Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1959 volume:

We dedlcate th1s 1959 Annual to Mr O E Ehrhart for the many good tlungs done for the V111age of Antwerp such as preservmg lts lustory for the large col1ect1on of w11d11fe placed 1n our school hbrary and the many occasxons you have shown your p1ctures to the school and cornmumty v 1 R 'iii 1-In--" R G WEIBLE ROY BACON County Superintendent County Co ordinator of Schools NEOLA GORDON County Elementary Supervisor if gms 5 - X ff Al ! O. R. Z EDAKER Superintendent DALE DEC KER Principal ' --,445 X! inks I 4 v..1 E.. 1-Q? School Boa rd DELBERT JEFFERY RICHARD RI-IOAD DALE EHRHART President Vice-President Clerk 1.13 I 4- ' 'Q l l' ' "2 .AVN fe I - 4 1 f , i X' P, ' "v'x .J , ., h V- 2 'N I A1 1 ,T A 4 .3-j:3.3- :LWy,,Tn. 7 A is x VIRGIL BALSER VERLYN POLLOCK JOSEPH BARKER 'L- Ml"-,ggi O. R. ZEDAKER, fSuperintendentj DALE DECKER, fPrincipaD Defiance College, A. B. DePauw University A. B. Indiana University Indiana University M. S. Purdue University Ball State Teachers College Mathematics Bookkeeping, English IV SONIA SESLAR Oberlin College, B.M,E, Indiana University Heidelberg University fGermanyy Band, Chorus , English O. BELL Defiance College Ohio University Wittenberg College Purdue University Bowling Green Mathematics, Science 6 CHARLES FOSTER WAYNE H. FLECK Indiana State Teachers College Indiana University History and English A-ffl-3' lk ff? J -.-v, , , Miami University, B. S. Ball State M. A. Defiance College Antioch College Varsity Basketball C oach , Science TWI LA NIHIS ER Defiance College, B. Ohio State University University of Dayton Vocational Home Economics WILLIAM C. FAST, JR Defiance College, B S Business Education ROBERT LEHMAN Michigan State University B. S. Indiana University Junior High, Varsity Baseball Coach CARRIE CRABBS Ball State, A. B, Indiana University, M. S, Junior High Latin 7 EMILY A. REED Ohio State, B. S. Columbia University Boulder University Western Reserve Indiana University Bowling Green Slow Learners Class VIVA JOHANSEN Bowling Green University of Cincinnati University of Michigan Defiance College University of Colorado 5th Grade 8 GRACE SKINNER Bowling Green University of Cincinnati University of Michigan Defiance College 6th Grade Z SHARON WILLETT Defiance College 6th Grade MARLENE BUMGARDNER Ohio University, B. F. A. Elementary Music BETSY BROTHERTON Bowling Green lndlana University 5th Grade EDITH COPLIN Bowling Green Defiance College 4th Grade lf ,,. awk-'ive PAT SNYDER Bowling Green Indiana University Defiance College LUCILE SMURR Tri-State College Madam Bla.ker's Manchester College St. Francis College 3rd Grade LOIS STEVENSON Defiance College Indiana University Bowling Green University Ohio State University 3rd Grade , 'K 'E EDNA EBERSOLE Ypsilanti College Anderson College Defiance College 4th Grade JEANNE PEPPERS Defiance College MARY BRADLEY Paulding Co. Normal Bowling Green Defiance B.S. Ohio Northern lst Grade BUS DRIVERS Joe Zuber Melvin Billman Raymond Dmderman Leonard Erter Archer West Jake Tracy Mr and Mrs, Donnard Thuey . 5' v if 2 5 Senior Class Trip 'gs 3 .Elixir fx 1 A r V W' " ' '00 Y " ' div N 4 K 'Q W, 'SW'-ir' V, ...M 113 N we f' ,Q 1 'T' X1-L Y' 13-. Sffzf'-.I v 9" - , 'fe 51 H ' 'QE -sk - - ' " 5 , i-X 93, 5 N-NM NNN.. 1-v Q, AN '- xv .,,. . ,, :T,.f 7 K, X ,J V Ka v 1 +1 A PN , ,,,,, F : T , ANR- I' Q g in Seniors C LASS OFFIC ERS Mike Kaduk ......... .,.. JoeVail... ...... Joyce Martin . Jim Miller . . Dale Decker . Vice-President News Reporter . . Secretary . . President . . Sponsor SHIRLEY SUDLOW BYRON E. MCMICHAEL "Shirley" "Byron" DALE L. DULL PAUL E. RBINHART vvDa1eu vvpaulu Chorus Chorus BOWIIDE Class Officer Student Councxl NQV Track any-f District Scholarshlp Test Class Play Honor Society . . . G7 14 im 'G' Class Play . . . . A Bowling . . BETTY ANN EBERSOLE LYNN EDWARD BUTE HBettylV 7lLynnIl Band ....... 1,2,3,4 Chorus .... 1,2,3,4 Honor Society .... 1,2 Varsity Cheerleader . . 3 F. T. A ........ 2,3,4 G. A. A ........ 1,2,3 Class Play . . . . 3,4 School Paper . . . . 4 Student Council . . . 2 Girls' State ...... 3 Class Officer ..... 2 District Scholarship Tests ...... 1,2,3,4 Basketball . Chorus . . All-County Chorus . Track . . . Baseball . . Class Play . Cafeteria . 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 . . . 4 . 1,2,3,4 . . . 1,2 . 3,4 . 1,2 FLORENCE M. DUNDERMAN "Florence" Band ...... 1,2,3,4 Chorus . . 1,2,3,4 G. A. A. . . 1,2,3,4 Bowling . . . 3,4 Class Officer ..... 1 Student Council .... 3 Valentine Attendant . . 2 All-County Chorus . . 2,4 District Band Contest ...... 3,4 State Band Contest . . 3,4 All-County Band . . . 1,3 Class Play ...... 3,4 School Paper . . . 4 Honor Society . . . . 1,2 Annual Staff . . . .3,4 Girls' Chorus . . . 2 DAVID RANDOLPH PEGGY ANN WILLIAMS DERCK "Peg" nRandyu Chorus . . . . 1,3,4 4 Bowling . . . . 3,4 Chorus . . . . . 1,2 G. A. A .... . .1,2,3 Librarian . . . 1,2 F. H. A .... . .3,4 Track .... . . 1,2 Class Officer . . 1 Basketball ..... 1 Class Play . . . . 3,4 Honor Society 1,2 Honor Society . . . 1,2 3 Annual Staff . School Paper ....4 All Colmty Chorus Eg 4-viii' 'L . . . . . . 4 YM - . .4 " " . 3 IN PATRICIA M. ROGERS TERRY L. ROSS llpatll Chorus . . 1,2,3,4 Band . . . 2,3,4 G. A. A. . . 1,2,3 F. T. A. . . 2,3,4 F.H.A. ..3,4 Bowling . . . County Chorus Annual Staff . School Paper Girls' Chorus .. ..3,4 ....2,4 ..4 ..4 . ..2 vvrerryn Band , , , Chorus .... F. T. A ..... Student Council Class Officer . . 1,2,3 . . 1,2 . . 2,3,4 . . . . 2 . . . 1,2,3 District Scholarship Tests .... Boys' State . Annual Staff . Class Play . . . . 1,2,3,4 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . 3,4 RAY E. DELONG 1 llRayll Bowling . GEORGE W. DOCTOR MARY ALICE "George" ANN ERTER lIAnnll Track .... . . 4 Class Play . . . 3 Chorus . . . . Band . . . . 1,2,3,4 G. A. A. . F. H. A. . F. T.- A. . . . Bowling .... Coxmty Chorus . Class Play . . . . . 1,2,3 . . . 3,4 . . 2,3,4 . . . 3 . . . 2,4 . . . 3,4 Honor Society .... 1 ,2 4 School Paper . Annual Staff . . . . 3,4 2 Girls' Chorus Valentine Crown Mistress . . Student Council 2 ....4 DENNIS CLINTON JUDITH A. DONNELL nRedn School Paper . . Annual Staff . . Basketball . . Track . . Band . . . . Chorus . . . Class Play . ...4 . .3,4 1,2,3,4 2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 ...3,4 X llJudyH Band . . . . Chorus . G. A. A. . . F. T. A. . . . School Paper . Armual Staff Editor F.H.A..... Class Play . . Honor Society Bowling .... All-C ounty C horus All-County Band BETTY L.COTTRELL DANE W. BEER llBettylI YlDaneH Chorus .... . . 1,2 Chorus . . . . Honor Society . . . 2 Junior Class Play School Paper . . . 4 Senior Class Play Annual Staff . . 4 51211001 Paper - Bowling . . . . 4 Track .... 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader . 4 JAM ES MILLER llllimll Class Play . . Honor Society F. T. A. ...... 2 Basketball .... Track . . . Baseball . Band .... C horus ..... Class Officer JOYC E MARTIN nxloyceu Class Officer F.T.A. School Paper G. A. A. . . Chorus . 1,2,3,4 C lass Play . Band .... . ..2,4 ..4 ....4 . 1,2,3,4 ...3,4 . 1,2,3,4 KAREN KAY BANKS ..Katev. Chorus ....... l,2,4 ELIZABETH M. MICHAEL KADUK REYNOLDS "Mike" HI-liz!! Annual Staff . 4 Chorus ....... 1,2,4 School Paper . 4 Band Majorette . . 1,2,3,4 Bowling . . . . . 3,4 Honor Society ...... 1 Class Play . . 4 G.A.A. .... ....1 F.H.A.... ..4 School Paper Class Play .,.... 3 ,4 District Scholarship Tests .... Bowling , . C lass Officer ..4 Q ROBERT F. KNORR FRANCIS ELAINE WINN vvgobvv "Fran Basketball . . . . 1,2,3,4 BEVERLY M. GROSSMAN llBevll Chorus .... . 1,2 ,3,4 F. T. A. . . . 2,3,4 G. A. A ...... 1,2,3,4 F. H. A. ....... 3,4 District Scholarship Tests ........ 2,3 Class Play ....... 3 Class Officer . . . . 2,3 School Paper . . . 4 Annual Staff . . 4 Honor Society . . . . 1,2 Bowling .... . 3,4 Cafeteria . . . . 3,4 Girls' Chorus . . . 2 wiv T' 20 JUDITH ELAINE STROCK EDWARD KLENDER YlJudyll yyEdyy Honor Society .... 1,2 Band . , ,,,, 1,2,3,4 Chorus . . . 2,3,4 Track . . . . . 