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' L ,T . 2 i , ' . E 'adomg jo uognzmqgi Inug mp 105 1SJi1k2J,tD arp paapug SPM ogzuv 30 311103 ann 'smu 'fsagnv mn iq mxmqu SUM 0111021 HI1T,:IV KHP 5195 8110 W6l HNHI 9 uo .ipueu.1.mN ge sueuung :up Jog .ipsoa pagxozd sxuauxazuoyua-ax go :pal mp se zeagap aqq Jo sqsayn mp Buqqnop Kqoxaqq 'apwq sup og iipueu1.1oN .103 paugqsap ,CueugBg1o :urms mug fsdoon 000179 xoxdde Buypaqoqj suogspxgp leuomppe 3 puns oq paznog mom SIZVN mp '1.mnMoH wixogap. ugvi! O1 samvnseo azqsseuu paugemns samv amp :exp ug Xpaien xaixo qdnungn Jo nngquagpm Mun sg apqeq SBU, '1011UO-3 yzvyq 111013 A211211 Sugnzaaqq snqq 'smog mug qiinonp aayoxq :fU'lZU1U3A8 saggy amp mm pun 'Amy papgfxgp :exp N8LlQ'1 mzqsngn mp szgqgqxo sxofoo Z aqq uaamaq axrq aqj, 'paqaunel sem qlnvsse am qagqm mag 'uenao mp sguasmdax anyq aqj, 'uawaspuas pamv 0.0685 :am jo safxgg am pamgep qeqq ameq amp go aiiuuzuo aAgssmu amp go sn spugnual pau sql uypeaq egqqcap, mug puaq qouaq oyzuv axp U.II'l3,, 01 aaqumenfi llL?Ll0S.LOd stmpm ggupv sxuosaxdax nmys sql 'nm go sqasse uegpeueg puns 'qsgqglg 'ueagmnuy asoup go ssol ofxgssmu aug azqoquds :mp qgenzge pue sdgqs go suogequasmdau mp nm: nm 'Bug mp iiugumnrxo UI 'yoqwfis sup oz Bugueaxu 124321142 quam c sg zunqq 'xmmmou 'uomuoaap anbsa-mend qsouqe 'lnjxolos e se auo Qaxlgqs Bag pe:1H qaeng OIZNM' mp, 'aauulii 15:15 W 4 w 1 52m PP3H 11022-va OIZNV alll. , ,, .,....,, -...,......-.,-.--.,. .M ,.-.,.... ,,,... ,.-V ,, CAPT. My args? X av 1 ,g.t..' ' I - 't ,- .- ' o ' tt aff ,-1 et., -513 s,,,,.f4:w5-igwausu an Q , fl a t f 'WW gry getfc wtf - . Wt , xw ,- Mg-- S if Captain Nesselrode is married to the former Martha Blum, RN, MSN also from Gig I-Iarbor, Washington who the School ot'Nursing at Old Dominion University. They have three daughters, Laurin Rae, a Senior at the University of Michigan,'Ch1'istine Lee, a Freshman at the University ot'Virginia, and Lynne Michel, ajunior at First Colonial ,High School. V VVI- ".' . ,if ,I Captain Nesselrode, who calls Gig Harbor, Washington his home, graduated from the United States NavaIiAcademy in 1976. completed Nuclear Power training at Vallejo, California and completed Nuclear Prototype Training at Idaho Falls, Idaho before his initial assignment to sea duty. - I - ' ' I Captain Nesselrode's tours at sea have been in both Norfolk, Virginia and San Diego, California, He has served aboard cruisers, destroyers, and carriers during his career. His principal tours at sea include: Chemistry and Radiological Controls Officer, USS SOUTH CAROLINA QCGN -373, Main Propulsion Assistant, USS MISSISSIPPI QCGN-401 Operations Officer, USS HOEL CDDG-l3j, Electrical Officer, USS LONG BEACH CCGN-91, Executive Otlicer, USS HORNE QCG-305, Commanding Ofticer, USS OLDENDOREQDD-9721, and most recently Engineer Oflicer, USS ENTERPRISE QCVN-655. I ' ' I-lis significant shore duty is comprised of tours with the Joint Staff' fJ?36J'as Manager ofthe ,National Military Command Center, and with CINCLANTFLT Staff LN-SJ as the Deputy for Warfare Programs and Readiness. Captain Nesselrode is a graduate ofthe Naval' Postgi'aduate School having received both a Master ol' Science in Mechanical, Engineering as well as the Degree ot'Mechanical Engineer, I-Ie is also a graduate ofthe U. S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, , V His personal decorations include: the Legion ot' Merit, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal fGold Star in lieu of Second awardj, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal tGold'Sta'r in lieu of Fourth awardj with Combat Distinguishing Device, the'Navy Achievement Medal lGold Star in lieu of Second awardj, and the Combat Action Ribbon. 1 gdxxd 2? .. F15 LT Budde, CAPT Nesselrode and SM1 QSWJ Ramsey after conducting M-14 live fire training on the Signal Bridge xmas' CAPT Nesselrode conducting an lnfervlevx with combat cameramen. I.. x ...uf ef X 1.1. 11 CAI?T Neeselrode and LCDR.B1iintzinghoffer having a CAPT Nesselrode Cutting the Cake for one of our discussion with the USS Nmutz fone of our other in the b many birthday dinners. CMDCMQSVVQ Roger McCormack Command Master Chief N gg, 5515, it Q 5 4 it. A: ,-.T A Master Chief Roger McCormack was born in the Bronx, New York City. He graduated from Dumont High School, Dumont, NJ, and Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. He began his naval career on March 26 1982, initial training at Recruit Training Command, and Gas Turbine Systems Technician fElectricaD class "A" school at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL. During initial sea duty assignment onboard USS NICHOLSON QDD-9821 he eamed Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist QESWSJ designation, Sailor of the Quarter, and selection as Sailor of the Year. Next assignment after advanced electronics training GSE Class UC" school, he reported to the Pre-commissioning unit of USS LEYTE GULF QCG 551, Serving as leading petty officer for GSE work center he earned qualification as an Engineering Officer of the Watch QEOOWJ. Master Chief McCormack's sole shore duty tour was at Service School Command, Great Lakes, IL. He was assigned to GSE class 4' C uschool instructing FFG-7!DD-963!CG-47 console maintenance. During this tour he was advanced to Chief Petty Officer. He eamed the prestigious Master Training Specialist CMTSJ designation, and was selected Engineering Systems Schools QESSJ Instructor of the Quarter. In his off duty time he eamed a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Education Studies from Southem Illinois University, and a Master of Science degree in Adult Continuing Education fM.S.EDj from Northem Illinois University. Master Chief McCormack reported onboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE CDDG 511 and was advanced to Senior Chief, and to his present rank onboard during his tour. He served in a variety