Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA)

 - Class of 1957

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Aplington Community School - Panther Yearbook (Aplington, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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, geen-sm - , ,l,,L-, ,M- A f -- in 9 Mn E, 1 as YH' J s L v 1 ,, 5, s a 5 :Z ,3- .- - - , K A w X' L M nik xx MW A wx - f i I main.. , ,V , . .. V1 , , i m H 1 g - , 'lf V , -"i2fVP'f ' - ' - 5"1555'-W1-Rv 11: -V - ESXZSEI. , 93-ll V 913' fi4:4':il:i,x::F S55 'TH7:"'i:Q?59fEG1Q??'532'3Rf' K 'iliffhi5iffifl?imw.Ls1z 1.1 IV'-zz, 1- ff- 'AI XL, if-g.: 'fiwf'-sl f 1 5 w , . , - - ,, K ,V W Y f 2 " fm- --f',-,:,,f-62-'iss-Q--'iv'zwffg--ysif-ifafe W' Wffszfif . --ff- A Q K , f ' - if if,-Wg-fa fi 1f2:i,sK.1 ie- f2f.'ff-ffm 5 W F- . f m 5 ,wf g,wvaM -, ,, fw lffr-fff . 'Fi .W G ,. ,. 12M,. a:a2 4 -L . - - N .. if A H: H 5 f -U-fi lstuvk ,mr f::'f1'-fm1-vii'-,'f1,f's: :v-:5?5'ii?vi Tiiif-QE' 'aw ' W" TSTFQUE-fE.P1 -1 Qjigflx-5 :1is,"'H-Hg-'Qing if: .L - "' , - A H53: W ' ' """"2...',.: .1'," 4: H 011-.gh .aw . ,g - gf 53 - ,, -- -- K- " ' " ,g 4 -.. ,... . ... W Y . .b .. .. 2 K 'L A "" LS ?S".1C':"f7f"4L,?i5s-'I Z -MV f X '2?:?E.SrT EQ: Mmm ,f'j"'fI fig: ,:., 'ijg' '. 1 .. Q A 5-5: Q. 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I' X 7 ' L' K ' ' K M: '- -. gfgfiziiijgffwi fasmsi-2.?ff52fi'fQ1'ES?25?35:?isfi-251:61-.'E"Tf,SZ2i!iZif1il?3g,-Zire" Eff ,ajr j- --2--V 'A " .,':r':f-,gif - -1 w f-fr-W-W-1f'wf --ma-fmiwimV-.mv vw .-,-,-72-J-2:-.fa Fzf - 1 ' -', w . ----' Q f 'L " " -2 4' -- .1 M- ---- .7 , ,.,. ff. ,, 4, f . -5 ,X --if x- f , -. ,Z ,, , ,L A,., L, L, hA,,A, . W K -,L , . -'v., 'Q Eg-. . g- ' 1 L . , K m - is Aseghf -I - 1 f S1-5 Q Q ' W W- sp il -5527 N K, i V QT Ax, f " Km lWm,4W,f,,Q wqnlffffs- wgmmskw - - img , , . .L , .4 . at Q ""s'fx"M 1 I l- 2 A 1 ' A: Q .V mm, X M gi , Ml I' .x:1 ' f . - ' it x gyxgzzx X W I S kmlfw NQMQ W, A.., Q ,R k 3 g xmammmnw-N " M ' ' X ww ,1 - X: E 1 , ' - 7 -.: " Ei ' ig .. .. - .. I , 1 K MM -Q Gam W - b ikxiw-if 1 nk 1 M-www-M L L 4 A . . . .. 4 I 1 V Lk . - If g: - j , H . ' X 1' I K1 j 1 : L, , x ,. - 5 f' " ' ' , ' - .4 1,1 z vm I- 5 9 1. L, , -. - , : -ff?.'isfM- A W . . 9 .3 - - 1 , . , - 4' , 'F' -.s:f.'.Q, ?-w.-1E:- f'-' - . 4-M-.-ag: w i. ,s.f:a.J':-b a, fMiX,.QW s- igigf?4'ki Sffi, - pfwi-ish A sb Q5-:,., 6 NK Ykisgifglg-+f gf: ,A R , F' f , f , 2 ff - Q ' V wr 'Xf:'ff4:ef'ms1 V --ii .. ' . -K ' 12 Q Q gg, jfiw :ig K ' A , 1 . - Hfrzu- - ' Q!-,ff 1 -1 I x y, , in JI, if Q . ,A 4 :J THE SENIOR CLASS or IGH scuool. , own. - af rr Ly ITS I9 57 MODEL PANTHER DEDICATION We, the Seniors of 1957, dedicate the 1956-1957 "Panther" to the memory of Karl James Bodecker, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bodecker. In May 1955, Karl met an untimely death. He was an outstanding student and took an interest in extra-curricular activities. He will always be remembered fondly by every classmate and friend. I751 PANTHER THE PAST THIRTEEN YEARS HAVE BROUGHT TREM NDOUS CHANGES IN THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY. THOSE SAME YEARS HAVE BROUGHT VAST DIFFERENCES IN THE LIVES OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1957. WE HAVE STRUGGLED THROUGH INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD, AND WE ARE NOW ALMOST ADULTS. WE HOPE THAT OUR MODELS OF 1957 WILL BE JUST AS ATTRACTIVE AND USEFUL AS THOSE IN THE CAR FIELD. WE'D LIKE YOU TO JOIN US ON THE HIGHWAYS OF APLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. WILL YOU GIVE US YOUR ATTENTION WHILE YOU NOTE OUR PROGRESS FROM THE DESIGNERS-- TO THE DRAFTSMEN-- TO THE ASSEMBLY LINE-- T0 THE TEST FIELD-- TO TH CAR TRANSPORT-- TO THE SHOW ROOM-- TO YOU. AIIMINISTHATIUN ----7--""""N A1.1N Q ' FROM THE DESIGNERS BOARD OF EDUCATION STANDING Jake Mehmen, Woodrow Schuck, Henry Jungling. SEATED I G Harken, Secretary, G. B. Eckles, D. G. Keoppel, Superintendent, M A Woodcock, President, Abe Voogd, Treasurer. SUPERINTENDENT Class of 1957: You have spent the past four years in the factory of Aplington High School and you are now ready for the highway of life as a 1957 model. The highway ahead is full of CURVES iCare1essness, Uncharitableness, Reck- lessness, Vices, Errors,and Selfishnessl which must be met with caution in obsenn ing the rights of others. The factory crew extends its best Yishes for success in your drive through ife. FACULTY NORMA ABBAS BQAQ, Io SO To Cl Homemaking R. C. BASKINS B.A., Wartburg, Upper Iowa Band WILLIAM A. H ODERICK B.A., I. S. T. C. Science Social Science, Girls' Coach JANET DAMM Wartburg College Vocal Music MABEL HARKEN B.A., BQAO, I0 Sl Tl C0 Social Science, English VERNON HERWIG B.S., Iowa State College Agriculture WILLIS L. JOHNSON B.A., Nebraska S. T. C. I. Arts, Mathematics, Boys' Coach SYLVIA MARTIN QNot pictured, Iowa State Teachers College Algebra, 7th and 8th Math MILDRED MICHENER M.S., Drake University English, Dramatics PRINCIPAL To The Students: It's the performance that counts! On the highway or in the schoolroom, the sleek, external appearance rated high,it is true. But of far deeper consequence is the actual performance of the automo- bile--or the performance of the high school student. TOP PERFORMANCE should be our goal! Some say that the car of the future may have its speed and steering automa- tically controlled by electronic devices Perhaps there will be better ways of di- rection extended to human life too. Until such day arrives, 1957 goals and values should be of the highest quality. a1Z,2,,721. rdf' 1 K A Vi! fs 2' 'E-uf 'SEQ sf? 5 5 X 'PM I 1+ a .fa S I Io,Mffs Q aaawa,swWwsws wg'qgwaw fg w . af ,nn . M, if5?f,f5:KS ' , Prix? ff si?L,J'w ff-f ff.-'wig w.1,f.,,, ,S -fagrwf.-it fs 9 5 A ,gg 4 Y fi. - 3 in X 4 Q ww, xfi?l'ffl :ff iffff 79-Ti sffiwg 3 YL f '5 PHYLLIS BAUSMAN Iowa State Teachers College Seventh and Eighth CAROL CUVELIER Ellsworth J. C., I Third Grade BETTY DRALLE 1. s. 