Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH)

 - Class of 1957

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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1957 volume:

Bk ,-.FX will Jai MW' 1r5l if in XX I f EIIIGATIDN ffl Xi? Ag A ,411 ,r I MXN A is ' 5 W1 W N i 1m . H I 0: W Q :cr 'A' ol?0 1 x xxx ,, X I f Q K E XM I- -v ,HQQI ,, , M' XX . V: ooo ' L ,. " , 'Q , fo . 1 , - I , Sf' I1 IUHIIHQ U ANCELC BELL COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT P ULDING COUNTY OHIO O 1 G H - f . 194- 956, 1876 Cllemodeled 18933 1911 N f 'WH' ... .. 'N , T lf. 1936 On this page you may view the school buildings that have served this community since 1874. These structures testify to your standards and to your belief in free public education. This community has endeavored to give its youth vision, for when there is no vision, a nation is lost. Our new school represents the culmination of much work by the board of education superintendent, teachers, P. T. A., citizens, architect, and numerous contractors. These pictures excellently portray the well known literary gem--words of Oliver Wendell Holmes-- "Build me more stately mansions, O, my soul, As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low-vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at last are free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by live's unresting seal " It is the hope of this community and the entire school personnel that the product of this new school will each year grow in vision and nobility, so that each year may find it nobler than the last. O. R. ZEDAKER eff' ,ani R F WEIBLE COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS PAULDING COUNTY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION O C Lentz Presldent Robert Iohnson V1ce Presldent R F Welble Clerk L L Bldlack Member Howard Mosler Member ANTWERP BOARD OF EDUCATION Irvm Hughes Presldent Roy Mlller V1ce Presldent Dale Ehrhart Clerk Rlchard Rhoad Member Joseph Barker Member Verlyn Pollack Member .Q ANTWERP LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD NEOLA GORDON Elementary Supervisor AGU LTY 3 X O. R. ZEDAKER, Superintendent X-Q.. 'Aff - 4F'5l'2 GEORGE S. IUMP VWIAN SCHILB High School Principal School Secretary fi? E E K If MRS. LUCILE STIVER Kindergarten .fm-ax vii. -1 IQ F" MISS PATRICIA SNYDER, Znd. MRS. EDITH COPLIN, Llth. f " ' . .. 'Q as Vi .,v,,v . . .I ,- .. f L' f Qi K- MP . S-gf if f V' IVR nq . K X -v , . sg Li F 1 - Q., rg.. ki :H , w. ., XM U 1 gg' ff L7...2 'Q Q.. .y . z j5555Qj..i-K: -aff-va-'.. : ., f ' MRS. BELLE lst. Z' J. .."4v-' f f 1 I IA!" f f MRS. LOIS STEVENSON, 3rd. MISS VIVA IOHANSEN, Sth. -rn , I .f ,. 1 "' S21 .5 . N 5. Y5 2, Q ww . ff f M sf Eiif fri . ag , 1, . ,Q -3 fx. KVA '. Q i .., ,EE A ff ijg5,?,11 g MRS. MARY BRADLEY, lst. ' .fa 'I 2, -. Q. .L - :Mr .Ir ai 15' Nawiw l .,.11"w' 'ef 'V ki , ,Y K , .fm if H 'f A 11 .Q , jf- A '- ,in lfi , . . .. 1- - ' .QQQQQIZS 'QA . fiiqlif, MRS. LUCILE SMURR, 3rd. MR. MARVIN GARD, Sth. 66th. .K A ,wa 'I' f . MRS. IEANNE PEPPER, Znd .1 lt y . 'Iv If 5 2 sg. .3 5 MRS. EDNA EBERSOLE, 4th MRS. GRACE SKINNER, Sth ,Q 'wg 7 W' K -Q nf! M, ENIDRS AQ. ,av 'Qs-. RUTH HORMANN Vxce Presxdent 94' FRITZ DUNDERMAN Trea sure! Uenior G ass CQffq'c,'vrs IOHN KENNEDY President Q-:rw "JH N9 CHARLES FOSTER Adv1sor LARRY ELLIOTT Business Manager aw MARILYN RYAN Secretary WR' M-vf V7 AN ITA BICKHARD News Reporter "?x Q-ef in gm -ffm ANITA BICKHARD Chorus Mlxed Chorus A Class Officer Class Play Spotshot Staff JOHN BIRKHOLD Basketball EVELYN COPSEY Mixed Chorus A Class Play Spotshot Staff Q Class Play Annual Staff 'N BILL BROWN Class Play DICK DAEGER Mlxed Chorus Baseball Basketball Track Class Play Annual Staff CAROL DOCTOR Chorus ........ ....... Mixed Chorus ...... . Class Play ......... Annual Staff ........ Scholarship Test. . . W-arf' ,f 'WIKPYWM 'Q' -nr" f"1 ANDREA DONNELL Band Mlxed Chorus A Class Play Scholarshlp Test l 2 Spotshot Staff PRITZ DUNDERMAN Baseball Basketball Class Ofhcer . Class Play Z ' 1 XA' lk ramp,--,. " ,gr- - : Annual Staff Scholarsh1p Test l 2 Dxstrxct Scholarshxp Test IOE DUNDERMAN Band ........ Mixed Chorus ........ Baseball ............ Basketball. . . Track....... Class Officer Class Play .......... Annual Staff. . .... . . . IARRY ELLIOTT Chorus Mrxcd Chorus Class Offrcer Class Play Manager BRUCE ELY Band Chorus Mrxf d Chorus Basketball Track Class Play Scholarsh1p Test RITA GAISFORD Chorus ............. Mixed Chorus .... . .. .A. .... . Class Play .......... Annual Staff ......... Scholarship Test ..... Spotshot Staff ........ lll"""'w 'for A 3. 462' IOHN KENNEDY Chorus Mxxed Chorus Baseball Basketball Track Class Offlcer Class Play Student Councll Scholarshxp Test 1 2 Dxstrxct Scholarshlp Test LYLE LEINARD Chorus Mxxed Chorus Basketball Track Band MARGE MURPHY Band ............... Chorus ............. Mixed Chorus ....... . A. .... ..... . Cheerleader ......... Class Play .......... Spotshot Staff ........ I MARILYN Mxxed Chorus G A A Class Offlcer Class Play RYAN Scholarshlp Test l 2 Dxstrxct Scholarshrp Test CAROLE SUE SAVAGE Band Chorus Mxxed Chorus A Cheerleader Class Offxcer Class Play Annual Staff Spotshot Staff HARRY S ES LAR Track. .... . .... . . Chorus..... ...... Class Play. . . 1? ,wr- ,o w....u..- 'K CAROLYN SHAFFER Chorus Mlxed Chorus Class Play Annual Spotshot Staff IOE SUKUP Chorus Mixed Chorus Baseball Basketball Track Class Play KEN SHANK Track Class Play Spotshot Staff JACK WHETSTONE Band Chorus Basketball Class Play Track Scholarship Test 1 2 Dlstrlct Scholarship Test Annual Staff RONNIE SNIDER Mixed Chorus Basketball Track Class Play Spotshot Staff BARBARA WOMACK Band Chorus Mixed Chorus G A A Class Play Annual Staff Schola hlp Test 1 Spotshot Staff . ............ 1,2 . ...... 1,2 ..........3,4 ... ..... ........4 ..........1 . ....... l ....... 1,2 .... . ..... .3 ...... ..3 . ..... ...3 ...1,2 Baseball... ....... . .. ...... 1,2 ....... 