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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1970 volume:

The 1970 ARCHER Antwerp High School Antwerp, Ohio Senior Staff SUE FRIEND, Editor SHERYL MILLER, Business Manager JAN ROSS, Organizations GAIL CLINTON, Activities DAN KOENN, Classes RANDY HUGHES, Sports Junior Staff ANGIE BILLMAN JOYCE HAMMOND MARCIA HANDY SANDRA DOSTER LARRY CULLER TOM SIGG Advisor, RUTH E. MYERS Ever since man first existed, he has looked to the stars for guidance. Stars led him across barren des- erts and raging seas. Stars led him to methods of measuring time and surveying land. Stars led him to the powerful principles of atomic energy. And so we Archers have been led by our stars. As teachers, as students, as athletes, as leaders, there were some of us who were bright, guiding Nonh Stars. There were others who were smaller stars, further away. But we remember that every star is shining and important somewhere, to someone. We also remember that the light of a constellation reaches the earth years after it is radiated by the stars. Sometimes, a star may be lighting the earth even after it has disintegrated. With this thought in mind, we project ourselves into the future. Will we be stars? Will our light still be shining? Not knowing, still wondering, we leave for you this record, asking you to turn your thoughts to 1970 and LOOK TO THE STARS Excerpt from Gold Medallion Book Taylor Publishing Company Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION FACULTY - SENIORS -- CLASSES ELEMENTARY ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISING r ADMINISTRATION Superintendent and Principal STANDING: William Parrett, Principal; SEATED: Dale Adams, Superintendent. A nucleus of activity, the main office staffs again met the demands of a so- ciety of 1,181 students and 52 faculty members. Coping with common and crucial problems, directing the office personnel and supervising school functions, Superintendent Dale Adams and Principal William Parrett assumed the major burdens for this society. The Editor AHS Board of Education CLOCKWISE: James Sidenbender, President; Lyle Leinard, Vice President; Dale Eiiihart, Clerk; Stanley Jordan; Ray Billman; Robert Culler. All of the above Board of Education members and Superintendent Dale Adams meet together for board meetings on the second Thursday of each month. Because Mr. Ehrhart is as much a part of our school day as our lunch hour and homework, this is how we like to say " Thanks. " The Annual Staff Clerk DALE EHRHART Guidance Counselor MR, WILLIAM FAST, Guidance Counselor, helps high school students plan their schedules. Material on many dif- ferent careers and various colleges are available in his of- fice. He also has classes in Freshman Orientation and Typing 1. Elementary Office Secretary MRS. JANICE SHAFFER High School Office Secretary MRS. CAROLYN BLALOCK FACULTY CHARLES J. FOSTER - American History, Ancient History, English IV, World History, Good Book Seminar. HELEN HELLER - English I, Reading English 11. DELMAR BROWN - Government, American History, Ohio History. EMILY REED - English 8, Voc. English I, II, Reading. RON GRABIANOAVSKI - English 7, English III, Jour- nalism, Speech. JOAN PIER - French 1,11,111, English 111. P MuL tl ' , ijl ' ' I dn(hnf.M 7 f i DARRELL CASEY - Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4. GLENN WOODRING - Business Office Education, Senior. DAN HUTTON - Art 5, 6; Physical Education, RUTH MYERS - Business Office Education, Junior. JOYCE WILLIAMS - Home Econom- ics 1,2,3,4. DELBERT JEFFERY - Occupational Work Experience. JOSEPH SUKUP - Diversified Coop- RICHARD E ASTRIDGE - Boys ' Phys- ical Education 7.8,9, 10, 11, 12; Health 7,8,10. LONNIE BOSTELMAN - Biology; Science 8; Drivers ' Education. WAYNE FLECK - Algebra 1,2 Chemistry. ALTON MYERS - Plane Geom- etry, Advanced Math, Gen- eral Math, Physics. STEVEN WEISMAN - Spanish 1,2; Bookkeeping; General Business; Business Arithmetic. EDWARD BELL - Geography; Ohio History; Sociology; Psychology. 10 PAUL ,M1A1 1 ER - Math 7,8 JAMES HAHN - Band; Chorus. HELEN SHAW - Girls ' Physical Education 7,8, 9, 10, 11, L2; Health 7,8,10; Hygiene. Guid- ance 7,8. CHARLES CRONE - Occupational Educa- tion. EXIE BELL - Librarian. JOSEPH ALLEN - Art 7,8; High School. Custodians LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Fern Rath, Mr. Paul Lero, Mrs. Clarabellc Banks. Cooks Mr. Claude Martin Mrs. Ruth Miller SEATED: Mrs. Bertha Stevens, Mrs. Pauline Friend, Head Cook. STANDING: A ' Irs. Verla Bromagen, Mrs. Sharon Shaffer, Mrs. Martha Johnson. Mrs. Peg Savage, Mrs. Vievenne Ehrhart, Cashiers (not in photo. ) Bus Drivers (NOTE) A photo of the Bus Drivers was not available so we will happily list their names: Marlene Atch- ley, Raymond Bass, Delmar Brown, Wilbur Langham, Paul Lero, Claude Martin, Gilbert Mundy, Wil- bur Reeb, Tona Roberts, and Carl Shipman. il ll ' n.....- M, W.i r.uw , SENIORS DEBORAH LYNN .. ADAMS Band - 1,2; GAA - 1,2,3,4; GAA Vice President - 3. JANICE RAE ALTIC GAA - 1,2; FHA - 2; FBLA - 3. SANDRA SUE BANKS FHA - 1,2,3- VICA - 4. TIM BARKER TEIRA SUE ALYN LEWIS BECHTOL BICKHARD FBLA - 3,4; Class VICA - 4. Play - 3,4; FTA - 4. 14 SHEILA BOWMAN Scholarship Team - 2; FHA - 1,2,3,4; Paulding ( o. Fair Board - FHA - 2; Newspaper - 4; Class Play - 3, Stu- dent Pirectot; Bet- ty Crocker Award - 4. GAIL CLINTON Band - 1; Scholar- ship Team - 2; GAA - 1,2,3; FTA - 2,4; Class Play - 3,4; Yearbook - 3, 4; FBLA - 3. MARTY COTTRELL VICKIJEAN CROMLEY Band-1,2,3;GAA 1,2,3,4; Scholar- ship Team - 1; FTA - 2,4; Class Play - 3,4; FBLA - 3,4; Girls ' State Alternate - 3. ANNE MARIE DEEMER Band - 1,2,3,4; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Secretary - 3; Var- sity Cheerleader - 3,4; Class Play - 3; Chorus - 3,4. CONNIE DEISLER FHA - 2,3,4; VICA - 4; Class Play - 3. 15 GEORGIA DEISLER FHA - 2,3,4; ' FBLA - 3,4; GAA - 4; FHA President - 4; FHA County Beau- ty Pageant - Runner Up; Class Play - 3.4. JON DELONG VICA - 4. LANA KAY DELONG Chorus - 1,2,4; GAA - 1,2,3,4; ■ Cheerleader - 2,3 , 4; Sweetheart At- tendant - 2; Class Play - 3,4; FTA - 4; Paulding Co. Beauty Contest - 3; FBLA - 3. EDMOND CHARLES DEMON GEOT FBLA - 3,4. RAMON A DETMON Band - 1; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Home- coming Attendant - 2; Class Play - 3,4; FBLA - 3,4; Secre- tary - 4, FTA - 4; Yearbook - 4. DEBORAH LEE DILL Band - 1,2; Chorus - 1; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader - 1,2, 3; FTA - 1,2,4; Class Play - 3,4; FBLA - 3,4; Pauld- ing Co. Beauty Con- test - 3; Sweetheart Queen - 4. 16 STEVEN FEASBY SUE ANN FfUEND Band - 1; GAA - 1, 2,3,4; Class Secre- tary - 1; Home- coming Attendant - 1; Archer - 3,4; Editor - 4; Class Play - 3; FBLA - 3,4; Fireman ' s Queen - 4. DELORES GILL Class Play - 4, ROBERT RAY GOELTZENLEUCHTER, JR. Basketball - Reserve, 1,2; Track - 1; Cross Country - 1; VICA - 4. SAMUEL RAY } GORDON VICA - 4. ROBERT HART 17 MICHELLE HERTEL Band - 1,2,3,4; ' Scholarship Team - 1,2,3,4; GAA - 1, 2,3,4; National Honor Society -3,4; Good Book Seminar - 3; DAR Award - 4, (4th in State); American Legion Winner - 4, (1st in County); Valedic- torian. RANDALL LEE HUGHES Band - 1,2,3,4; Scholarship Team - 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball - 1,2,3,4; Cross Country - 1,2: Track - 1,2,3,4; Treasurer - 3; Year- book - 3,4; National Honor Society - 3; Class Play - 3,4. RICHARD DALE HULLINGER Class Play - 3,4. DAVID LYNN HUNT VICA - 4. WILLIAM JAMES JOHNSON Class Play - 3; Scholarship Team ■ ROLAND RAY KENNEDY • Band - 1; Basket- ball - 1; Class Sec- retary - 1; News Reporter - 2; Home- coming Escort - 1 , 4; VICA - 3,4; Class Play - 3,4; Sweet- heart Escort - 4. 