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1979 APOLLO OLYMPUS Apollo High School 8045 N 47th Ave Living . Sharing .. Caring . . . Striving .. Organizing Advertising Cover designed by Joe Ament p 17 p35 p 115 p 133 p 173 p213 APOLLO HIGH SCHOOL IS This school was opened for the public in 1969. We have grown from a student body of 995 to over 2,600 students. Throughout the years, many changes have been made, but in some ways we are the same as we have always been. ' X ' . ff . 'L ' , ' v ' . 1.9" W Egfr ! 1 -2 -9 a q - 1. ' " W, L. 5 an K. .4 r , xr' ' Ig 1 ?' -1 T . J- f- '. ,ey 31317: pk .V 54 ' -,J -f. n v mai'-H we w 2' -Q - 1 'wax H 9593 ff-Wa V 'ff -4 -fi' ,gLj, 'ly 3 " 'U ' ' Q ,qc ' 11152- rgi . :FY 25.-.".."x"A :2 " -- ' 'UZVI'-v I-.-1 -43 ' ' - fri .J 2 49: X '21- , Kg Ui ' 9 5 . avr ,, . X i 'A I 6455. ' fifff S W e " K Lxlft, r-Q O 1 if My .Q W-9- i. f 5 V T .. , sei fr 9 M- 'W' ' 'X xv' Z I 1 , H A , A PLACE WHERE .A- v ALL THE THINGS . . . We have made it through this year keep- ing in mind all of the pep assemblies, dances, elections and the everlasting classes we went through in 1978-79. WE HAVE CHERISHED . Tl FRI?-xx -. fat 'Zim fl The memories of our high school years will stay with us for many years to come. At times, some of us will reminisce about these moments. We may recall the good and the bad, but the best of the memories will re- main. REMIND US OF Throughout the year, we had many reminders of the tradi- tional activities ofthe past. The Homecoming and Sweetheart activities, dances, the prom, and sporting events, fall are im- printed upon our minds as well as the new traditions. N ,J ,W 8, A Ngy- Y 9w rw, 'ff MQ' 9 i "M W' . A f' H Q ,fg V. , .- 1 f 1 Y I tf ' 'VW' 5, "1 -.-.,f' 'I' f., ' , 41' L x It fgrcfl., 1? vg7ff4, ',fni'5b5 ff:-,Gif L , f" K f if 9? Ve ' f ' F' ""'-- '- 9' "fri f ff g 'Ml' I ,. . fm ' nv I K' I , "' ,. M ,Q F- -A. + ' 4 l f , 2 ' f ' fr' , I . A W V . dr? f F, no Tl' ,A 1 ",. S 1 Mt ra THAT HAVE GONE BY --U, -ww - ., , 1. 3 3 ' . F Q xx .,. , 5' .f K J 'Wh-'ff' W' 'iw' as ...ggi Nusfa -kwa 1" .,.4 ' 1' f I 0 n A 8 I NOW WE ARE READY MOVE O After we graduate, each of us goes our own way. Our four years in high school will pre- pare us for our goals. We go through tests, assignments, and lectures. Right now these do not seem to make as much sense as it will later. THROUGH LIFE I! K o x 1351 .... ., Q' "'-1-nm am 'K it its ' , as M53 ' 'I ' . , W ' A., . K' 5 Q 4445, f A .Q Rnwiie wr, A Q'.:1.i:1L: ,.-gfffgz M , V. A, ir" " -3,2 K 7 1 ' ' M ' ., , ., ' fed " 1 W- Sv N J -i ' K 'X -M- A WZ' 9 11, 1 . . 1 ,.,J 4 R . .. ,,,,.,. X,..,u,,,.,.,.. bfi: 4' i I r K , ,- il' r ' 5 2 F' X4 L! wg, Y'.w'- f x 5 1Qf:1sX?frf'f.: NN ' L X f-4 E v ' A ff'-WWA f 453 mimmnx ' i -uv. .,... 01- HERE TODAY . During our time at high school we feel as if we will be here forever. But then our senior year comes and goes so quickly, and before we have had time to enjoy it, we are at graduation and going on the Disneyland trip. To some of us, the future is not as important as the time we spend today. K. , ,,,. . 4, ii i wi. -A Q. , .5 Q N 5 f 3 f 5 t . I 5--fi i HERE TO STAY ., ' -'1"3,:,g, p 'wma . A , tb , W 3ez3?o'f?mf x w2'2:fz2z"'zz,z2 QP AfxAfx7AA 'W W Q Qi. , QW, 933 QWTI-124 , W2 v 'Q W QW f '06 Q 'MQ fo 6? row M' 'WW MN ' 'Non woo ,, cpu Q M www f b M99 we Q29 4 L 2.if,?25fg1?4?49NA?AQgi"giAi? FEELIN' FREE In high school it seems like we are tied down and have many responsibilities. We have classes that we must pass, obligations to- wards the school, and requirements for some classes. But, in fact, we do not as compared to those we will have later on during our lives. We should take advantage of these years as much as possible. We should be feeling life as it is now. We should be feelin' free. :grin I. '3 ':'is-' Y V g M kit hi Aggglvf ,,1,iWivl,x 1, 't . : -1 il ggg, ' .'- Y 4 p,,, 1 'ii l li K' W Viz M 3 11 ' W' ' . fc- " , i?Cf 'g5f ' S .1 Ex. J 3.Lg,2x in . it 8 l sl it 2 1 Y fl X X X--4 Ji, SCHOGL LIFE Entertainment of 1979: Box Office Hits: "Up in Smoke" "Midnight Express" Animal House" "Goin' South" Superman" "The Wiz" Television: "Mork and Mindy" Rocky" L . "Gone With the Wind" "Saturday Night Live" "Love Boat" "W.K.R.P. in Cincinatti" "Battlestar Galactica" "Centennial" ai Records: y Billy Joel: 52nd Street Styx: Pieces of Eight Boston: Don't Look Back Heart: Dog and Butterfly 'Billy Joel: The Stranger Jefferson Starship: Earth fi t THE 1979 SPIRIT Concerts: Linda Ronstadt Foreigner Willie Nelson Heart Unicef Concert Styx Booksg Scruples My Mother My Self Running and Being The Holcroft Covenant .Norman Rockwell's i102 Favorite Paintings l i 'I 1 l OF FEELING FREE People of 1979: Celebrities Lost, Nelson Rockefeller Golda Mier Pope Paul Norman Rockwell Pope John Paul I People in the Headlines, Tyson Brothers and Greenawalt Escape John Travolta: Male Sex Symbol Mao Tse Tung Visits U.S. Hogan's Hero Star, Bob Crane Slain in Scottsdale Shah of Iran Exiled Tyson Brothers Revenge on Greenawalt Trial For Mass Murders News of 1979: Cleveland, Ohio Goes Bankrupt Balance of Trade Unfavorable to U.S. December Floods Second-of Year y Catholic Papacy Forced to Choose Two Popes in One Year Minimum Wage Raised to 352.90 Pres. Carter Asks Congress for Education Dept. Seperate of Health and Welfare Sports of 1979: Alabama, U.S.C. ffl Pittsburg Steelers- 35 over Dallas Cowboys 31 in Superbowl XIII N.Y.Yankee's over L.A. Dodger's i World Series Wimbeldon Tennis Tournament- Virginia Wade, Bjorn Borg n 1978 REACHING FOR YOU HOMECOMING ROYALTY 1978 Q 4 'Wi Z. . If wma Xww , xx C, Q ARTHEST DREAMS Ne. K.: If? W of 2 A",,..-v g o ' v M, Noe X If L, .,,. K , M., Seniors: Dave Wagner, Rhona Rivette Juniors: Andy Acedo, Jeri Jean Eldridge Sophomores: Rob Weaver, Melissa Nash Freshmen: Chris Werner' Vlek, Chaney HO ECOIVIINGQ DREAMS OF FEELING FREE In the years that Apollo has been built, we have only won one of our homecoming games. This year we won our second game against Agua Fria 34-7, making this year's home- coming more unique. During the week to build up enthusiasm for the game there was a male beauty con- test, a 3-legged race, Scope Day and other spirit promoting events. The winners of the male beauty contest were, during first lunch Jim Meeks and during second lunch "Gumby" Williams. Many ravishing beauties participated in this contest. The Sophomores and Seniors won the 3- legged races after some close fin- ishes by the other classes. Scope Day was a dress-up day to produce the crazy, carefree mood needed at homecoming. On homecoming day there was the school's first all school assembly ... lui 'T The agony of competition in the 3-legged race. F' OX Q c ' -'ff " NAB. 7.5. aug, . ...... ,,.-inns s H Above: Apollo's vainglorious male beauties David Prazac, Jane Bates, and Richard Dickey hand out ballots Bob Horner became Apollo's lst member of the Hall of Fame, The assembly held on the football field brought the school together for the first time, which created the unity neces- sary for our win. At half-time during the game we crowned our homecoming royalty and awarded the annual trophy for the prize winning float. This year the Sophomores won first, the Seniors took second, the Juniors were given third and the Freshmen float was fourth. The Sophomores victory was the second year in a row in which they have taken the annual trophy. Homecoming after the winning game con- cluded its eventful end with the celebration of a homecom- ing dance which everyone seemed to enjoy. Mary Fitzpatrick and her partner enjoyed the dance. Hopeful Seniors arrive with their class float. o 50'S BRINGS FUN FOR ALL T T flifft A A, Nostalgia reigned in an unusual twist during 3 ,L . ' , 50's week which was sponsored by the Srs. W This year's 50's week was unique due to the .3 ' T appearance of Apollo's own Blues Bros. The ' ,, Blues Bros. performed throughout both lunches, during the basketball game and at the dance to enthusiastic audiences. Other lunch ?4 hour activities included bubblegum chewing, sg,-J marshmellow string eating in pairs, hula hoop- , ing, gold fish eating for a free dance pass and a Volkswagon stuffing contest. The champion MMACHQUW bubble gum chewers were Jackie Harker, Jr. T ' and Jeff Dietrich, Sr. The winning pair of the string marshmellow eating contest was Me- lanie Hastings and Mike Lanning both Jrs. The winning hula hoopers were Melanie Hastings, Jr. and Laurie Shannon, Sr. The Sophs. and Srs. were both victorious during the lunch hours of squeezing the most people into a Volkswagon. Donny Wells, Buck Arbuckle, and Neil Pierce, swallow bravely as a cupful of raw eggs go slithering down their throats. All of them managed to keep down the raw eggs which was easier than the goldfish. Fifties week, a time of rowdiness and fun during the lunch hours was captured in the Volkswagon stuffing contest. Although the space was cramped, the contest was enjoyed by all. 1" fr, 4.3 li'-x Rim As a festivity of fifties week, the Pom and Cheer lines switched roles. In bobble socks and saddleshoes, the Pom Pon line cheered the crowds on to the varsity's basketball team's victory. BLUES BROS. TDP 5O'S WEEK A . 1 y . A 1 f ta 2 .i 2 v i. f if ili 5 3 ef . ,, l xt' Brian Bale, sings one of the songs from the Blues Brothers Four of the members play to a tune from the album "Blues Brothers." The hit album. group of seniors put in many hours of practice to perfect their performance. N 9 v X Q4"""'--... ftp I it .,,. ff ""' i Students dressed in clothes of the 50's gave the band the most support when they played at both lunch periods during 50's week earlier this year. Right: members of the horn section are shown while they pause in between the song they performed. The cafeteria was crowded during both lunches to watch the imitation of the la- test band that has come back from the 5O's- The Blues Brothers. Brian Bale and Jeff Horstman played Joliet Jake and El- wood Blues, the lead members of the band. Other members included Mike Eas- terly, Tom Stoner, Alan Mast, Peter Bauer, Dan O'Connor, Ken Stutzman, Steve Stone, and Donny Wells. MELODRAMATIC COMEDY PREMIERS I . iw-.aw Felicity Fair trys to tell Malvern Larkfield that she cannot marry him because of her amnesia. Cyril Bothingwell played by Ed Estes, tells Brocton played by Jim John- son, the scheme he will be using to take over the mansion. "Caught in the ViIlian's Web," directed by Bill Fer- rell, was the fall play of the 1978-1979 school year. The melodrama began its showing of three days on November sixteenth. Leading roles were Felicity Fair played by Karen Zieser, Malvern Larkfield portrayed by Jeff Orsburn, Regina Larkfield played by Patty McMahon and, Cyril Bothingwell -the villian- per- formed by Ed Estes. .., I-Q ' 1- ' f.,h ',,H'Q-:nf-v Above: Regina Larkfield talks to Nella Hargrave, played by Janet West, about the arrival of her nurse Felicity Fair. Below: Junior, Dean Bonzani as Dr. Belch, comments on the severe illness of Regina Larkfield. ffl i AT APOLLO HIGH SCHO0L i i f 1 1 x - I wg .X 1.-14 Above: Seniors Jeff Orsburn as Malvern Larkfield and Karen Zieser as Felicity Fair quietly discuss the days events. Left: Mal- vern Larkfield expresses to his sister, Lona, his true love for Nurse Felicity Fair. ay '1. il l Upon Felicity Fair's arrival at Larkfield Mansion in the fall play "Caught in the Villian's Web", Regina Larkfield looks around grimly at the prospect of having a nurse. A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE Kneeling down to his owners feet, the slave Dean Bonzani kisses Domina's dress, portrayed by Pati McMahon. . - Ly: Ag, MJ, Y aus.. .,-fe'-1,-M.. - on ,- ' ' ' AQ. ..........1...-f........-I , A. ' Q 1 rl ,s,s it t , A , , h ad Y A Q.,ix.lv. X -ll gl,-ff-, 'Y N . .' ' v , ,.,.1.-sua... Uyj. "'-W-3 J' A i g .1,,. - . A .v1' ' 3' W Competing for the love of Phila, played by Cathy Finn, Atero, played by Jesse Ramariz, finally wins her over from the guard. in-I Row 1: Dean Bonzani, Mike Lang, Jesse Rarnariz, Cathy Finn, Patti McMahon, Jim Johnson, Steve Holloway, Jeff Orsborn, Tom Dvorak. Row 2: Tammy Kirkpatrick, Glen Rabinowitz, Deanna Pauk, Jim Porter, Kelly Anderson, Heidi Linovitz, Julie Mumpy, Jeri Jean Eldridge, Jennifer Johnson, Farron Jackson, Donna Estep. Row 3: Mike Gaqua, Mark Laube, Michelle Jones, Karen Zieser, Pat Vincent, Melissa Nash, Curtis Stroul, Kelly McDonald, Carole Wenzl. WAY TO THE FORUM AT AHS While Senex, played by Jim Johnson, looks upon the happy couple, Domina turns away because of her unhappiness with the match. Pseudolus the slave played by Jeff Orsburn and Marcus Lycus played by Mike Lang fight over the maiden Phila. This hilarious musical of Latin comedy and the zany nonsense of vaudeville are all included in the madcap romp of a show called "A Funny Thing Hap- pened On The Way To The Forum." This musical was first written by Plau- tus, a Roman author from the first cen- tury A.D. ln 1958, it was adapted to the American stage. The main characters include Pseudolus played by Jeff Ors- burn, Hysterium played by Dean Bon- zani, Hero performed by Jesse Ra- mariz, Phila played by Cathy Finn and Miles performed by Tom Dvorak. X Jr fir l IIIKHLN ' DARRYL HALE CHOSEN AS VA Darryl Hale has been chosen as Valedictorian for the 78-79 school year. During his senior year, Hale was President of National Honor Society, a member of Key Club, and a delegate of Model U.N. His junior year, Hale was President of the Black Student Union Club and is a member this year. Hale has participated in such sports as Freshman Baseball and Freshman and Junior Varsity Basketball. His plans for the future are to attend Cornell or Howard University and to major in Social Science so that he can become a corporate lawyer. We Q--an nf' lfftll Y Q---1 1 . D A rv K B' I QQ 'IF' ,,,,-yu-1""'? 0 g 'E CATHY AND PAM SHARE HONOR ,Ss flu The co-Salutatorians for the 1978-79 school year are Pam Henderson and Cathy Farrier. Both were involved in the National Honor Society and Key Club, along with being excellent students. Farrier participated in a community program to help children in South Phoenix. She would like to enter a field that is exciting and challenging, possibly the medi- cal field or business administration. Henderson was involved in Junior Achievement her sophomore year. She would like to have a job where she could be out-of-doors. Her career desires are to be either an obstetrician or an oceanographer. ""w, kv QL, DIFFERENT CULTURE EXCITING ' 31914, Here are this year's foreign exchange students: Sari Ruiz, Lene Mahler, Annette Pfeiffer, Asa Anderson This year's foreign exchange program is very active with four students. Although a few difficulties have arisen all of the students have done very well. This past year on campus you will have seen the smiling faces of Asa An- derson from Sweden, Lene Mahler from Denmark, An- nette Pfeiffer from EI Salva- dor and Sari Ruiz from Deli- cias, Mexico. We are Iuckier this year to increase our number of foreign exchange students. All of the students are enjoying their new fam- ilies as they took over a new life trying to learn the ways of America. Of course, there are differences at Apollo which everyone agrees is dif- ferent than their native countries, but most of them like the changes. gi'-lm aerer 4 Asa Anderson enjoys herself in class i One of the serious sides of Sari Ruiz. YQffrE?t-5 it Lene Mahler helping at one of the dances. Some of the changes in which they had to adapt to were the layout of the school campus, the new de- gree of strictness of the ad- ministration rules and the varied attitudes of Apollo students. All of them agreed that they liked the involve- ment of Apollo students in the school's activities and the kind, encouraging teach- ers. Best of all they liked the friendships that were made with friendly students. Over all Apollo gained many things from our foreign friends. Most of all everyone realized that except for mi- nor different small things, everyone is the same all over the world. Due to the success of the Apollo foreign exchange program this year it is hoped that it will contin- US. Annette Pfeiffer learns that class isn't all work. SMITH EARNS TEACHING HONOR UYOLICBD bethe bestreacherintheiJnwerse,but you cant teach anyone H they dont wantto learnu says ApoHo facuHy rnenwber Enwneh Snnth.SnMth was chosen outoffwe HnaHstsfor Anzonas teacher ofthe year award for 1978. Carolyn Warner, State Superintendent of Public lnstruction, presented Smith with his award on November 25th. The ceremony was attended by students as well as education officials throughout the state. For Snnth to be nonnnated,leHers fron1 students, parents,facuHy rnen1bers, and Principal Dean Bennett had to be given to the Board of Educahon to be exannned. Then Hve finalists were chosen based on their recommen- dabons.SnnH1hastaughtatApoHolhgh Schom Qnce H was opened,and has been ateacherfor thelastinneteen years Emmett Smith's students take notes from a lecture during S f,wt"z ' one of his freshman English classes. r-.59 .AM Q ji, . 5 fs his CJ: 'W ASA! me 'A I L 'NN-.f Smith receives congratulations from Carolyn Warner State Superintendent of Public Instruction, during a ceremony held November 25th. g Emmett Smith stops to listen to one of his student questions during one of ' his lectures. X I il .-0-'M . S . A 'Q'-f, are f 1- f Q54 . 3 ft 'A F1 E . , ,,..t, .. 1.5.1. 4' F . A T, 5 t if S. . -: Al 1 " if-1' W ' In uf- .. . , Af V . KW., . .,, .. untrue' 'pl-V., , . ,. ' ' ' ' ' f-5-M... ' t 3 ,W-, 1 W s, . A . . .Q k. -,,M 34 Q33 f pw- , ,u,,.,, -.s W.. W 6 A l .""l CLASSES aff: 11' 19 mera II 0516 iff? EQET: uct' 91:4 2'1" GRADUATIO FOUND SENIOR The class of "79" is here today in spirit, here to stay in memory, and feeling free forever. The years 1975 through 1979 will never leave the hearts and minds of this year's sen- iors. The graduating class showed their enthusiasm by participating in spirit weeks activities. For the tradi- tional trip, the seniors went to Dis- neyland. That was enjoyed thor- oughly. Seniors looked forward to the annual intramural flag football game. Many seniors dressed up for the 50's week festivities putting the occasion in the highlight of the year. Gary Adams Wendy Agersea s l 5 Ax?-is Senior Class Council: Donny Wells, Lori Parks, Vice President, Gwen Ammen, Secretary: Rhona Rivette, President: Gena Hedin, Jill Wolfenden, Meri Saver, Jeff Horstrnan, Janine Monachelli, Karen Cole, Barbara Troutman, Robin Greenlee, Jeff Dieterich. F l.':-2: kc. Stephen Akers Larry Alvarez Manuel Amarillas Joe Ament Gwen Ammen Asa Andersson Roger Anderson Alice Andrade Elizabeth Andrade Joe Andrade Rod Andrewson Billie Andrick tu. , EADY FOR THE "REAL WORLD" 9 Y. fb- V, Q' 17? , , 4 1 x X fi ,K .-,Q .. 75 ,XXX K 1 x A Steve Anthony Elizabeth Arenivaz Brian Bale Frances Banda M f is Nancy Barrette Cory Bartz Frank Aspeitia John Baer Douglas Bakken Gilbert Baldenegro :-if Asta Barden Kathy Baresel Jeff Barker Michelle Barrette R 'ta 1 'ue' Peter Bauer Kathie Baxter Cathy Beaty Susan Beebe 0.4.5, x ,Mahal Libby Bellltter Barbara Bend Carla Palmer prepared an oral interpretation for a speech class. Demonstrative and persuasive speeches were also assigned this year. MANY SCHOLARSHIPS EARNED B . fr A fa- Y . -A Hg, as -x -4 'Q' -' .-- 'r l ' x ' . Shelly Bennett Terri Benson Deborah Bernstein Jennifer Berry Keith Berry Teresa Besser 5 Q. . C ,img N N , , -Q 'ff 4...f at A. ' E' Barbara Bice Brad Birdsell Lisa Black Perry Black Margaret Blake Steve Blake :ia xx '-up Jerry Boughner Jean Bonora Denise Booher Damon Bosak Sherrye Bosick Debbie Boucher 'T i fu-N Edie Brannon Laurie Bratcher Jane Bremser Senior Kelly Tilford studies during Arizona History class to play the role of The President of the House of Representatives. Y TALENTED CLASS OF '79 Tammy Briner Dirk Brodish Diane Brown Laurie Bruce Lynn Brzezinski Alan Burchfield if. , f S 'ti F, V - ,ti David Burkett Mark Burkett Cathy Burrus Daniel Bushey David Bushey Suzie Callow V fa sv ' i - j g 1 E5 S 5 .i lf i fl' 3 4' 4. -X . ? ' 1 ' ,M ew Y A - X I ' ' E Suzanne Canady Sharon Canik Matt Capron Kirk Carpenter Daniel Carrasco Dale Carroll David Carroll Lisa Carruthers Patricia Carstensen A senior favorite pastime, relaxing and munching on goodies, is being practiced by senior Manuel Amarillas while observing the Pom Pom girls and Cheerleaders doing their cheers. SENIORS FINISHED FOUR YEARS Eileen Cello Greg Cheyne Jeff Childs Jongin Chung Tom Parkinson, Wes McKeage, Diane Woods, Mitzi Cilley Pam Cisneroz Becky Clark Julie Coast Jeanette G"'ZZeu' and Lance Mecham took 'n Laurie Cohen Karen Cole Kelley Coleman Steve Compton Ross Conroy Mark Converse IC 1 x A, . .l-MW" Linda Convery William Copeland Crystal Crowl Todd Crusan Joe Cruz Carla Cuellar G MANY ATHLETIC MARKS YN'- X QA Michael Cummings Steve Cunningham Masume Daliri Dan Daly 435 CSI QQ a discussion on lack of heroes in today's soci- ety' Donna Daly D'Andrea Janice Danforth Terry Daniels in gi' fb iw! ' "N 7 Nickie Darilek Debbie Davis Rob Decker Rennie DeFrance Theresa Degard Brad DeGroot Guadalupe Diaz Paul Dickerson Jeff Dieterich Juanita Dobbs Steven Dodds Chris Domme JOBS KEPT MANY SENIORS BUSY L t l l Kerry Dove Brian Drane Russell Driver ,. GQ! Seniors Dan Hawk and Pam Milton look amazed and disgusted while listening to the comments of one of the guest speakers in Steve Duckworth Joni Duncan Les Duncan Family Living. Ar: iffifi ix X E 7 :"""'Q V' me . , . 3 Mike Duncan Joe Dunevent Patti Dunkin Sue Dusel Kerrie Earle Larry Eastburn 'S ,f x Q. I ' ' a .f A fsfsstesau .na f,.- 1. . X Bruce Elliott David Elwood Kent Ek Christina Engel Tom Ennis Steve Essig ww.. T17 sa Mary Ann Fabritz Linda Fagan Nti 4 1 Sue Farrell Cathy Farrier ,ut an ,WX Q .7 If ,ref Darryl Faulkner Cathy Finn OUR Kimbeny . Maryeileen Debra Flores Julie Ford Carleen Freiwald William Friedlander Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick I ' f . i ' ' ' - 'ff' 0 6, L ,, Z ..,.. 'I 1 " A Micki Furr Tim Gallia ' 35 si"5'ii K ' 1 --lg.-I.. 8 .N b 1- I X an ,W X N.,- X 'f sv' ' ' A I Steve Galpin Danny Garcia Elizabeth Garcia Senior Debbie Boucher tried to disregard the lecture on the Legislative Branch during her Arizona History by talking to one of her friends while a classmate in the background already has his attention on the camera. Ari- zona History is a required class for gradu- ation. 9 A ut F .- G f , it X l f ,W Stan Garcia Rebecca Garland Cathy Gay Ox., il nt :Srl Denise Hold Barbara Hood Betsy Hord li Tammy Hughes Kenneth Hynick Carol Jacobs 40' t o A Juliet Jett Mary Jiunta Laura Johnson Senior Rudy Guglielmo and his date found the refreshments at homecoming enjoyable, Homecoming this year was again sponsored by the Student Council. This year's Homecoming dance brought back many alumni. 'S f r JCIZW, :sb 'H N 'S' Jeff Horstman Shelly Hudson Anna Huerta Tracy Jacobs Joe Jakubowski Mike Jaqua 'D . fff .1 f- .., efea x x 1 .