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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1959 volume:

,Af 'AV fam fig uf :Www Q Jai: wg A 5, :"fl2f 3355225 f 2 M If , space sage issue presented by fhe annual staff of anfon high school anfon, texas volume 14 ef's all get into orbit for a preview of the space age NW XX WITH APOLOGIES TO "SPACE TRAVEL We've been orbiting in space Ever since the Sputnik race: Classes, study, even sports, Meetings, beaux, and book reports, A11 the kids - a motley crew - P.T.A. and faculty toog Just school life we'1l show to you - Is our BULLDOG coming through, Or is its beep almost drowned out With all this orbiting about? 1959 Bulldog Staff ' l now we'll infrocluce fhe ones who mode your annual the 1959 bulldog from Co-Editors - - - Business Manager Photographer - - Sports Editor - - Art Editors - - Sponsor - - Lithographer - - Photography - - ,-44'-.......f 4 , X - - - DORIS GRACE STEPHENS J. L. SMITH - - - IANELL GOHEEN - - - WILSON LEE - - BILLY DODD - - - - RENA I-IALE MARISOL GANN - - ---- KATHLEEN GREER - - - Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas - - - Allen Hammer of Wheat Photos 3 'tary ix gf :Es V A . 1 ' . 1 New horizons of adventure and progress are beckoning us ahead in '59 - and there's no limit on how far we can go toward a bright new life in a challenging world! Yet there are memories of the past that we will al- ways hold dear - such as the sight of Mr. Dennis at dusk each evening taking down the flag. He is one of our most unforget- table persons and a very real part of our high school life. SO TO MR. DENNIS WE DEDICATE OUR 1959 BULLDOG and thank him for his many kindnesses to us all throughout the years. r 5 a,',,'gu S x 0 count down 1 behind -...ilk time is now! -i' fhese doors we aim for the moon Q Hi Q Q - P K K Qw- V 'wa -1 ? L ' - Z ' ' 'iv fa ,f mf H eff A ' lffTTi:" A P' my H5253-5 F' as Xa 5 .,, V, 3. , , X Q K 4, A 1 The all-important board is the policy-making body of our school system. 'xt' v-in-l -' 'EGM .rr Hr- 'Wifi' ew -mu 1 :swift These are our board officers and members, who have given unstirrtingly of their time and effort, JERRY BIFFLE fPresidentj, ORVILLE BAILY fVice Presideutj, CECIL OVERSTREET QSecretaryj, W. R, TAYLOR QSUPCITDIGDCIGUIJ, CARL RUSHING, CHESTER JONES, FRANK MOTL, TED RENDLEMAN. to w. r. taylor, superintendent of anton schools and wetlauter, we extend our appreciation in students as well as teachers. Greetings, 1959 "Bulldog" Readers: Here's hoping that this important school year will be remem- bered by all as a most happy and profitable one. May each of us receive a just reward for our attitudes, efforts, and accomplishments. Congratulations, Annual Staff, for preparing this splendid pictorial and historical record of faces and events which we will always remember. Sincerely , M737 here's the man behind the men who tell he has picked capable assistants and principals cathey for their interest Students, May the results of this year's work in Anton High School add to your success in the years to come. Respectfully , 40' The cooperation of teachers and parents toward a common goal, makes it possible for you boys and girls to grow stronger each year, I am rewarded by the achieve- ments of you who are approaching your graduation. An acquaintance ,with you and your parents has made my life richer. I will remember all of you teachers as loyal and unselfish Champions ofthe profes- sion. us what to do. as a good administrator, G cuh-y fhe time - V, ,m-f-fQv1f,,- , .f lg .1 .1 2:.sQg.f 5-Llgww w V, gk 5k.g55g!rm,L..'!,:g':: lv 3551555 'isQ51siE?f?isf?gzieiisQfS - -Jifflsifff ?5g41g5rQQ1g5wgn :rs 5225 ' ga,-dmgfzgesasxg as-.151 may fz,:15,:.QvW5 -.:h- - W .J,. 1U-lm 3, f 'viisvissvz We 'a E,sw1z1f.5 ' -www , sfigfmsssskif - fksmwf 5iEE25W?iiFi1fV :mm :Q 1-2 ffwsmiiihis has come fo meet our teachers zero hour! W. R. TAYLOR B. A., Texas Technological M. Ed., Texas Technological Superintendent of Schools there is neve MURRIEL LA NDERS B. S., Mary Hardin-Baylor Commercial Subjects KATHLEEN GREER B.A., Hollins College, Virginia M.A. , North Texas State Graduate Study S. M. U. and Europe Sophomore, Junior, and Senior English Annual - Dramatics Sponsor W enough time for all we WAYNE L. GRABLE B. S. , Howard Payne College Biology and General Science Junior High and High School Boys' Football and Basketball Coach JAMES W. CATHEY B. S. , Texas Technological High School Principal Civics and Texas History ant to accomplish DELOU WETLAUFER B. A. , North Texas State High School Math DAVID T. MCVEY B. S. , Texas College of Arts and Industries Vocational Agriculture feachers are fhe GLA DYS K. MCVEY B. S. , Sam Houston State Texas AM Third Grade GUSSIE IENNINGS B. S., Texas College of Arts and Industries Southwest State Teachers Del Mar College Homemaking ones from whom growing minds s EMMA SELL B. S., and M. A., Southwest Texas State College Second Grade DAVE SMITH B. S. , Howard Payne Coach High School History eek guidance MILLARD WILLIAMS B. S., Wayland Seventh Grade 'fi FLORENE TAYLOR LETHA SCOTT RUTH KULM Sul Ross State Teachers College B. S. of Music Ed., McMurry College B. A. , University of Alaska North Texas State Band and Choir English Sixth Grade these teachers are getting children ready for life BESSIE LEE DODD GENEVA KERR THELMA OLDHAM B. S. , Texas Technological B. A. , Texas Technological B. S. , East Texas State Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade kgs Mt WINSTON D. WETLAUFER B. S. , Kansas State College M. S. , Texas Technological Grade School Principal Health, Science fheir real iob LORENE A. HULSE Oklahoma A8cM First Grade BEULAH HOUSTON BETTY HERRIN B. S. , Texas Technological Third Grade B.S. , T.S.C.W. Texas Technological Fourth Grade is teaching fhe fundamentals ZEPHA GRACE DALMA BASS B. S. , Texas Technological B. S. , West Texas State First Grade M. Ed. , Texas Technological First Grade wonde whaf film mr. cathy is showing that senior government