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Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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MV f 1, , 1 1... , A 1 ,U sf ,Md Y1-g PIM . ' A L - -5- 1 f . Q- ' :fc 1 . n 1" 'I ,.. -. . '."""'."',,V',', K-, 4 H ' V J.-', F1 ,fajl 2f,"V,.'- Lf.. ,gl-, . -,H I, .,v 1 , K, . w-,slip-rf r.- . . Q. n if -J. . v-' .Mfg 1. ' 4- - . , 1 v ,.,.u w 1. A W. -f ,. .1 - -fre. ,,,., f.. , f , . , - f .,.-.i,.',V,?f3.3y:'. - X - .A .'l.,i,'F 4532, L-1-.3 V ,Wx - ,au '-431,0-. L , ,, x - , 5- QgQ,fl,,1z5 F. 'V , - fv , ., V K .'.f:-.14-141:-'y:g,,-. if - , Y -,311 w ' 3 - Q ., 1 , . 1 ' V 1 41 K ..Y, mr. 11. ,-in .-'. ' an . . 4 -,-- . J.. . In-. 4 ff. - L: Q 0 - 7 ' W, v, ,KV f .em fx, ,' . , .,ga:.L.,5.:1-21,1 yt, ,,gg,P, :,,.-::..Q1i,w3L1- -AQ, ,- ., - . ,..- , . A, ,N .,.,,., K --4.1: 1, -3 1-f-QF? WJ -f.,fv1:.--f-, f fy - - f :. f .--5 f 1 x, f ', " ' ': " 3-' 1. ""-H f-3 1 'P lj" ' ,- . ng- 1 - .L , . l I FT. : ' 3, w:, I, 4. 1--1 I' I I.. 5 f , 2:31151 , 111' , 1 . f . . ,-4'!- ' ' ' 'LF'-125 1- 'E . FV. ' an sf? ,flaw ' "L, . Q , ' I W , , Y ' , X f-115,21 .-i -ff-5 qjg, -y .2 f ' P , .rQpge5iELL:'4wTf"fg,gis?i'i',f' 5- iw-S ' ' A K V -if' .J Wfvvzfn-1ff-f1'A'i":wfgqb'1f an ,, 'ws' 71,3 ,V F -, "E,-I - ' f - K I L l,:A.w .+ A-'!f. ' - ,, gm. 1-. 1 , V 1.. , , E, .,- 1 I 'fi . . . r ' g 1 fl l , .1,, , v -V' 'J' In .f-J - .,1.4v f .- u r ' - 1 'ix i . u-4 'HT E I. w x iw As we leaf through the pages of this year's annual, we find the importance of school in our social life as well as our educational life. Through student activitiesg sports, music, and scholastic functions we are given the opportunity to be an individual, form opinions, make aplace for ourself, and earn the respect of those with whom we work. In this way we brighten our horizons and broaden our outlook on life. ...nil l E I School Bus Garage Mr. Tussing and Band Three members of Scholarship team--Sue Zuber, Jay Snook, and Ann Elston. Freshman Girls ., , M O We, the students, of Antwerp High School dedicate this 1960 edition of the Archer to the fond memory of one of our most beloved teachers, Mr. A, O. Bell. Mr. Bell, during his thirty-three years of teaching at Antwerp, had made friends with all students who came under his influence, and had suceeded in making better men and women of all those who had looked to him for guidance academically and personally. No favor or person was too small or unimportant to merit his help. His willingness to serve always to the best of his ability, without expectation of reward and often without even a thank you, was a virtue admired but not emulated by most. He was capable without conceitg he was generous and asked nothing in returng he was efficient and not proudg he was responsible, industrious and upright. Few men could live in a community and earn the love and respect that he has won from all who knew him. We pause to salute Mr. Bell, our most respected and most valued citizen and teacher. owzafof ' Delbert Jeffery, Presidentg Virgil Balser, Richard Rhoad, Dale Ehrhart, Clerkg Robert Ely, and Verlyn Pollock, Vice-President. . ROY BACON R. G. WEIBLE NEOLA GORDON County Co-ordinator County Superintendent of Schools County Elementary Supervisor Fwwpal -all '-rf 111lZlllll1I1lY1'I'SllX'.11.5. Ilvl'i:lm'v Vollt-gc XY.-XYNIC ll, l- l.1CC'K CMH. ZICID.-XKICR 155 Defiance College lnclizinzi University 111111 S1i11l'. NIA, Purdue University ,XI1li:vL'!1l'-wllvgi' 5,111 1'1'111i'1l1511- 5l'1l'1 lixvcutivc Hand Sociology QW" Many people believe that receiving a diploma is the completion of one's ed- ucation. There is nothing farther from the truth than this, as education is a continuous process from the cradle to the grave. One of the objectives of our school is to develop independent thought. Train- ing for thinking is more important than training for any profession or calling. The hardest thing in the world is creative thinking and the greatest discovery in the world is a new thought. Emerson once said, "It is easy in the midst of the crowd to be true to the crowd's opiniong it is easy in solitude to be true to one's self, but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps the independence ofthe solitude. YI It is my hope that each graduate achieves this virtue. O. R. Zedaker HF", ff' W3 v1 x..1 IX. U. Bl'.I,I, Defiance College llhio University Vl'itta-nhl-i'g College ALVIN W, VV.-XLIJRUN Bowling Green State U. ILS. in liducation Purdue University English B.,w1im5 Q1-I-en Smut Il. Class Plays Director .-MB. ILS, lllathematics Su iv ncbi' RICHARD J, llU'l'YflK Fairmont State College .-LB. in liducation Industrial Arts WILLIAM C. FAST, JR Defiance College ILS. in Education Business Education Annual Advisor CH.-Xltlil-IS J. FUSTI-Ill Indiana State Teachers College Indiana University B.S. RLS. AAI. Social Studies nk--"' Wf ,1 ,-'AV ' : ,If ,ff :f , , L52-'Ji .41 sz '4 TVYIL.-X NIHISER Defiance College Ohio University Ohio State University University of Dayton B.S. in Education Vocational Home Economics -'J ,..f-' 'I 1 LSFELLA PElilxINS ROBERT E. GORMAN Indiana State Teachers College Ohio State University University of Wisconsin Ohio Northern University University of British Columbia B.S. Middlebury College University of Paris Junior High Purdue Extension XM English l-'oreign Languages BOB li. LICHIXIAN rx Michigan State Indiana University I3.S. Junior High Varsity Basketball Coach Varsitv Baseball Coach Guidance and Counseling MARVIN L. GARD Ball State Teachers College B.S. in Education Junior High Varsity Track Coach Junior High Basketball Coach HELEN SHAW VERNE TUSSING Ohio State University Bowling Green State U. Ohio University B.S. in Education Indiana University B.S. in Education Band Chorus Junior High Junior High Music Girls' Physical Education "".?x GRACE SKINNER Defiance College Bowling Green State U. University of Michigan 6th Grade at VIVA JOHANSEN Indiana University Colorado University Cincinnati University Bowling Green State U. Chadron College Defiance College B.S. M.S. 5th G rade EDITH COPLIN Bowling Green State U. Defiance College B,S. in Education 4th Grade ORLIE WILLENNAR Tri State College Manchester College Indiana University Ball State Teachers College Gth Grade BETSY BROTHERTON Bowling Green State U. Indiana University Cadet 5th Grade EDNA EBERSOLE Michigan State College Anderson College Defiance College 4th Grade X! 4.1- PHYLLlSO'NEIL LOIS STEVENSON University of Cincinnati Kent State University 2nd Grade LUCILE SMURR Tri State College Madam Blaker's Manchester College St. Francis College Bowling Green State U Ohio State University Defiance College 3rd Grade 3rd Grade PATRICIA SNYDER Bowling Green State University Indiana University Defiance College 2nd Grade BELLE HART MARY BRADLEY Paulding Co. Normal Bowling Green State U. Columbia University Defiance College B.S. in Education lst Grade Paulding Co. Normal Bowling Green State U. Ohio University Defiance College B.S. in Education lst Grade ww E, , LUCILE STIVER Bowling Green Madam Blnker's Kindergarten 'C' JEANNE PEPPERS Defiance College ANNA SMITH Defiance College KATHRYN BROWN Bowling Green State U. B. Se. in Education l':lCUlGllt1lI'V Music VIVIAN SC HILB School Secretary v EMILY REED Ohio State University Bowling Green State U. University of Colorado ', Columbia University Librarian Western Reserve U. Indiana University Bowling Green State U. b' B.S. in Education rf'-' -. - Special Class v-.ef ' -to-V1.5 ,ff rfb' N! 5.1 lk. 1 axiom Q-I3 ...n:..- M1 I 1-at tc nc hes HllqlllL9S l clue xtion Mr, Waldron, teacher of linglish I, 11, and 111, J . 'Vi'-.AQ X Miss Perkins teaches Latin, Mr, Bell, Mr. Foster, and Mr. Butyok at the Christ- Miss Shaw t91lChCS Phys. I-Id. Spanish, and English. mas Assembly. and is Eighth Gfllde Hvmeroom Teacher. Mr. Fleck, Hlgh School Principal and Teacher. Mr. Gorman, Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher and High School Science Teacher. 5' A 'iff I is 4 i 3 X if' ' x ,. f :- Sum Grimes, Blanche Neidhurclt, and Waldo Witt dam Alberta Grimes Gm ,z-,z+..,..l zflf 25? Anne Clinton, Jessie Bissell, Laverne Reeb, and Jessie Snyder, M dd Juke Tracy, Raymond Bender, Raymond Dunderman, Archie West, Joe Zuher, Leonard Erter. ffl' .1 6 JERRY BALSER The fairer sex is his department. Class Play 3,49 Student Council 45 Vice-President 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4. ROBERT BOESCH Cool, Calm, and Collected. Track 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,43 Annual Staff 33 F.T.A. 3,4. NEVA JO BARKER Home is where the heart is Chorus 1,2,3,4g F.H,A, 2,3,4g G A.A. 1,2. JANET BOWERS Pretty ln two ways--pretty nice and pretty apt to stay that way. Newspaper 4. is- A x, by .H I SU E BROMAG EM LEE CARR And what she greatly thought, All I know is what I read ln she boldly dared. Band 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 1,2,3,4g An- nual Staff 3,4, Class Play 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4g All County Chorus 1,33 Treasurer 2. the papers. Chorus 2,3g Manager 2,3,4. DE LOR ES COON Sweetness and kindness are her greatest virtues. F H A, 2,3,45 Chorus l,2, JOYC E DONAT Stucliously inclined, but not often. School paper 45 Annual Staff 3,4 Class Play 3,45 Torch 1,25 F H,A, 25 News Reporter 15 G,A,A KAREN HECKELMANN Golden hair, like sunlight shining. F,H.A. 253,45 Chorus 1,25 Class Play 4. LINDA COTTRELL All the stars are in the right places. Majorette 1,2,3,-45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Class Play -15 All County Chorus 1,35F.T.A, 35 Annua1Staff 45 School Paper Staff 45 Cheer- leader 3. 1,25 F.T,A. 3,4. EVA JANE FRIEND Her heart is in the right place. G.A.A, 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 4 School Paper 45 Class Play 3,4 Torch 25 Girls' Basketball 1 ju .W f-an WM ai . . 1 JOHN R. FOSTER Likes to have fun--and does! Trumpet Trio 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45Class Play-15 F,T,A, 2,3,45 All County Band 2,45 All County Chorus 35 Dis- trict Music Contest 1,2,3,45 State Music Contest 1,2,3,4: News Re- porter 15 Basketball 1,2,3,4: Track 2,4. It 1 - . - ' 'IWMAI a K A C ., 'S ri v -5" '-4. ,,... Fit i. L. j- .i..