-sf Pat Johnston Scott Jones Ruby Judee all Chris Karlsrud Harvey Keefer Edie Keenan SRS. FINAL YEAR PROVED TOUGH B X Q- gf 1 XM ,f 4' 1 ,. S .5 rf if-rj Jkt -, C N is AN ,-1-l"""" 2 'S' v' X1 Rd 1 Kathy Kelly Sheila Kelly Kimberly King XX Scott King Ann Kitsopoulos Lori Klujeske 'fave Senior Mitch Long and fellow classmate work patiently to finish a proiect in their Mass Media Class while concentrating on ideas at the same time which involves a lot of hard work - :CN 0 h 1, r ff 'i X A ' li l' tx f lt' X Terry Knight George Kraynak Sandy Krill Kristin Klandrud Frank Krossman Karen Kudreyko ru 1' - Edmund Kunaschk Mark Lange Randy Langenhuizen Jack Lanley Deana Lemonovich Gary Levine EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES KEPT df in Y, :Ve xf' Q i I ... A Tony Lincoln Don Linder Heidi Linovitz Betty Lopez ' lf' s fl l ilk X ' . . Seniors Ross Conroy and his friend are hurry- Mark Love Margie Lachick Larry Lachick Margaret Luffman 'US to 891 flmshed befvre the bell H085- ".., T Rusty Maddox Gail Mahef Lene Mahler Thomas Marin Karen Marki Randall Marmor ' of I WSG L L L it Ch"iST0Dhe" Marsh Michelle Van Mafiel' Bill Martin Gregory Martin Marty LaBarr Allan Mast MANY A.H.S. SENIORS BUSY .Q 5. Q Lance Mecham Rhonda Meek rw , . ix iii X X Mike Meyers Qyrra Michaelieu Sandra Mastin Pennie Miller R i'4?i '5f'T'ff 'TL 'Grin ' -r' V Y' h, vt, A , ' Q sf? xi .Jigga if .. IL' x. Roger Moore Kristi Moss if ..!fa Rob Meier Lx John Miller . tt i . X 17' Sheila Miller Agustin Munoz A Genaro Mendez 'furry . , ,. x 23 ' ' Senior Tracy Gibson takes a pamphlet during college visitation day in which Representa- tives from Arizona Colleges visited campus. Lori Miller it ' 'ii ' 'Q A 'D F X , , '. si ,xi Walter Mitchell Janine Monachelli Kim Moore ,RWE .i,t.. F, 1. wg, zf. Colleen Murphy Kristina Murray Kevin Murri 3' gall, ,A X Y' 315 ,,. -.,. ' not 4'- Ray Murrietta K t , ,,N, I , if., If re' 'rg ie ! Charles McCollum Janet McCormack Wes McKeage Michelle McKnight Patti McMahon f' T47 ,Vw- I .rx A 1 ff X- Leticia Navarro Mark Nelson , 'Eh . 47 I ng f Q ' 'ZR 1- 1 515 r Richard Nunez Khanh Nguyen M 'U' .A f ,- 1 Ralph Nelson Teresa Nelson Tom Nelson John Nesmith , V, NA Rhonda Noble Dan O'Connor Deanne Ogden Andy Olivo S '1""' W is ,A ' s, 4 :lr I all 'hw t I 1 l .giofiiz 1 f Christine , Oppedisano Julie Orsburn Karen Ortega Tamara Osborne Janet Schaub listened as instructions were given in her Distributive Education Class. The Deca Class informed students of the situations encountered in the business world. SRS. FACED NEW CHALLENGES 2X C? Carla Palmer Tom Parkinson Lori Parks Annette Pfeiffer Kevin Peckham Greg Pedersen Becky Pine Phillip Ponce Karen Pless Maureen Parren Brenda Paul f 3 if -og , 0 ,sf ff Gwen Perlman Allen Pickering ,fir . 'C L 5. X i Shari Poor Robert Pryor Zvi Richard Rauba Holly Reese W Scott Pearson 1 I v-1 Paul Pickering 'V Kaylene Purviance I Dave Reilly Senior Rusty Maddox practiced intently to make sure he was pre pared to play during the halftime activities at homecoming. SE IORS SOUGHT CAREER HELP A lm Jean Reinke ,war M Jim Ricketts vm., Alison Roark Mary Reinoehl A David Ricks Connie Robbins Judy Rogers Robert Rojas 5 , Seniors Rhona Rivette and Barbara Troutman prepared posters to be used at the mixer dance 'Z f-J' 1 I f 'N Patricia Rh0deS BruCe Riala Gene Richards Robert Richards y as Q 'Z., Q ggsg: 4. X ,N l Q f r -95 " , ? p X ' 'K I ij ' ,V A M I my N ,X Sd ss Dondra Riegel Oscar Rios Jeff Rishling Rhona Rivette r -: Bill Roberts Melinda Robinson Stacy Robinson Lucia Roclevitch L ' 5 6 ' Rm.. ' is X .ilf .A ,t ,t A yy A' f 7m -.Ll MMEMCEMENT APPROACHED 5- x s- 9 A! , lik J -4 Norman Romick Salvadore Rubio Albert Ruiz Curtis Russell Glenn Saracino Amy Saunders Meri Saver Janet Schaub A , -I Ast' 4 .l. .gn-5 Mitchell Sadberry Richard Sample Andy Schaudt K Robert Schultejann Kittie Schweiger Marcella Scire Debbie Scott Kathy Scott mini Debbie Schneider Ann Searles 1 X A 'I X kv 5 ,1 , t .. 1 as 5+ ,,, . if - 5 A ' 1 4 , W ,lfjll , x fnii 11,7 Q Qf 9 'VA SNK x - 5 ,5iii5!2:::::r ...- : C-I I . Carrie Serrano Laurie Shannon Robert Shindler David Simons Richard Skinner Janelle Slone VISITATIO 59' Laurie Smith Marty Smith L 8 , YQ ,' S f , W Todd Smith 3, T fsffw 'f N s X - 1 t f L Jodi Stenwall Lisa Steveley Senior Rhonda Noble takes a relaxed break from correcting the papers for T.A, in Mass Media Class. 'Q f A Brett Stevens 41 wi DAY HELPED MAN 59 Prudencia Soto Fay Spain Greg Staley 1'-, , if 5 'Q .5 gf 12 ' W A 3255! I f 1 X K I James Stickel Carrie Stone Steve Stone 0 fd nl ' X 'l '2 L2 an A Tom Stoner Paris Street Terri Stull Ken Stutzman if, .fl 'W vs .S r,.,,, . ' x W! -6. X n - L f I Q , K 47' zy , - i 5. y K Vg ' ..t1 y yy V. X X ' S L X X L! V Y X V ' if X X l Natalie Sullivan Larry Swanson David Taylor Ellen Taylor ENIORS DECIDE O COLLEGE 3 ,nw ,.- - vvg xr x Z W 1 Beth Thorley David Throckmorton I-A X i 'k A'. xv I ,xx Christina Torres Jose Torres Terri Tucker Darlene Turner Debbie Vance Sandra Vasquez Lg.-Q , 'K , 3 Jeff Thul Debbie Tober Tracy Tolby Glenn Tomooka x .,, , - F f J, 1, . X , N M I b . K Brian Trefry Michelle Trimmier Barbara Troutman Tim Troutman Heidi Turner Judy Tuttle Jody Umbertino Brad Vance if'- J ' .BX mls Vivian Vasquez Neil Vaswani James Vesely Jeff Vetnar ff SRS. MAIN DONORS AT FOUR avid' X n a . MMV Denise Vidra Loree Wade Carla Walker Tina Walker X , 2,,, .gl 1 'Tir' ' Kelly Watt Rebecca Watts Linda Welch Donny Wells Joyce White Laura Wilembrecht fini '-T13 ,Q " 5316! 3 Hayden Williams Vicki Wilson Michael Winters Jill Wolfenden Diane Woods Rand Wood Tammy Woodward Kim Wronkoski Dawn Yeley Greg Yodis Seniors Eileen Cello, Jennifer Berry, Susan Beebe, and Libby Marie Bellitter took part in a discussion in their Family Living Class. Discussions were a regular part of this class. ANNUAL UTOPIAN BLDOD DRIVE of if I . n l Y ,J David Zeppetella Pam Zeppin Karen Zieser Lynn Zubal Michelle Bafbel' Hilda BOSHYC ,N 1 Q Q, -rf-J ,li if J J N 'fig , ,, l . KG? N'N k is U V ,xl 'N . F, r . -5 ' ,' f h I 'g A ll! I Laural Blessington James Buckley Joe Dunevent Patricia Golden Craig Goshert Bill Morse John Padilla Mary Shoop Scott Sixel Marianne Sing James Struck Kelly Tilford JRS. PREPARED FOR FINAL YEAR 'L 'x x X .E-. 2' .9 .X ., A 1 , it . , A 'N X L 4 l lt "fr .1 Q ' '55dibN"' f f 1 I ff' Junior Class Officers: Row 1: Karen Bulissa, Treasurer: Julie Giovanini, Secretary: Alecia Freeman, President: Todd Foy, Vice President. Row 2 Mike Lanning, Representative: Dani Lynch, Representative: Karie Matsuishi, Representative: Kris Cole, Representative. Row 3: Rob Martin, Representative: Mr. Lancaster: Ken Copic, Representative: Doug Pope, Representative. Andy Acedo Darrell Aguilera Carolyn Alewine Julie Almon Peggy Amarillas Anita Amparano Helen Andrade Charles Apodaca John Apodaca Steve Arbuckle Leticia Arce John Artichoker Judy Atterholt Jgade Ayres David Barnes 3 ' I X i A i 11. ij ,iii "i i L i V A n il. Nxt I 1 ' ' ' f ,1 A This year's juniors were known for 47. A '- 'K their spirit. Their feelin' free enthusi- asm helped them to contend with the pressures and anxieties of the hectic year. Even though this year proved to be formidable, the juniors foresaw the promise of their final year. In addition to looking forward to their senior year, the juniors were inspired by the prospect of their first prom. The juniors also showed their pep by assisting at the concession stands. ya J . My at " V A of Y K, tx! . Q" at we ' X0-x P N' ,X , 'L L ' t 1 g. V Mr, J 'z -f i ' Karen Bulissa worked hard at the concession stands. ,, 8' I ,iffy at fs, XR l B i -' A I i 0 " B ,. , 'X mf FLT' -, s - if eff 5' W'- A as -k , , - 0 3. me f- .22 R 4 ,F IP -- . L J, V X X . l ' Q " " fs: ' Ni 'I v Q x 55715 'R i K. X 'lk fy fa, J 1 3. , i K x h t' ,L , 3a' B 2 , Q4 A 1- E Q ' -W fs. 2 . R' x 5 'Q ' X I ,Hi -fi Lk, ' 2 .t l. s ' Tru'-L 1 1 I Tom Barnes James Barrier Jane Bates Ronni Batterson Bonita Batty Diane Baugh John Beck Nelson Beck Saundra Beck Ruth Beeker Chris Beisecker Karen Benson Michael Bergner Daniel Bergsten Daniel Birch Julie Bisinger Don Blomgren Doug Bolejack John Bonds Dean Bonzani Rick Booher Barry Bortz Brian Bosak ., l J 4 .V J, a in . . I Melissa Perry, Valerie Hodges, Leon Hauck, Steve Kranz, wait for their bus. I 4 ,t X IX Ty Bothwell Jim Boughner Jeanne Bradley Matthew Bragone Duane Fischer talks to Marty Smith about their big test S if-Q? JRS. PLAN FOR FUTURE l Tammi Braselton 5- ' ' 4- gg- Jill Bray 1 za, B ' B ' I S r ' xmas! onnie rim ey Q A A tl' 3 i A if . . . s - iq' . Linda Britain A W. mt Michelle Broach ' -N! wx.. .5 K. James Brooks 21' ia , I C ' A J Q, , W f X X frkfi l ,1. ,l -i , . f lr A .5 4, 2 I J., .,., 5, 4. - 'vi-1 Q' K' Laurel Brougher 5, C A A Q, fi Jeff Brown g ,- . ' 1 E, Leslie Bruce , 'V ' S, 1 " fi ,r : A g f .W :lu t x N Q V N1 f ' L M: Charlotte Brummer it fn ' it 4x Tammy Bryant , ' 5 1' C5 ' Dore Brzezinski .- gs , K ,. W U 4 Karen Bulissa H t Mike Burbach -t R March Burnett ' Liz Koster argues with Kathy Crann about the starting position. g, - .t I K If if- '. I . f . i. Nfl 5' t Jerry Burton V . Edward Bushey , , f V Cindy Bustamante , f ,Q li-.C A ' A shaft Butler C , -5 Q obj' j, .X .Gu Brent Campbell "' W f ' to ' "F " Jeff Carrillo L 9, Q V 5. A X Linda Carrillo N at WYQXJ N. tx X- ,ting J il "ts 'Q . . Laura Carrothers ' X Q? Terry Roeber works hard to pass a difficult class, Janette Cassner It nf-5 5 'Q . Chris Cataldo ' i ' -' V Q - f if ff' in ,, B A .K if U. . .1 f 'if Vicki Cataldo Tom Catchings Jenny Caufman V -xg W .. L V, . 5 I' f if "5 M" rx' fy ig... - .,::w, .. ,, l x A ..., .. . p. ' . 'S 49 E5 ,,,. . I -x . my X ,. X lex. hints- . .R 3 ' x '1 l Y g 1- .4 i ,r ' 'HV -gr? st VI r i a , K A -. ' !" Charlie Apodaca, Patti Shafer. and Karie Matsuishi talk with -' 5' J other friends during their lunch period. W , ' I if 1 5 .lil A Q ,nSB"3'1 "'75" 1 W, 'A r 1 il '59 . 'i Z : Q rf s Y f' L' G 'I 5- Q, 1 ' C49 be Xl., ,s,. M U 7 U ' 'sp . by is r -.4 . - i f M s- , 1 ,V , .sl ' .5155 it il l ,qff l , ,ff b T t R V 5 I X L' -va ff ix if x v ,X I .Iii - In . f C ' l i C M, lu rl ' 'X A 4 1 'l if C it K' M D pg' 1-'fx l' 2 - 4 rt - .r - Y :. I 214- at R Y lk-V' . F . h ' .gr , ' 5.13 to , I C. - 1 if-f till: h , ' 5 2934 ii '4 A - I 'v 4 tty, 7- 5- X ' qi: as x gmt . Q", pail X - I tx U lg 5...?,f,2-J I A I 'app Junior, Kelly Fetzer, takes a break after she had v -Q! finished cheering at one of the assemblies. '1f K all' U- ' , x :gr Q 'lf 97556 ,. :fill f infix! Antonio Chagolla Marianne Chaires Ken Channon John Chesebrough Robert Chmelka Mikyung Chung Richard Cimaglia Robert Clayton Lisa Cleland Kris Cole Donald Collins John Collins Nick Comella Mike Connaughton Cindi Cook Cathy Cooper Dale Cooper Ken Copic Laura Counts Mary Coyne Susan Crabtree Kathy Crann Mary Crawford Betty Crimp Ron Cromer Brent Crusan Gracie Cruz Teresa Cuellar -.1 ,N I I JRS. FIX UPON CAREER GOALS Bill Curtis ' A ' W Q . Mikal Danley f 1 S - 2 - . Aaron Darrow ' gif x 4 S 'F ' 1-W 4 " , Johnny Davis N 7 lf ' W, , , , V5 f Q " Bonnie Deatherage J ' R- j f i, N ' , N Kent Decker . . , Ax' J g ,fc i ' f. -. A AW De'ak0w't2 ,fri -Ali, , , J l til F, J , ii, Donald DeMarie J . VVi' F F ' Jerry Denton ' f ' Jim Deruiter 1-N E. , E v ' Jeff Diaz 'Q cpl, , A 3 Jkvfv, K f l 1 4 3 Richard Dickey ' ii ' F' '- Rhonda Dies -i - l ' J, ,X t ' W 4 ,- ' , Gregg Doeden I Wy ,V , , ,"i'iq',,,, - I ', i i i .,:r ' , 4 4, X, I A f. ' W A ' x ,. Stacy Domme , 1, J P 5 f E in ,,J,,,q' Lorie Duncan X i SH' A J I' J ' ' Sandy Dunham y ' V ig -Q5 - fy L N .ff A F i 'A'. 7 fr Kathie Dunlap r g gi - 7. ,F Jennifer Eckhout ' r .: , ,A ,Q Richard Elder 2, I' K , ,Ng N 'li .i , i X .. sf - 5, , Q . Jeri Eldridge , . ,Q Mitch Elliott 5 . gg , gg, Ken Engstrom ,M l '+,,,, A A Y Z, 4 I' S , 1i.i.'-'rr ,, . 5 .t fi i Ken Esposito ,gt ,Q 'A ,L K A ,i ' ?l?g:3eEEtieSh me L. it i ' if . Cathy Jarman, Susan Hall, and Carolyn Rael discuss the day's y y r K 1 1 I happenings during lunch hour under trees around campus. K ffl: 'J IQ 'V K ...,-,, Hfxtwfg -f-f, -.'- - .W Dave Smith, Junior, closely reads a paperback that was re- Leonard Fasuga I -,yu 5 5 quired for Mrs. Bateman's basic composition class. Jim Fenner M' ny Eileen Fenner V 'P fl A X Michael Ferchaud F ,4 , S Kellie Fetzer 'Q Duane Fischer ' Q A , . ,ff Y,,,.2- -f .W t""" Tom Campion works constructively on his project for his upholstery class. Each student must make a required number of projects a year. 5f.- gf, C f wg' an gr j it -, s. if i E K r it if t f I '. ' C 5 , to W Y it Q N. lt , 'X if jiri ri VY T .gi Q if Y A i ,sun .bf Terry Coover gives a strange look on her face after she has just heard her new assignment in her U.S. History class. 1 1 a ' , I 'Q X ff ,ghk Q . ' X V 7 .cj , tf nik! l it 51-' M "T L r, r ,L ff L , -.1 . A1 4 mv 'ii' , 1 .xi xl. ' I A 15' "fi Ag kt J x ' Zvi , C' .nf K. I-E Ni f i, ...H MAA if 3 A if ' Ar, A J F5 X. lj.. , 4 5. -li Eff j4.'l,,f'. 'J ettiux I . -R A l ., 'QA l j T Peggy Flamme Glenn Flood Marcelina Flores James Formolo Rhonda Foster Todd Foy Angie Fraser Alecia Freeman Don Freeman Jackie Frette Kirk Frey Kelly Gabany Eric Gregoire Mike Granado Todd Gallia Mary Greene Kevin Gray Julie Giovanini Darryl Galbraith Deanne Grizzell Mike Goodson Neil Graber Rosemary Gonzales Denise Gilbert Carmen Garcia Charlie Garza David Gollihar John Goodman Mike Gerstner Kandace Garrard David Green Robert Green Jane Glowacki SPIRIT ACHIEVED BY JUNIORS Bill Curtis busily works on an exam he must pass for one of his classes. Susan Goshert Ron Goodwin Dave Gillespie Shana Geiss Frank Gallagher Susan Hall Ed Halliburton Lisa Hamilton Jackie Harker Haley Harmon Tom Harmon Angela Harper Melany Hastings Leon Hauck Sheri Hayes QR: N f eff 4-1 ' ' ' 5, Vi 6. 1. a...x J Xe P ..k L vii L 'V A, QQ! Y s 'rl Alf ix! I ts. Q Becky Galas Sherry Gall Chris Gaither Tony Grantham Steve Gierish Ron Galindo Janie Garcia Tammy Griffin Chip Garrett John Gallen Dale Geshell Sophia Garza X' s z 5 5 ' . r ,Y 'J , ' , ik w, fl ,.. h A 1,1 Q it ,f ' 1 1',AlU QJN Mgxgk, V KT 4 l, X, . xt. J , We Y Q x ff N 1 yi.: 'Y f 1 " ' f ! it K ? , If fy .Vee A .. '- lin M HN A J - ' X' ,,-- , ea Q K V H .. l K as S fix: 1. 23 ts l .X X Xi , Mark Landreth shows off some of th e latest fads for the 9 bu- F ,bl ' 1 . X if A., 5, T' 1 Q2 as y Q 1 year. This style was probably worn at the disco. ,,.,, -....., 6- 9' 's James Hei 4, N , J J Penney Hein fi ,mg li if Y- H ' e Suzan Heavaun 5 4 Kim Henderson If f X! lfl w' I' 3 l l . K Greg Henke F-5 1 I Sandy Hensler - 0 1 , N ir ' 42 , , , ... 3 " ,ua x 5 I'-1 . Mary Hering .A A :A Heidi Hermerath l K' .' X g ,ai . 'a V 3 A :S L A . . M k H . . . - -QL C235 HTS Haley Harmon, junior, worked busily at the concession stand during the foot ' ball game to raise money for the prom. f 'I 'il "' Y' Laura Hoag 1' 'X V Debra Hockers A ,,- - 4 D ,, 4 Valerie Hodges . l 7 'X 'K 5- ,N , , '-N Katrina Hoffer J " 2 Dennis Holden ' faq? M ix - 'I 4 . J Jamie Holland I K V AH A L. I '1 BA fs: 1 I V ' I' -' I Brad Holmstrom Ax , , h 4. James Hoover v - ' " WA f Dennis Hopkins A 5 Tracey Hopkins I N so at J 1- Karen Horne 5 5- f K Debra Houchard s : J W , Paul Houghton ' N Q -'H f K Xu: f f .E ' Band students refresh after marching at a football game. Debbie Houser Leslie Howard Richard Howard s U.S. HISTORY, A REAL CHALLENGE f.V John Howerton J 4, K Karen Hunter er, EJ I "V," Laurie Hurd ' - g W--. i ' if 'NVQ . J i lem Leslie Jackson L it Richard Jackson ' M' Guy Jacobs f i I 5, ' L, VQA Li' f' Ex Michael James 3-. s .t A- is Cathy Jarman f' ft jg Cathy Jarnagin , , F A ,g . 49'-1 i 19-,vp -PM M1134 K Chris Johnson k"' A James Johnson A f f , Jennifer Johnson A Y, V , Q , Mike Jonas ... K '75 N EJ, ,V Chris Jones J' ' 'ff 5 ' A V RW Tammy Jones l I K Q I ' Julie Jordan so , X V -AME t , M51 Jody Kacura fm A Helen Kalafat ,f B A A Garry Karfeld ., ,, 2 A i SQ Tim Karlsrud ' 4-L 4, , i Mitchell Katzberg ff Ax , Richard Kaylor A,-A' , f "N Mindy Keizerstein ku' ' gf' i vvx ' 4 1 5 . " 1 A 1. "f .J.xm.-,- Y""". Andy Acedo and Jeri Jean Eldridge were chosen Junior atten- dants for this year's Homecoming against Agua Fria. Debra Rodriguez listened closely as information on demon- strative speeches was given in Mr. VaiI's speech 1-2 class. H F. . 0 X A H .. -, sw N fri-A fv i' :rg Q' K. ' Q " ' A J' A Q5 ' A ffxvl L f" K H," -' ' i Lf I x N. 'af--s' 1 'lt X E Frm .,,g L. , t airs l 'Q ,I 11, 0 bv, 3 ai! 'sm Wt, . 0 1 frlfi A L 'N g L -Q :. A 4.-'. Q 0 tg ,E 107 L l , , L- I., 'V L t ,fm -1-ft ,- in L r- Manuel Martinez and Bryan Snyder work on their projects in Art 3-4. , t 1 4 :Ng fi.XXw fr t 2, Q 'I' W 1 5 Q fi if - ' ' i kg r L! , 4 Y X K i , '. 1 Q f' ' it X itll 'lx lm ' iii , I l 1 L15 ' it RX 1 A , 'K tim y .i it WL 'I N , ' is ,CRW N xx it Att--, , o..t.11: f l J H Before the lunch hour ends Jeri Eldridge, Denise Gilbert, Diane Baugh, and Denise Winter talk about their next hour's assignments. Kevin Kelley Victor Kelling Rick Kelly Bob Kenney Dean King Tim King Dave Kirby Doug Kirts Kathy Klatt Lynette Klawon Mark Klenner Larry Konkle Jay Koon Dolores Koopman Liz Koster Bob Kostyk George Kranz Kristin Krause Joe Kreutz Clark Krueger --an., ip, Julie White and Dennis Holden work with others in a group assign ment in their basic composition class. 2? L PRE-COLLEGE TESTS PROVE TOUGH N Tom Labarr Sherri Lachman Linda Lafferty Scott Lambert Linda Lamberton Joe Landram Mark Landreth Michael Lang Lori Lanley Mike Lanning Michael Larsen Brent Lee Laura Lee Peter Lengvary Bob Leonard Lori Lethem Jon Levin Betsy Lieberman Tommy Lofton Sherri Lachman and Tammie Wright went to their lockers early to get their books to avoid the after lunch last minute A rush. if ,. :T T U Q. use Jeff Brown sat and contemplated what the test in U.S. History would be about. All Juniors were required to take U.S. History as a part of their class schedule. i e ,tiri 5 'W' L' K ,- qv' Xie .Cf ,fl TTT. Ny Y 6,3 H4 i ' tn , f f " ' 'X ga, Q ' I an ' 4' L Q A fs A Xt il' ' X ' ' K ffl l l f L W . kt T 'P A - 4,4 ., ,L ' ' Z W Ara ' A uh. , ,aft 4' L X 5 ix: ' I K as T ' r 1 4 f iii 7,,,' - X .1 4. Q L -:grae My QQ Ax ,,.g 2, tg 'Q gf f F ff? x ' 4-'X , v- ' L. 1 v -f gf ' I 1' , x. if L ii fr L is Talking is a favorite pastime of Juniors -.ow . , T il . L f ,. fwgr, . J In 1. I , x. 1 . ' K. - f .Q- -Q. 5. L 2 student council. t ls L4 rl t nn. fu. , . X .nl ll F- v'14 -Q x.'k 3 C Au nc L as A ,i .5 xt. , li, 1 .- if 27 7' . Qt as., ' Ns ' . gag egg? ' 3. 91 - L" 4.1 N v an V '- N xi 3 .C M. . 5 'Q . r f X 5 t' , " fa, -R f L -J Q V ' fr 4,4 I Q .1- fi.. Junior, Ken Engstrom and Todd Foy, both participated in the i f U intramural volleyball games held after school sponsored by ' 'R L, QNX ,V A , ' R . ' 1 Mft? xfl, if y IIS-'3T'E'K5-'SF' Patty McCormick, junior reaches into her purse for something unknown. 0 s. 5 an t - R. IJ . NX it 0 F, f Bradley Long James Lopez Raul Lopez Robert Lucas Scott Lung Daniela Lynch Alan McAbee Patty McCormick Robert McCormick Brenda McDaniels Kelly McDonald Amy McLain Sean McMullen Ann McNeil Terry Mathews Steve Matousek Karie Matsuishi Kathy Maccarone Jenny Mackenzie Kathy Mahoney George Maliga Peter Mang CLASS PREPARED FDR BIG PRO , -""' Rick Kelly walks towards his locker to ex- change books for another class as many stu- dents do between classes. As Shawn Blomgren gets his books out of his locker he turns around just as the camera catches his unexpected expression. Donald Martin Greg Martin Judy Martin Mark Martin Richard Martin Robert Martin Manuel Martinez Richard Martinez Tamara Maurer Ken Medlyn Steve Meisenheimer Pam Meisheid Mary Mekailek Kim Melton Mark Meyer Cheryl Miller Debbie Miller Diane Miller Pete Miller Ray Miller Robert Miller Joel Mishler Jackie Missig Cory Mitchell iryi l J ' J x 7- A 'rf 'T-' my :Ie f f" 'J y wb I ffff mf- .- 4 ,ini we Q Q6 X3 A i - L? '5 - I .3 7 T lx 1' 'Rx l S, .Q , au? ' it Y 4 ef t ,N wk f' vw - ', - -fi ef' ' qi ly 4. ANZ M if Q ,t It 1 CG N .. 3 9 ,J li lei'-,N W X I l ,. .t,. yxyz VZ IJ i At the disco was Mike Granado and Jackie Gonzalo to show off some popular new moves JRS. IN TO SCHOOL AFFAIRS 7, A XJ? - ,L .1-ge-t,, my as- 1 , -,Q TQ X '- .4 I K ly -A , K I 'K B v' C ' A K tl fl FP., ,ng saga x f V ww- , ' -' .N x 2 .. Q9 'N LX ,S 5 . - l i.. - 1 al: ' t an flu . fl A .H-. ' mg! fa. 1- 1 :D .' Q N,5,.,aas ' m Qu, . 2,-Y-. Caroline Morgan Clay Morgan Deborah Morgan Kathy Mueller Mike Nance Byron Nelson Carol Newbury Tanya Newman Michelle Nipper Luz Odogui Mark Ojanen Lee Olsen Lucian Omoran Dora Padia -gg X Aboard the iunior float at the homecoming assembly are Todd Foy, Melany Hastings, Julie Giovanini, and Mike Lanning. Through all the egg fights and senior raids, the float looked pretty good even though it took third place. 'r" f is P " 'f 'P fs' 'i'i L ,L L '-4 KN, ' , ffm aw . . - " ' 7' ' PN .. 'lx Q, K -I 1, .24 fl 1' . Y ' 4 1, o , X 4 EY, Il i . Lx a A , ,gs , - it L - . . - 0 , n A X TX-1'A5: be A I i- in l - Jeff Palmer Beth Palmquist Ann Parks Phillip Patten Frank Patterson Robin Peace Skip Peeples Robert Pela gf- 54 f ., Karen Pennington f it Joana Peskin f y 9 'fic i if to Jeff Sears, junior, sits with a friend after eating lunch, stares into space thinking about his upcoming week of classes. Mike Peterson Richard Pierson Mike Pomeroy Theresa Ponce Doug Pope Mike Porco Antonio Porras Chris Potts David Prazak Lori Prugh Beatrice Pulice Glenn Rabinowitz Carolyn Rael Shawn Ranes As a classmate looks on, Rhonda Dies gives a speech. ' '52 cl 'L u 41 -'4?1 M Y Robin Smith, Junior, enjoys showing some of the moves she displays as drum majorette during football season. Q n . ds. 1 V i -Z 'E' . I iv I - il 0 4 X ' .XV l Q ' i .A I If l X N 'U I v 'QP K-,Fai i f j if- fx X1 - , il ill, aw- 5 A 21' P "L 1 'Q' 6- MXL 5- .. it gi. 5,5 '- P I . ,K-,X X r I VN 1" l . Amy Reilly ... .. Sue Reiterman Q up , g , . Cari Richards J, ,. 4 AL 1 A J' l' i Harold Richards Doug Richardson Bob Rios :sf nf""' -.XV . 6 i . A . any s. Y 2? A A.. ax VP' A - , s. ,I lik. JRS. SDUGHT PART-TIME JDBS H K , -31 ' , Eg: A-X gl N '1 , 0 S- 1' ' I ,X L K 'K ,. -wa .5 I W5 x I F ' ev N L . ,A N v 2. 5' , h . ' 'iv , , k , X X 1 U !5"l 1Hl"7l ., i? " fx, W L ,I 1 'ff ' , 1 X A X f ts -' .: t gsxgfzvgfw' ' Q X 5. " L. . A-fx .- ,, ,5 ,-L 1 4 A 1 ,, Q lisfxr J N - Mike Goodson and Don Martin wait for the router bus to go to Prescott for the first away football game of the season. V- my ..-- ' 'MV 41 Kelly Rivers Cheryl Rivette Kelly Robert Renae Robinson Debra Rodriquez Terry Roeber Ken Rogers Linda Rogers James Rojo Melisa Rollins Laura Roman-Tweed A ,Z ,V is . A UN L in 5 ,L Kim Rose Michelle Eycleshymer and Tom Dvorak take a U.S. History test. J we - LL 'S i : A 5. . .5 4 Leonard Rose R 3:5 5- A Susan Ross V Valarie Rossman L A xx X3 -. t X 1 X My t + Nt ' - James Rowan Q . ll L 5 Wayne Ruiz j "' Cristi Ryan 74, L I ,,, . i4 ' A V ' Roxan Ryan if X 7 5 , if Pam Sacharko A , ' ' ' Jeff Sager f . ,v x - I A, X ,,. .L K , ,, .,. 1 Brian Sakata Larry Sanchez Patricia Saver JRS. WON VOLLEYBALL TOURNEY Junior, Byron Nelson and senior, Hayden Williams practice moves for guarding at pre-season basketball practice. They had to be ready for the heavy competition. Juniors made up a large part of the team. S - v 3 Kevin Sawyer . A Diana Seaman " 6 ,fx Ft' Jeff Sears Q A , 4 " ' Mi " Michael Scheckel V Q .N N t ,1 ll," fr xx J...i . . 1 l W I ,i .4 n 1 2. X, 5 . Julie Giovanini looks pleased with the Junior float as she puts on the finishing touches. ,fri Kirk Sefton is 'aiii' 'S is f , Lori Seiler . i.Q1i'eQ 4 ' it ' Q its Brad Schexnayder f I X 4 is Manfred Schneider if 4 X 4 J fx, U' . . Frank Schwieder ii 5 ' A -K . ss 1, c- ef' .X Mary Shadle wg- - ' J J , Patty Shafer "N L . it i i H M ii Sh n I ,I A 'wwwx I A o y a an A S rete 5 serseeg X Patsi Shannon ' xi 'Sql ' . " Lori Shaw 1,-I J , - vu y , . ' ' 6 Mike Sheridan f :W gi, ' . s 5 3, ey, . f -f Janice Shingleton 1 y i f X . 