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1 ,fgw W 'M V lf X 1 , 1 ,ff L, ff' H., .' .f '53 , nv. . t ,Je K NH, ...f ' ' " V .un f IA 1 ' 17' I A 5 'xp , Hz . 1 19374 I ,Z V1 Wifi, 4 :V I ' , ' . . -.Q wk., , . ,Qs fi- 'MM'- ! g. 1 gi, K J'l.l 'Y 1 . Q fa 1 i ,', ll:'I1 . ll . .31 . A A 'L : ':'n..f' i I . , 4 x -"" H xnxx 0 .. , L. K - " ' -lf ' vi -' - -3 5 . : ,- 1 - I i. ' L v . - L o W , L ., 'Q ' ' Q .yi '. .fZ.ig.,.7-gf7,"'9 17' -Al -o-Q- s-.sf 'L' ,lil 910- 0 r ' 1 o C Llnlusgmi Q! T fx .-V' if 3'5" ,a'3""' As a token of respect and in appre- ciation of her understanding guidance and untiring interest in our behalf, the Class of 195k proudly dedicates this yearbook to our class advisor, Marguerite llacA11ister We the class of 19511 deeply appre- ciate Ir Hasting'e guidance and inter- making our high school years both prof itable and pleasant est which contributed so greatly toward MX? f 155.5 Q 7 an 4 , QA 5 linoi g In - A. Z' FACULTY Front Row Evelyn Walker, Angeline Tooley, Arlene Raymond, Alice llerriman, Irene Salmon Second Rot Doris Dingnan, Karguerite llaclllieter, Helen llack, Hattie Sterling, Doris Rogers Third Row Charles Folsom, Samuel Jones, Miriam Wladie, Hazel Croee, Arlouine Scott, James A Hastings, Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION J. Walter Dickson Raymond Howard Donald Putman Nornmn A. Pickert Edwin I. Tucker P. Lawrence Plckert Douglas I. Overlcker, President Elwood Forrester, District Superintemlent l dn!! lQ ff ff xx fv JN 9 563 ,Q W 1' 'I "W . 9, x A 0 f V 1' xi' ' 1" K " s 2 ff? - W wg g E . A Aj.- ' ff, x' +1 ,X Kxfmullzk Z X A 4?- ! I Y. A LVX 'J fix, A-x x"5-,, ,- 'M 'ax ' ? 1 ,,,..f"'s alll, larion Lp 16 'Rashid' Valediotdrlan Clarion Stan ls, Yearbook lg, Junior Play, Semor Flq ch0!'ll lgzpagllp Bllld. 132, h lfinetrel Show 2, IIBSIA 2 Clan Officer 2,3,h, Speaking Content l, lhnoo Band 3, Soft- ball 2,3, Student Council 2,3,h lajore z Soienoe Hoaenking Newberry, Donald Ago 17 'Dunk' Clan Officer 3, Basketball 1,2 Sphp MUNI 1,233,113 l,2,3,b, Yootball Captain I4 Yearbook Staff ls, Clarion Staff ls, Junior Play 3, Senior Play h Speaking Contest 1 laden x Scienol Industriil aft! Alton, Charles Age 18 ' Dutch' Baeebell Imager 2, Senior Play h, Junior Plq 3 Yearbook Stat! is I I lajorn Boienoe Industrial Arte QU-' Bauaert, Sandra Age 1? 'Sant' salutatorlan llinenxu Show 2, Cheerleading l,2,3,h, Claes Officer 2, Choml 1,2,3 lx, Softball 2131 IJ-billy Club , Clarion Sta!! la, Year- book lz, Junior Plq 3, Sonior Play ls, Student Council 2, Basket- ball 2,3,lz, ll llajorea Bueineee Soionoo I bf' X I 31 n I D Pitts, Jon Age 17 'Jonson' Bllkitbill 1,2,3,h, Baseball 1, 2,3,l5, Football Lb, Band 1,2,3,lL Chorus l,2,3,h, Speaking Contest 1,2,3,h, Wrestling 2, Clarion surf L, rm-book surf h, Junior Play 3, Senior Play lg, Minstrel show 2, Boys sate 3, Quartet 1,24 Dance Band ls ISJOPBS Science llthemstics Hall, lsrgnret 'Peg' 3 I Crary, Agnes A e 'Smiles' Cheerleader 1,2 ,3,h, Clase Officer 3,h, Chorus 1,2,3 Band 2,3, lussn Libr Club 1 3,h, Quartet 3, Sex tette , Clarion Staff 14, Year- book lg, Softball 2,3, Junior Plsy 3, Senior Plsy h, Student Council 3,l4, Baskef-blll " linl'l'fl'01 Show 2 llajorz Science Lmica, Antoine Age 20 'Bmw' Clarion Staff lg, Senior Play h Junior Play 3, Yearbook Science Chorus l,2,3,h, Band l,2,3,h, Club 3,h, Clarion Staff , Yearbook 14, Junior Plqy 3, Senior Plnyla, Time- keeper ls, Volleyball 2,3, llinstnl Show 2 llajorsx Science lathematics g 18 Q . u ' A. lsjorss Industrial Arts Age 17 Libnri Inlay, Ethel Age 18 Yearbook Staff lg, Clarion Staff h, Junior Play 3 Senior Play lg llajorex Science, Hana Economic! Pridell, Theresa Age 18 "P.!'i13'h1B' Chorus l,2,h, Basketball 1, Clarion surf h, nubuck 14, Junior Plsy 3, Senior Play L, Volleyball l,2, Softball 3 Haj or Home Econcmi ce Ridsdale, Lyle Age 17 'Hoot' Class Officer l,3,lx, lhnce Band 3, Student Council 1,3,h, Band 1,2,3,h, menu l,2,3,h, Bukezbau 2, rootml 2, h, chem 1,2, Clarion surf h, nu-book surf h, Junior Play 3, Senior Play h llajors Industrial Arte, Science, Ksthumtice Smith, Leols Age 17 'Ind' Senior Play M, Clarion Staff la, F H A 2,3, Softblll 1, 2 llajor: Business hlker, Joan Age 17 'Josnie' Clase Officer h Chorus 1,2,3,h, Clarion Staff lg, Yearbook Staff ig Junior Play 3, Senior Play h, Student Council L llsj or: Science 4 I if if - -I w 3 12 .Yemo History In 1912 the following Seniors started their first day of school in lies Snel1's room Donald Newberry, Iyle Bidsdale, Jon Pitts, llargaret Hall, and Agnes Crary Charles Alton and Theresa Pridell Joined our class in the third grade Daring the first six years of school there wasn't mach activity When we reached the seventh grade, under Irs Katherine Sterling, we formed a bird club and paid dues which helped us to finance a trip to Canada That year Sandra Baunert and Ethel llalay joined our class In eidzth grade we were prepared for Regents and eagerly looked forward to becasing Fresh men In our first year of high school, the following officers were elected: Bob Tooh, presi dent, Domld Newberry, vice-president, Iyle Ridsdale, secretary-treasurer Our class advisor was lr larsh We started our Sophmore year with the election of officers Joan Bridge became president, Sandra Beunert, vice-president, larion Bush, secretary, Eleanor Catlin, treasurer llrs Rogers year, llarion Bush joined our class During our Junior year Lyle Bidsdale was elected president, Donald Newberry, vice-presi dent, llarlon Bush, secretary, and Agnes Crery, treasurer Ie chose lies lladis for class ad visor To raise money we sold Christmas cards and held our Junior plqs in the spring Just before Thanksgiving we were glad to receive our class rings Joan Ialker and Antoine Lamica entered our class At last we became Seniors and started the year rolling by electing officers llarlon Bush became president, Lyle Ridsdale, vice-president, Joan Ialker, secretary and Agxee crary, treas urer Lech Smith joined our class Our first project was the Senior play, a three act comedy by John Henderson, called 'Half Past 'reed' Selling candy, coke, ice cream, and the paper drives, has brought us nearer to our Senior trip UIQ busy hours have been spent on our year- book Iith all these activities going on, our Senior year has been far from dull -qlgnee Crary 0 0 was our class advisor. As a noney making project we sold notebooks. At the beginning of the Cla' s fl! Ie, the Seniors of the Class of 19514, do declare this our LAST WILL AND TESTAHENT 1 To Ir Hastings goes our sincere appreciation for the guidance he has given us throughout our high school year 2 To the Faculty, we leave le are sure they will be thankful 3 To the Class of 1955 we leave our collection