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THE PANTHER 1968-1969 APLINGTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL APLINGTON, IOWA Editor-- Joyce Heitland Assistant Editor-- Roger Byl Photographer - - Russell Willeke Adviser-- Mr. Nevenhoven Yearbook Staff Staff--Joyce Dekker Chris Dohrman Darla Harms Sharon Schipper Bernita Vanderwerf Judy Eilderts Clareen Best Patricia Simkins Cinda Wessels Charlotte Mennen Arlan Schaap Sondra Sents Inez Schipper Vicki Pruisner Laureen Meyer Mona Huisinga Clarice Poley Glenda Hippen Frances Abbas janet Oelmann Kris Kooi JoAnn Eiklenborg jean Limburg Paulette Muller Thanks to all who helped produce this year's annual. A special thanks goes to Roger Byl for his efforts and w11 lingness to help. We all hope that his year's book will bring many fond memories to you. Thanks to all for your cooperation. 2 Table Of Contents Graduates ...... . . 5 Sports .... . Senior pictures Graduation page Hall of Fame Class Will Senior Trip Administration 8 Faculty. . . 21 Board of Education Messages Faculty School Life . . Plays Band Music Speech Small Groups FFA Panther's Tale Staff Librarians Student Council Honor Society AFS Club Football Basketball Baseball Softball Track Cheerleaders Jr. High Football Jr. High Cheerleaders Jr. High Basketball Activities ......... Prom and Banquet Homecoming Science Fair FFA Banquet Underclassmen . . . Elementary . . . Advertising . . . Halls AHS Dedication UI Harm Sanders Harm has swept his way into the very heart of Aplington High School. Through his tireless effonts, we have a school kept neatly attractive. Our school reflects Harm's personal pride in us and in the place in which we work and play during our school years. With sincere gratitude, we dedicate this 1969 annual to Harm Sanders. 4 , .,,., if ,, 2 W L,,, fx 2 SWE? Mm H55 5sQs?'fes 1 A I ' FESYY 1 f--- 1 .f:,..1 .mL.,fw5,5w fpg , ,y . .uf 'wg,: ff . Frances G. Abbas Barbara Gene Ayers Rick D. Barnett Gertie Barbie Richard A good heart is better than all I have two speeds--slow and I thought I would a bachelor stay, the heads in the world. super-slow. but I could not keep one girl away. Clafeen JOYCC Best Roger Dean Byl Colette Rae Cuvelier llclairell llRogll IICOII There were once seven wonders I'm not crazyg I just act that way I'm not arguing with you . , . I'm of the world--now there are to entertain people. telling you. eight. 6 Joyce Mae Dekker Kim 5- Dix jo Ann J. Eiklenborg It's better to be small and shine N0bOdy t01d me 'ChingS Were jo than 1200 big and cast 21 shadow. Soing to Start on timed' It would be much easier to resist temptation if I were certain it would show up again. Judy Kae Eilderts Glenn Michael Frey Joel Micheal Frey A11 the qualities that lead 130 Teachers sure must be dumb, They say that love makes the success. they sure ask a lot of questions. world go roundg catch me, I'm getting dizzy. 7 of Kevin Lee Frey Roger L. Geiken Melinda Sue Hal-ken nKeVn lIR0glI Sue What would this school have I'm like a broken mirror--full The only way to hold a man is done without me? of bright cracks. in my arms, np A FY Joyce Eileen Heitland Craig Eugene Henricks john C. Hildebrand Joy Reb He speaks the strangest words. She sighs at many, but loves Beware! I may yet do something only one. sensational. 8 Glenda Kay Hippen Marcia Diann Hook Mona Ruth Huisinga Lf school is liberty, give me If silence were golden, I'd be Mo1ly death, dead broke. She has achieved success who has lived well and laughed often. Vernon Lee Jungling William L. Kampman Kristie Lynn Kooi Vern Bill Kristal When I'm not near the girl I A little nonsense he enjoys, It's nice to be natural when love, I love the girl I'm near. which is true of many boys. you're naturally nice. 9 jakie Leon Kopp lljake ll Smile. It makes the world wonder what you've been up to. Larry Lee Koppedryer Geno Give me a needle and thread, and Life is one long game of basketball with time out for girls. Margaret jean Lindaman l'll sew myself a man. F Marilyn Faye Lindaman Martin Lee Maifield Charlotte Anne MGHHCH Faye Marry Chuck Personality is her middle name. W'hat I've learned I've forgotten, I P1-lf mY brain in neutral and let what I know I've guessed. my tongue rattle on. IO Karen Denise Meyer Laufeen Lois Meyer David Dean NIUHCI' I was cut out to be an angel, but Reeny Dave Somebody ran away with the pat- TO blush is beautiful, but Some- A C01'1-fl-l5ed H1355 of muscle. tern. times inconvenient. Faye Muller Janet Elaine Oelman Robert W. Ostercarnp Pee Wee Schoo1 doesn't bother me, but a Bob life is a book with a new hero lot of things do. I'm the kind of boy my mother every chapter. doesn't want me to run around with. ll 0 Clarice Elaine Poley Vicki Lynn Pruisner Arlan Dale Sehaap Claris Vic Arnie We're not sure, but we think she There never was an angel with I learned a lot these last four has outside interests. red hairg who am I to tamper with YGHPS, but School interfered. fate ? Inez Schipper Merle Dean Schipper Inge You don't have to study agric My heart is not my own, but it's ture to raise cane. in good hands. I2 ul- Sharon Faye Schipper Shar I'd let my husband have a night out with the boys if I can have a night out with the boys too. Sondra Kay Sents Patricia Louise Simkins Julie Louise Stephenson Sonie Hazel Kangaroo Kid Want to race, boys? You're only young onceg but if I've Written everything in my you work it right, once is enough. diary but the love life of a frog! David Srukenberg Bernita Rhea Vanderwerf' Cinda Kaye Wessels Stuk Bert C. W. Why let the Devil have all the A11 work and no fun is no life for I'm like a teakettle. Even when fun, me. I'm up to my neck in hot water, I still sing. 13 Russell Marc Wiueke Gaylen Fred Winterberg I'm going to tell Einstein a few HF,-eddyv' things- Flirting is my speciality. Seniors, Activities FRANCES ABBAS--Basketball, AFS Club, Panther's Tale, Annual Staff. AGHS: Track, Future Teachers Club, GRA, Girls Chorus, Future Nurses Club. BARBARA AYERS--Glee Club, French Club, Panther's Tale. RICK BARNETT--All Conference Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Mixed Chorus, Class Officer, Panther's Tale, Annual Staff, Student Council. CLAREEN BEST--Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Solos and Ensembles, Librarian Plays, Stage Crew, Speech, Class Officer, French Club, National Honor Society, AFS Club, Annual Staff, Student Council. ROGER BYL--Plays, Speech Contest, FFA President, Student Council, Panther's Tale, Annual Staff. COLETTE CUVELIER--Basketball, Track, Softball, Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Plays, Speech Contest, French Club, AFS Club, Band Council. JOYCE DEKKER--Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, AFS Club, Panther's Tale, Annual Staff. KIM DIX--Football, Track, Play, Speech Contest, FFA. JQANN EIKLENBORG--Panther's Tale, Annual Staff. JUDY EILDERTS--Basketball, Softball, Track, Cheerleader, Band, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles, Plays, Speech Contest, AFS Club, French Club, Annual Staff. GLENN FREY--Band, Instrumental Solos and Ensembles, All-State Band. JOEL FREY--Football, Track, Cross Country, Glee Club ,A Mixed Chorus, Solos, Ensem- bles, Speech Contest, Iowa Farmer Degree, FFA, Student Council. KEVIN FREY--Track, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Vocal Solo and Ensembles, Speech Contest, FFA. ROGER GEIKEN--Football All Conference first team, Basketball, Track, Class Officer, FFA. MELINDA HARKEN--Basketball, Softball, Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Ensembles, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Plays, Speech Contest, Class Officer, Student Council. JOYCE HEITLAND--Girls Glee Club, Twirler, Plays, Stage Crew, Speech, Panther's Tale, Annual Editor. CRAIG I-IENRICKS--FFA JOHN HILDEBRAND--Track, Baseball, Cross Country. I4 GLENDA HIPPEN--Softball, Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, AFS, Annual Staff, Panther's Tale. MARCIA HOOK--Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Solo, Vocal Small Groups, Speech Contest, French Club, AFS Club. MONA HUISINGA--Basketball, Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Accompanist, Instru- mental Solo, Vocal