class? ho-hum! ,gs-li' A an wwf " 'lm--"" FLORDELL BUTLER ,QL GENEVA BUTLER we FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Junior Degree 2, Chapte Degree 3, Basketball 2L, 3L, Basketball Manager 3, 4. Class Favorite 2, Vice-President 2, Cheerleader 2, Class Treasurer 4, Class Parliamentarian 3, FHA Treasurer 3, 4, FHA Junior Degree lg FHA Chapter De- gree 29 Choir Treasurer 2, Class Play 3, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3,45 Football Queen 4. I 1' , if X J GLENDA CHESSER 4,6 H im J GQQQ' -ffl? ' , DARLENE DAVIS FHA Junior Degree 2, Chapter Degree 3, Basketball 1L,2L,3L,4L, Basketball Captain 3, 4, Most Athletic 3, Class Favorite 3, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Choir Vice-President 4, Flying Queen Secre- tary-Treasurer 3, 4. FHA Junior Degree 1, Chapter Degree 2, Football Queen 3, Choir 1,2,-4, Bas- ketball 3L, 4Lg Class Parliamentarian 4, Cheerleader 4, Flying Queen Vice- President 3, 4. FHA Play 1,2, FHA Rept. 3,4, FHA Junior Degree 1, Chapter 2, Choir 1,2, Assistant Pianist 1,2, Band 1, Class Rept. 2, 3, Pep Squad Rept. 1,2, 3, Senior Play 3, Junior Play 3, District, Area, Regional Winner in Declamation 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Editor School Paper 3. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 1,2, Choir 1, Agriculture 1,2, All- District Guard 4. 4. 1, , 1 I lf it MARI SOL GA NN f il, BILLY DODD C M . ,.f'3' kihwaw a it if EMF' bb! 'X LEROY GRANT I" , tri? DOUGLAS GOEN Declamation 1, 2, lst Place at District 1, Number Sense 1,2, Choir 4, Spelling 1,2, Basketball 4, Band 1,2,3, Annual Staff 4. Football lL, ZL, 3L, 4L, Basketball lL, 2L, 3L, 4, Track lL, 2L, 3L, 4, FFA Vice- President 2, FFA President 3, Student Council Treasurer 2, Student Council Vice-President 4, Football Captain 3, 4, Basketball Captain 3, Class Favorite 1, Most Athletic 3, FFA Farm Skill 2, All-District End in Football 3,4. 'Wk -nr, K V x, Basketball l,3,4Lg Choir 1,2,3,45 FHA Songleader 45 FHA Junior Degree lg FHA Chapter Degree 25 Class Reporter 25 School Paper 35 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Student Council Secre- tary 4. Class President 15 Class Vice-President 45 Football 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L5 Radio Broad- casting Team 35 FFA l,2,3gIuI1i0I Play 3,45 Senior Play 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 4. The 3151, K, 1, rf' ,. " W I Ay., -1 Lb' pgs, RENA HALE ri A 5 sgr WILSON LEE .TERRY OVERSTREET .sg in BONNIE PARKER WI-IITTEN F,l. FFA 1,2, 35 Junior Quiz 15 Land Judging 35 Football 3, 45 Choir 25 Class Favorite 35 One-Act Play 35 Annual Staff 4. FHA 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 11.,2L, aL, Pep Squad 1,2, 35 Band 15 Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Declamation 15 Speech 35 Typ- ing 3. 55 WJV , , 'qigaatieq ,, ,HM f ,ff,3r1,. Football 3,45 Track 2,3,45 FFA l,2, Land Judging 25 Class Vice-President lg Class President 35 Class Reporter 4g Junior Class Play 3. Junior Farm Skill lg Senior Farm Skill 25 Radio Broadcasting 3g FFA Rept. 35 Student Council Vice-President 35 Track 2L, 3L, 45 Football 2L, 3L, 4L5 Football Captain 45 Basketball 3L, 45 FHA Sweetheart 35 Most Outstanding 3 One-Act Play 35 Junior Play 3,45 Most Courteous 35 Senior Class President5 Annual Staff Co-Editor 45 Choir 2. If J 'Q 1 4 , J, rx f V x in l JL, it . Ku, , A CARLTON PARKER We 'C . f CHARLES RICHARDS J SMITH J .. W 5, P fJW,? DORIS GRACE ST EPHENS A-Q4 RWM' Football lL, 2L, 3L,4L5 Track 2L, 3L,45 Basketball 1, 2L, 3L, 45 Class Treasurer 35 lnterscholastic League Number Sense 1, Regional 3, State 35 Interscholastic League Slide Rule 45 FFA Quiz lg Junior Play 3. MISS FHA 35 FHA Play 1,25 FHA Junior Degree 15 FHA Chapter Degree 25 Pep Squad 1, 25 Choir lg Junior Play 35 An- nual Staff Typist 35 Annual Staff Co- Editor 45 Annual Staff Favorite 35 Typist for Bulldog Tale 3. C3 , i 3 K, '1 JUNE STEPHENSON f QA? MA Fw., - rffflflllfl v , 1 if "5ifiwf5f5iillzr .1 CHESTER TALKINGTON FHA Junior Degree 1, Chapter Degree 2, Choir 1,45 PE 1,2,3g Pep Squad 1,4. PE 1, 2g Agriculture 2, 3, Shop 1, 2, Mechanical Drawing 2, Art 2. it ARLIE WALKER 4 if t MARILYN LOVE BISHOP FFA 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, Dairy Judging 2. FHA Vice-President 2, FHA State Meeting 25 FHA Secretary 35 FHA Play lg Football Queen 2, Football Queen Attendant 3g Cheerleader 3, Student Council Representative 2, 3, Reporter 2, Treasurer 39 Annual staff Assistant Editor 35 Band l,2g Junior Play 3. Class Sp0ns0r: JAMES W. CATHEY The senior class officers enjoy cokes at Brad's Class Sponsor: WAYNE L. GRABLE President: I. L. SMITH Vice-President: J. OVERSTREET Secretary: G. BUTLER Treasurer: G. CHESSER Rept.: C. PARKER Parliamentarian D. DAVIS clus geometry 3 is an important course to juniors q.e.d. 'wwf gum. .Jr 3 1 class of '60 MISS SCOTT MR. TAYLOR LEE ANN BELL RITA BISHOP MARTHA JEAN BRAKER ROSALEA CLARK GAYLE COUCH .TANELL GOHEEN PATSY OLDHAM JUDY OLIVER JOYCE PATTERSON CRUZ ALDACO GARRY BACCUS GENE BENNETT RONNY BIFFLE class officers President: GENE BENNET Vice-President: MARTHA BRAKER Secretary: JANELL GOHEEN Treasurer: PATSY OLDHAM Rep. : ROY KEITH CARDEN Parliamentarianz LEE ANN BELL JAMES BUJNOSEK ROY CARDEN TOMMY CUNDIFF OREN MCGREW AUBREY RAY FREDDIE GIVINS 5 - Mi -fl Qui: oF book reporfs w'7w-w.f--ff f, . .. - ,. gy- A ., wif .S-U1gkg'g.Q:-iqyffp ,- .:.-XS, Ark-zgffkm-1,Q,---:QSM-f: q fklstefaisg A ,Im g fkulrnkg-':q :Aw-w.,msfafsm.Q-.1 f ffm-:sau-.11-:H .. fvwwiszxgzifsff- iw- N-fz1:fa:- - .-:mkxffw x,, a,,ff fm umwf.f,.:v,,f7-fgispw, M fm- .. 5-.f:sff2,..f -. .Sava . 1m.,3, 15222-. ' ' ' 'fy' k ' il..