Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH)

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1979 volume:

7E " . ' ' v - -, t iJ ♦ :• . .V - ' MB ' " ' presenting the . . . 1979 ARCHER SENIOR STAFF EDITOR — Joni Kennedy SENIORS — Becky Dunderman FACULTY — Mary Tryznka CLASSES — Shelley Peters ACTIVITIES — Monica Koenn ORGANIZATIONS — Tammy Taylor SPORTS — Patty Rogers ADVERTISEMENTS — Tammy Taylor PHOTOGRAPHERS — Cathy Mobley JUNIOR STAFF Deb Gallup Cindy Meyer Jan Kreager Laura Hammond Pam Bates Twila Mabis Vanessa Dunderman Twila Mabis Beth Meyer ADVISOR — Angle Billman For yesterday Is but a dream and tomorrow Is only a vision But today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. All yearbook photography compliments of EHRHART ' S STUDIO. Table of Contents Memonal 3 Opening , .4 Qeniors 13 Faculty 37 Classes 43 Activities 71 Organizations 91 Qports 105 Advertising 148 IN MEMORIAM DARYL BRADFORD deeply missed by his family, friends, classmates, and community Time is not measured by the years thaf you live But by the deeds that you do and the joy that you give — And each day as it comes brings a chance to each one To love to the fullest, leaving nothing undone That would brighten the life or lighten the load Of some weary traveler lost on Life ' s Road " — - 9o what does it matter how long we may live If as long as we live we unselfishly give Helen 9teiner Rice The time thaf goes by And slips away is filled wifh memones of Yesterday . . . The laughter, the 9miles, and even a tear Isn ' t that illegal parking, Mr. Hennel Concentration Stud City Friends we were bound Year after year. Control yourselves girls Get to class children! We walked fogefher Side by side And watched us Grow wif h every stride Rough game Guys? 1 1 [1 H . ' ' ■ H ■i iS ' H " V,.. Very Nice, Mr Foster Superman ' No, It ' s Ronnie Reesce We shared our secrefs And our dreams Got some, huh Ann ' Our fearless band leade She uses Ultra brite Lovely, Mr Bruwn And now we know what Good friends really mean Together once And now apart Brothers! Let it all hang out Mr. Hillman! The Incredible Hulk ' But precious thoughts Will remain in our hearts. Sophomores hard at work RPI P • " s JSp. V 1 MM Ain ' t she cute? They got the gym class blues! Where ' d she come from? Once the present Will soon be the past For time slips away But memories will last. Smile Ed, you ' re on Candid Camera! Say cheese Vanessa! Qeniors 79 CLASS MOTTO " We push forward individually to prepare for the time when the future becomes the past, the dream becomes a reality, a life becomes a life lived. " CLASS FLOWER White Rose Tipped in Blue CLASS COLORS Midnight Blue Gold Valedictorian Tenly Perry Class Officers Tammy Taylor — Treasurer, Diane Derek — Secretary, JonI Ken- nedy — Vice President, Becky Dunderman — President. Every new spring of every new year. We say good-bye to friends. To some a smile, to some a tear. But our friendship never ends. They step forward; we step aside. To let them pass on through. We swell with love; they swell with pride, as they reach for something new. The ladder they climb will be hard and long, as they struggle to reach the top, but they can make it; we know they are strong, they will never be willing to stop. We remember the times of good and bad. We remember the times of old. We try to be happy and not to be sad, As they reach for their pot of gold. They now have a chance to fill their dreams, a chance for something new. They take in stride whatever life deems, and prove what they can do. They set their feet towards paths unknown, and hope that they may find, a life to show how much they ' ve grown. As the class of ' 79. Deb Gallup Salutatorian Patty Rogers Marilyn showing off her most well known tal- ent. A good time on our class trip, a real good time right Nick? Kathy showing us a few of her many talents. Hey Mary, where did you find that thing? You make a super cheerleader Joe. Remember fourth grade girls? Picture Not Available JEFFERYLYNNALTIC PENNY MARLENE BELL Journalism 3; Office Help 2, 3, 4; Paulding County Beauty Pageant 3 DAB LA KAY BAKER Library Aid 1; Chorus 1, 2; Drama Club 2, Basketball 1 ; OWE 4; Journalism 3 Picture Not Available DARRELL L. BENDER JOSEPH KEVIN BIDDLE Football 1 - 4; Baseball 1, 4; Track 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Musical 2; Journal- ism 3 THOMAS ANDREW BOESCH KIMBERLYC.CARNAHAN JUDYLYNNE BILLMAN Chorus 1 - 4; Basketball 1; Band 1, Pep Club 1; Basketball Stat 4; Schol arship Team 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, FTA1,3, 4 DONNA JEAN BRUNNER FTA 1 , 2; Journalism 3; Office Help 4 SHELBY LEE COTTRELL Band 1 - 4; Chorus 1 - 4; Spanish Club 1; Swimteam 1, 2, 3; Musical 2, 3, 4; TriM 4 MARTA JAN DAVIS Pep Club 1; FTA 3, 4; Voice of Democ- racy 4; School Newspaper 3, 4; Office Help 2; Library Aid 1 KENNETH C. CROSS Basketball 1 ■ 4; Baseball 2 ' 1, 2: Homecoming Attendant 1; Boys State 3; Class Officer 2 CHRISTINE LCOUGHLIN DIANE M. DERCK Track 1; Volleyball 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Band 1 ■ 4; Chorus 1; Pep Band 1 • 2; Marching Band 1 ■ 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 1 , 2; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Class Officer 4; FTA 2 • 4; Voice of Democracy 4; School News- paper 3, 4 SCOTT W. CROSS Football 1 - 4; Basketball 1; Student Council 1, 2, 4; Student Council Presi- dent 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Sweet heart Attendant 1 TIMOTHY ALLEN DERCK Golf 3, 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Pep Bani ■ 4; Concert Band 1 • 4; Varsity Basket- ball Manager Trainer 1 - 4; District 3: Festival Band 3; All Ohio Sightreading Band 4; Solo Ensemble 1, 3, 4; Robin Hood 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; TriM 4; Scholarship Team 1, 3, 4; Span- ish Club 1 -4 REBECCA ANN DUNDERMAN Cheerleader 1 - 4: Track 1 ■ 4; Cheerlead ing Grand Champs 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, Volleyball 1 - 4; Basketball 2; Basketbal: Stat 3; Homecoming Attendant 1 ; Home coming Queen 4; French Club 1 - 4; Pre Med 1; Paulding County Beauty Contest 2; Senior Class President 4; Class Officer 1, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Voice of Democracy 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Marching Band 1 - 4; Chorus 1 - 4; Sixteeners 4; Tri-M 4; Solo Ensem- ble MICHAEL FRANKLIN DEVORE Chorus 1; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Football 1 SUSAN MARIE FRANKLIN