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Glffv finals was 9606 I KISKITAS 1946 Published by Apollo Hugh School Apollo Pennsylvania mia ll W x 2 1 ' rffff l LH' 'M n4 . H JANET BECK Secretory W C CRAWFORD Supervnsmg Prlnclpol TH ADMINISTRATION The Sensors have been very successful In their actnvutles thus year They had a good protnt from the lunch stand at the ball field Many ofthe members have had the pleasure of welcoming their brothers home from the armed services Plans are bemg made for the continuation of thenr education or for per manent positions Most of their class have remamed In school for graduatnon Some ofthe boys wlll leave after the commencement exercises for the servlce We wnsh them good health always W C CRAWFORD A . I I ac, M ,, Q37 . I-X Q! 652 I ' ,Q I . . , R H Ankeny AB Science R M Armstrong BS Science Isabel R Henry A B Clarence Sturgeon Band Orchestra Emogene Almore A B Mathematics Margaret Callaschun B S Home Economics Eleanor Walker B M Music FAC ULTY Jean Davis B S Commercial Subjects Anna Mae Fulton B S Commercial Subjects Sara Frantz B S Jean K Patton AB MA English Latin French Harriet L Russell AB English Harold Fulton A B Coach History . , . . , . . Social Studies Health Education, Social Studies . , . ., . . , . . . , . . .ZQCZLCGZLCW4 We the Senior Closs of1946 ded: core Thus yeorbook To Mrs Jess Jockson In oppreclohon of her unhrmg efforts In moklng nfs publlcohon possible . . . D C 1 I ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mr ff' J ,U v--A Louise Ament Gym Exhlbltlon l G A A l 2 Tlger Gaze te ee u Operetta 3 Dramatuc Club 3 Trl Hn Y 2 3 4 KISKITOS Staff 4 Class Secretary Treasurer 3 4 Mldwestern Chorus 4 County C orus 3 4 Rutle Club 3 4 Sensor Play Cast 4 Donna Mae Beck Cheerleader 2 Tl zette l 2 Tr H Dramatlc Club 2 3 Kuskltas 4 G m Exhubntlon l 2 Semor Play Cast 4 Sherman Blystone Gym Exhn button 2 Football 4 Marjorie Boney T HI Y 2 3 G A A l Dramatic Club 2 Tnger Gazette 4 Klskxtas Staff 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 County Chorus3 4 Midwestern Chorus 4 Girls Trlo 4 Gym Exhlbltron l 2 Operetta 3 Sensor Play Cast 4 Leland Burkett Football 2 3 4 Basketball 4 Krskltas Staff 4 Gym Exhlbltlon l 2 hh-'R 'QQ-if 'NF lrey Bash G A A T H:Y2 3 4 Glee Club2 4 Operetta 3 Kas nas Staff 4 Martha Black G A A 2 Tru Hn Y 2 Tuger Gazette 4 Klsku tas Staff 4 Gym Exhlbltson l Richard Bollinger Football 2 3 4 Boys Chorus3 4 County Chorus 3 Kuskutas Staff 4 Gym Exhibition l James Bracken Boys Chorus 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 4 Band l 2 3 4 County Orchestra 4 County Bandl 2 3 Dance Band l 2 4 Gym Ex hnbutuonl 2 Football 2 Klskl tas 4 Sensor Play Cast 4 Samuel Calderone Football l B etball l G m Exhlbltlon l 2 o s Chorus 3 4 Dramatic Club 3 Edltor of Knskutas 4 Vuce Pres: dent 4 Class Secretary l Oper etta 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Anna Camp Glee Club l A Donald Crawford B nd l 2 3 Boys Chorus 2 3 Dramatsc Club 3 Gym Exhsbstson l Ruth Davis Glee Club 2 Op eretta 3 Gym Exhsbstson l 2 A A 2 3 4 Drama u 3 Trl Hs Y 2 3 4 s Club 3 4 Tsger Gazette 3 4 Ksskstas 4 Sensor Play Cast 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Fern Dormlre Ksskstas 4 Glee U 3 4 Trl l'lI Y 3 Gym sbstson l G A A eretta 3 Sensor Play Staff 4 Rsfle Club 3 Joyce Fitzgerald Glee Club 2 4 Ts Gazette 4 Rsfle Club 3 Op eretta 3 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Dorothy Campbell Gym Exhs bstson l G A A l Glee b Ksskstas 4 Tsger Ga zette 4 Rsfle Club 3 Sensor Play Cast 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 June Cunningham Trs l-ls Y 3 l 2 3 Opere 3 Dramatsc Club 3 Ksskstas 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Tsger G zette 4 Glee Club 3 4 Sensor Play Cast 4 Julsa Demark Gym Exhsbstson 2 Ts er Gazette 2 Ivan Dunmsre Football l 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 m Exhslilsfson l 2 Marsan Floyd Glee Club l G m Exhsbstson l 2 G A A l Class Offscer 3 Dance Band 4 Rsfle Club 3 4 Dean Frank Boys Chorus 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Rlfle Club 3 Gym Exhu butuon l 2 Operetta 3 Sennor Play Staff 4 F Glunf G A A l 4 T l-ll Y 2 Senior Lun li Stand 4 Richard H e c k m a n Kxskltos Staff 4 Rlfle Club 3 4 Mark Huldebrand Football 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 County C orus 2 3 4 County O chestra 3 4 Gym Exbrbltuon l 2 Boys Chorus 2 3 4 Dance Band 3 Klskltas 4 Sensor Play Cast 4 Mary Ida Hllllard T Hn Y 2 l 2 Tiger e 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 4 Kuskutas 4 Operetta 3 Dra motlc Club 2 Gym Exhlbltmon l 2 County Chorus 3 4 Sec retory Treasurer 2, Se nro r Lunch Stand 4, Munstrel 4 K. Q !'h. 