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E 2 fxfff Cffx LIBBI ,fax 45-s"J"" X Q X ,,.,.? -.- A J f ff""""X 'I - , , Q ' 1.2" 5 , X f X I Xxx , J, I X X f xx ,ff . X ' X gx rs C f I Q N vu-"""f N.. 'N 'Q .-,.-5E.:gI1'v::3.J X ,-7" " .h .-511-:?+"L 1. ' ' -fn -'af' V' v ",.d,.w- DEDICATION Marguerite Maclillister, our class advisor, in appreciation of her tireless efforts and genuine interests in our class Her constant encourage ment and understanding has been e welcome guide throughout our Senior year and in the preparation of th1s yearbook. The Class of 1953 dedicates this Clarion to MINI TR U irifozvf -ffl 'Cf XX SX igsx X QB 1 .3 'S X 1' ,fm BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated Principal James A Hastings, Ednn Tucker, Presldent Douglas Overacker, Walter Dickson Standing Distnct Supenntendent Elwood Forrester, P Lawrence P1ckert, Raymond Howard, Roy B Peacock, Norman A Pickett FACULTY Flrst Row: llinam Wladis, Hattie Sterling, Kathenne Sterling, llarguente llacA11is ter, Helen llacle, Doris Rogers. Second Row- Alice Mermman, Arlouine Scott, Doris Dingman, Irene Salmon, Gertrude Gleason. Third Rom Dorotm' Dobbs, Samuel Jones, Charles Folsom, James A. Hastings, Prin cipal, and Roberta Huntress. f AN f . ' z ' ' A Wig: 1 J 's Q ki , 2 . 1 Q, ,X 3 'A A 5 m W ' , if f , A I 5 A f gi i , ef. 1?'gM'f ,M : U M.. , 5 ,ik if. ' ' A 5 A X A f NI, X 's C' Nik' Alton, Robert C Age "BoU' Class Officer 14, Basketball l,2,3,11, Baseball 3 14 Foot ball h, Softball 2,3,h la Club 3, Chorus l,2,1A, Band 1,2, Yearbook Staff 14 Clar 1on Staff 3,14, Junior Play 3 Senlor Play 14, Wrestling 3 Spealang Contest 3,14 llajors 6cience, Mathematics Indu-stmal Arts Crawford, Ph1l1p Age " Flip' Class Officer 1,2,3, Chorus 1, 2,3,14, Boy's State 3, Oswego state 3, Clarion Staff 1, Yearbook Staff 14, Grange 2,3,15 :range Officer 3,h, Student Council l,2,3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 14 Major--Science 444 V2U.9diCtOI'l8.Tl Phllip Crawford 88 1 Salutatorlan Rosemary LaClair 87 S -X-'Iii Case, llary J Age 17 "Casey" Band 1,2,3,15, Chorus 1,2,3,15 Library Club 2,3,14, Sec 3 Presldent Library Club 14 Volleyball 2,3 , Yearbook Staff 14, Clarlon Staff 14, Class Of flcer 15 Student Council 11, Scorer , Junior Play 3, Senior Play 14, N'YSbMA 2, 14 Majors llathematics 1Science Hendrickson, Burl Age 17 " Bird" Class Officer 2,3, Yearbook Staff 11, Clarion Staff 14, Football 3,14, Baseball 2,3,14, Basketball 1,2 , 3, Student Council l,3, Co captaln Foot ball 14, Senlor Play 14,Jun1or Play 3 llajors-Science, llathernatacs Industrial Arts . 16 e 2 I Q - 1 . , ball 2,3,14, Co-captain Foot- 1 , -H . - . , - L . ' . ' 3, , - ' ' 18 ' ' , 1 1 A 1 F u A LaBarge, Lois Age 17 "Tilly" Chorus l,2, Basketball charter 14, Volleyball 1,2, 3 Chorus Librarian 14, Junior Play 3, Senior Play I4 Clarion Staff ls, Yearbook Staff lx, Library Club 2 Major Home Economics "Sonny" Basketball IJ, Chorus 3,h, Semor Play L, Junior Play 3 Yearbook Staff la, Clarion Staff M LsClair, Rosemary M Age 18 Major Business npboseyn Chorus 1,2,lL, Junior Flay 3 Senior Play lg, lg H Club 1, , 3,l1, Basketball Charter 2 Student Council 1,2,h, Year book Staff h, Clarion Staff U, Youth Fellowship 2 llajor--Business LaC1air, Harold ll Age 17 Wheel Class Ofhcer 2,14 IJ H Club 1,2,3,h, Yearbook Staff lg Senior Play h, Junior Play 3, Timer 14 Majox-Science Powell, Jean Age 17 "POW'd9I" Class Officer 2,3, Student Band 1 2 ,3, , Cheerleader l,2,3,i1, Volleyball 1,2,3 Softball 1,2,3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play h, Yearbook Staff 11, Clarion Staff h Library Club 2, Treasurer Minstrel Show 3, NYSSMA h Major home Economics N ll . , - , , , ! McPherson, James R- Age 17 Council 2,3L Chorus l,2,3,lL, D . , yy E , . 