Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA)

 - Class of 1968

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Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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,Z 4 . fgggiif- 'Q " W V , 4 f if? asf: S ffl 1 Q WE ggi X af 5522121215 ig A L, , Q gzli ,. ,j 1 f - ujgyfx LQ mmmwmzvwgw ' uf ff 2 I , .iii ',,. - , 5, f' wr ,Ig K 'ki , V W , 1 , WM .. ,',., ' v ff" Dedication Thirteen years ago Virginia Perry and the seniors joined the Aplington School. Her enthusiastic and efficient service have effected a Well-organized school. It is with deep appreciation that we dedicate our annual to Mrs. Perry. I Have Built Me a Monument More Lasting Than Bronze" THE PANTHER Aplington Community School I967 - I968 W 1 in L v if Iffs' Q 1 Graduation I968 Class Motto: "Today we follow, tomorrow we leadf' Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Royal Blue and White Valedictorian Delores Borneman President: Wayne Perry Vice-President: Randy Lindaman Secretary: Alan Ostercamp Treasurer: Paulette Neymeyer , 6 tr.: ,-,,,f,a rlrrs ,t5i- ift -a-iff 9- is Citizenship Award Gary Ostercamp Salutatorian Nancy McLaren Pastor of the First Reformed Ch Rev. William Kroon spoke at the lington Community High School calaureate Services on May 26, 1968 Mr. Karl E. Kiilosholm, State R sentative of Kossuth County, deli' the Commencement address on We day, May 29, 1968. Senior Hall of Fame MOST POPULAR David Miller and Diane Rykena MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Darwin Uhlenhopp and Delores Borneman BEST DRESSED Noel Oldenburger and Becky Reinicke MOST WITTY Tod Ubben and Donna Abbas l , J s Ronald Aalderks "Ron', F.F.A., Dramatics, Vocal Music Bruce Bassler Class Officer, Band, Dramatics Norleen Dee Avery "Nor" Track, Basketball, Softball, Pan- ther's Tale Staff, Student Council, A.F.S. Donna Abbas Panther's Tale Staff, Annual Vocal Music Linda Behrends Vocal Music, Pantheris Tale Staff Ray Boekoff Mew Delores Borneman Librarian, Class Officer, Student Council, National Honor Society, Vocal Music Accompanist, Annual Staff, Softball Pamela Brouwer Pam Track, Basketball, Annual Staff, Vo- cal Music, Student Council, Honor Society, A.F.S., Dramatics Clarence Brouwer "Steve" Kenton Capron "Kenny" k Basketball,Annual Staff, Dra- Track, Basketball, Football, Annual Staff, F.F.A., French Club, Baseball Teresa Jane Cuvelier Basketball, Panther's Tale Staff, An- nual Staff, Vocal Music, Cheer- leader, Dramatics Nancy Karen Druvenga "D.D." Basketball, Pantherls Tale Staff, An- nual Staff, Cheerleader, Student Council Martha Sue Dreyer Annual Editor, Dramatics, Basket- ball, Class Officer, Vocal Music, Band, A.F.S. Belva Lea Doescher Class Officer, Basketball, Staff, Vocal Music, Dramatics Marlene Eiklenborg Panther's Tale Staff, Annual Vocal Music, French Club Fae Everts Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Music, Band, Cheerleader, Faye Kampman Music, Dramatics 's Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Russell Haan "Russ" Track, Basketball, Football, Base- ball Verna June Franken "June Bug" Annual Staff, Panther's Tale Staff, Vocal Music, Dramatics Curtis Ray Kannegieter "Curt" Basketball, Football, Band, Student Council, F.F.A. Marcia Elaine Kooker Randall Lindaman Track, Basketball, Panther's Tale Class Officer, Vocal Music Staff, Annual Staff, Vocal Music, ' Band Nancy Jo McC1aren Class Officer, Basketball, Annual Staff, Vocal Music, Student Coun- cil, Honor Society, A.F.S., Dramat- ics David Lee Miller Wa ne Me er Y Y Baseball, Basketball, Track, Foot Track, F.F.A., Dramatics ball, Panther,s Tale Douglas Miller "Marcus,' Staff, Vocal Music, French Dramatics Collin Ocheltree Officer, Track, Football, An- Staff, F.F.A. Paulette Neymeyer f'Putz', Class Officer, Basketball, Panther's Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Vocal Music, A.F.S., Dramatics Ramona Jane Muller "Monie,' Dramatics, Pantheris Tale Staff Ed- itor, Vocal Music, Cheerleader, Honor Society, French Club Noel Dean Oldenburger "Super,' Track, Basketball, F.F.A. Alan Ostercamp Class Officer, Basketball, Football, Band, Student Council, F.F.A., Baseball Gerald Dean Peters Class Officer, Football, Annual Staff, Dramatics Wayne Russell Perry Baseball, Student Council, Band, Vocal Music, Annual Staff, Pan- ther's Tale Staff, Football, Basket- ball, Track, Class Officer 'WN Gary Ostercamp rack, Football, Baseball Myron Earnest Poley Annual Editor, Track, Baseball Diane Faye Rykena Dramatics, Cheerleader, Vocal Mus ic, Annual Staff, Softball, Basket- ball, Track Carol Ann Schipper Pantherls Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Vocal Music v eg Schippef Him" Deborah Jo Schurman "Deb' ck, Basketball, Football, Annual Basketball, Cheerleader, AHHU211 ff, Dramaticg Staff, Vocal Music, Band, Dramat- ics, Honor Society Stanley Dean Shoemaker Basketball, Football ,-iq, nm John Smith F.F.A., Vocal Music, Dramatics Hal Dean Stahl "BeeF' Basketball, Football, Track, Annual Staff, Vocal Music, Student Coun- cil, Dramatics F mf! Larry Dean Stubbe Alan Stockdale Track, Basketball, Football, Track, Basketball, Football, Annual Staff Vocal Music FIFDA. Staff, Vocal Music, F.F.A., Dramat- ics, Baseball Ubben "Toad" Baseball James Wolff "Dave Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Music, F.F.A. as Joyce Faye Van Dyk Track, Basketball, Softball, Pan- ther's Tale Staff, Annual Staff, Vo- cal Music, A.F.S. Darwin Uhlenhopp Class Officer, Track, Football, An- nual Staff, Band, Student Council, Honor Society, F.F.A., Baseball Kuniko Yoshida Softball, Annual Staff, Vocal Mus- ic, Student Council, A.F.S., French Club, Dramatics Class Will We, the Senior Class, will our good behavior on the Senior Trip to the Junior Class. Lots of Luck! I, Alan Stockdale, will my large mouth to Charlotte Mennen. Keep the jaws moving. I, Pam Brouwer, will my graceful walk to Inez Schipper, Slink! I, Stan Shoemaker, will my bicycle to Bernita Vanderwerf. Keep it in the neighborhood. We, Bruce Bassler and Gary Ostercamp, will our guitars to Paulette Muller and JoAnn Eiklenborg. Maybe you an get a band started. I, Norleen Avery, will my ability to stay in sports for one year to Marilyn Lindaman. Take Care! We, Debbie Schurman, Belva Doescher, Mark Miller, and Alan Stockdale will our ability to get along with Mr. Kidder to Margaret Lindaman, Cinda Wessels, and Marcia Hook. x I, Paulette Neymeyer, will my blushing ability to Clarice Poley. Watch the curtains! We, Becky Reinicke and Joyce Van Dyk, will our many trips to Ackley to Vicki Pruisner. I, Alan Ostercamp, will my change in personality to Joel F rey. Hope it comes soon! I, Tod Ubben, will my many trips to New Hartford