1,2 ..........3,4 ...1,2 . . .. .... ...1,2 .5 . ,2 VIRGIL TAYLOR 011 ffjl Baseball Basketball Track Class Play Scholarshrp Test S S Manager Spotshot Staff i W e the Semor Class of 1957 of the c1ty of Antwerp, county of Paulding, and State of Ohlo bemg of sound mlnd and memory, do hereby make publlsh, and declare thls to be our last w1ll and testament, hereby revoklng any w1ll or wllls here tofore made by us Larry Elliott wlll to Walter Schllb my abrllty to mlx up the wrong thlng 1n Chemxstry and at the expense of Mr Fleck'snerves cause heap big excltement Bruce Ely will to Larry Mxller my ab1l1ty to play the Tuba Fritz Dunderman wxll to Ixm Horney my abxllty to get along wlth most of the teachers Mar1lyn Ryan w1ll to Sally Zuber my booth at Smxth S Drug Store provldxng she doesn t cut up too much Shirley Green w1ll to Bellnda Gxbson my Government Book Joe Dunderman wlll to Larry Zedaker my abxllty to go steady rn hrs Semor year provxdlng he doesn't abuse xt Ronme Smder will to Robert Ross my abxlxty to drxve to school which was gxven to me by Iohn Iaxlor but not xn a Ford We Ruth Hormann and Evelyn Copsey w1ll to Iudy Mxckelson and Helen Howard our abxllty to attend every study hall Andrea Donnell w1ll to Beverly Womack my ablllty to glve a speech anywhere and any place Iohn Birkhold will to Bob L1chty my path on the road to Woodburn Don't wear lt too deep George Kadesch w1ll to Larry Mlller my tools ln Solld Geometry Class Carol Doctor will to Francls Wmn my abilxty to be to school on tlme any txme Anita Blckhard w1ll to Sue Ross my seat 1n the flrst row In Llterature Class and my Llterature book Bill Brown, wxll to Gary Babcock my old Junky locker provxdmg he cleans lt out Carol Savage wlll to Ianxce Schoenxke my Cheerleading Sult Sandra Hunt wxll to Martha Tracy my good txmes 1n Government Class Iack Whetstone wlll to I1m Horney my battered acid soaked Chemlstry table lt even has runnmg water Kenny Shank will to George Derck my height Harry Seslar will to Gary Babcock my ablllty to keep a perfect attendence durmg my Senxor year Ierry QGIIMCY, Grimes w1ll to Larry Rockefeller my permlsslon to take anythxng has lxttle heart desxres 1n the Senior Class This has been a paid announcement Iim Hahn wlll to the whole confused Iumor Class my abllxty to get average grades ln my Semor year , Rex Franklin, will to Nathan Doctor, my abrlxty to play ln the intramural games Carolyn Shaffer, wlll to Sandra Foreman, my job as doorman 1n the girls lounge , Joe Sukup, will to Larry Zedaker, my ab1l1ty to pass Chemistry and also my books I, V1rg1l Taylor, will to Eddie McCalla, my Mechanxcal Drawing board and my ablhty to get along wlth Ianet Bowers I, Iohn Kennedy, wxil to Ed McCreery, my abxllty to keep my glasses on my face I, Dxck Daeger, wlll to Rudxe Reeb, my abxllty to walk to the basketball games I, Rlta Galsford, wlll to Iamce Schoemke, my abxllty to appear sweet and gentle whxle under stress and stram ln the classroom I I, Marge Murphy, w1ll to Nancy Hunt, all my good tlmes which I had xn my Sen1or year I, Lyle Lelnard, wlll to the whole Iumor Class, my books, my locker, and my fnendshlp w1th all the teachers is ' .......... 2,3,4 f ' jf ' ' ........ l,2, 3 5 "' J- 2 ................. 4 - - ' .......... 3,4 R . ' ' f 1 ....... 2 Aj - . ' - - ' .............. 1 T' Y ' K k ' ......... 4 - r r ,, ' -- 2- N A A - - Q to W I I I I I' I , , , . . . . I i I . . I' I , . , . Il. I , , 4 . . ' I, ' , ' ' ' , ' ' . I, , ' A . I, , ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' ' ' . L . . , . . . , . . I . D I, , ' ' ' ' . 1, , ' . ' . I, , ' ' ' ' . I, . ' ' ' ' , ' . I, , ' ' ' ' ' ' . I, ' ' , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' , , , ' . ' . l, , , . I, , , ' , ' . I, ' , ' , ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . l, , ' ' ' ' ' . I ' ' ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' . I ' ' . , Barbara Womack, will to Darlene Robbins, my seat in Speech Class near Iim Getrost and my seat in Government near Bruce Ely. NDERGRADS 9+ 19 ass Qprop mcg o 1937 Crulslng through the country we saw that esteemed farmer John B1rkhold behlnd a plow pulled by h1s w1fe Barbara Womack As we reached town we passed Ierry Grlmes Dry Cleamng Shop and on tht. other s1de of the street we saw Lyle Lemard s Ford Sales Later after we had developed CdVltleS 1n our teeth from eatlng lunch at Gretta s Bar and Grlll owned and operated by Rlta Galsford we stopped at Andrea Donnell s Tooth Pulllng Parlor to have our plates readjusted The, after ffects of the anesthetlc were so nauseatlng that we had to call upon Dr Carol Doctor At the recept1on desk of the Medlcal Center was George Kadesch a reglstered nurse The doctor examlned us only to flnd that we had to be operated on by the famous surgeon V1rg1l Taylor Whrle we w re recouperatmg a troop of armed forces personnel entertalned us Among the entertalners were Bruce Ely playmg on h1s bones hm Hahn s Rock and Roll Band whlch featured the fabulous bass Kenny Shank and the Klng and Queen of Rock and Roll Harry Seslar and Marge Murphy On the outsklrts of town we spled a shack s1m1lar to Ma and Pa Kettle s homestead whlch was occupled by Iohn Kennedy and hls wlfe the former Ruth Hormann Behlnd the house was a baseball dlamond played on by thelr elghteen chlldren under the supervlslon of thelr nurse ma1d Anlta Blckard Our Journey came to a halt when our delapldated vehlcle suddenly stopped We all got out and pushed lt to the nearest garage the proprletor of whlch was Ioe Dunderman Hls head mechanlc Carole Savage lnformed us that our old buggy had breathed 1ts last Therefore we went to Sandra Hunt s Used Car Lot where we purchased one of Ronnle Sn1der s 1959 Cad lllacs She even furnlshed us Wlth a chauffeur B111 Brown To complete our day we made a v1s1t to Jack Whetstone s Copa Cabana Whlle enJoy1ng our meal served to us by the chef D1ck Daeger we spled the coach of the Antwerp basket ball team Ioe Sukup fl1rt1ng wlth the clgarette g1rl Carolyn Shaffer The entertamment was provlded by Larry Elllott and Shlrley Green do1ng a hula dance Other celebrltles were Marllyn Ryan of a famous modellng studlo and Frltz Dunderman the Texas O11 Tycoon When we left the club the hat heck g1rl Evelyn Copsey dlscovered that someone had plcked our poc kets so we lmmedlately sought the servlces of the famous detectlve Rex Franklln and hur rledly left thls typlcal Amerlcan Town hoplng to escape to safety Sponsored by MEES' DRIVE IN G! 1 K I' I I 1 1 . . . , , . . 2 3 . . I - I . . . . , - . . , . I . 3 'S . - 1 . , Q C . . . . . . , . . , 1 1 , . . . . . - I . 1 1 , . I - , . . 1 . I I 9 I I . - - I - 1 . , . . . , - . . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . -A . . . - 1 V 1 1 ,I V . . . . . - 1 1 1 , . ...P 7 if Qms ig ru R :UQ , ew., 'WLC " ' 's -.,,. 4 kjginqixnj 'R 7 Q . v " ,, .yr .:,l'9 Bus . Manager Larry Rockefeller 7: 6 Q 'S no I I 6' UITIOI' Vice-President George Derck .. 3 1 Kar r, 'X x rf President Larry Zedaker USS ii' ...of C7 Secretary Iudith Mickelson xr I K Gary Babcock Nathan Doctor Sandra Foreman Belinda Gibson Helen Howard Nancy Hunt Bob Lxchty Iames Horney Sponsored by JOE ROSS SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Phone 5-9245 Antwerp, Ohio Eddie McCalla Ed McCreery Larry Miller Rudle Recb Darlene Robbms Robert Ross Walter Schilb Iamce Schoemke Martha Tracy Frances Wmn Sally Zuber Beverly Womack Mary Alice Erter liaren Banks Ray DeLong sf' In I Terry Ross t if 4- Kr., 'H n : Betty 'Eborsole OIH OFC' 6,088 Wayne Fleck Dane Beer Lynn Bute , f 'kb 5 I , t y .1 Rf Q. V X I 3 J J ' , , , Y ' I P ,j 'X 'gf gg., Randy Derek George Doctor Dennis Chnton .