2, - 2 I Ridsdale, Karl Age 16 upugn Basketball l,2,3,h, Baseball l,2,3,h, Football 2,3 Lt Wrestling 3, Softball 2,3 I4 Band l,2,3,h, Chorus l,3,h Dance Band lg, Clarion Staff ll, Yearbook Staff la, Student Council 2, Class Officer 2, Junior Play 3, Seruor Play h Minstrel Show 3 Magors -Science Industrial Arts lllder, Mary R Age 17 'Wllder' Clarion Staff 14, Yearbook Staff lp, Senior Play 14 Nzssua 3,n, Chorus 1,2,3,2., President of Chorus lt Quartet 3,h, Minstrel Show 3, Youth Fellowship 1,2 llagor Business 3 " Smlty' Chorus l,2,3,h, Softball l,2, Basketball l,2,3, Volleyball l,2,3 Junior Play 3, Senior Play , Minstrel Show 3, Youth Fellowship 1, Library Club 2, Clarlon Staff lg, Yearbook Staff 14 Major home Economics Rose, Doris Age 16 " D0-dd' Chorus 2, Volleyball l,2,3 Softball 1,2,3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 14, Yearbook Staff h, Clarion Staff h, Grange 3,h, Grange Officer 3,h, Youth Fellowship h, h l,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3 Major-Science Villeneuve, Raymond Age 17 "V11lie" Class Officer 1, Student Council 1, Basketball l,2,3 h, Football 2,3,h, Wrestling 3, Baseball 1,2,3,,4, Soft- ball 2,3,h, Chorus 1,2, Senior Play lx, Junior Play 3, Clarion staff h, Year Magors -Mathematics Science ! 1 l .7 1 7 -H . 9 ! I 3, Volleyball 1,2, h-H 1,2, Smith, Marina Age 17 book staff 14 fi 'Ki Q 0 3 f' Gloss gimtnrg so bre The class of 19:3 is loolcmg forward to the day of graduatlon from Antwerp High School, when they w11l no longer be students lhren though the going has been rough at times we look back on our school days with a fond smile Now let's go back to the very beginning where, one fine September day in 19141, we started our first day of school under the guidance of Miss Snell In third grade Mrs Belmont started us on our school music and drama career From then on we partlcipated in many plays and music festivals every year In sevent1 grade our blggest thrill was being members of the Seventh Grade Blrd Club All of us were thrilled to go to Canada in June with the money we had col lected from dues Everyone studied hard in eighth grade in order to pass regents exans The year ended with our grade commencement with Burl Hendnckson as Valedictonan and Mary Jane Case as Salutatorian Then we entered hlgh school as Frestnnen and found out about hlgh school rules the hard way After we caught on to thlngs, we elected class officers They were Raymond Villeneuve, presi dent, Rosemary LaCla1r, vice president, Phllip Crawford, secretary, and Karl Ridsdale, treas urer Mrs Rogers, as our class advisor, helped us raffle a quilt and sell pencils with foot- ball and basketball schedules on them dent, Burl Hendnckson, vice presldent, Jean Powell, secretary, Valerie Volcott, and treasurer, Harold LaCla1r Mr Jones was our class advlsor and he helped us sell pencils and souvenir pins In 1951 we finally came into the bracket of upper-classmen The first business was elec tion of officers They were Phllip Crawford, president, Jean Powell, vice president, Rose- mary LaCla.1r, secretary, and Burl Hendrlckson, treasurer After the offlcers were elected we soon became the proud possessors of our class rings W1th Mrs Hacalllster as our class ad vlsor we presented three one act plays in the spnng Everyone in the class participated and we reallzed a neat profit We had one paper drive at the end of the year and that gave us a small profit At last the long awaited year, our last year in h1gh school, came We elected officers so that the business of reusing money could be attended to as soon as possible They were presi dent, Harold LaClair, v1ce-president, Bob Alton, secretary, Rosemary LaClair, and treasurer, Mary Jane Case The flrst project was the Senior Play ThlS was a three-act comech by James Reach called "One Mad Nlghti' After a matinee and one 'mad' evening performance we counted our pennles and found we had come out on top Next on the agenda were several paper dnves which helped the treasury considerably Along with the paper dnves, selling canzw, coke, and ice cream brought us nearer to the Senior tmp, our last memory of high school Many busy hours were spent on our profitable yearbook These memories are what we will refer to as 'the good old days' in a few years We can alreach see what people mean Burl Hendrickson Mary Jane Case We gtarted the Sophomore year rolling with the election of the following officers: Presi ' aut Illxll anh Eeatamnnt A i , the Senlors of the Class of 1953, being of weak body and no minds, do declare this our LAST 'HILL and TESTAMENT l To Mr Hastings, our deep appreczlation for the kindness and guidance he has given us throughout our high school years 2 To the Faculty, we leave We are sure they will be thankful! 