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 - Class of 1959

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. 554. ,fr 52 fem ,- -, 44 .F 4' 41 fem ,- -, 4, -F rw 4' 4: few ,- -, 44 -F rw 4' 4: fem ,- - 44 44, 44. S 444 fe S . M fe S W, ,f P . . ,f 9 . v . ,f 9 . v . ,f I f 1 wg' 1 A -7 -fs: A, ' 52 .Q ij mir. N Y M ,, J .ES fe, ' '1 4 35, 'Z f '41 snr' nz 0 'VF02 5' 'ew 5' A 5' 1 F' 5' A Q . we :I . H 25 - Qi mx Q31 .4 31 . I., :, .MM ? Q. - L: 'Eff ' 1:-5:1 ,K 1 :1 I . 1 'Eff ' .gi RSI-4 vf ' Qi 1 .Hal eip , FJ :Q-f . Tb? . ff? A eip , 2.5 :. Tl ii - . Ag. N' - .i 1:-1355 5? iqi HQ!! l gil - 'z My 'af-2:5 X f +L Il . . V A V L X I .5 - K 4. -. ,K 551. avxsx -,Nu QYJFX N . . 'H ' -. s--X - . -N 'HM 959 M D P- F- ml QQ Mlm tw GQ APOLLO HIGH SCHOOL Apollo, Pennsylvania V -'QQ' s jxx . 7. . ' 5 'E i, , fi ' fl 51 at xl 4 fl l ll 4 I l ll . m f 'K A 9 f in L f u X I .A li ! I Q . .,.,- l ll L. C O O ,af 4 'I rf f I 'Q 1 A .f 3 'x X ,X X f ll gi iflr I if 'X W We Q ,"" M y A' ' 12 y QE 5? f ig? 453 Q 3 E ... f5Qggm,g f , Pm N, ,L ' as ' , -Q , 'S 2 x 15 if ,521 ix! uf ilxff' 1' 1 , 462 1131 ii I 39' ALMA MATER The llght of our learnmg Is stall brightly burning Our thoughts ever turnmg To old Apollo Hugh 'F' Our mem rles never fade The plans that we have land In days far gone by The walls that have housed All hope for the future The lnqhts that have led us Through lifes stumblvng way Nor wnll we forget The challenge we have met We cherlsh her yet Hall Apollo Hugh' .Pfyafyf 959 A Plcforlal Record Of Life AT Apollo Hugh ' 8 f ,'j 1' i A 1 - 15,5 QW Of dear friends we have made, F' ' 'fi Y . , . , . . My - , '4 -' .f. Q I 0 U -vw sf wa' 4 X , X if s, .ff .. I 'llfggi :U '1 ff! v 1 WE, the stat? of the '59 yearbook, present this volume of the Kislcitas to the student body of Apollo High School. Within these pages, we have tried to produce, through the camera's eye, a panorama of student life at our Alma Mater. The sound of happy voices, the spirit of good sportsmanship, the mold- ing of ideals and aspirations, and the memory of past pleasures have all been incorporated to form a momento of our challenges, accomplishments, and friends. We hope that this book may serve as a tclcen of our appreciation 'For the cp- portunities afforded us through our years at A. H. S. ,I The Senior Class of Apollo High School, hereby dedicates the 1959 Kiskitas to Mrs. Odessa H. Smith cmd Mr. John M. Yarnovic for their invaluable services to the Kiskitas Stat? and to the students of Apollo High School. Without their guidance and cooperation, our annual, the crowning achievement of our high school years, would not have been possible. This is but a small token of appreciation in recognition of their gratuitous assist- ance. THE EVENTS OF THE 1958 59 SESSION OF APOLLO HIGH SCHOOL ARE RECORDED IN THIS JOURNAL FLIGHT PLAN . 4 'Q 4 f 4 f I 4 'Q 'Is .5 .. . ix, 4" ,v 1 -. ,pf , ,v 'v 9 1 6 ,o FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN CLUBS MUSIC PUBLICATIONS SPORTS STUDENT LIFE 7 ADVERTISEMENTS 8 THE LAUNCHING CREW no wr Fronl' Rowll io Rl R Jewell P Kepple S Gallagher M Barchfleld Second Row R Held O J Taylor Shoeffer P Walker Buck Row l. Hunier A Byers R Meyers E Crawford J Alcorn A L Campbell B S M Ed Slrppery Rock State Teachers College Umversny of Puftsburgh Fvelvn B Lyons secrelury Supervrsung Principal Apollo Area Jolnf Schools IO Bertha Howell, Secretary Apollo High School Charles A. Davis, B. S., M. Ed. California State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University High School Principal THE CENTER 0F OUR DAILY PROGRESS Our teachers are really much more than those who guide and instruct us. They are the supporting pillars of all our endeav- ors, helping us lay foundations for all fu- ture progress and gain. We will remember them, not only for this, but for their unique personalities that could not be hidden by a grade book, but are portrayed by the inter- IFN 14' -qw-'FY est they show in school, their subjects, and their hobbies. Our teachers strive to give us a philos- ophy cf living that will enable us to take the strains and stresses of everyday living. They do their best to teach us that the es- sence of life is the struggle and striving for better ways and better things. Irene McCausland School Nurse Murray Armstrong, B. S. Grove City College Home and School Visitor Max Afanesko, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Geography, Social Studies Lynn Alter, B. S. Clarion State Teachers College English, Speech Donald Battist, A. B. University of Pittsburgh History Carolyn V. Boyd, B. S. indiana State Teachers College Commercial Education V --:'.'. f ' ., Y ' : iiil ' 1 Bernice Black Earnest Cadwell, B. S. Wayne Cresswell, B. S., M. Ed. Virginia P. Carey, B. S., M. Ed Indiana State Teachers College California State Teachers Slippery Rock State Teachers Pennsylvania State University Reading, English College College ' Biology Industrial Arts, Mechanical UmVe'5'lY of pmslfwfgl' Drawing Guidance Counselor' Furman Curry, B. S. James Fallone, B. S. Harold Fulton, B. S., M. Ed. Joseph Fuszek, B. S., M. Ed. Clarion State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College Slippery Rock State Teachers English, Mmhemmics English University of Pittsburgh College Pennsylvania State University University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Health, Physical Education Fulton Gallagher, B. M. E. Indiana State Teachers College Vocal Music Marlin Hartman Clarion State Teachers College Academic Mathematics Joyce Hill, B. S. Clarion State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Librarian Donald Hindman, B. 5. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Chemistry, Physics 13 Y Donna J. Johnson, B. S., M. Ed. Eliot Keir, B. S. Kathryn Lukehart, B. S., M. Ed. Grace Miller B S Slippery Rock State Teachers University of Pittsburgh Indiana State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College College Science University of Pittsburgh Geography University of Pittsburgh S ecicl Educmion P Pennsylvania State University Physical Education louise V. Nelson, A. B. Grove City College Latin, French Martha l. Pallone, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Home Economics Anna Platt University of South Carolina Art Florabell Schneider, B. S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College Special Education if Steve Shremshock, B. S., M. Ed. 6 Slippery Rock State Teachers College University ot Pittsburgh D Q' Physical Education, Drivers Training Odessa H. Smith, B. S. Grove City College Commercial Education Virginia Smith, B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College English Lois E. Snyder, B. M. E., M. of F. A. Otterbein College Carnegie Technical Institute of Technology Instrumental Music John Stein, B. S, Sara Stewart, B. S. Erma Jean Vigo, B. S. John M. Yamovic, B. S, Wilkes College Slippery Rock State Teachers Slippery Rock State Teachers Clarion State Teachers College Social Studies gollege I College English Un'Ve'5"Y of P'll5bu'9l' Physical Education, History Geography I1 55mm TC HIGHER HORIZONS I7 1573? 3 2 4 Ct -ani' Senior Class Officers il. to RJ: Viola Barr, Secretary, James Gallagher, President, Mary Lou Day, Student Council Represent ativeg Barbara Waugaman, Treasurer, lrene Davis, Vice-President CNot Picturedj. The Senior Class of T959 has been in- dustrious and energetic all through its high school years. During this time projects which were gratifying to the students and financial- ly productive were sponsored. Some of the festive occasions held were freshman parties, sophomore and junior dances, the junior-senior prom, the senior Coronation, the senior banquet, and various other activities. Funds were obtained by the sale of ice cream, baked goods, candy, magazines, class hats and Christmas wrappings. In the sophomore year the class motto, "Forward ever, backward never," was adopt- ed. The motto was accepted not only by the class a o whole, but also by each individual. Thus, the class prospered in its four years of high school life. Also, in the sophomore year, lavender and white were chosen as the class colors, the lavender and white carnation as the class flower, and "You'll Never Walk Alone" as the class song. The Senior Class of T959 sincerely ap- preciates the assistance of Mr. McBride, Mrs. Angle, Mr. Hindman, and Mr. Afanesko for their guidance as class advisors. T8 NWN Commercial 3 ,fi sw., 42 WILLIAM C. AlKlNS CAROL AKINS ROBERT DARRELL ARDUINO "Rock" "Carol" "Weiner" Academic Commercial Academic JACK ECKMAN ARNOLDY JOYCE LYNN ARNOLDY MARY MAY BALDRIGE "Jock" "Termite" "Baldy" Commercial Commercial Commercial VIOLA MAE BARR DANIEL BARTOE DONNA JEAN BEARD "Dan" "Donna" Academic General fin' q .f Hello there!!! O x NORMA JEAN BEATTY THOMAS BISAHA CHRISTINE IRENE BRAYSHAW "Norma" "Tom" "Chris" Academic Academic Academic '-fx' I-ed X I x 3 az HR -2 SALVADORE CALDERONE H-I-coin General ELIZABETH CLAWSON Huzn Academic KENNETH CYPHERT ' Toehead ff Academic V 1 5 4 44 -s. T - ,. I I 'C ' I N ,A R3 JUNE LOUISE CARNEY "June" Commercial ESTHER LaVERNE CLOUD "Esther" Academic IRENE ELIZABETH "Irene" Commercial DAVIS 21 'R N , DONALD E CLARK ,Donn General JOHN COSTRINI "John" Academic MARY LOU DAY "Meri" Academic K -1, 5 PATRICIA ALDENE DILLINGER SEBASTIAN DI NUNZIO, JR. GARY ECKMAN Hpotll llsubll llGGr-yll Academic Commercial General LAWANNA MARIE ECKMAN RICHARD COPELAND ESPY SARAH JANE FLEMING "Lc1wcznnc1" "Cope" "Sully" General Academic Commercial LARRY CLYDE FRANK GERALD JAMES FULLERTON KATHLEEN FUSZEK "KnOlrf" "Tank" "Puddy" Academic General Academic 22 ',.W ....X..