--:hard 2J.1Qi1 1 f' - - iii - iff' 2 5 are keeping these sophomores busy. no more misspelled words for delores! class of '61 Shirley Abney Ophelia Aldaco Delores Batson Kay Biffle Claudine Campbell Ileene Couch Judy Couch Amelia Frausto Carolyn Ganzer Ruth Ganzer Zelda Harrell Juanita Martin Jenna Maynard Lynda Motl Sabra Robinson Mary Spears Donna Spradley Hugh Barnett Ray Batson Bob Stephenson up-N, .ff Jerry Goheen James Grace Lynn Minton Alvin Mitchell 4 vm i Raul Moreno AG 'Q' fl ff as Mac Parker Q Q i n Novin Roberts ' "tj" 2 M H Leon Synatschk 11 H 'Q fi My , 3 1 Ah .. p 'W Carl Taylor Coach Dave Smith "'l Lg? V ' '-at officers of nfs 4 class of 61 ai V 1 President Lynn Mmton Vice-President: D. Batson A361 Secretary: j Roy Moreno 2? Treasurer: Kay Biffle 52 Rep. : U 2" 0 -- A. Mitchell 33 cuss. F general science these is an eye-opener fo freshmen girls seem bug-eyed foday. i rs. 1 - ,..--A Ax 3 , is 5 has--1-1 4'--+4 MV yy an -vw.. Hip 'Di l , : 'Q.-ir-2'-5 ' class of '62 Isabel Aleman Corine Baldovino Brenda Biffle Shirley Bullard Lendabeth Butler Iodell Caswell Fran Dooley Enedina Frausto Flo Ella Hale Carolyn Lair Dannie Lee Gussie Maynard Linda Nunez Glenda Oldham Karen Pritchard La lean Reed Mary Sue Reyes Nelva Spradley Bonnie Williams Francis Williamson Melvin Barbee Doyle Bishop Bobby Buchanan Truman Bullard ' 5? an 53,1 W fi Fgzarigr . .M wfwfwpx x 5 Va 2 - f , , 'his' we--., -if 55 ,f-an i . A 1 52? 4' nb va FE . ga ..',. X UI if if w-la .4 if was fa E Sponsor: MRS. WETLAUFER class of '62 L. C. Burt Jan Crews Tony Cundiff Joe Dodd Anson Gibson Ira McGrew Jimmy Parker Mike Perry Robert Pierce Felipe Reeps Phil Saunders Doyce Whitten class officers .va f ' T ram era x p 1- We T ' R fi . T X 'fi ii ' wise' " . -11.X '-1 Q.1v"'-"5'trfi+-?'f 4' do " my '-" 1 , N V 55? , is . ,ffm President: Doyle Bishop Vice-President: Dannie Lee Secretary: Nelva Spradley Treasurer: Linda Butler Rep. : Brenda Biftle Rep. : Tony Cundiff 37 ye mg-Tf mrs. kerr has the affenfion of her fifth grade geography class 3' gg 0 r 'MJ geography can be fun! 4 H95 any .W I W S 5 sz. gl Q vm., E ' E 1, s K aa' ll i "'i i 'ff . is 5 aww' Ss sr' E Q iam X 'Qtr V is 'wif 97? ami 'Ury 'ev 5 .5 xv... . "' N ,4 -H . , J ii. 1 Ale. .C K 5 V- 5 M er X L 1 Q- QL ., , 1 if ls X - , 5 .9 sf-if-' 1' fa- Qm Shirley Tucker ,63 Lanell Vaughn Mrs. Kulm Betty Bailey Sue Bass Keron Bishop Phil Bishop Ronnie Bramlett Barbara Brimhall Charles Buchanan Dorothy Bujnosek Sharron Cooper Mike Fowler Natalie Frausto Albert Garnica Linda Glass James Goen Jerry Goen Ray Gonzales Reva Harrell Billy Hice Charles Kerr Jerry Kulm Mary Morton James Patterson Delores Pierce Carroll Ray Helen Rogers Carol Rushing Glen Smith Wayne Smith Alvin Swanson -Er: "' 9. l ,r .. A 4' ., 5 :ff ,. so , tai ei 'nn-Y b E - -W W B sf Q' '- -. X 3 " L ' X i.. A M. .:w a.,f"' s LA i f tammy 2. :'-,--. Y V I i 1... ,. js? b 6 ' o rf ax is 'mfs' .A we l . itz? .., ,. A M Z r, WWA ini K Us f c ,' sa - B isis as an 4' an 1' as my K rs X af 'A QD", Yl w. sit s fl is 'K 5 is ' 'mv ffk inn f, . Is, . sk 9? W D w bb .L ..,, Us K m avrs e zq, , ,D s 1 h B ,t - L1nda Webb enxzdfk "-I -:,: i ""T.7"gA Mr. Williams :LAL ,. ,,Lw,A . A L Auqlnk gig 530 emfser Lywtsvrns K y m. f W ., y S class of '64 Leon Barnett Melvin Bell Rita Bullard Albert Cantu Alice Cisneros Bob Conkin Bobby Couch Gabriel Guerrero J. D. Harrell John Hernandez Wayne Jones Rosa Luna Beverly McGrew Helen Martinez Ignacio Moreno Joy Moses Lucretia Newton Cathy Oakley Norman Overstre Morris Rogers Doyle Ryals Odelia Sanchez Melvin Sanders Darlene Scott Donnie Sliger CI Joe Adkins Gary Bishop Gayland Bevel Wendell Bostwick Susan Denson Olivia Duque Teolilo Flores Julian Tijerina Patti Forman Ray Guerrero Tommy Hale Vollie Jennings Frances Kesey Judy Kulm Billie Lawson Danny McLarty Kay Motl Linda Morales Johnny Nunez Joe Perez Santos Ramirez Shelia Rendleman Donny Richards Emma Rodriquez Paul Swanson Gerald Talkington Rosendo Vega Gwenda Weaver Charlotte Williams Kirk Williams Mrs. Taylor Mary Aldaco Mary Brimhall Linda Buchanan Judy Caswell Rosa Duque Herminia Foster Juanita Luna Martha Morton Wanda Moses Clara Oakley Sherrel Tidwell Mrs. Oldham A " 1 , M .V 1, sr ,.s, 5 Q get . 1 . . , L V -gg :VV VVV V W - ' ,. . 'V .,. 7 W f 'vw an -fsggfz . xr: - 'VJ' f We W fs i as r A , . , 1-4 x A A - V q s- ala 'V . V 1 - , Va -i n z, 8. rc- C' 'l pw' 3 .,.,. 'Il 'fill Q W Aa-,ia -: N - 3 is s. x f , V :V VJ K A A WK li V 'V -.. ,J r ' 42 V 4'- V.: Kiwyyg 1 . Vhmw Vt ,V VV L+ ,, HVVVVVV QV VVB kj' ,, .V as 1 ,,,..- V G W s 2 X, , fa s M s 'Y , M' N ' '?i'Ymm . 3? VVVVVVVVV VV ' Q 'V V Vs, f 'nu ""'h .5 .M all 5 J . VV K V ,, '-my, Q' V, V, .V Vx ah. -,, V . an . as 4 Q I inhl iw dn gm :iij 3, A: an Q C , 'fi 'C' .t W il . " 'W VV ..' 'V .3VV V .. ' V f W J if-v gr . - 1 W- sl f f 1. f W s 52:52 is . . f W lu A r M ia 'Q tg, class of '65 MW! 'X Y ww 'Y Eze K a f , S 'Q' . if ai , ' - .. M V rs '42 'jaw .MEM , i , i s Y ,iisgi H A ,,'2 15 X , as J 3 ,... M fi tr ,J, L B ' it Q 'VIP ik Erma vaiianeuba 'fi James C. Williamson James E. Williamson class of '66 i bi , I . ,.' S is an :sig i A 'Q M1 sa lug e Mrs. Kerr Victor Alvarado Josie Baldivino Ray Bostwick Karen Bryce David Buchanan Jeanette Buchanan Ronald Clark Linda Couch Mike Couch Larry Crews Pete Foster Kenneth Grant Edd Henson Dona Hilton Galan Jennings Beverly Jones Vicki Jones Cletus Keefer Rodger Mitchell Sue Motl Gary Don Newton Regeana Nowell Jerry Parker Johnny Perry Sherri Reed Garry Rogers Senaida Ruiz John Stephens Jack Vallance Herman Barnett Nicky Biffle Mary Garnica Ronnie Glass John Guerrero Patsy Kesey ri' My Nancy Martinez Jesse Morin :,' Sw E2' it Mk 4, Earlene Scott A If Jean Seirs ' i Q..-' Mike Snead Q, ' R Pg Curtis Spears ,iir if J Cathy Wilkinson 4" A 3' -I B Terry Wynn Mrs. Oldham lbw "C'i'T7' ,pst , kg Me'-,.,,s 'V .34 .,,-1' K' .qs Suzy Williams Rosalee Williamson class of '67 Mrs. Houston Diana Adkins Donny Buchanan Larry Conkin Jerry Cooper Leland Couch Dinah Dooley Manuel Flores Dickie Frusto Boyd Goen Debbie Johnston Danny Lambeth Karen Lyda Luis Martinez Gayle Motl Rudy Moreno Myreta Nowell Billy Reese Robert Rodiquez Jo Ellen Roe Annabelle Ruiz Susie Sosa Betty Tucker Jane Wetlaufer Johnny Williams Mrs. Dodd Marsha Armstrong Glenda Bruce Martha Bryan Shirley Butler Sharon Faubus Gloria Marmolejs Shirley Lawson Cole Perez Kathy Roberts Carmen Ramirez Virginia Torrez Linda Williamson Carlos Baldovina Kenneth Burt Drue Dunaway Carl Goen Jimmy Ganzer Frank Rodriquez Roy Rodriquez Milton Taylor Joe Vega Jessie Valdez Larry Vaughn Jessie Williamson x if Iilfiiyfi S i age 1-lm, , i 'fi EEN ,rf QQ if R 1 ' 5 i b s E ,. ,W Q ' V i at - is a ' 2 had 54 we-fy 2 A , K by 7 S in W N' Q' , ily 3' A .1 C4 1 it li ,fx """?' 