3,4 Basketball Manager . . . . 2,3,4 Baseball Manager ..... 2,3,4 School Paper ...... 4 Honor Society ..... 1,2 Annual Staff . . . . . 4 Class Prophecy Recently, while traveling through the West, we drifted into the town of Cinnamon City, founded by the 59'ers. Being tired after a long ride, we decided to bed down our horses for the night at Reynold's Stables, owned and operated by Elizabeth Reynolds. We were hungry, so we began to look for aplace to eat. We came upon a run-down restaurant called "Ray's Eating Place," owned by Ray Delong. At the door we checked our ten gallon hats with the hat check girl, Betty Cottrell. We were greeted by the hostess, Peg Leg Pat, the former Pat Rogers. We were invited to sit at the table of the Cinnamon Mayor, Randy Derck. From him we learned how an old prospector, Lynn Bute, first settled this country. It seems that old man Bute made an agreement with Big Setting Bull, Paul Reinhart. About ten years later, Jim and Joyce Miller, the former Joyce Martin, came from the East and brought a tribe of their own. The town soon grew in size, so a sheriff was soon needed in case any trouble should appear, such as a speeding horse going through town. None other than Dave Mickleson was appointed. The mayor gave us a complete history of the town. Just as he finished, the floor show began. It was "Betty and Her Boppers," led by Betty Ebersole. Among some of her girls were: Judy Strock, Frances Winn, and Karen Banks. The band was way out. There was Denny Clinton on the piano, Dale Dull on the drums, and Bob Knorr at the fiddle. In the far corner, Ed Klender, the famous card shark was dealing out a couple of hands of Old Maid. The game wasn't going so well for one of the players, Florence Dunderman, so she drew her gun and shot the guy across the table, who just happened to be the Deputy Joe Chester Vail. Just then a Texas Ranger, Mike Kaduk, came bursting into the room. He began questioning the waiter, Dane Beer. Well sir, the waiter was just about to tell who had done in Chester when another shot rang out. Everyone turned towards the door when in walks Sugarfoot Terry Ross, the meanest hombre this side of the Mexican border. And he wasn't alone either. No sir, he had his bosom buddy, Byron McMichael with him. Seems this McMichael character, Alias "Mat" was a notorious outlaw wanted in 11 states. Well, the Texas Ranger wasn't gonna stand for all this shootin' and fightin' so he took everyone to jail and locked them up. Back in the restaurant there's a big commotion startin'. It seems several of the girls, Peggy Annie Williams, Jiving Judy Donnell, and Beverly Livewire Grossman, are having a disagreement about who's gonna be taken home by that fancy dude, Bob Howard. It wasn't too long before there was a good feud a-going and one of the girls drew a knife and stabbed Peggy Annie. One of the waitresses, Shiftless Shirley Sudlow, also a card shark, ran over to get Doctor George Doctor and his pretty nurse, Ann Erter Doctor. tShe was also the doctor's wife.J Soon the Texas Ranger took the girls away to jail and this having been a long day, we decided to turn in for the night. Class Will I Randy Derck being of sound mind will to Terry Monroe my laziness and ab1l1ty to sleep in study hall with my eyes open I Betty Cottrell will to Mary Ann Lucas my neat locker provided she doesn't have to stand back when she opens it as I d1d and to Linda Cottrell my ability to type provided she doesn't exceed my 20 words per minute record I Michael Kaduk w1ll to Kelly Tracy one pack of chewing gum I guarantee each stick will turn into a cough drop when the teacher catches you chewing lt I Judy Donnell w1ll to Barbara Savage my ab1l1ty to get out of class and to Sue Bromogem a chance to 11ve across the field from "you know who " I Terry Ross do w1ll to Larry Miller the privllege of sitting 1n my old seat beside Karen Heckleman provided it is taken to the utmost advantage and to Karen Seslar my old chenustry table provided you do not sp1ll any acid stains on lt and give It passionate and loving care I Florence Dunderman w1ll to Joyce Donat the honor to have my assigned seat in study hall prov1d1ng she occupies lt more than I did and to Paul Howard the ab1l1ty 'to do anythlng he wants to " providing 1t's legal I Dennis Cllnton w1ll to Bob Dunderman the abil1ty to make his car a "rust hole" and to D1ck Horney my basketball locker door to take care of and cherish the rest of his high school basketball career I Pat Rogers will to Marcia Temple my abihty to help Mr Fleck lose the rest of his ha1r in chemistry lab and to Bob Swan my ab1l1ty to keep calm during basketball games I Paul Remhart will to Steve Derck mytorn government book providing he treasures it as much as I did I Peggy Williams will to Laurenda Hunt my place in Home Ec class next year and everything tnat goes w1th it I Dale Dull being of solmd mind and body will to Lee Carr my abihty to listen in government class with only one eye open I Beverly Grossman will to Mary Schooley all the fun I had this year in chemistry a I Dane Beer will to Harl Fisher and Kelly Knuckles my ability to stay awake in government class I Frances Winn will to Kathy Mavis my ability to get along with Terry Ross Meek provided they battle it out themselves as to which one will be the head man I Ann Erter will to Pat Snnth my ab1l1ty to get along with the Ronrues and to Frank Campbell my chemistry lab table and all the beautiful equipment I Byron McMichael will to Nancy Wannemacher my old fr1end Harry Joe I Betty Ebersole will to Jerry Neely my government book provided that he doesn't erase the names on It and to Diane Stumphy my abihty to arr1ve at school Just under the bell I Joe Vail leave my back row seat and all the points I racked up in government class I Karen Banks being of sound mind do hereby leave to Steven Lambert my ab1l1ty to pay attention to Mr Foster ln government class and to Delores Coon my old locker 81 providing she glves it monthly cleanlng and loving care I Bob Howard will to Bob Boesch my good luck in chemlstry and my ability to keep out of trouble George Doctor w1ll to Donald Mabis my ab1l1ty not to be late to school Bob Knorr w1ll to Virginia Meyer my well used government book Jim M1ller w1ll to Sam Mees fbecause of lus hexghtj my spot on the basketball team and to Denms Shuherk my ability to get along with everyone especlally certaln girls Dave Mickelson w1ll to Regina Meyer the knowledge of understand1ng bookkeeping Judlth Strock do hereby will my perfect attendance record in my senior year to Janet Bowers who is trying hard to keep up with my good record I Lynn Bute will to Jerry Balser my leg 1n the Mile Relay next year Good luck J erryll I Shirley Sudlow will to Karen Heckleman my ability which I don't have not to eat cauliflower for Mrs N1h1ser I Ray DeLong being of sound nfund and body I think do hereby w1ll to Mary McCalla 'myself my three lockers and a year's supply of sleeping pills for study ha I Elizabeth Reynolds w1ll to Neva Jo Barker my government book in hopes that she gets better grades than I d1d and to Beverly Hook the ab1l1ty to go steady longer than I did 1 b. ' ' I: Edward Klender, leave my position as senior manager to Jay Snook and Winfield I, . , - 1 n 1 . Io 9 I l I ' - L . . , . . . I., Q , . . Q - . I, . , . . . 9 , V ," 1 9 V . . 11. I 93 fa Sweetheart Dance Cafeteria ml- if if wtf ar 'Q 1 B QU if 'mv ffl' Q ' A' is 59- ,- in .xl-X 5: -1-l SV , 1. 4X F: ilgg ' f W I 1, ff " Q I C fx 1. f qc Cf. C 1 N ' fu 519' , A ,,, If ,. . . X Jerry Balser 'Q 6' '1- ' Laurenda Hunt 24 Joyce Donat Y'- Y -si X ,mth X Kyj, X Paul Howard if x l Junior Class News Reporter President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Advisors . . C LASS OF FIC ERS Marcia Temple . Jerry Neely Richard Horney Mary Schooley . Sonia Seslar Charles Foster .4115 2 YY Robert Carrie Richard Mary Boesch Kosch Horney McCalla R 4- ' tug., I Mary Steve Mary Ann Harl Schooley Lambert Lucas Fisher A!