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- X ,.:,- ,A ' S - E, V, .p 'E +- L- sf' Q: -. ' rw L YL -','f ,qwixl-9 1-5. 5-Ar. . 'irLx"- ., 'ff . . T! N.. 4" , R IB, 'w M, .V Ka' A . 19 - ANTRIM AUDITION - 50 ANTRIM HIGH SCHOOL Antrim, New Hampshire ANTRIM AUDITION Editor - in-Chief And .... Organization Editor Assistant Editor And ..... . Business Editor Features And .... Photographs Literature , . . Girls' Sports . . Boys' Sports . . . . Edythe Fournier Charles Butterfield . . Leona Allison . Jacqueline Rokes . . . . . .Ruth Clark . . .Gerhard Fuglestad r-4: 42' ' 'N Ex h I 1 I ,,,. '. . 1, ' MI,-n34'4"""'i5'-'La. . V Q 4- V 4...-a...q,:w , - w" if". I wg' A f! I,-,-W, M -4.1 45 xwff 'X . ' ' fx' XX :I f ff xi Wg' U X 'I I 1 1' , 5 1' I: 44- ,HL iw ..,. 1 ,1-f""'s, 'q 5' bis F 1, .,..... f' .' sw ,f ws-2' -V ' ' ? , S A .pf ur N :X ff-' 'fl 4 : 1' ,' . -: -f , X X. ,.' ."' ,Vw 5 Y-H . . 'if r. 9' B, 1. r 5 ', 2 k 1 L' X.. 4 If . . K ,WEL ,nz E.-J.-...-..x,,'g. f 2-'LL 1 I .a...-vi.. -!prn.,.m I. ki E in It .ii L I 1 ' Jia 1 Q., -if V, rw if '--an lik A - if f ' 'fy 1 3 w . Ie'-K sa, '-2 I I ' 'gag 1,5 vw '. 4' -'Fr - 3, ,,.. Q-X L ' Y 3, 5 H "E 73' ff . ly 9'-,t gg ' fy Q5 5 EZ. Y 31. F, -2 ,Q , TZ. . ' 1,4 'Qi 5 , ffg 'N T . 'h 5 , K .' X 'L' 2 K' ' " , ' "U ' I ' 1' .iv - ay V ,A g 'Q' , ', 2, 1 , X " . 1,.111:a,W11.a - fag xa'f"e'1'P?5'X' '-'xii "?'ige 1 - S Q ,F A , . .5 V, L .FI X Q . , V: f ,.'-:,: G, ' 3 1 -f' Q 1 I 'l 3 at tl - , L xr' ff, tg! Hifi, . v ,,. - , ..f:f-vrfmxm, ,,-"1 ,ffm-'-. ..l.., ', 17,104--gg'-k . 5-N--..f,.,,,-'Ffa' A ri 5" -"Q,-V J' ,V ,L Q-rf--.Q-----2' Q' "ff 'r Y .1 1 ,L 1, I Y ,-gg, -, J , .. M . 'J 9 1 , I.-,mv - ff 3 ,., ,.- Af , ,.,.f' - P- .,V .U gqafywfg 2 K2 Ci 55 S db I mwmimfgvmmriww N 42 -X f 0, 9- ie--? TO MIRIAM WADHAL5 ROBERTS whose keen interest in school activities and years of helpful service have won the deep appreciation of the Senior Class, this 1950 ANTR IM AUDITION is affectionately dedicated. 4 MR. ROBERT HOLMES English French Science MRS. MIRIAM ROBERTS Seventh Grade Subjects Home Economics MR. JOHN LAWSON Social Studie: Science Physical Educatlmn MISS GENE RICH MR. CHARLES YOUNG Conunerclll Studies Hendlnalter Physlcal Education Mathematics Shop 5 Ziiwikfffb 9 Ci K5 X 52 I mm Mmzfzgs XX Q5 LIXA H. ALLBON IW! Actlvitlel: Glee Club 1, 2. 3: Clase Treasurer 3. 4: S 'news Sta!! 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball l,,2, 3, 4: Plays 2, 3: My Town Antrim 3: D. A. R. Representative 4: Co-captain Basketball 4: Audition Staff 4: Student Council Rep- resentative 3, 4. Vocation: X-Ray Technician Hobbies: Snapshots, Sports Color: Yellow hbvie: The Stratton Story Song: Without a Song Favorite Hangout: Buttor!leld's CHARLES H. BUTTERFELD "Charlie" Activities: Glee Club 1, Z, 3: Class President l. Z, 3, 4: S'news Sta!! Z, 3, 4: My Town Antrim 3: Orchestra l, 2: Student Council Representative 1, Z, 3: President 4: Boy's State 3: Dramatlcs l: 2, 3, 4: Audition Sta!! 4. Vocation: Teacher Hobbies: Photography, Horsemanahlp Color: Red Lhvle: The Greet Dan Patch Song: Cell ol the Wild Goose Favorite Hangout: Home nun-1 m. cuuuc '-num." Activities: Gles Club l, 2: My Town Antrim 3: S'news Ste!! 3, 4: Dramatks 4: Glrl's Sports Audition Sta!! 4. Vocation: Nurse Hobbies: Walking, Dancing Color: Red Welt: Iolson Story Song: Iealoaa Heart Favorite Hangout: Keene 7 EDYTHII L. FOURNIER llndhli Actlvltlel: Glee Club l. Z. 3: Glrl's 4: Dramatlcs I, 2: Student Council Secretary 2, 4: Class Secretary 1, Z. 3. Co-Captain Basketball 4: My Town Antrim 3: Editor Audition 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Vocation: Secretary Hobbies: Basketball. Dancing. Singing Color: Blue hhvle: Adam's