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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1981 volume:

Chsi h ' h • y - 1, - . (, S C , H a w ' 1981ARCHER ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL NTWERP, OHIO THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK ARE FULL OF MEMORIES OF THE 1981 SCHOOL YEAR. WE TRIED OUR BEST TO CAPTURE MOMENTS AND EVENTS THAT WERE SPECIAL TO ALL OF US. 1981 ARCHER STAFF TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING AND SENIOR SECTION Dedication EHilor Page Senior Snaps Class of 1981 Senior Pictures Senior Dictionaries Senior Personalities Graduation 5-7 8-9 10-18 19-20 21-23 24-28 Homecoming Faculty Volleyball Faculty Basketball Faculty vs WMEE Musical Sweetheart Dance 1981 Prom . ORGANIZATIONS Student Council F.T.A Library Aids Yearbook Staff French and Spanish International Dinner Marching Band Concert Band Chorus ... 47 . .47 48-49 50 ,51 52-55 56-57 58 59 Jr. High Band Choir 60 61 National Honor Soc. 61 61 CLASSES Vantage 102-104 Juniors 106-107 Sophomores 108-109 Freshmen 1 10-11 1 8th 112-113 7th 114-115 SPORTS Football V. Volleyball R. Volleyball Golf V. Boys Basketball V. Girls Basketball R. Boys Basketball . R. Girls Basketball Frt hmen Basketball Baseball Box..Tra k .rKTra k C 111 erleadi r- J H Sports Basketb l ' Football FACULTY Administratio Faculty 116-117 118-120 ELEMENTARY SECTION 6th Grade 122 5th Grade 124-125 4th Grade 126-127 SrdGrade 128-129 2nd Grade 130-131 Isl Grade 132-133) Kind 134-135 Staff 136-13 Operata 138-139 ' Basketball 140 Field Day 141 Choir Band 142 Safety Patrol 143 Spelling Bee 143 123 I) KKI ISINt, DEDICATION TO THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO GIVE OF THEMSELVES TO ENRICH THE LIVES OF YOUNG PEOPLE AT ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL . . . MR. RALPH BROWN Mr. Brown is retiring after devoting his career to the many aspects of education. During his thirty years, he has filled the positions of biology teacher, hasketball and football coach, elementary and high school prin- cipal and superintendent. MR. DAVE MASTIN Mr. Mastin has taught at Antwerp High School for the past ten years. His teaching assignments have included science, drivers ' training, and O.W.A. for junior high students. MR. FRITZ EHRHART Fritz has given unselfishly of his time and effort to assist the 1981 staff and others to make our publication a success. Through the years countless hours were spent giving us the right pictures for the Archer. EDITOR PAGE What is a yearbook? A yearbook is a history, a memory, and a public relations book. A yearbook consists of events and peo- ple joined together to be remembered for years to come. As editor of the 1981 ARCHER, I had many commitments to carry out. It was my job to make sure that many different people and events were represented. I guess the hardest part of my job was trying to please everyone; and that wasn ' t easy! There were times when I ran into difficulty trying to meet deadlines, trying to find pictures that seemed just to disap- pear, and trying to sell as many ads as possible. Sometimes the overall effect of a yearbook can be a bit monotonous and unoriginal, but I am very proud of our staff ' s new ideas and layouts. I feel that after you glance through the 1981 ARCHER, you will realize the hard work that was put into it ' s pages. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of our yearbook advisor, Ms. Elizabeth Kline. She kept me busy and helped me with any problems I came across. For this and many other things she did, I say, " Thanks we couldn ' t have done it without you. " THE 1981 ARCHER staff consisted of 15 members. Without their dedication and hard work, the yearbook would not have gotten completed. I would like to thank all the staff members for their hard work. I would also like to thank Mr. Walter Ferdon for his moral support throughout the year. A very special thanks goes to Fritz Ehrhart for all his photography work. If it hadn ' t been for him, we would have a yearbook without pictures. It has been my wish to give you the best ARCHER yearbook that I possibly could. May it be a challenge for future years. At this time I would like to present THE 1981 ARCHER — may you cherish it forever!!! Editor Lori Clemens Archer Yearbook Staff Members Advisor-Elizabeth Kline Editor-Lori Clemens Business Manager-Margie Snider Senior Staff- Carla Smalley Lisa Leinard Lydia Bazali Laurie Klender Cindy Savage Diane Gallup Junior Staff- Lorie Warner Cheryl Bradford Annette Mabis Kristy Keysor Sophomore Staff- Susie Kline Evan Noll Con Shuherk Anita Derek SENIOR SECTION IF YOU REMEMBER ME? When you remember me If you remember me I hope you see it ' s not the way I want it to be Or I ' A be with you now But wherever you go My love goes with you Keep on Smiling ' Keep on Shining ' Even though you know you wanta cry Lookin in my eyes You saw promise and lies Too many times When you remember me If you remember me I hope you see It ' s not the way I want it to be Or I ' d be with you now But wherever you go My love goes with you " ' " I ' ll be with you keep believ ing Sometimes even time can ' t come between And if you, blame me Try and realize There were promises and lies too many times When you remember me If you remember me I hope you see It ' s not the way I want it to be Or I ' d be there with you now My love goes with you. Wrote and Recorded By Sager and Hamlish THE CLASS OF 1981 SENIOR SNAPS Pre lJenl W.ry U Vice PreuJent Jori Cie.u Dr.u.ur.r CarL S.nJtey JlJiu Ba.ah koU Eol, Xo.i CUens Zlon„a ColUf Clyde 2i..p. JLe 2)octor M2) " ' -« ' JuJon 2ional Pie aien PeanDrUL 2)iane QJLp Xiia Cieuer fJ.,..,JU,.r ■ULnJLl muUL M.