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THE CLASS O THE PA 958 PRESENTS Published Annually by the Journalism Class EDITOR S MESSAGE On The followung pages The T958 PANTHER sTaff has Trred To capTure IH phoTographs The evenTs whlch In The years To come wlll consTu TuTe many pleasanT memories of days aT An Tloch Hugh School The dances sporTs and ac Trvmes of various clubs and organrzahons are all a parT of Thus Along wlTh our exTracurrncular acflvmes we musT noT forgeT The mann reason we are here Finals Term papers and expernmenTs may seem To be qunTe an ordeal aT The Tame buf many years from now when you look back you wall be Thankful Toward The Teacher who made you do ThaT paper over or made you sTay afTer school unTnl you goT someThung rughT All of These Thlngs are a parT of hugh school llfe your edlTor and The resT of The sTaff hope ThaT This The 58 PANTHER wrll be a True memory book To each and every one of you I :Mm ' STA r CHERYL NICOL EdlTor IH Chnef WENDY WALDIE AsslsTanT EdlTor SHIRLEE STAHLHEBER Business Manager FRANCES GREEN Crrculahon Manager CHICKI WOOLCOTT AdverTlslng Manager JESSE SUGARMAN LlTerary EdlTor CORINNE VENDETTI Organrzahons PAT CAROLLO BILL NELSON GAYLE HINKLE SHEILA ANGELO MR TOM WARD FeaTures Boys SporTs Glrls SporTs ArT EdlTor Advnsor .ai , 41 f E . if 'VT' 'T ,. , I I ' I I - li ' 1 I ' ' I . I l . . Q . I I . 1 . - I I I ' CCJNTENTS Aclmlnlstratlon Faculty Sensors Classes Sports 9 Actlvltles Advertising 159 " ' ..13 ..17 ' ..25 1 ..51 Organizations... .. 77 ....11 .... .... 141 FOREWORD The class of 1958 us fortunate to be luvung un a flowerung age of natuon wude prosperuty and advancement economucally scuentufucally and educationally A small part of thus flourushung has taken place rught here un the ever growun Q Antuoch The erection of such undustrues as DuPont and Crown Zellerbach has increased the opportunutues for employment for hundreds of men and women thus makung Antuoch an umportant undustrual center Because of uts growth Antuoch has had to buuld numerous schools to accom modate the huge number of students rangung from kundergarten to hugh school age and has had to hure learned unstructors to pollunate the munds of the future wuth all the necessary ruduments Included un th Antuoch Hugh e category of new schools us The one story multuwunged hugh school us stull not fully matured although recent addutuons such as the beautuful Eells Staduum the tennus courts the baseball have been made There are stull a nu stage such as the musuc buuldung gurls gym and audutoruum Then of course th h ere us t e new eught hundred wung and the mauntenance buuldung lust across 18th street mber of structures under constructuon or un the plannung Also new to the communuty of Antuoch and to Antuoch Hugh School thus year of 1958 are Prurucupal James E Reusswug Vuce Pruncupal Otus Mercer and a group of twelve faculty members The enrollment of the school no sophomores should uncrease that enrollment by one hundred and fufty w exceeds eught hundred Next year s uncomung Yes Antuoch Hugh has come a long way from the small red bruck school house on 4th Street And durung thus growth the student faculty relatuonshup has also blossomed supplyung the necessary seeds of warmth fruendluness and great school spurut mandatory to a true school of learnung Q- . I . . . . . I I - I - I .i . . . . I . . . . I . I diamond, the six hundred wing, the swimming pools, and some shrubs and lawns a I - .I . . I . I . l I REMEMBER WHEN - Remember tramping through the rain and mud after parking your car? The six hundred wing now stands here. This scene is now the site ot our new swimming pool and also the new l8th street. The street has allowed TOOCXJ better access to AHS. Many improvements would be visible now in this shot: the baseball football stadium, the backstops, and the new seven- hundred wing. :. MQW .Mm H ,fiv - .- . ,., if , ig J , , 2 2 Y' I W4 sig .QEM 355' fe ., , , 3 K v X i , ,Q sw W 125 'Q ,E 1 UH iiiii ig, ,AQ i a V 5 K 4 Wg ,.A, ' ,lf 'wmlsr-.'rlX " ny Q QQ 5, lf LZ, D Vw 1 in 3 44' -4 12 f '21 2 e' if f Q v Q 'ff l ,S J Q 1, 11 Eff ! ff , Q. W - Q fgaf-Lwe 2, f ,f 1 , ,N sf sri? Q ,ff p ,J 53 Pg 4 'Z 43, . 1 S Zf 5'-1 , J . 4555 :A Int dx Lf if if X W H N A Q , Q? 1 V I , ,, fd , ,, 5 'ff :QQ U, 1, , 2. Agfa? gf ' nv f mi' eifwwsf , K I .Ks5.i9j5,,,,f1,? f ' 2 , M 4 ,M ZF. The i958 PANTHER staff is very proud To dedicafe This yearbook To Two Truly deserving people, Mrs, Elva Hunt and Mr. Charles Lorschbough. We feel Thaf our regard for These Two people who have always been ready and willing To lend a helping hand whenever necessary car besf be expressed by The following poem: lf once rnighf have been, once only, We passed in a crowded hall. A srnile from your lips shone on rne, And you gave a friendly call. IT once mighf have been, once only, Someone needed a helping hand. Unselfish, uncornplaining and ready, You did a job Thar was grand. Thus shot was taken from the top of the bleachers lust after our first outdoor rally ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Official School Photographer HAL MATSON STUDIOS 426 l7th Street Oakland I2 Calutornla WILLIAM C THOMPSON 3646 Columbian Drnve Oakland Calltornua Publlsher TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY P O Box 597 Dallas Texas Individual Junior-Sophomore Pictures ADMINISTRATICN 1 . Y Q 5 09 Q l fix? X Qfff fa' 1 '.u 'W QE gk X- fl as Q 4 3 ' . ? 5 gwrk , E , ,iz J. 1 W 1. f fx arp X 'VW-'W' 5 W 11 1 'Q ,av- 4' 1 -r .M ' ' 1 . xi J , v"-.y.'-.:- X -.. , Q .-rw f ,vm-.. .ww 'P' 5,34 X Q.-.1 . QQ? ' H47 x'titZw"'vfz,. Q x5 -,+f+z'1 2.45.5 '42 X,Q+Q-9fL4?Q 3.4. T: ..' I, 5-kgvk.-5 :"" 2253 .24 ,5-1Y,?5'55:'9'2?:'.:. .xv E , -:N , :. ..:z'Jff::a: .-.-:-N ,.., .. 3- , 4 h....,S... ,,,-ve--reggg: -s., 5 :::i:,-1 ::: ,--Z-:"5-fz9.:g:- fr 2:35.-EH: E?-f"'5'5?.3E' Q QQ Q52-5-1, 1 ""?qg:'Jz..-,gaze ',.gL ...ww . . f-.f-',,...... s., 'B+-.+ x ,.. 5 -..-:....,., vga- x -2. .ff 35-gggnn ,, V, 3,-:L ,gr-, 'z' ....... .., .,-,. ,. , , -4..- 5 .,-arg: H 'fins' -I 111:22 f.:wg?:,s sq. ,A -X 5 .. -. 1 v..-.vs 'eq N , 1 .. L ,, -W Q X , U as ii,-fr U96 w'wR -.4 my 'l VT' v ' ,ad MR. HAROLD STILES Nighf School Principal 3 -Jr- 'AQ-. 63 0 W1 ,I ,Q 1 . Q 19 f 1 , gg..- .. f 9 'N 3m 5 . .Q 'Y-ai in 'av' M6 4? f i, if 4 MRS. BARBARA RAiNES MRS- ELENQR OSBORNE Secretary to Mr. Sfiies Disqficf Bookkeeper ..,--4 , Wa. Q :gre-5' "'i. or J X. i MRS. MARY JANE DOVVELL Payroii Secretary CAFETERIA WORKERS: Dessie Dean, Emogene Roberts iassisfanf managerj, Mary Jo Bever, Mary Nulk, Heien Rickeir, manager, MISS MINNIE ATKINSON, Supervisor of Cafeiefias, and MISS VIRGINIA MRS, BETTY GIONOTTI MILES, Secretary To Miss Atkinson. Secrevary to The Suoerintendem of Schools Wife QQ wfpsx.. FACULTY MR NORRIS ADAMS Counselor MRS OLIVE SHIELDS Homema kmg MR JOE TORP r MISS ARLENE SARTUCHE G s P E MR MAURICE SWEATT Blology MISS VIRGINIA VIPPERMAN Bookkeepmg MISS LUCILLE MCBRIDE MR LOUIS COWARD Dean of Glrls Math irI' .. -AT MR. PAUL HARDTEN Counselor MR. JAMES HILL English IV MISS EVELYN GASSAWAY rs P MR CARL GRAVES Mathemahcs MRS NORA BRUCE En Ish II MR THOMAS WARD .Iournalnsm MRS ELIZABETH WOODWARD MISS MARY OCONNELL U S Has ory Vocal Musnc 1 ig, M Q' f is 2 whiff ' ,zmabg 1' ' ,, 2 ,Xl N , . ., ,.f'TT 7 wi Q.-'cv , A Q ,fya s if 42, Q, ig y fi mg: I' f ,-1 ' y , N fra? 94,39 f 'f- 3. J '3t.jg.,,, .Lx .. ' Y , 'X '27 Q ,z ,gn-' 3' f f s , 5' 43 2- 4 J , Qin, .. .A SJ ff K ,-,D 7 3 20 w ,1 f- if M. A 'W z vm- wah' ws , ,, is S- A wr fx 'a fvfg , ,' , T? 'if 1 - ,, f, , .V ,7-iz W4 -,,.:5 w , uf.: - ..: if-I If u -gj 1' 'fu ' f . .Af i- .,. . W .:g14w.":'4-1? x N V . . if ,um ' 1 nf, - -- -,av my , 5 , e Qpfsqf ,,, K A .Q Qi, ff -- b mga 24, ,, Wi l ,J Q-g g, V. 4, ' -V Q , 32 1 5: ima? 5 'W Bmw? v , 'S 2 5 Y k QQ 'V we ,, ,hw M . gp-Q, A ,ff ,. 1 M . 1 g. gif5j,a?QiEg f M wiv V -Lf,-Y A ' via- Lg .I 4 A F1 VJB, mg, xr fm Q N' , - feEf2'2,, 3, , 'ka - X. -, . 91523 '41 ,, JN 35 12.1, f 41 315-if .,1:.g 1' ' 1 Q 44 ' 1 r I , 1 i' fi MR. EVERETT CURRIER English III MISS JEAN BECKETT English II and III ', f X MR. THOMAS WILSON Typing I, II Ibn, MRS RENA BATES En :sh II and III MR. DORSEY SHAW Typing II, Business Org., Bookkeeping A to 1-r bi-5 1 , RICHARD NEWMAN Library K 4 N , .v A.. MR. RUSSELL RIDGE Biology MR. CLETUS CLINKER Senior Problems MR BROOKS GOLDEN MRS NELL IVES MR EDMUND ATKINSON Sensor Hornemakung General Busnness Drlvnng MISS ELLEN BRYDON US Hlsfory MR JERRY DERUSHIA Se'1'OfPfOb'emS MR BRUNO FAVERO Mechanical Drawing MR LEROY BAIRD MR GERALD PALMER MR VINCENT SMITH Spanlsh Latin Engllsh Dramams Cnvlcs ' P.E. ' ' ' ' H ' I Q jx: S . ,h 'Ex In ' P.E. ' ' ' L I wh 1,1- N x ,,,." i fs MAJ' I BUS DRIVERS ar' 5 M 1. Xi' i X . 5-w-..., MR. AUTHER MILLER . I District Art Consultant Kneeling: Marvin Philpott, Edmund Mohr, Delmo Dean. Standing: Bill Murray, and Ed Pollard. I 1"""" 53 A Q g' W , ,I- i g""'f nl xg?-ix?-. - .Q L, 4.,.'uIi 'gs g a 'J 4 -4. 0 xx .5 i- Q i x ' X MAINTENANCE Standing, left to right: Dale Carlisle, Virgil Wagner, Marion Harvey, Tony Magana Rex Riddick, Lloyd Hoyt, supervisor. Crouching in front: Harold Hansen. GARDENERS ' Seated,,Ief1 to right: Alvin Jacobsen. Standing: Cecil Hunt, .Ioe Mc- Farland, Leonard Plank, and John Wright. Discussing a grave problem, wav' 'TTS' f' SENICRS ID N im, E5 'A W TOM ADAIR JERRY ANDERSON JOHN ANDERSON KAREN ADAMS CARMEN AGUILAR SHEILA ANGELO SENIOR CLASS 'I958 f 1 1 ALAN ANETSKY DANIEL ARATA JOHN ARATA JOAN ARATA TAMERA BERATTA RUTHINE BLEVINS RIC?