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riAjUl) 4 A! I [ N COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY I I, |„ ,,,. 3 1833 01758 0850 GC 977.102 AN89AS, 1984 0- cC •3 C p -J? c U x " • y ?- C j6 S r ' tf ; .V K r ' A V 9 t ? ■ t 1 v ' •; CL 7 cZ z %, Centennial Reflections 1984 Archer Archer Yearbook Staff EDITOR Tami Figert ASSISTANT EDITOR Barb Goetz BUSINESS MANAGER Beth Derek STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER Kim Humbarger STAFF Barb Overmyer Tina Taylor Miho Yasuda Amy Baumle Donna Buckland Dawn Hopkins Johnette McCain Angie Reinhart Shari Ross Joni Jordan ADVISER Kathleen Neidhardt THE SIXTEEN PAGE HISTORY OF THE ANTWERP LOCAL SCHOOL WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY THE EFFORTS AND COOPERATION OF THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: The Antwerp Board of Education, Kathleen Neidhardt, Barb Goetz, Marcellene Noll, Marianne Cottrell. Peggy Savage, Jane Langham. Rebecca Geyer, and others, too numerous to mention, that supplied pic- tures and information. 100 YEARS 1867 There were 84 boys and 95 girls enrolled in the Antwerp School. 1868 In 1868 students who wished to read and write compositions were allow- ed to do so. Teachers were given a certain time for singing once a week on Friday. 1869 The trustees were given permission to use one or more classrooms for election purposes provided they received the votes through the windows. 1874 On September 29, the Antwerp school bell was purchased for $1 1 7.00. 1881 -John Snook was the first Antwerp graduate. This was only the beginning of his education as he went on to become a congressman and a judge. 1886 The salary of the superintendent was S75.00 per month for a term of nine months. The salary for the teacher of the gram- mar department was set at $40.00 per month. The teacher of the immediate department was paid $33.33 per month. The teachers of the A and B primary department, the C primary department and the D primary department earned salaries of $30.00 per month each. The school board of the Antwerp Village District bought II ' cords of wood at $1.25 per cord. Rev. Father Schniber of St. Mary ' s Catholic Church expressed his objection to the use of Bible in the opening exer- cises of school as had been a custom for some time. His objections were not sus- tained by the school board. 1887 Total enrollment of the Antwerp Village School for the school year ending in May, 1887 was 348. A room was partitioned off on the second floor of the building to be used as a recitation room. One clock was purchased for each school room. The school board adopted the school policy that children who would become six years of age during the school term would be admitted to school at the begin- ning of the term. The average grade was established to be a score of 7.5 ' , on examinations and a grade below 60 ' ' " , [ailing. Improvements the school board made for this school year were to purchase more blackboards and 12,000 match sticks in 3 lengths to be used for object teaching in the primary department. Supplies purchased included a set of physiological charts, three fractional ap- ples, five sets of toy money, and one cubic root block. The Antwerp Village School District pur- chased tun lots, lying east of and adjoin- ing the school property. The school board purchased a number of trees to be supplied at the school grounds on April 21, 1887, in observance of Arbor Day 1888 The school board adopted the policy that any pupil absent four half days in any term without a reasonable excuse from a parent or guardian or who shall purposely absent himself from the 2 Antwerp Local School Superintendents l.R.E.Diehl (1886-1902) 2. John H. Finley (1902-1908) 3. John Berg (1911-1914) 4.W. C. Kunce (1914-1924) 5. J. A. Cottrell (1924-1928) 6. Guy Deemer (1928-1941) 7. Archie Bell (1941-1953) 8. O. R. Zedaker (1953-1962) 9. Troy Penner (1962-1965) 10. Dale Adams (1965-1974) 11. Ralph Brown (1974-1981) 12. Charles Taylor (1981 -present) Pictures were not available for these former superintendents. A. K. Delong( 1874-1876) Frank V.Irish (1876-1877) W.H. Snook (1877-1878) T. R. Millison ( 1878-1879) C. W. Prettyman (1879-1883) A. K. Grubb(1886) G. W. Hurless ( 1908-1911) Antwerp ' s Early Graduates Did you know? 1. Class of 1900 ROW 1 — Maude Graves, Fred Carr, Lula Carr, Edward Carr, Dollie Weber ROW 2 — Blanche Kennedy, Bertha Fleck, Mr. Secrist, Roy Dilts, Minnie Pugh, Eliza Marlin, Mr. Finley 2. 1881 — Antwerp ' s First Graduate, John Snook 3. Class of 1909 ROW 1 — Flossie Johnson, Hazel Stainfield, Blanche Sweet, Ethel Anderson ROW 2 — Freda Kieger, Harry Howard, Marie Sunday, Tom Babcock, Norma Finley, Harry Shiner ROW 3 — John Foster, Delia Peffley, Chester Hill, Jennie Rose, Hormar McGuire, Minnie Knapp, Guy Smith 4. Class o 1919 ROW 1 — Marguerite Mickelson, Ireni Lamb ROW 2 — Melva Snyder, Merle Murphy Francis DeLong, Edna Pefflev, Freda Murphy Mary Cline, Cecelia Cussen ROW 3 — Mis;! Hauser, Wilbur Heiber, Joshua Shaffer, Mr Kunce, Mr. Snell, Lester Kraft, Glen Yager, Miss Bardelmier rhetorical class to which he belongs, shall be suspended. 1889 The school board adopted the policy that any pupil in the high school or A B grammar school engaged in cir- culating or carrying obscene literature to school would be suspended immediately. Teachers were granted a Thursday and Friday afternoon as workdays for the purpose of filling out grade cards at the end of the school term. Admission to the commencement exer- cises was 20( for reserved tickets and lOt for general tickets. A certificate of honor was sent to the Antwerp Village School from Adrian Col- lege, Adrian, Michigan, to be presented to the pupil receiving the highest grade in the graduating class. 1890 The school board hired a practical mechanic and builder to examine the school building in regard to safety. After his report, they proceeded in making the necessary repairs. In June, the school board proceeded to begin building an addition to the school house to be completed for the 1890-1891 school year. Names of all children not in school, ages eight to fourteen, were given to the truant officer. 1891 Pupils that prepared themselves over the summer were allowed to take ex- aminations in the fall for their grade. Miss Hertel was granted the use of her room 15 minutes after school hours to teach singing. 1892 On January 7th, a petition by a number of scholars was presented to the school board for a gymnasium to be put up at the school house. The petition was read and tabled. In March and September, school was dismissed one week due to diptheria. The clerk requested the mayor to issue a pro- clamation to keep the children off the streets. In April, the committee on building and grounds bought and planted 49 trees at the cost of 15 cents each. 1893 In March, the school time was changed from sun time to standard time. The teachers requested the purchase of liquid measures from a gill to a gallon to be used for instruction. 1894 The State Board of Health, Colum- bus, Ohio, mandated that all pupils be vaccinated and furnish a certificate from their family physician. 1895 Professor Fess of Ada, Ohio, delivered the class address for commencement. A furnace was purchased to heat the school. 1897 The admission for commencement was 25( for reserved seats and 15( for general admission. 1898 A new sidewalk was built on Franklin Street and the walk on Monroe Street was repaired. 1899 .4 flag was purchased for the school 3 100 YEARS house at a cost of $5.50. 1900 An additional course of study was added to the curriculum for the high class. It was referred to as the Parkes and Addison Study. 1901 The study of civil government was moved from the second year of high school to the first year. 1902 In November, a petition by the teachers asking for an increase in wages from $30.00 to $35.00 was presented to the school board. The petition was discussed and tabled until the next meeting. At the December board meeting, the wages of all teachers in the Carryall Township District were increased to $35.00 per month. 1903 Coal houses were built for the schools in various districts and coal stoves were purchased. 1904 Teachers were paid $1.50 per month for janitor service. W. G. Smythe and Joe Carr performed a coronet duet at commencement. Jennie Carothers performed a violin solo. 1905 The regular meeting days of the school board were set to be on the third Saturday in the months of April, June, August and December. The school board resolved to pay the clerk of the board $60.00 per annum for services in that position. 1906 School was closed in observance of George Washington ' s birthday. Dr. C. C. Miller, President of Lima Col- lege, presented the class address at the commencement exercises. Ana Snook gave a presentation entitled " The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol " and Hazel Chaney presented " Selfishness " at their commencement. 1907 The School term started on September 9, 1907. The school board president met with the mayor to suggest the propriety of enforcing the law pro- hibiting the admittance of school age boys to the pool rooms and other resorts where gambling and other devices were carried on contrary to the law. School was held on George Washington ' s birthday. The students participated in exercises deemed suitable to com- memorate the occasion. 1908 Teachers ' salaries were set at $45.00 per month for an 8 month school term. 1909 The Imperial Reference Library was examined and purchased by the school board. The nine volume set cost $307.00. 1910 New closets were built in the school buildings in Districts No. 3, 5, and 2. Halligan ' s Agriculture was added to the course of study. Teacher salaries were set at $48.00 per month for teachers with one year or more of teaching experience and $42.00 per month for teachers with no previous experience. The Antwerp Village School was closed and vacated in April in order to start the ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT Friday Evening, May 29, 1908 M. F. Church — 8 o ' clock P.M. . C CoVoTi-- " D TV fcreett awl " BuTtrt Grange C a»i 3 ov»eT-« ' 5oT }t -mt-wo . INVOCATION Industrial Kilurut iim Kilw.-uil ( ' . Marl Treason •■! Keii-diVl Ann-Ill Russell S. I ' .aii! Tain O ' Sii.ui ' i-r ( ' . Km 1 1 Savl.-r Warren Tin ' I ' ropri. ' tv » " ■ Will I ' imvr. ...Maiulns 1.. K.-.-li Tli. ' llal-ir of ' Prompt Derision . . . Karl A. Reiishaw Swi-f ' l Meditations Ki nest V. Pujrh Kav National l : ni:y and Slate I ' liiveivity. . In-- L. Smith Tin- Vovjifir Clara M. Suinlav Tin ' Mvrtl.s M. Kulalia McCuire War ' Snoops or Kail ' ir -. Wiiirli? Klsir K. Mann (Jiowth Kuiiii ' c M. Si ' ilicrt List tin- Trumpi-i ' s Thrilling Soiiiul Meveih- r Kav U. Hank-. I . Kay Apple-at-, Mary M. II- iiaril. Acidic K. Hughes. Charlotte M. Cania, Kdua (i. Staiufield. Koxauna H. Fell, Clan n K. Murphy, Mae A. (iritnt. Kulalia Mctitiire. Tto . SmijVH, V.amj XCcooMd, ' JVo jAt ioVtuorv, UtAH Carr. Valedk ' torv Carulvn ' .. Wilkin- on (jUTI.eOeean , Doul.le (Martelte ' " .-!n,:an (I-) HeiiL ' e. Now Away l I.;il " , j Class Adkrkss Dk. A. S. Watki ;- Presentation of Diplomas The Dream Soiii; Chorus Meml ' -U-i. n liL.V KDM ' TION A h f ! I - k 1 1. Mr. Wilbur Carter, Music Teacher in the 1930 ' s and 1940 ' s 2. 1938 Bus Driver, Carl Hook 3. 1938 Bus Driver, George Jordan 4. 1939-40 Girls ' Basketball Team ROW 1 — Clarice Caine, Phyllis Guysinger, Wanda Nelson, Lois Anderson, Terwilliger Marie Slusher, Earleen Clevenger ROW 2 — Assistant Coach Miss Florip, Ruth Hartman, Helen Schmunk, Eleanor Howard, Nyota Clevenger, Kathryn Keating, Manager, Coach Wilbur Carter 5. 1938 Bus Driver, Archie 1. 1936-37 Baseball Team ROW 1 — Harold Ew- ng, Dick Crosby, Howard Monroe, Dick Rhoad, Wayne Fleck, Jack Yager, Rex Gloor. ROW 2 — 3ob Armstrong, Jim Jordan, Warren Bissell, Roy 3issell, Coach Bill Homey, Bob Kemerer, Wayne Shuherk, Lawrence Cromley 2. 1936-37 Girls ' Basketball Team ROW 1 — Betty Laney, Ruth Parrett, Madeline Sims, Inez Fett, Marian Mc- 3reery, Phyllis Guysinger, Dorothy Quaintance, fairy Boesch, Ruth Tracy, Dorothy Donat, Kathryn Chiles ROW 2 — Miss Harris, Eileen Armstrong, Phyllis Bissell, Pauline Hargrave, Dorothy Gordon, Dorothy Tobolt, Vivian Steven- son, Doris Jump, Evelyn Seslar, Helen Hartman, Miss Zimmerman ROW 3 — Samantha Johnson, Elouise Weber, Letha Morhardt, Jane Long, June Donat, Betty Friend, Betty Boyce, Juanita Chester, Fay Feagan, Rosetta Guysinger 3. 1939-40 Basketball Team ROW 1 — Eugene Chiles, Budd Swann, Thurman Culler, Robert Culler, Robert Taylor ROW 2 — Mgr. Joe Magdich, Lowell Weller, Don Enderle, Paul Deemer, Floyd Bitler, Forest Weller, Ray Ewing, Coach H. W. Homey Did you know? construction of a new building to be com- pleted by September 1911, The building was not completed in September, but school was held in the portion of the building that was finished. 1912 The school board fixed their regularly scheduled meeting day to be on Saturday evening of each month. A telephone was installed in the new Antwerp school building. Teachers in the Antwerp Village were notified that school would not start as scheduled in September due to lack of funds to pay salaries. 1913 The school houses were heated with the best Kentucky lump coal available at a cost of $4.80 per ton. 1914 The high school students publish- ed a school paper called " The PAPAW. " The following articles were taken from the Antwerp High School " PAPAW " Spring Number, 1914. " If I had only one thing to say to the school boys and girls of today it would be this: Learn to use your mind, learn to think about the things that count with the same enthusiasm and earnestness that you think about play. Never let the mind rust for want of exercise. Have high ideals. Read only the best books; study the lives of great and good men and try to fill your minds with the thoughts and purposes that make them remembered and loved. Remember you are laying the foundation for a work of a lifetime and that whether you succeed or fail depends on what you think and how you think and that pure thoughts make a pure life and right thoughts make right living. " John S. Snook THE ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL Along the old Maumee stands our Ant- werp Town And the A.H.S. which is our pride and crown Will we forget it? No, Never, Never Our school days we ' ll remember for ever and ever The days, how long and dreary they seem As we toil along our way But each effort fits us better. For the duties we ' ll meet some day. Our teachers so kind to us have been. May we never forget how they tried To lead us on a higher realm As we toil her side by side Ethel Bardelmeier THE SENIOR CLA SS On Feb. 27, our classmate Marie Derek came in, and took the Seniors for a bobsl- ed ride to her home in the country, where the evening was spent in enjoying ourselves as only the Seniors know how. After a lunch served by the hostess, we returned to our homes. As we sped homeward one of the girls exclaimed, " Oh, I ' ve had the best time tonight that I ' ve had in ages, " and she voiced the sen- timents of all. 1915 It was resolved that the clerk of the school district was to perform the duties of treasurer. The Antwerp Village School District voted to dissolve the school district and it was transferred to the Carryall Rural Board of Education to be maintained in the village in the same manner as it had been in the past. 100 YEARS The principal of the Antwerp Schools earned an annual salary of $1000.00. There was a county wide uniform adop- tion of common school text books to be used in Paulding County. 1916 The board fixed the second Friday evening of each month to be the time of their regularly scheduled meetings. Where as the Carryall Rural School District was maintaining a first grade high school and felt the need of more supervision for the welfare of the school, the Carryall Rural School District peti- tioned the Paulding County Board to be set off as a separate district. The school term started on September 4, and the superintendent was instructed to make a schedule with the school term not to exceed nine months. 1917 The school board adopted The Essentials of Geography, Books One and Two, By Adolph, Brigams, and McFarlands. The books were purchased by the school board and in turn were sold to pupils for $.54 and $.93 each. The Erter School was closed due to the fact that the average daily attendance for the preceeding school year was only eight pupils per day and there were only eight prospective pupils for this year. The school purchased a horse drawn school wagon with a Wayne heater at- tached and a drop pole for $223.50 from Carrs at Richmond, Ind. 1918 The school board fixed their regularly scheduled meeting day to be the second Thursday of each month. On March 16th, 1918, the Paulding Coun- ty Board of Education, in accordance with the provisions of the General Code of Ohio, dissolved the Carryall Township Rural School District of Paulding County and created there, together with certain territory from Harrison Township Rural School District, a new district to be known as Antwerp Rural School District. The school year was scheduled for all grades to attend school for eight months and high school for nine mo nths. The high school was to make up two weeks by attending on Saturdays. 1919 School was closed six weeks due to a smallpox and flu epidemic. Teachers were notified that they were expected to make up for the lost time and would be paid half time wages for the make up days. The school board made application to the Ohio State Department of Education for federal state aid for a department of vocational agriculture in the high school. Plans were made to reopen the Erter School provided there were the required the number of students to hire a qualified teacher. 1920 Superintendent Kunce was in- structed to buy the necessary supplies as required by law for the carrying on of a first grade high school for the coming year. On April 20th, the Murphy Schoolhouse, situated one and one half mile east of Antwerp on the old Canal, burned down during a wind storm. The remains were sold in five lots to the highest bidders. 1. 1938 Custodian, Millard Jones 2. 1938 Custo- dian, Ruth Jones 3. Band Director in the 1940 ' s, Mr. Richard Hickman 4. 1939 Junior Class Play, " Song of My Heart " ROW 1 — Margery Putman, Phyllis Guysinger, Fern Matzen, Almeda Howard ROW 2 — Catherine Chiles, Denzil Weber, Max Daub, Fairy Boesch, Donald Enderle, Budd Friend, Marian McCreery, Forrest Weller 5. AHS Prin- cipal, Teacher and Coach during the 1940 ' s and 1950 ' s, Mr. N. L. Samaha 6. 1938-39 Football Team ROW 1 — George Magdich, Robert Kemerer, Ivan Cottrell, Max Putman, Richard Carr, Max Daub, Cleston Chester ROW 2 — Donald Enderle, Rolland Fisher, Richard Crosby, Jack Yager, Budd Swann, Raymand Ewing, Robert Culler, Paul Deemer, Warren Bissell ROW 3 — Coach Bill Homey, Manager Jack Weber, Donald Edens, Bill Cottrell, Stanley Jor- dan, Edward McCreery, William Caine, Leon Miller, Robert Taylor, Dale Ewing, Assistant Coach A. 0. Bell 7. Some of the members of the 1938-39 Football Team pictured at the 1983-84 Homecoming Game — Dale Ewing, Harold Ewing, Robert Kemerer, Leon Miller, Max Daub, Paul Deemer, Richard Carr, Richard Crosby, Robert Culler, Stanley Jordan, Rex Hopkins, Ivan Cot- trell, Raymond Ewing, Jack Yager I « f a tit, Did you know? . 1940 High School Orchestra ROW 1 — Earleen levenger, Nyota Clevenger, Rae Ree Major, Idith Gordon, Wanda Nelson, Jacqueline Snyder, :uth Carr, Norma Jean Gordon, Iona Sue Booth, lula Powell ROW 2 — Ruth Hartman, Eunice hoad, Alfred Daeger, Donald Rhoad, William aine, Thurman Culler, Miss Carr, Paul Deemer, ichard Hemrick, Floyd Bitler, Estel Kauffman, ' ale Mathews, Ruby Hopkins, Lois Anderson 2. 940 Operetta, Grades 3-6 3. 1941-42 Paulding ounty Basketball Champs ROW 1 — Max Donat, John Howard, Stanley Jordan, Jack Bickhard, Earl Hahn ROW 2 — Coach H. W. Horney, Bing Bissell, Charles Peffley, Estel Cot- trell, Lynn Bickhard, Zeb Delong, Charles Dove 4. 1948 Junior-Senior Prom, " Arabian Nights " 5. 1948 Junior-Senior Prom 6. Girls in the class of 1951 ROW 1 — Phyllis Vail, Jackie Weible ROW 2 — Marcelline Elliott, Margaret Terwilliger, Elizabeth Littlejohn, Theresa Bradley, Jean Hawkins, Ruth Mary Hallock 7. A.H.S. Students in 1954 — Pat McCalla, Peg Worrick, Tom Clark C. B. Waters was employed as agricultural teacher for the 1920-1921 school year. Father Joseph Ludwig, St. Michael ' s Parish of Hicksville, Ohio, purchased the Clay School Building, exclusive of lightn- ing rods, bell, window sash and glass for $275.00. The board passed a resolution to discon- tinue transporting pupils to and from school unless said pupils lived more than two miles from the school. Due to the fact that there was an insuffi- cient number of pupils in the Armstrong School District to lawfully carry on a public school, the building was closed. The school board established the policy that they refused to transport pupils either to or from any school unless it was a public school in the Antwerp Rural School District or other public school district where it became necessary for transportation in accordance with the school laws of the state of Ohio. The salary of the clerk of the school board was increased to $25.00 per month due to the fact that the position required more research and bookkeeping since the passage of the Ohio State Teachers ' Retirement System. The school board hired Isaac Boice to drive the school truck now owned by the board. His salary was $20.00 per week. He had to furnish his own oil, gas, grease, make repairs, and store the truck at the end of the term for $2.00 per month. The school board paid for all new materials and parts. In August, the school electric bill was $3.00. It cost the board $69.00 to place four new tires, tubes, and make other repairs on the bus. In October, the school board found themselves financially short on funds to meet the payroll of the teachers and bus drivers. They borrowed $1000 to be paid back at the rate of 7° ' o ■ 1921 The superintendent ' s salary was set at $2,000. On April 7th, the school board approved the graduation of 16 girls and 2 boys. Students fees for high school were $8.00 per month. G. H. Deemer was employed as principal of the high school at the salary of $1,800. On August 4th, under the Smith-Hughes Law, M r. L. L. Brown was employed to teach agriculture at the high school. The opening day of school was September 12, and elementary students ended their school year on April 28, 1922, with 2 days off for Thanksgiving and 9 days off for Christmas. The compulsory school age for the Ant- werp School District was 7 to 18 inclusive. In September, the school board was con- sidering solutions to overcrowding in the Antwerp building. 1922 There were nine locations making up the network of the Antwerp School District: Erter, Clark, Overmeyer, Elmtree, Wilson, Champion, Doering, Link and Stinger. 100 YEARS The school board voted not to pay transportation for children living less than two miles from school. On July 8, the Board of Education, by petition, closed the Elm Tree School. Home economics was brought to Antwerp High School. The class was held in Dag- gett Cottage. 1923 The board granted Link, Clark, and Erter schools a day to attend the Farmers ' Institute held at Fairview Grange Hall. On April 5, the Doering School was of- fered for sale. 1924 The board suspended the Link School because the cost of transporting those students would be much less than the operation of the school. 1925 On March 25th, the Champion Schoolhouse, buildings, and land were sold at public auction. The first outhouse was sold to Edward Purdy for $4.00. The second outhouse was sold to Weldon Powell for $5.00. Mr. Powell also bought the woodhouse for $38.00. The schoolhouse and land were sold to Roy Schultz for a bid of $290.00. The Doering Building was sold to Wm. Cunningham for $82.00. The Wilson Schoolhouse and land were purchased by Fred Bartell for $177.00. In August, a flagpole was purchased for the school for $73.20. 