-ilk ,.M+-fv' ' .4 My, bui the air is thin up here!!! O JAMES SAMUEL GALLAGHER JOAN MARIE GAMBLE ROBERT CLYDE GLUNT "Jim" "Joan" "Arriba" Academic General Academic 23 I l,. I 'M X. i if 51 vmk..ff ln.. lg. 0 The "OLD MASTER" af work. O SIDNEY LORRAINE GRAHAM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HANKEY DONNA LEE HILEMAN "Sidney" "Deacon" "Don" Commercial Academic Academic we! ,. , Q l VIVIAN HILTY REBECCA ANN HUTCHISON JANET LOUISE KERR Hvivif ,,Hu'Ch,, Hjunff Commercial Academic Commercial JOHN KENNETH KING NANCY LEE KLINGENSMITH JUDITH CARLYN KNEPSHIELD "Jack" "Kling" "Knepie" Commercial Commercial Academic THOMAS VINDLE KOSICEK BARBARA LEE KOWALCZYK JOHN CHARLES LEECH "Code" "Barb" "John" General Commercial Academic 25 'N-.. JOHN MICHAEL LONG BONNIE ALANN LYNCH DELORES LOUISE MARANGONI "Johnny" "Terri" "Dee" General Commercial Commercial JUDITH MARIE MARCHESI LENNY JOYCE MARKS NIILDRED EVELYN MAY Hjudff Hjoycef, ,,MidgeH Academic Acorlemic Commercial KENNETH EUGENE MCCAUSLAND RICHARD McLAREN PATRICIA MILLER ,,Ken,, ffmchf, ,fpmn Academic General General 26 Now let me see. . .! U MYRNA KAY MORGAN DONALD ERUIN NICHOLSON SYLVIA ORLOWSKI "Birdnose" "Nick" "Sylvia" General General Commercial Now who have we here?? O DANIEL PLAZIO JANICE M. POMPA ELIZABETH A. POYDENCE ,,DGn,, Hpompu HUZH General Commercial Commercial ly N N ,,L., M3W, Ki fi ' "' 'gi hfgz Wy., ! 99 9 sq 6? 4-Q 28 5 sl J F' figggf 7x , -Q. re 5 -. -, fe,--3 ,sy LORAYN M. PRESENSKY CHARLES MATSON PRYOR "Lorcyn" "Pete" Commercial General JUDITH MAE REARIC M. WAYNE RICHARDS U-ludyff ,,WGYne,, Commercial Academic FRANK RUDARI MARY LEE RUFFNER ,,RUdy,f Uneqff Academic Commercial D Q p Deg, I f 4 J' -4' --5' -., ,,. 5 A A DONALD LEE RAINEY ,Donn General DONALD ROSENSTEEL ,Donn General DOYLE LYNN SHAEFFER "Shcxef" Academic 29 f', i f"" gym JOHN HOWEY SHANK "George" General EUGENE R. SMITH "Gene" Academic WILLIAM C. STITT "Bill" Academic tw 14,4 vf MARY ANN SKROT REBECCA SLAVIERO ffpeugff Hseckyff Commercial Commercial LINDSEY GAIL SMITH PEGGY LOU SPENCER Hsmhhff Hpegf, Commercial Commercial JAMES STONE MARLANE STROUP "Pebble" "Marlane" General Commercial in 4 ' " ' M551 QF ,IVE E252 th iv ff 30 ,Ar On our way to "Peanut Heaven." I PATRICIA TOWNSEND SANDRA JEANE ULERY THEODORE UMBAUGH "Pony" "Sandy" "Gummy Rings" Academic Commercial Academic f 31 has Q ? Ml! Soon we'Il come io our iourney's end! O GARY WALKER KENNETH WALKER R. LYLE WALKER "Hair" "Ken" "Lyle" General Academic Academic 32 'far he-'11 ir. NANCY MCMILLEN WALKER LINDA SUE WATTERSON BARBARA WAUGAMAN ifNcncYf, Nunn Commercial Academic GLORIA WILLIAMSON RUBY PAULINE WILMOT "Red" "Pennie" Commercial Commercial DELORES RUTH WILMOI' PATRICIA ANN WILMOT JACK PARKER ZIMMERMAN "Dot" "Pat" "Hougie General Commercial Academic Nxwuei ,. ,,,:q,s,,. 4 I ,j l 7 N an N . 'Q NE' F Q QWEQ? ESM ive? An inside glimpse of the Royal Bcill. Careful, Dee!! Oom-Pa-Po! l! A :ix2'4,:'Y S Our retiring team. The Hufchison-Dillinger fan club!! Q, vii Fun at the Yum-Yum! if l H-nk. is 3 l, A Georg:, George, he's our man--ager! Tripping the light fantastic! ! Oh, to be young again! 244-6-8, who do we appreciate! ! ! T' Sonia has come again! 3: I Zdfmfmcfauwefzu THE MINOR SATELLITES 'Q'-q,,.... 'Nw 'wx -wa 'sw-f.w,,,,,-ff W3 Front Row tl. to RJ: Gail Painter, Secretary- Jwdy Sheet- fer, President, Robert Waltenbaugh, Vice-Prr-sic ent. Back Row: Joe Kolek, Student Council Representative, Kathy Kennedy, Treasurer. Top Row Cl.. to RJ: G, Aaron, P. Akins, P. Baker, P. Barchfield, K. Baustert, N. Beck, R. Bence. Second Row: S. Benninger, D. Bernat, C. Betts, M. Bowers, R, Burkett, E. Bush, K. Cravener, J, Crawford. Third Row: G. Crow, B. Davis, B. Davis, L. Davis, M. DeMeno, P, Dubas, D. Eckman, R. Egley. Fourth Row: D. Farineau, P. Ferguson, C. Fetterman, G. Filer, D. Frick, C. Geer, C. Hartman, R. Heck man. Fifth Row: R. Heckman, C. Hesketh, F. Kalok, J. Kennedy, K. Kennedy, C. Kepple, R. Kerr, G. King. Bottom Row: D. Kins, C Kirkman, N. Klingensmith, R. Klingensmith, V. Klonowski, J. Kolek, L. Kough, L. Kridler. Q C nntt yn R 'Y -'f 1... . 5.21.5 , V "H 2' 'ulb ' v ' , nk- 8 Q -3 , 5 - :'x sf X I3 0 RTF: In - .7 In-.g, Q , a if n A 3 3 rw' 7 , Z we , :ff , " . 1' 1 .,,,:"1Q mil '- f N Q 6 yi ik Y Q .':2 'Vj1. :--f-- .,' .. , in We . .. 1 an .. Q 4 X . , . .. . 'E I 'W 7 ' ' s 1 uv- 'f Km W 4 ' In . ' .0 . iii , 7 'M A ff, so -,-- . R x if .,...,. ..., ' K. Q lg" 1. K i' . ge '--'t .., fn- ' 'R 4: 'K ' I Q az A' ,eg t 5 5 fig ' G W 'M ,-.- W .'-' ff 'W .5 I MQ., , we M' 521 'I' J . V 1 . . X, wr , M. , if I dl 0 ..,, K V 3 . ,Mi J " -A r.. W' . w- 14 - Q r if rw xx.: N ' lzv- . Ca 7 :lv -.-M 'f '7 I . -L, y f, ' V QI? x .2 M J., n K 0 v- AV l , F, g L3 ,wi H " W 3 M Q . . f' K -:rf . ,E ., , Ky- lb X WW ' 2 . ..V"'- A , "" ' ' I ' A .af r 4 f I , Q, Q, A 4 Sz x -ff., L75 Q gag" ' - . V r- xt f '-' -Q, 2? .2 ' f f 'J -fr' M N 'F' if MANQQI I Q 38 'SICK ,Moins Mikulo Muller Moyer McCauley McCullough McDowell Mcllwcun Moore Morgan Morgan Mosbcnugher Nelson Newton Pointer Parks Pcrsons Patterson Peterson Rainey Reeder Recrlc Relgh Rrggle W Scholl Seevers Sefts Shuelter Slwceffer Shellhcxmmer Shlrey Shoop Summers Slverlmg Smeltzer Smnth Smith Smith Spohr Speer Sproull Stevens Strong Tcrosky Troup Vorner Walker Wcltenbough Weaver Westergom Wnlson Wolfe Zcmottn Zuwockl 5 A vw we 'E+ 10 I W5 '51 X -Ir 7,0- 49' .'f. ,NL 660 v-7' x,-nf" 'C'-Q 5 A 5 'Q Tx 36 -'ff :Vik 'SY' ...ur 40,3 his 49 Arty 1-RX 39 an 1:11 fvs 1:3 vi..-N A-'Q .4 l Svpfw Front Row lL. to RJ: Diane Lyons, Vice-President, Judy Stitt, President, Dwight Guthrie, Secretary, Alan Snyder, Treasurer. Top Row ll.. to RJ: R. Aiello, K. Alcorn, S. Allen, E. Ameno, J. Andring. Second Row: C. Bair, N. Beatty, J. Bee, J, Bicego, J. Black, B. Bliss, E, Bliss, N. Burkett. Third Row: C, Byers, R. Carney, J. Chambers, R. Chikar, P. Costrini, J. Coy, C. Crawford, L. Daugherty. Fourth Row: D. Davis, M, Davis, L. Dunmire, J. Durandefto, L. Faber, D. Ferrero, M. Fouse, K. Frampton. Fifth Row: E. French, T. George, L. Geer, C. Getto, H. Goedicke, D. Guthrie, B. Hall, L. Hall. Bottom Row: E, Harley, T. Harley, M. Hemphill, B. Hill, D. Hilty, D. Hilty, R. Hollis, J. Jackson. Z ,. N A ,, f E W, . W . .... t M i mg ibn. we cg Cv ,Q , .. 1 :AQ A lar, , . 'Az . fl :iw J Q 2 ME. 99 fl,-- ' X vs. gg? 2 Q., . y Q 7 c. 'fy x E.. 5 , I he 1, k 52, ss W -' V. gy., it Q . ' - ' ll .7 M ,alarms ,- ..:3:7 G ' we 1' as . . ,X 5 ,,,,,, ',. 'X' x. 5 E5 . Alllp E -.,-l,. 3 .,-:- :Z Z A in ,:- .. .1 :,. -: WY It 2 7 M W F vi'-' fi Q5 ' A' , . 'sk ,.,. ' 5' . ,N "ii ii 435' C V ' lA 9' A 1 5:,.'j... ' -.2 - 1:5 -, QU , V . . i-A:- 3 ., vt Q in 2 ,,.V . S ir' f fit ll g FQ ' V4-Q J 'fri l Q , ' ' ...li ' I lr: , ...-' A if 5 1 1 5 , A A 1 ? -9 40 E Kerr W Klnngensmnh Knepshleld Krldler Kubcxl Leech Lyons Mole: Molercuk Molersky Moore Moyer Mureshesku Nelson Orfz PIGZIO Pozzum Putzke Reese Renchenbcuglw Relgh Roberts Roberison Rodebcch Sawyer Scholl Schrecongost Schockey Scott Shoop Shafts Shriver Shupe Slncker Smell Smuth Snyder Sproull Stonkus Stewart Sfewclrf Stewart Srm Stokes Stone Tulmodge Townsend Turner Vcrner Vlsley Wotferson Wenscoms Wllllcrns Wulilomson Wnlhornson Wnlmof Zonos Zrmmermcn Zimmerman 'BR AA 'Q' vw 3' Na 'D- 'T' 'ii' sal' ,-Q N px Uh 1 nv K 0' Q--r ,N 'X at at ,ff -nk' 1,39 JP 1 -.7 A mf 'T' CP' 'sl' ' '-5 4-5 ,f S ,4 fy so "s...4lf F'nfSFUQ 0PUP"P"f3 0033?-Ps Def-fwfo 202-neva wwf-39120 vegan? wvzvnw sfwersc when A . . 0 . - . . . . n , . m Y 3 . U ' . . 5 A x . L Q- ' ' EM I V ,gizvfm 'ZW' Q2 V, Q. mi A 5 4 , , X x YJQ' ,I J J ' 4' 3 x N 4. ,- sf 4' if x ' N If ' V ' e rs s ss eses L we 4 a s s , h S 1 r h 5' L Q M PNP, A , if . , , . 13 y f ,Y v ' M M V 4 J , Q .. i -fy? lx ' ' 5, Igmw n - I X :L AV Q 5 , " A S 'f ' 5' 1, x J' V I f ,I 4' T ,I K wfyK...'Xv 1 gy Mfgfifi 1 Q .V X f e r r r r f fu r r e f r f s , r s .v r , 5 r Q! ,v i,3p,,,N A Y ., AQ . N " . L X , ,D V! W -' ',,. -.,,:,::-.2 U K 3 ylhh t -.., r, W QQ: ' ZH iff , f, ' vt A f it " ' ,yep I Y I' x ' ' U! r' X ' ,N A 1 if 4 if f' z X 1 wx 14110 gl? A 4 , Lf to Q f . .- Q H A R is Q N ...:. U W W ,- fm , . X 1' s s .--Q- - 33. H 9... , ' U s , Q e e ' - N 1 r .f I 4 Wffj! i 4 75 6, , A e f so rx Q rs e we +. ' 43 f' X v 5 fn ' 'N' f 1 , , 1:3 h M V ,. L .r.r , ' A . Q .Qs s X . i fkkfh S,- A A , x Me . A h 9 -1 -. . 'AA g Q y ,J K 0 -7 Q N IK' 1 ' f Y K L, W X - . 54 'uu- 1 "EL" Q mdrbxs vs -in-Q L X x T7 A w.,m nv' J Q Frolicking Freshmen Top Row ll. To RJ: L, Aikins, H. Allshouse, E. Baker, F. Boker, G. Bortoe. Second Row: J. Bortoe, J. Benninger, L. Belts, G. Bortino, P Bodenhorn, R. Broadheud, B. Burkeii, G. Bush. Third Row: R. Bush, P. Ccxrmony, D. Cusello, D. Ccsello, P, Cusello, L. Clepper, K Cooper, E. Crosby. Fourlh Row: J. DiVilling, M. Forineou, M. Froncek, D. Fulion, J. Fulton. J. Fulton, M, Goedicke, D. Gray. Fiffh Row K. Hallman, H. Held, R, Held, R. Hiliy, H, Hook, D. Jackson, N. Jackson, T. Jcnworski. Bottom Row: D. Kolok, S, King, V. K Kline, R. Klingensmifh, V. Klonowski, D. Knepshield, J. Kunkle an X ,M YZ' suv U' 97' .-sr' ..a-re'-1' g., ,.- VH- ...nv ,QF M ' s....- N'-7 K Wi sf- iff sb .4 M M 21" 9.4.3 ii, .1 -or 'F 'W' 5 rl if w fm fi f - .' 1' ggi.. ' 3: 5 xx r ,A . In .. 1.51 ,, 4 42 Sf l W K ' ".. . J 11 . p ... X . fy, . K ' , I ' 'Ns Y L ' 'S 7 f. "'. ai I f' E Y . . , ,X 3 .. ., K x . Xiu W I V: f . I X 3 'N s Q Wy' J E .,:... , 'X K .. - h M .. i.,. Q 1 N I A an L s .F J vhi' 1 - ' " ' 1' L 'N . lf., L2 .al . . , wi J ' ,, W I' t J 4 4 Y.. l l .. if f if J, 'L Q- X, Q ea ' J 1-nnl2e: i .. . -... is W -:. S , fs -4..A A -, ' I , 4 8 -.F 1 . x f "" Q ,ff I uw 4, """" ' N A 'Lv X lv rx Q , Q if Q fl . lf fl? ' if pf f L 5 la 16 fx Q. ad? 2 "' ...van 1.0 1 lmh New 'vw 'sv' 'QQ' ,.--5 S' ,an N9 5 x T' l il, RTT . N X ' 5 'Eff' 4, Ld? ', - . - N ' I Q - -lvq , -4 ,. We ex , , ,A 5 . I QW -4 r,., A an I . E ' N llxl w I J A 1 l 4 M , ' A " . ' T D , gf I N , I 4 1 J g - R L . N s is f , i ' , 5 y I ' K , N ' x x ' Q. Q! Ehrhx I . qi I , 4 V K Q VL I . x..44 0 hizi 1 . K, I, .. . ,. If 1 0' - V N ki ff E -A A . ' A NV Q -i ' Srro T to 4 S- L S, T f' T-,rf F? fi--H K of JJ- ' . . ,Arif -X QF .. I . :I -L 1 K ,I -Q .,, I.. , :V X R uni, J ma ik: V I :Z If i 'S , . N ' ..., . ' y -1 -,4: I ' 4 w 5 ' , M P- - S t -- S QV . v 'lf . ' ,, . 5 h L ,T 1 M , L T T ' N ' , , .gi :.. 2 .:,..., " ' ,Q ' A 1 '-f" ' J C, . - ' ' 51 ' 'R , ,T T ..,. . T, ..,A. T, T, . 