Rib Song: Sentimental hh Favorite Hangout: Telephone Uflce GER HARD F. FUGLETAD uG.'r,ss Activities: Class Vlce -President 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3: My Town Antrim 3: Glee Club l, 2: Boy's State 3: Student Council 4: Audition Stal! 4. Vocation: Navy Hobbies: Skiing, Piano Color: Bright Yellow Movie: Come to the Stable Song: G: What a Beautiful Morning Favorite Hangout: Gall Gray'a JACQUELINE L. ROKES "Jackie" Activities: Glee Club 1. Z: Antrim 3: Audition Staff 4. My Town Vocation: Secretary Hobby: Playing the Piano Color: Red hbvie: Easter Parade Song: Music. Music. Music Favorite Hangout: Drug Store 8 State 3: S'news Stall 2, 3: Editor S'newa 4 Seniors FR ONT ROW: Edythe Fournier, Charles Butterfield, Gerhard Fuglestad. Leona Allison. BACK ROW: Jacqueline Rakes, Mr. Young, Ruth Clark. CLASS HISTOR Y The Senior class started off their first year of high school by electing class officers, they were President, Charles Butterfield: Vice -President, Benjamin Pratt: Secretary, Edythe Fournier: Treasurer, Viola Gooley. We had for our class advisor this year, Mr. Rodney C. Dresser. The class started off the year by sponsoring a party for the Junior and Senior High School. The admission fee depended on the size of our waistline. Entertain- ment was provided at the expense of the entire audience, as each person was re- quested to do a stunt of the Freshmen's choosing. Dancing and refreshments followed to make it one of the most successful parties held at A. H. S. in 1946. We started off our second year of high school by electing the class officers. We had for our president, Charles Butterfield: Vice-President, Irene Nazer: Secretary, Edythe Fournier: Treasurer, Leona Allison. Our class presented the first party that year. On December nineteenth we spon- sored the Christmas Starlight Prom. Our class advisor this year was Miss Louise Ivfudgett. 9 We started off our Junior year by electing our class officers: President, Charles Butterfield: Vice-President, Gerhard Fuglestadg Secretary, Edythe Fournier: Treasurer, Leona Allison, Our class advisor this year was Miss Florence Greenleaf. We lost quite a few members of our class this year, they were Duane Perron and Benjamin Pratt who both went to Mt. Hermon. Harold Brooks left and went into the Army, Viola Gooley left to go to live with her sister in Keene. She soon left Keene and went to New York to work. Irene Nazer left school to get married to Phil Baker and resides in Clinton. Our Junior class sponsored the first roller skating party of the season for the high school at the .Tack-O-Lantern in Milford, on September 30, 1948. We had our annual Junior Prom May 20, 1949. We had for the orchestra, The New England College. The hall was decorated in pastel shades. We held our first Senior class meeting September 13, 1949. We elected our class officers. They are as follows: President, Charles Butterfield: Vice- President, Gerhard Fuglestadz Secretary, Edythe Fournier: Treasurer, Leona Allison. We started off the year by having the first roller skating party of the year at the .Tack-O-Lantern in Milford on December Z9, 1949. We invited the last year's Alumni on the party, On December ZZ, 1949, the Seniors held a Christmas party at the town hall for grades seven through twelve. We originated a new form of admission. We placed numbers from fifteen to thirty in a box and each person drew a number to determine his admission fee. There were three blank pieces of paper drawn. The lucky students holding these tickets got in free. We are making plans for a Senior dance to be held sometime in the Spring. The Senior class had for their class advisor, Mr. Charles L. Young. Various members of our class