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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Offtctal School Photographer HAL MATSON STUDIOS 476 17th Street Oakland I2 California lndtvldual Junlor Sophomore Ptcture WILLIAM C THOMPSON Oakland CGIILOFVIIB Puoltsher TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY P O BOX 597 DaIIas Texas Supplement Publtsher DIABLO VALLEY NEWS Oakley Calulornla 3646 Columbian Drive 'X .gn H P A 957 PRESENTS NTHER YEMM 3455 27.1 Published Annually by the Journalism Class Antioch High Scliool Antioch, California i- Qt,-Jeme FOREWORD The class of '57 is the first to complete an entire three years in the new high school on the 35-acre site at 700 West 18th Street. Although disappointed with incomplete phases of construction during their years, lno girls' gym, no bleachers or lights in the stadium, no auditorium or music building, no swimming or diving pools, very scanty landscaping, and no access to the school over 18th or "H" Streetsi, they have been iustly proud of one of the largest gyms in the county, cafeteria and library designed for an enrollment of 1200, very complete wood and machine shops, a homemaking department complete with model home, a commer- cial wing equipped with a variety of office machines, and a Pub- lications Office including a well-equipped dark room. Particularly memorable to graduates have been the picturesque balls and dances in the cafeteria, the assemblies and rallies in the gym, an excellent performance by a large and active pep crew Cincluding yell leaders, song leaders, drill team, pep and march- ing bands, Joe Panther, Pantherettes, drum maiorette and maior- ettes, and the rally clubl, senior activities, and awards and honors iustly earned. Indicative of the growth of the school is the fact that: enroll- ment this year was 780, including 246 Seniors, 250 Juniors, and 274 Sophomores, included in the faculty were 40 and in the administration, 10, there were over 10,000 volumes in the library, 75 students rode on school buses, a daily average of 300 lunches Qincluding snack bar itemsl were sold in the school cafeteria, and approximately 510,000 passed through the student body fund. tba -Wwwvf in 1,4 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ' FACULTY SENIORS gr CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS Jhii M 5 AUTUMN V 9 ,lf WINTER Rt-Q, v Q Allis J, K ADVERTISEMENTS SPRING ISuppIementI IPXQW If C? I CJJW QP' IN" 1 ' nu 1, . . . - yn W O he QQ' yyx f aLl osoo I Q W vi iiuoi-' , 1 Q ' 1 -T , . SIU5 " .u - My E 7 .- y f . . . . . Q S+ 1' ,4- If WI. fy 'A' ' A IN I I s 3 " 1 1 " 'Q A Q I' . . . . . . Q53 b,..A ,eqdgigwn S-53...-' a this: the fellow who has todeclde you'll do it or tosstit aside: l You the fellow who makesup your mind yOU'll lead or will linger behind-T yoU'll try forthe g lthat's afar Or be contented to stay whereyou are. Take it or leave it. Here's something to do! Just think it over. lt's all up to you. Best wishes and success to each member of the class of 1957. Sincerely, I F rv 1 iz, , ,zfu VL, 1 ,f W 1 Q ' l ,, SJW DEmcATloN W afzsesftf w if A.. is Z ,ir ,. ,qw K 4.4 ,. . Q, , ,,.ff,,,,, A 'Yi 'i 'A 9 2,.:52, 'A'. A ' , V E, H it i lim ligl if xx, 5 4, ,4 After a year's absence, our friend and guide, Mr. Norris Adams, has returned to Antioch. He temporarily left his iob, home, community, and friends to participate' in the exchange teachers' plan to give of himself to eager students of the Netherlands. He served as an ambassador of good will and friendliness and came home with a greater knowledge of the world. A faithful friend and teacher for many, now Dean of Boys, he is respected and honored by all who know him. We of the 1957 PANTHER staff gratefully dedicate this yearbook to him. " l '- ..,- 4:-2' -vnu, 4 9 4 R00 F-TOP VIEWS ALMA MATER Stand up, ye sons of Antioch, And give a rousing cheer, We'll sing of Alma Mater Whose name we love so clear Raise high your voices, fellows, ln love and loyalty, For here's success to Antioch, Good luck and victory. Adv sor and Editor in Chief at work n the publicat ons office The 1957 PANTHER staff has produced the biggest yearbook in the history of Antioch High if not the largest in the his tory of the county and through the in troduction of color on the division pages complete coverage of all events and in creased use of the printed word we be lteve we have produced our best high school yearbook yet The symbols used as theme should evoke twenty years hence memories of your hugh school days SIGHTS the colors black and gold problem on a blackboard the face of a clock a pile of books an old re port card a school sweater SOUNDS a blast of pipes a ringing e laughter and hurrying feet rhythm and blues song . . . the roar of the crowd at a football game' SMELLS-a stuffy sweaty locker room . . . in . . new books . . typewriter cleaner . . . formaldehyde- TASTE-popcorn . . . eraser on a pencil . . . candy bars burnt cookies . . sugary fudge- TOUCH-tooth dents in the wood of a pencil rough woolen sweaters . . piece of chalk . a combination lock dial Yearbook Editor STAFF PAGE i957 PANTHER STAFF Editor in Chief SANDRA WARD Assistant Editor CH ERYL NICOL Business Manager JUDY DAL PORTO Circulation Manager DOLORES LANGSTON Advertising Manager DOLORES VINCENTE Literary Editor SHARON STRATTON Organizational Editor NANCY BARTON Feature Editor BARBARA TAYLOR Boys Sports Editor EDDY REED Gtrls Sports Editor DORA LA BRAE Art Editor TONY MARQUE5 Advisor . . . THOMAS F. WARD lntell'gence appears to be the th'ng that enables man to get along w'thout education. Educat'on appears to be the th'ng that enables a man to get along without the use of his intelligence. -ALBERT EDWARD WIGGAM Nw' x 05945 AD boa cl econd Wedne ay A embly Frfday Aff '-wg, efvcfmce Pe NX. MINISTRA porrs ajaa gi 3 I .V gf X DR. M. L. LIPTON MR. BLAIR SPIERS MRS. ELIZABETH DAVIS Chairman DR. WM. STANSBURY MR. RICHARD RNASON N? 4 Superintendent of Schools MR. HENRY R, SPIESS I4 ! F ,f 4 ANTIOCH - LIVE OAK UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD Assistant Superintendent of Schools DR. WAYNE JORDAN 'v- .,. ,Gulp Business Manager Robert Reed Night Principal Harold Stiles Child Welfare and Attendance Officer Ralph M-f""3pla'L bi Secondary Nurse Beatrice Payroll Secretary Mrs. Mary Jane Dowell High S Betty Giannotti 2 1 Ul21 Q14-r:2 w in - I C 3- -0 ,df- Miss OConnell teaches vocal music As advisor to A Cappella and a double trio she has given up much extra time to provide entertainment for civic organiza tions and to enter various ITIUSIC contests while developing the vocal talents of her students. She acts as head of the music depart- ment of the district. Mr. Ornellas teaches instrumental music at A.T.S. As Band director he has attended every football game with the group. He leads the Band in exhibitions, such as Davies Picnic Day and the Ledger Day Parade. He organized and sponsors the Dance Band and Pep Band. At the annual Spring Con- cert, the orchestra, as well as these groups, entertain. K' nl . MRS. MARY O'CONNELL MR HENRY ORNELLAS These two pages are dedicated to those teachers who give a great deal of extra time to sponsoring and advising student activities. Mlss Lucius MCBRIDE Mlss EVELYN GASSAWAY Miss Lucille McBride is our Dean ' of Girls. She has developed Em- blem A and G.A.A. into produc- f 1 tive, active, organizations in- augurated the new Girls' Affairs Committee, and worked with a group of future teachers. Miss Gassaway is Girls' Physical Education teacher and handles 210 girls a day. She has given up many hours a week with the girls in G.A.A., planning and directing. their activities, teaching them athletic skills and sportsmanship, and developing their characters. She is also assistant advisor of Em- blem A. Mr. Ward is Journalism and Speech and Dramatics teacher. His numerous advisory activities in- clude the PANTHER, PROWLER, HI- LIFE, football programs, Teen-time, High School Reporter, and Speech Club. These activities consume many after school hours. Mr. Torp teaches Art and Arts and Crafts. He contributes his time, his talent, his room, and his equip- ment to students working on dances, musical programs, club ac- tivities, decorations for athletic games, and publicity for all group activities. Mr. Lanier teaches typing, Gen- eral Business, and U. S. History. ln his free time he works with the Sportsmanship Trophy Committee, keeps time at basketball games, and has sponsored rooters buses and dances. As advisor to the Trophy Committee he must attend every game and rate the opposing team and rooting section. Mr. Golden, Boys' P. E. teacher, is head Varsity Football and Track Coach and advisor to the Block A. Mr. Golden has proved popular with the girls as well as the boys. .gl R MR. JOSEPH TORP Other faculty members who give a great deal of extracurricular time are class and club advisors, who are featured with their groups. MR. BROOKS GOLDEN THESE ARE OUR TEACHERS wi-lo Give us SPECIAL HELP.. . ., 1' W SM-1 Returning after a year's exchange teach- ing in Holland, Mr. Adams is completing his tenth year at Antioch High. Besides counseling and teaching one English class he is Student Council advisor Miss McBride counselor and Dean of Girls also forrnerly taught PE During this her fifth year at AH S she teaches one class of Civics and is advisor for the Girls Affairs Committee Emblem A and GAA "",.f'fa-"""" MR NORRIS ADAMS MISS LUCILLE MCBRIDE Dean of Boys Dean of Girls MR PAUL HARDTEN Counselor Mr Hardten has taught here 10 years and Mr Even three years Besides counsel :ng they both teach commercial sublects and Mr Even IS also Senior Class and FBLA advisor Every student in AHS has been assigned to one of our faculty members for counseling Mr Rose has taught here 6 years H was previously a Social Studies instructor but now teaches Driving Education This is Mr Allens first year at AHS His Special Education classes are newly inaugurated thts year N ?'m,,hm xx 741 ! EUGENE EVEN Counselor ? MR NORMAN ROSE MR HERB Al-l-EN Driving Education Speflal EClUfa7'0n 41 u xv, X MRS LORAYNE CLAYTON English ll COMPOSITION WORK MRS. GAILE BRAUCHER English IV Two years of English are re- quired for graduation. Students who intend to go to college are expected to take a third yearg commercial students should take Business English. WHO INSTILL IN US GRAMMAR MR AUGUST ANDERSON English II and lll Our entire English de partment has new teachers this year Mrs Clayton teachers Sophomore English and previously taught n Happy Camp in Siskiyou County Mr Empey teaches Sophomore and Junior English and previously taught in Springfield Oregon Mr Currier besides teaching Jun :or English is Sophomore class ad visor This is his first regular year of teaching 'S MR EVERETT CURRIER English III Mrs Braucher is Senior English teacher and taught in Los Angeles County before coming to Antioch High. Mr. Newman is our new librarian and Library Club advisor. He was previously a Journalism teacher in Vermonia, Oregon. Mr. Anderson was hired three months after school started to re- place Mrs. Crary. He taught pre- viously in Watsonville. MR WARNE EMPEY English ll and AND A LOVE OF LITERATURE MR RICHARD NEWMAN Librarian WHO TEACH US THE PAST Ll O H United Stat History '-'E I 1 22 MRS MARY NORRIS Civics 11, MRS ELIZABETH WOODWARD United States History REVIEW THE PRESENT Mr Hall has taught two years at Antioch High He teaches U S History and Senior Problems and as Senior Class advisor and tennis coach This is Mrs Woodwards seven teenth year at AHS She teaches U S History and sponsors the United Nations Club Besides teaching U S History General Business and Driving Mr Lamer is a member of the Sports manship Committee and has taught here eight years Miss Spielbauer has taught here two years teaches Civics and is Junior Class advisor AND PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Mrs Norris teaches Civics and Junior Senior Math She has taught here a year and five months and is Sensor Class advisor Mr Clmker is our new basket ball coach and assistant Junior Var sity coach. He teaches Senior Prob' ems. MR CLETUS CLINKER Senior Problems P9 1 MR C A KARTD LANIER Umted States History MISS ROBIN SPIELBAUER Civics Passing grades in Civics in the Sophomore year and United States History in the Junior year are required for graduation Senior Problems is taken by most students. if-'su-,. WHO DEVELOP OUR MINDS MR JAMES GIOVANDO Chemistry MR MAURICE sweAtr MR Russert RIDGE Bfofogr SCIENTIFICALLY Bwfogv MR CARL GRAVES Mathematics MATHEMATICALLY Mr Sweatt has taught nnne years at Antuoch Hugh He teaches Buology and Physrology Mr Glovando as our new Chemistry and Physrcs teacher He IS also advisor to the Junror Emstelns Sclence Club Thus as Mr Rndges thurd year Besides teachmg Buology and Lrvmg Chem he IS Jumor Class advrsor Mr Graves has taught here 12 years He teaches Geometry Algebra and Trng onometry and ns CSF advnsor Mr Knudsen has taught here two years Algebra and as Sophomore Class advlsor Mr Baurd has taught here eleven years and teaches our only toreugn language Spanrsh AND LINGUALLY MR RUDOLPH KNUDSON MR LEROY BAIRD Mathematrcs 5P'3f"Sl'1 is 4' One class of scnence or hornemakung ts a gradua tion requurement for every student Acaclernuc students can have a sclence math malor or a language magor 'N if 23 I I O l l ,M FL - - U l . . . f" N "fx . . . JVM xr . l . . . , . . ' . - ' ' ' , I teaches Geometry, Junior-Senior Math, and ' I . P -gg . , - I age , , . y t Q ll l , r-V' ' , - S n 1. WHO PREPARE US FOR JOBS IN THE COMMERCIAL MR EDMUND ATKINSON General Business Mr Atkinson has taught here nine years He was previously basketball coach but now teaches General Bus :ness and Driving Education Miss Burton is a new commercial teacher She teaches Typing Business Engish and Office Training and IS Sophomore Class advisor in MISS DORIS BURTON Ty ing Mr Shaw has taught here tree years Besides teaching classes in Book keeping Typing and Business Organi zation he is Junior Class advisor FIELD MR DORSEY SHAW Bookkeeping M Favero in hs fifth year is n lor Varsity Football Coach and teaches Mechanical Drawing Mr Freeman has taught here I7 years He teaches Woodshop and Car pentry and is advisor for the Carpen IN THE INDUSTRIAL FIELD 'fvC'Ub Iv ..