1 3 Y' 'Q N Christine Shockley i 1 if NN Ai ' xx ,' N , A 'il LQ Kathy Shoger we , Yu ' ' if 1 3 i' , I -1 I 51' K L lk! X A A 5 ri i A Michael Short iiii ,J S S' hifi-ft. Becky Silva S S WK X it ig Joe Sipe - .5 N ',, ' . Brenda Smith t i :ri-3 :L 2 ,gi ' ,T George Smith ' - - E ' Julie Sgnith S I . is A l ,sg i V1 . Robin mith ' x A. ' g .1 - g J """r5. Hliisplis ' etiix li fx t Aww. , Fr ' z ..x eq --T . , M I. 3 x 1 l Jill, N f :X it iii Q l Y tis Ll C x - ne' ' ' are 1 ei' Alfg Z yr fs---rf in H V F . viii A X a s X . xl f ,' , ,! b -N -- V David Suiter J. Barry Sullivan """ Gail Suttle E LQA fix -Qi . D' Paul Sypherd -V X cf' f limit it ii Y f 'Ti 'li h' 1 xx f 1' . -:D V lg I Sharon Tanz Mark Thomas Traci Thompson Teresa Thun Lisa Timmons Linda Tipton Judy Torres Colette Toth Kathryn Trimmier Diana Tripp Jane Troutman i x Nil, Vickie Smith Bryan Snyder Stuart Sokolsky Jerry Sooter Kim Stamper Fred Stanek Carie Steele Marcia Steele Steve Steinberg Susan Steinmetz Sherlyn Stephens Cris Stewart Renata Stover Lisa Stuck Tammy Bryant, junior, carefully rewinds the tape from an adding machine used in Junior Office Education. Brett Truby Kathy Trueblood Ignacio Valenzuela Stella Valenzuela Tony Vanloenen Eva Vasquez Junior, Mike Danley, quietly smiles at a small joke in a discussion group ,,- , .rf- , .,-we Angelina Verdugo Tom Vincent David Voris Linda Wagner Ken Walker Don Ware Jeff Warren John Weare Kerry Weinheimer Kyle Weinheimer Kelly Weiss Chris Wells Roy Wheeler Julie White Shaun White Lorena Whitson Mark Whitt Don Wilembrecht Holli Williams Mark Williams Mark Williams Scott Williams Gregg Wilson Denise Winter Linda Wolf Melody Wooten Donna Wright Tammie Wright JRS. E JOY ACTIVITIES 5, . .. ..,.. , .. .. .. r I , a ,g N ,ea a f ' 3" I ea Ti ., ' 'f A ' X A' 3 5, 1 ,.,l .,,. . A. ' I 1 hm 4 ,ML W. f , -A . - 2 .lf "1 t ' X iv . .- 'Stl-Nfl : .99 t 152, l . u. ar- v.. B .. , N - .mg x .N J 'x 3, . my ., X ' ' I QQ'-Tjillij il lx, - J 5 Hifi' ,J iffy- 1 v"i, ' 'Q Tu 1:-1' u U i I , tii,.tt if I Algnlx! H N. ,I Il L rrii l ii A i t, at,l .... laaa if V Jil, L., ' ng' K ' . I, -5 I ..,L, Q 1:3 KA , V V LXX., , S 7 .. U YT, ,e , .il.. N Egg, wg- . we W was ' I li. I I ' I I I 4 ' 1.' by V gf A X ' , , ' ' ' 1 1 h V, 1 , x "7 N ' I I , 1 e x . vi """" .. ,prvfu U "s.x taxi' --.. "Q-.,s.M V sJ . l 'E' 1' ,rw . 'X 4 1 Ku-xii K W 'QQXQ .SSR xx 'f' "' .V f"V an ' J Yvette Morelli and Tom Harmon, both juniors, work hard with various utensils on a leather project their Crafts 1-2. Other assignments in the class included clay pottery, working with copper jewelry, and metal works. The class is popular throughout the school. Debi Miller and Jody Kacura, both juniors, talk over a part in the book that they are both reading. Theresa Yates Lori Young Kelly Zealley Cheryl Zelrick Dan Zinder Chris Zink Robert Zwick Kristi Brady Sonia Bravo Terri Coover Steve Crownover Trent Degenstein Jane Lassila Yolanda Molinar Angel Monachelli 35 4. x ' -.J . 5 f Y - i fi fi, fbxy, I , - Btiiut "'77"7' 'WTP' el , V Vlnb my gf " . Q, .J A ' 'bit 4 All l . L I .QW5 "WI lf' f ' 4 , 1 , a K. . X it F 1 . if L l X tl IWW' , it 1 f .g I S 'N .. , 1 .5 lx 'Ax ki f if -K .42 3. If iz, . in 44 A ri. t L' th I I A ,rf Dan Moore Yvette Morelli Ken Wallace Juniors. Kerry Burnett and Donna Wright, sit at the edge of the grass and watch one of the lunch time activities. Cindy Narloch, trys on this longhorn skull over her head. SOPHO ORES BECAME INVCLVED , 4 . ae, 5, xg X X as 'V51i,iV James Porter and Amy Beck both sophomores are just some out of the many students at Apollo who took art this year. A few of the many projects featured in the Art classes are, sand painting, pottery, acrylic 84 oil painting. Besides the class activities, the students participated in a pumpkin face painting contest and an art festival later in the year. This year the sophomores were faced with new classes and familiar surround- ings. Throughout the 78-79 year the sophomores worked hard in all as- pects. They took first in the float com- petition and supported the school in various activities. At pep assemblies and rallies they showed enthusiasm and vitality. The sophomores made this year a big success. Christy Almanza Bernie Amado Deanna Amos Susan Amparano A Donald Anderson Jeffery Anderson f A Kelly Anderson , A h Kim Anderson John Andrade - Rosie Andrade ' bt-' Antonia Andrade Q N Eric Andrewson K' Linda Andrus Claire Arthur L Tracy Atchley - william Atkins Matt Aughinbagh 4 John Bader Charles Baer Robert Baker Tom Baker .440 Virginia Acuna Maria Abbate Steven Adams Laurence Adler Sandra Adsit David Alcon Cynthia Allec Jeffrey Allen 5 . - if 1 54" sl i , i I Vg' . 5-ia .i : 2+ s If A i ' ei i' f , ' V ,fry ' . X Q "Y y R f sl V 4 s . l nv ,l . W. d K , 5 . K ,. J' 1 In ,Q A A 1 1 . 5 .lx A . I 2 ff at -' ' 9 f , R y I U 4 , 'A W- J, 'I 8 Q l 9 I 1 ' '- X r'r'f . ,- , .,g'7f! , 3 A 'H ,. A - , 5 Y, AQ. .K A . ,, Wi? X N...-Q-4.."' 'il If - Q Q 'lik Y Y T 'l A-' 1 -. I .9 4 I . A ... 5. ff tiff Q21 7. Q. 5 6 5k N 4 , 4 , .. gui fit 0 ii I L Ula. "'cu1f'..1 Li 'Lifes X ,e . S .w in Si ' ' Q. . 13 BBQ ' C - W x ' Y ' xx A , X ' J J K 1 s ly 44' l Lffhgieu i A lw - N li :if V i e w Q. - lgr.if'Qi R , L a if 7 , xii: 1 "Af Agxw -f 5 f 1 V X is M V ly il .. . l i il ' ,l al M y rw , 9 Q- A ' :fi Q, rylh 4, all alll fig r Qc IA, fx, .,H ,L-,J l 1, D YH T V , ff - Wil fixes 2f1j ' Jim Reed listens patiently for the sound of a beep while taking the hearing test f .g 1 Q given to all sophomores in October. X lx if 4 fl i , ' J '- r 'fi ?' ' Q git. A pr rf' Ware" .mr Q 1' Q' " ' If t' X- ' 34 " - , 45 ? A 1 t N ' f 1 A ' -, -. - i l . , .f ,Q , x . , A , I K f ii V 5- " A X6 A :X ,lu 'A X f' 1-I 1- R l H, -fwfr i 'gm 1 ral! V " s I A 5 ' , 5 N 3- , . 61.5 i l . t I for s M + r . t l f , ' , V' , ,"Ar' Flo me , 1 - M .A M ff i, s 'A .X . X Q , Michael Brooks , Fawnda Brown l. I ,- Dianna Baldenergo Laurie Barbee Melanie Barber Chad Barclay Cynthia Barnes Robert Barrette Shelly Beasley Amy Beck Michael Beck Karla Beecher Sandra Beerman Gary Beights Roger Bell Debra Bellitter Vicki Belt Robin Bern Jolynne Berrett Tammy Betzer Melanie Bigelow Janice Birdsell Robert Bisinger Robert Black William Blackwell MaryJane Blessington Robin Blessington Karen Bloomfield Maureen Bolton MaryAnn Bonzani Valerie Born David Bosak Sherry Bowe Whitney Bowman Theresa Bradley Melissa Brewster Thomas Brink Robin Brister Frank Brodish Brenda Brooks 1 f So homores Vir inia Acuna and Ericka Kellis concentrated on J ' '1 il J wx J . . mf N Jeanine Brown I i ' :xx :N Sherry Brown J, 6 ' Tammy Brown I X li i 3' -' 1 n S ' L . ,,, 51 ,, .,!,,g,,?l,,,,.., .3 Tina Brown u , L' Sharon Brudeseth 5 49g sg Q Stephen Brumfield I, M W ,' x ln Q I 5 A i xl ' 4 Debra Bryan Tammy Bryan H Morgan Bryant W I A g ns :SW wg z ,,. . P . g . fi snow cones for one ofthe numerous fund raising projects put on 1 XA 2 by the Golden Hawks. Todd Buhr Mark Bulissa Katrina Burkett Chris Burrus Claire Butler Paul Byrd Shannon Cagle Daniel Carrillo Mary Carrothers Bret Carruthers Juan Castaneda Nona Catchings Debbie Chaires Natalie Chancellor Jeffrey Chandler Leila Chapman Flora Chavez John Cheyne Susan Chille Robert Chipley .M A L1 A, . g , 9 iv 'C 3' 'Y ty Yi 8 SCM lla W A Ar.. Lf -- 'H v , i A .x 2' 5 Two sophomores chose a shaded area to watch the partici- R J an J . pants engage in several racquetball games during their lunch A g g ff hour. Racquetball has remained one of the most popular Y klt. A ,lf L Y I sports at Apollo. M J G J Q,-W.. q,.m..f ' I-1' ' - 'x . J -C C, M , ew J . s get nn g - -x w 'X ' V ' . 7 , 1 KK V, 1 Q .L R A sf I N., f ram I fi ' 5 , il 'Za 'lXi Q L, 57: . Vwg.w'el!' f. ' i le is. X h- , - A wx ,. I. Y, , . , . , l , , Vik f 45' ' E rx ic wx. i J-: l 13192 .. 1 'Nl Getting together to work on the float turned out to be a lot of fun, a lot of work, X F but a good way for sophomores to get to know each other. ' 5 Q C Q X 4. .. 'F 5 . ' d J' If 3 4, ft Tl t . 'S l ' .3 , , -4 i i C' X l - , X at . it 1. i .rite Ltr nw ..3".g', David Ciocca Kevin Clark Carol Clayton Cheryl Clayton Rebecca Clayton Craig Clute Lisa Coakley Mark Coffin Kim Cole Lori Collins Ronald Comon Beth Compton Ann Connaughton SOPHO ORE SPIRIT STRO G Trisha Goldberg is captured in one of her many jovial moods, giving her friends a happy smile. Mark Sipes seri- ously practices playing his guitar in the Jazz Ensemble class. l l A r e l .if , Q: 5, x C 'll' T ,,A N wp vs ' Ll ' K, ii, Nl .W in 'H-4 xl Gayle Gessner sophomore, sits and enjoys watching the empty pool while she is watching for her mom to pick her up. li v Russell Converse sat intently watching the J.V. football game. Ellen Converse Russell Converse Juliann Conway Brent Coombs Kirk Copic Debbie Cornforth Leslie Cornwell Corinne Costa Mark Counts David Covery Terri Coyle Guy Craig Lisa Cramer Cindy Crawford David Cropper Nolan Crowell Glenn Crowley Stephanie Dale SOPHS ANTICIPAT e vii , 1 G , wg-' It . it-M. A -y 'x Ti, g , gi. a e -f f - r' .J , FOX! 'f 1 i -V ' ' q .5 '? A .Q C' Xi., X ' , nuff Vg X ,ll " t i ' i Q 2-Vi . N 3' 4,15 . fn 'T' 1 yi ' - ' , I , l...i,. , , J. I .' V n-sq ' .K .i .-I . -. . 1 1 Y ., l 1 t .V,,R,:,Q, M . ,rg Q, Ah.- , M i i . I , X ' Q if' A ' V' ., U i I. . v ' ,, 1 - J I 'V fd 'X 'I ' I 1 4 A lk 1 - 2 is Kappi Davenport FT" D' ' 'fy :fg?Qf - K V 5 - ' W Gregory Davidson A Y . lil' f b C ' Mgt ' L, Colinda Davis " ' , V ' W Q . Q . Shari Davis 5 I gf ' - amass: i i ,af Q 5. A " . Ji f ' S. an A ' 1 f 1 W Debra Dewane fu E 1 Ester De Los Rios I lx A Jeffrey Dayton he is if A "l K A Whitney Dillaber " '. D y f " . Brian Doeden X' A, if Jw ,C K. Q. 4 David Domotor -fi ' if Vi fi . 4 .1 ll 5 " N fl e 'l l. i of l ' 1 X in If C HEI K T , s i elf E K f is i I 'u .sy ,Sr NEXT YEAR , , I PM ei N .ri D F-A :br f J 'A F I s 1 K fu 'i 1 QX 'Q A 9 i 1 ite- 1 pair. tm r EVPA .x. ff" 'f' 5' W Q4-,aft t N-XJML if Rv is W J' . P, ffl, XX K gg. 1 Njsgsaunnvf X ey 3 Mx fr .1 ,i .N At wx E 4-'Q ,. ,av tw. bv - 1 Q. gs ti' i i "VAR Zane Dreschner Matt Duncan Diana Dunkin Joann Duran Randell Dykstra James Eastburn Dorinda Edwards Melanie Elliott Misti Emerson Amy Engebretson Robert Engst Michelle Esancy Rey Espinoza Deanne Evans Doug Farrar Larry Fenner Glen Festin Keith Filippazzo Paul Finch Lucinda Fischer Karleen Florendo Robert Foard Jacquelyn Fogarty Robert Fogoros Belowg Maryann Tomooka, stands out in front waiting for the bus to come take the pom line to the football game. Aboveg Jim Meeks, was overly excited to win the crown of the beauty queen for first lunch. SOPHS EXPERIENCE BIOLDGY Q , K. Daniela Ford Eli:E:E TWT E' 4 . Andrew Foster " ' i Q Sheila Forman e tx E E ' TK Q ' - , Jeff Fraser xi 3 7' 'T .. r is at .Q " r ' Thomas Freeman X ' is 1 , X ', . ax Leann Froelich 1 2 T 'X Q ' 1 A .n,,l, V Q Fi P - L-Sa FHM lm l T it T fNi Q 221' t,.f T , will Katherine Fuller f or reee to G F X t Mike Furr ' ' T Doug Gabel 1 ie- Q- K W1 ,r ' ' Y - 32 Justine Gagnon ,jig A A ' - 5 Lv T P ' - . ' - Timothy Gallagher QQ lin g T' A . T David Gamboa 3 - 6 .eg if W ' . I Sandra Garcia 7 tg! ii lik G1 K N Sheri Geiss -R - 4. , Bill Gehrman L L ' "rg -' Daryl Geraci We , ,M 5 it . V Rebecca German -, it - ' 1 fx v x -, H ,.p. Janet Gerst ,-Q T X ' ' Gayle Gessner Qt f5. lg! I Q ' , I R, Robby Ginis Akallwx .Isla . A J wx I Q f i I A Ni- Matthew Gismondi t N E YWWM Sally Glasmann , V g tl, g Kim Gelba - "ll T if X t " - f Trisha Goldberg if f Q 3 5- , 'P Renee Graff ' ' F ' f Chris Grantham g . 5 J ' 44 as Joseph Green M K ,i I 5 t Sophomore, Rob Weaver, takes a quick glance window to give the photographer a big grin. i ei .V if out of his English class Vicki Belt, sophomore, tries to explain to her pet owl that the Mickey Mouse club is a great club to join. SOPHS PURSUE ADVENTURES ' A' 4 . , ' 2 E 8' Q I , G V Ax . 5 IV 57. - F er FJ' V f' if' 4 ' V fx ' 0 1 l 'U , 4 ' i AO. ' V ' S i X X in K fi. ii, .. 4' if i . 5 fu X X ru- 5 AZ- nA V A ra' i G " V.7 , 'Mil J l A . A 1-. 'I . 3 it fl.: :X X .. . 5 "M ' is +41 . S 25 sr tt b S K: 'r S " . G .1 ' 'A "' I uf' or ww ' l 1 ' Q Vi ' ll fx , 1 We L x, - .4 S X fr' p 1, X i I is l I ll Mk . F A ',"'r' At A While Kristie Lawver participates in taking the eye test, Frank Brodish looks on nervously waiting for his turn. 0 nr 0-- kf , .KX ,rx Lg .. - 1 . ill Roy Green Mark Greenlee Marcy Greenwood Shauna Greiner Terri Griffin Daryl Griftiths Eddie Gudin Michael Gudin Kari Guthrie Kevin Guthrie Deborah Hall Paula Hall Julee Hamilton Susan Hampton Lisa Hardesty James Harper Sharon Harris Kelly Hart Brett Harward Joseph Havely Kelly Hayden Heidi Hayes Brandy Heathcotte Chris Henderson Crystal Henderson Scott Henderson Sherry Hermanson Cesar Hernandez Frank Hernandez Maryann Hess Glenna Hirschi Danny Hoagland SOPHCMORES ENLIVEN CAMPUS ,il N Q . J .3 Chris Hodges , A :A Susan Hodgson ' ' T 1 x Sondra Honey my , ' 4, ll, R. 'Q Donald Hopper K ,. ' Deanne Evans stands by the sophomore locker building talking to some of her Kevin Horne if - ' friends. This year, as always, the locker buildings were a popular place for the i A hx students to hang around at during lunch. .Q its Kim Howe Veronica Huerta E' Q 'Q N Carol Hughes A - 5 . Q 1 K '-i - -- i Brian Hurd 5 4: A 'Q 2 B' .4 i .:' 5, X ,- Patrick Hynick . ' , 5. Q 1 Y Jerri Jackson . 1 , ' if Michael James fn. ,Y X 5 . li V .x,. Randall Johns Susan Johnson .' I . Xi Pat Jonas Kris Jones s gg ,Q JI ir' Kenneth Justen gig G Chris Kallan , 1' f x Q 4 ' sk A Sophomore Student Council: Row 13 Bonnie Ogden, Carol Rucker, Patty Reynolds, Row 2, Mr. Grassi, Mrs. Wilkey, Mike Kelly, Pat Sell, Melisa Nash, Mike Ortega, 1 ," I Ke . ' fx Tab Hockamier ,Q Qi 55 I Paul Hoffman ' l gli? ,Q fb ffief 5 pug 1 L 'X David Hold Q ' 'Qlxi ' fr :YI i I t ' ,K .N....v .fl L L i i ,V A i ii 1 'i W1 "L f f I Ev- . . se 391 if Tun' if Zz, Y:.'1f:R,.. irq, 'Z v .1 if ,Q Lisa Wood checked through her assignment sheets for the upcoming newspa- per deadline on Friday. Twice every month newspapers are usually distributed thorughout the campus to inform students of recent activities. i . K :ix . - L t 'L 4 43 F ' X 7 t 5 'Q r my X- , , i i 2 W - . ,Q - , K Q a ls' I' Q., ,fit his. " 1' - ii:-li' " 3 1 . - x r ' i ' 5 N' i tai . L ' .YPD lg ,f , 4 . 2 -I ' i 5 , ....31,e, a i its ti. ' e ' M John Kulon ,L 5 Tamara Kutzli 7 y 1 Debbie Kwiatkoski x N' And be . l F F at A Q1 "1 N M: ,. Kevin Ladd W A W X. Garrie Lain ' w L Bruce Langenhuizen i vii" FE' F , if ' K ,t,N T, it g tt.i M L. , , ,Ri X ' F. Robert Langford 3, , 3 N ,, N Faye Lape ll Y gs ' Mark Larson I F , . -n'.A I x 31 YL A ' ' X L - Kristie Lawver 2 ,L if Lieuchi Le ' John Leatherwood , ,-i vial. V A F . ' 'Qi' I: , lb -N x N in 1 Ps-ea -W , S gl X bi Gregory Karfeld Q, Vicky Kasallis :Pak J t Pan v"r Hfiii 'l T , Kristi Kauffman ef K in t Deborah keiiing f V , VIH. gk .i M xii. Yi all . 'U' ,N , 'UA Lf.. .7 1 K i it V Ericka Kellis 5 Q " Michael Kelly . I . 1 Q V -s , 4 A Al ' X Frances Keltner t L ' Daniel Kirby " -'- Y 1 Tamara Kirkpatrick X gl Lorraine Kisch ' . . If - geggyiglatt g 0 awn ym i gi K L 1 QLW.. L seen Knierim QT " Valerie Knight - , Brian Koenes Ronald Kohatsu Q , ' Timothy Koon H - . , Leslie Koopman e ' - Todd Krauss ,N X X 7 , '. Sandra Kudreyko 7 ,g g 'N -A I 9 GB" it 2' K NS-.av 3 . , W , FJ 1 4 F5 f ,Y - fl, i, . ll' ' ' als ' S h I Q ' -1 'I " 'I Y , Y ,W i , 0 5 9 .l if' 9 .. .. I , '-'fi' 1 143' ii' 5 L 3-+22 W ,af V - " .ff E,-. ST " If V .. L-3 ii i 1 1 1 : tu- F , ' ' Sue Ponkey scans through her assignments during algebra Celina Lee James Lee Kate Leonard Lisa Leonardi Elissa Levine Steve Liddicoat Kimberley Light Michael Linder Cheri Lindsey Stanley Lit Cheryl Lola Joanna Lopez Johnna Lopez Lloyd Lopez Mark Lopez Barry Lorenz Debbie Love William Lowe Mark Lusk Jeff Lynn Michael Lynn Timeri McCloud Chris McCord James McGinlay Vicky McGraw Kimberly McKnight Kenneth McNie Kim Machutta Heather Macleod Pamela Madania Pamela Mahoney Suzanne Mar Ronald Marki Debbie Marquardt Lorenzo Marquez Candace Martin Kory Martin Deena Martinez Gilbert Martinez Maria Martinez Rebecca Martinez Ricky Massena Todd Matousek Timothy Meador Kurtis Medlyn James Meeks Michelle Mekailek - 3, , 'T' v J Q Lf K N, in 11 , , .,.,. -X at --v H - if - L. 5' L :J 5 c f ' L' L It X L L, , x Q L. A' K K K IV., 14 gg M. . ff ' L S J M f L to , I 1' . iii .PU ii - i. A L. , 4 l L A I FL if ,I ,. mfg. .Lb Lv ' Q SF gf if Mfg' . dsx 5' gh J . A V A f 5 s s 1' it 1 ' Vi ' 4 J " i. fl l at We li. 5112! , 'fig' L N. A 1- xx , .3 l ' W i , ' ' Y z an Q L C jx F gr .fl 5 , gg-D a A , X f , hx L j I - I ' ,J W i R 1 XXX is N X f I i Minis. - " L k-L' I it ,v . TSN 4 ' at 'sl W l 'A f.. , xii '-X f' 1 R ik' J lx, I ir 'gi f A ,L if .4 t L Q K 9 Q L, K if P ' . ' L A , fag if ll i K J ' 1 x V 53 i an W 5 N 'rx -5 Bonnie Ogden and Kevin Horne prepare to pin flowers on each ' 3 other while waiting in line to go to the Homecoming dance this x F 'L K t " year. 'i I , SA JF af ' C ff, L ' t E I . 5 - Q- 3 - : 'F Ki S- f 1 3 - , 1 x 'ix ,L 1.' i LQ .-- ir I 5.4" LY? wx 5 ' 4 f k X W, Y I - .. xib, .l'l'm i A W 'X g 11 ' I 1 L ' L it vw L L r..- ,L L ...,. . L,. . ls, QLL x:k'. L I L . L . . R m L L- , Q Q + L L L ,Sf 1 -:S .L ff .3 - ,X V " J . Ja 11" J .IL K i gk- Q M for-4-,R Y L as 7 f .J ff' I t fi -f L 1 if i NL E .Af-'--',"',Qi I Z P . .1 LL M..- Y' 1.1 .9--sw SOPHS GRAPPLE AT STUDIES Above: A group of sophomores seek shade from the hot afternoon sun under one of the many trees on campus. Below: Eric Prebys stared attentively into a microscope observing a leaf cell in one of the countless biology lab assignments. Biology is one of the required soph. courses. ,. s f 1 3 -' .25 Q- 1 X iff' if i iq A 7 M s Nt K fr" 4 xx" ' K W Ain ,fl xt ' Y li H Xi i t X G 3 Z if ,R . A Y 149'l tl dl 4 T i 'lx' 3 , ,J ill. Qt-vw Timothy Melton Joe Mendez Becky Merchant Robert Meya Brian Meyer James Meyer James Milakovich Stacy Milani Lewis Millegan Paul Miller Kimberly Milton Ben Molina Daniel Montello Dan Morgan Cynthia Morris Julie Mumpy Debra Munoz Eric Murphy Philip Murray Alex Murrietta Stephen Myers Lorraine Nail Lori Nash Melissa Nash Kathleen Nast David Neal Chris Carrington tries to pass the eye test given to all sopho- mores from the school nurse. 1 N: W' I 'fl if Ui I I 1 If ' ,: its E C Y V A 4 ,X r Hi 4 e 'ik Melissa Nash looks to her friend for help on one of those baffling assignments given in Biology. Amy Neis Billie New Stephen Nelson David Nichols Dale Nielson Barton Nixon Sharon Noble Steve Noble Timothy Oates Susan OConnor Timothy Odell Bonnie Ogden Lisa Olson Kelly ORourke David Orsburn if 'Q Q if S 1 ll in I L X 1 I 1 ,I f X i ' , i A - 'G 'R u' il g 5 5 i s I - V Linillli gf gif? W 4 N?.f'fl A fi' 1 9,-.E 'Y 4 It ,lls , l. V4 M' s M 1' ' . M at . 2 MLS '7 lkyf LXXXK X4 fl 5 . .mf mfg Q f QF? cs? it 'T A xii , lt ' Ji 9 hi I 47 Q 1 X r 3 , i 1 'N - Y: A i 1' . , at f "' 1' Q :W W, 1 i 'Qw L 3 2. 4? if ' 1 1 5 Li 'tx 1,-L. W Fe in JoLynne Berrett studies her music calmly while she Plays her instrument. ' if K. Z K 1 'if X X . Q Y? g a y s , fr., X - "V 'f V, ya.. 2 ,t X g ' -'t, if N X S I7 ,, IVF xxx 3 x x 1 fl 1 if A V1 .- e ,3 x t Q37-X yi t' 1 t 2,1 nl! ima l 5- ' I ' 1 1,-. ix? ui,Hy1A rl I A "sf A fl. ll ti 5 A g 'YZ . if 5, it ' Debbie Bellitter and Maureen Bolton, both sophomores, read a magazine to kill time before getting on the bus to the Prescott football game. Michael Ortega Sylvia Ortiz Renni Osburn Kathi Oshita Mary Padilla Danny Palacios Tonya Parks Joseph Parren Scott Patricki Kathy Patterson Paula Patterson Nancy Patton Deanna Pauk Michael Payne Barbara Pederson Debbie Peeples Tim Perry Mark Peters Neil Pierce Liz Piller Laura Pless Norma Ponce Susan Ponkey David Pope Lori Poor James Porter Laurie Powell Eric Prebys .. sn. Os ef Nunn 92 Kim Yeley and Roy Thompson work quietly together to study for one of the Driver's Ed. tests. Steve Ramirez Maria Ramos Elizabeth Rangel Todd Rankin Valerie Rankin Sonya Rathgeber Douglas Rauba Jim Reed Scott Reid Patti Reynolds Jeff Ringe James Rivers Luann Rivette Linda Rizzo John Robinson SOPHS K. ' Wk . l Kim Preswheat " Peggy Price bi 5' N -Q Tammy Pulice fl, 'sf A Q. Linda Quinn Y , John Rabenius E , Keith Rabenneck ' e J l Annamaria Ramirez N- '- Jesse Ramirez " Rosemary Ramirez -f fs, Y t is x x ' I it fu. J A , 5 . .M ,x 4' I ' E if K it t P Ill. Axl k I LAX rf 1 ff' ,S rs- ' LM.. X fnklf if., it P S' ,Ai x '5' T f f . -t ' . is E 5 x ,X t ,Q-4- fa ' eff: J FEI. .ffi""' b ' fl ' I CAPTURE .EJ r 12A N n .r 1 3 qv FIRST IN FLOAT i 1't S Ain- ' 'X ,F O: P, T i ,A A ,QA gr A 'xii gg, xv r 5 5 'Z ff x 4, r 'ffl t N, 5 K WX 1 Timothy Rogers Carol Rucker Scott Rudge Laurel Rufibach Elwood Russell Gail Runkle Timothy Ryan Russell Sattertield Michelle Saunders I L if ll. :Usd ttf? fl Suzanne Mar appears to be satisfied with the way her embroi- dery is turning out in the Home Economics class. Embroidery is just one of the many things taught in Home Ec. X I 4 " f ':, 4 - 'Q Robert Saunders fj' l S 1 F A ' Patrick Scalf e J , ' S Michael Scarbrough . X ' 7 Af 1 1. 34. if 4 Y Q 5 1 1, ' Laurie Schaubel Q 5 " Juli Schexnayder ' A , ff K William Scheckel A it , Lf' .1 . A ft "H 'A 1' David Schott 5 ' Lf N Germaine Schwartz fs sl? ' ', Janet Sciotto 'fri fp, - ' f n . . I' I l 1 ,Q , , ,N V , Billie Scott vi Q ,. U 'H-if 9 Cindy Scott , x 5 S, i Patrick sen f i , ' " I-J ' - fx ,Q .. V t Q V Caroline Sessa ' ' Natalie Shearl -W Ak A S fl 1 ,,- Shaun Shields ""x' X.- .1 I Ifll U' After finding out that their Homecoming float had won first place, the sophomores excitedly displayed their trophy, Robert Shepard Suellen Shima Jody Shinn Teresa Shinn Christina Shinske Laura Shinskey William Shrider Carolyn Sifuentes Jeffrey Sikes Lisa Sikes Maria Silva Peggy Simpson S . N it 1- " ' 6- n'N ,.. . C ' , K SAV'- S X Q. 1,1 i ' If Q f 5 2 fl l L. - af l . X S. X 10 , .-Air' 3 J, r ' 'A A ' A ' , 'QA J Q W f V if :N ' I l . . . 3 t Janet Gerst, Tammy Kirkpatrick and companion danced in the play Caught in the Villans Web". SOPHS STRUGGLE TO TOP Roslyn Simpson Tuck Sing Mark Sipes Kurt Sixel Greg Slamka Roger Slaton Cheryle Smith Diane Smith Veronica Smith James Smith Lorna Sneddon Susan Snyder Tobi Snyder Lori Spittler Patricia Staley CeCe Stanek sf- f- as if ,r"Xb' ii 3 ' Q ' -X" ' . Q' gf S x If . KTA ' , N 7 Q ' ,ry ' .. , . as K I I A 'nf A K h ' I 1 . Q A ,Q 5. ,g , l 1 I il , ' , 2 - . K 32 -me f .M' .,,. fl A S-.1 '4 A 'Kgs 'lv :lg K S x 5 tl ,fx ,ESV7 Al Nw f Melody Walworth and friend discuss future plans. it f T, r,,,,,,, S V X .t .,,., T is Yo -gt 1. i in 4. U' i t f ' AHS I i ! 1 L.f.J' ff L , . Y i .L Z . C ew T' 1' 4 5... M ..' pe ui ,,. , , , I cy -, 'Intl , ,. ...F ., Q X ,- N- r Maureen Bolton and Diana Baldenegro, both sophomores, enjoy a nice chat between friends in their spare time during lunchtime, breaks, between classes and before and after school. Kevin Stephens Jeffrey Stine I ,H Craig Stone C . -- 5 i .a 7,0 Q Cassy Strickland - , Curtis Strohl ., fr James Stultz ,-1 S I 1 H 'i ,A Beth Stump x Kenneth Subia N ez Sandra Swadley - Susan Swindle ff f ' Matt Syperd if , .131 ' Joanne Takiguchi . . . ' S s V Holly Suggs 1 Linda Suiter . i , 1 . 1 ., . 'f 4xxa",.. - Y. W Peter Talamentes 1 , Karen Taylor - ' , Jinger Terry Alicia Thomas Roy Thomson Vickie Thun Vx. ffe Y U ,3 9 G3 1- . A- 3 . , ,- . it '17 , in ' 1, v N X get il if A T i ,ti- .SL gli A ,js xx.. -" 'mln -4--1 'i':""" , uw .....-4 ,J-if-A, ,,,, - b ' r L24 1 P -"' ht' - ' A Brian Tindall Leftp Brett Harward smiles after a test, then sits back to watch Mike James. Belowg after a hard day of selling candy, Linda Rizzo decides to take a break. -:QE ., - 1, M x 3, ,. Traci Tisdale T 5 Q - 3' Becky Tober ,, ,. f ' T by S- MaryAnn Tomooka 5 ' -3 ' y T5 Priscilla Trevino "' " ' Terri Trusty A Q T if A A ' 1, A : i 1 t . R 'i 4, lwif. Y L . ff UM- gb M W! . Mary Tudor , W ' X ,V Andrew Turner v Z - Lf' as z , Nancy Turner 5 -9 Y -I Q ': . . J . :Sf A Alexander Ulloa ' 6, i t i ' . Jeanette Umbertino W 3 X - , : W 1 'si ' I it - Q1 nndd e 'rrr at ' K 5 Patty Valentine . , , ' K , t Dean VanKirk , A 1 K ,AQ 5, Theresa Varnum ah Y- ' Q X ., ' Bob Vaswani - g 7 Timothy Vaughn ' N . 1? N y 5 M011 l 1 .c.d 'Il iv R Lorraine Velasquez T ' Joy Venancio U X 5 f , r 1 A 5: -1'- 3' Patrick Vincent ' 7 'i i Treva Voorneveld -- ? Jackie Fogarty and freshman acquaintance give a helping hand in selling baked goods for the French club at open house. The sophomores were really influential in clubs and other activities this year. Melody Walworth Robert Wang Sharon Voss Jonathan Wade Kenny Wadsworth Donald Waelde Kenneth Walker Kim Walters f i Q r fi . 