-Q Q4 2 if Winfield Marcia Kathleen Meek Temple Mavis '35, 7 Virginia Terry Meyer Monroe ,om 'T' " ' fliffftiffl B Q K ' - u Franklin Sharon Robert Campbell Rhoad Swann A L. . "" tr' ix no " Delores Steve Barbara C0011 Derck Savage 'J D - -6 se n - D , 'ff' 2 U l I 'o A" 0 . x ' l V W To ' . N M l XX ,f Jay Regina John Snook Meyer Foster -' -1'-K ' ' ,,,, t a A , A Q a n 5 XY A" . 5 Karen Dennis Nancy Heckelmann Shuherk Wannemacher ' Alu ' A, , Jil' V1 'W Q f , - X f"i"Y ,F ,, My K "Q, l .. ' T v Sam Sue Neva Jo Mees Bromagem Barker lb X I Beverly Hook 'L Q- , ., .4 gg, 5 ,' A '- .h..mW,. , .- !v.e,.,l-Ar. Kelly Knuckles ff fx M ary Ann Sukixp in kr 31 Y 'Y-J F 4 45 J, ifiaffiafif' Lee Carr CQ Iv ,.. 1 . K f Diane R Larry Linda 1 3x Miller Cottrell lk Karen Don Seslar Mabis C ' 1' X n H P ,N f ff' S- . X is sw y -f In D . - f' , if , Robert Patricia Dunderman Smith Janet Jerry Bowers Neely ri 5 . Para. , l A I aa' , ff' J I gif' Kelly Eva Stumphy Tracy Friend -I, ,.. Sophomore Class President . . . Vice-President News Reporter Secretary . . Advisors . . C LASS OFFIC ERS .............KarlMielke ...........TonLangham Y . . . SandraKeat1ng . . . Ann Elston . . . William Fast Richard Butyok sr '- M ' K' s J 5 X X Richard Ellouise Robert Zimmerman Taylor Hartmann is Judy Carr Sam J ailor ,l Alvin Copsey WW R ' ' Joan Ely 'E Jean James as an ,. 1 1' I if .- 413' Q., an -F J Thomas Seslar if Eleanor Mendez 'TC' 1...- I Larry Z artm an nf? .KX 1: 4 ' .fy - "nt Marilyn Reinhart 'T i Na Michael Zedaker Janice Hoover 1 A is J as f X l?f'f!,.'fg.1s"ffi'f J Steve Lockhart Etta Gaisford 1 Monty Cornell K- fs Ann Elston wax Kay Walkenstine 0 1 N "' 45 . sl X I Michael Seslar Q x JFS 1 DJ Colleen Murphy A 'iw' ja' V - -' "J o tef ' fe' ff' Y, -fi Patrick Wetli 5 Q J -V N l .. ' f 5, , . ll a R' i' :V n 4' l' .xv : James DeLaurelle was A S vubikxl - A -M "I 1 5 1' 3 g- J feb ' 4 sk . K! k f it s r K-J, V jf .- .a S. n A 212 Larry Carole Robert Sharon Andy Franklin Leinard Putman Carr Lichty A ,W , Q N 'U vs 5- v Q tb. I s Sandra John Charmaine Tony Jean Keating Taylor Reeb Langham Derck 5 ' A 24, 2 L . J - N x 1 -M. s , 1-Q. , 5 Sf Q, W , Kenneth Mary Karl Linda Dale Hahn Doctor Mielke Williams McAlexander fb Dawn She ard Linda .Q ': . 1 E K da' ' M artin Hunt 1 Q- a by Sandra , 3 Klender Grossman 1 F 9 Carrie Gene Brenda Wells Coon Hutchins 1 AL an " Q, ,E C' A - if 1.- J :K Q Q ,J 'X Verlaine Judy Michael Pollock Franks Duffey P in 1 1 I S Patricia Sukup James Myers ,fx 'U' Terrisa Terrill 28 Vice-President ...... Freshman Class C LASS OF FIC ER . Rex C linton -I President .... .... J udy Reeb News Reporter . . Virginiallahn Secretary . . . . Ju1eneSeslar Advisors . . . A. O. Bell Twila Nihiser 13 , A Q . ' XX rv Dennis A - X L ff , , A of A F" , Rita , ' Q Snyder 4 , ' ' Jerry 'T N Berryhill A 'K Virginia Hahn S Harry l 'N Maraschky Y g as bk ' A 3 Sue N 'V' if Zuber ,MN f Rex Q f Y ff Clinton 'X Z V 3 1 . lg, Q x 2 w 1 f I Judy Re-eb vs' we , Larry KT: Smith 1 Susan l Howard Y' pf- . T' Donald Smith Sondra Rhoad James Williams ... V i . W ii Q t9 4s If A I , 'X V Joseph Eh Barker Judy Davis 1 1-is 1 w Q.. X ' - x I fy! iq' y Barry Banks Michael Moore J 1 1 David McCreery Jerry Overmyer ABSENT: Janet Rhinehart Carol Rogers Diane Kitchen Judy Campbell ,N Joe Rogers Larry Ryan si " " Hi' fxsmfi ' K " Au ' Q I ' .1 Donald Hook Patricia Brooks KA Ray Friend XI ? Clero Williams f ,, - L M' , J.. g m Julene Seslar uv- . ,J ' . , , be Q 1 Q Aw ,gs . it Tedd Humh arger .. 4 Beverly . f h i Foreman James Cline j' .sq ,, we Q Q X 1 ' M 1 X, a - -4 , ,W I I ,,,,k 2 .. 6 . 1 'fs ffjgiwj ld.- .grain sf! ' 1 ff, 1, ivy 2, f ' f l 9 ,V Larry 1.54.1 I f ' m f 1 Ladd Richard Lockhart 3 . 6, .0 . V A "' h -.-.A Betty f Hormann Lawrence Williams 29 Alan Bowers mf 'Wir Robert Cottrell -Q., Robe rt Laney Grade Eight Michael McCalla B arb ara Snook .ug Thurston DeLong David Cline John Gaisford Karen T aylor Karen Sharp Lyle Carr 25 Kay Bromagem Kenneth Donat Michael Sudlow Larry Hook XV Marilyn Murphy if Leo Stumphy 8' Caroljean Schooley Chester Hahn :xx Donald Starry FW Michael Sanders ! iq! V ' ' i 1 C - . C Q 9 x it -51 ' if ' 3,4 K .e , 1 ' . f x 4: sd K - ia'- I 6 I 5 7- ., , .-J Q N M ' - M 4 X C . K , R. I . U 9' lf' W M K ' . ga, H ,- 1' X e ' tfer 'N ' .W V xvttl I, . Y 1 X ur. K . I 'M 7 !. V lf x 9 P" ' xi f fx - it X I Q 1 ' A n K ' x .- " Y oynrn I J gl C 4 it . ' Q :S "" 5, 4' Robert Schoenike ad' Ros alle Miller 50- r- KP Stella Rister Brenda Murphy 1 O l f David Robbins 4 Marsha """.fi0s Charles Howe 90+ William Gill NO PICTURES Judlth Daeger Ronme Rhmehart Royce Snyder Patrxck Yokum F arnsworth Jackie Wyckoff -g 1 .ff Q ' x. , mn s I A K N ' .2 ,I l - . "FI iff A 'W ss 15' v if iff I A ' Q' . . y s, ll J N 4 ' H1 ' 3 g 6. L -5 15 E , is AV . f f if f '51 , ,K vi K' -' Q gl .4 fy' 1' H 4 . ? 4 , x, " f l 1- '1 " ' . 'O K IIA ' -T X. ag - lag - , . " 'ts 14113 'ff .X A V , Q' if , -,Kyiv . Maureen his me . , , h A, .. fr' ff A .5 A 6 n , "' . X if ,, ' S "W ' Y AK? l. :vain L- W 2 A 5 ,W f a , gk y ' ,J I ' , 5 - 'S rl H 4- ", 4. 'fi lu ' Z F 44' nf W N Q . 1 f - 'u . . ir h v . 'Q ' V, 1 -L '5 Velma Deerwester :uf Vernon Perkins Richard McC ree ry -nv Anna Cottrell rd Joe Walker Darlene Mabis Q x B arlow 'r f 5' Larry Sunday 'S Linda Collins Richard Bauer fb- Claire Brandenburg X Lucinda Marsh Thomas Reinhart 3 . 'v- Penny Banks wN Jane Koehllnger aff 4'1" Fritz Ehrhart Grade Seven S 1'-vis "eve-11-,iff Richard Wannemac her Sus ann Sharyl X Rhoad Mohr ki W f I Richard Bruce Ross Neely Nichola Hitzeman Sandra She d V M ar Robert Gordon Gi Taylor Sus an Kathleen Lambert Thompson Robert Gillespie ,jf Jolgrerck K xt y Wayne Jimmy Snyder McMichael J udlth Stumphy Larry Anita Foust Michael Holman E' Judith il Zimmerman James Zuber We athe rhe ad 6 Q 4' f - Q ' A n -S Q 8 , 1 R R 1 so fa y D . ' I fwf 5' ' si rfvn, .S Q W Q- n as ' I Q 2 , ff' L Z' , S R Wi' T' ll E fx Q .J ' 1 I M ,:.. 1- Q R f' A 5 . Q ' ,vuq I Q . Q M ary Derck Frank Y Plowright Sandra Temple Nell Monroe T 'C' B rom agem Michael McKeever Paula Meek Vernon Reeb Roberta Bute Steve Anderson a James Keith West Rita Bute 3 Terry " '1 ' McNabb Rex Whetstone Floyd Ramsier Rodney Luc as 1 'Srl Larry Jump James Terry Bowers Knepper No Picture Robert Kitchen M ary Walker L Kathleen Hahn 9-vu. Donna Mxller I Carole DeLong 2' jx-X Robert Ryan Raymond Gillespie Tom Reeb J William Ross 5 K 4 N K 3 ' ' R f N. ? ' ,- ,' 6 .V :R s t I p A L 'J ,ri Q ' ' x -nf' 5 , Q ' , . Q 7' I V, I , h N V L - .L .:A ' ,E , b . 1 Q V of K J . r." K had Y K if s " +f'.f4 - if , if 9 f ' ' " 1 sv' N K ' lifts S. " . .. ' Q . s ' ? I. Q ::::4,.'-" fn- p - W K fa Z A Il G 4 .1 f R Q7 - K A 'I ' f ff A .fr . R X RR ,, 1 K Y . . ,R W . - few - Grade or Six 'E' s. X Mrs. Willett 5 . , ,at i 4 K L v 1 J a s r 'P - Q z , T ' 5 I Q X . as iv, V V gf- E V YA J 'I - 12, J ,I al- S- , . I , , V , M Qs 51 2 rw f 1 " r 1 iran all J if J I . 'fl l Q K Ai 5 ., E -" : .LLJI lik!!! X . Jerry Pete Laurel Michael Michael Joyce Kenneth Darrell Wilma Wetli Weather-head Donat Swann Kemerer Hoover Miller Robbins Arnold ,ht X' V 4- a A, 4.. X fl D' f ' 4 i ' , X ' K , l , N Ng W 6 . - e ' , ,. I X t 4 1 s - ' U f if 1 . L Cherel Raymond James Judy Michael Jerry Andrea Craig James Marsh Mendez Farnsworth Sukup Longwell Scouten Panico Overmyer Delong L- ' V' 'Xa ' - A S J 5 - , 4, xi' E1 . ,f xg 5 " I h -, -:'. f 5 av f d Y . R A B- M as J . ' ! 'H ' A .Q 7 5 K . ff N1 "K ' I .Q Q' ' ..l'2'5f ei fit f n 1' J if er . J J at L y , N V A - K 5 W 9 Q Ia.w,f,' . wif. , Q ' film.-.zz-1 , Qu I if ,S , - X, James Steven Sharold Leslie Ricky Cristy Ronnie Dick Diane Jackson Eager Ehrhart Detman Knuckles Smith Laisure Collins Lockhart Kevin Suzanne Danny Carol Larry Judy Larry Phyllis Sogbe Langham Overmyer Handy Overmyer McKeever Smith PeI'kiI1S ff 5, n ' J if "V M sf ,t . ag - 7 - , I Us Y V A' I H--f 'l V Q , -'HC " 'J , V , Q X 71 " , f' - 1 "': A 2 if L Z. - . ff ii' .. Grade 'X Six .f Mrs. Skinner Q , ' . 'o . n O C .i . 