of tacks With care they will last three or four years more lg Lastly, there are the follorlng personal bequests: I, lllder Pitts Charles Alton, do bequeath W ability to quote favorite sayings to Lyons Sandra Baumert, do bequeath W good humor to Sally Crook Agxes Crary, do bequeath W ability to get out of town boys to Janice llargaret Hall, do bequeath W success with Theresa boys to Diane Overacker Antoine Lamica, do bequeath W ability to upset the classroom to David Eggleston Lamica 1 Iood We , the Ethel Haley, do bequeath W ability to stuW to llurlel Fuller Donald Newberry, do bequeath W liking for girls to Fred Dean Jon Pitts, do bequeath W ability to play basketball to Glenn Powell Theresa Prldell, do bequeath W ability to dance to Sally Baumert Lyle Ridsdsle, do bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to Kenneth Leols Smith, do bequeath W ability to be quiet to Mary Hall Joan Ialker, do bequeath W ability to like business arithmetic to Shirley Senior Class, dedicate this 19514 issue to Mrs llacAllister The faculty says she's cooperative The students say: she's a good teacher The homeroom says: she's s. smell person Witnesses Theresa Pridell Ethel llaloy O I, . I, Marion Bush, do bequeath W ability to behave in band to Ronnie Haymond. I, I, . I, I, . I, . I, . I, . I, I, . I . A can 1 er vrvfessiwl Go J Pitt S Artist S Woman President 5 rwgjfi or-ani C 150 X GIA: xlff v ,fx 9 !Xe11b01'1'7 Q1 Q . SENIOR PLAY CAST Front Row Xalker, A Cz-ary, D Newberry, Mrs Macllllister, ll Bush, Baumert, E Malay Second Row Pitts, A Lamica, ll Hall, L Smith, T Pridell, L Ridsdale, Alton The Class of 19514 presented 'Half Past Teen" Fr1day night, November 30, 1953 The play was a three act comedy written by John Henderson It tells of Candy Nortorvs attempt to rin the Service Club Scholarshlp Her chief rival for this honor is Lois, the daughter of the town's richest man, who does not hesitate to aid his daughter Lois' schemes backfine when Sam Bullitt arnves with a phony letter from Candy and Lois gets her just deserts The characters in the Cast included Sugar Blew, Candy's best friend, Sandra Baumert, Candy Norton, sweet 17, attractive, witty, but noboCb"s fool, Menon Bush, Lois llidgely, pretty but bratty, Theresa Pridell, Lloyd Patterson, the boy in the next block, Jon Pitts, David Van Van, gives each member of the audience the urge to pin his ears back for hun, Tony Lamica, Hrs Norton, Candy's hardvrorklng mother, Joan Walker, Miss Blackwell, an English teacher, Pegg Hal, Aunt Augusta, as fonnldable as her name, Ethel Malay, Gnselda, who is allergic to everything, Agnes Cx-ary, Sem Bullitt, he is gabby and bumptious, but very like able, Donald Newberry, G3lSWOI'Tf1'W, h1s podner, is the strong silent type, about 25, Charles Alton, Mr Midgely, is the wealthiest man in tovm and wears a stuffed shirt, Lyle Ridsdale "he director of the play was Hrs MacAllister and the stage manager was Leola Smith Joan Walker : J . . . . . S. . . : J . . . . . . C. . supposedly sent through the matrimonial agency. With Sam's help, Candy gets the scholarship, Snapshots i i 0 II -PO ranberry Thrvice llaybe ertain people Flrting NW ASU draBaumrt -San S e n 'o r no 'Ts Favorite Seore Favorite I-L13 leekness gt Pesvs frees on AEFH' n R335-F C les Alton Hunting School Ion famer Sheet metal worker Rossie Sandra Bsumert Cheerlng