-ARD AUGUSTA KEN XIETH AVERY JOV BIANCHI SENIOR CLASS 1958 QQ, 255' A .JJ2 L? AR' EA F f" LQ KENNETH CLARK JAMES COCI-IRAN TIM CONDY NONA BULMER JUNE CAGLE SYLVIA CALAI-IAN ?l'-x SENIOR CLASS 1958 GX BOB CCNLEY JAMES COCDLEY CHARLES CCRZINE TONI CANADA SOCGRRO CARDENAS DIANE CARLSON PAT CAROLLO KATHY CAVANAUGI-I VALERIE IRWIN CI-IOATE BARBARA COLLINS FRANCES COONEY JOAN CRAWFORD SENIOR CLASS BOB DAVI KENNETH DEL ROSA BILL DOYLE 1958 -1 x is .. I I I , I dv ,Ig I, 1- BART DOZIER BILL EASTHANI GARY EI-IRLICI-I 'Fa ' , , L PEGGY Cmeas - ,ili . 'PAI f JUDY CROSS ' DIANE DANILOVICH Y f 1 Q 1 x JIM ELKINS DAVE FENOLIO AMARIO FERREIRA SENIOR CLASS 1958 4? SHARON DELISLE ALMA DOZIER JUDY DRAGON CARL FLUTY BILL FRAGA Nb' ERROL FREVV - VAL FOWLER RALPH FOY PAT GIBBS 1958 CLIFFORD HABIG JAMES HALVORSON MELVIN HARRISON JIM I-IASKINS BILL I-IEAPY CARROLL HETTRICK II' 1 f O I T' JUDV FISHER WANDA FRIZZELL qv SUZANNE FOWLER .z N3 I SENIOR CLASS mg QQQ W 5 Eff in px 43 LARRY HOBBS ROY I-IOFFNER MARION HOWARD .LN-x G- ag.- gpnwf 'UW 9 D WL V - IJ Q Lx ASP:- in-f-.Q 1958 JUANITA FOX FRANCINE GARCIA JANIICE GODVVIN FRANCES GREEN LINDA GREEN GLENDA GRETHER JIM fd 1 M f f 1 MARY GLJEVARA BUNNY HAAS CAROL HARVEY WARD HOYE WENDELL LAWERENCE LARRY .LEEDHAM SENIOR CLASS 1958 I Q fx , Le si 9-Hx 'UK I LL,L fl.. 'iw 7? NLKE LITTLERAGE RONALD KATREEB DALE KIRKRATRLCK fs DUNCAN KNOWLES DON KOVISTO MARSHALL KULJU PHYLLIS HEINDSELMAN PATSY HENRY MARIE HERNANDEZ SENIOR CLASS 1958 I 1 MAX MARGLIN HARRY MCCLANAHAN BILL MOORE MARJORIE HIEBERT GAYLE HINKLE HELEN HOBBS KAY HOUSE KATHY JACQUES JANICE JENNINGS I , D' ,- W. is-,II ' , VL' I .I CHARLES MORRIS BILL MORSE BILL NELSON SENIOR CLASS 1958 TAMARA LAKIN EVELYN LAUDENSLAYER JANICE LAURITZEN 91 GEORGE NICHOLSEN WALTER NORGOL GABE NOVO LELAND OLMSTEAD NORMAN OLSEN STEVE ORTEGA CHARLENE LAWSON PATI LONG JUDIETH LYNN SENIOR CLASS 1958 RICHARD PARR DAVID PASSARD DONALD PATTON CAROLE MacDONALD DELORAS MARCANTELLI DEANNA MARTIN REBECCA MASS GERALDINE MCCLELLAND LYNN MCCLURE X K. I,,1L J 4-LL BOB PIMENTAL JESS PINEDO LARRY PLUMB SENIOR CLASS JANE MCCOEY CONNIE MCDONNELL PATTI MCGUIRE -Q 1958 RONALD PORTER DELBERT RRESSER JOSEPH RAMIREZ 6 X WW' ART REGOLI ERNIE REYES GENE RITTBURG SEN CAROLYN MCINTYRE PHYLLIS MCQUARRIE JOYCE MCWETHY 62 V MIKE RODRIGUEZ DONALD ROE DON ROGERS 1958 LOYCE MCWETHY MARGIE MELLO ELSIE MOHR Vx PATRICIA MOONEY SHIRLENE MOORE MARIE NEVEU CHERYL NICOL CONNIE NUNEZ i 1 , , ITIL I fj DAVE ROMO LARRY ROWE I , ALEX SALAZER 1958 -uf" 1 I SENIOR CLASS CARMEN NUNEZ ROBERT SAMPSON PETER SCHIMPLE BOB SMITH IJ I J? T579 JP f CHARLES SMITH ROBERT SMITH JOHN SPAGNOL CLAIRENE O'BRlEN GLORIA ORTEGA LORETTA PALMER SENICR CLASS 1958 RICHARD SPOHN JOHNNY STANDLY RUSSELL STEPHENSON BERNICE PETERSON ELLEN PILLISI CAROLYN POLLARD LORRAINE QUINTANA JUNE RAMEY VERRILL REDO Y Hi ' DARLENE RIDOLPI-II PENNY RIEDE MARY ANN ROZENSKI SENIOR CLASS BOB STUART DAVID SWEENEY TOM TALLON 1958 I I WMM DAVID THOMAS ANTHONY TONSO DAVID TRAVIS 0- 'Vx LEROY TULLIS JERRY TURLEY LOUIS VIRAMONTES wif 1'9" E AMELIA SCARDINA BONNIE SCI-IOONOV-ER BRENDA SCI-IWEITZER SENIOR CLASS 'I958 DOUGLAS WAITES JIM WEBSTER LOUIS WELKER ,,1 f r"""""'5 GAIL SHAW S "" PATTY SHAW "'-7' K PHYLLIS SIMMONS I , , I If , VL f' , . Ry A -::" SL DOROTHY SKAGGS DEANNA SMITH SHIRLEE STAHLHEBL1 wg A4 if -3' 5. LANA TANZO JEAN THOMAS MARY JANE TOMSICH 5. SENIOR cLAss ,L 1 X., In I BERT WILSON STEPHANIE STEPHENS JESSIE SUGARMAN 1958 . . X EXW I Q' CORRINE VENDETTI MAUREEN WALGRAEVE LOUELLA WALLACE ,, 1 I V , Q 1 wi, i I 5 I MAUREEN WOFFORD CHICKI WOOLCOTT ANNA WRIGHT MARY LOU WALLIS CAROLE WALTERS FRAN WILKIN5 SENIOR CLASS 'I958 ssl 1 I BARBARA YOUNGSTROM GRADUATION DAY Our Senior year has come at last This year of '58, How swiftly all the years have passed- And now we graduate. Yet how sad this day does seem When we should feel so gayg The Completion of a hard won dream, Our graduation day. D NINA R. BULMER I... Q7 ,-eg 5-1 'vans y-.1 M l""'r""""'-P-9 4f4vr S, 35 g ,s l 32l"i I 5. ? i BOARD MEMBERS-Seated. Cheryl fN':ol, Jim Halvorson, Pat Long, Jerry Anderson, and Maureen Wofford Stanclfng: Ralph Foy, Ellen Pillisi, Gabe Novo, Connie McDonnell, and Art Regoli. SENIOR PLANNING BOARD The Class ot i958 was the tirst to have a Senior Planning Board. The board was rnade up ot charrnen of the various senior activities, such as the Senior Play, Senior Ball, Ditch Day, the Class Plaque, and the Senior Banquet. It was felt that by having this group, rnany complications would be avoided and all senior doings vvould be co-ordinated to a rnuch better ex'ent. yqssssysihs 'W ,M -..,. . QYTQK 5 sail 4 zz. ' 3, ,1,," ff M x ,,,fz'..,,' -2, A i .V J? ,gv wi K. ,W ,f f, ,, 4,,k, ,G , A , , ,- ,, :M , W , ,A If ff iw, ff, , QM ,, . 5+ M A 4,4 Ji, . Aw , ,9- .,. 1.5 A lf A f I 2, ,M V, ,,, ,V -4 ka-N., ,pk , ,. ,,o .o -fo .-D 4 4 , f 11 AQ , ,+A '. ' . gg, '3 ' ,:-'I via W ' if :fm ,Mf W ' ' gg Q " K . ,,, ?, . 5? , M. W, fi I fi -,I ,.r SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS l 'L .sn X , ., C My fy, ,M x Szm VV t , YJ . S +..,Y,,g , d .Mtv M..-a - - K 31 x ' gi VM, J W -f vgqrfn. fm 'CM GABE NOVO NONA BULMER JANE TOMSICH PAT LONG C NNIE MCISONELL CLASS HISTORY SOPHOMORE YEAR Sophomore first semester officers were: Shirleen Moore, president, Pat Long, vice presi- dent, Sharon Ford, secretary, Karen Adams, treasurer, Marie Neveu and Cheryl Nicol, Our second semester class officers have a little fun. , , COUfTCll l'epfeSefllBlIVeS. The class of 1958 had the distinction of being the first to have their traditional ring crest adopted by the student body. The Sophomore Hop, "Mardi Gras," was held on March 25. Reigned over by Pat Long and Jerry Anderson, the dance was planned by Verrill Redo, Tammy Beratto, Bill Nelson, and Mary Jane Tomsich. Second semester officers were Jerry Anderson, president, Pat Long, vice president, Glenda Grether, secretary, Deanna Martin, treasurer, Cheryl Nicol and Bart Dozier, council representatives. JUNIOR YEAR Headed by Jerry Anderson, class president, the Juniors became busier than ever. Other officers were: Jessie Sugarman, vice president, Judy Fisher, secretary, Pat Long, treasurer, Shirlee Stalheber, council representative. "Shangri-la," the Junior Prom, was held from 9-12 p.m., December 2, with music provided by Val Valente and his orchestra. General chairmen were Bunny Haas and Bernice Peterson. ln the court, reigned over by Karen Adams and Ralph Foy, were Gabe Nove, Sheila Angelo, Bart Dozier, Bernice Peterson, Larry Rowe, Bunny Haas, Art Regoli, and Diane Danilovich. Bonnie Brooks and Kathy Jacques were the only iunior songleaders. Many Seniors spent MANY hours in the Publications Office. gn Second semester class officers were: Jerry Anderson, president, Leland Olm- stead, vice president, Judy Fisher, sec- retary, Pat Long, treasurer, and Bart Dozier, council representative. Cheryl Nicol was Junior Editor ofthe PANTHER, Mary Ellen Zeiser was Assistant Editor of the PROWLER, and Corinne Vendetti was Editor of HI- LIFE. SENIOR YEAR This year's Pep Crew consisted of fourteen energetic seniors As our senior year began, the class officers were: Art Regoli, president, Gabe Novo, vice president, Cheryl Nicol, secretary, Pat Long, treasurer, and Connie McDonell, representative. Cheerleaders were Gayle Hinkle, Bart Dozier, Joan Arata, Bob Davi, and Carole MacDonald. Songleaders were Karen Adams, Marie Neveu, Connie McDonell, Mary Jane Tomsich, Pat Long, and Corinne Vendetti. Ellen Pillisi was Joe Panther and Maureen Wofford and Fran Green were Pantherettes. "Holly-Berry Ball" was the theme of the annual Senior Christmas Dance. Chairmen for the affair were Janice Jennings, Bill Moore, Ann Boyle, and Larry Leedham. Diane Danilovich was chosen "Good Citizen" by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Second semester officers were Gabe Novo, president, Nona Bulmer, vice president, Mary Jane Tomsich, secretary, Pat Long, treasurer, and Connie McDon- ell, representative. Cheryl Nicol was Editor of the PANTHER, Corrine Vendetti and Pat Carollo were Editors of the PROWLER, and Judy Fisher was Editor of HI-LIFE. Blue and white were chosen as the class colors, "Knowledge Comes But Wisdom Lingers" as the class motto, roses as the flower, "You'll Never Walk Alone" as the song, and the announcement was the "American Beauty." Senior Ditch Day, Senior Dress-Up Day, the Teas, and the Senior Ball highlighted our last few weeks here at AHS and then on June 13 the Class of '58 graduated and took their place in the world. We even found a few precious moments in which to study! MORE. . . SENIORS 'I958 ALBERT CARL! ZANE CARTER ADVISORSfMr. Russell Ridge, Mrs, Nora Bruce, Miss Jean Vpper- man, Mr. Joe Torp, Mr. Dorsey Shaw. 50 CECELIA DOMINGUEZ JEANETTE MAGHUYOP MARGARET MOORE I The Class of T958 wishes To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank iTs advisors Tor Their wholehearTed supporT and Tireless efTorT To rnake This a Wonderful Senior year Tor all of us. CLASSES ii ivmii X GC -Y. CLASS 0F 1959 'fx .sf gf? 41 YF! 9' 'QWK V7 'Q' of X po Q4 Fred Bernal Bob Bettencourt ,. Lynda Blacker Dee Blakemore .,... Barbara Bogle S., x Dlanne Bouslog Sharon Bowers Pat Bown Dave Brink Ron Brocchlna Darrell Bryson Lynda Buffo Sharon Buhlman Roger Bundy Cx Bull Burkhead Patncua Burnette Rach Burns 7: Nancy Cardlnale Loss Caldwell Louls Caple .fi 1' 21:5 341' 'EC' 1515 'sf '1"'7- -ss -v 'F7' 0- Gary Adams Mnke Adams James Agnew Laurel Ambra Pauline Amos Dorothy Anderson Kay Anselmo Sydney Arner Duane Arnett Carole Autentnco Vlrglnla Ayers Duck Baldwnn Bull Ball Phyllis Baltzell Hllda Bennett ff 17" fi e qv --s ' if 'l."'m, bf 1 f'V 'sl bf' Y af ,1-v-, 1 fgsx lf? Q 5 tj-'X vs. 'Lv , if ag' X I Q Q X S I 'E :EZ ' i2.fff Q , ., LA Q V da Q- i f ' s. 2 V gg . J Q3,tfgi,Lij ,y 1 ' l x A -QA ' Y' r .n 3, 'Q' LR my lt . 