- 'Q Xi' f -,.,: J' mls 'l S' O Iudy Donnell Aorence Dunderman Betty Cottrell ...QQ- we Dale Dull mf' Bram-f Beverly Grossman vw, i. ? Q iv' Q Q 4 A 419 I .jf A Q -4 l Mid fl QEKTK 5 J , , a a 'o ' -N 1 ' ..Q': '7 " I. ' Q 'n ' Q I 'gi nr' wr-r x... L f ?f la "-if -af 1 6 ,ag 1' K 'rw as ,Q at r 2 4 W., rw 'XI I. A . . . as so xy 'Q 'Y' 'RR any X Row 1 lim Gctrost Rosoann HGWk1HS Kern Hormann Bob Howard jrm Hutchmns Row 2 Edward Klender Robert Knorr MIKE Lucas Joyce Martln Byron Mclvllcnael Row 3 Dave Mickelson Ixm Miller Bob Putman Elrzabeth Reynolds Paul Reinhart Row 4 Dowcy Rlster Pat Rogers Dick Starry Judy Strock Shlrley Sudlov: 199 V611 Peggy Williams mr,,,,, , Pat Smith Treasurer -as .i 3 N tiff ' Q 4 Terry Monroe Vice-President i Dennis Shuherk Pre side nt ,sf Mr. Lehman Janet Bowers Class Advisor Secretary Mary McCa11a News Reporter 5 If ' 4 3 -si k fi' R. K1 Joyce Donat News Reporter Row 1 Neva Barker Ierry Balser Sue Bromagen Linda Cottrell Iohn Foster Row 2 Eva Friend Harl Fisher Beverly Hook B111 Karnak Carrie Kosch 23 Lg JFQSA HIGH 676185 Sponsored by ANTWERP IRON AND METALS Phone 5-5603 Row l Steve Derck Beverly Hormann Dick Horney Kelly Knuckles Steve Lambert Row 2 Kathleen Mavls Winfield Meek Regina Meyer Larry Miller Ierry Neely Row 3 Barbara Savage Karen Seslar Iay Snook Diane Stumphy Mary Ann Sukup Row 4 Nancy Wannemacher Steve Lambert David Temple . .. 'ff 5 H- if :WP gy, EX1 za fi? .Nfl Q 'Un , i' L Q I V vi' ua, M f-.. "'f.,- '? ,, ff, Q, ff '21-, 1323 - " - 'I ' h, 2 4.1 ,V Q, A rv' if ,,.. if 'Q s. 'il fi f N fa l l ,s W gg? l lg: ' an Q ,, -z. 43,1 4 4. w .f 1 w Q 1 N xi w 3 4 as H J xv L k i sf wa J -G , ff 1 si Q A, f . ff 1, fs ef vi is Row 1 Bob Boesch Franklin Campbell Lee Carr Delores Coon Linda Crowl Row 2 Bob Dunderman Carolyn Gibson Karen Hecklemann Paul Howard Laurenda Hunt Row 3 Raymond Jones Mary Ann Lucas Donald Mabis Sam Mees Virginia Meyer Row ll Sharon Rhoad Mary Schooley Bob Swann Kelly Tracy Carol Travis I'C?S 11716111 GAISS Sponsored by H. And H. CLEANERS I. D. Taylor -.av 31? Iudy Franks Karl Mielke an bvq. - I at E if , E Rx! I, 3522 n f ! fI,'s?,', Vi' 1 Linda Woodcox wr y S ' 2 is 'X , ,165 A54 David Seslar li? W. v 5 , Gene Coon ra 0 glgllt . 'LA' , s -5,9 ' il. Ken Hahn .4,, Y 15 -K f s 5,1 ff -.3355 Y ff , i L,n Ia ne Dirck s 114' 'sip' at A r "' M v E 1' -T pf 4 :QQ 'M' ' -wif' 'faq ug iii 1 ,A- ,xw r 'v Linda Williams Sponsored by WAYNE CO-OP .. x XL 'Q Eleanor Mendez Ann Elston g Iean James Y .J Iim Delaruelle Xff' L ,L Larry Zartman Carole Lelnard V I -0. i""1Y' 4 . ,, -Q :Q Q..-v"" - nf ,J ' 2 x .5 " ii fl ' X 15 s 'VXQ-' A Row 1 Mrs. Reed Roland Bender Alvin Copsey Monty Cornell Iudy Campbell Row 2 Sharon Carr Mary Doctor Ioan Ely Sandy Grossman Ianlce Hoover Row 3 Brenda Hutchrns Delmar Hutchinson Linda Klennicr Tony Langham Andy Llchty Row 4 Steve Lockhart Coleen Murphy Verlalne Pollock Charmalne Reeb Marilyn Relnhart Row 5 Mike Seslar Tom Seslar Elliouse Taylor Kay Walkenstine Pat Wetll Row 6 Bob Harman I-GUY Franklln Rex Patterson ' Q X J A CN! Carol McCarty TU it Sharron McCarty Iudy Carr 'fi 'Q' Michael Zedaker x, N3 . ,A K I. ,QQ ,. 5 Iune Travise 5. . I Z ' ,Z f - A' f ,QW 7' K "U, "" S qi j . f. '3 is if Dale McAle-xander Qra ale Sight Sam Iailor Q Ie an Derc k Martin Hunt Sponsorecl BY THE SUGAR BOWL A X -QR VX .A X QSXXK Alison Iones x 'H X ,H , Etta Gaisiord ,vg k . K K Michael Duffy F' Emily Reed ya- . ,av M ,,, up ,1 45 -r 1' Richard Zimmerman gb. X. Susan Patterson O Q VU 0 a cvwz ' ! ' . 8 Q Q -sf i 4' : If A 1' agar' vi Qing 1 ,. , .ar Sondra Rhoad Larry Ryan Sue Zuber l Y Richard McCreery W K Q, if-r Brenda Yager ,Q Claire Brandenburg -,J 4 ' . Q I,-' gf 1 ,ff X W 4 Xifif i Zi r we-gr N 5 ' , Q Q 'T-. ,gp-vm. vx 1? 1' ' Q, a 0 x r 5 i " 3 7431.1 w My ,-wr ' aww Y .L H.-Mun' JF, A my A 1 .M wi' A Yrs? Kitty Bender Donald Hook Ted Humbarger Stella Rister Ioe Barker Carol Collins Donald Smith Dennis Lucas Susan Howard Ronald Temple Iudy Reeb Joe Walker Harry Maraschky Ierry Overmyer Larry Smith Larry Ladd fdfigj asf ,, X Oi FCI CJQ Se S7017 Sponsored by KAhAh4EYER'S I G A Phone 5-7842 Row l Barry Banks Ierry Berryhill Patricia Brooks Iames Cline Rex Clinton ROW 2 Velma Deerwester Beverly Foreman Ray Friend Virginia Hahn Iudith Hatch Row 3 Richard Lockhart Michael Moore Iimmie Myers Ioe Rogers lay Sanders Row 4 Iulenc Seslar Rita Snyder Donald Starry Leo Sturnphy Patricia Sukup Row 5 Tczrrisa Terrill Iamcs Williams QIU Cl? CS, I 11' SIDENBENDER INSURANCE AGENCY Antwerp, Ohio Row l Grace Skinner Penny Banks Richard Bauer Ila Iames Kay Bromagcm ROW Z Lyle Cari David Clinc Dennis DuBois Konncth DuBois Marsha Farnsworth Row 3 Iohn Gaisford I. L. Gibson William Gill Larry Hook Rosalie Miller Row 4 Robert Laney Darlene Mabis Richard Ross in SQ W. A 'av -cr' 'Sk , I W , ' zu: 15 K " 6- Q H 7 'V I J, Af - - 4 4 Q i A 5 xl :-gf +R as Y Y R ' 'L1, . fra: K lm' Ht Sq' r T!" 9' s Q' Lt ,fa A, , - 9 . 'f M ,I :X l sill' W z , 5 , . .. 1 - t 2: , X. 77,52 , ' gr .gf Q FCICJGS IUQ CHIC! CSDII Y V -in 15-Q' Marvin Gard Mary Derck Larry Iump Terry Knepper Rodney Lucas Iimmy McMichael Paula Meek Vernon Reeb William Ross Robert Ryan Mary Ann Walker Alan Bowers Linda Collins Robert Cottrell Iudlth Daeger Kenneth Donat Robert Gill Jane Koehlinger Lucinda Marsh Michael McCalla Thomas Rcinhart Robert Schoenike Dianne Sehlmeyer Fritz Ehrhart :W ff "" O of ffl 34 . sm- X, eff- A J .6 it M x 1 l.U0 Row 1 Miss Viva Iohansen Steve Anderson Patsy Bouiiion Iames Bowers Row 2 Rita Bute Roberta Bute Carol Delong Ioan Derck Billy I-Itchy Row 3 Anita Foust Raymond Gillespie Kathy Hahn Susan Lambert Mike McKeever Row 4 Terry McNabb Donna Miller O Ill? Larry Zuber V0 Row l Sherly Miller Susan Rhoad Neil Monroe Bruce Neely Tommie Reeb Row 2 Wayne Snyder Floyd Ramsier Iudy Stumphy Gordon Taylor Kathleen Thompson Row 3 Ralph Travise Iames Weatherhead Keith West Rex Whetstone Judith Zimmerman xi F ' Q Q Al' Y 'IA V! ir L1 J 2- A w :Si Q3 Edith Coplin Frank Bell Neil Bickhard Gregory Carr Dick Collins Sylvia Crosby William Denem Leslie Detman Laurel Donat Sharold Ehrhart Gloria Franks Larry Friend Karen Holbrook Kirk Hopkins Ianet Iohnson Keith Kadegch Bob Karnak Ricky Knuckles Ronnie Laisure Diana Lockhart Pamela Mees Mary Mendez Cheryl Marsh Kenneth Miller Sherrill Moon Larry Overmyer Andrea Panico Bruce Putman Iudlth Reynolds ' . , n nn an 1' Q is A, , 5 I N V , ,Q Kiwi? " il '4' f 4 n ,E-:Mix iz: , -l 8 5 ,l f h wax Qgfad? FROUI' Ii r X9 If A ' , 2. ft' S ' ' 7 i in ' "Wh 'af CAMERA SHY Rick Schilb Bonnie Sehlmeyer David Sidenbender Lonnie Stevens Frank Sukup Pete VVgatne1' Icrry Weth Iohn G1l1 Iamcs Waldfogc-1 Edward O'Ne-11 37 -.- ,Q E U . J wh H 7 Q Q 1 " ,,.,. H Mg -ww If 'W V. .lf if ' if 1 P" Y f 1 K If xl! if 5 ., 'ff 'Yr !f-19, V 1 'V ' i' S "'l"-a- ,J 1-my ff Q! f S 1 5 i S 51 .