3 To the Class of 195k we leave the tacks they will find in the Senlor Room With care they should last three or four years more h Lastly, the fol1ow1ng personal bequests I, Robert Alton, do bequeath W ability to mas fowl shots to Jim Buckley I, Mary Jane Case, do bequeath W ability to play the bass hom to Muriel Fuller I, Philip Crawford, do bequeath W ability to stay out of the office to Billy Laidlaw Burl Hendrickson, do bequeath W ability to get to school on time to Sandra Baumert Lois LaBarge, do bequeath W nickname, Willie, to Bllly Burnett Harold LaClair, do bequeath W title, "Teacher's Pet' , to Ronald Haymond Rosemary LaC1air, do bequeath W ability to catch out of tovm boys to Paullne Hill James McPherson, do bequeath W ability to wink at Janice Bishop to Clarence Jenne Jean Powell, do bequeath W ability to catch tall blonds to Agnes C1-ary Karl Rldsdale, do bequeath W abllity to grow whiskers to Donny Cunningham Doris Rose, do bequeath W ability to get a boy fnend closer to home than Annapolis to Frances Marcellus. I, Hanna Smith, do bequeath W ability to play Negro parts to Peggy Hall. I, Mary Wilder, do bequeath W ability to catch mv 'Theresa heart throli' to Marlon Bush. I, Raymond Villeneuve, do bequeath W ability to play football to Tommy Tucker. We make, constitute and appoint Urs. MacAllister to be executnx of this our LAST WILL and TESTAMENT. With tacks we playedg Poor marks we made. Teachers we made mad, We're going, aren't you glad. Witnesses: n ' 3' -1- X 1 5 f' , lfifeq. .-,Q We ' If 1, - ' . 1, . -I, I, A I, . s I, . . . 1, ' fs, G lass rnphetg Y' 'K .f I' is hr s ma Day ln the year 1963 and T have Just r .1!""Ed to my n m Hnvf, Antrve n :After com'aAe'1n,, plans for the tir-at sraace sh :J to h mfon Th.s slup s to be launchei fx-Jm Pans, F ance, and my Da t of the job has been cox NA ted so am lomc ng fJ"W'l 3 t 'he va a tmor that "' am allowed I me+ Uno friends of num. ln the Pullman who gradua ed nth tn l of 1953, Burl Hendrlokso and Ka l Rldsdale As we talked Abu" old time 1 'zrred tha+ Kar na an imp.: tant job 1n engmeerlng and tha' Burl lS a Aeld agen for one of hr All com pan PS 11 Afmea Dur ng ou conversa lon we wonder d what the other :nemb rs of tha c-1+ s are doing nov and ve de 1d d to 'lnd out As therf 18 to be a larce sor' al a fa r Ol r 'lm hol Ldnys mos o our old classmatf are very likelj, t be the e When +he 'ra n stonned, we le L our Pullman for th ra lro d sta on an nc" AA Ap ou babs After sec rl 'Ag 'Hen le no+1ced a la ge Cadlllac wa t1nw outs d The :nan oned o ua, ani lmmei at'-lf we recagniz hln as Ha old T,aAAla.A.r We clA.'nbe' 1n ordered hls chauffeur to tue us fo his home As we pro ceded along, the. h.Uhway ina' the eason Harold is able to llve ln such luxury is because of' the faoul ous his father aoqurecz nr n he s?x'.Aclf oil vrhlle slnx ng a well ln the cellar of hls ms de and Ha ol we learned fortdne that hom A' er be nb entc ta.ll'16Ll at the Laolalr mansfon we der' d 1 to go tn the ll1f"Ol"j Ball a Oxbcrv 'T'ne old Grange Hall has been repla ed fo th s octaslon oy a new buxldlnx , wnx h occu ,198 a la ge Dart f' the village o Oxbow The Vlctory Hall 15 in bono of' the first wom n Dresldent of the Jmted Stat s, Doris Ro e, a na' ve oi' Oyoow Dov-is al-rays was qulte a girl for cu rent events and gm rnnment amd this has brou ht hez to the v ry .Aop On o.1r Ara t l ved mere Mrs a favonte name o ner We +h no levi a black s'rf-aa advau clng on us and Lt pas ed us wlth a ,uv d bu' 'he ac' on was so blurr .1 that we ouli no' retovn z the driver that t was Db l' rauo :1 nth hls Jo' p Jpelled C awl Aorl The nAr:A has the speed of tne ca apnA enfl,,, be au e tne ar wasn't gong, over t"AA Saeed bil s lu' was gust flving very low We ar Avei finally at th' Ball and en"e 1 On e lnslde we me' Raymond cam wer and 'alked to .1 He 1'nmedLa ly engaA .1 us ln a d.SL4lS Lon abou' fhe Ra l we pas ed a large fam Ha old told us Mr and 'Airs Don Cunningham ounn nghazn Ls the fern r Jean Powell Jean named her elde t chdld Emme'+ rm Sonebulr Ha old exalalned no lung, to do nth 1 ant o automo