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, -S., ,, .. A x 1 -1.1. -.f Q 1' 1 524' " l . - 1 .: 1 P . - , r .. ' 1 x , 4 1 w 5 x 1- ' Af, . . 1. , " :. . , an . 'EC . 3:5- fl il. 11, , fa " ' .Y :A -ay 4 1, fri ,f veg' 5 132? s Sf' " gifs. ,Q . 5 V - 53'-3 .. Q - "fl 11.4 - 542.-K : , 555 r-fr mu jj 1 K V 1 A 5 K is 4. 5 4 55 b ' Z' 1 :Q ,M y gf LIFE ATA.H.S. EN W rese M1 I1 H wx MN ai Q3 V-A ffl l l We eZZdw7af0m? ' if i M' A 2, Aga' 1 Om f4lma Mmm TAFfffbf0f0?l1f!C'!l1'lZjlZg' ls stiff bzfigfzify bfzzffzifzg, Our Mzllzghfs effmf fzfzflzhiizb To off! Aljmffo l2'i,gfh,- Omf l7Z671lZvl'jF5' fzevwf fade Of deaf' fzfiezzds we have made The flfllllf Mat we have laid In days far game by. Um 267366504 Mics. Ii. XX Ii-wmv .X M v L? 25. . . x 591: X X 3 To Mrs. Ii. XX'. Hardy, the proclueei' of this drama, Life af fl. H, S., the Kiskitzis Staff of 1948 dediezites this book. XX'e sincerely thank her for her effort. time, and patience in pro CiLlCiI12Sf this fmniiui, SYNOPSIS Page Dedication , ,.... .... ,.... .... , . . ...... . .. .A.......,., 3 Administration and Technical Staff ,,,.... ,i.... 5 Cast of Characters .,., , .,,. .. 9 History ,.......,..,......,.,,,,, , ...,...... 19 Class VVill ..... ., ..,. .... 2 O Prophecy .. ....i 22 Smart Set ,..,.. .......... ..,..,.... 2 4 Supporting Roles .,.... . ...l....l. 25 Act I'-Activities ...,, .... ..... 3 7 Intermission ..,,, , ...... .. ,,,.. , 52 Act II-Athletics , ........ ....,,..., S 3 Curtain Calls ......., ,,.., 59 Autographs .,.... ....,..... 6 2 lfinanciers ......,. ...,,..,.. 6 3 Mix N? f E ' All e il gf PHUDUCER ly E and L Qqqw , N TECHNICAL STAFF 45 X-Z v gg NFA 'l1mmSN WE 'fn N HI l PRODUCER AND PROMPTER They give 115 mmf mms . . . The Kislcitas will give the class of 1948 an accurate and interesting account of their school activities and many happy memories of their high schcol years may be found on these pages. The class has worlzccl faith- fully to prepare for their future careers. XV. C, Cluw lfokn MR, CRAWFORD AND MRS. bl ANFT BLVSTONIQ TECHNICAL STAFF SHAFFER ANKENY HECKART ARMSTRONG Kl PI' STAHLMAN FULTON GALLASCHUN Tbry sf! Mr .W'flI1'X . . Mas, NI,xRx' I,o1' Simi-'1-'igu . . . gmdntite of Indiana State W.xI.'l'1-Qu Kim' , . . attended Indiana State 'leacliers Col- 'l'eueliers College . . , teacher ot' ihxnmereial studies . . . lege . . , favorite pastime is painting . . . teaches Art. .ulviser of Tiger Gazette . . . likes to drive and travel. R. Ili, :XNKENY . . . attended lntlianat State Teachers Col- Miss lll'C'ILLE S'1'.-xi1I.N1,xN . . . gmcluzite ofC"alifor11i:1 Stxtte lege . . . Received degree at XYest Yirgiuiu l'nivei'sily . . . 'Iieut'hei's College . , , attended the lllllXQ'l'Sllf of llittslmtirgli l"Lu'ori'e pastime is fishing . , . teguihes Biology and . . ,t'o-director ot' plays , . , teaches Nlxithemalics, Xlevlinnieal Drawing. K Miss NIARY Ifk,xNf'r:s IIECKART . , .attended Lot-k Haven ll.XliUl,ll W. F1'l,'roN . . . gmtlimte of lndiana State State 'feaehers College . . . enjoys eroelieting . . . Ilealth 'l'eLteliei's College . . . tezielies llettlili Linrl l'l1ysit'zil licltien- :mel Gym teaclier. tion . , . likes to attend football ganna-s. R. Nl, EXRMSTRUNG . . . attended Grove City College . . . also the University of Pittsburgh . . . teaches Chemistry Mks. NIARGARIQT IC.Ci.-xI.I.Asc'I1liN . . . grzidtlate of Indiana . . . favorite pastime is playing vliess. Stzitt-'l'eac'l1e1's Vollege . . . teaches Home liconomies. TECHNICAL STAFF '-f?W HOSTETLER PATTON CLAY POOL so HARDY .W N-E9 HENRY SNYDER YANITY mm' AY'lfZ'I' ax Cffizfizlv , t'n,x1:I,i3s R. IIos'1'R'1'1,1a1c . . , graduate ot' Iudiuuzt State 'l'eL1t'liei's College . . . also tlttemletl lfniversity of Pittsburgh . . . teacher of Nlutlit-liiutitw . . . enjoys trziveliiig und hunting, NIISS ISAHEI, HENRY . . . zmttenzletl University of l'ittslJl11'gh . . . teaches History . . . fuvorite pastime is traveling :incl reztcliiig. NIISH .IRAN K. llA'I"I'UN . . . Littencletl Grove City Vnllvge . . . also Ohio State . . . teaches lfnglish, l,2lllll, and lfrenrli , . . favorite pastime is walking. SNx'ii1iR . . . attenclecl California State 'll-zicliers College . . . Most interesting leisure time is spent in bird stucly . , . teaches Industrial Art. ll.Xl'l. XV. CI,Ax'POoI ,... :ittvncled Clarion State vllCllCl1L'Y'S Vollege . . . teaches fit'IlCl'lll Svience, Biology, and filllLl1lIlL'L'. Miss CARo1.vN YAN1'1'x' . . . graduate of Indiana Stute 'Vt-Licliers College . . , teztrlier of Coniiiiewial Studies . . . enjoys driving. XIRS, VIRGINIA. ll.'XllItY . . . graduate of Californiu State 'lik'LlL'llCI'S College . . . Llttentletl l'niyei'sity of Nlicliigun . . . ro-director of the plays , , . tt-zirlies linglish I and II. TIIOSIC NOT PlC'l'l'Rl'1IJ: Nllss SARAH FRANTZ . . attended Slippery Rock . . tezirlies History. Mus, flRETi'HEN Hoi' . . . attended Crane Institute ut Vottsclain, New York . . . tvxiulies Music, HRS. IIARRIETT RLTSSELI ,... attended Pennsylvania State College . . . teaches Sopliomore und junior English. Q1 Lu Mm ZR I L N f L -- X1 X I fglif f Qs 4. gd .41 ji! U -' I 3, Ig A idly 46 Aj qcfx, P," llwmx X 6' J M-m N11 I SENIORS . . . The Leads of Our Play Herbert Barber Dora Jean Bash Jack Baustert Regina Bella Eloise Black Lois Blystone Darlene Bodenhorn Marie Bortz Margaret Bowser . Betty Jean Buchanan llliRBliR'l' l3ARBER+Silence is a true friend who never be- trays. lioys' Chorus 2. 3, 45 Spring Concert 2, 35 liiskitas 4, in-x 3, 4. DORA JEAN NASH-Quiet and friendly, she always has a smile for everyone. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. JACK liAl7S'l'ERT1IlC,S the person who used to be quiet, but you wouldn't know it now. Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 45 Ili-Y 2, 3. REGINA ISIiI,I,,-x--XYit plus brain make a swell combination. G.A.A. l, 25 Tri-lli-Y 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Lunch Stand 45 Tiger Gazette 3, 45 County Chorus 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3. 45 Spring Concert Z, 35 Minstrel 25 Rifle Club l. 25 Senior Chorus 4. ELOISE liI.AtiKililoise caught her man early. She must have a secret technique, G.A.A. l 5 Glee Club 2, 35 Spring Concert 2, 3 5 Senior Chorus 4. l,OIS BLYSTUNE--+Sll0l'l and Cute5 Lois is just the right girl for any unattached male. G.A.A. l, 2, 35 Tri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Minstrel5 Spring Concert5 Senior Chorus. DARLENE l3om5NHORN-One of our country gals, and a smart one at that. Tri-IIi4Y Z, 3, 45 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Nlajorette l, 2, 3, 45 Tiger Gazette 2, 3. 45 Kiskitas 45 junior Play Cast5 Dramatic Club 1 5 Nlinistrel Z5 G..-LA, l, 2, 35 Senior Girls' Chorus 45 Spring Concert 1, 2, 35 Senior Play. hlARlE ISURTZ-llaric really took the grocery business seri- ously. Tri-lli-Y 2. 3. 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Lunch Stand 45 Minstrel 25 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Senior Girls Chorus5 Mixed Chorus 45 Rifle Club 35 Spring Concert 2, 35 Tiger Gazette 45 Kiskitas 45 junior Play Staff 3. KIARGAIUJ1' liUXVSliR+5lElTgIll'Et'S grades are the envy of the whole Senior class. Tri-lli-Y 1 5 liiskitas 4. Herr: jmx BccH,xN.xN-Betty jean is one of our little Nlajorettes. No wonder so many people turn out at all the games. G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 'l'ri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1 5 Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Major- ette l, 45 Senior Chorus 4. -wi i hlARY Lou BI'RKE'l"I'-Feeling mighty low? Mary l,ou's bright laughter will soon Cheer you up, G.A.A. 1, 25 Tri- lli-Y 2. 3. 45 filee Club 1. 2. 3. 45 Tiger Gazette 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Minstrel 25 Spring Concert 25 Lunch Stand 4. BETTY JEAN BiYkNs-She's the envy of any dark haired girl. Cvirls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Band l, Z, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Spring Festival 2, 3, 4. llARRIET lil'liXS-lk quiet lassie who lives among us. Tri- Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 4. RICHARD CAi.m:koNE-Dick is one of the quiet members of the class, but he's still one of those all around guys. Rifle Club J, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Ili-Y 3, 4. lMv11m CAL1iw1QI.I.