'r. c., wal-nb ur Fourth Grade NORMA DUIT Grades . S. T. C. g College Ellsworth Junior College Fifth Grade RITA JANE HAPPEL Wartburg College Sixth and Seventh Grades CARLENE HARTY Ellsworth Junior College Third Grade BEVERLY JAMISON Iowa State Teacher Second Grade GRACE KREGEL s College B.A. Iowa State Teachers College First Grade MARJORIE LOCKARD Upper Iowa Univers Kindergarten NANCY MEIER Wartburg College Fourth Grade FAYE ROHWEDDER Iowa State Teacher Fifth Grade MARIAN ROSS Central College Second Grade NORMA SCHERMER ity -5 s College Ellsworth Junior College First Grade ,TOM WILLIAMS Ellsworth Junior C Sixth and Seventh ollege Grades E l0li l '-' H Q QJO"? ,? T0 THE DRAFTSMEN' LELAND MEYER 'Lee' 'Honesty and ability are the foundations of his success Baseball l,2,3,L, Basketball l,2,3,4gClass Officer 1,2,h, Glee Club l,2,3,hg Librarian hgMixed Chorus l,2,3,h, 'Panther' Staff bg Plays 1,33 Student Council A, Vocal Small Groups l,2,3,b. SANDRA CHRISTENSEN 'Sandy' 'A case of quality--not quantity.' Band 1,2 3,hg 'Chatter' Staff 3,hg Class Officer l,3,l+g Glee Club 1,2,3,z,g Librarian l,2,3g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,kg 'Panther' Staff bg Play 35 Student Council 3. ALDA KOENEN 'Koon' 'A girl who's fun, and gets things done.' Band 1,2 3,hg 'Chatter' Staff 3,Lg Class Officer 2,3,hg Glee Club 1,2 3,bgInstrumental Small Groups l,2,3,4g Librarian lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3 L5 'Pan- ther' Staff ug Plays 1,35 Speech Contest LgStudent Council lg Vocal Small Groups l,2,3,h. ' LARRY snmzus 'KNQHWN' 'The world needs improvementg that's why I'm here.' Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 23 'Panther' Staff A Plays 1,33 Student Council President A. BONNIE SCHURMAN 'Chick' 'The world was made to enjoy, so she's making the most of it.' Band 1,2 3,bg Basketball lg 'Chatter' Staff 1,2 3, ug Cheerleader l,2,3,Lg Class Officer 1,2,3g Glee Club l 2,3,L: Homecoming Candidate 33 Instrumental Small troups 2,3iLg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Lg 'Pan- gher' Staff Lg P ays 1,33 Softball 3,LgVocal Small roups , . ANNA SCHIPPER 'Antje' 'Always ready to laugh.' 'Chatter' Staff 2,bg 'Panther' Staff bg Librarian 1-a2s3' - LAVERNE EILERS 'Hank' 'Scratch him off your list, girls.' Baseball l,2,3,hg Basketball l 2,3,hg Mixed Chorus lg 'Panther' Staff kg Plays l, . n5"w NNN DARLA KAY MENNEN HK!! 'With one exception, men mean nothing to her.' Band lg Baton Twirler l,2g 'Chatter' Staff 2,3,bg Editor of the 'Panther' Ll., Glee Club l,2,3,l,g gibragian 3,hg Majorette 3,bgMixed Chorus 1,2,3,Lg ay . Q f CAROL LUPKES 'Carol Lee' 'Smart, but doesn't adver- tise the fact.' """"' Glee Club 2,3,Lg Librarian 33 Mixed Chorus 2,3,hg'Pan- ther' Staff bg Play 3. A DENNIS RENKEN 'Denny' 'Girls are so necessary.' Band 1 2,3,bg Baseball 1,2,3,hgF. F. A.2 3,hg Glee Club l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus 1,25 3,hg Play 33 Student Council 23 Voca Small Groups 2,3,h. ELIZABETH TER HARK 'Liz' 'Nice to have around.' 'Chatter' Staff l,hg 'Panther' Staff bg Play 35 Student Manager 3. JOYCE KRAMER IJOYN 'She who sings, drives away sorrow.' Band l,2,3,hg 'Chatter' Staff 35 Cheer- leader 1,33 Class Officer l 3, Glee Club l,2,3,hg Instrumental Small Groups l,3, kg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Lg 'Panther' Staff Ag Plays 1,3g Speech Contest Ag Vocal Small Groups l,3,b. HAROLD BEHRENDS 'Squeak' 'As noisy as a mouse.' Baseball l,2,3,g Basket ball l,2,3g F.F.A. 2,3, 'Panther' Staff L Pla MYRNA MEINDERS WMern' NAll that glitters is not goldg sometimes it's a diamond.N Band 1 2,3,hg WChatterW staff l,2,3,I.,g Glee Club l,2,3,hg Librarian Q Mixed Chorus 1,2 3,43 WPanther' Staff Ag Play 33 Vocal Groups 3,h. BETTY ROPS WBetz' 'Full of pep from top to toe.' Basketball 2,3,Lg WChatterN Staff Lg 'PantherN Staff Lg Play 33 Softball 3,L. GAYLAN HEMPEN NGQYN 'Further proof that gentlemen prefer blondes.' Baseball 2,Lg Basketball 1,Lg Glee Club l,2,3,hg Homecoming King Ag Mixed Chorus l,2,3,Lg Play 3gWPanther' Staff Lg Vocal Small Groups 2. GLENDA M NNEN 'Bubbles' WSome think the world is made for fun and frolic--and so do I.' Basketball 2,3,hg Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 2g Play 3. BETTY MEHMEN 'BetzW WQuiet, but ready for fun! Band lg Basketball l,2,3, bg WChatter' Staff 2,33 Glee Club 1,2,3,b: H0me- coming Queen Lg Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3 Lg 'PanbhePn Staff Lg Play 33 Softball gm 3,1190 NORMA SMITH 'Norm' 'Her outward shyness hides a friendly nature.' Baton Twirler 23 'Panther' Staff L. JAMES MILLER 'Jim' 'All the world's a stage on which to act my comedy' Baseball l 2,3,bg Basketball 1,25 Mixed Chorus lg 'Panther' gtaff h. 1 is. JAMES ASWEGEN 'Ozzie' 'I hurry notg neither do I worry.' Glee Club l,2,33 Mixed Chorus l,2,3g 'Panther' Staff L. KENNETH VAN DYKE ,M 'Kenny' 'A quiet, unobtrusive fel1ow.' Qs . Baseball lgBasketbal1 l3Play 3:'PantheF' Staff he 5' K5miS3 le s 21 SENIORS BACCALAUREATE MAY 12, 1957 COMMENCEME NT MAY lb, 1957 CLASS MOTTO 'THEY CONQUER WHO BELIEVE THEY CAN.' CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER RED ROSE C L A S S R I N G QQ U W 'fgggx angie, P aw' fi 7ij,4.ww-'O 3L 5 J,-ff E W F f , N W f 4533? f af 2 , 0 f ff RW MW JP? ff' t , , ff ' iw ffff W , pf! UNIIERULASSMEN f lf. U -Q- I Q . T:-v - -:ummm ik E E in J . . ci - f"'!4. -1 ai' fl?" fl- ffm!" T0 THE ASS MBLY IN J' we - I to . r.f1n.- ev, ' x,1 .K A 1-'T' Y, ' ,.-591149 AN"-4195? i WHVW, 1' 've nv ' Q ' 'f 'ff' W maya 441, wary, tg ew A nz. s .Q Ha- if If , - ,g f V, I K 1 ds. Larry Birley, Charles Borneman, Carol Cuvelier, Jerald DeBoer, Darla Dekker, Roger Doescher, Gertie Folkers, Lois Hartman, Barton Immings, Lois Johnson, Judy Keoppel, Judy Klingenborg, Larry Lindeman, Mary Lindeman, Kirk McLaren. JUNIOR CLASS Carol Mennen, Patty Nevenhoven, Sidney Penning, Ruth Ploeger, Dorothy Renken, Roger Renken, Mary Rops, Ronald Schoneman, Marcella Sherburne Charlotte Thompson, Diletta Ulfers, Jane Weber, Donald Willeke, Raymond Wiilis, Marilyn Zech. , f Y Q W 'V k .., ' 1 1 -l" ' V , ,n,d . . ' 15 a ff 19-573 ' ,e fs, iff.-1'-."s I ' Rf' ia W ,. Q ' 4 D adid ' ,sw ' ' "' A r a n,1Q W' K fd' R nne, R F W L .wk ,k,L fi , q Ak , . . J V . , i A NR E. . ,i a I A I Y.-. .diffs - , .. D ynw , f We S Q A 5 nj. da .an ,,.- , H 'E Q5 ' -13 y 2 .n, Q X A A I 3 'xv I r,-f J . - - -J A X , sash F Sv? V' g. 