5 N 1 '.-'L ,Q A X B 5 . ' ff X I 4 IVV4- Q 1 H I wk.: -lvl A , L . ... f S. L q S L N yf-,,-: V - V' ' ' Q , sri W' 4 L I I z.. A s N A, fl rd. 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" ,f 'ef an uf nf' Qff ,hr-f 5. .ww .fe-AME! 'K "Qi I 'Z "S.. ,N P qx' RL Bb? 4. X ai' g Mealfume at A H S " . G ' E. Al' K. r. , V fl 1 ' ' H, 7. ,A 1 JS? y at , . A 15 M X as J. a ' 7' VJ ' Y ' . My ' Nu M. K H D. ,M ' ' '. .sin . W- 4' 5' Q, V r H G. :K.,.. I y 'aw r fA xi G .1 N4- A M. PW, ,B X qi . it A f I W , - S. A A r 1, I 1 U H. ' J. 1 "- f' . 'Q M A . A w e ' , M - W M' ' 4 .. fr 2 , -' Y , 4 ' . M. Q .,. Q . ...V M. E. V, L - il . -ilfirf A 1 p. C. D. 4 M f 3 H. r A -2' hw . . , v V i J J. M L . 3 . Q . , ' W, A 1 .M 15 V K. 5-rw KL.. .-Q. fr H 4 . CA I x I kd ij A me W N, i n ' ,i N , ,, :1:: 1..lL.'-'Ci J ' .1 , E. F S. 5 H Pl' :L ca va.: ' 5' ly ..v 1-7:. ' E . . . ..., -W H 'X hm. xml Y V H , 3 A fffx Wy. .. 5 P. b J. ,.. . , - f . .. .sf . P' . P' . A A 1 gf- . ig U . K M .ni A H- .x .N I M ,Q . . ,,. i. v , A X ,ya A I R. ' '-r ,Lk ' rf f' , 'Q 3112 ,Q K, naw' ' f lr gl . 9 4 ' " X M- 'V"' 25-Q f , M K . K E. r ..A. 'r A L . ,Q B' . I? , -.Vx I- Q T7 Y' 7' . . ' 'AQ " A S' o Z: k N if d Nxt. ,fn vs M ...M , , . 4 ' ' W' V' hs 1 D . , .. . . Q l X I N. Jackson D. Joworski M. Kosicek J. Larimer S. McCous!cmd A. Moiersky R. Miller D. Moore R. Morgan R. Mornes R. Moyer C. Nelscn R. Nelson R. Orlowski D. Orfz A. Pellegrini I. Pellegrini D. Petrillu J. Poydence J. Radebcack L. Ross L. Shotts B. Shupe R. Silvos C. Slicker S. Smhh A. Spiher D. Torbell R. Tomicek M. Tonlinson B. Townsend L. Townsend K. Vurner J. Walker L. Walker K. Wuiterson D. Wotferson L. Wilson H. Zcwacki sv' Q. wk if" ' ff Via 1' , 1 "' Q w 44 'lv 3' -1 4 wra- - M ,G ' , ' I on 1 ZH 5 ' A V :Ag ' 3 I . .Q ' ' - 4. , . , Q .553 v . - " , ' 5? Efff f-4 W 3 sw ,..:.: A sky'-'Z .- 7 . J' 5 Q " . L: , , ,,, . . .. w, 4, L vi 5 -Q L 1 fir: Lf" 'E "::" .gr . . 1 I , , 'gs' 69,3 :psig W ' . ' Q53 . - Q lqhilz, 45 os. 'ffl .lxff A J B l r R Bennrnger Second Row M Blolr Furs! Row L foRl B Allman S C Blysfone L Bopp R Bush C B Eckmon K Eckmon L Faber Alfrmre S Aushn E Boflk I. Bush D Bohshg oyo P Cullen C Chambers B Clork Third Row S Clark D Clever C C ne ex erone hR C Crow C Cruson S Delledonne P Devers M Dubus Cloud T Cordero D Coulfer K Cowley C Crlssmun Four! ow Fifth Row K Fennell J Ferguson R Fowler P Foy C From R Fulton S Goedlcke C Guih D H f can W Henry D Hefrlck R Hull R Helben Sevenih Row J Howard R Slxh Row D Geer B Hankey R Horley crm Kulok K Kennedy J Kennerdol G Kepple K Kung P Kang R Kunn fr 1 if 'Q' -maui i fx X' 3 if 5,6 -CC!! .,f4xx 'XT' ,,,,uu. U? N. Wk lg 1 M Q- --uv wr H" er? x X 'Q I-duh ah '11 inf' YZ? 46 wah '- 4? K -0' 'Dix-P 'if "' Q Y our ZW' 44X 5 XXX MW, nw 1-Q 1:31- il x 'sl it 'Q' gf- ,...f tg an ? 'If C4 . , . , . , . c ld , A , , , . . ' l A , . , . na , D. E E H Q L : V 1 'lf' R .1-We rr R K 1 2 ur e ffl ,xqww 4 ill Vv: i, . . A . 4 D lffij, .""' ' , - 451.3 ' 4'5" ' ' 51. Q Y .h ,, .,., K il- 4 .., 1. ,- Q V Z I . ll ' ' .ff A ', 1, Q Q' QQ .:vvr: 4 'I ',.,- : ,,f 3 A V .- x"',-' K M I 5 . ,Q A N. -I My-:::::,v N 'f -4 .L if A ,,,- :z ' . 'C' ,"" I .'-1213555 ' - e ' Q, QW .vA. 231. I 4 A f , :,.-. v". I X ig ! :-,' 1' -5 .. . .ll 'KH , H ,A LIV I, Q Q E ., ,V E . 'y X 5122.25 M llll Z .lg , .,:, Q , Q ,Q Q -1 4 C- A' R L. F f D' .::- ll' 42 C ' -ef, W W e Igxn ---, , .L V 5? ja iv L M l I I my- M A' EE:E ' A:v-V ' Nj It V: x 5 C . S Q.. .' C. , lx ' C" 'A" " ' ' K - . 0 ,, iw 'W A if W F - gf: ' .sw ,IQ ,K N Q ss, 'f rl 4. mr' , if., F " Q if lf Q -Q VV I it , 2 t -YQ . Q' ,,., 2.5, ME : IIIIIE , My ,. H 1,-,. ' ' fu. ,ZZ 3 I 515 ' ' It ,, , W . ' I 1" A ' l . X14 ,Q H l A ., -+V F far' , 5 as :rl , 'E fe ' F , D - . - Q..- l ly 2 A 'S-W .- -- "F 2 feng. F , 'l,,- , M , gf' f 1' ' 1 C ' . 1 12" I I .W X Cell" , 75' in , , A v If ' Y 33 5, F lx ,I " 3' Q rn. .1 V , Q l ' f 5' , 1: A 'r ' If ' I, 6 i l 3 ZX, F., fb V 2, f A 3 ru .-, Klmgensmlfh Klonowslu G Knepslwleld W M Malec Mcurtln McGc1ughey Mukula Miller Morgan Morgan Morgan Morrow Nelson Pauly Pelllgrnm Pesler Puffs Pompa Posney Prencm Rainey Ramsey Rearlc Reese Renchenbauglw Ruggle Rlsher Roblnson Robmson Saxuon Scott Scoff Sforza Shafer Shaffer Shepler Shriver Skrot Smlth Smlfh Smoyer Smoyer Speer Siahl Swarls Torosky Thomas Thompson Toland Townsend Vlsley Walker Wenchowslu Wlllmmson Wilson Wolfe Woods Wysocku Zlmmerman by 1, Q. K' km .1 'Z' ',, G. N., 'Cr' WH ... N I 3 '-1 X bib ll T-' 61-,l 'Q- 12" -4-9 w -lH..:'.:f- ef 'PQ vu Q-7 X. 0' f ,x S. ' ' R. ' f .. Q , H A I F' K' ' .1 Q , - l su- -- Ll ' -l- " ' ' . . . . 'X Cv ' R ." R, R I S4 3, .W 7 , J Q J. I rn Q N. ' , 6 1 R. K ' , ' I . ' H Q' t R. ' S S ff: ' G. M5 Nh 55 . :jx V, Y W A " 'IE ' -2: ' 44 N V .l. 'X' X A .N 4 QF ' .1 P. W. N. . . . Q I A A, V. . - D. ' V T ,, - Q , . - A Q- Y 1- ' -- R . ati- . 1 J. 1 " . . ll 4 P. V L. , f R. ' V- I gf Q... P. 2 L I J M -. G' . 'L ? -In Q .,,. 4 1 ,sg 1 , ,V Lf D. K 5 1 i f xy' bbw .ffl 3' I- z x :ffl Mgr? 1 Q A lv lm I A , ,lf F' A I I G. A K . x U 1 L. 23 X ..-" .fl un: I fi G- . Q i L E W, H. , .L -I 19,:A- 4 I , Q.: . M . W Z... I, - N' t 3 gif? Fu ky . 1, .- tml' L 4 ' fpggfi -2 :'2 iff- 2 ' ' . 5 Q 3 . 51 5' '35 C. D. , ' . N. .4 - ', 4' , . 4' 1 ' R4 .- r ...M X K , 'Y X-.ix f 1 ,, , ,:-, V 1--N. , ,, ' 9- ' v ., I 7. P- a , v , , . sw, ' , 1. l Q ' ' . l if L 'JKWJJ A 1 . f . . J. ' P. D. ' - '-" ' ' -W s ' . . W -f " "' 1 JL f 'J' 'F' X E' ' t W ' .f ' A, fx , X X J v- R- ' M . A V 5 I f . A .1 s. W J. L. - 3 .- - f . 1 D 5 B. F -1- -- .5 ',. ' 0 ' Q D. ' ' 1 i 'TM 4 X. N" -" ' ,, ,1 s All . ," G. 41,4 ,SM ,N 1 lx .. J if 'f-4 AM rf' W4 4 J v. J N , ' S. ' , .3 . 3' 3 4 - ' ', Q . ' VL Q ge . , n. AR -J . " L l T14 v--is A' I A u' - ,au .X ' ' . 2' .1 .r - Q W Q Q Gvr ' n !'X H X A H1111 '-,V ' 4 K R. A 1 J. . ' 11 . l 1, . . . , , -.. . , N . . M R. uf- A is V 5 V J ' A A V .- 1 Q X4 V! ' ,, x ' vl gil, ,I ii l SMOOTH SAILING The student council, the governing body of the school, is composed ot a representa- tive from each room and a president, who have been elected by the students. The pri- mary purpose of this organization is to maintain good governmental standards within the school. The secondary purposes of this organization are: l. To advance interest in the school, its students, and its activities. 2. To promote friendliness and good fellowship, not only between the stu- dents but also between the students and teachers. 3. To assist the students in advancing their knowledge in all fields of life. A member of student council may be dis- missed it: l. They are found unworthy because of their conduct. 2. They do not live up to the ideals set by the council. The Student Government in our school always tries to improve situations and de- rive workable solutions to problems as they may arise. OFHCERS President Christine Brayshaw Vice President Robert Waltenbaugh Secretary-Treasurer Dolores Marangoni Front Row ll. to RJ: D. Marangoni, M. Day, P. Dillinger, N. Mcllwain, J. Riggle, B. Zanotti, M. Shoemaker. Buck Row: J. Kolek, R. Egley, C. Brayshaw, J. Stitt, S. Leech, J. Bee, R. Waltenbaugh, D. Davis. Front Row ll. to R.l: D. Casella, B. Burkett, S. Loase, N. Jackson, J. DeVilling, J. Benninger. Second Row: P. Akins, C. Smith M. DeMeno, J, Zimmerman, M. L. Day, P. Speer, K. Kennedy, J. Varner. Back Row: L. Watterson, B. Bliss, B. Schall, P. Dillin- ger, N. Beatty, P. Townsend, S. Wolfe, Mrs. J. Hill. OFFICERS President Mary Lou Day Vice President Pat Dillinger Secretary-Trsazurer Pat Townsend UM . The Apollibrarians who work in con- junction with the high school librarian un- dertake the responsibility of assisting Mrs. Hill in operating our library. These girls are required to spend at least two periods a week working in the library. As they greet everyone with a bright and cheery smile, they are ready to help any student find the necessary material in order to com- plete an assignment. Among the duties our assistant librar- ians assume are those of desk circulation, shelving magazines, preparing new books for circulation, tiling book iackets, and shelving books. Thanks to these girls and their advisor, we experience a pleasant atmosphere in which to do our special assignments and research work. Front Row tl. to RJ: K. Stewart, R. Espy, K. Fuszek, L. Frank, M. Hemphill, B. Hankey. Back Row: B. Hall, E. Ameno, C. Byers, C. Brayshaw, J. Coy, G. Williamson, M. Schrecongost. J. J. . Students who are tentatively planning to enter the teaching profession formed the Future Teachers of America Club this year, under the leadership of Mrs. Kathryn Lukehart. The club has chosen for its title "The Isabelle Henry Club" of the F. T. A. in honor of Miss Isabelle Henry, who devoted so many years of her life to teach- ing young people. The F. T. A. gives the student an opportun- ity to explore his own abilities and interests re- lated to opportunities in teaching. The purposes of the F. T. A. are to develop an organization among young people which will work closely with state and national education associations, to acquaint future teachers with the organized teaching profession, to give practical experience in working together to the teacher in training, to interest ycung people in the teaching profession as a lifetime career, to encourage character and scholarship in the selection of future teachers, and to bring the teacher supply and demand into reasonable balance through careful thought and higher standards. OFFICERS President Larry Frank Vice President Marlis Hemphill Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Fuszek Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Dick Espy 1 JL. Q. The Future Homemakers of America, Apollo Chapter, has completed another suc- cessful year. The new members joined the club in the fall. Their initiation consisted of wearing children's clothing and big bows in their hair. The girls meet every Thurs- day after school in the Home Economics