Cheerleader 1 • 4; Volleyball 1 - 4; Bas- ketball 1 • 4; Track 1 - 3; Band 1 - 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Scholarship Team 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Sweetheart Attend- ant 3; Paulding County Beauty Contest 3; Cheerleader Grand Champs 3, 4; FTA 4; Pre-Med 1 GEORGIE LEE ELLIOTT JONATHONR. FRIEND OWE 4; Basketball 1 SONYAANNHICOV Track 1, 2; Volleyball 1 ■ 4; French Club 1; Chorus 1; Pre- Med 1; Cheerleading 1 ■ 3 DAVE W. GORDON Vantage 3, 4; VICA Reporter 3; Sergeant at Arms 4 FRIEND land 1 ■ 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Pep Band 1 - 4; Chorus 1 - 4; Solo Ensemble 1 - 4; Tri-M 4; Spanish Club 1 ■ 4; Voice of Democracy 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; School Newspaper 4; Six- teeners 4 JONILYNNE KENNEDY Swim Team 1; Volleyball Team 1; Basket- ball 2, 3; Cheerleading 3; Scholarship Team 1 , 2; Pep Club 1 , 2; Spanish Club 1 - 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Marching Band 1 ■ 4; Chorus 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Tri-M 4; Paulding County Beauty Pageant 3; Homecoming Attendant 2; Solo Ensemble 2, 3 MARILYN SUE HERTEL FTA 1 , 4; School Newspaper 3, 4 MICHELLE LORRAINE KITSON French Club 1; Scholarship Team 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; FTA 1 JULIE KAY LUCAS Spanish Club 1; Swim Team 2; Musical 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 2; Pep Band 4; March- ing Band 1 - 4; Sixteeners 4; TriM 4; Voice of Democracy 1, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Chorus 1 - 4; Concert Band 1 ■ 4; Solo Ensemble 1 - 4; Journalism 4 GREGGORY SCOTT LOGSDON MONICA JEAN KOENN Spanish Club 1 ■ 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Schol- arship Team 1, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; FTA 1 THOMAS RUSSELL MACDONALD TAMERA RENEA UNEY NANCY KAY MCALEXANDER Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Ba: Chorus 1, 2; Musical 2, 3, 4, ' Vica 3; FTA 4; Newspaper 4 KATHLEEN PATRICE MOBLEY Basketball Stat 1 - 4; Track Stat 2; Junior Class President 3; Chorus President 4; Chorus 1 - 4; Sixteeners 4; Tri-M 4; Jazz Band 1 ■ 4; Pep Band 1 - 3; French Club 1 - 4; Drama Club 1 - 3; Musical 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Team 1 - 3; Sweetheart Attendant 4 NICHOUSMENDEZII Football 1 4; Basketball 1 , 2; Baseball 3, 4; Track 2; Student Council 4; Home- coming Attendant 2; Homecoming King 4; Voice of Democracy 1 BECKY LYNN MCCAGUE OWE 1; FTA 1; Library Aid 1; Pre-Med 2 4; School Newspaper 3 LINDA MARIE MEYER FTA 1, 3, 4; School Newspaper 3, 4 SUSAN ELAINE PARRETT Marching Band 1 ■ 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Pep Band 1 ■ 3; Chorus 1; FTA 4; Office Aid 3; School Newspaper 3, 4; Pre-Med 1, 2; Sweetheart Attendant 1; Sweetheart Queen 4; Paulding County Beauty Pag- eant 2, 3, 4; Solo Ensemble 1 ■ 4; Span- ish Club 1 ; Scholarship Team 2, 4 TENLYRENEE PERRY Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Pep Band 1 ■ 4; Concert Band 1 ■ 4; Marching Band 1 - 4; Jazz Band 4; Solo Ensemble 1 , 4; Chorus 1; Sixteeners 4; Newspaper Edi- tor 4; Band President 4; Band Officer 1, 2, 4; Pre-Med 1, 2; Scholarship Team 1, 2, 4; Scholarship Bowl Team 4; Sweet- heart Attendant 2; Class President 2; Rotary Exchange Student 3; DAR Good Citizen 4; Tri-M 4; National Honor Soci- ety 4; Valedictorian 4 RONALD CLAY REECE Track 1; Marching Band 1 ■ 4: Chorus 1 ■ 4; Jazz Band 4; Musical 2 4; Sixteeners 4; Pep Band 1 ■ 4; Chorus Vice-President 4; Sweetheart Attendant 3: Concert Band 1 ■ 4; Solo Ensemble 1 - 4; Pep Club 1, 2 SHELLY JoANN PETERS Scholarship Team 1 ; Pep Club 1 , 2; Class Officer 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 3; Cheer- leading 2 - 4; Cheerleading Grand Champs 3, 4; Volleyball 1 4; Chorus 1 , 2; Marching Band 1 - 4; Solo .Ensemble 1, 3, 4; Tn-M 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Bas- ketball Stat 4; Baseball Stat 4 JERRY WILLIAM REEB Concert Band 1, 2, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Drama 2 • 4; French Club 1, 2, 3; Van- tage 3; Pep Club 1 - 3; Pep Band 1 - 4; Jazz Band 1 - 4; Solo Ensemble 1, 2; Marching Band 1 - 4 Picture Not Available MARK TIMOTHY REID Football 1, 2; Band 1 ■ 4; Swimming 2; Marching Band 3 TIMOTHY ALLEN ROBERTS Football 2 - 4; Football Manager 1; Wa " c- ko ' s 3, 4; Vantage 3, 4; Most Spirited 4 CINDY L.RICHHART JEFFG.RHONEHOUSE Football 1 • 4; Basketball 1 - 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Marching Band 1 • 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Chorus Ensemble 4; Sixteeners 4; Sweetheart Attendant 2; Sweetheart King 4 BRUCE EVERETT RISTER Track 1 - 3; Basketball 1, 2; Manager 3, 4; Baseball 4 PATRICIA JO ROGERS Band 1 • 4; Cheerleading 1 - 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Tri-M 4; Scholarship Bowl Team 3, 4; Scholarship Team 1 ■ 3; Volleyball 1 ■ 3; Basketball 1, 2; Jazz Band 3, 4; French Club 1 • 4; School Newspaper 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Home- coming Attendant 4; Student Council 1 ■ 4; Pre-Med 1; Solo Ensemble 3, 4; Paulding County Beauty Pageant 3 KIM RENAE ROSS Marching Band 1 - 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; Chorus 1; FTA 3, 4; PreMed 1, 2; Tri-M 4; Solo Ensemble 1 - 4, Spanish Club 1 ; Baseball Stat 4 Picture Not Available JEFF AUN SCHWEINSBERG Football 1 • 3; OWE 4 PAMELA G. WOLFE SCHWEINSBERG Cheerleading 2, 3; Volleyball 1 - 3; Track 1 ■ 3; Basketball 1, 2; Scholarship Team 1; Band 1 ■ 3; Pep Club 1,2; French Club 1,2 JEFFERY CHARLES SMITH VICKIE L.SHANER JODYRENA SHAFFER SMI : STACEY SHAWN SWEET iTrack 3, 4 TERRY LYNN STOUT TAMELA ANN TAYLOR Chorus 4; Class Officer 4, Marching Band 1 - 4; Concert Band 1 - 4; French Club 1 • 4; Pep Club 1 ; Basketball Stat 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Band 1; Pre- Medl VALERIE SUE TERWILLEGER Concert Band 1 ■ 4; Marching Band 1 ■ 4; Pep Band 2; Basketball 2; Track 2; FTA 2, 4; Pre- Med 2 MINDYL. TADSEN School Newspaper 3 MARY ANN TRZYNKA Chorus 1; Annual Staff 3, 4; FTA 3, 4. School Newspaper 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, Paulding County Beauty Pageant 3 WILLIAM ALLEN WOODRING ROBERT J, WEATHERHEAD Basketball 1 - 4; Tennis Team 1 ■ 3; Baseball 4; Soccer 3; School Newspaper 4; Boys State 3; Band 1 - 3 PETER FORREST VAIL Chorus 1; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1 ■ 4; Library Aid 1 ■ 4 vV TOM C. WIEDMAN RICK THOMAS ZUBER Basketball 1 ■ 4; Bowling 1, 2; Football 