- Nam i hue. XIX .ax MR BRUNO FAVERO MR R D FREEMAN MR HAROLD MCGILL Mechanical DVBWWIQ Woodshop Machine Shop MRS. OLIVE SHIELDS 'Agia Homemaking 24 AND IN THE HOME Commercial students may have either a Stenographic, Bookkeeping, or General Bus- iness maior. Girls may have a homemaking major. Shops are available mainly to boys who are taking gen- eral courses. Besides teaching Machine Shop Mr. McGill is assistant coach for the Var- sity Football and Basketball teams. He has taught here two years. This is the first year for homemak- ing teacher, Mrs. Shields. She taught last in Edmonds, Washington. Not pictured is Mrs. Beede, who has taught in the school district 35 years. She teaches Stenography and Typing and is Senior Graduation ad- visor. WHO DEVELOP OUR TALENTS: ARTISTICALLY: MR JOE TORP r Mr Torp teaches Art and Arts and Crafts Throughout hus eught years at Antuoch Hugh he has been advusor fo all matters concemung the use of art work AND PHYSICALLY MR BROOKS GOLDEN Boys PE radii MR JERRY DERUSHIA Boys PE .1 -C ' ' 14 2 "4 ,. ",'.'.,'5? . , '. fu ' un., vp. ' 4 41 n I 1 AC . ,,. , -U 1 4 qo','4n' 2 -bb. 1 ,s .lu a! -x 1 ,, Vg,-3. V E, ,, '01 1 4. ,Lf v aifu: 'uu :'::. ' 1 . - '... .1 Q:-'. .', I ,tn ,, gil- vi , - - '. ' ' 2: 51-uw-,!..2.Z.f' ff. 1,-G ,fs ,',,,",o 1 '30, . lu, 12 u ' , v 1,,'o,am,",v.u'v,s:,u.,::,: ' a.. f,f,'q',l!'o:g'.:ofq"':: g Q 4 , 0 0 ' 4 f f .,'.g.g.E-1' u u a n . -e ,Q , ' 'gilgg-Tu!'f,g , f . . i v gb 4 ,559 ' 7 " ,: io' QV? u' ' 0 ,Q 4 ly" o 1 MISS MARY O CONNELL Vocal Musuc Our vocal rruusuc teacher Muss O Con nell now urt her thurd year teaches Glee un Junuor Hugh and A Cappella for whuch she us also advusor Thus us also the thurd year for Mr Ornellas Instrumental musuc teacher and advusor to the band orchestra and dance and pep bands Mr Ward has taught un Antuoch for nune years He teaches Busuness Eng ush Speech and Drama ard Journ alusm whuch uncludes a great number of extracurrucular dutues Coach Golden has been wuth us for three years Besudes teachung Boys P E he us head coach for football and rac eams and advusor or Block A Mr DeRushua coaches baseball and assusts wuth football besudes teachung Bo s P E Muss Gassaway un her fourth year us GAA advusor and Emblem assustant advusor plus teachung 5 per nods of Gurls P E Thus was Muss Matten s furst year at Antuoch Hugh She teaches Gurls P E and us assustant advusor for GA A 1 I ! ,X S-lv f V" H . S ' . 4 u I - .1 " I . - - .uf A -I- 'Y' -i gl ull MR HENRY ORNELLAS Instrumental Musuc MENTALLY 413' 5-'-. Q MR THOMAS WARD .lournalusm Art and Musuc are electlves un whuch students may malor Journalusm may be substututed for a fourth year academuc Englush credut One class of physucal educatuon us requured each year of every student MISS EVELYN GASSAWAY MISS MARY MATTEN Gurls PE Gurls PE 25 X, T 7 v N-...,Q'iS faculty field trip YO Glass COVYTFHVWGVS, lVliSS Burton, On field trip for teachers of district, faculty members pose for picture at and Miss Matten, right, become acquainted with entrance to Glass' Containers. industry. The primary concern of American educa- tion today is . . . to cultivate in the largest number of our future citizens an apprecia- tion both of the responsibilities and the benefits which come to them because they are American and free. -JAMES BRYANT CONANT is. Miss O'Connell, Cfar rightj contemplates damage to her Studebaker after a late afternoon accident. Principal Frank Allen addresses pre-school faculty meeting in Library. li l-4 X ,,..l - --h-at-I - "-lg ..L. -1-I -.Lg X' A... iii! .3 'l i ', - I .Wt J. lllllll l'tt'x-- ' ,A ttiliiiliilllllitm lllllll fllllli MR. FREEMAN We of the PANTHER staff dedi- cate this page to Mr. R. D. Free- man, a helpful, practical, and re- liable friend whenever a con- struction iob was necessary. This is Mr. Freeman's last year at Antioch High, for he is retiring after teaching here for seventeen years. "Boss" Freeman and his Carpentry boys MR. R. D. FREEMAN Many of us do not realize all Mr. Freeman has done for the school. He coached Junior Varsity football for seven years, two years of which we held the Junior Varsity championship. He was Freshman advisor for seven years. He was organizer of apprenticeship training at A.H.S. and of the self-governing committee on attendance. Recently "Boss," as his boys call him, has been teaching Woodshop and Carpentry and serving as advisor for the Carpen- try Club. VV!" Q v 4 . fu SENIORS I 9 24 -Sefcr pix Oth Dax in-up dey 6 -1 Gradvarion I fmff' f 47 s Qi?" PAT DRAGON Treasurer SENIOR CLASS CAB rf 'r , ,, NANCY BORDEN Class Representative f PAT DRAGGN , f 11 Treasurer 9' Q' 7 xf , I in I V 71 ' ft M 5' x tk ? - '4- fffffxt "D W? nf, ', , js," - 1,--still.: A . gr, . ,-r fxif. J . ' " ' Q , LINDA LUPHER ,L I .1 Vice President ' '.-8 , ','f. 'nrfn 1, A ' ' 1 A' -" "HQ , V ,"-.-:Tru Xf 4 'ui' " , 4' 'wife'-'J' if , .. 'iv , ff-if , f I J .t 5 J i r zgyf 241' N . FLENORA DEL ROSA . Secrefa ry if EDDIE RIGGINS President W Dfw-V j Ill U' l SENIOR CLAS The graduating class of '57 will have many memories of class activities to cherish through the years. With the aid of class advisors Lincoln Hall, Eu- gene Even, and Mrs. Mary Norris, who SOPHOMO Sophomore class officers were Larry Pitts, president, Art Valdez, vice presi- dent, Dixie Dupire, secretary, Dolores Vincente, treasurer, and Theresa Mad- dalena and Dolores Langston Council representatives. Seniors decorating for Xmas dance , , For their school ring the class chose , the Panther Crest. At this time there was discussion concerning the possi- bility of having a traditional crest but final action was not taken. JUNI The junior year found them even more energetic than ever. Many par- ticipated in sports and extracurricular activities. Outstanding among them were Vic LoGrasso and Jim Mays who were part of the cheerleading team and Dolores Langston and Bonnie Hunt who were songleaders. Many girls were in the newly organized drill team. "Autumn Leaves" was the theme of the Junior Prom held December 2, with music by Galegos's Band. Pat Lindley was general chairman. Ray Edwards and Diane French were crowned King and Queen by class president Bonnie Making snowballs for the "Snow Ball" SENIOR YEAR The senior year finally arrived and class officers were: Johnny Elshere, president, Linda Lupher, vice president, Dixie Dupire, secretary, Pat Dragon, treasurer, and Angela Martins, Council representative. Dee Langston, Bonnie Hunt, Vic LoGrasso, and Jim Mays composed the cheer- leading squad. Other seniors in the pep crew were songleaders Judy Dal Porto, Juanita Hayes, Dixie Dupire, and Barbara Taylor. Margaret Barriga was Joe Panther and Nancy Borden and Pat Dragon were Pantherettes. "Snow Ball" was the theme of the semi-formal Christmas Dance, sponsored by the senior class, committees were headed by Jim Mays, Margaret Barriga, and Barbara Taylor. AR AR ISTORY replaced Mrs. Pauline West and Ralph Riggins, these energetic students had many activities and experiences to share with one another. Second semester officers included Ronnie Silvera, president, Barbara Tay- lor, vice president, Linda Lupher, secre- tary, Dolores Vincente, treasurer, and Bonnie Hunt and Theresa Maddalena, Council representatives. Tony Marques and Linda Lupher Second semester Senior Class officers are sworn in. reigned over "Springtime in Paris," the Sophomore Hop, held March 25. Kathy Autentico was general chairman. Music was provided for the semi-form- ' 0 al affair by Val Valente's Orchestra. Hunt. Their court included Dixie Du- pire, Lenora Del Rosa, Pat Lindley, Fred Costa, Gary Horsely, and Ronnie Sil- vera. Second semester officers were Bon- nie Hunt, president, Linda Lupher, vice president, Dixie Dupire, secretary, Pat Dragon, treasurer, and Angela Martins, Council representative. Pat Hines and Vic LoGrasso were selected to be representatives to Girls' and Boys' Stem, respectively, Time out for a picture while working on the Christmas Dance Twelve iunior girls were chosen to compose the daisy chain for gradua- tion. SENIOR YEAR The class was the first to use absolute secret balloting in class election and first to use the Stanford ballot. The class colors were chosen to be red and white, class motto to be "Knowledge is Essential to Conquest." Announcements were the "New Yorker." Dixie Dupire took honors, being elected "Good Citizen" by the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. Sandra Ward was Editor of the PANTHER, Nancy Barton and Sharon Stratton were Eidtors of the PROWLER, and Sonia Hoy was Editor of HI-LIFE. The Senior Play, "lt's a Date," was presented April 5. Senior Ditch Day, Senior Dress Up Day, and the Senior Ball were the big events of the year. Then came June 14 and graduation. 0' Fwy PAT DRAGON Class Treasurer CHARLES DAVIES Pivot tooth DIXIE DUPIRE GAA president L SAL DI GREGORIO Good competitor 6 '1 f I AUDREY ERICKSON Seldom, but lovely smile JERRY DINELLI Blushing f f CLASSCN: Bos EDWARDS Flashy football PAT FOSTER Changeable hair RAYMOND EDWARDS Doughnuts Ka v VIRGINIA FARNUM Library club CHARLES DODD Perfect personality SUZANNE FIELD Petite ng 1957 I . Q s LAVENE POWELL White buck loafers N'- . SI-IIRLEY PINKSTON Tiny ways .Yr MICKIE QUIGLEY That lvy League look CLASSCN: -'7 SHIRLEY RATTO Neatness MIKE QUINTANA Roughness JANET REES Emblem A Treasurer ,...-- ----X A MAXINE CYARDBERRYD PHILLIPS ,QM Married tty'- V fi MIKE POVEDA Dancer -QQ CHARLENE PILLESI w 'lf'- Pals I ' he . 9 . 1 i I iw 9 f 1957 'sv- IIE"-1'-f JOHN REBSTICK Everybody's friend ARLENE Ross Curly hair Eoov REED Quick wif Am mmm drum-4 - 4 1" ,7 T LEoNA ROUNSAVILLE Sophisticated LAWRENCE RIDOLFI Mischievous JUDY ROUSE Pretty chignon CLASSCDF A E, at can I TONY Ruiz Good dancer LILLIAN SHIVELY Soft accent TERRY RYAN Glasses in lv EDDIE RIGGINS Football star JUDY RUTHERFORD Red Ford convertible RALLY ROUNSAVILLE Basketball star PATSY SANCHEZ Majorette CHARLES RUDICEL Good build MARIANNE SCARDINA Athletics ,I Y' 1957 5 Y IQ N 21 6- BONNIE Jo WILLIAMS Silliness LARRY ZIMMERMAN Quieiness DONNA WILLIAMS Sweetness -KN If you do not Think about The future, you cannot have one. -JOHN GALSWORTHY BETTY WILsoN FBLA Treasurer MARY ZAMORA Pals I Q mg , Viv. ,,.1 1 x , 'ix fn I ggiifl-9 W' 1 1 g-, -- .1 ,',:1-f L v Q A I 4 , . ' , W f 1 15-V QQ .Lf Y 1-4 2-,Q Q Z Lj ,. i , 'Vs W .r , mf 1, f-il f Jzs y -.v nfl' x 4, 4-""., eff X ,.. . . H"',j 1. 'gQg,. - I 1 iz .ji v -- .fr . M.-f 'V , , X 1 PAT LONG Treasurer 4 .Kffr JUNIOR CLASS CABINET FIRST SEMESTER JERRY ANDERSON President jx i + Q--M-ff' :" LELAND OLMSTEAD Vice Presidenf s Q W . ply! JERRY ANDERSON 3' at 1 Ji 1 . w , 2 E . was V' f 1fT71fl?1,f' R q.4.Qe-an - A ' had - v JUDY FISHER f Secretary ' If "Q , Jfh , I a If 'V I' Q l wg, Q. i, BART DOZIER ' Class Representative A es . ,f ,L X ' 1 I X Nw, . R , xx VV fl i 1 X 25- Q. K 'zphff ski :fi F., f ba:-Y' ex V fake: E V, fd -f vu: idfv, L1 ,ss 1-5 Q5 QQ-'h 1 ,R 1.,+- 2 v i 1' E4 x,' ni Q' ', v-"V ,gf 11 YQ., 5'1" . . A , rj-fifv. x X -wit . ,,,, fr". S H. -. "Af .-f' 13?- 110 " 1 qv 'X 35304 Q" uf' 1 i . :N 'S -A I SOPHOMORE YEAR With aid of class advisors Russel Ridge, David Harrigan, whose place was taken by Dorsey Shaw, and Miss Robin Spielbauer, the class of 1958 has thus far had a successful school life. Sophomore first-semester class offi- cers were Shirleen Moore, president, Pat Long, vice president, Sharon Ford, secretary, Karen Adams, treasurer, Marie Neveu and Cheryl Nicol, Coun- Members of Junior Class sell cokes at football games. Cll represenlallves- La This class has the distinction of be- ing the first to have the traditional ring crest voted upon by the student body. "Mardi Gras" the Sophomore Hop, was held March 25, from 8-l l. Pat Long and Jerry Anderson were chosen to reign over the dance, which was planned by co- chairmen Verrill Rido, Tamara Beratta, Bill Nelson, and Mary Jane Tomsich. Second semester officers were Jerry Anderson, president, Pat Long, vice presi- dent, Glenda Grether, secretary, Deanna Martin, treasurer, Cheryl Nicol and Bart Dozier, Student Council representatives. Juniors decorate pagoda for "Shangri-la." 'X 'f-'mmaf-er. . I Q., I ,. , 35.,,, -1-as rv ugh .vt,.'.:!ii!.!: ,Lp v -K ' 'a.,.,,,fiZf4f'- hy, ,,, -Y , Q., '- ' 5 H V' 7 vv vi. ,-. - . "S-'I JUNIOR CLAS ISTORY JUNIOR YEAR The Junior year found the class busier than ever. First semester class officers were Jerry Anderson, president, Jessie Sugarman, vice president, Judy Fisher, secretary, Pat Long, treasurer, and Shirlee Stahlheber, Council representative. Oriental motif decorated "Shangri-la" Junior Prom held from 9-12 December 2, with music by Val Valente and his orchestra. General chairmen were Bernice Peterson and Bunny Haas. Chosen to reign over the formal affair were Karen Adams and Ralph Foy. In their court were Gabe Novo, Sheila Angelo, Bart Dozier, Bernice Peterson, Larry Rowe, Bunny Haas, Art Regoli, and Diane Danilovich. Bids being made for the Junior Prom. Bonnie Brooks and Kathy Jacques were the only two iunior songleaders. Second semester class officers were Jerry Anderson, president, Leland Olmstead, vice president, Judy Fisher, secretary, Pat Long, treasurer, and Bart Dozier, Council representative. Cheryl Nicol was Junior Editor of the PANTHER, Mary Ellen Zeiser was Assistant Editor of the PROWLER, and Corrinne Vendetti was Editor of "HI-LIFE." op D 'ts , 'T' Junior Class second semester officers are sworn in. is CLASS OF 1958 rv f-an ,,,,.,. nfs 'ir 13 f lg s'!.g.x Alan Anetsky Dan Arafa Joan Arala John Arara Duck Agusia Ken Avery Ron Beavers Tamara Berafto Joseph Buanchu Rurhune Blevurus i if 17' lf, vii 's lv'-X 1'- .L Sylvua Calahan Tonu Canada Socorro Cardenas Alben Carlu Duane Carlson Pat Carollo Zane Carfer Earl Carr Doyle Catlett Kathleen Cavanaugh '-V 60 'S' an-v Tom Adaur Karen Adams Carmen Aguular 2 gb Jerry Anderson John Anderson 47- -ri fvx s., midi Y' 'bs EX F ,.- f-" Q. 5? -YN 'CQ Ili. viii' X ,sg Y Barbara Blocksom Maxune Booth John Boscua Marg Bourgeous Ann Boyle Bonr ue Brooks Betiy Bryant Duck Buol June Cagle WWF-Y"4' X-X la 11" L. 7' if IV' .4 vs" ! , " 1 ' no V, - 'V M - I X ,. 4 1 ' , u M' - v 1 ,,,. A q 'ue , ul Q, - - , A A ,, f , , A I I J 6 X ' ' ,f': '- - 6? -C? M' A A ,.' f , ' A . N? I A . 14, rl ' ' V 'iff L . I A A I. Q. if A . . wg, -B A J i - A 'X R ' K 1 ' A 'Q 1' I, 5.4 J if A it I . u ,, s f Lu . V f . xr ? Q , N v ,W -A, I N. E A 5. J A X - gn V . , . ' , I I . ' Y I h 'A Ba xi ' ' ur A f. X I As. ' Q at 11 5'-. - .s,. 4 1, if were A M 'H AFT Brown 2' rsgifw J ., f - 3 Q ' 5 A f A Q. . 