room. The main purpose of this organization is to become better home-makers and more pleasing individuals. The girls have the chance to work for a good home and fam- ily life, to encourage democracy in home and community, to develop leadership, and to further the interest in home economics. According to their initiative, the members have the chance to work for degrees. Each OFFICERS B. Kowalczyk, E. Cloud, J. Marchesi, I. Davis, M. May degree Slgnllnes that ,he gui' Ihucs proven . , herself capable of extra activities and of President Judy Marches: . . . worthy club, home, and community mem- Vice President Barbara Kowalczyk . Secietary Mildred Ma bershlpi ,Y The F.H.A. has had many projects this Trwswcr Irene Dom ear Amon these were the numerous Historian Esther Cloud Y l Q of l bake sales ancl a spring trip to Pittsburgh. The seniors of F.H.A. will graduate with a feeling of gratitude toward this organiza- tion for the help and guidance it has given them. Front Row KL. to R.l: L. McDowell, I. Davis, T. Nelson, S. Mufesheski, M. Reigh, J. Stitt, R. Wensconis, C. Kirkman, S. Graham, J Carney. Second Row: E. Wilson, J. Zimmerman, C. Smith, P. Parks, M. Newton, M. Moore, L. Zimmerman, D. Jackson, B Stewart, E. Cloud, L. Maiercik. Bock Row: L. Eckman, M. May, D. Wilmot, S. Moyer, J. Varner, K. Troup, B. Kowalczyk, L Varner, M. Bowers, J. Marchesi, E. Clawson, B. Schall, P. Dillinger. Q tl 2? i IH E--.2 nzmni IIE rv KN N .dnl The G.A.A. is an athletic organization for junior and senior girls who are inter- ested in furthering their development of sportsmanship and leadership. The G.A.A. and its sponsor, Miss John- son, meet every Monday evening to partici- pate in basketball, volleyball, and base- ball. As in previous years, the gymnasts of the G.A.A. performed a variety of activi- ties such as tumbling, tap dancing, march- ing, modern dance, and free hand drills in the annual gym exhibition. Awards are given at the end of each year to those who have attained a required amount of points by their athletic record. President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Point Recorder Selling Head of Basketball Head of Volleyball OFFICERS Judy Marchesi Pat Dillinger Mary Lou Day Irene Davis Mary M. Baldrige Delores Marangoni Carol Akins Front Row ll. to RJ: M. Stroup, J. Marks, E. Poydence, C. Akins,B. Lynch, B. Davis, V. Barr, L. Presensky, V. Hilty, M. Day, M. McCullough, M. May, S. Orlowski, P. Wilmot, B. Hutchison. Second Row: P. Barchfield, K. Baustert, D. Marangoni, S. Ulery, l. Davis, N. Mcllwain, D, Farineau, P. Akins, C. Kirkmon, P. Dubas, C. Broyshaw, C. Smith, D, Morgan, P. Speer, J. Shaffer, D. Hileman, J. Marchesi, M. Baldrige, B. Slaviero, C. Fetterman. Buck Row: L. Watterson, L. Smith, L. Eckman, G. Williamson, J. Knepshield, C. Hartman, N. Beatty, S. Mosbaugher, V. Klownoski, E. Clawson, K. Fuszek, D. Frick, K. Reader, P. Ferguson, J. Arnoldy, K. Cravner, J. Pompa, P, Dillinger, M. Ruffner. K I I 1 I - f -- Front Row fl. to PJ: K. Snyder, P, Bodenhorn, P. Casella, G. Bertine, M. Shellhammer, K. Alcorn, C. Knepshield, M. Hemphill J. Kerr, M, Goeducke, F. Kalok, S. Allen, M. Reigh, T. Nelson, L. Aikins, R. Bush. Second Row: C. Obriot, L. Clepper, L. Val: losio, K, Stewart, J. Fulton, N. Stennett, C. Woods, N. Jackson, L. Zimmerman, K. Shupe, V. Malec, F. Kins, B. Stewart, P Ross, J. Coy, J. Shamburger, D. Jackson, C. Smith, J. Zimmerman, K. Stewart, E. Ameno, B. Bliss, J. Fulton. Buck Row: C Slmegef, B. Schall, D. Casella, B. Burkett, P. Costrini, J. Kunkle, A. Reese, L. Majercik, G. Williamson, V. Hilty, J. Barto Chambers, B. Visky, V. Wilmot, C. Crawford, S. Loose, J. DeVilling, S. Painter, D. Casella, C. Williams, S, King. OFFICERS President L. Vqllosio Vice President P, Cosyrini . . . Secretary Treasurer G. Williamson Head of Basketball C, Obriof Head of Volleyball M, Shellhqmmer pogn, Recmder C. woods The Girls Sports Club was organized in 1953 for the purpose of giving interested girls an op- portunity to participate in sports and to develop better sportsmanship. Approximately fifty-one f r e s h m e n and sophomore girls meet every Thursday evening at 7 o'clock under the leadership of Mrs. Vigo, the junior high gym teacher. Some of the ac- tivities include invitation volleyball and basket- ball teams and tumbling. In addition, belonging to G. S. C. makes o member eligible to be in the annual gym exhibition. Students gain points by attendance and participation in special activities, and the money from selling candy, plus dues, is used to give awards to deserving members who have earned these points. The points earned in G. S. C. from each year are carried over to G, A. A. 55 ,L Front Row ll. to RJ: C. Getto, J. McCauley, R. Mains, G. Filer, R. Kerr, R. Egley, R. Bence. Bock Row: D. Ferrero, B. Hall, R. Hollis, Mr. Stein, R. Townsend, R. Waltenbaugh, R. Burkett, The organization, the Hi-Y, is an asso- ciated branch ofthe Young Men's Christian Association, of which the purpose is, "To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." The local chapter has a membership of seventeen boys, who meet after school the first and third Fridays' of each month. During basketball season, the Hi-Y sold popcorn at the home games. Under the leadership of Bob Waltenbaugh, the presi- dent, and Mr. Stein, the faculty advisor, this club gave the high school boys a chance to ioin an organization, not only for personal enjoyment, but also for the satisfaction of helping others. T? w President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain 1 is ff Nuff 1 Q 'M OFFICERS ,sf if ...sh Robert Waltenbaugh Robert Mains Robert Egley Gilbert Filer John McCauley 1 15-.59 :All ,Qu OFFICERS President Ronald Smoyer Vice President Sandra Altmire Secretary Sue Smith Treasurer John Pompa ' lub Within the hub of the Junior High School exist our industrious scientists of tomorrow. These individuals compose the Jr. Hi Science Club which is a very active organization. Its ob- iect is to teach the importance of science in mod- ern living. Several of the group's various activities in- clude surveying nature's handicraft while hiking out-of-doors, traveling to nearby science centers in order to obtain knowledge through observa- tion, and participation in oral discussion on sci- entific phenomenon. Mr. Kier acts as sole adviser of this organi- zation and often gives helpful suggestions con- cerning its course of activity. Just as the trend toward scientific study has increased considera- bly, so has their organization in membership and will continue to do so with each newly learned scientific fact. Front Row ll. to RJ: K. King, S. Altmire, B. Tolland, J. Pompa, P. Sheplar, R. Filer. Second Row: L. Faber, D. Miller, C. Klonowski, J. Robinson, J. Thompson, S. Smith, J. Pitt. Buck Row: L. Bopp, D. Walker, G. Morrow, S. Klingensmith, D. Mor- gan, R. Srnoyer. 7 Q7 7' H l'l"ilf,iif7f"fx if iv if x r Wm Y. From Row KL. to RJ: S. Painter, J, DeVilling, C. Shoefter, S. Loose. Second Row: L. Clepper, P, Bodenhorn, J. Chambers, J, Kridler. Back Row: C. Woods, M. Hemphill, G. Pester, K. McDowell, C, Knepshield, L, Akins, T. Nelson, D. Jackson, J, Stitt, K. Alcorn, N. Jackson, Mrs. F. Smith. .3 - .Svphv JILL- '- The Tri-Hi-Y, an organization to promote good will, devotes much of its time and eftort to helping others. During the year, in the line of community service, the Tri-Hi-Y members included many worthwhile activities in their schedule. Thanks- giving and Christmas baskets, gifts, and o Christ- mas tree were presented to needy families. Other projects included bake sales and candy sales. The organization's main purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." lts connections are with the regular Y. M. C. A. The organization is advised by Mrs. F. Smith, whose splendid cooperation and leader- ship makes each weeks meeting of the organi- zation cheerful and happy. 58 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain OFFICERS Carol Byers Marlis Hemphill Judy Smt Terri Nelson Sharon Painter President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Senior Point Recorder Junior Point Recorder Chaplain Assistant Chaplain Becky Hutchison Kathy Kennedy Marlane Stroup Dorothy Shoop Judi Knepshield Nancy Klingensmith Gail Painter Jean Kennedy Sally Fleming The name, CTril, stands for the three-fold purpose of the Y.M.C.A., CHU exemplified by high school girls, QYJ a f f i l i a t i o n with the Y. M. C. A. lts purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian charac- ter." The platform is pure thoughts, pure words, and pure actions. The emblem is a triangle with Tri-Hi-Y in the ccrners and a torch inscribed in a circle in the center. The triangle represents the entire personality-spirit, mind and body. The circle indicates the completness of Christian life, the torch represents the mission expressed in the club purpose-"To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." The colors are red, white and blue exemplifying Sacrifice, Purity, and Loyalty. The committees are the Ex- ecutive Cammittee, Program Committee, Mem- bership Committee and F i n a n c e Committee. Ways of income are Dues, Special Assessments and Fund Raising events. Ju- '- Front Row il.. to RJ: M. Ruftner. Second Row: D. Shoop, G. Painter, L. Smith, S. Fleming. Third Row: J. Knepshield, B. Hutchison, M. McCullough, D. Hileman, D. Frick, B. Kowalczyk, L, Clawson. Fourth Row: B. Lynch, M, Stroup, P. Speer, C, Snith, C. Kirlvnan, J. Kennedy, A. Sefts, C. Fetterman, P. Townsend, B. Davis. Back Row: Miss Nelson, C. Brayshaw, M. DeMeno, S. Wolf, N, Klingensmith, K. Kennedy, P. Baker, I, Davis, K. McDowell. in A... -.. ' 5 N ' WNUQMQ - -W-.. ,N A A sg. All - ,.