4. ,:., V Q hi s 4 Www F. E V - ,L U ii V it at I , I ,, 5 I C 1 if K: 2' f jsp if . liii ,I f . ,ff N, V. or K fr V of it X I X' ,Mg ji I ft ,Z ...Nh class of '67 45 E i .. lim ,A ...... 3 ,A if 'asf ' 1 S. V f. .hy -. is 'T' I KW ' 'Off if J 1 f' "' my .Z We ,...c,??.NX rs 21 5 "1 ts, 'P-lf 'iam -HWY .L.,i -nwwi we f Maman. I 2: I 1 an R 1 i ,: J ,y.,xG-Q 11375 J , ,1:, .V ,V I YA as " a ?nm?f 'f: i . ,. W' 6 ii- i. J' 1 1 . ,,,, if A Y ,L Mix 1 Q Qgfzgfi Y I fl ' sa-. 9, A i at 4- we S. xx it-as . ,fa . 1 , M1 In f"' -Q, " ki' to me was-f , it . N A, U! 'iv iv- 2' L' " 'L 'emfx 'W- J 4 Cynthia Webb class of '68 Harvey White Carolyn Whitten Mrs. McVey Sandra Akers Truman Armstrong Phillis Booth James Bsotwick Minerva Carabajal David Denson Bobby Dunaway Dolores Duque Francis Duque Petra Duque Dora Garcia Vicky Garcia Jesse Guerrero Larry Henson Rodney Jennings Mary Lara Margaret Oakley Jimmy Roberts Esperanza Sanchez Robert Saunders Johnny Sosa Mary Jane Torrez Eva Vega Erma Villaneueva F. Villaneueva Mrs. Herrin Victor Alonza Mary Bujnosek Mike Byrum Helen Cooper Mary Lou Duque Beatrice Garcia Stacey Gilbert Donald Goen Alex Gonzales David Grace Mary Guerrero Tommy Jennings gy ff Wt Thomas Landers U W0 Modesto Martinez Q s' .S ,, 'S .,: Z 1 , Linda McVey ' L ' it Robert Montgomery ' rr L 5, iiii I G' , Q.. X ,L A ge t David Newton sp' V ' qz M In g Lyd ia Nunez ff "... ' v- " E95 Jessie Rendon i H ,f VIVA E ' E ' V fi? ' 11 T 'hi 'si" 'i 'G Dk 71 at T RX' 1 Leonel Ruiz . Jackie Sliger of ,Q ,Q , Josephine Sosa Zola Teague ' -ILVP Roxana Truman an 'H I Ke as f ri 3 Augustine Villamuba Randy Weaver Nancy Webb Stephen Williams l class of '68 , K f .Q yy Xl. J Q' i 'Q e Q' J i ik .Q 'N'-.J L W5 s f f yt Qld in . 52-ga. xicn-,V - uruw In I his mm an 'sway-my img . .5 A! -an uct! LLES Z ,""5iSl g i M y X 1 is dll:-.. fx-F . 'MJ A ... ,Sa if VA.-. hw ' Qgiiskk I g It YJ' . 1' Sal" fr sl 'K 'fm-ff' 'izifwv ' ...H-f, in V 1 " 1 r ' ' as S ' 62 s '-f - X my 48 class of '69 Miss Sell Joe Aldaco Mae Jean Alford Rosa Alvarado Linda Akers Susie Armstrong Roy Baldovino Antonio Duque Luis Duran Sara Foster Susan Herrin Johnny Hodges Gail Kesey Benjamin Lorenz M. Carmel Debbie Mayes Natile Marr Roberto Moreno Veda Kay Nowell Chon Perez Debra Ratliff D. Rodriquez R. Rodriquez Lenor Sanchez Patricia Snead Johnny Sosa Hector Solis Malva Teague Paula Whitfield Connie Tucker 'KW My 4--...uf 3 Q W , g V E,v ,Q -A .Ju ...A .ws 4' ,nfl 'QPR .mai as 1 - Q- wr. .4 r x . ,fa tml! h. 'fini :'qb -swf V f,. i . ' M K f ':l" V if ev- A W W- ra., 1 K." 'M fa . " 'SI ' T? f X ' bw "" f'k lg: 5 A "A ' ff is-.F--A K i f 1 3' ii V class of '69 Mrs. Hulse J. Alanis B. Alvarado L. Bryan H. Campbell J. Cantu C. Caswell V. Couch I. Esqueda I. Grace V. Gonzales T. Guerrero I. Guzman J. Jackson D. Jones R. Kesey E. Luna R. Martinez K. McGrew K. Miles R. Pritchard A. Ramarez G. Stanton M. Torres M. Vaughn J. Villanuba I. Williamson D. Woods C. Wynn C. Wynn .. . .0 . .. . ,W tw. f,l.s,.1.,.....1 x........L...L.,. ..W4,-...iC..s,,..L Mrs. Grace Lorelle Biffle Ginger Cooper Janie Esquibal Eusebia jones Rosa Marie Martinez Maria Martinez Carolyn Miles Anna Jean Taylor Linda Tibbets Carolyn Tucker Gloria Vega Nora Webb Ruby Williamson Guadalupe Sanchiz W ' frrw gk iyi ifk S Q' xi f rg E is ,Qui as WW .. .s ' ad A K X ,Q e A 3 as - .ff fl a I 'K t tm A mf? fn- or in. ma x f ,S-. ei ,- f ' -4 N 4? H f A: ' ,t 8 v :,,: A Qi 1 :A Av: A: ri It 91 In .gunz-111: class of '70 aw, , - fl S N l X W ,. N., ,.,,, V . l ' ., 1 K , .L i -faihas, .,.l is ' V ' f 'Q mf f .. . ' 7B 3 F if in 2 nm 'X -W1 ' ' Y I . 1- 4- My 4' "' Kent Clark Williams l , R ai y ' 1 ik. 5' igln E .- Gary Wooten Juaquin Alonzo Segundo Basquez Jerry Davis Ernest Duque Lanny Glasscock Jessie Marmolejo Santiago Martinez Billy Gene Moore Bobby Kent Nowell Joe Solis Robert Solis Richard Solis Danny Spradley Danny Stanaford Troy Tidwell K is -rs- I' 4... .. .1 4 H it 1 We 4 -W 'W r' :i.. A 54 . L7 . I 4 V' sam :J i f . 4 I H y . f'.r:"55V. 2" .fs ,. ,V " ' .-fu 'Wai .Wa 2 4 as av l, n J 1 .1- f......r E W Q if Us ' .Q if-1 ' fa- M fr Q 5 . . , fi .ff 1 w 'L . ET xv 3' Q . 9, .A . -, 3 ,.- K , Q- hu. V , - .4 5-S 1. ir. .fs f "',f'- A ib LL Mk i 5 . In In .F XM.-ws . i J Q' .V 3 .gs V M' . ii' . ,F-W. V , Q . V , . gi 4 . . Yrs A , -r I f r KMA 21345 QE ,.-.1 fm 1 J: Ezl Q A mL"A J ww E. Waters C la ss W i F A A F. Wetlaufer . R ' rf? ,i:. . yr. 5 Q ' ' f ' N-Q-K. wh 'imfhl-v' Www! GW' ii Mrs. Dalma Bass J. Aldaco R. Cordova Y. Duque J. Foster M. Foster I. Garcia Joe Garcia A. Guerrero N. Guerrero Z. Hooper G. Herrin R. Herrin G. Hairston V. James R. Llanas J. Martinez M. Martinez Richard Martinez I. Mendoza M. Moses R. Oakley A. Ramirez J. Ramirez M. Rodriquez S. Roe A. Rogers R. Sanchez V. Trerino G. Tucker of '70 pictures of so whose many favorites of lasf year! 0 PQ E- --wx pictures are being puf on the pages for '59? furn the page and see for yourself -3 '25 R most popukn MMV 4 JIM best looking 4 ,t 1 1 5 ! ff L. N x 1, v ,J 1 Am 'CF' 1. if k 2 im I SWL? Q 7 .M M K, vm wa... we 'fx ,X .A K , A j , 'V-A A' iN, 'W , gif! '..' .Y 'V , , 7 Vt Z ' , V ,'1-ff' V V 'H ' -2 .w If '- X ' A ', , 5 ' I y f"' I ' if nz- , Viv Af, , f A I 4 -W ", Q most athletic X9 000 57 sqf- wr ,MW M, ,Q f, au ,f: 2 3 ,ay III W 1, .. ff' J ,, W Q1 ,V 1: Aff fQ e fa 1 5 W 7.,,7 5 Ex HW ,.,,.,. M M xx SS ma mu S-1 H-Q senior class favorifes . -1 junior class favoriies W 5 who ,A qk""m....,.u,,,p'2'-F' sophomore class favorites ff! W L Nor!