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. , .gg . , Him ., -6 F32 ,-1 a f eb V 15? ' Q' A ,M -. 1 'F f", .. KI I, .JV I Fw J, Y Q3 fl 4 . . , M- ff. ? Q A k F S z L, 1 . E ,f -N if 1, lv lu H' 'Lev.- . - .4 '5: 'ref-, ,V , . 11 -. ' W- '.l'! Q3 XGXAWQKQSQSNQ 'WVR A MQ' 7he Kama !944,2 The Senior Class and tlwe Kislcitas Staff present this Scrapbook in lwope that in years to come it will serve to aicl in reviewing pleasant memories ol: Apollo I-ligh School Soon after school started the Kiskitas Staff was chosen and assembled together for the purpose of making plans for our yearbook. ldeas of making money and improving our book were decided upon and at length put into full swing. It has been our purpose to endeavor to make it a true account of life in school: so that you will always cherish it as one of your fondest possessions. Our effort will not have been put forth vainly, if, in any way, this school mem- ory book will help you to recall your alma mater and all joyful memories con- nected with it. The Kiskitas Staff considers it a privilege to be able to publish this third successive year book and sincerely hopes that its publication will be continued by the following classes. It is with this wish that we leave our book to you. May you always enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed working on it. Editor Robert Sturgeon Advertising V Y Ruth King Business Nlanager Richard Jackson Dominick Bcnolmo Zelda Mae Beck Treasurer Mary A. Hildebrand Dick Smith Art Blair Duff Amen! .lalckson Anne Moorr' Mary Smith P Editorial Regina Brewer Typists Vernon Shaffer Tom Chapman Maxine I. Nulpli William Steele Photography Mary Jamison illilgiieciamgle Leone Ament Robert Martha Langer Senior Editor Regina Brewer Subscriptions Stella Bella Junior Editor Berry Jane Wylie Kline Lobaugh Helen Demcuk Maxine E. Nulph Francis Lezchliter Eleanor Buchholz Sophomore Freshman Faculty Advisers , Joyce Ferguson Alvin George Isabel Henry-H General Virginia Cooper- Editorial ' mn W. C. CRAWFORD, Supervising Principal F, W. NICHOLSON, President XVM. RICHEY COLIN C. CAMERON, Sccrcmry JOHN MUMAXV AMENT HILL 214.211 E JANET BECK XV. C. CRAWFORD Secretary Supervising Principal JOM f First Row, Left to RightEMiss Ellenberger, Mr. Armstrong, Miss Kerr, Mr. Crawford lSuper- intendentl, Mr. Anlceny, Miss Patton, Miss Cooper. Second Row-Mr. Gumbert, Mrs. Smith, Miss Uber, Miss Henry, Miss Hoofring, Miss King. Third Row-Mrs. Lease, Mrs. Weaver, Mr. Sturgeon, Miss Walker. Absent from picture-Mr. Buzard, Mr. Martens. KING. MARTHA E. A.B., M.A., Grove City College English BLIZARD, CHARLES F, B.S., Gettysburg, University of Pittsburgh Mathematics, Coach GLIMBERT, E. B. B.S. in Health, Slippery Rock State Teachers College Science, Assistant Coach, Health Education HOOFRING, MARIORIE B.S., Indiana State Teachers College Mathematics ANKENY, R. H. A.B., West Virginia University Science SMITH, ODESSA HANNA B.S. in Commerce, Grove City College Commercial OLINGER, DAKOTA KNIGHT' B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health Education, Social Studies COOPER, VIRGINIA B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College English ARMSTRONG, R. M, B.S., Grove City College Chemistry HENRY, ISABEL R. A.B., University of Pittsburgh Social Studies WEAVER, LEONORA HUEY B.S., Edinboro State Teachers College Art MARTENS, O. M. B.S., University of Pittsburgh Shop, Mechanical Drawing STURGEON, CLARENCE Band, Orchestra UBER, MARY B.S. in Commerce, Grove City College Commercial KERR, EMOGENE A.B., Thiel College History, French ELLENBERGER, MARGARET B.S., Indiana Teachers College Home Economics LEASE, IULIA WAGNER B.B., Slippery Rock State Teache Health Education, Social Studies WALKER, ELEANOR B.M., Grove City College rs College Music ' First Semester Main Stairwa 5 CLASS HISTORY The class of '42 began its Freshman year in Apollo High School with much enthusiasm and "a little" confusion. After we were initiated according to school tradition, the upper classmen endeavored to teach us the fundamentals of modern dancing. Soon after this the Freshies could cut the rug with the best of them. We experienced one of the most thrilling--yet embarrassing- moments when the upper classmen clapped us in at our first assembly. Al- though we were the object of all "good natured" jokes, we enjoyed this year to the utmost and often fondly recall it. lt was a big event when we were moved up to the rank of Sophomores and could enter into the fun of initiating the "Greenies". This year the Senior Class of '40 started a yearbook which they called the "Kiskitas", after the name of our river. Since it was the first yearbook for sometime, the whole student body received its revival very enthusiastically. Many of the girls joined the Tri-Hi-Y Club and went to school very peculiar looking the week of their initiation, for they were obliged to wear curlers in their hair, different shoes and socks, aprons, and carry a bucket filled with books. Before we knew it, we were plunged head-long into our Iunior Year. Our studies, school dances. and numerous clubs and organizations furnished varied interests. At last the day set for the junior-Senior Prom came. Although it was a rainy and dismal day, there was excitement in the air. Time dragged slowly along, but four o'clock finally came. Boys and girls alike rushed home to don their first evening clothes. That night the high school gym was filled with laughter and music. Both students and teachers joined in the fun and all spent an enjoyable evening. The next day all the juniors and Seniors went around with drooping eyelids. However, we were not too tired to give the details of our divine evening. Most of the Iunior Class attended the Bac- calaureate Sermon and Commencement Program of the Class of '41 . We knew that it would not be long now until we too would be leaving our happy school years far behind us. Time sped on and soon found us classified as Seniors. This year we looked forward to many good times and were by no means disappointed. The "Kiskitas" sponsored a dance which they called "Elmer's Dance" after the popular tune of the day. The Tri-I-li-Y also held a dance, the "Winter Carni- val." The proceeds of this dance-were given to help increase the Bomber Fund. We started the annual subscription drive early, and made out so well that it was not necessary for us to carry on any other project, except our class play. As the last few months of our school year faded away, with tear-filled eyes we looked back over our happy school memories. H11 WALTER SZEMBORSKI-Pretty quiet in a few classes but don't rouse his temper. Boys' basketball, Boys' Chorus, Bomb Squad, Rifle Club, Senior Class Play. LEONE AMENT-"Bunny" is still trying to find 'AHim". Don't give up! Tri-Hi-Y, Kiskitas, Tiger Gazette, Glee Club, Speech Club. ANNE MOORE-Boys still prefer blondes- but definitely! Kiskitas, Senior Play, Orchestra, Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club. ROBERT STURGEON--Destined to follow music, Bob will have no trouble getting along. Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Kiskitas, Tiger Gazette, Hi-Y, Bomb Squad, Sen- ior Play. ZELDA MAE BECK-Pretty as a picture but not for Apollo boys. Washington Town- ship: Eh, "Becky"? Kiskitas, Glee Club, G. A. A. MAXINE l. NULPH--The reason the boys held their seats at the half during football games. Captain Drum Majorettes, Glee Club, Bas- ketball, Tiger Gazette, Senior Class Play, Kiskitas, Speech Club, G. A. A., Tri-Hi-Y. AMENT IACKSON-Every deck has a joker. "Dopey" seems to be it. Tiger Gazette, Band, Class Basketball, Speech Club, Kiskitas. Pr -K. Lobaugh W. Szemborski L. Ament Sec.-B. Spencer R. Sturgeon Z. M. Beck A. Moore HELEN KLINGENSMITH-Helen possesses one of the softest voices in class. Glee Club, Senior Class Play, Speech Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, County Chorus. NORA IEAN MCELFRESH-She's ace high in any man's language. Speech Club. TOM CHAPMAN-lust a little bundle of joy sent to brighten the Senior Class. Boys' Chorus, Kiskitas, Tiger Gazette, Senior Play, Hi-Y. MARTHA LAUFFER--She's known as Miss Uber's Hright arm". Kiskitas, Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y. M. I. Nulph A. jackson H. Klingensmirh N. J. McElfresh T. Chapman M. J. Lauffer M. Jamison K. Lobaugh L. Miller R. Day B. Spencer W. Steel MARY IAMISON--Don't give up, Mary. He'll be ba:k. Tiger Gazette, Kiskitas, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play, Glee Club. KLINE LOBAUGH--A worthy president and a swell classmate, Senior Class President, Kiskitas, Tiger Ga- zette, Bomb Squad. LOUISE MILLER-Come on, Louise: who is it, Bill or Gene? Tri-Hi-Y, Tiger Gazette. ROBERT DAY-Have you ever seen Bobbie blush? Modesty? Football, Kiskitas, Rifle Club. BETTY SPENCER - Betty's smiles chase away "the blues". Tri-Hi-Y President, Class Secretary, Class Play. G. A. A., Glee Club. WILLIAM STEEL-Bill's a poet and doesn't know it. Longfellow and Poe rolled into one. Varsity Basketball, Tiger Gazette, Kiski- tas, Bomb Squad. ELEANOR BLICHHOLZ--An