-. 'Q 5-"f'.t:-, aw: ia.-'a'. 1 ..- ,lvbf -I W ':u 1 5' qff. it-'- 4 "ff ' av ' aa 11.5, ' 1f.+v.x'. -"Wt, . vt.. 'A rn.-5-.5 at f.. ,' 5'.i :',,f-,',l."W-. A vujyfn KELLY KNUCKLES Nb.. RICHARD HORNEY A gentleman is often seen, but very seldom heard. Vice-President 33 Student Coun- cil 3,4g Scholarship Test 1,2,3g Baseball 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 4. LAURENDA HUNT One of those dependable kind. Chorus 1,25 G.A,A, 1,2g F,H,A, 2,3,4g Class Play 45 SchoolPaper 45 Annual Staff 3,4. ll! CARRIE KOSCH She always did her best, that was plenty. Band 1,2,3q Chorus 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3: F.T.A. 1,2,3g G.A,A, 2. PAUL HOWARD To be strong is to be happy. Class Play 45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3, 4. Often he sits and thinks,but more often he just sits. Class Play 3,4. MARY ANN LUCAS A quiet beauty and charm are hers. Chorus 1,2,3g G.A,A, 4. DON MABIS Happy Chvs ire here again Track 1 P 3 WINFIELD MEEK Seek and ye shall find. Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g An- nual 3g Class Play 3,43 Torch 1,25 F,T,A. 2,3,4g AllCounty Band 45 All County Chorus 3g District Music Contest 4g District Legion Essay 25 District Scholarship Test 2,35 Basketball lg Basket- ball Manager 2,3,4g Track 4. REGINA MEYER Merry as the day ls long F H A 2 3,4 Chorus 2 3 VIRGINIA MEYER Being cheerful must be her motto. Chorus 2,3,4g F,H.A, 2,3,4g All County Chorus 3. KATHLEEN LOUISE IVIAVIS Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. County Band 45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,-lg F,T,A, 3,4g School Paper 45 G,A.A, 1,2g F, l-LA, lg Class Play 3,45 News Reporter 2, Band 1,2,3,4g County Chorus 1,3- L.-XRRX MILLLR Just good-natured, that's all. lxARhN bk.bL.-XR An irresistible traveler on the highway of fun. F,H.A, 3,4g Chorus 1,2g School Paper 4. s JERRY LEE NEELY The highest of distinction is ser- vice to others. Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4, All County Band 2,43 All County Chorus 3, Class Play 3,45 Torch 1,25 Trumpet Trio 1,2,3,4g Dis- trict Music Contest 1,2,3,4g State Music Contest 1,2,3,-lg F.T.A, 2, 3,4g Vice-President 25 President 3,43 District Scholarship Test 2,4g Track 1,2,3,4. BARBARA SAVAGE Wisdom of many and the wit of OHS, Band 1,23 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Class Play 3,45 County Chorus 1,39 T..-X, 2,3,4g Annual Staff 2,4, Torch 1,25 District Scholarship Test 2. MARY MCCALLA Something simple now and then. Chorus l,2,3,4, Class Play 3, 43 F.T.A, 2,3,4g All County Chorus 1,35 News Reporter 1, G,A,A, l,2. SHARON RHOAD Knowledge is power. Band 1,2,3,-1, Chorus 1,2,3,4g G, A.A. 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,4g Class Play 3,4q County Band 2, 4, County Chorus 1,35 District Scholarship Test l,2,3,4. MARY SCHOOLEY So shines a good deed in a naughty world. Band 1,2,3,4g G..-LA, 1,2,4g F.T. A, 1,25 Class Play 3,-lg Chorus 1,2,3,-lg Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2,39 District Scholarship Test 1,2,3g Torch 1,2. DENNIS SHUHERK Head and shoulders above. Class Play 3,45 Torch1,2g Presi- dent 1g News Reporter 3,-lg Base- ball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4: Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g Scholarship Test 1. 4' PATRICIA SMITH Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,-Lg All County Chorus 1,33 County Band 1,-ig G..-LA, 1,2519 F,H.A, 2,3,4g Class Play 3,-ig Torch 1,25 Annual 3,-Ig Treasurer lg President 2, DIANE STUMPHY She has a heart with room for every boy. Chorus lg Band 34 Class Play,3g Annual 43 G,A.A. 1,2,3,4g Dis- trict Scholarship Test 2. ROBERT SWANN Ye have heard of the patience of Job. NANCY KAY WANNEMACHER The roguish stenographer flirts with the office boys. Band 1,2,3,-13 Chorus lg Class Play 3,4g Torch 1,25 District Band Contest 1,-Ig State Band Contest 1,45 District Scholarship 3. JAY SNOOK Big surprises come in little pack- ages. Class Play 3,4g Torch I,2g Man- ager 2,3,4g Basketball 15 Track4 MARY ANN SUKUP In each cheek appears a prettv dimple. F H A, 2 3' Chorus 1. KELLY RAY TRACY Another car passed him once--a police car. Class Play 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Manager l,2g All County Chorus 1,35 F.T,A. 2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,45 Basketball 2. MARCIA TEMPLE A friend to all who know her. G,A.A. 1,2g Y-Teens 1,25 Chorus 25 Annual Staff 33 News Reporter 3,4. HARL FISHER Meet him and judge for yourself. STEVE DERCK Need help? Never fear Steve's near. Track 2,3. E . TERRY MONROE He who is wise will gain much. Class Play 3g Torch 1,24 F.T.A, 44 Vice-President 25 Student Council 2,33 Business Manager 4, Basketball 1,2,3g Track 2,3,4g Baseball 1,2. ROBERT DUNDERMAN Mischief, thou art afoot. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3 4. in meer' if 'Y' l i Jvrry Nm-ly, lrvsimlentg Tvrry lilonrrio, Business Maiiiaigcrg lXl:1ryScIioolvy, SOL'l'L'l1lFX'-T1'C'1lSll1'0I'2 Jerry llnlscr, Vicv-lfiwsiiluiitz Iilflrcizi Tcmplc, News llCl1Ol'lCl'. ..f.a-.-...x...a-...ln-.' f all M Sixty Woiwis Pol' Minute Club Typing II Scene from tho Senior Class l'l:iy ff-K Put Smith who wus selected :is Il rnonibcr of lXlcC:1lls Junior Fashion Bonn-rl :incl received the Chapter lluniclnzikci' :ind i Junior llolliclllllliel' Degrees, Compliments of FRED N. HERTEL Jeweler XK,yai3'ig ,, ,IK rr. Behind the scones :it thv Senior Class Play We 729 S'efwbz dd, aff- - I, Terry Monroe, will to Robert Harrman the ability to sleep ln study hall with my eyes open, which WHS willed to me by Randy Derck. May he use it successfully. I, Regina Meyer, will to Marylin Reinhart the ability to talk in Mr. Tussing's study hall. l, John Foster, will to Tony Langham my cushion, water bucket, and verbal ability to use during basketball season -- and to Mary Doctor my ability to keep Mr. Foster off the subject in Government class. I, Jerry Neely, being of sound mind and body QI thinkl, do will to Alvin Copsey my place as editor of the Senior magazine FOSTER'S FROLICS, which consists of direct quotations from Mr. Foster's classes. I, Delores Coon, will to Brenda Hutchins my ability to sit in government class and get something out of lt. I, Paul Howard, will my highly used government book to J anlce Hoover providing she uses it more than I did. I, Dick Horney, will to Mike Seslar my seat ln third period study hall, my year's supply of paper wads, and one slightly used gym shoe. I, Lee Carr, hereby will to Dale McAlexander my ability to be at school on time. tJust once during the yearj, I, Karen Heckelmann, will to Charmaine Reeb my ability to get straight A's in Government. I, Marcia Temple, will to Kay Walkenstine my ability to have a good time under any circumstances. I, Laurenda Hunt, will to Linda Williams the right to call Mrs. Nlhlser "Mom," and the ability to get along with her. I, Joyce Donat, will to Verlaine Pollock my ability to stay awake in Government class. I, Sue Bromagem, will to Andy Lichty my old out of date, but well used government book which he must treat with loving care as I did. I, Mary Ann Sukup, will to Judy Carr my new government book and the ability to fail the first govern- ment test. I, Sharon Rhoad, will to Etta Galsford my good times in English class. I, Pat Smith, will to Linda Klender my ability to talk in Mr. Foster's class. I, Mary Schooley, will to Jean James my ability to write brilliant English themes. I, Nancy Wannemacher, will to Jean Derok my ability to go steady all through my senior year. I, Diane Stumphy, will to Eloulse Taylor my ability to get to school just under the bell. I, Eva Friend, will to Tom Seslar my ability to get along with Mr, Foster. Hope you advance further than I--and to Dawn Sheard my beloved locker providing she takes loving care of it as I did. I, Mary Ann Lucas, will to Ken Hahn the ability to be as happy as I through his senior year. I, Don Mabis, will to Karl Mlelke my speed ln track. I, Virginia Meyer, will to Sharon Carr my government book providing she keeps it in good condition. I, Winfield Meek, will to Martin Hunt my attendance record providing he does not miss more than 180 days. I, Carrie Kosch, will to Ann Elston my government book and the privilege of arguing with Mr. Foster in class. I, Kathy Mavis, will to Marilyn Toomey my locker full of white mice and also my position on the annual staff so that she, too, may argue with Mr. Fast the way I do. Compliments of LANGHAM GARAGE Chrysler-Plymouth-Valiant 244 JW I, Denny Shuherk, will to Mike Zedaker my undying love for the hard work that Mr, Gard says is necessary for a good track man. I, Linda Cottrell, will to Joan Ely all the good times that I have had at A.H.S., and also my ability to usually come to school on Monday mornings with both eyes open. I, Janet Bowers, will to Month Cornell my locker, my government book, and the ability to get along with the teachers, especially Mr, Foster. I, Kelly Tracy, will to Tony Langham a first-run copy of my new book BELL PAINTING AS AN ART and my slightly used white paint brush. I, Neva Jo Baker, will to Coleen Murphy my government book in hope that she takes better care of it than I did. I, Larry Miller, will to Andy Lichty my ability to stay out of trouble and get along with all the teachers. I, Karen Seslar, will my government book to Jim DeLaurelle Qunder one conditionj--if he doesn't write on it. I, Harl Fisher, will to Bert Arnett my government book for next year's government class. I, Bob Dunderman, will to Larry Franklin my ability to have a successful year. I, Barbara Savage, will Ann Elston the Senior Class's putty to stuff in the keyhole of Mr. Foster's door. I, Kelly Knuckles, being of weak body and even weaker mind, will to Mike Seslar my faithful old locker in hopes that he will collect as many papers in it as I did. I, Jerry Balser, will to Richard Zimmerman my locker if he promises to let the mice stay but still keep it tidy--and to anyone who needs it, the ability to sleep during any period of the day. I, Jay Snook, will Gene Coon my ability to do my government notebook the last day of the six-weeks period. I, Mary McCalla, will to Carol Leinard all the good times I have had in my Senior year at good old A.H.S. I, Steve Derck, will to Carrie Wells my ability to not study in Mr, Lehman's study hall and not get caught. .