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' K' 1 In " ' 1 3 ' 7- -'ws ' ' " " ' 4 ' ' ' , ' 3' w w ' 'H V.:-x.. .'f q:f V " U W - " ' .-,- w x , L I I . , . 'I e' 1 . wr if . V m . R216 .1 'N wmibhf .f Q16 I I V 9 X JYLQQ' V, QQ X7 X V5 w X 'pw I- Q'wqV5f VKX Q 63 HR L Q ,f Av, A Qrmx, fmt a f glw ,W ,V Q W, , , ,M W W Til KX iQDSMfii E5 WARN 0 V Q? Wu cxmmbzls f 1 do ff LJ .QV nj" k Mba algo A of 'vkgexg ' .mf KW, V VW' Vctf'i Q gmg, Q fi- J Rfblx WX! QJXPM QW aj' Q F k Us ' M QHW Aga . I' Jw kg FJ jd' 67 U +C, K E. V xwgix, age! lib-PZ wtf, -V ,J 6.733 , N 4Q!:L:LS'u ggi Qu 4 ' fmff ff 5512 Lo' f- .ja 50 1633? fy wwf :Fd inf' ' NU dag 0 QQ 'MQ fx! GJ? J. of H Q, xy F- , . , -f W " 9- Q Q9 T 5 ff5? ? xhjvifggxfb f7C7j39!f?Sf' 44 Q ' H422-7.zjL ' J 3 N qkyjfm - g J W " AJ dj pm, ,J QQ! ,V L Q Q' ,0 " ',4JQ?3f'qf ju U' fn f N ffqfjfff I r W WML VV -"Q?QqW!ffjq Wy Q ,iw M VV fifqyffml S Nd d I 1 ,MQW WW My ' 'W I Q glU,,:v, 1, K, , TW V Sm I Ja Fx w4'Lr?. CL-MQ? A ., W f W, 14,1 AAAMJ, -ff .cu ,.,, . ,4,x.JE, L21 ,HOLES-f.!z,,ff, "" 7' L,UxgL,,,Q 1 akfvpfgwq f T762-""'L,L4'7 CL ,. f,.fg,k-id 0 .Q Cf ,4,4,f.4fau2Cf'-fha ' C , I Q -ef -- "eb , Q " ' V m Cl Ox I ff A GMQLQL 67,0 ma Q aw -My M afvm i-mhiirb- 1,-H.-M ,qi lf., , g "nm . X ,,,,u,,l. ,., ,.,,.,M ,AQ .-.,, ,Q Ilthe 9 11 VVorkis a Stage Vf U. , K., H -?,v -idx ,tw -T U '47, XT 3 'X si KA B XJ , D Vi, L , mm. . I X 5 ACCJXX X S LAX-J Q "1 'QVXQL -Q 'O ln' K QL MK, R -XX 6 Q7 Nj 7 LJ 5 Q4 ck ,NS S 'fx S Mei 3 kj 4 W bw S5 v x 5 X X X A i Q Y D "ir.LK,1-C NQN X- f, J cg A-R X f c -- 1 1.2L I I966 KISKITAS -Q., ' u ,iw--wi. - Wy.. W I 1 f If - 53' --w-f112:,fsaasm,... Virginia P. ig. ng, qw . Z , Q Carey is : we JK 2:54 I i All the world's a stage and as each act fades away pleasant memories remain. The best memories are the memories of the people who have helped us. These people we ad- mire and respect. The Class of 1966 would like to share its memories of one very special person, Mrs. Virginia Carey, with the entire student body and faculty. Obviously we remember biology class first. Even before we entered high school we had heard of biology class. Some of us may have shared fears that we would not be able to master this difficult subject, but we soon learned that although Mrs. Carey's standards were extremely high if we worked hard we succeeded. We appreciate the fact that we had to work hard in biology class because we learned more than biology. We learned not to be satisfied with halfway measures. Later in life we will appreciate this even more. As mature adults we will remember gratefully Mrs. Carey and her efforts on our behalf. We remember more than hard work. We remember little things like the double desks in Mrs. Carey's room. The drawers in these desks were so small that all of our books could not fit in them. We remember collecting leaves and dissecting worms, crayfish, and frogs. And no one will ever forget Mrs. Carey's guinea pigs and the day they had babies. We remember Mrs. Carey, the teacher, but we also remember Mrs. Carey, our ad- visor. Mrs. Carey was our Sophomore Class Advisor and shared much of her free time with TJs. With her help we raised money for the Prom in our iunior year. She organized our many different committees such as the bake sale committee, the candy committee, and the stationery committee. She worked diligently on all of these committees, and she made us want to work, too. When we were iuniors Mrs. Carey continued to help us. If our regular advisor was un- able to attend after school meetings, Mrs. Carey was always willing to stay and help. We know she was not obligated to stay with us, so we appreciate even more this volunteer help she gave us. We will always remember Mrs. Carey, our teacher, advisor, and friend. We hope she will re- member us. As a small token of our debt and gratitude to her, we the Class of 1966 gratefully dedicate the 1966 Kiskitas to Mrs. Virginia Carey. I Board of Education Apollo Area Joint Board 'The Apollo Area Joint School Board is comprised of fifteen members with tive rep- resentatives from each district. The members from Apollo are Clifford Shaffer, Cecil Shaelrfer, John Guthrie, Harold Williamson, newly elected in November, and John Gregg who was appointed to take Rev. Jordon's place. Representing North Apollo are Deane Frank, Ed- ward Watterson, Jack Allera, Alvin Byers, and W. Leech Hunter. Serving for Kiski Town- ship are Harold Geiger, Fred Altmire, Nelson Shellhammer, Paul Kepple, and Perry Walker. Each member is elected for a term of six years, but he may be reelected several times. These men are the writers, directors, and producers of the life that is played on the stage of Apollo High. Together they adopt and enforce rules and regulations which are necessary to maintain our school's high standards. They also provide funds that furnish us with capable teachers, a broad curriculum, and a well maintained building. We are greatly indebted to the School Board for the educational advantages and opportunities they have given us. A. L. CAMPBELL B.S.g M.Ed. CHARLES A. DAVIS B.S.: M.Ed. Slippery Rock State College California State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Miami University Supervising Principal Pennsylvania State College High Schol Principal Q-9 RICHARD W. CIUCA B.S.7 M.Ed. JANE F. DAVIS LOUISE GIBBONS lnqiana State College Edgewood Park Junior College Secretary to Mr, Davis Duquesne University Secretary ro Mr. Davis and Mr. Ciuca Guidance Counselor EVELYN B. LYONS Duquesne University Secretary to Supervising Principal IRENE MCCAUSLAND, R.N. B.S. Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University University of Pittsburgh Indiana University of Penna. School Nurse Table of Contents Title Page Dedication School Board Administration Act I - The Players Seniors Underclassmen Teachers Lenape Custodians and Cooks Act ll - Organizations Senior High Clubs Candid Shots Junior High Clubs Act lll - Sports Football Cheerleaders Basketball Track Varsity Club Act IV - Finale Senior Personalities Band Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Cindy Gym Exhibition Prom Senior Index Ads 1 2-3 4 5 8-21 22-37 38-41 42-43 44 46-67 68 69-74 76-81 82-83 84-88 89-91 92 94-95 96-97. 98 99 1 OO-1 O1 1 O2-1 O3 1 O4-1 O5 106-1 1 1 awk 9 wxxhwyig -Q- 44" X1 -Q fl Act I The Players GUIDO, RICHARD LEWIS Geeder Academic Secretary "Only the brave know how to forgive." BARCLAY, MARSHALL CHARLES Marshall Academic Treasurer "Faith can move mountains! ANTHONY, EARL RINARD Pidge Commercial "He'd rather lose his dinner than his lest." ANTHONY, PATRICIA MARIE Pat Academic "In quietness and confidence shall be her strength." 8 LITZ, GEOFFREY WILLIAM Geoff Academic President "A gentleman by nature and a scholar by education." POZZANI, LINDA ANN Linda Academic Vice President "A full and good life leaves naught to be desired." ALTMIRE, JUDITH ANNE Judi Commercial "Life can never be exactly like we want it to be." ANTHONY, CHRISTINE Chris Academic "Without laughter there is no ioy." ANTHONY, ROY EDWARD Butch Commercial "To have a friend you need the desire to have one before you can gain one." ARTMAN, GLENN A. Neiner Commercial "Victory belongs to the most persevering." BARCLAY, JAMES ME RLE Bare Academic "A careless song, with a little nonsense in it now and then, makes life more pleasing." BARKER, LINDA LEE Linda Commercial "She is the mirror of all courtesy." AUNGST, WALLACE DANIEL Wally Commercial "Men like bullets go farthest when they are smooth." BAKER, DONALD LEE Don Academic "A man of stride and a man of contentment." X BASISTA, THOMAS MlCHAEL Tom Academic "The sky's the limit boysg iust go up!" BAUSTERT, CLAIRE MAE Claire Commercial "Silence is not always tactg and it is tact that is golden, not silence." BICEGO, EUGENE JAMES Gene Academic "High aims form high character." BIELEK, LEONARD STANISLAUS Leo Academic "No man is free who is not master ef himself." BRAYSHAW, MARY ELLEN Mary Ellen Academic "ExceIIent things are rare." BUCHNER, DAVID JOHN Dudley Academic "For every girl, a lady's man." I0 BEARD, RICHARD CLYDE I Butch Academic I "Fare thee well." I BEE, RANDALL KEITH Randy Academic "Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be greater." W I BLISS, BETTY DARLENE Darlene Commercial "Better late than never." BOWSER, WILLIAM EUGENE Bill Commercial "To love the game beyond the prize." BURKETT, LINDA CAROL Linda Commercial "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." BURNS, REBECCA JEAN Becky Academic "A thousand mile iourney begins with the first step." COLAIANN E, JAMES Colonie Academic "Life without laughter is like a lamp without light." CRAWFORD, RALPH EDWARD Ralph Commercial "Silence is one great art of conversation." CALDERONE, LARRY JAMES Cab General "lf you can't touch bottom batter the sides." CERRATO, RICHARD Rat Academic "Youth is wholly experimental." CROFUTT, CECIL GORDON Cec Commercial "l will be the pattern of all patience." CROSBY, BONNIE JOY Bonnie Academic "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" DAWKINS, THOMAS LEROY Adolf Commercial "For now I am in a holiday humor." DeVlLLlNG, REBECCA JANE Becky Academic "Feet that run on willing errands." FELTON, KAREN LOUISE Karen Academic "The most useful ofthe arts is the art of being useful." FERRIER, DONNA LYNN Donnie Academic I "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." I2 CROW, MARCIA JAYNE Marcia Commercial "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." DAVIS, SANDRA KAY Sandy Academic "Good humor only teaches charm to last." DIXON, JAMES WESLEY Pickle Academic "A day for sport, an hour for toil." DOVERSPIKE, RONNIE LYN Ronnie Academic "An appearance of delicacy is almost essential to beauty." FRAIN, WILLIAM Bill "A friend is the most valuable thing in the world." FULTON, MARTIN A. Swaiko Commercial "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty." GOEDICKE, SONYA LEE Si "Time is of the essence." GREGG, JOHNA DEL J. D. "l shall go softly all my years. n General GALLAGH ER, MARGARET ROSE Peg Academic "All grand things come from the heart." GAMB LE, JOYCE .loyce General "What is thine is mine, and all mine is thine." General Academic 3 GRIN DER, DAVID FLOYD P. + Dave Commercial lc ure "Every man is the architect of his own future." Not GUENTHER, NORMAN ' Norman Academic AVa'I'3bIe "The modest man has everything to gain." I3 HOUSEHOLDER, DAVID LEE David Commercial "AIways do the best that you can do and that is the best that can be expected of you." HUNTER, NORMA DALE Norma Academic "ln her eyes there is perpetual mischief." KERR, JOSEPH JAMES JOICSI' Academic "The best way to know God is to Iove many, many things." KING, PAUL Paul Commercial "We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough." I4 HEFFERNAN, DAVID KANE Heff Academic "Good things come in small packages." HICKS, SUZANNE LORRAINE Suzy Commercial "Laughter is man's best medicine." W0-fx HILTY, DONALD LEE Don General "Those with strength shall not weaken." JACKSON, HOWARD JOSEPH Howie Academic "SmaIl in body, but not in heart." 