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avian!! N V, nuuwf ....W . ,., V W. Man, ., ...., ,.. .,. ,J-n,W,. ..-., wp-57. ..w,w -,... . .Y -rw .. ,.., . ,.-- .,i f- ,M f... ,.V.,.,,-...Y-. Y,..w,, ...,Y,-.WM .AW-p-u-pqnifv-Ljg1mf1.,m:' ' uv ,' ff' I .','-4 I , ' ' WJ ' f if 'Y V ,, ,f,,:ff1? ' 4fN?y, , . x g f ff Af, L., ' k f-'J'i"" Z ' M X 2 , 'T,..ff,:f6,1.JA 0 .J . 51 .7 f ,I - I, ,, V7 VI X W 0 ' f, ,W . ' , I if ' WWW fa M Vs ggi! JQIIQXVXIJIJD ffjxflf 5 Qyfffy Tj ,J fy Wx fx' W sf wif M 5M"M ,V M xfpjm 1 3 f ' ff fi ' H44 140, fm 1 6:1 1 4' "xv 1' W' M716 if f, , ' J ' F 1 ..., .f-if l ffVf-.ff ' 7 - f -3152 715' ff ,f f f Q 7 2 . 7 ' I u V ' , ' -. , X ' c ' Q ' Q, x o D X' " R 1 -V 5 1A Dj , . . ' ' 'X ' H- ,DL ' A ,R 5 , W .. 1 '- Vy K , ' , 'E . I 1553 xx 4 "' m 'lf D ' r 5' X ' Jy u ' Ry up ' 1 X , i Jil ' - X ' V " ,fs My .' f' . A.- . ,k,,,.A,4.L .-,.,, ' -' -A -1 '-....-: - Q' A A 1 ua-ar --u.m-- - Au-uv ,,.,,..1 ,. .. ,A ,M Q ,, , J. . yr., . H x ,, , 2 , i . 4 ,' 1, i A 1 f,?,1 I f'. 4f af f' - f, 1-,,- , , ,f,75 1- 2 5 BS 3 W I ,Y I 0 0 . ,- C 1 W 5 -AAN xx , ffQ, 0 my X bf Q X 1 JJ ,,,,f'x M R-. ,J B J fi M iff 6 ,lfaaqkbn X N. A 12' 92' :Ex V K KW k f TQ M5 ' 'fxf faf V fi, 0 ,px 'O A f Y 'H Yu Q, Q ' , 'E x 2 4, fp f W4 L -A A K , K I A h My , KV P , L Q Z7 K R y A' iQ ,J , . ' 1-M ' " " " "f" f+ " 'f 1964 jglskffas 97,000 WFQG Q7OIk2f Cscfoof fDe0QCaf1o12 The Senior Class of Apollo High School, hereby dedicates the 1964 Kiskitas to Apollo High School-faculty, custodians, and the student body. For four wonderful years all our fondest hopes and dreams have sprung from within these hallowed walls. Her halls have rung with our laughter and echoed with our solemn defeat. We entered her gates as meek freshmen but we leave her with an understanding and longing that only the Seniors knovv. Apollo High has been the key in molding our futures. This book is but a small token of appreciation for all that our school, teachers, and classmates have meant to us, and for the opportunities afforded us here at A.H.S. 91220175122 DEATH OF A MARTYR DeaTh of a marTyr A greaT man had died A r1aTloh sorrowed And a vvldovv cried The haTror1s sorrow The wndovvs grief Thelr loss rs greaT Their commander In chref Hrs a soul deparTed A voice no longer heard We who once have heard hum bhall remember every vvord DeaTh of a marTyr BUT rToT The Ideals he soughT A greaT man has dred Hrs accomplrshmems have noT A shoT rang OUT An assassm fled Then The shockmg hevvs The Presldem rs dead Our leader IS rToT gone Hrs body rs deparTed Hrs Image lrves on DeaTh of a MarTyr BlrTh of LoyalTy DeaTh of a MarTyr So we The blmd can see DeaTh of a MarTyr Our heads held hugh w1Th pride DeaTh of a MarTyr Our Presldem has dued WILLIAM SHAFER f 1966 70512 ZfZyQfdfOf 7561212 eof I 917 I 96 3 I I ' I I I I I I I I I I 2 GreaT men don'T die, I 2 I I Classo C ' Y l T . I-I - K 55 4 Confenfs DEDICATION FOREWORD BOARD OF EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CUSTODIANS FALL ACTIVITIES WINTER ACTIVITIES SPRING ACTIVITIES SUMMER ACTIVITIES ADS S3 . FRONT ROW, l. to r.: Dr. J. Cooley, N. Shellhammer, C. Shaeffer, E. Duff, A. Byers. SECOND ROW, I. to r.: J. Guthrie, W. Barchfeld, L. Hunter, E. Crawford, D. Frank, J oar gf650QCaf1an The School Board is comprised of fifteen members. Each district, Apollo, Kiski Township, and North Apollo, have three representatives. Together they adopt and enforce rules and regulations which are necessary to maintain our school's high standards. Season after season this behind-the-scenes group has watched us and provided for us. Our teachers and our broad curriculum have nourished our minds. As our needs have grown, the board has always given us more funds. We are greatly indebted to our School Board for the education and training they have given us. C7 mzkzzlsfrabbn A. L. CAMPBELL, B.S., M.Ed. Slippery Rock State College University of Pittsburgh Supervising Principal CHARLES A. DAVIS, B.S., M.Ed. California State College Penn State University High School Principal MRS. EVELYN B. LYONS Secretary to Supervising Principal Secretary to Joint School Board f' MISS KATHLEEN JONES Secretary to High School Principal RICHARD W. CUICA, B.S. Indiana State College Duquesne University Guidance Counselor MRS. IRENE McCAUSLAND, B.S. Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing University of Pittsburgh Columbia University School Nurse MAX AFANESKO, B.S. LYNN E. ALTER, B.S. JUDY Y, ARNAL, B,A, lndlUflCl 57016 COHCQE Clarion Slclle Teachers College Thiel College, University ol Pittsburgh, Indiana State American History, P.O.D., World Culture English Cgllege, Clarion State College English BERNICE S. BLACK, B.S. BARBARA W. Bl.EVlNS, B.S. Indiana State College Slippery Rock State College, University of Pittsburgh Reading Physical Education and Health CHARLES BONELLO, B-S- CAROLYN BOYD, B.S. ERNEST CADWEl.l., B.S. Edinboro State College Indiana State College California State College History and Speclal EdUCQllO"' Commerziol Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing WJ l VIRGINIA CAREY, B.5,:M-Ed- RICHARD C. CLARK, B.S. VlOLET W. FONNER Pennsylvania Slale University indiana Slafe College, University olPiHsburgl'1 California Slate College Biology, General Science Physics, Chemistry, General Science Mafliemal cs HAROLD FULTON, 5,54 M'Ed- JOSEPH E. FUSZEK, B.S. in Health and Physical Penn Slale College, Penn Stare Universily, Universily ECl.j M.Ed. Ol PIIISIJUVQIN UNVEVSIIY OIHUWGII Slippery Rock College, Universily of Piltsburgh, Penn Malhemalics Slove University, Springfield College, University of Colorado, University olMUnicl1 Healllx and Physical Ed. QW? A -- ROBERT GROSCH, B.S. REBECCA J. GUTHRIE, A.B., Political Science JOYCE HILL, B.S. Clarion Slave College, Indiana Stare College Wilson College Clarion Slate College Music llernporaryl L brcrian GEORGANN JERKO, B.S. DONNA JOHNSON, B.S., M.Ed. ELIOT A. KIER, B.A. Indiana State College Slippery Rock College, University of Pittsburgh Roberts College, University of Pittsburgh, University ol Literature, Business English, Advanced Composition, Physiwl ECIUCUIIOVM Health Cornell Speefh General Science -rd' SUSAN C. KINNEY, B.S. JOHN LABANISH, B.A, DOROTHY A. LEAR Indiana State College St. Vincent College Indiana State College, Penn State University Home Economics English, History Art 5 KATHRYN C. LUKEHART, B.S., NI.ECl. R. LEROY MARTIN, B.S. GRACE J. MILLER, B.S. Indiana State College, University of Pittsburgh Anderson College Indiana State College, University of Pittsburgh Special Education lSenior Highl Geography, History History, Civics I0 JOSEPH MNISZAK, B.A. PHILLIP A. MURPHY, B.A. ROBERT NICHOLS, B.S, Umversify of Pimburgh Grove CIW CoIIegc Clorwcn S7019 Colfego Russwon Hfsvory Mofhemotwcs 'fr STEVE SHREMSHOCK, B.S.,i M.S. VIRGINIA C, SMITH, B.S. ODESSA H. SMITH, B.S. Shppery Rock CoIlege, Universiiy ofr'1HS"Jurgh SIippery Rock Collggg Grove Cry Cdlege Heulvh, Physccl Education, History EmgIIsh Commerc cl .pr -. LOIS E. SNYDER, B. Music Ed., M.A. Music JACQUELINE M. TOWNSENID, B.S. I JOSEPH VANGRINI 3.5, EdUC6IIOr1 Indwnnu Stofe COIISQE, UVWIVGVSIIY OI Rennes' Umm" Indwlno S0095 CoIIegc, Unwers3Vy of Pwsbur Omybe ,, COHQQE Ccmegge Tech swfy of Pnfsburgh vcrsny cf Scufherrv CGI fomio Bond Fhyycol Scwences, Moth, French MQW, L to R.: Mr. Sloan, Mr. McCausland, Mr. Coulter, Mr. Heckman Cusfofdns And now we take our hats off in deep gratitude to these, our custodians, who have patiently tolerated us and cleaned up our dirt, paper wads, and scott marks. lt is with sincere appre- ciation that we thank them for keeping our school an object of pride. Too often we tail to acknowledge their services, but we wish now to assure them that they are admired and loved. EV" 3 S e 5 . M vi Q f ,.,-, .. W.-.W rlrx, ,Hn,,,.,,g' M Mg ,mum , , W 4, K xwwt K , A 'L ,V 3 .Q :Mi .Di lr A '-XN .I w A fN1"',' f ,L A if-v.'bf5,',L V AA -ff ' ,M ,ENR wp ,qw In Mai , zu.. , . AK .M 1, , . W 1 Q. A ., K, A .ff ,, 5 -,, ,,-. P. Q N , " W ,K , We-' gf 4 ,J W A' , 1' ,Q in Q P: fx x S M' A , Y' Q, M 1 AM Q ' 9' J! J N W A. ,R M.. ,f,, fi V ' I -j .M - at , , I 1 U' V A e A ' 1 , f , bf Q?37 f, V , ' ilvf f' 47 ,ma .15 My 1 K ,z W .. is A Trigg, ,A 'ASW "," f 'fl V A J my 'ee' QB,f?'fgal7" JL" ,gf 5 wg, ","" W r 'H 4 Q V' 5 Q 1 , ' f 'M ft - ,, A' I ' b:'T V ii ,xfmf M .M , ,M lf' :W dugg A. f,,, ,V ,f , api' QL Y img, I akdgvqg I WWA' wa" W: L, J y I f I . 2 . V " 3 " rg Q, ,, ' f ff, .. .-aw we If if 'K , fb , ,. h 1 an Jw W HY GQJS jlglsfory As The buds of spring unfolded a new season, Apollo High School welcomed a new Freshman class. AT This Time we organized as a class under The super- vision of Mr. Shremshock. Class officers were Richard Fowler-PresidenT, Lor- raine Gallo-Vice PresidenT, RoberTa Morgan-Secretary, and Denny CoulTer- Treasurer. We Then assumed a role in The life of A.H.S. by selecTing "The Green CaThedral" as our song, lavender and whiTe as our colors, whiTe rose as our flower, and "Where There's a will There's a way" as our moTTo. Summer noT only changed our individual characTers, buT also our life as a class. As Sophomores we chose DoT PesTer-PresidenT, Diana HeTrick-Vice Pres- idenT, Bunny Clark-SecreTary, and Diana Miller-Treasurer, To guide us Through The year's acTiviTies. Under The direcTion of faculTy advisors, Mr. Vangrin and Mr. Nichol, we sponsored many money-raising proiecfs including candy sales, bake sales, and Two successful dances. WiTh The approach of fall, we as Juniors began an indusTrious year of Prom planning. A magazine drive, candy sales, and dances provided The needed funds for "NloonliT Garden," The highlighT of The year. WiThouT The aid of Mr. WashingTon and Mrs. Townsend as advisors and Ed Smoyer-PresidenT, DoT PesTer-Vice PresidenT, Bunny Clark-Secretary, and Denny CoulTer-Treasurer, This would noT have been possible. As Old Man WinTer dominaTed The campus of A.H.S., we Seniors Took ad- vanTage of our remaining days aT our Alma MaTer. NoT only do we leave wiTh fond memories, buT also wiTh brighT hopes for The fuTure. The Senior BanqueT, BaccalaureaTe, and a glorious GraduaTion will always be Treasured as The climax of a rewarding high school life. We owe The success of This year To DoT Pester-PresidenT, Sue Smith-Vice PresidenT, Bunny Clark-SecreTary, Diana Miller-Treasurer, and our ready, willing and able advisor, Mr. Afanesko. Cjxecufzbe Goufzczf l STANDING J Ferguson, J. Shriver, P, Nelson, J. Woods. SECOND ROW: C. MarTin, J. Kennerdell, K. Fennell, C. Cline, S. McGaughey FIRST ROW D Pesfer S SmlTh D. Miller, B. Clark, G. Morrow, R. Morgan. DAVID lVlARlON BATlSTlG "Bain Commercial Chefs Club-A "Meddle not with him that flattereth with his lips!" JOSEPH EUGENE BAYLOR "Elgin" Academic Hi-Y-1, 2, 3 KV. Pres.Jg Chefs Club-4 "Jeer none, respect all." CHARLES ALAN BLYSTONE "Sam" Commercial Chefs Club-4 "A careless song with a little nonsense in it now and then makes life pleasing." LARRY NEIL BOPP "Larry" Commercial "There's time enough for that." SUSAN JANE AUSTlN "Sl-'en Commercial G.S.C.-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-4, Liberty-2, 3, Student Council-3, Tri-Hi-Y-if Chorus-1 "The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulnessf' ELAINE MARIE BAFIK "B" Commercial F.H.A.-if G.A.A.-3, 4, G.s.c.-1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y-1, Library Club-3, Chorus-1, Tiger Gazette-4 "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." - ROGER ALLEN BUSH "Pork" Academic Hi-Y-1, 2 lPres,J 3 CSec.l, "Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side." BONlTA LYNN CLARK "Bunny" Academic Student Council-3 fSec.J5 National Honor Society-3, 4, Library Club-1, 2, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4 lPres.Jg Kiskitas'3, 4 lEditor-in-Chiefjg Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-lg J.V. Maiorette-lg Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4 CPres.Jg Sextette-l, 2, 3, 4 CAccompanistJ, Class Sec.- 2, 3, 4 "The first element of success is the determination' to succeed." I5 SANDRA JEAN CLARK "Sandie" Commercial Trl-Hi-Y-'lg G.S.C.-l, 2, G.A.A.-3, 41 Tiger Gazette-3, 4 "I leave with a full heart, a full mind, a full life." DENNIS EARL CLEVER "Denny" Commercial Football-I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4 "The door to success is labeled Push." 'Y CINDY CAROL CRISSMAN "Cin" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-'lp F.H.A.-4 "Humble love, not proud science, keeps the door of heaven." CAROL ANN CROW HCBYOIH Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Neapollotans-T "The daintiest come last to make the end more sweet." I6 W f...f..-- 1-Q'-L CAROL ANN CLINE "Carol" Academic Tiger Gazette'2, 3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 4, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.