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 - Class of 1977

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Apache Junction High School - Prospector Yearbook (Apache Junction, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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" , fr r Q ' jnhiar, 1 . K. P rx V 31 f H - BK I , :T . h U, f: ?K ,av "'.,.2fz.1 .".1 k, . ,- .1,. f . - ' ' . 1 1 V, K 4 """"'f t ' .IP " 1. .. ' . . .41 . " 1 1, 'fits' v. -. - v n 1 5 f 1 n , 1 4 A 1 f FQ 4 1 VA -',' vf -v' ' My Q E -V - " 1 1 A 1, v . ' , 1 K.. KK.. ,T .KK .-3 K 5 . 1. 1 .K .ii W KA?k:gd, K 4 '- ' 'f , ' P , 1 uf K 'K ' ' K A .Q K K' 5 'wr 14,.f,f' .A , ,NK . rd 4 Y , .i ' I A 14' . 1 ' ,1 , 1 n . . 4" 'K "' - A f' . x "' Q' 1 V ' 1 . bg f " A A my If 1 fd ' . .f I xK4M., ' K b . I ,gt .W , ,W B ,K 1, K Y. , . n ,vu , ',I'4' g:. f ' . ,M . 'VX' , d, ' .4 my f " J . 3,1 . 1 v ' - . . ,, ' , I Aw JA, .1 F1 ' A it 1 , "En, -ffhfiff 'K , ' K 4 " A V ' ,ufw ml ' ' N 5 ' Q A " 1 . A .1, M, , f ,W , 4 K , 'fx K., , . -5, , x i'!.3L,'Y 3 V1 x A . X - ,. . 1 1 , h1 , . . - ' , ff f 4, . ,- , ', A .. K1 1 -1... , - 4 K K . , K 1 1 K , A , N155 x 54 J: ,' -I 1 e ' 4 4 "' 1 f45."2,"f , -f '-- F' . ' ef .-in - XXL 1 K . " r..' ' -' 1' ' KL 7 ,gt1"g5.7ff ' ,' g Kg. 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'QB ' ' Q - TX: ' rr' A SK K a,' 1 :YZ K K: .. !f'a.-,K' 1 1 . . 2' f G .. 7 , . -' vi' K' w, " kk L" .K Wx' 5 .' n v T . .P L .." 5, .I A G' ,Y -.J 1 "Q, " 'nl E' - I -if , .. .f7"" Q v ,- ,qgknjg -"KK .' ,u K ,, f ,fr . f - an 1 Q,'.1. 0 ,. If W 3 1 . .5-1. df "-:L 'ig ' ' 8 . ! .-ON? , -igfj QJH' . .. 11.3 Y,""" Amp- 'YJ' 17 ' '- .' R ' W' 1 . . A . A ., , , . . A .- - . . - .. E6 .K. 1. lv . ,i , , V KK Af , K, K. 4 K .'4,e.KiK.:,.L xt K6 TK K. ,ivy K,KKK ,, K , . .VI , . V , J ,L 1, -. f. . ' ' K , M A A,c:.K1 -K Vv'- K- FK- . gf , -K ,- -,f lv. I ,I Ki , ,L .KA 1- nr K ' , . . 4, 1k v K' ,q uf. 3 1!x,-,1 - . ,. . , 0' '- I., I .4 Ono- , 2. . A . - 'I q , - . K' . , KW v ,. ,hh -K X K, KKL Ky .0 1, ,x.!,K,K K, 1, 3.1 Q. ,, ., A, K 1. K s . 1 . ...vc 1 -1 . ,-.., f. .,.1 U.. A. , I J ,, 1, 1, ."'ff'f ' 1,4 h, . .3 Q iyi- '.' ' f' ' tilf 1 wf.+f.1f, '- . Q, 1. ,1'yL.' ' ' 1 ' . 9 ,- ,"f- " ff 61. f , 1 MV- "fm 1,5 923, - 4 ' '- . 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My ... 1,-V QQ K'2.z..,,.13g.,1,z.T.1,- ,,,1.., .Lw7K1r'w, .WK , 4 fun- Q, 1.4, ' "M .Q , .Q-1. ,...mfgLf' .,A ,-w.m GM 1 . v . A , . ' ' ' .4 ---.--'1wn-- .., - M wg. 1.. .W . ,. H -A mr, " " ' --M-W1 U .,, 1" J7"""""' ,1 M , .Ms,:,1....,, F 'Tw fi, 1 , . . f If me.l..M...-2T:f7,1i5.v-, 1' Lf.- A fr A f'Q9"Y"'i"l'muu3I'-Q , gf Q -. , -1.-. ,W , -W. A ff. ,H...,,,,.g 1 A--iw m1 M 1, K,...w -if ,1.,,.,mK 11 .A 1 .,. A L. " 'WM1 --'f"""'N' z I.'Wf" V ww , 'r-11-1 1? M-'H if Q -14-.3umwMm..r,: f-M" """T'L7' -1 "mf-1'..tg-....f1 M... . 'V "ti:-y-f' "Tt"'.E5xT-wI1'4"4':'f'11""' 1' ww---X-1-1-11 , . , ,L K - .. , -L,m".,,g --.1-115. --' A-i 1 'j' ' , , ' ' "T-WA ,, m.1,e,in1?---1 W ' K ' 'W S '-1 . M1-'ff:11,.. - ' H' 1' qi y ,Nr M -.1 . . , ... .4 K gn KK- :nnus.1.,w--1 ,K K K K K K ws- wgqw-i.""'ll..M N' f --" --""""'-1... 'ff-' """ 'L 'ff - K' . --mi - ,- - , A- M mug:-7 'Wj5.., 1 :gf -1 iv.,-,,,.., 1-J"""K 3-we-,zanwngi-'ff K ,gA..7, . -A-...57.. N MW, , . ,W .rise-'1.,xqK 1 ,Th K ,K r 1 f ' " 64' X-,.,4.,f1K. ....'hw.,, .A --N , A-f .5-0'--,N . ,.-.4-1... . -1... K.. K ..-.. .Av-za!-'gf . 'f,, VK K 4- f - ..' -Q , " , as--I .. -. . .. 1,1 .-vz""""",, H -1- -' i1 .. K 1 N - V .,sK A, 1K --. ., -,I 1 ' ,, f'-H ---' f 1 A' ,.--Q Q 1. M. H KN V . 3 .-s "' Q' 1 r .,-r' wf. 1'-T., I . A W.. f ,,, --4..,Qg . 4, is f' - I ' ' 'FQTM1 5 Q. ""'5--32.5" 'H JJ'-' g I- ' Q ""J. ,,,,funs.M """" 1, 'UNK A AM ,V " KK K ,W '3-"""""' ' ,!"'.'...,,,,,w.-.-....'ne1!E3'TT"""'+ -W -1 1 -1 -mf """' , w ,, . W , '---- W... ww-1 -..1-.M-v,.1a-vlw ' ' MH M Dawn-11, K., gt.. A .,. Q K.. M MW. . , "'1ww..: ' v -Q , S 'I MJ 45 , -7 -1. -1 -19-Q., . A1 . 1B+?"F 'M In " 1112 Mg ' -17 ' f':::.2f'fv' M?"f 1' ' .F M W MJ Q. -.M-"N-ffv 1, . A WWW . s ' W3 gl' W' f 1W1f'1' ,K X' V1M11zfTl'WM1-5121111 -N ... 7- K1"1'-ily... :M- M 1. Wfzgi.. ' ---il ff W-Ei 'A-,'1'g-A Mi.: .J -11 .. 'M '4 ' ijjeigji mf,-IL1. . f-31-..4.3rr .. ,f 1w'i5lQ,,A ,A-. '-. 3, , -1 , if - K . 11... .:z::'H'- ' "-- A :L '-'Q ,., W ... .1 Nw... ... 1 Q-1-vm ' H- ' .Pub . '- -w--1. H 'K ..W..1"' V ... up its ., ""f:':zl!Ql"'fW wp,,,,K4 K, -' .mm 'Mf:5g,,m: W- .-..... 1,...4,-QMRK-f..1....,,M "h ' V ' F b Www .1 W .1,..f,.e.m... mx .......2 umjwfz-f-mf MW... -... ,.., . . ..,.....,.....m.. . .... . , . . , , , , , W ff Q Cai x D Qoiksf, 12,0 Www WNY 4 0965 W if V 2 2 1 af ., - ' WW Jfli' WSSOW - X53 96 5 bif,f QPF? A 9 Q' Q? lm, 29, 3 Sxixigg 3 J 1? mf! ' K 5 F NX . JWH H ,Y EX S Luim Veqx 1 q 5 Q E5 NMgf Q 3fu,QMg'fiff f 6 S f R in QQ V' X x Y x RQQQ EQ C0015 . QNX? Q X Q 3 fxOvQ?UQS3flfJt MW K2 Q - S Q! . 'J O64 304 Bqvfg buy! Eg J vwgkxi WMA as ' wo NXXJ Q NX I X 4' .MQ Xwqxib Rbimwkfity ER WNW XSSOME X Q N N XfQ5QX xQ V51 5' N 'B 1 B25 X W ., -.R I I ! yrrk M ,,., 63 , VK? -5 , P Q We ,re UH Our Way to the top 99 K L gg XXQT' 'Xl Xf .ax QA 'PAX if 'ski ffwx U R-LG11 , 3 w vb W K 5355 'we P51666 A Students work Apache Junction High School is rapidly growing. It is no longer a "little bitty" school way out in the boonies. lt has become a school that is well remembered and well liked. lt's a place where everyone knows everyone else, where you can walk down the hall, and you can be able to recognize not iust one face, but many faces. That's what makes us, the students who go to school here, aware of how special Apache Junction High really is. We're not a school that has a thousand or more students in it, but it's a school that is close-knit and enioyed that way. Apache Junction High School used to be o place unknown to 1 Q fi most. A place that was iust there, and not rriuch looked upon. But, as the years keep coming, we see a change. The little school has brought itself up in the world. The sports teams have gone for above being good, they're terrific! .. TOP - Senior Kim Reiling works after school and cleans out her locker. CENTER - Coach Jeff Mason goofs around in the Teachers' Lounge. CENTER - Senior Hall, quiet and peaceful, in the early morning, before students arrive. BOTTOM RIGHT - Soph. Scott Hill, Frosh David Grabner, Soph. Keith Petticrew, Frosh Lori Stacher, Tony Robinson, unidentified finger, Kim t Gaston, and Soph. Jodi Seeman. i -N .Q 1 I . 1 . f i 2 . x l way to top We've proved that by winning State last year, and now at every game, the competition, our competition, continues to strengthen. And also along with that, the sportsmanship among our players, cheerleaders, and everyone in our stands is good too! Other schools take for granted opportunities given them such as huge gyms, big cafeterias, and other great facilities. But, take for example our new cafeteria. We, as students, will greatly appreci- ate the fact that we're getting one at all, and we're grateful for that. As the years progress, Apache Junction High School will get big- ger and better. It is the school people are proud to say they've graduated from even if people don't know about it or ever heard of it. It still won't change. Our students will still be proud. "We are on our way to the top, and it won't be long until we reach it either." CENTER RIGHT - Sr. Linda Bennett, Mrs. Edye Ruoho, Jr. Mike Graham, cast .of the play, "The King and I," practicing for per- formance. BOTTOM RIGHT + Homecom- ing Attendants Jr. Chris Barwick, Sally Roberts, Soph. Hugo Huerta, Julie Wright, practicing for Homecoming ceremony. I J Per-:ping Toms, happy people wa ce campus "Friends" How did we meet? Funny l can't remember And yet lt doesn't matter. We laughed together Over things that happened And yet Those things were important. Crying to each other We both had terrible problems And yet We got over them. We grew together lnto what we are today And yet We're very different. Losing each others thoughts Our friendship died together And yet We will live on. Sr. Renette Drenkhahn CENTER - Srs. Linda Bennett and Dar- lene Lipovic discuss Homecoming at a Student Council meeting. TOP RIGHT - Sr. Tony Smith portrays Dracula in Beg. Drama Class. BOTTOM RlGHT - Jr. Lynette Kuntze, Soph. Keith Hug- gins, and Frosh Keith Fields, Koy Hug- gins, Chuck Parkhurts, Tim Hill, Billy Dennis, Kevin Parisot, Sharon War- wrzasek, Tish Snelling on their way to a football game. TOP LEFT - Frosh Rob- ert Kline, Curt Palmer, Todd Kopp, Tim Wynn, Gene Hutto, Richard Hare, and Soph. Dean Hunter demonstrate a low angle shot in Filmmaking Class. CEN- TER LEFT - Sophs. Jim Marsalla and Robin Roberts work on a desert plot in Biology. BOTTOM LEFT - Srs. Dave Cave and Rodney Sentz see what is available in the P.E. area. were yvspk Egg ML A A A M, Wx. 5 5, 43 f 5, Y. sg W Q L .L.L ,L , At .A., gl I V Q, K , 7, A W mf .Q A. . A E L LL ' K xx ,x 1".Q. - J . L L ,F L ?""'-SN w L . mx, - .. ' - ' A M I . Q 'LL'L'xfi"Lf J V ff '-LL L L L ' ' L L , - LLLL .2 fi , L4 y V -Mfg M. -J 5 9 1555315fE5,w.,k4-.i -kkk W :kj ggifk igfgakfi .nf .. -1 : . QQ 'Q Qs Q' 5.6 2 51 , S I Q ' L 'EQ wa , . -- K . - , X. -CL f 'z-1 " K-Lg, .' L - S ' + L: f if 1' Q' L W Vw P Y LL Y H. .sa ' X. ag: f L ,L . I 'LLL Q L , L Lv ' 'X 6 L L Lg fe. ' 5 ' ...2?xTE'5E5. Sf, .'-' 2 'fl ' "1?N.5fLfL 551.56343 LLL! E: - L S 'E Li' :f - N ' --1..sisNQ:W N. 4 .2 Is. , 1. :ffl is L L f ' . 1 2 " 'LL V- 7 L' r . LL - - X as . , ff. LLiggfgg55k if L ' " 1 .. Qi 53 -, .ggi --L L E-YE . L L L f A ' W5l??:KA Q A + R?-is In ff :R ,K Q gl , . .X K, ,.,.. :,. A . Topsy turvey cam pu life lifts morale "Silence is golden. It is brass. It is silver. lt is a memory pounding on my conscience or a timep- iece ticking off stray thoughts. Silence is affirma- tion. It is that wordless recognition in the eyes of lovers, the hush before a storm, and the pause after the comma. Silence is the world ruled by color and texture, untouched by music or racket. It is an echo that never returned. Silence is wis- dom in the face of fools. lt is ioy to a speaker and hell to the lonely. Silence is that vastness from which all sound issues and to which it returns." Alumnae Wendy Henry y ....,,...,. 1 rgxwy .M A ,ff Q' r 1 at 'HD TOP LEFT - Soph. Lloyd Carroll checks a car in Auto Shop. BOTTOM LEFT - Soph. Velma Fitz- water helps check out library book to an unidenti- fied Junior High student. CENTER LEFT - Senior Tina Penuel does handstand in between classes. TOP RIGHT - Frosh Cindy Seeman does home- work for a class. CENTER - Jr. Cheryl Hamilton and Mr. Roland Nunemacher, science teacher, assist Juniors Ingrid Scharff, and Laurie Weiskot- ten in signing up for a club during Rush Days. CENTER RIGHT - Soph. Gene Warner takes samples for Biology Class lab. BOTTOM CENTER - Truck gets a look over from Seniors Jeff Cosby, Don Benner, and Bill Poulson. BOTTOM RIGHT -- Senior Dale Specker and Junior Art Gordon cook in Home Ec. Longer lun ch, sh orter break Ii Ven campus All of the kids experienced a new bell schedule. lt was pretty hard ta get used to in the first week, but they all came into line soon after. The changes began Jan. 17, and affected the ten minute breaks and the lunch period. The class breaks were shortened to five minutes giving fifteen more minutes to lunch and an extra five minutes to second period to compensate for the time taken up by the morning bulletin. "I think it will help cut down the tnrdies. There will be less time between classes to get involved and for- get the time," said Assistant Principal Neil Barwick. He further stated the change would not have been started if they felt it would have been successful, he felt it would bring about more of a school atmos- phere. fi les W Q. I-7 Q Qu, 41. QWWM W4 TOP RIGHT - Rescue 8 has become one of the main attractions to these two Seniors, Tom Wil- liams and Mark Baltimore. BOTTOM RIGHT - Yearbook photographer Sophomore Ray Remen takes a camera to class to capture a few can- dids. BOTTOM FAR RIGHT -- Sophomore Julie Wright takes a peek at her school pictures. TOP LEFT - Senior Gina Marsalla poses as witness for Rosenberg Trial in American Problems class. TOP CENTER - Co-Op student Senior Julie Clift, doing her on the iob training. CENTER - Students cross the Verde River during Biology trip even though the water was "hace frio." BOTTOM FAR LEFT - Hard at work is Senior Doug Kalinski, yearbook editor. BOTTOM LEFT - Posing as stenographer in Rosenberg Trial is Senior Renette Drenkhahn. BOTTOM CENTER - Making a trip to the AJHS world famous conces- sion stand is Senior Tom Williams and Frosh Rusty McLouth. Q Q LM QL! 'Qi W .,,.,, ggsy p fe 5 ,W,AA ' if Alien rip offs cripple trip Serious vandalisms and problem sight-seeing was an upsetting set-back in the "below the border" part of trav- eling. This created conflicts for the Spanish Club members, who had been saving all year, for their trip into the interior of Mexico. Sponsor Kathy Backalukas stated when interviewed that "it was uncertain if the trip will resume as scheduled." Jan. 12 the club members discussed their trip and decided to either schedule it for late spring during Easter Vaca- tion, or right after school was termi- nated in May. The club's plans were to travel to Mexico City and possibly see a bull- fight. Spanish Club members were looking forward to this trip. "They earned points by working with the club to raise money, and if there was not enough money, the members with the highest amount of points would attend," said Mrs. Backalukas. A few of their fund raising projects were: a booth for selling refreshments during "Lost Dutchman Days," conces- sions at basketball games, and a dance marathon. BOTTOM RIGHT - In order to raise money to go on the Senior Trip, stu- dents and sponsors attend a park and swap sale. Among those attending were Tracy Tomazin, Susan Nunn, Joan Burnap, Ann O'Keefe, Susie Watkins, Glenda Eidson, Mrs. Dolores Watkins isponsorl, Karen Lehrkamp, Mrs. Gina Karloff isponsorl, Mr. Lamar Watkins, Kathy Pearson, Gina Marsalla, Bob Fields, and Linda Smith. CENTER - Band members on the long ride home from Tucson, after U of A Band Day. fi , Y 6 -- 2-wx'-Qian -L Lge.. N - A K - L --s K-' , W N X Ex-...Ng I N -Q MM - " S.....ex.,,,,-.,-i...,.-.1-" XM-Rx, A--Q---'-" 5- . . it i is fs sv bc Af HQ. ' v -is X . , K ffl, M eip Q, sie. 'Wi :ff W. 'W W Y Q 3 f :si i HE? ..,, ,Sgt f Q K .gif i i X, rf 4 s i f -' f- ..sgJ5.' ---f fix ...c 1 .... 4, ., ,.., cl- f'O'i5-hifi' if A . rg ,K A 1 I , ,, W . . 2 .Ek , . .W Q -,1.,,..g ,, T 9' 4 xx N 1. n . A X Q Q L lu. bkl, RSE: . Wifi, ,, ,..,. Miglia f ix ' ' ri 5 J ,pf , C if ,X N T - '. fats. " W h i ' V x .s -1 V is-?ff s:?5 i n I A ' 'if g ,lgg,,, L M 4- - J. - TOP CENTER - Soph. Karen Price rehearses for a speech con- Officers: Sr. Jean Roberts - secretary, Soph, Kendra McKinney test. CENTER RIGHT - Jr. Mary Marshall in the Media Center -treasurer, Sr. Darlene Lipovic - vice-president, and Sr, Linda getting information for speech. TOP RIGHT - Members attend Benhett - president. BOTTOM LEFT - Member of the Hiking the Spanish Club Christmas party. TOP LEFT - Student Council Club Frosh Mike Tabor hikes in the Superstition Mountains. Clubs sho bold bes talent "I have a very hard working team, they are very enthusiastic and l'm very proud of them," said Mrs. Nancie Poppema, speech teacher and coach, The Speech Team was formed so that students con practice in effectively communicating with others. Mrs. Poppema states, "We have been making semi-finals and missing finals by only one point." Mrs. Poppema goes on by saying, "Naturally the more experience we have, the better we will do. Therefore, by Spring we should be consist- ently breaking into finals." Mrs. Poppema states that the main problems they have encountered is finding the time to prac- tice, and Camelback High School, the strongest of all high schools in Arizona. There are about I7 members on the Speech Team, the enrollment varies with each tourna- ment because a member does not have to partici- pate in every event. The regular members are: Ken Franklin, Brian Hasty, Lynn Hatch, Pam Holen, Craig Lewis, Jim Marsallo, Mary Marshall, Kevin O'Kelly, Kim Parks, Roger Peterson, Karen Price, Rhonda Ritter, Joan Sambaluk, Evelyn Tay- lor, Robin Trombley, Greg Turner, and Mitch Van- cura. Final events will be: Jan. 22 in Navaio County, Feb. I I-l 2 at Arizona State University, April 22- 23 at Brophy College Prep, May I4 at Mesa High School. Other tournaments have been scheduled for Feb. I9, March I8-I9, and April I-2, but locations have not yet been determined. Students arrive on campus to look up their name and go to the room with their type of read- ing as part of the competition. Teammates com- pete against five or six others in that round for three rounds. The scores are tabulated and I2 people from each event advance to semi-finals. The semi-final scores are tabulated and six are chosen from each event to proceed to finals. ln the evening there are awards given to the win- ners. Mrs. Poppema states, "The members mostly doing serious pros, including, 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,' two pieces on mental institu- tions, one on child abuse and a humorous piece on Ex-President Richard Nixon." Judges use official ballots that are used throughout the nation. These ballots call for noti- cification of the following during a performance, voice control, body control, organization, under- standing of material, and general effectiveness. There is only one iudge in a preliminary round and three in the semi-finals and finals. When Mrs. Poppema was asked if Apache Junction would ever conduct a Speech Tourna- ment she replied, "Noi We are too small. It takes at least 40 rooms for a small practice tourna- ment." Apache Junction has the materials for a Debate Team, but not enough student interest. If more students would ioin we would have a Debate Team," said Mrs. Poppema. The most important tournament is Spring Nov- ice, yet to come at the end of the year. This is a large tournament at the end of the year for beginners only, which makes up almost all of the Apache Junction Team. "Mrs, Poppema really works very hard to sup- port the Speech Team. Her lunch hours are usu- ally spent listening to speeches that students are taking to competitions. She also holds an occa- sional after school meeting for students on the team. She gives up her free weekends to go to tournaments and support the school," feels Lynn Hatch, sophomore. Evelyn Taylor also a member states, "Mrs, Poppema works a lot with us and listens to us and our speeches. The Speech Team is a very great experience and with a coach who cares, like Mrs. Poppema, our team can win and does." Plays spurt talen ts, fun The Drama Department, under the direction of Mrs. Edye Ruoho, was full of energy. Edye has two main goals as far as pro- ducing plays at Apache Junction High School. ll "Times when the whole student body comes because of all the work that goes into the plays," and 21 "To show the community that we have a program that involves everything from learning to cre- ativity to lust plain fun." The first play was entitled "Curious Sav- age" and received overwhelming applause from the audience. Mrs. Edye Ruoho's reaction to this outcome was 5'fantastic." The play even had to hold over one extra night. Students who per- formed in this play, said Ruoho, had to rehearse for about four to six weeks. The second production was a musical, entitled "The King and I." lt was the first major Broadway musical the school has ever attempted. When the play was still in the process of being practiced, Mrs. Ruoho said, "It will be the best show we've ever had." There were 70 people in the cast and according to Mrs. Ruoho, a few big guys were asked to be Amazons. The third play, "one of my favorite ones," said Mrs. Ruoho, was "Flowers for Algernon." lt required a lot of time and practice, according to the