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fyfi LIBRISS ,XX V5 1 T L mgtllllll i 3.544.117 ll 'fb' ALMA MATER O Alma Mater, sing we thy praises, Treasuring mem'ries as years go by Thy guiding spirit all care erases, Keeping us loyal to thee, Antwerp high Time ever flowing bids us be going, Dear Alma Mater, far from thee, Hearts growing older, love never colder, Never forgotten shalt thou be L1fe's duties call us, whate'er befall us High lot or lowly, weal or woe, Brother with brother, thou our Alma Mater In thee united we will go Old Antwerp faces, Old Antwerp places, Tho' we be parted far away, Seen ever clearly, lov'd ever dearly, Shall then be with us as today. in f W ,.,,x,.--r"','v'N"x"'m N ffm, Q:-o' Q , ' U, Hl'QF I ,. - M H 9-. X , J W , . 5 Fa: -Y f- -'V 6 . - L gg 4 QU, ld ' .,!1.,, ' ' 6 V1 , n JN. 'lv A al. ' ' A V I fb NQV' DEDICATION Miss Miriam Wladis, Class Advisor We, the Class of 1952, respectfully dedicate this Clarion to Miss Wladis a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude for her inspiration, guidance, and assistance in all our class activi ties. i 5 Qin-swf' to , as .+I-A 3-Kirmlnlfltrntnnn L V I F -4 4 X' 1.x ., YH ?fA wi, Q T X Q . ' 'A x BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated Edwin W Tucker, Douglas ll Overacker, President, J Walter Dickson Standing NormanA Pickert, rZL1rood Forrester, Distr Supt , P Lawrence Pickert., Raymond Howard, Roy B Peacock First Row Second Haw Thlrd Row I FACULTY Arlouine Scott, Miriam Wladis, Dorotlv Dobbs, Katherine Sterling, Ruby Wiggins, Florence Menard Roberta Huntress, Gertrude Gleason, Hattie Sterling, larguente llacA11ister, Dons Dingnan, Doris Rogers, Helen lack Samuel Jones, Charles Folsom, James A Hastings, Principal .h 1 . H 1 - mf fx 9 H Q4 K K lI'I1IlllI'5 X9 0 W f gi, Marion Harris Age 17 Vera J Alberry Age 18 'Squeak' "Verie" VALEDICTORIAN Youth Fellowship 1,2 ,3,ls Yearbook Editor lx Clarion Staff 3,24 D A R Essay Contest 14 h H Club 1,2 3 Senior Play Basketball Charter h llajors Business Home Economics Elisabeth A Gleeson Age 17 "Betty" Class Officer 2,3,lu Student Council 2,3ph, Clarion Staff Library Club 2,3 D, Sec 2 llajcretts l,2,3 , Tfrlrling Classes 2,3, Cheerleader 2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Sec Trees la Volleyball 2, Softball 1,2 h H Club l,2, Senior Play Yearbook Staff, Quartet 3,11 llejors -Sc , Bus , Home Ec 1' Helen Pitta " Blondie" Class Officer l,2,3, Student Council l,2,h, llajorette 1,2 31'-If chdrlll 1,2p3shp Q-llrtii 3,h, Tvnlrling Classes 2, ls H Club 1,2,3,l4, Claribn Staff l,2,h, Yearbook Staff 3,14 Senior Play, Library Club 2,3 ls, Library Club Officer 2 volleyball 2,h, Cheerleader l,2,3,h, Captain of Cheer- leaders ls llaJors -Science, Business Home Economics SALUTATORIAN Class Officer 2, Student Council 2, Chorus l,2,h Band 3,h, Cheerleader 2,3,h Speaking Contest 2,3 h H Club l,2, Volleyball 3 I4 Softball l,2, Senior Play Yearbook Staff, Clarion Staff llajors -Science, Business Home Economics llerjorie E Howe Age 17 "Margie" Class Officer 3,h, Student Council 3,h, Quartet 3,14 h H Club 1.2, Speaking can test 3, Softball 2, Cheorllld er 1,2,3,h, Chorus 1,2,3,h Library Club 2,3,L, Pres h Band 3,1-1, Senior Play I4 Yearbook Staff, Clarion Staff Major- Vocational Home Ee "f':.:r ' L ' L .5 gk 'lf .L ' ' ' ' Ag. 17 - , nn' ' u Basketball 1, Softball 1,2 Q' ie Joan K Gleason Age 17 'Joanie' Clanon Staff, Yearbook Staff 14 H Club l,2,3,h lg H Council 2 3 11 M H Club Congress 2 Library Club 2,3,h, Treas 14 Chorus l,2,3, Chorus Lib Senior Play, Chm Ticket Com Basketball charter h llagor -Science Jane Liscomb Age VI Li zzyll Senior Play, Clarion Staff Chorus l,2,3,h, Band 3,14 German Band 11 74 H Club 2 Cheerleader 1,2, Minstrel Show lg, Softball l, 3 L Volleyball l,2,3,h, Library Club 3 llajor- I-Iomemaking 'ii' F Allen T Prldell Age 17 "Porky" Class Officer lg, Student Council la I4 H Club l,2,3 Senior Play, Clarion Staff Yearbook Staff Major--Science 7 ""7 uaruyn Blair Age 18 "Blum" Chorus 2,3, Junior Play Senior Play, Library Club h Cheerleader 3, lg, Bowling Team 3, Soccer Team 2,3, Badminton Singles 3, Yearbook Staff Clanon Staff h llajor- Homemaking Ann fhaymon Age 17 "Annie" Band l,2,3,h, chorus 1,2,3, h H c1ub 1,2,3,h, h H camp Staff 3,h, Grange 3,h, Grange Lecturer h h H Council 2,3,h Junior Kraft Dairyman 3 Volleyball 2,h, Clarion Staff 2,3,h, Yearbook Staff, Senior Play, Minstrel Show h, Score keeper 14, Library Club lg llajors Math and Science Firm Ten 'C Q A " , - , - s 7 a " Q -f V, . 