5 5 6 , Mft? KNEPSHIELD, EDWARD Whitey Commercial "A pair of beautiful blue eyes can remedy anything." I KNEPSHIELD,- ROBERT MARLIN Peachie Commercial "Wha'fever'you do in school, work or play, always try to do your best." LANTZ, STANLEY TIMOTHY Maior Lanrz General "Don't iusf dream of doing ihingsp turn those dreams into reality." MAIETTA, FRANK DOMINIC Mafeea Academic "What's the scoop?" KOSICEK, LINDA JEAN Kozak Commercial "The smile that won't fade away." LANDER, WILLIAM RICHARD Bill Commercial "Leisure is the mother of PhiIosophy." MARKS, LARRY PHILIP Trapper Commercial "Leisure is the reward of labor." MCCAULEY, THOMAS EDWARD Turk General "The devil's ever kind to his own." I5 MILLER, PATRICIA JANE Patty Commercial "She has the two noblest things-sweetness and light." MONTALI, JUNE MARIE June Academic "A cheerful spirit mixed with deviIment." NELSON, JAMES Fox Commercial "The fox has many tricks." NEWTON, EDWARD Ed Academic "Good nature is stronger than words and wisdom." MCGAUGHEY, JOHN MICHAEL Mike Academic "Genuine and innocent wit is surely the flavor of the mind." MELLINGER, LINDA MAE Linda Academic "The greatest pleasure of life is loving." AMOORE, PAMELA DALE Pam Commercial "Love's a malacly without a cure." NALE, LANA YVONNE Lanny Commercial "It is impossible to cheat in lite. There are no answers to the problems in the back of the book." NOTTE, MICHAEL DOMINIC Mickey Commercial "Contentment brings happiness." PEACE, PHYLLIS GENE Phyllis Commercial "The only way to have a friend is to be one." POST, JESSE Jesse Commercial "Men of few words are the best men." POYDENCE, CAROL JEAN Carol Commercial "The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulnessf' PEPPLER, DWIGHT OLIVER Ike General "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." PLAZIO, ANTOINETTE MARIE Antoinette Academic "I hasten to laugh at everything, for fear of being obliged to weep." RAINEY, LELAN D PAUL Lee General "Nothing is rarer than real goodness." REARICK, LUCINDA BELLE Cindy Commercial "The gift of gaiety may itself be the greatest good fortune." I7 RICHARDS, TERRY Terry Academic " 'Tis good to live and learn." ROBINSON, GERALD EDWARD Jerry General "Take time enough." SCHRECENGOST, DAVID CHARLES Shreck Academic "Much wisdom often goes with fewest words." SCOTT, NEDRA KAY I Ned Academic "To err is human, to forgive is divine." REICHENBAUG-H,'SUSAN DIANE Sue Acdaemic "This world belongs to the energetic." RIEGH, DONALD Don Commercial "l know a trick worth two of that." RODNICKI, THEODORE Ted Commercial "Speech is great, but silence is greater." ROSSI, MARIANNE LOUISE Lefty Commercial "Life is happiness, sorrow, love, hate, anger, and fear." SEFTS, JANET IRENE Janet Commercial "Thoughtfulness is the essence of friendship." SHAEFFER, MARY JANE Mary Jane Academic "Style is the dress of thoughts." SMITH, VAUGHN ALAN Vaughn General "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." SPOSITO, JAMES ANDREW Jim Commercial "l think, therefore I am." SHAFER, WILLIAM BOYD Shafe Academic "Put not a point to your wit, lest it Be blunted." SHEAFFER, JUDY MARLENE Judy General "He that has patience may compass anything." STEWART, REBECCA JANE Becky Commercial "Good cheer is no hindrance to a good life." STEWART, SHERYL MARLANE Sheryl Commercial "The first element of success is the determination to succeed." I9 wwx STOKES, WILLIS RAY Ray Commerical "The oneswho work all the way end up with the best." ST. PETER, RONALD Ron General "Gooolly is he that goodly doeth." TALMADGE, BYRON LEE Zeke Academic "Good humor is the health of the soul." TOMICEK, WILLIAM RICHARD Bill Academic "In all men, thought and action start from a single source, namely feeling." VITTONE, DOMENIC MICHAEL Butch Academic "Talent is power, tact is skill." WALKER, CHERYL CHRISTINE Sherry Commercial "Where there's love there's happiness." TRESSLE R, H. DEAN Dean Commercial "Victory goeth before and pride cometh after." TRESSLER, JOHN RICHARD Rich General "Reserve is the truest expression of respect toward .those who are its obiects." zo ' l The most beau WATTERSON, DONALD RALPH Academic Good fighter, good sportsman, Fare Thee Well!" WILSON, JUDITH ANNE Academic The highest grace of music flows from the heart." YOUNG, STANLEY MARK tiful thing in the world is freedom PAGE, ROBERT RALPH 'Handsome is, as handsome does." POZZANI, MICHAEL "I take life as I find It." Academic of speech." Academic Academic J 0 N. Adamik D. Adams R. Aikins D. Aikins D. Alberis C. Baker L. Baker C. Bario A. Bash J. Basista W. Baum rr? I I.. , 5 S. Bausferi 3 F? 1-SX .:. K dx . af f K. Bracken L. Cordera W Dixon 22 an n ..... .. ........,L:.7E:k.HQU .V . . .- K If 06415 A 5 WF ' , za sr fsvx Q Q ' A ,l"5:,. , ' A 1.51-"ig, -..f 3733 iff' ' . Af 1. 7mI4. 'LI' . V J -459' iff' B. Beamer 'W 1 507 'Q' T. Beamer M. J. Bier D. Blysfone bmi x E. Armitage 7 Q .r . Q. ask 0 .0 2 1 r r M. Blysfone Yi W 3 me E. 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Q 1.7 A In gf .1 I X M ,gif Illfllpi f I iiffff . C, Kfidler A. Krozel S. Kuhns W. Kunkle C. Lamanna P, Lukehan 5 V. Maietta D. Maiercik G. Marks R. McCormiL T. Miller ' M. Mitchell J. Morgan R. Morrow M. L. Nelson 23 Juniors C. Guillen. 5 S- 1-- . 111 M. Newton D. Noiie . E. Plazio E. Poydence M. Poydence X- f- - ,...W,,.. ..,, 1 . my -5 l L c D. Rebyanski ,,k i: L1.., L , e . .f ,. 5353 D. Snyder D. Reese L- Riggle . 5- ROSS L S. Ross D. Rudari S. Rupert E . mmm l , 1 4".---- R- Ruperl 'S .Q if f ' 1 wwmmg aww? nDDD ef- 'Hfg G- Safe L L. Shellhammer lgzxgg N We Vrkh 1 ff if L ' n g ' 'QW' bf J ' D Dn . li Q .D. L. D D . Tv r Lykrh . VVLL1 . I ,, . K 'DDD I ' in ewif lw, nnnnn wff Mmwmf S. Shilling L. Shoop R. Shupe M. Silvis T. Skwirut K. Smith L. Sowers L. Spade L. Speer D- Sf- Peler S. Swank R. Swenson D. Vaughn J. K. Walker J. Watterson 24 Nor Shown: R. Bella, D. Delledonne, J. French, K. Hilfy, D A .... .- fm.. ., ....,f,f..-. I f .5 f 1 we-1, D. Stefaniak R. Stefaniak T. Toland C. Townsend S. Watterson E. Wensconis B. Stennett Tresse R. Whitacre Q 1 New S. M. Stiffy V. Valco L. Wilson . Kurtz, B. Loase, J. Moats, W. Shilling, B. Shirley, R. Shohs, E. Stoughion. Sophomores , m y ' . ' -..why D. Akins Q. .QA - Q , C.Ahmt Nu ja. .. gg,,k.5V 4,5 n'fg 'AW f,Qk K- Allshovse 'f""2 . ' fl K, V - Q 1 E. Aliman Q ine EQ ,W yygg ' . iil' . Q W. Andrews A ' - Q D. Anthony EE 5 N 3 M. Baylor V ' A A N, z 1 1 A , M -A DQ mack . Q. Q . C., r 5 X-X, Q QQ . R, Black X4 1 QQQQ A Q .Q fr X J!-. T ' FQQQ. B. Blystone L... 'Q . l .Q -if . ww, - , ' K Q 's A " ' 5' :opp . . A " A 5 in A . - -. JF . OWSCI' 1 gf ., ' Q . Q, xv 'Wt Q Q- QQ!!! QQQNQ, Ag -x1. . I i J Q.. . ,,.QQQQQQQQ.... .,,QQQ W.:,k QQQQEQQQQ Rf Brayshaw , , 3 A P. Brewer J 'UN +V TK 5' l Y .. R. Brindger . , A A " A Qs. if K. Burns .LL Q f f V D. B... of ,fm Q -' . 1 X .Q , lg. B. Carlson ,4 --- Eh -02" - 5 Q " K 5 S .Q ,gi iy D- - Q 1 f mf. 1, .1 5 . .,-,,.1 ' ggx. filw , 1:1wQ W , I , 02 an .gn 4. 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Manners . . 13" VA ,, , Y. if - .5 Metzler Metzler Miscik Neal Nelson Ortz Palermo Pershing Phillips Plazio Poydence Pulzke if'5"i5i.lQ.5-1l,' i ,fr gag! D. Fouse R. Frampton M. Fryer A W. Fryer P. Fulton B. Grable G. Grady L. Graham L. Grinder A. Guthrie S. Heffernan R. Henry D Hill J. Hollis C Hone D Jackson D Jaracy R. -Kastellic R. Kerr K Knepshield A Kunkle P. Lants J. Leidy V. Lovisa L. McMunn KW' W'.L 2. Vi 'Q Z5 - iii. 'l"" , 2' IF ' ,iii J. M C. M B. B. B. M C. D. B. J. L. J. K. P. E. R. B. K. R. L. K. S. Rabickow Radebach Rearick Rearick Riggle Roberts Robinson Robinson Rosensteel Ross Rupert Rupert Schrecengost Shaeffer Shank Shank Shawley Shoemaker Smeltzer Smith Smith Sofaly Stahl Steer if .gl ,A B fr i L Sophomores ' New-.Q ifl l sd ll 9' gl J - ,J N C 1 an Ze' Qc., .fs . ' . 'T J.. , f J .gh 1 'as' -Lf, ' Y . -:' ' 4 J ' . "'- Es ' y , 5,4 A ll. 1 r' 'il L f 1 S i J. Stefanik 1 ,t p - . .-- D Stone ' f .wr if M. Swank ' ' ,f ' ' J. Swenson X Q D Troutman f'.if5,,.N Z K . b T. Truby ' 1: U' .. 4. l i f 1 L. Valco . . M hw K V D Varner i J. Visley igif 2 . if f. C Walker in J? E. Walker J. Walker lt, .os S-s. Nor shown: E. Held, R. Hunsucker, D. Frain K. Williams W. Wilmot D. Wilson D. Wray P. Zimmerman l 27 P. Ameno F. Andring C. Armitage S. Artman D. Baer 0, K. Barclay B. Barnett T. Bartel B. Barto G. Bash EX .f G. Bash L. Bash B. Batistig J. Batistig D. Benson J. Biers K. Blair D. Boarts M. Boarts P. Bollinger A B .rrr B D. Bolvin f' .Q "A' "' Q fe. K Bracken is' -.-, .. ' G. Brown L -- F. Buchner C. Burkett S. Burkett P. Carey K. Carney P, Carney QC, Casella D. Chiatello R. Cline D. Cccco P. Coffman C. Cravener W. Cricks 28 Crissman l , fa lg A Crissman A me ,M K, l Y ii 7. Q A Crissman l L crow a ' 2 -W l li . f ' ,ffaf 9 if ' , 16141.01 ng' Czitterberg DGY 1 e l r Dunmire ,L LL.. Qi ' 4. Eckman H A If Elwood ag: A H l 1 F",fL 1 L 'i h l ' Fabian A 1, 'V Faiola AJ- I "' Ma 1 U Filer fix, '- ,J l 11" i Fissel ' f y -. Foy V 1 I Q Q A N56 F k k I X i I' roce Fryer 1 'Q I J , U 9 Geffo 49, 'J' k J ""i L Goedicke " at '-'R fp . Graham 5 r II- al Gregg 3 I4 Q Hamilton U L A qs Hancock Q.,-ZA ,V ""' xfffx F ,,,.3 Hanna ' 'I' 'D "Z" 0 A A Hannaman A X X K - A ' 1 ' 'I 4 ' ' fill I 5, - L I L Q i x l , ll - r . Q f' . Q ni ve QP -.:- Q H5 ff or . no A l 4 , X , 1 l 1 ,Ji 1 5' 5 l f Q H 1 -'f iii? f U A ., 3 ir. V . E A l - 'ff A ' , raraaaarrr a H G' Held V. Held E. Hendberg E. Hill J. Hilty K. Hilty K, Hilfy lf. Hilty J. Hollis L. Hollis W. Hunter D. Kelly 29 ,ns-.. tk g f ,.. 1 ' 1 if f it Ib is Lt. ,414 l . f-N .. V X . Q 2 ' x l I :av f y y - 'J :ol . K vi -x 0' if ., ,y gf ,t ry , A li P vie :' A JVM S- 1 J I 413 J. Kennedy W. Kerr D. Kiefer M. King R. King T. King B. Klingensmith E. Koiek R. Kosicek P. Kunkle S. Kunkle J. Lamanna M. Lees R. Lees T. Legersky M. Lukeiich J. Magness K. Manofsky J. Marangoni K. Markitell ig, .11 , X., is M 1 .fl 0 L. McCauley P . McGeary L. McGuire E. Mclntire M. Misner D. Moorehead B. Morgan D. Newton B. Nulph S. Pasterick S. Peace T Poydence 2. Quillen M. Rainey T, Reed A. Reese R. Reigh R, Richard K. Ross 30 G. Sallade J. Schrecengost L. Scott M. Scott R. Shagtfer S. Shaner B. Shellhammer K. Shellhammer A. Shockey D. Silvis E. Sloan G. Smith L. Smith V. Smith G. Smoyer M. Sowers M. Speer T. Speer, E. Stankus E. Stefaniak V. Stefaniak L. Stewart P. Tardivo D. Travaglia J. Tressler x 165 ,V , Q , W L ' X .. . P " S i..iS L ii' SSSSSSS ' ft - V Itt L . .. .5 . ji f J '42-Y ii YS 2 S iw- Q D. Uptegraph W, Watterson .J '- or f ' W 'Sa .I-,, by Ni ui 2 vi fl . S y QP' . F' . fill, J? .3 ff X. si Q. xx EB 7 ,f 5' if - " -ff f S ' i 5, . is f ff-Q' -ff L ' 5 f , ' ' . 5 g ri qi f 21 V,,. ' if A . . L. Visley D. Vittone C. Walker T. Walton D. Ward C. Wenckowski K. Wilding C. Williams B.-Wilson J. Woods Not Shown: D. Cali, A. Colvin 3I . Bash Baustert Bellas Bellas Bentley Blystone Eighth Grade ' 35 ig ir. K. Adams D. Atkins .R.,Allera L. Altman M, Altmire T. Altmire : ,ki is E. A .i a is ,... ... . 1 ...,, .kr ...... . , ,,.. , ,.V E z it H 14' 1WWQs S. Blystone R. Bowser Bryant Burkhardt Cadwell Casella Chemelli Clark Coffman Cricks Crofutt Crow Crusan Davis Day Deemer 32 IE B ,yQ, fy W X-H: 'FIN Iy' I 3 + . - K .E - ,f f1.,"sgf3'.4f,.j ' ' f liz .1 Mm Eighth Grade we t lf . Tr ,, .n f l 5 . t? fr E. I It flag :!k . flllff 4 ' 'ir it 2 3-if W GJ! ll- . .sag B 5 . J. Andrews D. Anthony L. Anthony R. Baer T. Barker J. Barto J. Barto r An . is i . .yar W. Brayshaw - 4 Q r V K ig l 719935 -Wg.. "Q ' S-7 . 4 s'5 'mf , ff: ' if 3151 i, JEEP I 12f1-' r J 1, -r'. B ' " ' ' r. ' ... A af YS . . ' V , A I ! 'A at . .-W..'W' .... . .... P f-WJ5?.Wy ' 1yjMgr f, ggjwwgg dna f Rumi W- '.i'lw+Q rllt ...yy QWW -y i A . f J 11: Z iyllyll if nnlt gk f .L ,z1k'11.e.g.W1:1.,i- 5 C. Brueggeman C. Coleman P. Columbus R. Cornell C. Cravener B. Crawford M. Crawford R. Crawford Eighth Grade Y A. Darilippo J G e D. DiFiIippo J. Devers ' 1 , D. Duff -5 D. Dunmire I L. Dunmire 3, ' " , 'iii B' E9'eY , 1 - , ' ' 51? D. Egley x W. Faber A ' , 1 f f L. Fairman F? ' V. Farmer L ' .- -3 Q L T. Ferrero f 1 ,Q - J S 1' 41'-, S. Ferrero 3 ' -Qs? f J LN' "Lk D. Fouse - , Q .,,,fr. 1. M- ff I ,f J .cn l.E.2w!f2fif2:ff.f.1 I . v.4 1"f 1 P F - P- -1' Q N. Fouse 1. ,,..,,,..., A L. Frain f X ' , U g D. Frampton fvtxzq " 1 ,,, D. Frampton J. Fulton ,nl D. George F J L 'UF' I .A W. Gerheim JI J 'rf ' Q A - T wa .A A F' c P. Giaccardo G. Goedicke Q. A ge J. , , 'ii M . Q ' xg? K lx v ,- xx, W . ' I L ' r " I ' li - - J. Grable D. Guido J. Guthrie F JJ, . P. Gvoth b , , 5 J 'If . V, J. Hoe 2 4. 9 'I' " 'J ' 2 . a 1 J. Hoffman ,, aa V - M K. Hoffman ' ,L 'A iff. , "' 'f , , . " , T. Holben A , 9' x IH' . Lf 'v ' 3,,ilfi fy ' ' H- HOWS ' f A .fffff . .. J ' A " " .5 J qrgrv :'yx 7 H 5 . J I - . ,l . I Y' E. Householder fi J . W. Hunter - Q ,' f h' I I E 1 , .5 ' G. Kennedy W ' gr J. Kennerdell 'Q 0, .,-. WFJJ R. Klonowski X A. L M. Knepshield ' '4 ,... . ..., 1 L. Kesler . I , D. Kinter an ,' ' pg! D. ' S. Kinfer 'li' ' A-L' ' L , J. Kuhns vu ,X Af' . E. Kunkle My in , L. Kunkle Fl J 1 61,511 H X .-7' 33 Kunkle Lants Leidy Lingenfelter Luketich Markitell Martin Morrow Mumaw Nelson Rainey Rau Rearic Riffer lf, M. Riggle B. Shafer T. Shilling L. Shockey J. Shoemaker D. Shriner N. Smail C. Smith M. Thompson C. Toland D. Watterson T. Watterscn J. Weaver L. Whitlinger A. Wysocki 34 Eighth Grade if' .Q S , K .:.. ' iii.. an 5 1 in .,y:9w?i .: -21 A ! Q. - - ' .. JN . , f"'iA.. , ..,..,. f ....,, A Q K 4 ... O ,QER M K .Q v , g - .4 . . 35 r' L I A J. Robinson L. Rupert .4 ' X hu' i t . 1 S - .,f. 1 ,S ji.. L4 M. Rybanski C. Sallade S. Saxion gg :- ' x D. Schaeffer ..,. ,...,.fff: i F A V .A Q , Q iiii . B if f . B L S . . I V . ff, . . ' u A 'fi S N "" tv-'f ' .Q .. Y Z ." Q 'gif' . V t 5.6" . . - ,, , ... A A . v.,, , , - B I h Q L. '- 2 A. gl 'N , 3 .Q 3 ' P, Q' L Q ' gimfx .J : is :Fat- ,'2' - A543 ." ...f pfgg I D. McCain B. McCormick B. McCutcheon K. McKinney E. Miller K. Minik W. Moore si S W7 1 5 f gif I :Wi R. Scott C. Smith J. Smith W. Speer R. Stefanik K. Sfiffler S. Stitt J. Talmadge Seventh Grade R- Mamik J J. r D. Akins . i n I e J 1 fl 7 B k A,.hi g -Q V. .. 6 a er -- A TF B. Bash -57 - J . I ' .V ff : . J., I M V - .eW,, ,,,,, . ...,.,. .J P. Bash fl e.e J J. Betsch f 2 I , 'A , . T , S. Black P., is A : I Q. Sl Li' A J. Blair 1 f 2 1 .3 ff--9 -j ' ' -Q, f J. Blysione X .. Q ' A A, Q I Q 1 L. Blystone 3 f K . 5 ' J ',, ,fy , 654. . D. Bodenhorn f"i . ' 4' f xf I V ' A M. Bollinger if Eg . . W .. .. .wx-. 