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 - Class of 1940

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ee 3 E u ! .4 'I i ! F 1 s 3 E 9 5 3 F 2 . E S H .u 1, 7 E E Z a , . . 4 M-, ... A ,. . . , ,, .. -W -A ,. .,.-... .,,,, M - ..- - ,---. - ,M ,...,....,...,.I f 3:3 23: -:2 :S .:.- -A H Y :V V W 'f -:f af- 2, asp - : :-: -f. '-- '- '-' 2': 4'-'Q " .:-r: ss. 'fm ,.f: 3 25555 5-.C "-15553, 7 U '-5-'- X I Cl RCUS, J X W I 4 f -rf' f- W f N D Q l ii-3 UEJUDCD H N l UC'-:LEEE ' .11-HL I 1 N 1' C 1v'vAVAx l'l'lv1'f'Z' P115-'-'-T ix 1959 1940 Published by the 1940 Class of Apollo High School . XX Record of Apollo High School X! lik- -.ll XfjXw!XvfXv,f'oT!KvfX-jX,,!Ko A,7xtv 'f M Nfl: 5111 4, H: 5 2225522 2. 'F'-. ' 1:55555 "ECE - .izlz . 352: -2:- i7f'?755:1: 1:5:Q5:g 2512 S:- . ., . .. 4 ..... . ,-,-, .. . .. .. .. .. . , ..,. ' .,..: -. ., - . .-.-L g.-.- -: .5-4-. 2.25: 1215:- IFS: 55:1 :-:-:Z :pgs 'Li .4- ' 5559? :Ziff -, ' 9:-. -:-:- 1: -2:2-'f f:2:f. 2 .3 Ei E . ':f:3:E' fir'- :V 'Q 15,5522 ,.,, ' ,gi E5 hi?' "-535' 5512-E' I. Eg-2 '53E1. 3.33,-' 1551:-. 35:1 5:12522-' 121- ':-.5 :-'-' -.-:-.4 - - -- - -155 .3:!:1" 3151: i5:2: :1:5'2:f ':2:-H .'.'. ,-. :.- ---" .. ,. f' Xi?-X .252 553- X 'x -, 5 Q? XNK :v:-1 :-:-:- 52:21 hzftici' X tx To Mrs. Smith who his been influential and help- ful in reviving this book and to Miss King who has di rected and guided the prog ress of thisu book do dedicate this, nThe 1940 Yiskitas XJ fVl Y-lVAVAY'NfVN t 3 I r J M U Y J , fn l Auf h M lhhh mlJUMMW!il.QQ 'WL lww:LiQwwwLLJJ T ,,.N ' 7 ' l xxj' ' I ' -J .. 1-L '3:- :- f -:':' .-'. -.-1 -'-S ,gf ly .-ly. g.g: .y-1: f-:-1 -:2:- f:-:- .g:3:5' .5 A:-Q 'Egg -:::,:3::.f:,- gl:-43 ,.l.Q ,:1:l:-:g:- .EIEQY iii 15:7-.,,,, ,gf ., 53-'S' .,., 5? :f.': -1-I-2-rig: frf- 1:55 -fzrrzrar. :1'2E:r1. Sri: 12:1-:5 fi :f'3. 5,3 11:25 iii? 7-1: ' 'ffifre' 1- : : -'-.- -. f-jf 4.3. : ,.:: Iv- -. '7'3Z-. .32 I -:-. "P 1:-o , . ffjifi , l1""""X7f ' X T X Xxx X X7 X ff fjf ADMsNa3T:aATnQN X ' Q wr' cmssss LK Q f A I H L E I ec 5 N EJ . WX Acrsvums f - -3 x X' f'-X X ff f XXX. .f X ,. ,,. N 5 X xx EX f f zz Lx ,Jw L H ' . ' Lf3f7T'xf'f"xKXf3f1Nf5-fT Xfxfxx. il 1 'i "+I-rrrssss , N X N. agzlgqi' 4.133- E- N 41 N , NNAN lm: .1 . w , rw 'R X z, ' ,::-cf--., 4353-. ' - ,bis '55 Lv' 'TERM 25" J ,, ".e,- 1' W' "iw, . .-:P 1: , mm am. .' if". -. f ' v!iWf'1": O Q. wvxx 1 9 .'. -if . I-L "C:,:-. - QTY .. . .52-Egzizkrz . m 'Tl 'SQ :A n X V -:2r'F'fI"f - HM w 0 Y 1 ylmmlm my :'-14-1:-2-"' 1 'wry ' Uh, M , -, 1,11 W uw' E. ,11ux'3:1"'fW,fA Ji gg '2' YI, ' - """' Y - .. :Ng .'. X H A Y if - -W '-:R 4' 7 ,, .V U, A MW ' ' f,'ucH"'m F X ' M2 K- A ' 1 1v,1wI1EU1.1w,1i-1 N M , N Q W V, wi, f, , ,JM N A Q-M L 4 MWMnW n:u A . ,,,,,. M113 'N ,N I X 1 'LV 'V:'.'.N'1W 1Wf1Y'3!1m'N1y111QW X . xxyy-1x:y3,,.,,g' .M1w,wmww,.w "N" M W" 'L ' ' ,- .nf 1 .. A-,,,--, -Q V' L, ., l fx- !,,fN5Y!-' -fr, - ' n Njfyl I is I ,. fr' 'I .,, 4, J 1 I r-n S2 -4 - - - f , V 3 21 Q9 J :J , 'J-Q, 'wx T'-"SX N Ax, 5---.5 'I. .v . 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'ffy' f s ":-:' I N f, ,jsp I' X V 2 f 'az l 4' f 1 ,I f I 1 fyxx 'I I 1 P f xy' Y 1 4 1 ' N 5 H Nl H A A A A - - A - P e 6 NQ:7Wd,!WufJfQQ,7i,1nQ,fAu,f'x,,7Yd97X,,!NlQ7TQQZ'l l P e To the Seniors of Apollo High School: Many of you on account of the extreme conditions of winter have had a most difficult time in keeping your attendance to normal. You have faced these con- ditions courageously. 'You have shown a very friendly spirit during the year. Your members have cooperated very loyally in all school activities. You have been very courteous to me personally at all times. Our best 'wishes are extended to every member of your class. we hope for your success in all your worthy endeavors. W. C. Crawford ,asv i , Y . . Ugg if ,Q 5 3 4U""""M,K ,X 1 if X m.AvA'A,A K jk-Aki!! xjx x '- x x x x ' x x f 'x Johnston,'Sara Smith King, Martha E. Patton, Jean K. ' ' Odessa Hanna ' B. S. in Educ., B. S. in ' A. B.' A. B.' University of Commerce, M. A., M. A., Pittsburgh Grove City Grove City Grove City Shorthand, Type- College College Ohio State writing, Bkkg.,' Jr. Bus. Train., Shorthand English Latin Com ercial Math. Typewriting English 1 ' x x ' x - 'x x ' x Buzard, Knight, ' Gumbert, E. B. Cooper, Virginia Charles F. Dakota M. B. S., B. S., B. S. in Health, B. S., Gettysburg Slippery Rock Slippery Rock Slippery Rock University of S. T. C. S.'T. C. S. T. C. Pittsburgh Gen. Science ' Health and Phys Assistant Coach English Mathematics Ed., History Health and Phys. Coach Education , x - x x - 1 f x f a Hoofring, Armstrong, Ankeny, R. H. Henry, Isabel R. Marjorie R. M. B. S., B. S., A. B., ' A. B., Indiana S. T. C. Grove City West Virginia University of College University Pittsburgh Mathematics Chemistry General Science History Biology y f x x ' x f x x x Bond, Martha Martens, O. M. Weaver, Jackson ' Leonora Huey Janet M. f B. S., Pennsylvania State College 4 B. S., University of Pittsburgh I B. S., A. B. Edinboro S. T. C.Grove City College Home Economics Shop, Mechani- Art History, Econ- x X cal Drawing Y X xomics, French 1 Pollock, Sturgeon, Carolyn Clarence B. S., Indiana S. T. C. C Music Band Orchestra 1 x x x x x x x ,,..x - Q 2 - A :A 5, V fv N4 NK xf V 'WW 6 J'Q,!K4J"Lw!i1J'xvjX+jX wjklj 'xv CLASSES Ah!! The Seniors!!' We study and we work, And our duties never shirkg We type and we transcribe And to the paper we subscribeg Sure!! We are the Seniors!! We imitate the graduates, Within a week we have two datesg We study just a little bit, And in study halls just sitg Ah! We are the Juniors! We are not nfreshiesn anymore, To upper-classmen we're a boreg We are always hard at work, And in the halls we never lurkg No! We are the Sophomores! We are Ngreen as grassn, they say, But do not hope to be in Mayg ' We like to have a few good times, But it's so hard to get the dimesg Alas! We are the Freshmen! X-jk-lx Jx,Ji fNA,,fg, ,p1'yJxwJK,fy!g, , -:-. ' .sp ,. .,.,.,.:.:., -:-: -:-: 1-:-: :-. 1--: -Igzg -'527 .-:2:2:-. . '55 457:55-Y-'-' Sf 'zk 1:11 3:11 '!:- 25:1 I-I gf: -:- 1-:-:-:-:-' 1-:-: -:- :-: :-:' :-: -:-:r 1'1- , : 4 -.g.g.- ' 3. 3.1 -.:.:.. -.g. .3 .54 ..:. .:.g 7.- 1:2- -fs: .511 rzrz- -12' irir .-.5 :-'- -:-:-. -4. :-:-:- --1-3 -If . . . fi , , .:.:.- + X .Ie.-L.7i H Xl- I .xiii X X X X! , g 457 X I Q if r IN mf f Pi 45 2 X 'A 1- f V' X v ww RF1 A kj .jk,,!k,,'k,ji-jk ,Jx,Jk,fxs fx J ii lkik ' ik!! aksk Hunter, Robert Freshman Class Howell, Pearl Boney, Walter Speech Club Bennett, Victoria Jane Speech Club Treasurer Varsity B. B. G. A. A. Orchestra Varsity Base- Tri-Hi-Y School Band ball Class basket- Dance Band ball and vol- Class Basket- ley ball ball Tiger Gazette 4 x 1 x x A x x Gibson, Buzzard, McPhilliamy, Kelly, Jack Martha Jane Cecil Maxine ' . Class B. B. Glee Club Class Basket- Glee Club ball Tri-Hi-Y Kiskitas Art Pageant x x 1 x 1 X - 1 Grantz, Ray Watterson, Chapman, Smith, Lois Marjorie Robert Class Basket- Basketball Class basket- G. A. A ball Tri-Hi-Y ball Ping Pong G. A. A., Football Exhibition Treasurer Tiger Gazette Tiger Gazette 1 x r x x 1 Walker, Harriet Beamer, Ronald Fulton, Evelyn Smith, Harry Basketball Varsity basket- G. A. A. Class Basket- Tiger Gazette ball Basketball ball Kiskitas Football Volley ball ' Speech Club Volley ball 1 x w x x 1 a Felton, Wilbert Confer, Roxie Wlngren, Clark, I Kenneth Clarabell Basketball Football Basketball Volley ball Basketball Speech Club Glee Club Manager Volley Ball Homeroom G. A. A. vice-pres. Glee Club Tri-Hi-Y x x 1 x 1 x 1 K P e A ..l. NK Y wxxfxf-KK NCX. gm--1-2' 1 1 x x x x 4 Siverling, Smith, Velma Newingham, .Kerr, Gertrude Eugene Floyd Cheerleader Football Basketball Football Mgr. G. A. A. Gym Exhibit