'fu A ff 'F C J A . ' J' 2. . A ' t 'V K .v , ' , ' " -' ' fi u,uu B' ji. 1 X . ,HM f I f Q . , b Q- . an , . I 5 ly X ' lvl: V ' who A 'V .W 1 , A ' A U ' ., J I I ',.., . ,Q , ' ' ' - G le if . , .3 ' ' i ' 3 h , l ex I - T he 9' A ' ' V Q A if '1' 1 if ' , A - H' , - - .fl-L 17" Q Ken Clark Don Coffer Barbara Collins Roger Collnns Tum Condy James Cooley Frances Cooney Charles Corzine Joan Crawford Peggy Cnbbs .YQ if' 5- Qi' Vlrgnnua Dunham Theresa Edmnston Roger Edwards Gary Ehrlech James Elluns Francine Enea Vlvnan Fanfe Dona Farnum Carolyn Ferguson Amano Ferreira av 2- Q Q! tt 2 1'-Ulm TCQ 'ons I av Or' -so 2, f"X 1-'iw T ,. I -r" C1 'cf' 3 Q' 'cg S... Dc ,,. ian ig.. .YQ Duane Danulovnch x, Bob Davl 9 Gene Dawes Kenneth Del Rosa Cecnlna Domlnguez Bull Doyle Alma Dozler Bart Dozuer Judy Dragon 'F ya 5 Karen Duncan if' K-1- vw em. QE Pd fa- vagina Vx , 'cz-.7 ., " 1 Q- Lf lla, "' s., X.,-a+... 1--s ar- ,aa Q- Q' hr 5- 7,4 fi! gi. Judy Fnsher Carl Fluty Raymond Fourmer Suzanne Fowler Val Fowler Juanita Fox Ralph Foy Bull Fraga Errol Flew Wandl Fruzzell 55 iv' N 5, ' W . 2 fa XJ? I as W T Ai' 1 If Y 1 Q" ' . '- 3 X Q 1- J , ' V x ' . 1. .QA C, 7 f 4 H Q A ,K QW Q . l - . Q Vx . ' V L, l X F , f. nf F 1 J x: ., I fa' Q C .- My V A ff' 'F ' A Y Q J F . Q' . W- 2 ' J 'Y ,I . . . C A fl ' 0' N A L' C - 4, 3 ,. - V- Q, ,, X. A 3' , J - ,C ' W ' ' N ' .. . N A . fl WV A AQ f..' V' , - 4 ff l -' Q 5 gm J J' X ' J C -r--, r J A F no lr we .C C , is ' , -- 1 ig -nf W 9 . K, . . 'P-o. - ass I I l' Q 1 Q F V' 1 F ' Q v , ,tg a. in t ... , A A y y I K 2' G - J A Q X W. "W Y, X 1 v . I ... ' A ea ' Q-F . Q 1 .. .ml K ' ye , if I .L ' ' l , ' ' - x f J 4 , ' 1 X J Q F . 5, ' ' ., - X ' ' X '- l f X C I A W wr J . J ' Q f4"."a--.V ,C gg ,fm ' V , M "L" 91.. . . om ar, 0 ' Q ur- .. C . ,M N af 'L ,. A f f 4: U --,,. Y ., 1 - L X , 3 ,, , x . r,, , -55 'L 'Q km, vm- . 'Z SSM- -' - 3455 J 1 s-.dp 0- Melvm Harrison Carole Harvey Jim Haskins Bill Heapy Phyllis Hemdselman Patsy Henry Marne Hernandez John Hessler Carroll Hefruck Judy Hill ,rs 'RK ,qw 'VX FN ni., G? il? 45,1 I-.Ia iff? Kathy Jacques Janice Jennings Ron Katreeb Bull Keith Dave Kirkpatrick Don Kovisio Marshall Kullu Marie Laudenslayer Janice Lauritzen Wendell Lawrence AX. vuu...-.f we, K f-f' J Tx, 9- we BQ VX 1'-S v- Q -'52 ,Ill yx 2354. Qph U VH, x qw Q f'-Fifi? or-2+ yi crffaiafxii s .mr D Y Li ,ir,. 1'--vr, '45, L Q11 22' 5.41 92 V55 Hu. ,,,4s irnvx E961-Jn. Y S- WV Francine Garcia Pat Gibbs Janice Godwin Frances Green Linda Green Glenda Grether Mary Guevara Bunny Haas Clifford Habig James Halverson wer ,L-. 49- x iv- V' 15" Q6- wp-.... Gayle Hlnkle Helen Hobbs Larry Hobbs Roy Hoffner Kay Holtzman Judy Houk Kay House Marion Howard Ward Hoye Valerie lrwm sd, V ls., .1 17' ef 3 W ,il ' 1 , 1 XI!! A K .Af A 'yn Af . 'la cr A H A ? 9' ' iv -J kv .. ,, , , E Q 1 g I lg , ' 6 Q , A x ar' , 42 Q ,K , 4 I Q. ' ' cs 5 ,, g, H W y- . . P 'X5' N , ,. ' ' W' W4 is fy V . . . i V Sr .Q I x N J , ear .I f- 7 As., ' N aku-f'-' l JA 5-' y Q' J 'l S. N .. - be 5, 4 ' fti,-Q ' i ag- r f in Q X . V 5-WEEE . f A " sf- ' or C b y 7, 5 X J H 11, .S -1 Q ,. . X, .f'f,'f. wwf" H ' 5 5' ww Y il A.. 1 f ' W ' 1 .g ,, Lg: .,,' H+- VJUW aff !5'f"ll77f'l17fgf - ' . "' -V , 41 fe 'naw' . 1 A lf A A QI H' , GYM' s ,V ,A , A 3 5 I ' ' Q, A mi' . "gp . . 'A - V A 3 l 'ff--r A . I I -:", ' ' V, f if ' N ' J. ,, l I A: K Aff f I 4 - as 1. C - y. my 4 , . 4: ,,- I 7 , r' Y az ' ' X "f r,rr ' l ' - ,il..' u' L..- Charlene Lawson Larry Leedham Mllce Lnttlepage Patsy Long Judrth Lynn Carole MacDonald Jeanette Maglwyop Delores Marcantelll Max Marglrn Augustnne Martin M swf-weve Sf frm' Joyce McWetlwy on Loyce McWethy 'S Margre Mello Pat Mooney Ball Moore it INA' Margaret Moore Shrrlene Moore Charles Morrls fi: 'x Wulluam Morse Albert Mullnns V 4Q Ki A .. Q--G 'iv .rf 'Sr' "', -X fs. r as -vuf Vi V ,- ,,fv. ga ! i. 1' T 'Ja- is 1 :ir 4 nf Sf Qu: Rebecca Mass Harry McClanal1an Gerry McClelland Lynn McClure Jane McCoy Wendell McDonald Connle McDonnell Patti McGuire Carolyn Mclntyre Phyllus McQuarrue inch Y' if , ,.. Alia' 5.4 Bull Nelson Mane Neveu Georgue Nrcholson Cheryl Nncol Walter Norge! Gabe Novo Carmen Nunez Connle Nunez Clalrene O Brien Leland Olrnstead .,, , '.,'h ' 4 ' L 2- . ' ' fe .71 4, "' f f . ,J V ' P' ' lj Avy! f K X V lr ' ' A I Ei-:ff f . - , 45 lx 4 , QV .Lx L- L J . fa xo- of N. L L 4. fn 'AQ' Q v 4: wk L L J fr ,aft f , V K i 1 . 1 A, A - ,N ff ,,. rx A ,.. , P . L L. 7' 5, ' K V V! I lf 1 ut Aix QM." K J aux :N L ' , Y f 2 Q' , g X, xp. A Q--'Lf - L I K L x ly. 'L . . - A Ms H i I V ,V - ' L' " ' :fl L " . Q Q W , .X . X yv 2 " , I 6 Y' U c L 1 , g lf 4 - . 17X V ,- v ' " N - L l - ,K I X Q Y L . -1 :',- -Eff 7- ' Ties ns, , ' Q IBN1 GPN. I""v ' v Jess Prnedo Larry Plumb Carolyn Pollard Delbert Presser Ron Porter Lorraine Quintana Jim Ramey June Ramey Joe Ramnrez Verrull Redo -cv' s.t, A 102.49 Q 'hm "ip- S' X s- J9-ag' 0. RA an Q A rot ,M RJ lf: y NE B h'5 Q ixgv- 'Vx .fx ni Ro hiv' if W? .A ,e-Q.. Larry Rowe X 'Wav 40 X :Av Mg 4' f Ma ry Ann Rozensku 'vs Norman Olsen Gloria Ortega Steve Ortega Loretta Palmer Ruchard Parr David Passard Don Paf1on Bernnce Peterson E en Pnllesl Bob Pnmenial Q ing if Art Regolu Ernie Reyes Darlene Rudolf: Penny Rnede Gene Rmburg Mnke Rodriguez Donald Roe Dave Romo Don Rogers 3. wilf' Alex Salazar 4' ' 3, """"', Al Sarauva Amelia Scardlna Peter Schumpfle Brenda Schwentzer Edgar Sears Gall Shaw Phyllus Snmmons X L'-1 Pafly Shaw 4' G, SE ! ,m 1 sw 'M M4 X H P7' R ' 51 Q- x 'W sl P15 , N ' 1. .. M 'V 4. J -. z K 1 u N K gyf' I h 'iv "X ',uL.Vu,l cl ,Q . P 51 R , ' 2 ,I 5 ,W P . .Le , N- r 'L' R , . '40 " ' A 5 - U. A it X Bei xl- ' 'jaw xy. Q NT, 'A P 1' my .K 5,4 Ay! ,H , Mafia, .r , if gi ' . - fn 1 . xg ' - A "' ' , ara 'n .P ,- nur Q l I warm x,yf'X ir' M ls 4 P Q W, y X ,ff K ,Q 4 ,T-Y -' ' . ,, A 1 U ' ,. 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Q41 V ww- 47" cvs Orb v-Q im: Q' ?' .4 Whoso neglects learmng ID has youth loses The past and IS clead for the future H' -hi- 3 S YN -Q EQ -s- '55 IX Jes sue Sugarman llene Sum merall Dorothy Sutton Doyle Dave Sweene Lana Tanzo Dave Th Swafford Y 0fT1BS Jean Thomas Mary J Anthony To 'IT'-.D -sex 1"'? Oi l Barb ,ov nov' Q"'V rt Wtlson Nancy Wnlson Maureen Wofford Chuckie W Anna Wnght ara Youngstrom an Zeuser ane Tomslch nso ef to L. oolcott Y 7 Q li A ,ax I - ' ' , fi I 3 5 I Q A i vi v .... Af , , Q I J JW f X 4 5 l P Q ' I 5- "' N' N' ,f- ' A ' . S Y l X ' lv 0 . ,' ' J 'l ' W - W, W l x ' sa, , as ,. ,N i .M A , . W ' - f Q ' L x- N ff. , ' Q 2'Q y ' .1 4 'Q X Q J' 'J l A A W , - . ns. -e - 1 . X J , QF- 3, v ,. ll' , 9' ,t - ' I l I .. D ' 55 s. J J 'af A A L J - Leroy Tullis X L F 1- ' J y -. ,V Y , . . ' ' A if 2 K J J . t x ' r . X ' f 9' W 2,75 ,f .,,,.. V V xx ,?5j,.'5.q L V3 --fr .. . wr 7 xxx X jr ' X L' ,v X ' 51 1 y 8 s ' " f A R B- 'N . ' , L.- 'Q-jk. ' N. q"' ' gs K b Q V ,- Be ' Y h lx ' , V x K dsx . it Lk p V ll . . -I In ' f ' M . . , . . - , 3- 1 sb Q' I . V I ' i J 3 F EURIPIDES 65 MARGARET PIERCE ref LINDA CECCHINI Socrevary M1 -I iw-QMB-.rugw Qi I I LOLLEEN GODWIN J ' pfC'4dCl'IT "'Y' LAUREL AMBRA Vice Prcsidonr U MR. KNUDSEN CAROL AUTENTICO Class Ropresenfavive L. x." S I, Q MISS BUF? ON Adviser SOPHOMORE CLASS 2 CABINET '? Z 1' '- .fa--WF' if :A UDY LAMB Class Ropresemrarfve f , 1. 1 --,I-2 I -I Q, v , 'X 'lf . I N V FIRST SEMESTER MR. CURRIER Advisor Advisor LORETTA ROUNSAWLLE Treasurer GILBERT CERVANTES Class Represenrarfve JUDY LAMB Class Representative 'UA 9' 'WP --.. Q KATHLEEN ELE Vrfe Pfesrdefr IVAR KENT President CAROLE TAPELLA Secrerary 35 is X ORE CLASS INET CLASS OF 1959 sa ' 1- Qt X"'x us. A Ng C' Kay Anselmo Sidney Arner qv 'Vi ww- Duane Arnett Carole Autenhco Vurgmna Ayers sm sau gl W diana? Duck Bates Hllda Bennett Lauro Bernal Bob Behencouri I eg 'L7' 2 Z 'sa 'Nav Roger Bundy Bull Burkhead gf 3 ,f Loss Caldwell X 4 WN" Louus Caple Nancy Cardunale Ruchard Carlisle Behy Caller? Lmda Cecchmu Gary Adams Muke Adams James Agnew Laurel Ambra Dorothy Anderson '45 -QA atv 1-wx Sv ll 'fl' W3 W? 15 'Y gal? 'sax 'kv' Q-av Wav -44 ax Lynda Blacker Duane Blakemore Barbara Bogle Harry Boos Duane Bouslog Pat Bown Ron Brocchmn Ivan Brooner Lynda Buffo Sharon Buhlman .-.7 1 il 5' Ga ry Cecul 'Q ,V f5 Gnlbert Cervantes f 'ln A. I Nw A ' ' , C 1 9 7 , -nr A . -we n 5 N, 1 A f ' N v f ' N ,-':' arg' ' Q4 f ,I , . ' A 1 Y 1 I I ' r fi A fq, L L we 4' , . I 1 l vs . 9 a,,, Q w - e"Z.,- li o-- A I , L , . f ' Q ox ' ll , ,. l 'N ' V Q' Q " A . N 4, V , A Q Nh Mr. L 1.4 A ' - Q11-1 'B - A 'Y '1' ' ff B' A L ' ' L. 5 X ' A , V: . 1 V , L, A 94 A ' ax . ' ' K A As' J y 1 r All P f s , X , - 5, , X , ' X I y s B W is ' Q it R .. l A X .' ' Sv . "4 L . ll ' l' , ' . A g , . W . ' 'V Q f , ' . ., w' Y F 5- 'J' aff A , J , V ff' ' 68 A f we I ' -,, E2 - - Tom Cesa Frank Crustue Geri Clark Mary Ann Clark Duck Collms Joyce Compomuzzo Ed Costello Don Couch Wnlma Cox Gwen Cnsmore so- QL wb.. Noble Elcenko Kathleen Ele Judy Elllot Sandra Ellrof Lna Enraquez Barbara Evans Howard Evans Elaine Evatt Greg Favrelfo Allan Ferguson 'Z-"" it 'Y 5 q-'v 4- noni! 1' 1' C" 'if- vw.. in 7 1 in. 2.5 rx 3 -N, sr 7 f, aan 'N 'Oo l"s.., vi Q: Yes SAX if 4,1"X 151 ,- was fix 54 rw 'Q 'Viv C'--s Q,- xi. 6' ,..f-. .4-he-. SVN up-Y gli' EVN' 4'- var' iv iff' i .31 Nell Crotwell Gale Crouch Jerry Davis Duck Dawson Sandy De-lColef1 Martha Denney Linda Draz Peter Donlon Brenda Doyle Mel Duarte 3 '-gpg, f""-x an ilu! 4-fu 's..llX Eddie Ferraro Gary Fessra Pat Fms Fredrick Fitzgerald Dave Fontana Norman Foust Shirley Francls Beity Gaddus Bull Galllen Jrm Garman 69 .A fa an-n .. fi ,Lily ,, . Q K A gi , 4 , . y v ,v 'Xa A h fr ' . f ll E. n 4 K5 - A . l -- r 'cr ef., ' 1 - :xx 1 A Q . 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Ralph Howard 'R ff' ks OP Q- qadi'Av-"N you 33 'HF-'ff LF 7--yx Helen Jones John Jones Joyce Jones Ronald Jones Shurleen Jones Kenny Jordan Judy Kenh lvar Kent JA " we "N-J hir 54 ln Jixfi-S Q. 5 QVX w IQMQQ ks W' Jaw 'Z' f ,Q Of' Q... .px in Y 2 4"'9 Rudy Hunt Karen Hurmacher Jack Ives Larry Jackson Nancy Jennings Barbara Jensen Lloyd Jewell Shlrley Jochum Gwenda Johnson Donald Jones ,D--1 .rf LLA Par Kelly 1 1 Raymond Kung J D' D 'r J' cr - D J I D 5 f , H J - .Q... in u,...- E K l D l 's A ' ls e fr D AD - J ll ' .'. M ' Q 5 3:11 1 - f J 'N - wil . HF V D. ll , ii! D G A 1 ax W L . r :lN:"""w V- f 1 D A , , . A ' s .:.. D 'D , D u X - -, r. G ::: x . w , D D. - ::::xi-D VVf,w,r, f' A - D . 'L 'L' D an ' ' D' DQ? Q G., I. ye W -P' K D L, J t I -, 1 K A Q I W' M, 5 , 'QM Z , ' 'QW ,Ds A an D ' b . D A D K an D fl li' ,DMD 2 D ' ' , I K ' , J x 'J J ' , D D- WI - W A x . l ,. Q D f 4 la, V V Li: . .' ,I X A ' in Pl' ' 'nfs' , K in G X V Q J 3 fe 1 f - . ' ' . ' " 'E .. J J, ' f X J' Q esp , - g, f 1 ' ' Q D '.. ' L., A l A JL fb ' V V D V D, , D vvg: 5 DV X1 Dk on YA M 56 K." , V ' Q, ' ' xc, ' D ff-3 4, I M ' f V , I 'KW bf v-4' Ed Keller Bill Kropp Maryann Kyle David Ladd Judy Lamb Judy Lamberson Charlene Lambert Darlene Lambert Lavera Lance Da e Larson ax ,N fix, H-.f Sa ie qwf 417 in qfx sv-4 fwf' l Ruchard Madrlgal Yvonne Maghuyop Gary Marquardt Llnda Marquardt Marg Marrunez Carmen Matlock Tom Maybach Janlce McClure Tom McCown Kathleen McCullough L. Y'.' finffiixmv 2 X I 1. ui ' y ' omit! L "Rf , 'P ' V. 5 1, I l , xv I f' L' L. My fi Y A ,.: y A Q xx A '7 Xi all 4 W ,H 'f , ' " 0 X r A, V" , W ,ar, as 'fflf rr,a dl f 0 'Q W lf ," f : ll L" ,' , .. LR 1 , C y ! 1 L .. , 5 ' 1 1 I ,rl ,-al. 2 , ,W I i 4 r 3 y K 3 , ,4A, ,X Q Q N v h X ' va any my ' Q11 ' I 5 W Q hr K V 0 :C B fl C K ' J L ' ' f V , ' L av' ' ,, . 'I C Gt , - . C ll R - L e 1 W A l P it ' il fl, . W 1' W X is , -Q.,-v stag., ig-,gg "0 I Q 3 Q' X52 -w f 2' H14- 'Na i sf S4 'S 'nv '33 an 'S' QE' 'N-Q Q- s.. .1-4 7 127' 3 Q--s 'Q if X 5- lv' 7 ly, 3 Q'-ar Jlm Lnbbey Tom Llnehan Daniel Lupton Doug Lltterell Janice Locket? Russ Lorschbaugh John Lourance Rosemarie Luna Linda Machado Phnl Machado arf' Ed McDonald Don McMullen Frances McMullan Allen Medncn Fred Mendes Thelma Muller Carole Moldenhauer Marylou Moody Peggle Moore Ralph Mori Q '2 up ,...... Y-si 3 Q 4 2 1 George Morse 5 Richard Mulr Darla Murphy Eddue Nnkolau X Carol Nona 1 it X 'Q 'VN Wu! Sl' Maryann Phullups Audrey Puco Margaret Pierce Bernadlne Plnkston Ann Powell John Powers Jack Preza "Ur Davud Pnce Andrea Pucci Danny Ramsey as -'Z' L YN 41" 7-vw Karen Rutter Don Robbins Dorothy Roberts Robert Robnnson John Rodgers Larry Rosalez Loretta Rounsavrlle Henry Ruiz Jnmmy Rulz Pat Russo i -.apr if Q' fb fl AX '-723 s-x Steve Ozment Dennis Rauch Elame Pappas " Paul Parks Y so Leroy Perry 3-51 fu its its J'7 RNC? Y"-9 me i0w .F-Y ur--s. '81 "" Tom Ramsey Q. Johnny Ray 'R Gary Rayner John Rees Rnchard Reeves 1 Tnllue Reyes Q 1. Carolyn Reynolds Linda Rach 4- if 5 AQ 3 'K' x Y"Y 'sf , 'vgwf gf 5 1 T' Robun Rughtmlre Clnfford Rnmmer .36 111 as ,i 01' 5-5 'Q f 4 fiff Dennis Ryan Wilfred Ryer James Sampson Dick Schmidt Robert Schmidt Mark Schneider Linda Scott Graydon Shelton Cheryle Shinn Linda Sleppy as in 5qn...f an ls' ,A ri :mira 1 ...ry ki.. W 'st K, J 'z-if 'N' 1.-Q ar yy :lf Us' a9'l :- W I v l ' B Y Q, QA Tl C7 Wu!- E Y N Q-5 Sty Y""""? 2' A6 Q-li' Betty Smnth sr 'W ,,.. 'ins in Wayne Stephens Carolyn Stntt Merle Stone Sybil Strickland Joe Strickland Danny Sullivan Karen Sundborg Marulyn Sundborg Faye Swmdle Carole Tapella LAL 4. 'ff fx 'N' 5 t"'7 19 i' ? RA, -nr v-'V 3 S 14' 4? Bnll Smnth Davld Smrth Sally Sparks Susan Sparks Sherla Spohn Sandy Standley John Stansbury Larry Stebbins Joslyn Stephens "X T 'iw 5 an sf .nl 3" 'X R f Annta Taylor Frances Taylor Nrck Tenxelra Joann Tennlson George Torres Judy Travell Ruta Tuccl Judy Turley Veromca Turner Rudy Vnramontes A A A 'A xt V' v ' M l I S . X . if SQL S V fm' JSA Q ' G F. ,Y - . , S l ,fl J f f J 7 Q , S Ll he c ' -- Xu ,W . . - as . J G- "' J 'N f J . 5 x, R ' t kavfi' WL .4 l. J gl - - R ., W , " .' 15. . :L , .4 Ls 1 an . . . Ar - rss , J ti, 'su K .. we v s ij,"l -11 ff -'Al A ln ' 2 , . ' . K A ' A W I . ,, h 1 ' bf "ffl .