Homework Aren't you cuts Travel through N0i8hb01'S Marion Bush Black Ford Sideburns Quiet You'd never guess Home es C i C e se C Margaret Hall Certain people Big mouths Oh, bay Being s nurse Theresa Antoine Lsmics lomen School I guess so Jet pilot Tl-VSUI Ethel llaloy Sturhing Sewing Oh, pickles Teacher HWS e i Someone pulling Huh Be an actor Fned's Soda Bar hsir on his leg Jon Pitts Women History Doll carriage Jet pilot 0 0 Theresa Pridell Gray Ford "Don't know, do you' Oh, honestly It's a secret Calcium Iyle Ridsdale Baseball Teachers "Don't know, do you' Inherit s million Esmond Leola smith school some bay oh, boy seamen-ess Philadelphia Joan lalker Business Arithmetic Gym I don't know To be a. success Sixth grade room e G rls YYY dN6lrb Donal Freddi Cas JUNIGAQJ, by LM, wwf CQ CQ x A2 - J it X,-.WS Q .J 22 ii ,,. x 'Q f- e .Q -'1-. AA :Fx X K A X Xi JUNIOIB Hrst Bon S Bexmert, L lilder, lies Haymond, S Crook, J Pitts Second Ron ll Hiller, H Brown, I Hell, I Bishop, S lood, J Versailles Third Row R Haymond, E Catlin, J Lacey, D Overacker, R Scott, R Dickson JUNIOR CLASS HISTOHI Wilder, vice president, Richard Scott, secretary, and Janice Pitts, tress1u'er lr Jones was our class advisor During our Sophomore year class officers were: president, Sally Baumert, vice-president Sally Crook, secretary, Iyons lilderg and treasurer, Janice Pitts Our class advisor was Hrs Rogers Officers for the Junior year were: Lyons Wilder, president, Selly Bsunert, vice-presi dent, Sally Crook, secretary, and Janice Pitts, treasurer Our class advisor for our Junior year vas Kiss Raymond Ie were all thrilled to receive our class rings As a money making project we had a box social and a food sale Ie held our Junior plgys in larch Joan Smith and Stanley Harris left our class We extend to the graduating class our best wishes and congratulations --Selly Crook Q Q A: Frcrzhmen we choose the following class officers: 1'mnld Hevmondy, president, Lyons E xv? ff,'x'N D lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row FRESINEN Cook, P Burnett, J Bennett, Mrs Rogers, S Doxtater, E Turner, Lacey Fuller, C Smith, ll Hale, F Marcellus, M Mr'Robbie, P Mathous Eggleston, L! Slate, C Wood, R Shaw, D Munson, T Ford 2nd Row 3rd Row SOPHOMORB I-nil Dmock, J Hall, B Laidlaw, E Peck, Turner, D Eggleston, L Jenne, Cunnlngham, J Bishop, J Versailles R Bennett, R Svrem, K La.mica, J lllller, llr Jones, D Stevens, P Al berry, F Hall : N. . . . . . C. . : B. . . . . . . . : P. . . . . . . lst Row: C. Slate, H. Lamica. F. Dean, C. Jenne, S. Alton, J. Buckley, S. Baumert, A. ' . : F. ' . . . D. . . C. ' . . . 4 xo L9 fi EIGHTH GRADE Front Row ll Burnett, S Brown, L Miller, L Sampson, ll Ames, J Tucker, E Dindl Second Row A Cook, J Rose, S Eggleston, P Dean, G Slate, V Peck, C Spicer, llr Folsom Third Row G Powell, L Call, P Powell, J Rose,W Willmert, L Stevenson, S Versailles, S Forney w Y SEVENTH GRADE C Culbertson, D Ames Second Row T Eggleston, N Ford, V Culbertson, S Bamett, J Gaige, ll Bresett, R Slate, D Vanlxtter Thlrd Row T Johnson, J Cole, T Hull, J lhittaker, D Pierce, C lliller, S Raymon, G Overacker, R Rose Fourth Raw D Raymo, J Shaw, W Canfield, F Laverghetta, J Hale 6 Front Row: Mrs. Sterling, H. Gill, R. Bishop, J. Cross, W. Munson, H. Bresett, xi w Q f-S2 . , JV, ,WW . NSN "flu", K tx AMW .X- A-4-vu X X VVQK 'A fb VARSITY