1; Golf 4; Boys State 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Team 1 - 4; Chorus 2, 3; Class Officer 1; Spanish Club 1,2; School Newspaper 3, 4; Sweet- heart Attendant 4; Maumee Valley Math Contest 1, 2; Solo Ensemble 2 Most Intelligent Tenly Perry Tim Derek SENIOR PERSONALITIES Class Clowns Marilyn Hertel Mike DeVore Best Figure Physique Valerie Terwilleger Pete Vail Most Athletic Susie Franklin Joe Biddle Best Dressed ■p4 H Bt-- ' . ' I ' i nj J k yj L W 1 1 Mary Tryznka Rick Zuber Class Flirt Wolf Shelley Peters Nick Mendez Most Gorgeous Susan Parrett Ken Cross -Xl Ll 1 Most Sincere Nancy Friend Jeff Rhonefiouse Best Dancers Julie Lucas Jerry Reeb Watch out for the bushes Becky! % ■ ' ' ...K Sonya, bumping for a win. Friends Foreve Remember the rainy nights at Antwerp High ' Going into the hardware business, Joe? JP ' ■ . INick, concentrating at bat. faculty BOARD OF EDUCATION to r ■ Jane Langham, Clerk, Bill Parrett; Pat Schaeter, Bob Kammeyer, Bernadyne Rogers, Terry Derek; Ralph Brown HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL Mr. Norman McNally Mr Jack Whetstone SUPERINTENDENT Mr Ralph Brown SECRETARY Mrs. Ruth Overmeyer NURSE Mrs, Karen Leinard HIGH SCHOOL Connie Beam Delmar Brown Cheryl Buchhop Oarrell Casey Kenneth Cllne Jean Detmon Jack Donlwy Ur. Walter Ferdon Wayne Fleck Ken Fochl Charles Foster Ronald Grabianowski Walter Schilb Dorothy Slade Norm Thompson FACULTY Robert Hennell Sue Hennell Greg Hillman Rick Limber David Mastin C00K9 I. to r,: Pauline Friend, Betty Smalley, Arlene Billman, Sharon Shaffer standing; Martha Johnson, Dons Springer CU9T0DIAN9 BU9 DRIVER9 Carl Shipman absent; Fern Rath, Clarabelle Banks, Marceil VanCleve, Maxine McMullen front Chuck Wiedman, Clay VanCleve, Marlene Atchley, Bev Tay- lor back; Jean Vail, Carl Shipman, Dick Zuber classes Steve Adkins Pam Bates Vang Bee Mona Begley Sheryl Biddle Beth Blalock Chris Boesch Lisa Bowers Selena Bradbury Scott Bradford Lisa Butyok Kevin Carr Dennis Coughlin JeffCrabill Ruth Culler Lisa Derek Greg Donnell Chuck Dunderman Jackie Dunderman Vanessa Dunderman George Faulkner Jill Friend Deb Gallup Nora Ellen Gerber PeteGlassey Sha na Hale Laura Hammond Pam Herber Tam Herber Bill Hilton KimHolley Kent Hughes Kenny Hughes Melissa Hunt John Jackson Lenny Jackson Mike Johnson Don Jones John Jones Lori Jordan Jeanie Kinney Fritz Koch Jan Kreager Mary Jo Krutch Mark Larimore Randy Lee Twila Mabis Larry Mansfield Ann Marlin Jams McCalla Beth McGuire Melody Mendez Beth Meyer Cindy Meyer Valerie Miller Susie Mobley John Murlin Brenda Nighswander Rhonda Ott John Peftley Dave Pendergrast Brian Phillips Tim Reid Kim Remhart Mary Remhart Norman Rister Joyce Rodriguez Lori Schaefer Jenny Schilb Christy Schmunk Rick Schroeder Jay Schweingsburg Brian Sidenbender Dale Smalley Donna Smalley Lonnie Smith Drew Snyder Julie Sprow Cheryl Spryn Peter Theiss Robin Trauterman Janet Underwood Madelaine Weatherhead Lon Wiedman Irene Williamson Of f Tzfy Loren Demongeot Alice Doctor Jell Donat Lyndon Donat Linda Doster Julie Eblen Janean Franklin Diane Gallup Gma Garcia Lisa Geyer Janet Hand Tom Herber Allen Hook Lana Hughes Michelle Hunt Kirk Jackson Laurie Klender Joann Kline Jerry Koenn Jim Koenn Rita Krutsch Lisa Leinard Jeft Lucas Jim Martin Jeff McCague Laura McCague enda Meadows Larry Meadows Ed Meyer Rick Meyer Christy Mickleson Marvin Miller Scott Moore Jim Murlin Jaf kie Orlhnian Anna Parrish BillPeffley Tammy Perry Kathy Phillips Brad Proxmire Virginia Rath Roger Reece Dave Reid Joe Reinhart Richard Rickard Scott Ross Gina Santos Joe Santos Cindy Savage Dave Savage Joni Schaefer Chuck Schroeder Linda Schucharl Todd Shuherk GregShull Nancy Sleesman Caria Smalley Joni Smith Mark Smith Margie Snider Melanie Springer Jill Stevenson Patty Taylor Dan Terwilleger Tern Thomas Lisa Tinkham Peter Trzynka Mary Vail Michelle Walley MikeWalley Jim Williamson Brian Wilt Elaine Womack Kevin Woodcox Faith Woodlmg Jim Young Steve Zuber c I a s s o f t I ' imrs ' :j Class of Annetle Adams Greg Altic Felecia Begley Kris Beregsza?! Cindy Bok Jackie Bowers Cheryl Bradford Jelf Brinkman Randy Bnnneman Marcia Bute Belly Carr Tony Coble Lisa Coon Alice Cornell Steve Corwin Julie Cross Wayne Davis Brad Dunderman Robin Fenton Jeff Franklin Meg Gerber (Vlichelle Gerber Jim Green Sharon Hemrick Kyle Hughes Kevin Jackson Kristy Keysor Valerie Kitson Jeannic Kramplon Bob Larimore Dave Laukhuf Annette IVlabis Michelle Mansfield John Marlin Sheila Marlow Robert Marsh Melody McAlexander Pat McCague Bruce Meyer Lynne Meyer Kris Miller Marianne Mobley Lisa Napier Bill Parrelt Kris Reinhart Ruslv Reinharl SkipRichharl Laura Roberts Suzanne Roberts Walter Roehrig Peggy Roberts Tony Santos Judy Schaefer Lynetle Shidler Karen Schilb Lisa Schweinsburg Lori Schweinsburg Mark Scouten Cristine Seslar Kirk Slusher Ray Smalley Lisa Spryn Chris Slillner Laurie Stoller John Taylor Trisha Tmkham Jeff Tustison Shelly Vail Lone Warner Phyllis Watts Steve Weatherhead Dan Weidman M ark Williamson Craig Womack Chris Woodring Wanda Zartman n f ' Ci .fl -:-- r ' - A 1 2 ?9 %U) g f « 1 ' : Andy Koch Dawn Knorr Susan Kline Robert Jackson Terry Knepper Tony Kortokrax Mike Kunesh David Lambert Donna Adams Ina Adkins Toby Barnhouse Keith Birkhold Brent Blalock Jim Baumie Kathy Brown Judy Camp Lisa Coleman Gene Coon Tammy Cottrell Linda Culler Kenny Daeger Andy DeLong Harvey Depew Anita Derek Michele Derek Jetf Eber Dean Elliott Tony Funk Jim Foster Annette Fry Lynda Goddard Lisa Gill Jeff Hahn Julie Hartman Anna Hilton Cindy Hughes Class of 83 Laurie Leaman Lana Leinard Karen Lichty Christine Lioyd Curtis Longardner Melanie Longardner Nathan Lothamer Leland Lust Gary Mabis Walter Mansfield Judy Mendez Ed fvlendez Frank Meyer Lisa Meyer Tony Nighswander Evan Noll Christine Parrish Sheila Pendergrast Shelly Pendergrast James Penwell Julie Relnhart Diana Raberts Pamela Schuhart Pam Scoby Beth Sensabaugh Michelle Shaner Con Shuherk Joel Sigler Terrie Smith Charles Starry LisaStoller Brian Tadson Devin Tadsen Treva Thomas Dwayne Watts Randy Wendt Shawna Wheeler Daren Whetstone Bryan Winhover Mike Wiseman Mark Wolfe Dan Woodring Gilbert Zartman rt f « I Af . - " J " Andy Baker Chris Banks Todd Bauers Shelly Belzer Ronald Billman Jini Bok Terry Bostelman Darren Bradbury Robert Carnahan Lynne Carr Stanley Carr Matt Clevmger Amy Derek Beth Ann Derek Linda Dorman Lisa Farr Tami Figert Guy Fish John Foster Richard Fraley Ron Gerken Penny Grunden Wanda Grunden David Hammond