0 o ' Linda Longstretch 5 P Edward O'Neil 'F 9, , s f xy Qh N t Pg A 1' if Beth Ann Deventer NO PICTURE: Rita Stlckney J 1 1 Gregory Carr Orville Copsey David Sidenbender Steve Miller . , 1 Q - -A f 'E S my of . . -A 1- 3 I v : 1 i 'P Q . ' .ESQ . . 'Sag li? l' lf: -. -- Michael Sandra Phillip Larry Gayle Barry Melvin Shuherk Sanders Williams Friend Bissell Deemer Fillmore , f 1' G f : p A fa. 1 V ., ' 9' P 3 Q Q' 4 ' ' ' 3 H - ,V -. Nl , fi ,, - 5' 45 in i , I Linda Randy Kirk Dian Bruce Earl Sheila Schilb Sharpe Hopkins Seslar Putman Shackleford DeLong E , To 3,3 Q -Q s "V V E' E ' f ,y , ' , if' " - , N' Q- f P ' ' V. ' N i 4 " .. 'Qf.f fr .. ab i ,, ' ,mf- Robert Pamela Keith John Judith Richard Lonnie Moc alla Mees Kadesch Gill Reynolds Schilb Stevens Dafletie Ronnie Gloria Neil Linda Frank DeL0Hg Kutzlie Franks Bickhard Sunday Suk!-lp 1- I, ' "' ' ' . J K 'UI N I 'E I M l.. A' i K , x I ' W P K' 7 1 1" i 1 1' ' MP-"ai 'fnfii 2 2 , 35 rade Five Miss Johansen vu 1' A 4, Q . . t J W A I, x J, , S L f A y 4- v x 'l. -' 1 John Roger Dinah Ronald Rolland Linda Mitchel Decker Ankney McMichael Slattery Clem Murphy Whitehouse .. Q, Q 'X Q Q J sr- we f y N ' K an hifi af ., Xi r 3 1 N 2 1 S f .5 J , ,. sg f'9f.-Q, . -W, 1' , V 2 55: wSFf,1'j ,' If gf' Barbara Carl Michael Peggy Scott Dennis Cinda Shackelford Klender Ours Hunt Zartman Overmyer McCa11a A 1- Q 4 g K 'Q , ' 'V X 4 +G e M, , S iafwffie 1 fggfgr ip f' I - 31 fi EE 1 'evffg a'm,'4'I Gene Phillip Marsha John Shaun Sharon Albert Balser Nelson Gerencser Woodcox Barlow Williams Miller Linda Gregory Dana Teresa Jerry Kenneth Wanda Berenyi Geyer Sosbe Ferrel DeLong Underwood Delong .. , M NO PICTURE: Thomas Rhinehart ' L x H - 4 , """" N.. 3 36 Grade Five Q .. ix ,A Q , A Q 1 ' ', Q ' , - i Q V T - . S , M- A gui A . W M!! V x if J ., 9 N :" an- 1 , .L , ' 5' Q - " 1,3 L 25 - , ' ' 5, ,, ' 5 5 ,, ' 3 Xt W ,H . ni We V Carl Karen Dennis Sue Danny Jeffrey Kadesch McNabb Jeffery Miller , .as i Q. s A , e, T7 f ak ' ' , 1, Michael Paige Steve Linda Gary Bailey Clinton Jordan Derck Kemerer 5 ' 5 S T as . 'T 'F ' .bb I - - , , , M , E ' - ., 411.3 456. -if ,Qi an . A, . 4 Marion Judy Danny Sylvia David Sue Dalfid Howard Rogers Smith Miller Wolfe Tracy Miller Lynn Tommy Linda Dick Johnson Barker Jordan Wetli Q f I I' H , ' K 5 . in 5 vy I VX 175-s J 6 X N: -I: Ex , . fr ibm, R. ati W ., A 4,5 Y ff! T' OUI' Grade f' ' . Q if Mrs. Coplin - ! Q gl. 9 . ,. - N W . t Q Q 5 . L Wi- R 7 , . ' ' ' W Q Q ' L .I ' It B 1 .effvxf Daniel Florence Mike Diane Robert Kathleen Robert Janet Wolfe DeLong Bowers Kennedy Bell Ross Kammeyer James - i l t it u - ' -I' . ' f .w L I ' A a tg 4' V - -,' -Q. s - f w S , . ' I ,K 'K -1 if K . . - ,159 Lx ,h W, ,ga ' C ex - x . A X 4? .ffl i : Mi ' ' ' ' - ,. 'L Ronald Ruth William Connie James Cherri Aldon Joan Jones Underwood Jackson Ely Walker Zartman Perkins Overmyer 5' L W. Q ' N ' ' QQ " - K 'K ' I ' v 1- ,N 5-.. Q ' Q ll' -5 l I .-'K ' A Lynn Janet Clifford Marabeth Lee Brenda Barry Diana Humbarger Miller Friend Kemerer Zuber Strock Cromley Rager Robin Douglas Danny Cheryl Steven Nickey James Wyghgff Shuherk Lockhart Smalley Farnsworth Banks Vail . V ' ak, A 'S " . V A 45 in :G - 3 i I - G2 f "' L ', 4 - 1 5 ,fi I, : i f . 1 H , K e ' f ...J-Us?.,, 'C :" bf i , X l , , L A . H - - - , ' -fl A .. 4. V8 q -' , ' e 'N so - Q7'if.r1-1..Af -' , It U1 l Mrs. Ebersole Grade Four NO PICTURE: Elizabeth Rhinehart 1 . - 1 an ' L. E A ' . F a M E t w f A 'lf P U , N Q . rw lm a W , i T 'ev i if 3 ' 1 Ti Q,-gg., 2, , H E - , , g' , Q . 5 - 32 if "E D Q1 1 .E 5 f n fx T' l A K ya - .4 :"+1Ez'i , u I xt", 'M ' ' . - . fears: S. Michael Cathy Donald Shannon Frank Kathleen Terry Leta Weatherhead Foust Cottrell Kutzli Lichty Wiesehan Hasch Donat 4 2 ' ' in K us. N: 5 KJ- :L A gp' K .W J '-EA 272: H R71 tk -I ,, , ' x f W I gf X , an gg f QNP' ' 5 1 kg 1 2 k A 1 r f 1' , , 5 of ,fi V . I, af f I ir., elf 1 .ar ,-5 , f A ' g Y ' 1 Jack Brenda Gerry Eleanor John Susan Nicky Carol Neely Beerbower Shidler Taylor Perkins Miller DeLong McAlexander . 4. xy 3 'L n 9 1 D T 4 ' "" v Q' -. 4 X n ,as T, '- A 'Q' if "' -' ,E gtffi , ,, YT' F "'- , Y' ' F 5 1' K N- 4 - V if he Q. . , '- ----- J f o -' - A A ' T 1. ' Jesse Karen George Connie James Sandra Charles Diana Ankney Daeger Laney Williams Gerensce Klender Foster St9V9US0I1 John Linda Bart Cheryl Dennis Darlene Ernie Reeb Heckelman Seslar Hill Pugh Gill Longberry - ,Q 1 . 4. ' , ' A n 3 ' , 5' L ts x V' Q ' 1 fl - 'L D ' - D J ' 1-,E YL A Q. K' ' 2 4 'x as 1 1 IX' ne f X ' ado Grade Three If -3 .L., or . ,A 4' ks '-Q villa Junior Anita Kenneth Diana Delvan Gwen Lee Schooley Klender Cline Longstreth Perkins Purk Gordon Y' M .x,, v-f X , E. 9 gf , 9 K Fm X ......' f hx? K .1 - 5 I Y Andy Janice Danny Andy Joe Berenyi Schilb Major Hutchins Mendez ., K Q , ' ., M 4 Q 'lf ig-si if r' X xa. X , MX Lx I 51 " 2. W 'nm -..,...,..,, Gregory Mary Len Judy Robert Connie Pugh Laney Gordon Friend Miller Bell David Eddie Julia Keith Allen Daeger Doctor Hughes Cromley Deemer NO PICTURE: Nancy Coplin 40 'tif' I' Grade Thr EE Mrs. Stevenson n F . K 5 X I HX. ".ff, NX: Brenda David Ruth Harold Karen Kevin Connie Green Feasby Snyder Kemerer Davis West Pruxmire n X A f 5 ,. , i ' ' . I 4 Q , L. : .--- Qz.. i . Lk KL z w- . , K 1. X QQ .N C y - E W I x .' I , as f 1 Cindy Gale Nancy John Ava Kenneth Cathy Geyer Jordan Miller Derck Handy Laney Gordon : I ive., Q , ,,.- 1 A . ' ' - Z 3'-1 ' E Q E - X- x-:ZX .V 6 m x Dianne Steven Donna Carl Mary Ronnie Linda Wolfe Hitzeman Eager Collins Mendez Farnsworth Reeb Dorothy Terry Karen Gene Judy Jack Darlene Thompson Zartman Sheard Wiesehan Jordan Schlatter Culler Q0 i x - . 3'-I .ll 41 Grade Two 1 :O 'K Q 6. 5- Y 6- . S.. X A if W Y , js, zgviiy, f X J -ii 'in 5' 'iii V! ' ' A I 12 Q.. ,. JI, D1 Q I I! Lorraine Lyle Sandy Louise Cathy Ray PHYSBY Judy Friend Bickhard Williams Hughes l-luss Gross W8H1'1BmaCh6r Delong f J -v , - y 3 - , ll r.. A ii 5' 4' 'I L ' S " i I ' 5 , i - KLA f y S K K in Q.. , i 'x T,-X mea, 1 M are i V7 J f ' 'i .J 2 H - ix . 4 Joan Janet Robert Marsha Debra Steve Delores Leslie Haver Major Ggeltzenleuchter Longstreth Shuherk Provine Gill Ryan 4 as ' L 1 ' ,X 5 , yy 3 H 1 P 1. ' ' ' , '-5 F f " - fx T 'E--'41 . , , . .af J ' I if I -' at Marla Karla Benjy Diana Judy Jimmy Mary Lou Susie Ehrhart Erhart Schlatter James Jeffery Panico Wann Zaney Deborah David Karlann Jack Kathy Olen Mary Ellen Donal Schlegel O 'Neil Hopkins Walker Hunt McMichael Beatty Ste' 7..- 3' A H Qu i avagiqb Q., . I". 1 0 7' Grade Q -as mlm Mrs. Pepper NO PICTURE: C he ryl Kitchen Deborah Rhinehart . J ul Kyiv . L . r. I - I if . - vu I 3 ,, H 'I' ' " a ' x 1 ' 0 'F 5' F A L 1-v 1 K 5 H I A a X V VS ' 'Vilma ,KW , - A J t . A -, - ilu. li 1" Ronald Cindy Benjamin Martha Jack Rebecca Frank Melissa Miller Derck Wyckoff Walker DeLong Berenyi Carr Jones 2 A 1 4-V 6- - A I 'F . . A Q' I , , I Q N S-'TQX A -My sd Q , . fs Q F A V A ,I , ,iq K " t ' f Vh W , i lu ' is rs . fi K F i .e N7 f S 'WI xv 2 X - ' 9 1 f n 1-m Jellies 1 X 55""3iZgli-:Z I ff' ' - ' '. " l viii if: ml Elaine Roland Debra James Carolyn David Janice Billy Smalley Kennedy Gordon Kadesch Culler Cottrell Bell Jordan Q f--1 -1 . ' A. A in .Q a at Lo. Q 9 I 5 -':: i f V ' 1 wh I F Mk 1 2414! iw R -F 1,3 1 ' -f .baiigh I f 9 .. ' L4...'.-dl I R ff' Donald Linda David Cathy Rodger Jayne Keith Joan Farnsworth Bowers Smith Gottke Temple Miller Wiesehan weatherhead Amelia Claude Susan Sam Janice Michael Deborah David Mendex Jackson Murphy Friend Hammond Jones Hicov Grimes JC-nl 3, 'Q ,, , X K - X .5 0- 6' f f I Y' . t' -. ""f '-ix - ,F 1' Q, I W V 'ff I . 5, A , . f ' 1 v R 5 A K , xr ,.f 'Sn gi X - iQ-1 ' '- - " . 