (602) 939-9735 Ei«n Rm C4 d i 0 1 ii'‘7' BP lnoep «3 'in» Ov o 4 Oi REDCARP€T■ We Keep In Touch home furnishing 5825 West Glendale Avenue • 937-8314 iomar Like A Good Neighbor, I Am Here To Help Phone: 973-6858 3526 W. Northern Ave.I Thanks much to Julie Bisingcr, Dolores Koopman, Shana Gelss. Dean Van Kirk. Randy Swan singer, and Joe Herrin, for helping me shoot, process, and print the photographs contained herein. Robrt The Olympus Staff would like to thank Mrs. Helen Smith for supplying us with the lunchroom leftovers which we all Inhaled so greedily at deadline time. Thank you Robrt, Karen. Dean. Julie. Dolores, and especially Shana. who chased all over the Valley, for the prints throughout the senior section. Linda, Renae Thank you. Shelly, for all the support and help on the Gubs Organizations section. It wouldn't be complete without a Schnelly.-Suellen Thanks Karen, you made our section something special. And thanks. Jim. for helping me write copy. I really appreciate ItI Carolyn Miss Stewart, thanks for the warning, "anything that can go wrong will!" Best of luck with future yearbooks..Linda Lambcrton The entire Olympus Staff salutes Barbie Bates, for helping raise the bucks needed to pay for this annual. Thanks Barb. Can we use the phone now? Claire Arthur deserves a standing ovation for doing a terrific job designing all the ads. My thanks to the football team, basket- ball team, volleyball team, wrestling squad, softball team. for all their cooperation.-Karen Pennington Thanks to the Bell Telephone Company for in- venting such a very useful device.-Claire. Barbie Thanks to all the clubs and organizations for their cooperation Mr. Hiland.-Shelly Sucl- len Thank you EVERYBODY for making my first and last year at Apollo the absolute best. As a staff you were great and ya'II deserve a hand for pulling it off!-ShellyAbbate, Maria 126 Abt, Tonya 174 Acedo, Amy 37, 39, 174 Acedo, Andrew 23, 25, 90, 94, 119, 208, 209, 210, 213 Acuna, Virgina 63, 66, 124, 126, 238 Adams, Daryle Adams, David 175 Adams, Stephen 126 Adderholt, Judy 73 Adler, Danny 152 Adler, Laurence 73, 126 Adsit, Sandra 126 Baker, Pauline Baker, Randy 174, 216. 229 Baker, Robert 68, 126, 214 Baker, Sandra 174, 233, 245 Bakker, Janet Baldenegro, Dianna 126 Baldenegro, Kristine 174 Bale, Richard 23, 174 Bale, Sheila 152. 217, 245 Balzic, Mary 24, 152 Barbee, Barbee. Barber, Barber. Barclay, Barden. Barker, Barnes, Daniel 174 Laurie 37, 39, 126 Jeffrey 174 Melanie 77, 127 Chad 127 John Karen 22, 174, 225 Bobbie 174 Barnes, Cynthia 127 Aguayo, Esther Barnum, Jon 153 Affeldt, Diane 22, 23, 45, 152, 217 Agulera, Darrell Aio, Clifford 152 Albano. Theresa 174 Alewine, Carolyn 54, 90 Alexander, Micheal 90 Alexander, Robbie 152 Alexander, William 126 Alger, Lisa 36, 37, 71, 152 Barnes., Barnes, Barnett, Barnett, Michael 152 Thomas 90 Donald 90 Tracy 51. 68, 127, 221 Barraza. Barvara Barrette, Robert 74, 127 Barrette, Ronald 174 Barrier, Barrier, James John Bateman, Eric 174 Allec, Cynthia 126, 223 Allen, Donna 174 Allen, Harlan Allen, Jeffrey 126 Allen, Klmberly 174 Allen, Terri 152 Bates, Barbara 59, 127 Bates, Jane 41, 90, 230, 231 Bates, Llnia 153 Batterson, Elmer 175, 248 Balterson, Ronnie 90, 220 Battin, Teal 153 Almanza, Anna 152 Almanza, Christy 126 Almanza, Tommy 152 Almon, Julie 70, 79. 90. 274 Alvarez, Jimmy 174 Amado, Bernie 126 Amarlllas, Dorina 152. 220, 232 Amarlllas, Peggy 90, 230, 231 Ambrose, Douglas 174. 225 Ament, Michael 152 Ammen, Catherine 172. 174. 221 Amos, Colin 152 Amos, Deanna 126 Amos, Karen 174 Ampaan. Margo 152 Amparano, Anita 90 Batty, Bonita 91 Baugh, Darla 153 Baugh, Baster, Baxter, Baxter, Diane 91 Eva Jan 153 Robert 174 Beard, Grady 175 Beasley, Shelley 37, 63, 127 Beachamp, Dan Beck, Amy 127 Beck, James lErIcl Beck, John 79, 91 Beck, Mlchael 127, 228 Beck, Nelson 91, 226, 227 Beck, Saundra 91 Bedia, Michelle 77 Amparano, Christine 174 Amparano, Arthur 174, 216, 248 Crowell, Nathan 176, 229 Duran, Benny 178 Amparano, Susan Amuso, Laurl 152 Amuso. Michael 174 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Donald 65, 68, 126 Edie 174 Anderson, Anderson. , Jeffrey A 126, 222 , Jeffrey S 152 Kelly 78, 126 Laurie 37, 152, 174. 220, 238 Anderson, Madaline 152 Anderson, Nancy 152 Anderson, Victoria 40. 174 Brooks, Dykstra, Duane Andrade, Anthony 174, 248 Andrade, Anonia 126 Andrade, George 126 Andrade. Helen 90, 230, 231 Andrade, John 77, 126 Andrade, Patty 174 Andrade, Rosle 126 Andrewson, Erlc 126 Andrlck, Jackle 152 Andrus, Llnda 126 Ansorge, Jeri 174 Anstett, Daniel 152, 248 Apodaca, Charles 79, 90274 Apodaca, Donald 152 Apodaca, Yvette 45, 152 Aquayo, Esther 152 Arbuckle, Stpehen 90, 208, 209, 210 Arce, Letticla 90 Arce, Manuel 174 Arce, Maria 152 Archer. Jlm 174, 237 Arenivaz, Lorenzo Armbrecht, Tricia 174 Arnold. Gary Aros, Steve 126 Arthure, Claire 126 Asperiria, Frank Atchley, Tracy 126 Atkins, Joseph 174, 237 Atkins, William 126 Atterholt. Judy 90 Aughlbaugh, John 174 Aughlbaugh, Matt 126, 208, 210 Austin, Bruce Ayars, Marci 162, 220 Ayres, Jgade Ayers, William 174 Bachman, Jeffrey 90 Back, Robert 152 Backer, Robert 152 Bader, John 126, 239 Baeza, Sandra 152 Bedore, Charles 65, 153, 234 Beecher, Terri 153 Beeker, Jimmy 153 Beeket, Ruth 91 Beerman, Sandra 41, 127 Beery, Deborah Beery, John 153 Behm. Chris Beler, Mark 127 Beights, Gary Belsecker, Christopher 91 Belken, Rhonda 153, 220 Bell, Roger 127 Bellltter, Connie 75, 153 Bellitter, Debra 127, 210 Belt, Vicki 127, 217 Bend, Kimberly 175 Bender, Kevin 169, 175 Benfleld, Robbyn Bennett, Jennlfer 153 Bennett, Marci 91 Bennett, William 153 Benson, Karen 64. 91, 244 Benthimer, Dean 40 Beraldo, Frank Berg, Michael 175 Berg, Richard 62, 153 Berger, Alicia 21, 153 Bergner, Christine 69, 153 Bergner, Michael 91 Bergsten, Daniel Bergsten, Karen 153 Bern, Robin 40, 127 Berrett, Jolynne 37, 39, 127 Berry, David 153 Bertling, Darren Best, Maureen 153 Betzer, Tammy 127 Bevllle, Stephenie 37, 175 Bickford, Sheri 175 Bochicchio, Lisa 153 Bodisher, Frank 153 Boels, Steven 175 Bognar, Andrew 55, 92 Bohrer, Linden 153 Boldin, Jim 74 Bolden, Steve 175 Bolejack, Douglas 92 Bollinger. Debby 175 Bolten, Maureen 127 Bomar, Nikki Bombaci, Joseph 153 Bond, James 175 Bonds, John Bonds, Vickl 153 Bonilla, Richard Bonora, Steven 175 Bonzani, Dean 29, 41, 72, 92 Bonzanl, Maryann 128 Booth, Thomas 92 Born, Brad Born, Valarie 128 Bortz, Barry 92 Bortz, Brian 154 Bosak, Brian 80, 92, 208, 209, 210, 211 Bosak, Davld 128, 210 Bosak, John 175, 237 Bose, Cynthia 154 Boston, Mark 175, 237 Boucher, Mark 37, 154 Boughner. James Bourbeau, Brett 251 Bove, Gary 175 Bove, Gregory 175 Bove, Jeffrey 92 Bowe, Sherry 128 Bowman, Whltney Boyd, Janice Boyum, Daryl Bradley, Bamon 154, 234 Bradley, Jeanne 92 Brady, Kristi 92 Bragg, Sabrina 128 Bragone, Matthew 92 Brakeblll, Pamela 92 Brakeblll, Steve 175, 225 Brandt, Kathy 77 Branson, Christopher 154 Brant, Jamie 128 Bravo, Sonia 92 Bray, Jill 92 Bredin, Kim 154 Brewer, Melodee 36, 37, 154, 248 Brewster, Melissa 42, 128, 230, 244 Brewster, Nancy 46, 175, 233 Brldenbaugh, Stephen Brtmley, Bonnie 92, 244, 245 Brtmley, Patricia 154, 217, 245 Brink, Thomas 128 Britain, Linda 27, 93 Broach, Michelle 93 Broach, Nancy 175 Brodisher, Frank 128 Brogan, John 175, 216 Butterworth, Lorrle 176 Bykerk. Ronald Cagle, Shannon 129 Cales, Charels 154 Callan, Robert 154 Calvin, Tamara 154, 221 Campagna, Linda 176 Campbell, Brent 93 Campbell, Denise 129 Campbell, Kellene 36, 37, 154 Campbell, Sandra Campbell, Tina Campion, Thomas Canady, Marcia 154 Canning, Lynne 176 Canning, Robert Capron, Timothy 154 Cardenas. Alfonso 176 Carliss, Lisa 154 Carlson, Benjamin 154 Carlson, Gina 154 Carpena, Henry 176 Carpenter, Glen 176 Carpenter, Lori 37. 154. 221. 232 Carrillo, Daniel 129 Carrillo, Jeffrey 77, 94 Carrizoza, Ray 154 Carroll, Kimberly 154 Carroll, Nicholas 176, 216, 229 Carrouthers, Mary 129 Carruthers, Bret 129, 222 Carter, Danny Carter, Joe Carter, Rene 154 Cary, Kim 37, 78, 129 Casey, Karen 176 Cassner, Brian 129 Cassner, Janette 94 Castaneda, Gary 176 Castaneda, Juan 37, 39, 129 Castillo, Frank 154 Castillo, Joe 129 Castro, George 176, 229 Castro, Michael 22, 94, 246 Cataldo, Vickl 94 Catchings, Nona 129 Catchings, Thomas 22, 23, 94 Cater, Charles 37, 154 Cea, Phillip 176, 216 Celaya, Christine 176, 233 Celia, Kenny 154 Cello, Robert 176 Cesarano, Jan 154 Chagolla, Antonio 94 Chagolla, Betty 176 Chalres, Debble 129 Chaires, Marianne 94 Chaisson, Kenny 129 Broltlte, Michael 37, 39, 175, 225, 239 Brooks, Brenda 128 Brooks. Cheryl 175, 233 Michael 128 Brooks, Monte 175 Brougher, Ethan 175. 248 Brougher, Laurel 52, 93 Brown, Cralg 154 Brown, Fonda 37, 128 Brown, Jeanine 128 Brown, Jeff 93, 246, 251 Brown, Ken Brown, Randy 128 Brown, Tammy 128 Brown, Tina 128 Bruce, Lelie Bruder, Stephanie 175 Chancellor, Natalie 48, 129, 25 Chandler, Colleen 41, 72, 176 Chandler, Jeffrey 129 Channon , Karl 154 Channon, Kenneth Chapman, Debbie 129 Chapell, Shaun 176 Charies, Debbie 31 Bidwell, Donna 153 Bigelow, Christy 153. 175 Bigelow, Melanie 127. 217, 238 Bigelow. Nick 175 Blgwarle, Shannon 172, 175, 220 Balley, Stephen 174 Baker, Carolyn 40. 174 Baker, Dan 174 282 Birch, Brian 68 Birch, Daniel 37, 70, 91 Birch, Joel 41, 175 Blrdsell, Michael 175 Bislnger, Julie 64, 91 Blsinger. Robert 127 Blssey. Grant 175. 216 Bltteker, Mark 153 Blvins, Bill 237 Blvins, Michael 175 Blvins, Riley 153 Bix, Mike Bix, Troy 127 Black, Robert 128 Blackwell, William 128, 214 Blessington, Christopher 175. 