John Hartnian John Hilton Laura Keysor Carolyn Klima Dawn Knorr Todd Cook Robert Krutsch Sara Laney Nick Longardner Fred Langham Renee Lolhamer Class of Renee Ott Barbie Overmeyer Troy Overmyer JoAnn Rash Tern Rhodes Julie Rhonehouse John Risler Cindy Robbins Penny Rogers Mark Ryan Monica Sawyer Eunice Schenkel Brenda Seslar Tony Seslar BillieSigler Steve Sillinian Mike Snider Shelly Snyder Patrick Spryn Sandy Stewart Tina Taylor Kathy Trauternian Martha Trzynka Robert Underwood Becky Warner David Wheeler JeffWilhein, Richie Wilt Gary McCain Willowdean Meredith Trevor Ogle 0. ..iJ k Kim Wiseman Randy Wolf Michele Woodlinc) Joe Young High Qchool Snaps Elementary Snaps Qixth Grade Dawn Gallup Barbie Goetz Danny Gordan Roger Hand Dawn Hopkins Chad Hermann Tina Jones David Keysor Kelly Kizer Marcia Koenn Dennis Kunesh Donald Lambert Cheryl Layton Cindy Leinard Denise Longardner Kurt Lothamer Miss Shirley Gordan Mr, Jack Snyder Denise Lucas Steve Lucas Daniel Marlin Michelle McCague Johnette McCain Mark McGuire David Meyer David Minck Kelly Moore Regina Napier David Parrett Brad Peftley David Phillips Lynette Phillips Teresa Powell Leann Pucketl Randy Puckett Angie Reinhart Rita Reinhart George Rhodes Shan Ross Homer Sanders Joanie Savage Denise Sawyer Steve Schilb Kim Scott David Sensabaugh Donita Smalley Margret Smith Michael Smith Craig Starry Rhan Tadsen Tonya Thomas Molly Vail Robin Walk Tonya Walker Mary Weatherhead Craig Wheeler Tammy Whitcomb Cindy Woodcox Lennie Woodcox Shelley Woodring .ttM f ' A ' - ii m I ii Qixth Operetta: Abe Lincoln Fifth Grade f.Vs Cyndy Bowers Dominic Arend Tom Barker Jim Begley David Bender Shane Bickhard Christy Bruick Woody Clevmger David Coleman DarrinCottrell Amy Elliot Sudie Foster Cheryl Fry Bobbie Gerig Mandi Gerken Jim Gill Angela Gire Pam Gordan Dawn Grunden Danny Hahn Tammy Hahn Susan Hicks Dawn Hook Joe Hunt Phillip Jackson David Jones Joni Jordan Marc Jump Dawn Knepper Mrs. Orlea Seely Mr. Vince Seely Fifth Chorus Sara Meyer Randy Miller Lori Moon Susie Overmyer ToddPhlipot David Pritchard Ram Rasey Tammy Rasey Jill Rhonehouse Vicki Roberts Jeff Ryan Mike Sabo Debbie Santos Sam Schroeder Tim Scfiroeder Jofin Scouten Anita Shepherd Chad Shuherk John Smalley Wendy Steller Eric Walk Brent Walley Mark Wasmuth William Waters Brian Williamson Margie Wilt John Woodcox Bryan Wright Martha Mabis Cindy Mansfield Daria Mattern Virginia Meredith Mary Meyer Fourth Grade Michelle Altic David Arend Joe Barker Robert Bender Jeff Betzer Craig Birkfiold Harry Boescfi Lonnette Bostelman Amy Bowers Sfielton Bradbury Melissa Brinneman Melissa Bute Cory Calvin GregColwell Elizabeth Cook Amy Coughlin Scott Cromwell Dawn Doll Christine Farnsworth Jim Farr Adam Fraley Michelle Fulk Melissa Geyer Randy Gibson Tonya Gill KipGire Eddie Hahn Jim Herber LeaAnn Hitt Stacy Hook Todd Hermann Laura Huebner Mike Humbarger Eric Jackson Terry Kelley Michael Keysor Amy King Jim Kizer Cindy Klima Robert Knorr Brian Palmer Tad Pendergrast Sandra Phillips Jimmy Reinhart Stacy Rhinehart Dean Rister Christina Robbms Tianne Rose Stacy Ross Tannie Rothgeb Andy Santos Nancy Sawyer Pat Sensabaugh Eric Seslar Jeft Schroeder Suzanne Shaffer Charlotte Smith Matt Snider Terry Spryn Paul Starr Christine Starry Kipp Taylor Jim Terwilleger Renee Tustison © B •■ " .A ' Lynnelte Tuto Michelle Walker Heather Waltenburg Amy Whetstone Peggy Zartman Mrs Karen Farlee Third Grade Michelle Addis Trent Ashbaugh Jason Babcock Caria Banks f % Pamela Barker William Barker Tim Barnhouse Lynnette Begley Scott Berenyi Anthony Bernard Tom Bernard Tonya Botteron Wendy Burns Holly Calvin Tami Collins Jennifer Conley Kelly Cook Dawn Cottrell Sheila Cottrell KellieCox Amy Cromwell Johnny Davis Tony DeLong Steve Depew Scott Donnell Donna Elston David Fry Tern Gerig Rodney Gill Larry Grant Theresa Gross Mary Ann Grunden Sara Hammond Tina Hartman William Hicks Vicky Hilton Scott Hudson Eve Jimenez Scott Kaufman Mrs Elizabeth Kline Mrs Lois Stevenson KimLichty Brad Lucas Chen Lucas Danny Mendez Todd Miller Steven Minck Chris Moore Scott Pendergrast Bobby Phillips Jeff Pierce Michael Potter Shawn Powell MarkPritchard Cassandra Riggers Heidi Schenkel SconSchilb Jerl Schlegel Charles Seslar David Shidler Charles Smith Mike Smith Dennis Starry Candy Stevenson Pamela Stumphy Stacey Taylor Shelley Tinkham Alan Tustison Connie Underwood Tom Wann Angela Warner David Woodcox Janet Zartman ' v fX-s- Kelly Zartman 9econd Grade Brian Abbott Charles Addis Dawn Altic Barbara Arend Vicky Bailey Jeff Banks Kim Bates Debra Bender KristyBerryhill Melissa Boger Travis Brinneman Nicole Bruick Larry Car r Dennis Clem Danny Cline JeffClme Tina Collins Joey Copsey Joyce Copsey Doug Corwin Cfiristina Dix Matt Doll Jesse Fleming Kelly Focht Kenneth Fraiey Tom Friend Jem Grabianowski Sheila Grant Angela Griggs Andy Hahn Tony Hahn David Hitt Debra Lilly Craig Longardner Mrs. Lois Gerken Mrs- Carol Parrett Doug Maag Troy Martin Andy McCain Tom McClain Kelly McMichael Ten McNabb Michael Meyer Donna Miller Jeftery Minck Chad Molitor Joni Molitor Shannon Mundy Cindy Murlin Heidi Myers Rachelle Nelson m. -1 : - -N N Gabe Oberlin Kelly Osborn Brent Palmer Jennifer Pier Randy Pierce Mike Reinhart Tina Rice Michael Richhart Jennifer RItch Chad Robbins Michelle Rose Tony Ruiz Howard Sensabaugh Barbara Sentel Robert Scott Tera Shull Julie Slone Michael Smith Jill Starbuck Linda Starry Tammy Thompson Joseph Trzynka Mark VanCleve Todd VanCleve W ' l l ' " - " ' ' " Cy - : Roxanne Waters Deanna Wenzlick Danny West Michael Weth Becky Wolf Keith Wright First Grade I :v1 - [ Janean Adams Lisa Atchley Yvonne Bauer Katrina Bostelman Michael Bute Jenifer Calvin Rebecca Chovan Chad Clevinger Julie Cook Beniamin Coronado EricCottrell Mitchell Cottrell Kendra Detmon Brian Dix Richard Farr Stacy Feasby Vicki Fraley Jennifer Friend Tara Gaston Kelly Gerken Eric Gillespie Tern Gilpin Nanette Grant David Hicov Kelly Hook Matt Hopkins April Hunt Melisa James Kimberly Kelley Amy Kennedy Robert King Stephanie Laker Shane Lockart Scott Lucas Angelyn Marsden Debbie McCague Bonnie McCreery Michael McNabb Miss Joan Reichert Mrs Mary Ann Smith Bobby Payton John Phillips Russ Pierce Andy Reinhart Tammie Rice Jason Roehig Roger Sanders Karena Santos Becky Schenkel Charles Sentel Dianna Starry Barry Shepherd Brett Shepherd Donald Stevenson Kevin Stuart Michael Stuck Tracie Thomas Dawn Waldman Heath Waltenberg Susan Wann Laurie Wheeler Jeff Meador Kyle Moon Beniamin Oberlin TimOvermyer