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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1985 volume:

ARCHER YEARBOOK STAFF Editor — Darb Goerz Business Manager - Donna Ducklond Photographers - Kim Humborger Amy Dowers Missy Drinnemon Greg Colwell Staff — Amy Doumie Down Hopkins Johnnerre McCain Angie Reinhorr Rita Reinhort Shari Ross Joonie Savage Kim Scotr Tonya Walker Christy Bruick Tammy Hohn Dill Waters Tommy Rasey Corey Geyer Christine Morlin Stocey Ross Advisot - Kothleen Neidhordt 1985 ARCHER Antwerp Local School Antwerp, Ohio 1 Table of Contents Dedication 2 Opening 3 Seniors 4 Underclassmen 35 Athletics 45 Activities 77 Organizations 91 Administration and Faculty 105 Junior High Ill Elementary 123 Ads 146 Dedication Mrs. Lois Stevenson Mrs. Stevenson retired in 1982 after q very successful teaching coreer of 44 years. She taught 40 years in the Antwerp Local School System. She is respected and admired by her co- workers. She is also offectionotely and grotefully remembered by many students. The New Generation 1984 was rhe year of rhe 100rh groduofing doss, 1985 marks the beginning of o new generation. Some fiigfilights of the yeor for this new generotion were seen in the oreos of sports, entertainment, school policies, ond fads. For the first time since 1975, Antwerp hod o cross-country team. There weren ' t enough players for a varsity football team, but the Ar- chers hod o very competitive junior vorsity ream. The Archer golfers ploced fourth in the GMC. The gitls ' vorsity volleyboll teom won the sectionol title ond received the district runner-up ttophy. The girls ' varsity basketball team took second ploce in the GMC. Mr. Stoil coached the district all-star team ond was named Journal Gazette area coach of the yeor. Chod Hormonn wos olso nomed to both teams. Cindy Leinord was the second girl in the history of Antwerp High School to scote 1,000 points in bosketboll. Five boys ' trock records were either tied or broken. One new school record wos set in gitls ' track. The boys ' vorsity boseboll team sow some exciting tour- noment ocfion. Doth the cheerleoders and weight-lifters won trophies which they presented to the school. In the oreo of entertoinment, some of the fovorite ortists of Antwerp students included Cindy Louper, Madonno, Huey Lewis, John Fogerty, Don Hendley ond Tina Turner. Another musical favorite, " We ore the World " wos produced by U.S.A. for Africa. The swing choir presented o modrigol Chrisfmos concert instead of a ploy. The high school musicol wos " Annie Get Your Gun. " Populor movies included " The Dreokfost Club, " " Beverly Hills Cop, " ond " Purple Rain. " Archer students enjoyed wotching such tv pro- grams OS " The Dill Cosby Show, " " Family Ties, " " Soturdoy Night Live, " ond " Mash " reruns. Newly hired foces on the teoching staff were Miss Schuiz, Mr. Dolser, ond Mrs, Shugors. Mrs. Shugors ond Mr. Luginbill did their student teoching in the elementary school this year. Dr. Chorles Taylor, Superintendent of Ant- wetp Local School, resigned mid-woy thtough the year to accept the superinfendency in Kenton, Ohio. Mt. R. J. Duckert wos hired as the new superintendent. Two foteign exchange students attended Antwerp High School. Udo Reiger, o junior from Germany, stoyed of the home of Lorry Elliott. Kiki delVolle, o senior from Spain was hosted by the Jerry Walk fomily. Antwerp students hod o closed lunch period this yeor and were not permitted to go downtown. Due to new stote policy, seniors hod to attend school until the end of the yeor. They finished two days before the rest of the students insteod of two weeks eotly os they hod in the post. Top senior academic honors went to Dorb Goetz, voledictorion, Kim Scott ond Morcio Koenn, co-solutotorions. The senior class trip was olmost token cwoy becouse of o senior skip day, but it was restored oftet 13 seniors attended a school board meeting to discuss the issue. The com- promise mode was thot the trip wos approv- ed, but ony senior not offending school on the Fridoy offer the trip would hove to ottend school two extra days, June 3rd and 4th to receive his diplomo. Students comped out on the ffont lown oftet returning in order to be ptesent ond on time the next doy. In April ond Moy, the popular thing to do offer lunch wos to sit on the steps in front of the new gym listening to " ghetto blostets " and soaking in the sun Student parking was not allowed in ftont of the school. Fronklin Street was mode a one- way street and the buses wete looded and unloaded in front of the school instead of behind. Fovorite teenage hangouts this year were the Sohio, the bowling alley, the A W, Glen- bfook Moll, and the Route on teen night. Students seen ot these " in " spots were wear- ing fluorescent shirts, crop ponts, plostic shoes colled jellies " or flats, big eorrings, beods, Howoiion shirts, porochute pants, velcro or high top tennis shoes. This hos been on intetesting year. It is truly the beginning of a new generation. 4 •Seniors In Memoriom Dennis Kunesh May 7, 1 966-November 1 , 1981 A ' l t ii « " I ' ll lend you for a little time o child of Mine, " He said; " For you ro love the while he lives, and mourn for when he ' s dead. It may be six or seven years or rwenry-rwo or rhree. Bur will you, rill I coll him bock, rake care of him for Me? He ' ll bring his charms ro glodden you, and should his sroy be brief. You ' ll hove his lovely memories OS solace for your grief, I cannot promise he will stay, since oil from eorrh rerurn, Dur rhere ore lessons roughr down rhere I wonr rhis child to learn. I ' ve looked fhis wide world over in my seorch for reochers rrue. And from rhe rhrongs rhar crowd life ' s lones, I hove selected you. Now will you give him all your love, nor rhink rhe lobor voin. Nor hate Me when I come ro coll ro rake him bock again? " I fancied rhor I heard rhem soy, " Dear Lord, Thy will be done. For all rhe joy Thy child sholl bring, rhe risk of grief we ' ll run. We ' ll love him while we may. And for the hoppiness we ' ve known, forever grateful sroy, Dur should rhe angels coll for him much sooner rhan we ' ve planned. We ' ll brove rhe birrer grief rhor comes and rry ro undersrond. " Gods Flower Garden Sometimes we con ' r quire understond Our Great Creoror ' s way. When He rakes o life so young And leaves one wirhered, old and gray. Whose life ' s work seems finished. And perhops is waiting for rhe coll. While rhor life so young and render Held so much here for us oil. Then somerimes I ger ro thinking. Perhaps rhis world down here below, Is jusr Q flower garden. Where God ' s flowers live and grow. And perhops when God is lonely. Like us He likes ro room In His gorden gorhering flowers Jusr ro beautify His home. Though He rakes the full bloom flowers. Drooped and wirhered rhor need His core, Srill He needs a bud or blossom. To scorrer wirh them here and there. So He fakes o few choice blossoms, Jusr rhe rarest He con find. And rhor God needs rhem up in Heoven — Musr comfort loved ones left behind. We, rhe Senior Class of 1985, wish to dedicare rhe Senior Seaion of rhe yearbook ro rhe memory of Dennis Kunesh. In Memoriom 5 You Must Hove Been 6 ' Senior Babies 1 Homer Sanders 7. Tim Copsey 12. Dove Minck 2. Cindy Leinord 8. Traci Altic 13. Michelle McCague 3. Teresa Powell 9. Kelly Moore 14. Doug Dundermon 4. Rhan Todsen 10. Steve Derenyi 15. Dob Addis 5. Roger Hand 11. Steve Schilb 16. Gary Donot 6. Doug Drogg Q Beautiful Baby! 1. Chad Hormonn 2. Angle Deregszozi 3. Brendo Rercher 4. Kurt lorhomer 6. Tommy Whitcomb 7. Kim Scott 8. Mary Weotherheod 9. Dennis ond Dove Cline 11. Dorb Goetz 12. Lyn Phillips 13. Cindie Woodcox 14. Cheryl Loyton 5. Shelly Woodring 10. Dove Meyer Senior Dobies»7 You Must Have Been I JZ 8 ' Senior DoDies 1. Drion Hoormon 6. Lori Wisniewski 11 Riro Reinhart 2. Joonie Sovoge 7. Down Gallup 12. Tonya Thomas 3. Tonyo Walker 8. Angie Reinhorr 10. Donna Ducklond 4. Don Morlin 9. Robin Wolk 14. Denise Lucos 5. Denise Longordner 10. Amy Doumle 15. Jen! Derek Q Beautiful Doll! 1. Keith Derek 6. Dill Korschke 11 Donito Smolley 2. Kim Humbarger 7. Morcio Koenn 12. Johnnerre McCain 3. Shari Ross 8. Dano Motr 13. Shari Brinck 4. Terri Bornhouse 9. Down Hopkins 14. Kelly Kizer 5. Steve LucQS 10. Don Harp Senior Babies • 9 TRAGI MICHELLE ALTIC - Ohio Schoiosfic Tests of Achlevemenr 2. 4, Track 4, Powder Puff 3, Reserve and Vorsiry Girl ' s Basketball 5tot. 2: Spanish Club 1; FTA 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, Mor- ching Bond 1, Concert Bond 1, 2. TERRY LYNNE DARNHOUSE - Powder Puff 3; Choir 1; AMY LYNNE DAUMLE - Sponish Club 1; Trock 2, 3, Majorette 1. 2, 3; Cheerleader 3: Powder Puff 3, Year- book Staff 3, 4; nA 2: Class Secretary 2, 3: OEA Member 3, 4; Executive Board Member 3: Paulding County Deouty Contest 3, Homecoming Attendant 3. ANGELA KAY DEREGSZAZI - Powder Puff 3; Softball 3, 4, Track 4; Marching Bond 1. 2, 3, 4; Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Bond 1, 2. 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Musicol 1, 2, 3, Solo and Ensemble 1, 3 DOUG ORAGG - Track 2, Football 3: VICA 3, 4; VICA Secretory 3. 4; Longhom ' s Body Shop 3, 4. Terry Lynne Dornhouse Amy Lynne Doumle Angela Koy Deregszozl 10 ' Senior Pictures Steve Derenyi Douglas A. Bragg Susan Nelms Brandenburg Shari Lyn Drinck SHAM LYN DRINCK - Most Aces (in volleyball) 2; 1sf Place in District Creative Story Telling and an " I " at Regionals. Dosketboll 1; Volleyball 2; Class Secretary 2; Drill Team; Ctieerleader 3; FHA HERO 0,4; Van- toge Class Secretary 3; Vantage Vice- President and FHA HERO Ctiapter Presi- dent 4 DONNA JEAN DUCKLAND - Powder Puff 3; Yeorbook Staff 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Spanish Club 1; FTA 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Musical 3, 4; Stock Market Game 4; American Business Game 4. DAVID W. CLINE - Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Choir 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4; Musicol 2, 3, 4; Swing Choir 3, 4; Science Fair 2, 3. DENNIS CHARLES CLINE — Honor Roll 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Basketball 4: Basketball Sectionol Chomps 4; Basketball District Runner-up 4; Cross Country 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Sw- ing Choir 2, 3, 4; State Choir 1, 3; District III Choir 4; Varsity A Club 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2, 3, 4; Weight Lifting Competition 4; State Weight Lifting Competition 4; Musicals 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Fair 1, 2. Donna Jean Duckland Lyie Carr David W. Cline Dennis Chorles Cline Jeff 5. Conley Senior Pictures 11 1985 TIMOTHY GENE COPSEY - Bosket- boll 1, 2: Bowling 2, 3, 4, United Bench Wormer Assoc. 2, Class Presi- dent 1, Choir 1-4, FT. A. 3, 4, Solo and Ensemble 1, 2, 3; Musical 1. 2, 3; Homecoming King 4; Outstonding Choir Member 1 ENRIQUE DEL VALLE - Moumee Volley Moth Contest 4, Track 4: Sweetheort At- tendant 4; Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement in Moth 4, Toledo Math Contest 4, Exchange Student from Spain 4 JENNIFER CLAIRE DER- CK - Scholarship pendants 1, 2, Volleyboll 2, 3, 4; F.T.A 1, 2, Stu- dent Council 2. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Band 1: Musical 1, 2 KEITH DERCK - Pep Bond 1-4, Bond 1-4. GARY DOUGLAS DONAT - Scholorship pendants 103; Academic A 3; Golf 103, Boseboll 2-04, Bosketball 2, Scholastic Bowl Teom 3; Vorsity A 3, 4, Notionol Honor Society 3, 4, Choir 4: Spanish Club 1 DOUGLAS HARRY DUNDERMAN - Bosketball 1, 2, Footboll 2, 3, Track 1-4; United Bench Wormer Assoc. 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, Varsity AA 2-4; Concert Bond 1-4, Pep Bond 3, Marching Bond 1-4, Chorus 2-4, Homecoming Attendant 2-4, Musicol 2, 3; Disc Jockey 1-4; Buckeye Boys ' Stote 3. Gory Douglas D ' 12 " Senior Pictures Dill Dosfer Douglas Horry Dundermon Seniors Kelly Funk Down DeErre Goiiup Roger Hond DAWN DE EHE GALLUP - Scholastic Achievement 1, 2; State Choir 1 3: Choir Ensemble 1, 0; Cheerleoding 1, 2, 3: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: FTA 3, 4; Sponish Club 1; Varsity A Club 3. BARBARA ANN GOETZ - Moumee Volley Moth Contest 1, 2, 3, 4; Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement 1, 2, 3, 4; Toledo Moth Contest 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Ohio Merit Scholorship Recipient; Powder Puff Football 3, 4; Girls ' Reserve and Vorsity Dsket- boll Sfot. 2; Doys ' Reserve ond Var- sity Dosketboll Sfot. 4; Scholostic Dowl Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Morching, Concert, Pep Bonds 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4; Spanish Club 1: FTA 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society Member 3, NHS Barbara Ann Goefz Donald Colvin Harp Secretory 4: Stote Choir Contest 3; Yearbook Staff 2; Yearbook Asst. editor 3; Yeorbook editor 4, Musicol 1, 2, 3, 4: Solo and Ensemble Con- test 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Fair 1, 2: Bowl- ing Green State University Outstan- ding Junior 3: Outstanding Bond Member 1. 3; Stock Market Game 4; United Stares Achievement Acodemy Notional Award Winner for Band 3; John Philip Souso Award 4; Outstonding 2nd Yeor Choir Member Award 4, Prom Arrendont 4 DONALD CALVIN HARP - Honor Roll 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 4: BRIAN R. HOOTMAN - Football 1, 2, 3; Trock 1, 2, 3: VT.C.A. 3, 4; V I.C A. Class Treosurer 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 3. Danny Gordon Brian R. Hoormon Senior Pictures 13 1965 DAWN DEMISE HOPKINS - Volleyball 1, 2 Powder Puff 3 Yearbook sroff 3, 4, Newspaper staff 4: Sponish Club 1, FTA 1, 2, 3, Marching Dond 1: Homecoming orrendonr 1: Doskerboll star 1, 2; Foor- ball srat 1, 2: Moke-up crew for muslcol 3 CHAD WILLIAM HORMANN - Doskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4. Daseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Counrry 4: 1sr Teom All Con- ference 4: 2nd Teom All Disfricr 4, Varsi- ty A Club 3, 4: FFA 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; Sweetheorr Attendant 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4: Seaionol Champions in bosket- ball 4: District Runner-up 4, Science Fair 1: Stock Morket Game 4. KIMDERLY LYNN HUMDARGER - Colorguord 1. 2: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Swing Choir 1, 2, 3, Girls basketball stot 2, 4, School paper 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 2, 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, Solo and Ensemble 1. 2. 3, 4. French Club 1, Musical 1, 2, 4; Science Foir 1, 2, Scholosnc Dowl Teom 1 WILLIAM JOSEPH KATSCHKE - Daseboll 1. 2. 3, 4, Dosketboll 1, 2; Football 1, Varsity A Club 3. 4: Science Fair 1 2 KELLY ANN KIZER - Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4, Ohio Test of Scholostic Achievement 2, 3; Sponish Club 1 Science Foir 1, 2 MARCIA CLAIRE KOENN - Academic A 1; Honor Roll 1 2, 3, 4, Scholastic Dowl 1, 2, Moumee Volley Moth Contest 1, Scholostic Achievement Test 1, 2. 3, 4: Nofionol Honor Society 3. 