took part in the three one -act plays through the four years of high school '10 Q E2 Q Eb Q Q 5 KWAVZZDEZQQQZZAESSMEZJ if V al x 2 ' X QL Juniors FRONT ROW: Anna Edwards, Jack ldmmhall. Bruce Cuddihy, hhry Ellen Thornton, Mrs. Robert BACK ROW: Christine Brown, Donald Wallace, Merle Aborn, Joe White, Janice Hills. The officers for the Junior class this year are: President ..... . . Richard Hartwell Vice-President . . . ..... Bruce Cuddihy Secretary .... . . Mary Ellen Thornton Treasurer . . ..... Jack Munhall Our Student Council representatives are: Iviary Ellen Thornton and Donald Wallace. We started off the year by sponsoring a roller skating party at the Jack-O-Lantern Roller skating rink. This was very successful as a good time was had by all. To increase our treasury this year we have been selling tonic at basketball games. Some of the class have also been selling stationary. Our Main event of the year was our Junior Prom which was held in the Spring. Our class was very well represented on the basketball, baseball and softball teams, the three one -act play's cast and the S'new staff. 12 Sophomores FRONT ROW: Ioan Hartwell, Nelson Fuglestad, Barrett Proctor, George Lewis, Kenneth Paige, Elaine Fournier. lhmnld Dunlap, Miss Rich. BACK ROW: Jean Worth, Kenneth Griswold, Eugene Cate, Grace Ring, Lelon Olson, Carlton Brooks Ioan CIIlIlllI'l!lgS, Barbara Shea. The class of "SZ" has had no class activities as yet, but hope to come up with some new ideas before the year comes to end. The class officers are as follows: President . . . . . . .George Lewis Vice-President . . . . . Kenneth Paige Secretary . . . . . . Elaine Fournier Treasurer.......................BarrettProctor The two class representatives for Student Council are: Joan Hartwell and Carlton Brooks. 13 Freshmen FRONT ROW: Sally Paige, Nancy Cutter, Gary Cutter, June Fuglestad, Arthur Allison, Betty Lowe Joyce Brooks . BACK ROW: Wayno Olson, William Bezlo, Evelyn Dutton, Barry Claflin, Dorothy Dutton, David Chamberlain. The Freshman class advisor this year is Mr. Lawson. The class officers are as follows: President .,.. Vice-President , Secretary ,.,, Treasurer . . Our Student Council representatives are: Joyce Brooks, l4 . . .Tune Fuglestad . . Gary Cutter . . Nancy Cutter . Arthur Allison Wayno Olson and FRONT ROW: Mr. Holmes, Joyce Elliott, Dorothe Gordon, Gail Gray, Grace Worth, Edna Mason, Donald English. BACK ROW: Ronald Cate, Carter Proctor, Larry Attridge, Wayne Elliott, Richard Miner, Blakely Miner, Donald Barstow, FRONT ROW: Mr. Holmes, Alfred Gerlack, Priscilla Paige, Betty Brown, Gail Wittemore, Betsey Thornton, Diane Cutter, Charles Wood. SECOND ROW:Donald Aborn, Betty Lang, Ralph Whitcomb. Edwin Roberts, Patsy Ring, Shirley Gerlack. BACK ROW: Carolyn Wallace, Truman Sizemore, Jeanette Miner, Christine Dutton, Aden Ring. THREE ONE -ACT PLAYS The custom of presenting, each year, three one -act plays by Antrim High School is now well established. Each year a committee chosen from the Student Council work in collaboration with the faculty in choosing what plays will be given. The casts for the three plays are chosen from the high school students. This year we featured some eighth graders in one of the plays. Most everyone realizes the great amount of work necessary in giving a play. There are the properties to locate and obtain, the tickets and advertisement to look after, and the make -up and other such details, besides the big task of training the characters. The three plays staged this year were Life With Willy by Clarence Styze, Murder In The Family by Dora McDonald, and Glamorous Gloria by Mary Cunningham. During an intermission, Leona Allison presented the coach, Mr. Holmes, with the Autobiography of Will Rogers on the behalf of the characters in the plays. The various committees and players were indeed fortunate to have the splendid co-operation of the town's people as well as the faculty and the student body. It was the combined efforts of these people that made the evening of February 17, 1950 one that will long be remembered. 