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i! J 1 ] I Ul 4. Dedicated To THE OFFICERS AND MEN of USS WHITE SANDS (ARD-20) USS APACHE (ATF-67) TRIESTE II For SCORPION PHASE II OPERATIONS Your professional competence, technical skill, dedication to dutv and close knit team spirit is of the tiigiiest order. The ultimate result f your advanced training, detailed planning, on scene ingenuity, cooperation and coordination was that all dives of Trieste II were highly successful ojierational uchieveinents. You were a vital part of an operation that had never been perfonned by any navy. Each man can be justly proud of his significant contriiiution to the successful completion of this extremely important mission. K. H. (iaiitier (i,ipt,iiri. I iiilcd Slatjes Navy • " %» pENERAL = ' .-•. ' 7 WNAMici ' IH A " That we shall not forget " To you who braved the oceans depth And perished there in lonely solitude And to those you left behind who wept We pledge this debt of humble gratitude That we shall not forget your loss And for the hope of man, will, in your name No matter what might be the cost In your remembrance this proclaim m The peace for which you worked and died So that all earth ' s people might be free Shall not in vain be set aside But in truth, one day, become reality. By: R.H. Matthews EMI (S )(DV) ' n. Commander Submarine Development Group 1 Captain Robert Henry Gautier Captain Robert Henry Gautier, was graduated from the U.S. Naval . ' cademy in 1945. After graduation, he served on the destroyer GANSEVOORT (I)n-()()H) and the destroyer escort FlEBERLl.NG (DE-()4()) prior to attending Subniaritu- School in 1948. He later served on the submarines TILEFISH (SS-307), TANG (SS-563), TROUT (SS-566) and commanded CONGER (SS-477) and BLUEBACK (SS-581). He has served as Flag Liculenant and Aide to (Commander Suhmarnic lorce U.S. Pacific Fleet, on the Staff of Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific I ' lcil as Assistant Material Mrtjctr. in llie Fleet Maiiittiiance Division ul llic Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and in the Inquiry and Liaison Division of the Officer of Legislative Affair, Washington, D.C. ( ' aplain Gawlii-r is a graduate of the Armi ' d Forced Staff Collegi ' . Returning to si-a dul in Jul 1964, he seni ' d as operations anil plans officer on (he Staff of Commander Submarine Flotilla ONE, Commanded Submarine Division FIFTY-THKEF, and was ( ' hii ' f Staff Officer to Command. T Submarine Flotilla ONE. He assumed command ul ' tin- nipliilii( u ttack Transport MONTROSE (APA-212) injnnc l ' )()7 in Suliic lia . I{c|iulilii- nl I lie l ' lnli|i|iiiM and u a deluelicd In Danang, Kc|iulilii nl ictnani in I )i-( iinlirr l ' )()!i. I ■ I in ( Officer in Charge USS White Sands Trieste II LCDR Robert F. Nevin, was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1957. After graduation, he reported to USS HOLDER (DDE-819). In July 1959, he reported to the U.S. Naval Submarine School, New London, Connecticut and upon com- pletion of Officer ' s Submarine Training served aboard USS COBBLER (SS-.344) for three and one half years. In September of 1963 LCDR Nevin attended the