216, 237 Blessington, Maryjane 128 Blessington, Robin 128 Blomgren, Cindy 153 Blomgren, Donald 91, 234, 235 Blythe, Karla 153 Blythe, Tim 92 Bo, Cindy 37 Brudeseth, Sharon 129 Brummer, Charlene 64, 93 Brummer, Charlotte 93 Bryan, Debble Bryan, Tammy Bryant, Morgan Bryant. Tammy 93 Bryant, Timothy Brzezinski, Barbe 154 Brzezinskl, Dore 93 Buck, Beth Buedel, Brenda 40, 129 Buford, Marianne Buhr, Todd 129 Bullisa, Karen 84, 93 Bullssa, Mark 68, 129 Buch, Rick 175, 237 Buncker. Donald 66 Chavers, Karen 154 Chavez, Flora 130 Chavez, Leticla 176 Chesebrough, Karen 46, 176 Cheyne, John 130 Chllle, Susan 51, 66, 130 Chipley, Robert 130 Chmelka, Robert 94 Christian, Kathy 176, 214 Christian, Maria 154, 214, 234 Chung, Mikyung 94 Churchill, Roberta 176 Clmaglia, Dawn 176 Clmaglia, Richard 94, 251 Clocca, David 130 Clocca, Susan 40, 176 Cisneroz, Michael 94 Clanln, Michael 130 Clark, Kenneth Clark, Kevin 130 Clark, Leonard Clark, Steven 175, 229 Clayton, Cheryl Clayton, Rebecca 130 Clayton, Robert 94 Cleland, Lisa 95 Clewley, Jeffrey Burchett, Billy 77, 175 Burchfield. Brian 154 Burgoz. Bryan 154 Burnett , Kerry 93 Burnett, Mithell 93 Burnett, Tammie Burrell. Georganne 176 Burris, Amy 176 Burris, Brent Burrus, Christine 129 Burt, Brlan 176 Burton, Curtis 176, 216, 248 Burton, Jerry 93 Burton, Lori 37, 129, 244 Burton, Stephanie 46, 176 Bushey, Edward 93 Clewlwy, Jennifer Clute, Craig 130 Coakley, Lisa 130 Coast. Nora 154 Coates, Michelle 40 Cochrane, Terri Cochrane, Kathleen 40 Coe, Stacey 151, 154 Coffey, Eric 176 Coffey. Michelle 229 Coffin, Mark Cole. Klmberly 130, 246 Cole, Krlstlne 22, 23, 42, 52, 70, 84, 95, 119, 246 Bustamante. Cindy 93 Butcher, Klmberly 176, 225 Butler, Ralph 176 Collins. Collins, Collins, Chandra 176 Donald 95 Janice 42, 154 Collins. John Collins, Lori 48, 130, 217 Colllns, Paula 176, 233 1 Collins, Scott 154 Colwell, Sherri 77 Comella, Nicholas Comella, William 176, 216, 237, 248 Comon, Ronald 130, 250 Compton, Elizabeth 130, 238 Cone, Leann 176 Conley, Stacy Connaughton, Ann 130 Connaughton, Thomas 176 Connelly, Deborah 176 Connelly, Mike 154 Conner, Shawn 176 Conroy, Jeffrey 154 Consolo, Gregg 177 Consolo. Lorl 154 Converse, Ellen 130 Converse, Russel 130 Converse, Steve 177 Convery, Davld 130 Dejanovich, Rochelle 178 Deianovich, Roxanne 155, 250 Dejarnett, Kent 155 Dekeuklaere, Scott J Delakowitz, Angela 96 Delaney, Thomas 77 Delosrlos, Esther 48, 131. 246 Delozier, Larry 155 Demarco, Louis 178 Demarie, Donald 96 Denham, Vincent Denton, Jerry 96 Denton, Patrick Denton, Robin 68, 155 Dern, Maxwell Deruiter, Danlel 131 Devine, John 64 Devitt, Keith 77 Devore. Renee 155 Conway, Jullann 21, 29, 130 Conway, Michael 154 Coombs, Brent 131 Cooper, Catherine 95 Cooper, Curtis 95 Cooper, Dale 95 Cooper, Katherine 37, 154 Cooper, Lelsa 177 Cooper, Lynette 154 Dewane, Debra 132 Dhooghe, David Diaz, Antionlo Dlaz, Jeff 239 Diaz, Kevin 31, 40, 132 Diaz, Manuel Dice. Dejah Dldomenlck, Ronald 96 Dies. Craig 155 Dles, Rhonda 96 Digllto, Ann 36. 37, 155 Coover, Terri 95 Copic, Kenneth 73. 84, 95 Coplc, Kirk 131 Coplc, Randal 154 Coppes, Cathie 177 Corbett, Paula 46, 177 Cornforth, Debbie 67, 131 Costa, Corinne Costa, Eric 177 Counts, Christine 177, 220 Counts, Laura Counts, Mark 131 Cowan, James 131 Cowley, Mark 154 Coyle, Terri 132 Dtllaber, Dlttrlch, Whitney 132 Edna 96 Dobbs, Jude 178 Doeden. Doeden, Doman, Domke, Domme. Domme, Domme, Brlan 68. 132 Gregg 96 Craig 178 Todd 178 Cindy 178 Sherri 178, 221 Stacy 95, 96, 221 Domotor, David 132 210 Donahoo, Tammie Coyne, Mary 33, 95 Crabtree, Glenn 154, 214 Crabtree, Susan 95, 221, 230, 231 Craig, Guy 131 Cramer, Lisa 131 Cranfield, Holly 176 Cranfield, Paula 154 Crann, Judith 154 Crann, Kathleen 95 Crann, Nancy 176 Crawford, Clndy 131 Crawford, Jeffrey 95 Crawford, Maryallce 95 Crawford. Shelly 155 Crimp, Betty 95 Cropper, Davld 124, 131. 210, 228 Crowell, Nolan 131 Crowley, Glenn 132 Crownover, Stephen 95 Crusan, Brent 96, 226, 227 Cruthers, Bret 70 Cruz, Gracie Cuellar, Theresa 42, 96, 246 Cunningham, Alexa 177 Curley. Connie 177, 225 Curley, Edward 155, 228 Curtain, Tammy 40 Curtls, Lucinda 177, 214 Daggett, Angela Daggett, Annette Dahl, Davld Dale, Sthephanie 131 Daly, Dennis 177, 216 Dam, Van Dammann, Gall 37, 155 Dana, Nicholas 177 Daniels, Tim 225 Danielson, Hallie 177 Danely, Mikal 55, 96, 121 Darby, Rlchard 237 Darilek, Devin 155 Daugherty, Klmberly 155 Davanzo, Eddie 155 Davenport, Kappl 131 Davidson, Gregory 131, 228 Davllla, Terry 177 Davls, Angel 177 Davls, Brad 62, 155 Davis, Jerry 177 Davis, Kim 62, 150, 155 Davls, Laurle 177 Davis, Patricia 177 Davis, Paul 177, 216 Davis, Shari 131 Davis, Wesley 177 Day, Allen 132 Day. Kelly 177 Dayton, Jeffrey 131 Dayton, John 54, 78, 155 Deane, Jacqueline Decker, James 177 Decker, Kent 96, 225 Declue, Wllllam Deeb, Ann 177 Degard, Davld 155 Degensteln, Trent 96 Donovan, Kimberley 155 Dorsett, Cheryl 155 Cnwney, Joseph Cownlng, Garry 178 Downing, Stephanie 132 Dozeman, Anne 178 Dozeman, Peter 155, 250 Dragonetti, Darlene 155 Drane, Stacey 69, 155 Drescher, Zane 132 Dritasas. Michael 178, 237 Driver, Jerry 178 Drushel, Donald 178 Dugan, Lynne 178, 220, 233 Duncan. Matthew 132, 228 Duncan, Steve 155 Dunkin. Diana 132 Dunlap. Daniel 178 Dunlap, Jennifer 132 Dunlap, Julie 152 Dunlap, Kathie 97 Duran, Nancy 178 Dutton, Steve Dutton, William Duty. Jimmy Duvall, Cheryl 132 Duvall, Laura 178 Duwtrak, Natalla 132 Dvorak, Daniel Dvorak, Mlchael 246 Dykstra, David Dykstra, Dynarskl Randell 132 , Joseph 178 Earle, John 178 Earle, Margaret 65, 155 Eastburn, James 76, 132 Eberle, Jeff 155 Ebersold, Diane 97 Echerlvel. Armondo 178, 229 Eckhout, Davld 178 Eckhout, Jennifer 64, 97 Edwards, Cynthia 155 Edwards. Dorlnda 132 Egler, Darryl 97 Ehlers. Mark 65, 155, 239 Elder, Richard 97 Eldridge, Jerl 42, 97 Eliason, Sharron 155 Elllot, Melanle 132, 221, 230 Elliot, Mitchell 97 Elmore, Anthony 214. 236, 248 Elwood, Holly 155, 244 Emerson, Dawn 46, 178 Emerson, Mlstl 132 Ener, Emily 37. 155 Engel, Lonnie 155 Enger, Patty Enger, Robert 178, 216 Engst, Robert 132 Engstrom, Kenneth 97 Epp. Jo 37, 62, 155 Esancy, Michelle 124. 132 Espinoza. Art 97 Espinoza. Ernest 97 Espinoza, Renee 178 Espinoza, Rey 132 Espinoza, Richard Espinoza, Rueben 132 Espinoza, Susie 52, 150, 155 Esposito, Kenneth 97 Kudreyko, Sandra 136 Esslg, Jerry 155 Estep, Donna 155 Estes, Dawn 155 Estrada, Mario 178 Eubank, Henry 155 Evens, Brenda Evans, Deanne 124, 125, 132, 52 Evans, Linda 132 Evenson, Jeffrey 178 Eycleshymer, Michele 97 Eyman, Kenneth 77, 155 Fagan, Timothy 178 Fain, Mike 155 Falbo, Lisa 155, 232 Farkas, Denise Farrar, Douglas 132 Fasuga, Leonard Faust, Deborah Faust, Scott Felix, Dan 155 Fellner, Amy 155 Fellner, James Femyer, Russell 155 Fenner, Eileen 97 Fenner, Larry 125, 132, 214, 215, 225 Ferchaud, Cynthia 178 Ferchaud, Michael 97 Fernandez, Richard 155 Femandez, Samuel 178, 216 Ferrari, Christine 41, 178 Ferullo, Dean 155 Festin, Glen 132 Festin, Sally 150, 156 Fetzer, Kellie 48, 97 Fielding, Vernon 156, 214, 236 Filippazzo, Keith 132 Filippazza, Timothy 37, 39, 156, 228 Finch, Paul 132, 209, 210 Finn, W.R. 178, 229 Finstad, Derk 156 Fiori, Patricia 46, 178 Fischer, David 178 Fischer, Duane 64, 97 Fischer, Edward 72 Fischer, Lucinda 132 Fisher, Dana 178 Fisher, Juanita 156 Fisher, Rickey 74, 156 Fisher, Vickey 74, 156 Fite, Remi 132 Fitzhugh, Kenneth 178, 216, 237 Flath, Greg 156 Flittner, David 156, 236 Flood, Glenn 97, 234, 246 Flood, Scott 156, 246 Flores, Connie 178 Flores, Debra Flores, Marcelina Flores, Pearl 156, 232 Florez, Sylvia 178 Flowers, Lynne 156, 221 Foard, Robert 132 Fogarty, Jacquelyn 132 Fogo, William 178 Fogoros, Robert Foldenauer, Tina Fortner, Bruce 156 Foster, David 178 Foster, Donald 156 Foster, Rhonda 98 Foster, Sandra 156 Foulks, Pierre 156, 214, 236, 248 Fowler, Stephen 156 Foy, Todd 80, 84, 98, 250 Fraln, Thomas 156 Frank, Deborah 156 Fraser, Angie 98 Fraser, Jeff 132, 214 Frederick, Lisa 156 Freeman, Alecia 64, 98 Freeman, Don 98 Freeman, Thomas 132, 250 Freeth, Lisa 178 Freiwald, Douglas 156, 214 Fey, Kirk 98 Frey, Sallie 178 Friend, Linda 238 Frisoni, Julie 156 Froelich, Bryan 37, 156 Froelich, Leann 37, 133 Fuentes, Allred Fukunaga, Corol 133, 156 Fukuzumi, Yayoi Fulcher, Lisa Fuller, Gary 178, 216, 137, 248 Fuller, Katherine 133 Furr, Michael 37, 133 Gabel, Doug Gadberry, Larry Gagnon, Celeste 178 Gagnon, Justine 133 Gagnon, Tim Gaither, Chris 98 Gaither, Dennis 157 Galas, Becky 99 Galbraith, Darryl 98, 234, 235, 246 Gall, Sherry Gallagher, Frank 70, 98, 208, 209, 210, 213, 246 Gallagher, Julie 157, 245 Gallagher, Kevin 40, 157 Gallagher, Timothy 133, 208, 210, 234 Gallen, John 98 Gallen, Mary 133 Gallia. Todd 98 Gallino, Angela 157 Galloway, Dennis 157 Galloway, Valerie 178, 217 Galpin, Jean 133 Gamhoa, David 133 Gamhoa, Patricia 157 Garcia, Carmen 98 Garcia, Diana Garcia, Dorina 46, 178, 233 Garcia, Gloria 51, 178 Garcia, Natalia Garcia, Sandra 51, 133 Garcia, Troy 178 Gardner, Stacey 178, 233 Gardner, William 157, 228 Garland, Tana 157 Garrett, Chip 98 Garrett, James Garrett, Jared 178 Garza, Charlie 98 Gatica, Luciano 157 Gay, John 76, 157 Geach, Pat 157 Gehrman, Paula 157 Gehrman, William 133 Gelss, Shana 98 Gelss, Sheri 133 George, Brent 37, 157 Geotz, Bart 224 Geraci, Daryl 133 Gerberry, Chris 178, 224 Gerboth, Deborah 157 Gerlach, Lisa Gerst, Janet 68, 133 Gerstner, Michael 99, 274 Gerstner, Suzanne 157, 214, 234, 236 Geshell, Dale 99 Geshell, Douglas 157 Gessel. Todd 157 Gessner, Gayle 133, 334 Gholson, Ken 178 Gibson, John 133 Gibson, Kevin 248 Giddens, Bruce 157 Giebner, Danny 157 Gierish, Julie 178 Gierish, Steven 99 Gilbert, Denise 48, 99 Gillespie, Dave Gilsdorf, Kenneth 178 Glnis, Robby 133 Giordano, Joanne 133 Giovanini, Bethann 157 Giovanini, Julie 22, 23, 52, 80, 84, 99, 107 Gipson, Phil 157 Girgenti, Mike Girone, Cherylann 157 Giroux, Russell Gismondi, Matthew 68, 133 Glasmann, Sally 133 Glosser, John 99 Glowacki, Jane 99 Gobeli, Brenda 157 Goetz, Bart 157 Gohel, Sanjay 178 Golba, Kim 133, 244, 217, 232 Gold, Brian 178, 216 Goldberg, Trisha 133 Golden, Carol 37, 39, 245, 178, 233 Golden, James 76, 157 Goldsmith, Mark 99 Gollihar, David 99 Gomez, Basilio 157 Gomolski, Dawn 157 Gomolski, Warren 99 Gonshak, Larry 99 Gonzales, Pedro 157 Gonzales, Rita 178 Gonzales, Rosemary 274 Gonzales, Sylvia 178 Gonzalez, Juanita Gonzalez, Fabian 178 Gonzalo, Jacqueline 157 Goodall, Richard 178 Goodfellow, David 178 Goodgar. Anne 157 Goodman, John 98 