-...1 iw ,wt .f at Q tt , A ., .U U W I X I ',,, ittttt i . Sharon Rhoad, Kathy Mavis, Mary lNIcCalla, Barbara Savage, Carrie Kosch, Linda' Cottrell, Sue Bromagem at "AN EVENING IN PARIS" on Prom Night. efwbz Zu pfzqolecy In the summer of 1975 the Antwerp Class of 1960 was holding its annual reunion at Joyce Donat's Maumee Valley Health Resort. We stopped by in order to see what the members were doing. Immediately we spotted Paul Howard who operates the famous night club, "Howard's Hash House," in Antwerp. A few of his employees were headwaiter Jerry Neely and waitresses Mary Ann Lucas, Karen Heckelman, Mary Ann Sukup, and Delores Coon plus Terry Monroe, the chef famous for his new hush-puppy recipe. We also met the well-known celebrity, Mary "Martin" Schooley, currently starring in the Broadway hit "Peter Pan -- My Favorite Peanut Butter," which co-stars Mary McCalla and her Merry Maids consisting of Regina and Virginia Meyers, Barbara Savage, Sharon Rhoad, and Linda Cottrell. Sitting in a corner of the dimly lighted "health bar" were three members of the notorious gang, the Unmentionables, Neva Jo "Ma" Barker, the leader, and her two henchmen Kelly "Brass" Knuckles and Bob "Babyface" Boesh. Entertainment that evening included a solo by John "Hotlips' Foster, the trumpet player, and jokes by Master of Ceremonies "The Menace" Shuherk. It was at this timethat we spotted Lee Carr, Franklin Campbell, Bob Dunderman, and Steve Derck entering the room. They didn't mention their business, but they acted very suspicious and left when top F.B.L agent Kelly "Fosdick" Tracy came in accompanied by his bodyguards Nancy Wannemacher, Karen Seslar, and Kathy Mavis, famous for their man hunting ability. We were surprised to see internationally famous playboys, Jay Snook, Jerry Balser, Winfield Meek, and Don Mabis at the reunion, but they told us later they were on the way to Florida and had stopped by to see how their friends were doing. Women wrestlers Eve Friend, Pat Smith, and Sue Bromagen were present, but they had to leave early in order to be at Madison Square Garden for their opening night bout. Harl "Maynard" Fisher and Bob Swann had left their "beat pads" in Green- wich Village to play their bongos and read poetry at the reunion. Everybody seemed to enjoy the act, especially western stars Dick "Deadeye" Horney, and Larry "Maverick" Miller. The closing act, consisting of Carrie Koesch, Laurenda Hunt, Marcia Temple, and Diane Stumphy doing their interpretation of the bunny-hop, was finally over, and so we bid the people good-by and journeyed on to the great city of Antwerp. Nl , . I . .W a Secretary . . . President ...... Vice-President . . Student Council Representative . . . . . . Business Manager . Advisor ...... -nr K fi ,aff Jean Dale Ellouise Derek Mc.fXlcx:1ndcr Taylor va Q if 14 u se .1 l 1 Charmaine Tony Marilyn Reeb Langham Toomey ,K . 0 RA L Etta Tom Carole Gaisford Seslar Leinard 26 'Zan C L.-XSS Ol" FIC li RS . Ann lilston Tony Lnnghzim . Karl Mielkc Joan l-215' Carol Lcinnrd . . Mr. Bell Andrew Marilyn Sharon Lichty Reinhnrt Carr I J 1 ' , . lr 4 , .. 1 V - O ,L 3 ne JT I 'q i -0' K, ,Af 'p in , Y!! I James Linda Karl DeLaurelle Klender Miclke Y WML .. J il' L ' Q S f :Y y ,s e Mike Ann Ken Zedaker Elston Hahn 3,52 . 'qu' i 'O il Monty Cornell 2 of Joan Ely xi 3 r Gene Carrie Coon Wolls if ! "K I j Robo rt Hurrm ann N, Linda Larry Jean Richard Eleanor Williams Franklin James Zimmerman Mendez if is-'... , 4 2.0 J ..,.g 4:f3jff'E2 ...,, . - .- , ' f Q21-fl' 45: it ,W I ffln' 0, - ,.,"f"n3' Stove Dawn Mike Mary Pat Lockhart Shoarcl Scslar Doctor Vitctli ' ' 3 I r 'xi 1 -. E 'R ' My A .' was J y A K 1. x -ir -v lub-- llliko Colleen Xlvin Janice Martin lluffoy Murphy Copscy Hoover llunt , - x ff' H V 4- 1 F , . M. 5 ' -- I ..M.-1.-avq9wnfim!S1E'w3 s. ,f,, f J is or Bert Arnett nn Scene from the Junior Class Plzly ,. Y' K' Brenda Hutchins .--n Ar Sam Jnilor Judy Carr ? Vcrluinc Pollock Kay Walkunstinc 27 if Judy Jvrry C :impbcll Bcrryhill Student Council President. . . Secretary . . Vice-President Student Council 90 Advisors. . . . . 244 CLASS OFFICERS . .l iiiLh'm5d . Joo Barker . Larry Hyun . Sondra Rhomi . . Rex Clinton Jerry Borryhill yok, W. C. Fast susan Jim Virginia Howard Meyers Hahn Beverly Rex Julene Lar . FY Foreman Clinton S0514-lr Ryan s -...,' 'nf Patsy Sukup Harry Maraschkv Joseph Sue Ray Janice Mike Judy Barker Zuber Friend Rhinehart Moore Davis 28 - MI - A X ' 4 157 Kitty Rivhalrd Judy Jcrry 'I'0l'l'ib1l Dennis Ilvllmlm-1' l.UL'lihl1l't H01-I1 f7YL'l'lNL'j'L'1' T1-1'1'i1l I,llK'ilS Suplmnmro Quucn amd Escort ul Sweetheart .ah 2, .l', A -TS 1 Q 4 Iiotty B1lI'l'j' liitzl liwr1n:mn Hunks Snymlox' Dzuwo ,., I! Jaw liogvrs ,Q , L 'ik Fifi , SN .mf l.:x1'1'y l.:uhl Sumirn Iilmaul li' "" ,sri . ' Q 1...-' , ' I f' kg! JLIIIICB Xxlllllllllh I.:11'1'y Sopllmuuro .Xtlcmlzml amd lisvori. :lt Swcut- Smith 3 ,lili- Y...,'3-" I .' . ni o 'ff f:.9:: Q fa f s .4 ' n JLIIHUS Clinv , ,J fs hl'ill't llunvv ,J KW X Donxild Jay 'VUQN Smith Szxnuz-rs llunmlmrgm 29 Barbara Bob Snook Qchoenike W i eiee Marilyn Murphy "f NJ v i,2 Lucinda Marsh - Maureen Barlow d i Zed Zu President .... Vice-President . Student Council. . Secretary .... Advisors . . . Alun Bowers Bob Schocnikc Maureen Barlow . . Chuck Hahn on, Marvin Gard Mike Royce Fritz McCa11a Snyder Ehrhflrt Ronnie Rhinehart Mike Sanders William Jane David Gill Koelinger Robbins ff, Alan Bowers Kay Vernon Bromagem Perkins f 'rv -uf ef! tv 590 wg 'Pt' Y Richard Penny Donald Bauer Banks Starry KA ' .xi i x 6 J ' ' t in 3 5 5 Brenda Tom Kay Murphy Reinhart Sharpe ,J-4' Z Carol Jean Richard Marsha Schooley 1NlcCreery Farnsworth F P3 ' vv Sd . 1. .-'L ' I A I H k,,,.1 gil' f XJ x" I Charles Velma John Howe Deerwester Gaisford T' at d it 4 Y Jackie Larry Stella Leo Wyckoff Sunday Rister Stumphy 41- A nn Woods 45' Robert Cottrell Darlene Mabis David Cline 49 Joe Karen Walker Taylor Freshman Girls' Phys. Ed. Class ,-XBSICNT: Brenda Arnett J. L. Gibson Rosalie Kenneth Fritz "7h1'hi'1'l Miller Donat 31 lb-1 F,.,- ' 155-aj -zu CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President ..... Floyd Ramsier Secretary .... .... S heryl Mohr President ............ Bill Ross Student Council. . . James Weatherhead Advisors . .Miss Helen Shaw, Bob Lehman o Susan Lambert Terry McNabb f p Paula Meek 5 ,,, 441 Neil Monroe 'MS Jim Weathcrhead Susann Rhoad Mike McKeever Carol Griggs iw, Steve Anderson 4 my me A Bob E. Lehman Helen Shaw -u QA 'Q- -qv" Mary Derek Jim Bowers Carol Delong Keith West Judy Stumphy Wayne Snyder lla James Frank Plowright Rita Bute Robert Gill , , :fi d - 32 Compliments of SWIFT Sz COMPANY - Defiance, Ohio f'-1 1 Sharyl Mohr Gordon Taylor Nichola llitzeman Rodney Lucas Sandra Kay Temple Raymond Gillespie Joan Derek Dick Wannemacher Mary Ann Walker Bill Ross Y lf' N ,Jwfw ,.l S: B., " "3 .1 rf:-r ' 15, 4 - 2' ' r 18.1 Eta Judy Zimmerman, Bob Ryan, . if 'LF' 2 ik f 3 and Kathy Hahn 2 x Ewa, 5 1 xxx' YG? Y ,Y B? if 1 12 Q - i fbi, -Q ' ' pq WW' Larry Jump as Abraham Lincoln Larry Jump Kathy Hahn Mike Holman Anita Foust -" Vernon Reeb Jo Bromagem Jimmy McMichael Bruce Neely Dick Ross Sandra Shc-ard " 4 I I? ,A ' 15231 'gt 'Q Bob Ryan Judy Zimmerman Floyd Ramsicr Roberta Bute Rex Whetstone .J 'Q' C Compliments of NATIONWIDE INSURANCE - Joe I. Dye 34 C LASS OFFICERS Vice-President .... Dian Seslar Secretary ....... Rick Schilb Student Council .... Linda Schilb Advisor ........ Bob Gormar Randy Sharpe Ronnie Laisure Margaret Coplin Larry Smith Pamela Mees Frank Sukup Judy Mclieever lklike Swann Sharold Ehrhart Bob MeCal1a Wilma Arnold Danny Overmycr Dian Seslar Neil Bickhard Laurel Donut Raymond Mendez Vicki Nern Craig Uvermyer Diana Lockhart Terry Knepper Christy Smith Larry Overmyer Steve Miller Orville Copsey Mike Shuherk Carol Handy Suzanne Langham . .Q .xx H Q HFS. ,l ue. s, ,, . ' it if V.. ,Av .eg 123 Fx if A arf ua.. f ...P ,. ,Ak ,,-., . . , ,io ' ...JE -Gln nun! X' , .'.s'ff:2'::..A s . an ll s far it 1 3 ,,., gr l 55 ' l l 1 Robert E. Gorman Marvin L. Gard A ,E if K. Compliments of THE ANTWERP BEE-ARGUS - Antwerp, Ohio a ,I ,flu ' If :Il Larry Friend Andrea Panico Linda Schilb Judy Sukup Tom Reeb Kenny Miller Jerry Wetli Mike Kemerer Jim Farnsworth Kevin Sosbe Barry Deemer Pete Weatherhead Mike Longwell Jerry Scouten In I' 'if w. Y 1 1 1 Stl: .- fs Compliments of BROWN'S BAKERY 'A wi ri, 1 hz me new if my V1 l X2 5-,, Beth Ann Deventer Kirk Hopkins Gayle Bissell Lonnie Stevens Linda Sunday Leslie Detman Sheila DeLong Bruce Putman Joyce Hoover Rusty O'Neill Sheryl Marsh Keith Kadesch Ronald Kutzli Linda Longstreth Rick Schilb David Sidenbender Phyllis Perkins Greg Carr Judy Reynolds Darrell Robbins INC. - Defiance. Ohin N Grace Skinner fafwbww eafafeamofp . Tom Rhinehart Phillip Nelson Mike Bailey Gregory Geyer Gordon Miller Carl Klender Marshall Osmun Donnie McNabb Linda Berenyi Gene Balser Paige Clinton Peggy ilunt Carl Jeffry Cheryl Wells Randy Brooks Cindy McCalla Holland Clem Melvin Fillmore Sharon Williams Roger Ankney Sylvia Miller Gary Kemerer Gloria Franks Linda Derek John Woocleox Diana Shock Marion Howard Lynn Johnson Dennis Overmyer f' " ff -Q a .i 115 j54-L..- .R IQ e K : 7 mf: .. - 41 . 0 nf ff", ' 'W " ix i i G of V7 - K, -' X , I 5- -if' ' cv Q ,i,i A A Q Jn ' N A. , f J ' ' f I.: AW- ' 44 Y i f . G- ' r A Q , la, X ""'llf Hrile Willnnnni' ei ff! Hui. r' i pi ul 'if W E' i W' gf A as z w-it ,var i W .. Win... e , Jwmww ' ew. 