answer to a soldier's prayer. Kiskitas. PAUL HOWELL-The sort of person every- one likes. Class Basketball. LaRUE YALEY-"Silence is golden." LaRue won't tell. Speech Club. MARY IANE LOBAUGH--What's the mat- ter with A. H. S. boys? EDWIN BRANTHOOVER- lf you think Edwin's serious, you just don't know him. Senior Play. ESTELLA CRAMER-One girl that gets along with everybody. E. Buchholz P. Howell L. Yaley M. Lobaugh E. Branrhoover E. Cramer ARY ELIZABETH HILL-No sir, those dimples you see aren't artificial. Glee Club, Basketball. JHN HILTY-Soon you'll be s a y i n g, "Flying Commander Iohn Hilty". Football, Class Basketball, Rifle Club. IARY ALICE HILDEBRAND -Could the Senior Class get along without her? Hardly! Tiger Gazette, Kiskitas, Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play. EGINA BREWER - Regina prefers Irish names-especially O'Grady. Kiskitas. .THEL l. ROSENSTEEL - Watch out for the gun shots not the 'iShotts". Speech Club, Rifle Club. DICK AUSTIN-Everyone ad- mires Dick's good nature. Rifle Club, First Aid Squad. M. E. Hill D, Lobaugh LI. Hilty I. Faulk M. A. Hildebrand R. King R. Brewer R. Wysocki E. Rosensteel M. Smith R. Austin F. Leichliter ll DLIANE LOBAUGH - Well. "Cactus", what will it be, Tulsa or Apollo? Class Basketball, Football, Sen- ior Play. IMOGENE FAULK -- Imogene made up her mind early. Tiger Gazette, Tri-Hi-Y, G. A. A., Basketball, Volleyball. RUTH KING - Still waiting. Ruth? He'll be through college a year earlier, now. Speech Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Tiger Gazette, G. A. A., Glee Club, Kiskitas. I ROBERT WYSOCKI - lu st crack a joke. Bob will laugh at it whether it's funny or not. Rifle Club, Bomb Squad. MARY SMITH - Mary's eyes fairly sparkle with pep and friendliness. Volleyball, Basketball, Presi- dent of G. A. A., Speech Club, Kiskitas. Tiger Gazette. FRANCIS LEICHLITER-Pep, vim and vigor plus a cheery smile-Boots. Kiskitas, G. A. A., Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Play, Rifle Club, Class Basketball, Speech Club. S. Bella R. Jackson D. Weinel C. Neal M. Shriver R. Lobaugh STELLA BELLA-It's the songs you sing and the smiles you wear that casts sunshine everywhere. Speech Club, Glee Club, Kiskitas Staff, Senior Mixed Chorus. RICHARD IACKSON-If all students were as docile as he, teaching would be a pleas- ure. Class Basketball, Kiskitas, Rifle Club. DOROTHY WEINEL-Tall, dark and very easy to get along with. Senior Class Play. CLARENCE NEAL-On the football Held he was known as the i'Red Terror". Football Captain, Class Basketball Cap- tain, Captain of Rifle Team, Bomb Squad. MARIE SHRIVER -- One reason why Mr. Armstrong has to keep his pencil sharp- ened. Basketball, Rifle Club, Volleyball, G. A. A. ROBERT LOBALIGH--The noisiest third of the three Lobaughs. GALEN CUNNINGHAM-Tall, dark, am full of ambition. Football, Basketball, Rifle Team, Boys Chorus. Senior Play. ELIZABETH FRONCEK-Elizabeth believes in "self-expression". VERNON SHAFFER--Henry Aldrich's dou- blel A joke for every situation. Kiskitas, Rifle Club, Senior Class Play. EVELYN BEATTY-Woman Drivers? Sure we have one. Evelyn drives the Plymouth. I LEONARD GALLAGHER-Did you ever hear I laugh? If you didn't, you're miss- ing something. Manager of Football, Manager of Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Boys' Chorus. GENEVIEVE SIVERLING - Another song bird of A. H. S. Glee Club. G. Cunningham E. Froncek V. Shaffer E. Beatty J. L. Gallagher G. Siverling A Fr ncck V. Davis G. Watterson H. Demcuk AUGUST FRONCEK-Here he is, girls, if you prefer blondes. Football. Class Basketball, Rifle Club, Bomb Squad, Boys' Chorus. VIRGINIA DAVIS--A real sport who's al- ways willing to help. Tri-Hi-Y. LENN WATTERSON Silent likeable. G -- . and friendly. Bomb Squad. HELEN DEMCUK-Always around to keep things going. Basketball, Volleyball Captain Speech Club, Kiskitas Staff. MARTHA BOVVERS-"Mickey" has person- ality plus. Tri-Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Glee Club, Rifle Club, Senior Play. G. A. A., Senior Mixed Chorus, Tiger Gazette. MARIORIE BLYSTONE-"Midge" is just one of those things that keeps teachers busy. DALE SCHRECENGOST-The founder of the famous "Deerslayers". Class Basketball, Hi-Y, Boys' Chorus. Speech Club. REATHA SNYDER-We are glad Reatha chose Apollo instead of Vandergrift. Volleyball, Basketball, Rifle Club. G. A. A. MAXINE E. NULPH-Need any help with a problem? Ask Maxine, she'll help you out. Tri-Hi-Y. G. A. A., Speech Club, Glee 'IIBQUAISEH 'SEWISDI 'CWID IANET HOOVER-Life is real, life is ear- nest, but let's have fun! Class Basketball, Volleyball, Glee Club, G. A. A., Rifle Club, Bowling Team. LUCY FERRERO-Personally, Lucy prefers Leechburg boys. Class Basketball, Volleyball. BILL HAGGEY-Bill is well known for his generosity. 13 M. J. Bowers M. Blysrone D. Schrecengost R. Snyder M. E. Nulph Hoover L. Ferrero W. Haggey l L. Peterman D. Bertolino E. Reefer B. Hurley S. Rosensteel K. Eckman LOIS PETERMAN-Make up your mind. Lois-is it the Army or the home town boy. DOMINICK BERTOLINO--Cne of the more intelligent of the male sex. Football, Class Basketball, Kiskitas. EVELYN REEFER--The country still pro- duces them "cute". Speech Club. DOLORES MOOREHEAD - One of the smaller things in the high school. Art Pageant. BERTHA HURLEY-Be careful, Bertha has a temper. G. A. A., Class Basketball, Rifle Club, Glee Club. SYLVIA RCSENSTEEL-Always in the mid- dle of things. KENNETH ECKMAN-I"le's quiet and back- ward but sure does express his opinion if the occasion demands. ALBERTA LASHER- One of our country girls who doesn't get lost while in town. LUCILLE RAMALE--How can any girl be so brilliant and still have swell times at school? Glee Club, Speech Club, Kiskitas, Tiger Gazette, Press Club, Senior Class Play. V 1 D. Mooreheacl A. Lasher IOHN CHRISTOFORETTI-That's no a --it's natural! Boys' Chorus, Speech Club, Basketba. Football, Senior Class Play. BLAIR DUFF-Blair spends the week-ends 1 Freeport. Cute, isn't she? Kiskitas, Glee Club, Rifle Club, Class Ba: ketball. HELEN CAPPO-Want to see somethin unusual? Take a look at l'lelen's repoi card! Kiskitas, Speech Club. L. Ramale I. Christoforetti B. Duff H. Cappo lOGENE BRINKER - Emo- ene can be found in any high chool activity. :lass Basketball, Volleyball, G. K. A., Rifle Club, Glee Club, flixed Chorus. ITH HILL-l'low can one girl iave such a good sense of hu- nor? 3. A. A., Class Basketball. ,resident of Rifle Club, Volley- nall Captain, G. A. A. Captain. IARLES VALCO -- Want to ee how the "hep-cats" dress? Fake a look at Charles any day. lille Club, Boys' Chorus, Class iaskctball. XRY VALCO-No class room s dull if Mary is in it. Basketball. NRY S"l'A'l'l'llS-Good things are not always found in large Jackages. Sasketball. ERLE ANTHONY-A great moxing fan is "Killer" Anthony. lille Club. E. R 2:0- Z Brinker ll Hi Valco Valco Srarhis Anthony L. Knepshield G. Heffernan P. Franks E. Dunmire M. Sowers B. McDevitt LEROY KNEPSHIELD -- He G should get a copyright on that laugh of his. Gildersleeve has nothing on him. AYLE HEFFERNAN - Do redheads have tempers? Not Gayle. Rifle Club, G. A. A., Glee Club. Basketball. Volleyball, Mixed Chorus, Bowling Team. PHYLLIS FRANKS--Always as neat as a pin. Sets the newest hair styles. Volleyball, Tri-Hi-Y. ESTHER DUNMIRE-Esther's known for her pep outside of school. Tri-Hi-Y. Speech Club, Rifle Club. MERION SOWERS - Apollo High's woman-hater No. l. Rifle Club, Bomb Squad. BETTY MCDEVITT - We'd like to call her Aired". but she doesn't like that name, so she is just still Betty. Tri-Hi-Y. R. Smith R. A. Steri Miller E. Thorpe R. Shoemaker Gigliotti Apollo High Miss Henry's Smiling. What's "Lemon" Looking C1ctus"ancl"Lemon" Wonder What at- at? lTsk, Tskl just Relaxin' or Who. Two Maxines Two Good Girls Classroom Snaps Senior Girls-How Did That Teacher Get in Ther RICHARD SMITH-At school once while. Band, Glee Club, Kiskitas. ROSE ANNA STERI-She isn't afraid little study. Ever notice the pile of r she carries home? IOSEPH MILLER-As loc would say, ways joking". Class Basketball, Rifle Club, Glee Cli EVELYN THORPE-Apollo Highs hi pretzel. Speech Club, Girls' Rifle Club. ROBERT SHOEMAKER - Bob come school about once in six weeks to ge report card. IULIA GIGLIOTTI-"Variety is the spi life"-hence the mixture of wit and mor. Basketball, Speech Club, Volleyball T tain, Senior Class Play. CLASS PROPHECY "Good night, folks, I think l'll be going to bed." "My, what a comfortable place to lay. If I could just get to sleep. Maybe if I counted sheep it would help. l-2-3-4-5 and far into the night. 