-W-ljave always likes to argue with Miss llenry5 for you who didn't know it, she's the cause of his poor grades. lfootball 1, 25 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Ili-Y 35 Kiskitas 45 Boys' Chorus 35 Spring Festival 3. ROBERT Cllll'l"liC1lCl' late than never! Football 35 Boys' Chorus 2, 35 Ili-Y 35 Class basketball. DoN.xL1i Cllxkkflle might be hard to see, but he sure is a nice fellow to have around. lli-Y 35 Kiskitas 45 Lunch Stand 45 Class Basketball, IFURIS JEAN CI.l41VER-Doris jean stays true to that ring on her third finger, left hand. Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Spring Festival 2, 3, DXVIGHT CR.-XXII-llifrllllti classes' Nelson liddy. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 2, 3, 45 County, District, and All-State Chorus 3, 45 Rifle Club 1, 25 Band 1. FVRMAN C'1'iiRx'ffji1rry is our ambitious actor, for he shines in everything he does. Senior Play 45 Junior l'lay 35 Boys' Chorus 3. 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Class Basket- ball 2, 45 Ili-V 35 Basketball Mgr. 35 Spring Concert 2, 3. Mary Lou Burkett Harriet Burns David Caldwell Donald Clark Dwight Cramer Betty Jean Burns Richard Calderone Robert Chipp Doris Jean Clever Furman Curry Julia Davis Leonard Davis Lorraine Davis Ruth Deemer Alice Durandcttu Walter Durandetto Julia Duso Rose Gabrielli Nancy Lou George Leland Grimm JULIA IDAVIS-Julia. has always been one of the busiest and best liked girls in the Class. G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Tri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Tiger Gazette 1, 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Minstrel 25 Spring Concert 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 County Or- chestra 15 Senior Chorus 45 hlajorettes l, 2, 3, 45 Girls Chorus. IJLON.-XRD lJAYlSTL6OH2ll'Kl tried women for a battle, but gave it up for a bad job. LURRAINE llAVlSfl,O1'l'2ll1lt31S dimples are an envy of many a girl. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Tiger Gazette 45 Lunch Stand 45 Spring Concert 35 Senior Chorus. Klf'l'll ljElLBIER+Lll-6,3 too short to worry. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 2, 35 Rifle Club 1. ALICE LJUR'XNl.7lL'l"l'Oi-SllOOkl6 knows her own mind and doesn't mind speaking itfa swell gal. Kiskitas 45 Music 1 5 Luneh Stand 4. XY.-Xl.'l'lIK l.Jl'1aANnE'r'rofNYalt is qni'e a ladies' nian, at least that is what he tells the girls. Tiger Gazette 45 Kiski- tas 45 Boys' Chorus 45 Football 3, 4. jl'I.IA DIJSO-julia is our lady Athlete, so don't tangle with her. CLA..-X. 1, 2, 35 lxiskltas 45 Clee Club 2, 3, 45 Spring Festival 2, 3. Rosii fiABRlELLl'l'l6l' cheerful laugh can be heard throughout the class. G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Art Club 3. NANM' Uisoiaox-Wlien Nancy enters the classroom, it begins to resound and sing. Senior Play Cast5 Junior Play Castg Spring Festival 25 3, 45 Glee Club Z, 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 County Chorus 3, 45 Tiger Gazette 45 Kis- kitas 45 Senior Chorus. LELAND GRIMM-Leland works like a bee in all of his classesgthen he goes to chemistry class to rest. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 25 Kiskitas 45 Ili-Y 35 Forensic League 4. 1 12- SENIORS . . . Our traveling players NVILLIAM GI"I'IlRIE-Blessed with the precious gift of gab! Tiger Gazette 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Ili-Y 33 Rifle Club 3. NIARGARET HARRISON-Peggy is very reserved and lady- like, but is very comical at times. G.A..'X. l g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Minstrel 25 County Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, -lg Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus. JANE llARKfioM-UA sweetdemper is to everyone what sunshine is to flowers." Tri-lli-Y 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 43 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tiger Gazette 43 Spring Concert 2, 3, Minstrel 2, junior Play Staff. JACK IIAZLI-2'l"l'4Jack decided to settle down early in life. lli-Y 33 Kiskitas 43 Boys' Chorus, lforensie League 4. LORD-1111 llEI.lrfl.oree learned early that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 'l'ri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club l, 2, 33 Kiskitas 4, Minstrel 2g Spring Concert 2, 3, 43 Senior Chorus: Lunch Stand 4. DIANE HII.I.7Duane was always forgetting just what time it was that school started in the morning. Football 1, 2, 3, -tg Boys' Chorus l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, Z5 Class Basketball 1, 21 lli-Y lg Rifle Club 4. DOIAJRES llwWHENBERRY-Dolores is one of our more am- bitious students who shares her many talents with Rubins Department Store, G..'X..-X. l, 23 Tri-lli-Y 2, 3, 4, junior Play Cast 3: Glee Club 2, 3. 4, Tiger Gazette 4, Kiskitas 4g Minstrel 23 Senior Girls Chorus -lg Spring Concert 2, 3. ,AGNES HOLLIS-Agnes's good nature isn't to be found just anywhere, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Kiskitzts 45 Spring Concert 2, 33 Senior Girls' Chorus 4. LAFR.-x joIINsoN-l.aura's always there, ready, willing, and able. Glee Club 2, 35 Senior Girls' Chorus 4, Spring Concert 2, 3. BERNARD lflCl.l.Y1lit'l'I'liS the boy who expresses himself? But definitely. Band l, 2. 4, Orchestra'l. 2, 45 District Band 45 County Band 4, lli-Y 3, Spring Concert 2, -tg Dance Band 4. -13- William Guthrie Margaret I-larbison Jane Harkcom Jack Hazlett Loree Held Duane Hill Dolores Hockenberry Agnes Hollis Laura Johnson Bernard Kelly SEN IORS . . . displayed their talents NANCY KEI,I.Y--livery deck has a joker, Nancy must be it. Tiger Gazette 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 23 Minstrel 23 Kiski'as 43 Senior Girls' Chorus 43 Rifle Club 1, 2, 33 Spring Concert 2. 33 Tri-lli-Y 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 4. RICHARD KI5I,I.Y-Dick's quiet personality is an asset any- one could be proud of. Football l, 2, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Rifle 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 lli-Y 3, 43 Kiskitas 43 Dramatic Club lg Band l. NTARY AI.lLTE KENNEDY-Good things come in small pack- ages. Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Spring Concert 2, 33 Kiskitas 43 Senior Girls' Chorus 4. VVILLIAM KllNKLE1D0H't let those glasses fool you, many a time was liill the cause of the uproar. Hi-Y 33 Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 County Band l, 2, 3. 43 County Orchestra l, 2, 43 County Chorus 4. SHIRLEY liANIli+Olll' gain was Bell Township's loss. Tri- lli-Y 43 Rifle Club 43 Glee Club 43 Tiger Gazette 43 Kis- kitas 43 Senior Chorus3 Lunch Stand 4. DoNAL1J LAU1+'l4'ER'-JuSt a bundle of joy sent to brighten the Senior Class. Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 County Chorus 3. 43 District Chorus 33 lli-Y 3, 43 Tiger Gazette l, 23 Kiskitas 43 Art Club 3, 43 Spring Concert 2, 33 Lunch Stand 43 Band l. ROBERT LEES-Bob is quite an athlete but a mortal enemy to his studies. Football l, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 County Chorus 43 Tiger Gazette 2, 33 lli-Y 33 Spring Concert 2. 33 Senior Chorus 4. EVA JANE LEICHLITER-Looking for a seamstress? Eva .lane's your girl. Tri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 43 Glee Club3 Kiskitas 43 G.A.A. 3 Rifle Club l, 23 Art Club 3, 43 Minstrelg Lunch S'and 43 Senior Cl101'llSQ Spring Concert 2, 3. WILLIAM IiIl4ENflOOD1AIl answer to any teachers' prayer. "Silence is golden," eh Bill? Hi-Y 33 Art Club 3, 4. ARTHUR McAFoosE-Art is planning to attend Carnegie Tech. lIe'll be an asset there as he was here. Football 1, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 County Chorus 43 Class President 2. 114.- Nancy Kelly Richard Kelly Mary A. Kennedy William Kunkle Shirley Lamb Donald Lauffer Robert Lees Eva Jane Leichliter William Libengood Arthur McAfoose J Gloria McClain James McCullough Nancy McCullough Harry McLaughlin John Miller Esther Moorhead Donald Morgan Jean Muffley Arlene Nelson John Nelson GLORIA NCCLAIN-Her quiet friendly ways are appreciated by the teachers. l.atin Club 25 Kislcitas 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Senior Chorus 45 Spring Concert 2, 35 Senior Play 4. JAMES hltiCl'I,l,Ul'Gll-flf it weren't for happy-go-luvky -lint how nould the ll:lS history class ever have gotten along? Football Nlgr. l, lg Basketball l. 2, 35 lli-Y 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 45 lioys' Chorus 3, 45 Spring Concert 3, NAxi'r NIt'Ct'i,i.o1'rsnfI'he class of 48's choice of "Host likely to succeed." Tri-ll-Y 2, 3, 45 liand l, 2, 3, 45 Ulee Club 2, 35 Tiger Gazette 2, 3, 45 junior Play 35 G..