Dwain Wenzlick Jackie Wilhelm Lori Woodcox Mary Jane Zartman Erika Zuber m ' Q t B H %.:. " .M 3b:?41 -= j Zk af t © ft . W ' 1 ' w. ), .t ■ -L d J " " Chad Jones , S ' ' J MelanieJump - p»!r- »iK . ' ' 1 David Kemerer Shan Kemerer Jason Kever Steven Knight Diane Koch Jim Laney Todd Lilly Kevin Logan Amanda Lucus Michelle Luginbiil Andrea Maag Kimberly Mansfield Todd Martin William McMichael Jason Meador Melissa Mendez Tammy Altic Patricia Arend Wade Balser Virginia Barker Robert Begley Tara Bennett David Soger Steve Bowers Chris Bragg Shawn Brewer Bridget! Canterbury Jason Carpenter Peter Cline Troy Collins Lori Cook Rebecca Culler Tammy Culler Jeromy DeLong Heath Dodane Shane Farnsworth Steve Friend Kevin Fulk Robby Gerken Angela Glassey Andrea Gordon Amy Grant Barbie Hart Joshua Holman Matthew Hermann Richard Hull Virginia Jackson Bruce James Frank Osheskie Kim Ottinger Michael Panico Spence Pier Steve Pier Michael Provines Eric Reeb Jason Reeb Tracy Richards Lars Ringger Shada Sabo Ronald Schroeder Robin ScotI Heather Scouten Sharia Shaffer Nicole Shaner Helen Smith Jennifer Smith Steve Smith Jimmy Starbuck Laura Sweet 3en|i Walley Scott Warner Aaron West Cindy Wiesehan Michael Wolfe Mrs Joyce Birkhold Mrs. Wilma Sigg SPECIAL TEACHERS Patly Kammeyer Remedial Reading Theresa Mobley Elem. Music TEACHER AIDES Marcelene Noll Charlotte Gallup Kathryn Rogers Sue Meyer activities HOMECOMING — 1 978 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS — Laurie Klender and Mike Walley QUEEN — Becky Dunderman and KING — Nick Mendez " This One ' s Foh You " 72 JUNIOR ATTENDANTS — Laura Hammond and Chuck Dunderman SENIOR ATTENDANTS — Patty Rogers and Scott Cross Homecoming Snapshots Our team is dynomite! FACULTY V8 GIRL8 VOLLEYBALL GAME SENIOR GIRLS VS. THE FACULTY SADIE HAWKINS — CHRISTMAS DANCE Pep Band: 1978 1979 ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL PEP BAND— 1979 W ' Keep on smiling. Band Director — Mr Henne Entertaining between games ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS " OKLAHOMA " APRIL 5, G, AND 7 SENIOR B0Y8 V8. THE FACULTY: APRIL 27, 1979 3rd GRADE OPERETTA: The Gypsy ' s Reward 9WEETHEART DANCE — 1 979 I Love You — Just The Way You Are — Senior Attendants: Kathy Mobley and Rick Zuber Queen Susan Parrett King: Jeff Rhonehouse Junior Attendants: Laura Hammond and Scott Bradford Sopfiomore Attendants: Sue Brown and Rick Meyer Freshmen Attendants: Julie Cross and Ray Smalley March 10, 1979 9nap9hots Why IS everyone sitting down? " Just the Way You Are " Promenade her home. Hold on tight FRENCH AND SPANISH INTERNATIONAL DINNER I ' -irn f On your mark Set-Hop 440 Relay ELEMENTARY TRACK AND FIELD DAY MAY 31, 1979 Up and over Way to sprint ' % speciaf dance for the stage " JUNIOR- SENIOR PROM " Just You and Me " May 19th, 1979 Two happy couples Love those slow songs! Tonya holds Rick up — where ' s your cast? Intense concentration I : :TrfiT " H ! ' „i)-i: ' y i . ' r ' sK 1 V • ffW m W sJ K ■ , « 1 ;-— ' «I--» j™,« | The Faculty having a great time!! ' We could have danced all night! " Lose your dates girls?? Keep smilingf Jeff never gets anything straight organizations CH0RU9 top: T. Shuherk, R. Culler, B. Hunt, S. Biddle, J Schaefer, S Bradford, J Kennedy, B Parrett, T Cottrell, J Rhonehouse, J. Hand, M. Snider, L. Doster, R. Meyer, J, Lucas 2nd; J. Dunderman, P, McCague, P. Rogers, S Mobley, V Dunderman, R Reece, M Walley, K Mobley, C, Meyer, P Herber, B. Meyer, J Billman 3rd: Mrs Sue Hennell, J Crabill, D Gallup, C Smalley, D Pendergrast, L Napier, N Friend, T Taylor. B. Dunderman, J Reeb, J, Schae fer. A, Marlin, B Dunderman 4th M. Remhart, D Gallup, J Kinney, M Reid, T Colwell, A Mabis, J Brinkman, C Beregszazi, V Kitson 8IXTEENER9 ■HHip B E f B k g J S B top, J. Crabill, J. Schaefer, V, Dunderman, J, Rhonehouse, J. Brinkman, T, Shuherk, L, Schaefer, S. Mobley 2nd: B- Dunderman, R. Meyer, J. Lucas, B. Meyer, R, Reece, M Walley 3rd: Mrs. Sue Hennell, K. Mobley, C. Beregszazi, J. Schaefer, R. Culler, M. Remhart, D, Gallup TRI-M: MODERN MU8IC MA8TER8 back: K Ross, N Friend, M. Krutsch, V. Miller, K Carr, V Dunderman, T. Derek, S Peters, S Bradford, S Parrett, J Kennedy, J. Schilb, B. Dunderman front: T. Perry, P. Rogers, D. Gallup, J. Goddardd, B. Meyer, S, Cottrell, C. Schmunk, J. Billman, K. Mobley This year a new honors organization was devel- oped at Antwerp. TRIM, or Modern Music Masters, IS the group and is affiliated with the national organ- ization of the same name. Students are chosen for membership through teacher recommendation. Each must be a Junior or Senior and is judged on his musicianship, scholarship, and citizenship. Mr. Brown is shown here presenting the advisors of the group, Mr, and Mrs. Hennell, with a plaque acknowl- edging the group ' s national membership. MARCHING BAND This year the Marching Band truly excelled in showmanship. They made their first appearance at the Ohio State Fair; were a half-time feature at Defiance College; were the guest band at the Defiance Band Spectacular; and presented many outstanding half-time shows for the Antwerp fans. Some of their shows included: a tribute to America; the introduction of Inspector Clousseau; a disco featuring dancers Julie Lucas and Jerry Reeb; and a summary of TV commercials. The community is very proud of the " ANT- WERPARCHER MARCHING BAND. " MAJ0RETTE9 M, Krulsch, L Clemens, L Leinard CONCERT BAND Leaving marching behind and going into its concert season, the Band continued to gain praises through more firsts. The Concert Band received a I rating at District and State Contest. They went on the first three-day tour of central Ohio visiting our state ' s capital and playing at various high schools in the area. The Concert Band is a credit to our well-known music department at AHS. JAZZ BAND i A.H.S. BAND f ■ Hl i w [ INVADES 1 Er X £Vl CAPITAL . . . J ■ dl j and if will never be the same ■1 - — - Si fi r T ' " — ■ ' ' " ifiiy i ' ' ■ f] fvrt KV Wf . irT M Jl ■■■ i mB 1 ■P i ; ' ' 3M ANNUAL 9TAFF sitting: M. Koenn, T. Taylor, J. Kennedy, C. Mobley, B. Dunderman, P, Rogers, M. Tryznka standing: T. Mabis, B. Meyer, V, Dunderman, C. Meyer, D. Gallup absent: L. Hammond, S. Peters, P. Bates, J. Kreager STUDENT COUNCIL top row: K. Carr, S Cross, P. Rogers, J Kennedy 2nd row: P. Herber, S- Zuber, J, Koenn, C. Savage 3rd row: S. Kline, T. Kortokrax, D. Woodring 4th row: T, Cook, T, Figert, T. Ogle bottom row: K. Hughes, L, Warner FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA i ffili top row: J. Peffley, J, Kennedy, M .Koenn, S Franklin, D Derek, M. Hertel 2nd row: V, Terwilleger, S, Parrett, M Tryznka, M Davis, M. Mendez 3rd row S Bradford, K. Ross, D Brunner, L Meyer, J Kinney, J, Lucas bottom: A, Marlm, N. Gerber, M, Begley, S Bradbury, V Rath, N McAlexander LIBRARY AIDES sitting: M Begley, J Schilb, M Devore, B. McGuire, N Gerber standing: Mr. Ron Grabianowski, Advisor, P. Vail FRENCH CLUB top row M, Vail, C Savage 2nd row Mrs Joan Pier, Advisor, L Warner, J Franklin, C Brad ford, S Brown 3rd row: B Parrett, J. Koenn, D Laukhuf, B, Peffley, J, Koenn 4th row: S. Laukhuf, C, Beregszazi, F. Begley, B. McGuire, N Gerber 5th row: M. Mobley, V Kitson, V Dunderman, J. Goddard bottom: C. Mobley, P. Rogers, B. Dunderman, T. Taylor 8PANI9H CLUB top row: T. Tinkham, T Herber, L Spryn, P. Herber, M, Krutsch, R Krutsch, A Doctor, L Tinkhar 2nd row: B, Proxmire, K. Keysor, N, Gerber, J. Franklin, B. Meyer, J, Cross, M McGague 3rd row: D- Gallup, T, Mabis, A. Marlin, V. Miller, G. Garcia, S, Hemrick, L. Meyer bottom: J. Kennedy, M, Koenn, T. Derek, T. Perry, N. Friend, Mrs. Cheryl Buchhop, Advisor 8CH0LAR9HIP TEAM top row: K Hughes, M, McAlexander, L Warner, C, Bradford, J Cross, K Miller, F Koch 2nd row: B, Dunderman, E Womack, L Tmkham, A Doctor, J. Franklin, J. Koenn, J Koenn 3rd row: K Carr, D Gallup, B Phillips, J Goddard, P Herber, T Herber, F Begley bottom R Smallev, B McGuire, V Miller, S Parrett, T Derek, M Koenn, T Perry 8CH0LA8TIC BOWL I. tor A Doctor, B McGuire, T Perry, P Rogers, V Miller, B Phillips JUNIOR OFFICERS I. to r.: J. McCalla, President; K, Reinhart, Treasurer; V. Miller, Vice-President: D. Gallup, Secretary SOPHOMORE OFFICERS lop to bottom; J, Koenn, President; S, Zuber, Vice-President; R. Krutsch, Treasurer, D- Gallup, Secretary EIGHTH 0FFICER9 FRE9HMAN 0FFICER9 sitting, M McAlexander, Secretary, K Slusher, Vice-President, J Cross, President standing B Dunderman, Treasurer top to bottom A Koch, President; L Leinard, Secretary, D Woodring, Vice-President; M Lothamer, Treasurer 5tw 9EVENTH 0FFICER9 1 to r P Rogers, President, B Krutsch, Treasurer; T- Cook, Vice President absent. Michelle Woodling, Secretary JR. HIGH BAND JR. HIGH CHORUS OKLAHOMA " CA8T A -.. 0V athletics ANTWERP ARCHER SCHEDULE Liberty Center Lost Hilltop Lost Fairview Lost Ayersville Losj Hicksville Tied Edgerton Lost Tinora Lost Holgate Lost Edon Lost Wayne Trace Lost The members of the football team are as following: Eddie Men- dez, mgr, Bruce Rister mgr, Dave Savage, Brad Dunderman, Tony Green, Ray Smalley, John Taylor, Bruce Neyer, Dan Terwilli- ger. Brad Proxmire, Mike Walley, John Jackson, Tom Herber, Al Hook, Dave Reid, Scott Ross, Jay Schweinsberg, Tim Reid, John Reid, ' Chuck Dunderman, Kurt Jackson, Kevin Carr, Mark Lari- more, Joe Hughes, Nick Mende z, Scott Cross, Jeff Rhonehouse, Tim Roberts, Joe Biddle, Coaches were the following: Ken Focht, Norm Thompson, Rick Smith. Stats: Tam Herber, Pam Herber and Kim Reinharl. What a lam FOOTBALL 1 978-79 Jump Scott, |ump! Don ' t look now, but f, ai ' ' ARCHER GOLF back, l-r: Sue Brown, Rick Zuber, Craig Womack, Steve Zuber, Coach Morrison, Tim Derek, Lyndon Donat, Kirk Slusher, Mike Johnson, John Peffley, Jeff Donat, Robert March Jeff Donat looks on to see where the ball lands. Lyndon swings back for a big shot. Sue IS winding up for a hole in one For Mike it takes concentration. VARSITY GOLF The Archer golf team had a good season with a record of 21-3. They were coached by Mr Morrison. The Varsity team consisted of T Derek, M. Johnson, S. Brown, R Zuber, L Donat The Reserve consisted of J. Donat, C Womack, B Marsh, S. Zuber, K. Hughes, J Peffley, and K Slusher. These guys deserve a pat on the back for a |ob well done. It takes talent Tim Rick can do it with his eyes closed. Lyndon lines his shot up. Jeff takes a hard swing. Craig concentrates on hitting the ball. VARSITY L L E Y 6 A L L standing: J. Smith, C. Savage kneeling: S. Peters, V. Dunderman, S. Hicov, S. Franklin, M. Vail, B. Dunderman GMC CHAMP9 The Antwerp Archer Volleyball team made itself known by capturing the GMC title with a win-loss record of 1 4-2. This was the first year an Antwerp team made it to the District tourna- ments in any girls sport. Congratulations to the coach and team for a job well done! The Champs at their best! These girls were chosen to be members of the first team all-conference. They are Mary Vail, Becky Dun- derman, and Shelley Peters, Everyone ' s ready for action ' s all yours, Susie. RESERVE VOLLEYBALL " GMC CHAMPS ' Schedule: Crestview Hilltop Win » Win Holgate Win Parkway Win w Hicksville Win mm Edon Win Br Edgerton Win mm Woodlan Edgerton Lost n Win Ayersville Win H Ohio City Win M Tinora Win H Fairview Lost 1 Wayne Trace Win UMiai ■ »i ■ .1 tM tf M H ? ? Ql S ' V-- y The Antwerp Reserve Volleyball team had a great season ending with a 12-2 record and capturing the reserve GMC title Members of the reserve team were: Det: Gallop, Janean Franklin, Kim Reinhart Laura Hammond, Tonya Cottrell, Lori Cle mens, Madelaine Weatherhead, Kathy Phil lips, Judy Schaefer, Lisa Spryn, Jolene God dard, and Joni Smith. Smile for the Camera Kathy This IS no time to sit down! Careful Judy WINNING SEA90N Are you ready Kathy? Don ' t get so upset Deb Nice Bump Jo! Aiming for the topf SCHEDULE Fayette Won Lincolnview Lost Hicksville Lost Paulding Lost Delphos Jeff. Lost Continental Lost Hilltop Won Ft. Jennings Lost Crestview Lost Tinora Won Fairview Lost Holgate Lost Ohio City Lost Ayersville Won Wayne Trace Lost Edgerton Lost North Central Lost Edon Lost Tournament Ohio City Lost SENIOR MEMBERS. VAR9ITY BASKETBALL to r.: B. Weatherhead, R Zuber, P. Vail, M. Johnson, K. Hughes, J Rhonehouse, K. Cross, D. Jones, D Snyder Managers I to r Scotl Bradford, Bill Parrell, Tim Derek, Steve Zuber " 22 ' " " " " ! T R I G H T f kneeling: J Franklin, S Franklin, L. Hughes, S. Brown, S Spryn standing: K Reinhart, J Cross, M Vail, C Savage, D Derek, M. Walley, J McCalla, Coach Ken Focht VARSITY BASKETBALL Archer girls ' sports continued to make a name for themselves as they established a record of 12-5 and won the Sectional Tournaments. They went on to play and lose to Kalida in the Districts. The girls were tough on the defense and quick on offense. Losing just two Seniors, the Archer ball club will be hard to handle next year. Congratulations girls and Coach Focht! 5s ' S !