Goodman, Michael 179 Goodman, Michelle 51 Goodman, Sandra 158 Goodson, Michael 84, 99 Goodwin, Ronald 99, 208, 210 Goshert, Susan 37, 100 Gould, Darrin 179, 237 Gould, Scott 158 Gouso, Alferd 37, 179 Graber, Neil 100 Graham, Holly Graham, Steve 158 Gram, Ann 158 Granado, Anna 179 Granado, Frances 158 Granado, Joe 37, 39, 158 Granado, Mike 100 Granada, Virginia 179 Grant, Donnie 77 Grantham, Christopher 133 Grantham, Jahnathon Grattino, Susan 76, 150, 158, 221 Gray, Ann 77 Gray, Mary 179 Greco, Rita 152 Green, Cheryl 179 Green, David 100 Green, Denise 158 Green, James Green, Joseph 133 Green, Robert 100 Green, Roy 133 Green, Terry 158 Greene, Mary 100 Greene, Michael 158 Greenfield, Robert 124, 133 Greenlee, Mark Gregoire, Eric 79, 100, 274 Gregory, Ginger 133 Greiner, Debbie 179, 233 Greiner, Shauna 21, 133, 244, 230, 217, 220 Grene, Janice 158 Griffin, Tammy 37, 72, 100 Griffin, Terri 133 Griffith, Sheryl 41, 179 Griffiths, Daryl 133 Griffiths, Dwight Griggs, Richard 179 Grigsby, Timothy Grim, Kimberly Grimmer, Dawn 179 Grizzell, Deanne 100 Gruhn, Robert 100 Guderian, Lance 100 Gurra, Martin 158 Guevara, Cecilia 133 Gunderson, James 158, 224 Guss, Stephen 133 Guth, Phyllis 100 Guth, Stacey 158 Guthrie, Kari 133 Guthrie, Kevin 133, 224 Guthrie, Tyler 72, 179 Gutierrez, Angelina Gutterrez, Benny 133 Gutierrez, Larry 158 Gurierrez, Ronnie Guzzie, Peter 100 Hagen, Dean 134 Haines, Mary 150, 158 Hale, Christopher 158, 214, 215 Hall, Deborah 134 Hall, Jay 40, 179 Hall, Paula 134 Hall, Robert 73, 100 Haliburton, Edward 100 Haliburton, Jacqueline 51, 158 Halstrom, Stephanie 46, 179 Halstensgaro, Tanya 68, 134 Hamblin, David 55, 158 Hamilton, Julee 134 Hammer, Lynn 158 Hammett, Jeff 179 Hampton, Donald Hampton, Jerry Hampton, Susan 134, 246 Hancock, Jani 158 Hankins, Marsha 179 Hardesty, Lisa 134 Hargrave, Mark Hargrave, Tammy Harker, Jacqueline 100 Harker, Richard 179, 225 Harlacher, Alice 179 Harlow, Lisa 179, 233 Harlow, Wanda 179 Harmon, Tommy 101 Harnagel, Shelly 179 Harper, Angela 24, 47, 101 Harper, Brenda 101, 230 Harper, Cindy 158 Harper, James 134 Harris, David 158 Harris, Mark 179 Harris, Neal 101 Harris, Phillip 134 Harris, Richard 179 Harris. Robin 179 Hart, Kelly 64, 134 Hartwig, Layne Harvey, Joyce 72, 134 Harward, Brett 134, 234 Harward, Staci 179 Hasl, Stacey 179, 220, 233 Hastings, Deena 179 Hastings, Melany 84, 101, 244 Hattendorf, Jane Hattendorf, Sue Hauck, Doris 37, 179 Hauck, Leon 101, Havely, Joseph 134 Hayden, Kelly 134 Hayes, Elizabeth 77, 158 Healy, John 158 Heathcotte, Brandy 134, 226 Heathcotte, Brock 158, 214, 215, 236 Heber, Charlene 158 Heffelfinger, Kathy 46, 179 Hei, James 70, 73, 101 Hein, Michael Heivilin, Suzan 101 Heiser, Janice 179 Heller, Sandra 134 Henderson, Crystal 134 Henderson, Kimberly 79, 101, 274 Henderson, Rhonda 179 Henderson, Scott 134 Henderson, Thomas 179 Hendley, Karen 179 Henke, Greg 101 Henley, Todd Henry, Crystal 159 Henry, Jacqueline 23, 179 Henry, Scott Hensler, Lisa 159 Hensler, Sandra 101 Hentz, Joseph 65, 159 Hermanson, Sherry 134 Hermerath, Heidi 75, 210 Hernandez, Cesar 134, 214 Hernandez, Frank 135 Hernandez, Jose 158 Hernandez, Richard 159 Hernandez, Tony Herrin, Joe 159, 234 Hersrud, Russell 135 Herzog, Robert 159 Herzog, Victor 159 Hess, Kurt 159 Hess, Mark 101 Hess, Maryann 135 Heyn, Lisa 37, 159 Hickman, Daivd 179, 224 High, Richard 250 Hildebrand, Lori 179 Hill, Christopher 64, 101 Himmes, Thomas 159 Himmes, James 135 Hinsberger, Thomsa 159 Hinson, Becky 159 Hinson, Stacy 179 Hinz, Donna 172, 179, 223 Hirschi, Glenna 135 Hish, Richard 179 Hoag, Laura 79, 84, 101, 274 Hobson, JonfScott 159 Hochwender, Carla 159 Hockers, Cindy 159 Hockers, Debra 101 Hockmanier, Tab 135 Hodges, Eddie 179 Hodges, Valerie 65, 70, 80, 84, 102 Hodgson, Steve Hodgson, Susan Hoffer, Katrina 102 Hoffman, Paul 135 Holden, Dennis 67, 102 Holem, Kenneth 37, 65, 159 Holland, Jamie 102 Holland, Terry 37, 159 Holler, Lisa 179, 225 Holloway, Steve 135 Holstrom, Bradley 102, 246 Holt, Mike 179 Honey, Karen 179 Honey, Sondra 135 Hooper. Mary 154 Hoover, James 70, 80, 102, 208, 211 Honeycut, Lisa 179 Hopkins, Dennis Hopkins, Terri Hopkins, Tracey 102 Hopper, Donald 135, 214. 228 Hoppmann, Deanna 159 Hoppmann, Mickey Horne, Karen 51, 79, 102, 274 Ingalls, Richard lnness. Jennifer 159 lott, Michelle 179 lrvin, Bryan 159. 214 Jackso n, Cathleen 159 Jackson, Farron 36, 160, 250 Jackson, Jerri 79, 274 Jackson, Leslie 79, 102, 274 Jackson, Richard A 160 Jackson, Richard L Jackson, Tim 77, 179 Jacobs, Guy 102 Jacobs, Wendy 36, 37, 160, 248 James, Brenda 36, 37, 160 iames. James, Greg 160 Michael 135, 239 Janisch, Judy 160 Jarman, Cathy 103 Jamigin. Cathy 103 Jay, Peter 179, 216 Jenkins, Douglas 179, 216, 237, 248 Jennings, Danny 135 Jennings, Edward 160 Jennings, Kelly 160 Jennings, Karen 79, 103, 274 Jeppesen, David 179, 216 Jerome, Sharon 51, 160 Jimenez, Karl Johns, Johns, Daryl 160 Randell 135 Johnson, Chris 103 Johnson, James 29, 31, 41, 81, 103 Johnson, Jennifer 48. 94. 103 Johnson, Mary 135, 232, 244 Johnson, Robert 160, 179 Johnson, Susan 135 Johnson, Vicki 45, 160 Johnston, David 160 Johnston, PrestonfTod 179 Jonas, Mike 103 Jones, Christopher 103 Jones, Chris 135 Jones, Darby 46, 179 Jones, Kris 37, 39 Jones, Michelle 103 Jones, Robert 103 Jones, Tammy 70, 103 Jordan, Julie Juarez, Rose 103 Justen, Keenneth 75, 136 Justen, Linda 160 Home, Karlene 159 Home, Kevin 22, 23, 208, 210 Homstein, Matthew 159 Horton, Jeff 159 Houchard, Debra 102 Houser, Debbie 102 Housley, John 179 Howard, John 102 Howard, Leslie 102 Howard Richard 102 Howard, Todd 159, 228 Howard, Victor 159 Howard, Wade 179, 228, 229 Howard Willie 65 150 Hoyle, Norma 159 Hudak, Michael Hudspeth, Reeca 179 Huerta, Rueben 37, 39, 179 Hughes, Carol 135 Hughner, Terry 135 Hunniford, Ralf 159 Hunt, Christopher 159 Hunt, Roy 179 Hunter, Karen 37, 102 Hunter, Kevin 159, 236 Huntsman, Alicia 37, 179 Hurd, Brian 135 Hurley, Robert Hutchinson, Mark 226, 227 Hynick, Pat 135 lllies, Carrie 179, 225, 238 lilten, Virginia 159 Kacura, Jody 103 Kalfat, Helen 64, 104 Kallen, Chris 136 Kane, Joe KaPP. Ramona 160 Karfeld, Garry 104 Karfeld, Gregory 136 Karlsrud, Timothy 104 Kasallis, Vicky 136 Katzberg. Mitchell 104 Katzenberger, Gayle 136 Keating, Randy 179 Keefer, Catherine 150, 160, 245 Keizerstein, Mindy 104 Kelleher, Anne 79, 104, 274 Kelleher, Kevin 160, 246 Kelley, Kevin Kelling, Jennifer 179 Kelling, Victor 104 Kellis, Erica 28, 29, 47, 136 Kellis, Sabrina 52, 104, 223 Kelly, Andrew 104 Kelly, Michael 37, 136 Kelly, Philip 160 Kelly, Randy Kelly, Rick Kelly, Wendy 31, 37, 160 Keltner, Frances Kempfer, Norman 160 Kende, Robin 40, 160 Kennedy, Robert 104 Kennedy, Tiffany 180 Kenney, Bob Kenney, Brian 160 Kenyon, Terry 160 Kerr, James 180, 216 Keyes, Mark 65, 160 Kilgore, Mike 180 Kimbell, Stacey 180 King, Dawn 37, 180, 245 King, Dean 79, 104 King, Sherry 160 King, Tim Kinney, Jeffrey 180 Kinney. Hollon 104 Kinsey, Charles g Kinsey. Martha 160 Kinstler. Lisa 160 Kirkpatrick, Tamara 48, 136, 251 Kirton, Tammy 160 Klsch, Lorraine 37, 39, 136 Kite, Kathleen 160 Kiteley, Jacky 160, 217 Kitsopoulos, John 160, Klandrud, Joel 180, 237, 248 Klatt, Kathy 104 Klawon, Lynette 26, 41, 72, 96, 104 Klenner, Mark 104, 222 Kleyhauer, Michael 160, 236, 248 Kling, Cynthia 160 Kling, Danielle Kling, William 160 Klinger, Armand 180 Klym, Dawn 136 Klym, Jim Klym, John Knieriem, Donald Knieriem, Scott 136 Knight, Katherine 105 Knight, John 136, 208, 210. 213, 225, 227, 233 Knight. Samantha 180, 220, 223 Knopp, Kanielle Knopp, Mark Koegel, Valerie 160 Koenes, Brian 136 Kohatsu, Ronald 136, 234, 235 Konkle. Larry 64, 105 Konkle, Rory Kooistra, Beverly Koon, Jay 105 Koon, Timothy 136 Koopman, Delores 75, 76, 105, 210 Koopman, Leslie 136 Korey, Todd 180, 248 Koscieldki, Suzie 66, 180 Koster, Elizabeth 105 Kostyk, Robert 105, 208, 209, 210, 213 Kostyk, Robin 180. 220 Kovacs, Joseph 180 Kowalski, Karl 160, 222 Kranz, George 105 Kranz, Gregory 160 Krause, Kristin 24, 48, 105 Kruase, Patrick 210 Krauss, Todd 136 Krautheim, Michelle 51, 63, 66, 160 Krem, Brad 160 Kreutz, Joseph 105 Kriplean, Alyce Kristianson, Maria 236 Krohne, Nancy Krueger, Clark 37. 39, 105 Krumlauf, Darren 180, 229 Krumlauf, Kimberly 71, 160 Kubisiak, Rob 180, 225, 237, 248 Kuhn, Charles Kuhn, Judy Kulon, Jeffery 37, 180 Kulon, John 37, 136 Kuo, Robert 160 Kutob, Randa 78, 150, 160 Kutz, David 160 Kutzli, Tamara 37, 39, 67, 136 Kwiatkoski, Debbie 136 Kwiatkoski, John 160 Labarr, Lori Lackman, Sherri 105 Lacoss, Deborah 180 Lacoss, Joseph 180, 216, 237 Ladd, Kevin 136 Ladd, Kimberly 180 Laduron, Kurt 180 Lavave, Robert 136 Lafferty, Linda 105 l.afinier, Nina 160 Lahaie, Barbara Lain, Garrie Laine, Tracey Lamb, John 37, 39, 160 Lambert, Scott 105, Lamberton, Linda 54, 105 Lamountain, Eddie 180 Landram, Bill 160 Landram, Joseph 106 Landreth, Mark 106 Lang, Michael 28, 29, 41, 70. 73. 81, 106 Langenhuizen, Bruce 136, 234, 248 Langford, Douglas 180 Langford, Robert Lanley, Lori 106 Lanning, Mike 65, 106 Lansberu, Karl Lape, Fay 136 Larkin, Laura 161 Larr, Alice 77, 161 Larsen, Karen 161 Larson, Mark 136 Lass, Marlene Jassila. Jame 106 Laube, Mark 71. 161 Lauvver. Kristie 136 Le, Lieuchi 136 Le, Thai Le, Thong Leach, Misti 37, 39, 67, 136 Meyer, James, 55, 139 Leamed, Steven 161 Leatherwood. John 136 Lebario. Alex 130 Leberknight, David Mannel. Mar, Bill Kurt J 52, 172, 181 A 181 Miele. Lori Lee. Alex 161 Lee, Brent 106 Lee, Celina 136 Lee. Darryl Lee, Debbie 137 Lee. Grace 180 Lee, James Lee, Kathleen 161 Lee, Kimball 161 Lee, Laura 106 Lee, Mary 161 Lee. Tracy 161 Lengvary, Peter 106 Mar, Suzanne D 138 March. Renee M 138 Marini, Michael A 181, 216 Marino, James E 161. 248 Marino. Valerie L Marki, Ronald A 138 Patterson, Kathy 140, 221 Lenhart, Bradley T 180 Leonard, Andrew M 229 Leonard, Kate E 68, 137 Leonard, Robert M 106 Lesnick, Michael A 180 Letham, Lori 106 Levin. Jonathon 1 06 Levine, Elissa 69, 75, 76, 137 New Billy 139 Marmor, Danny F 161 Marple. Laura L 77. 