'i if ,5 if Wil, -A ye ,F 1' nv' ka :2,, me A K . , N ,.... H.. ' me-ii S. Absent: Ritz: Stiekney Thomns Iinrker Steven Jordan lliehnrd Wetli Mitchell Whitehouse Wayne Iiuss Hazen Kennedy Danny Miller Albert Miller Michael Ours Sue Ann Jeffery Ronald Slattery Mnrshn Gerencser Dunn Sosbe Judy Rogers D:1nielSmith Shaun Bnrlnw Dinah ltlclkiiehziel Kenneth Underwood Ellen Sue Tracy Jerry DeLong Betty Coplin Karen Kndesch John Henry Gill Marlene llemrick David Wolfe Linda Murphy Donald Curr Betsy Brothorton Xhsvnt: llianzi Stevenson Ruth Limlorwmiod Uxirul xlC.hlCXIll'1ilCl' .lim Wzilkvr Szindrn Mzibcrson Jimmy Vnil Kathy Ross Gerry Hhiallor Miko Ilowcrs Connic- Williams Iionniv Jones lilizuhvth lihinchurt Lynn liumbzlrgcr Mzxrzihcth Kemercr I-Ilozmor Taylor Miko Wonthvrhcud Kathleen Wicsehnn Johnnie Perkins Snnrlru Klcmler Ch-nrgo Laney John liecb Florence Dc Long Allvn Miller Joan Uvcrmoyvr Dennis Pugh Diana Ruger Clioryl Hill Donnic Cottrell Jnnot Miller Danny Lockhxlrt Iirondu Strock Stove Farnsworth si U.. K if QW 'iii -r , . .. Wg. .,,, - W lf' " . A wap . 3 'if l z ,, an RI' in , s,, f F 5:-,4 l 3 ig 7-...ww9,f -moeffrzs '4,.fJ"' . Alf' K 1 f if 1. . n w ai -I . ' , . .l bg ,.-o ' in WW xr '-.1 M. J -ff ii 3 ' ll" lg In JA I 1 1 . fi , f -- A BA if as bi Viva Johzlns en 'l A..--V . in , 509 ..wd .., -ff 'ef fh I V NL it W ig El, 0 I If N lil V Q A -am . A 3 al - A E if , x X if G- Ag-ff . 5.1 . Absent: Michael Babcock Doug Shuherk Lee Zuber Janet James Nickey Banks Susan Miller Charles Foster Frank Lichty Brenda Beerbower Cliff Friend Linda Heckelmann Bob Kammeyer Cherlyl Smalley Aldon Perkins Ernie Longberry Leta Donat Robert Bell Cathy Foust Nickolas De-Long Cherri Zartmann Ronda Osmun Jack Neely Darlene Gill Daniel Wolfe Diane Kennedy Bart Seslar Jesse Ankney Shannon Kutzli Jimmy Gerencser Karen Daeger Barry Cromley Connie Ely mg, Brenda Green David Dncger Steven Hitzeman Jack Schlatter Judy Friend Ronnie Farnsworth Dilrlene Culler Terry Zartman Ruth Ann Snyder Nancy Coplin Bobby Banks Cathy Gordon Kevin West Karen Davis Lee Gordon Gene Wiesehnn Mary Laney liddio Doctor Cindy Hutchins Len Gordon Dorothy Thompson Gwen Purk Allen Deemer Dmnne Wolfe lxennv Cline lille' 74 rf ffnk I 1 N 3 6 Edna Ebersole ezaedzeaamze fa ' N W :::fs.', ln . z' . -H-SV: 'ev " ,. Va A .Q I ' I lf 1' N A A 1 e-'5-vs. ' "-' S K . 1' ll llane-se Svehilb 4-' , ? A. . VV I 40 ' f Robin W Vckoff A I A Q. . o in U 'Q' 5' g A ' B A I sq , H M W , It N rp luv ,Eli 'av Edith Coplin Karp ' aadfeieyzbzzf li K Z J V 7? "' : f Ye ,- I f x M it w 4. . , VN .. -, 'hu -5 . V eJl.a!?'5,l? . 3- .1-,. A -Ji ,si ' e,'.1.2' x "l Absent: Margarett Killion Betsy Gibson Nancy Williams Kenneth Ringer Danny Major Diana Longstreth Keith Cromley Ava Handy John Derek Karen Sheard Julia Hughes Kenneth Laney Anita Klender Tom McAlexander Connie Proxmire David Feasby Bob Miller Mary Ann Mendez Hal Kemerer Linda Reeb Andy Berenyi Connie Bell Catherine Deisler Gale Jordan Cindy Geyer Delvan Perkins Nancy Miller Greg Pugh .aim .YQPQH Lois Stevenson Donald Stevenson Cindy Derck Marla lihrhart Lorraine Friend Deborah Hicov Janice Bell Ray Gross Deborah Rhlnehart Junior Schooley Cathy Gottke Lyle Bickhard Karla Ehrhart Georgia Delsler Jimmy Kadesch Carolyn Culler Roland Kennedy Rebecca Berenyl Dennis Bagley Steven Provlnes Helen Crabtree David Grimes Patsy Wannemacher Bobby Ray Goeltzenleuchter Mary Ellen Beatty Janet Major Rodger Temple Marsha Longstreth Olen McMichael Melissa Jones Mike Vail Donald Farnsworth Deborah Schlegel Ronnie Miller Susan Murphy Tommy Wilhelm Suzie Zaner 42 ,"' fx Lf 5 ' . v', 1557 an-'Ii' 'ur' 1 1 wr A-- ' .Q if! Ly! A uk' ,v'?' 9' am, SQ . sv V gown - Y 1 . N S" 'Ja A4 ll H +1 ll' ff 'f M ' 1? .1- K ur ,ii ll' get 4-F .ff dr - ,I rv J 13, Kham Qu' QI K- .4 elk ' 4 r -u "I!T!?'?g .f Allawi . 1 ff' W'-A.0T -R 5..- -rg, FF we Lucilv Smurr . Q-' 'wi' , 5 W 7' if 3' f lg' K I :ffl 1 as All it if 4' env' A P if . l .fl if L- I A W A,-be , 1 'min C Q J, -. ik! i 3 H010 is ,vim gs W, Sa-. li s Hifi' 'iiv' --ab Absent: Dolores Gill Judy Jeffery Frankie Carr Martha Walker Debra Shuhcrk Diana Ringer Karlann Hopkins Benny Wyckoff Debra Gordon Keith Wivsehan Diana James Mary Lou Wann Benjy Schlatter Linda Bowers Michael Wells Jayme Miller Jacky DeLong Louise Hughs Janice Hammond James Beerbower Joan Havcr Jimmy Panico Sandra Williams David Smith Michael Jones Kathy Hunt David O'Nei1l Elaine Smalley David Cottrell Cathy Huss Joan Weatherhead Jack Walker Amelia Mendez Harry Harrmon Leslie ltyan Sammy Friend l Absent: Jzimes Bake Bobbie Killion ll:lrh:i1':i Kcmcrex' 'Vimmie llurkex' Jeanine Springer Keith Shipman Cheryl Mundy Gnil Clinton Riekery SChl1ltf0l' Niehelle Hertel .lziek Liehty AIIIFCUIISI 'l'x'oemlly Alyn Biekhzlrd Nlzirshn Smith Carol Jenn Smith I:1m Gordon l':itl'ici:i Nelson Jon Ilelmmg Vicki Crornley Steven Gard Kim Zurtmun Palm Nlnherson William Marlow Beth Shuherk Patrick liyzm l,iml:i Proxmire Lois Klendcr llzivid Hunt l,rv1'1':iine Jones Jack Schilb Joellcn Smalley David Lehman l,ar1-y Quisno Karen Ruger Kathy Vail Pziuln lllziberson C hnrles Wentherhead Ramona Dotmon QQ! far , is ' 'iv r: . it if T 44 1 1 V7 MU A K' U X'-nvusv' I v Is. ggi' 7 l g J I A mf"-sf " ' . if A w , . P 4. "": if " AF fi' ls ' rn: X ' ' A K ff. . . ,I ff fggfpg 44" 5 if. T wwf ' :Vx i'!"'SMlr ,"Yp 9 l 14 Phvllis U'Neil X . W i 3 A I, if-4 iz I -ul Y I ' ff' sl W' I n 1 9 -.1., W In aff-in i Pew Il' Q I 'us 4 I pi! 'ntric I' P 1 V sf' -J in Snyder f 3 I f A n.,J P f I wf I G I lla' WH I' . lui Q 3 1 l KNO 5 J' WI , . . l .,f ,, ,xg 'f 'wr ' 'Ds ' 1 -1' ya? 8, 1 A Jltt J ?l!Xw:' M. -I' I il 0 . 72 i if i Jw .Q A, J 1. fi' Penny Reeb Ruth Ann Deerwester Jack Major Cheryl Stiebling Karen Miller Sue Ann Friend Bruce Bell Connie Diesler Billy Johnson Sandra Mast David McCalla Jean Gocttkc Timmy Peffley Sandra Banks Janice Bcgley Jimmy Griggs Judy Delong Brett Kutzli Cheryl Jacobs Randy Green Jerry liecb Kathy Duffy Ricky Mums Patti lwlcfilexander Neil liamsier Sheryl Miller Jun Ross Steve Feasby Rex llasch Vicki Sidonbender Randy Hughes Barbara Miller John Reynolds Ann Dec-mor Marty Cottrell Lana Dolong Jim Carr Shannon Swann Belle Hurt 0260921 '.Ww0 ' fzva. Donna I-'riond Lou Ann .-Xnkncy Ricky llnthzlnwx' Jimmy Schmunk Jill Jeffery Ilizmu Nllllflllllkl IM-nnis Clvm Susanna' Uvvrlnyv Johnnie Tllolnxls 1.1-sa llunt l-Icldiv Nillcl' ,fx llrxuiloy Millvl' . Suv Schrmlcy L l .V . .Iocy lingers Czxrol Shuhurk '?'w 'f Mark Miller M111-aiu llzlncly X. n ' N '- .Inninv Stout llllly lfricnzl Susiu Howe . Vurtis .Xnknvy Susan Purk lizlul Rodriguvz gms Stvphon Pvtvrs IXl:1ryH'Nci1l 'lv ' llruvo llnvgvr ' I.:1u1':1l Ours Michael Smith ' ' A Jczlnnic Schoolcy if ' f" K f- X AC Jvnn I.:uwy Danny Lichty Lym-ttv Ilughvs l,1ll'l'j'CL1ll01' Alill'f.f1ll'l'f Ann Beatty Billy Gottko - f 1 ri.. A l -, V- lil -v I WWI y 'Q 'fa Mfg W' ff ll lf If I' L ,,-. If 1' 5 WJ A' gi' in I f fl! In ing 2 1+ S.. 5 A V A lx I fl 4 -I A NI ary Bradley E ! O O 5 O r . 1 -va. ff, ' 'S if S L, F la 'Q 4 Q ' "lr ul ' -:: A qt '1 V-, In gs Pa rp or K? h H Us V' ,,, I " "".... - :ah , f .W Q' si gz. 'TW if 'Y QQ? - K i A J A y " - 4 I 'V' 4 I. if lv- :fr K J Xx.. J ,kg ' -.. rf-:Ir f v-'U 1" 3 L h. A X g 4 ' ffl nf li vi - J li , lf.. ' .F N f A . I one I . N l f A " ...V 'gl :NWI J N X G E , 'll P'-J 2 N Q .. fi. , ,Q ' ' ' 'F -rr-f ' Nr- , 'Wi x i gf, N, 336' V wc... 0 v-if ua y W7 -vw ab- 4-'J A-an ,S , . . ,Q '55 AEP? -' lk' as 4, TDM' Absent: George Bake, Jr. James Rogers Marilyn Hemrick Gary Begley Burleigh Bettinger Mark Lero Delores Rinehart William Wcatherhead Susan Miller George Gordon Karen Thompson Angela Billman Danny Baker Christine Wiesehan Gary Knuckles Mary Jane Underwood Lance Donat David Miller Cindy Lou Bullingcr Dennis Bowers Marlene Schlatter Lyle Fillmore Linda Zuber Paula Bissell Paul Michael Culler Sharon Gross Gregory Garmyn Trudy Rath David Beerbower Dennis Secrist Kathy Reeb Max Zuber Barbara McCalla Stephen Doctor Joyce Hammond 3 Jane 40 Bebe Shcnrd Diana Kuhn Debra Nighswnnder Kathy Carr Walter James Steven Lothamer Patty Hughes Rex Lichty Diane Baker Edwin Holman Hnrry Hitzcman Susan Mast Cindy Peffley Jimmy Secrist Linda Gordon lNlaryPz1trici:1 Marlin Kevin Lucas Raymond Hertel Dwight Doctor Terri Sidenbender Janice Geyer Jeff Reeb Vicki Stiebeling Dale Hicov Chucky McCa1l:1 Lucile Stiver M . D y if if tg, Y? 'f 2 1 . ?tii"HIk F' 1 v my Q.: --I will 'S' . ' -it H l dw V. M- l 1' V, ,fm ., :gi if I Wi i ' if ff V D- 4 ' we . Q. ! -5 is gl in ik., 4.41.1 it-at tw! Q 15:3 i.u,Q'3': Compliments of PANICO'S Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings Randy Hasch Janice Daeger Jimmy Hertel Dottie Gill Charles Mobley Christal Carr Donny Osmun Paula Deisler Joe Kemerer Cathy Mundy Jerry Laney Jacquelyn Miller Gary Gross Rita Hughes Max Begley Sbyodm 04 Q "ff" R in W , ylyl C A s 'M was ik, 'la xl X., . X I Michael Sprow Kim Mendez Freddie Rodriguez Pamela Billman Dixie Cromley Pat Vail Jolene Boyer Terry Foust Barbara Williams Danny Miller Alice Bender Teddy Mendez Debra Springer Danny Laney Noni Smith David Mendez Denise Shaffer Danny Underwood Brenda Jones Compliments of HORNEY INSURANCE AGENCY - A11 Kinds of Insurance M qi . , Q. in 'mpfzgoafzea mapa coayodw ' ' 'v Roger Wells Sally Ruiz Bruce James Michael Buerkle Larry McMullen Gerald McMullen f' "1 ,yx Galen Lehman Joey Thompson Michael Lindsey Oliver M. Smith, Joe Mendez Atana Mendez Vaynard Fisher Connie Craig ,Fqqlnjr I .4 Compliments of CARL C. OSMUN and SONS DAIRY - Hicksville, Ohio Emily Reed J if s 1 . N U VL., HWY Q. 1. 'We ,N 3 A 885 5 3' ii. D 4 'fm ,Z V, , if 651, -Q, :L,MgL,,,2zjxL-,3 ., I' ww.. V . 1 ,. 1, lgff fwfqf f v wf l lsi-Q4 , K , .- q .'-.., . , . -J , - Wiz:-1 gg f z, r ig- 5 -fwv m f Q 61 fs-': 5- 1 ' wr gf , , , .x , K , 1-nn . -. ,. , - f A A x 2. V .f :Q-. .V ,.k- -4 .- ,-1 ' 7- 4. .M .- 31' '- ' N If ' -1,Af,1:- ,. . 2 ',. ..: :-'fb ' '. "5 ' ' sniff' F' 2:16 W lr A ' 'L v .. ,gg V. il Y gpm, - -- , 55,5 ,. V ff S fw-1.11. 1 ij,---rl? .Sym L,-tw, U , 1 A, x JOHN FUS'I'l'IH -- Sviiim1x'-- Fur- JERRY HALSER -- Senior Forward. GOOKI PAUL IIOWAIIIJ -- S0 liin 1' - xxgiiwi -- John +iirin't sm- much rc-bounder -- .-X firm believer in team play. Buck court mziiirivluxv,llisfigglit :wtiim hut In-1-.iiisv ut' his finv Sickness costhim 1lf1,'l'8iltSCIlSOl1. ing iivurt niiiiiv up for his sim Sliimlilig nimililv, hm- xilwziys wus Good outsirlci shut :ind lou-rl to tin- iwtlu-1'tv:i1ii's st:ii'iiip1':icticv. iirivv. Kviit thc' tt'1lIIi'S humor nlivv. Hlxl'JlIilllS" Warne? HIl'lI.XI'II. fl-IIJAKICR --J llllitll' 4- Xii vmiiity -- fUl'XK'1ll'CI -- Loci tm-:im in scui-img -- .X reall fine' pl:ix'A'i"s lml:ix'vi'. qw- Wh:it'S going un iici'0'.' . A illI'll'Sl1ffi ,El 45 RIL'll.'XRlJ IIOIZNIATY -- Senior K.