cast, it was well worth it." Mrs. Ruoho was asked, "What are your feelings about being a drama teacher and play director?" "Of course, there are a lot of conflicts, but students and their warmth and love make up for it." TOP - During dress rehearsal for "The King and I," Junior Mary Johnson, one of the king's wives, is sad- dened bythe death of her husband. CENTER LEFT - Mrs. Edye Ruoho, director of "The Curious Savage," "Flowers for Algernon" and co-director of "The King and I." RIGHT - Senior Linda Bennett and Junior Mike Graham in their roles as Anna Leonowens and The King of Siam during dress rehearsal for "The King and l." BOTTOM LEFT - Looking over his lines before practice for "The Curious Savage" begins is Senior Brian Hasty. W ,- 'ri 1 mnmdagw - - 'Curious Sa Vage 9 excites "The students were doing an excellent iob, that was the easiest cast l've ever worked with," said Mrs. Edye Ruoho, Drama teacher. The play was entitled "Curious Savage" and washeld Nov. 18, 19, and 20 at 7:30 p.m. in room 5E, and the admission price was one dollar. The play was put on by the Drama Club, but was open to others not in the club. The "Curious Savage" was about a woman who was very wealthy and her family put her in a high class mental institution and then she finds out that the people in there were kinder than many people in society. She sent her family on a wild goose chase to find the money, which gave some hilari- ous times to the show, of course, she had hidden it in a very safe place. The play was put on so students could get a good experience and so people could see a play, laugh, and enioy them- selves, said Mrs. Ruoho. Students who acted in the play were: Cindy Kalinski, Doug Kalinski, Brian Hasty, Mary Johnson, Joan Burnap, Rhonda Rit- ter, Rusty McLouth, Mitch Vancura, Susan Nunn, Carol Tucker, and Mike Sanders. Stage crew members were: Linda Ben- nett, Jean Roberts, stage managers, Doug Kalinski, construction, Joan Sambulak, publicity, Cindy Tadevich, lighting, Ray Remen, sound, Cindy Kalinski and Alanta Lucas, costumes, Annette Merklin, make up, Danny Damiano, screen designer of the garden, and Evelyn Taylor handled props for the play. TOP RIGHT -- Senior Rhonda Ritter makes her exag- gerated entrance in the play "The Curious Savage" as Senior Susan Nunn looks on. LEFT - ln their roles as the King of Siam and Anna Leonowens are Junior Mike Graham and Senior Linda Bennett during rehearsals for the musical production of "The King and l." CENTER RIGHT - Tubby and Senior Rhonda Ritter rehearsing for "The Curious Savage." BOT- TOM - Freshman Carol Tucker, Junior Mitch Van- cura, Senior Susan Nunn and Sophomore Bonna Cummings in their roles in "The Curious Savage." Band hits hi I1 note Music is very much alive here in Apache Junc- tion. We have many different kinds of music as well as people that are heard around our cam' pus. In the fall one can hear the sounds of band music flowing thru the air, on the way to the lunch area. These cheerful tunes are coming directly from the football stadium where the marching band is practicing for their halftime shows. There are some members of the band who work hard then go to state competition with their instruments and music and compete against other high school students in the valley. The band attends two band days each year, one at U of A and the other at ASU where bands from all over the state come and compete for ratings. The band received an excellent rating at'U of A. As well as doing halftime performances in the foll and competing against other schools for rat- ings, the band comtinues throughout the year to bring music to the ears of everyone who enters our campus. "From accompanying the cheers and poms dur- ing pep assemblies to being a pep band at bas- ketball games, the band supports us," said Band Director Eugene Anderson. TOP LEFT - Senior Les Price lounges before the start of the Lost Dutchman Days Parade. TOP RIGHT - Getting ready to march in the Lost Dutchman Days Parade is the Marching Band. CENTER - After the march down Uni- versity Drive for Lost Dutchman Days, the band is still raring to go. BOTTOM - Part of the Band includes: Row l: Linda Bennett, Jean Roberts, Celeste Conlon, Lynette Kuntze, and Allison Kingsley. Row 2: Tish Snelling, Ann Schrooten, Barb Barnett, and Debra Fields. Row 3: Dorothy Clark, Alanta Lucas, Mary O'Brian, and Nina Wads- worth. Row 4: Keith Fields, Tony Robin- son, Scott Hill, Billy Dennis, and Maud Lucas. L' . as A , a s loo ses: ..,,....., A K A 3 ,gzgl i N Q if cw K K .Ny ,sg I js,- Nw...,. . . s :Q Hiking Club back packs Walking and climbing up mountains and hills occupied the Hiking Club this year. The club gives its members a chance to get out in the open, to travel, and an opportunity to see things that they may never see again. All they needed was a canteen, a backpack, some boots or hiking shoes, and a iacket. The club was started when an inter- ested arose in the student body for an adventure where they can get involved with things in the outside world, to get away from everything and everyone, and a chance to have fun. Some of the things the Hiking Club did to raise money for their hikes was to have raffles, they sponsored a dance, they had barbeques at games, and they had bake sales, collected club dues, and had car washes. The Club sponsor, Roland Hune- macher, is very excited about the new club. Since this was the first year the club actually began, he's been really thrilled. He just wishes there were mem- bers that would stay in the club. Oak Creek Canyon, Mt. Lemmon, Tortilla Flats, Payson, and Hieroglyph- ics Springs were among the many places the group visited. The most memorable experience for President Cheryl Hamilton this year was to be able to watch Mr. Nunemacher fall in the water at Oak Creek Canyon. "That," she says, "was funny!" ln the future, the Hiking Club will have more things, such as merit badges and other awards that will be given to the deserving people. Also, trips will be more distant, and the club will travel to more places. The club officers include President Cheryl Hamilton, Secretary Kendra McKinney, Treasurer Roland L'Heu- reaux, and Representative J. R. Harper. TOP LEFT - Soph. Jodi Seeman and Frosh. Cindy Seeman take a break, while hiking through Oak Creek Canyon. TOP RIGHT - Frosh. Ken Jenkins poses like a gunfighter. CENTER RIGHT - Sr. Glenda Edison stares in wonder during a hiking trip. CENTER - Jr. Maribeth Haines looks astonished while she relaxes from hiking. BOTTOM LEFT - Mr. Roland Nunemacher keeps trucking on down the mountains. BOTTOM RIGHT - Frosh Margie Paskel tries to keep warm in Oak Creek Canyon. 15 Homecoming booms throu I1 color, ' i S PII' t Homecoming with all its color and spirit has faded again for another year. Topped with the game against Parker and the crowning of the King and Queen, special activity days lasted throughout the week ending Oct. 29. Spirit promotion started Monday with "Banner Day" when students were asked to wear pins or put up banners. Tuesday was labeled "Club Day" showing student involvement in activities. "Sports Day" was Wednesday when athletes were seen wearing shirts, jerseys, and letter sweaters, showing how well AJ has performed in sports. The plans for Thursday's "Who's Who Day" didn't work out, but Friday came through strong as "Black and Gold Day" and "Sock-it-to-'em Day." Students wore painted black eyes to show an AJ victory over Parker on Homecoming night. Senior Rhonda Ritter, organizer of the Homecoming activities, said of participa- tion, "Sports Day and Black and Gold Day went well, but due to lack of communica- tion the other days fell through." Other happenings at the school included a Bonfire Thursday. Cheers and Poms performed cheers and chants and let a huge human snake of approximately 300 people around the Bonfire. Apache Junction's Fire Department, rep- resented by Seniors Tom Williams and Craig Lewis, were at the Bonfire to start, control, and put out the fire. "The Student Council would like to extend our appreciation to the Fire Depart- ment for their aid to the school," added Rhonda. Week long preparation ended Friday with a Barbeque, football game, crowning of King and Queen at halftime, and finally a dance. "The All You Can Eat" Barbeque started the evening off. Half time ceremonies highlighted AJ's 32-6 route over Parker. A long awaited event at the high school is the competition for the Homecoming King and Queen and all the royalty. Elected as King and Queen were Pat Mar- quez and Sandy Cormany with Dale Diu- lus and Jean Roberts as senior attendants. Other royalty included: Junior Attendants Chris Barwick and Sally Roberts, Sopho- .. gg., ..-. B -Abs more Attendants Hugo Huerta and Julie Wright, and Freshman Attendants Kelly Armsby and David Santistevan, Halftime ceremony included flagbearers Sherry Dryer and Lori Jenkins on horses leading a procession of class cars and floats. Before and during the crowning cere- mony, says Rhonda, "the band did a great show in the shape of a crown." To end the evening off there was a dance by the Band Fortress, which approx- imately 300 people attended the affair. "Turnout and enthusiasm were great at the game. Also, a certain group of seniors on Friday did chants on campus between classes and made signs to boost spirit. The Council really appreciates the support, it helped," commented Rhonda. M TOP LEFT - Gary Clark, last year's Home- coming King, crowns this year's Homecoming Queen Sandy Cormany. The '76 King Pat Marquez and '75 Queen Kathy Maroney stares into the crowd. BOTTOM LEFT - Well, here we are, what do we Queen Sandy Cor- many and King Pat Marquez do now? TOP CENTER - Junior Attendants Sally Roberts and Chris Barwick look on. TOP RIGHT - Last year's Homecoming King Gary Cook and Queen Kathy Maroney. CENTER RIGHT -- Dona Graham drives the Senior Attendant car for half-time activities. BOTTOM CENTER - Sophomore Attendants Julie Wright and Hugo Huerta. BOTTOM RIGHT - Senior Attendants Jean Roberts and Dale Diulus. Even ts add special touch Special Events were lacking at Apache Junc- tion High School including the Jr. Miss Pageant which has always been one of the more glavmor- ous events for many of the females of the Senior Class for years. Maior events included: Homecoming, the Ste- vensons' Concert, and Lost Dutchman Days. Although one good reason deserves another, the reason that the Pageant is in danger of becoming extinct is because there is a lack of sponsorship. In past years the event was spon- sored by the JC's until last year when they decided that they no longer wished to put on the event. It was taken over by the Apache Junction Jr. Miss Pageant led by Mr. and Mrs. Nussear of Apache Junction. TOP RIGHT - Freshman Jim Allen going for a big splash, when the Hiking Club explored Oak Creek Canyon. CENTER LEFT - Photographer, Bill Flowers, sets up for 643 underclass- men. CENTER RIGHT - Junior Vince Cherryholmes sniffing out the steaks at the newspaper barbeque at Tim Hold- er's home. BOTTOM RIGHT - "Bunk- ing Bronco" was lust one of the many activities at the Homecoming Carnival, sponsored by the Rodeo Club under the direction of Mr. Stan Glazier. TOP LEFT - Sophomore Kendra McKinney talks with Susie Stevenson and her daughter, Kim Stevenson, before their concert at the high school. TOP RIGHT - Fred Stevenson sings alone at the concert. CENTER LEFT - lmpromtu concert - Fred and Susie Stevenson "sing out" in a spur-of-the-moment concert. CENTER RIGHT - An entrancing moment for Susie Stevenson as she looks over the high school and Jr. High audience before their concert. BOTTOM LEFT - A group shot of the Stevensons and their bass guitar accompianist Jay Mitc- hell, who also teaches at the Junior High. BOTTOM RIGHT - Mr. Jay Mitc- hell harmonizes with the Stevensons when he's not playing bass guitar for them. s , ai if W? School celebrates Lost Dutchman 'S The annual Lost Dutchman Days Celebra- tion was celebrated Jan. 28, 29, and 30, starting with a three day rodeo. This rodeo took place at P 81 M Trail Riders arena, located at Brown Rd. and County Line. It began each day at I p.m. and ended at approximately 3:30 p.m. , One of the most popular events was the Lost Dutchman Days Parade, which began at I0 a.m. on Jan. 29. The parade started off at Delaware and traveled east on University to Roadrunner Pork, northeast of Bayless Plaza, where it cameto on end, - A new addition this year was six hot air balloons which traveled the course of the parade. There were many other attractions which included an arts and crafts show, carnival, rock show, barbecue, and a variety show. A few of the high school organizations which participated in the festivities were the Cheerleaders, Rodeo Club, Marching Band, Spanish Club, and the Drama Club. TOP LEFT - A reinacted desert scene of Apache Junction long ago. TOP CENTER- Getting a hot air balloon ready to start off parade are the people of Cory's gas station. TOP RIGHT - Apache Denture Clinic and Posh Interiors advertise their businesses in parade. CENTER LEFT - A float of a desert scene. CENTER RIGHT - Frosh Rusty McLouth and unidentified person ride on First Baptist Church float. BOTTOM LEFT - Soph. Gene War- ner and unidentified girl ride horses in parade. BOTTOM CENTER - Fill- ing up a hot air balloon to fly over Apache Junction. BOTTOM RIGHT --- Indian squaw rides on horse in parade. I W ,bg , il 11 ,f gg. V. it .VVV I, ,V.. V V .V,.,, ...I ,,., i I is , v . Vifx Q V I I V5 'I i1,.',V,.?c V... l ,.., .1 lf' KIM I ..f'..q.Li'f' K in My , 4, ,,,,fx 4' ig Y ,L .ig-. .fx ,R 'X 3 'S sk - T514 . , LLAQ, it l x I Science, math d pt . bubbl up "The Math Department is better organized than ever before. They've added a new teacher, film- strips, three new calculators and new textbooks for Algebra l," said Miss Barbara Furtaw, depart- ment head. A new teacher, Mr. Tom Olmstead, ioined the staff when Mr. Ron Allie, former math and art teacher at Apache Junction High School, became the Apache Junction Jr. High School principal. Mr. Olmstead teaches general and consumer math, and plans to someday have a program with different general math classes aiming at mastering certain levels of basic arithmatic. Mr. Chris Beatty and Mr. Lamar Watkins teach Algebra. They feel that our math program pro- vides skill in the use of numbers for all students. Miss Barbara Furtaw, who teaches Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, and Geometry, feels our school pro- vides very good pre-college math education courses for those students who plan to go on to higher education, Introduction to Biology and Geology are two new classes offered in the Science Dept. "We would hope to be able to expand our class offerings for next year to include some one semester courses in geology, human anatomy, physiology lan advanced coursel, and introduc- tion to chemistry. "We would like to offer more courses in the advanced biology area, like parasitilogy and microbiology," said Mr. Roland Nunemacher, sci- ence teacher. As of now, there are only two advanced courses in biology, wildlife biology was offered first semester, and marine biology was offered second semester. Mr. Roger Short is the new face in the science department. He's from St. Louis, Missouri and is replacing last year's teacher Mrs. Wanda Cleve- land. Mr. Short teaches practical science, he is also the line coach for the football team, and he's the new track coach. The Science Department acquired blood pres- sure kits, stereo microscopes, and some animal specimens. Mr. Robert Sill, department chairman, said that the Science Department provides students with the basic knowledge in science, acquaints them with the processes of science, and helps them to solve current and future problems in the scientific age, ,,,,,,...'-f- .0 4 J tw 2, lik 2 I 1 ,Ury - ...iff g a WF 'WM f . ADL? Raza. We l lv A TOP LEFT - Mr. Roger Short teaches practical science. CENTER -- Mr. LaMar Watkins preparing an assignment for the next day. BOTTOM LEFT - Soph. Nina Wadsworth does a lab on bacterial growth in biology. BOTTOM CENTER - Mr. Robert Sill gives notes for his biology class. Speec peps up English "Do you prefer working alone, or would you rather work with someone?" and "Will you work any shift on short notice?" were two of the most popular questions asked in a iob interview simu- lation conducted in Mrs. Edye Ruoho's Beginning Speech courses. The mock interviews were given for the purpose of preconditioning students to the situations they might encounter when making an actual iob application. Evaluations were based on factors such as dress, conduct, the amount of information a student had on the job he or she had chosen, and their applica- tions. Students were also iudged on their confidence in speech, the quality of their handshake, and their various replies to the questions asked by the interviewer. Mr. Joseph Landavazo, administra- tive assistant, played the role of the interviewer. He talked with each appli- cant, and recorded notes afterward. The notations were used in scoring, and also served as constructive criticisms by bringing to light things that could cost you a iob in a real interview. Mr. Landavazo conducted a post- interview question and answer session to learn the feelings and find out what made the biggest impression on each student about the interview. TOP RIGHT - Frosh. Phil Roland, Jr. LaDell Harrison, and Soph. Pam Holen work on the technical portion of the play. CENTER TOP - RETURN TO SENDER - Address unknown! Sr. Kathy Pearson types an advertising let- ter for the yearbook. CENTER RIGHT - Sketching pictures of his fellow classmates is Soph. Gene Warner. BOTTOM RIGHT - Frosh. Kevin Veerly, and Soph. Alanta Lucas in the play, "Winnie the Pooh." Business produces new class ln the business department, Mrs. Vir- ginia Karloff said that General Business Core is the newest class offered this year. Also a new teacher has been added, Mr. Roy Beikman, who teaches accounting and beg. typing. When Mrs. Karloff was asked what was different about the department this year in comparison to last year, she said, "During second semester we are instituting a new class called General Business Core. Students may take either record keeping or business math - instruction is highly individualized." The department acquired a new mimeograph machine, and the room is being rewired to improve the safety of the room and to allow more equipment to be added. Mrs. Karloff said that the department is a great contribution to the school. They do all the mimeo- graphing, school catalog, registration material, student handbook, attend- ance slips, and corridor passes. To end up the interview Mrs. Karloff said that, "As the enrollment increases we would like to add more courses, i.e., data processing, and insurance." TOP LEFT - Junior Tina Trotter, far away in deep thought. TOP CENTER - Junior Vincent Cherryholmes, and Sen- ior Bob Fields "This is easier than we thought." CENTER -- "Our beautiful mall." LEFT CENTER - Michele Spo- rich, sophomore, works hard trying to make it perfect. BOTTOM CENTER - Karen Lehrkamp, Junior Brenda McClain, and Mrs. Virginia Karloff. "Your not ioining the crowd too?" NN .. 'Q' 4 ' f Ir. i- . -i-' .- -1-:s-- ' "ii 1 E rsr i f , ...AN glee.