181 Marquardt, Debbie L 138 Marsh, Ray 161, 214, 236 Martin, Candance 138 Martin, Donald G Martin, Elaine F 161, 217 Lewandowski, Joseph H 137. 248 Lewis, Jeffery M 180, 224 Lewis, Keith E 161 Lewis, Tom 161 Licari. Larry 161 Liddicoat, John D Liddicoat, Michael G Meyer, Mark 109, 209, 210, 227 Meyers, Barry 39 Meza, Leticia Michaels, Robert 162 Middleton, Michael Miele. Miglio Mark rino, Eobin Mikakovich, James 139, 239 Miueg sr.. Make 162 Miller, Aaron 181 Miller, Anthony 139 Miller, Cheryl 80 Miller, Christopher 74, 162 Miller, Debra 65, 74, 109 Miller, Diane 109 Miller, Gregory 181 Miller, Jett Miller, Kevin 181 Miller. Paul Miller, Peter 109 Miller, Raymond 52. 70. 80, 107, 109,209,210 Miller, Robert Miller, Sandra Miller, Sherri 162 Nash. Lori 139 Nash, Melissa 41, Bl, 124. 139 Nast, Kathleen 139 Navarro, Frances Neal, David 139 Needle, Keith 182 Needle, Kenneth Neese, Joseph Neighbors, Jodi 182, 225, 238 Neil, Shelly 54, 110 Neis, Amy 67, 139 Neis, Karl 162 Neis, Polly 67, 139 Nelson. 210, Nelson, Byron 99, 110, 209, 213 Darlene 163 Nelson, Eric 163, 236 Nelson, Eve 37- 163 Nelson, Julie Nelson, Karen 182 Nelson, Kimberly 72 Nelson, Matthew 182 Nelson, Russell 182, 216 Nelson, Stephen 139, 209, 210 234 Nesmith, John Martin, Gregory 108, 234 Martin, Joann 161 Martin. Judith 37, 108. 217 Martin, Richard 108 Martin. Robert 108 Martin. Robert 37, 181 Martin, Tami 181 Martin, Terry 161. 214 Martin, Traci 181 Martinez, Andrew Martinez, John 246 Martinez, Manuel 108 Martinez, Maria Martinez, Michael Martinez, Raleal Martinez, Rebecca 138 Martinez, Richard 108 Martinez, Sonya 161 Pearson, Lisa 164, 217 Link, Everett A 180 Moreno. Margarita Liddicoat. Steve F 137 Lieberman. Betsy K 106 Light, Kimberly A 137 Linder, Michael C 137 Linder, Kim M 180 Lindsey. Cheri A 137 Lindsey. Kenny J 37. 161, 236, 248 Linnander. Kimberly A 137 Linnander, Kristin M 161 Linovitz, Michael A 78180 Linxwiler, Robert A 161 Lipinski. Lisa A 137 Lipton, Melissa R 161 Lit, Stanley E 137 Littlewood, Wendy 5 Lobdell, Scott A 137 Locker. Lisa A 161 Lotion. Greg 161 Loiton, James T 107, 208, 209 210 Lolton, Mark 180 Long, Bradley A 107 Lopez, Edward P 180. 216 Lopez. Joanna M 137 Lopez. Johnna L 137. 230 Lopez, lrma 180 Larry 209. 210, 228 Lopez, Lloyd A 137 Lopez, Mary T 137 Lopez, Pat 248 Lopez. Raul G 107 Lorance. Joe 137 Lorenz, Barry C 125, 137 Love, Debbie 137 Love. Todd W Lowe. William R 68. 138 Lucas. Joe 137 Lucchese. Angela C 180 Lucchese. Annamaria 161 Luedemari, Rene A 37. 180 Lueders. Mike A 40. 161 Luikart, Kenneth D 55. 138 Mason, Beverly 40. 161 Mason, Penny Mason, William 108 Massa, Gregory Mass-ena, Randy 77, 108 Massena, Rickey 138 Mast, Dean 161 Mastin, Sandra 77, 108 Mata, Cecilia 181 Matelski, Rhonda 162 Mathews. Terry 108 Matousak, Steve 108, 209, 210 Matousak. Todd 138 Matson, Renee 181 Matsuishi, Stephanie 66, 70, 172, 181 Matsuishi. Karie 75, 80. 84. 108 Matthews, Brett 162 Mattingly, Sharon 108 Mattrson. David Maurer, Deanna 162 Maurer. Djuana 181 May. Eileen 46, 181 Maya, Diana Maya. Robert 73 Mazia, Steven 138 McAbee, Adelle 181, 220 McAbee, Alan 107. 251 McCangno, Steven 181 McCarthy, Allison 161 McCarthy, Jennifer 138 McClaskey. Sherrie 107 McCloud, Timeri 138 McClure. Colm 161 Mills, Barbara 139 Mills. Kraig 181, 216 Millsap, Tim 181 Milton, Kimberly 139 Miranda, Tony 162, 236 Mishler, Joel 109 Missig, Jacquline 109 Mitchell, Cory 110. 121 Mitchell, Jeff 37, 39, 181 New, Mark 182, 216 New, Sheryl 51, 68, 163 Newbury, Janet 37, 163 Newbury, Carol 37, 110 Newcomb, Jerry 139 Newman, Stanley 77, 182 Newman, Tami 182 Newman, Tanya 275 Motfitt, Larry 77, 162 Molina. Ben 139. 228. 248 Molina, MaryfMargaret 181 Molina, Maryangel 162 Molinar, Michael 150. 162 Nguyen. Nichols, Mytrang 162 David 139, 234 Nichols, Paula 162, 230 Nielsen. David Nielsen, Robyn Nielson, Dale Nielson. Mark Molinar, Yolanda 110 Monahan, Melodie 162 Montello, Daniel 139 Montoya. Louis 181, 237, 248 Moore, Daniel 37 Moore, Kevin 181 Moore, Paige 162 Moore, William 181 Moorhead, Bruce 182, 216 Morales. Lupe 182 Moran. Morba. Morelli. Rick 162 Alison Yvette 110 Moreno, Danny Moreno Moreno . Donna 182 , Frank 37, 39. 139 Morgan, Caroline 40, 110 Morgan, Clay 210, 226, 227 Morgan. Dan Morgan, Deborah 110 Morgan, Karen 40, 102, 162 Morgan, Keith 139, 239 Morgan Morgan , Leslie 40, 182 , Linda 64 McC1ure . Darrell McClure, Keith 181, 216 McCord. Chris 37, 39, 138 Morgan, Michael 162 Morgan, Wendy 182 Morris, Kevin McCormack, Diann 161 McCormick. Pany 21, 70, 80. 84. 107 McCormick, Penny Lung. Luyan. Sonya L Lumpp, Sarah E eng A iso. 216. 248 Robbins, Padilla, Arthur Lung. Scott E 107, 234 Luque, Luis Luque, Phillip P 180 Lusk, Mark A 28. 29, 138 Lynch, Daniela L 107, 274 Lynch. Debra L 181 Lynn. Jett S 138 Lynn, Michael A 65 Lyons. Kathy L 161 Maas, Lucinda 68, 69, 161 Maccarone, Katherine M 107 Maccarone, Nancy J 161 Machutta, Kim D 138 Mackeever, Martin MacKenzie, Jenniler L 76, 80, 107 MacLeod. Heather E 37, 138 Macumber, Dann K 161 Morris, Kim 182 Morris, Robert 182 Morrison. James 55, 162 Morrison. Robin 162 Morrison, W,C. 39. 139 Morse, James 162 Mort, Richard Mosanko, Darlene 37, 182 Niner, Marten 169, 182 Ninis, Ruth 110 Ninis. Suzanne 162 Nipper, Michelle 64. 110, 275 Nixon. Barton 139 Nobel, Robert 182. 214 Nobel. Sharon 139 Noiseau, Michaelle 40, 162 Norman, John 182 Norris, Thomas 163. 214 Norton. Gail Nulliner, Richard 163 Nygaard. Kris 234 Nygaard, Mark 226, 228 Oaks, Marissa 163 Oates, Timothy 76, 139 Ochoa. Rick Odell, Cynthia 163. 223 Odell, Timothy 209, 210 Odogui, Luz 111 Oestman. Sandy 182 Odgen, Bonnie 48, 55. 124, 13 Oh, Sung 183, 229 Olanen, Mark 275 Oliveri, Anthony 140 Olsen, Lisa Olson, Dawn 183 McDaniels Brenda 107 McDaniels Diane 161 McDameIs Sue 181 McDonald. Kelly 55, 107 McDowell. Joanne McG1nlay. Mosca, Keith 139 Mosher, Richard 182 Olson. Kim 11, 275 Omoran, Lucian 111 Omoran, Olelia, 67, 183 James 138, 210 McCormick, Robert 65 Ca McGuire. rol Mchugh, Rouen 161 ss.. Mclntire. dra 181 Mclniyre. Linda 138. 221 Mclntyre, Theodore 161, 248 McKensie. Jenmler 70 Mckimmons. Michael 138 Mckinstry. Lan 45, 161, 245 McLain. Amy 70, 107 McMahan, Paula 161 McMi1len, Linda 40, 161 McMullen, Chris 138. 248 McMullen, Sean 68. 107 McMyler. Shaun 181 McNeece, Allison 181 McNeil. Jenny 138 McNeil. Ann 107 McNeil. Joan 161 Medlyn, Kenneth 109 Medlyn, Kurtis 40, 138 Meeks, James 25, 209. 210 Mersenhesmer, Steve 109, 208. Mosley, Brenda 182 Moulton, Kelly 182 Mounes. Michelle 182 Mountjoy, Susan 182, 214, 237 Mowinski, Patricia Mueller, John 162 Mueller, Katherine 110 Muir, Shawn 182 Muir, Sheryl 162. 245 Mulinel, Karen Mulinex, laura 139 Mumpy, Julie 28, 29, 41, 81. 139 Munoz, Elsa 182 Munoz, Samuel 39. 182, 229 Munoz, Tommy 139 Murphy, Eric 139, 214 Murphy, Jackie Murray, Kelly 182 Murray. Phillip 37, 39 Murrietta, Andy 139, 182 Myck, Lisa 162 Myers, Barry 37, 162 Oneal, Tim 183, 250 Oneill, Kelly 66, 183 Orourke, Kelly 64. 140 Orourke, Patty 150. 163 Orrica, Ann 66, 163 Orsburn, David 140 Orsburn, Joan 164 Ortega. Christopher Ortega, Mike 140. 210 Ortiz, Jose 183 Oritz, Prolirio Oritz. Sylvia 140 Osburn, Renni 140 Oshita. Richard 164, 248 Madonia, Fran 181 Madoline, Mark 181 Mahoney. Kan L 161 Mahoney, Kathy D 108 Mahoney, Margret C 161 Mahoney, Pamela A 138 Mainwaring, Randy A 108 Mayors, Larry L 181 Maldondo. Eve 181 Maliga, George G 74, 108 Malloy. Patrick E 138 Malzahn, Floyd A Mancini, Frank B 161 Mandou, Jerry L 181,216 Mandoza. Sherrana L 64. 138 Mang. Susan E 161 284 209. 210 Meisheid, Kim 162 Meisheid, Pamela 109 Mekailek. Mary 109 Mekailek, Michelle Melton. Kimberly 233 Melton. Timothy Mendez. Joe 138 Mendez, Andrew Mendoza, Adrian Mendoza, Alejandro 109 Mendoza, Alicia 37. 162 Merchant, Becky 138 Merrill, Debra 162 Meuret, Leonard 162 Meuret, Leane 181 Maya, Robert 71, 138, 239 Meyer, Brian 138 Meyer, Douglas 162. 214 Myers, Kenneth 162 Myers, Stephen 139 Padilla. Padilla, Maryella Terry Page, Barry 140 Nachess, Vickey 55, 162 Nadel, Kim 64. Nagy, Doug 37, 39, 182 Nall, Lorraine 139 Nance, Daniel Nance. Michael 274 Narloch, Cynthia 64, 110 Narloch, David 162 Nash, Emily 182, 225, 238 Palacios, Danny 140. 226, 227, 228, 246 Paladino, Marc 140 Paladino. Matthew 183 Palmer. Jellery 111 Palmer, Michael 164 Palmer, Steven 183 Palomino, Michael 164 Palmer, Steven 183 Palomino, Michael 140 Palumbo, Joseph 164. 224 Papa, Scott 70, 80, 111, 222. 275 Paquette, James Paquette. Paula 77, 83 Paquette, Rusty 111 9 Parker, Mark 140 Parkinson, Bob 164 Parks, Ann 54, 70, 111, 121, 275 Parks, Steve 69, 183 Parks, Tonya 140 Parra, Dianna 51, 164 Parra, Lupe 183 Parren, Joseph 140 Parsons, Susan 164 Pascale, Brian Pascale, Cathleen 164 Pascale, Dennis 275 Pataky, Robert 102, 111, 275 Patchen. Ronnie 70, 30. 111. 275 Patricki, Scott 140, 222, 223 Patten, Clare 183 Patten Phillip 79, 111, 274, 275 Patterson, Frank 74, 111, 250, 251 Patterson, Paula 29, 41, 81. 140, 217 Pattison, Charles 183 Patton. Nancie 140 Pauk, Deanna 28, 29, 41, 81. 140 Rabenius, Mary 37, 183 Rabenneck, Ketlh 141 Rabinowitz, Glenn 41, 72, 81, 275 Rael, Becky 164 Rael, Carolyn 79, 113. 274 Raines, David 41, 72 Raines, Kelly 183 Raines. 215 Ramey. Mark 22, 23, 164. 214, Maureen, 164 Ramirez, Annamaria 141 Ramirez, Donald 183 Ramirez, Jesse 30, 31. 141 Ramirez, Rosemary 141 Ramirez. Steve 141, 248 Ramos, Ramiro 183, 237 Randell, Penny 164 Ranes, Shawn 113 Rangel, Elizabeth 142 Rankin, Matt 183, 216 Rankin, Scott 165, 236 Rankin, Todd 142. 239 Rardon, Jeanne 113, 275 Raschke, Rosemary 183 Rathgerber. Kristy 40, 47, 183 Pay, Dennis 183 Payan Frank 183 Payne, Chris 111 Payne. Crystal 183 Payne, Michael 140 Payne Terry 164 Peace Kristi 37 40 47.164 Peace: Rabin ed, 11'1 Pearson, Samuel Peachem, Kevin Pechtel, Loren 183 Pedersen, Barbara 140 Peeples, Debbie 45, 246 Pela, Robrt 54, 111, 275 Pennington. Chris 183 Pennington, Julieann 164 Pennin on Karen 54, 84, 112 91 , 251. 275 Penny Chris 183 Penual, Elaine 183 Penual, Robert 183 Peralta, Kenny 183. 216. 