- Q, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-'lg Library Club-4 "Saddle your dreams before you ride them." DONALD HARRIS CLOUD "Bumps" Commercial Varsity Club-3, 4, Football-3, 4, Basketball-3, 4 "The best gift to man is a friend." ANTHONY MARTIN CORDERA "Top Notch" Academic Band-I, 2, Basketball-I, 4, Chefs Club-4 "A rolling stone gathers no moss." DENNIS BRUCE COULTER "Bruce" Commercial Band-'l, 2, 3, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Football-4, Basketball- 2, 3, 4 "Put not a point to your wit lest it be blunted." 'E iigriiik It" 51:52-,43i'gg.j jgt ,,54i:7k, f a aikiigff K Kei: ' MARLEN E JOYCE DU BAS HMBYIQVWGH Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A.-4, G.A.A.-4 "He that has patience may compass anything." BARBARA JEAN ECKMAN "Barb" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-1, Library Club-1, 2, ssc.-1, G.A.A.-4, rigerenes-1 "They that sow in tears, reap in joy." KENNETH IRA ECKMAN "Eckie" Commercial Hi-Y-2 "Victory belongs to the most perseveringf' LARRY EUGENE FABER "Fudd" Chefs Club-4 "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough." Academic STEPHEN JOSEPH DELLEDONNE "Steve" Academic Chefs Club-4 "He who laughs last, laughs best." PATRICIA LOUISE DEVERS "Parry" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-1, F.T.A.-I, J.V. Maiorettes-I, Varsity Nlaiorettes- 2, 3, 4, Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, Sextette-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Tigerettes-I, 2, 3, 4 "No man is exempt from saying silly things, the misfortune is in saying them painstakingly." JAMES EDWARD FERGUSON "Fudd" Academic Football-I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-3, 4, Chefs Club-4 "There's nothing like being used to a thing." KAREN DEE EENNELL "Curly" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I CHistorianJ, Library Club-I, 2, G.S.C.'I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Student Council-I, 2, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Neapollotans-3, J.V. Cheerleaders-3, Var- sity Cheerleaders-4, Senior Executive Council-4 "My Memory is the thing I forget with." I7 I PATRICIA ANN FOY "Patty" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-2, F.H.A.-Ig Neapollotans-I, Tiger Gazette-47 Student Council-4 "A good name is far better than riches." RONALD RAY FULTON "Butch" Commercial Chess Club-I, Science Club-'I IVice Pres.j7 Kiskitas-3, 4, Chefs Club-4 "I know a trick worth two of that." WILLIAM HARVEY HENRY "Harvey" Commercial Chess Club-I, Science Club-I CPres.J "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." DIANA KAY HETRICK "PUSH Academic Library Club-Ig F.T.A.-2, 3, 4, G.s.C.-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y-'lg Student Council-4 CPres.Jg Thespians-2, 3, 4 lPres.jp Tiger Gazette-2, Neapollotans-2, J.V. Cheerleader-3, Sopho- more Class Vice Pres., National Honor Society- 3, 4 lSec.- Treas.D "To have a friend you must first be one." I8 LORRAIN E LEE GALLO "Lori" Academic Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Student Council-I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y-Ig F.H.A.- 'lf Neapollotans-2, 3, 47 G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tigerettes-I, 27 Freshman Class Vice Pres. "All must respect those who respect themselves." SHEILA DIANA GOEDICKI "Cinderella" General G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A,-3, 45 Neapollotans-2, 3, 4, F.H.A.-4 CVIce Pres. J, Tri-Hi-Y-'I "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, be- cause a lie hurts." HERBERT ROY GUNTHER r,Herbyr, Track-3 "Men of few words are the best m DOUGLAS LEE HARTIVIAN "Doug" Banol-I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 41 Che "Peace is the key of contentment." en." fs Club-4 Academic Academic RUTH ELIZABETH HOLLIS HRUTIWYH Commercial G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, F.H.A.-4 "It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice." MARILYN RUTH JORDAN HMGVIIYUI' Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, F.T.A,-2, 3, 4, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Band Governing Board-2, 3, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4 CArt Ed.J, National Honor Society-3, 4, G.S.C.-2, G.A.A.-3, 4 "A full and good life leaves naught to be desired." KATHRYN AMELIA KASTELIC "Kass" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I, 2, 4, F.H.A.-A "One may be humble out of pride." KRYSTAL KAY KENNEDY "Kris" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I, Library Club-l, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette'3, 4, Chorus- 2, 3, 4 "The highest grace of music flows from the heart." ROBERTA DIANE HILL "Bobbie" Commercial Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-I, F.H.A. "Fair words never hurt the tongue." ROBERT BUDD HOLBEN "Hobo" Academic Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society- 3, 4 "My honor is clearer to me than my life." JUDY LYNN KENNERDELL "-IUCIYH Academic National Honor Society-3, 4, F.T.A.-2, 3 lTreas.,, 4, Kiskitas- 3, 4 fSports Ecl.,, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.- 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-I, Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader-2, Varsity Cheerleader-3, 4, F.H.A.-I, Senior Executive Council-4 "A winner never quits, a quitter never wins." KEITH ALDEN KING "Kingie" Academic Chefs Club-4, Football-I, 2, Chorus-2, 3, 4 "Loudest voices spring from the smallest of stature." I9 SANDRA LEE KLINGENSMITH H5an0lY" Commercial Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-3 "Good deeds, good lives bring sure happiness." ROBERT THOMAS KLONOWSKI "KIe" Academic Chorus-3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Football-'I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball-2, Track-3, 4 "Victory goeth before and pride cometh after." JOHN ELLIS MOLLICK "Brier" Chefs Club-4 "Youth is wholly experimental." ROBERT LEE MORGAN "Beatty" Chefs Club-4 "Good humor is the health ofthe soul." 20 Commercial Commercial GRETCHEN ANNE KNEPSHIELD "Gretch" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I, Library club-1, 2, 3, 4, G.s.c.-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-4 "Give and you will receive, study and you will succeed." CLAUDIA EILEEN MARTIN "Claude" Academic jTri-Hi-Y-I fVice Pres.J, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Kiskifas-3, 4 CLit. Ed.J, Neapollotans-2, 3, J.V. Maiorettes-'I CCapt.J, Var- sity Maiorettes-2, 3, 4, Tigerettes-I, 2, 3, Student Council- I, 2, F.H.A.-I, Senior Executive Council-4, G.S.C.-2 "Life without laughter is like a lamp without a light." DIANA LYNN MILLER "Diane" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I CChaplainJ, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Chorus-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Class Treas.-2, 4 "I shall go softly all my years." THOMAS JOSEPH MISCIK "Rock" Academic Science Club-I, 2, Chefs Club-4, Student Council-4 "Neither rhyme nor reason." SUSAN MARY MCGAUGHEY "Susie" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4 IVice Pres.J, Kiskitas-3, 4, Student Council-2, National Honor Society-3, 4 "There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's ability." PAMELA JAYNE NELSON "Pam" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2, F.H.A.-l, G.s,c.-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Tigerettes-l, Tiger Gazette-2, 4, Neapollotans-2, 3, 4, Colorguard-4 "Where there's love there's happiness." WILLIAM FRANKLIN PAULY "WiId Bill" Academic Chefs Club-4 "The liberty of thought is the life of the soul." NELL PELLEGRINI Nellu Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2. ITre-as.,, Tiger Gazette-3, Kaskiiasz, 3, siudenf Council-2, 4 CSecretaryJ "Here's a dear and lndustrious friend." ROB ERTA CAROL MORGAN "Bert" Commercial Varsity Maiorettes-3, 4, Chorus-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-l, Library Club-l, Kiskitas-3, 4, G.S.C.-l, 2, G.A.A.- 3, 4, Freshman Class Secretary, Senior Executive Council "Life is what you make it." GLENNA LEE MORROW "Glenna" Commercial Student Council-l, Tri-Hi-Y-I CTreas.D, G.S.C.-l, 2, G.A.A.- 3, 4, Neapollotans-3, Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2: Color- guards-3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4, Senior Executive Council "To know how to wait is the great secret of success." f' if if gs. DOROTHY JEAN PESTER "Dot" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y-I CPres.J, Band Governing Board-1, 3, 4, J.V. Maior- ettes-I, Junior Chorus-I IPres.J, Tigerettes-'I, 2, 3, Band- l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Class President, Maiorette-2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, F.T,A.-2, Chorus-2, 3, 4 fVice Pres.J, Kiskitas-3, 4 IBusiness Managerl, Senior Class President "The gift of Gaiety may itself be the greatest good." JO LYNN PITT "Jo" Commercial senior Tri-Hi-Y-1, 3, 4, F.H.A.-4, F.N.A.-4 "We are never so happy nor never so unhappy as we im- agine." 2l JOHN JOSEPH POMPA "Ivan" Academic Science Club-I, Band-I, 2, Chorus-T, 2, 3, 4, Track-3, 4, Chefs Club-4 "A man of stride and a man of contentment." PATRICK LEWIS POSNEY "Pat" Academic Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Track-3, 4 "There is a time to speak and a time to keep silent." NANCY ANN SAXION "Saxy" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A.- l, 4 "So she thinketh in her heart, so she is." CLIFFORD SCOTT "Cliff" Commercial Varsity Club-3, 4, Football-I, 2, 3, 4, Track-3, 4 "The snail, which everywhere doth roam." 22 ROBERT JAMES RAINEY I "Bob" General "Not all with crimson heads have fiery tempersf' GARY LEE REARIC "Gan Bair" Commercial Varsity Club-3, 4, T-Club-3, 4, Football-I, 2, 3, 4 "The Lord helps those who help themselves." GARY ALLEN RISHER I "Rish" Academic I Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Proiection Club-2, 4, Chefs Club-4 "lf at first you clon't succeed, try, try again." IZETTA ELIZABETH ROBINSON "Princess" General Tri-Hi-Y-I, G.S.C.-l, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, F.H.A.-3, 4 qPres.,, tiger- ettes-I, 2, 3, Junior High Chorus-I l "In order to succeed you must always do your best." l I I ROBERT HENRY SHAFER Hsliafl' Academic Band-l, 2, Chorus-2, Student Council-1, 2, Radio Club-3, 4 CPres.l, Track-3, 4, Proiection Club-3, 4 fPres.D "Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be greater." VERNON EUGENE SHAFFER HTOUQUS Tied" Commercial "His fancy tricks make angels weep." JANET LYNN SHRIVER "Janet" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-1, G.S.C.-l, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Band-l, 2, 3, Tiger Ga- zette-2, 3, 4, Neapollotans-2, 3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4 iPhoto Ed.D, F.N.A.-4 "The greatest part of love is loving." GLENNA SUE SMITH "Sue" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-1, G.s.c.-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4 iPres.J, Kiskitas-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4 CEditorJ, Student Council-3 fTreas.l, Neapollotans-2, 3, National Honor Society-3, 4, Senior Class Vice Pres., Chorus-l, 2, 3, 4 iTreas.J "She has the two noblest things-sweetest and light." DARENE LOUISE SCOTT' "Darin" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, Neapollotans-1, Thespians- 2, 3, 4 CSec.l, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A.-2, Varsity Cheer- leader-3,4 "A smile is the key to friendship." NANCY LEE SFORZA "Nancy" Academic G.S.C.-'l, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4 "Modesty is virtue." EDWIN LEE SMOYER "Ed" Academic Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Student Council-3, Junior Class Pres., Chefs Club-4 "There is a great reward for those faithful and true." RONALD CLARK SMOYER "Cinny Bear" Academic Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Chefs Club-4, F.T.A.-3, 4 CTreas.J "A friend is the most valuable thing in the world." 23 SUSAN IRENE SPEER "SUS" Academic F.H.A.-I, J.V. Cheerleader-3, Neapollotans-3, 4, Tiger Gazette- 2, G.S.C.-I, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4 "Time is ofthe essence." JOYCE EILEEN STAHL "JOYCE" Commercial Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus-I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C.- I, 2, F.H.A.-4 "On her Tongue is the law of kindness." GERALD LYNN THOMPSON "Jerome" Football-1, 2, Basketball-'l, 2, Band-I, 2 "Of all the birds, the Robin is the fairest. WILLIAM CLYDE TOLAND "Bill" Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Track-3, F.T.A.-3, 4, Ht-Y-2 "And I have pledged to beat my drum." 24 if Academic Academic 1 I CAROL ANN STEWART HCBFOIH Commercial "Experience is the worId's best teacher, the wise do not need it." LINDA CAROL SWARTS HSWETTZYH Academic G.S.C.-I, 2 lPres.J, G.A.A.-3, 4, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council-2, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4, National Honor Society-3, 4 "Health is the quality of life that renders the individual fit to live most and serve best." ELIZABETH JEAN TAROSKY "BETTY" Academic Library Club-I, 2 CVice Pres.J, 3, CPres.I, 4 CSec.