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ARCHER 1981 Antwerp Local School Antwerp, Ohio EDITORS Annette Mabis Susan Kline BUSINESS MANAGERS Lori Warner Evan Nell STAFF Gitte Dauw Peggy Rogers Chris Beregzazi Karen (Schilb) Hitzeman Brad Dunderman Anita Derek Jim Foster Todd K. Cook Tony Funk Con Shuherk Tami Figert Tina Taylor Barb Overmyer ADVISOR Kathleen Neidhardt In Memoriam ir. Jack L. Whetstone Antwerp Elementary Principal Jack was a respected person who gave his all at school and in the community. He was a dedicated administrator and teacher, avid outdoorsman, and friend. We miss him! In Memoriam Class of 1985 ' Behind the cloud of sorrow lies a silver lining of memories. ' [2 Archer ' 82 Archer ' ro a u , ■V PWWIBI l iHJS 2 Archer ' W 4 - ? lie Jul ? J- f V 1 4 AS «•«» levin ' OnMovir, ' On Movin ' On Movin ' On J etitic. Scholastic Bow? len F GU d ' S ' ' : rcher Spirit Pro m a if Fa,r Futur jaar — On Movin ' On Movin ' On Movin ' On Mo- ball, Softball, Swimming F - ' - . Choir, ChSaX M f c ' 9 achers, Student G«S l ft. ' J Cc nig, Sweetheart n ™ ' . Span,sh c, t PPinr nr ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Organizations 7 Sport 19 Activities 51 Seniors ;...... 63 Underclass 90 Faculty 108 Elementary 123 Ads 145 ORGANIZATIONS ft:- ' J New Robes Make the Difference! During this past year the High School Choir has been very busy. This year, the choir pur- chased new robes and stolls. With the help of the Junior High Choir, the choral department was able to purchase a new stereo system. The A.H.S. Chorus has participated in many things this year. They have given many con- certs and participated in District Choir Con- test, receiving a superior rating. They went on to State Competition and received an average rating. Miss Simcox is very pleased with this year ' s happenings and results. 1. Robin Walk, accompanist 2. Karen (Schilb) Hitzeman and Chris Beregszazi, accompanist 3. Miss Amy Simcox, Choral Director 4. Choir sings out! 5. Sixteener ' s singing at the Christmas concert. 6. It takes concentration! Choir Bottom Row: T. Whitcomb, D. Smalley, D. Gallup, K. Humbarger, T. Seslar, E. Noll, T. Copsey, K. Hitzeman, A. Mabis. Second Row: C. Beregszazi, J. Foster, D. Cline, G. Mabis, D. Sensabaugh, T. Ogle, M. Ryan, B. Blalock, M. Shaner, A. Derek, P. Schuchart. Third Row: R. Walk, T. Walker, L. Carr, D. Tadsen, A. Koch, M. Mabis, M. Wolf, T. Powell, B. Derek, L. Stoller, A. Hilton. Absent from picture: B. Sigler, B. McHargue, L. Dorman, A. Beregszazi. Sixteeners Bottom Row: L. Stoller, C. Beregszazi, A. Mabis, E. Noll, G. Mabis, A. Derek, A. Mc- Cain, M. Mabis, E. Schenkel. Top Row: M. Ryan, T. Ogle, L. Carr, D. Whetstone, M. Shaner, K. Humbarger, A. Koch, A. Hilton. 1. Sing louder fellas! 2. Sixteener ' s in action! 3. You guys look like you ' re up to no good! « -|n «m. A. A M Jt A.A A ft. A JLi J Aj W ■ udK iuMa : iiA x:i A ARCHER MARCHING BAND Bottom Row, L. to R.: C. Leinard, M. Weatherhead, R. Brin neman, G. McCain, R. Swann, S. Schilb, J. Lambert, D. Dunder man, K. Lothamer, P. McCague. 2nd Row: B. Addis, R. Walk, K. Hitzeman, C. Hughes, L. Warner, T. Tinkham, J. Hartman, L Meyer, L. Culler, R. Wolf. 3rd Row: Bryan Deever, D. O ' Donnell, K. Moore, B. Goetz, D. Whetstone, A. Beregszazi, C. Klima, C. Parrish, 4th Row: T. Thomas, S. Hemrick, K. Derek, M. Mabis, K. Birkhold, D. Adams, S. Snyder, C. Banks. 5th Row: C Layton, K. Ottinger, D. Rogers, C. Beregszazi, N. Lothamer, L. Meyer, T. Thomas, J. Cross. 6th Row: J. McCain, T. Whitcomb C. Robbins, D. Lucas, B. Seslar, S. Betzer, E. Schenkel, T. Altic, C. Woodcox, M. Bute, D. Hopkins. 7th Row: D. Laukhauf, S Kline, B. Blalock, J. Rhonehouse, J. Taylor, K. Lichty, P. Rogers, D. Buckland, S. Ross, L. Gill. Top Row: R. Wilt, J. Franklin, D Parrett, B. Overmyer, R. Lothamer, L. Stoller, A. Hilton, T Figert, A. Derek. B. Sigler. Not Pictured: A. Mabis, K Humbarger. The Leaders of the Band. AHS BLUE LADIES Archer Guard: Annette Mabis, Tami Figert, Kim Humbarger, Lisa Stoller, Anna Hilton, Billie Sigler, Renee Lothamer, Eunice Schenkel. 1 . Taking time out to have fun. 2. What are you watching Lisa? 3. Swing those ponpoms! 4. Smile, Tami! 5. Lisa and Tami concentrate on the routine ip-k 1 v »- .— W JWBi y ' ■ ' w : . m iy ' r ' JB f » Rv 7$£ ■ . .- - . — Colorguard 1. The Final Pose. 2. Smile, Girls! 3. Time, energy and hard work. AHS Concert Band Seniors: Pat, Randy, Kevin, Dave, and Sharon. Seniors: Peggy, Jan, Julie, Lynn, and Chris Double Trouble! Tami looks so Thrilled. Archer Pep Band Are you two having fun? Seated, L. to R. 8th Grade Cindy Banks, J. Jordan, C. Mansfield, 1 1 th Grade G. Mabis, N. Lothamer, S. Pendergrast, 12th Grade M. McAlexander, L. Spryn, P. McCague, Standing L. to R. 7th Grade B. Luginbill, E. Hahn, S. Rhinehart, 9th Grade S. Balser, G. Napier, M. Weatherhead, 10th Grade C. Banks, M. Trznka, A. Derek Spirit Staff First Row, K. Hughes, C. Womack, B. Parret, V. Kitson, K. Rinehart, R. Rinehart, M. Williamson, Second Row, M. Scouten, D. Laukhuf, R. Fenton, L. Napier, T. Tinkham, P. Rogers, B. Larimore, Third Row Mrs. Detmon, K. Slusher, T. Colwell, S. Weatherhead, M. Bute, J. Taylor, C. Woodring, S. Hemrick Future Teachers of America Seated L. to R. M. Shaner, P. Shuchart, C. Bradford, L. Waner, M. Bute, A. Mabis, P. Rogers, K. Schilb, C. Beregszazi, K. Slusher, C. Shuherk, Standing, L. to R. M. Trznka, M. Sawyer, S. Snyder, T. Thomas, J. McCain, L. Spryn, J. Hahn, S. Weatherhead, J. Taylor, C. Woodring, B. Overmyer, T. Tinkham, K. Wiseman, R. Lothamer, C. Hughes, K. Lichty, L. Branderburg, T. Thomas, T. Kortokraz, A. DeLong, F. Meyer National Honor Society L. to R., J. Cross, J. Taylor, L. Waner, C. Bradford, R. Smalley, C. Womack, V. Kitson, K. Miller, Mr. Foster advisor Spanish Club First Row: Mrs. Buchop, Advisor, J. Rash, J. Savage, M. Weatherhead, L. Phillips, C. Leinard, D. Hopkins, J. Cross, S. Hemrick, Second Row: C. Windle, K. Kitzer, K. Scott, L. Spryn, D. Smalley, D. Meyer, D. ODonnel, S.Schilb, Third Row: M. McCain, T. Walker, C. Woodcox, D. Gallup, T. Copsey, G. Donat, C. Horman, R. Puckett, D. Dunderman, Fourth Row: T. Powell, R. Reinhart, D. Sawyer, R. Walk, S. Balser, A. Reinhart, A. Baumle, G. Napier, D. Longardner, Fifth Row: C. Hughes, K. Lichty, L. Culler, D. Adams, S. Woodring, M. Koenn, B. Goetz, T. Altic French Club Seated L. to R.: T. Cook, K. Wisman, C. Klima, A. Derek, E. Fish, C. Layton, J. Rhonehouse, M. Trzynka, D. Stevens, M. Woodling, M. Vail, D. Whetstone, L. Puckett, M. Derek, L. Leinard, L. Warner, Paul C, T. Funk, Mrs. Pier, Advisor mmlS ssk uki Yearbook Staff Seated L. to R. A. Mabis, T. Taylor, B Overmyer, C. Bradford, L. Warner, B Dunderman, Second Row A. Derek, S. Kline J. Foster, C. Shuherk, T. Cook, T. Funk Third Row Advisor Mrs. Neidhardt, G. Dauw K. Schilb, P. Rogers, C. Beregezazi Scholarship Team First Row P. Coromina, K. Miller, J. Cross, K. Kizer, B. Goetz, K. Scott, Second Row B. Dunderman, K. Funk, M. Koenn, D. Longardner, P. Rogers, D. Meyer, M. Vail, Third Row B. Derek, B. Sigler, L. Farr, T. Cook, T. Funk, G. Mabis Scholastic Bowl Seated R. to L. M. Koenn, D. Longarder, L. Leinard, B. Goetz, K. Humberger, C. Layton Second Row S. Silliman, K. Birkhold, T. Cook, T. Funk, C. Longarder SPORTS . ' • Archer Football Team Bottom Row. Left to Right: Coach Hartman, Craig Savage, J. Taylor, E. Mendez, B. Meyer, Coach Olwin 2nd Row. Left to Right: W. Davis, S. Weatherhead, K. Hughes, B. Dunderman, C. Womack, K. Slusher 3rd Row. Left to Right: T. Nighswander, F. Meyer, J. Hahn, D. Christlieb, G. Mabis, D. Meyer 4th Row. Left to right: T. Kor- tokrax, N. Longardner, T. Rasey, M. Ryan, T. Overmeyer, T. Ogle, D. Lambert 5th Row. Left to right: B. Hootman, D. Harp, R. Puckett 1. Senior Players 2. Coaches Bob Olwin and Mark Hartman 3. Returning Lettermen Ml ,44 65 Archers In Action 1 . The coaches watch carefully from the sidelines. 