1. C . . 45 - if , it ' - I 'X A 17 Y V la , - , - 2, , 9 " A 75" , NJ N' 'H I rls E Hutton Ike' Band l,2,3,l4 Chorus l,2,3,h Youth Fellowship l,2,3,h, Library Club h h H Club 1, Timekeeper lg Senior Play Yearbook Staff Clanon Staff h Majors -Science Vocational Homemaking slum KN QA QWW Phorus 1,2,3 Senior Play Clarion Staff Yearbook Staff llajor- Voca tional Home making Class Officer 1 Basketball 1,2 3,h, Baseball 1,2, Football l 2, 3,h, Capt Football h Softball 1,2 Nyssw. 3 h h H Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2 ,3,l4 Band 1,2,3,h Yearbook Staff Clarion Staff 1,h, Senior Play, BOY' Quartet M Boy's Octet 1,2 Majors nun Science QXTVY 1 4.,,, NJ Shall' Frank D Alton Age pikehor'n" -q.,v0"' pix 'Y' fv' w. Betty Dickson Age 17 Helen A D Young Age 19 Basketball Igr 1,2 ,3 la Football llgr 2 , 3 Baseball 3 lg Class Offlcer 3 Student Council 3 Band l,2,3 I4 Chorus 1,2 , 3,14 Senior Play Nrsslm h Boys Quartet I4 llinstrel Show h h H Club 2 Yearbook Staff Clanon Staff h lajor--Science Band 3,14 Chorus 2,3 Senlor Play Yearbook Staff Clarlon Staff lx Library Club h Min strel Show Softball 2 llajors Home making and Business Class Officer Chorus 2, lg Senior Play Basketball 1 voueybau 1,2 ,h M H Club 1,2 llajor Vocation al Homemaking , 'Cu-J" fy ffl!-0'L'Hff,e rw 'ibf X Paul Peacock Age 18 Eleanor L. ShiPPee A86 17 11 II mil ,, , ab , ,, L , x Y i fi ff' V' .. - , . 5 J ' 0' i t Q 2 1 5 X ,,,,,l9 ' s 'Y fr , , ,peaks V .,V, L, ,ihxr L '- f Am --1" R . ik . Age 16 . 17 H U VIS ,iffy 1 ' y W 1 1 4 2 . Q 3, , - R: : K A 7.f?le f' "' "Betty Jd' "Helen" ' T2 ,, R I 3 1 , 9 K 2 'S' Ni , , .Il is 4 -N - 's Sur' Class Hwtnrg In September of l9hO a band of brave little pilgrims landed on the steps of Antwerp High School and we were greeted by Miss Gill as our first grade teacher 'Ye met mamr new teachers 1h our new dlscovery and it wasn't long before we found ourselves in Junior High School Mary of our friends had left us and marv more had come to take their places our seventh grads we decided to devote some of our time to nature study and fomed an Audubon Bird Club, with Mrs Katherine Sterling as our advisor, electing officers and paying dues each month Hith this money we had high hopes of journeying into Canada This we did at the close of the year As pilgrims we had gradually become used to the customs and ways of our new life but we soon were to leave our grade life and enter into a new territory Realizing this we entered into the eighth grade, working hard so as to be prepared for our coming regents and eighth grade trip In June we had our grade Commencement nth Ann Haymon as Valedictorian and Eleanor Shlppee as Salutatorian As "green" freshmen our band of pllgrims entered into h.1gh school with seventeen members We then received the thrill that comes once in a lifetime the novelty of high school customs After getting settled on a new foundation we elected the following ofhcers Roger Mathous president, Helen Pitts, vice president, Frank Alton, treasurer, and Joyce Hayrnond, secretary Mrs Belmont was chosen as our class advisor Among our brilliant plans for the future was to have a class dance after the Lenten season Before very long three of our classmates disbanded from our group to journey on without us They were Betty LaPierre, Joseph Dindl, and William Slate As "silly" sophomores we started nth the election of class officers Helen Pitts was chosen president, Betty Gleeson, v1ce president, Vera Alberry, secretary, Helen Young, treas mer, and Miss Kelly, class advisor Dunng the year novelty P1115 and pencils decorated nth the school colors and name were sold In February we held a St Valentine's dance Upon entering school as "jaunty" juniors the class was very much pleased to flnd that we had a classroom of our o"m because of the changes that were made in the building during the summer Class elections were held and Betty Gleeson became presldent, Joyce Haymond, vice president, Paul Peacock, secretary, and Marjorie Howe, treasurer Miss w13d1S was chosen as class advisor The current highlights of the year were the thrlll of being upper classmen, the flashing of semor nngs wh1ch arrlved shortly after Christmas, and the Juruor-oenlor Prom We all began to realize that soon we would enter into our fourth and f1nal year and that we would need to earn money toward our senior