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 - Class of 1955

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Nnisx A ibm ,M F fb' X g g nr ,vga -Q 1 l ii " ' Wav' f 'fkwgfl L kk? V IIJFEV M .. :W . . .nf ,S "' ' 41 M -T 7 4 i 'W A Y :Wig wx 1' , 15. Y., xii K k 4375 2 5: f ,L if up F' I Y . A A 5- , pf, ,r -.ff'3?f3f SigQ ' 51 k 'f'Qf'15Q '11, f' A Aff -QV'5"1,:,: K' , wx. UQ gmgq- A Q, f,affsHS?2fW,'12 ' 14:5 '-',e1eQ"W'ftZf if ' i ,, '3gJ,:'g'. N, w r N 'ii-train., is Arr mango PM ' Foreword The Class of 1932 was the frrst to walk through the portals of 1 new htgh school on D Strect In 1955 another graduat mg class 1n1t1ates 1 ncvx hrgh school too one mu h blgger and bctter than any beforc tt Wmrlm the great tncrease rn populatlon rn the crty lfrom 5 156 to 15 712 over a perlod of 14 yearsj the old schocl burld mg now servmg as the junror hrgh school became to small tt house the enrollment The old and the new school butldrngs are qu1te drfferent The old a two tory v1ne coxered school accommcdated approxt mately 600 the new a one story multt wmged plant IS baslcally dcsrgned to accommodate 1200 The new gym for example rs approxrmately 100x 120 and can comfortably seat 1 300 people whrle the old gym was only '55 X 100 and could seat only 400 ln September of 1954 students frrst entered thrs new school and though fmdtng lf not yet completed approved of tt rtght away Both students and faculty dnd thetr b st to manage untll the gym and cafeterta were flntshed There are stnll many structures tn the plannrng stage be fore thc school wrll be completed cntrrely An aud1tor1um 1 gtrls gym another shop burldtng an addrtronal classroom wmg two pools tennxs courts and a musrc butldmg are planned for later construction The football fleld and baseball dlamond wrll bc ready for next season There are not as thts ts wrttten any shrubs or lawns but these alone do not make '1 school The students and the faculty supply the warmth good feeltng and frrendltness so necessary to 1 true place of learnnng vm W, f- 1 "E15f4?ii':'f':':'5:1E5E555E3E11:3f-'iiiliEli-Iii5EfE5fiSEE55E.?-In15-273455151.4.1.1-E-?:Z'55Sr5:2ii51faEE1E1. 5 j-"5 M . -S., A 'iss 2 f 1 ?'I'fQ2 1 .52 23 ll T121 . ii'1-.'-L-1-'-ff1'f?iiZ?i1221122:21-I-2:2532-2i15'?5E25ifE12i33H1:+32?2i:ai'EeieEE:25Si-15.133E1'51i'5?:a-.EE5:321522553: I .I ' ,pg .4-4-3.55.55-..,gi-::y,g.1.21.4..,-5,3-.''.':.g.'.--.3.g.:::'-:::2--,-,-,-.-.7:,-'.:g.A.':.1.nga-.'g.-:... mv: -'zz alia . . ,, , ,L r ff Zeeman. 421' f P 5' mafia fem " 5" ' 5 3fi'-1.2251222EE3f'13Z'I-I-I'f'f'fflZ35l',-?f1ff"i'f.:ffiff.ifffiflIf-Tif'-"5Z7ITia'ff':':'If:13'f:23'iH?-43331.21ff? ' - tg-2:1-:gr:3:-:I:Z-Q-j-'-'.'.13:.-.'.'-E1'.'.2gz'-jg.'.1fi--Jr:Z-I-.-J-55-'JiZ-jg'-:J-'ffiitz:-I-afzz--Zff:-':2' gp ., .5 ' saggy' . A c 5 , Q' . T X f N, ,ln awk , Y Y 3 -ffmszxf Jaw ' A "NA V if 4 ',1vfRi"' mf .riiiar 1151222 ' , ' t .iii5:95: -gggygg: . .. ., 5-Z-'riff 551322 L K - ' 1 1 ' gffflfi ' Y 2 ' ' - - C 1 fghiffi' jffizzi , . ' ..::g,:g 4 A 2323551 -1222-111 . W ' airitisiz ' 1 - ' . .,g:g:1 , . , t 1 '-2513251 '-fiffi' , 1 1 gzgfq:-2 ':5::f:-:. , ' . V N '. 