-MA. l, 25 Kiskitas 4: Nlinstrel 25 Senior Girls Chorus 45 Spring Concert 2, 35 Senior Play 4. Il,-xukx' NIt'LAl'onL1N-'l'l1e students' best, but the teachers pest. Dramatic Club l 5 Tiger Gazette 3, 45 -lunior Play 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Intraniurzil Basketball l, 4. .loIlN MILLER--lohnny's pleasing sniile has made many a day brighter in old A.lI.S. Tiger Gazette 3. 3, 45 Senior Play 45 -lunior Play 35 Football l, 2, 3. 45 Class Basket- ball 2, 45 Forensic League 45 Boys' Chorus 2. 35 Kiskitzis 45 Art Club 3, 45 Ili-Y 3. 4. lis'rnER Nl0ORllEAD?i4t'l'i2llIllj' the captain of the band could be none other than listher. CLA..-X, I. 25 'l'ri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 Ulee Club 2, 35 Tiger Gazette 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Minstrel Z5 Spring Concert 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 County Chorus Z, 3, 45 District Chorus 35 Senior Chorus 45 Nlajoretie l, 2. 3, 45 Dance Hand 3, 45 Senior Play 4. lltlx.-XLII NloRofxN7lJon's motto is "Neyer trouble studies until studies trouble you." Lunch Stand 45 lli-Y 3. -l 1-:AN MVIPFLEY-.lean is one of the Seniors who isn't often seen fretting and fuming. Ulee Club 2, 3, 45 'I'ri-lli-Y 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 liiskitas 45 Spring Concert 2, 3, 45 junior Play Cast 35 Nlixed Chorus 4 5 Senior Girls Chorus 4. A RLENI-3 N1-:1.soN4Quit-tly known to all. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Kiskitas 4 5 Spring Concert Z, 3, 45 Senior Girls' Chorus 4. -loIIN Nl-ZLSUN-.lohn's artistic ability is prize winning. Boys' Chorus 3, 45 Class liasketball 2, 45 Kiskitzxs 4. DEAN NEW"l'ON-DCHH is slated to take over Charles Atlas' business in a few years. Ili-Y 3, 4g Rifle Club l 3 Kiskitas 4, Football 1, 2, 3. PAUL NlQTIlllI,SON-A quiet, easy going person who is liked by all who know him. Football 3, 4. GLORIA OBRIOT-Gloria, with her quick smile, will take the secret of her sewing ability with her. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Kiskitas 45 Tri-lli-Y 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2. 35 Spring Concert 2, 3, 45 Senior Girls' Chorus 43 Lunch Stand 4. FRANK POx'DENCE+'l'eachers love VVhaley, he's so quiet and studies. Just ask Miss llenry. Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Basketball 2, 4. DON RAMALEY-The halls of A.ll.S will miss the laughter and friendliness of Don. Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 45 County Chorus 45 Ili-Y 3. 43 Rifle Club 33 Lunch Stand 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 4, Senior Play 4. NIARTH.-X REARICK-Martha's lending hand helped many a classmate in old A.lI.S. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 43 Senior Girls' Chorus 45 junior Play 3, Tiger Gazette 4, Kiskitas 4. IIELEN REEFER-Ilelen's Friendly nature brought much cheer to her classmates. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, -1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Kiskitas 45 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 43 Band l, 25 junior Play Staff, Tiger Gazette 4, Senior Girls' Chorus, Senior Play Cast. CHARLES RPIESE1ChHl'llC'S Wise remarks keep the whole class roaring. Hi-Y 3, Dramatic Club I, Junior Class Play 31 Tiger Gazette 4, Kiskitas 43 Football lg Mixed Chorus 4g Forensic League 45 Boys' Chorus 3. NIARY ROMAN-Bliiry is very quiet and easy to get long with. G.A.A. l, 2, 33 Art Club 1, 2, Girls' Chorus Z, 3, 4, Spring Concert 2, 35 Senior Chorus 4, Tri-Ili-Y 3. BERNADINE ROOSE-l3ernadine's gay manner is a joy to behold. Tri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 Art Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 45 Kiskitas 45 Lunch Stand 4, Senior Girls' Chorus 4. Dean Newton Paul Nicholson Gloria Obriot Frank Poydence Donald Ramaley Martha Rearick Helen Reefer Charles Reese Mary Roman Bernadine Roose 116... SEN IORS . . . on many stages-the gridiron i Richard Shaffer Daniel Shaw Patricia Shaw Doyle Shellhammer Thomas Shriver Glenn Slagle Gloria Ann Sloan Dorothy Smith Paul Gianetto Betty Spencer NIUIIARID SII.-xIflflikillecaxiie a member of our rlass this year and is showing himself proud. Rifle Club l, Z. DANNY SILXXY-lves llan's the eo-owner of that great big limousine. Football l. 2. 3. 43 Art Club 3. 45 lli-Y 3. 4: lloys' Chorus 3. 4, Nlixed Chorus 4, Class Basketball 2, 4. l'ATTY SHAW7lt' you meet a cheery, even tempered senior girl, you can be sure it's l'atty. G.A.A. 1 3 Lunch Stand 45 Kiskitas 4. llllX'LE SlllillldlrlllYtllili-IQIIOWII hy one and all to be a quiet but swell classmate. 'l'llUM.-XS SHRIYIQR-'l'oin111y's mixtu e nl' blafk hair and flashing brown eyes is one of the treasures of the elass. Football 1, 23 Art Club 3, 4: lli-Y 3. 4. GLENN SL.Xlll,l'lLiilCIlll'S songs will always linger in the ears of A.ll.S students, Senior lllay 43 lfootball l. 2, 3, 4: lioys' Chorus 2. 3, -lg llixed Chorus 2. 5. 4: lli-Y 33 Art Club 3, 43 County Chorus 3, 43 District Chorus 3, 4, State Chorus 33 Class Basketball 2. 4. GI,oR1A ANN S1.o,xN+Clo1-ia Ann is an all-round sport and an especially smooth dancer. Senior Play, junior l'luy3 'l'ri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 43 Art Club, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 45 Glee Clubg Kiskitas 4. llURU'l'HX' SMl'1'll--Sometimes sober, some'irnes gay, but who cares for it's her cute way. Glee Club 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 35 Tri-lli-Y 3, 4: Tiger Gazette 43 junior Play Staff 3 Kiskitas 4g Lunch Stand 4g Senior Lfhorusg Spring Con- cert 2, 3. l'AL'L CrIANli'1"l'UT"Sllll water runs deep," and his marks prove it. l51i'r'1'Y SPENVIQK-V--lletty' is a very likable girl and the life of any party. Tri-Ili-Y 2, 3, 4, Tiger Gazette 3. 43 Kiski- tas 45 Nlinstrelg Nlajorette 1, 2, .lg Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Lunch Stand 45 Senior Girls' Chorusg Spring Concertg -Iunior Play Staff. .217- SENIORS . . . the gymnasium, and the auditorium JAMES S'I'ENY-XR'l'1Jllll'S quick wit and humor will be missed by all A. ll. S. Football l, 2, 3. 45 Intramural basketball 2. 45 Class Officer 45 Art Club 3. 4. RONALD 'I'AI,MA1vGE-"To do nothing is any 1nan's power." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 45 Rifle Club 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Class Basketball 4. ARTIIIIR NYALKER-4'Always put off till tomorrow what should be done today." HIQRNARD VVA'1"r1+1RsoNYA kitten in the class room, but a tiger on tlte gridiron. Football l, 2. 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, Art Club 3, 45 Spring Concert 35 Kiskitas 45 lntraniural Basketball 2, 4. jmtk VYlll'1'l,INGER-YYC don't hear from jack Very often, but when we do we know it. Lunch Stand 45 Kiski'as 4. Ricnftium Wn1'r1,iNc:ER-"'l'o have friends you must be one," and Dick is a real one. Senior Play: Junior lllayg Kiskitas ClCditorj5 Lunch Stand 45 Secretary-'l'reasurer of Class 3. Dorours Yoijxcz-Take out the old styles and Dolores will bring theni in. Tri-lli-Y Z, 3, 45 G.A.A. l 5 Tiger Gazette 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Kiskitas 45 Lunch Stand 45 Spring Concert 2, 3. ... 18- James Stewart Richard Whitlinger Arthur Walker Ronald Talmadge Jack Whitlinger Bernard Watterson Dolores Young -gk CLASS HISTORY In the year nineteen thirty-six we. the Senior Class, began our career as students in the Apollo School System. lYe were quite shy and bashful then. but times do change! In September. 1944. we entered Apollo High School. At the first of the year, we were out of school for several weeks because of the spread- ing of infantile paralysis. NVe elected Dwight Cramer as President and julia Davis as Secre- tary-Treasurer. XYe soon found that some of our boys had great acting ability. 'l'hey dramatized a revised edition of Shakespt-are's "Julius Cae- sar" in an assembly which was a great success. In 1945. we moved up to the position of Sophomores. XXX- started off by electing Arthur McAfoose as President and Nancy McCullough as Secretary-Treasurer. 