1926 A supplementary reading program was entered into the curriculum as directed by guidelines from the state. On November 2, a levy for $95,000 was defeated by a margin of 406 to 196. This was to have purchased a site, built a new building, and furnished it. 1927 On September 9, a very large delegation attended the board meeting to ask permission for annexation to the Antwerp Rural School District. The mat- ter was given to the county board for consideration. 1928 Mr. Ollie Zedaker was employed as a teacher at $800 for eight months. 1929 In the November election a bond issue to raise $112,875 to build a new high school was defeated by a margin of 387 to 337. 1930 A fee of 25 cents was charged to at- tend commencement exercises. In November the new building levy was again defeated with 462 no votes and 326 yes votes. 1931 A Willys school bus was purchased for $875 from the Gordon Bus Company. 1932 The elementary grades were closed after eight months of school due to a lack of funds to continue to the end of the school term. In October, the superintendent told the board that the total enrollment in the grades was 416 and the high school enrollment was 175. This large enroll- ment caused a very congested condition throughout, with grade attendance as high as 60 in one room. 1933 The graduating class was the largest to that date with 36 students. t M- fi f 1. 1945 Paulding County Champions ROW 1 — Max Billman, Ed Shuherk, Gene Hughes, Dick Smith, Jim Vail ROW 2 — Coach H. W. Horney, Knight Kuhn, Paul Meyer, Dick Schmunk, Dick Clevenger, Bud Lichty, Manager Ray Billman 2. 1948 Junior High Basketball Team ROW 1 — Jack Trutwin, Maurice Reeb, Bill Livingston, John A. Meyer ROW 2 — Bill Quaintance, Paul Culler, Bob Savage, Junior Poth, Rex Savage, Frank Leinard, Jim Friend 3. 1953 Junior-Senior Prom, " Showboat " entertainers ROW 1 — Marianne Taylor, Bill Parrett, Ann Derek, Donna Martin, Ed Snyder, Ernie Focht ROW 2 — Nan- cy Schoenike, Harold Wann, Pat McCalla 4. 1956-57 Jr. Class Play Cast ROW 1 — Janice Schoenike, Nancy Hunt, Sally Zuber, Judy Mickelson, Belinda Gibson, Leverly Womack, Darlene Robbins, Martha Tracy ROW 2 — Bob Lichty, Larry Miller, Ed McCreery, Walt Schilb, George Derek, Rudy Reeb, Jim Homey, Nathan Doctor, Larry Zedaker ROW 3 — Bob Ross, Mike Lucas, Ken Hormann, Eddie McCalla, Sandra Foreman, Sue Ross, Helen Howard, Director Emi- ly Reed 5. 1954 Cheerleaders — Carolyn Mobley, Kathleen Derek, Marlene Cole, Terrill Mobley a fc T ,M- 6. 1951 Chorus ROW 1 — Coleen Schaefer, ' Phyllis Vail, Rama Meyer, Betty Mabis, Shirley ' Ouellette, Theresa Bradley, Mary Jo Putman, ; unknown, June Vail, Shirley Temple ROW 2 — Sandra Mickelson, Mary Schilb, Jean Walkens- tein, Floy Hauter, Jackie Weible, Mary Watson, Rita Ehrhart, Marcellene Elliott, Margery Hobeck, Maxine Copsey, Arietta Littlejohn ROW 3 — Director Schroeder, Barb Brown, Marilyn Witt, Ruth Quisno, Maxine Reinhart, Roma Bissell, Sharlene Hartman, Margaret Terwilliger, Janice Forrest, Norma Bickhard, Jean Coplin, Betty Griggs ROW 4 — Jim Battershell, Don: Martin, Maurice Reeb, Jim Friend, Dick Zuber, Bill Woodcox, Wayne Carr, Junior Poth, Bill Quaintance, Paul Culler, Delmar Cottrell 7. 1955 Basketball ROW 1 — Vaughn Franklin, Fred Snyder, Dwaine Carr, Bill Parrett, Ed Snyder ROW 2 — Ernie Focht, Manager, Tom Zuber, I Tony Derek, Dick Daeger, Manager Harold Wann ROW 3 — Coach Wayne Fleck, Harry Dunder- man, Jerry Grimes, John A. Meyer, Carl Howard 8. Superintendent A. 0. Bell with Gladys Boylan. 1st Grade Teacher 9. First Kindergarten Gradua- 1 tion in 1957 — Teacher Lucille Stiver 1. 1959-60 Mixed Chorus ROW 1 — Virginia Hahn, Carol Schooley, Verlaine Pollock, Ellouise Taylor, Brenda Hutchins, Charmaine Reeb, Pat Smith, Maureen Barlow, Marsha Farnsworth, Cindy Marsh, Kay Sharpe, Julene Seslar, Sharon Rhoad, Penny Banks ROW 2 — Jackie Wykoff, Karen Taylor, Mary McCalla, Carole Leinard, Sue Bromagen, Rosalie Miller, Barb Savage, Rita Snyder, Judy Davis, Joan Ely, Kathy Mavis, Neva Barker, Linda Cottrell, Carrie Kosch, Linda Klender, Virginia Meyer, Janice Hoover, Jane Koehlinger, Kay Bromagen ROW 3 — Mr. Tuss- ing, Director, Mary Schooley, Larry Sunder, Bob Schoenike, Alan Bowers, Mike McCalla, Rex Clin- ton, Monty Cornell, Jerry Neely, Ray Friend, Karl Mielke, Winfield Meek, John Foster, Kelly Tracy, Tony Langham, Joe Rogers, Sondra Rhoad 2. 1958 Teachers Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Coplin 3. The new bus garage in 1958 4. 1957-58 Paulding County Champions ROW 1 — Tony Langham, Bob Lichty, Larry Zedaker, Jim Homey, Paul Howard, Dave Mickelson, Bob Dunderman, Ken Hahn ROW 2 — Coach Wayne Fleck, Kelly Tracy, Jim Miller, Dick Homey, Mike Zedaker, Andy Lichty, Monty Cornell, Manager Ed Klender, Manager Larry Miller 5. 1958 — Walt Schilb ' s batting average for the season was .571. 6. 1957-58 Hall Monitors ROW 1 — Judy Donnell, Beverly Grossman, Jim Miller, Joyce Martin ROW 2 — Paul Reinhart, Tom Seslar, Judith Strock, Peggy Williams, Jean Derek, Shirley Sudlow 7. The 1960 Sweetheart Queen, Janice Rhinehart is crowned. 8. 1958-59 Junior High Cheerleaders Barb Snook, Jane Koehlinger, Carol Schooley, Marilyn Murphy 9. 1959-60 Band Majorettes — Linda Cottrell, Suzanne Langham, Ann Elston, Carole Leinard 10. 1961-62 Band Majorette — Marsha Ger- encser. Other majorettes for the year were Jo Bromagen, Linda Berenyi and Suzanne Langham. 11. 1958-59 Basketball Managers — Jay Snook, Lee Carr, Ed Klender, Winfield Meek 12. 1960-61 Bus Drivers ROW 1 — Joe Zuber, Raymond Dunderman, Archie West ROW 2 — Leonard Erter, Raymond Bender, Jake Tracy 13. 1960-61 Arrow Staff ROW 1 — Etta Gaisford, Colleen Murphy, Verlaine Pollock, Ellouise Taylor, Jean Derek ROW 2 — Carrie Wells, Brenda Hutchins, Marilyn Reinhart, Marilyn Toomey, Linda Klender, Advisor William Fast 14. Fritz Ehrhart and Marilyn Murphy are getting ready to take pic- tures for the 1963 yearbook. Did you know? 1934 In November, the board made another attempt to get a building leuy passed. It failed once more. 1935 The school year was extended to 180 days. On August 13, a special election was held to place before the voters a building levy in the amount of $73,000. This time it passed with 456 yes votes and 222 no votes. 1936 Antwerp ' s school colors were black and orange. Upon completion of the new gym, the game of basketball was revived after an absence of several years. Participating in only three games, none were won, but the boys showed considerable ability and promise. 1937 The first yearbook, " The Antwer- pian " was published. In April, Richard Rhoad portrayed Mr. Goodspeed, Governor of Calabama in the high school operetta, " The Governor ' s Daughter. " Orville (Dub) Zuber was a book publisher. 1938 Ruth Parrett was elected secretary of the freshman class. George Maglich (left end), Richard Crosby (right half), and Jack Yaeger (quarterback) were named to the All- County football team. The Antwerp Track Team was formed again after an absence of twelve years. They placed fourth in a county meet with a high jump of 4 ' 10 " by Donnell Wing. For many years the various schools in Paulding County competed for a place on the county scholarship team. Sixteen dif- ferent subjects were tested and the two highest ranking students of each school advanced to the county team. These students then competed in a district- state test at Bowling Green State Univer- sity. The following county team members from Antwerp placed at Bowling Green: Chemistry — Jane Long (first at BG); General Science — Paul Deemer (fourth at BG, ninth in state); Physics — Richard Carr; American History — Robert Dangler; Latin I — Ruth Carr (fifth at BG); Biology — Denzil Webber (sixth at BG). The board passed a motion that substitute teachers receive 75% of the wages of the person for whom the sub was working. A picture machine was purchased for the school for $350. Shop equipment pur- chases could not exceed $200. The Federated Clubs donated draperies for the auditorium windows. 1939 The school board approved the sale of the Amrstrong School Building for $35 and the Link School Building for $80 to Ada Hudson. The football team was undefeated, un- tied, and unscored upon. At this time, it was believed that this was the only team in the state with this distinctive record. The season record for the team is as follows. Antwerp 21 Oakwood Antwerp 19 Hicksville Antwerp 19 Payne Antwerp 6 Rockford Antwerp 27 Paulding Q ° 100 YEARS Members of Antwerp ' s Scholarship Team that made the county team were Norma Jean Gordon — English 9; Lois Ann Anderson — Latin I; Lowell Weller and Ruth Carr — Latin II; Richard Carr and Donald Edens — Chemistry; Carl Metzen and Paul Deemer — Biology; Jacqueline Snyder — Geometry. The first grade enrollment was projected to be over 60. The board decided to hire another teacher. 1941 Because of student activities at the Paulding County Fair, school was closed at noon on Tuesday, September 16. 1942 A sixteen foot Litchfield Pull-a- Way was purchased and set up on the playground. Mrs. Lois Stevenson was hired as a junior high teacher. 1943 The basketball team won the coun- ty championship. Mrs. Ruth Gaisford was nominated and elected President of the Antwerp School Board. At the April board meeting, it was decid- ed to pay a bonus of $150 to each teacher, in addition to the basic contract salary, upon satisfactory completion of that teacher ' s contract for the school year. 1944 The school board approved the high school credit program for enlistees and inductees, as set forth by the state department of education. The school board offered for sale at public auction the school lot in Section 14, Carryall Township, since it was no longer needed for school purposes. In March, L. S. Sidenbender, clerk, and Millard Jones, custodian, were inducted into the U.S. Navy. Mrs. Ruth Clinton was employed as custodian. 1945 Eunice Rhoad was hired as the first elementary music teacher. This was a half-time position. Ruth Baker was hired as a first grade helper or aide. The Antwerp Spirit Song was written by Kenneth Donnell. The Colors of blue and white were adopted as the school colors. The school board sold the Armstrong School ground to Oscar Rupert for $50. 1946 Gerald Shaffer and Ken Johnson were hired to drive school owned buses. Frank Parrett, Ken Boland, Joe Zuber, Wilbur Hopkins, and Archie Terwilleger were hired as drivers of their privately owned buses. The school board approved the purchase of a movie projector machine. 1947 Five drivers were given contracts to furnish and operate school buses at $170 per month. Two drivers were given con- tracts to operate the two school owned buses at $60 per month. The salary schedule for teachers includ- ed a $200 bonus as an allowance for in- creased living cost and the salaries of the two first grade teachers included a bonus of $25 for special first grade work. There were sixteen teachers on the salary 10 1. 1960-61 Future Homemakers of America ROW 1 — Charmaine Reeb, Linda Williams ROW 2 — Ann Woods, Sharon Carr, Carol Griggs, Karen Taylor, Joan Derek, Cindy Marsh, Beverly Foreman ROW 3 — Mary Derek, Roberta Bute, Penny Banks, Jackie Wyckoff, Anita Foust, Marilyn Seslar, Carol DeLong, Sandra Boger ROW 4 — Rita Bute, Susan Lambert, Rosalie Miller, Ila James, Jean James, Darlene Mabis Not pictured — Mrs. Nihiser, Advisor 2. 1962 Sweetheart Court ROW 1 — Tom Weatherhead, Cheryl Mobley, Linda Walker, Larry Dunderman ROW 2 — Rick Schilb, Diane Seslar, Mr. Wm. Fast, Rex Clinton, Virginia Hahn, King Joe Barker, Queen Barbara Snook, Jane Koehlinger, Mickey Sanders, Mrs. Wm. Fast, Mary Derek, Bill Ross 3. 1961-62 Cadet Band ROW 1 — Allen Deemer, Ben Qyckoff, Loraine Friend, Karlann Hopkins, Len Gordon, Carolyn Culler, Judy Jef- fery ROW 2 — Dave Grimes, Mary Beatty, Sam Friend, Debbie Schlegel, Susan Murphy, Charles Zuber, Stev Hitzeman ROW 3 — Gene Wiesehan, Frank Carr, Director Vern Tussing 4. Mr. Vern Tussing, director, is leading the 1962-63 chorus while they are practicing for state contest. 5. 1962-63 Track Team ROW 1 — Larry Sunday, Jim Weatherhead, Alan Bowers, Rick Schilb ROW 2 — Barry Deemer, Jim Farnsworth, Larry Friend, Wayne Snyder 6. Dr. Caine is pictured with all his fans 7. 1963-64 Library Aides ROW 1 — Carol McAlexander, Kathleen Wiesehan, Judy Wannemacher, Linda Devore, Roberta Bunn ROW 2 — Linda Sunday, Paula Meek, Linda Jor- dan, Sandra Temple, Mrs. Exie Bell (Librarian) Randy Brooks, Sue Miller 8. 1964-65 Basketball Coach John Hurley with Co-Captains Rick Schilb, Les Detmon 9. 1964-65 Office Helpers, Judy Sukup and Sheila DeLong 10. 1964 Scholarship Team Members in Science — Cliff Friend, Greg Carr, Bill Ross, Gordon Miller 11. 1964 Scholar- ship Team Members in History — Nick Diaz, Floyd Ramsier, Rick Schilb 12. 1964-65 Track Team ROW 1 — Allen Deemer, Ray Mendez, Jim Farnsworth, Dave Sidenbender, Roy Whitcomb, Tom McAlexander, Brock Penner, Jim Vail ROW 2 — Coach Voirol, Ron Farnsworth, Mike Weatherhead, Stan Goings, Don Cottrell, Larry Friend, Kevin Penner, Lynn Humbarger, Carl Klender, Ron Davis ROW 2 — Jack Neely, Cliff Friend, Doug Shuherk, Larry Overmyer, Gary Kemerer, Larry Koenn, Steve Farnsworth, Don Carr 1. 1965 Sweetheart King and Queen, Les Detmon and Paige Clinton 2. 1966-67 Sectional and Co. League Championship Basketball Team (Record: 20-3) ROW 1 — Mike Bowers, Cliff Friend, Ron Farnsworth, Benjy Schlatter, Jim Vail, Mike Weatherhead, Frank Lichty ROW 2 — Coach John Hurley, Hal Kemerer, Doug Shuherk, Jack Neely, Bob Kammeyer, Steve Farnsworth, Prin- cipal Larry Goodes 3. 1965-66 Girls ' Athletic Association Officers ROW 1 — Cheryl Plum, Marlene Hemrick, Paige Clinton, Marsha Cerenc- ser, Tobi Miller ROW 2 — Darlene Culler, Janese Schilb, Julie Hughes, Suzi Jeffery, Jan Plum 4. 1968 Sweetheart Court ROW 1 — Neil Ramsier, Lana DeLong, Steve Provines, Leslie Ryan, Mar- cia Handy, Steve Peters ROW 2 — Cathy Gor- don, Keith Cromley, 1968 Royal Couple, Frank Lichty, Diane Rager, 1968 King and Queen — Terry Zartman, and Ava Handy 5. 1966-67 Na- tional Honor Society Charter Members ROW 1 — Margaret Koenn, Ava Handy, Eleanor Taylor, Brenda Beerbower, Kathleen Wiesehan, Darlene Culler ROW 2 — Keith Cromley, Advisor Charles Foster, Joe Sigg, Cliff Friend, Bob Kammeyer, Jack Neely, Doug Shuherk, Jim Vail, Julie Hughes 6. 1971 Long Jump State Champion, Steve Peters 7. 1st Freshman Basketball Team (1968-69) ROW 1 — Pat Vail, Dale Hicov, Fred Rodriguez ROW 2 — Coach Hutton, Jim Rogers, Dana Price, Ed Jones, Jeff Reeb, Joe Kemerer, Danny Underwood, Ted Mendez, Jim Secrist 8. 1972-73 Mascot and Pep Club Leader, Julie Deventer Did you know? schedule for this year. 1948 New bus routes were mapped and the number of buses used was reduced from seven to six. One driver was hired to furnish and operate a bus. Five drivers were hired to operate the school owned buses. 1949 The school board hired H. E. Little of Toledo to do landscaping for the amount of $300. The school board granted permission to the American Legion Post to use the Gymnasium for legion basketball on Thursday night. 1950 The school board moved to pay teachers a bonus of $100 and an addi- tional $100 to each teacher that was the sole support of a family, as determined by the board. In December, a group of school patrons met, with the approval of the board, to organize a Parent Teachers Association or similar organization. 1951 Seven pieces of playground equip- ment were purchased. Salaries included coaching pay. 1952 An oboe and a French horn were added to the band. A committee of teachers met with the board to present written suggestions per- taining to salaries and privileges. 1953 A minimum of $3,000 was set fo r male teachers with four years training. The P.T.A. sponsored a program to buy milk for needy children. 1954 Lighting and other improvements were needed on the ball park. The board pledged $500 in cooperation with the Antwerp Softball Association to make improvements. 1955 A track was constructed on the diamond site. Stone was used because cinders were not available. 1956 Drivers ' training was a new class. 1957 The first kindergarten class was started. A yearbook was published. There had not been a yearbook since the 1937-1940 yearbooks. The new elementary addition was dedicated on February 24. 1958 A new bus garage was built and in use. The baseball and basketball teams won the county championships. It was the first year any Antwerp Baseball team had earned the title. 1959 An adult typing class was offered and twenty adults enrolled. Antwerp offered the use of the gym to Payne H.S. after their gym was nearly ruined by flood water. 1960 Bob Boesch held the school record for the pole vault at 10 ' 4 " ; Mike Zedaker held the discus record with a throw of 111 ' . 11 100 YEARS 1961 The junior high basketball team captured the county championship. Ann Elston and Ken Hahn were crowned Sweetheart queen and king. 1962 Donald Smith and Julene Seslar were yearbook co-editors. Rita Snyder held the school typing record at 84 words per minute. 1963 The high school band and chorus received I ratings at district contest. Larry Sunday, Rick Schilb, Alan Bowers, and Jim Weatherhead held the 880 yard relay record at 1:38.8. 1964 The varsity basketball team was selected as The Crescent Area ' s No. 1 Team. The Antwerp Scholarship Team placed these students: Greg Carr — first in state, Physics; Nick Diaz — fifth in state, American History; Floyd Ramsier — eleventh in state, Social Studies; John Woodcox — thirteenth in state, Geometry; Gordon Miller — seventeenth in state. Biology. 1965 High School students presented the musical, " Little Me. " The boys ' track team was undefeated and won the county championship. The boys ' basketball team was the Cres- cent News No. 1 Team, sectional champs, and league co-champs. The scholarship team placed these students: Don Carr — ninth in district, American History; Kathleen Wiesenhan — eighth in district, Spanish II; Nick Diaz — eighth in district, Social Studies; Linda Berenyi — tenth in district, English III. 1966 The student council adopted the official school crest. The scholarship team placed the follow- ing people; Margaret Koenn — twelfth in state. Biology; Cliff Friend — seven- teenth in state, American History. 1967 Antwerp hosted its first exchange student, Roberto, from Brazil. He lived with Earl Beatty ' s family. The dual routing bus schedule began. The Business Office Education Program and the Diversified Cooperative Program were new curriculum changes. The varsity basketball team won the county championship and the sectional title. Seven track records were also either tied or broken. The National Honor Society, now in ex- istence, was started with Mr. Foster as advisor. 1968 A freshmen basketball team was formed with eleven players. A project of the home economics class was to conduct a day nursery for preschool children. The scholarship team ' s top ranking peo- ple were: Michele Hertel — 1st in state and district, American History; Jill Jef- frey — 12th in district, French; Don Kra- ly — 12th in district. Physics. 1970 The student enrollment was 1,181 12 1. 1969-70 Football Team (1st Team Since 1940) ROW 1 — David Mendez, Jim Mendez, Dennis Clem, Jim Secrist, Dan Lichty, Tim Bowers, Steve Ouellette, Bob Cross ROW 2 — Coach Richard Eastridge, Steve Lothamer, Ted Mendez, Mark Lero, Ken Knapp, Mike Culler, Joe Rogers, Dan- ny Secrist ROW 3 Coach Darrell Casey, Max Begley, Steve Peters, Art Rhinehart, Mike Rohrs, Dave King, Jim Griggs, Ed Miller 2. 1st Golf Team (1970-71) Tom Roberts, Bob Crain, Dave Miller, Larry Culler, Ed Glass 3. 1973 Homecom- ing Queen and King, Susan Culler and Ron Gross, at the 1st game in the new gym on January 27 4. 1971-72 Dance Band ROW 1 — Julie Slusher, Denise Price, Steve Ouellette, Bill Lawson, Dan Sigg ROW 2 — Susie Secrist, Pam Rogers, Gary Schmunk, Randy Lorentz ROW 3 — Mitch Plum, Tom Major, Kim Savage, Doug Stevenson, Ken! Knapp, Cathy Mundy 5. Members of the 1972-7c Marching Band ROW 1 Tonya Cottrell, Susie! Secrist, Jan Meyer, Sandra Meador ROW 2 Nancy Slusher, Kathy Schmunk, Nancy Cromley ! Jim Coughlin ROW 3 — Kathy Getrost, Shery Snyder, Steve Meyer, Rhetta Shock, Dan Sigg 6. 1974-75 Medical Careers Club ROW 1 — Cindy Bradford, Pam Rogers, Lori Donnell, Bonnie Leaman, Reva Meyer, Gail Miller, Vickie Ter- williger, Sharon Beatty, Theresa McDorman ROW 2 — Deb Holley, Judy Smalley, Cathy Nighswander, Mindy Franklin, Elaine Carr Kathy Zartman, Martha Roberts, Melissa McKeever, Advisor Miss Koch ROW 3 — Sheril Proxmire, Cherri Noll, Beth Miller, Jane McCalla Kim Stewart, Christine Meyer, Joan Gordon Did you know? . 1973-74 Football Team ROW 1 — Ken Herber, on Parrish, Moe Cottrell, Bill Fish, Steve Marlin lOW 2 — Stan Underwood, Mike Herber, Steve lajor, Joe Friend, Jan Perry ROW 3 — Dan dams, Gary Cottrell, Richard Leslie, John Sch- einsburg, Kevin Taylor, Tim Jackson ROW 4 — im Baker, Dave Plumb, Randy Meyer, Duke filler, Rob Smith, Kent Savage 2. 1973-74 — irst Year for Gymnastics at A.H.S. 3. 1974-75 rama Club ROW 1 — Advisor Mrs. Buchhop, iisie Foster, Theresa McDorman, Deb Holley, indy Bradford, Kevin Smith, Susie Mosier, Chris ample, Christine Meyer ROW 2 — Barb Kin- sy, Robin Nern, Norman Watkins, Mark Noll, Cindy Dunderman, Cindy Shuherk, Steve Schaefer, Patsy Scott 4. 1974-75 Jazz Band ROW 1 — Cindy Bradford, Joe Crabill, Sheryl Snyder, Christy Meyer, Keith Stevenson, Randy Meyer ROW 2 — Paul Doctor, Nancy Zielke, Mike Krutsch, Linda Wolfe, Tony Billman, Jan Meyer, Tom Schmunk, Randy Lorentz ROW 3 — Kent Savage, Doug Bowers, Steve Beerbower, Ken Hughes, Director Robert Hennell 5. 1973-74 Per- cussionist, Phil Marlin 6. 1976-77 Cast Members of " The King and I " — Jerry Reeb as Louis and Deb Holley as Mrs. Anna 7. 1976-77 Scholastic Bowl Team — Duke Miller, Dave Plumb, Doug Bowers, Lana Moore and there were 52 teachers. The top ranking students of the scholar- ship team were: Michele Hertel — 3rd in district, 7th in state — French I; Chuck Mobley — 3rd in district, 13th in state — English III; Jim Schmunk — 5th in district, 10th in state — American History. The band, under the direction of Mr. Vacaro, received a I rating at district contest. The first A.H.S. Football Team in 30 years played on the new athletic com- plex. There were 39 members on the team with Mr. Casey as head coach assited by Mr. Bell and Mr. McClure. 1971 Golf was added to the sports program. The junior high basketball team won the county championship. The high school track team won the county title. Steve Peters held the A.H.S. Long Jump Record and won first in the state with a 21 ' 8 " jump. The top ranking students of the scholar- ship team were: English IV — Jill Jeffrey — 1st in district, 2nd in state; English IV — Carol Shuherk — 2nd in district; 4th in state; Senior Social Studies — Jim Schmunk — 8th in district, 15th in state. 1972 The concert band, directed by Mr. Deal, earned a I at state contest. The scholarship team ' s top ranking students were: U.S. History — Terry Sosbe — 5th in district, 8th in state; Plane Geometry — Dave McCalla — 6th in district; General Science — Dan Sigg — 5th in district, 8th in state. 1973 On January 27, the first basketball game was played in the new gym which is now in use. Dave McCalla, junior center, was named to the All-District conference basketball team. 1974 The high school band bought new uniforms to be worn for concert and mar- ching band. A.H.S. won the GMC Championship title in boys ' basketball. Gymnastics was a part of the physical education program. 1975 High school students presented the play, " Our Town. " Senior citizens were authorized to eat lunch in the school cafeteria at a 60t fee. Dave Plumb and Paul Doctor ranked first in the state in Algebra II in team competition. 1976 The faculty beat the seniors by a score of 71 to 52 in basketball. David Plumb won the top position in the state in chemistry. The cheese factory property on Wilcox Street was sold to Dr. Wm. Bricker. 