11:14:11: Z-:Z-,-Z-'- ' ' ' 1 5 ' ' r 3152522 Q-3:3252 7 - , , i3::gg5-1 5533535 - , . .1:f:??5i t 3 f -5:5112-2' F3:3Z'1'5- - v - I 35: 51 'Iii a - 15351255 5555? t H v 1153355 1'.5:E: 4 ' . 3352311 ffi5f?:' ' ' A 1 9 1111211132 55513 ' ' r ' ' I ' ' ' .1z'.g'51' .-,-,-1-:.' 1 ' a ' 4 : E5533' ' 3 155333531 :fifigy ' ' . t 1 Sfifitizlff '5rE:f:?' ' 1 - isisiii igiiiif: 1 v - 1 jffijjff 4 c . 4 ' -:-:5 5 5: 1 , , 1 lff?Er1:? 1 . PrincipaI's Message -.Z ,a5l,1Z...,uf M, fwjgfw, 5 MMM! 6 five' !f.37fl,..,fz..ZZ' MzQiifff,m,,fZ fe? jiazfw fb A fwwz, WJZMWWZ 404441 M 0761 fwflwyfwzfi KM fmMZf R gli Q e lo F Q ' J! af-bca ', 0 ,dltbmy Q zzz ' , fW'9?M'4i3L7LJffi5 . - - 521 WW' WW fxffw , 'gsm Jxjwfw' " HDNIM 41.64-4"' ' - 4-auf 'Md f+WWf U ff' fi? ,ff . f , 7 ' X- Board of Education DR. JOSEPH H. LIBBEY Presidenf GENTRY DURHAM IW. -Q Board Member .fi MRS, CLYDE W. DAVIS Board Member X1 " 17 is - 7 ' I I CLAUDE M. srm L ' L Board Member . ' L DON VIERA if if TL L, I Us K Board Member ,D L A X ' 'gs ' V ,x If ' fr- ri ,X HENRY R. smsss if ' I Superintendeni of Schools L' . Fur, MR. ALLEN MR. REED MR. sTlLEs MR. KUNZELMAN MRS. BONDE Principal Business Mgr. Night School Curriculum Distric? Librarian Principal Co-ordinafor MR. JOHNSON MRS. TALBOT MISS ATKINSON MRS. COX MRS. OSBORNE Awendance Officer Nurse Cqfeyeyiq Supq Secreiary fo Dist. Bookkeeper Superintendent . ,Wa 5. -- fx ' . I' 4 N ' '.'l. I. x X 5 5 MRS. BOWELL MRS. CHARRETTE MRS. COPPOCK MISS EVANGELHO MRS. BOREM Adm. Secreiary Secrefary to H. S. Bookkeeper Secrelary Io Secrefary Principal Llbrarian Ccfeferia Sup'r Facult i gg Y ' MR. ADAMS MR. ATKINSON Social Studies Boys' P. E. Counseling Driving MR. BAlRD MRS. BEEDE MR. DeRUSHIA MR. EVEN MR. FAVERO SPUNNL' 5l'lOf7l1CI1Cl and Civics Commercial Mech. Drawing Typing Boys' P. E. ""'--1 MR. FREEMAN MISS GASSAWAY MR. GOLDEN MR. GRAVES MR. HARDTEN Carpentry Girls' P. E. Athlelics Mathematics Woodwork Boys' P. E. MR HARRIGAN MR HOUSLEY MR LANIER MRS LEONARD MRS LONG English Maihematlcs U S History English Homemalung Bookkeeping Driving 4 xii' ,is X 52.433 ig if wi X21 MRS LYNDE MISS MCBRIDE MR NORDSTROM MISS OCONNELL MR ORNELLAS Librarian Girls' P. E. Machine Shop MUSIC VON' Music Instrumental X Counseling 1 i MR. RIDGE Biology, Chemistry Yi '9' ns i f 'MW wwf aft, , M955 SMITH MR. STRINGARI Englsh Grls P E Chqmigfry Physics A boy if better unborn than zmtaught f 'I1 Refreshments at Junior Prom Junior Advisors Schleicher ond Sfringori with Mrs. S. Q MR. HARDTEN "POP" JOHNSON MISS TALBOT Faculty Dining Room Mr. Allen ot mike J, Q, ,mi W' in 21 34 flKn'?HK515lK NACHO AGUNDEZ A lady killer BOB ALBRIGHT So wise, yet so young GERY ALLISON Cooking with gas MILTON ANDREWS So nice to know STEVE ARATA Bring out the girls ALLAN AUTENTICO Born to succeed in something Seniors F55- 41' CHRISTINE BAKER Better times are ahead BILL BARTON What 's new with you? JANE BARTON Nothing to say EDWARD BAXTER Always a gentleman BOB BERATTA Can handle anything JOE BERLINGERI Do you dig me, dad? ,f '1 eww, SHARON BURLEIGH Something nice has been added i CHARLES CAGLE Let's have a party! DIANE CALISESI Always the proper thing BOB CALLIS The people's choice HAZEL CALVERT One in a million DAVE