229 Peralta, Scott 164 Perez, Catalina 72, 275 Perez, Gail Perkins, Lynn 154 Perkins, Michael 183 Perkins. Nathan 78, 141 Perlman, Debbie 164 Perlman, Sharon 112 Perry, Melissa 112, 275 Perry, Tim 141 Peskin, David 65, 164 Peskin, Joana 64. 112, 275 Peters, Jellrey Peters, Mark 64, 141 Peterson, Penny 183 Peterson, Jeilrey 183, 224 Pethigal, James 141, 183 Petito, Stella 164 Pettigrew, Tanny 79, 112. 274. 275 Phillipa, Linda 183 Pickering, Troy 40 Pierce, Kolleen 183 Pierce, Kristine 183 Pierce, Neil 141 Pierson, Richard 112. 275 Pless. Laura Plummer, Julie 183. 245 Pollak Valerie 112 Pomeroy, Jell 183, 216, 229 Pomeroy, Michael 112, 222. 275 Ponce. Norma 141 Ponce, Theresa 80, 112, 275 Poor. Lori 22. 23, 45, 141. 246 Pope, David 141 Pope, Douglas 112 Porco, Michael 112, 251, 275 Porras, Antonio 112 Porter, James 29, 41, 72, 141 Potts, Christopher 55, 80. 112, 121 Potts. Emily 164 Prazak, David 112, 275 Prazak, Larry 37, 164, 228 Prelle, Julie 183 Preswheat, Kim 141 Price, Peggy 141 Price, Penny 164 Priest, Danita 141 Proctor, Jay 164 Puckett. Joann Pulice. Tammy Pulice, Beatrice 112 Pulliam Kimberly 36. 164 Quan. Jose 250 Rathgerber, Sonya 37, 39, 142 Ratlilf. Katherine 164 Ratlilt, Ronald 183 Ratlill, Tami 165 Rauba, Douglas 142 Ravelin. Greg 165 Rawson, Christine Ray, Kimberly 142 Ray, Robert Ream. Quinn Recker, Michelle 165 Reed, Jim 142 Reed. Lauren 142 Reed. Linda 183 Reemelin. Otto 183 Reese, Shawn 165, 224 Reid, Diana 165 Reid, Ronnie 165 Reid, Scott 54 Reilly, Amy 113, 275 Reilly, Stephen 165. 239 Reisner. Robert 183, 216, 229 Reiterrnan, Susan 64, 113 Renkenberger. Janet 36, 37, 165. 248 Reveles, Pauline 183 Rex, Suzanne 165 Reyna, Hope Reyna, Sylvia Reynolds, Patti 124-142 Rhee. Chang Rhinehart, Edward 79, 274, 275 Rich, David 183, 233 Rich, Mamn 142 Richards, Cari 113, 275 Richards, Harold 113, 275 Richardson. Doug 113. 246 Richmond. David 183, 216 Ricketts. Deborah 165 Rigsby, Jellerey 74, 113. 251, 275 Rincon, Edward 142 Ringe, Jett 142, 210. 228 Rios, Manuel Rios, Michael 183 Rios. Robert 113, 246 Rios, Rosemary 62 Rios, Stella 62. 76, 165 Rishling, Debra 183 Rishling, Michael 165, 214 Rissler. Brad 183 Rissler. Mark 65 Rivers, James 142 Rivers, Kelly 113 Rivers, Regina 69, 183 Rivette, Brenda 164. 234. 236 Rivette. Cheryl 113. 234, 275 Rivette. Luann 142 Rizzo, Linda 37, 142 Lisa 183 Robert. Kelly 77 Roberts, Gerald 165 Roberts. John Robenson, Allison 37, 165 Robertson, Bruce 113 Robinett, Scott 165 Robins. Lisa 40 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson 275 Robinson . James 183 , John 76, 142 Mark 165 Renae 54. 64. 113. , Sandra 165 Rochlord, Steven 142 Rodgers, Theresa Rodriguez, Rosemary 183 Roe, David 165 Roeber. Roeber. Roeber. Roesch Rogers. Rogers. Rogers, Rogers. Robert 183 Suzanne 142 Terry 68, 113. 275 Jay 77, 114 Gale Kenneth Linda 51, 62, 114. 275 Mark 114, 275 Ropes. Nacho 165 Quesasa, Johnny Quinn. Quinn. Jamie 164. 238 Linda 141 Rabenius, John 141 Ropo. Nancy Rollins, Kathleen 51, 166 Rollins, Melissa 51. 114, 275 Roman-Tweed Lauranda 114 Rome, Julie 166 Roper, Larry 40. 183 Rose. Anna 74, 142 Rose. Kimberly 114, 275 Rose. Leonard. 79, 114, 274, 275 Rose, Robert Rose, William 166, 250 Rosenbert, Elayne Ross, Kimberly 183 Ross, Susan 114 Rossman, Eric 166, 214 Rossman, Valarie 114, 275 Roth, Thomas 184, 216, 229 Rothlisberger. Kris 184 Rothlisberger, Vinson 166 Rowan, James 114 Rowley, Jefferey 77, 184 Rubin, Dale 37, 39, 184 Rubio, Henry 184 Rucker, Carol 143 Rucker, Joanne 232 Ruckman, Kirk 166 Ruddman, Valarie 66 Rudge, Scott 143, 214, 250 Rufibach, Laurel 143 Ruiz, Edward 143 Ruiz, Rosemary Ruiz, Tracy 166 Ruiz, Wayne Runke, Robert 114, 275 Runkle, Gail 143 Runstadler, Tom 184, 216 Russell, Ann 69. 76, 184 Ryan, Cristi 114 Ryan, Dana 184 Ryan, Richard Ryan, Roxan 114 Ryan, Shawn 143 Ryan, Timothy 143 Sacharko, Pamela 115, 275 Sachleben, Clinton 143 Sadberry. Dennis 115 Sadberry, Michael 184, 216 Sager, Jefferey 115, 275 Sagodi, Zsuzsi 76. 166, 223 Sakata, Brian 115 Salcido, Luis 143 Salem, Edward 166. 208. 210 Salerno, Mark 184 Salerno, Rick 184 Sammons, Julianne 31, 78. 143 Samora. Jack Sanchez. Mandel 184 Sanders, Hohnnie 184, 216, 237 Sanmarco. David 68, 166 Sanmarco, Paul 184, 224 Sanmiguel, Adolfo 275 Sanmiguel, Fernando 166 Sanmiguel. Rosala 166 Santillan. Steve 184 Sapien, Jaime 184 Sarsoza, Robert 184 Satterfield, Russell 143 Saunders, Elizabeth 166 Saunders, Michelle 143 Saunders, Robert 143 Saver, Patricia 79, 274 Sawyer, Kevin 115, 275 Scalf, Patrick 143, 246 Scanlon. Eric 166 Scarbrough, Lisa 40, 66, 166 Scarbrough, Michael 40, 248 Scarpatim, Juan Schaffer, Warren 184 Schardt, Erin Schaubel, Laurie 37, 143 Scheckel, Michael 115. 275 Scheckel, William 143 Schedler, Roben 65. 166 Schemers. Kurt 184 Schemers, Paul 166 Schnexnyder, Brad 155, 210. 275 Schnexnyder, Juli 124, 143, 220, 232 Schneider, Denise 184 Schnell, Sandy 184 Schmtkey, Lee 143 Schoppman. Kurt 115 Schoppman, Rosemary 69, 75. 76. 84 Schott, David 143 Schultz, Craig 166. 214 Schultz. Michael 166 Schultz, Dale 184 Schunk, Kelli 166 Schwartz. Germaine 143 Schwieder, Kathy 68 Schwider, Francis 226. 227 Schwider, Mary 51, 63, 166 Sciotto, Janet 144 Scire, Anthony 166 Scott. Beryl 184 Scott, Billie 37, 39, 144 Scott, Cindy 124, 125, 144 Scott. Marty 166 Screes. Traci 40 Seaber, Donna 184 Seaman, Diana 64, 115. 275 Seaman, Scott 184 Searles, Jay 167 Sears, Jeffrey 115, 275 Sears, John 184 Sechrist, Sharon 144. 230 Sefton, Kirk 275 Seller. Lori 115 Seller, Mark Sekorski, Dan 115 Sell, Paterick 52, 144. 209. 210, 234. 235 Selleys, Marie 77, 167 Senko, Kimberly 115 Sessa, Caroline 114 Severance, Richard 184, 216 Seyfert, Steve 144 Seymore, James Seymore' Vicki 167 Shadel, Mary 115 Shaler, Patricia 115, 223, 230. 275 Shannon, Patsi 37, 39, 116 Sharp. David Shapre, Robbie 167 Shaw, Lori 79, 116, 274 Shaw, Richard 167 Shaw, Staci 167 Shedler, John Sheeky, Mary 184 Shelton, Julie 184 Shepard, Robert 37, 39, 144 Sheridan, Michael 65, 68 Sherwood, William 116 Shields, Shaun 144 Shima, Suellen 144 Shinagawa, Patrick 37, 39, 184 Shinagawa, Ronald 40, 144 Shinn, Jody 42, 144 Shinn, Theresa 144 Shinslte, Christina 36, 37, 70. 144 Shinski, Laverne 184, 225 Shinsky, Laura 144 Shinsky. Michael 69, 184 Shipp, Dale 167 Shockley, Christine 116 Shogar, Kristina 37, 117 Shoger, Kathy 37, 116 Short, Alaxander 116 Short, Laura 167 Short, Michael 65, 116, 275 Short, Steve 167 Shrider, William 144 Shryock, David 144, 184 Shudinis, Patricia 184. 245 Sifuentes, Carolyn 144 Sikes. Jeff Sikes, Lisa 144 Sikorski. Daniel 37. 39, 275 Silva, Maria 67, 144 Silva, Rebecca 116 Simmons, Mark 167 Simpson, Jeffrey 144, 210 Simpson, Peggy 144 Simpson, Roslyn 45, 144, 232 Simuangco, Anthony 184 Simuangco, Charity 167 Sinise, Michael 167 Siordia, Maro Sipe, Joe 77, 116 Sipes, Josephine 51, 167 Sipes. Karen 184 Sipes. Mark 39. 144 Sipes, Patricia 167 Sisney. Michael Siu, Charles 40, 167 Siu, Michael 184. 224 Sixel, Kurt 68, 79, 144, 214 Slamka, Greg 210 Slaton, Roger 144 Slaton, Sherri 167 Sloan, Kennie Slonski, John Sluyk, Steve 167 Smith, Audrey 24, 167 Smith, Catherine 184 Smith, Dave 79, 116, 184. 274. 275 Smith. Deborah 167 Smith. Diane 144 Smith. George 116 Smith, James 144 Smith, Janice 184 Smith, Julie Smith, Kevin 167 Smith, Kimberly 184 Smith, Ladawn 37, 40, 184 Smith, Leslie 167, 184 Smith, Marty Smith, Mike 77, 167 Smith, Penny 184 Smith, Robin 37, 39, 116, 276 Smith, Stayce 167 Smith. Tyler 184 Smith, Veronica 144 Smith, Vickie 244 Smith, Vickie 116 Smith. Wendy 40. 167 Smith, William Smolinski. David 184 Sneddon, Lorna 144, 217 Snider, Susan 144 Snyder, Bryan 116 Snyder, Deborah 184. 220 Snyder. Donald 77 Snyder, Tobi 21, 144, 230, 231 244 Soll, Margo 167 Sooter, Jerry 177 Sooter, Pat 167 Soto, Andrew 167 Soto, Hector 167 Souch, Annamarie 167 Sowden, Barbara 167 Sparman, Merita Spears, Sherri 167 Spencer, Brad Spiegel, Julie 184 Spitler, Lori 144 Spitzock, Garret 184 Spradlin, Christopher 168 Squires, Marie 168 Staley, Patricia 144 Stallone, James 144 Stamey, Kevin 184 Stamper, Kimberly 62, 117 Stanek, CeCe 145, 220, 230 Stanek, Frederick, 117, 209, 210, 250, 276 Stansberry, Daniel 168 Sqangbufy, Willard 184, 216 Stark, Wayne 168 Steele, Carie 117, 276 Steele, Gary 168 Steele, Marcia 117 Steinmetz, Mark 168 Steinmetz, Susan 117 Stephens, Kevin 145 Stephens, Sherlyn 79, 117, 276 Stephenson, Mark 77, 168 Stevens, Brenda 117, 276 Stevens, Tad 184 Stewart, Cheryle 274 Stewart, Cris 117 Stinson, Kelly 168 Stocker, James 168 Stokes, Rodger 117 Stokes, Scott 184 Stone, Craig 145, 210, 234 Stover, Renata 117 Street, William 184 Stickland, Cassandra 145 Strohl, Curtis 40 Stuck, Jeffrey 184, 216, 237 Stuck, Lisa 21, 90, 117, 219, 230, 231, 244 Stultz, James 145 Stump, Beth 145 Stutzman, Richard 184 Subia. Kenneth 145 Subia. Patty 184 Suggs, Holly 145 Suggs, Max 184 Suiter, Linda 145 Sullivan, Donald 184. 224 Sullivan, Janice 145 Sunle, Gail 117 Sutton, Bonnie 145 Sutton, Jesse 184 Suydam, Lynn 185 Suydam, Sheila 145 Svancara, Steve 168 Swadley, Robert 185 Swadley, Sandra 145 Swanger, Brent 168 Swansiger, Randolph Swansiger, Todd Swanson, Sherry 40, 185, 217 Swartwood, Dana 79, 117, 274. 276 Swindle, Susan 145 Sydow, John 185 Sypherd, Lesa 285 Sypherd, Matt 145 Taggart, Deborah 168 Tait, Cheri 145 Takiguchi, Joanne 145 Talamantes, Patricia 168 Talamantes, Peter Talbot, Thoedore Tang, Steve 117 Tanz, Sharon 55. 57. 117. 121 276 Tarango, Michael 185 Tate, Jill 185, 221, 225, 238 Taylor, Ellen Taylor, Janice 40, 185 Taylor, Jeffrey 29, 31, 118 Ta-lor, Karen Taylor, Mark 185 Taylor, Randy 168 Teach, Robert 40, 145 Temple, Cindy 168 Tenbarge. Greg 185, 216 Tenbarge, Scott 125, 145, 225 246 Tepper, lan Tepper, Keith 185 Territo, Margaret 62, 185, 233 Terry, Janine 172, 185, 225. 