4; Notional Honor Society. President 4; Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3: nA 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, Stock Morket Gome 3, 4; Ame ricon Dusiness Challenge 4 REGINA LYNN KUNKEL — Freshman Scholarship; Student Council 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Council President 4; FTA 2, 3. 4; Spanish Club 1: Sweetheort Attendant 3. Homecoming Queen 4, Powder Puff 3 Down Denise Hopkins Chad William Hormonn Kinnberly Ann Humborger William Joseph Korschke Kelly Ann Kiz r Morcio Cloire Koenn IXegino Lynn Kunkel 14 Senior Pictures Seniors Don Lambert DON LAMDERT - Perfect Atrendonce 3: Bond 1, 2: Vanroge Vocational School 0, 4 CHERYL LAYTON - Ohio Test of Scholastic Achievement 2, 3, 4; Voice of Democrocy first place 3, 4; Conservation essay contest first ploce 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Track 1; Football stot. 3; Pep Bond 1, 2, 4: Morching Bond 1. 2, 3, 4; Concert Bond 1, 2, 3, 4: Swing Choir 2, 3, 4; Scholosfic Bowl 1 2, French 1, 2: Newspaper staff 4; Senior doss vice- president 4; Student Council 4; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4. LACINDA KAY LEINARD - Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Notionol Honor Society 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3; Volleyball Sectional Champs 3, 4, nA 2, 3; Sponish Club 1; Morching Bond 1; Stu- dent Council 3; Vorsity A Club 3, 4; Powder Puff 3. 4, Homecom- ing Attendont 4; Sweetheart Attendant 4; Football Stat. 3; Dosketboll stot, 4; Make-up crew for musical 3. DEMISE LONGARDNER - Scholarship Tests 1 2, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Powder Puff 3; Scholastic Bowl Team 2, 3, 4, Notional Honor Society 3, 4; RA 2. 3; Spanish Club 1; Stot. 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Editor 3, 4; Class Officer 1; Musical 2. KURTIS W. LOTHAMER - Golf 1, 2, 3; Boseboll 2; Newspaper Staff 3. DEMISE L LUCAS - Honor Roll 1, 2 Powder Puff 3; Choir 4: OEA 4 Scholastic Bowl 2; FTA 1, 2, 3; Bond 1, 2 Pep Bond 2; Musicols 2; Class Secretory 4: Vantage COE program 4. STEPHEN J. LUCAS - Boskerbol! 1, 2; Art Class Disrrlcf 2. Cheryl Loyron Locindo Koy Leinord Denise Lyn Longordner Kurris W. Lothomer Denise L. Lucas Stephen J. Lucas Senior Pictures 15 DANIEL PAUL MARLIN - Daskerboll 1-4; Vorsiry A Club 4, Sweetheart King 4; Sectional Champions 4: District Runner- up 4: Science Foir 1 2 MICHELLE ANN McCAGUE - Art Appreciation Club 4. Connputer Club 4; Journalism 4; Spanish Club 1: Newspoper Staff 3, 4. JOHN- NEHE LOUISE McCAIN - Girls Basket- ball Srot 1; Volleyball Stot, 0; Boy ' s Basketball Stot. 4, Musicol 2-4, Choir 2-4; Pep Bond 1-4; Marching Bond 1-4; Con- cert Band 1-4; FT. A. 2; Yearbook 2-4. DAVID J. MEYER - Maumee Volley Moth Contest 1; Ohio Scholastic Tests of Achievement 1, 3, 4; Football 1-3; Baseball 2. Notional Honor Society 3, 4; Concert Band 1. 2; Buckeye Boys ' State 3 KELLY SUE MOORE - Powder Puff Footboll 3; Marching Bond 1-4; Concert Bond 1-4; Pep Bond 1, 2, 4 DANA LYN MOTT - Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Yeorbook 1. 2; Choir 1; Set Crew 1 2 1985 Daniel Paul Morlin Michelle Ann McCogue Johnnefre Louise McCain Dovid J. Meyer David hAlnck Kelly Sue Moore Dona Lyn Morr 16 • Senior Pictures Seniors Dennis O ' Donnell Bradley J. Peffley BRADLEY J. PEFFLEY - Baseball 1-4 DAVID PHILLIPS - General Science Aword 1; VICA 3, 4: VICA Voting Delegate 3 4- LYNEHE K. PHILLIPS - Doskerboll 1; Volleyball 1-4; Vice-President of Varsity A 3 ANGELA SUE REINHART - Cheerleader 3; Mojorette 1-2, Powder Puff Footboll 3; Yearbook 3; Sponisfi Club 1: FT. A. 1-3; Marching Bond 1; Musical 1-4; Volleyball Stat. 1; Bosketboll Stat. 1; Science 1, 2. RITA A. REINHART - Honor Roll 1-4; Notional Honor Society 3. 4; Buckeye Girls ' State 3 Cheerleoding Captain 3; Volleyboll 1, 2, Varsity A Club; Spanish Club 1; F.T.A. 1-4, Newspaper Staff 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Closs Officer 4; Science Fair 1, 2; Voice of Democracy 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Attendant 4 SHARI LYNNE ROSS - Concert Bond 1-4; Morching Bond 1-4; Solo ond Ensemble 1-4; Pep Bond 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Stoff 3, 4; F.T.A. 2; Powder Puff Footboll 3; O.E.A. 3, 4; Vice-President 3. 4; Honor F oll 1-4; Perfect Attendance 3, 4; O.E.A. Regional and Stote Contest 3, 4; Gregg Typing Aword 3, 4; Blue Chipper Award 4; Academic A 3; Findloy Skills Contest 4. David Phillips Lynefte K. Phillips Angelo Sue (5,einharf Rifa A. Reinharr Shorl Lynne Ross Homer Senders Senior Pictures • 17 1985i JOAN MARIE SAVAGE - Doskerboll 1: Volleyball 1-4 Volleyboll Seciionol Chomps 3. 4; FT. A 2, 4; Yeorbook Stoff 4; Newspoper Sroff 4: Vorsiry A Club 3, 4: Sponish Club 1; Powder Puff Footboll 3: Sweerheon Arten- donr 1: Stock Morker Gome 4; Americon Business Challenge 4: Football Stot, 1, 2: Doskerboll Star 2 DENISE MARIE SAWYER - VICA Queen Condidore 3: Cheerleoder 1-3; Cosmerology 3 4. VICA 3, 4, Club Presidenr 4: Closs Presidenr 2: Sweerheorr Artendonr 2. STEVEN SCHILD - Trock 1-4: Foorboll 2, 3; Golf 1: Concert Bond 1 2: Morching Bond 1 4, Pep Bond 1-4: Choir 3: Musicol 3: Ohio Test of Scholostic Achievement 4. KIMDERLY A. scon - Honor Roll 1-4: Ohio Test of Scholostic Achievement 1-4; Academic A 1; Norionol Honor Society 3. 4; F TA- 4; Scholastic Bowl 3: Sponish Club 1: Yearbook 4: Musicol 3, 4: Science Foir 1. 2 DONITA RAE SMALLEY - Moumee Volley Morh Contest 1: Choir Ensemble 3, Honor Roll 1, 2: Srore Choir Contest 1, 3: Spanish Club 1: FT A 4 Choir 1-4; Science Foir 1. 2, 4: RHAN K. TADSON - Footboll 2, 3: DoseboH 2, 3, 4: Bosketboll 2: Vorsity A Club 3, 4: TONYA FRANCES THOMAS - Pov der Puff Foorboll 3: F TA. 2; Morching Bond 1, 2; Concert Bond 1. 2; Choir 1. Steven W. Schilb Joan Morie Sovoge Denise Morie Sawyer Kimberly A. Scort Dovid Sensobough Doniro Woe Smolley Pihon K. Todsen Tonya Frances Thomas 16 • Senior PIcfures •eniors Molly Christine Vail Robin Renee Walk MOLLY CHRISTINE VAIL - Schoiostic Test for French 1 1; Schoiostic Test for Ftench li 2; Honor l oii 1, 2; French Ciub 1: Notionol Honor Socie- ty 3, 4; Morching, Concert, Pep Bonds 1, 2, 3; Musicoi 2 RODIN RENEE WALK - Notional Honor Society 3, 4; Outsronding Choir Member 3; Honor Roll 1, 2. 4, Dosketboll 1, 2, 3, Girls ' Dosl etboll Monoger 4, Boys ' Dosket- boll Stot. 4; Trock 1, 2, Powder Puff 3: Chotus 1-4; Marching Bond 1-4; Heod Field Com- monder 3, 4; Concert Bond 1-4; Swing Choir 3. 4; State Choir 1-3; Musicoi 2, 3, 4; FT. A. 2. 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1-4; Stock Market Gome 3; Varsity A 3. 4; TONYA MARIE WALKER - Chorus 1 -4; F.T.A 4; Sponish Club 1; Yeorbook Staff 4; Choir Ensemble 3; State Choir Contest 1, 3; MARY CAROL WEATHERHEAD - Bosketboll 1-4; Volleyboll 1-4; Football Stat. 1-3; Bosketboll Stot. 4; F.T.A. 1-4; Varsity A 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; Powdet Puff 3; U B W A 3, 4 TAMARA SUE WHIT- COMD - Volleyboll 2-4: Cheerleader 1; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Musical 2-4; Bond 1, 2; Choir 1-4; Swing Choir 2-4; LORI ANN WISNIEWSKI - Honot Roll 1-4; Varsity Trock 1, 2, 4: Powder Puff Football 3; Most Valuable in Trock 2; Class President 3, 4; Newspoper Editor 3, 4; FT A 3 CYNTHIA JO WOODCOX - Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Girls Bosket- boll Monoget 2, 3; Stat. 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Sponish Club 1; Bond 1, 2; Choit 3, 4; Musical 1, 2. 3; Choir Ensemble 3; Store Choit Contest 3; Class Officet 3; Student Council 3. SHELLY ANN WOODRING - Honot Roll 1, 2; Track 1; Spanish Club 1; F.T.A. 1,2. Tonya Morie Walker Mory Corol Weofherheod Tomoro Sue Whircomb Lori Ann Wisniewski Cynfhio Jo Woodcox Shelly Ann Woodring Senior Pictures 19 Denise, We oil wish you rhe besr in rhe future. Love, Mom and Dod Von Arro, Down. Brad and Mondo Congrarulorions, Kay, Love ond best wishes in rhe furure. Mom and Dad Congraruloiions, Kurt, on going ro ITT. Wirh oil your ambition, I know you ' ll be o success. Love. Mother Congrotulotions, Gory. Mom and Dod Congratulations, Don. Mom and Dod Congrotulotions, Dove, Mom and Dod Congratulations, Doug, on suc- cessfully ending on ero — good luck in your future endeavors. Mom Johnnette, Congrotulotions on your groduorion and best wishes for rhe future. Were proud of you! We hope you find the end of your rainbow. Love, Mom ond Dod We ore so proud of you, KimI Wright State watch out! Love, Mom and Dod Angie. Congrotulotions ond besr of luck in the future. Love, Mom ond Dod Steve, Life is full of opportunity Go For It! " Congrotulotions. Dod, Scott, G Mindy Congratulations, Amy, We ore very proud of you. Love, Mom ond Phil Congrotulotions, Pooky, May oil of your hopes and dreams come true. Love, Mom and Dod We love you, Kelly, and hope you have o wonderful future. Dod ond Mom Congrotulotions, Keith, and best wishes on the years oheod. Love, Mom and Dod Congrotulotions, Mary, and best wishes olwoys. Love, Mom and Dad Shelly, We ' re proud of you and we love you. Good luck In the future. Mom ond Dad Congratulations, Morcio. Love, Mom ond Dod Down, Congrotulations to the lost of the 4 " D ' s " . Love, Mom and Dod Congrotulotions, Brian. Mom and Dod Cindy, We ' re very proud of you in your years at AH5. Good luck in your future plans. Use your some dedication to ochieve your gools. Love, Mom and Dod June 2, 1985 20 Graduation Shelly, Dod and Mom ore real proud of you. The family wishes you every hoppiness ond good luck. We ' re proud of you, Down. Love, Mom and Dod Congrofulorlons, David, we ' re so very, very proud of you. Congratulations, Cindy, on o job well done. Remember we ' ll always be there. Good luck in the future! Love, Mom ond Dad Congratulations, Jeni! May your future be filled with nothing but happiness and success. Love, Mom and Dod Pooh, Love and best wishes for the future. Love, Mom and Dod Rita, We ' re proud of your achievements and wish you much success in the future. Lots of love! Mom ond Dod Congratulations, Shori. Dod, Mom and Stocey Homer, your future is up to you. Good luck — We love you. Mom, Dod, ond Roger Steve, Congratulations on your graduation. Mom, Dad, and Scott Tim, We think you ' re great! Thumbs up to a super future. Mom ond Keith Congratulations, Bob, best wishes and happiness in the future. Mom, Dod, Michelle, Charles, and Jeremy Lori, Graduation is not on end ing, but a beginning. I wish you oil the best! Love, Mom Congrofulotions, JoQnie,We ' re proud of you and love you so much. Love, Mom ond Dod Congratulations, Dorb! We wish you all the best now ond in the future. Love from Mom, Horry, Moe, Heidi, ond Gory 101st Graduation llbTLm ' ff fBt$ MarciQ Koenn, Co-Solurororion; Barb Goerz, Valedictorian; Kim Scort, Co-Soiuroforion 21 Seniorolities 1. Most Sincere - DonitQ Smolley. 2. Desr Personality — Don Horp ond RitQ Reintiort. 3. Cutest Couple — Steve Derenyi and Terry Dornhouse. 4. Most Artistic — Jeff Conley and Molly Voil. 5. Class Portiers — Brad Peffley and Jeni Derek. 6. Most Doshful — Not Pictured — Dove Minck, Jofinnette McCain. 7. Closs Clowns — Dill Doster and Denise Longordner. 22 • Seniorolities 5enioralities»23 Personality Plus 1. Best Figure and Physique — Down Hopkins and Dennis Cline. 2. Most Arhletic — Cindy Leinord ond Chad Hormonn. 3. Most Unique Sneezers — Steve Schiib ond Kim Scott. 4. Class Brownies — Morcio Koenn ond Kurt Lothomer. 5. Most Popular — Gino Kunkel ond Kike del Voile, 6. Most Cheerful — Kelly Kizer ond Denny ODonnell. 7. Dest Eyes — Don Morlin ond Dawn Gallup. 8. Most Studious — Cheryl Loyton ond Dove Phillips. 24«5enioraliries Seniors - Never of q Loss for Words Down Hopkins — ' In my heorf we ' ll olwoys be together You hove been what I needed most, for you hove been my friends. " Troci Altic - " I wish my classmates oil the luck for the future and that they hove everything they wont. " Kelly Kizer — " I ' ve only got one thing to soy ... All i ighto! " Mory Weotherheod - " I remember every little thing os if it hoppened only yesterday. " Jeff Conley — " It ' s a long way to the top if yo wonno Rock-n-Roll! " Dove Meyer — " I wos ' Born to Run ' . " Dennis Cline — " To my sweetheart, Chris, Good Luck! You will need it. " Morcio Koenn — " We went through the best ond worst times together. I ' ll always remember you — my friends. " Donna Duckland — " I ' m finally out in the clear ond I ' m free. I ' ve got dreams I ' m living for; I ' m moving on . . .! " Gino Kunkel - " We ore the seniors of ' 85 ond we will PARTY till the day we die. " David Cline - " I ' d love to teach the world to sing in Perfect Harmony. " William J. Kotschke - " Hey, Dudes! It ' s over! Let ' s party! " Shori Brinck — " Be ready. World ' cause here we come!! " Chad Hermann — " Thank God it ' s over! " Kay Deregszozi — " Keep party- ing, Clossof " 85! " Brian Hootmon — " This Bud ' s for you " Clossof ' 85! " Amy Boumie - " It ' s been real, and it ' s been fun, but it ain ' t been reol fun!! " Cindie Woodc ox — " Live for tomorrow, but be happy for today. " Don Lombert — " Virgo, Chrome-Dome " Terry Bornhouse — " See yo later. Dudes. I ' m out! " Johnette McCain — " You con do most anything, only if you try. " Tim Copsey — " This is just the beginning. " Kim Humborger — " Joy = Jesus, Others, You. " Kike — " ' Thonk God! It ' s Friday! " Shelly Woodring - " Good Luck to the partying seniors of " 85 ' . " Keith Derek - " ' Don ' t look at the post, just look toword the future. " Dove Phillips - " We ore the " Class of ' 85! " Gory Donat — " " Pols ore pols ond friends ore friends, but the Class of ' 85 will be close to the end! " Steve Lucas — " " Unruly sitution! " Doug Dundermon — " To all the lit- tle rebels, o piece of advice: Don ' t give in! " Brod Peffley - " 1 love mother nature ' s blossoms. " Dawn Gallup — " So long. Dudes! " Barb Goetz — " Don ' t Stop Believin, " Jeni Derek - " Soy Bye-Bye to the Class of ' 85. Yee-ho cow potty. " Toni Wolker - " Save o space for sunshine, rainbows, ond dreams! God bless everyone. " Danny Gordon — " To live is to party! " Tammy Whitcomb - " Thanks to oil the friends who mode my lost yeoreosier. " Tonya Thomas - " 1 finally mode it! " Don Horp - " " 1 finally mode it! It ' s your turn Tom R. Good luck! " Kim Scott - " " I ' d say it ' s been fun ond I ' ll miss you, but it hasn ' t and 1 won ' t " Cheryl Layton — " The woy we never be replaced. " DonitQ Smolley — " Look out world, the class of ' 85 is on the loose!! " Denise Longordner — " Look ma, no hands! " Lynette Phillips — " Are we hoving fun yet?? " Don-O-Morlin — " Cindy, con 1 jump in your pocket? " Angle Reinhart - " There is no greater disronce between friends ... for friends odd wings to the heart. " Kelly Moore - " Michigon is no longer the biggest cesspool of the world — Indiana is! " Rhan Todsen — " Hey, Dude! We mode it! Let ' s party! " Dona Mott — ' Simply amazing! " Molly Vail - " Vos-y! " Teresa Powell — " It ' s finolly over! " Steve Schilb — " Roses are red. Underclassmen ore blue, I ' m out of school ond you ' re not! " Kurtis Lothamer — " The Fug lives forever! " Lori " Visniewski - " Who sold the Polish couldn ' t moke it through 13 years of school? I ' ll be woiting for you at the top! " Rita Reinhart — " For every new rood there must be o friend. " Cindy Leinard — ' " Friends, basket- ball, ond fun — they ' re all 1!! " Joonie Sovoge - " We ' re finally free, but let ' s keep in touch. Let ' s not throw owoy our high school nights. " Robin Walk - " ' Don ' t look bock; oim for the future. " Shori Ross — " " Tommy, we made it, good luck with Mike! Stocey, hove fun your lost two years. " Michelle McCague - " Bye! Good luck, Ello, Tio, and Brendo! " Senior Commenrs • 25 26 • Greor America Greor America The senior doss trip was on fhursdoy, May 23. Two chartered buses took about 50 seniors and four choperones to the Six Flogs — Great America Amusement Pork near Chicogo. Everyone spent o fun-filled day riding roller coasters, getting drench- ed on water rides, eating, and seeing shows. The bus ride home was o long one — one of the buses broke down and everyone hod to pile on one bus. But, everyone monoged to moke it home in time to sleep o little before school the next morn- ing. Some students spent the night comping on the school lown; they didn ' t wont to be lote for first period! 