2. Wayne has the ball! 3. Captains: B. Meyer, E. Mendez, J. Taylor 4. The Line Up! 5. What a catch! 6. Where ' s the ball? Football 81-82 Football is hard work, but is well worth the time and energy put forth by the team. A team is not a team without the coaches and the fans. This year ' s season showed the progress made by the team with the guidance of the coaches and the enthusiasm of the fans. In three years, the team has gone from a 010 record, to a 5-5 record, and promises to get better with each growing season. The team will keep growing if the fans keep their level of enthusiasm growing too. 1. It takes team work 2- Concentration! 3. Get ' em Guys! 4. Wayne gets the ball 5. This can ' t be happening! ' ' 6. Archer team is coming through! 7. Don ' t sit down on the job, Craig! Liberty Center — L Edon — W Edgerton — L Ayersville — L Hicksville — W Fairview — L Hilltop — L Tinora — W Holgate — W Wayne Trace — W 1. Eddie ' s out front. 2. What a kick! 3. Touch Down! 4. Ready, Set, Qo! ■- ' .;. Varsity Volleyball Back Row, L. to R.: T. Clinton, M. Bute, T. Cottrell. L. Warner, L. Leinard, C. Parrish, M. Derek, T. Figert, Coach Mundt. Front: M. Sawyer, C. Hughes, P. Scoby, J. Reinhart, S. Snyder. 1. Captains: Cindy Hughes, Lori Warner 1. Set it high Cindy! 2. It takes team work girls! 3. Lorie Bumpin 4. Everybody ready! 5. Spike it hard Marcia! 6. Stay up Lana! 7. Good bump Lorie. Reserve Volleyball Back Row, L. to R.: D. Hopkins, M. Weatherhead, L. Phillips, J. Savage, A. Derek, Coach Mundt. Front: S. Balser, R. Reinhart, B. Overmyer, C. Leinard. Captains: Cindy Leinard, Barbie Overmyer. Bump, Set, Spike! 1. What a face, Lorie 2. Nice Bump, Julie! 3. Who ' s got it? 4. Don ' t look so surprised, Julie! 5. Concentration, Girls! 6. Marcia ' s got it, Pam! Archer Golf Team Golf is not only a game played to win, but it is a game played to show sportsmanship, skill and dedication. In the past year, the golf team certainly showed its capability in all of these. We hope that the golf teams to come will show the same behavior as this year ' s team. L. to R.: Mr. Hohenbrink, Steve Schilb, Nate Lothamer, Jonas Agren, Con Shuherk, Evan Noll, Keith Birkhold, Bobby Addis, Kurtis Lothamer, Gary Donat, Steve Bereyni, Jim Foster 5 JK iw 1. Con Shuherk 2. Kurtis Lothamer 3. Jim Foster 4. Bobby Addis r m K W 1 1 i ■ • ' 1. Nate Lothamer 2. Gary Donat 3. Keith Birkhold 4. Steve Berenyi 5. Steve Schilb 5. Evan Noll 7. Jonas Agren LADY ARCHER BASKETBALL Standing L. to R. M. Bute, S. Kline, L. Meyer, J. Cross, S. Hemrick, L. Leinard, L. Culler, C. Hughes, L. Meyer, L. Branden- burg, Kneeling L. to R. J. Rhonehouse, L. Phillips, C. Leinard, D. Longardner, S. Balser, J. Savage, M. Wheatherhead, B. Overmyer, Not Pictured P. Scoby, R. Walk, Coach Slattery Four Returning Seniors Go Big Blue 1 . Julie Cross — Sen. 2. Marcie Bute — Sen. 3. Pam Scoby — Jr. 4. Lynn Meyer — Sen. 5. The team getting last minute instruction 6. Cindy Leindar — Fresh. Varsity Schedule Continental — L Woodlan — L Montpelier — W Hilltop — L North Central — L Delphos Jefferson — L Edon — W Tinora — L Lincolnview — L Fairview — L Stryker — W Holgate — L Wayen Trace — W Kalida — W Paulding — L Ayersville — L Hicksville — W Archbold — L Edgerton — L Sectionals Ohio City — W Delphos St. John — L It Takes Teamwork 1. Follow your shot, Lana. 2. Way to jump, Lisa. 3. Don ' t elbow her, Joni. 4. Go up strong, Robin. 5. Hold onto the ball, Mary. It doesn ' t bite Archer Action Reserve Schedule Continental — L Woodlan — L Montpelier — W Hilltop — L North Central — L Delphes Jefferson — L Edon — W Tinora — W Lincolnview — W Fairview — L Stryker — L Holgate — W Wayne Trace — L Kalida — L Paulding — L Hicksville — L Archbold — L Edgerton — L 1. Lynne going for a Lay-Op 2. Play good defense Brandy 3. Marcia and Cindy 4. The Great Leinard Sisters 5. The team after beating Kalida 6. Nice follow through Julie VARSITY BASKETBALL L. to R.: S. Weatherhead, C. Womack, M. Williamson, F. Meyer, A. Delong, P. Coromina, B. Parret, K. Daeger, R. Billman, K. Slusher, Coach Kemerer Senior Players Guys in Action 1 . Come on guys, I can ' t stand here forever. 2. Oh no! Who took the net? 3. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 4. Wow! Look at him jump! 5. Senior Lettermen 6. Quit Shoving! Lincolnview — L Eastside — L Paulding — L Fayette — L Delphos Jefferson — W Continental — L Woodlan — L Tinora — L Crestview — L Fairview — L Holgate — L Wayne Trace — L Ayersville — L Liberty Center — W Hicksville — L North Central — W Edgerton — L Edon — L Ohio City — W Sectionals: Lincolnview — W St. John — L RESERVE BASKETBALL Back Row: Coach Hartman, D. Parret, D. Dunderman, T. Cook, D. Marlin, S. Lucas, C. Horman, R. Puckett, Front: B. Depew, R. Tadsen, B. Krutsch, D. Hammond, T. Copsey, F. Langham. 1 7- + No Kicking, Dave! Lincolnview — L Eastside — L Paulding — L Fayette — W Jefferson — L Continental — L Woodlan — L Tinora — L Crestview — L Fairview — L Holgate — L Wayne Trace — L Ayersville — L Liberty Center — W Hicksville — L North Central — W Edgerton — L Edon — L Ohio City — L AWARDS We All Have Proud Parents ARCHER BASEBALL Back Row L. to R.: D. Hammond, S. Weatherhead. J. Hahn, F. Meyer, C. Womack, B, Dunderman, B. Kmtsch, Coach Olwin. Front: B. Myer, T. Kortokrax. T. Nighswander, K. Hughes, J. Taylor, D. Laukhauf. 1 . Where ' s the ball, Tony? 2. Strike ' em out, Frank! 3. Stay ready for them grounders John. 1 . Watch for those balls, Craig! 2. Steve ' s ready to bat. 3. Which way are you going, Bruce? 4. Get ready, set, here comes the ball, Tony! 5. Stay ready, Kyle. 6. Concentration, Bruce. 7. Think hard on that ball, Jeff. VARSITY TRACK Kneeling L. to R. D. Cline, D. Cline, Petri, E. Fish, C. Layton, S. Balser, A. Fry, E. Mendez, D. Meyer, D. Harp, Second Row B. Kinsey, R. Puckett, S. Schilb, D. Sensabaugh, T. Santos, J. Silger, T. Ogle, B. Winhover, K. Birkhold, Third Row Coach Mr. Hartman, Paul, Jonas, Jefferson, D. Dunderman, R. Hand, D. Brandenburg, T. Overmyer, R. Swann, B. Hootman Stats: J. Buckland, B. Gerig, A. Baumle, D. Longardner 1. Jefferson Petri, Paul, and Amy 2. Jefferson — Jr. 3. Trevor Ogle — Soph. 4. Randy Puckett — Fresh. 5. Steve Schilb — Fresh. 6. Eddie Mendez — Jr. 7. Doug Dunderman — Fresh. We Have Determination GIRLS TRACK 1 . Annette is running for the finish line 2. Cheryl Throwing the shotput. 3. Sheila ' s on her way to a victory run. 4. Annette and Shelia 5. Lisa throwing the Discus. 6. Lisa with her can of Mountain Dew! Varsity Track CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders began their season in August by attending the (J.S.C.A. camp at Ohio State University. They learned a variety of new cheers, chants, a pom pon routine, and pep rally skits. Various fundraisers like a dunk-tank at the polka festival, a punk dance and bake sales brought ten new pairs of pompons for the Varsity and JV squads. Mis Simcox started something new in the fall. At each game she looked for the cheerleaders that showed the most spirit and the following Monday those cheerleaders were awarded Spirit Stars to sew on their sweaters. Reserve Left to Right: Eunice Schenkel; Penny Rogers; Monica Sawyer; Tina Taylor Varsity Left to Right: Tina Colwell; Chris Parrish; Marcia Bute; Julie Reinhart; Pam Scoby; Lana Leinard Freshmen Left to Right: Rita Reinhart; Tammy Whitcomb; Dawn Gallup; Denise Sawyer PEP SESSION TTT 1. Our officials for the AHS Wide World of Sport Games. 