trip We sponsored a raffle on a home cured ham just be fore Easter vacation A large profit was realized winch did much to boost our treasury Now as "sophisticated" senlors we realize that our journey 15 connng to an end Dunng the summer we lost a member of our class Joyce Haymond left school to become Mrs Charles Bridge With the operung of school we gained a new member, Marilyn Blalr, from Mannsvllle After getting used to the thnll of being senlors we settled dovm to elect class offlcers Betty Gleeson became president, Helen Pltts, v1ce presldent, Allen Pridell, secretary, Margome Howe, treasurer, and Miss Wladis, class advisor Hom the very flrst day we all began to look forward to our senior play and our senlor tmp Because we wanted to present our play before the Christmas holidays we set to work immediately and presented 'Backwoods Romed' on December lh It proved to be a success To lncrease our treasury we have had several paper drives and are plannlng some food sales Our class has very hlgh hopes of securlng enough money so that we can go to Nashington and New York on our senior tmp, but as yet nothing definite has been decided Baccalaureate services will be held June 22 in the Methodlst Church and Commencement will be held June 23 in the high school auditorium On the following mornlng we will start on our trip, plans for whlch will have been completed by then The class of 'S2 leaves our Alma Mater happy memories of days gone by at A H S and with deep regrets that we are leaving all our old friends We wash to thank all those who have made these years such profitable and enjoyable ones for us Betty Gleeson Historians rjorie Howe 1 O X I 1 1' ll . .In I O . . . . . . . -- , 'o ' ! . . . . . A. . . . . . . . 1 ' n . - Qu. . . . . . - . . I l V. 0 I I ' A . . . . . .,.. . l . 3 . . . . . .4 . . . . . . . . . .. , . . . V . . . . . . .. D . .. .. ' lil A . . . . 7 api will and , zsianwni le, the Seniors of the Class of 1952, being of shaky minds and trials to the teachers many classes, do thus declare our LAST WILL and TBTAHENT 1. To llr Hastings, our sincere appreciation for the kindness he has shown us during ur high school days 2 To the beloved faculty we leave six boxes of Kleenex We are sure that they will need them when we leave these hallowed halls 3 To the Class of 1953 we leave our title as Seniors providing they pay sll our debts h Lastly, the following personal bequests I, Vera Jean Alberry, do bequeath W bashhilness with boys to Doris Rose I, Frank Alton, take with me W pernicious habit of going out at basketball games on fouls I, Marilyn Blair, bequeath W knack of flirting with boys to Rosemary LaClair I, Betty Jo Dickson, do bequeath my pastime of dating Gouverneur fellows to Mary Jane Case I, Joan Gleason, do bequeath the love that I should have had for Latin to some 'Yeshman who will show greater interest Betty Gleeson, bequeath W pastime of keeping the army guessing to Eleanor Catlin. Marion Harms, bequeath W ability to get home from basketball games to Marion Bus Marjorie Howe, bequeath my Saturday night dates with the U S havy to Mary McCoy Iris Hutton, do leave W way to get to Oxbqvr dances to Marina smith Paul Peacock, bequeath W skiing technique to Roger Swem Felen Pitts, bequeath W long walk to school in the morning to Karl Ridsdale Allen Pridell, bequeath W ability to upset the English class to Robert Tooly Ann Rayman, bequeath my methods of losing and gaining weight to Mary Rose Wilder Eleanor Shippee, do bequeath W ability to wait for the Air Force to come home to Jean Powell I, Helen Young, do bequeath W technique in getting to dances to Theresa Pridell We make, constitute and appoint Miss Wladis to be executrix of this our LAST WILL and TESTAMENT The inventory won't be great, There isn't much to our estate So now, without much more ado, Our witnesses will sign hereto KLM, 74 fyfoz Witnesses 421,17 jaafwzfw J L in . o 1' e I, I, . h. I, . . ' . I, ' . I, Jane Liscomb, do bequeath W ability to play the pinball machine to Joan Bridge. 