18 TOM KING - LOIS IRENE KLENDER GAA - 1,2,3; FHA 2; Newspaper - 3; Class Play - 3,4; VICA - 4. ( A. DANNY KOENN Scholarship Team - 2,3; Yearbook - 3, i; American Legion Winner - 4; Nat ' l. Honor Society - 3 , i; Good Books Semi- Qar - 3,4. DANNY R. KRALY Scholarship Team -4. DAVID ALLEN LEAMAN Band - 1,2; Sweet- heart Escort - 3; Class Play - 3,4; Basketball Manager - 3; VICA - 4; Base- ball - 1,2; Track - 1,2,3,4. JACK E. LICHTY Band - 1,2; Basket- ball - 1; VICA - Treasurer - 4. RICKY LEE MABI5 Band - 1; VICA - 3,4. JACK BRENT MAJOR Basketball Manag- er - 2; FBLA - 3,4; Class Play - 4; Yearbook - 4. PATRICIA JO McALEXANDER GAA - 1,2,3; Scholarship Team - 2,4; American Le- gion Test Winner; Nat ' l. Honor Socie- ty - 3,4; FBLA - 3,4; Yearbook -4. DAVID LAWRENCE McCALLA Band - 1; Basketball- 1,2; Cross Country • 1,2,3; Basketball - 3; Track - 3. ATANACIA LUZ MENDEZ - jL ' KAREN MARIE MILLER Band - 1,2; Scholar- ship Team - 2; GAA - 2,3,4; FTA - 3,4; Newspaper - 1,3,4, (Editor); Nat ' l. Honor Socie- ty - 3,4; Scholar- snip Team - 3; American Legion Test (Runner-Upl - 1,3; Mary Deemer Award - 4. 20 SHERYL LEE MILLER Band - 1,2,3,4; GAA - 1,2,3,4; FTA - 3,4; Class Play - 4, (Student Director); Yearbook - 3,4; Class Play - 3; Chorus - 3 . CHERYL SUE MUNDY Band - 1,2,3,4; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Sweetheart Attend- ant - 3; Newspaper ■ 3; Class Play - 4. PATRICIA DEBORAH NELSON Scholarship Team - 1,2,3,4; Student Council - 2; Class Officer - 2,3,4; Nat ' l. Honor Socie- ty -3, 4; Girls ' State - 3; Class Play - 3,4; Good Books Semi- nar - 3; Salutato- rian - 4. ROSE MARY OUELLETTE Band - 1; GAA - 1, 2,3,4; FBLA - 4; Class Play - 3,4; Homecoming Queen - 4. CHARLES TIMOTHY PEFFLEY Band- l,2,4; ' base- ball(Varsity) 1,2,3, 4; Basketball -1 ,2, 3, 4; Crosscountry - 1,2,3; Track -3,4; Football - 4; Class Officer - 3,4; Stu- dent Council Presi- dent - 4; Class Play - 3,4; Voice of Democracy Winner - 3, LINDA JEAN PROXMIRE FTA - 3,4; News Reporter - 4; Nat ' l. Honor Society - 3,4; Treasurer - 3; GAA - 3,4; Class Play - 3,4. KAREN SUE RAGER , Band - 1; GAA - 1, 2,3,4; FTA - 3,4; FBLA - 3,4; Student Council - 3; Class Play - 3,4, NEIL ALAN RAMSIER Band - 1; Basket- ball - 1,2,3,4; Baseball - 2; Cross Country - 1,2,3,4; Sweetheart Escort - 2; Class Play - 3; Homecoming King - 4. PENNY MAE REEB I GAA - 1,2,3,4; I FTA - 3,4; FBLA - I 3,4; Class Play - 3. WILLIAM RICE Sweetheart Escort - 3. DEBORAH KAY ROHRS GAA - 1,2,3,4; FTA -2, 3, 4; Sweet- heart Attendant - 3,4; Smdent Coun- cil - 4; Class Play - 3 ,4; Newspaper Staff - 2; Chorus - 4; Cheerleader - 4. JAN ELIZABETH ROSS Band - 1,2,3,4; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Class Officer - 1,2; Scholarship Team - 2,3,4; FTA - 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook - 3, 4; Nat ' l. Honor Society - 3,4; Class Play - 3 ,4; Chorus - 3; Pre-Med Club -4. V 22 PATRICK RYAN Band - 1,2; Basket- ball - 2; Track - 2,3,4; Cross Coun- try - 2,3,4; Schol- arshrp Team - 3; Student Council - 4; Class Officer - 4; Class Play - 3, 4; Baseball - 3; American Legion Test Winner - 2; Good Books Semi- nar - 4. PHILIP GALE SCHAFFNER FBLA - 3,4. ANDREW JACK SCHILB Band - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3, 4; Track - 1,2,3; Cross Country - 1, 2,3; Scholarship Team - 1,2,4; Class Officer - 1; Student Council - 1,2; Sweetheart Attendant - 1; Class Play - 4. RICHARD ALLEN SCHLATTER Band - 1,4; Basket- ball - 1,2,3.4; Track - 1,2,3,4; Baseball - 1,2; Cross Country - 1, 2; Sweetheart King - 4; Class Officer - 1; Student Council - 2; Class Play - 4. BETH ANNE SHUHERKSESLAR Band - 1,2,3; GAA - 1,2; Cheer- leader - 2; FBLA - 3,4; Scholarship Team - 4; Chorus - 1. KEITH ALLEN SHIPMAN Student Council ■ 3; Newspaper - 3 Class Officer - 4; Class Play - 3. 23 " «v RICHARD SHULL VlCKl JO Baseball - 1,2; ' SIDENBENDER Cross Country - 2; GAA - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1; Student Council - VICA - 4, 1; Class Officer - 2; Cheerleader - 1 2,3,4; C lass Play - 3,4; Chorus - 4; Sweetheart Attend- ant - 1. MICHAEL JOHN SIGG Scholarship Team - 1,2,4; Cross Coun- try - 2; American Legion Test Winner 3; Chorus - 3; Band ■ 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4. JO ELLEN SMALLEY FHA - 2; FBLA - 3,4; FTA - 4; Pre- Med Club - 4. CAROL JEAN SMITH Band - 1; Scholar- ship Team - 2; GAA - 1,2,3,4; FTA - 2,3; NatT. Honor Society - 3, 4; Class Play -3,4. JEANINE CHERIE SPRINGER FHA-1,2; VICA-4. 24 SHANNON LOUISE SWANN Band - 1; Class Play - 4. RODGER SANDFORD TEMPLE KATHY ANN VAIL GAA - 1,2,3,4; FTA - 3,4; FHA - 2; Class Play - 3, 4; FBLA - 3,4. PATRICIA WEAVER FHA - 1,2; VICA-4. Pictures for the following 1970 graduates were not available. DEBORAH KAY ADAMS GREGORY LYNN PUGH VICA-4. AMELIA MENDEZ FHA - 1,4. JERALD LYNN REEB NANCY LUCILLE WILLIAMS 25 Class of iitiinamntfiifiiiiKiiiit i BEST ALL ROUND: Sue Friend Jack Schilb Deb Dill BEST DRESSED: Neil Ramsier Deb Dill MOST SINCEI : Beth Seslar 1970 «. 4 CUTEST COUPLE: Deb Rohrs Rich Schlatter MOST ATTRACTIVE: Dave McCalla Deb Dill CLASS CLOWNS: Bill Rice Gail Clinton MOST POPULAR: Vicki Sidenbender Jack Schilb 28 MOST PERSONALITY: Lana DeLong Keith Shipman Senior Class Officers KEITH SHIPMAN, President PAT NELSON, Treasurer PAT RYAN, Vice President MONA DETMON, Secretary MOST WIT: Bill Rice Jack Major Keith Shipman Micki Hertel MOST BRAWN: Jerry Reeb Juniors ' 71 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, TOM SIGG Vice President, ANGIE BILLK4AN Secretary, IvLARCIA HANDY Treasurer, SANDI CULLY Marilyn Adkins Lou Ann Ankney Larry Atchley Gene Baker Margaret Beatty Luanna Bechtol Dave Beerbower Angie Billman . Burl Bittinger Paula Bissell Doug Champion Dennis Clem Judy Coughlin Lonna Crabill Larry. Culler Mike Culler Sandi Cully 30 Biuce Daeger Judy DeLong Lance Donat Sandra Doster Donna Friend George Gordon Randy Green Jim Griggs Sharon Gross Joyce Hammond Marcia Handy Marilyn Hemrick Lynn Hughes Lesa Hunt Jill Jeffcry Barbara Kemerer Gary Knuckles Rlionda Kreagcr Mark Lcro Dan Lichty Rick Lothamer Barb McCalla Barb Miller Brad Miller Dave Miller Ed Miller Jayme Miller Skip Miller Sue Miller Chuck Mobley Elia Moreno Diane Nahrwold Suzanne Overmyer Rick Parrish Steve Peters Sue Purk Jim Schmunk Trudy Rath Kathy Reeb Joe Rogers Marlene Schlatter Denny Secrist Beth Shannon Carol Shuherk Tom Sigg Dee Ann Smith Marsha Smith Rick Staff ens Cheryl Stiebling Joanne Stout Mary Underwood Jane Wannemacher Chris Wiesehan Jerry Zielke Linda Zuber Max Zuber Sophomores •72 Max Begley Alice Bender Pam Billman Chris Carr Kathy Carr Debbie Coughlin Pam Crabill Dixie Cromley Bob Cross Jan Daeger Ruth Ann Deerwester Paula Deisler Jack DeVore Denise Dietrich Dwight Doctor Terry Foust Janice Geyer Dottie Gill Linda Gordon Gary Gross C. W. Harper