Tri-Hi-Y Class Basket- Volley Ball Treasurer ball Basketball Tiger Gazette Tiger Gazette Tiger Gazette Kiskitas Kiskitas G.A. A., Pres Jr. Varsity A ' x x x x x x 1 Armitage, Castelletti, Faulk, Deemer, Carroll Patricia Tilio Helen Jane Tri-Hi-Y G. A. A. Class Basketball Tiger Gazette Orchestra Tri-Hi-Y Dance Band G. A. A. Dance Band Speech Club Orchestra Basketball Orchestra Basketball Tiger Gazette Kiskitas Class Basketball Tiger Gazette Kiskitas - Speech Club Kiskitas Band Glee Club Cheerleader x x x x x x x Stanko, Joe Deemer, LaRue Richards, Earl Townsend, Nancy Football Basketball Class Basket- Basketball Basketball Volley Ball Tri-Hi-Y Gym Exhibit Gym Exhibit G. A. A. Glee Club Tiger Gazette Speech Club x x x 1 1 Hone, Arlene Waugaman, Hoff, Solenne, Kenneth Mary Elizabeth Phillip Glee Club Football Mgr. Volley Ball G. A. A. Basketball Tri-Hi-Y Basketball Class Basket- Glee Club Volley Ball ball Kiskitas Badminton, C, Baseball Speech Club Tri-Hi-Y x 1 x x x Dixon, Fred Gianetto, Miller, James Marangoni, ' Catherine Josephine Orchestra Basketball Klskitas Dance Band Volley Ball Tiger Gazette Band Class Basket- Class Basket- ball ball Tiger Gazette x 1 x x x 1 1 B - - D A - A .- ,z - Rage 6 fN5YVVXgVNfNfN6MNe-foxfvy M-A,AvA jk. L fx -A m x xv x 1 1 1 McE1fresh, Hockenberry, Frampton, William Eleanor Frank Football Glee Club Class Basket- Class Basket- Basketball ball 1 x x w x McColgin, Roberts, John Patterson, Helen Grace Retha Tiger Gazette Glee Club Speech Club G. A. A. Tri-Hi-Y Basketball Kiskitas x 1 x Grimm, Clyde Varsity Football Junior Varsity Baseball Class Basket- ball Jr. Class Sec. Sr. Class Pres. x x s Griffith, Iris Speech Club Tri-H1-Y Basketball x s x Coleman, Stanley Band Dance Band Orchestra Speech Club Tiger Gazette Kiskitas Jr. V. Pres. x 1 x P e 1 Tressler, Elaine G. A. A. Tiger Gazette Cheerleader Tri-Hi-Y Basketball Glee Club Exhibition Guthrie, Harold Kiskitas Orchestra Dance Band A. H. S. Band Class Basket- ball Homeroom Sec. Newton, Betty Glee Club G. A. A. Volley Ball Tri-Hi-Y Speech Club Shotts, John Homeroom Play Kinter, Helen Glee Club Ludwig, Sam Football Jr. Varsity Speech Club Kiskitas Class Basket- ball Ikik Ikrk Jackson, Martha Glee Club Speech Club Basketball Volley Ball Tiger Gazette Kiskitas Blystone, Russell Baseball Robb, Aexie Volley Ball Tri-Hi-Y Whitlinger, Jack Football Tiger Gazette Basketball Class B. B. Fr. and Jr. Class Pres. Sr. Class Sec Johnston, Jeanette Speech Club ' ' , . + wma gf L . , wg 3 4 S 9 X w 5 J gh iv , f UN H 553, V , X ' " :,. I V 'M' 1. 9 'U' Ein urn... Wav 'Nz W. ,ww-PQ 'ijt + 'J f 6.1. x XWjg,jyvjX'jQYjXijgg jyyjagvjyyjkvjx-Q A 1 A x A x Allera, Jack Wofford, Beck, Paul Baer, Mary Mae Lillie Baseball Basketball Jr. Varsity Volley Ball Class Basket Glee Club ball G. A. A. Hockey Ping Pong w 1 A x x x Daugherty, McGaughey, Dunmire, Edna Baer, Junior Florence , Harry Class B. B. Glee Club Glee Club Tri-Hi-Y G. A. A. Archery Volley Ball Ping Pong x x x x x x x - Stathis, George Bush, Jackson, John Houston, Elizabeth Margaret Glee Club Speech Club Tri-Hi-Y x x x x x x 1 Sheriff, Weaver, John Biciocchi, Datz, Lillian Martha Jean Speech Club Evelyn Class B. B. Basketball Volley Ball Glee Club G. A. A. Hockey Exhibition G. A. A. Art Pageant Volley Ball Archery Ping Pong Fashion Show x m x x x x Weaver, Edward Beck, Hazel Croasmun, Margaret Homeroom Play Basketball Volley Ball Gym Exhibit Art Pageant Basketball x 1 x x x w x 'VK- 'NfCxf'Nf31'x.fNfNfZ. 1? J A V., - , 6 ' 'DUI SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As we graduating Seniors look back spent in this great institution of le well pleased with ourselves. During all class has been outstanding in athletics. boys in our class are four letter men in the girls have been well known for their girls have had the winning class-team Sophomore year, and a few of them have three gold basketballs and a trophy. over the years arning, we are that time our Many of the football, and ability. The since their been awarded We are quite sure the Tiger Gazette Staff will miss us next year when the editor-in-chief, the news editor, the feature editor, and the sports editor are gone. The credit for the revival of the also be given to our class. However, we have faith in the abil coming students and for their interest ricular activities. We wish them the b and happiness. Kiskitas must ity of the on- in extra-cur- est of success ' W fiim 5 , N fe f-'xr , 1 ....... 55 Sa B 4 Ewa QILLLQKS .IL ffN!AYAV V'V' , 4 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Ament, Dorothy Ankeny, Raymond Baer, Elizabeth Beck, Janet Beecher, Virginia Beers, Betty Bella, Jenny Bella, Mary Boney, Ethel Burns, Robert Bush, James Bush, Robert Callen, Dorothy Cerrato, Joseph Cochran, Harry Craft, Mary Crawford, Betty Jane Crawford, Mary E. Cunningham, Helen Davis, Betty Dawkins, Paul Devers, Alvin Faber, Ernest Ferguson, Richard Fleming, LeRoy Gais, Mary Gallagher, Mary Geiger, Evelyn Gourley, Roy Green, Charles Grimm, Fred Guinipero, Edith Hackman, Geraldine Heckman, Lloyd Henry, John Hileman, Eugene Hunter, Ruth Jarvis, Alice Kerr, Jane Kerr, Jean King, William Kinnard, Edward Lasher, Paul Leech, Marjorie Marangoni, Marino Martin, Leland McCullough, Thomas McMillan, John McPhi1liamy, Pauline Miller, Maxine Moorhead, Karl Myers, Reno Newhouse, James Noel, Jean Nunamaker, Vivian Pallone, Felix Passarelli, Buster Passarelli, Thomas Ridenour, William Rinaldi, Antoinette Robb, Gail Rosensteel, William Ross, June Shaeffer, Alice Shaeffer, Dwight Shank, Maxine Shellhammer, Grace Shockey, Marian Solenne, James Smith, Harold Smoyer, Robert Spahr, Georgia Spahr, John Speer, Janet Spencer, Joseph Stitt, Herbert Talmadge, Josephine Truby, Carolyn Valco, Nora Varner, Minnie Viarengo, Theresa Walker, Nellie Wigle, Lois Jean Wray, William Wylie, Marguerite . fX:'x4'XLAVAV'Nf'xfJz.fJVAxfx5ab. 3 4 . ,, M, mamma-mmm am., ,,,,, x 5 ,, QM A .nwr,..... , , .,...,. 66: wgecxh O D Of L BRIDM? !Y's?RQ,H 17 935 1 3 Q i Hkvomfs WNY TRU 5 5 BRQDBE' oPcned THB 19550 Ama ix 4, ,+'N'?SrJl,.38?JM ,. fi,viMAy?,k MWA, as fkvjkvjk ,Jx,Av!x,!x,Avjk,a Altomare, Lawrence Ament, Leone Anthony, Merle Austin, Richard Barr, Lois Bash, Harry Beck, Zelda Mae Bella, Stella Bertolina, Dominick Betta, Joseph Blystone, Marjorie Bowers, Martha Brewer, Regina Brinker, Regina Bucholtz, Eleanore Busch, Buddy Campbell, Paul Cannella, Joseph Cappo, Helen Chapman, Thomas Christopheretti, John Clark, Robert Coulter, Arthur Cramer, Estella Cunningham, Galand Czitterberg, Emil Davis, Donald Davis, Virginia Day, Robert DeMarks, Dominick Demcuk, Helen Duff, Blair Dunmire, Esther Eckman,Kenneth Fairman, Harry Faulk, Imogene Ferrero, Achiles Ferrero, Lucy Flickinger, Birdie Franks, Phyllis Froncek, August SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Froncek, Elizabeth Froncek, Steve Gallagher, Leonard Garris, Frank Gigliotti, Julia Graham, Earl Haggey, William Harbison, Mary E. Hayes, Clair Heffernan, Gayle Hemphill, Margaret Hildebrand, Mary Alice Hill, Mary E. Hill, Robert Hill, Ruth Hilty, John Hilty, Verna Hoover, Billy Hoover, Janet Hurley, Bertha Jackson, Ament Jackson, Richard Jamison, Mary King, Ruth ' Klingensmith, Helen Knepshield, Leroy Lasher, Alberta Lauffer, Martha Leichliter, Francis Lobaugh, Duane Lobaugh, Kline Lobaugh, Mary Jane Lobaugh, Robert McDevitt, Betty McElfresh, Nora Jean McQuaide, Dorothy Miller, Joe Miller, Louise Moorehead, Delores Neal, Clarence Nulph, Maxine Nunamaker, James Ramale, Lucille Reefer, Evelyn Reese, Marian Reynolds, Austin Roberts, Neal Rosensteele, Ethel J. Rosensteele, Sylvia Rupert, Eugene Rupert, Howard Saxion, Manley Scott, Esther LaRue Scott, Harold Shirley, Jean Shriver, Marie