-XR1. MIELKE -- Junior -- pivot nmn -- t'm'w:nrci -- A von:-:istcnt plnyux' Strong and 1l1.fg'1'USSiV0 on the rebounds -- fine -- ck-zu! shot from the outside. tcnni mam. Good defensive mnn -- should Ilzui :1 knwvk lol bounding, H0 plnyocl host under prv:-zsurv. ' weak side rc- score' well nvxt Season, ROBERT BOICSCII -- Scniur -- Buck court nmn -- clcnclly jump shot, 1lQ2fgI'CSSiVL' offensively mul defensively -- could put vnthusi- asm into any tn-uni, i F DENNIS SHUHERK -- Svninr -- A11 county -- Cnptuin -- Plnycnl the post -- A mloud cyl' lcft hnndor. Led the tcnm in rc- b l'. KI-IN IIAIIN -- Junior -- forwzircl, Dvufl imma on thc jump shot -- guucl bull hnnfilcr -- good floor mnn -- scorod XK'iIlI1ii1glJ1lSkCf. against llivksrillc, .-XNIJRICW LICIITY -- Junior -- Buck court, main -- fine bail! handler, tricky on thu drive -- bullet jump shot X "MW dvfvnsivv hull hawk. X, J 4 :LII E 1' Wm made!! yum! KNl'1lCI.lNG: L'O.Xl,'ll BOB LlCHlVl.iXN, STANDING: Dennis Shuherk, Karl Mlelke, Jerry Bulser, Dick Hornew Mike lccluker, John Foster, Ken Hahn, Bob Boesch, Paul Howard, Andy Liehty, This one is ours! VARSITY RESULTS We Convoy-Union 46 Jewell 54 Ayersville 31 Oakwood 59 Fairview 51 Blue Creek 52 Grover Hill 45 Hicksville 39 Payne 51 HOLIDAY TOURNEY Paulding 36 Hicksville 46 Oakwood 59 Edgerton 59 Blue Creek 48 Edon 43 Grover Hill 88 Paulding 48 Riverdale 54 Payne 61 COUNTY TOURNEY Oakwood 47 They 61 43 52 55 76 61 47 41 49 39 44 65 64 43 45 71 49 40 56 56 laaezw Midge? y KNICICLING: COACH BOB LI5HlVlAN. STANDING: Charles Howe, Chuvk Hahn, Rex Clinton, Holm Cottrell, Ray Friend, Jerry Berryhill, Fritz Ehrhurt, Rony Langham, lion Rhinehurt. Instructions from the coach John Gaisford, Jay Snook, Winfield Meek, Tom Rcinhnrt 1 0809 eddv 56 Joan l-Ily, Verlninc Pollock, Ann Elston, Carole Leinard MW? Jan Rhlnehart, lillouisv Taylor, Marilyn Toomey Compliments of lVIIKE'S BEAUTY SHOP Mike Horn lx, 'Wy f IU' Season's Record 233:13 FRONT ROW: G, Taylor, L, Smith, P, Weatherhead, J, Farnsworth L. Friend, B, McCalla, D, Wannamacher, N, Monroe, J,Wetli,J Weatherliead, S, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Coach Marvin Gard, R Paulding County Tournament Runner-up Mendez, S, Miller, B, Deemer, M, Shuherk, W, Snyder, R, Gillespie L. Jump, B, Ryan, ll, Schilb, ll, Whetstone. O C E Ao' ,J 4. 1, -, -. A ' 1 Suzanne Langliam, Christy Smith, Diane Soslar, Linda Schilb. Antwerp Juniors call time out Compliments of L. SMITH Sz SON, INC. Buick, Pontiac, Rambler, Xi GMC Trucks sv FRONT ROW: COACH BOB LEHMAN,Paul Howard,B0b Cottrell, Dennis Shuherk, Jim DeLarue1le, Ray Friend. SECOND ROW: Tony Langham, Mike Zedaker, Dick Horney, Chuck Hahn, Ken Hahn, Andy Lichty. 60615 Il ll Track Event 100 yd. Dash 220 yd. Dash 440 yd. Dash 880 yd. Run Mile Run 880 Relay Mile Relay Broad Jump High Jump Pole Vault Shot Put Discus Throw male! emu Q 5 i 2 FRONT ROW: Paul Howard, Terry Monroe, Jerry Neely, Dennis Shuherk, Bob Boesch. SECOND ROW: Don Mabis, Dale McAlexander, Jerry Berryhill, Larry Zartman, Jim Meyers, COACH MARVIN GARD. ANTWERP HIGH SCHOOL TRACK and FIELD RECORDS Holder of Record Paul Howard Nathan Doctor Jim Miller Lynn Bute Jim Meyers Paul Howard, Jerry Balser, Nathan Doctor, Bob Howard Jim Miller, Jim Meyers, Lynn Bute, Jerry Berryhill Paul Howard Jim Miller Bob Boesch Dick Daeger Mike Zedaker Record :10.3 :24.5 :53.5 2:12.4 4:52.5 l:39.2 3:50.7 19'2-1f4" 5l5YI 1Ol4H 41-ll!! 111' Year 1959 1958 1958 1959 1959 1958 1959 1958 1958 1960 1956 1960 Place County Meet, Paulding District State Finals Antwerp vs. Paulding Antwerp vs. Paulding District Antwerp vs . Paulding Antwerp vs. Paulding County Meet, Antwerp At Paulding At Payne At Paulding xx 60 FRONT ROW: Mary Sehooley, Joan Ely, Rita Snyder, Sharyl Mohr, Nancy Xiannemac-her, Mr. Tussing, Director, Karen Sharpe, lklarsha lfarnsworth, lillouise Taylor, Jo Hromagem, Sl-ICOND ROXN: Sharold Iihrhart, Reth Deventer, Ray Friend, Carol Handy, Pat Smith, Sharon Rhoad, Cristy Smith, Kay Bromapgem, Barbara Snook, Sondra Rhoad, Carole Ileinard. Sue Xulmer, Verlaine Pollock. THIRD ROXX: Virginia Hahn, Suzanne Langham, Kirk Hopkins, Linda Berenyi, Jane Koehlinger, Joyce lloover, Janice Hoover, Linda Sehilb, Wayne Snyder. Royce Snyder. John lfoster, Carol Schooley, Jerry Neely, I'Ol'RTll ROXX: Steve Anderson, Jim Weatherhead, Linda Klender, Jerry Rerryhill, Tony Langliani, Karl Mielke, Alan Bowers. Bill Ross, Richard Sehilb, Roh Sehoenike, Greg Carr, Susann Rhoad, Pete Weatherhead, I'-ruee Neely, Xlinfield Meek, With a new director, Mr. Vern Tussing, the band started out with a busy schedule last summer which included many marching engagements. During the school year the band played for the Band Parents, P.T,A,, and added noise to the basketball games. The A,H,S, band, composed of 52 members, had many soloists and ensemble groups competing in district and state contests. The band feels proud to have received a I at district contest and a II at state contest. The year is highlighted by the spring concert and this year the Band Parents held an award banquet in honor of the band members. Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP Charlie Mobley l.imla Cottrell, Suzanne Lanpgham, Ann lilston, Carole Leinarfl FRONT ROW: Kevin Sosbe, Eclwarcl O'Neil, Jerry Wetli. Sl-ICOND ROW: Ron Slattery, Carl Jeffery, Kirk Hopkins, Suzanne L,11llj,Iillllll, Kathy llahn, Rita Bute, Linda Sehilh, Joyee lloover, Cristy Smith, Paula Meek, Sue Jeffery. TllIRD ROW: lXlikeBai1ey, Mitehell Whitehouse, Jini I"arnsworth, Connie Ely, Laura Donut, Roberta Bute, Beth Deventer, Sharoltl lihrhart, Sue Tracy, Carol llancly, Nike Weatherhead. FDU R Tll R OW: Dan Smith, Rick Sehilb, Pete Weatlierheacl, Donnie Carr, lylarsha Gerenscer, Greg Carr, Keith Kacleseh, Jack Neely, lXlr. Tussing, John Wooclcox. IHHNI' HUXX: Vifpfilliil II:ilm, Curul Sq-lin-ili-y, Vmmlxiim- llullm-lc, C:1i'1'iv Kusch, Linrlzi Klviirlvr, Virqiiiizi Muvviy .Innicv Huovvr, ' DX 'X iuisi- 'I'qixIin', Hromizi Iiutcliiiis, tTIi:irm:iim- liswh, lzit Smith, Juno Km-liliiigvr, Iiqiy Ihminqigi-111. THIRD RQX: .lr, 'l'ussing.f, XI llll'i'4'l1 ilziviwix, Nl1!l'Sil1l F:ii'iisimi'tIi, Cimiv Nlsxrsh, KJlX'HilJ!I'I1L', IJir0ctu1', Mziry Schrmlcy, I.:1i'rX' Siimlny, Huh Scluwiiilw, .Xlxxn Iiilvm- H1-slzir, rlhziiwm Rlicniil, l'i-nm' Iknnks, HICCUNU HUXX: Jnckii- Buwcrzs, Niko 3lc'C:ill:i, Rex Ciintim, Mniity Cwi'ricll,.Ivx'1'y Nvvly, XX xkwlii, Kzirvu 'I':ix'lwi', Maury McC:ill:i, Czirolu l.L-iiixiril, Suv Iizii' F1'iL'ncl, Kairl XIiclkc,XXii1fii'lcl Mu-k, JilhllFlIStC'l',Kl'llX' 'I'1':ic'y, Hi rlliilijvlli, Rosiilix' Nlillur, I3:11'h:i1':i SIlX'1lp.fL', Rilzi Snynlur, Juslv 'l'miny Laiiighzini, Joe Ihiggcrs, Smiilrzi llhnzul, Iiivis, .Timm I-ily, K1lIllll'l'I1 Mavis, Nvvai Ju I7rIlI'iiL'l', I.i1iml:i Cnittrvll, FIQUNT ROXX: Lziurvl Donut, Kzircn Dc:i,g1 Wcisvlizin, John livclx, Le-Q Zuhe: : . ', Chzirlic Foster, Cliff Fricnci, Jim Vziil. D '1', Dizimizi llziugiir, Stn-vo FClI'l1SXX'0l'lh, .Irwin lJX'1'l'lUX'Ll l,ct:1 Donut., SECOND RUXXE Nicki' Iluiiks, .Xliflf livrciiyi, Jim Gcrciiscvr, Iirnio l,migl,0l'l'X', liiilhll 1 I1 1 THIRD ROXX 'XII Tu 3, B I lx X I' RI' I ssinv, oi 'aiiiiniaiji-r, .ix um-izi i FRONT ROW: Mr, Flock, .-Xdvisor, Jvrry Bcrryhiil, Joan Ely, Jerry Bulscr, Karl Mivlke, SECOND ROW: Jim Wouti1ci'l1c:ul, Bill Ross, Linda Schilb, Juv Bzirkcr, Dick Horncy, lX1:1ui'00n Barlow, Alam Howe-1's, Miko MuC:1ll:1. I RONT ROW: Czirulu l.uin:1i'il, I-Im If'1'ii-mi, Miss Slum, .Xclvisuig Virginia llxihn, :U1ll'j'SChOOlL'Y. SECOND ROW: iililrshu F:li'uswoi'tli, iu1llll'L'L'Ii Rxlrluw, Iliimv Stumpliy, Ann Elston, I':tf.llG1liSfUI'fl, Juckiv Wyckoff, rvn Sharp, Rim Snydur, Joan lily, l':1ti'ici:1 Smith, Jzmivc Rliinohzirt, IXllll'ilfs'Ii Murpliy, Rosziliu Miller, iron Rhuzul, Karon '1':1ylo1' aaa' Md . . 63 J' FRONT ROW: l,au1'vnrla llunt, Linrla Williams, Charmaine Roch, Karon llcckclman, Karon Svslar, Kay XX'allwnslim', Patrica Smith. SIGCONIJ ROW: Mrs. Nihisvr, Penny Banks, Beverly Foreman, Karon Taylor, llolflllfl M"Y0l'. Virfxinia lllvyvr. TIIIRDROW: SllCZL1l7CI',lxlIll'Sl'l1l Farnsxvorth, Darlcno lllaluis, Dolores Coon, Rosalii' Klillvr, Karl-n Sharp, Jackiv Wyclwff, 244 64 T 355: in was E , 5 l F 5 5. FRONT ROW: Joyce Uonat, Suu ljJ1'OI1l1lf'.f0ITl, Linda Cottrell, Sharon Rhuafl, Winfivlll Mvvk, lk-nnis Slullwrli, Jcrrv llalser, Jay Snnoli, SECOND ROW: Nancy XN'anncmacl10r', IXl:1x'yScl1nulvy', Patriva Smith, lla1'lJa1':l Savage, Paul llnwarfl, Karon Scslar, Karon Hccliclman, Lau1'0ncla llunt. THIRD ROW: Mr. Walclrcm, Ll1lI'l'll' Kosch, John Foster, KL-lly Knuckles, Jerry Nevly, Kelly Tracy, Roh Bm-scl1, Jam-t llowcrs, Katlmlvvn Nlavis. Marx' IXlcCalla. say K I-'HUNT ROXX: lillouisc Taylor. Cliairniziine Reeh, Sharon llhoad, Bromzigem, Sum Juilor, Janet Iiowurs, Kqithlevn lilzivis, l,inc Jvam lk-x'c'k, Mr. Fast, .-Xdviso1',Joyce Donut, Nancy uiIllIll6l'll1lCil0I', Klender, Marilyn Toomey. Karen Scslur, l.1llll'L'Ilil2l llunt, livx Kelly Tiwwy, Sl-ICOND ROW: llzit Smith, Janice Hoover, Etta FI'lCllCl,Dl1lll6StUDl1Jl1j', hzuslorcl, lllllilll tottrell, BLll'll111'll Savage, Currie Kosch, Sue There is a certain fascination which draws students toward the publishing of an Annual. Perhaps it is the assembling of layouts or the planning and writing of articles which explains the interest of this work for many. This year the Archer Staff has toiled, learned, and enjoyed preparing a memory book. Its main purpose is to keep alive within the students the school spirit--a book for the students and by the students. To the merchants of Antwerp and those who helped us finance and produce this book, the staff can only offer thanks, and hope that some day we may support and co-operate with these persons in an undertaking. Editor In Chief . . . .... Joyce Donat Assistant Editor . ..... Jean Derck Business Manager . . . Nancy Wannamacher Sales ..... .... B arbara Savage Diane Stumphy Advertising . . . .... . Kelly Tracy Managers of Senior Section . . . Pat Smith Eva Friend Copy Editor . . . . Sharon Rhoad .Assistants Etta Gaisford Janice Hoover Sports Writers ...... . . Sue Bromagem And Sports group pictures . . . Linda Klender Photography Editors ..... . . Charmaine Reeb Kathleen Mavis Calendar ...... .... E llouise Taylor Staff Typists . . Office Practice Class Advisor .... . Mr. William C. Fast Compliments of EHRHART STUDIOS Cloide and Dorothy S' Senior Section. Pat Smith Kathy Mavis Eva Friend Literary Editors: Janice Hoover, Etta Guisford, Linda Klcnder, Sharon Rhoxid, I "JJ . ,Q -u.,,. Picture Editors: Nzlncywzlnnemuch- Top Brass: Jenn Derck, Mr or, Sam Jnilor, Chairmninc Reeb, Ellouisc Taylor. I.:lurunri:i Hunt. SICATICIJ: Lcft to right, Nancy Wannemacher, Joyce Donat, Karen Seslar. STANDING: Mr, Fast fadv.J Eva Friend, Linda Cottre1l,Janet Bowers, Kathy Mavis, Lziurcnda Hunt. 66 FB Alvin Copsoy :incl Miko Duffy receiving their Clnss rings nt llm-rt1e's. 3-A llumm, it is good! A ' 'V' 43315 J Karon Sesler giving Currie Kosch 11 No talking please in scnior high study hull. facial. r.'