- J A "5" J W'-L s ll'lc A l s ' "s' "fl" ' 5 ft! , A,.. , AQ , K V f I Q I A 'QQ I N. ' cr S- ' ' is 'I A 4' N , f - L""x Q J I 1 gil S 73 X Sharon Winters Leslie Wood Charlene Zarker O X Wendy Waldie Kathleen Walker Carolyn Watson Joanne Webb Bob Werner Yvonne West Dean Westbury Pat Westbrook Beverly Williams Doug Williams The roots of education are batter, but the fruit IS sweet ARISTOTLE f - X Ll, fr 1 J R 5 IK r A Sophomore cabinet meets to choose rings. Girls only attend Class meeting SOPHOMCRE CLASS HISTORY The class of '59 met with their advisors, Rudolph Knudsen, Everett Currier, and Miss Doris Burton on September 8, 1956, to choose class officers. Those elected were Colleen Godwin, president, Laurel Ambra, vice president, Linda Cecchini, secretary, Margaret Pierce, treasurer, and Judy Lamb and Carole Autentico as representatives. Not much time was wasted this year by the class, for they met in October, se- lected and ordered their rings, and had them before Christmas. The traditional crest called "Sabreiet," chosen by the class of '58, was accepted, and the class of '59 introduced a choice of style of setting and color of stone. The rings were again ordered from the Herff-Jones Company and prices ranged from S16 to 522. Dues were set at 51.50 and raised to 51.75 by February 4. "Underwater Wonderland," the Sophomore Hop, was held on March 22. Chair- men for the dance were Judy Lamberson and Linda Machado. Dancing was in the cafeteria from 8:30 to 11:30. Six percent of the Sophomore enrollment of 289 were on the first honor roll, taking second place to iuniors who had eight percent, and approximately 15 were in C.S.F. In G.A.A. sophomores led in class enrollment with 69. Sophomore G.A.A. repre- sentatives chosen were Carole Autentico and Judy Travell. Gilbert Cervantes became a Block "A" member in his sophomore year, an un- usual occurrence. Second semester officers are sworn in. 4 Council. I In January, 1957, the class met to vote on second semester officers Iyar Kent was chosen president . Other officers were: Kathleen Ele vice president, Carole Tapella secre . tary, Loretta Rounsaville treasurer ' - and Judy Lamb and Gilbert Cer vantes, representatives to Student I x if I N-4 9 ' f ta - U :J YY, . 2 ' 4 I VY I wk ,lf I 16. 'ffl f N . .". ff .M Tx NX X . I ' N TX 5 u ' ' ' x :O ,l 4 5X , 1 1 Sli' - A W, ff ix fu ,ff S . ,,, 1-Q X NS 4 vb l" i. f' VF-. . . t, I ,bg 4- ,4- .N Q x 'X F 5 STUDENT COUNCIL - Left to right, Carol Autentico, Sophomore Representative, Ronnie Silvera, Chief Justice, Bill Moore, Assistant Justice, Eddie Riggins, Block "A" President, Sharon Stratton, PROWLER Editor, Jerry Anderson, Commissioner of Boys' Affairs, Shirlee Stahlheber, Junior Representative, Verrill Redo, Com- missioner of Assemblies, Sandra Ward, PANTHER Editor, Bonnie Hunt, Secretary, Victor Lo Grasso, President, Keith Guthrie, Vice 1-wr , VM? W' S- , Al. A ,go K -E XC is I ' if President, Lenora Del Rosa, Treasurer, Angela Martins, Senior Representative, Dixie Dupire, Commissioner of Publicity, Dave Fenolio, Band Representative, Jerry Cluck, Carpentry Representative, Linda Lupher, Commissioner of Girls' Affairs, Pat Lindley, Com- missioner of Rallies, Jimmy Mays, Head Cheerleader, Judy Lamb, Sophomore Representative. ANTIOCH HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER PfGSidCf1i Vice President Advisor Secretary Treasurer VICTOR LO GRASSO KEITH GUTHRlE MR. NORRIS ADAMS BONNIE HUNT LENORA DEL ROSA .X F1 2 ,, . , 'U' V , rn , l Y V 4 fu S A 'T ' 'ff l f' Q Q ' -5 ,r T fs 5 2 F 1 f'. fl I l , I Cam Student Council members sell popcorn. Decorating for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. STUDENT GOVERNMENT IN ACTION I. Put popcorn machine back in operation. 2. Donated proceeds of Acalanes basketball game to March of Dimes. 3. Declared TWIRP WEEK preceding Sadie Hawkins Dance. 4. Presented "The End of the Line" as the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. 5. Purchased and decorated a twelve foot Christmas tree for the cafeteria. 6. Purchased football equipment. 7. January 29 - Student Body elections. 8. Several members attended DVIC conference as delegates and observers. 9. Donated S800 to Band Uniform Drive Fund. IO. Chartered and paid for rooters' buses for football and basketball games. I I. Played records in the cafeteria at lunch. I2. Sold Student Body Cards. I3. Sold tickets for sport activities. I4. The main duties of the student council are to approve expenditures of student body funds, devise school rules and regulations, and discuss and attempt to solve problems brought in by the various council representatives. ELECTORAL COMMITTEE Victor Lo Grasso, Pat Hines, Bart Dozier, Autentico. Their duty is to take complete organizing all school or class elections and the ballots. RECORD COMMITTEE Dave Fenolio, Sandra Ward, Victor Lo Grasso, DelRosa. Their duty is to buy and maintain all records for Student Council use, and Carole charge of counting of and Lenora phonograph 1' i mugs QI , SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY COMMITTEE Ronnie Silvera, Pat Henry, Advisor Art Lanier, Lois Hoyt, and Dan McKimmy. Their duty is to rate the sportsmanship of the schools we compete with. ,,,,q.,.-and-mf 1 M122 Ava ,,.,....o-1 -,,,.,-X a x ,TMI N Business Manager Circularion Manager JUDY DAL PORTO DOLORES LANGSTON ' sesfnllnrf, 'liar Ediror-in-Clue! SANDRA WARD L Advertising Manager DOLORES VINCENTE SENIOR PANTHER STAFF ar 3? literary Ednor SHARON -SIQATTON Lffsfg ' . 1 A A W Annum Organrzanons fdnor Feawfe Edna' NANCY BARTON BARBARA TAYLOR U , Q Q, 1, k 'ffvij K A 1, 1 K1 .9,' , yv v vw. :A 2- Q 1 ,V f M ,,h Adhiizv Mn. rom wARa 2 Arr ffm. I QS TONY MARQUES sw f ,xl ' C Girls and Buys' Sporrs DORA lABPAE and EDDV REED Assistant Editor NANCY BARTON owonxk, Boys' and Girls' Sporrs DOUG WEST and DORA LABRAE f Business Manager DIXIE DUPIRE Editor SHARON STRATTON PROWLER STAFF FIRST SEMESTER 2 if Advenising Manager BARBARA TAYLOR Feawre Ednor JO ANN VAUGHAN Exchange Edirol and Circulation Editor KATHY AUTENTICO and ARLA RAE MULLINS Assisranf Editor MARY ELLEN ZEISER Busmess Manager DIXIE DUPIRE Editor-in-Chief NANCY BARTON Feaiure Ediror BARBARA TAYLOR PROWLER STAFF Boys' and Cnrls' Spons DOUG WEST and ARLA RAE MULLINS SECOND SEMESTER Aarerfising Manager JO ANN VAUGHAN Exchange Ednor and Cfrcularion Manager KATHY AUTENTICO and JEAN GOFORTH 87 tug li PANTHER PRODUCTION The PANTHER staff consists of ten advanced senior Journalism students appointed by advisor Tom Ward. Production begins the previous year, vvith the first lo pages completed by September l in order to get eight colored division pages free. The dummy is planned, staff meetings and conferences with the publisher's representative are held, photographs are taken either by professional or school photographers, copy is written, copy sheets are made up, pictures labeled and numbered, and pages are mailed off in order to meet three deadlines. Money for the yearbooks, which cost approximately vvays: Organizations pay S10 per page and bring in approximately sale of pom poms brings in S35 yearbook covers, S255 and the made up by the S4 subscription 53000, is made in five page, ads cost S60 per STQOO, profit from the and from the sale of balance is price per book. The staff together puts in hundreds of extra hours in order to produce, not only a "memory book" for seniors, but a record of the entire year's activities. lg ' li' ,, JCURNALISM Advertising Manager Dolores Vincente and Business Manager Judy Dal Porto work together on PANTHER ads. Our faithful photographer Al Edwards from Matson Studios takes unusual shot from ladder. Journalism students work far into the night to meet deadlines Xi Our helpful friend and advisor Tom Ward gives up many long hours to work 'S' "" ' H on his numerous Journalism proiects. SNAPS AND COPY Jocrnalsm editors JoAnn Vaughan, Cheryl Nicol, Jean G:Forth, Sandra Ward, Nancy Barton, and Sharon Stratton aitend a conference at Svanford, Sh rlee Sahlheber sells football programs at home game. ff ,f ,WWW ,,,...- ,,.,... ,,,...w- j,,z,t. 3gllR?lHLl!,',y .euims LFHDERSHW' c I ,. if Chickie Wolcott and Corinne Vendetti with their 4 ,Ai display for Leadership Conference held at A,H.S. we Unsung Hero-Becky Marchio setting some of her bea utiful headlines, PROWLER PRODUCTION The PROVVLER is published two or three times monthly by the advanced Journalism students, with first year iournalism students reporting for it. The paper is financed by ads from local mer- chants and by receiving Sl from each student body carol that is purchased. It is given free to student body card holders and costs 5c otherwise. The whole paper is written by the students, typed by them on the IBM, and pasted on layout sheets. lt is then taken to Diablo Valley News in Oakley to be printed by photo offset. Pictures for it are taken by the student photographer. This year, for the first time, a tabloid edition was published alternately with the regular large edition ,which has always been put out bi-weekly. The staff for the regular PROWLER consists of twelve students, who work together on the covering of news from every department of the school, on getting ads from merchants and writ- ing features about students, teachers, and activi- ties. In addition to these students, four others work on the small edition or tabloid, thus produc- ing a complete coverage of school events every week. 'lt Vmirunun f Elton, mcnimr Wilt! Dil Corinne Vendetti, Organizations Chicki Woolcott, Advertising Manager is CHERYL NICOL Editor-in-Chief UNIOR PANTHER STAFF This staff is composed of Juniors who largely act as under- studies for The regular staff. Only the Junior Editor actually Sheila Angelo, Art Editor Bill Nelson, Boys' Sports works on the year's edition, while the various other editors learn from the senior members. Frorn the Junior Panther staff arises the regular staff who put out the yearbook in Their senior year. MAX MARGLIN Photographer Mary Zeiser Literary Editor Frances Green Circulation Manager 90 Shirley Stahlheber Business Manager Pat Carollo Features Editor FFT X1 ' n , FIRST SEMESTER EDITORS f Assistant Editor Corrine SECOND SEMESTER EDITORS - Assistant Editors Shirlee Vendetti and Editor Sonia Hoy. Stahlheber and Chicki Woolcott and, seated, Editor Cor- inne Vendetti. ffaigizy ti W 4,25 W' 1 Q 1' 1 HI-LIFE STAFF - Seated, left to right: Shirlee Stahlheber, Margaret Barriga, Corinne Vendetti, Sonia Hoy, Frances Green, Standing: Chicki Woolcott, Mary Ellen Zeiser, Rodney Jenkins, Ann Powell, Pat Carollo, HI-LIFE Composed primarily of Journalism I students, this staff has charge of reportng high school events and activities for the Weekly "I-ll-LIFE" page in the Antioch Ledger. Alfred Mendes. These students are usually the ones who help put out football programs and assist with the "Big Show" and "Pantherette Ball." Journalism pins may be earned by those who have staff positions, lout reporter pins are not earned until the student serves on the staff of the PROWLER or PANTHER. 9I xJ Tabloid Staff consists of Reed, Assistant Editor Sports Editor Eddy Eleanor Childress, Feature Editor Jean GoForth, and seated, Editorsin-Chief Becky Marchio. The Tabloid was a small paper put out on the Fridays the PROVVLER did not appear. This was inaugu- rated this year. Both the High School Reporter and Teen-Tirne were on KECC Fri- day nights tor 45 minutes as a combined program. The High School Reporter gave news of A. H. S. activities and Teen-Time took requests and played records. Advisor tor High School Reporter, Teen-tirner, and the Tabloid, besides the high school paper, annual, HifLite, Student Prints, Foot- ball programs, Pantherette Ball and other Committees, Thomas F. Ward. fi Z l C 2 ' X i ,X f "Q ' ld Q , ' 5 f ,I 1 v s-if Q ' . . "':"c 4-.-.J K Photographer Gary McKinney in Publications dark room, .v--'5""'?'. t -51213 JOURNALISTIC JOBS J! xx 1 Q- '- X I First semester High School Reporters Jean GoForth Segonlj lergealer, ieewl-lmemc Qlflorisflaigsmn and Arla Rae Mullins, and Teen-Timer JoAnn Vaughan. an '9 C Dol repoffef a Y U en lco' EMBLEM " " SOCIETY Advisor MISS LUCll.l.E MCBRIDE Emblem "A" is a Girls' senior honor society, with 38 members this year. At the end of two complete years of G.A.A., the girls earned their block letters and the right to put them on the sweaters. Meetings are held the first and third Monday nights each month at members' houses. Emblem "A" is a service organization and was responsible for decorating the halls for the Christmas season, instituting a campus clean-up, hosting a Leadership Conference, helping a needy family at Christmas, taking tickets at football games, and guiding and helping whenever called upon. After earning money through cake sales, pennant sales, a car wash, and a slave week, the girls took their annual week-end snow trip to Murphys Lodge in the Sierras. S ,jf lg 5 41. .f we fi, e yy: . MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Miss Lucille McBride, advisor, Barbara Smith, Barbara Lanoy, Dorothy King, Carol Ambra, Pat Lindley, Donna Cecchini, Marie Lopez, Judy Dal Porto, Sheila Taylor, Pat Adams. Second row: Janet Rees, Nancy Barton, Lenora Del Rosa, Sharon Smith, Barbara Taylor, Juanita Hayes, Kay Gibson, Dixie Dupire, Angela Martins, Shirley Ratto, Linda Lupher, Alfreda Shriver, Betty Wilson, Anna Tresh. Third row: Sandra Ward, Hazel Tipton, Audrey Erickson, Pat Hines, Bonnie Hunt, Jari McElroy, Diane French, Nancy Borden, Pat Dragon, Dolores Vincente, Joan Crawford, Becky Marchio, Jo Ann Vaughan, Lois Ann Hoyt. as 0 90. 