of leadership positions including Engineering Department LCPO, Engineering Training Team CETTJ leader, Command Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist CESWSJ program coordinator, and acting Command Master Chief. Most recently Master Chief McCormack reported to Afloat Training Group QATGJ Norfolk as Training Team leader, and Officer in Charge of Gas Turbine Team Four for eighty Engineering Limited Team Training visits onboard twenty-four Atlantic Fleet ships. He has served on the CPO Selection board, and a graduate of the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy class 103. He now serves onboard USS ANZIO CCG 681 as Command Master Chief Master Chief McCormack's personal awards include the Navy Commendation Medal ttwoj, Navy Achievement Medal tfourj, and various service, unit and campaign awards. Married to the Former Debbie Bush from Galesburg, IL the McCormack's have two children Shelby and Thomas. Chaplain Klingenschmitt "Goodnight AN ZIO, this is Chaps at Taps, reminding you to obey God, because He is smarter than you are, and love God because God loves you." With certainty Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt has touched each one of our lives. Whether it was his prayer where no one was forgotten, or his daily clampdown show with endless wit and energy, or late night counseling, "Chaps at Taps" made a difference. He also started Sunday evening praise 8a worship services, and added daily morning devotions. And who can forget that beautiful Easter Sunrise celebration, worshiping god in the Persian Gulf? Chaplain Klingenschrnitt is a man many have called friend, and has earned the respect and admiration ofthe entire crew. Chaplain Brown 5 n . 12. ,, all -fj I i N 'Wiz , MW, VK VK K VL 'Nia ' ' ' , W' ,J-lf. . ' , H ., 4 . . r 1 . ' , 1e:f,Gg.Lg1if17 "Goodnight ANZIO, thank you for another wonderful day, God Bless, and as always rest well." Without any doubt no one will ever forget Chaplain Mike Brown. He was a man who anyone could approach and talk to. Chaplain Brown started our evening Bible studies and our daily "Clampdown Show" both of which continue today. So much can be attributed to his time here that everyone was a bit sad see him leave, and even though Chaplain Brown has moved on to bigger things, he still has a place in ANZIO's heart. Fair winds and following seas Chaplain, Stand and Fight! na, u qw ' 3 'li X... .-ft Zhi f ,M A A Q, ,.g,,,. Ziff.-J--7 PWM --wi? K fr'4--,,1v-9911? .1 f.,m3l,Ifi5 W , yf,,.i,Q . 15 V w,M..5fSW WY gf' ya 5 ., 1? 1 f X ' My fv:',i,a A 1.1 , V, iw? 5 If -ni-.--.J -!s.a.L,,4,,, ,l und ..., ,WY -,4.f..,... COMPTUEX1-03 -Y - -- - - - - VW- C OMPTUEX 1-0 GENERAL MONTH INTO STANDERS ON Y AFFF WOULD GSM2 MATTHEW CAMPOMINOSI AND GSM3 AVIGALENT WATCH ON PART TO HEIR TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE WE SAVED PETTY OFFICER CAMPOMINOSI RECEIVED HIS OFFICER CAPTAIN NESSELRODE PETTY HARVEY Q , 'M l .Nadi 5 , E E2 2 i 3 :in EE E? Eel Jennifer Sutherland, I g Ombudsman in ri i Family Support Group Leadersg BrianaArmstrong Tracy Cupid ,f,4r4 yi ,4--, 1, 'M Ll c-me sf' JY 1 ' 4gggJjQ3,,gfgi5 Qijgj Q5 Q lnig:y1fKg!,. ,1::.