1. Cure, Brad! 2. Hey girls, ore oil of these guys from Antwerp? 3. " New friend, girls " 4. Hold on, Borbl 5. Another exciting bus ride. 6. Great place to spend the night, guys! The Great Escape lU a jpimmiiiiiiiM. IS;. J . " ! " J 1 1 " a IH ywM ;.- » Great America • 27 Class Colors Dusty Rose and Grey Class Flower White Rose Class Motto " Each dreom in your heart lies within reach, if you just believe in yourself. " Class Song " We ' ve Only Just Begun " Class Sponsor Mr. Rick Snnith Class Officers — I to r - Jeni Derek, Student Council: Rito Reintiort, Treasurer; Cti« Loyton, Vice-President, Lori Wisniewski, President: Gino Kunkel, Student Council Preside 28 •Senior Survey Hopes and Expectations My hope for rhe future is . . . that I secure o good job ond con raise o family. . . . that I groduote from college ond get o real life. . . . rhor I sroy single, get rich, ond stay cool. . . . rhot rhe U.S. and Russia resolve their differences. . . . that nucleor bombs and missiles ore destroyed. . . . that I survive till the 21st century. . . . that world hunger is overcome. . . . fhor everyone con be his own person ond not live his life for someone else. . . . rhot the world con live in peace. . . . that we all see each other again. Senior Favorites Expressions: " Cool beans, " " Alrighfo! " , " Get oreol life " Kodio Stations: WMEE, WXKE Magazines: Rolling Stone, People, Seventeen Jeans: Levi, Lee, Chic Actresses: Heother Lockleor, Heather Thomas, Linda Evans Actors: Richard Gere, Eddie Murphy, Clint Eastwood Movies: " Beverly Hills Cop, " " Revenge of the Nerds, " " Breakfast Club " T.V. Programs: " Guiding Light, " " Miami Vice, " " Cosby Show " Songs: " Can ' t Fight This Feeling, " " High on You, " " Mony, Mony " Female Singers: Pat Benetor, Modonno, Cindy Louper Male Singers: Bruce Springsteen, Brian Adams, Sammy Hogar Groups: Journey, REO Speedwagon, Von Halen Albums: " Born in the USA " — Bruce Springsteen, " Bat Out of Hell " — Meatloof, " Vitol Signs " — Survivor Teachers: Mr. Rick Smith, Mrs. Jean Detmon, Mr. Ed Hohenbrink Classes: Study Hall, Accounting, Advanced Moth Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple Days: Friday, Saturday Restaurants: Pizzo Hut, Red Lobster, McDonalds Foods: PizzQ, Losogna, Shrimp Beverages: Mountoin Dew, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper 1985 Price List Movie $4.00 Concert Ticket $10 50 Levi Jeans $20.00 Self-Serve Gas Regular $1,129 Unleaded $1,209 Big Moc $1.20 V4 pounder w cheese $1.35 Album $8.99 Soft Drink $.50 Doriros 1 lb. $2.49 Candy Bor $.35 Mousse $2.99 School Lunch $.70 Cabbage Patch Doll $37.99 Pan Pizza $9.60 Core Bears $26.00 Six Pack (Pepsi) $2.69 SENIOR SURVEY Senior Survey ' 29 30 •Senior Snaps Senior Snaps 31 Working Hard 1. Shori Brinck 2. Denise Sawyer 3. Drendo Retcher 4.Sreve Lucos Sensobough 5. Lyn Phillips 6. Steve Derenyi 7. Shori fXoss fl. Brian Hoorman and Chuck 1 ■ 1 m b f H 2 m 32 • Vontage Seniors t OJl Vantage Seniors 1 Doug Drogg 2. Dob Addis 3. Susan Brandenburg 4. Dill Dosfer 5. Dove Phillips 6. Danny Gordon 7. Don Lambert fl. Amy Doumie 9. Denny O ' Donnell Vonroge Seniors • 33 Air Bond This wQS rhe first year for on AHS air bond conresr in several years. The seniors spon- sored rhe conresr in Morch ond hod such a rremendous response rhor rhey held o se- cond comperirion in Moy. Each band had ro pay a smoll entry fee and lip sine a song of its choice. A panel of foculry judges selected rhe top three bonds and awarded rhem prize money In the Morch Contest, first ploce went to the Temptations, Ed Hohn, Todd Hormonn, Chod Sheherk, ond Eric Wolk, who performed " My Girl. " The Metal Maidens, Pom Edwards, Cindy Klimo, Shelly Kunesh, Stacy Rhlnehort, and Jon WisniewskI, took second place with their version of " Old Time Rock ' n Roll. " Third place wenr to Kiss, Joe Copsey, Eric Gillespie, Matt Hopkins, ond Mike Stuck. In the Moy competition, first ploce went to Chad Shuherk, who song " Just o Giggolo " : Second place went to the Soul Seekers, Adam Froley, Mike Knopp, and Keith Keokuk, who song " Respea " ; and third place went ro Krocus, Tim Dornhouse, Denny Gerrost, Mike Smith, and Kelly Zortmon. 34 • Ait Bond M. Stuck, M. Hopkins, J. Copsey, E. Gillespie S. Derenyi, D. Korschke, T. Clinton D. Marlin 5. Rhlnehort i UNDERGRADS Underclassmen • 35 Occupational Studies 1. Mary Lusr 2. Pom Kinsey 3. Susan Hicks 4. John Smolley 5. Chrisry Srevens 6. Lisa Ooks 7. Debbie Gerig 6. Morrha Mobis 9. Debbie Sonros 10. Todd Philpor 36 • Vonroge Juniors Vantage Juniors 1 Pom Gordon 2. Sudie Fosrer 0. Mark Mobis 4. Chris Myers 5. Tom Barker 6. Shone Dickhord 7. Dorrin Cortrell 6. John Scouren 9. Mike Smith 10. Brian Williamson 11. David Bender 12. Dan Hohn 13. David Jones 14. Joe Hunt Vantage Juniors • 07 Cindy Banks David Bender Gilbert Bender Shone Bickhard Chris Druick Dove Colemon W Jeff Cook Dorrin Corrrell Cord Ebersole Amy Ellion Sudie Foster Cheryl Fry Bobbie Gerig Mondi Gerken Angela Gire i Pom Gordon Dawn Grunden Don Hohn Tommy Hohn Suson Hicks Down Hook M Joe Hunt Phillip Jockson David Jones Junior Class Officers: Angela Mortin, President Pom Rosey, Vice President Joni Jordon, Treasurer Chris Bruick, Secretory Pi Joni Jordon More Jump Pom Kinsey Dovid Krutsch 1 36 • Juniof m v fe Mary Lust David Mobis Mark Mobis Morrho Mobis Cindy Mansfield Angela Martin ' 40 •Sophomores vphomore Class Officers: Front Row: President Kip Glre Srudenr Council Pot Meyer Ed Holnn Back Row: Secrerary Elizobeth Cook Vice-President Stacy Rhinehort Treasurer Cindy Klimo Nor Pictured: Mil e McKeever Kim Myers Teresa Potter Paul Srorr Kipp Toylor Michele Walker Heather Wolrenburg Amy Whersfone Jon Wisniewski Jim Kizer Cindy Klimo Mil e Knapp Dob Knorr Steve Kortokrax Shelly Kunesh NoDene LeokeyJ Ton! Leinord Kim Logon Brock Luginbil Cl is Morlin , rry McCcffl Pot Meyer Don Mickelson Trocey Miller Joe Muriin Tod Pendergrost Sandra Phillips Travis Phlipot Scorr Pier Jim Reinhort Stacy Rhinehorr Dean Risrer Christy Robbins Tionne Rose Stacey Ross Tonnie Rothgeb Andy Santos Nancy Sov yer Jeff Schroeder Suzi Shoffer Chorlotte Smith Matt Snider Terry Spryn Sophomores • 41 A M..:-.?,.e Addis " re ' AsfiOOUgh Joe Oof her P-kti Dorker Tim Bornhouse Lynnette Degley Tonyo Ootrerron Wendy Burns Jennifer Conley Kelly Cook ] Down Corrrell Kelly Cox Sreve Depew If Scott Donnell Donno Elston Ten Gerig Holly Geyer Rodney Gill Trocy Gross Soro Hammond V Do id Horp o Hortmon llllom Hicks Vicki Hilton Scott Hudson Louro Huebner Scoft Koufmon Michelle Knopp Troy Koppenhofer Gory Loyton 42 • Freshmen Freshman Class Officers Tracy Gross Treasurer Mike Smith Vice- Presidenf, Scoff Berenyl, President, Gory Loyfon, Secretory l 1 Freshman « Class of ' 88 Lorry Lewollen Kim Lichty Cfieri Lucas Bob Martin Dan Mendez Steve Minck Chris Moore Scoff Pendergrast Dob Phillips Jeff Pierce Liso Reiyeo Cossondro Riggers Heidi Schenkel Scoff Schilb Pot Sensobough Chorles Smith Mike Smith Pom Sfumphy Pot Swonn Jim Terwilleger Shelly Tinkham Lynnette Tuto Connie Underwood Tom Wonn Angelo Worner Kim Windle gi Kelly Zortmon Dovid Woodcox Not Pictured: Scott Derenyi Anrhony Bernard Toni Bernard Horry Boesch Penny Camp Tomie Collins Billy Jividen Leann Knepper Troy Morrow Freshmen •40 ■■■l I H 4 | B ' I ' l H I K . M 1 .Ji H H ' JI i K ' ' ; f ' Wm J . ' .dbc.v ttL !• " ] ° w r „ .- ; . fl c Ifl ATHLETICS Sporrs • 45 Cross Country 46 • Cross Country " I felf in rhe very beginning rhaf we would hove o suc- cessful season even though this was the first yeor for o teom since 1975. Of oil the meets we hod, which consisted of 3 to 5 teams, the only one we finished lost in was the GMC. Cindy Mansfield hod a good showing in the sec- tionol, ond wos able to compete in the District, which is the lost step for qualifying for state. Considering how young we were, the runners should be very proud of whot they ac- complished this year. Congratulations, men and women! " Coach Stoll Desr rimes for each in- dividual from rhe meets. Seniors Dove Cline 19:09 Dennis Cline 19:09 Chad Hormonn 21:38 Juniors Udo Rieger 16:49 Eric Walk 19:51 Brent Wolley 20:05 Dave Coleman 20:06 Chad Shuherk 21:10 Cindy Mansfield 21:15 Mork Jump 26:11 Sophomores Pot Meyer 21:03 Kipp Taylor 21:17 Ed Hohn 2156 Todd Hermann 24:04 Freshmen Rodney Gill 16:48 Troy Koppenhofer 16:46 Mike Smith 19:58 Shelly Tinkhom 26:11 1 Row 1 - Mike Smith, Udo Rieger, Brent Wolley, Rodney Gill, Dove Cline, Kipp Toylor. Row 2 - Cooch Stoll, Cindy Mansfield, Dennis Cline, Troy Koppenhofer, Chod Hormonn, More Jump, Dove Coleman, Shelly Tinkhom. 2. You con do it, Den! 0. Just a little forther, Cindy. 4. Cindy Mansfield and Shelly Tinkhom — the women behind the boys. 5. Cought in the act. 6. Brent elbows his way through. 7. " We ' ll get there . . . eventuolly. " y| 1 KSM M 1 IHk S H ■ -0 i 1 1 t K ' m First Team Since 1975 1. Leon into that rurn. Dove. 2. Just Q hop, skip and jump from the finish. 3. You wouldn ' t dare . . . would you? 4. Sleeping in the middle of o run, Udo? 5. You ' ll moke ir Rodney, you ' re rough. 6. Stay ahead of the pack, Cindy. 7. It ' s lonely t the top. 6. Whor ' cha lookin ' at Chad? 9. Nice shoes, Mike. CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Aug 30 Hicksville Sepr 1 Hichsville Invitation 4 Ayersville 8 Archbold Invitation 11 Hicksville 18 Lima 25 Tinoro 29 Von Wert Invitation Ocr 1 Hicksville 6 GMC at Defiance College 13 Sectionol 20 District r- r- Cros Cour try • 47 Football 1 Row 1 - Managers, Scorr Warner, Steve Dowers, Spence Pier, Morr Her- mann Row 2 — Tod Pendergrast, Mott Snider, Paul Starr, Mike Hum- borogr, Steve Korrohrax, Kip Gire, Pot Meyer, Keitti Keokuk, Row 3 - Steve Minck, Rodney Gill, Joe Murlin, Tim Dornhiouse, Todd Hermann, Ed Hohn, Dob Phillips, Jeff Pierce, Mike Smitti. Row 4 — Jim Forr, Terry Spryn, Jeff Schroeder, Joe Hunt, Don Hohn, Trent Ashibough, Chiris Moore, Don Mendez. Row 5 - Vicki Hilton, Cooch Smith, Cooch Corr, Lyn Tuto. 2. Managers — Front - Steve Dowers, Spence Pier Dock - Mott Hormonn, Scott Warner, 0. Ready, Set, Go! 4. Sophomore, Paul Storr 5. Stots: Vicki Hilton and Lyn Tuto 6. Where s the boll? 7. What ore we ' v o;fing for? 46»Footboll We ' re Competitive! 1. Soy uncle! 2. Get rhot boll, Rodney! 0. Coach Smith ' s watching closely. 4. There ' s no one fo hug, Todd. 5. This con ' r be happening! " The football ream started their weighrlifting and running prepara- tion for the 1984 season in June. Though the turnout wos small, the teom was optimistic. When it was opporent that there wouldn ' t be enough players for o vorsity pro- grom, Coach Smith announced that o junior varsity program would be started. Unfortu nately, for the seniors, that meant their football games were over; their season ended with frustration and thoughts of gomes that were never played. The underclassmen hod o good seoson, however, and ore looking forward to next seoson. " Matt Snider and Mike Humborger Co-Coptoins Stots Overall Record 6 wins-l loss DIuffton 26 Antwerp 14 Antwerp 33 Eostside, IN 6 Antwerp 22 Foirview 14 Antwerp 27 Hicksville Antwerp 27 Hilltop Antwerp 27 Woyne Trace Antwerp 44 Edgerton 26 Offensive Point Average per gome — 27.6. Defensive Point Average per gome — 10.2. Yards Rushing Per Gome — 295 yds. Passing Yards Per Gome — 75 yds. Rushing At- tempts Per Game — 39. Passing At- tempts Per Gome — 6. Ave. Per Carry — 7.5 yds. Ave. Per Pass Completion — 12.5 " After the slow start I feel that the young men who come out ond played reolly hod fun with the sport this year. I think they found out they con compete with anyone in theG.M.C. " Coach Smith Foorboll • 49 The Archer Golfers wrapped up their season wirh a record of 2-11. The Golf Team competed in the GMC ond placed fourth out of six teams. The season overages of the varsity players are as follows: Jeff Ryan — 50.4, Danny Mickelson — 47.9, Scott Pier — 49.4, Paul Starr — 47.1, Dove Arend — 49.8, Dave ' Mobis — 59, Craig Dirkhold — 57.9. Coach Thompson commented, " The team i hod ups and downs. We started four sophomores and only one junior on the varsi- ty squad. Both varsity and I reserve are looking forword ' to good seosons in the years to come. " 50 • Golf Swing that club! 1. Dove Arend, Sophomore 2. Craig Dirkhold, Sophomore 0. Paul Starr, Sophomore 4. Drock Luginbill, Sophomore 5. Jeff Ryan, Junior 6. Phillip Jackson, Junior Golf • 51 Varsity Volleyball 1. Row 1 — Mry Weafherheod, Joonie Sovoge, Lyn Phillips, Tommy Whitcomb, Jeni Derek Row 2 — Cindy Leinord, Cindy Klimo, Potty Fulk. Tommy Rosey, Pom Rosey. Cindy Bonks, Cooch Mundt 2. Don r close your eyes. Tommy The boll is coming 3. Were you girls talking? 4. Sfois: Jon Wisniewski, Mindy Drown, Michelle Fulk 5. It doesn ' t bite Mory! 6. Joan ' s reody Ploy boll! 7. Nice set up, Lyn! 8. Hete comes the boll, Cindy Be reody! This yeor ' s vorsity volleyball squod consisted of o hard working group of girls Their seoson didn ' t turn out to be whot they expected, however, they did manage to win sectionals and improve theii record from the previous year. The seniors would like to thank theit cooch, Miss Mundt, for oil the hard work ond support she has given through these lost four yeors " Joonie Sovoge Cindy Leinord 52 •Varsity Volleyball Season Record Fdon 15 15 Woodlon 7 2 Jefferson 15 15 ■Qirview 7 9 Woyne Trace 10 9 Poulding 15 16 Woyne Troce 12 11 ' orkwoy 15 15 Miller City 15 6 15 Holgote 15 15 Hicksville 15 15 Eostside 14 17 15 idgerron 15 15 Monrpelier 15 15 Ayersvilte 15 10 15 Oesrview 15 15 Kolido 15 SEQIONAL " " ' ' ' " ' Is 10 N Dismia Morion Locol Record 16-5, including o 13 gome winnir srreok Secriono! Chomps Individuol owords All District ■ 2nd reom — Cindy Leinord Honoroble mention — Pom Rosey All Conference — 1st reom — Cindy Leinord 2nd team — Cindy Klimo Honorable Mention — Pom Rosey MVP — Cindy Leinord Most Improved — Pom Rosey Dedicotion. Determinotion ond Desire Aword - Joonie Savage. i. Monogers: Leonn Hitt, Missy Dure 2. Defense, DutchI 3. Heyi Where s the boll? 4. Nice poss. Cindyi 5. Woy to dive, Cindy! 