„. J!u..ieJ L.Je. So.,.,, J U. J ' " " - " . ; y. k ' ,l...k ' r,.lul, X:.. X-,- , P X..... X...r„ ' lll.C...,., :.L-..J ' III.:,.- k ' uLJ ' IIL,.- Same. Wurkn J(ulk PUlip, Imager i eece AoSeph r einhart r icnara r icUara Scoll ?o« -foAenh antoi C ina anio CUySa.c.,e tJjavid lavage l„ni Sckaefe, ZJakeihi Shibuia JinJa Sckuckarl OoJJ SkukerL (Jr.., SUt C.rL S.nJLj 3o,,S..,ll. 7l ' LrL S ' .,n,l, nu,..:.t S..UL CLi.iy Wi.Uo,, S,..j.L 1l ,:U ' HUL,Slr,; :z „„ ,. .-7,.,,,., ,.,,.,.„ Wi.LJOuL ' D.rri DL..,u. I-Kur r)..u..L W.ry ' lU J. ' ' .■ ,•„, Ku.„ Will ■ILin. ' [[ ' ..„,.. J. :}aUk WooMn SUue ZuU Wari.nne Wotfey SENIOR PERSONALITIES Best Personality: Joe Reinhart, Lisa Leinard Best-All-Aroiind: Lyndon Donat, Janean Franklin SENIOR PERSONALITIES Most Gorgeous Christy Snyder not pu lured) Joe Santoes Class Flirts: Todd Shuherk. Ton a (loUril 0m Best Dressed: Rofier H.ese. I.auri.- K lender Mc.-I I isN („.in Kd Myers, Laiin llimhes SENIOR PERSONALITIES M..SI Tal.-nl.-d: Ki.k M.-x-r, Lisa (;. .r Mosl Siiu-.r.-: I!..l. Hok. Kita knilMli 21 VALEDICTORIANS Alice Doctor io-val ' lu-lorian GRADUATION Ll.i ' ' ,-, Motto " Todd we are together; Tpniorrow we shall part; each will be forgotten but, lodged deeply in One ' s Heart " (;iahs Flower — Pink Rose (!)lass Colors — Burgandy and Cream Class Song — If You Remember Me Class Sponsor — Walter Ferdon 4 i. .. i j Lidia Bazali, Student Council Pres. giving Welcoming Speech. Mary Vail, Class Pres. giving closing speech. BETH ADAMS — Coiweri and I, 2; Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band !-4; Disll|l Bj6df, S%, and Ifesei ile 1-4; Spanish Club 1, 2; EYER Office Help 1 4; Solknl eI sSJElilt Pep Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Class Secr ry 4 " JANET HAND - Play 2, 4; Sixteeners 4; Chorus 4; VICA 3; Vantage Cosmetology Program 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Archer Spirit 4. COT cknEm- ASonlape VI eldin|r©)4)grali , 4; S, 4; VICA 3 . W I ARCIE SMI)EH -- Spanish Clul. lVsid,.ni 4: ' (;h.irus 1-4 • JIM MURLIN - Baskflball 2; Vantage Carpentry Program 3, 4; VICA 3, 4. BILL WIFFLEY 1 Baseball 1 I. B..-.kell.iil 1 i Fren. If Cliilj 1, Spirit 4. 5 and 2; Chorus l lWf and Kns, ml)l. l Mu i il I intone r ' . I Spanish Club 1-4; Spanish Club ()ffi(«W(i»9f I. S, holarship Team 1 4 IaRCIE SMI)EH - Spanish Chib IVsideni 4: ' (;h.irus l-4; ' t:horus Officer 4; Annual Staff 3. 4; KTA 3, 4; Offirc Help 4; Play 1, 2, 4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2; Prom Qu.en 4. (HRIsn (M|( KHM) i sN ' iDLK IH» 2 Ss-nn l.imJ Van tag. O l; ( i, 11 ' iiitci,. O L A L.yjp ier s, . m i r I 1 Run ? lp ()liio til ( )ii,Mi%nl,-.t JW AniHiilWilf , i , 1,1.1 p( JtiU 15. ,nil ( . nl. ' .lj2n uifn. r t [. ! (M H,gi,,nil si Hunii. r I n l T ui b Inli rui « 1 i Ol ( li ipK r TODD SIIl ' IIERK Chorus 1. 2, Plav 2 GREGSHLLL— Vantage Carpentr Program 3,4. VICA i, 4 CARLA SMALLEV Class Officer 3, 4; Chon Band 1 3. Disln. I Band 2, 3; Solo and Ensemble 1-3, Tn-M 3, National Honor Society 3, 4; CMC Honor Tri-Band 3; 4r.-her Spirit 4 S. h. larshipTeam2,3. Swim Team 1; Pep Band 1, 2, Stage Band 2: Solo and KnsemWe 1-3. Pla 1-3 MARK SMITH — Football 1.2. Vantage -Vulo Mecham.s Program i, 4; VICA 3. 4: Vantage Offie.-r 3. STE E ZVBER Bask, ih.ill 1. G .1) 2 Baskeilnjl ' SHePr,-sirf.m 1, 2;Sn,d -nt (.oun.-il 1.2 j)., ii.i ' I ' 1. .lll..ridl Honor Off.... r 3. 1: Vantage r-K ' , I ' v ..un il t. Vantage FFVSludenlAdMsor ! SENIORS Elaine Womack Sandy Laukhuf Tammy Perry Joni Schafer Failh Woodling RECEIVING AWARDS Peter Trzynka kirk Jackson Tony Coble Tom Herber Takeshi Shibiisawa Bryan Wilt SENIOR RECOGNITION DAY Treas. Caria Smalley reading the Class History. Vice Pres. Lori Clemens reading the Class Prophe ACTIVITIES Senior Attendants Lidia Bazali, Clyde Depew King and Queen Lyndon Donat, Janet Hand Junior Attendants Val Kitson, Khris Reinhart Sophomore Attendants Julie Reinhart, Ed Mendez Freshman Attendants Martha Trzynka, Ron Billman 1980 HOMECOMING PARADE WHAT IS HOMECOMING? To the students at Antwerp High it ' s a CRAZY WILD week leading up to the big Homeeoming Game. Homeeoming included. Spirit Week, Parade of Floats, Football Game and Homeeom- ing Dance. The cheerleaders put a lot of effort in- to Homecoming and Congrats goes to them for making it a success. No, the game wasn ' t such a success but spirits were kept high at the Dance. HOMECOMING — 1980 SENIORS VS. FACULTY IN VOLLEYBALL j J j gn r VsB I tIP Spi H Jl - tJuLta B ' ' " ' H H flW Sm pSpttSjig " .TMII M " jjQifclJfe Pf E HJh l i Mb B SHPMj H FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME This year ' s rival between the Senior and the Antwerp Faculty turned out to be a barnburner with the lucky faculty winning 82-75. With the faculty leading by 1 7 at half-time, the Seniors used an effective full court press to pull within 7 by the final buzzer! Dave Reid ARCHER FACULTY — 82 ARCHER SENIORS — 75 ACTIVITY SNAPS ACTIVITY SNAPS ARCHER FACULTY VS. WMEE RADIO STARS The CLASS of ' 81 sponsored the game between the Archer faculty and the MEE Radio Stars. The game was thrilling J |nd our faculty showed much skill. The Antwerp Faculty was on top and up b 2 points at halftime, but with the help of the|j referees, the WMEE Radio Stars pulled ahead and won. The Seniors raised $250.00 to go toward their class trip. The Archer Faculty was cheered on by Seniors Joni Smith, Sue