-,.,,,Y W.-.i....L.,--q.,..- - , aff.. g.-, Y Y . -,,,L, , V W, , Sea Sz Anchor Details: 16 Underway Replenishments: 47 QUS, Italian and Spanish Qilers Connected Replenishments: 22 Vertical Replenishrnents: 8 7,4477 ,YNY Y , ,il , L, ,, .,A3Y,Y,.V:Yl1i 1 f AAN-2-V MY - - , --V.-gr if -- , -4 The AHZIO made h1story history was made just Flrst nussles were shot on March 2003 followed by another h t tMarch on 28 Fl QE A-Q'-wb 'Q 1 . Mi' " 4 FLIGHT U A 1 , R T E R S 1 - !.....g. A ,pal A . , A ,, is ., m fy , 1 ,. is K ' W ,- 5 . , f 5, ga ,.,,V , ,. x, f:..g.cg5,h V 4 W fy. .V YE? 9 . f- - an W- ,..vT"' 2 5 Xp ?5,v V nik .ff fi' 14 Mi' , k ,, W 'ffi-5 N WLM " 5, wg,-Q .xv 1. ,fr as 4 . M, -w N3 ,ak-.1 lim -N, 43 511- ',L.-.f3'L,,,,.-wb--'I' "HF V . W ' ' ,- - 1,1 lv V 137:-, v, ',-,-'13--M.1:w., I I fs .. f H , - ,vm , V . L-'yr:,.1:wh,fe,rQ :rf , ,Q 11.1 L- -xml: 3 I -Lf: My 1. 11 fzaf :M rf as f ' A' ' rw, vp, iq!1f'fi2Lf:+. , f 4 1 :wj if X. .o V. Q F 'S .S if C Q' 1 5 Q6 E 1 l f 6 ik 5' : 3 34 if iw 1 rs. W igiixa DGP iii ' 'R 0 ADB 441 -we ' 'ff fr Port Visit Gibraltar, UK During the cruise our first port of call was Gibraltar, the mighty rock in the Mediterranean Sea, also know as 'fHercules' gates." Among our many dots and don'ts were the very comforting words of udon't get wasted and wonder down a dark alley inhabited with the local monkeys? Made you wonder what there was to be so cautious about! Everyone was so anxious to get out in town and enjoy their first night on land since they left Norfolk. Now as it turned out our list places we could go and couldn't go limited us a bit in the entertainment and not let alone accommodating space for the crew Most stores closed early and the bars that were left open were quaint hole in the wall type but it didn t seem to stop us from enj oying our well awaited liberty call' ' CC ' 37 . . , The "Rock" mu-wil! an-unit O D D D D b ANEUQJINJ ERTZZAEZNTX' , f mf? Rikf' LTJG WALTERMAN CICO ! AOPS F ww fi 1' , rr ,A -2? X - 63- . W vig, 1-1uw,':3 1 1 v FEWWM 5' X-I 'bl 1 if .' ,wQf7i.vY?? " fm F Ea' YE' 1 -.,. rf , i, A "Q R' 4 W? xt 4. I , K M ,L gk A ,WP Wi 21559 ' if R MQ ,J A 1:5 Jil if . J 6 J ws- ' , I f ,i if V iw! w Q, ng, LTJG LAWRENCE AIR DEFENSE OFFICER li Ev fy -, , .Q"Ai-f"22"11H. ,- 'X ,ff QT-As' f'H,f'!?:-'Y aihxk mfr' :hz f ,mi W f Y 'gm,'2fimz fG2u1ffh, E- Raw K--:fini-H'.-'3.xXixb.lUf Vf w, F - "fff?.12'N?ii'li1'Y f fr-M-LQAL ,,,,w , '11-IJ, f.r,f,4,1iz . f f' 'I A 1171-'cg.f"f7?3f A , X F'AA ' --ff?-M-uilixfifriw' N R OSCM qswp DAVIS OPS DEPARTMENT LCPO QDWEZEATUQNJ EDEWAXZETGAENT Deck Division iririr me J in if ,Q .i iiii jk i'i, . if uf v' if ' ' js ff mf! k i "5 , , i M W V .., A-. 2514 .