Ensembles, Speech Contest, AFS Club, French Club, National Honor Society, Annual Staff. VERNON JUNGLING--Football, All Conference Basketball, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Ensembles, Panther's Tale. WILLLAM KAMPMAN--Football, Basketball Manager, Track, FFA, Student Council. KRISTI KOOI--Softball, Basketball, Track, Cheerleader, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Band, Vocal Small Groups, Select Choir, Homecoming Queen, French Club, AFS Club, Annual Staff, Class Officer. IAKIE KOOP--Track, Stage Crew, Class Officer, FFA, Student Council. LARRY KOPPEDRYER--All Conference Basketball, Baseball, Track, Football. MARGARET LINDAMAN--Track, Glee Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Play, Speech Contest, Class Officer, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, French Club, National Honor Society, AFS Club. MARILYN LINDAMAN--Basketball, Softball, Track, Band, Stage Band, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles, Homecoming Queen, FFA Sweet- heart Candidate, Play, Speech Contest, Class Officer, AFS Club, National Honor Societ . MART,IN MAIFIELD--Football, Track CHARLOTTE MENNEN--Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Accompanist, Instrumental Solo, Student Council, AFS Club, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Librarian, Stage Crew, Plays, Speech Contest, Class Officer. KAREN MEYER--Track, Softball, Librarian, French Club, Panther's Tale. LAUREEN MEYER--Track, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Ensembles, FFA Sweetheart Candidate, Speech, Class Officer, French Club, Panther's Tale Co-Editor, AFS Club, Annual Staff. DAVID MULLER--Football All Conference, Track, Class Officer, FFA, Student Coun- cil. PAULETTE MULLER--Panther's Tale, Annual Staff. JANET OELMANN--Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, AFS Club, Panther's Tale, Annual Staff, Speech Contest, Play. ROBERT OSTERCAMP, IR.--Track, Cross Country, Band, Instrumental Solo and En- sembles, Play, FFA. CLARICE POLEY--Softball, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Small Groups Contest, Stage Crew, Panther's Tale, AFS Club. VICKI PRUISNER--Basketball All Conference First Team, Honorable Mention All- State , Track, Softball Manager, Glee Club, French Club, Co-Editor Panther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff, Student Council. ARLAN SCHAAP--Basketball Manager, Track, Cross Country, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Solo, Plays, Speech Contest, FFA, Annual Staff. INEZ SCHIPPER--Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Small Group, Panther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff. MERLE SCHIPPER--Football, Basketball, FFA. SHARON SCHIPPER--Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Panther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff. SONDRA SENTS--Track, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Play, French Club, Panther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff. PATRICIA SIMKINS--Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Instrumental Ensembles, French Club, Annual Staff, Librarian, FFA Sweetheart. JULIE STEPHENSON--Track, Band, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Piano Solo, Plays, Speech Contest, AFS Club, Annual Staff, Student Council. DAVID STUKENBERG--Track, All Conference Football, Play, Speech Contest, FFA. BERNITA VANDER WERF--Girls.Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Twirler, Stage Crew, Pan- ther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff. CINDA WESSELS--Band, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Solo, Small Group Contest, Instrumental Ensemble, Play, Speech Work, Panther's Tale, AFS Club, Annual Staff, Band Council. RUSSELL WILLEKE--Band, Annual Staff, Instrumental Ensemble, National Honor Society. GAYLEN WINTERBERG--Football, Track, Stage Crew, FFA. I5 Valedictorian Marilyn Lindaman CLMS M0110 The ljlufh To my Us thi Siren,-l'h T0 flgffg 1- I E' Graduation 1969 Pastor of the First Reformed Church of Aplington, Rev. William Kroon, spoke at the Aplington Com- munity High School Baccalaureate Services on May 25, 1969. Dr. Robert H. French, Synod Executive of the United Presbyterian Church of Des Moines, Iowa, delivered the Commencement address on Tuesday, May 27, 1969. W I 7' ll' R y, f QS , ' 1,1 'ji :S 3 Salutatorian Clareen Best Citizenship Award Joel Frey Class Flower: Red Rose Class Colors: Red 8 White President .............. Rick Barnett Vice-President . . . . Roger Geiken Secretary . . . . . Margaret Lindaman Treasurer . . . . . Charlotte Mennen I6 Eight Seniors Selected For Senior Hall Of Fame Most Likely To Succeed Clareen Best and Russell Willeke Most Witty Pat Simkins and David Stukenburg Class Will We, the Senior English Class, will our ability to pull through trying times in English 1, I, I, I, I, 1, Class to the Juniors taking English IV. You'll need it! Charlotte Mennen, alias Chuck, will my tutu ballet dress to Vicki Hemmen. Colette Cuvelier, will my ability to get along with Mr. Schwarz to Jacque Schoene- man. Bill Kampman, will my eating ability to Dick Bode. Bernita VanderWerf, will Stan's bicycle that was willed to me last year back to Carol Shoemaker. Joel Frey, will my loyalty to one to Chris Dohrman. Clarice Poley, will my quiet shy manner to Joyce Winterburg. We, the Bookkeeping Class, will our vast knowledge of bookkeeping to Mrs. Olsen. L I, L We're sure it will be of help. Mona Huisinga, will my pink slip to Mr. Schwarz. Russell Willeke, will my negatives to Dave Willis. Dave Muller, will my place in Harken's garage to Randy Everts. We, Bill Kampman and Roger Geiken, will our sledding ability to Mary Franken. May you have more ups than downs. We, Judy Eilderts and Mona Huisinga, will our ability to break test tubes to Dale I, I, L Kroon. Gaylen Winterberg, will my many cars to Jean Limburg. Now maybe you can shake the bug. Merle Schipper, will my many hogs to Donavan Manifold. Have to keep you pitch- ing. Pat Simkins, will my Sth hour games to Mr. Koehler. We, the lovers of '69, will our places in the hall to Mr. DeVault. I, I, Larry Koppedryer, will my excess facial hair to Ken Ostercamp. Watch the brush fires. Kevin Frey, will my beautiful voice to Mr. Kooi. You've got the heighth! We, Roger Byl and Glenn Frey, will our seats in science class to Mary Meyer. We, JoAnn Eiklenborg and Joyce Heitland, will our out-of-town boyfriends to Linda I, I, Flesner and Debra Meyer. Arlan Schaap, will my ability to keep the basketball books straight to Alan Meyer. Karen Meyer, will my good student rating to Marvin Wooldridge. We, Paulette Muller and JoAnn Eiklenborg, will our hot lunch jobs to Diane Eckhoff. I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, W I, 1, Good luck next year. Roger Geiken, will my sly, sneaky manner to Mr. Hultman. Now maybe you won't get caught by the house detective. Barbara Ayers, will my smog goggles, courting hat, and mating call to Cinda Mani- fold. I hope you have better luck than I did. Vicki Pruisner, will my 7 years perfect attendance to Marvin Wooldridge. Bob Ostercamp, will my greasy kid stuff to Steve Sessler. Maybe that will keep the curls down. Paulette Muller, will my sock it to me shirt to Mr. Schwarz. Frances Abbas, will my candid camera to Mary Limburg. Keep the teachers smiling. Dave Stukenberg, will my quiet, well-behaved manner to Brenda Groeneveld. From one loyal Baptist to another. Melinda Harken, will my ability to go steady with a football player and still keep Mr. DeVault happy to Margaret I-larken. Good luck. e, Marcia Hook and Cinda Wessels, will our singing ability to Darla Harms and Eileen Harms. We need some good soprano replacements. Craig Henricks, will my hot 6 to John Card. Larry Koppedryer, will my long hours working on English themes to Virginia Best. Cool it! I8 We, the senior track girls, will our many trophies to Mr. Bullock. I, Cinda Wessels, will my blue rambler to Darrow Uhlenhopp. One of these days yours won't heal itself. I, Kim Dix, will my 4:58 mile to Eldon Muller. That's minutes, Eldon. I, Jake Koop, will my radiator to Mr. Nevenhoven. It steams, too. I, Julie Stephenson, will my Pocket Dictionary