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if Wdjwfaf dsbefbfbg? UQQAQY X9 og Q X! X iff!! f iq TW ffayffffggf-+Lfg, 5 722-fjlfiq 'Cb 'f7tQ',f-15 K? Q-15 ig .zif-fwiffff fx My Wx f7XieA5L5"V4fAQggL'xg,1 M AEMM Qagfinf Vw 0 5 ' 1 0 ' A . ' m f"""' W .. . ,X s I K 'GX -vu., Q, . NN , R 529 '19 jf P f ., bs f M X N 5 , 1 N . X N f-X l fiaLMJfi""'Z"'j7L gfwgfazbw W WW 5 WXZEZQ' 5 QU fy Q W MOS ff HW M fag? M2112 owmymwwpfif 3 QSQWM ii aajmf W jJk KQXXK Mf' f 0 N 7 WA! Q Q . 4 ff f ' 0 X 5 Q , X W DD g,,, o X . , OO0O X waz, vi if ff iw PM 4, R Qoffa ' EX il X xxdaj, :gt fx ,,, ' M K H if ima -gb R w ' Q Cx A' - S.:-'MW Q 2 W 50 . 3 px 4 3 x Ooii-J L Sgw 5 www? WWW? X N Forewa rd Who among us does not thrill to an exciting adventure, a search for buried treasure, Stevenson's "Treasure Island", Edgar Allen Poe's "The Goldbug"? And have we not idly dreamed we were embarking on such an enterprise? The great things we would do when we had finally completed our mission and found the laden chest. There is slight probability that any of us will actually experience such a venture, and yet, each day we are exploring new fields and making new discoveries, great and small. As we are nearing the end of our voyage through public school, we are coming to realize the vast treasure that we have uncovered here. We wish to share with you the precious booty in our treasure chest, Apollo High School. Il He ioyed of life's pleasures All he could find, Yet richest the treasures He found in his mind." Gelett Burgess Epitaph. Stanza 2 S Contents 1:-2" ..,. K ff-QI h x 5 paces to FACULTY 1 1-1- gif' I I3 paces to SENIORS X 31 paces to UNDERGRADUAIES paces to ORGANIZATIONS 73 paces to MUSIC 61 paces to ATHLETICS 93 paces to ADVERTISERS X 45 X X 81 paces to ACTIVITIES I I Dedication To our parents who have sacrnflced that we mught have life and home who have struggled to glve us prlvnleges and guidance and who have sustained us always wnth fanh and love we deducate thus our yearbook The Class of 1956 1 , . l. O0oL -A X N N-Q 'PG 'S lx ei I 4- 'U 'NAU Mn s I ., ...K HL, 2 "' 'X Q.. .lib l mm any-K FACULTY Treasures of untold wealth would he forever burned wlthout a map to thenr cache And so the teachers and admxmstrators of our school have charted th e course for us have through their knowledge ond experience durected us to lnfes hudden treasures pounted the way to a golden future 5 Y 'I . 5 Y 1 0 E , I Q X - I O . . 3 . O X 1 0 U C . X l. 0 . X -.5 t X - y x , t J S , Y' . Q ,,,,i gQ ' K s -Z X fl X - -Z.: I ' x S 0 ...i e K 1 - C N ' 5 ' , 4 C 1 -T.-Q KX zgfifgz 35. C 4 Q A.. h - 23.441 ' sttt .l.L,,rzr ll - lil, H A . M'm" ' V. . ak. 'mag .f ' 1 if 'W w b, i 4 7? w, . .U Q l Wifv' uk' I af: ,QF ian? ,3 , 'ii' 1 YQ z we if ' 'v, 3 M . is Q 1, ww Xf U Q 2151 X4 bf, l 2 I' ' W hh :F ,Mg Rig hw M V K cg I ' , W 3 I ,AQ ' ,W ,X x 1 -1 . I 5 4 .. if . , A7 , A ,b MA ,-M 4:4 A if? 1 54 ,kg E .E AQ f I , wa, 1 IM-WW, I' ,V l"B,'n 1 .V A .A ,KY 4- ,3 ,Y . . "Aff 1 3 i E ' . I 0: ' 4 Q-4 I-H, I HJ U ' W ' ' if . if,?"x -M 1 Pu. ,4 -b,,' H' -.. T my . fn-11 1591, 5 FJUAY.. ,,.,.- BARBARA BLEVINS, B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. MAX AFANESKO, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Geography, Social Studies Physical Education, English A 1 U!!!-N I Wftfi . fl CAROLYN V. BOYD, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Education VICTOR CARUSO, B.S. Clarion State Teachers College Arithmetic, English Here we see Miss Cooper's English students taking on active part in the day's lesson by reading parts in a play. Other phases of Eng- Iish included in the curriculum are grammar, composition, speech, and literature. VIRGINIA CQOPER, 55, THOMAS B. DELLAQUILA, B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. Clarion Slcle Teachers College English Mathematics, Science I HAROLD FULTON, B.S., M.Ed. JOSEPH E. FUSZEK, B.S., M.Ed. Indiana State Teachers College Slippery Rock State Teachers Col University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State University Physical Education Mathematics 8 ISABEL R. HENRY, A.B. DONNA J. JOHNSON, B.S.5 M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. History University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State University Physical Education PHYLLIS J. KAUFMAN, A.B. BRUCE E. KEEPER, B.M.E. Thiel College Westminster College English Vocal Music ROBERT J. KERR, B.S.: M.Ed. PATRICIA J. KOSCUR, B.S. Clarion State Teachers College Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. University of Pittsburgh . Biology, American History Sciences KATHRYN C. LUKEHART, B.S.g M.Ed. RALPH B. McBRlDE, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. University of Pittsburgh Academic Mathematics Special Education f" Living in a scientific age has motivated many students to pursue the various courses offered in that field. ln general science all students are introduced to the fundamentals, after which they may delve further into the mysteries of biology, physics, and chemistry if ,-...MJ Cooking, sewing, caring for children, and learning to manage a house are a few ofthe projects taught in the home economics class- es to insure future housewives of a happier life. The girls pictured here will be expert homemakers someday. QR. r 5 ' ' Air 'ip 5. 'R-5,4 Snr gg- . . v,,. R JOANNA MECKLEY, 55, MRS. GRACE J. MILLER, 8.5. Clarion State Teachers College Indiana STGTS TeGClWeI'S C0lle9e Librarian Geography MRS. MARGARET MOORE, LOUISE V. NELSON, A.B. Normal Certificate Grove City College California State Teachers College Latin, French, English English X PHILLIPS B.S. CAROL RHAESA Clarion State Teachers College Sterling College r Home Economics Home and Family Living GEORGE E. SHAHEEN, B.S. STEVE SHREMSHOCK, B-5- Indiana State Teachers College Slippery ROClC Sfufe Teachers Col Hisyory Physical Education, Driving Education 'IO MARTHA M. SIMPSON, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Muskingum College History, English HUBERT F. SNOKE, B.S., M.Ed. Shippensburg State Teachers Col. Pennsylvania State University Guidance Counselor ODESSA H. SMITH, B.S. Grove City College Commercial ARTHUR R. SNYDER, B.S., M.Ed. California State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing LOIS E. SNYDER, B.M.E. Otterbein College instrumental Music SARA STEWART, B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. University of Pittsburgh Xl sp DOLORES GENE VENSEL, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Home Economics, Cafeteria Manager ll JOHN M. YARNOVIC, B.S. Clarion State Teachers College English, World History Industrial arts courses attract many boys interested in productive craftsmanship. Mechanical drawing is an integral phase of all construction work. In our well equipped shop one will see many attractive projects constructed of both wood and metal. lvgQ,f',' :M , . ,, ZW' , l f , I V ' Q f 'Q """i-:asf in V , mm W ,wwf ' me , of... , Qs' f . 5 ' 'A ,A 3 'iz A f .M rf' , K2 Q 1 J x .2 ag .f ' , Ng I.. 2 .4 . "fa X v ,:AJ. 1 gr' 'N'-- M., fs 1 -. nf. "'rffxv- .-ml E In ,L L, .ffi A il? ,Ny 'ni' .. F' 'ig f-I it -1 .. Q , , M. ,ggi MM, . if, Wfijzv 1 . gygfxwrg . V 'IW Eff:-'Q' N PM J A' bl ,TA 5-Q' 2? ' 4- ,. Q.. M lb., . A xi' V, ig- ' - ??'fwA , x A A 1 raw ' Y Xiv , M fx' .., """"" 'im Diploma J ...,,NAg. 45,-ss-M ,S yi, 'iii .fx 'I . . . W 7 I -, .,. YV. .',7-Lv-f-51 h Kit fCCKffcC 6-Qj'c'f'9fft3cc 1, 7 5 tgrrf 4 fr is ff fl E yll OP Z' 'ff .,. ii: 5 rf, -"L?5.. G I S .:' qafyvf ff SENIGRS Four long years may at limes seem to be such a struggleg but your work through the maze of classes and books will be justly rewarded when you are made captain of your own ship. The "Good Ship A.H.S." has conducted you safely to your chest of gold - graduation. J. MANAIA, V, PRES, R. REED, SEC. R, ANTHONY, TREAS, R. GRADWELL, S, C. MANAIA, JOSEPHINE CATHERINE "Jo" Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President I, F.H.A. I, Nurses Club I, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, G.S.C. 2 G.A.A. 3, Band Color Guard 3, 4, Class Vice President 4, Student Council, Secretary. Treasurer 4, Library Club 4, Neapollotans 3, 4. "Love sits long." GRADWELL, RICHARD ALLEN "Little Chico" Commercial J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Student Council V, IVL, I, 2, 4, Science Club 2, Proiection Club 2, Hi-Y 3. "Stick close to your desks, and never go to sea." D, LAMANNA, PRES. Class Officers LAMANNA, DOLORES ANN "Dee" Academic Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club I, 2, 3, Neapollotans I, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Class President 3-4, Teenettes 3-4, County Chorus 3, Kiskitas 4. "A good heart's worth gold." REED, ROBERT CLARENCE "Romeo" ANTHONY, RICHARD EUGENE "Dick" General General Projection Club I, 2, Baseball Team 'l, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, Proiection Club 1, 2, 4, Rifle Club I, Class President 2, Class Basketball 2, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Football Team 3, Senior Treasurer 4, Football 3, 4. Class Secretary. "No word like pardon." "Take it from me - he's got the goods." 14 AIKINS, RAYE ERNEST "Raye" General Proiection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, Rifle Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 4. "l am quietly holding fast to the things that cannot fail." ALTMIRE, GERALD DEWAYNE "Jerry" Academic Student Council 1, 2, 4, Football Manager 1, Football Squad 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, Baseball Team 2, Hi-Y 2, President 3: Varsity Club 3, Vice-President 4. "A grain of manhood." BAUSTERT, DONALD PAUL "Don" General Neapollotans 1, 2, Thespian Troupe 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4. "I have laid aside business and gone a-fishing." BAUSTERT, GEORGE JOSEPH "George" General Science Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Hi-Y 4, Proiection Club 1, 2, Neapollotans 1, 2, Thespian Troupe 3, 4. "No better than you should be." BOWERS, ROBERT EDWARD "Ed" Commercial Tiger Gazette 1, 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas 3, Typing Ed. 4, Neapollo- tans 2, 3, Thespian Troupe 4, Class President 1, Class Vice- President 3, Student Council 2, Projection Club 1, Science Club 1, Chorus 1, Basketball Manager 1. "Wit and wisdom are born with a man." BURNS, RICHARD LEROY "Dick" Baseball Team 1, 2 3, Tiger Gazette 1, Rifle Club 2, Varsity Club 3, 4. "Old friends are best." Man to man This is what you call belng supported by women CADAMORE ALFRETTA DELAINE Academic Trl Hi Y I F HA 'I Vice President 2 GAA I Chorus I 2 3 4 Neapollotans 2 Thesplan Troupe 3 4 Girls Ensemble 2 Quarter 2 3 Kiskitas Literary Editor 4 And had a face like a blessing CAMPBELL ELEANOR RUTH Cow Commercial GAA 'I President 3 Vice President 4 Tri Hi Y 'I Chorus I GSC 2 Tiger Gazette 2 3 4 Band Color Guard 4 Class Treasurer 3 Ushers Club 2 Glad that I live am I CAMPBELL LINDA JEAN Linda Academic Tri-Hi-Y President I 2 3 4- Student Council 'I 3- County Band 1 2- Band I 2 3 4- G.A.A 3 Secretary Treasurer 4- G.S.C. 2- Girls Trio 2 3- District Orchestra 2 3- Chorus 2 3 4- County Orchestra 3- Orchestra 3 4- Kiskitas Business Manager 4 Let knowledge grow from more to more CLEVER LINDA LEE i Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 'I 2 3- Secretary-Treasurer 2- G.SC I 2 Otticer- Tiger Gazette I 2 3 4- G.A.A 3 4- Kiskitas 4 Subscription Editor 4- Neapollotans 4- Cheerleader 3. Fond of fun as fond can be. COOK, SHIRLEY ANN "Charlie" General Tri-Hi-Y 'Ig F.H.A. 4, Rifle Club 2. "What a time, what a civilization." DAUGHERTY, WILSON DAVID "DOC" General Varsity Club 2, 3, Hi-I 4. "He is a gentleman, look at his boots." 