1977 A van was leased to transport four- teen students daily to the newly opened Vantage Vocational School. Dan English, boys ' varsity basketball 13 100 YEARS coach, was named The Crescent News Coach of the Area. His team won the Green Meadows Championship with a record of 18-2. With 149 assists in the season, Duke Miller broke the school record previously set by Rick Schilb. Duke also made the First Team, All- District. David Snyder made the Honorable Mention All-State Team and the All-League First Team; Kevin Taylor made the Honorable Mention All- District Team. The Archer Golf Team placed fourth in the district. The concert band received a superior rating at state contest. The chemistry team was runner-up in the Northwestern Chemistry Society. The scholastic bowl team won the Crestview High School Tournament. A.H.S. had its first competitive swim team. The cross country team was reorganized. This sport had been discontinued for two or three years. The 82 member band, direction of Mr. Hoverman, earned a superior rating at state contest. The directors of the high school musical, " The King and I " were Mr. Grabianowski and Miss Staat. 1978 The A.H.S. Band competed at the Ohio State Fair. The board passed the requirement of four years of English. This started with the ' 78 sophomore class. The student council and the school board met for lunch in the cafeteria. The eighth grade girls ' basketball team won the GMC Championship. The sectional volleyball tournaments were held at Antwerp. 1979 The concert band received I ratings at the district and state contests. They went on a three day performing tour of Central Ohio, visiting the state capital and performing at area high schools. The girls ' volleyball team captured the GMC title with a 14-2 record. This was the first year an Antwerp team made it to the district in any girls ' sport. The girls ' basketball team won the sec- tional tournament. They lost to Kalida in the district game. Jolene Goddard was t he first graduating junior, completing the necessary classes required for graduation in three years. The Citizens ' Committee was formed for the purpose of helping promote the emergency levy needed to alleviate the serious financial condition of the school. 1980 The Archer Marching Band ap- peared at the Defiance Band spectacular and the Fremont Spectacular. Under the direction of Mr. Hennel, A.H.S. hosted the first GMC Festival. " Novena, " by James Swearigen, was commissioned for the A.H.S. Concert Band by the Dana Corporation — 14 1. First Varsity Volleyball Team (1975-76) Lisa Savage, Linda Slusher, Elaine Hammond, Denise Reinhart, Linda Wolfe, Sheryl Snyder, Elaine Dunderman, Mindy Franklin, Jan Meyer, Coach Connie Beam 2. 1978-79 Varsity Volleyball Members of the First Team All-Conference — Mary Vail, Becky Dunderman, Shelley Peters 3. 1976-77 Second Semester Journalism Class ROW 1 — Lana Moore, Carla Carnahan, Nancy Hoste, Carol Nighswander, Tom Hostetler, Randy Shaf- fer, Sue Mosier, Deb Holley, Mr. Fred Wiswell ROW 2 — Lynne Parrett, Randy Williamson, Donnie Shaffer, Peter Tryznka, Frank Wiesehan, Cindy Shuherk, Tammy Richhart, Gary Cottrell 4. 1976-77 Golf Team — Doug Bowers, Donnie Shaffer, Dan Wetli, Richard Leslie, Ron Miller, Coach Steve Thiel Not pictured — Jim Boesch 5. 1976-77 Chemistry Bowl Team (Runner-up Northwestern Ohio American Chemical Society Bowl) Duke Miller, Dave Plumb, Ron Miller, Richard Leslie 6. 1976-77 GMC Varsity Basket- ball Team Championship (Record: 18-2) ROW — Donnie Shaffer, Tom Butyok ROW 2 — Duk Miller, Dave Snyder, Randy Williamson, Mar Bissell, Richard Leslie, Kevin Taylor 7. Firs Competitive Swim Team (1976-77) Bria Sidenbender, Dan Wetli, Mark Figert, Crai Savage, Mark Feasby, Steve Schaefer, Mark Reic Denny Coughlin, Coach Fred Wiswell 8. 1978-7 Mr. Robert Hennell, band director and Mrs. Su Hennell, choral director, are receiving fr oi Superintendent Ralph Brown a plaqu acknowledging the Modern Music Mastei Membership (Tri-M) 9. 1978-79 Tri-M (Moder Music Masters) ROW 1 — Tenly Perry, Patt Rogers, Deb Gallup, Jolene Gollard, Beth Meye Shelby Cottrell, Christy Schmunk, Judy Billmai Kathy Mobley ROW 2 — Kim Ross, Nanc Friend, Mary Jo Krutsch, Valerie Miller, Vaness Dunderman, Shelley Peters, Susan Parrett, Joi Kennedy, Jenny Schilb, Becky Dunderman ROT 3 — Kevin Carr, Tim Derek, Scott Bradford Did you know? . 1979-80 Varsity Basketball Team after their legional Victory at Findlay College ROW 1 — larcia Bute, Janis McCalla, Joni Smith, Lynne leyer, Janean Franklin, Lana Hughes ROW 2 — oach Chris Slattery, Manager Chris Woodring, [im Reinhart, Cindy Savage, Julie Cross, lanager Lori Clemens, Sue Brown, Lisa Spryn, lary Vail 2. 1981-82 Tami Collins, Jeff Pierce, like Smith, Jennifer Conley, and Jerl Schlegel resent " News Six " on WBGU-TV . 1981-82 Cast members of " Oliver! " — Tim opsey, Eunice Schenkel, Joe Barker, Anna [ilton, Dennis Cline 4. 1980-81 Colorguard ROW 1 — Shelly Hunt, Billie Sigler, Lisa Napier ROW 2 — Beth Derek, Anita Derek, Marianne Mobley, Beth Sensabaugh, Lisa Allen, Julie Buckland, Kim Wiseman, Tammy Cottrell, Lisa Stoller, An- nette Mabis 5. 1980-81 Swedish Exchange Stu- dent and Percussionist, Eric Hasselberg 6. 1979- 80 Track State Runners-Up ROW 1 Janean Franklin ROW 2 — Chris Woodring, Kim Reinhart, Joyce Rodriquez ROW 3 — Julie Cross, Mary Vail, Pam Herber, Tarn Herber 7. 1981 — Sue Brown hit her 1000th point during the Wayne Trace basketball game. Weatherhead Diuision, Antwerp. The Archer Girls ' Track Team won the state runner-up title ' On March 27, the teachers and non- certified personnel participated in the first work stoppage in the history of the school. It ended on March 30, and school was back in session on Monday, March 31. The Lady Archer Basketball Team won the regional championship. They ad- vanced to the State Class-A Tournament where they were defeated by Mansfield St. Peters in St. John ' s Arena at Ohio State University. Ken Focht was head coach, assisted by Chris Slattery. The season record was 24-3, including all tournament games. 1981 The volleyball team won the GMC Co-Championship title and the district championship. Directed by Miss Simcox, A.H.S. students presented the musical, " The Sound of Music. " Kindergarten students attended school all day on an alternate day schedule. Steve Weatherhead was named to the All-State Honorable Mention Class-A Football Team. The boys ' baseball team won the district championship and advanced to the regionals where they lost in the first game. Steve Weatherhead and Al Hook were named as two of the leading hitters in Northwest Ohio. The Lady Archer Basketball Team, rank- ed sixth in the state, advanced to the district tournament where they were defeated by Kalida, the number one ranked team in the state. 1982 New robes were purchased for the high school choir. The seniors took a class trip to the World ' s Fair in Knoxville, Tn. Top ranking students on the scholarship team were: Molly Vail — 7th in district, French I; Daren Whetstone — 9th in district, American History; Curt Longardner — 4th in district, American History; Dave Meyer — 7th in district, 15th in state. Algebra I; Barb Goetz — 6th in district, 12th in state, Algebra I; Julie Buckland — 5th in district, 17th in state — Chemistry; Todd K. Cook — 2nd in district, 6th instate. Chemistry. 1983 Keith Birkhold placed first in the Voice of Democracy Contest. Top ranking members of the scholarship team were: Laura Taylor — English 9 — 1st in district, 1st in state; Susan Over- myer — 4th in district. Algebra I; Jeff Cook — 10th in district, Algebra I; Jeff Ryan — 15th in district, Algebra I; Beth Derek — 12th in district. Geometry; Barb Goetz — 12th in district, English 10; Todd K. Cook — 4th in district, 9th in state — Social Studies. Tony Nighswander received the Vantage Vocational School Outstanding Student Award. 15 Centennial Reflections On May 27, 1984, with the graduation of 66 seniors, Antwerp Local School celebrated a centennial year. This marked the 100th class to graduate from Antwerp High School. Although John Snook, the first graduate, received his diploma over a hundred years ago in 1881, there were no graduates in 1884, 1888, and 1911, making this year the centen- nial year. Educating the children of the community has always been a priority in Antwerp. The first schoolhouse was built of logs in 1833. It was located two miles northeast of Antwerp on the farm of Isaac Woodcox. William Roberts taught the enrollment of fifteen students. With the platting of the Antwerp Village, a log schoolhouse was built on the corner of Main and Franklin Streets where the Bee Argus is presently located. Later, a frame school building was erected on the lot presently occupied by H W Automotive Parts. This building was moved and rebuilt into a residence. The next school building was another frame building erected on River Street on the lot west of the Methodist Church. In 1876, a six room, two story brick school building was constructed just west of the present building. The cost of this building was $17,000. Looking ahead at the possibility of expansion, the Antwerp Village School District purchased two lots, lying east of and adjoining the school property. In 1890, the school board hired a practical mechanic and builder to ex- amine the school in regard to its safety. Upon receiving this report, the necessary repairs were made to the building — and an addition to this brick structure was also built. The building was completed when the fall school term started. In April of 1911, the Antwerp Village School was closed and vacated in order to be torn down to make room for a new, larger structure. The new building was constructed just east of the vacated building. Although the building was not completed in September at the beginning of the school term, school was held in the portion of the building that was finished. In 1915, the Antwerp Village School District voted to dissolve the district and it was transferred to the Carryall Rural Board of Education to be maintained in the same manner as it had been in the past. In 1916, whereas the Carryall Rural School District was maintaining a four year high school of the first grade and the local board felt the need of more supervision for the welfare of the schools, the Carryall Rural School Board petitioned the Paulding County School Board to be set off as a separate district under the school laws of Ohio. In March, 1918, the Paulding County Board of Education, in accordance with the provisions of the General Code of Ohio, dissolved the Carryall Township Rural School District of Paulding County and created there, together with certain territory from Harrison Township Rural School District, a new district to be known as Antwerp Rural School District. In 1919, there were at least twelve schools operating in the network of the Antwerp Rural School District. One of the schools in this network, the Erter School, was closed in 191 7 due to the fact that there were only eight prospective students for this school year. It was reopened in 1919, since the enrollment was then large enough to hire a qualified teacher. On April 11, 1920, the Murphy School, situated one and a half miles east of Antwerp on the old canal, burned down during a wind storm. The remains were sold at public auction to the highest bidders. In this same year, the Armstrong School was closed since there was not a suffi- cient number of students to lawfully carry on a public school. The Clay School was also closed and sold. Also, in 1920, the school board established an official transportation policy. The only students to be transported would be those living more than two miles from the school buildings. These students would be transported to and from the public schools only, either in the Antwerp Rural School District or other public school district where it became necessary for transportation in accordance with the school laws of the state of Ohio. In 1922, there were nine locations, other than the school on Franklin Street, making up the network of the Antwerp Rural School District. Those schools included Erter, Clark, Overmeyer, Elm Tree, Wilson, Champion, Doering, Link, and Stinger. In the fall of 1922, the Elm Tree School was closed. The Doering School was sold in 1923. In 1924, the Link School was suspended because it was cheaper to transport the students than to operate the school. In 1925, the Champion School was sold at public auction, as were the Doering and Wilson Schools. Although the dates are not certain, the other buildings were eventually closed and all students were transported to the Antwerp Rural School located on Franklin Street. In 1926, the need for a new high school was evident and a levy, valued at $95,000, was presented to the voters. This was to have purchased a site, built a new building and furnished it. The issue was defeated by a vote of 406 to 196. In 1929, a bond issue for $112,875 to build a new high school was again presented and went down in defeat by a vote of 387 to 337. In 1932, the school was experiencing a very congested condition with the enrollment in the grades at 416 and the high school enrollment at 175, for a total enrollment of 591 students. Grade attendance was reported to be as high as 60 in one room. The 1933 graduating class reflected this increased enrollment; the class of 36 seniors was the largest to that date. In November of 1934, a levy was again presented to the voters only to go down in defeat once more. It wasn ' t until August of 1935, when a special election was held, that a building levy for $73,000 passed by a vote of 456 to 222. This amount, along with the approval of federal funds for 45% of the cost of the building, allowed the project to begin. The P.W.A. grant from the federal government amounted to nearly $56,000 making the tool cost of the project over $128,000. This building housed all of the high school classrooms and a gymnasium. Mr. Guy Deemer was the superintendent at this time. In 1956, the voters approved an eight classroom addition to be con- structed on the west side of the elementary building. This project also included offices, a school cafeteria, and multipurpose room for a total cost of $380,000. The building was dedicated at a special ceremony on February 24, 1957. Mr. Ollie Zedaker was superintendent during this period. The 1956-57 school year was also the first year kindergarten was offered at the local school. Mrs. Stiver was the teacher and there were approx- imately 64 students that participated in a kindergarten graduation ceremony held in May of 1957. In 1958 a bus garage was built on the east side of the high school. The next building project took place in 1965 when an elementary addi- tion of seven classrooms was erected and attached to the west side of the elementary building. The cost of this project was $135,000 and it was completed for use in the fall of 1966. Superintendent at this time was Mr. Dale Adams. In the fall of 1966, a new dual routing schedule of busses was started. Students in grades seven through twelve were picked up and transported to school which was in session at 8:00 A.M. The same busses then transported the elementary students to school which was in ses- sion at 9:00 A.M. The same routing was used in the afternoon with the upper grades dismissing one hour earlier than the elementary grades. Antwerp is still on this schedule. During the same school year two new programs were added to the high school curriculum. The Business and Office Education Program and the Diversified Cooperatine Training Program were both new. Later a similar program was named the O.W.A. Program. These were forerun- ners to the present vocational education programs. In 1968, the voters favored a $480,000 building project which included 15 classrooms, a library with shelving for 12,000 volumes and a seating capacity of 75, and a room for audio visual equipment. An elevator was also installed for handicapped use. Dale Adams was serving as superintendent. In 1972, the original building that was constructed in 1911 was torn down to be replaced by a new 1,500 seat gymnasium, an enclosed 75 ' x37 ' pool, an exercise room, a vocal music room, a boys ' shower room, a girls ' shower room, and several storage areas. A four classroom addition with movable doors was attached to the south side of the elementary building. An elementary library was included in this project. This was constructed at a cost of $825,000 with Dale Adams serving as superintendent. The school board was notified that the state would no longer be funding the Occupational Work Program for the 1976-77 year. This was a voca- tional skills program. In the fall of 1976 Vantage Vocational School, located in Van Wert, opened its doors to students in Paulding, Van ' Wert, Putnam, and Mercer Counties. Vantage presently serves these counties and offers many vocational programs. The graduation of the 100th class marked a milestone in the history oj The Antwerp Local School. Looking forward to the next graduating class marks the continuance of the tradition of providing the best possi ble education to the students of the Antwerp community. 16 Administration 1. Dr. Charles Taylor — Superintendent 2. Mr. Jim Rosendahl — High School Principal 3. Mr. David Bagley — Elementary Principal 4. Antwerp Local School Board — Dr. Charles Taylor, Mr. Robert Kammeyer — President, Mrs. Jane Langham — Treasurer, Mr. Steve Winner, Mrs. Ber- nadyne Rogers, Mr. Steve Derek and Mr. David Grimes — Vice President Administration • 17 Mr. Allen — Art Mr. Brown — Social Studies Mrs. Buchhop — English-Spanish Mrs. Detmon — English Mr. Donley — Guidance Mr. Foster — Social Studies Mr. Grabianowski — Librarian Mr. Hartman — English Mr. Hohenbrink — Math Mr. Jones — Instrumental Music Mr. Kemerer — Industrial Arts Mr. Limber — Athletic Director Mr. Mastin — Science Miss Mundt — Physical Education Mrs. Oberlin — Home Economics Mrs. Pier — English-French Mrs. Rumage — Resource Teacher Mr. Schilb — Science Miss Simcox — Vocal Music Mr. Simmons — Math Mrs. Slade — Resource Teacher Mr. Smith — Business Mr. Stoll — Math Mr. Thompson — Physical Education Mr. Trzynka — Social Studies Teachers Touch High School Faculty 18 • High School Faculty Tomorrow Elementary Faculty Mrs. Brotherton — Grade 6 Mr. Snyder — Grade 6 Mr. Smith — Grade 6 Mr. Seely — Grade 5 Mrs. Seely — Grade 5 Mr. Rex — Grade 5 Mrs. Musselman — Grade 4 Mrs. Farlee — Grade 4 Mr. Stallkamp — Grade 4 Miss Gordon — Grade 3 Mrs. Webb — Grade 3 Mrs. Friend — Grade 2 Mrs. Birkhold — Grade 2 Mrs. Luginbill — Grade 2 Mrs. Smith — Grade 1 Mrs. Bowers — Grade 1 Mrs. Derek — Grade 1 Mrs. Laukhuf — Kindergarten Mrs. Neidhardt — Kindergarten Mrs. Kammeyer — Chapter I Reading Mr. Bader — Physical Education Mrs. Mobley — Vocal Music Miss Richardson — Resource Teacher Mrs. Wallace — Resource Teacher Mrs. Davis — Resource Teacher Mrs. McGrath — Speech Clinician Mrs. Noll — Aide Mrs. Meyer — Aide Mrs. Geyer — Aide Mrs. West — Aide Elementary Faculty • 19 Staff Mrs. Peggy Savage — School Secretary Mrs. Ruth Overymyer — High School Secretary Mrs. Jane Langham — Treasurer Mrs. Karen Leinard — School Nurse Mrs. Gloria Whetstone, Mrs. Jan Rasey — Cafeteria Cashiers 20 • Staff Cafeteria Staff: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Billman, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Smalley Maintenance Staff: Mr. Wiedman, Mrs. VanCleve, Mr. Shipman, Mrs. Bender Bus Drivers: Mr. Wiedman, Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Overmyer, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. VanCleve Not Pictured: Mrs. Vail, Mr. Zuber, Mr. Meyer Staff. 21 Seniors 22 • Seniors In Memoriam Daryl Lee Bradford October 22, 1965- October 28, 1978 To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. From Wings of Silver Compiled by Jo Petty We worked, played, and laughed together. We loved him, and we know that he loved us. The 1984 Senior Class Seniors • 23 Who ' s Who in the Senior Class 1. Most Likely to Succeed — Beth Derek and Steve Sillman 2. Most Talented — Lynn Carr and Mark Ryan 3. Best Dressed — Shelley (Snyder) Nighswander and Chris Banks 4. Most Sincere — Miho Yasuda and Bob Krutch 5. Most Easy Going — Julie Rhonehouse and Randy Wolf 24 w Who ' s Who in the Senior Class Ronnie Billman and Penny Rogers Nick Longardner and Kim Wiseman Tony Seslar and Shelly Betzer - Jim Bok and Tami Figert - John Hilton and Martha Trzynka - Rob Carnahan and Amy Derek Wfir- r Who ' s Who in the Senior Class 1. Most Athletic — Barbie Overymyer and Todd Cook 2. Most School Spirit — Penny Rogers and Terry Bostelman 3. Best Personality — Shelley (Snyder) Nighswander and Mike Snider 4. Class Brownies — Barbie Overmyer and David Hammond 5. Class Flirt and Wolf — Tina Taylor and John Hilton Qraduation is a chance to touch the horizon, But... first there must he lole, sadness, Jear joy, giving, taking . . . and mostly lining. Class Officers: President — Beth Derek V. President — Martha Trzynka Treasurer — Julie Rhonehouse Secretary — Carolyn Klima Class Flower: White Rose Tipped in Blue Class Colors: Midnight Blue and Silver Class Song: " Time " Seniors 27 CHRISTOPHER ALLEN BANKS — Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1-3; VICA 3, 4; Student Council 2; Class Treasurer 3; Pep Band 1-3; Drum Major 3; Sweetheart Attendant 2; Vantage Carpentry Program 3, 4; DARRYL BANKS — ; TODD ANTHONY BAUER — Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Spanish Club 2, 3; SHELLY BETZER — March- ing Band 1, 2; Pep Band 2; Choir 4; Concert Band 1, 2; School Play 4; RONALD ALAN BILLMAN — Homecoming Attendant 1; Basket- ball 1-4; Golf 3; Varsity " A " Club 4; TERRY BOSTELMAN — Science Fair 1, 2; Scholastic Bowl 1; Marching Band 4; Pep Band 4; Concert Band 4; Spanish Club 1; Chorus 4; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; School Play 4; Stock Market Game 4; American Business Challenge 4; Christopher Allen Banks Darryl Banks Todd A. Bauer Shelly Betzer Ronald Alan Billman Terry Bostelman 28 ' Seniors DARREN P. BRADBURY — Vantage Engineering Auto Mechanics 3, 4; Choir 1; VICA 3, 4; ROBERT L. CARNAHAN — Basketball 1; LYNN EILEEN CARR — FTA 1, 2; Choir 1-4; Musical 1-4; Solo and Ensemble 1-4; Swing Choir 1-3; TODD A. COOK — Scholarship Tests 1; District Science Fair 1, 2; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Football 4; Spanish Club 1; Band 1; Varsity " A " Club 4; Sweetheart Attendant 4; AMY PRICE DERCK — Volleyball 2; Boys Basketball Mgr. 1; Boys Basketball Stat. 4; Year- book Staff 3; Student Council 1-3; Student Council Secretary 2; Sophomore Homecoming Attend- ant 2; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Pep Band 1; FTA 2-4; Musical 3; Darren P. Bradbury Robert L. Carnahan Lynn Eileen Carr Matt Clevinger Todd A. Cook Amy Price Derek Seniors 29 BETH DERCK — Scholastic Bowl 1-4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Science Fair 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; Greater Toledo Math Contest 1, 2; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; Choir 1-4; Color- guard 1; Play 3, 4; American Business Challenge 4; Stock Market 3, 4; TAMI RENEE FIGERT — Honor Roll 2, 4; Science Fair 1, 2; Basketball 1; Powder Puff 3; Volleyball Manager 2; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 3; Colorguard 2, 3; FTA 3, 4; Year- book Staff 2, 3, 4; Stock Market Game 3; JON WM FOSTER — OEA Executive Award 3; Vantage 4; Chorus 1; DEA 3, 4; Regional OEA Contests 3; RUDY FRENZEL — Football 4; Basket- ball 4; Varsity A Club 4; Exchange Student 4; RON GERKEN Beth Derek Linda Dorman Tami Renee Figert Jon Wm. Foster Riidiges Frenzel Ron Gerken 30 ' Seniors DAVID MICHAEL HAMMOND — Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Golf 3; Football 4; Varsity A Club 4; JOHN HARTMAN JR. — ;JOHN WILLIAM HILTON — Track 4; CAROLYN MARIE KLIMA — National Honor Socie- ty; Basketball Stat 2, 4; Basketball 1; Volleyball Stat 2; French Club 2; FTA 2-4; Chorus 1; Band 1-4; Newspaper Staff 4; Scholarship Team 3; Scholastic Bowl Team 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 4; ROBERT JOHN KRUTSCH — Basketball 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Varsity A Club 4; Sweetheart Attendant 3; Sweetheart King 4; FREDERICK A. LANGHAM — Football 4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Varsity A Club 4; Buckeye St. 3; David Michael Hammond John Hartman Jr. John William Hilton Carolyn Marie Klima Robert J. Krutsch Fredick A. Langham Seniors »31 KIMBERLY