of Australian Slang to Mr. Hultman. We, Clareen Best, Inez Schipper, Clarice Poley, and Sondra Sents, will our ability to find and resist temptation on the senior trip to Jean Limburg, Jocelyn Ubben, Mar- garet I-Iarken, and Chris Dohrman. I, Joyce Dekker, will my natural curly hair to DeWayne Behrends. It's better than no hair at all. We, the senior chorus members, will Mrs. Mellema a pretty new dress to go with her many other pretty dresses. We, the senior class, will our many abilities to Mr. McKee. We hope you can con- tinue operations without us. We, the senior class, will our excellent behavior on the senior trip to the junior class. You'll need it! I, Kim Dix, will a master copy of my make-up slip to Carol Koop. Now you won't have to write them out anymore. We, the seniors, will our new language acquired at Maxwell Street to Mrs. Sommers. I, Margaret Lindaman, will my sewing ability to LaVerne Wolff. Now you can sew all your FFA awards on your coat. I, Merle Schipper, will my barn to Mr. DeVault. It sure does hold a lot of hay! ! I, Janet Oelmann, will my ability to survive in Bookkeeping to my brother, Alan Oel- mann. I, Gaylen Winterberg, will my love for Parkersburg people to Jolene Spree. Don't for- get the chapstick. I, Kris Kooi, will my attempt to stay in touch with certain Aplington people to Steve Barnett. You'll need it next year. We, the senior boys, will our places on the bleachers to Mr. Mellema. Don't fall asleep. We, the senior English class, will our overdue books to Mrs. Grobe. Keep those coins coming in. I, John Hildebrand, will my track ability willed to me last year to Dean Brouwer. Don't try too hard, Mr. Bullock. I, Sharon Schipper, will my place on the post office bench to Karla Finger. Don't wait too long for the U.S. male. I, Laureen Meyer, alias Reeny Rabbit, will my ability to hop over hurdles to Linda Meyer. Keep it in t.he family. I, Marty Maifield, will my Spic and Span to Gary Henricks. Now all you need is the span, Spic. I, Jake Koop, will myself to Terri Abbas. I, Marilyn Lindaman, will my speed on the turf to Bruce Lindaman. Let's have a little hustle, Bruce. We, the senior Aggies, will our fun on field trips to the Junior Aggies. That should keep Mr. Halstead jumping. We, David Muller and Melinda Harken, will our bicycle built for two to Mr. Kuhens. Now you can bring one of your boys to school too. We, the senior girls, will our short skirts to Mrs. Steffen. I, Charlotte Mennen, will my outspoken characteristics to Debbie Smith. I9 Senior Trip On Thursday, April 24, the Senior class left for Chicago. At 11:00 that evening, they arrived at the Palmer House, their temporary living quarters. On Friday, the class toured the Board of Trade, Science and Industry Building, enjoyed a boat ride, and had a formal dinner at Marina City. The scene from the Prudential Building of forty stories was a sight not easily forgotten. Saturday, the seniors toured Maxwell Street, the Museum of Natural History, the Wax Mu- seum, Skid Row, and the O'Hare Airport. The long trip home ended many memorable moments for the Seniors of '69. Do we want Chicken A-La- King or Chopped Steak? Awaiting the long trip home. What's next on the itinerary ?' ADMINISTRA TION di FACULTY .. . 'N . .1 x . 4, X 445 -fri v fin ,J 'A V1 ya v I 'A ' Q - f. X w ,Q-Lf A ' If. Y if Lmfkfdli P' - W .ff 'cf' Q ' O' . .w-1 1 'Q 'K -. k,W'A W V 'Q 'K r ' fx 44. E K A l Board Of Education FRONT ROW: Lyle Uhlenhopp, Heory Jungling, Ben Hook. BACK ROW: Clifford McKee, Ivan Harken, Calvin Stahl, jake Mehmen. President--Henry jungling Secretary--Ivan Harken Executive Secretary--Clifford McKee Membexs--Lyle Uhlenhopp, Ben Hook, Calvin Stahl, Jake Mehmen. 22 Messages To you the class of 1969 I would like to express my congratulations as you set forth into your various fields of endeavor after high school graduation. Graduation is one step in the game of life. Therefore, remember! The game is never over no matter what the scoreboard reads, no matter what the clock says. The secret of the game is to do one's best, to persist and en- dure and as someone said, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. You have my highest hopes and best wishes. Duane Nevenhoven Principal Duane Nevenhoven Supt. Clifford W. McKee Congratulations to each member of your wonderful class. Best wishes in the future as you make those important decisions and sacrifices that will shape your life. We hope that each of you will achieve that success com- mensurate with your ability and desire. If you are wise, you will try to adhere to the following statements of philosophy: Seek Divine Guidance in making decisions. Never sacrifice your principles. Cherish and maintain your freedom. Recognize the rights and responsibilities of all men. Have faith and trust in our God, our Creator. Struggle to make the world a better place in which to live. Set your goal high, yet attainable. Be very kind to one another. Be humble and forgiving. Remember that at the end of your life's course, your true success will not be in the dollars that you have earned, but in the giving of yourself for the betterment of others. Recall, with affection, your many wonderful experiences at your Alma Mater and your good friends from the Aplington Community School, Aplington, Iowa. Clifford W. McKee 23 Thomas Beacom Jr. High Science Biology jr. High Boys Coach Basketball 8 Football Assist- ant Coach F acult F g ,M nk 'fii2'.Q-11 as Tx X' ,F Mans Clair Bohlen Lester Bullock jr. High Math Math General Math Assistant Football Coach jr. High Girls Coach Assistant Girls Basketball Coach Boys track Coach Ruth Cordes Dennis DeVault jr. High Language 8 Arts Jr. High Social Studies Football Coach Basketball Coach Y Phyllis Grobe High School English Librarian Richard Halstead William Hultman Jr. High Science English Vocational Agriculture Dramatics Arts 24 l Richard Koehler Edward Kooi Galen Kuhens Instrumental Music Industrial Arts High School Science Physical Education XX f Arlene Mellema Ervin Mellema Edward Schultz Vocal Music Commercial Girls Basketball 8 Track Business Law S Math Coach Am eric an History g..L.,.., James SCITWHFZ Elizabeth Sommers Emma Steffen Guidance Counselor French Home Economics Social Studies Wgrld Histo,-y 25 COOKS: Mrs. Hemmen, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Vanderwerf, Mrs. Bakker, Mrs. DeVries. BUS DRIVERS: Harm Oldenburger, Don McLaren, Lester Sents, Raymond Harken, Ted Jungling, Aielt Sents, Tom Dreeseman. Miss Carol Koop Principal's Secretary P I I w Mrs. Shirley Olsen Custodian Custodians Superintendent's Secretary Verb Sylman Harm Sanders 8 Kenny Mehmen 26 SCHOOL LIFE Betty MacDonald . . Don MacDonald . . Anne ....... Joan ........ Thad ........ Delicate Daisy . . . Nlr. Manic ...... Corinne ..... Fishface . . . Hi-Baby . . . J. I .......... Ross .......... The Lingery Lady . . Millicent Amos . . . Thermometer Tessie Cast Miss Linden ........ Grady ......... Paula . . Toni . . . Lolly . . . Mitzie . . . Marilyn Lindaman .Dave Stukenberg . . . . Carol Kooi . Melinda Harken . . . . . Roger Byl Charlotte Mennen . . . . Dale Kroon . . . Jolene Spree . Leslie Heitland . . . . . . Kim Dix . . . Verlyn Hemmen . . . Arlan Schaap Julie Stephenson . . . Darla Harms . Anne Lindaman . . . Sondra Sents . . Bob Ostercamp . . janet Oelmann . . Debbie Smith . Joyce Heitland . Cinda Manifold The Egg And I November 6 S 8, 1968 Go away now. No Wampum here. . . . And pickles, and potato salad. And sandwiches. And coconut layer -ll cake- Pillow Talk April 22 G 23, 1969 Spring Play Brad . . . put me down! jan Morrow . . jonathan Forbes Brad Allen . . . Elm a ....... Mrs. Pierot . . Mrs. Walters . . Tony Walters . Marie ...... Eileen .... Yvette ...... Miss Conrad . . Supervisor . . . Mrs. Frost Policeman . . . Bessie ..... Tilda Graham ..... Miss Dickinson Anne Cast That paper about the complaint--I suppose it's confidential? . . Colette Cuvelier . . . . . . Steve Sessler Darrow Uhlenhopp . . julie Stephenson . . . . . . .Clareen Best Rhonda Cvroeneveld . . . . Steve Bakker . . Vicki Hemmen . . . . Darla Harms . . Margaret Harken Jackie Schoenemen . Charlotte Mennen . . . . Art Heitland . . . Cinda Wessels . . Steve Cuvelier . . . Joyce Heitland Concert FIRST ROW: D. Harms, M. Meyer, J. Stephenson, M. Boelman, K. Mennen. SECOND ROW: G. Frey, S. Sessler, D. Neymeyer, K. Kannegieter, J. Frey, E. Finger, W. Wessels, I. Lindaman, J. Harken. THIRD ROW: K. Ostercamp, C. Cuvelier, R. Willeke, P. Frey, G. Druvenga, A. I-Ieitland, R. Neymeyer, S. Bak- ker, D. Behrends, M. Harken. Swing Band U I FC FIRST ROW: E. Finger, S. Sessler, G. Frey, 1. Frey, V. Hem- men. SECOND ROW: G. Druvenga, P. Frey, R. Willeke, C. Cuvelier, M. Lindaman. THIRD ROW: R. Everts, W. Kanne- KNEELING: M. Harken, K. Mennen, B. Vander- gieter, E. Harms, D. Uhlenhopp, B. Dahn. FOURTH ROW: R. werf. STANDING: J. Heitland, J. Schoeneman. Neymeyer, S. Bakker, K. Ostercamp, D. Behrends. 