15,981-15,982-15,983 --------- ZZZZZZZZ ..Oh!n "Hello there. From where did you come?" "My name is Mr. Time. l'm from the Land of the Future. If there is anything you would like to know, just ask me." "Well, Mr. Time. I would like to see my classmates twenty-five years from now." "Alright, come with me. Watch your step, we're going into space. Look out!! We're go- ing to land!!" A'Oh, Mr. Time! What's the name of this large modern city? Such modern buildings." "This, my boy, is Apollo. The year is 1967. Come and we'll have a look around." "This street here is among the main residen- tial sections-Armstrong Avenue. That beau- tiful house is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Galen Cunningham. The former Thelma Shaffer is his wife. They own several of the farms around Apollo too." "Let's take a look into the barber shop, Mr. Time. Who owns it?" "The proprietor is Gallagher. That's he cutting August Froncek's hair. August works in the Apollo Steel Co. The boy sweeping the floor is Os Shoemaker's boy. Os, as you used to call him, owns the local theatres. Yes, ticket- seller is Helen Klingensmithf' "Who are those people in front of the pool- room?" "The one with the cigar is joe Miller. He's working on a farm. The man beside him is Dick Smith. He and William Steele run a joint hardware store." "This modern theater is certainly swell. Let's have a look around. Anne Moore and Tobert Raylor in 'AA South Sea Island". Sounds like a good picture. Anne Moore was your class- mate also. She and Maxine I. Nulph are both in Hollywood. A talent scout saw their per- formance in "What a Life". "Who owns that dress shop, Mr. Time?" "lt's owned by Z. M. Beck. She never was married. Certainly had the chances, though. Charlie Valco, Apollo's oldest bachelor, used to date her. He even dated her in '42, if you re- member. That lady buying the hat is Alberta Lasher. The one holding the dress is Sylvia Rosensteelf' "So this is the same bank that was here in 1942? It certainly looks old." 'AYes, it is. Mary Iarnison is the cashier. The man counting the bills is Blair Duff. That man depositing all the money is Mary's hus- band, Roy Gourleyf' "That man with the tin-cup is "Cactus" Lo- baugh. He had a lot of oil stock in Oklahoma. but the wells went dry. He's down and out now." "Were any of my classmates affected by the war, Mr. Time?" MYes, several. Ruth King enlisted as a nurse in China during the war and got a badge for heroism. Now that the war is over, she is the head of a large hospital in New York." "Three of your classmates were wounded in action. Dale Schrecengost was wounded in ac- tion in India. john Hilty, while engaged with the enemy air force. Robert Day was wounded in northern France. He had several medals for heroism and workmanship." A'That music shop is owned by Robert Stur- geon. That's he playing the piano with Mary Smith: she works there." "Ament jackson is now the head of the Ein- stein Academy in Albany. He's a high-rank- ing genius. His secretary is Lucille Ramale. She was also a classmate of yours." l'Mary A. Hildebrand operates the newspa- per office. She continued her father's good work on the Sentinel. It now has a circulation of three thousand. That man at the desk is Robert Lobaugh. He's the sports editor of her paper." "Some of your classmates aren't around Apollo any more. julia Gigolotti is a radio comedian: she is sponsored by the new product. 'AStretcho." It was invented by Dominick Bertin- lino in the Dupont Laboratory. Clarence Neal is a football coach at Citadel. He and Dominick both got scholarships for Citadel for their foot- ball playing in l942." "Could you please tell me what I'll be doing in l967?" "Yes, son, l will. Your going to be---" "Wake up, Tom: it's 8:30. You're going to be late for school. Hurry, now." "All right, mother, l'm coming. Darn itll Now l'll never know what's to become of mel" Q CLASS HISTORY plcslclcm ,,..,.,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,A, Robert Peters Secretary-Treasurer .......... .... W illiam Lees When the Iunior Class first entered Apollo High School as lowly Freshmen, they seemed to have everything that goes into the formula for making a successful class-intellectual abil- ity, some inventive spirit, athletic material-a little of everything except, maybe, a meek and humble attitude. As soon as their Freshman initiation was over, they started initiating the rest of the school into the mysteries of their future plans-a year- book about the size of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary . . . at least ten valedictorians at Commencement . . . no less than Benny Good- man for the Senior Prom. This class soon became noted for its drug- store huddles . . . dues on the last day of school . . . the Basketball Team, Inc .... increasing demand for raise in wages ffrom C's and D's to A's and B'sl . . . lack of class meetings . . . a bake sale . . . big football players ialso goodl . . . fads . . . record collectors . . . caviar for the Senior Banquet iif someone leaves them a fortunel . . . the Iunior Girls' Gold Basketball Team . . . inseparable pals "Damon" Bill Lees and "Pythias" Skip Miller . . . cheerleaders ihalf of the squad? . . . the only fraternity in school itheir mark of distinction being plaid skirts, until the rest of the school adopted the garb, tool . . . well-exercised vocal chords ifor bath singing and talking: both in and out of schooll . . . active club members . . . the unit of wit of lack Townsend stag parties . . . the McMillen bus-line . . . struggling mathemati- cians iaspiring engineersl . . . the "get up" and "go" of Lois Ann Armitage . . . Alma Mater authors. From all appearances, this class will leave the school something to remember it by-it might be anything from a swimming pool to just a headache. This class's "day" begins next year. and at least, it is going to the unusual side! ROOM 200-Aiman, Branthoover, Burkett, Coulter, Culler, Dixon, Gais, Hilty, Morgan, Peters, Rearic, Roberts, Scott, Talmadge, Wagner, Wyble, Emminger, Ankeny, Armitage, Blakemore, Burns, Carnahan, Claypoole, Floyd, Griffiths, Hclsel, Kelly, Lobaugh, Mc- Culloch, D. McQuaide, N. J. lVlcQuaicle, A. Sloan, P. Sloan, Stone, Wylie, Hunter. ROOM 206-Anderson, Anthony, Austin, Campbell Cunnngham, Ray Dunmire, Robert Dun- mire, Froncek, Gianetto, Colerman, Hoclcenberry, McMillen, Miller, Neal, Nunamakcr Oliriot, Paydence, Rinaldi, Szemborski, Watterson, Wysoclci, Casella, Buzard. 1 ROOM 303-Beck, Bierlcy, Casagni, Ccrrato, Clark, Coulter, Cramer, Dormire, Dunwortli, Ferre-ro, Gfanetto, Gourley, Grimm, Harbisc-n, Hilty, Kerr, Knight, Neatroni, Nuna- maker, Mcllwafn, Morris, Pozzani, Rosensteel, Saxon, Shaffer, Slagle, Szemborski, Wil- liamson, Danclo. ROOM 306-Beers, Couch, W. Egley, Householder, Kelly, Lecs, Lobaugh, McK'nstry, Skroupa Sposlto, Townsend, Whitlinger, Sewers, Beck, Betts, Blystone, Bowers, Boyer, Brinker Conner, E. Egley, Ferrero, Frampton, Franks, Groscost, Heffernan Hileman Hoover 1 1 J McClain, McKinstry, Rodebach, Rosensteel, Scott, Slxrrver, L. Snyder, R. Snyder, Steri Stitt, Ulery, Weigand, Wilson. Room 200 Room 206 Room 303 Room 506 A + M 'fi 1 12' .S CLASS HISTORY ln the autumn of 1940 the class which will graduate in 1944 entered High School with many fears and misgivings, although going to school in this building promised to be very ex- citing after eight years of school in the grade building. We were a very much embarrassed group and the source of great amusement to the upper classmen as we wandered in and out of the rooms trying to find our proper classes. After a few days we became more conhdent in ourselves. We finally struggled through this year and were soon to become Sophomores. We felt very dignified as we gave up our seats on the side of the auditorium to the Fresh- men and moved on the center block. Our first business as Sophomores was the electing of of- ficers. Robert McKown was chosen as presi- dent and Iames Crooks as secretary-treasurer. The first real clay of our lives lso we thoughtl. We were no longer Freshmen and we looked forward to the initiation party. The party was a huge success except for the fact that the boys were not allowed to use the pad- dles which they had made. Now the girls could try out for Glee Club, and we were permitted to join the many other clubs such as the Speech Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Hi-Y, and G. A. A. This class had an experience which no other Sohomore Class had had before. We were be- ing drilled in air raids and some of our boys felt quite important as members of the Bomb Squad. We also did our part in buying Defense Stamps. ln preparation for the Gym Exhibition under Mrs. Lease, the girls enjoyed the acrobatics, al- though they often resulted in sore muscles and skinned knees. The Sophomore boys were also represented in the Exhibition. The Sophomore Class had no special activi- ties in Chapel and were not outstanding in social events, but it ended the year with a good scholastic standing. ROOM 100-Bartley, Bash, Chastain, Fairman, Fitzgerald, Hallman, Hilry, Kerr, A. Knep- shield, M. Knepshield, King, Manuli, Nulph, Shuster, Stanko, Truby, Welsh, Wilson, Young. ROOM 301-Bierly, Bills, Bruner, Castle, Daugherty, G. Davis, M. Davis, Day, Deemer, Fennel, B. Ferguson, Ferguson, Fryer, Guzolik, Klingensmith, Lehner, Marangoni, McIlwain, lVlcMeans, Milliron, Pagliarulo, Reed, Shriver, C. Sloan, R. Sloan, Snyder, Spencer, Stitt, Talmadge, Viarengo, Wray, Leech, Foy, Hamilton. ROOM 