Brown, Lana Hughes and Janaen Franklin. f JLoclapejtd aJ ct ucunrn Ae Sna44J d o Mudiicy Director — Amy Sii Student Director — Tammy Perry CAST Maria Rainer Chris Beregszazi Sister Berlhe Joann Kline Sister Margaretla Shelly Hunt Mother Abbess Diane Gallup Sister Sophia Annette Mabis Captain von Trapp Rii-k Meyer Franz Erik Hasselberg Frau Schmidt Janean Franklin LiesI Marianne Mobley Friedrich Mark Ryan Louisa Karen Schilb K-urt Cory Geyer Brigritta Eve Jimenez " • ' ■ ' 3 Jenny Geyer Gretl Julie Culler Rolf Gruber Gary Mabis Elsa Schraeder Cindy Savage Max Detweiler Darren Whetstone Herr Zeller Evan Noll Baron Elberfeld Matt Mabis Admiral von Schreiber Keith Birkhold Postulant Anita Derek l uns Janet Hand Caria Smaller Lynne Carr Barb Overmeyer Terri Thomas Julie Eblon Sue Brown Party Guests Trevor Ogle Julie Eblen Brent Blalock Matt Mabis Lynne Carr Fraulein Sehweiger Margie Snider Herwegen Trio Brent Blalock Tammi Bobbins Brenda Seslar S.S. Lieutenants Trevor Ogle Matt Mabis Brent Blalock » i V M i t m ifl ■ s j 1 S jj BNBn. Vp I 1 wM ff 1 ' ' 7 maMW 1 V w- ■■■ i H Additonal Pictures courtesy of Erik Hasselberg Theresa Mobley King — Joe Reinhan Queen — J. Franklin King and Queen — Joe Reinhart and Janean Franklin Senior attendants — J. Koenn and K. Phillips Junior attendants — M. Williamson and M. McAlexande Sophomore attendants — F. Meyer and M. Derek Freshman attendants — T. Rasey and R. Lothamer oBrV f V Mi f lA F H B H f-Wfl 1 Hi H K ' Dancing Legi " I think Tve got a headache! 1981 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Prom Attendants: Kathi Phillips Lyndon Donat Prom Queen and King: Roger Reece Margie Snider Seniors Margie Snider and Roger Reece were chosen the Queen and King of the 1981 Prom which was held at the American Legion on May 2. Junior Class members and advisers spent most of Friday and Saturday decorating and transforming the American Legion Hall. The center of attraction was a fountain which also serv- ed as a background for the pictures which were taken of the Prom couples. Junior class members ' parents worked on the meal which was served prior to the dance. The music was provided by the band, " Fantasy. " 200 peo- ple were there to enjov the music, food and fun! — Con- gratulations to the ( lass of " 82 for a su( essful Prom ' King and Queen ■ ' Fantasy ' " (;i upl.-sha%in); fun at ih.- I ' l 1981 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Denny and L; )..ul fall a l. ' . ' ,i Jul Wherr-salllhep.i)sal.(;,rU JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ' KEEPONLOVIN YOU " MAY 2. 1981 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL Isl row: L. Clemens — Secretary C. Hughes — V. Pres. N. Lothamer — Sergeant-at-arms 2nd row: F. Begley; A. Mabis, L. Keysor, M. Weatherhead. P. Rasey, C. Banks. 3rd row: P. Rogers, A. Kock, R. Lothamer, A. Derek, J. Savage, A. Martin, R. Grabianowski — Advisor Library Aids: (left to right) R. Grabianowski L. McCague, T. Herber, M. Springer, F. Begley, M MeAlexander. THE 1981 ARCHER YEARBOOK STAFF Kditor Lori Clemens Business Manager — Margie Snider Staff Members Lisa Leinard Lydia Bazali Advisor — Elizabeth Kline Staff Members Laurie Klender Diane Gallup ' numl Staff Members Cherly Bradford Lorie Warner Staff Members Evan Noll Cindy Savage Not pictured: Kristy Keysor Con Shuherk FRENCH 1st row: A. Doctor, L. Leinard. 2nd row: M. Derek, F. Begley, L. Warner. 3rd rov S. Brown, C. Savage, C. Bradford. 4th row: M. Vail, J. Franklin, S. Laukhuf, Mn Pier (advisor). 5th row: M. Walley, T. Funk, D. Whetstone. 1st row: J. Kline, P. Scoby, M. Snider. 2nd row: Mrs. Buchhop (advisor), S. Hemrick, J. Cross, T. Perry. 3rd row: W. Meredith, T. Robbins, J. Foster, A. DeLong. C. Longardner. 4lh row: L. Spryn, B. Sigler, B. Derek, P. Spryn, T. Bostleman. 5th row: L. Culler, A. Fry. J. Reinhart, D. Stevens, L. Farr. 6th row: D. Adams, C. Hughes, C. Parrish, K. Liehty, J. Buckland. SPANISH INTERNATIONAL DINNER The 1981 International Banquet was held April 9 in the Home Ec. Room. This gives the French and Spanish clubs a chance to taste each others native foods. The French club served stew, frozen delight, French onion soup and French vegetable dip. The Spanish club served tacos, relish tray and Spanish wedding cake. Advisors, Mrs. Pier and Mrs. Bushhop, and all the club members enjoyed the meal. ARCHER MARCHING BAND The 96 membiT Antwerp Archer Band has a tradition of outstanding performances on record. Beginning in August, the marching band played a series of 1 5 scheduled perform ances before the end of October and traveled to a competition in Southern Ohio. On October 18th, the Antwerp Bands and Band Boosters hosted the first annual Antwerp Class C Invitational Marching Band Contest featuring the best of the local class C marching units from our area. We would like to thank the people of Antwerp for their continuing support and also the band members parents. Thank you. Mr. Bryan Deever s UKIM MAJORS: Julie Cross and Sue Brown MAJORETTES: Lo i Clemens, Tonya Cottrell, Lisa Leinard, Joni Smith. COLOR GUARD; Front: Shelly Hunt, Billie Sigler, Lisa Napier. Back row: Beth Derek, Anita Derek, Marianne Mobley, Beth Senabaugh, Lisa Allen, Julie Buckland, Kim Wiesman, Tammy Cottrell, Lisa Stoller, Annette Mabis. CONCERT BAND Saxophones ' Hf nPII PO ' v ' l , ' J »S lifflB ■ a ' imi I)iie to Lack of Communications Between the Band Director and the Archer Staff, the Concert Band is Not Pictured in Uniform. AT IT S BEST HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR First row: M. Wolf. D. Gallup, M. Sahner, A. Koch, J. Kline. J. Bok, M. Snider, M. Wallev, J. Hand, G. Mabis, M. Ryan, D. Roberts, K. Brown. Second row: L. Allen, T. Thomas, P. Shuharl, T. Seslar, K. Birkhold, S. Hunt, D. Tadsen, L. Stoller. B Derk, T. Taylor. Third row: J. Foster. A. Mabis, E. Noll, L. DoriTtan, L. Carr, B. Seslar. T. Bobbins. Fourth row: C. Smalley, J. Rhonenhouse, C. Klima, M. Mabis, E. Schhenkel, T. Ogle, A. Derek. " SIXTEENERS " First row: K. Birkhold, A. Mabis, G. Mabis. Second row: M. Walley, J. Hand, M. Mobley, E. Noll, D. Whetstone, D. Gallup. Fourth row: T. Perry, M. Hunt, M. Ryan, E. Schenkel. DUE TO LACK OF COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN THE BAND DIRECTOR AND THE ARCHER STAFF, THE JR. HIGH BAND PICTURE IS NOT ABAILABLE! SPIRIT STAFF First row: F.Woodling,L.Tinkham,E.Woniack. p. Trzynak.C. Depew. Second ro« I II. rhirl VLiipu. S. Laukhuf, K.Phillis, L. Clemens, J. Schaefer. J. Franklin. Third row: Advisor, J. .in I), nion J Orthm.n Parrish, T. Coltrell, L. Klender. Fourth row: J. Lucas, B. Peffley, J. Reinhart, K. Jackson w inners — Green Meadows M ath Cor itesl K . Birkhi }ld T. Shibus awa B. Goetz T. Cook T. Funk Math Photos courtesy of James Empley, Antwerp Bee-Argus SPORTS ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST VARSITY FOOTBALL f ( Btf i%Jjes f: ' V ' f lO Ji! y Varsity Football Team: Andy DeLong (manager). Bob Olwin (Head Coach), Mark Harlman (coach). Top row: B. Kinsey, T. Rasey, N. Longardn D. Banks, M. Ryan, T. Overmyer, C. Wolmack, M. Rasey, T. Kortokorai, F. Meyer, G. Mabis, E. Mendez, T. Nighswander, J. Hahn, K. Daeger, T. Funk, K. Slushe, J. Taylor, B. Meyer, K. Hughes, J. Green, W. Davis, S. Weatherhead, B. Parrot, K. Jackson, D. Tilleger, D. Reeb, C. Depew, A. Hook, S. Ross, L. Donat, T. Herber, M. Walley. Coaches Mark Hartman, Bob OU Captains C. Depew, A. Hook ARCHERS WIN FIRST GAME IN TWO YEARS Liberty Center L EdonW Edgerton L Ayersville W Hicksville L Fairview L Hilltop L Tinora W Holgate L Wayne Trace L VARSITY VOLLEYBALL - ► DISTRICT CHAMPS ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST District Champions First row: Lorie Warner, Joni Smith.Second row: Kathy Phillips, Tanya Collrell, Judi Schaefer, Cindy Savage, Mary Vail, Lori Cle Seniors: Joni Smith, Mary Vail, Lori Clemens, Cindy Savage, Kathy Phillips, Tanya Cottrell. Most Valuable 67 Cindy Savage BUMP, SET, SPIKE LADY Tanya Cottrell ARCHERS DO IT RIGHT T E D U s T JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL First row: Monica Sawyer (most improved), Michelle Derek, Barbie Overmeyer. Second row: Julie Reinhart, Lana Leinard, Chrie Parrish. Third row: Cindy Hughes, Tammy Cottrell, Lisa Spryn, Pam Scoby. Wayne Trace W Edon L Paulding L Edgerton W Wayne Trace W Paulding L D. Jefferson L A ersville W Holgate W Tinora L Parkway h Crestview L Continental ' Fairview W Woodlan Montpeliar L HicksviUe Season Record 8-9 HEY GONNA Cindy GET YOU TOO Cindy and Julie looking for the Ball ARCHER GOLF TEAM The Antwerp Golf Team, (Back) Mr. Hohenbrink, Alan McCain, Todd Cook, Terry Knepper, Nate Lotha Birkhold, Brian Winhover, Rob Carnahan, Toby Barnhouse. Not pictured: Con Shuherk. r, Evan Noll. Jim Foster, (Front) Keith The Antwerp Golf Team was Very young this year and although they did not win they show promising skills. Sept. 2 Lincolnview Sept. 4 Wayne Trace Sept. 8 Fairview Sept. 9 Continental Sept. 11 Edon Sept. 15 Tinora Sept. 19 Edgerton Sept. 22 Ayersville Sept. 23 Hicksville Sept. 25 Ayersville Sept. 29 Continental Oct. 2 Tinora Oct. 7 Wayne Trace Oct. 8 G.M.C. Bryan Oct. 10 Sectional Bryan Where did it go Jim? Evan, do you know what you ' re doing? The face of the GOLFER! VARSITY BASKETBALL HOW DO YOU THINK FM GONNA GET ALONG Varsity Basketball: R. Smalley, C. Womack, R. Rickard, K. Jackson, T. Berber, M. Williamson, K. Hughes. Front: S. Weatherhead, Coach Hartman, L. Donat, Coach Stallkamp, K. Slusher. i Woodlan EasUide — L Lincoln iew L Paulding - L Favette — T. Dalphos Jefferson Continental — L Parkway L E don L Tinora — L Crestview — L Fairview — L .-X? JftP Ohio City L Holgate — L W. Trace L N. Central L . Ayersville — L . L. Center — L Hicksville — L Edgerton — L Head Coach Dave Stallkamp Assistant — Mark Hartman Captains — Rich Rickard, Lyndon Donat WITHOUT YOU WHEN YOU ' RE GONE ANTWERP ARCHERS Senior — Richard Rickard YOU TOOK ME FOR EVERYTHING THAT I HAD, KICKED ME OUT OF MY HOME A R E Y O U H A P P Y A R E S A T I S F I E D Senior — Lyndon Donat WE ' RE PROUD LvnHon Tom 76 Steve OF OUR GUYS Mark Gout JUNIOR VARSITY A N O T N E R B I T E S D U S T Re .er%e Basketball Team: Coa. h Harlman, F. Meyer. B. Parretl. A. Delong. I) Klliol. J Halm, k Daepe From: A.Koih. R Billman. k.Reinharl. I). Laukauf. J. Ta Ic.r. A N O T H E R O N E ' S G O N E John racing for the ba An(l . junuiini; f..rl«i ANOTHER ONE S GONE ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST TEAM IN ACTION Andy whal ' s the face for? " Help Me Guys He ' s trying to tickle you Dean! Look at those Faces!!! GO FIGHT WIN LADY ARCHER HEY GONNA GET YOU TOO ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. V MB itj Team: J. Franklin, S. Hemrick, L. Hughes, S. Brown, C. Savage, J. Smith. M. Vail. J. Cro-s. I Me (ute, L. Clemens (manager), C. Slattery, B. Olwin (coaches). iiu ' iital tpelior W Hilltop - W N. Central - ,Feffer ' .on W Arch bold W Holjsate — W l.incolnvieH — W Hick . ille — Vt Strvkcr - W Kd crton - L ' rs illp - - W Finora W Paulding — W Kairview — W Kilida — W Wayne Trace — Sectionals — Hicksville Lincolnview — W Districts — Kilida — L W In most cases a basketball game will Produce a win- ner and a loser. But one could hardly call the Lady Archers lo.sers after their 43-42 loss to the number one. State-ranked Kilida Wildcats in the opening game at Districts. The Lady Archers, sixth-ranked in the final U.P.L poll, ended their season at 19-2. IVo. the Lady Archers didn ' t make a return trip to State this year, like many people prayed they would, but, they can be very proud of their season, having suffered only two loses. No one can degrade the Ladies in any way. They gave it their best shot and no one could ask any more of them. There are seven graduating Seniors on the team who will be missed not only by the team but. Seniors are 32 Mary Vail, 22 Sue Brown. 