to Joyce Heitland. Don't get run out of town. I, Darwin Uhlenhopp, will my curly hair to Paulette Muller. We, June Franken and Marlene Eiklenborg will our diamonds to Joyce Dekker and Sondra Sents. Now you won't have to look around. I, Wayne Meyer, will my driving skill to Gaylen Winterberg. Don't blow up any more engines. We, Wayne Perry and Hal Stahl, will our poetry to Mr. Hultman. Hope you enjoy it. I, Ken Capron, will my ability to get along with all people to Mr. Williams. I, Ron Aalderks, will my height to Rick Barnett. Now you can really play basketball. I, Dave Miller, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Russell Willeke. I, Noel Oldenburger, will my 3- 16 plow to Mr. Williams. Now am I excused from school? I, Mervin Boekoff, will my pocket mirror to Craig Henricks. It will save trips to the restroom. I, Curt Kannegieter, will my girl chasing to Merle Schipper, Now you donlt have to sing "Judy in Disguise." I, Nancy Druvenga, will my ability to stay home all the time to Glenda Hippen. K I, Larry Stubbe, alias 'iSteer", will my boxing gloves to Kim Dix and Larry Koppedryer. Now you can have more enjoy- able times at the football field. I, Jim Schipper, will my one day success in track to John Hildebrand. Now all you have to do is learn how to run. I, Belva Doescher, will my ability to have a quiet neighborly party to Kris Kooi. Martha Dreyer, will my psychiatric ability to Chris Timmer. Since you know everyones, problems, now you can help them. elores Borneman, will my 4.00 average to Marty Maifield. I, Nancy McLaren, also will my 4.00 average to Marty Maifield. What more do you want? ebbie Schurman, will my dancing ability to Karen Meyer. iane Rykena, will my softball playing ability to Mr. Kidder. Practice makes perfect. al Stahl, will my reign as "Champ" to Vern Jungling. Donlt let us down. arcia Kooker, will my red hair to Mr. Taylor. lt seems you need a little extra. onna Abbas, will my position as Wittiest in the Senior Class to Pat Simkins. Keep them laughing. Linda Behrends, will my ability to sew to Janet Oelman. Be sure you get your project done on time. e, Debbie Schurman, Becky Reinicke, and Mark Miller, will our l's at State Speech Contest to Clareen Best, Colette Cuvelier and Melinda Harken. Good luck in your Senior year. e, Pam Brouwer and Norleen Avery, will our running ability in track to Laureen Meyer. Kuniko Yoshida, will my shyness to Roger Byl. Randy Lindaman, will my rabbit's foot to Roger Geiken. Good luck next year. John Smith, will my four cylinder engine to Mr. Bullock. Now you will have a V-8. Carol Schipper, will my loud laughter to Mona Huisinga. Pauletta Kampman, will my quietness to Barb Ayers. Steve Brouwer, will my candid camera to Dave Stukenberg. Watch those pipes. Jeanne Everts, will my dimples to Sharon Schipper. Smile, you're on candid dimples. Russ Haan, will my many hours of cleaning the locker rooms to Bill Kampman and Arlan Schaap. Miss Pops of 1968, alias Nancy Bang-Bang Druvenga, will my position to Judy Eilderts. Watch the balloons. e, the Senior Class, will our left over money to Mr. Hultman for a new thermos bottle and a year's supply of coffee. Teresa Cuvelier, will my ability to stick to one man to Cinda Wessels. Ramona Muller, will my singing ability to Marcia Hook. Dave Wolff, will my ability with women to Mr. McCoid. Watch those drive-ins. Gerald Peters, will my ability to play the field' to Dave Muller. Collin Ocheltree, will my bug to Kevin Frey. See if you can keep it running. Gary Ostercamp, will my ability to be the last one in class to Bob Ostercamp. Keep it in the family. Mark Miller, will my ability in speech to Leon Koop. Talk it up. Class Prophecy 1978-ANNOUNCING THE GRAND OPENING OF BELVA'S PLAYHOUSE. It is sure to become one of the mai tractions in the metropolis of Buck Grove. Belva is busily trying to decide what color of hair she wants for the Grand Op ing. The Chief of Police, namely Russell Haan, has arrived to keep the minors away from the opening party. A flashy limousine with chauffeur Dave Wolff has come from the eastern states. In the limousine are Professor Todd ben, who won a mathematics scholarship from Harvard, and Wayne Perry. Perry formed a Van,s Royal Blue Store in Balti more, Maryland? They are greeted at the door by Ron Aalderks, who is employed by Belva as a bouncer. Whoops! Whoj tripped out the door? It's none other than Delores Borneman, the director of the Leonard Bernstein Orchestra. Can't you her tripping over the podium? Next to leave the car are Collin Ocheltree, the noted scientist, and Noel Oldenburger, the g expert on X-rays. They have brought along their latest creation, the X-ray glasses. They are planning to pass them out to audience to liven things up if things get too boring. The last of the Easterners is Linda Behrends, who is now modeling th latest New York Fashions designed by Pam Brouwer. It seems the "young look? has gone from one extreme to the other the last ten years. Now our attention is directed to a plane landing in the cornfield. As the door opens we see a familiar looking person w ing down the steps. It's Martha Dreyer with her staff from the home for lost souls in Austria. After Martha is Donna Abb who has taken Dear Abby's place in all the newspapers. 4'Dear Abbas" helps her former classmates by referring customers Marthais in Austria. Nancy Jo McClaren, Miss Dreyer's able assistant, and Pauletta Kampman, her secretary, make up the of the staff. The last two passengers on the plane come from the deep jungles of Africa. They are none other than the members oft famous Gary and Alan Ostercamp Gospel Team. All of these foreign visitors are picked up and taken to the Playhouse by Shoemaker, now a captain in the Air Force. He took over his mother's bus route just to help out the transportation probl Seeing the plane land, the citizens of Buck Grove come flocking to greet the visitors. The first to arrive are Randy an ane Lindaman, owners of Rabbitis Rabbit Farm. Other farmers in the area include Beef Stahl, who is the father of ten littl "porkers," and Teresa Everts, who owns a coon hound farm. Nancy Druvenga, famous flat-proof unflatable tire saleswom and Mark Miller and Ramona Muller, Buck Grove's distinguished actor and actress, come to complain that Teresa's hound keep them awake all night. Norleen Willis and Marlene Wygle are two of Buck Grove's busy mothers. Marlene finally had to resort to a school hous as a home for all her kids. Norleen is a recreation director on a playground. June Bakker can also be found nearby. She fin ly got settled after being moved by the Air Force for so long. Jeanne Brown's kids are hollering as loud as she did when sh was a former AHS cheerleader. Now