'if " Am ii'.f'i': ' . gg. T .i , 'lv 'yo X' t ' I Lfxth MQ, sl Ei sf- -f ,,f,-Nfl. .T Z 4 ., 3 gi "fx ' l il ' if . V . K r i A s..is K 'T , .,,i , A ss' i. '., f f i , Q Q . , in S L gg K Wendy Watt Rob Weaver - ,, . Sherri Wehmueller gg' f Y A v T 5 A 'kg s . 53 Ml is-Q L .ivning X ffrl f r 3 i - L .4 X WS xr SOPHS EXPLODE 5 if s t, W 3' ,Z 3 Q F rl N I FA: his Q' v H X is I if IZ it fa C I 5, l J g J . Al, ' l -Q l ' .- Q all 5 W ' Xu - 't E -'f , 5' K, A O C Af ,N if P - 4g53brg,sv,,f.f5,, . si. qsfzff il SiLlf?K5J?'L?Ji't'i 'F"'l . x fl - Y 'N Q' X 'wp it N if td 5 I Q55 ' I I' x . f J, We 1 K is P l ' A C -C 1- his ? .. it in- f ' ill V Q 'Z . fix 4 s Q, N f f 'S ,fists I K Q K . s I ' fig, INTO ACTION Becky Weiss Mike Wells Carole Wenzl Janet West Shelley Westover BettyJane Whalley William Whalley Crystal Williams Tammy Williams Cindy Wise Mickey Wilson Tom Witte Mary Ann Wombacher Lisa Wood Shari Wood Warren Wyles Carmen Ybanez Kim Yeley Eric Yodis Darryl Young Tammy Zerbe Eric Ziegler Theresa Zimmerman James Zipf Z Yolanda Jimenez Deanna Pauk is caught in the act while practicing her lines for a dramatic reading At left: Paula Patterson is caught stealing ice while taking a break back stage. Above: Mary Carrothers and Patti Reynolds are enthusiastically involved in a ski club car wash. FROSH PLUNGED INTO NEW YEAR This year was a new experience for the incoming freshman class. Even though the adjustment was perplexing, the frosh realized that once they overcame the fright of the enormous campus, they had many new encounters in store for them. Indeed they exhibited their spirit at the pep rallies, and they also took a keen interest in extra- curricular activities. ln sports, they strived for victories and when defeated, they did not re- sign themselves, but aspired to higher goals. Thus, the freshmen of this year will presumably be a strong class through the next years. Frosh class council: First rowg Marsha Kennedy, Randa Kutab, Second row, Lisa Heyn, Paige Moore, Sue Grattino, Kim Carroll, Susie Espinoza. FEV . xl. Daryle Adams . 532 -Ztsvelsugfxl W V165 2.1. I Cathy Adler If W S, 1 Danny Adler A ik , , A1 " , ,M 'P Diane Affeldt , Q Q 'N 'L Robbie Alexander 5 " A f , T 'D Lisa Alger ' ' A 4 I VK , T . I T Anna Almanza ,fi ,. A , -" X. ' X -w' ra l' T Q l aw 1 i. az t .L Dorina Amarillas W Michael Ament Q , '-3 Colin Amos L ., if h ' V A, Margo Amparan . Q, :nh g 1' , 5.44. '. Lauri Amuso ry ,Q im? '- - Jeffrey Anderson P ' , i 6 ,J ,LN , X L 'Ad T if me n mon x . if T T"--t :L If l' "r A . N All .Qi i .lill r B Madaline Anderson ii" A. l Nancy Anderson W x M , I q Perry Anderson M , i F N E if it si 1, Jackie Andnck ,y .7 X gi -s 3 " . Daniel Anstett 5 A D L ' g W v . .i ,K Yvette Apodaca f V f ' X, i f -1 X, l g V, Maria Arce . 1 V. 2 ' f f I ' i ' T , T . . fiwiilli , , F - A i - , A-.ff s Lorenzo Arenivaz ' ' l ' .w Marci Ayars " X ' ' 1 ,. ' it Robert Back . . it - - Robert Backer , fl. gig , O T Sandra Baeza f -' ,' T' " K 5 - ' A Sheila Bale A 1 l f ki W V fl 6-t Mary Balzic ' 5' , , ' X 3,1 " 'A X i . , ' i lair" fr 'tai l .' it Xl I IX Michael Barnes A l ' Jon Barnum L ,x I , Anthony Batson ' I A . ' ' , A Teal Battin fi D ' ' '6 it ,lj X91 Darla Baugh ' - ' A : , 1 'X 1 it , Jan Baxter V I X4 fe L- I Charles Bedore ' " X 3, ff, ?' ls' he 1 ' Ls- ' -4 l Y x - . , is . V ' X X 1 ,M . 4- 4. 3 5 .,. I I U . ' ' i A , m K 'sg .f we rr' ft , 4' Ll N 3 , 5' assi' t Q M t t , k if I L, .,,f f f We ' . .. xi x M' E "H -A.. ' . I W. J Uh -J at ,X 5 .. ,L if If ' E M 1 1 V , F, 1 4 af 'f 9 J 4, Tammy Ratty and her friend take out time from their lunch hour V' X to vote for homecoming royalty. ' ' K I 1 n u ' J J J, i X ow X XR A , X ' l J N 3 5? Y 3 ' B. :I M ' , ' l , . L. ' ,' ' 1g A iAX ti. ' K. J Q r i B15 CJ H i - Q J -f 'i 251 if , ,f ' ' ' ' al - - I , lr Ari Apollo student tries to hurry up and finish her homework before the first morning bell rings. Terri Beecher Jim Beeker Rhonda Belkin Janet Bell Connie Bellitter Jennifer Bennett William Bennett Richard Berg Christine Bergner David Berry Maureen Best Donna Bidwell Mark Bitteker Riley Bivens Cindy Blomgren Lisa Bochicchio Frank Bodisher Linden Bohrer Joseph Bombaci Vicki Bonds Brian Bortz Cynthia Bose Mark Boucher Brett Bourbeau Damon Bradley Christopher Branson Melodee Brewer Alice Brooks Tim Bryant Brian Burchfield Bryan Burgoz Charles Cales Tamara Calvin Patricia Brimley Kellene Campbell Marcia Canady Timothy Capron Lisa Carlisi Benjamin Carlson Lori Carpenter Felicia Carrai Ray Carrizoza Kimberly Carroll Charles Cater Kenny Celia Vicki Chaney Karen Chavers Pat Clark Nora Coast Stacey Coe Janice Collins Jeffrey Conroy Lori Consolo Michael Conway Brenda Cool Katherine Cooper Randal Copic Glenn Crabtree Paula Cranfield Judith Cran Shelly Crawford Edward Curley Angela Daggett Annette Daggett Gail Dammann Kim Daugherty Eddie Davanzo Brad Davis l O SHOW AT FLOAT PARTY ,--.,,tr , i . , 'Q ' . : I . ga' , K' K' 'Q- 1- i : gt - - .N xx iff f -- 55 x as AL ' 5 If , VK'- ' AN-R , ,H V1 l i K , ,lt i W, ' is x QR" I if 304, y Q I ll l' f fx -ms. ex L I I ' A K Q1 I 'gf 'X XX ., I 5 . . I , ' . Y ' ,- i 'Engl , 4 S 1 H 1 1 f Fi "rl " 1 l X. 1 - K :."'1 T- ' , I , gn S iw' T '.Ti .1 ' F 5 . Y K, 1 H Nu. C 3 J., 'ue ' 2 'I fl 1 A x iiex f lb! , Qs gilx r r, C ' , Aft! qs' f . T71-or l - A if ' . . Q, , , S X W xl 3 l KI l -. .sv Q " Tx Nuke -. x 'pf' 4 ' K 4m,m,rm5 WWW 1: i ug A 1 - ,' i' Q Q' '1' it- f 'f 1' . 3 i S' . ,J . e " B l A ill s V1 'is x i , - N K V 'I .,-u rea-df ' 53 I" L 1 A ir wi' A 3. r is SfMrrfwf.,W,1ww" B1 1 i Q A 8- , I' 1 5' s -, if , ft --LQ , ,lt 13 'A his -xfg 1 , . , , , , C - L . 1 . L " JP lx f' V Q , all A rl A J Q K gif, :ag .igdf l' 'K 77 V 1' A n . r' .' IAQ., rx, A X Ay 1 V Gy 4 L ' V -, tx gf y fg ffl , Alrllw n l l bw W-Niki Shelly Crawford, Bruce Fortner, and Kari Mahoney are seen discussing a basic art design during Art 1-2. This was a very popular class for freshmen. 'l ii l X John Dayton Dorothy Deatherage David Degard Scott Dekeukelaere Roxanne Dejanovich Patrick Denton Robin Denton Renee Devore Craig Dies Ann Digilio William Dimas Kimberly Donovan Cheryl Dorsett Stacey Drane Ken Duncan Steve Duncan Julie Dunlap Margaret Earle Gary Eastridge Cynthia Edwards Mark Ehlers Sharron Eliason Rikki Elkins Anthony Elmore Holly Elwood Jo Epp Richard Espinoza Susie Espinoza Jerry Essig Donna Estep Henry Eubank Lisa Falbo Amy Fellner Russell Femyer Richard Fernandez Dean Ferullo Sally Festin Vernon Fielding k X N -x m 1 sw' t tif ill 1 . F.,svm4gv- i , S -D ' 4 459' M If 'X fy -- fq .W Q-- at -Sax ' T, , Fi'-f, ti 'L' as .V Y . 8 """ r' R 3' el L J 'tx , 'I' V Z z'ixm'lf:.A', -sl 'll' Y, .M an X 3 s . y -A ,W i 1 ,L Joe Herrin and a classmate work together on an Earth Science experiment. i ' it hips., 5-su . 2 - i gp fa x , at l li .2 ig ' -Q7 S ' Q XJ' SA S ' ,I r ' i 7 x .1 Y is fiakitxv. lh i N . ,A s,,i ml , t, V W, ..,, pu, 3, t Q. 'it E 1 ' - Q as. ' 'L . Pi ", , " A V Q X A y ray ' N 'St ' ki S ' 'Y ln' ,i " it - ' . i . f , V - f - X ktf, l tts fmt ,xc -lib' tn . , is W king . xi V .FV :X 6 'W A 4 . k 'S J! W " , V ,pl P i . y X -, I A rl, , X . c. -., ,- P' its Jeff -if N v to .y x , 7 i',, E f st l." M .4 pkg. ll Nl: . A. , .il FROSH CATCH ON TO TRENDS Timothy Filippazzo Derk Finstad Edward Fischer Juanita Fisher Rickey Fisher Vickey Fisher Greg Flath David Flittner Scott Flood Pearl Flores Stephen Forman Christine Foster Donald Foster Pierre Foulks Deborah Frank Douglas Freiwald Julie Frisoni Bryan Froelich Carol Fukunaga Larry Gadberry Dennis Gaither Julie Gallagher Kevin Gallagher Angelo Gallino Dennis Galloway Patricia Gamboa Tana Garland Phoebe Garraghan John Gay Paula Gehrman Brent George Deborah Gerboth Suzanne Gerstner Todd Gessel Danny Giebner Gary Gilbert x W ' J rr' 56 1 fi fs J ,J7g,4,, .l XM Hi I I X J L .',h1. fi -,." ,V if , ,At. 2 f?f'W'm1 . ,. 3 3 1 5 U yccc I ri!- 9 J 'H -x uM iii xx . 1 vwugss in Www fr-frvfgsxw-wr: swf Avy Qi tl Q' , , QA ' y 4 :Z Becky Henderson, freshman, looks up from an assignment in f-X ,lf e i ll 1 F i English 1-2 to find her picture being taken unexpectedly. 6, 4. is 1-v ' 4 'qv ff 5 T' 1' if G XP fx J' xi l' M all W' l f mmm. J I ml lk A W., , i, ,. D M, y ,J ,is T- xx , 2x ' 1 I 5 A Wg- -3 . 'S ' , M , X W - . i K l f A 1 9- . , Q, f', W ,,tif ..: ! :W G V f www if . ., G J ' N s , N H i ' , J - fir ., . . . - 3 b, V1 is f I l i 7 f fm li E. .. ' J X3 I ' J 'Q 5 I J xl xx a ,xr J 5 1- .. gf -D 1. . x 'B i k D G .f 2 l W gn! .xt Ik A Xl, vs' 'M I ' vi ., l V 4 li! , 2 S' t ' X-it I QXX:TXcll'h 'I I Y IN f k 'J x : iN I -N S: I i ' lt J g A ill Y If 2-Lgn ', 5 'afffs . 3 K Ala!! N i A J if " i-X H If Ny x Y ft.-. Q. , Emi hir,-gyda K M 4 - i , if lx I lo-xi 445 I is at v-'lu 5 ' ' 6 :A g fx h ti V .. f gm I 5 g W X W 'Z if sa 3 -s it x c. J .5 , l A I x ,ith ,Q1 ii. i i tt my 2252: ,J i ' if ,3 gif, T x C f Akin, 1-W x W A R it .c Q 'N ti ?' it fx ,Ill - , Wh Exif I A V . l . f Freshman, Greg Lofton, takes time out from an advertisement poster in Journalism 1-2 for a nap. Kevin Gallagher, freshman, performed periodically at the as- semblies throughout the year. David Gillespie Bethann Giovanini Cherylann Girone Maureen Gizelbach Brenda Gobeli Bart Goetz James Golden Dawn Gomolski Pedro Gonzales Manual Gonzales Jacqueline Gonzalo Michelle Goodman Sandra Goodman Joe Granado Susan Grattino Rita Greco Denise Green James Green Michael Greene Janice Grewe Kimberly Grim Martin Guerra James Gunderson Larry Gutierrez Mary Haines Christopher Hale David Hamblin Brent Hammit Jani Hancock Kurt Harless John Harris Richard Hawk Elizabeth Hayes John Healy FROSH FILLED WITH ANXIETIES .1- J e J Crystal Henry ' I W J ' ' i 3 I i - ,--" Lisa Hensler ' I J J - M . I 4- It Joseph Hentz I e" -4 :J f' ' Q- ', Richard Hernandez ' V " -I, 3 ' 1 Joe Herrin A 5 - , 4, , : Robert Herzog 'X . :ii ,Q k Q. f -l M ,V 3 1 ' . ., ' 3' H, eil . I fiaef ' E fs W2 nk f Kurt Hess ' I . . 'rifi' ' ' J , " Lisa Heyn T J ' -J 5, ' I1 Q ' 1 Carolyn Hilderbrandt jim- ,- -, ' Richard Hillman A 9' f c Vw, i ., ' gx Thomas Hinsberger S " I I' N ' I 4 1 Becky Hinson I .4 - 'via l ' I' " N K4 Z-M ,Q .I Scott Hobson ,ft , I ' X if . lar ep-f ff +I I sf, . lfmm . Carla Hochwender rid-I , f-- I xl Cindy Hockers f t' , ' E 1- Ji ist - Ken Holem 'f 5, 5 ' , Terry Holland Y 5 5 VV 5 ff N Daniel Holley , 1 fl Terri Hopkins I N y A X -, , 3 .l x . i Karlene Horne I I l ,Q I l 2, , 'X X X- 1 , 1 . 1 ef I Al", Vi .B T4 XI W X .riff . Earnest Horton Jeff Horton Mark Howard Victor Howard Ralf Hunniford Chistopher Hunt Kevin Hunter Virginia Ilten Jennifer lnness Bryan Irvin Farron Jackson Richard Jackson Wendy Jacobs Brenda James Greg James Judy Janisch Kelly Jennings Daryl Johns Sharon Johnson ':i'Ii 55 : A. ,.:"" . Q "5f5T? gf i K 7 1, ,Q Q 1 i f , W , -,Aw 1 If is I K ' I 'I I E' , ' I ' I' 1 . . 46 f z. 1' E, Q- i gp D' 'jx K , . "" P ' ' J -H -' f . I, . .. f FY X' 'lf-rf? 'XX --'FW I I Q f. , fm ' l nl-1. . 1, ' 71 f' I a 1' 'N , g VY I T5 rl i f s . X 4 X I J N r if .1--, X :kht V .0 Q . I I ' ll, L ,I Ai it N- 'I , J . , ' I K, ' ' Q. " ,, f V I nfl Atl I I-I 2? F mtl, .inf ' 1 5. -. . 'E ' M if , I l 'J l - 5 ' I 1 s. ...Q ,, , i' , . I l I L I A 1 M ik " ' XI I lar I 'I I ellsl 4 ' . I i J C Qi In W I X I ,r C I 4 X Q 5 3 f Vi' -3 A, - -D 5' x 1. i 4 C ' r I J I 1 I Right: Freshmen vote for their class officers in - their first election. l PEP RALLY SPARKED FROSH A, 'fs' .-qw -A -'vw W 3 . a V , A. ' , 3, h , xx gl 1-f V ,fa l ls, I Ls. L l. . ,Q l aw rf, -f ., .yr A til, -Q , A' - ffl gl if A Linda Justen Dana Karg M ,, QT I, he Ramona Kapp , '1 " Catherine Keefer 5 1 Kevin Kelleher 1 Q K 4 Randy Kelly , L is fn Wendy Kelly Norman Kempfer Brian Kenney , Terry Kenyon 'i i George Kershner ' ' l 1 Mark Keys A X . 4-x 1 . ' ' ' Sherry King In I I 1 , ...- .,....,, 0 lx gg Q I 0 ll i i i I ,Il K s W, X ' xl gl w 1 -4 ',- . ,, 4 ' .s.:l...,........w4' 1, I 1 , ' V N. N v- x N l ll ., K ,gg rw, .'... Y Wvg..v-gg:-'i1,fl:':'f so n 3555.3 wg .1 ,l . f r X . I Ax g y 'L' .V .VVKK liklll xii 7 'fx i . S 4' , l K 5 J . fl - L , s .ff . K z' all b 'Eff Q 'I an i 'tl .A N 4 4? -,A X ig. . X Y , SK Q 5 I' ' l eff' yi Q X Y - f l Lisa Kinstler 1 . 5-U, 1 I L Tammy Kirton ,ff T Y Kathleen Kite ' X .E Jacky Kiteley 9 x' ,N Michelle Krautheim 4 G. .4 Cynthia Kline , Q ' K sf Jim Kiym 1 X I NNN f rl K 1 Valerie Koegel :g f Rory Konkle 546 f Paul Koontz . ' n ' S f' ' FK, Kimberly Korte ' ' Karl Kowalski Greg Kranz f f 'X Michael Kleyhauer lil l l l . fr cr..-l l 5 2-3 K Kim Krumlaul wif P -5 Randa Kutob David Kutz 5 ,"" 1 ' 1 --4 '1 nf xi!! 1,4 nr , r .2 N L FB!! '. Liu Becky Henderson's expression was a common one during the freshman's first week at Apollo. wrgn if s'f , 1 ' JP, 1 - , 5.5: .. v.'.Fv,L intl, 3' . O 1 Uf I rl-..,. -Q-Q.-.. 1' A group of freshmen wait outside their classes before the bell rings at the end of their lunch hour. Bill Landram Annamaria Luechese Mike Lueders Colin McClure Diann McCormack Diane McDaniels Robert McHugh Lari McKinstry Joan McNeil Nancy Maccarone Renee Machutta Darin Macumber Kari Mahoney Margaret Mahoney James Marino Valerie Marino Danny Marmor Ray Marsh Joann Martin Terry Martin Lucinda Maas Dean Mast Rhonda Matelski Brett Matthews Kim Meisheid Alicia Mendoza Alice Merolli Debra Merrill John Kwiatkoski Nina Lafinier John Lamb Laura Larkin Mark Laube Kathleen Lee Kimball Lee Mary Lee Tracy Lee Keith Lewis John Liddicoat Kenny Lindsey Robert Linxwiler Wendy Littlewood Lisa Locker L ,W , - - M L, s 9, 7' S Q . ' A M 'f , 'il ex " A lf - wif it L , s A QV Q X fQj,i11jl'g . '-T - .e, , , W 'i - ' ' R' 'S f l - -H, V I MM l 3 c,, NU ,l t ' ' Q l f it L ,ev f t03'A'Nf'l'i r is as 'C .an 8 Q4 - A' QA ' R' f ' . ,LQ X 35 m 3 r m A A l ' .iimffis if NM A - . i i 5 , N W as 'I q 1 - 3 f ' J 1 Ii, X A K . i it N Q ffl 5 2 '-il ' H Z-thy Il! X x yi F,,eg.'.E, 'Q ix? It N FN A' be , P' of f 4 2 'P i , -1 X QM W. ll milk-f Ut K will ,, .i A 1 l i- " e f i 1 I l . E , ,be . ws H I 7 Q . 'vi , -1 S. 57 ' K ' cl . 13. U ,G 5 . ,.! A 5, G I E' I J N 'AI ' fl . A -. M , or ee.,ee,. 5 , llnii. Douglas Meyer Chris Miller Sandra Miller Tony Miranda Maryangel Molina Michael Molinar Melodie Monahan Paige Moore Angel Moreno Margarita Moreno Karen Morgan Michael Morgan James Morse John Mueller Cynthia Muir Sheryl Muir Yvonne Murtagh Andrea Musto Barry Myers Kenneth Myers Vicky Nachess David Narloch Joseph Neese Karl Neis Darlene Nelson Eve Nelson Sheryl New Janet Newbury Mytrang Nguyen Paula Nichols David Nielsen Thomas Norris Richard Nulliner Marissa Oakes Cynthia O'Dell Greg Oppedisano Patty O'Rourke Ann Orrico Joan Orsburn Porfirio Ortiz Richard Oshita Ruby Pacheco Arthur Padilla Joseph Palumbo Bob Parkinson Dianna Parra Susan Parsons Tom Pavey Terry Payne Kristi Peace Lisa Pearson Juliann Pennington Lynn Perkins David Peskin Jeffrey Peters Stella Petito Mark Phillips Aaron Pierson Victor Porras FROSH STRUGGLE TO TOP , izgiff' y iy 3 Sf i l t lr.s , ifsis 3 2 l - ' ,gy Q , P A gi P t y 3' K tu fi f E it P- i LX , KL ! y I . -A by gg ll- ttl. .A ' " 'f S g my tk! link 1 Q i .la QXQTIYIIWE i 'fm K 1-QNQQK PSR. Two freshmen finish up their assignments before their class starts W? ?'fRfNSik 3-P i A V, , .spit 'WS N93 ,A Brock Heathcotte found the library to be a nice quiet place to do some studying. Q.. at f, 4 1 ' l , Us .75 1 - ik .K Q A I - hi 'avg-H-., A 1 W . r 5 A X M -4 -. I If gi, eff, mr' q 1 :g I X Y AY - 2 . 1 ' f 'H 4 J fit Km I W R 5 x 4 L-,J T? QT ' x Returning to her desk after having her absence slip checked by the teacher, this student smiled as she returned to her X desk to begin on her make-up work. txt: i 1 'i , it ,Q A Aa X- Tl ' i ' R+ , P ' r - f, v NWN. ' i ' 1 sw- rv ' l , f fbi Z Z Q B , ze- C: Working together, this group of freshmen completed one of the many experi- ments required of them in Earth Science. Emily Potts Larry Prazak April Presnar Penny Price Jay Puckett Jo Puckett Kimberley Pulliam William Purgitt Byron Qualley Jamie Quinn Becky Rael Mark Raines Maureen Ramey David Ranes Scott Rankin Tami Ratti Michelle Recker Shawn Reese Diana Reid Steve Reilly Janet Renkenberger Suzanne Rex Deborah Ricketts Stella Rios Nacho Rojas Kathleen Rollins Brenda Rivette Sandra Robinson David Roe Michael Rogers Troy Rogers Michael Rishling Daniel Romanski Julie Rome Elayne Rosenberg Mark Rissler Scott Robinett Mark Robinson Scott Ross Eric Rossman Vinson Rothlisberger Kirk Ruckman Tracy Ruiz Zsuzsi Sagodi Edward Salem Margo Soll David Sanmarco Helen Sample Rosala Sanmiguel Elizabeth Saunders Barbara Sowden Eric Scanlon Lisa Scarbrough Robert Schedler Paul Schemers Craig Schultz Michael Schultz Kelli Schunk Mary Schwieder FROSH BUILD SPIRIT FOR FINAL 1? " ww, :J t . V' I ix Q. A 1. :.1 W 'tw' a K- I vw-- , Q v , , I, i fi . 2 . 1 i"'i ' 'i"i' - .f - 5 i 1 X ' r H ,L ,I is . I .f 7 fi ,, -t ., I l i it sl ,I "-'M-. 77 . -1' The camera catches the eye of various freshmen students while they work in class. s ' D tx ,tt . , ,Q if" 'Ix y I y . - It M r I ' f " ., I X 2' f ' ' fr -4. Q " f - ' tk 5 A-is I R' I S I i i X I . 'S' I I . I , uh-L- i I W Y I S ,t ,,. 'x v A A Q .. s s A t . I to L , X kt X, ir I O A ,E i tt E S' 'I I S, 4' R :Q I M r 1 1' . ,J -X gr -- .M :N at y . 1, .. I . s fa' 'ji' , , frm. N 'N - "MY It 5 .X " ' . 1- V' 34.1511 H v,,,f:':X2,Mg Nxt A Y 4' 4' ,4 'f I 1' . I? . I Q WW '-fi'?f'.ii Iii? I "ffl" 5. .XI ' ,131 i 'D 'iE"T"" ' ' ' is wt, Q -. . 2 . 2:5 i ' " W , I ',,, at 5 A, A V X s SWK rs He s R5 fi' 2 .I iffy.-was lex 'VAL fig ,EM I. , r' ,.E YEARS AT APCLLO HIGH SCHOOL 1 T W S . T 5 3 ' 2' 45 5 ,K A N' Q I ' .in - .. if - I 'l if ,, , fill liz iiq I .' ,11f'l 'S' xl tit: 4 S xg , i 4- 2 .. 4:1 1 x ., X5 , Sf Q: ,A 5 5 , I jg, -A Wg, H ls t L s 'lu ixy SLK . W' if ' ' 'f r We i1l""" imm Y V 1, , ,',, , L VV'. Af- A t A 7 I In -' 'tv f L l .' Nik I -'5 N' A w h W x Y A ' t A. AS", Q ll -- . .1.L""' ill 'Ui fl f li X xl se w-...Q fy " I lt .-re - E ..'- . - 4'5"'f - , is ' f 'W V ft ' x ya:-ki 0 2 I 4: V Q -5, x 5, . Q , f , ' 1 , . i g . Y i. ' X it .fy 6 S, it dfa g Ng! ! . k , , We Q .ww r sq, T. i g Tr ,, my W A R.: i K Q i U l Y X '- f 1 'vjifwe' A K " J ' 4 ' J, X Rx UXN. i 'Sth .Q lair s 5 I ki . Ja u nu ,, H' ' J , .J :V .die f-fs J W' , K 'A MNA 'J'-Q , w ':" bt Xfa ' Q N A f:V4 it it .i,: ii l Steve Short worked on a Journalism assignment while Angie Rios looked on. Anthony Scire Robbie Sharpe Richard Shaw Dale Shipp Steve Short Mark Simmons Charity Simuangco Michael Sinise Josephine Sipes Patricia Sipes Steve Sluyk Dawn Smallwood Audrey Smith Deborah Smith Kevin Smith Leslie Smith Mike Smith Wendy Smith Pat Sooter Andrew Soto Annamarie Souch Merita Sparman Sherri Spears Marie Squires Wayne Starke Gary Steele Mark Steinmetz Kelly Stinson James Stocker Steve Svancara Lisa Swaggerty Brent Swanger Debby Taggart Patricia Talamantes Randy Taylor Floyd Thomas lan Tepper Renee Thompson Jacqueline Thul Kenneth Tiger Delores Tomlinson FROSH FIND AHS James Toomey Hermogenes Torres Ivy Trevino Charles Troutman Karen Troutman Bruce Truby Phillip Trusken Sherri Tucker Tracey Tudor Mike Turner Don Tuttle David Vangordon John Valentine Benjy Vance John Vasquez Paul Vasquez Yoli Vasquez Todd Veldhuizen Ron Verdino Ernest Verdugo Suzanne Vidra DANCES FUN T i,xq T :iw qxyx 1 I xx . 1-it "1 -" ks' ' ' w 'E gk ,S -5 i ' 1, K ' 5 x I , A - 2 2 .dsl i 41 a h 3 Nan , ilw '. A' , iife v l ' g .Q A 9' if 1. 1 5. .,. few 3 s 4- 1., ' V 5- N 1 ,if i .. I xl vs 5 6.14, f l 'fr , , ,I Q T , T Q,ro f A Qs Tm X i Hi 6 ik 'IJ Xi . Pnl. X f K , - gg V, ' ,LE A H, , Freshmen discovered that high school dances were very different from jr. high dances. These two freshmen took a break from dancing at one of the dances earlier in the year. Y . , W ,. B?F:,,tl,,,S ,,K,.. .M 7 ' -L 1 my 'ik , , gif. , if ' Q N ..'2 A me... V? '-"r i T A' , f . - is . L ' 'o ' l S' , . ,fi A 1 " lt rf ,"' ' V ' - 'ant' Ns My Xxlljuifn. Q X , ,, K Q l K 5- it G 2 C ' 5 , Mx? -wx 'I T Q .f ' , x R "' v A ' X Q W' Y X X- .'-V As., V A T ' ,t a l 4 y y ! 'V l V . ,S A 61 ' ' 'li' F 2. . i t if ' Q, .l A 'S I M I 1. 9 4 'F' Q ' .1 . i . V , 'Wi' t nh . x V it I-As' .. - ' -i .fl p , V t . - 1' ., ie... -. Lg., 1- 1 ft AS X A A , . , V W 14 A , , V X yr H.-1 It We . A A ., -Q 4 4. X- m ,,. , . id 7 iii 'TN :X 'Q K " ' 1' t 1 f . V ff S S N X .4 - R ff-J - A w 6 its ' -Vi -. 9 I X! Lf .jifa Q l- Di lie 7 v Freshman, Karen Bergsten, concentrates on a way to get out of an English 1-2 assignment but has not finished. Will she think of an idea in time? gig? P, i F --I 5 I ' 9 if Q . he-F i . , is !' I "2 ll - Vi a S i Y l Frank Villa Gilbert Villa Pete Villa Misty Voorneveld Steve Walker Katherine Wallace Chris Warner Judie Warren Mari Waterman Daniel Wells Greg Welsh Maria Wheeler Daryl White Rodney White Mike Whiting Kelly Wickline Marie Wiechec John Williams Kristene Williams Glenn Wilson Lori Wilson Michelle Winters Cathy Wisniewski Doug Wright Nancy Wright Holly Woodward Cheryl Young Robin Zelenak Sharon Zelrick Stacey Zieke Stacy Ziemer Elana Zinder FROSH FIGHT TO TOP .X . J L ' ,F Donald Apodoca X J' X Phil Gipson is X Fw ,JV 'x bs. it J :- x y fb' Scott Gould 2 l N Ann Gray i I . . LX- , r .1 .x t N 1 Y' Cindy Harper X Brock Hearhcotte 't X t 1 , H ,. J X, A' "HIM , , 3 --. Charlene Heber L L L A Edward Jennings Jody Epp, freshman, delivers a late registration form to the bookstore for s Q approval. 'AL .t I 1 ' V 15 X lil 1 ,Q 5 J Lit L L Vicki Johnson ' is 4 - fs' X J Q 'X Paul Koontz "J, .im 2 T, 'j ' 5 L - Joan McNeil if Q , f 7 ' Q Scott Peralta ff L r 1 tx L X Troy Pickering N V " , L L' LLLL iq' L - N J L Rosemary Ruiz L iv X L tv I gmt.: A 1 I fi! i L i L ' Teresa SeeleY Q Joephine Sipes waits patiently in the large bookstore line for a I book for one of her required freshman classes. Greg Welsh, freshman, ran the spotlight during a performance of "Caught in the Villains Web". lt ran for four days. 'p-...A -.In 1 -ngyf ,fl -.,":.'--'Q' ,' 'F' .1-I I 4-f .--1' 4,5 ,alugfi vv-- '. x .' " 'vuvi S 'I 5- P' FACULTY -41, ' 'lo' I I "' - , Z 1 di 9 .:.,. g',. 'f' ' nie. y. x ' . ct" n.- .A. wo, ' i A 'TH' W 41 - -40 .. . ..-. 'cf 1-fs :O .-A. 571.0-fl an ul' x f -n -, .ga 5 ' . x. 4-H 141. no iw -v- -'NX -f"i navy ADMINISTRATION LEADS APDLL GUHSD 1979 Board Members: Gordon Wagner, member, Dr. Donald Voss, member, Anne Schulz, president, Dr Craig Trueblood member and Richard Stapley, clerk. Elected by the community, the five board members of the Glendale Union High School District Board are respon- sible for establishing the policies by which the entire Glendale district is run. The board also hires all adminis- trators and teachers for the Glendale district. During the past year, the board made some important decisions affecting Apollo High School, its programs and students. For example, at Apollo, they have been preparing our school for the North Central Evaluation. The NCE ex- amines the teachers, school programs, and the total picture of the school, Dr. William Jones 'JP INTO SECO D SCHDOL EVALUATION fe: ' 1' 3' jr" itmq, Mr. Steve Knight, Dean of Students Mr. Charles West: Asst. Principal, Student Services Expanding the school program of Apollo High School, the administration of 1978-1979 took out time to lis- tento the students and faculty. The students and fac- ulty shared their thoughts and feelings of the year. Each administrator kept the ideas presented along with the addition of their own ideas. The administra- tors wished to create a program that would benefit the Apollo community. Through the students, parents have become more involved. Together the parents, students and administrators have created a stronger unified community. Mr. Will Gonzalesg Asst. Principal, Student Activities Mr. Joseph D. Bennettg Principal 422' :E if n""' ART SKILLS PROVE SUCCESSFUL .gui l x Mr. Stewart gives one of his students last minute instructions before going to the Glendale football game. George Frey Eugene Gazzola fy oett 1 . fx Lawrence Gregory 6 ' K ' Kent Horne Q " 5 . Norman Krombein 3, V' -1 X Loren Neal y 4 Q- F, ,Q r' fl E,gf.':5f7sfffw- - - X N.. , i LF.. , 3 K ft, V Robert Shupp .K .. w fl ,X Will Stewart 'l ' , ' JL...... .........