Debbie Hayden Jim Hertel Raymond Hertel Dale Hicov Dan Hood Sue Howe Patty Hughes Dana HuUinger Walter James Ed Jones Joe Kemerer Dave King Marilyn King Judy Klender Linda Knapp Martha Koenn Mary Jo Kraly Rex Lichty Steve Lotnamer Kevin Lucas Chuck McCalla Mary Pat Marlin Laura Meglich Ted Mendez Teny Mewhorter Dan Miller Jackie Miller Mike Miller 32 Sharon Miller Lynol Mullens Cathy Mundy Kathy Nern Debbie Nighswander Donny Osmun Laurel Ours Steve Parrish Cindy Peffley Dana Price Jeff Reeb Art Rhinehart Fred Rodriquez Raul Rodriquez Sue Roehrig Jim Rogers Jim Secrist Denise Shaffer Terri Sidenbender Mike Silliman Jerry Smith Debbie Springer Vicki Steibling John Thomas Karen Thompson Danny Underwood Pat Vail Barbara Williams v - Bill Winover SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, DALE HICOV Vice-President, CINDY PEFFLEY Secretary, JAN GEYER Treasurer, DENISE DIETRICH 33 Freshmen 73 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, TIM BOWERS Vice President, SUSAN CULLER Secretary, SUZANNE JACKSON Treasurer, MARY SILLIMAN ■kWinBaiiifiiii Terry Adkins Vicki Altic David Atchley Kim Banks Randy Bell Sally Bender Lori Billnian Patty Bitinger Beverly Bogcr Tim Bowers Steve C arwilc Kevin Cottrell Mary Cross Susan (duller Mark Davis Ernest Deisler Kenneth Derek Julie Deventer Pamela Doster Beth Foster Alan Franklin Dean Gaisford George Geyer Edward Glass Lee Ann Gocltzenleuchter Debbie Gordon Jody Green Ronald Gross Carolyn Hammond Regina Hart Gary Haver Rena Haynes 34 1 , -- ■«» Sandy Hicov Sue Hood Linda Hoste Greg Hughes Suzanne Jackson Kip Keiser Ken Knapp Madonna Koenn Janice Kraly Diane Kuhn Diane Laney Jerry Laney Bill Lawson Mary Leinard Jim Lichty Jim Lichty Tylene Mabis Tom Major Claii McCalla Larry McMichael Sherry Mendez Cheryl Miller Patti Miller Phil Miller David Nighswander Johanna Orthman Steve Ouellette Wendy Parsons Sandra Proxmire Lori Pugh Penny Rickard Tyrone RJster Ellen Rodriquez Lelan Roehrig Debbie Rogers Mike Rohrs Chuck Samples Gary Schmunk Susan Secrist Rene Shidler Stephanie Shipman Rheta Shock Cathy Shull James Shull Mary Silliman Julie Slusher Sandra Smalley Greg Smith Jerry Smith Terry Sosbe Michell Stevens Doug Stevenson Mark Walker Debbie Weaver Joyce Witherspoon Connie Woodcox 35 8th Grade ' 74 Dick Adams Debbie Baker Richard Baker Cindy Bell Julius Beregzazi Joni Billman Robin Bowers Debbie Champion Danell Cottrell Tonya Cottrell Nancy Croihley Roberta Culler Ollie Davenport Maina Davis Gina DcLong Larry Dunderman Connie Elders Cheryl Flaugh Becky Foster Greg Franklin Deboie Friend Chris Gerencser Jerry Geyer Howard Gill 8TH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President, DICK ADAMS Vice President, EILEEN ZUBER Secretary, STEPHANIE PETERS Treasurer, JAN JEFFERY l f Marsha Gross Kathy Hall Linda Handy Leila Herber Ann Hertel Harry Hitzeman Bruce Hostetler Steve Hudson Bill Hunt Pam Jacobs Jan Jeffery Kathy Johnston Daniel Jones Vicki Jones Debbie Keating Leesa Ke merer Glenn Knapp Ronald Knapp Cheryl Kryder Carolyn Laney James Leslie Mark Lucas Jeannie Martin David McCalla Patricia Meador David Mendez Kim Mendez Steven Meyer Susan Miller Cheryl Mobley Elvia Moreno Vicki Mosier David Murphy Denise Overmyer Stephanie Peters Dennis Rager Tom Roberts Rita Rodriquez Jim Rogers Pam Schaffner Kathleen Schmunk Carol Scott Terry Seslar Marc Shuherk Mark Shull Sharon Silliman Mark Slight Joseph Smalley Keitn Stiebling Jeff Stout Royce Underwood Susan Vail Linda Walker Alan Wiesehan Billy Zartman Eileen Zuber 37 7th Grade ' 75 7th GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President, JOHN McALEXANDER Vice President, GARY HUGHES Treasurer, SHERLY HICOV Secretary, CAROL HAVER Tina Altic Denise Baker Jeff Baker Tony Billman Patty Bell Beth Bowers Anita Brooks Jerry Caperton Steve Carr Dennis Cottrell Maurice Cottrell Kim Crabill Diane Culler K4ark Dietrich Tina Dunderman Pam Elders Jody ElUott Wilma Fife William Fish Kim Fisher David Friend Randy Getrost Nancy Green David Hand Carol Haver Kenny Herber Sherri Hicov Gary Hughes Mike Jones Cheryl Klender Dave Knapp Lori Kraly Rick Laney Ricky Light Randy Lorentz Steve Marl in LuAnn Martin John McAlexander Tony McCalla Reva Meyers Susan Meyer Bobby Miller Gail Miller John Miller Larry Miller Elda Moreno Rod Moreno Terry Miidrack Linda Muir Randy Mullens Pam Nighswander Constance Orthman Ronald Parrish Robin Parsons Mitch Plum Denise Price Rolan Rister Mona Rodriquez Pam Rogers Kim Savage Debbie Scnooley Lyle Schlegel Tammy Shaffer Vanice Shidler Danny Sigg Kevin Smith Patty Smith Keith Springer Kathy Steffens Jerry Stevens Lynn Stevens Dan Stevenson Mike Stewart Larry Stockman Randy Stubbs Cindy Tadsen Sally Vail Cindy Wendt Bob Winhover Vicki Woodcox Occupational Education Lyle Fillmore Debbie Helser Carlton Hooper Betty Pfost David Pfost Mike Mattern Gladys Saylor Kathy MonhoUen Steve Peters Larry Quisno Dema Saxton Mike Sprow Lillian Strawser George Wagner Frank Weaver Snaps P ' V H H Wm J H The Faculty vs The Longhorns. The Longhorns won no doubt. Cleopatra who 40 6th Grade MRS. BETSY BROTH ERTON MRS. CORA KLINE MRS. lELENE OGDEN Ronald Adkins Mark Altic Tim Ankney Dennis Banks Alan Bass Kristina Bazali Sharon Beatty Alex Bender Rusty Billman Jackie Brooks Kristy Brown Elaine f:arr Janice ( arwile Laura Cottrell Jim Coughlin Kathy Cross Larry Davis Paul Doctor Luann Donat Cindy Dunderman Richard Eblen Mary Fish Karen Flaugh Susan Foster Steve Franklin Joe Friend Mark Friend Janet Gaisford Larry Gcrenscer Kathy Gctrost Dan Gordon Jeff Griggs Robert Griggs Darrell Grubb Fred Hall Elaine Hammond Laura Hayden Mike Herber 42 Dean Hood Sandy Hudson Jackie Jackson Linda Jones Genia Keiser Barbara Kinney Cindy Kreager Rodney Kreager Mike Krutsch Ronnie Laney Rusty Lawson Dave Lucas Steve Major John Madison Anthony Marlin Teresa Mattern Sandra Meador Cindy Meglich Tom Mewhorter Jan Meyer Tim Meyer Joan Meyers Arthur Muir Debbie Mullens Denise Mullens Robin Nern Paul Newbauer Mark Noll Randy Ott Bob Ours Kenneth Parrish Jan Perry Bob Price Julie Reed Nancy Rice Martha Roberts Tim Roehrig Patti Seslar Dave Silliman Pam Slight Nancy Slusher Julaine Smith Mike Smith William Smith Sherry Snyder Tammy Steffens Pat Stewart Penny Stiltner Brett Swann Vicky Terwilleger Stanley Underwood Cindy Walters Steve Wetli Paulette Witherspoon Kathy Zartman Eddie Zuber 43 5th Grade K4R. HERMAN REBBER MRS. ORLEA SEELY MR. H. VINCENT SEELY Beth Ann Bass Steven Beerbower Joseph Beregszazi Richard Brooks Carla Carnahan Gwen Carnahan James Conrad Gary Cottrell Joe Crabill Donna Culler Mary DeLong Gary Derek Lorrie Donnell Elaine Dunderman Gayle Eblen Timmy Fannin Cynthia Feasby Mark Figert Mitchell Fisher Pam Friend Joe Foster Steven Foust Melinda Franklin Richard Gasser Brenda Geyer Joan Gordon Tony Green Bret Griggs 44 Sandra Hemrick Ronny Hood Nancy Hoste Tom Hoste tier Vince Hughes Becky Hunt Tim Jackson Gary Laney Bonnie Leaman George Lee Karen Lee Richard Leslie Maria Lothamer Rolene Mabis Pamela Martin Donna McCalla Jane McCalla Melissa McKeever Christine Meyer Christy Meyer Randy Meyer Terry Meyers David Miller Nanette Miller Ronald Miller Lana Moore Linda Mortorff Susan Mosier Cathy Nighswander David Plumb Danny Reinhart Andrew Rister Hector