2. Little boys playing with their toys. 3. Come on guys, work faster! 4. What ' s wrong Andy, mouth too dry to sing? 5. Franky whistling Row-Row your boat. ACTIVITIES Cast of Characters Oliver Twist Joe Barker Scott Cromwell Mr. Bumble Mark Ryan Widow Corney Lynne Carr Mr. Sowerberry Daren Whetstone Mrs. Sowerberry Chris Beregszazi Charlotte Lisa Stoller Noah Claypole Tim Copsey Fagin Brent Blalock The Artful Dodger Trevor Ogle Nancy Tina Colwell Bet Treva Thomas Bill Sikes Brad Dunderman Mr. Brownlow Gary Mabis Mrs. Bedwin Annette Mabis Dr. Grimwig Mark Wolf Old Sally Anita Derek First Woman Linda Culler Second Woman Donna Adams Rose Seller Barb Overmyer Milkmaid Anna Hilton Strawberry Seller Eunice Schenkel Knife Grinder Matt Mabis Charlie Bates Gary Layton Innkeeper Randy Wolf Workhouse Gang Charles Addis, Scott Berenyi Danny Cline, Bobby Martin Rodney Gill, Randy Pierce Kyle Huntsman, Mike Reinhart Jason Layton, Mike Smith Fagin ' s Gang Joe Barker, Anthony Bernard Scott Cromwell, Brad Lucas, Gary Layton Londoners Jeni Derek, Angie Reinhart, Mike Wetli Leann Puckett, Kim Humbarger Evan Noll, Dennis Cline The story Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens in 1838. It is a story of a young boy who is found at a workhouse which is run by Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Cor- ney. Mr. Bumble sells Oliver to an under- taker named Mr. Sowerberry. Oliver then gets mixed up in a pickpocket gang run by a fellow named Fagin. He is taught how to pick pockets, only to be caught and taken to Mr. Brownlow ' s home. Old Sally reveals a locket and tells that Oliver ' s mother was really Mr. Brownlow ' s daughter. Oliver goes back to live with his grandfather forever. 1. Music was provided by Marianne Cottrell. 2. The true backbone of the musical was Miss Amy Simcox, director. 3. The principal characters 4. Please don ' t kill me, Bill! 5. Mrs. Bedwin and Oliver 6. Old Sally reveals the secret of Oliver. 7. Olivers: Scott Cromwell and Joe Barker 8. Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble You ' ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two 1 . Fagin and his gang of pickpockets. 2. Drinks are on the house! 3. Nancy sings about her love. 4. Pick pockets Gary Layton and Mike Wetli. 5. Fagin — Brent Blalock 6. The missing locket! 7. Mrs. Sowerberry looks over Oliver. 1. Liberal terms, Mr. Sowerberry, Liberal Terms! 2. Mrs. Bedwin — Annette Mabis 3. A bar scene dance 4. Mr. Brownlow gives some books to Oliver. 5. Nancy has been stabbed by Bill Sikes. 6. Who will buy? 1982 SWEETHEART DANCE 1. 1981 1982 Sweetheart Court 2. Junior Attendants: Treva Thomas, Devin Tadsen 3. Freshmen Attendants: Joan Savage, Dave Parrett 4. Sophomore Attendants: Shelly Snyder, Chris Banks 5. King and Queen: Julie Cross, Kirk Slusher 6. Senior Attendants: Michelle Clinton, Kyle Hughes C ,if j| c jJ|h| t J J dm p |H ' m 7 Love Is in the Air 1. Smile you two. 2. What a pretty girl? 3. Great face Nean. 4. Susie and Bob 5. Crown carriers. 6. Don ' t you like her Ray. 7. Nice profile Treva. fl HOMECOMING 1. Freshman Attendants: Dave Meyer and Dawn Hopkins 2. Sophomore Attendants: Nick Longard- ner and Amy Derek 3. 1981-82 Homecoming Court 4. Janet crowns Melody! 5. Junior Attendant: Chris Parrish 6. Sophomore Attendant: Amy Derek 7. Lyndon hands Bruce the football! 8. Freshman Attendant: Dawn Hopkins I Love a Parade On the night of Friday, October 16th, the cars were lining up with the class at- tendants. The fire truck with the cheerleaders, the policemen and the A.H.S. band were all ready for the parade. The attendants walked down the foot- ball field with the theme song from Ice Castles. When everyone was at the front, Bruce Meyer and Melody (McAlexander) Suffel were crowned this year ' s King and Queen. The dance was held on October 17, featuring Fantasy as the band. 1. Junior Attendants: Tony Nighswander and Chris Parrish 2. Senior Attendants: Kyle Hughes and Marcia Bute 3. King and Queen: Bruce Meyer and Melody (McAlexander) Suffel 4. Senior Class Attendants. 1982 PROM OPEN ARMS Marcia Bute and John Taylor were chosen King and Queen of the 1982 Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the American Legion on May 1. Members of the Junior class spent mo st of Friday and Saturday decorating the Legion, while some of the parents worked on prepar- ing the meal, which was served prior to the dance. The music was provided by Split Second. Many people were there to enjoy the good music, food, and fun! Congratulations to the Class of ' 83 for a suc- cessful Prom! l.Prom attendants: Michelle Clinton and Bruce Meyer. Prom King and Queen: Marcia Bute and John Taylor. 2. Smile Everybody! 3. Smile for the camera, Kyle! 4. King and Queen. 1 . Is this a bachelor party? 2. What a cute couple! 3. What are you guys up to? 4. Why are your eyes closed. Jan? 5. Don ' t choke Todd! 6. Nice try, Gary! 7. What ' s everybody looking at? Vantage Students Annette Adams (Accounting) Cindy Bok (Food Management) Jackie Bowers (Food Management) Jim Green (Machine Trade) John Marlin (Machine Trade) Robert Marsh (Machine Trades) Mark Rasey (Machine Trades) Laura Roberts (Food Management) Tony Sontos (Welding) Judy Schaefer (Accounting) Lisa Allen (Cosmetology) Jim Baumle (Ag. Diesel Mech.) Darrell Brandenburg (Carpentry) Kathy Brown (Food Management) Gene Coon (IND. Maintenance) Bob Jackson (Electricity) Dawn Knorr (Word Processing) Mike Kunesh (Carpentry) David Lambert (Ag. Diesel Mech.) Laura Leaman (Office Services) Leland Lust (Engine Auto) Eddie Mendez (Carpentry) Tony Nighswander (Auto Body) Chris Seslar (Cosmetology Joel Sigler Bryan Winhover (Auto Mechanics) SENIORS Poem to the Seniors On winged feet the four years pass And now we honor our Senior Class. Beyond these walls, this town, this state A whole new world now lies in wait. You ' ve much to learn, we ' re often told Wisdom to gain before you ' re old But tonight — before you turn and go Your separate ways, as well we know. Enjoy this place, these hours, this school In memory they ' ll return to you. Class of 1982 Annette Adams — Vantage 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Ac- counting Program at Vantage 3, 4. Jonas Agren — Golf 4; Track 4; Exchange student from Sweden. Greg Altic Felecia Begley Chris Beregszazi — Chorus l-4; ' Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Musical 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Solo and Ensemble 2, 3. Cindy Bok — Vantage FHA for Food Management 3, 4; Vantage VICA for OWE. Jackie Bowers — Food Management Program at Van-j tage 3, 4. 1 1 Denise (Baker) Bowling Cheryl Bradford — Band 1, 2, 3; FAT 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 4; Vice President 2; Student Council 2; Yearbook 3. Robert Brandenburg Randy Brinneman — Concert Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4. g! . , Jj Marcia Bute — Basketball 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Track 2; Volleyball 4; Sweetheart Attendant 2; Homecoming 4; Prom Queen 4; Band 1-3; Accounting II 4. Michelle Clinton — Sweetheart Attendant 4. Tina Colwell — Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2; Musical 4; FTA 3, 4; Journalism 4. Tammy Cottrell — Chorus 1; Colorguard 2; French Club 1; Volleyball 1-3. Pablo Coromina — French Club 4; Basketball 4; Foot- ball 4; Track 4; Exchange Student From Spain. Julie Cross — Band 1-4; Drum Major 3, 4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Sweetheart Attendant 1; Sweetheart Queen 4; Spanish Club 1-4; Scholastic Bowl Team 3; Scholar- ship Team 1, 4; FAT 3. Gitte Dauw — Yearbo ok Staff 4; Exchange Student From Denmark. Wayne Davis — Football 1-4. Tracy Depew Brad Dunderman — Band 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Class Treasurer 1, 2, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Football 4; Basketball Manager 2; National Honor Society 4; Rotary Ex- change Student 3; Scholastic Team 1, 2, 4. Robin Fenton — Bookkeeping II 4. tf i Jeff Franklin — Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4. Lynda Goddard.