- ,V im"N'-'iw Q i 1 ENS DUCHARME BMIQSWJ STEWART X , BM2 STOCKTON BM3 QSWD DAVID if ,gr j" ,, 1 ' A '-mf.. uni .- .,., V, f 1 Am fwfh y, J, Q , w 2 K I --ii -W ki' ul' i ff r 51251 fi may in, , T ' ff' f i ' -.' "Q A if 6, 4, BMCQSWJ WHITE BM3 MCBETH BM3 MORGAN ir? F Y 'K '12, I ir J L Y f 'fiiff-L ,A r 'k 1 QQ' 'V 4 I G ,M K, is S f SN BARNGROVER SN DEVEAU if as fy a .,S..,.1 SN HEWES SN IVIAYLE SN RAMIREZ SN LOYARAMIREZ SN JOHNSON my Wzmwlfi SN STUMP SN WINTERS 'vu N ur , V S 1: -Ar Y S ,SS., W ' 5 1 f 1-" w.fg,x.AQ1 T ' "' i 5, X - 2 .. ,L 7 i ,, , -,Af 'Ml-Wwf-fyzxixy-3'-f'Zff' f ,al MW- :1'f?"'-I k Vi S ' ' S N ff 7 f Y. 3 H-r--W--v, iw WW? f' if f ,,f"' ,E-n...',. X E UC IDIVISIU v L31 Q if ix? LTJG ELEBUTE OC DIVO g COMMO wa. , me E51 ENS SIMS INFORNIATION SYSTEMS OFFICER W m qswy STARKS -.- X., .., ..., .,.,.., ITSN QSWJ JIMENEZ fi .ex ITC qswp EASTRIDGE LCPO WIS 4 2 m qswp WESLEY ' ' 112 qswp SMITH IT2 QSWJ TILLERIAS ETI QSWJ WGMACK IT3 fSWy WORKU ITSN qswy FORJAN Af.-f .-v S! , Kiss. .xx -Xxx .,........--v x" 1,59 4.,., 1' Ns.. f?' ' fi' ukirir 'kt 'ki' iii iv 3' .k i r e tw V 'A' 15? 1 ir Wir 'ki' if iii' wk if , i , 'sag 32. 1 wk i 3. 'lr ml' 'A' if 1' ul' it 'ir OS2 7 -Af ,- Q A 'A' -A f W YE' ta. 5 E, lk -,Q WWW' 'Af wifi 'JE ' OS2 QSWJ PONA fi g1fYj'1. ami? ' i Vlx, , :fig- Fk 5 If uk 'A if ...E W fijif R' ir fXf'i5??Li,LL'l , Q lm., 'Pg Eye 5 Q' 1 ' g MY OS2 CSWJ SPANGLER lfsiffii f 'A Km -- , www- T . 'Y OS3 BROWN t t iii tit i k :Af f .it W f' twfiy t 1 tiki -A: if SECTION 2 il qw- xc' ad 2- SECTION 1 , y x fe sk- SECTION 3 "'f'+ ti+k vi' 'ku' t i it 75' "' , 5 Q.: if 7? A5 A A ff K2- k t t ktit+ fx sri ,, -k 1 W if it Fl' at .kgs t t ttix if rf? f xxivnjgsa tif' f i, 6 ft i'1 g?f X i if .l". fb' i f W 1 W X if ,A 'lsr if SN 'A' 'ir wkiryuhf uk- if Nfl? L ui' 141'-Lak 14 'ir if was 'k x idk vb vi' ix' 'kit 4, .. M 31' J. W .ij il if v? if fifi. 2 f-if 'ic "ax ff fff, 154'- .-'F Qs: -ns-P' X' ug V we . E 1 3? N E 2 .nel 'U' . J ,. .Q ""'N'-Mmwg, . 37 LLAFLM-W--Y V 0 , -, ,-.- -MA-, ,-..-,..- .,,V .VA,. - .,Q,.,:,,., -..J , . , . ,..,.. . .,...,.,- .LL ,,.am....,......-.,.......,.,.....-.q..........-..-............,......-- r ,,....,..,.. ' -. .N- Combat Systems! Weapons ,f Nu il! iq, 3 J '-'G 34129522 LCDR COOPER 532.415 LT BUDDE CSO WEPS :if 4-s,F'f",.f'g, Q LT WALKER FCCSCSWD PROVENCHER STO ' CSMM if , C A L T LT LUKACS STGICSWJ RODRIGUEZ - A FPO CSMMA 52175 s - 51 xx C f CF D1V1S1On CX D1V1s10n B fx CE D1v1s1on CA D1v1s1on CO D1V1s1on at f inv, Q Qf .JJ ' '-4, , , 4 V 1, X I I Q 5 I Q LW lvl 2 ' '23 k 1 C A .,L.i C M CE DWBSIO IES. -4 141 'HHH -Nl: Qi 'ml-. fwfr I 'H ai '-u1G"'7'TW Y , in fki' 'k if , A 4 f ' , .,,, , sf - , ,.., Emi . V x ,mf Y. ai'-'. f- 'J' .gfx A w wf. ' ,Ah ,, f J - fsfx 1 1 -2 w lm. 171, .L Qgiifv' g 1 f ' Y hm: 1 M- Nl' i- 1 40 A ,fin 'T i sf P154 -K in it -in ik Jfv-. NS-1 .J ! 5 F s Y ,. . AW, .-..---,gM.----.QM-,...