30 and T 1 FIRST ROW: D. Ostercamp, L. Schipper, V. Hemmen, J. Spree, I. Eilderts, M. Lindaman. SECOND ROW: C. Kooi, S. Huisinga, M. Boomgarden, M. DeVries, M. Sessler, P. Simkins, C. Dreyer, C. McKee. THIRD ROW: D. Fekkers, R. Kannegieter, R. Everts, W. Kannegieter, E. Harms, D. Uhlenhopp, B. Dahn, N. Meye C. Wessels, L. Dohrman, S. Cuvelier, S. Hildebrand. FOURTH ROW: A. Lindaman, M. Huisinga, L. Heit- land, M. Harken, C. Anders, M. Norris. ra arching Band irls Glee ROW ONE: Mrs. Mellema, B. Ayers, I. Schipper, S. Sents, M. Stockdale, D. Sents, P. Bettenga, G. Hemmen, I. Oelmann, S. Schipper, S. Haan. ROW TWO: C. Koppedryer, B. Dahn, J. Dekker, B. Vanderwerf, J. Heitland, C. Lursen, N. Bergman, C. Best, N. Luchtenburg, M. Boomgarden, L. Langland, P. Stubbe. ROW THREE: J. Stahl, W. Kannegeiter, P. McLaren, D. Hanlin, R. Lindaman, I. Schipper, G. Hippen, R. Druvenga, V. Hemmen, M. Meyer, M. Limburg, D. Frey, L. Meyer. ROW FOUR: K. Lindaman, S. Huisinga, C. Jungling, I. Paterni, D. Smith, C. Manifold, D. Meyer, L. Peters, J. Limburg, E. Harms, L. Meyer, V. Best, D. Eckhoff. ROW FIVE: K. Mennen, M. Peters, C. Poley, M. Hook, C. Wessels, K. Kooi, V. Everts, C. Best, L. Flesner, C. Cuvelier, P. Simkins, M. I-larken. ROW SIX: M. Lindaman, J. Eilderts, M. Harken, B. Franken, M. Huisinga, W. Wessels, R. Groeneveld, L. Schipper, J. Stephenson, W. Smeins, M. Franken, J. Winterburg, C. Kooi, D. Harms. Boys Glee ROW ONE: R. Druvenga, R. Hartman, R. Kannegeiter, E. Finger, R. Neymeyer, C. Schurman, B. Goldhorn, P. Frey, R. Spree, Mrs. Mellema, director. ROW TWO: K. Ostercamp, S. Cuvelier, M. Kampman, D. Uhlenhopp, S. Barnett, A. Heitland, D. Willis, A. Oelmann, I. Lancelle, G. Lindaman, B. Dahn, accompanist. ROW THREE: S. Bakker, D. Smith, J. Lindaman, A. Schaap, D. Brouwer, V. Hemmen, K. Frey, R. Best, J. Frey, K. Kromminga, A. Meyer. 32 Mixed Chorus This year the vocal department was very busy. They participated in the Variety Show, the Fall Concert, the Christmas Program, the Spring Concert, the Large Group State Contest, and the Pop's Concert. At State Contest, the three large groups received: Mixed Chorus--II, Girls' Glee--II, and Boys' Glee--III. Contest results were: Solo's eight I's Double Mixed Quartet II Mixed Quartets II Sextet I Boys Double Quartet I Boys Quartet I Trio I ROW ONE: Mrs. Mellema, I. Schipper, V. Best, E. Harms, L. Meyer, J. Dekker, B. Vanderwerf, M. Boomgarden, C. Best, L. Meyer, S. Sents, S. Schipper. ROW TWO: G. I-Iippen, C. Cuvelier, K. Mennen, W. Kannegieter, P. McLaren, V. Hemmen, I. Schipper, N. Luchtenburg, M. Harken, M. Harken, P. Simkins, M. Lindaman, C. Mennen. ROW THREE: C. Wessels, C. Poley, C. Best, B. Dahn, 1. Winterburg, M. Franken, M. Meyer, J. Oel- mann, S. Huisinga, D. Harms, J. Eilderts, M. Hook, M. Limburg. ROW FOUR: P. Frey, R. Hartman, B. Gold- horn, R. Neymeyer, K. Ostercarnp, J. Stephenson, K. Kooi, M. Huisinga, M. Peters, G. Lindaman, E. Finger, S. Cuvelier, M. Kampman, D. Uhlenhopp. ROW FIVE: D. Willis, R. Barnett, S. Bakker, D. Smith, J. Lindaman, A. Schaap, V. Hemmen, V. jungling, K. Frey, R. Best, J. Frey, K. Kromminga, A. Meyer, A. Heitland, 1. Lan- celle, S. Barnett. 33 Junior High Girls Glee FRONT ROW: T. Pruisner, S. Stahl, S. Schurrnan, D. Uhlenhopp, J. Willeke, J. Abbas, R. Dix, G. Hanlin, S. john- son. SECOND ROW: R. Abbas, J. Lindaman, V. Duhn, J. Langland, J. Miller, L. Dreesman, S. Schipper, N. Muller, L. Meyer, M. Aalderks, V. Haan, Mrs. Mellema. THIRD ROW: K. Schipper, J. Sents, L. Poley, S. Pauk, C. Lursen, R. Hook, J. Hemmen, B. Green, L. Everts, C. Eiklenborg, K. Kramer. FOURTH ROW: R. Vanderwerf, K. Hempen, J. Olsen, A. Brouwer, B. Geiken, R. Ter I-lark, B. Kromminga, S. Hildebrand, B. Bettenga, C. Lursen, L. Orr, I. 1 Schipper, E. Best. Junior High Boys Glee FRONT ROW: T. Van Ellen, T. Ridder, S. Thompson, R. Vietor, S. Miller, R. jungling, D. Meyer, A. Barnett, J. Boelman. SECOND ROW: K. Harken, A. Spree, L. Meyer, C. Smeins, D. Eckhoff, G. Johnson, M. Bierman, B. Dix, C. Smith, K. Oelmann. THIRD ROW: D. Harken, K. Harms, W. Huisinga, G. Hippen, V. Schipper, J. Patet, D. Smeins, D. Maifield, R. Luchtenburg, I. Groeneveld. FOURTH ROW: K. Elliot, R. Meyer, D. Janssen-, R. Thomp- son, V. Haan, W. Sents, R. Everts, S. Limburg, K. Uhlenhopp, D. Harms, T. Schipper. 34 ill L I's at State Contest Outstanding Performance The Aplington Community School hosted the District Speech Contest this year. Twenty-seven entries ad- vanced to State Contest. Out of these 27 entries, Ap- lington merited 13 I's at the State Speech Contest held at Columbus High in Waterloo. Judy Eilderts, Julie Stephenson, and Colette Cuvelier received a I at State for their play reading. Three Aplington students received the Outstanding Per- formance Award. Congratulations go to julie Stephen- son, Virginia Best, and Marilyn Lindaman. ROW ONE: D. Brower, J. Stephenson, V. Hemmen, R. Groeneveld, B. Groeneveld, A. Schaap. ROW TWO: M. Harken, M. Lindaman, M. Hook, J. Spree, C. Cuvelier, M. Harken, L. Meyer, J. Heitland, C. Best, C. Best, V. Best, D. Uhlenhopp. ROW THREE: C. Mennen, D. Kroon, V. Hemmen, R. Byl, M. Huisinga, D. Harms, B. Dahn? 35 ocal Small Groups F A The groups pictured received I ratings at small group con- test. A ii? We 36 Instrumental Small Groups These groups rec d I ings at contest. FF F mann'-'A .. .-..., ..., ll ROW ONE: Mr. Halstead, Advisor, S. Sessler, A. Meyer, L. Wolff, K. Dix, D. Behrends, D. Uhlenhopp, R. Everts. ROW TWO: D. Eckhoff, K. Kramer, R. Spree, C. Schurman, C. Henricks, D. Stukenberg, M. Schipper, R. Hart- man, S. Uhlenhopp. ROW THREE: K. Frey, L. Koop, R. Geiken, B. Ostercamp, J. Frey, J. Schipper, D. Muller, G. Winterberg, R. Druvenga, A. Schaap. ROW FOUR: G. I-Ienricks, A. Oelmann, D. Manifold, J. Card, E. Mul- ler, H. Harken, C. Abbas, L. Meyer, D. Smith. Officers for the 1968-1969 FFA year were Roger Byl and Kim, Presidents, Darrow Uhlenhopp, Treasurer, Steve Sessler, Secretary, LaVern Wolff, Reporter, and Alan Meyer, Sentinel. Mr. Richard Halstead was the advisor. This year, Leon Koop, Bob Ostercamp, Kevin Frey, Alan Meyer, and LaVern Wolff attended the National FFA Convention at Kansas City, Missouri. Nine boys were initiated to the Greenhand Degree on October 22. They were Ron Druvenga, Dennis Eckhoff, Roland Hartman, Kelly Kramer, Aldon Schaap, Jim Schipper, Curt Schurman, Rodney Spree, and Steve Uhlen- hopp. The FFA Chapter sold fruits of which the proceeds went toward the annual parent-son banquet in the spring. 38 This past year, Gary Henricks participated in the Funk's 304 Bushel Challenge Contest. The plot was located on the Elmer Henricl-:'s farm southwest of Aplington. The corn was picked on November 22 with a yield of 186.5 bushels per acre converted to No. 2 corn. Gary is pictured above holding the trophy presented to the chapter for their participation in the program. Kim Dix, chapter president, is holding the cash award. Mr. Richard Halstead is the advisor of the chapter. joel Frey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Frey, received the Iowa Farmer Degree at Des Moines. This is the highest degree an FFA member may receive from the state association which only ZW. of the active membership may qualify each year. 39 anther's Tale Staff SEATED: Laureen Meyer, Clarice Foley, Frances Abbas, Vicki Pruisner, Bernita Vanderwerf, Sharon Schipper, Glenda I-Iippen, Paulette Muller, Joyce Dekker, Janet Oelmann, Cinda Wessels. STANDING Joyce Hertland, Sondra Sents, Mr. Mellema, Adviser, Inez Schipper, Vernon jungling, Rick Barnett, Karen Meyer, Jo Ann Eiklen borg, Barbara Ayers. SEATED: Clareen Best, Nancy Berg- man, Mrs. Grobe, Nora Luchten- berg, Kathy Mennen. STANDING: Pat Simkins, Charlotte Mennen, Brenda Groeneveld, Rita Druvenga, Marjorie Peters, Irene Schipper, Mary Limburg, jean Limburg. Librarians 40 ational Honor Society , D FIRST ROW--Marilyn Lindaman, Charlotte Mennen, Clareen Best, Margaret Lindaman, Virginia Best. SECOND ROW--Russell Willeke, Brenda Groeneveld, Mona Huisinga, Darla Harms, Jean Limburg, Steve Sessler, Mr. Schwarz. Student Council P FIRST ROW--J. Stephenson, D. Uhlenhopp, M. Harken, J. Frey, C. Best, R. Barnett. SECOND ROW--V. Pruisner, R. Byl, K. Ostercamp, E. Harms, R. Everts, D. Maifield, M. Peters, M. Lindaman, D. Muller. THIRD ROW--Mr. Nevenhoven, janet Hemmen, C. Kooi, D. Neymeyer, E. Finger, D. Uhlenhopp. 