238 Terry, Jinger 145 Thaler, Janet Thiabaut, Lori 168 Thistle, Karen Thistle, Kathryn Thomas, Alicia 146 Thomas, Bobby Thomas, Floyd 168 Thomas, Mark 118, 276 Thompson, Bryan 185, 216 Thompson, David 185 Thompson, Stephen 185 Thompson. Tracey 118 Thomson, Rob Throssell, Vivianna 168 Thul, Jacqueline 37, 168 Thun, Teresa 118, 276 Thun, Vickie 78, 146 Thurman, Karen 64, 118, 276 Tiger, Kenneth 65, 150, 168 Tilford, Doug 118 Timmons, Lisa 118 Timmons, Tammy 185 Tlno, Grace 185 Tippetts, Whitney, 185 Tipton. Linda 118. 219, 244, 245, 276 Tipton, Todd 185, 216, 237, 248 Tober, Becky 146 Tober, Ronnie 185 Tomlinson, Delores 78, 168 Tomooka, Maryann 48, 146 Toomey, James 37, 39, 63, 168 Torres, Erma Walder, Cheryl Walker, Kenneth 146, 276 Walker, Kenneth 119 Walker, Michelle 146 Walker, Ronald 169 Walker, Steven 169 Wallace, Katherine 47, 169 Wallace, Kenneth 119 Torres, lsela Torres, John 168, 214 Torres, Torres, Judy 118, 276 Lupita 185 Torres, Roy Toth. Colette 40, 102, 118, 276 Toupki n, Darryl Tout, William 146 Tradup. Daniel 185 Tramm ell, Michael 146 Treiber, Laura 185 Trend, Trimmi Trimmi Shawnet 168 er, Kathryn 118, 276 er, Susan M 46, 62, 185 Troutman, Charles L 168 Troutman, Jane A 118, 276 Troutman, Karen K 71, 168 Truby, Brett K 119 Truby, Bruce A 168 Trueblood, Katherine 119, 221, 276 Trujillo, Thomas 185 Trusken, Phillip 168 Trusty, Terri Tucker, Sherri 33. 40, 47, 54, 168 Terri, Tucker Tudor, Mary 146 Turek, Cary 168 Turer, Kenneth 185, 216, 229, 248 Turley, Rebecca 119, 244, 276 Turner. Andrew 146, 246 Turner. Darryl 186, 229 Turner, Turner, Turner Michael 169 Nancy 146 Rene 186 miie, 'Donald 169 Walrod, Timothy 186, 216 Walsh, James 120 Walsh, Russell 186 Walters, Kimberly 146. 186 Walworth, Melody 146 Wandrey. Jennifer 186 Wang, Robert 146 Ware, David 186, 216 Ware, Donald Warner, Chrispoher 169 Warren, Jeffry Warren, Judie 169 Warren, Linda 186, 220, 233 Warren, Thomas 186 Warren, Paul 186 Waterman, Mari 169 Watkins, David Watt, Wendy 146 Weatherford, Tamara 186 Weaver, Donna Weaver, Robert 146, 210, 226, 227 Weaver, Trisha Webb, Winoka 24, 146 Weenen, Terri 77, 186 Wehmueller, Lisa 186 Wehmueller, Sherri 48, 70, 124, 146, 251 Wehrli, Scott 186 Weideman, Robert 120 Weidinger, Joe 186 Weidinger, Stephen 146 Weinbrenner. Barbara Weinbrenner. Elizabeth Weinheimer, Jackie 186 Weinheimer, Julie 186 Weinheimer, Kerry 120 Weinheimer, Wendy 186 Weir, Linda Weiss, Becky 146, 217 Weiss, Kelly 120 Welch, Timothy 186 Ulicky, Cheryl 186 Ulloa, Alexander 226, 227 Ulloa, Ruben 226 Umbertino, Jeanette 146 Uptegrove, Jelf 146 Valenta, Sharlyn 186 Valentine, John 169 Valentine, Patty 146 Valenzuela, Ignacio Valenzuela, Regina 186 Valenzuela, Stella 119 Valles, Laura Vamamoto, Jeff 169 Vanbeek, William 119, 276 Vance, Beniy 169, 214 Vankirk, Dean 146 Vanloenen. Tony 119 Vargas, Hortensia 146 Vargas, Jerry 119 Vargas, Margie 186 Vargas, Socorro Varnum, Teresa 146 Vasquez, Alexandro 186 Vasquez, David 186 Vasquez, Erlinda Vasquez, John 169 Vasquez, Paul Vasquez, Yoli 51. 169, 245 Vaswani. Bob 146 Vaughn, Patrick 186 Vaughn, Timothy 146 Velarde, Michelle 186 Velasquez, Lorraine 146 Veldhuizen, Todd 169 Venancio. -10V 37, 39. 146 Verdlna, Ronald 169 Verdugo, Ernest Verlodt, Kimberly 119, 246 Vezirls, Vassilios 77, 186 Vldra, Suzanne 169 Villa, Frank 169 Vincent, Patrick 146 Vincent, Thomas 119, 276 Vondwingelo, Tracy Voorneveld, Mlsty 169 Voorneveld, Treva 146, 238 Vorls, Davld 119, 276 Vorls, John 186, 216. 237 Voss, Sharon 146 Wade, Jonathan 37, 146, 186 Wadsworth, Kenny 146 Wagner, Linda 64. 119, 276 Wells, Christine 120, 276 Wells, Daniel 37, 169 Wells, Mike 37. 39. 147, 251 Wells, Tim Welsh, Anthony Welsh. Catherine Welsh, Gregory 72. 169 Welsh. Rebecca Wensel, Daniel 120, 276 Wensel, Dave 120 Wenzl, Carole 40 Wenzl, Robert 172, 186 Wertz, Lori 186 Wesely, Margaret West. Janet 29, 41. 81 Westover, Kristine 186 Westover, Shelly 147 Whalley, Bettyjane 147, 220 Whalley, William 77 Wheeler. Maria 169. 232 Wheeler, Oren 120 Wheeler, Roy 120. 276 White Daryl 169 white: June 120, 274, 276 White, Karen 169, 232 White, Ken 186 White, Pamela 186 White, Robert 186 Whiting, Michael 169 Whitman, Michael 37, 186. 229 Whitson, Lorena 120 Wickline, Kelly 169 Wiechec, Marie 169. 232 Wieche c, Nancy 187, 233 Wleferich, Renee 169 Wieferich, Rhonda 120 Wilcken, Arbetta 120 Wilembrecht, Donald Wilhelm, Gerald 248 Wilhelm, Matt 120 Wilhelm, Monica 147, 244 Wilkinson, Carolyn 147 Wilkinson, Kevin 187, 216 Wilkinson, Susan 120, 276 Will, Connie 169 William William William William William s, Andrew 147 s. Bonnie 187 s, Crystal 147 s, Donald 187, 216. s, Donald 169, 248 Williams, Glenn 236, 248 Williams. Holll 41, 81, 121 Williams, John 169 Williams, Kimberly 147 Williams, Kristene Williams, Mark 121, 276 Williams, Robert 147 Williams. Rosa Williams, Sherry 169 Williams, Tammy 147 Wllson, Connie 169 Wilson, Gary 121 Wilson, Glenn 169 Wilson, Gregg 121, 276 Wilson, Lori 169 Wilson, Mari 121 Wllson, Mickey 147 Wlngham, Erlc 147 Winter, Denise 121, 276 Winters, Michael 77 Wise, Clndy 147 22 216 9 Wisebaker, Jeffrey 187 Wisniewskl, Cathy 169 Witte, Torn 147 Wolf, Linda 121, 276 Wombacher, Marianne 147 Wong, Scott 187 Wood, Jeffrey 187. 225 Wood, Lisa 147 Wood, Sharon 147, 238 Woodruff, Edward 169 Woodruff, Michael 147 Woodward, Holly 169 Worl, Sandy 187 Wright, Donna Wright, Donna 121. 276 Wright, Douglas 169 Wright, Jason 147 Wright, Nancy 169 Wright. Rodney 169 Wright, Tammy 121 Wronkoski, Andrew 187, 216, 229 Wyles, Warren 147 Yaeggi, Raymond 79, 274 Yamamoto, Jeffrey 187, 229 Yates, Carol 147 Ybanez, Carmen 147 Ybarra, Kathy 147 Ybarra, Mary 121 Yeley, Kimberly 147 Yodls, Eric 37, 147 Young, Charles 169 Young, Cheryl 45, 169, 251 Young, Darryl 147 Young, Jerllyn 147. 238 Young, Lisa 187 Young, Renee Zamora, Robert 187 Zapernick, Ronald 187 Zealley. Kelly 121 Zelenak. Robin Zelrick, Cheryl 121 Zelrick, Sharon 169 Zerbe, Tammy 147 Ziegler, Eric 147. 214. 228 Zieke, Stacey 169 Zimmernam. Theresa 147, 221 238 Zinder, Daniel 70. 121, 208. 210, 276 Zander, Elana 169 Zink, Christopher 246, 276 Zipf, James 147 Zwlck, Robert 121, 276 MLB loves Lil' Girl too FREE ODIS: The Beast, fire Truck, Green Shen, Bosk, The Odis Rod. Kevin, thanks for belng my "best" buddy! V Bonnie Nonexistence is bliss! Remember the Rhyme, B,B,8tC. Karen, Krissy, Mel, Sharon, Tambo, Terry, Treekie, and Vinny - Well, this is it. Good luck in everything. I love you guys! Lynette J.R. Wants to meet T.M. Oscars reunite V Same tree, same time, next year. Axe the Aardvarks! "What's going on, Baby?" Love, Kiddo. Patsi, Joy, Lorraine, Sonya, Robin, thank you! karen uur 'fgtfty you1?Eea uQn"- Leann, had fun at the B.B. Games. Kenny will be on varsity next year with Babycakes. L.B. J - G.M,T.A. - L Holgate I hope you get someone li - 1- year. Andy Scott Papa We think you're cute. we're gonna mlss you - JF, LF Tracy Thanks Susan On to Gaucho Tech. Yo. Sorry, I couldent afford your poem. Mi. HEY MUJER AND SLEAZY TOO! FLOOZ AND KINK LOVE YA Jim Reed, K.M. To Whit Hadagay Ladagips Paula Mike - you'Il never send me flowers! Love ya forever! Renae Wolly I Love You! CAVE CREEK Karen, You're my best friend in the whole world and we'll never split apart from each other. Love ya a lot Jackie Luv ya Goober, from Cloudburst Goob: Do a spanky!! Who said that?? SM Loves BD Lauranda Jean Roman-T z ou made it! Jay Hall Woodstock, Birds of a feather flock together wfl DCfTN To my best friend and favorite person love J.U. HI KIDS - LOVE LOR Remmember me alwaygllttle-b sister. Love ya always Little brother F Ken Copic best of luck miss ya Lo ra - Tweed KrTfs'IE'3r Teresa, Thanks for belng such special friends! I Love you Both! David L. Prazak Jams better than Jim. T J.T. remember the van and everything in it. Thanks for being you. K.H. Hotstuff You're the greatest Poky We know what you do in the dark-room Robrt! Mary - MX + b S C from Edwin Bt Laurel 211, Bytor, Dr. Cropper, Esteban .SABB5 Laurie, You're a great friend, Jackie Tammy, What's a Cliff-Pull? T.K. Sorry, Greggie loves me. K.T. Elleen Loves Joe FACECATCHERS OF THE WORLD. UNITE - Van T.C,, remember the balloons and skid marks? K.H. GIRLS SOFTBALL. I LOVE YOU ALL SHERRI - YOU STILL OWE ME DINNER. RAQUET- BALI.. MARIA. WHAT CAN I SAY? I'M IN LOVE. Polish Sausage, Thanks for being there when I needed you mosl Love ya Jackie G.D. thanks for being a friend. Love ya always T.K. RAT: Life's gifts are few: that's why theres just one frield like you! KAT Lauranda Karen, Thanks or a e ri es! Linda Bursh: 8th hour - Great! B.H., E.L Mlke you were a real PAYNE this year. S.A. R.S. you two you E.L. Rose, Next time we'll wear CRASH helmets E.L. Angela will always love you lots Jim Bren, ooooh Mighty God! wang. Goodbye Crabtree: Hello Roz!!! MONKU! MONKU! MONKU! Mrs. Distant view of a mountain: QUACK! C.A.S. There's your Dave babe! Rob ruthlessly runs over rabbits! Me too! NEWSPAPER, REMEMBER GET IT FROM JIM 5th HOUR. Jo-Remember, the good times, not the bad! Friends for- ever - Rae AIMLESS, YOU'RE A SENIOR AND YOU STILL NEED A DRINK! LITTLE ANNIE. Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed Doc or rummer, you si make house calls? We love you GreggyVpoo Hey Tammie whatcha doing, From Pete. TEE HEE! PEE HEE! To the Concert Band Trumpets: Thanks for being such sweetles Love ya all all, Jackie P.M.P. tlr. Luv ya Me GONZO MARIA. CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU It Is an honor and a privilege to enjoy life and people Whitney, best friends are for ever. All my love Pam. Robrt - All souls last forever so we need never fear goodby Jane. ,fSue Magoo 342 tee, hee, what fun Luv Brenda Ellssa V Remember. Seniors always come prepared L.S. and L.L. have NO PROBLEMS! Lauranda Jean Roman- d A D KI KIN ARE WHERE lT'S AT. TO THE LOUP FAMILY - chugg that green kool-aid! Luv MO 8: JO I love T.E. from C.C. MLB: Lil' Glrl Loves Lil' Boy Harriet and Bettrlce, We've drifted apart this year, But I will always Care about both of you and Be your friend. Wllomlna I Love ya Friendless Nick To the Bozo Brigade: Glenn, Sandy, Glenn, and Lori. Love Ya, Jackie and Laurie. Lauranda e - P Y , Thanksxforeverything - always, Quita Jan Daisies are yellow, Artichokes green, even Pete Rose wasn't great at sixteen. Love Dean KEL - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME -I LOVE YA LIND L'RAlNGE - BUTTON IT UP fyeahll LOVEY BAND BRATS: KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!! l'LL MISS YA - SENIOR SNOB Tlna C. Tony S. Still Loves You Todd Thanxs for always being there! l'Il always be lovin' you! Luv ya Moosie Pom Pon JJ. ive liked you all 4 years. Melany, thanks, for making me smile, Mike Cynthia and Scott forever Robrt, God Who? Good luck always Keith and Karla. Love ya both Suzy fm! Lauragdg Jean Roman-Tweed Remember the Obstacles Cindy LF Between LSBOTI Cheap Runt Mr. BBall and BARRY HYSTERIA we've survived thanks JF L.B. Love You! Love Me? Love Alwase BE BE IREDI LIZ, AMY, KRISTIN. - THANKS FOR THE HAPPY NOTE. Amy, Ann, Tammy, Sharon - Fearsome foursome. I love you J.C.B. - You taught us more than you realize. Seniors in forces Rick, Tim, Mike Greg, Nolan, Darryl: Who Won? SOCCER Debbie, Sarah, Paula, Brad, Dennis: You all are super best friends. You've helped me alot. See you at the wedding. I love ya. Your Sunshine - Tania ANNIE: You were born to be alive! Hunh?! Igneranse is bliss - DVK Worm: Sony nothing worked out - We will make it up in summer '80, promise. BCR'S live! GAG ME! Bud Man: You made it special. Your woman Mlsh: I wish for you the best life has to offer. Love K. Ance, Aha, Aha, haha - AH-HA! Nan, Lis, and Stac HI Judie! LIBBISCUITS Beatrice and Wilamina - Thanks for everything. Good luck ln life, love Harriet. ICE Class - I will mlss you all. Sherlyn Tam and J.J. - Let's get together and identify some cultures! - Have fun your senior year, Julie - B.B. Sllencio 7-B! - Tengan unas hojitas de guanabana Buena suerte en colegio D Y R - Juana Valapig - See you at ASU - Thanks for the moral support! - Pigifur Ms. Barbie- Thanks for being the fantastic person that you are! Also, thanks for helping me grow up. Love ya - Sharon Kelly - St. Bernard! Thanks-for showing me the real meaning of friendship. Luv ya - Sharon Carolyn: MAKED??!!! Cat: Do the darkroom boogie! Schnelly A whole role of CATS!!!! Hey Mike, FMTTBMO , L.H., L.L., M.C. - Thaks for making algebra fun-it's been fun - It's been great knowing you. Love y'alI - Va. Tina: Thanks for the "sonshine". You mean alot to me You're great!! La nda Jean Roman-Tweed ey Tim, Its een un - arianne Steve, I Saved the ice just for you, Kelly Toby I love you. Your wife-toVbe. Sunshine. SHAWN BLOMGREN V You're a super star! Nax, Always and forever Love ya. Alolse-Keep on keeplng your customers happy. Viva I d.b's! -Rosehorse Crlsti, Be aggressive! Chris, I Love ya Lots Teresa! Lorl, Remember 'M" 81 the Kiss and what happened after! HA HA Love Teresa Susan Goshert Cowabanga Love ya Laura Roman- Tweed Gregg Doeden, 'I Promise', together forever, Karen Thurman Cold shoulder Treatment Ann, Don't lie - it causes bad luck! Kathy, Take good care of Petey! Amos, You're Jameless! Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed ey uns, . Andy Turner: 4th hour T.A. LOVES YOU! To: Caral Newbry and Leslee Bruce, It was fun flunking Sci-Fl and Mythology with you. Your continuing class- mate Susan Goshert Hey Zitg Lets "ATTACK" Royde Sheila, thanks for being so understanding. Your a super - terrific girl K.H. Terri, We've got to stop meeting this way! V Dean Elliot TEE-HEE! Where are ya? here comes fee-fee! Tam - The H's 22 best! Nax K.W., S.M., T.M THANKS FOR MAKING ENGLISH BEARABLE LOVE ALWAYS, L.V. If you love something set it free, If it comes back to you, It's yours, If it doesn't it never was meant to be. Terrie. a friend is Someone you can share all your feel- Ings with. Thank you for being my friend. Linda K.H., want to Rumble this Friday night? L.L. LoRi, our first friend at Apollo V remember J.L.'s B-day Kiss? Hal's Breath? breakfast at Little Nick's Thanks for the memories. Hope theres many, many more! Karen, Lamby KINKY KING: Jim McGinIay, KINKY PRINCE: Jim Meeks, KINKY PRINCE: Todd Krauss Dr. Papa and Dr. John report to the physical room Immediately, Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed Pf! to you i e, rom ott. You're a nice boy, Mr. Bosak Love ya', Joan Karen H.. keep In touch. Thanks for the rides home. You're great! Terrie L.L.L. To a great person and a super friend, thanks! Terrie J.D. - You're a pretty neat brother leven if you are a freshmanll. Rick, give me a call on your nineteenth. Charlene Ronnie: Tryy-ing Love, Julie Hi, Cassamundo! Sweet Pea Aloise, beware of psychic frogs! The year of the armadillo. E.Z., l'll love you forever and ever. W.W. To all my friends that have made this year such a great one: thanks, Jules Axe the aardvarks and naked Protons? Russ never sleeps - Bonus Noshoes Kris, more Billy Joel? David Small Steve - How about a Riopelle ? Big Dave Patsi Shannon, Thanks for being such a a good friend, Larry We'lI miss you, Fugi! Love, M.B. DK: TISTICSWIWWMIP. IWTMUSVSBTMPDBTM. SFMJGOOMRMLARlLY:CF Beck W., I will remember you and lare for you always, Larry. X BIG BRO, Don't forget about my jaguar! Love ya, LIT- TLE SIS KRISSY KAY, TAMOB, ANNIE: Thanks for being such GREAT friends!! Love ya'll, AIMLESS Dorina and Julie, You're the greatest Eileen Raymond good luck with Bethann Love Debbie Linda, You're really terrific, I'll never forget you: Thanks for everything, Karen Gary Fuller I think you're a fox. Anonymous Jackie To the -ffl BM Fan! You're terrific! Love ya LeAnn Karen you're the Sweetest! Thanx Love LeAnn Dean, Thanx for belng there when I needed you. Wish you all Luck with your Guitar: Love, Lori H-power 8: might! So if you're ever out of something to do Good Luck to all the New Cheer leaders! Too bad it wont be the same without us Seniors! Love Ya Krissie Sr Treekie Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed st is es in o ege Gronk J.G. Goshert, Leslie told me you wrote a paragraph. Thanks for the guilty concience. Love Laura Roman-Tweed PS: Did not know you could write a paragraph! Best wishes to a mystic mormon Honey, Gato, Gronk, Patsi lou Duffey, Chipmonk and Daddy A. The terrible trio lives! LoRi, you're tops, and I love you K.H. Hey. Robbo Bobbo - you're great in many ways! Karen Kathy, Cindy, Helen - you Freaks! Linda, Karen Bryan, when's the wedding? Your Fiance LeAnn. you're really great- but no darts. Karen TEX BROTHER, TRUCKER, COME JOIN ME AT ASU, ANNIE Hello Mergatroid, Blob and Bosley from Eurk Kruegaroo I love you Amilia, My favorite bud I love Ya Michelle To Kenny, To me, you'Il always be 31, Love LeAnn Hey Olympus Staff, what a year! keep in touch - I can be reached at 264-1444 anytime. Linda Lamberton Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed e is a gift I will never forget." TOBY'S OWNER - THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH MY LIFE. YOU MEAN ALOT TO ME ll guess - thanks Ms. Stewart!! Love, Kel Thanks 'martian' for being there! ua uarter I can borrow? ' : Life MAY be like like a mountain railway, but we'll find those Poneys yet. Carburetors, man! PrisonerVIn- disquise f- - . . . - I do the Rock, myself. Frankie Kat Poop, THANX! Rat Poop Miss: Think of you whenever I drink saladdressing. Okay, DON'T wave back! A Talking Curb Randy and Dean: good luck next year In 206. May Who be with you. Your favorite agnostic Photography Editor Bill: Where were you this year? Toss a banana my way this summer! Bert Mary: watchout for chocolate pigs and cardboard Rod Stewarts. Jewish Duck Jane: Also remember: J.F. vs G., laughing with a mouth- ful, and bear movies. La de da de da ouch! T.N.T.C.C. Pumkin loves BOOIBOO! Ladybugs never die, they just get new spots. Cory M. I Luv You B.B. Dave, DON'T forget me! "Love lots" Theresa Jeffidy, thanks for everything. Big Sister Brian, I Love You. Jen Dean- chink, chink, chlnk, chink, -one dollar, please. Caz DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. LB I HOPE YOU STRIKE OIL! LH Rober 81 Kentucky live! Thanx for it all "Ke- vy".ssssssssssssss S.M. - Thanks for all the good times we've had! Love Always, A.M. I like your uh hair? The Marching Hawks, the NAU Sweepstakes they won, but don't count on it next year, now that Susan and Carol are done! B-get, Bee Bee Boo Friends Always Cat P.S. Keep in touchT1 n the future Hi Best Buddie, for now and forever K.H. Va. Seramos amigas para siempre. Recuerdas que "This is a court of law and you are out of order!" Le quiero, fvol Rene - thank you for the joy of friendship you have given me. Love ya' Mom STINKY - Ojala' que seramos juntos para siempre - GRIFA - ' fs M.K. Wow, man he's wearin' skis! Love, Shell Bonnie Brimely, your a sweetheart. Love K.H. Ms Stewart, thanks for being you! Hawaiian Girls: THE GNOMES ARE COMING 'KAS Bonnie - We STILL CANT!! Sshh! L.W. LS,MS YOU BIG FOXY SHOWERGIRLS SAB BECUM, TERI BLOOM To 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Br 6th hour ex-rookies - thanks for a great year! M. Holloway Ann - I'm shure going to miss you but you'll do great at A.S.U. Thanks for making my high school years what they were! Friends Always - Love Sharon. Lynette - Your one super person! Thanks for always belng there. Love - Sharon. Tammy, We had some great capers Love Roxan DlSCO'S bunk: Get Punk! l'll miss you Jul. Love B.A.G. I'm gonna miss you Brian Sakata. Electra Woman Loves Dyna Girl - Friends Forever Claire Bear: I'm gonna call the cop! Kat Poop Steamroller Sleazy Woman that l Love Like I Love myself. Truck Worked hard but Loved your class and appreciated all of your concern! Uncaring Pig. Goodby Jenney, Laurel, Fred, Lisa, Tammy, and Good luck always. V.H. David, Steve, 81 T.J. Thanks for the mum I Love you guys kelly Jeff, be good next year. Ang. Keith I Love You, thanks Scoozy lor being such a great Friend. K.M. Shelly your the best friend a friend could ever have. Thanks for everything! Friends forever, Debbie "Chief's Cliffhangers" Hang Tough! "Apollo NJROTC Rappelllng Club!!" Maria W. Somebody still loves you. COLORFUL