-Treas.J, Neapollotans-2, Thespians-3, 4, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society-3, 4 CVice Pres.l, G.S.C.-'l, 2, G.A.A.- 3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y-1 "No path of flowers leads to glory." DAVID EUGENE THOMAS "Dave" Academic Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Track-3 "Good nature is .stronger than words and wisdom." XLINDA KATHLEEN WENSCONIS in l l - . Executive Council sau., It Iv? "Lin" Commercial Tiger Gazette-3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4, Student Council-3, Senior A man's grasp must exceed his reach, or what is heaven for." ARLlE THOMAS WILLIAMSON "Art" Academic Varsity Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-1, 2, Chorus-2, 3, 4, Chefs Club-4 "He's a wonderful talker, who has the art of telling you nothing." JANET EILEEN WOODS "Jim" Academic Tri-Hi-Y-I fSec.l, G.S.C,-1, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Tiger Gazette-2, 3, 4, F.T.A.-2, 3, 4 CSec.D, J.V. Cheerleader-2, Varsity Cheerleader- 3, 4 CCapt.J, Chorus-2 "Truth is a beauteous thing." MARLENE ANTONIA WYSOCKI "Mimi" Commercial G.S.C.-T, 2, G.A.A.-3, 4, Library Club-T, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette-3 "What pleasure a simple life affords." ROBERT LESLIE ZIMMERMAN "Zimmie" Band-1, 2, 3, 4, Chefs Club-4 "To live long if is important to live slowly." SUSANNA ELIZABETH VISLEY "Pud" Tri-Hi-Y-2, G.S.C.-2, Tigerettes-'l, Chorus-2 "All grand thoughts come from the heart DAVID ALBERT VVENCKOVVSKI "Mouse" Basketball-T, 2, 3, 4, Football-l, 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas-3, 4, Track-3, 4, Chefs Club-4 Commercial fi Commercial Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, "Men, like bullets, go farthest when they, are smoOth." Commercial 25 9121614 GQSJ Being of sound mind and body, we, the graduating class hereby publish and declare this our last will and testament. Bob Zimmerman wills Bob Hicks all his study halls. Cindy Crissman leaves Apollo High to ioin Bill. To Mike Ross is left Robert Rainey's quietness. Elaine Bafik leaves second period gym class with the mumps. Larry Bopp leaves, but he is taking Carol with him. Bill Toland's bass drum is left to anyone with energy to carry it. Bonnie Frayer receives Darene Scotts giggles in cheer- leading. Susan McGaughey leaves the mess she made in art class to anyone willing to clean it up. Roberta Morgan leaves Elaine Fulton doing the "Mon- key." Bequeathed to Ray Zimmerman is Dave Thomas's saxophone. Bob Hicks receives Keith King's evil doings. Diana Hetrick's crazy laugh is given to Willie Roman. Connie Patterson and Barb Rearick are asked to share Linda Swarts's diseases and delusions from Health class. Dave Wenckowski leaves his athletic ability to his brother Chuck. Patty Foy's shower room water battles are left to anyone with soap and a towel. Frank Maietta is willed Larry Faber's bowling ball. Barb Eckman leaves the fun of doing shorthand home- work to new commercial students. Steve Delledonne leaves Russian class in "peace." Tony Cordera's troubles with Mr. Afanesko are left to anyone who doesn't have a notebook. Carol Cline wills her curly hair to Lonnie Radebach. John Columbus receives Denny Clever's long walks up Oak Hill. Dave Batistig's bowling ability is willed to Ron "Babe" Orlowski. Doug Hartman leaves his sour notes in band to any- one who can play them right. Bequeathed to Becky Hoff are Kris Kennedy's chorus robe and folder. Ed Tomicek receives Kle Klonowski's ability to have fun without half trying. 26 If J 1964 of 1964, realizing the great challenge before us, do Gary Rearic wills his quarterback position to Gary Davis. Carol Stewart leaves the fun she had in A.H.S. to any underclassman. Sue Visley's quiet nature is left to the Juniors who have tempers. All the wealthy underclassmen are willed Bob Sha- fer's bill for broken Chemistry equipment. Cliff Scott bequeaths Jim "Fox" Nelson his two front teeth. Take your pick, underclaissmen, John Pompa and Denny Coulter leave it upto you. Tom Miscik's iokes are left to anyone who can figure them out. Bob Holben leaves his guitar and sun glasses to Cree Fetterman, hoping they will help him get his wish be- fore graduation. Walter Goedicki receives Sheila Goedicki's seat in P. O. D. class. Joyce Stahl's place as first trombone is left to anyone who can fill it. Linda Wensconis leaves her conferences with Mrs. Boyd to next year's student secretaries. The problems as T. G. editor are left to next year's editor by Sue Smith. Pam Fulton receives Pam Nelson's doll house and baby dolls. Gary Risher leaves still carrying his gym bag. Betty Tarosky's dusty band shoes are left to Linda Gibbons. Bill Pauly wills the Russian language a new alphabet. Bob Morgan leaves second period study hall still talking. Miss Johnson's first aid kit receives all of Gretchen Knepshield's elastic bandages. Bequeathed to Melanie Shade is Karen Fennell's nickname "Curly." Bunny Clark adds the problems of Kiskitas to Keith Fetterman's list of worries. Jim Ferguson's parking space behind the church is left to his cousin Glenn. Willed to Linda Bence are Nancy Sforza's quiet ways. Sue Austin's seat in Mrs. Boyd's homeroom is left to anyone who wants it. Art Williamson leaves all the high school teachers with a little less trouble. Roger Bush departs still saying, "Mr, Clark, I don't believe it!" Future band members receive all Pat Posney's riots in in the band bus. The fun lzetta Robinson had in her Senior year is willed to any friend looking for happiness. John Mollick leaves with a new way to spell his last name. Diane Miller's sister Patty receives her long walks home at lunchtime. Jo Lynn Pitt leaves her selling ability to any 1965 Senior who has the energy to match it. Denny Delledonne receives Eugene Baylor's fun in Apollo. Willed to his brother Bob is Bill Henry's ability to al- ways annoy A. H. S. teachers. Lorraine Gallo wills her neatest appearance to Jane Walton. Herby Gunther wills the mile run in track to anyone who would want it. Ron Fulton leaves the lunch stand with coffee stains on his hands. Nancy Saxion's singing ability is left to anyone wish- ing to practice hard. Jerry Thompson leaves Robin in A. H. S., hoping that she'll be good. Claudia Martin's lighted baton is left to anyone who can afford batteries. Ron Smoyer's good times with Mr. Afanesko are willed to Norma Hunter. Susan Speer's and Janet Woods's late slips are be- queathed to anyone as slow as they are. N To Cree Fetterman goes Sam Blystone's nickname Rang-o-Tang." Donald Cloud's good luck with sports is given to his little brother Gary. Roberta Hill's place in choir is left to Peggy Valco. Marilyn Jordan leaves Laura Jane Davis hunting for their band music. Ed Smoyer's fun on the band bus is left to Len Shell- hammer. Given to Linda Bence is Dot Pester's wit, which was left to her by Bonnie Black. Bob Elwood receives Vernon Shaffer's ability to "drive" cars. Gloria Vetro is willed Kass Kastelic's talent to get caught talking in class. Left to Sue Swartz are all Judy KennedelI's extracur- ricular activities. Sandy Klingensmith's long walks up Second Street are left to her sister Barb. Patty Devers's alto position in sextet and long hours of practice are bequeathed to Nancy Long. Marlene Dubas's quietness is willed to Toni Giunta. Russ Anthony receives Ken Eckman's height. Glenna Morrow leaves all her fun as a colorguard to Carol Gradwell. All Janet Shriver's fun with boys and dates are left to Linda Shoop. Marlene Wysocki's stool in typing class is left to anyone with short legs. Sandie Clark leaves still measuring candy in the five and ten cent store. Nell Pellegrini leaves still trying to pass the short- hand test. Carol Crow leaves saying, "Oh, John!" OFFICERS ll. to r.J: Dot Pester lPres.l, Bunny Clark fSec.D, Sue Smith QV. Pres.J, Diana Miller CTreas.J. 27 6121014 MOST TALENTED: Marilyn Jordan, Ron Smoyer MOST ATHLETIC: Linda Swaris, Gary Rearic WITTIEST: Glenna Morrow, Tony Cordera MOST COURTEOU51 BUNNY Clark, Ed 5m0Yel' Kama rv- MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY: Dot Pester, Gary Rearic Tens O12 affzes I!! BEST DANCERS: Glenna Morrow, Don Cloud MOST BASHFUL: Herbert Guenther Marlene Dubas Nun x ,.,,, , 5 'K...... , lx NEATEST APPEARANCE: David wenckowski, Lorraine Gallo BEST BUILDI Gary Rwic, Karen Fermell 4' , MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Bunny Clark, Ron Smoyer ? 7 , . QSXUQQJQX G0 an Cz' As the visible signs of autumn signal The approach of another school term, one of the first A.H.S. organizations to begin its year's work is the Student Council. Throughout The seasons This able group of students leads us and protects our interests. This governmental body has one chief obiective which is to establish good governmental standards within the school. Stimulating school in- terest, promoting good fellowship between students and teachers, and assisting students in their quest tor added knowledge are also objectives which The Student Council strives to achieve. Just as the leaves of autumn symbolize this colorful season, so does the Student Council symbolize the ideals of Apollo High. Its members, chosen by the student body which they so expertly represent, strive for school progress and advancement. THIRD ROW CL to RD Mr. Cuica, B. Loase, J. Gregg, S. Reighenbaugh, L. Radebach, L. Doverspike, L. Hetrick, D. Hetrick lPresI A Williamson SECOND ROW J Bicego, T. Faber, P. Foy, N. Pellegrini CSec.J, D. Rebanski, S. Ross, K. Fennell CV. Pres.J, J. Hunter FIRST ROW J Walton L Harkcom S Swarts S McGaughey, S. Speer, T. Miscik, R. Alberts, W. Roman lTreas.J. Running on To Victory! Last minute conference, i Look out below! First and ten. -ii i Ready, SeT,gGo! BUT they gave if to ME! A1 I 763 C5 zzcceayfczf I , . ,ii E . A :avwz A-wma., , 'M ' , if W., xwy N ,IVL gf Y-in-Wav .. a 4 32 I J i I ROW i, I. to r.: J. Coulter, C. Scott, J. Stankus, B. Buchner, R. Klonowski, D. Coulter, G. Rearic. I ROW 2, l. to r.: D. Schrecengost, C. Bonello, T, Faber, B. Schrecengost, A. Claypoole, R. Guido, D. Tressler, B. Bowser, L. Bielik. I ROW 3, l. to r.: M. Silvis, E. Newton, J. Barclay, Nl, Fulton, T. Dunmire, T. Held, G. Davis, J. Dixon. I I Success and fame once again resulted from the efforts of our '63 Tigers. Under the skillful coaching direction of Nlr. Vangrin and Mr. Bonello, the Tigers of A.H.S. prepared for their goal-the Class B Championship. Although their defeat by Traf- ford destroyed all hopes of achieving this goal, the Tigers clawed back and proved their ability in all rivalry games. Thousands of fans viewed the powerful home team again this season in their quest for victory. Dale Schrecengost, Trainer, Joseph Vangrin and Charles Bonello, Coaches. -lolm McDowell zyezis 4 A. Williamson, D, Clever, R. Fouse, J. Furguson, D. Buchner, D. Cloud, J. McDowell. J. Nelson, E. Spang, D, WaTTerson, D, Reigh, J. Columbus, B. Dixon, R. Albert, Mr. Vangrin, D. Stefanick, T. Beamer, R. KasTelic, C. Crissman, R. Stefaniclc, T. Miller, M. Newton. A successful season does noT iusT happen, The co-operaTion of The Te-ann, The coaches, The sTudenT body, and The Town are needed. This year everyone did Their parT. The i964 KiskiTas STaTT and The enTire sTudenT body feel ThaT he-arTy congraTu- laTions are in order and hope Thar nexT year's Team will be as successful. CONGRATULATIGNS, TlGERSl . ,,, - -T W v y, A K rw A 7 is 'Q . . y Ralph Fouse STANDING, l. To r,: J. Lamanna, G. Bella, B. Klingensmilh. KNEELING, l, To r.: D. Grinder, R. Bella, J. Claypoole, bl 9121614 zyefs DENNIS CLFVER, Left Guard JIM FERGUSON, Right Tackle CLIFFORD scoTT, End DON CLOUD, Right Halfback BOB KLONOWSKI, Righf Guard DAVE WENCKOWSKI, End DENNIS COULTER, End, Tackie GARY REARIC, Quarterback ART WILLIAMSON, I-eff Halfback Uzbfory fbi' Jyers APOLLO 25 SALTSBURG 12 The Apollo Tigers started their 1963 campaign by defeating the Saltsburg Troians on the opponent's field. The team showed power and form when Jim Stankus, Don Cloud, and David Wenckowski added the 'rallies for the first Tiger victory. APOLLO 20 FRANKLIN 12 Although Franklin led 6-O at halftime, the Tigers came back strong in the second half to beat Class A - Franklin. Jim Stankus scored the first touchdown, driv- ing over from the ten yard line. The fine passing of Gary Rearuc led to two more touchdowns when Bob Buchner crossed the goal line. Franklin added anofther tally to make the final score 20-12. APOLLO 12 TRAFFORD 20 Although the Tomahawks knocked the Tigers out of Class B running, they did not hinder the spirit of the team. The Tigers scored in the second period on Gary Rearic's one yard plunge tieing the score 6-6. Again the Tomahawks went ahead only to find Art William- son getting a touchdown. Trafford scored again in the last few minutes of play. APOLLO 27 EAST DEER 14 The trip to East Deer proved to be the third victory of the season, but a little expensive as Dave Wenckow- ski suffered a broken