she cheers the Buck Grove married couples on! The party is about to begin. Word has just been received from Japan that Kuniko Yoshida can't make it because she is s busy with her sales of American radios. The entertainment has begun, and to start the evening out we have a wrestling mat with Carol Schipper beating the tar out of Joyce Van Dyk. Dave "Sy" Miller can be seen on the sidelines coaching Carol o a victory while Marcia Kooker, Joyceis coach, is becoming frantic. By the way, Marcia has recently been named captain of world famous All-Amreican Red Head's Basketball team. I wonder why?? In the audience we can hear a discussion going on about hair. Darwin Uhlenhopp is talking about the big business "Cur Free' is having. He has found out it really works! Wayne Meyer and Paulette Neymeyer have traded hair styles during the past ten years. Wayne has finally gotten his hair grown long enough by appearing in so many plays. Marvin Boekhoff hasj reached the world's record of one million strokes through his golden hair. His reward is a gold plated comb. Listen carefully and you can hear Bruce Bassler startling everyone with a bass drum solo. All of a sudden he steps up th tempo as Becky Reinicke dances through in her grass skirt. Suddenly she shrieks! Myron Poley is chasing her with a lawn mower. This incident even catches the attention of Steve Brouwer, who is stuck in the Playhouse phone booth thumbing through his little black book. Debbie Schurman is now the center of attention. Zip is in super demand as a dancer. The roar of motorcycles drowns out the sound of the ever beating bass drum. John Smith crashes into the Playhouse, fo lowed by the rest of his gang. Curt Kannegieter heads for the chandelier and starts swinging like Tarzan. Gerald Peters hunt for a cradle to rob, Larry Stubbe's hair got in his eyes, and he stubbed his toe as he entered the Playhouse, and Kenny Cap knew exactly where to find the refreshments. Last of all comes Jim Schipper. Jim picks a fight with Alan Stockdale, but in the meantime knocks over the flea cage. I guess we won't get to see Alan's flea act anymore since everyone leaves the crash party itching like crazy because of Alan's fleas. an 'FQZK A , Wpdwwu 4 ,f--.,Qs Mm fafu"'nMw mw-wwf . .'f2m1H1 1HxwfQy'A' G ffwugygu fy ' Y., ww, ,W x,31 MA, H ,ukmm mxMH, ZW w WaiwKflw V iff ,Y V 25 f N-nf in-nv 5-fig w.a H- -a s- S1 'lun 2: s. fwmgl xv M my .,, ,rr,,afwa1.w, .-', - fr ff rrywgwrw.,H,-Wvz,,' 1 wt ',,,,w,rsffw my I ,?'Qt?i11':i1' 5: v2122Qx1f,'f f , Na K2 ff? jf lv Z ,K :',+ ,,1-Y K7 HXJQH Ai .Z fr Y 'rf W , is 5 ga VW ,A L rv f Q W , rs? , 2 f Q S wg -, Ip 4 1 ,I it ,S , 1? A P Ma ,,5, , , .,., 2 , gy: , E 3:15 N, fig, ,g Q 5 4, , Q Q A -3 4 J, .,A A J zi- .,', V .,,, E V Wa f fl fff Z f 9 5 ,rf ff KW ff gf it ire. ,U ft. A in f 9 -Eta V - Ve-: I , ,,A, rr, MW J 5 - 7 34, fa ,, .W , 4.751 , lf ,Wider ,V 2 zffi ,wizard K. F a 1 na? sr v,,f rr, . A 1, if as 'S , 4 El ' 2 5,,,W,rw ,L.,,., ,, ,G , Q Q sl f fav r A 4 M 4 f We V ' 1 . seep ' H ' " .if E as rg-rfrslgfxfi ' 2 rf, f K' f " it 5 f . ,W an Q , , ,,V,L 'WM -r g? 2 3 , i f it Y , . ,ry J , , S rf 4' A .1 i ,i 15,1 ,E -55, Q r 4 , Br., , U W ef-W... f 'ri 3 A K3 W W , 2 X Y if 1 5 l ' QM, ,fg ' 5' E ,. ., A , ,, . r ,. 'Kr -nj' ff Q X ff W ' M 2 H- ' v ,Q Q an' ' ,, , , 1255.4 ' ,822 an 41 ,. X f + f at L Q t w ig Q, J Q2ifQiai5fSik5?iQi5339??i2ff1Ni'NV, ,,s,,W3,,m, ,,,, ,gr . ww, 3 aw re r ax st 1 re if We, ,, , gt its I ,, V' ji g g ,' W e 2",,1. " V ' " ':v"- V? "wi: 7 1 ,1- Y" 1' 9 12 i 27, 51 f 'V . 'fl- . 'Q lW 55?Vw .. Z.:fi1, I A ,,,,,,: l, , l V,v : ,, 'w ail , , H at -' P ..,, I , , . air , .mr I ' rafvx' , ,'13,I2,1: , ' W'fU:w , wlg5. 7,1f,b, r,,ni,,tf1:f, 5 mx we -- A r - ,ef,,,f, gmt t:sf,ffl.,n rt is , : t if iw - , ' . . ' ' Z ' 1 K J Q :,3.,,, A Q ' J r f 4 ' ' ' , f, s .:",: ' ,, my 11 , ,,, 1 rw 3 ,., ff1'H,: :H ,,i?" 5i it N ,M f ff fi A' Russell Willeke Gaylen Winterberg Helle Aarma Barbara Ayers Rick Barnett Clareen Best Roger Byl Colette Cuvelier Joyce Dekker Kim Dix Jo Ann Eiklenborg Judy Eilderts Glenn Frey Joel Frey Kevin Frey Roger Geiken Melinda Harken Joyce Heitland Craig Henricks John Hildebrand Glenda Hippen Marcia Hook Mona Huisinga Vernon J ungling William Kampman Kristi Kooi Leon Koop Larry Koppedryer Margaret Lindaman Marilyn Lindaman Marty Maifield Charlotte Mennen Karen Meyer Laureen Meyer David Muller Paulette Muller Janet Oelmann Robert Ostercamp Clarice Poley Vicki Pruisner Arlan Schaap Sondra Sents Patricia Simkins Dave Stukenberg Christine Timmer Inez Schipper Merle Schipper Sharon Schipper Bernita VanderWerf Cinda Wessels N690 Terri Abbas Steve Barnett DeWayne Behrends Virginia Best Richard Bode Loren Bosco Dean Brower John Card Christine Dohrman Diane Eckhoff Randy Everts Karla Finger Linda F lesner Mary Franken Brenda Groeneveld Margaret Harken Darla Harms Eileen Harms Eunice Heikens Vicki Hemmen Gary Henricks Dale Kroen Jean Limburg Mary Limburg Bruce Lindaman Cindy Manifold Donovan Manifold Alan Meyer Debra Mayer Linda Meyer Mary Meyer Eldon Muller Alan Oelmann Kenny Ostercamp Jolene Paterni Jacque Schoeneman Steve Sessler Carol Shoemaker Debbie Smith Jocelyn Ubben Darrow Uhlenhopp David Willis Joyce Winterburg LaVerne Wolff Marvin Wooldridge 9 ra, K K ,,., ,, A A A xr ra Q' 4-2,1 ia ' wr , rf V 1. 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' ix was xfdf' ' N fi Calvin Abbas Nancy Bergman Carol Best Larry Bolhuis Marilyn Boomgarden Barbara Dahn Dinah Dix Jeff Dorhman Rita Druvenga Dennis Eiklenborg Rhonda Groeneveld Randall Haan Harold Harken Leslie Heitland Verlyn Hemmen Shirlee Huisinga Mike Janssen Kenneth Johnson Marlin Kampman Robert Kampman Wava Kannegeiter Kevin Kromminga Gerald Lindaman Grant Lindaman Karen Lindaman Romona Lindaman Nora Luchtenburg Cathie Lursen Dennis Maifield Patricia McLaren Keith Meester Kathie Mennen Jesse Mennen Leon Meyer Nancy Meyer Marjorie Peters Irene Schipper Craig Richy Vernon Schipper Marilyn Sessler David Smith Billy Tjabring Connie Anders Steven Bakker Ronald Best Pat Bettenga Mary Boelman Steven Cuvelier Sue Cuvelier Connie Dreyer Ronald Druvenga Dennis Eckhoff Verdall Everts Elizabeth Franken Eldon Finger Debbie Frey Paul Frey Bob Goldhorn Shirley Haan Vickie Haan Rollyn Hartman Arthur Heitland Glenda Hemmen Charlene J ungling Carolyn Kampman Randy Kannegieter Carol Kooi Carol Koppedryer Denise Kramer Kelly Kramer John Lancelle Paula Lancelle Linda Langland Julie Limburg Anne Lindaman Cindy McKee Debby Mead Jim Meyer Jeff Miller Marcella Muller Dorothea Neymeyer Ryan Neymeyer Louise Peters Jim Schipper Linda Schipper Curt Schurman Dwanna Sents Wanda Smiens Rodney Spree Janeen Stahl Mary Stockdale Pam Stubbe Steve Uhlenhopp - Wava Wessels ' ' Li z a use H wgfiaf Q- sfsi. - 5-rg: -A -- . 