— French Club 1; Band 1. Jim Greene — Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Vantage 3, 4. Betty Lou (Carr) Grunden ng 1- Sharon £lemrick — Marching 1-4; Concert Band L4; Basketball 1-4; Journalism 4; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2, 4; Spanish Club 1-4; Pep Band 3; District Band 1, 4; Accounting II 4. Kyle Hughes — Baseball l-4;jBasketball 1, 2, 3; Golf 1; Football 2-4; Scholarship Team 1. Val Kitsg| — National HonRsociety 3B4; FTA French Bub 1, 2; Chorus l;»ack 2; B ketball Srit. 3, 4; Journalism 4. Mike Kunkel Robert Larimore Journalism 2-4. FTA 3, 4; Band 1-4; Chorus 2; David Laukhuf — Basketball 3; Baseball 2, 4; State Science Fair 2; District Science Fair 1, 2; Pep Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; French Club 1, 2; Journalism 4; Accounting II 4. Annette Mabis — Chorus 1-4; Sixteeners 2-4; Musical 3, 4; Colorguard 3, 4; Student Council 3; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; Office Aid 3, 4; Ac- counting II 4. John Marlin — Vantage 3, 4. Robert Marsh — Machine Trades Class Pres. 4; Machine Trades Class Secretary 3; Basketball Manager 2; VICA Member 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. Pat McCague — Concert Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Chorus 1; Student Council 4; FTA 4. Bruce Meyer — Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Basketball 1. Lynne Meyer — Marching Band 1-4; Concert 1-4; Spanish Club 1; Basketball 1-4; Track 2; FTA 4; Ac- counting 11 4. Kris Michael Kris Miller — Scholastic Bowl 1-3; Scholarship Team 1-4; National Honor Society 3, 4. Lisa Napier — FTA 4; Chorus 1, 2; Colorguard 3; Jour- nalism 4. 9Imh Gene O ' Donnell Kevin Ottinger — Concert Band 1-4; Marching 1-4; Jazz Band 1 ; Track 1 . Bill Parrett — Basketball 1-4; Football 3; Track 3; French Club 1. Sheila Pendergrast Petri Raatikainen — Track 4; Football 4; Exchange Student from Finland. Mark Rasey — Vantage 3, 4; Football 3. Brad Reed Kris Reinhart — Basketball 1-3. Rusty Reinhart . Laura Roberts — Vantage 3, 4. Walter Roehrig — Track 3. Peggy Rogers — Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band T 4; Pep Band 1-4; Student Council 3; Journalism 4; Yearbook 4. Tony Santos — Vantage 3, 4; State finalist in Welding 4. Judy Schaefer — Vantage 3, 4; Cheerleader 1-3; Volleyball 1-3. Karen (Schilb) Hitzeman — Chorus 4; Musical 3; Marching Band 1-3; Concert Band 1 3. Lisa Schweinsberg Lori Schweinsberg Mark Scouten — Journalism 4. Beth Sensabaugh — Choir 1, 2. Kirk Slusher — Band 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Basketball 1- 4; Track 3. Ray Smalley — Chorus 1; Football 1; Basketball 1-3; Scholarship Team 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Class Pres. 4. Lisa Spryn — Volleyball 1-3; Basketball 1-2; Track 1-4; Student Council 4; Spanish Club 1-4. Melody (Mc Alexander) Suffel — Band 1-3; FTA 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Sweetheart Attendant 4; Sec. 2; Pres. 3; Vice Pres. 4; Student Council Pres. 4. Teresa Tabor — FTA 4; Journalism 4; Vantage 3. Brian Tadsen — Track 3; Musical 4. Jan Taylor — Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band 1 -4; Jazz Band 1 . John Taylor — Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; BAseball 1-4; National Honor Society 3, 4. Trisha Tinkham — Band 1-3; Pep Band 2; Drama Club 2; FTA 1-4. Jeff Tustison Michelle Gail — Musical 2-4; State Science Fair 1, 2; Accounting II 4; FTA 4. w OL«l Lorie Warner — Volleyball 2-4; Band 1-3; FTA 1-4; Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 1-4; Cheerleading 1; Yearbook 3, 4; Class Sec. 4; Class Pres. 2; Scholastic Bowl Team 3. Steve Wheatherhead — Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Band 1,2. Dan Wiedman Mark Williamson — Basketball 1-4. Craig Womack — Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Foot- ball 3, 4; Golf 1; National Honor Society 3, 4. Chris Woodring — Track 1-3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Football Stat. 3; Basketball Manager 2, 3; FTA 1- 4; Accounting II 4. SENIORS TO TO THE WORLD ' S FAIR 1 . Bruce and Randy enjoying the fair. 2. The Symbol fo the World ' s Fair. 3. Bob, Gitte, Jeff, Chris, Peggy, and Cindy Posing for a picture 4. Annette, Lisa, Kris 5- Smile Everyone! 6. What ' s the matter Judi? 7. Pac-Man Fever! On Friday May 7, 1982, the AHS Seniors loaded the In- diana Motor Busses for their class trip to the World ' s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. Saturday morning at 10:00 A.M., we arrived at the Fair. We all received our tickets and were turned loose. Everyone rode the rides and explored the exhibits. Some Seniors watched the parades and shows. Everyone met the buses at the gate with their arms loaded with all kinds of souvenirs. We left the fair at 10:00 P.M. and reached home, Sunday morning at 4:00 A.M. Everyone was tired but had a lot of fun spending the day at the World ' s Fair. 1. Laurie, Tracy, Mark, Laura, and Lisa like face painting 2. A Leprechaun! 3. Smile Steve! 4. One of the animals in the parade. 5. Hope you ' re having fun! 6. Gene, Felicia, and Wayne waiting in line for a ride. Senior Class Song You ' ve Got a Friend When you ' re down and troubled and you need some love and care, and noth-in ' is go-in ' right. Close your eyes and soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest night. If the sky above you grows dark and full of clouds, and call my name out loud, soon you ' ll hear me knock-in ' at your door. Ain ' t it good yo know that you ' ve got a friend, when people can be so cold? They ' ll hurt you, yes, and desert you and take your soul if you let them. Oh, but don ' t you let them. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am I ' ll come runnin ' to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call and I ' ll be there, yes, I will, You ' ve got a friend. - CLASS MOTTO To acomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. - CLASS FLOWER Red Rose w white Baby ' s Breath - CLASS COLOR Midnight Blue - CLASS SONG You ' ve Got a Friend Class of 82 Receives Diplomas Treasurer; Ray Smalley, President; Lorie Warner, Secretary; Melody CRAIG WOMACK KEVIN OTTINGER Not Pictured: Greg Altic Robert Brandenburg TRISHA T1NKHAM DEN1SE BOWLING LORI SCHWE1NSBERG JONAS AGREN SUE (ROBERTS) THOMPSON TONY SANTOS ANNETTE MABIS KYLE HUGHES PEGGY ROGERS KAREN (SCHILB) HITZEMAN CHRIS BEREGSZAZI BETTY (CARR) GRUNDEN DAVE LAOKHCJF TRACY DePEW JODI SCHAEFER ROBIN FENTON KRISREINHART CHRIS WOODRING JEFF TUSTISON MICHELLE CLINTON t -LAURA ROBERTS LAURIE STOLLER 4 RUSTY REINHART MARK RANEY JACKIE BOWERS SHARON HEMRICK LYNNE MEYER BRUCE MEYER LORIE WARNER ROBERT MARSH TINA COL WELL CHERYL BRADFORD BRIAN TADSEN BETH SONSABAUGH SHEL1A PENDERGRAST LYNDA GODDARD TAMMY COTTRELL SENIOR PERSONALITIES 1. Class Flirt and Wolf: Marcia Bute, Randy Brinneman 2. Most Likely to Succeed: Kris Miller, Ray Smalley 3. Most Bashful: John Marlin, Trisha Tinkham 4. Class Brownies: Chris Woodring, Steve Weatherhead 5. Most Gorgeous: Tony Santos, Michelle Clinton 6. Best Figure and Physique: Jackie Bowers, Mike Kunkel 7. Most Sincere: Annette Adams, Bob Marsh SENIOR PERSONALITIES 1. Best Dressed: Melody