1, . I, . . I, . I, . I, ' f V! ,Q I K Elem!! ,Prnplgergf Recalling the days before the atomic age, we may well wonder how we ever managed to get along without the atomic devices so common to us now Here, in this year of 1965 A D we sit before our latest TV set nth its 50 inch screen with its numerous channels, so perfected, that any scene near or far can be immediately viewed at aw hour of the day or night For a diversion, let us search the air waves and see what our old classmates of 1952 are now up to Well, let's try chaxmel no for the latest news FIU! This is Eleanor Shippee broadcasting her famous gossip column! Eleanor always did have a nose for news Listenl 'Admiral Roger Mathous and wife Knee Marjorie Howel, have just returned in their privately olmed atomic pow ered submarine, from a trlp to the ldver Styx, Hades and points west, after an absence of two years " ""Yindy" always did have a flare for those far-away places Imagine catching that item L0'0'S give channel 19 a whirl There we have it Atlantic City with its Beauty Pageant And there's good old Iris Hutton getting crowned 'Miss Universe of l965' Iris claims that all she possesses in beauty and form she owes to her famous atomic diet Turning the knob for cha.nnel S, various New York City scenes sweep before us Here is one at the Metropolitan Opera Antwerp's illustrlous star of radlo, stage, screen and operatic baritone par excellence, Frank Alton, is rehearsing an aria to be sung at the inauguration of tne Atomic World's Fa1r on July lg, 1965 His wife, the former llarion Harris, historical writer powered car, the ult1mate word in style and decor Chauffeunng this amazing juggernaut of power is that famous demon of the northern speedways, Slim Pridell, attired in a martlan look 1ng outfit, and toying with the car's radar Here's a TV advertlsement cutting into the program It's for "Bunnies Beauty Bond' , a beauty salon ovmed and operated by Miss llanlyn Blair The screen shows the interior of Miss B1a1r's salon One of the current Canover Models, Blondie Pitts, is receiving the latest atomic permanent, guaranteed to last a lifetime Let's switch to channel 37, a west coast TV channel specializing in political affairs The Honorable Joan Gleason is delivenng a stirring address 'On Corruption in High Flaces', in her campaign for re elect1on as senator from Walla Walla on the 'Cow loose' ticket Well, let's get away from politics and try one of the 'lhodunnits' Channel 13 special mes in nnrsteries Ah! Here it is, listen! 'Introducing Miss Vera Alberry, the private eye brow, in a mystery drama entitled, 'The Missing Sliver' , from the 'works' of Charlie llcCartlU Vera is queen of the 'Whodunnits' Channel 15 is good for its scenes from the world of sports The picture is a little snowy, but there is Oslo, Norway, with a scene from the Olympic skiing finals Barney Peacock, huslq Adirondack skier, is being hard pressed by Ivan Ivanowlch of Russia and Peter Peterson of Nor- lay On a cold day Barney is a hot boy on the skids Here's a channel showing the airfield at Hawaii The latest atomic powered Clipper has just arnved from the mainland, flying 1500 miles in slightly over an hour The pilot, Harold Peabody and co-pilot, Donald Youngs have just stepped from the plane to greet their amdous wlves, the former Misses Helen Young and Betty Dickson Another foreign scene! Here's central Africa with its elephants, tigers, and giraffes lhyl there's the Betty Gleeson expedition near a native village, and Betty's famous interpreter, Ann Rgymon,is talking to a native chief trying to barter her latest book, 'First and Last Words' , for an elephant's toenail Before we switch off, here's our local station WATN TV with the local news 'This is the last item on today's telecast Introducing the newlyweds, Hr and Irs Arnold Throgmorton Button, III, leaving on their honeymoon to Niagara Falls after a marathon courtenip of fifteen years Hrs Hutton is the wealtlv Jane Liscomb, who made a fortune from her secret fomula for growing long beautiful hair, "Liscomb'e Elixir for Longer Locks", guaranteed to increase halr growth a yard a year or money back" "That's all, Folks, That's Alli' Vera Alberry -Marilyn Blair W -u M ' S ' and authority on our 'Bill of Rights' , awaits him outside the Metropolitan in the latest atomic SHIIOR PLAY CAST Front Row Eleanor Shippee, Helen Pitts, Marilyn Blair, Iris Hutton, Betty Dickson Iarjorie Howe and Ann Raymon Second Row Jane Liscomb, Vera Alberry, Helen Young, Joan Gleason, llarion Harris and llrs llacA1lister Back Row Frank Alton, Paul Peacock and Allen Pridell On December lh, the Class of 1952 presented their play, 'Backwoods Romeo", in the high school auditorium A dress rehearsal was presented for the grades at one thirty in the after noon, with the curtain going up at 8 O0 for the evening perfomance Can you