'l'his was the year the girls had the opportunity to join the Tri-Hi-Y. As our activity this year we had a Sophomore dance, at which our bashfulness vanished. XVe continued through this year looking forward to when we would he juniors. In 1046, we became juniors and elected john Miller as President and Richard NVhitlinger as Secretary-Treasurer. XYe started off on our fin- ancial enterprises by selling line-ups at the home games. Our football team that year was made up of all but two Seniors which made us very proud. In December. we presented to the public our junior Class play "Drums of Death." a mystery in three acts. lVe also received our Senior Class rings in january of that year. Finally, we came to our last year in high school. lVe elected Dwight Cramer as President and James Stewart as Secretary-Treasurer. XVith Mrs. Russell's help we made a success at our football stand. XVe were very proud of our foot- ball team because we won every game except two. lVe also obtained money by selling magazine subscriptions. All in all. we believe we accom- plished a great deal in our four years in high school. l X- I? I if Af " I l Q ,Skip 1 I f ur I Mr l un 19- CLASS WILL Darlene Bodenhorn leaves her walk to any forth-coming Senior who would like to have it. XVe leave jack Baustert's knowledge of sine, cosine and tangent in 'l'rig. to Leland Henry. Richard Calderone bequeaths his quietness to Richard Guido. David Caldwell leaves his "cunning laugh" to Paul Sposito. Furman Curry leaves his "Casanova appeal" to Lee McQuaide. Lookout girls! Dora jean Bash leaves-for jersey Shore-can you blame her? Don Riggle won't let you forget Betty Burn's cute jokes. Donald Clark bequeaths his build to Don Heck- man. Betty jean Buchanan leaves her delicate ways to Sally Buchanan. Margaret Bowser leaves her grades to Norman Nelson. CXYe think he needs them more than Margaret doesj Paul Nicholson leaves his ability to play t'hook" to Geraldine Hunter. Those wise sayings heretofore heard from Don Ramaley will now sprout from George Hill. Doyle Shellhammer leaves his quietness to the teachers. and may they rejoice with it. Gloria Obriot's deft fingers will be in the form of Yvonne Graham. Martha Rearick's ambition to go to designing school will be left to Nancy McLaren. VVe leave jack Whitlinger's self-com,posure in times of distress to all future Seniors, and take it from us, they will all need it. james Stewart leaves his little red car out along a road, just couldn't seem to get the darn thing to run. XVe leave Helen Reefer's shyness to janis Hemp- hill. Arlene Nelson's quick answers in the classroom will now come from Dottie Boarts. XVe leave jean Muffley's neatness to Loretta W'ysocki. XYe are sure that Eunice A ment will handle julia Davis's sweet temper very nicely. Harriet Burns leaves her quiet manner to Mary Manaia. XVe leave Marie Bortz's "happy-go-lucky" nature to Margaret Stotler. Ditty Talmadge leaves his technique with the ladies to Robert jones. lfrank Poydence leaves his honor seat in history class to room 200. QHe didn't want it in the first place.j Tonimy Shriver leaves his excuse for absence to some forth-coming Senior bright enough to get his job. Charles Reese leaves his technique for borrowing pencils to Leo Travaglia. Snookie Durandetto's smooth shape will now be carried nicely through the halls by Lucy Garufi. Mary Lou Burkett leaves her dark, wavy locks to joan Majersky. Gloria Ann Sloan leaves her cheering ability to Nancy Belle Sloan. Betty Spencer leaves her "snappy" wit to Mar- garet Stotler. jane Harkcom leaves her sweet disposition throughout the school for the underclassmen to make use of. Agnes Hollis leaves her natural curly hair to Anne Bierly. Mary Roman leaves her rosy red cheeks to Dor- othy Painter. Dolores Hockenberry leaves-but she is taking Bob with her. XVe leave Peggy Harbison's soothing voice to Esther Curry. VVe'll take Patty Shaw's bright smile with us, if you don't mind, it helps to cheer us u,p. Loree Held's cheery greeting in the halls will now come from Betty XfVilson. Dolores Young bequeaths her 'Knew looki' in styles to Dorothy Maier. Dorothy Smith leaves her vim, vigor, and vital- ity to Mert Slagle. Jim McCullough leaves for the mill, so why study history? At least that is what he keeps telling Miss Henry. John Miller leaves his class ring and all to Wanda Doverspike. Art McAfoose leaves his long shots in basketball to any future player who can make it. john Nelsonf-our Leonardo De Vinci leaves his artistic ability to Tom Townsend. CU Lois Blystone leaves her ravishing golden locks to any platinum blond who would rather have the real thing. Dean Newton leaves--and he is happy about the whole thing. Eloise Black leaves her secret of applying the ring to the left hand. third finger to all you unattached girls. Regina Bella leaves her neat appearance to Marjorie Groves. Bob Lees leaves his athletic ability to Bob Frank. XValt Durandetto leaves his curly hair to Carl Dormire. Lorraine Davis leaves her dimples to Ellen Rupert. Julia Duso leaves her gymnastic ability to Bar- bara Fryer. Dick Kelly leaves his cute smile to Bob NVelsh. Leland Grimm leaves his bashfulness with girls to Bob Shriver. Rose Gabrielli leaves her long walk to Cherry Lane to -loe Casagni. VVe leave Doris jean Clever's evenly balanced disposition to Donna Zimmerman. VVe leave Bill Kunkle's hair cut to frighten the underclassmen. Duane Hill leaves his ability to get along with the teachers to lfloridan Dodson. Bernadine Roose leaves her many dates to Louise Cannella. Nancy Lou George leaves her high G's and A's in Mixed Chorus to VVilda Campbell. To Iona Hill we leave Nancy Kelly's technique in capturing the giant size of he-man. Glenn Slagle bequeaths the tune of "The Big Bass Viol" to Dick Townsend. Esther Moorhead leaves to Patty Armstrong her ability in mastering the keyboard. 'l'o Stanley Spiher we bequeath Don Lauffer's wit and humor. 'l'o Dean Hill we leave Danny Shaw's startling tardy excuses, Shirley Lamb bequeaths her mirthful dosposition to the entire junior Class. Nancy McCullough leaves her geometric mind to next year's geometry class. 'l'o Alice XYeigand we bequeath Mary Alice Kennedy's quiet, but charming disposition. To Imogene Talmadge. lflva ,lane leaves the burden of carrying her suitcase to and from Home Bc. Class. Donald Morgan leaves his friendliness and talk- ativeness to Howard Shaeffer. The shy expression and backwardness of Bill Libengood we leave to Danny Kunkle. Laura Johnson leaves her beautiful teeth to jane Eckman. jack Hazlett bequeaths his wavy blond hair to Tommy Shaffer. Art Walker leaves his sparkling blue eyes to Keith Cramer. Bob Snyder bequeaths his ability to argue with the teachers to .lack Nulph. Dick XVhitlinger leaves his stature to joe Cappo. Clem W'atterson leaves his football ability to -lesse Bowers. Bern Kelly leaves his naturally straight hair to Dink Dunmire. Bill Guthrie bequeaths his abundance of spend- ing money to anyone that can use it. Are we kiddin'? kliggs McLaughlin leaves his quiet Cjokej humor to Dale Kunkle. Ruth Deemer bequeaths her blue rimmed glasses to Valerie Harmon. Paul Gianetto leaves his nose to Don Rossi. Buck Cramer leaves his Senior Class presidency to someone willing to undertake the job. Bob Chilpp leaves his build to Pin Long. Leonard Davis bequeaths his ability to be a good sport to Bunk Held. Herb Barber leaves his green sweater to Bill lVhitlinger. 1948 CLASS PROPHECY Once again the time has arrived to try to imagine the who, what, when, and where of this year's Senior Class. VVill you accompany me on my imaginary journey into the clouded future to see the ordin- ary little milltown of Apollo in the year 1958? To catch up on the recent news, shall we stop at the Apollo News Stand, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bruner, the former Julia Davis, to buy an Apollo Gazette, which we notice is edited by Mr. XVilliam Libengood. XVe look at the so- ciety page and are quite surprised at the list of recent weddings. Included among these are Miss Mary Roman to Mr. Ronald Cllittyb Talmadge. Miss Dora Jean Bash to Mr. john Royer, who are nowtresiding at jersey Shore. Also, Miss Mary Lou Burkett to Mr. Donald Ramaley, who is the proprietor of the first cigarette factory in Apollo. Miss Doris jean Clever is now married to Mr. Harold Crawford, owner of Crawford's National Feed Store. Let's wander up Apollo's famous fairway, VVarren Avenue. We stroll past Charlie Carr's Pool Parlor, now managed by Richard VVhit- linger. As we peer through the cloudy windows we seen Dean Newton, jim McCullough, and Duck Lauffer, who are still planning their trip to California on motor bikes. Notice that Bob Chipp is not mentioned in this group as he and the former Mary Alice Kennedy have decided to settle down and have three little "chips" off the old block. XVe are thirsty for one of the Libertyis well- known cokes. but as we start in. we are rudely pushed aside by jiggs McLaughlin, the pro- prietor, who is kicking out Bern Kelly because he refused to pay his bill. As we finally get in- side, we see Mrs. McLaughlin, the former Peggy Harbison, standing meekly behind the counter watching the scene. The