31 .l k I C. Bopp K .A I R- BOPP . . -P ., .3 .,- J .55 D. Brown 5. ' - '- A N, . . J L. Buchner W ' " -2. C 35" 1 N- Bums Q T. . , .XJ 5 J. Cali A Q , T M. Carlson Q f, H f ' El w -ff T. Carlson it S. Carney ,I . - , M , W. Carney W, .. I ig T. Clepper -2 A "'- Y ' S. Colaianne .:- fo- "4 ' " 4: f . P. Cordera 1,1 A ' 3 ..,' . J. Cramer ' 4- ' r A A ' " ' , A J. Cravener S I i n K! W - if ' C. Crissman if D. Crisswell ' . i K ig M. Crofutt 4 , ' . ,' ' ' " ' . ,,., ' J 'Q 1. 049' g A. Crowe V Q r - 1 , 9 A- - 1 G ' , . R. curci i n 'ft ' J 4 J'-'JF 'zz R. Curry I 5 U A VV V ' Q - I 15 L. Davis ' w Tv 1 .uf 'Q ?Tn'. . f , 1. T D' Dunmire - Vin? 1 1 I 1 . 5 .'Y':'. Es C T' A 71 fi V ' A I ' ' m'.,, . 1? J T iff T' 1' 1lnw. 4 1 ,A . J 3 "' ,"' . j C5"5Qh' J gf. 1 ' " " 5, 1' - Q. A f. , I' Ns ' N. Durandetto D, Elwood N. Fairman R. Felhauer D- Fl0Yd T. Fouse M' Foy 35 X"-2 ., ' .Q 5:1 'D . K fill M. Metzler S. Miller D. Moorehead D. Nale 36 Seventh Grade D. Fryer J. Gabriella l V. Gerheim L. Goedicke M. Graham R. Hancock W. Hancock l S. Hannaman R. Hazlett P. Henry P. Haley K. Howells J. Huselton D. Jones B. Kastelic K. Kepple B. Kerr G. Kerr L. Kerr J. Klingensmith J. Kunkle R. Kunkle H. Lasher P. Legarsky P. Libengood L. Luckhart D. Lorelli D. Magness G. Maskrey D. McCullough L. McCutcheon J. McGuire C. McKendree S. McKendree W. McKinstry J. McMunn . 'ffia 'fa 1 ...iii 'W xi! ' A . W. -A - . r" f . S. Miller G- Moo S. Patrick N. Plazl D. Reigh K. Repasky R. Reusch R. Riffer D. Ross C. Rupert D. Scott R. Scott R. Scott V. Scott H. Shaffer R. Shank S. Shawley C. Shellhammer J. Shellhammer S. Shilling B. Shipman E. Skelton S. Smeltzer K. Smith R. Smith D. Snyder M. Sorokas D. Stefanik W. Stiffy D. Stockdale L. Stokes D. Tardivo D. Tomlinson S. Townsend L. Valco C. Vergari Seventh s. P f k . E - , . .,. s. nge: e A ,W ' ffl' in s all in ..V , Q' ' ' J. Rearick .Q Lf P. Rearick ' M ":"' .A 1511 .E 4 y ' ,L it Jw l i' ws' S 5 5 if h Nl' ,Ni ,K .li I 1. if I N ,x I 1' . ' . .ttte .. o'cc Q fha 7 A - A Y . f, ,il 6575? 'of 9- . .f 4 . ,. .r If . i ., . . h F Q I3 1 if an Walker V. Walker Wasdin G. Weister Not Shown: M. Ward F. Wasdin T. Stephenson C. Williamson J. Wiser 37 1 . sf' L MAX AFANESKO, 5.5. LYNN E. ALTER, B.S. JUDY YVONNE ARNAL, B.A. BERNICE S. BLACK, B.S. lndiana State College, University of Teachers College, Pennsylvania State Thiel College, University of Pittsburgh, lndiana Slate College, Reading, English Pittsburgh, P.O.D., Economics, World University, Indiana State College: Indiana Stale College, Clarion State Culture English College, English, Speech A natural pose. - BARBARA W. BLEVINS, B,S. CAROLYN BOYD, B.S. CHARLES BONELLO, B.S. ERNEST D. CALDWELL, B.S. Slippery Rock Slate College, Univer- Indiana University, Commercial Edinboro State College, Indiana Uni- California Stale College, lndustrial Arts, gray of Pittsburgh, Health, Physical versity, Special Education Mechanical Drawing ucalion 38 va puff" N.,- VIRGINIA P. CAREY, B.S., M.Ed. STELLA CHERO, B.S. RICHARD C. CLARK, B.S. DONALD J. CONTE, B.S.' Penn State University, Thiel College, Indiana State College, Home Eco- 'ndiana State College, Physics, Chem- California State College, English Biology, General Science nomics, Home and Family Living istry Q fff l' ,ii'f'lHi" 1-2-kick Q. S' H CORNELIA ANNE DAVIS, B,S, VIOLET W. FONNER, B.S. JOSEPH E. FUSZEK, B.S., M.Ed. ROBERT GROSCH, B.S. Indiana State College, Art California State Collegey Mathematics Slippery Rock State College, Penn State Clarion State College, Penn State Uni College, University ol Pittsburgh, versity, Indiana State College, History Springfield College, University of Driver Education Munich, Germany, University of Colo- rado, University of California, Health, Physical Science .43 W l JOYCE HILL, B.S. JOHN HUDASKY, BA. DONNA JOHNSON, B.S.: M.Ed. ROBERT KASUBA, B.S. Clarion State College, Penna. State Columbia University, Syracuse Univer- SIPPGFY Rock STUTE COHCQBV UniVel'5lfY indiana State College: Geometry, Al- Universityy Librarian sity, Indiana University: Russian of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State Uni- gebra Il, Trigonometry, Ad, Math ' versity, Health, Phys. Ed. Euor A. mek, s.A. Shall we dance? Roberts Wesleyan College, University ot Pittsburgh, University of Ohio, Cornell University, Science GERALDINE HAMMAN KURTZ, B.A., M.A. Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Univer sity at Pittsburgh, Marywoocl College , University of Pennsylvania, Music, Chorus GEORGE LARSON, B.S. KATHRYN C. LUKEHART B,S., M.Ecl. AUREL LUCA, B.S. M.A. Montana State University, Eastern Indiana State College, University of University of Bucharest, Rvmvnia, De' Montana College, Indiana State Col- Pittsburgh, Penn State University: Sen- Pdffmefll' of Pl'1il0S0Pl1Y Gnd Letters lege, English ior High Special Education l-lC9l'1fl0l9. MCISVEI' of ANS: Ffenflll S... 31- N R. LEROY MARTIN, B.S. ELMER MORGAN, B.S. PHILIP A. MURPHY, B,A. ROBERT I. NICHOI., B.S. Anderson College, Ball State Teachers Slippery Rock State College, Indiana Grove City College, Indiana State Clarion State College, Indiana State COIIEQS, ll'ldIOflO SIGIS Collegef GGOQ- University, Health, Phys, Ed, College, American History College, Indiana State University Mathematics rophy, Pa. History an is rrkslou X ANDREW D. SCHREFFLER, B.S. JOSEPH P. SHAW, B.S, Roberts Wesleyan College, Clarion State College, East Los Angeles Col- lege, English, Ad. Composition tory VIRGINIA C. SMITH, B.S. ODESSA H. SMITH, B.S, Slippery Rock State College, Penna. Grove City College, Commercial State University, English, Literature Clarion State College, Duquesne Uni- versity, Indiana State College, Penna. History, World Culture, Ancient His- STEVE Q-IREMSHOCK, B.S., M.S. Slippery Rock State College, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh, Health, Phys. Ed, W -tm F, i ....-... ff' 'J LOIS E. SNYDER B.Ed. M.A. WILLIAM TALLAROM, B,S. Otterbein College, Carnegie Institute Edinboro State Collegey 'Plane Geom of TechnolO9Y. University ol Wiscon- etry, jractical Math, Genkml Math sin, University of Pittsburgh, California X ' ,X I State College, Band ' P' C X 4l . Wg , . ,, .q,, ,,, ,.. Vw vw- I I .sgrgffll is I -rig?-if J- ' 1 5, ,,, ,Y , " Azwwf '-' A f-MW' ,,,,,.M, , f -qw, 'mf ,..a 4 L - " 'W E 'A IW if f f ,J ?,, 4 'g s Welcome to Lenape. Are you sure this method will tell us how much we made on the car 9 Q ff , What was that you said? - 'f-. we i 4 ,-. , ,--,.: 1 . . Q -- nw K 5 I , 5:5555 3 . Q52 3111: - M ..W,, , , , ,Q .nun,. mam. use V . . . . , ,, me Get to work, Larry. or r 1' i 'i'iiiii iii 1 r,r ' ' -L 42 Only your hairdresser knows for sure. Now bore straight through ' 5 f Q i L ' Us E ziyi l l y,'l li? yrl lrrsy? I yyl , K iv I i ' sssls l'sosl .5141 f ffsf fl so i 32547 .- '95 i , gi ,ng Q f jg, A . mx. , - f C 2 ,xl 3 . 'f Q WX il fi C X P Lf. Affer you. Doesn't a straight line equal 1800? Now we know who does our report cards C t "lv JUNIORS Ron Stefaniak, Linda Shoop, Carole Kridler '57 0,31 FRESHMEN Debbie Jaracy, David Ortz, Charlene Hone Cabsentj ., -., Coleen Alberts, Tom Walton, Karen Ross, Wally Hunter, Vicki Stefaniak 43 Custodians Mark Sloan, Doine McCausland, John Coulter, Paul Heckman If it were not for The custodians of Apollo High School, the curtains could never rise for our production. Working behind the scenes, these men spend many long hours cleaning, paint- ing, and repairing our stage, the school. Too often This work goes un- recognized. We,wish now to assure Them that Their work is Truly ap- preciated. Cooks Another behind the scenes group are the cooks. Throughout the year these women prepare balanced meals tor The students who eat in the cafeteria. They try to do the impossible -please everyone. The student body would like to express gratitude to these women. 44 Mrs. Lasher, Mrs. Ulery, Mrs. Swartz, Mrs. Shriver .N P DHS - - l i Student Council STANDING: G. Bicego President! S Sh mst ROW: T. Walton, D. Cosco, W- Hunter' - ana' Sow C- D- R' 3 t.t:.:'e:z.E..,it,':.f'.2:.. . - ,E.DV'll',. iaieo, .e,- I- 1 1 Egw if ilflrplfsgs Biisgigllerl. Guida, lJlngafClalvf N- 5-COW' 5' Relchenbaugh' J' Momal' As the curtain ascends on a new school year, the Student Council arises to meet its duties and challenges. The stage is set for action, and the Student Council is prepared to direct this action. Every year two students are elected from each homeroom to serve on Student Council. Their purpose is to act as the representatives of the student b . . . . ody. After an exciting campaign between two nominees, the student loody elects a president. The President, Gene Bicego, along with the other officers, Vice Presi- dent, Ellen Devilling, and Secretary-Treasurer, Nedra Scott, under the leadership of Mr. Ciuca guide the Student Council throughout the year towards its goal. Through this organization the students express their opinions and develop their own ideas. These ideas keep the Student Council active all year. lts mem- bers are constantly at work on some project. Only when the curtain is lowered at the end of the year does the Student Council stop its work and then it only pauses. ational Honor Society Recognition is given to students for Their contributions to the school iust as recognition is given to actors vvho excel in Their field. A unique recognition for Apollo students is a membership in the National Honor Society. The requirements the Society maintains are high. A prospective member must maintain a high scholastic average first. Then his character, service record to the school and the community, and leadership abilities are checked. Finally he knows that the selec- tion of new members is limited to T5 per cent of the Senior Class and TO per cent of the Junior Class. Membership in the National Honor Society is a highly coveted treasure and if the prospective member receives this membership, he is formally initiated into the Society during a special assembly in the spring. The entire school is present for his recognition. The members of National Honor Society receive recognition, but they also receive and accept more responsibility. Their sponsor Mr. Fuszek makes certain that the members do not rest on their laurels. To help the sponsor the members elected officers: Judy Wilson, president, Linda Mellinger, vice president, and Susan Reichenbaugh, secretary-treasurer. The organization then had a clothing drive dur- ing the Christmas season to aid the underprivileged. We extend to the members of the National Honor Society the best of luck in their future ambitions. T Ms u V -gk . f -7 if .1 frm... -1 M. Barclay, G. Litz, M, McGaughey, S. Reichenbaugh, M. Young, J. Wilson, L. Pozzani, S. Davis, S. Yohe, L. Mellinger, K. Felton M Rossi Mr Fuszek, sponsor Kiskitas Under the leadership of June Montali the T966 iunior and senior Kiskitas staffs have worked hard all year preparing the yearbook for publication. Each individual staff performed its separate duties and then joined together to produce the finished product. The Literary Staff wrote the Class Will, the Class Prophecy, the Class History, and the club articles. The Sports Staff wrote up all the sports events and the Art Staff designed the layouts and the divider pages. The necessary funds for the publication costs were raised by the Business Staff through various sales and ads. The Junior Staff members were jack of all trades as they gained valuable experience by helping wherever was necessary. And finally the Photography Staff with the aid of Mr. Shaeffer, the Kiskitas photographer, took and identified all the pictures in the book. The Kiskitas and the Senior Class also op- erated the lunch stand at the home football games. Funds from this proiect are used for the Senior Banquet and for the year- book. Mr. Afanesko and Mrs. Smith helped us with this and all other money raising protects. We thank them for their help. The Kiskitas Staff wishes to thank all the teachers and the admin- istration for their coop- eration in making this yearbook possible. We 1 also wish to thank every- one who took time to help us identify pictures, especially the junior high pictures. Since our school continues to increase its population, it is impos- sible for us to know all of the students. As all the work on the yearbook is completed, the spon- sors, the staff, and the entire student body anx- iously await the arrival of the final production. We of the Kiskitas Staff hope you will enioy it for a long time to come. J u n I O r June Montali-editor Y SEATED: K. Bracken, L..Shoop, C..KridIer, E. Devilling, L. Cordero, B. McMillan. STANDING: J. Morgan, T. Toland, S. Kuhns, B. Stennetf, M. DGVIS, G. Sefts, C. Qulllen, L. Gibbons, D. Aikens, M. Dubas, L. Riggle SEATED: R. Lee, L. Barker, D. Baker, Mrs. Smith Csponsorl, M. Business Staff Crow, C. Rearic, C. Bauster, C. Poydence Art Staff 17 1: A. Plazio, S. Davis Literary Staff r lil SEATED: P, Gallagher, M. Brayshaw, B. Tomicek STANDING: M. Young Sports and Photography Staff SEATED: B. Burns, L. Mellinger, L. Pozzani, B. Talmadge. STANDING: Miss Arnal Cspon- sorj, J. Gregg 49 Tiger Gazette The Tiger Gazette, affectionately known to Apollo Area Joint High School students as The "T.G.", is the school's monthly newspaper. The paper's wide circulation may be ascribed to the fact that the students them- selves star in and produce The paper themselves, and to The excellent quality of the finished publication. Mrs. Caro- line Boyd sponsors this hard-working, dedicated group of budding iournalists. Susan Yohe, editor-in-chief, has maintained this year the same high standards as last year when she was also editor. Karen Felton is the assistant editor and Linda Burkett is the business manager'of the club. Five indi- vidual staffs combine efficiently to produce the Tiger Gazette: circulation staff, Darlene Bliss, editor, sports staff, Sandy Davis, editor, typing and exchange staff, Becky Stewart, editor, feature staff, Becky DeVilling, editor, and the advertising staff, Norma Hunter, editor. In the past, the club sponsored each year a Christmas party for underprivileged children. This year the club is planning an Easter party instead, for they felt their help will benefit the children more at that time. Mrs. Boyd, S. Yohe, L. Burkett, K. Felton ROW 1: L. Sofaly, B. DeViIling, c. An- thony. ROW 2, D. Kurtz, 'M. Shaeffer, J. Bier. ROW 3: B. Stewart, L. Kosicek, B. Aungsf, B. Beam- er, D. Rebyanski, G. Marks, -J. Alt- mire, J. Walker, K. Felton, C. Albert. 