imagine a young man, over twenty-one, who has never seen or talked to a girl? Romeo Montague, played by Frank Alton, was in this predicament His parents died when he was a child and his uncle, a scientist, took him to the wilds of Canada to bring him up Larry llclleil, played by Allen Pridell, and Rex Simmond, played by Paul Peacock, two young Americam on a hunting trip, ran across Rmeo just after his uncle died and asked him to visit them in the United States To keep him out of trouble on the trip they arranged for an airplane to bring him to the airport and a taxi to bring him to their house Romeo arrived at the McNeil home unacquainted with women Larry had two sisters , Connie and Billie, portrayed by Vera Albany and Marilyn Blair, who were arvthing but shrinking violets There was also a Spanish maid, LaReins, played by Marjorie Howe, and the girl Larry intended to marry, Orpha Finl , played by Eleanor Shippee, to say nothing about the young and vivacious Aunt Rachel, played by Betty Dickson Nor can we overlook the Amazon Queen of the furniture movers, played by Iris Hutton, and her five helpers who were Helen Pitts, Betty Gleeson, Helen Young, Jane Liscomb, and Ann Rayman These girls came to repossess the McNeil furniture at the most inopportune times Haneo was young, handsme and unspoiled and all the women fell for him, and how! Along with Romeo's problem of adjusting himself to his altered condition in life, Larry was having trouble collecting his inheritance, which came to him on condition that he bring before the world some noted scientific discovery Larry was as much a scientist as Romeo was a ladies' mn There was also the problem of the furniture on which the llcNeill's owed some money as well as a smashed auto which Rex had borrowed All these problems piled together kept the llclleil home in an uproar for dns, after which Romeo, of aJJ. people, adjusted them all. This three act comedy by John Nash was well attended, and the class cleared a good profit. Eleanor Shippee Q 4+ -I -l- ar DR. AND IIB. JCBEPH KELFIIEN ARE THE SPONSOIB OF THIS PAGE. THEY EXTEND TO THE CLASS OF 1952 BEST YISHE PUR SUCCES IN THE FUTURE. OUR THANKS TO THEM FOR MAKING THIS PAGE PCBSIBLE. i " p Q ., V 6 I - C, g fx Q. fi , X we A wa 5 I v , fx , n iuglf ' A as a g 1 X ,n VX . H 1 g 4 all ' A 3 .v . I O : . , - 2 e C . U U O I U7 C O . . . Snnxnr Graff odouspeop vine M1111 hri cessful A ! lane lhvor.l.te Ieakneee E Peeve Secret Ambition Favorite Residence Vera Alberry Stupid liaaing the bus lo results hm things Has none Antwerp, lieu York Alton Host amthing lmen 'amen slapping ly face To become a rich farmer Spraguevllle, New York lyn Blair Julped up jingling Pol-gi J le To be a euc Green Plymouth jelly beans hair dresser t a Sergeant: Being quiet after the To travel Future mother-in-1a1r'a 11 nu hous matting Do no tymdmn Q umurs , fb f 0 x , K, w L , A' Ki? Q fi 7 C Ci5X: lst Row D Rose, B Hendrickson, J Powell, R LaC1air, P Crawford, L LaBarge 2nd Row: I llcCoy, K Ridsdale, ll Case, H Lnclair, ll Smith, Hrs llacAllister 3rd Row: R Alton, R Villeneuve, J lloPherson, ll Wilder In 19149 we first organized as a class and elected our Freshmen officers as follows: class advisor, Mrs Rogers, president, Raymond Villeneuve, vice president, Rosemary LaC1air, secretary, Philip Crawford, and treasurer, Burl Hendrickson During one of our early meet- ings we agreed that any person who had not paid his dues should not go on the senior trip To raise money we raffled a quilt which Mrs David Alton had donated to the class We also sold pencils with the football and basketball schedule on them Our second year of high school was started by the election of class officers Hr Jones was our class advisor, Burl Hendrickson, president, Jean Powell, vice president, Valerie Walcott, secretary, and Harold LaClair, treasurer To raise money we sold souvenir pins Junior year found us settled down and ready for hard work The fact that the end of school days was near made us work all the harder The greatest thrill of high school came this year when we became proud possessors of senior rings Our present class officers are: class advisor, Mrs llacAllister, president, Philip Crawford, vice president, Jean Powell, secretary, Rosemary LaClair, and treasurer, Burl Hendrickson As a means of raising money we gave three one act plays on April third, and we also had a spring paper drive le wish the Senior Claes the best of luck as they venture out into the world Philip Crawford as 4 4 4 lv WE WISH TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY T0 THANK PUTllAN'S GAS STATION AND THE EARL C TUCKER ELECTRICAL STORE FOR ACTING AS CO-SPOIBOIB OF THIS PAGE WITHOUT THE COOPERATION OF THE BUSINESSE AND INDIVIDUAIS HENTIONED THROUGHOUT THIBE PAGE, IT WOULD BE IKPOSSIBLE TO REAL- IZE THIS BOOK. famine Glen lfxlinrp ,I ' 1 V54 N lf."w " .1 f 4' X4 ec Y av so W v i-'91 Z' .ff 'W' I ,I ,,f Q A f ul , 5. 