16 ing 'ff H i ,ge 1' . if. if i!l:I:?':'.. F2555 , w r!-Q' f if ,peg B !?Q???3'fS. . 7,3 . i' Student Body FR ONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: BACK ROW: Alfred Gerlack, Diane Cutter, Betsy Thornton, Gail Whittemore, Joyce Elliott, Nancy Cutter, Sally Paige, Betty Lang, Carolyn Wallace, Joyce Brooks, Edna Mason, Shirley Gerlack, Betty Brown, Priscilla Paige, Charles Wood. Donald Aborn, Donald English, Wayno Olson, William Bezio, Ralph Whitcomb, Gary Cutter, Ronald Cate, Edythe Fournier, Barbara Shea Aden Ring, Donald Dunlap, Edwin Roberts, Donald Barstow, Nelson Fuglestad, Kenneth Paige. Patsy Ring, Anna Edwards, June Fuglestad, Jean Worth, Grace Worth, Ruth Clark, Mary Ellen Thornton, Joan Cummings, Christine Brown, Jacqueline Rokes, Gail Gray, Betty Lowe, Elaine Fournier, Joan Hartwell, Dorothe Gordon. Truman Sizemore, Richard Miner, Blakely Nliner, Carlton Brooks, Christine Dutton, Dorothy Dutton, Leona Allison, Grace Ring, Jeanette Miner, Janice Hills, Evelyn Dutton, David Chamberlain, Carter Proctor, Larry Attridge, Barrett Proctor. Donald Wallace, Kenneth Griswold, Eugene Cate, Wayne Elliott, Joe White, Merle Aborn, Bruce Cuddihy, Charles Butterfield, Barry Claflin, Arthur Allison, Jack Munhall, George Lewis, Lelon Olson, Gerhard Fuglestad, 17 Fi vS5?w5"- fm- N Q -awakens 4 ,int -fag :.5Qf:i' L' Q ri, wa,- ,,,,,,. P J vtvmif , at , 11 2 ', me A 1-2, Je. EWJYEVEK 9 Q Ci Kb Q JE R K 271155 ix 42 Q 1 -19 Boys' Basketball Team The Antrim High Boys started the basketball season minus five of last year's crew, four of whom were first stringers. With Bruce Cuddihy, the one regular left, leading the fight, the boys settled down to earnest and hard practice. With the able coaching of Mr. John Lawson, a newcomer to Antrim High's faculty, the boys were whipped into good shape by the time their first league game rolled around. Good enough shape to place third in the Southern New Hampshire interscholastic League of which Antrim High has been a member for the past few years. Our boys won nine and lost eight of their total games played. This includes the tournament game with Townsend. In the League itself, our boys won nine games and lost only five, the other three "lost" games being those played with Wilton QZQ, and Townsend No members of team will be lost through this year's graduation: thus with continuance of proper coaching and hard work at practicing, our Antrim High boys shall have, I am sure, a team well worth watching. The support of the town's people was great this year, the smallest number of tickets sold for any home game being one hundred and nine. Here's hoping you'11 keep up the good work and stick with us through the baseball season 19 Girls ' Basketball Team FRONT ROW: Dorothy Dutton, Evelyn Dutton, Leona Allison, Edythe Fournier, Joan Hartwell, Elaine Fournier, BACK ROW: Barbara Shea, Manager: Sally Paige, Joyce Brooks, Janice Hills, Grace Ring, Gene Rich, Coach: June Fuglestad, Mary Ellen Thornton, Nancy Cutter. The Antrim High School Girls' Basketball Team started this year with only one regular, Edythe Fournier, from last year. The girls had a new basketball coach this year, Miss Gene Rich. The girls did quite well considering they hadn't played together much, This year instead of an all-star game at the end of the season, we had a Basketball Rally at the beginning, at Wilton. This was differ- ent in that instead of three girls from each team playing together in two big teams each of the teams in the league played one quarter, Although losing two regular players at graduation, next year's team will be well prepared for the conflicts of the season. 