'I6 DAVIS, CARL BLAINE "Fish' General Projection Club l, 2, 3, Science Club 'l, 2, Rifle Club 2 Varsity Basketball 3, Hi-Y 4. "Without music, life would be a mistake." DEGENKOB, EUGENE ROSS "Gene" Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Proiection Club 1, Science Club 2, 3, Neapollotans 4, Hi-Y 4. "I am not arguing with you-I am telling you." DOVERSPIKE, ROSS EUGENE "Spike" Academic Proiection Club 'l, Science Club 2, 3, French Club 3, Hi-Y 4 "Speak low if you ever speak love." DUBAS, JOHN ROBERT "John" General Science Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 4. "I am just going to leap into the dark." DURANDETTO, WILLIAM "Bill" General Hi-Y 4. "His time is forever, everywhere his place." FELGAR, JO ANN "Jo" Academic Tiger Gazette 'l, 2, F.H.A. l, G.S.C. 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club 2, Student Council 3, Kiskitas 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4, Neapollotans 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Band 4. "God forbid that l should go to any heaven in which there are no horses." "l'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch." 1 dw? - fs Yi . . ,, . , if 5 . 593 A FERRERO, MARY CLARA "Mary" Commercial Tiger Gazette 2, 3, News Editor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 4. "Ambition has no risk." FOUSE, RONALD WAYNE "Clink" General Football Team T, 2, 3, 4, Projection Club T, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, Hi.Y 2. "Life is not lite at all without delight." FRYAR, ERMA ELIZABETH "Butch" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y l, Secretary 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, Science Club 2, Corus 2, 3. "Her eyes are homes of silent prayer." FRYER, JUDITH DIANE "Jute" Commercial F.H.A. I, Chorus 2, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette l, 3, Assistant Editor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. "Laughter is not at all a bad beginning." HALL, SHIRLEY JEAN "Curly" Commercial Nurses Club 1, Chorus 1, Science Club 2, Neapollotans 4. "Laugh yourself into stitches." HARLEY, DAVID HENRY "Squirrel" General Science Club 2. "Good words are worth much and cost little." "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." 'IS Keep up the good work, Henry. You may be our first male cheerleader. HAYES, RICHARD PAUL "Bumphead' Academic Projection Club 1, Science Club Secretary 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, Pres ident 4. "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.' HELD, JAMES LEROY "P.l.O.' General Science Club 2, 4, Hi-Y 4. "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar." HEYART, THOMAS EDWARD "Tom' Commercial Projection Club 1, Science Club 1, 2, Band 2, 3. "Anything for a quiet life." HILTY, HENRY DARIUS "Spark" General Science Club 1, 2, 4, Proiection Club 2, Hi-Y 4. "Every age has its pleasures." Commercial ri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, G.S.C. 1, Vice-President 2, Tiger Gazette 1, 3 Circulation Editor 4, Class Treasurer 1, 2, J-V Cheer- 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Neapollotans 3, 4, Photography Editor 4. "Variety is the mother of enjoyment." MARIAN PHYLLIS "Bunny" Academic Nurses Club 1, 4, Secretary 3, Science Club 2, F.H.A. 1, Ushers Club 2, G.A.A. 3, Kiskitas Feature Editor 4. "Here is a dear and true industrious friend." HONE, LINDA FRITZ "Bone" xref 9 'Q Q s vw, gf' The long and the short of it KINS, EDWARD ELMER "Ed" General Rifle Club T, Science Club 2, Varsity Club 3, 4, Football Team 3, 4. "The peerless sportsmen they are but few." KNEPSHIELD, ROGER LEE "Curly" Academic Neapollotans T, 2, Thespian Troupe Treasurer 3, Vice-Presi. dent 4, Projection Club T, Boys' Chorus T, Tiger Gazette 2, Junior Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Band 2, 3, 4, String En- semble 2, 3, 4, District Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Chorus 3, 4, County Orchestra 3, 4, County Band 3, 4, Kiskitas 4, Mixed Quartet 4. "A really busy person never knows how much he weighs." KUNKLE, NORMA GAIL "Nook" Commercial F.H.A. 'I, 3, 4, Historian 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 2, Class Sec. 'l, Tiger Gazette T, G.S.C. 2, Chorus 2, G.A.A. 4. "The daintiest last, to make the end most sweet." McCAIN, EVA MARIE "Eve" Commercial Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Jr. Captain 2, Sr. Captain 4, Ushers Club 2, G.S.C. 1, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 2, 4, Neapollotans 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Library Club 3. "Girls have curious minds." McCAULEY, MARY ANN "Mickey" Academic Nurses Club Secretary T, Science Club 2, Chorus 'I, 2, Tri- Hi-Y 4, Neapollotans 4, G.A.A. 4. "A merry heart goes all the way." Academic MCCAUSLAND, ROBERTA EVONNE "Bert" Commercial G.S.C. T, 2, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette T, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Kiskitas 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. "lt must be done like lightning." 20 MCKINSTRY, ELEANOR JEAN "Eleanor" Commercial F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4: NSCIPOHOLCIUS 4- "Honesty's the best policy." MAJERCIK, MARY ANN "Frosty" General G.A.A. l, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Tiger Gazette 2, Neapollotans 2, Ushers Club 2, F.H.A. 3, 4. "Enough work to do, and strength enough to do the work." MELLINGER, ORVETTA GRAYCE CBRUBAKERJ "Orvetta" General F.H.A. 1, 2, 4, G.A.A. 3, Nurses Club 'l, 2, Neapollotans 3, 4, Chorus 2, Ushers Club 2. "Marriages are made in Heaven." MILLER, JUDITH GERALDINE "Judy" Commercial Tri.Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Chorus 'l, G.A.A. 3, 4. "Man never quite forgets her very first love, unless she's true." MORGAN, FAY LaRUE "Fay" Commercial Tiger Gazette 1, Library Club 2, Science Club 2, F.H.A. 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4. "The very pink of courtesy." MORGAN, JAMES "Jim" General Science Club l, Projection Club l, 2, 3, 4. "A silent performance maketh return best." Better buy a Bit-O-Honey. We have only one nickel. C NELSON, MARY LOUISE "Mel" Academic Science Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y l, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans 2, Thespian Troupe 3, Pres- ident 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, Rifle Club l, District Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 4, Kiskitas 4, Teenettes 2, 3, 4, County Or- chestra 3, 4, County Bancl 3, 4, County Chorus 2, Mixed Quartet 4. "I am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men." OBRIOT, DONALD LEE "Oban General Proiection Club l, Football Team 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. "His cares are now all ended." PREVINI, RAYMOND "Ray" Commercial Proiection Club l, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Kiskitas 4. "And men sit clown to that nourishment which is called supper." RALSTON, ROBERTA ANN "Bert" Commercial Science Club 'l, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette l, Neapol- lotans 2, Chorus 2, Rifle Club 2, 3, Thespians Troupe 3, Treasurer 4. "Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage." REARIC, RONALD FLOYD "Pook" General Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4. "The world is his, if he goes after it." RICHARDS, HARRY LAWRENCE "Rich" Academic Band 1, 2, Chorus l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football Team 3, Rifle Club l, Basketball 1. "He that has patience may compass anything." Bats in the belfryl 22 "And if I am elected, l promise to . . .' RIDENOUR, LESTA ANN "Ann" General Tri-Hi-Y 'l, 2, G.A.A. 'l, 3, 4, F.l'l.A. 3, 4, Science Club 2, Ushers Club . "Life has value only when it has something valuable as its object." ROSENSTEEL, LOIS IRENE "Lois" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Vice.President 4, G.S.C. l, 2, G.A.A. 3, President 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, F.H.A. 3, 4, Science Club 2. "Blessed be letters-they are the only true-heart talkers." RUMBAUGH, RTCHARD LQMOYNE "Chip" Academic Hi-Y 2, 3, Chaplain 4. "The world is worthy of such men." SCHALL, WILLIAM HARVEY "Willie" Academic Football 2, 3, 4, Projection Club 'l, 2, Science Club 1, Rifle Club 2, Hi-Y 3, Student Council, President 4, Varsity Club 4. "Practical politics consists in ignoring facts." SCOTT, RICHARD LAVERN "Scotty" General Proiection Club l, 3, Hi-Y 2, Science Club 2, 4, Tiger Gazette 3, 4. "Why does one man's yawning make another yawn?" SCOTT, VIVIAN "Vi" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, .l.V. Cheerleaders 2, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, F.H.A. 4. "Though she be but little, she is fire." wi . ., fi Q , And we aren't descended from the apes? SHOTTS, DOROTHY LOUISE "Dot" Commercial Nurses Club I, Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3. "An angel out of Heaven." SLOAN, EDWARDS JACK "Ed" Commercial Student Council 3, Kiskitas 4, Quartet 3. "Whistle and she'll come to you." SMAI L, LARRY THOMAS "Larry" General Proiection Club I, 2, Rifle Club 2. "Wisdom of many and the wit of one." STANKUS, VIRGINIA MAE "Ginny" Academic Nurses Club I, F.H.A. I, 2, Science Club 2, Ushers Club 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Neapollotans 3, Thespian Troupe 4, Editor Kiskitas 4, Chorus 2. "A teacher affects eternity." STEFANICK, SANDRA JANICE "Jan" Commercial Neapollotans T, 2, Thespian Troupe 3, 4, Chorus T, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 2, Kiskitas 4, Teenettes 4, Senior Trio 4. "And Paris is a woman's town, with flowers in her hair." STITT, SUSANNA JANE "Sue" Commercial Student Council 'I, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 'I, 3, Vice-President 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, Historian 4, Tiger Gazette 'I, Chorus T, .I.V. Cheer- leader 2. "Virtue is the performance of pleasant actions." Tiger Gazette 2, 3, Class Vice-President I, 2, Science Club 'I, Rifle Club I, Chorus 'I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, Football 3, STONE, EVA MARIE "Eva" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 'I, Tiger Gazette 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Ushers Club 2. "Always true and faithful as can be." SUMMERHILL, PEARL MARIE "Pearl" Commercial Science Club 2, Chorus 2, Neapollotans 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 4, G.A.A. 3, Ushers Club 2, Nurses Club 2. "She can be silent as the trees." SWENSON, SHIRLEY ANN "Legs" Commercial Band Maiorette I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette I, 2, 3, 4, G.S.C. I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Chorus 2, Kiskitas 4. "I do not understand, I pause, I examine." TALMADGE, LEROY HENRY "Lee" General Rifle Club 2, Science Club 2, 4. "l've taken my fun where l've found it." TRUBY, BARBARA JEAN "Barb" Academic F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club I, 4, Ushers Club 2, Neapollotans 4. "l'lI speak in a monstrous little voice." A small point in a big world -fs !. f ,J .vw - ,.,,-fe A35 ,ill "Wishing will make it so. WALKER, DOROTHY JEAN "Dot" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer T, Tiger Gazette T, 2, G.S.C. 