1 Q5 , A X ' u l v .. X ' , l, X A Ffa. I N , A AJP-11" X , y f -Nye., -my . , I I W, V .2-'Rl Nl y . . we f- , - A ssjx, H L. K 'K l 0 M X ,Q ' bg K 4v"L1"'l A . .srssr n Y A V ' Dv s t ' L ' ' 7 N .5 1 1 ,. V ff" x ,, ' 5 :Q - f 'L L' A 4: . lv N f 4 ' , A 5 ' -'rr' t . - 5 " ' , , 4 sb! g ' gs y I S A 'N A '-" ' 14- r.'v 'ff ' .2 l ' ' 4 ., if , ly :J ngfirgigxiqiyk B tg. 5 ,. , h A ' , M Ar.. v 9 yyy , "gf Y Nc' I . -MQ 4: ' ' . f 5 J ..-.., I x. , 99' Rich Carlisle Betty Catlett Don Couch Gul Cervantez Tom Cesa Oliver Chaplln Linda Cecchlnr Frank Chrlstle Mary Ann Clark Richard Collins Joyce Compomnzzo Ed Costello Wllma Cox Dee Cravens Gwen Crusmore Nell Crotwell Gale Crouch Barbara Crowl Gene Davls Duck Dawson 05 xt? hu S tex fx 9- 'E V5 i 1 1"'P is 5:1 B Q Sandy Del Collettl Martha Denney Linda Dlaz Pete Donlon Brenda Doyle Mel Duarte Noble Elcenko Kathleen Ele Jud: Elluott Sandra Elluott Luta Enrlquez Mack Enz Howard Evans Barbara Evans Elaune Evatt Greg Favretto Allen Ferguson Edward Ferraro Gary Fessla Fred Futzgerald tw' '-Vvis. tit ' S , ', so 3 if Xi ,film if 'Tai' -SX 'cf' , ,, 'Fw "" 'W gs X 1- QR Q31 . Ns,,f R hx -2' fi ,- 1-'- L up A , Bull Hetzell Emery Hobbs Ginny Hodges Bob Holt Janet Honea if 55:45 Joan Honea Duane Hovet Ralph Howard Rudy Hunt Jack Ives Jay lvie Q. 9 Dave Fontana Norman Foust Shirley Francis Bill Gallien Jean Garman Jlm Garman Omer Garrett Brag Garrow Clyde Gilbreath Colleen Godwin Tony Gonzalez Don Greco Theresa Gullett Douglas Hardy Derrall Harmon Luannla Harmon Myles Harper Gladys Harris Delores Hernandez Jerri Heseman 'SEEK Pigs Q'- awning. -5 New -was gl. Larry Jackson 'Sh Nancy Jennings 0' s 'A Barbara Jensen Lloyd Jewell 419 Shirley Jochum Gwen Johnson Don Jones Helen Jones John Jones I L 8 1"B l f a Joyce Jones Ronald Jones Shirleen Jones Ken Jordan Judy Keith Pat Kelly Lnlly Kendall Ivar Kent Sue Krlltan Delores Knapp Bull Kropp Mary Ann Kyle Davnd Ladd Judy Lamb Charlene Lambert Darlene Lambert LaVera Lance Tony Larson John Lawrence tm Lrbbey ZZ' 3"X 1' '-2' A4 '-A 5 4?'- xg G' 6' x:+ 11:3 17 Q?-if 'IQ 5 - X Q,f"A4, sex E I 5 4'-s 1-ig, 64 KX if Q' Q' 3 YTD' X 'v 5'-.Y ,JV- 2-J on 'Uv if ...s if Qxxxfffffx-c inn, Tom Llnehan Dan Lupton Doug Ltttrell Janice Locket? Russ Lorshbough Rosemarte Luna Teddv MacDonald Lmda Machado Phil Machado Rich Madrlgal Yvonne Maghuyop Gary Marquardt Ltnda Marquardt Margle Martnnez Carmen Matlock Mark Mayhew David Mays Janice McClure Kathleen McCullough Allen Meducn gf 119 lx V lv' P at 1 'Gu :lg A ff 7 -0- 7 rv 'xt' ' H A ew- "M is' Q"' Ann Powell John Powers Jack Prelza Davld Prlce Andrea Puccu Dan Ramsey Tom Ramsey Johnny Ray John Rees Richard Reeves Carolyn Reynolds Linda Rach Bonnle Ridge Robin Rlghtmlre Karen Rutter Wayne Robison John Rodgers Irene Romo Larry Rosalez vi, M Elly '.-1 :M Y 4 Q v 7 if '37 .,,.. xx gi, 2- zf Q' Alfred Mendes r r gg Ann Mickelson .,, Gerald Mickelson M tv it an -2'-V wr' ,nv 1 Eur E 49" 14 56 W' 'vt fr. 'C"f in. 'if 3 A K T' Thelma Miller Carole Moldenhauer Mary Lou Moody Peggy Moore alph Mori Puchard Mulr Steve Ozrnent Olga Pachecano Dennis Palch Elaune Pappas Paul Parks Leroy Perry Duck Pettit Mary Ann Phulllps Audrey Paco Margaret Pierce Bernadlne Plnkston 1' turf'- Cie -E0 'Inq Q 1 5 Ng R ' ' E f N A ,X f . QQ Q.: "M Ls f M I J, 1, if , 5 F if rr V in I n N V ' A V M l , A , 51 all , .P U ,H f K qfx A- ,,., V ,. ' ft Q, A S, X x Mil , ' 1 K S. , b .. - gg y A- s g y 'S F 5 1- S' Q ' , i ' X , - lv ff- ' 'A . . 'Q " rf M. t I 'E r 1 l S A . Li, g AQ , - - 5 , W fl X Z2 , f' . VV 5 uwv i X . K L R' . . tw 5 is '1 f ,,,,,,, , x M M ' K W A ,V',, -Q, A--fa A ,y ar. gg, y Gary Rayner ' ' ,V A -Q37 l 'rl , lx , ' '.,' H V V 'V 'A ,4 u y I I my V 'V ,V X A xl' - 4 'F' V, M 4 . . '-L. 2'-fr. A 5, . . . rj r A X y A c J M .4 'A 5 " ' ' f W8 v,srf:,'Z" ' , L iii, ,, AV:AVVVV 3 , I ' , 3 V ', N VV 1 - E V S.- " , T V ' ' ' -- U A ' 11 '4 P A Loretta Rounsaville Ed Routt Henry Ruiz Jim Ruiz Patricia Russo Dennis Ryan Wnlfred Ryer Buddy Sampson Bob Schmitt Mark Schneider Linda Scott Linda Scott Graydon Sheldon Cheryle Shinn Jim Skaggs Linda Sleppy Betty Smith Bill Smith David Smith Sally Sparks x ,. Aaimni 'lbw Q - 5- . lay Q is "'Ns,. Y. us- 45" 'X ,N Qiul x . in Q-1 mm Xxlh ""i? REAR an " tr fii hu Ihr S 'rt is Ahh- fv. wg, -36- 3- "7 l Susan Sparks Sheila Spohn Charles Sprague Eva Staley Sandra Standley John Stansbury Larry Stebbins Joslyn Stephens Wayne Stephens Carolyn Stitt Merle Stone Joe Strickland Sybil Strickland Karen Sundborg Marilyn Sundborg Faye Swlndle Carole Tapella Anita Taylor Dick Taylor Frances Taylor W i 3 f , - - T S' ' 4- :N g-Ala- ic - X ' ... ' , .1 ' 25 ' E , 4x-- 2, ? 1: xg ggi Q Q I ' r V N .I ,Jaxx S15 It , 4,1 ,, J, . - , A K . X xiXll' malt 'QXSJY3 -ati W . 5455 . QN' K if Q V . , ' A N- Q f wi- f . f 5 v - .Q . , s-Ky V,"-"',. I gi V V c 5 - b 'i' , Ls. s ' ii . K ' K D f yi- 3 i I v , S T , 7 l J . . ky- -N. , ' 5 .El 7 S 6 52" v J ' sf 'ffm W f - , E" - 4 ' T , V H 1 W fic... W' 4 " li s . G' '2'3 5? f C: s ' ' 4 ii A ' ,il A Q?.' f? fggi 'Joi HQ "'l: y J Q J 7 V Q Q ??3f'6j Q M Q C 8 ,Q ,, 6 ,F V X 5 .y 4 ' S if - - . n ff . V O y Y . .. K ' ., . w- V' , fl ii fT?Ps sax jwfu 7 ,Shiv A 4 1 K C S tt'i f f - i fi 3 'CQ - A gf Qi: , X L, . , ,Vx . T M J t fmux l 6' bf I Q .-X f ' 9' N y y T for a- ,Q Q7 X X Q, W .,,A d I, ,, 7 gg- 1 . hxg. . un 'is- -is 1- 3, C: 'T 2 'R "Eff, Qxxf Kg q:""': f K ' W X 45 4 a T i A 5 1 Q! I, I, 4.5, T Jn:- G? T v A T .Za --' i- WX aa l- l T L 'ssc-L JUNIOR SNAPS JoAnn Tennison Nick Texeira Dorothy Tomlin George Torres Judy Travell Rita Tucci Judy Turley Veronica Turner Donna Valinati Wendy Waldie Olive Walker Tracy Ward Carolyn Watson Bob Werner Dean Westberry Patricia Westbrook Douglas Williams Sharon Winters Mange cure? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 5 FIRST SEMESTER L-if ,QF it-bg.. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS-Left to right: Sharon BuhIman, vice presidenfg Mar- garet Pierce, freasurerg Carole Autentico, secretary, Judy Lamb, representativeg Carole Tapella, president. Cl' 1 l SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERSfLeff ro rgfwff Damwy Sullivan, president, Carolyn Srltf, represematlveq Carcle Aufewfcc, sezrelary- Ralph Howard, vice president Margaret Plerce, freasurer. ps. S, 1 , cLAss HISTORY Yu X U v 4. - Q E- A I SOPHOMORE YEAR I . pn? l t J I J ' X The class of '59 had a very en- , , S X . ioyable year with the aid of their advisors, Rudolph Knudsen, Ever- ett Currier, and Miss Doris Burton. First semester class officers were Colleen Godwin, president, Laurel Ambra, vice president, Linda Cec- Juniors and advisors decorate for the Prom. , , , chini, secretary, Margaret Pierce, treasurer, and Judy Lamb and Carole Autentico as representatives. Class dues were set at 51.50 and raised to 31.75. The class accepted the traditional crest chosen by the class of '58. A choice of style and setting was made, the rings were ordered, and they were received before Christmas. The Sophomore Hop, "Underwater Wonderland," was held in the cafeteria from 8:30 till ll:3O on March 22. Judy Lamberson and Linda Machado were chairmen for the dance. Second semester officers were lvar Kent, president, Kathleen Ele, vice president, Carole Tapella, secretary, Gilbert Cervantez, class representative. Even Juniors should realize nothing grows there but weeds. JUNIOR YEAR Class advisors Mrs. Nel lves, Miss Ellen Brydon, Norman Rose, Ben Aiello, and Rudolph Knudsen were constantly on their toes in order to keep up with this hive of busy bees. First semester class officers were Carole Tapella, president, Sharon Buhl- man, vice president, Carole Autentico, secretary, Margaret Pierce, treasurer, and Judy Lamb held the student council post as representative. 6l il l I il. T ,ll . o i l it . The class set their dues at 51.50 and Mull later raised them to 51.75. Theme of the Junior Prom was the lovely "Black Magic," the dance being held on December 6 from 9 to 12 m. Music was provided by Jack Kennedy's Band. General chairmen of the dance were Linda Cecchini and Sydney Arner. Reign- ing over the dance were Linda Cecchini and Dave Fontana. Their court consisted of Allen Ferguson, Carole Autentico, Mark Mayhew, Kathleen Ele, Kenny Jordan, Sydney Arner, Gary Ryner, Judy La Lamb, Dee Cravens, Wendy Waldie, Eddie Keller, and Margaret Pierce. Class officers for the second semester were Dan Sullivan, president, Ralph Howard, vice president, Carole Autentico, secretary, Margaret Pierce, treasurerg and Carolyn Stitt, junior class representative. Colleen Godwin was Junior Editor of the PROWLER, Wendy Waldie was Junior Editor of the PANTHER, and Carole Autentico was Editor of HI-LIFE. More resting than working! Working hard on "Black Magic" Junior girls are palsy-walsy Loretta Aden Ronnte Agnew Wllly Aguilar Ray Agunre Loretta Allen Nlkku Ambler Barb Anderson Nancy Anetsky George-en Arata David Atkanson Judy Ayers M3 ax O C' Luanna Ayers Carolyn Barley Tom Baker Rnchard Ball T ,Q QB if Q-5 CLASS OF 1960 hi ..-I JE F we es -cr' .A 'C"j ""'ng f"'v Wm 343' 5- is i :Ax -by in 5,1 ga.:- ful 'V' -In it Sylvia Barnes Rxclward Bartlett Marty Basusta Ernestune Basulto Anuta Bates Pat Beauregard Jerry Beebe Barbara Belem Jon Bell Carolyn Berendsen Mnke Berry James Bnggs Betty Bowers Ray Boyle Jo Brooks Ernue Brown Laguwana Brown Margne Bryant Marlene Bryant . -H Q K 4 - .ll ,. 'J if ' XY? 4-'X ' A! 'lane ,,, to pzs 1. ' - , I Q- V . . rs- A --- . Qt' D' V K -J 5 X' J! V! fx, tw' . X N .fe Y V Y ,'T.,..wsg , L A A B- "' 1' l ' , A. vs- D 'L ' Q "' " ' ff- ' X . Q, -f:'- x , af' ,..- x. A 'E , - Bias' .5 I 5 K ,, ' ,' Q- T t K Q, X K n . . so f H A W A t - A V l Joe Basulto x ' A lt A L 3 1. 1, J ,rx ix l, tl A54 f kk . ' I 4. " B' L. Z 4 Xe., t 13 A ' A lx , F A fl 5 -Q fx , . ' " brig I B ff P Y 'fl .gf D Vx?" 'ki' ' ' . 5 if ,A 1 Y 'V 4 f ' , x l ' Q I xxx S l ' f 5' an A , l Q , ,X gr.. . 