1 V, - gf. h . K of A 5.410-1 '91, so - W H 1 , , it , .1 f iff, , X i v - ' " . . A 4 A Speaker at Leadership Day Section Meeting, I no i -V ' E fri- , Ax L5 . t is SECOND SEMESTER oEEicERs - sandra vvara, cam. ' 4.4 i .L ' ' missioner of Publicity, Linda Lupner, Vice President, ' .. f f , M,-ii A .' J' " Juanita Hayes, Presidentg Judy Dal Porto, Secretaryg Janet I A " ' "' X, Rees, Treasurerg Lenora Del Rosa, Commissioner of Ernst SEMESTER OFFICERS - ' ' ' Eftfeftainmem- of Entertainment, Nancy French, Presidentg Juanita Commissioner ot Publicity .p Advisor Miss Luciiie McBride speaks at Emblem "A" Banquet Members relax at iast home of the Emblerr A Christmas Progressive - Dinner Second Semester officers are inaugurated at Seven Abowds g Janet Rees, Treasurer. I " 1 q Q 5 Q , 1 c ' ' -M nt? jx 'I 4 M, I AMY .. . , hw Vg E4 brat- f v BLOCK SOCIETY AY' 96 N, BLOCK "A" OFFICERS - Left to right: Sal Di Gregorio, Sergeant-at-Arms, Art Valdez, Vice President, Eddie Riggins, President, Ronnie Silvera, Secretary, Victor LoGrasso, Treasurer, Jim Kay, Publicity. BLOCK "A" MEMBERS-First row, lett to right: Coach Brooks Golden, Wayne Westbrook, Jim Kay, Victor Lo Grasso, Victor Hernandez, Sal DiGregorio, Leroy Crews, Eddie Riggins, Steye Gutierrez, Doug West, Jirn Green, Jerry Cluck, Art Valdez, Charles Dodd, Larry Pitts, Bob Olds. Second row: Jim Elkins, Donnie Hall, Eddy Reed, Bill Maybach, Dale Perry, Harry McClanahan, Marshall Kuliu, Bob Edwards, Bob Mello, Bob Heaton, Wayne Bryant, Ernie Reyes, Art Regoli, Ray Edwards, Gilbert Ceryantez, Charles Cochran. Third row: Ralph Foy, Keith Guthrie, Jerry Anderson, Jerry Dinelli, John Rebstock, Leo Treat, Max Marglin, Ronnie Silvera, Lee Friedman, Don Rogers Danny Mciiirnrny, Bill Moore, Don Kovisto, Rally Rounsaville, Wayne Sleppy. MISS EVELYN GASSAWAY ai 'H ,-rx, X111 Head GA-A-AClVlSOf G.A.A. COUNCIL -- FIRST SEMESTER, seated, left to right: Joan Arata, Com- missioner of Entertainment, Linda Lupher, Commissioner of Publicity, Verrill Redo, Treasurer, Dixie Dupire, President, Ann Boyle, Secretary, Carolyn Ferguson, Vice President, Pat Carollo, Sports Manager. Standing: Jessie Sugarman, Sports Manager, Francine Enea, Junior Representative, Nancy Borden, Senior Representative, Diane Carl- son, Assistant Sports Manager, Karen Ritter, Sophomore Representative, Andrea Pucci, Sophomore Representative, Karen Adams, Junior Representative. ,Q GIRLS' ATHLETI G.A.A. is the largest single organization in the high school, with a membership of over I8O girls. Its purpose is to create a greater interest in girls' athletics, develop physical efficiency, and establish leadership and good fellowship among the girls. Each girl must participate in a sport every week and attend the various events of the year. General meetings are held whenever necessary and cabinet meetings are held every Monday afternoon. After completing all the requirements, a G.A.A. girl is awarded a pin at the end of the Sophomore year, a Block "A" and right to wear the Emblem "A" sweater at the end of the Junior year, and a gold "A" at the end of the senior year. SENIOR MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Pattie Lindley, Dorothy King, Judy Dal Porto, Janet Rees, Barbara Lanoy, Carol Ambra, Linda Lupher, Donna Cecchini, Marie Lopez, Sheila Taylor, Barbara Taylor. Second row: Bonnie Hunt, Lenora Del Rosa, Nancy Barton, Hazel Tipton, Barbara Smith, Kay Gipson, Sharon Smith, Pat Hines, Juanita Hayes, Dixie Dupire, Pat Adams, Betty Wilson, Anna Tresch, Lois Hoyt. Third row: Theresa Maddalena, Sandra Ward, Angela Martins, Shirley Ratto, Audrey Erickson, Dolores Vincente, Pat Dragon, Jarith McElroy, Diane French, Nancy Borden, Alfreda Shriver, Becky Marchio, Joan Crawford, Jo Ann Vaughan, Clarice Mclntyre, Jackie Lewallen. It, 'F , ,1 t- 7 I ' ,J fi xg- J K t - l ' Lx ' x . sqfta f 'T 4 ,1 .4 -7 Assistant G.A.A. Advisor MISS MARY MATTEN G,A.A. COUNCIL- SECOND SEMESTER, seated, left to right: Pat Carollo, General Sports Manager, Judy Dal Porto, Commissioner of Publicity, Carolyn Ferguson, Secretary, Pat Hines, President, Verrill Redo, Treasurer, Dolores Vincente, Vice President, Diane French, Commissioner of Entertainment. Standing: Judy Travell, Sophomore Representative, Kay Gipson, Senior Representative, Jessie Sugarman, Assistant Sports Manager, Karen Adams, Junior Representative, Carole Autentico, Sophomore Representative. D SSOCIATION ' G.A.A. events include: l. Three to four sports per sport season, including badminton, basketball, bowl- ' ing, etc. J X3 2. Annual Sock Hop Dance by the iunior girls with the proceeds going towards their sweaters. 3. Annual Hi-Jinx held at night for all girls and their mothers. 4. Spring and Fall Banquets for installation of officers and presentation of awards. 5. Magazine sales. 6. Playdays held throughout the year with other schools. JUNIOR G.A.A. MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Lana Tanzo, Ann Boyle, Karen Adams, Judy Fisher, Glenda Grether, Chickie Woolcott, Jesse Sugarman, Diane Danilovich, Helen Hobbs. Second row: Francine Enea, Mary Ellen Zieser, Peggy Cribbs, Maureen Walgreave, Jane McCoey, Loretta Palmer, Janice Godwin, Suzanne Fowler, Patti McGuire, Betty Bryant, Louella Wallace, Delores Marcantelli, June Ramey, Pat Long, Valerie Irwin, Kathy Cavanaugh. Third row: Cheryl Nicol, Jeanette Maghuyop, Carmen Aguilar, Judy Dragon, Karen Duncan, Judy Houk, Verrill Redo, Alma Dozier, Bernice Peterson, Penny Riede, Vivian Fante, Toni Canada, Mary Lou Wallis, Maureen Wofford, Connie McDonnell, Pat Carollo, Deanna Martin, Janice Jennings. Fourth row: Carolyn Ferguson, Phyllis Simmons, Diane Carlson, Joan Crawford, Barbara Youngstrom, Stephanie Stephens, Tammy Beratta, Bonnie Brooks, Margaret Moore, Mary Jane Tomsich, Kathy Jacques, Virginia Dunham, Pat Mooney, Carole MacDonald, Maxine Booth, Bunny Haas, Joan Arata. 1 Members take bowling as a sport. Juniors and Seniors welcome "Little Sister" Sophomores on first day of school. SOPHOMORE GAA. MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Delores Hernandez, Rita Tucci, Linda Sleppy, Pat Kelly, Joslyn Stephens, Barbara Jensen, Olga Pachecano, Andrea Pucci, Laural Ambra, Diane Arnett. Second row: Saily Sparks, Lynda Butto, Betty Smith, Kathleen Ele, Rosemarie Luna, Elita Enriquez, Sydney Arner, Lois Caldwell, Joann Tennison, Brenda Doyle, Yvonne Maghuyop, Nelly Kendall, Sandra Stanley. Third row: Linda Cecchini, Carolyn Stitt, Wendy Waldie, Gwen Crisntore, Karen Sundburg, Janice McClure, Gwenda Johnsen, Sandy Del Coletti, Diane Bouslog, Loretta Rounsaville, Nancy Jennings, Sheila Spohn, Dee Blackmore, Marilyn Sundburg, Peggy Moore, Judy Travell, Sandra Elliott. 415 -LQ.. , ...ggi ',,, Y Q 5 SOPHOMORE G.A.A. MEMBERS - First row, lett to right: Carole Autentico, Judy Lamb, Irene Romo, Bernadine Pinkston, Linda Scott, Nell Crotwell, Second row: Carole Tapella, Linda Scott, Betty Catlett, Marthea Denney, Janet Honea, Karen Ritter, Susan Sparks, Janice Lockett, Sharon Bowers, Virginia Ayers, Sue Killian, Judy Lamberson. Third row: Carmen Matlock, Coleen Godwin, Linda Machado, Sharon Buhlman, Pat Westbrook, Shirley Francis, Barbara Evans, Mary Ann Phillips, Margaret Perce, Shirley Yokum, Linda Rich, Helen Jones, Kathleen McCullough, Frances Taylor. - Sf. ., Yxat 1-411. " - K-. 335 all Council members at General G.A.A. Meeting. Girls and mothers folk dance at Hi Jinx - f fit, , ,:-,ca . Zzffqgh., A fig 1 152 11 J 7 5.1 . sf 5 r 5 15 3 354 A I lf -g. I! if , 5 , d , Qi 45. x I fi va, -,, eh v'l 31 Y , I' 4 Y an H. , ig , gf it.- ,A :af 'f . gf .gi ' w.. ,xfkgagg M A no ,AAQ .P M 5 ' V4 an ..,.,-Q Sh' Ci ,J 3. H' , ti an M r 1 1 "DEP ' nv, . ,- - 4 -',.., x 'xiii-f!!f3f'4 'lr-ni.-se' Q Q :NL hi? Q I 'Nkn-:QF wig , 5 ,, ....4, BAND - Front row, left to right: Anita Taylor, Mary .Io Durham, David Waldon. Second row: Dave Fenolio, Frances August, Kathleen Ele, Larry Jackson, Jim Libbey, Eddie Anderson, Judy Houk, Barbara McGovern, Jerry Anderson, Larry Leedham. Third row: Valerie lrwin, Keith Guthrie, Betty Catlett, Leland Olmstead, Margaret Pierce, Janice McClure, Lois Ann Hoyt, Mary Ann Phillips, Jim Elkins, Ralph Foy, Bart Dozier, Joan Crawford, Ward Hoye, Gary Marquardt, John Stansbury. Fourth row: Director Henry Ornellas, Kenny Pimental, Ray Fournier, Deloras Knapp, Lois Nootbaar, Louella Wallace, Pat Long, Carol Hettrick, Kenny Clark, Dick Allen, Bob Tabor, Larry Rowe, Sandra Standley, John Hessler, Duane Hovett, Ronald Jones, Dan Sullivan, Roger Edwards, Louis Caple. A. H. S. BAND For the first time in school history the group meets this year at 7:45 in the morning, to avoid class scheduling conflicts. With a membership of 50, the group is under the direction of Mr. Henry Ornellas, and offers a trained musician the opportunity to participate in a combination marching and concert band. f , Activities of the year include playing at all football games and rallies, Christmas assembly, Davis music festival, Spring concert, and graduation. 0 Raising money for new uniforms by selling candy, giving two dances, and g soliciting donations from the townspeople, was the main proiect of the year. 5 BAND COUNCIL - Left to right: Keith Guthrie, Lois, Ann Hoyt, Dave Fenolio, Jerry Band Director, HENRY ORNELLAS Anderson, Jim Libbey. ,Q as 5. 5 v. f 4 ' for-Wi: W ir V! nr , +- ff N , N 'K -.H , ' 5: l Q . 'X' Aa . ...M 'A A5n"?:"5 ' V - ,"' f Mmfy ' P . Km 'Y Si K -.-.- -Y-4. .... .N . x 1 ix - u Y' 4 , ,WZ, W W. W .. - lk -y-vm. 1-1 Q 5. ' K Tv -xx U ,x I .Xu ' Q , e , - ,.. 'Q ' Q, -'ffl m..7'35"'1f?" ' k V 1 ifif ' ,V M 1 X . "" 1 i I ' 4 -n , .M W ..v.,.,.f N' M If . , it .A,,,i,Q Lf ' ., , f-P015 rw- 5 A ' J' W zz 1 , v Y' 'W-. ' ,,'f'n.4 , . , - ,Sd x Ag, K fn. ,Q I VV N , , , , ,L gp ,,-,'- , ,iii 'zz' - f .413 Mig- ' , D'-" " , 1' ' ' A .15--wr ' Q' ,ws ,l-f' ..L61',,.-1-'q ' - fs gg'-Y - L-,- "',5.gxgf" :iw .- .- x A A, . A , .5555 -A ,n.f,7g f J5fvfJ.a.w ar-,.g.N,f.,q 2,-Q, ,y -,... kr, ?,w,,,x t K .Y FDM . f ' ' " 4 a , QA.. V'-'I' 1 1 -"' '125' QM - 17' - -PE ,: ".N 1' 3" f ' , 1-.,X ,1., - A - 4.,- .- V, V' K 'gg-Q ,v , Q K 4-fi ru'-L.. f-'A:5,,G'f- '.' ,. -' ." Y M xg -.-r 1: .S-VD. g.,yf,:..,4 . ' ,fd ,W 1 ,ff Y ,y Q H ,-, . -. fL5,,'. r , f. ,fm .N-L M421-Ex 'ffwgnx 55,213 X , nn. , ' -, ,iv '.g , , ' "V ,w lf Q " ' Q ,x 'lu' ' - -." QV ' - 1 Y fair' ' ' , '. ' f-V.--1'--d '51':".':"Q,"'-:-1,": .. 3"""'. X ' . 5 - ' ' , 1-, .f A, 'X :,,.., . 5 qlrfn'-. -- ' ,q,",C., -- - .-.,.x-,.' .-.Q:"" . , " ,yi . .' ,J U ..1 .- , J v ' 1 . .fx "Z, QT-"x,g , -A ...-1. - f , ., V U' A f , :-- .Ag -- 1. , , w- 1 D .fav ,V -,-.- .. .E D. J' .N W, ,,,. .5 I 5 n- f... fl- .-- - - , - V ,p.L, V f - - . -. . - ,i ,- ,. , . fame- . ,' ' V,-, 5:4 '. f.,' . , 4. -"Q'.?4r4v 5 w X 1 ,ff , ,- .- A - I V. - . ., ,, H. - ,- V . ,LL ,. . , . , , F W, ,rv L-xw..,.,,k. ,. A ,T ,May , M., . , , , -A Nr - , ': x..:'.+fv.-mv -' Ng - , V "- if--4 ..-JAG: . A ' - fv g . t , .- .An N- ,f ', ' ,...'.' ,' fir ., , .4 . . , . ""5"' ,-'::',- Pr,"-. .- . . - ,. .g-l- ,, 605 H -4g..,- A . . , ,-G., -'tl ,V 4' Ak Y " . ' 1 -"'-fi ' ' .- "1" f--' ' ' A- ' . - ' 'p' f " i.'.'-1' , ' .fggw . - ,V nf . sl ., 1.3. --'A ' . . . f' s lv '-I ,,' " T"'f . , ' f j 3 . ' ."t ., P. -1 Z1f.,-- 41- ' . ide - 'gg - . , .M ,. -., I - ' L-- 1 -- sh' . - . , . , ' ' - - A - - - . ' ' ' N 4. V '- in ,, 'za ,"-3'Q:g" f f R: , . 5 1- ,Mk , - -' . , N . " , ff .- '. mf!-it-4 1 ,,:. -,L -,L-.1'I,,,':fEfS,. ANTIOCH HIGH ORCHESTRA 2 ' a is 7, ' y 'f Q, , ' ., , Q and -pw J fs s Y was fa iw . was ,- -at f . ig. , 2 ff we va- as . m.,,,Y.,, Q , 3 ' , -ofa 'Wei' C734 W' 3 wait "ii, wing ' 1 Y ORCHESTRA - Front row, left to right: Tammy Beratta, Lynda Buffo, Keith Guthrie, Anita Taylor, Danny McKimmy, Dave Fenolio, Joan Crawford, Frances August, Judy Houk, Janet Rees. Second row: Mr. Ornellas, Director, Joslyn Stephen, Marilyn Blacker, Rick Reeves, Larry Rowe, Jerry Bouslog, Barbara McGovern, Ed Anderson, Dan Sullivan, Ronald Jones. Third row: Louella Wallace and Lois Nootbar. Director Mr. Henry Ornellas and Concert Mistress Linda Bufto. With Mr. Henry Ornellas as director, the orchestra plays for school affairs such as the Christmas assembly, Big Show, Spring Concert, and baccalaureate. Many performed at the Stockton Mid- winter Festival. Orchestra pins may be earned after the first and second years. Student Director DAVE FENOLIO and Faculty Director Pep Band as it performs at home game. HENRY ORNELLA5. PEP BAND Organized in January of 1955, the pep band provides spirit at the home basket- ball games, and gives musical assistance to the routines of the songleaders and pep crew. Under direction of Band Captain Dave Fenolio, the membership is voluntary and drawn from the concert band. PEP BAND - First row, lett to right: Janice McClure, Kathleen Ele, Keith Guthrie, Bart Dozier, Joan Crawford, Dave Fenolio, Student Director. Second row: Ronald Jones, Dan Sullivan, Larry Rowe, Ed Anderson, Jim Elkins, Ralph Foy. Third row: Carrol Hettrick, Jer Anderson Ward Ho e Louis Ca Ie VY i Y i P I Larry Leedham. Fourth row: Pat Long, Richard Pimental. 51. i - DY, N l if , N x . , ' l , E t P A A . J R . --M i , K. J' 'L 'R l f r x 1 -x ' Q -3, -A el C bv l 'I ' ' , his "Tv V ry. ,. Mig' ,.fhz,.11szf.4,?,,.,Q,,1f M ,, ATL I ,guy 5 'bunny . 7,54.gmfasgm-Qi5,f,,.f'r',g,:g.,1 A 1 . W , , ,QV Q .,M"f ,, , 1' f::9:i'9i'ii4 if 821315: Y., I vi QQ V913 3:81 1 EUR' , N V ,gf ' a QL 1 Q: yxfii , MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Dolores Vincente, Carol Woolcott, Corrinne Vendetti, Sheila Angelo, Shirlee Stahlheber, Diane Arnett, Bonnie Williams, Shirley Dew, Ellen Pilissi, Joyce Brown, Jo Ann Vaughan. Second row: Francine Enea, Karen Adams, Judy Fisher, Jessie Sugarman, Glenda Grether, Diane Danilovich, Pattie Lindley, Bernice Peterson, Peggy Cribbs, Carol Ambra, Pat Carollo, Gloria Frasnelly, Judy Rouse, Sonia Hoy. Third row: Suzanne Fowler, Linda Machado, Claire Peterson, Norma Wik, Judy DalPorto, Maureen Wofford, Verrill Redo, Linda Lupher, Margaret Barriga, Juanita Hayes, Kay Gipson, Virginia Dunham, Anna Tresch, Betty Wilson, Patsy Adams, Jane McCoey, Nancy Bauer. Fourth row: Judy Keith, Charlene Pillissi, Carolyn Ferguson, Mary Zamora, Bonnie Hunt, Mary Jane Tomisch, Marie Lopez, Angela Martins, Shirley Ratto, Dixie Dupire, Nancy Borden, Janice McClure, Barbara Hatfield, Hazel Tipton, Audrey Erickson, Barbara Smith, Maxine Booth, Clarice Mclntyre. ' , 1' egg .ie H 1 ., . REQ t- 1 3.3 V , ' tn- - it ' 'X ., . I ,,, , , .9 , . - .J ,. A i t l L. . .7 F M- . 5 - -v-Qt' M - Eye .1 l A l flgfifxa OFFICERS Betty Wilson, Treasurer, Shirley -. Dolores Vinqente, President Ratto Vice President Secretary, Meeting the first TL every month, the Future Business Leaders of America is one of the newest organizations at AHS. Composed of commercial stu- dents, its purpose is to develop competent aggressive business leadership and to make members better citizens. The main project of the year was a dance held in January. Funds raised were used to send a representative to the state con- vention in Palo Alto. t X UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION The United Nations Organization motto is "UN affairs are your affairs Members strive to acquaint high school students with purposes and functions of the United Nations They presented a series of talks to the students on United The group meets to discuss and study the functions of the United Nations and attends a mock UN Assembly each year. Ei 1 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS - Athena Commerell, Commissioner of Pub- Iicityg Judy Dragon, Treasurerg Don Martin, Presidentg Janice Jennings, Vice Presidentg Judy Houk, Secre- taryg Nancy Jennings, Sergeant-at Arms. MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Athena Comarell Judy Dragon Roger Edwards Don Martin Judy Houk, Nancy Jennings. Second row: Ann Boyle Janice Jennings Penny Riede Joyce Compromizzo Shirley Jockum, Wanda Frizzel, Barbara Ramey Pat Kelly 7-"V WY Y M- i FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS - Paulette Cogar, President, Arvada Miller, Secretary, Paula Cogar, Treasurer. Advisor MR. RICHARD NEWMAN 'J- ..e , of M 7 nog , . ..,4 xl XJ! 1-N 15: xr Z c . I . , Ab .4 x A ff V SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS -- Barbara Garcia, Treasurer, Mary Zamora, Presi- dent, Sheila Taylor, Vice President. Not pictured: Sherry Wenzel, Secretary. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club enrolls girls who are interested in library work. A Christmas party, a Book Week Tea, and a senior luncheon are traditional in this club. Members earn money tor their pins by sales of cards, popcorn, etc. They take at least one field trip a year to a university or college library. MEMBERS - Seated, left to right: Carolyn Mclntyre, Sonia Hoy, Gerry McClelland, Sheila Taylor, Arvada Miller, Virginia Farnum, Shelba Green, Barbara Garcia, Arlene Ross. Standing: Marie Neveu, Maxine Yardberry Phillips, Nancy Bauer, Paulette Cogar, Paula Cogar, Dorothy Jordan, Mary Zamora, Bonnie Harper. v 1 O .fi ,. .,. 419--.A ..--qv ,...4-f ,f 1 WK .gf K ,A . gg if , - fwd, 9, . A x y .Ti -3,77 3 V U W iw 3- "IWW A 5 ' . "THE W Ae Mt ,ggi M k 5 I ,WSW if vzfiffa, I 1 V' k ,4 2 ,, num 5 3' ' b , ff? 1'1Lg - 5,4 - v U ff Y , i , . ' l W ' llinlulun - -if f 1 " 1. Q Y , 1.63, ,A : ff. I I 3 bf l f i IQ 'V ii V4 L ,ff ef' A ' f - '4 f 1 , 4 4.5Yf?gfw ,af f M' My Aff? AY ' vu , g V 2, ying. .f M Uv" L fe' 4, -fi wx. 4 4 Y -f ldv' ft 4 yi ' mp' MM . ZF' if . ' 1 . H,-W ' ,":-- ., f if 2 ,fw:3,,g 1 fm i A Q Wifi XX " C51 5 '51 in.feAftfA " if "?"' W4 'lnififm 'J - J K 14 5 , , 1, M, , ' f f'. J f , 54, ,Yeh A if ,,, A I I i ,My 4 'ffl' igngtx WW iff e ' s' ff I . 'j :xv .-we 5' t V ' it , Zn- N752 A we M , 'fv 'Q ff 'f Q at , I V K, K7 . V J . I gf 3 J' 5' 'Yi V, nn I A W A 5,5 . f 8 if Q rw, Wig , . .J 4 if 1 - 2195- ,' V' b 'ds' " ' KW f r - ' f X Q , 6 4 Q X 4 A 2 . wiv! hd AVVA . ,. w w ' .N ,w f ' 3 6' VF K. v Q gh 1, wg- at i U flkj 6 Iv : .Vi Y - " 5 Q3 ' L .,.' 1,25 'f ig , . i -2 pjfiij Q , , JK . Q , 1 X ' X . -V li 'Lf Q M X f ,',' 4 y ,, Q X? 'Ma W F1 M .0 , . ' 1 V I Au Q ' nb oh ' Z - L Wulf' 1? - s ,I V 'in xx, W, 'Dx -1, X- S' 'Ll fl ' if' "?'?g+?"-i J X, A 3-5,+,,., wp- " Jim... Z it , ':"11,kYf X L , A , .E I' - 4, A ' I 'M vf , I Q ci , X x R . I -.... , X ,ii X Q lf' Q 2 , 4 Z 553 522 X "-.3-ii A y -an ff- OFFICERS Boyd, Vice President, Ken Patterson, Presidentg Janet Rees, Secretary, Bill Maybach, Treasurer. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA This is a newly-organized club Whose members are interested in teaching as a career. MEMBERS f First rovv, left to right: Vivian Fante, Olga Pachecano, Susanne Fowler, Andrea Pucci, Diane Danilovich, Carole Autentico, Kathleen Ele. Second row: Peggy Moore, Lenora Del Rosa, Judy Travell, Judy Houk, Athena Commarell, Helen Jones, Gvvenda Johnson, Dolores Vincente. Third rovv: Sue Killian, Nancy Borden, Becky Marchio, Wendy Waldie, Diane Bouslog, Advisor Lucille McBride, Loretta Rounsa- ville, Joan Crawford, .. wa, vm-at-ff swf.-if, ,, wg my N-r MEMBERS - First row, left to right: Vic LoGrasso, Bill Maybach, Jim Green, Janet Rees, Ron Silvera, Wayne Westbrook, Bill Moore. Second row: Phil Anderson, Doug Houston, Acyisor Russell Ridge, Bob Carter, Bot: Chisum, Advisor James Giovando, Ken Patterson, Janet Caple, Barbara Lanoy, David Boyd. Third rovv: Jim Libby, John Stansbury, Jack Ives, Russell Lorshbough, Advisor Maurice Svveatt, Dan Ramsey, Roger Edwards, Vivian Fante Tom Cesa, Don Calvert, Science students with a "B" average compose the Junior Einsteins. The club of scientific interest Y ,A- 'A 0 F53 if 544.-3 4 L+.,-' ,GL X Members of U. N. O. make announcements on loud- speaker for United Nations Day. ORGANIZATION Band Dance. G.A.A. girls busy making programs in art roorn. A. H. S. girls eat lunch at Leadership Conference. 73524 - ' f ' . f,4J,'i5e' ,-v 'A :M V4 P we 'E- ? Q 4 ,iii"4" I Z s 'F 1, g . . ,X . nl, xr if SQ , - 1' QQ " .. n W fy . ,Q , Q1 H I i Y V fy Y V x , 2+ 'fi?zf K ', 2,1 fi., , 1 . fi X Eg, if K t 'K s 1 ,QTS Q ,Q-I I. W vs Q 1 , ax :ss . 'qv w!'o?v 1 - Q' : Q . 3 I bf 'jg C K 6 Qfx ' a I . e gl 15, an fx ,f Y' . A as e, an e XV' 1 1,.vV' ' Q 'W"'h1'1 iff? 'f . f5 1 ,I , had. W" ' h' 1 Q Q g 1 1 0 , N in A X . . .- Y , ,. 1 9 -1 ' 2 ' Ll' v , 1 , ,ll ,. X, I4 ,,'. g 1 .ff aw, s S ii its 3' ff ' -fA eq 3 V M 4, v- 'Y vi e' E' pgiviv My ul ? A K V C ' V tin yu , f X ,E x I X 1957 VARSITY FOOTBALL H-NME, Players wait expectantly on Tracy bench. Gutierrez moves in to halt LibertY player- ANTIOCHAQS TRACYA7 Tracy, September 14, T957 After allowing the home-team Tracy Bulldogs to score in the first quarter, the Antioch Panthers came back fight- ing to post a season opening 257 vic- tory. The Panther march for victory began in the second quarter when left half- back Art Valdez found a hole in the Bulldog line and fought for four yards into the end zone. With less than a minute left to play in the second quar- ter Ernie Reyes tossed a 20-yard pass to Mike Quintana to give Antioch a 12-7 lead at the midway mark. Jim Ramey burst through the middle of the line for five yards and a third Panther touchdown. The pleasant evening's most sensa- tional thrill came when Eddie Riggins accepted a short lateral and raced for 91 yards to the end zone. ANTIOCH-7 LIBERTY-25 Antioch, September 21 A spirited second-half rally by the Panthers fell short of erasing the T9- point halftime deficit they faced, and the Liberty Lions posted their first win over Antioch in I6 years at the Pan- ther's first homevstand of the season. After the Liberty onslaught had gained three touchdowns in the first half, the Panthers came back in the second portion of the game resolved to get back in the game. On the ensuing punt, speed artist Art Valdez raced 94 yards behind a solid screen of black ierseys to the only local tally. After the kickoff the Lions again had to punt. An easy-moving drive was started by the Panthers, but by losing the ball a sure touchdown was stopped dead. After this heartbreaking event, the Panthers couldn't get rolling again. ANTIOCH-o MT. DIABLO-7 Concord, September 28 The Antioch Panthers, in a valiant effort to get back on the winning road, outplayed a favored Diablo Red Devil team in all save the scoring de- partment, before a desperation pass and successful PAT downed the Pan- thers in their first league outing. The Antioch score came on the sec- ond play from scrimmage as Donnie Hall scooted around right end for 46 yards and the game's opening tally. Antioch nearly wrapped the game up in the second quarter as they drove inside the Concord TO-yard line to the focr. On the next play a fumble stopped the near TD. After another Panther drive was halted inside the 'IO by a penalty, the Devils threw their fateful 38'yard pass to leave Antioch out in the cold, 7-6. Hall breaks away for Antioch score against Diablo. Hall for anofhef bl9 Qaln agalnsf Devils- Crews, Rogers, and Mello in for tackle. K'-JllU makes SVOP While Cluck and Wesl move ln' ANTlOCH-7 LAS LOMAS-2l Walnut Creek, October 5 In the only afternoon game of the year, the Panthers once more fell be- hind in the first half and then fell short in their second half rally, drop- ping a 21-7 decision to the Las Lomas Knights. After trailing 14-O at the half, the visiting Panthers climaxed a 55-yard drive in the third quarter as Eddie Riggins charged into the end zone from the one to make the score 14-7. Late in the fourth quarter Antioch launched another drive and seemed headed for the game-tying touchdown, when a fumble on the Knight 17 lost Antioch possession of the ball, One cheering note came with the re- turn of Mike Quintana and Sal Di- Gregorio to the line-up, after being in- jured in the second game of the sea- son. ANTIOCH-3l PACIFICA-l4 Antioch, October l2 The respirited Panthers started off fast and never let up the pressure to get their first win at home by pasting the Pacifica Spartans, 31-IA, Scores in the first quarter came on an ll-yard run by All-County back Eddie Riggins and on a 64-yard end sweep by Bob Edwards. Riggins came back in the second stanza to go through the line for a 22-yard scoring run. Edwards took up the cause again in the third quarter with a fruitful 70- yard punt return behind near-perfect blocking. And again it was the quick back, Edwards, in the final canto, ripping through the middle of the line for l2 yards and the end of Antioch's scoring. ANTIOCH-O PLEASANT HILL-O Concord, October l9 Putting together one of their poorest efforts of the year, the Panthers couldn't keep possession of the ball long enough to push into the end zone and had to settle for a disap- pointing O-O tie with the Pleasant Hill Rams. Individually there were standouts, but these were neutralized by the lack of teamwork shown by much of the squad, as when Bob Edwards had a 60-yard punt return called back, and when Eddie Riggins was robbed of two big gains by the reteree's whistle. Drive after drive was stopped via the penalty route, mostly offsides and il- legal motion, throughout the entire game, On the whole the line play for both teams was greatly under their best ef- forts. Riggins covers Knight receiver. Quintana buries head while tackling Pleasant Hill back ' i 4 Four tackles close in for the kill. ANTIOCH-l 2 ACALANES-O Antioch, November 2 Using a few fresh ideas, the An- tioch Panthers upset the highly-touted Dons of Acalanes, 12-O. Although not running up a big score, the Panthers completely outclassed Aca- lanes and were in control all the way, slowing down the vaunted Don offense virtually to a walk. AHS took iust three minutes to get on the scoreboard as Jim Ramey sliced off-tackle for 31 yards and the Pan- thers were on their way, Steve Gutier- rez then attempted the PAT. But rather than the conventional place kick, Gutier- rez got back in position to drop-kick, from which he could either kick or pass. He passed. He missed, but any- way, it was fun trying. Midway in the third canto, Eddie Rig- gins swept 30 yards around left end for the final score of the tussle. Reyes and Kuliu doubleteam Acalanes ball carrier ANTIOCH-O PITTSBURGWQ6 Pittsburg, November 9 Let's lust say that Antioch trailed O-26 at halftime and then go on to des- cribe the slightly more pleasant mo- ments of the final two periods of the season. Antioch actually outgained the Pirates in the second half, mainly behind the flashy running of Eddie Riggins, which just didn't quite get into the end zone. Besides this there was the fine defen- sive work of Doug West, Leo Treat, and Sal DiGregorio. With an eye for future Panther teams, there was a bit of cheer in watching Sophomore Gil Cervantez run for 35 yards in the final quarter. In the fourth quarter the Black and Gold almost scooted into the promised land, but again the Pirates stiffened and kept the Panthers off the score- board. lt wasn't much later when reserve quarterback Dale Perry sneaked for li yards to end the season. Ramey fights for yardage as Riggins pushes him on. A tense moment before The ACalaf'eS Qame l X .D Rf ,9 " . ff ,4 X EDDY REED, FB STEVE GUTIERRIZ, E 9 Q T 1 . X V' mf T -f' J N. DOUG WEST, T f S,,, ,-D 1 1, 4' , BOB EDWARDS, un., z ..,,,A if . , V , . is A" " M "V:-vw, , A --.W-Hx, . V H DAN MCKIMMY, E ,f 1 1 ' Q ,Q QB 95313 MAR A T y 'lf R A X Q ff . 16" 11 H , M ,.,? - F Mikhfwg., V T, A ,Q , . MP1 52, -R ww-Lf f fixfbigkeg 'wg 'W-wgwg 'ff M M. 12.311- ,Q 'va' wwf J' DIGREGORIO, G A K' ff 'He-+ JERRY CLUCK, G 1' A , . - 5 ,-45' A -rea 144 4 44" W? 2+ 0. I I LEE FRIEDMAN, T A KEITH GUTHRIE, T "' ., ff WAYNE BRYANT 6 JERRY DINELLI, E 67 M' 'N i Coach Brooks Golden explains play to left halfback Donnie Hall. FOOTBALL SNAPS It Coach Golden converses with LEDGER Sports Editor Mac Donald, .' 'u l26 Miss Football, Dolores Langston, escorted by Year Captains Steve Gutierrez and Riggins. Wesley Bush. and Eddie Riggins, with "Dutch" Eels. Eddie Eddie Riggins receives cup for "Most Valuable Player of the Year" from Award winners, left to right: Mike Quintana, Leo Treat, Jerry Cluck, Leroy Crews, Sal DiGregorio, Donnie Hall, Doug West, Steve Gutierrez, THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE FALL SEASON . . is football. This popular sport encompasses the efforts and aspirations of several hundred students. The games, which are held every Friday night for nearly three months, give students, as well as parents, faculty members, and interested adults, an opportunity to spend an exciting, wholesome, and, for some, profitable eve- ning. The football season includes . . . the 60 or more football players, both Varsity and .l.V., both stars and those who wait on the bench . . . the pep crew, including yell leaders, song leaders, Pantherettes, and Joe Panther, who spend many after-school and weekend hours working, practicing, and improving their routines in order to gain the praise of the school which they represent . , . n gsm 1 , I 5 I ' ' staff-vs 5' , yr ,,,, t, f F Tfcfau f a g Q " ' V wfqfw the members of organizations and classes who are given the opportunity to raise funds by selling cokes, popcorn, football programs l . ' I the band and maiorettes who meet and practice one hour every morning before school in order to have original routines by Friday night . . . the rally club who decorate the halls with posters every Thursday before the game and goal posts and bleachers Friday afternoons . . . and finally the hundreds of rooters -A who arrive at the games by foot, by - ' car, and by rooters' buses which are provided by the school . . . QQ. To all these individuals football will be one of the brightest points in their " ' memories of the entire school year. AJ if 1956 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL With an eye towards develop- ing future Panther teams, Coach Bruno Favero's Junior Varsity Panther cub team played excel- lent ball for the entire season- but the best they could do was tie two games. The JV's are made up of Jun- iors and Sophomores, many of whom have never played or- ganized tackle football before. Nonetheless, the cubs showed an unquenchable spirit and played every game to the hilt, often neu- tralizing more experienced teams that should have overpowered them. The little Panthers were further hampered by the promotion of three first stringers to the Varsity. Head Coach Bruno Favero First row, left to right: Gary Rayner, Albert Mullins, Larry Stevens, Ward Hoye, Tim Condy, Jess Pinedo, Dave Kirkpatrick, Don Kovisto. Second row: Carl