officers of the Apollo Bachelorls Club, who are Bill Guthrie, Paul Giannetto, Herb Barber, Leland Grimm, and Leonard Davis, have met here this afternoon, so we decide to talk to them. Some of the more ,prominent members of the club. we are told. have become internationally known. Dick Kelly is now international bubble gum champ. -lack Baustert is the Professor of Mathematics at U. C. L. A. Dick Calderone is president of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Dave Caldwell is a speed demon at the Vandergrift Municipal Airport. Art XValker is another Boris Karloff of the hor- ror pictures. Don Clark is in partnership with Charles Atlas showing what happens if you don't follow directions. Cltaul Nicholson didn't follow directionsj Charles Reese is now a world famous comedian known as 'fHot Shot Charlie." And last, but not least, Furman Curry is head of the department for fining parkers. As we leave the Liberty, we run into Dwight Cramer, who has married a deer without any doe. but has managed to raise a few "bucks.' He tells us that Nancy Lou George is now a Metropolitan singer of cowboy songs, and that Ruth Deemer is a ballet star. He also tells us that Harriet Burns is selling peanuts in Neatrour's Circus which is now up at Owens Field featuring the one and only plastic bubble dancer, julia Duso. Tom Shriver is now letting all his friends down as he is head mortician at Morgan's Morgue, 83 operated by Don Morgan. W'e notice that there is a new beauty salon in Apollo run by Arlene Nelson. XYe go in to pick some gossip and she tells us that Agnes Hollis is still practicing shorthand like mad to achieve eighty words a minute. Nancy Lee McCullough is there getting her hair dried. As you might have guessed she is now Mrs. Cal Shafer. lVe notice that jean Muffley is still frantically try- ing to put a wave in junior's hair. Helen Reefer. who is one of the head operators of the shoppe tells us that Clem XVatterson has finally taken Nancy Kelly to be his own little Daisy june. She also tells us that Laura johnson is a surgical nurse at Mercy Hospital in l'hiladelLphia and that Gloria Dbriot is now sewing for Martha Rear- ick's famous designs. Also, that liva jane Leich- liter has finally acquired an easier name to pro- nounce, Wlatterson, and that Loree Held is a model at Rubin's Department Store. Un our way up to the hotel to spend the night, we see Bob Lees wheeling Roberta, jr., down the street. XYe ask about his wife. the former Dolores Hockenberry, and he tells us that she is still working at Rubin's to support the family. Upon reaching the hotel, owned by john Nelson. we sit down to read our paper and these interesting facts are brought to light by Dorothy Smitlfs gossip column. Dolores Young is the chief milk- maid at l'atterson's Dairy. Regina Bella is now ruler of the "Toni" permanent. lfiloise Black is a torch singer at jack Hazlett's poolroom. Lois Blystone is a world-famous coon hunter. Frank Poydence and Gloria McClain are the new own- ers of the Superipin Bowling Alley. Richard Shaffer is still picking apples at Yerger's farm. Marie Bortz is manager of the Bortz-XVhit- linger Super Market. Alice Durandetto and Pat- ty Shaw are Conover models. Mrs, Duane Hill, the former Betty Burns. is now picking names off tombstones for the kiddies. Danny Shaw. jack lX'hitlinger, and Doyle Shellhammer are world travelers. Shirley Lamb and Glenn Slagle are now singing a duet of "Little Lamb." XValt Durandetto and his wife fGloria .Xnn Sloanl own oil wells in Kansas. Margaret Bowser is the only lady lion tamer in the United States. Betty jean Buchanan and Darlene Bodenhorn are profes- sional majorettes. Bill Kunkle and Esther Moor- head make a living by giving music lessons. Lor- raine Davis is a songster on XVAYL. jane Hark- com. Rose Gabrielli, and Bernadine Roose are pinch hitting for the Andrew sisters. johnny Miller and Art McAfoose are playing pro foot- ball for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Betty Spencer is raising Tomeratoes at Tomers lfarm. This has been an interesting day of meeting old acquaintances, but as all good things must come to an end. so must our story. 1 J"-ISN!! ag ...wma 3 5 if 5. " , ' - Q T -'l REGINA IQICLLA WILLIAM KIINKLE NANCY MCCULLOUGH IN THE SPOT LIGHT On seven of our leading players the spotlight shines the brightest. Chosen by their teachers as outstancling in varied qualities, these people have clisplnyecl their tal- ents in different Clubs, over the z1ir,On the gyin floor and on the stage. XYe offer our sincere ccmgrntulnticms to theseein the spotlight. JULIA DAVIS ARTHUR McAFOOSE DWIGHT CRAMER ESTHICR MOORHICAD ,247 xx CJ' ju J Q Z I : SUPPORTING A FV ? 7 z" 'Q ,gm ' j cgi 1 f fa Ljv p q HOLES N X N! W Z H X lilwxxmm X 3' Yi- H11 11 ll Robert Dunmire Iiunice Ament Ilunald Ilcskmun Robert jones Ifwluvl' CU1'I'f' Luc B1CQua1de llnwarcl S1181-1-CI' Clsraldiuc 11Lll11C1' .X11sn S11C1111H11l11li'1' l'au1 Sposito Ilrwotlxy Painter Rudy Schwolgin Tlmmas Towuscucl X12iI'gi:l1'Et 5t0t1e1' Daniel Kunkle ' 'E :ff JUNIGRS -'wr ...nf K it "di: . -as -Mg x ,nw as -A ...qi 1...- '1 -i Ilmliu Boarts I M1111 11111 1101111141 Rossi Yumm: Urahanm Ilmmlcl Riggle ,lumix 11vmphi11 llumtlxy Nlaicr Robvrl Shriver Klzwy Nlzuxaizi lilh-xx Rupert R1C'112l1'd '11t'7NVI'1SCI1L1 Louise Shoukey Alice VVeig:n1tl Iiclward 'Vrudgcnn lllillllli Zllllllli'l'lll2l.ll Aunt' Iiicrly Stanley Spihor Louise Cannellu Lnvy Garufi Ilulw Kunklv Marjorie G1'mx-N 'lam' Knupshit-ld :Xntlmny Blanuli joan Nlajcrsky Marilyn Slaglc Joseph Casagni Rose Pearl Straka JUNIORS Robert XYvlsh Patty Armstrong Richard Guido ,I oseplx Hippo NYilda Vanwpbell Carl Dortnire Leland llcnry Iona. llill Gordon llmve -lack Nulph lCrma Shaffer xyllllbllll Xvlllqlllgfl' JUNIORS Floridan Dodson Imogene Talniadge , tit-01-ge Hilty . . T if fi' 1 in 3 . ' 9' . -3 I ..., V , ,Nm I I , 'NS' , is I W :,- f zz: H Betty VVilson '- I E 7 Allen lleld ti fp- ffm' 'g I' I ,--. Loretta XYysocki "' A to 'V . ..,, 1 George Hill , 1: ..., 2. K: I .E V N Ji 1 THOSE NOT l'lC'l'URl'il7 ARE: Tillie Callen Leo Travaglia Ireland Frampton Robert Frank JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY 1949 will be a year that some 70 students of Apollo High School will never forget for that is the year that we, the junior Class, will say fare- well to our Alma Mater and take our places in higher institutions of learning and in society. Since the first clay we entered high school, we have all done our best to improve ourselves and our class and most people can truthfully say we have done a grand job. Although we were rather green at first it did not take us long to get into the swing of things when we had as our leaders Leland Henry and Patty Armstrong. Our first year was very exciting and full of fun for everyone and our first assembly had the whole school laughing for days. In the midst of all our fun we had the sad experience of losing two wonderful classmates, Betty Ann Mangus and Franklin Helsel. On September 3, 1946 we embarked on the second step of high school, not the little green 28- freshnien we were at first, but wiser and more independent Sophomores. This year we elected Dick Townsend as President and Eunice Ament as Secretary-Treasurer. In the field of sports we added several com- mendable players. Bob Frank showed outstand- ing ability in football, while in basketball, Howe, Sposito. McQuaide, and Frank set the pace. Again tragedy struck our class with the deaths of John Knepshield and Harriet Geiger. This year we entered into the third step of our high school career. IN'e again elected Dick Townsend as President and Dottie Boarts as Sec- retary-Treasurer. Our financial enterprises be- gan by selling line-ups at the home football games and continued with the class play flume Mad." It was quite a success with a talented cast and two wonderful directors. Next year as we enter the fourth and final step, we hope to have one of the finest classes ever seen in the Apollo High School, Betty llortz Jack Altman llelcn liurnvs lileanor Hush James Vypln-1't Nlary llnrns Lucille lirown Clurcrmvc Gourlcy liarhurzl Jackson Louetta Ros:-nsteel Donald Kirklnan Joan Rf-ml Nanry Sloan John Nlvifall Jane Scripps Vllilllam liollinger Marian llarto X Albert Carter Leonard Dauglwrty Barbara Coleman Robert l"aln-1' James Ililty Harriet Johnston Gene Johnston Donald I,oc'kzu'cl Eleanor Ohriot Charles Long Nancy McLaren Alice Troup Kenneth Nevins Victor Slaviero lillen Kepple Don Smith Robert lllliitlingei' Dolores Nlcllenry Jack Wvilson VVilliam