50 1--l ROW I: P. Luke hart, D. Albert, S. Hicks. ROW 2: N Hunter, N. Adamik, L. Hilty. ROW 3: D. Bliss, B. Hoff, C. Farineau, B. Grable, P. Fulton ROW 'l: D. Trout- man, K, Smith, L. Colaianne B. Man- gificio, R. Bray- shaw. ROW 2: K. Felton, D. Aikens, C. Baustert, E. De- villing, L. Framp- ton, K. Kerr, C. Neal, L. Kosicek. ROW 3: C. Albert, E. Poydence, P. Fulton, K. Kinter, J. Wilson, B. Stewart. ROW 4: D. Aikens, L. Dagan, K. Burns, K, Knepshield, C. Poydence, L. Bur- kett. ROW 5: D. Bliss, J. Walker, S. Hicks, J. Altmire, N, Adamik, P. Lukehart. E' ,.4n- ...W 7' 0 'Q U I , . 0-a'Qe,,' " 4+ Q ' . , , U ,Q v 'U mwi: Nwa... Y-I ROW 'l: M. Robin- son K. Felton N Scott C. Hone W 2: D. n- thony M. Mitchell N. Hunter M. Bray- shaw S. Davis. 5I Tri-Hi-Y ROW I: K. Metzler, K. Sthal, E. Miscek, J. Sefts, A. Held, R. Doverspike ROW 2: D, Jackson, J. Ferrero, B Stennett, C Jackson, l.. Shoop, S. Kuhns, D. Ferrier, ROW 3: Mrs. Smith. L. Grinder, R. Matarrese, P. Shank, K. Williams, B. Roberts, L. Gibbons, V. Lovisa S. Grim As the years and acts go by, the Tri-Hi-Y, one of the oldest organizations, continues to play its part to promote good will and devotes much of its time and efforts to helping others. This year the Tri-Hi-Y provided two needy families with a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. The dinner consisted of the complete holiday feast, a turkey and all the trimmings. To some Apollo children the Easter Bunny again existed as the Tri-Hi-Y presented Easter Baskets and complete suits of cloth- ing, during the Easter season. The organization is advised by Mrs. Virginia Smith and is led by the fol- lowing officers, Linda Shoop, president, Vickie Lovisa, vice president, Barbara Sten- nett, secretary, Susan Kuhns, treasurer, and Donna Ferrier, chaplain. We salute the Tri-Hi-Y for all the ioy and happiness they spread throughout our town. Library Club The Apollo librarians assume heavy responsibilities in keeping The library neaT, clean, and prepared for The mad sTudy hall rush scene. AssisTing Mrs. Hill, The librarian, The girls donaTe Two sTudy halls per week To work in The library, while acquainTing Themselves wiTh various books, magazines, and newspapers. Also, The crediT for The colorful bulleTin board ouTside The library musT be given To These girls, for This is Truly anoTher of Their well-appreciafed asseTs To our school. The officers of This year's Library Club were Peg Gallagher, presiclenT, Becky DeVilling, vice presidenfp and Sandy Carney, secrefary-Treasurer. SEATED: I. Putzke, P. Brewer, R. DeVilling, M. Gallagher, S. Carney, S. Cravener STANDING: Mrs, Hill, sponsor S. BurkeTT, G. Bash, D. Reese, S, Shilling, A. Colvin, S. Ross, S. Bausterf, S. McGuire, B. Shellhammer C Quillen C. Carney C5.S.C. ROW T: C. Froncek, A. Calvin, P. Shank, L. Dagan, A. Guthrie, K. Rearick, K. Markitell, K. Burns, K. Blair, K. Rearick, V. Lovisa, K. Williams, D Aikens, B, Mangeiaficio, L. Sofaly, D. Chitello, K. Bracken ROW 2: D. Eckman, P. Ameno, S. Crow, L. Crusan, J. Ferrero, C. Walker, R. Matterese, C. Armitage, P. Fulton, L, Falola, D. Anthony, L. Grinder, M. Swank, G. Bash, P. Brewer, D. Jorsey ROW 3: B. Nolph, R. Kosicek, J. Mangas, P. Coffman, K. Hilty, V. Smith, V. Stefaniak, R. Brayshaw, C. Neil, B. Elwood, J. Stefaniak, P. Carey, A. Shockey, S. Shaner, B. Barnett. ROW 4: C. Albert, C. Hone, K. Felton, B. Stefaniak, C. Farineau, P. Hancock, C. Quillen, B. Wilson, K. Stahl, J, Lamanna, D. Travaglia, B. Crosby M. Robinson, J. Walker ROW 5: D. Crissman, S. Carney, K. Knepshield, K. Cravener, L. Visley, C. Walker, P. Sloan, J. Woods, C. Cravener, P. Tardivo, B. Riggle, D. Jack- son, P. Goedicke, D. Reese r Another scene in our play begins. The leads are Ruth Ann Brayshaw, President, Martha Swank, Point Recorder, and Sandy Carney, Head of Basketball. On Thursday night these Freshman and Sophomore girls play volleyball, basketball, and are able to try out for the gym exhibition. The curtain on this scene closes when the girls become Juniors. They then go into GAA and the points they earned as members of GSC are carried over when they loin GAA. 54 GAA Although the athletic spotlight is directed mostly upon the boys, the girls of Apollo High School do not remain inactive in sports. The enthusiastic cheers you hear coming from the gym every Monday evening are expelled by the Junior and Senior members of GAA. These girls meet to have fun and play volleyball and basketball. Practicing for the annual gym exhibition and playing teams from var- ious schools in volleyball and basketball take up a lot of the girls' time. Organizing committees for the different events and performing other jobs are the duties of the GAA officers who are Point Recorder, Johna Del Gregg, Secretary-Treasurer, Linda Pozzani, Volleyball Head, Ronnie Doverspike, Basketball Head, Sandy Davis, and taking care of the candy sales at the basketball games is Cindy Rearick. Let it not be said that the girls of Apollo High School do not play an important role in the scene of athletics. ROW I C Jackson M. Brayshaw, K. Smith, L. Hilty, L. Shoop, B. Burns, K. Bracken, S. Ross, M, Shaffer, P. Blystone, L. Pozzanr A Plazio E Poydence S Grim, C. Lamana, N. Hunter, L. Barker ROW 2 S Speer S Davis, D. Alberts, C. Bauster, C. Poydence, C. Krindler, K. Kinter, D. Ferrier, S. Kuhns, J. Morgan, C, Rearick L Frampton G Marks N Adamak, S. Stewart, M. Rossi ROW 3 J Montelli I. Stiffy, S. Bauster, J. Sefts, J. Chitello, M. Dubas, L. Gibbons, B. Beamer, K. Kerr, G, Sefts, L. Coffman, A Bash E DeVillmg J Walker B Hott C. George ROW 4 M Kolick K. Felton, C. Walker, B. Stewart, D. Bliss, J. Altmire, S. Hicks, L. Kosicek, B. Stennet, L, Geodicke, S Swank C Qulllen C Anthony B McMillen ROW 5 R Doverspike, L. Colaianne. M. Crow, B. DeViIling, L. Cordera L. Riggle, S. Reichenbaugh, D Aikins, N. Scott, M. Davis J Gregg D Reese C Watterson, L. Nale IST ROW: Colleen Albert, Betsy McMillen, 2ND ROW: Kathy Felton, Becky Stewart, Ellen DeVilling. 3RD ROW: Ruth Ann Brayshaw, Barbaret Stennett 4TH ROW: Linda Shoop 56 Becky Stewart: Captain Va rsit Majorettes Our octet of maiorettes completes the gay, musical department of Apollo High and their counter- parts the J.V. maiorettes eagerly prepare to continue in their place next year. The spotlights shine on these hard-working girls who have spent many painstaking hours preparing for their debut. With Becky Stewart as head maiorette, the girls attended Carol Hauk's Maiorette Camp in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where they learned new routines and worked their ideas into such favorites as "The Stripper", "Peter Gunn", and "Pink Panther". Their routines were well-received at the half time shows, and along with the assistance of Miss Snyder, they livened the audience and raised the morale of many people. As the curtain descends on their last performance at a basketball pep assem- bly, a well-deserved applause accompanies the T965- 66 squad off stage. Backstage the J.V. Maiorettes work hard, also. Often these girls receive few accolades, but they con- tinue to work, and always they hope to ioin the ranks of the Varsity Maiorettes. We made it! Lef'5 go, Tigers! Colorguard As The band Takes cenTer sTage aT The fooT- ball games, They are preceded by The Colorguard. The duTy of The Colorguard is To bear The colors of our naTion and of our school. This year The Colorguard was increased in membership from four To six girls. Again The leaders of our band have done a com- mendable iob. LeT's play follow The leader. Thru and vs X,-4 gan! I vf , ' ff' .. ' V ifff V Linda Pozzani, Cathy Rearic, Dawna TrouTman, Judy Morgan, Judy Altmire PaTTy Miller J. . Maiorettes I Hi, S if I-'wi Y x r ' K ., I T' N-.NM ...www Christa Williams, Susie Shaner, Barbara Nulph, Cindy Armitage, Karen Ross 57 ,, gi Ei K 5 E Q 2 2 ROW 1: L. Shoop, S. Kuhns, R. B ROW 2: K. Knepshield, R. Dezich, C. Cravener, S. McGuire, M, Fennell, P. DeFilippo, L. Shellhamm ROW 3: D. Reese, S. Baustert, K. Coffman, B. Stennett, M. Davis, G. Harkcom, B. Dev: ROW 4: K. Sthal, P. Fulton, B. Beamer, L. Kosicek, R. Stewart, E. Walker, L. Sow: ROW 5: S. Ross, M. Mitchell, R. Brayshaw. K. Bracken, D. Kurtz, J. Shaeffer, M. Not The vocal effects on our stage are produced by the Senior High Choru One can hear a few strains of music escaping through the auditorium doors durir the seventh period practices. Under the direction of Mrs. Kurtz, the chorus pr' vides entertainment for school assemblies and concerts presented to the cor munity. "Cindy", an off-Broadway hit, was selected for this year's musical, sponsore by the chorus with the cooperation of the band. Much work went intothe line songs, backdrops, props, and other such preparations which made the music a success. Wilson, S. Speer, G. Litz Jordan, R. Frampton, L. Cordera, N. Scott, S. Reichanbaugh, J. Gregg, B. Crosby , Toland, M. Barclay, S. Pershing, M. Shank, C. Walker, J. Swenson, J. Montali, Mrs. Kurtz sponsor , Rupert, M. Young, D. Martin, S. Gray, J. Morgan, L. Gibbons, M. Gallagher, C. Quillen . McCauley, L. Wilson, W. Frayer, W. Tomicek, M. Rearick, K. Rearick, K. Burns Lovisa, M. Brayshaw The money earned by the chorus goes into the cost of awards. A three year nember receives a windbreaker, and a two year member receives an orange felt etter. Each year the chorus selects a few- members to go to both'County and Dis- 'ict Chorus. This year in March Geoffrey Litz, Donna Kurtz, and Tom McCauley fill represent our school at District Chorus in Clarion County. As the scene fades, wembers of the Junior High Choruses await backstage to flll the places left by tis year's Seniors. l i l Sextet BOTTOM ROW: I to r. J. D. Gregg, L. Kosicek, J. Montali TOP ROW: J. Wilson, M. E. Brayshaw, B. Stewart The melodies of the Girl's Sextet, used in plays known as musicals, can be heard echoing down the halls. This ensemble is comprised of six senior girls. These girls are select members of the chorus and spend many hours of practice, during their free time. The Sextet not only performs for assemblies and concerts at school, but also for clubs and organizations in the surrounding area. The Sextet works hard to earn the recognition they deserve. Sixteen + 4 Some of the stars of the Senior Chorus make up the Senior High Sixteen Plus Four, a recent organization. The group is composed of sixteen members plus four alternates, and is under the direction of Mrs. Kurtz. These hardy souls rise early every Wednesday at 7:30 A.M. The male performers of the group wear suits and the female members wear white blouses and skirts. During the Christmas season the Eastern Star enioyed the talents of this group. When the choir performs at ex- change assemblies, the audiences at sister high schools have a chance to hear our Sixteen Plus Four. The group's repertoire is composed of songs from familiar operettas. All the students of Apollo enioy the efforts of the Sixteen Plus Four. , . ROW l: M, Davis, S. Speer, S. Ross, L. Shoop, L. Gibbons, K. Coffman. ROW 2: K. Bracken, D. Kurtz, L. Shellhammer, G. Harkcom, M. Mitchell, Mrs. Kurtz. ROW 3: M. Notte, B. Tomicek, G. Litz, ROW 4: M. Young, T. McCauley, L. Wilson, R. Bee, L. Sowers Thespians ROW 1: L, Kosicek, W. Shafer, D. Bliss, Miss Davis, S. Yohe, K. Felton J. Walker, N. Hunter, L. Barker ROW 2: R. Stewart, R. DeViIIing, J. Montali, C. Rearick ROW 3: V. Maietta, T. Beamer, J. Wilson "Act well your part, for there the honor lies" is the motto the Thespians try to live up to. The purpose of this organization is to promote an interest in drama, to develop dramatic ability, and to entertain by assembly programs and plays for the general public. The Thespians have abided by their purpose quite well this year. Under the excellent direction of Miss Cornelia Davis and with the help of the Neapollotans and the Thespian officers, President, Susan Yohe, Vice President, Norma Hunter, Secretary, Linda Barker, and Karen Felton, Treasurer, the Thespians presented a successful assembly highlighting preview scenes from the fall play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," which was presented with great skill and success. Stars of this production were Susan Yohe, Norma Hunter, Bill Shafer, and Jim Barclay. The spring production which was presented by the Thespians was "Peter Pan." This play was presented with an all-girl cast, again under the direction of Miss Davis. Debbie Jaracy played Peter Pan, Judy Wilson, Wendy, and Captain Hook was portrayed by Norma Hunter. The Thespians are to be congratulated for the presentation of these two fine plays. 