6. Tommy ond Joonie in serve reception 7. Cindy Klimo — sophomore 8. Get down for defense! 9. Joonie Sovoge — senior Spike That Doll! I n i l l k — ' ' M yv k alfl r t m ' ylHp " 1 1 i Vorsify Volleyboll • 50 Edgerton a 15 12 15 Monrpelier 16 14 15 13 Ayersville 15 9 11 15 15 11 Cresrview 14 6 13 15 15 7 Kolido 15 11 16 14 Tinoro 15 17 15 4 13 15 Continental 15 7 16 14 54 • Reserve Volleyball Row 1 - Pom Stumphy, Nancy Sawyer, Heather Woltenburg, Soro Hammond, Laura Huebner. Row 2 - Kim Lichty, Terri Gerig, Dawn Cotfrell, Kelly Cook, Christy Robbins, Coach Dornett. 2. Cleaning the floor is the janitor ' s job. Pom. 0. Hey barter, boftet, botterl 4. Don ' t look so scored, Pom! Reserve Volleyball • 55 Season Record 62 Lincolnview 65 L 55 Eosrside 53 W 70 Paulding 55 W 68 Foyerte 55 W 44 Confinentol 35 W 73 Hillrop 60 W 54 Tinoro 53 W 55 Woodlon 64 L 56 Foirview 80 L 4a Holgore 46 W 61 Norrh Central 74 L 66 Ayersville 56 W 82 Ohio City 80 W 77 Hicksville 61 W 56 Edon 68 L 59 Edgerfon 55 W 57 Cresrview 54 W 65 Fort Jennings 58 W 38 Woyne Trace 46 L 55 Delphos Jefferson Tournament Sectionol 73 L 60 Orroville 56 54 Spencerville District 49 53 Continental 50 59 Delphos St John 73 Boys ' Varsity Doskefboll 1. Row 1 — Joni Jordan, Bobbie Gerig, Christy Druick, Anita Shepherd, Toni Leinotd. Row 2 - Troy Koppenhofer, Dennis Cline, Kipp Toylor. Ed Hohn, Scott Pier, Cooch Stoll Row 3 - Assf. Coach Dader, Dove Colemon. More Jump, Orent Wolley, Chad Hormonn, Todd Hormonn, Don Morlin, Eric Walk, 2. Chod shoots for two, 3. Eric slows down the pace. 4. Whot Qjump! 5. Co-Coptoins, Eric Wolk and Chod Hormonn. 6. Dennis Cline, senior. 7. Chad Hormonn, senior. 6. Don Morlin, senior. 9. Where ' s the boll, Ed? 10. Dove Colemon, junior. 11. Koop shows his skills. 56 Boys ' Vorsity Bosketball " If it hod nor been for rhe long, hor hours rhof this yeor ' s vorsiry pur in during rhe summer, rhey wouldnr hove hod rhe success rhor every boll player always dreoms obour. " Climbing up rhor ladder or Van Wert ro cur and ger o piece of rhe ner ond receiving plaque or Elido as disrricr runner-up ore o few momenfs rhor rhese 12 young men will remember for a long rime. Throw in a rhird place finish in rhe GMC, along wirh all rhe exciremenr rhor occurred rhe week of rhe Voyne Trace gome, and rhis year ' s vorsiry did norhing bur creore on exciring and enjoyable year. " Coach Sroll 1. Monogers, Troy Morrow and Scorr Hudson. 2. Eric shows his gracefulness. 3. Keep your eyes on rhe boll. boys. 4. Is ir rhor painful, Chad? 5. Archer fons congrorulore rhe ream afrer rheir Disrria win over Conrinenrol. 6. Anrwerp ' s " Twin Towers, " Chad Hormonn ond Eric Walk, clear rhe boards. 7. Cooch Sroll shows off rhe ream ' s Disrricr Runner-up rrophy ofrer rhe Delphos 5r. John gome. 8. Nice form, Kipp. 9. Mr. Sroll, Head Co ach. 10. Srors, Bottom to Top - Mary Meyer, Pom Rosey, Cindy Banks, Tommy Rosey, Mary Wearherheod, Cindy Leinord, Denise Longordner, Barb Goerz, Johnnerre McCain, Robin Wolk. TEAM AWARDS Ed Hohn — Mr. Enrhusiosm Chad Hormon-Mr. Archer Boskerboll Eric Wolk — Mosr Improved Chomps! Baskerboll • 57 Boys ' Reserve Basketball C ' " ' ; i 56 • Boys ' Reserve Doskerboll 1. On your mark, More! 2. CoQch Doder 3. Row 1 - Travis Phlipor, Brock Luginbill, Rodney Gill, Tim Dor- nhouse, Scott Pier, Scott Derenyi, Dob Martin. Row 2 - Coach Doder, Udo Rieger, Drent Wolley, Rondy Gibson, Trent Ashbaugh, Joe Darker. 4. Where did everybody go? 5. Does it help to stick out your tongue? 6. Come on, guys! This is suppossed to be fun! 7. What now? 6. Ready . . . aim . . . fire! " This bosketbol! seoson was o time of rebuilding for the Reserve teem. Due to the obsence of a freshman bosketboll program in the past, the team was young and in- experienced. Some good things hoppened ond many of the players will be returning next year. With in- dividual effort throughout the sum- mer, the team should be strengthened for next season. " Coach Doder ' r " 2 It Takes Teamwork! I Drent rowers over o Paulding player. 2. What a jump! 3. Donr foil, Rondyl 4. Travis follows tfirough on his shor. 5. Block rhor brure, Brock! 6. It ' s rime for two! 7. What ' s everyone looking or? 8. Go for it, Scott — the boll won ' t bite! 9. Jump, More Jump! 10. Archer freshmen or work. II Tim practices his " bird " dance. Seoson Record 16 Lincolnview 58 26 Eostside 36 50 Paulding 36 W 35 Fayette 43 14 Continental 43 37 Hilltop 39 28 Tinora 51 46 Woodlon 47 W 26 Foirview 54 38 Holgote 53 29 Crestview 63 31 Wayne Trace 60 45 Norrh Central 58 17 Ayersville 54 53 Ohio Ciry 76 39 Hicksville 44 37 Edgerton 51 26 Edon 31 20 Fort Jennings 70 26 Delphos Jefferson 47 Preserve Basketball • 59 Lady Archers Varsity Basketball 1 CoQCh Hortmon, Amy Elliorr, Lori Moon, Cindy Leinard, Pom Rosey, Cindy Klimo, Cindy Bonks, Pony Fulk, Cindy Monsfield, Tommy Rosey, Nancy Sowyer, Mory Weofherheod, 2. " Woif! Stop everything! " 0. " Come on, Noncy, you con do ir! " 4. Returning Lettermen. Pom Rosey, Cindy Leinord, Cindy Klimo. Tommy Rosey. Cindy Banks. 5. " Whot do you guys wont me to do with it now? " 6. Co-coptoins — Cindy Leinord and Pom Rosey. 7. All legs and arms. 60 • Girls ' Vorsify Dosketboil beoson Kecord 1984-1985 RECORD OPPONENT Conrinenrol Woodlon Monrpelier Cresrview North Cenrrol Del. Jefferson Homilron Tinoro Lincolnview Foirview Archbold Kolidc Holgore Woyne Trace Edon Ayersville Hicksville Paulding Edgerron 26 W 59 L 36 W 60 L 36 W 35 W 26 W 50 W 36 W 55 W 31 W 53 W 35 W 37 W 51 W 36 V 21 W 41 W 65 L ' denotes GMC member SEQIONALS Ottoville Del. St. John ' s Season Record — 17-4 GMC — 6-1 Second Place ' AA=3-0 Out of Stote = 1-1 46 W 66 L GMC Honors: 1st team; Cindy Leinard Tommy Rosey 2nd team; Pom Rosey Honorable Mention: Cindy Bonks District 7 Horrors: 1st Team: Cindy Leinard 2nd Teom: Tommy Rosey Honorable Mention: Pom Rosey All-State Honors: Special Mention: Cindy Leinord 1. Cooch Hortmon 2. Mory Weotherheod, Senior 3. Chow, chow, chow, Cindy! 4. " Look! It ' so plone! " 5. Now, exhole. 6. Cindy Leinord, Senior 7. Are you gonno shoot of it or store at it? 8. " Way up there? " 9. " You guys, help! " 10. Open wide, Potty. Lady Archers . J ' ' Girls ' Varsity Dosketboll ' 61 1 iin g i L ' - mmm:-— %m wmam J 1 ' ! 11 y mc- •■■■-■ - w • lifvltl H ' W " ■ 11 Girls ' Reserve Basketball 1. Row 1 — Soro Hammond, Shelly Tlnkhom, Terr! Gerig, Trocey Gross. Row 2 — Lonnerte Dosrelmon, Chris Merlin, Amy Elliott, Patty Fulk, Lori Moon, Toni Bernard, Coach Thompson. 2. Manager, Robin Walk 3. Monoger, Connie Underwood 4. Stats, Paul Starr, Mike Humborger, Cindie Woodcox, Kim Humborger 5. Coach Thompson 6. Sophomore, Chris Morlin 7. Freshman, Shelly Tinkhom 62 • Girls ' Reserve Basketball Season Record 36 Continental 19 W 24 Woodlon 40 L 36 Montpelier 21 W 41 Crestview 48 L 24 Jefferson 19 W X Hamilton 20 W 34 Tinoro 21 W 33 Lincolnview 22 W X Foirview 17 W 39 Archbold 21 W 34 Kolida 38 L 56 Holgote 39 W 41 Wayne Trace 26 W 57 Edon 22 w 33 Ayersville 15 w 35 Hicksville 17 w 32 Paulding 25 w 42 Edgerfon 31 w v • • t , . Girls ' Reserve Boskerboll •60 o 0 " ., 138V 1 ufverize v — the ■ ] ' nth V ers Boys ' Track Season Record Tinoro Edgerfon — 3rd Woyne Trace Inv. — 10rh Ayersville Leipsic Stryker — 2nd Ayersville Inv. — 7rh Holgore Woyne Troce — 3rd Lincolnview Delphos Jefferson Delphos St. Johns — 3rd Woyne Trace Tinora Hicksville — 3rd Cresfview Inv. — 3rd Woyne Trace Relays — 4rh Confinental Col. Grove — 3rd GMC — 8fh Disrricr — 10fh Two Individuals quolified for Regionols — Dan Hohn in Pole Vault — 2nd Place at Di5t. Don Harp in Discus — 3rd Place at Dist. New Records Doug Dundermon — 100nn dash 11.8; Doug Dundermon (tied) 2C)0m dash 24.4 Don Hohn — 110m High Hurdles 16.9 Pot Meyer — 800m run 2:04.4 3200 Relay Team — 8:45.0 Steve Schilb Brent Volley Rodney Gill Pot Meyer 1. Ggrrrr! 2. Jusr Q lirrle farther, Doug. 0. Did if hit onything? 4. Steady, l andy! 5. Don Hohn, junior. 6. Concentrate, Scott. . 66 Boys ' Track Girls ' Track 1. Row 1 Cindy Mansfield, Lori Wisniewski, Chris Robbins, Down Corrrell, Shelly Kunesh. Troci Altic, Chris Morlin, Lonnerre Dostelmon, Heorher W olrenburg, NoDene Leakey, Lyn Turo, Kim Lichry, Pom Rosey Row 2 Par Mundr, cooch. Tammy Rosey, Koy Deregszazi, Pam Darker, Mindy Drown, Michelle Fulk, Jill Rhonehouse, Heidi Schenkel, Amy Elliorr, Pom Srumphy. 2. This isn ' r so hord, 0. Come on, Chris, we can do if! 4. Smile girls! 5. Long woy down! 6. Here Heidi, ir ' s your turn. 7. Connie Underwood, srar. 8. Jump, Shelly! 68 • Girls ' Track jm ' - ' - ' is ' ' ii ' i Season Record 1. Antwerp Edgerton Tinoro 23 96 44 2. Antwerp Ayersville Leipsic 50.5 41 76.5 Stryker 62 3. Antwerp Holgore Woyne Troce 46 69 5 40.5 4. Antwerp LIncolnview 53 90 St. Johns 36 Jefferson 55 5. Antwerp Woyne Trace Tinoro 13 56 50.5 Hicksville 123.5 6. Antwerp Crestview 64 35 Lincolnview 91 Limo Perry 45 7. Wayne Trace Relays — 3rd Place a. Antwerp Continental 80 26 Colunnbus Grove 56 Record 8-11 Men iteri H j ff jgl 3 i K WS HH W l is! A s n F 9 ' ' »• New-School Record - Chris bobbins — 300m Hurdles Regional qualifier — Lyn Tufo Most Valuable - Pom Rosey Most Improved — Down Conreil 1. Are we olmost there? 2. Where did it go? 3. Such grace! 4. Such o big step! 5. Dreorhe deeply. 6. Don ' t give up yet, Down. 7. What do you want? fl. It won ' t bite, Pom. 9. Just o little forther, Kim. Run! Run! Run! iUi-jif S K B Girls ' Track • 69 -Ml f 1 A.H.S. Baseball 70 • Baseball 1. Row 1 - Scotr Derenyi, Don Mickelson, Steve Korro-Krax, Gory Donot, Ryan Todsen, Jim Reinharf, John Woodcox. Row 2 — Dove Coleman, Ed Hohn, Chad Hermann, Drod Peffley, Trent Ashbough, Steve Derenyi. Row 3 - Scott Pier, Poul Storr, Todd Hormonn, Dill Kotschke, Coach Hohn, Cooch Werner, Coach Stollkomp. 2. Returning Lettermen Row i — Scott Pier, Gory Donate, Ryan Todsen, John Woodcox. Row 2 - Ed Hohn, Dave Colemon, Chad Hormonn, Todd Hermann, Dill Kotschke. 0. Coach Stollkomp 4. Gary ' s reedy. " Doseboll seesen 1985 wes one of leerning for the teem and myself. As the year pro- gressed, so did our gome. We improved as the season went on. The highlight of our seoson wos the sectional tournoment. We upset Edon 5-4 and then gave Edgerton a bottle before losing 4-0. I ' m looking forword to next yeor. We lose five tolenred seniors, but will hove eleven returning letter winners. " Coach Stollkomp Season Record 6 Lincolnview W 9 Miller City 14 L 10 Woyne Troce 6 W 7 Holgote 8 6 Paulding 10 6 Edgerton 11 4 Edgerton 7 4 Foirview 7 3 Hicksville 7 3 Wayne Troce 15 11 Edgerton 12 7 Tinoro 4 W 3 Von Wert 14 1 Von Wert 16 6 Woodlon 9 13 Continental 9 w 11 Tinoro 7 w io Paulding 7 w 5 Woodlon TOURNAMENT 9 L 5 Edon 4 w 3 Edgerton 4 L - r t ill i.-F , Home Run! 1 Senior — Chad Hormonn 2. Deep Concentration. 0. Bradley ' s going for a homerun. 4. Ed Hohn and Coach Hahn. 5. So what, Scott? 6. Coach Warner, Cooch Stollkomp, CoQch Hohn. 7. Stril e ' em out, Dill! 8. What is so funny, Dove? 9. Paul going for the bog Doseball • 71 Cheerleaders 1. Archer Cheerleaders: Holly Geyer, Missy Dure, Down Doll, Angle Warner, Aniro Shepherd, MonI Jordon, Bobbie Gerig, Chris Druick, Toni Leinord. 2. Joni Jordan and Chris Druick — Juniors. 3. Ger down and get wirh it! 4. Sfond up, De proud . . . 5. Chad ' s gor that Archer Spirit 6. Vorsity cheerleaders Toni Leinord. Joni Jordan, Aniro Shepherd, Dobbie Gerig, Chris Druick. 72 • Cheerleaders " The 1984-1985 cheerleoding quads ore ro be congratulated for leir many occomplishments. The litis begon preporotion for the foot- )0ll ond bosketboll seasons by or- ending summer comps. The eserve girls went to Cheer Ohio ind earned four ribbons. The vorsi- y girls went to an ICF camp and von o plaque for excellence In per- ormonce ond eight team ribbons. T oddirion, Chris Druick and Toni einord each won individual rib- )ons. In August they competed or he Defiance County Foir and won he trophy for second ploce. Mthough there was no varsity foot- soil program, the girls cheered for he reserve squad. Cheering with hem were Rondy Gibson and Den- lis Cline. One highlight of the year vos being o port of the effort which lOw the varsity bosketboll ream go o district. It wos a good year — hey did o great job! " Mrs. Pier, Advisor 1. Liz Cook — Sophomore 2. Reserve Squad: Holly Geyer, Angie Worner, Missy Bute, Liz Cook, Down Doll. 3. Toni Leinord and Dawn Doll — sophomores 4. Rondy Gibson — sophomore, Aniro Shepherd — ■ junior, Dennis Cline — senior. 5. We ' rejust hanging around. 6. Aniro Shepherd — junior y. The Blue Brothers. Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheerleaders • 73 74 • Globetroveiers vs. Faculty Seniors Vs. Faculty Volleyball 1. Nice hit, Mr. Smith! 2. Don ' t get in the net. Dawn! 3. Seniors in action! 4. Woy to get up there, Dob! 5. Hit that floor! Seniors Vs. Faculty • 75 Journal Gazette All-Area Teams The Journol-Gozetfes ' first Ohio All-Area girls ' boskefboll team, Front Row - Tangi Koerner, Edgerron; Michelle Rummel, Hilltop; Tracy Gorman, Van Wert; Jockie Motycko, Cresfview; Cooch of the Yeor, Cindy Perkins, Crestview Dock Row — Kathy Coolmon, Bryan; Jodi Witte, Edgerton; Tammy Rosey, Antwerp; Cindy Leinord, Antwerp; Tobi Worthingron, Ayresville. Not Pictured: Becky Thatcher, Crestview. The Journol Gozettes first Ohio All-Area boys ' basketball teom. Standing — Brenr Porenr, North Centrol; Rod Bowerstock, Lin- colnview; Jim Linder, Woyne Trace; Mark Froelich, Ayresville; Tim Czartowski, Fairview; Chad Hormonn, Antwerp; Jim Bauer, Edon; Chris Dougherty, Bryan. Seated: Coach of the Year, Jim Stoll, Ant- werp; Tim Mortin, North Centrol Not Pictured: Kim Hordmon, Von Wert. Other honors included: Chod Hormonn — 2nd Team District 7, 1st Teom GMC; Eric Walk — Honorable Mention GMC: Todd Hor- monn and Kipp Taylor — Honorable Mention Journal Gazette; Coach Stoll — District 7 Honorable Mention. ACTIVITIES Acriviries • 77 1984-85 Homecoming 1. 1984-1985 HOMECOMING COURT: Front — Ricky Woodfing ond Rebecco Loyfon, Crown Beorers Dock — Rodney Gill ond Louro Huebner, Freshmen, Chod Shuherk ond Cindy Donks, Juniors: Nick Longord- ner ond Penny Rogers, 1980-19S4 K ing ond Queen: Tim Copsey ond Gino Nopier, 1984-1985 King and Queen: Doug Dundermon ond Cindy Leinord, Seniors: Keirh Keokuk ond Leonn Hirr, Sophomores. 2. Freshmon Artendonts, Rodney Gill ond Louro Huebner 3. Sophomore Artendonrs, Keirh Keokuk and Leonn Hirr 4. Crown Deorers, Ricky Woodring ond Rebecco Loyron 5. Junior Arrendonrs, Chod Shuherk ond Cindy Donks 6. Senior Arrendonrs, Doug Dundermon ond Cindy Leinord 7. King ond Queen, Tim Copsey ond Gino Nopier 78 •Homecoming This yeor, because there wos no varsity football team, the homecoming donee followed the December 1st bosketball gome with Paulding. Since there was no homecoming parade, eoch class decorated its hallways to prepare for the gome. The Seniors ' hall won first ploce and $20. Both the reserve and varsity teams were victorious over the Panthers. Reserve score was 50-36; the varsity score was 70-55. Following the gome, Tim Copsey and Gino Napier were crowned homecoming king and queen. The dance was held in the cafeteria, and music was provided by AGB Sound. The dance was sponsored by the student council, and the theme wos Jock Wagner ' s song, " All I Need. " 1 Are we having fun yer? 2. Where did your dares go, boys? 3. Senior wallflowers. 