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,vB v- v: v ' - y ' " ' --tA Ji } = . i " - ■ O c5= C X - , - . . ' .. ..J ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRABy 9- . r « A j Hj ' vt AT ..- . e . - .■ c (K ■ «» •?• V o- (O- wT » - V " ARCHER 1983 THE GOOD TIMES EDITOR Susan Kline ASSISTANT EDITOR Tomi Figerr BUSINESS STAFF Todd K.Cook Tony Funk Keith Dirkliold ADVISOF Kathleen Neidhordt Staff Julie Reinhart Lindo Culler Pom Scoby Anita Derek Terry Bosrelmon Michele Derek Amy Derek Jim Foster Beth Derek Lono Leinard Shelly Snyder Melonie Longordner Tino Toylor Gory Mabis Barbie Goetz Chris Parrish Johnette MeCoin PHOTOGRAPHERS Evon Noil Kim Humborger INMEMORlAM Mr. Paul Shaffer Paul Shaffer gave nearly sixteen years of his life in service to the Antwerp Schools and to the Antwerp community. He set high standards, not only for others, but also for himself. He made a deep and losting impression on those who studied under him and on those who worked with him. He will not soon be forgotten. TABLE OF CONTENTS Seniors 4 Organizations Faculty 31 Jr. Hgh Underclass 35 Elennentary . Student Life 42 Ads 9i i09 123 147 Seniors Class of 83 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS; Cindy Hughes — Vice-President, Lono Leinord — President, Julie Reinhorr — Secretory, Lisa Gill — Treasurer CLASS MOTTO; TO ACHIEVE ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE, WE MUST ATTEMPT THE IMPOSSIBLE. TO BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE WE MUST DREAM OF BEING MORE. 1 Best Figure ond Physique Annette Fry ond Tony Nighswonder 2. School Skippers Anno Hilton ond Terry Knepper 3 Best Personolity Melonie Longordner ond Curt Longordner 4 Most Likely to Succeed Julie Bucklond ond Todd K Cook 5 Closs Crozies: Pom Scoby ond Don Woodring 6 Mr ond Mrs. Everything Lono Leinord ond Tony Kortokrox SENIOR PERSONALITIES 1 Most Wreckless Drivers Donno Adorns ond Toby Bornhouse 2 Most Sctiool Spirit Liso Drondenburg ond Gory Mobis 3 Most Populor: Julie Reinhort ond Fronk Meyer 4 Most Doshful: Anito Derek and Mark Wolf 5 Shortest ond Tollest: Pom Schuhort and Andy DeLong SENIOR PERSONALITIES • . }W M v .. ' u T!f. " ' ' W| ii m r i )m W 1 i H L ;•. A J 1 Most Sociable: Linda Culler and Daren Whetstone 2. Most Cheerful; Susie Kline and Tony Clinton 3. Most Athletic: Cindy Hughes ond Eddie Mendez 4. Class Flirt ond Wolf: Trevo Thomos ond Eddie Mendez 5. Most Artistic: Chris Porrish ond Timo Solsolo 6. Most Gorgeous: Michele Derek and Jeff Hahn •Not Pictured — Best Dressed: Leeso Hohn and Note Lothamer • jT- ' ' W ' WWiiiwd hiwiii, - i m ■ ' Mi -. %■: .: -k DONNA JEAN ADAMS — Marching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Bond 1, 2, 3; Concert Bond 1. 2, 3, 4; Musical 3; Solo and Ensemble 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 TODD A. BARNHOUSE — Swiithort Attendant 4; Basket- ball 1; Football 1; Golf 2 JAMES BAUMLE HAZEL 5. BENDER, — FTA 2, 3 5HEP RY A. BIDLACK — FTA 3; Chorus 4; Musical 4; Colorguard 4 KEITH THOMAS BIF KHOLD — Yearbook Staff 4; Scholastic Bowl 3, 4; Sponish Club 1, 2, 3; Musicals 3, 4: Science Fair 1, 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 Hazel Bender Sherry Bidlock Keith Birkhold ' ffl BRENT BLALOCK — FTA 4; Sixreeners 4; Choir 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; School Ploy 1; Musical 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Store 4 KATHY MICHELE BROWN — RA 2; FHA 1; Chorus 2; Vantage Food Monogement 3, 4; Hero 3, 4; Hero — Historian 4 JULIE BUCKLAND — Spanish Club 2; Colorguord 2; Nationol Honor Society 3, 4; Boy ' s Bosketboll Stot 2; Girl ' s Bosket- ball Star 3; Track Stat 3 DAVID LEE CHRISTLIEB — Baseball 2; Football 3, 4 TONY WILLIAM CLINTON — VCR 3, 4; Volleyball Manager 3, 4 TODD KENTON COOK — French Club 1, 2, 3; Scholastic Bowl 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Moth Contests 1, 2, 3, 4; Ohio Scholastic Achievement Tests 1, 2, 3; Golf 2, 4 David Christlieb Tony Clinton Todd K. Cook LINDA ANN CULLER — Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Sponish Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Bond 1. 2, 3; Marching Bond 1. 2, 3, 4; Ploy 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Boskerboll 1, 2, 3; Track 1 AN- DREW RAY DELONG — Boskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 4: Spanish Club 1. 2 ANITA SUE DERCK — Yeorbook Staff 2, 3, 4; Colorguord 2, 3; Sixteeners 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1: ETA 2, 4; Musical 2, 3; Freshman Boys Basketball Star 1 MICHELE DERCK — ETA 4; French Club 1, 2, 3; Concert Bond 1 2; Marching Bond 1, 2; Chorus 1; No- tional Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Treasurer 1, 2; Sweetheart Atrendont 2: Sweetheart Queen 4; Volleyball 2, 3: Boshetboll Sror 1; Baseball Stat 1 DEAN L. ELLIOT — Concert Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Bond 1, 2; Girls Cheerleader 1. 2; Basketball 1, 2; Boseboll 1, 2, 3 JAMES A. FOSTER — Chorus 1 3. 4; ETA 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Ploy 1, 2, 3, 4: Musical 1, 2, 3, 4; American Business Challenge, Findloy College 4; Stock Market Gome, Findloy College 4; Golf 2, 3 Michele Derek Deon Elliott Jomes Foster Tl ANNEHE J. FRY — Spanish Club 1, 2; Norionol Honor Socie- ty 3, 4; Chorus 1; Schoiosric Dow! 4; Miss Paulding County (2nd runner up) 3: Miss Antwerp 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff Football 3, 4 TONY FUNK — French Club 1, 2, 3; FTA 2. 3, 4: Scholastic Bowl 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Scholostic Achievement Test 1, 2, 3; Moth Test 1, 2, 3, 4; Buckeye Boys ' Store 3; Football 1, 2 LISA GILL — French Club 1; Mar- ching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble 1; Class Officer 3, 4; Musical 4: Powder Puff Football 3, 4 JEFFREY LYNN HAHN — FTA 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Attendant 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3: Bosketboll 1, 2, 4: Football 1. 2, 3 LEESA (COLEMAN) HAHN — Homecoming Attendant 1 JULIE ANN HARTMAN — Concert Bond 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Pep Bond 1, 2; FTA 1, 2 Jeff Hohn Leesa Hohn Julie Hortmon ANNA MARIE HILTON — FTA 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Musical 3, 4; Sixreeners 3, 4; Colorguord 2, 3, 4 LUCINDA BETH HUGHES — FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Marching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Jqzz Bond 1; Sweerheorr Arrendonr 4; Buckeye Girls ' Store 3; Closs Vice-President 4; Student Council 1; Student Coun- cil President 4; Volleyboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyboll Coptoin 3, 4; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Bosketboll Captain 4 KEVIN JACKSON ROBERT JACKSON — VICA 3, 4 SUSAN ELIZABETH KLINE — French Club 1; Student Council 1; Yearbook Stoff 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Morching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Bond 1, 2; Chorus 1; Bosketboll 1 2, 3, 4; Volleyboll Stot 2; Powder Puff Football 4 TERRY E. KNEPPER, JR. — Golf 2 Robert Jockson Susan Kline Terry Knepper DAWN MARIE KNORR — VICA 4; OEA 3; FHA 1; Chorus 1, 2; Vonroge Word Processing 3; Vantage Diversified Health Occupotions 4; FTA 2; VICA Skill Olympics 4 CARL A. KORTOKRAX — FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Sweetheart Attendant 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3; Basketball 1 MIKE KUNESH DAVID E. LAMBERT — Van- tage FFA Secretary 3, 4; Football 1, 3 LAURA LYNN LEAMAN — Vantage Office Services Program; Vantage 3, 4; OEA 3, 4; Bond 1, 2; Vantage Treasurer 3 LANA RAE LEINARD — FTA 3, 4; Concert Bond 1, 2; Morching Band 1, 2; Chorus 1; French Club 1, 2, 3: Scholastic Team 1 2, 3, 4; Scholastic Bowl Team 2, 3: National Honor Society 3, 4 Class Secretory 1, 2; Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4 Notional Honor Society Vice-President 4; Bosketboll 1, 2, 3 Volleyboll 2, 3, 4; Volleyball Stat 1; Cheerleoding 1, 2, 3, 4 David Lambert Louro Leaman Lono Leinard KAREN ELAINE LICHTY — ETA 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3: Volleyball Sror 4 CURTIS N. ' LONGARDNEP, — Scholosric Bowl Teom 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Notional Honor Society 3, 4: Ohio Achievements Tests 1, 2, 3; Track 2 MELANIE RENEE LONGARDNER — Girls Basketball Manager 3; Yearbook Staff 4 NATHAN LOTHAMER GARY ALLEN MABIS — Six- teeners 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3; Musical 2, 3, 4; Scholastic Bowl Team 4; Chorus 1 2, 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble Con- test 3; Yearbook Stoff 4; ETA 4; Moumee Valley Math Contest 2, 3, 4; Greater Toledo Math Contest 3, 4; Scholar- ship Team 3, 4; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Trock 1, 2 ERANCIS PAUL MEYER — Notional Honor Society 3, 4; ETA 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Homecoming King 4; Sweetheort Attendant 2; Boseboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 2, 3, 4: Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4 k Note Lorhomer Gory Mabis Eronk Meyer LISA ANN MEYER — Chorus 1; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; RA 4; Basketball 2, 3 ANTHONY R. NIGH5WANDER — Vantage JV5 3, 4; Vantoge Autobody 3, 4; VICA 3, 4; Homecom- ing Attendant 3; Sweetheart King 4; Bosebol! 