--- -V-M-- ---WA ,f-- ----- -M 1 --k My W -'H- ' W - ' I. E I M jr ir iii 'K+ VIRGINS AND BUBBLES .glvw , ' 3' A 1 -uf lf? ' Qln-ww if . , F ,, if i irP"' FCEKSWJ BAPTISTE FC3fSWj CASH FC3 LEWIS FC3fSWJ BURCHARD "NL"fwEsvW'w2f"'w:faK"f ' ' Y 'V if if i' if FC3fSWj LAVEN FC3 at Q , i' i' F C3 GONZALEZ FC3fSWJ MCDONALD FC3fSWJ BISHOP X CANDIDS ,QI me ., gm 4, V-in Aigw lu. 'li I f 4 E' ' 1,5 :Qu I 1 ,Tzu 313-Q nfs' MNH: ENS GUBA GMCCSWJ MANNING FCCCSWJ MCGRAW ORDNANCE LCPO OFFICER X--I W 4 we-uugnqvu AE-3, N1 v L.........l FCIKSWQ BARWELL FCICSWD MUZECHENKO LPO Yr GMZCSWD COLBERT FCZQSWJ MOJEED l' it rt FAU, Yr 50 , Wm QQBI uh LTJG WILSON ENS BUMMARA FCCQSWJ PARKS GMCKSWJ CHAFFIN STRIKE VLS OFFICER LCPO VLS CPO 1' 'A' kitt ,,f,ev,,,, W sigma W ,I W wa, Q as '-f 1 W x 32'-1 Hru-g :ff v NJ FC I CSWQ WAMBOLD GM 1 QSWJ MANN GMI QSWJ CRUZ '-'JL 'mis 51 4' in '15, 1',V f, , we ' . l ' Y 42,54 Je 51' , U, J 'g 1' 4 W X A QTNCP: ,gf ' New 79 A4 My W , N 'rw i f ff! A, .. . ,, ,.,...,, ,,.g,,,,..:..,,.... .......,.......,-.,,4,A,,.A..s -ffr ... ,..,i--.- ,-W -' .. Q, ..,,,...:..., -1 . .,.-...,... V - ,.....1.m.,-.,.,1.L z.-.-k...f-,. Y-.--.w..l..,-.W -gf ..,..,.,, ,..,-,. ..,,. -. .,.. ,. .. I , SUPPLY mm DEPAR X. S-2 ENS STOUFFLET MSCQSWXAWJ DAWSON Ms 1 qswp PURYEAR M31 MAUHAY SION :Z Ms 1 qswp MITCHELL Mszqswy BENNETT Mszfswy MAYBERRY MS3 BROWN 56 S-I DIVISION -dn N-J -I 'mn SKCSCSW!AWj STEWARD SKI HIGHAM SKICSWJ FINTON SKZCSWJ LEWIS SK2 CUPID SK3 GANISZEWSKI SKSN ROONEY SKSA HENDERSON iw 57 I f I r lxnfH' 4' l4fHf4'44 r P' .v K X, 4 1 3 i , fc Y . .W -W -. . .,.W..-. Y4,..,--.,......,v...,AA,..,,-.W ,,,,. .,.,-.,,-,.., -,..v . Y-,,.....,..,--.,.,......,.Y-....... +...-..--..-...--Y,,.....,.... ,l.A.........1,,,..,,f ,. .. . . A Y- , .. , , IX MR, 'Y FM 4 gf w Y Q9 WHITE CARNES LEVELANQ MEDINA ,ggjfwf Q 'Wit Wm 65 Q K I , I V I 'mf J EM3 MOSES ELECTRIC JOHNSON EMICSWD THOMPSON X 's EMFN WHITMORE I EMFN PARKER ,-...,Y...,..,,....-........V,,......,., ...w,- REPAIR IVISION gy vwff J'A lu , 1 lj THE LAST TO PLAY ' 534-ij f ' Q 5 W? W ' Q A,f . THE V .........., Ay - ,-,-.,...:: , A, - 4...-.... - Y ,, v, ....,..,g,,..- ....,.....-........,.--,. .... LINE 91" ,iii- 71 Q2 mv L r f 73 nl' if fri: 'V+ YJ 'K U'- J 'I + 'M . .. , , F TERRANA ii, if YN3 'H PN3 LOWERY -Ar if if -A' if I 5 I ,A,4 VA,q , ,M W, , ,-,,u ,. , WMM MWH.. N ,."- ' M ' ' ' J ebel Ali U ditch for those of you who don t know what tha means ask someone who obviously has more salt than yourself! Well I know most of the crew spent the night in the 'csan d box" mainly due to the fact that we were restricted from going else This port had so many restrictions mostl because of the - Y local religious beliefs. What restrictions you ask??'?'