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'AL if Carolyn Stockdale Sherry Woolridge Danny Abbas Jeffrey Abbas Denise Aukes Leslie Clark Susan Dreesman Sandra Druvenga Lori Eltjes Susan Froning David Gormerman Victor Haan Timothy Haats Gregory Hildebrand Donald Hugh Joselyn Janssen Galene Johnson Sharon Johnson Deborah J ungling John Kannegieter Tory Klahsen Dale Koppedryer Sheila Lane Debra Meyer Loren Meyer Michelle Miller Curtis Murra Gregory Nevenhoven Janice Patet Brenda Reiter Justteen Renken Sandra Rewerts Charisse Ridder Billy Root Craig Schipper Curtis Schipper Johnette Schwartz Mary Sents Michael Sents Billy Smith Not Pictured Nora Murra Kindergarten Board of Education FRONT ROW: Lyle Uhlenhopp, Henry Jungling, Ben Hook. BACK ROW: Clifford McKee, Ivan Harken, Calvin Stahl, Jake Mehmen, The Board of Education of the Aplington Community School District with the advice of the Advisory Council, decided to have a special school building election during August of 1967. This followed months of preliminary study which included a complete school building study by a team of con- sultants from the State Department of Public Instruction during March of 1966. This team made recommenda- tions. The taxpayers of the school district were then surveyed in November of 1966 to see how they felt about it. A very strong majority favored building sufficiently to meet the recommendations. The Board of Education then hired the Architectural Firm of Toenjes-Stenson 84 Warm to consult and plan with school board and professional staff and to develop a set of preliminary proposals and drawings. August 14, 1967 after all people of the district had been informed about the proposals and facts, 87? of the patrons who voted approved selling Sl75,000 in building bonds to build the new addition and to convert the old coal furnaces to natural gas with standby combination oil burners. Bids were taken November 21, 1967 from contractors with Harold Tank of New Hampton awarded the Gen- eral Construction Contract, Schmidt Plumbing 8a Heating of Charles City was awarded the Plumbing Sz. Heating Contract and Pfiffner Electric of Waterloo the Electrical Contract. Construction was started almost at once and continued through the winter and spring of this 1967-1968 school year. The new Vocational wing will be completed before school opens August 26, 1968. It includes a Farm Shop with adjoining Agriculture classroomg an Industrial Arts Shop, finishing room and an adjoining Mechanical Drawing 8r Art classroom, Bandroom with built in concrete risers and practice roomsg Homemaking Department with a Sewing room adjoining the cooking laboratoryg a central furnace room with a hot water system, a boys' Restroomg a girls' Restroom, an enlarged Custodial Storage room and a separate Lunch Storage room. Of course this will allow improvement in several other departments by allowing some space for teacher flexi- bility and curriculum development. In 1970 the old Agriculture space should be used for an elementary library and materials center. The old homemaking room will become the Biology and Junior High School Science depart- ment at once. We are all proud of this improved school plant. The Board of Education is well satisfied with the develop- ments. May we always put it to the best use for which it is intended. Congratulations to all members of the class of 1968 up- graduation. It is the hope of all parents and friends that h one of you will be a very responsible citizen all during ur lifetime and that you may succeed in reaching a stage usefulness somewhere close of the great potential that u possess. We believe that each of you will strive to be an ambi- us, well informed, patriotic and religious person. We will ember this excellent class with your high level of aca- mic achievement. Don't lose your enthusiasm for excel- ce. Push onward to higher levels. Perhaps each of you will, through your lifetime, remem- r your old home community and school acquaintances. y this book serve to bring your school experiences back mind. lt is a pleasure to have the privelege to write a few lines for this book. The students and faculty will recall many happy experiences as, in future years, they view the pages of the 1968 Panther. One would like to write a few words that would give each person some new insight in life. However, words that seem important to one person may mean nothing to an- other. Each person must develop his own philosophy of life. The challenge is to search, evaluate, and plan rather than to always follow others, or drift aimlessly. Set some goals to achieve in life and never be satisfied with less than maxi- mum effort. May each Aplington student find his special place in life and have abundant success. Mal" Mr. Thomas Beacom Jr. High Science, Biology, Jr. High Boys Coach Mr. Clair Bohlen Jr. High Math, General Math, Jr. High Girls Coach Mrs. Ruth Cordes Jr. High Language Arts Mrs. Sonja Craig French, School Annual Mrs. Phyllis Grobe High School English, Librarian Mrs. Carol Hasart Shorthand, High School Social Studies Mr. Lester Bullock Mr. Dennis DeVault Mr. William Hultman Math,Asst. FootballCoach Jr. High Social Studies, Football English, Dramatics, Art Asst. Girls Basketball Coach, Asst. Boys Basketball Coach, Boys Track Coach Mr. Curtis Muncy Mrs. Emma Steffen Vocational Agriculture, Jr. High Homemaking, Consumer Science Economics Mr. Duane Nevenhoven Mr. Duane Swailes Commerical, Driver's Education, InStrum6HfHlMUS1C Boys Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach I rr. Mr Merle McCord MT-I David T3Y10f A ' I Hlgh School Sclence Guidance Counselor, Soc1alStud1es, Head Girls Coach 37 Custodians Kenny 84 Harm Cooks Mrs. Hemmen, Mrs. DeVries, Mrs. 5 . Elliot, Mrs. VanderWerf, 8L Mrs. Bakker. 