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4 EVAN N. NOLL — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Year- book Stoff 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Photogropher 3, 4; Year- book Manager 3; Ploys 1, 2, 3, 4; Americon Business Challenge Findloy College 4; Stock Market Game Findloy College 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2; Golf 2, 3, 4 CHRISTINE E. PARRI5H — Bond 1, 2; Chorus 1: Yeorb ook Staff 4; Spanish Club 1, 2: Homecoming Attendant 3; Class President 2; Volleyball 2, 3; Cheerleoding 1, 2, 3, 4 SHELLY JO PENDERGRAST — Morching Bond 1, 2; Concert Bond 1, 2; Student Council Vice-President 3; Chorus 1; FTA 4 JULIANA MARIE REINHART — FTA 4; Chorus 1; Spanish Club 1, 2; Class Secretory 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Nationol Honor Society 4; Homecoming Attendant 1, 4; Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4 Chris Porrish Shelly Pendergrost Julie Reinhort TIMO SAL50LA — Exchange Student from Finland 4; Foof- ball 4 PAMELA JANE SCHUCHART — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4 PAMELA ANN 5CODY — Spanish Club 2; Chorus 1; Mor- ching Bond 1, 2; Concert Bond 1, 2; Solo and Ensemble 1 FTA 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Yeorbook Staff 4 Sweetheart Attendant 1; Homecoming Queen 4; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyboll Co- Coptoin 2; Dosketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1 CHRISTINE ELLEN SESLAR — Marching Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Vonfage Cosmetology Program 3, 4; VICA 3, 4; VICA Opening and Closing Team Contest 4; Musical 4 MICHELLE KAY SHANER — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Sixteeners 3. 4; FA 3; Track 1 CON WILLIAM SHUHERK — FA 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Sixteeners 1, 2; Musical 2; Musical Comeromon 2; Golf 1, 2 Chris Seslor Michelle Shoner Con Shuherk LISA K. 5TOLLER — FTA 1; Chorus 2, 3. 4; Color Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; Sixreeners 3, 4; Musical 3, 4; Powder Puff Foorboll 4; Basketball 1 DEVIN D. TAD5EN — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Sweerheorr Arteridont 3 TREVA JILL THOMAS — French Club 1; FTA 3, 4; Play 3; Accounting Team 4; Student Coun- cil 4; Pep Band 1, 2; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Bond 1, 2; Concert Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 3, 4; Sweetheart At- tendant 3; Track 1; Bosketboll Stat 1; Powder Puff Football 3, 4 DAF EN D. WHETSTONE — Chorus 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3: Sixteeners 1, 2, 3; Musical 2, 3 BRYAN CLINTON WINHOVEF — VICA 3, 4; Vontoge Industrial Mechanics 3, 4; VICA Class Secretory 4; Class President 3; VICA Committee Chairman 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2 MARK WOLF Daren Whetstone Bryan Winhover Mark Wolf Don Woodring Andy Koch Lee Lust NOT PICTURED: Lisa (Allen) Fry Carol Brondebburg Dorreli Brandenburg Lisa Brandenburg Gene Coon Harvey Depew Jeff Eber Walrer Mansfield Judy Mendez Eddie Mendez Joel Sigler Richard Froley Stonley Corr Renee K. Ort FT A. 1, 2; Closs Officer — Sec. 2: Liso A. Forr Sponish Club 1; Scholorship Team 2, Closs Officer Student Council 3; Sweetheart At- 3; Powder Puff Footboll 3: Oasi etboll 1 rendont 3; Powder Puff Football 3 Graduating Juniors Richard Froley Price List Album S 8.99 Candy Dor S .00 Conned Soft Drink S .40 Concert Ticker $10.00 McDonold ' s Quorrer Pounder S 1.29 Movie Ticket S 3.50 School Lunch $ .80 Unleaded Gos S 1.22 Pair of Blue Jeans S25.00 Lg. Pizza $ 8.75 Moy 22, 1983 In a rondom sompling, the yearbook staff surveyed just the Seniors at Ant- vi erp High School to discover student fovorites of 1983 Food Pizza Beverage Beef Movie Porky ' s T.V. Program " M A S H " Mole Singer Billie Squire and Rick Springfield Female Singer Pat Benatar Group Journey Album Escope by Journey Teacher Mr. Smith Class Typing Accounting Expressions . . . You Bet ... No Problem . . . Eose-Up . . . Dong It!!! . . . Yeah Right! i When rhe survey was conducted, the following question was posed: " WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES EXPECTATIONS FOR THE NEW DECADE? " Below is o random sampling from the responses received; My hope for the new decade is that Nuclear crisis is solved, nations of the world will be at peace, a man on Mars. lower the unemployment rote to 0%! the conflict in Central America resolved, to go to College, get a better education, hove parries 2 or 3 rimes weekly, to have a good steady job and stort a family that inflation will be down, that we oil see each other again. SPORTS SUPER BOWL XVII Washington Redskins 27 Miami Dolfins 17 World Series Mllwoukee Brewers 3 Sr. Louis Cardinals 4 KENTUCKY DERBY Sunneys Holo, Eddie Delohoussaye WIMBLEDON Jimmy Connors 3 6 6 7 6 W Jon McEnroe 63 76 4 Martina Novratalovo over Chris Evert-Lloyd MASTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT Seve Graduation 1963 1. Dr Ferdon — High School Principol 2. Todd K. Cook — Valedictorian 3. Cindy Hughes — Student Council President 4- Julie Ducklond — Co-Solutotorion 5. Lono Leinord — President ond Co-Solutotorion Congratulations, Seniors! 1. Julie Reinhort receiving the Jock Whetsrone Rofory Memorial Scholarship from Dr. Taylor. 2. Suson Kline receiving her diploma from the School Doord President, Dob Kommeyer. 3. Seniors singing their doss song, " Let it Be " 4. Anita Derek and Harvey Depew on their woy. let It Be " Senior Class Song Burgundy and Gold Senior Class Colors ra., ■! Senior Awards 1 Voice of Democracy, 1sf place; K. Birkhold 2. University of Cincinnoti Academic Scholarship, Recipient: D. Whetstone 3. Vontoge Outstanding Student: T. Nighsvonder 4. Southwest Boptist College Scholorsh ip Recipient: J. Mendez 5. University of Cincinnati Academic Scholotship, Ohio Doord of Regents Scholorship Recipient J Bucklond 6 Poulding Professional Women ' s Scholarship. Recipient: D. Adams 7 Notional Merit Scholarship Honoroble Mention (top 10,000): T. R. Cook 8, Voice of Democrocy Porticiponts: D Blolock, K Birkhold Senior Class History KINDERGARTEN; Anifo Derek socked Brenr Dlolock in rhe stomach. What o brute! Andy DeLong tried to bury Frank Meyer olive with the cardboard blocks, but Frank survived with only o bloody nose. Andy DeLong gave a turquoise engagement ring to Lono Leinord, compliments of Neidy. John Deever ottocked Lisa Gill (kiss, kiss). 1st Grade: Shelly and Sheila Pendergrast joined our doss and also Pom Schuhart. 2nd Grade: In Mrs. Dean ' s room Evan and Tony K. were bouncing crayons off the wall and sticking them to the movie screen and Keith decided to tell on them. Sheila Altic greatly enjoyed the so-called reading circle. 3rd Grade: Our big operetta production, " Purple on the Moon " was performed. Jim Pinwheel got cought bockstoge sitting in o rocking choir holding hands with Cindy. Susan Kline decided to join the class of ' 83, good choice, Susie! 4th Grade: Linda Culler, Lisa Gill, Donno Adams ond Ina Atkins got sent to the office for throwing snowbolls. Curtis Longordner wrecked his bike. Cindy Hughes brought some unusual objects to class for show and tell. 5th Grade: Tony K. ond Lisa M. were on item. Everyone got in trouble when Treva and Chrissy 5. flooded the restroom. 6th Grade: Our doss operetta, " Mirror, Mirror, " o groovy version of Snow White, was performed. On our field trip to Fronke Pork Jeff Hohn fell off Noah ' s Ark. Leeso C. and Chris Lloyd become Boy City Roller moniocs and wore plaid every day. The big attraction at recess was walk- ing around the frock holding honds. 7th Grade: We entered junior high. Andy DeLong and Kenny Doeger got cought passing notes to Julie Hortmon. 