3 4 L .x K A Q , V trys. ., .,,. Mm, , aria . V . 9- 'ftil , x, i . .. l's'a'?2 , X fl 52-L' W ' V v X A4 ff 'V I 4 till - 3 I I 'L af- "su, Q.. Q' x.T'. ti E tm .aw at ., 'K I I- .alt ' , 'rf' , f s at , 'W . , if '-z Q tltt S ,X C 'tl L. James Clutes Barbara Coffer Bruce Colllns James Collins Linda Collins Loss Colllns Roger Cook Jlm Cooper Leona Cornelius Reggne Cosmos Clara Costello Eldon Courtney Kathleen Cox Cynthia Cramblet Charles Creecy Dorothy Cross Joyce Cummings Phlllp Daniel Jrm Davl Lxnda Davis 64 -v lol ,QQ as 16" 53 -as 'Vx 5-A Us fs: fi, 'Q ,..-0 .5 qw H x O- Q,-R E rv, J .,7x, gfifwx ,N 3 vi 'Aa .-, -N. ww Q4 y if fix 40" 5 -dp. 1-mr E tel: sz.: slug. Q, 6- QQ: sigv Remmel Bryant Ken Bunt Rusty Burbank Linda Burris Dale Cagle Ted Calahan Jean Cannata Faye Carlisle John Carey Juana Carmichael Pat Cavallere John Choate Pat Chesley Francine Clrco Carole Clto Judy Clto Cleatta Clark Connue Clark Gary Clark George Clement ig' wvv"" Q71 if We er REQ 'E' S , K J 'X A p i ll' N ' ,XX . D s . . l 1 A V l I at .. X A . ' A 5 ' ' 5 ,L X. X. lx - s K niggas 5 I N' Q. :t.,,t: J ' ltatlt J C s' Multi, y . 'E 3 ,., Q J, A y In wx ff h iw -K ' ' ,lly t A ' C J so 1' bw l , A 2. 'S . . y t , ' ,. 1' A M ,F 5 M ,lf . C .vlt A "" I r , " H " , A. -f x 1- ' Q: ,gh - . , , X r ' I -F , ,, V I ' ,K ff I , xx my gbffie f gl, s Larry Day Robert DeBene Pat DeCambra Margaret Del Rosa Ronnie Del Rosa Marlene Demnicki Carole Devera Judy Dobbins Joan Dodson Lorraine Domunlck Larry Dorsey Bob Douglas Barbara Dowd Eddie Doyle James DuBose Mnchele Duplre Carol Eames Leland Edwards Paulette Elenburg Ted Elllott -ex 'S " Q.-f' A nl-n F Q 'Of S 5 T qv- 'Q' Tv tgp , gp., X , , xx xx P -'REG wi- I ew' g- s..,,- iw, 6' , YT' .wh E. 1 'Q 8, Sun. 'Weak br fm, i al' 5:9- 6 Sr ,E f- - 1" - , Q i - cis . ,gs Q6 fr-nv adams alt' 2 -7?-3 ., a 4q,Q 'bo 15 'K Ted Ellnott Lester Elmore Bob Enz Cindy Eruckson Darlene Erickson Luann Erickson Maryann Erxckson Ronnie Escalona Joanne Farley Bob Ferguson Allce Ferreura Janet Flon Vlckl Franklin Bruce Franz Linda Fredrnckson John Frnedman Blll Fulkerson Dennis Fuller Make Gallagher Dave Garcna 66 2 as gan K 'F 1 Q!" Wx .-.,, in C-T Q-5 FQ- 07 Q' vs, Janlce Harrlson Terry Hartdegen John Hartshorn Melba Haskett Dennls Heapy Elsie Hlebert Frank Hetrlck BIII Hlnkle Janet Hobbs Dewey Hodges Faye Hodges Ann Holliday Carolyn Houk Earl Hoyt Fred Hudson Joan Hutmacher Davld Jackson Leroy Jacques Jackxe Jeffery Walter Jeffery 'K Z' Arl- by Aff.-...Nw6"3' QM' M. YK 'Nei in -S.. 5- Nw. 13,81 N y 4 H- 1 28 .ff- X VM' 'T Vx ang. IN Nancy Garcia Dorothy Gaul Bruce Ghlselle Marlene Gnnochno Kathy Gravannr Stan Grpson Mary Lou Gonzales Ruta Gore Alfred Goulart Bob Graham Darlene Grangnelll Bully Green Lynn Greco Jerry Griffin Kent Gulntoll Joann Gurule Judie Halvorson Anlta Hamer Don Hammer Kareen Hansen 2' Cecelna Jenkuns Ramona Johnstone Florence Jordan Frank Karaglanns Fay Kountanls Lxnda Kennerly Igor Kent Sherry Kldwell Richard Kung Sharral Klnslow Kathleen Kash Sharon Koskey Bull Lagusls Jack Lance Judy Larson Tommy Lasslter Larry Laurltzen Carole Lembn Char Lewallen Jerry Lllley 'H tl- A N. uv Mb 5.4 J-R0 5' 'HP ps Q gs:- 'S 'Nu x X tv 15 " Q' Tx ts.- X77 mf ang .., fx if ,f if an.- Wa, Qu. .,.,,. sf rw mt Charles Llndley David Lindquist Linda Llndsey Janlce Lnttlepage Frank Lopez Rnchard Lopez Steve Lopez Pat Lucldo Don Luns Doug Luton Janet Lynn Kenny Lyons Roger Magness Charles Mahon Emnly Manalato Charlene Marchant Joann Marchetti Duck Marchuo Pat Marchlo Luls Martxnez S 455 1 1 L 67 cl ' J '-:QA , 1 r 4, Wi, A .., qtrr WF V, ,HL . K .ij ' A .. - I, ' l If ,- . 5 Jval , I , a V N I'-1.32 l V A ,r., - A fy- s 11 ' V' ll' "l' K x '4 ' , J 5 A fs ' ' 9 s , ' - J 5- 'M ey ' 'W ,- I 5 .J iszrgeff . Y A 4' la' X A A Y 9 gf . , ,ws , ' ' ' Q , Af i 'f,K I g L. 'W , r E E ' ' if l .. C- y ,sf Q a , W ,i X Ji K ! .,,.:Qm Y Y , t .I Q kj . ,ws 5 I1 ' Vt ,V Sw ' -N 1 2 ,-I- ff' jj ,, cr Y, ,Q Q 5 L N., W -y ,- ' J ' J V r"' J ' Q J. -L S . 1 ' 1 at , . t ,C ' X ff C C Q as - L JL e 5 Q -1 iigfggfr 'U' g , V :L J C , K ,J 4-A t .- ' , J 1 0 in X if , L I H J J an J g - Q. ,i A ,' l ' - 3 I . l '- ,, L' ' ll, - 'J' is . A -. ' . Q 'A B. ' ' ' I - . , JL. Wu wwf' ag H- 'R' 'if Lorranne Morelln Joanne Mullen Faye Newbury Joan Nelson Donna Kay Nncol Vncfor Noon Jerry Norgol Lrlly Nunez Jlrnrny Olds Carlos Olvera Ray O Mary Ray Orman Joe Pacheco Noreen Pauch Mary Palmer Larry Parks Carol Penney Dennns Perry Ronald Perry Gerald Marzolf Dixie Mathers ow Barbara McCoy Sandy McCoy Marlanne McGeechan 3- flu ,fn Bull McGovern Ron McMulla ,, N 'N S' Carol McQuade vu Adrienne McQuarrle ,W Carolyn McWe1hy like Q. Www Nlck Medelros Delores Mercado Pat Miguel .E Ben Muller John Muller fb. 'sb i WWW Vnrglnna Miller N Mary Ellen Mohr Lnncla Mooney John Moore Ronnue Moore 'Q-Q fs 6' ns' QQ ge ""' gi" 2? T7 'V 50' RWM! 3 'ZS' 7.-Q 4 wig 6- 2? Qi. Yu is ,tu 1 Q 6 5 ' . 1 34 , , UD if ' , ll' J' x ro- 4 rx A if gy "' Q' I P is . " X im. 5 1 -2'M - , , w . rug, Q V to , - 1 J , ' ," , J v . ,rs L. lt' x ' l "ne 1 A X el uf ,- by' 1-Q V A gg gr. r L Z , M l bk, qc. , . J 'ff 4 1 W X I ' ' 69 .' ' 1 sm - X "-.R in f uv l ..,-3 k :X m 1-.. vi ' 5 , V "sims Agglg M ,,,y I A J fx V D : Q Q, tire- Q 9 ' l ,v 5 - . P ' ia 3: ft- , I " 1 s r Q J X Xrllf J . Q , , M x A ' --1 Judy Muzzola J f"'l A , V' ye ,K J H 5. . ,gl J N'f.f V7 s.. I I as i I . P' "A J il X . fglfzffk J M. ' ,J N.. - . Q l . A , ' - as ' ' S Q : 1 NKAXXX ' V K X x h V7 , 1 afx, I I N -5 , T If I ,eil an H X Q' 0 A ' 4 l ' ' is J' J l " l l V. if . hr. l , 1, P. A 4 Allen Phlllrps Leola Plmental Vlolette Pxrozzoll Gary Pntek Mnke Pollard Arvalean Pool Donna Porter Henry Provnne Blll Prouty Ron Pucclnelln Lona Purcell Harley Radley Robert Ralston Lorenzo Ramirez Lynn Rasmussen Ben Rayner Joel Reeves Jerry Reis Sandra Reslno Vlc Rivera as 'N seq '-5 S R .Ain Q iv X f ac or '55 li 'E 'il -.Qs ff-D fu. is 3 Ax A 119' Vx ..,, Ski. 'CZ is Hof' f-wfxg be Yr' o Whig. Q3 Mm ii S' T' 4" Ah... T75 A at 96 aw ki. Doug Roberts Thomas Roberts Larry Rochelle Mary Lou Rogers Clalre Rodgers Joe Roman Martha Romo Judy Ross: Margaret Rounsavllle Rudy Salazar Jess Sanchez Duane Sandoval Steve Sauter Pat Savage Mark Schouten Frank Senuck Phllllp Sexton Bobbe Shapuro Jane Shaw Carl Shirts . y l I sv, 'L I l fx, W Z A X - X. lf . -V ,Q ox 44-we gl ' A 'S , 1- . . R Q9 fr, Lew ' My 1 Rh' Lim . l A : I -X 'S il 'T l L ' 3' ' L . X7 ,,., ,513 L r z -1 S t 3 .Q 7 ,R 4 La L, . tl: r 'sf' 2 ' srl, -f A Q N I A ' 'ff V . 53? l ' L - t 1' fi 1 2 L sm, . may . B I I l I S MM' 1 'L M s F X ' L L R " L 1 f , Q. 5 , tv' . ' s L M :A 1 so-L r . 5 K L 'S 'Q " is .l " n tl tl lt S. sstr L L ' if lm.: mn M6 My fx Y . . ., yg L gdb T I Wy ..:, .L lt ' f i L I 4 7 y V N v ' f x, -it - X y , -ev A A an . ' Za' A 'V ' Q' . . at A 1 ? j Y 4 Q, ' . ,X ' - X f x 3' l N Y? " A N- 'j ' ' I L In I l '4 1 . mil' at fb- 5 iN is fl qv' 1 Margarnte Taylor Linda Terranova Lynn Terwrlllger Martun Thlessen Carol Thut Lorrlane Tomsuch Nita Tonso Harold Young Kay Young Mary Varner Allen Vendettn Albert Vnera Isabelle Vnera Luz Vuera Bob Vtramontes Dave Walden Bull Waller Karen Ward Matthew Ward Judy Watson an 'mt 551' WN it A01- li IV" 'sv' X. if '14 wr-Q,j 5 Nancy Slgarl Margaret Sums Margo Sims Bull Smith Carol Srnlth David Smith Vnnce Srnuth Gladys Solorzano Charles Springer Judy Spruell John Stacy Mrke Stanford Ann Steadman Fran Stone Gall Stormes Bull Strickland Mlchele Strobrtdge Gregory Stolberg Grant Sullivan Jo Sullnvan -R .e-.. 'R wk. 23' 5 if--9 -2 -fa" '41 v 1-x Z' K wif bk? . 9 an , 1 ' - f-ff . "' - . - X. .r ' 1 ' , fgwmisf' .4 W 5 11 an 4- lf W' , . h H. Av , A Q , '1 i , M ' J . ,af ' ig 1' ' 'A -9. A: "JY Xn, f x -, D n . 1 f , rf if W . x . Q - 1 ' W . A K , A. I 'Q ' ,y 'xx 1 x . ,Tm I" . Q I . x , is ,Q I l , 1 . - ' . , M 1' it .i I . ' I f' 'X ' I I , 5,5 'V I, A ' ,aff ,1 512 mxfivf fx'qIV'. 'lf"Ef-,Xiu tx fx Q, Mg.'."' 1. fi 'fag ' X n gif- ' if 5 'v ff? ' ffzgffff' ' f ' 4. . -A if 'vi' 4 Th H Y' . ' ' 'T' Q SOPHCMORE CLASS SECOND OFFICERS SEMESTER P f Y ,pw Lefr to right: Donna Kay Nicol, secretaryg Vicki Franklin, vice presiclentg Dennis Heapy, president, Lynn Terwilliger, representaiiveg Margaret Del Rosa, treasurer Janet Flori, representative. - X- il "' ' .f"'1 -f f CLASS HISTORY The sophomores, in their first year as high school students, are iust beginning to make class history. Their first semester officers were Dennis Heapy, president, Bill Strickland, vice president, Pat Chesley, secretary, Margaret Del Rosa, treasurer, Janet Flori and Carole McQuade, representatives. The Sophomore Hop was held on March 28. Dancing was from nine to twelve in the cafeteria. "A Little Bit of Heaven" turned out to be one of the best Sophomore dances ever. Second semester officers were elected and those chosen were Dennis Heapy, president, Vicki Franklin, vice president, Donna Kay Nicol, secretary, Margaret Del Rosa, treasurer, Janet Flori and Lynn Terwilliger, representatives. With such a display of vim and vigor, it can safely be said that the class of 1960 may look forward to two full and rewarding years of high school. F!! Z' Wifi, STP' ' I 0 0, f ? , s- 4 N X HISIQU SOPHOMORE HOP CHAIRMEN Standing: Bill Strickland, Igor Kent, Marlene Demnicki, Nicki Ambler, Stanley Gipson, Bobbe Shapiro, Sandy McCoey, Carlos Olvera. Kneeling: Sandy Resino, Lor- raine Morrelli, Pat Marchio, Joan Nelson and Jerry Reis. S 9 73 CRGANIZATICNS 6 ,k CQ YQ W Sf, xn- ' 329 Av 5 '4 f s. 0' .v X N 3 AITUDENT COUNCJL- , BART DOZIER I Presidenr l i , 1 'A MARSHALL KULJU ' Vice President SECOND SEMESTER 73' COUNCIL 3' as -lf k 4 l ' S ,ri ' 4-fe-48 V KAREN ADAMS .' rx ' W4 F J Treasurer I , x , 1 X '- JANICE JENNINGS ji Secretary ' SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Kneeling, leff to right: Bart Dozier, presidenfg Connie McDonell, senior represenfafivep Marshall Kuliu, vice presi- dentg Karen Adams, Treasurerg Bob Davi, commissioner of boys' affairs, Standing: Carolyn Sfifi, iunior represeniaiivep .loan Arafa, commissioner of publiciryg Jessie Sugarman, commissioner of ralliesg Verrill Redo, commissioner of assembliesg Janice Jennings, secrevaryg Janet Flori, sopho- more represenrativeg Lynn Terwilliger, sophomore representafiveg Diane Danilovich, commissioner of girls' affairs. Due to the increasing number of stu- dents in our student body, the Council felt that our Constitution needed revis- ing. Under the advisorsbip of Mr. James Hill, certain revisions were adopted by the student body. Janice an-.1 L 'xi A ' ,V TNX,,' " :. HJ 77 l y 1 I, K , x ti Q' 1 K K 5. xmxxq ki , r - .H -v FOPEIG ' 1 . iv EX fame Dani, CHANGE 7 ilO'lClq OWICH C OAAM1 ' a 9 Daft . TTEEX Jaflf , ce Jennings B ' arf D Ozfer N, Us N f EV J , an . 