300-Ament, Back, Burkett, Campbell, Cartwright, Chapman, L. Clepper, W. Clepper, Crawford, Crooks, Flinkinger, Guthrie, Helman, Hilty, jackson, McCormick, McKown, Morgan, Nelson, Ross, Sallade, Spahr, Stathis, Stokes. ROOM 302--Rinard Anthony, Russel Anthony, Buchholz, Craft, Duff, Dunmire, Foster, Gould, Hockenberry, Hill, Hone, Houston, Jackson, Kuhns, Lauffer, McPhillamy, Nale Newingham, Obriot, Rupert, A. Rosensteel, I. Rosensteel, Sample, Siverling, Szymanowski, Vaccaro, Whitlinger, Wigle. Q Room 100 Room 301 Room 300 R oom 302 Q -.1 I 4 CLASS HISTORY With the falling of leaves, from the trees, last September came the march of teen age boys and girls from North Apollo, Kiskiminetas Township, and Apollo. And to what was all this leading? The birth of the Freshman Class of Apollo High School of 1941-'42. Yes, it was the Freshman Class-and what a class-full of pep, vim, and vigor-ready to start to make its place in the Hall of Fame in Apollo. Of course, there were a few details to be disposed of first. There was an affair that was called Initiation, in which the upper classmen tried to show their superiority over the budding geniuses that had freshly arrived, but that was weathered with stoical indifference. And then things really began to happen. Along came the football season, and right away all knew the Freshmen were on hand. When things were in swing, two of the boys, Tom Barringer and "Chick" Dando, had made the squad and three of the girls, La Rue Rear- ick, Nancy Davis, and Val lean Coleman were in the cheerleader section-both groups doing a good job. When the smoke had cleared from the lining up of the Tiger Gazette Staff, four of the Freshmen were in there pitching-Mary Lou Richey, Dick Hemphill, Richard Coleman. and Alvin George. Then came the War! Two rifle clubs were formed with the Freshmen well represented and doing admirably. Regardless of all the honors that have come to the Class of 1941-'42 there have been mom- ents when the ego was sadly deflated. lt seems that many had lingering growing pains that brought forth, from many of the reachers, com- ments to the effect that the class was far from having evidence of sprouting wings. But how can it be otherwise? What would High School be without the disturbing element of the Fresh- man Class from year to year? When all has been written in the book of records, this year's Freshman Class hopes and feels that Apollo High will be proud to have had this group of girls and boys enrolled. ROOM 212-Bortz, J. Chapman, N. Chapman, Coleman, Campbell, Cooper, Davis, Dunmire, Dixon, Heckman, Householder, Hurley, M. Sloan, Shank, Richey, Reed, Ross, Reynolds, Sturgeon, R. Sloan, Jackson, Smiltzer, Steele, Rumbaugh, Weinel. ROOM 308-Altomore, Blystone, Doverspike, Elwood, Evanachko, Keppel, Long, Mangus, 1 Miller, Reynolds, Roman, F. Shaeffer, H. Shaeffer, Shank, P. Snyder, W. Snyder, Walker, Waltenbaugh, Bochese, Boyer, D. Bradley, E. Bradley, Casagni, Fiscus, Grady, Guzolik, Hill, Hockenberry, Keeler, Marangoni, Reefer, Rice, Roberts, Townsend, Weigand, Wilson, Hunter. ROOM 304-Allera, Anderson, Armitage, Barringer, Coleman, Colwell, Duso, Frank, Gais, Giannetto, Hollis, Jones, Klingensmith, Leichliter, J. Pallone, M. Pallone, Smith, Steri, Stone, Busi, Decker, Beers, Benninger, Casella, Crawford, Held, Painter, Sanford, Smith. ROOM 310-Benninger, Bowser, Branthoover, Curry, Dando, Davis, Eckman, Fulton, Gabriel, Garufl, George, Hallman, Hemphill, Johnson, Kelly, Knight, Miller, Roudebush, R. Rupert, Shoup, Uncafer, Wagner, Watterson, Weigand, Barto, Day, Houser, McElhattan, Rearic, Reese, Ridenour, Rouse, Rowland, D. Rupert, Shoemaker, Talmadge, Tomicek, Wilmont, Wilson, N. Nulph, M. Nulph. Room 212 Room .303 Room 304 Room 310 ROOM 13 - 7B - MISS CLARE First Row, Left to Rightf-lane Armstrong, R. Coulter, D. Cartwright. B. Coulter. D. Raymond, J. Kelly, Burkett, S. Harmon, F. Gabriel, Davis. M. l.. Welslw. Second Row--D. l.. Rearic, E. Reed, K. Rupert. Jackson, B. Friclc, lf. Xvlison. li. Ross, H. Watterscwim, F. jackson, Altman, Miss E. Nl. Clare. Top RowfA. Campbell, D. Williamstmn. Not in Picture-l,. Busi. ROOM 14 - 7A - MR. KNEPSHIELD First Row, Left to Right-R. Garuh, W. Games, G. Hilty, F. Hurley. V. Nlanuli. T. Dt-lVl.1rl4, G. Floyd, C. Moore, G. Burkett, R. Deemer, R. Hollis. Second Row-l.. Cunningham, P. Unger, R. Colwell, Hilty, A. Kerr. A. Cunningham, Nl. Athya, V. Muclcle, Ci. Ridonour, R. Nlangus, Mr, B. Knepshielcl. Top Row7R. Johnson, T. Giannetto, K, Ridenour, R. Fairman, Xvilson. E. lVloore. Not in Picture+B. Burns, L. Decl-ter, L. Graham, E. Reed. ROOM 15 - 8B - MISS BUZZARD D. Shuster, R. Young, M. Hilliard, W. Whitlinger. F. Dormire, I... Clai-lc. R. Shank, J. Fitz- gerald, Clements, Nl. Hildebrand, Mcphilliamy. D. Crawford. S. Bash, l.. Amon: D. Campbell, B. Rosensteel, Spencer, M. Boney, Wflxitlinger. R. Davis. R. Sloan, J. Whitlinger, B. lmsbaugh, D. Forbes, A. Norte, H. Xwilliamson. Not in Picture lf. Nulph. ROOM 16 - 8A - MISS SIMPSON B. Baclger,T. Braclcin, L. Burkett, S. Calderone, Dunmire, P. Felton, Gihl-sons, D. Hamil- ton, H. Hill, R. Ramnley, D. Ramaley, W. Schatz, W. Smith, Z. Stefanini. Cunningham -I. DeMarlc, M. Floyd, C. Ciallucci, E. Hansen, M. Hollis, A. Long, M. lVlcPhilliamy, K. McQuaide, P. Passarelli, M. Sliclc, Sloan, M. Wl1itlii1ge-r. D. Taylor. Not in Pic- ture-A. Shaffer, W. Shupe. 1 I The ll " in Our Victories CHEERLEADERS Top Row, Left to Righr4R. Burns, P. Sloan, j. Nunanmker, H Claypoole. Bottom Row4V. I. Coleman, L. Rearic, N. Davis, P. Bills. FOOTBALL The Apollo Tigers, following their customary pattern of piling up great football records, year in and year out, kept the old Alma Mater right on the football map during the 1941 campaign. With last year's powerhouse having gone the way of all great Senior teams, Coach Buzard faced the problem of building up practically an entire new squad. The first game took place on the night of September 5 against an invading Elders Ridge eleven. The boys gained the needed confidence in themselves by emerging with a 27-6 victory. The following week, Aspinwall invaded Ow- en's Field and proceeded to give the Tigers an interesting evening. However, neither team could develop a scoring punch and the tussle ended in a O-0 deadlock. The next contest found the Red and White Indians from Indiana supplying the opposition. Both teams battled evenly throughout the first part of the contest, and for a while it looked as though another scoreless tie would result. But in the third quarter, an Apollo lineman came surging through to block an Indiana punt and recovered the ball in the end zone. This proved to be the only score of the game and left the Tigers with a 6-0 conquest. On September 26, a small band of football warriors from Washington Township surprised the Orange and Black by giving them one of their toughest games. However, the Tigers proved themselves equal to the occasion. and when the smoke cleared, the Hnal score read: Apollo-27: Washington Township-12. The next battle found the Buzardmen travel- ing to Blairsville. The two teams put up a gruelling exhibition of hard-fought football with Blairsville finally yielding by a 13-6 score. October I0 proved to be a memorable occa- sion for Tiger fans when an undefeated. un- tied, and unscored-upon Leechburg eleven made an appearance on Owen's Field and led 7-0 with one minute to go. At this point a last des- perate pass found its mark and netted the Orange and Black a badly-needed score. The game ended in a tie, with 7 all. The next stop for the high-riding Tigers was Freeport. Here the two teams put on a sensa- tional scoring battle. The Buzardmen scored four touchdowns and won 27-13. Homer City proved to be the next Apollo victim by a 3-touchdown margin, the Apolloites having an easy time of it from the beginning. Final score: Apollo--27: Homer City-6. The following week, on October 31. the Tigrs met their Waterloo at Bell Township. The wet weather was all in favor of the Salina- men as it hindered the Apollo scoring power again and again. A break gave the Bells a touchdown and a 6-2 decision. The next game found the boys bouncing back from the previous defeat by completely snow- ing under Rimersburg, 38-0. The annual Vandergrift tussle took place four days later, and although Apollo lost, they certainly looked to be the best team on the field. The Vandergrift jinx over the Tigers remained intact, however, and the Tigers went down to their second defeat of the season. Final score: Vandergrift--7: Apollo-6. Top Row, Left to Right-lVlanagers+Rupert, Coulter, Miller, Gallagher, Crooks. Second Row-Callen, Bowser, jackson, Mangus, Kerr, Snyder, Craft, Hileman, Rupert. Third ,Row-Walker, P. Hockenberry, Lobaugh, Wyble, Emminger, Day, Hilry, Dun- mire, G. Whitlingcr, Long. Fourth Row-Coach Buzard, Cunningham, Casello, Neal, Bertolino, Froncek, Lees, Rearick, Collins, Dando, Assistant Coach Gumbert. From Row-R. Hockenberry, L, Whirlinger, Culler, Christoforetti, McMillen, Barringcr. limi. ..i f .i Top Row, Left to Rightfld. Rupert, Mgr.: Nlangus, Collins, Newingbam, lVlcKown, Ctll L C h B d l CF, 905. OGC UZHI' . l.ower Row --Rearick. Buzard, Rinaldi, lVliller, Steel, Coulter. BASKETBALL The Apollo High School basketball team had another banner season this year. They played 33 games, winning 26 of them. This resulted in a .786 percentage which will give the team next year something to beat. The team took Section XXI easily this year, winning all their games. However, in the play- olls in Pitt Stadium, the team was defeated in the llrst game by Etna. 36-22. They fared better in the Armstrong County Tournament. reaching the finals. Here they were defeated by a much improved Freeport team, whom Apollo had defeated twice in the regular season. The team this year was composed of one Sen- ior and four luniors. The highest scorers on the team were Ken Buzard, with 254 points, and lim Rearic with 245 points. The leading foul shooter was Bill Steele, the only Senior on the team. Apollo 49 ....... ..... S hippensville 14 Apollo 26 ....... .,... . Leechburg 2l Apollo ...., . .,,., , Indiana Apollo ,......... .,,..... F reeport Apollo ....... ...... K ittanning Apollo ,...... .,..... L eechburg Apollo Apollo Indiana Freeport Apollo .... .,....., A lumni Apollo ....,.. .. .. Barnesboro Apollo ....... ..... V andergrift 'Apollo 38 ,.,... Elders Ridge 20 'Apollo 38 Wzishirigtoii Twp. 13 'Apollo 38 .,,, Franklin Twp. 23 'Apollo 45 . ........ Bell Twp. I7 'Apollo 41 . Saltsburg 5 'Apollo 36 ...,. Avonmore 19 'Apollo 45 ,,.... .,,. . Export 20 Apollo 29 .. . Vandergrilt 26 Apollo 16 .,........ Kittanning 29 'Apollo 42 Wzishingtoii Twp. l5 'Apollo 42 ..... ...... F ranklin Twp. 8 'Apollo 48 ...,..,. Bell Twp. 20 'Apollo 49 .... Elders Ridge 22 'Apollo 45 ., ., , Saltsburg I3 'Apollo 23 ,.... Avonmore l7 'Apollo 47 ..,,.,,. , Export 27 Apollo 40 ,.., Barnesboro 20 'Apollo 22 ....,....,, . Etna 36 xApollo 42 ..... Elderton I5 xApollo 33 ...... Kaylor 12 xApollo 28 .... ..., P arker I8 xApollo 2l Freeport 27 Tot. 1142 Tor. 481 '-Section XXI Games. '-W.P.l.A.L. Play-Offs. x--Armstrong County Tournament. Won-26 Lost-7 Pctf-.786 Apollo's point average per game . . . .. 34.6 Opponents' point average per game ...,,,.,. 14.6 s U 1 if w I .1 ' .. 1 ext 5 J els E S I 5 j 'ig Q1 M51 Q ' X- xg"-w.,. M "' ' X 1' 5 3 'iw-2. 6 , 519 7 if lim 01 3 I ,, '55Si2fi 4D'.-xA4 ll. ' . Y ,401- wi W ui' -my 'af it fax md U S- '?"v,L"f. 'J 'K 1---4? J 1 .. ,.1 9 . , ,E X ww Q in leak, - f -Q .J Y 'C 'S 1 , V . -1 TP Q AWE W as , T, Af 'l9. Ili ua' Sl 'U Qi I Q Z3 2 . .5 E, I ' if G c 3 -T is JM gf J . 4 . , i w A1 s 2 ,. 3 XI A, 1 is Y ! V 7' ay. , 'Q . ' , 1 4 " lf -W A w - We "Ear U ,X I C V U 1 1 , 4 X . ,, - , 5, v7 :tae f I ,, . 04' T ' 5 3,24 , ,Regt J if k '19-V , 'MLN15 . ' iff iw' fs K A Q f I, Dancing is One of Gui' Most Popular Activities Drum Majorettes, Left to Right, in Black-Thelma Leech, Helen Day, Dee Rose Pagli- arulo, Maxine I. Nulph. In White-Mary Alice Knepshield, Helen Shank, Vivian Hill, Patty Young. First Row-Nancy Roland, John Hanston, Roy Shank, Jack Spencer, Duane Guthrie. James Kelly, Benny Coulter, Kenneth McCormick. Second Row-Danny Shaw, James Brackin, Jane Sturgeon, Samuel Sposito, Tommy Shaffer, Robert Johnson, Robert Sturgeon, Floyd Shaffer, james Wilson, Robert Mangus, Samuel Wilson, Richard Kelley. Third Row-Don Rearic, Harold Williamson, Archie Kerr, Bernard Kelley, William Armitage, jess Hilty, Glenn Floyd, Skippy Dodson. Fourth Row-Mr. Sturgeon, Leland Clark, Harold Shaffer, Richard Hemphill, Bernard Symanowski, Kenneth Hilty. THE BAND The High School Band was one of the highlights of the school year. Un- der the direction of Mr. Sturgeon the Band has made considerable progress. rising rapidly in prestige. The Band should be one of the best in the valley next year. The Band this term had some welcome additions, namely, the Drum Ma- jorettes and uniforms. The uniforms helped the appearance of the Band and the majorettes-well, something new has been added. The group was started with two girls, but six more were added near the end of school to bring the total up to eight. This year's Band had a very busy time. To begin with, they paraded before and played at all the football games, a job that kept them busy. They also played in all the parades in Apollo and nearby towns. This kept them on the go all the time. The Band went patriotic, also, as they-most of them- crawled out of bed at four-thirty in the morning to form a parade to escort the soldier boys who were leaving from the Apollo station. They deserve much credit for this, since it was raining so hard it seemed as though someone had turned on a huge faucet. The Band will parade every time some boys leave for the Army. All in all, we believe that the Band deserves a lot of credit. They have worked hard and have become an organization that we should be proud to have represent our school. 32 THE ORCHESTRA The Orchestra this year has had a busy time. They played for all the assembly programs, for the Christmas and Easter musicals, and for any activ- ity that happened to be sponsored-such as the Gym Exhibition and the Sen- ior Play. The high school certainly couldn't get along without it. The Orchestra is quite proud of themselves this year, since they won many positions in the All-County Orchestra-one of them being first chair violin. This All-County Orchestra Festival was held in Apollo, much to the delight of all people concerned. It was organized and promoted largely through the efforts of Mr. Sturgeon and Miss Walker. There was much hard work con- nected with this that most people do not know about. Students from Apollo, Leechburg, Freeport, Dayton, Kittanning, Rural Valley, and Cowanshannock Township participated in the event. The guest conductors were Miss Whitacre of Dayton, Mr. Perrine of Leechburg, and Mr. Colonna of Kittanning. The affair was a success, since many people remarked afterwards that it was one of the finest exhibitions of talent ever presented in Apollo High School. The music played by the Orchestra were some of the best pieces ever written for orchestras. On Stage, Left to Right-Nancy Rowland, Jane Sturgeon, Louise Ankeny, John Houston. ln Pit, Left to Right+David Crawford, Bernard Symanowski, jack Spcnccr, Archie Kerr, Tommy Shatter, Thelma Shaffer, Jane Armstrong, Robert Sturgeon, Duane Guthrie, Anne Moore, Mr. Sturgeon, Samuel Sposito, James Brackin, Kenneth Hilty, james Wilson, Richard Hemphill, Harold Williamson, Harold Shaffer, James Kelley, Robert johnson. 35 BOYS' CHORUS This year. under the direction of Miss Walker, a Boys' Chorus was formed. Although at first backward, the boys soon became interested and at- tended practice. Only 10 boys, who were Seniors, remained throughout the year. The Chorus made several public appearances and promises to become a permanent organization in the years to come. Some of their appearances were at Women's Clubs and in high school assemblies, where they made a decided hit with the student body. The members are: Thomas Chapman Blair Duff Galen Cunningham Walter Szemborski Iohn Christoforetti Charles Valco Richard Smith August Froncek I Leonard Gallagher Dale Schrecengost Front Row, Left to Right-Miss Walker, Valco, Chapman, Szemborslci, Christoforctti, Schrecengost. Second Row-Smith, Duff, Gallagher, Cunningham, Froncek. 34 Pianist-Louise Ankeny. First Row, Left to Right-Moore, Siverling, Bella, Ament, Bowers, Hoover, Ramale, Jamison, Lauffer, Miss Walker, Spencer, Brinker, Heffernan, R. King, Hlclebrand M. E. Nulph, M. I. Nulph, Beck, Klingensmith. Second Row-McQuaid, Wylie, Neatrour, Lobaugh, M. E. Bierly, Young, Hallman, Shuster, Shaffer, L. Bierly, Ferrero, Floyd, Carnahan, Blakemore, Cwourley, Dun- worth, Knepshield, McCulloch. Third Row-Spencer, Marangoni, Truby, Ferguson, Frampton, Stone, Dando, Burns, J. King, Helsel, Bartley, Y. Nulph, Hilry, Manuli, Clark, Welsh, Snyder. Fourth Row-Williamson, Beck, Coulter, McElwain, Verngo, Ondrizek, Hurley, Mill- iron, Sloan, McMeans, Lehner, Daugherty, Stitt, Ulery, Pozzani, Beck, Weigand. 1 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Did you belong to the Glee Club? You should have, because this is one of the most interesting organizations in our school. This year the Glee Club had the whole student body enioy part of their fun by having "Assembly Sings" which proved very successful. At Christmas time, just before vacation, the Glee Club presented an en- tertaining assembly program of seasonal songs. Besides this, the club sang several appropriate selections at the'Christmas Eve program in the Lutheran Church. Another program was given in memory of the Easter season. Since we have the huge total of IO boys interested in a Boys' Chorus, we are very proud of ourselves. We now have a satisfaction in knowing that our boys can sing if they want to. The Girls' Glee Club consists of approximately 80 members. For the Hrst time, Armstrong county is sponsoring an All-County Mixed Chorus. Apollo High School Glee Club will be represented in the concert which will be held in Freeport. The Glee Club sincerely thanks Miss Walker for her excellent and much appreciated leadership. 