Altmire Norma Reefer james llaustert 1,11 Rue lnckarcl Rita ,lean Sforzn Nlliyne lickman SOPHOMORES Sum Iiruce l'lil'fm'd Shaffer Maxine Nlcllonalcl li1ll'l?Ill'1l King Lillian Marino l,:1 Rue Leiuhliter Xlzirtlizl Morton llnmui' Shaw Vlosepliine Xadoh Rita Rossi Keith f,ll'Zl1ll6I' Gladys Shaffer xvilllflli lirwwspi Marian Straku ,I uhu lfzilnm' llxirrict XYQLQLIIPI' Plusvpliim- llqrlnli Philip lluntei' Y lfgllllli Iirillmzilcn-1' Nlnry lfllcu Vnmpei' Riley Knight lX1lIl1c'I'll1c' 4 urry Robert Slmeftk-r -llllltf lfvkmzui Alum- Russ lfflgui' liigglr' llulures Surotkzl li s' SOPHOMORES 'ff 50' 12" -wmv vi ,av can liuclcly liivsch Phyllis VVufford XYilliam Ililliard livin lluwn Km-pshielrl Flllllll. Caunvlla Ray Kerr Rulu-rt Lockard Arlmie Davis llgxvid l'z1ss1u'ella Tlifmms Slmffer Lucille lluvuzzin hlzum-s Spzxln' F -- u Angeline Sforzn Plthelyn Shank Valerie Snyder Valerie Harmon Louise Hence Sally Buchanan SOPHOMORES THOSE NOT 1'lC'l'URED ARE Patty Coulter Stella Stokes Norman Nelson Dolores Altmire Sheldon Stroup Alva Dunmire Charles Hurley Barbara Fryer Nlury Louise Spec Luis Vllilllllllilgt' ,I une XYQ1lker Irene Iluruncletfo Frances llilty Norma -Innes SOPHOMORE HISTORY Most of the 1948 sophomores began their school career in the fall of 1933 in Apollo, North Apollo. and Consolidated schools. lluring eight years many moved away but were replaced by other students who moved into the town. Un September 3, 1946, one hundred nine freshmen made their debut in A. H. S. Our first class meetings resulted in the election of Clarence Gourley. president and llarbara King, secretary-treasurer. Our turn of receiving sophomore privileges came on September Z. 1947, when one hundred six sophomores entered the doors of A. H. At our first class meeting we efected Clifford Shaffer, president and Keith Cramer, secretary-treasurer. XVe are all looking fonvard to a bright future during the next two years in A. H. and we hope to have close to one hundred graduates in the spring of 1950. FRESHMAN HISTORY As the cool weather rushed in the doors of Apollo High School, so did we rush in to make the great Freshman class of 1947-48. lVe began the year by electing our officers. For the office of president we select- ed Gene Xllhitlinger and as secretary-treasurer, Marlene Minotte. Dianne Knepshield, Gloria Ann Kelly and Martha Reefer were honored by being the only freshmen on the Tiger Gazette Staff. Before we knew it, the football season was in ,progress and jesse Bowers did a Very good job of playing. Mr. Claypool started a Freshman Science Club and Jesse Bowers was elected president. Gordon lickman. vice president. Marlene Minotte. secretary-treasurer. and Martha Reefer as assistant secretary-Ireasurer. The club expects to make it very inter- esting for the members. Then came basketball! 'l'he freshmen were well represented on the j. by Kenny Hefferman, Ronald Hilty, jesse Bowers, and Ralph Stevenson, who have done a great job in supporting the team. Every freshman is looking forward to future years at A. H. S. Cloria Ameno Charles Armitage Ruth Baldrige Margaret lirackin Jesse Bowers Dorothy Brubaker Loretta llockeuberry Leroy Crissman Joyce I leffernan Gloriaun Kelly Kenneth George Alice jean Kinter Dianne Knepshield Edward llolbrook Jo Ann Lyons FRESHMEN Vharles liireh Guy lllystouc Ronald lilystone Ralph Cartwright Nlzlry Demeuk Howard Coleman Gurdon liekmau Darlene Ilorrell Gilbert Faber Kenneth lleffernan Betty Kliugensmith Ronald llilty Vllilliam jones Lois jean Nlillen VVilliam Kennedy Joseph Poyclence Ioan Rodgers YYilliam Furman John Moorhead Charlene Shacikoski john Nlunmw Richard Nulph hlary Wlhitlinger Danny Rnsenherger Robert Srhwolgin Laura Belle Barber Ronald Shellhamrner FRESHMEN Ulf 1' a aa OP' 11 dvr fo-N ,.-4 4 'T ,-. Blarie Nadoh Arthur Libengood Barbara Pryor Marilyn Rupert Samuel Doverspike Robert Betts Marie Slaviero William Cole Edward Brown Anna Wick Duane Saxion Esther VVick V Sara Casagni XYillia1n Shirley Salley IYPCBIHEI' jean Fryer Ralph Stevenson Joanne Larimer Marlene Minotte Gene VVhitlinger Martha Reefer FRESHMEN As- TIIOSF NOT l'lC'l'l'RlCD ARE Richard Nc-wingham Dolores Sunles Mary Lou VVQ-incl VVanda Szxrver Clair Ilvlcl 136,- I,eunz1rd Small Gayle lllmehizer VX'illi:11n Snyder Daniel Stone Shirley Larimer IImx'1u'cl Stone lildn Roman livelyn VVatters0n In Rue Slicker I XLX K V ' I J I WIIQ I fx Y II QT, , 'ggi f is ' SEIU! H ,N I III if gm ACT I CR UI cm :p q ACTIVITIES Qt xg X I Z H X UIIIIIIIIN X di NWA- In BACKGROUND MUSIC im N D Attirecl in their new orange and black uni- forms our band inmle quite n striking figure at all the gridiron Contests. Sinre this wan the first group to achieve this distinction the ineinbers were honor- , . . . Mu. STtfRGicoN ed hy being invited to attend the annual football banquet. Let us give three Clit-ers for this group who has clone so well in the past :incl will do even better in the future. Fi:-.rf 1-nw: Mr. Sturgeon, lioarts, Ament, Nlangus, Guthrie-. Armitage, lickman. Sluxt'l'er. .Sbmzzrl mmf: King, R. Nulph, R. XYliillingei', lfztrter, Hunter, 'l':':xx':1gli:1. Cztsagni, Kc-nnctly, ylhlhflll row: Sllllf'lFl4Cl', Xlvilson, 'lil'klflQt1OIl, ll. liunlalcf, Kelly, XY, Kuiililv, Sliaw, Nulph. fl17I!I'f!l VIYTUI Cart- wright, C. Shaffer, T. Sliuftk-r, ll. Slim-ffer. QMAJORETTES Fifzvf row: Brvdenhrwn, Burns. .S'.f't'f7lId raw: Rupert. Davis, Kuepshild, Burban- Ln. Thi: 'IZ mmf: Iiurns. Zimmerman, fwlrfxfh ww: xICf,xLlHUllg11. Young. lfiflh 1-mv: Moorhead. ,I K DANCE BAND l"ir.vf wmv: Yluulvr, Kcnuvzly. YYLXISI1, Kunklv, XVHSOII, Slmvikoski .S'wfn11z1' rmcri A mvnt, F1'yvr. NIrm411'lxe1cl. II. Slmsffer, XIV. Sll1l'gt'UI1, .XrmiIage, H, Shaffer, I'1L'kHlClI1. 7 B O Y S C H O R U S !"i1'.r! mmf: Slavicro, Wilson, R. Slizwffcr, Sl72ll1T.BICi'hf0OSL', Kelly. VIE-lsh, Sposito, Ililliard, Hunter, llazlett, I Nulph, Curry. ,Slffwzff ww: Lziufft-r. 'I'ownst-lid, Caszigni, Scliwolgin. Nevins. Altman. Cfzilclcrone. Reese. Shaw, Lees, Daugherty. lIill. 'I'alxmtclg1e. Mrs. lloy. Thim' mmf: Dodson. R XYhitlinger, Bolling:-r. McLaughlin. Slagle. Poy- denfe, Rossi. Henry. Townsend. Cf Shaffer. Cyphert, Shaw. fnzfrfh mmf: XYLIIISTSOH. Crznner. Dorniire, Cfurter, D Runkle, Guthrie. 'If Shaffer, McCullough, Ranialey, XY. Kunkle. Durzmclt-ttu. Stewart. GIRLS' CHORUS Fiwf 1-fm: Nlclionild. lirown, Iiella, Iioarts, Hill. Anient, ileirufi, Cooper, Speer, Ililty, Morton, Bash. NICIIenry, N. Reefer, Ross, Vkiofford, Vzmipbell, Ilollis. Shaffer, Jackson, Rzwazzin Rosensteel. Sec011fz'1'n'zff: Rupert, N. Sloan, Coleman, l'lt'RlllCLI1, Curry. Svripps. Coulter. jones, Barto, Cxnnella, Vhigner, VVulker, Bortz, Barnes, R. Sforza, Serot- ka, Snvclttr. Groves. Thin! mmf: NI. Burns. Il Burns, Black, Young. Ii. Obriotq I.. Davis, Bruve. A. Davis. I Tal- madgei I.. Talniadge. IJ. llovkenberry, Nlutfley. B. I, Buchanan. Leichliter. Nl. Straka. Fnnrfh raw: Reed. NICCul- lough. lioclenhorn. Davis. George. G. Obriot. Rossi. A. Sforza, Marino. Shockey, Shaffer, Dee-mer. Knepshield. Hunt- er, Stotler, Ilarbison. Wkiggaiicl. Gamble, .-X. Nelson. Hrs, Iloy. Ffftfz raw: McClain. Rearirk. Bortz. Cannella Lamb, ll. Reefer. Roose, Spencer, Kelly. Nlaier, Armstrong. Gahrielli, Ronmn. Smith. G. Sloan, Stokes, Kennedy Sixth ww: li. Burns, Lockartl, Nloorhead, Ilarkcom, Held, II. vlohnston. King, Shank. E. Knepshield, Kepple, Bierly VVysoCki, Majersky, R. Strziku, I.. Johnston, Iluso. Sezfenfh rwzu: Zimmerman. Burkett, Hence, li. Curry, Graham Clever, NYilson. Hemphill, UI. Nadoh, I,. I,uit'liliter, S. litwliunzln, J, Bertolino, Doverspike. 1 1 ORCHESTRA mt 1117.12 'lf SluLi'l'm-V, 'l'!'ax'zLglI11, Casagni, Ilauglwrty, Nulph, B. NYilson, lxunkh-, i4mw1'm'cl, Iiicrly. .Slwnflff fwzug tl. NYi1s0n, Hash, XXvllil1iIlgt'T'. Kvnncdy, 1 1r'tcI'. if ShlllA1,L'I', AIHCIII. Tfzinl' kwin: llumer. NY:-Ish, llunrts, Cl. Slmffcr, I vkmzm, .Xr11xst1'nmg. l"w11rMmr.': lirzickin, .X1'x11itzxgv, Xl11St11rgro11, II. Slun'1'fm'. DISTRICT BAND l COUNTY CHORUS Fizzvf row: Bella, George, Campbell, Hemphill, llnrbison, Ament, Armstrong, lloarts. Scrum! 