72, EARN? gig I .f L xx, QQ x " v- 1- ,, E213 'f Lp ' si X x1 'ih- Art Edutor SHEILA ANGELO Orgamzatlons Editor CORRINE VENDETTI 98 4"'Y I X, SENIOR PANTHER STAFF ,gs '90 vw Editor an Chnef CHERYL NICOL -it 159' Lnterary Edutor JESSIE SUGARMAN Grrls Sports GAYLE HINKLE ? fi KN H. Advertising Manager CHICKI WOOLCOTT Boys Sports BILL NELSON LQ. 1--Q .Ca- , J SENIOR PANTHER STAFF li. 49' 1"5 W'-'nv Business Manager SHIRLEY STAHLI-IEBER fi 1-A Q I 3 f""'i'5' I K Circulation Manager FRANCES GREEN Feature Editor PAT CAROLLO Wi af I Y'-,,m'P I , 1 ,- at - 19 vs "' .2 ,-,. si W, K , I :Hogg .il S: 'Ur' -,I 'Q' "1 'N :I 1. liz. 'w:'A.1JLf-:..,g sgizxz. ::r1:y.I,. 1 r '1:f.x1J'::::g,f' .. . r.. , ' .' First Semester Editor CORINNE VENDETTI .5 E PROWLER STAFF The PROVVLER is published bi-weekly by the advanced Journalism stu- dents, with tirst year students assisting. A regular tour-page issue costs on the average ot S44 and is tinanced by ads obtained from local merchants and Sl from each student body card. Students who are not student body card holders are charged tive cents for an issue. It is otherwise distributed tree, The whole paper is .vritten by the students, typed on the IBM, pasted on layout pages and then taken to Diablo Valley News in Oakley to be litho- graphed. Pictures are taken by the student photographer. Statt iobs are changed at the beginning ot each semester Cexcept business managerb. However, some statt members retain their positions through second semester Csuch as Margaret Pierce, Bernice Peterson, Gayle l-linlcle, and Duncan Knowlesl. Journalism ll students are appointed to till statt positions, except tor assistant editor who automatically becomes editor. Grades are decided upon a point basis. ,ft NCWS Editor Advertising Maeager Business Manager BERNICE PETERSON DUNCAN KNCNLES Ct-llCKl wootcotr First Semester Feature Editor Fiygf Semesief Cgfwlaf 5,1 Manager Exchange Editor FRANCES GREEN BART DOZER GAYLE HINKLE as 4,1 I ! tFor i PROWLER STAFF ptctore of entrre group, se I e page 1462 MR, TOM WARD Journattsm advisor for HI-LIFE, PROWLER, PANTHER .1 Q, 1 4-'H L uf if Second Semester Edttor PAT CAQCLLO fv " C"7 Second Semester Asststant and Feature Edttor Second Semester Phototypesever, BUNNY HX-XAS, and Second Semester FQANCES GQEEN and CORINNE VENDETU Cfrcotatiort Manager, RALPH FCY. Girls' Sports Edttor Sports Edttor A55t5T5'W1 ECWOV MARGARET FWERCE MARK SCHNHDER COLLEEN GOIN-'IN .4f"' qnx Duncan and Ha, ha, ha! 'Z' Janice thought This picture was for a staff job MORE SNAPS Who took the picTure?'? CGil and Garyb q,,,,,f--v , si ,,,,..-4'4" ,,. Wvww-ffzww 1 , a. pfta X' H ,Ai, qgsqgywfw-1 4 ,fl 1 ,r X A darling picture, but what was it Taken for? CCorinne and Wenclyl My, girls, what big Yeeih you have! fFrances and Berniceb auf' i X, N i i wi -.-M ? 1 Seated: Kathleen McCullough, Betty Catlett, Carole Autentico, Wendy Waldie, Linda Scott, Sheila Angelo, Judy Fisher. Standing: Ed Keller, Sharon Buhlrnan, Fran Taylor, Colleen Godwin, Pat Lindley, Oliver, Margaret Palmer, and Gilbert Cervantez. HI-LIFE HI-LIFE is a page of high school news, which appears every Friday in The Antioch Ledger. It is produced by the Journalism l students. Not pictured are second semester editor Carole Auten- tico's assistants, Pat Russo and Linda M. Scott. First semester editor Judy Fisher and assistants Carole Autentico and Wendy Waldie. 4-X 'L nts G-' Q Gayle and Chicki are the camera hogs of sixth period Journalism! x . Q-iq JOURNALISM SNAPS As you can see, the neat atrrtosploere promotes better Norlc. As usual, these Journalism students are hard at work. The PROWLER getting proofread, believe it or not Margaret Palmer, Post Dispaich reporter, .AGr . - MF M ! T I . COLLEEN GODJJN Circulation Manager and SHARON BUHLMAN, Advertusung gil -- .nl . R GlLBERT CERVANTEZ Boys Sports Edutor and KATHLEEN MCCUL CAROLE AUTENTICO, Organizaiions Ediror, seared, PAT RUSSO, Dark LOUGH Glrls Sports Ednor roofn Assistant, and LINDA SCOTT, Business Manager. 21 GARY MARQUARDT, Photographer ,gg Q ,, ff , , , eff. .W ' , x ki! if 1 Af':k ,i I My , L 1 5 wg-I l 'E ff A K 1 f A , ' I-V, V1 5 I J A W ff , 'f 1 ' ' fi Q J? 5 WTS? if SWL 5 M V1 5 f f 4.3 A my . ' K!! ,K 67,1 iff 5? .A ,Q ,fi ' .3142 . f ash -A I -,A jf f 'QL'-Q10 ., 3 f y ' ,J ,. S fl' 1 Q 0 ji! W gmfjvfkf A f Eg ' as gf. LN ig x 3' Hasty, ig gf A if ' X 5 il 'J il " T W E 5? Y E - ', 5 2 H 31 . f in Y Sf I t I 1 1 v ' 1 , i 4 s - - x .Q-ji' Gly L , 1 1 - Q ML : , hz' ,fi .V Qi- 5 i , 6 -5 i a .4 f ' if ' W 5? 1 -1 35:5 Z M55 v w I ff La FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS-Kneeling: Ann Boyle, vice presi- dentg Peggy Cribbs, treasurer. Back row: Karen Duncan, com- missioner of publicityp Pat Carollo, presidenfp Verrill Redo, entertainmentg Bernice Peterson, secretary. Fathers and daughters at Fall Banquet, SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Mary Jane Tom- siclw, vice presidentg Glenda Grether, secretaryg Bunny Haas, enrertainmentg Carolyn Ferguson, presidentg Peggy Cribbs, treasurerg Maureen Wofford, commissioner of publicity. fe 4. li 3255 9 ' , 55 , as sr '- ta' Entertainment provided by Jessie Sugarman. Taken at tlne Emblem A Progressive Christmas Dinner. oo 1, -we 92 A""' Frrg' row, Jeff to rfghrq Dax d Feoor-o, J?" Coder, Gabe Niue, Gd Cervaf'-el Looe Vrrervomes, Jvw Lrbbe. Ar? Broan, Arr Regorr, Anfeorwy onso. Ss-coro ro.v John Arya, Harry AAQCNarwaHan, Larry Seobrrvs, Trm Co' 1-. 'om TaNlor', Edcire KeNer S'eve Orrega, Bob Prrvemrar, Ge-'we irtborg. Tbvfi rwv Dorm Kofs'o, Jerry Anderson, Mex Simmer, Marshal! K, Ear! Carr, Davrd Sweeney, Bob Smith, Mack Enz, Jess Pmedo. 'ow"v mx." 'Hx Marglvo 391:51 Foy, Nan Avvsky, Dom Rogers, Tom L'r":".m, Jerry Twley, CMH Habig, Mke Rodriguez, Jrm Pxirvs, OFFICEQS 7 ,r--, JN' "" Rarpo Voy, sergearw'-af-anvvsg Jwm EHR'-5 "oP"r1'sswoner of Eublrcrty. Bet-c 'fDN. Jerry Anderson 5 crefar Arr Rego , v Qc pres :few '."orshaN Kqro, presudenfg BM Moore, Tre- 'er 4 :'VT:a,t.a' 3' ma a .. ,, L,,, ,.Wf'aer,155 Ig in li ,- , Hill!!! ll ww 3525 EAM H25 Ill 25951. I ' A ' 1 2 7xjk N' X D The annual Block A initiation Y F., BLOCK A 5 ACTIVITIES , If .ffl presented many sights! One of the sights, ef 5 I, Q 3 A- . I IN Q 1, ,442 I fe! X. l . ' My - Q' 2 I-'Knit yi if . .4,...4iL , ........ .Qs-W Ralph Foy and Louie Verrvontes are hard at it. X I . 1. --'Ik The boys working hard towards earning S72 for the March of Dimes. nf:-V :yn f I I FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS-Kneeling, left to right: Connie McDonell, senior representative, Kathleen Ele, vice presidenty Carol McWade, sophomore representative, Francine Enea, sports managerg Pat Long, entertainment. Standing: Tammy Beratto, treasurer, Janice Jennings, commissioner of publicity, Vicki Franklin, sophomore representativef Kathy Cavanaugh, secretary, Colleen Godwin, iunior representative, Carolyn Ferguson, president. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MISS EVELYN GASSAWAY Advisor MISS ARLINE SARTUCHE Advisor ye- -., in 9 f' , -was 541' il? :?F3'?2 ei? y fs , . Ti A, SECOND SEMESTER OFFlCERS!Left to right: Betty Bowers, soprtornore representative, Andrea Pucci, commissioner of entertainment, Vicki Franklin, sophomore representativeg Janice Jennings, secretary, Pat Carollo, president, Tammy Beratto, treasurer, Maxine Booth, senior representative, Wendy Waldie, iunior represen'ativei Mavff-'en Woffofdi Commlsslonm of publicity. A 1 nf-v!s....w ..- "-f wf.L': .'Z - V ,Q , L L.. V. Lv L. v Q ,V ' 4 f,L,Lg nga-A ' gffw4f:m,.71fY:'2'? 'N' 1. :vw ' L: 1 ' L fffgff-L.4f',"lfg5rfwF?m1--f-'S'-Avwfdnfg--H . . , Lf, ...,L,L,.,.,,,.W i,ij,,f M.. L l L Nifif - L 1 U :iff - WSF 1 4 M 575 mv ,Ii ll 7: ' fee? l il -- ETA 1' Awe' I 1' f' f ff 4'- , Wi U QA ' f -qv, v Iv", er h A. V1 E W 'v ,L 5 Q , ,,g 4 jg l ga 5, 1 f L , I Z . 1 , Q3 , 'f 1, -r. L L Lf? W , I 45' - A 'K 4 K xxx? fl? wi ft ' f 4, . W L :gf if " I J' 1 U V , J , , I i A V 1 l f Lg f 5 L' . , -Lf 1 f.Q Lf L 1 ' s A Q LK ' 1 L 1 s I 7 ,Y E2 E :LVL L, my L .. 41 :4-gQ m 3 - .1 I It L J if .Q ' e .kv . 5 H -1 3 ,V Q f 2 b Ur t 1. I fl- " f ' 'af fl -ai -6-1 . 'L L 43, xr fra..-H? ',,lL,f-A Nw 1 . .X L Ni' '-' .. ' sim k 34 'N 3-W ,., wr' if ,-,, K. Q fp 21,1-uw 1 5 li U iii' Seated, first row, left to right: Phyllis McQuarrie, Pat Mooney, L'nda Machado, Peggy Davis, Charlene Lewellan, Linda Scott. Second row: Nancy Sigari, Vicki Franklin, Donna Kay Nicol, Carole Eames, Jean Thomas, Nikki Ambler, Susan Sparks, Ginny Hodges, Loretta Rounsaville, Linda Mooney, Linda Kennerly. Third row: Joann Mullins, Loretta Wolfe, Ann Steadman, Violet Pizoli, Sandy Resino, Barbara Collins, Mrs. Olive Shields, advisor, Diane Bouslog, Nan Cardnelli, Sally Sparks, Fran Stone, Frances Cooney. Fourth row: Marlene Ginocchi, Carolyn Berryingson, Arva Jean Pool, Charlene Lawson, Judy Turley, Loretta Allen, Faye Carlisle, Barbara McCoy, Janet Hobbs, Adrienne McQuarrie, LuAnn Erickson, Kathy Jacques, Lynn McClure, Janice Lauritzen, Kay House, Gail Shaw, Becky Mass, Dee Blakemore, Veronica Turner, Sheila Spohn, Ellen Pillisi, Delores Hernandez. .