Vllleneuve who las' sea or's deer huntlng and als: abo1t hls new lnvent nn, a one man hell opf r, vmwh he uses for pur-A nnv tnls favo lte sport of' hls Ai' v' we found a table .An the la be over' A, nd-ad building, many 0' od fr ends arxe ov r to speak to us 'Yule we wer a th table, the beautj qdeen o 1963, Pjsesnry La lair, came through the enfran e nth HCI' ooiy guard Her bod, guard 13 the Cbaznolon Woman "Vres+ler Marina Svliih Marlna has no trouble 1n keep ng the "stage door Johnn1es" away from her em Dlol 91' Sln e tne 'Jas ter oi Cerenonles af th. Ball 'ne sta e, as the ght to res' on thls dd A- be -' .,a he numocr was bg, s n gr al demand wherever ne goes After Al on Dm evidently follow d his bro+her's who A31 'ne was Jlm McPherson, vr turred our attent on to fellow Wltll he "vr1ttv" personalitv w' 1n+ro Many Wilder, wo ld renolmed sopr no slncer her song, Jlm lntroduved the next en+ rta ner, fO9tSL6DS and both have risen to the top in en+ rta nmert wo ld ADparen+ly the Alter bro+hers are competlng vntn the Crosby brothers Later 1. We evening we cmvht a gl mpse of the new Dr'esAden+ and her all woman cab net, one of wnnm a r ruze a Lo :A LaBarge, the Set etary of Int ior Wea ed vritn 'he .lay's events we left the Ball and were chauffeu ed ba k to Antwerp whe e to neo. a Case's and were refre.-,hed by cool d.r1nA4s There we learn d that Mary Jane oase was now Sef"'eta'y of Health, a new cablnet pos1.t'on under President Rose Al in all, we dec ded that the Clas of 1953 was certalnly maxlng :Lts mar? in the world Burl Hendnclfs on Varl Rldsdale X N i 1 ' X , l Q A , I K IA J fv : A .. ' ' .A A ' f , . A, - -A s . A eo' AA' o..-3 .A A. o r., 1 ' '- A : A . - ' 4 A , . , A .A A "' A A A A h A .A.L .. 9 1. A 'I A A g ' ' ,, .1 T V 4 A ' A 2' . , A A A - 2, e , A - A. A - er o A. A, - . A . . X L N A ,, u . A . AA .L A AA A -- ' A AA AE' .A BLS - 4 , . - , rx . :'A . . A An . , s l e. A . l A I, . . . r , . A, 4 h L N . A FJ Z' . . A .A AA A .A LA . 'A ' A.. : A - : ' ' -1 A. A-' - - . , A A A . AA.- A " . .A.. A 1, A .A . G A - Q A .A . ,LA ' A 1 f:'.e- -' A .-:'. 'U ,i- I i fe .Ae A P A A r -. A - A A. A A ZS - v -. A -1 A : 1' - 1 . A' - , 1 4 Y , , , A, AA. :A "A ' A 9 A a . tl A .A A.e r 7 e ' 'A R A... A V A, A I' 'L A O A L EA 5 ' A 2. EDO' L' L ' 4 ' , 'H 1 1 I ' , AAL- ', . A LA. ., 1, A 1:3 I I' A -A . I md ' , ' A .A , A A. 1 .- A . A. 1 1 A C A I ,a , . A . . 4 A -1 A I' ' ' A . A ' . . J ' A . ' ' A . . A . , 4 . . . A, ' .A " 1 ' ASA 1 . . . .A.. A - A S- A 1 ,- A n ' ' A: , , V' A. .Au J.. " A -I' A -- ,,A. 9A v x . ,AA AA . . A - A' . c ,- r A 1 ' '. . 5 A .fr A- A . ,. A . 'A r g e A A . A. A A . . r - - a. . .. A - , ' A ' - 9' A S ul . Q . A ' A A " ' A 74 V 7 ' - A ,A 3 A ' A A L. A , r? A .,. -A ... . .. A A ' I. o , A, A .Ax ' A. A -A . A A A . A I ' A A ' . ' A A A A ' A. .' A. . A Q lr A 9 .- A A A .. 3 - va, Q 0 V Aa A Q. A- A , - A , ' V. ' . A, 9"1 . .A ,A A A. .A . I A A , .A A V T. A .' : '3' .A .A . AAI A " ' E' C A V ' OAAQ. 9 . i"'Af .,, 2 ... 4 - 4 - A- A e - A ' ... ". , A 4 ' . ' A A .. AA AAA.-.: A., A T AA' A' I' ' A 9 A.. ' Av. ' . . . ' ' , , h ' ' 9 A Ar ,.. - ' c. Q- c A ' . A z A , 1 - - -sr A-' . . A, ' A Y. A ' 3 '. v TS! Q C A ' Af A' A A ' ' A ,A . A ' 4 ,. - ,, e ' , o . A s. . .e Je . s A. .A . , A , A : . -A 1.. A - ' A: oe ,A .,' ' -1 D .Q vs. . A A A te- . o ' P". -'rn - 'A A . ,. v r i A c . e J 4- A F - - A F' A . . AA e J e 2 - ' A . A .A A - A, . A Af. A . , c .A . A Af . "v . A L A .- A , A o A " . ' 1. ' - 'A , - ,., . 1. . A CZ . A . AA - ,A 'F ' " S ' AAA 1 A-Q 4 .nf X 12 L ' ' V- AL ' . ' .AA A A oybi.AA.1. C AA ...A u A A ,AA U L .10 .A A ,- vs' nl- 1 A T I eb ' - . - A A , A.,s t.A, e.A2f. Aners. A 1".rs-, ' 1 f A :A ' A. ' , , 1 l .A A . - .. SA , 5 A - ' . - A..A9 1 A ' . - BA AJ AAA . .A 3 A ' .. A 9 A A AA A ' : - A. - - ,A A .49 - .A. '.A . Q A A . A -A .A. A A Il A. A A1 Q .1 ' A - ' .A , - ' A 1 ' - . 