KAY LEWALLEN — ; JOHN NICHOLAS LONGARDNER — Homecoming Attendant 2; Homecoming King 4; Football 1-4; Track 1, 4; Varsitv " A " Club 4; RENEE MARIE LOTHAMER — Vantage COE 4; C.O.E. Class President 4; OEA Regional Contest 3-4; Vantage Ac- counting Program 3; Powderpuff Football 3, 4; Marching Band 1-3 Concert Band 1-2; Colorguard 2-3 O.E.A. 3-4; FTA 2; Pep Band 2 Sweetheart Attendant 1; Class Vice-President 1; Class President 2-3; Student Council 1; MATTHEW MABIS — Asst. Drum Major 4; Science Fair 2; Newspaper 4; FTA 2; Swing Choir 3; Marching Band 4; Pep Band 4; Chorus 4; Concert Band 4; Musica 4; State + District Science Fail District Festival Choir 2 WILLOWDEAN MEREDITH - Honor Roll 2; DAR Essay Contes Runner-up 4; Scholarship Team i Spanish Club 1; Greater Toled Math Contest of Teachers Science Fair 1-2; Colorguard 2; Kimberly Kay Lewallen John Nicholas Longardner Renee Marie Lothamer Matthew Mabis Gary McCain t Willowdean Meredith 32 s Seniors TREVOR S. OGLE — Football 2- 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 4; Track 1, 2; Choir 1-4; Varsity A 4; Musical 1-3; Solo and Ensemble 1-4; BARBARA ANNE OVER- MYER — Basketball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball Cap- tain 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Track 1; Baseball Stat 2; Powder Puff Football 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 2, 4; Marching Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-3; Choir 3; Solo and Ensemble 2; Pep Band 1, 2; FTA 1-4; Student Council Vice Presi- dent 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Musical 1, 2; Antwerp Days Queen 4; District Science Fair 1; Most Dedicated Band Member Award 2; TROY MICHAEL OVERMYER — District Choir 4; District Science Fair 2; Musical 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3; Football 1-4; Track 1-4; Choir 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Varsity A Club President 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; TODD BRIAN RASEY — Basketball 1; Football 1-3; VICA 3; DECA 4; Sweetheart Attendant 1; JULIE ANN RHONEHOUSE — Basketball 1- 3; Track 3, 4; Volleyball Stat 2; Boys Basketball Stat 4; Class Treasurer 4; Sweetheart Queen 4; French Club 2; Newspaper Staff 4; National Bench Warmer Associa- tion (Basketball) 3; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band 1, 4; Choir 1; Band President 4; Powder Puff Football 3; CYN- THIA LEE ROBBINS — Band 2; FTA 2, 4; Spanish Club 1; Concert Band 1, 2; Science Fair 1, 2; District Science Fair 1, 2; Trevor S. Ogle Barbara Anne Overmyer Troy Michael Overmyer Todd Brian Rasey Julie Ann Rhonehouse Cynthia Lee Robbins 33 • Seniors PENNY JANENE ROGERS — National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1-4; Cheerleading 1-3; Powder Puff Football 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 4; French Club 2; Scholarship Team 1-4; Student Council President 4; Marching Band 1, 2; Chorus 3; Pep Band 1; Concert Band 1, 2; Home coming Queen 4; Class Officer 1; MARK ROBERT RYAN — Outstanding Choir Member 1-3; Football 1-3; Baseball 1; Choir 1-4; District Choir 4; Swing Choir 1-4; Musical 1-4; Homecoming Attendant 3; MONICA ANN SAWYER — Most Improved Volleyball Player 1; Volleyball 1, 2; Cheerleader 2; OWA 3, 4; CYO 2, 3; President CYO 4; Vice-President COE 4; EUNICE MARIE SCHENKEL — Cheerleader 1-3; Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; Colorguard 2, 3; VICA 3, 4; VICA Skill Contest 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2; Historian VICA 3; Musical 2-4; Sixteeners 1-4; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2; Maumee Valley Math Contest 1; Vantage DCHO 4; National Honor Society 4; ANTHONY A. SESLAR — Chorus 1, 2, 3; BREN- DA SESLAR — Honor Society 3; VICA 3, 4; Pep Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2; Choir 1; Musical 1; Penny Janene Rogers Mark Robert Ryan Monica Ann Sawyer Eunice Marie Schenkel Anthony A. Seslar Brenda Seslar 34 • Seniors BILLIE SIGLER — Colorguard 1-3; Vica 3, 4; Welding Vica Club Treasurer Class Secretary 3; Scholastic Bowl Contest 1, 2; Na- tional Honor Society 4; STEVE ANTHONY SILLIMAN — Scholarship Awards 1-3; Track 1; Bowling 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; Scholar- ship Team 1-3; MICHAEL H. SNIDER — Basketball 1; Baseball 1-4; Band 1; Weight Lifting Club 4; SHELLEY SNYDER (NIGHSWANDER) — Band 1-3; Cheerleading 1; FTA 2, 3; Year- book 3; Powder Puff 3; Volleyball Manager 2; SANDRA JANE STUART — Vica 3, 4; Color Guard 1; Hair-Thon 3, 4; Vantage Cosmetology 3, 4; I 1 : Shelley Rae Snyder Dawn Stevenson Sandra Jane Stuart Seniors »35 TINA MARIE TAYLOR — 4; FTA 3; MARTHA LOUISE FTA 2; Newspaper Staff Editor 4; Cheerleader 1-3; Basketball Stat. TRZYNKA — Class Secretary 1; Homecoming Attendant 4; 4; Chorus 1; Yearbook Yearbook Vice President 2, 4; Student Coun- Sweetheart Attendant 4; Voice of Staff 2-4; Homecoming Attendant cil 2, 4; French Club President 2; Democracy 4; Scholarship Team 2; Rodney Swann k ' Tina Marie Taylor Mary Terwillinger Kathy Trauterman Martha Louise Trzynka Colleen Windle 36 » Seniors GUY FISH — ;SUSAN FULK — ;JUAN MUNOZ; — FTA 4; JERRY MURLIN — PAT SPRYN — Spanish Scholarship Test; Basketball Mgr. 2; Football 4; Spanish Club 2; KIMBERLY WISEMAN — OEA Executive Award 3; OEA 3, 4; French Club 2; Newspaper Staff 4; French Club President 2; Colorguard 1; OEA Regional Contest 4 ; RANDY WOLF — National Honor Society 4; Pep Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; Vica 3, 4; Vica Skill Contest 3, 4; MIHO YASUDA — Girls Basketball Manager 4; Track 4; Colorguard 4; Choir 4; FTA 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Musical 4; Kimberly Wiseman Randy Lee Wolf Miho Yasuda Jim Bok Guy Fish Susan Fulf George Kinsey Michelle Knorr Rosalind Martenies Juan Munoz Jerry Murlin Robert Osborn Pat Spryn Chris Stiltner Richard Wilt Seniors 37 You ' ve Come a Long Way 38 ' Seniors to 15 SI 1. Kim Lewallen 2. Randy Wolf 3. Cindy Robbins 4. Terry Bostelman 5. Miho Yasuda 6. Troy Overmyer 7. Lynne Carr 8. Todd Bauer 9. Carolyn Klima 10. Matt Mabis 11. Kathy Trauterman 12. Dave Hammond 13. Brenda and Tony Seslar 14. Billie Sigler 15. Guy Fish 16. Renee Lothamer 17. Ron Gerken Baby Face! 1. Willie Meredith 2. Ronnie Billman 3. Shelly Betzer 4. Fred Langham arbie Overmyer 6. Nick Longardner 7. Tami Figert 8. Bob Krutch 9. Penny Rogers 10. Chris Banks 16 Trevor 0e l e 1 1. Shelley (Snyder) Nighswander , 7 ' Tinfl Tfl v f nr 12. Rudy Frenzel 13. Martha Trzynka 14. John Hilton 15. Sandy Stuart 17. Tina Taylor Seniors 39 Senior Price List Album $8.99 Candy bar .35 Canned soft drink .45 Van Halen Concert ticket 13.50 McDonald ' s Big Mac 1.30 Movie ticket 4.00 School lunch .80 Unleaded gas — self -serve 1.249 Jordache pinstriped jeans 40.00 Pizza Hut large pan pizza 9.70 Students ' Favorites Pizza Pepsi Footloose The " A " Team Brian Adams Pat Benatar Favorite group Journey Favorite album Thriller Favorite teacher Mr. Smith Favorite class Study Hall Favorite expression " Good deal! " Favorite concert Quiet Riot Favorite food Favorite beverage Favorite movie Favorite TV program Favorite male singer Favorite female singer IB 1972-73 Mrs. Bradley ' s First Grade Class ROW 1 — M. Clevenger, M. Sawyer, J. Rister, T. Williams, A. Beregszazi, L. Keysor ROW 2 — S. Schroeder, C. Rob- bins, D. Harp, B. Seslar, M. Ryan, K. Peffley, R. Billman, T. Brown, D. Taylor, R. Krutsch ROW 3 — N. Krontz, T. Rhodes, M. Mabis, A. McCain, K. Wiseman, D. Bradford, M. Knorr, R. Ott, H. Rosebrock, T. Vogelsong, K. Mudrack. Left: Mrs. Bradley, teacher, Right: Mrs. Ehrhart, Aide 1976-77 Fifth Grade Band Row 1 — R. Krutach, R. Wolfe, R. Lothamer, T. Rob- bins, L. Goddard, L. Gill, S. Betzer, A. Derek, E. Schenkel, C. Robbins, M. Snider Row 2 — D. Wheeler, C. Klima, S. Snyder, B. Overmyer, W. Meredith, T. Taylor Row 3 — R. Ott, C. Banks, T. Overmyer, P. Rogers, T. Cook, V. Vaughn, J. Rhonehouse, Mr. Hoverman to Survey HOPES and EXPECTATIONS for the New Decade My hope for the new decade is . . . that the U.S. becomes a more powerful nation and develops higher technology. to keep in touch with as many classmates as possible to come to the U.S. again during the time I am a student of a college. to find a job that pays good and is easy. that the world will learn to live in peace with one another. to spend a year in France. that people make the best out of the careers they choose. that the economy gets better so that everyone can get a job and everyone can get ahead. that we give peace a chance. to get a good paying job that I like to do. that the Cincinnati Reds beat the New York Yankees in the World Series three times in a row. that nuclear weapons will just be history. that everybody in our senior class has a happy and successful life. that we all see each other again. FACING GRADUATION Faces of old and faces of new People we knew and people we know, Growing together, then drifing apart Always an ending and now a new start, At graduation we all grow nearer And all of our friends seem so much dearer. And as we say our final good-by One last embrace and one more cry A " Keep in touch " and a " Promise I will " A " Remember when, " but better still, A place in my heart, you ' ll always stay. This is what ' s said as we go on our way. 1972-73 Miss Kyser ' s First Grade Class ROW 1 — A. Derek, G. McCain, D. Hammond, G. Bender, B. DeLong, T. Taylor, S. Silliman, J. Foster, L. Greeno ROW 2 — A. Baker, D. Banks, P. Spryn, C. Klima, L. Dor- man, J. Young, J. Stewart, R. Metz, S. Betzer, ROW 3 — S. Coon, W. Meredith, M. Snider, T. Figert, G. Fish, R. Lothamer, D. Fee, T. Bauer LEFT: Miss Kyser, teacher, RIGHT: Mrs. Ehrhart, aide 1972-73.Mrs. Laukhuf s First Grade Class Row 1 — D. Wheeler, T. Bostelman, J. Hartman, A. Seslar, R. Gerken, A. Dougal, D. Kunesh, M. Woodling, D. Cline ROW 2 — M. Kipker, M. Trzynka, R. Underwood, D. Steven, S. Carr, R. Carnahan, F. Langham, S. Snyder, P. Rogers, E. Fish ROW 3 — B. English, L. Puckett, L. Carr, C. Banks, B. Sigler, T. Overmyer, R. Swann, R. Figgins, N. Longardner LEFT: Mrs. Laukhuf, teacher; RIGHT: Mrs. Ehrhart, aide 41 The Senior Class Sponsors £r i R is " ■ : .y s 9HHH Jl i ml F, A -St. Antwerp School Board Defeats Antwerp Seniors in a Game of Family Feud ' w IW 42 ' Seniors an Evening of Entertainment " ■■■■: ■ in WMEE Team Defeats Antwerp Faculty Seniors »43 Seniors ' 84- ' 84- ' 84- ' 84 44 Seniors I J ' m —+m F ' ' " " 1 1 i HI ■ Seniors 45 Graduation 1984 KIM, Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future! We Love You! Mom and Dad. RENEE, I ' m so proud to have such an ambitious daughter. May your future be as successful as you thirteen years at Antwerp. Love, Mother BARBIE, Congrautlations and Good Luck in the Future! Love, Mom, Dad, Susie, Timmy, and Josh. PENNY, 18 years of joy you have given us. We Love You! Mom and Dad. TONY AND BRENDA, We will always be very proud of you and your achievements throughout your school years and for the rest of your lives. Mom and Dad 46 -Seniors TROY, Your Mom, Dad and Sisters are very proud of you! Congratulations and Best Wishes. Your Family Love, RON B., We are very proud of your ac- complishments in these 12 years. We Love You Much! Good Luck in the Future! Mom and Dad. TAMI, We are very proud of you. Good luck in the Future! Love Mom and Dad " CONGRATULATIONS, AMY!!! Love, Mom and Dad. " MONICA, We are very proud of you! Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad. " TERRY, Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future! Love Mom and Dad. " CONGRATULATIONS, FRED!!! " Love, Mom and Dad. " TREVOR, You ' ve given us some beautiful memories!!! " We all love you!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Jeff, and Steve. CONGRATULATIONS, RAN- DY. Love, Mom and Dad GUY, Congratulations, son. We are proud of you. Mom and Dad Congratulations, SANDRA! Wow! You finally made it! Mr. and Mrs. John Stuart Congratulations, RUDY FRENZEL. Larry, Lucille, Dean, and Amy CINDY, Congratulations and best wishes for the future. We love you. Mom and Dad (Christy and Chadd, too) CONGRATULATIONS, RODNEY. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swann BOB, Congratulations and best wishes for the future. Love, Mom and Dad Graduation Memories CONGRATULATIONS, RON G. Mom and Dad MATT, Good luck on your future ventures and " break a leg. " Love, Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS, WILLIE. You have worked hard and you deserve the best. We all are proud of you. Love you, Mom, Dad, Ginny, Ollie, and Bill TODD B., The key to success is to have a pas- sion for education. Congratulations on your graduation. We ' re proud of you. Good luck and best wishes in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, and Yvonne DAVE, Congratulations! We ' re all proud of you. Mom, Dad, and Sisters — Jan Jayce, Carolyn Elaine, Donna, Laura, and Sara Seniors 47 Senior Class Trip to Cedar Point May 21, 1984 48 • Seniors UNDERCLASSMEN 100 Years of Climbing to the Top 1. 1973 Guidance Counselor — Mr. William Fast 2. 1958 Junior — Lynn Bute 3. 1958 — Sophomore — Joyce Donat 4. 1958 — Freshman — Kenneth Hahn 5. 1958 8th Grader — Joe Barker 6. 1958 7th Grader — Fritz Ehrhart 7. 1984 Junior — Randy Puckett 8. 1984 Gym class — Leann Hitt, Nancy Sawyer, Pam Edwards, Pam Kinsey, Lonette Bostelman, Amy Coughlin, Toni Leinard, Cindy Klima 9. 1984 Algebra I, Chemistry, Geometry and Physics teacher and Golf coach — Mr. Ed Hohenbrink 10. 1984 Sophomore — David Mabis 11. 1984 Geometry class students — Lori Moon and Mary Weatherhead 12. 1984 Typing I class — Mr. Rick Smith and Todd Phlipot 13. 1984 Guidance Counselor — Mr. Jack Donley 49 Powder Puff Football On October 30, the junior and senior girls battled each other in the Annual Powder Puff Football Game. The junior girls were victorious for the first time ever in the history of this game. The game ended with a score of juniors 32, seniors 6. Spirit Week Spirit Week 51 Bob Addis Traci Altic Terry Bamhouse Amy Baumle Angie Beregszazi Steve Berenyi Doug Bragg Shari Brinck Donna Buckland Lyle Carr Dave Cline Dennis Cline Jeff Conley Tim Copsey Jeni Derek Keith Derek Gary Donat Doug Dunderman EUaFish KeUy Fish Dawn Gallup BarbGoetz Dan Gordon Roger Hand Donald Harp Brian Hootman Bob Hootman Dawn Hopkins Chad Hormann Kim Humbarger Kelly Kizer Marcia Koennn Junior Class Officers: Marcia Koenn, Trea- surer; Cindy Woodcox, Vice-President; Lori Wisniewski, President. Absent Amy Baumle, Secretary 52 Juniors Don Lambert Cheryl Layton Cindy Leinard Denise Longardner Kurt Lothamer Denise Lucas Steve Lucas Deborah Mahan Dan Marlin Michelle McCague Johnnette McCain David Minck Kelly Moore Gina Napier Susan Nelms Denny OTDonnell Brad Peffley Dave Phillips Lyn Phillips Teresa Powell Leann Puckett Randy Puckett Angie Reinhart Rita Reinhart Brenda Retcher Shari Ross Homer Sanders Joanie Savage Denise Sawyer Steve Schilb Kim Scott Dave Sensabaugh AndySeslar Donita Smalley Margaret Smith Rhan Tadsen 54 • Sophomores David Arend Robert Bender Jeffrey Betzer Craig Birkhold Harry Boesch Lonnette Bostelman Amy Bowers Terry Kelley Jim Kizer Cindy Klima Mike Knapp Robert Knorr Steve Kortokrax Michelle Kunesh 56-Frosh Frosh»57 Vantage Vocational Students 1. Jim Bok — Sr., Machine Trades; 2. Michelle Knorr — Sr., Div. Health Oc- cupations; 3. Jeff Conley — Jr., Ag. Diesel; 4. Danny Gordon — Jr., Electrici- ty; 5. Shari Brinck — Jr., Child Develop- ment; 6. Robert Addis — Jr., Industrial Mech.; 7. Susan Nelms — Jr., Food Management; 8. Bob Hootman — Jr., Welding; 9. Andy Seslar — Jr., Carpentry; 10. Kathy Trauterman — Sr., Child Development; 11. Brenda Retcher — Jr., Cosmetology; 12. Bill Doster — Jr., Auto Body; 13. Chris Banks — Sr., Carpentry; 14. Gary McCain — Sr., Industrial Mechanics; 15. Eunice Schenkel — Sr., Div. Health Occupation; 16. Brenda Seslar — Sr., Cosmetology; 17. Sandy Stewart — Sr., Cosmetology; Not pic- tured: Matt Clevinger — Sr., Renee Lothamer — Sr., Rob Osborn — Sr., Richard Wilt — Sr., David Phillips — Jr., Denise Sawyer — Jr. 58 ' Vantage Preparing for the Future 1. Amy Baumle — Jr., Accounting; 2. Don Lambert — Jr., Machine Trades; 3. Shari Ross — Jr., Accounting; 4. Doug Bragg — Jr., Auto Mechanics; 5. Dave Minck — Jr., Welding; 6. Monica Sawyer — Sr. — C.O.E.; Todd Rasey — Sr., — Machine Trades; 7. Randy Wolf — Sr., Electricity; 8. Jon Foster — Sr., Accounting; 9. Dawn Stevens — Sr., Accounting Vantage 59 Learning Skills and Trades 1. Butch Kinsey — Sr., Machine Trades; 2. Steve Lucas — Jr., Machine Trades; Dave Sen- sabaugh — Jr., Machine Trades; 3. Denny O ' Donnell — Jr., Carpentry; 4. Lyle Carr — Jr., Auto Body; 5. Rosalind Martenies — Sr., Child Develop- ment; 6. Rhan Tadsen — Jr., Machine Trades; 7. Darren Brad- 60 ' Vantage bury — Sr., Engine Auto Mechanics; 8. Kim Wiseman — Sr., Accounting; 9. Brian Hoot- man — Jr., Machine Trades; NOT PICTURED: Matt Clev- inger — Sr., Rennee Lothamer — Sr., Rob Osborn — Sr., Richard Wilt — Sr., David Phillips — Jr., Denise Sawyer — Jr. SPORTS Past and Present 5 v f 1. Mr. Limber, Athletic Director 2. 1949-50 Varsity Basketball Team Row 1 — Tiny Stevenson, Harold Martin, Jerry Lucas, Floyd Franklin, Phillip Meyer Row 2 — Bill Hammond, Dick Zuber, Tom Cottrell, Harry Cottrell, Dave Schaefer, Gail Snyder, Dick Bell, Mr. N. L. Samaha, Coach 3. 1958 Jr. High Cheerleaders Julene Seslar, Virginia Hahn, Rita Snyder, Sue Zuber 4. 1984 Donkey Basketball Game Mr. Hohenbrink and Mrs. Langham 5. 1975 Gymnastic Team Row 1 — Sonya Hicov Row 2 — Paula Rogers, Susie Fran klin, Patty Rogers Row 3 — Mindy Franklin, Becky Dunder- man, Lisa Savage 6. 1977 Most Valuable Varsity foot- ball player, Jim Baker (Senior) 7. 1984 Girls ' Varsity Basketball Co-Captain, Cindy Leinard (Junior) 8. 1980 Jr. High Football Team Row 1 — Bill Doster, Brian Hootman, Dave Meyer, Trevor Ogle, Rhan Tadsen, Tom Baker, Doug Bragg Row 2 — Randy Puckett, Steve Berenyi, Kent Focht, Guy Fish, Nick Longardner, Andy Baker, Bill Depew Row 3 — Troy Overmyer, Mark Ryan, Don Harp, Todd Rasey, Butch Kinsey, Dave Parrett Row 4 — Mr. Denny Jackson, Mr. Dave Stallkamp, Mr. Earl Jackson 9. 1984 Varsity Baseball team members Bob Krutsch, Dave Hammond, Todd Cook, Kip Gire, John Wood- cox, Fred Langham, Marc Jump, Paul Staff, Todd Hormann 61 Varsity ffc Football 1983 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: (ROW 1) Managers: T. Koppenhofer, M. Bute (ROW 2) B. Kinsey, D. Hammond, T. Ogle, N. Longardner, F. Langham, R. Frenzel, (ROW 3) D. Bragg, D. Dunderman, D. Harp, S. Schilb, D. Cline, R. Tadsen, (ROW 4) J. Hunt, D. Hahn, J. Woodcox, D. Coleman, E. Walk, B. Walley, (ROW 5) R. Ebersole, P. Meyer, S. Kortokrax, M. Humbarger, M. Snider, P. Starr, (ROW 6) Coaches: Mr. Slusher, Mr. Bader, and Mr. Bowers, B. Hootman, D. Meyer, R. Martines, Coaches: Mr. Carr and Mr. Stallkamp, Head Coach: Mr. Smith Not Pictured: T. Cook, T. Overmyer, R. Puckett 2. SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS: (ROW 1) T. Ogle, N. Longardner (ROW 2) D. Hammond, B. Kinsey, R. Franzel, F. Lanaham Not Pictured: T. Cook, T. Overmyer 3. CO-CAPTAINS: T. Ogle, N. Longardner Not Pictured: T. Overmyer 4. RETURNING LETTERMEN: (ROW 1) B. Hootman, R. Tadsen, D. Meyer (ROW 2) D. Harp, D. Dunderman, D. Hahn, N. Longardner, T. Ogle Not Pictured: T. Overmyer, R. Puckett 5. COACHING STAFF: (ROW 1) Head Coach — Brian Smith (ROW 2) Asst. Coaches — Mike Bowers, Steve Bader, Kevin Carr, Dave Stallkamp, Kirk Slusher § ' f f f 62 -Varsity Football Go Big Blue! 1. Coach Bader gives instructions. 2. Run, Rhan! 3. Preparing for the hand- off 4. Getting set 5. What ' s wrong, Coach? 6. Nick Longardner — 64 7. John Woodcox — 32 8. Coach Bader and Dave Coleman watch from the sideline. 9. Great kick, Rudy! 10. " Hello, Operator? " 11. Coach Smith straightens out the ref! 12. Who ' s got the ball? 13. Throw it, Todd! Golf The season record was not available to the yearbook staff at the time of publication. 1. GOLF TEAM, Row 1 — D. Arend, D. Mabis, K. Taylor, D. Mickelson, J. Ryan, S. Berenyi, Row 2 — S. Pier, M. Jump, T. Horman, E. Hahn, G. Donat, B. Addis, K. Lothamer 2. Look at that style! 3. How far do you think it went? 4. Coach Hoheabrink 5. Returning lettermen — G. Donat, S. Berenyi 6. That ' s true concentration! 64 Golf SMNHH I! " t Where ' s the Caddy? 1. Steve doing his thing. 2. I guess Jeff got hungry. 3. Freshman — David Arend. 4. Sophomore — Marc Jump 5. Freshman — Scott Pier 6. Freshman — Craig Birkhold 7. Junior — Steve Berenyi 8. Freshman — Dan Mickelson 9. Junior — Bob Addis 10. Sophomore — Jeff Ryan 11. Freshman — Jeff Cook 12. Now swing the club, Danny. 13. Watch the ball, Eddie. 14. Was it a hole-in- one, Gary? Golf- 65 Varsity Volleyball 1. RETURNING LETTERMEN: Cindy Leinard, Joanie Savage, Lyn Phillips, Cindy Banks 2. (ROW 1) C. Banks, P. Rasey, T. Rasey, J. Derek, C. Klima, T. Whitcomb, Coach Mundt (ROW 2) C. Leinard, L. Phillips, M. Weatherhead, J. Savage 3. Freshman — Cindy Klima 4. This is no time to be singing, Pam! 5. Junior — Tammy Whitcomb 6. Oh, my stars! 7. Junior — Lyn Phillips 8. Smile, Joan! 9. What ' s up there? 66. Volleyball " I " 3b a r w Mm. Sectional Champs! SPECIAL AWARDS: Cindy Klima — Most Improved Cindy Leinard — Most Valuable Cindy Banks — Student — Athlete Award SEASON RECORD Woodlan L 13-15 9-15 Fairview L 9-15 7-15 Delphos Jeff. W 15- 6 15- 8 Wayne Trace L 14-16 9-15 Paulding L 13-15 14-16 Continental L 15- 6 7-15; 1-15 Wayne Trace L 8-15 9-15 Parkway W 10-15 15- 3; 18-16 Miller City L 6-15 8-15 Holgate W 15-11 15- 5 Hicksville L 14-16 11-15 Edon L 4-15 11-15 Eastside L 16-14 5-15; 9-15 Edgerton L 4-15 5-15 Montpelier L 17-19 6-15 Ayersville W 10-15 15- 7; 15-13 Crestview W 15- 9 15- 3 Kalida L 15- 9 3-15; 11-15 Tinora L 4-15 4-15 Sectional Lincolnview W 15-12; 15- 9 Hicksville W 15- 6; 15- 3 District b Marion Local L 2-15; 4-15 1. Nice pass, Tammy! 2. Way to get under it, Lynette! 3. Manager — Mary Meyer 4. Spider legs. 5. Double bumper. 6. Coach Mundt 7. Don ' t worry, Cindy, you got it! 8. It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! It ' s Cindy Banks! 9. What a team! Volleyball. 67 Reserve Volleyball f 1. Freshman, Cindy Klima, Susie Overmyer 3. Reserve C. Klima, S. Rhinehart, A. Bowers, C. Robbins, H. Waltenberg, M. Bute, Coach Stoll, N. Sawyer, L. Hitt, P. Edwards, A. Elliott, S. Overmyer, P. Fulk 4. Way to block that ball, Cindy! 68. Volleyball Bump, Set, Spike! SEASON RECORD Woodlan L Bs ' -ll, 1-15; 0-15 Fairview r I 2-15 4-15 Delphos Jeff. L 3-15 15- 6; 13-15 Wayne Trace MP 15-12 9-15; 6-15 Paulding wmp 10-15 5-15 Continental w 15-12 15- 3 Wayne Trace L 4-15 12-15 Parkway L 4-15 15- 2; 5-15 Miller City W 15-13 15-12 Hogate w 15-10 15-13 Hicksville L 13-15 15-12; 12-15 i Edon 0-15 12-15 Eastside 7-15 15-10; 7-15 Edgerton L 17-15 12-15; 5-15 Montpelie r L 6-15 6-15 Ayersville L 11-15 15-10; 8-15 Crestview % L 2-15 17-15; 2-15 |j Kalida W 15- 9 . 4-15; 15-8 Tinora W 15- 9 16-14 Y3 1. Is he that cute, Pam? 2. What form! 3. Stats: Row 1 — J. McCain, M. Brin- neman, J. Jordan, Row 2 — C. Bruick, J. Rhonhouse 4. Patty ready for action! 5. What concentration! 6. Coach Stoll 7. What an athlete! 8. Is it out, Susie? Volleyball 69 1. RETURNING LETTERMEN: Ron Billman, Dave Hammond, Chad Hormann, Todd Cook, Bob Krutch 2. SENIORS: (front) Fred Langham, Bob Krutch, Ron Billman, (back) Rudy Frenzel, Todd Cook, Dave Hammond 3. Coach Stoll 4. Todd Hormann 5. Coach Bader and Coach Stohl 6. Mr. Brown Keeping score. 