-My if FUTURE HCJMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . J Proiects for the year for the Future Homemakers of America included selling popcorn, a fashion show, a tea, and a cake sale. - Installation of first semester ,I V' XM .4 l HN-an 2 ? r" 4 xi OFFlCERS-Charlotte Lewellan, parliamentarian, Judy Keith, treasurer, Linda Machado, secretary, Pat Mooney, vice president, Peggy Davis, songleader, Linda Scott, historian and reporter, Phyllis McQuarrie, president. officers veg' vw. Y? 'K S4 lfili lilillil UUIINV "VlQlll lnnggu f"i!lll lllggggf' ,453 ij. i fd ' .5 3 LAS ,R ' f LrL ?ff 4' 'H Mr- -vb raw Q N ii 32 , K 577, ,fb E, if 4' L : ,. 3 ,N , f WM, e-nf Z ,Y ,' 'WYEMQH 4' ' . 1 K . R f ,T 1: I r M - ' W -as ' f -'F We if ff ' 3104 I I A ww We mid' M' ,ww ' W Wwfw 3 2 q i 5 W-Wg iv .2 A, , I ,3, 5 ,g2i?fig ,, M, L -W "' 5 2529 N 4 W . 27' ' I I . ! - M if , -f - KIM 4 ,. E A ag, Q 2 1 ' Qffiai lf 2 l ,lL'1,':5 ff k 'f '. Q .lwfiff 1 in I f f 1 , 'P . wi! W 1 -V..-f Q? if 'I' 1 Q1 z 7 .St , fa S Y M V ff. gtg x Y 15? L,,w, :P mi, . 5, 2 ,gf 5 5' H554 Q. 3 T N , T ,, Q , hw EW' ' 4. ww, v Mmm I02 F .,, Gai, 1-l MEMBERS-Seated, left to right: Sydney Amer, Kathleen Ele, Janice Jennings, Wendy Waldie, Marshall Kulju, Diane Danilovich, Margaret Moore, Dianne Bouslog, Joslyn Stephens, Gilbert Cervantez. Standing: Vivian Fante, Judy Spruell, Cindy Erickson, Anita Bates, Loretta Rounsaville, Judy Watson, Nita Tonso, Kathleen Kish, Bernice Peterson, Verrill Redo, Kathleen Cavannaugh, Helen Jones, Kareen Hanson, Penny Riede, Margaret Del Rosa, Bobbie Shapiro, Mary Ann McGeechan, Linda Burris, Charlene Marchant, Linda Terranova, Carole Autentico. FUTURE TEACHERS AMERICA S I Piercef PWS' . J 4 0 ,Mafllafel - treasurer, 'lnfce -554,1 OFHCER5 d Waldie, K' J V 557 HRST 5EMESTERvice President Wen Y 'mlbery Efnfngs EQ OFF! Maf9le Mgorej h Secretary. 6' "fre, 'Wesfo' CLQPSX I Damiovic t Diane ,- JAH X li lo' ,jg ,FA 53 1 A S i My 3 D'9si en lf Wen O' S dy en r, Ydney Waydll S Arnerl If-ea 5909 , Sure dry MEMBERS--Front row, standing, left to right: Penny Reide, Verril Redo, Joslyn Stephens, Diane Danilovich, Don Greco, Dan Ramsey, Tom Cesa. Middle row- Sydney Amer, Kathy Cavanaugh, Tamera Beratto, Mary Jane Tornsich, Carolyn Watson, Mary Ann Kyle, Lois Caldwell, Joe Bianchi, Oliver Chaplin, Douglas Hardy, Bob Werner. Top row: Allen Anetsky, Gilbert Cervantez, Russell Lorschbough, Jim Libbey, Ronald Jones, Richard Reeves, John Stansbury, Dwayne Hover, Jack Ives, Fredric Fitzgerald, Richard Burns. JUNIOR EINSTEINS FIRST SEMESTER OFFlCERSALeft to right: Larry Leedham, Mary Jane Tomsich, Jim Libbey, Lois Caldwell, 0. I' 1 SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Left to right: Dan Rarnsey, Jack Ives, Lois Caldwell. 1 PQK Mary Ja ne Tomsich ,1- 6 X4 fr' lv if I ,I This year over one hundred students par- ticipated in the Rally Club doings. One odd fact was that outside of the cheerleaders, no boys joined the club. Although many of the boys participate in sports, there are a number who don't. Maybe in the years to come the fellows will gain more school spirit. . A in , ,T?vsr,,w SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Judy Lamb, secretary, Pat Carollo, vice president, Bart Dozier, president, Frank Wilkins, treasurer. Bottom row, left to right: Lois Caldwell, Ann Steadman, Pat Cavalieri, Kay Young, Marguerite Taylor, Gladys Solorzano, Mary Lou Gonzales, Kathleen Giovanni, Marlene Ginochio, Joan Nelson, Linda Terranova, Gvvenda Johnson. Second row: Marianne McGeechan, Lynn Terwilliger, Clara Costello, Linda Davis, Judy Spruell, Diane Sandoval, Joyce Cummings, Pat Marchio, Margaret DelRosa, Linda Burris, Jean Cannata, Bobbie Shapiro, Kathleen Ele.. Third row: Michele Dupire, Pat Beauregard, Nita Tonso, Margaret Palmer, Kathleen Kish, Sharon Wik, Janet Hobbs, Sandy Resino, Carole Smith, Carole DeVera, Sherry Kidwell, Georgeen Arata, Nikki Ambler, Linda Kennerly, Carole Lembi, Barbara Belem. Back row: Mary Ann Kyle, Mary Varner, Nancy Anetsky, Judith Watson, Pat Miguel, Cindy Erickson, Luann Erickson, Francine Circo, Carol Eames, Sylvia Barnes, Kareen Hanson, Carole Cito, Luanna Ayers, Pat Savage, Dotty Gaul, Vicki Franklin, Nancy Sigari, Charlotte Lewallen, Fran Stone. , 4 ,Xt au! ,, MEMBERS-Lett to right: Donnie Svvaftord, Marcel Baldoccbi, Norman Olsen, Bob Smith, David Rorno, George Teixeira, Jerry Davis, John Anderson, George Nicholson, Charles Morris, Doyle , 1 ' 4 , , t' Y 'L -. e. ixff DA' wqifrlv In , nn-'J 2 X :K os 35 X E ,M-r"'f' ,sb sc ax M v is 91 'ff' ff Q' at .4 P 5. , """1mo-- .,..., 'C ""t x if V 1 v.N Wu., W Svvattord, Delbert King, and Gerald Marzolf. CARPENTRY CLUB S we Y 'TF' 1' volt t SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS - Left to right: David Rorne, treasurer, secretary, and student council representative, Jay Anderson, sergeanteat-arms, Charles Morris, vice president, Bob Smith, president, and student council representative. I A. L- ,f 4 If FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS A Left to right: Mike Littlepage, secretary and treasurer, .Jay Anderson, vice president, Bob Smith, president, Marcel Baldoccbi, sergeant-at-arms. tk. '- l Q--t mg B - A OO, H' Alex' But not like this! by Z +1 Posing again, Miss Priss? Everyone attends the AHS football games. Former Antioch High girls, now attending JC, come back to visit at the Girls' Leadership Conference. They are Barbara Boynton, Nan Gilbert son, Betty Wilson, and Barbara Maestretti. K, Q. a sv :cc I-f f ,J l , A if me -Tv: Q 9 This year's Christmas assembly was put on for the parents also. They were entertained by the A Cappella, the or- chestra, the band, various choral groups and junior high ensembles. Mr. Henry Ornellas directs the band in a medley of Christmas tunes. HOLLY BERRY BALL The annual Christmas Dance put on by the Seniors this year was one ofthe best ever. A large snow hill, a sprayed tree with all-red bulbs and lights, and wall decorations put everyone in a very real Christmas atmosphere. Gen- eral chairmen for the dance were Jan- ice Jennings, Ann Boyle, Larry Leed- ham and Bill Moore. 'bs CHRISTMAS my IL Il ' scenes ggi' -.- '- f W-:MPA ,se i 9 if " 1 wil' X it 'fx , " s'v. H410 v A' if 1-if V af I X, I J ' 1 M ixwk x JA 'ggfq ' K igl U' A mx N I. 2 - l 1-rl ' n v uf ' E12 I 4 Y 2 ' I I ,,?'4' xx L l r o Il2 .,,f,fw ', 'c" k Q A aj. ' . is lr 41 4 I , fi W' Img... A CAPPELLA - , L N MELLO-TONES: Kay House, Margie Mello, Kathy Jacques, Deanna Martin, Carole Thur, Becky Mass. MELLO-TONES Q .1 i A: 0, FOUR SHARPS FOUR SHARPS: Larry Rozales, Roberr DeBene, Keri Avery, Fredic Fitzgerald. NOVEL-TEENS NOVEL-TEENS: Margaret Del Rosa, Marlene Demniki, Pat Marclvio, Lorraine Morelli, Judy Cifo, JO Sullivan. I IIIIIQI I II I I IIIIIII I I I I AK 1 if 1 J.. s Mia., ' 1 I I Is I I ,- y, '-mf I A ,gf-fl-4-.:,,Q l I 1 Maiorettes performing the popular fire dance. Cheerleaders give out with a yell. Proud football "players of the week" as named by the Quarterback Club-Standing: Tom Tallon, Dave Kirkpatrick, Don Rogers, Marshall. Kneeling: Steve Ortega, Gabe Novo, and Ernie Reyes. Go get him, Mr. Reusswig! CTypical sideline scene with Mr. Fred Kline, timekeeperj. Karen Adams crowned Miss Basketball by Caplalfis Dave Kirkpatrick and Doug Waites. W1 SPCRTS 7 61 -up, if " 'l, f 9 IM' 3 E my -1 M ! ' f Q X, xxx A x cv ' . ff Xie I E' , xx , 'N , 1299 E 1957 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD N L X C1 5 ,,,. , az, .V 'Na 7 My . ,.,.. .,Q-fam, Q 'T rx Q, Q. T -A 2 J, 1 K f ws ,, J 9. M , A 2 is , . . ,. , V. ',. GENE RITTBURG DON ROGERS " TIM CONDY Q BH-L EASTHAM HARRY McCLANAHAN JESS PINEDO Q 'L ' t iN,fl, I JOHN SPAGNOL KEN AVERY JERRY TURI-EY Designates "Player of the Week" All individuals pictured are seniors 1,433 J .1 - 6 " 31, 1 . , , lay 1 wg 575 32? M r I cg' I 52 wg "V Q, 5, t ' - '. - X . ,xx Q Q ' Y' ' , u'g...J Ll ' , 'SZ' ' P' 'nf 1' t f Mk 3 , X W M 'f . W - 1 F I if I il A A A V . '4 X Q .. H 'Q' ,. ' , U' 0 fr, 1 ,i wh . J can u A ' 4 l -5" f , N U rg lf,-H Jw' L. X an J ,4 K9 lon 1. ,Q X , AN 1 ,W 1-6:40 K A A ' "is , .Af:.. Y 153f xjj I ,. If f vx X A V N f 'Y' - 5' f N H X61 E-L. .Il I ' ' k If as QQ ' 4 -' ,, f ,. ff ry ' 'Inga ES- R 1 I .XB C H ' r -C 4 .r p -0 I FOOTBALL SNAPS Dutch Eells and Pep Crew , 4 I Mmm'--sf' Wow-Look at those muscles! Trainer Dan Giovanni and manager Charge!! , Es A is a e ovo emg repaure AV iw A G b N b ' ' d dx 'rl' while Marshall Kuliu and Wsif " W. sg Max Marglin intently warch '7 the game. 1- . 1" ,f r 1- my FOOTBALL AWARD WINNERS W. .1 g YEAR CAPTAINS: Tom Tallorv, Jim Elkins, and Marshall Kllllu. N ', Dave Kirkpatrick made lsr String . I ' 3' All-County end. bbq le K. em: Dy the rvewbers ci 'Fe Pivscurg squad. I s Dave Krkparrck and G Cewarwvez voled Most Wovlwy Oppon- 1 Barr Dozler, A.S.B. veep, congrawlares Waller "Dumb" Eells, al The dedication of Eells Field on Oclober 18, 1957. AWARD WINNERS: Gabe Novo, Most Valuable Llnemarvg Qalph Howard, Mos? Valuable JV Playerg Marshall Kulju, Most Valuable Varsity Playerg and Tom Tallon, Mos? Valuable Back. -...sig ! -ff 1 K 'T' 1' f '71 W , DLI I ll' UT "Q-1.-v n a Q -V., ' f,"A , , yi., , 'fr ' -, Q A yff .yi Q, X 'Ji f ,'v"fX .K55 . x x f- 911 'QQ' 11" ' ' gum I' 'Liang 4A' , xy yff -,s 15. -4' 1 :Lb 1 ' 'WL nt Y . S ' 1 1 Q 'A.',5- I. fn, . K V-2. K' L 1 f , 1 , , 59 ' .., 4 w , A+ s Q1 ,V f - , 'A ., EN, f"'S. 1 Ja ,-,., Y. 5, I Q-if , W. 