Rodriquez Linda Rodriquez Kent Savage Lisa Savage Steven Scnaefer Tom Schmunk Paul Schwab John Schweinsberg Cindy Shuherk Lynn Slattery Randy Shaffer Judy Smalley Robert Smith Vikki Stevenson Kim Stewart David Stockman Patty Stockman Shawn Stoller Brett Swann Kevin Taylor Carl Thompson Roy Wendt Deobie Williamson John Zielke 45 4th Grade MRS. THEDA CHAPMAN MRS. EDNA EBERSOLE MRS. MARY MUSSELMAN Melvin Ad kins Jeff Altic Doreen Baker Lisa Billman Mark Bissell Debbie Blalock James Boesch Douglas Bowers Scott Bradbury Bari Brown Thomas Butyok Rose Caperton Steven Daeger Barry DeLong Mark Dietrich Thomas Dietrich Crissann Doster Randy Dunderman Bobby Elders Debra Elliott Mark Feasby Steven Fife Scott Figert Kathy Franklin Tim Gibson Tonya Grimes Kristine Hall Donna Hammond Robert Herber David Hill Kevin Hughes Jack Jeffery Russell Johnson Stephen Johnston Sue Kammeyer James Keiser Tom Kemerer Janese Kennedy 46 Rod Kirby Ricky Knight Bill Laney K ' lichael Larimore Tawny Lawson Elizabeth Lloyd Scott Lucas Philip Marlin Donna Meador Brenda Meyer Martha Meyer Tammy Mickelson Beth Miller Sandra Miller Elisa Moreno Ella Moreno Fernando Moreno John Mosier James Mudrack Carol Nighswander Cheri Noll Lynne Parrett Darrell Pease Jay Perry Cindy Pier Sherri Proxmire Dawn Pugh Deidra Reed Denise Reinhart Lori Reinhart Janet Roberts James Rodriquez Paula Rogers Craig Savage Jeff Schweinsberg Don Shaffer Virginia Shaffer Timothy Slight Linda Slusher Sharlotte Snyder Michael Springer Penny Sprow Keith Stevenson Shelly Stoller Linda Sukup Tina Thomas Betty LInderwood Chris Walters Nancy Wendt Dan Wetli Frank Wiesehan Randy Williamson Brian Woodcox Julia Woodcox Mark Zartman Nancy Zielke 47 3rd Grade MRS. MARY DAVIS MRS. CAROL PARRETT MRS. LOIS STEVENSON Shawn Altic Julie Atchley Darla Baker Kelly Baker Beth Banks Marion Bazali Penny Bell Keith Bell Joe Diddle Judy Billman Thomas Boesch Shaun Brooks Kim Carnahan DeWayne Champion Shelby Cottrell Christine Coughlin Kenneth Cross Scott Cross Marta Davis Diane Derek Timothy Derek Mike DeVore Becky Dunderman Georgie Elliott Rick Flaugh Susan Franklin Jonny Friend Nancy Friend Ronnie Gasser Ronnie Getrost David Gordon Marilyn Hertel Sonya Hicov VicKi Johnston Joni Kennedy Penny Kirby Monica Koenn Gregg Logsdon Julie Lucas Bunny Madison Terri Madison Patty Martin 48 James Mattern Nancy McAlexander Jerry McCabe Nick Mendez Linda Meyers Rocky Meyers Treesa Meyers Kathleen Mobley Party Mortorff Mike Mudrack Don Murphy Susan Parrett Tenly Perry Shelley Peters Ronnie Reece John Reid Mark Reid Bruce Rister Tim Roberts Patricia Rogers Kim Ross Susan Schwab Jody Shaffer Vicki Shaner Robbin Sliipman Jeff Smith Arthur Stiltner Richard Stockman Melynda Tadsen Tammy Taylor Valerie Terwilleger Peter Vail Mike Wheeler Tom Wiedman Mike Wilhelm 49 2nd Grade MRS. PATRICIA DEEMER MRS. EILEEN FRIEND MRS. KAREN GRABIANOWSKI Steven Adkins Chris Bass Pamela Bates Mona Begley Sheryl Biddle Beth Blalock Debra Boecker Dennis Boecker Chris Boesch Salena Bradbury Jeanine Bowers Lisa Bowers Lisa Butyok Kevin Carr Sue Carr Greg Carwile Dwyane Clevinger Paula Conrad Dennis Coughlin Jeff Crabill Ruth Culler Lisa Derek Keith Dietrick Greg Donnell Charles Dunderman Vanessa Dunderman Doug Fife Linda Fish Kay Fisher Jill Friend Ricky Grimes Randy Hall Laura Hammond Tameria Herber Pam Herber Douglas Howe Mark Hessert Kent Hughes Kenneth Hughes Melissa Hunt Leonard Jackson Mike Johnson Don Jones ip, .pM 50 John Jones Lori Jordan Jean Kinney William Knight Jan Kreager Mary Jo Krutch Mark Larimore Randy Lee Jeffery Logsdon Twila Mabis Kenneth Maggert Larry Mansfield Ann Marlin Janis McCalla Melody Mendez Teresa Mendez Beth Meyer Cynthia Meyer Edward Meyer Valerie Miller Suzanne Mobley Rosemary Moore Jeff Mudrack Mark Mudrack John Murlin David Murphy Brenda Nighswander Rhonda Ott Mark Pease Johnathon Peffley Brian Phillips Timothy Reid Mary Reinhart Kim Reinhart Norman Rister Joyce Rodriquez Jennifer Schilb Christine Schmunk Patty Schooley Charles Scott Jay Schweinsberg Ricky Seslar Laura Schaefer Brian Sidenbender Nancy Sleesman Dale Smalley Donna Smalley Adrie Ann Smith Julie Sprow Christopher Stevens Robin Trauterman Janet Undervirood Irene Weisehan Jean Wendt Lori Wiedman Lou Ann Williamson 51 I St Grade MRS. MARY BRADLEY MRS. BELLE HART MRS. MARY SPENCER Beth Ann Adams Shane Altic Melanie Ballard Lidia Bazali Robert Bok Robert Brandenburg Jeffery Brinkman Tonya Cottrell Timothy Davidson Jeffery Davis Wayne Davis Loren Demongeot Alice Doctor Jeffrey Donat Lyndon Donat Linda Doster Julie Eblen Laura Fife Michael Finch Janean Franklin Keith G asset Lisa Geyer Janet Hand Thomas Herber Lana Hughes Lynette Hood Michelle Hunt Kevin Jackson Cindy Johnston Ray Kelly Donald Kirkland Laurie Klender James Koenn Jerome Kocnn Rita Krutch 52 Kurt Kuhn Sandra Laukhuf Jeffery Lee Lisa Leinard Jeffrey Lucas Janet Mattern Brenda Meadows Richard Meyer Christine Mic kelson Richard Miller James May Scott Moore James Murlin Donaven Murphy Loretta Neukam Jackie Orthman Lisa Pease William Peffley Tamera Perry Kathy Phillips Bradley Proxmire Roger Reece Bradley Reed David Reid Joe Reinhart Richard Rickard Scott Ross Cindy Savage David Savage Joan Schaeier Lori Schweinsberg Tamera Scott Todd Shuherk Gregory Shull Carla Smallcy Betty Smith Connie Smith Joni Smith Margaret Snider Melanie Springer Jill Stevenson Katherine Stockman Patty Taylor Danny Terwilleger Terri Thomas Lisa Tinkham Mary Vail Michael Walley Michelle Walley Cle Williams James Williamson Leslie Wilson Elaine Womack Kevin Woodcox James Young Steven Zuber 53 Kindergarten MRS. CAROLYN LAUKHUF MRS. WILMA SIGG Annette Adams Gregory Altic Janolyn Ballard Marty Barnes Davanna Bass Felicia Begley Hazel Bender Christine Beregszazi Dan Boecker Cindy Bok Jackie Bowers Carol Brandenberg Darrel Brandenberg Marcia Bute Betty Carr Rhonda Conrad Sheila Conrad Tina Colwell Lisa Coon Alice Cornell Steve Corwin Julie Cross Robbie Davis John Deevers Bradley Dunderman Timothy Estep Debra Ewers James Ewers Carolyn Fee Jeffery Finch Mark Flaugh Scott Flaugh Jeff Franklin Cowin Franklin Diana Gasser Donna Gerbers Lori Gibson Steven Griggs Tamara Grimes Charles Hall Julie Hartman Sharon Hemrick 54 Russell Hessert Jalenda Howard Randy Howe Kyle Hughes Robert Jackson Cheri Johnston Kristy Keysor Christine Kirby Robert Larimore David Laukhuf Raymond Lee Annette Mabis Gretchen Madison Pamela Maggert Ricky Maggert Michelle Mansfield John Marlin Bobbie Marsh Melody McAlexander Edward Mendez Bruce Meyer Lynette Meyer Kjistine Miller Linda Minck Marianne Mobley Randy Moering James Mortorff Kevin Mudrack Billy Parrett Kalynn Peffley Kris Reinhart Russell Reinhart Laura Roberts Suzanna Roberts Walter Roehrig Peggy Rogers Judith Schaefer Karen Schilb Lois Schroeder Lisa Schweinsberg Beverly Scott Kirk Slusher Raymond Smalley Gary Smith Beverly Stevens Christopher Stiltner Laurie Stoller Robert Swann Teresa Tabor Brian Tadsen Devin Tadsen John Taylor Trisha Tinkham Shelly Vail Lorie Warner Danny Wiedman 55 Special Education Anita Bender Darrell Bender Adam Brown Ronald Davidson David Ewers Dennis Fish Dennis Hall Gene Knight Tammy Kuhn Roxanne Light Richard Wagner Henry Watson Henry Wheeler Richard vTieeler Elementary Teachers and Aides ELEMENTARY TEACHERS MRS. VIVIENNE EHRHART MRS. JO GILLESPIE MRS. NORMA LESLIE MRS. SUE MEYER MISS REBEKAH LORD, Elementary Music (not pictured) MRS. THERESA MOBLEY, Elementary Music MISS JUDY VORST, Physical Education ABSENT: MRS. JUDY BELL MRS. MARIE CARR MRS. REUHAMA KLENDER MRS. MARY JANE ZIELKE 56 ORGANIZATIONS AHS Student Council Advisor MR. WILLIAM PARRETT SENIORS: T. Peffley, President, P. Ryan, D. Rohrs JUNIORS: J. Jeffery, A. Billman, C. Mobley SOPHOMORES: C. Peffley, C. McCalla, K. Nern FRESHMEN: S. Culler, J. Slusher, L. Billman 8th GRADE: P. Meador, T. Cottrell, E. Zuber 7th GRADE; P. Rodgers, B. Winhover, G. Hughes National Honor Society Advisor MR. CHARLES FOSTER SEATED left to right: M. Hertel, R. Hughes, L. Proxmire, P. Nelson, J. Ross, C. Smith, P. McAlexander. ABSENT: D. Koenn. 