20 Cindy Savage, 15 Janean Franklin, 30 Lana Hughes, 24 Joni Smith and manager Lori Clemens. Congratulations to the Ladies forgiving us the best four years of Lady Archer Basketball in the history of Antwerp High. Congratulations also to Coach Olw in and good luck next year! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST VARSITY BASKETBALL PLENTY - i OF ■ WAYS .J YOU CAN HURT A MAN : Lynn Meyer (most improved). Sue Brown (Co-M.V.P), Head Coach Bob Olwin, Mary Vail (loM V P.). AND BRING HIMT TO THE GROUND YOU CAN BEATEM YOU CAN CHEATEM SENIOR LADY ARCHERS 15 — Janean Franklin 30 — Lana Hughes YOU CAN TREAT ' EM BAD 24 — Joni Smith MEET OUR CHEERLEADERS This is llic second ciir lluit a };ri)U|i of guys have f;olltii tof;flhcr to support llie Lady Archers on and off the court. The guys became famous for keeping the fans up when things were down. They performed several different cheers: spelhng out the word " Archers " on the gym floor, the basketball cheer, and building a pyramid to gel the fans off the bleachers. . special thanks goes to Miss Amy Simcox, for helping the guys when they needed help! JOB WKLM)() KGl VS!!! THE Guy Cheerleaders showing some of their good old Archer Spirit! ! (nire gla»ses giiij.) The gu s|.ellinc .U.1 ihe word " ARCHERS. ' WE ' VE GOT THE BADDEST TEAM IN THE NATION — RIGHT ON! LADIES IN ACTION J LADY ARCHERS IN ACTION AND LEAVE HIM WHERE HE STARTED JUNIOR VARSITY ARE YOU READY — GET READY FOR YOU. ARE YOU STAND- IN ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET. r T|i Reserve Basketball Team: Coach Olwin Scoby, S. Kline, K. Woodring (manager L. Culler, L. Brandenburg, J. Rhonehouse, L. Leinard, L. Meye Front: C. Klima, C. Hughes, B. Overmyer, T. Figert. Continental — I ,,« Montpelier — W X oodlan I Hilltop L ' North ( entral Jcffcrsogf rchbol Hotgaf Lincolnview — Hirk ' .viUe — W Slrvker — W Edgerlon — X Ajers ' vill ' — L Tinora - 1 Paulding — L Fairvifw — L Kahda — t Waviu Trace — Vt Nice form Pam! Wait a minute Girls, this is Basketball not Football! FUTURE VARSITY REACHING FOR THE TOP PushheroulofthewayTai Shool forlwojulil FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Freshmen Basketball Team: Trevor Ogle, Dave Hammon, Rob Carnahan, Mike Snyder. Butch Kinsey, Todd Bauer. Bob Krutsch. Fred Langha Coached hy Rick Limber. (Not Pictured. Todd Cook. Todd Rasey.) ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST ANOTHER ONE GONE ANOTHER ONE GONE ICS V Edgerlon M m K Lincoln view L Tinora L r , Fairxicw L Wayne Trace Li Crest tew L Hicksville L Woodlan L ' s Holgate L Hicksville L Ayersville L Wayne Trace L Season Record 0-12 VARSITY BASEBALL Back: B. Peffley, L. Donat, H.uik, omack. I) RfiH, S Weatherhead, J. Donal. Front: Coach Thompson, K. Hughes, J. Taylor, T. Kortokrax, B. Mcjer, Takeshi Shibusawa. John pitching Craig hitting ANOTHER ONE ♦SEASON RECORD UNAVAILABLE VARSITY BASEBALL I BITES THE DUST BOYS TRACK FirM rov,: k. Slush, r K Hirkholil 1 OMrnu.r M W illn ( 1 uni;. rdnl.i. r H Kins. » I Herber, H. Drpew, B. I ' arrot, .N. Longardn. r. L. M.-nd.z, ft. Uaius, J. llahn. ro» . S. Sillimen, T. Ogle, B. Winover, R. Maia, B. Tadson, J. Santos, G. Mahis. T BOYS TRACK " I think I ' m dizzy " HEY, GONNA GET YOU TOO They expect me to ihron this " Swing those arms hard! GIRLS TRACK 1 9 8 1 T R A C K Coach Harlman, C. Woodring, D. Adams, C. Spryn, J. Cross, A. Fry, B. Overmeyer, J. Franklin, M. Vail. Nol Piclured: C. Savage. jr j iiiMimiifiiilr- Big Bad Mary! RUN RUN RUN RUN Come on Chris, you can ' t be tired! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST CHEERLEADERS ;ity Cheerleaders: Top; Julie Reinharl, Kathy Phillips. Bottoms: Lidi Leinard (captain). The varsity cheerleaders Started their season out by at- tending camp at Ohio State. They were taught a variety of cheers and skits and brought home many new floor cheers. The Varsity and Reserve cheerleaders were under a new advisor this year. Miss Amy Simcox. With Her help and dedication the cheerleaders sponsored Homecoming Spirit Week which featured a parade of floats on Friday night before the game. .jfiki- ' ' V A R S I T Y C H E E R L E A D E R S CHEERLEADERS Freshmen Cheerleaders: Eunise Schenkel, Tina Taylor, Shelly Snider, Penny Rogers. WE ARE ARCHERS! NO. 1 7lh Graders: Joni Jorden, Margie Wilt, Bobbie Cerig, Kristy Bruick 8th Graders: Denise Lucus, Rita Reinharl, Dawn Gallop, Tan Whiteomb. 7th " " G R A D E 7th GRADE BASKETBALL llH ' k il ' I. AmtsnIII.- I. W.Tra,,. S W Tra.r VS llirksvill.- W Kdp.rlon I. PiiulHing . Tinora W B O Y S Bark row: D. Coleman J Woodiox. D. Bender, E. Walk. B. Walley. Middle: B. Willii Shuherk. From roMvD. Arend, J, Ryan, T. Barker. Coached by Rick Smith. n, M. Jump, P. Jackson, C. Tinora W llicksville W Edserlon W W. Trace W Kairview W W. Trace W Tmora W G I R L S Back row: C. Laylon ( Manager), A. Elliott, J. Rhonehouse, S. Overmyer, L. Moon, M. Meyer, B. Goetz (Stal.). Mid- die row: Coach Thompson, T. Rasey, C. Banks, P. Rasey. Front row: C. Mansfield. 