4 7 - v Q Secretaries Mrs Perry SL Miss Koop f FRONT ROW: Mrs. Schoemaker Elmer Diekman, Don Maclaren Harm Oldenburg. SECOND R4 Merle Uhlenhopp, Al Sents, Ted Jungling, Leland Meyer. n w4.,mmvww.aml,,, ' ff an I ROW ONE: David Willis, Dennis Maifield, Jesse Mennen, Bob Kampman, Dennis Eiklenborg, Steve Ses- sler, Darrow Uhlenhopp, Dale Kroon. ROW TWO: Marty Maifield, Joel Frey, Kim Dix, Loren Bosco, Randy Everts, Bill Kampman, John Card, Dave Muller, Gaylen Winterberg, Alan Oelman. ROW THREE: Russell Haan, Wayne Perry, Dave Miller, Gary Ostercamp, Larry Kopedryer, Larry Stubbe, Gerald Peters, Darwin Uhlenhopp, Collin Ocheltree, Jim Schipper, Hal Stahl, Curt Kannegieter, Coaches DeVault and Bullock. NOT PICTURED: Ken Capron. All-Conference REC ORD OPPONENT Wellsburg Dike Dumont Greene B New Hartford Allison Clarksville Parkersburg KNEELING: Wayne Perry, Dave Muller, Gary Ostercamp. STANDING: Curt Kannegieter, Hal Stahl, Ken Capron. X f I vfw' WE THE 6 33 25 0 13 14 33 6 57 7 58 0 19 0 47 6 Best Season In 1967 the Panthers ended the sea- son with a 6-2 record. This was the best record that an Aplington team has ever had. The only losses came to a fine Wellsburg team and to Dumont in a close, controversial game. The excel- lent season was a result of great team spirit and fine coaching by Mr. De- Vault and Mr. Bullock. Gary goes for a gain around end First Team Offense First Team Defense 'N Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Aplington Conference Tournament 59 Parkersburg 70 New Hartford 40 Dumont Sectional Tournament 56 UNI High 63 Dunkerton 55 Parkersburg District Tournament 70 Denver 48 La Porte Sub-State Tournament 41 Wapsie Valley O U I' I1 Q It was an exciting and successful year for the 1967-1 Panthers as they compiled a 19-6 record. Included in this record was an 8-2 Big Marsh Conference finishg good for second place. Also the boys captured the first sectional crown in 12 years as well as the first district champior in 39 years. Their tournament loss came in sub-state t ney play as they were defeated by Wapsie Valleyg one away from state tournament competition. The boys' great determination along with tremendous support developed on of the finest basketball seasons in th Aplington High School history. Boys' Basketball Wlliip FRONT ROW: Bill Kampman, ManagergWayne Perry, Ken Capron, Curtis Kannegeitor, Hal Stahl, Larry Koppedryer, David Miller, Steve Brouwer, Duane Nevenhoven, Coach. BACK ROW: Arlan Schaap, Managerg Randy Haan, Dar- row Uhlenhopp, Rick Barnett, Gary Ostercamp, Vernon Jungling, Roger Geiken, Merle Schipper, Russell Haan, Man- agerg Dennis DeVault, Coach. TEAM RECORD Aplington 55 Parkersburg Aplington Dumont Aplington Dike Aplington New Hartford Aplington Steamboat Rock Aplington Allison-Bristow Aplington Clarksville Aplington Alden Aplington Parkersburg Aplington Dumont Aplington Steamboat Rock Aplington New Hartford Aplington Allison-Bristow Aplington Clarksville Aplington Ackley Aplington Wellsburg Captains: "Sy" and "Geno,' """""vN--. District F ree-Throw Champ Colette Cuvelier Girls' Basketball All-Conference Players Vicki Pruisner Nofleen Avery All-State Honorable Mention Marcia Kooker and Vicki Pruisner FRONT ROW: Colette Cuvelier, Helle Aarma, Marcia Kooker, Vicki Pruisner, Kris Kooi, Norleen Avery Marilyn Lindaman. BACK ROW: Lester Bulluck, Coach: Linda Flesner, Jocelyn Ubben, Managers: Kathy Mennen Joyce Van Van Dyke, Marjorie Peters, Brenda Groeneveld, Paulette Neymeyer, Jacque Schoeneman, David Taylor, Coach TEAM RECORD 42 Dike 45 Parkersburg 59 Dumont 57 Dike 60 New Hartford 75 Steamboat Rock 51 Allison 63 Clarksville 60 Alden 42 Parkersburg 37 Dumont 49 Steamboat Rock 66 New Hartford 27 Allison 39 Clarksville 46 Hampton 40 Gladbrook 52 Greene Captains: Marcia and Norleen 3 Boys' Track KNEELING: Bruce Lindeman, David Ubben, Rick Barnett, Darrow Uhlenhopp, Alan Oelman, Gary Hendricks. ROW TWO: Coach Bullock, Keith Meester, Jeff Dohrman, Kim Dix, Loren Bosco, Bob Kampman, Randy Haan, Kenny Oster- camp, Marlin Kampman, Vernon Schipper, manager g Assistant coach DeVault. ROW THREE: Dave Stukenberg, Bill Kampman, Bob Ostercamp, Gary Oster- camp, John Hildebrand, Gaylen Winterberg, Darwon Uhlenhopp, Joel Frey, Jesse Mennen, Myron Poley. NOT PICTURED: Jim Schipper, Dave Willis, Dave Muller, Steve Sessler, Dennis Maifield, Leslie Heitland This year the Panthers have concluded their season with a fine record and have set several new times in many events. boy's track team won duels with Parkersburg and Janesville. They ended up fourth in the Big Marsh Conference g and they so placed sixth in the Wildcat Relays at Dumont. TWO MILE RELAY: Bob Ostercamp, Joel MILE MEDLEY RELAY: Gary Ostercamp, Frey, Gary Ostercamp, Darrow Uhlenhopp. Dave Muller, Leon Koop, Bob Ostercamp. Kim Dix Dave Muller Darwin Uhlenhopp Rick Barnett Gary Ostercamp Mile 5:03.2 220 Yard Dash Discus 126' 8W, Pole Vault 9' 6" 880 Yard Run Two Mile 11.16 23.8 2.11 Girls' Track ROW ONE: Marcia Kooker, Marilyn Lindaman, Pam Brouwer, Vickie Pruisner, Norleen Avery, Colette Cuvelier Eunice Heikens, Sondra Sents. ROW TWO: Coach David Taylor, Kuniko Yoshida, Margaret Lindaman, Laureen Mayer, Linda Meyer, Barbara Dahn, Karen Meyer, Karen Lindaman, Kathy Mennen, Donna Abbas, Jocelyn Ub ben, Brenda Groenveld, manager, Margaret Harken, manager. The track girls marked up an im- pressive season this year, setting several new school records. The 880 Relay and the 440 Relay qualified for State com- petition. Norleen Avery in the softball throw and Marilyn Lindeman in the 80 Meter Hurdles also qualified. The team compiled a total of 15 trophies for var- ious events. Marilyn Lindaman 80 Meter Hurtles 13.1 440 Yard Relay 53.1 District Qualifiers for State Handoff Nor and Colette ROW ONE: Mr. Duane Nevenhoven, Randy Haan, Gary Ostercamp, Larry Geiken, Vern Jungling, Rick Barnett, Dar- row Uhlenhopp, Mr. Dennis DeVault. ROW TWO: Arlan Schaap, Mgr.g Vernon Schipper, DeWayne Behrends, Steve Sessler, Merle Schipper, Jerry Lindaman, Steve Barnett, Verlyn Hemmen. ROW THREE: Russell Haan, Mgr., Keith Uhlenhopp, Dennis Eiklenborg, Leslie Heitland, Randy Everts, Dennis Maifield, Jesse Mennen, Bill Kampman, Mgr. Jr. Varsity V - ROW ONE: Margaret Harken, Karen Lindaman, Nancy Bergman, Marilyn Boomgarden, Chris Dohrman, Wava Kanne- geiter, Nora Luchtenburg, Karla Finger. ROW TWO: Mr. Les Bullock, Kathy Mennen, Carol Best,Rhonda Groen- eveld, Marg Peters, Brenda Groeneveld, Rita Druvenga, Jackque Schoeneman, Joselyn Ubben, Mgr.g Linda Flesner, Mgr. SW: , t I' , V 'M Q Q ,AA-2 zzg leg rrl y b l y 5 i , V X gi If 'N xg 1 L . k V X f 6' fi? f f 3 ROW ONE: Colette Cuvelier, Kuniko Yoshida, Karen Lindaman, Linda Flesner, Marilyn Lindaman, Diane Rykena, Jocelyn Ubben, Karla Finger. ROW TWO: Joyce Van Dyk, Jean Limburg, Norleen Avery, Rhonda Groeneveld, Kris Kooi, Brenda Groeneveld, Marjorie Peters, Glenda Hippen, Vicki Pruisner, Coach David Taylor. GIRLS' SOFTBALL SCORES PONENT OUR SCORE THEIR SCORE ison 10 0 O ison 21 8 w Hartford 9 7 kersburg 13 16 llsburg 1 18 kersburg 7 3 llsburg 14 4 llsburg 6 5 W Hartford 20 14 SECTIONALS ison 13 0 kersburg 4 3 infield 14 0 DISTRICT ,.... ""'g' bbard 12 13 5. Teresa Debbie Jeanne Terri Nancy Diane Cheerleaders N680 Debbie Schurman Diane Rykena Teresa Cuvelier Terri Abbas Nancy Druvenga Jeanne Everts Our mascot in action A distressing moment at substate Dur Queen and Candidates Diane Rykena Marilyn Lindaman Marilyn, as a junior, participated in music groups, band, sports, speech and became a member to the National Honor Society. vi '.- K A-.W s ext ,wg 'S Nancy Druvenga ,..