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X ,ff 'V X N X X xx X 'X X X X , , Axxh X X A .N A A KX .LVL L rnk SOPIKHOHES Front Row T Pridell, E Catlin, J Bridge, S Baumert., I Bush, E llaloy Sec Ron llrs D Rogers, C Alton, E Gleason, R Tooly, L Elliott, I Filiatrault Back Row: J Pitts, A Crary, D Nelrberry, ll Hall, D Cunningham, I Burnett FRESINHI Front Row: C. Graves, I. Bishop, R. Haymond, J. Pitta, R. Scott, S. Noyes, H. McCoy. Sec. Row: R. Dickson, S. Harris, I. Ia.Barge, I. Harris, E. Shippee, J. Buckley, S. Crook, E. Catlin, Mr. S. Jones. Back Row: S. Baumert, H. Brovm, D. Overacker, J. Lacey, S. Wood, ll. Hall, S. Hall, J. Smith, ll. Slate. 1 S ,,, Q ,A . I 21 g .3 S N D . , . --X 5 A W 4 In , , 3, - 2 c 4 0 s 0 n o o Q . . , . p a Q Q . . - . Q V .J - 5 frawvw vm is wh Q ' r X 9 'H " 5' ' " A "' "wif TW" ' - -P - Q 1 A AA. A.- A ff - . , . . , W. . -N - A. - - - w K 19, , 3 T79-. . 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'A : X EEE A- fm P , -Y A , :- V:,f.4., A V f- :L ' 53' ig , fig, V. V . .WL ,4V - .,4 ' '-5. -7E?i:Q 'fx 4 "'fa2'-AZ A M - mv 14, - '- . 4'Qw7AAA 'J Ni, , A-,ws f, .f, 45 Q .. we- :L .- - ' -- -5 if, 5 5 5 'X I 'x V . '15 X"'w-55.5 4- swf- -' -A A . 4 I - A- ,T 4 ' , , A "Ar R - - 4 ' A 4. - - : ,N..--:,,y4... f4A.V PV -4 -V . 4 x, Y, W ,, V V V4 VV.4 fy . X ' -, KW A'-'A'-'11-"W AW'--4-1-"YWCAWAX-'33-.-A'w?A4:1'AQ41A-wg-f,44xf4v11u5'ferfs-Zum'-ffl- Q-'-vw" H622144'f4e14:i4A4fmr1,1-Qrlwwf.:-c.-'..112A-1'-b'4rL5Ef'.' 41" ' .'fffU.4'.ai-,-..441y',Qff-FL "' W 'Rv'e5-:Kilim 4 ,f f 1 A Z' I w in L s. 4 1,9 4 4' J P., 4 1 4.4 .. sxfm fr 11 be x .A r ur- W? , S ,PFA 'fit .5 -. 'T Q .Al iff lf 1: ,f-' 1,- ,1 X w .1 fu EIGHT!-I GRADE Front Row O Tucker, C Jenne, S Alton, F Dean, A Hall, D Eggleston, F Hall Sec Row I Hutt, J Hall, D Turner, ll lc!-Robbie, W Laidlaw, S Baumert, J Hiller, ll Brom, P Hill Back Row R Bennett, B Elliott, R Swem, C Slate, L Jenna, S Delisle, D Stevens , S llathoua, E Peck SEVENTH GRADE Frontllow P Burnett, P Eggleston, R Layman, I Hale, D Munson, E Turner, D Gleason, I llcflobbie Sec Row G Doliale, P llathous, B LaBarge, D Claflin, F Marcellus, R Shaw, S Doxtater, N Cook Back Row T Ford, ll Slate, C Lacey, I Hutton, B Noyes, E. Sampson, F Robinson 1 - . . n . Q . . . . s 2 . . Q . - . o o . . u . e - . - - - q . . . S 1 o Q 0 - 4 Q Q n o 2 n . . . n . Q a e 2 . . - Q Q f . riffs e r Seated I Filiatrault, R Tooly, R Villeneuve, F Alton, B Hendrickson, I Burnett Standing: lr Folsom, coach, R Alton, K Ridsdale, D Newberry, D Cunningham, J Pitts, P Peacock The Antwerp High School football team started practice the first week of school and had some hard and tough practices before the first game Prank Alton was elected captain of the squad since he was the only one to have played four years of football The team fought some hard games ending up in second place The standing was as follows Wins Losses Black River Antwerp Cape Vincent The high scorer for Antwerp was fullback, Villeneuve, with 148 points, next was Hendrick son with 12, then came Alton with 9, Rldsdale with 6, Burnett with 6, and Filiatrault with 6 Next year we ought to have a good team, Frank Alton, a senior, being the only one to be re- placed il!!! The basketball season started November 1 when we had our first practice We had a full month of hard work before the night of November 31 when we traveled to Cape Vlncent for our first game Most of the members of our team th1s year are new on the squad having lost s1x seniors last year The team has done as well as could be expected of them, lacking not only experi ence as well as height, both important factors for a basketball team Robert Tooly has been high scorer so far this year being ably supported by Ray Villeneuve, William Burnett, Donald Newberry, and Frank Alton Next year the team will lose only one member, Frank Alton, who is a member of the graduating class Since the Clarion goes to print before the close of