62 l Neapollotan This year the curtain rose for the production of "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay" presented by the Thespians with the help of the Neapollotans. The members of the club work hard all year to earn ten points. lf they earn ten points, they become eligible to be Thespians. These points are given not only for speaking parts but also for any work done behind the scenes, such as prompting, making posters, selling tickets, and managing props. All activities of this group are under the clirertinn of Miss Cornelia Davis and the officers of Thespians. ROW 1: C. Cravner, K. Metaler, M. Kolek, C. Albert, J. Walker, R. Frampton, C. Hone, S. Shaner, K. Crissman, S, Stear B. Stefaniak, D. Newton, R Kosicek, C. Farineau, M. Fennell, C. Anthony, L. Valco, S. Watterson, B. Riggle, D. Jackson, R. Lees ROW 2: Miss Davis, sponsor E. Miscik, J. Rabicow, P. Bollinger, K. Kerr, L Frampton, K, Kinter, R. Matarrese, C. Armitage, C. Walker, K. Felton D. Uptegraph, J. Stefaniak, C. Williams, P. DiFilippo, K. Stahl M. Robinson, R. Dezich EROW 3: J. Altmire, B. Barnett, B. Wilson, D. Eckman, D. Chiatello, D. Jaracy, S. Orlowski, D. Albert, C, Lamana, D. Anthony, P. Fulton, P. Luke- l hart, S. Pershing, C. Froncek, S. Crow, J. Fissel, S. Hicks, J. Ferrero D. Brink, E. Walker, B. Cline, R. Brayshaw, B. Mangificio, P. McGeary, Kroncek, F. Maietta, D. Kurtz, S. Rupert, B. Andrews, D. Troutman, B. Black, ROW 4: S. Plazio, D. Martin, S. Ross, A. Guthrie, K. Markitell, D. Filer P. F. Bracken 63 F. T. . ROW 1: L. Cordera,. J. Stefaniak, M. Quillen, E. Goedicke, J, Chiatello M. Davis, J. Gregg, M. Kolek ROW 2: J. Morgan, D. Jaracy, B. McMillen, S. Kuhns, L. Gibbons, P. Gallagher ROW 3: A. Guthrie, T. Toland, D. Vittone, M. Barclay, J. Colaianne, R. Burns ROW 4: C, Woods, M. Rearick, L. Shoop, C. Rearick, B. Tomicek, Mrs. Lukehart, M. Newton The Isabelle Henry Club of the Future Teachers ot America is an active and very worthwhile organization for students interested in the teaching profes- sion. lt gives to its members unique chances to view all aspects of the teaching field. The members serve as cadet teachers at the elementary school, teach in the high school for one day, and hear many guest speakers. Mr. Tallarom discussed lesson plans at one meeting, and Mrs. V. Smith along with Mr. L. Alter discussed the order of student dress at another meeting. The F. T. A. is led by its sponsor Mrs. Lukehart, and its officers: Marshall Barclay, president, Susie Kuhns, vice-presi- dent, Linda Shoop, secretary, Betsy McMillian, treasurer, and Peg Gallagher, his- torian. They also sponsor American Education Week and Teaching Career Month. At the end of the year this group gives scholarships to two deserving seniors. These students must plan to be teachers. Q O O A familiar scene in the play of activity at Apollo Area High School shows the FHA girls busily enacting their roles as future homemakers. The Future Home- makers of America is an organization designed to develop the arts of the home in girls who are interested. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Chero, is devoted to pro- ducing a well-rounded girl, bringing to light her talents and abilities. In addition to the traditional cooking and sewing, the girls learn good grooming and fashion habits. This year, as a special proiect, the club sponsored a Christmas party for underprivileged children. It is everyone's hope that the girls of the FHA can fulfill their roles and become truly successful homemakers of the future. ROW 1: C. Quillen, K. Manofsky, L. Scott, L. Riggle, S. Shilling, D. Reese C. Barto ROW 2: A. Calvin, I. Putzke, C. Lamanna, C. Cravener, R. Dezich, S. Baustert, C. George, L. Visley, C. Coffman ROW 3: P. Hancock, D. Day, J. Rupert, M. Rainey, K. Blair, G. Bash, S, Ross l. Stiffy, M. Dubas, Mrs. Chero Ch SS Club KNEELING: B. Black, M. Fennell, D. Ortz ROW 1: Mr. Kasuba, D. Martin, D. Peppler, B, Shafer, F. Maietta, D. Tressler, G. Robinson, G. Litz, B. Talmadge, J. Schrecengost ROW 2: P. DiFiIippo, M. Czitterburg, R. Egley, M. Fryer, J. Leidy, B. Andrews, M. Young, J. Bowser, R. Bringer An old scene was presented once again on the stage of Apollo High. The Chess Club was reorganized under the sponsorship of Mr. Robert Kasuba. These enthusiastic individuals challenge each other to games during activity period when they hold their meetings-. On February 26, an intramural tournament was held in the Junior High gym. Tournaments were also held each semester with the winner of the first semester playing the winner of the second to determine an overall winner. The Chess Club is looking forward to more exciting tournaments and a larger membership next year. Projection Club Every production needs sturdy sets and props. Our props and sets are the visual and oral aids used in the classrooms by the teachers and the students. The Proiection Club was reorganized this year under the direction of,Mr. Clark to help provide these aids. The members of the club meet during activity period. During the meetings they learn how to maintain, set up, and operate the various visual equipment and machines. The boys also give teachers operating assistance when these machines are used in the classrooms. L. to R. F. Maietta, T. McCauley, B. Shafer, D. Tressler Mr, Clark, sponsor, T. Basista, S. Rupert, B. Black Another day completed. nik Come on! Play those things! WL -in .ii 'N .., What's the attraction? Our co-captain. If 68 Live it up "girIs"! . Did I do it? th and Sth Grade cience Club vm X i Durandetto, B. Shipman. ROW 2: B. Kunkle, B. Kerr, D. Tardivo, K. Smith, B. Carlson, V. Wallrer ROW 3: ROW l: P. Rearick, C, Vergori, R. Smith, S, Putzke, B. R. Scott, D. Scott, J. Cromer, R. Scott, P. Cordero, J. Cali As the curtain opens on the junior high science clubs, we may see them working on their various proiects. They may be making micro- scope slides or flannel graphs or even growing crystals The Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Clubs meet weekly under the direction of Mr. Kier. The members of these clubs are students who are interested in science. They meet with the purpose of learning more about science by working on many experiments and by exploring the various wonders of science. -an V'-Y ROW I: R. Burkhcrdt, R, Rau, G. Kennedy, S. Cadwell. ROW 2: F. Leidy, M. Knepshield, C. Bellas, L. Kesler, B. Hunter. ROW 3: T, Barker, J, Kennerdell, R Klonowski, D. Watterson, J. Shoemaker 69 th and sth Grade Tri-Ha-YS ROW 'lr C. Crissman, J. Gabriella, V. Scott, J. Cravener, M. Metzler, L. Buchner, C. Shellhammer, K. Repasky, M. Sorokas, L. McCutcheon ROW 2: K. Kepple, R. Curry, T. Clepper, D. McCullough, D. Bodenhorn, J. Rearic, R. Riffer, P. Henry, C. Williamson, W. Carney, D. Floyd S. Black, D. Magness ROW 3: S. Smeltzer, R Curci, S. Miller, R. Adamik, B. Shelton, S. Shawley, C. Bopp, D. Elwood, S. Townsend, R. Shank, N. Burns, S. Honnaman, Mrs. Black lsponsorl ROW 4: D. Lorelli, S. Rae, S. Carney, N. Fairman, B .Wasclin, F. Wasdin, J. Blair, S. Baker, D. Fryer, D. Reigh, L. Valco, D. Dunmire, K. Howells The actors of the seventh and eighth grade Tri-Hi-Ys are led by Mrs. Black. Each organization has its own set of officers and its own meeting time. The seventh grade officers are: Rose Mary Curry, president, Renee Curci, vice president, Sandy Miller, secretary, Royanne Shank, treasurer, and Debbie Fryer, chaplain. This group sold calendar towels at Christmastime and also went Christmas caroling. The eighth grade officers are: Susan Cadwell, president, Gaylene Kennedy, vice president, Betty McCutchen, secretary, Wendy Moore, treasurer, and Mariorie Knepshield, chaplain. These girls sold the orange portfolios many of us use. The money was used to prepare a basket of food which helped to provide a feast for a needy family at Thanksgiving. This year both clubs are looking forward to the annual Sports Spectacular, they have high hopes that they will return with the traveling trophy. ROW T: M. Knepshield, D. Crofutt, B. Mumau, L. Bentley, G. Kennedy, Y. Luketich, J. Deverss K. Kelly, G. Chemelli, B. Shafer, J. Robinson, Mrs. Black lsponsorl ROW 2: D. Shriner, D. Frampton, N. Fouse, T. Altmire, D. Frampton, S. Kinter, B. Egley, N. Smail, C. Sallade, W. Moore, F. Leidy, L. Fairman, D. Aikens ROW 3: C. Bellas, C. Coleman, M. Thompson, S. Saxion, W. Gerheim, B. McCormick, M. Rybanski, L. Shockley, P. Giaccardo, L. Anthony, C. Smith, B. McCutchean ROW 4: C. Smith, B. Miller, S. Cadwell, C. Deemer, B. Crawford, S. Stitt, D. Duff, B. Householder, J. Weaver, S. Ferrero, M. Crawford, C. Brueggeman, P. Clark Tri-Hi-Y C inth Grade! The scene takes place at Christmastime and we discover the girls of the ninth grade Tri-Hi-Y sending baskets of toys and food to two needy families in this area. These young ladies seek to enrich the lives of others under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Blevins and their officers: Jackie Lamanna, president, Cindy Walker, vice president, Jean Woods, secretary, Karen Markitell, treasurer, and Lois Mc- Cauley, chaplain. Part of their enrichment program includes discussions of the problems that they themselves face now and will face in the future. These discus- sions take place during their bi-monthly meetings. In order to attend the Play Day held at Butler during April, the members of the organization raised money with their candy sales and a skating party. Last year at the annual Play Day the Tri-Hi-Y earned an additional trophy for the trophy case by winning various sports events. The organization also received an honorary certificate. ROW 1 D Cnssman M Speer D Moorehead E Kolek B Elwood P Tardivo, G. Smayer, M. Misner, L. McCauley, C. Cravener, P. Goediclre, G. Smith, Mrs. Blevin sponsor ROW 2 E Sloan, B. Klinglensmith, J. Magness, Rl, Kosicelr, si Slmaner, D. Travaglia, J. Fissel, A. Shockey, C. Williams, P. Bollinger, J. Lamana, B. Hendberg B Morgan ROW 3 L Faiola, M. Scott P. Hoffman, K. Hilty, C. Armitage, K. Ross, Cindy Walker S. Crow, B. Wilson, B. Barnett, B. Nulph, J. Woods ROW 4. V. Stefani Eckmun D Bolvin J Bier, P, Kunkle, B. Reigh, M, Luketich, L. Stewart, K. Morkltell, V. Held, M. Shellhammer, K. Bracken, D. Uptegruph Book Club and Safety Patrol Q . ,, : if ' R L ROW l: J. Robinson, C. Crissman, L. McCutcheon, J. Cravener, P. Libengood, G. Kerr, J. Huselton, D. Brown, H. Shaffer, D. Criswell, R. Reusch, R. Curry, J. Cali. ROW 2: P, Rearick, D. Nale, C. Vergari, V. Gerheim, A. Crowe, J. Betsch, J. Smith, R. BOPP, M. Ward, D. Akins, M. Knepshield, C. Shellhammer, J. Wiser, M Sorokas, K. Repasky, D. Jones, M. Bollinger, T. Fouse, B. Carlson, R. Kunkle, J. Hoe. ROW 3: M. Metzler, D. Floyd, L. Buchner, D. McCullough, N. Burns, P. Henry, J Rearick, D, Eodenhorn, B. Kastelic, L. Goedicke, D. Elwood, C. Rupert, M. Carlson, C. Bopp, K. Kepple, T. Clepper, S. Burkett, W. Hancock, B. Shafer, S. Shilling V. Walker. ROW 4. P. Legarsky, R. Scott, Y. Luketich, S. Kinter, K. Kelly, S. Townsend, J, Blystone, P. Hilty, R. Curci, B. Kerr, C. Smith, D. Shriner, C. Bellas, R Burkhardt, J. Markitell, R. Smith, S. Colaianne, L. Davis, L. Kerr. ROW 5: S. Shawley, B. Skelton, S. Miller, S. Hannaman, D. Reigh, S. Saxion, T. Altmire, C. Sallode W. Moore, G. Kennedy, W. Gerheim, F. Leidy, L. Shockey, M. Thompson, C. Smith, N. Fairman, S. Smeltzer, S. Rae, G. Chemelli, R. Hancock, K. Smith, R. Adamik J. McGuire. ROW 6: D. Scott, G. Maskrey, R. Hazlett, J. Cramer, S. Cadwell, S. Carney, D. Fryer, S, Baker, B. Householder, D. Duff, S. Stitt, J. Blair, J. Weaver, F Wasdin, D. Dunmire, C. Brueggeman, R. Scott, J, Klingensmith, K. Rifler, R. Felhauer, D. Frampton, M, Rybanski, L. Whitlinger. I 1 Our attention now shifts to the stage of the Junior High and the Junior High Book Club and Safety Patrol. The Junior High Book Club, headed by Mr. Alter, has produced an incentive reading program for the seventh and eighth graders. ln existence for nearly eight years, the club has sold approximately 6000 books, each having a special meaning to the reader. The actors of the Safety Patrol, under the leadership of Mrs. Fonner, consist of seventh graders who give up their time before and after school to insure safety for the pedestrians. Each member is entitled to attend one football game and one basketball game free of charge for his services. ROW 1: D. Aikens, K. Bentley, J. Huselton, Shaffer, P. Rearick, G. Kerr, R. Bopp, D. Snyder, W. Durandetto. ROW 2: R. Smith, T. Fouse, P. Legarsky, A. Crowe, P.4 Lubengood, J. Cravener, M. Metzler, J. McKmstry, L. Kerr, S. Crofutt. ROW 3: M. Bollinger, B. Kerr, K. Smith, D. Tomlinson, R. Scott, R. Felhauer, H. Lasher, B. Miller, R. Scott, B. Carlson, S. Putzke, Mrs. Fonner lsponsorl. 