'l, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader Captain 2, Varsity 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Neapollotans 3, Library Club President 4, Kiskitas 4. "People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading." WALTENBAUGH, CAROL FAY "Ca,-QI" Commercial Science Club 2, F.H.A. 4. "Oh, bright as a berry." WILMOT NANCY MAY Feeby General C 'I 3 GAA 3 4 TriHiYl 2 3 4 TlgerGazete Malorette 4 Manner not gold is womans best friend CARNEY JAMES FLOYD -ltmmt' Commercial Another member of the Class of 56 is James Carney Due to cerebral palsy Jim has not been in our classes but thanks to special instruction he is being graduated wtth us We are proud of his continued efforts in the face of adversity. We're minding our own business, and all senior business is our business. vm 'rf .W ,,,f h 5, , .. gg.. u. f 7 L .gg .Q- x H M MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Virginia Stankus Roger Knepshield Popularity Poll MOST LIKEABLE MOST ATHLETIC Dolores Lamanna Linda Clever Gerald Allmire Ronald Fouse MOST BASHFUL WITTIEST Barbara Truby Mary Louise Nelson Richard Anthony Edward Bowers BEST LOOKING Josephine Manaia Gerald Altmire SHlP'S LOG We will recall the many extra-curricular activ- ities which afforded us relaxation and a chance to develop our social graces. Dances, sports, and club activities all played a vital role in our education for well-rounded living. Among these was the prom we held honoring the i955 graduates. lil Here we see Mr. Shaheen conducting a typi- cal problems of democracy class.Whenever possible, contact is made with real life situations, one of these being a field trip to the county court house and county home. Through increased knowledge we strive to become better citizens. Senior Class History ln the full of T952 ninety-six perplexed, but eager, freshmen entered Apollo High School. During our first year, we held a dance in October and a party on the last day of school. The next year we participated in more activities. Besides holding our annual dance, we raised our first substantial amount of money for the treasury by selling refreshments at the Halloween parade. The highlight of our sophomore year was making a choice of the preferred course to be taken through the remaining three years of high school. The herculean task of raising money to finance the Jr.-Senior Prom was the main interest in our junior year. Among our money-raising activities we sold Christmas and general greeting cards, stationery, and magazines. Our junior year was climaxed by the Prom, the theme of which was "Carousel," Finally, as great and mighty seniors, we headed the maiority of organizations, published this yearbook, and decided a multitude of small but important matters pertaining to our graduation and future plans. Let us hope that the work we have done has left its indelible mark in Apollo High School's history so that we may be long remembered. Alma Mater The lught of our learnang Is stull brightly burmng Our thoughts ever turmng To old Apollo Hugh Our mem nes never fade Of dear friends we have made In days far gone by The walls that have housed All hopes for the future The lnghts that have led us Through llfe s stumbllng way Nor wall we forget The challenge we have met We cherlsh her yet Hall Apollo Hugh' The plans that we have laid U www 4 96 9 Ss .Q PM ff 713' ff .i- iff'-L. -L... ,,, - ' Q ""?'r ev 'bf , At xxx N l lla i i 1 if ixxl dam X y 13"- U DERGRADU TE The crew members are as vital to the safe passage of the ship as is the captain. As underclassmen you must hold true to the course and adhere to your tasks if the voyage from grade school to graduation is to be successful. Commence- ment is your quest: diplomas await you in the treasure chest. Betts, Judith , ff' it 4 fa I Brown Budzllek Caroline Byers, Alvin Bier Darrell Black David Black Neva Edward 'E A1 ,VSA , Calderone, Louise Campbell, Curt Crissman, Thomas Davis, Carolyn Day, Ann Delledonne, Robert Dodson, Doris Dunmire, James Fairman, Donna Fouse, James Foy, Martha France, Cora Lee Froncek, Jessica Fuszek, Barbara Goedickie, Dorothy Gourley, Alexander Hall, Charles Hall, Janice Hackman, Mildred Heffernan, Kapatrick Henry, Carolyn Heyart, Judy Hoffman, William Hollis, Charles Ca sel la Kenneth Akins, Judith Armitage, David Arnoldy, Frank Baker, Thomas Baustert, John Baustert, Thomas Beatty, Bessie Ann Cole Gm-,e Hunter Van Conner, Ellen Costrml, Marilyn 'E Crawford, Wayne Kinii SUNY Zimmerman, Jonquil Roselle, David Junior 32 Horrell, Glenda Jackson, Lydia Johnston, Nancy Kennedy, Robert Kepple, Miriam Kerr, Larry Klingensmith, Adella Lukehart, Gary McCune, Carol Mcllwain, Donald Mains, William Maiersky, John 'm 4 1: vi , ,Q 'L no r . , . -7 W, 'I 4 Q,-. as " 7 ' ' R18 -,rig 3 .F 1 27 Mohney, Barry A , if u Morgan, Richard , , .L , ,N Newton, Darlene I Parks, Norma y iw, lflkfl V' Parsons, William F.-i I .45 mr If-V' I 1 gl ' PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER S.C. REPRESENTATIVE O W Ross, Jack I X K Rowe, Kay 'v' ,L ' wi 'VZ TS KN Reefer, Phyllis Rowe, Connie Petro, Marion Plazio, Beverly Pryor, Charlene Rearic, Joyce Rumbaugh, Robert Schrecongost, Sally Shaeffer, Nancy Shellhammer, Frances Shellhammer, Patricia Shirley, Raye 'T Silvis, Donna x Smail, Charles f Snyder, Judith C I a S S F Stewart, Pearl .-, - V' 3 Stokes, Martha A, Swartz, Charles - , Talmage, Joan ez, -Q Vallosio, James Verner, Roy Walker, Eleanor Walker, Larry Wright, Diane Bence, Robert Bernot, Patricia Bisaha, Adam Black, Margaret Bodenhorn, Rolland Bruno, Dora Budzilek, Bernice Cagno, Samuel Aiello, Thomas Aikins, Ronald Allshouse, Erma Andring, James Baker, Dwayne Barclay, Barbara Barto, Delores Beck, Donald Beighley, Jane Sophomore Floyd Lyle Campbell, Arthur Cravener, Donna Crawford, James Crofutt, Aneita Degenkolb, John Delledonne, Harry Dunmire, Wayne Ferrero, Steve Richards, Elizabeth Slaviero, Jack Dengler, Christy Getto, Leo Floyd, Sylvia Franks, Arthur Fulton, Charles Fulton, Ronald Guzolik, Gerald Hall, Delores Harley, Patricia Orlowski, Phyllis Hayes, Helen Held, Betty Held, Russell Henry, Nancy Henry, William Jackson, Doris Jones, David Kins, Carolyn Knepshield, Dennis Knepshielcl, June Knight, Jonafhan Krozel, Wilma Lockard, Ronald McCausland, Joyce McCune, Leo McDowell, James McLaughlin, Jack McLaughlin, James Maiercik, Eleanor Malec, Stanley Mellinger, Dora Miller, Ronald Muresheski, Sylvia Murphy, Philip Nelson, Beverly Nelson Robert C I a S S Nolte, David PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Pufzke, Mary Rearick, Donald Rearick, Wilma Reigh, Berfy Rodgers, David Rodgers, Melvin Rodnicki, Judith Rosensfeel, Nancy Ross, Philip s.c. REPRESENTATIVE Swv", Thomas Snyder, Charlotte Snyder, John Stear, Lawanna Tressler, Theodore Tura, Theodore Ulery, Joyce Varner, Mary Wafterson, Shirley Woods, Walier Zimmerman, Jack Scott, Frank Scoff, Kenneth Shaeffer, Donald Shriver, John Silvis, Margaret Slaverio, Leona Slicker, William 'Qi' N if Eckman Gary Eckman Lawana Espy Richard ,I .,,,,,A , N - sr , 1: . ,, Akms Carol Aikins William Ardunno Robert ual Arnoldy Jack Arnoldy Joyce Baldridge Mary Barr Vi ola toe Daniel Beard Donna Beatty Norma Bvsaha Thomas Boyer Leonard Brubaker Hallard Calderone Salvadore Carney June S Clark Donald Clawson Elizabeth Cloud Esther K Cornell Sandra Costrim John Cravener Carol Cyphert Kenneth Davis Irene Day Mary Lou Dillinger Patricia Fleming Sarah Frank Larry Fullerton Jerry Fuszek Kathleen Gallagher James Hallman Raymond Hankey Beniamin Herron Robert Hileman Donna Hileman Robert Gamble Joan Gear Elaine Glunt Robert Graham Sidney Hall Richard Hilty, Carl lililty, Vivian Hollis, Frank Kalok, Mary Kerr, Janet King, Jack Klingensmith, Nancy Knepshield, Judith Kosack, Thomas Kowalczylc, Barbara -3591 ilu: be gg gr., 8 'Fm .fx 43 ,af Y t 'Ev K in Gabriel Joan Hutchison Rebecca Brayshaw Christine DiNunzlo Sonny Marches: Judith Freshman Va" .' K I. 1 Y 4 Y -Q gf' .. ii X , Q ' ,, BQ 8'c e-ef PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER S.C. REPRESENTATIVE Class v Lackey, Alice Leach, John McCausland, Kenneth McLaren, Patricia McLaren, Richard McMilIen, Nancy Marangoni, Dolores Markle, James Marks, Joyce May, Mildred Miller, Patricia Mitchell, Joan Morgan, Kay Nickelson, Donald Orlowski, Sylvia 'Q . 'Y' T Y 32. vis ,'U"'?lf7f Patterson, Harry - Plazio, Daniel nz J I , ,'-- 3' I Poydence, Elizabeth . PrYor, Charles V , g It ' 1 I , 'F ' " Rainey, Donald 'X 4 M .4 f--xg 1 'Q Rearic, Judy I ,V H Q Richards, Wayne f 7 V' hp ""'i I Rosensteel, Donald "3" ' ' ,751 Rudari, Frank ' rl V - Ruffner, Mary - v J ' f ,, ' Cm MA AM 1 Wd: 1, Q I ., 5 Q 'fl 4 M1 Y 7 iw fi' wg, I ,A 0 " f, f , I Ii 4 ,'r" " 3 ,, A V I I 5' Ii: I 'U ,A I3 . A I . J ' 1 0 is h ar W I I .2 "' , , ,, , , r A I A is , ' I . IQ x x , J - ,'---'. fq". X 31 bf' ' ' . . . 1- . Yvf .4 I-eil .- IQ Nl. Ruffner, Walter Sabin, Janet Shaffer, Lynn Shank, Howey Shingledecker, Rodger Shirley, Lester Skrot, Mary Ann Slaverio, Rebecca Smith, Eugene Smith, Lindsey Spencer, Peggy Stiff, William Stokes, Nancy Stone, James Stroup, Marlane Townsend, Patricia Ulery, Sandra Umbaugh, Ted Verner, Larry Walker, Gary Walker, Kenneth Walker, Lyle Watterson, Linda Waugaman, Barbara Wilmot, Delores Wilmot, Patricia Wilmot, Pauline Williamson, Gloria Zimmerman, Gloria Aiello, Rodney Akins, Patty Altmire, William Anthony, Stanley 0 Arduino, Linda Boker, Patty Borchfeld Peggy Baustert Kathleen Beck Nancy Bence Ronald Bennmger Sarah Bernot Donald Betts Carolyn Blackburn Melvnn Blystone Wayne Br own Nancy Burkett Robert Bu sh Edward Co l len Ada Crovener Karen Crawford Jack Crawford Robert Crass ma n Ja mes Crow Gary Dovls Beverly Davls, Lando De Mena Marlene Dubus Potty Egley Robert Farlneou Doane Ferguson Margaret Fetterman Clarossa Fller Gulbert Fllckmger Owen Frlck Donna Fulton Howard Fulton Wllllam Geer Clarence Hartman Carolyn Heckman Rlchord Heckman Robert Hesketh Carolyn Hllty Dowd Hughes Joan Kolok Florence I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Eckmon, Da vid I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . . I I I Grade McLaren Shlrley Mains Bob Markle John Mvkula Betty Muller Bob King, Gwendolyn Kins, Donald Kirkman, Carol Klingensrnith, Norma Klingensmith, Richard Klonowski, Victoria Kough, Lois Kridler, Larry Lafferty, Wayne Long Bob McCauley John McCullough Mary McDowell Lucille Mcllwam Nancy Kennedy, Jean Kennedy, Kathy Kepple, Carolyn Kerr, Bob Kerr, Judith Moore Margaret Morgan Barbara Morgan Dianne 39 Mosbaugher Sandra Moyer Terry Newton Mabel Painter, Gaul Parks Jean Parks Patrlcla Peterson Llnda Pugluese Ronald Rainey Edward Rearlc Jame Relchenbaugh Barbara Re ugh Darlene Relgh Mlrl am Reynolds Barbara Rnggle Juduth Rlggle Mary Roberts, Harold Rosenberger, Helen Skrot, Edward Sloan, Dennis Sproull, Janice Spee Stevens, Donald Stewart, Theodore Tarosky, Robert Thompson, Donal d Swerllng, Thomas Rush, Lester Sefts, Anna Louise Shaeffer, Judith Shellhammer, Joyce Shellhammer, Muriel Shirey, La Rue Shoop, Dorothy Simmers, Mary r, Patricia Wa ltenbaugh, Robert Weaver, Allen Westergom, Joanna Wilson, Eleanora Wolfe, Sandra Zanos, Helen Zanos, John Zanotti, Brenda Zawacki, Henrietta Rumbaugh, Bonnie Scholl, William Schrecengost, Bernard Seevers, Richard 8 Smeltzer, James Smail, William Smith, Carol Smith, Preston Smith, Terry Spahr, Thomas Thompson, Joseph Townsend, Earl Troup, Karen Varner, June Verner, Daniel Walker James 1. ? Alcorn, Katherine Q Allen, Sandra b ' Allshouse, James ? 