arm. Before his injury Dave completed a 63 yard pass from Gary Rearic to score the first Tiger touchdown. Jim Stankus sent the Tigers ahead only to find the Bucks tieing the score. Tiger determination was shown when Don Cloud and Art Williamson added two more touchdowns. APOLLO O LEECHBURG 12 In the game against Leechburg, Apollo did a real good iob both offensively and defensively. Although handicapped by iniuries, the Tigers proved tough as they kept Leechburg's score to 12. APOLLO 18 WASHINGTON TWP. 6 Warm October night, tremendous crowd, and a wonderful victory was the scene at the rival game. The Raiders scored only one touchdown. They were no match for the Tigers when Jim Stankus made two touchdowns of 11 and 8 yards. Art Williamson widen- ed the margin by his one yard plunge for the touch- down ending the game 18-6. APOLLO 24 ELDERS RIDGE 13 Apollo Tigers played host to Elders Ridge only to stun them with a 24-13 victory and to show that Par- CO-CAPTAINS: Gary Rearic, Art Williamson ents' Night was well enioyed by all. Denny Coulter scored the first touchdown, intercepting an Elders Ridge pass and running 20 yards. Gary Rearic complet- ed a pass to Bob Buchner for the second score. Apollo completed the scoring with touchdowns by Art Will- iamson and Bob Buchner. APOLLO 33 SHANNOCK VALLEY 7 Again the Tigers proved to be the tops as they de- feated Shannock Valley. Art Williamson scored on a two yard run, also on a 33 yard pass from Junior quarterback Gary Davis. Art added a third score by completion of a sensational 87 yard run. Jim Stankus and Gary Rearic made 6 and 12 yard run touchdowns respectively. APOLLO 26 SOUTH HUNTINGTON 7 The Apollo Tigers completed another successful sea- son in good style by their victory over South Hunting- ton. Art Williamson scored on a 6 yard run. Gary Rearic marked the second tally with his 6 yard quar- terback keep. Art Williamson and Jim Stankus made a touchdown each. Senior day was celebrated as a pre- lude to this, the final football game for the class of 1964. 35 6596i W' y xg gi fe Ax i 9 if '2' if f Aa Ki L. to r.: N. Watterson, J. Kennerdell, K. Fennell, J. Woods, B. Frayer, D. Scotf. JANET WOODS-Captain KAREN FENNELL JUDY KENNERDELL DARENE SCOTT QGOQFS KNEELING: N. Long. STANDING: L. Kosicek, S. Walker, S. Reichen- baugh. The cheerleaders begin Their work early. During The monThs of July and AugusT They could be seen practicing on The school lavvn. They worked hard perTecTing each cheer, planning pep assemblies, ancl geTTing ready for fooTball and baskeTball games. They earned money To buy new orange and black pom-poms for fooTball and baskeTball games. AfTer school sTarTed, The cheerleaders puT up posTers in The halls, ran To pracTices, sold lineups aT TooTball games, and cheered Their hardesT aT The TooTball and bas- keTball games. They served Their purpose: keeping up The morale of The Team, creaTing sporTsmanship, and acTing as hosTesses To oTher schools. Our cheerleaders always Try To be smiling and peppy. We feel The cheerleaders deserve a loT of credir, and we appreciafe Them for sup- porTing our Team. 912151 As leaves turn and drift to the ground, on marches the Apollo Area High School Band. Under the direction of Miss Lois Snyder, our band, led by the maiorettes and colorguards, provides colorful pre-game and half-time entertainment during the football season. Money-making proiects to finance their expenses include the Mid- Winter Festival, the Spring Concert, and bake sales. Each year awards are provided for the band members according to the length of their membership in the banol. Second year members receive band keys, third year members are awarded letters, and all seniors receive blazors or jackets. STANDING CL. to RJ: B, Rearick, S. Swarts, D. Notty, T. Toland, M, Young, L, Shellhammer, L. Sowers, N, Pellegrini, P. Posney, L. Wilson, G Fouse, L. Swarts, M. Newton, B. Toland. LEFT SECTlON: L. Goeolicke, C. Quillen, M. Crow, M. Morrow, V. Valco, D. Vaughn, G. Grady, B. Graden B. Knepshield, J. Gregg, S. Davis, K, Kerr, B. Loase, P. Miller, J. Moats, R. Bee, J. Litz, L. Bence, B. Tarosky, D. Hartman, L. Harkcom, J. Wilson, S Roselle, L. Cordera. FRONT SECTION: M Jordan, L. Davis, B. DeVilling, S. Yohe, M. Davis, C. Elwood, B. Beamer, P. Gallagher, J. Hunter, C I J 5 5 Jan The Mid-Winter Festival, sponsored by the band and the chorus, was held in February. The theme of the concert was "Route 66." ln addition to the choral and instrumental music, a Karote Demonstrator was present. Members of the band are also selected to participate in higher level bands. This year Apollo's band sent delegates to Honors Band, District Band, County Band, Regional Band, and State Band. So it's hats oft to the talented members of our Senior Band and Orchestra! Patterson, R. Rupert, S. Swank, M. Shaeffer, J. Bier, B. Jackson, B. Notty, R. Smoyer, G. Morrow, M. Ross, J. Stahl, G. Harkcom, D. Adams Black, B. Black, P. DiFillipo. RIGHT SECTION: L Gibbons, D. Thomas, R. Zimmerman, B. Tomicek, B. Holben, P. DiFillipo, K. Martin, S. Held, K Fetterrnan, B. Zimmerman, D. Baker, E. Smoyer, G. Risher, R. Walker, T. McIauley, K. Bracken, D. Ross, R. Shellhammer, B. Burns, M. Silvis. Wqbre ffes KNEELING, I. To r.: R. Morgan, D. Pester, C. Martin. STANDING, I. to r.: J. Walton, P. Devers, C. Williams, B. Sfevvarf, S. Mobley. KNEELING IN FRONT: J. Wilson, Mascot. Big' DOROTHY PESTER, Head Magorene JUDY WILSON, Mascof PATTY DEVERS CLAUDIA MARTIN ROBERTA MORGAN ,Z Wqbreffes CL. To RJ: L. Shoop, B. McMillen, C. Kridler, K. Kinter, B. STenneTT, S. Speer, E. DeVilling. As The dazzling brilliancy of auTumn dominaTes This Time of year, we find our VarsiTy MaioreTTes adding color and exciTemenT To The foorball field. These "high sTeppers" are a worThy addition To The playing field. ThroughouT The school year, we find -our NlaioreTTes performing in pep assemblies and parTicipaTing in local parades. Much of Their summer vacaTion is dedicaTed To hard work andmany hours of perfecTing Their skills. We musT not forgef The Junior VarsiTy MaioreTTes who also work hard and long in pracTice sessions. This group of marchers is given The opporTuniTy To perform aT one fooTball game a season and in The Memorial Day Parade. We wish Them much success in their fuTure ambifion To become VarsiTy MaioreTTes. 630614 Quarag Serving a most imporTanT funcTion are The able leaders of our band, The Colorguards. IT is Their duTy To bear and proTecT The flag of our school, as well as The flag of our naTion. .A+ s I G. Morrow, C. Gradwell, P. FulTon, P. Nelson fs gafjufns fo . Student body rises for the Alma Mater. Company - - half! Pork is SUPPOSED to be working! Pep Assembly fite songs. Look at that fancy footwork! A.H.S. is proud of its new mascot F' nf 5 1 ,P 'fl 5 y .M-'W -f7'ff-fn5f'k:. ' 2, ,. X -' I- ' 2:gz'H"-1,1,gg5,gi,-f K " ' ff - ,-I-,3 A A fi m, w.,,w I, 5-V ' , , W K ,- ,W,v.,w . M ... kk Ui . . . ' wb f- mf, 1 - r , . M . . if M , U , , ' ..,Ta1a211,a. , " 'Mix -' ' M vi- WW ,I ,Nw K 1 I yi ,M 'fn ffjgggyrg , , - L, Jig . I J .Q,,V H V I . V' ,,,,,,ff 43 111210119 1 5' .Q .. . 'L-21:1 - ass' 'I as ze V rf.. NXKW. -01.1611 5 H 1' T ... WW lx 2 lf " Sl! 'A- it eager - . - J ' -' 'wwf' 5 ' ' 5 ' " . 3-Sw W. Beck G. Bella R. Albert J. Ameno R. Anthony L. Bash R. Berry .2 11. R. Buchner E. Black D, Blystone V. Blystone R. Bopp M. Brennan L. Casalini W. Claypoole J. Columbus D. Cooper 4 Sisiirl. - J R Picture " L gg -'nf'l,,,f"" of Not A A L.. - Avanlable , - ' . - V 'ie -we f ar l R 19 D. Coulter S. Coulter J. Dagan G. Davis L. Davis R. Davis G. Dawkins -'MIM-r" f J ' Pa. E. Dezich P. DiFilippo L. Doverspike R. Elwood C. Erwin E. Faber ' - Mr -f' 'A E : 555351512 ,K if C. Fetterman K. Fetterman G. Fouse R. Fouse L. Frampton B. Frayer 44 .K .Q ,..,,. r 3 Picture Not Available L. Bence B. Brink W J. Coulter l D. DeVilling L. Fairman ' ,r : . ,D S y 5 Eff"-all g.., , . ti-r i -fg r L fi E. Fulton .Q R da. P. Fulton T. Giunta W. Goeolicke C, Gradwell J, Harkqom 54 Held R. Hicks D. Hileman J. Hunter C. Jackson R. Jackson W. Jackson K. JaraCY D. Johns l in W by I 1 Q-.Kyiv Xl A: 1 E. Kaminski S. Kiebler B,KIlngensmitl1 J. Larnanna R. Lamanna M. LENS G- Lasher I psi- QQV W sb ...S Tk.. 5 H . . S, Livengood N. Long R. Magness J. McDowell K. Martin A. Matarrese C. Miller up ' ,y- .i mf' Y Xa, . , Z.. - "'.. 1 ' -. fi X V ' ' . J, :j.. .V , ffp gh. J ..,. .,,, J ' f , VK' A f I Qi., L l, ky.. Y r .ff in I P. Miller R. Miller D. Misner S. Mobley C. Morgan L. Morgan G. Morrow .X Q f 5 R. Orlowski K. Page C. Patterson N. Pellegrint J. Phillips D, Poydence D. Puflke R. Rearick V. Quillen L. Radebach B, Ramon D. Rearic mg . Kew W. Roman S. Roselle M. Ross 'Q - -ff Picture I A .. . , Not . --i f f , Available 'gi' 9, P. Sawyer A. Schrecengost C' Shaeffer S. Sheplar L. Shriver K. Shupe P. Shupe K. Snyder Nl. Sorokas t,-wi! ' Ls . 'ul Picture i . ll i of N.. A 9 . V Available B. Taylor D. Thompson G. Vetro D. Walker K .512 J. Stankus fir ' S i Y h 'ek xSx , . , . S ,Q , my X at . l , E. Tomicek . . .sf vvlks.. . . yi! -143 1 1 S2 C. Stewart H. Stitt EL. D. Reese 5 S U 2 E. Sforza ,C 9+ . -1' v T: 4 if . . Je of mf- E. Smith -3. l s S G. Robinson M. Shade 5 ,f fl, W J . gk: . :,. .E W Q! S. Smith V..- F. Stoughton S. Swarts J. Tressler R. Trozzi R. Valco Ha D. Varner " I ' f GN' .-f, -'-f . . ...-. . . . 4L:2.f-1:f'.:-- , P -'fi' ""' I X Eiii gg z d -ffzl. Vigil' V YQ ff' " W fb LWQ Vi SL' Jag .AL S Q was if-mf i?fqs.'.:::?f' J. Walker R. Walker J. Walton N. Watterson C. Wenckowski W I ma - Vi Q af' dv l 492, , I J. Wl'1lTBCI'6 C, Williams I -V,: fx C. Williams D.W1lmOnf J Wllmont B Wysockx '.'1mi2i?4i4. 3 -- 3' 455:23- - . Q lf .5 Q J Q aa "' 41 f r R. Zimmerman OFFICERS CL. To RJ: A. .Mafarrese fTreas.j, L. Doverspike CASS? Treasl S Held CPresJ NOT SHOWN L. Morgan CV Pres.J, S. Svvarfs CSec.J. zyefs ymprooe 122 763-764 CL, To RJ: D, Reigh, B. Page, G. Rearic, D. Buchner, K. Page, D. CoulTer, G. Robinson, J. Stankus, G. Davis, D. Cloud, C, Wenckowski. The Tigers ended The '63-'64 season in a Tie for TiTTh place, winning Tour games and losing eighT. Their overall record Tor The season was eighT wins and Twelve losses, They deTeaTed VVashingTon Twp., DayTon, ElderTon, and SalTsburg. The highlighT garne of The season was The 59-56 vicTory over DayTon, who laTer became The SeCTion T3-B champions. The Tigers showed a loT of spiriT and Team eTTorT This year. They were led by co-capTains, Gary Rearic and Denny CoulTer, and leading scorer, Gary Davis. 48 QL. To RJ: G, Rearic, Roben' Grosch-Coach, D. Coulfer. enzbr Qtfeffers Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo D. CLOUD D. couusre fca-Capfainy G- REARIC ICQ-fapfainp VARSITY SCORES East Deer E West Deer Worthington ooo,oooo,ooo Freeport W East Deer oooooo ..,oooo Leechburg ..,,... West Deer ..oooo.ooooooo Shannock Valley Washington Twp. Elderton ,,o.,,o , ,,,,, , ,,,, , Elders Ridge .......,,. Saltsburg ,,,,o E, Dayton ,,..o,o East Brady ,,,,,,A, Shannock Valley Washington Twp Elderton oooooooo,s,,,-,aaa Elders Ridge .,,..,o,,. Saltslou rg ,,,,o., Dayton ae,. Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo SCORES East Deer E West Deer Worthington ,,oo, Freeport a,,.A,o, East Deer .,,,a, Leechburg -, West Deer ..oooo,o Shannock Valley Washington Twp Elderton .,,,,,,,,,,, Elders Ridge ,.,o Saltsburg Dayton ,,,,o,, , East Brady ,o,o,.,, Shannock Valley Washington Twp Elderton a,oooooooo,, Elders Ridge ,,.. Saltsburg ,, ,,s,, A Dayton ,,o,o, yjrzyff .fpfospecfsfgr .7103 QL. to RJ: J. Dixon, D. Baker, D. Buchner, D. Householder, D. Dry, L. Bielek, M. Fulton, D. Vittone, B. Page, D. Reigh, D. Hetferrna During the basketball season the Junior Varsity achieved considerable rec- ognition. Their constant Teamwork and fighting spirit proved predominant as they ended the season with an overall record of fourteen wins and six losses. The squads of next year will benefit from the experience of this year's tearn. 50 CL. To RJ: D. Grinder, Charles Bonello-Coach, L. Sowers, W. Beck. f' A J 52 lT 3 EXECUTIVE STAFF CL. to r.J: S. Yohe CAssistant Editorlg S. Clark CBusiness Editorjp S. Smith IEdifor-in-Chiefjp Mrs. Boyd. ADVERTISING STAFF THIRD ROW II. to r.J: C. Crow, B. Rearic, P. Moore, B. Shellhammer, S. Hicks. SEC OND ROW: J. Kennerdell, P. Devers, B. Burns, M. Shade, C. Uptegraph. FIRST ROW L. Harkcom, L. Pozzani, J. Wilson, A. Plazio. CIRCULATION STAFF THIRD ROW CI. to r.J: J. Altmire, J. Shriver, M. Jordan, D. Miller, G. Knepshield, L. Kosicek, R. Morgan, C. Cline, L. Gallo, M. Shaffer, S. Walker, L. Radebach, B. Stewart. SECOND ROW: P. Valco, M. Brennen, L. Mor- gan, L. Doverspike, S. Austin, B. Brink. FIRST ROW: B. Divilling, P. Nelson, D. Varner, L. Frampton. NEWS TYPING FOURTH Row il. to rg: c. wallieme, c. Miller, L. Shriver, T. creme, SECOND ROW U- to r-lr E. Batik, k. Kennedy, D. pester, D. Miller C. Morgan. THIRD ROW: C. Martin, S. Coulter, J. Gregg, M. Brayshaw, FIRST ROW: D' scoff' S' Clark' G- Knepshield- K. Felton, J. Phillips. SECOND ROW: M. Jordan, D. Coulter, L. Mellin- ger, B. Crosby, S. Davis, J. Montali. FIRST ROW: L. Bence. zyer az effe Unlike many of the other students, the members of the Tiger Gazette are glad to see the arrival of the snow and cold weather, for they know that with it comes their annual Christmas Party forthe underprivileged children ofthe area. The Student Body is kept well informed of all the happenings in and around school by this monthly newspaper published by this organization, which is under the direction of Mrs. Boyd. Here all the students take advantage ot their opportunities to spy and tattle on each other. No well-informed gossiper would ever dream of missing an issue. FEATURE SPORTS SECOND ROW CI, to rg, P, Foy, J, Woods, L, Casaling, C. Williams, CL. to r.J B. Elwood, C. Erwin, K. Fennell. B. Brink, S. Speer, C. Stewart. FIRST ROW: M. Rossi, M. Crow, S. Mobley, B. Clark, A. Matarrese. 