72 l -4 Q ,,,x 'T , A, M W . ,Q f. 0 , T ral li f AH' C . Z ,, x ESS . ., s C 1, i ' 'f 'S ' f ' L - T Q , . fuk J 53' I K ,, V , v 71 A 3 L 'L 'Q ,, S ' . 2 , I 'f 'S ' 5 " A V6 Hg- b .LJ H fix la , , .. .4 . , 4' 'b 5, . K ' ' . f .- K , , . .1 1. '- -A A . 1 ' --M, , V 'x ' A ff " 'Eg . ' 1 I 1 ..,, ff' If Y , ff' , 2 Q an Mfg 'Q Z . f"'? , Q 5' W rl fm 59. 6 'Kiwis f 4 5 ' 4, V ' -va Q , , V, . A ,f Q ' I ROW l: M. Knepshield, D. Crofutt, B. Mumau, K Kelly, J. Devers, G. Kennedy, L. Bryant, J. Grable, C. Toland, Y. Luketich, L. Bentley, D. George, B Shafer, P. Crow, K. Adams, ROW 2: Mrs. Kurtz, Spon: sor, B. Egley, W. Moore, T. Altmire, C. Smith, F Leidy, R. Burkhardt, R. Allera, T. Watterson, T. Martin D. Fouse, E, Kunkle, C. Bellas, B. McCutcheon, D Shriner, C. Coleman, W. Gerheim ROW 3: C. Sm' ith, L. Anthony, P. Giacarrdo, M, Rebyanski, J. Kennerdell, J. Guthrie, B. Brayshaw, J. Kuhns, R. Stefanik, J. Hoe, D. Guido, B. McCormick, D. Frampton, M. Thompson, L. Shockey ROW 4: C. Brug eman, B. Crawford S. 9 I Stitt, D. Duff, R. Rau, M. Altmire, K. Riffer, B. Hunter, B. Speer, R. Columbus, L. Whitlinger, R. Davis, B. Blystone, B, Householder, J. Weaver S. Ferrero, S. Cadwell I ROW l: K. Repasky, R. Curry, V. Walker, R. Riffei P. Henry, S. Smeltzer, D. Floyd L. Buchner, W. Carnej E. Skelton, W. Hancock, M. Crofutt, M, Metzler, t Crissman, B. Shipman, J. Riggle J. Betsch, C. Vergar W. Durandetto, D. Brown, P. Rearick, V. Gerheim, l Bopp ROW 2: M. Sorokas, C. Shellhammer, J. Wise: C. Williamson, T. Clepper, D. McCullough, J. Rearicl P, Hilty, D. Bodenhorn, J. Blystone, K. Kepple, is Burns, J. Cravener, H. Shaffer, J. Huselton, D. Snydei K. Bentley, N, Plazia, L. Goedicke, M. Foy, S. Putzke D. Nale, S. Miller, M. Bollinger ROW 3: V. Scott, . Gabriella, S. Black, M. Metzler, D. Elwood, J. Mc Guire, D. Magness, J. Kunkle, C. Bopp, B. Kastelic, Bash, C. Rupert, J. McKinstry, P. Libengood, D. Stoc dale, L. Kerr, G. Kerr, B. Carlson, D. Criswell, Fouse, D. Akins, R. Kunkle, R. Smith, Mrs. Kurtz Sponsor ROW 4: M. Carlson, S. Shawley, K. Howells B. Kerr, D. Lorelli, B. Bash, S. Miller, R. Shank, 3 Townsend, R. Curci, R. Adamik, S. Hannaman, S. Ra J. Cali, K. Smith, D. Tardivo, S. McKendree, D. Ross L. Davis, T. Walker, A. Crow, M. Ward, R. Reusch R. Hancock, P. Pegarsky, S. Patrick ROW 5: W. Stiffy D. Stefanik, N. Fairman, L. Valco, D. Dunmire, 3 Carney, D. Reigh, D. Fryer, R. Wasdin, F. Wasdin, Baker, J. Blair, R. Felhauer, R. Scott, J. Klingensmith L. Lookhart, G. Maskrey, J. McMunn, J. Cramer, L Stokes, R. Hazlett, D. Tomlinson, D Jones, D. Scott' t ROW l: D. Reese, B. Borto, S. Burkett, G. Smoyer P. Tardivo, L. McCauley, P. Carey, K. Carney ROW 2 L. Visley, P. Hancock, R. Kosicek, S. Shaner, D Boartz, B. Cricks, B. Kerr, P. Ameno, P. Corey, D Day, M. Scott ROW 3: J. Bier, C. Armitage, C, Walker, J. Fissel, K. Bracken, T. Bartell, F. Buchner, D. Hamilton, T. King, P. Coffman, B. Wilson, B. Barnett, S. Crow ROW 4: Mrs. Kurtz, Sponsor, D4 Uptegraph, K. Markitell, K. Blair, R. Brink, D. Vittone, D. Benson, J. Tressler, B. Shafer, T. Reed, M. Luketichl E. Hill, P. Kunkle, K. Shellhammer The future performers and members of the Senior Chorus are the students in the iunior who make up the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade choruses. These groups perform in many assemblies with the Senior Chorus 74 Act IH 1 r ROW 'l: W. Aungst, E. Newton, R. Guido, L, Bielek, J. Dixon, JV. Nelson, D. Buchn ROW 2: Coach Morgan, T. Faber, V. Valco, D. Hill, T. Crusan, D. Held, W. Dixon, D. Fon. ROW 3: Coach Tallarom, Coach Bonello, A. Nelson, M. Armitage, J. Hollis, M. Fryer, E. Shawl L. to R, Mr. Tallarom, Mr. Bonello, Mr. Morgan The first act presented at Apol High took place during The fall on tl' football field. The Apollo Tigers had very successful '65-766 season. With tl exception of one defeat, an exhibitio game, by Leechburg, a long-time rival 4 Apollo, the Team had a perfect Class record. Under the coaching of Charle Bonello, Elmer Morgan, and William Ta larom, the Tigers fought their way to th Class B playoff against Oakmont. i -g-AK 1 Y-il-5 Bowser, L. Marks, D. Watterson, M. Fulton, G. Artman, D. Reigh, G. Held, C. Rearick Dunmire, M. Silvis, W. Schrecengost, D. Stefaniak, E. Stoughton, J. Schrecengost, M. Barclay, D. Watter- in Stefaniak, D. Davis, R. Bella, D. Delledone, G, Cloud, A. Nelson, M. Sowers The first scene of this act took 'ace during August when the boys started aining for the season. This year we had even returning lettermen, all Seniors ex- ept one Junior, Dave Stefaniak. The de- zrmination to win, along with loyal team- 'ork enabled the team to perform in the ist scene against Oakmont. Even though . fe did not win the playoff, the student ody brought the curtain down on this . pt extremely proud of our football team. ROW l: M. Sowers, D. Watterson, R. Scott ROW 2: C. Hilty, G. Held, J. Schrecengost M. Barclay .5 fm? 'wax HMYg"'1r ai: 'gif' Raw LR. .-. Q .W Another football season begins. Glenn Artman-Quarterback 44 :QQ ' y H-.ul '4 , Leo Bielek-Right Guard Bill BOWSBI'-Leff Guard wa fy ,Mmnmpmws -- KRW S9-.xx Fhghx 'St A s 956 E, 5 if faisfi .ffm x- XNXN. 't?1'xl'6ml A Q .5 1' . , , .. 1. fa- 1 9 K 4 - '-..,,.,.MaQffa1,w,. aw. . ,rg , , K, -- ,sm fig-f,,, . K M ' 'wgggz 45, ,V ' 'fu fi' . - ' . if 4 2 m.1v,,.4.a wg, M. f ,T . fa . -1 :gw ,fi ,, kbu. Lk,k .4 . 2173. va- Q. 15555 H- H 'vw-'94 WL, - .1 f1.f,?5.w- . -Y w 4.'ffi'L.."f 4- 1' -P 7.5 V'W." -a'Qf - fx E -I ' t?fw"G" -'ff lk. 5"'5 , - X., , A . . .f, R. n u ..-rr fm-., 1 H. N 41? wif Wally Aungs!-Left Wingback 1 W1 o Senior Jim DiX0r1-Cenief Martin Fulton-Left End Captain, Dave Buchner-Right Tackle Rick Guido-Right End A Larry Marks-Left Tackle Joy at the end of a winning season. 'zu 1, " ' x K 1 K. . Wm , . , r y If.. ,J . .. 'FRP -73 ' 'ff , ,- .fr ' -1 kgs. ,L , 2. g 3 pmf .:,. . ew .- , R A X-- ,N.,t,g L, wi -is W 1 L "SWF - ff 1 QL ki2"'1-"'3i't f. J ' Siffia i i , W -. ,,, , "5 3 ., , Iva' , SQ: 5,-i nn f5"F'!2h, f ,wld . 't,y.'u v.,,7NQ1,y 4 AE' ' tl A fit-,5'.Q'iw,Qizk..giiQVg, :Lu-as ,fl ' ,- -,,.M,'gv - -. . 'jmglfa -' :. -K if --mf. fi N ,n . fi' V ,'.I.,gr an I lvl. gg. - x ,. 5 ,N K , ., .w.., 1 i , 1-!'.gz1..1f M... vuvdx- .xx yi:- ? 'ii 5 Mia?" AMD 'Qif-ISSN W 4 ' 1 ri - ' SJ 'V Z" fd: 1 . ian ..5b'1m -Y i 'Kin' ,Via ' L" 'A' -' - '- "" 1 'Q ' 'f R ur senior players are part of ihe winning 'ecret Jim Nelson-Right Wingback Ed NeW'0f1-GU9"d ,iF' H11 u-nf ,ff R ,wry 5 , 51153 'aft 94 'F A, biz, ,hgh 5 5529 rw M ' " ' 1 1 Q ,V 33' A ., ,K Mei ,, A f,f, ,,V, 3 1 iw in 5 '1?' ., i ' 4 . jffe, . W fl' gg., 5 V V 3 '.,-,W . y Exim F, ,f A .:. wi -' 49, Don Reigh-QUarT6fbBCk Don Watferson-Wingback L. 4.2F..'K." wdzff-of .5 79 Tiger Football Record Apollo 26 Saltsburg 13 The Tigers began their season with a quick victory over Saltsburg. Guido, Aungst, Nelson, and Stefaniak scored Apollo's touchdowns and Stefaniak ran both extra points. Apollo 26 Franklin 7 The second game of the year, an exhibition game, showed the Tigers defeating the Franklin Area on our homefield. Nelson, Aungst each had a T.D. while Stefaniak had 2. Watterson ran both of our extra points. Apollo 2O Trafford 7 For two years it appeared that Trafford iinxed our Tigers, but this year our team traveled to Traf- ford's homefield and shattered any idea of a iinx. Aungst with two T.D.s and Artman with one helped to account for Apollo's smashing victory. Our score was increased as Nelson and Faber added two extra points. Apollo 21 Edfra 14 Apollo edged out East Deer in the fourth game of the year. Artman, Stefaniak, and Aungst all had T.D.s, and Aungst and Stefaniak added the extra points. Apollo 13 Leechburg 32 The fifth game of the season brought the Tigers their only defeat. In an exhibition game against one of our traditional rivals, the Class A Blue Devils of Leechburg our boys did not seem to catch fire. Two futile touchdowns were scored by Stefaniak and Faber and Delledonne scored the lone extra point. Apollo 19 Washington Twp. 18 Apollo's annual rival game with the Twp. was a hard fought battle, but the Tigers managed to win with a one point edge. ln the first quarter a fumble enabled the Raiders to even the score and to end the half 12-6. In the second half a touchdown by Nelson evened the score. Stefaniak added an extra point and Aungst scored another touchdown to make 80 the score 19-12. The atmosphere grew tense for with- in minutes of the game's conclusion, the Raiders scored another touchdown. However, the Tigers foiled the attempt for the extra point and preserved the victory. Apollo 26 Elder's Ridge 13 The entire Apollo squad got a chance to play as the Tigers defeated the Ridge. Apollo's attack was led by Aungst's 59 yard run and Stefaniak's 77 yard run. These runsgave the Tigers a 13 point lead. By half time this lead had been cut to 6 points. The Tigers scored twice again in the second half, but the Ridge did not score again. During the game Apollo gained 469 yards rushing while they held the Ridge to 177 yards. Apollo 27 Shannock 6 The Tigers' seventh victory came against Shan- nock Valley. Apollo dominated the game completely. Stefaniak and Aungst gained 134 yards and 77 yards respectively while the Tigers held Shannock to a total of 2 yards rushing. Apollo 32 Huntington 12 Although the Eagles made the first score of the game, Nelson intercepted two passes and by the end of the first half Apollo led 19-6, At the close of the game the score was 32-12 in Apollo's favor. This victory ,coupled with a victory by Bellevue gave our Tigers a berth in the WPIAL playoff game. Apollo 13 Oakmont 26 6,800 fans attended the Oakmont-Apollo Class "B" Playoff game at the New Kensington Stadium. Both teams played a defensive game during the first quarter. During the second quarter both teams scored. Oakmont scored first but failed an extra point at- tempt. The Tigers racked up both a touchdown and an extra point and ended the first half leading 7-6. The lead changed three times during the second half. But Apollo managed to score only once so Oakmont won 26-13 even though Apollo played a superior game on the ground. This game like all of the games this season was a team effort and with the team we at Apollo High say, "We will be back." Let me at him! Run him over, Fox! Don't let him get away! Where IS that ball? Watch-it might explode! a Go get 'em, Dave! Fellow Tigers to the rescue! We did if again! 8' F 'F' W . g ig X im im is lit! LINDA KOSICEK-Captain es 'llliE 'sisrtiir 'wif ,sz ?if2Z?WiliFiN SHERRY WALKER-Senior i5 fi Varsit hee Two important groups in our yearly productil are the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. The girls begin their work in the summer before the curtai rise on the football season. This year the cheerleaders r vised all of the cheers and introduced many new one All of the routines for the cheers were new. These ide were gleaned from experiences the girls had at a che! leading camp which they attended this past summj Naturally the student body missed- many of the old famili cheers and perhaps for this reason did not always cl operate fully with our cheerleaders as they tried to tear us cheers, but some of the cheers caught on quickly ar became new favorites, like Have You Got the Spirit? Vl should all try harder to help the cheerleaders help T The season for the cheerleaders runs long coveril'l both football and basketball seasons. Credit for our wi ning football and basketball seasons is due to in part the hard work of these lively girls. But the girls do mo than cheer. Before the games they sell lineups for bo football and basketball games. This year these lineul contained something new-a list of Tiger boosters. As tl curtain lowered on the 1965-66 season the cheerleadj look forward to a bigger and better season next ye ' -QT. , , .A i RONNIE DOVERSPIKE-Senior d J.v. aders has ii The zombie Swmp Kathy Smith, Jill Walker, Candy Lamana ,, .. 