4. Swing if, girls. 5. The courr enjoys their donee. 6. Woke up, Steve! 7. What o cute couple! 8. Homecoming sweethearts. 9. Why Is everyone doing the some thing? 10. Cheer up, Stocey. 11. Ride that cycle, Terri. All I Need " Homecoming • 79 1 985 Sweetheart Dance 60 • Sweerheorf Donee 1 1984-1985 Sweetheart Coutt. Row 1 - Senior Attendonts, Cin- dy Leinord and Kike delVolle; Crown Bearers, Nothon Gill and Vickl Lowe. Row 2 — Freshman Attendants, Scott Derenyi ond Terri Gerig: Sophomore Attend- ants, Mindy Drown and Pot Meyer. Row 3 — Junior Attend- ants, John Woodcox ond Joni Jordan; Queen and King, Lyn Phillips ond Don Morlin. 2. Julie Rhonehouse crowns Lyn Phillips. 3. Sophomores, Pom Edwards and Matt Snider, 4. Seniors, Kent Focht and Dove Porrett — whot ore they doing home? 5. Dob Krutsch tells Dan the finer points of being king. 6. The royol court enjoys their donee. 7. Mike Humborger and Missy Dute, sophomores. fl. Get down. Angle! The 1985 Sweetheart Donee was held on Sotur- doy, Morch 2nd, in the multi-purpose room. Chicogo ' s " You ' re the In- spiration " was the theme song. The bond, Stonley and the Tools, performed and was very well re- ceived by the students. You ' re the Inspiration 1. Stanley gers everybody singing! 2. Whor a crew! 3. Freshman beouries! 4. What did you say, Paul? 5. Nice legs, girls! 6. What o donee! What a donee! 7. Is rhof your besr side, girls? 8. Go, Eddie! Sweetheart Dance • 81 THE JUNIOR CLASS of ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL presents z f t A Ky icd ee c ' Don Hall ' s Guesthouse Friday Evening May tenth Nineteen hundred and eighty-five CAN ' T FIGHT THIS FEELING AHS Junior-Senior Prom May 10, 1985 1. King Drod Peffley, Queen Dorb Goetz, Junior Atrendonrs Udo Reiger, Cindy Monsfield, Senior At- rendonrs Dove Meyer, Riro Reinhorr. 2. King Brad Peffley, Queen Borb Goerz, 3. Senior Arrendonrs Dove Meyer and Riro Reinhorr 82 • Prom Another year goes passing by Another Prom is here To some this brings o joyous smile To others, brings o tear ■or four years you have treod a poth From dawn to setting sun But now the path gets steeper And the climb is just begun We ' re very glad to know you We ' ll miss you when you ' ve gone And to the Class of ' 85 We dedicate our Prom. — The Juniors 1. You two moke o sweet couple. 2. Who ' s taking pictures, Fritz? 3. Where ' s your dotes. Girls? 4. Whots everyone staring at? 5. Lookin ' good, Joe! 6. Want some Pepto-Bismol, Marc? 7. Nice moves. Lyie! 8. What did you soy, Doug?! 9. Senior supper club. 10. Everyone enjoying Prom! Prom • 63 Can ' t Fight This Feeling 1. Whor did you rwo do now? 2. How sweer she is. 3. Why were you oil smiles, Bill? 4. Enjoying the food 5. You look so cure rogerher. 6. Whors wrong. Angle? 7. Woke-up, Keirh. 8. No applause, please. ¥ - 84 • Prom Thank You, Juniors 1. Don ' t cry, Chris! 2. Me? 0. Shake it, Kim! 4. Oe happy. 5. Nice legs, Lodies. 6. Mil e Snider 1980-1984 Prom King, OS Angie announces the 1984-1985 court. 7. Congtotulotions Drod and Dorb. 8. Having fun, boys? 9. Scott Dugon, disc-jocl ey from WMEE. DINNER Swiss Steak Jardiniere Twice Baked Potato Green Beans Almondine Tossed Garden Salad DESSERT German Chocolate Cake SOCIAL HOUR Onion Dip with Chips BEVERAGES Punch Coffee Prom • 85 1 Just the cost having q good ole rime. 2. The CQsr of " Annie Get Your Gun. " 0. I ' m on Indion, roo. 4. Annie Oakley — Tommy Whircomb 5. Frank Durler (Joe Darker) — He ' s a bod, bad man. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN ANTWERP SCHOOL AUDITORIUM APRIL 20,27,28 66 • Musicol 1. Trick shor, Frank? 2. You ger man with this gun, nnie. 3. Dolly Tore — JonI Jordan. i. Minnie, Jessie, Nellie, and Little lake — Annie ' s younger siblings. 5. Chief Sitting Dull — Chod Shuherk. b. Ahh! Show business. 7. Buffalo Dill — Rondy Gibson. B. How mony ' s two dozen? Synopsis of Scenes - Act One — Scene 1: The Wilson House, Q summer hotel on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. Ju- ly. Scene 2: A Pullmon Parlor in an Overland Steam Train, Six weeks later. Scene 3: The Fair Grounds at Minneapolis, Minn. A few days later. Scene 4: The Arena of the Dig Tent. Later that night. Act Two - Scene 1: The deck of a cattle boot. Eight months later. Scene 2: The ballroom of the Hotel Drevoort. The next night. Scene 3: Aboard a ferry, enroute to Governor ' s Island. Next morn- ing. Scene 4: Governor ' s Island, near the Fort. Immediately following. There ' s No Business Like Show Business Musical • 67 j ' 2.50 per person Annie Get Your Gun Presented by Antwerp High School Q Friday, April 26 8:00 p.m. D Saturday, April 27 D Sunday, April 28 8:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 1. True love — how sweet it is 2. Charlie Dovenport — Dennis Cline. 0. Annie end Fronk 4. What ' s up there, Annie ' 5. Mr, Willson — Dove Mobis 6. Supporting Cost — Robin Wolk, Kim Humbarger, Louro Huebner 7. Whot o horn S8 • Musical Accompanist — Morionne Coftreli; Choreographer — Nonce Reeb; Set Crew - Joe Dorker, Dove Cline, An- dy Reinhart, Jason Layton, Suzonne Shaffer; Helpers - Jr, High Chorus, High School Chorus, Phillip Jackson, Keith Keokuk, Gory Layton, Scott Derenyi, Dorb Arend, Tim Over- myer, Mike Bute, Art Design — Jeo Darker, Molly Vail, Ingrid Rosebrock, Angle Gire, Michelle McCogue, Joe Murlin; Stage Crew — Dave Cline, Andy Reinhort, Randy Leakey, Rich Forr, Rob Scott, Cindie Voodcox; Lighting - Phillip Jackson, Greg Cowell; Costumes - Kim Scott, Mrs. Joe Dorker; Make-up — Cyndy Dowers, Cindie Woodcox, Donna Ducklond, Angle Reinhort, Down Hopkins Musical • 89 Organizations • 91 A.H.S. Marching Banc 1. AHS Marching Band 2. H.S. Bond Squad Leoders — Lisa Taylor, Laura Taylor, Cindy Mansfield, Susie Overmeyer, Randy Gibson, Sue Shoffer. 2nd Row — Keirh Derek, Steve Schilb, Stocey Ross, Cory Geyer, Barb Goerz, John- nerte McCain, Greg Colwell. 3. Angle Warner and Holly Geyer 4. H. 5. Bond Officers Cindy Mansfield, Doug Dundermon, Susie Overmeyer, Randy Gibson, John- nerre McCain. 2nd Row - Scorr Berenyi, Liso Taylor, Sue Shaffer, Louro Toylor. 92 • Marching Bond frut Your Stuff! 1. AH5 Bond Director — David Jones 2. AHS Bond Color Guard Missy Geyer, Trocey Miller, Lynnerre Turo, Kim Lichfy, Kim Logon 3. Toni and Greg ore working hard. 4. AHS Majorettes — Tracy Gross, Holly Geyer, Terri Gerig 5. Assr. Drum Major — Lori Moon 6. Head Drum Mojor — Robin Walk Marching Bond • 93 A.H.S. Concert Bond 1 Percussion — Down Coffrell, Pom Srumphy, Travis Plilipof, Par Swonn, Rodd Borrern 2. French Horns — Susie Shaffer, Missy Drinneman, Lori Moon 0. Flutes — Angie Warner, Kim Logan, Heidi Schenkel, Holly Geyer, Sfocey Rhineharr, Chris Morlin, Robin Walk 4. Trumpets — Shelly Kunesh, Missy Dure, Vicki Hilton, Amy Elliott, Wen- dy Burns, Cossondro Riggers, Kelly Moore, Kay Beregszozi, Dorb Goefz, Udo Rieger, Gory Layton 5. Baritones — Cory Geyer, Rodney Gill, Scott Derenyi 6. Tubas — Keith Derek, Connie Underwood, Amy Whetstone 94 • Concert Band Music 1. Trombones — Randy Gibson, Croig Dirkhold, Susie Overmeyer, Cheryl Loyron, David Arend, Kelly Zortmon. 2. Cloriners — Trocey Gross, Missy Geyer, Terri Gerig, Cindy Mansfield, Kellie Cox, Srocey Ross, Johnnerre McCain, Kris Fronsworth Absenr — Shori Ross, Amy Bowers. 0. Greg Colwell, Doug Dundermon, Toni Leinard. 4. Bassoons — Amy Coughlin, Kim Lichry. 5. Bass Clarinets — Tracey Miller, Mary Meyer, 6. Mr. David Jones, Director. Concert Band • 95 Pep Bond and Award Winners 1. AH5 Pep Dond — Row 1 Amy Coughlin, Pom Srumphy, Scon Schilb, Par Swonn, f odd Dor- reron, Travis Philpor, Rodney Gill Row 2 Holly Geyer. Kim Lirchy, Liso Toylor, Heidi Schenkel, Chris Morhn, Robm Wolk. Angie Womer, Michelle Addis. Kim Logon, Rondy Gibson Row Cindy Mansfield. Tern Geng, Trocey Gross. Sfocey P.OSS, Kris Fornsworrh, Johnnerre McCoin, Missy Geyer, Kellie Cox, Lynn Turo. Amy Dowers. Trocey Miller Row 4 Keifh Derek, Doug Dundermon. Sue Shaffer, Lori Moon, Missy Drin- neman, Mory Meyer, Missy Dure, Shelly Kunesh, Gory Loyron Row 5 Kelly Moore. Udo Rieger. Dorb Goerz, Louro Taylor, Down Conrell, Cassondro Rigger, Wendy Durns, Roger Hond, Amy ElliofT. VicKi Hilron, Scon Derenyi Row 6 Connie Underwood. Amy WheTsTone, Groig Dirkhold, Dove Arend Cheryl Loyron. Susie Overmyer, Corey Geyer 2. Award winners - Senior — Dorb Goerz, Junior — Cindy Mansfield. Sophomore — Sue Shaffer, Freshmen — Heidi Schenkel. 3- Terrific rrombones show fheir sruff. 4. Fancy Fluresi 5. Ploy rhose tn-roms. Sreve ' 6. Lori directs rhe bond. 7. Four year bond award winners — Angie Deregszozi. Keith Derek, Doug Dundermon. Dorb Goerz, Johnnene McCain. Kelly Moore. Shori Ross, Robin Walk. 96 • Pep Dond Awords 1 Antwerp ' s Distria Choir Members, Dennis Cline and Rondy Gibson 2. Miss Schuiz presents Dove Cline with the third yeor choir oword- 3. Dorb Goeiz, winner of 2nd yeor choir oword ond Robin Walk, winner of Archie Ar- cher oword. 4. 1984-1985 High School Choir — Row 1 - Laura Toylor, Suzi Shoffer, Lisa Taylor, Pam Darker, Borb Goetz, Angle Martin, Lynn Turo, Kelly Cook, Terri Gerig. Tracey Gross, NoDene Leakey. Lonnette Bostelmon, Tonyo Gill, Sue Perriello, Tammy Whitcomb, Tonya Walker, Donito Smolley Row 2 - Holly Geyer, Heidi Schenkel, Connie Under- wood, Michelle Knopp, Vicki Hilton, Troy Koppenhofer, Dove Mobis, Tod Pendergrost, Tom Wonn, Scott Pendergrost, Steve Schilb. Joe Darker. Anthony Dernord, Scott Berenyi. Corey Geyer, Sherry McCain, Donno Elston, Charlotte Smith. Cheri Lucas. Robin Walk, Mary Meyer Row 3 - Anita Shepherd, Down Gallup, Johnnette McCoin, Kim Humborger, Rondy Gibson, Brent Wolley, Dove Cline. Dennis Cline. Doug Dundermon, Tim Copsey, G ory Donor, Kelly Zortman, Rodney Gill, Tim Dornhouse, Loura Huebner, Shelly Walker. Angle Warner, Cin- die Woodcox, Ello Mortoff. 5. Tommy Whitcomb and Dave Cline, Senior award winners. 6. Solo and Ensemble Contest Participonts: Row 1 — Cheryl Layton, Dove Arend, Amy Whetstone, Rondy Gibson, Robin Walk. Row 2 — Susie Overmyer, Joe Barker, Stocey Ross. Holly Geyer, Dave Cline. Cindy Monsfield. Row 3 - Rodney Gill. Missy Brin- nemon, Johnnette McCoin, Dennis Cline, Amy Coughlin. Suzi Shoffer. Barb Goetz. .7. Johnnette McCain, senior choir member. A.H.5. Choir •97 Swing Choir 1 Swing Choir Row 1 — Amy Wliersrone, Robin Woll , Lisa Taylor, Heidi Schenl el. Row 2 - Joe Darker, Suzi Overmyer, Holly Geyer, Tracy Gross, Cory Geyer, Lonnerre ■ Dostelmon. Row 3 — Dennis Cline, Tam- my Whifcomb, Dove Cline, Chad Shuherk, Rodney Gill, Rondy Gibson, Louro T aylor, Suzi Shaffer. 2. Madrigal Singers — Row 1: Joe Darker, Lisa Toylor, Suzi Shaffer, Louro Toylor, Amy Whetstone, Robin Walk. Row 2 - Tommy Whitcomb, Cheryl Loyton, Holly Geyer, Tracy Gross, Heidi Schenkel. Row 3 - Cory Geyer, Dove Cline, Chod Shuherk, Rodney Gill, Ran- dy Gibson, Dennis Cline. 3. You and your Shodow 4. Rrribbitr! 5. Woke up, Lisa! 6. The Madrigal king and queen. 98 ' Choir Future Teachers of America Row 1 - Down Gallup, Gino Kunkel, Joonie Sovoge, Robin Walk. Row 2 - Jill Rhonehouse, Cheryl Fry, Chris Druick, Joni Jor- dan, Cindy Gonks, Susie Overmyer, Kim Win- die, Shelly Walker. Row 3 - Amy Dowers, Srocey Ross, Laura Huebner, Kelly Cook, Tonya Dorteron, Heidi Schenkel, Dawn Hook. Row 4 - Tonya Gill, Mindy Drown, Kip Gire, Michelle Fulk, Christy Robbins, Amy Coughlin, Stacy Hook. Row 5 - Drock Luginbill, Croig Dirkhold, Dove Arend, Jim Kizer, Robert Knorr, Lorry Lewollen. Row 6 - Scott Hudson, Scott Pendergrast, Greg Ankney, Kenneth Fraley. Library Aides Larry Lewollen, Mr. Grabionowski, Scott Pendergrast, Greg Ankney, Ken Froley, Croig Dirkhold, Dove Arend, Scott Hudson, Dob Knorr, Jim Kizer Newspaper Staff Front - Tommy Whitcomb, Lori Wisniewski, Denise Longordner, Rita Reinhort. Standing - Kim Humborger, Dove Mobis, Michelle Mc- Cogue, Ingrid Rosebrock, Down Hopkins, Mrs. Dermon (advisor), Joonie Sovoge, Donno Ducklond. Organizations • 99 .J Greater Toledo Moth Contest Row 1 — Gory Loyron. Jill Srorbuck. Dorbie Arend, Tony Ruiz. Gobe Oberlin, Ken Kemerer, Row 2 — Craig Diri hold, Dob Morrin, Tom Wonn. Jim ReinhotT, Jeff Cook, Paul Storr Row 3 - Dove Arend, Kike Del Voile. Dorb Goerz. Missy Brinnemon, Poity Fulk, Susie Overmyer Algebra 1 Gory Loyron 14 18 of 26 Dob Morrin 71 15 of 26 Tom Wonn 214 12 of 26 Heidi Schenkel 268 11 of 26 FoMHh Year Moth Ki! e Del Voile 22 16 of 30 Dorb Goerz 44 14 of 30 l esulrs of 7rh ond 8th grode moth, geometry, ond Algebra II tests were unovoiloble ot printing time. Moumee Volley Moth Contest Row 1 — Albert Monello, Tony Ruiz, Dorb Arend, Sonjo Humbarger, Korrino Dosrelmon, Tina Colwell, Jill Srorbuck, Bonnie McCreery, April Hunt. Row 2 — Dove Arend, Bob Martin, Tom Wonn, Jim Reinhort, Gobe Oberlin, Ken Kemerer, Joson Loyton. Row - Barb Goetz, Tomie Collins, Cindy Banks, Gary Layton, Kike Del Voile, Paul Starr, Tammy Rosey, Potty Fulk, Susie Overmyet, Jeff Cook, Joson Saylot. Student Council Kendro Detmon, Julie Cook, Angle Marsden, Cris Hopkins, Cindy Murlin, Kim Botes, Pot Meyer, Stacy Rhinehort, Ed Hohn, Pam Rosey, Chod Shuherk, Gino Kunkel, Jeni Derek 100 Junior High Scholarship Team Row 1: Scott Pier — French II: Potty Fulk — Geometry, Kipp Gire — English 10. Dob Mortin — Algebro I. Gory Loyton — Algebro I, Dove Arend — Spanish II, Jim Kizer, Kim Scott — Physics Row 2; Tommy R,osey — English 11, Down Doll — French I, Down Cottreli — Algebro I, Jim Reinhorr — Spanish I, Liz Cook — French I, Row 3: Dorb Goetz — Advonced Moth, More Jump — American History, Pom Stumphy — Algebto I. Shelley Tinkhom — English 9, Joni Jordon — Chemistry I, Cheryl Loyton — Sr. Social Studies, Robin Wolk — Chemistry I, Croig Dirkhold — Sponish II, Row 4; Poul Storr — Geometry. Cindy Donks — English 11, Kurt Lothomer — Physics, Steve Schilb — Physics, Kike de Voile — Advonced Moth, Dill Waters — Chemistry I, Morcio Koenn — English 12, Missy Drinnemon — English 10, Denise Longordner — English 12, Susie Over- myer — Algebra II. Jeff Cook — Algebro II, Pam F osey — Americon History Science Fair Winners R.esults SUDJEa Di vision 3 All Size District State Schools Chemistry 1 District Dove Meyer 10 HM Joni Jordon 19 Algebro 1 Gory Loyton 5 16 Bob Mortin 5 16 Heidi Schenkel 16 HM Pom Stumphy HM HM Algebro II Susie Overmyer 12 HM Geometry Patty Fulk 4 5 7 Poul Storr 13 HM Advonced Moth Kike del Voile 1 9 8 Darb Goetz 19 English 10 Kip Gire HM English 12 Denise Longordner HM Row 1: Jim Kizer, David Arend, Chris Moore. Row 2: Mike Wetli, John Davis, Barbie Arend Rotings HIGH SCHOOL Fitst - Scott Schilb Second - Jim Kizer- Third - Dovid Arend JUNIOR HIGH First - Mike Wetii Second - John Dovis Third - Dorbie Arend SUPERIOR RATINGS - HIGH SCHOOL | Dovid Arend Greg Colwell Jim Kizer Joe Dorker Scott Schilb Gory Loyton Matt Snider Tomie Collins Kelly Cook Bob Knorr Heidi Schenkel Shelley Tinkhom | Don Mickelson Cr isty Robbins Kim Windle Scott Derenyi Brock Luginbill Michelle Knopp Trocy Gross Holly Geyer Paul Starr SUPERIOR RATINGS -JUNIOR HIGH | Dorb Arend Angie Morsden John Dovis Je ni Grobionowski Mike Wetii Decky Schenkel Rebecco Owens Deboro McCogue [ Amy Jordon Kendro Detmon Dove Hicov Joey Copsey Jenni Geyer Ken Froley Joson Soylor Andy Tabor REGIONAL SCIENCE FAIR Dove Arend — Excellent Mort Snider — Excellent Scott Schilb — Excellent Greg Colwell — Sup erior (1st H 5. Zoology) DISTRia SCIENCE FAIR Greg Colwell — Excellen Scott Schilb — Superior STATE SCIENCE FAIR Greg Colwell — Excellen Amy Jordan — Excellent 101 National Honor Society The Notional Honor Society had a very busy yeor. Members of the organization voted to amend the language of their constitution in order to odmit sophomores into membership. Due to this process, two induction ceremonies were held — one on December 2nd for juniors and seniors; the other was held on April 21st for sophomores. The Honor Society olso had a number of new projects this year. The group sponsored a mock elec- tion in November, o food collection in December, and a bulletin board display for Student Activities Week in April. The members also recogniz- ed the teaching staff on Teacher Day USA, on May 8, by moking ap- ple badges and putting cookies in the teacher ' s lounges. As a money- making project in late March, the organization sold condy-groms which proved to be a very suc- cessful ond FUN project. The Ant- werp National Honor Society closed out its year on May 9 with a trip to Toledo to see the new Portside complex ond take a luncheon cruise on the paddle boot, " Arowonna Princess. " Officers for the 1964-65 school year were President: Morcio Koenn Vice-President: Dove Meyer Secretory: Dorb Goetz Treasurer: Rita Reinhort News Reporter: Denise Longordner 1 NHS Seniors Row 1 - Robin Walk, Morcio Koenn, Denise Longordner, Rita Reinhort. Row 2 — Cindy Leinord, Dorb Goetz, Molly Voil, Dove Meyer Not Pictured — Gory Donat, Shori Ross, Kim Scott. 