7. and 8. Fans are important, too. 9. TEAM: (front) Kipp Taylor, Ed Hahn, Dave Hammond, Ron Billman, Bob Krutch, Fred Langham, Coach Stoll (back) Coach Bader, Todd Hor- mann, Rudy Frenzel, Eric Walk, Chad Hormann, Dan Marlin, Todd Cook 70 • Varsity Boys ' Basketball Varsity Team is Proud 1. Senior: Dave Hammond 2. Senior: Ron Billman 3. Senior: Rudy Frenzel (exchange student from Germany) 4. Senior: Bob Krutch 5. Ed Hahn and Fred Langham 6. Junior: Chad Hormann 7. Senior: Todd Cook Season Record Antwerp 52 Licolnview 82 L 51 Eastside 77 L 62 Paulding 73 L 73 Fayette 61 W 61 Delphos 51 W 47 Continental 65 L 59 Coldwater 51 W 47 Tinora 44 W 46 Woodlan 67 L 56 Fairview 83 L 58 Hogate 63 L 45 Crestview 76 L 46 Wayne Trace 70 L 76 North Central 85 L 37 Ayersville 59 L 57 Ohio City 49 W 54 Hicksvile 474 W 50 Edgerton 46 W 53 Edon 62 L 52 Hilltop 60 L Tournament 46 Ottoville 55 L Record 7-13 Varsity (3-4 GMC) (0-1 Tourney) Overall 7-14 AWARDS Mr. Archer Basketball — Ron Billman, 2nd Team GMC, Mr. Blood and Guts — Bob Krutch, Honorable Mention GMC, Mr. Heart and Soul — Dave Hammond, Most Improved — Chad Hormann " The goals of any team are many, but this year ' s varsity seemed to accomplsih the " few " that are the ones that everyone will always remember. Three of the goals that the team ac- complished were: (1) to become a competitive team (2) Not finish last in the GMC (3) win 7 games ( the number of combined wins the Seniors have accomplished since Junior High). In a win over Arch-rival, Hicksville, and a good showing at Tournament time, you would have to say that this season was one filled with nothing but good " blessings. " The varsity should be proud and stand tall. " Coach Stoll Varsity Boys ' Basketball • 71 Junior Varsity Boys ' Basketball SEASON RECORD Antwerp 46 Lincolnview 73 L Antwerp 40 East Side 49 W Antwerp 32 Paulding 37 L Antwerp 38 Fayette 49 L Antwerp 34 Delphos Jeff. 67 L Antwerp 14 Continental 32 L Antwerp 32 Coldwater 48 L Antwerp 41 Tinora 43 L Antwerp 23 Woodlan 58 L Antwerp 32 Fairview 44 L Antwerp 27 Holgate 35 L Antwerp 28 Crestview 29 L Antwerp 34 Wayne Trace 61 L Antwerp 40 N. Central 38 W Antwerp 34 Ayersville 35 L Antwerp 32 Ohio City 30 W Antwerp 37 Hicksville 25 W Antwerp 24 Edgerton 28 L Antwerp 40 Edon 49 L Antwerp 34 Hilltop 31 W Row 1 — P. Meyer, S. Pier, D. Mickelson, M. Snider, B. Luginbill, S. Kortokrax Row 2 — K. Taylor, T. Hormann, M. Jump, D. Coleman, R. Gibson 2. Coach Bader 3. Captains — Kip Taylor and Dave Coleman 4. What form! 5. What are you looking at? 6. Go for 2, Steve! 7. What ' s the mat- ter, is the ceiling falling? 72 • J.V. Boys ' Basketball Team is Rebuilding " The junior varsity basketball team had a record of 4-16. They were young, inexperienced, and lacked leadership. It was a rebuilding year for the team. There were some bright spots, but the mental mistakes haunted the team all year. The team was led by Co-Captains Dave Coleman and Kipp Taylor. Todd Hormann led in over all performance. " Coach Bader 1. Todd, has the ball, AGAIN! 2. What style! 3. It ' s MY ball! 4. Dave going in for JP two. 5. Steve wants to be a fighter! I 3 J.V. Boys ' Basketball • 73 Lady Archers ' Varsity Basketball 1. COACH: Mr. Hartman 2. TEAM: front row — Mary Meyer, Mary Weatherhead, Cin- dy Banks, back row — Mr. Hartman, Cindy Leinard, Robin Walk, Pam Rasey, Tam Rasey 3. MANAGERS: Miho Yasuda and Cindy Woodcox 4. RETURNING LETTERMEN: Cindy Banks, Cindy Leinard, Robin Walk, Pam Rasey, Tam Rasey 5. TEAM CAPTAINS: Cindy Leinard and Pam Rasey 74 • Varsity Girls ' Basketball Archer Pride SEASON RECORD Antwerp 75 Continental 64 W Antwerp 53 Wood Ian 72 L Antwerp 66 Montpelier 21 W Antwerp 48 Crestview 66 L Antwerp 62 North Central 48 W Antwerp 69 Jefferson 31 W Antwerp 83 Edon 31 W Antwerp 55 Tinora 45 W Antwerp 49 Lincoln view 46 W Antwerp 52 Fairview 50 W Antwerp 68 Archbold 57 W Antwerp 57 Kalida 50 W Antwerp 48 Holgate 41 W Antwerp 82 Ohio City 32 w Antwerp 57 Wayne Trace 45 w Antwerp 65 Ayersville 53 w Antwerp 57 Paulding 51 w Antwerp 58 Hicksville 24 w Antwerp 49 Edgerton 53 L Antwerp 46 Spencerville 54 L 1. Junior — Cindy Leinard 2. Junior — Robin Walk 3. Sophomore — Mary Meyer 4. Sophomore — Cindy Banks 5. Sophomore — Cindy Mansfield 6. Sophomore — Pam Rasey 7. Sophomore — Tarn Rasey Varsity Girls ' Basketball • 75 Girls ' Reserve Basketball . £3 xt " « J CH£ s fff t 1. Cindy shooting for two. 2. ROW 1: C. Mansfield, L. Bostl eman, N. Sawyer, L. Moon, S. Kunesh, K. Farnsworth ROW 2: Coach Thompson, J. Rhonehouse, A. Elliott, C. Klima, P. Fulk, S. Overmyer, C. Marlin 3. Coach: Mr. Thompson 4. Going for a rebound. 76 • Reserve Girls ' Basketball The True Blue Ladies SEASON RECORD Antwerp 27 Continental 15 W Antwerp 27 Woodlan 42 L Antwerp 35 Montpeiler 12 W Antwerp 24 Crestview 31 L Antwerp 30 North Central 16 W Antwerp 25 Delphos Jefferson 28 L Antwerp 26 Edon 36 L Antwerp 24 Tinora 31 L Antwerp 41 Lincoln view 30 W Antwerp 23 Fairview 34 L Antwerp 30 Archbold 26 W Antwerp 37 Kalida 32 W Antwerp 34 Holgate 29 W Antwerp 33 Ohio City 19 W Antwerp 34 Wayne Trace 22 W Antwerp 38 Ayersville 26 W Antwerp 32 Paulding 45 L Antwerp 33 Hicksville 19 W Antwerp 38 Edgerton 37 W Season Record 12-7 1. Sophomore — Susan Overmyer Sophomore — Amy Elliott 3. Freshman Patty Fulk 4. Freshman — Chris Marlin Nancy Sawyer 6. Freshman — Liz Cook Sophomore — Lori Moon Reserve Girls ' Basketball • 77 Boys ' Track Team Front Row: M. Humbarger, B. Luginbill, D. Mabis, P. Meyer, D. Cline, M. Snider, D. Cline, A. Fraley, C. Geyer, B. Waters Back Row: C. Shuherk, R. Gibson, K. Funk, T. Pendergrast, S. Bickhard, B. Walley, S. Schilb, R. Puckett, D. Hahn, D. Dunderman, Coach Hartman 2. Come on, Pat! 3. Run, Bill, run!!! 4. It takes concentra- tion. 5. Quit watching the girls, guys! 6. Shuherk and Coach Hartman 7. Go all the way over! 78 " Boys ' Track 1. You ' re almost there, Dave! 2. Wake up, Randy 3. Running to the finish 4. What a face! 5. A flying leap Boys ' Track • 79 1. (Row 1) C. Mansfield, C. Leinard, C. Klima, T. Rasey, J. Wisniewski, P. Rasey, C. Banks, L. Moon (ROW 2) S. Meyer, J. Rhonehouse, H. Waltenburg, A. Bau- mle, A. Elliott, C. Marlin, J. Rhonehouse, (ROW 3) Coach Mundt, E. Fish, L. Puckett, P. Fulk, C. Fry, M. Yasuda 2. Super Cindy !! 3. 1 can do it! 4. Run, Miho! 5. Can we go yet? 6. Good hand off! 7. Run, Julie, Run!! 8. Smile, Jill. 80 ' Girls ' Track Hustle! Girls placing at Conference Pam Rasey — 3rd in long jump Cindy Banks — 6th in 3200 m run 3200 m relay team — 4th Cindy Klima Tammy Rasey Cindy Banks Pam Rasey Placing at Districts Cindy Mansfield — 6th in 3200 m run Season Record 4-10 Awards Most Valuable — Running Events — Cindy Mansfield Most Valuable — Field Events — Ella Fish Attitude Awards — Lori Moon, Jill Rhonehouse, Chris Marlin 1. Am I over yet? 2. Such cute faces! 3. Stat, Joni Jordon. 4. Boy, m it ' s cold out here! 5. Gosh, am I tired! 6. Come on, Sarah. 7. It ' s like W this, girls! Girls ' Track 81 Varsity Baseball " We started out slowly, going 0-5. The rest of the year we were 6-5. Although we had five seniors on the team, the rest of the players were sophomores and freshmen. We were beaten in tournament by North Central in sectional finals. " Coach Rosendahl 1. Kill that bug, Bill! 2. BASEBALL TEAM: (ROW 1) S. Pier, M. Reinhart, E. Hahn, T. Hormann, P. Starr, B. Peffley, P. Meyer, D. Mickelson, B. Depew (ROW 2) B. Krutsch, A. Seslar, T. Ogle, D. Hammond, M. Jump, T. Cook, C. Hormann, D. Col- eman, F. Langham, G. Donat, Coach Rosendahl. 3. Watch for these balls, Dave. 4. Gary ' s ready to bat. 5. Chad Hor- mann — Junior 6. Get ready, Trevor. 7. Say " cheese. " 8. Keep your eye on the ball, Fred! 9. Bob Krutsch — Senior. 10. Todd Bauer — Senior. 11. Strik ' em out, Chad. 12. Bill at bat. 82 -Varsity Baseball , I ft Strike ' Em Out! rWayne Trace 13 1 Edgerton 4 I Edgerton 5 Woodggl 12 Hogatff 9 f Fairview 22 11 16 Faigjew Edgi rton 12 6 L W 9 Tinora 5 k w 1 Paulding 11 L 11 Hilltop 3 W 2 Wayne Trace 14 L North Central 4 ' f r L i 4 Tinora If w . ,., Paulding 12 r t , 14 Ayersville ' w GMt|gfe rd 4-2 I 3 Varsity Record 6-9 w V 1. Concentration, Bill. 2. Think hard on that ball, Todd. 3. Coach, Mr. Rosendahl 4. Stay ready, Trevor. 5. Be ready to swing, Fred! 6. Bill receiving assistance. 7. Bob ' s going to swing at this one! 8. Stay ready for those grounders, Gary. 9. He ' s out of there! 10. Catcher, Bob Krutsch. Baseball 83 AHS Cheerleaders 1. Yell a little louder girls! 2. Stickin ' together. 3. Captain: Rita Reinhart 4. Junior: Angie Reinhart 5. Junior: Shari Brinck 6. Captain: Denise Sawyer 7. Isn ' t she cute? 8. Sophomore: Joni Jordon 9. Cheerleaders doin ' their thing. 10. Show ' em you can do it. 11. What are you up to, Bobbie? 12. Freshman: Toni Leinard 13. Freshman: Dawn Doll 14. Junior: Dawn Gallup 84 • Cheerleaders Picture Not Available Rah! Rah! 1. VARSITY: R. Reinhart, D. Gallup, J. Jordon, S. Brinck, C. Bruick 2. Are you the new firemen? 3. RESERVE: A. Shepard, A. Reinhart, D. Sawyer, A. Baumle, B. Gerig 4. Freshmen: D. Doll, L. Cook, M. Bute, T. Leinard 5. Cheerleaders in action! 6. Adviser: Laura Hammond 7. Freshman: Liz Cook 8. Looking beautiful. Cheerleaders • 85 Donkey Basketball High School Staff Vs Elementary Staff 1. Here it comes, Mr. H. Can you catch it? 2. Way to ride that donkey! 3. Come on guys, this is basketball! 4. Elemen- tary cheerleaders: Mrs. Noll, Mrs. Geyer, Mrs. Mobley, Mrs. Kammeyer, Mrs. West, Mrs. Webb. They led the elementary team to victory. 5. What a cute face! 6. Mrs. Bowers 7. Having fun? 8. Ride ' em cowboy! 9. Doing it in style! 86 • Donkey Basketball ACTIVITIES Then and Now 1. 1977 Sweetheart Dance Crown Bearers — Jared Kennedy and Amy Jordan 2. 1979 Sweetheart Dance Crown Bearers — Missy Taylor and Billy Reinhart 3. 1948 Teen Canteen Dance on the top floor of the Town Hall 4. 1984 Concert Band is performing at graduation. 5. 1945 Band Row 1: F. Clevinger, A. Clinton, J. Rogers, F. Clinton (tuba), D. Stuart, K. Cottrell, M. Billman, B. Rhoad, F. Shaffer, R. Mann, A. Rogers, D. Clevinger Row 2: G. Smith, S. Snyder, M. Marlin, J. Vail, E. Shuherk, B. Lichty, J. Trutwin, D. Helsel, L. Quaintance, M. Schilb, B. Hill, R. Hopkins, J. Hughes, J. Dunderman, K. Donnell (tuba), G. Deisler, G. Hughes, B. Reeb Row 3: E. Rhoad (Director) B. Overmyer, D. Clevinger, R. Billman, D. Bell 6. 1984 Sweetheart Dance 87 Homecoming Pep Assembly l i 1. The wicked principal of the West. 2. What ' s wrong? Are you rusty? 3. What sexy legs you have Mr. Stoll! 4. I ' ve got the ball and you can ' t have it. 5. Don ' t look so thrilled, Mrs. Detmon! 6. He went that way! 7. Team Spirit! 8. Are you having that much fun? 88 • Homecoming C M a, x 1983 MOM ' S DAD ' s SAY r- Centennial Reflections 1. A message from the parents. 2. Junior floate: Denise Longardner, Keith Derek, Terri Barnhouse. 3. Angie Martin and Jeff Ryan. 4. Wanna go clown around? 5. Parents have spirit! Homecoming • 89 Homecoming Dance 90 • Homecoming HOMECOMING COURT: Freshman Attendants: Stacy Rhinehart and Ed Hahn, Senior Attendants: Tina Taylor and Troy Overmeyer, King and Queen: Penny Rogers and Nick Longardner, Junior Attendants: Amy Baumle and Brian Hootman, Sophomore Attendants: Bobbie Gerig and John Woodcox 2. Whatcha talkin ' ' bout Troy? 3. What ' s so funny? 4. What a cute couple! 5. Which one is this Cindy, your No. 1 or No. 2? 6. That ' s boring, Dan! 7. Swinging singles! 8. Swing it, Pam! Homecoming 91 Sweetheart Dance 1. What are you looking at, Jeff? 2. Don ' t look so thrilled! 3. Junior — Kurtis Lothamer 4. Denny — being cool 5. Smile, Gina! 6. Sophomore — Todd Philpot 7. Surprised? 8. Double Taylor. 9. Partying crew of A.H.S. 10. ONYX in action 11. What a cute couple! 12. A penny for your thoughts, Chris! 92 • Sweetheart Dance " Tonight I J i Celebrate My Love to SWEETHEART COURT: D. Mabis, C. Bruick, T. Cook, M. Trzynka, B. Krutch, J. Rhonehouse, C. Harper, G. Billman, G. Napier, C. Hormann, C. Klima, K. Taylor 2. Watching the in awe. 3. Smile, girls! 4. What ' s so funny, Shari? 5. What ' s the matter, Ella? 6. Hold ' em tight, girls! 7. I think we ' ve got it now! 8. Girls just wanna have fun! Sweetheart Dance • 93 Juniors Getting Ready fO fy, V ttis Men ms Au 1. Are you guys drinking all that yourselves? 2. Tell ' em Mr. Rosendahl. 3. Taking a break, guys? 4. Dave and Molly hard at work. 5. What are you guys working on? 94 • Prom S uUgtU ftom the. HejvU A. M.S. J . - S . pJton Hay 19, 19S4 1. King and Queen, Amy Derek and Mike Snider 2. The faculty is enjoying dinner. 3. Attendants, Penny Rogers and Todd Bauer 4. Crown Bearers, Cindy Harper and Chris Shuherk 5. The servers are working hard. Prom • 95 1. Everyone enjoying the meal 2. Anita Shepherd and Todd Bauer 3. Don ' t you know that three ' s a crowd, Tammy? 4. Troy Overmyer and Pam Kinsey 5. Nice balancing act, Chad! 6. Jeff Conley — Junior 7. Willowdean Meredith and Beth Derek — Seniors 8. Having fun? 96 Prom traiqht ZJ-rom the rreart I could start dreaming but it never ends as long as you ' re gone we may as well pretend. I ' ve been dreaming Straight from the Heart You say it ' s easy but who ' s to say that we ' d be able to keep it this way but it ' s easier coming Straight from the Heart Oh give it to me Straight from the Heart. Tell me we can make another start. You know I ' ll never go as long as I know it ' s coming Straight from the Heart I see you on the street some other time and all our words would just fall out of line While we ' re dreaming Straight from the Heart Oh give it to me Straight from the Heart. Tell me we can make another start. You know I ' ll never go as long as I know it ' s coming Straight from the Heart. 1. Dr. Taylor and Mibo Yasuda (Japanese exchange student) 2. Barb Overmyer and Carolyn Klima — Seniors 3. Joe Hunt — Sophomore server 4. What a cute couple! (Tracey Miller and Ran- dy Wolf) 5. Terry Bostelman — Senior 6. What are you doing to the punch, Roger? 7. Dave Lucas of " Onyx " 8. Will (exchange stu- dent at Columbus Grove) and Miho 9. Bob Krutsch and Pam Rasey Prom • 97 APRIL 13, 14, 15 CURTAIN 8 00 4 300 ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS MEREDITH WILLSON S THE MUSIC MAN ADULT S2 50 STUDENT $12! AH S GYM 1. Sing it, Joey! 2. " We ' ve got Trouble! " 3. I use Pepsodent! 4. Steve Schlib as Tommy Djilas. 5. Wake up, Tammy. 6. River City youths. 7. " Glory be and the saints be praised. " 8. " The Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin ' ! " 9. " You mean you ' ve never had a pool table here before? " 10. The fearless Mayor Shinn. 11. " Goodnight, my someone . . . " 12. Randy Wolf and Phil Jackson — stage crew and lights 98 ' Musical tf$l § $f% Directed By AMY SIMCOX Accompanied By MARIANNE COTTRELL CAST (in order of appearance) Travelling Salesmen: 1 MATT MABIS 2 CHAD SHUHERK 3 RANDY GIBSON 4 CORY GEYER 5 TERRY BOSTELMAN Charlie Cowell DAVE CLINE Conductor TAD PENDERGRAST Harold Hill MARK RYAN Mayor Shinn DAVE MABIS Ewart Dunlop DOUG DUNDERMAN Oliver Hix RANDY GIBSON Jacey Squires TIM COPSEY Olin Britt TROY OVERMYER Marcellus Washburn DENNIS CLINE Tommy Djilas STEVE SCHILB Marian Paroo LAURA TAYLOR Mrs. Paroo EUNICE SCHENKEL Amaryllis JULIE COOK Winthrop Paroo JOEY COPSEY Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn JONI JORDAN Zaneeta Shinn LISA TAYLOR Gracie Shinn JENNY GEYER Alma Hix TAMMY WHITCOMB Maud Dunlop CINDIE WOODCOX Ethel Toffelmier ROBIN WALK Mrs. Squires KIM SCOTT Wa Tan Ye Girls Kay Beregszazi, Barb Goetz, Amy Whetstone, Carolyn Klima Town Kids Russ Pierce, Dave Hicov, Aaron West, Kevin Fulk, Shawn Brewer, Wade Balser, Eric Reeb, Katrina Bostelman, Shane Farnsworth, Tara Gaston Townspeople Lynne Carr, Miho Yasuda, Johnnette McCain SYNOPSIS OF " THE MUSIC MAN " " The Music Man " is the story of a River City, Iowa, a town visited by a traveling salesman. The townspeople come to know him as Professor Harold Hill. In reali- ty Hill is not a musician, but rather an opportunist who uses the idea of forming boys bands as a way to pocket the money and run ... to try the scheme on the next unsuspecting town. " The Music Man " starts on a railroad coach in rural Iowa, July 4, 1912. The arrival of Harold Hill in River City sets into mo- tion a series of events which ef- fects the lives of everyone in town from the mayor to the librarian to the school board to the kids to Hill himself. " The Music Man " follows the events and tells the story of Harold Hill, Marian Paroo, Win- throp Paroo, Mayor and Mrs. Shinn, and a score of other characters in River City. It is a musical production of rousing music and sentimental songs. Rich with interesting characters, it is a story to follow . . . and enjoy. ' Tah-dah! " Musical 99 Seventy-Six Trombones 1. River City ' s " First Couple " 2. members of the school board 3. Pickalittle ladies — Johnette McCain and Miho Yasuda 4. What are you looking at, Lynne? 5. Smile, Aaron! 6. Raise your hand if you ' re Sure! 7. Barney the tuba player. 8. Winthrop and Marian wait for the Wells Fargo Wagon. 9. " Lida Rose, I ' m home again, Rose . . . " 10. " You gullible, green-grass goats! " 11. " No, Miss Marian, I suggest Esoterica for those age spots. " 100 ' Musical Till There Was You l C 1ft ' 1. The Shipoopi dancers ham it up. 2. Nice togas, girls! 3. What a lady-killer! 4. " In March, I got a gray mackinaw! " 5. " Wa Tan Ye! " 6. Super salesman Harold Hill can sell anything! 7. What a cute couple! 8. " Lovely, Ladies, Lovely. Now turn . . . " 9. Say cheese! Musical 101 1983-84 Marching Band Row 1 — J. Jordan, A. Baumle ROW 2 — K. Logan, M. Yasuda ROW 3 — M. Meyer, S. Kunesh, S. Overmyer, M. Mabis, R. Bot- teron, T. Philpot ROW 4 — R. Walk, C. Marlin, E. Cook, S. Rhinehart, L. Taylor, T. Miller, J. McCain, S. Ross, K. Farn- sworth, S. Ross, C. Mansfield, T. Leinard ROW 5 — L. Taylor, B. Goetz, K. Moore, C. Klima, R. Hand, A. Beregszazi, M. Bute, A. Elliott, J. Rhonehouse, G. Colwell ROW 6 — M. Mabis, L. Moon, S. Shaffer, M. Brinneman, J. Rhonehouse, C. Geyer, M. Vail, C. Layton, D. Arend ROW 7 — Mr. Jones, T. Philpot, R. Gibson, C. Birckhold, P. Jackson, K. Derek, A. Coughlin COL- ORGUARD — S. McCain, N. Leakey, M. Geyer, M. Mabis, B. Sigler 2. Mr. David Jones 3. TWIRLERS: J. Jordan, A. Baumle 4. COLORGUARD: FRONT — M. Mabis, 5. McCain BACK — K. Logan, M. Geyer, M. Yasuda, B. Sigler, N. Leakey The 1983-84 Archer Marching Band, under the director of Mr. David Jones, was very active this year. The Marching Archers ap- peared at the Defiance and Van Wert County Fairs, Bowling Green State University Band Day, Troy Band Contest, and several football games. 102 »Band We ' ve Got Spirit! 1. Band Camp is a lot of hard work! FRONT — Todd Philpot, BACK — Amy Elliot, Angie Beregszazi, Chris Marlin, Sue Overmyer 2. Mass Band at B.G.S.U. Band Day 3. " We want a touchdown! " 4. Mary Meyer — Sophomore 5. What a ham! 6. Ain ' t she sweet! 7. Kelly Moore and Barb Goetz 8. Play it, Laura! 9. Tracey Miller and Cindy Mansfield 10. Hut, two, three, four ... 11. That ' s Antwerp ' s own Hershey ' s Kiss-Tino Marlin! (1983 Hallo- ween Parade) 12. Toni and Phil are getting down. 13. 3 base drums — Lon- nette Bostelman, Mary Meyer, and Shelly Kunesh Concert Band 1. (ROW 1) M. Geyer, K. Famsworth, T. Miller, J. McCain, S. Ross, C. Mansfield, L. Taylor, K. Logan, L. Cook, R. Walk, (ROW 2) M. Brinneman, M. Mabis, L. Moon, S. Shaffer, A. Coughlin, M. Meyer, T. Philpot, D. Dunder- man, M. Jump, P. Jackson, T. Leinard, J. Rhonehouse, G. Colwell, (ROW 3) A. Beregzazi, K. Moore, B. Goetz, L. Taylor, C. Klima, M. Bute, R. Hand, A. Elliott, S. Kunesh, A. Whetstone, K. Derek, J. Rhonehouse, C. Geyer. M. Vail, C. Birkhold, S. Overmyer, R. Gibson, C. Layton, D. Arend (ROW 4) Mr. Jones, T. Philpot, R. Swann, L. Bostelman, R. Botteron, 2. Terry Bostelman, Senior 3. (FRONT) Missy Geyer, Kris Farn- sworth, Tracey Miller, (BACK) Missy Brin- neman, Matt Mabis, Lori Moon 4. It takes con- centration! 5. " And now for our next number The concert band received an ex- cellent rating at contest in Van Wert in the spring. The highlight of the year for the band was par- ticipating in the Smokey Moun- tain Music Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in May. In order to raise the money for the trip, the band sold pizzas, had a dance, and band marathon. The band earned an excellent rating at contest and took 2nd place in their class. 5? ffe A : - Scenes From Gatlinburg and the Smokies 1. Randy Gibson and Cheryl Layton 2. Roomies in Gatlinburg — Amy Coughlin, Robin Walk, Barb Goetz, and Johnette McCain. 3. Say cheese! 4. Lori Moon — Sophomore 5. Julie Rhonehouse and Greg Colwell — sax players. 6. Missy Bute — Freshman 7. " We made it! " Si k 8. Lisa nad Laura Taylor pose with the Band ' s trophy from the Smokey Mountain Music Festival. 9. Amy and Toni pose before contest. 10. The band takes time out for a group picture before heading for home. 11. " It ' s cold up here! " (FRONT) C. Klima, Johnette McCain, L. Bostelman, (BACK) K. Beregzazi, Amy Coughlin, R. Walk, G. Colwell, T. Leinard, J. Rhonehouse, C. Geyer, T. Bostelman Band 105 Pep Band This year pep band was divided into two bands, the blue band and the white band. These bands played at the boy ' s and girls ' home basketball games. Band awards for the 83-84 school year were as follows. John Philip Sousa Award — Julie Rhonehouse (senior), Marilyn Peters Award for Distinguished Service — Barb Goetz (Junior), Bernadyne Rogers Award for the Most Improved Bandsman — Lisa Taylor (Sophomore), Sue Derek Award for Outstanding New Member — Suzanne Shaffer (Freshman). 1. The White Band — (ROW 1) C. Marlin, K. Farnsworth, R. Walk, J. McCain, C. Mansfield (ROW 2) R. Botteron, M. Brinneman, C. Geyer, T. Miller, G. Colwell, (ROW 3) L. Moon, S. Kunesh, R. Hand, K. Moore, B. Goetz, C. Klima, (ROW 4) C. Birkhold, A. Coughlin, C. Layton, D. Dunderman, T. Philpot, P. Jackson, (ROW 5) S. Overmyer, A. Whetstone, T. Philpot 2. The Blue Band — (ROW 1) J. Rhonehouse, T. Leinard, S. Ross, J. Rhonehouse, L. Bostelman, M. Geyer, K. Logan (ROW 2) L. Taylor, S. Shaffer, L. Taylor, A. Elliott, M. Bute, M. Meyer, S. Rhinehart, D. Arend (ROW 3) M. Jump, S. Schilb, R. Swann, M. Mabis, T. Boselman, R. Gibson, S. Overmyer, (ROW 4) K. Derek 3. Wake up, Lisa! 4. Jam down, Missy! 5. Part of the mighty A.H.S. Brass section. 6. Play it, Carolyn. 7. Mr. Jones — director. 8. Don ' t look so thrilled, Mr. Jones! 9. Band President Julie Rhonehouse presents the band ' s trophy from the Smokey Mountain Music Festival to Mr. Rosendahl, Principal. 106 ' Band High School Choir Row 1: S. Walker, K. Humbarger, T. Whitcomb, D. Smalley, D. Gallup, N. Leakey, L. Bostelman, C. Bruickl M. Yasuda, D. Knepper, C. Stevens. Row 2: J. McCain, A. King, L. Taylor, L. Carr, T. Walker, S. Shaffer, A. Shepherd, S. Betzer, A. Beregszazi, B. Goetz, R. Walk. Row 3: J. Scouten, D. Jones, D. Cot- trell, D. Mabis, D. Cline, T. Pendergrast, S. Schilb, T. Bostelman, C. Geyer, A. Martin, C. Woodcox. Row 4: B. Walley, D. Dunderman, T. Overmyer, T. Ogle, R. Gibson, D. Cline, M. Ryan, T. Copsey, J. Ryan, M. Mabis. 2. Miss Simcox, Director 3. Vocal Chamber Ensemble received a I at District III State Solo and Ensemble Auditions held at Lima Senior High School. Row 1: S. Shaffer, D. Cline, B. Goetz, A. Martin, D. Smallev, T. Whitcomb. Row 2: K. Hum- barger, Dl. Cline, L. Taylor, C. Bruick, M. Yasuda. Row 3: L. Carr, M. Mabis, C. Geyer, M. Ryan, C. Woodcox, D. Gallup. Row 4: T. Walker, T. Over- myer, T. Ogle, R. Gibson, T. Copsey, R. Walk. 4. District Choir members, T. Overmyer, M. Ryan, M. Mabis, K. Humbarger High School Choir Awards 1st year — R. Gibson 2nd year — T. Overmyer 3rd year — R. Walk Archie Archer Award — B. Derek . Arioln Award - M. Ryan Choir • 107 National Choir Award — T. Overmyer Swing Choir Presents " Scrooge " m PWv i L 1 m M l mm HLr ' ■Pf; H m Pi 1 HI i 1. Miss Simcox, are you in the play? 2. Tammy Whitcomb — Junior 3. Trevor Ogle-as Ebeneezer Scrooge 4. Suzanne Shaffer — Freshman 5. Mark Ryan — Senior 6. Dennis Cline — Junior 7. Lonnette Bostelman as Tiny Time. 8. Cheers! 9. Having fun? 10. CAST MEMBERS: (1 to r) L. Taylor, S. Shaffer, D. Cline, R. Walk, T. Ogle, M. Mabis, M. Ryan, E. Schenkel, T. Whitcomb, L. Carr, C. Geyer, L. Bostelman Hert n4 LIT! 108. Choir ORGANIZATIONS 100 Years of Working Together 1. 1942 Boy Scout Troop 143 — Row 1: Myron Lichty, Tom Schmunk, Rex Jenkins, Mr. N. L. Samaria (Advisor), Knight Kuhn, Kenny Matzen, Max Woodcox Row 2: Dick McCalla, Jim Vail, C. J. Matzen, Carey Miller, Jerry Noll, Kenny Zuber, Dick Friend, Max Billman 2. 1977 National Honor Society — Row 1: Chris Meyer, Mindy Franklin, Donna Culler, Christy Meyer Row 2: Lana Moore, Ron Miller, Dave Plumb, Nanette Miller, Richard Leslie Row 3: Deb Holley, Tom Hostetler, Elaine Dunder- man, Duke Miller, Chris Sample 3. 1958 Annual Staff — Seated: Larry Zedaker, Jim Homey, Sally Zuber, Sandra Foreman, Sandra Holman, Florence Dunder- man, Belinda Gibson, Darlene Robbins, Ann Erter, Nancy Hunt, Janice Schoenike, Helen Howard, Mar- tha Tracy, Sue Ross Standing: Larry Miller, Dennis Clinton, Jim Miller, Ed McCreerey, Mr. George Jump (Advisor) Nanthan Doctor, Larry Rockefeller, Rudie Reeb 4. 