8th Grode: Brent got in trouble and had to sit in front of the cioss. He storted crying so the teacher let him sit down at his own desk. 9th Grade: Our freshman yeor was the highlight for the boys; they got to play in rhe varsity bosketball rournoment. Gym was fun until Karen Lichty dislocated her knee and later that period killer Donno nailed Pom Scoby in the eye with a badminton racket. Mr. Schilb put o rubber hose on Annette ' s neck during a test. AEA Book Scholorship winners: J, Duckland, L. Leinord, D. Adorns, K. Birkhold, presented by Miss Gordon. Defionce College Academic Scholorship Recipients: T. Funk, ond F. Meyer. SENIOR SNAPS 83 83 - 80 83 - 83 - 83 Administration 1 School Doord: Dovid Mickelson, Jone Longhom Clerk, Dr. Charles Toylor, Bob Kommeyer — Pres,, Dernodine Rogers — Vice Pres., Dove Grimes, Steve Derek 2. Dr. Chorles Toylor — Superintendent 3. Mr. Dovid Bogley — Elementory Principal 4. Dr. Wolter Ferdon — High School Principal 1. Coteterio Cashiers: Mrs. Whetstone and Mrs. Rasey 2. Elementary Secretary; Mrs. Savage 3. High School Secretory: Mrs. Overmyer 4. Clerk; Mrs. Longhom Faculty Mr. Allen — Arf Mr. Drown — Social Studies Mrs. Duchhop — English, Spanish Mrs. Dernnon — English Mr. Donley — Guidance Mr. Faster — Social Studies Mr. Grobionoski — Librorion Mr. Hortmon — English Mr. Kemerer — I ndustriol Arts Mr. Limber — Athletic Director Mr. Mostin — Science Miss Mundt — Physicol Education Mrs. Oberlin — Home Economics Mrs. Pier — English, French Mr. F osendahl — Moth Mrs. Rumoge — Resource Teacher Mr. Schilb — Science Miss Simcox — Vocal Music Mr. Simmons — Moth, Science Mrs. Slode — Resource Teacher Mr. Smith — Business Mr. Thompson — Physical Ed., Business Mr. Todd — Instrumental Music Mr. Tryznko — Social Studies 1. Poy Qtfention. class! 2. Keep your eye on tfiem, Mr. Hohenbrink. 3. What ' s fhe grin for Mr. Smith? Faculty Workers 1 Cafeterio Staff: Mrs Voncleve. Mrs. Smolley, Mrs Dillmon, Mrs Schoefer 2, Bus Drivers — Standing: Mrs Voil. Mr Wiedmon. Mr Zuber, Seoled: Mrs Overmyer, Mr Meyer, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs VonCleve 3. Mr. Foster discussing Current Events, 4. Maintenance Stoff — Mrs, Bender, Mrs. VanCleve, Mr. Sl ipman 5, Mr. Trzynl Q making o comment obout our government. Underclassmen JUNIORS Class of ' 64 Closs Officers: President — Renee Lorhomer V. President — Renee Ott Treasurer — Chris Bonl s Not Pictured: Secretory — Billie Sigler Chris Bonks Todd Douer Shelly Detzer Ronnie Dillmon Jim Dok Terry Bostelmon Doren Drodbury l oberr Cornhon Lynn Corr Mort Clevinger Todd Cook Amy Derek Beth Derek Lindo Dormon Tomi Figerr Guy Fish Jon Foster Dove Hommond John Horrmon John Hilron Corolyn Klima Michelle Knorr Dob Krutsch Fred Longhom Kim Lewollen NIC Longordner Renee Lothomer Mott Mobis Rosalind Morrenies Alon McCoin Gory McCain Willie Meredith Robert Osburn Barbie Overmyer Troy Overmyer Todd Rasey Julie Rhonehouse Cindy Ribbons Penny Rogers Mark Ryon Monico Sawyer Eunice Schenkel Brendo Seslor Tony Seslar Billie Sigler Steve Sillmon Mike Snider Shelley Snyder Potrick Spryn Dawn Stevens Chris Stiltner Sandy Stuart Rodney Swan Tino Taylor Kothy Trautermon Mortho Trzynia Rondy Wendt Richard Wilt Kim Wiseman Randy Wolf Not Pictured: Dorly Banks Gilbert Bender Ron Gerkin George Kinsey Steve Berenyi Doug Drogg Donno Bucklond David Cline Jeff Conley Tim Copsey Jeni Derek Gory Donot Billy Dosrer Doug Dundermon EllQ Fisfi Kelly Funk Down Gallup Barb Goetz Danny Gordon Roger Hand Don Horp Bob Hootmon Down Hopkins Chad Norman Kim Humbarger Kelly Kizer Morcio Koenn Don Lomberr Cheryl Loyron Cindy Leinord Denise Longordner Kurris Lorhomer Denise Lucos Michelle McCogue Johnnefre McCain Dove Meyer David MInck Kelly Moore Gino Nopier Denny O Donnell Brad Peffley Dove Phillips Teresa Powell Leonne Puckett Rondy Puckett Rita Reinhorr Shan Ross Homer Sanders Joan Sovoge Denise Sawyer Steve Schilb Dave Sensobough Donlto Smolley Mike Smith Rhon Todsen Tonyo Thomas Molly Vail Robin Walk Tonya Walker Mory Weotherheod Tommy Whitcomb Lori Wisniewski Cindy Woodcox Shelly Woodring Not pictured; Lyie Corr Billy Depew Keith Derek Brian Hootmon Steve Lucas Don Morlln Lynette Phillips FRESHMEN Class of ' 86 Class Officers: Treasurer — Lisa Taylor V. President — Pom Rosey President — Susan Overmyer Secretary — Tammy Hohn Veronico DIoir Cindy Donks Shone Dickord Rodd Bottermon Chris Bruick Dovid Coleman Jeffery Cook Dorrin Cortreil Amy Elliott Sudie Foster Cheryl Fry Bobby Gerig Mondi Gerken Angelo Gire Pom Gorden Down Grunden Don Hohn Tommy Hohn Suson Hicks Down Hook Joe Hunt Dovid Jones Joni Jordon More Jump Pom Kinsey Down Knepper Dovid Krursch o Mary Lusr David Mabis Mark Mabis Marrho Mobis Cindy Mansfield Rodney Marfenies Angelo Marrin Virginio Meredith Mory Meyer Saro Meyer Rondy Miller Lori Moon 5uson Overmyer Todd Phlipot Pom Rosey Tommy Rosey George Rhodes Jill Rhonehouse Vicki Roberts Ingrid Rosebrock Jeffery Ryan Mike Sobo Debbie Sonros Som Schroeder Tim Schroeder John Scouten Aniro Sheperd Chad Shuherk John Smolley Brendo Smith Wendy Stetler Crisry Stevens Loura Toylor Liso Taylor Eric Wolk Brent Volley William Woters Droin Williamson Morgoret Wilt John Woodcox Nor Pictured: David Dender James Gill Phil Jackson Student Life 1 ■■ 1 IKv l r ' vP I H JnH fc iw ;--.. . r m jp Hm ' " ' ' . w[ ■HH m § k P ' Jk OEA — Office EducQtionol Association HERO — Home Economics Related Occupations VICA — Vocational Industrial Clubs of America FFA — Future Farmers of Americo 1 Rondy Wolf, Jr. VICA 2 Lindo Dormon. Jr OEA 3 Jomes Dok, Jr VICA 4 Gory McCoin, Jr. VICA 5. Kim Wisemon, Jr VICA 6. Down Stevens Jr. VICA 7 George Kinsey ond Chris Donks, Jr. VICA 8. Alon McCoin ond Motr Clevenger Jr. VICA 9. Dillie Sigler ond Chris Srilfner. Jr. VICA 10 Richie Wilt, Jr. VICA 11 Drendo Seslor, Jr. VICA 1 Louro Lehmon, Sr. OEA 2. Dryon Winhover, Sr. VICA 3. Mike Kunesh, Sr. VICA 4. Norhon Lorhomer, Sr. OEA 5. Robert Osborn, Jr. VICA 6. Dorren Drodbury, Jr. HERO 7. Kothy Trouternon. Jr. HERO 6. Jon Foster, Jr. OEA 9 ChrisSeslor, Sr. VICA 10. Jomes Doumie, Sr. VICA 11 Kothy Drown, Sr. HERO 1. Gene Coon, Sr. VICA 2. Dovid Lambert, Sr. VICA 3. Judy Mendez, 5r. OEA 4. Sondro Stuort, Jr. VICA 5. Ronold Gerken and Dorryl Banks Jr. VICA 6. Renee Lofhomer, Jr. OEA 7. Down Knorr, 5r. VICA 6. Eunice Schenlel, Jr. VICA 9. Michelle Knorr, Jr. VICA Varsity Football Team Record RidgewQy L Holgote L Tinoro W Edon L Edgerfon L Wayne Troce T Hilrop L Foirview L Hicksville W Ayersville L 1. Row 1: T. Kortokrox, D. Chrlsflleb, E. Mendez, F. Meyer, T. Nighswonder, J. Hohn, G. Mobis Row 2: M. Ryon, T. Overmyer, N. Longord- ner, T. Rosey, R. Todsen, D, Hootmon Row 3: J. Doumle, T. SoIsoq, R. Pucketf, D Dundermon, J. Woodcox, 5. Schllb, D. Brandenburg Row 4: Mr. Stollkomp (Asst. Cooch), Mr. Olwin (Heod Cooch), Mr. Hortmon (Asst. Cooch) We Wont A Touchdown! (We Really Do!) Go for It! 1. All the way for o touchdown, Ed 2. Whot ' s the ploy, cooch? 3 Nice pass! 4, Whot o kick! 5, Go. Eddie, Go! Powder Puff Football On Oct. 24 the seniors defeated the juniors with o score of five touchdowns to four touchdowns. The scoring seniors were Cindy Huges with two touchdowns, Lin- do Culler with two touchdowns, and Lisa Meyer with one touchdown. The scoring juniors were Barb Overmyer with three touchdowns and Renee Ott with one touchdown. 1 Leon, Meon, Fighrin ' Mochine 2- Mighty Juniors! 3 5rop her. Penny! 4, One-sided Wef Varsity Volleyball 1 Row 1: J ReJnhort, C Hughes, P. Scoby Row 2: J, Sovoge, L. Phillips, C, Leinord, D. Overmyer 2. Cooch Mundt 3. Manager: Lisa Brandenburg 4. Nice Pass, Lynn 5. Playing Backup, Pann? 6. Don ' t Sweat it, Cindy Seosotn Record Holgore W Woodlon Edon L Kolido Hicksville L Jefferson W Easfside L Wayne Trace Edgerfon L Paulding Monrpelier L Conrinenrol W Ayersville L Wayne Trace Cresfview L Parkway Tournomenr Miller Ciry W 5f. John L . spike that Ball! 1. Concentration 2. " Don ' t toke my pictute, Ftitz " 3. Why so serious? 4. Hii-Yoooh! 5. Senior — Pom Scoby 6. Junior — Borb Overnnyer 7. Woy to keep up the Spirit! 6. Jump right in, Cin 9 Get on your Mork, Get Set, Go! 10. Stars: C. Bruick, J. Jordan, L. Moon, J. Rhonehouse, K. Lichty, L. Brondenburg Reserve Volleyball 1 Whofs up there. Pom ' 2 The look of true concentrotion Row 1 — Jenny Derek Row 2 — Rito Reinhort Mory Weotherheod, Tomnny Whitcomb; Row 3 — Down Hopkins, Cindy Bonks, Tommy Rosey, Pom Rosey 4 Caught ya stonding up, Rito! 5 The form of o true othlete ' 6 Sophomore, Tommy Whitcomb 7 Sophomore, Down Hopkins 8 Nice poss Downi 9 Sophomore, Jenny Derek 10 Isn ' t she cure Season Record Holgare W Woodlon L Edon L Kolido L Hicksville W Jefferson W Easrside W Wayne Trace L Edgerron L Paulding W Monrpelier W Conrinenrol W Ayersville W Wayne Trace W Cresrview w Parkway L Tinoro L Miller Ciry L Foirview w Set it up! Golf Teams Hove Successful Season Teoms hove successful seoson Vorsity Reserve 9-9-1 9-3 Wayne Trace L L Edon L W Paulding W W Ayersville L w Tinoro L w Tinoro L w Paulding W w Edon W — Tinoro W — Hilltop W — Hicksville L L Edon W — Hicksville L Fr Jennings — Ayersville Tie — Continentol w Hicksville w Poulding W w Edon W — GMC Third place Secrionals ninth ploce 1 Teom Picture " The Dirty Dozen " : D, Addis, G. Donot. J. Cook, J l yon, P. Jockson, K. Lothamer, Row 2: E. Noll, K. Dirkhold, T. Cook, A, Delong, R. Gillmon, D. Hammond. 