Siverling, Genevieve Smith, Clyde Smith, Elmer Smith, Mary Smith, Richard Snyder, Reatha Spencer, Betty Stathis, Mary Steele, William Steri, Rose Ann Stone, Esther Sturgeon, Robert Sewers, Merion Szemborski, Walter Thorpe, Evelyn Tomecik, Annie Valco, Charles Valco, Mary Vandervort, Maxine Watterson, Glenn Welnel, Dorothy Wray, Elva Wysocki, Robert Yaley, Larue Zimmerman, Marie Page 6 lfgfa.fg57x7'qQ7sgfx,f J XJ Aiman, Blaine Ankeny, Louise Anthony, Russell Armitage, Lois Ann Beck, Yvonne Beers, Lloyd Bellas, Mary Blakemore, Betty Boyer, Jean Branthoover, Edwin Burkett, Donald Burns, Ruth Buzard, Kenneth Canner, Myrtle Carnahan, Anna Jane Clark, Helen Couch, Audley Coulter, William Culler, William Daugherty, Jacob Deemer, Aileen DeMark, Minnie Dixon, Lewis Dormire, Helen Dunmire, Hallie Dunworth, Mary Anne Egley, Billy Emminger, William Fennell, Bud Floyd, Faye Frampton, Falson Fulton, James Gals, Dominick Giannetto, Minnie Graham, Charles Graham, McCandless Hawk, Esther Helsel, Eleanor Hicks, Dorthea FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Hilty, Margaret Hockenberry, Paul Hockenberry, Richard Ho ffman , John Householder, Paul Houston, John Kelly, Fred Kerr, Elaine Kerr, Martha Knepshield, Darl Kness, Reed Lamblng, Edwin Lees, William Lobaugh, Mildred Jean McClain, Betty McCulloch, Anna McKinstry, Earle McKinstry, Louise McIlwain, Leon McIlwain, Ruth McM1llen, Harry McPhilliamy, Robert McQuaide, Nora Jean Metzler, Donald Miller, Melvin Miller, Orville Moore, Sarah Morgan, Dale Morris, Carmerlita Newingham, William Nunamaker, Joan Obrlot, Daniel Patterson, Edwin Poydence, Julian Pozzani, Bruna Radeback, Betty Rearic, James Reefer, Raymond Rinaldi, Albert Rosensteele, LaRue Rupert, Robert Saxion, Iona Schrecengost, Blair Shaeffer, Thelma Shellhammer, Howard Shirey, Clyde Skroupa, James Slagle, Evelyn Slick, Dean Sloan, Alvera Sloan, Patty Snyder, Eugene Snyder, Louise Spahr, Merrell Sposito, Samuel Stankus, Herman Steri, Robert Stitt, Jean Szemborski, Marcella Tilson, Carl Townsend, Jack Truby,'Buddy Turney, Betty Ulery, Jacqueline Vargo, Florence Wagner, Charles Walker, Richard Walker, William Walters, June Weigand, Pearl Waugaman, Robert Whitlinger, Guy Wilson, Paul Wilson, Pearl Wiley, Betty Jane Williamson, Luella Wofford, Marie Wyble, Paul Hill, Joe Roberts, Dean Zimmerman, Marjorie Hilty, Kenneth Rosensteel, George P e ,., X " B Nl' L lf' vf L x A,A4A-A,AJyJQA,7i4AvJi,fx,Jy JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the year 1957 the present Junior class of Apollo entered this great factory of knowledge. When we enter- ed we were in the uroughn, as Sophcmores we were rough- ly nblockedn, and as Juniors we are getting some of the finishing touches. Although it is the Juniors' opinion that they are pretty high-class material, the teachers' views are exactly' the opposite. HThe present Junior ' class has no life, no action, no glamour, no nothing,n they exclaim. Of course they never stop to realize that the captain of the basketball team is a Junior, that some of the best football players are Juniors, that some of the best acrobats are Juniors, and that some of the pr- ettiest girls in the whole high school are Juniors. A lot of credit will be chalked up to the Juniors, if Mr. Armstrong stops handing out so many pages to write, if Mr. Buzard and Hr. Gumbert keep turning out championship' basketball and football teams, if Fritz Grimm stops stretching in history class, if Ed Kinnard will start coming to school in the P. M.'s, and if the Juniors will quit passing notes around the classrooms. The teachers wish the Juniors would pay their dues before the Junior-Senior Prom. Maybe the Juniors are merely being practical. They want to know why they should get rid of their hard-earned money just to put on a dance for the Seniors. By the time this reaches you, the prom will probab- ly be past history, but meantime everyone is looking for dancing mates in anticipation of the biggest social event of the year. It promises to be the best ever held Page 8 fQg7XQQ7YQg7KQg7WLgJTQ:JNa' A 'C SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY After eight long years of struggling, we reached our goal, we were in high school. But being nGreen-Freshiesn wasn't quite so nice as we thought it was going to be, so we declared we would not be satisfied until we became Sophomores. Now here we are. We are proud to say we have quite a number of our class on the honor roll. Those who have attained that distinction deserve to be commended because of the study and effort put forth to get them where they are. We feel sure they will be highly rewarded some day for their good work. Members of our class belong to nearly every society and organ- ization in our high school, for example, the Tri-Hi-Y, the G.A.A. the Tiger Gazette Staff, and the Glee Club. Sophomores have also taken part in the Art Pageant, the Gym Exhibition, the Minstrel, and several Chapel programs. We sincerely hope that our class was, is, and will continue to be one that has lived up to the standards of preceding classes and will be worthy of being an example for the coming classes to A- pollo High School. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY ' The class of 1945 started it's high school career on September 5, l959 as meek little Freshmen. They did not have to wait very long for their initiation. Their big C????J day came that very Friday, September 12th. On that night the Freshies met their foes and came through their trials with flying colors. The dance that night started them off on their social careers. The next big Freshman party came on October 25--their own private Hallowe'en Dance. Prizes were given and then followed the usual dancing. Between these two parties there was a lot of thought on nQuodam Roma oppidum parvum eratn and Hx - y'- zu, The Freshmen, of course were invited to most of the upperclass dances, including the Christmas dance, the Washington Township Hop, the G. A. A. Sweater Hop, and the tea dances. This year the Freshman Class had several up and coming ath- letes since Bill Lees, Harry Mchillen, and Paul Hockenberry went out for football and Cleo Casella made the Varsity CAQQ Howlll. In basketball James Rearic, Kenneth Buzard, Fred Kelly, and Bill Coulter have shown much ability for the coming years. Dramatic- ally, this year has been a great success for Freshmen Home Rooms. They displayed their acting talents when Miss Hoofring's Room 510 presented uDress Rehearsaln and Miss Cooper's Room 508 gave nHearts and Flowers.n All this chatter just goes to prove that although high school may be fun, the first nine months are the best. P e a as C 7N.rf'NffXLfN.cAxf'X 5:21 W W "1-5 ' 3:2 :-1 .ga, ,.' 32:3 , ,. ii.. ISE -Z".--' 4:-4-g.,vg "' -. Sgl ,ig f'-' if M H -2:2 -. .-:-:-:-, .- iw ' :-.