-..,,MMM E X ..,, pp Melinda Harken C H E E R L E A D E 1 R I S Anne Denise Pam Diane ROW ONE: K. Uhlenhopp, J. Meyer, B. Goldhorn, J. Lancelle, S. Limburg, ROW TWO: B. Dix, S. Uhlenhopp, E. Finger, K. Elliott, R. Everts, C. Schurman, K. Henricks. ROW THREE S. Bakker, S. Cuvelier, Mgrs.g J. Harken, R. Druvenga, G. Johnson, A. Heitland, D. Harken, Mgrs. ROW ONE: L. Langland, C. Kooi, D. Neymeyer, C. Anders, C. McKee, J. Stahl. ROW TWO: W. Smeins, D. Fek- kers, M. Muller, A. Brouwer, S. Cuvelier, V. Everts, L. Peters, D. Williams, D. Mead, Coach Bohlen. ONE: S. Limburg, R. Kannegieter, J. Lancelle, J. Schipper, B. Goldhorn, S. Cuvelier. ROW TWO: B. Dix, C M. Norris, R. Best, P. Frey, E. Finger. ROW THREE: S. Bakker, K. Kramer, K. Elliott, A. Heitland, D. M. Bierman, Coach Beacom. Snapshots of '68 ff After hours Conference '6What are we making?', "Who? Me?,' OUT Advisor "Get ready to write." ,- , we Time out Studying or daydreaming? ,ix -im- Q mu Concert Band I ROW ONE: Darla Harms, Mary Meyer, Marilyn Boomgarden, Martha Dreyer, Wava Wessels, Verlyn Hemmen, Eunice ens, Judy Eilderts, Marilyn Lindaman. ROW TWO: Mary Boelman, Kathy Mennen, Diane Ostercamp, Jerry Lindaman, Harken, Carol Kooi, Shirlee Huisinga, Barb Dahn, Darrow Uhlenhopp, Eileen Harms, Cinda Wessels, Nancy Meyer, Dreyer, Cindy McKee, Jolene Spree, Debbie Schurman. ROW THREE: Glenn Frey, Gary Ostercamp, LaVerne Wolff, Sessler, Dorothea Neymeyer, Joel Frey, Eldon Finger, Debbie Fekkers, Randy Kannegeiter, Wava Kannegeiter, Randy Everts, Paul Frey, Russell Willeke, Colette Cuvelier, Curt Kannegeiter, Darwin Uhlenhopp, Wayne Perry, Kenneth Oster- camp, Susan Hildebrand, Marilyn Sessler, Jean Everts, Pat Simkins. ROW FOUR: Margaret Harken, Ryan Neymeyer, Steven Bakker, DeWayne Behrends, Bruce Bassler, Melinda Harken, Connie Anders, Leslie Heitland, Mona Huisinga, Anne Lindaman. The Aplington Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Duane Swailes, has received straight Division I ratings for three consecutive years at the State Large Group Contest. Their record is a credit to the organization and the excellent support given to the band by the com- munity, school, and especially the Band Parents. CONTEST RESULTS: State Solo and Ensemble Contest at New Hartford 20 Its 5 II's l III North Iowa Solo Festival Ur. High and Elementaryj 30 I's 35 II's 6 III,s State Large Group Contest at Allison 3 Division I ratings C B h G I I n d 9 Swing Band ALL SOLOISTS AND ENSEMBLES PICTURED RECEIVED DIVISION I RATINGS AT CONTEST P mm 1 - as if K x ' s Q, '- -. xx Q V' fm m i wt 5 ' 3 K -f .Q ,ax x - N A V 4 Ez as-.ix Sm ix W ' it i as is A Pi-vii S E2 ? 5 K 315 'S E 2 - s fifigle-1 Q25 E52 g ff: -- : f gg 5 Q 5 is W . . s'---' mf Q M SQ 5 M5552 S - -'h- Ng Es S ai1fQ5gfi,1 35 gf: is 2 ' . A-.. " , Q - K'--. . - S K EQ x 1- ' " The Sound of Music ROW ONE: S. Sents, I. Schipper, L. Meyer, C. Poley, C. Cuvelier, M. Lindaman, C. Best, C. Wessels, P. Simkins, P. Brouwer, L. Meyer, D. Schurman, K. Yoshida. ROW TWO: G. Lindaman, K. Ostercamp, S. Barnett, P. Kampman, B Vanderwerf, R. Muller, M. Harken, E. Harms, E. Heikens, M. Harken, J. Eilderts, M. Hook, V. Best. ROW THREE: M. Kampman, J. Lindaman, M. Dryer, C. Schipper, P. Neymeyer, M. Huisinga, D. Borneman, N. McLaren, C. Men- nen, T. Cuvelier, B. Reinicke, K. Kooi, D. Harms, V. Hemmen, ROW FOUR: K. Kromminga, A. Meyer, J. Frey, G Ostercamp, V. Hemmen, A. Schaap, V. Jungling, M. Miller, K. Frey, J. Smith, L. Stubbe, H. Stahl, D. Wolff, D. Wil- lis, A. Stockdale, D. Uhlenhopp. ' During the 1967-1968 year the Vocal Department participated in the following events: Variety Show, Fall Concert, Christmas Program, Oratoria "The Holy City", Holy Week Services, Small Group Recital, Small Group State Contest, Spring Concert, Large Group State Contest, Pops Concert. The State Contest results were: Solos-7 ones, Solos-12 twos, Ensembles-6 ones, Ensembles-3 twos, PianoM3 twos. The three large groups received the following: Boys Glee-I, Girls' Glee-I, Mixed Chorus-I. The members of this year's Vocal Department would like to thank Mr. James Kidder, who has been di- recting the choir for the past two years. We know he has worked very hard for our school. Mr. Kidder will be teaching in Knoxville next year, and we wish him the best of luck. ROW ONE: B. Ayers, C. Timmer, S. Schipper, L. Behrends, S. Sents, I. Schipper, K. Lindaman, E. Heikens, D. Schurman, N. Druvenga, J. Dekker, L. Meyer, M. Lindaman, C. Wessels, K. Yoshida, R. Muller. ROW TWO: D. Eck- off, J. Oelman, B. Vanderwerf, V. Best, M. Limburg, P. McLaren, M. Boomgarden, P. Brouwer, C. Cuvelier, M. Har- ken, M. Lindaman, L. Flesner, E. Harms, D. Rykena, M. Meryer, P. Simkins, M. Hook, C. Schipper. ROW THREE: K. Mennen, W. Kannegeiter, N. Bergeman, C. Lursen, D. Smith, J. Paterni, J. Schoeneman, G. Hippen, J. Heitland, C. Best, D. Abbas, M. Kooker, C. Best, L. Meyer, P. Kampman, R. Groeneveld, S. Huisinga. ROW FOUR: N. Luchten- burg, V. Hemmen, C. Kooi, B. Reinicke, B. Dahn, M. Meyer, M. Dreyer, P. Neymeyer, N. McLaren, V. Pruisner, D. Borneman, J. Van Dyk, T. Cuvelier, B. Doescher, C. Mennen, M. Huisinga, M. Peters, C. Poley,.l. Eilderts, R. Dru- venga, D. Harms, M. Harken. Wool Coats Home Economics Wool Dresses Colette Cuvelier Fashion Narrator Freshman Dresses Make It Yourself with Lindaman place Winner in MIYWWC at Mason Won "Best Workmanshi at State Contest. pn Chris Dohrman 3rd place winner in MIYWWC at Mount Pleasant. 2nd place winner at lowa Falls Style Show. Dreyer Linda Meyer place Winner in MIYWWC at Fort lst place Winner in MIYWWC at Fort Received Honorable Mention at Dodge. Received Honorable Mention at ate Contest. State Contest. QJQQMQ- Q '79 W M irr 'iv V',, I Q - ,f fy:-7: Mylfwymgigqft ' :M 'fi 35? Sf? , VW, V z, 1, ,f ,L M , ,I W f f Vg? fa, GZ f . 'wiffgffifg fb 1 5' :,.Mi97'W7 ' A' , WW, - ,L WW' 'f ,Af gs MAZWQ Alf i ' 26 Q mM,,Qg, 'P 1 If " eq 151 3 in 1? L SQ if nm mu 1 S 4 Mig 4 1? H ,.-gif ,M V, , i.,,,5, , 1 ,gq gsl i ' nf 1 ,L 3rd Place Trigg? Vw if yi ff nf W L? MS ,J WE 4? 'fi ' ROW ONE: J. Eilderts, M. Hook, M. Lindaman, S. Sents, D. Schurman, B. Doescher, D. Rykena, T. Cuvelier, J. Heitland. ROW TWO: C. Cuvelier, M. Harken, M. Lindaman, E. Heikens, P. Kampman, R. Muller, L. Meyer, C. Best,C. Reinicke, J. Oelmarm. ROW THREE: V. Best, D. Harms, B. Dahn, N. Meyer, K. Lursen, C. Wessels, C. Men neu, N. McLaren, D. Borueman, M. Dreyer. ROW FOUR: K. Frey, M. Miller, B. Bassler, K. Dix, A. Stockdale, J. Frey, D. Stukenberg, L. Heitland, W. Meyer. 