'V 5 Ameno, Elaine L, f' th Andring, Judith V at ' J' Bair, Clinton ,a Q Barr, Connie 7 V Baughman, Faith lx Beatty, Nancy '49 FQ' limi. Brown' Lloyd yi tg Bee, Jerolme , J? ,,, y Burkett Norman vi 2 'A Bee' Wlllmm Q t ff: ' ' ' I Black, James 1 -Im ,....,. f he .Af 3 BYCYSI Carroll 'Qi' ' Bliss, Bonnie +V Cadamore, William Bliss' Edwin L .sfQ?f,, ififzsz Carney, Robert -Q? 9 U Bowers, Mary Chambers, Jean - , 5 g f cifk , R 'e Daugherty, Lee ':""'Vt'7 ,I Q Cole?rB,,uZ2I 4 I , .-. . 2 ' H ' Daugherty, Leslie , , if V fag Davis, Marsha v: Costrini, Patricia F V " Coy, Judith f .ll 1 3 f J "L li, P, I, ' 3 'G A I f 1 , wlt,4ALa,W, ' ly Dengler, Ronald 1 - ar 1 A Dilick' Rudolph ' 3 ,N Crawford, Carolyn ' , I Dllwk' Steven Crissman, George ' " "L V-. I . .. L . ' - I Dunmire, Lanny 4 y I Durandetto, John ' ' " Ferrerd, Dominic , , V Floyd, Linda V 1 ll .- . . B , , Qs, 'Q ' J lgzv f, I ' Fouse, Martha ' ,Q - A' -' Frampton, Karen ' -F L. f fe . V French Eleanor li' ' V .- T: " - 9541. ' -, "diy xg" Fulton, Patricia wg , - L? . ' J .V ' V J", Geer, Leland ,gg J vrrr A If . ,.,, L L. 4 2 J . Q Q 1 , 'S'-1 , .-L :vii i' .- 4 - 3 J, 1 1 X 4 T , 1 1 . ,,, .jx 4 .,' .P J tif' X PI Getto, Charles Goedickie, Howard Guthrie, Dwight Hall, Barry Hall, Larry Hallman, Kathlene Harley, Eva Harley, Thomas Harmon, Beverly Hemphill, Marlis Herron, Randolph Hill, William Hilty, Daniel Hilty, Leland Hoak, Helen Hollis, Richard Hopkins, Betty Jack, Meade Jackson, John Jackson, Karen Kerr, Ella Kerr, Karen Kins, Veronica Klingensmith, William Knepshield, Carol Kridler, Joyce Kubal, Sandra Lackey, Joyce Leech, Sharon Long, Melvin Lyons, Diane Mdiersky, Joseph Malec, Victoria Marchesi, John Minteer, Dean Mitchell, James Mitchell, Marlene Moore, Russell Muresheski, Sally Nelson, Terrie Ortz, John Passarelli, Mary Plazio, Nancy Pozzani, Gerard Putzke, Frank Rearic, Phyllis Reese, Aretta Remaley, Frank Richards, Ronald Robertson, William Rodebach, Larry Rosensteel, Carl Rupert, Thomas Seventh 42 Wu? A, 4, N. Q' :L 'Y hz 'K .jllqu l I K ' ay F" if is ' fm . ,Vx Grade 43 ug . jan I Sawyer, Robert Schall, Betty Schrecongost, Michael Scott, Gloria Shirley, Barbara Shockey, John Shoemaker, Marian Shoop, Mildred Shotts, William Shriver, James Shupe, Karen Simmers, Harvey Slicker, Larry Smail, Russell Smeltzer, Shirley Smith, Cheryl Snyder, Allen Snyder, Raymond Spelman, Edward Sproull, Stanley Stankus, John Stein, Stanley Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Donald Stewart, Kathy Stiff, Judith Stokes, Mary Stone, Michael Stringer, Joan Talmadge, Douglas Townsend, Geraldine Townsend, Richard Truby, Sandra Turner, Miles Umbaugh, Clyde Varner, Dale Varner, Lois Varner, Shirley Visley, Betty Waldenville, Edwin Walker, Sandra Watson, Malcolm Watterson, Robert Whitlinger, Robert Wick, William Williams, Carole Williamson, Gloria Williamson, Richard Williamson, Terry Wilmot, Verna Young, Sandra Zimmerman, Joeyln Zimmerman, Lorene ii . 'M "',, 7? 0, , 5 gy, y J x 7'iVT' ' ." .- If . 1' , 'rw F . Vi . , 1.50, 'x X. '55 t 1, " . , 4 -9 ,, , . . ' -. , -1-vi" ' t J X W . 3 is it i J 2 9 4 4 I ,J ' 1 ' , S it M . " Y' ST yu Va ' If ' 'gif' .af A "' 5 . ,, 3 Q. xx . ,V J 7 Q' H ' it ' ' G wb A Q r t f. Q l ' All . ' Us ,. '. '1"' fa V 3 I I 13 - , v X, 2, . Q I 'kg .-f' "wr, -QV Qxfwfi 19, 1 , 1 Class Hustorues .N 674-51- Freshman On enterung the senuor hugh school un September 1955 there was cu stur of excutement and anxuety from our freshman class Algebra a bug mysteruous sublect was the maun topuc for many months We shall always remember the contunuous remunders from Mr Dellaquula to prepare and study our general scuence At a meetung held early un the year class offucers were year was settled Our first hugh school party at whuch we danced played games and enuoyed the cake walk gave us cause to remunusce All In all our freshman year held a great deal of excutement and we are lookung forward to succeedung years un hugh school Sophomore Oh! the fond memorues of our freshman year The excutung newness of our first day un hugh school when we were a luttle dubuous concernung whuch room was whuch the new fruendshups and sublects all contrubuted to an unforgettable year un our school lufe Returnung thus fall as sophomores wuth more confidence and assurance we devused a program full of actuvuty un order to compensate for the precedung years Through numerous bake sales candy sales and partues we accomplushed our goa something new un our school sellung uce cream at the cafeterua us creduted to our class and was possubly our most successful prolect The problem of rausung money was a constant battle and there was keen competutuon between the three homerooms Whettung our enthusuasm was the antucupated party sponsored by the losers at theur expense to honor the room contrubutung most to the class treasury Endung our sophomore year and lookung ahead to our lunuor year, we can say that thus has truly been an actuve year v Junuor Enterung Apollo Hugh whuch at the tume seemed an enormous and forbuddung structure proved to be a thrullung event un our young luves But soon we settled unto the routune of hugh school actuvuty and felt very much at home Havung elected an advusor and offucers we began to attend class meetungs and acquaunt ourselves wuth the task ahead Our sophomore year resulted un many fruutful actuvutues These Included bake sales and the Aprul Showers Dance Wuth an eye on a future vocatuon we had selected our course of study and worked onward Beung lunuors now we receuved the long awauted class rungs Such actuvutues as candy sales bake sales sellung of nylon hose mens socks magazunes greetung cards and parung knuves were undertaken to help rause funds to finance the prom Funally wuth the school year drawung to a close we relaxed and attended the prom the theme of whuch was Oruental Gardens chapter un our hustory at Apollo Hugh ix Ze CCL 4 . . . . . elected, and the quesnon of dues, whilh were to be 50C Q And next year we will be seniors. We anticipate the final ' 1 ' ' . .. . Q M I . I 1 I v YN .. fo, . . H ' Q 'I . . . 1 is SQ -53111 Rst if-we w5 ss. S - Xt! l f 'im--x I E -'h' 9 + i ORGANIZATICDNS Through dlversnfied and worthy club orgamzatnons we have amassed a treasure house of unfathomable posslbtlltles Many hours are spent ln mapping out the actlvntues of these groups and seemg them through to completion The preclous doubloons we have found In so doing can never be burned nor forgotten 1 Y , K , oo , x Q G Q ef z ' x Q ORGANIZED DISORGANIZATION FRONT ROW L Clever R McCausIand J Betts M Klmgensmlth E Bowers D Walker SECOND ROW Mrs Meckley S Stefamck M L. Nelson A Cadamore I.. Campbell D Lamanna Mrs Smith THIRD ROW S Swenson R Prevxnl R Knepshleld E Sloan .I Felgar V Stankus To bleed or not to bleed' This is a decision of utmost importance in planning a yearbook Klskltas You have before you the final result of the endless labor effected by the editors staff Gnd advisors of the KISKITAS This group con slsts of persons showing talent stamina ambltlon and a desire to devote many hours to their task Very early in the year the Stal? met with Mrs Smith who was In charge of the committee for raising funds and discussed ways of financing the yearbook Successful means were selling refreshments at football games peanuts flower bulbs and candy Money was also raised by a committee soliciting for advertisements during the summer Under Mrs Meckleys direction another crew went about planning and producing the actual book The aim of the staff has been to publish a yearbook which will be pleasing and a treasure to the students In future years FEATURE EDITOR Marian Klmgensmlth BUSINESS MANAGER Linda Campbell ADVISOR Mrs Meckley BUSINESS ADVISOR Mrs Smith EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.. ,. . I ,.... ..,,,.. , .. .....r..,., Virginia Stankus KEEPERS OF THE SHIP'S LOG FRONT ROW .I Zlmmerman, C Dengler, E Rlchards C Davts, E McCann, L Stear D Shotts, D Bruno,Z Jack, Nlrs Boyd SECOND ROW .I Snyder, J Zrmmerman, D Melltnger J Akms, L Clever, J Hall P Reefer, B Budzllek S Schrecongost, C Budztlek D Wright THIRD ROW D Fatrman, E Bowers S Stefanlck B Llndfors, D Dodson, H Delledonne C Henry R McCausIand, M L Nelson J Betts, D Stlvns P Bernot FOURTH ROW R Scott E Walker, M Ferrero E Campbell R Prevunn R Knepshleld R NeIson,S Swenson J Fryer, L Calderone H Hayes 'UH ' TIGER GAZETTE Apolto Pa October 6 1955 Number 1 Tlger Talls Rovmg Reporter Catmp , and Peekmg Around are a few of the wmsome columns whlch appear an each Issue of the TIGER GAZETTE our school newspaper Other stumulatlng columns are the edltorlals Teacher of the Month , and club articles To compile a paper whlch wall acquaint the student with the current events concernmg has school and hrs classmates IS the oblectlve of thus club Cooperatmg to achieve this purpose are the forty flve members and their sponsor, Mrs Boyd Besides publishing flfteen Issues of the paper thas year the staff held a Chrlstmas party for the benefit of underprlvlleged children In the Apollo area Toys and time for thus event were donated by the mem ers Tlger Gazette Staff Editor ln Chief Roger hnepshleld Asslstant Editor Judlth I-ner Business Manager Shlrley bvsenson Junlor Editor Carollne Budzllek lil-We News ludltor Mary Ferreru Judy Betts Dorls Dodson Donna I-alrman Judy I- er Janlce Hall Eva McLain Dora Mel llnger hyllls Reefer Sall Schrecongost Doro thy Shotts Judy Snyder lane Vkrlght FEATLBI-.5 Feature Editor Carolyn Henry Eddie Bowers Dora Bruno Bernlce Budzllek Christy Dengler Helen Hayes Zelda Jack Marx Loulse Nelson Elizabeth Richards Donna 511 tts Lawanna Stear SPORTS S ortu Editor Blchnrd scott Harry elladonne obert Nelson Jr Rat mond Prevlnl Jack Zimmerman CIBCLLATIOIN to Managers Lind: Hone and Eleanor lumpbell Judy Aklns Patrlcla Bernal Llnda Llexer Carol n Davis Barbara Llndfors bhlrlet Suen son leanor Vlalker Jonqull Zimmerman EXCHANGE AWD TXPING T ping Editor Roberta McCausland xchsnge Editor Caroline Budzllek Judy Betts Loulse Calderone Mary 1-errero Judy Fryer Linda Hone Dorothy Shotts Z. . . , . . . , . . . . : . . ' . ' , . ' . . , . . ' , . Q I , - . : . . , . , . . . , . , . . . , 1 - ., - : . , . . , . , . ", . , . . , . . , . , . 1 I u- -11 ll ' 11 11 -11 Il - 11 , , , - ' .......,.. Q , I . .1 ,. - - ll ll - ' ' , ' Q ' ' ' . . . 3" ' ' ' , , ,E . - n n - u 1 1 ' " I . - I ' -B it v -- , . 2- , ' ' b v v Q I . ri' ' ' - OUR ANCHOR :zz w Q K I T' .ff i Q7 41.-. ? ' 3 2 1 3, 4 . X 1 N.