2 . A A 5' 90-323A - La A A '21, 92' n - Q A . YL A .A . f A A A I' C I' ,. ' A. ,, - A we s I . , - , A . e . A " A -..A A , A o A.' A g ' : ,. : - A - - A . . A 2 .A . , . --.L - SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row LaBarge Second Raw R 1 Wilder, ll Smith, J Powell, R LaC1air, D Rose, ll Case, and Alton, P Crawford, H LaC1air, B Hendrickson, K Ridsdale, Villeneuve, J McPherson, and ll llacallister On November 20, the class of 1953 presented their play, 'One lad Night," :gn the high school auditorium A dress rehearsal was presented for the grades at 1:00 in the afternoon and the evening performance started at 8:00 The cast was made up of Karl Rldsdale as Don Cutter, Harold LaClair as Wing, his Chinese valet, Doris Rose as Irs Kluck, the housekeeper, Burl Hendrickson as Dr Bunn who is in charge, Rosemary LaC1air as Gertrude Finch, Don's fiancee, llary Wilder as llrs T Ashington Finch, Gertrude's mother, llarlna Smith as Depression, their colored maid, Bob Alton as Artemus Burke, a lawyer, Philip Crawford as Danny Silletto, wanted for murder, llary Case as Lucille llarcey, a damsel in distress, Raymond Villeneuve as llr Ibde, a ferocious villalng James McPherson as John Alden, who hunts Indians, and Jean Powell as Priscilla, who knits Don Cutter is a playwright who goes, with his Chinese to complete his latest play in peace and quiet The house was amazed to find it occupied by a number of very strange lunatics under the care of Dr. Bunn, whose hone nearby was harmless, but Don doesn't know this. Among the inmates is valet, Wing, to the Cutter manslon was supposed to be deserted and Don people. They turned out to be burned down. They are really quite Lucille, a beautiml girl with an amazing story of persecution and intrigue. Don is just about to rescue her when his fiancee and her mother arrive. How he gets out of the mess he is in proves to be very entertaining. Don finally succeeds in rescuing Lucille after a series of thrilling funrv escapades. -llary Rose Wilder .ful ,'g . 1" " ' T' X 1 Q 3 1 v 4 ' . l f 'Y s g - .- g V e N ff K . xv' p ' j ,, c-X : I. . . . . . 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X, 0 BOYS fc xt Robert Alton John Fredenburgh Harold LaC1a1r Ronald Haymond Philip Crawford Phillp Crawford Robert Alton Philip Crawford Harold LaC1a1r Ph1l1p Crawford Vernon Symonds Jiznnnr Buckley Harold LaClair Slap Scott Charles Alton Harold LaClair Robert Alton Philip Crawford Raymond Villeneuve Lyle Ridsdale Karl Rldsdale Donrv Newberry Fred Dean Fred Dean Robert Alton Vernon Symonds Ronald Raymond Harold LaClair Stanley Harms Best Looklng Biggest Feet Frlendliest llost Talented Most Ox'1ginal Most Loyal Best All Around Neatest lost Cheerful lost Likely to Succeed llost Humorous Laziest lost Cooperative Class Grumbler Most Dependable Most Popular Rosemary LaC1a.1r Dome Rose Rosemary LaC1air Marlon Bush Mary Jane Case Jean Powell Rosemary LaCla1r Rosemary LaClair Wilma Dimock llary Jane Case Sally Baumert Shirley Baumert lamina Smith Sally Baumert llary Jane Case Rosemary LaClair llost Courteous Host Athletic Loudest Biggest Fllrt lost Studlous Quietest Agnes Crary llary H111 Sally SaJJ.y Ethel Ethel Baumert Baumert llaloy Malay Best Dancer Teacher'e Tnal llost lluslcal Host Angelic Fastest Gum Chewer Theresa Pridell llunel Fuller Sally Baumert llarion Bush llary Jane Case Harriet Brown -Jean Powell Rosemary La.Clair -aft fl C lf K, 1 f' S, W X -S i ' u I NI - -1 'E ' V 5 t ,K Y 'if N xj WU' Hz W Mi 2 'E J JUNIOR CLASS First Row A Crary, L lhdsdale, II Bush, D Newberry, E Haloy Second Raw Miss Wladis, J Pitts, A Lamica, D Cunningham, C Alton, B Burnett Third Row J Walker, T Pridell, S Baumert, E Gleason, ll Hall JUNIOR CLASS HISTOIH As we entered our first year of high school the following officers were elected: Bob class advisor was Ur Marsh During our Sophomore year the officers elected were: President, Joan Bridge, vice presi dent, Sandra Baumert, secretary, llarion Bush, treasurer, Eleanor Catlin Our class advisor this year was Mrs Rogers As a money maklng project we sold notebooks We lost two members of our class Bob Tooly and Eleanor Catlin Election of Junior officers produced Lyle Ridsdale as president, Donald Newberry, vice president, Marlon Bush, secretary, and Agnes Crary, treasurer We chose lliss Wladis for class advisor The most important event of this year was receiving our class nngs Ie sold Christ- mas cards to raise money and