¥ !»» SCHEDULE Lmcolnview Hilltop Pettisville Woodlan North Central Wayne Trace Holgate Crestview Continental Edgerton Hicksville Ayersville Tinora Fairview Edon Wayne Trace Paulding Tournaments Crestview (Sectional) Ottoville (Sectional) Kahda (Districts) The starting line up! Won Won Won Won Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost -■« . ■ N -. MICHELLE Before: the warm-up During: the tough battle After: the exciting WIN bottom row L Donat, T Reid, J Donat, B Pellley, J Lucas standing J Murlin, R Rickard, P Theiss, T Herber. J Jackson, S Bradford, Coached by Mr Lim ber Our famous ex Theiss change stud snt, Pete R B T A E A E C 9 9 A T E K M 1 R E V T 1 N E B A L L N Richard Rickard kneeling: Sharon Hemrick; Marsha Bute; Donna Smalley; Virginia Rath; Kristma Pyykko, Lynne Meyer standing: Valerie Terwilleger, Manager, Peggy Rogers; Julie Cross; Tarn Herber, Lisa Spryn, Pam Herber; Madelaine Wealherhead, Tern Thomas, Manager RE9ERVE GIRLS Lincolnview Hilltop Pettisville Woodlan North Central Wayne Trace Holgate Crestview Continental Edgerton Hicksville Ayersville Tinora Edon Wayne Trace Paulding ■ , The M Lady Archers Action F R E 8 H M A N sitting: B Meyer, K Slusher, J Taylor, K Hughes, R Remhart standing M Williamson, C Womack, B Parrett, R Smalley, K Remhart SCHEDULE Tinora Lost Hicksville Lost Wayne Trace Lost Woodlan Lost Edgerton Won Ayersville Lost Wayne Trace Lost Crestview Won Fairview Lost Hamilton Won Tournament Tinora Won Holgate Lost Ayersville Lost n rallies his team CHEERLEADERS kneeling: Laura Roberts, Sharon Hemnck, Marcia Bute standing: Laurie Warner B A 8 K E T B A L L Up, up, up! Did you swallow a bug ' The Guys in Action! Shoot It again Nice profile ' New Position? VARSITY CHEERLEADERS I. to r Patty Rogers, Laura Hammond. Deb Gallup, Susie Franklin. Shelley Peters absent Captain. Becky Dunderman Loyal supporters to ttie end! RESERVE CHEERLEADERS kneeling Tammy Perry, Kathy Phillips, Joni Schaefer, Lisa Leinard standing Joni Smith, Captain, Vanessa Dunerman Shake It ' Shake It ' row 1 : L. Culler, C. Hughes, A Hilton row 2: T. Thomas — manager, S. Kline, L, Meyer, L Stoller, L Leaman — manager row 3: M. Derek, J, Reinhart, P, Scoby, T, Smith 8th GIRLS BASKETBALL Ayersville Lost Lincolnview Lost Wayne Trace Won Falrview Lost Edgerton Lost Tinora Lost Wayne Trace Won Edgerton Lost Hicksville Won Tinora (Tourr ley) Won Edgerton (Tourney) Lost Holgate(Con: solation) Won Push her out, Pam l r " , fl H " . r B b Cindy draws the foul for a big 3 points! Anna gets ready lo run the offense 7th GIRL8 BA8KETBALL Ayersille Lmcolnview Wayne Trace Fairview Edgerton Tinora Wayne Trace Edgerton Hicksville Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost kneeling: B. Overmyer, M Woodling, A Derek, M Sawyer, C Klirr standing: E, Schenkel, R, Lothamer, B Sigler, J Rhonehouse. T Figc Stops on a dime Hustle down, Monica A team shot was not available. 8th B0Y8 BA8KETBALL Coach Schilb huddles with his team. Team members were: A. Koch, J. Hahn, K. Daeger, F. Meyer, D. Woodnng, K. Birkhold, D. Elliott, T. Barnhouse, B. Tadsen, G. Mabis. SCHEDULE Hicksville Won Oakwood Won Ayersville Lost Wayne Trace Lost Paulding Lost Lincolnview Won Edgerton Lost Tinora Lost Tournament Ayersville Lost CHEERLEADER9 sitting: Chris Parrish, Julie Reinhart, Land Leinard kneeling: Michele Derek 7th B0Y8 BASKETBALL bottom: F. Langham, T. Bauer, T Ogle, J Rister, R Billman top: B. Krutsch, A. Baker, M. Snider, T, Cook, B- Kmsey, D Hammond wr SCHEDULE Hicksville Lost Oakwood Won Ayersville Lost Wayne Trace Lost Paulding Lost Lmcolnview Lost Edgerton Lost Tinora Lost CHEERLEADER9 standing: Penny Rogers, Tina Taylor bending: Shelly Snyder splits: Sandie Stewart kneeling: B Rister, L Donal, M Larimore, B Weatherhead Taylor, K. Hughes standing; C. Womack, J Reinhar t, B Peffley, T Coble, K Cross, S Weatherhead, K Hughes, D, Reid, A Hook, J Reid, J Peffley, N Mendez, Coach Thompson VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Tie Lyndon V A R 8 I TRACK Y SCHEDULE Edon North Central Fairview Wayne Trace Invitational Woodlan Ayersville Invitational Blade Relays CMC Holgate Sectional District State Qfafe Compe+ifors 880 Relay — 5th Place 440 Relay Medley Relay w ¥ V A T R R 8 A 1 C T K Y SCHEDULE Edon N Central Fairview Wayne Trace Invitational Woodlan Ayersville Invitational Blade Relays GMC Holgate Sectional JR. HIGH TRACK bottom F, Langham, B Blalock, B Corwin, D Hammond, D Woodring, T Nighswander, A, Baker, G. Mabis 2nd row: Coach Ferdon, M Sawyer, C Parrish, P Scoby, J Reinhart, M Derek, B Over myer, M. Shaner 3rd row: K. Trauterman, B Seslar, L Culler, A Fry, L Goddard, A, Derek, M Longardner, S Stewart top: K, Windle, M. Woodlmg, L, Carr, D Bradbury SCHEDULE Wayne Trace Paulding Lost Ayersville-Fairview Lost Wayne Trace Lost Tinora Lost GMC Lost This was the second competitive year for the Archer junior high team. The group worked hard and well. They gained a basic knowledge of track and received helpful experience as preparation for high school competition. bottom row; C, Starry, A, Baker, N. Longardner, D. Lambert, T. Kortokrax, K. Daeger, T Nighswander, Manager, C Hughes, Coach Schilb, T, Over- meyer, A MaCain, C Schuherk, G Mabis, M Ryan, J Penwell, C Banks, L Lust, D Whetstone, J Hahn, F Meyer, T Funk, E- Mendez, J Baumie Bf ' V ■ 2 HI9j II f ' E The Archer tries to make a run for it R. H I G H The Archer pushes the Aces away and makes a run for it. The Archer gets tackled. F T B A L L On your mark, get set, GO ' 8P0RT8 8NAP8 Traffic Jam? 12- Compliments of CHARLIES Hicksville Ohio Antwerp Ohio Compliments of PANICO ' S DEPARTMENT STORE V Compliments of H H CLEANERS General Hardware Antwerp Ohio Wallpaper V SHAFFER HARDWARE X 1 14 Main Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Minnesota PAINTS A V Auto Home Fire Life X ANTWERP X INSURANCE X AGENCY X INC. store k Hours H 335 Main St. . 