- :vim LJ' 'WI ve vi ' q-Q FRONT ROW: J. Slaviero, J. Talmage, J. Marchesi, J. Mccausland, E. Clawson, P. Orlowslci SECOND ROW: S. Orlowski, C. Henry, Mr. Kerr, L. Shaetfer, J. Manaia, THIRD ROW: D. Armitage, E. Campbell, W. Scholl, D. Roselle, R. Fulton, R. Gradwell The student council asserts its authority by controlling hall traffic. tudent Council As a representative governing body in our school, the student council is comprised of members elected from each class and each homeroom. Their purpose is the establishment of good relations between the student and his school. One of the main events ot the year was an open meeting in assembly dealing with teenagers and safe driving. This was an outgrowth of a similar meeting in Indiana attended by members of our student council. The audience, comprised of the student body, was asked its opinion on the subject, with many students responding. The traffic signs in evidence in our halls and stairways are a result of the council's effort to minimize congestion during class changes. Money raising activities consisted of a bake sale, the sale of candied apples after assemblies, and also the selling of home tire extinguishers. PRESIDENT . .William Schall VICE PRESIDENT . ...David Roselle SECRETARY-TREASURER Josephine Manaia ADVISOR . . .... , .. Mr. Kerr O. S. - SAFETY OF STUDENTS FRONT ROW: V. Gabriel, M. Turner, L. Rodabach, B. Wich, M. Shoemaker, V. Malec,-R. Burkett, L. Slicker, J. Rearic, M. Schrecongost SECOND ROW: S. Kubal, D. Verner, G. Painter, P. Smith, R. Waltenbaugh, K. Shupe, R. Egley, G. Crow, Mr. Fulton THIRD ROW: B. Schrecengost, S. Varner, S. Mosbaugher, D. Bernat, D. Morgan, M. McCullough, B. Scholl FOURTH ROW: S. Allen, P. Dubas, K. Alcorn, D. Guthrie, B. Reynolds, N. Mcllwain, J. Riggle, C. Fetterman Safety Patrol Stopl Lookl Listen! These are the crys of our safety patrol. This organization consists of boys and girls in the iunior-high school. Mr. Fulton, their sponsor, gives the members many tips on the purposes and duties of the safety patrol. A belt and badge are worn denoting those members on duty. The oath taken by members states that, while on duty, they will do their very best to be alert, dependable, and co-operative with the students of Apollo High School in regard to their safety. To guide the students on arriving and departing from school is their purpose. CAPTAIN ....,... .,.,.... P reston Smith CAPTAIN .......,.... ......,, J udy Shaelter LIEUTENANT ,........ ..,....,. D ianne Morgan LIEUTENANT ......... ., ...,, Barbara Reynolds LIEUTENANT ......... ..,....,,.... R obert Egley LIEUTENANT ........,. .....,.. J udy Riggle ADVISOR ,.........,, ,..,... M r. Fulton The safety patrol in action! Maintaining order when the students cross the street is their chief function. LL CONTRIBUTING TO THE WELFARE OF THE COMMUNITY FRONT ROW J Zummerman R Bence D Mcllwaun R Delledonne J Dubas R Rumbaugh J Slavuero SECOND ROW H Hulty D Black W Durandetto R Rumbaugh W Daugherty R Aukuns C Carrpbell Mr McBride THIRD ROW E Degenkolb D Rodgers C Davus L Ruchords R Hayes J Dunmure J Held Hu Y Hu YandTru Hu Ys As organuzatuons to promote good wull the Tru HuY and Hu Y clubs devoted much ot theur tume and effort to helpung others Theur maun purpose us To create mauntaun and extend throughout the school and communuty hugh standards of Chrustuar character Theur affuluatuons are wuth the regular YM C A A rally at Tarentum at whuch the students were entertauned by a speaker and later at a dance was attended by members of the Hu Y and varuous Tru Hu Y groups The Tru Hu Y us composed of freshmen sophomore uunuor and senuor gurls each class havung uts own separate organuzatuon These ambutuous gurls uncluded many actuvutues un theur schedule Needy famulues were presented Thanksguvung baskets and gufts from the Chrustmas mutten tree Other protects uncluded bake sales the rally at Tarentum and the makung of scrapbooks for orphanages The Hu Y boys also completed many worthwhule protects Another event attended was the model leguslature at Harrusburg un March two repre sentatuves from our local branch partucupatung Theur Sweetheart of the Hu Y contest helped rouse funds for the treasury whule creatung wude unterest among the students Congratulatuons to the Sweetheart of the Hu Y Presudent Ruchord Hayes presents the medal to wunner Jonquul Zummerman : . ' , . , . ', . , . , . , - Z . , . , . , . , . , . , - 1 ' : . , . , . , . , . , . , - o nr 0 0 o , - 1 1 . an - u - - . - - . . . . G I ' I . . . I . ,, . . 1 1 . . . . ,, . .. . ,, I , 1 1 ' . . . ' ' 1 1 1 6 , . .. . . . .4 A'-JL - 1 1 I . . .. . . ,, . .- ,, . . . . . ll A li 25 if f'7 .., sl 1 lll -3 , I Q fx , h , L vo - ,' - VV 8 , I ,e.u....a.a5,,..4g,., I i K' .W - f QT X n X , a 0 P M Q , j 0 3: ,, ,.,. ,Z WM, M . c ' - u., . s 4 W, 8 . A f ' ' . ' ' ' C 4 3 , iv Q y Arxi W ' V A , .Y . n 5 ' Y 1 ff iii 'W ' P A ' ' F . - . ,, , ,1lJf'1gLfEf'l A rj Q l . - ,, C 1 M - ., v - - N Q V , .ug , ' 1 H V E ' ,sl 4 A MQ ' 4, ' ' . 5 - , : ' V 1 ff ' , 7 v, , I as , v , I . N M. V ,M A X I 3 I , Q 5 . 4 . My ' X :Z , 5 . 1 .D if N ' J h ' R . F . Q 1 - -' - ' of , ' ' J A g Q t , . . I 5 ,, wx ,,, X ,- A, xi 4 A lv . - N J . ggi'Si,p . N . . 5 . Q FRONT ROW N Kunkle J Muller S Hall S S1111 M A McCauley Mrs Kaufman S SECOND Row D Walker 1. Rosensfeel M Ferrero R Ralston J Mmm THIRD ROW L Campbell S Swenson J Felgar E Fryar J Fryer E McKmsfry FRONT ROW C Pryor F Shellhommer J Talmage N Shoeffer C Dovls Mrs Kaufman Ll S SECOND ROW J Froncek D Wright S Schrecongosf S Kung J Snyder THIRD ROW C McCune N Black D Folrman J Aklns B Fuszek P Reefer FOURTH ROW C Rowe D Dodson K Rowe P Shellhammer C Henry C France D SIlVIS if RJ : gd f 5-'P TrJs Tr Fs xr FRONT ROW Z Jack C Dengler S Wafterson D Bruno S Floyd Mess Cooper SECOND ROW L Slavlero L Sfear D Jackson A Crofuft E Rrchards FOURTH ROW P Sllvls J Belghley B Snyder J Ulery H Hayes D Cravener B Barclay FRONT ROW V Hxlty D Wilmot P Wnlmoi J Arnolcly M Ruffner L Wafterson Mlss Cooper SECOND ROW L Smlfln R Hutchison M Day M May S Fleming J Gabriel R Dllllng THIRD ROW E Clawson R Slavnero J Marks P Townsend N McMullen F' Wilmot FOURTH ROW D Beard M Baldradge C Brayshaw l Davis M Kalok S Graham M Stroup i H C J, T 2 1 H C l gf L2 T Q T w. 7 -' "4 . 4' 'NT 1, ' , T I '- l' l Q5 ,' 6 'l " 3 ., C7 ,. K, 4 . 0 I ' CA 2 3 - T 6 p 1 A S 1 KF K . 2 V7 C . so V' " I . 4 ,T l i , : . ,- . , . , . , . I , ' THIRD ROW: J. McCausland, W. Rearic, M. Black, B. Budzilek, J. Rodnicki, B. Nelson i , 1 . ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , . ' ' er h 4 L': , C -vs .. gf , I L .I . I 0 V rs - .. f E ' lg 1 Q T 1 ' " 2, T n: N T .T " 5 v 5 ,, , " W " -N ' X cf I " L K f I , v . I X . 'T ' , ,J fy 'A-VH IQ l . I TAFFO OFFICERS PRESIDENT .......... .,,,... ...,. .,.,.. . , . .... ...... L i nda Campbell VICE PRESIDENT ,..,. . .,.,..... ...Sue Stitt SECRETARY... ...,..,.., ...,,.. . .Erma Fryar TREASURER.. .,.. .... ..,,, .I o Ann Felgar ADVISOR.. ... .. ,,,... .. . . . .. Mrs. Kaufman' TRI-UNE OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,......,.. . . VICE PRESIDENT. .. .. SECRETARY .......,..... TREASURER ....,.,... CHAPLAIN ....,... ADVISOR........ TRI-.I OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,.... ..,... . .. . .... ..,. . Sally Schrecongost ......Carolyn Henry .......Carol McCune . .. .... Neva Black ., . Barbara Fuszek ,, .... Mrs. Kaufman . Bonnie Snyder ili'Q'l'Ii.'1'fIli3Z'i2f'fnolv,ffii.lii'Q'Zi ?n'esnlIZQ'lif.i,'lf.-i'flfei'lfms"v's VICE PRESHPENT- -A -He'e'l HOYSS SECRETARY .. .... Sylvia Muresheski TREASURER ...... ...... . .Margaret Silvis CHAPLAIN.. ..... , .... .Wilma Rearic ADVISOR ..... . . .... ..... . Miss Cooper HI-Y OFFICERS FICERS PRESIDENT .,.,.... .......,................... ................. R I Cl'1GI'CI HCIYSS PRESIDENT V,,, H ,,,.,V , , Q, ,Joanne Gabriel VICE PRESIDENT.. .... .... .... W I Iliam DUI'Grld6IIO VICE PRESIDENT , A U , I Rebecca Hutchison SECRETARY """""'A' R- --1-- Robefl RURIIJCIUQII SECRETARY ...... . . ..... . Peggy Spencer TREASURER ...... ........ R obert Delledonne TREASURER ....... .,... ..... I r ene Davis CHAPLAIN '--'4-r- .,-4,iQ R ichvrd Rvmbough CHAPLAIN... .. ....... Sally Fleming ADVISOR ..,....... ......... M r. McBride ADVISOR ....., . .... ....,......... ...................,, . ,Miss Cooper THE "GYMS" IN OUR TREASURE CHEST G. A. A. and G. S. C. The Girls' Athletic Association and the Girls' Sports Club are organ- izations tor students interested in participating in more athletics than those offered in gym classes. Their goal is the gaining of pleasure and skill in such sports. This year their activities included selling candy at home basketball games, softball, invitation volleyball and basketball teams, and the annual exhibition. Feats of tumbling, tap dancing, exercises, marching and modern dance were presented in this exhibition. Later in the year awards were given to girls who had earned the required number of points through attendance and participation in special activities. Among the awards given were wings, "A's", and medals. G.A.A. OFFICERS The girls in G. A. A. participate in activities which help to cultivate sportsmanship through team play. PRESIDENT... ....,, . .,............................ ..,. B onnle Snyder G.S.C. OFFICERS VICE PRESIDENT.. ..... ........ C hristine Brayshaw PRESIDENT ....... .......,...,.. . .. .........,................. Lois Rosensteel SECRETARY it--e4ie-.----. ..------.-----i H elen Hayes VICE PRESIDENT ......,........ . .......... Eleanor Campbell TREASURER '----ll-l-l- -I - -ee- Christy Dengler SECRETARY-TREASURER... .. ......... Linda Campbell POINT RECORDER. -,.- .... . Eleanor Maiercik POINT RECORDER . .. .. . ,. Sally Schrecongost ADVISOR ............ .... .... ,... ......... ..... ...... .,.. ...... M r s . B I e v ins ADVISOR, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,. . . , A .... . ......... . Mlss Johnson THE JOLLY ROGERS FRONT ROW Mr Fuszek R Morgan J Malersky R Anthony G Cole R Burns J Vallosto R Gradwell J Altmnre R Rearlc Mr McBrnde SECOND ROW Mr Afanesko R Prevnm R Reed J Ross D Obnot W Woods C Hall J Fouse B Mohney M- Shaheen THIRD ROW A Gourley A Byers J McLaughlin E Kms R Fouse P Murphy T Baustert W Schull J Shrlver I wlsh I had been on the team when that trophy was won Varsity Club School improvement bemg the mam purpose of the Varslty Club thus orgamzatlon glves to our school each year some commendable glft In the name of the club All members must first of all be athletic lettermen or assoclated wnth the coachmg staff Unavaldable mmatlon stunts for prospectuve mem bers htghlnght the varuous eplsodes throughout the year Award day ns anxnously awalted by each member Outstanding In the mmd of each IS the coveted sports award be tt a letter or theur sweater presented them by their coach PRESIDENT Ronald Fouse SECRETARY TREASURER SERGEANT AT ARMS ADVISOR Donald Obrlat Edward Kms Mr Fuszek VICE PRESIDENT .... ...... . I ..,. .. .,..........,.... .,..,............,.. G erald Altmire CONSTANTLY lN SEARCH OF NEW FACTS FRONT ROW S Ferrero J Slcvuero W Henry J Rodnncku W Rearlc L Stear T Sawy SECOND ROW F Scott R Bence T Tura B Relgh S Cagna M Putzke Mass Koscur THIRD ROW D Scott J Dubos R Nelson D Knepshleld D Nolte H Hllty D Jones FOURTH ROV D Rodgers K Taylor J McDowell L Talmage J Held W Slrcker Science Club Dwell ICUTIHQ rana ptpnens fcuttnng up frogs IS the current protect ofthe sc nce club Comprlsed of a group of boys and gurls Interested In sclence and le members nature thus club was organlzed early In the year under the direction of Mass Koscur Theur purpose ln general IS to promote a better knowledge and understandlng of science and the great part which sclence plays sn our everyday lives Some of the worthwhlle actlvmes conducted durmg club meetings were lectures on electrncnty and motion pictures dealmg wlth science Some of the movues seen were, "Pheasants Galore", "Cool Hot Rod", whsch dealt with the bulldnng of drag strlps and legal hot roddnng, "Wheels Across Indra", and "Fme Cameras and How They Are Made" Dem onstratlons dealmg wlth the operation and mechamsm of a steam engme were gnven by members Other prolects planned were a field trap to Puttsburgh and the balancmg of aquarnums PRESIDENT Robert Nelson SECRETARY TREASURER Lawannc Stear ADVISOR Mass Koscur 57 , -. 