Suffel, Bill Parrett 2. Most Athletic: Juile Cross, Craig Womack 3. Best All Around: Kirk Slusher, Sharon Hemrick 4. Class Clowns: Mark Scouten, Teresa Tabor 5. Most Spirit: Tina Colwell, Bruce Meyer SENIOR PERSONALITIES 1. Best Personalities: Brad Dunderman, Cheryl Bradford 2. Most Talented: Chris Beregszazi, Bob Larimore 3. Most Popular: John Taylor, Lorie Warner 4. Most Easy Going: Lynne Meyer, Gene O ' Donnell 5. Cutest Couple: Kris Reinhart, Val Kitson 6. Class Rowdies: Tracy DePew, Mark Rasey -an 1 1 ! H JGNIORS Movin ' on to the Top CLASS OFFICERS Gary Mabis Lana Leinard Lisa Gill Mr. Simmons Advisor Not Pictured Bryan Winhover Donna Adams Lisa Allen Todd Barnhouse Jim Baumle Hazel Bender Sherry Bidlack Keith Birkhold Brent Blalock Carol Brandenburg Darrell Brandenburg Lisa Brandenburg Kathy Brown Julie Buckland DaveChrislieb Tony Clinton Todd Cook Gene Coon Linda Culler Kenny Daeger Andy DeLong Harvey DePew Anita Derek Michele Derek Jeff Eber Dean Elliott Jim Foster Annette Fry Tony Funk Lisa Gill Jeff Hahn NOT PICTURED Mike Wiseman Julie Hartman Anna Hilton Cindy Hughes Kevin Jackson Robert Jackson Susan Kline Terry Knepper Andy Koch Tony Kortokrax Mike Kunesh David Lambert Laura Leaman Lana Leinard Karen Lichty Curt Longardner Melanie Longardner Nate Lothamer Lisa Meyer Frank Meyer Tony Nighswander Evan Noll Chris Parrish Shelly Pendergrast Julie Reinhart Pam Schuchart Pam Scoby Chris Seslar Michelle Shaner Con Shuherk Joel Sigler Lisa Stoller Devin Tadsen Treva Thomas Daren Whetstone Bryan Winhover Mark Wolf Dan Woodring SOPHOMORES Movin ' on With Class CLASS OFFICERS Martha Trzynka Renee Lothamer Carolyn Klima Matt Clevenger Todd Cook Amy Derek Beth Derk Linda Dorman Lisa Farr Tami Figert Guy Fish Jon Foster Richard Fraley Sue Fulk Ronnie Gerken Dave Hammond John Hartman Butch Kinsey Mike Kipker Carolyn Klima Michelle Knorr Bob Krutsch Fred Langham Kim LeWallen Mick Longardner Renee Lothamer Jim Bok Terry Bostelman Daren Bradbury Robert Carnahan LynneCarr Stanley Carr NOT PICTURED Brenda Seslar Billie Sigler Matt Mabis Rosalind Martenies Alan McCain Mitch Robbinson Penny Rogers Mark Ryan Monica Sawyer Eunice Schenkel Tony Seslar Steve Silliman Mike Snider Shelly Snyder Pat Spryn Dawn Stevens Sandy Stuart Rodney Swann Tina Taylor Kathy Trauterman Martha Trzynka Richard Wilt Colleen Windle Kim Wiseman Randy Wolf Michelle Woodling FRESHMEN Movin ' on Movin ' Up Jenny Derek Keith Derek Gary Donat Billy Doster Doug Dunderman Ella Fish Kelly Funk Dawn Gallup Barbie Goetz Danny Gordan Wanda Grunden Roger Hand Donald Harp Brian Hootman Robert Hootman Dawn Hopkins Chad Horman Kim Humbarger Kelly Kizer Marcia Koenn Don Lambert Cheryl Layton Cindy Leinard Denise Longardner Not Pictured: Blake Dolt Arlene Ousley Teresa Powell Steve Schilb Alan Stevens Robert Underwood Leann Puckett Randy Puckett Angie Reinhart Rita Reinhart Brenda Retcher Shah Ross Homer Sanders Joan Savage Denise Sawyer Kim Scott Dave Sensabaugh Donita Srnalley Ryan Tadsen Tonya Thomas Molly Vail Robin Walk Tonya Walker Mary Weatherhead Tammy Witcomb Cindy Woodcox Shelly Woodring EIGHTH GRADE Movin ' on With Style Darrin Cottrell Amy Elliott Sudie Foster Cheryl Fry Bobby Greig Mandi Gerken James Gill Angela Gire Pam Gordon Dawn Grunden Dan Hahn Tammy Hahn Susan Hicks Dawn Hook Joe Hunt Phillip Jackson David Jones Joni Jordan Marc Jump Pam Kinsey Dawn Knepper CLASS OFFICERS Pam Rasey Chris Bruik Tami Hahn Not Pictured Cindy Mansfield ' r im David Krutch Mary Lust David Mabis Mark Mabis Martha Mabis Cindy Mansfield Rodney Martenios Angela Martin NOT PICTURED Veronica Bair James Bedley Dena Dolt George Rhodes Sam Schroeder Lori Moon Tammy Olds Susan Overmeyer Todd Phlipot Pam Rasey Tarn Rasey Jull Rhonehouse Spring Rich Vicki Roberts Ingrid Rosebrock Jeffrey Ryan Mike Sabo Debbie Santos Jonathon Schraeder Tim Schroeder John Scouten Anita Shepherd Chad Shuherk John Smalley Brenda Smith Alan Stevens Cristy Stevens Wendy Stetler Laura Taylor Lisa Taylor Eric Walk Brent Walley William Waters Brian Williamson Margie Wilt John Woodcox SEVENTH GRADE Movin ' On With Spirit Class Officers Todd Horman Stacy Rhinehart Tonya Gill Elizabeth Cook David Arend Robert Bender Jeffery Betzer Craig Birkhold Harry Boesh Lonnette Bostleman Amy Bowers Shelton Bradbury Melissa Brineman Melisa Bute Woodrow Clevinger Greg Colwell Elizabeth Cook Amy Coughlin DawinteDoll Pam Edwards Chris Farnsworth James Farr Adam Fraley Michele Fulk Patricia Fulk Cory Geyer Randy Gibson Tonya Gill Kip Gire Edward Hahn James Herber Leann Hitt Stacy Hook T odd Horman Mike Humbarger Eric Jackson Jeff Johnson Travis Philpot Scott Pier James Reinhart Stacy Rhinehart Dean Rister Christie Robbins Tianne Rose Stacey Ross Tannie Rothgeb Andrew Santos Nancy Sawyer Jeff Schroeder Suzanne Shaffer William Sharp Matthew Snider Terry Spryn Paul Starr Kip Taylor Michelle Walker Heather Waltenburg Amy Whetstone Spelling Bee Winners Lisa Taylor — First place. Melissa Brinneman — Runner-up Lisa Taylor was also the Paulding County Spelling Bee Champion. Congratulations to the High Winners in the Mathematics League: 7th grade — Paul Starr Second in Region 8th grade — Nick Arend Third in Region Junior Ohio Junior High Football Row 1: Scott Pier, Stave Kortokrax, Kip Taylor, Michael Humbarger Row 2: Pat Mayer, John Woodcox, Matt Snyder, Paul Starr, Mark Jump Row 3: Todd Herman, David Coleman, Dan Hahn, Joe Hunt, Brent Walley Top: Chad Shuherk Cheerleaders We ' ve Got the Spirit! SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Front: Melissa EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Front: Tammy Hahn, Anita Shepherd Back: Christy Bruick, Brinneman Middle: Amy Coughlin, Amy Bowers, Joni Jordan, Bobby Jo Gerig Dawn Doll, Top: Toni Leinard Eighth Grade Girls ' Basketball Tinora — W Fairview — W Woodlan — W Hicksville — W Wayne Trace — W Hicksville — W Tourney Hicksville — W Holgate — W Ayresville — W GMC Champs First Row; Sara Meyer, Cindy Moosfield; Second Row; Cindy Banks, Tammy Rasey, Cheryl Fry, Lori Moon; Third Row; Pam Rasey, Susie Overmeyer, Amy Elliott, Jill Rhonehouse. Seventh Grade Girls ' Basketball Tinora — W Fairview — W Woodlan — W Hicksville — W Wayne Trace — W Hicksville — W Edgerton — W First Row; Chris Marlin, Nancy Sawyer, Lonnette Bostelman, Missy Bute; Second Row; Amy Whetstone, Leann Witt, Heather Waltenburg, Stacy Ross, Melissa Brinneman; Third Row; Shelly Kunesh, Michelle Fulk, Patty Fulk, Elizabeth Cook, Cindy Klima. n 5 s fi .v . Is- w MN A f !JKH Slf : .4- First Row; Shane Bickhard, Marc Jump; Second Row; David Coleman, Todd Phlipot, Chad Shuherk, Brent Walley; Third Row; Mark Mabis. Eighth Grade Boys ' Basketball Fairview — L Hicksville — W Ayresville — L Wayne Trace — L Edgerton — L Tinora — W Fairview — L Tinora — L Wayne Trace — L Hicksville — W Tourney Ayresville — L Seventh Grade Boys ' Basketball Fairview — L Hicksville — L Ayresville — W Wayne Trace — L Edgerton — L Tinora — L Fairview — W Tinora — W Wayne Trace — L Hicksville — W Edgerton — L First Row; David Arend, Kip Taylor, Steve Kartekrax, Danny Mickelsen, Scott Pier; Second Row; Brock Lunginbile, Micheal Humbarger, Todd Horman, Eddie Hahn, Travis Phipot; Third Row; Pat Meyer, Matt Snyder, Craig Birkhold, Paul Starr, Shelton Bradbury; Fourth Row; Randy Gibson, Terry Kelly, Jimmy Reinart JUNIOR HIGH TRACK Row 1: Royce Martinies, Steve Kortokrax, Mike Humbarger, Brock Luginbill. Mike Knapp, Cory Geyer Row 2: Dan Harm, Brent Walley, Chad Shuherk, Matt Snider, Shane Bickhard, Kip Gire Row 1: Kim Logan, Christine Marlin, Heather Walteburg, Amy Whetstone, Nancy Sawyer, Lonnette Bestleman Row 2: Jill Rhonehouse, Shelly