. ,Ti F1 f i ' M ,J-sy' All ages go to the school library Grnrluntos back for :1 visit. Compliments of ANTWERP BARBER SHOP - Gerrv and Bob sv ll fl ll r wi lx 4 g sm l . Ll' K Q dp 'Tl T Q Q l 2 gl L 'x 5 1 ' Elura j f T"4 QS' Qaeefaafmfma Suv Zubor, Robert Huesch, Carole Lelnzlrd, Jerry Bzllser, Tony llcrport, Janice Rhinohurt, que-vng .Imam lilv, llichurrl Ilutvola, Richard llorney, Linda Cottrell, Paul Howard, Bzlrbzlrzl Snook, Mr. Nihiso1"s SWOUUICIIFI lmncre llzmd, Thi' "1"-lwlllllll "fl TN rg is 68 A war---'Mf Compliments of LlCHTY'S ROLL-A-WAY RINK - A friendly rink for friendly pcoplo v fit gif X if O I' fr A 'ig 1 . -,f fi , .awe H", " ru. in 6 3 I ki , V 3 15' "Q KK . I nr th w 'WW -gl H fi lm Y 724 195' 9- 1960 SEPTEMBER First day of school again Freshman initiation started the year off with a bang Juniors selected their class rings The first record hop was sponsored by the F.H.A. Band competed in marching contest at Auburn and received 4th place in class "B" OCTOBER Band played at first P.T.A. meeting Freshmen give return party for the Sophomores Band played during halftime ceremonies of the Bowling Green University and Uni- versity of Dayton football game at Bowling Green Cheerleading tryouts Two Seniors, two Juniors, and Mr. Fast went to Bowling Green for Annual business Qworkshopl We participated in Radio Station WOWO Fire Drill Senior Class Play was entitled "Books and Crooks" Real Good!!! No School -- Teachers' Institute at Toledo Goodie, Goodie P.T.A. Carnival was a real blast NOVEMBER First game of the year Convoy-Union, Lost Q46-61l Game with Jewell, Won Q54-437 Game with Ayersville, Lost Q31-52j Game with Oakwood, Won Q59-553 Game with Fairview, Lost Q51-761 Game with Blue Creek, Lost Q52-615 No school because of Thanksgiving. Did you eat too much? DECEMBER Game with Gover Hill, Lost Q45-471 Juniors received class rings Overtime game with Hicksville, Lost Q39-411 Overtime game with Payne, Won Q51-491 High School Christmas Dance and Exchange School closed for Christmas Holiday Tournament at Blue Creek Paulding vs Antwerp, Lost Q36-391 Holiday Tournament at Blue Creek Hicksville vs Antwerp, Won Q46-441 JANUARY School reopens again with everyone in new clothes Game with Oakwood, Lost Q59-653 Seniors take Senior Tests at Paulding Game with Edgerton, Lost Q59-645 Semester Exams - Did you study? Game with Blue Creek, Won Q48-435 Semester Exams Game with Edon, Lost Q43-455 Game with Grover Hill, Won Q 88-713 Pictures were taken for the Annual Game with Paulding, Lost Q48-499 Game with Riverdale, Won Q54-401 Compliments of SMITH DRUG STORE F.A. Smith FEBRUARY 5 Game with Payne, Won Q61-561 13 Sweetheart Dance was the first formal dance of the year. 20 Paulding County Tournament, fOakwood vs. Antwerpj Lost 147-565 MARCH 5 Soloists and ensembles went to Vocal and Ensemble Contest at Lima. 8 Juniors took National Merit Scholarship Tests. 17 Every Pupil Tests were given. 19 Band went to Ada for District Band Contest and received a I rating. 22 Sophomores and Juniors went to Blue Creek for "Career Day." APRIL 1 Junior Class Play was entitled, "Act Your Age." Very good acting! 5 Pre-District Scholarship Tests were taken. 9 Soloists and ensembles went to Solo and Ensemble Contest at Bowling Green. 15 No school because of Good Friday. 21 All County Music Festival was held at Blue Creek. 22 Ohio State EmploymentService sent three counselors to interview seniors. 23 Band went to Mansfield for State Band Contest and received a II rating. 26 Defiance Band played for the student body. 28 Film of Eisenhower's trip to the Far East was shown to the student body. MAY 7 Bowling Green District Scholarship Tests were given. 14 An Evening in Paris was the theme of the Junior and Senior Banquet. 18 A very sad day in Antwerp---Mr. Bell's funeral. 19 Spring Festival with Chorus and Jr. Band. 20 Track team went to Bowling Green for District Track Meet. 22 Baccalaureate 24 Senior Band Spring Festival 25 Exams - Did you study? 26 Exams 26 Commencement - Good-bye Seniors!! 28 Last day of school - Did you pass? 29 Seniors left on their class trip. I M Outstanding Home Economist, Pat Smith and Mrs. Sklnner's Sixth Grade Class teacher, Mrs. Nlhiser. axiom 1-iight .-Xnyonv? And They Say Mud Packs Are Bari! . .iw-Avi lf!-+ X, E, if Science Svholarship Team Language Scholarship Team Kindergarten Iiagerly Awaiting Xmas Cun't You Hurry? I'm Hungry! WALSWORYN ' ,,.,,Y,T'.Y.fT'Z".. Compliments of ROSS SUNOCO - Walter Ross 1881 John Snook CD5 1882 Charles Graves CD5 Will Deatric CD5 Frank Kemerer CD5 1883 Frank Graves CD5 1884 No Graduates 1885 Emma Wesner CD5 1886 Lotta Doering CPocock5 CD5 Mollie Knapp CMitchell5 CD5 Clara Emanuel CYeager5 CD5 Julia Emanuel CD5 Frank Saylor 1887 John Burret Bridgid Halliman CD5 Maggie Doering CWert5 CD5 1888 No Graduates 1889 Dora Shriver CWilder5 CD5 Eliza Barker CWentworth CD5 Blanch Wentworth CDowning5 1890 Anna Shaffer Cl-Iertel5 CD5 1891 Frank Bernardine CD5 Lillian Harris CBarnes5 CD5 Levisa H. Zuber CD5 Clara Zuber CD5 1892 Minnie McGuire CSmith5 Andrew Schilb CD5 1893 Jennie Hudson CGoddard5 CD5 Minnie McCabe 1894 Maud Snook CD5 Eva Barnett CApplegate5 Pearl Zuber CHarris5 Lewis Curtis CD5 offfmww' 1895 Bertha Snyder CDoering5 CD5 Harry Snook CD5 Mary McCabe CGordon5 CD5 Andrew Schneider CD5 Lloyd Harris CD5 1896 Olive Carr CSchilb5 CD5 Lewis C. Harris CD5 John Curtis CD5 Will N. Fleck CD5 1897 Edith Harris CZiegler 5 CD5 Flossie Perry CJump5 Nettie Schilb CFinley5 Grace Martin Margaret McCabe CHarris5 CD5 1898 Bertha Higinbotham CMears5 CDj Julia Zuber CSmith5 CD5 Florence Jacobs CDaniels5 Fay Higinbotham CNeer5 Anna Murphy CWhitmore5 CD5 Minetta Schnittker CNorton5 Myrtle Snyder CPauley5 CD5 1899 Ethel Fuller CVan Horn5 Lloyd Long Fred Pocock CD5 Gladys Busby CJackobs5 Blanch Drehner CWi1ey5 Inez Jaderstrum CDuncan5 CD5 Bertha Harris CConverse5 Mary Philpot CD5 Mary Miller CHelleman5 Emmett Kauffman 1900 Lula Carr CWaters5 CD5 Fred Carr Dollie Webber CCarr5 Blanche Kennedy CSmythe5 Edward Carr Bertha Fleck CLacy5 Maude Graves CKilbe5 Minnie Pugh COvermeyer5 Roy Dilts CD5 Eliza Marlin CDeLong5 1901 Flossie Graves Theodore Harris Arthur McCabe Chas. Schnittker Roy Seeley CD5 Bessie Harris Compliments of JOHNSON PURE OIL Bob and Dale 1902 John Doering CD5 Enez Marlin CLeider5 Clyde McCabe Edna Oswalt CDeVore5 Clarence Oberhaltzer CD5 A 1903 Oliver Gordon CArmstrong5 John Pomperoy George Gordon CD5 Robert Dowell Fred Johnson CD5 Joe Harris John Berg CD5 Frances Clemmer CQuaintance5 Millie Reeb CDeemer5 Bessie Snyder CDoering5 Addie Schneider CClemmer5 Maggie Peffley CCamp5 Edna Bissel CWhite5 1904 Bessie Brehm CMiller5 Mable Dowd CPeck5 Edith Graves CHarris5 CD5 Ross Lindermuth Dora Miller CBlackburn5 Mable McCabe Eurie Snook CMonroe5 Grace Shepard CCarr5 CD5 Hattie Schnittaker Warren Seslar CD5 Lawrence Wilson Eva Johnson CHarris5 1905 Alfred Saylor CD5 Maude Harris CSmith5 CD5 Jessie Harris CDerck5 Julia Armstrong CBanks5 Florence Barrows CChaussee5 1906 Addie McCabe Olive Brehm CJacobs5 Joseph Carr CD5 Ana Snook CMartin5 Hazel Chaney CWhingerter5 Nellie Cussen CThompson5 Jennie Carothers CStenger5 Florence Graces CZimmerman5 Hattie Mann Leame Huges CSteed5 Ralph Carr Marie McGuire CSmith5 Edith Slusser CSigler5 CD5 Eva Powers Earl Zuber Effie Harrmann CLindemuth5 Earl Reeb 73 1907 Jessie Champion Guy H. Deemer QDj Julia Gowdy QNelsonJ Clyde Gosharm Genevievea Grant Warren Howard Glenn Keifer Nellie Paulson QHirzelj Amy Lindermuth QCoatsJ Fern'Lacy QDeLongJ Annie Mooney QRussell1 Blanch Renshaw QMurphyJ Virgil Saylor Ethel Seeley QLeaseJ QD! Oliver Shiery Fay Sunday QMcCa11J Trixie Seslar QJohnsonl -Teddah Webber 1908 Ray Applegate Russell Banks Ray Banks QD! Mary Bernard QMcGrathJ Lottie Camp QBoothj Eunice Derek QJacksony Foxy Fell QBricker3 May Grant Addie Hughes QBitlesj Elsie Mann QSnyderJ QD! Claren Murphy QDy Eulia McGuire QSaucerwineJ Ruth Saylor QHuntb Ernest Pugh Earl Renshaw Mandus Reeb QDQ Edna Stainfield QC astonj Clara Sunday QEgloff5 Inez Smith QGraves5 Carrie Wilkinson QDJ Eddie Marlin QDJ 1909 Ethel Anderson QDeardorfJ QDJ Thomas Babcock Norma Filley QSmithJ John Foster QDJ Harry Howard James Hurless Minnie Knapp QSpindlerJ Freda Kieger QLongJ Norman McGuire QDJ Delia Peffley QFriendj Blanche Sweet QGuiffJ Chester Hill Flossie Johnson QMooneyJ Hazel Stainfield QZuberj Marie Sunday QCarry Guy Smith Harry Shimer QDj Jennie Rose 74 1910 Gertrude Banks Evander Barrows Ruth Carr QBoone7 QD5 Dessollee Chester Earl Chester Adeline Chester QWhitej Paul Cussen Carl Dysinger Hazel Foster QAmspaughJ Flossie Hughes QPughj Della Mangus QAmesJ Blanch Rose Hazel Reeb QMurphyJ Clara Smith QBirkholdJ Guy Schultz QD! Henry Seslar Tom Zuber Elizabeth Brattain QKiagarJ QDj 1911 No Graduates 1912 Ray Chester Addie Lindermuth QSundayJ Francis Tester Forest Fleck Eunice Snook QGloorJ Tom Carr Clyde Sunday Vivian Hummel QBaumleJ Nellie Saylor QPughj John McCreery 1913 Roy Schultz QDJ John Chester Otha Fleck Earl Harris Frank Wilson QDJ Frank Smith Ruth Marlin QDj Connie Harris QFleckl Guy Jump Gladys Robinson QBorgmany Leo Hertel QD5 Ethel Saum QMaroneyJ 1914 Emma Foster Helen Cummings Marie Derck QFitzgeraldJ Phoebe Smith QCarrJ Ruth