58 1-When we first started this book, 3 -some of our pictures were 4-pretty fuimy Archer Staff? There were pictures that didn ' t get taken (like Sandi ' s, Joyce ' s, Sheryl ' s, and Larry ' s) and some got lost ? ! ? But on July 22 it was finished. So we folded up our ink pad and put our stamper away for another year. Final copy was mailed to 1550 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas Texas with a sigh of relief! G-always " liclping " one another 9-We moved on . . . still friends! ! 8-thcn " bright " ideas would hit us . . . ■ IJir -XN. m. li 7-sometimes things got tough . . . Girls ' Athletic Association Advisor, MISS HELEN SHAW President, JAN ROSS Vice President, ANGIE BILLMAN Secretary, MARCIA HANDY Treasurer, GAIL CLINTON News Reporter, LYNN HUGHES . IHJ HM jj Hf -fPlW H Our advisor in the " boiler room " ?? GAA Initiation Future Homemakers of America The Initiation Banquet turned out to be a lovely evening. OFFICERS Advisor, MRS. JOYCE WILLIAMS President, GEORGIA DEISLER Vice President, SUE MILLER Secretary, BARB KEMERER Treasurer, JACKIE MILLER Historian, DIANA NAHRWOLD News Reporter, MARY UNDERWOOD Parliamentarian, SUE ROEHRIG Recreation, LESA HUNT Song Leader, BARB MILLER Plenty of hospitality here 61 Archer Pep Club BHHHHHHH d£flHI[ HHiHi !■■ l f fw Wv-A A- Rl ■dP lafl V lJ i j - J f 1 w M SB B|J{! r yTS|NBh| (S L w fC H iVMl 11 ti . ' j vlniKt n % njpwtl L A A ({v i ■ ■¥1 %W] m fi Vw|lmpnwYj ■ kjU Bm T BtJMl Pep Block Leader, ANGIE BILLMAN Antwerp High School Pep Club worked throughout the season and especially at tournament time in building constructive spirit and promoting good sportsmanship. Many clever posters and spirit-building signs in the hallways were constructed by this group. And the fans cheered on :, - b]g W] H V A lending support to the 62 Diversified Co-operative Training SEATED: D. Shull, P. Weaver, C, Deisler, J. Springer, S. Banks, L. Klender, G. Pugh. STANDING: Joseph Sukup, Advisor, R. Mabis, D. Leaman, S. Gordon, R. Kennedy, A. Bickhard, D. Hunt, J. DeLong, B. Goelt- zenleuchter. Occupational Work Experience SEATED: L, Rhinehart, J. DeLong, G. Demongeot, J, Miller, K. Thompson. STANDING: L. Donat, D. Mil- ler, D. King, J. Tomas, Delbert Jeffery, Advisor, D. Osmun, D. Champion, J. Walker, C. Demongeot. 63 Business Office Education ADVISORS: Mr. Glenn Woodring and Miss Ruth Myers. ROW ONE: Bruce Daeger, Sandi Cully, Joyce Hammond, Judy C ' oughlin, Karen Rager, JoEllen Smalley, Suzanne Overmyer, Jerry Zielke. ROW TWO: Marilyn Adkins, Cheryl Stiebling, Lou Ann Ankney, Rose Ouellette, Debbie Dill, Penn) Reeb, Kathy Vail, Ramona Dermon, Pat McAlexander, Sue Friend, Georgia Deisler. ROW THREE: Phil Schaffner, Rick Lothamer, Jack Major, Diane Nahrwald, Dee Ann Smith, Barbara McCalla, Sharon Gross, Lesa Hunt, LuAnn Bechtol, Teira Bechtol. These students are involved in an intensified business course of study. The)- are all members of the Future Business Leaders of America ( lub, the Antwerp C ' hapter. They have all participated in field trips to surrounding metropolitan areas. Its officers are: President, Karen Rager; Vice President, Bruce Daeger; Secretary, Joyce Hammond; Treasury, Jo Smalley; Historian, Paula Bissell. Sr. BOE was involved in a mock job inter- view series. In this picture Karen Rager is being interviewed by Dale Adams for a posi- tion in a school office. Have you ever had a ' blah ' Christmas Party We almost did . . . but when that man came in, everybody came. 64 Pre-Med Club SEATED: K. Carr, C. Wiesehan, P. Hughes, G. Clinton, J. Ross, D. Nighswander, J. Slusher, S. Culler. ROW TWO: D. Shaffer, M. Leinard, S. Jackson. L. Goeltzenleuchter, M. Cross, S. Hicov, M. Stevens, L. Billman, C. Hammond, M. Silliman, R. Shidler. ROW THREE: S. Mendez, K. Nern, R. Hart, J. Miller, A. Bend—, ' . Msriin -, Adams, S. Bowman, K. Miller, P. Nelson, D. Cromley. ROW FOUR: B. Foster, C. Peffley, S. Shipman, W. Parsons, K. Vail, P. Schaffner, A. Rhinehart, C. McCalla, Mrs. Jane McCormack, Advisor, L. Proxmire, M. Hertel. Future Teachers of America SEATED: C. Shuherk, S. Overmyer, L. Proxmire, S. Miller, D. Rohrs, L. DeLong, L. Hughes, S. Cully, L. Hoste. ROW TWO: M. Leinard, M. Stevens, L. Goeltzenleuchter, R. Shidler, A. Billmpn, J. Ross, R. Detmon, G. Clinton, D. Dill, L. Knapp. ROW THREE: K. Miller, B. Kemerer, L. Zuber, S. Miller, L. Hunt, M. Underwood, T. Bechtol, J. Smalley, R. Kreager. ROW FOUR: K. Rager, K. Vail, D. Nahr- wald, P. Reeb, V, Cromley, J. Stout, P. Billman, C. Peffley, J. Daeger, S. Doster, K. Nern. 65 ARROW Librarians Newspaper Staff ARROWS HEAD: T. Rath, M. Leinard, M. Cross, D. Nighswander. ARROW ' S SHAFT: M. Marlin, M. Bea ' :ty, L. Crabill, C. Weisehan, B. Boger, D. Smith, L. Goelt- zenleuchter. ARROW ' S FEATHER: L. Hoste, K. Miller, B. Miller, W. Parsons, S. Shipman, Mr. Ronald Grabianow- ski, Advisor. SEATED: S. Gross, Mrs. Exie Bell, Librarian, M. Silliman, C. Hammond. STANDING: P. Schaffner, T. Bowers, J. Wannemacher, K. Rager, L. Quisno, C. Demongeot, French Club SEATED: D. Shaffer, L. Knapp, C. Shuherk, T. Foust, A. Billnian, S. Culler, L. Meglich. STANDING: Mrs. Joan Pier, Advisor, M. Hertel, C. Carr, D. fticc, T. Major, D. Beerbower, J. Stout, L. Zuber, J. Wannemacher. 66 Audio- Visual Club ROW ONE: D. Hand, R. Lorentz, D. Knapp, R. Laney, K. Smith, T. Roberts, Mr. Paul Shaffer, Advisor. ROW TWO: M. Stewart, J. Rogers, D. Mendez. ROW THREE: J. Leslie, A. Wiesehan, E. Miller, D. Miller, B. Hart. ROW FOUR: R. Underwood, O. Davenport. Jr. High Bowling Team ROW ONE: S. Vail, S. Meyer, C. Orthman, D. Stevenson, V. Woodcox, P. Elders. N. Green, S. Hicov, B. Bowers, V. Shidler, C. Klender. ROW TWO: L. Walker, S. Vail, D. Keating, L. Herber, D. Stout, J. Mudrack, C. Kryder, C. Scott, P. Jacobs, C. Flaugh. ROW THREE: C. Haver, V. Mosier, D. Overmyer, P. Meador, J. Martin, C. Bell, G. Miller, K. Fisher, J. Elliott, T. Dunderman, R. Parsons. ROW FOUR: R. Laney, R. Lorentz, T. Shaffer, P. Nighswander, D. Baker, C. Elders, D. Champion, T. Seslar, K. Steffens, T. Altic. ROW FIVE: B. Zartman, S. Marlin, T. Lothamer, R. Light, M. Stewart, B. Miller, D. Cottrell, R. Underwood, D. Rager, G, Knapp. ROW SIX: Mr. Paul Shaffer, Advisor, J. Stevens, M. Shuherk, A. Wiesehan. 