Fluty, Richard Reeves, Mark Schneider, Larry Rosalez, Willie Fraga, Roger Bundy, Art Brown, Ralph Howard, Gary Fessia, Bill Ball. Third row: Gene Rittburg, David Sweeney, Ronald Brocchini, Dee Cravens, Harry McClanahan, Leland Olmstead, Eddie Keller, Jim Webster, Larry Jackson. Fourth row: Jerry Turley, Ron Katreeb, Jerry Anderson, Don Patton, Mel Harrisn, Tom Linehan, Wayne Stephens, John Arata. Assistant Coach Cletus Clinker pq WIX75 51! M I - r S V . i 1 t 1 ' 1 Y , , ,L 5779, ,Sl n M ,fl f mn a - ggllg, 151 P ' 1 l f' xx l Il Qllillfiffil 70 We .1 77 . .p Qs X. ANTIOCH-O MT. DIABLO-12 ANTIOCH-O TRACY-7 After giving up a score in the first quarter, the Cubs played on even terms with the Bullpups until the fourth quarter. At that point quarterback Dave Kirkpatrick found Leland Olmstead in the end zone for a touchdown, but this was nullified by a penalty. An- tioch launched another drive later in the period, but time ran out. A rather loosely played game, the Panthers looked good on defense, giv- ing up T.D.s in the first and third quarters, but iust couldn't get a sus- tained offensive drive rolling. ANTIOCH-6 LOS LOMAS-7 The JVs inaugurated the Antioch High School field in the only afternoon game of the season for Antioch. Gabe Novo scored the first Cub tally of the year, but the missed conversion spelled defeat. lt was here that the JV squad first lost the services of Year Co-Cap- tain Art Brown, due to a sprained knee ligament. Eddie Keller played an out- standing game on defense. glggf F 7 I i M, Sgl The Panther Cubs and the Spartans ex- changed touchdowns, with Antioch scor- ing first, to give the final score. ANTIOCHM7 ACALANESW7 Q 'Q' 'dl ANTIOCH-19 PACIFICA-19 s -'n " -147,9 2-g,,,' N If, ANTIOCH-l3 PLEASANT HILLS-14 Playing the Rams to a standstill for three quarters, the Panthers were downed in the final quarter by Pleasant Hill's superior passing game. Antioch had little trouble moving offensively, but iust couldn't get the ball into the end zone enough times. Withstanding the Donlettes and seem- ingly headed for their first victory, An- tioch was stopped cold in the third period when Art Brown ran into a Don defensive man and both were badly hurt. Due to the lack of a doctor, the game had to be called off because the Don man could not be moved. ANTIOCH-6 PITTSBURG-33 Trailing only I4-6 at half, the Antioch defense collapsed in the second half and the offensive team couldn't take up the slack, in the only bad beating the squad received. 0-l nn!! xg. ' 2 234 'L Na" I . a 4 N 4 'T r' X ix ' 'xx . .1 . x 5 5 gf 'N . X ...Q 3. Q.. mar-- ,Q .f k , 'S ' fu ,J .1 MLP 1 Nfyhgifg 1 if , J . ,af Y Q' 'Wm . 2 4 f 1, ' 'Lw.4 A-Tyan' . x 5 4 .Ui .1 0-qw, f,- bf i. x Q ,QVSP4 . .g- al V .. ww, '.k,.,,g6 5 M, 3, A JL - x, w , V ,, A Y at-V v , M Q 4- ', xf'Efy7:12.',,4,,QY- 1 1. aj 'f" Ag-g?w5,""'.. jr. ' 5' 3,331 ni' ,wfggifkvf Lf K- -,, V y, -. ,-ww., Q ,xx-4 QM,- - LVN-rw wx nw-fs. .. A F, x A , k.,,,.,. -,T1 Q, , A- iq 'iff 'gr . 'L ' 'ivihgf' 13 1? '- ' 1' V -X. , 'KN ,Q ff if fffffvl, 17471 'd 'fff 1 if ' ,jp My 4 7U 1 .my 4.1 Q ily, 4' 1 4 fi. . , p-...-W iw ff. Mix, ,4 v me The Coronation pagoda CLASS OF '58 The Class of '58 presented their Junior Prom "Shangri-la," the first formal dance of the year, December 2, in the high school cafeteria from 9-12 with music provided by Val Valente and his orchestra Bernice Peterson and Bunny Haas were co-chairmen of the event and with the aid of class advisors Russell Ridge, Robin Spielbauer, and Dorsey Shaw, the committees spent many night and after-school hours working on the dance which was decorated with an oriental motif. There was a mural in QUEEN KAREN and KING RALPH A 5 Jw' President, King, Queen, and Court HSHANGRI-LA" depicting Mt. Fuiiyama, the walls were decorated with trees bearing pink cherry blos- soms. Chosen on basis of their work on the dance and good citizenship, Class President Jerry Anderson crowned Ralph Foy and Karen Adams as King and Queen of the dance. The royal court consisted of, top picture, left to right: Bunny Haas, Bernice Peterson, Diane Danilovich, Sheila Angelo, Gabe Novo, Art Regoli, Bart Dozier, and Larry Rowe. Dancing at the Prom. L.,,z'f , an--f-E-P 4 The Coronation ceremony. pw Kathy Autentico and Art Valdez as outhouses. PRESENTS STUDENT COUNCIL -Grease Climaxing "TWIRP" week the Student Council presented the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance "The End of the Line" held November 16, in the high school cafeteria. Under the direction of general chairman Bonnie Hunt, all walls were decorated harmoniously with cut-outs depicting the Sadie Hawkins race, with women chasing their men. The decorations began with "The Start" on the south wall, progressed to the east wall with "The Chase," the north wall with "The Catch," and on to the west wall and "The End of the Line." The theme and decorations were originated and worked upon by Student Council members and other interested stu- dents. Outhouse floor centerpiece. Winners-Larry Pitts and Juanita Hayes. Dogpatchers-Wayne Sleppy, Linda Buffo, Margaret Pierce and Johnny Ray. "THE END OF THE LINE" E Inhabitants of Dogpatch-Larry Pitts, Juanita Hayes, Dixie Dupire, and Rally Rounsaville "The End" was the main feature of the dance, where "Mar- ryin' Sam" and "Ma," portrayed by Council advisor Norris Adams and matron Mrs. Elva Hunt, "married" couples for a slight fee. Added to the ceremonies were the exchange of rings Cplasticl and traditional kisses. Sharing the spotlight for popularity was the centerpiece outhouse complete with mail order catalogue. Winner of the contest for the best-dressed Dogpatch pair were Juanita Hayes and Larry Pitts, whose picture is shown on the opposite page., One of the few girl-ask-boy dances of the year, it is staged annually by the Student Council for the purpose of raising money to add to the Student funds. The Hitcher of Dogpatch performs his duties, Q ? 'E gg f . tl o'- l' -. xx- z .pb A x ' it . " 32 i Mr. Deac "Marrying Sam" Adams and his assistant Mrs. Elva Hunt. Some enthusiastic decorators, Dixie, Fred, Jimmy, Eddy, and Bobby. olygycff s Dance Bands first appearance at a fund-raising dance held October 26 in the cafeteria. Couples enioying themselves at the dance put on by the band to raise money for their new uniforms. This is a scene at one of the Auxiliary Police Dances to remind us how crowded these dances were and how much fun they provided for us. .q.'!f lyk? 7, 3 xfM I f 'K H Q .g ' Q16 -fA. . .A ' , ' X l' M- Sy. M ' - ef' ' C1144 ? x 1 ff-fl' , W fi: - 3 Q.,Y,,2.' qilwxliss . X ,4. 1 5 4, ,-. 4 'ff . 5 Q ff N .v , 'S ,la is U., -U . . , 1 Y 'I 5 Inf, 'wrfgfn' 4 ' 'tg l 1'1" 52 5 I 'U E h SCHOOL BEGINS-SEPT. 4, 1956 Happy i?l students, complete with smiles and program cards, congregate in the main arcade before first classes of the year. A, H. S. FACILITIES MEETING A meeting was held in the high school library on Nov. 20 to discuss landscaping and athletic facilities at A. H. S. Superintendent Spiess, Business Manager Reed, and Assistant Superin- tendent Jordan met with members of Student Council, officers of Classes, Emblem "A," Block "A," and Speech Club, and Journalism Editors. I 2 f f - - ,.... mnnnufujiusv- f--M vf, CO-ED GYM After the first few weeks of school, co-educa- tional physical education began. For two weeks boys and girls participated together in volleyball, badminton, and ping-pong. re ' .2 at Hl-JINX The Girls' Athletic Association presented its annual Hi-Jinx on the night of Dec. 5. Girls and approximately 100 mothers played vol- leyball, ping-pong, and bingo, folk danced, sang, and had refreshments. A memory 'twere best forgotten. l AM A ltlO!KA HMV! SCHOl.ARSHlP EXAMINATIONS Seniors in the top five percent of their class who took the National Merit Scholarship Pro- gram examinations included, left to right: Ken Patterson, Becky Marchio, Victor LoGrasso, Athena Commerall, Carol Douglas, Bob Carter, Sandra Ward, Judy DalPorto, David Boyd, Nancy Barton, Donald Calvert, Keith Guthrie, and Bob Chisum. A LUNCHTIME Rushing through their all-too-short 35-minute lunch hour in the cafeteria, students salvage a few minutes for some chit-chat. PULVEREZE' BLOCK "A" INITIATION Block "A" members who lettered in football last year initiated neophytes on Nov. 28. The Block "A" slaves, who had previously been auctioned off to the highest bidders, were at their masters' beck and call until the party held that night in the gymnasium. Fw ff" 4 K ' Y 1 ' - 921. - "" '55 9,"k' ss u19.'sf v 'ai' '+'ox'?". 0 Q U -3 a 4 , - 'I ' 1 . C . t- - QA' " Yhxit 49 1 ,Ill 5 X u D -'Q fo x.. ". ' .tus . QQ! ' .JDNZ 2 s 5 A vga O59 np,' "A" BASKETBALL SQUAD Clockwise, starting with No. l8: Louie Welker, Tom Linehan, Merle Stone, Tony Ruiz, Ernie Reyes, Larry Pins, Rally Rounsaville, Mickie Quigley, Jerry Turley, Dave Kirkpavrick, Douglas Waites, Don Ballard, and Coach Clefus "Red" Clinker, in qemef, nl gui U 1 -J N,f 3 'X ll'-4,353 'X I it 2 E? Q Q 9- -Q! ,, ,J 5 . n I u I S 1' ?fa L ' ' , nl L A P 2221 -bm. JOHN ARATA, Manager LARRY PITTS, G. Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch January 55 Pacifica 7 55 Pittsburg , February 48 Acalanes ccc,,, 49 Mt. Diablo 62 Pleasant Hill 44 Las Lomas 7 65 Pacifica 64 Pittsburg March 58 Acalanes 52 52 Outstanding floorman - scored 72 points for the year. Coach Clinker commented about Larry, "Our offensive 'floor general' whose speed and defensive ability added a great deal to the team." 1 46 554 GQ Coach Cletus "Red" Clinker with his year co-captains Tony Ruiz a and Rally Rounsaville. 79 49 56 51 81 54 Not pictured on this page is Senior forward Steve Lawrence who filled in for the iniured Don Ballard and scored 27 points. Coach Clinker said of Steve, "Steve's late start and previous injury was quite a handicap to him, but his persistent 'stay at it' attitude proved ot tremendous value to the team." MICKIE QUIGLEY, G. A transfer from Washington, Mickie worked hard to win a starting position with the team - He scored 97 points throughout the season. Coach's comment. "Mick's ability to fit into various assigned positions proved of great value to the team." if 'K X i4 M 'N 2 If 1 U x Km' '-Wdwhm 1 , www - x ,NYM -su-vifffl ,4n Q 1 A il' F ga.. wf K O 'E Q 3 .kg sf if v Mgr V10 i S I if -A ' 2 535Z52??a7" , ,.5'L,3,i ,rf bw: Vkjjv. 2 Sn, ,. ji 1' f - wr 4 , 1 Q ' 4 1 IR 1 "+-f .'i. I e Q. ':' sf 0 s f . A I' -.f I M" Q.. X' v X I9 I '3 ' 5 A. n f- .--. fm ' " QV V wvs ....,.p......w..,...-.. W, .. Qu: ,N ! x i I 3 I9 I Q A -'f if 21 20 .. 1 97 6 K is X as S ww X '35 . - fa ffiw V 4,13 if VE I aff? ?f3f lP ,X W, 1 .154 'S fi' I 'Il And with this bit of information from Coach McGill, the Panthers went out Charlie Dodd puts the ball in against Pittsburg, but we to take Diablo, 40-38. lOSt 42-34. SCHEDULE November 27 Antioch 38 St. Mary's 7,,, 25 Antioch 34 Pacifica 20 29 Antioch 25 Pittsburg cc,,,,c, 37 December 4 Antioch 46 Liberty , , February 7 Antioch 29 Livermore 1 Antioch 27 Acalanes 29 ll Antioch 33 .lOhn Swett ,:,,.. 5 Antioch 40 Mt. Diablo 38 14 Antioch 33 Armiio 8 Antioch 55 Pleasant Hill 34 18 Antioch 29 Tracy 2 15 Antioch 30 Las Lomas 26 J 'war 21 Antioch 32 Pacifica , 35 a Y 26 Antioch 34 Pittsburg ,, , 42 4 Antioch , 19 Alhambra , ii Antioch 24 Mi. Diablo MGM 15 Antioch 39 Pleasant Hill 2 1 Antioch 49 Acalanes sscs,css,s 33 22 Antioch , 42 Las Lomas Buol and Kent gaze down on a fallen Pleasant Hill player. Mt. Diablo game winner lvar Kent is carried off on the shoulders of his iubilant teammates. 14. The dress for the dance was sports clothes, There were no decorations. Sitting on this one is what the advisors did. Mr. Even isn't in this one though, iost the kids. At 10:15 couples were still on their feet and dancing. l52 F. B. L. A. DANCE TIME: 8 to ll DATE: January 18, 1957 PURPOSE: To raise money to send representatives to state convention. The gang's all here! Time out for refreshments. Music was by the best bands in the land records, of course. Profit on the dance was 530. x 'XQBRX Q Prizes for the best socks were awarded to Bernice Peterson and Larry Rowe by Junior Representative to G.A.A. Karen Adams. QQ in--1 SOCK HOP Bernice and Larry with their ialopy socks and 55 money orders. -Ny E,-, me? -5 Kos xx, P' vi 1 mlx Q 'ea jx 4 1 DATE: March 8 TIME: 8 to ll ADVISORS: Lucille McBride Evelyn Gassaway Mary Marten PURPOSE: To raise money for Emblem "A" sweaters for next year's members Couples rest before sock decorations. Bonnie Hunt and Bob Edwards pose for snap at dance Seniors and their dates take time out for a picture 1' Annual Christmas party was sponsored by the AHS Girls' Affairs Committee, under the direction of Dean of Girls Lucille McBride, and was held in the cafeteria December l9 prior to the Christmas vacation. Activities included skits performed by each physical education class and by a group of women i teachers, and community singing. The party was begun as an afternoon assembly and extended until 4:00 at which time refresh- ments were served. The winning skit was "The Nativity." Antioch High School celebrated the Christmas season in many ways. Boys' and Girls' Assemblies followed by parties, a Christmas Assembly presented by the Music Department, and a Christmas Dance "The Snow Ball" presented by the Senior Class were provided for the entire school. The Student Council purchased and decorated an eight-foot Christmas tree for the cafeteria. For the first time this year, the boys participated in a pre-vacation Christmas party held in the Gymnasium. Entertain- ment consisted of an exhibition of tum- bling by a group of boys and some humor recited by Coach Brooks Golden. lce cream was served after the assembly as A' '54 the party was extended after school. W, y At the Christmas Assembly the Football l Co-Captains Mike Quintana and Steve Gutierrez presented the Varsity Coaches DeRushia, Golden Cmodeling presentl, and McGill, with Pendleton shirts. A Cappelican Diane French sings with Dance Band at Christmas Assembly on December 21. Various clubs also observed the season. Emblem "A" girls decorated the halls with evergreen boughs and played carols in the mornings over the loudspeaker. They also held a Progressive Dinner and Christmas Party. The Speech Club presented a short play "The Christmas Gift." The Journalism Class published a Christmas Issue of the "Prowler." A Cappella sang Christmas Carols in the halls. And the Administration's gift to the students was dismissal at 12:00. Entertainment at the Christmas Assembly was provided by A Cappella Girls Double Trio the Boys Quartet Dance Band March ing Band Orchestra and The Nativity 9 the winning skit from the Girls Christmas 5. .309 party. Seniors are busy making decorations for Christmas Dance The Snow Ball I Bt 'P f 4 224 ffffi , -f, " if ' TD M 1' Fm, W' fi V , if 'NX xy iw 1, -W . ' Q ,Mb M s Q-""4 , l I 1 t. , AW W A 1 12 x 'C 0 5 f I 1 ig :L-7'5'm , S 5qM.,,-.V Lg, , yt 'xi he Ar gi. qi' Q' !' 