-Mm 'z vs- if I. f' A .iii f' ...fe W QQQQ h,L f + VW! '1 . it K Af' wifi M gfvj Q. 991 Y ja, Sponsored by , , 'U-Us--ri A in "4-v ' 'li his ROW 1 Nlrs. Edna Eoersole Gayle Bissell Orvllle Copsay Shella DeLong Both Devester Row 2 Steven Eager Iamos Farnsvrorth Melvm F1lll'TlOl'C Carol Handy Ioyoe Hoover Row 3 Mlchuel Kemerer Ronaln Kutzll Donnlo Laney Suzanne Langham MlChllC1l Longwell Row 4 Robert McCalla Judith McKeever Raymond Mendez Steven Mxller Cralg Overmyer HERTEIIS JEWELRY Q J . Antwerp, Ohio IU 0 UU' ui P mlff' Q as f A sv 'FI f . . 3' Y' nu Sponsored by BROWN S BAKERY ! 'Q S wh .xr Q , 1 'ffl f fa gf Fifi, 5 -1 hx , Row l Danny Overmyor Locinda Panico Phyllis Perkins Darrell Robbins Row Z Sandra Sanders Linda Schilb Iorald Scouton Dian Soslar Row 3 Randall Sharpe Michael Shuherk Larry Smith Rit., Stickney Row 4 Sharon Williams Iudith Sukup Linda Sunday Michael Swann Qi Sheila Wilson Ioseph Yaqcr Linda Longstrcth I O fx Defiance, Ohio Qrc 8 Olll' vRyQx . ,mx 5 Qs V' , -A . X i ,K 331. in 3 ,ya 2 f 9 Q - F Q w iw rlii Q eg" -, Q nik? f , mn if KM ., Q , g W 'Sf F t sg K Q'-,. vw? -Q K- - 4 'x 0 M A ' W V E 3. M k - ,, f 2, an-b 'E A Expt 1 V k , rv t Syl, l ,-' mfpqf . - ' 5? io gf H3QQ?5 iigil! U r , ll lr W r h 'Q to aw, r f h IVA .-' was 5 'sta "6 Ss. A H 'Q " N' M if . 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Sponsored by Row 1 Mrs. Lucile Smurr Gene Balser Thomas Barker Linda Berenyi Iudy Bouillon Row 2 Randy Brooks Paige Clinton Linda Derck Gregory Geyer Marlene Hemrick Row 3 Peggy Hunt Carl Jeffery Linda Iordan Gary Kemerer Michel Lindsey Row 4 Dennis McNabb Atari Mendez Albert Miller Sylvia Miller Linda Murphy 9. Row 5 Dennis Overmyer Richard Wetli Alan Sehlmeyer Diana Shock Ronald Slattery ANTWERP UPHOLSTERING CO. Custom Upholstering and Repair Q C! Melvin Billman, Prop. fa 8 fU'QQ Brenda Strock Darlene Gill Shannon Kutzli Ernie Longberry Loyd Mayer Joe Mendez Ioan Overmyer Diana Roger Carolynn Sehlmeyer Cheryl Smalley james Vail, Ir. Kathleen Wisehan Connie Williams Michael Weatherhead Iames Walker Daniel Wolfe w Rtimw 1 N 6 P U' u fr' .. ,Ii?.'z1 kg . 5 1 5 ' X sxi' Diane Kennedy Sponsored by PATE'S DRUG STORE .dv I' S 1 , 1 1 six-hs! l l f.,' J5' -Q H fi 5 ,fx . 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Iimmy Bcurbox-.or Rebecca Bcrunyr Carolyn Cullcr Cccrg1a Daisler Cindy Doral: Karla Ehrhart Marla Ehrhart Sammy Frrcnd Debbie Gordon Loulsc Hughes Iudy Ieffery Lonny Iones Micheal Ioncs Roland Kennedy Ame-ha Mondez Iayme Mrllcr I1mmy Panico Leslle Ryan Debbie Shuhcrk David Smith Donald Stwvr-:won Iack Walkr r Martha Wallzor Ioan Wcathurhead Benny Wyckolf Pat Yaqor Susie Zanor Timmxe Barker Sandra Wllliams U4 C2 I Q Cl 1 I 0 I I 49 slfllllffl -KIQUUIII Rosa Traylor, jesse Bissell, Lavem Rach 'Wx 1,5 .fs .ziff 'iii X x xxx! uslor mm C Martin Ncxdhardt 5 E 3 4 Q9 L TIILETIGS X fa VQQXYA 46 .Q-1 LARRY DICK IOHN IIM DAVE ljarsitg 1956-57 Convoy Oakwood Blue Creek Fanner Mark Center Hoaglhilackson Grover Hill Sherwood Payne Hicksville Blue Creek VVoodburn Grover Hill Mark Center Payne Paulding Oakwood Oakwood PAUL BOB THEY 42 55 43 50 54 60 56 32 31 49 39 53 66 64 44 63 60 7l 1-'RITZ IOE WALT II M IIM '-Q X, A 1 ,Xxx f 9 MQW V-v lst ROW: Paul Howard, Dave Mickelson, Bob Lichty, Walter Schilb, Ioc Dunderman, Iames Homey, Larry Zedaker. Znd ROW: Larry Elliott-Mgr. , Fritz Dunderman, Iohn Kennedy, Jim Miller, Richard Daeger, James Hahn, Larry Miller-Mgr. , Coach Fleck. lst ROW: Iay Snook, Richard Horne-y, john Foster, Wintield Meek, Lynn Bute, Bob Dunderman, Bob Boesch, Kelly Tracy-Mgr. 2nd ROW: Edward Klender-Mgr., James Hutchins, Jerry Balser, Robert Knorr, Dennis Shuherk, Dennis Clinton, Bob Howard, Terry Monroe. Q1 i --Q- 0 S 0 I . V 0 S ':i"'.. .-, I' C 9 SEATED: Larry Elliott, Kelly Tracy, Mr. Gard, Larry Miller. 2nd ROW: Eddie McCalla, Iames Hutchins, Lynn Bute, Dennis Clinton, George Derck, Ioseph Sukup, Nathan Doctor. 3rd ROW: Ioe Dunderman, Lyle Leinard, Richard Daeger, Bruce Ely, Jim Miller, james Hahn, Jim Getrost, Iockk Whetstone. SEATED: Paul Howard, Dave Mickelson, Dennis Shuherk, Terry Monroe. 2nd ROW: Kelly Tracy, Lynn Bute, Virgil Taylor, Bob Lichty, Larry Zedaker, Ioseph Sukup, Coach Lehman Larry Elliott. 3rd ROW: Ierry Grimes, Walter Schilb, Fritz Dunderman, Iohn Kennedy, Richard Daeger, Jack Vifhetstone. 3 Cl, 5 C 7 Cl lst ROW Znd ROW 3rd ROW 4th ROW Carole Sue Savage Helen How :rd Sue Ross Rzta Gaxsiord Andrea Donnell 4' Ioycc Marun Pat Rogers Eva Iane Fnend Beverly Grossman Barbara SavagL Indy Donnell Kathy Mavxs Florence Dunderman Mrs Peppers Betty Ebersole Darlene Robbms Sally Zuber Martha Tracy Ian1ceSChoen1ke Pat Smlth Ioyce Donat Ann Erter Sharon Rhoao Peggy Wllllams Shxrley Sudlow Barbara Womack Sandra Hunt Dranc Stumphy Mary Schooley Carol Travrs Sandra Foreman Beverly Womack 1 1 uv A- 6 'Plz I RAY S COFFEE SHOP HaroldA Secllst Antwerp, Ohlo I u El Joe Dunderman, Lyle Leinard, Iames Hahn, George Derck. Iohn Birkhold, Robert Putman, Kelly Tracy, Iohn Kennedy, Coach: George Derck, Mxke Lucas, Robert Ross. 2 . 4 Glld I71pl'OlI 9211171 gn tra - 77Yum. 1959 1960 1958 1959 57 58 1956 19 19 15 1955 1956 1954 1955 1953 1954 1952 1953 .1. 13-11 10-1011-10112-1012-11 22-8 Z 18-15 20-15 20-1621-18 22-19 15-12 1951 952 1950 949 1 1948 947 946 1 1945 1944 9-10 8-10 8-9 8-8 113 21-7 Z0-6 19-5 18-4 16-4 16-2 14-Z 18-13 LL LL LL e t -9 WL 1 0-8 LL 4 150-6 0- 0-2 .-4 -4 .-4 1 I .lg 11- 9-6 9-5 8-5 6-9 6-8 4-8 3-8 1 2-Z 8-4 8-3 f 8-11 10-1112-1113-1215-1216-13 6-11 11943 1942 1941 12-2 10-2 8-2 5-10 4-9 3-8 1-4 -4 7-3 1-2 1-1 0-1 6-3 5-3 4-3 4-2 3-2 l..i 2-2 11 1940 1939 1938 1937 -1 1-1 6-2 4-Z 2-2 0-2 2-7 1-6 1-4 0-3 36 1 0-1 0-2 0-1 2-1 1-1 O-1 1 A., ii. select ye To flnd the w1nner for any game Wh1ch Antwerp has played LEGEND mtersects w1th horizontal lme desired and go down the vertical column unt11 1t square represents the two games for that Each on wh1ch opponent 1s located The numbers below the letters W or L represent the total number of games S95 S011 won or lost s1nce 1936 HICKSV ILLE r-4 PAYNE LOTTY OAKWOOD BLUE CREEK p-4 WOODBURN CENTER FARMER SHERWOOD ONVOY-UNION OAGLIN-JACKSON - 1 1 3 ' 1 331 ' Lf 1 1 1 19 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WWW Yun- 79137 Q33 193911940 11941 ,1942 1943 19441945 1946 1947 1948 11949 1950 1951 11 1 3312 7 A A L L1L1L L1L1L1.'1.L1LL1LL11,L1 1LL1LLLLLL1W1W1W 1 1 0-1 0-2 10-3 10-4 0-5 10-6 0-8 0-1010-1210-1410-1611-1711-1911-21 1-2311-2512-2513-2514-2514-261 3 1 333 3 1 . 3, 34. ' 33 1 . - - ---- -1 -4 -- ---- - '1 1LL1L L11WW1WfL L L1L1LW W1W W L W1 1 1 PAULD NG 2-0 1 4-0 1 4-2 14-3 4-4 1 5-5 6-5 1 7-5 0-5 8-6 1 1 1 1 1 1 33 3133 1 A 333 1 . 1 , 'U 1 1 13 E L ' 3,1 3 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 L ' 1 LW1LL1 1 LW WL1 1Lw1 1. 