'ue- Arthur Fulton Football 4 Senior Play Staff 4 LeRoy Heckman Football Daniel Held S e n I o r y Staff 4 Ralph Hlleman .lr Gym Ex hbntlon l 2 Edward Jones Footballl 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 Gym Exhnbl n l Angelme Long Gym Exhlbu tlon l 2 Tiger Gazette 4 G ee u 4 G A A Lewls McKmstry Gym Exhlbu tzon 2 Football 3 Basketball Manager 3 4 Boys Chorus 3 4 Kuskutas 4 Operetta 3 Sen lor Play Staff 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Jacquelme Metzler G A A l 2 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Vuctor Neatrour Gym Exhnbn tion l 2 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 James Parsons Football 2 3 4 Boys Chorus3 4 Knsl4ntas4 NV' 'Q' Wray 'KR M gf-,mm 'lH'i':'.?l Mmam Lees Gym Exhubntnon l 2 Tlger zette l 2 4 Operetta 3 Dra mTlcClub3 TI'Il lIY2 3 4 usltas 4 Sensor Lunc Stand 4 Kathleen McQuolde Gym Ex mon l G A ne Mnlhron G A A l IHIY 2 3 4 Drama IC u 2 3 GeeClub2 3 Tnger Gazette 3 4 Operetta 3 Sensor Play Staff 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Minstrel 4 Gym Exhubltnon l 2 Anna Noffe Gym Fxhubatuon G A Paulme Passarelll Glee Club l Sennor Lunch Stand l Helen Rearlck Glee Club 2 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 Gym Ex hlbltuon l James Shafer Football 2 3 1 lfas 4 Rfl Cub Sensor Play Cast 4 Roy Shank Jr Football Richard Sloan Gym Exhubntlon l 2 Sensor Play Cast 4 Sensor Lunch Stand 4 Dorothy Shuster Glee Club 2 3 4 County Chorus 3 4 Op eretta 3 Gym Exhlbntuon l G A A l, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Trl HI Y 2, 3, 4, Knskltas 4, Sensor Play Cast 4, Mnnstrel 4, Dramatic Club Play 3 ff, lr-siffxx 'Ti-ASP' 'WB' , fin-i w S Robert Ramaley Knskutas Staff 4 Rifle Club 4 Lols Shaffer G A A l D matic Club 3 Klskltas 4 Senior Play Cast 4 Ozelmo Shellhamrner Jack Spencer B ndl 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Knskntas 4 Coun Band County Chorus County Orchestra Pafncla Stephenson Trl HI Y G A A 2 3 4 Tiger zette 4 Glee Club 4 Gym Ex hnbmon l, 2, Sensor Play Staff 4 H omer Swa rtz. Velma Ulery-Cheer Leading 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition I, Senior Play Cast 4. John Wana ma ker-Footba l l I, 2, 3. Edward Watterson-Football I, 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition l, 2, Senior Play Staff 4. Club 2, 3, Gym Exhibi- A. A, l, 2, Dramatic ri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. 2 'iP.vL?-125.0 Jack Talmadge--Kiskitas 4, Senior Lunch Stand 4, Gym Ex- hibition l. Paul Vaccaro-Gym Exhibition I, 2, Kiskitas 4, Boys' Chorus 3, 4, Operetta 3. Ruth Wafterson - G I e e Club 2, 3. H a r old Williamson - Boys' Chorus 2, Orchestra l, Gym Exhibition I, 2, Band I, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3, Dance Band I. Marianna Whiflinger-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Dance Band l, 2, Orchestra I, 2, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, Mid-Western Chorus 4, County Chorus 3, 4, Kiskitas 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Staff 4, Minstrel 4, Senior Lunch Stand 4. James Whitlinger-Football l, I Q Charles Wood- Kiskilos 4, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, ,- A Boys' Chorus 3, 4, BC1SkefbOll Q4 i -.:,, 4, senior Play sfoff 4. is . . , Y A 6-I gi Y Films ,Q A it Ki at William Whiflinger-Gym Exhi- bition l, 2. CILASS OFFICERS If 'S R ,E x - mwwi ik. . gi- Roberf Young-Kiskitos 4, Gym Exhibition 2, Boys' Chorus 4, Senior Ploy Staff 4. S. Colderone L. Ament M. Hildebrand Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer President LASS HISTORY four was a big year for our Senior Class. That was twelve many memories come back to us of our first year in were but as we rew older man teachers wished we 9 1 Y on December 7 l94l, Pearl Harbor was attacked, we were in grade We started having air raid drills and first aid classes. We our money by investing in bonds and stamps. y in September l942, we found ourselves in High School. We the initiation the upperclassmen gave us. Some of us found it ard to sit down for several days. We were the last class to suffer for t at i itiation was outlawed. At the Halloween Dance that year, there was about 9:00. Mr. Buzard and Miss Walker took over, and we sang until the all-clear. By this time we were getting acquainted with high and the rest of the year moved along rather smoothly. By September l943, we considered ourselves upperclassmen. We could join the Clee Club, Boys' Chorus, Cirls' Athletic Association. Tri-Hi-Y Cirls gave an hour assembly which was very humorous. We had a skating party, dance, and tried other ways to earn money for our treasury. With Miss Henry for our advisor, and Harold Williamson as our Presi- dent, we began to go places our Junior year. We divided our class into com- mittees and started to earn money. We ended our year with the Junior- Senior Prom, which was a big success. Finally, we came to our last year in high school and the last year in school for many of our seniors. Dick Bollinger and Vic Neatrour were the first to enter the service our Senior year, although Zorro Stefannini, Jack Dunmire, Leland Clark, Richard Hilty, Paul Felton, and Gene Shaffer, had already gone. With Mark Hildebrand as our Senior President, we received our class rings, pictures, and a production of our play, A Mind of Her Own. With Mrs. Russell as our Senior advisor, we made a big success at our foot- ball stand. We all believe we accomplished a great deal in our twelve years in school. f -13--- Jock Spencer Louise Ament 7he Swami Sell