41 AFS Club ROW ONE: J. Ubben, C. Dohrman, C. Cuvelier, I. Stephenson, M. Lindaman, S. Sents, S. Schipper. ROW TWO: J. Heitland, G. Hippen, M. Lindaman, L. Meyer, J. Dekker, B. Vanderwerf, J. Limburg, I. Schipper, Mr. Schwarz. ROW THREE: M. Huisinga, D. Harms, V. Hemmen, F. Abbas, J. Oelmann, C. Best, C. Poley, M. Hook, C. Wessels. ROW FOUR: V. Pruisner, B. Groeneveld, C. Mennen, K. Kooi, A. Lindaman, J. Eilderts, M. Franken. .6Qvfv.'1?a.z,..... 'fMAl'itf9fif'XQ'3.Q3n O yo-nab gm rwovx. 'iii M 244 QTMCTD Colette Cuvelier--American Sister Julie Stephenson--AF S Student Margaret Lindaman--AFS Club President Au QJQCCVNI, O-vs. cb wx.Q.- 61 DESAILLY ST. 'Af 0 SALE 3850 , VICTORIA QQ 3 0 AUSTRALIA 7N. Q Q 9 W O1-LPN dm' Q . A THLETICS anther Power Brings Football Success!! The Panthers started out with a rather poor start, losing their first two games. After that, however, they came back and won all games except the last one with Dumont. The highlight of the season was beating Clarksville 9--0 at Clarksvil1e's homecom- ing. The Panthers came the closest to beating Du- mont over any school they played. At the halftime the score was 7--6 in our favor. Dumont, however, came out ahead at the end of the game with a score of 20--7. In the Janesville game, Dave Stu- kenburg's fine defensive play put us ahead. Co-Captains this year were joel Frey, Kim Dix, and Dave Muller. The season's record is as follows: PA NTHER S OPPONENT Wellsburg O 1 3 Plainf i eld 6 20 New Hartford 40 O Y Clarksville 9 0 Allison 3 2 O Parkersburg 46 14 Janesville 25 0 Dumont 7 20 ROW ONE: S. Bakker, S. Cuvelier, A. Heitland. ROW TWO: D. Eiklenborg, L. Hamlin, J. Lancelle, E. Finger, J. Schipper, R. Best, B. Goldhorn, J. Meyer, P. Frey. ROW THREE: D. Maifield, B. Kampman, M. Woolridge, M. Jans- sen, S. Barnett, S. Sessler, G. Henricks, A. Oelmann, M. Kampman, V. Hemmen. ROW FOUR: Mr. Bullock, Mr. Beacom, assistant coaches, K. Dix, D. Uhlenhopp, D. Muller, R. Everts, J. Card, G. Winterberg, J. Mennen, M. Schipper, V. Jungling, B. Kampman, M. Maifield, D. Stukenburg, D. Willis, J. Frey, R. Barnett, Mr. DeVault, Coach 44 w 'X- N P! fn .. J. w 'F' L Q? , Q A WO1'riSd 111011191115 for All-Conference Members: David Stukenburg, Roger Geiken, Randy Everts, Coach DGVHUIH David Muller, and Rick Barnett. Tension on the Panther bench. 1001 makes 3 big Sain' Don't let him get away, Rog! That Hawk isn't going far! 45 FIRST ROW: N. Luchtenburg, M. Lindaman, J. Schoeneman, M. Peters, V. Pruisner, C. Anders, K. Mennen, C. Cuvelier. SECOND ROW: Coach Ed. Schultz, C. Dohrman, P. McLaren, J. Stuhl, L. Peters, D. Neymeyer, S. Cuvelier, C. McKee, B. Groeneveld, K. Lindaman, Mrs. Burman, Chaperone, D. Harms, Assistant Coach Lester Bullock. Girls Have An Exciting Season N. Luchtenburg, M. Lindaman, J. Schoeneman, M. Peters, V. Pruisner, C. Anders, K. Mennen, C. Cuve- lier. 46 Nora tips a pass to Vicki in an exciting Conference Tournament game with Janesville. Marilyn Lindaman makes the Sectional Free-throw Cham- pion and the District Runner- up Champion. The 1968-69 edition of Pantherettes Seasonis Record finished a winning season with 15 wins and 12 losses. The girls won runner-up trophies in the APLINGTON conference and sectional tournaments. 51 52 69 48 36 31 43 41 69 37 52 53 Vicki and Marilyn make the All-conference team. 64 49 54 73 36 60 69 59 44 66 60 S2 73 38 59 47 GAME Wellsburg Plainfield New Hartford Hampton Clarksville Parkersburg Allison Dumont Janesville Dike Plainfield New Hartford Clarksville Parkersburg Allison Janesville Dumont Wellsburg CONFERENCE Janesville Parkersburg Allison SECTIONAL Fredricksburg Parkersburg Allison DISTRICT Sheffield-Chapin Hampton Parkersburg OPPONENT 40 38 43 50 31 57 85 47 51 50 44 45 41 55 66 46 55 56 64 55 62 64 48 74 69 48 67 FIRST ROW: D. Maifield, R. Haan, R. Everts, D. Uhlenhopp, D. Behrends, V. Schipper, K. Uhlenhopp SECOND ROW: J. Lindaman, V. Hemmen, L. Koppedryer, J. Mennen, M. Schipper, V. jungling, R. Geiken, R. Barnett. THIRD ROW: A. Schaap, B. Kampman, A. Meyer, R. Druvenga. Panthers End Season ith 16-5 Record Left to Right: R. Barnett, L. Koppedryer, V. Jungling, M. Schipper, R. Geiken, D. Uhlenhopp. 48 1 J The Panthers had a successful season this year combining a record of 16--5. The Panthers captured second place in the impressive 12--2 record. They also placed second in the con- ference tournament. The Panthers got to sec- tional semi-finals before being beat out by Denver. The Panthers will return a young team next year because of the loss of 5 seniors who carried the bulk of the load. Seasons record is as follows: APLINGTON 69 78 58 98 48 47 109 48 90 75 65 108 100 53 73 65 80 61 68 74 54 GAMES Plainfield New Hartford Clarksville P'burg Allison Dumont Janesville Dike Plainfield New Hartford Clarksville Janesville P'burg Dumont P'burg Allison Janesville Dumont Wellsburg New Hartford Denver OPPONENT 58 41 48 47 43 43 65 67 64 48 55 60 37 73 45 48 40 71 62 49 59 ROW ONE: C. Best, N. Bergman, K. Lindaman, M. Muller, L. Peters, J. Stahl, K. Finger. ROW TWO: C. Dohrman, Darla Harms, managers, C. Dreyer, S. Cuvelier, D. Neymeyer, C. McKee, R. Groeneveld F. Abbas, B. Groeneveld, P. McLaren, manager, Mr. Bullock, coach. Jr. Varsity Basketball ROW ONE: V. Hemmen, D. Maifield, R. Everts, J. Mennen, D. Behrends, R. Haan, V. Schipper, K. Uhlenhopp. ROW TWO: D. Eiklenborg, L. Heitland, J. Lindaman, M. Janssen, J. Dohrman, S. Cuvelier, R. Goldhorn, H. Harken, Mr. Beacom, coach. 50 Girlls Softball ROW ONE: K. Finger, P. Stubbe, J. Stahl, K. Lindaman, L. Peters, C. Cuvelier, I. Limburg, C. Anders. ROW TWO: J. Ubben, M. Lindaman, D. Harms, C. Kooi, M. Peters, K. Kooi, B. Groeneveld, C. McKee, R. Groeneveld, Mr. Schultz, coach. 1968 Boy's Baseball ROW ONE: S. Barnett, D. Uhlenhopp, D. Bode, D. Maifield, R. Haan, W. Perry, M. Poley, K. Uhlenhopp. ROW TWO: Mr. Beacom, coach, R. Barnett, D. Uhlenhopp, R. Haan, J. Hildebrand, L. Koppedryer, J. Mennen, G. Ostercamp. 51 Girls Track ne-.qw lynx 'Wig -2 I 5 as ,iq T 1 2 Q1 ' f an B ,,AE , --if . . I I gf .A i ...1 7. A ' , ig! W W .Fiqh I ,A', ,T if x':x 4 '7'e4-fm. Xl. ll! 1 ILL' W T B ,,,, M lQ gil' -. - Egg ,Tw W QM W J M -V .. hu- . . X . Q I W l Y , El r w-J N I K E , . -, 1' a a 'uf - I ' , ...M 1 rw 5' x T 3 5 'iff ' 'T ? g ff QP ' ' 5. . 1 5 ' 1, af T 1 wa. , fy ,A - ., T, T V .A . 1 kzk , K3 Y -i '.1, , . I x 1 gif- K, . V f. - - a 2. f Q-7 :fm - fx , K V Q f B N V T . , W , y I f I f. I Avjy ki VV, N 1 ' A ,. .af .. - e' X ., , , , , . . . wa- . , , , f. , . - . 1 . f ROW ONE: L. Meyer, V. Pruisner, S. Sents, C. Cuvelier, M. Lindaman. ROW TWO: D. Dix, B. Franken, R. Lindaman, D. Hanlin, M. Stockdale, L. Meyer. ROW THREE: R. Groeneveld, C. McKee, W. Kannegeiter, L Schipper, A. Lindaman, B. Dahn, K. Lindaman, K. Mennen, I. Schipper, P. Lancelle, C. Best. Relay Teams Q T A 1 X. U W ,. - 1. we ' I A 1 I 2' V ' I , . . -F 'Fw . I ' A , fudzvzgw v, ., Q ..f. 5 5 I mx XXX V. y V' . f K f N .QR I I x Y. 4 T '- af' N 1 : MIQJC. LA. ini.. I 3 ' A A ' 'Qr ' ' Q M 'TTER 'Tf Ing? it -L je .l'S,f7E.-..L'Q?1i Shutfle-Hurdle I eff W -MTW' ' 'ff -V ' lu Relay Team 1 A 'T' . 11 2 KM Rf: . K 7 I I 1 'Q V k V' 7 J lil 111, .1 B R' ' ' ., if wflll 1 - ' J J ..- 4' 19 I ky I4 ,X ,A .-F, ,Lf . r X kg: -an W . 