- B A . f 5' ui- ft' Shop cuts new edges Two new classes have been added to the shop department this year, Welding ll and Advanced Welding. The department gained a new teacher for the automotive classes, Mr. Greg McAllister, and he replaced Mr. Gilbert Juarez. New equipment consisted of two welders, ten more drafting machines, engine hoist, tool cabinet, engine stands, metal lathe, glass beader, paint gun, and many small tools. The shop classes are doing a little more engine rebuilding now than they have in the years before. Auto body and painting has been added to Auto lll. With the reorganization of the shop, Basic Auto gets time in the shop for practical work. When asked what contribution the department makes to our school, we got the following responses: Mr. Gla- zier - "We teach vocational skills and many students use the skills learned to make a living." Mr. McCalister -- "The department provides practical knowl- edge for students to repair their own vehicles and also provides an outlook on an automotive-mechanic career." Mr. Glenn McMinn - "lt's an opportunity for a student to work with his hands and his mind instead of iust sitting behind a desk. He can actually see what's happening and there's a possibility of future employment. TOP RIGHT - Juniors Skeeter Harrison and Tina Trotter show visiting Junior High students the shop equipment. CENTER RIGHT - Junior Vince Cherry- holmes takes a quick break while build- ing the darkroom for the Journalism Department. BOTTOM RIGHT - Mr. Stan Glazier, shop teacher, says, "Please don't shoot!" Academics soar up Geography has been added for a new class this year along with a new teacher, Mr. Cy Henry. The difference between this year and last year, is that the department now has four full-time teachers and four sec- tions of geography. Teachers in the department don't have to teach more than two subiects. Mr. Charles Ludwig says that the department makes the contribution of making students do homework and handing it in on time. Mr. Ludwig and Mr. Jeff Moynes feel that the depart- ment also makes the students aware of everyday life. Mr. Ludwig's and Mrs. Celeste Wise- man's future plans for the department are to make geography required, and to make world history into an elective. There was a totally new Special Ed. program in effect this year. Mornings were set up for the new occupational classes of reading and social studies. Afternoons were set aside for the LD Resource Program. The Special Education Department is a great improvement from over the past. lt provides education and learning exposure to the unabled to benefit from the regular classroom situation. The Special Ed. Department has received S700 worth of up grading materials, ranging from first grade to iunior high level. Future plans for this department are to increase the students ability to read by providing reading classes, and by helping other teachers include reading in their subiect. New teachers this year were Miss Jackie Brookshire and Mr. Bill Payne. Other teachers try to prepare the stu- dents for their years to come in the world of work and iobs in the future. TOP - Bob Debow, senior, portraying Judge Kaufman for American Problems class. BOTTOM LEFT - Mrs. Carol Cramner explains and shows Wendy Farmer, sophomore, how to save a per- son who is choking. BOTTOM RIGHT - Sophomore Jodi Seeman gives CPR to a practice dummy, while Mrs. Carol Cramner, the school nurse, holds the dummy's nose and instructs Jodi. it 'vt 5281" new M., :+L rv 'J K Fine Art adds zes Fine Arts consists of music, art, and drama. Two new classes have been added to the Music Department, entitled Jazz Band and Music Theory. Since last year, this department has doubled in size, reached a much higher degree of quality, coordinated the new group called "Young Spirits," and has obtained many new instruments, said Mr. Richard A. Nelson. Mr. Nelson was a new addition to this department, and when asked what contribution he feels that the department makes, he stated, "The Fine Arts Department allows the students to participate in a completely different area. It is an outlet for people who are not Involved in other areas to develop their performing talents." Mr. Eugene Anderson, band director, feels that this department gives the students an opportunity to grow and express themselves musically, and that it gives them pride of belonging, educational experience in working together to produce results, and teaches them cooperation. Future plans of the department are to: I. Build a band upto IOO in number by I978. 2. To improve the quality of the playing level of each year. 3. Give the students more varied and richer experiences each year. 4. To add additional instruments, music, facilities, and uniforms. In the Art Department, classes consist of Art I, Art II, Art III, and Art IV. In Art I, the students worked on units in drawing, ceramics, crafts, and print- making. In Art II, III, and IV, each student chose his area of interest and worked more individually. Ms. Diane Harrison feels that the Art Department can make each person more aware of their environment, and they try to be of help in any area when needed. Future plans of the department are to expend the areas taught, and to add more equipment. Mrs. Edye Ruoho, head of the Drama Department stated that the students are really unified, and get along with each other very well. The Drama Department has been improved with more lighting, and a new storage shed. The most important future improvement is expansion of the department. Mrs. JoAnne Collins, librarian, has been greatly helped out this year by new assistant, Mrs. Helen Trenary. Mrs. Trenary does the record keeping and checks material in and out. New proiectors and many new books were added to the library this year. Future plans for the library are to expand facilities and to obtain many more materials. TOP - Electrician Jim Johnson from Empire Electrical Co. working on the lighting for the Drama Dept. LEFT -Junior Mary Johnson and Senior Brian Hasty rehearsing their lines for the play, "The Curious Savage," put on by the Drama Department. FAR RIGHT -- Caroling during the Christmas sea- son are Mark Schrooten, Barbara Barnett, Robin Roberts, and Mrs. Edye Ruoho, Drama. Varsity scrimma es 'Class A 9 opponents for lst season loss After winning their first State Championship last year in Class B football, Apache Junction moved up to Class A and compiled their second most winning record. The Prospectors, picked to finish second in the central division by "Prep Sports Magazine," did so with a 3-1 record, bettered only by Aio's first place 4-0. AJ was 6-4 overall, compared to their best record ever, 10-2, which they registered last year. This year's offensive unit scored 212 total points in 10 games for a 21.2 average per game. Their defensive unit held their combined opposi- tion to only 150 points for a 15.0 average. Apache Junction will be losing eight starting seniors this year. They are Fullback Dale Diulus, Tailback Pat Marquez, Ends Steve Wolf and Daryl Kirscher, Centers Bob DeBaw and Dub Jackson, and Guards Keith Spors and Billy San- tistevan. Other graduating seniors are Defensive Back Henry Landavazo, Guard Dale Specker, Ends Jim Young, John House, and Glenn Cornn, Tackle Art McColgan, and Kicker Fernando Quin- tana. Even though the Prospectors lost I5 seniors, over half of them starters, they should have expe- rienced players returning in all positions except split end. In their final game of the season the Prospec- tors rolled over the Mingus Union Marauders. Mingus scored first midway through the first period after AJ fumbled on their second posses- sion. The extra point kick was good, and the score was 7-O. The Prospectors retaliated with time running out in the same period, as Fullback Dale Diulus scored the touchdown, and Tailback Pat Marquez carried for the extra point. That gave the Junction the lead for good, 8-7. Marquez carried for two more touchdowns and one extra point, lthey missed the other onel, in the second quarter, as the Prospectors ran the score up 22-7 at halftime. The Marauders came out after the break and scored a quick touchdown and two point conver- sion, early in the third quarter, to close to within 7 points, at 22-15. Apache Junction then broke the game open with Tailback Tom Allan, Tight End Chris Barwick, and Fullback Don O'Keefe combined for 20 points to raise the score to 42-I5 at the end of the third quarter. Both teams scored twice in the final period with Marquez and Hugo Huerta doing the honors for AJ. The Prospectors missed both of their extra point tries, while Mingus made the first two point try, but missed the second. The final score was 54-29. Apache Junction started the first half of their season with wins over Gilbert: 6-0, and Ray: 1-0 iforfeiti. They lost games to Gerard: 27-6, and Bourgade: 13-O, with a 35-14 conference win over Moiave in between to make their record 3-2. In the first game of the second half of the sea- son, Aio used a potent passing attack to hand the Prospectors their only conference loss of the sea- son, 18-6. Diulus scored AJ's lone touchdown, early in the first half. Eloy was the last team to defeat the Junction this season, with a final score of 43-12. The Pro- spectors spotted the Dust Devils 25 points in the first half and never caught up. Pat Marquez car- ried for both touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters. Apache Junction showed an explosive offense, and a tenacious defense, while winning their last three games in a row, and out scoring their oppo- sition, 146 points to 35. On Homecoming night, Slot Back Randy Tabor, Quarterback Sam Marquez, Kicker Fer- nando Quintana teamed up with Pat Marquez and Chris Borwick to score 32 paints, while their defense held Parker to iust one touchdown. The end result: 32-6, AJ. In their second to last game of the season, the Prospectors produced their highest point total while shutting out the Phoenix Indian Braves, 60- 0. TOP LEFT - Coach Don Nelson and Coach Mar- vin Smith discuss strategy on the sidelines. TOP RIGHT - Senior Keith Spors downs the ball after a Prospector punt. CENTER - Junior Tom Allan barely escapes an Eloy tackle. Eloy went on to win the game 42-12. MIDDLE RIGHT - Senior Dale Diulus pressing for more yardage against Aio. BOTTOM LEFT - Senior Defender Steve Wolf moves in on an Aio receiver. BOTTOM RIGHT - Aio Raiders stop Junior Tom Allan on the line. QW 2 . ra J 9' WP' ...if L. , 3 , -' 'lar .1 X -X N3 ai! x W0 fS win?- ll .Vx ,fVgTidders wind up 7-0 "I feel the team's performance this year so far has been above average," com- mented JV football Coach Leon Trotter. With a record of seven wins and only one loss, the JV has the best record of the three AJ teams. Their wins were over Gil- bert 8-6, Dysart 34-O, the loss was a con- troversial decision which was called at halftime because of rain when the score was 6-0 Gerard. They also beat Phoenix Indians 59-O. Coach Trotter said the team's biggest strength this year was unity. The team's weaknesses this year were lack of size and lack of number of players. ' The team did not have a statistician this year, but the leading scorers were Hugo Huerta, Chuck Ehmann, and John Brown. The leading ground gainer was Hugo Huerta. The offense in seven games scored 158 points while the defense has given up only 46 points, Coach Trotter said it was a good team effort on defense. Hugo Huerta and Doug Johnson have the most tackles on defense and the lead- ing passer was John Brown. The toughesti J contests of the year were Gilbert and Ger- ard. Eleven experienced players were back from last year's 5-3-l squad. JV got off to a good start by defeating the Gilbert JV squad 8-6 in a hard hitting football game. TOP LEFT -- Eloy defensive man grabs facemask of Sophomore Chuck Ehmann as Junior David Pena runs through the hole. The JV won 33-6. TOP CENTER - No. 42 Junior David Pena of the Prospectors tries to scamper through two Eloy defenders as the JV won 33-6. CENTER - Sophomore Chuck Ehmann carries the ball as Sopho- more Hugo Huerta, No. 20, leads the way, Prospectors lost 6-O. CENTER BOT- TOM - Eloy ball carrier is tackled by Sophmore Kelly Beddell, 360, and Soph- omore Doug Hare, 1151. Also getting in the act are Sophomores it2O Hugo Huerta, 1172 Troy Mullender and 380 Jeff Graffa. The Prospectors won 33-6. TOP RIGHT - No. 25 Chuck Ehmann tackles Eloy ball carrier as JV won 33-6. CENTER RlGHT - 5560 Sophomore Kelly Beddell leads the Prospector JV on the drive to victory. BOTTOM RIGHT - The offensive line fires off against Eloy defense in the rout of Eloy 33-6. l x , X . , xi, i . 4 , J i ,5 tix K. C 1 l 1 .5 T tl, ,K-- X. 4 A ---t ll K rx w . , Q - NK q ., .,,k T .KGX-5 tx 7 x l t I x , , , , . i . W 5. .w'.'f,JA- . .N ' ' ' -Q , ,M-W,,,g3f .KRZT 63,3 I , ' QT 1 '-yt. fu . A f.. . . 1 ...L 1 3 A ,, , .,j!,,,?J, .. 4 -ss -,,,.. t . .Q I... 1 ,-, c., . 3 l' 0, Q .' . Ak f, f . . Q. egg, . K, . 2- . -gs a , fel 5 . . Q WFNF' . ,Q , , .4 . P N f A. g . .Y , K , ri, . . s. H ' -sig s. x Q AV? Y ' 1 .ff . ' -' Q aw, 4.16 S14 v x + 5 't Q H ' if is N . N , ,ai 5 S f AQ, M1 - -5, I av ,'t"' 'ia wx. S N Freshman Football Team doubles up size, S ee for record breakin spree A new team to the Apache Junction High School this year is the Freshman Football team. The purpose of the new organization is to teach football and to shape the individual into a better per- son. Coached by Dan Majetich and Chris Beatty, the team finished the season with a 3-3-l record. The closest game for the team was with Superior with a score of 6-6. Preceeding this game was a 22-6 defeat over Bourgade. Coach Maietich commented that the best game of the season was against Aio, "Even though we lost, the men played a super game." With enthusiasm as the main strength, the Freshman offense scored a total of 49 points, with a tough defense of 68 points. For the first year that Apache Junc- tion ever had a Freshman Football Team, they did very well, and both the coaches and the players enioyed the season. "Most of the ability is at the quarter- back spot with David Santistevan and Chuck Celis," said Head Coach Dan Maietich. "The rest of the team was a question mark." Speed was fair in the backfield with Tailbacks Fred Hasty, John Ellis, and Kirby Von Meter. He added that "Size is small overall except the Tack- les Steve McDonald, Mike Castillo, and John Baxter," said Coach Maietich. Coach Maietich was reasonably pleased with the results, but he says you never really accomplish everything you would like to. "The defense was lacking experience greatly, but was very eager. The offense also was lack- ing experience, so the team had to work very hard this year," commented Coach Maietich. The schedule for the Freshmen was a tough one with Gilbert and Eloy, lead- ing contenders. Although the team lacked experience, Coach Maietich felt the team would be a contender for the league title. TOP LEFT - Kirby Von Meter and Coach Dan Maietich prepare for the game. TOP CENTER - Number l2 David Santistevan runs for yardage. TOP RlGHT - Players gather to make important decisions. CEN- TER - A Prospector stalls before attempt- ing yardage. BOTTOM LEFT -- David San- tistevan desperately tries to get out of a difficult situation. CENTER RIGHT -- A Prospector No. IO gets in on the action. BOTTOM RIGHT - Who says football can be crippling? 4 'n ,, nitg? A gs. .. ff M9 Varsi t courts rival cagers "We really should go to state," stated Head Varsity Basketball Coach Cy Henry, "we are beginning to play up to our capa- bilities." With a record of nine wins and five losses, a 4th place ranking in state, and a 2nd place ranking in conference, the Pro- spectors are having their best season ever. When AJ traveled to Coolidge to chal- lenge the No. 1 team in the conference, it took a long-range iump shot with four sec- onds left in the game to keep the Bears from being upset. The final score was 51- 53. "The team played excellently against Coolidge, they were very lucky to beat us on their court," said Coach Henry. Leading scorers for the Prospectors were Seniors Pat Marquez, Victor Huerta, and Junior Ron Sowers with 10 points each and Junior Sam Marquez with 9. In their next outing, AJ traveled to Aio, and defeated the Red Raiders 54-45. Sam Marquez led the score with sixteen points, followed by Ron Sowers with 13, and Vic- tor Huerta with 10. "The team played very well considering the long bus ride," Coach Henry confessed. "Team scoring is our main strength, everyone scores well," said Coach Henry. "Good free-throw shooting has evened most of our games," he added. Team strength lies in scoring, free-throw shooting and defense, said Coach Henry. "Everyone scores well," said Coach Henry. "Good free-throw shooting has won most of our games, and we are begin- ning to press very well. We miss too many easy shots, though, and if we begin to rebound well we will really be hard to beat." 34 TOP RIGHT - Senior Guard Pat Mar- quez drives for an easy layup against non-conference foe, Mingus. AJ won the game 71-44. BOTTOM RIGHT - Junior Ron Sowers goes up for a basket while Jeff Hays and a Mingus defense player are ready to catch any rebound. PAGE 35 - TOP LEFT - Senior Victor Huerta fights for the ball in our second game with Mingus. The Prospectors won with a score of 71-44. TOP RIGHT - Going up for the rebound at the Mingus game are Juniors Ron Sowers and Jeff Hays. CENTER LEFT - Junior Jeff Hays sets up for a basket in the Mingus game resulting in a winning score of 71-44. CENTER RIGHT -- Sen- ior Victor Huerto sets himself to change the path of a Tiger in a game with Gil- bert. The Tigers were stopped by the Prospectors with a score of 52-48. BOTTOM RIGHT - Junior Chris Bar- wick is not stopped by the Gilbert defense. AJ won over Gilbert 52-48. x W I 9 QQ uv is my wus 7-C' S WCC up 16-3 The JV Basketball Team finished their season with a 16-3 record, O- 1 in conference. Even though the Prospectors lost their first game to Gilbert, 37-43, they gained confidence and won the next eight games with Bour- gade ltwicel, Gerard, Gilbert, Ray ltwicei, and Mingus ltwicel. Their winning streak was broken by Coolidge, where the Prospectors lost, 33-61. The JV Team then won the next seven games with Aio ltwicel, Phoenix Indian ltwicel, Eloy ltwicei, Parker, and Coolidge. The last game of the season, against Parker, was won by the Prospectors with a score of 75-48. Jeff Mason, coach of the JV Bas- ketball Team, said, "Potentially, we have a very good team, only if we play as well as we are capable of playing." He feels Ray, Bourgade, and Mingus were the best games this season, with the second quarter against Mingus being the best quarter he's had on the JV Team. Mental mistakes have hurt them tre- mendously, with the poorest played game being against Coolidge. "We did not execute any phase of the game correctly," Coach Mason said. The JV Team has had some prob- lems with iniuries with Larry Karkos, Charlie Hunt, and Glenn Beaumont, all with ankle iniuries. Hustle and good field shooting are the top strengths of the team with lead scorers being Tim Holder, 13.3, Larry Karkos, 12.3, and Den- nis Doerfler, 10.1. TOP LEFT - Tim Holder, soph., playing against Gilbert Tigers in 54-47 win for the Prospectors. TOP RIGHT - Playing an interesting game is Soph. Dennis Doerfler with an average of 10.1 points a game. BOTTOM LEFT - Reaching high to capture the ball is Soph. Tim Holder, coached by Jeff Mason. BOT- TOM CENTER - Sophs. Danny Fulcher and Tim Holder strain to get the ball to finish the season with a 16-3 record. BOTTOM RIGHT - Junior Larry Karkos does not take any iive from the Gilbert Tigers as he keeps his 12.3 point aver- age. T-E as ,kits 51" fy 1 1 I F rash cagers dunk teams The Freshman Basketball team worked well together this season with fair ball handling. The strong points on the team were fast breaks, speed, and defense, said their coach. Chris Beatty, coach of the Fresh- man Basketball Team, said the tough teams played were Coolidge and Parker. He said he likes his team to play man-to-man. The Freshman Basketball Teams' leading scorer was David Grabner. The best offensive player was David Santistevan, and the best defensive player was Alan Rey- nolds. Most valuable player was David Santistevan. The problem, which has been faced on the team, is the loss of their high scorer, David Grabner, to an iniury. Freshman players, who worked hard on the team were: David San- tisteven, GF, Chuck Celis, G, Mike Euliss, G, Ron Bennett, F, Steve McDonald, FC, Paul Gruner, F, Alan Reynolds, FC, Jeff Bracken, G, David Tomazin, FC, Johnny Ells, GF, and Rene Huerta, G, con- cluded Coach Beatty. CENTER -- David Grabner 43242 takes a short iump shot in a one-point victory over Gilbert. Johnny Ells bottom left is in the rebound position. CENTER RIGHT - Ron Bennett 320 and Alan Reynolds 49523 scramble after the ball.with Tiger oppo- nent. Johnny Ells is also in the action as the Freshmen won by a close margin of 37-36. BOTTOM RIGHT - David Santistevan if I2 flies in for a layup as Steve McDonald moves in on the action as the' Freshmen suffered a defeat by 54-33 to Mingus. TOP LEFT -- David Santistevan ir12 leaps for the hoop in the opening game of the season with Gilbert as the Freshmen held on to win by l. BOTTOM LEFT - Steve McDonald 340 goes back up with a rebound in Gilbert game. TOP RIGHT - Going in for the layup is David Santistevan between the basket and a Gilbert defender. Final score was 56-37. 