Kunesh, Pam Kinsey, Lori Moon, Cheryl Fry, Sara Meyer Row 3: Cindy Klima, Susan Overmyer, Pam Rasey, Cindy Banks, Tarn Rasey, Amy Elliott, Elizabeth Cook JUNIOR HIGH CHORGS AND BAND mP i m BHpife P Mt b HI f V ' w( r— 1 1 ADMINISTRATION 1. School Board Left to Right: Dave Mickelson, Jane Langham, Dr. Charles Taylor, Robert Kammeyer, Bernadyne Rogers, David Grimes, Steve Derek 2. High School Principal — Walter Ferdon 3. Elementary Principal — David Bagley 4. Superintendent — Dr. Charles Taylor All Hard At Work 1. High School Secretary — Ruth Overmyer 2. School Nurse — Karen Leinard 3. Clerk Treasurer — Jane Langham 4. Secretary — Peggy Savage A a T Y Mr. Joe Allen Mr. Delmar Brown Mrs. Detmon Mr. Jack Donley (ART) (SOCIAL STUDIES (ENGLISH) (GUIDANCE) AND GOVERNMENT) Mr. Charles Foster (SOCIAL STUDIES) Mr. Grabianowski (LIBRARY) Mr. Mark Hartman (ENGLISH) Mr. Hal Kemmer (IND. ARTS) Mr. Rick Limber (DR. ED AND ATHLETICS) Mr. Dave Mastin (SCIENCE) Miss Pat Mundt Mrs. Marsha Oberlin Mrs. Joan Pier Mr. Walter Schilb Mr. Paul Shaffer Miss Amy Simcox (PHYSICAL ED.) (HOME ECONOMICS) (ENGLISH AND (SCIENCE) (MATH) (VOCAL MUSIC) FRENCH) Mr. Bryan Deever (BAND) Mrs. Cheryl Buchop (ENGLISH AND SPANISH) Mr. Ed Hohenbrink (MATH AND CHEMISTRY) f Mr, Robert Simmons Mrs. Dorothy Slade Mr. Rick Smith (MATH AND PHYSICS) (RESOURCE (BUSINESS) TEACHER) Mr. Norm Thompson (PHYSICAL ED AND BUSINESS) Mr. Harold Trznka (SOCIAL STUDIES) Faculty Workers 1. Lunchroom Cashiers — Jan Rasey and Gloria Whetstone 2. Janitors — M. VanCleve, C. Shipman, G. Tule 3 Bus Drivers — J. Vail, C. Tadson, C. VanCleve, B. Tayar, G. Snider 4. Mrs. Buchop doing her stuff. 5. Cooks — B. Hammond, B. Smalley. A. Billman, S. Shaffer, M. Johnson cfor-) SENIOR BOYS VS. FACULTY 1 . It ' s a bird; it ' s a plane. Mo, it ' s just the ball. 2. Ouch! 3. Friends stick together. 4. Take a picture of me! 5. Qrin and bear it. 6. Seniors take some time out. Super Seniors 1. Where ' s the ball? 2. Nice form, Kirk! 3. Seniors fight for the ball. 4. Brad goes for a lay-up. 5. Mr. Limber tries for the ball. 6. Rusty goes for 2 pts. Scholarship 1. MACJMEE VALLEY MATH CONTEST PARTICIPANTS Row 1: B. Derek, B. Sigler, D. Meyer, J. Cook, D. Mickelson, P. Fulk, N. Arend, D. Smalley Row 2: D. Hook, B. Smith, B. Goetz, K. Kizer, S. Overmyer, E. Schenkel Row 3: J. Shroeder, S. Silliman, G. Mabis, T. K. Cook, T. Funk, K. Birkhold 2. MAUMEE VALLEY MATH CONTEST WINNERS Row 1: N. Arend, D. Meyer, J. Cook, E. Schenkel, D. Smalley Row 2: T. K. Cook, T. Funk, G. Mabis, B. Goetz, S. Overmyer 3. OHIO SCHOLASTIC TESTS PARTICIPANTS Row 1: P. Cor- omina, K. Miller, J. Cross, K. Kizer, B. Goetz, K. Scott Row 2: B. Dunderman, K. Funk, M. Koenn, D. Longardner, P. Rogers, D. Meyer, M. Vail Row 3: B. Derek, B. Sigler, L. Farr, T. K. Cook, T, Funk, G. Mabis 4. SCHOLASTIC BOWL TEAM Row 1: M. Koenn, D. Longardner, L. Leinard, B. Goetz, K. Humbarger, C. Layton Row 2: S. Silliman, K. Birkhold, T. K. Cook, T. Funk, C. Longardner RESULTS OF 1982 MAUMEE VALLEY MATH CONTEST SEVENTH GRADE: Patty Fulk Matt Snider Dan Mickelson Jeff Schroeder ALGEBRA I Barb Goetz David Meyer Donita Smalley Marcia Koenn Kelley Kizer GEOMETRY Todd K. Cook Tony Funk Gary Mabis Keith Birkhold 13th 21st 24th 26th 4th 6th 8th 10th 13th 1st 3rd 5th 13th EIGHTH GRADE Jeff Cook Nick Arend Susie Overmyer Dawn Hook ALGEBRA II Eunice Schenkel Billie Sigler Carolyn Klima Beth Derek Steve Silliman 5th 6th 7th 20th 6th 8th 9th 10th 14th RESULTS 1982 OHIO SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT TEST ALL SCHOOL CLASS DISTRICT STATE (111) DISTRICT STATE T. K. Cook J. Buckland B. Goetz D. Meyer Chemistry 1 Chemistry I Algebra I Algebra 1 C. Longardner Am. History D. Whetstone Am. History M. Vail French 1 G. Mabis Geometry 2nd 5th 6th 7th 4th 9th 7th HM 6th 17th 12th 15th HM 3rd 10th 12th GTCTM MATH CONTEST RESULTS Paul Starr Kip Gire David Arend Suzanne Shaffer Nick Arend Susie Overmyer Laura Taylor Jeff Cook Todd K. Cook Gary Mabis Tony Funk Willie Meredith 5th 7th 9th 10th 7th 7th 13th 15th 5th 8th 8th 23rd 7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math 8th Grade Math 8th Grade Math 8th Grade Math 8th Grade Math Geometry Geometry Geometry Algebra II RESULTS OF THE SCHOLASTIC BOWL COMPETITION The Scholastic Bowl Team participated in two meets this year. In the double elimination GMC Meet, Antwerp won their first confron- tation, but fell short in the next two matches losing to Hicksville and Tinora, the first and second place winners. The second meet the team participated in was the single elimination Crestview Invitational. Here, Antwerp also won their first match, but fell short in the second. ELEMENTARY Mr SENSATIONAL SIXTH Mrs. Betsy Brotherton Mr. Jack Snyder s. Joyce Birkhold Michelle Addis Trent Ashbaugh Joe Barker Pamala Barker Timothy Barnhouse Lynnette Begley Scott Berenyi Toni Bernard Toyna Batteron Wendy Burns Tamie Callins Jeanifer Conley Kelly Cook Dawn Cottrell Shelia Cottrell Kellie Cox Scott Cromwell Steve DePew Scott Donnell Larry Eichel Donna Elston Terri Gerig Holly Geyer Rodney Gill Therese Grass Sara Hammond David Harp Tina Hartman William Hicks Victoria Hilton Scott Hudson Laura Huebner William Jividen Scott Kaufman Michelle Knapp Leann Knepper Troy Kappenhafer Gary Layton Larry Lewallen Kimberly Lichty Cheri Lucas Robert Martin Daniel Mendez Todd Miller Stephen Miock Christopher Morre Scott Pendergrast Robert Phillips . Jeff Pierce Shawn Powell Cassandara Riggers Heidi Schenkel Scott Schilb Jerl Schlegel Cindy Sharp Patrick Sensabaugh Charles Seslar Michael Smith William Steffes Candance Stevenson Pamela Stumphy Patrick Swann Stacy Taylor James Terwilleger Shelly Tinkham Lynette Tuto Connie Underwood Fayette Walker Thomas Wann Angela Warner Kimberly Windle David Woodcox FANTASTIC FIFTH Mr Vincent Seely Mrs. Orlea Seely Mrs. Cynthia Bowers Brian Abbott Charles Addis Keith Allen Barbara Arend Victoria Bailey William Barker Kimberly Bates Debra Bender Anthony Bernard Kristy Berryhill Melissa Boger John Benneke Travis Brinneman Nicole Bruick Larry Carr Dennis Clem Daniel Cline Jeffery Cline James Coil Tina Collins Joyce Copsey Douglas Corwin Amy Cromwell Johnny Davis Anthony DeLong Christine Dix Matthew Doll Kenneth Fraley Thomas Friend David Fry Jeni Grabianawski Angela Griggs Andrew Hahn Anthony Hahn David Hitt Cristapher Hopkins Jason Harmann Wendy Huebner Sonja Humbarger Laura Hunt Johnathon Huntsman Deanna Johnson Annette Langham Jason Layton Leticia Leinard Debra Lilly Craig Longardner Bradley Lucas Teri McNabb Michael Meyer Donna Miller Jeffery Minck Chadwick Molitor Joni Molitor Cindy Murlin Heidi Myers Rachelle Nelson GabrillOberlin Jennifer Pier Randy Pierce Michael Reinhart Tina Rice Michael Richhart Amy Jordan Weady Kaufman Nichalas Kelbli Jared Kennedy Marya Knuth Jerry Kunesh Jennifer Ritch Michelle Rose Michael Reroff Howard Sensabaugh Barbara Sentel David Shidler Tera Shull Julie Slone Michael Smith Jill Starbuck Andrew Tabor Tamara Walker Joseph Tryznka Mark Van Cleve Deanna Wenzlick Daniel West Michael Wetli FABULOUS FOURTH Mrs. Mary Musselman Mr. James Rex Mrs. Karen Farlee Janean Adams Lisa Atchley Yvonne Bauer Katrina Bostelman Pam Brandenburg Rebecca Brenneke Michael Bute Charles Campbell Leslie Carpenter Chad Clevinger Jeanine Coil Juile Cook Joe Copsey Benjamin Coronado Eric Cottrell Mitchell Cottrell Kendra Detmon Richard Farr Stacy Feasby Victoria Fraley Jennifer Friend Tara Gaston Kelly Gerken Jenifer Geyer Eric Gillespie Terri Gilpin David Hicov Kelly Hook Matt Hopkins Anissa Humbarger Donald Stevenson Micheal Stuck Tracie Thomas Amanda Tracy Todd VanCleve Dawn Waldman Heath Waltenburg