67 Fifth Grade Band ROW ONE: K. Savage, L. Slattery, D. Miller, T. Schmunk, J. Crabill, D. Adams, R. Meyer, R. Shaffer, C. Meyer, B. Bass, D. Culler. ROW TWO: L. Savage, S. Hemrick, M. Franklin, J. Gordon, S. Beerbower, E. Dunderman, R. Smith, T. Jackson, B. Leaman, N. Miller, J. McCalla. Sixth Grade Band ROW ONE: C. Zartman, S. Meador, N. Slusher, V. Terwilleger, L. Donat, P. Doctor, R. Eblen, 1. Coug lin, M. Krutsch, A. Bender, S. Franklin. ROW TWO: M. Friend, J. Perry, R. Ott, C. Getrost, E. Carr, C. Sn dcr, ■ Hudson, J. Smith, A. Marlin, S. Major. ROW THREE: D. Lucas, J. Friend, R. Billman, L. Gerencser, R. Price, T. Ankney, S. Wetli. 68 Jr. High Band ROW ONE: N. Cromley, J. Jeffery, K. Schmunk, A. Hertel, C. Haver, S. Miller, J. Billman, C. Mobley. ROW TWO: T. Cottrell, D. Culler, G. DeLong, S. Meyer, K. Crabill, C. Orthman, R. Lorentz, T. Billman, M. Dietrich, S. Meyer, R. Culler, D. Price, D. Stevens, D. Sigg. ROW THREE: D. Friend, M. Plum, D, McCalla, R. Knapp, D. Adams, D. Hand, J. Leslie, K, Savage, L. Handy, D. Jones, J. Smalley, S. Carr, R. Meyers, P. Rodgers, C. Gerencser, B. Hostetler. Jr. High Chorus 69 Antwerp High ROW ONE: J. Jeffery, J. Ross, C. Mundy, S. Miller, J. Klender, C. Woodcox, S. Ilicov. RO TWO: 1 Daeger, P. Hughes, K. Nern, M. Handy, L. Hoste, M. Sigg, D. Secrist, S. Culler, M. Leinard. ROW THEEE: R. Shock, D. Shaffer, S. Swann, A. Billman, C. Shuherk, L. Billman, J. Geyer, L. Hughes, M. Hertel, L. Culler, C. Mundy, L. Hughes, K. Knapp. ROW FOL ' R: A. Deemer, J. Schilb, E. Miller. AHS Dance Band ROW ONE: S. Ouellette, M. Stevens, C. Peffley, L. Ankney, J. Stout. ROW TWO: J. Schilb, T. Sigg, G. Clinton. ROW THREE: R. Hughes, M. Hertel, C. Mundy, L. Hughes, L. Culler, C. Mob- I ' y, G. Knuckles, M. Hemrick, T. Major. Concert Band DlllECTOR: James Ilalin ROW ONE: A. Bender, V. Stiebling, M. Marlin, C. Carr, P. Crabill, ]. Slusher. ROW TWO: D. Crom- ley, S. Jackson, P. Bissell, S. Ouellette. IvI. Cross, M. Stevens. C. Peffley, L. Ankney. J. Stout. ROW THREE: D. Stevenson. G. Haver. J. Schmunk, M. Lero, D. Doctor, J. Secrist, B. Daeger. G. Schmunk. S. Secrist, T. Peffley, C. Mobley, M. Hemrick, G. Knuckles. ROW I ' OUR: T. Major, J. Zielke, G. ' Jeyer. ROW ONE: J. Ross, C. Mundy. K. Nern, M. Handy, J. Jeffery. ROW TWO: J. Stout, L. Ankney, C. Peffley, M. Stevens. ROW THREE: T. Major, G. Knuckles, M. Hemrick, P. Bissell. ROW FOUR: M. Hertel, C. Mundy, L. Hughes, K. Knapp, D. Stevenson. Archer Pep Band Senior Band Members SEATED: Randy Hughes (Cornet) Jack Schilb (Drums) Mike Sigg (French Horn) ROW TWO: Tim Peffley (Trombone) Jan Ross (Clarinet) Sheryl Miller (Flute) ROW THREE: Cheryl Mundy (Clarinet) Shannon Swarm (Clarinet) Anne Deemer (Bells and Cymbals) Mickie Hertel (Cornet) Majorettes LEFT TO RIGHT: Lou Ann Ankney Carol Shuherk - Head Majorette Girls ' Ensemble ROW ONE: M. Hemrick, S. Swann, L. DeLong, V. Sidenbender, S. Smalley, M. Silliman, L. Hughes. ROW T ' WO: W. Parsons, J. Deventer, D. Rogers, M. Handy, D. Friend, B. Miller, A. Deemer, G. Clinton, D. Rohrs. 72 ACTIVITIES ' ' Southern Plantation ' ' . . . where every girl was queen and every guy a king. Junior-Senior Banquet Sophomore Server A lovely table. What about the mint juleps? MENU Salad Bar Main Course: Ham, Baked Potatoes, Corn Milk or Coffee Dessert: Cherry Tart The meal was served by sophomore " slaves " out- fitted in red bandanas and long black skirts and slacks. Tom Sigg, Junior Class Pres ident, welcomed everyone and invited them to the Prom at 8 o ' clock that evening. The class prophecy was read by Angle Billman and Deb Rotirs read the Senior wills. 74 Junior-Senior Prom This page is for all the ' 70 Senior girls and guys. The Prom was a beautiful ending for a great year. Thanks, Seniors of ' 71! Best Entertainer - Keith Shipman A loving couple. A northern beauty. Where there ' s a Will there ' s a wonderful way. A thought in the mind of a beautiful girl. Just one of the memories. 75 Love is Blue presented by the Class of ' 72 Debbie Dill, Queen Rick Sclilatter, King Deb Rohrs E idge Kennedy Jonne Stout Mike Culler Kathy Nern Chuck McCalla 1973: Julie Slasher Tim Bowers CROWN BEARERS: Terri Thomas Tony Nighswander 76 u I :nd Rick. Tony and Terri. King Neil and Queen Rose The official greeter . . . Santa Claus, not Benny! AHS Homecoming 1970 King Neil Ramsier Queen Rose Ouellette SENIOR ATTENDANTS: Jessica Olsen and Pudge Kennedy JUNIOR ATTENDANTS: Lonna Crabill and Joe Rogers SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS: Cindy Peffley and Chuck KlcCalla FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS: Julie Slusher and Steve Ouellette Christmas Dance presented by Would you believe they ' re makin punch . . . really! ! Jan and Don tasted what the homemakers just cooked up. 77 1970 Scholarship Teams ROW ONE: G. Schmunk, S. Mendez (Spanish I); M. Silliman, C. Hammond (English 9). ROW TWO: T. Bowers, (French I); M Koenn (Spanish II); M. Hertel (French I); C. Carr, J. Geyer (En- glish 10). ROWS: P. Nelson, (English 12); C. Mobley, J. Jeffery, (English 11); A. Billman, K. Carr (French II). ABSENT: F. Rodriquez (Spanish II), J. Ross (English 12). Science Languages Micki Hertel - 3rd in District, 7th in State (French I); Chuck Mob- ley - 3rd in District, 13th in State; Jill Jeffery - Honorable Men- tion in District (English 11). ROW ONE: D. Beerbower, P. Hughes (Bi- ology); T. Sosbe (General Science). ROW TWO: R. Parrish, B. Miller ( Physics); R. Hughes (Chemistry). ABSENT: T. Rister (General Science), J. Schilb (Chem- istry). Terry Sosbe - 14th in District, Honorable Mention in State; Tyrone Rister - Honorable Mention in District (General Science); Randy Hughes - 16th in District (Chemistry). History ROW ONE: B. Johnson, T. Foust (World History); J. Schmunk, M. Lero (American History); M. Sigg, D. Koenn (Senior So- cial Studies). Jim Schmunk - 5th in District, 10th in State (American History); Mike Sigg - Honorable Mention in District (Senior Social Studies). Mathematics ROW ONE: S. Ouellette , K. Derek (Algebra I); D. Springer, S. Miller (Plane Geometry). ROW TWO; B. Seslar, P. McAlexander (Bookkeeping); M. Sclilatter, L. Culler (Algebra 11). 78 Sharon Miller - Honorable Mention in District (Plane Geometry); Pat McAlexander - 16th in District ( Bookkeeping). Paint the Town Pink " You ' re old pros this year so don ' t be nervous. ' Sr. Class Play Presented on December 21, 22 Directed by Ronald Grabianowski CHARACTERS Mr. Clarke Jack Schilb Sally Renwick Jan Ross Sheila Bowman Rem Tyler Tim Peffley Christy Smith Gail Clinton Karen Rager Loretta -------- Ramona Detmon June Delores Gill Ruthie Lana DeLong Nan ----------- Vicki Cromley Louise Deb Rohrs Lynn Deb Dill Warren Jack Major Miss Carey ------- Linda Proxmire Teira Bechtol Miss Hughes --------- Pat Nelson Penny Reeb Mr. Wilkinson ------- Mike Sigg Mrs. Lawton - - - - Vicki Sidenbender Carol Smith Rose Ryan -------- Rose Ouellette Kathy Vail Mr. Kessler ------- Randy Hughes Winnie Page - - Cheryl Mundy Johnson --------- Dave Leaman 1- - ...... Pudge Kennedy Mrs. Ramsey ------- Anne Deemer Moran Rick Hullinger Hank Pat Ryan Joe ----------- Pudge Kennedy Chief McGuillicuty ----- Mike Sigg Mayor Langford Rick Schlatter Student Directors - - - Georgia Deisler Lois Klender Sherrie Miller 79 Jr. Class in ' Tinders Creepers ' ' Sandi and Joe are ready to go on stage. CAST Tom Sigg Wilbur Maxwell Steve Peters Hercules Nelson Jonne Stout Nina Ouigley Carol Shuherk -- Celeste Nelson Sandie Doster Frankie Sandy Cully - - Aunt Mary Ed Miller - Uncle Bob Suzanne Overmyer Granny Dave Miller N r. Ouigley Brad Miller - - Dr. Brown Jane Wannemacher Madeline Jim Schmunk Harry Schuster Marcia Handy Daphne Joe Rogers Claude Chuck Mobley Helper Angle Billman - -Student Director Presented on April 16,17 Directed by Mrs. Joan Pier Angle discussing lines with Jane. Brad, Jonne, Marcia, and Jim going over their lines. Carol, Steve, and Tom. Joe, Chuck, Ed, Sandi, and Suzanne. 