University of Washington for two years as a graduate student in oceanography. In September 1965 he reported as 3rd officer in USS SPIN AX (SS-489) and in October 1966 became Executive Officer. LCDR Nevin is presently officer in charge of the U.S. Navy ' s Bathyscaph TRIESTE II and its support ship, USS WHITE SANDS (ARD-20). LCDR Robert F. Nevin logr m m ING Ck (irtf (ifK m Commanding Officer USS Apache Lieutenant l.awrenci ' W . Lornion enlisted in the Navy in 1947 and advanced to Chief Quartermaster before receiving his Commission in 1962. During his years of service he has served aboard Destroyers, Am| hibious ships and Service Force Ships including Navigator on USS MISPILLION (AO-IOS) and Executive Officer aboard USS HlTCHITl (ATF-103). He participated in Operation MIG Swipe (respon- sible fur salvage of the first MIG aircraft to he captured intact behind enemy lines of North Korea in 1951), and directed salvage of LST 1 I K) in Cliu Lai, Vietnam in 1966. He received the Korean Presidential Unit Citation, Expert Rifle and Expert Pistol medals. Lieutenant Lawrence W. Lonnon LT. Beauford E. Myers Executive Officer USS WHITE SANDS IJciilriuint Beauford E. Myers enlistid in (lie Navy in November 191-8 and has ser ed on the following duty assign- ments: USS rUAlRlE (AU-15), USS DIONYSUS (AR-21), I S S North Island, NS Guantanamo Bay Cuba, USS VULCAN (AK-.j) instructor. Pattern Maker " A " School, San Diego. Commissioned in November 1962, he subsequently served aboard USS YORKTOWN (CVS-10), and as Onic r in Charge, Class " C " Welding School, San Diego. He reported aboard USS WHITE SANDS in August 1968. Lieutenant Dunn enlisted in the Navy in .4ugust 1947, co mpleted electronics school and .served on the following ships: USS AULT (DD-69!i), USS HANK (DD-7()2), USS STEINAKER (DDR-863), USS SILVERSTEIN (DE-S.U). USS J.R. PIERCE (DD-7.53), USS RICH (l)l)E-82()) and USS TROUT (SS-. ' ' ,66). During this period he attained the rate of Senior Chief Electronics Technician, ( ommi.ssioned as Ensign, U.S. Navv, in October 1961. he sub.s.-quently .served on USS AMBERJACK (SS-.522), USS SIMON L. KE (. S-. ' {. ' {) and on the Pacific Coast Section of the Board of Inspection and Survey. Lieutenant .4nthonv T. Dunn, USN reported aboard Bathvscaph TRIESTE II for (lul inSept.inh.r 1967. LT. Anthony T. Dunn Assistant Officer in Charge TRIESTE II LTJG Lawrence C. Hagerty Executive Officer USS APACHE LTJti Lawrence C. Hagertv received a B.S. Degrei ' in Electrical Engineering at the Universitv of Notre Dame in June 1964. He entered OCS in Mareli I ' )()() and was commissioned as Ensign, U..S. Navy, in J uly I9(i(). He ser .(l as CIC Offic T and E.MO aboard USS HOPEWELL (DD-()81). He reported aboard USS APACHE in Jun. ' 1968. I I White Sands Officers and Chiefs Bottom row (I to r): SFC (DV) P.G. Cic rini, DCC G.S. Bias, ICC C.E. Gaetano, ENC D.E. Hollan.l, HMC (DV) T.W. Brown, BMC (I)V) C.W. B.( k.tilpa. h. Top row: EMC (I) ' ) R.G. Fort. CWO-2 W.H. Adams, I.CDR R.F. Nevin, LT. B.E. Myers, CWO-;! V..