the basketball season it is impossible to give the final results of the league games The Junior Varsity squad has fared slightly better than the Varsity in the number of games won Both of the teams have been supported by the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleading squads Frank Alton as 1- -1- -as -l- CONGRATUIATIONS TO THE MEIBEIE OF THE SENIOR CLASS FROM MR AND ERS ROY B PEACCXIK W'-IOSE GENEROSITY IN SPONSORING THIS PAGE MADE IT PCBSIBLE 6 0 3 3 2 ls Theresa 1 S JUNIOR VAFBITY Seated: 0 Tucker, D Stevens, R Raymond, F Robinson, D Munson, F Hall Standing: R Scott J Buckley, E Srdppee, L Jenne, D Turner, J Miller, llr Folsom FOOTBALL TEAM Seated R Alton, I Filiatrault, K Ridsdale, F Alton, D Newberry, I Burnett Standing D Stevens, E Shippee, J Buckley, R Villeneuve, R Tooly, B Hendrickson, Ur Folsom o e e o n e u o 1 o I e e u e I n e o v o . , i n e e o e o e . VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Helen Pitts, Vera Alberry, llarilyn DJ.811', larjorie Howe, Betty Gleeson Agnes Crary, Joan Bridge, Janice Pitta, Eleanor Catlin, Sandra uauxneru, Sally Baumert JUNIOR VANITY CHEEFLEADEB QVQN if Q lf mi 11:4 , 5 Q J KY kj xg -QL 1 xlx 1' Y K3 , pf Front Row J Pitts, B Gleeson, H Pitts, D Overacker Sec Row I Bush, S Baumert, B Dickson, E Shippee, J Liscomb, D Cunningham, S Alton, E Catlin Third Row lliss Huntress, O Tucker, A Rayman, R Haymond, V Alberry, R Scott, P Peacock, K Ridsdale, snm Ihxzin Fnyavimlni N095 The 1951 52 school year found both branches of the music department with many new mem bers Under the direction of Kiss Huntress the bend and chorus have worked hard to iurnish music for the various entertainments in which they participate The band has maxv new mem- bers this year, and is continually growing Because many students wished to Join the chorus, a voice test was given from which the best voices were chosen lembers of the grades who are now taking instrumental lessons have organized a junior band under the direction of lliss Huntress and members of the senior band lluch credit should be given to Mary Case, llarion Bush, and Vera Alberry who have given much help in the music department Our school was proud to participate at 'All State' at Potsdam in November Iary Jane Case and Marion Bush represented the band and Frank Alton, Agnes Crary, llary Rose Wilder and Paul Peacock represented the chorus This year the band and chorus have been working wholeheartedly in producing a variety of extra entertainments to raise money for the band uniform fund The g1r1's quartet composed of Betty Gleeson, Marjorie Howe, Helen Pitts, and llary Rose Wilder have sung at many assemblies, and on October 23, along with Frank Alton, vocalist, and larion Bush, piano soloist, furnished music for the one hundredth anniversary of the Masonic Tmple The Christmas program this year was held in the day because of bad weather Vera Alber ry as narrator read the story of 'NIU the Chimes Rang," whlle the chorus provided background music The first six grades presented the operetta, 'The Broken Doll " In the spring the music department presented the annual spring concert, with members of the band, chorus and other vocal groups participating The chorus will also present numbers at the Baccalaureate and Commencement exerc ses In closing the mmbers of the muslc department wish to express sincere thanks and appre ciation to lliss Huntress, our mus1c director Helen Pitts -If -I' -If I' lv WE WISH TO THANK HR AND HBS H 0 COLTON, OF THE COLTON HEATING C0 , FOR SPONSOHING THIS PAGE 1 r J. Pitts. hack Row: ll. Hall, S..Crook, J. Powell, F. Alton, ll. Case, ll. How'e,.ll. Hall, R. F I C HORUS Seated M Bush, B Dickson, E Catlin, J Bridge, M Sllllth, J Powell, ll Case, L Elliott J Pitts, S Baumert, J Liscomb, S Baumert, V Alberry Middle Row B Gleeson, J Pitts R I-Iaymond, R Scott, D Cunmngham, K Ridsdale, P Peacock, Miss Huntress, E Shippee, J Buckley, I Filiatrault, R Tooly, F Alton, P Crawford, H Pitts Back Row S Noyes, J Lacey, H Brown, D Overacker, A Crary, M Wilder, S Crook, M Howe, ll Slate, S Wood, H Hall, A Rayman, J Gleason, ll lIcCcry, H Young STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: J. Powell, P. Crawford, H. Pitts, B. Gleeson, M. Howe, B. Hendrlckson, R. La.C1air. Second Row: S. Baumert, ll. Bush, E. Catlin, J. Bridge, J. Pitts. Back Row: F. Dean, R. Baymond, lf. Hale, R. Scott, D. Munson, A. Hall, S. Alton, R. Layman. 