- 2 '-' r-1 z-'H , ., , -Ig: ,U b h '51, 2- f-rf'-' la- -ggi.. 4 5 9' if 3315 , laiq 15. :Qt . .Q ffiiff EJ GQ NJC Nl X M. .f ' agen V! qw hh W' if ljk-,!Rpf'K,jkwjVI..!xs.J-Ng A R ' H FOOTBALL 'Apollo High School had a very successful football season this year. Night football was first introduced into Apollo this season. It helped the business men and workers to see more games at night when they otherwise could not have done so. The Apollo team was very strong this year and ntooku the mythical Armstrong County champion- ship. The boys deserve great praise this year for suffering only one defeat and being tied twice while all the rest of the games were won by a large margin. When the Apollo football team walked off Davis field, after having tied Vandergrift, they completed one of the most successful football seasons in the school's history. FOOTBALL SCORES Apollo 35 East Deer 0 Apollo 25 Freeport 0 Apollo 6 Zelienople 6 Apollo 20 Homer City 0 Apollo 15 Indiana 0 Apollo 58 Wash. Twp. 6 Apollo 6 East Pittsburgh 27 Apollo 21 Bell Twp. 6 Apollo 20 Blairsville 0 Apollo -Q Vandergrift -Q Apollo 26 Leechburg O Apollo 208 Opponents 45 CHEER LEADERS Betty Davis, Lillie Wofford, Patty Sloan, Miss Knight Velma Smith, Elaine Tressler, Helen Jane Faulk P - - - s - , A s 6 2 OY NINKLVY ef wfvistf N f: Www. ...Q Q8 Kg WWW' ,Jkpjx-fXl,,7iv!4'l,,7kJy,f BASKETBALL According to stadddcs Apollo High School's basketball team of 1959-40 had the best record since 1920-21. If the team had played their forfeit game, they probably would have broken the high score record set by the 1957-58 team. Apollo defeated Washington Town- ship in a play-off game and thereby became winner Section 21. In the play-off at Pitt Stadium Apollo lost to a strong Monaca team. Altogether Apollo had a very competent team this year. rv Scores Apollo Homer City 14 Apollo 40 Indiana 57 Apollo Oakmont 15 Apollo 49 Franklin Twp 19 Apollo Leechburg 59 Apollo 49 Bell Twp. 18 Apollo Homer City 55 Apollo 62 Avonmore 20 Apollo Oakmont 24 Apollo 40 Saltsburg 20 Apollo Indiana 41 Apollo 54 Vandergrift 18 Apollo Kittanning 27 Apollo 54 Wash. Twp. 5 Apollo Alumni 22 Apollo 27 Leechburg 57 Apollo Kittanning 24 Apollo 2 Franklin Twp Apollo Avonmore 28 Apollo 55 Bell Twp. 25 Apollo Saltsburg 19 Apollo 40 wwash. Twp. 25 Apollo Vandergrift 18 Apollo 18 Monaca 28 Apollo 57 Washington 29 Apollo 859 Opponents EH tSection 21 Play-off W.P.I.A.L. Play-off game ' Apollo won 17, lost 8, percentage .680 4 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Apol1o's junior varsity had avery successful year. This out- of freshmen was defeated only once by other fit composed solely junior varsities. A strong Lecchburg junior varsity was the only snag in the Buzard-tutored freshmen's campaign. As a side line the junior varsity took the class basketball championship. 'Among these boys are some very good candidates for future varsity. ,A - A 7,-N ,,-xx A ,v-N e X fl,,xgjx,xxjaJ+.JCJafey-1 fKiJKJKvfK 2 CLASS BASKETBALL Class basketball has beaten out with a rising tempo of pop- ularity ever since it was begun three years ago. 'It is a sport for boys not quite good enough to make the varsity, but who, with their experience in class basketball, may some day realize that aim. Girls also play class basketball for recreation and the goal of being champions. From the members of the first tourna- ment three years ago came most of the varsity of last year and this year. Among these boys are Joe Spencer,this year's and last year's captain, Walter Boney, Ronald Beamer, Fred Grimm, and sev- eral others. The boy's class basketball tournament this year was won by Rearic's freshman team. They won the first half and easily took the second-half elimination tournament. William Steele, a promising sophomore, and most of the others on Rearic's team will probably be seen on the varsity next year with the many juniors already there. Smith's senior team cipturvd' the girl's class tournament this year. The girl's team also beat a strong Roches- ter high school igirl's team. For winning these tournaments the members ofthe girl's and boy's teams will receive small gold bas- ketballs as a token of championship and the team captain's name will be placed on the customary champions plaque. Basketballs are also given for high scorer,best foul shooter, and best sportsman- ship. This year an all-star boys and girls team was selected by Mr. Gumbcrt and Miss Knight. They are as follows: BOYS GIRLS James Rearic F Elaine Tressler F B111 Rosonsteei F L Velma smith F Bill Steele C Helen Jane Faulk F Kenneth Bazard G Lois Smith G Clyde Grimm G Margie Watterson G Helen Claypool G Page 55 ll-. ,ygxxyxytggj .-' 5323 ':f:f:1:' 553 4, u's ' 7225-., f vw Q L l , W w , - NUNDLIRS TW ':'4f 1 gg q'!7,v 1 1' 1:52 xy N XXXXXXYli:lgxiiif : i il Sgiig NX L b Bags 6 P Cg2'k,QfYLQ2K,Q7YulJ'Lg MUSIC The interest in music displayed by the students of Apollo High School resulted in the formation of a number of organizations. Un- der the direction of Miss Pollock and Mr. Sturgeon we haye a girls' 4 . glee club, school band, dance band and a school orchestra. CLUBS In Apollo High School three worthy clubs are found: the Tri- Hi-Y, a Christian organization under the able supervision of Miss Jackson, the Girls' Athletic Association,supervised by Miss Knight, and the Speech Club by Miss Patton. DRAMATICS The dramatic season of l959-1940 began with the presentation of the Christmas Scenes, followed by the Tri-Hi-Y Minstrel, Faculty Play, nPulling the Curtainug the Art Pageant, nThru the Agesng and climaxed by the Senior Class Play. PUBLICATIONS The pages of our publications record the progress of our . 1 school. The Kiskitas, after ten years' silence, came to life under the fostering care of Mrs. Smith, Miss King and members of Kiskitas staff. The Tiger Gazette, our school paper, published once a month is read and appreciated by the student body and patrons. Pa e 57 4laL,4lb Alll.Allx,lll.4ll.4llh.4lh.Alll Alh.Alh..lll,4lln4lll 4ll..dlh , Q wQ o ea fa 0 Q F1 eww nop new .6 x,A,A,cA-A, J SCHOOL BAND Talk about school spirit! What would our games have been with- out Mr. Sturgeon and his gang! Faithful to the last touchdown, the band has been at all games supplying pep and energy for the whole student body and urging the team on to victory. This group was organized in l958 after many requests from the students. The aim of the band is to own uniforms and this may be fulfilled in the year to come. f 1, HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The most imposed-upon group of students in Apollo High School is also the best natured. Want something for assembly.program when no one else is ready? Ask Mr. Sturgeon! Want someone to furnish music for a play? Get the High School Orchestra. Need something to fill in for a P.T.A. meeting? What's wrong with Hr. Sturgeon and his crowd? That's the way it goes. Everybody is after them for everything, and they never turn you down. Here is our thanks from the whole durned lot of us! DANCE BAND We always work for a good stand-in with this crowd when we want a dance and have no money. Where would our tea dances and the P.T.A. Leap Year dance have been had this crowd not volunteered their ser- vices? And without the tea dances, where would our Tiger Gazette be? See how much we owe some of these quiet and faithful people around this institution! Our blessings on them! MEECUB 'The Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Miss Carolyn Pol- lock, deserves honorable mention. This group of girls has supplied us with the finest music that we ever hear in high school. They can always be counted on for a program that is beautiful, impressive and in good taste. 