20 TEAM Hancock Amherst Weare Hollis New Boston Troy McGaw New Boston Wilton Hollis Wea re Troy Amherst Wilton McGaw Hancock TEAM Hancock Amherst Wea re Hollis New Boston Troy McGaw New Boston Wilton Hollis Weare Troy Amherst McGaw Hancock 1949-1950 SEASON BASKETBALL RESULTS BOYS' BOX SCORES ANTR IM OPPONENT 40 41 33 17 2.0 34 46 15 26 Z9 32 34 34 14 2.4 47 16 43 37 16 44 32 33 30 71 29 36 43 56 Z8 42 Z7 GIRLS' BOX SCORES ANTRIM OPPONENT Z6 51 14 7 15 Z6 Z2 35 33 19 26 Z8 35 17 40 15 15 Z9 Z0 Z0 Z9 36 20 Z8 Z6 ZZ Z1 13 Z9 37 21 Cheerleaders DIANE CUTTER BETSY THOR NTON PR ISCILLA PAGE ZZ Zfiaf y? 1 35 F2 Ci Sb S db mcwfyzfzfwgs W Q Q' Q Student Council FRONT ROW: Mr. Young. Joyce Brooks, Edythe Fournier, Jack Munhall, Charles Butterfield, Joyce Elliott, lvhry Ellen Thornton, Wayno Olson. BACK ROW: Betty Brown, Donald English, Joan Hartwell, Gerhard Fuglestad, Leona Allison , Donald Wallace, Carlton Brooks. Edwin Roberts. STUDENT COUNCIL Early in October the third consecutive Student Council held its first meeting of the year. Their officers for the year 1949-50 were chosen by the entire student body as: President, Charles Butterfield: Vice-President, Richard Hartwell: Secretary, Edythe Fournier: Treasurer, Jack Munhall. The first activity of the Council was to vote to continue the Student Patrol and to install Jack Munhall and Richard Hartwell to supervise this function. A second committee of Richard Hartwell, Mary Ellen Thornton, and Gerhard Fuglestad were chosen to form a social committe whose duty it is to select the dates for class and Student Council activities in order that all sponsors may have benifit of the Town Hall or school facilities without infringing upon an- other's right, Activity tickets were again issued to students of the school. These tickets were sold at one dollar and twenty -five cents and admitted them to all home basketball and baseball games. The funds thus accrued help defray the expend- itures of running the activities. During the basketball season the Council sold candy at the home games to also defray expenses. Z4 A trip by bus was sponsored by the Student Council in that those interested might see a football game. It was decided that we would go to the game at Concord, New Hampshire and see St. John High School play St. Joseph High of Manchester. Incident- ly St. Joe was defeated. Jack Munhall, Richard Hartwell, and Edythe Fournier were selected by the presi- dent to work with the faculty in choosing the three one -act plays which were presented February 17. ln order to be able to distribute this yearbook by graduation it is necessary to have the manuscript in the pub1isher's hands by March 1. This makes a full report of the Student Council impossible since it is quite impractical to determine the activities which will be performed after this date. However, it can be seen from the partial re- port that the Council is performing its work very efficiently. S 'news Staff V FRONT ROW: Miss Rich, Jean Worth, Janice Hills, Ruth Clark, Edythe Fournier, Christine Brown, Leona Allison, Mary Ellen Thornton. SECOND ROW:Barbara Shea, Nelson Fuglestad, Joan Hartwell, Ralph Whitcomb, .Ioan Cununings, Elaine Fournier, William Bezio. Joyce Brooks, BACK ROW: Donald Dunlap. Gerhard Fuglestad, Jack Mmhall, hkrle Aborn, Charles Butterfield, Arthur Allison, George Levisr Gary Cutter. Z5 S'NE.WS REPOR T Dear Readers: In the first issue of S'news this school