- Front Row ll. to RJ: R. Aiello, E. Bush, K. Cyphert, J. Black, N. Burkett. Buck Row: W. Aikens, K. VVaIker, L, Shaefter, R. Espy. JJ.. KM Visual and oral aids to education are being used quite frequently by the teachers of our school, as an increasingly important part of their teaching program. The science and health edu- cation departments have found the frequent use of the educational and entertaining films and recordings most rewarding. All such presentations in the school are un- der the auspices of the Projection Club and its sponsor, Mr. Armstrong. The members of the all-male organization are responsible for the maintenance ot equipment and tor the setting up and operation of machines as requested by the faculty Each Projection Club member is trained and tested on the operation and mechanism of each machine. On satisfactory completion of the training program he receives the Pennsylvania State Amateur Operator's License. OFFICERS President Ken Wullier Vice President Ken Cyphert Treasurer Lynn Shaeffer OFFICERS President Larry Frank Secretary Elizabeth Clawson Treasurer Bill Stitt Clerk Lyle Walker The purpose of the Thespians is to pro- mote an interest in dramatics, further the dramatic ability of the members, and pro- vide entertainment for the student body, Our Thespians, with the help of the Neapol- Iotans, perform several plays each year. The three-act play, "Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie, was the major contribution this year. A formal initiation is held each school term forthe Neapollotans who have earned the ten points necessary for membership. During the initiation, the future Thespians take the club oath, learn the full meaning ofthe club motto, "Act well your part, there all the honor lies!" and receive their pins and certificates. Any Thespian who has earned an additional ten points receives a star. Front Row CL. to R.l: l. Frank, L. Walker, B. Stitt. Bock Row: Mr, Fallone, B. Hutchison, J. Marchesi, D. Marangoni, P. Smith E. Clawson. U'61ul: The Varsity Club was established for the athletes and managers of Apollo High School, and is supported by the solicitations of advertise- ment for the football program by the participat- ing members. Each year, awards are given to those boys who have earned letters in the vari- ous sports, and iackets are awarded to seniors who have maintained membership in the club at least one year. Also, special recognition is given each year to a person whom the club 'Feels has contributed time and etTort to Apollo High School athletics. The recipient of the award this year was Dale Schrecongost, who assisted in the coaching of the junior varsity basketball team. The club also holds an annual initiation, which is to admit to the club those individuals who earned a letter in at least one sport the previous year. This event is anxiously awaited by the present members because they will have a chance to participate in the same pranks to which they themselves were subiected. OFFICERS President Ben Hankey Vice President Ken Walker Treasurer Larry Frank Secretary Sonny DiNunzio Front Row ll.to RJ: Mr. Curry, B. Glunt, K. Walker, J. Stone, S. Calderone, R. Heclcman, L. Walker. Buck Row ll.. to R.l: D. Bernat, R. Heckman, R. Mains, B. Hankey, L, Frank, H. Shank, S. DiNunzio. First Row ll. to RJ: S. Altmire, B. Shaffer, E. Bayler, L. Swartz, D. Miller, S. McCausland, B. Tolland, R, Miller, K. King. Sec- ond Row: K. Varner, L. Bash, J. Robinson, A. Sphire, D. Walker, R. Fulton, J. Ferguson, J. Woods. Back Row: S. Klingen- smith, G. Calderone, L. Walker, H. Bash, W. Pauly, M. Beamer, B, Hankey. Front Row ll. to RJ: Linda Walker, Captain, Sharon McCauslond, Captain, Mary Jane Beamer, Lieutenant. Buck Row: Geraldine Calderone, Lieutenant, Howard Bash, Lieutenant. : "az,:'4j5 P3115 W' Fabwl Under the supervision of the Safety Patrol, protection for the younger children is main- tained. In sunshine, rain or snow, these boys and girls may be found every morning and afternoon performing their vigilant duty as the junior police of our school. The seventh and eighth graders constitute this group and are under the direction of Mr. Fulton. New officers, who insure the proper functioning of the organization, are elected each year by the members. Front Row lL.to RJ: L. McDowell, B. Davis, J. Strong, D. Frick. Second Row: N. Plazio, L. Slicker, R. Sawyer. Back Row: R. Carney, R. Watterson, P. Barchfielcl, N. Burkett, J. Black, J. Leech, L. Shaeffer, F. Rudari, Mrs. Carey. . KM Although inoperative for several years, the Science Club was reorganized in the earnest de- sire to create a better insight to the sciences for the members. The main goal of the Science Club is to give students the opportunity to inves- tigate scientific problems on a more advanced level than what the regular class period permits and to a greater and greater factor in everyday and to stimulate interest in the fields of science, which are becoming a greater and greater factor in everyday life. This year the Science Club sponsored a local science fair in which many students participated. The winners were Eleanore French, first prize in Biology and over-all prize, Lynn Shaeffer, first prize in Physics, Carol Smith, second prize in Physics, Mike Schrecongost, Doug Davis, and Helen Zanos, second prize in Biology. The Science Club has resolved to endeavor in future years to increase the clubs activities and to enter the lccal, state, and national sci- ence competition. OFFICERS President .. . Lynn Shaeffer Vice President . Robert Carney Secretary-Treasurer Donna Frick fabsent from picturei .TQ OFFICERS President Donald Bernat Vice President Robert Tarosky Secretary Terry Smith - 1 6 KM Chess club has been added to the list of ex- tra-curricula this year. Due to the enthusiasm cf many ot the students, chess club was organ- ized by Mr. Fallone, Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Stein to provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in this exciting and challenging game. Although the meetings were held every Monday and Tuesday, students could usually be found playing every afternoon in room 204. This year the members participated in a tournament to determine the champion chess player. The Chess club expects to hold another tournament next year and to increase the mem- bership. Front Row ll.1o RJ: J. Marchesi, M, DeMeno, J. Pozzani, D. Lyons, J. Bee, D. Farineau, Mr. Fallone. Second Row: V. Klo- nowski, N. Burkett, P. Barchfield, K. Cyphert, C. Byers, J. Black. Third Row: B. Hall, B. Tarosky, J. Fullerton, R. Moore, B. Klingensmith, J. Jackson. Bock Row: Mr. Armstrong, D, Bernot, T. Smith, B. Stitt, L. Shaeffer. 1 Wawwfwm WE READ YCJU 67 Front Row ll. to RJ: C, Brayshaw, R. Espy, S. Ulery, J. King, P. Spencer. Second Row: L. ShaeHer, B. Waugaman, .l. Gal lagher, V. Barr, J. Leech, B. Hankey. Back Row: W. Stitt, G. Smith, L. Watterson, M. Day, K. Fuszek, J. Marchesi. The members ofthe T959 Kiskitas Staff, un- der the leadership of Bill Stitt, combined their efforts to publish a book which would give a panorama of the school life ot Apollo High School. The Photography Staff, under the di- rection of Judy Marchesi, obtained the pictures of the various clubs, activities, and sports. The Literary Staff, with Chris Brayshaw as chairman, wrote the captions for the pictures and the club articles, and the Advertising Staft, supervised by Viola Barr, secured the necessary financial as- sistance tor the yearbook. The Staff members sincerely hope the an- nual book will be enioyed and appreciated by the student body. Editor-in-Chief-Bill Stitt LITERARY STAFF Front Row IL. io RJ: B, Waugumczn, M. Day. Second Row: G, Smith L. Wotterson, C. Broyshcnw, R Espy, L. ShueHer. Buck Row: J Leech, J. King, P. Spencer, S, Ulery BUSINESS STAFF QL.1o RJ: J, Gallagher, V, Barr. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF B. Hclnkey, J. Morchesi, Fuszek. ' x. 's ,O A. 'hal f',sxX 'S' ' ig' .-.a......-.. -L E Front Row ll. to RJ: M. Ruffner, B. Schall, N. Plazio, J. Pompa, ing, L. Smith, D. Frick, B. Davis, J. Arnoldy. Second Row: Mrs. Davis, C. Fetterman, D. Davis, A. Snyder, G. Crow, S. Graham, L, Presenski, C. Smith, M. McCullough, Mrs. Platt, Back Row: Nelson, M. Barchtield, J. King, J. Zimmerman, G. Filer, D. Gu Knepshield, L. McDowell. ' jagfzfie The "Eyes and Ears" of our school have formed a club called the Tiger Gazette. You can find its members seeking news and gossip any- time, anywhere, during the school day. All the material they gather is compiled into the school newspaper, "The Tiger Gazette." The tive staffs and the club sponsors work together to keep the student body well informed on the school news. NEWS STAFF Front Row lL.to R.J: J. King, M. Hemphill, B. Davis. Second Row: K. Alcorn, M. McCullough, L. McDowell. Back Row: N. Klingensmith. CIRCULATION STAFF Front Row lL. to RJ: L. Smith, B, Kowalczyk, N. Beatty. Second Row: M. Ruftner, C. Smith, J. Pompa, M, Stroup. Back Row: B. Davis, N. Klingensmith, K. Baustert. 70 B. Morgan, L. Clawson, B. Kowalczyk, S. Mosbaugher, S. Flem Boyd, B. Hutchison, J. Zimmerman, K. Stewart, D. Jackson, B C. Kirkman, J. Bee, D. Stuart, M. Stroup, B. Lynch, B. Stewart K. Alcorn, M. Hemphill, I. Davis, K. McDowell, M. Spenser, T thrie, N. Klingensmith, M. DeMeno, S. Allen, K. Baustert, C nw 4 ' Fr nt Row fl toRl P Aklns D. Do- vls K Stewart N Walker C Knep- shield D Formemu T Nelson L. Clow- TYPING AND EXCHANGE STAFF Front Row ll. tcRl B Lynch S. Gro- hom S Fleming Second Row: M. Joyce Arnoldy, Edntor4nCl1lef Bonnie Davis, Jr. Edi- tor Becky Hutchison Assistant Editor. imap ev Y, ghas- 4 ,M , , , 'lie-V, 4 mzmw - f ,ij ,. ,Q-f,,f1 Y . , .ilifyf 4 yi, -- Q' MN 5 2 mfg Vr,,fe g,Vk,s , , ' , gy gf? , k fa 1. fr 'Ei 'ff' L43 ', fff rff - ' . .1 'MLC rs 'ff , ,, ji ,ggi , x Qigg k fff?fZi?5f:ff' , Q 2 ' ' mqgq? If if'2,fmf.? Q " f if X55 ,ga if Gviwgh ,ff ,uw Af ,A as 35, wh ,M f 5 556219, 'XM'wi55y4'eWQ f:. - ,. ,zip QW 1 5' ,, Way, T' A Ni, L afe'i2'5 fl Zgwi ,W v ' fy as if QA an AL , f fe 5: M Y ,,.,, K , , if , EQ: '14, X ef: A , ' J ' HGH. E1 ww, fail, 1 W 713333 Nw 1 A, X ,y 'QV' pf ,475 1, ff 13. 