1's at District Contest l's at State Contest FRONT ROW: Gary Henricks, Alan Meyer, Darrow Uhlenhopp, reporter, Dave Wolff, treasurer, Roger Byl Vice-President, Alan Ostercamp, President, Larry Stubbe, secretary, Dave Stukenburg, sentinel, Dave Willis, Alan Oelmann, Mr. Muncy.ROW TWO: Bruce Lindaman, Steve Sessler, Harold Harken, DeWayne Behrends, Bob Kampman, Randy Everts, Mervin Boekhoff, Kevin Frey, Lavern Wolff, Bill Tjabring, Dave Smith, Leon Meyer, Calvin Abbas. ROW THREE: Dave Muller, Eldon Muller, John Card, Gaylen Winterberg, Roger Gieken, Bob Ostercamp, Ron Aalderks, Merle Schipper, John Smith, Don Manifold, Bill Kampman, Wayne Meyer. F.F.A. ,Z..,..,.--W ,,W,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,., lrrlrr or or M Portable Scale We Purchased Reserve Champion Hefefflfd WW, 1 if iz, - w , it f . 1 fi' , ' I i Y L ef' ' 5 5,1 vw' 1 X 'I we' Ns ' h 7 Sweetheart Candidates Pam Brouwer Chapter Sweetheart Alan Ostefcamp Individual Winners At Banquet Iowa Farmer DeKalb Winner National F.F.A. Convention Kiddies Barnyard , 9 1 JK fr f f we Wann , Z i Q Mark Miller falias Morbid adds the finishing touches his pottery vase. Glen Frey displays his ability in Ramona Lindaman Working an original oil painting. ea erl on a stained lass Win- g Y S dow which was a major pr ofthe Art 1 class. A typical Art l Class Where a typical student is always in of a typical teacher???? Annual Staff ROW ONE: K. Yoshida,D. Rykena, D. Schurman, Myron Poley, M. Dreyer, D Abbas, R. Muller, S. Schipper, Mrs. Craig. ROW TWO: J. Everts, N. Druvenga, M. Kooker, M. Eiklenborg, B. Doescher, J. Van Dyk, C. Schipper, J. Heitland, P. Brouwer, J. Dekker. ROW THREE: R. Barnett, D. Stukenburg, T. Cuvelier, P. Kampman, J. Farnken, D. Borneman, N. McLaren, P. Neymeyer, D. Wolff, A. Stockdale. ROW FOUR: G. Winterburg, S. Brouwer, M. Miller, C. Ocheltree, J. Schipper, H. Stahl, D. Uhlenlropp, W. Perry, K.Capro11, G, Peters, L. Stubbe. Panthers Tale Staff ROW ONE: P. Neymeyer, T. Cuvelier, N. Druvenga, J. Franken, R. Muller, D. Miller. ROW TWO: D. Rykena, L. Behrends, J. Van Dyk, P. Kampman, W. Perry, C. Schipper, D. Abbas, M. Eiklenborg, N. Avery, M. Kooker, J. Everts. Student Council ROW ONE: W. Kannegietor, M. Harkerr, N. McLaren, N. Druvenga, N. Avery, E. Heikens. ROW TWO: J. Seuts S. Barnett, D. Uhlenhopp, R. Barnett, S. Bakker, K. Yoshida, C. Dohrmau. ROW THREE: W. Perry, H. Stahl, C. Kannegietor, J. Mennen. Librarians ROW ONE: B, Doescher, N. Druvenga, D. Borueman, J. Everts, Mrs. Grobe. ROW TWO: M. Lindamau, C. Best, C. Kooi, K. Meyer, B. Groeneveld, M. Meyer, J. Limburg, M. Liudaman. Honor Society MEMBERS-ROW ONE: Kuniko oshida, Debbie Schurman, Delores Borneman, Ulrlenhopp, Nancy McLaren, Pam Brouwer, Muller. ROW TWO: Margaret Lindaman, Huisinga, Russell Willeke, Charlotte Mennen, Best, Marilyn Lindaman. Groeneveld Steve Sessler Darla Harms TIONARY MEMBERSfVirginia Best, ce Heikens, Jean Limburg. , , l R A.F S Club ROW ONE: Sharon Schipper, Sondra Sents, Jeanne Everts Charlotte Mennen Kuniko Yoshida Margaret Linda man, Colette Cuvelier, Eunice Heikens, Joyce Dekker Patricia McLaren ROW TWO Marcia Hook Janet Oelmann, Joyce Heitland, Kris Kooi, Martha Dreyer Nancy McLaren Judy Eilderts Pam Brouwer It seems it was just yesterday that I stood in front of you on the first day of school and said, "I want to know about the United States as much as possible and I want to tell about Japan as much as possible. But before understanding Japan, understand me? Since then I had a nice time enjoying each school activity. Now almost a year is overg I have to go back to my country. But this should not be the end of the friendship. lall be much closer to you from now writing letters and recalling the days in Aplington. Thank you very much to all who smiled to me and spoke to me. And thank you very much for giving me this great year in Aplington. Kuniko Yoshida 83 Midorigaoka-Cho Ashiya-Shi Hyogo-Ken Japan fiioafftafftff 11: UQ 141-5- u' if L1 WKMY7 , M V .4 Q ll M -4 4'12?5'ggg vp QILQJQ 4 - -W: !255':Z?.3 ' ' ' Ag fy "Q gf "wif'.'nM' ,144-15gQx2, 35 '222siP?f5Emz-fm? ma Wg, fgggkgflf-,:,fg:QD'2'fgi2A1pQt.M?,gf .K fa , ,. 135f"z7Qm: f vu aw ' ,hm-raw ww- uma-3, L ' M M 6 , 'V .1 ,Q V, ay MX MQ, u...., frm: zrxzxxzzxwg -zmizzisszzxsifizzfi ::u:x:::::::mn2gSa izazizznxszxzzzxlsfiz H1 an a, ' 4 Zi!! .., ,M ,1'hf:.1::tz:x1SY:21:1 iiiitiiihii' SE,2Z22tEi3'iI,f M iznznzzziifggbggc 5 f,"! 7M Dm CIW lg with af Alan Stockdale, Becky Reinicke, Bruce Bassler, Wayne Meyer, Leslie Heitland, Clareen Best, Mark Miller, Barbara Dahn, Judy Eilderts, and Margaret Lindaman. I .2 X f X S THE CAST Mr.Frank .... Miep ......... . Mrs. Van Daan .... Mr. Van Daan . . . Peter Van Daan . . . Mrs. Frank ..... Margot Frank . . . Anne Frank. . . Mr. Kraler. . . Mr. Dussell . . . THE CREW Prompter: Colette Cuvelier Sound Crew: Belva Doescher Diane Rykena Light Crew: Melinda Harken Robert Ostercamp Bruce Bassler Make-up Crew: Teresa Cuvelier Joyce Van Dyk Eunice Heikens Marilyn Lindaman Debbie Schurman .......MarkMill Margaret Lindam . . .Becky Reinic . . . Bruce Bassl . . .Alan Stockda . . . .Clareen Be . . .Barbara Da . . . Judy Eilder . . . Leslie Heitlan . . . .Wayne Mey X Iii eff? A , -,Lh. K A Lf,- .L sr of , , t Y . . ., H 1-S , 2. 4, A as gi ' .Q ' . Ti ' if THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett based upon the book, ANNE FRANK: DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL "Often there lives a person whose story fires the hearts and imagination of those people in the world who believe in the worth and dignity of the individual. Such is the case of Anne Frank. It has been twenty-five years since Anne, her family, and the others went into hiding in a futile attempt to escape the Nazi concen- tration camps-but her life and her sensitive view of life are as meaningful today as immediately after World War II. In spite of the fact that they were struggling against insurmountable odds, Anne refused to be conquered. Her spirit and indomitable will shine through a world too often made murky by man's cruelty to his fellow man. And in spite of all that life was doing to her, Anne could still believe, and say, that 'people are really good at heart."' vii 1 ww if 4 if r Belva Doescher as Mrs. Condomine P r Teresa Cuvelier as the Maid Colette Cuvelrer Q Fc as Bhthe Sp1r1t Mark Miller as Charles Condomine Cinda Wessels as Mrs. Bradman Diane Rykena as Madame Arcati Arlan Schaap as Mr. Bradman By Noel Coward Presented April 23 and 24, 1968 THE STORY Charles Condomine wanted to learn the lan- guage ofthe occult, so he invited Madame Arcati into his home. She not only managed to make a Contact with the "other sidef, but she also returned his first wife, full of spirit. Elvira kept him and his second wife busy. That is, until Charles saw both his wives finally depart him as spirits. Then he, too, decides to leave. Above: The Cast Below: The Stage Crew if A in tg' 5 X B. '14 TBA-S ' Our New Queen?! Of