5 3 . r r if 1+ ffl.. ,t, A K I ' .- 'T fi 5 f 1 T of ' T if J , at ' , ' A ' si. . K -F 3, 1 NX E 1, , , f 1 ' ? a , 2 Z 1 , T "et Y L . 1 -X -.Q ,Q 1 1 L - - c i .TA l w A 4 5 fi l 'V ' . f ,A ,L I . V -M :A , h. V L3 4 , J I Q , r W W f Q5 ' Q .- W2 '1- ", 53: "' 9' 'I al N ii . .. - . - " . "fa , e 1 ... 'V l " , -" ' A . t S 'V U s X Y A .f it s 1 7- 5, 5 5 L 4 . it 4 4 v" AH ' xl tt r J ff . , . . -. ,1-11, 'T , - 5 J - l , ' . . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . er : . , . , . , . ' , . , . , 1 . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . I . ' . . , . , . , . , . , . O , ,- ' I I TREASURES COME INTO FOCUS FRONT ROW J Morgan R Delledonne L Floyd G Lukehart G Eckman K Cyphert SECOND ROW J Crawford R Alkms Mr Armstrong J Baustert R Espy THIRD ROW A Byers J Dunmlre W Parsons W Hoffman D Black E Brown Preparing hlm to be returned to the company IS only one ofthe many duties of prolectlon club members Prolectlon Club A welcome change from the general run of classroom discussion us the vlewlng of a movae related to that sublect The lndlvlduals responsible for the showing of these movies slides and tllm strips are members of the Prolectlon Club They are tramed In the correct procedure wlth regard to the threading of the prolectors adlustment of the picture and the proper handling of film When a member IS assigned to show a film he uses his own free time during study hall to prepare the necessary equipment Any boy Interested In thus field and In grades 'IO I'I or T2 may become a member of thus orgamzatlon PRESIDENT Raye Alkens SECRETARY Wllllam Hoffman ADVISOR Mr Armstrong p . . . . . VICE PRESIDENT I I , , , , ..,,..... ,..,..., ,.,.......,...,........, J a mes Morgan 59 BOOKS ARE KEYS TO WISDOM'S TREASURES." FRONT ROW L Smlth J Gabrlel F Shellhammer B A Beatty D Jackson M L Day P Dulllnger SECOND ROW B Nelson D Walker A Day N Black S Hartman J Talmage Mrs Meckley THIRD ROW M Black C Rowe l Davis M Petro P Shellhammer J Beughley J Manolo Library Club Devotmg practlcally all of their study halls to worklng In the library these gurls serve the school and their fellow students unselflshly Among thelr many routine duties are checking and shelving books slgnmg permuts wrntmg notuces preparmg new books for the shelves and mending worn ones The gauly decorated bulletm boards nn the llbrary are the pride of the club members who have produced them But all IS not work The gurls treated themselves to a wemer roast and later o Christmas decorating party In the library Always a hugh pount In their actlvltles IS their annual Held trlp to Cornegle Library PRESIDENT Dorothy Walker VICE PRESIDENT Ann Day SECRETARY TREASURER Patrlcla Shellhammer ADVISOR Mrs Meckley Bessxe Ann Beatty and Patrncna Shellhammer put the flnlshlng touches on an attractive bulletin board display lvfwg' Aw : . , . ' , . , . . , . , - - , - : . , . , . , . , . , . , . .: . , . , . , . , . , . , . O I ,iggyy . . . . . x!'ieY"'K , , . ff, I I 1 J 'I , , . . . . . , THE GALLEY MATES FRONT ROW V Scott P Dnllmger N Kunkle L Eckman L Rldenour M Heckman A Crofutt M Day M A McCauley K Conner SECOND ROW J Talmage P Stewart M Magerclk S Stltt B Barclay M Black, L Jackson J Froncek D Mellunger J Mnler THIRD ROW E Malerclk O Melllnger L Rosensteel J Betts M.Varner B Truby J Beughley A Day C Rowe Mrs Rhaeso FOURTH ROW E McKlnstry F Morgan E Walker P Shellhammer E Fryar J Ulery C Kms K Rowe S Cook C Waltenbaugh Future Homemakers of America Numbers ofthe F H A and their sponsor admlre gauly wrapped Valentme gifts for thear secret sisters Every Thursday ln the home economics room you wlll find a group of mdustrlous gurls preparing themselves for a future ln the kttchen and home They are members of the Future Homemakers of Amernca Durmg the Chnstmas season they made and sold novelty earrungs and puns Several times throughout the year the gurls collected and packed clothing and food for overseas boxes Field trlps to Pittsburgh to vlslt department stores and packing houses were on the schedule ot actlv mes along wnth demonstrations by gas and electnc company repre sentatnves In keepmg wnth one of thexr goals each of the gurls wrote to a pen pal In a foreign country PRESIDENT Kaye Rowe VICE PRESIDENT .Iudlth Muller SECRETARY Patrlcla Shellhammer TREASURER Ann Day HISTORIAN Sue Stutt ADVISOR Mrs Rhaeso :.,.",. ,. ,.' ,. ,. ,.,.. , . :. ,. ,.",.',. ,. . ,. ,. , .I :. ,. ,. ,. , ,. ,. ,.,. ,. :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,.,. ,. , . 0 ... 'll ' fl I . . I - . .. . . ,, I ll- ' . .. .. x 0' A, 4 ,. Q Qffvfv lf F9 ftgimlgfzimlfgfeatttf 'mi' iii 5 ' it .14 -rm N 'wists ., -at W , -I , 'X fig' tm ' V 2 l1?'l'e" A W' M 'Wh ' J 5 ,:Ag::sm-.... 6,5 , 'f W . 1. K , ' 4 'lf , , , m ,K E 'I :lf 44 1' 4. 0 -ff . v , 'fa ' Q ' ' is A ,F?"' '7',lW,Q,if"':f's ,, M: "7 Ql'77,f1R.1"-lit ' A 'M 1,53 mam - f ' :I X' f I fl. 4 H ?"N THLETICS S Vx Q Y., ew el m E - ' Q. '41 ,sn , gt 5 X' .qi M- M.. .L ,, The men put ashore on some small island for a chance to relax from the rigors of life on board. Soon, in sport, they are inciting contests and fights between crews and individuals. Relieved of their tensions they board ship and resume the search for treasure. So we take time out to recall our days ashore. Cm Q0 Football COAC HES: S. Shremsho ck M. Afanesko, J. Fuszek Ronald Fouse, CAPTAIN , G. Shaheen, The Apollo Tigers, displaying the sportsmanship that has always been a tradition at Apollo High, fought their way through a tough schedule and the 1955 football season. Though they were adversely circumstanced, the Tigers played many outstanding games. Three of these games, those played with Washington Township, Pitcairn, and Bell-Avon, will be more vividly remembered than the others. In the Township game, the Tigers ran roughshod over their rivals and sent their fans home happily with an 18-0 win. The Pitcairn game reached its climax with the Tigers behind 6-0 in the fourth quarter, when Rich Morgan scored two touchdowns within two minutes forging Apollo ahead as they won their second in succession. With Bell leading by seven points, the Apollo team came from behind for the T.D. and the conversion P9l"'lf tying the score. The Tigers, with no home field on which to play, showing mostly in the rain and mud, had many depressing losses, particularly to Leechburg. But with fight and spirit they emerged a better and wiser team. Amassing an enviable record of wins was the undefeated iunior varsity team. With four wins and one tie, the Little Tigers proved they have what it takes to make a winning team. We look forward eagerly to future years as Coach Joe Fuszek and his assistants are left with a literal "gold mine" of talent with which to work. RONALD FOUSE Captain in his senior year and let- terman for four years, Ron dis- tinguished himself at end, despite the fact that his weight most of that time was under 150 pounds. Spark- ling defensively, Ron was selected on many All-Star teams, including the W.P.I.A.L. Class B First Team. 62 Q gg -- fi? 5 - " f--v.e--?p-rf"'- .. - - -A D. PB -rl 47,1--f ' QS.-. A ' 51, ...A 1191, N A X "VFW ,V,i ' 4 h F 'D r , .. .e 2 5 I wwe. 4 ?- ,jX."'. ': ,f l h ,gl zfks. 13 preteen A A an .eh .i , .. It k, JL , ,Sf E... 515, M, .J E my 351lHr63QV,E , ' , . . I ff " ' .,' . I I . ,, . ., 4 1-za , j if' V' ' ' X . fr -'fr v.. , ' ji 'r.i.'laflW'?V" .V-,g " S Q i . Q15 A, 1 ' , 1 '5 A , FRONT ROW: J. Vollosio, R. Miller, J. Altmire, E. Kins, R. Reoric, R. Anthony, W. Scholl, D. Obriot, R. Fouse, B. Mohney, R. Glunt, Mgr., K. Scott, Mgr. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fuszek, G. Cole, L. McCune, A. Byers, J. Shriver, T. Baustert, J. McLoughlin, C. Hall, P. Murphy, A. Gourley W. Woods, Mr. Afcnesko THIRD ROW: Mr. Shremshock, D. Rearic, K. Heffernan, L. Getto, T. Aiello, J. Fouse, D. Shoefter, J. Knight, J. Moiersky, R. Mofgon,Mr. Shaheen SCORES APOLLO OPPONENT 6 SCll5bUI'Q 'I2 lv' SCORES 7 Blairsville 26 APOLLO OPPONENT 7 BeH,AVon 7 O Bell-Avon 0 6 Wilmerding 25 20 Ford City 7 0 Leechburg 33 l3 Penn TWP' 7 18 Washington Twp, 0 26 Washington Twp. 7 -I2 Pitcairn 6 20 Soltsburg 'l3 O Freeport 27 6 Ockmont 20 . . qi V , .ala ,A 1, ,O ,M J . .- V Av lx V.: f iv, xi . 5 Jwv, 2.-.f-N,, t,,,1'z1i Qiwfmu-5-W wi,agf?1,Q'f"1-g.w-HY S4643 :fr J' 'W 2: itffi I I 4, 1.35 ,MN ,. Ni A C 1' ' , Q ,Ziff Mig? Qi V .A Y E' Q f1NS'iL ' ,, wry , 4 ww, f - ', Mm , ,M-H. rtlfm, . 1, ,R x, 319' -,.,,-,. is 'Q f 5211355 ., 1 , Q .X , , x v-nag, ka -' ,Jw M Q In y Q i ! ' vifwv. . I v S "f5i'f5? A Y 'V Fx I ,s KB -1' . hi im: 'W "1 2 w . , , T f' ' . .J J, U W ff u K ,, fl ll ga III. lg" " ' . fl 1Q,rf" 1, 'V ' ' " I - D K g I Q 1 L X x A 2 " xx ' E ' 5 '3 I 4 I 2 -- L- 4' "' 1.3, ,, ' ,Q-,F , wav., fa W. 4. .1 4 x' ' ,Q 'T '9 4' 2 o 1 N I N , '51, ' Kg 'M W 4 273 '4, .Af iw M Q f 2-, ' A JH, Z , M yr, 3, Y ' r, .,."f'Q7 ,L QA W . X444 Q . 1' ,N ' ' ' ,I " ' I . , ff,5f..,k 9 A I 4 Tp N .. , 'V Q V 1. wx ' li' W I .1 J "ff"'f?.f"'fgw. '-1 5"f' 5:1 -,- '- 'av' V? xii' Q: I af Z, I, ,. - Lsx I, ,N ,X A :PW :WS ,D " fig," , if Tj, A! ,. W ' ,3 f ., ., "" uf' K h .W v. V 1 rf v fm . Basketball SCORES EXHIBITION APOLLO OPPONENT 42 Leechburg 74 60 Export 53 38 Vanclergrift 47 57 Export 53 Franklin East Deer Vandergrlft Indiana Alumnl Faculty LEAGUE Elderton Bell Avon Elders Rudge Washington Twp Saltsburg Dayton Shannock Valley Elderton Bell Avon Elders Rrdge Saltsburg Dayton Shannock Valley RICHARD GRADWELL Combining desire with aggressive play resulted In Dicks bemg highly Instrumental In the basketball teams having a respectable record Proof of the hugh regard Dlck s teammates held of hum was evldent when they elected hum co captain He was further honored by makmg the dlstrlct sectional team as well as the Klskl Valley All Star squad RAYMOND PREVINI Defenslve abllaty and play makmg were Ray s speclal abllltues Hls driving lay ups as well as one handers from the mlcldle of the floor earned hum the dustmctnon of bemg elected co captam of the squad 40 57 48 65 49 ' 47 46 ' 62 38 ' 37 68 59 60 5 l 58 - 55 47 ' 48 50 ' . 47 76 80 67 53 58 93 77 63 64 . 65 48 ' 53 54 Washington Twp. 73 47 63 50 48 50 69 W, N ii I 2 if r 1 'E E X 51 . 