8th GRADE BASKETBALL B O Y S Av rsville L W. Trace W W. Trace L Edgerlon L Back row: R. Pucketl. S. Lucas. I) Marlin. T Copse). D Keisor. MiH.lle r..« : k Derek. C Horman. S. Schilb, D. ODonncll. Front row: 1), Meyer, G. Uonal, R. Tadsc.n. Coaeh.H h Rick Smith. G I R L S f. T. Barnhouse, H. Daeger. R. Walk. D. Longarrlner. S. Bals mpson, C. Laylon, (manager) K. Moore, T. Thomas, J. Savage, D. hie, A. Baumie, L. Phillips, M. Wealherhead. D. Hopkins. C. Lein: er. B. G Sawyer. ! ird. A. Re (Manager! M.. Sood,„ (man.i( ihar t (manager). JR. HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM (ft W ;b2 48 ?V J c- s- Jr. High Football Team: Row 1, B. Dolt, B. Williamson, B. Hootman, R. Thadsen, D. Meyer, D. Sensabaugh. Row 2: C. Herman, D. Parrett, R. Puchett, D. Kunesh, B. Depew. Row 3: D. Hahn, D. Dunderman, D. Harp, B. Wally, E. Walk, D. Keysor. Row 4: Dave Stallkamp (coach). The Junior High Foothall Team had an improving season this year. They started out a httle slow, but made a strong comeback and won their last game of the season. Coach Stallkamp was pleased with his teams play this year and is looking forward to next year. Coach Stallkamp gave awards to the following Football Players 110% — Dave Meyer Most Improved — Dave Keysor Co-MVP — Bill Depew Co-MVP — Don Harp Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp 14 Wayne Trace Edgerton Holgate GO — FIGHT — WIN VANTAGE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL VANTAGE In the fall of 1976, Vantage Vocational School opened its doors to almost 450 students. By the fall of 1979, Vantage had expanded to 675 students in 20 different programs. Several of Antwerp High students have taken advantage of Vantage. They find that learning skills in High School helps them to he more qualified for the job market after graduating. As the community ' s needs change. Van- tage will meet these needs to be of service both the community and the students it serves. The past may not be changed, but Vantage will help shape the future. Toni Sanlns Welding Teresa Tabor Steno Secretary Joe Santos. Bob Bok, S oil Vl.i Weldinj; Kevin Jarkson - Welding Kristy Keysor — Steno Secretary Cindv Bok Food Ma Christy Sndyer — Sleno Secretary CLASSES YOU ' VE GOT A FRIEND When you ' re down and troubled and you need some love and care and nothing-nothing is going right, close you ' re eyes and think of me and soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest night. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am I ' ll come running to see you again. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you got to do is call, and I ' ll be there, yes, I will, you ' ve got a Friend . . . n T J o J J 82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82 If the sky about you grows dark and full of clouds And that oP north wind begins to blow Keep your head together and call my name out loud ' " Not pictured: Kris Miller 82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82-82 83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83 ina Adams Adkins 1 Aliens I Baumie u 1 Bender ith Birkhold nl Blalock nderbi rgf Brandenburg Lisa Brandenburg Jeff Brinkman Kathy Brown Julie Buckland Leese Coleman YOU JUST CALL OUT MY NAME AND YOU KNOW WHEREVER I AM I ' LL COME RUNNING TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Not Pictured: Toby Barnhouse, Bob Jackson Beth Sensabaugh, Dewayne Watts. 83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83-83 CLASS OFFICERS: Pres. Chris Parrish Vice. Andy Koch (not pictured Sec. Lona Leinard Treas. Michele Derek Walter Mansfield Eddie Mendez Judy Mendez Frank Meyer Lisa Meyer Tony Nigh Evan Noll Chris Parrish Sheila Pendergrest Shelly Pendergrest Julie Reinhart Diana Roberts Pam Shuchart Pam Scoby Chris Seslar Michelle Shaner Conn Shuherk Joel Sigler Chris Stilter Lisa Stoller Brian Tadsen Devin Tadsen Treva Thomas Daren Whetstone Bryan Winhover Mike Wiseman Mark Wolf Dan Woodring 84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84 Rosalind Martenies Alan McCain Gary McCain Willowdean Meredith Trevor Ogle Robert Osbon ReneeOtl WINTER. SPRING, SUMMER OR FALL ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CALL AND ILL HE THERE. . . Not Pictured Stan Carr Matt Clevinger Robert Underw 84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84-84 YES, I WILL NOW YOU ' VE GOT A FRIEND 85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85 AINT IT GOOD TO KNOW THAT YOU ' VE GOT A FRIEND WHEN PEOPLE CAN BE SO COLD? THEY ' LL HURT YOU; YES, AND DESERT YOU AND TAKE YOUR SOUL IF YOU LET THEM. ♦Not Pictured Bill Depew 85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85-85 OH BUT DON T YOU LET THEM! Class Officers: Sec. Lynnelle Phillips, Pres. Cindy l.einard. Vice. Mary Wealherhead. Not pictured: Treas. Denise Lucas. Dan Marlin Michelle McCain Johnelte McCain Dave Meyer Dave Minck Kelly Moore Gina Napier Dennis O ' donnel Brad Pefney Lynnelte Phillips Terese Powell Leann Puckelt Randy Puckett Angie Reinhart V- Dave Sensabaugh DonilaSmally AlanSle Rhan Tadi Tonya Th Molly Vail Robin Walk -1(. Tonya Walker Mary Weatherhead Tammy Whilcomb Cindy Woodcox Shelly Woodcox Dave Phillips Dave Parrot i 86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86 YOU JUST CALL OUT MY NAME, AND YOU KNOW WHEREVER I AM I ' LL COME RUNNIN TO SEE YOU AGAIN 86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86-86 