year we introduced our new teachers to the public. They are Miss Gene Rich, Commercial teacher, Physical Education girls teacher, S'news advisor, and also coach of the girls' basketball team: Mr. John Lawson, teacher of Physical Education, Social Studies, and coach of boys' basketball: Mr. Robert Holmes, teacher of languages and sciences. We have Mr. Young with us again this year as our headmaster and Mrs. Roberts who has been teaching here for six years. We have a new addition to our staff this year. The Roving Reporter who has the job of circulating throughout the school and town to find any social news and to get people's ideas on different issues. both local and national, that arise. Buddy Whitcomb, because of his superior artistic ability, was added to our staff. ln the first issue we had a very good article on how baseballs are covered, which must have been interesting to those who like that sport. We have had some new ideas for features in this last two issues. The scrambl- ed song titles have been very popular and several schools have mentioned them in their exchange notes. We have a regular art section where any pictures drawn by the students can be submitted. That way we hope to include more art in S'news and also give anyone a chance to see what he can do. We have not been able to put out as many issues of S'news this year as we would have liked to as we have had additional duties, shortening up the necessary time needed to get S 'news out, but we have hopes of improving in the future. Z6 1 I 3 3 F2 Ci KS S 65 562360 U4 FCWAV xx 3 SZ 21 X " . A Junior male quartet Hi neighbor. have u 'Gensettf Waino, The Charmer. Hey Dick, where's Bruce? Our Alrnn Mater, with some inmates. The Boss. Three little rnaids from school are we. Give us n cheer, girls. The lpana smile of beauty. Must be slippery, Nancy. Seniors . . Leona . . Charles . . Ruth . . . Edythe . . . Gerhard . . Jacqueline Merle . . . Christine . Bruce . . . Anna . . . Richard . . Janice . . . Jack .... lvhry Ellen Donald . . , Joseph . . . Carlton . . Joan C. . . E-ugene.... Donald D. . Elaine . . . Nelson . . . Ioan H. . . Kenneth G. Barry P, , Grace . . . Barbara . . Jean . . . Arthur . . . William . . Joyce . . . David . . . Barry C. . Gary .... Nancy . . . Dorothy Dutton . . . . Evelyn D. . June....... .. Betty . . . Waino.... .. Sally .... Mr. Young SONGS l'l1 Always Remember Blue Bird of Happiness Charlie My Boy Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe Call Me Up Some Sunday Afternoon . . . . .Lazy Bones . . . . . .Music, Music, Music . . . . .Lonesome .You Can't Be True Take Me Out To The Ball Game I Can't Get Off My Horse Tumbling All Around An Actress Life For Me We'll Build A Bungalow Green Eyes I'm A Member of the Souse Family Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Chatanooga Shoe Shine Boy Homework Don't Fence Me ln lf You Want To Be Taller French Lesson I'l1 Walk Alone Again .Feudin', Fightin', and Fussin' Mule Train Golden Earrings Symphony I Dream of Jeannie Peggy O'Neil Old McDonald Had A Farm Scatter Brain l've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts Give Me Five Minutes More The Old Master Painter Tonight We Love . Marching Along Together Marching Along Together Going To Get Me Somebody To Love Hair Of Red For Me and My Gal My Gal Sal Daddy's Little Girl Z9 THE SENIORS WILL NEVER FORGET Bruce Cuddihy's athletic ability Joan and Jack's feudin' and fightin' Christine Brown's studiousness E1aine's nicknames Mary Ellen's ability never to walk Janice Hil1's many boy friends Kenny Paige and Car1ton's ability to make people laugh Not meeting S'NEWS deadline Anna's fancy for horses Barbara Shea's ability to keep the scores Joyce Brook's