2. NHS Juniors ond Seniors Seated of left — Dove Meyer, Cindy Leinord, Robin Wolk. Seated at right - Mor- cio Koenn, Denise Logordner, Dorb Goetz. Standing - Lisa Taylor, Pom Rosey, Tommy Rosey, Cindy Banks, Susie Overmyer, Joni Jordan, Kim Scott, Mrs. Duchhop, Louro Taylor, Angie Martin, Gory Donat, Molly Voil. Absent - Rito Reinhort, Shori Ross. 3. Cindy Banks and Susie Over- myer, Junior 4. NHS Freshman — Front - Scott Pier, Paul Starr, Mott Snider, Missy Brinnemon. Bock — Dove Arend, Croig Birkhold, Brock Luginbill. 5. NHS — Row 1 - Molly Voil, Missy Drinnemen. Row 2 - Morcio Koenn, Denise Longordner, Dove Meyer, Borb Goetz, Rito Reinhort. Row - Joni Jordon, Cindy Leinord, Scott Pier, Brock Luginbill, Cindy Bonks, Susie Overmyer, Angie Martin. Row 4 - Dove Arend, Croig Birkhold, Paul Starr, Robin Walk, Mart Snider. 6. NHS Members enjoy their cruise on the Moumee. ? OBLIGE Scholastic Bowl " The Antwerp Scholastic Bowl team began its yeor in late September with prac- tices every week. In Novennber, Antwerp hosted the Second Antwerp Invita- tionol. The next nneet was in January ot the Hicksville Scholastic Bowl Tournament followed in February by the GMC Scholastic Tournament which was olso held at Hicksville. Fairview hosted a competition this yeor in March, and the teom closed its season traveling to Celina for the Wright State Branch Scholostic Bowl. " Mrs. Buchhop 1 Scholastic Bowl — Mrs. Buchhop, Heidi Schenkel, Kip Gire, Greg Col- well. Con Mickelson, Louro Taylor, Kim Scorr, Mrs. Dermon, Doug Dundermon, Susie Overmyer, Angle Morrin, Srocy Ross, Craig Birkhold, Chris Fronsworth, Barbie Goerz, Denise Longordner, Suzanne Shaffer, Lisa Taylor, Missy Drin- nemon, Paul Srorr, David Arend 2. Jeff Cook — Junior 3. Borb Goerz — Senior 4. Doug Dundermon, Poul Srorr, Liso Taylor, Denise Longordner — The " A " Teom. 5. Mrs. Buchhop 6. Mrs. Dermon 7. Good Answer! 8. The answer is . . 9. C ' mon, Ir wosn ' r rhor dumb. Scholosric Bowl • 103 Archer Yearbook Staff The yearbook staff met losr summer to storr planning the 1985 yeorbook. A theme, The New Generation, and a basic layout design were chosen. In the foil, the staff hod a very successful ad campaign. The top selling teams were Tonya Walker with Kim Scott and Missy Brin- neman with Amy Dowers. The basic publication cost per book was approximately $23, but if was sold to students for $14. The following staff members hove done on excellent job preparing this yearbook for publicotion: Editor - Barb Goerz; Business Manager — Donna Bucklond; Photographers - Kim Humborger, Amy Dowers, Missy Brinneman, Greg Colwell; Stoff - Amy Boumle, Dawn Hopkins, Johnnette McCain, Angie Reinhort, Rita Reinhart, Shori Ross, Joonie Savage, Kim Scott, Tonya Walker, Christy Bruick, Tammy Hohn, Dill Waters, Tam- my Rasey, Corey Geyer, Christine Morlin, and Stocey Ross; Advisor - Mrs. Kathleen Neidhordt. 104 • Yearbook Stoff Administration Mr. James Rosendohl High School Principal Mr. David Dagley Elementary Principal School Board Members: Mr. Robert Kommeyer Mrs. Dernadyne Rogers Mr. Steve Derek Mr. Mike Luginbill Mrs. Myrno Cook Superintendent Dr. Charles Toylor Secretory — Mrs. Peggy Sovoge Adminisrrorion • 105 Cafeteria Workers: Mrs Johnson, Mrs Hammond, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Dillmon, Mrs. Smolley New High School Faculty for 1985: Mr. Dolser, Mrs. Shugors, MissSchulz. Mr. Allen Art Mr. Dalser Resource Teacher Mr. Grabianowski LIbrorion Mr. Kemerer Mr. Limber Industrial Arts Drivers Education Miss Mundt Physicol Educotion Mrs. Oberlin Home Economics and Staff Mrs. Rummage Mr. Schilb Mrs. Shugors Miss Schuiz Mr. Simmons Mrs. Slode Resource Teacher Science Reading, Shorthand Vocol Music Math Resource Teacher Mr. Thompson Physical Educorion Coshlers: Mrs. Rosey Mrs. Kennedy Sroff • 107 Mrs. Derek First Grade Mrs. Friend Second Grode Mrs. Dirkhold Second Grade Mrs. Webb Second Grode Mrs. Luginbill Second Grade Mrs. Musselman Fourth Grade Etc. 108 • Stoff Etc Mrs. Drotherton Sixth Grade Mr. Smith Sixth Grade Mrs. Kommeyer Chapter I Reading Mrs. McGroth Speech Clinician Miss Richardson Resource Teacher Mrs. Davis Mrs. Mobley Mr. Doder Mrs. Noll M ' s. Meyer Mrs. West Resource Teacher Music Physical Educofion Computer Aid Liorory Aid Elementary Aid Maintenance Stoff: Mrs. Von Cleve, Mrs Bender, Mr. Wiedmon, Mr. Shipmon. 110 • Sroff Mrs. Geyer Elementary Secretory ■■■ ■ k1- L JUNIOR HIGH spelling Dee Winners Junior High Royal Court Class of 89 ' Paul Boys Krisry Qerryhill John Drenneke Nikki Druick Lorry Corr Don Cline Jeff Cline James Coil Tina Collins Joyce Copsey Doug Corwin Tony Delong Chris Dix Mart Doll Ken Froley Tom Friend Dove Fry Denny Gerrosr Jeni Grobionowski Angle Griggs Andy Hohn Tony Hohn Dove Hift Cris Hopkins Joson Hormonn Vendy Huebner Sheri Humborger SonjQ Humborger 112 -Eighth Grade Louro Hunt Lorry Ice Amy Jordan Wendy Kaufman NickKelby Ken Kemerer Jored Kennedy Morya Knurh Jerry Kunesh Annerre Langriam Ticia Leinord Debro Lilly Croig Longordner Drad Lucas Tommie Lyrle Teri McNabb Mike Meyer Jody Miller Jeff Minck Eighth Grade Chad Moliror Joni Molifor Cindy Murlin Rochelle Nelson Jill Ookes Gabriel Oberiin Jeni Pier Rondy Pierce Shawn Powell Tina Rice Mike Richharr Mike Reinharr Michelle Rose Howord Sensobough Dorbora Senfei Charlie Seslor Dave Shidler Tera Shull Mike Smith Jill Srorbuck Kim Swain Andy Tobor Tommy Thompson Joe Trzynko Mork VonCleve Deonno Wenzlick Don West Mike Wetii Not Pictured: Melisso Doger John Davis Jason Layron Jenny Ritch Dill Steffes Eighth Grade • 113 7th Grade Class Officers: Rebecca Drenneke, Treasurer Becky Schenkel, Secrerory, Julie Cook, Srudenr Council, Tim Overmyer, Presi- dent, Kendra Dermon, Student Council, Angelynn Morsden, Vice President Joneon Adorns LisQ Atchley Yvonne Douer Kotrino Dostelmon Pomelo Drondenburg Kenney Dronhom Class of ' 90 Loretto Dronhom Rebecco Drenneke Mike Dure Charles Campbell Leslie Corpenter Chod Clevinger Julie Cook Joey Copsey Benjamin Coronodo Kendro Detmon Tracy Edwords Rich Forr Stacy Feosby Victoria Froley Jennifer Friend Taro Gosron Kelly Gerken Jennifer Geyer Eric Gillespie Srephonie Hicks Dove Hicov Kelly Hook Matt Hopkins Anisso Humborger 114 • Seventh Grade April Hunt Amy Kennedy Ty Koppenhofer Stephanie Laker Rondy Leokey Shane Lockharr Al Monello Angelynn Morsden Deb McCogue Andy McCain Tom McCloin Donnie McCreery Mike McNobb Jeff Meodor Kyle Moon Tim ODonnell Den Oberlin Kelly Osborn Seventh Grade Tim Overmyer Becky Owens John Phillips Russ Pierce Andy Reinhort Chad bobbins Jason Roehrig Tony Ruiz Jason Soylor Roger Sanders Becky Schenkel Rob Scorr Brert Shepherd Dennis Steele Mike Stuck Trocie Thomas Mondi Tracy Todd VonCleve Suson Wonn Roxanne Woters Teddo Wesley Jocque Wilhelm Becky Wolf Eriko Zuber Not Pictuted: Danny Green Charles Sentel Seventh Grade • 115 Season P ecofd ■ ' The Anrwerp volleyboli program will be looking good in rhe future The record of 5 wins and 4 losses does nor tell how rhese girls ployed They were defeored by Woyne Troce, Foirvrew. and Edgerron during rhe regulor seoson rhen agoin by Fairview in rournomenr Each of These three schools has always hod ex- cellent volleyboli progroms, bur give these ' Ant- werp freshmen to be one or two more years ond rhey will be teodmg rhe G.M C They were on excellent ond cooperorive bunch of girls to cooch ond I wish each one of them the best with rheir next four yeors of high school. " Cindy Hughes Edon W Edgerron Wayne Trace L Holgare Poulding — cancelled Miller City Foirview L Poulding — Miller Gry W Tourney Foirvie Hicksville W Seoson P,ecord Managers: Tero 5hull, Sheri Humborger Stofs: Kris Berryhill, Tina Collins, Louro Hunt Seoson P-ecord Edon L Hicksville Woyne Troce L Edgerron Poulding — Concelled Holgore Foirview L Miller City Miller City L Poulding — Seoson [Record 2-6 Eighth Grade Girls ' Volleyball Row 1: Jeni Grobionowski, Jill Storbuck, Wendy Huebner, Nikki Druick, Kim Dares, Cindy Murlin, Anneii Langhom. Row 2: Rochelle Nelson, Anny Jordan, Moryo Knurh, Coach — Cindy Hughes, Debro Lilly, Sonjo Huil borger, Ticio Leinard Seventh Grade Girls ' Volleybal Row 1: Decky Drenneke, Pom Brandenburg, Deb McCogue, Janeon Adams, Tara Gasron, Srephonie Laker. Row 2: Angle Marsden, Bonnie McCreery, Dedl Wolf, Anisso Humborger, Kendro Detmon. , 116 • Junior High Sporrs ;ighth Grade Girls ' Basketball w 1: Chris Dix, Wendy Huebner, Cindy Murlin, Kim Dares. Row 2: Barbie Arend, Sonjo Humborger. Morya Knurh, Deb Lilly, Annette Longhom, Ticio Leinord eventh Grade Girls ' Basi etball t 1: Becky Owens, Trade Thorr as, Korrina Bostelrr an, Tara Gastan, Jennifer Geyer. Row 2. Stephanie : T, Yvonne Bauer, Lisa Archley, Kondro Detmon, Anisso Humborger, Julie Cook. 1 . Season Record Edon W 10 Ayersville 24 L 34 Tinoro 16 W 20 Foirview 31 L 17 Woodlown 30 L 17 Tinoro 16 W 16 Edgerron 15 W 38 Hicksville 29 w 26 Wayne Trace 28 L 21 Hicksville 27 L 35 Edgerton 32 W 24 Woyne Troce 20 w Toumomenr 00 Tinoro 19 w 19 Wayne Trace 23 L 19 Hicksville 14 L Record 8-7 Good job qi Isi Coach Ore wn Stots: Amy Jordon, Nikki Druick. Wendy Huebner, Kris Derryhill Managers: Bonnie McCreery. Tina Collins, Sheri Humborger " Aggressive! Quick! Good defense! If you wat- ched the 7th grode Lody Archers these were words thot come to your mind These girls work- ed hard ond learned a lot Im sure you ' ll see them excelling ar bosketboll In the fuhjre. " Cooch Koenn The 7rh grode Lody Archers finished rheir season fl-4 overoll. 7-3 in the conference. He Wond 20 Ayersv 42 Tinoro 29 Foirview Edon — 26 Edgerton f7 Hicksville 16 Tinoro 21 Hicksville Special Recognir High point lody - Most rebounds - Most sieols — Kc Lost 4 13 Woodlown 14 Wayne Troce 6 Edgerton 9 Woyne Troce - Julie Cook Anisso Humborger nno Dosfelmon Junior High Sporrs • 117 Junior High Football Row 1: Grog Ankney. srot, Chorles Senrel, Mike Dure. Tim Overmyer, Joey Copsey. Brett Shepherd, Charles Compbell, Ai McCoin, Chad Clevinger, Mike McNobb. stot Row 2: Jerry Kunesh, P.uss Pierce. Dennis Steel, Den Oberlin, Todd VonCle Robert Scott, Jeff Meodor, Tom McCloin. Joson Roehrig, Dove Hicov, Row 3: Cooch Stollkomp, Doug Corwin, Billy Bart John Brenneke, Mike Stuck, John Phillips, Rondy Leaky, Tim O ' Donnell, Brad Lucas, Randy Pierce, Cooch Boder. Rov Cooch Rhonehouse, Danny Cline, David Fry, Gabriel Oberlin, Ken Kemerer, Marc VanCleve, Craig Longardener, Don ( Mike Myer. Andy Hohn, Joson Hormonn. MUmt Uf inc. ' ARCHERS 2. Football Cheerleaders: Doftom — Louro Hunt, Joni Molifor, Chris Dix, Angela Griggs. Top - Kafrino Dostelmon, Terri McNobb, Amy Ken- nedy, Jenny Pier, Jenny Geyer, 3. Eighth Grade: Front — Ticio Leinord. Row 2: Nikki Druick, Wendy Huebner, Amy Jordan Top - Tero Shull, Terri McNobb, Jenny Pier. 4. Seventh Grade: Becky Schenkel, Mondi Tracy, Amy Kennedy, Eriko Zuber, Srocy Feosby, Korrino Dosrelmon. 5. Mrs. Kommeyer, Adviser 116 ' Junior High Sports Eighth Grade Boys ' Basketball Row 1: Randy Pierce, Man Doll, Chad Molifor, Dove Hirr, Jason Hormonn, Jored Kennedy, Row 2: Tom Friend, Mike Myer, More Von Cleve, Ken Kemerer, Dove Fry, Don West, Denny Getrost Seventh Grade Boys ' Basketball . Row 1: Mike Bute, Morr Hopkins, Joey Copsey, Eric Gillespie, Tim Overmyer, Drerr Shepherd, Ty Kopperhofer. • Row 2: Todd Von Cleve — monoger, Russ Pierce, Chod Robbins, John Phillips, Tony Ruiz, Rich Forr. Season IXecord 48 Foirview 57 L 42 Hicksville 26 W 46 Ayersville 51 L 37 Wayne Troce 36 W 51 Foirview 49 W 39 TInoro 46 L 36 Ookwood 40 L 52 Woyne Trace 38 W 40 Hicksville 28 W 34 Edgerton 20 W 33 Hicksville 23 W GMC 26 Foirview 39 L GMC 42 Wayne Troce 22 W GMC Final Record 8-5 High Scorers 1stK en Kemerer 158 points 2nd Joson Hermann 128 points 3rd Don West 72 po nrs Managers: Andy Hohn, Rondy Pierce Managers: Greg Ankney, Todd VonCleve 41 Foirview 22 W (1-0) 31 Hicksville 49 L (1-1) 35 Ayersville 26 W (2-1) 15 Wayne Trace 19 L (2-2) 32 Foirview 23 W (3-2) 3S Tinoro 22 W (4-2) 28 Poulding 31 L (4-3) 32 Woyne Troce 29 W (5-3) OT 24 Hicksville 27 L (5-4) 31 Edgerton 34 L (5-5) " These kids reolly impressed me wirh their enrhusiosm, Whot rhey locked in height, they mole up wirh hustle. They reolly worked hord or rhe gomes " Coach Srollkomp Junior High Sports • 119 Junior High Band Junior High Solo and Ensemble Participants Junior High Bond Officers Junior High Music ' 121 Junior High Girls ' Traci Row 1 - Moryo Knurh, Teddo Wesley, Wendy Kaufman, Becky Wolfe, Anissa Humbarger, Katrino Dostelmen, Yvonne Dower. Row 2 - Krisrey Derryhill, Sonjo Humbarger, Tero Shull, Ticio Leinard, Wendy Huebner, Jeni Geyer. Row 3 - Lisa Archley, Erica Zuber, Julie Cook, Rachelle Nelson, Laura Hunr, Cindy Murlin, Kim Dotes, Deb Lille. Row 4 - Roxonne Wafers, Tracey Thomos, Kelly Gerken, Mr. Drown, Coach. New Records Ticio Leinard — ICXDm low hurdles 19.1. Deb Lilly — Discus 72 ' a " . Kim Dares — 2CX)m 29.6. 