? Well letis try no eye contact with the females wearing the robe and veil things, don't let them see the soles of your shoes or feet, and dress like youire going to church with your grandma. Other than that this port had great tours! The camel ride and then the four Wheeler tracks to race around, the safari trip through the endless desert outside of the city, after that the stop to sand surf down the dunes in the desert, then on to the natural rock ravine with a natural water spring flowing under the cliffs. In the city, if you wanted gold or silver, this was the port to do it because they would bargain with your till u both saw eve to eye C 99 78 e Sandbox l 5 Ii , I . Q, I wi , , , M so' Ok now We are getting a little closer to home! Agusta was the first port out of the Gulf and the first step to our prolonged trip home. Agusta was a pretty quiet country and sea side with an ominous volcano pouring clouds of black smoke over head, and there was a lot of old historic buildings and some medieval outpost's scattered through the Winding roads leading to the city. Once We arrived by bus or taxi to our start point it seemed kind of quaint and just as military as Norfolk naval base.With allof this, the crew managed to have a good time and enjoy the local red Wine and friendship and hospitality ofthe the locals. 'tLiberty call liberty to do and plenty to of everything for beaches. Easy fellas there were special 82 P y A t L l M A- it s y ill -',l' 3 V opinion was one ofthe best port calls during the cruise! There was plenty because Palma happens to be a big tourist attraction and offers a little bit s, and clubs for all Walks of life, and not to forget the topless ofthe hot spots the crew enjoyed most was the "BCM,' where thrown, such as popcorn party and the foam party. Yeah it was a well enjoyed visit and a great pany stop! BEER DAY EVERY 45 DAYS CONSECUTIVELY OUT TO SEA THE NAVY HAS A GREAT THING WE LOVINGLY CALL BEER DAY THE CREW GETS TOGETHER ON THE FLIGHT DECK AND OR FAN TAIL IN CIVILIAN ATTIRE TO ENJOY COMMRADERIE AND OF COURSE BEER' 'I MUSIC IS BEING PLAYED BY ONE OF OUR DJ ET S AND USUALLY THERE IS A STEEL BEACH INVOLVED SO WE HAVE BURGERS, BBQ CHICKEN OR HOTDOGS TO COMPLETE THE BEER TRIANGLE SO FAR THE ANZIO HAS LAUNCED I2 TOMAHAWKS AND BEEN OUT FOR 3 MONTHS WITH ONE PORT UNDER OUR BELTS, AND WE COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER WEATHER THAT WHAT WE HAD THAT DAY LAUGHTER AND THE NORMAL TALK OF THE CREW FILL THE ATMOSPHERE, AND FOR THOSE FEW HOURS OUR FACES AND MINDS ARE NOT ON THE THOUGHT OF WAR AND WHATS NEXT BUT ON HOME AND BEING WITH FRIENDS AS WELL OF COURSE HOW GOOD THE BEER TASTES. IF YOU WERE TO ASK HOW THE CREW FELT ABOUT BEER DAY YOU WOULD HEAR COMMENTS LIKE FCI MUZECHENKO'S. HNOT MY NORMAL THIN G, BUT IT IS MY PLEASURE TO PARTAKE IN JOINING MY SHIPMATESW, OR QM3 DAVENPORTIS 4' BEER GOOD,'! I ! ! ! AND OF COURSE THE CAPTAIN'S, SGOTTA HAVE IT, ITS THAT SIMPLE"! !! BY: OS2 CLARK 83 '-"" ' " AND esws Pruning: SELECTED FOR PROMOTION SENIOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICER IE 8I ADCSIAVVI True ETCSISWJ MancInI FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICER QPAY GRADE E 61 ICIISWJ AIken EIVIIISWJ Thompson SECOND CLASS PETTY