1 'W -5 52 Long-jumpers Mile Relay Team--Darrow Uhlenhopp, Rick Barnett, Mile Medley--Roger Geiken, Dave Muller, Dean Dave Ubben, Dean Brouwer. Brouwer, Leon Koop, Robert Ostercamp, Gary Hen ricks. I l A Rick Barnett Dean Brouwer Two-Mile Relay--Darrow Uhlenhopp, Joel Frey, Pole-Vaulting 440 Gary I-Ienricks, Dean Brouwer, Alan Oelmann, Robert Ostercamp. Boys Track Kim Dix joel Frey Distance Runner Distance Runner We are sorry the boys track group picture was not available. The following boys participated in track: Leon Koop, Roger Geiken, David Muller, Rick Barnett, Kim Dix, Robert Ostercamp, joel Frey, Kevin Frey, john Hildebrand, Arlan Schaap, Darrow Uhlenhopp, Alan Oelmann, Dean Brouwer, Gary Henricks, DeWayne Behrends, Dale Kroon, Bruce Lindaman, Alan Meyer, Steve Sessler, David Willis, Randall Haan, Leslie Heitland, Marlin Kampman, Robert Kampman, Richard Bode, Verlyn Hemmen, Mike Janssen, Jesse Mennen, David Ubben, Dennis Maifield, Ronald Best, Steven Cuvelier, Paul Frey, Arthur Heitland, Randy Kannegieter, john Lancelle, Jeff Miller, Jim Schipper, Aldon Schaap, Eldon Finger, jim Meyer. Grant Lindaman and Harold Harken were man- agers. Mr. Lester Bullock was the coach with Mr. DeVault as assistant coach. 53 Cheerleaders Inspire '69 Fans! Judy Eilderts Terri Abbas Carol Kooi i' Our Panther Cheerleaders Happiness is winning the game! Substitute - - Denise Kram er 54 Kris Kooi Wanda Smeins Anne Lindaman , BF i . h,,- K f A , 9 . ...I M. , ,, fm gl 65 Q. N fa. Mfaieifa dmv, K -fffmwgtv. 'lt -1-lv kv ,. , .. e ,W ,. Junior High Football ROW ONE: W. Sents, J. Harken, G. Johnson, A. Barnett, A. Spree, B. Dix, K. Harken. ROW TWO: I. Boelman, R. Luchtenburg, D. Harken, I. Groeneveld, S. Limburg, K. Henricks, T. Van Ellen. ROW THREE: Mr. Beacom, coach, J. Patet, R. Everts, R. Thompson, K. Elliott, M. Norris, K. Uhlenhopp, K. Kannegieter, G. Hippen, D. Smeins, manager. Sheri Schipper Renee Dix LeeAnn Dohrman Janet Hemmen Barbara Green Nancy Muller Junior High Cheerleaders FRONT ROW, L-R: D. Oster-camp, J. Sents, R. Vanderwerf, D. Fekkers, B. Geiken, A. Brouwer, K. Schipper. SECOND ROW: S. Schurman, L. Meyer, T. Pruisner, B. Kromminga, R. Ter Hark, S. Stahl, S. Pauk, D. Uhlenhopp. THIRD ROW: M. DeVries, J. Olson, I. Schipper, E. Best, Coach Bohlen. Junior High Basketball Has Active Participants FRONT ROW, L-R: A. Barnett, A. Spree, D. Harken, M. Norris, B. Dix, V. Schipper. SECOND ROW: 1. Groeneveld, S. Limburg, K. Harken, D. Smeins, K. Elliott, R. Luchtenburg. THIRD ROW: C. Smeins, Coach Beacom. 56 - w w f -f , A1 NN,-f.f.f N. :b2215:,si:Q'k-'iff gg H - 1 7 K ' ff Wm K, fwzwf-t,f - 751 gffff wed, wi, W,,f+fQg Aff. - W' V. .gi Q W : KV 'g frghlggwgsf .f e - .w w-sr: :'....4 W .S 2 -may - - .w ..,.5i.:,44-A 5--5:1 V A ', ' 4, 'rr - .'f!L,ga',Q, '- ' 5 f+QQfif5f5 ,,,s -W - ' 'h Q16 A w w, ,4 ,..J,. A if: M. W, ...,, - 'fi ff I H fmvwf:-:,m., . : ,, 1 gf '-1 Ei - . . . And the new queen is Kris Kooi! ' The two queens happily embrace Queen Kristi Kooi Marilyn crowns Kris Candidate--Melinda Harken Escort- -Robert Ostercamp Homecoming Activities The 1968-1969 Homecoming Activities started with the an- nual Variety Show on Wednesday night. The night was filled with skits, vocal solos, small groups, and instrumental mu- sic. The Variety Show was climaxed by the questioning of the four queen candidates: Kris Kooi, Margaret Lindaman, Melinda Harken, Seniors, and Chris Dohrman, a junior. Friday afternoon saw a snake dance and a parade through Aplington with the students ending up at the baseball dia- mond with a bonfire and a pep rally. Friday night the Aplington Panthers played the New Hartford Hawks and trounced the Hawks 40--0. The half-time activ- ities were highlighted by the crowning of Miss Kristi Kooi as Homecoming Queen. Following the game, the dance was held in the gymnasium. The American Legend provided the music which was en- joyed by all. The 1968-1969 Homecoming Activities were then over for another year. Candi date- - Margaret Lindaman Escort- - Roger Byl 59 Candidate--Christine Dohrman Escort--Leon Koop Candidate--Margaret Lindaman Escort--Roger Byl 1 967- 1 96 8 Queen Marilyn Lindaman Escort--Arlan Schaap Here come de Panthers The American Legend played at the dance. A-C-T-I-O-N! The crowd cheered the Panthers to a victory over the Hawks of 40--O. 'LI ,K+ 'H- bl' 'JI 14 ,K n '10 L .74 j3fua'f Junior- Senior Prom 8 Banquet Friday Evening May 23, 1969 Invocation . . . Toastmaster . . Junior Welcome Senior Response Double Quartet After-dinner speech . . . Class will .... Girl's Sextet . . Class Prophecy . Program . . . Mr. Bohlen . . Dean Brouwer . . . Darrow Uhlenhopp . . .Rick Barnett . . . Love Is Blue . . Steve Sessler . . Seniors . . . My Cup Runneth Over . . . Juniors Love Is Blue Blue, blue, my world is blue, Blue is my world now I'm without you. Grey, grey, my life is grey, Cold is my heart since you went away. Red, red, my eyes are red, crying for you alone in my bed. Green, green, my jealous heart, I doubted you and now we're apart. When we met, how the bright sun shone. Then love died, now the rainbow is gone. Black, black, the nights I've known, longing for you, so lost and alone. Gone, gone the love we knew, Blue is my world now I'm without you. Science Fair On Tuesday, March 4, eighty-five projects were entered in the annual Science Fair. Some 111 students participated. Bill Tjabring, a sopho- more, won a Superior rating in the Senior Divi- sion for his project on Plant Chromatography. Excellent ratings in the Senior Division were earned by Judy Eilderts and Mona Huisinga, Richard Bode, Jesse Mennen, Julie Stephenson, and Virginia Best. Richard Bode-- Effects of Detergents on Plants Mona Huisinga and Judy Eilderts aper - - n Sensitizers X W-fi' .,, W, ,r.,. ff..-'-Q.. f S . Q il li 1 E ,. HM mn .,-- 1 Steven Cuvelier-- The Particle Accelerator '!'mf,f -in MAP, ,fs .W 4.5 P.. Min, ww, M m um ww., an ik., 'Mah fl' onpll ss L Lx, Iles! gggizgfgf- syn, i M N nmmf, as -5 ww r , A vm Umm um New .fi fm s. mm . TQKQTQ R 4 , , , ,H . ' 7 A A , Vfiik 1 H S ' Q K K A bw ,gm Ve 2 l, Y of V Vg 1 ,N 7 ku .1 Q f ' if, 'sc e 9' , f. iffy A L' ' f . 9 N ,, Fai f fi , ,L 4 X P Q I? Y 1 M. 5' Pm ' ,Al H K L. 53 A p :ms Sue Hildebrand and Lorraine Poley-- Which Soap is Really Best? In the junior Division, Steve Cuvelier, a fresh- man, won the Superior rating. His project was on the particle accelerator. Jim Boelman, Kevin Harms, Sue Hildebrand, Lorraine Poley, Lois Orr, Irma Schipper, and Sherman Limburg all won excellent ratings in the junior Divi- s1on. Congratulations to all the winners and partici- pants. jim Boelman and Kevin Harms-- Telegraphy all' TE LEGRA P lf- m,n.-!,.y1mwi,f..4f rf. ,.n....J.',l 1.. fn- n,..,,..v1 ...Ma 41.4 ,.-sf. fl ,vi ,,..r.,Wpl,,, u W, 51.7. ,fr ,M,,..,, ,W ,mmj 0 n ,Www v,...4,.,,1a,.,rf.,.,r.l,,.,.kJ,. l,.,.M.,,.m..1 ,., nt. ,,,,11,-..1'Z4,l!.: l7 m...a.f, Mm.: ...tl I,..,,n,..v,,, ,,,':,'f'u, lcv rr14vw,w,I ll,,,L'HNy 4 H nf.. ug,1,..n..,f 'L H' Mpnss Yoon: Speaker Jim Hoyt FF Banquet The annual FFA Banquet was held at the Amvet Hall on March 26. jim Hoyt, 2nd Vice-President, NE District, Iowa Assoc. FFA, was the main speaker. Gaylen Winterberg presented the FFA Sweetheart Candidates: Freshman Anne Lindaman, Sophomore Marge Peters, Junior Jolene Spree, and Senior Pat Simkins. Pam Brouwer, last year's Sweetheart, crowned Pat Simkins as the 1969 FFA Sweetheart. The Chapter Scholarship Award was presented to Aldon Schaap. The following awards were also pre- sented: Farm Forestr --Alan Meyer, Rural Electrifi- Y cation--DeWayne Behrends, Home Improvement-- LaVern Wolff, Farm Safety--David Smith, Agricul- tural Mechanics--Harold Harken, Soil and Water Conservation--Kim Dix, Dairy Farming--Calvin Abbas, Crop Farming--Alan Oelmann, Livestock Farming--Steve Sessler. Award Randy Everts--Special Swine Award Aldon Schaap--Star Greenhand Joel Frey--Star Chapter Farmer Patricia Simkins FFA Sweetheart Ro llyn Hartman- - Gre enhand Livestock Patricia Simkins Joel Frey, Escort Jolene Spree Randy Everts, Escort Marge Peters Bob Ostercamp, Escort Anne Lindaman Kenny johnson, Escort ,A ,. .. Q H f .. Ev MM ,, ... gag ' 2 -L ,yfv L A f5Ef'L f ' 3? 353 fi I ,ze .- 553535. f .- f f A - if sf if T 1 idffw f,,:5S?T2'1 . 1 will EW waiwgj 1 bi, 55 if Y :K ffgifkg :ff Zum sf uf g 1,5 5, sw if-it L . 