19S5 Antwerp Jr. High Girls ' Record April 20 Edgerton vs Antwerp, won,- April 25 Ayersville Foir- view Hicksville, 2nd: April 29 Tinora Hicksville Antwerp, 2nd; May 2 Payne vs Antwerp, 2nd; May 7 Foirview St. John ' s North Centrol, 2nd; Moy 14 GMC, 6th 1985 Jr. High Boys ' Track Record April 23 Edgen-on vs Antwerp, 1st; April 25 Ayersville, Foirview, Hicksville vs Antwerp, 2nd place; April 29 Tinoro, Hicksville, vs Ant- werp, 2nd; Moy 2 Woyne Trace vs Antwerp, 2nd; May 7 Foirview, St. John ' s (Defionce) North Centrol vs Antwerp, 1st; Moy 14 GMC, 6th Records - 1600 Relay Team McCloin, West, Oberlin, Kemerer 4:14.7. 122 • Organizations Junior High Boys ' Troci Row 1 - stats — Mike McNabb, Kyle Moon, Amy Kennedy, Amy Jordan. Row 2 - Ty Koppenhofer, Jared Kennedy, Drod Lucos, Tim Overmyer, Russ Pierce, Mike Dure. Row 3 - Jason Loyton, Todd Von Cleve, Ken Kemerer, Andy Hahn, jason Hormonn, Tom McCloin. Row 4 - Den Oberlin, Jim Coil, Dill Darker, Tom Friend, Don West, Don Cline, Gobe Oberlin, Steve Doder, cooch. ■ Elementary jummuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiyifiimiiwiiiiiiwMI ANTWERP Vi here kids COUNT And teachers CARE (P 1 1. SPELLING DEE: Cindy Wiesehon — winner, Michelle Luginbill — runner-up. 2. AEA PUMPKIN CONTEST WIN- NERS - Row 1: Kent Lichty, Jeriko Smirh, Ryan Zuber. Row 2: Condoce West, Carolyn Dowers, Lori Lichry. Row 3: Diane Koch, Brian Dowers, Lynetre Koch 3. KINDERGARTEN HELPERS - Row 1: Decky Culler, Amy Grant, Tana Rickord, Kim Orringer. Row 2: Nicole Shoner, Andreo Gordon, Kevin Sruorr, Dill Wesley, 4. SAFETY PATROL - Row 1: Todd Lilly, Jeremy DeLoog Row 2: Denji Wolley, Jennifer Jackson, Korenc Sorros, Sreve Friend. Row 3: Spencer Pier, Darry Shepord Mike Panico, Don Dunbor, Shown Drewer, Chod Jones Sixth Grade Working Hard! 6A social studies dosses hove studied the Eastern Hemisphere countties, peo- ple, and cultures of the post and how rhey relote to the present. We enjoyed various books, movies, speakers, and art projects Two student teachers, Mrs. Shugors and Mr. Luginbill, hove helped us leorn new information and skills os they leorned themselves. We wish them the best as they begin their own reaching coreers, 6D has especially enjoyed the new heolth series. The chapter entitled Your Body Systems ot Work was interesting ond informotive. Choosing representatives for the Spelling Dee hos created lots of com- petition among students. Hard work on Moth ond Reading skills ore beginning to poy off for most students. The activities of 6-C were top secret this yeor ond were not ovailable for publication. Mrs. Drotherton ' s Class Row 1 - Dorry Shepherd, Kim Ottinger, Denji Wolley, Steve Friend, Amy Grant, Chris Drogg, Bobby Poyton, Toro Den- nett, Mrs. Brotherton. Row 2 - Stephanie Provon, Nicole Shoner, Bill Wesley, Jason Reeb, Helen Smith, An- drea Gordon, Tono Rickord. Row 3 - Potty Arend, Becky Culler, Virginio Barker, Kevin Stuort, Shown Knopp, Chad Jones, Kevin Fulk. Absent: Kevin Logon. Mr. Snyder ' s Class Row 1 — Scott Warner, Steven Bowers, Rebekah Hess, Peter Cline, Spencer Pier, Shown Brewer, Michael Provines, Jennifer Smith. Row 2 - Melissa Mendez, Shodo Sobo, Kimberly Monsfield, Heath Woltenburg, Dione Koch, Shori Kemerer, Aaron West, Christina Conley, Terri Gilpin. Row 3 - Joshua Holmon, Donald Dundermon, Brian Fisher, Michael Ponico, Bridgett Canterbury, Borboro Hort, Teacher: Mr. Snyder, New class member: Shown Hembree. 124 Sixth Grode Mr. Smith ' s Class Row 1 — Troy Collins, Jeff Miller, Mart Hormonn, Heather Scouten, Wode Doiser, Steve Pier, Drion Dix. Row 2 - Shone Fornsworth, Dill McMichoel, DwQin Wenzlick, Shorlo Shaffer. Michelle Luginbill, Eric Reeb. Jeromy DeLong, Mr. Drion Smith. Row 3 - Todd Lilly, Koreno Sontos, Cindy Wiesehon, Melonie Jump, Tommie Rice, Kim Kelley, Jenny Jockson. Absent: David Doger, Robert King. Sixth Grode • 125 Fifth Grade Fractions, Fractions! 5rh Grade Fiffh graders hove worked with frocrions rhis yeor. Earing " frocrions " was o speciol rime. In Social Srudies we nnode " floors " and " traveled " by rood nnops. We hove wrir- ren junior editorials and hove given nnony orol reporrs. Our field trip was to the Youtheater in Ft. Wayne to see Tom Sowyer. 28 of our grade ore in first year bond and 51 of us ore chorus members. i5 iji - ' ■ 126 ' Fifrh Grade Mr. Seely ' s Class | 1. Row 1 - Alex Sonros, Julius Longordner, Mark Kizer, Melissa Taylor, Scott Wolf, Alan Dei; netr, Amy Simmons, Jennifer Starbuck. Row 2 - Patrick Vail, Jason Corpenter, Ryan Polme ' Scott Cortrell, James Rottigeb, Gretchen Molitor, Stacie Peters, Brian Dowers. Row 3 - Cher Meyer, Jennifer Jones, Elizabetti Trzynka, Tobitha Leininger, Angela Glossey, Erika Zortmor Jennifer Meyer, Absent: Joson Meodor Mrs. Seely ' s Class 2. Row 1 - Steven Knight, Chad Geyer, Travis Lichty, Dovid Fisher, James Lockhort, Angi ' Huss, Jomo Dennett, Mrs. Seely. Row 2 - Alex Ruiz, Heath Dodone, Monica Cottrell, Jenniff Stetler, Wendy Schenkel, Johnette Todsen, Chad West. Row 3 - Kristin Gross, Christen Depev Jodi Klimo, Tracy Richords, David Fornsworth, Crissy Hicks, Holly Todsen. Absent: Jennif Johnson, Mike Darker. , .♦» i ' :S ' Mr. Rex ' s Class Row 1, L to R - Troy Knopp, Danielle Murlin, Kelly Miller, Aman- da Lucas, Nancy Swoln, Dawn Whirehouse, Ronald Schroeder, Trovis Wilhemm. Row 2, L to R - Jenny Corr, Shelly Manella, Kristy King, Jason Kever, Steve Steele, Tom V ilhemmi, Den Friend. Row 3, L to R - Stocie Hicks, Robert Degley, Jon Dundermon, James Storbuck, Steve Smith, Ron Gerken, Dewoyne Price. Fifth Grade • 127 Fourth Grade Growing and Learning In English we hove learned ro give speeches and write srories. In mofh we hove learned how ro multiply and divide. We hove learned about different kinds of regions around the world. We mode bread when we learned about growing wheat on the prairie. We ' ve learned some things about early America. This spring we really learned to ap- preciate the early settlers when we visited Souder ' s Museum and Croft Village. Mr. Allen helped us leorn how to draw. In science and health we ' ve learned about the world and bodies. We ' ve read lots of good books this year and learned to do book reports. Mrs. Musselman ' s Class Row 1 - Chad Fronkiin, Jeremy Miller, Dill Reinhort, Kris Knight, Jeff Klender, Nothon Nixon, Mesho Hess, Don Pro- von. Row 2 — Eric Jordan, Curtis Lichty, Jason Stiebling, Chad Luginbill, Joe Reyes, Cindy Murlin, Beth Molitor, Robin Bennett. Row 3 - Lynette Koch, Korlo Lowe, Joel Kommeyer, Rochelle Pierce, Jenny Knuth, Josh Overmeyer. Absent - Julie Culler, Jeff Sillimon. -128 •Fourth Grade Mrs. Farlee ' s Class Row 1 - Michael Shepherd, Jessica Romsier. Jenny Brandenburg, Drod Gronr, Krisry Carpenter. Melissa Dossert, Jodi Edwards. Row 2 - Heather Daeger, Jesse Dranham, Amber Curtis, Amy Miller, Jeremy Snyder. John Banks. Jason Miller. Mrs. Forlee. Row — Aoron Grabionowski. Reggie Clem. Kim Mendez. Soro Schutt, Eric Mtch, Cin- dy Dix, Deb Bright. Absent - Jennifer Kelly. New Student - Heidi Boger. IJ Fourth Grade • 129 Third Grade Busy! Busy! Busy! Our third grode classes hove hod o very busy year. The students hove learned to write in cursive and hove applied this skill in oil their subjects. In nnoth they v orked on the basics of addition, sub- traction, multiplicotion, ond division. The students studied the stars and completed the unit with Q visit to the planetarium in Fort Wayne. The annual third grade operetta was presented in March. The title was " Ploy Day in Happy Holland. " Miss Gordon ' s Gloss Row 1 - Shone Owens. Shone Clev- inger, Shannon Loyron. Mory Lodd, Melisso Durdine, Tomi Dennerf, Shone Litzenberg, Amy Pendergrosf, Chrisrino Dronhom. Row 2 - Miss Gordon, Lindo Koch, Jerry Conley, Shown Hozelswort, Jessico Zuber, Carolyn Dowers, Soroh Luginbill, Lisa Porrish, Tonyo Kwo scigroh, Michoel Voccoro. Row 3 - Jennifer Hicov, Douglos Doylon, Scorr Smith, Condoce West, Morcy Minck, Andrew Scoff, Jonofhon McCreery 130 • Third Grade Mr. . StQllkomp ' s Class Row 1 — Eric Leininger, Poulo Wiesehon, Heather Whitehouse, Kori Poyron, Cory Foster. John Huss, Sara Reeb, Amber Frederick. Row 2 - Kim Froiey. Crystal Soyior, Jeremy Addis, Yvonne Van Cleve, Andy Jordon, Marls Snider, Tim Ponico, Cory Weeb. Row 3 - Cariso Stewart, Brandy Coon, Jeff Friend, Kari Overmeyer. Rachel West. Amy Eccard, Jennifer Knopp, Mart Dermon. 1 , s ( Third Grade • 131 Second Grade We ' re Getting Better! Second grade was a year filled wirh ex- ciremenr ond growth. Social studies and science came alive as we visited a dairy farm, picked opples from an orchard, gathered eggs, and examined wool at a sheep farm. We studied pond life as we fished ond picnicked or Mrs. Friend ' s farm. Mastery of the 100 addition ond subtrac- tion facts was a goal for us. We progressed on to renaming and regrouping while us- ing the facts we had learned. Reading became on important ospect of our academic life. We refined our phonetic skills, increosed our sight vocabulary, im- proved our comprehension skills, and polished fluency and expression in oral reoding. We enjoyed art in many forms by mak- ing projects to correlate with the seasons and holidays. Mrs. Friend ' s Class 1. Row 1 - Den Noll, Melony Durdine, Molindo Sawyer, Stoci Lowe, Heather Rosebrock, Courtney Shull. Row 2 - Mrs. Friend, JoCee Ott, Lori Lictity, Ctiod McCobe, Jason MocDonold, Som Coronodo, Steven Dectitol. Row 3 - Den Schutt, Travis Hughes, John Woppes, Chris Drown, Chorles McGuire. Not Pic- tured - Susan Seslor, Gory Sentel. Mrs. Birkhold ' s Class 132 • Second Grade Mrs. Webb ' s Class 1. Row 1 - Conduis Johnson. Corrie Alric, Criss Hirt, Regon Clem, Kelley Perers. Joshua Shaffer, Veronica Aloniz. Row 2 — Erin Zuber, Cindy horper, Noah Long, Heather Locl harr, Jaime Gerig, Sara Fornsworrh, Mrs. Webb. Row 2 - Drion Reinhort, Joson Cornohan, Melisso Messmon, Gregg Doylon, Boston Woltenberger. Mrs. Luginbill ' s Class 2. Row 1 — Amy Kelble, Mondy Coughlin, Shirley Snyder, Kelly Vail, Jennifer Zorrmon, David Scoufen, Chorlotre Gordon. Row 2 - Ronald Scott. Amondo Long, Soroh Wiesehan. Leigh Ann Kortokrax, Jason Homrick, Courtenoy Zartman, Nicole Martinez, Mrs. LuginbilL Row 3 — Drion Lichty. Matt Rodreguez, Todd Griggs, Amy Eoken, Stocy Loker, Sheyna Keeley. Not Pictured — Gregory Dillman. Second Grade • 130 First Grade Reaching to Understand We first graders show rremendous growth in many ways. From non- readers, we ' ve become copoble readers, excited obout stories and learning. We understand a great deal obout words and ore becoming responsible for our feelings and actions. We shore, celebrate birthdays, ond often lose teeth. We learn how to han- dle small addition and subtroaion problems, read clocl s, and count money. We tolk about onimols, plants, weather, oir, water, family, and school. Thanksgiving was very special because we helped prepare the food we ate and dressed as Pilgrims and In- dians. We were impressed by the size of the Ft. Woyne Civic Theatre where we enjoyed " Alice in Wonderland. " Art projects were mostly about holidoys and months. A spring nature wolk helped us oppreciote the wonders of o woods. Most importontly, we leorned it ' s okoy to moke a mistake. We ' re learn- ing that mistokes ore noturol. That ' s why we come to school and help friends! Mrs. Smith ' s Class 1. Row 1 Bront Zuber, Eric DeLong, Chod Kurzli. Shelli Gront, Dovid Dundermon, Corrie Reeb Row 2 - Mr Smith, Gobriel Mendez, Jillion Zortmon, Srocie Dronhom. Trish Mendez, Dole McDormon, Nothon Connin Row 3 - Drion Fillmore, Joonno Voccoro, Michelle Burdine, Lupe Sonros, Amondo Molitor, Brion Lee, Chester Wesley Mrs. Dower ' s Class 2. Row 1 - 5oroh Kennedy. Jennifer Lothomer. Anno Jockson, Wyort Young, jQSon Zieike, Ryon Zuber. April Koufmon, Drondi Miller Row 2 - Mrs Bowers, Amondo Lichty, Heother Dodone, Leslie Zortmon, Mott Adorns, Locey King. Nicole Friend. Donielle Glossey. Copri Coon Row 3 — Eric Swoin, Scott Trocy, Drent Brenneke, Chris Foster, Michoel Dovenport, Joshua Wynne, Shone Deoringer. 134 • First Grade i ' W Mrs. Derek ' s Class Row 1 - Renee Dunbor, Soroh Loisure. Jaime Fornsworrh, Rachel Culler, Jason Bender, Scon Brandenburg, Cindy Rirch. Row 2 - Mrs. Derek, Jeriko Smirh, Erico Brenneke, Dusrin Lucas, Jason Messmon, Lori Kemerer, Jamie Hughes, Alison Kennedy, Shannon Dulle. Row 3 - Kenr Lichry, Nicholos Martinez, Caleb Miller, Terra Zinser, David Wenzlick, Chris Friend. Kindergarten A Beginning Kindergarten is o beginning, o begin- ning of school experience. Kindergarten helps the transaction from h ome to school and ultimately to the unfolding of the world beyond. It is a time for growing. This year in Isindergarten we hove met the twenty-six letter people. We learned their names and sounds. We enjoyed worthing wit numbers, learning songs and finger ploys. We completed many art projects that correloted with holidays and speclol doily activities. Each week we went to Mrs. Mobley ' s music class, Mr. Dader ' s physical educa- tion class and computer lab with Mrs. Noll. Mrs. McGroth visited our rooms for speech improvement once a week. We ended the year with o field trip to the Ft. Wayne Children ' s Zoo. Our day included ploy time and a picnic in the pork. Mrs. Loukhuf s A.M. Class 1 Row 1 - Mrs. Loukhof, Srephonie Homrick, Casey Wisniewski, Morrina Polocios, Nofhon Gill, Mormon Edwords, Joshua James, Morclo Fisher, Natalie Morrinez. Row 2 - Brod Peters, Brandy Zuber, Joy Fish, Sarah Porrish, Eric Bossetr, Angileon Bonks, Shannon Bronhom. Row 3 - Eric William- son, Mart Sreibling, Domien Fulmer, Andy Hand, Mouricio Reyes, Caleb Conley, Jason Lorhomer, Travis Overmyer. Not Pictured — Josmine Snook. Mrs. Loukhuf s P.M. Class 2. Row 1 - Tiffany Gordon, Brian Porrish, April Nelson, Jeremy Howard, Jasmine Snook, Amy DeMurh, Mrs. Loukhuf Row 2 - Jeff Burdine, Valerie Font, Jored Fronklin, Brion Eokon, Gini Jones, Mouricio Reyes, Matt Reeb. Row 3 — Chris Jones, Mirondo Stewart, Diono Friend, Renee Kemerer, Chad Dundermon, Corrie Keokuk. Not Pictured - Josioh Davenport, Keosho Fish. 136 Kindergarten Kioneer Day Pioneer Doy began with o bong OS a morror was fired ar rhe opening flag raising ceremony rhor renamed our scfiool " Fort Antwerp. " Studenrs and staff were dressed in pioneer clothes to begin their journey back in time. Pioneer food favorites in- cluding sausage, muffins, ond strawberry preserves were serv- ed to the hungry pioneers as they began their journey. Guides, Sue Meyer, and Paige Zuber, were on hand to explain how these delicious delicacies were mode and provided o demonstration of the cooking utensils common in a pioneer home. As the students stepped into the courtyard o f Ft. Antwerp, they were met by a French voyager, Tom Connin, and his Ojibway Indian wife, Gino Con- nin. They were living in o mar- quise and invited the travelers to come in and visit for o spell. As rhe pioneers journeyed o little farther, they encountered Q Cheyenne medicine mon liv- ing in a lean-to. This medicine man, Steve Wynne, explained the training he was receiving from elderly Cheyenne teachers. Next, along the frail, the pioneers met Rex and Eloise Hopkins who shored their ar- rowhead collection. Scottered across the proirle, there were settlers doing demonstrations which were shared with our studenrs in kindergarten through sixth grade. Karen Grobionowski showed the students how to weave boskets. Dorb Pember- ton