OFFICER IPAY GRADE E 5I FCZISVVI BARTLETT OS2 Blackwell EM2 Edelo ICZISWJ GaddIe GSM2 Sllva ITZISWJ Smith THIRD CLASS PETTY OFFICER IPAY GRADE E 4I SM3 AUGISANDA YN3 Dale EM3 Johnson CTO3 NIcKechnIe MS3 THOMPSON CAPPED MSIISWI Mayberry MS3 BanIky STG3 GUERARD OS3ISWl Johnson EM3 Moses BM3 DavId FCZISVVI LeIchIeIter FCCSISWI AIIIcOck YNIISVVI Garrett HT2 Bohnke OS2 Thomas AE3 Carbee OS3 HEFLIN PC3 Kern MS3 Thompson FCCSISWI Provencher ITI TIIIeraS BM2 Brooks OSZISWJ Keher STG3 Cooley EN3 Humes EN3 Lucas EM3 MOSES USS ANZIO ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE SPECIALIST IESWSI QUALIFIED JANUARY TO JULY 2003 ECIISWI JOHNSON STGQISWIBAEZA ECBISWI JONES ETBISWI HAVARD ET3lSWl SHEPARD RP3lSWJ EOLIRNIER AGZISWI DOUGLAS GSM3ISWIWILSON SNISWI BRINSON ECIISWI VVAMBOLD MSIISWI PURYEAR OSSISWI KETTER CTM3lSWJHENDRICKS GSMIISWI PEREZ OSSNISWI JOHNSON ITGISWI SMITH ITSNISWJ JIMINEZ ITIISWI LEWIS ITSISWJ WORKU ICSISWI GADDIE ITSNISWI FORJAN OTOQISWI ALIPRON OS2lSWl THOMAS AW2ISWIAWIsCHLIMAN ITZISWJ CHURCH MACISINIAVVJ SIMS ENZISWI PENACOSTA FCBISVVJ MCDONALD EMBISWI SUAREZ YNIBISWJ KIMBALL GSMZISWJ CAMPOMINOSI GSE3lSWl CLEVELAND GSMZISVVI DIX OSZISWI PONA SNISWI LUNDY OSZISWJ BLACKWELL STGBISWJ WASHINGTON YNZISWI OWENS TMSISWI GOTTLEIBSEN DCSISWI SAINTENOY PCSISWI HILTON SNISWI DELACRUZ STGZISWJ NEILAN GSMSISWI LIPSCOMB SNISWI MuNIz STGSISWI CARPENTER POBISWI CASH HMCISWIFMFI SHANK SN MCNEALY STGSAISWI MCDONALD ECSISWI STRUPCZEVVSKI BMQISWI COSTA GSEZISWJ SHLIKER ETSISWI BECKER EM3ISWl JOHNSON 4 V ' CTMZISINJ Hendricks AMZIAVVJ Parker FOOISWI LAYEN STGAISWI MCCLURE ETSISWI JAMISON YN3lSWl GILBERT GMQISWI CORMACK MSSNISWI MEYER EC3ISWI BISHOP OSBISWI ROSARIO ENSISWI RDNYON GMSNISWJ THREATT GMSNISWI WILSON GMQISWI O'CONNELL OSQISWI CLARK CTRQISWI BROOKS SKQISWI OIIPID EC3ISWI BURCHARD HTQISWI BOHNKE ENOISWI OIIINONES 'iw S 14 A STGGISWI STEWART MS2ISWI BENNETT PCOISWI BROWN GSMIISWI TRAMMEL FCSNISWI CAYER BMIISWI SUMMERYILLE AGSISWI TAYLOR GSE2 ISWI LARYEA ENZISWJ WATERS SMSISWI LINDSEY EMZISWI THOMPSON GMZISWJ BENOIT ETOISWI LILLY STGZISWJ HARRIS BM2ISWI STOCKTON Po3ISWI VALENCIANA EMZISWI EDELO MSSISWI CIHLAR CTRSNISWIPENCE EWZISWJ OBERLIN BMSISWI DAVID YN3lSWJ LOWERY YNSISWJ DALE GSMSISWI BELLINO GSM3lSWI MEDINA GSEFNISWI CARRILLOZUNIGA EWIISWI MURRAY PC3ISWI BARTLETT ETZISWJ ARMSTRONG ETSISWI PREWITT GMSNISWINEGRETTE ENSISWI POYNTER GSESISWI CARNES FCSISWI GABRIELE STGIISWI RALSTON FCZISWJ NANGANO BMZISWJ BROOKS OSGISWI BLACKBURN SNISWJ NEAL POGISWI BEIER DCPNISWI EORCHT ETOISWI OERTEL IC3lSWlLOVELESS ITIISWJ WESLEY OSQISWI CUMMINGS FCSISWIBAPTISTE CTRZISWJ BROWN ETI ISWI CLAY PCBISWI OLIVER CTOSISWI MCKETCHIE CTRZISWI RUCKMAN AMSISWIAWI BYRD CTRIKSWJ CARPER GSMSISWI BLAKE SHSISWJ MCELROY STGZISWJ PEREz OS2 ISWI LOPEZ HTSISWI SHIRLEY Z .insgjxa LM, , 'Srl .YD 5, . 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S if ik 1 . , , . NR, A

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