1-nw: Nlebkfoose, 'l'. Shaffer, Fryer, Moorhead, Curry, Slagle, Townsend. Third ww: Lauffer, Raninley, Guthrie, Kunkle, Cramer, Lees. The County Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Gretchen Hoy, was 11 group selected to ,participate in the annual County Chorus Festival which was held this year at Ford City. ,.42, I I 4ART CI. Gl,me1,x QXNN SLOAN IQANNV SHAW ....,,.,...,. .... . . Vice P1'f'.viz1'u11l Lomsr: CANNELLA TRI-Hb RIQUINA BELLA ....... ICUNLQE LXMENT ...., , 'IANE KNEPSHIELD FRESIIBIEN SCI jlcsslz BOWERSH. .... Gommox ECKMAN .AA,, NIARLENE MINQTTE M.x14'1'H,x REEFER .. . . ..,,, .,....... P I'c'.fldt'lll fig FRESHMQEN SCIENCE CLUB 1 First Row: Pryor, Baldrige, Klingyensmith, S. Larimer, Lyons, M. Nadoh, L. Hrxckenberry, Kelly, N. Reefer, J. Heffernan, Whit- linyrer, Blystone, Roman, Ameno, Mille-n. Second Row: Minotte, Deomer, Rodxrers, Brackin, Brubaker, Hum-rt, E. Wick, Demcuk Weinel, J. Larimer, G. Emehizer, Kintcr, liurlrer, Horrell, Mr. Claypool. Thirrl Row: Doverspike, Arrnituge, Coleman, Holbrook Birch, Schwolgin, Crissman, Hell, lilystonc, Bowers, Shacikoski, Fryer, A. VVick, Knepshield, Fourth Row: K, Heffernan, Eck man, McCleury, Hilty, Cole, Heffern, Stevenson. Faber, George, Kennedy, Cartwright, The Science Club was organized by the l'll'CSlllll1lll Class under the supervision of Mr. Cluypool. The aims of the Science Club are to lllL'l'L'ilSC the l1lCI1llDCl'S' knowledge of science: :md to understand the impzmrtzilice of science in their lives. -- 44 C, TRI-HI-Y First Row: Hunter, J. Davis, D. Hockenberry, Muffley, B. J, Buchanan, Bella, Knepshield, Amcnt, Harkcom, D. liorlonhorn, Younz, H. Burns, Coulter, Scripps, K. Curry. McDonald, Campbell, Groves, Jackson. Second Row: Walker, J. Czinnellu, wV1lII!1E'!', N. Sloan, M. Burns, Troup, Hill, Boarts, Eckman, Coleman, Barto, Wofford, Ravazzin, McCullough, G. Sloan, E. l.oin-lilitcr, Smith, E. Obriot. Third Row: N. Reefer, Ross. King, Bash. liierly, E. Curry, Graham, Fryer, Johnston, L. Cunm-llzi. Maier. Arnistronjl, Gzirufi, Morton, lin-nce. liockzinl. Fourth Row: Jones, Lamb, H, Reefer, liurkctt, liortz, Rooso, Held, Moorlie-url, Stotlur, Wilson, Hemphill, Hzirbison, Dovurspikv, llertulino, Spencer, Kclly. Fifth Row: Blystmul, ll. Olmriot, D. Km-usliiclml, Shank, Duramlctto, Zimmcrniun. Mujvrsky, Wysouki, S. Buchanan, L. l.L-iclilitcr, J. Nznloh. Sixth Row: Mrs. Hzirnly, Miss Stnhlnuxn, Mrs. King. This ya-:ir the 'l'i'i-Hi-Y lnumcliccl several new ships on thc horizon. 'l'hv first wus ai box social :uid wc think everyone will agree thnt it was ni liowling fiiinncinil siiccess Cnluc mainly to the :ihlc assist- nnvc of N111 Siiyclerjl Next l'1lIllL' thc Cliristiniis card mln- :uid this, too, vonti'ibutccl muvh to our il't'2lSlll'f'. l.a1tei'oii. in lfcli1'ii:iI'y. thc viitire :iwcnibly enjoyed ll skit. "'l'hc- xXvL'llllC5Cl1lf' Club l'lllik'l'i1llllS.N VVith their zmnuzil Mollur-llzuiglitcr linmlucl, which was ll gm-:it siicvsss. the 'l'i'i-Hi-Y voiictluclccl xiii L-vcntful ycnr. 4s-- , ART CLUB Firxt rmu: F. Roman, VVhit1inger, Curufi, Knepshicld, ifmniella, Sloan, Iicichliter. Swfmnl 1-nw: NI. Roinrm, Roose, VVysocki, Held, I,Lllli'fCT', Miller, VVi1srm, Graham. Third row: Slaglc Shaw, I,ibc-ngood, Mr. Kipp, VVattBis0n, SI:-wart, Sliriver. The Art Club which was organized last your under the dircction of Mr. YVn1tcr Kipp has lnnde great strides this year. Last yczu' they had 21 puppet show for an 21'-1SClllbiy progrnni which was entertaining to everyone. The Club includes lfrcshnicn. Supl1u1noi'cS. -Iilliirws. and Seniors. The Apollo junior Rifle Club enjoyed a very successful season in 1047-1943, Although no league was organized. the team participated in a number of sh:vulder-tt1-shoulder matches and a few postal matches. 'I'he Rifle Club was organized in 1043-44. and was sponsored by the .Xmerican Legion of Apollo. Mr. XVayne Sloan was appointed as instructor and the elub included junior and Senior High School students. However. the next year the membership was restricted to Senior High students and it has been conducted in this manner since then. ln 1947 a team composed of Dave Caldwell. -lack llaustert, liill Kunkle, and ,Xrt lVleAfoose won the Sectional Inter-aeliolastie Match conducted at Oakmont. 'l'his team was placed fifth in the National lnterseholastie Match. - All members of the Rifle Club wish to express their thanks to lVlr. XVayne Sloan and Mr. Arthur C. Mei-X foose for their efforts in making the club successful. Fizzrf ww: Buchanan, Davis, Roose, Nloorhead. llarkvom, Sloan. Reefer. .b.x'!'U7IIf wwf: KIcwXt'oose Caldwell, Ilaustert. Kunkle, Shaffer, f'a1clt-rone. Kelly. RIFLE CLUB 1.47, THE PLAY,S THE THING l 1 Weddmg Spade lfVf'dzZi11g Sfmflx, A comedy in three acts, by james F. Stone, was the play ,present- ed by the seniors of 1943. In rt very confusing :ind amusing' manner. twelve of our leading players ,portrayed for the students and townspeople, the story of an amnesia victim and his mixed up life. XVith the help of four beautiful girls :ind his good friend Charlie Cooney, Steve Arlen finnully succeeds in finding his recently lost bride. CAST Billff .,......,,... .Gloria McClain li'n'zfex ......,. ., ..i.. , .... Richard XVliitling'er 5if'1,fc'f41'f1f1f .. .... Cfzzzrln' Cl0I1llc'j! ,,r.......,,,... . lllrs. julia Peffiffgiff. .... ,. Azlygvlfim l'VtZjfllC ....,... I"nz11fff.s' B M1011 ,...,..... . Niki rWzH'jJf1y, lfutfz, Aullmvz ........... fffrlkd . .......,. ....,............ . SiKQ.fbf'z' Sllffffrlll ...... Mu. Gay ., .. ,, ,..,.........,Ioli1iny Miller Donald Ramaley Gloria Ann Sloan Helen Reefer Nancy McCullough ,,..Esther Moorhead Darlene Bodenhorn .........l"urman Curry .. ....... Glenn Slagle Nancy Lou George ,- ww e if je A For their 1947 production the junior Class presented "june Mud." at rezilistic comedy in three acts. The play gave ll colorful and humorous picture of the many difficulties 11 young girl encounters along the road to maturity. ,IUNIOR PLAY cme77f4af l'i'1111-1' IVIIUZIZ, .. Qvhlltf' flzI1'l'fJ' illliv. IVINHX .....,, .. lilfzzm Tzzlfft '..., , Dr. 110111113 ..., , lif-fin ..., ,Willy LW THE CA ST Anne Bierly Sjnafifzily .Y1zf11bf'r,,, A ,. Robert XVelSli G. .1lz'I'T'j'lI lffllfwfx .. ,, Dorothy Maier lrogn' Van Vfzlfl Gordon Howe Jlr. lll1z'1'i,r.... . , Leland Henry Shirfwy lVw1Z7uf1rZf1 , ,,,, . Janis l'le1n,pliill kfzfpfz lVw1ff7m11'f!1 Eunice Ainent f1zIiyl1'fzz'z'ix, . . Directors: Miss Virginia Swick - Miss Lucille Stulilmun Mr. C, li, Sturgeon. Director of Orchestra ,49, Lucy Garufi Ruily Scliwolgin Richard Townsend .. ,,Ricli11rd Guido Mzirilyn Slzlgle Curl llorinire Putty Armstrong Richard XYl1itli11ger-siffifor Betty Spelicel'-lflzxfllcss .llamlgc1' Darlene liOK.l611l101'I'1--Allllffdf Eunice Ainent-.-l.rJi.vta1zz Editor GW If W at A Z' sl n KISKITAS The staff of the 1948 annual leaves this book as a reminder of the four happy years spent in the old ahna niater. Wle hope that its publication will be continued in future years and that you, the reader, will enjoy your Kiw- kilax as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. TI GER GAZETTE The Tiger Clizznllu is published bi-weekly at Apollo High School. Apollo, Pennsylvania. It is a recorded Ill6llll3C1' of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Wle of the staff would like to take this op- portunity to thank those teachers who have given so generously of their time and ability in helping to publish this paper. KISKITAS STAFF ffiwf row: flxilmiclli, li0C.lt'Illl4H'l1. llovkciilbmiy. lizuis, Xlufflvy, lillflllllllll. Burns, Young, Bella lloiirts. Olbriot, Kvnxircly, Xlrflain. .S'n'o11f1' rofu: Duso, li. llnrns. Lfluxcr, Davis, A. llurzincletto l'. Shaw, llollis. ,X. Nelson, Sloan, Thin! mmf: Ucorgc, Ruurivli, liortz, lfrycr, llulcl, lioosc. l,1m1l9 RL'Cl-t2l', llurlwtt, Nloorlicud. Spvxiccr, Ki-lly. l'll7ll7'fh mmf: lliirainlvlto, Nlillvr, Grimm, i'aldm'onc, j XYllllllI1i.fCI', l.auffcr, 'l'. Sluifl'c1', lb. Kelly, Clark, Nelson. lfiffh wav: li. XYl1illingur, ifulclwell llzizlctt, Ncnton, Rouse, Kunkle. TIGER C.1AZli'I"I'lE STAFF l"fr.xf raw: Sloan, Nlrffullouglx, Smith. llunter, Ament, j. Nadoli, lickman, li. Obriot, K. ffurr flzirnfil lioarts. llill, llella. lioclc'nltoi'n. Nliss Yzinity. .Sl."!'17IIXf'Vll'ZiVf Nlrs. Sliaffcr, l,an1l:, ll. Reefer. XYysocki, Kncfpsliielrl, Kelly, Nl. RC'Cl'l'l', I.. Davis ll. UI. lluulianxiii, -I. Davis. llofkvnluerry. llark .-mn. Mrs. Russell. Third ww: Shank, flllllllkllkl, llempliill, Zinnnerman. llurkett. lloriz, Rcurick, flcorgc. lfryc-V, Spenvsr, Kelly, Nloorlic-acl, Fmzrflz row: R. Townsend, Dorniire. flutlirie, Slmffer, Rccsc, Sposito, Blclgiliglilin, Miller, llurandetto, Scliwolgin. 'l'. 'l'0wns.end, Cariwright, llenry. Y, INTERMISSION a y VM ix! I ju Q X' ACT ll Y A K 4 , N ll X 3, if lj 5 MW ATHLETICS EJ KQV Pj X Ulnxxww X N1 NH SENIOR VARSITY Q Xi, .g- 4 A rflfrri Lees, XY11ltm'l's0n. 52316171111 mmf: Kelly Niflwlsou, Miller, 'I4LlIl1l2ldgt', Curry, Slvwal C,!'lllHCI', Illxrzxllcleftu, Kuuklv, Shaw, KIYIINIEI, Czllcln-1'4'11xL'. Slngh-, NIc'Afum4e, l'uyclsnn'e, Apollo Opponents 39 ...,,,,,,, VV:1sh. Twp. ,,,,, .. .. ,,,,,,..,. 