ADMINISTRATION School Board Ivt-ft lo right LEADERSHIP STARTS WITH WISDOM 116 KLKMK T K1 PKINCIPAI. JaikWh.ifi STAFF — KEEPS BUSY LUNCHROOM CASHIERS Jan Rasey and Gloria Whetstone CLERK -TREASURER Jane Lanph FACULTY Mr. Joe Allen (ART) Mrs. Cheryl Buchop (ENGLISH AND SPANISH) Not Pictured Mr. Jack Donley (GUIDANCE) Mrs. Jean Detmon (ENGLISH) Mr. Charles Foster (SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Ed Hohenbrink (MATH AND CHEMISTRY) Not Pictured Mrs. Dorothy Slade (LEARNING DIS.) Mrs. Marsha Oberiin (HOME ECONOMICS) Mrs. Joan Pier (ENGLISH AND FRENCH) Mr. Delmar Brown (SOCIAL STUDIES AND GOVERNMENT) Mr. Bryan Deever (BAND) Not Pictured Mr. David Mastin (SCIENCE) Mr. Mark Hartman (ENGLISH) Mr. Ron Grabianowski (LIBRARY) Mr. Rick Limber (DR. ED. ATHLETIC DIR.) Not Pictured Mr. Norm Thompson (PHYSICAL ED AND BUSINESS) Mr. Walter Schilb (SCIENCE) Mr. Ardus Runyon (IND. ARTS) FACULTY Mr. Paul Shaffer (MATH) Miss Amy Simcox (VOCAL MUSIC) Mr. Robert Simmons (MATH AND PHYSICS) Miss Chris Slattery (PHYSICAL ED. AND BUSINESS) Mr. Ricii Smith (BUSINESS) Not Pictured Mr. Tim Wertenberg Mr. Harold Trzynka (SOCIAL STUDIES) Bus Drivers: ( eidman, G Jordjn, M. Overmyer, C. VanCleve, B. Taylar, G Ron Snider. Cooks: L. McMuUen, B. Smalley, A. Billman. S. Shaffer. M. Johnson. B. Ham- mond, P. Friend. ■mnI srk Janitors: M. VanCleve. C. Bender. J. DeeLong, A. Steekney. FACULTY — BUSY AT WORK Miss Simcox trying to pretend she ' s bu ELEMENTARY SECTION 87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87 87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-87 6th GRADERS PREPARE FOR JR. HIGH « " ' ' " ' • ' IP Terry Spryn Paul Starr Kip Taylor Jim Terwilliger Michelle Walker Heather Waltenburg Amy Whetstone 88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88 88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88-88 5th GRADE Kimberly Winkl. Beth Zarnes Kelly Zartman 89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89 4th GRADE Amy Jordon DeAnna Johnson Wendy Kaufman Nicholas Kelble Ken Kemer Jerad Kennedy Martha Kunth 89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89-89 4th GRADE Tai Thompson Joseph Trzynk MarkV Deanna Wenzl David West Michail Wetle Rebeeea Wolf 90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90 90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90-90 91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91 2nd GRADERS 91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91-91 Mary Ann Sleffi Kevin Stuart Benji Wall) Scott W 1 West Cindy Wiesehan Michael Wolf 2nd GRADERS 92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92 Elizabeth Bair Mirheal Barker Robert Begley Alen Bennett Jama Bennett Brian Bowers Jason Carpenter Jennifer Carr Marcia Cottrell Scott Cottrell Robert Culler Craig Daeger Travis DeLong Christen Depew Cindy Dix Heath Dodone John Dunderman David Fa David Fisher Benjamin Friend Robby Gorken Wi MSk 1st GRADERS 92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92-92 1st GRADE s s aK- ;is. jKis-iSSSj 93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93-93 Johnny Banks Milisa Bassett Jennifer Bowling Dooglas Boylan Christian Bradford Jenny Brandenburg Debra Bright Kristy Carpenter Reggie Clem Andrew Cottrell Amanda Cromwell Julie Culler Amber Curtis Renee Daeger fe - Amy Eccard Lori Fleming Kim Fraley Chad Franklin Eric Grabianowski Brad Grant Eric Jordon Smile Pretty ELEMENTARY Kelly Swann — SPEECH THERAPIST s p E C I A L T E A C H E R S Bob Olwin - GYM TEACHER Sue Moats - E.M.R Mar.ellenr N.,11 All) Kulh Riimmai;.- E.M.R. STAFF Beck) Ge)»T All) 137 Nann Wallace J.H.L.D. 6th GRADE PRESENTS SQUARE DANCE Back: E. Jackson, M. Humbarger, T. Kelly, J. Johnson, R. Bender, P. Starr, B. Sharp, A. King, T. Miller, S. Hook. Middle: M. Snider, A. Fraley, L. Bostelman, S. Rhineharl, S. Kunesh. Front: M. Knapp, M. Keysor, A. Whetstone, T. Gill. T. PenderErast. (Top Picture) ACT 1 CHORUS Back: R. Martenies, T. Philpot, K. Taylor. Middle: N. Sawyer, D. Doll, A. Coiighlin. Front: S. Shaffer, A. Bowers (Side Picture) CASTA Back: C. Birkhold, M. Brinneman, P. Fulk, T. Hormann. Middle: R. Gib- son, K. Farnsworth, B. Luginbill. Front: D. Michelson, L. A. Hitt. Back: I). Rister, J. Terwilleger, J. Farr. Front: M Geyer, M.Fulk.C. Robbins, C. Marlin, L. Knop.J. Reinhart. HOWDY COWBOY Nov. 14, 1980 MEXICAN FAMILY AND STAGE CREW Back; C. Birkhold, A. Santoes, M. McKe inger. Front: M. Walker, T. Rothgeb. r, J. Berber, W. Cle ACT 2 CHORUS Back: T. Spryn. Middle: C. Klima, E. Cook, H. Boesch, M. Bute. From: P. Meyer, S. Korlokrax, E. Seslar. CHORUS Back: K. Gire, J. Beucr, B. Knorr. Middle: T. Rose, S. Phillips, L. Huebner. Front: S. Bradbury, T. Leinard. ALTERNATE CAST S. McCain, S. Pier, D. Arend, E. Hahn, K. Logan, J. Kize, J. Farr, M. Altic, H. Wallenberg, G. Colewell, C. Geyer. ..1 i1 3rcl GRADE PRESENTS THE LOST CLOWN MINI ARCHERS 4 7t- 5th Grade Archer Basketball Team 5th Grade Lady Archer Basketball Team 6th Grade An her Itaskelliall Teal 6th Grade Lady Arche BASKETBALL ELEMENTARY TRACK AND FIELD DAY S FFTY PATROL J K.mhart. I). Risler. A. Bo«,r,s M. Brinneman, R. Gibson, I Rothgeb. 2nd row: G. Colwel, H. Waltenburg, L. Uoslelman, N. Sawyer, A. Whelslone. 