- Mr. Gazzola, Industrial Arts teacher, walks away from one of Mr. Knight's speech- es about Reality Therapy CRTJ. The workshop outlined reality between student and teacher. AL f ,Q Mr. Krombein and Mr, Neal survey one of the pumpkins for the pumpkin decorat- ing contest. "Alas, poor York, I knew him well." I BUSINESS PREPARES FOR FUTURE X.. Mrs. Coury. Typing 1-2 teacher. Seems to be waiting Mr. Albillar shows the proper procedure of the usage of a business machine in his patiently for one of her students to hand in his papers. Office Procedure class. NK. 1 ,-.fffv xi ff' ,. Mr. Queen and Mr. Fiala both take out time during their prep hour to go over the weekly faculty bulletin. . ff . X 1 -iii I l Mr. Merlino, J.O.E. teacher, trys to help one of his students struggle through one of many difficult problems. Joe Albillar Clarissa Auvil Joan Coury Marcia Howard Glenn Queen 4 Joan Zuckerbrow OFFICE GIVES DIRECTION an 0 r ' 'N X'-Mnwigi . vt 1 i Mrs, Silva, with an Apollo student, checks on a A.V. request. Mrs. McCoy, data processing controller, looks for Nfl 1 Mrs. Ebersold, the school nurse, tests a student for his hearing after being tested on his eyes. information. Sandy Acquista ff' i'- M I I A g .1 I ,f'Z'f' Janice Cea if 0 I Q it sq Margaret Ebersold SLM, M 1 I' if if , , .. Lucille Fulsome P" ,, , t C ., A t gf A 9- Lenore Kokaska X' . g '- 3 ' 4 in Frances Landreth A r, . fk ' I q, - f -C Ginny Linhart I fglllfnl L L11 .X , xx t Carol McCormack V . nl 7 Lois McCoy Tl l,. I . ,Nj ., Jane Proctor Q A . ,N hy I ,M in - Barbara Robertson ' , ' Y X . 4- X 3 lda Sanchez , V ' y A Ginny Shafer f g 4, if., 6 Elaine Silva 5' "" 5: ii X it 'i A l ffm , 6 A 'x ,f'2"r cy. N,,,y Q Ay :ye . r ff. gf s' 1 CDUNSELORS, LIBRARIANS HELP ..hg.4nnn-- ...aa--Ls , ,. Jsqhlaxla. ,,,.,-Q.,-4 J pl ' x X Mr. Woodard, counselor, talks with a fellow counselor, Mrs. Samuels, about a related problem. ' l, -, :i e ' xx Yr' F' f' fl '- fr N-If Rudy Burrola 2'-5 .4 3: 53 Margaret Crow R .S 1,i Ann Dennis 'r fi l F ks Q . F ' , ,Q " Marilyn Farris .. 5 f ' V Sondra Fish 1 Kerrie Hyman .535 l :fig-vw Qp - Amina Samuels i Q X Q MVS' Mrs. Veach. counselor, always has an encouraging smile for her fellow students. ,4- , - 4-,QS , ff ,. r - ,af D' Counselor, Mrs. Fish, talks with a student about his schedule change. ENGLISH TEACHES NEW CONCEPTS Miss Golter talks with another student about his grade in her English 3-4 class. Mrs, Bateman, Basic Comp. teacher, explains one more time to her students how to do the assignment. 15? 3' l S 'E . 'iw t it t V Q, ., A it i E, , xy apt, I . , 'x '4 is 1 Jean Connie Barnhill Bateman Bill Don Ferrell Fish Kathy Lynda Gardner Geameg V 'mf' x ,.. . y' . X . -1--wwf SS- ..x tx, A i i M 1 x .K 5 5' i , x i Janet Easley Effie Garcia Mary Golter 'W x -gn i . 'Y F 15. 'fn , E? 4. .4 'P 4' aft, r , . , 1 vw 2? Mrs, Geames, a true fan of the Mickey Mouse club, teaches Literature of the Southwest. ...M Mr. Parrish, football coach and English teacher, gets fed up with being a teacher and decides to switch places with his student. 1114- w gliilirain? +A- Qlfafif ITMEHT-. Q12 ij: L X is 5 STUDENTS BATTLE GEMS FOE Leftg Mrs. Barnhill is caught in a lighter moment in one of her classes Belowg Mr. Ferrell eagerly shows a student the consequences of being late to class. f ., "rt 4x , E 'uni g V ,t s.s,g lx , 'E A W. 5 A Zi AA r K - X 7. . V 6 - lt fa gt 4 ' gg' LV N 1 . Q I, . , , ' fl Q sax 1 i l ff ' Mike Kranitl Jerry McCormick Greg Parrish Adela Santa Cruz Peter Bower Margaret Seymour Einrnett Smith John Vail Bonnie Vivian Susan Whilcher 4 S.S. FOUND INTRIGUING Lewis Brown L D L B li X John Caine L , X , X Richard Garrett , 8 i , iv' T' Bob Golay 3 X . Bob Grassi xi It Q . g ! .Q ,W J Dennis Lancaster i X K nl' 1 it L X , 5 ' x Jane Lyon X ' .gf Q 'ff-ff B Q' N X 5 I ' lx r ms., .. . . .. Anne Marie Natale , ix Bill Perkins Janet Proulx A x . Al Scherba J David Spellman Carol Wilkey f K 1 Eafxl L Mr. Grassi, geography teacher, looks forward to another day of his favorite class. lk Swimming coach, Mr. Garrett, discusses a test with an Apollo student. lSull X . Lu Mr, Spellman, student council advisor, talks with a group of stu dents about the volleyball intrarnurals held early in the year. SCIENCE FILLS GOALS Mr. Hiland teaches Earth Science, a required freshman class. 95'g:1?' .f , .g- John Barber Kg- , .. ag ' Robert Dammann ' J' X-S. Bill Erlenmeyer l X l .- 1 5, i xX 3 fax ra ..,.r , 'N , W-X Y M. . John Hall 1' ,Q Q Jim Hiland he Y Mike Holloway l f x 1 s , ' fx tx A - - ' oe . i er KX J D Mu Y ' I g ' Christy Shantz . Y 4: I John Squires ",r'l'qxl ' x an L A K l. 'H V' I I3 "4 ' . M7 "I Bill sulnvan 5- W 7 Roy Tolby Mr. Sullivan takes a break from his reading to listen to his class' conversation. ff: ..,,,-- A,,.---- Mr. Rockey, Earth Science teacher. ponders on a question asked by a student. MATH EXCELS IN PGTENT SKILLS .,..,,,,.-vt f fi x , ,. .K as . .4--'-H i ! P o,,,w,, .. .ii J - ek 5 'A gf Q A '21 x rr - ki '0 A ,- tt. Mr. Bursh, Basic Algebra 1-2 teacher, students before she takes a test. Charles Bayless Samuel Bursh Cheryl Cooper Paul Fedock Ganay Hicks Marcus Ligon David Lopez Spencer Rogers Doug Schlueter Rhea Travis gives a reassuring smile to one of his ttasw Xt- . i i ti i 'now Geometry teacher, Mr. Davenport gives a last minute glance at his grade book before giving out the news X, its .S Mr. Gesell, Algebra 3-4 teacher, sits quitely t his desk going over the papers for the day AE N tx f xx., -if In . ,,.v i l ,y'sr , i j i lik i Ax ' 3 . 1 -,R . I -s . qs- A Q -l 7' X I ! STUDENTS INSPIRED BY FITNESS Coach Golash, a Varsity football coach, checks out the new football before letting the Varsity football team test it out. Advanced P.E. teacher and head of physical education department, Coach Dejan- ovich gives a puzzled look at one of his students questions. . -W -X u r. ' gi, Roy D'Agostino r Owen Dejanovich f Thelma Keith Joe B. Miller Above: Miss Blair and Miss. Keith, both Girls P.E. coaches, have a conversation before starting the day off. Below: Coach D'Agostino patiently waits for the freshmen to get in line before starting instructions for square dancing. V...w"'f INTEREST RISES IN LANGUAGES Fred Fiala '-'- 4 .i Virginia Griggs . 5 C ag 'K A in-.V Melva Molina gf X Betty Prosser ff- X fi K I I I: XR is V ""fv 1 s ig" fl . Paul Tualla Q Q 'Q xf' Fred Fiala, French and German teacher, is passing out an exercise ditto. lm Paul Tualla, one of the Spanish teachers is busy explaining to one of students, a difficult Spanish exercise. his 2 'QGQM ,J Y' ,iff . V4 j Q Virginia Griggs, French and Spanish teacher, is demonstrating some of the famous gestures of foreign language. SKILLS VITAL IN LIFE TAUGHT ,i -5 fb ' ' X , ,r X x 'Q Joyce Franke 5 I5 ' Linda Pfeifer ' I A 1- xfi "1 ' ', L1 Claudia Rand .' ' Lanna Sullivan vi' 5 Above: Joyce Franke spends an idle moment looking for new ideas. Below: Linda Pfeifer is teaching the day's lesson in Child Development. QI Q? 'QM Lanna Sullivan is supervising Kory Martin while she kneeds the gingerbread dough that she made in Creative Foods. rf I 10' lug. Claudia Rand is answering a question of one of her students about a pattern in one of her home economics classes. TEACHERS PUSH RELIABILITY Skip Hudson S I Troy Ray 3 if In . .I Bill Stephens - X, X ff: R, Q. S rf: "Ei" 1 A t , 4 E sf., S i Pig s ,fu A Skip Hudson, a Safety Education teacher, is busy grading the driving units assigned in each of his classes. Commander Ray, temporarily acting as a coach, advises his ROTC students on a key play needed to win the game in flag football. Flag Football is an activity that he teaches in his classes. L Bill Stephens, another Safety Education teacher, explains the chapter as- signed to be read to his students. He is also one of the few voluntary teachers who gives actual driving instruction in the Safety Education cars. POISE STRESSED IN CLASSES F Glen Ridinger, who teaches Learning Skills, is delivering a lecture in one of his classes. --mqf. , " X 'S Above: Jacque Hirohata and Corlinda Wentworth contemplate buying the beautiful Christmas crafts. Below: Barbara Beery watches her Reading class to see if any one needs her help. sf 'X - ex -.Rs ,.. Q ir! 5 K f , Ray Alonzo ' 4 A Barbara Beery 5 'Vi i A 1 X Dennis Christensen 1 X 4 ' l NY I i David Creech X Robert Goyer A Jacque Hirohata V o .1 sg , .. a x .favs - ' or Don Holgate vi ' :im N A Linda Kahn 5. X. ,U Betty Porter 1' i- t N ,, f S P S Glen Ridinger ' ff' ' V,' Madelyn Stuckey X Qi, Coralinda Wentworth , gy ' . W -71146, . 1 5 Y in 3 X, Robert Goyer, shows how to give an award winning smile, while he demon- strates a difficult lesson in his Shop class. He is also in charge of the Special Olympics. ATTENDANTS UPHOLD CAMPUS iq, - 6 gt W? ig as xgpmgl . A 525 ' in 5 Cafeteria Staff: Back Row- Helen Smith, Supervisor: Phyllis D'Arnoreg Gertie Langenhuizenp Mary Risnerp Laverne McDannaIdg Nancy Fogartyg Pauline McDowelIg Mamie Carry Center- Fran Sanzoneg Virginia Dominguez: Manuela Aldamag Kneeling- Jean Sgourosg Frances Ronquillo Maintenance Crew: Back Row- Joe Rangelq Cal Ussery, Foremeng Cruz Rodriguezg Angel Andradeg Front Row- Gene Zgoncp Don Hinesg David Kulpg Manuel Sarnorag Tony Luevano Custodiansg Top Row- AI Rubiog John Degrootg Bottom Row- Ger Graceg Joe Amarillas SPGRTS FOOTBALL GAINS YARDAGE WITH NEW COACH l Apollo's Varsity football team left the field this year with a four win, six loss record. The season started off slowly but, picked up towards the finish of the season. The team worked close together under the supervision of their new coach, Earl McQuiston. The goal of the team was expressed in their motto, "We are hitters, we are hustlers, we are winners." The team lived up to their motto and started a tradition of togetherness and winning for Varsity football. Left: Ronnie Goodwin charges head on into the Agua Fria defensive lineto help Apollo gain yardage towards the winning of the first game of the season. Above: After a touchdown against Washington, the f players and Coach Parrish show their enthusiasm on the side lines. The team stood together during both good and bad times. Row 1: Wally Duarte, Wayne Ruiz, Bob Kostyk, Ray Miller, Brian Bosak. Row 2: Steve Arbuckle, Neal Harris, Steve Duckworth, Don Wisniewski, Andy Acedo, Jeff Vetnar, Jim Meeks. Row 3: Coach Parrish, Coach Alonzo, Kelly Tilford, Damon Bosak, Jim Hoover, Nelson Beck, Brian Trefry, Coach McQuiston, Coach Golash, Mgr. David Sanmarco. Row 4: Steve Meisenheimer, Bill Curtis, Skip Peeples, Dave Zeppetella, Ron Goodwin, Bob Leonard, Scott Sixel, Rueben Lopez, Richard Sample, Al Fuentes. Row 5: Dan Zinder, Frank Gallagher, Andy Schaudt, Jeff Thul, Tony Lincoln, Clay Morgan, Tom Lofton, Steve Matousek, T. J. Gallagher, Jeff Rishling, Joe Spitler. , 1 1978 SEASO Apollo. .. 7 Prescott ..... ....14 Apollo. . .14 Washington ...... ....20 Apollo. .. 6 Thunderbird ......... ....20 Apollo. . .13 Shadow Mountain .. ....20 Apollo. . .20 Brophy .......... ....34 Apollo. . .34 Agua Fria . . . .7 Apollo. . .19 Cortez ......... . . . .37 Apollo. . .16 Greenway ...... , . . . 14 Apollo. . .26 Paradise Valley .. . . . .25 Apollo. . .14 Glendale ........ . . .6 wi if , ' -'y1ff1.j- Above left: Coach McQuiston discusses strategy with Frank Gal- lagher before sending him into the game. Left: Bob Kostyk dodges opposing players with the help of his teammates to win a game for Apollo. Above: Andy Acedo guards Jeff Vetnar from the Rams as he runs down the field to add a touchdown to Apollo's score. J.V. ACHIEVE SUCCESS ff' nk Axim M Q-,ef ' 7 "- ' W . . 1 . -f'- f .' ' 4.25, Row 1: Kenny Chaisson, Pat Sell, Jim Lopez, Jeff Fraser, Kurt Sefton, John Artichoker, Eric Murphy, Mark Meyers, Joe Andrade, Bob Festin. Row 2: Coach Gonzales, Doug Pope, Doug Farrar, Bruce Robertson, Jeff Ringe, Alex Ulloa, Eric Wingham, Rick Cimaglio, Doug Gable, Jeff Clewley. Row 3: Coach Ridinger, Tuck Sing, David Bosak, Larry Fenner, Jim McGinlay, Brandy Heathcotte, Mike Green, Mark Lusk, Todd Rankin, Kevin Horne, Coach Hudson. Row 4: Scott Rudge, Greg Slamka, Steve Meyer, Craig Stone, Steve Adams, David Domotor, Don Hopper, Steve Nelson, David Green. Row 5: Paul Finch, David Cropper, Mike Ortega, Eric Ziegler, Todd Krauss, Tim O'Dell, Rob Weaver, Lloyd Lopez, Kurt Sixel. Junior Varsity player David Green is attempting to break through the line after a fellow lineman, Todd Krauss is knocked down. Glen Crabtree is trying to find a hold in the line to gain the yardage necessary for a first down for Frosh B football team. fm. FROSH KICK OFF YEAR Madurai H12 bbf:i91fBU 3 l Row 1: Mgr. Mike Barnes, Mike Lueders, Joe Bombnie, David Peskin, Ronald Walker, Fernando SanMiguel, John Green. Row 2: Mike Rishling, Mike Green, Sahnnon Brandon, Don Williams, Ken Eyman, Larry Lopez, Doug Meyer. Row 3: Brock Heathcott, Dean Mast, Kimball Lee, Art Padilla, Pierre Foulks, Terry Martin, William Dimas, Bryan Irvin, Frank Castillo. Row 4: Coach Fernandez, John Salem, Ray Marsh, Mark Raines, Brent Shwadder, Tom Norris, Coach Miller, Vernan Fielding, Scott Flood, Doug Freiwald, Greg Lofton, Mike Kleyhauer, Coach McCormick. v:.n:1,---Q. -. ff- .-nn ...w - . . , . , Row 1: S. Peralta, J. Torres, S. Sluyk, K. Myers, R. Ulloa, C. Warner, G. Crabtree, G. Steele, B. Vance, J. Hall. Row 2: E. Bivins, M. Simmons, J. Conroy, G. Flaith, B. Matthew, S. Hobson, B. Parkonson, B. Giddens, S. Duncan, D. Darlick, D. Johns, K. Lewis, Coach Scherba. Row 3: Coach Tualla, R. McHugh, J. Valintine, M. Rogers, D. Narlock, H. Ewbank, M. Williams, R. Oshita, R. Hillman, J. Gardner, D. Foster, D. Apodaoa. VOLLEYBALL PERF DRMED AT 13r"f'5'J'h r'D'U1-, Qi-FD 77 DVFC' gz- A E to , i C I. J N S . , i l i ' 'Y X NX ' , V , f., ' .r QI fx I I 4 A 'rift I '4 W. r xJ..ix'- . 1 I - X ' . X-P' Varsity Volleyball: Kneelingg Meri Saver, Theresa Degard, Jackie Thul. Standing: Vicky Kasallis, Susan Steinmetz, Carolyn Alewine, Sherrye Bosick, Linda Tipton, Thelma Keith-Coach, Lisa Stuck, Molly Shahan, Debby Schneider, Loree Wade, Helen Andrade, Angel Monachelli. 4- . The Varsity Volleyball team excelled to qualify in divisionals and State last October and ended with a 16-3 record. The Hawks took first in the Skyline Divisions and eighth in the State Champion- ships. They also, for the fifth time in a row, brought home the League championship. Four of these girls were Lisa Stuck, Linda Tipton, Molly Shahan, and Debbie Schneider. The latter two re- ceived honorable mention certificates while Tipton and Stuck were on the first team. The previous volleyball teams have been a runner-up three times for the All-Tournament Team, and this year three members were chosen. Lisa Stuck, Molly Shahan, and Angel Monachelli made the first team and received certificates and trophies for their efforts. Debbie Schneider was the team member that was selected for the second team. Several individ- ual awards were given out to members of the team. Lisa Stuck accepted the award for the most valuable player, the most im- proved to Linda Tipton, and the outstanding server award went to Helen Andrade. Coach Thelma Keith feels confident to have an even better season next year with the hope that eight varsity players will be returning and only three will be leaving the team. The Junior Varsity Volleyball team ended with a pretty strong season and an 8-4 record. Four ofthe J.V. players will be moving up to Varsity next year. Individual awards were given to Sherrie Hermanson for most valuable player and for outstanding server, and Margaret Earl received the Award for most improved. Both teams did an outstandingjob for the season, and hope to do even better next year. Lisa Stuck, Linda Tipton, and Molly Shahan patiently wait to present the divisional trophy to Apollo during one of the morning .. - assemblies. THEIR PRIME IN THE SEASON My Above: Angel Monachelli places all ot her attention on preparing herself to bump the ball back to her opponent. Right: Debbie Schneider, Helen Andrade and Lisa Stuck keep their eye on the ball as Molly Shahan sets it up to one of them. - ' , ly -, v 1 il Row 1: JoAnn Puckett, Michelle Esancey. Row 2: CeCe Stanek, Dorino Amarillos, Jeanette Umbertlno, Sherry Hermanson, Angel Petito Coach Burton, Marcia Ayers, Julie Schexnayder, Margaret Earl, Rhonda Belken, Laurie Anderson, Toby Snyder, Ronnie Batterson. CROSS COUNTRY RAN INTO GOOD -Q S i Jul. . . ,J O OV S Varsity Cross Country: Row 15 Stewart Hiymira, Robert Black, Brad Degroot, Bret Carruthers, Scott Papa, Coach Emmett Smith. Row 23 Robert Decker, Walt Mitchell, Doug Bakken, Manual Amarillas, Scott Patricki. Apollo's Cross Country teams this year did a no- table job. With an eleven win, three loss record they proved their deter- mination and dedication to running. They received the recognition of being fifteenth in state and fourth in divisionals. Most Valuable senior was Doug Bakken, junior, Bret Car- ruthers, Sophomore, Scott Patricki, and fresh- man Ernie Verdugo. Man- uel Amarillas received most outstanding team- mate award. Two girls ran for the team this year and both did ex- ceptionally well. The teams had many injuries and illnesses during the season but the overall performance was out- standing. The future out- look for Apollo's Cross Country is favorable after the account of the team's victories. t . i I 1 ' A f ' . . ' if 1 "' Rn 1 i" - .ii -' 1 rgwg' rp 5,1 x .L lf' W f' N' U :- id! .W wi Manuel Amarillas speeds across the finish line first Robert Decker keeps running hard to retain his RS he did in many meets' Manue' did an outstanding position. job running this year. SEASON WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM -D 3 . as .uf 'T i...fNg. . S is q,..-. X ., - c-av . . - , C I fix 'i Junior Varsity Cross Country: Row 13 Debbie Boucher, Cindy Allec, Mi Klenner, Dan Russell, Jeff Anderson. I X i. M F. - ' ' we ' T' 1: 2 I w' if '-N' 6 Q, ,A wh--' . 1 A K -2 N ,'LsA'g. ..f Q , .Q you ,AK ' x J ,W ' ws 1' f tx , f 3 1 x 1 Jeff Anderson tries to keep his position up against a runner from Thunderbird "fn K A-,vw I 1. I k Pomeroy Dave Aleal Greg Cheyne Row 2 Ken Wallace Mark 4' VARSITY AND J.V. BADMINTON Q, 'MLK 5-.a I le-fr rmf ' ,A 4 B - 3 lol ' :ev at 'A X. Row 1: Patty Sipes, Lori Collins, Beth Compton, Wendy Watt, Karla Mahoney, Tammy Brown, Sheri Geiss, Kathy Baresel, Masume Daliri. Row 2: Amy Reilly, Angie Meier, Kate Leonard, Sue Reiterman, Mary Reinoehl, Laurie Shannon, Miss Blair, Judy Martin, Julie Bisinger, Shauna Greiner, Kim Golba, Liz Arenivaz, Barb Pedersen. l l 4 - Left: Kim Golba falls into an awkward position while getting ready to return a birdie to her opponent. Above: Laurie Shan- non surges forward to rescue a shot and gain the point for that rally. l 4 I'1Of1Q VICTORIOUS IN MATCHES Karla Mahoney gracefully returns a hit as her partner Amy Reilley watches the action. Both girls are on the varsity team. The Varsity Badminton team's re- cord for this season was five wins and six losses. They took fourth place at divisionals and seventh at state singles. A few of the awards given at the girls sports banquet were: Most Valuable, Laurie Shan- Most Improved, Karla Ma- honey: Most inspirational, Angie Meier. Laurie Shannon received an award for the most outstanding ath- letic performance over four years. The team had many good players which contributed to the wins they acquired. The J.V.'s final record was ten wins and one loss. Awards pre- sented to the girls were: Most Valu- able, Shauna Greiner and Most lm- proved Kim Golba. They were a young team who with lots of persis- tence well earned their wins. Both teams worked hard during their long practices which began during the summer. Each player gave a lot of effort to the team. k',n'Y'f Y., l""",M' 3 2 wr f' Q' Above: Angie Meier quickly returns a serve from her opponent during a match. Right: Julie Bisinger shows with ease how to return a birdie. VARSITY WRESTLERS FACED Wrestling has proved to be an endur- ing sport, teaching its disciples the meaning of sacrafice and determina- tion. This year the wrestlers were presented with many challenges in- cluding the Japan-Arizona Cultural Exchange Wrestling Match. Wres- tlers for this were chosen across the state by the Skyline Division coaches. Just as knowledge and ex- perience were gained by this inter- national competition, the wrestlers improved in their techniques from match to match. Above: Sophomore, Brandy Heathcotte makes an attempt to down his opponent and win his match. Right: Eric Zeigler, sopho- more, shows his Thunderbird competitor a good view of an Apollo wrestling mat. V Varsity Wrestling Team: Top Row: CLeft to Righty Terry Kenyon, Andy Schaudt, Jim Stickel, Keith Filippazzo, Stan Garcia, Roy D'Agostino, Scott Pearson, Jeff Vetnar, Nelson Beck, Clay Morgan, Brandy Heathcotte. Bottom Rowg Kent Decker, Mark Coffey, Frank Schwieder, Brent Crusan, Andy Rojas, Todd Crusan, Larry Fenner, Mark Meyer. F Y I f'-' .'-u..-aff, I t kv1'fr5'-Q , ii- th v,., H m, ' 1 '4 L k uh .W V 5,7 XM' 'rf'- J.V. AND FROSH SHOW PROMISE Kevin Horne, sophomore, grasps his opponent in an effort to pin him to the mat. The junior varsity wrestling team com- piled a successful record this year. Team spirit was high this year, as the sopho- mores really came along since the begin- ning of the year. Such performances by Brandy Heathcotte and Larry Fenner earned them both positions on the varsity team. The whole team acted like a single unit, which gave them an outstanding season. Next year's varsity wrestling team will benefit greatly as these fine wrestlers replace last year's team. Row 1, Donald Hopper, Larry Fenner, Mike Beck, John Robinson, Alex Ulloa, Ben Molina, Jeff Ringe, Eric Murphy, Row 2, Brandy Heathcotte, Manager Terry, Bob Chmelka, Keith Filippazzo, Kevin Horne, Coach Hudson, Eric Zeigler, David Cropper, Rob Weaver, Greg Davidson, Bob Baker Y' all ,a:"'gm.- ,. , wa. , , ., ff? Q. sn, ,, , Eric Murphy, sophomore, holds his opponent in the referee's position, waiting for the officials to start the match. Murphy won his match. OR FUTURE YEARS AT APOLLO 'I Above: Freshman Ruben Ulloa is seen here pinning his opponent to the mat. Right: Larry Lopez, freshman, crushes his helpless victim in an effort to destroy the opposing team. i vu Above: Freshman wrestling team: Row 1 Bob Parkerson, Ruben Ulloa, Glenn Crabtree, Nacho Rojas, Frank Villa, Jim Gardner, Row 2 Manager Terry, Larry Lopez, Brett Mathews, Coach Clayton, Tim Filippazzo, Jerry Lopez, Gary Steele, Right, Gary Steele, freshman, has success- fully completed winning his match by pinning the other team member to the mat. . an-.t V' Q 1wsqy+,,,,,,,.i, . Q The freshman wrestling team did an excellent job this year. They had many strong wrestlers this season, and next year's junior varsity team undoubtedly will benefit when they replace them. APOLLO GIRLS BASKETBALL Tcl ,, , ii 47 Varsity Basketball: Row 1: Becky Turley, Sheila Bale, Missie Brewster, Bonnie Brimley. Row 2: Shauna Greiner, Monica Wilhelm, Beth Thorley, Karen Ortega, Lori Burton, Karen Benson. Row 3: Loree Wade, Betsy Leiberman, Lisa Stuck, Michelle McKnight, Linda Tipton, Coach Wilson. A new Sport Was. introduced Karen Benson struggled with an opponent for a re- to the Apollo girls athletic bound, program this year. Basket- ball, a highly skilled sport be- gan its first season. Tis fast- moving sport takes stamina, endurance, and hours of hard practice. Twenty-eight girls were chosen to makeup the Varsity and Junior Varsi- ty teams. The Varsity team, coached by Mr. Jim Wilson, also the coach for the fresh- man boys team, jumped into their first game of action on February 27 against Mary- vale in the Apollo gymnasi- um. The Junior Varsity team, coached by Miss Jo- anna Burton, took the floor March 6 against Moon Val- ley. Both coaches would like to build this program by starting a booster club to help in raising funds for not T ee -7 only the girls basketball L, St k I K df t t - isa uc oo e or a pass o a eam- team' but Othe' gms Sports mate duringthe Apollo vs. Maryvale game. Apollo won a close 46 to 43. as well. ITS COURT FOR FIRST YEAR Wx viimvfx ,, .,sgJ.,. Vickie Smith rebounded the ball, while Kim Golba waited for the outlet pass. Q, with ,mt f 1 I .My "i?"v-.Sv Sally Festin intercepts a pass made by a fellow team member during one of the many practices. R-.2 'T CJ Junior Varsity Basketball: Row 1: Johnna Lopez, Julie Gallagher, Mary Johnson, Whitney Festin, Debbie Perlman. Row 3: Kim Golba, Kathy Patterson, Vickie Smith, Sheryl Muir, x5k"'4 n 'AP Dillaber. Row 2: Tobi Snyder, CeCe Stanek, Sally Holly Elwood, Miss Burton. 