35 . , , :iii .ef my x if QN Girls spring in to action The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team played a lot of close games. Their first game was against Mari- copa in which the girls won 5l-l 5. In the second game against Ray they were to experience their first loss with a score of 37-27. In the following game against Xavier the team experienced another 37-27 victory. Later that week Maricopa was again whipped by AJ, with the girls winning by 5l-27. The Gilbert Tigers coached by their former coach, Jim Pastor had the pleasure of their own defeat of 42-39. The team was given the road to conference when the girls played a close game with the Coolidge Bears 42-44. They were to experience the sec- ond loss of the season when they played the Phoenix Indian Bra- vettes. The score was 65-43. In the game with Eloy two Prospectors Licia Graffa and Patti Peck fouled out of the game, but that didn't stop them since they whipped past Eloy with a 46-37 victory. The next game was with Coolidge in which the girls lost with a score of 56-44. The Aio Raiderettes lost their game to AJ with only 5 personal fouls, 35-45. AJ again defeated the Bravettes and went on to the Ray lnvitationals. Ray defeated the girls and later the girls were defeated again by Sahurita. The next game the Prospectors encoun- tered was with Eloy, another vic- tory of 53-27. The last two games of the season were aggressive even though the Prospectors lost both of them. The first loss was to the Ger- ard Redcoats and the second to the Xavier Savers. 40 ' TOP LEFT - Grab that ball!Jump- ing for the ball in the game against Maricopa on Dec. 6 is Joy Hays as Karen Price, and April Graffa look on. CENTER LEFT - Hey! l'm inno- cent! Going up with the ball is Frosh Joy Hays, and looking on are Senior Joan Burnap and Frosh Lau- rie Karkos against Maricopa. BOT- TOM LEFT - Look! One finger! Shooting the ball for a possible two points is Soph. Karen Price. Look- ing on is Frosh Roxanne Ritter against Maricopa. CENTER RIGHT - Freshman Laurie Krkos tries to hang onto the ball as two Maricopa girls try to steal it. RIGHT - Shoot- ing for what could be an extra two points is Senior Tracy Tomazin. BOTTOM RIGHT - Fighting for possession of the ball is Freshman Patty Peck, Senior Darlene Lipovic, and two Maricopa girls. CENTER - Senior Debbie Carr is right in the middle of a mass iumble of arms. 4 gx x fav in--- A if '7 6 olleyball Team bumps, spikes, nets disappoin tin season Hlnexperience seemed to be the main hang-up forthe Volleyball Team this sea- son," said Coach AI Cramner. That may have well been the cause of their one win, I2 loss record, although there were five letterwomen returning. One problem that perhaps many stu- dents, faculty and administrators may not consider is the fact that for the past three years the girls have had to switch coaches, which may not seem like an excuse to most, but to the athlete, adiusting to differ- ent coaches every year is traumatic. First, there was Miss Sandy Stair, who coached for two years. She moved, and Mrs. Barbara Miller took her place. Mrs. Miller herself said she was "inexperienced at coaching" volleyball. This year Mr. Cramner has taken over and has tried to bring the girls together. Returning was Senior Darlene Lipovoc I4 years volleyball experiencel, Juniors Debbie Paar I2 yearsl, Mary Marshall I2 yearsl, Gloria Perez I2 yearsl, and Laura Celis I2 yearsl. "Weaknesses seemed to center in defense and ball control," said Mr. Cram- ner, but he felt the team performed fairly well, and that they improved as the season progressed. Their only win was against Aio which was played in a tough, three game match late in the season. "All the other teams in our conference had more experience than us. If all the players from this season come out next year, the team should have much better chances at winning," said Cramner. Spiking was average, as rated by the Coach, with Darlene Lipovic and Patty Peck leading the team. Servers rated good with Tammi Smith, Mary Marshall, Gloria Perez, Laura Celis, And Debbie Paar with the most consist- ency. Sets were average with Karolette Bumpas and Belinda Bonillas rating best. Miami and Aio showed the toughest competition for the girls because they were the "best disciplined, best organized, and had the best control and that's what it takes to win," said Cramner. Mr. Cramner said he enioyed working with the team, but he believes Mrs. Miller will be coaching again next year. "They're a good bunch of kids, and if they all come out next year, the team will be much better," said Cramner. TOP LEFT - At a home game against Aio, Junior Mary Marshall serves the ball and scores. BOTTOM LEFT - Frosh Patty Peck gets ready for the bump in a game against Aio. TOP CEN- TER - Volleyball members Debbie Paar, Patty Peck, Belinda Bonillas, Glo- ria Perez, Mary Marshall, Mini Blanch- ard, Darlene Lipovic, Tami Smith, and Coach Al Cramner discuss one of the games. CENTER - Coach Al Cramner pre- pares for one of the home games. BOT- TOM CENTER -Junior Mary Marshall follows though on serve while Senior Darlene Lipovic watches from the side- line. TOP RIGHT - Senior Tami Smith about to make a serve. CENTER RIGHT - Senior Darlene Lipovic IMooseI bumps the ball as spectators watch from the sideline. BOTTOM RIGHT - Senior Darlene Lipovic IMoosel strug- gles to score. 'IE 5 Wrestling spotligh ts coa chin Eighteen years of wrestling and coaching put Wrestling Coach Glenn McMinn in the ASU Hall of Fame and All American for three years. To be fair to everyone, work everyone hard, but not too hard, and to make goals and try to reach those goals are Coach McMinn's methods for coach- ing. Some ofthe most commonly used holds are double leg take dawn, fireman cradle, hip lock, and half nel- son. lip lock and full nelsons are some holds that are illegal. There are no special requirements for wrestling. lf the wrestler wants to make his own it is perfectly all right to him. The only thing Coach McMinn wants players to do is make practices, follow all the rules, and do what they are told to do. "There are no regular JV wrestlers," said Coach McMinn. "JV wrestlers change from week to week." One guy can be on Varsity one week and an JV the next week," states Coach McMinn. Visiting "George," a saguaro cactus, is one of the ways the wrestlers keep in shape. They run JA of a mile to 'George' and QA ofa mile back to school. Coach McMinn has overweight wrestlers put on a sweat suit and run or crawl under the wrestling mat to take off the excess weight. The underweight wrestlers are lucky and get to eat. "Sometimes the wrestlers look better at home games," says the coach, but he thinks it's only because familiar people come to home matches and they try to look better. TOP LEFT - Coach Glenn McMinn talks with Frank Hefflinger about a match that Frank iust wrestled. BOTTOM LEFT, P. 44 - Heavyweight Gerald Mullender tries a bear-hug on a Coolidge heavyweight. Mullender pinned his opponent. BOTTOM RIGHT, P. 44 - Ken Franklin gets a take- down in a match against Eloy. TOP CEN- TER - Richard Newman tangles with opponent in a match early in the season. TOP RIGHT - Willie Marquez takes coach's instructons while wrestling a match against Ray. CENTER - Scotty Wiers wrestles with another opponent he beat. CENTER RIGHT - Vince Cherryholmes tires to fight his way out of the grasp of his opponent. BOTTOM LEFT - Joey Caroth- ers changes his position against Ray oppo- nent. BOTTOM RIGHT - Doug Pinotti gets ready to do it again. -Rs i I .X- 3 N p 4 5 iv' :fm N., 'iii ,vi 1 . . 3453 ,AWQW .nd . V 1 tau I 1' f Ziff? X Q 5 , ff 1 ' y + ,ff H' Y P4 Rabi- ' zf "f M1 x 4-, ' ' X-F? .f 1, M, ' A , M411 'P if fr 4"9x Ma tmaids pin up wrestling squads To be a good matmaid, you should be able to maintain your self-confidence, which simply means that a matmaid must believe in her abilities. The main iobs for a matmaid are sup- porting their team, and knowing when and when not to cheer. All matmaids should work together as a team. Matmaids cheer and score, and if there is a snack bar, they might help run it. Becoming a matmaid is explained at try- outs at the end of the year. They are iudged on: al overall appearance, bl voice proiection and clarity, cl posture, dl origi- nality of cheers, and el sharp movements. The matmaid sponsor is Mrs. Debbie Shields, home economics teacher. The matmaid officers are: Robin Ritter, presi- dent, Lisa Faught, secretary, and Kathi Smith, secretary. There are ll matmaids including: Belinda Bonillas, Lisa Faught, Kathy Nolan, Robin Ritter, Cindy Seeman, Jodi Seeman, Kathi Smith, Linda Smith, Tami Smith, Rae Tanner, and Kelly Wilde. Mrs. Shields became a sponsor because she enioys working with the girls, and she is learning more about wrestling. "The girls are doing an excellent iob, and they get things done," said Mrs. Shields. it 5,4 i In ' BOTTOM RIGHT - Sophomores Kathi Smith and Robin Ritter "talking about the match." CENTER RIGHT - Sophomore Jodi Seeman - "thinking of the match." CENTER LEFT - Sophomore Lisa Fought -- "I'm behind the Prospectors." BOT- TOM LEFT -- Sophomore Robin Ritter - "I forgot to move my margins." TOP RIGHT - Junior Kathy Nolan "excited about the match." TOP LEFT - Junior Belinda Bonillas - "Hope my hair is ok for the match." BOTTOM CENTER - Sen- ior Tami Smith - "One of the Matmaids shows school spirit." Sports Banquet goes potluck For the first time in Apache Junction High School's history, a Pot Luck Sports Award Banquet was held. Always in years before the banquet took place at the Superstition lnn or the Elks' Lodge. Due to inflation, the rise in food costs, and the cost of living, the prices offered would force the Athletic Department to raise the admission fee. At banquets in recent years, it cost approximately 52.50 per person admission. Prices have been upped to somewhere around 54.00, said Athletic Director Don Nelson. Since the banquet was pot luck, and held in the Supersti- tion Elementary School gym, it didn't cost anything except a dish of food, said Mr. Nelson. Another benefit from the pot luck banquet was the quality and variety of the food. Pot roast, round steak, fried chicken, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and corn were just a few of the dishes that were brought. Seniors brought the main dishes, iuniors brought the vege- table dishes, sophomores brought the salads, and freshmen brought the deserts and baked goods. Two more pot luck Sports Award Banquets are scheduled this year. The winter banquet will be held March 8, and the spring banquet will be May l7. They should get better, and become more popular as they get better organ- ized, said Coach Nelson. TOP LEFT - Sr. Dale Diulus receives trophy for football. TOP RIGHT - Sr. Steve Wolf as he is presented a trophy for football. CENTER - Sr. Pat Mar- quez is awarded Best Offense Player award from Coach Don Nelson. BOT- TOM LEFT - Jr. Mary Marshall as she received an award for Most Spirited team member. BOTTOM RIGHT - sophs, Gene Warner and Troy Mullen- der after they received their awards. 'WW we 5'u"LZ'1TI.,wg 6' 'ni 'I ' H , 'I+ ' -': J vL?2'iG'?I""V72'K'g ,WW AMW 'PW' WW WLT?3"""fV1'k YQ"i'vk- 3, H, T , 4 ,m,,,t.,,,2-ix l ,, ,,,iy,,,5t,,,.z2E-1 .,A,, , K ,,. ,K ,, V .f QQ nie .- fmt ,lim ' ,, TOP PHOTO - Pom Pom Squad includes Debbie Chilson, Joanie Armsby, Evilia Lan- davazo, Gretchen Boso, Carol Tucker, Kelly Armsby, and Glenna Hollon. MIDDLE PHOTO -- Varsity'Cheers Rhonda Ritter and Mary Marshall perform for the "Pro- spectors." RIGHT PHOTO - Varsity Cheers Mary Marshall, Gloria Perez, Kim Reil- ing, Rhonda Ritter, and Julie Felts in formation during football season express their feelings for their guys. 49 Cheers ain ew sponsor To be a good cheerleader you should be able to maintain your self-confidence, which simply means that you believe in yourself and your abili- ties. Your personal appearance is very important. You shouldn't be overweight or underweight, and you should try to be neat in personal habits as well as appearance. You should be prompt and dependable, loyal to the school and able to put duty above personal desires, always be a good sport, cooperate with everyone, and have a good scholastic standing. You must practice so that when you perform, your routines will look good. Your routines should be original, suitable, in good taste, and high in spectator appeal. The way you do your routines, adds to the spirit of the cheer. Routines should contain the following: lAl personality proiection, lBl self-confidence and poise, lCl rhythm and time ing, KDJ coordination of arm and leg movements with words, tEl voice quality and microphone ability, QFJ grace and variety of iumps, lGl pep ond enthusiasm, and lHl precision. Jumps should be an important part of all cheerleading routines, and they should get spe- cial emphasis from you in your practice sessions. When making new cheers, they should get spe- cial emphasis from you in your practice sessions. When making new cheers, they should be fun to say, and easy to understand. You should choose words that are understandable, and you should put definite motions to them. The motions for your cheers accomplish two purposes: I. They help the students say the cheer in the desired manner. 2. They help to convey the idea and meaning of the cheer. Successful pep rallies are well-planned, ade- quately rehearsed, and smoothly conducted. They built school spirit in the team and the stu- dent body. You should keep your rallies short, simple, and peppy. It your school has a lot of school spirit, the students will be proud of their school, their teachers, and their classmates. Your main iobs at the games are supporting your team, and knowing when and when not to cheer. You must choose a cheer that is right for the situation. All cheerleaders should work together as a team. Teamwork is the main factor in building school spirit. l y -J . ,. 3 5 Y 'im '..c " 4 ' 'Af 1,89 ,,YL . TOP LEFT - Varsity Cheerleaders Sr. Rhonda Ritter isn't sure of her precautious position on Jr. Mary Marshall. BOTTOM LEFT - Soph. Robin Roberts cheers on the JV Squad. TOP MIDDLE -- Didn't get the ioke, did you, Mr. Neil Barwick lassistant principall with Sr. Rhonda Ritter, Soph. Julie Wright, and Soph. Claudette Haverfield. CENTER - Jr. Gloria Perez, Sr. Rhonda Ritter, and Jr. Mary Marshall cheers the crowd. BOTTOM CENTER - Frosh Terrie Riddle, and Sophs. Robin Roberts and Claudette Haverfield prac- tice while trying to make up a new cheer. TOP RIGHT - JV Cheers Terrie Riddle, Robin Roberts, and Claudette Haverfield. FAR BOT- TOM RIGHT - Soph. Claudette Haverfield. BOTTOM RIGHT - Soph. Robin Roberts and Frosh Terrie Riddle. Seniors color their world Uriel Lindo Bennett Elaine Brow Boker Bedell John 51233 Debbie Carr 4 -W Sandy Cormany Jeff Cosby John Crumby Bob DeBow Rich Dismuke Seniors first to attend fo ur years at new school Four years ago our T50 seniors attended classes as freshmen at the newly constructed Apache Junction High School. As the first graduates to attend the full four years at this new facility, these students have faced changes in govern- ment class requirements, they no longer are required to have a iob as a senior, or be a member of any vocational train- ing program, and are required to be on campus four hours a day. TOP LEFT - Senior Dale Thompson relaxes in Yearbook Class as Ben Wil- hite, Taylor Publishing representative, speaks and shows slides. TOP MIDDLE - The lunch bell rings and freezes the action of three seniors - Art McCoIgan, Tami Respondek, and Gina Marsallo in the process of leaving class. TOP RIGHT - Sr. Les Price demon- strates the baritone. MIDDLE RIGHT - Photographer Bill Flowers from Imperial Photography positions Victor Huerta for his senior portrait. CENTER - Sr. Art McCoIgan dreams of making a game saving touchdown. BOTTOM MIDDLE - Sr. Fernando Quintana, foreign exchange student from Colom- bia, takes a break in the home econom- ics room. BOTTOM LEFT - Srs. Dar- lene Lipovic and Linda Bennett on their way to a Student Council meeting. BOTTOM RIGHT - Sr. Brett Shine. ,-AXA L.. if . 9 sf? if . ,r',, IO DEMANDMENTS OF THY SCHOOL Thou shalt honor thy school with all thy heart and all thy hide. And these ten com- mands here told thee must thou keep all the days of thy student life: I. Thou shalt be on time all the tirne. Blame not thy broken clock, the winds of winter, or thy mode of transportation. II. Thou shalt tell it like it is and never bear false witness against a classmate, a teacher, or the principal. Accept the blame for thine own failings. III. Thou shalt not waste thy classroom time with questions both foolish and fatuous. IV. Thou shalt combfbrush thy hair and apply thy lipstick in that place provided for such private undertakings. V. Thou shalt not pass notes to communi- cate with thy male or female friends, but wait until lunch or school day's end pres- ents thee with both time and fortuitous opportunity. VI. Thou shalt keep thy locker neat and orderly at thy coming to and thy leave-tak- ing from this institution of scholarship. VII. Thou shalt not covet the brains and abilities of those superior in wisdom. Rather shalt thou study harder and strive with greater effort. VIII. Thou shalt maintain thy books in good condition, likewise thy mind, for life is not to be found in comics but in learning. IX. Thou shalt not abuse thy privilege as a desirable female by wearing scents and costumes that would make eyes wander. Or, if a male, thou shalt be gentlemanly and never the brutish clod. These are abo- minations devoutly to be avoided. X. Thou shalt not mutter under thy breath in disagreement. Rather shalt thou honor thy classmates and thy studies. Silence is golden and in suggplglgfansyhou learn. Kits T2 IT" XXW . sy , fig.. Q! XY .glad ' ,Y ' Z I' T" j exe its sv W 3 Us 9 F3 QJ sf H4 Qc, 'T , UQ .9 g.f.1"Qg.lfC, yn 'sf O, Q, ffl, ji Q g 'sv I QQ -c . .. if Cc . TQ' "Q, To All C 'Y ' in 'gy I ' Cp 77 if I., C571 ,. ,. .X f Q J.,-44 C' 'I ' ' f F . Q . , . f I k , CC , 5,1 CN, F' 55 2, '7 Seniors pick class rings John House if K f VE ' A E Dub Jackson Lorie Jenkins Bill JOi'If'lS0fI as ii 'D 'Ai x. . Jv- -' ur. f.