3 1-up . -ww ,in .L,-L.. 4, V- KNEELING: Linda Kosicek. STANDING: Ronnie Doverspike, Liz Goedicke, Sherry Walker, Jonnie Kay Walker, Goergia Sefts. 83 Basketball KNEELING: J. Nelson, B. Page. STANDING: D. Heffernan, D. Reigh, T. Faber, D. Buchner, T. Crusan, B. Dixon, D. Householder, D. Davis, B. Schrencengost, B. Vittone As the curtains opened on our 1965-66 varsity basketball team, we found the Tigers directed by coach Rob- ert Grosch. These boys were constantly reminded one-man shows do not win games, they learned that teamwork wins games. Their winning season is evidence that the lesson was well learned. Any winnnig season has many high points. We will naturally remember the victory over Dayton and the climax of the season, a 78-58 victory over Leechburg, but perhaps the greatest moment of the season was the new scoring record. On February 8, 1966, against Elderton, the Apollo Tigers scored a total of 105 points and in the process set a new record which future teams will try to break. Although the Tigers were not able to finish at the top of the league, they did win the greater portion of their games fulfilling the desire for a successful season. l 1 1 OPPONENT APOLLO OPPONENT APOLLO East Deer 79 Leechburg 67 52 Worthington 71 Worthington 53 Freeport 68 Elders Ridge 61 East Deer 79 Shannock 84 72 West Deer 79 Elderton 60 Elders Ridge 48 Washington 78 Shannock Valley 70 Dayton 68 Elderton 90 Saltsburg 65 79 "' Washington Twp. 69 Leechburg 58 Dayton 52 Saltsburg 80 84 1 fi-E 6 ii Q ,Q W I X93 N! rf- ,, ,- Q.. 3. -- l 'c 4 EIIETE Is that clear now? Our baskef's at the Ieff end. I m not out of breath yet! ,N Get him from behind! Who came in? I tot I taw a puddy 1aII And in The stretch-Heff is I closing in. How's the weather up there? I've got ity now to find Bobl OPPONENT East Deer Worthington Freeport East Deer West Deer Elders Ridge Shannock Elderton Washington Twp. Dayton Saltsburg Leechburg Worthington Elders Ridge Shannock Elderton Washington Twp. Dayton Saltsburg Leechbu rg Basketball APOLLO 49 45 27 56 52 47 57 47 48 44 40 49 50 63 35 81 76 78 69 51 The scene portrayed by the Junior-Varsity bas- ketball team this year has been one of success and promise. Success because under the coaching of Philip Murphy, the JV Tigers roared to a season where they only met two defeats in section play. The season was one of promise as it shows that the "Little Tigers" will be adequately prepared to fill the shoes of our varsity players in years to come. Let us not bring the curtain down completely on these boys for we will be seeing more of them in future years at AHS. PIU. Qi, l levi 1 , - EQULLB Mil? 1 1 KNEELING: R. Dixon, C. Crissman, B. Schrecengost, J. Sftaeffer, D. Wray, E. Walker STANDING: D. Davis, B. Fryer, D. Adams, B. Dixon, R. Swenson, L. Wilson, V. Valco. 87 Jr. Hi h Basketball KNEELING: D. Fryer, Faber, T. Legersky, D. Vittone, F. Buchner, B. Shaeffer, B. Blystone, Mr. Shaw, Coach STANDING: F. Anderlng, T. Martin, J. Schrecengost, T. Ferrero, K. Hannaman, J, Klingensmith, D. Scott, T. Lingenfelter, T. Poydence Junior High Basketball is the newest sports feature in Apollo Area. Although only two seasons have been completed, Junior High School basketball has al- ready shown results on the iunior varsity level. Members of the team last year helped the J.V. team compile its excellent record this year. This is in accordance with the purpose of the Junior High Basketball Program. This 'program proposes to teach fundamentals of the game, to provide experience in actual game situa- tions, to develop a desire for the game, and to provide a sturdy foundation to support the tenants of good fun and good sportsmanship later in the young ath- lete's career. To view this program in any other light would be defeating its pur- - pose. Track Q 0 -Ds se-.- -A ROW 1: K. Page, J. Lamano, C, Fetterman, L. Shellhammer, M. Silvis, K. Hilty ROW 2: M. Young, D, Stefaniak, G. Bicego, J. Colaianne, T. Dawkins, T. McCauley, R, Beard, D. Vittone, W. Aungst, F.. Maielta, D. Grinder ROW 3: Mr. Morgan, R. King, G. Held ROW 4: L. Sowers, C. Woods, B. Page, D. Watterson, J. Dixon, E. Dezich, J. Nelson, G. Artman, K. Hileman, B. Shafer, J. Barclay The spring sports production is track. This year the track team enters its third season, under the direction of Mr. Morgan. Although the team and the sport are relatively new at Apollo, last year one of the members of the team, Ken Page, was eligible to attend the State Finals in Harrisburg. Since we still lack a track field all the meets are played away. The 'boys from last year's Freshman Track are eager to earn mem- bership on the Varsity squad this year. They hope to equal and surpass the success of last year. 'Qs 3 . if si .. 1 25 f 1 sw' KNEELING: J. Waltenbaugh, S. Plazio, B. Robinson, K. Phillips, B. Poydence, D. Pompa, P. Zimmerman, M. Radebach STANDING: S, Manofsky, J. Bowser, R. Bringer, R. Egley, J. Hollis, M. Fryer, D. Wray, D. Martin, D. Metzler, D. Ortz, D. Duso 89 K 'x ee l Glenn Arfman Wally Aungst Richard Beard Gene Bicego Jim Colaianne Tom Dawkins Jim Dixon an if 3 Q .3 ii J 5 N 9, "' 'K gk 1.31 my Q QQ 5 M Bhuirfx H 'PK i V v Fu-w4g9s,,? 65" Frank Maieffd Tom McCauley - , as '9P'V'1i4Ur-X4 ARQWQN i ' .. .et 1 - Y ....-. -. . . 4 W , N,,, K K ' 'hgh M- 'Ji' 3 , .,k,.. K tr.,-C. , K- L an , ink kfmgw- - 'w,qv'Q 4 N Y., Q. if ' -.V X gi wk' Y-': .- Q '25 Q- , 4.-rw .5 ,N Q M' .5 3" 'Z"Wti? 1 '-'.'-K'1"- f . Q . . W, NZB, 8.1-V ,I-,.a4.AcT LM .js . ,.. I ,I MI A gt ,wif Ii. :.e.,h,.-,ze 1 , -,Mu ,...yqv-if 'M - 7 'ij 1 W. fu W4 .w..Q V A A th Q -,,.t,.-5 I 1. , V 'fl jvlqj 65. A . L '4""' .'.,5.J"'-g,A-'55-Ji. , , "5 1 W. L f zffgf' J Y P' v Q Kwai? Jim Nelson Bob Page Bill Shafer L. 5 Dominic Vittone Don Wafterson. Chuck Woods 6' Varsity Club FIRST ROW: D. Stefaniak, J. Dixon, R. Guido, D. WaTTerson, D. Buchner, L. Bielek, B. Bowser SECOND ROW: Mr. Grosch, G. Artman, B, Page, D. Reigh, W. AungsT, Mr. Bonello THIRD ROW: D. Grinder, D. Vittone, G. Robinson, J. Barclay, M. Young, L. Sowers, J. Colianne In The final sporTs scene we find The VarsiTy Club, sponsored by Mr. Bonello and Mr. Grosch. The club is composed of various leTTermen from The fooTball Team, The baskeTball Team, and The Track Team. A'Two year manager can also be a member. These boys gain membership aT an iniTiaTion held in The laTTer parT of The school year. The iniTiaTion and oTher evenTs are planned by The officers: Dave Buchner, president Don WaTTerson, vice president Rick Guido, secrefaryg Jim Dixon, Treasurer, and Len Bielek, sergeanT-aT-arms. SporTsmanlike conducT is sTressed, and all who are members realize how imporTanT a win is buT ThaT The way one plays deTermines The vicTor. Coinciding wiTh The VarsiTy Club is The MoTher's Club, which, Through well- guided efforTs, has helped To provide The aThleTes wiTh needed funds. Because of The Tiger's posiTion in The W.P.l.A.L. play-offs, The MoThers' Club purchased Trophies which were awarded To all fooTball players and managers for Their vic- Torious "B" season. Act IV Finale Senior A WITTIEST: Judi Altmire Jim Barclay BEST BUILD: Norma Hunter- Wally Aungsi 94 BEST DANCER-Judi Alfmrre Ed Knepshield .- MOST ATHLETIC: Ronnie Doverspike-Dave Buchner NEATEST APPEARANCE: Darlene Bliss-Bob Page Personalities .wg K ,N '--. ! MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Sue Yohe-Geoffrey Litz Linda Barker- Gene Bncego MOST COURTEOUS: i 15 'X mmmwns S, MOST TALENTED: Judy Wilson-Geoffrey Litz Y-vs 42 iv'-Q-. 'fwlg - MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY: MOST BASHFUL: Mardi Crow- Linda Barker-Gene Bicego Mike NOTTS 95 -F is ROW 'l: E ROW 2: D ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5: K To The roll of a drum Takes The sTage for one of iTs Kolek, G. Smoyer, K. Shellhammer, J. Bowser, T. Toland, M. Young, L. SmiTh, L. Wilson, L. Sowers, Bortz, B. DeVilling, M. K. Davis, C. Quillen, K. Crissman, B. Smeltzer, D. Jaracy, B. BarneTT, B. Wils L. Valco, K. Bracken, S. Artman, K. Ross, M. Swank, B. Beamer, D. Ortz, B. Cline D Filer, D. MarTin, G. Harkcom, P. Crisswell, R. Bee, S. Yohe, . Egley, A. Guthrie Bracken, B. Talmadge, B. Shaeffer, B. Black, J. MoaTs, M. NoTTe, M. J. Shaeffer, D. Adams, D. Baker and The blasT of a Trumpef, The Apollo Area JoinT Tiger Marching Band prou many half-Time performances. Under, The direcTion of Miss Lois Snyder, our ba majoreTTes, and colorguard have parTicipaTed in various acTiviTies in Apollo and ofher surrounding Towns. They al enioy Taking parT in The Mid-WinTer Band FesTival and The Spring ConcerT. Each year band members recei awards, according To The number of years of service. Funds for These awards are obTained by such money ma ing proiecTs as bake sales and concerTs. M . . . . ,, sf S e .s s 51" ' 'wi as ' os' Q bhlllfqfi Al ' ' . 'Q . ' V mem Notte, L. Shellhammer, B. Cricks, B. Stefaniak, B. Kerr Gibbons, P. Gallagher, J. Stefaniak, K. Stahl, S. Swank, L. Cordera, B. Klingensmith, J. Gregg, B. Lees, M. Crow Wilson, D. Ross, K. Kinter, S. Kuhns, R. Rupert, D. Bolvin, K. Kerr, S. Davis, P. Carey Tomicek, J. Bier, V. Lovisa, B. Burns, G. Litz, B. Devers, P. DeFillippo, D. Kelly ' McCauley, B. Graden, S. Rupert, J. Shaeffer, R. Bringer, R. Smith, D. Kurtz, K. Burns Every year the band elects Three seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen to form the nior Band Governing Board. This year honors have been extended to Judy Wilson, clarinet, Gary Harkcom, rnbone, and Peggy Gallagher, oboe for their time performance at both County and District Bands. Gary also tended State Ba nd. pe.,-1- M, J -. . 9' an 'Q' "'o . .av ROW I: R. Matarrese, D. Jaracy, R. DeVilling ROW 2: S. Yohe, N. Hunter Steward Dave Martin Mrs. Skinner Donna Kurtz Cornelia Otis Skinner Susan Yohe Emily Kimbrough Norma Hunter Otis Skinner Vincent Maietta Purser Bob Black Stewardess Susan Ross Dick Winters Bill Shafer Admiral Frank Maietta Our Of K A WFF5 Advertising the play. earts Were Young and GGY Harriet St. John Rosa Matarrese Winifred Blaugh Debby Jaracy Leo McEvoy Jim Barclay Inspector Scott Rupert Therese Karen Felton Madame Elise Betky DeVilling Monsieur de la Croix i Randy Bee Window Cleaner Sam Plazio Sue Yohe, Bill Shafer, Norma Hunter 98 Judy Wilson, Miss Davis Sue Yohe, Norma Hunter V 1 Linda Gibbons-Cindy Kreller Marilyn Mitchell-Mama Kreller Tom McCauley-Papa Kreller Karen Bracken-Della Kreller Mary Kay Davis-Golda Kreller Sara Speer-Mrs. Rosenfled Randy Bee-Mr. Rosenfled Mark Young-Chuck Rosenfled Cind Mary Kay Davis Lonny Sowers Karen Bracken Linda Gibbons Geoffrey Lifz-Lucky Smith Donna Kurtz-Storyteller Layden Wilson-Storyteller Mark Fetterman-Storyteller Lony Sowers-Stu Bill Tomicek-Mr. Smith Pam Fulton-Mrs. Smith 99 Oh, my aching back! Look out below! Mighty Mouse. G Try your feet-it's easier Hi, Baby Doll! l00 ,N That's siyle. hibition Topsy Tunvy. Hurry! x X 1...-A ex xv Giddy-up! Get offl Catch meg l'm falling! Which foot's the left one, Tom? Please, don't eat the roses. Prom Our chairman and his lady. 1 'Yr f That's quite a floor show. . Wx I had 4470 fewer cavities with Crest. 