- 'sv sr HS football ii leads The way in sporfs if's o touchdown! our team elecfs H as football queen 1958 - Ml Q-I here come our captains smith, biffle, and goen DOUGLAS GOEN CARLTON PARKER CHARLES RICHARDS I. L. SMITH WILSON LEE A "tomorrow we'll play JERRY OVERSTREET LEROY GRANT inlaid RONNY BIFFLE OREN MCGREW HUGH BARNETT 77 the game again! FRED GIVENS NOVEN ROBERTS MAC P JAMES QKILLERJ GRACE BOBBY STEPHENSON Yay CARL TAYLOR TOMMY CUNDIFF play up, play up, and MIKE PERRY . V' M --.. s 3? -Q if 5 ,,..-,.......a..+.-aww ROBERT PIERCE BOBBY BUCHANAN MELVIN BARBEE play fhe game!" TRUMAN BULLARD DOYLE BISHOP 43'W,m9,.M:A!l! E?i1df7iE Q .mfsif ,.,:.Qz' A 7 Coach Smith gives the Anton football squad their weekly pep talk. af anion high the team year was marked by upsefs and victories fo reach a 5-5 record. Managers Goheen and McGrew are optimis tic. Coaches Smith and Grable look worried iunior high cheerleaders .., 5 'fit fig, 1 If X SHIRLEY TUCKER MTA BULLARD KERON BISHOP BEVERLY MCGREW BETTY BAILEY 1111111411141 ,L - 1 f 1,1 7 W ff 5 A If lr . ., f , . .Q Ya., ,a E Je f' Pups are important, too! ' " -17' 'L iunior high bulldog pups Q "PUP- mm, ' ' BACK ROW: Wayne Smith, Alvin Swanson, James Patterson, Glen Smith, Ray Gonzalis, James Goen, Billy Hice, Bob Conkin. CENTER ROW: Davis Webb, Mike Fowler, Melvin Bell, Junior Moreno, Jerry Kulm, I. D. Harrel. FRONT ROW: Jerry Rogers, Leon Barnett, Norman Overstreet, Wayne Jones, Charles Buchanan, Doyle Ryals, Ronnie Bramlett, Coach Grable. E ,,, 'Ili 1,,, 1 i iunior high fwirlers l f CAROL RUSHING SUE BASS ff 4X .I xxx Snaseni F 4 any 'N i 5 I1 f""'l gaggww enthusiasm runs high when our cheerleaders are in the groove We all congratulate Coach Smith The team is justly proud of this traveling trophy for first place, which they won in the Crosbyton tournanient. Geneva is holding the first place trophy, too, as this is her last year. The girls will miss their captain's prowess as guard next year. for his team's success at the Crosby- ton Tournament. 'Hr K Q This consolation trophy, won by the boys in the Hale Center Tournament, should bring a smile to Coach Grab1e's face. this is The fournamenf sfory af anfon high fhis year 75 I, CREWS G. BENNETT F. GIVENS R, MORENO i H. BARNETT D. WHITTEN whaf's The score? Managers, T. CUNDIFF, D. BISHOP I. GRACE R. BIFFLE coach grable counts on these. T. BULLARD J, OVERSTREET I. SMITH C. RICHARDS O. MCGREW I. MCGREW B. DODD 5 4 5. X 5 , SHIRLEY ABNEY DELORES BATSON MARTHA JEAN BRAKER SHIRLEY BULLARD now basketball comes s gif xy? Q F Q 5 I ff ga GENEVA BUTLER LENDABETH BUTLER DARLENE DAVIS RENA HALE LYNDA MOTL JUDY OLIVER MARY SPEARS DONNA SPRADLEY info prominence. Managers: BRENDA BIFFLE FLO ELLA HALE GUSSIE MAYNARD F. BUTLER and I. COUCH iff sf s v QA ysamixuiio- V clubs are , F t important at anton high - particularly f.h.a order! 5 fl F.H.A. leads the way ' Q 'Q Toward New Horizons Preserving Food it 4 vw ll ,, 23,4 fresh men sophomores Marisol won the Betty Crocker Award Toward New Horizons in Cooking Miss F. H. A. Toward New Horizons in Class Study the anion f.h.a. chapter yFUT Toward New Horizons in Sewing juniors Y.MAKl'-Ry vi'-J' 9 'P x NEW HOV. ,bow o, Q? ' Q ' Y Og 0 ,-, xo? MR, MCVEY IOE IEZISEK LEON SYNATSCHK MAC PARKER M .............. .J-. ' fm: ,tr V, I , L , . . ',Ll ' "' ,V E RAY HILL "" : ge , , 'f' --' ' ' V1ce Presrdent JA MES GRACE RRR R so r rg? or W gfvr 5 M .nv-,.. K .Q W Presi de ut i LYNN MINT ON Secretary We are proud of these boys: Jan, Doyle, Robert, and L. C., who won these banners in District and Area com etitiorl. P K in mm I s Q 1:53 ,.,:. M "" I .:'- im st R N -war" QQ LYNN MINTON ,V JAMES QKILLERJ GRACE ...WM swim ROY M OREN O 5 NOVEN ROBERTS JAN CREWS 'UU' DOYLE BISHOP JERRY GOHEEN Reporter ,, J: Treasurer HUGH BARNETT Sentinel Let's congratulate Leon, Killer, Mac, and Noven on winning first in District and second in Area competition. .. ,.... Q ' -'i, 1,,5.. 3-,Z ""i ' il Q s t is i new ,wif 1' AUBREY RAY JERRY GOHEEN ROBERT PIERCE BOBBY BUCHANAN RAUL MORENO :""""""'1vl1n1sue-Q, MIKE PERRY MELVIN BARBEE Yi i 5. kzgy KT E 4. J? ff Q'-Q' av gr r We 4 rr sniaswgg kay vs 4,25 3 M 1 I 1 a 4' 1 , my-2 ..t,.. fa 1 S, r s' fm at V j ?1:'fig?, 2 1 as ' ' 'W at f iw' 106 Q w as 1' 2 F' K Nga. ,Q-s fqff Ania 45, aff S . it i 'N A iw 4:5353 'tg if , x ' L " A WL Tig f Q is 3, f ,'I5U? 1 V' ,-M4145 4 im 4 , 1, She's The Sweetheart of The F. F.A, Radio Broadcasting Team a e win Banner, , W Q Zllhhum Jerry Lynn, and Aubry 'U E l" U7 as c: 2 U IT! W U1 P1 o z F4 cu r: z E 'Tl '11 as z Cn o z cu E U3 o z . t-E: .. f ,, : - .,,..i.f.,:.'- 1-1 K 'L ' I' IA - ' - - f , ie ' 1 . r,. i.: Si' iigr 355 Martha Jean placed third at the District Sweetheart Contest. and ., .,,. ..,.,. , if 55 1 fl 5 av' ' cmfon high NH-N , music makes ff' NX hh S E X VX' kb " qw, K if H CV X '55 I , fr 9 fins" J' My W XX I 'xigg N. Band Sweetheart BRENDA BIFFLE the band f "S ff ' SW .,. ' ,A Yi X ff KX J , I I E21 ,I I 'Urn Music Directo MISS SCOTT school choir fhe world go round beginners band N .. WWW rr. 'sac Af wif : 2' 5 i rf Qs ll! rr , Z S A ir? as S 23 , if 5: L1 -Z get in ' Sf E 5, 52 -rail .rr Ez ,rr at -mr The Student Council discusses school affairs with President McGrew presiding. THESE ARE THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS Officers: Mr, McVey is their advisor Members: OREN MCGREW - - DOUG GOEN - - RENA HALE - - RONNIE BIFFLE - - JAN CREWS ---- FLO ELLA HALE - - JUDY OLIVER - - - LEON SYNATSCHK IENNA MAYNARD - - - - President Vice President - - - - Secretary - - Treasurer - - Reporter - Freshman - - - Junior - - - - Sophomore - - Sophomore ,J P.T.A. officers look over textbooks up for adoption. President, Mrs. Dan Alfordg Vice President, Mrs. C. F. Bryce, Recording Secretary, Mrs. M. H. Mayesg Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. W. R. Taylorg Treasurer, Mrs. Reese Pritchardg Historian, Mrs. Thomas Iamesg and Parliamentarian, Mrs. Paul Whitfield, , 91 Here are the Anton Brownies and Girl Scouts t.,"1..,t -RW!