4 . Q X x . I W ' V, Lva vp! V p 'A 3 LA 1 If 451 "I I hu 'vilL?f?" mxx Jo Ellen Smalley Q- Cynthia Stewart Vickie Cromley Janice Begley Grade One A Mrs. Braldley 1' " 40 Q X .. Q' ' Q- U ev ' ' its f ' ' xx xl X i Q X K S 2 Whwmv, S my . - . itil? .f Steven Sheryl Brett Mickie Larry Linda Timmy Joan Gard Miller Kutzli Hertel Quisno Proxmire Peffley Gottke f Q -if 3 ,. ' L V V: I, , :L Q 6 , 4 0 4 4 4' as 'iv -L gpg. , , 4"-o +2 , 1-L5 A L David Kathleen Ricky Patty Jo Lyle Barbara Jack Patricia McCalla Duffey Schlatter McAlexander Fillmore Kemerer Major Nelson . "' SR Q. 4 Q. fg. K , , - , - , x S-M gg. li y ,SS -4 7.14 Q, Xa-, , M f l f f in 'VA . X 'a r f - . I 3 Steven Shannon Sammy Karen David Beth Ann Kim Cheryl Feasby Swann GOI'd0D Rager Hunt Shuherk Zartman Stiebling Barbara Randy Cheryl Neil Penny Jesse Lorraine Vicki Miller Green Mundy Ramsier Reeb Sheard Jones Sidenbender N ew , -x .V W , Q f 1 Q e.. v sf iii A. , 'F' I l ---' fl ,L S - ' ' -Q'-ww A -Z--W1 f Grade Mtv lqt Mrs. Hart NO PICTURE: Marsha Metz Q C - l fx 'IU James Jeanine Alyn Carr Springer Bickhard lapis, 1 t f ' . QXCV , 'sl' e g - 1 0 1 A Q30 y iN Ricky Carol Randy Mabis Smith Hughes 4? 1- r 1 R K ,I Will Kathy Bruce Barlow Vail Bell M arty Karen Keith Cottrell Miller Shipman Une 1 ' I , .- L 'sf C , ' C C' 'gen ' ' ' - ' x...x , ' ' f 2 A ' X . ,. X 5 R 1 , 5 . Cheryl Pat Gail Billy AHD9 Jacobs Ryan Clinton Johnson Deemer Q , ' gfj f by ,I l A : - I ml J , , 4 . L. .Ji . l .4 ' ' I , I l Ramona Rex Lana David Jan Detman Hasch Delong Leaman Ross vl f fi. H40 , ' x Lois Jack Sue Timmy Marsha Klender Lichty Friend Barker Smith Sharon Jack Ruth Charles Sandra Bradford Schilb Deerwester Weatherhead Mast Jerry Reeb Q Jon Delong x I . 1 K ' .N - xx . l Paul Shackelford John Reynolds Y X fx . H' xlffllx L .V"X. I X-1 4 Q l A ,' J W , A , ,N A sw , , if I yi at , . V . ' ' ,Wx ' J. g' - ,,,, I lx g K , I. ,.Vl,,'l, x xx I - ,i , , I-in . xi 1 . 4 X 1 ,. dr Z.. ', ly x ,l "Ml 'fn' 1. kj -.ful ,V fu 5. ' R ' 1' , A N.. ' ' ' ' A . . E 1. u' f . . . ' , , u- ' " 1 J . A , Q 33.9 hi L , . si sas- 125. lrlh ll. 1 'Url . 2 ' . x., A.: ' f" ff , . :gag :ff mdergarten Mrs Stiver ,f a 1 Q5 Y '1 ' . A 47 - x ,K 5. Theodore Ricky Mendez Lothamer Curtis Stephen Susan Dennis Mike Lance Ankney Peters Miller Bowers Culler Donat 'V A as G ' J 4 N fnlinsm I H I m" - Eddie Billy Jill George Miller Friend Jeffery Gordon f -V - df YE -V XJ A If -' N 0 nfl , C x3:'29'?1 27 V341 'N L 1 V Mm 59.154 afffol n 1:7 David Patty Larry Bradley Marilyn Jimmy Max Rodriquiz Mendez Sarber Culler Miller Hemrick Rogers Zuber Barbara Joey Linda Billy Joyce David McC alla Rogers Zuber Weatherhead Hammond Miller NO PICTURES: ., X ' Laural Ours r C Tom Armstrong ,gg i 1 A gi Johnnie Thomas s ' " f nf I '- - 2 2. -l J , ,. 46 s I x wi.. ff 3- iv X Q Q J 4 'FX I 6. b I 1 .4 " 1 J .isa : +V! W ' 1 X, .l. X Carol Paula Billy Jean Diana Stephen Shuherk Bissell Gottke Laney Nahrwald Doctor 1 . it .. as 0 ' 55 5 " G I , .. T, 'A W Y' A 11,17 , H . Kathy Trudy Greg Susan Lesa Jimmy Margaret Reeb Rath Garmyn Purk Hunt Schmunk Beatty it 1, fa -- g' , ' -- Q 5' P' ai? V, 1-' xi, 'kb A 1, Nt' 4' - ' . 2 Y ' at lm A Danny Christine Danny Marlene Suzanne Bruce Karen Baker Wlesehan Lichty Schlatter Overmyer Daeger Thompson , 1 ,.-. - Q fs 1 'K 4 xii-Q1 X Q. . as -" O nu "8 r A A x ' 3 5 X ua. an lx X xx. Angela Lou Ann Mark Mary Marcia Dennis Susie Billman Ankney Lero Underwood Handy Secrist Howe Michael Sharon Mark Mary Dennis Jonne Smith Gross Miller O'Neill Clem Stout ad - H S ' 4 " . 1 ' Ni? .f S 1 , 2 fi , , ,- LJ if . fy,-v s xxx " gzkx. , Q? . L X l, ,LW it . ,Q xg! I H XXXIV 1 5 , ' ' - - Q J liULE.iQli."d "'f7w we ,f XX ,W ' 4 47 Slow-Learning oom wssitgg ff 5 4 A l .i:.v "4 5,1 r' X 4 -1 1661, t 1 " 995' Betty Etchey ov V50 Q , ' 1 v . H , n'A bei J. I L7 Exe' Dey ' li' QXYW Tho QPSQII K X M eq' M96 aff? abt Q1-ab X: NO PICTURES: Marvin Meyers Michael Buerkle Leroy Beair Bruce James Mrs. Reed 5'1- 6,000 GJ' 101' 11 lfja 3 9 5 A Q 4 ik - s 5 :E 323 5 xqig' Q Senior Band FIRST ROW: Mary Schooley, Joan Ely, Rita Snyder. Sheryl Mohr. Sue Bromagem. Steve Anderson, Donald Hook. Royce Snyder. SECOND ROW: Nancy Wannemacher, Karen Sharpe, Marsha FOURTH ROW: Mike Zedaker, Karl Mielke, Dennis Clinton, Pat Farnsworth, Ellouise Taylor, Pat Smith. THIRD ROW: Ray Friend, Rogers. Linda Klender. Jim Weatherhead, Jim Miller. Senior Band Approximately fifty-two members make up the Antwerp High School Band, under the direction of Mrs. Seslar. Several of the band members attended the Teen-Age Concerts sponsored by Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra. These concerts were designed to extend the musical horizon of some serious-minded students of music, while to others it was mostly for pure enjoyment. The main activity of the band this year was the annual "Spring Concert," at which time several selected numbers were played. Also during this school term the band made a recording for radio station WONW Defiance, which was later broadcasted over the air. To many of the members, the privilege of playingaconcert at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus this past summer will long be remembered. This Page Sponsored by: LANGHAM GARAGE Chrysler-Plymouth Telephone 5-8353 River and N. Main Antwerp, Ohio Senior Band FIRST ROW: Sharon Rhoad, Kay Bromagem, Barbara Snook, Schooley, Jerry Neely. FOURTH ROW: Larry Hook, Janice Hoover Sondra Rhoad, SECOND ROW: Betty Ebersole, Kathleen Mavis, Edward Klender, Robert Schoenike, Bruce Neely, Winfield Meek Carole Leinard, Sue Zuber, Verlaine Pollock, Florence Dunderman. BAND DIRECTOR: Mrs. Sonia Seslar. THIRD ROW: Bill Ross, Sandra Keating, John Foster, Carole Junior Band Members of the junior band number approximately twenty-six. This band is also under the leadership of Mrs. Seslar and is an intermediate step to the Senior Band. The members are just about capable of advancing to the Senior Band for further training. Beginners Band Usually pupils from the fifth grade are eligible to become a beginner on an instrument. Total membership ranges up to around twenty. Mrs. Seslar extends to them the necessary training. This organization tends to give experience of playing instruments together as a group and having the students become more acquainted with different sounds of the instruments. The band practices band music and the members of the beginners band always look forward to the day when they become official members of the Senior Band. This Page Sponsored by: KAMMEYER'S IGA Groceries - Meats - Fresh Fruits Vegetables - Frozen Foods Phone 57842 'VMI'- i be ypailr W pq Q? QS, .2 .4" L I-. , X 2 Q me ., If E , v ' il .A- -' 7 Z XX. A -f ww ' ,L 1 I i g , . . nr J JJ Z. : " J 1 gem ii' M xy, J 12 .DS 'ix X , ' . Liv ' , ,h ii Q ff 1,443 Marching Band This Page Sponsored by: L. SMITH And SON INC. 52 Antwerp, Ohio 'D Junior Band FIRST ROW: Steve Eager, Carol Handy, Andrea Panico, Sharold Ehrhart, Beth Ann Deventer, Marsha Farnsworth, Karen Sharpe, Christy Smith, Kay Bromagem, Barbara Snook. SECOND ROW: Bill Ross, Royce Snyder, Mike Swann, Gregory Carr, Joyce Hoover, Linda Schilb, Carol Schooley, Suzanne Langham, Kirk Hopkins, James Farnsworth, Kieth Kadesch. THIRD ROW: Judy Reynolds James Weatherhead, Steve Anderson, Edward O'Neill Jerry Wetli, Pete Weatherheacl,Susann Rhoad,Bruce Neely Rick Schilb, Robert Schoenike. BAND DIRECTOR: Mrs Sonia Seslar. Beginners Band FIRST ROW: Mike Bailey, Ronnie Slattery, Danny Smith, Connie Ely, Sue Jeffery, Sue Tracy, Karen Kadesch. SECOND ROW: John Decker, Donald Carr, Marsha Gerencser, Jolm Woodcox, Jack Neely, Mitchel Whitehouse BAND DIRECTOR: Mrs. Sonia Seslar. This Page Sponsored by: ANTWERP IRON And METALS Ray Tracy High School Chorus FIRST ROW: Sondra Rhoad, Sharon Rhoad, Judy Donnell, Virginia Meyer, Larry Smith, Rex Clinton, Linda Klender, Carole Leinard, Beverly Hook, Elizabeth Reynolds, Verlaine Pollock, Janice Hoover. SECOND ROW: Joe Rogers, Virginia Hahn, Neva Barker, Mary McCalla, Linda Cottrell, Sue Bromagern. THIRD ROW: Donald Hook, Winfield Meek, Ann Erter, Mike Zedaker, Joan Ely, Lynn Bute, Monty Cornell, Patricia Rogers, Carrie Kosch, John Foster, Barbara Savage, Kathleen Mavis, Patricia Smith, Mary Schooley, FOURTH ROW: Tony Langham, Florence Dunderman, Charmaine Reeb, Ellouise Taylor, Brenda Hutchins, Dane Beer, Dennis Clinton, Jim Miller. Jerry Neely, Karl Mielke, Edward Klender, Beverly Grossman, Joyce