held our Junior plays in the spring Joan Bridge left us this year W'111B Antoine Lamica, Joan Walker and Betty Goodridge jorned our class We extend to the graduating class our best wishes and congratulatrons -llarion Bush Tooly, presidentg Donald Newberry, vice-president, Lyle Rldsdale, secretary-treasurer. Our 075 X Tuflviisimfn .A lpj 4,3 wx' r " oi dx .,'6 6' G O 0 5,7 SOPHOMORES Front row I Bishop, S Wood, J Pitts, S Baumert, S Crook, ll La.Barge, C Graves Second row R Dickson, S Harms, A Lamica, L Wilder, H Haymond, R Scott, E Catlin Third row: E Shippee, J Smith, D Ovemcker, H Brmm, L Elliot, J Lacey, ll Hall, Mrs Rogers FREHIIEN C Jenna, A Goodrich, T Tucker Second row F Dean, J Fredenburgh, W Laidlaw, R Swem, K Lamica, D Stevens, D Eggleston, D Turner, L Jenne, G Cunningham, J Miller, V Symonds Third row W Dimock, M Brown, A Hall, ll McRobbie, S Baumert, H. Lamica, J Bishop, J Hall Front raw: E. Peck, B. Hutt, R. Bennett, P. Hill, F. Hall, S. Alton, S. llathous, 04 'C L, I'i?l 125 A5 5 Div .Foli- Q O X Q lx F0 FC' A vAC':..i- IL 6 C- "1 A x T w 9 C fc C O - A SCO HA 'SAF :FLQCX "vHAA-No.. , .gy -W X525 SQ. .Jgvbu .vo A AK., EIGHTH GRADE Front Rcnr B LaBarge, B 1N111er, N Cook, P Mathous, P Burnett, E Turner, M Mcflobbie Second Row S Doxtater, D Munson, F Marcellus, R Shaw, ll Hale, M Slate, R Davis, J Bennett Back Row C Lacey, C Smith, G Culbertson, I Hutton, T Ford, P Eggleston, V Beeman SEVENTH GRADE Shippee, L Call, C Spicer, S Forney, J Cook, M Burnett, J Gleason Second Row Miss Wladis, D VanAtter, K Wilson, G Powell, R Swem, L Stevenson, J Rose, G Slate, L Sampson, P Powell, V Peck Back Row ll Ames, F Beeman, J Cross, J Merriman, L Adams, R Tutolo, A Worthington, F Hutt, J Rose, L Miller, P Dean Front Row: S. Eggleston, ll. llaloy, S. Brown, E. Dindl, A. Cook, J. Tucker, R. LE P5514 X f' nn' y 0 xg. A. W xx NXKQBX f V uf WD xv R 5 f 5 N 4 .1 4 f an s 5,5 SQ uni-rv' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row D Newberry, R Villeneuve, R Alton, K Ridsdale, D Cunningham, L Rldsdale Rear Row Mr Folsom, R Scott, J McPherson, J Pitta, L Wilder, R 'Iavmond Terrv Fond Front, Row eecond Row Back Row uf? ep ww' N 'WP A JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Lamica, C Jenne, W Laidlaw, L Jenne, D Turner, J Fredenburgh, Stevens Swem, M Slate, R Shaw, D Munson, G Culbertson, G Powell F Hall, L Call, D Eggleston, R Swem, T Tucker, L Miller, J Cross 3 i 'DR' , I I dp, O Q 4 , -' 4 v f ' A X 0 t KA - 'O fm vi I A ", . 2 o Q a o 0 I ' u 2 o o o u o 0 , 'J A ..+ 17 , , ' 13' Y A I 'f CL 'VT , . A -wp A 1 ! - A 4 A n 'gl 'I ." . f ' ' I 7. - 1 2 Ka 0 Q Q 1 o D. . " : R. . . . . . . I . u 4 a . Q 4 FOOTBALL TEA!! Front Row L Jenne, B Hendrickson, K Rcldsdale, R Villeneuve, R Alton, I Filiatraut, E Shippee, D Cunningham Back Row D Stevens, W Burnett, D Newberry, R Scott, J Predenbux-gh, Raymond, J Pitts, 0 Tucker, llr Folsom 0 BASEBALL TEA! Front Rom' D Cunningham, R Scott, B Burnett, J Pitts Back Row: Ur. Folsom, B. Hendrickson, L. Ridsdale, R. Villeneuve, I. Filiatrault, D. Newberry, J. Buckley, K. Ridsdale, C. Alton. I ' 11' ' , A ' I , . . - X 4 ,, pf" 7. . X N X N . X , X J , . ' I 2 - V X -- -'--.' 5.. - 'r ' A 1 ' -.1 I I ' X ' . , 4 I . . '. - I ' .' Ar" . .f '' "' ' -1 - A 1 'f"' "' .Q H557 ..,lf .. .153 L If L g D ' - 4 ,V ,ffl T 1 - -Q.: ' L,' ---5:-LM . .1 glgapxefj I' ,A . . V I -I to up -, .-.1 ,- 1'-2 -,,..f V- :an.""-- 2 a 0 o n u o Q 0 . 2 n o e Q o Re C O O 0 . , V , " ' 4 Q W D -' WB. , A . I , N- , 1 s 3 ' n ., I ., s . 0, H 'D r , N . f A .X , , , y , . g I 5 ' N ., Q ,, . X ':' , ' , ' ,3 . 4 Q . J E L i , I u o o o n ui xg ? VARSITY CHEEIEEADERS Left to right Sally Crook, Agnes Crary, Sally Baumert, Sandra Baumert, Jean Powell JL...- af-' ,K WSC" yas.-W JUNIOR VAIEITY CHLEIERLEADEIB Left to right Wilma Dimock, Harriet Brom, Janice Pitts, Sheila Alton , Q............. N144 H I - ..W I-M ,,.,........- K . A A AV V W Vw W I V, A I-A -f Nwffmevb ..,. - . . I I ' A Q F 5 A X' Q 4 ' . K' I 4 I ' L , f , ', K I ,I ,, . ...M --A W fel, . . ' l IX 9 U Oni I TIVIW X 6 !iE::::n, K ii. - XXX iaff V4 Y: Q iq - f 76 fl! 