'E A E E 1 W5 5 if L ? 3. X JSE!! s Y A ? X ,Q 1 . N ,I ,if ' . Nxgfq-fz 4 ,f W , gllsi 4 , Q-Q, - ,X F ,A f uf, Qffl-2 ff : ,H X , Q-,UQ F if -. -5. ' X, . Y 2 i 4. A 'f' -Q ,f 2 , . , ,SA , 'Na Wd' fo: I 4 --. ,Lg i 9:5 ,1 ,saw Y E52-. ' -' Q ' Aim 1 'P Q ff f L'f"fi,f:fsfb3,nR ,, -Q 4' .af 1 7 1' ' fi- . , , 4 in 53 ww, ,- ,J ...ww "iz-.v'3, 'nw i A Q - Ji. , f N2 4 , 5 , Qs' .5 Y A ,W fi' A , ., Z: M 5 ' A+" M 5 f - , -Q1-'J Q Sl lsjgggzy , Q- la I u six ,W Q Q 'ggi WW ' WJ' .4 um ...M LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Altmire, R. Anthony, R. Burns, E. Kins, R. Fouse, C. Davis. Boys' Intramural Champions FINAL TEAM STANDINGS PLACE TEAM WON LOST I 202 7 0 2 300-30'I 6 1 3 206 5 2 4 tie 204 4 3 302 5 tie 304 3 4 306 6 3 I 0 2 5 7 200 1 6 8 308 0 7 FRONT ROW: N. Shaeffer, J. McCausland, J. Heyart, E. McCain, R. Hutchison, C. Dengler SECOND ROW: L. Clever, S. King, A. Day, P. Bernot, P. Harley, THlRD ROW: M. Klingensmifh, V. Stankus, E. Campbell, H. Hayes, l.. Campbell, P. Silvis January 5 January 'I7 February 24 'March 20 "March 28 Girls' Basketball Team Apollo 35 26 36 30 Opponent 14 10 28 33 Leech burg Va ndergrift J.V. Vandergrift Varslty Faculty Vandergritt Leetsdale "These games were scheduled but not played before the yearbook went to press. ex-m+..,,,1 I . ,., RAYMOND PREVINI Two years a member of the squad, Baseball RICHARD BURNS Dick, who plays center field, has a batting average of .300. A three- year member scoring six runs this season, his grand slam homerun against Bell-Avon will long be re- membered. ,. . 'X 1' ,.. Ray fills second base position. This 5 year's record credits him with three 'T I K l runs scored. Ray also stars on the we- M " " 6 6 fi if 54,4 we basketball team, displaying his ' 'P 6 l , ,'l' l"" K lvll my versatility. I if gQ,,,,g7',1g'.. N A ' W "" RQBERT REED MW V, mul, , ,W -f With a batting average of .333, s Bob scored five runs. He is a three- year squad member, outstanding in Ni. left field, also capable at first base. ,? . s..:' 5 ,f gd N5 -' .. ae, er l I ..,., Dslcr scoREs - . yi! ' APOLLO OPPONENT ' --' 4 Leechburg 1 M K sm 5 Wcshlnglon TWP- ll vs 6 Franklin 6 ' W W 7 Saltsburg 6 l l 6 Washington Twp. l-4 Q 0 Franklin 4 ' , 4 Bell-Avon 3 ' ' 2 Saltsburg 7 :L 43" 2 Elders Ridge 5 4 Elders Ridge 'll 5' 6 8 Bell-Avon 'I6 l .gr FRONT ROW: R. Casella, D. Armitage, S. Ferrero, S. Malek, Mgrs. SECOND ROW: R. Reed, 5. Cagna, T. Allen, l. Shaffer, D. Bier, P. Murphy, J. Shriver, J. Snyder, D. Rearic THlRD ROW: T. Bernot, R. Burns, C. CampbelI,L. Calderone, A. Byers, R. Miller, J. Ross, R. Delledonne, Mr. Afanesko Apollo High's 1954-T955 baseball team, under coach Max Afanesko, compiled a record of three wins, six losses, and one tie. Though not league winners, the Tigers displayed a potential for better teams with most of the starting roles played by underclassmen. The game with Franklin topped the first of many exciting conflicts. ln the ninth inning with two men out, two men on, and Apollo behind 6-3, Ron Miller blasted a game-tying three-run homer, only to have the game called because of darkness after one extra inning. Being Apollo High's newest sport, baseball has not, as yet, gained a foothold in popularity, but it seems to be coming into its own. Much credit is due Max Afanesko and his baseball team for their spirited efforts and fine teamwork. COACH: Max Afanesko I! - '4.,', nr, ,f . . F: 4 :af V V' 5 55' ,-. R- Zf Q., ' 5 'V5 'Y5 mad' 'SJR f' If 4--. WIN . , xfjd-'E' anl - ,.. -4. Z' Z W :Arr- Nrk Ji. ..--' 21, X .1 USIC Hidden treasure IS only to be found by those whose eftorts are persistent and whose work I5 dullgent Lnkewlse through study and practvce our muslcal groups have uncovered hidden talents and added them to our pruze 7! 3 E Q , -br' s A ' nl! 4 A un th ' 'b' V HAH' X Q ff, f--L' ' 'F - gg ' ia A, -, .. r..,,. Q if -Mm' W. N G, ge ,QQ 1 ,nf ' :3' . M' it Q? X I-W - " -J " f - o 73 I W I I . I M e Q I. Q x 1 f .P . x R , -4' rr - -, .. i I 'T 1 Y ', - .M Q96 I X. ' i ' dw-qi FRONT ROW R Hutchison G Williamson, D. Wright, J. Talmage, E. Allhouse, J. Zimmerman, G Harrell E Clawson S King M Costrinl J Gabriel, Mr. Keefer. SECOND ROW B Waugaman S Cornell, M. Stokes, C. Budzilek, J. Beighley, B. Fuszek, M. Black N Black C McCune J Marchesl K Fuszek, S. Stefanick THIRD ROW C Brayshaw B Barclay, P. Spencer, D. Dodson, K. Rowe, D. Marangoni, L. Campbell S Ulery C France L Calderone D Lamanna, M. Nelson, C. Henry FOURTH ROW J Costrini B Henry, K. Cyphert, I. Davis, M. Petro, J. Felgar, J. Rearic, J. Betts S Cagna R Arduino W Stitt J Zimmerman FIFTH ROW W Ruffner G Walker, D. Hefferman, J. Gallagher, L. Shaeffer, L. Franks, R. Nelson L Campbell T Koslcek S DiNunzio L Boyer, E.Smith SIXTH ROW D Bier R Knepshield, C. Hall, T. Baker, W. Richards, L. Richards, J. Shriver, V Hunter D Roselle D Rosen steel L Walker T. Bisaha Our Chorus The chorus is comprised of Mr. Keefer's seventy-five songsters, providing vocal programs throughout the year. Endless hours of singing rehearsals produced the Thanksgiving program, the Operetta, the Easter cantata, and the annual spring festival. The operetta was a paramount undertaking which was not fruitless. "Smoky Mountain", presented primarily to raise funds for choir robes, was happily received by students and public alike. If a student can carry a tune and read music, he is eligible to join the chorus, thus providing himself with an opportunity to cultivate his ability, "let forth" in a song, and entertain others. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE FRESHMAN TRIO K. Fuszek, D. Mcrongoni, J. Mcrchesi FIRST ROW: M. Costrini, D. Wright, K. Fuszek, J. Hall SECOND ROW: K. Rowe, M. Petro, C. Henry, J. Marchesi, B. Fuszek MIXED QUINTET R. Knepshield, M. Nelson, C. Henry, J. Knepshield, R. Nelson BOYS' QUARTET S. DiNunzio, A. Frank, J. Zimmerman NOT PICTURED: R. Herron ,,. FRONT ROW: T. Moyer, J. Zimmerman, J. Gallagher, W. Richards, R. Egley, J. Felgar SECOND ROW: D. Bier, J. Marks, J. Gabriel, B. Fuszek, J. Hall, E. Smith, M. Nelson, J. Shaeffer, W. Schall THIRD ROW: S. DiNunzio, V. Hunter, S. King, J. Marchesi, B. Barclay, L. Campbell, K. Fuszek, M. Baldridge, M. Passarelli, A. Snyder, J. Marchesi FOURTH ROW: S. Cornell, R. Knepshield, J. Talmage, M. Black, E. Bush, D. Rosensteel, J. Carney, W. Stitt, P. Smith, N. Mcllwain FIFTH ROW: J. Shriver, P. Dillinger, L. Kridler, N. Beatty, J. Costrini, J. McCauley, J. Riggle, P. Baker, G. Painter, L. Franks SIXTH ROW: B. Zanotti, K. Cyphert, L. Campbell, T. Baker, N. Black, S. Fleming Our Band Q4 'ffilne '..., ,I , z5""2i': f' ' .' 3453 xg, -: fzpyzg. ,M QQ, Q1f??u.eAfg5,QggiP?i21q55 if gs , ,. A 1' ,, aw f iiig- 1, va, 3 X1 A 5218: f 4 u R 5 Q an 1 ' " Q t.. 4 M nv ,, . n e du . .1 J. G ,Q 4 0 . ' r D K I . . l p 2 I u v .1 U 1 1' J 1 , .Q L 6 1 v . 0 U '91 X U5 4, A Junior Band M' wa-. QE r gmt-1 GOVERNING BOARD: J. Marchesi, L. Campbell, L. Campbell V. Hunter, M. Nelson FRONT ROW: D. Guthrie, J. Mitchell, D. Ferrero, R. Klingensmifh, T. Moyer, T. Rupert, R. Richards, R. Egley SECOND ROW: E. Bliss, L. Kridler, J. McCauley, J. Black, M. Passarelli, J. Marchesi, A. Snyder, H. Fulton, R. Williamson, L Dunmire W Klin ensmifh C Rosensteel . , . g , . THIRD ROW: S. Truby, T. Siverling, P. Smith, E. Bush, R. Tarosky, N. Mcllwain, C. Knepshield, B. Zanotti, P. Cosfrini, H. Goedickie FOURTH ROW: J. Bee, M. Shoemaker, W. Scholl, J. Shaeffer, S. Walker, P. Baker, J. Ortz, J. Riggle, J. Sfankus, G. Painter, G. Pozzcni ,v.,S 1 T41 Qi 1? A, it y fr + 1 A! . A . ,rf " 'i , . A ,Am 6 Q ty f ff X px , 3 Q A M t W x Q W ... ' H 4-My ' Ei yi L V -I .V Ir I Mg ., x 1 fig? Q. -B ,ai wk -A gy M 4 2 A , W. 5 W f 5,5 A .ff G? if Q 1 ff .A -qw" A -4-n-ir?-W f at 1 . 3. 'a' X , : ,ff 'W' SAW ' 1 if -Q 'X . xx ,fl K J . lr! xi V . ' ' I I X ,A 5 if Q. A V' A. , WTA . ' A I. jim Y 1, A Y . A-.WJ 1 uf: Q ,5 ,,,b', A ,, M A M ,W,L 1, N, , :J':y,g', ' I 5, if A 'Q 3 391 ' v 'V f. A ii , 7 " J fx., 4, Q- ' 1 J ' 'TT' ,L 2 9 f ll , , , . , Wm, 5 V4 4 : a Q 5 xl hi .. 1 , AM' Q A N - Q '1 .41 , an ,, X J . gr Nz' ' f Nr' Q n 1 av- 9 1 A 2 4... ..... Ill, 'S va. ' 2 s Q. V ,V RW ,QL Y' x :PE 5K ,is J SQ 1-f-.Y S659 G Bu 1- rpvb fx sX K ACTIVITIE All That Glitters IS Not Gold No the sparkle an our treasure chest comes from the many special events held durung the year Pleasure and relaxation are the lewels on hand at dances, plays, the operetta, all the hnghlughts we uncover m the follownng pages X I f ..-. QQ, , "" I , X . Y l X Q 1115! .2 f ' ylsll l . t ,f x 'I' - -41 'U fl 4 T' 1 ' 9' n X X - Q is -.. .as ' - - ' QQ. .- - - - 2. PN N " 9 'Q' 'r - I Q, I' la V 2 , Q -. -5 ' - 9 , --' 'Q is 6 - . K 1 ...,., -it ' X ' A f .Q ?--5 -- ITXS ..- , Q! xx Mist' 'f " 'Fins f nwf. , V 'fh A 1... rf f gg. , . r' W N' 'U assigning V E" a:4L"', ' , x- f f' , . A , , WA ,. , W , Z, Q' Q wh! yf 4- W! I I! 'EXW A ...R I I , ' K X 1 ch e 9 -B A ', 1 , AL " x 9'3v'?J 1, f i S A I 'if ,fs X , . . wx . Qi Q I .gy .1 W I fy SA in . fag? , , N 1' if I' H E in . ' fy, sei? .. gf -f Q TNS, 3 Je? Ib'R1 . - , M33 , nam'-nn -- JW 5 v 1 QQ, ml V L w it va v f 1 -'Q - -A ' 1 12 fbi " 5 C9 'B 4 '72 , g " Q QQ 1 vi 'J rf V K Q K LJ: . ' sl swf D - f I ' I M- L, 1 wr K' ,.'fY17.Yff73 1 . 21 g"aW9 20 ' V 1 .hr 'gl 1 Y' H E ' ww 'ff r F ' ' ,Q Q 3 - x 4 ' 7 Ah.. A ' U M1 25' 3 ' N 1 4 ,.,7 qi 5 AQ Q Q 7 95, 4 gy 2 -,L r A xx ig ' t ef. " 3 ,,.,..- 4 ,gk N KV ' .r if J? gb 4' .li.f"""4" , I . h q,.,. f ,ff -'fc ,Q , , K '55 M 3 X A v , ,W +5 A .gm , 'Q' M - - I 1.3, -4, -V -.,7, -' I ff 1 I ,J . Om' K! . 7 -Y",,q,sw M , U Hn. 4 Dr. Appleby embraces Jeannie Peabody in their big love scene. +'!'+'1'++++'!"!-++'X'+++++'!