'They should be congratulated not only for their splendid renditions, but also for their selection of material. We salute you! A c lllllil 12 so Yvvvvvvvage O X,jX,AgjKv!X,!i-!X-jkvik-jkjk 'jk ijkv Jkgjk ,JK J SPEECH CLUB This year the Speech Club made its debut in our high school. Under the supervision of Miss Patton the club was organized and meets at four o'clock every Tuesday evening in Room 202. The club is composed of Seniors and Juniors. The aim of this club is to help students feel at ease when making chapel speeches. Some of the topics discussed were pronunciation, speed, tone, posture and inter- pretative reading. GQA-IA-I Because of the growing demand onthe part of the girls of Apollo High School for a sports club, Miss Knight organized the G.A.A. in 1958. The club with its original rules and regulations has been successfully operating ever since. This club meets the third Monday of the month at four o'clock inthe library and discusses things per- taining to sports. It is the aim of each girl to earn a letter or emblem during the year.Letters and emblems are earned by participat- ing in games or by showing exceptional ability or sportmanship. This year the Senior girls were invited by the Rochester G.A.A. to come over and play basket-ball. They accepted the invitation March l and came back with a victory-20 to 16. Some of the activi- ties enjoyed during the year have been a roller skating party, sled- ding party, sweater hop, bowling party, and a delightful Christmas party. CHRISTMAS SCENES The annual Christmas program was presented December 19, 1959 under the direction of Carolyn Pollock and Dakota Knight. All of the grades and the high school glee club united their efforts in making the Christmas Scenes one of the most elaborate pageants ever given in Apollo. Their program consisted of the Toy Shop, Dances, and Carols of the Nation,An Old English Christmas,and the Nativity. Pa e 41 ,, A p ADMAA A F- - l 4- A E I W SIM ,QL ,Q - ' Fx Wim nv- w,fw,gb 'lwwida-vii 'A A , ,,, Vx,, . E , ,A - 'mme E ' ish L N xs- 'MY' in I r QL f , vxwfex . mm: . ,W , W 2 ! x 3x 5 bn ,l , , , Y , . . , ,r xnxx ,fkvJkvjk,!k-,fkY!kwjkg7X,jN1f'7xgX21 v Y r MINSTREL The Tri-Hi-Y, a branch of the Y.W.C.A., is the most ,popular girls' club in our high school. Under the able supervision of Miss Janet Jackson the club has enjoyed another successful years The aim of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout, the school and community Christian standards and ideals. Their platform is, self-improvement, Christian fellowship and united service. Their code, 'Ready, I must be in the place where life doth find me, holding fast, yet pushing forth into a glorious ad- venture, you and I and God.' The Tri-Hi-Y has been very busy in meeting this end. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the girls packed baskets of food and delivered them to needy families. They spon- sored many helpful campaigns during the school year, as, cleaner- speech, go to church and Sunday school, good posture, and cleanli- ness. Their biggest event of the year was their annual minstrel show, which was better than ever. All proceeds made during the school year are used to send girls to summer camp. ART PAGEANT The Art Department of Apollo High presented a pageant, HThrough- the-Ages,n on February 29, 1940 under the direction of Mrs. Leonora Huey Weaver. All costumes and all scenery were designed by the art students. The pageant consisted of seven scenes,Greeks, Romans, Middle Ages, Early America, Early Nineteenth Century, Present and Future. FACULTY PLAY ' For the first time in the history of Apollo High School the Faculty displayed their dramatic ability in the presentation of Tom Taggart's satirical farce nPulling the Curtainn. The teachers are to be congratulated not only for giving a hilarious entertainment but also for the good cause to which they gave the proceeds. Attractive, new books bought with some of this money have already taken the mon- otony out of book reporting, and a neat, tidy sum left in the bank removes the financial worries from the publishing of the Kiskitas. wf if va VV VV cv xf5iVi y,fxpfy,fy,fx-fxjxvfxvftg fivfxssfmpjkvfyp Patricia Armitage Leone Ament Jack Townsend Mary Jamison Helen Grace McColgin Marjorie Watterson James Bush Velma Smith James Rearic Thomas Chapman James Miller Elaine Tressler Floyd Newingham Martha.Jackson Harriet Walker Marian Shockey Miss Hoofring Miss Patton TIGER GAZETTE STAFF Editor-in-chief Helen Jane Faulk News Staff Feature Staff Sports Staff Art Staff Business Manager James Bush Mimeographing Staff Typists Circulating Staff Faculty Advisors Janet Beck Ethel Boney William Steele Anna Jane Carnahan Peggy Jane Bennett Nancy Townsend Jack Whitlinger Betty Davis Harry Cochran Albert Renaldi Jean Kerr Carroll Deemer Gertrude Kerr StanleyAColeman Mary Alice Hildebrand Mrs. Johnston ' Mrs. Smith The Tiger Gazette, the schoo1,paper, is published once every month by the thirty-two staff members. This year for the first time the paper is self-supporting. The staff are members of the Pennsylvania State Press Association and are very proud of the fact that the Tiger Gazette received Honorable Mention in the 1959 State P.S.P.A. Contest. ' During the year the staff under the able management of Mrs. Smith sponsored tea dances and the annual Christmas dance, at which they were hosts to all the other high schools in the dis- trict. By holding dances through the year the staff makes the paper financially independent. 1 Page 47 f JV'XffJY'V'NffNfXf X I ? af Q 2 Q 1 K . :.. :,: Www Www, V.- E ,si fif ' 'X 2 ,+-Q 5 '1 -waikmww . ,Q I x,fx-fy,fx,fu,fgJxJQ,7x7X,,f-snfx i XJ KISKITAS STAFF Editor ------------- ----- Patricia Armitage Business-Manager--- -- -------------------------- Helen Jane Faulk Class Histories ----------- Velma Smith, Betty Spencer, Jack Townsend Sports --------------- ------------------- ------------ Jack Kelly Activities ------------ -------------- Helen Grace McColgin Advertising Managers ----- ---Harold Guthrie, Thomas McCullough Subscriptions -------- ----- Samuel.Ludwigg.Martha.Jackson Typists --------------- ----Stanley.Coleman, Harriet Walker Mimeographers ------------ ---- Carroll Deemer, Floyd Newingham Art Work -------- -------------------- James Miller Alumni ----- 4 ---- y ------------------------------- - Mary Elizabeth Hoff The Kiskitas staff is honored to revive the yearbook, discon- tinued for the past ten years. We have tried to make this ibook better than ever, yet at a cost so low that every student might possess this authentic summary of the school events. HWe hope you will enjoy our book and will cherish its sweet memories. May suc- ceeding classes continue its publication. To you we throw the 1 Q torch. A A Pa e O 4' P P 0 P .Qf F 33-. 5 F5235 zi- P g. .- - -.g.::-.g -fe .5.g .g. 13 '3 -:fr-351:-:-35 92:5 :iii -2:C:2:C-W:-c .,., 55: '95 X fa? f A Xxxmxx V10 OOOOOQIW .. .--fg.,,..q1 Q0 ' Q QO000O0C0OfSEO3?JiT?3C2?0G0O05 C? 31 3333 8 S C95 X 0.00 0 m0702521 10 O C449 25408, 0570000 o 00Odo0f-'? O O"5c30 O 000300 0006,-:REU 00.--C3050 lci-JO O8 IOTCN O0 332000010 X380 0 EQ QW fig xx, L 5 + A--A A 8 0 0 ff ff V V 0YNfhY YANFNKN .f- K-jk gjlpjkvjk C Name Margie Adams Clinton Anderson Floyd Anthony Dorothy Bash Verle Bevan August Bowser Ruth Jean Cochran Anna Louise Coleman Ruby Crooks Howard Clark Delbert Clever Dean Cramer Jean Davis Ruth Datz Dan Davis John Dawkins Martha Egley Raymond Eckman Velma Frampton Janet Fulton Regina Fulton Robert Flickinger Jennie Giannetto Robert Gibson William Goetz Dale Griffith Anne Hartman Claire Heckman Madeline,Heffernan Lois Jean Held Gladys Helman Wanda Hilty Virginia Mae Hipps Evelyn Hoffman Vernon Harkcom Clark Hayes Thomas Hazlett Frank Hill A Marjorie Jackson Rebecca Jamison Robert Jackson Dorothy Jean Kerr Marjorie Knepshield Helen Edith Koval 1959 Occupation Commercial College Farming Unemployed Kittanning Business School Mines Unemployed Oberlin College Commercial College High School, Post Graduate Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed Grove City College Domestique Armitage Bros. Unemployed Unemployed ' High School, Post -Graduate Unemployed Penn-Grant Hotel Glove Factory Giannetto's Store Apollo Steel Mill Unemployed Apollo Steel Mill Beauty Operator Dickson's Store Unemployed ,. Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed Slippery Rock College Mrs. Lefty Shank Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed Foundry Domestique Wilson College Wyble's Drug Store Unemployed State Teachers College Steubenville Business College Address New Kensington, Pa. R. D. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pas , Kittanning, Pa. A Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Oberlin, Ohio New Kensington, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa.' Vandergrift, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. California Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. ' Slippery Rock, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Chambersburg, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Indiana, Pa. Stubenville, Ohio Page 52 V V VAVAV-VANKAVAX ,W x,AoA.. Ajivf A .,,,.w,Jg,1Ji,,fK,,fg,f do o Mary Mancini Joseph Kerr James Leichliter Melvin Lockard William McDevitt Lucille Nicklas Gladys Nolte Louis Noel William Orr Keith Owens Santina Pallone Sara Jane Patterson Dorothy Peterman Margaret Petrilla Dorothy Pitt Helen Porreca Rose Porreca Frances Poydence George Pick, Jr. Dorothy Ramale Edna Richards Ada Rupert Helen Sloan Maxine Sloan Alma Smith Peggy Smith . Florence Snyder Margaret Sowers Kaliope Stathis Thelma Stear Betty Stone Gladys Stone Betty Stull Jack Saxion Dale Schall Leslie Siverling Walter Smith William Spahr Kenneth Sproull Clarence Steele Frank Steri Arthus Talmadge Larry Talmadge LeRoy Tarbell Jean Wilson Sam Walker John Wilson Edwin Wyble Meredith Wylie Robert Yaley Shirley Zimmerman Mrs. Trinchisti Woodie's Theatre Night School C. C. C. Camp Unemployed Duff's Business College Unemployed Ford Motor Company Commercial College Apollo Mill Office Commercial College Mrs. Kenneth Biers Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed Beauty School Unemployed Penn State College State Teachers College Unemployed Beauty School Schall's Store Unemployed Unemployed State Teachers College Domestique Unemployed Unemployed Mrs. Wilbur Gumbert Unemployed . Unemployed Mrs. Marlin Stull Apollo Steel Hill Blumenstein's Store Unemployed Strand Theatre Bellas Garage Super Market Wyble's Drug Store Apollo Bottling Works U. S. Air Corps Apollo Steel Hill Woodie's Theatre Unemployed Unemployed Unemployed - Pitt University Martin's Dairy Unemployed Apollo Trust Company Truxall, Pa. Apollo, Pa.A Vandergrift, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. New Kensington, Pa Apollo, Pa. New Kensington, Pa Apollo, Pa. Shelocta, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa1 Pittsburgh, Pa. Apollo, Pa. State College, Pa. Indiana, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Saltsburg, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Indiana, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Illinois Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. ?Qf3fE,f'Nf'xfxf'ov rx ! XX:'!KffjXr:fAY:ffK-ffxx.fAk,fIX.f7i,,fYl,fmN.ffYx Dorothy Bartley Della Bartley Valjean Beatty Jane Clepper Velma Daugherty Samuel Daugherty Henrietta Fishel Virginia Franks Audrey France Dorothy Faulk June Fulton Virginia Gourley Joseph Galli Robert Guthrie Whitson Gray Edward Gibson Kenneth Grady Firman Griffith Guy Grimm Anna Grace Hoover June Hunter Norma Jane Huselton Sally Hill Rollin Heffernan Lloyd Hartman Dorothy Ellen Kerr Warren King J Helen Logan Ruth Lyons Edward Long Madelyn McPhilliamy Martha McGaughey Leanna McColgin Lucy Marangoni Virgil Miller A George Painter Mario Pozzani . Alberta Ramale Jane Rosensteel Eugene Ridenour Ralph Rupert Eva Stone ' Ruby Stere Junior Sproull Thomas Stone Stewart Smith Howard Stewart James Schweinberg l953 Whitlinger's Market Paris Cleaners Ms.MWM.Mmm Domestique Nurse Truck Driver Domestique McCullough's 5 A lO Mrs. Lloyd Hartman Domestique Unemployed Grove City College Grimm's Cement Works Cedarville College Fitz Dry Cleaners Farming Baker's Dairy Patterson's Farm Grimm's Cement Works Unemployed Unemployed Sherwood Music School Unemployed U. S. Army Farming Thiel College Farming Unemployed Unemployed Store Manager Unemployed Domestique Westminster College Restaurant A Newstand - Unemployed U. S. Army Unemployed Juniata College Filling Station Apollo Steel Mill Unemployed Unemployed Clothing Store Carnegie-Illinois Mill Buzzard's Funeral Home Super Market Priesthood J C J Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Slippery Rock, Pa. Leechburg, Pa. Tarentum, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pe. Apollo, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Cedarville, Ohio Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Chicago, Illinois Apollo, Pa. New York Apollo, Pa. Greenville, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Brookville, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. New Wilmington, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Hawaii . Apollo, Pa. Huntingdon, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. ' Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Leechburg, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. New England Page 54 fAXfXxffNf-'m'Nf-Nf'AD-ffNfANf-CNFCXKAD-.f'A'XfCNfCXKCVAX Clair Smith Rlchard Stottlemeyer Malcolm Sample Jean Taylor Mildred Thorpe Betty Wilson Dorothy Williamson Janette Waugaman Mona Gene Walker Fred West Don Zimmerman Ruth Anthony Pauline Beck Dale Bash Robert Black Garnet Beamer Earl Bliss Kenneth Benninger Mario Biciocchi Betty Confer Jean Cunningham Gladys Crawford Walter Clark Maxine Coulter Millicent Clepper Roy Dawkins Henry Egley Virginia Elwood Marjorie Fergusoni Inez Fiori Margaret Ferrero Glenn Franks 5 Richard Francek John Gallagher Maurice Geiger Louise Guinipero Fern Held Vinton Harkcom Frank Harkcom Roy Henry Blair Held Harold Jackson Chester Kennedy Frances Kerr Ileen Kuhns ' Robert Kirkwood Rage 55 A A Esso Station Apollo Steel Mill Teacher's College Wilson College Unemployed Stenographer High School Secretary Slippery Rock College Domestique Calderone's Market Apollo Steel Mill H 1957 Mrs. William Russell Water Office Rubin's Store Ednie Mines Nurse, McGee Hospital Drug Store Unemployed Business School Commercial College Paris Cleaners Armitage Bros. Penn-Grant Hotel Unemployed Mrsl Wilbur Long News Record Office Swartz Dry Cleaners Mrs. Vernon Marks Wyble's Drug Store Drug Store Nurse Unemployed Unemployed Penn State College Wilson's Farm Unemployed Held's Grocery Store Canning Mills Canning Mills Unemployed Unemployed Store Clerk Robert Morris School Mrs. Robert-Hall Nurse W. P. A. North Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Indiana, Pa. Chambersburg, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Slippery Rock, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Barnesboro, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Washington, D. C. New Kensington, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa.' Vandergrift, Pa. Leechburg, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Leechburg, Pa. Tarentum, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. State College, Pa. Maysville, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. New Jersey New Jersey Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Greenfield, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Tarentum, Pa. Apollo, Pa. K XKAXK V Xfwflll X AYAoAji,J1,fy,fxWji,jxYjx,Jx,,N,JRvAYA J Florence Leichleiter Ruby Morris Lois McCulloch Dorothy McIlwain Ruth Moore Emogene Miller Ethel Grace Miller Andrew Majercik Francis Moore Gladys McDevitt Elaine McDonald Odessa Moorhead Louise Newingham Thomas Newton John Richter Martha Rearick Mary Reichenbaugh Winfield Rupert Edgar Shuster John Steele ' I. John Stone . Keith Shaeffer Charlotte Slicker Eleanor Smith Wilda Shellhammer Helen Speer Howard Shockey Francis Snyder Thompson Truby Norma Talmadge Bruce Talmadge Rosemary Whitlinger Layden Wilson Lawrence Wilson Agnes Zim erman Strand Lunchroom Pitt University Muskingdom College Stenographer Mrs. Francis McCune Unemployed Strand Theatre Apollo Steel