53 7 Gfrzkfm as fjjdf? y Waning for Sfmfa T0 arrive- And Dad said I was Too young for my own car Oh,Yh5"1k YOU, 5-ima! What have we here? :HMM 3 Look what Santa has for you! The big f1iQhTiS almost over. esfozkzns Be it snovv, blizzard, or sub-zero temperatures, one can always count on the Thespians to present enioyable performances and at the same time to promote an interest in dramatics by displaying the abilities that they themselves possess. One of the main activities of this selective dramatic group is the initiation ot Neapollotans who have earned the ten points necessary tor membership into the Thespians. Proud are they of their motto: "Act vvell your part, there all the honor lies." RD ROW KL. to RJ: M. Ross, J. Wilmot, B. Davis, L. Faber, T. Miscilc, T. Cerdera. SECOND ROW: Miss Jerko CAdvisorj, D. Hetrick CPres L Bence Ureasj, D. Scott QSec.j, S. Yohe, Mrs. Lear Uldvisorl. FIRST ROW: J, Walton CV. Presb, G. Vetro, B, Tarosky, Nl. Brennan. 7 eapokfans The Neapollotans consist of Talented young actors and actresses as- piring to see their names in lights. No doubt many of them will see Their dream materialize. A successful dance, a potato chip sale, and bake sales have added funds to Their Treasury. Had it not been for The assistance of The Neapollotans, "No Time For SergeanTs" would not have been the great success that iT was. Old Man Winter can do his best, but he can't seem to freeze The spirits of these beginners. Although covered with ice and snow, Apollo High will always shine brightly and warmly with The Neapollotans at work. FOURTH ROW KL. to RJ: N. Hunter, P. Nelson, D, Ferrier, M. Brayshaw, D. Vittone, T. Beamer, R. Fulton, D. Householder, L. Hetrick, C. Williams, K. Bracken, L. Sho-op, L. Barker. THIRD ROW: J. Walker, S. Davis, K. Kinter, L. Frampton, P. Foy, J. Biers, S. Roselle, J. Morgan, C. Rearic, C. Kridler, K. Kerr, E. DeVilling, SECOND ROW: Mrs Lear CAclvisorJ, B. Stewart, L. Kosicek, B. Stennett, S. Kuhns, L. Radebach, B. Hoff, S. Goedicke, S. Speer, B. Loase, C. Uptegraph, G. Marks, Miss Jerko fAdvisorJ. FIRST ROW: R. Anthony, C. Anthony, B. McMillen, J. Montali, A. Matarrese tPres.J, J. Altmire, S. Hicks, D. Bliss, E. Fulton, N. Scott CSec.D, K. Felton, B. DeVilling. MQ ,lo Zine or ezyeanfsv Drafted! Roll call CAST Will Stockdale , 7 . Tony Cordera Ben Whitledge , 77, ,, Mike Ross Sergeant King 7 7 e,,o Barry Davis General Bush 7 ,,.. 7Larry Faber Pa Stockdale 77 ,,,, Vince Maietta Irvin Blanchard 7 Tom Miscik General Bush ,,,,,,,, Larry Faber Psychiatrist 7 Bob Klonovvski Colonel 7 ,,,,, Ron Fulton Captain 7 ,,,,, 7 7 Bob Buchner Lt. Bridges 777777 Geoffrey Litz Lt. Gardella 77777777 Charles Woods Lt. Kendall 7 777777 Jerry Thompson Lt. Cover 7777 77777 D avid Snyder Lt. Abel 777777777 7777 D avid Rearic Many Others But, it's MINE! Which way did he go? 7 7 Oh, no!! HaLd.a1Jmaf f-a.fJ-A si--- 1 2 s RE' K r K is 5 v xgkgsfffflz. A , V -.f 'fisse1Qsz2MK' gifsisggi? -: WE?-fzA:5 ,H i E. -ww 5.. if Q .fem M ffA..S-Qgfwa Q 24 1: .f H23 ' jigzg S iiifzg., 1 i 1 L ' lCfYiz4'H-if . K 3? 'SQ gk. VV Sv . My , + 5, W' 1? ' , W ,ya 34 c . 5 f T Q A A W I , l, 14 4: W5 21' A W ,iw dj 1' S f iggig g . - 1 i,,A.iA? 'qu 2 Q 15 -wa. ' Lwfig ' t Q 3. ik? ,? 834516171612 F . -W 'K I? f' K , J , .,L7,,f , , Q if 'X l've go? iT'??? 5 1 X Q I was ,.k. 'Ten1Ion! United we siandg divided we fall. nf i Hold TPVGT P0591 BOYS! Go! Chicken Faf, Go! 'I I FIFTH ROW CL. to RJ: E. Batik, L. Harkcom, J. Walton, P. Nelson, J. Woods lSec.-Treas.J, C. Williams, I. Robinson, C. Patterson, L. Shriver, G Morrow, P. Fulton, S. Clark. FOURTH ROW: B. Frayer, G. Knepshield, V. Quillen, M. Jordan, L. Gallo, L. Bence, D. Varner, T. Guinta, N. Saxion R. Hill, S. Austin. THIRD ROW: L. Doverspike, S. Mobley, S. Roselle, S. Held lPt. Rec.j, E. Fulton, D. Scott, J. Kennerdell, S. Visley, K. Fennell B. Tarosky, M. Dubas, C. Erwin. SECOND ROW: L. Davis, L. Swarts, S. Swarts, K. Kastellic, J. Shriver, L. Radebach, S. Smith lPres.j, C. Cline, M Shade, B. Rearick, D. Coulter. FIRST ROW: R. Walker, J. Hunter, B. Eckman, R. Morgan, N. Pellegrini, M. Brennan, C. Gradwell, D. Hetrick, D Miller, M. Wysocki, B. Taylor, N. Long. 97 N. While painting his frosty pictures on the high school windows, Jack Frost no doubt takes advantage ot his opportunity and watches a gym full of girls, members of the Girls' Athletic Association, in their attempts to master the arts ot playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. Soon it's time to brush up on their tumbling, tap dancing, marching, modern dancing, and free hand drills in preparation for the gym exhibition. All ot this, they accomplish under the supervision of Miss Johnson. Points are earned by selling candy at home basketball games, and by par- ticipating in the gym exhibition and various sports. These points merit them awards in the form of blouses, A's, sweatshirts, and pins tor the highest num- ber earned. 60 SIXTH ROW CL. to RJ: L. Kosicek, M. Mitchell, S. Grimm, L. Shoop, J. Wilson, M. Brayshaw, K. Bracken, S. Ross, M. Shaeffer, L. Pozzani, A. Plazio CTreas.I, C. Elwood, B. Burns, D. Ferrier, N. Hunter. FIFTH ROW: 5. Davis, J. Morgan, P. Blystone, D. Aikens, K. Smith, L. Hilty, C. Jackson fPres.J, C. Uptegraph, C. Baker, L. Barker, C. Kridler, J. Bier C. Rearic, S. Speer lSec.J. FOURTH ROW: C. Poydence, K. Kerr, K. Kinter, F. Peace, S. Hicks, G. Marks, L. Gibbons, B. Beamer, B. Loase, R. Witacher, C. Lamanna, E. DeVilling, B. Hoff, S. Baustert, E. Poydence. THIRD ROW: S. Reighenbaugh, S. Watterson, 5. Walker, J. Walker, B. Stennett, C. Baustert, V. Hill, P. Gallagher, I. Stiffey, S. Kuhns, J. Sefts, P. Lukehart, N. Scott, B. Aungst, D. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: S. McGuire, L. Baker, J. Montali, D, Ferrier, C. Quillen, K. Wysocki, J. Altmire, L. Riggle, S. Swank, G. Sefts, D. Bliss, K. Coffman, D. Rudari, B. Plazio, L. Kerr, M. Kolek. FIRST ROW: L. Goedicke, B. Tresse, J. Gregg, M. Davis, K. Felton, M. Crow, B. McMillen, L. Nale, K. Frayer, D. St. Peter, R. Doverspike, C. Anthony, B. DeVilling, B. Crosby, L. Colianne. 95.6 Winter provides a time for activity indoors as well as out. One of the organizations which takes advantage of this is the Girls' Sports Association. Comprised of interested Freshman and Sophomore girls, the club meets every Thursday night in the high school gym. Under the sponsorship of Miss John- son, the members find enjoyment while developing sportsmanship and leader- ship qualities. The first part of the year is spent in playing volleyball. The girls participate in pick-up teams, class teams, and co-recreational teams. The highlight is a "Volleyball Night" in which teams from our school as well as various other schools participate. After volleyball many long hours are spent practicing for the annual gym exhibition, which consists of tumbling, dancing, and marching drills. The rest of the year is spent playing basketball. A Point System is used for earning awards. A certain number of points are given for being an officer or a captain, for participating in games, and winning games played. Awards ranging from blouses to pins are given ac- cording to the number of points earned. Points are carried over from year to year. 6I RTH ROW CL to RJ: J. Wilson, S. Roselle, M. Jordan, S. Klingensmith, L. Bence, P. Devers, J. Walton, P. Gallagher L Davis J Gregg Long T McCauley, G. Risher, P. Posney, P. Miller, B. Klonowski. THIRD ROW: L. Harkcom, D. Pester QV. Pres.J, S. Smith CTreasj J Hunter Mobley K Fennell C, Cline, R. Morgan, D. Miller, G. Morrow, N. Scott, B. Crosby, B. Rearick, B. Jackson, K. King. SECOND ROW J Phi ps nnedy P Valco L. Kosicek, M. Brennan, B. Stewart, E. Black, K. Martin, D. Scott fSec.J, J. Kennerdell, B. Clark fPres Brayshaw Fetterman A Williamson, J. Pompa. FIRST ROW: J. Stahl, B. Frayer, N. Saxion, R. Hill, P. Nelson, P. Fulton, M. Ross, R Smoyer B Holben Harkcom C Crow, J. Montali, S. Reighenbaugh, E. Smoyer, D. Hartman, P. Difilippo, Mr. Sutila 1Directorl. Ggams - The chorus ot Apollo High! School is composed of approximately sixty-tive members. The group meets twice a week, and many practices are held after school. Several programs are sponsored by the Chorus during the year: a Christmas Assembly, a Mid-Winter Festival, and, this year, a Musical. Selections for the concerts range from spirituals to popular tunes. The first semester the Chorus was under the temporary direction of Miss Snyder, who is also band director. At mid-semester Mr. Sutila came as director for the remainder of the year. The money which is made trom the programs and other outside projects, such as bake sales, is used for the purchase of awards. Each senior member who has been active tor three years receives an award, which. may either be a sweater or a blazer. This year approximately twenty-seven seniors received awards. Membe-rs of the chorus are also selected each year to represent Apollo at both County Chorus and District Chorus. SEATED: J. Wilson. CL, To RJ: P. Devers, N. Long, S. Roselle, J. Stahl, L. Harkcom K. Kennedy, exfeffe The girls who have given up much ot Their tree time to become members ot the sextette deserve recognition for their hard work and achievements. Tryouts are held in the fall. The girls are usually chorus members also, al- though anyone with singing ability can belong. The music sung by The girls ranges from spiritual and religious selections to popular tunes. They provide entertainment for activities held not only in the school but also in the community. The sextette was handicapped this year because no regular director was available to coach them. However, Miss Snyder helped the girls until the new director, Nlr. Sutila, joined the A.H.S. faculty. The sextette presented numbers for the Christmas Assembly and Mid-Winter Festival. The past few years, with the help of willing mothers, The girls have also made their own outfits. ifmgwf his zbfef 111723 fo . a 5 Home room 200- Remember Those Christmas candles, Ron? Whaf happened fo the "Monkey"? Ah! The end of anogher day. wa, ' f ggj21'fs??Q2faafi?xegaSx aw- , , . . T''El5f5iif7f?ff9f'f3L?5k3g ? 353 fiifii-Q: Sz? 5 221 -fgg?5SQ5m . ,ww f, 1- farm f- .wwf Ti? 66 Come on, Jack, pay up! Mr. Shaw joins the faculty. S 9 -4 7 zk' Sf?-5,-fer' ,wwf ft-rw 'ffk rg- 11- - f,f- ff" ' 'Q--Wy was-Q N r in 2 5 E25- 2 in Q T 9,1 K mg fk-f v -J 2- W Q 1" x SQ its S+ Q wi KR X M 2 LS X X fm N ,- 'Q ,.,. 1 f - Q ,w . 1 '.., A... - 2- sw,-2 f ,.,-Q3-,':' - 'x V Q, ,zllzp--. Mgwawffy , K. rs ,L ,.-- -4-f f,-' - MMS- ' ,.,, . A .- WMM . ,, K WN -- - . ,QM - . -.5-f-X ,--S - - -M , f- sy -V S 4 1 , fy T ' J , iff YW' 4 X w - .V . ' R, 4 M . sg--. ,. 1 -. ,L Ay . sf, -W - A fn -?.L. - . ' "R?I?557f , W . 5 3. . C 1 5- T - 1 1 , , A V F' T -A gxgifix Ay! 'Q X '41 , ,M .-,...L,,1.. an ,-'f' .vpn as Q9 M...-+4 . X w Qiifw -Eff A 5 .T M L, v Q 1- ,, 1 " -ge . F,- . W Y, 3 5 it , we My QQ? V' -gang, 5,0 rf' 'X W ,,. f' I 'S L, 7 ,. ' s If . , ' n 2: 5 - ,""" s f N . f - , ' .' gg, , ' A fn S I 1 -,K f w'3,,fQ, M , 9 mm' , , ,Q . a-4, V I ,K 5, t ,. ,, , f i Y ,' V ' . -fi" -gg.-4'-L" f - ' ,Q I K A453-" . k' fx -1 ,iff f 'U- ' ' , kk , 5 , , Ak , av 4 I w , ,wr-H , 1' -2 ,. ,G . , , H , 1 ,. . I , 1,3 ,I , ,Z . , H Q Mfg: ,wt-5 Mhggi w Y ,Q ' ,- ' 31.93 'fi Q45 e. W ifvfa K Z ,, - ,N Q ' I -K 9' 4 L Q' fx i 'ff r. ' H ' M ' '-F' f' 'ff A, ' A A f 1 . ,, s- Q.,- 7' ,X 4 ,, ,A agp! i .i , Q . sauna an CSOIU6 0122 OFQS - Wm Q! 5 H VA A YC E N 5 ll N ' J. Altmire C. Anthony E. Anthony P. Anthony R. Anthony G. Artman W. Anmgsl D. Baker J. Barclay M, Barclay L' Barker T' Baslsla Picture Not Availa ble Cl Bausfe,-1 Rl Beard R, Bee J. Banninger J. Benson M- BGTTS 'f l ! E, Bicego L. Bielek D, Bliss W. Bowser M. Brayshaw D. Buchner iggiaa gml 1-.L FT? -- J:m.,. 2121... . . 'sff?,22. -5 f ' 'I 5 R. Burns L- Bl-vrkeif L. Calderone R. Cerrato L. Cobb -l- Colalfme J. Coulter R- CrawfOrd C. Crofutt J. Crofutt B. Crosby 68 S. Davis T. Dawkins R. Devilling ::,,. , ,. ... C. Emminger K. Felton D. Ferrier . ' .. Ql' K 2 i I, A e . ..2 . i ..