'Min' F .T OV 1 'ZH' V' 'xx' 4 VX" rf uv- "fx xxyv .N W,-'QS ,.-iii ' Xu X ,-b4. 1 I .Q ,J X M.-s : ,I dfs g 0 W f' " ,mx A bl' AP L Y X . 5 1- "' .. . . .-g.4u-..,.,s.'h.. wa... -M 1 ,M ,V inlaid V 1 fda? 4 X. , 1, Q 3 6105, 'vf 'v A 4 L. 3 px S. "A" ACTION K rk shoots as Ivar takes a breather. Ivar sinks two against Acalanes G i l 7 A SC HEDU LE School We They Where played Liberty .,,,A,,,ev. 35 33 There John Swett 52 20 Here Livermore ,,oo 31 26 Here St. Mary's .o,, 45 18 Here Alhambra ,.7...,,.a, 37 26 Here Pleasant Hill ..,.. 32 51 There Miramontes' 32 29 There Las Lomas' 38 47 Here Pacifica' 36 46 There Pittsburg' ..., 45 57 There Acalanes' ..aa,7a 39 47 Here Mt. Diablo' ......,,. 45 60 Here Pleasant Hill' .,a,, 38 46 Here Miramontes' , 44 48 Here Las Lomas' 45 65 There Pacifica' 36 41 Here Pittsburg' ,.,c 35 53 Here Acalanes' csc, a,ccs,c,, 4 7 49 There Mt. Diablo' ss,cc,,ccs, ,,Ac,,,-c,,,,,,,.,,..,t7 ,ct7,c,,,c,,, 4 5 58 There 'Designafes league games Q 4 Q 11 1-3 f 3 ax 3 W wwf! D ,. 5 FW Iii ,ff- ,f-' fu,-.y FJ X 75. "B" ACTION Pat Bo n shoots for 2 as Elcenko goes in for the rebound. Bown Shoots again GS DSIROSG and Elcenko look OH G i 7 7 B SCHEDULE School We They Where played Liberty L28 17 There John Swett ,26 27 Here Livermore 26 35 Here St, Mary's 39 23 Here Alhambra 33 41 Here Pleasant Hill 32 54 There Miramontes' ,35 14 There Las Lomas" 2,24 14 Here Pacifica? ,38 41 There Pittsburg' L34 44 There Acalanesf 31 26 Here Mt. Diablof 31 25 Here Pleasant Hill' 28 25 Here Miramontes' 32 29 Here Las Lomas' 33 32 There Pacifica' 32 35 Here Pittsburgf 18 20 Here Acalanes' 23 35 There Mt. Diabloi , 26 22 There 'Designates league games i . 5 H v z f. A ' X912 71t9 Q, M ,- sa-., '- '. , . My 3 4.-Liu., 1- rv :ff JS' -' A I ,.' ACTIVITIES MQ I Ia 'y i Q ,J wi 11- .I I .171 F A X 2+ 2 II ' A551 "MOUNTAIN MADNESS" Sli Dogpatchers! Q3 V I Marryin' Sam performing his duties. Winners Mrs. Hunt assists Marryin' Sam. BILL MOORE SANDY DELCOLETTI On November 22, the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance presented by the Student Council was held in the high school cafeteria. Some of the outstanding features of the dance included the overhead clothesline, the mountain, and the iailhouse. Last but not least was Marryin' Sam and his assistant, por- trayed by Mr. Adams and Mrs. Hunt. Winners for the best costumes were Sandy DelColetti and Bill Moore. Couples dancing at "Mountain Madness." O I EVENTS OF THE YEAR September 3 1957 school begsns We are greeted by our new prsncspal Mr James Reusswsg and our new vsce prsncspal Mr Otss Mercer Also we have 12 new faculty members September 20 1957 Fsrst football game of the year Antsoch loses to Lsberty by a score of 15 to 7 Darlene Gragnells ss crowned Msss Football by the Quarterback C ub September 23 1957 Sensor psctures are taken thss week Al Edwards from Hal Matson Studsos sn Oakland ss the photographer October 18 1957 Dedscatson of Eells Fseld sn honor of Mr Walter Dutch Eells The ceremony takes place between halves of the varssty game Bart Dozser presents Mr Eells wsth a lsfetsme actsvsty pass to all AHS functsons November 1 1957 Antsoch Hsgh School now has a Student Body Loan Fund Any student sn need of fsnancsal asd sn order to attend a school dance party or for any other reason may borrow money from thss revolvsng fund paysng st back wsthout snterest by a specsfsed tsme December 6 1957 The Junsor Prom ss held sn the cafetersa Resgnsng over the Sydney Arner and Mark Mayhew Kathleen Ele and Allen Ferguson Carole Autentsco and Ken Jordon Judy Lamb and Gary Rayner Wendy Waldse and Dee Cravens and Eddse Keller and Margaret Pserce December 20 1957 The Sensor Class presents the annual Chrsstmas Dance Holly Berry Ball Masn attractson of the dance ss a large snow hsll on the east wall where psctures are taken February 10 1958 Faculty vs Block A Sensors basketball game They play for the benefst of the March of Dsmes and the donatsons collected dursng the game amount to S64 The Block A boys wsn 23 21 March 6 and 7 1958 Sensor Play ss gsven sn the Junsor Hsgh Gym We Shook the Famsly Tree recesves nothsng but good reports March 28 1958 Sophomore Hop A Lsttle Bst of Heaven ss put on by the Class of 1960 May 29 1958 The Sensor Ball Sensors dance away untsl the wee hours of the rnornsng June 13 1958 GRADUATION After graduatson parents of sensors gsve an all nsght party servsng a buffet dsnner and breakfast the next mornsng Rudy Salvsno and hss band play untsl two and then a small combo stays untsl four I I . U . . I ' . I . . . I U . t I , . . l . I ' ' ' ' ' ' ll ll , . . . I . . . A . . . . . I ' I I year's first formal affair are Linda Cecchini and Dave Fontana. ln the court are I I I I . , . - ' 11 I ' I . . . . . . ,, , . . ., . . ,, . I ' I I , . . , . . ' , . , . The couples await the iudges' final decision, anxiously. Each year The Junior G.A.A. girls who are going into Emblem A, put on The Sock Hop To raise money To help Toward their sweaters. A prize of a 55.00 purchase order is given To the winning boy and girl. ADVISORS AND JUDGES-Miss Arlene Sartuche, Miss Jean Beckett, Miss Lucille McBride, Miss Evelyn Gassa- way, and Mrs. Elva Hunt. ALLOP" The LONG, LONG line. Approximately four hundred people attended the Sock Hop. Six couples decorated their socks. Some of the decorations included rabbits, rockets, stuffed animals, and airplanes. Two of the contestants compare socks The Junior girls served on various committees. These girls checked the shoes-all eight hundred of them. PROWLER REPORTERS Seated left to right Pat Carollo Jan ce Jennings Jesse Sugarman N na B lrner Gayle Hnkle Sh rlee Stahlheber Standing Pat Long Cheryl Ncol Margaret Perce Bunny H as Bll Nelso Ralph Foy Duncan Kno les Pat Bown Fran Green Bern ce Peterson Cor nne Vendett PROWLER REPORTERS STUDENT PRINTS Nina Bulmer was the editor of STUDENT PRINTS both semesters Below example of work included in the literary supplement of the PROWLER LIFE OF A STUDENT By the look in her eye As he passes her by She watches from her seat If only by chance He'd turn his glance, And she would be able to cheat. But alas! No hope! l-le's no dope, She suffers an "F" tor defeat. by NINA R. BULMER A M EMO RY Now that I m gone And placed six feet under I have time on my hands And sometimes wonder Was I appreciated And respected, Or was I cast out Andsimply reiected? With the wear and tear Of my earthly days, Have I left a memory Or merely a haze? Yes, without my help The work will be completed But I had to feel That I was needed. by WENDY WALDIE Many long years ago. 'fs' y! ,,uP"x 'YS 'l'1'L"" WARD HOYE-Although VVard was not a member of the Prowler staff, he spent many hours getting ads 'mm - ...- A.S.B. presiderv, BART DOZIER, at assembly. I-Vomit Energy assembly. Careful there Marge' D a h I 1 n g s ! f, 4, , Ax 'N V Don'Y cry, Connre! .W " an 1 "1 33 , O I4 an-Q, . 5 i v 7' f,f ff!" AUTOGRAPHS Get your classmates' swg production of The book ici f DLG? mav- 7-99 f Th sugmed page was lost natures on thus page e ff' IH The GW f ff" G 1. in Q 'lw f' 7, M ' 9 ,-. J 'x',. A, ' Xvfgl A, y W xl ' Q Q-A I U. uf It K fl! , ,yr L1 J'-'f , ' ' I XV-fi .1 ,A I ' -, K -'w ,fin . 341.3 r K IQ I M x Y .1 ' ex N L, K N J 1 ff'! ' MN . X V V .V r I N wr ,ifzv xx ' 1 2 . x . Lp A I 7 K5 T vu 'Q .Y 7 . 3 .Q , xx ' A N XX, MMM V' A W xv F . ' up .X if 1 P xy N ' 4 A . Q ' 3 .L . K A T . 1. . k Q V A - . I x X 3 Viv. X , 4 , Q 5 I I L K- K, N. I ' , 4 ' .17 H... ' , N' inf., lx 'A f .W . 4 , W if. si 1 Y VI ' ., f . 'N - ' :J SVT 1 1 1 ' I . 5 V.: U x f Q4 V4 . lv 1 , .VL . 1 ' J I K C m X if xy V U . JJ ff RMU 5 nb, x xy X: 1 gl ri X Q K X-,X X V' 1 A xx . V X x., ' , .X . ' 'L' .' ,W x , 1 . ' f . , '1' xxx J , X-xg! f' Lv . . xg f""o ' I K 11' N up ,W , H, VJ! I L ff " N- I" Lf K j ,. 1 , 1 , Ll Mfr! 'gf -,.,,p-N, v. ,bww wg Bathing beauties? -bg, .1 Larry and .N Kathleen 3. J 5 What a life! ,-0. as '73 U 1 tx 9.7 Bottoms up. ,o Who's the doll in the corner? Coach's little helpers. -L., l -J The cast of "We Shook The Family Tree" poses with the cast cake. SENIOR "WE SHC FAMILY CAST Kalhy Cavannaugh ..,,,,e,,...AA,,, e.,,, H ilclegarde Nina Bulmer ,e7,,,e ,,e,,,7e, , Sally Jerry Anderson N .,,7o Mr. Dolson Carolyn Ferguson ,77e,, 7e,eA,. M rs. Dolson Bill Nelson ,, e,..., ,,,o,,,,, J immy Duncan Knowles ,B ,.,,,e , Bob Dave Thomas 7e,,,, 7e,o, F reddie R Bernice Peterson s7,7 B. Ellie-May Janice Jennings .,s. ,s,,,,c,c,,s . B ,,,, Jill Sheila Angelo ,,s. , ,sc,. Paige Mason Margie Moore , ssss, M rs. Shermer Larry Leedham ,ss, , ss,, 7 Mr. Shermer Make-up Crew makes up Casf, Jimmy and Bob calch 5 41,2 lb. bass! Love Ieners are about to be stolen. f .1 222 ,ff f'.i ' F -mmf, W' T0 ' ri u. 312621. .4 1255, PLAY K THE TREE" Cheryl Nicol C Gabe Noveo Betty Bryant 7 Pat Long ,,,7 Ken Clark eeeeee C, Connie McDonell Marshall Kulju ,, Vivian Fante ,, ,. Diane Danilovich Dave Fenolio ,,,, PRODUCTION STAFF student producer assistant producer prompter business manager technical director make-up stage Crew properties publicity music A few of me klds at The C657 WHY- Hildegarde tells about her secret admirer ADVERTISEMENTS pzzba W img SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 F D Dragon Manager and Staff BANK OF AMERICA NT 8: SA G S+ Ph PL73600 VEALE'S TEXACO SERVICE 2708 Lone Tree Way 4-1 Anfioch, California Ph. PL 7-4027 Evinrude Mofors Upholsiering Marine Supplies Trailers Boafs FERREIRA'S PL 7-I606 ANTIOCH 625 Third Sireei MARCH ETTI'S Deluxe I'l'alian Dinners Three Banquef Rooms II6 I STREET PHONE PL-7-9882 'Sv CALlFORNlA'S FIRST SMART LIVING STORE I I I flvioiao. - - D 715 SeC0l"ld Sl. Flmllwkf l Antlocn 'A' Pnons P-I. 7-3121 Il OPEN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS UNTlLT9 P.M SULLIVAN'S UNION 76 SERVICE I6+h and A S+ree+ Phone PL-7-3260 THE PAINT HOUSE Ask for Lisi' of Tool Renfals and Prices I524 A STREET ANTIOCH. CALIF. PLaIeau-7-2838 ED MOORE Painfing Con+racI'or I20 Beede Way PLL7-3536 KARL'S SHOE STORES. LTD. OH 4'L 'f7fff if 22 '4 'TILE -XS I894 "A" Sfreef Aniioch Shopping Cenfer MODERN CLEANERS 500 4+h S+ree+ Phone PL-7-0737 ANTIOCH EVERGREEN NURSERY AND FLORIST Complefe Landscaping Service Telegraph Service Nursery and Garden Supplies Conlracfor THOMAS GILL AND SONS R+. I, Box 407 An+ioch, California P'La+eau-7-4568 GREENWOOD PHARMACY Declicafed Professionally +o +he Physical Well Being of +he Communify A and 20+h s+ree+ PL 7-33'Il ANTIOCH ANTIOCH AUTO TOGGERY Comple+e Au+o Glass Service The Besf in Cusfom lnferiors 8l4 A Sfreel' PL-7-l l4I 3? NINTH STREET VARIETY STORE lNear S+amm Thea'l'erl No+ions-Toys-Appliances-Yarn Baby-Goods-Household blll 9'lh STREET ANTIOCH PHONE PL-7-3227 IOTH 81 L MARKET "The Biggesi' Li++le Marlce+ in Con'rra Cos+a" 9lI L STREET ANTIOCH PLa+eau 7-2944 JOHNNY'S SHOE SHOP Dependable and Cour+eous Service 506 4I'I1 STREET PHONE PL-7-I5I5 HOWSE HARDWARE AND HOMEWARES A. B. C. DisI'ricI' HARDWARE-PAINT DINNERWARE-GLASSWARE 2008 A Sfreei' Phone PL 7-2575 .. WWW 4 I. T W JOHNNlE'S CHEVRON SERVICE Briclgehead Anfioch, California Rou'I'e I, Box 493 Phone PL-7-3880 TOY FAI R MODEL TOYS DOLLS WHEEL GOODS HOBBIES MODELS I848 "A" S+ree+ Anfioch PL 7-5494 KATZAKIAN Filfer Queen SEWING MACHINE CENTER Viuug' C'?ne' ea uar ers Necchl-Elna-While-Morse-Brofhers q Repairs and Paris on ALL Malces Machines Liberal Tracle-ins-Easy Terms : GYM CLOTHES MONOGRAMMED Dressmalxing and Allerafions " 2l3 G Sfreef Anfioch, California PL 7-498l CONGRATULATIONS fo fhe GRADUATING CLASS of '58 From GREEN'S TV AND APPLIANCES 502 4+h Sireei' PL-7-3l00 ANTIOCH PRINTING SHOP Commercial-Social Prin'l'ing Wedding Invii'a'I'ions 406 H STREET PLal'eau-7-3273 FLAKY CREAM DO-NUTS Wholesale and Re'l'ail Telephone PLa+eau-7-5757 Sfore Hours: 7 A.M. +o II P.M Four Locafions ANTIOCH, PITTSBURG, AND MARTINEZ L B! MURRAY R. KAY A GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builder of Sears in An'l'ioch l32 SHADY LANE PL-7-4848 P. W. AYERS INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance Comprehensive Service 6l9 3rd STREET PHONE PI7-3553 is v' .f+w1..3 -- 4 , FLOWERS -K Q12 THAT ha, D ll SATISFY Nursery and Flower Shop PHONE PL 7-4636 220 RAILROAD AVE. ANTIOCH lujggiggggigff INSURANCE BROKERS I """ ASSOCIATION ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA Paul W. Ayers John J. Rogers Ralph Garrow Abbo++, PreweH, Whar+on, Inc. Beswiclr Insurance YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT SERVES YOU BEST CLARK'S GROCERY Remember Your Friendly Corner Grocer I900 D STREET PHONE PL-7-3I90 NASH PHARMACY Prescripfions, Toilefries, Sundries 304 G STREET PHONE PL-7-0400 Since l935 JOI'INNY'S MARKET Groceries, Meafs, Fresh Vegeiables H Sfreer ANTIOCH, CALIF. Phone P . LAMATHE'S CHE HOUR IIIIMTIIIIZIIIE TH' MOST IN DRY CLEANING Complefe Laundry Service ANTIOCH SHOPPING CENTER ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA AL EAMES FORD "Your Friendly Ford Dealer 302 H S+ree+ PL-7-l77I ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA DELTA REXALL DRUGS 300 G Sireef PL-7-2I I2 1 ANTIOCH FRENCH LAUNDRY "For Those Who Wani' fhe Bes1"' BERNARD TAILLEFER, Prop. 820 2nd Sfreei' Telephone PL-7-4645 Aniioch, Calif. JAY VEE Beauiiful Fashions for +he Penny-Wise Miss 5I8 2nd STREET PHONE PL-7-l670 RIVERVIEW LODGE "Jus+ly Famous Sea Food Dinners" FOOT OF H STREET PHONE PL17-2272 MADD HATTER Ha'I's. Bags. and Accessories Teen-Age Ha+ Bar 603 2nd STREET PHONE PL-7-4635 ANTIOCH ,P 2nd AND G STREET PL-7-4600 -No Money Down, Terms on Approval of Credif- FAMous FAsHloNs 'gf Women's, CI1ildren's Fine Apparel-Shoes THE WAFFLE SHOP "We Specialize in Homemade Pies" 9I8 G STREET PHONE PL-7-9905 ANTIOCH MOTORS 8+I1 and A SI'ree'Is PL 7-2760 ANTIOCH PLEASE CHECK OUR QUALITY SERVICE TERMS AND DEALS WE HAVE AVAILABLE FOR YOU""!"" I958 "BeauiifuI" DESOTOS I958 "Years Ahead" PLYMOUTHS I958 "Fabulous" GOLIATH I958 "You Can'f Wear Them Oui" JEEPS PICKUPS, TRUCKS I 4-nw? yr - -M. 'SW Large Seleciion of Used Cars Body Shop, Service Sfafion, Paris Deparlmeni' Service Deparimenf, Towing Service of -In IIIIIJICE Please See Us Soon for Thai GOOD SOLID HONEST DEAL!!! 1'-Xe.: M. I E25 MT. VIEW FOOD CENTER Bigger and Be'H'er I8+h and A Sfreei' Phone PL-7-4238 JIM McGEECHAN SHELL SERVICE I ' Complefe Lubrica+ing Service Tires-Pick Up and Delivery-BaHeries 5+h and "G" S'IreeIs Phone PL-7-9852 ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA IvIAYER'S JEWELERS, INCORPORATED Beauiiful Gifis and Jewelry for AII Occasions ANTIOCH SCHOOL RING REPRESENTATIVE 5I6 2nd S'Iree+ Phone PL-7-I404 HAZEL'S DRIVE-IN STEAK SANDWICHES and HAZELBURGERS Open From 6 A.M. Io 3 A.M. Friday and Sa+urday AII Nighi' PITTSBURG-ANTIOCH HWY. PHONE PL-7-4772 ANTIOCH STATIONERS For AII Your Favoriie Records GIH' Wrapping, and Office Needs 505 2nd STREET PHONE PL-7-I550 NORTON'S FROSTY Popular Luncheon Spoi' for AHS S+udenI's I9Ih AND D STREET PHONE PL-7-I877 sPRousE-amz co., INC. Anfioch, Calif. 307 G S+ree+ PL-7-2764 WHITE FOUNTAIN 2nd and G S+ree+ Phone PL-7-9946 JENSEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE In Aniioch Shopping Cenfer Our Aim Is 'Io Have WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT IT a'I' 'I'he PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY DIAMONDS 11? WATCHES if CLOCKS GIFTS HOLLING'S JEWELRY "Where Your Wafch Receives Ihe Finesi' Care" SI6 Fourfh Sfreei ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA PLa'Ieau 7-I8l7 I I MISSION ORANGE BOTTLING COMPANY II4 Railroad Avenue Phone PL-7-2886 "To Mee'r +he EIi+e" CaII KEEP-U-NEAT 4-Hour Service If Desired Pick-Up and Delivery Service PL-7-I775 A B C Disfrici' Home Owned KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS Home Operaied THE SILVER NUTMEG Fine Candies 508 2nd STREET PHONE PL-7-0420 ANDY'S CUT-RATE SERVICE Gas Oil BaH'eries Tires ANTIOCH-PITTSBU RG HWY. PHONE PL-7-4870 JAMES MEN'S SHOP Fealuring Na'I'ionally Known Brands and Friendly Service CORNER 2nd AND G STREETS PL-7-l055 ABC FOOD MARKET 2Is+ AND A STREET PL 7-9863 THE SEVEN ABOWDS Delicious Dinners Served in a Friendly Manner WILBUR AVENUE PHONE PL-7-9977 CONTRA COSTA LINEN SUPPLY 504 2nd S+ree'r PL-7-3360 if fd BEN FRANKLIN STORE Under New Ownership A. AND L. P. MCKINNEY 306 G Sfreef Phone PL-7-3828 CAMPBELL-ARNER CHEVROLET Where A Safisfied CusI'omer Is Our Mosi' ImporI'an+ Produc? P.O. BOX 575 PL-7-02Il BERGOFF'S I884 A Sfreei' PL 7-9885 Anfioch Shopping Cen+er New York S+eaIc Homemade Pies Dinner Minfs and Cigareiies FEATURING: Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs Oven Fresh Sandwiches Confinuous Music Banana Splif Jumbo Banana SpIi+ ORDERS TO GO Open 7 AM fo I2 Midnighi' SI.09 FREE I.09 .55 .55 .75 i'52!"' ANTIOCH MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE 5I6 3rd S+ree+ Phone PL-7-0665 'Q BUI ANTHONY BUICK CENTER BUICK-OPEL-FIAT-RAMBLER METROPOLITAN - GMC TRUCKS l5ll "'A" S+reei' Phone PL-7-2966 R ANTIOCH LAUNDERETTE Washing -:-Drying -:- Dyeing Monday-Friday 8 A.M.-6 P.M. Safurday 8 A.M.-5:30 P.M. Pick-Up and Delivery LARRY KELLY CALL PL 7-0640 6l3 9th 'Www-!"v-. SUPERE'I'I'E MARKET 605 Madill Sfreei' Phone PL-7-2820 ai DUARTE'S TIRE SERVICE 9l4 A S+ree+ Phone PL-7-9909 PANTHER DRIVE-IN TEENAGE CENTER 900 A Sfreei' Phone PL-7-I435 STAMM THEATRE 9l2 G S+ree+ Phone PL-7-2303 DAVE SIMARRO'S SUPER SERVICE A and Madill S+ree+ Phone PL-7-9844 FAI RWAY MARKET Groceries-Meafs-Fresh Vegetables l6+h AND A STREET PHONE PL-7-3848 REGHITTO MOTORS Visi+ +he "Rocke+ Room" . . . a+ Your Oldsmobile DeaIer's! III3 IO+h STREET PHONE PL-7-3800 WOODY'S SERVICE Sei+a Bros. 4+h and L Sfreef Phone PL-7-4026 ANTIOCH SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. CompIe+e One S+op Shopping Cen+er for 'Ihe Family SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK" Sfore Hours 9 30 Io 600 PM. Wednesday 9:30 Io 9:00 F.M. 2I3 F S reef Free Parking Phone PL-7-2020 GRAMATI 'S Feminine Apparel ANTIOCH SHOPPING CENTER PHONE PL-7-2553 FRANK GROSSO CHEVRON SERVICE 5I5 G S+ree+ Phone PL-7-I629 ANTIOCH. CALIFORNIA STORK-TO-TEEN SHOPPE zu e s+ree+ PL-7-4I5I oursoARn morons SALES AND senvlce ANTIOCH OUTBOARD Sco'H'-A'I'wa'I'er and Champion JAY JACKSON. Owner 4I4 O Sfreef Phone PL 7-I460 ANTIOCH, CALIF. JOE BRUCE SERVICE STATION I8+h and A S+. Phone PL-7-2340 I. VAN'S SUPER SERVICE A Sfreei' and Wilbur Avenue Phone PL-7-2846 Youll always be welcome at Wells Fargo' he oldest bank ln the West 05ers you every banklng ser vxce rendered just a lnttle more elficlently, a lxttle more pleasantly than you d expect WELLS FARGO BANK Anhoch Office 30l G S'I'ree+ IRAL DEPOSIT IWSLRAWCE C HKTION -L -L ORDERS TO TAKE OUT 7 l?"g ,' ' Fine Mexican Foods 6+h and A, S+ree+s Phone PL 7-9959 ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA 1 Y-'F X x -f A SILVERA LUMBER COMPANY Aniioch Befhel Island 223 Railroad Avenue Phone PL-7-2900 ANTIOCH p ff' STOCK PHARMACY Prescripiion Specialis+s I5l8 A Sfreef Phone PL 7-5355 ANTIOCH ENEA BORDEN'S DAIRY If H's Borden's, H"s Goi' 'I'o Be Good" 437 "O" S+ree+ Phone PL-7-3640 Anfioch FRANK ENEA TED ENEA ir uk 'lr ir ul' ir sq THE COMMODORE O Fme Food O Cocldals A+ nudge Mama HMO, ANTIOCH CALIFORNIA PL 735I9 SUBSCRIBERS FERREIRAS TRIM SHOP JENSEN S DEPARTMENT STORE DR MELVIN JUDKINS DR JOSEPH LIBBEY JR THE POWDER PUFF DR B F PRIDGEN JUDGE MANUEL ROSE DR RAYMOND STOTLER These subscribers make Ihe PANTHER available +o clnenls and cusfomers by placing I+ In Ihelr walhng rooms or shops I . I I - DR. WILLIAM PAGE M fl! A TELOR PUBLS G W K

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