-'E' I lf's a Great Life by Robert Finch Presented by Troupe 1473 of The National Thespian Society Assisted by The Neapollotans APOLLO AREA JOINT HIGH SCHOOL Thursday, November 17, and Friday, November 18, 1955 8:00 o'clock The Cast Jeannie Peabody . ..,.. . .. i Alfretta Cadarnore lovely, vivid. dramatic Claude Fraley ., ,, ,. A A , J , . David Armitage takes himself :infl .leannie seriously Russell Peabody . ,..... i M i ., ,, . ., A E dward Bowers a senior, sloppy, indifferent Annabelle .. ,... . bbb,,.bw,,,,, , b,l,, Marilyn Costrini r'heerful and neat. does his biology Eloise . . ,, , . ,,.. , ,.., ,, .,.... , NQVC1 Bi1'iCk Sturdy, ltealtliv girl-of-all-woiii Grace Peabody ..ioi ,. i i A i Mary Louise Nelson ine mother Une iroubie fUI'lf'OIlll'fliillQ Aurelia Audrey Wunkle .i oooo,,,,,,i, Virginia Stankus tall, deierinined. effieieni Sophia Jane Wunlzle .o,o. J io.oii.. ,,o,, i ,, Linda Hone sliori. vigiie, kindly Dr. Edward Appleby .u,, ,. ..,....,.r,.....,o Van Hunter handsome. lives next door George Peabody , or o,v.. ,. Roger Knepshield the father' 'has wmwlo managing his family Paiernalii' iookinQ on are Mr. and Mrs. PeabodY. Larry Jordan ....,o., ,.,. .....o....ooo,.,....,....i.oro D a vid Roselle from College, energetic hustler' Alice ..,o,...,....,.....r...,......,.o,...r,..o....,.,o..,, Diane Wright bright and pretty, dm-s Russeil's iilfrebra Miss Jacobs ,.ii. i...i..ii.i.i....ii. ,.,ii, i C aroline Budzilek Iliiseelle exasperated teuelier Mr. Pooley . .,.. .. .. Jack Zimmerman a lawyer Sophia Jane contemplates purchasing the Peabody residence. Prompters prompting promptly! Barbara Fuszek and JoAnn Feigar i . i n ,Q Coronation KING Ronald Fouse QUEEN Alfretta Cadamore Hail them now our royal pour A handsome king and queen so fair- They wear their crowns by our decree May they reign well and happy be. s Yr L. HER MAJESTY COURT Roberta McCouslond Josephlne Manolo Dorothy Walker Eva McCann Linda Hone JoAnn Felgar Lmdo Clever Delores Lomonno Robert Reed Gerald Altmlre Raymond Prevlm Ruchord Anthony Richard Grodwell wlllldm Scholl Edward Sloan Donald Obrlot M.. ML ll L' Lgiil A wg 'V' 1 b'.Aw4,." , , l o ll L." W 'rf 5 Q' al f a 9 ff 1 I Jess and George l have promised you darling that never would a word from my llps cause you pam' Wayfarln Stranger Unconstant Love The Deaf Old Woman I Know My Love Over Yandro Look Down That Lonesom Down In The Valley .. .,r, .. Lonesome Valley .......,,.,... On Top Of Old Smoky Road Red Rlver Valley .,.,... .. ,,... .. Black ls The Color .,.,.. ,. Birds Courtlng Song . Uncle Joe ..,,.,.....................,.,,...,..,, I Know Where lm Goin SELECTION S Foggy Foggy Dew ,.,...,,,.,,,. ..., ...,., , . .....,,.., .,.....,.,..l,.,. , . George and Chorus Aunt Sary and Chorus Andy and Aunt Sary en Jess George and Arabella Arabella and George . .,., . . Arabella and Chorus . ess and Chorus George Arabella and Chorus ., . Jess George and Chorus . . ,.s,.George Ben Aunt Sary and Grandpa , ,r.Grandpa ..........,............,....,.,.,..,Arabella . .,...,.Andy and Arabella .......,George Jess and Chorus Cindy ...,.,.....,.....,.,............4,.,..................,....s.........,..........., Turkey In The Straw ....,................,.,..,...4....,..,.................... Finale ........,George Jess and Chorus of . 1 'ff f ff-if 'av 5 1 if M4733 'Q .-,gk . ' 1 ,j. 1 wi . , JV: f r Qin' , a u .- , ati 7.4 Y wa 4 hw. by 3 'JF , if fig tive: 4 F. 3 2,5 4 4 42, 2 1 G 'Q Va. ,A f Presented by the Girls' Athletic Association. Square Dance Indian Scene. , , Indian Chant Lummy Sticks Heap Big Warriors Junior High Senior High Marching .,.......,...., .. A . .. Senior High Tumbling- .. .. ..., Senior High Tap Dance . .........,. , Senior High Free Hand Drills ..,,..., ., , .. . .. .Senior High Trampoline ...,.,. . , Senior High Boys and Modern Dance ..,..... .......,, ,....,... S e nior High Free Hand Drill--Glenda Horrell Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Heap Big Warriors--Roberta N'cCausland and Marilyn Costrini m Exhibition We work and dream SCHOOL IN A NUTSHELL and play - OI' graduation Y .. I 0 Q , K, ff., I . . . f ' fi I Z 7C9 "wi, ', 1 Q-1-iii O F f 5 0000 0,9 ZF he 062 0 :rr RQ -op' QQ '50 0-oo V l'ff?Wi ul ""' Much backing was needed before we could "fit-out" our ship and start in search of the treasure. It is with thanks that we here acknowledge the business- men and patrons who have helped furnish the capital and made possible the uncovering of our treasure chest. BACKERS OF OUR SEARCH FOR TREASURE FRONT ROW E McCann D Walker E Stone L Rldenour M A McCauley SECOND ROW L Clever D Lamanna R McCausland R Ralston These gurls helped sollclf adverhsemenls durlng the summer for The purpose of flnancmg the 1956 KISKITAS JOHN L HARMON INSURANCE AGENCY 2I6 Furs! Street Apollo 2 221 I COMPLIMENTS A to Z Lubrlcahon PRESTON C GRIMNI AND SON CZITTERBERG BROTHERS SERVICE STATION Apollo Sprung Church Road RI 56 Apollo Pa GR 2 5838 THIRD ROW: Ferrero,,J. Fryer, S. S'wenson, E. Campbell, V. Sfankus , Pa. GR - QF . . o I . ' C omplimenfs of THE APOLLO TRUST COMPANY Capitol, Surplus, and Undivided Profits 3511,134.7 5 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "I like mountain music." APOLLO RADIO AND TELEVISION Sales and Service 321 North Fourih Street Apollo, Pa. GR 2-7281 GETTO'S BARBER SHOP 230 Warren Avenue Apollo Pennsylvania KUHN'S DRUG STORE Vandergrift Phone 542 "- GEORGE'S DRY CLEANING APOLLO NEWS RECORD Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service 307 N. Warren Ave. GR 2-2503 ALTMIRE BROTHERS COAL COMPANY Lump Egg Stoker Apollo Vondergrift GR 2-2261 1257-A Q SM UNION HOUSE "Houe of Fine Foods" Apollo, Pa. GR 2.4252 TRI-COUNTY TYPEWRITER CO. R. E. Coudriet Kittonning Pennsylvania Really working on comfort LEE KING APOLLO MILLING COMPANY Manufacturer and Dealer Flour, Seeds, Feed, Chicks, Grain Compliments of CHARLES A. LEIDY PEOPlE'S NATURAL GAS C0. Phone: GR 2-2011 I F 1 Now...le1...me...see LEONE AND SAXION 739 North Warren Avenue Apollo, Po. GR 2-3681 GRADY'S GULF " Our girls are the prettiest" Congrafulafions, Class of 1956 SHAFFER PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO 221 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pennsylvania CHAMBERS HOTEL Faculty Bermuda bound! W. W. REARICK General Hauling Sl'lAFFER'S ESSO STATION North Apollo, Pa. GR 2-3591 Compliments of McLAUGHLlN'S GROCERY Qudlily Meats-Groceries-Ice Cream Star Route Apollo, po Congratulations fo the Class of 1956 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF APOLLO Apollo, Pennsylvania "The Gateway fo Industrial Progress" "Chicken in the bread pan pickin' up dough!" Phone: Oklahoma 3120 We Wholesale WEST APOLLO PACKING HOUSE Beef-Veal-Pork-Cold Meats We Also Custom Kill Plant at West Apollo Callipare Bros, Y RESTAU RANT Sm Route Alwllv. Pu- Compliments of McCULLOUGH'S 5 AND I0 Blaine Rupert': TEXACO SERVICE STATION Star Route Apollo Pennsylvania B E A M E R S Cleoning--Pressing--Alterations 'IZ4 Warren Avenue' Apollo, Pa. GR 2-7l3l CASELLA COAL COMPANY Box 405 Apollo. Pc. GR 2-6949 GlANNETTO'S MARKET 908 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. GR 23471 Compliments of KENNETH MCCAULEY Atlantic Service Station Ninth St. and Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. GR 2-7031 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER APOLLO NEWS STAND 222 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. GR 2-lan OUR PATRONS Magersky Tnre Servuce Harley Davsdson Sales Sanders Drug Store Charley Carr s Crestwood Shurley s Hardware Ladues Auxlllary IA C Brndeson and Lace Ross Grant Avenue Pharmacy Crossan and Raurlgh Mr Frank Wautkus 6' Family Gena s Shoe Servnce Spotless Cleamng Company Famous Store Burkett s Flower Shop Apollo Boot Shop Held s Electric Supplues Belghley s Elva s Flower Shop Parkvnew T V Bussard s Grocery Hollywood Barber Shop Mr Edward Stankus Harry Town Talk Bread Man Seevers Weed Patch Mcllwam Dalry J Wensband 5' Son Crass s Dlner Blacks Beauty 6' Guft Shop Herbert Stltt Corcettu s Texaco Statnon Mrs Margaret Grlppaldl G' Son The Wnlluam Stankus Famlly N1 es O Elwood s Boarding Kennels Rosensteel s Corner Store Complnments of HILTYS HOME FURNISHINGS 216 Flrst Street Wallpaper-Palnts--Electrucal Apphancas Floor Coverlngs Furniture QUALITY CLOTH ES SHOP Here to fat you correctly Red Malcolm Vandergrufr Pennsylvama SHEPLER S MARKET INC 209 North Warren Avenue Apollo Pennsylvania 327 Warren Avenue Watches-Jewelry Dramonds Apollo Pa GR 2 3871 THE UNITED CLEANING COMPANY 128 Warren Avenue Apollo Pa GR 2 1611 T G. Chflifmas PUIY f0' needy chnldren I . 1 ' ' I I , . PlPER'S I - Solenne Shoe Service , . . ' I I I I . , I. 1 . , . ., . .. . I .' I a , . I Compliments of EGER'S CREDIT JEWELER Vandergriff Pennsylvania PAY EGER PAY DAY STRAND THEATRE Apollo, Pa. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Waugaman Our Clwoerlead ing captain Flying high for a rebound! STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY Dick Hunger, Agent Vandergrift Pennsylvania KALAMAZOO HEATING COMPANY Birch Kitchens Roofing, Heating and Plumbing Apollo, Pa. GR 2-2401 PAULY'S DRUG STORE Headquarters for Eastman Kodak Apollo, Pa. GR 2-l4ll WYBLE'S PHARMACY 200 Warren Avenue Surgical Appliances Pl'9SCflPll0V15 ZULA SMlTH'S DRESS SHOPPE First National Bank Building Coats-Dresses-Millinery-Accessories Apollo, Pa. GR 2-4851 APOLLO FURNITURE COMPANY "Favero Since l9ll"-Your G.E. Dealer Hoover-Maytag-Magic Chef 208 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. GR 2-l76l "Dancing wiih stars in my eyes" WALLACE LUMBER COMPANY Supplies For LUMBER ELEcTRIcIAN HARDWARE PLUMBER PAINT MASON DOORS PLASTERER WINDOWS HEATER !l 5,4 ROOFING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES JI! R Compliments of GUTHIE AUTO COMPANY Compliments of BO0K'S SHOE STORE APolIo Pennsylvania Vandergrift Pennsylvania CORCETTI BAKERY POLKA HOTEL Sliced Bread - Hearth Bread FISH-OUR SPECIALTY Sandwich Buns and Rolls North Vandergrift 292-L 725 Warren Ave. GR 2-4011 Temptation! APOLLO INSURANCE AGENCY ANNA F. ARMITAGE 'I'l5 North Warren Avenue Apollo, Po. Phone GR 2-4871 Here's The Place For Insurance At Its Best CAMPBELL BUILDING 118 Warren Avenue Phone GR 2-1041 ARMITAGE'S HARDWARE 209 First Street Apollo Pennsylvania lndustry APOLLO BOTTLING COMPANY Compliments of 205 South Third Street TOWNSEND BROTHERS APOIIO Pennsylvania Gifts For All Occasions LEES MARKET T H MILLER 5i"ee""' sms' HEATING ana PLUMBING Nonh A991191 Pa- GR 24541 Spring Church, Pa. GR 2-2881 Peter M. Marco, President Mine Phone: Oklahoma 3606 Phone: Oklahoma 3730 MARCO COAL COM PANY Producers of Commercial and Domesfic Coal MINED AT NORTH WASHINGTON, PA. P. O. Box 457 Apollo, Pennsylvania woo Congratulations to the Class of '56 STATE FARM INSURANCE OFFICE HENRY EGLEY and GLEN HELMAN Local Agents Laird S. Boarts, District Manager lt's the load ofthe KISKITAS. APOLLO FlREMEN'S BOWLING ALLEY Bowl For Recreation JACKSON AND RUSSELL Frank A. Hill, Manager MENIS WEAR James Baer, Committeeman Apqllg Pennsylvania Apollo, Pa. GR 2-2783 R U B I N S OKLAHOMA FLORIST DONALD A. STEVENS, JEWELER Fine Gifts For Every Occasion Diamonds-Watches--Clocks Apollo, Pa. GR 2-1341 CENTRAL RESTAURANT 204 Warren Ave. Apollo Pennsylvania SHOEMAKER'S MARKET GROCERIES and MEATS Compliments of WlNGER'S SERVICENTER What made you look like that ? A WRIGHT ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor Residential-Commercial-Industrial pollo, Pa. GR 2-2l7l ZANOTTI'S MOTORCYCLE If BICYCLE SUPPLY COMPANY In Motorcycles Since 1918 Triumph and B.S.A. Motorcycles Foctory Troined Mechanics-Repair All Makes N Vondergrift, Pa. 243 R FRED HENRY FIRST STREET RESTAURANT AND APOLLO TAXI 212 First Street o. G MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES 126 Denniston Avenue Pittsburgh 6, P0- Comp,,,.,,e,,,S of Ksvvws FARM suvrues Amoco Gas Services Shady Plain Compliments of LIBERTY CONFECTIONERY R. Gordon and Sons SQUARE DEAL FURNITURE STORE Opposite Mill Office Vondergrift, Pa. Phone 624 eow xrzos snothens WW 2 MW ,0kMffff,2jQ'QQV W Qgggkw K xx UQ W 7 Xf wi! M aj ,f9,4,,,5,f YQ M75 MW QQ 55 O3 Agfa ,MW X? cab f4 MW Q fx ig Qifffyf L My gg 1 W G 5 Q ,AQ 'og 5 is T M4 . I QQRQ ' if J QM, TWA H' Z dxf-+44 X 1 QQ E9 5 -"" iii ffl- Q2 fir 1 J- gin M JG J X QNf1 Q J , vw U51 X X N q 1: Xxbi X D ' 1 Q My ' ,JD .5 Q5,YyfAJ2f,.,4.7c K 3fifw W ffibff X5 QF ,JM SN ,W JCC, N ,wg Gigli? igfjgjy Wf'f,f,,,m?"'1 QM, WW 2 CRW YN KJV X Wx, . 0 - Xfg jf W fxub X wi jf W 5 15 Qffffa W R X I - R 5 fa if scifi E JWVJQQ Q W ' .jiW,,,1, as-5 QX 20 f 3 XM QM -. X 9? 5 ff-fm? N gwsf N

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Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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