MARY, LIKED YOU ALL 4 YEARS. STACEY DARLING, WANNA TRADE CARS? BONNIE. l'D LOVE TO JUMP WITH YOU. Laurie and Sonya are hip oboe players and classy chicks Shlela, Thanks for making this year special! Barb HOLLY! BEREE! HOLA! HOLA! CLAIRE! BEAR! LH: Eres una amigo muy especial para mi F.spero que podemos ser amigas para siempre te gulero To Newspaper staff: You all were great and I'm sure going to miss the fun times 5th hour! Thanks for belng there, and putting up with me! l'll be back, Editor. Stogies, J.D., and women YA YA YA YA YA YA TO DONNA, CHERYL, SHERI AND JULIE FROM DAN Llt'l Boy, I luv you too, Karen Lauranda, oman-Tweed ary , ow a ut anot er s dig cart encounter? Ka- ren P-U-M-K-I-N Pumkin Darling Dear Will Miss Ya Chuck. TO THE SWEETEST 26 KADENA Lynette, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, Karen Happy life, Andy. From Woody JV - keep In touch V LK You left your mark! I love you Shortcakes. Don't ever leave me. Llfe is Death: Death is Life, Llve llfe to its fullest: Die today. The Ancients of Ma-Bu-Hu ROCK RULES The Ancients Ilve! Paige: Keep on Shinning with the Son. Goodbye. KAT Q: Is Scott a man? A: He is Devo! Lo igs f y. Farewell Apollo it was nice while it lasted. Senioritls Victom Here's to us, best coeditors. KAT To Paula: Huddagay buddagoobs! From Whit Tlm Donahoo I LOVE YOU Whitney Rabbit your very sweet and beautiful and I love you very CIIEEFNEAR P.v.c.H's To LC TS MK EW CW JH THANKS, LEANN Wee Wee, thanks for being there! Love ya Always, K.K.T. LORI: SHORT PEOPLE MAKE BETTER BEST FRIENDS! LOVE YA. CHERYL HEY BARBER: It's Friday! 6th hour chemistry Cas, Thanx for being their, I'II always be here for you. I hope we'll stay the "best of friends". Wanda L.D.F. we've been through It all, good luck with Paul. Claire Bare, teleaphene buds! Bobbie Bates, It's TELEPHONE Claire Bear Assistant Soclal Director wanna go out to breakfast In San Diego! From your Social Director Sweetie-Pie Jeffity and Funky Ken, Cosmic waves oliki won man can you relate? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve! Heather, "What's your malfunction?" Are you "just a tad" crazy? Well, don't worry about it. It's no "big deal- o" Friends always Carol Tack-Attack! Emily, your so sweet. Stay cute and wonderful Love ya always, Joe To Marko Love Always Pixie -firecita.-Leak. To Loca From Pebs GO WITH THE FLOW Kawen, You're Mostest Bestest! Love, WEE WEE HEY CA HOW'S ROGER AND KEN- TUCKY! HOW RUDE! GIVE ME A BREAK! TELL BIG 10 HI! HOW ARE THE HOME MOVIES! LOVE KEV Joe Downey: We've Never seen such a Beautiful Sight! Hey CUBS when ya gonna Turn into BEARS?! Bendag TEE V HEE Love ya lots friends for every. Magoo 842. John C Be good to yourself. Keep ln touch friends! Big Ben Love you Mom and Dad j ' Deb. can't relate to the situation you're putting me in! Lisa Lauran ean Roman-Twee lf. rni,tesye nmydogandhedIed,butl AM going to make lt! Jim, I Love you, Angela Linda and Terri - Thanx so much for putting up with me this year! Love ya lots! Renae No girls for superman, he has Wicked Wanda! NOLAN - ELLUVA PARTY! Babybuns l think you'e cute Julie and Pam, remember the good times. The doors of life are open. Friends truly Michelle Hubbard OHIO! SHARON, BRAD H, AND BRAD S., HOW ABOUT A GAME OF ANN aren, Susan, Laura, Daryl, Jeffy, Johnnie, Mike, Rick, Ken, Love you all Jackie TO: F,R. always best of friends, From: F.R Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed K.L, You Make my lifetime big and bright Love Always E.E, To the family Good Luck and have fun. Luv Beaker. Hey Eurk, Rie, Jule From Merg Lauranda Jean Ro - L.K. Remem r the good old days? You better! Love. T.V. Krissie, I Love Ya!! Teresa V.A. SB. Has the Bow Wowed yet? J.T. ' Michelle N. ls a fox Dean: How were me meeting? HA HA! Terrie I still Love you Gary Wilson. J.O. Class of 1 the reats To ue and purple crayons - Love Ya! - Red crayon Susan, never forget the good times. friends always S.H. To Mal, my favorite Beast! I love you always, Jello. Bob, Steve and ED are siffers C.J. Lauranda Jean Roman-Tw d av - o cares? L,H, M.C, L.L. L. To our dreams and expectations of the future - Here we go, look out Tucson D. Karen, l Love you very much. Love Gregg L' - you're special - T. At least once a year, look in this book and get in touch with your friends. Dean, To the only guy l know who catches basketballs with his face, Love Janette. NITA, WHEN AM I GONNA BE A GODMOTHER? Stay close, Luv-Brandy Jenny - Rebecca "Do the Goat" Denise Babycakes Sell 343 in basketball you're the greatest! Your secret admir- er for 2 years. Love Always T,C. Senior "BO" I Love Michelle N. Mike Bames loves Michelle Noisean forever Lauranda ,leg Roman-Tweed Scooter, I love ya. Beth Malibu Moab D.E. and K.W. Thanks for making yearbook class fun lt's an aardvark! L.H. l'm gonna miss you -LB El Mighty Don't set foot in a car with Shawn! K.H., S.M. 8: T.G. "AUP WlEDERSEHEN" T.G., D.H., K.H., S.M., D.W., Apollow. Miss You All. D.K. Hi Rick, Sheri, Lisa from Colleen Lauranda Jean Rom -T Sheila: ogarit ms - HA HA Julie Darryl, I'm sorry. - Dense LOCAL 8386 SD Bt SG'S LOCAL 3386 Llsa fhoneyl, you're a nerd! - D,O, F.H. - Thanks for your love and support. l'll never forget you you're 31. Zlmmle: You're great! Thanks for your friendship You're a special person. Love ya! Frankie: Read my Lips: I'm Fearless of Cold Blue Steel - but haven't we met before? Right on the money, Robrt ' Dont forget the Rocky Horror ' ekend' Love Cindy you're a great friend Jackle Beaia thanks for always being there E.A. GOOB - No More Exciting Classes. We had fun - More - to come - Are you be fuddled - Thanxs - Goober two. Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed W' around to make my senior year fantastic! l'm going to miss you! Love ya lots, Kris Laurel, We've had a lot of fun together these last two year, always remember G.M.T,A. Your friend, Julie Hi, Mark Andy and Penny forever Joanne 8: Sherrana stay sober and on the ground Love mo ,V-f-N , vote NICK y' X Panama Mark'Tomlinson Someone in Phoenix Arizona Loves you, Bear, Claire Love you Jeff C. Grifa: Ya sabes lo mucho que te quiero eres la maxie ma! Recuerdas: "Juntos Podemos hacer nuestros suenos un realidad." Gracias por tu amistad me vale mas que todo en el mundo! N,S. Lauranda Jean Roman-Tweed - Greg Beth, Enjoy your last two years and remember to keep smiling. Love, your Big Sister Melody, You Banana RUSH! Linda, Your the best friend ever. Love Sandy Mike Blxs I get first dlbs on you next year. Love R.M. Ken Channon. Good Luck Love forever Jenny Pretzels. Thanks for all the good times. Elephants Kevin thanks for being such a good friend Jackie Babylonian Tupperware .-2 Spunky, Mrs. B. Sharie Leslle Lov Nicky Bill Merchant Appollo Communications Shelly D. Neil Karen Hunter James Morrison T. A. S. K. Bon Del Sunshine Crafts Charles Gyurko Irma Hochwender Claire Arthur Carla I-Iochwender Cory L. Mitchell Linda Lamberton Kevin Diaz PATRONS LoRi Shaw State Farm Insurance Lynn Zummerman Andrew Bognar Jo D. Albillar Mr. O's V 8a R Barber Shop Mario's Pizza Paradise Paint and Hardward Suellen Shima Arizona Office Supply I 3-.4v' ,.-up . e Hi, here I am again! You know me, I never know when to shut up. I am taking it upon myself to use this space to tell everyone what a great staff we were. We worked awfully hard, didn't we? But, we had a very good time. Well, at least I did. l'll always remember getting caught stealing a typewriter by the Glendale Police . , 264-1444 , . . Randy's darkroom boogie. , . that infamous role of cats. . . the collies lthanks Mrs. Smithl , .. Do you want me to show you my tree?. . . I have to sit up front, I'm sick, . . And so much more. Finally, my thanks are given to the staff and, especially Quasimodo, who let me cry on her shoulder, laugh with her, and who gave me "the glare:" whenever I needed it. Miss Stewart, you are the greatest! -Shelly Niel, Editor OKS -0. y TfAyy c uy-c -{ ? , "7 c7 p i A-i S ' TW yfcy pj o z5y 2- . y Z viJ£ C - XTL I u. ( y c2« J o-Lje t f' - t - i 1 y j J5yas --c y y ycuy Sy t yCyf% Ct yiy s -gA y e y e yy oga c -e yru4Sa y - ff LJLy tAj y yz ,a 0 Zscy£y ? . ?o yf. dZo - nc y aUJLy o yyy c '-v s7 c o- i Q Cyp o O A A , fcLy lOtr . x - ' K nyy y . ( Tf f( CyZ Jl Y «o y y jr CJc yf. cAy jy c yy L - yuu yfi jt c y yyA „ yyyy yy 'n y y y , P 3sy . 3. - f '£ Xy-t.j?f y v (f f-S. Co o ,« w co -e »- «- - - - ; J ? ?-{' t Cc- 7 Jp 7 W xs c t A Hfcfc Ate T( AaJO A btte AO0(Cr , 6dr THcrJ ficfi rt So x , t cni tycurllc l JlTli Vo0 1 J STneM-j f tJD 26 77 y(e=3 Nfe6Vcoc S J|" iisranJoL Je s AW j f jtn f Qcf r[ tt, pz tL ia it-k IDu Sfc rc. 7- a s c Csco - fs a aval Blast 'F £T0 Aexr V e x ia)ih ee F lieK. »l 60 et r rt TAe M'i l y { er ozMk A O T - £o ) ef x re-cHot (LhK COOK Ts AT pas S l-6 oV-S ySLPEAmiV'iJ V p You" Wd ViX£ or ' W 6ftit" f L cVC'A j2 £p fvLty C6. AJ4?2Q u.C' T hF PoPcoA U yo 0 i’D X both TtfipK -T 5 H-ot c gc- (j 'l7-,V TH-' na’( nO V Kj J.-X y "Ttft S Co O Tkj J Av y - p JocJ 7D g6x 77 ovC-75 vy s F Oy s «r y-p-pyp tflFlX t3 t“ BAUC 1T Via aTT?". or f fvcK X T-sr uir 7 4-V £ - a jf %es T o c- S . ■nvrr Jr- -gfrdC A jO-nV 5TETL Lfi-Tp«.. Mcr A-Ci y j P CisTy 6or fZ%sz) -? Si'-Ct?- y£ s. aa x f-kn (k. OK2. A£M-»-S) X SA-y AGj l uJ'X ;E?r wr, u evir aMc a C6 P(«r 6A f Herry Oir XX f'i y-f'( 5 JthfX yo Y NAov JIVk P-f hsc iv ccr "r»M J j'-'V iT• t X umX A O RJa"| u Ao6 V(Pi2 W rt CA E" r- xVl CJtTttl yoK s TAAX fX'e'feAu O 6£-eX"w x+v" 5 KT M A-C A t J crvA u U c Ti A (° 6 OAy P'VA'kfe’ XT' tOoT 'Ber7 e vJ A yTlK tr U? Ci ujEh vt o l pc . ph Jja jj tM W yQC - OM ijOXrM -V c( dpi uAO tdmJM ccfj, c Ob A, -d yvt 6!u ucUfJ0’ ' °tp ' i 7 I JV)JM i ODTU jJj [Jyifj Ay ■ u" iSAPi "- ‘Xi %?,. ytklovL. (xkhj 4 cpi Mat Xior P u ix Xxcd .T X PfTlU; £ k 'UJAjf. UJXDjJiXD cluoGiijuAjma j

Suggestions in the Apollo High School - Olympus Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) collection:

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