2 ,H K, . ,5,fimki,,52,E?33.X3ggg,g,g-ggszaysakh. z f Q3 Ev 1 hm,.AA A 7h,, Lf '- f FF: ??f?:i:i'n '.., : -z-jf, ',,!,.'ai.: 7'f,,f,'.,-iw?-' f ,.',?.l:5:5j ,,,5.! g as if : L 1' ' a f- T a z ,Q gm , f , .. Eiga usd! S gsm S R A35 Q M 'Q in Q2.Q'?5453fmdi'3EQlEma?3w?fm :Rx 'Qpmig A5335 Qs Terri Abbas Steve Barnett Loren Basco DeWayne Behrends Virginia Best Dick Bode Dean Brouwer John Card Christine Dohrman Diane Eckhoff Randy Everts Karla Finger Linda Flesner Mary Franken Brenda Groeneveld Margaret Harken Darla Harms Eileen Harms Vicki Hemmen Gary Henricks Dale Kroon Jean Limburg Mary Limburg Bruce Lindaman Cinda Manifold Donovan Manifold Alan Meyer Debra Meyer Linda Meyer Mary Meyer Eldon Muller Alan Oelmann Kenneth Ostercamp Jolene Paterni Jacqueline Schoeneman Steve Sessler Carol Shoemaker Debra Smith Jolene Spree Jocelyn Ubben Darrow Uhlenhopp David Willis 1 , X S 1 SN J Ya -f -1 ..,.r'.-ru... ,gg :A ., f if ,Q 'G blur .r ' L J i t W. , gq: Q 'J Jr if , mi iisii I S N af - ' . wg A L WH S V , J Z, N U' r SE gf in ix 'Xa - ebb. L Y , . U S5 . A r -.: t rr1,, w .,, ff as 1 My H Wu gy: M x Wx usd a? F W ii Q A 4 r L3 Q 9 V J X 1 ffimff an ' r ,Q rg ,, s 55 'Pi Q if 1 Q 3 WE ii 4 452 ' KN? s 3 gf if W Lagra- ,y qr . .:1:. ffzrf xQ1?w1,1 , xi: fa i w I 51- 5: '59.- YW-f.,fif 23 E5:-'I 1215252-ii Q l 3 are f 'Ei fr S f is 5 X fi is .P M ' f ii W Q ' A XS is ,Q M . 5 1 4 A -ez . . L 4. x ., . .... , . run, . ml FQ S K . lv H A, H ,Qs , ig is Q if if J 1 i Wx S fm VK 6 Lgiqsrrxgs ig y L5 5g !?? 58 T s ,Q ri W ir ,, . f is '44 5' 1.5: P, as 1 xsg S if rg , Q 5 Q F' S .S W! ' ,W 8 '. gr-'M - 1 is as J r. , E ,W ga it 3 w .mam gs ,,,:,,5: . si ima 5 -.Q , iggg.wv2Sii51? , ml? K W 5 was ' bali--' S , 2 A ' i W , an iii ski 5? 4- M Elia W ,, Q, rm 5 4' fi is ix 1 2 I 'air r A . .. V. , X H I ggy 'ami ufiig ux-.' - !- A - L -:. are ,gf 2 X Q 5 44 ss? 8 af' ,r 3 rnyr , an mwr,w:..sr 51? i Q ni E ef J i. 2ff V 4 r gszgr gf :-sg g if lm. K J i,..- ':': :'.: LZIEZ: ii: ii l' ' Q, .I . 5. ,1:a,: j rirv fl i:'2' was .3 55122, 5 ' . V - B K, a n -Q, .s V giism'-fl: Y,-1+ 1 ' ,EW A925 ,Qs if 5 S 'Y Aw X ffl., 1 sie'-Via., .V ,--rs -,.. nf ww ,.,. sri? 3 535 -, af ., , if , Q' 35 1 -fi K 32 4 rv X My win 'V a r. M-, A.. W if q 4 was UW I if lf .4 19 V' . 2 vig:--':--' ' ii-25 21: f J 5 NH..-:',.,x53,.5'E5g - - - W- '- V . 3 iq -A - ' .V , Wir F1963 5-iwrfqii -, .wif fwf1,L,.', ii. t - films' ' ssirfi h w - 2-.::f':!',f' W :Biz-af:'iPf' ,::g,,,: :. ' jim - 51: -X i : a.'2f fms :Je ,',,::.g:-z. wr .'f.fg:::-f,.,,-wi .x,....5:.. ..-an 5 .... 1... m, k, ,155fn r 5 . Wigs -:'5: g rggwQ1,n iis fggg fs Joyce Winterberg LaVern Wolff not pictured- -Marvin Wooldridge 66 .11 52? f 5 G 2 -... lr W, , 1, , .135 1:-Ein: 'lf fi K-Lilian'-. av, r nv N xx -a K if 1 ls S rf ,. I M. .W 'lr Ti' s 'S T We rx if W WS Q'5.t,? sis, -L '- I' . 4 gf ', ..,. ' 2 if K gi IJ 5 -' dw' N 45323. A A . f - .if U v ' . 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' L Q :A'A f, x allow' .L 67 Calvin Abbas Nancy Bergman Carol Best Larry Belhuis Marilyn Boomgarden Barbara Dahn Dinah Dix Rita Druvenga Dennis Eiklenborg Rhonda Groeneveld Randall Haan Harold Harken Leslie Heitland Verlyn Hemmen Shirlee Huisinga Mike Janssen Kenneth Johnson Marlin Kampman Robert Kampman Wava Kamiegieter Kevin Kromminga Gerald Lindaman Grant Lindaman Karen Lindaman Ramona Lindaman Nora Luchtenburg Cathie Lursen Dennis Maifield Patricia McLaron Keith Meester Jesse Mennen Kathie Mennen Leon Meyer Nancy Meyer Marjorie Peters Irene Schipper Vernon Schipper Marilyn Sessler David Smith Bill Tjabring David Ubben Keith Uhlenhopp Beverly Abbas Connie Anders Steven Bakker Ronald Best Patricia Bettenga Mary Boelman Steven Cuvelier Susan Cuvelier Connie Dreyer Ronald Druvenga Dennis Eckhoff Verdell Everts Eldon Finger Betty Franken Debbie Frey Paul Frey Bob Goldhorn Shirley Haan Vicki Haan Rollyn Hartman Arthur Heitland Glenda Hemmen Charlene Jtmgling Carolyn Kampm an Randy Kannegieter Carol Kooi Carol Koppedryer Denise Kramer Kelly Kramer john Lancelle Paula Lancelle Linda Langland Julie Limburg Anne Lindaman Cindy McKee Debra Mead Jim Meyer Jeff Miller Marcella Muller Dorothea Neymeyer Ryan Neymeyer Louise Peters Aldon Schaap jim Schipper Linda Schipper Curtis Schurman Dwanna Sents Wanda Smiens Rodney Spree Janeen Stahl Mary Stockdale Pam Stubbe Steve Uhlenhopp Wava Wessels Jn ' 1 '4- r Q 1 L , , 5 . 4 . , S at W , .sl M A 9 . l.f:r:'l4ia is s Q - Y - . - -rfgffg if f . A I 'Z ,g .af kv ., 'N K 4 . .i .- va' ' ma, ' . -3 .tg if wg . -' . GL '. 1. V ,fb A f qi - ....,,, , mf, ' in ff 37 f kr 5 . m -1 ' Ju., ah, WLM 'W' xx 4 455153 'Yu sf Ig 'K K 113, Q f-4 ! 3 at 'U W ,s Q. r . . L Y, 'i'- a W, A :iff F K: .- Z ...I rr- . ami' '31- mf 1' 4 5' , , D .5 2 3,5 K K r X 2 X sg , , . ixmx ZW L ,,,V Jn. A ? ,Si 'Nab'-' ' 5' W , L ' A ya' 19 im A .fy , ff- ,235 ,. lsr , Hari? A A- -'T Y ',:4f:f.I' 2555 if V f'E!5 '. -E '21, fi 1 N ' 'B 2' as 68 fm ,. ,Q ww if fv- if 4 --:ai -E -' ' C' if- 'U ' We if ik P' 'ug A . , Q . :ls cm NE , gym 2 Y M T an A nr sit is , as 3 X si Y 1, M1 'Y A, ef 3, 'X Q .' k. .s if ,yu In ,,. r ,AKA3 , K if . at 5 . P E ' 1, 'Kb 0 5. gi' L T fs 'wr 9' ui , , 5 . may . in . e-i: A s E qi Y W U 'QsFrf.g,i,v s Fa if si Q - 'L 1. f, W it -- I wh! J y -'N A QQ 4: , if wi 5: . L ' ' is Q fzlg gkm ,T X 5 1325 PM . - ..-.1-1 --. ' 1 if +3,'li' -xi' w.'q,. iI -was X 'K . Wx ,,.,.Q,' or L S f , ' 1,5 1',.A1 ' I f -- .,,, ,Mfg . ,Q . ,V , 4, : . ,3 ,,.. ,i,, ., . 5 5 My N S S l,gb ' - -- V' :' i' f : F r 'ff ' ' ':f' f'-A L 'L f ' ,, V L was ' if W f . sa u i f - . W i 2gf5'U' - 1 - r Vkw f . f' ' m cgf? if , .,. L V , ' 'f 'Q 3 W? '2 2 .Q ilff V Mm QL xl a V' . R -V ,iii 8,71 v' . L ' ' ne 4 A. ':,. -: nf W ELS ,- L L l m. r 'WL l:i: : 'z- . ky 'Lx , ,A it rey 0 -R A - ,Q '- :H AA - ' ,,,. 3 15, .L ' 7 A ff' 1 it ,W .J , 1 .Min I ,. A fax 5 ' R .. L,,, ' -2 454 ... qw, 1 ' . .- on Xu- :.,, ,. . -,. ' .. 'V s . il' L, V' V -, ,:f,: ,Q A, y I A,k 1, ,.,, Q r ., V s I 6 -I ' K Q 5 :3 , I if SP . k ,IV ua - ,Q in A . -Q X 5 pl- . y- VV ,-T' N-- fi L 4 ., V U m ,.., .Q 1 wa .A 1 if at -M, ,Q 1- -. or -M l,' ' 'rf , AQQQJ3 -' 'V :5 B L B ,L L 4 w ig kr ,Q ,.v.,,L: -'A if u we he .J L L rei - K ' ws . f'v, :ff ' . ' . B Z ' A2 . Q 69 Rhonda Abbas Barbara Bettenga Marvin Bierman Ardel Brouwer Marilyn DeVries Brett Dix Lee Ann Dohrman Linda Dreesrnan Robert Everts Virgil Haan Sue Hildebrand Kenneth Henricks Connie Lursen David Maifield Scott Miller Mike Norris Diane Ostercamp Keith Oelmann Sheila Rewerts Kathy Schipper Sheri Schipper Wendall Sents Allan Spree Ricky Thompson Rhonda VanderWerf Randall Vietor Randy Eckhoff Kelly Elliott Lee Ann Everts Debbie Fekkers Barbara Green Brenda Geiken Delmar Harken Jack Harken Dennis Harms Janet Hemmen Kathy I-Iempen Rhonda Hook Glenn Johnson Patience Karsjens Sherman Linburg Carol Lursen Lyle Meyer Randy Meyer Nancy Muller Lois Orr Shirley Pauk Lorraine Poley Irma Schipper Judy Sents C1.u'tis Smith Kenneth Uhlenhopp Tom Van Ellen Mitzi Aalderks Joyce Abbas Andy Barnett Eileen Best Gordon Druvenga Vicki Duhn Ivan Groeneveld Virginia Haan Kelly Harken Sheila Johnson Russell Jungling Belinda Kromminga June Lindamen Ron Luchtenburg Jolene Miller Jeffrey Patet Terry Schipper Sally Schurman Craig Smeins Rhonda Ter Hark Steven Thompson Jim Boelman Ranee Dix Cynthia Eiklenborg Galen Harken Kevin Harms Sharon Hildebrand Galen Hippen Wesley I-luisinga Darwin Janssen Kerry Kannegieter Kimberly Kramer Janet Langland David Meyer LaVonne Meyer Terri Sue Pruisner Terry Ridder Verlyn Schipper Doyle Smiens Sharla Stahl Denise Uhlenhopp Keith Van Dyk lm 4 . rr ,rwwaa 2.- 2 R, We 5 L I.. .,.,, , .:Z:..,:: QS 3' W -I , -fu pg ' ri argl i Mi A lj Rf' W J! f .J XM S 'lU', 'Q Y' H sr Qi if mr x sf L0 Gila wr Ng, 'Q -+ TY . ,, . -1 - ff: ,M .: ... -: - -.: 4 1 g. , , ,.:-M1-r r e J , if f l fig 'Q .- ,fs A -'-- 2 4 MJ? ggi? W 736 : 'Z W gf gif W 'H + L ik 9' Mg is xi, g , aff ,-ez' V- V fiezf , 'S 5 WB X x , mgglgg. ,W V LJAS in 499 'W J 'Hn r ' j 3 W 70 Janice Willeke 1 3 Not Pictured: Allen Eckhoff George Ann Hanlin .. L3 -1. - I : w i , x X mv? :A 45 25? if gk 1 . 