2, " Well, I ' ll be !@ ! And offer oil my cooching! " 3 " Gee, I hope Mr. Hohenbrink ' s O.K.; I never meont to hit him! " 4 Listening to lost minute instructions. 5 Gory Donat, Sophomore. Boy ' s Varsity Basketball «•«,■■«, f 1 Tony Clinton. Mgr., VCR 2. Down H opkins, Stot. 3. JoonI Savage, Stat. 4. John Hilton, Mgr. 5- He ' s watching the gome? 6. Hoi Kemerer. Vorslty Cooch 7. Senior members: J. Hohn, A. Delong. F. Meyer 8. Varsity Teom: Standing L. to R. J. Hohn. T. Cooi , A. Delong, C. Hormon, F. Meyer, Cooch Kemerer. Kneeling L to R. D. Depew, D. Drutsch, D. Hammond, 1 . Dliiman 9. Returning Letrermen — P,. Blllmon. A. Delong. F. Meyer Season Record Holgate Lincolnview Crestview Eosrside Woyne Trace Paulding North Central Foyerre Ayersville Delphos Jefferson Ohio City W Continental Hiclwille Tinoro Edgerton Woodlon Edon Foirview Toumament Crestview L 1 Concentrotion 2 Keep pushing 3. Ron cont be sropped 4. I ' ve got it ' 5. Todd springs up for rwo Boy ' s Reserve Doskefboll 1 Reserve Teom — Standing R Puckett. D Dundermon, D Morlin E Walk R Copsey. Coach Kevin Taylor, Kneeling. G Donor, R Todson, F Longhom 2 Woiring in suspense 3 Randy scopes our his shor 4 " Hey, poss ir over herel " Lincolnview Cresrview W Eosrside Woyne Troce L Paulding Norrhi Cenrrol L Foyerre Jefferson Ayersville Ohio Cify L Conrinenfoi Hicksville W Tinoro Woodlon Edgerron Edon L L Foirviev Tournamenr Hoigore Cresrview L Lady Archer Varsity Basketball 1 Row 1: Lisa Brandenburg, Linda Culler, Cindy Hughes, Borbie Overmyer, Cindy Leinord Row 2: Cindy Bonks. Lisa Meyer, Tonn Rasey, Lono Leinord, Robin Walk, Pom Rasey, Julie Rhonehouse 2. Cooch Mork Horrmon 3. Monogers — Cindy Woodcox, Leonn Puckert 4 5 Groduoting Seniors 5, 5 Returning Lerrermen Girls ' Doskerboll Record Confinentol W Woodlon Ind. L Monrpelier W Crestview L Hillrop L North Cenrrol L Delphos Jefferson W Edon W Tinoro w Lincolnview L Foirview L Archbold L Kolido L Holgote L Woyne Troce L Ayersville L Poulding L Hicksville W Ohio Cry W Edgerfon L Tournomenr Ohio City W Delphos St. Johns L Hard Work And Determination 1. Nice shot, Cindy. 2. 2 points, Cindy! 3. Put it to the top, Robin. 4. Shoot for 2, Cindy. Lady Archer Reserves 1 Row 1: Soro Meyer, Mory Meyer, Cooch Thompson, Cindy Mansfield, Lori Moon Row 2: Mary Weotherhead, Cheryl Fry, Amy Elliot, Susan Overmyer, Denise Longordner, Jill R,honehouse 2. Don ' t let her through Mory! 3, Coach Norm Thompson 1. Nice shot, Susie! 2. Stats: Tracy Alric, Johnette McCain, Dorb Goefz, Tommy Whitcomb, Kim Humborger 3. Ploy good defense, Denise 4. Shoot for two! 5. Growl, Lorie! 6. It tokes control and concentrotion. Sue! Freshman Basketball 1. Row 1: D. Colemon, J. Ryan, 5. Dickord, B. Williomson Row 2: M. Jump, C. Shuherk, D. Wolly, T. Philpor 2. Who wonts the boll, guys?? 3. Don ' t let ' em touch thot boll!! 4. Shoot for two!!! Team Record Hicksville Tinoro Hicksville Edgerron Ayersvllle Wayne Trace Fairview Lincolnvlew Fairview Tournamenr Varsity Baseball Team «W " 1 Cooch Rosendohl 2 Row 1: G Donor, D. Hommond, T Douer, F Longhom, R. Todson, B Krutch Row 2: D Depew, T Cook, M. Snider. A. Delong, F Meyer, T Nighswonder, T Clinron, T Korrokrox Bosehir. Toddi ' 4, Srrike em our. Fronk!! L " - ' iir .; , ' 3 Boy ' s Track Team Cooch: Mork Hortmon. Team Members; B Hootmon, 5 Schilb, D Cline. D. Bragg, D Cline. IK Hond, 5 Bickhord, C. Shuherk, D Horp, D Dundermon, D Hohn, K. Funk, R. 5won, M, Mobis, B Winover, T Overmyer. J Hilton. B Wolley, T SolsotQ, D, Brandenburg 1 Running to the finish 2, How wos thot one? 3 Just o little more, Rogei 4 What ojump! 5 Brrr— It ' s cold!! 6 Where did it go, Troy? f?7 Girls ' Track Team Wa, Cooch: Pot Mundt, Teom members: P. Rosey. J. Rhonehouse, A Elliot, J, Rhonehouse, 5. Ovetmyer. R. Wolk, C. Fry, C, Leinord, T. Rosey, M. Meyer, C Bonks, 5 Meyer, E Fish, A. Fry, A. Doumie, L. Moon, C. Monsfield, L. Copsey 1 A flying leop 2 Jusr o little forther, Mory Heove, Jill! 4 Robin, reody to rliroughi o mile? 5 Cindy on the run 6 On the run ' v. Foster, Foster, Foster . . . 1 Vorsiry cheerleaders — Dorb Overmyer, Penny Rogers, Tino Toylor, Lono Leinord. ond Chris Porrish 2- Were cheering rhe team on! 3- Reserve cheerieoders — Down Gallup, Christy Bruick. Denise Sawyer, and Joni Jordon 4. It ' s not over yet! The cheerleaders were really busy this year. They starred rhe year at- tending camp. The cheerieoders held various fundraisers to collect money for camp. The most successful was rhe toco stond. The cheerieoders were also busy with their spirit raisers. These were the Homecoming Don- fire, Pep sessions and the second on- nuol AH5 Olympics. The cheerleaders hod a fun time cheering this yeor and wish all the teams o good ■83- ' 84 season. Varsity and Reserve Cheerleaders t- We ' ve Got Spirit! 1 Get It together girls ' 2. A hoppy butich! 3 Hold on tight ' 4. A lot of enthusiasm! 6. Buddies Homecoming - jl 1983 I As port of the 1983 Homecoming festivities, Q " Spirit Weels " was held in which the high school students dressed accordingly. Monday was fif- ties day; Tuesday was inside-out day; Wednesday was hot ond button day; Thursday was punk day, ond Friday was blue and white day. Thursdoy evening olso included o snake dance ond bonfire. This wos on event in which the students and bond marched out to the football field and did cheers with the cheerleaders get- ting ready for the gome. On Friday evening the bond, cheerleaders and firetrucks were ready for the parade in which the attendants rode in con- vertibles with a police escort to the football field. The gome wos ployed ogoinst the Ayresville Pilots ond the Archers lost. The ceremony was held at half-time with Pom Scoby ond Frank Meyer crowned king ond queen. The donee wos held Saturday in the multipurpose room. The theme for the dance was " Don ' t Stop Delievin ' " and music was provided by Jim Harrison. 1. Homecoming court 2. Homecoming King ond Queen — Pom Scoby ond Fronl Meyer 3. Senior Attendonts — Julie Reinhort and Tony Korrokros 4. Hoving o good rime. 1 Junior Atrendonrs — Tina Taylor and Mork Ryon 2 Sophomore Atrendonrs — Riro fteinhort ond Doug Dundermon 3. Wallflowers 4. Homecoming Sweerheorts 5. Freshman Artendonts — Donny Hohn ond Tommy Hahn 6- Gerring close 7 Having o good rime. SENIORS VS. FACULTY VOLLEYBALL 1 Are you reody, Donno? 2 I thought you hod It! 3 The mighty Senior Teom: L. Leinord, C Seslor, L, Gill, D. Adorns, S. Pendergrost, C. Drondenburg 4 Whot o foce! 5 Whot ' s wrong? 6 Having o good time? 7 Nice pass Liso! 8 A hord working stot. 9 Go for it! 10 Good hit! 11 Hong in there, Mr. Smith! TEAM WORK 1983 Sweetheart Dance This yeor ' s Sweetheart Donee wos held Sotur- doy, Februory 12. 1963 The dance was well- ottended The bond. Onyx, performed in the mulripurpase room ond was very well receiv- ed by rhe students The theme wos " Up Where We Belong " 1, 1980 Sweetheort Court 2, Senior Attendonts: Cindy Hughes, Toby Dornhouse 3, Junior Attendonts: Renee Ott, Dob Krutsch 4 Sweetheort Queen and King Michelle Derek, Tone Nighsoonder 5 Sophomore Attendants: Denise Sawyer, Rhon Todsen 6 Freshmon ottendonts: Tommy Rosey, Jeff Cook 1. Crownbearers: Brad Snyder, Down Deoringer 2. MorciQ Koenn ond Kurt Lorhomer 3. Rick Eblen ond Trevo Thomos 4. The Srog Line 5. Whor ' s wrong, Rondy? 6. Lono ond Julie checking out the crowd 7. Get down. Dove! 8. Young lovers 9. Soy cheese! 10. 8th grode servers: Anny Coughlin, Toni Leinord, Down Doll, Cindy Klimo, Pom Edwords 11. Sophomores worn out ofter decoroting! 