Martin, Mrs. Seslar, Director. HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS The chorus consists of fifty selectedmembers of the upper four grades. The chorus tends to strive for balance which is definitely needed for a good chorus. This year, royal blue choir robes were purchased and the chorus wore them for the first time at e P, T, A, meeting that was held in April. These robes will also be used for graduation ceremonies The spring concert was the main activity that the chorus participated in this year. Junior High Chorus FIRST ROW: Mike Holman, Susann Rhoad, Judy Zimmerman, Kathleen Thompson, Carole DeLong, Penny Banks, Jim McMichael. SECOND ROW: Neil Monroe,Mary Derck,Pau1a Meek, Floyd Ramsier, Anita Focht, Sandra Sheard, Jane Koehlinger. THIRD ROW: Kay Bromagem, Mary Ann Walker, Alan Bowers, Carole Schooley, Kathy Hahn, Robert Schoenike, Judy Daeger, Rodney Lucas. FOURTH ROW: Rosalie Miller, Jackie Wykoff, Karen Sharpe, Robert Gill, Marsha Farnsworth, Maureen Barlow, Rita Bute, Sharly Mohr. Annual Staff FIRST ROW: Pat Rogers, Joyce Martin, Judy Donnell, Joyce ROW: Michael Kaduk, Florence Dunderman, Edward Klender Donat, Kathleen Mavis, Barbara Savage, Mr. Decker, Advisor. Beverly Grossman, Jerry Neely, Winfield Meek, Kelly Tracy SECOND ROW: Nancy Wannemacher, Mary Schooley, Pat Smith, Peggy Williams. Ann Erter, Sue Bromagem, Laurenda Hunt, Sharon Rhoad. THIRD Mr. Decker, the faculty advisor, and the staff have tried earnestly to make the "Archer" an even better book than those published in recent years. This year's annual is scheduled for late summer delivery in order that the entire school year may be included. The staff and Mr. Decker hope that this book will bring back many happy memories of the good old school days of 1958-1959. Members of the staff were: Editor ...... . . Judy Donnell Assistant Editor .... . Joyce Donat Sports Editor ...... . Dennis Clinton Assistant Sports Editors. . . . . Sue Bromagem Marcia Temple Photography ...... . . Edward Klender Business Manager ......... Michael Kaduk Activities Editor ........ Florence Dunderman Assistant Activities Editors . . . Patricia Smith Sharon Rhoad Typists . . . Nancy Wannamacher Peggy Williams Circulation . Jerry Neely Winfield Meek Advertising . Kelly Tracy Joe Vail This Page Sponsored by: C. A. QUISNO Xa SONS Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Sales and Service South Main Street Phone 57552 X13 vfl F 1- l YA-u Cl' vu ll I x,.- Q .Q Q0 1., Q- in! . 8 Q 51.-f as K, . i Student Council FIRST ROW: Jim Weatherhead, Bill Ross, Barbara Snook, Mr. Zedaker, Advisor: Jerry Neely. James Miller, Richard Judy Koehlinger. SECOND ROW: Larry Ryan, Ann Erter, Horney, Mr. Decker, Advisor. Mike Zedaker, Tony Langham, Rex Clinton. THIRD ROW: Future H FIRST ROW: Laurenda Hunt, Beverly Hook, Arm Erter, Patricia Rogers, Beverly Grossman, Peggy Williams, Judy Donnell. SECOND ROW: Virginia Meyer, Judy Franks, Beverly Foreman, Karen Heckleman, Regina Meyer, Mary Ann Sukup, Linda omemakers Williams, Neva Jo Barker. THIRD ROW: Shirley Sudlow, Elizabeth Reynolds, Karen Seslar, Kay Walkenstine, Charmaine Reeb, Delores Coon, Patricia Smith, Mrs. Nihiser, Advisor. Q.: W., 2-L 1 gy ta '7 Future Teachers FIRST ROW: Sondra Rhoad, Judy Donnell, Julene Seslar, Sue Joan Ely, Joyce Donat, Rita Snyder, Ann Erter, Patricia Zuber, Betty Ebersole, Mary Schooley, Sharon Rhoad, Janice Smith, Neva Jo Barker. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Zedaker, Advisor, Hoover, Virginia Hahn. SECOND ROW: Linda Klender, Linda Michael Kakuk, Beverly Grossman, Dennis Clinton, Jerry Cottrell, Mary McCal1a, Barbara Savage, Kathleen Mavis, Neely, James Miller, Winfield Meek, Kelly Tracy, Joyce Dawn Sheard, Sue Bromagem, Janet Bowers, Carole Leinard. Martin, Brenda Hutchins, Mr. Butyok, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Charmaine Reeb, Carrie Kosch, Patricia Rogers, Girls' Athletic Association FIRST ROW: Virginia Hahn, Joyce Martin, Florence Dunderman, Beverly Grossman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Willett, Advisor, Sandra Keating, Julene Seslar, Ann Elston, Eva Friend, Miss Bumgardner, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Patsy Sukup, Sharon Rhoad, Diane Stumphy, Joan Ely, Susan Howard, Carole Leinard, Etta Gaisford. 57 Senior Class Play FIRST ROW: Judy Donnell, Patricia Rogers, Betty Robert Howard, Dane Beer, Ann Erter,PaulReinhart. Ebersole, Elizabeth Reynolds, Joyce Martin, Mr. THIRD ROW: Michael Kaduk, Randy Derck, James Waldron, Director. SECOND ROW: Peggy Williams, Miller, Beverly Grossman, Lynn Bute,DennisClinton. .lu nior Class Play FIRST ROW: Jay Snook, Eva Friend, Nancy Smith, Mary McCalla, Sue Bromagem. THIRD ROW: Wannemacher, Mary SCh0016y, Diane Stumphy, Mr. Carrie Kosch, Terry Monroe, Kelly Knuckles, Jerry Foster, Director. SECOND ROW: Sharon Rhoad, Neely, Dennis Shuherk, Winfield Meek, Kelly Tracy, Karen Seslar, Barbara Savage, Kathy Mavis, Par Joyce Donat. Pi 91 l" 5 ww 253. I" hilt Mix E M Y I Q. xx V K X r' ' N , ,172 xv t A . a is? . t 11' 1 'A Y" ' L' Ei- iii-' O W 4 , 'Jiffy ,y,.k,.,,hv I ,, Q in . Coaches Marvin Gard ............ Track Wayne Fleck .... ..... B asketball Robert Lehman . . . Baseball if . 1 -rs X ff. ! 1 . 1' Q r Basketball The Archers of 1958-1959 under the guidance of Coach Wayne Fleck had ten wins and ten losses this season. Coach Bob Lehman brought the reserves through with ten wins and seven losses. The mighty Archers won the Holiday Tournament by defeating Blue Creek 51-34 in the first game and upsetting a strong Hilltop team in the finals by a score of 46-41. In the Paulding County Tournament the Archers were defeated by Oakwood with a close final score of 57-58. The outlook for next year is bright with eight of the varsity twelve returning. Managers Jay Snook Lee Carr Ed Klender Winfield Meek This Page Sponsored by: SMITH DRUG STORE F. A. Smith, Ph. G. Phone 58382 Antwerp, Ohio Reserve Basketball James Cline, Andy Lichty, Rex Clinton, Tony Langham, Ken Hahn, Robert llhnderman, John Foster, Terry Monroe, Ray Friend, Karl Mielke. Robert Lehman-Coach. Track FIRST ROW: Robert Howard, Edward Klender, Dennis Meek, Jim Myers. THIRD ROW: Marvin Gard-Coach Shuherk, James Miller, Lynn Bute, Paul Howard, Terry Larry Zartman, George DOCt0r, Dane Beef, Jay 530014 Monroe. SECOND ROW: Rex Clinton, Jerry Berryhill, Lee Carr. Jerry Neely, Don Mabis, Dale McAlexander, Winfield This Page Sponsored by: THE ANTWERP BEE-ARGUS if Baseball FIRST ROW: Mike Zedaker, Paul Howard, James Miller, Robert Lehman-Coach, Ken Hahn, Richard Horney, Andy Lichty. SECOND ROW: Dennis Shuherk, Tony Langham, Robert Howard. Dave Mickelson, Robert Dunderman. Ulll 'IF ' VMX ' " "'1f-'iii I . f sl' I I F7 5 I' 7 ' .L , 'Z of 1 'A Lf K-fa" K'-K 49 ' V ,ha . - ' 0 P ' Q.. P. "' 'tl kk .a oo Q N-N., ll -R .. ' " -f 1. 1- -4 Varsity Cheerleaders Ann Elston, Verlaine Pollock, Carole Leinard, Joan Ely. Reserve Cheerleaders Joyce Martin, Janet Bowers, Linda Cottrell. ABSENT: Betty Cottrell This Page Sponsored by: FRED N. HERTEL Jeweler Antwerp, Ohio Junior High Basketball FIRST ROW: Steve Anderson, Alan Bowers, Rex Jump, Wayne Snyder, Raymond Gillespie, Fritz Ehrhart, Whetstone, Kenny Donat, Robert Ryan, Royce Snyder, Chester Hahn, Robert Schoenike, Bill Ross, Marvin James Weatherhead , Charles Howe, Richard Gard-Coach. Wannemacher. SECOND ROW: Thomas Reinhart, Larry Junior High Cheerleaders Barbara Snook, Jane Koehlinger, Carol Schooley, Marilyn Murphy. This Page Sponsored by: EHRHART STUDIO Antwerp, Ohio Kindergarten Graduation 45 rm 1- ,. s N 4.7, N h A fi I G , x Library FLTL P, ' W , I - W' , x ' V ' f iff J we V, ff! 41 '-Q. .3 ' 7' Q ti viii., J Q 'Y Q., 'arf L rf' 'fl -'vb ws . ,f P Q ,Q I", Yi 1 L' Fl .va mg. -tain 5-fi Iago Q-if 16,10 lfswa-74 4 rf, mv-VP -vm 4'r' be Eighth 9 5-, up ff Grade -X ca', "f':?1 Graduation 1, YU' any S S . pl 5 'ik Mx i ,M S xx I ,4. 1 . 