|. Murplu. MMC (SS) S. Turn.r. Apache Officers A B » (L to R): WOl D.V. Haugland, ENS N.D. Ewalt, LTJG L.C. Hagerty, LT L.W. Lomioii, LTJG W.A. Wadsworth CW02 D.L. Hill. On Scene Technical Group . J |l t Wfi« fi t J |, C (I to r): LCDR CD. Sachse, Capt. 11. A. Jackson, Capt. R.H. Gauti -r, LCDR J.A. Youse, J. Cathro, Naval Reconnaissance and Tfchnica! Siipiiorl (ictitcr. Not Pictured: j.P. (Iravcii, Chief Scientist of Deep Submergence Systems Projects (Jffiee, LCDR (MC) K.A. Heron, 1,CI)R (MC) P.L. Hendricks. I Civilians Bottom row (I to r): R.S. Edwards, Dillingham Corporation; J.F. Griffitlis. Wcstinfihousc Fli ' tric Corporation; J.L. Copeland, U.S. Naval Uceanographic Oft ' itr; J. (Jathro, Naval Ki ' connaissancc and Ti-clinical Su| (ily Center; J.B. Vanvoorhis, Sperry Systems; and R.E. Fishback, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Top row; R.C. Murray, Jr., Westinghouse Electric Cor[)oration; W.W. Ford, Westinghouse Electric Corporation; H.H. Hemming, Westinghouse Electric Corporation; G.U. Childs, San Francisco Naval Shipyard; J.R. Smyth, San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard; W.W. Bacon, Sperry Systems; W.H. Gleisberg, Jr., Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Trieste II Pilots and Crew ! Bottom row (I to r): EM (SS) (DV) D.P. Mima, DS2 S. Rubin, EN3 J.M. Griffin, Jr., EM2 (SS)(1) ) E.M. Choqu. ' ttc, SFl J.F. Ortiz, EMI (S.S) J.F. Kutzkowski, E. 2 F.U. Wands, ETR3 G.R. Ingalis, ETR2 R.G. Peterson, PHI R.J. Walker. Middle row: ETC (SS) J.R. Fox, YNC J.W. Reep, ICC (SS) C.E. Cline, EMC (SS) D.l. Hnrrincrton, EMI (SS) F.W. Burnrr. TDl J.M. Rogers, ETR.3 R.P. Giblin, ETl (DV) R.D. Bowen, PHI (DV) T.F. guisenberrv, SKC R.C. JoliiiM,!,, ENC (SS)(DV) S.L. Hughes, ETC (SS) J.W.T. Burrage. Top row: Lt. W.J. Leonard, Lt. D.T. Byrnes, Lt. . .T. Dunn, LCDR R.F. Nevin, Lt. J.B. Field, CWO-2 L.E. Hawks, Lt. R.f]. Saxon. White Sands a Division V 9 IT It f f fF ■i ...-.fjgi,. srw,f J ' yg 1 Bottom row (I to r): BT3 C.A. Grissom, .MM3 P.A. Bermijo, MM2 D.I.. Fetgatt.-r. Jr.. BT2 D.. . M.Mull. ' ti, M.M3 J.F. MacLeod, BT3 L.J. O ' Brien. Top row: NLM2 F.H. Dunn, MMA J.H. Sherman, .MMl (DV) D.E. Dodds, MMC (SS) S. Turner, MMl W.R. Drake, MM3 J.E. Ruyle, MM2 J. V. Toma.sulo. I Deck Division V ? V f f V Top row (1 to r): SN R.H. Harris, SN S.M. Ratio, S.N 11. W. Frisch, S. W.M. West, S. O.C. Youii;;, TN L.R. Williams. Middle row: SN R.D. Grisham, QM3 F.L. Buifington, . N K.O. Cook, B.M3 T.J. McCov, . ' A F.A. Jones, SN E.W. Butler, Jr., SN R.W. Standley. Top row: SN M.J. Jordan, BM2 (DV) H.R. Redman, BMC (DV) Bcckenbaeh, CWO-. ' J W.J. Murphv, BM3 R.H. Lathem, Jr., SN C.E. Richardson. J E Division Bottom row (1 to r): EMFN R.R. Pittman, EM3 T.E. McCune, EMS J.L. McAfee, IC3 C.L. Halev, EM3 D.W. Betz, Jr., EM2 D.C. Thomas, EM2 R.E. Stogniew, EM3 E.R. Tisdiner. Top row: EMI (I)V) R.H. Matthews, EM3 L.K. Alpren, EM3 W.R. Barker, ICC C.E. Gaetano, EM2 (L)V) D.G. Russell, IC3 J.R. Thompson, Jr., EM2 N.U. Wolf. ■ l«p- iy, I f1 M Division -- V « J f V V 1--? Bottom row (1 to r): MR3 K.W. Kovic, EN.J U.K. W ilbuni, F.N N.T. Faust. F. 3 C.C. Clemt-nt, E. 3 (D ) L.F. Worrell, Jr. Top row: ENS D.E. Bankston, ENS M.L. Benak, EN2 M.W. Hagerman, EMC (DV) R.G. Fort, ENC D.E. Holland. ENI K.E. Farmer, EN2 M.P. MacDougall, ENS C.W. Radloff. iLF, EVC J ii R Division H ! — H 4 c « Bottom row (1 to r): SFM3 N.R. Tabachki, FN C.E. Thompson, DC3 K.R. Stone, SK3 D.R. Blount, IR3 .M.A. Link, SFM2 R.L. Boyd. Top row: MR3 L.R. Marsh, SFM3 W.H. Hilden, DC3 E.L. Scoggins, DCC G.S. Bias, SFC (DV) P.G. Piccini, DC3 B.A. Vanderiet, MRl A.P. Yeager, Jr., SFP2 S.T. Ford. ' W ; ' A D 1 V • 1 s 1 o n rl t It f I ' .ottoin row (I to r): CS3 fi.T. Bustos, RM.i A.CJ. kress, Sll. ' i H.L. W liiti-, SD.i C.B. Luni|ikiii, (JM.