explained quilting, Barb Darker churned butter, Steve Jordan demonstrated muzzle loading, ond Cheryl Lichty taught the students how to do wheat weaving. Old Fort Settlers traveled to Ft. Antwerp from Ft. Wayne to shore their skills and crafts in- cluding: eorly American folk dolls, pioneer toys and gomes, candle dipping, weaving, corn husk dolls ond dulcimer players. ' V 136 • Elementory As the day wore on, the pioneer children, much like children of to- day, rooh rime our for some fun and gomes. Andy Ponico and Mike Luginbill helped the older boys and girls refine rheir horse shoe throwing technique. Steve Doder led the young ' uns in sock races and relays. The pioneers then decided to try their hands at a pioneer croft. First grade students mode a seed picture and students in other grades mode copper punch picture. Guides Renee West and Cheryl Lichty assisted by numerous potent volunteers, were on hand to teach the new skill. As nightfall approached, the weary pioneers arrived at their final destination. Morcelene Noll served the guests a glass of sossofros tea ond Herry Row shored parched corn. At this final stop, the pioneers hod o chance to see Joann Barton moke lye soap, Rhonda and Adrian Vaccaro cost leod, hornsmith Roy Deorty showed his leather pouch and horn collection. Bruce and Margaret Dunbar hod o 14 ft. teepee and invited the visiting pioneers to spend a few minutes visiting before undertaking the long journey home. Bruce Dun- bor owed the students as he threw Q tomohowk at a tree target. All too soon, the large, yellow Conestogo school buses arrived to take the students bock to their modern homes. You could tell by the smiles ond comments that the students hod not only hod fun, but olso hod goined o new oppreciotion for rheir pioneer forefathers. Pioneer Day was organized by elementary staff members Patti Kammeyer, Mary Derek, Miriam Luminbill, Sue Meyer ond Brian Smith with voluoble assistance from parent volunteers, Bruce and Morgoret Dunbor. Elementary 109 1 Bobby Poyron 2. Second graders 3. First graders 4. Special chorus 5. Second grode 6. First grade Happy Halloween! iT! .J ...:,;a " A IP ; :; j . B» w p- J 1 1 a V ,J j». Third Grade Operetta " Play Day in Happy Holland " 1. Row 1: John Huss, Mary Lodd, Melissa Durdine, Corey Reeb. Row 2:MQrk Snider, Doug Boylon, Jerry Conley, Andy Jordan. Row 3: Tim Panico, John McCreery, Scorr Smirh , Jeremy Addis. 2. Row 1: Brandy Coon, Kim Froley, Pouio Wiesehon, Linda Koch, Amy Eccard. Row 2: Shone Lirzenberg, Amy Pendergrosr, Mercy Minck, Tomi Dennerr. 0. Row 1: Christina Dranham, Heather Whirehouse, Jessica Zuber. Row 2: Shone Cievinger. Mrs. Mobley, Shown Hozeisworr. 4. Row 1: Soro Reeb, Carolyn Dowers, Morr Dermon, Jennifer HIcov. Row 2: Kari Overmeyer, Shonnon Loyfon, Cory Foster, Piochoel West, Condoce West. Soroh Luginbill. 5. Row 1: Coriso Stewort, Jeff Friend, Crystal Soylor, Andy Scott, Karl Payton, Amber Frederick Row 2: Michoel Voccoro, Eric Leininger, Lisa Parish, Jennifer Knopp. Elementary • 141 Sixth Grade Bond Row 1: Shori Kemerer, Parry Arend, Srephonie Provon, Sharlo Shaffer, Terri Gilpin Row 2: Tona Rickard. Tina Conley, Andrea Gordon, Shodo Sobo, Kim Mansfield Virginia Jackson Melonie Jump Barbie Horr, Becky Culler. Row 0: Troy Collins Todd Lilly Aaron West Kevin Fulk, Shown Brewer, Chad Jones, Wade Bolser, Sreve Pier, Spencer Pier, Mike Provines, Shone Fornsworrh, Kim Orringer. Row 4: Scoff Warner, Kevin Sruort, Sreve Bowers. Fifth Grade Band Row 1: Cherly Meyer, Wendy Schenkel, Jomo Dennerr. Monica Cor- trell, Jennifer Corr, Krisren Gross. Row 2: James Lockhort, Holly Todsen, Jennifer Johnson, Angie Huss, Kelly Miller, Amondo Lucas, Dovid Fornsworrh, Travis Lichry, Joson Kever, i onnie Schroeder, i42» Elementary Scott Cottrell. Row 0: Chad West, Ben Friend, Travis DeLong, Alan Den- nett, Stocie Peters, Eriko Zorrmon, Tobi Leininger, Patrick Voil, Jenny Meyer. Row 4: Brian Powers, Dwoyne Price, Scott Wolf. I Fifth and Sixth Grade Special Chorus Row 1 - Mrs. Mobley, Peter Cline, Dwoin Wenzlick, Vade Dolser, Aaron West, Danielle Murlin, Terra Dennerr, Ronnie Schroeder, Jeff Miller, Tabi Leininger, Sraci Peters, Jamo Dennerr, Holly Tadsen, Troy Knopp. Row 2 - Jenny Meyer, Missy Taylor, Kim Mansfield, Sharlo Shaffer, Stephanie Provon, Kristy King, Amy Simmons, Gretchen Molitor, Jennifer Jonesd, Bobby Poyton, Jim Sfarbuck, Terri Gilpin, Liz Trzynka, Kim Ottinger, Tina Conley. Row 3 — Todd Lilly, Decky Culler, Barbie Hart, Jenny Smith, Bobby Begley, David Fisher, Spencer Pier, Jeromy DeLong, Eric Reeb, Scorr Wolf, Tim Rorhegeb, Dwoyne Price, Travis DeLong. Row 4 - Scorr Warner, Sreve Smith, Mondy Lucas, Michelle Manello, Kelly Miller, Down Whirehouse, Johnetre Todsen, Eriko Zortmon, Shada Sobo, Steve Dowers, Shown Brewer, Kevin Fulk. Row 5 - Steve Sreele, Bill Wesley, Helen Smith. Bridgerre Conrerbury, Tammie Rice, Virginia Barker, Jennifer Johnson, Srocey Hicks, Diane Koch, Tana Rickork, Virginia Jackson, Potty Arend, Travis Lichty. ' ' Ben Franklin " Cost Row 1 - Peter Cline — James, Scott Warner — Benjamin Franklin, Barbie Hart — Deborah Franklin, Shori Kemerer — norrotor. Row 2 — Shawn Hombree — Thomas Jeffer- son, Cindy Wiesehon — norraror. Row 3 — Todd Lilly — Gout, Aaron West — George III, Potty Arend — narrator, Diane Koch — Den ' s sister. Elementary • 143 Mini Arciiers 1. Row 1 — Dove Fornsworrh, Sreve Sreele, Pere Cline. Row 2 - Heath Woirenburg, Shown Brewer, Dwoin Wenzlick, Spence Pier. 2. Row 1 - Steve Pier, Tom Wilhelm, Alen Ruiz, Travis Delong. Row 2 - Chad Jones, Kevin Fulk, Pot Veil. 3. Row 1 - Scott Cotrreil. Row 2 - Troy Knopp, Josh Holmon. Row 3 - Matt Hormann, Dill Wesley, Joson Reeb. 4. Row 1 - Barry Shepherd, Chad Geyer, Scott Warner. Row 2 - Brion Polmer. Benji Woiley, Dewoyne Price, Mike Provines. 5. Row 1 - Rob Gerken, Bobby Poyton, Chod West. Row 2 — Brian Bowers, Aaron West, Mike Ponico, Shown Knopp. 144 • Mini Arch Mini Archers 1 FRONT - C. Bragg, 5. Wolf, T. Lichry, H, Dodone- BACK - CoQch Lynn Bute, J, Rorhgeb, W. Bolser, D, Dunderman, Coach Jerry Bolser. 2. FRONT - T. Conley, S. Provon, B, Horr BACK - M. Jump, P. Arend, 5. Shaffer, C. Wiesehon. 3. FRONT - W. Schenkel, T Bennerr, S. Peters. BACK - G. Moliror, D. Murlin, Cooch Steve Peters, J. Jones, J. Klimo. 4. FRONT - V. Jackson, A. Gtont, M. Luginbill, J. Snnith. BACK - Coach Mike Culler, T. Rickord, B. Culler, S. Kemerer. 5. - FRONT - J. Tadsen, H. Todsen, J. Meyer, BACK - Cooch Cin- dy Bonks, A. Huss, C. Gross, E. Zartmon, Cooch Tommy Rosey. 1985 Yearbook Patrons Antwerp Dee-Argus North Main Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Antwerp Equity Exchange Co. Railroad G Clevelond Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Aro Corporation One Aro Center Bryan, Ohio 40506 Bailey ' s Greenhouse U S 24 West Antwerp, Ohio 45613 Bebout G Houg-Roofing G Plumbing 116 W. Walnut Street Box 503 Von Wert, Ohio 45891 Den Fronklin Stores 108 North Williams Poulding. Ohio 45879 Book Country 110 North Main Street Bryan, Ohio 40506 Burtch Floor Covering South Side of Square Paulding, Ohio 45879 C Allon Runser — Attorney at Low 105 First Federol Building Van Wert, Ohio 45691 CGY Oil Compony North Main Street Poyne, Ohio 45880 Dearing Automotive Stote Route 24 East Antwerp, Ohio 45613 Demuth G Demuth 110 East Jockson Poulding, Ohio 45879 Don K. Snyder, M.D Route 2, Box 1271 Paulding, Ohio 45879 Fessel ' s Jewelers 116 North Williams Poulding, Ohio 45879 Friend ' s Furniture Stote Route 49 North Antwerp. Ohio 45813 Frey Office Supply, Ini 1808 Baltimore Street Defiance, Ohio Gillen Oil Co. 221 West Perry Paulding, Ohio 45679 Gorrell Brothers Aucfic neers 105 West Perry Paulding, Ohio 45879 1985 Yearbook Patrons Gronf-Folrz Insurance 102 Easr Jockson Street Paulding, Ohio Homier 6 Sons Box 421 Poyne, Ohio Hooker Insurance Services P.O. Box 427 Payne, ONo Igor ' s Igloo 120 W.Jackson Paulding, Ohio J. David Webb - 411 East Jockson Poulding, Ohio Atrorney Koiser Jewelers 124 Eosr High Street Hicksville, Ohio Kim ' s Ceromics 119 East High Street Hicksville, Ohio Kirkwood A. Pritchord, M.D. Edythe C Pritchord, M.D. 119 South Main Street Poulding, Ohio Longhom Motors R.R. 2 Hicksville Hicksville, Ohio Larry B. Fishbaugh, DO,, Inc. 220 West Perry Poulding, Ohio Mox-a-Romo 710 West Erwin fXoad Von Wert, Ohio Mickelson ' s Upholstery 501 West River Street Antwerp, Ohio Mohr ' s Sohio 123 East Perry Poulding, Ohio Moore Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 537 South Moin Street Poyne, Ohio Moore ' s Clothing 101 East Perry Poulding, Ohio Notionol Farmers Union Insurance Co. 101 North Moin Street Poyne, Ohio Ohio Gos Company 200 West High Street Bryon, Ohio Poulding Progress 113 South Williams Paulding, Ohio 1985 YEARBOOK PATRONS Poyne Auto Porrs Payne, Ohio Poyne Equity Exchonge P O Box 40 Payne Ohio Pucker. Druser Inn 100 Norrh Main Street Poyne, Ohio Roys [Xestouront Antwerp, Ohio Rogliotti s Sport Center 222 Clinton Street Defiance Ohio (Xound-Up 129 South Main Street Antwerp, Ohio Russell ' s Clothing 106 Norrh Mom Street Dryon, Ohio Sim s Manufacturing Compony 200 North Mople Street Poyne Ohio Shisler Insurance Agency 110 West Perry Paulding, Ohio Spongier Condy Company 400 North Portlond Street Dryon, Ohio Stambough Jewelers Defionce Ohio Sugar-n-Spice 126 East High Street Hicksville, Ohio The Sport Soutce 104 Eost Jackson Paulding, Ohio The Thifd Dose Diner fXoute 24 Antwerp, Ohio The Video Junction 106 South Main Street Box 669, Suite A Antwerp. Ohio Tri-Stote Solorcrete 019 South Moin Street Antwerp, Ohio WilhomS Bricker D D S , Inc 007 South Clevelond Street Antwerp, Ohio William T LoVerneS Hunt 614 North Mom Street Poulding, Ohio Yoh ' s Sweet Shoppe 205 West Perry Street Paulding, Ohio THE WEATHERHEAD DIVISION OF DANA CORPORATION ANTWERP PLANT nismamko otvitton DANA CORPORATION ••KomiDiiaiWMiPPMNiMIIK Congratulations, 1985 Seniors! ARMSTRONG AGENCY INSURANCE SPECIALISTS Life • Fire • Auto • Accident ' Liability 143 E. High Street Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Phone 419-542-7758 Compliments of: OASIS 5 Main St. Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of PATRICK H. YOUNG MICHAEL C.JONES Paulding, Ohio Margaret ' s Flower Gift Shop Gifts, Toys, and Cards Flowers for All Occasions Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-4005 LEINARD CHEVROLET SALES CHEVROLET THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS 145 North Main Antwerp, Ohio 258-7732 GOOD LUCK, SENIORS KAMMEYER ' S IGA with in-store bakery and pizza shop is one of the most modern and complete supermarkets in the Area. EHRHART STUDIO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY COMPLIMENTS OF EHRHART STUDIO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY " SINCE 1907 " Phone 258-7952 Antwerp, Ohio 115 ANTWERP STREET HICKSVILLE,OHIO LANGHAM ' S BODY SHOP AND RAQUETBALL CLUB 102 Cleveland Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Wilkinson Printing Company 139 E. Main Street Van Wert, Ohio 45891 Darrel K. Brant 419-238-3615 :Foy SM ' 2 ou ( .infi„rf. Jicdi 152 RKO Pepsi-Cola The Choice of a New Generation Bryan, Ohio Phone: 636-4533 ARMSTRONG Financial Services Life Health Auto Home Business Robert L. Armstrong 303 N. William Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-3555 Marl lilflats |ord Mercury -iLtv L Mark Moats Ford-Mercury Route 24 West Defiance, Ohio 43512 Phone: 784-5444 TEMPERED GLASS SPECIALISTS AND T.G.S. SYSTEMS Division of Rhonhouse Associated, Inc. U.S. Rte. 24, Antwerp, OH 258-2454 Paul W. Harr D.D.S., inc. Tom Tim Drive Route 3 Paulding, Ohio Good Luck, Seniors! 1985 ' ? " J fc ff Mbksvl BanKjl • • • •• : : :• : •• : : • Hicksville Bank 419 542-7726 ZIELKE FARM SERVICE Custom Application Chemicals — Fertilizer — Seeds Soil Testing — Ag. Consulting Co. Rd.: 220 Antwerp, OH Phone: 258-2559 DrETRICH INDUSTRIES INC. 761 W. High St. A P.O.Box 265 ■ ' !l:v Hicksville, Ohio • rc«3 , 43526 PAWNEE PLASTICS, INC. County Road 144 Box 112 Paulding, Ohio 45879 (419) 399-4050 MIKE ' S SOHIO and Maintenance fsomo 154 102 North Main Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-2053 EAT IN — CARRY OUT WILSON ' S POLAR CONE . - " Home of the Polar " Phone 399-3930 Route 127 North Edge of Paulding HICKSVILLE BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS CO. Home Loans • Mobile Home Loans Construction Loans • Notes for Farm and Business 100 North Main Street Hicksville, Ohio 43526 (419) 542-6320 ' We are an independent savings and loan. " CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ERWIN J. BANDY ATTORNEY AT LAW P.O. BOX 174 108 EAST JACKSON STREET PAULDING, OH 45879 PHONE: 419-399-2351 CLINE ' S SUPER VALU Open 24 Hours — 7 Days a Week 117-119 WENDELL AVENUE HICKSVILLE, OHIO POP ' N BREW DRIVE THRU " Come in Your Car and Shop as You Are. " 101 N. MAIN ST. ANTWERP, OHIO DUCAT ' S STORE, INC. PHONE 339-4796 112 N.Williams St. BOX 299 Paulding, Ohio i n CUSTOM-DRAPERY — GIFT WARE — " BABYLAND " DRY GOODS LADIES APPAREL JAMES A. STAHL — STEVE SPROW Insurance Center of Paulding County 113 N. Main Paulding, Ohio 45879 HAVER FURNITURE Store Hours M. Tu. Th. Sat. 9 — 5:30 Fri. 9 — 9 ' £«2t Wed. 9 — 8 (Hicksville Only) 215 South Main Antwerp, Ohio 45613 258-7761 204 E. High Hicksville, Ohio 43526 542-7746 ANTWERP Antwerp Insurance Agency, Inc. 307 SOUTH MAIN ST. ANTWERP, OHIO (419)258-5511 DAVID R. DERCK " RANDY " PAYNE PHARMACY 109 N. MAIN STREET PAYNE, OHIO 419-263-2513 24 HR. EMERGENCY 263-2259 STRALEY REAL ESTATE, INC. 100 E. JACKSON PAULDING if Appraisals Complete Auction Service Home Apartments for Rent 399-4444 Buy! Sell! Build! Trade! OHIOGLASS DEPOT " See Us for All Your Glass Needs " 114 West Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 399-5902 Automotive, Commercial, ' Residential, Industrial SocuU yo Se 0 , 9hc. FORD MERCURY KENNEDY TRENCHING EXCAVATING As East Canal Street P.O. Box 409 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 NORMAN E.COOK, ESQ. AND GLENN H. TROTH, ESQ. 112 North Water St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 419 399-2181 GUSTIN CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING 12235 State Line Rd. PIN-A-RAMA LANES Antwerp, Ohio Let ' s Bowl! HARDWARE store; BOUNDY HARDWARE 109 W. Perry St. Paulding, Ohio Tru-Test Paints, Sporting Goods Phone 399-4791 A W Drive-ln ■XT Route 24 West Antwerp, OH 45813 Phone 258-4311 Home Saving and Loan Association West Jackson and North Cherry St. Paulding, OH Phone: 399-3070 ' w 1503 Baltimore Defiance, OH 43512 Phone: 782-1986 JIM ' S TV AND APPLIANCE Jim Waldman, Owner Compliments of: Floyd A. Ramsier and family Antwerp, Ohio OL .y ntwerp C xckanqe dSanU ompanu Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-5351 Member FDIC YOU ' RE 1 WITH US! COMMUNITY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 208 North Columbus St. Hicksvllle, Ohio 43526 258-2639 (Toil-Free) 542-7573 COMMUNITY DISCOUNT R 1 7806 Co. Rd. 50 Butler, Indiana 46721 $ SHOP and SAVES THE END 160 % Vf- V ■ x.r 1i f W P

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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