1 f ' as . " SN ' WW ' 1 Q ,r-23. E l 1' W ww Q U ,, JS U 'A .M?' Payne Game In Memory of Martin Neldhardt The student body of Antwerp High School would like to pay a small trmbute to Mr Martm Neidhardt who has served our school for the past seventeen years as custodian flreman and close fr1end fam11y and friends Mart as he was known by all the students w111 be greatly m1ssed and long remembered This Page Sponsored by SCHILB St SONS Home Furnishxngs Electmcal Apphances Funeral D11-ectors Antwerp Oh1o We deeply regret the death of Mr. Neidhardt and are in sympathy with Q. -x W V , um! A.. : f.'x 'QQ gf I XTXV- T-Q, w9,3q'g 41 XS X A In il' -.-, f, X, f wx. .X x x w ' f -Q,-ti N.-,Q N X--, .lg 1 ff- T. fx fi J. 'Wvg . J J Q1 ng VA . , 4 " Qi x Q f ' 3 , r' Q' Q , 7 :': . T -' 53? , '7"0l' hi A gf .- 5 v F1 ,Wk 1 , ,Nu n A A . : ,L 7 Junior Prom H X-N -. 4,6 Erx ye S , 1 If jf 1 x K X s XXXNXX X 'WW 'Q 1 Q N' "HV L if Senior I953-I959 x , zu , M , , , . ,ef 5 . .Jw :nigh .5 1 xx , SS "X,XAxs.. N-b 3 5. , . L W' Ca Q Q'-Q "1 My s i w, . dx . Y 1, 1? fs, P 1 -2 ' if FR , jk I A N ' J Q fs WM Xa, D .ff- 4 fir wi W. S42 , ,?Q.., Q' , Q N W xv W7 iii iz, 2 ff , g f ' H315 1 'S Q, -mf z iq 1 . 5, x 5 7 '5 . A 4 W A iii-f f 5 c Sffwrf I . pn' ,mann , ,ic,wg.,. rf, , ff M-r mdf' bu. X4 fx. -,fl A -un-1 WURKING UN THE ANNUAL 1-3'E"'1'. iw g ,gg f Q2 an xi ,, wx 1' Q 'fi X I ,N 3,155 I4 I ...jf ,,,,:r.'.." ' J,,,,,,....--f :- iii il! 1881 John Snook QDJ 1882 Charles Graves QDJ Will Deatrlc fDy Frank Kemerer 1883 Frank Graves fDJ 1 8 84 No Graduates 1885 Emma Wesner fDl 1886 Lotta Doering 1Pocockp fDl Mollle Knapp fMitchellJ KDJ Clara Emanuel fYaegerJ CDJ Julia Emanuel fDJ Frank Saylor 1 887 John Burret Maggie Doering fWertJ KDQ 1 888 No Graduates 1889 Dora Shr1ver fWilderJ fDy Eliza Barker fwentworthj QD! Blanch Wentworth QDovsmmgJ 1890 Alma Shaffer 1HertelJ fDl 1891 Frank Bernardxne QDJ Llllian Harris fBarnesJ fDl Levisa H Zuber QDJ Clara Zuber QDQ 1892 Minnie McGuire QSmithJ Andrew Schilb fDy 1893 Jennie Hudson QGoddard7 QDJ Minnie McCabe 1894 Maud Snook fDy Eva Barnett fApplegateJ Pearl Zuber fHarr1sl Lewis Curtis 1Dl 1895 Bertha Snyder fDoeringJ QD! Harry Snook fDJ Mary McCabe fGordonJ QDJ Andrew Schneider QDJ Lloyd Harris fDJ Alumnl 1896 Ol1ve Carr fSchilbl fDl Lewis C Harris 4Dj John Curtis 1Dy Will N Fleck QDJ 1897 Edlth Harris 1Zeiglerl fDj Flossie Perry Uumpj Nettie Schllb fFinleyy Grace Martin Magaret McCabe fllarrisy fDJ 1898 Bertha lhgxnbotham fMearsJ fDl Julia Zuber fSmith7 QDl Florence Jacobs fD2.I1161S, Fay I-llglnbotham qNeerj Anna Murphy fwhitmorey fDj Minetta Schnlttker fNortony Myrtle Snyder fPauleyJ fDJ 1899 Ethel Fuller fVan Horny Lloyd Long Fred Pocock fDl Blanch Drehner fwileyj Inez Jaderstrum fDuncanl QDJ Bertha Harrls fConversey Mary Philpot QD! Mary Miler fHellemanj Emmett Kauffman 1900 Lula Carr fWatersJ fDy Fred Carr Doll1e Webber QC arry Blanche Kermedy fsmythel Edward Carr Bertha Fleck QLacyJ Maude Graves QKilbel Minme Pugh fOvermeyerl Roy Dxlts fDJ Ehza Marhn 4DeLongJ 1901 Flossie Graves Theodore Harrxs Arthur McCabe Chas Schmttker Roy Seeley fDl Bessxe Harris 1902 John Doerlng QDJ Inez Marlin QLeiderJ Clyde McCabe Edna Oswalt fDeVoreJ Clarence Oberhaltzer fDJ 1903 Oliver Gordon fArmstrongj John Pomperoy George Gordon fDj Robert Dowell Fred Johnson fDJ Joe Harrls John Berg 1Dl Frances Clemmer fQuaintancej Millie Reeb fDeemerJ Bessie Snyder 1DoeringJ Addie Schne1der 1C1emmerj Maggie Peffley fCampJ Edna Bissel 4Whitel 1904 Bessie Brehm 1MillerJ Mable Dowd QPeckl Edlth Graves fHarr1sy fDl Ross Lindermuth Dora Miller 1Blackburny Mable McCabe Eurie Snook QMonroeJ Grace Shepard fCarrJ fDj Hattie Sclmittaker Warren Seslar Lawrence Wxlson Eva Johnson 4Harr1sj 1905 Alfred Saylor QDQ Jessie Harris fDerckJ Julia Armstrong fBanksl Florence Barrows fChausseeJ 1906 Addie McCabe Olive Brehm QJacobsl Joseph Carr fDj Ana Snook fMartinl Hazel Chaney fwhlngerterl Nellie Cussen fThompsonl Jennie Carothers fStengerj Florence Graces fZ1mmermanj Hattie Mann Leame Huges fSteedy Ralph Carr Marie McG1ure fSm1thj Edlth Slusser fSlglerJ fDJ Eva Powers Earl Zuber Effie Harrmann fLlndemuthJ Earl Reeb 1907 Jessie Champion Guy H Deemer QDJ Julia Gowdy QNelsonJ Clyde Gosharm Genevievea Grant Warren Howard Glenn Ke1fer Nellie Paulson QI-Iirzelj Amy Lindermuth QCoatsl Fern Lacy lDeLongl Annie Mooney QRusselll Blanch Renshaw fMurphyJ Virgil Saylor Ethel Seeley fLeaseJ QDJ Oliver Shiery ' . Bridgid Halliman my Gladys Busby Uackobsl Maude Harris QSmithl QDj Fay Sunday fMcCally Trlxie Seslar Uohnsonj Jeddah Webber 1908 Ray Applegate Russell Banks Ray Banks lDj Mary Bernard fMcGrath3 Lottie Camp fBoo'hJ Eumce Derck fJacksony Foxy Fell QBrickerl May Grant Add1e Hughes fBitlesj Elsie Mann lSnyderJ fDj Claren Murphy QDl Eullla McG1ure fSaucerw1neJ Ruth Saylor fHuntl Ernest Pugh Earl Renshaw Mandus Reeb QDJ Edna Stamfleld QCastonJ Clara Sunday fEgloffy Inez Smith fGravesl Carrle Wilkinson QD! Eddle Marlln lDJ 1909 Ethel Anderson fDeardor0 Thomas Babcock Norma Filley fSm1thl John Foster fDl Harry Howard James Hurless Mxnnie Knapp fSpindlerJ Freda Kieger lLongJ Norman McGuire IDJ Della Peffley fFriendl Blanche Sweet fGu1ffl Chester H111 Hazel Sta1n.f1eld fZuberl Marie Sunday fCarrJ Guy Smlth Harry Shlmer QDJ Jennxe Rose 1910 Gertude Banks Evander Barrows Ruth Carr fBoone1 fDl Dessollee Chester Earl Chester Adellne Chester fWhxteJ Paul Cussen Carl Dysinger Hazel Foster fAmspaughl Flossle Hughes fPughl Della Mangus fAmesJ Blanch Rose Hazel Reeb flvlurphyl Clara Snuth fBirkholdy Guy Schultz KDJ Henry Seslar Alumni Tom Zuber Elizabeth Brattain fKlagarl tDJ 191 1 N o Graduates 1912 Ray Chester Addie Lindermuth fSundayl Francis Tester Forest Fleck Eunlce Snook fGloorl Tom Carr Clyde Sunday Vivian Hummel fBaumlel Nellie Saylor lPughj John McC reery 1913 Roy Schultz fDj John Chester Otha Fleck Earl Harrls Frank Wllson fDJ Frank Smith Ruth Marlln fDl CORDIS Harrls lFleckJ Guy Jump Gladys Robmson fBorgmanj Leo Hertel fDJ Ethel Saum fMaroneyJ 1914 Emma Foster Helen Cummmgs Marie Derck fF1tzgeraldl Phoebe Smlth 1C arrl Ruth Nelson Ruth Sunday 1SheperdJ Ruth Wallace fl-Ielsell Roy Hughes Gerald Hummell QDJ Bridgid Slattery fW1rthJ Nora Smith 1JumpJ 1915 Mabel Champlon fBowersoxl Ralph Coplln Russell Duval Lillie Foster lSchmunkJ Eva Hutchins fHarrisj Clara Jude Raymond Overman Mabel Phxllips fDys1ngerl Grace Rogers fMettertJ Louis Schmunk 1Dl Gertrude Rogers fMettertj 1916 Margaret B1u'gess fEssexl Earl Babcock Cemantha Cummings fKelleyy Paul Chester fDj This Page Sponsored by PANICO'S Antwerp, Oh1o Edith Donnell Qlaelningerl Luella Hughes fStevensonJ Ralph Schooley Lella Wentworth Edwin Schmunk 1917 Wilfred Bakel Luclle Doering fLongy E11 Font Bonnie Foster QSm1thl Helen Gordon fBardelmierJ Orville Perkins Edith Reeb lPerk1ns1 Alma Sackrlder fHallockJ QDJ John Scoby Anna Slattery Glen Smith Hilary Snyder QDJ Ora Tester Lehr Wilder Ray We1lbaker 1918 Mary Bakle Cleo Burroughs fReebJ Florence Derck fBissellJ Donald Hudson Fern Hawthorne fC0ll1DS, Alva Miller Floyd Metteret my Bessie Perkms fReeby Alma Saum fGordonJ Helen Sunday fErlonl Halma Smlth fFergusonl Goldie Treaster fNicelyy Marlan Zelgler 1919 Cecelia Cussen fMackJ Francis Delong fBickhardJ fDJ Wllbur Heiber Lester Kraft Irene Lamb fBennettj Frelda Murphy fJumpy Merle Murphy fJohnsonJ Marguerxte Mickelson fB1ckhardJ Edna Peffley 4Shuherky Melva Snyder fStrub1ngy Joshua Shaffer Glen Yager 1920 Bernice Boland fBowersj Madge Dys1nger fPruettJ Leroy Hummel Kathryn Hawks fReebl Florence Marsh qWetliy Homer Mlller fDJ Eudella Mettert fTh1mlarJ Winifred Smith fSmithy Bessie Starry fDrexlerl --- KD? 