1984 Library Aides — Row 1: Jeryl Schlegel, Larry Lewellan, David Mabis, Steve Minck Row 2: Chris Dix, Rachelle Nelson, Jeni Grabianowski, Jim Reinhart, Scott Hudson Row 3: Dave Arend, Bob Knorr, Craig Birkhold, Matt Mabis, Ingrid Rosebrock, Mr. Grabianowski (Librarian) 109 Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL (ROW 1) B. Overmever, P. Rogers, C. Woodcox (ROW 2) C. Mansfield, L. Moon, T. Hahn, R. Napier, C. Leinard, T. Hor- mann (ROW 3) M. Tryznka, B. Martin, L. Huebner, J. Barker, L. Hunt, C. Hopkins, S. Rhinehart Varsity A VARSITY A (ROW 1) C. Mansfield, S. Overmyer, D. Cline, G. Donat, R. Frenzel, C. Hormann, R. Puckett (ROW 2) E. Walk, D. Coleman, R. Reinhart, P. Rasey, C. Banks, D. Ham- mond, T. Cook (ROW 3) D. Gallup, C. Bruick, R. Billman, N. Longardner, F. Langham, B. Krutch, T. Overmyer, (ROW 4) C. Klima, J. Jordon, S. Kor- tokrax, M. Snider, S. Pier, M. Hum- barger, P. Starr, D. Meyer, (ROW 5) C. Leinard, R. Walk, M. Weatherhead, J. Derek, L. Phillips, J. Savage, (ROW 6) T. Rasey, M. Meyer, P. Fulk, S. Schilb, J. Cook, J. Woodcox Varsity A Officers VARSITY A OFFICERS: Troy Overmeyer - - President, Lynette Phillips — Vice President, Chris Bruick - Secretary, Doug Dunderman — Sergeant at Arms, Joni Jordon — Treasurer 110 Organizations k I! J « t: ££ : Future Teachers of America (ROW 1) J. Grabianouski, C. Klima, M. Koenn, D. Longardner, D. Hopkins, M. Weatherhead, D. Overmeyer, S. Walker, S. Hook, D. Hook, M. Meyer (ROW 2) S. Ad- dis, A. Whetstone, R. Walk, C. Leinard, J. Savage, L. Phillips, R. Napier, D. Gallup, C. Woodcox, T. Whitcomb, J. Jordon, A. Mar- tin, (ROW 3) R. Nelson, L. Carr, T. Figert, P. Rogers, T. Taylor, A. Derek, D. Cline, C. Bruick, A. Shepherd, S. Meyer, B. Goetz, (ROW 4) D. Doll, C. Robbins, H. Walten- burg, D. Lucas, T. Altic, B. Gerig, A. Reinhart, R. Reinhart, D. Mabis, S. Hicks (ROW 5) C. Robbins, M. Mabis, D. Ham- mond, C. Banks, P. Rasey, D. Cline, S. Overmeyer, T. Hahn, J. Reinhart, D. Arend, C. Birkhold, (ROW 6) J. Schlegel, K. Logan, A. Bowers, P. Edwards, C. Farn- sworth, G. Colwell, W. Meredith, S. Foster, M. Yasuda Library Aides (ROW 1) J. Schlegel, L. Lewallen, D. Mahis, S. Minck, (ROW 2) G. Ankney, R. Nelson, J. Grabianbuski, J. Reinhart, S. Hudson, (ROW 3) D. Arend, B. Knorr, C. Birkhold, M. Mabis, I. Rosenbrock, Mr. Grabianouski Newspaper Staff (ROW 1) M. Tryznka, C. Klima, P. Rogers, L. Wisiewski (ROW 2) S. Ross, L. Taylor, Mrs. Detmon, D. Mabis, T Whit- comb, (ROW 3) L. Taylor, K. Lothamer, M. McCague, A. Shepherd, D. Longardner Organizations • 1 1 1 National Honor Society Row 1: P. Rogers, C. Klima, B. Derek, R. Walk Row 2: M. Koenn, G. Donat, D. Meyer, S. Sillman, M. Vail. Row 3: B. Goetz, D. Longardener, K. Scott, R. Reinhart Not Pictured: B. Seigler, E. Schenkel, S. Ross Maumee Valley Math Contest Row 1: C. Marlin, R. Gibson, P. Fulk, S. Overmyer Row 2: J. Murlin, P. Starr, M. Brinneman, J. Cook, D. Mickelson Row 3: D. Arend, M. Jump, R. Reinhart, B. Goetz, J. Jordon Results: Algebra I Paul Starr — 2nd Patricia Fulk — 4th Christine Marlin — 7th Dan Mickelson — 7th David Arend — 9th Randy Gibson — 9th Missy Brinneman — 10th Geometry Susie Overmyer — 3rd Barb Goetz — 6th Jeff Cook — 7th Joni Jordon — 13th Jerry Murlin — 15th Rita Reinhart — 15th Marc Jump — 16th Findlay College Skills Test Row 1: L. Taylor, first place Row 2: R. Reinhart, S. Ross, third place Row 3: J. Savage 112 Organizations Scholarship Team 1. English Row 1: L Taylor, L. Taylor, C. Klima Row 2: K. Kizer, C. Layton, P. Rogers 2. American History and Government Row 1: K. Scott, M. Koenn Row 2: B. Krutsch, T. Cook 3. Chemistry and Biology Row 1: B. Goetz Row 2: R. Puckett, D. Arend 4. Geometry and Algebra I Top to Bottom: J. Cook, P. Fulk, S. Overmyer, P. Starr 5. Foreign Languages Row 1: A. Elliott, P. Rasey, C. Banks Row 2: D. Mickelson, S. Phillips, M. Snider Following is a list of all Antwerp High School Students recognized for their achievement in this competition. Division III All Schools Student Class Teacher District State District Paul Stan- Algebra I Mr. Hohenbrink 1 3 1 Scott Pier Algebra I Mr. Hohenbrink 12 HM Patty Fulk Algebra I Mr. Hohenbrink 16 HM Lisa Taylor English 10 Mrs. Detmon 5 18 8 Laura Taylor English 10 Mrs. Detmon 6 HM 13 Suzie Overmyer Geometry Mr. Hohenbrink 8 16 Jeff Cook Geometry Mr. Hohenbrink HM HM Dave Meyer Geometry Mr. Hohenbrink HM HM Matt Snider French I Mrs. Pier 7 Dan Mickelson French I Mrs. Pier 14 Dave Arend Biology I Mr. Schilb 14 Barb Goetz Chemistry Mr. Hohenbrink HM 113 Yearbook Staff 114 1. Bottom — Kim Humbarger Row 2: Johnette McCain, Barbie Overmyer Row 3: Tina Taylor, Barb Goetz, Joni Jordan, Tami Figert Top: Donna Buckland, Dawn Hopkins Not Pictured: Amy Baumle, Beth Derek, Angie Reinhart, Shari Ross, Miho Yasuda 2. Tami Figert — Editor 3. Johnette McCain — Staff member 4. Barb Goetz — Assis- tant Editor, Mrs. Kathleen Neidhardt — Advisor 5. Jo ni Jordan — Staff member 6. Angie Reinhart and Amy Baumle — Staff member 7. Dawn Hopkins and Donna Buckland — Staff members 8. Shari Ross — Staff member 9. Miho Yasuda — Staff member Scholastic Bowl H. S. Hosts First Invitational Tournament The Antwerp High School Scholastic Bowl Team participated in four meets this year. As a pre-season warm-up, the team and advisors accompanied Dr. Taylor as guests at a January Rotary luncheon. Following lunch, they engaged in competition against the Ant- werp Rotary team. Although it was a close match, the high school team emerged victorious. Antwerp sent two teams to the Hicksville In- vitational Tounament in January. In February, the high school team participated in the GMC Scholastic Bowl Meet held at Fairview High School. In March, Antwerp High School hosted the first Antwerp Invitational Tournament. Ant- werp entered two teams and a total of fifteen teams participated. Laura Taylor was selected to the second team with an accumulation of 150 points. Fairview High School won the tournament with Tinora High School placing second. The Antwerp team traveled to the Van Wert Invitational Tournament where they defeated Hardin Northern in the first match, but then lost to Hicksville in the second match. At the close of the year, the scholastic bowl team took a field trip to The Toledo Art Museum. 1. 1984 Team, Row 1 — D. Longardner, B. Goetz, C. Klima, K. Scott, G. Donat, Row 2 — J. Jordan, L. Taylor, A. Martin, L. Taylor, Row 3 — C. Birkhold, R. Gibson, P. Starr, M. Jump, J. Cook, Row 4 — Mrs. Buchhop (Ad- viser), M. Brinneman, C. Marlin, S. Ross, G. Colwell, Mrs. Detmon (Adviser) 2. Antwerp ' s Team A, Row 1 — L. Taylor, B. Goetz, P. Starr, D. Longardner, Row 2 — C. Marlin, C. Birkhold, G. Donat 3. Antwerp ' s Team B, Row 1 — J. Cook, L. Taylor, Row 2 — S. Ross, R. Gibson, C. Klima 4. Top Scorers in Antwerp ' s Invitational Meet — Mrs. Buchhop (Adviser), T. Mueller (Tinora), J. Brown (Fair- view), T. Wolfrum (Fairview), Mrs. Detmon (Adviser) Organizations • 1 15 CLASS OFFICERS: President: Rodney Gill V. President: Bobby Martin Secretary: Gary Layton Treasurer: Holly Geyer Michelle Addis Trent Ashbaugh Joe Barker Tim Barnhouse Lyn Begley Eighth Grade Anthony Bernard Tonya Botteron Wendy Burns Tamie Collins Jenny Conley Kelly Cook Kellie Cox Scott Cromwell Scott Donnell Donna Elston Terri Gerig Holly Geyer Rodney Gill Tracey Gross Sara Hammond David Harp Tina Hartman William Hicks Vicki Hilton Scott Hudson 116 ' Eighth Grade Laura Heubner Scott Kaufman Michelle Knapp Leann Knepper Troy Koppenhofer Gary Layton Larry Lewallen Cheri Lucas Robert Marti Todd Miller Steve Minck Chris Moore Scott Pendergrast Robert Phillips Class of ' 88 Jeffery Pierce Lisa Relyea Cassondra Rigger Scott Schilb Pat Sensabaugh Cindy Sharp Charles Smith Mike Smith Candy Stevens. Pam Stumphy Pat Swann Jim Twilleger Shelly Tinkham LynnetteTuto Connie Underwood Tom Wann Angela Warner KimWindle David Woodcox Kelly Zartman Eighth Grade 117 CLASS OFFICERS Secretary: Wendy Huebner V. President: Chris Hopkins Treasurer: Kim Bates President: Barbara Arend Charles Addis Greg Ankney tarabara Arend Victoria Baily Kim Bates Debra Bender Seventh Grade Kristy Berryhill Melissa Boger -John Brenneke NikkiBruick Larry Carr Daniel Cline Jeffery Cline James Coil Joyce Copsey Douglas Corwin Amy Cromwell Tony Delong Christine Dix Matt Doll Kenneth Fralev Tom Friend David Fry- Denny Getrost Jeni drabianowski Angela driggs Andy Hahn Tony Hahn David Hitt Chris Hopkins Jason Hormann Wendy Huebner Shen Humbarger Sonja Humbarger 118 -Seventh Grade Class of ' 89 Laura Hunt Bill Jividen Amy Jordan Wendy Kaufman Ken Kemerer Marya Knuth Jared Kennedy Jerry Kunesh Annette Langham Jason Layton Ticia Leinard Debra Lily Craig Longarden Terri McNabb Mike Meyer Donna Miller Jody Miller Jeffery Minck Chad Molitor Joni Molitor Cindy Murlin Heidi Myers Rachelle Nelson Jill Oakes Gabriel Oberlin Jennifer Pier Randy Pierce Shawn Powell Michael Reinhart Tina Rice Jennifer Ritch Michelle Rose Howard Sensabaugh David Shidler Tera Shull Julie Slone Mike Smith Jill Starbuck Bill Steffes Kim Swain Andrew Tabor Tammy Thompsor Joe Trzynka Deanna Wenzlick Daniel West Michael Wetli Seventh Grade 119 Junior High Spelling Bee 1. Tera Shull — Winner Jill Starbuck — Runner-up Junior High Girls ' Track No Picture Available Antwerp Records L. Tuto — High jump 5 ' L. Tuto — Shot put 31 ' 4 Vi " L. Tuto — 100 M 14.0 Boys ' Track No Picture Available Season Record 2-6 5th in the Jr. High Conference Junior High Football 120 ' Junior High Row 1: B. Lucas, G. Layton, M. Smith, R. Gill, J. Kunesh, D. Cline, J. Brenneke Row 2: M. Meyer, K. Kemerer, T. Kop- penhofer, T. Barnhouse, T. Ashbaugh, J. Layton, G. Oberlin Row 3: D. West, D. Fry, D. Mendez, M. Van Cleve, C. Moore, J. Pierce, B. Phillips, M. Smith Eighth Grade Girls ' Volleyball (Top Row) Coach Hockameyer, Heidi Schenkel, Tammy Collins, Wendy Burns, Lyn Tuto, Dawn Cottrell, Kim Lichty. (Bottom Row) Candi Stevenson, Laura Huebner, Pam Stumphy, Sara Hammond, Shelly Tinkham Seventh Grade Girls ' Volleyball (Top Row) Heidi Myers, Sonja Humbarger, Annette Langham, Debra Lilly, Barbara Arend, Ticia Leinard, Amy Jordon, Donna Miller. (Bottom Row) Amy Cromwell, Laura Hunt, Cindy Mulin, Kim Bates, Wendy Huebner, Nicfci Bruik. Eight Grade Season Record 2-5 Seventh Grade Season Record 4-5 Junior High 121 Eighth Grade Boys ' Basketball (ROW 1) Dan Cline, Joe Barker, Scott, Berenyi, Mike Smith, Bob Martin (ROW 2) Coach Smith, Scott Schilb, Rodney Gill, Troy Koppenhoffer, Tim Barnhouse Season Record 19 Fairview 27 L 31 Hicksville 44 L 25 Ayersville 45 L 17 Wayne Trace 37 L 49 Tinora 61 L 14 Fairview 40 L 20 Tinora 54 L 30 Wayne Trace 52 L 50 Hicksville 39W 31 Edgerton 35 L 30 Paulding 46 L Tournament 26 Fairview 29 L Season Record 24 Fairview 42 L 41 Hicksville 27 W 34 Ayersville 19 W 39 Wayne Trace 28 W 28 Tinora 20 W 22 Fairview 33 L 19 Tinora 16 W 25 Wayne Trace 22 W 32 Hicksville 19 W 33 Edgerton 31 W 25 Paulding 31 L " In general, our season was one of much learning and great success. We worked hard trying to improve ourselves with the basic fundamentals of the game, as well as learning the team concept need- ed for winning. We strived to give it our best at all times and found out that this along with great hustle led us to this fine season. We will work hard in the off season to improve ourselves to average our three loses. " Coach Stallkamp 122 -Junior High Seventh Grade Boys ' Basketball (ROW 1) Tony Hahn, Dave Hitt, Jared Kenned y, Jason Hormann, Chad Molitor, Jerry Kunesch, Ran dy Pierce (ROW 2) Coach Stallkamp, Andy Hahn, Mike Meyer, Kan Kemerer, Dave Fry, Dan West Toni Friend Eighth Grade Girls ' Basketball (ROW 1) Connie Underwood, Shelley Tinkham, Pam Stumphy, Michelle Addis (ROW 2) Terri Gerig, Dawn Cottrell, Toni Bernard, Kelley Cook, Wendy Burns, Jeni Conley, Cassondra Riggers, Tracey Gross, Kim Lichty, Sara Hammond. SEASON RECORD 24 Edon 35 L 12 Ayersville 32 L 23 Tinora 22 W 8 Fairview 32 L 17 Paulding 12 W 15 Woodlan 27 L 27 Tinora 22 W 40 Edgerton 36 W 24 Hicksville 25 L 10 Wayne Trace 17 L 8 Wayne Trace 33 L 11 Hicksville 33 L 11 Edgerton 26 L Tournament 8 Fairview 28 L SEASON RECORD 15 Edon 20 L 17 Ayersville 57 L 11 Tinora 25 L 14 Fairview 27 L 18 Paulding 11 W 20 Woodlan 16 W 13 Tinora 16 L 27 Egderton 29 L 17 Hicksville 19 L 10 Wayne Trace 20 L 6 Wayne Trace 22 L 11 Hicksville 16 L 16 Edgerton 18 L Seventh Grade Girls Basketball (ROW 1) Rachelle Nelson, Tera Shull, Chris Dix, Chris Barryhill, Kim Bates, Wendy Huebner, Sherrie Humbarger (ROW 2) Sonya Humbarger, Tisha Leinard, Marya Knuth, Debra Lilly, Annette Langham, Mr. Brown. Junior High 123 Junior High Cheerleaders Mrs. Pier — Junior High Cheerleading Adviser, 2. Junior High Foot- ball Cheerleaders Row 1: Holly Geyer, Teri Gerig Row 2: Kelly Cox, Angela Warner, Traci Gross. Row 3: Jenny Pier, Jenny Grabianowski 3. 8th Grade Basketball Cheerleaders Row 1: Traci Gross, Row 2: Kelly Cox, Angie Warner, Holly Geyer Row 3: Dawn Cottrell, Teri Gerig 4. 7th Grade Basketball Cheerleaders Row 1: Jenny Bra- bianowski Row 2: Annette Langham, Amy Jordon, Ticia Leinard Row 3: Jenny Pier 124 ' Junior High Junior High School Band Row 1 — K. Kemerer, T. Gross, T. Gerig, K. Lichty, S. Humbarger, M. Addis, B. Arend, H. Geyer, H. Schenkel Row 2 — D. Lilly, L. Tuto, M. Knuth, C. Stevenson, T. Col- lins, D. West, R. Nelson, J. Pier, A. Warner, J. Gra- bianowski, A. Griggs, T. Collins Row 3: C. Addis, B. Lucas, W. Burns, C. Riggers, S. Berenyi, V. Hilton, G. Layton, D. Cottrell, C. Underwood, R. Gill, J. Schlegel, K. Zartman, T. Shull, G. Oberlin Row 4: Mr. Jones (director), J. Kunesh, S. Schilb, P. Swann, P. Stumphy, T. Leinard, A. Jordon, J. Layton Not pictured — K. Cook Awards 7th grade — B. Arend, K. Kemerer 8th grade — H. Schenkel I. Sbs " Junior High School Choir Row 1 — Miss Simcox (director), C. Underwood, J. Molitor, C. Murlin, C. Berryhill, J. Starbuck, M. Reinhart, B. Barker, R. Pierce, J. Cline, C. Molitor, J. Kunesh, T. Mar- row, J. Coil, G. Ankney Row 2: M. Rose, N. Kelble, M. Wetli, J. Layton, H. Meyers, S. Humbarger, W. Huebner, T. Gerig, L. Huebner, C. Hopkins, S. Berenyi, D. Cline, M. Meyer, D. West Row 3 — W. Kaufman, H. Schenkel, S. Tinkham, L. Hunt, T. McNabb, T. Gross, S. Hammond, N. Bruick, A. Langham, A. Hahn, T. Friend, A. Jordon, G. Layton, K. Zartman, B. Martin Row 4 — M. Boger, D. Wenzlick, J. Copsey, T. Hartman, V. Hilton, M. Knuth, A. Griggs, S. Humbarger, J. Oaks, T. Rice, D. Elston, H. Geyer, A. Warner, R. Gill, D. Harp, T. Wann, W. Hicks, S. Kauf- man, D. Fry, J. Pierce, K. Kemerer Not pictured — J. Barker Awards 7th grade — D. Cline 8th grade — H. Geyer Junior High • 125 Maumee Valley Math Test Row 1: M. Meyer, C. Hopkins, J. Layton, K. Kemerer Row 2: J. Hormann, T. Kop- penhofer, B. Martin, T. Wann, G. Layton Row 3: T. McNabb, K. Bates, S. Tinkham, T. Collins Not pictured: A. Warner Maumee Valley Math Contest Results 7th Grade Math Rank 19 K. Kemerer 21 J. Layton 22 J. Hormann 22 M. Meyer 23 C. Hopkins 8th Grade Math Rank 12 T. Collins 19 G. Layton 19 S. Tinkham 22 B. Martin 23 T. Koppenhofer 2:i T.Wann 24 A. Warner Jr. High Snaps rr- 126 High School Snaps ELEMENTARY It All Starts With the ABC ' s J 1 3 ' 6 JJ H ' 4 1. 1979 — The sixth grade operetta was presented by the class of ' 85. 2. 1980 — The sixth grade operetta, " The Prince and the Pauper " was presented by the class of ' 86. Pictured are the trumpeters — David Krutsch, Amy Elliott, and Margie Wilt. 3. 1980 — Track and Field Day 4. 1958 — These third graders from the class of ' 67 are being served a nutritious hot lunch in the cafeteria. 5. Mrs. Wilma Sigg — retired kindergarten teacher 6. Mrs. Mary Bradley — retired first grade teacher 7. Mrs. Lois Stevenson — retired third grade teacher 8. Mrs. Katherine Rogers — retired library aide 9. 1984 — Mrs. Brotherton ' s sixth graders 10. 1984 — The fourth graders are working on a special project. 11. 1984 — The first graders are enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast that they prepared at school. 12. 1984 — Mrs. Laukhuf and her kindergarten students are cooking pumpkin pudding for Thanksgiving. 13. 1984 — Shane Owens, grade two 14. 1958 — Lois Klender, kindergarten 15. 1958 — Rebecca Berenyi, first grade 16. 1958 — Terry Zartman, second grade 17. 1958 — Frankie Lichty, third grade 18. 1958 — Ellen Sue Tracey, fourth grade 19. 1958 — James Farnsworth, fifth grade 20. 1958 — Anita Foust, sixth grade 21. 1984 — Brent Brenneke, kindergarten. 129 Grade Six Janean Adams Lisa Atchley Yvonne Bauer Katrina Bostelman Mike Bute Pamela Brandenburg Rebecca Brenneke Leslie Carpenter Chad Clevinger Julie Cook Benjamin Coronado Kendra Detmon Kelly Gerken Jennifer Geyer Eric Gillespie Stephanie Hicks Dave Hicov Kelly Hook Matt Hopkins inissa Humbarger April Hunt Amy Kennedy Ty Koppenhofer Stephanie Laker Randy Leakey Albert Manella mLQ-® 130 -Grade Six Flying High .$ iA %— ' ;. v Angelynn Marsden Deb McCague Tom McClain Bonnie McCreery Michael McNabb Kyle Moon Ben Oberlin Timothy O ' Donnell Kelly Osborn Tim Overmyer Becky Owens John Phillips Russ Pierce Andy Reinhart Chad Robbins Jason Roehrig Tony Ruiz Roger Sanders Jason Saylor Becky Schenkel Robert Scott Vicki Sharp Brett Shepherd Donald Stevenson Michael Stuck Tracie Thomas Todd Van Cleve Heath Waltenburg Susan Wann Roxanne Waters Jacque Wilhelm Becky Wolf Erika Zuber Grade Six 131 Grade Five Patty Arend Wade Balser Virginia Barker Tara Bennett David Boger Steve Bowers Chris Bragg Shawn Brewer Christina Bryan Bridgett Canterbury Lori Cook Peter Cline Troy Collins Becky Culler Jeremy De Long Brian Dix Don Dunderman Shane Famsworth Steve Friend Kevin Fulk Terri Gilpin Andrea Gordon Amy Grant Barbie Hart Rebekah Hess Joshua Holman Matt Hormann Virginia Jackson Chad Jones Melanie Jump Kimberly Kelly Shari Kemerer Robert King Shawn Knapp 132 ' Grade Five Soaring Melissa Mendez Jeff Miller Kim Ottinger Mike Panico Bob Payton Spencer Pier Steven Pier Stephanie Provan MikeProvines Eric Reeb Jason Reeb Tammie Rice Lars Ringger Shada Sabo Karena Santos Heather Scowten Nicole Shaner Sharla Shaffer Melissa Sharp Barry Shepard Helen Smith Jenny Smith Mary Ann Steffes Kevin Stuart Benji Walley Scott Warner Jami Wells Dwain Werzlick Aaron West Cindy Wiesehan NOT PICTURED: James Worman Grade Five 133 Grade Four Michael Barker Robert Begley Alarie Bennett Jama Bennett Brian B Jason Carpenter Jennifer Carr Monica Cottrell Craig Daeger Crissy Hicks Stacey Hicks Angelic Huss Jennifer Jones Jennifer Johnson Mark Kizer Jodi Klima Troy Knapp Steve Knight Tabi Leininger Travis Lichty 134 •Grade Four Taking Off James Lockhart Julius Longardner Mandi Lucas Shelly Manella Jason Meador Cheryl Meyer Jenny Meyer Kelly Miller Gretchen Molitor Danielle Murlin Wendy Sehenkel Ronnie Schroeder Steve Smith James Starbuck Jennifer Starbuck Steven Steele Jennifer Stetler Nancy Swain Holly Tadsen Johnette Tadsen Missy Taylor Elizabeth Tryznka Patrick Vail Chad West Dawn Whitehouse Tom Wilhelm Scott Wolf Erika Zartman NOT PICTURED: Ben Friend Grade Four 135 Grade Three Jennifer Bowling Jenny Brandenburg Debra Bright Kristy Carpenter Reggie Clem Julie Culler Amber Curtis Heather Daeger Cindy Dix Jodi Edwards Chad Franklin Aaron Grabianouski Brad Grant Mesha Hess Gabriel James Erin Jordan Joel Kammeyer Jennifer Kelley Kris Knight Jennifer Krutch 136 -Grade Three Zooming Ahead Lynette Koch Curtis Lichty Karla Lowe Chad Luginbill Kim Mendez Amy Miller Jason Miller Jeremy Mille Beth Molitor •Murlii Nathaniel Nixon Joshua Overmeyer Rachelle Pierce Donald Provan Jessica Ramsier William Reinhart Jose Reyes Benjamine Rhody EricRitch Sara Schutt Michael Shepard Jeffery Silliman Jeremy Snyder Jason Steibling Paula Wiesehan Grade Three -137 Sh Kim Fraiey Amber Frederick Jeffrey Friend iwn Hazelswart Jennifer Hicov John Huss Andy Jordon Linda Koch Jon Kreischer Mary Ladd Shannon Layton Eric Leininger Grade Two Jeremy Addis Tomi Bennett Carolyn Bowers Douglas Boylan Melissa Burdine Shane Clevinger Jerry Conley Amy Cook Brandy Coon Samuel Coronado 138 -Grade Two Jumping Up Shane Litzenberg Noah Long Sarah Luginbill Jonathon McCreery Chad McKeever Tim Panico Lisa Parrish Kari Payton Amy Pendergrast Corey Reeb Sara Reeb Crystal Saylor Andrew Scott Scott Smith Mark Snider Andrea Steffy Carisa Stewart M ir heal Vaccaro Yvonne Van Cleve Candace West Rachel West Heather Whitehouse Jessica Zuber Grade Two 139 Grade One Carrie Altic Jason Banks Steven Bechtol Greg Billman Danielle Bowling Gregg Boylan Erica Brenneke Chris B MilanyBurdine Jason Camahan Regan Clem Mandy Coughlin Michael Davenport Elizabeth Detmon Tammy Dix Eric Dunderman Amy Eaken Cord Ehrhart Michael Elston Sara Farnsworth Christin Fulmer Jamie Gerig Charolette Gordon Todd Griggs Myra Gross Jason Hamrick Cindy Harper Criss Hittr Travis Hughes Candius Johnson Sheyna Kelley Amy Kelble Tasha Koppenhofer Matthew Laker Stacy Laker Brian Lee Heather Lockhart Amanda Long Staci Lowe Dustin Lucas 140 «Grade One Reaching Higher Brian Lichty Lori Lichty Jason MacDonald Pamela Martin Nicole Martinez Charels Mcbu David Mendez Melissa Messman Brandi Miller Maria Molitor Ginette Myers Daniel Newbauer Benji Noll Ja Cee Ott Kelley Pete rs Banjamin Rager Brian Reinhart Matthew Rodriguez Hather Rosebrock Andrew Ruiz Malinda Sawyer Benjamin Schutt Ronald Scott David Scouten Susan Seslar Joshua Shaffer Chris Shuherk Courtney Shull Ronald S lattery Sera Smith Shirley Snyder Eric Swain Rayla Tabor April Tricker Kelly Vail John Wappes Sarah Wiesehan Courtney Zartma Jennifer Zartman Erin Zuber NOT PICTURED: Jamiee Ebersole Danielle Front Terra Hubert Tammy Kaufman Courtney Shull Grade One» 141 1 v ©$ j April Kaufman Lori Kemerer AliBon Kennedy Sarah Kennedy Sarah Knapp Becky Kreischer Matthew Adams Jason Bender Scott Brandenburg Brent Brenneke Michelle Burdine Nathan Connin Capri Coon Rachel Culler Shane Dearinger Nicholas Daeger Eric DeLong Heather Dodane Shannon Dulle Renee Dunbar David Dunderman Brad Eccard Jamie Famsworth Brian Fillmore Chris Foster Christopher Friend Nicole Friend Danielle Glassey Shelli Grant Jamie Hughes Anna Jackson Kindergarten 142 • Kindergarten Starting Out Teddy Ladd Sarah Laisure Amanda Lichty Kent Lichty Jennifer Lothamer Nicholas Martinez Dale McDorman Todd McNutt Linda McNullen Gabriel Nendez Trish Mendez Jason Messman Caleb Miller Jared Miller Stacy Miller Amanda Molitor Carrie Reeb Cindy Ritch Lupe Santos Dusty Slattery Jerika Smith Bradley Snyder Scott Tracy Joanna Vaccaro David Wenzlick Joshua Wynne Jill Zartmen Leslie Zartman Jason Zielke Brant Zuber Ryan Zuber -TfSx 5 - .