-4 Z-,V .1 ' 1 1 ,2 Q 11, Z in Alf i, - .W . , Dana Kopp Henry Londovozo Lehrkamp , Q, H ,- i i"Q".,' Ag 'wr 4- 'tm ' -V .1 f m,AV+L fi' 1 270 it to Greta Little Dennis Linden Dorlene Lipovic Scott Liversedge Art McColgan from Royal Military ,le welry wr ,. .4 , .M 5 Tony McDonald Pat Marquez Marlowe , , , . .em-ELL 45 1 r WendV MUfDhV Mike Nolan Susan Nunn Ann Q'Keefe SN as B . .mi "' r A l' 'll l , Debbie Pearson Perez Dennis Packard cw Bill Poulson Les Price Fernando Quintana Gilbert Ramirez Kim Reiling Senior Achievements URIEL ACOSTA Y Sports Y wres- tlrng VICKI BEDELL Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors, GAA, Drama club, Awards Y Drama Club, volleyball, vearbaak, Teen Counselors, Sports Y raanaaer ol Volleyball Team BILLY BELL Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Student cauaerl, Sports Y basketball, baseball LINDA BENNETT Y Clubs Y Drama Club, ihesatans, Teen Counse- lars, Speech Team, Prospector charus, Student Councll Y student body presl- dent, Oriental Express, Prasaeetar Band Y treasurer, Senior Club, Young sarrrts, Jazz Band, Awards Y Mrdlands Masta Award, Nararnated Best Actress, She- phatd's Musrr Award Y outstandraa lunrar Choral Award, BesIThesp1an DON BENNER Y Clubs Y ott- Road Vehicles Club SANDY BERKEZCHUK Y Clubs Y Student caunal, senrar Club, Span- .sh Club Y aresrdent, 2 yrs., yrraaresr, dent Y 1 yr., secretary Y 1 yr,, Awards Y Top Arnenean ttrstary stu. dent, Perfect Attendaaee, Art Award, Beg. Auto Award, saarts Y sottball RHODA BOWDEN Y Clubs Y sk. Club, Athletre Club, Teen caunselars, Sprrrt Squad, Parn Pans Y eaatara, Yearbook, Rodeo Club, Student caunnl, Sports Y softball PAT BOYD Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Awards Y baseball, basketball, saarts Y baseball, basketball ELAINE BROWN Y Clubs Y Classical Guitar Club, Spantsh Club, Awards Y Fine Arts oeat, Award, Gold Medal tar Supertor Rotrng at State Solo and Ensemble Festival, Solo Certtttcate tor excellent ratrng at State sala and Ensemble Festival, Duet Certtttcate tor excellent ratrna at State sala and Ensemble Festival, Outstanding Guitar Student JOAN BURNAP Y Clubs Y Span- rsh Club, Athletic Club, Drama Club, Teen Counselors, Awards Y Spark Plug Y softball, Art Award, Drama Award, spans Y basketball, softball, Powder Puff Football JOEY CAROTHER5 Y Clubs Y ott-lraad vehreles Club, Awards Y wrestling, Sports Y wrestling DEBBIE CARR Y Clubs Y saanrsh Club, searar Club, Athletrr Club, Chess Club, GAA, Skt Club, Awards Y 2nd reaar All.star Award, 2nd Team All-star rraphy, Mast Valuable Player Y teaars, saans Y basketball, tennrs, track CORRINE CONTILLI Y Clubs Y Senior Club SANDY CORMANY Y Clubs Y Senior Club Y president, Athletic Club, Spirit Squad, Skt Club, Student Council Y representative, Awards Y American History Award, Sports Y softball, porn aans, cheerleaders JEFF COSBY Y Clubs Y Padea Club, off-lzaad vehrrles Club, Student Council Y treasurer, Sports Y football JOHN CRUMBY Y Awards Y Mechanics Award BOB DEBOW Y Clubs Y Natranal Honor Society, Letterlmen's Club Y bus.. ness manager, Sports Y lootball, track RICHARD DISMUKE Y Clubs Y Senior Club, Sports Y football, base- ball JOHN DOERFLER Y Sports Y basketball, baseball SHERRY DRYER Y Clubs Y National Honor Society, Horse Club, 4- H, Spanish Club, GAA, Student Council, Sophomore Class President, Awards Y Pertect Attendance TIM EHMANN Y Clubs Y Drama Club Y vice president, Speech rearn, vearbaak Y photography ednar, Chess Club, Boy Scouts, Math and Science Club, Senior Club, Teen Counselors, Awards Y Eagle Scout, nominated tar Best Actor twice, 3rd runner-up for Boys' State, member of Order of Arrow GLENDA EIDSON Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors, Student Council Y secretary, Ski Club, Hiking Club, Senior Club, Prospectors Chorus, Awards Y Teen Counselors, Student Council, Pra- spectars Chorus Award, Sports Y cheerleaders, basketball BILL ENGMAN Y Clubs Y span. ish Club, Sports Y tennis JULIE FELTS Y Clubs Y Athlette Club, sk. Club, senrar Club, traded Club Y treasurer, Pep Club Y secretary, Teen Counselors, Awards Y Apache Jct. Rodeo Queen, Sports Y volleyball, basketball, cheerleaders DAVID GARR Y Awards Y s25 lsand from Womans club STEVE GIFFORD Y Awards Y IPE1 saftball, basketball, football, valley, ball, Sports Y basketball TIM GRABNER Y spans Y base- ball I9thI DONA GRAHAM Y Clubs Y chrldrea at the Confederacy IGAI 71 . 73, Student Counctl, Rodeo Club, Awards Y Order at the Battered aaat Y Muscular Dystrophy walkathaa zo miles, saans Y lettered varsrty Cheer FARON HARRISON Y Clubs Y Rodeo Club, Awards Y medals lar erass country, Sports Y radea, erass country, track, ottrees held Y FFA Chapter Presrdant, 1 lth ra New Mexico LAURA HARRISON Y Clubs Y lzadea Club, senrar Club, Chorus, Cheerleader Iotht, Para ParnsI1oth,, Pep Club Il Ithl, Awards Y Outstand- .na english Award Ivtht, Sports Y track IlOth, 1 IthI, basketball Ivth, lotht, Offices held Y Sophomore Class Pres., dent, Freshman Student cauanl reare, sentative BRIAN HASTY Clubs Y Drama club, Chess Club, trladel Club, Awards Y Best Actor '75, Doubles Champion b Central '75, Sports Y basketball Iotht, tearns Ivth, l0th1 TOM HILL Y Clubs Y lsand PEGGY HOLEN Y Clubs Y Rodeo Club, Awards Y Medal rn hrah Iurna, Medal rn erass country at Los Altos than srhaal, Sports Y track and srass country MARCENA HOLLON Y Student Council, Interact, YARC, Band, Counsel- ing far Human Relations, Awards Y Yearbook, Band, Sports Y volleyball JOHN HOUSE Y Sports Y foot- ball, basketball, Clubs Y Band, News- paper Y assistant edltar VICTOR HUERTA Y Awards Y Jody Riddle Mernarral, Mast lnsarra, ttonal, Sports Y track I9thI, basketball I4 yrs.I, baseball I3 yrs.I, Ottlces held Y Freshman Class President DAVE HUNSAKER Y Clubs Y Photography Club, National Honor Soci- ety, Newspaper I3 yrs.J, Student Coun- cil, Awards Y 2 for tops tn Beg, Speech, Congressman Conlan's trip to Washing- ton, D.C., Newspaper Awards Y best editorial and best photography, Offices held Y Newspaper Y advertising raan- ager, assistant editor, editor DUB JACKSON Y Sports Y foot- ball, wrestling LORI JENKINS Y Clubs Y Horse Club, cheerleading, Awards Y Voca- tional Y auto mechanics, Sports Y traak, Athlete ol the Year, saaharnare and Junior Medals, 3rd ln Arizona in B80 medley relay BILL JOHNSON Y Sports Y baseball, basketball RAYMOND JOHNSON Y Clubs Y Senior Club, Sports Y motor- cycles DOUG KALINSKI Y Clubs Y Drama Club I3 yrs.l, Thesplon Club I2 yrs.I, Model Club I3 yrs,l, Yearbook I2 yrs.I, Math Club, Senior Club, Awards Y Nominated Best Actor Y "Yau Can't Take It With Yau," Best Technician Y "Yau Con't Take It With You," Best Thespiort, Nominated tor All-around Drama Student, Most Valuable Statter on Yearbook, l0th, Sports Y manager, varsity basketball I9thI, Offices held Y Vice-president Y Model Club, Editor of Yearbook, Head Photographer Y Year- book DANA KOPP Y Clubs Y Off-Road Vehicles Club, Awards Y Perfect Attendance HENRY LANDAVAZO Y Sports Y football, basketball, track JACK LAZZELL Y Clubs Y Model Club, Awards Y track, 2nd place medal, 2 mile run, regional track meet, East Central Illlrtots, Sports Y track I9th - lOthI, soccer, basketball KAREN LEHRKAMP Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Awards Y Perlert Attead. ance, All-around Business student, Offices held Y Yearbook Y capy ed.. tor CRAIG LEWIS - Clubs Y Eagle Scout, student frrernan, saanrsh club, Math club, Drama club, Speech rearn, Awards Y Perfect Attendance I3 yrs 1, Most Advanced P E, Student DENNIS LINDEN Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Drama Club DARLENE LIPOVIC Y Clubs Y Drama club, Student caunerl, GAA, Athletrs Club, saanrsh Club, tau Band, Awards Y Nledallraa of rrterrt, Out- staadrna cnrreashra saaharnare, Speech Award, basketball, track, tennrs, saans Y volleyball, basketball, track, tenars, ottrees held Y nee aresrdent of Student Body I2 yrs.I, band serretary GRETA LITTLE Y Clubs Y saanrsh Club, Senior Club SCOTT LIVERSEDGE Y Clubs Y senrar Club BOBBY LUCAS Y Clubs Y oil. Road vehrrles Club, Sports Y moto- srass ART MCCOLGAN Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Yearbook, Math Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Awards Y Ath place medal rn drvrsranal wrestling, Sports Y tootball I2 yrs.I, wrestling I2 yrs.1, Offices held Y student caunnl represeatatrue I2 yrs.I BELINDA MARLOWE Y Clubs Y ohra offlee Eduaatran Assanatraa, Ehave Newsletter Staff, Awards Y ira- ahy lor aartlnaahaa rn ohra Olttce Edu- ratran Assaeratraa Club, Honor reall Cer- trlrrate for All-year Il ltht PAT MARQUEZ Y Clubs Y searar club, Skt Club, Lettermen's Club, Awards Y All.state Paatball, baseball I2 yts.I, Sports Y tootball, basketball, baseball, ottrees held Y sergeantat. arms, Lettermen s Club GINA MARSALLA Y Crafts club, lnterart, Rodeo Club, Natraaal nanar sadety, Yearbook, Awards Y Short- hand Award, enalrsh Award, Speech Award, oftrees held Y vree Presrdent, Senior Club BOB MAYES Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors, tetternaeas club, senrar Club, Apache let. rrre beat Cadet, Awards Y saahanrare cnrrenshra Award, Mast Valuable Player Y track ana fleld IIOthI, Most Valuable Player Y cross country, Sports Y basketball, cross rauntry, track and field, baseball, taatball, holds school record tn rarle rua, twa nrrle run, steeale chase, class coun- try record, Offices held Y searar Club Treasurer, Sophomore Class rreasurer DAVID MILLER Y Clubs Y ott- Road vehrrles Club WENDY MURPHY Y Clubs Y Senior Club, Ski Club, Awards Y short- hand MIKE NOLAN Y Clubs Y custom painting, art moto, Awards Y 2nd place, art show, Sports Y motocross SUSAN NUNN Y Clubs Y Skt Club, Speech rearn, Drama Club SANDY PAQUETTE Y Clubs Y Teen caunselars, saaarsh Club, rlyrna Club, Awards Y Teen Counselors, Ayrd Reading Award DEBBIE PEARSON Y Clubs Y Senior Club, Awards Y reading KATHY PEARSON Y Clubs Y Crafts Club, Interact, Rodeo Club, vear- book, Awards Y shorthand, atttce machines, Sports Y Pom Poms, Mat- maids JOSE PEREZ Y Clubs Y sentar Club, Athletic Club, Awards Y lst team All-conference, Ind team All-confer ence, 2nd team All-State, baseball, Boys' State representative, Mast Valua- ble Player Y JV Basketball, Most Valu- able Player Y Freshman Basketball, Sports Y Varsity Baseball I4 yrs,I, Var- sity Basketball II yr.I, Freshman Basket- ball, JV Basketball BILL POULSON Y Clubs Y seatar Club, spans Y football, wrestling FERNANDO QUINTANA Y Clubs Y Hiking Club, Spanish Club, Awards Y rareraa erehanae Student, Sports Y football, baseball Icaht, Var- stty Soccer Team Icalarabrai, offrres held Y vreearesrdent at saaarsh Club GILBERT RAMIREZ Y Clubs Y senrar Club, Awards Y baseball, foot- ball, Sports Y baseball, Iootball KIM REILING Y Clubs Y cratts ctub, skr club, rtadea Club, 1-trkraa club, senrar Club, Student Council, Sports Y varsrty Cheerleader I3 yrs I, Freshman rtaraerararna Aaeadaat, softball II yr,l TAMI RESPONDEK Y Clubs Y Rodeo Club, Athletre Club, Teen Counse- lars, vearbaak, senrar Club, saans Y softball, basketball RHONDA RITTER Y Clubs Y saaarsh Club, Natraaal Honor saaety, Chorus, tttatraard, varsrty Cheerleader, Drama Club, Speech Team, sarrn Squad, Student caunerl, rhesarans, Sen- .ar Club, Awards Y Special Softball Award, Sports Y softball, ottrees held Y caatarn varsrty Cheerleaders, Pres.. deatY Spanish Club WAYNE ROUX Y Clubs Y Rodeo Club JIM ROSS Y Awards Y baseball, Sports Y baseball, basketball LAURA RUSSELL Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors, Athletre Club, skr Club, Sen- rar Club, saarts Y softball, basketball BILLY SANTISTEVAN Y Clubs Y Athletic Club, Sports Y Varsity Base- ball, Varslty Football, Varsity Basketball SUE SCHADE Y Clubs Y Athletic Club, Senlor Club, Awards Y Ist and Znd in State tn hurdles, 2nd and 3rd in Stale in medley relay, Attt trt State ln 440, Essay wntrng Award, Sports Y track, Offices held Y Sentor Club secre- tary RODNEY SENTZ Y Sports Y football, basketball TERRI SHERWOOD Y Clubs Y Rodeo Club, OHlces held Y Rodeo Club secretary BRETT SHINE Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors I2 yrs,I, Awards Y eharus, art, readrna, Sports Y baseball, track KATHY SILVERIA Y Clubs Y Teen caunselars, Student cauaerl, Rodeo Club, senlar club, Apache Jet rrre Cadet, Awards Y Teen Counselor Award, oltrees Held Y serretary of Apache let. Fire Cadet Carps LINDA SMITH Y Clubs Y A.H Club, senrar Club, Natranal trtanar sae.- ety, Pep Club, Girls League, Sports Y badminton TAMI SMITH Y Sports Y volley- ball, softball TONY SMITH Y Clubs Y vaea- tranal Agriculture Ilothl, Awards Y Athletre Certificate IIOthI, Most Valua- ble Statfer Y Yearbook, Sports Y track DALE SPECKER Y Clubs Y senrar Club, crafts Club, Awards Y sehalastre Awards, Sports Y toatball, wrestling, track KEITH SPORS Y Clubs Y Letter- men's Club, Sports Y football, wres- tling, track BILL STAPLES Y Clubs Y Senior Club JAMIE STRICKLER Y Clubs Y Spirit Squad, Spanish Club, Awardl Yearbook, Matmalds TODD STOBIE Y Clubs Y OH- Road Vehicles Cl6b, Awards Y Perfect Attendance DIANE VICKOREN Y Clubs Y A. tl, Awards Y Yearbook TOM WILLIAMS Y Clubs Y Drama Club, Teen Counselors, Flying Club, Awards Y Best Actor, Perfect Attendance, Student Council NINA WILLIAMSON Y Clubs Y Crafts Club, Senior Club JACK YOUNG Y Awards Y Art JIM YOUNG Y saarts Y iv Foot- ball, Varsity Football LES ZAREMBA Y Awards Y Per- fect Attendance DAWN ZIMMERMAN Y Clubs Y Teen Counselors, Student Council Representative, Senlor Club, Awards Y Teen Counselor Award, Most Improved Female Statfor INewspaperI SGHIOPS not talan color photos Mark Baltimore Kathy Belisle Don Benner Dave Cave Julie Clifft Glenn Cornn Jerry Daniel Bill Engman Ron Gann David Glover Carole Gover Walter James Paul Johnson Kim Kowal Jack Lazzell Bobby Lucas Ernie McGlumphy David Miller Randy Musselman Jim Potter Jim Ross Wayne Roux Bill Staples Dale Thompson Betsy Tomerlin Thirty 'S ecial ' Seniors plan Jean Laune Russell Bull Sanhstevon Q- A- 1' , 1. Sue Schade " ' " ' Terri Sherwood f i X , 4. ! i Y , l Silveria Dole Specker Bonnie Spors Keith Spors Todd Stobie Marty Street 1 I N s 5 1 Duane Vickoren Les Zaremba . ffvwsu 'sw W cr' Shoe-conscious Craig Lewis exchanges sandals on the beach on the Biology trip in September. . ,iq -- A E E ,Iunmr Class forms club TOP - Jr. Gerald Mullander, Soph. Chuck Ehmann, and Soph. Rick Tabor ct the Salt River on a Biology Trip. CEN- TER LEFT - Jr. Tom Allan. CENTER - Sophs. Wendy Bracken, Pam Favia, Frosh Ron Bennett, Jr. Kathy Long, and Soph. Landra McKinney. BOTTOM - Jr. Ingrid Schnarff, Frosh Theresa Mayes, Jr. Laurie Weiskotten, and Sr. Julie Felts. ,gf 5 l ,W HY.. I 44, '1 Q 'J xiiig ik .i -Q 3 .A N K JJ K Q K A, K av 6 'TLK X A B " ' if if :ri 4: . fi ,.,.., , X- .h X, iz , I .. b' ' M V A 'll' J J it Nh k.,.. . 1 uf K ' Q R v V. ch xl , K Q. W W- .. ' 222121. H - A 11 at Nl fi I 3 it Q , 5, ',,,.... 3 "VN if I think to fight starvation in the world today I would stop people from drinking beer and use the grain used to make it for David Aithison Tom Allan Bruce Anderson Lisa Armenta .loanie Armsby Johnny Baca Patricia Barager Doug Barnett Chris Barwick Clay Bateman Mike Bateman Regina Baysinger Tammy Beahm Wanda Beard Glenn Beaumont Bill Becker Steve Bergey Barry Berkezchuk Chris Berkezchuk Gene Bernick Mini Blanchard Belinda Bonillas Robert Borden Gretchen Boso Shelly Bracken 63 Juniors score hi I1 on math TOP LEFT - Junior Raymond O'Kelly works on an assignment in Filmmaking. TOP RIGHT - Junior Evilia Lcindavazo takes her specimens to be weighed dur- ing the Biology field trip at the Salt River. MIDDLE LEFT - Junior James Laird buys a yearbook from Sr. Doug Kalinski. BOTTOM LEFT - Junior Kelly Wilde makes flour tortillas in Advanced Foods. BOTTOM RIGHT - Junior Licia Graffa types envelopes for the office in the bookstore. 64 QQ? Ai s 5. "' , .- .lv- 'Q Louise Brambley Karolette Bumpas Susan Burton Brent Campbell Jeff Cassady Laura Celis Vincent Cherryholmes Debbie Chilsen Wanda Chitwood Bart Church Susie Clark John Claxton Donald Cobb Amanda Cook Gary Cook Kevin Crampton Glen Cross Ken Cummins Donna Danielson David Deal Q David Dibble David Dierking Steve Eddy Bob Eiles Ed Favia 65 Lisa Armenta Clay Bateman Glenn Beaumont Arlene Bill Gretchen Boso Susie Clark Jim Cox Phil Curtis Monte Earles Matt Friestman Licia Graffa Leesa Guthrie LaDeIl Harrison Mary Johnson Rich Kantorowski Lynette Kuntze Beth McDonald Kevin Maloney Mary Marshall Gerald Mullender Raymond O'Kelly Debbie Paar David Webb Scott Wiers Kelly Wilde 66 "My funniest dating experience was taking out this fine girl, and having to take along other kids as well in a pickup." Bruce Anderson ig Ron Fitch David Flora Tom Gillette Art Gorden Licia Graffa Kim Graham Michael Graham Leesa Guthrie Maribeth Haimes Cheryl Hamilton LaDell Harrison Jeff Hays Randy Hays Frank Hefflinger Jackie Henry Rick Herring Chris Holling Charlie Hunt Mary Johnson Sandy Kane Rich Kantorowski Larry Karkos Frank Kimmons Stephanie Klaus Keith Kranich 67 1 r -2. Qin 7:-pt Q I .D Juniors climb their way to the top "The Ten Qualities of The Successful Student" I1 One who can ditch in bathroom without being asphixiated. 21 One who can walk into a class- room late without making the door creak. 31 One who can repeat what the teacher iust said when one wasn't listening. 41 One who can eat in lSiH's1 Biology room without being thoroughly dis- gusted. 51 One who can walk down the hall with- out being shoved or stalled once. 61 One who can always cut in the lunch line without being caught. 71 One who can bribe a teacher for an "A" in return for an evening he will never forget. lWhat the teacher doesn't know is the evening ill be spent babysitting brat kid brother.1 81 One who can sit through one whole hour of Free Enterprise class without checking his watch once. 91 One who can skip P.E. showers and never stink. 101 One who can always open his locker on the first time. TOP LEFT - Junior Mini Blanchard rehearses for caroling. TOP RIGHT - Junior Mark Schrooten as he plays king in Rumplestiltskin. CENTER LEFT - Juniors Phillip Curtis, Rick Herring, and Ralph Murphy get framed in Shop. CENTER RIGHT - Junior LaDell Harrison in Drama Class. BOTTOM LEFT - Junior Kathy Smith in Business Education class. . E SE Vi gs fi I . 1 L is 'Isl A' sr. a ii 'V .V f X "x v in f"t"Np..,, ,Ii-.. "I think that smoking at school is a big problem. If you smoke you should have to smoke somewhere on your own time and make everybody happy." - Annette Marsalla if -of -ff 4O"w MS.. 10+ ff 1 WN6 Lynette Kuntze James Laird Evilia Landovazo Roland L'Heureux Kevin Lockard Kathy Long Richard Long Wendell Lowe Brenda McClain Rusty McDaniel Beth McDonald Dennis McDonald Dennis McEuen Mike McEuen Katy McGuckin Sammy Marquez Annette Marsalla Mary Marshall Russell Martin Tony Medrano Loretta Melzer Ralph Murphy Theda Newman Larry Niceler Kathy Nolan 69 "The best car made today in my opinion is the AMC Firebird. lt looks sharp and has style and speed." - Arlene Bill Leonard Ny Cruz O'Keefe Donald O'Keefe Dureen Olson Mark Otiker Debbi Paar Tony Paquette Gloria Perez Karen Petticrew Ann Pickard Tracy Purtee Pat Ramirez Rodney Reiners Harold Richardson Sally Roberts Kathy Rodgers Bonnie Ross John Ross Dawn Ryan Jeff Sanders Ingrid Scharff Mary Schemonia Mark Schooten Connie Sloan Kathy Smith 70 l 5x if K? A ,mr xr--t U 42' ZA! A C' Xi i IA-3 P-sw' VL f X r 3' 1 41' E, Y? 7 Y- .1 "People should realize that they're only hurting themselves by polluting the air, the water, and the land. Maybe then, people will be more careful about dirtying up the world." - Joanie Armsby 'Q' f-X Lavern Smith Ron Sowers Steve Sutton Randy Tabor Don Tanner Q ,P it John Taraborelli W0 -ub- Xf 129' TTI? Art Williams Mitch Vancura Curt Zimmerman Steve Terwilliger Tina Trotter Robin Troumbley Greg Turner Garry Wahl Wendy Warzybuk Laurie Weiskotten Scotty Wiers Kelly Wilde BOTTOM LEFT - Junior Kathy Long in theatrical pose. BOTTOM RIGHT - Junior Karolette Bumpas. ia'-x fr 'www 7l I have fears about world wars because you have a very high chance of getting killed and losing members of your family." Billy Adams Dale Allen Barb Barnett Bethany Bates Tim Batte Jeff Baugher Kelly Bedell Mike Bell Janet Bennett Bryan Bloeman Michael Bowden Glen Bowers Wendy Bracken Jeff Brown John Brown John Cain Linda Campbell Robert Campbell Larry Carroll Joan Cassady Donna Cave Walter Chitwood Dorothy Clark Stella Clark Wendell Clarke 72 We ff? 5 ex X ff . ox, f QM! If 1? 