The tollowmg Sen ors were chosen as the outstanding sux of their class They were chosen by tile teachers In the hugh school and by a pomt system based on these qualrtres scholarshnp personality dependability leadershlp extra curricular sportsman hlp and versatility Morgorne Boney The final scoring was very close, and these five Seniors deserve honorable mention: June Cunningham, Mary Ida Hilliard, Dorothy Campbell, Donna Beck, Marianna Whitlinger. Ruth Dovis vw 15 Fern Dormnre Som Colderone CLAS We leave to Vurgunua Sumner Loulse Ament s sungnng vonce Donna Mae Beck leaves her cheerung abnlnty to Vlrgnnla Manulu To Vnrgnnua Nale we bequeath Martha Black s quiet manner Shnrley Bash leaves to Ceraldme Burkett her neat appearance Marlorue Boney leaves her nntellect to Frances Baustert June Cunnmgham leaves her sister the lone ly walk to Oak l-llll To Ruth Frank we leave Dorothy Camp bell s jolly dlsposltuon Anna Camp leaves her gymnastuc ablllty to JoAnn Shaffer Fern Dormlre leaves her pleasing personality to Jane Jackson To Rose Carutu we bequeath Ruth Davls cute appearance To Leah Blerly we leave Joyce Fitzgerald s Ideas on college Marian Floyd leaves her pleasing manner to Faye Welgand To Betty Fruck we bequeath Mary Ida Hal luards nimble tungers To Faye Jackson we leave Angellne Long s wlttlness Kltty McQualde leaves her many excuse cards to Mr Crawford Jane Mullnron leaves to Patty Reese he country Patty Passarelln leaves her pleasnng voice to Louuse Cunnungham To Patty Unger we bequeath Helen Rear :ck s cute figure Loss Shaffer leaves her d rk haur t Vlrgnnua Manuln Ozelma Shellhammer leaves her qunetness to Betty Lou Cravener To Betty Burns we leave Betty Shusters sportuness To Janet Foy we leave Velma Ulery s pretty hands Marianna Whltlunger leaves her vlvaclous dlsposltlon to Mary Ann Mclllwann To Frances Stltt we leave Joan Whntllnger s blonde halr Ruth Watterson leaves her even dlsposltlon to Alberta Morris To Jane Armstrong we leave Floy Glunts continuous laughing To Jane Altman we leave Marian Lee s pos: tnon at the show We leave Jacquelme Metzler s smnle to Joan Badger S 16 WILL Anna Notte leaves her manners to Mona Lee Welsh To Mary Ann Mcllwaln we leave Patty Stephenson s personality Sherman Blystone leaves has abnlnty ln oot ball to Junlor C-lunt Leland Burkett leaves for the army Jlm Brackln s long legs to Jlm Wulson To the Navy we gave Richard Bolhnger To Mike Valko we bequeath Sam Calder ones halr We leave Don Crawfords quiet nature to Eugene Baker To Jam Kelly from Ivan Dunmlre we be queath the art of handling the basketball Art Fulton leaves has ambntson to Franklnn Hurley Muggs Franks leaves to Earl Dutt his quick wut Leroy Heckman leaves to Duck Colwell hls Sully laugh To Wayne Elwood we leave Mark Hllde brand s volce To Frank Cabrlelln we bequeath Ralph Hlleman s muscles Rlchard Heckman leaves to Kenny Rupert has wave set matlcal abnllty To Kenneth Phllllppe we leave Lewls Mc Knnustry s devulushness To Duane Cartwright we leave Victor Neatrours good looks Jlm Parsons leaves to Mr Armstrong his golden memorles 'Fo glenn Floyd we bequeath Bob Remaley s aur To Charles Moore we leave the mechanucal mund of Homer Swartz We leave Roy Shank s bulk to Bob Mangus To Mr Fulton we leave Dlck Sloans red haur fl-le could use utJ To Amelua Noel we bequeath Jack Tal madge s drawlng abnluty Paul Vaccaro leave his Ford to the Ford Garage Harold Wllllamson leaves hrs halt hours to Denny Raymond Bull Whntlmger leaves tor North Apollo To Woody Beck we leave Pee Wee Wood s stature Ed Watterson leaves the football captamcy to Jlm Stottlemyer Bob Young leaves Jo Ann Shatter to any elnglble bachelor Ed Jones leaves hrs pages to Denny Ray mond I , . . . . . . . I ' , , ik' . . I I , ' 1 - l I l , . . .. . l A . I - l ' 0 I ll I II ' I . . I I I I I . . I . , . . I . - D I . , . . , I I . . I I ' ' - I Daniel Held leaves to Archie Kerr his mathe- . Q ' A I . H V H . . , . I I - a ' O Cv. , ' cut. . . .I . , I ' I . , I , - , , . . . I ' ' I ' ' ' n l u ' I 1 I . , . . 1 . ' I 5 I . . . HISTORY OF THE JUNIOR CLASS ln the fall of l943 the Junuor Class came tumudly C97 unto the ummortal halls of Apollo Hugh ln the usual manner we dashed wuldly about the halls stumblung unto upperclassmen and teachers and gettung unto wrong classes Beung an unusually brulluant Pl class we quuckly got unto the swung of thungs and soon felt rught at home James Kelly was elected presudent and Louuse Cunnungham secretary treasurer Jo Ann Shaffer represented our class as a cheer leader and our manpower was soon converted unto husky football heroes and dashung basketball players The next year as Sophomores we were able to uoun the varuous organuza tucns of the school James Kelly was agaun elected presudent and Amelua Noel became the secretary treasurer Our actuvuty was a dance Thus year we became upperclassmen and started off wuth a bang by the addutuon of three new members Vurgunua Sumner Patrucua Saxon and Harvey Bruner Duane Cartwrught was elected presudent and Amelua Noel retauned her job as secretary treasurer Another Junuor Vurgunua Manulu