'Q f f 6 Q "ai, FB ' ff .?Q Q C 'K' A I 'KS "MM V ff I Qslx YQ! ,:-X- V, 'iv f A f I RNTVIERP HIGH SCHOOL BAND Front Row D Overacker, K Rldsdale, J Pltts, J Pltts Second Row P Bur- nett, R Swem, M Hall, S Crook, R Scott, M Hale, T Ford, M llcRobbie, E Turner Third Row Miss Huntress, L Ridsdale, S Baumert, R Haymond, M Bush, S Alton, T Tucker, D Stevens, M Hall Back Row D Cunningham, A Crary, M MUSIC NEWS The 1952 S3 school year was hlghlighted for members of the Muslc Department by the deliv ery of the new band unlforms in November The maroon and grey unlforms armved in time for the All-State program at Potsdam and Mary Jane Case and Jear Powell were the brat students to appear in them Donald Cunningham and Mary Rose W11oer sang 1n the All-State Chorus The entire band provided music for the Christmas program and made thelr first Antwerp appearance in the new unlforms The high school chorus members participated in the pageant and the first six grades took part in an operetta ent1tled 'The Little Spruce Tree" whlch was written by Miss Huntress The department pronded music for various community clubs and organizatlons during the year Groups which appeared on these programs included a Boy's Quartet, composed of Filia trault, Cunningham, Haymond, and Fredenburgh, and a Gir1's Quartet composed of Wilder, Crary, Case, Huntress accompanied by Bush Various soloists appeared with these groups In January the Rl'U'thma1res were organlzed and soon began playing a weekly dance job at Oxbow Members of this group included Cunnlngham, saxophone, Bush, trumpet, Bush, accordion, Ridsdale, drums, Huntress, piano, Stevens, caller The Junior Band acqulred many new members and worked on a more difficult grade of muslc throughout the year, whlle several of last year's members were promoted to A H S Band A Webcon Tape Recorder was purchased in the fall, and has proved an extremely useful ad dit1on to the equipment of the Department Funds ralsed during the year have been applied toward the price of the recorder, and used to increase the 1J.hlf0!'lD fund, which will be used tc buy additlonal unlforms as the need for them arises Spnng brought intens1ve marchlng drill for the band, and the preparatlon of a Spring Concert for all groups in the department In closing, the members of the band, chorus, and other music groups wish to thank Miss Huntress for the guldance and help g1ven us during the year Jean Powell 4- Q 2 A , gt I I 0 U 0 0 O I Case, F. Marcellus, J. Merriman, J. Powell. O C HORUS ease, A Hall, J Pltts, S Alton Second Row J Hall, E Gleason, T Pmdell, M Bush, S Baamert, M Hall, A Crary, S Crook, J Smith, D Overacker, H Brovm, M153 Huntress Third Row: S Wood, R LaClair, S Baumert, J Pitts, L W1lder, J Mcpherson, D Stevens, P Crawford, R Haymond, T Tucker, J Powell Ba k Row M Hall, J Lacey, R Swem, J Fredenburgh, D Cunningham, K Ridsdale, E Shlppee, R Scott STUDENT COUMIIL Seated- D. Munson, L. Ridsdale, H. La.Clair, S. Baumert, J. Merriman, F. Hall. Second Row: E. Turner, J. Pitts, R. LaCla1r, L. Wllder, F. Marcellus, ll. Bush, L. Sampson, S. Alton, A. Hall. Third Row' A. Crary, L. Mlller, M. Slate, R. Alton, M. Case, S. Crook, S. Baumert, D. Nerrberry. 1 W L' , C ' 5 Q L e - ' 1 .A . - 5 K Front Row: J. Walker, J. Bishop, S. Baumert, M. McRobbie, M. Wilder, ll. Smith, V. VXBERTH N fe 7 S Mfv fig ,QQ T M vi? Q21 gmzffzh ed , 4 i gfx Bok Powell Marvnret McRobbie Mary 'Yllder "Illb.1r D1c1fson L5 le Ihdsdale Vernon Sym und-: Henry Rc ers Harold Allen Lenor' McGovern John Gleason Rosemary Lablair Jon ph Vxtherel Mlss Betty Por eous Paul Peaco k Fllzabeth Case Ira Glllett 9, Q I lv WJ' -,JN br' L 11 J am .'J'lad:Ls Jean Powell The Powells Agnes rary Mrs Belle Cole "Grandma" Staplin r Roy Wil Joe Oxley ex Mary Graves Harald Canfle Mrs J Pace W Handvlll rs S M Marlon Bush Mrs Fva Pitklns Mr lichard Scott Dor Cunnlngham Jumxy Klng Willlam Knowlton .Ars Y' Mrs nl' 84Mrs 84 S4 Dora Mrs rs Mrs rs rs Mrs rs rs rs rs rs Mrs Villeneuve Rldsdale H Eager Landon muer Ed Forton C11ff01'd Backus Robert Davis Clarence Tlmerman W Gardner R Mack Kenneth LaC1air Carl Shlooee Leon Rayman Floyd Crawford Wallace Glen 84 Mrs dz Mrs Antw rp Odd Fellows 84 Mrs Slate Harold Jones Irene Mr 84 Mrs Mrs Mrs rs rs Eugene Munroe Rush Reynolds Tooley O Tucker