Susan Wann Roxanne Waters Dwain Wenzlick Jacqueline Wiehelm Rebecca Wolf Brenda Zarnes Erika Zuber Shane Lockhart Angelynn Marsden Debora McCague Andrew McCain Thomas McClan Bonnie McCreery Michael McNabb Jeffery Meador Kyle Moon Benjamin Oberlin Timothy O ' Donnel Robert Olds Kelly Osborn Timothy Overmyer Rebecca Owens John Phillips Russ Pierce Andrew Reinhart Chadwick Robbins Jason Raehrig Anthony Ruiz Roger Sanders Jason Saylor Rebecca Schenkel Robert Scott Charles Sentel Melissa Sharp Vickie Sharp Brett Sheperd Deanis Stule A V- TERRIFIC THIRD Mrs. Lois Stevenson Mrs. Shelia Webb Mr. David Stallkamp Patricia Arend Lisa Bair Wade Balser Virginia Barker Tara Bennett David Boger Steven Bowers Chris Bragg Shawn Brewer Christina Bryan Bridgett Canterbury Peter Cline Troy Collins Lori Cook Rebecca Culler Tammy Culler Jeromy DeLong Brian Dix Donald Dunderman Heather Eichel Shane Farnsworth Steven Friend Kevin Fulk Andrea Gordon Amy Grant Kip Hampshire Barbra Hart Joshua Holman Matthew Hormann Vriginia Jackson Chad Jones Melanie Jump Jason Keever Kimberly Kelley Shari Kemerer Robert King Shawn Knapp Diane Koch Todd Lilly Kevin Logan Michelle Luginbill Kemberly Mansfield Melissa Mendez Jeffery Miller Alison Morris Frank Osheskie Kimberly Ottinger Michael Panico Robert Payton Spencer Pier Steven Pier Stephanie Provan Micheal Provines Eric Reeb Jason Reeb Tammie Rice Lars Ringger Shada Sabo Karena Santos Heather Scouten Ronald Schroeder Sharla Shaffer Nichole Shaner Barry Sheperd Jennifer Smith Mary Ann Steffes Kevin Stuart Benji Walley J. Scott Warner Aaron West Cynthia Wiesehan Michael Wolfe SUPER SECOND Mrs. Eileen Friend Mrs. Carol Parrett Mrs. Kathleen Neidhardt Michael Barker Robert Begley Alan Bennett Jama Bennett Brian Bowers Jason Carpenter Jennifer Carr Monica Cottrell Scott Cottrell Robert Culler Craig Daeger Travis DeLong Christen Depew Heath Dodane Jonathon Dunderman David Farnsworth David Fisher Benjamin Friend Robby Gerken Chad Geyer Angela Glassey Kristen Gross Crissy Hicks Angelic Huss ft w 4RM$, m © 6 Bruce James Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Jones Kristy King Mark Kizer Jodi Klima Jeffery Klender Troy Knapp Steven Knight Tabitha Leininger Travis Lichty James Lockhart Julius Longardner Amanda Lucas Jason Meador Cheryl Meyer Jennifer Meyer Kelly Miller Gretchen Molitor Danielle Murlin Fred Osheskie Stacie Peters Tracy Richards James Rothgeb Alex Ruiz Jeff Ruoff Alex Santos Wendy Schenkel Steven Smith James Starbuck Jennifer Starbuck Steven Steele Jennifer Stettler Holly Tadsen Jahnette Tadsen Melissa Taylor Stuart Taylor Elizabeth Tryznka Patrick Vail Chad West Dawn Whitenhouse Thomas Weilhelm ,5 Hr Terry Williamson Scott Wolfe Erika Zartman 4 . A FASCINATING FIRST Mrs. Mary Ann Smith Miss Shirley Gordon Melisa Bassett Johnny Banks Elizabeth Bair Heidi Boger Jennifer Bowling Douglas Boylan Jenny Bradenburg Debra Bright Kristy Carpenter Reggie Clem Andy Cottrell Julie Culler Amber Curtis Heather Daeger Cynthia Dix Amy Eccord f §f Kimberly Fraley Chad Franklin Brad Grant Eric Jordon Joel Kammeyer Jennifer Ke lley Kris Knight Jennifer Knuth Linda Koch Lynette Koch Curtis Lichty Karla Lowe Chad Luginbill Kim Mendez Amy Miller Jason Miller Jeremy Miller Beth Molitor Aimee Murlin Nathaniel Nixon Michael Olds Joshua Overmyer Rachelle Pierce Jessica Ramsier Corey Reeb Bill Reinhart Jose Reyes Eric Ritch Benjamin Rohdy Michael Shepherd Jeff Silliman Scott Smith Jeremy Snyder Jason Stiebling Paula Wiesehan CURIOUS KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Wilma Sigg Mrs. Carolyn Laukhuf Jermy Addis Jason Banks Tomi Bennett Gregory Billman Carolyn Boweers Christopher Brown Thomas Bowersox Melissa Bardine Shane Clevinger Jerry Conley Amy Cook Brandy Coon Sameul Coronado Amanda Cromwell Nathaniel ' Daeger Doug Dearinger Mathew Detmon Tammy Dix Jennifer Dunderman Jeremy Dunderman Amy Eaken Jaymee Fay Cory Foster Amber Frederick Jeff Friend Tod Griggs Christina Grimes Shawn Hazelswart Jennifer Hicov John Huss Rani Johnson Jeremy Jones Andrew Jordan Wendy Kaufman Deig Ann Kortakrax Jon Kreischer Mary Ladd Shannon Layton Eric Leininger Shane Litzenburg Noah Long Sarah Luginbill Pamela Martin Chad McKeever Melissa Messman April Miller Marcy Jo Minck Laurie Myers Kari Overmyer Shane Owens Timothy Panico Lisa Parrish Kari Payton Roseendo Puente Sara Reeb Christian Ruoff Crystal Saylor Andrew Scott David Scouten Gary Sentel Mark Snider W r 1 i ■ Carisa Stewart Candace West Rachel West Heather Whitehouse Jessica Zuber Mrs. Elizabeth Kline Title 1 Reading Mr. Robert Olwin Phys Ed Mrs. Theresa Mobley Music Mot pictured: Mrs. Julie McGrath Speech Clinician Resource Teachers Miss Peggy Richards Mrs. Ruth Rumage Mrs. Mary Davis Not pictured: Mrs. Nancy Wallace Reading Aids Mrs. Marcellene Noll Mrs. Beckey Geyer Mrs. Renee West Library Aid Mrs. Sue Meyer Busy People 1.6th grade Spelling Bee: 1st Sheila Cottrell, runner-up Bobby Martin. 2. Kindergarten Helpers 3. Kindergarten Helpers 4. Safety Patrol Third Grade Operetta 1. Rumpelstiltskin understudies Back — Cindy Wiesehan, Andrea Gordon, Kevin Fulk, Sharie Kemerer Front — Michelle Luginbill, Mike Provines, Tina Bryan 2. Cast Front to Back — Barbara Hart, Steve Bowers, Patty Arend, Shane Farnsworth, Aaron West, Lars Ringger, Todd Lilly, Shawn Brewer, Steve Pier 3. Inn Chorus Back — Melanie Jump, Benji Walley, Kim Mansfield, Shada Sabo, Mary Ann Steffers, Amy Grant Front — Wade Balser, Jason Keever, Becky Culler i i Rumplestiltskin Is My Name! 1. Palace Ladies Back — Tammy Culler, Tammy Rice, Lisa Bair, Diane Koch Middle — Tara Bennett, Heather Eichel, Virginia Jackson, Kim Ottinger Front — Sharla Shaffer, Nicole Shaner, Stephanie Provan 2. Palace Chorus Back — Spence Pier, Matt Horman, Don Dunderman, Karenta Santoes, Heather Eichel Front — Jeramy Delong, Kevin Logan, Kip Hamshire 3. Soldiers On Steps — Bobby Payton, Robby King, Miche Wolfe, Mike Panico, Steven Friend Standing — Brain Dix, Barry Shepherd, Jeff Miller 4. Narrators Back — Shawn Knapp, Chad Jones, Kevin Stuart, Jason Reeb, Frank Oshesskie Middle — David Boger, Joshua Holman, Scott Warner, Chris Bragg, Troy Collins, Peter Cline Front — Jennifer Smith, Heather Scouten, Melissa Mendez Silent Night 1 Back — Mike Smith, Robert Martin, Wendy Burns Front — Kelly Cook, Michelle Knapp, Connie Under- wood, Angela Warner 2. Understudies Standing — Gary Layton, Rodney Gill Seated Dawn Cottrell, Michelle Knapp, Connie Onderwood, Angela Warner 3. Standing — Janean Coil, April Hunt, Becky Wolf, Becky Brenneke, Rob Scott, Mike Stuck Front — Ben Oberlin, Heath Waltenburg, Roger Sanders, John Phillips, Charles Sental, Mike McNabb 4. Back — Debra McCague, Becky Schenkel, Angelyn Marsden, Tracie Thomas Middle — Julie Cook, Ja- nean Adams, Katrina Bostleman, Stacy Feasby, Den- dra Detmon, Tara Gaston Front — Tony Ruiz, Bonnie McCreesy, Anissa Humbarger, Roxanne Watus, Jason Saylor, Mike Bute The Fifth and Sixth Grade Chorus Sings Out 1 . 5th Grade Chorus 2. 6th Grade Chorus 3. 5th and 6th Grade Special Chorus Mini Archer Basketball 1. 6th grade ladies 2. 6th grade boys 3. 5th grade ladies 4. 5th grade boys 5. 4th grade boys 6. 