became a cheer leader and Jane Altman took over the job as edutor of our bu weekly gab sheet the Tuger Cazette Two local pruma donnas Vurgunua Sumner and Betty Burns have all the fellows swoonung and our basketball stars Kerr Kelly Wulson Mangus Rupert and Walker really shune Our money makung schemes have been successful also Furst came the tradutuonal job of sellung lune ups Then the October commuttee got the novel udea of sellung school puns Apollo Hugh had hardly recovered from that before the Junuors were houndung them to buy tuckets for theur spaghettu supper The busuness of thus affaur was taken care of by the November commuttee but the whole class helped to make ut a success Then came the really bug thung the Junuor Class play lt was entutled Home for Chrustmas Thus brought out the hudden talents of many un our class and gave us valuable experuence for next year Oh l947 the year we wull be Senuors Happy excutung and yet a luttle sad We have hugh hopes and naturally un our estumatuon ours us a most outstandung class Whatever we leave to our Alma Mater whether ut be just a few more scratches on a few more desks or a new dream school luncludung elevatorsl we hope to be remembered uf not for what we dud for what we dudn tl 17 , . ' I - - - - - ll - - ll I T . 1 1 ' - - 11 11 I I - ' I I - - 1 ' 1 1 1 f 1 1 - - u , . I 4 ' ll ' fl l . , . I T- ' T T - 1 1 1 ' u r 1 - 1 JUNIORS Y Ceraldme Burkett Ruth Frank Mary Ann Mcllwann Betty Burns Betty Frlck Loulse Cunnlngham Vnrgunua Manull Rose Carutu Phyllis Kohn Leah Bnerly Betty Barber Helen Miller Robert Mangus James Kelly Frank Cabrielli Duane Cartwright Earl Duff - lg.- Wayne Elwood Harvey Bruner Russell Glunt George Hnlty Willard Beck Charles Knight Charles Moore Jesse Hnlty Franklin Hurley C-lenn Floyd Amelia Noel Jane Armstrong Jane Jackson Jane Altman Janet Foy Faye Jack-on JUNIORS qw I! Francrs Stutt Patty Reese Patty Saxon Faye Wengand Betty Wrlllamson Vlola Shaffer Mona Lee Welsh Richard Colwell Archie Kerr James Stottlemyer Kenneth Rupert I9 Denny Raymond Rnchard Shaeffer Kenneth Phlllppn Joe Clllono Eugene Baker Albert Morris Jack Walker Jo Ann Shaffer Patty Unger Vlrglnla Sumner James Wilson Gertrude Jones SOPHOMORES Donald Clark Robert Chlpp Harruet Burns Rose Cabruelll Elouse Black Ruth Deemer Mary Lou Burkett Dons Jean Clever Eleanor DeC-uns Margaret Bowser Mnrnam Dawkins Dwight Cramer Wllllam Armitage Walter Duarandetto , ,ny , Robert Brown James Clements Furman Curry David Caldwell Richard Calderone Leonard Davis Herbert Barber Jack Baustert Marne Bortz Darlene Bodenhorn Ruth Bowser Loss Blystone Betty Jean Buchanan Dora Jean Bash Regina Bella Betty Burns Betty Betts Julna Duso -..... .. .l .L t. , , . . la, Y- ffll' I ,,V, ..20-,- SOPHOMORES Arlene Nelson Eva Jane Leichliter Gloria McClain Jane Harckorn Esther Moorhead Joe McClain John Miller John Nelson Richard Kelly Jack Kennedy Edgar Hazlett Leland Grimm William Guthrie Donald Lauffer Paul C-ianetto Robert Lees Harry McLaughlin Donald Morgan William Libengood Arthur McAtoose William Kunkle Bernard Kelly Duane Hill Laura Johnson Jean Muffley Nancy George Loree Held Agnes Hollis Mary Alice Kennedy Delores Hockenberry Margaret Harbison Nancy McCullough Nancy Kelly Dean Newton William Neatrour Clara Hollis SOPHOMORES 1 Frank Poydence James Stewart .lack Whltllnger Wllllam Stephenson Charles Reese Robert Talmadge Clyde Snyder Vlrglnla Scales Robert Snyder Donald Remaley Bernard Watterson Thomas Shrlver Richard Whntllnger Paul Swauger Glenn Slagle Donald Rupert Danny Shaw Helen Reefer Mlrlam Shellhammer Martha Rearlck Clorla Obrlot Bernadlne Roose Gloria Ann Sloan Dorothy Smith Delores Young Betty Spencer Mary Roman FRESHMEN Margorle Groves Delores Altmlre Wllda Campbell Gladys Clark Edna Beck Anne Blerly Joseph Cappo Robert Dunmlre Howard Buzard Samuel Flshel Thelma Foy Esther Curry Lucy Garufn Matilda Callen Florldan Dodson 23 Homer Crlssman Leon Demcuek Charles Colwell Wllluam Fushel Odell Bennlnger Yvonne Graham Louise Canella Patty Armstrong Dottne Boarts Delores Brown June Crawford Dorothy Jean B rown Harriet C-euger Dorls Beers Denzal Castle Eunice Ament FRESHMEN Lounse Laero June Hull lona Hull Anthony Manull Danlel Kunkle Norman Nelson Grant Daugherty Donald Rlggle Donald Ross: Carl Dormlre Donald Baker Robert Jones Charles Heddunger John Knepshleld George Hill Allen Held Donald Heckman Jack Nulph -24.. Leland Henry Leland nAcQuaude Robert Frank Joseph Casagna Raymond Morrls Dale Kunkle John Hanna Ellen Rupert Geraldine Hunter Janus Hemphlll Mary Manana Dorothy Maler Jane Knepshleld Peggy Kline Dorothy Painter Joan Majersky Janet Miller Dean Hill FRESHMEN Leo Travaglna Edward Trudgeon Paul Sposuto Thomas Townsend Allen Shellhammer Paul Tomncek Wayne Stear Robert Welsh Rnchard Townsend Robert Shrlver Rudy Schwolgun Wnllnam Whntllnger 5 Wnlluam Walker Lamar Stroup Alnce Wengand Betty Wulson Roberta Swauger Genevieve Tura Margaret Stottler Loretta Wysocku Erma Shaffer lmogene Talmadge Betty Talmadge Donna Zimmerman Howard Shaeffer Louise Shockey MWC HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Archle Kerr Jack Spencer Thomas Shaffer James Kelly James Bracken Amelna Noel Dottie Boarts Patty Armstrong Leah Blerly Jane Armstrong Eunnce Ament Z6 Loretta Wysockn Faye Wexgand Mr Sturgeon Robert Mangus James Wllson Duane Cartwright Wllllam Kunkle Betty Wilson Julia Davus Jane Jackson Anne Bnerly Betty Frlck Virginia Sumner Marian Floyd Betty Burns Duane Cartwright James Bracken Jane Jackson DANCE BAND Amella Noel Philip Hunter Charles Armitage Mr Sturgeon Betty Wilson Wllllam Kunkle Faye Welgand BQQE, Jill Qi?