-2 ' ■w - Not pictured: Angel Fetters Wyatt Young Kindergarten • 143 Molly Be Jolly Third Grade Operetta 1. Cast of MOLLEY BE JOLLY, Nov. 22, 1984 2. C. Luginbill, J. Banks, B. Rhody, A. Curtis, J. Ramsier, J. Overmyer, J. Miller, R. Pierce 3. B. Molitor, B. Reinhart, J. Snyder, J. Kelley, G. James 4. J. Silliman, H. Daeger, S. Schutt, J. Edwards, D. Provan, K. Carpenter, J. Kammeyer, N. Nixon 5. M. Shepherd, J. Steibling, C. Ritch, C. Franklin, C. Lichty, R. Clem 6. B. Grant, J. Reyes, C. Jordon, H. Boger 144 • Elementary Christmas 1983 Fourth Grade 1. Row 1: Jason Kever, Scott Cottrell, Gretchen Molitor, Danielle Murlin, Monica Cottrell, Stacey Peters Row 2: David Fisher, Angela Glassey, Elizabeth Trzynka, Angela Huss, Alex Ruiz, Julius Longardner Crissy Hicks, Jennifer Stetler, Jennifer Jones, Cheryl Meyer Row 3: Brian Bowers, Steve Smtih, Dave Farnsworth, James Rothgeb, Troy Knapp, Jon Dunderman, Jason Meador, Jennifer Carr, Kristin Gross 2. Row 1: Amanda Lucas, Craig Daeger, Row 2: Kristy King, Dawn Whitehouse, Tom Wilhelm, Robbie Gerken, Chad West 3. Row 1: Holly Tadsen, Missy Taylor, Chad Geyer, Steve Knight, Johnette Tadsen, Jennifer Starbuck, Jama Bennett, Kelly Miller Row 2: Ronnie Schroeder, Steven Steele, Tabi Leininger, Stacy Hicks, Shelly Manella, Scott Wolf, James Lockhart Row 3: Travis Delong, Jason Carpenter, Mike Barker, Alan Bennett, Jimmy Starbuck, Jodi Klima, Erika Zartman, Pat Vail, Heath Dodane, Tracey Richards, 4. Jenny Meyer, Travis Lichty, Wendy Schenkel 5. Row 1: Barbie Hart, Shada Sabo, Robby King, Russ Pierce, Jeff Miller, Steve Bowers, Don Dunderman, Andy McCain, Al Manella, Tim Overmyer Row 2: Randy Leaky, Susan Wann, Becky Schenkle, Shawn Knapp, Becky Owens, Nicki Shaner, Terri Gilpin, Andi Gordon, Stepanie Laker, Mary Ann Steffes, Tammy Rice, Bridgette Canterbury Row 3: Mike Panico, Melanie Jump, Patty Arend, Eric Reeb, Troy Collins, Tara Bennett, Jeremy DeLong, Steve Friend, Brian Dix, Brett Shepherd Row 4: Jason Saylor, Todd Van Cleve, Becky Culler, Tony Ruiz, April Hunt, Helen Smith, Terry Gilpen, Stephanie Provan, Vickie Fraley, Kelly Hook, Lori Cook 6. Row 1: Shawn Brewer, Shark Shaffer, Michelle Luginbill, Jennifer Smith, Kim Ottinger, Tara Gaston, Tina Bryan, Amy Grant, Janean Adams Row 2: Richard Farr, Ty Koppenhoffer, Wade Balser, Matthew Hormann, Kendra Detmon, Amanda Tracy, Jennifer Geyer, Pamela Brandenburg, Cindy Wiesehan Row 3: Heath Walten- burg, Virginia Baker, Jennifer Jackson, Benji Walley, Kevin Fulk, Dwain Wenzlick, Aaron West, Katrina Bostelman, Julie Cook Row 4: Tana Rickard, Bonnie McCreery, Diane Koch, Kim Mansfield, Stephanie Hicks, Anissa Humbarger, Kelly Gerken, Shari Kemerer, Roxanne Waters, Tracie Thomas Way Out West Fifth and Sixth Grade Musical 1. J. Saylor, S. Laker, K. Bostelman, R. Waters, B. Schenkel, T. Gaston 2. Fifth and Sixth grade chorus 3. A. Manella, A. McCain, S. Laker, R. Waters, K. Bostelman 4. A. Manella, A. McCain, Y. Bauer, T. Ruiz, J. Saylor, S. Laker, K. Bostelman, R. Waters, B. Schenkel, T. Gaston 5. A. Mcain, A. Manella 6. K. Bostelman, J. Saylor 146 Spelling Bee Winners Sixth Grade Kindergarten Helpers Row 1: A. Hunt, S. Hicks, B. McCreery, J. Cook Row 2: B. Owens, T. McClain, B. Oberlin Row 3: M. Hopkins, T. Overmyer, M. Bute Safety Patrol Row 1: S. Wann, C. Campbell, A. Manella, M. Stuck, A. Reinhart. Row 2: B. Wolf, S. Schenkel, J. Geyer, T. Gaston, E. Zuber, M. McNabb. Row 3: J. Wilhelm, Y. Bauer, A. McCain, J. Roehrig, J. Copsey. Row 4: J. Friend, T. Van Cleve, J. Phillips, T. Ruiz, H. Waltenburg Elementary • 147 Mini Archer Basketball 1. R. King, Ft. Leakey. M. Panico, J. Saylor, W. Balser, R. Farr, M. Bute, P. Cline 2. Mr. Rhonehouse, D. Dunderman, C. Campbell, T. Lilly, C. Jones, T. Ruiz, A. McCain, D. Doll, B. Payton, Mr. Lichty 3. S. Warner, Mr. Warner, C. Bragg, C. Robbins, J. Reeb, B. Oberlin 4. L. Ringger, C. Hopkins, S. Pier, Mr. Taylor E. Gillespie, M. Stuck, B. Shepherd, 5. Mr. Rohrs, coach, M. Hopkins, K. Fulk, A. West, J. Phillips, S. Brewer, T. Overmyer, J. Copsey 6. D. Mickelson, K. Taylor, M. Jump, S. Kortokrax, M. Snider, S. Pier, B. Luginbill, high school helpers. Mini-Archer Basketball 1. R. Pierce, S. Pier, B. Sherpherd, J. Cline, B. Lucas, B. Waller, Mr. Shepherd 2. A. Humbarger, S. Laker, B. Wolfe, J. Geyer, K. Detmon 3. C. Wiesehan, S. Provan, J. Smith, A. Gordon, T. Byron, T. Rickard 4. C. Clevinger, R. Scott, D. Boger, D. Getrost, S. Lockhart, Mr. Shaffer 5. J. Cook, L. Atchley, L. Carpenter, A. Hunt, A. Kennedy, P. Brandenburg, T. Gaston 6. M. Luginbill, M. Jump, P. Arend, J. Jackson, S. Kemerer Elementary • 149 Sixth Grade Band 150 • Elementary Fifth Grade Band OHIO GLASS DEPOT " See us for all you glass needs " 0. G. D J 114 West Jackson St. X » Paulding, Ohio 45879 Good Luck to the Class of 1984 Support Our Advertisers GUSTIN ' S CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Complete Meat Processing 12211 State Line Road Harlan, Indiana 46743 219-657-5625 Compliments V sls sffl jL NORMAN E. COOK — DAVID A. HYMAN 112 North Water Street Paulding, Ohio 399-4916 STAHL-PHILPOT " Paulding County Insurance Center " 113 North Main Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-3777 James A. Stahl Stephen W. Sprow ANTWERP EQUITY EXCHANGE COllflTPy Grain, Feed, Seed ITIILG Lawn and Garden TEMPERED GLASS SPECIALISTS AND T.G.S. SYSTEMS Division of Rhonehouse Associated, Inc. U.S. Rte. 24 Antwerp, Oh. 258-2454 They Supported Your 1984 Archer Yearbook Advertisements • 151 1984 YEARBOOK PATRONS lone ' s Beauty Salon, Gift, Ceramic, Fabric David R. Hughes D.C. Rt. 1 The County Chriopractor Antwerp, Ohio Paulding, Ohio Dr. Walter Bazali, M.D. Holley ' s Market East River Street 211 S. Main St. Antwerp, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio Paul Culler Construction Fessel ' s Jewelers Rt.1 116 N.Williams Antwerp, Ohio Paulding, Ohio William S. Bricker, DDS Inc. Ben Franklin Stores 307 S. Cleveland St. 108 N. Williams Antwerp, Ohio Paulding, Ohio Ray ' s Restaurant Sin-Laukhuf and Co. Antwerp, Ohio 117 N. Main St. Home Savings and Loan Paulding, Ohio Paulding, Ohio Behringer and Brown, Inc. Antwerp Bee-Argus N. Main 700 Thirsten Defiance, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio Allen R. — James A Hilbert Tim ' s Diner Rt.24 203-209 N. Main Hicksville, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio Martin ' s Sunoco Young, Baudy and Jones ' 106 E. Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio Rt. 24 West Antwerp, Ohio Fill up at Phil ' s I Rogliatti ' s Sport Center 222 Clinton St. Defiance, Ohio Paulding Lumber 331 W. Jackson Paulding, Ohio DeMuth and DeMuth Law Offices 110 E.Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio Hooker Insurance Services 106 N. Main Street Payne, Ohio Don K. Snyder M.D. Moore ' s Clothing Rt. 2, Box 1271 Paulding, Ohio 101 E. Perry Paulding, Ohio Fry ' s Pharmacy 100 N. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio Ducats Store, Inc. 112 N. Williams ' V Paulding, Ohio Shishler Insurance Agency, Inc. 306 N. Main Paulding, Ohio C Y Oil, Inc. N. Main St. Payne, Ohio Paulding Progress 113 S.Williams Paulding, Ohio Frey Office Supply, Inc. 1808 Baltimore St. Defiance, Ohio Hicksville Pharmacy 116 East High St. H. G. Shook, Inc. $ Antwerp, Ohio ; Hicksville, Ohio 152 CO o r CO 3 O , a - CO 3 A CO F a c £ CO CO o CO a o TJ o en £ CO i O) CD a o o o 0 k. CO » £ k. a a CN CD CD Q. CO 3 O " O a TJ £ u c - o o o CO C CO 3 CO CO c CO «•— ■ TJ O 3 TJ C CO o 1 C E o k. X cr TJ 0) a c c o TJ CO £ CD CD 2 09 k. CO 5 " S o o k. TJ 0) w 3 ■ ■ o c CO CO E o o CD CO o o £ £ CO CO £ CO c CO o CO a 3 u CO o • Tl CO u « - CO £ O E CD £ fc o u CO 3 o E c CO 1 o o u k. o CD k. CO u CO o 0) o k. o O o U) CO CD c o c CO O cr c TJ o J£ c X CO a CO 5 (0 o C CO CO £ CO c CO o z c a o» a UJ CO a CO CO CO " 5 CO c CO CO w CD TJ c CO 2 CO ■ D O nr " 5 o o Li. W CO CD E o o » £ 3 m E a n c o o c c c CO CO c CO CO CD F 0 CO a 3 " £ 3 CD to CO 3 6T k. CO » eo k. CO CD £ CO c c o CD E o CO To k. a 5 0) i- O a a CO e o 5- CO CO CD 2: o o CD CD h- u. (0 3 a CO £ a. CO UJ cc cc LU .2 s O N " .2 5 .2 5 o r . 00 a. in a c CO LO o en Z 2 IT 0 . .. o8?5 Tj i £ I w r CD w a S2 0) o o 2 o O c- I. O (0 = CO w (0 CO k. Q- co o o CO CD TJ CO c o r o s= O) o c ? -s c CO 2 a 1 ■D D CD K- LU £ c O e c co»- CO z « » £ C CD 8S — -» t £ z s k- Q, c o O CO o 3 o ■ 5 2 o o 0)0) O 3 O e c O o £ c e -1 , CO a a Ul ZZ Advertisements • 153 The Weatherhead Division of DANA CORPORATION Antwerp Plant WEATHIRHEAO DIVISION OAHA DANA CO PORATIOM - - LJinmhi ' msv f . Congratulations 1984 Seniors! 154 • Advertisements KENNEDY TRENCHING EXCAVATING S East Canal Street P.O. Box 409 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Eat In — Carry Out WILSON ' S POLAR CONE " Home of the Polar " Phone 399-3930 L, Route 127 North Edge of Paulding THE ANTWERP EXCHANGE BANK M v Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Phone 258-5351 Member FDIC Advertisements • 155 CLEM INSURANCE 305 South Main St. Antwerp, Ohio Phone: 258-5271 It is earnestly essential that we give personal concern to each and every policyholder! • Life • Farm • Health • Truck • Business • Boat •Auto • Camper • Home • Retirement • Education Fund Our Business Is Protecting You! Best Wishes on the 100th Anniversary from KAMMEYERS n Kammeyers ' IGA with in-store bakery and pizza shop is one of the most modern and complete supermarkets in the area. Attorney at Law Compliments of: gyy- FLOYD A. 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Main St. Antwerp, Ohio 160 • Advertisements I- EHRHART STUDIO All Yearbook Photography Compliments of Ehrhart Studio Professional Photography " Since 1907 " Portraits Weddings Seniors Family Groups Phone 258-7952 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Advertisements • 161 1881 John Snook 1882 Charles Gravres Will Deatric Frank Kemerer 1883 Frank Graves 1884 No Graduates 1885 Emma Wesner 1886 Lotta Doering Mollie Knapp Clara Emanuel Julia Emanuel Frank Saylor 1887 John Burret Bridgid Halliman Maggie Doering 1888 No Graduates 1889 Dora Shriver Eliza Barker Blanch Wentworth 1890 Anna Shaffer 1891 Frank Bernardine Lillian Harris Levisa H. Zuber Clara Zuber 1892 Minnie McGuire Andrew Schilb 1893 Jennie Hudson Minnie McCabe 1894 Maud Snook Eva Barnett Pearl Zuber Lewis Curtis 1895 Bertha Snyder Harry Snook Mary McCabe Andrew Schneider Lloyd Harris 1896 Olive Carr Lewis C. Harris John Curtis WiU N. Fleck 1897 Edith Harris Flossie Perry Nettie Schilb Grace Martin Margaret McCabe 1898 Bertha Higinbotham Julia Zuber Florence Jacobs Fay Highinbotham Anna Murphy Minetta Schnittker Myrtle Snyder 1899 Ethel Fuller Lloyd Long Fred Pocock Gladys Busby Blanch Drehner Bertha Harris Inez Jaderstrum Mary Philpot Mary Miler Emmett Kauffman 1900 Lula Carr Fred Carr Dollie Webber Blanche Kennedy Edward Carr Bertha Fleck Maude (iraves Minnie Pugh Roy Dilts Eliza Marlin 1901 Flossie Graves Theodore Harris Authur McCabe Chas. Schnittker Roy Seeley Bessie Harris 1902 John Doering Inez Marlin Clyde McCabe Edna Oswalt Clarence Oberhaltzer 1903 Oliver Gordon John Pomeroy George Gordon Robert Dowell Fred Johnson Joe Harris John Berg Frances Clemmer Millie Reeb Bessie Snyder Addie Schneider Maggie Peffley Edna Bissell 1904 Bessie Brehm Mable Dowd Edith Graves Ross Lindemuth Dora Miller Mable McCabe Eurie Snook Grace Shepard Hattie Schnittker Warren Seslar Lawrence Wilson Eva Johnson 1905 Alfred Saylor Maude Harris Jessie Harris Julia Armstrong Florence Barrows 1906 Addie McCabe Olive Brehm Joseph Carr Ana Snook Hazel Chaney Nellie Cussen Jennie Carothers Florence Graces Hattie Mann Leame Hughes Ralph Carr Marie McGuire Edith Slusser Eva Powers Earl Zuber Effie Harmann Earl Reeb 1907 Jessie Champion Guy H. Deemer Julia Gowdy Clyde Gosharn Genevievea Grant Warren Howard Glenn Keifer Nellie Paulson Amy Lindemuth Fern Lacy Annie Mooney Blanch Renshaw Virgil Saylor Ehthel Seeley Oliver Shiery Fay Sunday Trixie Seslar Jeddah Webber 1908 Ray Applegate Russell Banks Ray Banks Mary Bernard Lottie Camp Eunice Derek Roxy Fell May Grant Addie Hughes Elsie Mann Claren Murphy Eulalia McGuire Ruth Saylor Ernest Pugh Earl Renshaw M and us Reeb Edna Stainfield Clara Sunday Inez Smith Carrie Wilkinson Eddie Marlin 1909 Ethel Anderson Thomas Babcock Norma Filley John Foster Harry Howard James Hurless Minnie Knapp Freda Kiger Norman McGuire Delia Peffley Blanche Sweet Chester Hill Flossie Johnson Hazel Stainfield Marie Sunday Guy Smith Harry Shimer Jennie Rose 1910 Gertrude Banks Evandcr Barrows Ruth Carr Dessolee Chester Earl Chester Adeline Chester Paul Cussen Carl Dysinger Hazel Foster Flossie Hughes Delia Mangus Blanch Rose Hazel Reeb Clara Smith Guy Schultz Henry Seslar Tom Zuber Elizabeth Brattain 1911 No Graduates 1912 Ray Chester Addie Lindemuth Francis Tester Forest Fleck Eunice Snook Tom Carr Clyde Sunday Vivian Hummel Nellie Saylor John McCreery 1913 Roy Schultz John Chester Otha Fleck Earl Harris Frank Wilson Frank Smith Ruth Marlin Connie Harris Guy Jump Gladys Robinson Leo Hertel Ethel Saum 1914 Emma Foster Helen Cummings Marie Derek Phoebe Smith Ruth Nelson Ruth Sunday Ruth Wallace Jeamme Yager Roy Hughes Gerald Hummel Bridgid Slattery Nora Smith 1915 Mabel Champion Ralph Coplin Russell Duval Lillie Foster Eva Hutchins Hazel Jude Raymond Overman Mabel Phillips Grace Rogers Louis Schmunk Gertrude Rogers 1916 Margaret Burges Earl Babcock Cemantha Cummings Paul Chester Edith Donnell Luella Hughes Zella Mitchell Ralph Schooley Lelia Wentworth Edwin Schmunk 1917 Wilfred Bakel Lucile Doering Eli Font Bonnie Foster Helen Gordon Orville Perkins Edith Reeb Alma Sackrider John Scoby Anna Slattery Glen Smith Hilary Snyder Ora Tester Lehr Wilder Ray Weilbaker 1918 Mary Bakle Cleo Burroughs Florence Derek Donald Hudson Fern Hawhtorne Alva Miller Floyd Mettert Bessie Perkins Paul Reeb Alma Saum Helen Sunday Hanna Smith GoldieTreaster Marian Zeigler 1919 Mary Cline Cecelia Cussen Francis Delong Wilbur Heiber Lester Kraft Irene Lamb Freida Murphy Merle Murphy Marguerite Mickelson Edna Peffley Melva Snyder Joshua Shaffer Glen Yager 1920 Bernice Boland Madge Dysinger Leroy Hummel Kathryn Hawks Florence Marsh Homer Miller Eudella Mettert Winifred Smith Bessie Starry 1921 Mildred Ashton Florence Carr Marguerite Duval Helen Derek Goldie Ewing Paul Luce George Miller Irene Phillips Bessie Place Thelma Schooley Vesta Swisher Hazel Stiner Neola Snyder Leutta Shaffer Mildred Wentworth Thelma Wallace Margaret Yeagle Myrthle Zuber 1922 Louvisa Dunderman Zona Daniels Herbert Gordon Madge Graves Mable Hallock Chester Hawkins Dale Johnson Devota Johnson Donald Hughes Donovan McCreery Florence Murphy Dorthea Phillips Vanda Schultz Ray Schilb Roily Schuler Rheba Seeley Howard Wentworth 1923 Mark Bickard Roy Clinton Lucile Carr Daniel Cussen Harold Cussen Gale Dundermar Harriet Harris Thelma Hallock Ruth Kraft Beulah Kraft Maria Klender Helen Keating Robert Lichty Phyllis Murphy Marie Parker Gear-Id Schooley Dale Swann Carleton Snook Aimery Tracy Rama Zeigler 1924 Galen Merchant Ada Clinton Jesse W. Champion Wendell Coddington Harold Fisher Dale Ehrhart Mary Hawver Daisy Lilly Mary Moore Russell Mettert Luther Reeb Walter Schmunk Nathan Snyder Dollie Stiner Caroline Snook Robert Schilb 1925 Eleanor R. Armstron Richard Ashton Janette Adcock Mayme Ilo Burgess Gladys Boylan Kenneth Boland Mary D. Cottrell Mary Cussen 162 «Alumni Harry Carr Nettie Enderle Lillian Ewing Hazel Ehrhart Eula Janette Graves Freddie Gordon Kenneth Johnson Zenas Paul Hart Frances L. Jailor George Jackson Eva L. Jackson Fern Hughes Frances Hudson Wendell L. Harris Juanita Longberry Orlo H. Kohn Walter Kneubuhler Elsie Keating Charley A. Stiner Roma Sexton Margaret Zuber Oil ie Zedaker Bernadine Kennedy Fred Ellsworth 1926 Leonard Can- Harold Clark Robert Hart Anna Jailor Bernice Jordon Bertha Hemenover Dale Hobeck Mildred Hummell John Longberry Violet Knight Arthur Koehlinger Harriette Miller Ila Rosendaul Alta Rupert Gladys Reb Robert Sunday Joseph Zuber 1927 George Bakle Ralph Johnson Perry McCreery Leroy Swing Robert P. Zeigler Arietta Carr Carolyn Derek Florence Donat Mary Alyce Gordon Vera Helsel Evah Helen Hopkins Dora Mae Knight Grace Luce Jessie Schilb Mabel Whitmen 1928 Ralph Armstrong La Von Carr Cloide Ehrhart Dwight Kohn Harry Sunday Galen Carr Olive Chaney Manetta Coddington Noela Cottrell Margaret Koehlinger Carrie D. Mapes Florence Mattingly Elizabeth McCalla Grace Schmunk Ersa Thomas Zeletta Waters Wendell Ehrhart 1929 Arlie Donnell Bernard Daeger Rolland Hart Virgil Wilson Merlin Luce Anna Louise Bakle Vera Breininger Nellie Ellsworth Mary Foster Ruth Knapp Maxine Matzen Mildred McLaughlin Garnet Phillips Elizabeth Road Pansie Willet Mable Quaint ance Alice Zedaker Anna Mae Zuber 1930 Harriet Armstrong Dorothy Zuber Wayne Bernard Melvin Billman Lazelle Boyce Goldie Boland Helen J. Boesch Harold Bissell Addie Cromley Margie Catten Reigna Dunderman Leonard Erter Edwin Gordon Ivan Gordon Iona Gordon Wayne Jump Irene Hooker Raymond Jailor Gertrude Hopkins Mabel Keating Nileen Murphy Lucille Matzen Luella Martin Clarence Quisno, Jr. Dale Reeb Wendell Savage Nellie Reed Inez Snook Bessie Shaffer Isabelle Sunday Rena Tracy Lillian Wentworth Bessie Wilson Dorothy Woodcox Bessie Donat 1931 Gerald Hawkins Gordon Armstrong Joseph Barker Mary E. Barker Doris Boyce Eleanor Cussen Ruth Eckenhroad Harry Erter Everett Fisher Durward Friend Charles Gusler Harold Gustin Ruth Hart Dorthy Heisel John Hertel Lucille M. Horn Joseph Hummel Wilbur Langham Eileen Preston Esther Rice Lucile Sargent MaudieSims Dorcy W. Waters Doris Wilson Dorthy Wilson Philip Fisher 1932 Rose Bissell Zella Bissell Louis Jane Boesch Pauline Brown Miriam Crafts Ethel V. Cromley Gordon Erter Willard Ewing Doris Gordon Ohleen Hargrave Henry Harrmann Caroline Hertel Elizabeth Horn Karl C. Koehlinger Charles Kelly Lelah Laisure Robert McLaughlin Roy Miller Edith Monroe Lucile Overmeyer Clayton Preston Gladys Schaffer Harry Stiner Curtis Swann Thomas Torkelson Leonard L. Vail Raymond Schmunk 1933 Elmer DeLong Rolland Fisher Francis Gordon John McCreery Wendell Mettert Robert Murphy Raymond Pugh Robert Rhoad Ronald Savage Andrew Schilb Thomas Schilb Gerald Schaffer Max Smith Don Sudlow Thelma Burgess Maxine Carr Mildred Daeger Audrey Fisher Emma Gordon Grace Gordon Ruth Harris Iva Hartsock Helen Hawkins Virginia Helsel Alice Hopkins Thelma Johnson Mary Jane Long Mabel McLaughlin Marie Meyer Lucille Miller Bertha Mae Quaintance lith Buelah Stiles Janet Sunday Florence West Ruth Young Estille Zuber Isabelle Hopkins Paul Thompson Audrey Anna Sn 1934 Virgil Avery Ruth Biderwell Rex Billman Richard Brandenburg Iris Cromley Nora Belle Donnell Marian Eckenrhoad Bob Ely Leland Fisher Russell Foster Robert Friend Mary Maxine Gloor Don Gordon Harold Langham Elma Morhart Basil Murphy Martha McCreery Ernest Neely Melvin Parker Gerald Putman John Reeb Doris Ruger Bernard Seslar Joseph Shaffer Faye Sims Kenneth Smitley Junior Snook Daniel Taylor Ora Taylor Mark Tracy Eiliene Wholf May Munday Wendell Reeb Ora Cattin 1935 Dora Ashbaugh Robert Boesh Charlotte Booth Esther Boyland Margaret Caine Lyle Carr Paul Chester Don Curtis Helen Curtis Robert DeLong Vivienne Hargrave Don Harris Alta Hawkins Ruth Hill Harry Hitzeman Raymond Klender Ronald Longberry Martha McCalla Robert McCleery Helen Major Treve Miller Arthur Monroe Helen Murphy Harold Osborne Dale Parrett Madeline Reeb Mary Sims Phyllis Stevenson Doris Tracy Esther Watson Harold Rice Harry Gordon 1936 Glen Kennedy John Bissell Doris M. Boesch Rama Carr Robert Carr Marie Christo Rebecca Cole Elaine Doctor Alice Erter Mary Evans Marshall Fields Alta Fisher Willard Friend Wanda June Gloor June Hartman Eli Knapp Lloyd Long Ruth Major Margaret Mattingly Clara Meyer Clarence Meyer Opal Miller Irma Miller Edward Parrett Wilma Preston Richard Reeb Ruth Rice Max Seslar Budd Smith Paul Smith Lucile Taylor Kathryn Trembley Margaret Webber Ronald Woodring Lucile Smithev Lee Hook 1937 Robert Armstrong Evelyn Chester Orest Cole Warren Crawford Charles Dangler Alvin Fett Wayne Fleck Ruth Gordon Dorothy Harris Helen Hartman Doris Jump Gerald Kemerer Joe Mattingly Donald Miller Howard Monroe Louis Morhart John Putman Richard Rhoad Evelyn Seslar Ruth Smith Maxine Stevenson Virgil Stevenson Lloyd Young Orville Zuber Helen Hitzeman Leota Stanger 1938 Archillous Arnold Maxine Beiderwell Roy Bissell George Bitler Betty Boyce Juanita Chester Gwendolyn Clevenger Lawrence Cromley Robert Dangler June Donat Evelyn Doub Betty Friend Rex Gloor Herman Gordon Rosetta Gysinger Robert Hartman Basil Hertel Fred Hertel Anna Belle Hook Smantha Johnson Jane Long Letha Marhart Leah Neidhardt Robert Quisno Geraldine Savage Ivan Smith Mildred Taggart Elouise Webber Wilford Hartman 1939 Phyllis Bissell Warren Bissell Catherine Bitler Doris Bruckart Richard Carr Cleston Chester Jess Carr Pauline Clevenger Ivan Cottrell Kathryn Cottrell Richard Crosby Dorothy Deager Marjory Evans Rolland Fisher Dorothy Gordon Helen Gordon Pauline Hargraves Carroll Harris Rex Hopkins Helen Hughes Robert Kemerer Mary Kennedy George Magdich Bert Major, Jr. Catherine Mattingly Edward McCreery Lavon Miller Eileen Powell Max Putman Wayne Shuherk Marian Stevenson Vivian Stevenson Dorothy Tobalt Bonnie Wilson Jack Yager 1940 Daniel Anderson Fairv Boesch William Caine Kathern Chiles Norman Culler Robert Culler Cleatus DeLong Dorothy Donat Max Doub Donald Enderle Inez Fett Alumni 163 Budd Friend Phyllis Gysinger Caroline Harris George Hartman Almeda Howard Betty Lanes- Fern Matzen Marion McCreery Ruth Parrett Majory Putman Dorothy Quaintance EuniceRhoad Cecil Stuart Denzil Webber Forest Weller Louise Thomas 1941 Marv Beile Biderwell Belle Bissell Floyd Bitler Clarice Caine RuthCarr Robert Chiles Dale Cotterman Thurman Culler Paul Deemer Arnold Detman Delores Enderle Raymond Ewing Vivian Gorden Evelyn Green Phyllis Gustin Homer Hargrave Mildred Helsel Eleanor Howard Kathryn Keating Doris Machir •loe Magdich Manuel Shuherk Gertrude Shuler •lane Slattery Marie Slusher Dorothy Smith Jaxqueiine Snyder Budd Swann Lowell Weller Robert Wholf Ruth Wilson Doris Yager 1942 Lois Ann Anderson LeliaBainbridge LaVonne Bissell Virginia May Bissell Ruth Brubaker Iona Sue Booth Betty Carr Yvonne Chester Eilleen Culler Francie Drexler Donald Edens Carol W. Gatton Louis Gorman Norma Jean Gordon Robert Hemrick Stanley Jordan Eloise Langham Thomas Marlin Bettv McCalla Wilbur H. Miller Darl Minnig Wanda MOutland Phyllis Overmeyer Ola M. Richardson Noah C. Slusher Glenne Stevenson James W. Taggart Robert Tavlor Helen Zuber Wanda Nelson Estel Kauffman 1943 Jack Bickhard Jack Marvin Carr Nyota Clevenger Carol Cottrell I Ions ( ' owell Betty Lou Curtis Alfred Daeger Glenn Detman Max Donat Mabel Ann Foreman Glenn Bryan Foust Edith Luree Gordon Ruth Hartman Phoebe Ruth Helsel Ruby Hopkins John Howard Donna Jones Kenneth Klender Rae Ree Major Irene Meyer Dora Miller Harold Overmeyer Hazel Parrett Eula Powell Donald Rhoad Helen Schmunk Ethelyn Stuart Iva Stuart Nellie Thomas Ravmond Thomas John White Bettv Jean Wilson Pauline Powell 1944 Patricia Bakle Lvnn Bickhard Donald Cottrell Estel Cottrell Leitha Culler Mary DeLong Marv Lou Derek Janet Friend Donna Gaisford Eugene Handy Irvin Hughes Marilyn Jump Robert Laisure Cara Lou Lichtv Joan Long Kathleen Ludwig Henry V. McCalla Ellen Miller Do . (K Patricia Snyder Ronald Sprunger Margaret Swann Helen Terrill Pauline Tracy 1945 Shirley Anderson Paul Bissell Marjorie Ream Louis Bruckhart Evelvn Culler Kenneth Donnell Edith Fisher George Forrest Merium Gever Ruth Heckman Belvetta Jordan Paul Klender Bonnie Mettert Paul Meyer Ruby Miller Louis Quaintance Rita Reynolds Dick Schmunk Marcile Slusher Grace Smith Jack Tracy Alice Winters Dorothy Witt Kenneth Zuber 1946 Patricia Arnold Florice Clevenger Doris Clevenger Richard Cottrell Jane Cowell Helen Culler Duane Gordan Wayne Gordan Barbara Hallock Catherine Hemenover Ola Horn Gene Hughes Polly Jones Myron Lichtv Winfield Lero Jean Major Rav Mann LaVern Mees Charles G. Noll Alice Rogers Sibyl Snyder Dons Thomas Jim Vail Ed Shuherk Richard Smith Richard Clevenger 1947 -loan Armstrong Alice Bell Max Billman Oval Dix Sheila Ehrhart Doris Helsel Bettv Hill Dorothy Hett rick Grant Leaman LeRoy Majores Mary Meyer Thomas Minnig Lee Overmeyer Barbara Reeb Barbara Ann Rhoad Phyllis Ramseier Paul Richard Schilb Donna Strart Max Woodcox Betty Zuber William Jones 1948 Raymond Bender Florence Birhkold Edgar Brown Wanda Carr Katherine Cottrell George Deisler Richard Hemenover Rae Hopkins Winifred Levin Francis Linder Janice Major William Malott Marcell McMichael Consuelo Mendez Fred Shaffer Paul Mielke Berdena Bell Mohr Carol Sacrider Marjorie Shortgen Marilyn Wilson Namomi Zuber Donald Stuart Robert Schilb Robert Meyer 1949 Arlene Clinton Stanley Coplin Thomas Cottrell Wanda Drexler Richard Foley Richard Friend Joanne Hawkins James Johnson Marianne Marlin Mary Lou Meyer Carey Miller Betty Murphy Barbara Quisno Clarice Reeb Dorothy Schmunk Thomas Schmunk James Sidenbender Louis Snyder Esther Shuherk Herbert Stevenson Etta Belle Stuart Phyllis Trutwin 1950 Barbara Begley Bernadyne Begley Clarice Bell Hollis Bissell Edward Oline Harry Cottrell Hazel Fett Ted Garmyn Mary Jane Gilbert Doris Gruber Joan Hemenover Grace Jordan Marceyle Mees Richard Mielke Joseph Ouellette Betty Overmeyer James Quaintance Doroles Quisno John Rogers Jack Ruger Delores Ryan David Shafer Jean Thomas Jane Trutwin William Wetli Thomas Cottrell 1951 Richard Armstrong Jack Beck Thresa Bradley Stanley Carr Dorothy Cottrell Marceliene Elliott Ruth Mary Hallock Jean Hawkins Jack Hughes Elizabeth Littlejohn George Major Harold Martin Basil Meyer Philip Meyer Charles Mobley Kenneth Pugh James Schmunk Robert Seslar