Nelson Ruth Sunday QSheperdJ Ruth Wallace QHelse1j Jeamme Yager QEssexJ Roy Hughes Gerald Hummell QDJ Bridgid Slattery QWirthJ Nora Smith QJurnpJ Compliments of PIN-A-RAMA LANES Bob and Virg 1915 Mabel Champion QBowersoxJ Ralph Coplin Russell Duval Lillie Foster QSchmunky Eva Hutchins QHarrisJ Clara Jude Raymond Overman Mabel Phillips QDysingerJ Grace Rogers QMettertJ Louis Schmunk QDJ Gertrude Rogers QMettertJ 1916 Margaret Burgess QEssexJ Earl Babcock Cemantha Cummings QKe11eyl Paul Chester QDy Edith Donnell QLeiningerb Luella Hughes QStevensony Ralph Schooley ,Z C 1ffLJ Lelia Wentworth I Edwin Schmunk M fl- CA 6 1917 Wilfred Bakel Lucile Doering QLongJ Eli Font Bonnie Foster QSmithJ Helen Gordon QBardelmierJ Orville Perkins Edith Reeb QPerkinsJ Alma Sackrider Qliallockj QDJ John Scoby Anna Slattery Glen Smith Hilary Snyder QDJ Ora Tester Lehr Wilder Ray Weilbaker 1918 Mary Bakle Cleo Burroughs QReebj Florence Derek QBissellb QDJ Donald Hudson Fern Hawthorne QCollinsb Alva Miller Floyd Metteret QDy Bessie Perkins QReebJ Alma Saum QGordonJ Halen Sunday QEriony Hanna Smith QFergusonJ Goldie Treaster QNicelyJ Marian Zeigler 1919 Mary Cline QZartmanJ QDj Cecelia Cussen QMack5 Francis Delong QBickhardy QDJ Wilbur Heiber Lester Kraft Irene Lamb QBennettJ Freida Murphy CJump1 Merle Mur h CJohnson1 P Y Marguerite Mickelson CBickhard1 Edna Peffley CShuherk1 Melva Snyder CStrubing1 Joshua Shaffer Glen Yager 1920 Bernice Boland CBowers1 Madge Dysinger CPruett1 Leroy Hummel Kathryn Hawks CReeb1 Florence Marsh CWetli1 Homer Miller CD1 Eudella Mettert CThimlar1 Winifred Smith CSmith1 Bessie Starry CDrexler1 1921 Mildred Ashton CDeisler1 Florence Carr CCamp1 Marguerite Duval CSnyder1 Helen Derek CBla1ock1 Goldie Ewing CMorris1 Paul Luce George Miller Irene Phillips CYager1 Bessie Place CFredericks1 Thelma Schooley CTaylor1 Vesta Swisher CD1 Hazel Stiner Neola Snyder CGordon1 Leutta Shaffer Mildred Wentworth CBarnes1 Thelma Wallace CCul1er1 Margaret Yeagle Myrtle Zuber CPage11 1922 Louvisa Dunderman CGogensky1 Zona Daniels CEnglish1 Herbert Gordon Madge Graves CWiddifield1 Mable Hallock CHoffmaster1 Chester Hawkins CD1 Dale Johnson Devota Johnson CDonnell1 Donald Hughes Donovan McCreery Florence Murphy CAnderson1 Dorthea Phillips CDunderman1 Vanda Schultz CMielke1 Ray Schelb Rolly Schuler Rheba Seeley CFrahm1 Howard Wentworth 1923 Mark Bickard CD1 Roy Clinton CD1 Lucile Carr CStiver1 Daniel Cussen Harold Cussen Gale Dunderman Harriet Harris CHorney1 Thelma Hallock CLichty1 Ruth Kraft Beulah Kraft CPens1 Maria Klender CThompson1 Helen Keating CBirkhold1 Robert Lichty Phyllis Murphy CPaine1 Marie Parker CHoffman1 Gerald Schooley Dale Swan Carleton Snook CD1 Aimery Tracy Rama Zeigler CHicklin1 1924 Galen Merchant Cussen CBickhard1 Ada Clinton CFisher1 Jesse W. Champion Wendell Coddington Harold Fisher Dale Ehrhart Mary Hawver CSchi1b1 Daisy Lilly CShuler1 Mary Moore Russell Mettert Luther Reeb Walter Schmunk Nathan Snyder Dollie Stiner CLempke1 Caroline Snook CHawkins1 Robert Schilb CD1 1925 Eleanor Armstrong CWyant1 Richard Ashton Jeanette Adcock CSidenbender1 Mayme Ilo Burgess CD1 Gladys Arnold CBoy1an1 Kenneth Boland Mary D. Cottrell Mary Cussen CSlattery1 Harry Carr Nettie Enderle CHook1 Lillian Ewing CHollopeter1 Hazel Ehrhart CMajor1 Eula J-anette Graves CKeeves1 Freddie Gordon Kenneth Johnson Zenas Paul Hart CD1 Frances L. Jailor George Jackson Eva I. Jackson CCormakt Fern Hughes COtis1 CD1 Frances Hudson CBo1and1 Wendell L. Harris Juanita Longberry CSawyer1 Orlo H. Kohn Walter Kneubuhler Compliments of KAMMEYER'S I. G. A. Phone 57842 Elsie Keating CRobinson1 CD1 Charley A. Stiner Roma Sexton CSpriggs1 Margarite Zuber CMaroney1 Ollie Zedaker Bernadine Kennedy CSlattery1 Fred Ellsworth 1926 Leonard Carr Harold Clark Robert Hart Anna Jailor CSmith1 Bernice Jordon CD1 Bertha Hallock CHemenover1 Dale Hobeck Mildred Hummell CHemenover1 John Longberry Violet Knight CJohnson1 Arthur Koehlinger Harriet Miller CStultz1 Ila Rosendaul CMarquart1 Gladys Reeb CEllsworth1 Robert Sunday Joseph Zuber Alta Ruppert 1927 George Bakle Ralph Johnston Perry McCreery CD1 Leroy Swing CD1 Robert P. Zeigler Arletta Carr CStrayer1 Carolyn Derck CSheperd1 Florence Donat CBoyce1 Mary Alyce Gordon CHoughton1 Vera Helsel CBrososky1 Eva Helen Hopkins CShaw1 . Dora Mae Knight CTrutwin1 Grace Luce CCarr1 Jessie Schilb CGoings1 Mabel Whitmer CHeckman1 1928 Ralph Armstrong LaVon Carr Cloide Ehrhart Dwight Kohn Harry Sunday Galen Carr CDerck1 CD1 Olive Chaney CMoffitt1 Manetta Collington CC arr1 Neola Cottrell Carrie D. Mapes Florence Mattingly CD1 Elizabeth McCalla CGunning1 Grace Schmunk CSkinner1 Ersa Thomas Zeletta Waters CParsons1 Wendell Ehrhart 75 1929 Arlie Donnell Bernard Daeger Rolland Hart Virgil Wilson Merlin Luce Anna Louise Bakle QAndersonJ Vera Breininger Nellie Ellsworth fWagnerj Mary Foster 1Kohnj Ruth Knapp fSeslar7 Maxine Matzen QLichtyj Mildred McLaughlin fMettertJ Garnet Phillips lSamahaj Elizabeth Rhoad tAshtonj Pansie Willet lReesel Mabel Quaintance QThimlarl Alice Zedaker fDeevers7 Anna Mae Zuber tSnyderJ 1930 Harriet Armstrong QLesliei Dorothy Zuber QEhrhartJ Wayne Bernard Melvin Billman Lazelle Boyce Goldie Boland fGetrostJ Helen J. Boesch QCraigJ Harold Bissell Addie Cromley Qwetlij Margie Cattin Qwoodcoxi Regina Dunderman QDonnellJ Leonard Erter Edwin Gordon Ivan Gordon Iona Gordon lBergj Wayne Jump Irene Hooker QGordoni Raymond Jailor fDi Gertrude Hopkins lHouseri Mabel Keating fAmesl Nilene Murphy QEnzJ Lucille Matzen fMumyJ Luella Martin QCainfieldj Clarence Quisno Dale Reeb Wendel Savage Nellie Reed Savage fBi1lmani Inez Snook QLongJ QDQ Isabell Sunday fLanghamJ Rena Tracy lQuisno3 Lillian Wentworth lErterj Bessie Wilson Uumpi Dorothy Woodcox fGruberJ Bessie Donat lDundermanJ QDJ 1931 Gerald Hawkins Gordon Armstrong Joseph Barker Mary E. Barker Uailorj Doris Boyce 1Hi1er7 ' 7,8 Eleanor Cussen QKuntzJ Ruth Eckenrhoad fHonardJ fDj Harry Erter Everett Fisher Durward Friend Charles Gusler Harold Gustin QDi Ruth Hart QPaulusl Dorothy Helsel fBlissJ John Hertel Lucille M Horn fSeslari Joseph Hummell Wilbur Langham Eileen Preston QHeibnerj Esther Rice CClelandJ Lucille Sargent QAdamsi Maudie Sims iNicelyi Dorcy W. Waters CD7 Doris Wilson fMabisb Dorothy Wilson fBenschneiderJ Phillip Fisher 1932 Rose Bissell QAnthony7 Zella Bissell fMu1lJ Lois Jane Boesch QDeVorl QDJ Pauline Brown fPothJ Miriam Crafts QZennerJ Ethel V. Cromley fGaisfordJ Gordon Erter Willard Ewing Doris Gordon QBeerbowerJ Ohleen Hargrave QParrettl Henry Harrmann fDl Caroline Hertel QSeveyJ Elizabeth Hertel Karl C. Koehlinger Charles Kelley Lelah Laisure QWolfeJ Robert McLaughlin Roy Miller Edith Monroe QSpindlerJ Lucile Overmyer fBenschneiderJ Clayton Preston Gladys Shaffer fArendJ Harry Stiner Curtis Swann Thomas Torkelson Leonard Vail Raymond Schmunk 1933 Elmer DeLong Rolland Fisher Francis Gordon John McCreery Wendell Mettert QDJ Robert Murphy Raymond Pugh Robert Rhoad Ronald Savage Andrew Schilb Compliments of LEINARD CHEVROLET See Us Before You Buy Thomas Schilb Gerald Schaffer Max Smith Don Sudlow Thelma Burgess Maxine Carr lFarstl Mildred Daeger lHalberwoksj Audrey Fisher QKadeschl Emma Gordon QMorharti Grace Gordon Ruth Harris fMeddaughy Iva Hartsock Helen Hawkins QBrayj Virginia Helsel QBalnowj Alice Hopkins QMillerj Thelma Johnston iFoustJ Mary Jane Long fShaverJ Mabel McLaughlin QHe1msJ Marie Meyer fOtti Lucille Miller fSmithl Bertha Mae Quaintance tZuberl Buela Stiles Uohnsony Janet Sunday QAbel Florence West iCarrj Ruth Young QBakeri Estella Zuber QBute7 Isabelle Hopkins QParentj Audrey Anna Smith Uohnsoni Paul Thompson 1934 William Avery Ruth Beidewell tNeelyJ Rex Billman Richard Brandenburg Iris Cromley QViancourJ Nora Belle Donnell QBettsJ Mirian Eckenrhoad QRoffelsonl Bob Ely Leland Fisher Russell Foster Robert Friend Mary Maxine Gloor Cottrell QFriendJ Don Gordon Harold Langham Elma Morhart QNewcombJ Basil Murphy Martha,McCreery tCorteseJ Ernest Neely Melbin Parker Gerald Putnam John Reeb Doris Ruger QKeenerJ Bernard Seslar Joseph Shaffer Faye Sims tReamJ Kenneth Smitley Junior Snook Daniel Taylor Ora Taylor Mark Tracy Eiliene Sholf QRansomj May Mundy lHaysJ Wendell Reeb -1935 Dora Ashbaugh Robert Boesch Charlotte Booth fKeelJ Esther Bouland lCarrj Margaret Caine fOsbornj fDj Lyle Carr Paul Chester Don Curtis Robert DeLong Vivienne Hargrave fKnorrj Don Harris Alta Hawkins fFrankliny Ruth Hill QJordanj Harry Hitzeman Raymond Klender Ronald Longberry Martha McCall fShirleyJ Robert McCreery Helen Major fWellingJ Treva Miller Arthur Monroe Helen Murphy QPutmanj Harold Osborne Dake Parrett Madaline Reeb QLaddj Mary Sims fPretoriusJ Phylis Stevenson fLambertJ Doris Tracy QTothj Esther Watson lStinerJ Harold Rice fDj Harry Gordon Helen Curtis QKeatingJ 1936 John Bissel Doris M. Boesch fFairj Rama Carr Marie Christo KSnyderj Rebecca Cole fReebJ Elaine Doctor 1Dj Alice Erter QDQ Mary Evans fHutchinsj QDJ Marshall Fields Alta Fisher fStarryj Willard Friend Wanda June Gloor June Hartman fWarrenJ Eli Knapp Lloyd Long Ruth Major QClintonj Margaret Mattingly fShullJ Clara Meyer fBrownJ Opal Miller Irma Miller Edward Parrett Wilma Preston fMerri1lj Richard Reeb Ruth Rice fRadabaughj Max Seslar QDJ Budd Smith Lucille Taylor Kathryn Trembley fThornburgJ Margaret Webber fMcCreeryj Ronald Woodring Lee Hook Glenn Kennedy Lucille Smitley Robert Carr 1937 Robert Armstrong Evelyn Chester fCooksonJ Orest Cole Warren Crawford Charles Dangler Alvin Fett Wayne Fleck Ruth Gordon Dorothy Harris QHookerJ Helen Hartman Doris Jump QE1yj Gerald Kemerer Joe Mattingly Dona1d'Miller Howard Monroe Lois Morhart fReebj John Putman Richard Rhoad 'Evelyn Seslar fColeJ Ruth Smith Maxine Stevenson QRamsierj Virgil Stevenson Lloyd Young QDJ Orville Zuber Helen Hitzeman QSeslarJ Leota Stanger QDavisJ 1938 Archillous Arnold Maxine Beiderwell fParrettj Roy Bissell George Bitler Betty Boyce Juanita Chester lMagdichJ Gwendolyn Clevenger QDJ Lawrence Cromley Robert Dangler June Donat QWestj Evelyn Doub fHuffj Betty Friend QHumbargerJ Rex Gloor Herman Gordon Rosetta Guysinger QBoeschJ Robert Hartman Basil Hertel Fred Hertel Anna Belle Hook fWallacej Samantha Johnson fJumpJ Jane