Front Rom J Pitta, D Stevens, D Newberry, J Buckley, R Hqmond, D Turner Second Ram C Jenne, I. Jenne, E Catlin, R Scott, K Lemioa, L Iilder, Conch Folsom JUNIOR VARS IT! Folsan Second Row H Breeett, T Hull, L Call, J Shaw, W Munson, F Laverghetta, C Culbertson, G Powell Third Hour G Overacker, D Pierce, J Cross, J Hale, S Raymcn W Q Q e c e u Front Ron P. Eggleston, T. Ford, R. Shaw, H. Slate, D. Munson, C. Wood, Coach 1953 msxmu. TEA! hunt Ban Center, J Pitta Lett to right, I Filictreult, R Scott, I Ride dale, R Villeneuve, R Alton, B Hendrickson, J Buckley, D lnborry Second Ron '1' Tucker, J Predenburgh, D Tamer, L Ridadele, I. Jenne, D Stevens, B Laidlaw, C Jenne,lr Folem FOOTBLLLTEAI Front Ron E Peck,I Leidlav, D Stevens, B Catlin, R Scott, D Eggleston, llr. Folsm. Back Ron J. Pitts, L. Ridadnlc, D. Newberry, J. Buckley, L. Jenna, R. Haynond. 1 - in ' 9 Y , , ' I fx , - ' 7 ,L h 1 A F ' X l ?Kuw..L l ' IO . l U . C O 1 e u o o o 1 C I I U 0 O I I . U , 1 3 ? Kg h ' I X 7 I . 'I' 2 ,, - Y ? x J Q, . W, . . . I I O VARSITY CHEERLEADEEB JUNIOR VAPBITI CHEERLEADERS B Fuller, N Cook, E Turner, I Ilimock A. Crary, S. Baumert, S. Crook, S. Baumert, J. Pitta Qmuirzz 733-1-1 I 3.,-gf? g ' my 3 ix. m S5 BAND Front Ron L Call, J Pitts, P Bumett, R Scott, I mscck, 8 Dcxtater, I. llchobbie, I Aaes Second Ron 8 Alton, I. heh, I Cook, I hller, I Turner, R Haysond, B Inller, lisa Raymond Third Bon D Overaoker, 8 Baussrt, I D StlY0!ll, L mhdslql Hall, I H111 IWICIIK Thenusic department conductedthreenajor functions this year mlovelber 17, 1953, veproducedasinstrelshow Theactsnrepertonedhythsseventhandeighthgredepupils only Thesmsytrmthisiuduntedtonrdsthsmrihrlitserpiamvhicharxivedjmtbe- foreonrchrlsmsconcert At Christe time the Chorus and had dressed in their forlsls and pat Ghrlshas dscora tions in their hair as they caught the spirit of christmas The Chrlsms music was of the light and popular style, which we enjoyed doing lert came the rain and flowers of our spring concert The Iusic was a little lore difti cu1ts.ndser.lous,but1uesti11wenta11outtodoourbeet 'rhethneofthesprlngccncert ns 'April Showers' The chorus and band participated. Lest fall, four of our students participated :Ln the Potsdam All State Festival They nre: Ronnie Haylond, Diane Uveracker, Richard Scott, and Sally Crook They represented our school tell This year we hsd a high school dance band which rehearsed every other Tcesdq night and played for assmblies Also the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades toned a Junior dance band and played for assemblies in the grades There were ho boys' quartets and tro girls' quartets out on the Joh tide year They sang for Eastern Star, Fortnightly Club, Rotary am' Grange The music deparhent wishes to thank the entire school staff for the wonderful coopers tion ID have received for all our programs Ie all wish to thank lliss Raymond for her tireless efforts in helping us with our :mic program and assmbliee re have put on both in school and for the people of the tcm. l U . l . . . . .. . . . ale, n. r. Ford, s. crook, nf muon, J. nel.. rom-rn nal. r. lu-seilu, STUDENT COUKIIL First Row J Pitts, S Baumert, S Crook, L Wilder, L Ridsdale, ll Bush, J Walker, A Crary Second Row J Bennett, S Dortater C Jenne, J Buckley, S Alton, E Turner, P Burnett Third Rom ll Ames, L Sampson, I llunson, J Cross, L