258-55 ir 9 to 9 Only Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of X HOLLEY ' S X BESTMART X Groceries, VegetabI Choice Meats Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of ANTWERP HARDWARE 209 S. Main St. Antwerp, Ohio EE3IEI Quality f aints since 187 Phone 258-6262 Compliments of SPROW REALTY See Lyie or Karen Leinard for an honest appraisal expert sales experience Compliments of THEWEATHERHEAD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Your Community Chartered Credit Union Serving All of Paulding County and Part of Defiance County Since 1951 Phone: (419) 258-5151 Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30-5:00 Saturday 8:30- 1:00 U.S. 24 East Antwerp Antwerp, Ohio Each member ' s Account Insured to $40,000 by NCUA, an Agency of the Federal Government AMERICAN MW SPECIALIST 1 Combination Travel w H LEINARD 1 CHEVROLET | L SALES 1 CHEVROLET H BH Horse Trailers r H k 145 N. Main St. 560 North Main St. W W | Antwerp, Ohio W .. - S H k Antwerp, Ohio w H Let ' s Go m 501 W. River St. m Antwerp, Ohio k Bowling W Upholstering and H Custom-Built Furniture | W M MICKELSON ' S I PIN-A-RAMA UPHOLSTERY | LANES V LENGACHER ' S I LICHTY ' S EASY M SEAMLESS ■ STRIPPER M L FLOORS H Furniture and All Wood Congratulations | Stripping, Sanding, and Refinishing. r Restore furniture r 1 Antwerp, Ohio B Safely and r Economically. r Grain L H W. Canal St. L H Antwerp, Ohio Payne, Ohio L H 263-1339 258-2012 Call 258-8465 H m Come Get Louie ' s Antwerp, Ohio k H W THE ANTWERP 1 W Good Lucie Seniors EQUITY EXCHANGE ■ w COMPANY 1 DEW DROP INN General Portland Cement Company Peninsular Division Compliments of GENERAL PORTLAND INC. Good Luck Seniors! Post Office Box 1 09 Paulding, Ohio (414)399-4861 Since 1907 Portraits Weddings Seniors Family Groups Yearbook Photography Compliments of EHRHART STUDIO S. Main St. Antwerp, Ohio 258-7952 Compliments P H V ill AUTOMOTIVES W I ARMSTRONG IMPLEMENT 108 North Main Street m H Payne, Ohio r Compliments CO. FlanghamI bodyshopH w langham 1 m YAMAHA INC. ■ Antwerp, Ohio B P.O. Box 63 Payne, Ohio Compliments k JIM ' S T.V. AND L APPLIANCE m Shop Yamaha | m 258-8353 258-5845 H Antwerp, Ohio HODGE STUDIO OF M PHOTOGRAPHY M The Finest in Color Photography F W MARGARET ' S 1 L GIFT SHOP 1 Gift, Toys and Cards | L Flowers for all Occasions H 1 08 West Jackson Street W Paulding, Ohio W L Box 293, Antwerp, Ohio H 399-2046 m Compliments of " ■S 1 M OASIS m Antwerp, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio k H Phone 1 aM 153 BOUNDY HARDWARE 1 09 W.Perry St. Paulding, Ohio " We Fill Your Needs ' GRANT-SHISLER INSURANCE AGENCY Box 55 Oakwood, Ohio 45873 Phone: 594-3336 110 West Perry St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 Phone: 399-5121 Phone: 419—399-3746 1 08- II ON. Williams St. Paulding, Ohio 45879 Prescription Service Paulding, Ohio BEIM FRAIVJ KLIIM PAYNE PRO HARDWARE. INC. General Hardware and Whirlpool Appliances North Main Street Payne, Ohio 45880 Compliments of Hicksville Bank Compliments of J JACK ' S RADIO M SERVICE M in Payne A f RCA and Zenith A f 106 South Main M Payne, Ohio m y f Main Street Payne, Ohio Good Luck Seniors! M Club 49 Disco Complimen+s of THEWEATHERHEAD COMPANY 258-5011 Til liATBI«a!A» COM A 405 W. High Hicksville, Ohio 542-8217 Congratulations 1979 Seniors NOAH YODER FORD Good Luck Class of 1979 Compliments of PAULDING- PUTNAM ELECTRIC CO-OP INC. Paulding Ohio 143 N. Michigan Edgerton, Ohio 435 1 7 (419)298-2341 167 E. High St. Hicksville, OH (419)542-8484 Grabill, Ind. (219)627-5391 H W AUTOMOTIVE PARTS All Forms of V Insurance ARMSTRONG AGENCY INC. (419) 542- 8300 i Huber Theater Building Hicksville, Ohio Elec+rlcal X (419)542-7758 Contractor Life • Fire • k Auto • Design and 1 Accident Installation ' Liability 568 W. High St. X Hicksville, Ohio X KADUK ELECTRIC INC. X X Compliments of SEARS CATALOG MERCHANT Your Jean Shop 1 08 E. High St. Hicksville, OH Barbra Donley i Sears L 1 30 E. High St. Hicksville, k Ohio L Phone: 542-7736 542-7737 THE X WEARHOUSE Compliments of SLATTERYOIL COMPANY 306 Defiance Ave. Hicksville, Ohio 542-7676 U.S. 24 Antwerp, Ohio BRUICK ' S A W DRIVE-IN Compliments of PAULEY-SCHILBi FUNERAL HOME 204 W. River St. Antwerp, Ohio ANTWERP SHELL STATION Motor Tune Ups Brake Repair Front End Alignment Antwerp, Ohio Phone:258-8511 Keith Williams HOMIER SONS ALLIS CHALMERS Parts and Service Phone: 596-3965 Continental, Ohio Phone:263-2912 Payne, Ohio Compliments of HAROLD ' S AUTOMOTIVE INC. 107 West Daggett Antwerp, Ohio 157 HICKSVILLEAND PAYNE PHARMACY Prescription Druggist Free Delivery to: HIcksville Antwerp Payne Friendly, Professional Service THE HICKSVILLE BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS Hicksville 542-6218 Payne — 263-2513 Phone — 782-0945 424 West Defiance, Ohio Gas Oils Phone (419) 5426287 Grain Seeds Mdse. Save Today for a Brighter Tomorrow Hicksville, Ohio VARNER MOTORS INC. S pecializing in 4X 4 Trucks and Cars. Our 5th Year Serving Northwest Ohio. 1 2 Months 1 2 Miles Warranty. HICKSVILLE GRAIN COMPANY Hicksville, Ohio PATRON ' S LIST VILLAGE GIFT SHOPPE FRIENDS FURNITURE FLOORING Hicksville, Ohio Aniwerp, Ohio STAR LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Defiance, .Ohio Antwerp, Ohio lONE ' S BEAUTY SALON BOHLMANN ' S MOBILE HOMES ROSS SERVICE STATION Defiance, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio AGREE SHOES KAMMEYER ' S I.G.A. Defiance, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio HAROLD AUTOMTOTIVES MIKE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Antwerp, Ohio Antwerp, Ohio KIRCHER ' S FLOWERS Paulding, Ohio MONTGOMERY WARD CATALOG AGENCY Hicksville, Ohio BEN ' S BARBER SHOP Hicksville, Ohio THE FLOWER SHOPPE Hicksville, Ohio JUBILEE BOOK STORE Hicksville, Ohio SUPERIOR CLEANERS E. High St. Hicksville, Ohio HUNT HUNT LAWYERS 115 N. Main St. Paulding, Ohio DEMUTH SPRIGGS, ATTORNEY 110 E.Jackson St. Paulding, Ohio PATRICK H. YOUNG, ATTORNEY Paulding, Ohio DR. WALTER BAZALI E. River St. Antwerp, Ohio W.S. BRICKERD.D.S. INC. Antwrp, Ohio PROFESSIONAL LIST Yesterday . . . Children — we were of yesterday with no worries of our tomorrows. Each one of us having a peaceful easy feeling inside keeping us secure and content, so young in our minds, and our hearts, lacking wisdom. Full of life, smiles, and laughter, fulfilling every minute of each new day. But now the time has come to grasp those memories made of yesterday and hold them tight and begin to worry about our tomorrows for we ' ll find that our tomorrows won ' t become easier. Why must children grow up so fast? Who will take our places, recapturing our fairy tales we lived In, our elementary years spent on the playground learning to climb trees, to reach the highest limb, and our dirty little hands, holding on to our special friend who shared our secrets of yesterday — for now we are the adults of today . . . Carrie Brank Bradley-Central H.9. •v c- ? " V " ' P- X. « J ■ WgEi ' I ' iirwiiiiiii wiiiiiiiiiiiiin M .J5» ; 4 ' v = ;-r J!8 ?? ' 9 iC. % 5fM ' " " -• ' - .- 1 fc . . . : ' ' Clr f i l ' -,.-

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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