3 1 .1 ' 'T iw Y J 3 " .1 -I t , . . -' q ' n I l,, Al. - 41- I , if llfffti QQ Q GJ 5 lr 84 Mrs Charles Bridge llerwin Backus Hannah Gleeson an llrs Rodney Campbell 84 Mrs William Hinds Sc Mrs Devolson Gillette 81 Mrs Donald Cook Karl llaloy llrs Margaret Hallett 'Grandma Staplinn llr 6. Urs Mason Svrem Irs Elizabeth Chatt llr 8: llrs Jack Scott Mr 84 Mrs James Ridsdale Sally Hale Mr 84 Hrs Harold Hale lr 61 Hrs Robert Davis Leon Fullington Paul R Peacock llr 84 llrs ll H llacAllister Angie 8: Willard Tooley llrs Lulu Perrlgo Roy Wiley Woodrow 81 Myrtle Gardner Sgt Sf Mrs Spiller Hr 84 Mrs Orin Shippee, Jr Mr 61 Mrs Frank Crary Clifford Walcott llr 8: llrs Neil Liscomb John R Breen Ralph Lee Mr 8: llrs Robert Gleason Millie Hayden Mr an Mrs Arthur Jamieson Mr 8: Mrs Donald Liscomb Tomy, Paul 81 lark Johnson llary McDonald llr 64 Mrs Lawrence Pickert Donald Cunningham "Shank" Pitts lliss Betty Jo Dickson Allen Pridell llr. 81 Mrs. Carl Shippee George Quinn Ronnie Haymond Robert Powell llr. 84 Mrs. Roland Gillett llr. 8: Mrs. John B. Gleeson and John Patrick John Sexton L Company I ng. nm llr 81 Urs Earle Raymo llr 8: lf J Walter Dickson John Gleeson G llrs 8: Hrs James A llrs EL llrs gl llrs Charles H Wilder Emmett Wiggins A Hastings Harold Gillette William Eichorn Clark Bacon E R Moore Compamr Kiss Leona Steele llr Eg Hrs Howard Whittaker lr 81 llrs James Bellinger Hrs Cora Alberry lr an Irs Glenn Gillett Prank J Alton Harold LaClair lr 84 Hrs Fred Frazier Irs Clyde Allen Irs Kenneth Bresett llr Sc Irs Ira Hutton George F Ridsdale Mr 84 Hrs Sheldon Pwnc ltr 84 Mrs. Clifton Hall John W Carman Mary E Carman Hr G Mrs Harley Liscomb Donald H Catl1n Dr G L Rook lr an Irs S C Jones Hr 61 llrs B1u'l Hendrickson lliss lliriam Wladis Sldney Hiller Nr 64 Mrs Gerry Hudson Dr R D Lee llr GQ Hrs William Bishop William Northrop John Turnbull Hull Charles Shaw Dingman Gerald Honeywell Albert J Wilson Ira Gillette Mrs C H Mason Mr EL Hrs Ross Marcellus llargaret Eggleston llr 84 Mrs Grant Northrop Ada Dusharm Hr 8: llrs Kenneth Swem Hr k Mrs Clyde Bush James King "Bobbie" Huntress Ur. 6: Mrs. Lewis Love Mr. 84 Mrs. Nelson Blair Flora Jean, Dick 8. Marilyn Conklin lr 6: Hrs llr Sc Mrs Ir 81 Mrs llrs Doris Mr 6: Hrs Evelyn Bishop 'I' 'I' 'Il' -l' 41' lr 81 llrs Erwin Tooley Fredrick Case Irs Doris Kc Hrs 64 Hrs 6: Hrs 8: llrs at ETSO Rogers DeWitt Allen George Gleason Ray S Barden S C Fortune Harry Solomon Wilbur Cragen C E Duegav Kathryn ll Kimberley Rosemary McGurn Irs Roy B Graves llr Sn Hrs William Howard Helen J lack Frank llcGurn E J Forton Clarence Ritter Richard Bishop Charles Ravrlinson Roger lloore Howard Dickson Harold Cross llrs J Frank Imgelbert Hrs Hattie ll Sterling Edna 84 Junior Wilder 81 Family Berton lludgett llr sf llrs Gilbert llathous Mrs Katherine Sterling lr 8: llrs Wendell Laidlaw llr 62 Urs Lucian Slater llr Oscar Love Irs Dorothea Scott Harmette Hardie llr. 81 llrs. Charles Folscln Barbara Colton ltr. 8: Mrs. Reginald Graves llr. 6: Mm. Stanley Olzewski and Laureen lr. 8. llrs. Rush Reynolds 55555555 SCITSQ kllrs kllrs Sellrs kllrs Ggllrs kllrs kllrs The Class of 1952 wishes to take th1S opportunity to express sincere thanks to our Spon sore, Boosters, those who have bought advertlslng space, and all those who have had some part in malclng this book a reality. Without the support of all of them this would not have been possible. 5' '1 if S ,f 4- 111' 4 " 1 .f I ' ' I rs: . ' ' llr. . llr. . . I lr- . Mr. . . llr- . Hr. . . , Hr. . ltr. . . lr. . . llr. . . . . . U ., lr.. , a o o e Hr. g o ure e I Fred 61 Lillian Fullington Mr. at llrs. Earl Storie ltr. 61 Irs. Joe Dindl 0 U Q ure Q n Q . . . llr. fx 15 DI K VCX lv Krx X dx XIX H Q N"W OJSJ 'C,1fv'l PM ivlii-V N Xf NX xx rw-V-jl-Jw K f-' X' jf N Q! JR l Tl FJ A N F. XXV K V ,, , F J ,v - , I Ji, J U ANI' EK? ' MCH .9 VV MH, I Y "1 Q65 ffl, Y 3 DWOOD N W KO 4.1 10:55 as aucn ' X PICNIC GROVE nsnme emma as 61524. 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Suggestions in the Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) collection:

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 99

1952, pg 99

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 48

1952, pg 48

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 93

1952, pg 93

Antwerp High School - Clarion Yearbook (Antwerp, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23

1952, pg 23

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