35 Marjorie Gourley Mary Jamison TIGER GAZETTE During the month of December the Tiger Gazette Staff worked hard to issue a good Christmas edition of their paper. However, on the day the papers were to be sold, few were bought. The staff discovered that it had forgotten to advertise in advance. In spite of such set-backs as this, under the direction of the editor-in-chief, Mary Alice Hildebrand, the paper has been issued faithfully each month by the staff of 34 members. Early in the year the staff formed a Press Club in Apollo High School: an organization which had never been introduced here before. Also for the first time, the paper staff presented a play in chapel called "Craze Agency". Through graduation the paper will lose some of its most valuable mem- bers. Among them are the editor, Mary Alice Hildebrand: news editor, Mary Iamison: Sports editor, William Steele: the mimeographer-in-chief, Robert Stur- geon, and all of the typists. The entire staff thanks the faculty advisers-Mrs. Smith, Miss Hoofring and Miss Kerr-for their valuable help during the year. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CIRCULATION Mary Alice Hildebrand Janet King Mary Ann Dunworth NEWS Betty jane Wylie Mary Lou Richey Richard Hemphill Herbert Ament Leone Ament Betty Ferguson FEATURES Jack Townsend Lois Ann Armitage Joan Nunamalter SPORTS William Steele Martha jane Bowers Duane Sample Raymond Dunmire ART Louise Anlceny Anna Jane Carnahan EXCHANGE Alvin George BUSINESS MANAGER Earl McKinistry TYPISTS Kline Lobaugh Louise Miller Maxine I. Nulph MIMEOGRAPHERS Imogene Faulk Richard Coleman Robert Sturgeon Duane Guthrie REWRITE Mary Smith ADVISERS Miss Hoofrmg Miss Kerr Mrs. Smith SPEECH CLUB The Speech Club this year is under the guidance of Miss Patton who founded it three years ago. For the Hrst two years the membership averaged 20, but this year it increased encouragingly to almost 50. Some fine work has been done by using a microphone to test the voices of the members for tone quality, clearness, and speed. For awhile it appeared as if the male members of the student body had the idea their speech could not be improved, but there are now about a half dozen boys who have entered into the spirit of the club. Plays, patterned after radio programs, were given more for improvement than entertainment. The purpose is to Gnd out if the speaker can be under- stood when he is not seen. fThese plays help bring in comedy as well as profit.J A club of this sort is an asset to any student body. The Speech Club wishes to thank Miss Patton for her much appreciated guidance and to extend good luck for future speech clubs. Front Row, Loft to Right-Dunmire, Hilty, Shuster, Bartley, Demcuk, Bierly, Sloan, Rnmale. Second Row-Miss Patton, Adviserg Bierley, Fitzgerald, Stitt, Cappo, Reefer, Kerr, Kerr, Bella, Klingensmith. Third Row-Yaley, Nl. E. Nulph, Sample, Schrecengost, Smith, M. I. Nulph, Jackson, Sposito. 37 First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Lease, M. E. Nulph, Mary Smith, Mildred Lobaugh, Lois Hockenberry, Thelmalshaffer, Reatha Snyder, Marle Shriver, Norma Hilty, Virginia Bruner, Esther Stone, Falsom Frampton, Vivian Hill, Ethel Welsli. Second Row-Lois Armitage, Virginia Coulter, Virginia Shuster, Yvonne Nulph, Patty Young, Margaret Manuli, Patty Bills, LaRue Rosensteel, Betty Ferguson. Third Row-Olga Barto, Mary Alice Knepshield, Patty Sloan, Anna Jane Carnahan, Dee Rose Pagliarulo, Ruth Sloan, Zelda Mae Beck. Fourth Row-Genevieve Siverling, Gayle Heffernan, Mary Lou Dunmire, Ruth Hill, Imogene Faulk, Janet Hoover, Geraldine Castle, Martha Jane Bowers, M, I, Nulph, Lois Ray, Joan Nunamaker, Maida Sloan, Pauline Bortz, Betty Blakemore, LaRue Rearic. Fifth Row-Helen Claypool, Olive Dando, Emogene Brinker, Mary Louise Kelley, Ros: Farrero. Sixth RowfBertha Hurley, Margaret Hilty, Betty McElhatten, Martha Groscott, Elaine Ross, Lucy Held, Iona Saxion. G. A. A. Each year the Girls' Athletic Association becomes larger and better. It was organized in 1938 by Mrs. Olinger and has kept pace ever since. lt is now under the supervision of Mrs. Lease, the new Physical Education Instruc- tor, with a roll of 75 members. This year's program consisted of a roller skating party, a sweater hop, a bowling party, a Christmas party, and an initiation party. Let's not leave unmentioned the swimming party at the New Kensington YMCA. The G. A. A. supervised tumbling and also basketball. The officers of the G. A. A. are: President .......,...... .....,,,........ M ary Smith Vice President .... ...... L ois Ann Armitage Secretary ........ ...., V irginia Coulter Treasurer ...., ..,. M axine E. Nulph 38 On Floor-Tom Chapman. Firs. Row, Left to Right-William Steele, Anne Moore, Galen Cunningham, M. A. Hildebrand, john Christoforetti. Second Row-Mary Jamison, Edwin Branthoover, Duane Lobaugh, Amenr Jackson, Martha Bowers, Maxine I. Nulph. Third Row-Helen Klingensmith, Betty Spencer, Robert Sturgeon, Francfs Leichlltrr, Lucille Ramale. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "What a Life"--By Clifford Goldsmith This rollicking comedy is built out of the adventures of the well-known Henry Aldrich, at high school. School days for Henry do not constitute a happy ideal, nor do they drag in one monotonous tomorrow, after tomorrow. after tomorrow. Here is action, suspense, romance, and drama-all taking place in a prosaic high school office. The cast of characters is as follows: Miss Shea HMr. Bradley's Secretaryj ..... ,.,......... M axine I. Nulph Mr. Nelson tAssistant Principalj ......,,, .,.... E dwin Branthoover Mr. Patterson iTeacher of Historyj ,..... ............ A ment Iackson Miss Pike iTeacher of Geographyj ....... .,......,.,...... B etty Spencer Bill KA Studentj ..............................................i........ .,.......... T homas Chapman Miss Eggleston iTeacher of Literature, ..,................. Mary Alice Hildebrand Miss Iohnston iTeacher of Physical Education, ...,....,......... Francis Leichliter Mr. Vecchito QA Parentj .,......................................... ........ I ohn Christoforetti Henry Aldrich QA Studentj ...........................,,,....... ...... R obert Sturgeon Barbara Pearson QA Studentj ..... ......,.,.....,, A nne Moore Gertie QA Studentj .,................,........... ....., H elen Klingensmith Mr. Bradley iSuperintendentj .............., ,..,...,.,, W illiam Steele Miss Wheeler iTeacher of Musicj ....... .,..,,,,., M ary Iamison George Bigelow QA Student, ...,.,................. ,,,.,, D uane Lobaugh Mrs. Aldrich fHcnry's Mother, ...................... ,,.,,,,,,, M artha Bowers Mr. Ferguson iFrom Police Headquartersj ,..,... ,.,,,.,, G alen Cunningham Mary QA Studentl .......... T .............i................... .,,......... L ucille Ramale 39 TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y, which is a branch of the YMCA, has a total of 46 mem- bers this year. The purpose of this club is to create, to maintain, and to extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. This ideal is upheld by a platform of self-improvement, Christian fellowship, and united service. The advisers are: Miss Henry, Counselor: Miss Hoofring, School Adviser: Mrs. Lee King, Home Adviser: Mrs. Clyde Shaffer, Church Adviser. This year the girls packed baskets at Christmas and Thanksgiving, sold Christmas cards, and held a dance to raise money for the Bomber Fund. Future activities include a Mother and Daughter Banquet and another dance. The officers of the club are: President ........................ ............ B etty Spencer Vice President ........ .....,...... B etty lane Wylie Secretary .............. ..... M ary Ann Dunworth Treasurer ......... ................ L eone Ament 'lr HI-Y This year, 1942, is the second year of the Hi-Y's existence in Apollo. The club, a Christian organization affiliated with the National YMCA, has an enrollment of only 18 boys from the Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior classes. The enrollment is small upon the advice of Mr. MacNichols, the district leader. This year the club lost one of its capable advisers when Mr. Eugene E. McCormick moved to Turtle Creek, but the club has progressed steadily under the capable and faithful guidance of Rev. Robert E. Wolff. One of the most outstanding projects of this year was a Bible Study Course carried jointly by the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, taught by able members of the community. The officers of the club are: President ....................... ...... I ack Townsend Vice President ....... ,,,,.,,,,,,,,., F red Kelly Secretary .......... ....... E arle McKinistry Treasurer ..... ........ R obert Sturgeon 40 lfrimr Row--V-l,cl"r io Right--H. Klingcnsmith, M. l. Nulph, Leichliter, Miller, Am:-nz, Spunccr. Miss Huofring, Miss Henry, Wyliif, Dunworth, Shaffer, Coulter, Blake- l1XUfL'. Si-conil Row 'Vl. King, lVlcCullocl'1, lVl. E. Nulpli, Truby, Gourley, Williailmsoxm, l.nul'l'vr, llinmnri-, ljoriniri-, lVl:1r.1nguni, Clnypoole, Nunnnmlcer, Hildebrand, R, King l:T4H1liS. 