12. Is there o problem, Lynne? South Pacific The Characters Ngono TERA SHULL Jerome JONATHON DUNDERMAN Henrierro DRENDA SMITH Ensign Nellie Forbush TAMMY WHITCOMB Emile de Becque MATT MABI5 Bloody Mory PENNY ROGERS Abner DAVE CLINE Srewpor CHAD SHUHERK Lurher Billis DENNIS CLINE Professor GARY MABI5 Lr. Joseph Coble, U,5,M,C MARK RYAN Copr. George Brockerr, U.S.N ALAN McCAIN Commdr. William Harbison. U.S.N EVAN NOLL Yeoman Herberr Quale TROY OVERMYER Sgr. Kennerh Johnson TIM COP5EY Seaman Tom O ' Brien DOUG DUNDERMAN Radio Operator. Bob McCaffrey DAVID MABIS Marine Cpl Hamilton Sreeves KEITH BIRKHOLD Ensign Lisa Monelli LAURA TAYLOR Ensign Connie Walewsko DENISE LUCAS Ensign Bessie Noonon ANGIE BEREGSZAZI Ensign Pomelo Whitmore LISA MEYER Ensign Riro Adams JONI JORDaS Ensign Sue Yoeger CINDY WOODCOX Ensign Betty Pitt ANGIE REINHART Ensign Cora MacRae BOBBIE GERIG Ensign Dinah Murphy AMY BAUMLE Liar LISA GILL Lr. Buzz Adorns MARK WOLF T Cr 4 1 1 Island Girls; Annette Fry Leonn Puckett Johnnette McCain Molly Veil Cheryl Loyton Anno Hilton Lynne Corr Kim Humborger Eunice Schenkel There Is Nothing Like Q Dome SYNOPSIS OF " SOUTH PACIFIC " On o South Sea Island during World Wor II Nellie For- bush, Q young Navy nurse from Linle Rock, Arkonsos, meets and falls in love with o gallant, middle-oged Frencfimcn, Emile de Decque. Emile is o planter and tics lived on the islond for twenty-five years. When he proposes to Nellie he confesses thot the reoson he hod to leave France wos becouse he killed a man — the town bully who deserved to die. Nellie seems oble to accept this explonotion and promises to think obout his proposal. Also stotioned on the island ore o group of sailors, seobees and marines who ore obviously bored and sorely in need of female companionship. Souvenier colleaing is about the only active pastime and hs developed into on intense rivalry between Seobee Luther Billis, who has cornered the market in everything from gross skirts to shrunken heads, and Bloody Mory, the local Tonkunese deoler in such ttophies. Lieutenont Joseph Cable, a handsome young Marine, orrives with on assignment to persuade Emile de Decque, who is familiar with the neorby island, to oc- compony him on a dongerous secret mission. Their task is to hide out on o Japanese-held island, watch for enemy ships and convey this information to their own pilots who will then use this first-hand intelligence to at- tack the Japanese convoys. Nellie ' s friendship is known to the island ' s commander and she is asked to obtain oil the information she con about the Frenchman. Meanwhile, Joe Coble has been persuaded to take a boot trip to the mysterious island of Bali Hoi to hove o good time. There Bloody Mory introduces him to her beautiful doughter, Liot, ond Joe falls in love with her. Confused about her feelings for Emile, Nellie tries to " wosh him outo her hair " without much success. He in- vites her to dinner at his house so that his friends may meet her. Nellie accepts and has o wonderful time ot Emile ' s house. She enjoys meeting his friends ond oil seems right with her world and her love until she leorns that the two odoroble half-Polynesian children she sees there ore Emile ' s. Their mother, now dead, wos a native woman. This is more thon Nellie ' s smoll- town upbringing permits her to accept ond she runs from Emile in her emborrossment and horror. At this time Joe Coble, despite his deep love for Liot, is caught in o similar ttop of his own prejudices ond he refuses to morry her. Emile agrees to accompany Joe on the mission since he now feels thot oil he cores about has been token from him. They ore successful for o time sending bock mony useful messoges, but eventually they ore discovered and Joe is killed. Emile monoges to return safely to find that love has conquered prejudices. Nellie is wolfing for him with his children. 2. Just hongin ' around 3. What strength!! 4. Get the story straight, boys! 5. Pretty skirt! 6. Whor ore you looking at, Alon? 7. What ' s down there?!?!?? rm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outo My Hair 1 President of the I BT C, 2 Wow ' i Whotlegs " ' Soiling, onyone ' 4 Rodor 5 Whot ore you looking ot ' Prom Night 1 COUM: Queen — Liso Gill King — Kurt Longordner ATTENDANTS Michele Derek Drion Winhover 2. Our King and Queen doncing 1. Smile girls! 2. Servers: D Cline, D Phillips, C, Hormon, T. Copsey, D. Dundermon, D. Cline, A. Deregsozi, T Alric, D, Georz, K Moore, D Lucas, J McCain, D Longardner 3. Chris ond Devin having o good rime 4. Hi, boys! 5. Cheers! r- r ' ' 1% ' i W- i;..i ' . r 1 Woiter. Pleose! 2 Help yourself 3 Foculty enjoying themselves 4. Whor o cure couple! Organizations Antwerp High School Choir 1. Row 1 — Miss Simcox, D Smolley, D Gallup. L. Toylor, D. Cline, D. Cortrell, D. Jones, D. Mobis, A. Derek, P. Schuchort Row 2 — V. Roberts, K. Humburger, L. Toylor, T Seslor, J. Foster, G. Mobis, G. Rhodes, D Overmeyer, P Rogers Row 3 — R, Walk, T Whitcomb, M. Mobis, J McCain, B. Blolock, E. Noll, D, Todsen, D. Cline, M. Ryon, M Mobis, A. Martin, D. Derek, D, Rickord Row 4 — T. Wolker, A. Shepherd, T. Overmyer, C. Shuherk, D, Dunder- mon, M. Scouten, T Copsey, A. Hilton, 5, Bidlock, L, Stoller 2 Mott Mobis, soloist 3 Robin Wolk, occompo nist 4 Soy, ' Ahhh! ' ■r lli l r mr ' n M ii ir? 1 ■.% - , f T .: K A BTTfi M 1 mm 2 Music Awards 1. Outstanding 7th Grade Award recipient: Joe Dorl er 2. Outstonding 6th Grade Aword recipient: Suson Shaffer 3. Robin Wolk, High School Choir Accomponist 4. Darrel Drodford Memorial Award recipient: Cory Geyer 5. Outstonding 3rd year Award recipient: Mark Ryan 6. Outstonding 1st yeor Award reci- pient: Louro Taylor 7. Cheryl Loyton Elementory Accomponist 8. Outstanding 4th yeor Aword recipient: Devin Todson 9. Archie Archer Aword recipient Gory Mobis 10. Suson Shoffer, Jr. High Choir Accompanist 1 Amy, strut your stuff ' 2 Here we orei!! 3 Majorettes: Joni Jordon. Dobbi Gerig, Amy Doumie, ond Angle Reinhort 4. Whot next ' ! 5 Lisa Meyer and Carolyn Klima c:s.X ' - J . f i ,. ■• yM. P ' - i ' ! ' ! • | -:-„yi " Will - Sl «— -. .,.vy ...■■. .» 1. Woodwinds keeping in step 2. Big Bod Brass!!! 3. Jill ond Molly, port of the big brass of AH5 4- The Sensorionol Sophomores reody for o Holloween porode 5. Angle sronds of offenrion AHS Pep Bond and Colorguord 1. Smile, girls 2. Mr. Todd showing his skills on the drunns 3. The Pep Dond leods us in our school song 4. Row 1; A. Whetsrone, 5. Schoffer, R. Swan, C. Geyer, K Dercl-s Row 2: M. Mobis, K, Birkhold, T Altic, A. Beregsozi, M, Voil, D. Goetz, R. Hand Row 3: C. Hughes, L, Culler, J, McCoin 5. Woke up, Leonnl! 1. AH5 Concert Bond 2. Shorl and Tommy ploying rheir clorlnefs 3. Concert Bond at Spring Concert 4. Deon ond Jeff concentrate on the drums. Scholarship Team The Antwerp High School, in cooperation with the State Department of Educorion — Division of Guidance and Testing, onnounced on May 20th, thor several students from Antwerp High School ranked high in the Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement. Over seven hundred ond thirty Ohio secondary s chools were represented by more than 25,000 students who participated in the testing progrom that covers sixteen subject areas. Individual trophies and medals ore oworded to top ronking students ond teams in each subject oreo. Students who scored high in their tests were oworded " gold seal " certificates. Louro Toylor, on Antwerp High School freshman placed first in the state for Division Hi schools and third in the state regardless of school size in the English Competition. Todd K. Cook placed fourth in the District and ninth in the state. Division III competition in Senior Social Studies, Susan Overmyer ploced fourth in the District Division III in Algebra I. Following is a list of all Antwerp High School students recognized for their achievement in this competition. Student Louro Toylor Angelo Morrtn Class English 9 Englisfi9 Division District 1 HM III Store 1 All District 2 School State 3 Suson Overmyer Jeff Cook Jeff r yon Algebro 1 Algebro 1 Algebro 1 4 10 15 HM HM HM Derh Derek Donno Adorns Geomerry Geometry 12 HM Oorboro Goerz English 10 12 HM Curt Longordner English 12 HM Todd K Cook Sr Sociol Srudies 4 9 11 1 Ohio Tesrs ot Scholosric Achievement Pornciponrs Row 1 G Rhodes, J Cook J Ryon Row 2 I Altic, M Voil, M Mobis. L Toylor, L Toylor Row 3 D Derek. C Loyton. C Klimo. M Koenn, D. Longordni A Mornn. C Donks Row 4 D Goetz, J Ducklond, D Adorns, L Leinord. 5. Ovi Meredith Wow 5 T K Cook, C Longotdner 2 English Tests Porricjponis Row 1 C Klimo. A Martin. L Taylor Row 2 C Longordner. D Goetz, L Lemord, L Hohn 3. Foreign Longuoge Tests Poriiciponts Row 1 C Loyton. L Toylor, M Veil Row 2 D Longordner, M Koenn, C Donks 4 Moth Tests Porriciponis Row 1 T Altic, D Derek, M Meyer Row 2 J Cook. D Adams, 5 Overmyer. J Ryon 5 Science Tests Pornciponrs Row 1 P Rosey, M Mobis, J Jordan Row 2 G Rhodes. P Rogers, W Mendirh History and Sociol Studies Tesrs Porticiponts Not Pictured S Sillimc , L Hohn. P Rogers, M. Meyer, myer, J. Jordan. P Rosey. W. , J Ducklond, T Cook Student Council Row 1: C. Klimo, S. Reinhort, M. Snider, T. Gross, J. Darker, K. Cook, L. Bosflemon, Row 2: C. Bonks, T. Rosey, R. Ott, C. Hughes, P. Scoby, T. Thomos, G. Nopier, T. Overmeyer, A. Derek. Future Teacher of America Row 1: D. Hopkins, M, Weotherheod, D. l3ucklond, P. Scliuhort, A. Derek. Row 2: R. Puckerf, D. Mobis, C. Huglies, K. Liclify, T. Thomos, L. Gill, 5. Pendergrosf. Row 3: D. Meyer. N. Longordner, S. Foster, C. Brandenburg, D. Phillips, 5. Ross, T. Whit- comb, C. Woodcox, L. Puckett. Row 4: B. Over- myer, P. Rogers, 5. Snyder, T. Figert, T. Toylor, A, Derek, M. Mobis, B. Goetz, D. Lucos. Row 5: K. Birkhold, H. Depew, C. Shuherk, L. Culler, L. Brandenburg, J. Reinhart, P. Scoby, M. Derek, L. Meyer. Row 6: T. Cook, T. Funk, G. Mobis, J. Foster, F. Meyer, T. Korfokrox. National Honor Society Row 1: J. Bueklond, D. Adams, Mr. Foster. Row 2: C. Longordner, L. Leinord, F. Meyer. A. Fry, D. Whetstone, T. Cook. Yearbook