1 10-1 10-2 2-2 4-2 3 6-2 1 8-2 10-2111-3111-5113-51 15-5117-5 19-5 20-6 21-7123-7 25-7126-3123-3 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iv ,721 , 3, .3L..,L-. 1 A - Fw 1 1 1 1 . 3 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 LL 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LL LW LW 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 3 122-3 1 3 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 ' 1 1 .1 -1 -s 1 a P -f L LL1 1LL1Lw LW1WL LW1WL 1 1W1. 1 LL 1LW1LL1WL I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 3 3 1 - 1 ww- +---- 3 I T --- - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L L1W1W1W1LW 1 1 1LL1L1.1LLLLWL 1 1 1 1 1 1 - HAVILAND 0-1 0-2 1 1-2 1 2-2 1 3-2 4-3 6-3 3 3-3 10-3112-3112-5 12-7112-9112-11113-1215-121 3 31 3 L A i411 1 a 3333333 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 1 1 ' 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 -LL 1 1 5 1WL 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 L 3 1 . 1 1 1LL1LL1Lw1 1 LW LW'LL LL 1 GROVERHLL 0-2 10-4 1 1-5 1 3-5 4-6 1 6-61 8-6110-6 2-6 13-7115-71 16-8 0-8120-8 2 -9 121- 1121-13123-1323- 524-16 1 3 . -33-M 1 1 ' 1 1 1 3 1 -11------ 1 + 1 33+ A E44 L Q L 1 1 1 1 L 1 L L 1 L LW L W L 1 W 1 W W W L 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0-3 0-4 10-5 10-6 1 1-71 1-01 2-3 2-91 3-3 4-3 5-9 613 36-10 1 a 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 3 1 W 1 W W L L 1 L L 1 L 3 L 1 1 3 1 HA N 1 1 1 ' 1 1-0 1 2-0 1 3-0 1 3-1 3-2 2 3-3 3-4 3-5 13-6 1 1 1 3- 33 ,3,,,, 33, 33,33 13 .1 3,33 . 1 1 3 1 , 3 1 - ' 1 -A -1 --- L1W1wL1W W11 1LW1WWW1L1L3W3L1111 1 1 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 343 33333A A33 3 V 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 33 f 3 3 3 3 3 Q 61 L31 - 3 1 L 13 1 L 1 W W L 1 L L 1 L L 1 1 W W 1 L 1 0-1 0-2 0-3 1-3 2-3 1 2-4 1 2-5 2-6 2-7 1 2-0 1 1 1 . 33 3 3 3 3 333, 1 1 1 1 - - 1- 1 4' "4 1 1 w 1 L . 1 1 1 W W W W 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1-011-1 1 1 1 1 L 1 2-1 3-1 14-1 5-1 1 1 1 3 3- 4 3 333444, 1 .2 1 1 -3 3 A 33 133 3 33 3 . L33 3 - - 9 -1 ----,--- - -- f ---1 ---1 44 ' --- L 1 W L W L 1 W 1 W 1 C z 3 , , I ar 4 1 1 2-31 3-31 4-31 - E ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 L W W 1 L 1 L H ' ' ' . 1 0-1 1-1 2-1 2-212-3 .. -l- l-1- ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i C11 I STANDING: Jim DeLarue11e, Mike Zedaker, Mike Duffey, Karl Mieike, Monty Cornell, Ken Hahn, Bob Lehman. KNEELING: Ioe Rogers, Marty Hunt, Andy Lichty, Bob Harrman, Dale MacA.lexander, Tony Langham, Rex Clinton. George Derck winning miie run at County Meet. ' Ianice Schoenike, Marge ' Murphy, Carole Savage, Shot by Fritz Dunderman at Antwerp-Paulding game. I1-ldy MiCkelS0I1- , Senior-High Cheerleaders: utnlor gflglz Qasketbafl Clam Practice shot by Ioe Dunderman at Antwerp-Paulding game. 5 t 5 s ',N e Z 7 '5 O I 1 J 171 S CIA Il SEATED: BOL D,:..:1rmx.n, Mr. Flec-1, Qouchg R1sh.u.i Horny, Ram-..:i Bopfggh. STANDING: K,1lyrTracy, Mgr., Paul I-I..wq:'.i, Tbrry Monro, Dcnms Shuherk, Ierry Bals-sr, Iohn Foster, Wmflchi Mack, Tay S20 lst ROW: Nancy Wanncmuchcr, Iarmt Bowcrs, Kuthlhum MdVlS, Barham Savage. Zuni ROW: Carol Trailis, Mary McCal1a, Eva Ianu Frxumi, Ioyce Donat, P6U'1Cld Smnh. 3rd ROW: Mary Schooley, Canfie Kosch, SQL Bromuqwm, Sharon Rhoixgi, Dlanc Stumphy K., I. 0 Q .S l 1 1 IH I' Cl, S 60 I 1.4111 23 CTIVITIES 3 yo! X ev W f ,p x 'mf 53 fm Qgajsigglz L ,J 9 Six 4 ws-fS?' iw Q33 nik Skim ii zfiisl 3' my ,, J' Y Qqglj X ww wi' 'v ix il iii 35- 31' S4 2 T ' 9' , V1 gi-PC ,E 1-bf? 911-4 if frwfrx ,jaw 'Q amfniyy' AVJ' fl kmgssug '51 gijff fx KW' y X f ' , . , 0' , ' Ya, ' L, 'E-2, 1' 4 .V 2 X , 6 if I , ' fi . A . 5 ' . r Q, Q ' ffgmzr ' 1 .VI - "xf'.",r 4 I ,is W , 1 ' Yjfgpg V , .ak . l , 'P ,iff H K , ." ' . 1 545 X ,r L gif, Q 2 ' I aww. Q-3-1 Q, , ., K f' 'ff' .. ,f 4, ' , ,. ' f " Q ik... 'S , . 3' ' . :f-5.0 .f 4 2 'Q V. AQ 1 - ,,, A . ' .,r ,f 1 I, .. 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S. lump, Advisors, Fritz Dunderman, Larry Rockefeller, George Kadesch. Carol Doctor, Martha Tracy, Sue Ross, Carole Savage, Walter Schllb, Iim Hahn, Sally Zuber, Helen Howard, Janice Schoenike, Beverly Womack, Iudy Mickelson, Barbara Womack, Carolyn Shaffer, Sandra Foreman. 3 f5 3 lr 2-' ' Q P ' i , I J,. , 1 , 5 1 ,ww-.naw .X ws., ' 'E' .3 . Q , Ly lr lil!! Wg! 95 il S O 0 SEATED: Mary Schooley, Pat Smlth, .Ioyce Donat, Beverly Hormann, Barbara Savage, Sharon Rhoad. STANDING: Nancy Wannemacher, Mrs. Reed, Kelly Tracy, Dennis Shuherk, Ierry Neely, Terry Monroe, Winfield Meek, Iay Snook. SEATED: Betty Cottrell, Elizabeth Reynolds, Betty Ebersole, Iudy Donnell, Pat Rogers, Ioyce Martin. SECOND: Iim Miller, Dennis Clinton, Dave Mlckleson, Randy Derck, Edward Klender, Bob Howard, Paul Reinhart. THIRD: Beverly Grossman, Ann Ilrter, Florence Dunderman, Peggy Williams, Iudy Strock, Shirley Sudlow Mrs. Reed. NATIO NAL HONOR SOC IET7' X! g I f X P3- if ,QA H, 'wv , J? 3 T535 My li V WMM C7 Mita! 'gli GAISS mflly 1st ROW: Ianice Schoenike, Nancy Hunt, Sally Zuber, Iudy Mickelson, Belinda Gibson, Beverly Womack, Darlene Robbins, Martha Tracy. 2nd ROW: Bob Lichty, Larry Miller, Edward McCreery, Walter Schilb, George Derck, Rudie Reeb, lim Horney Nathan Doctor, Larry Zedaker. 3rd ROW: Bob Ross, Mike Lucas, Ken Hormann, Eddie McCalla, Sandra Foreman, Sue Ross, Helen Howard, Mrs. Reed, Director. fx ' f V Pj ff .1 lsr ROW: beverly Lirosisrnan, Baruara Savage, Ianet Bowers, Carrie Kosch, Beverly Womack, Sue Bromagen, Sandra l'or.:rnan. Lind ROW: Pat Smith, Barbara Womack, Martha Tracy, Ianrce Schoenlile, Sue Ross, Mary Schooley, Sharon Rhoad. 31.3 ROW: Mr. jump, Advrsorg Ixm Hahn, Ioe Sukup, Betty Ebersole, Pat Rogers, Ann Erter. fps ,A .rf -W Q gf67 QSDC1 Qty mano! v-X ,vs- v?!'fT X '77 ! lst ROW: Etta Gaisford, Diane Sturnphy Iuqitn Hutcn B V rly Foreman Sordra Rno d Karen S slar Laureno Hunt. 2nd ROW: Karen Hcckelman, Neva Barker Linda Williams LL C rr B1llKar1ak Donald Mains Ion. Waller Mr. lump. 3rd ROW: Dennis Shglherk, Franklin Campoell Terry M01 ro Paul Howam Richard Zimm-Lrman Donald Smith lay Snook, Mr. Fleck. Iudy Donnell, Beverly Grossman, Iim Miller, Joyce Martin Paul Rcinhart, Tom Seslar, Iudith Strock, Peggy Williams, E 1 ro 4'- -sa- 43? a r l W H1 4 Xe- NZ1',1'ecf G!10I'llS lst ROW: Ianice Schoenike, Carrie Kosch, Sue Ross, Linda Cottrell, Randy Derck, Kathy Mavis, Beverly Hook, Rose Ann Hawkins, Sharon Rhoad. 2nd ROW: Mary McCalla, Andrea Donnell, Karen Heckelmann, Terry Ross, Larry Rockefeller, Lynn Bute, Diane Stumphy, Karen Seslar, Nancy Wannemacher. 3rd ROW: Florence Dunderman, Barbara Womack, Martha Tracy, Iim Hutchins, Lyle Lelnard, Jack Whetstone, Dick Daeger, Delores Coon, Mr. Petty, Director. 