4+-Fe' 4-if NSY! -4f"'1' ff ' ,.,b -'Q .,q.:g, ""9 Y W X .c Ms 55 ', , ,,. , n -siifiiff' ,WL ' 'uni X, Sophs Iet type do the talking TOP LEFT - Sophomore Karen Price awaits the next biology assignment. TOP RIGHT - "No, I won't Iook," said Sopho- more Jody Ellington as she types from her typing book. CENTER - While typing copy for the yearbook, Sophomore Joan Scimbaluk is interrupted. BOTTOM LEFT - Sophomore Bonna Cummings wonders how to work the typewriter. BOTTOM RIGHT -- Along with her baritone, Sopho- more Mary O'Brian during band practice. I , A' . V ?' A rj P , 1 I X ,731 'wx X 'S r, i S 'X I all X Q fi 5 .G QQN Trina Coker David Crumby Bonna Cummings Danny Damiano Debbie Daugherty Julie DelToro Karen Dennis Cary Destradi Dennis Doerfler Dean Dryer Monsa Dugger Chuck Ehmann Jody Ellington Patrick Erickson Wendy Farmer Pam Favia Cecil Fendley Velma Fitzwater Ken Franklin Danny Fulcher Jett Grafta Rudy Gutierrez Roland Guzman Dawn Hahney Lynn Hatch 74 "Closed campus is a good idea because it keeps students from getting killed out in the desert." - Allison Kingsley KN d',! -rf X f I --er 100 in 1'4- 'l"ih !-4-L -CQ? 'TY' .fit if "I don't know much on overpopulation, but I feel the old-old and retarded should go. The ones who cannot or will not take care of themselves should also go." - Walter Chitwood I? ,fi Y' ,I nyc VW' MGD' 4'AD K 'Wmlf' 1 12,47- Dawn Hansing Doug Hare Claudette Haverfield Rod Hedges Tom Henry Mark Herring Debbie Hill Scott Hill Ken Hoglen Tim Holder Pam Holen Hugo Huerta Keith Huggins Dean Hunter Chris Ishmael Bill Jackson Doug Jackson Webb Johnson Cindy Kalinski Becky Keely Steve Kelly Allison Kingsley Colten Kollenborn Bev Kucharski Hank Laporta "My idea of the ideal high school sophomore is someone who will help lead the freshman class to a better understanding of the school and help promote school spirit among freshmen Cindy Kalinski Matt Laramie Sandy Lowe Dave Lowery Alanta Lucas Laura Lynn Mike McAdams Ricky McDaniel Barbara McDonald Maureen McGuckin Kendra McKinney Landra McKinney Jim Marsalla Kenny Mathias Brad Mathis Scott Mathis Stan Mayes Linda Merklin Scott Monson Troy Mullender Don Murphy Robert Murphy Russ Musgrove Lenard Niceler Mary O'Brien Kevin O'Kelly 76 Sophs going up own way The Sophomore Club has been very active trying to raise money for their Sen- ior Trip, said President Julie Wright. Members have been conducting car washes and bake sales and are planning to have concessions at baseball games. The club is also going to have a dance in the Spring. "The main problem with getting the club together was getting it through the Student Council and having our first meeting for setting up rules," said Miss Wright. Sponsoring the club are Mr. Dan Maie- tich and Mr. Cy Henry, both high school teachers. Club officers include: Julie Wright, pres- ident, Robin Roberts,'vice-president, Bonna Cummings, secretary, and Claudette Hav- l erfield, treasurer. The club has 65 members and is still growing. When asked how she feels Miss Wright said, "I enioy working with everyone in the club. I feel that our club will really accom- plish alot these next three years of high school, and our Senior Trip will be a big success. Everyohe in the club are hard workers and devoted ones. We also need a Sophomore Club to get the class of '79 unified." "YR xy! TOP LEFT - Sophomore Chuck Ehmann is caught by surprise when hunted down for the Prospector's sophomore candids. CENTER LEFT - Soph. Cindy Kalinski calls attendance at a Drama Club meeting. BOTTOM LEFT - Soph. Dawn Hahnay socializing in the library. BOTTOM RIGHT - Soph. Gina Gebbia discusses the technique of cutting out typing correction windows. "My idea of an ideal high school sophomore is a Christian, has a good humor, gets good grades, gets along with all groups of people, and likes everyone." - Jody Ellington Bryan O'Tuos Mike Pack Kim Parks Kenny Pearson Wyatt Pearson Bobbie Penny Donya Perrin Roger Peterson Keith Petticrew Karen Price David Rash Ray Remen Ken Rheim Dan Riddle Roger Riese Robin Ritter Robin Roberts Janice Roy Deborah Russell Joan Sambaluk Jodi Seeman Paula Sentz Jamie Siverly Annette Smith Jim Smyth 78 'if-NB QL I, V 9 .t rf x if 3 ' . if sv" .. "lt would be nice if we had longer lunch breaks. The nurse would be happier because there would be less indigestion. Cindy Kalinski Denise Specker Mike Swientek Rick Tabor Cindy Tadevich Rae Tanner Evelyn Taylor Cecil Tiller Tom Tolness Shawn Troubley Tracy Vickery Nina Wadsworth Larry Wahl Gene Warner Ginger Weinberg John Weldy Dwayne Wilkes Julie Wright Wyndee Wynn BOTTOM RIGHT - Dan Riddle musing over a newspaper problem. BOTTOM LEFT - Barb Barnett and Jim Mar- salla in the hall locker area are caught by our I roving camera eye. 'wwf ,,..u 'US 'Y' J if l x7 1, X . . Sophomores remembering the times TOP LEFT - Fire Twirler Alanta Lucas demonstrates her talents at one of our football games. TOP RIGHT - Sophomore Evelyn Taylor does her part when Science classes experienced a trip to the river. CENTER LEFT - Alanta Lucas going to class. CENTER RIGHT - Mary O'Brien appears to be enjoying herself at the Salt River. CENTER - Chris Ismael types? W U Q' .5122 it 'd"v'Q' 3-71 if "file ml ' I' 'Ra el , -.. , ISI, LV Dareth Barwick Carl Bergey Mike Bratcher Denise Polson Duke Polson Carolyn Semple Deanna Vance Ruth Vandevender 80 'wtf' AV, 4, e.Qf .. s'-.. gs., 4-. a-... ' -si-'SE' Q 5 Q' ' 'ilu "HT" wif., 1,4 of Two for the money, two for the show, two to get ready, and two years to go! TOP - Sophomore Tim Holder and Senior John House surprised at a Coolidge basketball game. CENTER LEFT - Sophomore Alanta Lucas straining to keep up the practice. CENTER RIGHT - Sophomore Jim Marsalla finding a strange and inter- esting obiect. BOTTOM RIGHT - Sophomores Dawn Hansing and Janet Bennett off guard in Biology Class. .r .fe If fr. Q: . K . ,A Q I . .ig "My favorite animals are horses because they have four legs My idea of an ideal high school freshman is someone who isn't dumb Nadine Lynde Herlina Acosta Joan Adams Tim Allen Clif Anderson Loretta Armenta Kelly Armsby Tracy Arnold Kathy Augustine John Bader Lee Borager Wendy Bates Rod Beclell Tim Bellen Ron Bennett Sally Bennett Bob Bilotti Teresa Borden Brenda Bowling Jeff Bracken Charles Brambley Rex Brambley Mark Bray Jane Breneman Jean Britton Kalia Bumpas 82 "I think after the students buy their books they should be able to sell them to other students at the end of the year." - Verda Weathers L... ,il xx f Jamie Bunnell Chuck Calahan Cheryl Campopiano Maria Candelaria Mike Castillo Chuck Celis Lisa Cherryholmes Jennie Clark Troy Coltharp Celeste Conlon Thersa Cook Truddy Cook Randy Cormany Bert Cox Jacki Cragg Jon Cummings Jill Cummins Billy Dennis Joanna Diulus Jerry Drazinski Ann Dunham Fred Eddy Mary Lou Ehmann Johnny Ellis Sanford Ellis 83 Jon Erickson Mike Euliss Mike Farber Lisa Fertia Debbie Fields Keith Fields Debbie Fitch Karl Fitzwater Kyra Filzwater Scott Flake Charlotte Gain John Galloway Kim Gaston Brad Gensler Denise Giese Don Glasco David Grabner April Graffa Tanya Greenwald Paul Gruner Buddy Hansing Rich Hare Lloyd Harper Roger Harrison Fred Hasty "My idea of an ideal ff6Sl'1mClf1 is G person who doesn't get into fights, doesn't get into trouble with the school and teach- ers, and doesn't cut in lines." - Jodi Smith Joy Hays Jerry Herriman Tim Hill Paula Hittle Vangie Hodson Glenna Hollon Randy Howell Rene Huerta Brian Huggins Kathy Huggins David Hunter Keith Hutson Gene Hutto Lynnf'Hyson Tara Jenkins Desi Johnson Lonnie Johnson Laurie Karkos Janet Kelly Bob Klein Todd Kopp Robert Korsmo Lester Kroeger Aaron Kuntze Mat Landavazo Freshmen climb path to the top BOTTOM CENTER - Jon Cummings, Kalia Bumpas, and Mike Sanders wait to dig into the food at the Beginning Drama class Christmas Party. BOTTOM RIGHT - Frosh Ron Bennett puts on a happy face at a Freshman Club meet- ing. TOP RIGHT - Frosh Margie Paskel forces a smile through a misera- ble morning. BOTTOM LEFT - Frosh Mike Farber looks astonished as the photographer iumps out from behind a bush and snaps a picture. CENTER RIGHT - Frosh Kathy Augustine enjoys herself as she sings Christmas carols in Chorus. 3, itlt Q y l 1 . l 6 A I sf 4 'iw -isi 1 No l don t have any fears about world wars because the world needs wars to help control overpopulatlon Kalia Janet Lavalette Roger Lewison Romeo l.'Heureux Tom Liversedge Scott Long Ernie Lowe Nadine Lynde Paula McDermitt Steve McDonald Diana Mclntre Rusty McLouth Kim McWadden Teresa Mayes Nancy Medrano Annette Merklin Willy Marquez Carol Monson Teresa Moses Debbie Mutchler Scott Neff Richard Newman Janice Nickey Randy Norvell Greg O'Keefe Curt Palmer 87 Wendy Bctes Ron Bennett Brendo Bowling Doug Brandsdor Denise Cox John Cummins April Graffa John Harmon Cindy Holling Kenny Jenkins Kim Kelly Jeanette Kincheloe Paulo McDermitt Kim McSpodden Dove Poop Doug Pinotti Terrie Riddle Lori Stochar Richard Triplett Carol Tucker Verdo Weathers 88 Kevin Parisot Chuck Parkhunsl Walter Pearson Margie Paskel Patty Peck Anna Pena Deanna Perrin Sieve Pickard Doug Pinofii Ted Porter Avanell Purtee Michelle Reiling Teresa Rhoden Terrie Riddle Shawn Riese Roxanne Ritter Tony Robinson Philip Rowland Don Roy Mike Sanders David Sanfisievan Cindy Seeman Roberta Sizemore Jodi Smith Tish Smelling 89 "My favorite music is popular because it s in style My idea of an ideal freshman is one whois mature but is not stuck up - Paula Hittle Dean Specker Lori Stacher Pearl Staples Craig Sutton Jerry Swander Stephen Syzmanski Dom Taraborelli Debbie Taylor Lance Thomas David Tomazin Carol Tucker Howard Valentine Connie Vaughn Kevin Verley Kirby Von Meter Sharon Warwrzasek Linda Weaver Tina Webb Bart Wells Ron Williamson Sherry Willis Nita Wilson Rita Wilson Cathy Winkes Adam Wirries 90 "High school is more interesting than Junior High. It has a lot more classes. lt's iust better. I I t There're a lot of neat people." Laurie Karkos. ' to th e top TOP LEFT - Freshman Mark Brey signs up with the Off-road Vehicles Club on Club Rush Days. TOP RIGHT - Freshmen Mike Sanders, Rusty McLouth, Patty Peck, and Sophomore Robin Roberts help with a football drama skit in a pep assembly. BOTTOM LEFT - Mr. Robert Sill helps Freshman Tony Robinson with his worksheet on the biology field trip to the Salt River. BOTTOM CENTER - Freshman Steve Syz- manski wades in the Salt River on the biology field trip. BOTTOM RIGHT - Freshman Glenna Hollon on her way to her next class. Zaremba LIUYL . .. wi? . 4 .' . ix J . 535 sf: h ' Tm , z ' "'E-213 ' ' ' ' -fs ." ' -N., 4- ' 'F 9 A ""' ' ,xi 'X ,. ik, .., ,. J .- ,,?,,,. ' vi f- e W ,.. A . ,1- , , 'qs f 0 , F 9 W r 1-fi?-t:ei?3-1 S I ,, 4, .yu :VJ I Cf at I 1" v.. T .., . . s 1 f f" if .ef 'n,,.f,,, -" " " ,K s. E Ai-'v,3 we x,,:'- sy-'. ' I Fifi "l.f'1'f?Tti,. ' "-ft"f,Yr- S 'fi 'ff only 1 an f A " 'ff 33 J" , fl - ff Instructors make it to the top CENTER LEFT - Mr. Roland Nune- macher, hiking club sponsor, partici- pates during one of the Hiking Club trips. BOTTOM LEFT - Marvin Smith and Junior Sammy Marquez present -ua awards to football players during the fall Sports Banquet. CENTER RIGHT Mrs. Edye Ruoho, Drama teacher, pre- pares for class with the use of the tape recorder. CENTER - Mr. Chris Beatty, science teacher, Mr. Dan Maietich, Spe- cial Ed teacher, and Mr. Roger Short all take time out for a bite to eat. TOP - Miss Sally Hobensack sits down to rest , ,. rf.. qwm w. ,M W, titatt during a long hike on one of the Hiking Club Field Trips. ,.. . ...ir Fm W' WWW in "l enioy teaching students to communicate with one another and to attempt to eliminate mis-communication." - Mrs. Nancie Poppema Eugene Anderson Kathleen Backalukas Chris Beatty Roy Beikman Betty Bennett Jacquelyn Brookshire .lo Collins Richard Donnelly Barbara Furtaw Stan Glazier Diane Harrison Sally Hobensack Gilbert Juarez Virginia Karloff Charles Ludwig Greg McCalister Glenn McMinn Barbara Miller Jeff Moynes Don Nelson Enid Norby Roland Nunemacher Thom Olstead William Payne Nancie Poppema 93 S Teachers can ht in ecial moods TOP RIGHT - Robert Sill, biology teacher, prepares a worksheet for his stu- dents. CENTER RIGHT - Mr. Lamar Wat- kins, math teacher, after a frustrating ses- sion with his hard working students. BOT- TOM RIGHT - Mrs. Kathy Backalukas Carrie Ann Collins, Mrs. JoAnne Collins I l and Mrs. Diane Harrison all watch our football team in action. BOTTOM LEFT - Mr. Charles Ludwig, history teacher, and Mr. Gilbert Juarez observe students as they come into the dance. R. s .N ff F lf i i . , s i i , , ,lb School adds ten teachers TOP - Mr. Roland Nunemacher, science teacher, works on a lesson plan for Science Exploration. CENTER LEFT - Mrs. Debra Shields, home economics, in the bookstore. CEN- TER - Coach Leon Trotter works on a basket- ball schedule. CENTER RIGHT - Mr. Eugene Anderson getting ready for a half-time show for football. Eugene Anderson Cy Henry Dan Maietich Jeff Mason Don Nelson LaMar Watkins 95 MW, O' ' R9Bwn1f E My Sift or ' Cam uses TOP LEFT - Mr. Joe Landavazo, administrative assistant, as he looks over school problems. TOP RIGHT - Mr. William Wright, superintendent of all the Apache Junction Schools. CEN- TER - Mr. William Wright and Sophs. Dan Riddle and Ray Remen discuss plans for new cafetorium. BOTTOM LEFT - Mr. William Wright, superin- tendent and George Andrews, school board member. BOTTOM RIGHT - School Board members are Dr. David Robinson, Roy Hudson, president, Cor- men Huerta, and Robert Hare. Pigpiiify it T 5 ff M L . lu.. g l 1 M V -W4 ',', 1 sis . R, ,.,, K ,-f"""""i A-6 Y- ..AA Q 3 c ..,..,L , izw , The Staff of the Apache Junction Schools District office include: TOP LEFT - Mrs. Dorothy Totten looks blankly in front of her as she receives her paperwork for the coming day. CENTER RIGHT - Receptionist Muriel Worst answers the phohe as part of her job. CENTER - Mrs. Magda Olsen looks up from her work. BOTTOM RIGHT - Mrs. Mildred Brown is secretly surprised as she hurried to pick up the phone. BOTTOM LEFT - Business Manager Jean Downs smiles diligently as she finishes her work. High School adds cafetori um, lockers The new lockers, cafetorium, darkroom, and lights for drama are some of the new parts of the high school that are being added this year. TOP RIGHT - Mr. Don Nelson, athletic director, as he gives Sr. Billy Santistevan a football trophy at the fall sports banquet. CEN- TER LEFT - Mr. Richard Schwartz, our career education director. CENTER RIGHT - Mr. Gary Collins, principal and Mr. William Wright, superintendent, at a Prospector football game. BOTTOM LEFT - Mr. Neil Barwick, assistant principal, as he talks to William Wright, superintendent. 'N-4 Two Mrs. enlarge I11 I1 school Off1C6 TOP LEFT - Marie Bumpas works with a twinkle in her eyes. TOP CENTER Meg Hollon briefly looks away from her typing TOP RIGHT Gilbert Juarez "I have found counseling to be very fulfilling, and I am enloylng the counseling type work CENTER LEFT Stan Glazier Sherry Bracken, Carol Cramner, and Betty Bennett stop looking at an article in the paper for a picture CENTER RIGHT Betty Bennett im Stewart mans her post through rain wind sleet or snow BOTTOM counselor, gets caught talking on the phone. BOTTOM RIGHT - K LEFT - Lori Hudson discusses "technical" problems with Fred Wilson 'x I I . 1? s.. ,tf N gig in Gridders Challenge C ass A Varsity Football players include: ROW I: Steve Wolf, Art McColgan, Glenn Cornn, Chris Barwick, Fer- nando Quintana, and Sammy Mar- quez. ROW 2: Terry Karkos, Henry Landavazo, Daryl Kircher, Dale Diu- lus, and David Dibble. ROW 3: Steve Sutton, Gary Cook, John House, Dale Specker, W. D. Jackson, and Randy Tabor. ROW 4: Tracy Purtee, Tom Allan, Don O'Keefe, Ron Sowers, and Gerald Mullender. ROW 5: Jim Young, Pat Marquez, Billy Santis- tevan, Keith Spors, and Bob DeBow. ROW 6: Wade Nelson, Coach Don Nelson, Coach Marvin Smith, and Coach Roger Short. JV Football players consist of: ROW I: John Brown, Mike Swientek, Troy Mullender, Doug Johnson, Steve Eddy, Pat Erickson, David Deal, Steve Kelly, and Hugo Huerta. ROW 2: Frank Hefflinger, Ken Franklin, Dean Specker, Jeff Hayes, Chuck Ehmann, Steve McDonald, Jeff Graffa, Doug Hare, Fred Eddy, David Santistevan, and Fernando Quintana. 100 0116 yball, Freshmen end season Volley Team members are: ROW li Tami Smith, Ann O'Keefe and Karolette Bumpas. ROW 2: Debbie Paar, Laura Celis, and Mary Marshall. ROW 3: Belinda Bonillas, Janet Bennett, Darlene Lipovic, and Patty Peck. Freshman Football players are: Fred Eddy, Coach Chris Beatty, Phillip Rowland, Greg O'Keefe, Dean Specker, Fred Hasty, Doug Pinotti, Steve Pickard, Lance Thomas, Rene Huerta, Lonnie Johnson, How- ard Valentine, John Baxter, Kirby VonMeter, Steve McDonald, John Cummins, Paul Gruner, Ron Bennett, Richard Hare, Coach Dan Maietich, Jeff Bracken, Romeo L'Heurex, Rodney Bedell, Willie Marquez, Adam Weirs, Randy Cormany, Tom Liversedge, Mike Euless, David Santistevan, Johnny Ells, and John Long. 3 - Y ,-,K C0-ed cagers bounce season With a record of three out of six AJHS Girls' JV Basketball Team included: ROW l: Karen Price, Laurie Karkos, Jackie Craigg, Joan Sambaluk, and Roxanne Ritter. ROW 2: April Graffa, Joy Hayes, Wendy Bates, Joan Burnap, and Mary Beth Hanes await anxiously for their Jan. 31 game against Aio. "We really should go to state," said Coach Cy Henry of the Varsity Basket- ball Team which includes: ROW l: Chris Barwick, Steve Gifford, Sam Mar- quez, Pat Marquez, and Bob Mayes. ROW 2: Jeff Hayes, Victor Huerta, John Doerfler, Coach Cy Henry, Pat Boyd, Kevin Lockard, and Ron Sowers. "We've been playing very well, we've had a good season." ROW l: Charlie Hunt, Jeff Graffa, Jim Gifford, Dennis Doerfler, Randy Hayes, and Tom Tolness. ROW 2: John Brown, Tim Holder, Steve Trotter, 'and Danny Ful- cher. Row 3: Larry Karkos, Roland Guz- man, Aaron Kuntze, Keith Petticrew, and Mike McEuen. The new Freshman Team took off to a good start by using the fast break and man to man defense. Members include: ROW l: Coach Chris Beatty, Ron Bennet, Steve McDonald, and Alan Reynolds. ROW 2: Johnny Ellis, Paul Gruner, and Chuck Celis. ROW 3: David Santistevan, Rene Huerta, and Jeff Bracken. c 5 f QQA Q I x s 4 1 g -R . sslf .:i.lt issss S ,,:. is xr sf x-VW? .lwlcnuu sVW"f' vitliffe ,thrift .nmcrmx Mum, MESH i yYkClf4. JUNCTIUR Midyearf sports collide Coach Leon Trotter stated "The girls on the team are very hard workers." ROW I: Licia Graffa, Tracie Tomazin, Bonna Cummings, Gloria Perez, and Dareth Barwick. ROW 2: Patty Peck, Ann Schroo- ten, Coach Trotter, April Graffa, and Darlene Lipovic. Boys' wrestling headed by Coach Glenn McMinn, included: ROW l: Dean Specker, Richard Newman, Dean Hunter, Bob Bilotti, and Ken Franklin. ROW 2: Jerry Drazinski, Rod Bedell, Randy Cor- many, Scotty Wiers, Tom Liver- sedge, Howard Velentine, and Rodger Harrison. ROW 3: Vince Cherryholmes, Tracy Purtee, Dale Specker, Doug Pinotti, Coach McMinn, Willy Marquez, Hugo Huerta, Don O'Keefe, and Art McColgan. Baseball slides into View The Girls' Softball Team was headed by Mrs. Sonya Riggs, a reading teacher at the iunior high school. This was Mrs. Riggs' first year of coach- ing and her only plans were to do her best. The softball season lasted two months ending April 28. Mrs. Riggs said she had no idea how many girls would go out for the sport, but she hoped there would be enough. Coach Riggs played softball all through her years as a high school student. With eleven lettermen returning from last year's Class "B" State Championship squad, Apache Junction High's Varsity Baseball team prepared for action in the Class "A" Central Division. "The Prospectors have loads of talent returning from the championship squad," said Coach Jeff Mason. Returning are: All- Conference, All-State Pitcher Pat Mar- quez, All-Conference, All-State Third Base- man Larry Karkos: All-Conference, All- State Honorable Mention Dale Diulus, 2nd Team All-Conference Sam Marquez, and others returning were Pat Boyd, Rich Dis- muke, John Doefler, Victor Huerta, and Bob Mayes. Included in the Varsity Team are: Row l: Jose Perez, Rich Dismuke, Gilbert Ramirez, Larry Karkos, and Sammy Marquez. Raw 2: Dale Diulus, Pat Marquez, Bob Mayes, Hugo Huerta, Billy Santistevan, and Wade Nelson. JV Baseball: Row l: Willy Marquez, Randy Cormany, Jeff Bracken, Mr. Chris Ber- chezchuk. Row 2: Kerby Von Meter, Greg O'Keefe, Rene Huerta, Lonnie Johnson. Row 3: Tom Toll'-ess, David Santistevan, Paul Gruner, Mike Euliss, Tim Bel- low, David Grabner, Coach Terry Blitz, and Dwayne Vlhlkes. Girls' Softball Team includes: Row l. Lynn Hatch, Laurie Karkos, Jaan Sambuluk, and Teresa Mayes. Row 2: Julie Felts, Tami Smith, Joan Burnap, Lori Stacher, Tracy Tomazin, and Coach Miss Sonya Riggs. Row: Belinda Bonillas, April Graffa, Jackie Cragg, Connie Vaughn, Jodi Smith. Q , 1 --.,Nf-4 L! 