4 'rife ,'aa Two's company. l02 Don't iust do someth ngp stand there! .V Chee, up, N And the band played on. l96 l V W? W... ga V A U 2 ,, Vw Here todayy gone tomorrow. Remember, no spiking allowed. .. w .. i 5? y Ae Az?" wi ,WL , y .4 1 L , g , QL Isl G B What a fish story! ening is young. The attraction is back in the corner. Flying in formafion. The men behind the scene. ALTMIRE, JUDITH ANNE: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, 3, 4 tPresidentJ, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Colorguard 4 ANTHONY, CHRISTINE: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 3, 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, Neapollotans 2, 3, 4 ANTHONY, EARL RINARD ANTHONY, PATRICIA MARIE: G.S.C. I, Future Nurses 2, 3 ANTHONY, ROY EDWARD ARTMAN, GLENN A.: Hi-Y I, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4 AUNGST, WALLACE DANIEL: Varsity Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 BAKER, DONALD LEE: Basketball 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4 BARCLAY, JAMES MERLE: Varsity Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4 BARCLAY, MARSHALL CHARLES: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4 lPresidentI, National Honor Society 3, 4, Football Manager 4, Hi-Y I, 2, Class Treasurer 4 BARKER, LINDA LEE: Student Council I, 2, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Future Nurses 3, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, Class President 2 BASISTA, THOMAS MICHAEL BAUSTERT, CLAIRE MAE: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, Tiger Gazette 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 BEARD, RICHARD CLYDE: Track 2, 3, 4 BEE, RANDALL KEITH: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Student Council 3, Kiskitas 4 BICEGO, EUGENE JAMES: Student Council I, 2, 3, 4 lPresidentI, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Class President I, Class Treasurer 2, Class Vice President 3 BIELEK, LEONARD STANISLAUS: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 4, Basketball 2 BLISS, BETTY DARLENE: Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Student Council I, Kiskitas4 BOWSER, WILLIAM EUGENE: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3,4 - BRAYSHAW, MARY ELLEN: Neapollotans I, 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 27 3 BUCHNER, DAVID JOHN: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 QPresidentI, Football I, 2, 3, 4 CCaptain,, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 BURKETT, LINDA CAROL: Neapollotans I, 2, Tiger Gazette 4 BURNS, REBECCA JEAN: Tri-Hi-Y I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 CALDERONE, LARRY JAMES CERRATO, RICHARD COLAIANNE, JAMES: Track I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, F.T.A. 4 CRAWFORD, RALPH EDWARD CROFUTT, CECIL GORDON: Kiskitas 3, 4 IO4 CROSBY, BONNIE JOY: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, Future Nurses 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3 CROW, MARCIA JAYNE: Tri-Hi-Y I, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, Kiskitas 3, 4 DAVIS, SANDRA KAY: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 2, 3 lVice Presidentb, Kiskitas 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2 DAWKINS, THOMAS LEROY: Track 3, 4 DeVlLLlNG, REBECCA JANE: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette I, 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses 2, 3 DIXON, JAMES WESLEY: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 4, Track 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 DOVERSPIKE, RONNIE LYN: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 lassistant treasurerj, Cheerleader 4 FELTON, KAREN LOUISE: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4 lassistant editorl, Thespians 3, 4 fTreasurerJ, Neapollotans I, 2, Future Nurses 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 FERRIER, DONNA LYNN: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 lChapIainJ, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A, 4, Prep Chorus I FRAIN, WILLIAM FULTON, MARTIN A.: Varsity Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4 GALLAGHER, MARGARET ROSE: F.T.A. 3, 4 CHistorianI, Bancl I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4 CPresident,, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Kiskitas 4, J.V. Majorette I GAMBLE, JOYCE GOEDICKE, SONYA LEE: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 GREGG, JOHNA DEL: Neapollotans I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, Student Council 2, F.T.A. 4, Tiger Gazette 2 GRINDER, DAVID FLOYD: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Football Manager I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Track Manager I, 2, 3, 4 GUENTHER, NORMAN GUIDO, RICHARD LEWIS: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 CSecretaryJ, Student Council 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4 HEFFERNAN, DAVID KANE HICKS, SUZANNE LORRAINE: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, G.S.C.- I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, 3, Thespians 4 HILTY, DONALD HOUSEHOLDER, DAVID LEE: Neapollotans I, 2, Basketball 2, Hi-Y I I HUNTER, NORMA DALE: Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Student Council 3 QTreasurerJ JACKSON, CLAUDIA INEZ: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, CTreasurerI, 4 lPresidentJ, G.S.C. I, 2 CPresidentJ, G.A.A. 3, 4 CPresidentJ JACKSON, HOWARD JOSEPH: Hi-Y I KERR, JOSEPH JAMES: Hi-Y I, Track I, 2, 3, 4 KING, PAUL KNEPSHIELD, EDWIN KNEPSHIELD, ROBERT MARLIN: Band I, 2 KOSICEK, LINDA JEAN: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 CCaptainI LANDER, WILLIAM RICHARD LANTZ, STANLEY TIMOTHY LITZ, GEOFFREY WILLIAM: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4 Ureasurerl, Student Council 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Class President 4, Class Treasurer 3 MAIETTA, FRANK DOMINIC: Track I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Ii Radio Club 2, 3, Varsity Club 4 MARKS, LARRY PHILIP: Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3 McCAULEY, THOMAS EDWARD: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 2 MCGAUGHEY, JOHN MICHAEL: National Honor Society 3, 4 MELLINGER, LINDA MAE: Neapollotans I, 2, Future Nurses 2, 3, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, Kiskitas 3, 4 fco-literary editorl, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 IVice Presidentl MILLER, PATRICIA JANE: Colorguard 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 MONTALI, JUNE MARIE: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Tiger Gazette I, 2, F.T.A. 2, 3 ISecretaryJ, Stu- dent Council 3, 4 MOORE, PAMELA DALE: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, J.V. Maiorette I, Varsity Maiorette 3 NALE, LANA YVONNE: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 NELSON, JAMES: Football I, 2, 3, 4 NEWTON, EDWARD NOTTE, MICHAEL DOMINIC: Chorus 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4 PAGE, ROBERT RALPH: Basketball 2, 3, 4 ICQ-captainj, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 PEACE, PHYLLIS GENE: G.S.C. 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I PEPPLER, DWIGHT OLIVER PLAZIO, ANTOINETTE MARIE: G.S.C. I, 2 fSecretary-Treasurerl, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, Future Nurses 3, Kiskitas 3, 4 IArt Editor, POST, JESSE POYDENCE, CAROL JFAN: Prep Chorus I, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 POZZANI, LINDA ANN: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 ISecretary-treasurerj, Colorguard 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, Kiskitas 3, 4 ICo-literary editorl, Class President 3, Class Vice President 4 POZZANI, MICHAEL RAINEY, LELAND PAUL REARICK, LUCINDA BELLE: Kiskitas 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4 REICHENBAUGH, SUSAN DIANE: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4 iSecretary-treasurer, REIGH, DONALD: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4 RICHARDS, TERRY ROBINSON, GERALD EDWARD: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, , 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 RODNICKI, THEODORE ROSSI, MARIANNE LOUISE: G.S.C. I, Tiger Gazette 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 SCHRECENGOST, DAVID CHARLES SCOTT, NEDRA KAY: G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Student Council 3, 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4 SEFTS, JANET IRENE: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4 SHAEFFER, MARY JANE: Band I, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, Neapollotans I SHAFER, WILLIAM BOYD: Student Council I, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Radio Club I, 2, Thespians 3, 4 SHEAFFERLJUYD MARLENE SMITH, VAUGHAN ALAN: Band I, 2 SPOSITO, JAMES ANDREW STEWART, REBECCA JANE: Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, J.V. Maiorette I, Varsity Maiorette 2, 3, 4 ICaptainJ, Tigerettes I, 2, 3, 4 STEWART, SHERYL MARLANE: Band I, G.S.C. I, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, Kiskitas 3, 4 STOKES, WILLIS RAY ST. PETER, RONALD TALMADGE, BYRON LEE: Band I, 2, 4, Radio Club I, 2, 3, Kiskitas 3, 4, Neapollotans I, 2 TOMICEK, WILLIAM RICHARD: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4 IPhotography Editorl, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Senior High Sixteen 3, 4 TRESSLER, H. DEAN: Football 2, 3, Band I, Chess Club 4 TRESSLER, JOHN RICHARD VITTONE, DOMENIC MICHAEL: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Track 3, 4, Basketball I, 2 WALKER, CHERYL CHRISTINE: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, J.V. Cheerleader 2, 3, CCaptainD, Varsity Cheerleader 4 WATTERSON, DONALD RALPH: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Basketball I, Varsity Club 3, 4 WILSON, JUDITH ANNE: G.S.C. I, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Governing Board I, 2, 3 IPresidentJ 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4 IPresidentJ, Future Nurses 2, Neapollotans I, 2, Thespians 3 WOODS, CHARLES EDWARD: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4 YOHE, SUSAN ANN: Tiger Gazette I, 2, 3, 4 fEditor 3, 41, Thespians 2, 3, 4 QPresidentJ, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2 YOUNG, STANLEY MARK: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 I05 COMPLIMENTS of APOLLO TRUST COMPANY Apollo NlOF+l1 Apollo 'ffm h , L A Un OKLAHOMA FLORIST , an Oklahoma. Penna. , f' I A Flowers lo"All Occaslons Complefe Line of Builcler's Supplies Phone Vandergrifl' 567-606l WARREN AVE. APOLLO, PA. GRl z-n7au Congralulalions 'ro fhe Class of I966 From Your Phofographer SHAFFER'S STUDIO Apollo, Pennsylvania McLAUGHLIN'S STORE WM. "BILL" ALTMIRE Mea'I and Groceries General Insurance sm Rouie GR s-253: 303 Fin' Sf- AP " P Congrafulalions, Class of '66 suNoco STATION Fm Apollo Spring Church Road APOLLO NEWS STAND GR 8-24I3 KISKI CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, INC. 202 Norfh 2nd S+ree'r Apollo. LEW'S DAIRY STORE Apollo, Penna. GR 2-484I BEAMER'S CLEANERS I24 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. GR 2-7131 Complimenfs of BOOKS SHOE STORE Complimenfs of GUTHRIE CHEVROLET Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I82I SANDERS PHARMACY I5I-A Granr Avenue Vandergrifi, Pa. WILLIAM C. NELSON Nafionwide Insurance 200 Norih 2nd SI'reeI Apollv. P Complimenfs of THE CRESTWOOD APOLLO FORD SALES P.O. Box 296 Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I24I GEORGE'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Vandergrifi. Pa. APOLLO NEWS RECORD For All Your Prin'I'ing Needs 327 N. Fourfh Sf. Ap llo, Pa. DONGHIA FORMAL WEAR RENTAL SERVICE Phone 567-6365 239 Longfellow Sfreef Vandergriff, Pa. TAI'-OR AND MENIS WEAR APOLLO INSURANCE AGENCY ANNA F. ARMITAGE, Agenf 3II Norfh Second Sfreef Apollo, P Phone: GRover 2-487I MRS. LEE KING 5 BAlRD'S 8: I0 CENT STORE I36 Norfh Warren Apollo, Penna. GR 2-I2-Il CompIimen+s Of THE IIYII VALLEY FLORIST RESTAURANT 4I5 Firsl' S'I'ree'l' GR 2-020' Apollo, Penna. GR 2-803I HILTY'S HOME FURNISHINGS 2I7 Firsf Sfreef Apollo, Penna. Complimenfs of APOLLO MILLING COMPANY GR 2-356l GR 2-3511 Complimenfs of MR. and MRS. DOYLE STEELE THE UNION HOUSE 2I2 Warren GR 2-028I Avenue Apollo, P DUPPSTADTS I26 Granl' Avenue Vandergriff, Pa. Phone 567-76 I 7 BEATTY PLUMBING Box 26 Norih Apollo, Pa. Our Besl' Wishes 'Io ihe Class of 66 KISKI LANES Congrafulafions, Class of '66 STATE FARM INSURANCE GLENN L. HELMAN DONALD STEVENS, Jeweler GR 2-l34l Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. BYERS AUTO PARTS 20I Firsi Sfreel Apollo, Penna. DAIRY QUEEN "The Cone Wifh Ihe Curl on Top" River Road - Norfh Apollo APOLLO REALTY COMPANY 2l9 NorI'h Warren Apollo, Pa. MAIETTA DRUG Plaza Shopping Cenfer Norfh Apollo, Pa. GR 2-096 KENNETH R. SLOAN Il5 N. Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. SHAFER'S ESSO STATION Norfh Apollo, Pa. Complimenls of FARlvIER'S DELIGHT Leechburg, Pennsylvania KISKI MUSIC CENTER SLOAN'S and 5 Cent fo SI.00 Sfore STUDIO Apollo' Pa' GR 2'l80l Norfh Apollo Shopping Cenler HELD'S FOODMART Sixfeenfh Sfreel' ROSS GRANT AVE. PHARMACY II4 Granf Ave. Vandergrifl, Pa. Nor+h Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I65l 553-1221 Complimenfs CROSSAN'S MEN'S WEAR of I29 Gran'I' Avenue 605 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. vandergrm' Pa' - 568'lH3 Comflmenh VALLEY DISTRIBUTOR A on PI20 Railroad Sfrec-ZR Apollo, Pa. P ol anna. 2-850' JOHN N. KING C It omFLLmen+s General Repair ORCHARDHILLS THE HOAGIE SHOP Complimenfs of PATTERSON'S DAIRY APOLLO ESSO SERVICENTER RONALD GOOD - Proprielor THRIFT SUPPLY COMPANY GORDON'S RADIO GR 2-bl7I 3I7 Warren Ave. I40 Washingfon Ave. Apollo' Ps. Vandergnffl, Penna. GE'ITO'S BARBER SHOP MALCOLM'S ALL-NEW Associafed Masfers Barbers of America 230 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. Vandergriff, Penna. ' Comnlimenfs of NEWINGHAM'S MARKET MANGO MUSIC STORE I65 Columbia Avenue Vandergrifh Pa. - 568-25I5 SPENCER ELECTRIC 6I8 Norih Fourfh S+ree'I Apollo, Pa. GR 2-36Il Congrafulafions, Class of I966 Kenny McCauley McCAULEY'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Sfar Rouie ai' The Y I TROUTMAN'S MARKET PATRONS and Doris PaHerson Ann M. McLaughl Spring Church AUTOGRAPHS is - , i. C TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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