4th grade ladies If] « Elementary Band Grades 4, 5 and 6 Track and Field Day H EHRHART STUDIO All Yearbook Photography Compliments of Ehrhart Studio Professional Photography Since 1907 Portraits Weddings Seniors Family Groups Phone 258-7952 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 THE WEATHERHEAD DIVISION of DANA CORPORATION Antwerp Plant WARHEAD DMS.Oll DAMA DANA CORPORATION Congratulations 1982 Seniors That memorable Thomasville touch. That masterful Thomasville look. BOLD. CLASSIC. CASUAL ELEGANCE.. PRINCIPALITY 4- H Informality - the lifestyle of most young moderns But what do you do when it ' sa dress up party you have in mind 7 You combine the best of casual liuing and traditional elegance in a dining room styled by Thomasville in its new Principality grouping Featuring beaded wmdowpane moldings, graceful arches, a handsome trestle table, beueled glass and grille doors, and rich fruitwood with the patina of fine antiques. Principality ' fits any mood or any need Classic dining, handsome storage in the buffet and closed deck, and a striking buffet serving the mobile server are all combined informally and elegantly Come see the charm, grace, and informal elegance — by Thomasville. of course HAVER FURNITURE Antwerp, Ohio Hicksville, Ohio (419) 258-7761 (419) 542-7747 Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed. Sat. — 9 to 5:30 — Thurs. — 9 to 12 — Friday — 9 to 9 — Closed Sunday Patron ' s And Professional ' s List Steven R. Fudge O.D.S. Sugar-N-Spice 509 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH 126 E. High St., Hicksville, OH Sinn-Laukhuf Co. Van Horn Shoes 117 N. Main St., Paulding, OH 129 E. High, Hicksville, OH James P. Spriggs Mr. Mrs. Eugene Straley 308 N. Main St., Paulding, OH 321 Defiance Ave., Hicksville, OH Shisler Insurance Agency, Inc. Sears 110 W. Perry, Paulding, OH 130 E. High, Hicksville, OH Moore ' s Clothing William S. Bricker D.D.S. 101 E. Perry, Paulding, OH 307 S. Cleveland St., Antwerp, OH Dr. H. E. Wilkin (D.V.M.) tone ' s Beauty Salon Gift 308 E. Jackson, Paulding, OH Rt. 1, Antwerp, OH Paulding Lumber Company Ray ' s Restaurant 311 W. Jackson St., Paulding, OH Antwerp, OH Paulding Progress Klip-Joint 113 S. Williams, Paulding, OH Antwerp, OH Ben Franklin ' s Store M B Lawn And Garden 108 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH Antwerp, OH Straley Associates Mr. Mrs. Andy Panico Paulding, Ohio 45879 Antwerp, OH Moore Chrysler Plymouth Dodge C. A. Quisno Sons Inc. 537 S. Main St., Payan, OH Antwerp, OH. Camp Farm Equipment Smiths Drugstore Hicksville, Ohio Main St., Antwerp, OH Ben ' s Barber Shop 132 High St., Hicksville, OH NOAH YODER FORD 405 W. High St. Hicksville, Ohio Phone: (419) 542-8217 MfTv MM ' iA M III M H 1 ;. vf ' 3 — WtomsmMBBsmm ■■-vwwi B Compliments of: GENERAL PORTLAND INC. General Portland Cement Company — Peninsular Division Post Office Box 109 Paulding, Ohio Phone: (419) 399-4861 Good Luck Seniors! ■k Compliments Of: Patrick H. Young ( 3£S Erwin J. Bandy vi Michael C. Jones lOON.Coupland L Paulding, Paulding, Ohio Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-2881 R.E.GORMAN INSURANCE AGENCY L k HARDWARE STORES ' k BOUNDY k HARDWARE 109 W. Perry St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 We Fill Your Needs See . -r -r » Tru-Test us . Paints L Sporting all your . , Goods glass needs. ,.. . h-.-,i.i i l. . Store Phone 114 W Jackson W Street Paulding, Ohio k Good Luck to the L Class of 1982 OHIO GLASS L DEPOT L L STAHL-PHILIPOT L INSURANCE k Paulding County k Insurance Center Post X, 113 N Main - Office Paulding - Box 96 Phone: 108 N. Main 399-3777 Payne, Ohio 45880 Terry Derek, President INSURANCE L SERVICES AGENCY L L THE OPEN k DOOR FAMILY L RESTAURANT N. Main St. L Payne, Ohio k Open 7 Days a Week Mon. Sat. 5:00 to 8:00 Sun. 7:00 Compliments of: 8 00 SHAFFER L HARDWARE L Good Luck Seniors!! L LEINARD 1 L CHEVROLET H ZIEKE FARM L SALES H SERVICE FTTJT frnw WM WHEN SERVICE COUNTS — y |H YOU CAN COUNT ON US k THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS 1 Antwerp, Ohio BOWL! X, ™ -™« ■ Phone 258-2559 CUSTOM Street B L Antwerp, BH Ohio HH APPLICATION k CHEMICALS L FERTILIZER m 1 Compliments of k SEEDS PIN-A-RAMA L H TIM ' S DINER LANES L H Antwerp, Ohio L POP N BREW I POND-A-RIVER k DRIVE ■ GOLF CLUB L THRU 501 W. ■■ BEST WISHES River St. L Come in your car 1 CLASS of 82 | Antwerp, Ohio and shop as you 1 FOR are 1 Thank You UPHOLSTERING 101 N Main I For Your and Antwerp, Ohio 1 Patronage CUSTOM-BUILT H| FURNITURE k B LIFE FIRE AUTO ACCIDENT Bfe» x 1 LIABILITY 143 E. High St. v . H (419)542-7758 v V j k M Hicksville, Ohio MICKELSON ' S L H ARMSTRONG UPHOLSTERY XI AGENCY, INC. THE HICKSVILLE BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS Hicksville, Ohio Your Savings earn every day and are available without delay. TEMPERED GLASS SPECIALISTS AND T.G.S. SYSTEMS Divisions of Rhonehouse Associates, Inc. GO SENIORS! CLINE ' S SUPER VALU Open 7 days a week 117-119 Wendell Ave. Hicksville, Ohio 43526 124 East High St. Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Phone: (419)542-7549 Compliments Of: PAULEY-SCHILB FUNERAL HOME, INC. 210 West River P.O. Box 452 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 THE ANTWERP EXCHANGE BANK ■■-? -., Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-5351 Member FDIC HICKSVILLE GRAIN COMPANY Phone (419)542-6287 Hicksville, Ohio Visit Our New In-store Bakery and Pizza Shop! KAMMEYER ' S 2 Phone 258-7842 Antwerp, Ohio Congratulations Seniors! L HICKSVILLE H L BANK ■ L H H L CLEANERS Hicksville, Ohio H L Antwerp, Ohio Scu ' fytua JPfatty j k L Go Seniors S Sfc lM 4 B 82 L. i S!i ix H Buick L. flPS- 99 Pontiac L ( K-T ; 1 GMC 91 Trucks S J L ■ YAMAHA L ■ INC. L H Main Street k Antwerp, Ohio k The oldest Buick Dealership in the U.S.A. L Snowmobiles and L B motorcycles L j H Antwerp. Ohio k H L.SMITH L AND SONS k MARGARET ' S FLOWER GIFT SHOP Gift, Toys, and Cards, Flowers for All Occasions Compliments L Of: L The k Antwerp, Ohio Phone: 258-4005 Antwerp Equity Exchange Co. couriTry miLe Grain, Feed, Seed, and Lawn and Garden Compliments of: OASIS Antwerp, Ohio Wholesale And Retail Distributors of Gasoline, Fuel, Oil and Accessories Office, N. Main St. Payne, Ohio 45880 Phone: 263-2715 C YOILCO. Rt. 24 West Antwerp, Ohio 45813 ANTWERP HARDWARE 209 South Main St. Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Donald H. Smith Owner. Manager (419)542-8300 Electrical Contractor Design and Installation 568 W. High St. Hicksville, Ohio 306 Defiance Ave. Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Phone: 419-542-7676 KADUK ELECTRIC INC. A W DRIVE-IN CLINE CLEM INSURANCE Life, Health, Auto, Home, Business Main St. Antwerp, Ohio 258-5271 HOOKER INSURANCE SERVICES Payne-Paulding 399-2816 Or 263-2090 Farm, Home, Auto, Business Ira ' s Hr-10 ' s, Money Market Funds Life, Health Disability 258-8161 Wedding Invitations Rubber Stamps Commercial Printing Congratulations Seniors! ANTWERP BEE-ARGUS ' COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER 1 ANTWERP SHELL STATION Motor Tune-Ups Brake Repair Toro Lawn Mowers SMALLEY ' S BODY SHOP liiotv jJemir 113 N.Laura Payne, Ohio Ph. 263-2336 News Six Mrs. Birkhold ' s sixth grade class wrote a news story and presented it on the WBGCI-TV Station in Bowling Green, Ohio. The cast members pic- tured are Tami Collins, Jeff Pierce, Mike Smith, Jennifer Conley and Jerl Schlegel. h H3 ( ' . d oH ■a f I ; J 1. Susan Kline Co-Editor 2. Annette Mabis — Co-Editor 3. Anita Derek — Head Typist 4. Tami Figert — Staff 5. Todd Cook — Staff 6. Evan Noll — Business Manager From the Editors ' Des The school year offers many experiences for all of us. We are constantly involved in activities and we keep moving from one activity to another in order to find new meanings in our areas of interest. We through these activities hope to gain a clearer sense of identity. We, the editors of the yearbook, have tried to capture most of these moments in picture form for you in this 1 982 yearbook. ■■■ I — THE END 1982 N» rC£ v • tl ■«2 tnovm ' On ftcher

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