'llnril Row Arinimgv, P. Slunn, Jamison, Fnulk, T. Klingvnsmith, Bruner, Carrara, lNlimrc. cl.ll'I14ll1Jll1, Vinri-imgo, lin-rguson, R. Sloan, Guzulilc, Pnglinrulo, Davis, lla-lsi-l Si-.iii-d. l.i-fi to Righr--Kelley, Townsend, Sturgeon, lVlcKinstry. Smnding- Skrnupa, Hilty, Spnhr, Guihriu, Duff, Crawford, Duff, Sample, -H X ,Af A p' 'xi' T5 - A 1 A . N' limi? ' ies ' m, lx. 3-M, V J'f"s iff if . iii..-nz f? U" .fs Q ualhif: 5 iii' M .N Q W m Y. A -1... i Vg " V Q, im k .6 E Q, 1, he W 511, M VA P T x,, V ,. ,A 5 31 f ,gi 15:53 F B ,Z Q, 1' l if if 'ik' X Z' S4 KA ,A at Q 1 Af? sm, f ' , Wg . iv xxx Nl A 'N Ive ' " wt v'5 Y ' , i .3 ' Z i . 4 .QV 53" wa VN G Q Q wh .QV "M-'ah K U' 'L l "5:L I 1 K ., , 6 K ! 'az 4 Q, iv ' . DEFENSE ACTIVITIES of Apollo High School "Remember Pearl Harbor!" This was the should that wakened all. The very next week Apollo High School made arrangements to move all students to the second floor in case an air- raid occurred. Also at the same time air-raid and bomb squadrons were organized. When these arrangements were definitely decided upon, a blueprint of the positions was made. However, this was just the beginning. Next came the signing up of students and adults for defense work. This was accom- plished through the co-operation and voluntary spirit of the commercial students. At first we only had overhead air-raids, but later we had complete evacuation drills. These as a whole proved very successful. Next came the first-aid courses-first to the teachers and then to the students. The teach- ers had their classes twice a week for five weeks, which made a total of thirty hours. Some of the teachers took the advanced course which consisted of twelve extra hours. The students were taught first-aid in gym and then some took advantage of the course given to them in the Municipal Building. About this time the girls' knitting classes were started. This kept the girls out of trouble in study-halls as it was a typical scene to see girls knitting. But don't worry, girls, we know you furnished some fortunate boys with nice, new sweaters. Another step was taken when the Boys' and Girls' Rifle Clubs were organized. These clubs met one evening a week and believe me the boys weren't able to pull the wool over the girls' eyes. The boys and girls shoot from two positions- the prone. which is lying down, and the off- hand, which is standing erect. The distance from which they shoot is 50 feet. They meet in the gymnasium and have an initiation fee of twenty-five cents and membership fee of twen- ty-five cents. Several assembly programs were also con- ducted to impress the students with the part tl1ey were playing in this matter of life and death for our America-our free America. The first of these programs was a demonstration of how to handle an incendiary bomb which was followed by a fire-drill of the student body from the gymnasium. Another program was con- ducted to help encourage the students to in- crease the sale of defense stamps in their home rooms. Many boys who had at one time attended Apollo High School are now in military service. This number consists of over 100. To these boys the faculty mails a letter each month to keep the boys up-to-date with the goings-on in Apollo. The faculty deserves much praise for their splendid work. Several home rooms in both the grade and high school collected a Bomber Fund. The Tri- Hi-Y also sponsored a dance for this purpose. Along with these different activities was the sale of defense stamps, which proved very sat- isfactory, considering the number of students in our school. These sales were conducted ev- ery Monday by the teacher in the home rooms in both the high school and the elementary school. Perhaps this is the most important ac- tivity carried on by our schools. tl does not only help our government but also trains the students to be thrifty. lf we are to smash our enemies out of our seas and blast them out of the air over our heads, every dollar you can spare, every dime that is not absolutely necessary for the necessi- ties, food, clothing, and shelter, should be-yes, must be, loaned to your government. So let's do it the voluntary way, the American way, and make our slogan: "Keep 'Em Flying By Buying." APOLLO HIGH'S DEFENSE Apollo High has started fast To see what it can do To try to make the old school last, And see the matter through. Defense, at last, has started here, Fire-fighters everywhere To smother bombs that may appear Right here, or over there. In every line have we been taught To fight, or learn first-aid, Till no more knowledge need be sought Much progress has been made. .Q School Snapshots 3 . 9 he 1154 'QNX X 3 1 Sulmufs Out Huw About ll Rxdc, Mary? View of Campus livllo, Gxrlsf Hi, Gang! Hwfhntchn Lookin' .u, I5r1-J? 'Hun-v Hui Boys Wfhy, Kline! 4:00 Oflock Rush SL-umm! sll't'l'l SUCIUIV Old Glory Wflmlclmgl Gm rn mlm- Box. lkuff 'I.l1l't'l' vlunmr Nlnssum l5on'r Fall OIF Our Alma fNl.1rcr ffI.nss Pre-sldvnls A Few of Our Prvttv Cn---ds "IA-1.5 Gu Homo," Commonly H4-ard Durmg Flre Drill ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Co-operation brings success! lt was the quality evidenced by the faculty, the Senior Class, the rest of the student body, patrons and advertisers working with the staff, which published YOUR 1942 Kiskitas. Despite the rise in price, many loyal faculty members, townspeople, alumni and students ordered a Kiskitas. This alone showed co-operation. To Miss Cooper and Miss Henry we are especially thankful, for without their guidance we would have been lost. We extend our grateful appreciation to Mr. Shaffer, our photographer: Mr. Brown, of the Record-Ziegler Printing Company, and to Mr. Sprankle, of Rawsthorne Engraving Company, for their helpful and willing suggestions. Listed in the index below are our advertisers. Among these are friends who always were willing to help, and without their generous aid our book could not have been financed. We are grateful for this service and ask all subscribers to co-operate in "boosting our backers". Thank you, everyone, and a happy summer to all. -THE STAFF. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS! Name Page Name Page Alcorn Bros. ............,........... .,,.,.. , Apollo Boot Shop ..............., Apollo Bottling Company Apollo Furniture Company A. L. Heinrich ...,....,.., 49 Squire Henry .,...,.,,,..,,,.,,,,. 60 Hilty's ..,,..,.......,.,.,..,,,.-,,,,.,. Italian American Lodge Apollo News Stand .............. Jacksons Confectionery ..,.. Apollo Realty Company ........ Jen Lyn's ....,...,.....,.,,.,,.,,,.. Apollo Steel Company .......... King Bros. ........................ . Apollo Trust Company ........ Liberty Confectionery ,,.,... Armitages ................ .. ....,....... Albert H. Martin ...,..,.,.,,,,, W. F. Balsiger ........................ Grace lVlartin's ................,,, S. A. Baker .,.,.............,.... . ....., Maxine's ,.....,.,,.,...,,.,,,.,,,,,,. Isobel Black ..................,......... Blanche's Beauty Shoppe ...., McIlwain's Grocery ...,,...,,. Jesse B. McElwain .,.,....,..,. Book Shoe Store .................... McIlwain's Service Station Bowling Alleys ...................... T. E. McCullough .,........... Bi-itten's ......,............,.,.... .ir ..... New Kensington Com. Col. Eula Burkett .......... 1 ..... F. C. Nixon ,.,,..,.....,.,,.,,, Miss Burn's Beauty Parlor .... Paris Cleaners .,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Elmer Buzzard ..................... . Pauly's Drug Store .,.,,,,,,,, Camagna's .............................. Clepper's ........... ........ Czitterberg's ..,.,.........,.......... Peggy Ann Shoppe ...,... Phillips Bc Andes W. W. Rearick ............,,,,.,, Dom's Lunch ......................... Rubin's Dept. Store .,,, ,,,,, Duif's It-on City College ..... Sanitary Barber Shop ..... .. O. A. Duppstadt ................. . Shaffer-'s Esso Station ...,.., Eda's Beauty Shop ................ Shaffer's Studio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4, Eger's jeweler's .................... Sloan's ,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,, Evelyn's Beauty Shop ,....,.., H. S. Smith ...,.... W ,. First National Bank .............. Zula Smith .,,..,..,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, First Street Barber ..... ....,... J oe Solenne ,,,,,.,.,,., ,,.,,,,,,,, Lawrence A. Fiscus .,............. Fitz Dry Cleaning ..... ........ H. S. Steel Hardware Co. Strand at Warren Theatres Santo Garufi ........................ Thos. F. Sutton ,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, Geno's Shoe Repair ......,...... Harve Tibbotr ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,A, R. Gordon ................... ........ V arner's ,,,,...,.,,,,,., ,,,,,, Preston Grimm ........ ....... X Vm. E. Wissinger Guthrie A1110 CO- ----.-- ------ - Wallace Lumber Co. .,,,,., W Arthur Hanna ........ ......,, W eigbangfg ,,,, ,,,,,,,, -,.,,, Harry's Place ...... ...,.... Held's .,.,,.......... ......,. J. Edgar Whitlinger ......... Wybles ........,............., ...... Sincere Best Wishes to Class of 1942 at your graduation from Your Photographer T. F. Shaffer Shatter Photographic Studio PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTCGRAPHERS Commercial Photo Finishing i APOLLO, PA. 46 HH Compliments of The Wallace Lumber Co LUMBER AND Buu.DER's suPPuEs Special Mill Work WARREN AVENUE APOLLO PHONE 87 '79 J J. EDGAR WHITLINGER'S QUALITY FOOD MARKET HI I North Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. S Phone 246-302-W Hardware Paints Varnishes JOE SOLENNE Phone 294 MODERN SHOE REPAIRING 321 North Fourth Street Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. APOLLO, PA. SANITARY BARBER SHOP 329 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. G. R. STERI CAMAGNA'S BAKERY FOR BETTER BAKED GOODS Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. D 0 M ' S L U N C H 5 220 Warren Avenue Hot Dogs and Hamburgs 5c APOLLO, PA. "We give S. 64 H. Green Stamps" McILWAIN'S GROCERY HO-MADE BREAD and PIES MORRELL E-Z-CUT HAMS A. L. HEINRICH KITTANNING, PA. Class Rings Invitations Diplomas Caps and Gowns Campus Books WYBLE'S REXALL STORES TWO STORES Reliable Prescription Service Best in Drug Store Merchandise Lowest Prices in Town FOUNTAIN SERVICE , LUNCHES - CANDY Compliments of PRESTON C. GRIMM CEMENT BURIAL VAULTS CEMENT BUILDING BLOCKS North Apollo, Pa. McIlwain's Service Station Shady Plain, Pa. Gnocsnnss - CONFECTIONS GASOLINE N. Fourth St. Warren Ave. COAL and GENERAL HAULING Phone 266-R Phone 22 COAL and GENERAL HAULING COMPLIMENTS T. E. MCCULLOUGH 5, 10 and zs CENT STORE SEN IORS - We Wish for You Unbounded Success! May We Help You Select Your Graduation Wardrobe? GIFT AND ART B Zula Smith's Dres 120 Warren Ave. AR s Shop Apollo, Pa OUR SERVICE M k a es Your Shoes "Like New" Agai ' I1. APOLLO, PA- T GENO'S SHOE REPAIR Coinginments of v f f ISOBEL BLACK'S Beauty Shoppe 301 Penna. Ave. Apollo, Pa Phone 130 Compliments to Apollo Class of 1942 - Bottlmg FITZ Company T 0 DRY CLEANING 307 Warren Avenue T Phone 895 -no Bottlers of Orang Crush 9 Sam F. Steri, Manager KING BROS. Funeral Home 310 South Second Street i Apollo, Pa. APOLLO NEWS STAND HALLMARK GREETING CARDS We Feature MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS At Our Fountain KISKI VALLEY'S LARGEST TOYLAND Full Line of Electrical Appliances 315 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. ALCORN BROS. LUMBER, SASH, DOORS MDULDINGS, HARDWARE, GLASS BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 707 Warren Ave. Phone I2 S. A. BAKER MILK and EGGS l Box 41 Apollo, Pa. Phone 2027-J 51 Compliments of Elmer E. Buzzard Funeral Director APOLLO, PA. Liberty Confectionery 202 Warren Avenue APOLLO, PA. Phone 285-W Compliments Iackson's Confectionery ICE CREAM CANDY POP N. Fourth St. Apollo, Pa. H. S. Steel Hdw. Co. Famous for Its Big Line of Hardware and Furniture 209 First St. Apollo, Pa FIRST NATIONAL BANK APOLLO, PA. Officers W. L. George , , President Dr. T. Henry Vice President 'W S. M. Jamison ,, ,, Cashier S. N. George ,, ,, Assistant Cashier Directors W. L. George S. N. George M. P. Jamison S. M. Jamison Dr. T. Henry Lynn Hemphill Williaiii Myers Congratulations to Class of 1942 Ash Shoe Co For Better Shoes Compliments of GUTHRIE AUTO CO. Apollo, Pa. Established 1901 PHILLIPS Sz ANDES JEWELERS H. G. Phillips, Licensed Optometrist VANDERGRIFT, PA. 132 Grant Ave. Vandergrift, P Phone 275-A 53 BEST WISHES LAWRENCE A. FISCUS Jeweler Fine Gifts for Every Occasion 981 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Phone 426-J R. GORDON 132 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. Phone 43 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE Always Have Your Prescriptions Filled at Square Deal PAULY'S DRUG sToRE Furniture Store Hot,,1B,dg, Apoump Opposite Mill I OOO Office WEISBAND'S Vandergrift, Pa. AUT0 PARTS Apollo, Pa. PHONE 624 Phone 80 H I L T Y ' S HOME FURNISHINGS 217 First Street WALL PAPER - PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FLOOR COVERINGS - FURNITURE Phone 142-R Compliments of WM. E. WISSINGER GENERAL STORE and SERVICE STATION South Bend, Pa. Phone 14-R-l Bowl for Recreation You don't have to bowl a high average in order to enjoy this exciting and healthful game-but once you learn the fundamentals you will be surprised to see how easy it is to be a good bowler. Try bowling regularly for the fun of it and see how your game will be improved. APOLLO HOSE CO. No. 2 BOWLING ALLEY Municipal Building Grace Martin's School "a, school discriminate" Secretarial for Young Women 17th and 18th Floors, Keenan Building Pittsburgh, Pa. HELD'S Clover Farm Store MEATS and GROCERIES North Apollo With the Compliments of Congressman Harve Tibbott We Are Very Glad to Offer Our Congratulations to the Class of 1942 polio Trust Compan APOLLO, PA. I CHAS. P. WOLFE, President SAMUEL M. JACKSON, Vice President W. C. SMITH, Treasurer C. W. MOORE, Assistant Treasure 71 Years of Service With Safety PLAN YOUR FUTURE Take time to train for ermanent em lo ment. P P Y There is no short route to real success. NEW KENSINGTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Where the valley's future executives and secretaries are studying today. 859 Fifth Avenue Phone N. K. 434 Compliments of First Street Barber Shop PARIS CLEANERS 118 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. Germ' Prop' SANTO GARUFI A. H. MARTIN FRUITS and GROCERIES RAW MILK 902 Warren Avenue Phone 30-J Phone 144-L Apollo, Pa. 56 We Specialize in PERMANENT WAVING Miss Burns Beauty Parlor Phone 123-W Apollo, Pa. GO TO HARRY'S PLACE for HAT CLEANING and SHOES SHINED The Variety Store on the Corner SLOAN'S 5c to 81.00 Store APOLLO, PA. FOR HEALTH'S SAKE DINE and DANCE JEN-LYN'S MILK BAR Sandwiches Soft Drinks ROUTE 66 North Washington, Pa. RUBIN'S DEPT. STORES "THE" Low Price Leaders Apollo Vandergrift Leechburg EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP All Phases of Beauty Culture Done at Reasonable Prices 323 N. W arre n Ave. Apollo, Pa. Phone 15 57 CLEPPER'S MARKET GROCERIES - MEAT - VEGETABLES 424 North Fourth Street Phone 242-R 629 North Fourth Street Phone 60 Oak Hill Congratulations of APOLLO BOOT SHOP SHOES - HOSE - PURSES 128 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS and Continued GOOD WISHES Throughout Life Thos. F. Sutton MEN'S WEAR Apollo, P Compliments of VARNER'S BUS STOP North Apollo, Pa. Compliments of SHAFFER'S ESSO STATION Phone218-W North Apollo, Pa. Compliments of Apollo Realty Co. Fire, Life, Automobile Insurance Casualty Insurance NOTARY PUBLIC 118 Warren Ave. Apollo, Phone 190-R Pa Compliments of F. C. NIXON TAX COLLECTOR OOMPLIMENTS OF Eula Burkett, Florist 111 WARREN AVENUE APOLLO, PA. DUFF'S GEARED FOR A' WAR EMERGENCY Compliments Program Cost-Inexpensive of Time Required-Comparatively Short BUSINESS NEEDS YOU Ask for Information Warren Avenue Phone 20 Iron City College t 424 Duquesne Way Pittsbu At. 4875 CZITTERBERG'S SERVICE STATION IM Miles East of Apollo Route 56 Phone 2029-R W. W. REARICK COAL and GENERAL HAULING Phone 2015-R Star Route Apollo, Pa. OUR BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1942 APOLLO FURNITURE CO. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1942 SQUIRE HENRY I When You Want Better Foods YOUR FRIENDLY CLOVER FARM STORE HAS IT W. T. Balsiger, Manager Spring Church EDA'S BEAUTY SHOP 102 Kislti Avenue Phone 255 JESSE B. McILWAIN JUSTICE OF THE PEACE North Apollo B L A N C H E ' S B E A U T Y S H 0 P Clark Avenue North Apollo Phone 369-W M O V I E S Your Cheapest Entertainment Remember School Matinees Every Monday After School Strand 81 Warren Theatres APOLLO, PA. DOM'S LUNCH Hot Dogs and Hamburgs 5c -li- l 220 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. Congratulations! PEGGY ANN SHOPPE LADIES' and CHILDRENS APPAREL 128 Grant Avenue Vandergrift, Pa. "Save your scraps "Beat the Japs" BOUK SHOE STORE 138 Grant Avenue Vandergrift, Pa. "Choose Your Jeweler As Carefully As You Would Your Bank" Invest Your Savings In DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE Buy With Confidence From O. A. DUPPSTADT JEWELERS and OPTOMETRIST HAMILTON - ELGIN - GRUEN WATCHES Radios - Records - Sporting Goods - Gifts Our Guarantee Is Your Protection 126 GRANT AVENUE VANDERGRIFT, PA. Phone 312-A 7 BEST WISHES BRITTEN s to Florist CLASS OF 1942 ITALIAN - AMERICAN LODGE "Flowers for Every Occasion" ,, , A Help Win the War! Buy U. S. Stamps and Bonds! North Fourth Street Apollo, Pa. 62 O Compliments of APCDLLG STEEL CCDMPANY O CLASS OFFICERS CLASSMATES President- COMMENCEMENT Dm- Q7'L:,1,,.25j X7 V4 Speaker--'K BACCALAUREATE Date- 7 ml ll j Speaker yi Z' S L. J NIOR-SENIOR PROM Date- ' UI! VL Orchestra- ' Remarks- ,fpg,4.4,:,4, "' SENIOR PROM Date- dnl? ,lf Orchestra- XEA7, EQ'-I' Friend- Remarlcs- FACULTY xt x Engraving: Rawsthorne Engraving Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. Printing: Record-Ziegler Printing Company, Butler, Pa. Photography: Mr. Shaffer, Apollo, Pa. F , we f. ,-..,, 'FN . 'f"'!"f? um -A 5 1'Fiff?"' l 5 v ffl! lx' f f-mf 1 ,TIT gf: I 1 X , ii- 1 as ,Q E 5 if

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