- 25,1 HIGH SCHOOL BAND James Kelly Rnchard Townsend Kenneth Phllllppl James Wllson Faye Wengand Robert Mangus Duane Cartwrnght Jack Spencer Leo Traxaglua Dottie Boarts Amelia Noel James Bracken Archle Kerr Wnlllam Kunkle Wnlllam Guthrie Dale Kunkle Edward Trudgeon Raymond Morrzs Jack Nulph Betty Wnlson Jane Jackson Darlene Bodenhorn Harriet Burns Betty Buchanan Helen Reefer Nancy McCullough Ellen Rupert Rose Carutl Lucy Garutl Patty Unger Betty Burns Betty Barber Betty Frlck Betty Spencer Esther Moorehead Dorns Bners Louise Cunningham Donna Zimmerman Wllda Campbell Jane Knepshreld Julia Davis ag lfpmlr 78 ,A ax y x I 9 sag J f I , '- I - -X. in I . E 1-91 ' . L - A . : ' ii - , ' ' il I H A . -. . - 5 4 X , , -,LQ - J 5' . I W 757. 3 , ' - 2 2 gp I at 1 3 ' also at J I . . , . I J 4 Mnss Walker Jane Altman Leah Blerly Faye Jackson Jo Ann Shaffer Dorothy Campbell Shlrley Bash Joyce Fltzgerald Marianna Whltllnger Marjorue Boney Joan Whutlunger Reguna Bella Mary Ann Mcllwaln Patty Unger Phyllis Kohn Ceraldme Burkett Mary Roman Helen Rearlck Velma Ulery Ruth Watterson June Cunnlngham Ruth Davis Louise Ament Viola Shaffer Alberta Morrns Nancy McCullough Dorothy Smlth Faye Weugand Mona Lee Welsh GLEE CLUB Betty Jean Buchanan Darlene Bodenhorn Nancy Kelly Harriet Burns Delores Young Dorothy Shuster Marlan Floyd Angeline Long Patty Passerelln Ruth Bowser Bernadlne Roose Gloria Ann Sloan Delores Hockenberry Jane Harcomb C-lorla McClain Betty Barber Vlrglnla Sumner Dorls Jean Clever Rose Garuf: Vlrglnla Manull Helen Reefer Betty Fruck Betty Spencer Mary Lou Burkett Julna Duso Eva Jane Lelchllter Nancy George Jean Muffley 29 Margaret Harblson Mmam Shellhammer Martha Rearlck Gloria Obrlot Jane Armstrong Lois Blystone Elolse Black Betty Williamson Ruth Deemer Arlene Nelson Laura Johnson Betty Burns Jane Jackson Esther Moorhead Lousse Cunnlngham Gertrude Jones Agnes Hollis Mary Al Ice Knepshueld Frances Stntt Betty Betts Marne Bortz Loree Held Fern Dormlre Amelia Noel Ruth Frank Eleanor DeCvuns Patty Stevenson Mary Ida Hllluard Janet Foy Rose Cabrielli Betty Burns Patty Reese BOYS CHORUS Danny Shaw Dwnght Cramer Harry McLaughlin Charles Reese Robert Lees Wllllam Cuthrne Robert Chlps Herbert Barber Duane Curry Glenn Slagle James Stottlemyer Kenneth Rupert Wayne Elwood Duane Cartwright James Wilson Jesse Hllty Harvey Bruner Russell C-lunt Glenn Floyd Charles Moore Charles Wood Donald Crawford Dean Franlf Robert Young Paul Vaccaro Jack Spencer James Bracken Sam Calderone Lewis McKlnstry James Parsons 1 Archie Kerr Mark Hildebrand 1301 VISUAL EDUCATICN lt school nnstructnon ns to become more meannngtul vnsual ands must be used to enrnch and vary the pupnl s con crete expernence What then are vnsual ands? A vnsual and ns any pncture model object or devnce whnch provndes concrete vnsual expernence to the learner Contrary to publnc opnnnon motnon pnctures are by no means the only vnsual ands to teachnng The school journal museum maternal maps globes graphs dnagrams pnctures slndes sterographs models and other graphnc maternal are valuable vnsual ands to nnstructnon An understandnng ot the plan and the tunctnons ot vnsual ands nn educatnon ns essentnal for there ns nust as much danger nn thenr overuse as nn thenr underuse 71 I , . . . , 1 I I I ' 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 -, 0 Editor Business Manager Laterary Staff Subscnptnons KISKITAS STAFF Sam Ca lderone Ma non Lees Fern Dormure Marjorle Boney June Cunnnngham Jack Spencer James Shaffer Ruth Davns Lewls McK:nstry Donna Mae Beck Mark Hildebrand Joan Whltlmger Marianna Whntllnger Dorothy Campbell Loss Shaffer Rnchard Bollnnger Victor Neatrour Martha Black James Bracknn 32 Advertlsung Typusts Advlser Paul Vaccaro Jack Talmadge James Parsons Robert Young Robert Remaley Richard Heckman Charles Wood Joyce Fntzgerald Shnrley Bash Louise Ament Dorothy Shuster Mary lda Hlllard Mrs J Jackson Photography ..lr..., l ' l Edlfor In Chlef News Features Sports Feature Reporters TIGER GAZETTE STAFF Jane Altman Frances Baustert Joyce Fitzgerald Rose Carufl Julsa Davls Dorothy Campbell Betty Barber Ruth Frank Vlrglnla Manule Jane Mnlllron Eunice Ament Nancy McCullough Darlene Bodenhorn Duane Cartwrnght Richard Colwell Junvor Clunt Angelrna Long Patty Stephenson Buslness Typnng Art Circulation Exchange Mlmeographlng Advisor Ruth Davls Maxlne Blystone Louise Ament Martha Black June Cunningham Mary Ann Mcllwaln John Muller Mary lda Hllllard Bob Mangus Faye Jackson Bull C-uthrle Jane Armstrong Jane Mnlluron Miss Davus ...........DonnaMaeBeck HVJHHIUH- MarjorieBoney Seniors A Angeline Long Nancy McCullough Louuse Cunningham Angeline Long Anna Notte Anna Camp Patty Stephenson Jacquelvne Metzler Marian Floyd Floy C-lunt Ruth Davis Junlors Lounse Cunnungham Betty Lou Cravener Betty Burns Janet Foy Alberta Morris Amelna Noel Jo Ann Shaffer Sophomores Harriet Burns Nancy McCullough Nancy Kelly Vlrglnla Scales Regina Bella Julia Duso Marne Bortz G . . A . . , Gloria Obriat .. 