6 6 ....,,., .,,. ...... I n diana .,........ .,.... 1 2 7 . .,.... Aspimmll ,AA,.. O 13 . ,, ,,,, Iiiupewcll .... 7 13 .,,. Lecchburg I 6 26 . ......, Kittanning ........, ..... . ., 6 0 ,,.... . ....... Freeport .,..... ....... 9 21, ,....,, Derry Bor 4u,,.,.. ., 6 13 .... .... ..... I 3 utler , ....., . ........ 12 JUNIOR VARSITY A My Q -Q 9 filxri mmf: ,Xllniz1n. liuwers. liailglie-rty, llurlcy. Sposilu, Nlctlluuide, lfiuiik. 'l'mx'nsvncl. liul- lingsr, K'ypl1u1'. .YUl'UlI4! row: Slzlvitwu, Goiirlvy, 4'i'Lun:'r, llvffernnn. llimmirn-, lfluiiiptcwii. llill R. I7immire. llwdsfm. 7'Af1'ffrn7.': slK'YL'IlSUll Trmnsr-iicl, llllhitfllllil. llillixird, Rigglu. Xnlph, K Slxacffw, jfmlmson, .Xltmirn-, fllilllffli mmf: l'iI'L'SL'll. Spzihr. Valppri, Struup, llilty, Smith Ffffh rms: llulgrorilq, Stmn- th-rn'gv, NlcC'ltz1ry. llt-lcl. l,lFli ON THE GRIDIRUN l The Apollo Tigers finishccl it very successful season under the fine cuzicliilig of Nlr. Ilnrnlcl Fultfvn. Thu team swezitccl from lung hours nf przictict- cncli evening in order that .Xpullu might have 21 good grid recnrcl. Our strong foes frmn lfreepurt wcrc thc cause nf nur losing thc Class li Clizimpiunsliip, hut fur all in their clieeriiig st-ctioiis. the tigcrs wt-re tntps. W557 B A S K E T B A L L SENIOR VARSITY Fin-I Rvw: C. Dorlnire, A. NICATOOSQ, R. Lees, G. IIUWU, I.. !NICQuaidc, R. Frank. Swfnffd A'fmv: R. KQIIY R, Caldcrone. R. TOXVIISUIICI, XY. Kunkle. I.. 'l'1':u'ag1i.1. I? Sposixo. Nh: Fulton. JPN IOR VARSITY Firm? lfmu: G. XYl1it1ingm', XV. Altlnire, F. Dodson, R. Stevenson, R. IIilty, J. Iiowcrs, V. Sluviero. .SVUFOIIFZ Row: K. Nevins, C. Courley, C. Shaffer, A. Carter, K. IIeffcrnan, I.. D3UgI1Q'Ttj',3lI'. Fultun. ..55- CHEERLEADERS l,.'j'f fu AVAQM: Maier, .Xrmstmug, Hill. X. Ii. Sloan, G. A. Shun C11IiIiRI.E.-XIJIQRS Lust but dcfiuitcly nut lcast in our clmllul we acc five wlw have clone thou' all fur A. Ii. 5. XX 1111 then' cn- 1111181218111 at the pup meetings and thc foutbzlll gmucs, it was incvitublc that .Xpullu would huvc ax successful scal- sfm, XYQ deeply zlppu-cfizltc the efforts of thcscf thc Ch'.'L'l'1L'1lClC1'S. W. 57 -,. CURTAIN CALLS N CURTAIN CALLS Complimenfs of Phoenix-Apollo Sfeel Company Sirrcerest Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 at your graduation from . . .Your Photographer T, F. Shaffer 94 X 94 94 Shaffer Phofographic Sfudio PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER COMMERCIAL PHOTO FINISHING Apollo, Pa. The Wallace Lumber Company Lumber and Builders' Supplies Special Mill Work 'A' PHONE 87 ir WARREN AVENUE APOLLO ARMITAGE for I for GROCERIES HARDWARE Burkett's Flower Shop JUNE SHAW, Proprietor Flowers in the Alodern Manner Compliments of KENNETH MCCAULEY Atlantic Service Stotion Ninth Street and Worren Avenue PI6aSir1QIy Differeflf APOLLCI PA. Corsages - Bouquets Funeral Designs qi? WYBLE'S PHARMACY For Over a Quarter of a Century Quality, Safety, Economy 11 I Warren Avemue Apollo' PO' In Your Prescription and Drug Store Needs Phone 290 260 Wcirren Avenue Phone 22 We Are Very Glad to Otter Our Congratulations to the Class of '48 APOLLO TRUST COMPANY W, C. SMITH--President SAMUEL M. JACKSON--Vice-President HARRY R.. WOOD-Vice-President CHARLES W. MOORE-Assistant Secretory-Treasurer HARRY C. Mac l NTOSH-Sec reta ry-Treasurer APOLLO, PENNSYLVANIA TOWNSEND BROTHERS RECORDS AND RADIOS o 2l8 First Street APOLLO, PA. PHILLIPS AND AN DES Jewelers and Licensed Optometrists l32 Grant Avenue Voridergrift, Po, YES . . . This is the Jewelry Sto e and Optical 5ll0I you lr 'e heard ubout for forty-six years. Alu 1 's reliable and trustworthyean up-to- dnte tore giving you prompt and effivient Service Bring your Jewelry problems to us-let us help you with your gift selections BYERS BROTHERS GARAGE . Accessories - Parts - Tires PHILLIPS 8. ANDES ' l32 Grunt Avenue Vandergrift, Po. THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS 200 First Street, Apollo, Po, Fine Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry - Clocks phone 406 Silverware - Kodaks - Optical Goods Typewrlters DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE DUPPSTADT'S Buy with Confidence Hollywood Barber Shop JOE MENDICINO, Proprietor o 7l4 Warren Avenue Apollo, Jewelers .... Optometrists '23 SANTO GARUFI Fruits and Vegetables 0 126 Grant Avenue VANDERGRIFT' PA. 902 Wcrren Avenue, Apollo, Pu. Phone 3l2-A Phone 155 KING BROS. Funeral Directors Compliments of GEORGE'S HARDWARE 321 N. Fourth Street APOLLO, PA. Compliments of ELMER E. BUZZARD EGER'S LEADING JEWELERS thorized Home of Fine Jewe Poy Ego r, Payday o PHONES Vondergrift 143 Leechburg 416 BEST WISHES Lawrence A. Fiscus Jeweler Fine Gifts For Every Occasion 132 Worren Avenue 981 Fourth Avenue Apollo, Pa, New Kensington, Pa. Phone 43 Phone 426-J --. 5,5 - AP OLLO MILLING COMPANY MANUFACTURER AND DEALER FLOUR ' FEED ' GRAIN Telephone 104 APOLLO, PA. Compliments of HELD'S GROCERIES NORTH APOLLO, PA. T I APOLLO FORD SALES :V BORTZ'S MARKET T A Meats - Groceries 1 Ph 68 NORTH APOLLO PA Compliments of M 'cl ' l' ' cQual e s S'rer ing Service 'ir 1006 North Woirren Avenue APOLLO, PA. MANULl'S MARKET Fruits - Meats - Groceries ' FURNITURE STORE R. GORDON 7l7 Warren Avenue Phone 263 o APOLLO BOOT SHOP Opposite Mill Office Shoes - Purses . Vandergriff, Pa. l26 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. pl"lOVle 624 TH FIRST NATIONAL BANK APOLLO, PA. 'A' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Congrotulations ond Best Wishes To the Class cf I948 Compliments of PENNZOIL SERVICE APOLLO HARDWARE Cmsh - PM and Lubricafion Accessories C y C, Spencer 618 N. Fourth Sf Phone 322 Apollo, Po. Rubin's Dept. Stores APOLLO VANDERCRIFT LEECHBURO coNGRATuLATioNs Liberty Confectionery e 202 Worren Avenue APOLLO, PA. Phone 285-W THE HOME OF BETTER SHOES ASH SHOE CO. "A Good Place to Buy Good Shoes" I I7 Grant Avenue X-RAY FITTING Compliments ot NEWlNGHAM'S MARKET 629 North Fourth Street Phone 60 ZULA SMITH Dresses, Coats, Millinery, Accessories, Gift Bar '93 I2O North Worren Avenue For Your I-leoIth's Sake Alwovs Hove Your Prescription Filled ot PAULY'S DRUG STORE APOLLO, PA. Hotel Building Apollo, Po Mary Burns Beauty Shop We Specialize in Permanent Waving Open Evenings by Appointment 3Ol First Street Apollo, Po. Phone 83 Congratulations To the Class of l948 APOLLO FURNITURE CO. 208 Warren Avenue, Apollo, Pa. Phone 86 APOLLO DAIRY STORE Sandwiches, Banana Splits, Sodas JOHN SEROTKA 3l6 N. Warren Avenue Apollo, Po. STEEL'S FURNITURE ADMIRAL REFRIGERATORS SPEED- QUEEN ELECTRIC WASHER5 2l3 First Street APOLLO, PA. Apollo News Stand Magazines - Papers - Novelty Gifts Hallmark Greeting Cards Y? Warren Avenue APOLLO, PA, coNGRATui.ATloNs Guthrie Auto Company Chevrolet Salesman Service qi? Apollo -- Vanclergritt Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 o LAIRD S. BOARTS District Manager State Farm Insurance Company PATRON'S I-larry's Place l3ritten's Flower Shop Ceorge's Grocery and Confectionery C-eno's Shoe Shop Saxon's Confectionery Miss Lucille Stahlman Miss Mary Lou Bierer Miss Carolyn Yanity Miss Virginia Swick SHAFER'S ESSO STATION Gas - Oil - Lubrication BENSON'S TAILOR SHOP Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing Alterations, Fur Service BOYD SHAFER, Proprietor ' Phone 330-W Phone ZIB-W North Apollo, P Fat's Dairy and Vciriety Store Complimenfs LuNcHEs - SUNDAES of FOUNTAIN sonAs - DANCING FRED HENRY I ' The Place to Enjoy Yourself Phone 257-J HARRIS BARBER SHOP Compliments lOO South Warren Avenue APQLLQ, PA' McQullougl1's 5 uncl 10: Stpre 652501 A ,j fl XIXQL 3 Qi " ,, ,f-, l ffgvwll? 1 "f""L:L it , f 'J Compliments Hilty's Home Furnishings ot 2l7 First Street APOLLO! PA' MCCOLGIN MARKET Compliments ot SANITARY BARBER SHOP A FRIEND G. R. STERI, Proprietor Craftsmen-Ziegler Company Lifhographing and Printing 235-239 West Cunningham Street 0 Phone 4-743 0 Butler, Pennsylvania A75- .2 .5:":. "fi' ., .. . V 4v:i:..1-:5 5" A, ,f5ffQ'fQf X . ' 'I' "ini g'.2:5Qff:3:,.,., Qt.-f :" ' -'fiffifii-:-z.. Y' s,"xx, ,f:f:5:E:f. X You are now faced with the most important deci- sion of your life - choosing a career. Before you make your final choice, it would pay you to look into the wonderful opportunities that are before you in the United States Army and United States Air Force 'A' Recruiting Station, Municipal Building VANDERGRIFT, PA. Phone: 601-A Autographs Autographs

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