Row 1: T. Cook, 5. Kline, 5. Snyder, T Toylor, T. Figert, A. Derek, L. Leinord, C Porrish, P, Scoby, J, Reinhorr, M. Derek, Row 2: J. Foster, T. Funk, M, Longordner, D Goerz, J. McCoin, A. Derek Row 3: G. Mobis, L. Culler, K. Birkhold, E. Noll, D. Derek, T, Bosrelmon 1 Kim working on ods 2 Gory trying to put the eords in the right order 3 Borbie ond Johnetre working on layouts 4 Susie deep in thought Scholastic Bowl Team Row 1: Advisor: Mrs. Defmon, L. Taylor, D. Goefz, D. Lucas, C. Loyton, J. Jordon Row 2: J. Cook, G. Mabis, D. Dunder- mon, T. K. Cook, T. Funk, K. Dirkhold, C. Longordner, D. Mobis NOT PiaURED: Advisor: Mrs. Buchhop, A. Fry, C. Klimo, M Koenn, D. Longordner 2. Mrs. Buchhop, Advisor 3. Curr, Dorb, Tony, and Todd before the gome 4. No, Tony rhot looks more like o centipede to me. 5. Denise gives a pep talk before the final gome. 6. " Remember, Todd, don ' t onswer before you ' re recognized " The Scholastic Teom porticipoted In 3 meets this yeor. F esulrs of the double elimination GMC Scholastic Bowl Meet held here are os follows: 1st Hicksville 4 wins losses 2nd Antwerp 4 wins 2 losses 3rd Holgore 2 wins 2 losses Firsr and Second Teom Seleaions Tony Funk 140 points Todd Cook 130 points Curt Longordner 90 points Antwerp was defeated by Hicksville in the fourth gome, but come back and beot Edgerron, Wayne Trace Fair- view, and Hoigate. In the finol motch, Hicksville slipped post Antwerp with o score of 145-120 for first place Total Points Eorned by Eoch School In GMC Meet Antwerp 930 Hicksville 835 Ayersville 360 Hoigote 415 Edgerton 285 TInoro 150 Foirview 495 Woyne Troce 350 Antwerp also participated in the Hicksville Invitational and come bock with the 2nd place trophy. The last meet the team participated in was the single elimination Crestview Invitotionol Here, Antwerp wos defeoted by LIncolnview In their first motch. Chemistry Bowl Team 1. L. Leinord, T. Cook, K. Dirkhold, T. Funk 2. Row 1: H. Schenkel, C. Morlin, R. Mortin, G. Colwell, G. Loyfon. Row 2: T. Collins. 5. Shaffer, D. Adorns, D. Arend, C. Klimo, J. Ryon, J, Cook Row 3: D, Lucas, B. Goetz, D. Derek, C. Bonks, J. Jordon, S. Overmyer, T. Funk Row 4: P, Srorr, P. Fuik, K. Birkhold, T. Cook NOT PiaURED: G. Mobis, R. ReinhorT, L. Taylor, L. Toylor The Moumee Volley of Professional Engineer ' s Morhemofics Conresf wos held on January 8rh or the Defionce Col- lege. Following is a lisr of students who placed in this conresf. 7rh Grade Math Tomi Collins 12th Gary Loyton 15th [Robert Martin 16th Heidi Schenkel 18th 6rh Grade Marh Paul Starr 1st Potty Fulk 7th David Arend 9th Chris Morlin 14th Greg Colwell 19th Suzanne Shoffe r Algebra 20th 5uson Overmyer 2nd Jeff Cook 3rd Cindy Bonks 7th Joni Jordan 11th Laura Taylor 13th Lisa Toylor Geometry 15th Donna Adorns 12rh Beth Derek 14th Corolyn Klimo 17th Ad ponced Alg ebra Borboro Goetz 4th Denise Lucos 10th Rita Reinhorr Senior Moth iah Todd Cook 4th Tony Funk 9th Gory Mobis 16th Keirh Birkhold 18th Moumee Volley Moth Teom Good Times and Friends Go Together Memories Lost Forever Junior High Dr. Ferdon is congroruloring rhe Spelling Dee winner, Ton- nie Rorhgeb, and runner-up Lonnerte Dosreimon. Tonnie wQS the 1983 Paulding County Spelling Dee Champion. 8th Grade Class of ' 87 CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer — Lea Ann Hitt V. President — Stacy Rhinehart President — Matt Snider Secretary — Elizabeth Cook Missy Bute Woody Clevenger Greg Colwell Elizabeth Cook Amy Coughlin Down Doll Pom Edwards Kris Farnswortti Jim Forr Adam Froley Michele Fulk Potty Fulk Cory Geyer Missy Geyer Randy Gibson Tonyo Gill Kip Gire Ed Hohn James Herber Leonn Hitt Stacy Hook Todd Hormonn Mike Humborger Eric Jocl son Terry Kelly Amy King Jim Kizer Cindy Klimo Mike Knopp Bob Knorr Sreve Kortokrox Shelly Kunesh Nodene Leakey Monre Lee Toni Leinord Kim Logon Brock Luginbill Chris Morlin Royce Mortenies Sherry McCoin Pot Meyer Don Mickelson Trocey Miller Tod Pendergrosf Sandra Phillips Travis Philpot Scoff Pier Jim Reinhorf Sfacy Rhinehorf Dean Risfer Chrisfy Robbins Tionne Rose Sfocy Ross Tonnie Rofhgeb Andrew Sonfos Noncy Sowyer Jeff Schroeder Suzi Shoffer Bill Sharp Moff Snider Terry Spryn Poul Sforr Kipp Toylor Michelle Wolker Heofher Wolferburg Amy Whetsfone Jon Wisniewski 111 7th Grade Class of ' 88 CLASS OFFICERS: President — Rodney Gill V. President — Tracy Gross Treasurer — Angela Warner Secretary — Laura Huebner Lyn Begley Scorr Berenyi Tonya Boneron Vendy Burns Tomie Collins Jenny Conley Kelly Cook Down Corrrell Shelio Cotrrel! KellieCox Scon Cromwell Sreve Depew Lorry Eichel Scorr Donnell Donno Elston Terri Gerig Holly Geyer Rodney Gill Trocy Gross Soro Hommond DovidHorp Not Picured. Danny Mendez Kimberly Windel Kelly Zortmon Tina Hartmon Vickie Hilton William Hicks Scon Hudson LoufO Huebnet Bill Jividen Scott Koufmon Michelle Knopp Leonne Kneppet Jeff Pierce Lisa Relyeo Cossondro Riggers Heidi Schenkel Scott Schilb Jerl Schlegel Pot Sensabough Cindy Sharp Mike Smith Condi Stevenson Pom Stumphy Pot Swonn Stocy Toylor Jim Terwilliger Shelly Tinkhom Lynnette Tuto Connie Underwood Tom Wonn Foyette Wolker Angelo Warner David Woodcox Go - Go Beat ' em. Defeat ' em! Jr. High Girls ' Basketball 1 8rh grode girls Row 1 - L Hitt. K Coonrod, 5 Kunesh, N Sawyer, M Butte, L Dostelmon, A, Whetstone Row 2 - P Fulk, E Cook, J Wisniewski, C Merlin, H. Woltenburg, M Drinnemon, C. Klimo, Coach Mundt 2, 7th grade girls Row 1 - H. Schenkel, 5 Tinkhom, S. Ham- mond, K, Lichty, P. Stumphy Row 2 - W, Herber, C Riggers, J Conley, M Knopp, K. Cook, L. Huebner, Coach Olwm 3, Dr. Cook, I presume? 4, Whet ' s the matter Cin, did she forget to use her Dial? Jr. High Boys ' Basketball 1.1-2-0 Kick!! 2. Don ' t trip over the boll ' 3. Row 1: M. Smith, T Miller. R. Gill Bornhouse, D. Mendez, P. Swon, T. Koppenhofer, 5 Schilb Row 2; 5 Berenyi, J. Dorker, 5. Cromwell, D Phillips, J Pierce, 5 Depew, T. Ashbough 4. Row 1: T Hormonn, P Starr, K. Geyer S Drodbury, 5. Pier, D, Mickelson, 5. Kortokrox, K. Toylor, P,. Gibson Row 2: T Pendergrost, M. McKeever, M. Snider, Cooch Stollkomp, M, Humborger, E. Hohn, B. Luginbill 5. Whot ' s so interesting, guys? 1. What ' s going on girls? 2. Cheer ' em on Kelly! 3. 8rh grade Cheerleoders — Angela Worner Kelly Cox Tonyo Dor- terin, Holly Geyer, Down Cottrell 4. Show your stuff girls! 5. 7rh grode cheerleoders — Row 1: Amy King, Chris bobbins, Stocey Reinhort. Toni Leinord: Row 2: Down Doll, Amy Dowers Junior High Chorus Junior High Bond Directed by Mr. Todd ■■X " Jr. High Girls ' Troci 1. Row 1: C. Robbins, A. Coughlin, A. Whetstone P Fulk C Morlin S Hommond, L. Huebner Row 2: C. Klimo, L. Dostelmon. H, Woltenbutg, M Fulk, L. Wisniewski, T Collins, M, Knopp, T. Dotteron, 5. Tinkhom, H Schenke! Row 3: 5, Kunesh, K, Lichty, W. Burns, T. Bernard, L. Tuto, P Stunnphy, D. Cofterll 2 Hurry up, BostelmonI!! A picture of Determinotion 4. VAROOM! VAROOM! Here I go!! 5 Whoi ' s the motter, girls? Jr. High Boys ' Track 1 Row 1: T Pendergrost. R. Gili, M Humborger, M Snider, E Hohn, T Hormonn, P Meyer, K Geyer, D. Luginbili, 5 Pier Row 2: P. Gibson, J Pierce. M, Smirh, S Derenyi, 5 Koppenlnofer, T Dornl-iouse, 5 Scliilb, P. Sforr, Cooch Schilb Row 3: J Reinliorr, J, Borl er, R. Morrinez, D Mendez, J. Terwilleger, S, Knopp, P Swan, C Geyer 2, Run, Eddie, Run! 3, I think I con, I thinly I con, I tliink 4, Don ' t look now, but I think you ' re being followed, 5, Tired, guys ' Junior High Goodtimes ■ i:i 1 titv- ' - ' t- ' i i: i:: 4 a „ « Elementary Kindergarten: Mrs. Loukhuf Mrs Neidhordr First Grode: Mrs. Smith Mrs. Dowers Mrs. Derek Second Grode: Mrs. Friend Mrs. Porrett Third Grode: Miss Gordon Mrs. Webb Mrs. Luginbill Teachers Moke the Difference Fifth Grode: Mr. Seely Mrs. Seely ,. Mr. r ex f " 2IP Sixth Grade: 1 l ' 3 Mrs. Drotherton 1 1 -C ' Mr. Snyder Mrs Dirkhold i Music; Mrs. Mobley Physicol Educorion: Mr. Olwin Chopter I Reoding: Mrs. Kommeyer Resource Teachers: Miss Richordson Mrs Davis Not pictured: Mrs Wolloce Speecti Clinicion: Mrs McGrath Working Together to Moke It Better! Aides: Mrs, Noll Mrs Meyer Mrs. Geyer Mrs. West 1. Mr. Dogley with the spelling bee champs, Jill Sforbuck, winner, and Ken Kemerer, runner-up 2. Mrs. Wallace talking with Mrs. Deemer, Poulding Co. School Psychologist 3. Mrs. Pemberron, Poulding Co. Enrich- ment Coordinotor 6th Grade Brian Abbot Charles Addis Keith Allen Borboro Arend Victorio Doiley Kimberly Botes Debro Bender Kristy Berryhill Melisso Bogerr John Brenneke Travis Drinnemon Nicole Bruick Lorry Corr Doniel Cline Jeffery Cline James Coil Tino Collins Joyce Copsey Douglas Corwin Amy Cromwell Johnny Davis Tony DeLong Christine Dix Matt Doll Kenneth Froley Tom Friend Dovid Fry Dennis Getrosf Jeni Grobionowski Angelo Griggs M 31 Andrew Hohn Tony Hohn