Jonn Caman Rober' Munro Bruce Freeman McAll-ast r Mrs Leon Ihllington Mrs Tony Booh. xg 84 Mrs ECL1 th rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Geor e Graves F Staver George Turner Merrit Byrns Don L1SCO1fl1 H Hull L Davis R ee ...arl Raymo C1 Lffor-.1 Mathous Reginald Graves Kenne'h Crawford rs T Lav rghe ta 8: Mrs 84 Mrs Danas rs rs Mrs rs T Wllliazns Rldgway Smith Tur eon Burl Hendrickson Roy Beerman Cecll Scott Ray Barien Heruy gl Edna Wllder Mr 84 Mrs Fred Fullington Fa+ ner Harman rs H Mason Harm. t Lathan rs Mrs rs rs Mrs rs rs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs rs rs rs rs Mrs rs rs rs Mrs Ros Marcellus William Culbertson Du' ght Allen Frank McGurn Wilson Gleeson laude Wilder Harold Cross Fredenburgh J Moore John H Maville Roher Rose Weldon Wood Rajmond Canfield W11l1a.m Smith Donald Putman Elmnet W1 ggens F Engelbert Art Rose Srvder Peacock Joe D' ndle Harley Liscomb Harry Mc ill James Johnson Fred Lamlca MajorC D Tyan Mr 84 Mrs Cllfton Hall Mr 84 Mrs W11ton Backus .nss Valeme Walcott Mr 84 Mrs Earl Stone Mrs Dons Rogers Mr 84 Mrs Samuel Jone Mlss Ins Hutton Roval Gutierrez Dorothy Scott 84 Mrs J Gleason 84 Mrs Charles Brldve Mrs Gertrude Gleason 84 Mrs H Salmon Mr 84 Mrs Jack Scott Mrs Macllllister Miss Huntress Kenne"h Swem -X-'l--l1'-N--l- The Senior Class thanks most sincerely the follcwlng firms and 1IldiVldU.8.1S who helped produce thls yearbook by suonsorlng a page Mr 8: Mrs Roscoe Call Mr 84 Mrs Grant Northrop Mrs Katherine Ster' ing Miss Helen Mack Mrs Hattle Sterling Mrs Doris Dingman Mr Charles Folsom James A Ha tlngs Fred Case's Soda Bar Antwerp Fire Department Dr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Kelemen Antwerp Rotary Club Don Putman's Gas Statlon Antwerp Amencan Legion, Post No. 916 Antwerp Leglon Aunuliary , - - . as If Q' ' r ' Q ,-5 N-Tiix ' M V ' ', frxx 5 ' ' f' 2, 1 x 4 . G X '- J' X 4 5 1 ' . f I - lt' , ' 'K -- ' ' ' ri A Q 1'- f.5,J . ' - - l.- -, - ' 3 ff' Xi, M . . . Lynch 1 . e Z ' 4 4 E ' D ' c 0 ' ' gd .Din " ' , 1 1. I. . . 1 J Mr. . . . .': Mr. 84 M . s P . ' u- Mr. . g Mr. 84 . . ' - Mr. . . . ' . Mr. 34 M . - Mr.84M . . ' Mr.84M . Mr.84M . Mr. 84 -. Mr. 54 . Mr. 84 . Mr.84M . ' . Mrodl . . ' Mr.84M .C Mr. 84 M . Mr. 84 . . Mr. 84 M . Mr. 84 . ' ' Mr. ' Mr. 84 . E. G. Mr. SL Mrs. C. F. Duegaw Mr. 84 Mrs. Nelson Blair Mr. 84 Mrs. Gerry Pickert M-.84M . . . Mr.8LM . . Mr.84M . . Mr. 84 M '. . ' Mr. 84 . . L Mr. 84 . . ' Mr. 84 M . . Mr. 84 . W' Mr. 84 . t - Mr. 84M . Mr. 84M . 1' ' ' Mr. 81M . Mr. 84 M . 1 Mr. 81 . Mr. 84 . ' . ' Mr. . ' Mr. 84 . .. Mr. 84 . ' ' . M . . e .t Mr. 84 M . 'A . . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. 34 . ' . Mr. -. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. 84 M . . L e Mr. .. go Mr. 8: M . . Mr. . Mr. 84 M . Mr. 81 M . Mr. . Mr. 842 M s. Mr. gl M . Mr. 84 . Mr. 81 - . 1 Mr. 84 . L Mr. 84 . . Mr. 84 M . I Mr. 84 M . Mr. 84 . ' .. ' ' , Mr. 81 M . G Mr. 84 M . U . . . Mr. 84 M . Mr. 8: M . .L Mr. 84 . ' . e M . C. . . . . . . ' Mr. . . . . . ' ' ' ' Mrs o . Q o Q A o ' ure o 0 . . . '. . s . . . ' FXJMKI H11 N f 0 NSR ffjf KN NIJXX QR 1 C, Q X J XIV 'x f' J If J Ji mb L E AS F j P Sl VJ P VJ ff Yf -'P f,,A!j - YKJ 5 F A NTWE ZA P Ja A N C H fNJ'f FI' WEN Yf'3i or r QM Uhflf U frX14.JXlj NW HOU WD M xffl1N",w ,Qj0L1U6fZfVLQ11f1 Svxiizfff XV XI' QFQWN F Fm CJJQJ Qhmplimeni-5 uf If r-I IX INN Ns Dfguc, 5 rom 2 5 GOUYEVWQUY THE Q 'nd CQ YJ Ll Q3 E sgrpggn Wg fe ffb Wg? F' 0' r' 4-I J 'Lb Af 5 ' 'Q CASE ff f ,J I - X ,I ,gf , ,JH I I '-"' " .. .. ., 'i,, T ' ' J- "1'U"1L'.-,'-5 .,:.g,'1.,f,mq,q4' 1- KJ S 4 fIWo'1o'fn'1'4'0' H' 'WM fNfx',vm, , 77. az KJ 1X J' rl 'Q j QD 1 f ' 5 I ' X 'J x If , A L ! K ' X -J Q XJ Lfnmphmmtr. 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Suggestions in the Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) collection:

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 66

1953, pg 66

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 75

1953, pg 75

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 27

1953, pg 27

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 36

1953, pg 36

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