'H' x '45 in as 5 w ,Q x X M353 M Q E ' K X L if 5 . Q ya k JP? Q ,X is 53 x it EN . K 1 Q S. an , . , .. ,, , x :Q x As! ,J e .5:,, ix X V ,N Q fu all G E:,k H W , kk K L Q I 5 l 5 Ex 3 L '33 if L V do I Q. , - eeo e ' ef VV- -. - In kk-" a n 'iff 1f- ffii i X . . Marvin DeGroot.e, Geraldine Dilley, Larry Elliott, Douglas Freeseman, David Groeneveld, Donald Groeneveld, Larry Groothuis, Evelyn Haan, Ruth Ann Hansen, Dick Hempen, John Hippen, Janice Johnson, Joyce Jungling, Ruth Jungling, LaVerne Junker, Dennis Koenen, Jacob Kole, Tim Limburg, Robert Lindaman. SOPHOMORE CLASS Margery Maifeld, Johannes Meester Judy Mennen, Karen Mennen, Wendell Meyer, Floyd Miller, Stanley Miller, Violet Schipper, Darla Schu1tz,De1ene Siebranda, Bruce Uhlenhopp, John Jltterbach, Alida Valentine, John Voss. I 8 - J . 'l ' ' ra M nnnne .., e ee f or , Af- T ' , . Tl :': f -' 1 Q , 5? ' t " ," he af Wi 'gif . "Q 1 e eeea Q n uf ' L QI, . - K: 'Q :,:" X: '- 7 L Alyi 'N , - L wil l e , ,,, D i n.,, j xg er , so J Q' J J 3 on 7 1, K AF ' e A Q -V .- J Yi gf-1.6 'Q VW? 5 K . 7, it i ,:: , V K S: V ia - : A Q9 sl ,, if J If -1 ELV i . ,5..' : fri :" , rj ,, .5n, -W 1 sf : eau.. . . K K D ati. J J eee e e ' ee My ,ner . L J an as 7 allr ' Jedleee o r Jres nesd M L ' We , J ii ., f,I' ' ' - 5 S I 4 . , Y S: . i in L' .. f Mn, .4 W " .. D 5 9 V -ws'f' D ' V R nga' aim sa- .. 58. 3 Y . 4 ' K C"!QlrfQ '1-X' A :', ,cr 33 153 Fav Q X J: SW I .8 K, .. , N -.Q fig- 3 -Q-,--. is "" as 594 ' 'f .. 7 .hgfx f 23 , ...Q u A ,Q , ka' 'X , Frances Aswegen, Larry Behrends, Virgil Byl, Carol DeVries, Daryl DeVries, Harold DeVries, Ruth DeVries, Lanny Diekman, Roger Eilderts, Lorna Groothuis, Judith Haats, Junior Haats, Dennis Janssen, Billy Jungling, Eunice Jungling, Esther Klahsen, Diane Klooster, Rodney Kramer. FRESHMAN CLASS Wendell Luchtenburg Inez Mennen Virginia Miller, Judy Muller, Nancy Ontjes, Noreen Peters, Donald Poppens, Arlene Ridder, Arthur Schipper,Esther Schipper, Larry Schipper, Carolyn Schuck, Tom Smircich, Gary Smith, Ruth Ulfers, Ralph Voogd, Janet Voss, Elaine Willis. 'fm-L Q-. ,Q- wf , f - fn. cg ',f'. SQL- L: 3 4 rv' ,N ,,', ' V , Q , ty Al. afe -' E fs !"f me m A In . V V -nk 'Nw ' ,fs iif? hf. mf E, GQ IFA, ifkpbhg w F :O ffJ :', J . hr k g ,.-- QQ , I ,K 5, F R -1 '."' fi: A s W 1 've E -K ' ' K. ,A 1 . 1 ' 'Y B ' ' '5 A D' ' 42 y as lf" i E7 air . ' sa, ' J GRADE il X 9 A 7 5 ai W SG 'L Q "A7Mi'17 rflrlmzim 6 T 0 T H E TE ST FIELD- -mf Yew: ee you J -. . , 3 ,J s J, Gary Alberts, Phyllis Birley, Eunice Boelman, Robert Boelman, Marvin Boelman, Judy B uns Dennis Buseman, Vernon Byl, Allan Christopherson, John Cooking, Sheryl Dehoer, Gary DeVries, Linda DeVries, Billy Hansen, Dennis Hippen, Clifford Janssen Darrell Johnson, Marcella Kalkwarf, Donna Kampman, Darwin Kampman, Ester Klingenborg. EIGHTH GRADE Arlen Kromminga, Mavis Krull, Charles Lindaman, Gary Lindaman, Judith Linda- man, Mary Kay Lindaman, Karen Mennen, Sharon Mennen, Gerald Meyer, Sheryl Meyer Jimmy Ridder, Duane Schipper, Janice Schipper, Larry Schipper, Lila Schnell, Vernon Schoneman, Dwayne Sents, Jana Stukenberg, June Uhlenhopp, Colleen Whitman, Sharon Winkowitsch, Diana Wolff, Miss Bausman, teacher. o -R , 5 , J J J wal ts' IIUIM EJ ,i'!E:3Q y aa n , yl Rfk . ne ' if. Flhi X QIKK mmm' asap frgaal '-E, Q Ltsgm, ,gfsvfge e o ssaase as an. z 157 "' NPN we ' a s f- ,. L.. A K A K . , . , - , . . . ' ' . ,J K . " K , ,N . - L fl 'ik A ' 'Q - Li'L - ' .- 43 " 3 . NIL- S K SK S K K .., K, :K . K KKK KK .36 x Q-.5-gr' f i " . 1 L 'Q" - f ' f K ' ntn K K ihk :EL K J '--' s ' Q . + 1 ' s 1' R Q. - R J ,N W'f":a 1 . .. . K ' K K ..K A 'Q . K . NK K -, ,Qi KKKQQQKQ K K K eg ,Www t ra-K KWKK K s K 1 'W f' ' - A 21, ' -Map - f ' 1' " ig fi K . ' ff!z'.Q' - f QE 7 YQ f M. digg? eiai R mx. Esggni I QE? K K KK. Q- 'K .. L.h- ,K K ..-: f L . KK K KK K .K N . KK .::.,, A iq Q... K K -KQ K l- , Q ,Q H fn .rosy ? fr in ' -" ',: ,. .' : -L A x X L A la . R an KK.KK - Kr 1 K as K 3' ,YW N0 ' ' ' 1 , , . 4-we R , L ... y P . L L , ,Q L .1 I L .,,.' ' K1 KK? ' 1 K , KK K . KK , . ' L Q 'Q I - 1 ' D 3. 5 ase Q D J - i 7 . ' f D '- . KKK. '. K .- . . ' K 4 . .KKK K 1 KE- . . 'Q KK - :L K' 5-1 Q -K 5 ,Eff ggi? , K K , -,KX ., R mfr 115: ' :. at g.s ,affeff 1-21 as x .Af R N KF GI g f K " fe 6 Jf J m . W' . M' S' 5 , - l - f. . J . .. 1 - sr. ' :' 1 - s ,"' - 'ff of '-if . R -Q' X W K i' ,K. K' L A TA? 3 f j x - ,. Q . l . , -Q . .ff . .N T :H V . . T Q' 'Y X' 'Q . ..., KK K . 5 1 K my K K ' K ,Ai K . . K ,K N D ' ' SQ ff . 7 ' K X .. -av Q .. Rf . ' P- .., . fl f ', '..'f 1 " 1 N szvzuru GRADE SKK E. Marvin Aalderks, Janice Bakker, Wayne Brower, Duane Buseman Betty Cooking, Tom DeGroote, Lois DeVries, Gary Diekman, Sharon Diekman, Viola Eilderts, Ricky Elliott, Connie Faint, Delores Flesner Merna Frey, Neil Goldhorn, Kenneth Haats, Gordon Hippen, Brenda Hook, floyd Hook, Dennis Johnson, Merna Jungling, Paul Jungling, Ronald Jungling, Lorene Junker, Ardith Kannegeitor, Paul Koenen, Karen Lindaman, Lynda Lindeman, Wenlyn Lindaman, Ronald Maifeld, Roger Meester, Marlene Mehmen, James Meinders, Lesley Mennen, Ronald Mennen Fred Meyer, Ronald Meyer, Vivian Penning, Kenneth Renken, Leland Renken, Paul Schuck, Linda Smeins Linda Uhlenhopp, Sandra Weichers, Jim Willeke, Judy Willeke, Joan Wolff, Dalen Siebrands, Darrell Van Ellen, Mr. Williams, teacher r J 2 its 4 'if nt x 5, ,H 22 y -, an .4 W .Q X X H 5' X 1. X x. ,sis Elaine Christopherson, Roger Cordes, Max Dilly, Linda Lee DeVries,Carol Dreyeq Milo Eckles, Dixie Lee Faint, Linda Gerdes, Blythe Haan, Dennis Johnson, Linda Hemmen, Judy Klooster, Steven Kramer, Linda Luchtenburg, Lee Meyer. SIXTH GRADE Jeanette Meyer, Marilyn Meyer, Marcia McLaren,Sharon Muller,Norma Jean Peters, Dianne Renken, Noel Rewerts, Linda Ridder, Kenneth Sents, Ronald Schipper, Dennis Schipper, Eldon Schipper, Louis Schoeneman Jr., Lowell Speaker, Duane Van Heiden, Miss Happel, teacher. I is Dj. I .:,., , ,A kb ,V ' 'I 3. we 4 s sw,E g'fwm ,X -'15 .fy -, A X X - Q In i ,z 'la"Q'5'E :AQ D ..e FRXYXVEQS Q 3' M 1 ' P '- I a ru .. - . .. .. .. , - ' ijQfi gain FKA ikwe Wg, X . .. W is if W fag: 2:Q2 . g as Craig Ayers, Julianne Byl, Juliann Cuvelier, Charlene Druvenga Christie Fisher, Stanley Gerdes, Vionne Hann, Paulette Huisinga, Carol Jungling, Carol Koop, Doyle Kramer, Dennis Mennen, David Miller, Rosemary Nelson, Craig Oldenburger, Janet Ostercamp, Marilyn Renken, Kenneth Schipper,Gary Sherburne, Larry Sherburne, Norma Smith, Ronnie Van Ellen, Keith Winterberg, Miss Duit, teacher. FIFTH GRADE Ronald Abbas, David Boelman, Richard Cocking, Ruth DeVries, Henry Eiklenborg, Carol Flesner, Lowell Gieseke, George Hemmen, Jurene Janssen, Audrey Kampman, Kenneth Koop, Sharon Kuiper, Linda Mennen, Keith Muller, Judy Ohrt Sonja Oldenburger, Diane Ploeger, Carol Schaap, Bob Schurman, Benjamin Smircich Kent Uhlenhopp, Sharon Uhlenhopp, Suzanne Voogd, Mrs. Rohwedder, teacher. ,K Q ,Vis QQ, . .' N HV, Q ,w. ug Y r , '. 