Course the senior window was the Greatest! ' P E P Om M E E T I N ic nnwnwm 9 Did we win or did we WIN!!! Our team in Action The Homecoming week was started by the choosing of the queen candidates. Each class Worked hard at decorating a window downtown. The grand prize winner was the se- nior class window. On Wednesday of Homecoming week the annual vari- ety show with the judging of queen candidates took place. On Friday at 3:00 a snake dance and pep rally took place. The day was topped off with the football game of which Ap- Lington came out on TOP. During the half time ceremonies, Marilyn Lindaman was crowned the 1967- 1968 Homecoming Queen. The eve- ning was completed with the Home- coming dance in the gym, dancing to the sounds of the Kings Jewels. Homecoming was then over for an- other year. GO GET ,EM I crown you Queen Marilyn M N Science Fair Collin Ochletree won a superior rating with his project, "Salt Water Steam Turbinef' He was given a certificate for being one of the top ten in the state science fair. He also won a two- week Navy cruise. Charlotte Mennen won an honorable mention at the state science Steven Cuvelier won a superior rating with fair with her project, "The World of Topologyfi project, and he also received a portable radio. mia Swett' H M ral In the Junior division, Kelly Elliott won an honorable B111 Tjabring and Dennis Maifield won an mention with his p1'OjeC't on the steam engine. cellent rating on their project on the solar furnace . Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom 4, .-' ff , , xxx j 5 P. ff' 'Q xs- X . U ,X f6z?f:f X we ff 4 yn. ' l 1 , ll fl ?w.,.4e.,f ,mga Friday, May 24, 1968 Invocation . . . Toastmaster . . . Junior Welcome . . Senior Response . . Vocal Solo ...... After Dinner Speech Class Will . . . Girls, Ensemble . . Class Prophesy . . . PROGRAM . . Mr. Hultman . . Rick Barnett Vernon Jungling . . Wayne Perry . .Cinda Wessels . . .Joel Frey . . . Senior Class ."Wish Me A Rainbow" . . . . .Junior Class Senior Trip You tell em Putz! No-Doze only lasts for two hours you know! Who invited you? NOTHERN PROPANE GAS CO. Aplington, Iowa BURMAN'S BARBER SHOP Apiington, Iowa DE BOER IMPLEMENT CO. A-C New Idea Kewanee 347-2814 Marlyn De Boer idicg A' -if ALLIS-CHALM ERS 0 Equwvsv LUNCH BOX Home-Cooked Meais Lunches and Good Coffee Jennie Baskins Ph. 347-2834 C 5 D SKELLY Complete Iine of Automotive Equipment Good-Year Tires Ph. 347-2792 MEHMAN'S FEED 5 SUPPLY Supersweet and Rath Feeds Ph. 347-283i HILLTOP FEEDER PIG CO. Choice Feeder Pigs LyIe Uhlenhopp Apiington Iowa Ph. 347-2340 rQWfmf QM, 9 FECHT MOTOR COMPANY Plymouth 5 Valiant Sales 5 Service Aplington, Iowa Phone 347-2740 STAN DARD Y!!!!M!!!!7 LESLIE EREY AND HARM OLDENBURGER Aplington Iowa DREYER DRUG Phone BM7-2752 Aplington, Iowa HARKEN LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials 8 Contractors Aplington BH7-ZM5 VAN'S ROYAL BLUE FOOD STORE Everyday low prices - Pius S 8 H green stamps Ph. 347-23M2 - Aplington H.S. DEVRIES AND SON Livestock Buying HTrucking A SpeciaItyH Phone Aplington BM7-2983 Ackley 847'3l27 Austinville, Iowa IOWA STATE BANK Kesley Office Farm Loans and Insurance Service Phone 202 KESLEY CO-OP CREAMERY CO. Phone 35 Kesley, Iowa HYour Business Appreciated O'DONNELL CLOTHING Men-Womens 5 Childrens Apparel and Shoes Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 525i in CHUCK'S FOOD AND FEED GROCERIES AND FOOTWEAR HGolden Sun Feedsn We buy poultry Chuck Mead Phone AA Kesley, Iowa KESLEY DX Larry Schipper HKnown by the customers we keepH Phone 33 Kesley, Iowa BRANDT ELEVATORS INC. Kesley, Allison, 5 Stout Grain, Feed, Seed, and Bulk Delivery Phone 34 85 JEAN'S FLOWER'S 50A Coates Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 4922 or 4924 'Beautiful Flowers For All Occasionsu WAUKIE'S CLEANERS Best for Less Phone 2031 Parkersburg, Iowa FROEMMING JEWELRY 217 - 3rd St. Box T Parkersburg, Iowa 50665 KYHL CHEVROLET BUICK, INC. Phone 2611 Parkersburg, Iowa Thirty One Years of Service PARKERSBURG STATE BANK Parkersburg, Iowa Phone 2521 PARKERSBURG CREAMERY Carnation Milk Phone 2011 Parkersburg, Iowa SIMON SUPER SERVICE Highways 20 and IM Parkersburg, Iowa AUSTINVILLE ELEVATOR 5 LUMBER, INC. Austinville, Iowa Ackley Phone SM7-2832 Aplington Phone 347-2915 ACKLEY STATE BANK AND ACKLEY INSURANCE AGENCY Ackiey, Iowa 847-2II2 gl , MMI , I I I, U If I T 5 ff- illmhif M' ini JLIMQI gi E 11 N I .IQ ,i'I,i,i I, I1 iiifi 53 I wi ' - J" -We- , CQ?- aiI A kliiigaibawxkaiiaw f vi, - hh L,-11a".i--5 'Lids-f1f.,, , L fb - f V Y , - fe -f -i Established I934 SHUGAR'S SUPER VALU Ackley, Iowa Phone 847-2383 J.W. CARRUTHERS, D.C. Chiropractor Ackiey, Iowa 506OI ACKLEY MOTOR AND IMPL. Ackley, Iowa 506OI International Farm Equipment Pontiac Cars AUSTINVILLE PRODUCE CO. HWe Buy Eggsn Poultry and Eggs Austinviiie, Iowa Phone Apiington: 347-2916 Ackiey 847-2938 eq' V U a s ,I Ln Ja q sau' 5 Q., , SAILOR FORD Ackiey, Iowa Ph. 5I5-847-2I35 BODE, LIMBURG 5 VOSS Sales Service PP Farm Machine Headquarters Phone: 5I5-847-3I23 Austinviiie, Iowa MEYER AUTO CO. Aplington, Iowa EILER'S CAFE Phone 347-2450 Phone 347-9793 Aplington, Iowa DIEKMAN BROS. BY-LO Groceries, Meats and Locker Service R MEYER INSURANCE AGENCY Aplington, Iowa 50604 347-2324 or 347-2494 . Meyer A LeIand A. Mey GERDES IMPLEMENT Phone 347-2924 Aplington, Iowa 50604 VANEMAN, MULDER, KLINKENBORG, 8 ROLFS Attorneys at Law Parkersburg, Iowa 50665 F.A. ROLES, M.D. 347-2345 347-2843 Aplington, Iowa 50604 VILLAGE MOTEL Aplington, Iowa Mr. 6 Mrs. John CuveIier Owners and Managers O'S GOLD SEED COMPANY Rural Route I Aplington, Iowa iuffifx iv is ., .PZ . POLLY'S . lg f ' xg' X 0 ? 6 I I 3 BRQASTED CHICKEN W xv as our specialty I-,W ' - suroons - -fy? I' - STEAKS - AQQ Ry' Pnnvv Room AvAlLAsLE I 'I I on I I : . ' I 31 I ' YOUR HOSTS BOB G IRENE STICKLEY N Cal 6 00 AM 10:00 PM 2 1 MON SAT 303 - 3rd PARKERSBURG LOHNES COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 720 W. Fourth Waterloo, Iowa Ph. 23M-7713 DREYER FURNITURE Aplington, Iowa Quality Furniture Since I9II BUTLER-GRUNDY FARM SERVICE Main Office - Allison Ph. 267-2293 Parkersburg 7501 Aplington 3L+7-2835 Grundy Center 82L+-5213 r X , -' ey? M M may K 4 , PM T' M Q 'M 2 , yy, ,, I A' num-ww, A -11 :13-:,,,v w ' 355' Qiiiiwg-,Q ' gi , Q: if xwxw 1 , i ...4..,....,-mu..-.+, -1-vw-v-'v,-f . My sv 4 W ,sg w -- -K--.,.1.---- ,-.---vt W- W-, -. -wivr.,-.. H----.. f ww mf? f W f,.,,, WMV fa, A ' 2-' QM? fv '41L.,..i3f:g4'-,wffxaf , L,1 :-,... 1 - . V KV It - it iiffi if 7 5? Wi: 4 . A J .... s I ,,,, I- -fh-, I ,, yy , , , 2 f J - ' 4 , 1 7 M .ui ..,,n,: i . V, M:,,1,,v , ul - ,H , n f l V1 .,: - V .. - 1 In jf. ff, Lvrvk i rg V W' V vi

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