6 Q il if Qi .Jw if ' nilix 'sy Ns . J. ! , v' . it 9 5 Q 1 Q 'QM -. X S. CCJMING IN LOUD AND CLEAR 73 Front Row iL.to RJ: R, Wilson, D. Lyons, J. Kunkle, G. Painter, N. Beatty, R. Moyer, B, Waugaman, K. Snyder, J Riggle Miss Snyder, D. Gray, L. Vallisio, Second Row: C. Rosensteele, A. Snyder, N. Jackson, J. Marks, J. Shaeffer, K Hallman N Mcllwain, C. Knepshield, K. Alcorn. Third Row: J. Bee, T. Siverling, J, Kolek, P. Smith, E, Bliss, J, Jackson, K Cypher Smith, H. Patterson. Back Row: J. Gallagher, l.. Frank, J. McCauley, L. Dunmire, R. Tarosky, J. Black, T. Moyer W Richards D. Guthrie, N. Burkett. ' d6'anaL The foremost instrumental group in our high school is the band. This organization provides a considerable amount of entertainment through- out the year. The performances at the football games and the annual spring concert are note- worthy appearances. Many tirnes during the year the group participates in parades spon- sored by civic organizations of the community. The maiorettes and color-guards are also vital constituents of the band. They are to be commended for their fine performances in "pep" rallies and at the football games. Each year the band undertakes several money-making projects in order to finance the organizations expenses. Some of the enter- prises sponsored were bake soles, o dance, the sale of soap, the Mid-Winter Festival, and a Spring Concert. 74 On Apollo, On Apollo From Row fL.fo RJ: C. Obriot, E. Honkey, S. Shoemaker, K. Fuszek, L. Cosfrini, S, Pointer B. Zonofti, P. Dillinger. Second Row: C. Smith, J. Marchesi, M, Bcldridge, B, Lynch, L. Slicker S. Espy. Third Row: J. Oriz, R. Klingensmhh, W. Klingensmifh, T. Spcuhr, L, Kridler, J. Mor chesi. Back Row: B. Kerr, E. Bush, R. Egley, B, Stiff, R. Bush, P. Boker. March on!!! 75 . J . r A ,fiiin-it ,viva i fl.. to RJ: E. Ameno, K. Stewart, V. Barr, M. Stroup, P. Spear, L. Clawson, Captain. The "high steppers" of our high school are the maiorettes. Their performances with the band at the football games and pep as- semblies are to be commended. Many times throughout the school year, they also partici- pate in parades sponsored by civic organiza- tions ot the town. The maiorettes take part in raising sufti- cient funds to pay the expenses of senior awards, instruments and uniforms. Some of the projects they initiated this year were a bake sale and a soap sale. Letters and iockets are awarded to each maiorette on the basis of a cumulative point system for participating in the year's activities. Liz Clawson Viola Barr Marlene Stroup mama .Af -5 ..'Lg- . l f . qw-sv ,ay e .W aww Normcx Klingen' Well si? this one out One, two, 1hreef nck' Pcmy Speer Elcune Ameno Kathy Stewart -vf""v , 4. 5 I' sw' Marchesi, J. Riggle. Back Row: Miss Smith, L. Vallosio, D. Lyons. ron! Row lL.toR.l: B. Tarosky, J. nyder, P. Dillinger, K. Alcorn, G. A5'an.d,9 ' The Band Governing Board, composed of eight members, is elected by the band mem- bers yearly. These representatives donate their time helping Miss Snyder to formulate band policies and regulations. Through these representatives, band members can offer sug- gestions and request changes, therefore, much Bonzai ofthe success of the band depends upon these representatives. Various money-making proiects are ini- tiated within this governing nucleus. This or- ganization enlightens the band as to the fi- nancial status. The invaluable services ren- dered by this organization are well appreci- ated by the band members. The wooden soldiers!! Fran? Row ll.lo RJ: P. Shepler, R. Miller, D. Hartman, B, Zimmerman, T. Cordero, L. Faber, P. Pasney, R. Fowler, L. Zim- merman, B. Holben, R. Bush, S. Delladonne, B. Shaeffer, J. Pompo, Miss Snyder. Second Row: B. Black, D. Thomas, H. Cline, L. Bopp, J. Radebagh, B. Tarosky, J. Shriver, F. Pefrilla, S: Wolfe, C. Durandelfo, D. Walker, G. Rearic, J. Thompson, L. Swartz, J. Siahl, D. Pester. Third Row: E. Smoyer, B. Henry, D. Wencowski, R. Smoyer, S. Printer, K. Snyder, B. Hankey, S. Espy, C Obrioi, D. Gray, R. Held, L. Cosfrini, S. Loase, J. Kunkle, B. Wilson, B. Tolland. Back Row: J. Miichell, P. Carmany, M. Beam- er, D. Jaworsky, R. Kinnefl, J. Malekar, N. Jackson, R. Bush, K. Hallman, S. Vallosio, T. Reichenbaugh, C. Wells, A. William- son, G. Risner, B. Silvis, D. Couller. 'Haunt Q Bannl. Front Row lL.9o RJ: G. Smith, W. Stitf, J. Kolek, E. Bush, L. Shaeffer, T. Moyer, L. Vallosio, L. Bush, R Moyer, P. Smiih. Back Row: M. Baldrige, J. Marchesi, A. Snyder, K. Fuszek, Miss Snyder, L. Frank, J McCauley, R. Kerr, J. Marks, J. Gallagher, L. Kridler. 79 Front Row ll. to RJ: K. Fuszek, E. Crosley, C. Betts, M. McCullough, J. Pozzani, A. Snyder, M. Farineau, G. Crow, J. Marks, B. Waugaman, N. Stennett, S. Shoemaker, H. Allshouse, G. Williamson, P. Dillinger, Mr. Gallagher. Second Row: S. Fleming, J. Shaelifer, M. Hemphill, C. Kirkman, E. Cloud, F. Siverling, J. Sproull, D. Farineau, J. Kennedy, C. Fetterman, J. Marchesi, J. Stitt, L. Hall, C. Brayshaw, N. Beck, J. Fulton. Third Row: J. Marchesi, J. Castrini, L. Kridler, G. Bush, P. Casella, P. Spencer, D. Mamngoni, B. Waltenbaugh, N. Mcllwain, J. Zimmerman, C. Knepshield, K. Kennedy, T. Spahr, S. Benninger, S. DiNunzio, J. Kolek, M. Baldrige. Back Row: G. Smith, J. Gallagher, B.Stitt, R. Egley, R. Tarosky, G. Filer, N. Burket, R. Mains, S. Sproull, B. Hankey, L. Walker, K. Cyphert, J. McCauley, L. Frank, L. Shaeffer, P. Smith. Every Tuesday and Thursday some of the boys and girls of our student body troop down the hall to the auditorium to partici- pate in chorus. The songsters and song- stresses are guided by the vocal director, Mr. Gallagher. This group is entirely vol- untary, and the students belong because they really like to sing and to take part in the musical activities. The sixty-four chorus members provide vocal programs throughout the year. End- less hours of singing rehearsals produced the Christmas program, the Easter pro- gram, and the annual Spring Festival. Melodious rhythms in our school are ac- credited to this fine group. If a student can carry a tune and read music, he is eligible to join the chorus, thus providing himself with an opportunity to cultivate his ability to sing, and to entertain others. In order to raise money for senior awards and expenses, the chorus had a bake sale and put on a play, which proved to be quite successful. This year, officers were elected to help govern the chorus in a more satisfactory manner. We of Apollo High are proud ot the ac- complishments of our chorus. OFFICERS President Larry Frank Vice President Judy Marchesi Secretary Christine Brayshaw Treasurer . . .,.. . , .. .. .. . Kathy Kennedy 17113, You will find the Girl's Sextet at various school and community functions entertaining with melodies ranging from popular selections and novelties to modern jazz. A piano, drum, and string bass accompany this musical en- semble. The girls practice during their free time and obtain much enjoyment from their get-togethers. Our school is very proud of this group which is always so ready to entertain us. P ,Q-. ll.to RJ: D. Marongoni, M. Boldrige, C. Broyshaw, K, Ken- nedy, J. Morchesi, K. Puszek, L. Frank, J. Gallagher, J. Zim- l'T1eI'TT1CT'I. The youngest members of Apollo High School who have interests in vocal music are joined together in a Junior Chorus. This Chorus, comprised of ninety members, meet on Thursday nights at 7:30. Their main objective is to train for membership in the Senior High Chorus. The Junior Chorus presented con- certs at the Mid-Winter festival and the Spring festival, thus gaining practical experience ap- pearing before large audiences. Front Row ll.. to RJ: D. Scott, B. Clark, S. Altmire, J. Walker, S. McCaulsand, S. McGaughey, R. Hollis, C. Martin, C. Crusan, C. Davis, S. Speer, D. Smith, S. Smith, P. Foy, B. Gradwell, B. Black, J. Stahl, D. Hendrick, D. Miller, G. Kennedy, C. Cline, J. Kennerdale, C. Crow. Second Row: S. Austin, K. Cowley, N. Siforso, J. Pelligrini, P, Townsend, L. Pernott, N. Saxon, B. Tar- osky, J. Shriver, L. Costrini, G. Morrow, B. Hankey, V. Hilty, S. Klingensmith, P. Devers, S. Clark, T. Durandetto, G. Dagan, M. Kosicek, D. Pester, S. Vishy, J. Woods. Third Row: M. Miller, B. Henry, R. Holben, J. Hilty, R. Bush, P. Nelson, B. Hunter, S. Espy, J. Calderone, L. Wilson, C. Slicker, J. Robinson, D. Bochesi, P. Fullerton, M. Beamer, B. Silvis, L. Walker, L. Townsend, T. Cordera, B. Shaeffer, B, Toland. Back Row: J. Scott, J. Robinson, B. Frampton, H. Cline, R. Fulton, D. Walker, R. Smoy- er, U. Townsend, A. Williamson, M. Howard, D. Hoover, F. Tomicek, T. Reichenbaugh, K. Hoover, M. Akins, M. Jackson, R. Har- ley, B. Morgan, G. Rearic, J. Thompson, J. Ferguson, B. Klonowski. "W .mu ,., f . n 1 --.M W 'f u:J9'. - . 'QW' 1 In I ":' hr. an f ' ' . V.. ,,, . . ,- 'nw '-4.1, . 1 ' IH v Q -A .Rav JRE-x' 1 13 : .' - 'xx ' -- . 111,-Q 7- V, ng: , W, an-:b.:...:-, .41-1 4 wx A J". Q ,-,.'q. wks. ,f, . A, XRWQ-m-KZ .- .,jD-,.. tii 5' Q Q'- .ifv 'CI-.'.H gl ,Z Qs ', ,W 24..',,f'.'f. 1 A 4, 11p,v',.t, 5,5 ff, y. ,1!,'r',. . ad- K',v'4S'1v'. . .fili 4.-,dl'k' 1.-+'. , i , ,gtk ali 1"'u '1"f' ,.,,3K,5,f,4 ,g ?:H.v,.-,f x: ..,ff d54'v'f'.g1-,',.'. , .uw-A., A4 , . . . - 4r,U3,.. .,f.,, - . 'Q .:,L,J:,,',':'na .. v,y,"'P',i!2',,,w 'ang-,-,v 'ZH wr-'mv ":"?ft:':":':" . , - V 1 ' ,lv ' x.. v .ge p-w'5f4',f', w, Tyan- li Fm:-Jf:3,:,,Q,Z,oi:':,,u f, h",k.N...ei,f....-,,i,w1Q,yvjvd,f'.. fx ...nk ,.,,-in.,-0 Q, -lun, my ,...,..:!,,q'f.,.,M-. xv -Xu' f-3-w,.'s'Hn!".-fmu-f' "V:"""v'f" " gr,-3 M.,-fi-gZ:'i::,'gf',ff1,1 "-'..-g.y.Lif",f'5:g- - -,,3...,,..X,b. .7 ,Q mx., 'lv .w- . if -f .,. --..-,-f,, STRATEGIC USE OF ENERGY Although the record does not indicate a suc- cessful season, the squad gained a moral victory by losing to the highly rated Freeport club by only one touchdown. This year's team consisted largely of underclassmen, who showed great promise. In his first year as Apollo's coach, Mr. Curry introduced the split-T which should become very effective in the future. The "Master Planners" at work!!! First Row lL. to RJ: D. Talmadge, B. Hankey, C. Pryor, D. Clark, l.. Walker, D, Rosensteel, D. Bernat, W. Aikins, J. Stone, L. Frank S. DiNunzio, K. McCausland, L. Slicker. Second Row: J. Pozanni, R. Ross, J. Stankus, L. Hall, K. Walker, R. Glunt, G. Walker, J Costrini, R. Heckman, R. Tarosky, D. Stevens, R. Williamson, D. Ferrero. Back Row: J. Marchesi, D. Hilty, D. Eckman, J. Walker R. Heckman, D. Kins, R. Mains, J. Bicego, J. Maierski, V. Klonoski, B. Hall, T. Williamson, P. Pryor. J if f L lllso. V x Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo "Mixed Emotions SCORES Sczltsburg Bloirsville Bell-Avon Redlocink Volley Leechburg Washington Twp. Elder's Ridge Freeport South Huntington Oops! P O 39 18 40 31 41 O 19 13 ordon el Going downnnnn How touch .