-A Sue Bass is the first Anton Girl Scout to receive the Curved Bar which is the highest award in scouting. FIRST ROW: Rita Pritchard, Glenda Stanton, Deborah Ratliff, Debbie Mayes, Malva Teague, Mae Jean Alford, Eva Mae Landis, Ian Jack- son, Paula Whitfield, Ricki Her- rin, and Harriet Campbell. SECOND ROW: Linda McVey, Jackie Sliger, Roxanne Thurman, Pa- tricia Blanchard, Randy Weaver, Zola Teague, Phyllis Booth, Cynthia Webb, Veda Kay Nowell, Mrs. Zelda Teague, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Charlene Sliger, Jo Ellen Roe, Myretta Nowell Suzy Williams, Diana Adkins Karen Bruce, Jane Wetlaufer, Carol Bradford, Kathy Roberts, Mrs, Dalma Bass. FOURTH ROW: Mrs, Betty Motl, Sue Motl, Regenna Nowell, Vicki Jones, Beverly Jones, Cletus Keefer, Jeannette Bucha- nan, Karen Bryce, Susan Denson, Sue Bass, Patti Forman, Judy Kulm, Kay Motl, and Mrs. Ruth Kulm. MEMBERS: M. Bryan, K. Miles, V. K. Nowell, C. Wynn, G. Wooten, R. Thurman, S. Williams, Z. Teague, L. McVey, T. L. Landers, J. E. Roe, C. Keefer, L. I. Ramage, S. Williams, D. Atkins, G. Motl, M. Nowell, J, Wet- laufer, K. Roberts, K. Lyda, M. Morton, L. Glass, C. Williams, S. Rendleman, P. Forman, S. Motl, I, Buchanan, K. Motl, B. Brimhall, 1, Perry, M, A. Slape, Susan Denson, V. Jones, R. Nowell, K. Bryce, G. Morrow, C, Ramage, THOSE NOT SHOWN: B. Brimhall, M. Brirnhall, C. Ramage, L. I. Ramage, M. A. Slape, S. Byars, P. Forman, Danny Lambeth, J, Perry, G, Morrow. Mrs. Shock1ey's Keyboard Club is on stage, Christmas Recital Rehearsal Mrs. Hulse has some talented performers in her Thespian group. 1 SX O I Miss Sells's second graders are pilgrim daughters and Indian boys some days and others play in the rhythm band. h 'x oh, whaf actresses go through! flu- , Q, . I ' X h ff w . E VVV, Wwwdvam x Q hope if will wash off! U 2 T537 fr an 7 Need a trim 7 Hey! y F. are th., it Here Beauties and the beast J. W I fl is t , " 2- , fa, bi ., t.t...s sm., . 'ilu . ss' ',w,,Z4 .v COITICS the parade! homecoming is fun for all The annual staff was there for the fllli 96 A typical West Texas scene Have you seen Helen of Troy? the play's the thing Tell me about him. Is he goodlooking? L? Oh, I'm just a nobody! But why won't you? I'm not thinking about any money now. JUNIOR PLAY: WHICH SHALL HE MARRY? Ainw that just M2213 sis fi M ' t ' 139 -52, :U U7 fx P M V M f gs. . , 24 . 'V ff, 5 if 5 film ff 3 5 WWI? L 57 H .-is 3 , , l l : 5 H too sweet? It's quite a pleasure to meet someone in- terested in this sort of thing. , ,M , , K XE -L V W 1 2' T 4 1' M V T , . T me ue : 5 ,A:A, W Q A nfl' Tw Wh W - im' ' A 'X A 1 ,,,.. , If - Il' , V 3 1 T A T A A ' 'E si " :- T Z . T " ' f T h hh Q 'ex "' T Q f "Q ' , T ff' Q " 'AW'A- X 1 '1.Q' .I . Qg- -ffgg e .aa ,4 'N ":' "- These are our cour1try's future leaders MXN, JM 45 V A q lj lf 1.7 . Y. lg .4 , X K Fatherly love what a mouth! This is me? T UIUC Lord ", aunt ef0Y .., 1 "'f, Q'f'f2:'E ,- Iggfi-: :f5a?4: !:QQ':'Yfs:-1if,,EfffS,'ff' e e ' :,, 1--. WX I K I We , - The New Elvis TQ .... - 1:5 - .Ji This is horsesense High flying! M. T Q!- h me 1 H Hey! Watch Olltl V L7 WH "54f'Ef"!:: ,.:',.:,:55'. ..'Y" Ag .?Z Q1wT..:'2'1 .: f . fm: lg ,Maasai -- ef .V . ge Loafers Q T A '9f1.. -1-3:51, di if :NNW 3 1 .. 'J "J SE K 5 ' 1: 5aY Cheese ' ' 'W wgi 5 if gm," L1 5 39, l 1 0 'N h 'T' h A-T 1' ATVT 9 W2 5 ' Ii Qi .J 6412255 fi' V' .ff il - Bathing Q it ,I .,,T 1 . 'W Lvv'e'e It's a touchdown beauty M ig, fi " TTTT f - . , A Star IS born! X gg, MM AA - Let us IH on lt! A real beauty E R .Q STATE OF TEXAS KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, COUNTY OF HOCKLEY That we, the Senior Class of 1959 of Anton High School, being of more or less sound mind and memory, and wanting to eliminate any confusion at our passing in the disposition of our feeble estate, so hereby bequest and demise unto those hereinafter mentioned, without any other ac- tion to be had in any other court, high or low, as follows: Marisol Gann leaves her list of 935 excuses to get out of school and classes to Rosalea Clark and hopes that she doesn't get into as much trouble as Marisol has. Jerry Overstreet leaves his ability to argue to Tommy Cundiff who seems to be following in Jerry's footsteps already. Chester Talkington leaves to James Bujnosek his hatred of women. Glenda Chesser leaves her flouncy walk and talk to Janell Goheen in hopes that she gets "in the swing. " Bonnie Parker Whitten leaves her red hair to Garry Bacus for him to use when Mrs. Greer scalps him for his cute remarks in English. Arlie Walker leaves his ability to waste time to Gene Bennett who is lazy, too. Doris Grace Stephens leaves her book on "How to Get a Husband" to Rita Bishop in hopes that she will have better luck with wilson in the future. Charles Richards leaves his straight legs to Ronny Biffle so that Ronny won't be called "crazy legs" in the future. Wilson Lee leaves his ability to get a girl and keep her to Roy Keith Cardon in hopes that he'1l play the field until the right one comes along. Rena Hale leaves her ability to go with every boy in Lamb, Hockley Hale, and Lubbock counties because she doesn't expect to use it any more. J. L. Smith leaves his ability to flirt with every girl in school to Oren McGrew, who is lagging in the race, June Stephenson leaves her quiet ways to Aubrey Ray in hopes he will take the hint. Douglas Goen leaves his long legs to Martha Jean Braker so she will be able to get rebounds and make crip shots in basketball. Carlton Parker leaves his flattop to Cruz Aldaco in hopes that it will change his luck with the girls. Leroy Grant leaves his ability to play football to Bob Stephenson in hopes that we will have a better team next year, Geneva Butler leaves her cute freckles to Judy Oliver and hopes she will enjoy them as much as Geneva has. Darlene Davis leaves her ability to go steady to Lee Ann Bell and Freddy Givens who really need itl Flordell Butler leaves