Kyle Holler David Mitt Jeff Holt Cris Hopkins Joson Hormon Wendy Huebner Sonjo Humborger Laura Hunt Amy Jordan Wendy Kaufman Nicholas Kelble Kenneth Kemerer Jored Kennedy Moryo Kruth Jerry Kunesh Annette Longhom Lerlcio Leinord Debro Lilly Croig Longordner f © ft ' A f Brad Lucos Tern McNobb Michoel Meyer Donna Miller Jeffery Minck Chod Moliror Joni Molitor Heidi Myers Cindy Murlin Rachelle Nelson Jill Ookes Gabriel Oberlin Jennifer Pier Rondy Pierce Shown Powell Michoel Reinhorf Tina Rice Michoel Richhorf Jennifer Ritch Michelle Rose Howie Sensobough Chorlie Seslor Dovid Shidler Tera Shull Julie Slone Michoel Smirh Jill Sforbuck Dill Steffes Andrew Tobor Tommy Thompson Joe Trzynko Mork VonCleve Deonno Wenzlick Doniel Wesr Michael Wefli 5th Grade Joneon Adoms Lisa Archley Yvonne Bouer Krisfy Derryhill Pom Brandenburg Rebecca Drenneke Korrino Bosrelmon Mike Bute Chorles Compbell Leslie Carpenfer Chod Clevinger Janeon Coil Julie Cook Joey Copsey Nor pictured: Jason Loyton 127 Den Coronado Mitchell Cottrell KendrQ Detmon (Xichort Forr Stacy Feasby Vicky Froiey Mott Hopkins Kelly Hook Anisso Humborger April Hunt Amy Kennedy Ty Koppenhoter Denjomin Oberlin Tim O Donnell Kelly Osborn Rebecco Owens Tim Overmyer John Phillips P.USS Pierce Andy Reinhorr Chod bobbins Jason F oehrig Tony Ruiz Roger Sanders Joson Soylor Rebecco Schenkel Vickie Shorp Rob Scott Brett Shepherd Dennis Steele Donnie Stevenson Mike Stuck Trocie Thomos i J) Amondo Tracy Todd Voncleve Heoth Woltenburg Roxonne Waters 4th Grade O Potty Arend Liso Doir Wode Bolser Toro Dennett Dovid Doger Steve Bowers Chris Bragg Shown Brewer Tina Dryon Bridgett Canterbury Peter Cline Troy Collins Lori Cook Down Croft Becky Culler Tommy Culler Jeromy Delong Brian Dix Don Dundermon Heather Eichel Shone Fornsworth Steve Friend Kevin Fulk Terri Gilpin Andrea Gordon Amy Gront Dorboro Hort Becky Hess Joshuo Holmon Matt Hermann Virginia Jackson Chad Jones Melonie Jump Kim Kelley Shori Kemerer Robby King Shawn Knopp Deone Koch Todd Lilly Not pictured: Scott Coonrod 3rd Grade Kevin Logon Michele Luginbill Kim Monsfielde Melissa Mendez Jeff Miller Steve Pier Srephonie Provon Michoel Provines Eric Reeb Joson Reeb Tommie Rice Tono Rickord Sfiodo Sobo Koreno Sonros Heother Scouren Shorlo Shoffer Nicole Shoner Melisso Shorp Dorry Shepherd Jenny Smith Mary Ann Steffes Mike Stevens Kevin Stuart Denji Wolley Scott Worner Dvi ain Wenzlick Aoron West Cindy Wiesehon Michael Oorker Robert Degley Alan Dennett Jomo Dennett Drion Dowers Jenny Carr Joson Corpenter Monico Cottrell Scott Cottrell f obby Culler Craig Doeger Travis Delong Christen Depev Heoth Dodone f . U i ! sii m ■n Jon Dundermon David Fornsworth Dovid Fisher Denjomin Friend Robby Gerlien Chod Geyer Angela Glossey Krisren Gross Crissy Hicks Angelic Huss Michelle Monello Jason Meodor Cheryl Meyer Jenny Meyer Kelly Miller Grerchen Molitor Danielle Murlin Fredrick Osheskie Stocie Peter Tracy Richards Alex Ruiz Alexander Santos Wendy Schenkel Ronold Schroeder Steven Smith James Storbuck Jennifer Storbuck Steven Steele Jennifer Stetler Holly Todsen Johnette Todsen Not pictured: Jomes Rothgeb Not Pictured: Kristy Carpenter Drod Grant Melisso Toylor Stuart Toylor Elizobeth Trzynko Potrick Vail Chad West Down Whitehouse Korl Wilhelm Scott Wolf Eriko Zortmon 2nd Grade Elizobeth Doir Johnny Donks Melisso Bossett Heidi Boger Jenny Bowling n Gabriel James Eric Jordon Joel Kommeyer Jennifer Kelley Kris Knight Jennifer Knuth Lynette Koch Beth Moliter Aimee Murlin Nothoniel Nixon Josh Overnnyer Rochelle Pierce Donold Provon Jessico Romsier Billy Reinhorr Joey Reyes Benjamin R,ohdy Michoel Shepherd Je remy Snyder Jason Stiebling PoulQ Wiesehon Not Pictured: Peter Wonn Eric Rifch ifs. 1st Grade Jeremy Addis Jason Bonks Tomi Bennett Greg Billmon Corolyn Bowers Douglas Boylon Melissa Burdine Shone Clevinger Jerry Conley Amy Cook Brondy Coon Somuel Coronodo Stephen Croft Amondo Cromwell Nothoniel Doeget fi Douglos Deoringer II Matt Detmon Jennifer Dundermon Amy Eokon Amy Eccard Kim Froley Amber Frederick Jeffery Friend Cory Foster Shown Hozelswort Jennifer HIcov John Huss Andrew Jordon Lindo Koch Jon Kreischer Mory Lodd Shannon Layton Eric Leininger Shone Litzenburg Noah Long Soroh Luglnblll Nor Pictured: Coofield Jomie Amondo Cromwel Rosendo Puenfe Kindergarten Corrie Alfic Steven Dechol Cohrles Blevins Joseph Dowersox Tom Dowersox Donielle Bowling Gregg Doylon Erico Drenneke Chris Brown Melony Burdine Joson Cornohon Mondy Coughlin Regon Clem Michoel Dovenport Elizobeth Detmon Tommy Dix Eric Dundermon Jeremy Dundermon Drod Eccord Cord Ehrhorf Mike Elston 134 Jonothon McCreery Chod McKeever David Mendez April Miller Morcy Jo Minck Lourie Myero Kori Overmyer Shone Owens Timothy Ponico Lisa Porrish Kori Poyton Corey Reeb Soro Keeb Saro Fornsworth Christopher Friend Nicole Friend Christen Fulmer Condius Johnson Joime Gerig Chorlofte Gordon Todd Griggs Myro Gross Jason Homrick Not Pictured: Angel Fetters Donielle Glossey Joson MocDonold Pomelo Mortin Chorlie McGuire Melisso Messmon Drondi Miller Morio Moliter Ginette Myers Doniel Newbouer Benjomin Noll JoCee Ott Kelley Peters Denjomin Roger Drion Reinhorr Matthew [Rodriguez Heother Rosebrock Andrew Ruiz Lupe-Jo Santos Molindo Sowyer Ronald Scott David Scouten Susan Seslor Joshua Shaffer Christopher Shuherk Courtney 5hull P,ornald Slottery Sera Smith Good Times Growing-Up 1 Donny Cline 2 Joson Hormonn, Andy Hohn 3. 5th and 6fh grode singers 4, Leod Chorocters Dock - D West, K Holler, M Wetii, A. Cromwell, D, Cline Front - A Hohn, A Jordon 5. Mike Werii, Amy Jordon 6, 4th groders 6th Grade Operetta 1. Row 1 - K. Derryhill, T. Shull, G. Oberlin, J. Holt Row 2 - D. Miller, M. Rose, J. Copsey, L. Hunt, K. Dotes, W. Koufmon, A. Griggs 2. Row 1 - J. Slone, C, Dix, T. McNobb, T. Collins Row 2 - C. Hopkins, V. Doiley, B. Luces. C. Murlin, 5. Humborger, M. Knuth, N. Bruick, D. Lilly 3. Amy Cromwell 4. Row 1 - J. Holt, K. Kemmerer, J. Mormon, J. Loyton. M. Doll, A. Hohn, J. 5torbuck, J. Gro- bionowski, T. Ttiompson 1. Main Choroaers: Top to Donom — Pinocchio: E. Zortmon, GepetfO: S. Steele, Chcket: 5. Cottrell, Fox: A. Bennett, Cot: 5. Petets 2. Woodsmen: Row 1 — S, Wolf, A. Ruiz, S. Knight, J. Corpentet, J. Longord- ner. Row 2 — C. Doeget, D. Fornswotth, J. Meodot, S. Smith. Row 3: M. Woodruff, T. Richards 3. Clowns ond Dolls ; Row 1 — J. Todsen, M. Monello, H. Todsen, C. Hicks, E. Ttzynko. Row 2 — D. Whitehouse, K. King, K. Gross, M. Cottrell, C. Meyer 4. Cornivol: Row 1 — J. Lockhorf, R. Gerken, J. Klender, J. Johnson, T. Wilhelm, Row 7 — 1. Storbuck, A. Glossey, J. Bennett, S. Toylor, D. Murlln. Row 3 — K, Miller, J, Jones, R. Culler, J. Meyer 5. Soldiers and Drummers: Row 1 — D. Fisher, T. Wilhelm, A. Sontos, J. Keever, M Kizer Row 2 — J. Storbuck, B. Friend, J. Rothgeb, B. Begley, T, Knopp 6. Poloce: Row 1 — T DeLong, J. Keever, M. Klzer, T. LIchty. Row 2 — M. Barker. B. Bowers, J. Dunderman, C Geyer. Row 3 — A. Lucos, J. Corr, C. Depew. W. Schenkei, M. Taylor 7. Forest Men ond Women: Row 1 — J. Stetler, C. West, H. Dodone, P. Voll. Row 2 — J. Klimo, A Huss. G Molitor, T, Leininger Mini Archer Basketball 1. Row 1: T. Hohn, R. Pierce, C. Hopkins, J. Drennel e Row 2: M. Smith, Cooch Detmon 1. Row 1: D. Gerrosr, D. Lucas, D. West, D. Hin, G. Oberlin Row 2: K. Kemerer, Coach Dowers, H. Sensobough 3. Row 1: D. Corwin, T. DeLong, J. Cline, D. Cline, J. Davis Row 2: A. Hohn, J. Hornnann, J. Loyton, Coach Walters 4. Row 1: C. Clevenger, A. Monello, D. Shepherd Row 2: J. Phillips, T. Koppenhofer, J. Rohrig, D. Steele 5. Row 1: M. Doll, D. Fry, C. Molitor, M. Meyer, J. Kennedy Row 2: Coach Stollkomp, M. VanCleve 6. Coach F. Lichty, M. Hopkins, E. Gillespie, J. Soylor, T. O ' Donnell, R. Scott Move Over We ' re Coming Up! 1 Row 1 - R Pierce, A. McCain Row 2 - H, Waltenburg, C. Compbell, T. VanCleve, M. Dure 2. Row 1 - T. Overmyer. M. McNobb, 5. Lockhort Row 2 - Coach R,, Miller, R,, Lokey, M. Sruck, T. Ruiz 3. Row 1 - 5, Pier, A. West, S. Pier Row 2-1. Reeb, T. Lilly, D Wolley Row 3 - Coach Stollkomp 4. Row 1 - 5 Knopp, D. Wenzlick, D. Doger, K, Logon Row 2 - B. Sheperd, C. Jones, R, King, K, Fulk, Cooch Dundermon 5. Row 1 - M. Ponico, S, Bowers, 5. Brewer, 5. Warner Row 2 - Coach J. Rhonehouse, C. Bragg, M. Stevens, Cooch G Rhonehouse 6. Row 1 - B Payron, J, Holmon, 5. Fornsworrh, F. Osheskie Row 2 - M. Hormonn, W Bolser, D. Dundermon, Cooch Bolser I gpMMM 0S I H 3 1 § 9 VT i mm.. 1 T . f 1 1 % Mini Lady Archers 1 Row 1 - C, Murlin, K Dates, H, Myers Row 2 - A Longhom, D. Lilly, D Arend. Coach Drondenburg 2. Row 1 - N Druick, A Jardon, T Collins Row 2 - Coach Hughes, J, Grabionowski, 5 Humborger, T. Leinord 3. Cooch Hortman 4. Row 1 - T, Shull, C. Dix, K Derryhili Row 2 - Cooch Overmyer, W. Huebner, L. Hunt, M. Knuth, J, Pier 5. Row 1 - P. Brondeburg, J, Gire Row 2 - Cooch Walk, A. Hunt, A. Humborger, D. Brenneke, Coach Leinord 6. Row 1 - A, Kennedy, T. Goston, J. Cook Row 2 - Cooch Banks, R, Woters, L Atchley, K, Detmon, Coach Rosey 7 Row 1 - Y Bauer, A. Trocey, K. Bostelmon Row 2 - Cooch Rosey, 5, Feosby, 5, Loker, J. Wilhelm, Cooch Rhonehouse Hf EisA • ' -- lf ic k sm B fi Uj-ataA.