0 K ' , 'A ' . 5' f. ' QF' A ': . ' er Q ' -X X- D ':kk: f5fk15' E : V 1 - :I " If YK WV 1: 1. g K v K I :if S n as "' -- esses S as an S 'tru 'lf' 5 an S as S. - J - . as f C ,:. , S no J , 6 ' a Q In MQ. ,ab , e-e me g 3 . 1 I M : N 4 V- .,, R- M' ! E , gg 5 nlk if . X X 3 V Q ,fs X M ,... eb A C M nyy, 1 , ,,, ff ,,, , Q 1 4 4 Tam, Q4 A M L ,M ' , i, ,- A P M 1. ' ti A Q 4 QM., , 1 ,,, M 1 X w ' is S f , . A -q J .K -3 ,53 iikk , L- 1 1 , ki 4, X W f'-X axis M X X . . , X in h . A .s i ,-.' A 'A , ,p,."' , N., A ., x R . ' if . an L A, il A , t 5 F, .f . AN . C- 5 5 is 5 -. ... ' - . . . ' ' -I xr J ' 1: 3 F 2 -av' 1 ' K Q' . . .A W , .- . , ., . y wi fwmg'3 H Twfg J 1 Wdkwaw -. f 5 ir -'e4 E Qlgf Smal SS , :Jawa Q S gi ea 'lihhif S I .iel Q xeeng : E af lk as h Q! s J? g S ..:. ... A ' f x y a e FOURTH GRADE Russell Buseman, Dean Eisentrager Gene Eisentrager Dianna Fertig, Janelle Freeseman Tommy Goldhorn, Sheryl Herwig, Howard Huislnga, Karne Junker,Milton Kramer, Howard Lindaman, Becky Lindaman, Velda Luchtenburg, Dianne Meyer, Vicky Meyer, Leland Neymeyer, Mary Ontjes, Barbara Peters, Jo Ann Schipper, Peggy Stubbe, Cletus Uhlenhopp, Von Uhlenhopp, Larry VanEllen, Terry VanEllen, Kendale Winkowitsch, Susan Zech, Miss Dralle, teacher. Suzanne Ayres, Gary DeBoer, Patricia Duhn, Gregory Elliott,David Fisher, Steven Gerdes, Duane Harms, Charlene Janssen, Henry Jungling, Joanne Kampman, Wendell Kromminga, James Lindaman, Michael Maifield, Meyer, Jeanne Meyer, Connie Miller, Gayle Neymeyer, Irwin Schipper Schipper, Linda Schoeneman Luann Schoeneman Allen Tjabring J Uhlenhopp, Dennis Weichers, James Willis, Miss Meier, teacher. , " 'f s Haig ,ru Q - Q . 3 J .. 5 rli 5 52 1 1 v Q rs TNS 'E:s:-,seif-is .. Q , N S X wx sr' if we wiht :. L , 5 X Q 5 'Q . , f Q .,g3w V-LV .b , 1 A A Q f of 'E as 5.5 f,V Eg lsghpl 3 : -' f.,,r -e ,lx L F -A M L 4 L 1 X fe- '2 Q' ' ',. ' .n,:,,, QR I r Sharlene Alberts, Terrill Diekman, Joan Eilderts, Suzie Fertig, Paulette Frey, Rodney Hartman, Diane Hemmen, Larry Jungling, Elaine Klahsen, Nedra Kramer, Lesley Lindaman, Lois Meester, Nora Meyer, Ronald Miller, Gregory Sents, Eldon Uhlenhopp, Linda Willeke, LaDonna Wolff, LaDonnis Wolff, Mrs. Harty, teacher. THIRD GRADE Judy Abbas, Charles Anders, Leland Buseman, Beverly Eilderts, Peggy Faint, Jon Fisher, Leland Gieseke, Judy Hemmen, Darlene Heikens, Stephen Junker, Nadine Koop, Keith Lindaman, Sidney Mennen, Wanda Meyer, Terry Muller, Alan Rewerts, Elaine Schipper, Patty Smircich, Dennis Winterberg, Mrs. Cuvelier, teacher. - I fx 2 'W Q ."' ' nv Q f, A 42 ly it D- ,J-V , lift, 3 A J' I ,E M A A in ' A fe A fd' n ee l ' f- 'A , A A L. 5? .. . . I t L at dl I X R , ' 40 r, 'Y' 4 he 0 1 ,YQ :S , I V 5 , . D V xi, 4 h f ' -' . . ar.: , .,:, g X Lass - I -.. M uw Q Q 5 W ' 4 , T R . in ' , Q Lb Y Y We is A ? as ' ' A Y ' J up A V . l f . Q 1 A i, . Is. ' 1 96 , E 7 g K g at ri' 3 Ei 10 ff! 3 g we . g is 4-N, f ,gf I -wax, R M W -at as , , ,J s,,, , ,E R H ,ii M, E, A J .ss 4 55, IIEE J Y C E I 5. L , ' 'fi' C1 , Q , 1 , M, 2 1 qw'WK "' gale X ' A - - Louis Bakker, Teresa DeVries, Rebecca Dreyer, Janice Duhn, Linda Elliott, Judy Finger, Craig Frey, Linda Herwig, Duane Janssen, Terrill Kannegieter, Patricia Klooster Mark Kramer, Kathleen Lindaman, Marilyn Mehmen Marcia Neymeyer. Suzanne 6stercamp, Roger Perry, Ilene Rewerts, Bonnie Sessler, Phillip Smith, Patty Stubbe, Larry Uhlenhopp, Claudine Whitman, Miss Ross, teacher. SECOND GRADE Sharon Boelman, Vernon DeVries, Paulette Druvenga, Jeffrey Elliott, Paul Jay Elliott, Kathleen Fisher Jolene Frey, Judy Hartman Lisa Hoffman,Linda Homan, Barbara Kampman, Linda K ahsen, Connie Koppedryer, ldon Krul1,Janice Maifeld, Kathleen Meyer, Douglas Neymeyer, Neale Oldenburger Anthony Peters Stanley Schipper, Jackie Sherburne, Denton Uhlenhopp V orie Voogd, Paul Willis, Miss Jamison, teacher NOT PICTURED Steven hoemaker s ., , . I , M'h5t.l?X A ' ' :Zi ,, I ls L 'T' lfyaa' ,,-s 1 , Q w ,. x 1 an gsm i 1 1 1 15: al C : g 0 f ' 1 if 1 V at 1 ,f A -1 N, 'sv 5' Q' 4'-.3 .5 :xg f w, in Q xy ' xg' . .X 4 S S Q ff- X' ff 1 N Q Q 'f H .f f .. H 5, ' ,X Ni' , V E ,. 9 , f .ll' ". S 1 f me E "e2 QEE .'l P' eeee l Q N'W iF, is , 3' 5' 'l ff , I N ff.. if B L, K . A ri J f. ,x y Q My . H A 1 K t . P vv- ,,.,, fi- ,Q Q, ' i f 4. , X .,,., s as . .. . s- A ,- lt 6 , A T KW , G' W f' ' u A W' X ,e ll xg 1 2 ML AY , . a J 3 f , , ,Y O- A QE -1 K , ,Q 'ff 43, r V ,L ,Q ti 3 4 'Sm' .44 I , rg' Lg' .fl Q as X .wg '55 1 N x at .qs 5 H 'c 'N , 'T 1. Rx, 3 f ff J fi-Ra ef "' f B , , , f1, ,D Q f I X. Q Linda Behrends, Pamela Brouwer, Shirley Cordes, Belva Doescher,Nancy Druvenga, Marlene Eiklenborg, Duane Eisentrager, Jeffrey Johnson, William Kampman, Sheila Mennen, David Miller, LaVern Mudderman, David Muller, Paulette Neymeyer, Alan Ostercamp, Wayne Perry, James Ploeger, Carol Schipper, Sharon Schipper, Darwin Uhlenhopp, Claudette Whitman, Miss Schermer, teacher. NOT PICTURED: FIRST GRADE Donna Abbas, Delores Bornenan, Stephen Brouwer, Theresa Cuve1ier,Martha Dreyeq JoAnn Eiklenborg, Jeanne Everts, Pauletta Kampman, Nancy McLaren Wayne Meyer, Mark Miller, Ramona Muller, Noel Oldenburger, Gary Ostercamp, herald Peters Rebecca Reinecke, Inez Schipper, Becky Smircich, Joyce Van Dyk, David Wolff, David Sonnenberg, Miss Kregel, teacher. Stanley Shoemaker. N msg K 4 K 'L '. xi El' X x , Q. . -iq .V 17247, 4 :tw rx? aff- -s X , J Q 5 t , . K Z' """f ,Br D' x '1 " t Q ., E ' bkh, , ,M , V K gg .-it.: - X H - lt .1 A N A J A N W' A . pn 3, 10. 'av A B g , ia' K ,BL .0 N Q , A nr v fin, A J 4 fx M" A .L ,. A A : ,.,, N A ,I 1, e 'o Lg ' g 3 by b .g Qi , T. 46 if L. , Z , fav 5 - ' 'G 3: f , L V fi -Q W 1 an L J - .fs " K ,L L I in 3 v K I 5' bi A f K, ,Q k" . 5,5 . 