80 ATHLETICS AHS The Squad KNEELING: D. Mendez, K. Mendez, D. Clem, J. Secrist, D. Lichty, T. Bowers, S. Ouellette, B. Cross. ROW TWO: Coach Eastridge, S. Lothamer, T. Mendez, M. Lero, K. Knapp, M. Culler, J. Rogers, D. Secrist. ROW THREE: Coach Casey, M. Begley, S. Peters, A. Rhinehart, M. Rohrs, D. King, J. Griggs, E. Miller. First Team to Compete Since 1 940 ' Forty candidates reported to head football coach Darrell Casey on August 17, 1969, for practice. This was the first call issued in 29 years here. The Archers competed on a reserve level for the ' 69 season and played their home games at Payne. Assisting Coach Casey with the backfield was Ed Bell while Richard Eastridge and Dan Hutton worked with the line. K ' Ir. Casey took charge of the offense and Mr. Eastridge headed the defense. SEASON SUMMARY The Archers opened at Hilltop. They were slow in getting started against the Cadets, but came on strong in the second half and rallied to win. Against Payne, Antwerp ' s inexperience showed and the Archers were unable to cope with the powerful Pan- thers. In the first five minutes of play, Steve Peters raced 80 yards to score against undefeated Patrick Henry. The Patriots had too much depth and won easily, but no longer were they unscored upon. Several key players were sidelined with minor injuries and the team fell to the Hicksville Aces at Hicksville. One of the finest team efforts of the year took place when the Archers offense fell in place and they ripped Hilltop by a wider margin than in the first encounter. A f ' azzling passing attack was featured against the Crestview Knights. Coach Casey was able to give the younger boys some much needed game experience. FO OTBALL 196 9 SCORES AHS OP Hilltop 18 8 Payne 36 Patrick Henry 6 59 Hicksville 6 14 Hilltop 44 22 Crestview 74 Season Record 3 - 3 KNEELING: B. Lawson, F. Rodriquez, C. Samples, K. Derek. ROW TWO: G. Gross, D. Nighswander, S. Mil- ler, B. Friend, Coach Bell. ROW THREE; R. Hughes, T. Peffley, T. Sigg, Coach Hutton. KNEELING: Head Coach - Darrell Casey STANDING: Dan Hutton, Ed Bell, and Richard Eastridge 1 969-70 Varsity LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Atchley, Tim Peffley, Jack Schills, Rick Schlatter, Neil Ramsier, Mike Culler, Steve Peters, Tom Sigg, Randy Hughes, Ed Jones, Dave Miller, Coach Lonnie Bostelman. Managers 1969-70 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD ntwerp Opp 61 Grover Hill 75 58 Continental 69 64 Blue Creek 72 39 Hicksville 48 86 Edgerton 84 93 Payne 74 56 Oakwood 62 64 Patrick Henr) ' 84 58 Payne 64 73 Blue Creek 69 61 Tinora 62 66 Grover Hill 83 74 Holgate 86 68 Crestview 77 85 Ohio City 70 43 Edon 53 71 Oakwood 83 68 North Central 69 LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Koenn, Rick Parrish, Ed Miller, Chuck Moblr . 84 To beat someone else in a game, or to be beaten, may mean much or little . . . SCHILB Jack Schilb, 6-0 senior, saw most of his action at a forward slot during the season. He is an extremely hard worker while on the courts. His point average is 3.3. SCHLATTER Rick Schlatter started at for- ward this season. He is a 6-0 senior and does an outstanding job on the boards as well as shooting. He is the team ' s second leading scorer with 194 points for a 10.7 game average. Rick made the second team in the PCL. RAMSIER Neil Ramsier is also a senior and stands 6-0. He has started both as a forward and as a guard this season and ranks third in the scoring department. He is rated as the finest outside shooter on the club with 165 points and 9.7 points per game. Neil made the second team in the PCL. HUGHES Randy Hughes, 6-0 senior, can go either at guard or forward and has played well in relief this season. Hughes is a fair shooter and rebounder. His point average is 1.4. PEFFLEY Senior, Tim Peffley stands 6-0 and is a good shooter and jumps extremely well for his height. He has come on strong this season. His point average is 6.3. 86 PETERS Steve Peters, 6-0 junior, is one of the best outside shooters on the squad. He has scored 300 points to lead the team in scoring and set a single game scoring record of 47 points during the year. He has a point average of 16,6. Steve made the first team in the PCL. MILLER Junior Dave Miller is the tal- lest member of the Archers as he stretches to 6-7 in height. How Dave goes usually tells how the Archers go. He is one of the leading rebounders and has been scoring at 8.4 points a game. CULLER Junior guard Mike Culler at 5-9 is the shortest player on the Antwerp roster. However, he has made himself known throughout the season as he has rebounded with the best of them. He is quick and one of the best defensive players on the team. His point average is 5.1. ATCHLEY Larry Atchle) ' , 6-o, junior, can go either at center or forward posts. He has spent much of his time at a forward position and is a tremendous rebounder for his size. Larry is also a good shooter and carries a 5.7 game average. 87 SIGG Tom Sigg, 6-0 junior, is a good driver to the bucket and is dangerous inside. He has spent all of the season shuttling between the varsit) ' and resen ' e. JONES Ed Jones, 6-2 sophomore, is quite an outside shooter and can be a strong rebounder. He led the reserve team in re- bounds. To beat our own game means a great deal . Miller tips the ball! 88 I ii ' AHS Varsity Cheerleaders LANA DeLONG, Senior CAROL SHUHERK, Junior ANNE DEEMER, Senior VICKI SIDENBENDER. Senior CAROL L- -J VICKI ANNE 89 1969-70 Reserve ROW ONE: Tim Bowers, Fred Rodriquez, Mike Miller, Ted Mendez, Pat Vail, Mark Lero, Manager. ROW TWO: Randy Green, Manager, Joe Rodgers, Larry Culler, Dan Underwood, Mike Rohrs, Skip Miller, Coach Dan Hutton. Reserve Cheerleaders 90 .hi r TO RIGHT: Jan Daeger, Pam Billman, Terri Sidenbender, Vicci Stiebling. 1969-70 RESERVE BASKETBALL RECORD Antwerp Opp 69 Grover Hill 31 45 Continental 70 54 Blue Creek 51 54 Hicksville ' 40 47 Edgerton 40 52 Payne 46 31 Oakwood 35 46 Patrick Henry 57 43 Payne 52 40 Blue Creek 48 69 Tinora 49 59 Grover Hill 49 75 Holgate 43 71 Crestview 73 83 Ohio City 59 36 Edon 38 53 Oakwood 48 50 North Central 62 1969-70 Freshman Team LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Bell, Manager, Greg Smith, George Geyer, Jim Lichty, David Atchley, Mark Walker, Gary Haver. BACK ROW: Dave Nighswander, Steve Ouellette, Clair McCalla, James ShuU, Bill Lawson, Dan Hutton, Coach. Freshman Cheerleaders 1969-70 FROSH BASKETBALL RECORD ntwerp Opp. 36 Blue Creek 34 45 Hamilton, Ind. 33 44 Tinora 33 26 Hicksville 41 29 Continental 47 47 Crestview 36 18 Hicksville 16 9 Fort Jennings 7 17 Edgerton 16 40 Payne 35 57 Hamilton, Ind. 49 LEFT TO RIGHT: Lori Billman, Suzanne Jackson, Mary Silliman, Ju- lie Slasher. 