-..,. . r i . . .. .MA w '1 ' -, -M., fi J. Gamble D. Gardner S. Goedicke W, .' 7 Viki f .kt . .x -, E' " V ' . -k. I I 1 - , ' -.,, v' -W -li 'A, N . Q1 'QL' ,.., .. S J ffm? . fl f' BF R. Guido W. Haggy D- Heffernan 'Ya . D. Hilty D. Hauseholder N- Hunler .A . V V- fs Q.: . '11, M LD' gm f' i ... I ' M! filgfii' f 'V , 5 R. Kinfer E. Knepshield R. Knepshield 3 1. ,pw I J. Dixon R. Doverspike D. Dry I - . W, Frain J. Gregg Picfure Noi' Available T. Held M. Fulton M. Gallagher 2. .I in n M43 X an X 5 'X 1 D. Grinder N. Guenther 'S-35 L. Helrick S. Hicks C. Jackson H. Jackson J. Kerr K f, Q i ki W' X X W l.. Kosicek W. Lander S. Lants 69 2 ,v,,. 1 K K K .ju eases.. W wa 22. - - ' .-HHS ' 4' V :sf r-iigfii-4" .1 3:3 - , ,,.. , , 1, I G. Lifz F. Maieffa MCGaUQlWeY L. Mellinger L. Nale J. Nelson Q 5 H 3 . A, Plazio wx ,, W. Picfure Nor Available L. Marks . . aww' f?i55.. K.. .L F5251 P. Miller :Q L E. Newion A gi y. Q. L' in . Lg. X. 2 , -L , iflqvl 4 " E' J. Post L. Rearick 5- Reichenbavgh D. Reigh B ce T Richards 3 Q. 'N "2 :"'f Z . , . ...L K ,, A z I L + . 3 X T Rodnicki M. Rossi K. Sallade D Schrecengosf N Scott J, Shaeffer M' Shaeffer W. Shaeffer R Shirley Shofts Skrof fix If ,Vx i -' 5' if iw J ,.,... .... - . ' V V , V ,Aiy . ,, - ' M A ,Lf , A N A.. I V, A ,K,' ,KW, I , ' V E Q I A: V. Smith J. Sposito R- Sfewarf S. Sfewart R. Stokes Talmadge I 4 , 7,A.iA.,A f ' 1. - ..-f IC ure , V . . Y 5' f 1 Q ' .-iL ,-w . ' A .V Q D' Available Z .. A g ig . if Q .Q . ,- K Nia: I 3 ' W. Tomicek D. Tressler C. Upfegraph D. Viffone C. Walker . - . ya 'Q f... H J, Wilson C, Woods K. Wysocki S. Yohe M- YOUHQ OFFICERS, Cl. to nl: S. Yohe CV. Pres.J, L. Barker CPres.D, G. Bice-go fTreas.J, R. Guido 1Sec.J. D. Watrerson 7l if Yafzon afjlbzz or oczef STANDING Mr Fuszek, B. Holben. SECOND ROW: QI. to r.t: M. Jordon, B. Tarosky CV. Presb, S. Smith. FIRST ROW: B. Clark, D Hetrick CSec Treasl J Kennerdell S McGaughey CPres.D. Anxiously the students of A. H. S. await the arrival of spring. For it is then that they can once more forget about mittens, galoshes, and ear muffs and bid fare- well to Old Man Winter-until next year, of course. The signs of spring, however, unfold a new challenge and distinguished honor to certain members of our student body. As expectation mounts, the faculty is faced with the duty of selecting qualified students to membership in the National Honor Society. Students are iudged on the following characteristics in order to qualify: service, leadership, character, and scholarship. Another essential is that each candidate secure and maintain a "B" or even higher scholastic rating. Competition is keen since only fifteen per cent of the Senior Class and Ten per cent of the Junior Class can be selected. The chosen members, under the expert leadership of Mr. Fuszek, strive to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership, to mold a fine character, and to stimulate the desire to render service. racf gazlns Wecoynzffbn THIRD ROW ll- 70 I'-J: Mr. Fuszek, C. Crofutt, R. Guido, P. Rosney, G. Davis, K. Jaracy, G. Risher, H. Gunther, J. Colianne, D. Wenckowski, R. Orlow ski, D. Grinder, M. Young. SECOND ROW: E. Bicego, J. Kerr, J. Barclay, K. Martin, C. Scott, B. Klonowski, J. Lamanna, D. Ortz, W. Grady, J. Pompa D. Thomas, C. Blystone, E. Newton, W. Roman. FIRST ROW: C. Woods, F. Maietta, G. Artman, J. Stankus, R. Smoyer, J. Wilmont, R. Fouse, L Bielek, K. Hileman, C. Fetterman, B. Shafer. The Apollo track team showed exceptional spirit and cooperation as they en- tered their initial year. Although the cindermen only placed once, they made continual improvement throughout the season, unoler the expert coaching of Mr. Joseph Fuszek. Among their many events were the 100, 220, 440, and 880 yard clashes, the mile relay, the shot put, the discus, the iavelin, the high lump, and the broad jump. The team should be commended for their strong determination in accepting the challenge of a new team sport. May the years ahead bring added success to all future A.H.S. track teams. Come on - - - boys! What are the results? JOHN POMPA f sz T 5 W Y if , n IV, 1 fl . , frfawhf- Awgigkfggg Su A Q. . ,S ol S f in F5 V f 5- -W wwf ' .ii-vfgwti RTT-e 1' , kgy5.g21i::sfgf3W,? T M ,1., V"h w N-V 'f 'iQ,,TimfH"i A LL,. ,. ,giy . -- f ' ff"?"SW3i3?1zf if bw 'Walk fb. .-"fh!fV?ZN4f+ S-dSili'i-'N A M CLIFFORD SCOTT DAVE THOMAS PAT POSNEY BOB SHAFER aziszky HI D ROW ll 10 L52 D. Cloud, J. Stankus, D. Coulter, R. Fouse, B. Klingensmith, G. Rearic CPres.J. SECOND ROW: C Scott B Klonowski Wenckowski fSec.-Treas.J, J. McDowell CSgt.-at-Armsj. FIRST ROW: A. Williamson CV. Pres.l, D. Buchner, B. Elwood, D Clever CSec Treasi Parsons J Ferguson, Mr. Vangrin. The Varsity Club is made up of Apollo High's brave and stalwart athletes. Both basketball and football lettermen are eligible for membership. Under the direction of their advisor, Mr. Vangrin, these boys sponsor many money raising activities such as program selling at games, the Donkey Basketball game, selling key rings, and, this year, a special game featuring the Harlem All- Stars and former Apollo players. These proiects also promote the feelings of champ- ionship and admiration toward each other. Closely linked to the Varsity Club is the Mothers' Club. These mothers work tirelessly to provide the athletes with needed funds. Together with the North Apollo Junior Women's Club, contributions by Apollo citizens, and funds left by previous classes, these ladies presented Owens Field with the long coveted scoreboard. ln the spring the club's annual initiation is held to admit to the club those in- dividuals who have earned a letter in at least one sport. This event is anxiously awaited by all, for it is truly hilarious to watch the inductees perform the many embarrassing stunts. JQJPJYGP Under the direction of their advisor, Mrs. Virginia Smith, these Tri-Hi-Y girls seek to enrich the lives of others. This is an organization which promotes good will and devotes much of its time to helping others. At Thanksgiving two needy families were provided with turkey and all the trimmings to complete their Thanksgiving Day feasts. The Yuletide season show- ed these industrious girls playing Santa Claus by presenting gifts and an assort- ment of foods to two other families. The Easter Bunny again existed in the area as the Tri-Hi-Y presented Easter Baskets and complete suits of clothing to some Apollo children. The missions of these unselfish girls shows the organization's main purpose- "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." We salute the Tri-Hi-Y for all the ioy and happiness they spread throughout our town. HGHTH ROW fl- to r.D: D. Ferrier S Grim D Varner CSecD T Giunta C Jackson fTreasJ L Shoo ' ' ' l ' ' ' ' ' 1 - I - - , . p, C. Elwood, C. Williams, C. WilI'ams, V. Bl - Sforge, S. Ross. SEVENTH ROW: G. Marks, 'L. Spade, S. Baustert, K. Snyder, P. Blysfane, C. Ki-idler, C. Baker, C. Bausten. SIXTH ROvll: D. Ferriel-, F' 'ESEESIHS-RgwnsbB-H'-12561 E- gfVenSCOnIS, S- ROSS. FIFTH ROW: S- Mobley fChaplainl, L. Doverspike, C. Erwin, C. Gradwell CV. Pres.l D Coup er- : . o man, . Doverspike, J, Sefts, D. Rebyansk'. THIRD ROW: L. R' l S. G . . ' : l Kolekl L Kem FIRST ROW: J. Hunter Weil. I ,gg e, ray, c sane. SECOND Row. Mrs. smifh, Ml l T 5 ,: 3 E i 2 5 l l 76 ljufure J eogbafcsfuognfs gf177maf1aa FOURTH ROW CL. to RJ: I. Robinson, M. Brayshaw, C. Williams, C. Williams, J. Wilson. THIRD ROW: J. Shriver, R. Hill, P. Nelson, L. Bence, P. Devers fSec.l, P. Anthony. SECOND ROW: C. Cline, S. Visley, S. Davis, S. Mobley, C. Erwin. FIRST ROW: J. Hunter, B. DeVilling, C. Crow fPres.J, D. Coulter lTreas.j, C. Anthony, B. Crosby. The Future Nursing Students under the supervision of Mrs. Irene McCausland, School Nurse, render many ser- vices to the community. They help with the blood bank and the giving ot the oral vaccine. The girls tour many of the nursing homes and have great speakers at their meetings to discuss various fields ot nursing. ,C unzor gzufufe' 6111395 FOURTH ROW CL. to RJ: N. Robinson, V. Hill, S. Ross, K. Bracken, C. Camp, M. Mitchell, R. Rupert, C. Cravener. THIRD ROW: G. Sefts, M. Morrow, L. Baker, S. Stear, S. McGuire CSec.D, D. Anthony, S. Speer. SECOND ROW: C. Quillen lPres.l, J. Fissel, G. Bash, S. Crow, P. Bollinger, K. Croyle, C. Neal, C. Coffman. FIRST ROW: B. Barto, D. Palerma, D. Reese, L. Geodicke CTreas.J, P, Carney, C. Foy, G. Smith, F. Fabian. The Junior High Future Nurses Club is busily preparing themselves for various Senior High projects. Under the direction of Mrs. Louise Guthrie, Assistant School Nurse, these girls work in first aid drills. 77 SECOND ROW ll. to RJ: Mrs. Lukehart fAdvisorJ, J. Kennerdell, B. Tarosky, J. Woods fSec.D, R. Smoyer lTreas.J, L. Harkcom M Jordan l. Shriver Held F RST ROW S. Roselle, D. Hetrick, B. Rearic, S. Swarts, B. Toland, B. Clark lPres.J, C. Patterson, S. McGaughey CV, Presb L Davis .zffure Q- eac' ens 0 .7lZ2QI'IC'd As spring descends upon the A.H.S. campus, the "Isabelle Henry Future Teachers of America Club" vvelcomes it with eagerness. This organization, under the supervision of Mrs. Lukehart, consists of students interested in mak- ing teaching their life profession. These prospective teachers, all immuned to spring fever, vvork diligently throughout the month of April to make "Teaching Career Month" a great success. The A.H.S. student body also awaits the ar- rival of this prolect, for it is then that F.T.A. members are given the Opportunity to teach in the classroom. Teaching thus becomes a field of reality to the students. Other F.T.A. proiects included American Education Week, cadet teaching in the elementary school, and a special tutoring service. The year's programming theme was "Exploring New Fields of Teaching." Many interesting programs were presented to the group throughout the year. The organization should be congratulated for their progress and success throughout the five years of existence in A.H.S. May these dedicated members continue to prosper in their desire to become future teachers. E IRD ROW Cl. to r.l: L. Shriver, O, Shade, C. Cline. SECOND ROW: B. Tarosky lSec.-Treas.D, K. Kennedy, B. DeVilling, P. Valco, Mrs. Hill. FIRST W: P. Gallagher, M. Wysocki, C. Gradwell CPres.J, G. Vetro. Not Pictured, G. Knepshield CV. Pres.D. fdly X With the coming of Spring, teachers' thoughts turn to research papers and the A. H. S. Library becomes the haunt ot many industrious students. The Apollibra- rians are indeed an asset as they keep books and research materials in constant reach of the students. Working in coniunction with Mrs. Hill, these girls undertake the responsibilities ot assistant librarians. They are required to spend at least two periods per week working in the library to keep the material in order. Among the duties the Apollibrarians assume are those of desk circulation, filing book iackets, and shelving books. We thank these girls for adding cheer and a pleasant atmosphere to our library. 79 gufure jlgmema ers 0 gym enoa The main purpose of the F. H. A. is to become better homemakers and more pleasing individuals. Under the direction of Miss Kinney, these future home- makers have the chance to work for a good home and family life, to encourage democracy in home and community, to develop leadership, and to further interest in home economics. In the spring of the year the group is influential in helping to organize the annual Home Economics exhibit and fashion show. The senior Future Home- makers of America will graduate with a feeling of gratitude toward this organiza- tion forthe help and guidance it has given them. THIRD ROW ll. to r.D: S. Goedicke, V. Quillen, D. Poyclence,,D. Putzke, V. Hill, M. Lants, D. Johns, R. Hill, N. Saxion, Miss Kinney. SECOND ROW: C. Shaeffer, P. Shupe fHist.l, K. Kastelic, M. Dubas, R, Hollis, R. Walker, E. Goedicke, C. Quillen, B. Eckman. FIRST ROW: I. Robinson CPres.D, J. Phillips CTreas.J, P. Valco lSec.l, S. Goedicke CV. Pres.l. 80 ogy. om A relatively new club in our school is chasing our girls from the Home Economics room. Under The direction of their sponsor Miss Kinney iMrs. Bon- ellol, The CheT's Club is learning the art of cooking. At Times The concoctions of our Tuture chefs would frighten Duncan Hines to death, but, nevertheless, These boys are learning through experience. As long as non-club members are not required to sample their cooking, we shall encourage their experimentation. ln The Spring some boys' fancies may turn to Thoughts of love, but upper- most in these boys' minds will be their culinary skills. Regardless of the season, tantalizing aromas emerge from the Home Economics room to tease the noses and tempt the appetites of all A.H.S. students. THIRD ROW KL. to RJ: J. Ferguson, C. Blystone, R. Fulton, R. Bush, T. Cordera, J Thompson. SECOND ROW: S. DelleDonne Ufeasfl, D- 5555759 CSec.J, B. Henry, T. Miscik CV. Pres.J, E. Baylor CPres.l, Mrs. Bonello KAdvisorJ. FlRST ROW: J. Pompa, J. Mollick, A. Williamson, B. Zimmerman, L. Bopp, L. Faber. THIRD ROW CKneeling, l. to r.J: Mr. Clark, C. Fetterman, D. Rearic. SECOND ROW flineelinglz D. Wilmont, S. Rupert, M. Pozzani QV. Pres.l B. Davis. FIRST ROW: B. Shafer CTreas.D, P. Miller CSec.J, T. McCauley, B. Shafer CPres.J, B. Talmadge. Wada C116 Under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Clark, the Radio Club meets every week in the Physics and Chemistry room. There are neither dull moments nor crossed wires as President Bob Shafer leads the club in its discussion of radios. These radio-minded boys undertake many projects based on their love for electronics. At the moment their ultimate goal is to set up a complete radio sta- tion here in the high school building. This station will be equipped solely by the club's money making projects. "Ham radios" are hobbies for these boys, and several of them own and operate their own sets. After receiving their call numbers, these "ham operators" spend hours in interesting conversation with people all over the world. These ambitious fellows are to be commended for their progress in the field of radios. 