'A U L K J' ' :If ' ,Lg. tiff QEI: Q 3 sl 5 ffbf Q fy ML 'aij a+ 'J L 'w inf? J JL'm,e-A - gd S1 ' 5lL.ay L fwss,, Illuinill digg-e .. a1E-s- W J K4 I K 4 K I . ,, i faviv l 'R ,tx A qt ' 5. K Y-K ' 5' Q if is I 5 ff fg'?'?F: ' 35 Y. Q in N X .. S 3 st! 4 .5 in 1 , in ,. .. Y , Q -5 rf X QQ 1: asf 4 f " by 'Q ,Q9 , J ngngg ' '2., Q Q. or " J , V, I as as J aw! 2. ,gf ' L L 4 Linda Sue Acker, Clareen Best, Colette Cuvelier, Judy Eilderts, Joel Frey, Larry Gieseke, Melinda Harken, Glenda Hippen, Mona Huisinga, Vernon Jungling, Larry Koppedryer, Marilyn Lindaman, Terry Mennen, Paulette Muller, Bobby Ostercamp, Merle Schipper, Sandra Sents Dianna Uhlenhopp, Cinda Wessels, Gaylen winner-berg. NOT PICTURED: Michael shoemaker. KINDERGARTEN Barbara Ayers, Roger Byl, Joyce Dekker, Glenn Frey, Kevin Frey,Gerald Haan, Joyce Heitland, Johnny Hovenga, Sandra Johnson, Leon Koop, Jeanie Kuiper, Margaret Lindaman, Martin Maifield, Charlotte Mennen, Karen Meyer Marjorie Nelson, Lloyd Schoeneman, David Stukenberg,Bernita Vanderwerf,Russell Willeke, Marvin Wooldridge, Miss Lockard, teacher. e M i ,ef .5 : A- V 5' am, Q Eg .' f ' 'Z 'QD ' ' H Q a X ACTIVITIES Y E5 Am 7 L T0 THE, CAR TRANSPOR PANTHER STAFF STANDING: Betty Rope, Betty Mehmen, Dennis Renken, Glenda Mennen, Carol Lupkes, Norma Smith, Alda Koenen, Bonnie Schurman. Gaylan Hempen, LaVerne Eilers, Harold Behrends, Jim Miller, Kenneth VanDyk, Jim Aswegan. SEATED: Mr. Michener Elizabeth TerHark, Sandra Christensen, Mary Lindeman, Darla Mennen, Anna Schipper, Myrna Meinders, Leland Meyer, Joyce Kramer. EDITOR Darla Mennen ASSISTANT EDITOR Mary Lindeman ADVERTISING MANAGER Sandy Christensen BUSINESS MANAGER Larry Smeins ACTIVITIES EDITOR LaVerne Eilers ART EDITOR Alda Koenen CLASS EDITOR Joyce Kramer FEATURE EDITORS Myrna Meinders, Anna Schipper SPORTS EDITORS Leland Meyer, Betty Mehmen TYPIST Elizabeth Ter Hark PHOTOGRAPHERS Darla Mennen Mary Lindeman STAFF M MBERS: Harold Behrends, Gaylan Hempen, R Carol Lupkes, Glenda Mennen, James Mil1er,Dennis Y Renken, Betty Rops, Bonnie Schurman, Norma Smith, Kenneth Van Dyk. FACULTY Anvxsmz Lyle M- Michener DARLA MENNEN EDITOR STAFF MEMBERS AT WORK Nu- M . MICHENER ADVISER CHATTER STAFF STANDING: Myrna Meinders, Elizabeth Terl-lark Ruth Ulfers. Judy Keoppel, Marilyn Zech, Darla Mennen, Gertie Folkers, Ralph Voogd, Bruce Uhlenhopp,Stan Miller, Mrs. Michener Betty Mehmen, Bonnie Schurman. SEATED: Betty Hops, Sandy Christensen, Darla Schultz, Alda Koenen, Charlotte Thompson, Evelyn Haan, Anna Schipper. EDITOR Alda Koenen ASSISTANT EDITORS Charlotte Thompson Darla Schultz FEATURE wanna Bruce Uhlenhopp SPECIAL EVENTS Judy Keoppel, Evelyn Haan INTERVIEWS Darla Mennen, Ralph Voogd GRADE REPORTERS Ruth Ann Hansen, Sandra Christensen HI-HIGHLIGHTS Bonnie Schurman, Myrna Meinders, Gertie Folkers JUNIOR HI-HIGHLIGHTS Ruth Ulfers SPORTS REPORTERS Stanley Miller, Marilyn Zech TYPISTS Elizabeth Ter I-lark, Betty Rops, Anna Schipper Betty Mehmen FACULTY Anvxsnn Mrs. Lyle M. Michener Mrs. Lyle M. Michener ' Adviser - v - . 1 - u - A ' U - zu-monuoxns , H Mc' lunamuscmofduiw sauna mmm 3 A UID I0 ll 'Ill NIV! ""'Y"""'1""" eu,fneuommmoverQand It 'nh hamunu-zw2A:n:::: a-in mr -fnsgn',wmena1 Ofbhsldlvdzwhuvw-henpzmgmuumaapnvu ,,,,,,',,,,mmM.,omm eimsahonliln, -PWWWWTWWWQUW ,svithone hmm-ed'elc-. 8,,,,,.sndywnud'-Ryan' 1'-ffaapaneevvnsenauoxnnre. 10'1W'U00910ff-ebHM1'm1'- mmm-hrahmahunamooi ,,,,,,,i,m,,,m,,,m,um NUWWFJJJ S """f"""'l1"F'm'W"s"f"""' " WW 'WW amuumonmnay wana u--utor'1ooduueu"wmeavu mmmlwwwiik aafweaquu-eaanoeeufmnn ,,,,m,,',h,,,,,',,Q,,,h,, allwantendiarktor, irillnnctimllyfly. nntil9:415,endthnpopandm.mdd,h-u,,.,.k,qM,u Va-unn'um'uaunuwnh9vv 'mWM'N'Hm'HHHwSb ua vueaunasrunmmg,,,,,,u, ,,, A,,h my mpmmveourpmmuzgmm. W' WY mm wma mmha,,,,,,,,g,am,,,,,m,,,,,m,, I-In iw Www". which A-titer -when me wma ax uumruena-ty ummm 1 ' ffmwestnitlh-voicpagiogzrbas: BD". HIKQCRHONIUWI haxnd o-aaa-amnuv'wmunauluu 'mm' y ufpwumn an umuc une d,,,uhm ,m,.cdh,.m, ,mustiuve pe .mmwnwf ugmxreellezxwe allen- mummm whmmdm Lg-Arrow 1 -mm" of wifi- .ygwaummsawqzsum-sy was ,GN m ww mmkh we an nw. m bww ' ffI aggaavywg,?fe 'dm""aRhNN'N NW ummm mruhmuune run o-n tor Jarman' of nn J- - n,enn ., ms' W "ch" mn" 9 ,S ,N . f 'hiya ynss we fwlfihv S.. em-new 'WN' WU 'M W' Abi ' Hn' mmuwuaummumm-a"""'N7'0 'W' 'NW5 WU?-Nf.U'00fUN5WB+n,,g.Vg,m'gj5.,uQ,g,m, ,mmlmeswnwpugrnnuhmeanooukuqotoot-I BI' """""' 'hw 'W' HJNWW :mms written "- WUNUU' we mm Ugg u,"5"'y"""e s,yn., A f- he A ana. mmwmlumhnah- 9' 'MW' NU' Haul? 'M nuns .cuvxun -- or mea-'f W0 WW WY WWWW i . ., an A K' K. V ,Qin-agp? ' ,, :Cx A - - . " - XJ, eh I nygty A, INTINBWINGRQIHAAND mm W li , ,aya ynynn 5 asey , -- Nh Ulilllln canes: nun' mf' It I fflyy .....""..-M" 'J 'B ""s " """ """"' iii L: 4, kkfk -- K kr H 'nik 'get 'Q .re kkxtnw m md' ta' mm' WWC 'N' 'DW mmm Nam' LARRY SM INS r3r'?'i1"q .Q 24 'ions' L A . x K A XL ' , 4 PRESIDENT LUNCHROOM POSTERS CHRISTMAS PARTY ROLLER SKATING SQUARE DANCES NOON PING PONG STUDENT COUNCIL HOMECOMING STANDING: Wenlyn Lindaman, Larry Elliott, Donald Willeke, Leland Meyer, Mr. Michener. SEATED: Patty Nevenhoven, Diletta Ulfers, Mary Lindeman, Ruth Ulfers, Karen Mennen. LIBRARIANS STANDING: Virgil Byl, Larry Lindeman, Leland Meyer. SEATED: Myrna Meinders, Diletta Ulfers, Evelyn Haan, Mrs. Harken. LIBRARY SUPERVISION LIBRARY CLASSIFICATION SPEECH CONTEST STANDING: garol Cuvelier, Darla Schultz, Alda Koenen, Johannes Meester,Evelyn aan. SEATED: Ruth DeVries, Tom Smircich, Carolyn Schuck, Geraldine Dilley Mrs. Michener. ' For the first time in many years, Aplington High School became a member of the Iowa State Speech Association, and on Saturday,Feb- ruary 16, the following students appeared in the Preliminary Con- test in Reinbeck: DRAMATIC DECLAMATION: INTERPRETIVE READING: Evelyn Haan Carol Cuvelier Alda Koenen ORATORICAL DECLAMATION: Joyce Kramer Johannes Meester HUMOROUS DECLAMATION: RADIO SPEAKING: Geraldine Dilley Ruth DeVries Tom Smircich Carolyn Schuck These four contestants participated in the District Speech Contest in Mason City on March 2. They had won 'Superior' ratings in the Reinbeck Contest. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS 7TH GRADE SECOND-PLACE FLOAT MISS MARTIN f 'fume-s, ,, AT HER FAVORITE SPORT SENIORS' FIRST-PLACE FLOAT TINY ROYALTY OUR BULLETIN BOARD Q ' 2 2 L val-1 i ,MSS sg f I I MAJORETTE AND TWIRLERS I Yf x N3 W Qvv 'yo '20 'o 'Z 'Q v BACK ROW: Virgil Byl, David Groeneve1d,Don Groeneveld,Arthur Schipper,Donald Poppens, Roger Doescher, Larry Birley SECOND ROW: Larry Behrends,Wende1l Luchtenburg,Billy Jungling,Larry Schippen Dennis Janssen, Jerald Deboer, Roger Eilderts, Daryl DeVries FIRST ROW: Harold Behrends, John Hippen, Lavern Junker, Denn1s Renken, Roger Renken, Larry Groothuis, Mr. Herwig F.F.A. O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT Dennis Renken VICE-PRESIDENT Lavern Junker SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER SENTINEL 3 Ar K 'O '? ii . .E",f 2 my 1? 5 a g' nm -:,'f:" .A K M11-ii mimwieifv ' ' Larry Groothuis Roger Renken Harold Behrends John Hippen MR. VERNON HERWIG SPONSOR MIXED CHORUS BACK ROW: Larry Elliott, Dennis Koenen, Leland Meyer Johannes Meester, Don Willeke, Darla Mennen Karen Mennen, Mary Lindeman, Diletta Ulfers, John Voss Dennis Renken, Ronald Schoneman, Stan Miller, Merlyn Cordes. SECOND ROW: Miss Damm, Myrna Meinders, Janet Voss, Ruth Ploeger, Bonnie Schurman, Esther Schipper. Diane Klooster, Betty Mehmen, Darla Dekker, Noreen Peters, Marilyn Zech, Judy Klingenborg, Judy Keoppel, Gertie Folkers, Joyce Kramer, Dorothy Renken. FIRST ROW: Tim Limburg, Arlene Ridder, Sandra Christensen, Judy Muller, Claudia Kramer, Charlotte Thompson, Lois Hartman, Carol Lupkes, Nancy Ontjes, Alda Koenen, Tom Smircich. MADRIGAL BACK ROW: Larry Elliott, Johannes Meester, Ronald Schoneman, Don Willeke, Leland Meyer, Wendell Meyer. SECOND ROW: Janet Voss, Betty Mehmen, Alda Koenen, Joyce Kramer,Judy Keoppel. FIRST ROW: Tom Smircich, Sandra Christensen, Charlotte Thompson, Geraldine Dilley, Tim Limburg. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BACK ROW: Judy Haats, Eunice Jungling, Elaine Willis, Noreen Peters, Marge Maifield, Ruth Jungling, Ruth Hansen, Darla Mennen, Ruth Ulfers, Karen Mennen, Judy Keoppel, Carol DeVries, Joyce Jungling, Diletta Ulfers, Marilyn Zech, Darla Dekker, Joyce Kramer. SECOND ROW: Miss Damm, Myrna Meinders, Bonnie Schurman, Carol Cuvelier, Claudia Kramer, Virginia Miller, Betty Mehmen, Janice Johnson,Dianne Klooster, Lorna Groothuis, Alida Valentine, Darla Schultz,'Ruth Ploeger, Dorothy Renken, Gertie Folkers, Alda Koenen, Judy Klingenborg, Janet Voss. FIRST ROW: Arlene Ridder, Sandy Christensen, Charlotte Thompson, Judy Muller, Carolyn Schuck, Nancy Ontjes, Lois DeVries, Lois Hartman, Carol Lupkes, Geraldine Dilley. BOYS' GLEE CLUB STANDING: Miss Damm, Junior Haats, Johannes Meester, Dennis Renken,John Voss, Ronald Schoneman, Stanley Miller, Rodney Kramer, Tom Smircich. SEATED: Tim Limburg, Larry Elliott, Dennis Koenen, Wendell Meyer, Leland Meyer, Merlyn Cordes. GIRLS' TRIO JOYCE KRAM R ALDA KOENEN BONNIE SCHURMAN MIXED QUARTET DONALD WILLEKE ALDA KOENEN JOYCE KRAMER DENNIS RENKEN GIRLS' SEXTET JANET VOSS DARKA DEKKER NANCY ONTJES CHARLOTTE THOMPSON MYRNA MEINDERS JUDY KEOPPEL BOYS' QUARTET DENNIS KOENEN LELAND MEYER DONALD WILLEKE LARRY ELLIOTT CLARINET OUARTET Mary Lindeman Bonnie Schurman L i H t o s ar man Carolyn Schuck ,, BRASS SEXTET Don Willeke, Marilyn Zech Darla Dekker, Diletta Ulfers Larry Elliott, Judy Keoppel. CHAMBER GRUUP Ruth Ploeger Joyce Kramer Bonnie Schurman STANDING: Mr. Baskins, Nancy Ontjes, Dennis Renken, Alda Koenen. SEATED Mar Lindeman Bonni S h M il Z h J d li : y , e c urman, ar yn ec , u y K ngenborg, Don Willeke, Gertie Folkers Sandra Christensen, Diletta Ulfers, Darla Dekker, Roger Renken, Raymond Willis, Judy Keoppel. GERMAN BAND SENIOR BAND STANDING: Nancy Ontjes, Mr. Baskins, Dennis Hippen, Dennis Renken, Alda Koenen Charlotte Thompson, Lavern Junker, Linda Devries. THIRD sow: Lorna Groothuis, Jane Weber, Mary Kay Lindaman Jana Stukenburg, Ruth DeVries, Ruth Ann Hansen, Marcella Kalkwarf, Marilyn fech, Stan Miller, Donald Poppens, Dewayne Sents, Dennis Buseman, Paul Schuck, John Voss, Dick Hempen, Diletta Ulfers, Darla Dekker, Roger Renken, Larry Elliott,John Hippen, Leland Renken, Charles Borneman. SECOND ROW: Mary Lindeman Bonnie Schurman, Lois Hartman, Carolyn Schuck,Gary Alberts, Marvin Aalderks, Roger Meester, Judy Klingenborg, Dorothy Renken Don Willeke, Gertie Folkers, Darla Schultz Ruth Ploeger, Myrna Meinders, Alida Valentine, Johannes Meester, Raymond Willis, Judy Keoppel. FIRST ROW: Joyce Kramer, Judy B uns, Sandra Christensen, Janet Voss, Elaine Willis. IUNIOR BAND gZANgggEinsLinda DeVries, Lorna Groothuis, Dennis Hippen, Marvin Boelman, SECOND ROW: Sharon Diekman, Mary K. Lindaman, Jana Stukenburg, Marcella Kalkwarf, Ruth DeVries, Dewayne Sents Ronald Meyer,Denn1s Buseman Jim Willekq Paul Schuck Leland Renken Vernon Schon a St K 6 Noel Rewertsj Ronald Jungling, Leland Renk::,nJohn ggggingimer, erald Meyer' FIRST ROW: udy Willeke, Billy Hansen, Marvin Aalderks, Gary Alberts Virginia Miller Judy Bruns Jud Li d R M ' Linda Gerdes, Diana Renken., Y n aman, oger eester, Jeanette Meyer, s " 'is in 25. f ii X I .fd 1, fx? X, . Q km! 'W-an Q J 9 ' ,,,., -y fjllf f P L ' o E G W? x Pm if K if 7 """'Q rw as-551 - 51 , " 2 I U n If M... . ,,, pf Q- D l ,K -Q I, A I. L-YXQSX f 557 '1. f g4Qs., ey fpxvg, f X f if mimics JN 'R U 'JJ TO . "'ca'S mise "mf l . ,A:. ers Wm Uouml APUHSYOH H0812 10 our ::"' l to Ihke Here F - in Overtime Sectional Tourney Aplmown gig? ki bnlwillXnYVIllz'lvu'1:1,fuoliiens '::. E ,Y New Haftf0Y4, APHHSVMH Wm be me site of 96 I D ., A k,:. LLL ' il'-ml "'A 'N Am ...lmgton Panthers fouglS0C'll0nal girls' tournaments to be my-5 Q , Pantlwpg al s Q11 to me county charmpiof played next We xxx-'Feb' 4x 5' 7. 9, elm. fm-fl 2 wif, llturciay night by aowmf cmrxovnxe 'Rf New Hartford 'Q Um imnl' ' 3352.1 itford, 55-52, in overtixilmil' Off at T00 D4 lo Monday night, .f'fff'm Wm fx lgame of the turna.mexFeb. 4m and f irkersburg and Dm' '95 ere. New Hartford zfwellsburx meet IF' he second game 33 795 msn team . Aplmgzon A 5 mms . , K .L H V, L the half. Bom tegnv! the evening an 0. QA' scored 10 points in the third qwal The APHUZUOI A irls who thxs M 81,233 S5305 We liter hut, in the fourth the Pantheyvear won their V lsnralght counzy d'NeWg 'finally closed the gap and tischa-H1fDl0ll2lll3J. D., , Finchford at Dumom dwwl The was , lt up at 50 all. However, with oxmfkwp- m. Ln the- me school- ew on In me about eight seconds to go J S for Tuesdayi ' 'L lb. nm 18-3 put New Hanford back ln fhe le 1 lll Rock am' round bye Same favor inbermksil with 1 bucket' and it imma lil? in we its ' 5 i011 of the new 31 MGBBM gcurtains fill' Aplingwn. A lang deff' Thur - . Feb. 