excitabliness Nancy Cutter's ability to be late Grace Ring's earrings Joan Cumming's ability to get all A's Jean Worth's difficulty in getting themes for S'news June Fuglestad's giggles Sally Paige's deviltry Evelyn Dutton's trips to Hillsboro Dorothy Dutton's good disposition Joe White's answers to any question Donald Dun1ap's ability to draw Barry Proctor's ability to laugh at anything Barry Claf1in's flirting Waino Olson's ability to pester Betty Lowe Lelon O1son's quietness Mr. Holmes' Junior and Senior English classes Trips to basketball games Roller skating and many falls Kenneth Griswold's ability to argue Dick I-Iartwell's ability to knock over waste baskets Nelson Fug1estad's getting a chicken for the plays The year the boys went to the tournament at Townsend Miss Rich's gym classes Merle Aborn's muscles Mr. Lawson's history tests Donald Wa1lace's bottle Parties at Gregg Lake and Snipe Hunts Mr. Spear's car Christmas party gifts Gary Cutter's ability to draw sports 30 ITEM lvlost Popular Cutest Best Dancer Most Athletic Best Dressed School Flirt Most Studious Most Bashful Best Looking Quietest Noisiest Nlost Dignifled Best Natured Most Likely to Succeed Man Hater Woman Hater lnseperables Biggest Bluffer Antrim High's Giggler Antrim High's Pest Antrim High's Angel Antrim High's Devil Most Accomodating Most Polite Best Actor Future Basketball Star Junior High's Flirt BOY Bruce Cuddihy Waino Olson Bruce Cuddihy Bruce Cuddihy Charles Butterfield Richard Hartwell Charles Butterfield William Bezio Bruce Cuddihy William Bezio Richard Hartwell Charles Butterfield Charles Butterfield Charles Butterfield Kenneth Griswold Jack Munhall Joseph White Waino Olson Waino Olson William Bezlo Richard Hartwell Charles Butterfield Charles Butterfield Charles Butterfield Richard Miner Blakely Miner 31 GIR L Ela ine Fournier Elaine Fournier Edythe Fournier Joan Hartwell Edythe Fournier Ruth Clark Christine Brown Betty Lowe Elaine Fournier Betty Lowe Joyce Brooks Edythe Fournier Leona Allison Christine Brown Betty Lowe Joan Hartwell Janice Hills Joyce Brooks Janice Hills Christine Brown Joyce Brooks Leona Allison Christine Brown Janice Hills Priscilla Paige Dorothe Gordon 1. ,. ,LQ f' mu 1' .lx 'Q K if 7 J- f fum.. . I 1: ir' . U 'I . w..,g, I r ' f 1 P .,.,,, J. i an-,gf-X , Ht, 'Yr' . -f.. ,. ,":,.t UW'- .I+ 1 . 1 K . A xc--A v 1, I, nf f. , . r- .lf H l' 4 v,.,',-. Lib. V L! 3 . . n-1-, 1. v ' . "Wie, ', 'Z' ,J -. Lx ,fi l . mp 1.5.1 T nf, Inu ,-W. v vs- Us I - L4 Ad , .. 4. ' .A , -'ww '-N if ' A . ' -l 1 ' A11 -1 3, 5. We' ., N., ' ' ' f'.".. . 4 '.,-,yz-. . , ,, ,wh Z1 u-: 3 ,Mig J, yi., '17-'if' AVQJJ pf" A "'1.liN',i"'f.'1f,' 'N . Q ,jj F5 , ' ' 4.- 5 ' f' afl?-,1J"'i'f' ' L ' r -' " -5-wgg1'Jp'2,.,., f - " ms, -1.- v , J., 1 ., .,, ,mf t xl' X .,,.-, Y -,-Fm ,J-' HN' 1, .1 s ?"Qlf- 63 , 251.32 w WAFYL F-.,f1..Jf' 5 na -. - 't mf' ."-" ' xl" ' Stn ' .- - Ixlzv'e' , 'Hifi " ' ,:pi".'. . N !25r'gf1'.. Y 1' ,- 1 ,fm l ll , - -A 3-Q, 'L . . A .. ...WL 1: "1. 1 ip 4? A 'fl 1 in V I ' ,P . I x :Jia P -P 1,7 . H -1 'ff Y' 'L 5 ,:' . -V . 2 SF", 1' ' v+ -:-if -., lf., Lf .YI UR. fy 5 'JH . ,, , '4..Z-'Sf'l75?Q'E, " ' ' ' x 1 ., ' A . . 