149 E: -eq Y we 5,5 . . P, Tw E -ff ....,x 1 -l , I 1 'a. . lg N' HC 2 f . Q2 H-. V " -ff ' ' s fm 1 Q . I f "-e ,N ,r 2 1 W? l ff"5'5 X-Hof, i x N f. 5 Sm 4-Q1 .' .- - 4 ' 4 xl ' cu- , ww '15 . , 4 3 f 1 - A, f .f K. , U ikff S gn x A ki g .Abd-..1, QI I 1 .ff Ly 'Ml Qs! N-J Q f 1 X 4 ll Q55 if f M Q.f , . Q H M I X 4' 5. x of 7 7 A, Ax .55 5 ' N F Rv M" ' , L A f 'ix luv' ' ,. ii:5"'4 ,un N-..- " sf s-4. La FROSH TEAMS FOUGHT FOR WINS The varsity basketball program at Apollo has consistently been a winner and one of the reasons for this is the strong coaching at the junior varsity and freshman levels. Coaches Lopez, Pellegrene, and Wilson spent many hours of practice teaching these younger Hawks the sound fundamentals of basketball. Many hours are spent on coordination drills, con- ditioning and practicing plays. The coaches also spent many hours instilling these fledgling Hawks the importance of dedication to the game and the necessity of team play. This team concept and the unselfish style of play it develops led to the defeat of many opponents, not to mention the growth in maturity needed to succeed in varsity competition. The J.V.team played its games just before the varsity games, This gave team members an opportunity to watch the varsity run through many of the plays they also ran, thus providing them with a learning experience. The Blue and Gold teams played at the same courts, thus they also were provided the chance to learn from each other. The performances turned in by all three teams this year were admirable. The young Hawk cagers showed an agressiveness on the offensive boards which often provided them with three or four shots each time they came down the floor, This rebounding ability on the defensive boards led to many light- ening fast breaks. The skills exhibited by these young Hawks this year will in the near future be used on the varsity level to help continue the winning tradition there. Freshman Tony Elmore glides out of the grasp of a Greenway Demon to make two points. px , f 'lx vm, il f X-Qtlilp ,igR5l,,7 l i I' .. 41.7, .... Q! Jw' x ll Frosh Blue: Front Row: Ron Walker, Robert Kuo, Mark Steinmetz, Dan Anstett, Jay Searles, Steve Short, Back Rowg Kevin Hunter, Mark Raines, Tony Elmore, Ken Lindsay, Tom Norris, Scott Rankin, Coach Wilson i Smfo 44 1 gzfma .. ,fe0L4 34 1 36,40 20 - 4 , 2 1 is t - K . A Ag f t 1 ' 1, A .fri f l ,, gr 5 33 K Q 10 E Frosh Gold: Front Row: Gary Gilbert, Keith Lewis, Pierre Fulks, Tony Miranda, Kevin Gal- laher. Back Row: Coach Pellegrene, Vernon Fielding, David Narloch, Mike Kleyhauer, Ray Marsh, Chris Hale. SOFTBALL SLUGGED TO VICTORY The varsity team had another success- ful year by just missing divisionals. Hard work, time, and effort were the sacrifices made by the team, but the reward was victory. They had a 15-4 record with Peggy Amarillas as the leader of home runs. Due to the team spirit, they were able to stick together and make it through the hard times. The outlook for the team of next year looks bright. 1 3 , , S s t 1 P" ..- S -L . . ,it Above: Susan Crabtree listens intently as Coach Keith gives instructions. Right, Lisa Stuck suc- cessfully steals a base as opponent struggles furi- ously. Varsity: Row 1: Miss Kurtz, Linda Tipton, Shauna Greiner, Molly Shahan, Susan Crabtree, Lisa Stuck, Loree Wade, Patty Shafer, Jackie Harker, Miss Keith, Row 2: Toby Snyder, Beth Thorley, Jane Bates, Johnna Lopez, Helen Andrade, Peggy Amarillas it .tt ew X1 J.V. SLID INTO SEASONAL WINS J.V.: Row 1: Ms. Burton, Melanie Elliot, Barb Lahaie, Julie Schexnayder, Kim Golba, Brenda Harper, Linda Morgan, Brenda Sharah. Sitting: Jennifer lnness, Staci Shaw, Larraine Velasquez, Missy Brewster, Pearl Flores, Dorina Amarillas, Lisa Falbo. i g gig' Q47 4 2 uf. J - . .. A .V i ' :A gg' ' r ,. - . ,5 k,W,,,A .. A u I '-can usa' ' W' L", unit?-al, ' Q-'1f'f"":Hin. Ref' ,kfux -'N 'i'i'i"""'4i i' S Q gc 2.4 Above, Lisa Falbo gets assistance along with congratulations from Lorraine Velas- quez and Kim Golba after sliding into home. Right: Julie Schexnayder practices vigorously on batting skill, along with releasing her aggravations. The Junior Varsity softball team held on to a long winning streak until their last game with a loss to Agua Fria. The season ended with a record of eleven wins and one loss. Later in the season, the members of the softball team were sponsored in a batathon in which each girl was allowed three-hundred pitches and received from lc to 104: for every hit. The money raised by the team helped to purchase a new batting machine and also bought awards for the spring banquet. Teammates relax and sit down to seriously discuss their strategy against opposing team to gainvictory. 'ww ' fc , pw, A -A, f -ww... e 'Q L , , 'hr "ny-.. A ft" . V -..-nf' .1 155 J' VARSITY BASEBALL LOOKED T 13.43 "'E"u-limi, Above: during one of their Saturday practices the players warm up for inter squad game. Right: Catcher Bruce Elliott prepared to catch a pitch from a pitcher. 156 Left: In an early game of the season senio catcher Bruce Elliott and senior pitcher Dave Wagner discussed what hand signals to use. Above: Mike Castro, first baseman, throws the ball to the second baseman during a warm-up. Pt! f ggi wut I 6 rf' vb M :ff .Q q VC an Q r t S . ,"t7m7'7 ' ' gf' '56, QWfQQl5'EQ M565 , t. ,ibm M ngwggw ""'- Q'-vig' V3-ff ki 1 f . W .,!,':,rg?'k! yi. -Q -A . ,I U' 4. 4 i ' -- Q . -, ' , , . ' . 4 1 " , v 1 If A ' .. , . .1 1 A I c..,.f EW SEASON WITH ANTICIPATION Varsity Baseball: Row 1: Pat Scalf, Brad Holstrum, Matt Bragone, Andy Acedo, Mike Castro, Danny Carrasco, Chris Zink, Johnny Mert, Ty Bothwell. Row 2: Pat Vincent, Dave Wagner, Doug Richardson, Robert Rios, Darryl Galbraith, Glenn Flood, Bruce Elliott, Dan O' Connor, Lance Mecham, Coach O'Connor. KL. ApolIo's Varsity Baseball team started their season with great hopes. Practices were long and strenuous un- der the direction of Coach O'Connor. Making the team for many of the players was a dream fulfilled. The mem- bers of the team worked hard to gain the stamina needed for making the team. The captain of the team was pitcher Dave Wag- ner and co-captain was short stop Dan O'Connor. Top players were Dave Wag- ner, Dan O' Connor, Bruce Elliott, and Danny Carrasco. All players did good jobs and excelled in all areas of base- ball. ,1 'fi ' 1. of" ,, ' ,. , x . M. N Li:-I,iWf'f"'f"'w3. -wa.. , ' ,J ',,- . , 'A' 5-if ' w.'...1T?'.ff1f34g4-1 , ' N x F A ' 9 u f " " -' ' ,, '- ' , f, :Ll .l, ggfriwf 2. ,V A X V, 'FV ml, lvl' ',-"1-:H Y .f-' " . " .-,. 4 .e 1:33 Ain "iii Y , w ' I' ,, ,.rA-2.1. lf' 'L 1. f, .!.'--,- " wr' . I "NN"--wr Left: Dan O'Connor takes a careful swing during a home game. Right: Third baseman Chris Zink throws the ball to the catcher for completion of a play. J.V. GRAND SLAMS WITH SUCCESS A I . .. , H Lao .. ....-r-wer J.V. Baseball: Row 1: Kenny Subia, Danny Palacios, Kevin Kelleher, Scott Tenbarge, Jack Samora, Steve Rameros, Mickey Wilson, Andy Turner. Ro,w2: Coach Alonzo, Jim Meeks, Tuck Sing, Chris McMullen, Mike Scarbrough, Mark Williams, Todd Krauss, Frank Gallagher, T.J. Gallagher, Bruce Lagenhuizen. Kenny Subia, playing center field, throws the ball to first base to tag one of the opponents. Frank Gallagher makes a great effort of hitting the ball and making it go where he wants it to go. Lb.- iw VTR' I During one of the many practice games, T.J. Gallagher tags Steve Rameros before reaching the first base bag. l FROSH GET STAMP OF APPROVAL Pitcher, Jim Marino, makes a quick turn about to catch his opponent before he steals a base. Frosh Baseball: Row 1: Ruben Ulloa, Rich Hillman, Donald Williams, Richard Oshita, Dan Anstett, Scott Rankin, J im Marino, Row 2: Pierre Foulks, Brock Heathcotte, Scott Flood, Ernie Horton, Mark Raines, Ray Marsh, Tony Elmore, Ken Lindsey, Coach Sherba. Sliding from his position, Rich Hillman trys to catch the ball before it goes past him. This year the 1979 Junior Varsity baseball team showed more im- provement than ever in all areas especially behind the plate. Soph- omores Jim Meeks, Bruce Lan- genhuizen, and Steve Rameros were all top players of the year. With Coach Alonzo working with each one of the players, the team gained more speed and improved extensively on their hitting. It turned out to be a knockout of a season. After four weeks of training and practicing, the Frosh baseball team was ready to open the be- ginning of their first season against Prescott. This year the Frosh goal was to learn, grow per- sonally, gain discipline, and to have fun playing the game. Through the many tedious hours of game situations and training, they reached their goal. The po- tential of these players have been the best ever at Apollo High School. HAWKS TRIUMPH DURING SEASCN i 4: i i ' gr :J 4 'i A r fix 545534 W' i Varsity Track: Row 1: Brad De Groot, Scott Patricki, Manuel Amarillas, Doug Bakken, Scott Papa, Dale Cooper, Brian Bosak. Row 2: Mike Burbach, Rick Skinner, Bill Martin, Larry Fenner, Skip Peeples, Greg Cheyne, Steve Meisenheimer. Row 3: Coach Tolby, Richard Sample, Brian Bale, Dan Zinder, Jeff Thul, Rob Pryor, Mike Duncan, Louis D'Andrea, Coach Smith. -4, in . 15's Y '- -H i ' P - -X . VP- I A-3 xi" ' ' .R fx A i A 1 A i , N if f 5 'F as ,. 6 . 4. '. -. N ,, 3 K vu ' H1-15:1 , A, - P 'Q . Dan Russell, Mike Pomeroy, Doug Pope and Ken Copic run desper- -k ,T .X . . ,,,,g ately during a practice time trial to beat the time on the stopwatch. n X N All are running against each other, each competing to cross the finish line first. Robert Pryor, a varsity Senior, practices throwing the discus with a look of determination on his face. .tx i lm . .l J.V. Track: Row 1: Mike Payne, Ken Chaisson, Neal Harris, Ken Walker, Steve Noble, Jim Meyer, David Domoteor, Tab Hockamier. Row 2: Ed Halliburton, David Ciocca, Bob Black, David Bosak, Jay Koon, Jim Milakovich, Kevin Horne, Barry Lorenz, Guy Craig. Row 3: Eric Murphy, Mike Pomeroy, Mike Ortega, Jeff Anderson, Rob Weaver, Bob Festin, Dan Russell, Bob Greenfield, Steve Myers, Tim O'Dell, Mark Lusk, Mark Klenner. ...E i 'sf as-ff-if M . ' . 9 ,xr -In . Z .5 4 1 ht Q Q 'H Q.AA,i,f 1: - s --lt r -kl'.. 'i' , '55 f ' " fa- T 2 K - 'I il 'W ,iq L l . ' r i , lv, f' . . X f .,Z' 9 f . . - P Lf' 6 ' SQA a P is V , ,.-wi ji g: . 1 , . - 'gush ,W dp: .A .. . .-... . ,,, l I. , g - . A 5 fff4:,2.gf:3gefgg:-21551122 B Q I I- 1-' Q.-'5'h+:sf'x4-'pipe-fer V, r ' 42 wtf" it - . or f T T .-fafwfss' if 'Ay ff.: -J' Frosh Track: Row 1: Bret Mathews, Karl Kowalski, Tana Garland, Mark Boucher, David Hamb- lin, Bob Parkinson, Mark Robinson, Terry Payne. Row 2: Charles Troutman, Drew Truby, Vinson Rothlisberger, Keith Lewis, Wayne Stark, Vernon Fielding, Ed Jennings, Doug Wright. Row 3: Mike Lueders, Chris Hale, Joe Palumbo, Willie Howard, David Flittner, Brian Irvin, David Gillespie, Shawn Reese. i 4- -1-is U' R14-, A., , ' ' 5 1 .' , 4 :if-S ' H -, W - f tm,---1-'3 ' if ' 11' ' ' 'iiifi A . . .--, 1-LS. - -. 1 , ,-mgafxyu.-4, . .x . , A " r-,ur-grccfmegi .wr--4' .rw The track team had an outstanding season this year. Varsity this season was made up of mostly Srs. Remarkable runners included Manuel Amaril- las, Doug Bakken, and Louis D' Andrea. Promi- nent weightmen were Richard Pryor and Jeff Thul. In the field events there were Chris Hamil- ton, Jeff Horstman and Louis D'Andrea. Strong J.V. members were Scott Papa, Dale Cooper, Scott Patricki and Ray Miller. The frosh team also had some good perfor- mances. Many of the freshmen showed notable future achievements. 5... v . If ' Q T 1 xii, w X- Q -fb ei i Mike Burbach, using his pole, stretches to clear the bar height. Left: Varsity high jumper, Chris Hamilton clears the bar with many inches to spare. NEW COACHES DEVELOP YOUN ig., 'I Bottom Row: Becky Hinson, Debbie Boucher, Maureen Best, Leslie Smith, Farron Jackson, Jacque Halliburton, Juli Schexnayder, Lisa Hill, Debbie Davis Row 2: Brenda Rivette, Kellie Fetzer, Paula Nichols, Cynthia O'Dell, Nora Coast, Paige Moore, Paula Gehrman, Lori Carpenter, Katie Wallace, Lori McKinstry, Jennifer Clewley Row 3: Lorraine Velasquez, Jennifer lnness, Emily Potts, Maureen Gizilbach, Dana Cunning- ham, Lynn Perkins, Cyndi Barnes, Kris Cole, Liz Koster, Karen Cole Row 4: Maria Wheeler, Jody Shinn, Michelle Trimmier, Sherry Gall, Pattie Golden, Roslyn Simpson, Billie Scott, Carla Walker, Betty Whalley, Vicky Kasallis, Angie Harper, Miss Zapien Row 5: Coach McReynolds, Cindy Allec, Barbara Lahaie, Brenda Harper, Robin Denton, Jackie Harker, Susan Crabtree, Melanie Elliott, Sue Gratino, Whitney Bowman. Liz Piller, Diane Duncan, Mrs. Rand Maureen Gizilbach, Lynn Perkins, and Zsu Zsi Q Sagodi fight to finish the last of their warm- ' ups. i After hard training and no rain, the i season opened with joyous spirits, ' Miss Zapien, a student helper, and two new coaches, Mr. McReynolds, and Mrs. Rand coached the team to strong finishes in the Valley Classic and the Shadow Mountain Invita- tional. Along with new coaches, a --XY large percentage of this year's team were new to high school track. The new coaches commented that one of the reasons for the team's suc- P13 cess was their enthusiasm all year long. However, some of the top per- formers from the past four years are Lissa Hill, Debbie Davis, and Laurie Shannon. These seniors led the s' young team to victory. Q L 'L , , ,., no . sew., ., , 5 ,... , , ' Exf. mf ,.. 'few ,M f", ' 1 f' fa' f--' ,X iflrasf-wi, 'J - . ,. I 2 s 'M X. .- A ' .aJr"7' L . X 1 2 . f - W 5' ' i ,ss W-:ml , 1 . f 4 K K . ,f-.f ,.1'--:'5'-qw , . , .. ffvqzfi ' L V L L- TEAM'S TALENTS INTO WINNERS Vicky Kasallis, gets ready to take a trial run in her event. Kristine Cole, junior, concentrates while practicing low hurdles. Hurdling requires She and all the sprinters worked hard. top physical fitness. lx ,Ar a-'JAN' mann--A ' - '. f- ' if-.-'Y "'-fa. ff' if-4 ' M.. are - . ,,:n"1ek-14 j --we 'f 5,-F ,-A A M f-4. ,fr hw y, 42 fa ' A . 1- l 'sf . ,P ...tw-an. .. -,M . Q ....Y"" - rf- ' as I, H. fd- :a 4. wi "l'.I'b-f 'vi n ,.- Sophomore, Billie Scott, shows a perfect form for throwing a discus for an upcoming invitational Susan Crabtree, enjoys an easy workout at the long jump pits before an important meet. Other members watch and learn J.V. Tennis: Row 1: Jon Wade, James Hei, Mark Ehlers, Brett Harward. Row 2: Coach Fedock, Rob Meya, Rob Martin, Mike James, Rob Bisinger, Mike Lang. Varsity: Row 1: Joe Herrin, Tracy Tolby, Todd Rankin. Row 2: Coach Fedock, Jeff Bader, Jeff Diaz, Mike Sheridan. -1, Although the practices at the begin- ning of the season were cancelled due to rain,the training the tennis team did have was strenuous, and in the end rewarding. The hours that the team put in were noticeable as they struggled and triumphed in their matches. The players proved great dedication to tennis through- out the season. Coach Fedock helped each player improve their games. All players excelled in their matches as the season continued. All underclassmen players left the tennis courts hoping to return next year and do an even better job. Team member Todd Rankin returned a serve with precision during a match with Washing- ton TENNIS SHOWS IMPRDVEMENT nk?" A sn Freshman Tennis: Row 1: Mark Ehlers, Randy Taylor, Steve Reilly, Toby Bedore Thong Le Row 2: Coach Fedock, Mike Puckett, Tim Sinise, Scott Rankin, John Healy Damon Bradley, Joe Herrin. l 3--., ,, D . Vh Upper right: Tracy Tolby lobs the ball to his opponent. 5, Right: Rob Meya ran to return the volley of an opponent wg during a match this year. Above: Jeff Bader returned a ,435 ,t.: gfyegesgg shot accurately during a match. sf il- X Q s --if I GIRLS TENNIS Rose RAQUETS Girls Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman tennis teams really excelled this year, more than in any previous year. Many of the girls returned from preceding years and have im- proved their skills by far. The girls labored just as hard in practice as if it were a cham- pionship match. The team's ef- forts and hard work showed in their matches against opposing teams. Even though the girls were young, they offered a continuous battle for all oppo- nents. Many of the girls will be returning for next year which will be a great asset for future teams. Wendy Agersea and Me- lanie Bigelow were among the top players this year. Their strength and coordination ac- counted for their many match victories. ' -...s L l aw: wiki-wi-WR Mary Reineohl Varsity, stretches for a shot during a competitive match against GIendale,Reineohl, a senior, was a returning player from last years's squad. Varsity team: Row 1: Shari Wood, Sharon Tanz. Row 2: Melanie Bigelo, Mary Reineohl, Mrs. Fedock, Wendy Agersea, Patty McCormick. Coach Fedock, takes time to give a pep talk before the game, but Judy Martin seemed to think it is hilariously funny. AND SMASHED DPPOSING TEAMS Junior Varsity: Row 11 Linda Rizzo, Virginia Acuna, Cindy Bose, Lori Anderson. Row 2, Teri Zimmerman, Beth Compton, Tracy Ruiz, Mrs. Fedock, Judy Martin, Zsu Zsi Sagodi, Sheri Geiss. K, Q. f-1 :ig + l .rii - ,L , ,' 'f ' .gg',.:'1'-'. Freshman team: Row 1, Cindy Bose, Cynthia O'Dell, Zsu Zsi Sagodi, Vickey Fisher. Row 23 Lisa Carlisi, Nina Lafinier, Julie Gallagher, Cheryl Muir, Tracy Ruiz, Holly Elwood. r x S 2 t, vs. 5' K Concentrating on outdoing her opponent, Sheri Geiss victoriously returned a volley during a challenge match. 168 GIRL SWIIVIMERS MAKE BIG . ' K , 4 I ,M ft it f ,, V kbr, f , , - ' , A I ' Q. L, Lag, hg'j-kigkigggfm Row 1: Susan Crabtree, Lissa Hill, Gayle Gessner, Edie Keenan, Rhonda Dies, Laurie Smith, Melanie Elliott, Missy Brewster. Row 2: Angela Daggett Lori Burton, Betty Whalley, Sue Grattino, Teri Zimmerman, Lori Carpenter, Farron Jackson, Nona Catchings. Row 3: Paula Nichols, Brenda Cool, Annette Daggett, Kathy Patterson, Tammy Calvin, Wendy Agersea, Suzie Callow, Stacy Domme, Kathy Trueblood. Left: Suzie Callow quickly takes a breath while swimming free style during one of the meets. Above: Teammates Laurie Smith and Gayle Gessner congratulate each other after completing a relay. SPLASH WITH NUMEROUS WINS , ii.'i.l',f are ft-' Put N l . v -. it Q . , Qi .. . M... .. ,.,..,,,,, N H L, .U 4. si-iq AXQWML Q 'W 'lawn-e-fa-W M-.. .Xb-M gs' 13.155 7 ,nigh ,- ,-- Ktgfll -1 egqiw-IVQKYS of Q: P S A Yeo its ,p rgfx xx Lf... ' " N 5' ' . .ll Jyizil . '.:.x - ,.,.- 4 ' 1 R' 5 . g , ..Q.g,, A-.M 2 '-tat-lvfmtt-' " '.v,4r"- ' ,. A 1. ' 5 ' fl Lissa Hill and Edie Keenan cheer on a fellow member of the team while swimming against another school. The enthusiasm of each member helped the team finish with a good season. X . Q. t. K .. 1 - l . it -T Ntk' ts..fs,?f'4ilf M -611' This year, the girls swim team came out with a record of four wins and three losses. Because of the swim team making fourth in divisionals, they also came across the privilege of going to state and winning sixth place out of twenty- six teams. The most outstanding swimmer was Gayle Gessner and the most inspirational swimmer was Suzie Callow. Susan Crabtree was the sparkplug of the team and, the most improved was Lissa Hill. Outstanding diver was Kim Fitzmaurice. Through the help of their coach, Ginger Kurtz, the team did an outstanding job. I-Q. V .4 fl-, li, Left: Tammy Calvin swims the backstroke in a medley relay practice before the divisionals. Above: Kim Fitz- maurice dives off the diving board for the judges to determine a score. Kim was also voted outstanding diver of the year. ,, ,.f 170 SWIM SEASON STRESSES I 'sv H 'Mfr -' -0' frgz-t.-'wvrzvwzfgfmruvxnt 1 E gl Q it 4.. si' as 39. ' .. UI' Boy's swimming, Row1: Jeff Dieterich, Chip Romick, Mike Easterly, Donny Wells, Jon Ek. Row 2: Ralph Nelson, Scott Rudge, Frank Patterson, Robert McCormick. Row 3: Jerry VanWest, Tom Freeman, Mike Wells, Jim Smith. . ufigflvi' 'Avi 7 . -'X .wreoq H, ,fe . Qgmhgiai ,kf'if"f 4,, v' 4" , +- t -P X S V '. J di ti-VT' . .Q ,nw , Y' ' 1 f'-if if' ' Ent Q f " 1 'wg' Y w- N fn Q, 3. t .r an ,' 5 I 6 1 X , ' 3' 'N' 5. . . 3. -W1 af 1' 3 1' , . . - g h Xie Q l- wg' - My ,,, M t K A g r , xx x .Wi x . is H, K i sr V , . ls., ,. 'T S 21255 'ivgwv - s X 4 , . s1g,q ' .livin xi I. , 1 ,, , V W' N N , f f:J',t,Ls.f',,-X nxt ... 1 ,tv-QQN' ,Q 'T '. X 'S if --T--f - "W - A' I 'F' w f" ' v13,7sf -X -in T-M' 'Q-fi-fe "M 553' ,. If-. ' " Q M-ff' 'ff , ,, . ff' V - 'Ep' 1 ' 1 r-A-Q 'H' A rv' -5. y hi 1 4. 8-,gf - J. VL A - ti? .l . Tiflri Fi - - K . t ,X - ' "fe .gg -e 1 f Z-12' i 2 We ,sw N ' R W w ., --- t X . , 1 . . . ., 1, - ' Q ,f H U K ia - f' ' s'+ff't1:,. 'mil AI-3?."'xwp1f-f?'L37w 'Y A, 35 A ,y 'i.-1-gif.. f K ' wal.. a Aff?-??5N..S5i4i--5 43.9 pw s d, 7:-ff - 1 K-LQ., ,xy asm if fg,g:,w '51 g ' 'gg' . L if ' T' 4 w we ""', . - is 3 S I , Q: N1"'5" ' iff , .. t. .4 ".,f-vg?HT5f1',fQ',F'-f ' t '1 4 -v ' T K' l" A . KA 5, , - 2 ,Agn ,, . . 5 N' AV 1' ffl' ff X ' - If-'N - wi' swsta1",fgw' " - r. - :Raw L, 1JvW' , sg... ,A 3 'Smit ' N , -if '.-'L ' , ,- l 'im 'ffldluzx' W R f 'nvfff t. , ., ph 1.15 h wi? vs., , V .N V Y pssA,,.,,.N L, .. 1 4, , N V ., -. , Q 4 4 . 3 L' it R egg t, it , ,T, , WL, I, W, Q 4 ,MW ,N .-" -. "-me if , ' - lf" -' f . , .. ' K 1 V ' ,f 7 'W A 1- --"' v' 1. K ' ' mf . , , 'Y ' A , s' 1,39 '- X f . V -'iv pa 4 -- ev' f - 'f- , , Q l .,..w -3, gtg Nearing the end of his final lap of backstroke, Donny Wells made a powerful Ralph Nelson came up for a breath while performing the effort to improve his time. breast stroke during a competitive swimming meet. STAMINA, SKILL, STRENGTH ED , Senior Jeff Dieterich, a four year diver, displayed his form during diving practice. Above: Diving team: Row 1: Jim Toomey, Mike Lanning. Row 2: Jeff Dieterich. Right: Simultaneously, two swimmers emerged from the water in time for a click of the camera. Under the direction of Tom James, Apollo swimming coach, and Hal Eastin, Apollo diving team instructor, the swimming and diving team has progressed. The season was noted for the long hours of laps that increased the endurance of all the swimmers. Swim- ming and diving are sports that require personal devotion, and the more each member strove for perfection the more the team benefited. P-"fry 3. 3, """'f,L 'S ... f-f "af-.1 . -of .na - .., 5-4m Coach Tom James gave advice to one of his swimmers on form while another prepared to practice. O g - -' .., 4 1 A "ig?s-:afvwg.y5f:" R , . w . ,,,y,. ,H . F- ' -iw Q t , .4 ..-1, '-.wt K V . . . MH ,I .43-.Ksf7:x.'-A 32.5 :grim . I A Q 4 - , .. . '.. -- .. y . .. rn.. ,,e-.'.::-- V -QT' 'f Q ...ng ., I 1 J Lam. .fv!'s-- v ' 4 'nf' ' ' Q ,APA- . .,',-,af - , A - W lit- 1 . ,V Eb: . xx .:'m,?:7:,.,iA4.' ,Q , l 'ya 4 i.-'rl' '1 ' Y I l: . 4' V Q: , NK. ', ,if V rt "J ' li" , 1 xx A 4 ,. i, L. ,Lg - f 5 .. , , wig, I I, -sa . ' .. A, Mfiwl ffx 'v ,j 1.g5?,4,i . y , ,N ..4, ,P .,l... , P I y -Ng ,, -- .A - -j:.