4th ROW: Mary Ann Sukup, Pat Rogers, Betty Ebersole, Winfield Meek, Kelly Tracy, Walter Schilb, Iim Hahn, Joe Dunderman, Carole Savage. Sth ROW: Darlene Robbins, Sally Zuber, Larry Miller, Iim Horney, Ronnie Snider, Rex Franklin, Helen Howard, Sue Bromagem, Mary Schooley. 6th ROW: Mary Ann Lucas, Barbara Savage, Neva Io Barker, Dennis Clinton, Bruce Ely, Eddie McCalla, Ianet Bowers, Pat Smith, Beverly Grossman. 7th ROW: Iudy Donnell, Peggy Williams, Joyce Martin, Ilm Miller, Paul Relnhart, David Mickelson, Edward Klender, Elizabeth Reynolds , Betty Cottrell . 8th ROW: Ann Erter, Bob Howard, Laurenda Hunt. iv . oLl6l'!Il'IIlllS SEATED: Shirley Sudlow, Carolyn Shaffer, Sally Zuber, Darlene Robbins, Helen Howard, Carrie Kosch. STANDING: Sandra Foreman, Carol Travis, Larry Rockefeller, Randy Derck Dane Beer, Dennis Clinton, Rudie Reeb, George Kadesch. Y x 4 D '25 ,z ,Q ,diy I IL When we were Sophomores at the Iunlor-Senior Prom, May '55 Sponsored by SMITH'S DRUG STORE Antwerp, Ohio 1 8 81 John Snook 1882 Charles Graves CD1 W111 Deatrlc CDI Frank Kemerer KDJ 1883 Frank Graves D 1884 No Graduates 1 B85 Emma Wesner CDI 1886 Lotta Doer1ng fPocockl QD? Mollle Knapp fM1tchelll CD1 Clara Emanuel CYaegerl CD1 Julla Emanuel Frank Saylor 1887 John Burret Br1dg1d Halllman CDD Maggie Doermg fwertl KDD 1888 No Graduates 1889 Dora Shrlver CW1lderl CDD Ellza Barker fWentworthJ CD1 Blanch Wentworth fDownlngl 1890 Anna Shaffer lHertell CD1 1891 Frank Bernardme IDD L1ll1an Harrls fBarnesl Levlsa H Zuber QDJ Clara Zuber KDJ 1892 Mlnnie McGu1re CSmithJ Andrew Schrlb KDJ 1893 Jennte Hudson fGoddardl CD1 Minnie McCabe 1894 Maud Snook QDJ Eva Barnett CApplegateJ Pearl Zuber KHBITISJ Lewls Curtls KD, 1895 Bertha Snyder fDoer1ngJ CD1 Harry Snook CDD Mary McCabe fGordonJ Andrew Schneider CD1 Lloyd Harms KDJ lllflflae Comprled By HELEN HOWARD 1896 Ollve Carr CSch1lbl KDI Lewls C Harms IDI John Curtls W111 N Fleck fDl 1897 Edlth Harrls fZe1glerl CD1 Flossle Perry Uumpl Nettle Sch1lb fF1nleyl Grace Mart1n Margaret McCabe 1HGI'I'lSl KDD 1898 Bertha Hlglnbotham fMearsl CDD Julla Zuber fSm1thJ Florence Jacobs fDan1elsJ Fas Hrghlnbotham QNeerl Anna Murphy CWh1tmorel KDJ Mlnetta Schmttker CNortonl Myrtle Snyder CPauleyJ 1899 Ethel Fuller Nan Hornl Lloyd Long Fred Pocock QDJ Gladys Busby Uackobsl Blanch Drehner QW1leyD Bertha Harrls CConversel Inez Jaderstrum QDuncanJ CD1 Mary Phllpot CD1 Mary Mller QHellemanl Emmett Kauffman 1900 Lula Carr lWatersJ CD1 Fred Carr Doll1e Webber CCarrl Blanche Kennedy fSmythel Edward Carr Bertha Fleck fLacyl Maude Graves fK1lbeJ Mlnnle Pugh KOvermyerl Roy Dxlts KDJ Ellza Marlln lDeLongl 1901 Flossle Graves Theodore Harrrs Authur McCabe Chas Schmttker Roy Seeley CD1 Bessie Harrls 1902 John Doer1ng CD1 Inez Marlln lLe1derl Clyde McCabe Edna Oswalt lDeVorel Clarence Oberhaltzer IDD 1903 Olrver Gordon CArmstrongJ John Pomeroy George Gordon KDI Robert Dowell Fred Johnson CD1 Joe Harr1s John Berg KDJ Frances Clemmer CQualntancel Mlllle Reeb fDeemerl Bess1e Snyder CDOBFIHQ, Addle Schneider QClemmerp Maggle Peffley lCampJ Edna B1ssel 0Nh1teJ 1904 Bess1e Brehm fM1llerJ Mable Dowd CPeckJ Edlth Graves fl-larrlsl QD, Ross Llndemuth Dora Mlller KB1ackburnl Mable McCabe Eurle Snook lMonroel Grace Shepard CCarrl CDD Hattle Schn1ttker Warren Seslar Lawrence Wllson Eva Johnson U-larrlsl 1905 Alfred Saylor KDJ Maude Harr1s fSmlthl IDD Jessle Harrls QDerckl Julxa Armstrong KBanksl Florence Barrows lChausseeJ 1906 Addie McCabe Ollve Brehm Uacobsl Joseph Carr CD1 Ana Snook fMart1nl Hazel Chaney QW1ngerterl Nell1e Cussen fThompsonl Jenme Carothers QStengerJ Florence Graces fZ1mmermanJ Hattxe Mann Leame Huges KSteedl Ralph Carr Marre McGu1re CSm1thJ Edlth Slusser CSlglerl Eva Po 'vers Earl Zuber Effle Harrmann fLlndemuthJ Earl Reeb 1907 Jessle Champlon Guy H Deemer KDJ Julia Gowdy fNelsonJ Clyde Gosharn Genevlevea Grant Warren Howard Glenn Kelfer Nell1e Paulson fH1fZ61, Amy Lindemuth lCoatsJ Fern Lacy CDeLongl Anme Mooney lRussell Blanch Renshaw KMurphyl Vlfgll Saylor Ehthel Seeley fLeasel CD1 Ol1ver Shtery Fay Sunday fMcCallJ Trlxle Seslar Uohnsonl Jeddah Webber 1908 Ray Applegate Russell Banks Ray Banks QDJ Mary Bernard KMcGrathJ Lottie Camp CBoothl Eunice Derck Uacksonl Roxy Fell KBr1ckerl May Grant Addie Hughes lStilesl Elsle Mann lSnyderj CD1 Claren Murphy CD1 Eullla McGu1re KSauerwlneJ Ruth Saylor lHuntl Ernest Pugh Earl Renshaw Mandus Reeb CDD Edna Stalnfleld QCastonl Clara Sunday QEgloffl Inez Smrth CGravesl Carrxe Wllklnson CDD Eddre Marlln QDD 1909 Ethel Anderson lDeardorfl QD Thomas Babcock Norma Fllley CSm1thJ John Foster KDJ Harry Howard James Hurless Mlnme Knapp fSp1nd1erl Freda Klger QLongl Norman McGu1re IDD Del1a Peffley KFr1endJ Blanche Sweet fGu1ffl Chester H111 Flossle Johnson lMooneyJ Hazel Stalnfleld KZuberl Marle Sunday CCarrJ Guy Smlth Harry Shlmer KDI Jennie Rose 1910 Gertrude Banks Evander Barrows Ruth Carr Uioonel CD1 Dessolee Chester Earl Chester Adeltne Chester KWh1tel Paul Cussen Carl Dyslnger Hazel Foster CAmspaughl Flossre Hughes CPughJ Della Mangus lAmesl Blanch Rose Hazel Reeb KMurphyl Clara Smrth CB1rkholdl Guy Schultz CDD Henry Seslar Tom Zuber Ellzabeth Brattaln CKIQBIJ KD! 71 JW 1 cm if 4' - V "' 4 J an r h I J A I I I cm I 1' I cm 1 1 - A I t 19 l l No Graduates 1912 Ray Chester Addie Llndemuth QSundayJ Francls Tester Forest Fleck Eumce Snook lGloorJ Tom Carr Clyde Sunday V1v1an Hummel KBaumleJ Nellle Saylor KPugh1 John McCreery 1913 Roy Schultz CDD john Chester Otha Fleck Earl Harrls Frank Wllson CD1 Frank Smlth Ruth Marlm CD1 Conme Harrxs CFleckl Guy lump Gladys Roblnson CBorgmanD Leo Hertel KDJ Ethel Saum CMaroneyJ 1914 Emma Foster Helen Cummmgs Mane Derck IF1tzgerald1 Phoebe Smlth QCarrJ Ruth Nelson Ruth Wallace lHelse11 Ieamme Yager fEssexJ Roy Hughes Gerald Hummel QD1 Bridgrd Slattery CW1rthJ Nora Smlth Gumpl 1915 Mabel Champlon CBowersoxl Ralph Coplln Russell Duval L1ll1e Foster QSchmunk1 Eva Hutchlns cHBYflS, Clara Iude QGust1n1 Hazel Jude Raymond Overman Mabel Phllllps lDys1ngerJ Grace Rogers lMettertl Louls Schmunk CD1 Gertrude Rogers KMettert1 1916 Margaret Burgess CEssexJ Earl Babcock Cemantha Cummlngs KKelleyJ Paul Chester CD1 Edxth Donnell KLGIHIHQEIJ Luella Hughes lStevenson1 Zella Mltchell lBabcockJ Ralph Schooley Lella Wentworth Edw1n Schmunk 1 917 W1lfred Bakel Luclle Doerlng CLongJ E11 Font Bonnle Foster fSm1thl Helen Gordon lBardelm1erJ Orvllle Perklns Edxth Reeb fPerk1nsl Alma Sackrlder fHal1ockJ QD, Iohn Scoby Anna Slattery Glen Smlth H1lary Snyder KDJ Ora Tester Lehr Wllder Ray Wellbaker 1918 Mary Bakle Cleo Burroughs KReebJ Florence Derck lB1ss lll Donald Hudson Fern Hawthorne KColl1nsJ Alva Mxller Floyd Mettert KDJ Bessie Perkxns lReeb1 Paul Reeb Alma Saum fGordon1 Helen Sunday QETJOH, Hanna Smlth CFergusonJ Goldle Treaster lN1c elyl Marlan Zelgler 1919 Mary Clrne CZartman1 KD1 Cecella Cussen QMackJ Francls Delong fB1ckhard1 QD, Wllbur Helber