82 F' l 252175 weep pprecfdzfzon There is possibly no one to vvhom the Kiskitas Staff is more indebted than to Nlr. Thomas Shatter. Try to imagine a Kiskitas with no club and individual pictures. Try to imagine no pictorial records of our sports and extracurricular activities. Now we need no imagination to recognize the importance ot the Kiskitas photographer. This man of tireless energies is always on hand vvhen the Photography Editor calls. With the seasonal theme of this year's book he worked throughout the year taking pictures ot our clubs and our activities. The T964 Kiskitas Statt and advisors Wish to salute and thank Mr. Shatter. Without his help, his patience, and his camera there could have been no Kiskitas. o r Nl PS Xaxoxe Ro Smile pretty now! David, you have a sly adorable look about you! 84 9121614 from Ve 957,707 gn v re? I Larry, behave! Mmm! Check out this floor! And then - - 7 Everyone else is doing if-why can't we? L 85 fs przhy urns fo. Roger'sfar1 club. Remember the class picnic? Small talk after school. Wasn'T1l'1e Prom wonderful! ww' N..-Q-"" vM...1.,v4"' Admiring last year's ArtExl1ibif. ff, -ir' T," X N . Amnfh . . , ,A ,f fffi! , gg' RQq.6,74,H,6,.fQ 3.2 Y! If . , .-af ,. + ,funk in 'S- 1 A l'Q.S'g12?Ql? D. Adams D. Aikens D. Albert E. Armitage B. Aungust C. Baker L. Baker ig A W C. Barto Dfw B. Bano A. Bash J. Basista W. Baum A . . S. Bausfert H 'T ' i :': B. ., .h my T. v::-- L -1,' R. Bella ' ' J. Bier M D. Blysfone 3 A P. Blysfone 9 R. Blystone N V. I C. Bopp 'Y ' K. Bracken " .P L. Brink i 4 D. Bush .,'v',,g3 '51 D., .... V i W. Clark if . A - . ' J. Claypoole " 1 U j A uf , J. chaafena ""'f- Q C. Crissman K. Coffman I T. Coffman fb' fi- new W' as .. ' L V . L. Colianne lc 'WW . . r a ' L. Cofdefa 49 . if V , A A3 6 ' L. Danka V' ' A K Mgtjwg. Ee :,.. ' M. Davis ' 'LJ' 5 ' 'V" M D. Delledonne R. Dezich .. " -1 i- "" I-' ,bfi 12. ,...... - if f" I "1 ..'.' 1 ' .L 5 .. 2.4. . uw "-. .55 E. Devilling W- Dixon M. Dubas T. Dunmire 88 A C. Elwood E. Faber S. Ferguson Ferrier Fleming Foy Frampton Frampfon Frayer Froncek French Gibbons Goeclicke Graden Grady Gray Grim Harkom Held Held Held Hill Hilfy Hilfy Hoff Hoffman Kasfelic Kerr Kerr Kieble Kinfer Kolek Kridler Krozel Kuhns Kunkle Lamana Lamana Legersky foo ausxf gli? I I H D .", , Gi ii w r Q 5. l A f fr ,,.,r . ii Nol Shown F f If I - ,.,.-. , x . v" ...r 4 - Q . A N.- . 'Q h i "" i r,,,' i G G i 'K Q f i A W F 49 .1 fel. X Q V:- 5 liil E M E W G., A G "W, , , , 'nn-'mr' ' ,, I .am ' 5 j . 15,44 V, - -I 7 L- - ' " ' K , 2: ' V .A 5 if f I In diff' 'f fjff I L eff air , ' EM l "X"i':-iff-'.ii:rfi B. Loase P. Lukelwart V. Nlaietfa D. Maiercik G, Marks R. McCormick B. Mcflllillen 89 tw' 4 Q wfwsaoj ' rig. , Qrdtsfg W M 5 91" .F A 1 1- he my ff? ,F t .. . pgs ay. 2 .. if 25255 . . W - . "" I P 51 - L . . . '- 'wlhilf-E " - TI " 2 .. , . ,,,. .. .-4 f ' . A y?'4'.4"' s W xvffvrr.-'Apt .- . -- ?f , K I 1, .: .mf M. 'Q A , .,.,.. My E.. h N w 1. f.. :- , . 1 L L, h fisqpfk . f-A M .4 - " U f u .SE fe: -"-' 355 K 5 5 was f ll! . Xt K if gif A454 .... ft-12 if 5" ff W j ' - ,I In .. V ,L. , . N . , V g , . ,, K .. . ffm o r V, I , AE of , A, K XV in feinf -. Q S N a' f.. ei' lf., fs LV ' VL F . " I' f, , U lv , ,mLW:, A5312-iz-.fit L all 9 r ,H ., - A l . - ,, gt- rf , .5 ' H .. Nl A"Uf Iitw-14 'f MV.. V. New ' fst"'-T-7" . . i-fQL. l Q tt 1? , J- . ' ' L" Mx r . -3- Q K . 'L 1 sil- tr l 1 "AA" f ee.fl'f R. Stefanik 90 qw- o . . ., -sz. L... .t .. . mlm mmf. , t... W- ...z.-..-- .. . .. . .- :st SH-- . . ,. ., . X,,3i.gqE. ff Ak. Q l R ll Y gi A vt , H lt, . f Q zz. . zggisfa A 7 1 -:fm l S 11833 T. Miller M. Mitchell J. Moats S. Morgan M. Morrow M. Nelson M. Newton D. Notte S. Orlowski C. Pallone B. Plazio E. Poydence M. Poydence V. Quillen D. Rebynski D. Reese L. Riggle S. Ross S. Ross D. Rudari J. Rupert R. Rupert S. Rupert B. Schrecengosf G. Sefts B. Shaner L. Shellhammer R. Shellhammer S. Shilling B. Shirley L. Shoop R. Shupe V. Shupe M. Silvis T. Skwirut K. Smith D. Snyder L. Sowers L. Spade E. Spang S. Speer D. Stefanik - 1 . sw. Q Liz, tr -V, 1' Egg ,W ' A En S , ,X i . 1-1. .. '27- ..h.-...... . ....,, .,. . . , 4 in-4.1 2 B. Stennett I' Sqiffy E, Stoughton D, St, Peter S. Swank R. Swenson QP , ,gsyww ..iM.f.' 'KA S i.f9"f 5 an 9' 'Q I 535' if Q- f L .' F K .V ff' A T. Toland C. Townsend B. Treese V. Valco D. Varner D. Vaugh J. Walker J. Watierson S. Watterson E. Wenconis R. Whifacre l.. Wilson T. U , f. f -.ini-51.5 XA gya Q TEXT? A 17. U33 s:-'r..':g,5 ggi? - , .5 . . .ffm . .. -F iii, it 'Q' . .J ZERV it "'5, '-25.551 Y 5 Xb ll -1, H R? ,jx-,MQ Q M 5 ' 1. ',q,4k'x .dsc 5. -.fi .fi','l2A.gi SN' D, Aikeng C, Alben E, Altman P. Andrews B. Anthony M, Baylor D. Black 'Qs ' - if s R. Black z y ia B. Blysfone R. Bopp J. Bowser R. Brayshaw R. Brindger C. Burkett -f 5 ff-I il . K. Bums B. Carlson C- Camp M. Carney S. Carney G. Cloud D. Columbus Cravener P. Crisswell R. Crosby 9I F 94 Vajlqv e i.: F 1 F1 K. Croyle M. Czifferburg D. Davis J, Day B. Devers A. Difilippo K. Eckman . .. " z1wffHfyVfV,V - . - f':?':- ' M, I . il i V . iw .. A as-' E' . ' L" M .gf il" f L WNV VW :ig L ' , .- .fl FL. - - ' - 'V " ' . ff f H " ' f I-Q F55 f"' if Qlaiiefiistfkii' 'S f 4 4- P YBQQIQ-iii -'Pi . M fr - W .1 F 5 H ,'.' fr' , f. R. Egley R. Emahiser C. Farineau K, Felton ff maya Q o U D. Fouse D. Frain M. Fryer P, Fulton 1 i V 5 4 .sri 3 ir 52325 ,iw A. Gufherie S. Hefferman M. Held R. Henry ", F W . fi .ef f an -ff Irs A 'W' --3 L , ri L 4553 ' -:.R15':3'Y m' '-1, 50' ' X M A 3 ' .. if ' . . . D. Jackson R. Kerr K. Knepslwield A. Kunkle iff f J. Leicly V. Louisa D. Marfin S. McGuire f4"'5w Q ' M- MiSV1e" R. Mattarrese 92 M. Fennell im I F. Fabian ,W ,i. B. L. Hickson - f., .W . if QW J. Kunkle ,,. H. L. McMunn R. Morrow Y 1 T293 X L F Q5? 7153, 'if'-f f ' H J. Ferrero Fetterman eg . , 1. X .fi 4. . -V 1 ' iw 'fr fi F' E. Grable L. Grinder H 'UD-A -lib if if Hone J. Hollis S. i . . 1, . .1 I . E::..... ay 1' , f S. Kunkle .. ,: ALS g , K v.VVV i. ' lb sa, I 4 J! ,... . mi, we wi, fi i me ll C. Mefzler ' 1 F. Lanfs .5 W.. yu .: .V H J wfl ggr Metzler S. Pershing g N hw A ' " 1. Q. A 3 . WKA . b A V V W W 'LI bg . S - 5' fi. it W Q PQ ., . ., 7 5 A 4 . 1' . -Q M. , Sfnypl Eg? 1, X I I , i m V ,L . .V . . '. . ..... f .ir 7 W -5 dfiffl' : . J ' . S - V 'M ASQ Q ff.-12'-7121:-6.1 " " j 'S " "., - i . '25, f K f . , 'ar f , K-'.,'. 1 - . Ez,-f -4 ' '- 3 " 52 Q ,. fffi' 11' 5297 112.5 - 5 We . J .fl . M. .. l C. Neal A. Nel50n D- Ofll D. Painter D. Palermo H. Peace . P q A 'il f!? 332 , E -.4 5 EA A + -. l i x, V I, ' ,gi . k',' "U" . wg' I V . . S ' . ..,. .. . Ns!! ,va-r 2 tie... K. Phill'ps .fume N if Mb' wt. I H... .,.. .... Q. K 53. fa. 1ilf..a:" fe B. Rupert 5 . .LRG - . V M. Shank .riff W M il f' ,.- .P rg' Q Qu 30,7 gr.. w dire f 4 2' 55 S. Stear E. Walker X., M Aa wal Q 950 x - 3 'sr 6 D. Pompa ll pufzke M, Radebach C. Rearick M. Rearick iff . i .ll X151 - .... .. B. Riggle B. Robinson M. Robinson C. Rosensteel D. Ross L. ,..,. K. Shank B. Shoemaker B. Smeltzer K. Smith K, D, 4 . an-4 . f. V, , .. . .. -.f.r.r . ' W Q W .fr - :iff ' . me .. . -44 . 3" rm. R M. shank T- may L. Valco " roo ausv fu.-. .. i, Q Rf, Not Sho wn . . a'3,'x.ea1ua?maz"i Schrecengost B. Shaeffer fra- ' M... ...L ff 1 .i r var S S S ,W cffw 53 I . V 1 , f ' - X . f 1 5 -Que 5 R. Smith K. Stahl 'U' S. VisleY C. Walker J. Walker J. Walfenbaugh B. Wilmot D. Wilson R. Womeldorf H .W - ' 2. ,I 'lf ...., . P. Zimmerman . . . .. ... .W 1.3 D. Wray 93 eoenff gina Q TOO BUSY ,gh tk l 5 . ,... f- I A my Ex I t Li aww? .Qi K- 4 . M Ef. A :Q I ai- - if "V f far.:-' . i 11 I ",' ' - Arrkkr . K K . ,, l V gs ,. . f J 3 . m,,L, "N .Q Q3 . . h zl. ...H 1 1, - i s 1 V- a ff . My mf-55:32 3. li . i A-.M r 2 , t 56" 3532.5 C' JP 3-'T in if Ml' as M W-,,f ' 406 Q wb in Q iii . mi 1 .1 'L 'ii X T . , , .4 wi . M 5 it . - i l 'FD'- l 94 it '51 31. 'N f ' wr liigil . ,.E-V. . ' .. gf as 73 14 l xii 1. :bg 5 . L W . 4, .' L. we .L A'A. "W, vi I-if 21. .li w, . .,,. Ei. . M' 1 in S S J. Andrews D. Anthony P. Ameno L. Altman C. Armitage S. Artman D. Baer K. Barclay B. Barnett T. Bartel B. Barto G. Bash G. Bash L. Bash Batistig Batistig Baum Benson Bier Blair Boarts Boarts Bollinger Bolvin Braken Brink Buchner Burkett Cali Calvin Carney Carey Casella Cline Coffman C. Cravener W. Cricks D. Crissman K. Crissman L. Crissman S. Crow D. Day D. Dunmire J. Dunmire D. Eckman B. Elwood K. Elwood L. Failola D. Filer . Fissel N. Fouse B. Fulton D. Fulton F. Getfo . Goedicke . Gregg . Hamilton . Hancock . Hanna . Hannaman . Held . Held . Hendburg J. Hetrick J. Hilfy K. Hilfy K. Hilfy R. Hilty J. Hixon J. Hoak J. Hoffman J. Hollis W. Hunter K. Kerr D. Keifer J. Kennedy D. Kielber B. Klingensmith M. King R. King T. King E. Kolek R, Kosicek P. Kunkle P. Kunkle J. Lamanna P. Lanfs M. Lees R. Lees T. Legersky G. Lorelli T. Morrow B. Morgan H. Miller K. McKinney E. Mclnlire D. McCain L. McCauley Q Jw.. , .". f L' i n 7 .,.. ' WA.. . Q H' K . ig' 's s .Winn t S.. T - ln-0 . H 'O' f .rw 5 ',. aan, NOT swoww , f 5,4 5:5554 'Amr' M , , . 34, Q :- - .. Q 5 .. Zi.. fig ...Q ist ' . Y ""' x . Q Q 5:23 . X or an a U- -, .1 .1 'in 9 Q ., ff. , . ., N ... .- ..,:. Z T ,Af ww' X .T :V .s. ' .. wa., Q., Mx- ,E i . . ma - v-:Rat i b a- . sw .E . .1- , N- 3 is hw 'S m K lil figf I at S 6 3: if Fig... if . . .. Y . 4 Y is vggyl E. , 'K ...Q is ff' ,. . Li. wi x. QF' 4 Cf' -Y- M - ' it . V 73 'ig K wg AWQT55-1: ' 11'- fzf f . I 2 , 5. 1 4. wi "M T ' , 7 .- "1"l ' ' . Z 1:9 .. 1 , .Z , .3 r I ww igw-. ', a w ' laa.. ' ' 5- s-N., 'ik B25 'iv' ,,.xL QL Q' L K.. 1 Ji' 5 Q50 yin, ' 3 I f M .. ,N , . :flip 95 TOO BUSY xl Nor Shawn ' ' .... . ' Q A Q, -m" V ,f 953' wg, .7 1.. - 2: L .' ' lewitti ,,.' ' f ' .. E .Mis fr 1 wlfkivba, .. I - - ' 1 .M or . ::Q,. ,. QzL.gh . , g,,A1:A1 m, . . ,1Z:A ,ft ' if K 'f5T2i5ZS2.f" i' " ., ': h ,fc A . . t f fn . WX . W.. Qi! , ag . 'll' 5' . qpA 3 , Q -. . . ' 5 f A f h' ' VM-9. . Vz.. 2 i t., . 'fl -LG tn 1 f Pm : . ,. . , . - .. . ... -. K fr 'W .... L gt 11 9 . , t ' if 2 Martin Marhitell Magness Newton Nulph Peace Pennington Quillen Rainey Reed Reese Reigh Richard Ross Sallacle Schaeffer Schrecengost Scott Scott Scott Shaeffer Shaner Shaner Shellhammer Shilling Shockey Silvis Sloan Smith Smith Smith Smith Speer Speer Spang Sowers Stewart Smoyer Talmadge Tardivo Tressler Uptegraph Visley Vittone Walker Walton D. Ward W. Watterson S. Wilding 11" VVllCllI"lg or B. Wilson V3 A. Wood s nt. ..... f ' l , 51121614 cSfu0Qnf Gouncz' THIRD ROW lL. to RJ: J. Shaeffer, D. Vittone B. Morrow. SECOND ROW: B. Chiatello, K. Kerr, L. McCauley, B. Beamer, M. Davis, J. Ferrero, M. Swank, L. Failola. FIRST ROW: J. Walker, C. Cravener, C. Farineau, C. Albert, R. Matarrese. The Junior High Student Council attempts to solve any problems that affect their students. Members are elected by each home room in order that the entire student body be represented. The Christmas and Spring Junior High parties are always huge successes due to the planning done by the Council. un lor ZGL FOURTH ROW CL to R D- C. Crissman lTreas.j, T. Dunmire, L. Shellhammer, R. Keifer, R. Swenson, D. Vaugn, THIRD ROW: D. Vittone, R. King, M. F tt m n L. Valco R: Egly, M. Fryer, M. Zitterburg, B. Robinson, R. Scott. SECOND ROW: E. Walker, D. Martin, D. Boarts, J. Shaeffer lPres.J, e er a , , T. Faber lSec.D, J. Claypoole CV. Pres.J, R. Brindger, R. Shoemaker. FIRST ROW: Mr. Martin, J. Talmadge, H. Miller, D. Columbus, D. Silvis, B. Black, J. Tressler. The Junior Hi-Y is a group of energetic young men interested in creating good fellowship and maintaining the high standards of our school. The climax of their year was participation in the annual Sports Spectacular at Butler High Scool. These boys are commended for the fine Christian character they are building. 