+- if A ,N M V. '.L..,.t-vga .5-4 KJ' . ' 5El,'5g:f " by '17 I 4 91.5, , L gal- 9, vi, ,legs . i Q ff 1 g f Y A51 R.gL.:,E. Vi .M-,Wada I 'w..., A in-v . , M,,,W,-gKt.,t.M -"Cf fi"-' 'eff -- .'-t, I fl, , w-'ffrwf - ' . ' A, + " - . .... Q 3, 4-,Wy 0'1fx,.,'f 4 -'7'F,- fm! ,- 1' ' -J.. 5 nz, -. ' again .LQ .TSNNQ 1- X ' 5 f ,, .JA H ' I 'A A ,,'f-fa,.L..gf'4 . naw" 'Q ' , ' . ' A It 5' 1 J- " 1 A ,,s '4 "1-' ' ,4- -I 39 '-' ,.., V -.,. Af-, 4 rf a .s A-. A-H 'sv 3 -4' 1. , , " A ,' W ' A ft.: it U emma if-xx' ' " - A '. fir," ' 'I ...A 'H' . -af.. J ,fy .' .2 A. -,shi ' 'V . .. "1 , '81-4' 1 M- 7, . STUDENTS INVOLVED IN SPORTS A .L Physical Education continued to play an impor- Q tant part in the curriculum at Apollo. Students were encouraged to get involved in a variety of activities including basketball, raquetball, ten- 2, nis, and football. These classes allowed many students to get involved with sports in school, """ while developing them mentally as well as physically. , , Q .siEg,5jf.1- .fy Yi Q 1235 if fi Jim McGinlay works out with weights during his systematic conditioning class. 4 7 Q3 1 Q 15' 4' 'iii - Q .M - 455' . K . Y ,, N ' , Mr, .. q,,,g. 3, 6 . 4 7 1 my ,st . WQEQ3 A ' ,A A -' , ff V -' W' . Dk . A . T . D tj. .l , V, 2, Vx ft r . - -f 4 S 'S 1 'J rf "ff . x M l tg ff' , . I , E 5 ' Raquetball continued to be a popular sport throughout the 'L l year with an after school waiting list for courts. 5 X , i ,. " as ..-1 1""'3V " " ' I ef'-A -... ,H i .4 W 1--,-Y I lint..,.-weft-,f-:ia-ggi-giggg' '0Qf3r1gg-, fr, 551, ' ' H. .-,4 ,Y -ml? l 1. .. .-.. yi?-gym?-'K '-nr " lg' gt-agg sgnz P l I ff K wltfi-lfmwamzlwxeseuzt 5 gf P 11 A l if tg tggpsyrfswzqvmg-.q f'.VF1:':.-rrzssarvlst A 1 'Y t""f"'1"""' " K f X A T fm f :Q3r"7f David Bushey guards Debi Miller as they run a sweep to score a touchdown. Todd Foy follows through after setting the ball up for another teammate. I S 4 ORGANIZATIGNS 4 STUDENT COUNCIL 13,9- ,, x Student Council: Row 15 Pat Sell, Rhona Rivette, Jane Bates. Row 23 Lene Mahler, Asa Anderson, Karen Jennings, Julie Ford, Becky Clark, Mike Ortega, Cheryle Rivette, David Prazak, Scott Knierim. Row 3, Jeff Sager, Sara Ruiz, Richard Dickey, Debbie Boucher, Annette Pfeiffer, Deanne Evans, Kirk Copic, Laurie Shannon, Renni Osburn. Left, Laurie Shannon and Rhona Rivette went over last minute changes in the schedule before a Student Council meeting. Be- low: Becky Clark, Homecoming chairperson, shown here with president Laurie Shannon, displayed the Hall of Fame Plaque to the Homecoming audience. Royalty Crowning took place later. SETS NEW TRADITION ."'-fs Ray Miller, Student Council Vice-President, and Mark Lange discuss the upcoming agenda for an Inter Club Council meeting. Ray Miller, in charge of l.C.C. was responsible for coordinating club activities on campus, and promoted school spirit. 'G 's.Ns ii-tt., I l l 5 X ..L.-, , . X This year Student Council con- tributed to the excitement on the Apollo campus. Their tradi- tional activities such as the Stu- dent Mixer, the Homecoming halftime festivities and dance were accompanied by a new tra- dition. This year's Student Coun- cil introduced the Hall of Fame. Former students who have ex- celled in their chosen field, be it the academic, athletic or busi- ness world, are presented with an award. The first person to re- ceive this honor was Bob Horner. Bob's Sophomore and junior years at A.S.U. he was chosen an All-American. Also, his junior year he was chosen as the College Player of the Year. He then signed a contract with the Atlanta Braves, and by the end of his first year of profes- sional baseball he was chosen as National League Rookie of the year, . ,i-"""""" Luann Rivette helped to serve refreshments at one of the dances sponsored by the Student Council. Below left: Deanne Evans assisted in decorating the cafeteria for the Student Mixer Dance held Sept. 1. AHS STUDENTS GAIN First Rowg Janet Schaub, Karen Kudreyko, Lisa Black, Lori Miller, Heidi Linovitz, Rudy Guglielmo, Joyce White, Brian McCurdy, Kathy Smith. Second Row: John Miller, Karen Milstead, Edie Keenan, Carol Jacobs, Julie Jett, Sue Farrell, Renee Pierce, Darryl Faulkner, Peggy Harlacher, Julie Bisinger, Karen Thurman, Tom Stoner, Mrs. Joan Zuckerbrow. Lori Miller and Carol Jacobs discussed their on the job exper- iences which they encounter every day as a part of their credit. Although the students learned procedures in class, 'X their best training was actual work experience. swf' s an-,sk 4 95. 4 L Jim Buckley listened attentively to a business administration lecture during a D.E.C.A. class. While in class the students were trained in marketing procedures, and then worked at local business to gain experience. cs. , E Y I, EXPERIENCE THROUGH JOBS I L: I. F' N. First Row, Mrs. Auvil, Tony Lirnpus, Alison Roark, Denise Hold, Cathy Beaty, Danita Geske, Sandra Vasquez, Mark Burkett. Second Row, Melinda Robinson, Leigh Gustafson, Kathy Bowesel, Michelle Barber, Tami Goldberg, Mitzi Cilley, Giovanni Galindo. Third Row: Craig Goshart, Maureen Parren, Theresa Degard, Donna Martin, Diane Hartin, Kathy Kelly, Kerry Dove, Theresa Besser, Ann Kitsopoulos, Suzi Waterman, Vivian Vasquez, Jose Torres, Joe Dunevent For the fifth year, COE has main- tained an outstanding record of employment with all members working. Currently, the COE class at Apollo is the largest in the Valley. With the help of the Glendale Chamber of Com- merce they participated in the Career Day Fair for the eighth graders. COE also held their an- nual employer-ernployee ban- quet in which the students pre- sented the employers with an award. Like COE, DECA, Distri- butive Education Clubs of Amer- ica, was associated with the em- ployer-employee banquet. Aside from this conventional activity, the club was involved with the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Group. Furthermore, DECA at- tended the Fall regional Confer- ence at Metrocenter and the Spring State Conference in Tuc- son. Awards for the top Sales people were given, and one stu- dent from either DECA, COE, or ICE. KPN 'N . A ,1 rf' X ,, , gf A group of students concentrated on their responsibilities assigned to them by Mrs. Auvil for the Career Day Fair. Graig Goshert, Mitzi Cilley, and Cathy Beaty realaxed while their sponsor informed them about the future events in the COE schedule. KEY CLUB OPENS DOORS Throughout the year, Key Club has assisted the community in a variety of ways. For instance, the members gave a Halloween party for the Children's ward at St. Jo- seph's Hospital. Another of their projects including children was Q the sponsoring of the Little Braves through YMCA. Then in November before the height of the holiday season, the club was involved with the collection of canned goods, for the needy in which they challenged the cheer line. Following this, in December the Key members held their tradi- tional Christmas tree cutting out- ing and donated the trees to worthwhile causes. Also at this time, the club held a Christmas party for the Valley of the Sun School. Although Key Club was very busily involved with commu- nity interests, they also were ac- tive on campus. On December lst they held the Christmas Dance. Mike Short, Frank Patterson, and Fred Kuo, sat and discussed the future Christmas Party for the Valley of the Sun School, and other interesting events before one of the Key Club meetings. 2.3 "Q Sitting: Gwen Ammen, Laurel Brougher, Lisa Hamilton, Debi Miller, Sheila Miller, Jenny Mackenzie, Judy Atterholt, Darryl Hale. 1st row: Melany Hastings, Julie Giovanini, Lori Parks, Rudy Guglielmo, Karen Buiissa, Patty McCormick, Doug Bakken, Chris Karlsrud, Roger Moore, Tom Vincent, Pam Henderson,Kelly Tilford. 2nd row: Valerie Hodges, Terry Roeber, Mike Lanning, Jill Wolfenden, Renae Robinson, Karie Matsuishi, Julie Almon, Karen Cole, Dan O'Connor, Lynette Klawon, Ann Parks, Amy McLain,David Elwood, 3rd row: Kim Wronkoski, Jeff Horstman, Cathy Farrier, Mike Granado, Fred Kuo, Ken Copic, Randy Wood, Mike Short, Frank Patterson. SPEAKERS SPARK FHA Renee Lee, Kim Scott, Cindy Scott, Ericka Kellis, Mrs. Pfeifer W - :1H if ' A - ii l Tift ' ' t f F721 1 H -"is A fl! Many Home Economics students joined F.H.A. This class listened closely to grooming tips provided by one of the many guest speakers who spoke to the club members. The members of F.H.A., Future Homemakers of America, had many different guest speakers covering a variety of present- day problems in our society. Among the lecturers were a Catholic priest, a rabbi, a Prot- estant minister, a counselor from St. Luke's Alcoholism Center, and a counselor from the Maricopa County Concilia- tion Court. They all presented their views to the members of F.H.A. Besides having guest speakers, the club planned a trip to a fashion show, and also a mistletoe hunt during the holidays, elna Marcia Arce seems to be enjoying herself while threading her sewing machine in F.H.A. CAREER CLUBS OF FUTURE VICA was an asset for those in- volved who wanted jobs in the in- dustrial job field. One of the most unusual activities VICA performed this year was adopting underprivi- leged families for the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. They also participated in Spring State Skills Olympics, a bike-a-thon, and various sales to raise funds. The National Honor Society is an association at Apollo that puts recognition on those who have made academic achievements. The members are chosen for their scholastic ability, participa- tion at school, and academic ac- complishments. Mr. Rogers the advisor supported the members in their activities. NHS also made contributions to various commu- nity affairs. r , I i 4? .Q if VICA: Row 1: Esther Kelleher, Libby Bellitter, Julia Padilla, Donna Hoagland, Pearl Ulloa. Row 2: Dondra Reiger, Cline Lyle, Pam Cisneroz, Carrie Stone, Sonny Mendez, Eddi Brannon. Row 3: Mr. Yee, Jack Neilsen, Jim Struck, Dirk Knorr, Tammy Woodward, Scott Jones. NHS: Sitting: Darryl Hale, Barbara Bice, Kathy Scott, Cathy Farrier, Maryanne Sing, Pam Henderson,Gwen Ammen. Row 1: Mark Lange, Kim Wronkoski, Loree Wade, Qyrra Michaelieu, Kris Murray, Sheila Miller, Asta Barden, Row 2: Mr. Rogers, Natalie Hamblin, Jean Reinke, Karen Zieser, Ralph Nelson, Doug Bakken, Chris Karlsrud, Peter Bauer, David Elwood, Kelly Tilford, Randy Wood X, 23.3 Art club: Row 1: Robert Pela, Dean Bonzani, Theresa Ponce, Kathryn Trimmier, Lauranda Roman-Tweed, Lorena Whitson. Row 2: Jodi Epp, Josephine Sipes, Mary Greene, Les Duncan, Allen Pickering. Row 3: Mr. Gregory, Mr. Krombein, Saraly McHugh, Joe Landram, Libby Bellitter, Mary Coyne, Kristi Brady, Suzanne Canady, Tammy Kiron, Kandi Garrard, Mr. Holgate, Mr. Neal. CLUBS REFRESH STUDENTS , K Nt- 4-?2L:+'i,g,9:, . -- A ' - A ' p - Q A -, A swf.: .04 FBLA, Row lp Maureen Parren, Marianne Sing, Virginia Acuna, Sandy Beck, Kari Matsuishi, Kim Machutta, Suzie Hudgen, Yvonne Murtagh. Row 2: Trisha Rhodes, Susan Reiterman, Joni Dun- can, Shari Butler, Treva Voorneveld, Jackie Kitely, Peggy Klatt, Karleen Horendo. Row 3: Ron Kohatsu, Sharon Harris, Kim Stamper, Linda Wagner, Barbara Mills, Jeannie Brown, Sabrina Kellis, Vicki Belt, Carol Newburg. For those students who enjoy the various aspects of art, the Apollo Art Club was open for them to join. Students were able to broaden their horizon and exhibit individual art ex- pressions. The Art Club was successful this year when stu- dents took placements at the State Fair competitions. This year they also took field trips to the Heard Museum, Annual Art Sale, and various other art places. This year was the first time FBLA has been open to all Busi- ness students. Before, only COE students could join. FBLA was involved in Regional-State Conventions and various Re- gional-State Competitive Events. Students have placed in those various events. Through this club, many stu- dents were able to learn more office work. With office oppor- tunities, students were able to apply the skills they learned. STRIKE UP THE BAND Marching Band: Row 1: Greg James, Dan Birch, Rusty Maddox, Robert Martin, Eric Yodis. Row 2: Shelly Beasley, Jackie Thul, Sonya Rathgeber, Larry Prazak, Mike James, Jim Toomey, Billie Scott, Lori Andersen, Linda Rizzo, Julie Rome, Tammy Dutzli, Heather MacLoed. Row 3: Alice Mendoza, Carol Newberry, Linda Britain, Susan Goshert, Alan Burchfield, Kim Macutta, Kris Shoger, Lori Carpenter, Kim Wronkoski, Jolynne Berrett, Patsl Sahannon, Sue Gattino, Lorraine Kisch, Lori Burton, Drum Major-Robin Smith. Row 4: Wendy Kelly, Cathy Burrus, Kim Korte, Laurie Schavbel, Fawnda Brown, Sherrie Lachman, Joy Venancio, Juan Castanda, Mike Wells, Barry Meyers, Mark Boucher, Jon Wade, Chris McCord, Janet Newberry, Leann Froelich, Row 5: Gayle Katzenberger, Kris Murray, John Kulon, Dan Moore, Greg Yodis, Clark Krueger, Kevin Horne, Paul Shepard, Robert Shindler, Paul Jaqua, Natalie Hamblin, Qyrra Michealieu, Hollen Kinney, Brian Froelich, Lisa Heyn, Eve Nelson Row 6: Mr. Will Stewart- Assistant Band Director, Don Linder, Bill Morse, Tony Elmore Robert Shepard Mike Furr, Dave Domoter, Ken Lindsey, John Lamb, Beth Palmquist, Annette Pfeiffer, Ron Marki, Mike Kelly, Perry Andersen, Scott Henry, Mr. Gabriel Angalich - Director. Just as last year, the marching band showed their support at the Apollo football games. By performing throughout the games and at half-time, they were able to bring forth the true spirit of the fans. Aside from school performances, the Apollo marching band also participated in the Glendale Youth Parade held in the fall. Left: During the homecoming performance at half-time, the march- ing band finally displayed their formations after hours of hard prac- tice. Above:Clark Krueger stunned the audience with a fantastic trumpet solo during a half-time presentation at one of the football games. MUSIC IN OUR EARS ' v A V - , i , -.lt :fi x ' il S SQ , Q, Q bl' . 9-.aka ,NI :ft I uv , ' I " A 7 gf? X f ,f Joy Venancio played a lilting tune on her flute as Linda Britain quietly , , , , , listened- Lorraine Kisch practiced intently on her clarinet as Kathy Shoger anxiously awaits the opening of the Christmas concert. 0 ll! Symphonic Band: Row 1: Joy Venancio, Kris Murray, Natalie Hamblin, Wendy Kelley, Judy Martin, Kris Shoger, Lori Andersen. Row 2: Kathy Shoger, Lorraine Kisch, Hollen Kinney, Linda Britain, Carol Newbury, Eve Nelson, Laurie Schaubel, Susan Goshert, Alan Burchfield, Qyrra Michaelieu, Jolynne Berrett. Row 3: Julie Rome, Tammy Kutzli, Heather MacLeod, Cathy Cooper, Juan Castaneda, Robin Smith, Paul Shepard, Mary Johnson, Sonya Rathgeber, Kim Wronkoski, Bob Shepard, Jon Wade, John Lamb, Greg Yodis. Row 4: Rusty Maddox, Jim Toomey, Shelly Beasley, Larry Prazak, Patsi Shannon, Ron Marki, Mr. Angalich, John Kulon, Mike Kelly, Don Linder, Mike Furr, Robert Shindler, Clark Krueger, Eric Yodis, Greg James. JAZZ CAPTURED HIGH HONORS This year was a very active year for the Jazz Ensemble. They performed many con- certs, including a concert with the Phoenix College Jazz Ensemble. They offered entertainment during the Apollo Open House, and gave a fund raising perfor- mance ata local McDonalds restaurant. Another off cam- pus performance was held in the Velma Teague Park sponsored by the Glendale Parks and Recreation De- partment. A performance at the Thunderbird Graduate School amused the crowd that had gathered there for the balloon races. Many Jazz Ensemble mem- bers were presented with awards of various types for their performances. The year's finale was a trip to California with a stop at Dis- neyland and Magic Moun- tain. i ,xxx r Jk3'T,.- x 4-ff JW fi The Magic sounds of jazz echoed through the halls whenever the Jazz ensemble played at the school assemblies. The long hours of practice paid off as the group was generally recognized as one of the finest high school jazz groups in Arizona. Jazz Ensemble: Row 1: Robin Smith, Sonya Rathgeber, Juan Casteneda, Joy Venancio, Lorraine Kisch, Chris Murray. Row 2: Bob Shepard, John Lamb, Greg Yodis. Row 3: Patsy Shannon, Jolynne Berret, Mr. Angalich, Mark Sipes, Rusty Maddox, Eric Prebys, Robert Shindler, Clark Kreuger, Chris McCord, GROUPS GAINED RECOGNITION XX w 23 Deanne Grizzell, Becky Henson, Eileen Fenner, Eric Wingham, Donald Apodaca, Row 3. Kim Milton, Patricia Staley, C I Clnt Frain. Row 4: Mr. Stewart, Mark Hess. Mike Gley, Apollo Guitarists: Row 1: Jody Kacura, Michael Pomeroy, William Gehrman. Ro Throughout the community including grade schools and other high schools, the Apol- lo Guitar Ensemble per- formed several concerts. ln order to raise funds they held a candy sale, a cheese and sausage sale, and a jew- elry sale, but their biggest money maker was the for- tune cookie sale. At the spring banquet, awards were presented to the outstand- ing students for their fine Danny Hoagland, Clara Yazzi, Charles a es, i Tom Ennis, Robert Herzog, Mark Bltteker, James Golden. performances, i . i ' P , fe ' , H Y C an ff W F' Lg 1 Os u.. -4- y A .fn-rd' Concert Band: Row 1: Beth Palmquist, Janet Newbury, Kim Korte, Fawnda Brown, Cathy Burrus, Annette Pfeiffer. Row 2: Bill Morse, Linda ' ' ' ' J Lisa He n, Lori Burton. Row 3: Helen Sample, Alice Mendoza, Lori LaBarr, Karen Hunter, Rizzo, Kim Machutta, Lori Carpenter, Mike ames, y ' ' ' ' H B rr Me ers. Row 4: Dan Birch, Bryan Froelich, Sue Grattino, Leann Froelich. Jackie Thul, Chris McCord, Mark Boucher, Kevin orne, a y y Robert Martin, Dan Moore, Tony Elmore, David Domotor, Ken Lindsey, Mr. Stewart. VOCAL MUSIC GROUPS PRODUCE Concert Choir, Advanced Choir, and Chorus 1-2 are all important to some of the musically talented students at A.H.S. A student inter- ested in getting into vocal music program has to first take Chorus 1-2. After Chorus 1-2 a student can get into any other program. The director of music at Apollo is Mr. Frey. Mr. Frey is interested in helping talented students improve their vocal abilities for further use. Vocal music, has as a traditional activity sell- ing Santa Grams. The profits go to helping with field trips to an opera and an Audio Re- cording.Another way they try to raise funds is by selling candy. Concert Choir: Row 13 Bonnie Odgen, Joanna Peskin, Kim Yeley, Carole Wenzl, Cheryl Girone Row 23 Kevin Gallagher, Linda Britain, Kevin Diaz, Rhonda Crabtree, Curtis Strohl, Caroline Morgan, Bob Lucas, Kelly McDonald, Mike Lueders l .QA :gtk . .,.,X A A ja r: A inpfxii 'A , if S .Lx V... O 3 K - ' A N' ' - L 5- ii' O. qs' LM ' F f k . ' 71 tlttt '.::f'i.sN in - 'fm' t A g is rf . .gan ,511 ,eg it if tt i y - ---A an ' are A it X S g i . x .ff F K. , ,tt,, ,,tc,,,, . .ps 'gnfy ly? ai- l .,,, ., .1 A-f Q, .Am . Startin u per left counter-clockwise' Concert choir sings intent- he 6'7'1H g P ' ly while Mr. Frey leads. Bottom left: Missy Perry tries out for the planned Christmas programs. Upper right. Robert Lucas com- ments to Mike Scarbrough about the upcoming events in chorus. ENCOURAGED A.H.S. STUDENTS x . Advanced Chorus, First Row: Lisa Miragliotta, Kevin Gallagher. Amy Engle-bretson Back Rowg Kristene Williams, Karen Morgan, Wendy Smith, Robin Bern, Carolyn Sifuentes, Lisa Scarbrough, Colette Toth, Michelle Noiseau. Chorus 1-2 Front Row: Dawn Smallwood, Linda Justin, Suzanne Gerstner, Robin Kende. 2nd Row: David McGovern, Larry Swanson, Kurtis Medlyn, Troy Pickering. Back Row: Denise Green, Carolyn Hilderbrandt, Tamara Mawer, Kirn White, Cheryl Dorsett, Danielle Knopp, Brenda Coal, Andrea Murto. SKIERS SLIP, SLIDE, AND GLIDE K 4 A-A M , v . ,g ,, 4 PV , . , 1 ,, .Hq 1,1 , , - . sz - A X -, f V -, . -" -1- , i.4,, ,r., .l.. - Ski Club, Row 1: Jody Shinn, Vicki Belt, Theresa Shinn, Brenda Brooks, Guy Jacobs, Allison Robertson, Julie Almon. Row 2: Mark Raines, Rob Weaver, Mike Ortega, Tammy Bryant, Sherlyn Stephens, Laura Hoag, Michelle Esancy, Dolores Koopman, Heidi Hermerath, Tim Rockey. Row 3: Deanne Evans, Sherri Wehmueller, Terry Roeber, Patti Reynolds, Sue Ponkey, Bill Van Beek, Tracy Jacobs, Debbie Bellitter, Rick Cimaglia. Row 4: Rhonda Matelski, Dale Carroll, Greg Davidson, David Cioca, Mary Carruthers, Jes Stocker, Tina Shinske, Darlene Nelson, Bruce Fortner, Phil Ponce, Connie Bellitter, Richard Elder. Mary Carruthers laobriously scrubbed away during the Ski Club car wash which was held in order to raise money to rent equipment, supply transportation, and purchase other necessities for the Purga- tory trip. Skiing has recently become a very popular sport, and as the Ski Club's fourth year on campus, ski- ing will probably prevail. During the holiday season, thirty-three members of the club took a six- day ski trip to Purgatory. ln order to raise money for the holiday trip and two other weedend trips the members sold tickets for the Phoenix Jaycees' haunted house. The students that form the Back- packing Club enjoy the exercise of hiking. Thus, the members took a one-week trip to Havasupai Can- yon among other hikes. CLUB TAKES A HIKE ssi- Q l , . -vw-ww--W tg k. Above, Jeff Sager displayed some ofthe equipment used for hiking and backpacking at one of the meetings. Right, Sean McMullen fitted one of the jackets brought in by the guest speaker. 9 :S IIVI r Hiking and Backpacking Club, Row 1: Cindy Fischer, Jeff Sager, Sean McMullen, Tania Newman, Annette Pfeiffer, Michael Middleton, Paul Fischer. Row 2: Matt Duncan, Dennis Holden, Brian Doedon, Jim Milakovich, Dale Nielson, Danny Birch, Bill Lowe, Carol Rucker. Row 3: Tom Hinsberger, Bart Goetz, Pam Sacharko, Sandy Mastin, Matt Gismondi, Mike Sheridan, Phil Ponce, Tony VanLoenen, Dan Kirby, David Prazak. MIME SPEAKS FDR ITSELF Drama Clubg Row 1: Larry Swanson, Cathy Finn, Kerrie Earle, Patti McMahon, Karen Zieser, Jane Bremser. Row 2: Julie Mumpy, Caroline Sessa, Jeff Orsburn, Glenn Rabinowitz, Lisa Hamilton, Kelly Anderson, Laurel Brougher, Chris Beisecker, Mohave Bob. Row 3: Greg Welsh, Julie Conway, Terry Knight, Sandy Beerman, Janet West, Lee Bolin, Mr. Ferrell, Richard Dickey, Janet Gerst, Judy Atterholt, David Bery, Lene Mahler, Craig Dies, Shirly New. XX. X W ., , , ivy . .0 oss TV Above: Karen Zieser stood at the front of the class and enthusiastically spoke about the arrangements for the fall play. 't'Leftp Row 1: Kerrie Earle, Larry Swanson, Karen Zieser. Row 2: Lisa Hamilton, Jeff Orsburn, Jane Bremser, Patti McMahon. Row 3: Glenn Rabinowitz, Kelly Anderson, Julie Mumpy, Mike Lang, Chris Beisecker, Cathy Finn. SPEECH CLUB SAYS IT ALL W,-. Aboveg Nathan Perkins looks up suspiciously as he puts the finishing touches on his speech, Upper right: Mark Laub sifts through the clutter to find information about his next speech. L W V si This year the Drama Club learned the difficult art of Mime. Aside from this, Drama sponsored the fall play, "Caught ln tbe Vlllain's Web," and the spring musical, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Throughout the year, Speech tournaments were held at eight high schools and also at U of A, ASU, and NAU. Speech Clubp Row 1: Glenn Rabinowitz, Judy Crann, Greg Karfeld, Jeff Orsburn, Danny Adler, Marie Wlechec. Row 2: Vickie Thun, Delores Tomlinson, Tom Brink, Chris Hale, Mike Lang, Cathy Keefer, Nathan Perkins, Row 3: Andy Schoudt, Valerie Rossmen, Valerie Rankin, Mr. Vail, Jesse Rameriz, Esther de los Rios, Michael Whycalisky, Patti McMahon. GOLDEN HAWKS SOAR -,ry 1' - Jane Troutman and Virginia Acuna hand the runners Q H5 their numbers in the order that they finished. Throughout the year, the spirited Golden Hawks had many fund raising events that benefitted the boys Cross Country and Track teams. Parties, breakfasts -...MMM and concessions were given from money raised for the boys. The Golden Hawks worked hard in both seasons in running off all of the home meets. Also, they supported the teams in away meets. At the finish of each of the seasons, Golden Hawks presented the two teams with a banquet. President Mary Fitzpatrick quickly totals the Cross Country meet's scores. Row 1: Lisa Wood, Mary Fitzpatrick, Amy McLain. Row 2: Virginia Acuna, Maureen Boltan, Barbara Troutman , Debbie Ricketts, Sally Festin. Row 3: Kristi Peace, Ericka Kellis, Jane Troutman, Connie Bellitter, Tania Newman, Debra Bellitter. MAIDS AID RESTLERS Row 1: Karen Thurman. Row 2: Suellen Shima, Joanne Takiguchi, Row3: Lisa Rollins, Laurie Schaubel. Row 4: Caroline Sessa. Row 5: Jacque Halliburton. Left: Linda Rogers, Kathy Fuller, Diana Dunkin, Judy Janish, Kelley Hart, Kelly O'Rourke, Patti Saver, Norma Ponce, Karlene Horne, Gwen Ammen, Kathi Rollins, Mary Schwieder, Liz Rangel, Dianna Parra, Lucinda Maas. if-ea. K ' .K -. H . ,gy ,, , J ,IE ,fx ' 6 A M W 'H 1, sw' 9-Pump.