34.. Presndent Treasurer Secretary Mary Roman Clorua Sloan Mary Lou Burkett Eva Jane Lelhluter Dorothy Smith Delores Hockenberry Jane Harkcom Darlene Bodenhorn Julla Davis Freshmen Eunuce Ament Dottie Boartz Louise Cannella Iona Hull Lucy C-arufl Loretta Wysockl Delores Altmnre Gladys Clark Dorothy Meyers Patty Armstrong Esther Curry Dolly Brown Margorne Crowes Yvonne Graham Ceraldme Hunter Q The purpose of the T HnY as T create malntaln and extend throughout the chccl and community hugh standards ot Christian character ln seeking to carry out ths purpose the club members have given enthusiastic and actlve support to every project The fnrst outstanding actlvlty thus year was the nnutnatuon of new members at a specnal party H The club honored the faculty at a tea guven un November Santa Claus vrslted the chuldren of the flrst grade at a party held nn the gym December twenty flrst A mln strel The Lady Mlnstrels from Dlxle was presented by the club under the drrectnon of Mrs John Steele The last umportant actlvuty was a Mother and Daughter Banquet held an May ADVISORY CGMMITTEE Mass Isabel Henry Counselor Mrs John Steele Home Advisor Mrs Lee Kung Church Advisor Mass Jean Davus School Advlsor MEMBERS Jane Altman Loulse Ament Betty Barber Shlrley Bash Frances Baustert Donna Mae Beck Regma Bella Leah Buerly Loss Blystone Maxine Blystone Darlene Bodenhorn Maryorre Boney Presldent Marne Bortz Ruth Bowser Ceraldune Burkett Mary Lou Burkett Betty Burns Harriet Burns Dorothy Campbell Loulse Cunmngham Secretary Ruth Davls Julla Davis Fern Dormlre Treasurer Joyce Fitzgerald Ruth Frank Betty Fruck Rose Carufu Margaret Harblson Jane Harkcom Loree Held Mary lda Hnlluard Delores Hockenberry Faye Jackson Mary Johnston C-e rt rude Jones l TRI- l-Y ri- '- ' o I . rl ' I .I . .. .. s .. ,, . . , .- I . 11 . - ... lj . ' . f . ' . '. . A - ' I . . . I f' f ' i SENIOR PLAY On Aprul 4 the Senuor Class presented the three act comedy A Mind of Her Own under the dlrectlon of Mrs Phyllus Kaufman The story centered around Bunny the eughteen year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Bartlett Bunny got unto many odd sltuatlons because she let other people make up her mind about the problems that confronted her Odd situations and frequent jokes kept the audience un a dlther of laughter CAST lun order of appearance? Jam Bartlett In the construction business Richard Sloan Della Bartlett has wlfe Velma Ulery Bunny therr daughter Ruth Davus Tommie thenr son James Shaffer Lnzzue the mald Dorothy Campbell Jessnca Atwood Bunny s guest Donna Mae Beck Delphune Llndley another of Bunny s guests Dorothy Shuster Steve Henderson an admirer of Bunny s Mark Hildebrand Hugh Randall another admirer Sam Calderone Carol Russell the gurl next door Loulse Ament Mass Flora Fenwuck a naturalist Marjorie Boney Mrs Phelps a contractor s wife June Cunnmngham 36 Nettie, another daughter ...,..,,t.. t.,,,, L ois Shaffer Q L JUNIOR CLASS PLAY HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Aunt Aggme Amelna Noel Captain Seth Jnm Wnlson Helen Rose Carufl Dr Aldrich Jam Kelly Despite the competutlon of bad weather and Illness the Junior Class put on quite a successful play on December 20 l945 The cast worked very hard and gave a tune per formance We shall long recall the lovable old romancers Aggie and Seth Helen and Samuel Pond Archle Kerr Manzue Patty Unger Slash Magee Earl Duff Martha Mona Lee Welsh her movle career Cora who fell ln love with the doctor slick Mr Pond and hrs dumb wife Malzle Martha the typical mand and ofcourse the hard boiled chauffer Slash and the eccentrnc Sascha II ' ll ll Cora ,.... L L L L L L L Frances Baustert Sascha Sergoff .,,,,. L L L LMike Valco - - - 11 A .11 - I I L I L L L J L n L 11 11 - - - , - I ' I I I - - , 11 - 11 1 ' 1 1 1 L , - g L ' L 1 I -37 -- PIGSKIN PARADE OF 1945 Wlth nine returnlng lettermen the grid :ron season of 1945 opened under the super vlslon of David E Packard of Klttannlng After one weeks trannung Apollo was host to Aspnnwall who returned home wnth a hard won vlctory 12 O but wlth victory un mund the determlned Creek Gods came back to wln over Washungton Twp 7 2 Agaun playing host the Apollo eleven bowed to the Knttannmg Bobcats who proved to be very tough the flnal score being 25 O Even after a week s practice to elnmlnate thelr weak ponnts they were de feated by the Freeport Yellowjackets to the tune of 12 O Then Apollo came back to wan over the Mountaun Boys The Tlgers crossed the goal llne four times whale Derry Boro dldn t cross at all After that victory Apollo must have ganned spurlt for they beat Eldersrldge by the tally of 1412 Leechburg played host to the Apollo eleven and took the game with a