97 csgfafy yyczfrof THIRD ROW CL. to RJ: C, Bash, M. Fryer, K. Stahl, D. Davis, K. Blair, A, Kunkle, R. Egley, B. Robinson. SECOND ROW: D. Metzler, K. Shank, B. Black, D. Eckman, K. Bracken, T. Bartel, D. Dunmire. THIRD ROW: M. Radebaugh, T. King, J, Hickson, B. Baum, W. Blystone, K, Hanneman, D. Day, R. King. No matter what the weather is the members of the Safety Patrol may be found every morning and after- noon acting as the iunior police of our school. The Safety Patrol is formed for the protection of our elementary students. Consisting chiefly of seventh and eighth graders, this group is under the direction of Mr. Fulton who sees that every member is at his appointed position. To insure proper functioning of the organization, new officers are elected each year. . zmzor cgczence y FOURTH ROW KL. to RJ: B. Robinson, B. Andrews, A. Kunkle, J. Visely, B. Morrow, J. Waltenbaugh. THIRD ROW: K. Shellhammer, B. Shoemaker, L. Schrecongost, K. Shank, J. Tressler. SECOND ROW: H. Miller, J. Buchner, B. Hilty, D. Viftone, G. Salade, L. McGauIy, FIRST ROW: M. Scott, H. Hanna, M. Radebach, G. Held, J. Talmadge, T. Legersky, D. Crissman. Within our Junior High, perhaps, are the future scientists of tomorrow. Their purpose, in general, is to promote a better knowledge and deeper understanding of science and the great part which science plays in our everyday lives. Under the leadership of Mr. Kier, the faculty advisor, the students have decided to build rockets. The stu- dents design, build, and launch their own rockets. Still others are more concerned with weather and are building weather instruments. C euenff Qinak r1!j7QliQ FOURTH ROW Cl.. to RJ: S. Shaner CChap.D, J. Bier, K. Shellhammer, V. Smith, J. Bash, J. Pennington, A. Calvin, R. Reigh, R. Kosicek, A. Scott, D. Bolvin. THIRD ROW: S. Crow, P. Ballinger, C. Armitage, C. Walker, C. Barkly, P. McGary, L. Stewart, B. Barnet, K. Elwood, J. Fissel. SECOND ROW: C. Williams, J. Hickson, K. Hilty, D. Eckman, V. Held, P. Coffman, D. Day, P. Goedicke, B. Hendburg CTreas.J. FIRST ROW: Nl. BOGHS, L- Failola, P. Carey, B. Barto, J. Woods fSec.D, E. Sloan, N. Fouse, M. Speer, C. Shockey, B. Wilson, Mrs. Black. The Seventh and Eighth Grade Tri-Hi-Y is an organization which promotes good will throughout our school and community. These willing workers devote much of their time and effort to helping others. During the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons, the ioy and generosity spread by this organization are evident in various area homes. M Qraog 7r1lj7Gl g NJINTH ROW CL. to RJ: C. Neal, M. Rearick, S. Kunkle, P. Shank, D. Aikens, R. Brayshaw, C. Rosensteel, K. Rearick, A. Guthrie, C. Camp, J. Swenson. EIGHTH ROW: B. Rupert, M. Swank, M, Robinson, J. Ferrero, K. Burns, D. Anthony, S. Pershing, P. Fulton. SEVENTH ROW: C. Walker, K. Stahl, S. McGuire, S. Stear, J. Kunkle, J. Day, K. Smith. SIXTH ROW: J. Walker, S. Hone, B. Smeltzer, K. Felton, M. Mizner, B. Grable. FIFTH ROW: C. Farineau, C. Knepshield, D. Jackson, S. Carney, L. Grinder. FOURTH ROW: D. Palermo, C. Metzler, C. Foy, B. Crosby. THIRD ROW: C. Albert, I. Putzke, B. Riggle. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Black, S. Heffernan, F. Fabian. FIRST ROW: V. Lovisa CPres.J. 99 FOURTH ROW CL. to RJ: ROW: P. Fulton, J. Bier, B. Burns, D. Cali, C. Neal, J Knepshield, D. Jackson, J. The Junior High Book Club is composed ot seventh and eighth graders with a mutual interest in reading. Under the direction of Mr. Alter, these students have the opportunity to buy paper back books. An assortment of books, including mysteries, science-fiction, sports stories, and many others, arrive monthly for distribution. Ahead lie many hours of reading pleasure as the students claim their books. Book vvormsl Who can blame them for wanting to bury their noses in these interesting paper backs? The "food for thought" on these printed pages is eagerly devoured by these ardent readers. R. Smith, K, Stahl, R. Brindger, C. Rosensteel, V. Lovisa, C. Camp, C. Rearick, R. Brayshaw, M, Fryer, D. Wray. THIRI Grable, M. Swank, B. Black, D. Ross, D. Ortz, G. Smoyer, B. Barnet, J. Ferrero. SECOND ROW: C. Hone, M. Misner, K Stevenson, C. Walker, P. Carey, D. Bolvin. FlRST ROW: S. Heffernan, B. Nulph, B. Cricks, B. Wilson, C. Albert, K Walker, Mr. Alter. l i i l00 11121614 Zoo! l The Prep Band is an organizaTion of young musicians whose goal is evenTuaI membership in The Senior Band. An apprenTiceship of Two years musT be served by These people who are sTudenTs Trom The sevenTh and eighTh grades. Marching experience Tor This 'group is received by accompanying The Senior Band in The communiTy parades and The IasT home TooTbaIl game. They also Take parT in The Spring Music FesTivaI. All of This provides Tine experience Tor These Trainees. STANDING CL. To R.J: M. Lees, J. Bowser, L. SmiTh, W. Hunfer, W. Cricks, R. Bopp, T. Morrow, G. Smoyer. FOURTH ROW: B. Kerr, B. Klingen smiTh, P. Carey, K. SmiTh, K. KinTer, R, Lees, C. Cravener, L. STewarT, I. Pufzke. THIRD ROW: E. Kolek, K. Elwood, B. BarneTTe, K, Crissman, S ArTman, B. Devers, D. Ortz, D. Silvis, E. McInTire, R. Cline, K. Hanneman, R. Brindger, D. Wilson, L. Valco. SECOND ROW: M. Swank, A GuThrie, R. Egley, R. SmiTh, B. SmeITzer, D. Smith, B. Black, K. STahI, P. Criswell, B. Shaeffer, D. Boarfs, R. Brink, M. FeTTerman, D. Ross, J Shaeffer, D. MarTin. FIRST ROW: K. FeITon, K. Ross, B. Wilson, D. Bolvin, K. Bracken, S. Kuhns, D. Filer, K. Burns. I . H Q 3012 'ol BUSINESS STAFF STANDING IL. to RJ: M. Wysocki, G. Morrow, D. Pester IEd.j, Mrs. Smith, D. Wenckovvski. KNEELING: R. Morgan, N. Pe-Ilegrini. LITERARY STAFF CL. to RJ: L. Wensconis, C. Martin CEd.J, S. Smith, Miss Arnal. CL, to RJ: J, Shriver, B. Clark, D. Pester, S. Smith, G. Morrow, R. Morgan, C. Martin SPORTS STAFF ART STAFF IL. to RJ: B. Tarosky, J. Kennerdell IEd.J EDITOR-IN-CHIEF IL- IO R-I1 5'MCGHU9I1ey,M..IOrdan IEcI.J. I02 Bunny Clark u F PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF CL. To R.T: J. Shriver fEdJ, B. Klonovvski. JUNIOR STAFF B. Taylor, P. Shoop, L. Davis, C. Gradwell, J. Hunter. l T l l T N. Pellegrini, J. Kennerdell, M. Wysocki, S. McGaughey, M. Jordan, B. Tarosky. Much of The success of The KiskiTas STa hard Work of The Senior and Junior Kiski ycrlskrfas TT can be aTTribuTed To The leadership of Bunny Clark and To The Tas STafTs. MosT of The responsibiliTies Tall upon The Senior KiskiTas STaTT. The Junior STaTT is more oT a Training group which prepares Them Tor The Senior STaTT. AlThough all oT The sTaTTs vvork TogeTher They each have Their own responsibiliTies. The LiTerary STaTT wriTes The class will, class prophecy, and The club arTicles. The SporTs STaTT keeps records of The fooTball and baskeTball games. The Business STaTT receives ads for The yearbook and helps raise money Through various proiecTs. The Typing STaTT, as iTs name implies, Types The copy. Possibly The mosT diligenT sTaTT is The PhoTography STaTT. ouT The year members of This sTaTT work Each year sTudenTs and parenTs are vvell The lunch sTand. AnoTher annual evenT under KiskiTas' sponsorship is The ChrisTmas Dance. This year iT "Snovvball." ln connecTion vviTh The Senior ouT The year. Mrs. Odessa SmiTh and Miss The KiskiTas STaTT would like To Thank Them esko Tor helping aT The snack-bar during ATTer The hard vvork and oTTen exaspe Torvvard To seeing The Tinished'producT. breaThes a sigh of relief. Through- in cooperaTion wiTh Mr. Shaffer, The KiskiTas phoTographer. Ted aT home football games because The KiskiTas members work aT was The Class The KiskiTas sponsors several oTher fund-raising proiecTs Through- Arnal are responsible Tor much of The success of These proiecTs, and Tor all of Their help and paTience. Special Thanks are due Mr. Afan- The home TooTball games. raTing Task of preparing The KiskiTas Tor publicaTion, The STaTT looks When The book Tinally arrives and is disTribuTed, The enTire sfaff IO3 FOURTH ROW TL. To R.J: R. Magness, A. SchrecongosT, G. Fouse, E. Black, J. Wilmonr, L. Harckckom, THIRD ROW: M. Shade, D. Cooper, C. Miller, D. Varner, S. Roselle. SECOND ROW: S. Mobley, K. Snyder, L. Radebach, S. Swarts, K. FeTTerman, M. Brennan. FIRST ROW: N. Watterson, .,....1-.... -.--1:---., MM.-ann--M .,,,...,..-naw-ff-N ,,,,..,..p,p1gov-ww ...,.4uuowM" 'K fe-ilvv 1 ' I 1 1 1 I . 4 W.. w ,,,. . - - ff- A 4-, s ...- n A s I2 , . , I ,,,., L ,,,M,.w-guns '- -,.....i 4,1 M4-s 'T'-3?-F. ,4- ., V ... "' ,, f Aw -M , .,.-. f ....---N "' "' YY- t Mui MEMBER F COMPLIMENTS of APOLLO TRUST Apollo Norlh Apollo EDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Congra'ruIa+ions +o +I1e Class of I964 From Your PI'1o'rograpI1er SHAFFER'S STUDIO Apollo, Pennsylvania CompIImen'I's of MARCO COAL COMPANY Apollo Pennsylvania RAYCHORD CORPORATION Nor+h Warren Ave. Apollo, Penna. P.O. Box 307 Telephone: GR 2-I3 8l Sfrucfural S+eel Producls Q? UCSD FOOD bf We THE f 1 i IIYII ON DS WATCH ES DUPPSTADTS l26 Granf Ave. Vandergriff, Penna. Phone 567-7617 DIAM J i Z RESTAURANT We Issue X3 GR 2-020I Hunfing and Fishing Licenses RAWLINGS WILSON DONGHIA TAILOR 239 Longfellow S+. Vandergri'F+, Pa. Formal Wear Renial Service OKLAHOMA FLORIST Oklahoma, Penna. Flowers 'For All Occasions Phone Vandergriff 567-606I . DONALD Complimenfs 6 STEVENS of JEWELER X Warren Ave. Filler 'er up Kenny 4' L Apollo' Pa' id ' GR 2-I34l I07 Complimenls TROUTMAN'S MARKET and TASTEE FREEZ Spring Church ARMlTAGE'S SUPER MARKET Apollo, Penna. gl! 5 PDQ MRS. LEE KING -0 50 99 .- 'G' es' X Qffl r R'-- s L A 5 p p E Um mr msg ,, n,. xii ...-..,,4 gr' A-1 - Y x L' ' ,r 1 BAlRD'S 81 I0 CENT STORE I 36 Norlh Warren Complefe Line of Builcler's Supplies Apollo' Penna. WARREN AVE. GR 2-l2lI APOLLO, PA. GR 2-I78I Complimenls of , .,... VALLEY FLORIST 4l5 Firs+ Sfreel' Apollo, Penna. MID-WAY MARKET STAR ROUTE, APOLLO Groceries and Gas JOHN N. KING KING'S AUTO SERVICE General Repair ORCHARD HILLS CompIimenIs of THE CRESTWOOD CZITTERBERG SUNOCO STATION ApoIIo Spring Church Road GR 8-24I3 MALCOLM'S CLOTHING SHOP For Men's Wear in Ihe Kislri VaIIey VANDERGRIFT, PENNA SANDER'S PHARMACY I5 I -A-Gran+ Avenue Vandergriff, Penna. Complimenis of BOOKS SHOE STORE CompIimen+s of APOLLO HARDWARE RUBINS LEW'S DAIRY STORE ApoIIo, Penna. GR 2-484I APOLLO REALTY COMPANY 2I7 Firs+ S'I'reef Apollo, Penna. HILTY'S HOME FURNISHINGS 2I7 Firsi' S'I'ree'I' ApoIIo, Penna. APOLLO FORD SALES BYER5 AUTQ PARTS P-0- B01 296 zol Firsf S+ree+ Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I24I Apollo' Penne. APOLLO WM. "BILL" ALTMIRE ESSO SERVICENTER GeneraI Insurance RONALD GOOD - Propriefor 303 Firsf S+. APOH P J. L. HARMON SLOAN'S Insurance Agency, IncorporaI'ed 5 CGDI' +0 SI-00 5+0re II5 Nor'rI1 Warren GR 2-22II Ap llo. PB- GR 2 I80I MANGO MUSIC STORE I65 Columbia Avenue Vanclergriff, Pa. - 568-25I5 CROSSAN'S MEN'S WEAR I29 Gran'I' Avenue Vanclergriff, Pa. - 568-III3 GORDON'S RADIO I4O Washinglon Ave. Vandergrifl, Pa. GEORGE'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Vanclergrifh Pa. Complimenls of "The Cone Wilh The Curl on Top" Leechburg, Pennsylvania RIVer Road - NOITII Apollo Our Bes'I' Wishes +o The Class of '64 Nex+ +o Thorofare MIvI'. Nor'I'h Apollo I KISKI LANES GR 2-225' MAIETTA DRUG DUNMIRE'S SUNOCO Plaza Shopping CenI'er NOr"I'l1 Apollo, PB. River Rgacl Norlh Apollo HELD'S FOODMART SixI'een'Ih SI'reeI' Norih Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I65I CARL L. KUHNS PLASTERING CONTRACTOR Norfh Apollo GR 2-365I SHAFER'S ESSO STATION Norlh Apollo, Pa. Complimenls of GUTHRIE CHEVROLET Apollo, Pa. GR 2-I82I Complimenls of BETTY and EARL BLISS SPENCER ELECTRIC 6I8 Norlh Four+h S'rreeI' Apollo, Pa. GR 2-36II BEAMER'S CLEANERS I24 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. GR 2-7I3I Complimenfs of NEWINGHAM'S MARKET Congralulafions, Class of '64 C0mPllm9f1fS of From STANDARD LUMBER APOLLO NEWS STAND Apollo, po. wi-uTLlNeER's MARKET BEATW 7I2 Nooo Ave. PLUMBING and HEATING Apollo, Pa. - GR 2-327I or GR 2-328I I30 Warren Avg. Apollo' P Complimenls of SPOTLESS CLEANING Apollo, Penna. Complimenls of APOLLO MILLING COMPANY GR 2-3561 GR 2-357I WILLIAM C. NELSON Nafionwide Insurance Complimenfs of MR. and MRS. DOYLE STEELE 200 Norfh 2nd Slreel Apollo, P APOLLO INSURANCE AQENCY APOLLO NEWS RECORD 3ll Nor'l'I1 2nd Sfreel' Apollo, Pa. Complimenls KISKI CULLIGAN of WATER CONDITIONING, INC. 202 NOI'+l'l 2nd Slreel Apollo, Pa Congralulalions, Class of '64 "Your Pre-scrlplion Since l894 GLENN L. HELMAN Apollo, Pa. GR 2-l4lI 'W""TL'NGER'S J ELSIE'S LIGHTHOUSE Plumbmg Healmg Roollmg IOI Firsl' Slreel' Apollo, Pa. GUY E. WHITLINGER JR. OPEN 24 HOURS GR 2-02Il Apollo, Pa. VALLEY DISTRIBUTOR l20 Railroad Slreel Apollo, Penna. GR 2-'85OI Complimenls of PATTERSON'S DAIRY PATRONS ROSS' GRANT AVE. PHARMACY ORCHARD HILLS HARDWARE UPTEGRAPH'S BARBER SHOP CLARE'S BEAUTY SHOP McLAUGHLIN'S STORE PLAZA BEAUTY SHOP JANICE BRITTEN DIXON'S BAKERY UNION HOUSE GIANlNI'S

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Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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