-n Q0 1. xi SU U , iz ,E , 741' ia Y Q 1 I. ,O XJ I S as wi' r .1 0 4 Q' ,.-...Ho-uue.voJ - , 5 .Lv -..4ll"-M X 't f x K 's ,. . ink' SY' N Mr Q x ASB" Z '2 ,333 ff if I J.V. SPIRITED WINNING YEAR 'YFTTV' - - r Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Top Row, Kris Cole, Marcy Bennett, Row 25 Lori Poor, Kathy Trueblood Row 3, Teresa Cuellar, Jane Bates, Bottom Row: Missy Brewster, Jody Shinn. 7-f J Shi Y ,ar New uniforms, new cheers, and new smiles were the ingredients of the 1978-1979 cheerleading squads. Their training begins in the summer at camp, where they learn, earn medals and enjoy new friendships. Their main purpose is to arouse spir- it during football and basketball sea- sons. ?'- Jane Bates and Teresa Cuellar, juniors, hap- pily Ieave for home after a winning game. Lori Poor, sophomore, gets involved in a thrilling game of basketball with a crowd that was full of excitement. The girls planned the cheers carefully so the crowd would be full of rowdiness. FROSH BEQIIXIHNEW EXPERIENCES Lisa Pearson jumps high into a herky, one of the many stunts the freshman must learn. .W ltr.-J' 4 . if J .. 196 -r-. ., --iw:-... .. . . ...s',...tM.', . Freshman "A" Team: Top: Lisa Falbo Row 23 Wendy Kelly, Sandy Robinson, Janice Collins Row 3, DianeAffeldt, Jennifer Bennett, Sheila Bale, Tari McKinstry 7451 I I Mfxs g l , I -fb l ,Vx . . J ' fr f 1-it .. fu,- -I . ' 'RJ' , ...x-,.... -gv Freshman, Diane Affeldt, successfully accomplishes stretching into the splits at the Homecoming assembly. Freshman "Gold" Team: Top to Bottomg Yvette Apodoca, Susie Espin- oza, Kim Korte, Lisa Pearson, Patty O'Rourke, Cheryl Young, Ann DiGi- lio, Vicki Johnson. APOLLO POM LINE WINS HONORS l l Mary Ann Tomooka, Kelly Watt, Terri Benson, and Liz Piller anxiously await their entrance to meet with the rest of the pom line to perform a dance. The Pom Line went to camp this summer. Everyone got awards. As a group, they earned the Spirit Stick and a trophy. The sale of spirit ribbons helped prepare stu- dents for the game of the week. They were sold a day before the game. The Pom Line and the band worked together closely during football season to entertain at halftimes. The halftime shows in- cluded dance routines or assisting the band as flag girls. This was the second year they performed as flag girls. As flag girls, there were many hours of rehearsal. They co-sponsored with the cheer- leaders the annual first dance of the football season. Apollo Pom Line: Top: Mary Ann Tomooka Row 2, Liz Piller, Lori Collins, Trisha Rhoades, Kristen Krause Row 33 Ester delosRios, Jennifer Johnson, Justin Gagnon, Kelly Fetzer, Terri Benson, Joni Duncan Bottomg Jennifer Eckhout Lori Collins and Jennifer Johnson show off their carefully rehearsed dance routine for a half time show. B.B. TEAM CAPTURED BY PEP 'sr- """.J:'- Pep Club, Row 1: Debbie Bellitter, Karie Matsuishi, Dolores Koopman, Kelly Schunk, Lee Varnum, Sherlyri Stephens, Karen Pennington. Row 2: Laura Hoag, Asa Anderson, Cindy Gray, Heidi Hermerath, Connie Bellitter, Elissa Levine, Suzanne Mar, Michelle Krautheim, Julie Almon, Theresa Thun. Row 3: Rob Zwick, Renae Robinson, Vicki Thun, Billie New, Sharon Harris, Robert McCormick, Barbara Bice, Yolanda Jimenez, Elizabeth Rangel, Karen Bulissa, Tom Barnes. A-ff 5 Q SR' . S4 - A . 4 If , . ' in Q s Throughout the year, Pep Club sponsored the football, basketball, and baseball teams as well as certain girls' sports. In an effort to aid team spirit, the club also made posters. Of all their activities, though, Pep Club most likely will be remembered as the kidnappers of the basket- ball team. Above, Karie Matsuishi, pep club president, looks up astonished as a touch- down is scored in favor of Apollo. With the Club's attempt to aid school spirit came the infectious cheers that invaded the crowds. Lefty Kim Yeley showed her spirit by pinning up posters all over the Apollo campus which gave informa- tion about the upcoming football game. TEAM TRIUMPHS IN OLYMPICS Special Olympicsg Bottom Row: Bill Whalley, Jeff Carrillo, Wally Duarte, Ken Eyman, Ron Dedomenick, John Quesada,. Top Row: Victor Herzog, Mike Myers, Bob Leonard, Steve Aros, Nick Connelly, Chris Doyle. The Special Olympic team at Apollo for the last four years has won the State Basketball Tourney, and in 1978 they also won the State Volleyball and State Bowling Tourney. An- other team event the Special Olympic squad participated in was the 400-meter relay. Be- sides those, individual events included Track and Field, Gym- nastics, Swimming, and Fris- bee. Furthermore, five mem- bers ofthe team participated in the Winter Olympics in Flag- staff. Special Olympicsg Debbie Young, Ken Eyman, Billie New, Bill Whalley, Paula McWilliams, Vic Herzog, Fawn Hamilton, Mrs. Beery. N TOP OF THE NEWS The Utopian newspaper kept the students and commu- nity aware of happenings which affected the school year. This publication is put out by the Journalism 3-4 class, and received a first place rating from Columbia Scholastic Press Association last year. The Utopian also rated highest in the state in its categories. The staff was also proud of the traditional blood drive they held in April which resulted in the best turnout ever of 96 pints. Some of the staff's unusual activities this year centered around a series of cultural events, including a field trip to Arcosanti and also to the Phoenix Little Theater. ,J xfx -Q Newspaper Staff: Row 1: Chris Potts, Scott Reid, Mike Lanning, Glenn Rabinowitz. Row 2' Kristi Moss, Sharon Tanz, Cath Heerdt . Y i Lisa Olson, Gwen Perlman. Row 33 Jim Meyer, Dan Daly, Lisa Wood, - Tom Lofton, Mike Easterly, Deann Ogden, Mark Lange, Randy Wood. Above: Lisa Olson talked with feature editor Gwen Perlman about one of the many assignments received by reporters during the course of the year. Below: Scott Reid, Cathy Heerdt, Mark Lange, Mike Easterly, Deann Ogden, Dan Daly. and Randy Wood prepare newspapers to be sent out to individual schools. The Utopian exchanged papers with some sixty schools around the United States, from as far away as Hawaii and Miami, not to mention various other schools within Maricopa County. The staff published a total of fifteen newspapers this year ' 5 'Q w-M-uve-.uv ' ,ff N rl'r '21-uh' . ...ai LOOKING BACK DN '79 The events of today are here to stay. The Apollo Olympus has captured the memories of the past school year. The Olympus staff, consisting of two seniors and fourteen underclassmen, has strived to portray the emo- tions of Apollo. Although the students move onward to Yearbook Staff: Row 1g Cory Mitchell, Laura Hoag, Julie Almon, Sherlyn Stephens, Roslyn Simp- son. Row 2: Betsy Lieberman, Ann Parks, Scott Henderson, Dan Bergsten, Tracy Tisdale, Karen Pennington, Deana Lemonovich, Paris Street, Claire Arthur. Roslyn Simpson and Claire Arthur were kept busy working toward their sophomore section deadline. reach their goals, their memo- ries and traditions will exist on the Apollo campus forever- more. Ig -2. Editor-in-chief Julie Almon, and Betsy Lieberman looked through their assignments for the first deadline of the year. FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDENTS Renae Robinson determinably concentrated on the mum sales for homecoming week. The Latin Club obtained many honors at the 1978 State Convention at ASU. In fact, a great part of the club's activi- ties center around the preparation for this convention. ln addition to the many honors, Roger Moore became President of the Arizona State Latin Club. In order to raise funds, the club sells mums during homecoming week, and also has candy sales. Besides pretzel sales and parties, the German Club took an active interest in the school year. One of its activities included challenging other clubs to soccer games. Another of the clubs ac- tivities is an annual dinner at Alpine Vil- lage. S, - . 53, , xxx.. Latin Club: Row 13 Beth Hering, Mike Lang, Roger Moore, Tim Troutman, Row 23 Kathi Rollins, Melodee Brewer, Cory Mitchell, Lisa Rollins, Beth Ann Giovanini, Renae Robin- son, Mrs. Prosser. Row 3, Paige Moore, Karen Troutman, Lisa Alger New German Club, Row 1, Chris Bergner, Beth Ann Giovanini, Ralf Hunniford. Row 2, Melany Hastings, Julie Giovanini, Paul Fischer, Michelle Esancy, F. Fiala, 'S J LUBS EXCEL IN HONORS 'rv A " A 4 's'j I l I N ' 5 'A Art' s . V f l -. --a-Aw." .L :-.- ., ,.'.gx. q .. l.. . -fl. ,. ' 'M,'.'.f ' jf" K '-"vj'1:4,'g---ffw, .,15".,'-' 51.5 w.+u.- .n.M'm'v :?e...:!fm .9 L .I w Q 1 :"'w'Ea.fl1ll.'- he W:?'i-fin ri ww 4. 'f-1:..'m.:mz-'.L'i4'- Spanish Club: Row lg Tanya Newman, Tammy Jones, Jenny Mackenzie, Glenn Rabinowitz. Row 23 Mrs. Molina, Natalie Shearl, Kathryn Cooper, Elissa Levine, Tina Torres, Rosalva San Miguel, Vickie Thun,Randa Kutob, Row 33 JanetGerst, Stella Rios, Jennifer lnness. Sandy Garcia, Kathi Rollins. Row 4, Danny Birch Carolyn Rael, Becky Rael, Debbie Frank. r,X. l French Club: Row lg Tammy Kirkpatrick, John Cheyne, Valerie KoegaI..Row 23 Mrs. Griggs, Lee Bolin, Crystal Henderson, Kelli Ann Schank, Jackie Fogarty, Lynn Perkins, . l Many members of the Spanish Club won awards through the National Spanish Exam. As a sponsor of the exam, the Spanish Club raised funds through car washes and chupa chup sales. Also the club held a traditional candy cane sale at Christmas. Among the different activities, the club went horseback riding. The French Club along with the Spanish Club sponsored the Octo- ber 27th Dance. This dance was only one of the many activities in which the French Club participated. One of the traditional activities of the club is to sponsor students in the Nation- al French Contests, and also to eat at a French restaurant. in f wry 5 ju! ,. ' 4 P" , ,xv qi p ui.,,.E.3A,. -fig:f...'i iff ff"i"r'49f'ftt. ' ffl. A 3371 Lee Bolin prepared one ol his many announcements for the upcoming dance. I. I 2 ,ir--'n 203 ROTC STUDENT Drill Team: Row 13 Bob Barrette, Colin McClure, Ray Thomson, Luciano Gatica. Row 25 David Alcon, Frank Patterson, Brian Burchfield, Craig Chipley, Mark Landreth. Row 33 Richard Elder, Jeff Rigsby, George Maliga, Robert Meya. This year the ROTC program par- ticipated in many public events. The Goodyear-Avondale parade as well as the Glendale Youth and Veterans Day parades were among the many activities in their busy schedule. Also every year they take a trip to San Diego and Disneyland over Easter Vacation. Not only was ROTC active during the school year, they went on a summer cruise to Hawaii. ff' Inspection time, and Chief Sutton made sure everything was in perfect order. This was Sutton's first year in Apollo's ROTC Program. Color Guard: Row 13 George Maliga, Anna Rose, Floyd Thomas,Scott Wyles, Marty Kinsey, Robert Meya TAKE TOP FOR nas,-ik l fin ii' ig' I fig ,Xb 1,1 Y, "" ' g " X HA 6' 55-Iii Us -' -ea, . ' 4 sm. -as MEM .1 ' Ai 1 4.5 id ' H1 my Q ,gy N SA Officers: Row 13 Brandy Heathcotte, Debi Miller, Frank Patterson, Mark Landreth. Row 23 Ralph ' 4 I: A bf gi, , i A tiki, 1 F R U 'O -if 5 'L 1, , R Commander Ray discussed the events of Nelson, George Maliga. Robert Meya, Jeff Rigsby, the day with two ROTC students, Mark Landreth and Frank Patterson, before an assembly commenced. xv , . 1 e ., 'L ' , . an . NL . I ,K v 1 . -1 - v Drill team shows their talent at the opening Bushey' Curt Russell' assembly this year. The team performed at many of the schools assemblies. ROTC 7-8: Row 15 Loree Wade, Elizabeth Arenivaz. Row 23 Keven Murri, ,.f.i.. GF? ,Y ri Steve Galpin, Dave 205 SCIENCE FICTION, BASU, AMU Qrs C.-eg:-A Science Fiction: Row 1: Lee Bolin, Glenn Rabinowitz, Susan Ross, Row 2: Judy Atterholt, Lene Mahler, Steve Galpin, Mike Jaqua, Row 3: Mrs. Dennis, Scott Ross, Laurie Powell, Richard Dickey. Science Fiction club is a club of many aspects. They attend , many science fiction conven- tions and seminars such as the lguanacon convention held in Phoenix on August 18. Black Awareness Student Union CBASUJ is a club that ' tries to make other cultures more aware of the black heri- tage. Their traditional activity is black heritage week held the second week of February every year. During this week there is an assembly which includes black guest speakers, black Af- rican and American fashions and black royalty. BASU joins in other activities throughout the year. Arizona Model United Nations I l .N .- .M CAMUNJ is a group of juniors ' ' and seniors that portray their roles as diplomats from various countries to get the full mean- ing of international politics. The students attend a United Na- tions assembly in Tucson in February of each year. s 'y l ..', ' . .. ..'-:-sg.+- y I . 2 N x,-.Q xx-. f, - 1-.'.. , - ' f . ' Ng A ' Lu ,L,. -w'qfw4-4'u,,v" r , -Gaim. -ie,4,,,-w,-Z f F ,Qp .1 jf, .4-Q ff A .2 . ' I .:-.,- 1 H -T 'Mk rits,-tn .lmllh -I Glla 4 A It Robert Maya is a member of the Science tion Club. The club does many interes things throughout the year such as goin seminars. Black Awareness: Ken Walker, Dale Cooper, Chris Hale, Mr. Bursh, Row 2: Carla Walker, Michelle Woodard, Debbie Davis, Darryl Hale, Karlin Simpson, Pierre Foulks,,Tony Elmore N GDT INVDLVED AND EXPLORED s if 5 Arizona Model United Nations: Row 13 Asa Anderson, Lee Bolin, Bob Hall, James Hei. Row 25 Mr. Caine, Mark Henderson, Jim Johnson Mike Lang. Dan Mahoney. Not pictured: Lene Mahler, Kelly Tilford, Mark Lange, Greg Cheyne, Judy Atterholt, Darryl Hale, Steve Galpin Ken Copic, Gena Hedin. Ilia - al' Carla Walker and Debbie Davis listen attentively as Dale Cooper explains the procedure during a meeting for the Black Awareness Club. ,buy BEING HELPED BY PEOPLE In ending our four years at Apollo High School we must give recognition to the people that have helped us make it through these years. Our teachers, the administration, and other staff have all helped us, but most of all we have helped each other. . U., .-f s 1 - - . gi . I! F if :Q QSXH 'W rg ' ale' if " . r Hifi? ,i wT'n QQ . TA no wma TO , VAIQE :THE EARTH 5 CHESS! HAT ,, XNGL5 MADE OUR YEARS COMPLETE in X From the tortures and the joking in our freshman year to the supremacy we have felt in our senior year, all of us have endured our time at Apollo High. Many people take high school seriously and others don't but it's a mixture of everybody that gives Apollo that feelin' free spirit. I 1 ji , X CASA DEH efntez' UAW ADVERTISING I I 'T 'I I HE KERRIE LYNN EARLE REPRESENTING APOLLO HIGH SCHOOL PHOENIX HONORS COTILLION 1978 - 79 W How proud you've made us . . . Love, Mom Q.ODad APOLLO BOOSTER CLUB JOIN us IN I WORKING TOGETHER FOR APOLLO S CONTINUED ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC GROWTH lcv 0 I ' I' I ' I l 4 I A I I, ?Tofrx" If I Auto Supply Store 41 Student Discount quallty for less 10723 North 19th Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85029 Call 997 7763 or 997 0097 House Plants Y '99 N4, t'Pots ,WK 5 O Q 'J'B3SketS If -T: 2 51 'Macrame 'Everything you need S for indoor plants 8 Custom plantin Dried Flowers 132 Valley West Mall corner of 59th Avenue on Northern Glendale Arlz 85301 Call 931 4191 55E 4253 SCOYTSDALE LO RCOS MAI Sensor YBBPDUUK Portraits 74393 P OEN X METRO CENYEI 9976259 M wreath U ' slz 7tgkl1 fl yt Wg lk?f,f CITY SUZUKI BMW ee' sllfs sfnvlcf-PARIS U12 I Ing run uns OF Accfssomfs fat Pleasure E I me 5728 Grand Glendale Arlz H Phlllp Lieberman Owner 'X S ,,- l . - oe - om . 26 - - s v Z r 9 ' I vNOl0GRAI-mv 'Z , A at .bf 'ff , 'gp - -4 V.,ff' twg, 'lg '.,l L x V- r., W 5" X- -' if Q' 'A ,illif ,A ff. A , ll fi , sf" A 4. 5 H 5.5 gy q , or 1 X, L :, ,5 ,Dx ' N 'X ww , Aw. 1. ,-. rl. ' - a, . f 5 1 1. ' V ,l y . d--'.',-. S ,J X E " ,f PX ff-Q X1 lx J "wa ' " Lv . ,-Z" I, S Lf T- 1' ' 4' figs' ,vw f' I 7' ' .:' LT' ,, f 'l ,dm , ' 7 'W Q l -2 -. L I 15, -Q ff? 'WV f A f't', 1 I, if-Q " sr lil J -.. Q15 " !.q l 11 'f-I-I ' , A47 A f . . Vx' "f" dl f g l. xl- 1-A ,Al , -.Qs .. . ,!. . l 'Av - S. 'JV A l- ' V f " J I R-dl . 0 S - - y ' I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 198O' We were happy to have had the opportunlty of photographing you at your school as underclassmen but now that you are sensors and wlll be un the special senlor sectlon of your yearbook your school recom mends that your senlor portrait be taken at a portralt studlo Dua monds Portralt Studlo wlll photograph you and supply your school with your senlor portrait free of charge If you come Into one of our studlos early thus summer for your senlor slttlng We know that your senlor year IS a speclal tlme and we want to share that excitement by also glvlng you a 4x5 color orlglnal portrait from your slttlng when you are photographed thus summer There IS no slttlng charge Remember come to Dlamonds Portralt Studlo early thus summer and recelve your free yearbook portralt and a free 4x5 color orlglnal por tralt Call 248 8533 to make your appointment See you thus summer' DIAMOND S PORTRAIT STUDIO 1 - v 1 Unique www 8 1 i Ml' X A il vv dba I ll mu H1 Wfi Real Estate MARK V I38lI N 35th Drive Sulte B Phoemx Aruzona 85023 Telephone C6023 938 OIOO , I -fs-I gt 14 nl I1 IL lx,h.m les I 4, 1 . - l Ala QU! A M , V sw N QQEQEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBQL L 1 1 llllll 6 rot .. A A . QL ' e IH: rw f munxxv fiffi , we e , - Qjfxfxj , V ,, Y AA masse f- Z , 3 I pe ,jg : a aussi U 'ii :n s , . . ,.... ,........ i P7 Q I up Q ". :wa E -filhliiifliiiix. 1 L ' f - ',4 i A. 4' A U 5 7 I Y 7 X A ,, lndustrialEngines 0 Heavy-DutyTrucks ' Recreation Vehicles 0 Classic Thunderbird8ilVlustang Parts 0 Rentals 8iLeasing v Ford Cars8iLightTrucks ' Plus Genuine Ford ReplacernentParts Service ' And Plenty ofGood People 7'T's-fi 46,4-Q The dealership thatservfce built 5300 Grand Avenue Glendale 247 6300 846 8600 0 ' l 'l 0-' 0 gl A I f sf . X ' , . , ,- x 4' . f' - C' 'O , .Mb V ., lu- fm ,- K, 4 We 'Z 'e ' 'fl V' ' fa- 1 :gf-7 -- T-i..g, sw., ' A 1. ' - "M . J .KJ ' - ' l l l I I - O - I SENIOR FAVORITES Most Athletic: Chris Hamilton, Loree Wade Most Likely to Succeed: DeAnn Ogden, Darryl Hale 'Q Chosen for Best Personality: Robin Greenlee, Dave Wagner CHOSEN BY CLASS OF '79 '.-vgff Paid for by Class of '79 Most Spirited: Jeff Horstman, Rhona Rivette I , 4' , f W Most Talented: Jeff Orsburn, Patti McMahon rf' Most Humorous: Lori Parks, Jeff Horstman Most Scholastic: Mari Anne Sing, Darryl Hale 4 1 '4 vw, .....r. as, UM 1979 APOLLO MESSAGE PAGE Randy, Thanks for everything. Sher. D.V. With wishes and luck, remember me always, Love Moses Mary, Good luck in college, Keep in touch, Love Sharon. Remember New Year's Eve Ann and Yvette? Surprise! Sharon Lockers Express: "Put Those Snoops To Use You Muthas, Cuz You Lock, Suckas." Jose "THE KID" Torres Molly and Linda, Don't forget to "SNAP" Your fingers and be a happy "GDHL," Because if you don't "HEAD" in, WE'LL COME TELL ON Y U. "Philosophy is dead, Plato reeks of rotting flesh" -The Oliver Cromwell Society. Jane- Never forget P.O.T.P,, R.H.P.S., P,W., W.D.. RL., M.L., D. and M., J,B., or my Love for you. The Nose that Conquered Cleveland. Trace ... third culture kid ... Sorayya Man ... Cobra Power ... Jaffer Sahib ... "Back in Pakistan" ... Margalla Mountains ... KHAN and Pinesol ... Tika .., field hockey, ffl cheer, softball ISLAMABAD red KL Pakland Cool Yar!!! Mickey Mouse: Please forget the dumb things l've done this year. Love Minnie Beer is great: Sex devine Class of '8O: Taught '79 Laura, Julie and Patty, I hope all your dreams come true, you really deserve them. Remember all the good times to get you through the bad. Love Sher C.M. Thanks Good Buddy B.D.G. To Laura, Patty, and Sherlyn, Thank you tor being a friend, Your friend always, Julie Wooooo! WHAT A YEAR! R.O.T.C. rules with the GROUP Richard, Mark. Jeff, Anna, Bonnie, Papa Dave, Mama Arnold. Well BYE GUY!!! Eeeeeve From Susan Goshert In memory of Mr. Gesell. Apollo students are appreciative of his dedication and service to all of us t roughout the years. Larry, What a trooper. See you soon, Topher. To my favorite basketball player: Always stay tall, sweet, and crazy. Love, Valentine. Goodbye Apollo, I didn't learn much, but I had FUN. Bill- Thanks for being there when I Needed someone to throw bananas at. You-Know-Who Suze: I Love Your Best. Bert Whatever happened to Fay Wray? She-living tobacco, Chewing tobacco, Spit, Spit, Spit, If you ain't in band, you ain't worth Quack-Quack Mary! Your Fellow Jewish Duck This is fashionable? K.K. Brass has no class. and the drummers can stick it, Low brass has no talent, and the WOODS are always into it!! RBRT PL I don't know il I should tell you this but Love Jane ATOM ANT LIVES!!! Good luck Seniors -Snob- To 8th hour Algebra 3-4 class: Etch-ch-ch! Junior Squirrels like Karen. She's neat: Karen likes squirrels, They're neat. Something no girl should be without-squirrels, Aimless need a drink? Sharon and Yvette . .. BIG SHOTS! Ann Thanks for a reat senior year. Kim, Sue. Maureen. Marianne. Tina, Tina, Patti, Pam, Les, Alan, Dan and Greg CB : 10. Love Denise UE Julie, now you've entered the coveted realm of senioritis, you may now appreciate my constant procrastinating, love Randy J.S., You'll always be my number one. B.C. D.W., K.Z., J.M,. K.E, - Thanks for the great memories, J,R. From the S.S.B.G. - WHAT'S GOING ON? Vivian Valenzuela: "Wishing on a star," Jet Kerrie, Remember M,P.! Karen Zieser Kevin, You're one in a million fthank goodnessj Love you lots! Bonnie Ken luv ya always A. Lin: l'lI always remember you. Love, Big Sister. The Group: Much Happiness: The Other Group. Happiness andngood fortune to the following people: Rob, Vallerie, Qyrra, Melissa, Julie, Chris, Renee, ike, and Scott, W.C,M. Eric, I LOVE YOU! Deanne Masume to the best friend ever RMA. Angie Na, na, na, na, na,. Birhinia! T.P.A. WILL STRIKE AGAIN Little Sis, Jewel, Jeep, and Bo Bo: Thanks for the best year ever! Big Sis fThe Prezj QBoogaJ Ooh what a babe, what a babe! L.F. - Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Mike Thanks Mom! DRAMA DOES IN ON QUE! Felicity and Lona TAMBO AND TERRY - THANKS! MIGUEL - fingernails, candy canes, and Jn. 3 - these are ours, KAREN - lt's nice to be back. Shell, WOW! Another year! Thanks for being my bester. I love ya! Bida C.K. Love you always B.T. Kimmy, good luck in college, l'II miss you!! M.K. Everyone! Through thick and thin, we made it fun! Thanks. Cory Ninguna Shell Lemon Pie King Molly Shahan The 3- Musketeers Lisa Stuck Linda Tipton Volleyball Team!! Disco Chris, Susan Crabtree. is a lady. 1, 2. 3, attack. l Love You Charlie from Sam. BAND PEOPLE ARE ffl FROM A.B. Tammy, about the Superbowl, better luck next year, Ann. Good luck KIMMIE. M.K. can't spell. B,M, Brian, Only Buffalo who live in empty beer cans know the true meaning of the word Bombasity. Henry, "I promise" Love, Jean. Photo Dan: Take my picture. We love you Mike, Tim, Rob, and Pat, From Roz, Bren, Claire, and Heidi. Drama- Thanks to everyone for everything! Patti GRONK WAILS! Winnie the Pooh loves Honey. Brass Rules fDuck and Gronkj BLUES BROTHERS WERE GREAT!! M.N,, J.M., RY. - you're a bunch of sweeties, what would i do wfout ya's!!! Mikey Stacy keep on truckin RMA Angie Two Four Six Eight, Patty likes to Huskerdo! Spedlee! Barbie: Between Matt, Snow, Theresa, Volleyball, fun and friendships, you made it, Congrats. Penny

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