1 M . :al ,E W 9 'f ' 1 . 1 Qu ,'i4-ni , Q 'f , ,Q , .vm 4 gif. A , A522 ' A Z - -W www Ek 5 fv v was I I ----.,,' why., "'v..l II its 7. I Fhfagivfr 45' ' Kf'r7, - W 'mf' , ,r ff' IS6 gl? Q . 1 3 ll I 'vfseq . J F' ' A x ' X I ' J I F"'2'f m- -Q -Q: .A x V XQQ 43, X 'P not N' h yi 'K Aff Q , X,:"f, .I C. 1 -.TIUQ Q 13 H ? iq, 4 I . . J. d,',:q4 7'f'q" 01 4 F 1 ing- : y 0 My I ?f, p no -I kv 'v -fz ,g M 1-'Jw Tp.. fl Annum Q. Q fx vf. 'ff' lk v , 3 ff A '71 df? -op' 3 3 H 5' s J' af? W as In 'Q' DSM JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL AWARDS Quarterback Club honored three outstanding J.V. Football players, Leland Olmstead, Dave Kirkpatrick, and Harry Mc- Clanahan. 3 ag, vr 1 Y' - . ! ' 2 . gwE3Lx -.. ' CAMPAIGN SPEECHES JANUARY 28 Students running for student body and class offices made campaign speeches before entire student body at assembly. I STUDENT COUNCIL AND CLASS INAUGURATION A JANUARY 30 Winners Of the election were given their oaths of office by Chief Justice Ronnie Silvera and President Victor LoGrasso was presented the gavel by Principal Frank W. Allen. ' na. 1- ELECTION DAY - JANUARY 29 The student body and classes held their first election with the new election booths build by the machinery with the new election booths build by the machine shop class, fl 16 X .jk fn 6 lwl. H t?" .,. G.A.A, FALL BANQUET - JANUARY 29 The theme was "The Greatest Woman Athlete Who Ever Lived." Ex-President Dixie Dupire, right, lights candle of new President Pat Hines. Mr. Brenhall, speaker fron' I-leald's Business College, addresses Commercial maiors in library, t It FDM "WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL" Principal Frank Allen addresses parents in cafeteria before they attend their children's classes. fww--...Q EMBLEM "A" GIRLS SELLING PENNANTS Members of Emblem "A" sold pennants at the "Welcome Back to School" Night. Proceeds went toward the annual Snow Trip. SENIOR PLAY TRYOUTS - FEBRUARY I9 Tryouts were held in the library for the Senior Class play "It's a Date." The cast was chosen by Director Mrs. Ruth Cole with the help of faculty advisor Mrs. Gaile Braucher. SENIOR PLAY REHEARSALS fl? M1 Rehearsals were held three to five nights a week in room 306. While some students rehearsed, others studied. The play was produced in six weeks. 'Q AUXILIARY POLICE MEETING - FEBRUARY I8 Student Council held a meeting at night with the Auxiliary Police to discuss the dances they hold at the Legion Hall. I, ll - hu- 4-zr , 178 I 9 4 .fdiifq TI' Lit I 3' 'il 5 , ,+- CAST CHOSEN - FEBRUARY 20 members of the Senior Play cast friumphantly Newly selected pose with Director Ruth Cole, producers, and scripts. I! LIONS CLUB SPEAKERS CONTEST - FEBRUARY 20 Margaret Moore, center, won contest on "My Place in the World of I97o." Others are entries Diane French and Sharon Stratton, chair- man of the program Paul Geary, and faculty advisor Thomas Ward. MR. BAlRD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY Student celebrated the birthday of Leroy Baird, Spanish teacher, and presented him with a sport shirt. MR, SWEATT'S BIRTHDAY PARTY Maurice Sweatt. Biology and Physiology teacher, gets Ivy League look from students' presents. AUXILIARY POLICE MEETING - MARCH I2 Antioch Mayor Rubin Reimke talks to Student Council members present at Auxiliary Police meeting to discuss plans for a teenage center, 7 EMBLEM "A" SNOW TRIP - March 2 and 3 Girls were busy with snow fights 2354 ZZ II L I Iilllllllil ' i The three winne Vocational Arts, for Liberal Arts. 12:2 ' I cigar f L- 1 f I 95? ....-.,.....--w-uw if li il 21 C1 ...,---I 55 I BANK OF AMERICA CUP WINNERS rs of Bank of America cups are Judy Dal Porto for David Boyd for Science and Math and Sandra Ward HAPPY PANTHER STAFF AFTER SECOND SHIPMENT IS SENT TO PUBLISHER! l , an fig. -9 YY . Qi. ' . ,II 2 ws- -il 17" f' H ' . ' III It if - lI?, b' 4 if . 1 ? . 1 X' Tl?" A I 3 ' 'C " U -0 Xf The gnrls nn from of Murphys Hotel, Miss Matfen, isn't it? Q ,, 1 ,JRE Karen? is Y?" 'gy f :mmf ' 5 '1 E xx .fy , ,,i, H.: 4-s.,Q s All dressed up for Halloween? How cute' Getting wet? The boys! 1 br A.m,..,. f- ' enum Q - .sf 'N J V, U 'X dm lx P .4 NVX ,J 4f' - ed'f4Dpf'Cdf'1 X' ED 1 I ' I -' I --f ur -5 r'fruvnKulu,wxx H Y! UYIIRII o 0 n Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of I957 From fhe "Class of '52" H852 Thaf Isl lThe Oldesf Bank in fhe Wesfl 5 W Anhoch Office of Wells Fargo Bank Youll always be welcome af Wells Fargo Here af our Anhoch offrce youll gef banking service wrI'h fhe personal fouch In fhe old Wells Fargo 'l'l'ddI+lOh Here you can rely on expenenced local managemenf When you choose your bank choose If for nfs helpful mferesf and for nfs good name Choose If wlfh care ANTIOCH OFFICE TVELLS FARGO BANK ANTIOCH CALIFORNIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE SILVER NUTMEG Fine Candies 508 2ncI SI'reeI' Phone PL-7-0420 JIM McGEECHAN SHELL SERVICE Compleie Lubricafing Service Tires - Pick Up and Delivery - Ba'H'eries 5+h and "G" S'l'reeI's Phone PL-7-9852 ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA FAMOUS FASHIONS Women's - ChiIdren's Fine Apparel- Shoes nd and G SI'ree+ PL-7-4600 FAI RWAY MARKET Groceries - MeaI's - Fresh VegeI'abIes I6I'h and A S+reeI' Phone PL-7-3848 TIP TOP BAKERY 2004 A SI'reeI Phone PL-7-48I0 MADD HATTER Women's and CI1iIdren's HaI's, Bags, and Accessories Teen-Age Hai' Bar 603 2nd Sfreef Phone PL-7-4635 HOWSE HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware - Pain? Dinnerware - Glassware 2008 A SI'reeI' Phone PL-7-2575 MISSION ORANGE BOTTLING COMPANY II4 Railroad Avenue PI1one PL-7-2886 ANTHONY BUICK CENTER Buick - GMC Trucks - Jeeps Sales and Service IOI WALTER WAY PHONE PL-7-2966 . 1, 'L . YW' I'flf"7 , 2 I 0 G S+ree+ PL-7-3386 FEATURING "Smar'r Apparel for Men" An+ioch Compleie Line of Arrow Shur+s TShlri's and Shor'I's Rough Rider SIacIcs and Spor+ Coais Levi Sirauss 81 Co., Jeans Denlms Wool Sh r+s Towne 81 King Sweaiers Nunn Bush Shoes Edgerfon Shoes Inferwoven Socks Dobbs Ha'I's AIIigaIor Rainwear A-I Mfg. Peggers Sui'I's by Domico McGregor Sporfswear Pendlefon HAZEL'S DRIVE -IN EB Bes'l' S+eaIrs and Linguica Sandwiches Open From 6 A.M. +o 3 A.M. Friday and Sa+urday AII Nighi' PITTSBURG ANTIOCH HWY. P -I I ...Q HONE PL-1-4m ww 041: HIGGINS AMBULANCE SERVICE If I . 1 ini L Q sou 3rd s+ree+ Phone PL 74343 24 IIUUR SERVIGE MARCHETTI BROTH ERS TEXACO STATION I 2708 Lone Tree Way Phone PL-7-4027 U""'1'7"t CARRIERE'S Diamond Rings-Insured for Safe+y Regisiered for Qualify Piciure Framing - Jewelry Disiincfive Giffs 5lI 2ND STREET PHONE PL-7-2686 RIVERVIEW LODGE "Jus+ly Famous Sea Food Dinners" Fool' of H S+ree'l' Phone PL-7-2272 PALACE SPORTING GOODS 3rcl and G S+ree1' PL-7-3055 JENSEN'S Your Compleie Deparimeni' Sfore An+ioch Cenfer Aniioch. California KNOWN BRANDS PL-7-3242 Large Enough 'l'o Serve You-Small Enough 'l'o Know You Qualify Lines of Ladies, Girls, Men and Boys' Clofhing FRANK GROSSO CHEVRON SERVICE 5I5 G S+ree+ Phone PL-7-I629 Aniioch, California LEONARD'S MEATS AND GROCERI ES 605 Madill S+ree+ Phone PL-7-2820 ANTIOCH MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE 5l6 3rd Sfreei Phone PL-7-0665 AL EAMES FORD QA 3? "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" 302 H S+ree+ PL-7-I77I ANTIOCH. CALIFORNIA BEN FRANKLIN STORE Under New Ownership A. and L. P. McKinny 306 G S+ree+ Phone PL-7-3828 JOHNNY'S SHOE SHOP Dependable and Cour+eous Service 506 4+h S+ree+ Phone PL-7-l5l5 4-X JAMES MEN S SHOP Feaiurmg Nahonally Known Brands and Friendly Service 60l 2nd S+ree+ PL 7 I055 SALLY ANN Apparel for Women and Children 5l4 2nd S+ree'l' Phone PL 7 2I3I PANTELL'S TEXACO SERVICE 41'h and G S+ree1' Phone PL-7-9806 DELTA 1 REXALL DRUGS 300 G Sfreel' PL-7-21 I2 COTTAGE F LORIST "Call Us for Your Corsages" 5I2 W. 4+h S+ree+ PL-7-2373 1 1' CLARK'S GROCERY "Remember Your Friendly Corner Grocer" I900 D SI'ree+ Phone PL-7-3I9O 5' Xu I , . Hifi Aa e A hx K ,Hr W" f M THE SEVEN ABOWDS Delicious Dinners Served in a Friendly Manner Wilbur Avenue Phone PL-7-9977 DELTA ISLE MOTORS, INC. 'A Deal Wor+h While a+ Del+a Isle" Imam I5II A SI'ree+ Phone PL-7-3244 BOB WALLING CHEVRON SERVICE STATION a G + PL7 we PAUL W AYERS A F 6I9 3d PI73553 CAMPBELL ARNER CHEVROLET a+sfe uso er s ur osf m or an ro uc O Box PL-7-O2 I I rw AMERICAN LAUNDRY A I Confra Cos+a Linen Supply My Qi 504 zna s+ree+ PL-7-3360 ni I32 S ANTIOCH AUTO TOGGERY Complefe Au+o Glass Service The Besi' in Cus+om In+eriors 8I4 A Sfreei' PL-7-I I4I MURRAY R. KAY GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builder of Sears in Anfioch GRAMATI 'S Feminine Apparel l5l8 A S+ree+ Phone PL 7 2553 ANTIOCH STATIONERS For All Your Favori+e Records Gifi' Wrapping, and Office Needs 505 ZND STREET PHONE PL7 i550 hady Lane PL-7-4848 AMERICAN STATIONERS AND PRINTERS Office Supplies and Equipmenif TypewriI'ers SoId and Renfed 207 G SI'ree'I Phone PL-7-I23O MT. VIEW FOOD CENTER Bigger and BeHer I8+h and A S'I'ree+ Phone PL-7-4238 NASH PHARMACY Prescripfions, Toilefries, Sundries 304 G Sfreei' Phone PL-7-0400 715 SeC0l1d Sl CALIFORNIA S FIRST SMART LIVING STO fhima FURNITURE I Arulocu WPI-IONE Pl. 7-3121 II , OPEN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P.M W-uncut-I I I I ' SU LLIVAN'S UN ION 76 SERVICE I6+h and A Sfreei' Phone PL-7-3260 Siore Hours: 7 A.M. 'ro II P.M FLAKY CREAM DO-NUTS Wholesale and Re+aiI Two Locafions 420 2nd SI'reeI' Telephone 708 Main Sfreef Anfioch, California PLaIeau-7-I526 Mariinez, California 2 ED MOORE ,-M Pain+ing Con+racI'or I20 Beede Way PL-7-3536 JAY VEE Beau+ifuI Fashions for Ihe Penny-Wise Miss 5I8 2nd Sfreei' Phone PL-7-l670 MAYER'S JEWELERS, INCORPORATED Beauiiful Gifis and Jewelry for All Occasions Anfioch School Ring Represeniaiive 5l6 ZND STREET PHONE PI.-7-I404 KAUAKIAN MODERN CLEANERS 500 4+h Sireef Phone PL-7-0737 5 SEWING MACHINE CENTER Auihorized Necchi-EIna Dealer of 4 . GYM CLOTHES MONOGRAMMED REPAIRS AND PARTS ON ALL MAKE MACHINES 605 2nd Sfreei Anfioch, California Phone PL-7-498I la . S N Q MARCHETTI'S Deluxe II'aIian Dinners Three Banquei' Rooms II6 I STREET PHONE PL-7-9882 K REGHITTO MOTORS Visii' +he "RocIcef Room" . . . af Your Oldsmobile DeaIer's! III3 IOTH STREET PHONE PL-7-3800 WHITE FOUNTAIN 2ncI and G Sfreef Phone PL-7-9946 VAN'S SUPER SERVICE A Sfreei' and Wilbur Avenue Phone PL-7-2846 lv 'Ark A H- A -vw . ' ' !,.' 1 L 1 ! 4 Fey, qs , .-.. . iff f v WN VAX Q Wifi STAMM THEATER 9l2 G Sfreef Phone PL-7-2303 Will illi Q 'gui M A n -. . ,' N is we r,,AP,M P rw.: P PL-7-I775 A B C Disfrici' "To Meer fhe Eli1'e" Call KEEP - U - NEAT 4 Hour Service If Desired Piclc-U and Delivery Service Y Home Owned KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS Home Operafed 502 4+h Sfreei' Congra'l'ula+ions fo 1'he Graduafing Class of '57 From GREEN'S TV AND APPLIANCES PL-7-3 I 00 E ANDY'S cur- RATE s Gas Oil BaHeries ERVICE Tires ' Anfioch-Piffsburg Hwy. Phone PL-7-4870 ANTIOCH LAUNDERETTE Washing -:- Drying -:- Dyeing Monday-Friday 8 A.M.-6 P.M. Sa+urday 8 A.M.--5:30 P.M. Agen+ for ANTIOCH CLEANERS, Dry Cleaning ANTIOCH FRENCH LAUNDRY Piclc-up ancl Delivery Larry Kelly Call PL 7-0640 6I3 9+h S+. STORK - TO - TEEN SHOPPE 2lI G S'rree+ PL-7-4l5I NORTON'S FROSTY Popular Luncheon Spoi' 'For AHS Sfudenfs I9+h and D S+ree+ Phone PL-7-I877 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO Comple+e One Sfop Shopping Cen+er 'For +he Family "Sa'ris'Fac+ion Guaranfeecl or Your Money Back Sfore Hours 9:30 'lo 6:00 P.M. Wednesday 9 30 +o 9 00 PM 2l3 F Sfreef Free Parking Phone PL7 2020 'f +5'W Q Wi L XXX aff., f 3-MlNuTE CAR WASH S TEXACO SERVICE Easl' Elqhfeenlh Sireei' and Cavallo Road Anhoch Calrfornla PHONE PL 7 9936 DALE BOGAN Prop ANTIOCH PRINTING SHOP Commercial Social Prmhng Wedding lnvrIa'hons 406 H STREET PLaI'ea 7 3273 SPROUSE REITZ CO INC Anhoch, Calif. 307 G SI'reeI PL-7-2764 Since I935 JOl'lNNY'S MARKET Groceries, Meais, Fresh Vegefables 9i'h and H S'I'reeI' Anfioch, Calif. Phone PL-7-IO39 lg ANTIOCH FRENCH LAUNDRY I "For Those Who Wani' Ihe Bes+" BERNARD TAILLEFER, Prop. b p I", 820 2nd Sfreei Telephone PL-7-4645 v---n--4 Anhoch Calf IOTH 8: L MARKET "The Biggesi' Li++Ie Marlrei' in Con+ra CosI'a" 9II L STREET ANTIOCH PLa'Ieau 7-2944 FERREIRA'S TRIM SHOP Ferreira's Offers I'he Only CompIe+e Home. Au+o and Boai' UphoIs+ery Service in +he Area Easy Terms-Pick Up and Delivery-Free Esfimafes I006 IOTH STREET ANTIOCH PL-7-Ib06 OR PL-7- NINTH STREET VARIETY STORE lNear Sfamm Theaferl Nofions - Toys - Appliances - Yarn Baby Goods - Household 6II 9TH STREET ANTIOCH PHONE PL-7-3227 THE PAINT HOUSE Ask for Lis+ of Tool Renfals and Prices I524 A STREET ANTIOCH, CALIF. PLa'I'eau-7-2 ORDERS TO TAKE OUT -s-1f W Fine Mexican Foods 6+h and A Sfreefs Anfioch. California Phone PL 7-I282 ANTIOCH INSURANCE BROKERS ASSOCIATION Paul W. Ayers Abbo'H', PreweI"I. Wharfon Beswick Insurance Ralph Garrow John J. Rogers LUMBER COMPANY Be+heI Island Rallroad Ave and D Sheer Phone PL-7-2900 WOODY'S SERVICE Seifa Bros. 4'Ih and L Sfreef Phone PL-7-4026 ANTIOCH M' Tantra 202 A S+. ' ABC, Anfioch ' PL 7 I53I ANTIOCH EVERGREEN NURSERY AND FLORIST Complere Landscaping Service Telegraph Service Nursery and Garden Supplies Con'I'rac'I'or THOMAS GILL AND SONS R+. I, Box 407 Anfioch, California PLa+eau-7-4568 DAVE SIMARRO'S SUPER SERVICE A and Madill Sfreei' Phone PL-7-9844 THE WAFFLE SHOP "We Specialize in Homemade Pies" 9l8 G S+ree'l' Phone PL-7-9905 'UL JOE BRUCE SERVICE STATION I8'I'h and A S+. Phone PL-7-2340 .N . , 4 FLOWERS E I THAT Y my SATISFY Nursery and Flower Shop PHONE PL 7-4636 220 RAILROAD AVE. JOHNNIE'S CHEVRON SERVICE Bridgehead Aniioch. California Rouie I, Box 493 Phone PL-7-3880 SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1957 F D Dragon Manager and Staff BANK OF AMERICA NT 81 SA 3lses+ h PL73600 QV 17fw2,4f,,z?f.p IIIV"lJ65yuq4 fff mm fc Cv K+ ff P L my 949 CQ ,J T NIS F fmtf QWQ? Lf fl A X lk-fn ff-vf.4f.fJ,c J F K 4 QC X I I- X .,L my jfyfffl 97 12, q D 2x X 5 x df- ry mf X9 'flu 3 ,X ,, 0 I JIM , A 'Q If JQIIII , 4 , fl II I-Zffx. I w IJL61 . 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