Mill Garage Stenographer Teachers College First National Bank Unemployed Unemployed Mrs. Aleman Byers Unemployed Clepper's Market Irwin Works Unemployed Super Market Domestique Mrs. Lee Conner Unemployed Rubin's Store Filling Station Geneva College Unemployed Mrs. Carl Walker Armitage Bros. Unemployed Cedarville College Apollo Steel Mill Domestique JLJLJLJQ' A 4- u u .s 'Nf"V'V'v Apollo, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. New Concord, Ohio Apollo, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Wilmington, Pa. Washington, D. C. Indiana. , PB. 0 Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. Vandergrlft, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Vandergrift, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Uniontown, Pa. Beaver Falls, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Cedarville, Ohio Apollo, Pa. North Apollo, Pa. BQ? No,,'x,,!x,Lgfxpfifcp,fiop,oc1,fK44QfKgp5ftp,2ss4j7gpQ,NQlQ!iNu,fxpAfsxppf CALENDAR September 03-10301 I-'I-'I-'I-'I-' COCDOIUINDKO 883 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 18 19 20 21 25 24 25 26 30 31 1 11 14 18 21 22 25 --Rubber knees creates riot in Nixon Theaterg --School doors open. Oh Happy Day!! -Books opened! Oh, woe is me. Freshmen are enjoying their school daze. -Initiation! The paddles were hot. ' --First night football game. East Deer O Apollo 55. -Ankeny shouts to a poor green freshman, HThree chapters --Pep Meeting-Riot!! -Zelienople 6 Apollo 6. -Pink Monday fBlue's too common.7 ' --Mr. Crawford gives permission to publish yearbook. --First bigger and better edition of Tiger Gazette. -First football defeat. East Pittsburgh 27 Apollo 6. October -Apollo wins 20-O over Blairsville. -All nice little boys and girls go to church. -Tea Dance. How we did swing it. -Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Still sailing. -Land Ahoy--Apollo in sight. -We loafed today and yesterday. Institute. between riots. ' ' -Report Card. My, my, such brainy children! -nToo Many Mary's' in today's chapel. - --Apollo beat Freeport, 25-0. -Greenies have a blow-out. -Paper here. Senior magazine drive begins. -Same as yesterday. --310,000 pennies in Senior treasury. --Upperclassman shindig. All spooks were there. ' --Senior class went into business with a nHot Dogn stand. , November , . --6 more months and SO more days and we'll be out of this Calliboo. -We won again. Apollo 58 Washington Township 6. --Tri-Hi-Y Blitzkrieg fall on initates. --We travel. Tiger-Lancer dance at Vandergrift. --Hopi Indians have nothing on us--snake dance tonight- --Pip-Pip-Pep-Pep and more. PEP Meeting. --We try to take a bite of Vandcrgrift--now the boys wear Score: Qh--Qh l'aSe-5'7 - - , pp D pp A A A A N Hamlet was seen plates X.!K,A,!N,!K,fxyAaJN,!K,fx,fy!N,fN2JK,fN,!x,! 'December --Pillows and padding were in evidence at G. A. A. skating party. --Business men fete gridiron champs. 12--Ohhhh--Did you see the Seniors' rings? --Tiger Gazette staff room completed. --Christmas Dance. Hot time in Old Town tonight. --Music Department entertains with NChristmas Scenes.n --Way-y-cation. 4 7 14 15 19 22 January 2--The old grind. 5--502 presents drama--cigars and everything. 12--Tri-H1-Y Blackface Comedy. 15-Snow and colder--especially in SOO. 15-Sensational. Did you get your proofs? 19--Brains, brains, brains, where art thou? Mid-term exams. 22--Sweet peace. Exams are over. February 2--Tri-Hi-Y girls' Rally in New Kensington. 14--To my Valentine--no hearts broken. 15--Black as pitch--track was fast--so were the sleds. 16--Faculty gives burlesque--no fans or bubbles!! 25--Ball Tossers play off tie score on neutral floor. Washington Township 17 Apollo 40. 28--Intersectional Basketball Championship at Pitt Stadium. March 1--G. A. A. wins at Rochester. Rah! Rah! 20-16. 8--Swing and sway, Nickle machine way CG. A. A. Dance.l 15--Extra! Extra! P.S.P.A, Conference at Vandergrift. 25--Smith's team CSeniors7 wins inter-class basketball tournament. for girls. ' --Rearic's Freshman Team leader in Eoy's Basketball Tournament. --Art Pageant. 29--Leap Year Dance. Girls' big moment arrives. 27 28 April 5--Patty and Jughead hold down upper hall. 9--Senior play cast chosen. ' 173-Tri-Hi-Y Rally at Leechburg. 18 - 193-Muscle Dancers put on show. CAnnua1 Gym Exhibitl 20--Tiger Gazette Staff takes part in Western Pennsylvania Press Conference at Allegheny High School. 22--It didn't rain. ' ' 26--Dancers trip the light fantasticy 50--Only 22 more days. 4 QR Page 58 , ' f ."' f'N5v' "3ef'NFaf'Pxf Nxukefxfllbmigxwff Nmffx s e G ,filfgf XJKQ7' ,ffiggif'x,,7xJx X. May l--Play practice going full force. --Juniors entertain Seniors. --Something unusual-Senior exams. lO 15 14--Seniors' last day. ' Seniors' dance tonight. 17--Senior Plays are big success. 19--Baccalaureate. 21--After tonight we are Seniors no more. Now the fun begins. 28--Oh! happier day. School is out!! Miss Hoofring, nWhat is an oblique triangle?W Wilbert Felton, UA triangle that ain't right.H Ray--Darling, my love for you cannot be denied. Velma--I'll say it can't! I kept everyone of your notes. Margie--What is an autogiro? ' Nancy--Well, a gyroscope is a steering deviceg therefore, it would be the steering wheel of an automobile. Mr. Buzard--nChapman, what does L. C. D. stand for?u Chapman--nSomething times something times something.u A small boy with a lonesome look walked up to the manager of a department store. nPlease sir,W he said, nhave you seen anything of a lady around here?n nwhy yes,u said the manager, nI've seen several.n nWell, have you seen any without a boy.u llyes . fl nWell, I'm the little boy, where's the lady.n One night at Senior Play try-outs, Harold Shuster was reading a part of the play. NI bid you good night, Mistress. And the next time you have need of me, or crave entertainment of a like nature--I am at your exit.u Bill Coulter had made up his mind to pop the question to his dream girl, but he couldn't steel himself to the direct approach. NPatty, could you go steady with a fellow like me?' nYes,n she replied thoughtfully, and then added, wif he wasn't too much like you.H un u Page 59 A g f':bvf'esK:5xf'xxf'Sxff1s':Xwf'XxL'Nm4jTwz'fbJfMXe' Xvffxx xXvfAN.!Ax.1kxzAX.2kx,jk,yAX.kXN,7QLfxL,?Ax,XRa-wX,JfX jXXJjX,,j EPILOGUE The school year, 1959-1940, is drawing to a close and the Kiskitas makes its reap- pearance. If this volume truly and satisfac- torily reflects the life of the school then we will feel amply rewarded for the time and effort that have been our contribution. We sincerely hope that anyone connected with the school can feel that the book is his as well Finally we would like to thank all those who have contributed in any way to the book's success, students, photographer, engraver, printer and binder. The Staff TO OUR ADVERTISERS Student support and effort alone can not produce a successful year-book. To the loyal friends of the school who have stood behind us this year The Kiskitas is indebted. May the students patronize them as well as they aided us. x MX ,,lX 6, ,hx Pave 6Q 1 YY Xfxv' V Nffwfbf YN 5 ?i KXNG BROS. FUNERAL HQME 3lO SECOND ST. APOLLO, PA - H- -. W' ivv Ef N a li . 