her ability to stay away from patrolmen to Gayle Couch who needs it more than Floradell ever did. Billy Dodd leaves all the teachers nuts! We do hereby nominate and appoint Mr. James W. Cathey to be the executor without bond of the above enumerated estate. In testimony of all the above bequests, the Senior Class of Anton High School has caused the signature of its president to be subscribed to these presents. , at n Class President ,Q-N42 iii- nk Qx we 're wafch blasting off with ads! A, 253' Wgfg.Qfgf-zfgfwaq- gm: 5145, X, ,fza:ggz-ggm, was-X wgg-gr,-A-W . - ' Qfsafwif 3 A-kf?:1?f?5."', M vfwsiiiilw 8 21 5n2:5f?i-'W -' flfiggf, 5qZf'f'S'L1V , . ' W' " gg' YM - ' 'Z-53515 flgv .FWFV5 'T ' " ' WSE, .. n rv' f " 'L "fjI'gS:'T' ' ' ' V3 '7" 7 .H Y HI -I 'Qfif' kk- .:2,1g'?5'fi f - V' -' in k QQ-rr f 4 k if A '1i?if?L1f fr ' Z'f5l55:Sl'i'7"if' 2,25 f " K' my fl? S L , A f S L, 'zfsiafzfg,1--41ts2'f?2fss22 f X, ..-- ,gg , H . ' if U7 for bargain fall-oufs I 5 kay biffle - lions club sweefhearf C 0 I1 9 r a 1' u I cl f i o n mn, seniors '59 P. L. SWAN FAMILY COLLEG AVENUE FLOWERS For A11 Occasions Levelland, Texas Congratulations Annual Staff AL JAMES Lubbock, Texas The CECIL MOTLS Congratulate the 1959 BULLDOG Staff Best Wishes From 1950 Study Club . Officers for 1958-1959 confer Club Float placed thu-d! at JoAn's on plans for the year .Q , at . .,,: LY 'L.. '99' - , f . -e- gg45.4," 1, 1 e efe i A11 Pontiac Acce ssories r at ' 1. - rawnrl, g it -,xg K st f ish K t of 4 CHIEFTAIN PONTIAC I . I t ' k gs . MA C x in i s ,,9., as 1 - , 9 EQKI ...:. ,,e.. Levell-md, Texas R 411 X ' ts? ff air? SOFT WA ER E 5 at 1 M .,,. X V321-iii' Now you can have all the clear, sparkling, filtered soft water you'1l ever need, all through your home, automatically. You never even press a button! To enjoy unlimited soft water regardless of family size or water usage, call your near-by Culligan dealer. He's the water conditioning expert in your comm unity. Telephone 687 Littlefield, Texas THE CECIL OVERSTREETS Con tulate Senior Office r s Congratulations Senior Favorites of 1959 From RALPH DAVIS AND FAMILY of 'gait g! Cong ratulation to the Graduating Clas s C. S. STEPHENSON AND FAMILY Take Your Business to UHLMANN ELEVATORS SAVE 1-1 N-11 s! AVIN55 You ANTON ,X at the :rj 1 P 1 LOCKER Texas First I-I8nN "Nick" "Chick" Leghorn Franchise Hatchery VANCE HATCHERY AND LEGHORN FARM Shallowater, Texas H and N "Nick Chick" Leghorns Ready on Tuesdays - Dav Old-Z-4-6and 16 Weeks Old Pullets U. S. Certified Qfor Eggs, Pullorum Clean ff H fo oooooo w . . In ei i A in 53. W. ww . , I . rw oo lf. Congratulations to the Seniors From DUTCH'S GRQCERY elm YOUR CAR . l Lwgm Me' At coucH coNoco Come Get to the the Be st VIS TA f or to Le ss Be at Sure .L U! Zwfl JONES , GQ J OD MOTOR co fxjg INVESTIGATE SAVINGS . . . LLTA CT -rn an B ette 1' Girming at All Tim e s ClTIZEN'S CO-CP GIN South of Roundup LA, HARTE THEATRE Anton o. T. VINSON, Mgr. The Youth of Today Is Assurance of a Better Tomorrow CHESHER THEATRES PALACE - RITZ - RIO and XIT DRIVE IN Littlefield Good Luck to You Kids low. af gqAVTA9 ,- ,, 5 K ,Rami ANTON TRACTOR 8: BUTANE CO. Dewey and Dorotha Stephens 225 N. Main Phone Wy 7-2844 ,fi V Y X, 1 A! , 107 E. 3rd Phone Wy-7-4184 CITY I I1 I5 Fr! Rl I Au. I5 as-sur Olan Johnson j .vw 'ft' s' f f"K4x?.,2 Q Q ff onhoe IX' G 84 C AUTO Anton - Littlefield - Sudan . -i4 T9- YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA UEALEER GLEN JONES 28 N. Main Ph Wy 7 2891 TOT'S HAMBURGERS S C. TEAGUE QOW Q55-W5?2'!,QiJ' O U K MCGQWAN Nf THOUGHT ' GARAGE CREWS MOTOR co. rihfgfiti Eff i EEEEE f' 7 2.5 ft SID LANDERS W L AUTO REPAIRS Q Phone Wy-7 -4604 IF l1"S GOOD FOOD Better You WANT-- Service Finer Foods LARIAT ADAIR BISHOP DRILLING COMPANY Phone Wy'-7 - Z9 54 YOUR www ffefffzaa IS ouk susmfss BERNICE'S BEAUTY BAR Late st Style s uccess to the graduating class From the CARL RUSHING FAMILY BEST POLICY AT ALL SL V 15-TINIES gl l L- 1' ,l A BRAMLETT-cRlswELL 3 REAL ESTATE ,QM 1.1: ----f.- Q- - AND 0--I L... INSURANCE You Always Get Friendly Service at SMITH'S "HI NEIGHB OR" T on ruiulutinns IQ Q to the graduating class From THE DONALD LOVES AND FAMILY GILBERT DRUG We'1l Be Seeing You Phone 7 4111 Anton, Texas JONES FOOD STORE IQ?" U I f AND SA VE Phone Wy 7 -4341 . -- ,- -Y. A ,, ,A -' , .,,, fe L ,,,W,-f.,f,, . ,m,,kM,-,M,,,.m,..W..,MW V V 1,..,MW,, Your Farm Equipment Dealer Since 1 93 5 'sf , my ef ,ver ws!! j H wwf LV, , M, :V Ei. r X K S , I ff,5g,g:::,,:L:f 51 .V .25 2 1592 gwsiiggsg W fir' , V JL' .F V Am W .,,, .. .. X , , V, .. i H g , 1 K QMS - L, 3 ? J -f W, w -e ,A - sam ,,,,,rwN ,ei.,, . A ,. ,,,.,,. M 'Ai aff, "fi-,i 6 'f f rifffin ,, QE' ' if 1 wi -as SOL GANN gettaz Walaee S , " k ' WHITE S STORES, INC. ff, Q - M ., I mg ff- ff f , , , ,, , ,, ..,, 1 f,,Lf,g, gf , h wefwwm 'az,fmw,:yMm4m L I H . mg ' la gg 1 y ,W , .W,. ull!! ,-ww. 1 DARDENS INTERNAYIONAL Phone 7 - 4 1' Z 1. HARVESTER HARVEST: FARM EQUIPMENT .4-"' Y W :JWMQQQA A M msgwmm ny,- V , L 4' wi. 11145 Q . ff K2'gg's,1 f ' L ' 6 if -Riff ' , .ugilif v 11 231 g rf ' V 5,213 WLT ' Z:,"" 5i L - H53 1 f 4 -.,,f ,V Q .ry W ,fgw z Im ,. M 'Z ' 33912245 . , J , mg,q :?x-Q, V'--gzE?+gii5i-5,5,14+l1 i' 3,1 ff-'Zfigf.l?igggif?sM k5r'f,M1Qs'l21ffls - N 'A yi ,V ,Pi :- V Fx 4' r In A 1' if 4? 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T555 5' 'AV M V, 2 L.L,g I 'I "'Oof L I-... af M' WIENKE 8: LAMBERT GIN KENDELL CRISWELL, Manager Greater Savings fu Q Ill! l ANTON DRUG 0lfLl" CO A 'W ,W,, Wu , S DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST iff E I El J' 'www WWW, 1 ,,,. mm, hmm, ff mwmzi. w2fJ?iWT'Ef'3 I A.. M, 1 S3321 Haig .-4 w Lk 7 1 . M' ti' , K px- ,fi A CITIZENS W -T STATE BANK T 6 mf C I5 Hair at 3 BEAUTY SALON FOUR COUNTY NEWS LAST MINUTE NEWS Zmldtq mmm Q if ff, , A K ,, y In vm O OOO OO O fm Z O fx - A:-- 1 :,v: :.