5 K ' ik ,AX x X E ,ff A X ' 3 , am p K k ' 3+ M 1 .. .f . VN A .L :L f' bf w fir .QA A ' ,. . -'V iffgykfifwi-4'Y'fgwu,yH 5 -.. g,-'fy31,.1-- ,, f e' I 1 i f + A giggfggffj 7 fe: :gif ,X A fs., 5 . .. . .- 'sexy --'- : H Q1 L 1 5 5 A, 5 55, - , m f .V :Q:2K,,, ,., - Li i f , I 31g,5,e,:i- j,g. ,,.5 51 ,' 1 5 A - - ,.,, - -. .' I ',.'.fi.-F 'ff' 'i m 5' 5 31- .- im' Aff? :-4 7' '. 'f':!, 1-: ' .sf - '1?f-If-'2 - '-421' ' , ' ' F 5 '- mm, , ,. ,, ':,..,M Q 1:mm:.W- -QM - Gary Berman Alan Bode Joy Dix Bobbette Fekkers Brian Frey Dale Finger Norma Henricks Randy Huisinga Kevin Klooster Jolene Meyer Ilene Neymeyer Pauline Paterni Ruth Reinicke Karla Schipper Keith Schipper Cindy Schultz Denise Sents Dennis Sessler Barbara Voogd Rodney Wessels Connie Abbas Gary Bolhuis Scott Diekman Brian Eilers Gail Everts Randy Druvenga Wayne Green Joyce Hartman Brenda Johnson Donald Kampman Jolene Muller Vicki Orr Brenda Pruisner Steven Pruisner Anita Schipper Connie Schurman Allen Sessler Paul Stubbe Susan Stockdale Kevin Winterberg Mrs. Flessa Mrs. Bohemann 3 1 I ' Q' 'ZW sg? , sg' r i- ,- . P. 'xi 1 1 li W., . is M nxlqy E K ,E ,.,, T J gin ' .. 3 f 4 Q , Ta, .4 R 1. 1- .- .2 ... LA x if ,wi . .ff WM if 'Q , .,A 2 . Q 1 qw? , W, 1- . N . , sIn rl V x , S 25 . ,sw .fn 535 ' if M M rs' A 6 ' K IZ ,ff is 1 5 XX Km W 955, 1 Y. A 5 , 'Qi .' - ..r- My .. ww x Q' we 'W 1 W . .Nt Q, Y as Rtqulks s W s s , ,gh rr , -Wm - Wa Y ,.:i. ' ', ri 5 Ni J Qs.. lx ,xg A xx 5 4' JW' S 1 , WRX -in as . Q. gin . ,as ff , , -V , wi ,, W, ffaaf wi? 1, '55 , :' - J iIigfr :' in ' sl.. ' A y 9 , SQ., :Q : ' 2 .,J, 5?'?fF55ff' L-.ff film... - 5e535' f- h'- 4 5 .1 . -Q1 ' '- Y sr ' ' 1.- fi - - A .ff . .Tw Qfgfffi A ' i ' J - 'L mg., V A . ., i. . -1 . mmf V fg f fi, .. .. .. . 'U'-:'f'. , .ME : f 'a gfazi V' v'fQf'i ff, sn sw, - Q '5:f?rf9sL '- w i- 12 'fi 'MM 1' .:.- JT' 2: K . , ,X ft ml ll K Y , ci S if 'EIB' if NX , . Q. 10 1. -N 95. s JH 5 434, 'M v.? 'v 4 Q C 'ara X 2 A r ,. ,f .. . A 'X .- 'M ' 'I if 'A s - f ,I 4 wr me g!f'giP' sm . .... ,. X 4 .rpg L fx sl Sa. , . xl 4 5 aug' 'mu W in 5 ,ft s .. hi ' Q i .X ,R ,E K, K. 'T as 5' '- Wi 1 MQW . v.::0'- , 42- ,. J V X 1-. .,,, gr Jawa' Q 51- fi! K in Ska, ' X Q ,. 4 M fr, ,L., fn ww. -' , .rr Q 5 r 'V Q,- r , a :x- : 1 gil , -s 1 .-. ,m i l , vs Q M - if 'X Marlyn Abbas Geniece Bierman Lynn Boekhoff Gregory Carolus Janice Eckhoff Lorrie Everts Kimberly Freeseman Trent Gerdes Michael Green Nancy Hartema Gary Hippen Lyle Huisinga Larry Janssen Manelva Johnson Pam Kannegieter Rickey Klahsen Marcia Koppedryer Leland Meyer Lori Miller Jean Neymeyer Cindy Schipper Rhonda Schipper Tommy Schoeneman Linda Sessler Debbie Ter Hark Randy Uhlenhopp Karla Wessels Wade Bertram Larry Bohlen Elaine Brouwer Bryan Bryant Michael Eiklenborg Lorie Elliott Lorie Finger Danae Harms Norman Henricks Mary Johnson Douglas Johnson Dennis Jungling Prentice Karsjens Shelley Kolthoff Gary Koppedryer Gwen Lupkes Julie Mead Jacky Ridder Lu Ann Schipper Vickie Schipper Jacob Sego Keith Stahl Cynthia Stockdale Clint Uhlenhopp Lee Ann Uhlenhopp Gary Wolff Mrs. Burman Darla Abbas Sheila Best jack Boelman Lynet Eilers Kevin Halstead james Harken Sharon Harken Elaine Johnson Leon Johnson Melvin Kuhens Allan Lupkes Cindy Lursen Melaine Maifield James Miller Randy Muller Michelle Ratering Keith Stockdale Steven Stockdale Jimmy Scourick Kent Winterberg Kathy Wooldridge Rhonda Barnett Paul Card Janet Eilderts Dixie Eltjes Glenda Green Allen Haan Karen Hempen Leland Hook Deanne Janssen Jim Kannegieter Brenda Lindaman Dan Miller Mike Miller Brent Neymeyer Stanley Rewerts JoLyn Schipper Kathy Schipper Steven Schipper Rodney Sents Karen Smith jon Voogd M if N my M In 4 is-.S S ' S ' 151. 'X U fa .mf V, 1. LV,, W , 4 ,.j:. 7 fn .ilu -:Ig an A :LQIY , .. i , V' L, irgxf uzul ,iv K - . 'H -V - . 7 X . A 2 Q at ' ' .M . K ,A , In 4 ,Y 4 ' ix' ,,., li , K Q - '- Yr. ' D Q' f ' fl 1 + ig -' Q, , ' ' 4 4 'N A ..r. rn? y ,L , K nv - ., ..,, . , A in sn. K as N x 1- .1 ' RW . , .: 4? - . . ai R K r E 'Ii 'va xt, ' Mrs. O'Brien yeast , Mrs. Hearn l . Q 3 .-k: We-zmfy xx 'filwgrryvf 74 not pictured--Randall Hanson 0' Q 94 L gg. Q 1 Q.. fs :., Qi . 8 , 2 qmmmmz '51 zilis wm ,,-E: :J-:xii A. 3 rl army N ass- . it a Q f an . X, 'N L o r -N .. lr-, f K is I .ii I I i a. , :Af mfg . ,. Y ' N Viz. im f Eiriiim 'PK' as r g A ,-if J .. '-' -:-.gf , 'W 1 1,51 fil m T r ,fa -K 'f Z :-sg 5 3 , ff - . 3, rm, im --r VH, ' : gf - v A r i 7.59.94 WL :V F ' fill' ile 1 'rimlii 1'-P Qi'. if sf' -fi A a- rf ,,, j':j. ' -A , h' ' f ' ' x .L-:Q .. , X if ' Q. :E in -.. 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H 'q 9. www 5 Nancy Au.kes Judy Bierman Eric Frey Lisa Frey Danny Gonnerman Margaret Green Alan Haats David Harms Janice Harms Patricia I-laugstad Melinda Hippen Teresa Klahsen Delwyn Kromminga Cathy Lindaman Julie Meyer Jerry Orr Kaylene Patemi Randall Peters Camila Ratering Jeff Renken Brent Ridder Evelyn Roske Lester Schipper Randy Schipper Kent Stahl Kathy Bakker Ronda Bryant Joni Diekman Jolene Eiklenborg Vincent Haan Randall Harken Lanita Hemmen Darwin Johnson Jane Kannegieter Michael Klahsen Linda Kroon Lori Maifield Shelley Oldenburger Danny Payzant David Peters Marlene Poley Wesley Renken Carolyn Schipper Kevin Schipper Jay Scourick Annette Smeins Jodie Sneve Darla Uhlenhopp Wendy Bertram Rodney Carolus Arvin Druvenga Sandra Duhn Teresa Eilers Dorieca Eltjes Allen F roning Kent Halstead Stephen Haugstad Dale johnson Janele Johnson Dedra Kolthoff Kayleen Kuhens Ricky Meester Cindy Muller Randy Murra Wesley Peters Brent Schipper Carol Uhlenhopp Mike Weishaar Brenda Winterberg Randy Aalderks Gregory Abbas Dalon DeBoer - J. 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DeBoer Phone 347-2814 R 81 V CAFE Aplington Phone 347-2495 MEHMEN'S FEED 81 SUPPLY Supersweet and Rath's Aplington Phone 347- 2831 VILLAGE MOTEL Aplington, Iowa On U .S . Highway 20 Mr. Sz Mrs. john Cuvelier KANNEGIETER MFG . AND REPAIR Phone 347 -6169 Kesley, Iowa KESLEY LUMBER YARD Kesley, Iowa Phone 347-6144 KESLEY WELDING SHOP Art Buseman Kesley, Iowa Phone 347 -6282 CHUCKS FOOD MKT . Groceries--Dry Goods Golden Sun Feeds Kesley Ph. 347-6268 KESLEY OFFICE IOWA STATE BANK Phone 347-6229 KESLEY HARDWARE Kesley, Iowa Ben and jim Phone 347-6156 KESLEY CREAMERY Kesley, Iowa Phone 347 -6 104 RICKSMEIER JEWELRY Jewelry and Gifts Ackley, Iowa KUPER SHOES AND SERVICE New Shoes Men, Boys, Womens and Girls Ackley, Iowa IBELING INSURANCE SERVICE 81 REALTY Main St., Ackley, Ia. Phone 847-2161 REINT 'S BARBER SI-IOP Hours 8--5:30 Saturday 8--9:00 Ackley, Iowa MERSHON'S STORE Gifts - -Notions - -Dry Goods Ackley, Iowa Phone 847-3348 KAMPE'S LOUNGE Fine Foods Ackley, Iowa 847-3369 ACKLEY MOTOR AND IMPL. International Farm Equipment Pontiac Cars WEBER MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet- -Oldsmobile Allis -Chalmers- -New Idea Ackley, Iowa 847-2558 SAILER FORD Ford Cars- -Trucks Philco Appliances Ackley, Iowa ROEGNER PAINT Ackley, Iowa Pittsburgh Paints Custom Made Draperies RON'S BARBER SHOP Ackley, Iowa SMITH ELECTRIC Sz TV Parkersburg, Iowa WAUKIE 'S CLEANERS Best for Less Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 2031 FROEMMING JEWELRY AND GIFTS Parkersburg, Iowa HAZEL'S VARIETY Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 5643 KYHL CH EV RO LET - -BUICK Thirty-Three Years of Service Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 2611 jEAN'S FLOWERS Beautiful Flowers for All Occasions 504 Coates Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 4924 VAN EMAN, MULDER KLINKENBORG, ROLFS Parkersburg, Iowa FABER Si INGALLS INSURANCE AGENCY INC . JOHN E. 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We Buy Eggs CARRUTHERS 347-2916 Aplington Manifold Tankwagon Chiropractor 847-2938 Ackley Service Ack1ey,Iowa DICK WESSELS Farmers Hybrids Hogs Phone 347-2840 LURSEN REALTY Kesley, Iowa 347-6261 Frederick D. Lursen Autographs Q7

Suggestions in the Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) collection:

Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 43

1969, pg 43

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Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 40

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