lliller, H Bresett C HORUS C Smith, S Alton, S Bamnert, P Burnett Second Row H Lamica, I Dimock, J Bishop, F llarcellus, ll Hale, A Hall, J Hall, J Pitts, ll lIcRobbie, J Ben nett Third Row S Wood, H Brown, ll Hall, J Lacey, S Baumert, ll Hall, T Pridell, ll Bush, C Slate, A Crary Fourth Row E Catlin, D Overacker, S Crook, J Pitts, R Haymond, C Jenne, S Baumert, ll Fuller, R Bennett Fifth Row D Eggleston, L Jenne, J Buckley, D Stevens, B. Stem, L Wilder, R Scott, D llunaon Q e 2 e e 1 0 e Front Row: B. Fuller, N. Cook, P. llathoua, E. Turner, lliss Raymond, S. Doxtater, ADVEHTfj'fj'V6, X X H J Q W - Q f' V 21 ,. ' l f x BOOSTER PAGE Irs Paul Davis lr 81 Irs Willard Tooley lr A Hrs James Hastings Richard Scott lr dz Urs 'lobert llldy Father Hannan llr A Hrs Allen Ritchie llr Richard lleck lax Slate llr df. llrs Reginald Graves lrs Doris Rogers Kiss Helen lack lr 8: Urs Kenneth Crawford Harold Canfield Iinnie hvis Harold Allen Derwood Davis Shirley Baumert lr k lrs John H Walker lr an Irs Neil Lisoomb DR AND IRS. JCBEPH KELDIEH AND THE ANTIERP FIRE UEPAR'l'llElI'1' HAVE EACH SPOIBORED A PAGE Rosanna Bush Irs. Gleqs Alton lr. . lr. . . . lr. . lr. . lr. . Mr. . lr. . lr. . lr I lr llrs lr: lr I lr Ire lr llr lr lr lr k Urs Arthur Rose Leslie Jenne Ire J A Beumert Francie Beumsrt 84 Hrs Gilbert Eggleston 8: Irs Theodore Smith 8: Ire Ross llarcellus k llrs Kenneth Sven lies Roberta Hunt:-egg Joyce Bennett Janet Hall John Pridell Kenneth Lamica Edith F. Staver Irs. Geraldine Pridell Irs. llabel Hicks . 81 Irs. Jack Scott . an Irs. Carl Shippee . 84 Hrs. Weldon Wood lr. 81 llrs. Raymond Canfield Rosemary Karl Rldsdlls Harold Lllillir lr kllrs B G Fredenburgh lrllilliehqydsn lr In Irs Clifton H111 Janice Pitts dz llrs Donald I.aLone k Ire Landon Fuller 8: Irs Gaige lf. Irs. Harold Cross rs. Hattie Sterling rs lr . e e de Irs. Samuel Jones . Doris Dingnan . Irene Salmon de Hrs. Charles H. Wilder, Sr . Marguerite lacAl1ister . Belle A.Cole lilton lar-sh 6: Hrs. Fred Lamioa A Irs. Frank Crary Kiss Arlene Haymond Q'O1IIl.T1JIIILEJ.XTwD LT NCJMHF1 N NNN YQAK MU I CQ fxlff ,N Q ar 0 E 'W I I ' I P Pi .li P J ANTWEKP BKANCI 1 - H r IH Y r If W VLH! .NV Ohh 1 ts mme-3Y,D fipoohmg onffa cf L n 0 rp Rfg falfgmf 7J4'.Q5ffoo14l5,L 772NW0'UQ 451111 imvn Of on in ynsu in idiftg fc' 'um va 1 xl FQJPQQF I 1riQQF1ib Xxx f"z!uHON MUF fue 'J 6519 ffjfxlilxflfxcjbf CSMP! 1MfNf CDF Dunalh Buch En mb DUK1 if 'VUH XG 1 W CARDIAGL NLW fORK C' ff ff P " ..J ,J -Jl -I HH - , ' I' r' f 'J' Lbmj r J Cl J FJ .G r Q, Q Q ,Qt ' ' 4+ 9, '0 11 Q 4' cs If 0 'Coe A' 4 949 N I P l 1 7' 1 '4' V' ' C ,J .1 XJ l ,- l,'l"f'J"' , Va x rf f' - , f ,555 BAALI Or krfl f -5 NX, -1 Q H H x Comylimenifs' 0 JA D M QVFJQACK FA V'JTF1UNfX4l N Hnfucry ew J L A X9 Vff My My 3 'X IV MCP Xfrfflx Xurq wwfd X BGST MSAEST 6,6155 O m Sanders Sf16c7LMC7ilf Wonfsfnc Hnfueyo New WH? P r Z6 , r L JP ' Jr A Tl york H ..... rv fxg X X Za N CSX Jwfwn Pl 6 xnfx A fY bfX!f b ff? 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Suggestions in the Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) collection:

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 22

1954, pg 22

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 26

1954, pg 26

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 14

1954, pg 14

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