91 8th Grade Basketball Team ROW ONE J. Stout, G. Frank- lin, K. Stieblmg, J. Leslie, D. Jones, Edward Bell, Coach, ROW TWO R. Underwood, J. Smalley, D. McCalla, D. Mendez, J. Rogers, R. Bowers. ROW THREE- T. Roberts, S. Hudson, J Geyer, S. Meyer, B. Hosteller, M. Slight. Jr. High Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Rogers, Pam Nighswander, Sharon Silliman, Stephanie Peters. 7th Grade Basketball Team ROW ONE: D. Sigg. T. Bill- man, D. Friend, L. Stevens, R. Getrost, M. Plum, M. Jones. ROW TWO: R. Win- hover, K. Herber, L. Miller, T. McCalla, J. McAlexander, M. Dietrich. ROW THREE: L. Schlegel, J. Miller, M. Cottrell, S. Bechtol, Edward Bell, Coach. 92 AHS Track Team KNEELING: D. Nighswander, J. Rogers, S. Peters, D. Beerbower, M. Silliman, P. Vail, T. Peffley. STANDING: J. Schmunk, L. Culler, D. Underwood, R. Schlatter, D. Price, D. Miller, S. Miller, M. Rohrs, R, Hughes, Ed Bell, Coach. Coach Ed Bell ' s track and field team had a successful season again this year with 11 victories in 13 outings. Steve Peters, Antwerp ' s talented junior track ace, went to the state track meet held at Upper Arling- ton on May 23. There he finished second in the long jump with a jump of 22 feet 4 inches smashing the school record in that event. Some of the meets and points scored are listed below to show how the thinly clads did in both dual and triangular action. DATE Apr. 3 Apr. 7 Apr. 8 TEAMS Antwerp Blue Creek Payne Lincolnview Antwerp Lima Perry Antwerp Hicksville SCORE 85 1 2 43 25 1 2 71 1 2 65 1 2 22 74 1 2 51 1 2 DATE TEAMS SCORE Apr. 9 Antwerp 84 Crestview 63 Grover Hill 10 Apr. 16 Antwerp 66 Fairview 55 1 2 Crestview 37 1 2 Apr. 18 Ottawa Hills 9th out Relays of 16 Apr. 22 Edon 65 Antwerp 62 Apr. 30 Paulding County Meet Antwerp 75 Blue Creek 49 Payne 30 Oakwood 8 Grover Hill 3 May 4 Antwerp 74 Hicksville 67 Holgate 18 May 14 Antwerp 66 Maumee Valley 61 93 AHS Baseball Team KNEELING: T. Sigg, D. Lichty, D. Secrist, S. Miller, M. Culler. STANDING: M. Silliman, E. Miller, M. Rohrs, E. Jones, T. Peffley, D. Price. Second-year head coach of the Archers, Lonnie Bostelman, had five lettermen back from last year ' s team. Denotes lettermen. The pitching staff consisted of three juniors, Mike Culler, Skip Miller, " and Dan Lichty, and one freshman, Mike Rohrs. Centerfielder Tim Peffley was the only senior on the squad. Tom Sigg played third base and Dana Price, first base and outfield. 94 2 The Weatherhead Company Antwerp, Ohio 4581 3 Phone (4i 9) 258-501 1 Antwerp Plant May 22, 1970 Class of ' 70 Antwerp High School Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Dear Seniors : CONGRATULATIONS upon graduation 1970 Sincerely, THE WEATHERHEAD COMPANY Antwerp Division THE HICKSVILLE BUILDING, LOAN AND SAVINGS CO. You ' re money Ahead 100 North Main Street Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Compliments of MIKE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Antwerp, Ohio GEORGIA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Hicksville, Ohio Phone 542-2684 ANTWERP BARBER SHOP 330 S. Main St. Ant ' werp, Ohio Compliments of CHARLES R. MOBLEY Central Barber Shop RAY ' S COFFEE SHOP Harold and Myrtle Secrist Antwerp, Ohio Phone 2 58-5914 " pox GOOD FOOD KOZY KORNER RESTAURANT Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of OASIS Antwerp, Ohio ABE ' S COFFEE SHOP Antwerp, Ohio L SMITH AND SON, INC South Main Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Phone 258-5111 SWIFT COMPANY P. O. Box 42 7 Defiance, Ohio 43512 Compliments of CULLER CONSTRUCTION Antwerp, Ohio TRIDENT CORPORATION 408 Defiance Avenue Hicksville, Ohio 43526 SANCO PRODUCTS CO. , INC. Modern Sanitation Greenville, Ohio 45331 Compliments of PANICO ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Antwerp, Ohio SESLAR OIL CO. 229 South Main Street Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-5804 SEIBENICK ' S OFFICE SUPPLIES 511 W. Second Street Defiance, Ohio 43512 Compliments of HETRICK SALVAGE Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of PIN-A-RAMA LANES Antwerp, Ohio SCHILB 8.- SON FURNITURE Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-8081 BENDER ' S GARAGE Antwerp, Ohio SMITH ' S STORE Antwerp, Ohio HICKSVILLE REFUSE • SANITARY LAND FILL Hicksville, Ohio 43526 Phone 542-8771 Compliments of LANGHAM ' S BODY SHOP Antwerp, Ohio BATTERSHELL ' S VARIETY STORE Antwerp, Ohio 98 L B DAIRY ARPS Dairy Products Antwerp, Ohio Bank Your Future With Us Your Home Bank THE ANTWERP EXCHANGE BANK Member FDIC PAULDING-PUTNAM ELECTRIC-CO-OPERATIVE R. R. 3 Paulding, Ohio 45879 ROAN ' S SPEED-E-CLEAN 301 Wendell Ave. Hicksville, Ohio Compliments of OHIO GAS COMPANY B ryan, Ohio EHRHART STUDIO Since 1907 Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-795Z Compliments of LEINARD ' S CHEVROLET SALES Antwerp, Ohio HUNT ' S PURE OIL Main and River Streets Antwerp, Ohio Phone Z58-7173 YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER ANTWERP BEE -ARGUS Antv erp, Ohio H H DRYCLEANERS " Please Be Seen in Clothes So Clean ' South Main Street Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-5952 HICKSVILLE BANK East High Street Hicksville, Ohio 43526 VARNER ' S Service, Restaurant, Gas Station Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-8631 100 Compliments of KAMMEYERS IGA Antwerp, Ohio RETTIG MUSIC STORE 510 Clinton Street Defiance, Ohio VAN WERT BOOK STORE Complete Office Outfitters Crawford Shannon Streets Van Wert, Ohio 45891 B, A. SMITH LUMBER CO. , INC. Antwerp, Ohio TRESSLER ' S SOHIO STATION Antwerp, Ohio fUNOCO ROSS SUNOCO STATION Antwerp, Ohio HUBER THEATRE Hicksville, Ohio May Brothers Comipliments of NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Joe Lichty Antwerp, Ohio HOLIDAY FLOWER AND GIFT ANTWERP SHELL SERVICE Antwerp, Ohio Main Street Phone 258-7353 Antwerp, Ohio DEVENTER ' S MARKET Highway South 49 Antwerp, Ohio B B TASTEE FREEZ Frozen Dessert Custom-Made Sandwiches East on U. S. 24 Antwerp, Ohio 101 Auto Home ANTWERP INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 335 South Main Street Antwerp, Ohio 45813 Fire Life THE ANTWERP EQUITY EXCHANGE CO. Grain - Feed - Seeds Phone 258-8465 HICKSVILLE GRAIN CO. Hicksville, Ohio Dealers in Grain, Feed, Seed, Gas, Oil, and Merchandise ANTWERP SALES, INC. Authorized Ford Dealer Ford Cars and Trucks Antwerp, Ohio Phone 258-7473 Sales - Service - Accessories ANTWERP HARDWARE ' Gifts for All Occasions ' 209 South Main Street Phone 258-8961 Antwerp, Ohio 45813 102 BE STMA RT AL ' S MARKET Quality Meat - Produce - Groceries The Friendly Store Antwerp , Ohio HOLSOM DAIRY PRODUCTS St. Joe, Indiana 46785 Phone 337-2805 Compliments of MICKELSON ' S UPHOLSTERY Antwerp, Ohio Compliments of THE AMERICAN LEGION Cottrell-Boylan Post 253 Compliments of A W DRIVE-IN U.S. 24 Antwerp, Ohio AHS PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY These professional people have added just one more link to the " chain of developnnent " by showing their desire to be a part of AHS. ALLEN R. HILBERT, O.D. DON K. SNYDER, M.D. RICHARD D. STAGG, M.D. We also extend our thanks to: MOELLERING SUPPLY CO., INC. JOSTEN ' S i loiiH Compliments of VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 5087 Antwerp, Ohio 104 a y c .,A. vX ' j-b -0 -o : ' 3 ■ 0 M o [MsMdiMh

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