'z at of the 151 farkersburg- EUHR 0X1 he same eveninl, The comola. all be 35 fperation shot by Meyer failed 5730 Q ' winner of Q A 'ke f 'wembur and ' . F-meh- N 2 p. m. Feb. 3 md 5 Air at Af XX- s adn. pf, students www l5. of me AL .Sn gym wlllgp ' ' ,e OP .mov game o1me.EM V W Loca. G vldx norsl o Dfgfcigel. ' ' Wlth NUI F Groeneveld, . Knenen ..,.4, ., ., -"f9n'5-'Ap1lnglwnLNPanthers Aweril Elliott , 4 down ro defeat here Friday night in mms' " a close and thrilling game wltlx Al- BIKE llaon. Bomb teams started slowly Fauem, and were tied-8-6 at the end o1'tlxeHm.ms Birley re-bommdod to put the Pazfhff f . ' ord game FG I thers back in the ball game. and the Winn . .' rslmrg - .. O Q - S Q M 4 Free throws proved to he ,yard conwsts t the second H 4 .ahorgln of victory ln the over-tx Thursday night bg A 1 8:30 P. mx 2 S 'Nth Hilmtn Ohllkillg' QD two The 60550136 1 schedu- 6 gllompen adding another after lied for 7:00 pi 2 hm! for 0 l 4051 buzzer- 18:30 on Sat H ' f .1 o 6. bl' Amnissicm 60c and 4 V-' Wm 533 doors of the hu gym Wm be M ,Open one hour. u 5 Ibm game Lx 'ot each I S L . ?Locals Win Pair FG .. 3 A .... 1 fh'St QBBMBI. Arpliililbbll bbr'.Man1k:k 4-..x ,.x. 4 hmdi-hrlepointsaiithehalf. Van Deestnh una Parts of the second hal! had-Meeuas .IIR 11 iN-ew everybody ln the gym on their feehsaamoff A 4 Allison behind Craig Flshel forged Peters to a seven point lead 41-34 at thegcathcan " end of M1166 quarters. Neither team-Nmson .J H could gain very much ln the flnalgmves 2 vthqt H BS Allison WOU: Rn Totals 909311 ml-Wm 61-53 -2nd Team Ganle: Aplingwn mc me mm new gm thin the visitors but mme outyon APLINGITOY 1 0 Johnson I Simian, liters. Q-1 iuhl .. ,, 0731117078 ..1 at Parkersburg, Fri. Q The Avlinxron Panthers ended 2,5218 conference season with a victory gfover Pavrkomburg there Friday lmfm- 4744- APUDUKKI led most ylfffthesamrzaininetenpommmu- 58121-S in the .second and third quar- gi ADWISVXR pulled thrasxglb in the .past three seconds to win by one - ,QDOUR tram the Parkersburg girls ,ZYQNVC .. :lm Bohn FG 'Apxmgwn ummm enact thnows19-D912-Ychef . -1.. 0. , ,.,,,o, 2 ,1l:m'::Y Meyer ,l.,o,. . f . . I f - The in afillfflwvlff. Dave ' 8 i 1:3-gday Kovueu ,,..,. ., , i n E, I , :Tit mum: .. ,...,... ., Z 2 In J? Dm llll . X fl.g1gi1:1.....,:11 0 1 T... Bill!! I I f,., 31 15 6, lg V. Iv "y,....-..--.,.,..... fi I Q o""""l f Locals Honors ""' oil" Gam it Shell Rv A nh, ,. -.4982 TWl b to Shell Rd il whom W .J 5 wi' .wilt hmm pg pp yi Aplingwn lost a do P monday night in Played thdlxz column A. H. s.g .snoring with November ,mm 22 upped me g , Hamel Biekerc led the Shell on WP with afatlack downing the l 4 '5 'gXShell Rock nm Fridx 'fllflfu 1 'swirls eww was a fl ' so-sa. Marilyn zecn xeq 18 and S me Shell Rook Kirin lost 56 U I Marilyn Alvlina-'bmi Shell Rock, zanmharry Shetimlsoeondso - 50070 015 'Larry Blrley with ll nyc Apunfg, V-into The sal Well P18300 byfkplingtoxx. The gum was Ammo 'both teams E1 .Johnson played? As the result. ol ,md wg, md 21.31 me Sm most of o A lto try them ounfghe local boys were thi' HWS Us Lyle Uh! Fred Hogeluchtgthe county standings WU ma., win be FUN' f omue George .mbasgand 3 wsu, while the Ag Kms gum hm PQ' and L gsen played for theiwere in second P1804 'ruggdgy 313319 town x I freoord in the cotmty. chrgsvgue. L. ,Where Friday uhm. , 15 Bom teams phyed a nu-d,mugb 'same with the score tina alma: gn enum was also 19a-l9...o.......-- of Tourney first second period was basketball with regularly. Allison The offense and Panthers exploded lead at one tlme quarter. Apllngton of about six points two minutes of play. swiftly and Lied 1 less :han two mln- : ballgame. With the .lcanding tht Panthers ,game out of the fire, ag points being scored and sn free throw. Bovs' BASKETBALL STANDING: John Voss, Charter Manager, Larry Elliott, Dennis Koenen David Groeneveld, Gaylan Hempen, Donald Groeneveld, Wendell Meyer, Bruce Uhlenho Manager, Stanley Miller, Charter Manager. SEATED: Mr. Johnson, Coach, Roger Doescher, John Hippen, Larry Lindeman Leland Meyer, LaVerne Eilers. Aga oPP. L2 Wellsburg L8 hh Shell Rock L2 59 Dumont A8 63 Clarksville L5 39 Allison 62 Ll New Hartford 53 AO Parkersburg 38 39 Shell Rock 55 gg oPP L8 Geneva 5h 53 Dumont 5b L9 Clarksville 39 53 Allison 61 h6 Hike 6h 50 New Hartford 51 L7 Parkersburg hh 63 Owasa 51 COUNTY TOURNAMENT AHS CUUNTV EE' aiiizzsm, OPP. 36 55 New Hartford 52 CHAMPS T T Y R I L E T T BETTY MEH N , with her RUNNER-UP FREE THROW IN THE SECTIGNAL TOURNAMENT Q19 out of 251 2v4l"o-4211:-3 T T Y X J U D Y M GIRLS' BASKETBALL STANDING: Judy Keoppel,Charter Manager, Mary Rope, Lois Johnson, Carol DeVries, Alida Valentine, Dorothy Renken, Marcella Sherburne, Janice Birley, Gertie Folkers, Manager, William Broderick, Coach. SEATED: Diletta Ulfers, Patty Nevenhoven, Judy Klingenborg, Marilyn Zech, Betty Mehmen, Betty Hops, Miss Norma Duit, Chaperone. COUNTY CHAMP S AHS L3 L7 30 38 58 bb 38 L8 60 h9 52 OPP. Owasa 32 Wellsburg Bb Shell Rock 55 Dumont 36 Clarksville hh Allison 29 New Hartford 28 Parkersburg B3 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Greene 38 Shell Rock L5 Clarksville 33 AEE Q22 38 Shell Rock 39 39 Geneva bl hl Dumont h3 L7 Clarksville 6h 50 Allison 18 A3 New Hartford 33 35 Parkersburg 3h SECTIONAL TOURNAM NT 60 Finchford L2 38 Wellsburg 28 37 Shell Rock Sh 4 N BASEBALL STANDING: Tim Limburg, Larry Elliott, Harold Behrends, Sidney Penning, Ronald Schoneman, James Miller, Dennis Renken, Robert Lindaman, Dennis Koenen, Donald Groeneveld, Wendell Meyer, John Voss Manager. SEATED: Mr. Broderick Coach, David Groeneveld, Leland Meyer, John Hippen, Larry Lindeman, Larry Dirley, Gaylan Hempen, LaVerne Eilers. A AHS OPP. SECTIONAL -8' Wellsburg 9 LE, 9,1124 5 Dumont 6 4 New Hartford 2 5 Beaman A 3 Shell Rock 7 I+ Dike 5 7 Allison 3 LAVERNE E. LELAND M. L L A A R R R R Y Y L. B GIRLS' SOFTBALL , 'Y' a-:p .W- BACK ROW: Ruth DeVries, Elaine Willis, Darla Dekker, Ruth Ulfers, Mary Lindeman,Di1etta Ulfers, Judy Keoppel. SECOND ROW: Mr. Johnson, Coach, Judy Klingenborg, Patty Nevenhoven, Gertie Folkers, Janet Voss, Virginia Miller, Carol DeVries, Betty Rops. FIRST ROW: Ruth Ploeger, Dorothy Renken, Mary Rops, Betty Mehmen, Marilyn Zech, Bonnie Schurman. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT DISTRICT TOURNAMENT MQ QLAE. QRE.. 18 Gladbrook 8 7 Radcliffe 6 15 Steamboat Rock O L Union-Whitten 3 10 Wellsburg 1 9 St. Lucas 16 l .l IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Paul Koenen, Ronald Jungling, Lesly Mennen, Ralph Voogd, Lanny Diekman, Vernon Schoneman, Floyd Hook, Daryl DeVries, Manager. SECOND ROW: Mr. Johnson, James Meinders, Frederick Meyer, Gerald Meyer, Wenlyn Lindaman, Dennis Hippen, Kenny Renken, Ronald Mennen. FIRST ROW: Rodney Kramer, Billy Hansen, Billy Jungling, Arthur Schipper, Jim Ridder, Wendell Luchtenburg, Clifford Janssen. BASEBALL BACK ROW: Harold DeVries, Gary Alberts, Lesly Mennen, Floyd Hook, Darwin gampman, Clifford Janssen, Vernon Schoneman, Lanny Diekman, John Cocking,Daryl e r es. SECOND ROW: Tom Smircich, Neil Goldhorn, Duane Sents, Ricky Elliott, Dennis Johnson, Paul Koenen, Frederick'Meyer, Gerald Meyer, WendellLuchtenburg,Ronald Mennen, Kenny Renken, Mr. Broderick. FIRST ROW: James Meinders, Billy Hansen, Jim Ridder, Dennis Hippen Wenlyn Lindaman, Jim Willeke, Wayne Brower, Paul Jungling. , CHEER - LEADERS RUTH PLOEGER BONNIE SCHURMAN JANET VOSS JUDY MULLER RAMONA MULLER QMascotJ fl an Y Q Q 5, M S. VIRGINIA PERRY MISS MILDRED WILLEKE, NURSE Office Secretary YI f Qf!,3LllR.Ei1E'm 5 Bus DRIVERS BACK ROW: Harm Bakker, B111 Vander- werf, Ted Jungling, Lowell Eltjes, Aliet Sents. FRONT ROW: Lynn E11iott,Kuno Meind- ers, Gerald Jungling,George Johnson, Don McLaren. THEY ALSO SER VE MRS. KATE MEYER, MRS. EDDIE DEVRIES A s. ERMINA scuozfmvmn cooxs MR I ' LES AND mmm, CUSTODIANS fm Q R. . 'Li..- 1 , Mr 'nil- LELAND 2 rn rn PBFIG P4+i 21 SENIORS 3' L . A M A V Y E R R N N A E Z DA RLA B HAROLD 0 ALDA N N ,.. q:hi A f A2 N 2 gk -f-x Q LIZ ff' at Qu KENNY SANDY Nom L .,. ,L Ng,5,,f.,W 1 .JOYCE A,Jl-' ' " I BETTY M. AL - A i Q RAY Q SLX +I G -"0 A 4fALL iAim?afA 4 F is if.1 W Zvi f , A ,X iilvzfgwy LARRY FIRST GRADE BUM DAY--SENIOR HIGH I CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION 'OFF THE TRACK'--JUNIOR PLAY CAST - g,., .T fir 5 I I I I . , If T, BUM nu..-JuN1on uma CUSTODIAN ??? GIRLS' STATE SANDY CHRISTENSEN PLAYING POST OFFICE in -rid BOYS' STATE LELAND MEYER W H O ? ? ? P A T SCHOOL BOARD-FACULTY DINNER CHOW TIME FOR CHRISTMAS DECORATORS WHAT A FLOAT! TRYING TO SEW! 4 BUSY AT WORK' 'ig AFTER DINNER CLEANUP I' TOAST TO ALL-STATE CHORUS COUNTY CHAMPS RECEIVE TROPHY AIWEIRTISING T0 YOU . Chas. Wllleke 8. Sons Quality Concrete Drain Tile Phone 63 THANK YOU THE 'PANTHER' STAFF WISHES TO THANK ALL ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING TO MAKE THIS YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. ALSO, THE STAFF THANKS' NATIONAL STUDIOS OF WATERLOO FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK. F. A. Rolfs, M. D Meyer Insurance Agency H. H. Lindeman Hardware Bergman Implement I F MM e I 2i,,,..,.T.f' Jn Carl Bergman Buck Grove Van's Foocl Store Rewerts G' Gercles John Deere Ray Hansen Construction Kesley Mercantile by-rr, Buck Grove Creamery Dreyer Furniture Aplington Grain G' Milling Harlcen Lumber Company Sherman 6' Cuveller PANTHER BOOSTERS AB VOOGD, INSURANCE AL AND MAY'S CAFE APLINGTON HARDWARE APLINGTON NEWS ART MILLER BILL'S FEED AND PRODUCE CLARENCE MEYER DEVRIES GROCERY DIEKMAN'S MEAT MARKET DREYER DRUG APLINGTON PRODUCE EILERS' CAFE GEORGE'S TV HERB'S STANDARD SERVICE HILLTOP BEAUTY LOUNGE IOWA SAVINGS BANK--Apnnguon IOWA STATE BANK--Kesley JOHN BRUNS JOHN LUPKES KESLEY HARDWARE KRAMER AUTO SERVICE UHLENHOPP SALES VAN RADEN WELDING AUTUGRAP 00 ING l wfiila gy INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publlshers Cove! Manufacturers Book Blnders FACIURY HOME OFHKE Kansas City Q s 2' I ,,, ... W f+'1vi"iTl 4 A .kia l M150 ,-rj' 'fx y. ' ' K W, .-.0...,, . x f.. Y . K K, KN4 K K he QM K O . V 5 ' QBQQWQ , , ,I . . . ...,..:'.... . . wing' K3 W W Jw Q " ' 18 f 3 ' -KH ww-.MK . f K K K O . :gs Qj . ' 1 -- I if S . 5 4 ' k, 4" s 'Y . Ii " -' k K . 3 . i K3 sz ai M M fy . A . 2 ' , - I S gg .Lgq ' W--2 M s 9 ., m"f "' , f , ,K . M RAM... , """- A. S .,.q.,:.. . N ,, .W Kalig, K g, , f K 1 ' 1 ' ii I 2 , .T k 2 " ip ' , . ? ' . - ... -- ' L l L 4 K. K, V.. 5. ...Nl y K K K M. Wk 5 :E ' K 4 . , . -E . i , wig mm 2 g - W Q 'A Aw A Y , , .sw 'wap-www . ,Q nv- J . 1 i KK K - , K . 1' 'S' X f :1i5:'2i-f' ff.- f K KK, ll' K' '- -f"K.1:Ef! -' ,Q-:I "E: Sig-f z.. N 3 .Ef ..'s i-5-: Es? af- - '. 'fflw-K. rf-f P2 . . - . Y x--' -, - A f 4 1 . L' I ' Lf f . m - f 1- H-5 gggfglssf . , ,I 'K K X . Q wr U I V Xa, QM 5 1 gQvNy41::: , Q' M. I 17 Q M5 jug Q . ,q . af -f WT'-'As T A - A '-Wg' , QMS, M M1 V S, f' f . ,..,. - 12 Q, , :jgggjyj ' wmpw' 1' . ' - " I ' ,W,.l"'m"'- - ' A , I Mm wi ki J U ,..,. ,l 1 - 'WTS f-wan , f, W W QSM 'WYSQ1 W, ' . . i 4 1 mf - 1 - - 1 f. 5F9Wf'f'1M:-QE3"lT'E' mn' H235 L " 1'-??ia?'F-wM..f,.w- .. -.ffwi 'V Hizmsa fwzzf lk-f:f5L1w'7ff115i!XD: .- ' NM M -. 2 ' M k 'MM'-'I - mgwqmwwmgh Q?w.,.,,,,,,.w:,,?,5 --,-- f, ff' . 5' fizgm . ' 1 M " X ' " f ""'::1'- 5.,::g5: ' K - Wwwwavwf 4 K - 5 WH- iisffffz if' ' Q Vp - -2 ,, V, H , A V , JFS:-f"': W JI ' ' W - ':""l"'--'H 5' 'M ':'5 '.-l..f:-'.z,f "Af f:..: f: , .. .?:,!I ":' 'U :' ff'-if 1 X5l5l'3Q?19l353f'i 553955:?f'?Vl07iil"ii., A . . M -- ' " -my ' AL .. pe W i Wlaful- 57573, 2.2 ' M-:W 4ffQ,W M'-W '45?3.' , 3',:gE"Ii , ,A AL V 'S?iY?M MM : ' 4,52-f-Mgwxwii. f , ' xWMiqf3g-fg wg-mM,,,g "" V S 53,3 f ' V .:1f1w:fVzz:vz7'efwQ f2f4gm:?+awn'af'eW!i'4:wwLfewewsfzfseziffrm ,ff 'Q :'fH+-fw1E:wi-i.a-,sm 511 L'YfY'Aww2 -WK:1ff1fs'iw Wwfflifwgpelw ff f -113 'wa M :sew . f ' u , , K I ' f 1 1 '- U H-Lffw 4uY'fkZ'5'V -rf xigfi-YLJ,'iiif'ff:'-A--'-"fA1 iff, ,lif ':v"f Sw 't' lf2:..Q:, H" 1f'151af,ff:zY23i5f'f3':M Fifi? 2 U A ' F' f V - 2 -ff ' awww ' sis. ?::ii 4' fee-ns' mein Q- HL:?'r1fQg11f::5-:fm .f.2vf,z2avg-ffz-fgsx If syf f k , ffl- , M- , -- I::ffLsk154aL2gszwi+,1:1Qs,- f7"yi-.:p2gvdQGif?-fQfff::ffg2s'ig:?, wwf ' : H y .. .-lf . 6-V Hiplif fi?sf5.Al?723"4 'Y' v4fti5nQia'f'3Zi1?fK A ff - K L, . M., .-1.

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