Irene Lamb QBennett1 Frelda Murphy Uumpl Merle Murphy Uohnsonl Marguerlte Mlckelson fB1ckhardl Edna Peffley lShuherkJ Melva Snyder lStrub1hg1 Joshua Shaffer Glen Yager 1920 Bern1ce Boland lBowersJ Madge Dyslnger lPruett Leroy Hummel Kathryn Hawks lReep1 Florence Marsh fWetl11 Homer Mlller KD, Eudella Mettert lTh1mlarJ Wlmfred Sm1th CSm1th1 Bessre Starry fDrexlerl 1921 Mlldred Ashton KDe1sler1 Florence Carr CCampl Marguerlte Duval KSnyder1 Helen Derck CBlalock1 Goldle Ewlng lMorr1sl Paul Luce George Mrller Irene Ph1ll1ps CYagerJ Bessle Place fFreder1cksJ Thelma Schooley KTaylorJ Vesta Swlsher CD1 Hazel Stlner Neola Snyder fGordon1 Leutta Shaffer M1ldred Wentworth KBarnes1 Thelma Wallace lCuller1 Margaret Yeagle Myrtle Zuber KPagel1 1922 Louvlsa Dunderman CGlobensky1 Zona Danlels CEngl1shJ Herbert Gordon Madge Graves CW1dd1f1eld1 Mable Hallock CHoffmasterl Chester Hawklns KDJ Dale Johnson Devota Iohnson KDonnelll Donald Hughes Donovan McCreery Florence Murphy CAndersonl Dorthea Ph1111pS KDurdermanl Vanda Schultz QMe1lke1 Ray Schllb Rolly Schuler Rheba Seeley KFrahmJ Howard Wentworth 1923 Mark Blckard CD1 Roy Cllnton CD1 Luclle Carr KSLIVSYD Danlel Cussen Harold Cussen Gale Dunderman Harrlet Harrrs QHorneyJ Thelma Hallock CL1chtyl Ruth Kraft Beulah Kraft lPens1 Mar1a Klender CThompson1 Helen Keatmg lB1rkhold1 Phyllrs Murphy CPa1neJ Marle Parker lHoffman1 Gearld Schooley Dale Swann Carleton Snook KDD Almery Tracy Rama Zelgler G-Ilckllnl 1924 Galen Merchant fB1ckhardl Ada Chnton QF1sherl Jesse W Champron Wendell Codd1ngton Harold Frsher Dale Ehrhart Mary Hawver fSch1lbJ Dalsy Lllly fShuler1 Mary Moore Russell Mettert Luther Reeb Walter Schmunk Nathan Snyder Dollle Stlner CLempkel Carolrne Snook KHBWKJHS, Robert Schllb KD1 1925 Eleanor R Armstron fWyant1 Rlchard Ashton Ianette Adcock fS1denbenderl Mayme Ilo Burgess CD1 Gladys Boylan Arnold Denneth Boland Mary D Cottrell Mary Cussen fSlatteryJ Harry Carr Nettle Enderle lHook1 L1ll1an Ewlng CHollopeter1 Hazel Ehrhart fMaJorl Eula Ianette Graves lKeevesl Freddxe Gordon Kenneth Iohnson Zenas Paul Hart QD, Frances L Iallor George Iackson Eva I Jackson CCormackl Fern Hughes KOt1s1 KD1 Frances Hudson QBoland1 Wendell L Harrls Iuamta Longberry CSawyer1 Orlo H Kohn Walter Kneubuhler Elsre Keatlng lRob1nsonl IDD CharleyA Stlner Roma Sexton KSDYIQQSJ Margaret Zuber CMaroneyJ Ollle Zedaker Bernadme Kennedy fSlattery1 Fred Ellsworth 1926 Leonard Carr Harold Clark Robert Hart Anna Iallor CSm1th1 Bernlce Jordon CD1 Bertha Hemenover lHallockl Dale Hobeck Mlldred Hummell QHemenover1 Iohn Longberry Vlolet Knlght Uohnsonl Harrxette Mlller fStultzJ lla Rosendaul lOvermeyerl Alta Rupert KMarquart1 Gladys Reb KEllsworth1 Robert Sunday Joseph Zuber 1927 George Bakle Ralph johnson Perry McCreery CD1 Leroy Swrng CD1 Robert P Zergler Arletta Carr fStrayer1 Carolyn Derck lSheperd1 Florence Donat lBoyce1 Mary Alyce Gordon CHoughton1 Vera Helsel fBrososkyl Evah Helen Hopkms KShawJ Dora Mae Knlght KTrutw1nJ Grace Luce lCarr1 Iessle Schllb KGo1ngsl Mabel Whltmen QHeckmanJ 1928 Ralph Armstrong LaVon Carr Clorde Ehrhart Dwrght Kohn Harry Sunday Galen Carr lDerck1 CD1 Olrve Chaney KMoffxttJ Manetta Coddlngton fCarrJ Neola Cottrell Margaret Koehllnger CMart1nJ Marne D Mapes Ruth Sunday KSheperd1 Lester Kraft Robert Ljchty Arthur Koehlmger 4 . ' 1 I l I Florence Mattmgly KDJ Elrzabeth McCalla KGUHDIDQ, Grace Schmunk fSk1nnerJ Ersa Thomas Zeletta Waters fParsonsJ Wendell Ehrhart 1929 Arl1e Donnell Bernard Daeger Rolland Hart V1rg1l W1lson Merlln Luce Anna Lourse Bakle lAndersonl Vera Brelnlnger Nellle Ellsworth Cwagnerl Mary Foster Giohnl Ruth Knapp KSes1arJ Maxlne Matzen fL1chtyl Mlldred MCLaughl1n CMetter'tl Garnet Phrllrps KSamahal Ellzabeth Rhoad QAshtonl Pan IG Wrllet CReeseJ Mable Oualntance fTh1mlarl Allce Zedaker lDeeversl Anna Mae Zuber fSnyderJ 1930 Harrret Armstrong KLSSIIG, Dorothy Zuber KEhrhartJ Wayne Bernard Melvln Brllman Goldle Boland CGetrostD Helenl Boesch Harold Blssell Addle Cromley CWetl1l Margre Catten WVoodcoxl Relgna Dunderman KDonnel1J Leonard Erter Edwln Gordon Ivan Gordon Iona Gordon CBergl Wayne Jump Irene Hooker KGordonJ Raymond Iarlor Gertrude Hopkrns CHouserJ Mabel Keatrng CAmesl Nrleen Murphy CEnzJ Lucrlle Matzen lMumyJ Luella Martln KCanf1eldJ Clarence Qursno Ir Dale Reeb Wendell Savage Nelhe Reed CB1llmanJ Inez Snook CLongJ CD1 Bessre Shaffer fGordonl QDI Isabelle Sunday KLanghaml Rena Tra y KQu1snol L11l1an Wentworth fErterl Bessle Wrlson Uumpl Dorothy Woodcox KGruberl Bessxe Donat fDundermanJ CDD 1931 Gerald Hawklns Gordon Armstrong Ioseph Barker Mary E Barker Uarlorj Dorrs Boyce KHIIGTJ Eleanor Cussen fKuntz1 Ruth Eckenhroad CHonardl Harry Erter Everett Frsher Durward Frlend Charles Gusler Harold Gustm CD1 Ruth Hart fPaulusl Dorthy Helsel CB11ssJ Iohn Hertel Luc1lle M Horn lSeslarJ Ioseph Hummell Wllbur Langham Exleen Preston KHSIDHSFD Esther Rlce QClelandl Luclle Sargent KAdamsl Maudle Srms CN1celyl DorcyW Waters KDJ Dorls Wllson fM6b1S, Dorthy Wllson lBenschnerderl Phllrp Frsher 1932 Rose Blssell QAnthonyl Zella Bissell KMulll Lol lane Boesch CDeVorl CDD Paul1ne Brown KPothl Mlflam Crafts lZennerl Ethel V Cromley QGa1sfordl Gordon Erter Wlllard Ewlng Dor1s Gordon QBeerbowerl Ohleen Hargrave QParrettl Henry Harrmann Elrzabeth Horn Karl C Koehlrnger Charles Kelly Lelah Larsure lWolfeJ Robert McLaughl1n Roy Mlller Ed1th Monroe lSp1ndlerl Luclle Overmeyer lBenschne1derl Clayton Preston Gladys Schaffer fArendJ Harry Stlner Curtls Swann Thomas Torkelson Leonard L Va1l Raymond Schmunk 1933 Elmer DeLong Rolland Flsher Francrs Gordon Iohn McCreery Wendell Mettert CDD Robert Murphy Raymond Pugh Robert Rhoad Ronald Savage Andrew Sch1lb Thomas Sch1lb Gerald Schaffer Max Sm1th Don Sudlow Thelma Burgess Maxme Carr KFarstl Mlldred Da eger QHalberwok sl Audrey Flsher lKadeschJ Emma Gordon Uvlorhartl Grace Gordon Ruth Harrls fMeddaughJ Iva Hartsock Helen Hawkrns Brayl Vlfglnla Helsel KBalnowJ Alrce Hopklns fM1u6f, Thelma johnson CFoustJ Mary Iane Long fShaverl Mabel McLaughl1n QHelmsJ Mane Meyer KOttl Luc1lle Mrller KSm1thl Bertha Mae Quamtance KZuberJ Buelah St1les Uohnsonj Ianet Sunday U-Xbel Florence West KCarrJ Ruth Young CBaJ4erJ Estllle Zuber fButeD Isabelle Hopklns KParentl Paula Thompson Audrey Anna Sm1th Uohnsonl 1934 V1rg1l Avery Ruth Blderwell KNeelyl R x B1l1man Richard Brandenburg Irls Cromley WIBHCOUT, Nora Belle Donnell QB ttsl Marlan Eckenrhoacl fRoffelsonJ Bob Ely Leland Flsher Russell Foster Robert Frrend Mary Maxlne Gloor CCottrelll Don Gordon Harold Langham Elma Morhart KNewcombJ Basll Murphy Martha McCreery QCortesel Ernest Neely Melvln Parker Gerald Putman Iohn Reeb Dorrs Ruger llieenerl Bernard Seslar joseph Shaffer Raye Slms CReaml Kenneth Smrtley IUHIOY Snook Damel Taylor Ora Taylor Mark Tracy E1l1ene Wholf fRansom2 May Mundy CHaysJ Wendell