- ' fj ' JK • ' C -j . Results of the day were not ovoiloble ot the time of publicotion. -JSiVCizaSTCiCv- We Give It Our Best! EHRHART STUDIO All Yearbook Photography Compliments of Ehrhart Studio Professional Photography " Since 1907 " Portraits Weddings Seniors Family Groups Phone 258-7952 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 147 THE WEATHERHEAD DIVISION OF DANA CORPORATION ANTWERP PLANT ....„, . f,« -- ■■-mmii° ' i " i • " ' ' ' ™« ' i WEATNfiiHfiAO omsiOM DAIIA OAMA CORPORATION Congratulations 1983 Seniors! u iS ■1 I ■O 0) -o O U c ■o o ■ « ? £ r • o =5 f -Q » c c 2 -D « sg.i 15 E » t! -o " 3 I 2 S " 0) n 2 I ! .£ - (0 w i s» " i« so u w o o •• E S o .S o o C -D O C S (0 W M ■= c 3 0) O m OC SI .- 5 3 5 = " i " - BQ 0 .? -2 s i i E .2 s « 1. n S o S o 0) c S u. (0 3 a. S .5 er 0) ts 5 « ,S " a a j£ £0)0 CO o o -2 I •: u o a, « O " m o n o a « 2 " 5 2 .£t3 M 1. C S « (B CO ;s •= n a ca M 3 2 E 3 s; fl» — — J. W B a Mi n M o . Q. M o CO lU iH o o 3 op: 1 o 1 1- (0 . H = V " O (0 z CA C oB ■o c c (1) OC " 5 0) 5: (A 0) 3 »- C o 1 3 (0 £ s C ai 3 flC UJ X 0) c ' a- CO T- o o 1 (A 3 ■o A o O l a a M c o £ n S u S 12 11 If 22 X (0 I 3 O X H XI UJ w £ o 1- c « 3 Z o c o (S Z zi c c o o WO) O 3 O c c O O A c e -1 . a c c a a UJ ZZ HICKSVILLE ANTWERP GRAIN SHELL COMPANY STATION r- = Motor Tune-Ups A ' r ? Brake Repair r U CI 1 Toro Lawn Mowers wd N C L Lv s ' C ' ?; ' ;¥ West River Street Antwerp, Ohio Phone (419) 542-6287 Phone 258-8511 Hicksville, Ohio Keith Williams NOAH YOD ER FORD M £ s 405 W. High St. Hicksville, Ohio Phone: (419) 542-8217 WILSON ' S POLAR CONE " Home of the Polar " Eat In-Carry Out Phone 399-3930 Route 127 North Edge of Paulding ml a VROWARE BOUNDYHARDWARE 109 W. Perry St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 " We Fill Your Needs " Tru-Test Paints Sporting Goods Store Phone: 399-4791 FRY ' S PHARMACY 100 N. Williams Paulding, Ohio 45879 DIETRICH INDUSTRIES INC. R. E. GORMAN INSURANCE AGENCY 761 W. High P.O. Box 265 Hicksville, OH 43526 100 N. Coupland Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-2881 HICKSVILLE BANK YOUR INDEPENDENT BANK Hicksville, OH Phone: 419 — 542-7726 Phone: (419) 542-7781 POP ' N BREW DRIVE THRU ' Come in your car and shop as you are ' 101 N. Main Antwerp, Ohio Route 24 West Antwerp, Ohio 45813 258-4311 A W DRIVE-IN Visit Our New in-Store Bakery and Pizza Shop! KAMMEYER ' S Phone 258-7842 Antwerp, Ohio Congratulations Seniors! FRIEND FURNITURE AND FLOORING Furniture — Draperies — Davis Paints Wallpaper — Floor Coverings Upholstery H W AUTOMOTIVE PARTS, INC. Antwerp, Ohio Phone 419 — 258-8081 Electrical — Contractor Design and Installation 568 W. High St. Hicksville, Ohio (419) 542-8300 KADUK ELECTRIC INC. Visit our stores in Antwerp, Hicksville, Edgerton and Grabill, Ind. Machine Shop Service HON. Maple Hicksville, Ohio THE ANTWERP EXCHANGE BANK i -Vs- Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Phone — 258-5351 Member FDIC 107 West Dagget Antwerp, Ohio ANTWERP AUTO PARTS TEMPERED GLASS SPECIALISTS AND T.G.S. SYSTEMS Divisions of Rhonehouse Associates, Inc. R R STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 108 E. Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio 419 — 399-2046 Photography By Roger Strable MAUMEE VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 201 E. High St. Hicksville, Ohio 43526 VILLAGE PARTY STORE — CARRY OUT Hicksville, Ohio 542-6549 LEINARD CHEVROLET SALES THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS 145 N. Main St. Antwerp, Ohio HARVEST INN N. Main Payne, Ohio Sunday — 7:00 — 4:00 p.m. Monday — Sat. — 5:00 — 8:00 p.m. SHAFFER HARDWARE GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Antwerp, Ohio ZIELKEFARM SERVICE When Service Counts — You can count on us. Antwerp, Ohio Phone — 258-2559 Custom Application Chemicals Seeds Fertilizer PAYNE SHELL SERVICE HELL; " Front End Alignment N. Main St. Payne, Ohio SHADOW BEAUTY SALON Phone — 258-3183 Paula — Susie — Rudie Antwerp, Ohio m OHIO GLASS DEPOT " See us for all your glass needs. " 114 West Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 Good Luck to the Class of 1983 PAYNE PHARMACY Emergency — 263-2259 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! MICKELSON ' S UPHOLSTERY 501 West River Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 FOR UPHOLSTERING and CUSTOM — BUILT FURNITURE LEINARD TRAILER COURT Route 2 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Phone: 258-6003 LANGHAM ' S BODY SHOP 102 Cleveland Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 STAHL-PHLIPOT " Paulding County Insurance Center " 113 North Main Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-3777 HESS PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL 523 South Erie Box 645 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Phone: 258-7552 HOOKER INSURANCE SERVICES P.O. Box 427 Payne, Ohio 45880 PAULDING — PUTNAM L.SMITH and ELECTRIC CO-OP SON, INC. R. R. 3 Box 1810 Buick Main Street Paulding, Ohio 45879 Pontiac Antwerp, Ohio CMC Trucks Phone: 399-5025 The Oldest Buick OWNED BY THOSE WE SERVE Dealership in the U.S.A. 155 ANTWERP INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 307 S. Main P.O. Box B Antwerp, Ohio 45813 General Insurance ■■ I 1 . 1 1 1 1 1.1.1 jSa ANTWERP HARDWARE We ' re The Problem Solvers 209 South Main St. Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Donald H. Smith Owner, Manager CLINE ' S SUPER VALU Open 7 days a week 117-119 Wendell Avenue Hicksville, Ohio 43526 RUSKAUP ' S JEWELRY Complete " in-store " Repair Service Phone — 258-3022 ED ' S PARK STATION CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! KENNEDY TRENCHING EXCAVATING East Canal Street P.O. Box 409 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 PIN-A-RAMA LANES LET ' S BOWLI ANTWERP EQUITY EXCHANGE g g n tW TW t I Grain, Feed, Seed, t tJlli I 1 i y and Lawn and Garden mite ATTORNEY AT LAW COMPLIMENTS OF: PAYNE AUTO PARTS Floyd A. Ramsier and Family Antwerp, Ohio Mix Paint Farm Filters Turn Drums + Rotors TRY US FIRST! COMPLIMENTS OF: OASIS Antwerp Ohio S J YAMAHA INC. Snowmobiles and Motorcycles Antwerp, Ohio MARGARET ' S FLOWER GIFT SHOP Gift, Toys, and Cards, Flowers for all Occasions Antwerp, Ohio Phone: 258-4005 MOORE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE 419 — 263-2503 537 South Main Payne, Ohio 45880 Ooclgo easxsaasHati 1983 Yearbook Patrons WILLIAM S. BRICKER D.D.S. INC. 307 S. Cleveland St. Antwerp, Ohio SEARS 130 E. High St. Hicksville, Ohio SUGAR — N — SPICE 126 E. High St. Hicksville, Ohio VAN HORN SHOES 129 E. High St. Hicksville, Ohio THE VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Hicksville, Ohio BEN FRANKLIN STORES 108 N. Williams Paulding, Ohio DAVID R. HUGHES, D.C. " The Country Chiropractor " Box 1247 Rt. 2 Paulding, Ohio DEMUTH DEMUTH 110 E. Jackson Street Paulding, Ohio DON K. SNYDER M.D. RR 2 Box 1271 Paulding, Ohio FESSELS JEWELERS 116 N.Williams Paulding, Ohio MR. MRS. ANDY PANICO Antwerp, Ohio ANTWERP SALES — Used Cars and Repair Work South Main Antwerp, Ohio MOBLEY BARBER SHOP Antwerp, Ohio Charles R. Mobley lONE ' S BEAUTY SALON GIFT FABRIC SHOP Rt. 1 Antwerp, Ohio KLIP JOINT Antwerp, Ohio MARLIN ' S SUNOCO Rt. 24 West Fill Up At Phil ' s M B LAWN AND GARDEN Antwerp, Ohio MIKE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Main Street Antwerp, Ohio RAY ' S RESTAURANT Antwerp, Ohio S J CAFE P.O. Box 432 Antwerp, Ohio WALTER BAZALI, M.D. East River Street Antwerp, Ohio MOORES CLOTHING 101 E. Perry Paulding, Ohio NORMAN E. COOK — DAVID A. HYMAN 112 N. Water Paulding, Ohio SHISHLER INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 306 N. Main Paulding, Ohio SINN — LAUKHUF CO. 117 N. Main St. Paulding, Ohio PAULDING LUMBER 331 W. Jackson Paulding, Ohio PAULDING PROGRESS 113 S.Williams Paulding, Ohio 156 From the Editor This yearbook captures rhe essence of our learning experience ond memoroble events from rfie post scfiool year. Tfiese pic- tures will serve to remind us through the coming years of the goals and expectotions we hove set for ourselves. I would like to thank my staff, Mrs. Neidhordt ond my mom for their work and support. A special thanks goes out to Fritz Ehrhort for helping make this yearbook possible. Susan Kline 1963 Archer Editor f- ■ fUCSHXSXHMO . The End rA ' ' AW :fcerv

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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