-: :., E:,f .,... . f f , . .:-- A532553 ,.., O 1 fy 1 - . '1'11AL,' 1': Ai 1 ivl ZW, ,.L Q mm f 'z,:g O. Y man, 'M .E X I f COFFMAN s FOOD STORE ' McGUIRE'S ' DRY GOGDS STORE .1 Go Service od at A I 1 . E The Best People Go 5 Times FAUBUS emember Li - - Q xx Anton C955 J Texas ,f TIRE SHOP one 5 rf wil?-4781 JA-Eder Anton, Texas Phone 7-4771 W-W ELECTRIC Dealers in Everything Electric 521 Phelps Avenue Phone TL RQ i VL Littlefield 192 .I m I Texas If I .7--S X X X 5 t E ,A ,.ss ..,v.,. i ,..,.e GRADY TERRIU- " Moroa co. Levelland, Texas To Get Be The Sure Se1'V1C6 That You You Deserve COME AND t GET m to a ANTON A GRAIN COMPANY Shallowater Texas l 2,10 Anton, Texas Phone WY7-4501 um . D, .h s g i X ! I h,h-V "2'A ' ' A U E sssasfsaweami ek ? f T Glass 3 Shallowate 1' , Texas L Help U- R Self Wash and Dry and Automatics A Phone WY 7-4274 DMV "xi ----A RICHARDS LAUNDRY Rf A 'g if A A L iw N 3 B. 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RALEY , MUSIC Co. 9 . . . un a S Band Instruments - Gu1tars - V1o11ns One Hour fm Parking With Any Purchase Phone POrter 3-9110 in Lubbock 1216 Ave. Q Lubbock, Texas E. ::35iii13i+f v f 1 El V E ,W fd F' ,gft ! Qssxx. W Qxx KXEX fu- ee, Sw E-eg.-.:.,. - e M 2 -'Hike L'i"zff.?-: ,J -- W W f dfpiiaeis W ' wu,u Aww .1 .N .. l xkxkt W ffl, ' n ymvywmw,,,,,,, A , TYPEWRITERS New 84 Used - Sfcmdord 81 Portable ADDING MACHINES 1 .., - Q: we fe , P 2 5 l fe' Renmls - Soles - Service , CHEVROLET office supply co. cHW'0'+r1 O ?Q2f.4,,m.i :ffm 222 Levelland, Texas R more hndy-builders in ' xf W QQQQQQ X J p l x..l x ..l x .l x .1 f I - k 1 iq . hy . iq . by . 71: vf wal' ' W ' am, CM llomoelanlzso MILK TASTE Ann commas M C ong ratulations to the Annual Staff From THE ED HARTS SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT ' DAVIS 'Phillips Y Littlefield Texas N EW' SERVICE STATION Say ' We ALLI"LQN'I' I, Think MORTON FOODS FINE FUUD of Lubbock, Texas 7 D' Phone 005 J! TGP! TE 508M F When You Want Real Service Go to HEATHMAN BUTANE CO. Best Service at All Times Friendly Service at All Times WAYNE GEORGE ELEVATCR C ONGRA TULA TIONS From DICK BEALE GIN :Ei gg A,., .. W. LEROY WAGGONER Office PO-2-0193 Mortgage Loans Realtor Insurer 1511 Texas Avenue Lubbock, Texas GUY O. SMITH GROCERY and SERVICE STATION Bainer, Texas REPLINS Zara Www , DEPAR TMENT STORE Littlefield, Texas AANDB OFFICE SUPPLY Office Supplies and Equipment Commercial Printing Stationery Party Goods Hallmark Greeting Cards Littlefield, Texas UHLMAMN ELEVATOR Bainer, Texa s LX! .lated 74446001 f x X at if LITTLES ff A , in ' Littlefield Let the 65 3 ig l NEWTON V AV INSURANCE AGENCY 'ff' Take Care X--eg 6 of Your M ff' 'J Troubles L! F f' fx ff W7 Z el gf, ll lilj 'Ll Littlefield ,fix Texas S4476 Sane I Ei Littlefield at Texas THE AN TON BEAUTY BOX Wm! gay. . . TO GREATER vALuEs in Hair Style s cHlsHoLMs Q37 ?: it FLORAL iq 'Wm Littlefield , Texas MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE With Values From HAUK AND HOFAC KET fa ,Im Littlefield, Texas w A U' W , f Eff i lgmngrutulutiuus Tn to the 1 Jsf ANNUAL STAFF A LUBBOCK FRIEND SUNSET MEAT MARKET Retail Meat at Wholesale Price s Lubbock, Texas 3213 34th Street SW9-2644 Congratulations to the ANNUAL STAFF A LUBBOCK FRIEND SUMRALL PONTIAC l'0f'VTlAl',., Littlefield, Texas Sales FLLQQQ and Service A .Qea f-lun V LITTLEFIELD IMPLEMENT CO. 142.1 East Ninth Street C. T. OLIVER, SR. CLAUDE OLIVER, JR Littlefield, Texas llll ,faagl lr I, limgahb 2 X 1 4'2sigLW,'ef' I RAWRIDQES f If Lire I f I I, 1-I X ,'?'i t tt WN' 'N Rss A' if THE HOCKLEY COUNTY HERALD and LEVELLAND DAILY SUN Send Best Wishes to All Their Readers ' CONNELL TYPEWRITER CO. for All Office Supplies - Office Equipment - All Make Portable Typewriters - Your Royal Type- writer Dealer for Lamb County. We Repair All Office Machines. Phone 185 116 E. 10th St. , . IQYAL Littlefield, Texas PALMER BROTHERS Levelland, Texas THE DAIRY MART - Austin and College Avenue - Phone TW4-4050 EAST SIDE CLEANERS - 308 East Houston Street - Phone TW4-44521 SOUTH PLAINS MINIATURE GOLF - 4 Street and College Avenue THE GAME OF A LIFETIME - Phone TW4-3910 MAE'S FABRIC MART 429 Phelps Avenue Littlefield, Texas McCORMICK'S Petroleum Products - Wholesale and Retail ' Tires, Tubes, Batteries and Accessories Open 24 Hours - Phone 153 Littlefield, Texas I-'OR FURNITURE See ONSTEAD'S Littlefield, Texas 5 Keep-Sake Diamonds FINLEY'S JEWELRY Littlefield, Texas 5 ANTHONY 'S Littlefield, Texas III!!! Levelland, Texas CITY CLEANERS Dry-Sheen Process Where Your Business Is Appreciated MR. AND MRS. LEW JONES Anton, Texas Dial WY7-4781 Best Wishes From the JERRY BIFFLES Congratulations to the Annual Staff From the ANTON STUDY CLUB Where Anton Folks Buy Their Fords l -11, , FD RDL SALES T T Nuff HALL MOTOR CO. Friendly Dealer Z4 Years Littlefield, Texas Congratulations to the Annual Staff From THE HARLAN BLACKS Congratulations Seniors From DR. AND MRS. CLYDE W. BENNETT Littlefield, Texas 1 . k M . , LL X fy' A , X2-,X G KVM L W V Mp. T- K lg. ADH, Mligw, xxm R ,RQ " X Nh' xx bm N BEST WISHES TO THE STAFF From JIM HOBGOOD AND HIS GRANDSONS: JEFF - DANNY - RANDY W A. M4 QW' U? C H XX 6 32-38 U'-3 vw.:- TCS 'ww-"' If , - - 5 -if '-Q! iffy f 'J ' LW,, W' , ff 5271 A , f J H . :'i'1f'ffff! L - A 5 1, 4lLA U ?:, lift I ,,.. M Ui! 7 3: Al, 1 ,. ,.A , A K M - X 4 " . -A 2' , gffigffg, f ' K m Q, K W ' , feeling proud, boys? e. we've reached our destination! fake us fo your leader. I46 It s in orbu sa111ng 11ke a bud! We re dead txred or haven t you heard? But our theory 15 Less sa1d soonest mended W1th thxs launchtng we ve done our best Now the staff says It s tune to rest! X' .EQ A .Ml g -LV -ls Il If Y-N,1.-. X 4 -'w .W e,.....T tb 4 K . ' . , I . . ', l X Our revelation'-s not what. the scientist intended, R Si 1 " ' x l ,s ' I 4 I A of t .I lef's have a coke break! OKS af TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Worlds Best Yearbooks Are Taylovmadew X

Suggestions in the Anton High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Anton, TX) collection:

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