-45 M ,,,,, Ji M gg A9 if 'UM f ig' N vm. i 2 J Qi W if 1 5 J if A . Q49 ' 1 5 -... ,,..,., Z V',I, nbgn E I gi 'f U M A gk V' Q 1 wi A QA y "g.,,N A A '2'A -Q .A., J Q , ...-. -V 3 Q if, ! A v 4, H' Q N I 5 5 Sv ' 1 fs . fi Q' 2. W il? A . ' x 'Q Q.. ' 5 sf wr My v 45 42 "N X K 2 xf , ag V 'S F 5 i M X- ag 3 Q , -5 . v, - s S x 3, K' ,M 'Mk Q SW' xv ""'v""' x AR rf -Q? 'Em 5 , mdygiis 3 , I! lf L A M, ' ' 4 , ,avr E 2 Ai. 4,03 ,ff ki -...J ,J ..g. B alL During the pre-season schedule, the Apollo Netters, under the leadership of Mr. Battist, were very successful. As the season progressed, suc- cessive iniuries plagued the team, and hopes of retaining the Section 21-B championship slowly faded. At the end of the league games, the Tigers had a record of five wins and nine losses as compared to an overall record of eight vic- tories and eleven defeats. One of the most highlighting games of the season occurred with Franklin Township. With several seconds remaining in the game ancl with the score tied, Sonny DiNunzio sank a long set shot from the center of the floor to lead the Tigers to their 44-42 victory. Due to the numerous injuries, many of our younger varsity members had the opportunity to gain valuable experience. This experience, com- bined with a minimum loss of players through graduation, is expected to produce an efficient team during the 59-60 season. Good luck, fellows! Side by side!!! Front Row ll. to RJ: J. Marchesi, J. Jackson, R. Moore, Mr. Battist, D. Stewart, G. Crow. Back Row: M. Schrecongast D Eck man, D. Kins, B. Hankey, J. Walker, S. DiNunzio, G. Walker, L. Hull. Front Row ll.to RJ: D. Ferrero, C. Getto, B. Hall, J. Shriver, J. Pozzani. Back Row: Mr. Curry J Stankus, C. Bair, N. Burkett, D. Guthrie. . IZ The Junior Varsity Basketball Squad, gained by these players will prove valuable to coached by Mr. Curry, consisted of freshmen and next year's varsity squad. sophomore boys. The practice and experience Their inspired playing and good sportsman ship were responsible for their successful season S C O R E S Apollo Penn Twp. 58 Apollo Franklin Twp. 42 Apollo East Deer 43 Apollo Leechburg 72 Wl10"S lwPPef1if19??? Apollo Alumni 66 fApollo Elder's Ridge 50 "Apollo Elderton 58 'Apollo Dayton 51 'kApollo Washington Twp. 69 fApollo Shannock Valley 65 7'Apollo Bell-Avon 75 "Apollo Saltsburg 68 i'Apollo Elder's Ridge 49 9'Apollo Elderton 65 'Apollo Dayton 62 'tApollo Washington Twp. 72 f'Apollo Shannoclc Valley 82 'iApollo Bell-Avon 69 "Apollo Saltsburg 56 'League Games. 89 ff fgffff " 1 X . X X k Hold that pose!!! A iight squeeze!!! He's u tallvl-I one!! 91 During pep assemblies, football games, and basketball games, one cannot mistake the energetic movements ot our Varsity Cheerleaders, whose training begins during the summer at which time the girls spend many hours perfecting the old cheers and practicing new cheers, songs, and chants. Their duties as cheerleaders involve more than just cheering, they help to instill a spirit of sportsmanship within the players, as well as the student body. They also act as hostesses for the opponents' cheer- leaders. Traveling to the games and giving their time to our team, these girls make up one of the most appreciated and worthwhile organizations in Apollo High. U ' 67122211 Pat Costrini Pc1tDillingcr Mimi McCullough Nancy Mcllwain ii. . J., F 92 if ,.f"?T'ii?'?i5fii Q 1 sg, , gffi, .V as 1, if wx, M' A- 34 Z1 ff 2 ,,, 175' s Q 'A ,tc , xv , few 3 4 gt M2 1 Y: fix El N -AVI!! rr :za if w v-"ks ,,,, ,sv 44-4 Hold that tiger! Mary Lou Day Becky Hutchison I Sondra Mosbougher Carolyn Hortmon Judy Coy :gif ' 6' -r-42 X And if's cz right io the jaw! Withu Sis! Boom! Bch' undo Roh! Roh! Roh! 93 94 RECREATICDN WHILE ON BOARD N50-f ....--NX! 95 .63 .. NEATEST APPEARANCE Viola Barr Sonny DiNunzio MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy Morchesi Lynn ShaeHer YQ MOST TALENTED Judy Marchesi lorry Frank MOST ATHLETIC Becky Hufchison Ben Hankey Q . 1 X ,, g '-Snell is 'W'-'MW .rw .WM ,X .-Mfffrw N., ,HM Jw ' ,S ik ,. A, ,,,,,...w-w.,,...f,M BEST BUILD Delores Morongoni Ben Hcznkey WITTIEST Peg Spencer Bill Aikins Mm .ying MAMA M' MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY Judy Morrhesi Ken Walker BEST DANCERS Delores Mcrongoni Sonny DiNunzio "Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie She can knii 1oo?? He isn'f!!-Or IS he?? Take me to your leader!!! 'lr . N ' J' QLHWJL. . Santa is so good! Whufs your hobby?? Hey Judy! I'm here foo!! Organized confusion!! Gee! All for me?? IYcon'1befhc1Vbc1d????????? Keep your chin up, honey. 'U Rogers and HammersTein's "OKLAHOMA" Promenade ihe ca ' Things could be worse and, uma, Our crowning glory . . . .Q-Af"'K'f',' V' W " Vw of uni-uni. presenting The ROYALTY OF A. H Thou sweet and lovely Winsome ones' P . 4 "As lhose move eosiesf who have learned to dance." 'A 'Y is -'Q L Am OUR ROYAL COUPLES HERE APPEAR OUR RETIRING ROYALTY 1 'A 7 Joyce and Phil 1 5 ' E .. :Q 'S .ff , k --'- 'R ,fd Y. f OUR ROYAL COUPLE Judy and Ben OUR CROWNBEARERS Nancy and Bob 104 TO REIGN THROUGHOUT THE COMING YEAR . . . O Mer! and Gary Fw ffxluzitgm H71 I dare you fo inirudel Whcfs fhe c11frc:cfion?? The sidewalks of Paris. Retiring presidents. All for me??? Appreciofive crowd. I I, it It Behind the scenes! Who? cu backboard! Where's my buddie? Sggigl Session! M. I" 4 vw' Sim? Radiant youth! Don'f let go!! Reolly??? l-2-3-4, Exercise those muscles! Food for Yhoughi! Motley crew. Who? would we do without you? ln fhe wee hours of the morning! my . 4,7 I. M, Vx. .1 D' 'Inwoso wb. Pav vm A do 1 at ' if OSX 9 x,x,O .... nv x 'XS Aff' . v. ' i XX 910 ux OXO X xxx- xx X X-Y Xx A950 W9 W3 San' SW Syd!- 6 , X 1 'x Xnkx p.?0x,x.0 ,.,,,M. rv0w0' 1 fm" 1 I .fl me Q 4 vp f .uc slr-9 X, , L,-Af ,,f ,fy Htg 43106 A fykx X 'x 'X vowQ,fff5T Q M205 D, 9' 1 110 AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS Ill ., VJ' if 4 V ' .- 'Qi ifx ' , 'Y X Kp FP 'UU I - n The Klsklfas Staff of Apollo Hugh School washes fo express Hs suncere appreclahon fo The advertisers whose names appear on The fol lowmg page ROSS PHARMACY KUHN PHARMACY CROSSAN AND RAIRIGH WHITESELL ELECTRIC ROSS PHARMACY I Longf llo S1 ee! VANDERGRIFT KENNETH MECAULEY McCAULEYS ATLANTIC STATION CLYDE SHIRLEY ORCHARD HILLS HARDWARE DAIRY QUEEN o op Ro A R DONGHIA 239 Longfello Sf eel 'I' APOHO VANDERGRIFT SPENCER ELECTRIC SERVICE Thomas Electronic Organs Motorola TV Stereo Radio 311 North Warren Avenue Apollo Penna Phone GR 2 3611 'II2 4 I 30 e w r H1-he Cone with me CWI Tailor and Tuxedo Rentals n T H W f ad Nor , . Congratulatlons to the Class of 59 From Your Photographer SHAFFER S STUDIO Apo lo Pa BEATTY PLUMBING AND HEATING at Plumb ng H a u L ILen o De DONALD A STEVENS o Watches Clocks e 130 Wa Apollo Pa McCULLOUGHS 5 8. 10 Wa en A en e Apollo 2 ZULA SMITHS DRESS SHOPPE a te Gft Bar Nato al B nk APOLLO PA GR 24851 JACKSON MEN S WEAR A olo Pe syl n CHAMBERS HOTEL ples APOLLO REALTY Apollo nnsyl PASSARELLIS GROCERY MEATS Q d GROCERIES 301 Fo Apo lo P Where e finest kids of the Apollo area meet YUM YUM HOT DOG SHOP GUS AND JENNIE ZANOS Props 315 North Warren Avenue Apollo P 113 ' 1 1 l , . He ing - I - ardw re "Yo r oca n x aIer" Dlam nds ' - Jew lry rren Avenue , . I L d' 5' Apparel - I rr V U Millinery Po GR -1211 Ist in a Bldg. I p l , nn va ia Com im nt I of n Pe Vonio urth St, l , a th , . , C. PAULY'S DRUG STORE Headquarters for Eostmczn Kodak ollo u 2 41 ARMITAGE'S HARDWARE Compliments APOLLO TRUST FIRST STREET WARREN AVENUE 21551 GR 2 2081 APOLLO ESSO SERVICE RONALD sooo P op co on ond Moto Tu e up 2 41 LEWS DAIRY STORE e best eols n to the leo t ou tof money GR 2 4841 C pl me t MR AND MRS DOYLE STEELE J L HARMON surance Agency I corpo ated Agents cv D Wesley El ood BURKETTS FLOWER SHOP WN WU en A 6 2 JUNE AND PAUL Florists BEAMERS ec Ateoton up c d D 124W G 27131 Apollo P GR 2 3441 4 Ap , P . GR, -l 1 of GR. - l , r , "Th ' f Lubri ti r n - s m I Wn OI s am n First St. S. Kiski Ave, GR. -38 A - om i n 5 of R U B l N S In n r I J. L. H rmon . w . ff v. GR. -2211 - 1 Cl ning - Pressing - l r i . . , U. . ' Puck n elwery orren Ave, R. - LEE KING w APOLLO INSURANCE AGENCY S o ANNA F ARMITAGE Mg SHAFFERS ESSO STATION g S Atlas T Balie es Acces o es A GR 2 359I pl NEWINGHAM S MARKET SLOAN 5 8- I0 Apol 2 'IBOI Wshes to Cl ss LAIRD S BOARTS Dust Mgr sure FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES ROBERT LEES FOOD MARKET C pl of the PIZZA SHOPPE No 1h Apollo SAMS AUTO SERVICE E so P oducfs Weld ng Apollo P on 21661 Congratulations from WILKIES REFRIGERATION CO WENDELL J LISKA Owner North Apollo GR 2 6333 Comp, KISTACO FARM of 'he C R YERGER w L HILEMAN CRESTWOOD AoloRD pl e CZITTERBERG SUNOCO STATION Apollo Sp ng Ch ch Road SHOEMAKERS MARKET Rowe 56 Apollo Pa 2 5338 Corn imenfs of I lo, Pa. GR. ' Bas? ishes Best i O 159 . , I . . 