decisive score of 18 7 At last came the good old tradntlonal game between Vandergruft and Apollo with sts rivalry The Lancers outclassed the Tigers In every respect and the game was played CHEER LEADERS on a muddy fleld At the half Vandergrlft was leadlng by only seven polnts but dur ang the sccond half the Lancers showed more power and the game ended 33 O THE VARSITY CAGERS The Tigers played their flrst game wnth the Bobcats It was a good game although Apollo lost by a margin of 29 20 but came back to knock off Bell Twp 38 29 Our next game was with Ford Cnty but being greatly outplayed Apollo lost by the large score of 43 21 ilncldentally Ford Cnty IS Champlon of Sectlon l J Apollo played Klttannnng agaln but were proved the weaker even on thenr own floor Klttannung won 36 22 When our next game came around t found three of our best varsity men not able to play and as a result Bell Twp won 31 28 Our varsity men came back In time to play Washlngton Twp and won a vrctory of 32 17 The Apollo Cagers next traveled to lndu ana and lost 42 27 For the sweater fund the Apollo Varsnty played the Alumnl and trlmmed them 50 After beatlng the Alumnu Apollo lost to Vandergrlft 31 23 l 4' I - . I . I ' ' After being smothered by Ford City, 4 I I 6 . . . , A 33' - - as - F I Q r' ov Nur' YA VARSITY CAGERS Leechburg traveled to Apollo only to go ADOIIO home defeated by the score ot 2l I6 but at ADO IO was a good game ADOIIO Our next two games were both losses ADOIIO FIFST to Tarentum by a score of 42 22 and Apollo then to Sprlngdale by the score of 45 I8 Apollo The Freeport Yellowlackets traveled to Apollo Apollo only to lose The game ended wlth a Apollo 25 I8 victory for the Tlgers Apollo After thus exhlbltlon of basketball Wash Apollo lngton Twp played the Creek C-ods on the Apollo Apollo floor and lost 26 2l Apollo In the two games tollowlng Vandergrlft Apollo beat Apollo 29 I6 and Leechburg beat Apollo Apollo 23-19. They were both exciting tour- Apollo nament games. Apollo I9 3 I Gif? Klttonnlng Bell Twp Ford Cnty Klttonnlng Bell Twp Woshlngton Twp lndlono Alumm Vondergrlft Leechburg Torentum Sprlngdclle Freeport Wclshlngton Twp I . , Vondergrift , ,, Leechburg JUNIOR VARSITY Sinceresf Best Wishes Class of 1946 af your graduation from Your Photographer T F Sha er Shaffer photographic Studio I ORTR NIT cl COMIVIPRC IAI I HO FOCRAPHI-RS AI OLLO FA 4 to 9 f nn f l I . 9 ' 1 , Q Coimncrcial Photo Finishing 1' J , . Ccmpllments f The Wallace Lumber Co bpeclal Mall Ufork WARREN AVFNUP APOLLO 4 if ,m L ' Q 0' LUMBERWANI? BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Pg1one874 1 'Ir CGMPANY APGLLO STEEL Mc UAIDE'S STERLING SERVICE RADIATOR and TIRE SERVICE Gasolme Oll Grease Quick Change Batterles Phone 56 N Warren Avenue For Service OLLO FIRST NATIONAL BANK APOLLO PA OFFICERS LG H DIRECTORS HTB WLG NG MJ SMJ WMG H 43 A P , P A 'A' XV. . eorge ,,,, L,,, ,,,, , 7,,, L P 'd t L. emphill L, , ,,,,,,,, V' P 'd r S. M. Jamison , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,,, ,,,,,, C h' 'A' . . ran . . eo g S. . eorge . amison . . amison . . uth ' Lynn emphill Wfe Are Very G1ac1 to Qffer Qur Congmtu1at1ons to the Class of 1946 APOLLO TRUST CUWIPANY C HAS 13 VUOI FI 1 I'tSIdLI1I' SAMULL N1 .IACKSON Vxcc President XV C QNIIT1-'1 Trcuurnr C XV NIOOR1 Ass1st1ntTre1sL1rLr A P O L I. O BLST XVIQHI S LAWRENCE A FISCUS JPWELER Inu Gifts for 1 vcxy Qiccisxon 137 Warre11 Ave 981 Fourth Ave APOLLO PA NIW IXIHNSINGTCN PA Phonn 42 Phone 426 44 ' ' . Q J . HARRY' ff. 1V1.1c1NTOS1-1. Assistant Secretary , P A . . , . , 7 .J OOW Wyble s Pharmacy FOR OVFR A QUARTFR QF A CLNTURX Qu lhtv S lfetv Fccmomw In XOLU JOHN H W X BLE REGISTFRPD PHARMACIST Comphments K I N G B R Q S 45 I 5 . NO Y c t 'W' kc if H ' J U 7 . P1'CSC1'iDtiOI1S amd Drug' Store Needs 1' 7 7 arren Avenue Ph 0 f 9 APOLLO NEWS STAND Magazlnes Papers Novelty Glfrs HALLMARK GREETING CARDS 135 N Warren Ave APOLLO PA CLEPPER S MARKETS Samuel Gallagher Prop GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES Store No l 629 N Fourth St Phone 60 Store No 2 424 N Fourth St Phone 61 APOLLO PA The School Glrls and Boys Compamon H A R R Y S P LA C THE VARIETY SHOP Shoe Shmes Peanuts Hat Cleanlng Soft Drmks Cleaning Confectlons Presslng Tobacco 220 N Warren Ave APOLLO PA Make It Your Headquarters E Dlamonds Watches ewelry Sllverware DUPPSTADT S Buy Wlth Confidence JEWELERS OPTOMETR'STS 126 Grant Ave VANDERGRIFT PA Phone 312 A V 1 , . - , . , . . , , . 1 1 QI 77 . --- L , . , . ..45.. S L 0 A N S 31 oo STQRIZ APOLLO PA MCCOLGIN S MARKET f 1946 RUBIN S DEPT STORES APOI LO VANDHRGRIFT I EECHBURG EULA BURKETT FLORIST ll 47 1 1 9 9 V w Y Y . 