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Flossle Johnson fMooneyJ Jeamme Yager fEssexJ M3-ry Cline lzartmalll CDD Cl0thil1g - Shoes - Furnishings 1921 Mildred Ashton fDe1slerJ Florence Carr fCampy Marguerite Duval fSnyderJ Helen Derck lB1alockl Gold1e Ewlng fMOPI1SJ Paul Luce George Miller Irene Phillips fYagerj Bessie Place fFx-ederlcksj Thelma Schooley lTaylorJ Vesta Swisher fDJ Hazel Stiner Neola Snyder fGordonj Leutta Shaffer Mildred Wentworth fBarnesJ Thelma Wallace fCullery Margaret Yeagle Myrtle Zuber fPage1y 1922 Louvisa Dmmderman QGogenskyy Zona Danlels fEngl1shJ Herbert Gordon Madge Graves fwxddxfieldj Mable Hallock fHoffmasterJ Chester Hawkins QDJ Dale Johnson Devota Johnson fDonnelly Donald Hughes Donovan McCreery Florence Murphy QAndersonJ Dorthea Phxllxps fDundermanj Va.nda Schultz fM611k6J Ray Schelb Rolly Schuler Rheba Seeley 1FrahmJ Howard Wentworth 1923 Roy Clinton QD, Lucile Carr fSt1very Dan1el Cussen Harold Cussen Gale Du.nderman Harriet Harrls QHorneyj Thelma Hallock fL1chtyJ Ruth Kraft Beulah Kraft fPensy Marla Klender fThompsonJ Helen Keatlng fB1rkholdJ Robert Llchty Phyll1s Murphy 1Pa1ne3 Marie Parker fHoffmany Gerald Schooley Dale Swan Carleton Snook my Almery Tracy Rama Ze1gler Qlhcklinj 1924 Galen Merchant fB1ckhardJ Ada Clmton fFlshery Alumni Jesse W Champion Wendell Coddington Harold Flsher Dale Ehrhart Mary Hawver fSch1lbl Daisy L1lly fShulerJ Mary Moore Russell Mettert Luther Reeb Walter Schmunk Nathan Snyder Dol11e Stiner fLempkej Caroline Snook lllawkinsl Robert Sch11b QDJ 1925 Eleanor R Armstrong fwyantj Richard Ashton Jeanette Adcock fS1denbendery Mayme Ilo Burgess QDJ Gladys Arnold fBoylanj Kenneth Boland Mary D Cottrell Mary Cussen fSlatteryy Harry Carr Nettie Enderle fHookJ Lillian Ewlng QHollopeterJ Hazel Ehrhart 4MaJorj Eula Janette Graves fKeevesJ Freddie Gordon Kenneth Johnson Zenas Paul dart QD, Frances L Jallor George Jackson Eva I Jackson QCormaky Fern Hughes 1OtisJ QDy Frances Hudson fBolandy Wendell L Harrls Juanxta Longberry lSawyery Orlo H Kohn Elsxe Keatmg fRob1nsonl QDJ Charley A Stiner Roma Sexton fSpr1ggsJ Margarlte Zuber fMaroneyj Ollie Zedaker Bernadxne Kennedy fSlatteryJ Fred Ellsworth 1926 Leonard Carr Harold Clark Robert Hart Anna J a1lor fSmithy Bernice Jordon QDJ Bertha Hallock QHemenoverl Dale Hobeck Mildred Hummell fHemenoverJ John Longberry V1olet Kn1ght Uohnsonj Arthur Koehlinger Harr1et Miller fStultzj Ila Rosendaul fMarquartj Gladys Reeb flillsworthj Th1s Page Sponsored by JOHNSON'S PURE OIL Antwerp, Oh1o Robert Slmday Joseph Zuber Alta Ruppert 1927 George Bakle Ralph Johnston Perry McCreery QDJ Leroy Swmg QDJ Robert P Zeigler Arletta Carr Qstrayery Carolyn Derck 4Sheperdj Florence Donat fBoycey Mary Alyce Gordon flloughtony Vera Helsel fBrososkyj Eva Helen Hopkxns fShawJ Dora Mae Knight fTrutwinj Grace Luce fCarrJ Jessie Schilb lGoingsj Mabel Whltmer fHeckrnanJ 1928 Ralph Armstrong LaVon Carr Cloide Ehrhart Dwight Kohn Harry Sunday Galen Carr lDerckJ QDJ Olive Chaney fMoff1ttJ Manetta Collmgton QC arrj Neola Cottrell Carrie D Mapes Florence Mattingly fDj Elizabeth McCalla fGunn1ngl Grace Schmunk fSk1nnerj Ersa Thomas Zeletta Waters qParsonsb Wendell Ehrhart 1929 Bernard Daeger Rolland Hart Vlrgil Wilson Merlin Luce Anna Loulse Bakle 1Andersonj Vera Brelninger Nellie Ellsworth fwagnerl Mary Foster fKohnJ Ruth Knapp QSeslarl Maxine Matzen lL1chtyl Mlldred LcLaughl1n fMetterty Garnet Phllllps lSamahaj Elizabeth Rhoad fAshtonJ Pansie Wxllet fReesey Mabel Quamtance QTh1mlarJ Alice Zedaker fDeeversj Anna Mae Zuber 1SnyderJ 1930 Harriet Armstrong QLGSIIGJ Dorothy Zuber fEhrhartJ Wayne Bernard Melvin Bxllman Mark Bickard fDp Walter.Kneubuhler Arlie D011I1e11 Lazelle Boyce Goldle Boland tGetrostJ Helen J Boesch Harold Bxssell Add1e Cromley fWetlil Margle Cattxn fWoodcoxl Reglna Dunderman QDonnellJ Leonard Erter Edwxn Gordon Ivan Gordon Iona Gordon fBergl Wayne Jump Irene Hooker fGordonj Raymond J a1lor QDJ Getrude Hopkms fllouserj Mabel Keatmg fAmesl Nxlene Murphy fEnzJ Luc1lle Matzen fMumyj Luella Martln 1Ca1nf1eldl Clarence Qus1no Dale Reeb Wendell Savage Nell1e Reed Savage fB1llman5 Inez Snook QLongJ fDl Isabell Sunday qLanghamJ Rena Tracy fQu1snol L1ll1an Wentworth fErterJ Bess1e WIISOH fJumpy Dorothy Woodcox fGruberJ Bessle Donat fDundermanl QDJ 1931 Gordon Armstrong Joseph Barker Mary E Barker 1Ja1lorl Dor1s Boyce fH1l6I'l Eleanor Cussen QKuntzy Ruth Eckenrhoad fHonardl Harry Erter Everett F1sher Durward Frlend Charles Gusler Harold Gustm QD! Ruth Hart 1Paulusl Dorothy Helsel fBl1ssJ John Hertel Luc1lle M Horn fSeslarJ Joseph Hummell Wilbur Langham Eileen Preston fHe1bnerJ Esther RICE QC lelandl Luc1lle Sargent 1Adamsl Maud1e Suns fNxcelyy Dorcy W Waters QDJ Dor1s W1lson QMab1sl Dorothy W1lson fBenschne1derl Phlllip Flsher 1932 Rose Bissell fAnthonyJ Zella Bissell fMully Lois Jane Boesch fDe Vorj QDI Pauline Brown fPothJ Alumni Miriam Crafts fZennerJ Ethel V Cromley fGa1sfordj Gordon Erter Willard Ewxng Doris Gordon fBeerbowerj Ohleen Hargrave fParrettl Henry Hartmann IDI Carol1ne Hertel fSeveyl Ellzabeth Hertel Karl C Koehl1nger Charles Kelley Lelah Lalsure fWolfel Robert McLaughl1n Roy M1ller Edlth Monroe QSp1ndlerJ Luclle Overmyer fBenschne1derJ Clayton Preston Gladys Shaffer fArendj Harry Stmer Curt1s Swann Thomas Torkelson Leonard Va1l Raymond Schmunk 1933 Elmer DeLong Rolland Flsher Francxs Gordon John McCreery Wendell Mettert fDy Robert Murphy Raymond Pugh Ronald Savage Andrew Sch1lb Thomas Sch1lb Gerald Schaffer Max Smlth Don Sudlow Thelma Burgess Max1ne Carr fFarst7 Mlldred Daeger QHalberwoksy Audrey Fxsher fKadeschJ Emma Gordon fMorhartJ Grace Gordon Ruth Harrls flvleddaughj Iva Hartsock Helen Hawklns fBrayl V1rgm1a Helsel fBa1nowy Al1ce Hopklns fM1llerj Thelma Johnston fFoustl Mary Jane Long fShaverl Mabel McLaughl1n fHelmsl Mar1e Meyer fOttJ LUC1116 M1ller fSm1thl Bertha Mae Qualntance fZuberJ Buela St1les Uohnsonl Janet Sunday fAbeJ Florence West 1CarrJ Ruth Young fBakerJ Estella Zuber fButel Isabelle Hopkins fParentJ Audrey Anna Smxth Uohnsonj Paul Thompson This Page Sponsored by ABE 'S CAFE Leroy Galsford Antwerp Oh1o 1934 W1ll1am Avery Ruth Bexdewell fNeelyJ Rex Blllman R1chard Brandenburg Ir1s Cromley Wxancourl Nora Belle Donnell fBettsl Marlan Eckenrhoad fRoffelsonJ Bob Ely Leland Flsher Russell Foster Robert Frlend Mary Max1ne Gloor 1Cottrelly Don Gordon Harold Langham Elma Morhart fNewcombl Basll Murphy Martha McCreery fCorteseJ Ernest Neely Melbin Parker Gerald Putman John Reeb Dorls Ruger fKeenerJ Bernard Seslar Joseph Shaffer Faye Sxms fReamj Kenneth Srrutley J unlor Snook Danlel Taylor Ora Taylor Mark Tracy E1l1ene Wholf fRansomJ Wendell Reeb 1935 Dora Ashbaugh Robert Boesch Charlotte Booth fKeelJ Esther Bouland fCarrl Margaret Came fOsbornl QDJ Lyle Carr Paul Chester Don Curt1s Robert DeLong V1v1enne Hargrave fKnorrl Don Harms Alta Hawklns fFrankl1nl Ruth H111 fJordanJ Harry Hltzeman Raymond Klender Ronald Longberry Martha McCall fSh1rleyl Robert McCrerry Helen Major qWell1ngJ Treva M1ller Arthur Monroe Helen Murphy 1PutmanJ Harold Osborne Dake Parrett Madal1ne Reeb lLaddl Mary Slms fPretor1usJ Phylis Stevenson fLarnbertj D0r1s Tracy fTothj Gerald Hawkins Robert Rhoad May Mundy QHaysl Esther Watson fSt1nerJ Harold Rice fDJ Harry Gordon Helen Curtis fKeat1ngJ 1936 John Blssel Dorxs M Boesch fFaxrj Rama Carr Marie Chrlsto fSnyder3 Rebecca Cole fReebJ Ela1ne Doctor fDj Al1ce Erter fDJ Mary Evans fHutch1nsJ Marshall Fields Alta Flsher fStarryl Willard Frlend Wanda June Gloor June Hartman fWarrenJ E11 Knapp Lloyd Long Ruth Major fClmtonl Margaret Matt1ngly fShullJ Clara Meyer fBrownj Clarence Meyer Opal M1ller Irma Miller Edward Parrett Wllma Preston fMerr1llJ Rxchard Reeb Ruth Rlce fRadabaughl Max Seslar CD9 Budd Sm1th Kathryn Trembley fThornburgj Margaret Webber fMcCreeryJ Ronald W00dF1Dg Lee Hook Glenn Kennedy Lucllle Smxtley 1937 Robert Armstrong Evelyn Chester fCooksonJ Orest Cole Warren Crawford Charles Dangler Alvln Fett Wayne Fleck Ruth Gordon Dorothy Harris fHookerJ Helen Hartman Dor1s Jump fElyJ Gerald Kemerer Joe Mattlngly Donald Mlller Howard Monroe Lois Morhart fReebl John Putman Rxchard Rhoad Evelyn Seslar fCo1eJ Ruth Sm1th Maxine Stevenson fRams1erl Virgll Stevenson Alumni Lloyd Young fDl Orvllle Zuber Helen Hltzeman fSeslarJ Leota Stanger fDavisl 1938 Archlllous Arnold Max1ne Beiderwell fParrettj Roy Blssell George Bitler Betty Boyce Juanita Chester fM8gd1ChJ Gwendolyn Clevenger QDJ Lawrence Cromley Robert Dangler June Donat 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J

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