Long fYountj Compliments of SIDE NBENDER INSURANC E AGENCY Letha Morhart 1Fortneyj Robert Quisno Geraldine Savage QSpit1erj Ivan Smith Mildred Taggart fStevensonj Eloise Webber 1Danielsj Wilford Hartman 1939 Phyllis Bissell QLandisJ Warren Bissell Catherine Bitler QKemererJ Doris Bruckart Richard Carr Cleston Chester Jess Carr Pauline Clevenger QBeemerj Ivan Cottrell Kathryn Cottrell fKil1ianj Richard Crosby Dorothy Daeger QHettingerJ Marjory Evans QArmstrongj Dorothy Gordon QSwartzwaterj Helen Gordon QMoonJ Pauline Hargrave QFriendj Carroll Harris Rex Hopkins Helen Hughes fFilmerJ Robert Kemerer Mary Kennedy QBercawJ George Magdioh Bert Major, Jr. Catherine Mattingly Edward McCreery LaVon Miller Eileen Powell fDonatj Max Putman Wayne Shuherk Marian Stevenson fShuherkj Vivan Stevenson fBeerbowerj Dorothy Tobalt fMonroeJ Bonnie Wilson fMcCreeryj Jack Yager 1940 Daniel'Anderson CD1 Fairy Boesch fLandiJ William Caine Kathern Chiles fGriggsj Norman Culler Robert Culler Cleatus Delong QDj Dorothy Donat fBalserJ Max Daub Donald Enderle Inez Fett fRileyJ Budd Friend Phyllis Guysinger fMcKeeverj Caroline Harris QParrottj George Hartman Almeda Howard QAmesj Betty Laney lwilliamsj Fern Matzen fBarnierJ First in Quality, Fairest in Price. Fastest in Service -n Marion McCreery Reynolds QHolmanl Ruth Parrett QRumagel Marjory Putman QGilbertl Dorothy Quaintance lRothl Eunice Rhoad iSmithJ Cecil Stuart Denzil Webber Forest Weller QDJ Louise Thomas 1941 Mary Belle Biderwell fCrosbyJ Bette Bissell QBowersl Floyd Bitler Clarice Caine lNagrwo1dl Ruth Carr lJarrettl Robert Chiles, Rev. Dale Cotterman Thurman Culler Paul Deemer Arnold Detmon Delores Enderle QHarrisl Raymond Ewing Vivian Gordon 4BakerJ Evelyn Green QThainl Phyllis Gustin QHoeppnerl Homer Hargrave Mildred Helsel QRoseletJ Eleanor Howard lFisherJ Kathryn Keating QBixlerl Doris Machir lAyersl Joe Magdich Emanuel Shuherk Gertrude Shuler 1Kneubuhlerj Jane Slattery lEhrhartl Dorothy Smith QJefferyJ Jacqueline Snyder QThompsonj Budd Swann Lowell Weller Robert Wholf Ruth Wilson lDeventerJ Doris Yager Qswannj Marie Slusher QCarrl 1942 Lois Anderson QFleckJ Lelia Bainbridge QHartl Jane Bissell QSmithl Virginia Mae Bissell 4Gracel Ruth Brubaker Qwoodcoxl Iona Sue Booth QHandl Betty Carr QLewisl Yvonne Chester fTaylorl Eileen Culler QKasnerl Frances Drexler lSlatteryl Donald Edens Carol W. Gatton QBrezovackiJ Lois Gorman lThomasJ Norma Gordon QHughesl Robert Hemrick Stanley Jordan Eloise Langham Qlrlopkinsl 7l Thomas Marlin Betty McC alla QHepplerJ Wilbur H. Miller Darl Minnig Wanda M. 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Slusher Glenna Stevenson QTracyJ James Taggart Robert Taylor Helen Zuber fThompsonJ Wanda Nelson fWholfl 1943 Jack Bickhard Jack Mervin Carr Nyota Clevenger QSmithj Carol Cottrell lHussJ Doris Cowell lDeLongl Betty Lou Curtis QAnkneyl Alfred Daeger Glenn Detmon Max Donat Mabel Anna Foreman QCopseyJ Glenn Bryan Foust Edith Luree Gordon QCookl Ruth Hartman fOvermeyerJ Phoebe Ruth Helsel fwhitehousej Rudy Hopkins QBickhardJ John Howard Donna Jones fwaltersl Kenneth Klender Rae Ree Major fRoselll Irene Meyer QMascazinel Dora Miller QBuntingJ Harold Overmeyer Hazel Parrett Eula Powell fHowardJ Donald Rhoad Helen Schmunk fCromleyJ Ethelyn Stuart 1GlasseyJ Iva Stuart fWisel Nellie Thomas fRobertsl Raymond Thomas John White my Betty Wilson QSnyderl Pauline Powell QJordanJ Denver Snyder 1944 Patricia Bakle fCoxl Lynn Bickhard Donald Cottrell Estel Cottrell Leitha Culler fShearerj Mary DeLong QCoonsJ Janet Friend fDeLongJ Mary Louise Derck fKemererl Donna Gaisford QMooreJ Eugene Handy Irvin Hughes Compliments of ABE'S CAFE LeRoy Gaisford Marylin Jump 1Utterbackl Robert Laisure Cara Lou Lichty fHandyl Ioan Long lPanicoJ Kathleen Ludwig lCottre'lll Henry V. McCalla Ellen Miller QFillmorel Doris Overmeyer QConnerl QDJ Patricia Snyder ' Ronald Sprunger Margaret Swann QFriendJ Helen Terrill lSmalleyl Pauline Tracy 1945 Shirley Anderson lShulll Paul Bissell Marjorie Boland fHelleJ Lois Bruckhart Evelyn Culler fLakel Kenneth Donnell Edith Fisher QHowardj George Forrest Merium Geyer lBickhardl Ruth Heckman Qwatsonl Belvetta Jordan fBaileyl Paul Klender Bonnie Mettert QCoughlinl Paul Meyer Ruby Miller QGoodwinl Lois Quaintance QHaynesJ Rita Reynolds Dick Schmunk Marcile Slusher QLannonl Grace Smith lLightJ Jack Tracy Alice Winters CBassettj Dorothy Witt tMolitorl Kenneth Zuber 1946 Patricia Arnold QAkeyJ Florice Clevenger QShack1efordj Doris Clevenger Richard Cottrell Jane Cowell fKutz1il Helen Culler QWa1tersJ Duane Gordan Wayne Gordan Barbara Hallock Uohnsonl Catherine Hemenover QBissel1l Ola Horn QHughesl Gene Hughes Polly Jones lBergerl Myron Lichty Winfield Lero QRileyl Jean Major lForrestJ Ray Mann LaVern Mees Charles G. 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Cottrell QDj John Rogers Jack Ruger Delores Ryan David Schaefer Jean Thomas fDerricottej Jane Trutwin QAnkneyj William Wetli Ray Billman 1951 Richard Armstrong Jack Beck Theresa Bradley QMobleyJ Stanley Carr Dorothy Cottrell fDietrichj Marcellene Elliott QNollJ Ruth Mary Hallock QSavageJ Jean Hawkins fPeppersj Jack Hughes Elizabeth Littlejohn tSponsellerj George Major Harold Martin Basil Meyer Philip Meyer Charles Mobley Kenneth Pugh James Schmunk Robert Seslar Gale Snyder Compliments of ANTWERP IRON AND METALS Ray Tracy Martha Snyder QHess1erj William Stevenson QDJ Margaret Terwilleger fThielj Jacquelyn Weible tSchmunkj Jack Thomas George Underwood Phyllis Vail Qlforrerl Richard Bell Elizabeth Ann Derck fl-lammondj 1952 James Battershell Barbara Brown fHillj Wayne Carr Maxine Copsey fMockj Paul Culler James Friend Marilyn Garmyn fReebj Sharlene Hartman 4Barryj Vivian Hemenover QDavisl Marjorie Hobeck QUnderwoodj Rubie Jordan fDavenportj John A. Meyer John J. Meyer Joseph A, Meyer Virgil Meyer Sandra Mickelson fHirzelJ Robert Nighswander Rex Overmeyer fDj John Poth, Jr. William Quaintance Donna Quisno tPottsj Ruth Quisno tSnyderl Maurice Reeb Maxine Reinhart lNighswanderJ Shirley Ryan 4Meyerj Rex Savage Mary Schilb fCu1lerj Glen Snyder Violet Stevenson lHughesJ Ellen Stuart fKnuttleJ June Vail Latitia Wetli fReisingJ Richard Zuber 1953 Norma Bichard fLucasj Jeanne Coplin fBullockJ Marjorie Dunderman QKrutschj Rheeta Ehrhart QJacksonj Betty Griggs fP1ummerj Arleta Littlejohn Barbara Meyer fSeibertj Rama Meyer Shirley Oulette QHeis1erj Mary Jo Putman tSchoenauerj Coleen Shaffer fSnyderj Shirley Temple tBoylej Jean Walkenstine tSmithj Mary Watson QBoeschj Marilyn Witt QPetersj Jerry Derck 79 Floyd Franklin Leland Hobeck Donald Martin Robert Rister Robert Savage Frank Lucas Frank Leinard Louis Rex 1954 Roma Bissel QKleinhenj Rex Carr Richard Cline Norma Clinton Russell Coon Wayne Copsey Jay Cottrell Ruth Derck Wendell Getrost Ruth Hahn QSavageJ Larry Hawkins Don Klelnhen Beverly Kraly QEvans5 Richard Lucas James McCurdy Joan Meyer QMillerj Terrill Mobley QCottrelll Kenneth Reinhart Eunice Rister QBel1l Jim Savage Lennis Saylor Jane Schilb iPothy QDJ Donna Smith QSnyderJ Juanita Stuart QKauserJ Catherine Temple 4Conrad3 Harry Terwilleger Dorothy Underwood Donna Webb QCoonl Gerald Wirick Joan Zuber 1RohenhouseJ Jean Hart QWestJ 1955 Donna Brooks Lichty QFreyj Marlene Coles QLucasb Howard Cottrell Vaughn Franklin Ernest Focht Ann Derck lwiedemanj Kathleen Derck QFranklinJ Leola Gruber QSchultzy Donna Martin Patsy McCalla QSchaeferJ James Mees John Miller Carolyn Mobley Qwetliy Bob Overmeyer William Parrett Teresa Reynolds fDonnellJ Michael Ryan Nancy Schoenike QMeesl Ed Snyder Harold Wann Peggy Worrick fSavagey James Wetli Thomas L. Zuber -Joanne Oberhaus fGundermanj Shirley Dix QWasnichJ James Donnell 1956 Grace Bromagem Mary Brown QSchaeferJ Dora Campbell QCrawfordj Dwaine Carr Janet Coon fWlrickJ Karen Coplin QFarleej Deanna Cottrell QAllshouseJ Edna DeLaurelle QParsonsj Terry Derek Tony Derck Georgia Flood QHooverD Barbara Focht QDuffey5 Roclle Fraiser Thomas Gaisford John Jailor Barbara Kennedy QThielJ Judy Koehlinger QDriverJ Rita Lucas fGonyaj Jerry Meyers Darlene Parrett Linda Patterson Russell Reinhart Ray Rockefeller Nancy Smalley QAgnewJ Doris Smith fBrickerj Fred Snyder Shirley Webb lBlosserJ Carla Wetli Marylin Winn Jerry Woodcox Sandra Zedaker Thomas Zuber 1957 Anita Bickhard QStevensonj John Birkhold Bill Brown Evelyn Copsey Dick Daeger Carol Doctor Andrea Donnell Fritz Dunderman Joe Dunderman Larry Elliott Bruce Ely Rita Gaisford Shirley Green QLaLonel Jim Hahn Ruth Hormann QKennedyl Sandra Hunt George Kadesch John Kennedy Lyle Leinard Marge Murphy QDennisJ Marilyn Ryan Compliments of SCHILB 8: SONS Carole Sue Savage QDundermanl Harry Seslar Carolyn Shaffer fBlalockl Ken Shank Ronnie Snider Joe Sukup Jack Whetstone Barbara Womack Virgil Taylor 1958 George Derck Nathan Doctor Sandra Foreman fElliottl Belinda Gibson 1Dunbary .James Horney Helen Howard Robert Lichty Edward McC alla Edward McCreery Judith Mickelson QPetersj Larry Miller Rudie Reeb Darlene Robbins Larry Rockefeller Sue Ross Walter Schllb Janice Schoenike Martha Tracy Qsmithy Larry Zedaker Sally Zuber 1959 Michael Kaduk Karen Banks Dane Beer Lynn Bute Dennis Clinton Betty Cottrell Ray Delong Randy Derck Dale Dull Judith Donnell George Doctor Florence Dunderman Ann Erter Betty Ebersole Robert Howard Beverly Grossman Edward Klender Robert Knorr Joyce Martin Byron McMichael David Mickelson James Miller Paul Relnhart Elizabeth Reynolds QMartinj Patricia Rogers Terry Ross Judith Strock Shirley Sudlow Larry Joe Vail Peggy Williams QC asperj B0 Home Furnishings-Appliances-Funeral Directors if 1 1 1 4 T, ' I I ., I 1 ' A , 44.. L n 1 I 'A , '.L 1, . I P. . .- I ' I w- 5" ,ir . -1 I x..1,.,, L I. . L,-R .. , .1 4 l -.r ne' " , Y '1 pg V 1 1 1 r ,QP .ew L ,, , ff' s N L Q u , ' 4 R 2' ki -L' . ,U ,,. ., - 1 W ' . v 1 . A 5 . .4-v x , R 1 1 I v w V in m n 51 I ,,, .wr I --rr x ... 'LH f sk ?' ' 4, . n All' 4 I Q 1 'lAi 1-4

Suggestions in the Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) collection:

Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp Local High School - Archer Yearbook (Antwerp, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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