} A. A. |{,.g.rs, Jr., H3 R.J. Morgan, TN C.J. Weyant, SN C.T. Nance. Middlt- row: CSl R.D. Frickcr, DSA F.E. Uurhaiu. SN E.L. Swenson, CS3 R.J. Carlson, SH3 E.B. Williamson, CS2 R.L. Wolf, SHI W. Broderick, SN G.E. Parlet. I V.D. Sharp. Top row: SKI D.B. Mattox, QMi G.V. Morris, YN.3 T.O. Tliurtnan. HMC ( ) ) T.W. Brown. OM2 J.A. Long, SK.J W.E. Salo. SI).{ A. Runnels. (1 to r): CS3 F.E. Durham, CS3 R.T. Bustos, CW()-:2 W.H. Adams, CSl R.D. Friikcr, CS2 R.L. W olf, CS3 R.J. Carlson. •. f V Bottoiri row (I to r): Sli;i K.J. Morgan, Sli.i II. L. White Top row: S ill W . Urod.ri.k. ( : O-.t W.J. Murpliv, SH3 K.B. Williamson. M ' m I ' J tl 1 Bottom row (1 to r): SN E.L. Swenson, SN G.E. Parlet. Top Bottom row (I to r): KM.i A.G. Kn-ss, ( M3 G.V. Morris. Top row: row: YNl V.D. Sharp, Lt. B.E. Myers, YN3 T.G. Thurman. ETN2 C.W. Robertson, Lt. A.T. Dunn, QM2 J.A. Long, QM3 A.A. RogiTs, Jr. " « f " f : f « (1 to r): SN C.T. Nance, SD3 G.B. Lanipkin, CWO-3 W.J. Murphy, SD3 A. Runnels, TN C.J. Weyant. 4t v. -J . ■ " A (1 to r): SKI D.B. Mattox, CVVO-2 W.H. Adams, SK3 W.E. Salo. Apache Engineering Department OS Bottuni n.w (1 to r): SFl J.F. Smith, ENl V.E. Walters, UC3 CM. Combs, SN D.A.W. Zaun, F.N W . Goss. T()|, n.u: l)(:3 N.F. M.Gilvray, EN2 R.P. Stu-ddy, WO-1 D.V. Haugland, ENC W.W. Allen. EM2 J.E. Nevel. Bottom row (I to r): FN E.W. Hamilton, FN J.J. Donovan, FN L.R. Cogswell, FN R.S. Rogers, IC3 J.L. Kovacs, FN L.E. Garrett. Top row: E.MFN W.D. Solano, FN J.T. Manning, FN H.R. Alexander, EMC 1,.J. Homme, EM3 T.W. Miller, EMFN N.F. Melquist, EN3 D.T. McKinney. s 1 " % ( J.u,tr-|:i«,HtC«- Deck Department Bottom row (I to r): S D.I), (iioiisoti, . . F.J. . ' iRli.-ta, S. W .W . . ' incluir, S C.K. McCoin. HM.iJ.R. Zaneski, BMi O.L. Headrick, SN J.W. Cox. Top row: SN S.F. Keeling, GMGI J.W. Thomas, CW02 U.L. Hill. BMC P.J. llendrix. BM2 M.D. Murpliv, SN S.R. Dossey, GMG3 J.L. Ross. Supply Department ML 19 " If Bottom row (I to r): TN J.T. Uacu.un. m b. . H.Tr.ra, TN K.K. Ja . lo a, (: .i T. A. Hunt. SH3 J.D. Gould, CSSN S.W. Hall, SN M.A. Harthun, ' SA S.A. Reeves. Top row: CS3 L. Thomas, SMI J.F.. Price, CSl A.O. Bapnas, ENS N.D. Ewalt. SK2 P.A. Tvrrash, CS3 H.R. White. SN R.A. Rathe. ( I y y I Operations Department HnlUMu row (1 to r): RD:} T.P. Moodv, RD2 R. Gagnon, SN J.R. Bates, RM2 M.L. Osteen, QM2 L.W. Sherard. Top row: HMl W.H. Bohannon, PN2 T.D. Rhoads, QMC J.W. Houston, LTJG W.A. Wadsworth, 0M3 (DV) D.M. I ' .oggs, ETR2 (;. A. Kindrick, RM2 S.P. Honath. Not pirtured: ETN2 W.J. Mley. MSP- " ..