'V Qx f ' -1,1 , r .iq 1 A 361035 Q 22 Ci Kb S db mm Wgzfifisime if COMPLIMENTS OF Texoco Stotion F. A. GLEASON 8z SON Automobile Repairing Batteries - Gas - Oil - Tires - Accessories Telephone 69-4 Compliments of BOYNTON'S MARKET Telephones 118-2 8z 208 Hillsboro, N . H 1 Open Year Round Good Food and Rooms MAPLEHURST INN Clernintine and Doran Marvin, Proprietors Antrim C. S. WOOD CO. Odd Fellows Block Phone 28 Red and White Groceries - Benjamin Moore Paints Notions - Dry Goods - Toys - Houseware - Hardware - Work Clothing - Infantswear - Glass - Roofing - Tools - Stationery Electrical Appliances Hillsboro, N. H. Compliments of CLOUGH'S GARAGE Telephone 66 Antrim, N. H. ANTRIM BARBER SHOP Shop Hoursz- Monday 8:30 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. - Tuesday 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p. m. - Wednesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p. m. Compliments of WHITNEY BUS SERVICE New Service Between Peterboro 8z Keene - Manchester 8: Keene - Concord Sz Keene Hillsboro, N. H. L. F. HUGRON Plumbing and Heating Phone 21-12 Antrim, N. H. LEO DEMAG, TRUCKING Phone 47-2 Hillsboro, N. H Compliments of LANE ORCHARDS Antrim, N. H. Good Luck Seniors HILLSBORO LUMBER COMPANY Everything for the Home in Building Materials Insulation - Shingles - Hardware - Paint - Wallpaper and Electrical Supplies Phone 195 HEATH MOTOR SALES Sales CHEVROLET Service W. C. Heath, Proprietor Telephone 113 Hillsboro, N. H. Compliments of SMITHHOLM - NORTH BRANCH Antrim, N. H. EDDIE'S PLACE Ice Cream - Groceries - Tonic - Meats Antrim, N. H. l TASKER'S Hillsboro For Campus Clothes and Shoes H. R. FELDBLUM Men's and Boys' Clothing - Furnishings - Shoes Women's Shoes and Hose Hillsboro, N. H. CAPITOL THEATRE Presenting the Finest in Screen Entertainment Hillsboro, N. H. Compliments of GRISWOLD'S CABINS i l l Compliments of ABBOTT COMPANY Antrim, N. H. Compliments of GOODELL COMPANY Antrim, N. H. ASHFORD'S SUNOCO STATION Oil Burners - Heating Oils - Gas and Oil Telephone 123-2 Antrim, N. H Compliments of J. M. CUTTER Antrim, N. H. BUTTERFIELD'S STORE Sealtest Ice Cream - Patent Medicines Telephone 69-4 Electric Living is Modern Living at the New Low Rates Electricity is Today's Best Bargain PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE Compliments of HILLSBORO CLEANERS AND DYERS STERLING'S ESSO SERVICE Range and Fuel Oil Phone 200 Timken and Esso Power Oil Burners and Units' Compliments THE CABIN SNACK BAR Midway Between Antrim and Hillsboro on Route 202 Roger K. Griswold, Proprietor "Come in and Enjoy Good Food in a Pleasant Rustic Atmosphere" Compliments of HILLSBORO BANK Hillsboro, N. H. Compliments of Compliments of WOODBURY FUNERAL HOME SAMMY'S FRUIT STORE Hillsboro and Peterborough Hillsboro, N. H. Compliments of Compliments of SUNOCO STATION A FRIEND Hillsboro, N. H. PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS and itis' all done with LIGHTS! There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used .... How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year .... The victories of the athletic teams .... The bril- liance of social occasions .... The Prom . . .The plays . . . The de- bates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is at- tested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic Work to Vantine. WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. 1 f Eg -Eg .5 M-5' ' 7'3?Q7l ". F e . . N.: -N A , 1' ".,' ' :Gif 1 if rr ' . x -, ,: L"5 . 4 2.7 .VW - " , I . . 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Suggestions in the Antrim High School - Audition Yearbook (Antrim, NH) collection:

Antrim High School - Audition Yearbook (Antrim, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 51

1950, pg 51

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Antrim High School - Audition Yearbook (Antrim, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 38

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Antrim High School - Audition Yearbook (Antrim, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 28

1950, pg 28

Antrim High School - Audition Yearbook (Antrim, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 14

1950, pg 14

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