3'lI NorIl1 ec ncl St. . , r. I Hunting and Fishin upplies ires - ri - 5 ri Norlh Apollo, Pa. GR. 2-I54I Norilw pollo , - om Irnenls . r , Pa, l 5 I' I I Repairing - i - Parts , a. , - I - imenfs p l , . . Z3 Com im nts of - ri ur I , . GR. - II5 Compliments General Insurance 30 First St DOMS BEAUTY SHOP Apollo Po GR 25543 Co gratulalo s to Class of 59 Comp' me 'S STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AL CO Auto e BORTZ C0 Local Age ts Box 14 North Apollo Gle L Helma Joh E Beeche ple HELDS MARKET NORTH APOLLO PA GEORGES DRY CLEANING G 2 651 Apollo Pa 22503 Congratulations WYBLE S PHARMACY CIGSS of 59 S glcal Appliances P esc pt ons 1 VALLEY FLORISTS 2 OW A EULA BURKETT O " en Ve Florusls One Store Only BETTY BLISS North Apollo 2 8151 Beauhcmn Compl ments of JAY J DAVIS APOLLO MILLING COMPANY Blacksm th Welder Tools Sha pened Flour Feed I 2 3571 P G 2131 GR 23561 Apolo Comp' 9 'S APOLLO FORD SALES INC Sales Ser ce O Bo CHARLES A LEIDY Apollo Pa GR 21241 s t Compl ments of THE Y RESTAURANT MCLAUGHLIN S GROCERY Rome 56 Qualty Meat G oce les Ice C ea Sta Route Apollo GR 25987 a Route Apollo 116 . ll ' ll of ' 3 ' . n I n ' 5 n of - Fire - Lif n : I n . n n . r I Com Im nts of I R. -1 , . GR. - ' 1 I ur ' ' r rI I rr . GR. 2- 151 Complimenls of GR. - -- I I - I - - Fertiizer I , CI- R. -1 . - GR. - Im n ' of - vI , Fir I S reel Ext. P. . x 438 ll ll I I I s r r' - r m r , . . Sf r , Pa Complimenfs WALLACE LUMBER COMPANY E B ARMITAGE ARMITAGES SUPER MARKET Complete Lune of Buulders Supplues Norge Appllances Kyanuze Paints Armstrong Furnaces Warren Avenue G 2 1781 S P O T L E S S Quality Cleamng for Less We Gu e S8-H G ee Sta ps n A e Apoll Co pl ments TOWNSEND BROTHERS Glffs For All Occasions APOLLO FURNITURE COMPANY F eo Snce 911 Y G E Dea er Hoo er Mayfag Mag c Chef Apollo G 2 1091 Co g aiulahons io the ss of f om APOLLO NEWS STAND PIPER S JEWELRY ep k Da o d W Ic e fclw Clock nd Je el y Repa C pl ens SANITARY BARBER SHOP APOLLO NEWS RECORD EVELYN S BEAUTY SHOP AND REDUCING SALON We spec al e n all phases of be uty culfu e Fa ous ed c g meYhod 3 N Pe na A APollo P G 2 O81 N Fou th St SAXON S STORE eslce eEe Co pl menfs GUTHRIE AUTO COMPANY App I0 P AP0ll0 Pennsyl Apollo LEONE 8. SAXON Plumb ng H- Heal g WeG eS8-HGe Sta ps N W 23681 GRADY S GULF . . , . of R. - m 1 4 Q 'v r n rn 118 N. Warre v . 0, Pct. H I I H n r ' " av r i 1 " Cla ,59 our . . l ,- v - - i ,Pa R. - ' om im f , of Ke su e I m n s, a I1 s Experf Wa , , a w r ir 327 Warren Avenue GR. 2-3891 JOE STERI, Prop. I " I iz i a r . m r u in ." O7 . n . ve. , 04 R. -1 1 m I of Meats - Bord n' Cream Op n v nings . r . l , cl. vanla I in I " iv r en m " 739 . arren Ave, , Pa. GR. - 117 AIKINS WILLIAM C Neapollotans 2 4 Football 4 Proyectuon Club 2 4 Basketball 3 Hn Y 2 3 AKINS CAROL G C I2 GAA 34 ARDUINO ROBERT DARRELL Intramural Basketball I 3 Neapollotans 2 4 Chorus I 3 Football I ARNOLDY JACK ECKMAN ARNOLDY JOYCE LYNN Tiger Gazette 24 GSC I2 GAA 3 4 Neapollotans 3 4 Trl Hn Y I 2 BALDRIGE MARY MAY Neapollotans 2 4 Orchestra 2 Dance Band3 BandI4 GAA 34 GSC I Chorus 2 4 Trl HI Y I Tlger Gazette 2 BARR VIOLA MAE Tiger Gazette 2 3 Knslutas Staff 4 Ma lorette4 GSC I2 GAA 34 BARTOE DANIEL BEARD DONNA JEAN T HI Y 2 BEATTY NORMA JEAN Tiger Gazette 4 Library Club 2 4 Cho 2 S C G 3 4 Ban BISAHA THOMAS Chorus I 2 BRAYSHAW CHRISTINE T H1 Y I 4 Pep Club 4 Chorus C 2 G A A 3 4 Kuslutas Stu ent Councul 4 FHA 23 FTA 4 CALDERONE SALVADORE Varslty Club CARNEY JUNE LOUISE HIYI BandI3 FHA CLARK DONALD E Prolectlon Club I Football I3 as lretball I Hn Y 2 Varsity Club 3 CLAWSON ELIZABETH Ma orette I 4 Trl HI Y I 4 Stu ent Councul I 2 Thesptans 2 4 Tuger Gazette CLOUD ESTHER LAVERNE FHA 24 Chorus4 COSTRINI JOHN Football 3 4 Band I 4 Chorus I 4 CYPHERT KENNETH Pro ectlon I 4 Hu Y I 2 Band I 4 Cho ru I4 DAVIS IRENE ELIZABETH Klslutas Staff 4 Llbrary Club I 3 F H A C Ch ru Tlger Gazette 2 4 Trl H: Y I 4 DAY MARY LOU Klskttas Staff 4 GSC I2 GAA Cheerleader 4 Student Council 2 4 F H A DILLINGER PATRICIA ALDENE Neapollotans 2 Pep Club 4 Tiger zette 3 Band I 4 Chorus 3 4 F H A C I2 GAA 34 Library Cheerleader 3 4 Student Councul 4 II8 DINUNZIO SEBASTIAN JR Basketball I 4 Baseball I Football I 4 Band I 4 Chorus I 4 Varsuty Club 3 4 ECKMAN GARY ECKMAN LAWANNA ESPY RICHARD COPELAND Poectlon Club I4 FTA 4 Kuslutas Staft4 FLEMING SARAH JANE Tiger Gazette I 4 Pep Club 4 Chorus Trl HI Y F H A FRANK LARRY C Neapollotans I Thesplans 24 Chorus I4 Band I 4 Varsnty Club 3 4 FULLERTON GERALD JAMES Football Neapollotans 2 3 Thespuans 3 4 Ktslu tas Stott 4 Dance Band 2 3 Chorus I 4 nd I 4 F H A 3 G S C 2 G A A GALLAGHER JAMES SAMUEL B nd I4 Chorus I4 HI Y Klslutas Staf'T4 Neapollotans GAMBLE JOAN MARIE GLUNT ROBERT CLYDE Varslty Club 2 4 HI Y I Prolectnon Club 2 Neapollotans 2 4 Football I 4 Q . ms. , .,...2-4. , - : ' ' , . , 5 . , fl ' 'I -- - I ' ' in Q I .- .- ' i d I I - ' . . . - ' . . , 3'4' I I 3-4g '- '- I-4g . .3-4. I : ' f I. . 4 ' I -I. . '2f I ' i ' - : '- - : - : - ' 5 ' . FUSZEK, KATHLEEN 'l' Q' ' 3, G.s. . I-2: G.A.A. 3-4: 0 's'Il2l BC 'f ' - - f -"VP - - -34- rus 5 G. . . I-25, .A.A. -g ls I-4. ' U -2 -2 '- 2: ' ' ' ' 5 . . . - 7 . . . 3-4: 7 2'4- I-3. I I V I I ' 5 1 ' Gae rl- '- -g 5 I-45 5 -5 -5 , , , 1.3, I G.S. . I-5 . , . -5 ' ' Staff 47 G.S. . -5 , . . -7 ' Club I-45 ' .5 '. 5 ' ' d ' 5 . . . - 5 . . , . - 5 ' , 5 . I . ' GRAHAM SIDNEY LORRAINE Tlger Gazette I 4 Pep Club 4 FHA HANKEY BENJAMIN F Varsuty Club 2 4 Chorus 3 4 Basketball 4 Football I 4 Hn HILEMAN DONNA LEE Hu Y I G I 2 G HILTY VIVIAN HUTCHISON REBECCA ANN Tlger Gazette 2 4 Chorus I 2 GSC I 2 GA A 3 4 Trl HI Y I 4 Cheerlea er 3 4 Thesplans 3 4 Student Councll 2 Ne KERR JANET LOUISE GAA 3 ArtClub2 KING JOHN KENNETH Tzger Gazette 4 Art Club Klslutas Staff KLINGENSMITH NANCY LEE Tr1HlY 3 4 Colorguard 3 4 Tlger a zette 2 4 KNEPSHIELD JUDI CARLYN Neapollotans I GSC I2 GAA 34 Art Club 2 3 Trl HI Y 2 3 Tiger Gazette KOSICEK THOMAS VINDLE H1 Y 2 Art Club 2 Chorus I KOWALCZYK BARBARA LEE 'Inger Gazette 2 4 F H A 3 Trl Hn Y LEECH JOHN CHARLES Scuence Club 4 Kuslutos Staff 4 LONG JOHN MICHAEL LYNCH BONNIE ALANN T HIY 34 Tuger Gazette 34 Ba d 34 GAA34 MARANGONI DOLORES LOUISE Chorus I 4 Band 2 3 Neapollotans 2 3 CI2 GAA 34 TrlHlY2 Stue Councnl 2 4 Thespuans 4 MARCHESI JUDITH MARIE Orchestra I4 Band I4 Knskntas Start 4 Chorus I 4 Student Councul I 2 F H A Thespnans 3 4 Neapcllotans I 2 MARKS LENNY JOYCE Band I 4 Chorus 24 Tru HIY I 3 Tlger Gazette23 GSC I2 GAA 34 MAY MILDRED EVELYN Student Council 2 Tnger Gazette 3 Tn F 2 4 Klslutas Stag 4 McCAUSLAND KENNETH EUGENE Student Council 4 Basketball 3 4 Foot ball 2 4 Varsuty Club 4 Hn Y I 2 Neapol lotans 2 4 McClAREN RICHARD MORGAN MYRNA KAY C 2 Trl H MILLER PATRICIA II9 NICHOLSON DONALD ERUIN Art Club 3 ORLOWSKI SYLVIA u ent Councul I GSC 2 G PLAZIO DANIEL Basketball I 3 HI Y 2 Football 3 POMPA JANICE M Tiger Gazette 4 G A A POYDENCE ELIZABETH A C I 2 G A A PRESENSKY LORAYN M G A A 3 4 Tuger Gazette PRYOR CHARLES MATSON Ar Club 2 HI Y I RAINEY DONALD Art Club REARIC JUDITH MAE ArtClub2 GSC 2 GAA RICHARDS M WAYNE Band I 4 Chorus I 2 ROSENSTEEL DONALD JAMES Football 3 4 Varsuty Club 4 Band Chorus I 3 Dance Band 2 Orchestra 2 3 Intramural Basketball I 4 RUDARI FRANK Q . 1.4, m.Ha-Y 1.3. ' I I I I I I I f - sffl ',...1-, .AA ' ' I r 2 3-4. 1- , . , :Y 2, ri- '- - g ' - 5 n Tri, 1 -4, .s.c, -, .A,A.3.4. n' n ' ' t G,S. . - p I. . . - gl '- '- p d nl ' I . I 43.4, ' " ' - : - - . - : '- '- - 2 Cl - 5 - g ' ' r GS A vpollovons I-2. 214, G.s.c. 1125 c3.A.A. 3-45 Tfi.Hl-YA 112g , . . ., ' 4. - 7 . . . - 7 . . . - . f I -I . 4. , D ' A I LEE Hi-Y I-35 c.s.c. 1.5, o.A.A. 3-4, lH.A. ' '- '- - 1 - : ' G - -I I 5 . . . g , . .3. 3-4. ' ' I ' - 2 ' : I-3 ' ' I os.. , 1 a-YQ. -' n ' - 5 , . . : 7 7 3-4. , , RUFFNER MARY LEE Lubrary Club 3 Tlgerettes 2 3 Tru Hn Y p C ub 4 G S C G A Tlger Gazette 2 4 SHAEFFER DOYLE LYNN Band 1 4 Chorus 1 4 Orchestra 2 ro lectuon Club 3 Hu Y 1 Basketball 1 3 u dent Councll 1 Neapollotans 2 Klskltas Staff 4 Sclence Club 4 SHANK JOHN HOWEY Varsity Club 2 4 Basketball 1 2 Prolec tlon Club 2 Hr Y 2 SKROT MARY ANN Tiger Gazette 23 GSC 12 GAA 34 ArtClub23 SLAVIERO REBECCA Hr Y G Student Counvll 1 JV Cheerleader 3 SMITH EUGENE R Band 14 Chorus 1 4 Art Club kltas Staff 4 SMITH LINDSEY GAIL HI Y Pe Clu Tiger G zette 2 4 G A A 3 4 Lubrary Club 1 SPENCER PEGGY LOU Tlger Gazette 23 T HaY 12 GSC 2 Klskutas Staff 4 Colorguard 3 4 Chorus STITT WILLIAM C Band 1 4 Chorus 1 4 Art Club 2 Thes plans 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 Orchestra 2 Intramural Basketball 1 4 Klslutas Stal? 4 Neapollotons 3 STONE JAMES Basketball 1 2 Varsrty Club 3 4 Foot b I 4 STROUP MARLANE Malorette 34 Chorus 2 TIH Y 24 GSC 12 GAA 34 Tiger Gazette 24 TOWNSEND PATRICIA Tiger Gazette 23 Labrary Club 34 ULERY SANDRA JEANE Chorus 1 Tager Gazette 3 GSC G A A 3 4 UMBAUGH THEODORE Intramural Basketball 1 4 WALKER GARY s etball I4 H Y 2 Footb ll Prolectlon Club 2 Chorus 13 Vars ty Club4 WALKER KENNETH Football 1 4 Basketball 1 Varsity Club 4 H1 Y Q 120 WALKER NANCY McMILLEN T HuY 14 Tiger Gazette 24 FHA GSC WALKER R LYLE Football 14 Chorus 14 Neapollotans 3 Varsity Club 3 4 Thespnans 3 4 Basket b 1 2 WATTERSON LINDA SUE T HIY 13 Neapollotans 1 Library Club 34 Klslutas Stal? 4 GAA WAUGAMAN BARBARA Band 14 Kuslutas Stat? 4 Chorus 1 G C 12 WILLIAMSON GLORIA Chorus 1 4 GSC 12 GAA WILMOT DELORES RUTH Hn Y I C F H A WILMOT PATRICIA ANN HrY1 G C 12 GAA WILMOT PAULINE RUBY Trl Hn Y 1 Art Club 2 3 ZIMMERMAN JACK PARKER Tl er Gazette 2 4 H Y 2 Ba d 1 4 Orchestra 1 3 Chorus 1 4 Intramural as ketball 1 4 Basketball 4 M . ' 1' -1 -1 -1 1 - ri.: .,' I-45 Pe I 1 . . . 1-25 . .A. 3-45 I - J - 5 5 'I-4: . Q ' 1' - 1 - 1 1 P - D ' F 'I 7 ' ' , '. , . ,Sy . ' 1 - 1 - 1 - ' I 7 ' ' - 1 ' - 5 - all - . I ' I all - . I 1 fl- '- - 1 1 ' , -i 'I .- ' ,y :,',i, ,I -JI' p...3-4. - 1 ' ' 1 '41 1 I . , 1 'S' ' - ' A , - . ' ' Pep Club 4, tra-H1-Y'1-4, F,T.A. 4, c.s.cl 2. -5...-5...3-4. Trl- '- I-25 G.S.C. 1-25 .A,A. 3-45 , I 7 ' ' ' 5 ' 5 . . . I-25 Trl- '- -25 G.S. . 25 , . . 3-4. - 5 - 5 25 KIS- I Trl- '- 5 .S. . -5 . . .3-4. Trl- '- 1-45 G.S.C. I5 p IJ 45 I ' Q , . t . I , F ' Ba k - 5 i- 5 a 1-45 , ' ' I , I i .I .I . F I ' - 5 rl- '- - 5 . . . ' 'g - 5 I- 5 n - 5 1 ' ' 1 - 1 - 1 1 ' - 1 r 1 B - I-4. 3- 5 '- 2. - 5 . ji ' 54 fl'i".. 5- " I -A ji ' 54 fl'i".. 5- " I ji 4' 54 fl'i".. 5- " I ji 4' 54 fl'i".. 5- " H v Q - . . ., 4 . ., 4 . ., . Q .Q .Q .Q gui f. .. .. . - f. V Y . Yfni f rf. H . .- Y F. . -vf Q n 1 n x x x x ' ' "'Y"A"! -N' '53 .' '1 -' - ,ig .' '1 - - ,ig .' '1 -' - ,ig .' . ' .Q .4-ff .Mtg . ' .Q .4-ff msg . ' .Q .4-ff i-sigh . ' .Q .4-ff img? . 4

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