4 F 5C to . ' I . . . I Compliments of ! Compliments i of 9 3 w ro the 1 Class O Y Ill Warren Ave. Apo 0, Pa. I I MOVIES RFMEMBER School lVl1t1neeb Every Nlonday After School Ivery Tuesdiy 1t Strwncl P L BIN G Q fvery Wed11csd1y 1t Wirrelm Strand Warren Theatres Congratulations 'mcl Congritulatlons Apollo Hnglu Class of A M A N 5 V1l1CltYgYlf-I s leading LAIRD S BOARTS CLOTHING cmd FURNISHING tore for I-llglm School Students Dlstrlct Nlixmiber 129 Grant Ave STATE FARIVI INSURANCE COS VANDPRQRIFT PA 48 i' i' - A P , , P A . Best Wislues to the I ' 1 K 0 S ' 5 if A r 1 Y ' l l EGER S LLADING JEWELERS AUTHORIZED HQME OP FINE jawn RY PAY I:C1I:R PAYDAY Phoneb Vanclergrlft Leechburg C,O!TlPlIlT18fltS F LIBERTY CONFECTIONERY 70 7 Wirreli Avenue APOLLO PA Phone 783 W SQUARE DFAL FURNITURE STQRE R f ORDON OPPOSITI MUI OI'I'lCf Phone 674 Com plnnents to the CLASS of 1946 SQUIRE HENRY FIFSI Natlonal Bank Bldg APOLLO PA 1 N . l ' , - . 4 - 1 4 Q I . A VANDERGRIFT, PA. 143 416 - W N 1 1 . O Y A . 4 V , n 11 1 ,,4Q 7 SAN TO GARUFI FRUITS VEGETABLES 902 W CHAS MANULI MARKET FRUITS MEATS-VEGETABLES ll S H A F E R S ESSO STATION GAS OIL LUBRICATION ch Ap I1 218W cl Sl f A P O L L O RICHFIELD SERVICE FOR YOUR HEALTH S SAKE Y cl PAULYS DRUG STORE H 1 g ll GIANNETTO S MARKET FRUITS d GROCERIES 908 W APOLLO PA 214W CLOVER FARM MARKET Q EHdP 279W M A B E L S BEAUTY SHOPPE NORTH APOLLO PA 224R 50 i Alwa s Have Your Prescription I Fille at i 9 'arren Ave. Phone 155 l ote Bid . Apo o, Pa 1 Compliments of L ' an F- i arren Ave. Phone 263 Apo 0, Pa. Phone 1 Where uality, Service and Satisfaction Are Guaranteed Nor o 0, Pa. phone D. . el , rop. Boy ma er, Prop i Phone Compliments of Compliments of i 5 s l l Phone 55 Phone BRITTENS FLORIST SHOP BOOK SHOE STORE 138 G APOLLO PA VANDERGRIFT PA S SMITH HARDWARE HARDWARE PAINTS VARNISHES APOLLO BOOT SHOP SHOES PURSES N 1 W 11 APOLLO PA APOLLO DAIRY STORE sEN1oRs L U N C H E s JOHN SEROTKA XX 315 N W THOS F SUTTON APOLLO PA MEN s WEAR BORTZ S MARKET WHITLINGER BROTHFRS 16 h S Ap 1 APOLLO PA 51 Congratulations from Shoes for the Entire Family 1 1 rant Ave. Congratulations of 1 H. O 1 Phone 294 l 321 orth Fourth Street 26 arren Ave. Apo 0, Pa. U Congratulations, i and 5 Continued Best Wislmes 'Q . arren Ave. 1 . . W' Compliments of Compliments of 1 J t t. North ol o, Pa. , , , Phone 68 Q ApoHo Reohy Compony Is A Good Name and Place For Your FIRE : ACCIDENT : HOSPITAL THEFT AND AUTOMOBILE PROTECTION Bring Your Legal Papers to Us NOTARY' PUBLIC 118 Warren Ave Phone 9 Compliments of ELMER E BULZARD FUNERAL DIRECTOR Apollo Pa For uallty Merchandise Ready to Wear For Men Wfomen and Chlldren THE FAMOUS STORP QCORCETTI BAKERY ITALIAN BREAD BREAD STICKS I COOKIES 77 5 Warren Ave APOLLO PA EVELYNS BEAUTY SHOP All Phases of Beauty Culture Done at Reasonable PFICCS 307 Pennsylvania Ave Apollo Phone 15 The Home of BETTER SHOES A S H SHOE CO A Good Place to Buy Good Shoes 177 Warren Ave Apollo Pa 117 Grant Ave Phone 63 L X RAY FITTING COlTlp1lfI1CI1tS f ARMITAGE MARKET Warren Ave APOLLO JA Phones 20 and Z1 PHILLIPS Kc ANDES J E W E L E R s H G PHILLIPS J D JACOBS Owners H G PHILLIPS Llcensed Optometrlst 132 Grant Ave Vandergrlft Pa 52 r l ' I l l a ' l ' - 9 V . 4 ' . , Pa. , . ff Q ' ' 77 3 1 w . 4 U has .. . , . ' ' o 1 , . . . . . , . , . Compliments of ZULA SMITH Dresses Coats Mxlllnery Accessor1es GIFT BAR 120 N Warren Ave APCLLO PA Compliments of EDELSON S GENERAL MERCHANDISE 702 Flrst St Apollo Pa AURORA S DRY CLEANING PRESSING ALTERING REPAIRING 118 N Warren Ave APCLLO PA Compllments of FOX S DRUG STORE Phone 17 Compllments of E M C C U L L O U G 5 86 10c STORE APO1 LO PA COIUPIIIIICHLS of M C I L W A I N 5 IVIEATS GROCERIES 507 N Slxth St Apollo Pa Phone 250 LINSEY FRY APPLIANCE REPAIRS NOVELTY GIFTS 204 FIYSI St Apollo P H H I LTY S HOME FURNISHINGS 217 FIFSL St VANDERGRIFT PA APQLLO PA T. . . , . , . 1 1 . . , . .. . , . 1 , . . , a. ' 1 1 . ' , . , . ,W 53 ,..- SANITARY BARBER SHOP 329 N W APOLLO GUTHRIE AUTQ Apouo IA APOLLO MOTOR Ch k KISKI AVENUE PAINT SHOP PATRONIZE H O L L Y W O O D HYGIENIC BARBER JoE MENDICINO P p HUDSON SALES cl SERVICE NEAL BROTHERS GARAGE f 1946 FITZ DRY CLFANINC 307 W 89 J EDGAR WHITI INCFR QUALITY FooD MARKET W Ap ll 302 W ' Compliments of T . arren Ave. J , PA. l Compliments I of the an 1 - 1 Compliments of Compliments to the ic ar and Asure Class O J I arren Avenue 1 Phone u J I J F F' S ' or me ervlce T North arren Ave. o o, P . l Phone 246 A - , ro r1eto , S4 L. SAXION S LUNCH SHOP A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Opp H gh S h APOLLO PA W O ARMITAGE THE INSELBRIC STORE ROOFING SIDING STORM WINDOWS l W h g VANDERGRIFT PA WAUGAMAN BEAUTY SHOP 1100 N P APOLLO PA T Cl tl46 ISABEL BLACK S BEAUTY SHOPPE 301 P APOLLO PA WILSON W REARICK COAL d GENERAL HAULING 015R l APOLLO BOTTLING COMPANY Pl 59 APOLLO PA 1 , S l . enna Ave. North Zncl St. osite the i c l ' ' l Phone 75 Compliments to he , ass o' 9 1 enna. Ave. , Phone 130 Insulate and Beautify Your Home 0 an Phone 2 - 55 as in ton Ave. Phone 66 S R Ap l P . Compliments of mone Lv uloql up 1s 52 4- i . tx , , ' ' 1. if 2 xt ri X' 71, ,L U E RM .4. y V Q- qv . ,Q L Ft givin ... r 'f 4' . 4 xx 5' 'Q M X21 'A ,' -N . L 1 - S I 5 , . . . , J Jr 4 A il ' ' 1 A f ' X ' F :V F 1 f' I 2 -. ' ' ' 'f ' , '- L Y w . Y 11 ' 4 L , Vt -lk 3 ,J f Q , .4 V ' x ,I 1? ' 1 37 'A V-' I ' 1- I, 'Al 1' X, ' , Q X X A , K I Y V x VX f ' 4 Vp X f -mf' 1 V , , . 1 nX F x L., X '. ,Q 1. -f . Q - X r V x xx! I' ' Q xl ri J ' V-f 1 J ,-

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