Reeb Ora Cattrn 1935 Dora Ashbaugh Robert Boesh Charlotte Booth CK ell Esther Boyland fCarrJ Margaret Carne Osborn KD! Lyle Carr Paul Chester Don Curtrs Helen Curtls KKeat1ngJ Robert DeLong Vrvlenne Hargrave KKnorrJ Don Harrrs Alta Hawkms KFrankl1nl Ruth H111 Uordanl Harry Hltzeman Raymond Klender Ronald Longberry Martha McCal1a KSh1rleyl Robert McCreory Helen Majo fWell1ngJ Treve Mlller Arthur Monroe Helen Murphy KPutmanj Harold Osborne Dale Parrett Madehne Reeb lLaddJ Mary Sims QPFGIOTIUSQ Phyllls Stevenson CLambertJ Dorrs Tracy fTothl Esther Watson CSt1nerJ Harold Rrce KD! Harry Gordon 1936 Iohn Blssell Dorls M Boesch KFGIFP Rama Carr KSm1tleyJ Robert Carr Marxe Chrlsto KSnyderJ Rebecca Cole QRcebl Elarne Doctor KDJ Alrce Ertcr KDI Mary Evans CHutch1nsJ D Marshall Frelds Alta Frsher KStarryJ Wrllard Frlend Wanda Iune Gloor Iune Hartman Kwarrenl E11 Knapp Lloyd Long Margaret Mattlngly CShullJ Clara Meyer lBrownl Clarence Meyer Opal Mlller Irma Mrller Edward Parrett Velma Preston fMerr1l1J Rlchard Ree Ruth Rice QRadabaughJ Max Seslar CD1 Budd Sm1th Paul Sm1th Luc1lle Taylor Kathryn Tremblay Cfhornburgl Margaret Webber fMcCreeryl Ronald Woodrrng 1937 Robert Armstrong Ev lyn Chester CCooksonJ Orest Cole Warren Crawford Charles Dangler Alvln F tt Wayne Plecl Ruth Gordon Dorotny Harrrs KHook Helen Hartman Dor1s Iump Uilyl Gerald Kemerer Ioe Mittlngly Donald Mlller Hoy ard Monroe Lols Morh rt fReebJ Iohn Putman Rlchard Rhoad Evelyn Seslar fColeJ Ruth Sm1th Maxrne Stevenson fRams1erJ 73 . . . K A ' ' , , Q ' l l Lazelle Boyce Caroline Hertel fSeveyJ Ruth Major KClintonl . Q . O C V . ' ' ' ' ' 'orl C . 1 'I ' V V Xl A Q l I I V Il Vlrgxl Stevenson Lloyd Young KDJ Orvllle Zuber Helen Hltzeman lSeslarJ Leota Stanger QDBVISJ 1938 Archrllous Arnold Maxlne Belderwell fParrettJ Roy Blssell George Bltler Betty Boyce CD1 Juanrta Chester cMGgd1ChJ Gwendolyn Clevenger CD1 Lawrence Cromley Robert Dangler June Donat fWestl Evelyn Doub fHuffJ Betty Frrend KI-Iumbargerl Rex Gloor Herman Gordon Rosetta Gysrnger KBoescn1 Robert Hartman Basll Hertel Fred Hertel Anna Belle Hook fwallacel Smantha Johnson Uumpl Jane Long CYountl Letha Morhart Leah Nerdhardt lFortneyJ Robert Qulsno Geraldlne Savage QSp1tlerJ Mrldred Taggart lStevensonl Eloulse Webber lDan1els1 Wxlford Hartman 1939 Phyllis Brssell lLand1sl Warren Brssell Catherrne Brtler Giemererl Dorrs Bruckart Rlchard Carr Cleston Chester Jess Carr Paulrne Clevenger fBeemerJ Ivan Cottrell Kathryn Cottrell QKrll1anJ Rrchard Crosby Dorothy Deager lHett1ngerJ MarJory Evans KArmstrongl Rolland F1Sl'1Gl' Dorothy Gordon KSwartzwaterl Helen Gordon KMoonl Paullne Hargraves fFr1endl Carroll Harrrs Rex Hopkrns Helen Hughes CF1lmerJ Robert Kemerer Mary Kennedy KBercawJ George Magdrch Bert Major Jr Catherlne Mattlngly Edward McCreery Lavon Mrller Erleen Powell QDonatl Max Putman Wayne Shuherk Maman Stevenson lShurherkJ V1v1an Stevenson KBeerbowerJ Dorothy Tobalt KMonroel Bonnxe Wrlson CMcCreeryl 74 Jack Yager 1940 Danxel Anderson KD, Farry Boesch CLaud1J Wllllam Came Kathern Chrles KGFIQQSJ Norman Culler Robert Culler Cleatus DeLong KDJ Dorothy Donat KBalserl Max Doub Donald Enderle Inez Fett CRlleyl Budd Frrend Phyllls Gysrnger KMcKeeverl Carolrne Harrls KParrottl George Hartman Almeda Howard fAmesl Betty Laney cW11116mS, Fern Matzen KBBFHIETJ Marlon McCreery lReyno1dsl Ruth Parrett fRumage1 MaJory Putman CG1lbertl Dorothy Quazntance lRothl Eunlce Rhoad fSm1thJ Cecil Stuart Denzrl Webber Forest Weller Lourse Thomas 1941 Bette Blssell CBowersJ Floyd Brtler Clarlce Came lNahrwoldl Ruth Carr Uarrettl Robert Chlles Rev Dale Cotterman Thurman Culler Paul Deemer Arnold Detmon Delores Enderle KHBIYISD Raymond Ew1ng Vrvran Gordon lBakerJ Evelyn Green fTha1nJ Phyll1s Gustm Claloeppnerl Homer Hargrave Mlldred Helsel QRoseletl Eleanor Howard fFlSh9f, Kathryn Keaung KBrxlerJ Dorls Machlr QAyersJ Joe Magdlch Manuel Shuherk Gertrude Shuler flineubuhlerl Jane Slattery fllhrhartl Mane Slusher KCan'l Dorothy Smlth Ueffreyl Jaxquelme Snyder CThompsonl Budd Swann Lowell Weller Robert Wholf Ruth Wrlson fDeventerl Dorrs Yager lSwannJ 1942 Lo1s Ann Anderson fFleckJ Leha Baxnbrrdge lHartJ LaVonne Bissell CSm1thJ V1rg1n1a May Brssell lGraceD Ruth Brubaker Kwoodcoxl Iona Sue Booth KI-Iandl Betty Carr KLe-wlsl Yvonne Chester fTaylorD E1lleen Culler lKasnerl Francle Drexler fSlatteryl Donald Edwens Carol W Gatton KBFGZOVGCKI, Lols Gorman CThomasJ Norma Jean Gordon KHughesl Robert Hemrlck Stanley Jordan Elorse Langham CHopk1nsl Thomas Marl1n Betty McCalla KHepplerJ Wllbur H Mrller Darl Mrnnxg Wanda M Outland Wernonl Phyll1s Overmeyer fl-Iartl Ola M Richardson fBehenkeJ Noah C Slusher Glenna Stevenson CTracyl James W Taggart Robert Taylor Helen Zuber fThompsonJ Wanda Nelson Wlfholfl 1943 Jack Brckhard Jack Marvln Carr Nyota Clevenger CSm1th1 Carol Cottrell lHussJ Dons Cowell CDeLongl Betty Lou Curtls CAnkeyJ Glenn Detman Max Donat Mabel Ann Foreman lCopseyl Glenn Bryan Foust Edrth Luree Gordan fCookl Ruth Hartman COvermeyerl Phoebe Ruth Helsel Ollfhrtehousel Ruby Hopkins KBlckhardJ John Howard Donna Jones fWaltersJ Kenneth Klender Rae Ree Major lRosellJ Irene Meyer Dora Mrller lBunt1ngl Harold Overmeyer Hazel Parrett Eula Powell fHowardl Donald Rhoad Helen Schmunk QCromleyl Ethelyn Stuart lGlasseyl Iva Stuart KW1sel Nelhe Thomas fRobertsJ Raymond Thomas John Vlfhlte KDJ Betty Jean Wrlson KSnyderJ Paullne Powell Uordanl 1944 Patrrcla Bakle Lynn Brckhard Donald Cottrell Estel Cottrell Lextha Culler lShearerJ Mary DeLong fCoonsl Mary Lou Derck KKemererl Janet Frlend CDeLongl Donna Gaisford IMooreJ Eugene 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'Ia Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products 229 S. Main Street Antwerp, Telephone 5-5804 Ohio Sugar Bowl Antwerp Short Grders Homemade P1e Deventer s Market Meats Vegetables and Canned Goods Phone 5 5784 June West Beauty Shoppe presentzng R R l Antwerp Oh1O '-:EJ Phone 5 7205 elegant new salon waee Iy N ,Z . ' s I 1 we 3 . Q 4 4 ' I , ez 5 JJ - - I 1 3 1 .I IO . by I - X 1' l r v y l Entire EW, never softer, never more lustrous, never more style-able! Let us create a Masterprec for y and you'II vrtal and sh: g ga p manerrt wa b , B. A. SMITH LUMBER CO The Antwerp Equity Exchange CO GRAIN SEEDS FEED AND COAL ANTWERP OHIO PHONE 5 8465 fziffr WM: Mi GREASES DIESEL. G TRACTOR FUELS NO l QSNO 2 HEATING OILS DIAL X X 1 or 0' 5 5155 ANTWERP PROMPT TANK TRUCK SERVICE It s Metered' Dunderman O.l CO FREDI DUNDERMAN WENTWORTH RD ANTWERP . I I I ' unsauuf ' A I I X r . V OASOLINE - KEROSENE - MOTOR OILS t - - 1 . . 'XIX ,, I , ivy!" ,-' I ' 1 0' I xx ' . .bf 4 I . 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Suggestions in the Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) collection:

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