- " « ' Ports © Call During Scorpion Operations Phase II T SAO M IGUEU. AZORES, PORTUGA Panama greets us Thatcher Ferry Bridge Rodman Canal Zone " Mules " , Tugs and Apache squeeze H I WHITE SANDS through the canal . The full day transit finds us gazing upon Caribbean waters Mayport, Florida welcomes us " ij S iiflitftt Miti .,,;■■. ' ' " ' ' ' -r . m ti ad Leisure time activities, occasional cook outs I 9 Sports, fishing, and promotions break monotony i ' 1 ■i - yi « ' Doing your Pulling into Mayport marks the which in turn marks the judging of the beard shaving The favorite activity at sea is eating The galley is always the center of activity Oiderway Replenishment 60 days on station deplete supplies More food means more work I I v ••« Apache and White Sands celebrate 100 th hook up i Each dive of TRIESTE II is preceeded by days of preparation .... Shotting evolutions TRIESTE Gassing and de-gassing evolutions and APACHE under-way replenishment I y ' Hs.. -t ;i !: TRIESTE II makes another dive i! , " y , tf3 TK I r i i m k i H U ' » ■ A visit from USS RUCHAMKIN, our on scene support ship " Distance only lends enchantment, Though the ocean waves divide Absence maizes the heart grow fonder, Longing to be near your side " Arthur Gillespie i. f t I A ' OU p coh o ' - G o o o GKACIOSA TFfiCEIRA ' , ; S. JORGE • ' ' « ' ' L y ii pQ- VICO VJNGRiloiiHtROISMO $ ' - " . ' vS S. NlGUf L ? : ' •«.-- IIHEUS ' ORMiMI " .r SAW «i MAM : , S4. »-! L X- M J n h Y ' - ] V h wJ i4mi-- : Whilf in Mayport, we were visited by Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral B.A. Clarey, Commander Submarine Force United States Atlantic Fleet, Vice Admiral A.F. Schade, and bv members of the Scorpion Technical Advi- sory Group headed by Dr. J. P. Craven, Chief Scientist of Deep Submergence Systems Projects Office. SiJ.J r - -, I ly Vice .Ojw, il Suits lit.d aChiei Syjlemi I " THE OCEAN ' S BOTTOM IS MORE INTERESTING THAN THE MOON ' S BEHIND " A warm welcome after 8 months ' Elista T Y ' W ' ithWiTin Trieste II is lifted away for a well earned overhaul : ' iJiiSi SAr „;« rii I " I am convinced that the general area of ocean exploration and exploitation offers a challenge just as great as that posed by the current exploration of outer space, and that it will ultimately require a national effort and expenditure on a comparable scale. In my view inner space has at least the potential of outer space. The discoveries which will be made by the hydronauts who i explore ocean space will be no less dramatic than those which have been made by the nation ' s astronauts. " Paul H. Nitze I " A tool is but the extension of a man ' s hand, and a machine is but a complex tool. And he that invents a machine aug- ments the power of a man and the well being of mankind. " Henry Ward Beecher " I, for one, do not believe that the era of the pioneer is at an end; I only believe that the area for pioneering has changed. " Franklin D. Roosevelt ' A nation is molded by the tests that its people meet and master. " LBJ STAFF- JOSN Eric L. Swenson SK2 Peter A. Tyrrash A- ' ■ 1 PHE ALUEN COMPANY . PUBLISHERS GRAPHIC DESIGN ♦ 142Z NORTH CENTRAL PARK AVENUE • ANAHEIM. CALIFORNIA ' ■•As; ' -« ' Nothing now is left but a majestic memory " HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW i

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