6 ,352 Q2 3155-Z: 'SIA S N S EDENMEL CLEANING D d 1 E ress wgg5Ra?OR?IZ1i1 succeed Rejuvenated back to wness "it5?GOEivZ1523ing my cmwme wus DRESSING CLEANERS PHQNE 1 rren Ave A c I DE L EVE P. CGNGRATLJLAE IONS SEN EORS APGLLO EURNE TU RE C CD wfxakm Avi. APQLLQ, wx CQCDNGRATULAT some CLASS OE V940 BUY AT THE H IGGEST Ll TTLE STORE IN TOW N KENNEDY BRG S. N.FCDURTH ST. ,4 1, SPEEKS BAK E RY HOME BAKED BREAD AND PASTRIES WARREN AVE. APOLLO, PA. SA N J T A KY .BAR B E R SHOP 329 WARREN AVE - -- Apouo, PA. G.R.STERI AND EELIX GETTO W nLois Ann a y i the Gym Exhibition?n Zeke: NYes, she i the dumbbell dri1l.H ll!! going b.t i tw If y okez y s e or y gi 1 J 1 fhat S t 1 b hi d th St 1 T h 1 h p 1 t M 1 d A 1 i t i h f 11 b th , o O 1 gi 1 1 ghs at your b sure that it th d ed good joke, g d d arne good TRADE IN SALE Anything made of' is of value! Out of gold rings, pins, chain dental scraps etc., may gold, platinum, or silver Nate, broken or discarded s, Watches or watch cases, be brounht in for evalua- tion and a very' liberal allowance will be given toward purchases of new and modern articles. NALEE JEWELRY Morag Phone 45 Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. Jack Allera and Russell Bly- , stone were deer hunting, They Q came out of the woods and met. g nAre all of the other boys out Q of the woods, Russ?N asked Jack.g NYeah.H 1 NAll six of 'em?N 'And are they all safe?N I NYeah1 What's this all about 5 an?way?n Q 'Why,u said Jack, throwing out Q his chest, nthen l've shot a ? deer.n ' nSam, what are the two genders?W asked Miss Patton. f nMasculine and feminine,U re- 2 plied Sam. nThe masculine are divided into the temperate and t intemperate and the feminine in- E to torrid and frigid. f' 'XM LXGNNS BAYEIC Lf .2 N. 'ilzrzr-A ,.:s?s2f ' 725 WARREN AVE APOLLO I ,H Sen53ZuL'ZeS'1S2cfZSSy0u WAUGAMAN 5 q May we help you select Your ' 5222? BEAU T Y SHOPPE Dress Hat f Bag Glove s A Lingerie Hosiery THE FIRST WITH THE LATEST 0 zum smm-1's DRESS' SHOPPE 120 Warrerlihiilrg. 42WApollo, Pas - ms - 51.12 :wma MM11 Us 515 North Warren Afve. A Newspapers Magazines i G E STATIONERY M E Films CAMERAS Hall Mark Giiifiing - - VISIT OUR FOUNTAIN 3 50 GIS Som-IS ------ SUNDAES - - gm nxfafcf- - NU, I I 629 N. 4TH. S12 Smo0t1:dg'32.g:eG?fg-2. Cream Nga?-i 4 N. O ISABELLE SNQPPE CONGRATULATIONS SENLQRS COMPLETE LINE or CHILDRENS APPAREL HARTNAN HOTEL WARREN AVE. FIRST STREET APOLLO, PA. APOLLO A WE SPECIALIZE IN PERMANENT WAVINGA W.E.MSCOLGIN'S Exfifa' Y PXLAK ET A E-:EAUTY SHQPPE PHONE I5 N. WARREN AVE. LO7 WARREN AVE. APOLLO, PA. APOLLO .- J.EDGPxR WI-HTLINGE R GJ UA LJ T Y FOOD MARKET PHGNES 246 + 3G'2'W 'HARRYJS PLACE 7!'2 NMIARREN AVE. APQLLO , PA. EQUEENS DEPT as 'rom 5 WEEE" low PR!CE LEADERS, Pxpouo VANDEEQREEE LEECHBURG TO GET THE BEST SERVICE FOR Shoe shine, Hat cleaning, Fresh, roasted, double-jointed Peanuts, electrically cooled Soft drinks, Fresh candy, and gum D go to ..1 ,-,,........1---- ..-..- RWE AIM TO PLEASE ALLU Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. Kenny Wingren, with a penny tightly clutched in his hand entered the five and ten to buy a gift for Ruth. He drove the proprietor to distraction Lki t thi a d that as ng o see s n and never making up his mind. nLook here, my boy,n said Mr. Sloan finally, uwhat do you want for a penny--the wh le world with a fence aroun it?n Kenny thought a moment d th ' li dz ' en rep e nLet's see it.W WYBLES REXALL STORES --W0 STQRESH RELIABLE -PISESCISJPTIQDN -- SERVICE BEST IN DRUG STQRE MERCHANDISE LQWEST PRICES um www POPULAR FOUNTAIN Szfw1Scf--cQufxL1'rY-- Mf,NuS,f1Nf,cfxND15S EMS sffifxuw S1-10? Saxv1c5Mo'fof4 SAL 1 .'u'u' -'v'n'- I- ' '.'.'-'.'-'J' .'.'. ' ' '- '.'.'. .'-'-'Nu' '-:-:-f-:-:-:-. .':-:-:-:' '-:-:-:-: .':-:-:-:-:-g '5:5:f:5:f:Q:f:f:5:?:5 f:f:5:f:f:2:f:fgf:i" " r '-2125" U "lj-I 'f:f:f:- -:P 4-:1:?"' ':-:-:-: -:-'-S -Zglgi ffl' llgl- S .:f:2:-.. .. ..-:I:-. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:. 3 -- -- -' - 'v'n:N.'-'f'-'.'.'.'.' ' N'-'n' ffl'- -.gr . IO? KISKI AVE. PHONE-Q55 APGLLO Apouo My S PHGNHS 7 Q I-I. S. SIVIITI-I I'IARDWAI1E HARDWARE, PAIN TS, VAIQIXI I S I-I 'GARDEN SEED-PACKAGE AND BULK I-ICDUSE CLEANING NEEDS 321 IXIQRTII FQURTI-I STREET APQLLQ, PA. FIRSTIWITIOIWII BANK I-IPQIIQQM-x.I L.-.. I' - ,.,..'- ,425 O U 0 Q -L...- 4 CHEVROLET 7 EYE IT! TRY IT! BUY IT! GU TI-IIRIE AUTO GCD THQST 3U T mswr STIiE.E'I SMART HATS, SHOES AND FURNISHINGS FDR YOUNG IVIIEN IN 'IEIQNATION AL MADE- T0 -MEASURE SUITS IF ITJS NEW- WE I-IAVE IT ELAISBEIS SI-IGP GEITO AND A UPTEGRAPI-I -u v - QL wwf ,. .51- "GOOD LUCEEN' CLASS OF 1940 N AS YOU GO THROUGH LIFT, IE YOU SHOULD W.F.PAU LY A CAREFULLY EILLE, PRESCRIPTION PARKER PEN COTY PERFUME EASTMAN KODAK A "OW"PEP PAVLOV E ,T ,E E ZIPPER ILLFOLD SUNBEAM S Q"...AVEI.IASTER JOHNSTON C' fOCOLATES APRIL SHOWETLK.. COLOGNE EVENING IN PARIS COMPACT -- THEN JUST REMEMBER -- YOU s'TTO.xN.o 'TETEMETT 'XPO5 10 ?'X. DRUGGI J 2 MCQULEQUEQH .J f' ...T I J' Aw-ws A QQQD sHow EJ WHEN BETTER PICTURES? ARE MAEnE,wE wsu MT THEM T H E APGLLQ TRUST COIVIPANY CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PRCDFITS 5335000.00 ws OFFER FRIENDLY AND I-IIZLPFUL SEINIQE IN ALL BRANQHES QP BANKING AND TRUST BUSINESS CI-IAS, P. WOLFE, PRESIDENT S.IvI.JACKSON, VICE PRESIDENT W. CSM IT H, TREASURER CARL I-IKALB, ASSLIS IRAS. SEE US ABOUT A- . PERSGNAL OR AUTOMOBILE LQAN aUx5cf:r'r's SLQAN ,S sf TO moo STCJRE 'H WAR R5 N M N UE APOLLCLPA. APCJLLQ, PA 0 J fXRM!TAC-EE 000000000000-0-0-0-0-0-00 B , . , , 4 , , , , , , + ' "" ""' ' 52:32 ' 7151.9 55355 ' v- '-I-1: - sg. 1.3.2 93522 :1:'f Z-Q. . lsg. - ,. I ....... 2.5 , 1 .el ABI' 4 , Q E - i:2:5 1 2 52:15 '-'- -:-: t APOLLO 51554 CQ 1 I 5 Ijigl E E 5275 5 5 - Eiis : S '-'-'c 2' MANUFACTURES E 2-1-r LESFIS : 1 H3152 l:l:I:- -I-1E :asf :Fi 22:15 riff :L-c-2 if! 5515! GENERAL OFFICES AND WORKS ? 'z f EZIEE ,:-i ?-151 5553? 5: r.-:-:-:- -.g- 2-'-:-:Er 51, ,r 3:53 -v ., s . L-.-'br A z -'fu' 'p - - - n' 'Q' '-' '.'. ' A 4 , 4' 1-1'Q55b:2:-'-1-'-:7:-:7:-'-'-'-c:-.g-'.-.-.-1-:-:-t-.-.-. .-.4.-. . ..... .. '.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-z-A-.-.-:-1-'-r . :-. . . - -.- - , -4.. . . . .V . . . . . .. . .-.-.-'-'-'-'-' '- - -:--:- ' '-' ' -f 1:-1. - wg-2.1 -'g-g-,.g.gI-':'- -tg.55-sg:-'-'-:-:-:4-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-' '-ii.-' "' :-:-: :,:, :,:,:,:,:-:::::-:y:-g-:-.:4::::5::-:iz-:---:-:-:':-:,::::----:-.- ' ' ' ' - ,:-:g:::4:::::y,W35g-f - - - , -.yy --:Ev-h - 3.,-L-a ' '-:-' 29'-5 ! 114:55:T:fri-iff?fF5:S:Z:73Z:Z?Tf3:9:F:f:E:5i1f1?:Tfk!??vi2:.-..:25f:Q:?5f 'aehfii' - .11rfffzttfliktri:Qztnaaz..-2:?m5 1 .1:?'.v51:fz:-11.1 -,.1..:?5..15:5,1::'.-,34'6f325??:.'7E5 :t??'?:-:" ,. i GSE: ------- N ..,.,1 L, 153 2 -lf' "', Sincere Best Wishes to The Senior Class of 1940 at your graduation from Your Photographer T. F. Shaffer ' A SHAFFER PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO I Portrait and Com ercial I Photographers Com ercial Photo Finishing Apollo, Pa. AU T O-Q KAPHS 4, J 1v Q Azu-'fi-jfbj'-"L"""'4! wif' - xiii.,-fQ,1n,2L.J. -'70 B 3 Z . , : - XWZKMM4 y., 'I Eli' f , 1-if-r I , 'fu WE, ,, , AAP, I' 5 ,,,,,, W ,,,, ,, , ,,. , . , .A , , 4 .., . , .. . 4 .. . ,. . , ,,, f ... ,. L . ... .. .. A , 4 .. . ., ... , . Aums MP1-15 A F' gi! 29,0 H ' l MM I ' f'V1,6,,fQJLQ74,6J"4i N WWW ffff fm WW L j,,,,,,,f Fr -1 in at ,.- , .a..... ...........,..... . .... ......,... .... ......... ....., ..... . ....... ,.... . .... . . . .... . . . ..,.. . . . .. ,... , .. ....... ........... . ..,........,.,.... . .. ..., .............. ............,..... ........................... . . . -:: , 1 u I if Tl 'Uv,i'1' ' .. 1 LN, ' fin , 2 ,I . 1 ' W ' 1.1-hmmaq -ML i.' H .-, -.... .- -J.2u.z...3.L.- IH! N WWW! MLW WIVIMMIWMIWVI MWIKHU WWIWLMIIL IBIIIIWIHIMII WIN!! I Mill ' Q' ,A :ff JA f'-f 1 "Y A' XJ. XV . VV . ., JM ,Vw .K .1 L . V . Q .VJ 'PV - ' . f ,. , . Z1 1 W N . - L, . . - V - pf ,yr V V ,A , I , if. 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Suggestions in the Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) collection:

Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Apollo High School - Kiskitas Yearbook (Apollo, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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