3rd row: H. Boesch C Ge fr, A.King, R, Bender. KINDERGARTEN HELPERS Mrs. Bowers Fifth Grade CI SPELLING BEE WINNERS (left lo right) B.Goelz runner-up Jr. High K. Farnsworth - runner-up Ele S. Rhinehart - Winner Elem. M.Will - Winner Jr. High CRAZY AND WILD PEOPLE Ehrhart Studio ALL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY COMPLIMENTS OF EHRHART STUDIO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 1907 ' PORTRAITS WEDDINGS SENIORS FAMILY GROUPS Phone 258-7952 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 tlS= PATRONS AND PROFESSIONALS LISTS Smiths l)riig;store Antwerp, Ohio Vanhorn Shoes Hieksville, Ohio Sears Hieksville, Ohio Ohio Gas Company Bryan, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Anrly Panieo Antwerp, Ohio Mabis Cabinets Antwerp, Ohio Klip-Joint Antwerp, Ohio M B Lawn and Garden Antwerp, Ohio Payne Equity Ex -hange Payne, Ohio Moore Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 537 S. Main St., Payne, Ohio Ducats Store Ine. 1 1 2 N. Williams. Paulding. Ohio Moore ' s Clothing 101 E.Perry, Paulding Friend ' s Furniture Atitwerp, Ohio Paidding Car Parts Paulding, Ohio Dr. Charles Weaver 1 1 6 W. Jackson St., Paulding. Ohio Dr. William Bricker D.D.S. Inc. Antwerp. Ohio With Coniplinienls of: THE WEATHERHEAD COMPANY i mA " » « (.WW ' S -» S$7v ' ? i. Congratulations 1981 seniors Whol ale and Relai Distri l)Ut )r )f (;as,.l lie. Fu ■1. Oil a. d Aeee scries Offir. ■, N. M lin Si. Fa n. . Ohio 15880 P.O. Box 82 Phon ■: 26.?- 2 7 1.-) B J YAMAHA INC Snowniohileh and moloreyiles Antwerp, Ohio C Y OIL CO. MODERN 1 FOCUS 1 PHOTOGRAPHY | 108 E.Jackson k St., Paulding, Ohio Phone: Phone: 399- 263-2127 2046 NATIONA L For: Senior FARMERS Weddings Family UNION X INSURANCE Pass- k port COMPANIES V i ed Schmidt, Agent X. Life — Health Auto Home X Owners Farm Owners Crop X. Hail Commercial m. P.O. Box 47,5, Pa ne, Ohio X THE OPEN DOOR FAMILY RESTAURANT Parts for: L N. Main St. Payne, Ohio Auto X. Open 7 Days a Truck. X )icek Tractor C. ' .il, . Mon. Sal. 5:00 to L 8:00 Ohio Sun. I ' hnnc: X " ' • ' :i ' ' .|77 7 or. 3 »9.2 7 76 L p.m. HARTS AUTO PARTS —2 L PAYNE AUTO 1 PARTS X 116 .North Main St. X Pa ne, Ohio 45880 X (419) 263-2816 X For All Your X Truck and Auto X Farm .Needs X •If You X Want It, k We ' ve Got FRY ' S PHARMACY X AND X HALLMARK X SHOP X 109 ,)rth Willaim X Paulding, Ohio 45879 X HOLLEYS MARKET 568 W. High St. Hicksville. Ohio KADUK ELECTRIC INC. Motor Tune-Ups Brake Repair Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-8511 Keith WilUams DIETRICH INDUSTRIES INC. Hirksville. Ohio Steel Firm Processing Inc. C.A. QUISNO J AND SONS, X INC CompHments of: M Antwerp ,OH A f 116N. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio )M y f " W ' % FESSELS JEWELERS THE FLOWER SHOPPE, ETC. 112 East High Street Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Phone (419) 542-7474 " ' Every Order Is Special to Us " Owned and Operated by: Kay Y. Bromegem and Jo Gillespie KAMMEYER ' S Antwerp, Ohio Congratulations Seniors ANKEY-HOOKER INSURANCE SERVICES Life — Health THE HICKSVILLE BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS Hicksville, Ohio IRAs RH lO ' s Mutual Funds Auto — Home RV " s Serving Northwestern Ohio From Two Locations 106N.MainSt., Payne. Ohio 1 1 2 W. Jackson St.. Paulding. Ohio Phone: 41 9-263-2090 or 419-399-2816 Your savings earn evcr day and are available without dela . THE ANTWERP 1 EXCHANGE 1 BANK 1 TEMPERED GLASS SPECIALISTS AND T.G.S. SYSTEMS DIVISIONS OF RHONEHOUSE ASSOCIATES. INC. Go Seniors Antwerp, Ohio H Phone 258-5351 | Member FDIC | HICKSVILLE ■ GRAIN 1 Coiiiplinicnts of COMPANY 1 PAULEY-SCHILB 1 FUNERAL ° " " llM " 1 HOME, S K 1 INC. Phone: (U9)-S42-6287 | 204 W. River Slre.l Antwerp, Ohio Hicksville, Ohio H NOAH YODER FORD tO.i Vi. HijihSt. Hiiksxille. Ohio Phone (491) 542-8217 Coiii|)linu ' nt of: GENERAL PORTLAND INC. Gciu-ral Portland (lenient (lonipi, iv Peninsular Divisit)n Post Offiee Box 109 Paiildinj;, Ohio Phone Numher: (419) 399-4861 (;00D LUCK SENIORS!! PAYNE PHARMACY 109 North Main St. Payne, Ohio Phone:263-2513 Congratulations k to the Class of " 1981 " SLATTERY L OIL CO. 306 Defiance Ave. Hicksville, Ohio k Phone:542-7676 V HICKSVILLE BANK L Hicksville. Ohio Compliments THE ANTWERP EQUITY EXCHANGE CO. Feed, Seed, J lfe . and Lawn and Garden 5828! ' k ARMSTRONG L AGENCY, INC. 143 E. High St. (419)542-7758 k Hicksville, Ohio Life, Fire, Auto Accident Liability MARGARETsV FLOWER GIFT SHOP Gift, Toys, and Cards, Flowers L For All Occasions V f Antwerp, Ohio i4fi Phone:258-4005 J W BRUCE L GUILFORD Real Estate and Auctioneering Corner of Main and High Hicksville, Ohio Ph. 542- 7502 Compliments SHAFFER L HARDWARE Good Luck Seniors!! MARIOS — 7 GARAGE Si. Route 49 South 24 Hour Wrecker Service Lonp and Short Hiiuhng Ph. 2r,8- 2,?«9 or 258-8701 A f Sheriffs W Dispatch F 258-2000 W Comphments of: 209 S. Main M Street X Antwerp, Ohio ANTWERP I HARDWARE H H CLEANERS Antwerp, Ohio Seniors " V, " Antwerp, Ohio DEARINGER AUTOMOTIVE HOMIER AND A n SONS Alhs Chalmers Paris and Service Phone: 596-3965 Continental, OH Phone: 26;?-29 12 Payne, Ohio f for all oiir glass needs. 1 14 W.Jackson Street Paul.linn. Ohio Good Luck lo the Cla.ssof 1981!! OHIO GLASS 1 ( DEPOT I ■ P 1 i Wt i II k ' 1 r — MICKLESONS UPHOLSTERY 501 W.- t Kiv.rSt. Anl«.r|.. Ohio For r,.l.ol I.Tin(; atxl ( Aisloin- k Build Fiirniliirc Ho«i! V . PIN- L - A-RAMA LANES e- lis. 24 lll»(T|). OIlio ( loninliiiK ' nls of: OASIS Anl»ir|). ( )lii( ' " - AcK W DRIVE-IN Hui. ' k I ' ontiac (;vi(: Tru.kN Main Slncl iilwir|). Ohio Throhh ' M ISui. ' k (liahT hij) in ihi- I .S. . L.SMITH AND SONS LEINARD CHEVROLET SALES Main Sir.ct nl 4.Ti . OIlio RAYS L COEEEE L SHOP L 2(l. ' S. Main L Anlu.rii.OInn POP -N- L BREW L k „ . DRIVE-TIIRL GOOD OLD ANTWERP HIGH 1 i9»i n i ' iN.,1

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