'sz ,Q l i 2 I J old 3? ' 7 5 I, . yi I px X111 Vuff x,"vx1..17'K ,ljjy-fsisfk-JQ,,1i f""""'bDg , rr . s,,s.f-T-V'-X-M'i e 4.1 5 l" fuf Tracks ters hurdle up Digging out pits, laying runways, and picking up rocks off the track Sat- urdays and after practice, and what some of the more dedicated Track Team athletes are doing to improve their facility, according to administra- tive assistant Joe Landavazo. These volunteer athletes, under the sponsorship of Track Coach Robert Short, are also improving the high iump by putting in new runways, and are helping the pole vault facility by pres- enting it with a new runway and vault- ing box. This volunteer improvement proiect was not done last year, but was intro- duced recently by Mr. Short and Mr. Landavazo. In fact the track is shaping up so nicely that it looks like all they need now is new landing pits for the high lumps and pole vault, said Mr. Short. Coach Short also added that, "Mr, Lan- davazo has helped us greatly in improving our track facility." By taking second in State with 48 points last year, the Girls' Track Team struggles with encouragement. Row l: Dareth Barwick, Kim Graham, Tara Jen- kins, Ann Pickard, Janet Laval- ette, and Alanta Lucas. Row 2: Roxanne Ritter, Sally Roberts, Janet Bennett, Barb Barnett, and Julie Wright. Row 3: Coach Rich- ard Short, Karen Price, Joy Hayes, Darlene Lipovic, Jodi Seeman, and Coach Cy Henry. The Boys' Track Team works hard with hopes of being able to place in all their events at State. Row l: Randy Tabor, Tom Allan, Fernando Quintana, Henry Lan- davazo, Gary Cook, and Gerald Mullender. Row 2: Pat Erickson, Don O'Keefe, Doug Johnson, Ken Franklin, Jimmy Cox, and Fred Hasty. Row 3: Steve Ber- gey, Tracy Purtee, Lance thomas, Matt Landavazo, Jeff Cassidy, and Rusty McKlouth. Row 4: Coaches Roger Short and Cy Henry. Tennis duo double up The Tennis Team consisted of eight girls and nine boys. To be qualified for the Tennis team a student had to be a good student scholastically, be able to take criticism, and be willing to improve. He had to be responsible and make all practices regularly. Mr. Al Cramner has been coach for the Tennis Team for the past nine years. He tried to mix drill practice time and game playing time. lt is also important to play practice matches to be ready for interscholastic matches, said Coach Cramner. Coach Cramner said he definitely enioys coaching the team. He feels that a person should join the Tennis Team so that he may improve himself by learn- ing tennis, and also to help the school win State Championships. Coming off of a TO-0 season, the T977 Boys' Tennis Team will be trying to better their State Runner-up achieve- ment of last year. Row T: Gene Hutto, Ken Rheim, and Dean Dryer. Row 2: Chuck Ehmann, Glen Bowers, Dennis Doerfler, Fred Eddy, Dave Crumby, and Coach Al Gramner. Trying to improve over last year's record, the T977 Girls' Tennis Team will be training many new players. Kalia Bum- pas, Sharon Wawrzasek, and Karolette Bumpas. Row 2: Gret- chen Boso, Debbie Carr, Carol Tucker, Terri Riddle, and Coach AlCramner. .vu-""""' v' Www Q ww S omg' ,,.qr""w+s'AKP, -'IIQ9' Rodeo, f-Road Vehicle gro ups break traditions The Rodeo Club is busy roping in money with a lot of new members according to Sponsor Stan Gla- zier, shop instructor. ROW 'l - Tim Wynn, John Bishop, Skeeter Harrison, Kathy Silveria, and Tommy Gillete. ROW 2 - Tina Trotter, Stella Clark, Carrie Clark, and Laura Harrison. ROW 3 - Dave Glover, Bart Wells, and Jim Smyth. Joey Carothers, Art Wil - Marty Street and Rod ney Reiners. 107 Off-Road Vehicles Club is bigger than ever and full of life. According to Sponsor Glenn McMinn and new Sponsor Greg McAllister the club rolls. ROW l - liams, Bob Eiles, Bobby Lucas, Don Benner, and Mr. Greg McCallister. Row 2 - Mr. Glenn McMinn and Johnny Baca. ROW 3 Hiking, Aero head into the wild onder The Aero Club are newcomers to this school. The club has nine members and two sponsors, Mrs. Delores Watkins and Mr. Richard Schwartz. To become a member you must show an interest in aviation, and the club has standard fund raising drives and goes on field trips. ROW l - Dave Hunsaker, David Aitchinson, Sandy Paquette, and Col- ten Kollenborn. ROW 2 - Tony Paquette, Craig Lewis, Mark Baltimore, Tom Williams and Rusty McLouth. Sponsors for the Hiking Club are Mr. Roland Nunemacher and Mrs Sally Hobensack The club plans hikes to Oak Creek Canyon Mt Lemmon and more. Some financial activities for the club include dances car washes club dues and the booth at the Drama Club Carnival ROW l Landra McKinney, Wanda Beard, Patty Barager Loretta Armenta Kathy Huggins Lisa Arment Leesa Guthrie Gene Hutto Lynn Hyson Kenny Jenkins, Cheryl Hamilton, Glenda Eidson Kendra McKinney ROW 2 Marybeth Haynes Diane Mclntyre Mini Blanchard Dureen Olson Jodi Seeman, Fernando Quintana, Steve McDonald Fred Eddy Mike Farber Verda Weathers Cindy Tadevlch Jeff Brown and Mr Roland Nune macher. ROW 3 - Lester Krueger, Kathy Rogers Barb McDonald Sandy Kane Margie Paskel Wendy Bates Roland L Heureux David Deal Don Glasco, Scott Flake, Marvin Harper, and Jim Allan ., f' 1 my r A ,J lf' ,ALJ Ks.. A if , 4 tts i, m v Qefaifff. . . A ,U , 'E 51? . fv , sf, -.2 ' A V' Aw 'l ' f .f - gc in Council, Interact captiva tes Interact, a school service club affili- ated with the Rotary Club, includes: ROW I - Dureen Olsen, Shelly Bracken, Wendy Bracken, and Kathy Long. ROW 2 - Dale Specker, Julie Wright, Gloria Perez, Debbie Chilsen, and .loanie Armsby. The sponsor of Interact is Bill Cross. Student Council, sponsored by Social Studies Teacher Celeste Wiseman, includes: ROW l - Glenda Eidson, Wendy Farmer, Bonna Cummins, Kendra McKinney, Robin Roberts, Dawn Zimmerman and Karolette Bumpas. ROW 2 - Bill Bell, Sandy Cor- many, Rhonda Ritter, Sandy Berkezchuck, Barb Barnett, Cruz O'Keefe, Gloria Perez, Julie Wright, Terry Rid- dle, and Sally Roberts. ROW 3 - Jean Rob- I erts, Celeste Wiseman, Linda Bennett, Darlene Lipovic, Patty Peck, Art McColgan, Steve Symanski, Tom Wil- liams, and Kathy Silve- ria. 'f 109 Honor Society, Ma th Club score points Math Club, sponsored by Math Instructor LaMar Watkins, includes: ROW l - Chuck Ehmann, Robert Borden, Kim Parks, Craig Lewis, and Robin Troumbly. ROW 2 - Dale Diulus, Tim Ehmann, Brian Hasty, Art McCoIgan, and Mr. Watkins. The National Honor Society with Dale Diulus as president and Gina Marsalla as secretary- treasurer includes: ROW 'I - Dave Hun- saker, Kathy Smith, Karen Petticrew, Evilia Landivazo, Sandy Berkezchuck, and Linda Smith. ROW 2 - Debbie Chilsen, Rhonda Ritter, Gretchen Boso, Ingrid Scharff, Mary Beth Haynes, and Debbie Paar. ROW 3 - Gina Marsalla, Karen Lehrkamp, Linda Ben- nett, Ann Schrooten, Sherry Dryer, and Joe Perez. Sponsored by Ms. Jo Anne Collins, the club invites students earning a l.5 grade point average showing character, citizenship, and service. - IIO 'Y O Car111 Va Sparkles drama tics Drama officers are Joan Sambaluk, treasurer, Cindy Kalinski, secretary, Tim Ehmann, vice president, Jean Roberts, president, and Mrs. Edye Ruoho, sponsor. Members of the Drama Club are: RQW T: Rex Bram- bley, Terri Riddle, Keith Huggins, Rhonda Ritter, Mini Blanchard, Mary Johnson, Glenna Hollon, Kalia Bum- pas, Karolette Bumpas, Webb Johnson, Colten Kol- Ienborn, and Robin Roberts. ROW 2: Debbie Hill, Evelyn Taylor, Ray Remen, Steve Szymanski, Craig Lewis, Susan Nunn, Kendra McKinney, Bonna Cum- mins, Cindy Kalinski, Alauta Lucas, Joan Sambaluk, Mury Lou Ehmann, and Sponsor Edye Ruoho. ROW 3: Mike Sanders, Brian Hasty, Tom Williams, Patty Peck, Jean Roberts, Linda Bennett, Janet Bennett, Cindy Tadevich, Ken Franklin, Tim Ehmann, and Rusty McLouth. 'Si weak l F lag Corp., Spanish Club gather members The new Flag Corp. really made AJ proud with Jamie Silverly, Janet Laval- ette, Claudette Haverfield, Lori Stachar, Anna Pena, and Terri Riddle. The Spanish Club is growing with strong, young members. ROW I: Danny Damiano, Rusty McDaniel, Ricky McDaniel, Dawn Ryan, Matt Landavazo, Jodi Seeman, and Sponsor Kathy Backalukas. ROW 2: Webb Johnson, Ingrid Scharff, Trudy Cook, Deb- bie Taylor, Charlie Hunt, Chris Barwick, and Fer- nando Quintana. ROW 3: Wendy Warzybuk, Evilia Landavazo, Mini Blanch- ard, Dureen Olson, Dareth Barwick, Gloria Perez, and Gretchen Boso. Speec , Ma tmaids exhilara te With new sponsor Mrs. Nan- cie Poppema and a few returning members of the Speech Team went right to work on a new season. ROW iz Mitch Vancura, Ken Frank- lin, Kevin O'KeIly, Rhonda Rit- ter, Joan Sambaluk, Lynn Hatch, and Jean Roberts. ROW 2 -- Karen Price, Roger Peterson, Jim Marsalla, Kim Parks, Evelyn Taylor, Robin Troumbley, and Sponsor Pap- pema. Matmaids, the spirit squad for the Wrestling Teams, includes: ROW 1 - Robin Ritter, Tami Smith, Kathie Smith, Kathy Nolan, and Linda Smith. ROW 2 --- Sponsor Debra Shields, Rae Tanner, Cindy Seeman, Jodi Seeman, Belinda Bonil- las, and Kelly Wilde. H3 4 Music swings us to the top Band members perform and show their enthusiasm for our school with Eugene Anderson as bond direc- tor. Band Members include: ROW 'l: Joanie Armsby, Glenna Hollon, Alanta Lucas, Mr. Eugene Anderson, director, Carol Tucker, Evilia Landavazo, and Kelli Armsby. ROW 2: Linda Bennett, Roland Guzman, Nina Wadsworth, Kirby Von Meter, Tom Hill, Les Price, Tim Wynn, and David Grabner. ROW 3: Tony Robinson, Debbie Fields, Mark Otiker, Ken Rheim, Tom Culpepper, Colten Kollenborn, and Tim Hill. ROW 4: Barb Barnett, Marybeth Haynes, Jennifer Wood, Joanna Diulus, Mary O'Brian, Keith Fields, Keith Kranich, and John Taraborelli. ROW 5: Scott Hill, Billy Dennis, Brian Huggins, Keith Petticrew, Robin Roberts, Patty Peck, Sharon Wawrzaszek, and Roxanne Ritter. ROW 6: Jean Roberts, Lynette Kuntze, Celeste Conlon, Allison Kingsley, Darlene Lipovic, Ann Schrooten, Tish Snelling, and Dorothy Clark. ROW 7: Janet Lavalette, and Jamie Siverly. Choristers vocalize throughout school and commu- nity. The Prospector Chorus has presented a fall con- cert and Christmas concert. ROW I : Lynn Hatch, Dor- othy Clark, Tami Smith, Julie Del Toro, Rhonda Ritter, Kathy Huggins, Mary O'Brien Jamie Bunnell, Celeste Conlan, and Richard Nelson, director. ROW 2: Den- ise Giese, Barb Paap, Evelyn Taylor, Shawn Riese, Jamie Siverly, Ann Schrooten, Wanda Beard, Cathy Augustine, and Sally Bennett. ROW 3: Janet Kelly, Wendy Bates, Sandra Kane, Debbie Hill, Laurie Har- rison, Nina Wadsworth, Wanda Chitwood, Glenda Eidson, and Mary Johnson. ROW 4: Curt Zimmer- man, David Deal, Mark Schrooten, Rusty McLouth, Brian Hasty, Doug Tanner, Mark Baltimore, and Carl Spear. Young Spirit, the school's performing vocal group, directed by Mr. Rick Nelson, includes: ROW 1: Cel- este Conlon, Tish Snelling, Joanna Diulus, Bonna Cummings, Mary Johnson, Linda Bennett, Jamie Sil- verly, and Jean Roberts. ROW 2: Rusty McKluth, Rob- ert Korsmo, Webb Johnson, Ann Schooten, Jeff Hayes, Keith Fields, Mark Baltimore, and David Garr. ol' - , nay we .. .mszw 3521 3 -- ., W awww. .. ,. , . .,.. - :..,.s....,. .15-::wm,:-:S -11 '- - Ann ual, paper convene The Yearbook Staff learns the mechanical procedures and the variety of skills needed to produce a yearbook. Students crop and proportion pictures, layout pages, write copy, and outlines, write and select type for headlines, sell advertising, and subscriptions for year- books, copyread stories, proofread stories, and take and edit pictures for the year- book. Yearbook Staff includes: ROW l - Karen Lehrkamp, Cindy Kalinski, Diane Vicko- ren, Karolette Bumpas, Kalia Bumpas, Lenard Niceler, Chris Ishmael, and Kathy Pearson. ROW 2 - Editor Doug Kalin- ski, Gene Warner, Cindy Tadevich, Kathy Silveria, Tim Ehmann, Joan Sambaluk, Art McColgan, Tami Respondek, Gary Wahl, Rhoda Bowden, Ray Remen, Julie Wright, Tony Smith, and Gina Marsalla. The Newspaper Staff writes news stories, features, editori- als, and sports stories, making up pages, copyreading, proofreading, taking pictures, selling advertising, writing headlines, and writing cap- tions for photos. Newspaper Staff includes: ROW l - Mark Herring, Lau- rie Karkos, Editor Dave Hun- saker, Verda Weathers, Col- ten Kollenborn and Ricky McDaniel. ROW 2 - Arlene Bill, Belinda Bonillas, Nina Williamson, .loan Sambaluk, Ray Remen, and Danny Dami- ano. ROW 3 - Rick Herring, Dan Riddle, Tim Holder, John House, and Vince Cherry- holmes. Crafts, Spirit creates "The purpose of the Crafts Club is to learn new crafts and practice the ones you know," said Miss Barbara Furtaw, math instructor. ROW 'la Wendy Warzybuk, Lee Barager, Ron William- son, Janet Kelly, and Mrs. Deborah Shields. ROW 2: Miss Barbara Furtaw, Diane Ader, Dale Specker, Regina Baysinger, and Evelyn Taylor. Mrs. Dolores Watkins, sponsor of the Spirit Squad, said the organization's purpose is to raise the spirit of the school by representing our school at away games and pep assemblies. ROW l: Kim Reiling, Julie Felts, Janet Lavalette, Terry Riddle, Lori Statcher, Robin Roberts, and Gretchen Boso. ROW 2: Claudette Haverfield, Julie Wright, Mary Marshall, Rhonda Ritter, Gloria Perez, and Jamie Bunnell. ROW 3: Glenna Hol- lon, Debbie Chilsen, Joanie Armsby, Carol Tucker, Kelli Armsby, and Evilia Landavazo. 116 iilliil 'T ll Q A ' . Jn! -2 ,.,v Teens share goals "There are no requirements to be a Teen Counselor. The first 50 who sign up and any exceeding go on an alternate list, but while they work for me I have very high standards for personal behavior," said Sponsor Betty Bennett, the school counse- lor. ROW 1: Sally Bennett, Bonna Cummings, Kendra McKinney, Denise Specker, Glo- ria Perez, and Pat Rameriz. ROW 2: Tracy Arnold, Sharon Wawrzasek, Joanne Diu- lus, Kathy Augustine, Lisa Trotter, Mat- thew Landavozo, and LaDelI Harrison. ROW 3: Shelly Bracken, Dureen Olsen, Evilia Landavozo, Ingrid Scharff, Chris Barwick, Debby Chilsen, Jodi Seeman, Gina Marracino, Tish Snelling, and Mrs. Betty Bennett. ROW 4: Connie Sloan, Brett Shine, Joanie Armsby, Kathy Long, Laurie Weiskotten, and Jeff Hays. lor. Iiams. 117 "The purpose of Teen Counselors is for cross age students to begin to share thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and goals to further enrichment of each other," said Mrs. Betty Bennett, counse ROW 1: Landra McKinney, Theda New man, Pam Favia, Sandy Lowe, Wendy Farmer, Jamie Bunnell, and Janet Laval ette. ROW 2: Cecil Fendley, Doug Hare, Wendy Bracken, Vicki Bedell, Julie Wright, Dean Hunter, Regina Baysinger Evelyn Taylor, Janet Bennett, Glenda Edu son, and Kathy Silveria. ROW 3: Gene Warner, Steve Sutton, Hugo Huerta Wanda Beard, Dana Cobb, and Wanda Chitwaod. ROW 4: Frank Hefflinger Andy Hayes, Jim Potter, and Tom Wil Seniors harness journey "You must be a Senior to be in this club," said Sponsors Virginia Karloff, Dolores Watkins, ond Jeff Moynes. ROW l: Lori Jenkins, Wendy Murphy, Sandy Cormany, Debbie Pearson, Ann O'Keefe, Kathy Pearson, and Dawn Zimmerman. ROW 2: Tomi Res- pondek, Corrine Contilli, Julie Clift, Nina Williamson, Terri Sherwood, Kathy Silveria, and Sponsor Gina Karloff. ROW 3: Gina Marsolla, Dar- lene Lipovic, Sue Schade, and Bonnie Spors. ROW l: Robert Flora, Arnold Fitch, Raymond Johnson,Scott Liversedge, Gilbert Rameriz, Joe Perez, and Rich Dismuke. ROW 2: Faron Harrison, David Miller, Bill Staples, Jim Ross, John Crumby, and David Dierking, ROW 3: Tom Tomerlin, Mike Nolan, John Doerfler, Bobby Lucas, Uriel Acosta, Rodney Sentz, Tom Hill, and Sponsor Jeff Moynes. -if liiiifl, -A L, . -g , , rf 4 ' 5 , 1 '-ZX - API si 1' ' Q-- ez' 'T 135.-is il M 791 B ' B :A Y K V Hair "5 , ai 4' 'L ' 'Vg L: 's A V ,Jul 'Que ., f y 1 Rf' f' ' ""' ,,Z51:""fS1- , , 91 '. is , ---- -, A f Q - - .-.. K 4,4-gs . ,1-' ".i'-- 3-- .w'. N -' " - -my-i J- J -. J , 1 V hh N . 1 :, 4 . .I Y, v by - Y , x Z, Ei if :'1 4 "fs 'L 5- N 'i 9: s K 'N nr- A wk' L . .- ! Q ,Q f kk ' .J , g it E . it ' is 1 :tit X: it ' i . . h. , - T :,- ti- s -' ' . ,, i t - f -: Q 7 'W L -- in Q . 5 ' Q -swf 8,1 -A . 9 - , K A, E 1 W. , i t X 4' h x W ,Z ,it ., 6 -X vc t - Q :-. 3 .W g ic., M s X, .L A kr xg H 17 4 f V or .if lf? ' 1, , . ' ,W - 'sg -6 '12 -.-E ' - .y W li . - A A - N' wi-me-fha, M A .exe 3 , .. 'J .J ,aim -fe' 7 L w- . X ,, ' Q : J eve i f C asses share 'tag therness ' The Freshman Club includes: ROW 'l - Troy Coltharp, Lau- rie Karkos, Debbie Fitch, Sally Bennett, Mary Lou Ehmann, Tara Jenkins, Cheryl Campopiano, Jackie Cragg, April Graffa, Kathy Huggins, Loretta Armenta, Kyra Fitzwater, Maria Candalaria, and Glenna Hollon. ROW 2 - Lee Bar- ager, Joanna Diulus, Jane Breneman, Ron Bennett, Chuck Celis, Mike Euliss, Jeff Bracken, Kathy Augustine, Theresa Cook, Kim Kelly, Jon Cummings, Rene Huerta, Rod Bedell, Randy Cormany, Tom Liversedge, Tim Hill, Billy Dennis, Den- ise Cox, and Truddy Cook. ROW 3 - Sponsor Rick Don- nelly, Brenda Bowling, Joy Hayes, Diane Ader, Wendy Bates, Cindy Holling, David Grabner, Fred Hasty, and Janet Lavalette. Continued Freshman Club includes: ROW 1 - Annette Merklin, Scott Neff, Greg O'Keefe, David Santis- tevan, Doug Pinotti, Willy Marquez, Paul Gruner, Kirby Von- Meter, Terrie Riddle, Ana Pena, and Kevin Parisot. ROW 2 - Roberta Sizemore, Pearl Staples, Kathy Winkes, Johnny Ellis, Howard Valentine, Richard Newman, Paula McDermitt, Debbie Taylor, Tonya Greenwald, Teresa Borden, Shawn Riese, Sharon Wawrzaszek, Kalia Bumpas, Denise Cox and Ronnie Williamson. ROW 3 - Kevin Verley, David Hunter, Phillip Rowland, Roger Harrison, Kim McSpadden, Margie Paskel, Tommie Beam, Tony Robinson, Cindy Seeman, Rox- anne Ritter, Chuch Parkhurst, and Sponsor Enid Norby. The Sophomore Club includes: ROW I - Wendell Clarke, Dean Hunter, Claudette Haverfield, Donya Perrin, Joan Sam- baluk, Lynn Hatch, Wendy Bracken, Kendra McKinney, Robin Roberts, and Karen Price. ROW 2 - Danny Damiano, Scott Hill, Ken Rheim, Lenard Niceler, Evelyn Taylor, Cindy Kalin- ski, Alanta Lucas, Janice Roy, Julie Wright, Karen Dennis, Landra McKinney, Doug Hare, John Brown, and Steve Kelly. ROW 3 - Hugo Huerta, Tim Holder, Debbie Hill, Tracy Vick- erey, Rae Tanner, Barb Barnett, Jodi Seeman, Gene Warner, Tim Batte, Jeff Graffa, Jim Marsalla, Keith Petticrew, and Chuck Ehmann. The Junior Club includes: ROW l - Laverne Smith, Ray- mond O'Kelly, Rick Herring, Glen Cross, Scotty Wiers, John Taraborelli, John Rose, and Glenn Beaumont. Continued Jun- ior Club includes: ROW I - Louise Brambley, Kathy Smith, Kathy Nolan, Wendy Warzybuk, Lisa Armenta, Karolette Bumpas, Mary Marshall, Gretchen Boso, Kim Graham, Sally Roberts, and Annette Marsalla, ROW 2 - Mary Johnson, Gloria Perez, Laurie Weiskotten, Ingrid Scharff, Debbie Paar, Debbie Chilsen, Mary Schemonio, Kathy Rodgers, Laura Celis, Evilia Landavazo, Karen Petticrew, Donna Dan- ielson, Dawn Ryan, Robin Troubley. ROW 3 - Sandy Kane, Kelly Wilde, Beth McDonald, Dureen Olsen, Belinda Bonillas, Mini Blanchard, Joanie Armsby, Jackie Henry, Pat Ramirez, Susie Clark, Shelly Bracken, and Bonnie Ross. H9 h While you were burning the Best Wis es H midnight oil doing homework, Class of H we were burning thelrrridniglht, H7799 eecorifasaonucoa mon: e , U R I Elongraiullaigni on your H 0 M R K graduation! C-filp i .22 ,A 'Ll SMITH RENTAL X super market catering m Congratulations I to the Class ervlce of "" - 'ff 99 979 APACHE JUNCTIQN We come to the aid of our arty. w'5g3Cr?EigiTcioNS . cms: MEETINGS ZZQFDTFSEZWERS COMMERCE BANOUETS OFFICE PARTIES n BUSINESS MEETINGS 956-8666 Ask for Room Service! C Or see the Bashas'Deli manager nearest you, BILI15 A WNINGS X IEWELERS DEN CHARMS PIERCED EARRINGS PENDANTS LOVE RINGS PROMISE RINGS ENGAGEMENT RINGS KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS BULOVA WATCHES CARVELLE WATCHES SEIKO WATCHES 5 is, v s'ruoENT ACCOUNTS WELCOME MMV NO 3 BAYLESS PLAZA We Care ,Q M0 tj APACHE JUNCTION Ollcenged 'Bonded M! APACHE JUNCTION SCHOOL RINGS 'Insured Z 986 I606 di J! Family Owned 81 Op If Paho Covers Wmdow Awmngs pfCarports lfsklfflhg I ,fTraveI Trailer Rollups If Storage Rooms and Sheds Screen mclosures ,!Romodc1s PHONE Congra tula tlons to the I 1' 982 0300 graduanng class S U PE R S TI TI 0 N of 76-7 7 6 4 C1 2 25 zum A1512 SKIES RES TA URAN T gpg NY 3068 E Scemc Drnve f ARIZONA WATER C O. Apache Junchon Plaza Good Taxpaylng Cmzen Steaks 8K Seafood 5 0010 I I OO Open 10 a.m. to 12:00 Mexocon food I I 0010 2 OO Apache Junction 9 Q' ' ' 3 6 I Q D Ili " f . V I If I , ' U - ' FI I X - If I r r r MJ4 D 0' ,J If I I JU ' I I I A ' ' MW I 'I I I If ' I 5 jg R0 AL me N ILITARY Q5 XJEW LERS xxtllfg iii - D 1 I-UI N 7y e you wearlng one'-5 Q Royal Jewelry Co Inc KERMI TS OF ARIZONA 402 Apache Tranl N Golden Wesf Square Apache Junction Arizona W 85220 RURAL FEED Complete llne of Llvestock and Poultry Feed Hay anlmal M 81 S APPLIANCE SER VICE Malor overhauls on washers dryers refrigerators and freezers Mike Leslle 982 l788 986 7194 Speed Standly Health Products and Pet Tum Grabner Gilbert Ramirez Supplies Also a fine selection of 9538 E A h T l pac e ran , , , recond1t1oned apphances. Mesa, Arizona gU3FHH l68d 986 9431 SXF Corner of Ironwood and Apache Trall F x xx .V Y A Y to AG U Nj my A l ,al gl It , A K l J' ' Q fe A C9 Ay 2923 Cx f Kirin 1 P991 lx ll r- A . F355 1 KJ . Q . 