Gale Snyder Martha Snyder William Stevenson Margaret Terwilleger Jacquelyn Weible Jack Thomas George Underwood Phyllis Vail Richard Bell 1952 James Battershell Barbara Brown Wayne Carr Maxine Copsey Paul Culler James Friend Marjo Ruble Jordan John A. Meyer John J. Meyer Joseph A. Meyer Virgil Meyer Sandra Mickelson Robert Nighswander Rex Overmeyer John Pot h, Jr. William Quaintance Donna Quisno Ruth Quisno Maurice Reeb Maxine Reinhart Shirley Ryan Rex Savage Glen Snyder Violet Stevenson Ellen Stuart June Vail Latitia Wetli Richard Zuber 1953 Norma Bickhard Jeanne Coplin Marjorie Dunderman Rheeta Ehrhart Betty Griggs Arleta Littlejohn Barbara Meyer Rama Meyer Shirley Oullette Mary Jo Putman Coleen Shaffer Shirley Temple Jean Walkenstine Mary Watson Marilyn Witt Jerry Derek Floyd Franklin Leland Hobeck Donald Martin Louis Rex Robert Rister Robert Savage Frank Leinard 1954 Roma Bissell Richard Cline Norma Clinton Russell Coon Wayne Copsey Jay Cottrell Ruth Derek Jerry Getrost RuthHahn Larry Hawkins Don Kleinhen Beverly Kraly Richard Lucas Jim McCurdy Joan Meyer Terrill Mobley Kenneth Reinhart Eunice Rister Jim Savage Lennis Saylor Jane Schilb Donna Smith Lynn Savage Rex Carr Juanita Stuart Catherine Temple Harry Terwillegarr Dorthy Underwood Donna Webb Gerald Wirick Joan Zuber Jean Hart 1955 Donna Brooks Marlene Coles Howard Cottrell Ann Derek Kathleen Derek Shirley Dix James Donnell Ernie Focht Vaughn Franklin Leola Gruber Donna Martin Patsy McCalla James Mees John Miller Carolyn Mobley Bob Overmeyer William Parrett Teresa Reynolds Michael Ryan Nancy Schoenike Ed Snyder Harold Wann Peggy Worrick James Weill Thomas L. Zuber Joanne Oberhaus 1956 Grace Bromogen Mary Brown Dora Campbell 164 Alumni Larry Joe Vail Peggy Williams Francis Winn 1960 Jerry Balser Neva Barker Robert Boesch Sue Bromagen Franklin Campbell Lee Carr Delores Coon Linda Cottrell Steve Derek Joyce Donat Robert Dunderman Harl Fisher John Foster Eva Friend Karen Heckleman Dick Horney Paul Howard Laurenda Hunt Kelly Knuckles Carrie Kosch Mary Ann Lucas Mary McCalla Donald Mabis Kathleen Mavis Winfield Meek Sam Mees Regina Meyer Virginia Meyer Larry Miller Terry Monroe Jerry Neely Sharon Rhoad Barbara Savage Mary Schooley Karen Seslar Dennis Shuherk Patricia Smith Jay Snook Diane Stumphy Mary Sukup Robert Swann Marcia Temple Kelly Tracy Nancy Wannemacher 1961 Judy Carr Sharon Can- Sue Champion Gene Coon Alvin Copsey Monty Cornell James DeLarvelle Jean Derek Mary Doctor Michael Duffey Ann Elston Joan Ely Larry Franklin Etta Gaisford Kenneth Hahn Robert Harrmann Janice Hoover Martin Hunt Brenda Hutchins Sam Jailor Linda Klender Tony Langham Carole Leinard Andrew Lichty Dale McAlexander Eleanor Mendez Karl Mielke Colleen Murphy Verlaine Pollock Charmaine Reeb David Reece Marilyn Reinhart Michael Seslar Thomas Seslar Ellouise Taylor Marilyn Toomey Carrie Wells Linda Williams Michael Zedaker Richard Zimmerman 1962 Joe Barker Jerry Berryhill Byron Bolton Jim Cline Rex Clinton Judy Davis Beverly Foreman Ray Friend Virginia Hahn Betty Hormann Tedd Humbarger Susan Howard Larry Ladd Dennis Lucas Harry Maraschky Jim Meyers Jerry Overmyer Judy Reeb Jan Rhinehart Sondra Rhoad Larrv Ryan Julene Seslar Don Smith Rita Snyder Patsy Sukup Terri Terrill Jim Williams Joe Rogers Linda Powell 1963 Penny Banks Maureen Barlow Richard Bauer Allan Bowers Kay Bromagen Lyle Carr David Cline Robert Cottrell Fritz Ehrhart John Gaisford Jay Gibson Jane Koehlinger Judith Lopshire Lucinda Marsh Michael McCalla Marilyn Murphy Thomas Reinhart David Robbins Michael Sanders Robert Schoenike Karen Sharpe Barbara Snook Royce Snyder Larry Sunday Ann Woods Patrick Yochum 1964 Steve Anderson Harold Babcock Sandra Boger James Bowers Jo Bromagem Roberta Bunn Rita Bute Roberta Bute Carol Delong Anita Foust Raymond Gillespie Ka ' therine Hahn Nichola Hitzeman Larry Jump Susan Lambert Rodney Lucas Jim McMichael Paula Meek Sharyl Morn- Neil Monroe Bruce Neely Floyd Ramsier Vernon Reeb Susann Rhoad Terry Richards William Ross Robert Ryan Marilyn Seslar Nathan Snyder Judith Stumphy Ralph Gordon Taylor Sandra Temple James Weatherhead Charles West Rex Whetstone Judith Zimmerman Larry Zuber 1965 Diane Beregsazi Neil Bickhard Phyllis Bunn Richard G. Carr OrvilleE. Copsey Barry Deemer Sheila M. Delong Leslie L. Detmon Beth A. Deventer NicanorDiaz, Jr. Laurel L. Donat Sharold Ehrhart James A. Farnsworth Larry R. Friend Carol A. Handy Joyce E. Hoover Kirk L. Hopkins Larry G. Hormann Keith A. Kadesch Michael D. Kemerer Linda Korpal Rolland Laisure Suzanne Langham Diana Lockhart James M. Longwell Cheryl M. Marsh Linda L. Martin PamelaS. Mees Raymond Mendez Steven Miller Larry S. Overmyer Andrea Panico Phyllis J. Perkins Bruce R. Putman Darrell L. Robbins Linda K.Schilb PaulR. Schilb.Jr. Dian S. Seslar Michael D. Shuherk David Sidenbender Larry Smith Mary Smith Kevin Sosbe Frank Sukup Judith Sukup Linda Sunday Michael Swann Peter Weatherhead Roy Whitcomb 1966 Michael Bailey Gene Balser Jeanette Beregszazi Lynda Berenyi Terry Bowman Randy Brooks Donald Carr Roland Clem Paige Clinton Linda Derek Maynard Fisher Gloria Franks Marsha Gerencser Greg Geyer Jerry Hazelswart Marlene Hemrick Peggy Hunt Carl Jeffery Sue Jeffery Lynn Johnson Linda Jordan Steve Jordan Karen Kadesch Gary Kemerer Hazen Kennedy Carl Klender Lawrence Koenn Alica Mccalla Judith Mckeever Dinah Mcmichael Dennis Mcnabb Marion Meyers Albert Miller Sylvia Miller Linda Murphy Phillip Nelson Kay Newby Cheryl Plum Kathy Rice Phillip Rickard Judith Rogers Randall Sharpe Diana Shock Dana Sosbe Ellen Sue Tracy Janice Weaver Mitchel Whitehouse Sharon Williams John Woodcox 1967 Mike Altic Brenda Beerbower Bob Bell Mike Bowers Don Cottrell Gegg Creiglow Barry Cromley Karen Daeger Ron Davis Jerry DeLong Nick DeLong Connie Ely Steve Farnsworth Leta Donat Melvin Fillmore Cathy Foust CliffFriend Jim Gerencser Joe Halsey Linda Heckelmann Lynn Humbarger Janet James Bob Kammeyer Marabeth Kemerer Diane Kennedy Brenda King Sandra Klender Mike Knight Shirley Korpal Devon Lehman Frank Lichty Mike Lindsey Dan Lockhart Sandra Maberson Denise Martin Carol McAlexander Jim McGlaughlin Janet Miller Sue Miller Raymond Mullen Jack Neely Joan Overmyer No I Plu Candy Pr Alumni 165 Diana Rager John Reeb Bart Seslar Doug Shuherk Cheryl Smallev Brenda Strode Eleanor Taylor Joe Thompson Russell Thrusher Ruth Underwood Jim Vail Jim Walker Mike YVeatherhead Kathleen Wiesehan Lee Zuber 1968 David Adams Gloria Adkins Connie Bell Andy Berenyi Donrita Clevinger Ken Cline Keith Cromlev Darlene Culler Dave Daeger Allen Deemer Cathy Deisler Florence Delong John Derek Sheila Dill Ronald Farnsworth David Feasby Cindy Geyer Linda Glass Cathy Gordon Lee Gordon Len Gordon Brenda Green Hearold Hahn Ava Handy Julie Hughes Cindy Hutchins Kathleen Hullinger Gale Jordan Judy Jordan Anita Klender Connie Klender Carolyn Knight Marolyn Knight Margaret Koenn Dan Major Tom McAlexander Mary Ann Mendez Devonna Mullens Pam Nern Ronda Osmun Jan Plum Dennis Pugh Connie Proxmire Linda Reeb Rick Rickard Ron Riggers Kathleen Ross Janese Schilb Jack Schlatter Sandy Shull Joe Sigg Ron Smith Ruth Snyder Diana Stevenson Ken Underwood Kevin West Robin Wyckoff Terry Zartman Charles Zuber 1969 Melvina Adkins Steve Altic Jolene Atchley Earl Beatty Mary Beatty James Beerbower Dennis Begley Janice Bell Carl Beregszazi Lyle Bickhard Dean Boger Linda Bowers Frank Can- Dave Cottrell Carolyn Culler Betty Dahling Jack DeLong Cindy Derek Linda Devore Karla Ehrhart Maria Ehrhart Donald Farnsworth Lorraine Friend Sam Friend Mike Glass Debra Gordon David Grimes Ray Gross Janice Hammond Harry Harrmann Joan Haver Deborah Hicov Charlotte Hinsch Karlann Hopkins Louise Hughes Kathv Hunt Cathy Huss Diana James Judith Jeffery Bill Jordan James Kadesch Harold Kemerer Olen McMichael Janet Major Ronald Miller Susan Murphy Keith Nern James Panico Stenen Provines Leslie Ryan Benjamin Schlatter Deborah Schlegel Elaine Smallev David Smith Elaine Smith Donald Stevenson Michael Vail Jack Walker Martha Walker Judy Wannemacher Gene Wiesehan Keith Wiesehan Tom Wilhelm Benjamin Wyckoff 1970 Deborah Adams Deborah Kay Adams Janice Altic Sandra Banks Tim Barker Teira Bechtol Janice Begley Alyn Bickhard Sheila Bowman Gail Clinton Marty Cottrell VickiCromley Anne Deemer Connie Deisler Georgia Deisler Jon Delong Lana Delong Edmond Demongeot Ramona Detmon Deborah Dill Stevn Feasby Sue Friend Delores Gill Robert Goeltzenleuchter Sam Gordon Robert Hart Michelle Hertel Randall Hughes Richard Hullinger David Hunt William Johnson Roland Kennedy Tom King Lois Klender Danny Koenn Danny Kraly David Leaman Jack Lichty Ricky Mabis Jack Major Patricia McAlexander David McCalla Amelia Mendez Karen Miller Sheryl Miller Cheryl Mundy Patricia Nelson Rose Ouellette Charles Peffley Lenda Proxmire Gregory Pugh Karen Rager Neil Ramsier Jerald Reeb Penny Reeb William Rice Deborah Rohrs Jan Ross Partick Ryan Philip Schaffner Andrew Schilb Richard Schlatter Beth Shuherk Keith Shipman Richard Shull Vicki Sidenbender Michael Sigg Jo Ellen Smallev Carol Smith Jeanine Springer Shannon Swann Roger Temple KathyVail Patricia Weaver 1971 Marilyn Adkins Larry Atchley Margaret Beatty Luanna Bechtol David Beerbower Lou Ann Begley Angela Billman Paula Bissell Burleigh Bittinger Douglas Champion Dennis Clem Rebecca Collier Patricia Colwell Judy Coughlin Lonna Crabill Robert Crain Lawrence Culler Michael Culler Sandra Cully Bruce Daeger Judith DeLong Lance Donat Sandra Doster Lyle Fillmore Bill Friend Donna Friend George Gordon Randy Green Sharon Gross Joyce Hammond Marcia Handy Marilyn Hemrick Lynette Hughes Lesa Hunt Jill Jeffery Barbara Kemerer Gary Knuckles Ronda Kreager Mark Lero Daniel Lichty Rick Lothamer Barbara McCalla Linda Meyers Bradley Miller David Miller Edward Miller Mark Miller Susan Miller Charles Mobley Diana Nahrwald Jayme Miller Suzanne Overmyer Mark Osborn Richard Parrish Dave Pfost Stephen Peters Larry Quisno Trudy Rath Kathy Reeb Joseph Rogers Marlene Schlatter James Schmunk Dennis Secrist Carol Shuherk Tonas Sigg Marsha Smith Richard Stiffens Jonne Stout Mary Underwood Jane Wannemacher Christine Wiesehan Jerry Zielke Linda Zuber Max Zuber 1972 Christopher Altic Kathy Atchley Max Begley Alice Bender Pam Billman Pam Crabill Robert Cross Deborah Coughlin Dixie Cromley Janice Daeger Gary Demongeot John Devore Dwight Doctor Terry Foust Janice Geyer Christal Carr Debra Goeltzenleuchter Linda Gordon Denise Gross Gary Gross C.W.Harper James Hertel Raymond Hertel Dale Hicov Gary Horney Patricia Hughes Walter James Sue Howe Dana Hullinger Edward Jones James Jones Marilyn King Martha Koenn Joe Kemerer Judith Klender Mary Jo Kraly Susan Le Rex Lichty Steven Lothamer Kevin Lucas Mary Marlin Laura Meglich Daniel Miller Charles McCalla Theodore Mendez Jacquelyn Miller Michael Miller Lynol Mullen Cathy Mundv Kathleen Nern Debra Nighswander Stevn Parrish Dana Price Jacquelyn Panico Eva Perillo Jeff Reeb Arthur Rhinehart Fred Rodriguez Paul Rodriguez James Rogers James Secrist Denise Shaffer Cynthia Shull Terri Sidenbender Michael Silliman Jerry Smith Michael Sprow Vicki Stiebling Lillian Strawser John Thomas Daniel Underwood Patrick Vail Billie Winhover Barbara Williams 1973 Vicki Altic David Atchley Kim Banks Randy Bell Lorie Billman Beverly Boger Tim Bowers Kevin Lottrell Mary Cross Susan Culler Kenneth Derek Julia Deventer Debra Fields Alan Franklin Pamela Friend Dean Gaisford George Geyer Edward Glass Lee Ann Goeltzenleuchter Gary Green Jody Green Ron Gross Carolyn Hammond Regina Hart Gary Haver Rena Haynes Debra Helser Sandra Hicov Linda Hoste Greg Hughes Suzanne Jackson Ken Knapp Kathleen Koch Madonna Koenn Janice Kraly Billy Lawson Mary Leinard James B. Lichty James Lee Lichty Tylene Sue Mabis Thomas Major Larry McCalla Larry McMichael Merry Meglich Patricia Miller David Nighswander Johanna Orthman Steven Ouellette Steve Peters Betty Pfost Sandra Proxmire Tyrone Rister Ellen Rodriguez Lelah Roehrig Debra Rogers Michael Rohrs Dema Saxton Gary Schmunk Susan Secrist Renee Shidler Stephanie Shipman Rhetta Shock James Shull Mary Silliman Julie Slusher Sandra Smalley Gregory Smith Terry Sosbe Douglas Stevenson Paul Trzynka Mark Walker Cheryl Wiesehan Joyce Witherspoon 166 •Alumni Connie Woodcox 1974 Dick Adams Cindy Bell Julius Beregszazi Joni Hi 11 man Rob Bowers Deb Champion Darrell Cottrell Tonya Cottrell Gloria Cozadd Roberta Culler Ollie Davenport Gina DeLong Rodney DeLong Terri DeVore Larry Dunderman Coni Elders Becky Foster Greg Franklin Deborah Friend Doug Fulmer Chris Gerencser Jerald Geyer Howard Gill Denise Gordon Lars Grandahl Marsha Gross Linda Handy Liela Herber Ann Hertel Bruce Hosteller Steve Hudson Bill Hunt Jan Jeffrey Dan Jones Vicke Lynn Jones Deb Keating Leesa Kemerer Glen Knapp Cheryl Kryder Jim Leslie Nancy Lichty Mark Lucas Jeannie Martin Dave McCalla Pat Meador Dave Mendez Steve Meyer Cheryl Mobley Victoria Mosier Dave Murphy Jeff Panico Stephanie Peters Dennis Rager Tom Roberts Rita Rodriguez Jim Rogers Wendy Schaffner Kim Schaefer Kathy Schmunk Carol Scott MarcShuherk Mark Shull Sharon SilHman Mark Slight Joe Smalley Dan Snyder Keith Stiebling Jeff Stout Debra Stout Royce Underwood Susan Vail Ann Villeraous Linda Walker Alan Wiesehan Dean Wilson Bill Zartman Eileen Zuber 1975 Tina Altic Steve Bechtol Tony Billman Jack Boroff Beth Bowers Deb Bradley Anita Brooks Jerry Caperton Steve Carr Dennis Cottrell Maurice Cottrell Diane Culler Dave Dunderman Pam Elders Judy Elliott Bill Fish Dave Friend Randy Getrost Nancy Green David Hand Pat Hart Carol Haver Kenneth Herber Sherri Hicov Gary Hughes Mike Jones Cheryl Klender Lauri Kraly Rick Laney Rick Light Randy Lorentz Tim Lothamer Steve Marlin John McAlexander Tony McCalla Teresa McDorman Rev a Meyer Susan Meyer Gail Miller Larry Miller Pam Nighswander Connie Orthaman Ron Parrish Robin Parsons Mitch Plum Rolan Rister Mona Rodriguez Pam Rogers Kim Savage Uwe Scheuermann Lyle Schlegel Tammy Shaffer Vanice Shidler Dan Sigg Kevin Smith Keith Springer Lynn Stevens Dana Stevenson Mike Stewart Linda Trzynka Sally Vail Norman Watkins Cindy Wendt Bob Winhover Dorothy Wood Vicki Woodcox 1976 Mark D. Altie Tim A. Ankney Dennis Banks Kristina V. Bazali Sharon K. Beatty Alex Bender Russell K. Billman Jacki Brooks Kristy Brown Elaine Carr Kim LeeChehi Laurie Cottrell James M. Coughlin Kathy Cross Paul J. Doeter Luann Donat Cynthia Dunderman Patricia Dunderman Richard Eblen Jr. Keith F. Fillmore Julaine M. Foster Steven D. Franklin Harry J. Friend Mark S. Friend Janet Gaisford Dale W. Gallup Larry L. Garenscer Daniel Gordon Elaine Hammond Michael E. Herber Sandra Hudson Jacqueline Jackson Linda Jones Barb Kinney Kathy Knapp Cynthia Kreager Rodney D. Kreager David L. Krohn Michael Krutsch Deborah S. Kurtz Ronald E. Lambert David J. Lucas Steven Major Anthony Marlin Theresa Mattern Dale M. McDorman Dennis McMichael Sandra Meador Jan Elaine Meyer Timothy Meyer Diego Naranjo Robin Nern Paul R. Newbauer Mark Noll Randall Ott Kenneth Perrish Jan Perry Julie A. Reed Nanci Coil Martha R. Roberts Tim P. Roehrig Jerome E. M. Schomburg Patricia Schomburg Patsy L. Scott Drew Lloyd Shearer David Silliman Pamela Sue Slight Mike F. Smith William Smith Doug L. Snyder Sheryl Snyder Stanley Spryn III Patrick W. Stewart Penny Stiltner Victoria R. Terwilleger Stanley Underwood Sharon L. Van Cleve Cindy Walters Steve A. Wetil Paulette Witherspoon Kathy Zartman Ed D. Zuber 1977 James Brian Baker Steven P. Beerbower Joseph S. Beregszazi David Earl Boroff Cynthia Kay Bradford Richard Allen Brooks Carla C. Camahan Edward J. Carnahan Gwendla Sue Carnahan Gary Ray Cottrell Joseph L. Crabill Donna Lee Culler Ronald F. Davidson Mary Louise DeLong Gary J. Derek Lorrie L. Donnell Elaine Marie Dunderman Gayle Patricia Eblen Tim Joseph Fannin Cynthia Kay Feasby Mark Wayne Figert Kim Yvonne Fisher Mitchell Fisher Steven L. Foust Melinda Kay Franklin Pamela Sue Friend Sherri L. Glassey Joan Kay Gordon Tony L.Green Sandra Kay Hemrick Debra Kaye Holley Nancy Ann Hoste Tom Alan Hostetler Brenda JoAnn Hubert Vince Jeffery Hugh es Rebecca Jean Hunt Tim A. Jackson Gary Dean Laney Bonnie Sue Leaman Karen Renae Lee Richard A. Leslie Louie Anthony Labayen y Lopez Rolene Rae Mabis Donna Irene McCalla Jane Marie McCalla Melissa E. McKeever John R. Meglich Christine Ann Meyer Christine Kay Meyer Randall Joseph Meyer David Duane Miller Nanette Elaine Miller Ronald Lynn Miller Lana Jean Moore Susan Marie Mosier Catherine Nighswander David R. Plumb Daniel J. Reinhart Andrew J. Rister Hector Rodriguez Linda Jo Rodriguez Timothy Paul Roehrig Christine M. Sample Kent Russell Savage Lisa L. Savage Stephen M. Schaefer Thomas Kevin Schmunk John H. Schweinsberg Randy Lynn Shaffer Cindy Lee Shuherk Lynn Slattery Judy A. (Smalley) Billman Robert Max Smith Mary Sue Spryn Kimberly Ann Stewart Kevin Ray Ta ylor Philip M. Trzynka Deborah Lynn Williamson Richard Earl Wheeler 1978 Adkins, Melvin Altic, Jeff Billman, Lisa Bissell, Mark Blalock, Debra Boesch, James Bowers, Doug Brown, Jennifer Butyok, Tom Caperton, Rose Crawford, David Cruz, Alex Daeger, Steve DeLong, Barry Doster, Crisann Dunderman, Randy Dunderman, Darla Elliott, Debra Feasby, Mark Figert, Scott Fish, Dennis Franklin, Kathy Gibson, Tim Grimes, Tonya Hammond, Donna Herber, Bob Hill, David Hughes, Kevin Jeffery, Jack Johnson, Russell Kammeyer, Sue Keiser, James Kemerer, Tom Kennedy, Janese Kutzli, Greg Larimore, Mike Lloyd, Elizabeth Lucas, Scott MacDonnald, Sherri Marlin, Phillip Meador, Donna Meyer, Brenda Meyer, Martha Mickelson, Tammy Miller, Beth Nighswander, Carol Noll.Cherri Parrott, Lynne Perry, Jay Pugh, Dawn Reed, Deidra Reinhart, Denise Reinhart, Lori Ris, Ursula Roberts, Janet Rodriguez, James Rogers, Paula Savage, Craig Shaffer, Donald Slight, Tim Slusher, Linda Snyder, David Snyder, Sharolotte Springer, Mike Sprow, Penny Stevenson, Keith Sukup, Linda Thomas, Tina Underwood, Betty Van Cleve, Carol VanCleve, Rick Walter, Chris Wetli, Dan Wiesehan, Frank Williamson, Randy Woodcox, Julie Woodcox, Brian Wolfe, Linda Zartman, Mark Zielke, John Zielki, Nancy 1979 Shawn Altic Julie Atchley Darla Baker Beth Banks Marian Bazali Penny Bell Darrell Bender Joseph Biddle Tim Bigger Judy Billman Thomas Boesch Shawn Brooks Donna Bn Tammy Bn Kimm Carnahan Bev Can- Shelby Cottrell Christina Coughlin Kenneth Cross Scott Cross Marta Kavis Diane Derek Tim Derek Michael DeVore Bebecca Dunderman Georgia Elliott Susan Franklin Jonathon Friend Nancy Friend David Gordon Marlyn Hertel Sonya Hicov Valeri Hilton Joni Kennedy Michelle Kitson Monica Koenn Tammy Laney Greg Logsdon Julie Lucas Tom MacDonald Nancy McAlexander Rebecca McCague Nick Mendez Linda Meyer Kathleen Mobley Susan Parrett Shelly Peters Shelia Proxmire Alumni • 167 Jerry Reeb Ronald Reece John Reid Mark Reid Jeffrey Rhonehouse Cindy Richhart Tammy Richart Bruce Rister Time Roberts Patty Rogers Kim Ross Jeff Schweinsberg Judy Shaffer Vicki Shanner Robin Shipman Jeff Smith Terry Stout Stacy ' Sweet Melynda Tadsen Tammy Taylor Valerie Terwilleger Mary Trzynka Peter Vail Tom Wiedman Mike Wilhelm Pam Wolfe William Woodring Rickv Zuber 1980 Steven Adkins Pamela Bates Mona Begley Elizabeth Blalock Dennis Boecker Christopher Boesch Lisa Bowers Selena Nickols Scott Bradford Lisa Butyok Kevin Carr Dennis Coughlin Jeffrey Crabill Ruth Culler Lisa Derek Greg Donnell Chuck Dunderman Jacqueline Dunderman Vanessa Dunderman George Folkner Jr. Jill Friend Deborah Gallup Peter Glassey Rick Grimes Shawna Hale Laura Hammond Pamela Herber Tameria Herber Valerie Hilton Kim Holley Kent Hughes Kenneth Hughes Melissa Hunt John Jackson Leonard Jackson Dale Jividen Michael Johnson Donald Jones John Jones Lori Jordan Jeanie Kinney Frederick Koch Jan Kreager Mary Krutsch Mark Larimore Randolph Lee Cynthia Litzenberg Twila Mabis Ann Marlin Janis McCalla Jeffrey McCague Beth McGuire Melody Mendez Elizabeth Meyer Cynthia Meyer Valerie Miller Suzanne Mobley John Murlin Brenda Nighswander Rhonda Ott Johnathon Peffley David Pendergrast Brian Phillips Brad Proxmire Tomothy Reid Kimberly Reinhart Mary Reinhart Norman Rister Jovce Rodriquez Sheryl Roth Laura Schaefer Jennifer Schilb Christine Schmunk Chuck Schroeder Penny Schuchart Jay Schweinsberg Brian Sidenbender Dale Smalley Donna Smalley Lonnie Smith Drew Snyder Julie Sprow Cheryl Spryn Patricia Taylor Richard Thompson Robin Trauterman Janet Underwood Madeline Weat herhead Lori Wiedman Irene Williamson Linda Doster Teresa Mendez Danny Echeverria Verdesoto 1981 Beth Adams Shane Altic Crystal Barnhart Lidia Bazali Robert Bok Suzanne Brown Sue Carr Lori Clemens Tonya Cottrell Loren Demongeot Clyde Depew Alice Doctor JeffDonat Lyndon Donat Julie Eblen Diane Gallup Lisa Geyer Janet Hand Tom Herber Allen Hook Lana Hughes Michelle Hunt Kirk Jackson Laurie Klender Joann Kline James Koenn Jerry Koenn Rita Krutsch Sandy Laukhuf Lisa Leinard Jeff Lucas James Martin Laura McCague Edward Meyer Rick Meyer Scott Moore Jim Murlin Bill Peffley Tammy Perry Kathy Phillips Roger Reece Dave Reid Joe Reinhart Richard Rickard Scott Ross Gina Santos Joe Santos Cynthia Savage Dave Savage Joni Schaefer Linda Schuchart Todd Shuherk GregShull Carla Smalley Joni Smith Mark Smith Margie Snider Melanie Springer Christine Snyder Jill Stevenson Michelle Stevenson Michael Tabor Dan Terwilleger Terri Thomas Lisa Tinkham Peter Trzynka Mary Vail MikeWalley Jim Williamson Bryan Wilt Elaine Womack Kevin Woodcox Faith Woodling Steve Zuber 1982 Annette Marie Adams Jonas Agren Gregory Scott Altic Felecia Ann Begley Christine Annette Beregszazi Cindy Sue Bok Jackie Laverne Bowers DeniseE. (Baker) Bowling Cheryl Lynne Bradford Robert D. Brandenburg Randy Douglas Brinneman Marcia Lynette Bute Michelle Renee Clinton Tina Marie Colwell Pablo Coromina Roca Tammy Sue Cottrell Julie Marie Cross GitteDauw Wayne A. Davis Tracy S. Depew Bradley Joseph Dunderman Robin Renee Fenton Jeffrey Vaughn Franklin Lynda Leann Goddard James Lester Greene Betty Lou Grunden Sharon L. Hemrick Kyle Joseph Hughes Valarie Jean Kitson Michael A. Kunkel Robert Clair Larimore David Eugene Laukhuf Annette Marie Mabis John Patrick Marlin Robert Allan Marsh Patrick Shawn McCague Bruce E. Meyer Lynette Marie Meyer Kristine Carol Michael Kristine A. Miller Lisa Louise Napier Gene F. O ' Donnell Kevin Wanye Ottinger William E. Parrett Sheila Kay Pendergrast Petri Raatikainen Mark Aaron Rasey Bradley J. Reed Kristopher Kenneth Reinhart Russell Eric Reinhart Laura Jean Roberts Walter Lewis Roehrig Peggy Jayne Rogers Anthony Ray Santos Judith Ann Schaefer Karen Elizabeth Hitzeman Lisa Marie Schweinsberg Lori Ann Schweinsberg Mark Adam Scouten Beth Ann Sensabaugh Kirk Michael Slusher Raymond R. Smalley Lisa Marie Spryn Laurie Ann Stoller Melody Ann Suffel Teresa Kay Tabor Brian T. Tadsen Janet Lynn Taylor John W. Taylor Trisha Kay Tinkham Jeffery Allen Tustison Michelle E. Vail Lorie Ann Warner Steven R. Weatherhead Dan Robert Wied man Mark A. Williamson Craig E. Womack Christine Diane Woodring 1983 Donna Adams Todd Barnhouse James G. Baumie Hazel Bender Sherry Bidlack Keith Birkhold Brent Blalock Carol Brandenburg Darrel Brandenburg Lisa Brandenburg Kathy Brown Julia Buckland Stanley Carr David Christlieb Anthony Clinton Todd Cook Gene Coon Linda Culler Andrew DeLong Harvey A. Depew Anita Derek Michele Derek Jeffrey Eber Dean Elliott Lisa Fan- James Foster Richard Fraley Annette Fry Lisa Fry Tony Funk Lisa Gill Jeffrey Hahn Leesa Hahn Julie Hartman Anna Hilton Lucinda Hughes Kevin Jackson Robert Jackson Susan Kline Terry Knepper Jr. Leland Lust Gary Mabis Walter H. Mansfield Jr. Edward Mendez Judy Mendez Francis Meyer Lisa Meyer Anthony Nighswander Evan Noll Renee Ott Christine Parish Shelly Jo Pendergrast Juliana Reinhart Jonathan Rister Timo Pekko Salsola Pamela Schuchart Pamela Scoby Christine Seslar Michelle Shaner Con Shuherk Joel Sigler Lisa Kay Stoller Devin Tadsen Treva Thomas Daren Whetstone Bryan Winhover Mark Wolf Daniel Woodring ] ;, iKn Andrew Koch Carl Kortokrax Michael Kunesh David Lambert Lana Leinard Karen Lichty Curtis Longardner Melanie Longardner Nathan Lothamer 168 Alumni J ' f Iin ■ mm. II

Suggestions in the Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) collection:

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