5 5-T I . I A y I Y 22 L Cmngradzulat cns, 9772, A I anim if hnttmg Agife 92 Q Q.. if Z' ,J ' -,-I WO 'J if 1 A1-5 gf , knew .gf r Z '44 u K' wif.. "ffl7?3 .g 3 B ,7Qm9mSji!QgjQ5. . 9 ee 'I ge W I.:-. ,,f if ' f-:H 1,743 f., mm, If ,Thy : 7. 1 'wif-4 ff, 5. .1 Af. 1 X fm New E 555 D279 ,A, 'Ai ' - I I-,Q 5 9 '5t7,Zf,lI,',,,z1, 'WHlI"'Mf,K2!2flI - ..,, .-...,.....l4l4, i w A QFEQAJ "'y"'l"b-',7I:lm", If 'IIf"!4'va ip kb? ,fr N i-rw 2W6.I:,Ilf.ff-,'f4'g-ZWQI' v','Qr, ' "" "" ' " ,,...-.. . A 9 fair 3 -I MIAfII1gII1g5f':'JI-m:g.gIIugg 1 1fiII1fuiii1I I I ' iiIiU ' il? if? !'.SV , in FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA I QF I pwf IAAAWI fe MCDONALDQS Ne E5 we fe fm 7F I, A I If IRS? KX. 4 QQ ,lb fk if K? PQ vi syi, EI we-QW 1 N i W JS i I, VI x MCDOIIBIGS If? SSN' Pk 9 ,. , jd X A I M - 0mPo?men s G "I . 6742 E. Main Street, Mesa W E,-Q H M01-2 TUARIE? I6 9702 E. ApacheTraiI 2 A -'64 Mesu,Q'izon g frm Ii 'I ii T429 Es? Ee -2 Q53 ff L 521 BE 6 QI " 'Q L"j.f X, Phoneasz-1913 X33 3 .N 4'f , ie ef 45 6?-S QQ 252' Q4 ,ffbf 21" I --.. jf! ' 53- FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH 4900 Carney Ave. A church with a heart in the heart ofthe community WH ERE friends meet friends in fellowship, worship 84 service 'pizates Cave ,Supfaez C1446 1 I fi? ' Vp I E .3 ', iY 4 - 'lla .17 -,1es's+fe- f ' ' ':1A.. 3?-'v--,' ' f . ya:-----Q'2I,y ' , .. . Congratulations '77 Class Rt. 88 and Tomahawk Rd. IV: Mile N.E. of . . . Apache Junction, Arizona "Where a wisp of salty air embraces the Superstitions" 4 F""'I'Y O"e"'ed For All Your Real Estate Needs PARK 1, East Junction Dr. and Tomahawk ' ' Apache Junction, Arizona 1. I Rt. 7, Box 2015 F, 85220 ix' .V BILL and LOUISE FULLERTON R B a H 6 S INVESTMENT conn. G1 'E ,Q I . e . Suite No. I Parkway Professional Plaza Travel Trailers Phone 982-1951 SELECTIUN 0F Congratulations o - H om: LIGHTING l 5 5 2 rare photos of early pioneers 4 v 1 UUTSTANDING Class of "77" FIXTURES "Complete selective display" 9841488 0 L 1 Q If ' N0 -Job T00 I S V a i md , , . , ,,,. V. ty Chandler and Apache Jct. Gr " ' A 8Q'P 'I' I .f mmmmgh,,',E', rf byaas owing with Arizona for Overvz R U Franchise Dealer for Den Jflllil. - -,8, ' , , ' ,:,, sp s,1i' ELECTRIC 5? " Licensed and Bonded W ' ij ' K W Contractors , 21 1 1 W. University Drive 969-2201 9502 East Mom' Mesa Mesa, Arizona 85201 SPEND SOME IME I THE P SI X N n an hour's tour of Salt , River Project? History l Center, you'll he fascinated by ' the faces and events that pioneered the Salt River Valley. There are tools and artifacts 1 from the mysterious Hohokam 3 even original documents from Y 1 1 rltddy Roosevelfs dedication a 1 l of Roosevelt Dam in 1911. 8 1 Come share Arizona? his- l s ' A I tory with us. The History 1 5 v WM, auf My G 60. Center is open weekdays from ,y w l 4-tiff-M MM? 1444-1 '54""'4""'4 9 aan. to 3 Enter our T4-,!5Et1"ff .L::..,.,.,.. A Q " H alt River Project Xx,,.,,u,E,W,s, tr 3 ve SWENSONS RUUNDUP MUBILE Shiiidimlnugplflill Wholesale - Retail - Jewelry Tools Apache ,I unct1on AFIZOHH 10402 East Apache T a I Mobile Homes ADSCIWG JUFICI OFI Travel Traders Motor Homes Caryl, Page Tel 982 3500 wj o fg f l J W . Next to your Mom, Dad, slsters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and friends We want to 'be the Tnrst to congratulate gnu! FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA You'll be happ er bank ng F rst class . 9 . r i o y f W f Q fx L V. 1, IQ 'lv ' XQL I IQII I 'I :NJ ks. I ' 0 l 'V ' ' 4' I Q g L ' I ,.,. f I P. .,:: O O I Q i i i XIINIIIIRI U I K.' YUJIRAI RISIRVF SYSIIM herever y f mln ,... nun gooutofourway ou live, work, or travel for you throughout Arizona than 170 offices FDIC More Member STONEY S ROCKS 4?f.VY-Rl R 2352 Q? H,+,.f at " TllNEYS,,,,,llllllKS iz It I 'ax wi 51 if w'W I YR 75533 43 'Na 3,19 1 gd Silver Smithing Turquoise 81 Silver Castings Lapidary Supplies Specimens 81 Cutting Material 10702 E. APACHE TRAIL 986-4303 JUNCTHNV AUTO PARTS 2 AUIU FIRTS ,-41 Tommy Hill Octillo and Apache Trail Phone 982-0363 I O l, i l kwin? C 1 ,. . X! 52 ,- ,,, , - t " s o u l v n u . 1- , r,.y,2W ., I A t., fnj - 'e7F.v3 Q' we -'-551539 'zu,gf..Zi5 it '. ,gfarid-1g'?, pf. .gf , L, A X,-1:1,er4q,, X 4. .. A-w. 5,4 K r -"-'- - -W-14? nn, -- .-,Ht ew- --.' ki! fi wa-tf'2w ' w -,, ' , - ' '-'?,'1vg-,-gf 'gs .,1'::1,f1-iw,x.5a,1',1'fiQ,11'3!-'.,. it -- fi f - ' " -',f3Cf'1 11,2-tf'r'f'i -fl' Jw-ra:jf'.5 r,r,-.fA'95.,F11 L' -1"Zg'L,N., A-1-V . ,ai ,5 .4413 fglfa.-'-K.-.ifc:'i' 2-if ,agp .g.-.-1-Pg-. -,-fm-, 1"-.'g,- 11 - -..--f- 5 f""""fjJ"1i'2 'gl if." fm, M. 1 A .gm-N - I . 1 ' mrfg Gai.: ' 'r - .2 ' fi-fc " 3 ity , 455451: Q, 431- 4 .. ' ,. -. A. JZ.-ri. 'N . 2553-f3Faf?5Q6:rs?'eive'5fiif'ri-'F'1'?45365-ii'14's'i59f'91f'3e?i." 'ii ' 1-27-'FT' .ali ' ' 4' i-,J:jf,f ffl, . -5. iff "-,JZL T'-. Q ' 4- . 'V . H,-.-A. .- .,- ,- , ' A 1 -rr--1:-1'a-1"r r,-A-is ft 1, f- 41' 'A-,on -. .- '-l -I V -pry.. ,.- .mfg :fir-.7 at , -,h A f..:.qg,1 1 - za, .r I ' ' -I :.--1-'-fiivreri , r,r --, ...dl - . ,dm .71 - - 1- . - - 1 . ' f. -, . A ', ' '14:'. "fx 1. r '-Q q . A .,3g:J--44 ., -4- .- .- -f--, .. , - . 1 -. 1 "'. " va- Y.. 'fiznxvg-!11:f1'.-"',Q-Vfx. ' 5" . . , . ,ff ST: "ru -5 - zv'i1'::',g1gi124'QC-:'1f1?gf5'...,32..gi A - - r' , . , .Q A - ' 'r-"x"f1fewffe,w,.' M ::, , :igwr,- ,-Af ' 'f-V'--fs'--v - . ' , .- ea L , .. - 1 ,f.'f-1,"':'jE'f 4455-' "R-yfs ' ,gfL,Egf"'f 'g 'REEF , ' V- "+A ' ' ' e "?"' ' ""-' " - .'-f"'-"-11'ff'i "J ' Gi"::A:--.'. 1 'A -'. V ., """7' -'IW it-Y? 1-1- -199+ rJ:5'i:'AfN '.1'---'v-N - ii :Q , -A ' " -. f , -ri'----.13 H ' 1.4 1, . - . . V' - -.-,. .. .:, - - - - . HK K V. ... . W0 1 . -fs-' -.,. i i '99 V - F-'H ' MPA 3 ' I ' . Y , , 5- in 1 --- GOOD LUCK GRADUATES ifP'zza iSclod Bar 'kc at n -kS0up 'A'5P09heff -kSandwiches Ope Sun. - Thu s I lam-I 2pm Fri.iSat. llom Ipm 982-I I 55 illa utm "There are I fof good things under our roof FURNITURE HOUSE For Fine Quality Furriilure I3-LE I L5 ri, ll' IO I IKE APACHE TRAIL a d IRONWOOD ARNOLD A U TO CENTER Congratulations Class of 77 B sfofL ck EAST APACHE TRAIL 982-2831 ELSON'S TR UE- VAL UE HARD WARE "Your Locally Owned Hardware." Ll Tr e Te 1 Paint Pl mbing Supplies Elecfrical Supplies di fs Congratulations Graduates I , aw U I U IIISHINGS - SCHOOL 0 CHURCH Ph A ana N . 14' -1 --Q ,' ' , 3 , '- 1--ar .......L..-E. "' r Q Servmg Arlkona Schools 011.125 0 years PHONE 267-1311 PLAZA o. Box 1081 A CT, AZ 85220 Q! 1 982-1656 f 1 1 982-2046 PRESIDENT Lake Realfy 'I S! , 53 RQUTE 9 soxazsa 5 APACHEJCT CORPORATIGN 1, :QI HERB .IORDAN'S CHEVRON U up 1 L ' M 982-9950 KERB Y'S FURNITURE CO. 8840 E. Apache Trail La-z-boy Recliner Sl 59.95 W pp i'74w6!?f , V V, Len X , gi 395 if- im-rzswt 'A" f All W' ' k',yLlV" ff' 5 r f TR OPH Y DEN We are pleased to supply the Trophies and Awards for Apache Junction High School Between 7th St. and University l Block East of Mill Avenue GEOFtGE'S STEAK HOUSE RESTAURANT 81 COCKTAILS International Music and Songs George A. Lipovic, Prop. Route 6, Box 1590 Apache Jct., Ariz 85220 Cestln Valley Trailer Court One-fourth Mile West of Apache Junction On Hi-Ways 60-8-89 Phone 982-2153 Success in the Future SUPERSTITION MOUNTAIN POST 9399 VETERANS UF , Qvoun nounss FOREIGN WARS AND LADIES A UXILLIAR Y Qupfx 44.17 VAIISII H T ,XJ of the United Sta tes M R P F P k p S . . d S Apache Junction, Arlzona R 982 3001 EL VIRA 'S MEXICAN Susan rr Inn RES TA URANT Apache Junction, AZ F "mg F M ' F d L h dD AI F d 9. wewaufau x . op Allofy .35 A H30 CITIOEOP A Y Boq d F' dS nMd h P Y d rl. g Y H R br' X It A You re the people we go out of our way for f VALIEY N l0NAl mu? VALLEY NA TIUNAL BANK A h Sg IBMe0ffce I0749E tAp ch T ApachJ fo Off FD E Ap ch T APA CHE JUNCTION CLA SQROOM TEA CHERS AASSOCIA TI ON Congra tula 11 ons Class of1977 PINAL PARTS DEPUT h jx T"w-.xvwnwi Na tlonally Ad vernsed Auto Parts and Supphes w fsnpr p 1 Tpp O h 982170 YUMM Y S ICE CREAMX' SAVDWICHKSHOP Nl 982 9913 E t H or Take Out Op 7 dczys k Ap h T I X Blk E t fl d Ap h J f C g t I t s d G dL kt th S H977 9 ' Ap Tc1'I d Rennick Drive E ' A 'T TM-C ' SE E A A A am T' . A , 44 C O poc 0- i no u i . as C e mil .H. i rip e, rene e unci n ice ri e wners Member . .l.C. H48 . o e rail P one ' 2 ns 'o 9 ,T a L11 4 w W s.: L I 1 I WA 1 W W I ml W, PUSH IN T ERI ORS 211 N 96th St M 85207 Carpet Vlnyl Draperles Steam Cleanlng Congratulations to Our 77 Graduates BIG 0 TIRES 1m South Power Road Mesa, AZ 85206 Spl e Fr e Precrsoon R T ad g F' g Truck Fa 1 d 1 1 B F Goodrrch Best Wlshes undw Class of 1977 THE Pizona ff BANK THE ARIZONA BANK h h DESERT SAGE WESTERN WEAR and TACK Western Wear for the Enhre Famrly Includmg Your H 8115 E Ap h T I Mesa, Arrz 986 2788 1 rrw-A, . ., esa,AZ . a Apac e Trail and Bus Hwy. P one - GH ' . 4 NIELSON NIE L 5 U N sunnms Mnrsnlms 7 H 1 14th Street Apache Junction E Verythlng from the foundauon to the roof Phone 986 2818 X 986 2592 New Paved Road All The Way To The Front Door' A so Choice Steaks Or Prime Rib of Beef If you believe in: Limited Government and Local Control, Individual Rights and Fiscal Responsibility Then you believe as the Republicans believe you have a choice Only by gaining a malor party can the voter have a real voice inthe primary as well as the general election Further a strong two party systems is vital to our freedoms for it allows our democracy to abide by the will providing a good life for all the people There is a difference Register and Vote Republican Compliments ofthe Apache Junction Republican Women Hamm N4"i',3 Q-scam, EMQEQR it Q ,, fn af f'l't 15,-IWIIFW' 3 T fmt? M Mg, Am qi"5"ah.f- ,gg twin WW Aexww Served Family Style Private Banquet Room Available 83.5,-?1E-H ff WN f-Porn' of M Jfmcw Parties PR OSPECTOR S N f-ga, All U Can Eat QQ' 47 Z Open Daily 4 p m to 9 30 p m Sunday 12 Noon to 9 30 p m Closed on Monday For Reservations 982 3181 ,Iuet 4 m1Ies North 0fApache JUHCIIOD on Hwy 88 . ' . I ee - ' I . 79 . . .' .:,-sw '-'Moi mi ., wmv- - -V -W--" fy ' ,-I-It-.. Q A "' HAf'ffg:W 'Az-ei :jf ,ga .. Y by 133' 1 W1 -Q if mc.: ,,.,. , " 5 w W,.,,.c.,.,'f' - ' 1 N. .,., 'H ww as - -L-M K., 1 Y' of 1 f i" ' Q '-1-.Q .-, .. M" " w,,g -,- 1 . 1 -1 A-1-2: 'H' -l!..22Ef' '1-1512-"'mP"' f ' ' ' H fi' W ff? ., i A 1 F? ,,j!" fs - 'X gf " E A' 1,1 " , i" A- 5 M R- Q iQ, M , f ,.,, . "'i'g.f,I ' ' CTI . -M t . . ...., . . .,, .... A M .4 ,.,, , ,, H ,, ., .. N.,-'.,..., , .. P 1 ., h .C , 553' 0 0 Y , F A A '65, I . . : . . . I L O KENNEDY TV R CA SALES AND SER VICE Rt. 9, Box 1358 A South County Line Apache Jct., Arizona 85220 Phone 982-2844 RADIO SHA CK: ' Stereo Receivers ' AKits ' Tape and Acce ' CB Headquar Best Wishes Class of '7 7 1 4? 1? Z Z ? 4 Z s P 0 1 1 1 DINA 'S DELI U.S. 60 and Winchester Dr. Congratulatio and Best Wishes to the Class of ,7 7 BETA TAU Apache Junction H YDER AIR CONDITIUNING Congratulations to the Class of '77 Clluque, PRINTING U4 g10QQmvioeCPniutenI "YOU THINK 17' - an WE'LL INK lr ra t i A ents W-.m m o Xerox Cop B h fggg- ee C 0 Leuerh d M bl v Pi ting ' Envelop Wdd gl ' ' u ?'f3,,,-U, 0 Busine C d I Layout 81 Art Work N ld b ld p' dl h -' Pufiefgg mesa Erihune hofiiiii PHONE 964-1491 West PHONE 833-1221 First Avenue Mesa, Arizona LIVE IN THE APACHE JUNCTION AREA? STOP AT OUR NEW OFFICE Apache and Ironwood OR PHONE 982-0310 Your Advertising Message Delivered to 75,000 Homes 6L86'Z86 9'-'0l4d 'dold DIAOdl1 'V 308039 ARTIST s6uog pun :gsnw IDUOHDLIJSQUI , HQNHOT TIVLLQIQOQ Apache Jmgn5cgi53,Arizona A HQ 11 '1 S6 HQ 310313 BU'lgfZ32'2,lf?1759 sg IZ-Z86 auoqd Residence 982-4295 HELEN CHRIS TIAN GEORGES'S STEAK HQUSE in "c"5'X I"f' RES TA URAN T A? He'en'1filZfL"2i1EQ COCKTAILS Wotilfffl Fmonclal and Mana e TC If t Infernatlonal Music and Songs 9 men onsu on GEORGE A uPov1c 'mme Tax Route 6 BOX 1590 All States and Federal Apache Jct AZ 85220 Smzll Business Ceshn Val Traller C 4 ccoums Y " 4 49.4 .1 3 9 'Q Q t IQ' 0 Jc H' 0 1 5 an g nlors, W Nm 2 3, 1 ,JL QP I ' f Q AL 9 u , cr wned Corn unity nded Q 5 ' f 1 ' 6586 QI W 1 Q Q V Nami? M ,mm ,anim Q M-'-"'5"9vh- IM J W as x, -4 'YYY A'a"P"'WW-e W' gl, we Q54 qfgswaf M M hi' 'f"'3fM Wwi ,, Y" 2 if Wd "" YS.. 'fix S tw I fn sw ? it LL 'mlJn4..u... J ai 00 st ache ll Apache Junctron Arizona Phone 932 0500 I . . " . I qw 2 F OU 44 - AX N f L ' " - 1 . 1 fm' ef 'W 1 ,fe ' A APY - ' gn -1 t J' ' f' QW ' ' u' N, IX . r ff-13 f ' . 1 V' 419, 1 1 C , I' 5 .1 'kj I F 3 iv G" . fx 75- X X ni 1 I A: g" y 'A U 1 ,W X we . 17 54 . Zi A ' , A X c-L I A ' UL P ,GJ W X x I K I , XW . , A , r. Q I 1 0 I O ny E 1 A 1- f a f 'N' .. 'X 1 I ur" lm - X' I OV 1 fx K7 A A W il' X t Q l A A wi A if U 19 QQ. 'M I A 3 S 5 ' 1 '9' . . N4 qv I ,fx If I I, V. 1 1 l L 1 , D . I t E - P W , ' ' ' I 1 V fc K W e I W1 QL ' A Y 44 ' fc A A K ' A 6602 . :L 9 4 V l Q' M' 3" 9 " W rms-" vw' - ww 'rx If pg ' - " 2 'N ! A ' , ' ' " U Z V sg D 5 Q 9 'EQ ,T Al 4 A35 0 .1 b u , s, 'L','2':-1'-yy ' -3' ' 'TW .. ., 1-I.. ..g. .- Q "" if 'A ' ' .' 9 we ' ' A ,N J - is 5 ,L ,,, , .V K P M V , 152 in 1 J ' LSL. f,f.f:g - 5. .6 501-ffftw f f ' Y urea! 'w i 6 A --F' -Q.. ,.1:t."m.fi?p" -if A sv. r' ' , I :,x,- f 1.- j" ?,1.1,L' " "4'-'fgiifrlgi J ' -f 'Win " "".x viazizlakk,-.i.',' -,-c f.4.,.,. - A A N .Q , ' I ' - . . , , H Bates Brother Nut Farm Nuts from all over the world gather here BATEs RGS NUT FARM SHELLED NUIS Cn Eu ITIRLIIT gpn1nu1.un-annul-W ""!l4 APACHE REALTY STATE FARM INSURANCE 11344 9605 East Apache Tra1I 85220 Mesa Arlzona 98 1611 ROGERS RELOADING 7127 E. Apache Trail Mesa, AZ 85207 SMITH PLUMBING C0 INC SMITH HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING N ght 969 4575 964 3654 208 S Country Club Dr Mesa, AZ 85202 Phone 834 5735 I 1357 E Apache Trc11I Ap he Jct , AZ 85220 Phone 986 I92I ff TT Q . , t 'T 1 2- FTE .1 1 I I A , CEC. ,I 1, A -1 ,ttt, to tttttt ,t,.tt . .ttt . I ijTW V:i M .. W 1' 'k-' A .k,,k 1 -1 E, APACHE TRAIL P,o. Box H APACHE JUNCTION, Amz, , Bus, 6- 09 o L' d B d CI i .an ,Iolly ,lim 's Drive- Thru Apache Trail Rexall Arrowhead Apache Plaza Cards and Gifts Q Apache Art Studios L Desert Fabrics Miller's C.B. S Watson 's Floral Upstairs Gallery Bill 's Awnings Treasure Chest Twin Knolls Market I Desert Flame Restaurant Bergie's Beauty Salon Apache Junction Mobile Homes ,lim 's Tackle and Bait A Bates Nut Farm Lucky Bob 's Liquor Exxon Service Station 1 Later. . . "Looking back over this year that lim supposed to conclude on this page, all I can say is l'm glad to have been ,the editor of the Pro- spector. We, the Yearbook Staff, have tried to do this in our stories and our pictures. Many thanks goes to the entire student body and the administration, without whom this publication would have no reason for being. We appreciate the help of all these people even though some of them seemed to be fighting us at times. This year hos been full ot many changes, some of them good and some of them not so good. I can only hope that there are better ones in the future. In conclusion all I can say is that I'Il always remember the past four years as I know many ofthe Senior class will." Prospector Editor, ticwlfzelec Bell Benner Bennett Bishop John Jenkins, Lori Johnson, Bill Johnson, Paul Bowden Boyd Pot 52 Boyer Cathy Brown Elaine 52 Burnop Joan Carothers Joey 44 Debbie 52 Cheryl Dave 4 59 Julie 8 59 Corrine Johnson .n . Kali ski, Doug 9 f fffigfi if l5QC fJHl'14gU l . :J,l"K. bl 1142 14161 J 'l"5iC1l 512-f , Bilfgrg 1 0 A A ,. I f '- 'W' ,' ref C:-1151-" xi--gf? 1-14 ,, 'ft 4 4 - - ' X 4 1 9 'l X' yi W2 'L' V l-1' 51253 if f Q "4- ir in ff! . . ki F5 I gp Respondek, peggy 53 Rit:e:'gRhondo 13 60, 109, 110, 111, 113 Marcena 56 ' Cad Roberts, Jeon 113 14, 17, 60,109, 111,113 John 56, 81,100, 115 ROSS, -lim 59 9 Connie 56 ROUX, WUYNC 5 ' ' vide, 34' 54, 56, 102 Russell, Laura K K N Dave se, 108, 1 1o, 1 15 Sanfisfevun, Billy 60,5932 100 WD. 56, 100 Santistevan, Dan Wqlfef 59 Schade, Sue 60 56 Schrooten, Ann 14, , 103, 1 10 'A Schug, Bonnie 60 ' 1 f5Sentz, Rodney 4, Sherwood, Terri Shine,1Brett1 e , 60, 1 17 Dcfyl 56, 100 Silverid,-Ka 1 , 109, 115 Smith, Lind' , , 110, 113 ' Smith, Tami 40, 43, 46, 47, 60, 104, 3 o ,J f Semors Londovozo, Lazze11, Jock 59 Lehrkomp, Karen IJS6, 1 10, 1 15 Lewis, Craig 56 108, 1 10, Linden, Dennisg6 Lapovjg, tiene 4, 11, 42, 43, 54, 56, 101, 103, Jeff 7 im John 52 E ' 105 AIJ1' 09 Lanlqorein 56 Liversedge, Scott 56 Lucas, Bobby 59, 107 McCoIgan, Art 54, 56, 100, 109, 1 10, 115 McDonald, Anthony 57 McGlumphy, Ecirnie 59 Marlowe, Belinda 57 ,W ZTIA 1 Marsallu, Gina 10, 54, 57, 5 Marquez, Pat 34, 48, 57, 1 02, 104 Moyes, Bob 57, 102, 1041 Miller, David 59 Murphy, Wendy 57 Musselman, Randy 59 Nolan, 10, Smith, Tony 4, 60, 1 15 Specker, Dale 7, 60, 100, 109 Bonnie 60 Kenh 25, oo, 100 Bill 59 Todd 60 Marty 60, 107 Jamie 61 Thompson, Dale 54, 59 omer n Betsy 61 V. Tom 61 Weldy, Jerry 61 . West, Steve 61 Vthllioms, Tom 8, 9, 61, 108, 109 Williamson, Nina 1, 61, 1 15 Mlson, Suzy 61 Wilson, Wil Wolf, Steve Shirley 61 A Tracie 10, 61, 10 ,104 h 0. , Dianeyffl , , , 0 Kim 4, Wood, Max Young, Jack Young, Jim 61, Zaremba, Les Zimmerman Jocnie 49 Baca, John 63, 107 Boroger, Patty 63, 108 109,116,117, 119 ' 5 v 1 V w 1 i L c , Ss! 41 uf. , , ay nnfmawmm. , mms., nmamzbmmww.. ssmauxm-m,xnu2muM.sas1wg m-wwf.-qw fww rf.4xw.m-.mu-bmpwawfs -unrwm-umm-ae vmsmwa an . , ,asf+,mffW.-fmff,fmwwmxffmmmssmmuywmwmxmmxmmvfww -M ' f - jg ,, , wiwigy Iwi? awpx Mffffyff WNW KW W V l H 1 JV ww Ffh ' Q, . Q! em? wuu0,A1Mi3wlEf ,WH 1,012 I , Wgjofkzlflf , My W Wfiiwww 33119 M1MW1z0jXE'6 W WM? L Q fffmiy W M wk N of ypw ff, CQ- KW We aww , 5 R Q ,W N M! V 6 W V 2 t L Q by df WWW Wm f.,,- I b U' W km , W 7 5-Xi gp by m, CW 1LVj M33 fl Fobgpggimfvytwmgnffwfw 20.06 2 2 X53-gg Ubggiykxqg QNX ovmk YS XAUJLLVNV W2 7 ff v Mary by M QED Qfgpkb WY Mm f mf do A We i A J A X WW' E Q A"-' - -"' 4-H-H "'- M1-' '-M1.u.ig.g-,---- '.., ,,,., ' ' V - -V f' 4 , - -W '. , fi QUJUQ M

Suggestions in the Apache Junction High School - Prospector Yearbook (Apache Junction, AZ) collection:

Apache Junction High School - Prospector Yearbook (Apache Junction, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Apache Junction High School - Prospector Yearbook (Apache Junction, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 88

1977, pg 88

Apache Junction High School - Prospector Yearbook (Apache Junction, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 99

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1977, pg 143

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