CAMPBELL Will try anything once Q5 MERRILL BOOTH Real gone BOB BOYLE Always has an expert opinion LARRY BRIAR Just a kid at heart DEAN BROWN Proud as a peacock FERN BRYSON Life will be different, FRANK BURCIO Bound to conquer all DOW Z t JAMES CARLIN Plum tuckerecl out STEVE CARRIS An expert in his fie RICHARD CARUSO lt's now or never NAOMl CATLETT How time fliesl FRANCES CIRCO Come up and see m EARLENE COTTIER Sharp as a tack ld e some time! ff!! X, .1 ' -qs 'l ' ll ' Seniors Shin HX V i Ck' ZA mf ls TAMMY CRAWFORD A stitch in time saves embarrassment LARRY DAVATZ On the prowl DONALD DAVIS Going places BILL DERRINGTON Lost: One little blackbook BARBARA DICKEY Oh, Daddy, look at me nowl LOU DOTY It's been a long time Ns if FUN ROLAND EYESTONE "I'm taking over, see? LUCY FALETTI Going to Iive it up RODNEY FARNUM Time for a stretch DARRELL FERGUSON How much you wont to bet? MARILYN FERGUSON Wanted: Someone tall, dark, and handsome JIM FRASNELLY Just give me the facts, mam f ...f- vga " 'Nw X' I I DIANE DOUGLAS Never tires of learning IMOGENE DUNHAM What's on your mind? CUPIDENE ELLENBURG This is the life MARTHA ENRIQUEZ On the ball JOAN ERICKSON What's coming off? BEVERLY EVANS Wanted: One man r Pb ,. MADIE FRIEDMAN Carefree and gay VINCENT FRIEDMAN Con't believe I made it GLORIA GALARZA Just as sweet as condy RONALD GARCIA Nothing will stop me now DAVE GARVIN Living the life of Riley GROVER GARVIN I'm Riley Seniors 4 I U Q 108 ,W -r-,,.. A A .Gr - . 1' k -Cx' L fkrx JEANNETTE GIANNOTTI Oh, those good old days MAX GONZALES l'm no kid any more BARBARA GRANGNELLI Time on my hands NORMAN GREATHOUSE Anyone for tennis? DIXIE GREEN A penny for your thoughts NORMAN GRIMM Con't believe it DOUGLAS HARGROVE 195 2-Q MARIAN HOSKINS That smooth, professional GARY HOUSE Man, this is really living JERRY HUDSON My conscience is clear MELVIN HUMBARD Likes facts and figures PEGGY HUNT Hates to leave the old place RONALD HUNT My time is valuable Sitting pretty EDWARD HENDRICKSON Will never be the same JOHNNY HEREDIA Will have a good time tonight HENRY HERNANDEZ Has lots of rhythm MANUEL HERNANDEZ A great big sugar daddy RAY HOBBS Never too late to learn flu ELEANOR HUFHINES What a smoothie! TOM INNIS Going to outer space JOAN JACKSON On the way up DON JAMES Let's hear those pipes BARBARA JOHNSON A real slick-chick BOB JOHNSON Hold the fort, I'm coming ,FE Q, Q Seniors Q ,ff if 1 A ' Wir ll? if 'W uf ,,. f YVONNE JOHNSON The flower of youth JANET KAY Stepping out tonight ROBERTA KELLER Just c little pixie BILL KELLY A nice, unparticulor yo mon JOYCE KENNEDY Exclusively yours HOWARD KINSEL Won't just fade away ung CLAIRE LOCKETT The girl you're looking for? NATALINE LO GRASSO How did it happen? JAMES LUPHER On the loose ROBERTA MANDEVILLE Tl'1e big moment in my life DARLENE MARCl'lETTl Yup, 1'l'1of's mel GARY MARCHETTI Walking on air 'RS-.' Q' 5 V,-1, f-"I I955 Ns... JOHN KIRK See you around ROSE KITTERMAN Jus? a crazy, mixed-up kid LEE KLINKHAMMER lt was meanf to bel DAMON KNlGl'lT If's going to be a long night EILEEN KRAUCYK Aims to please BARBARA LESNIEWSKI Now is the time all A 'S fiffw M, ,Q v 'j'Nm.,x x . , M f 7' S qs -A. 1 y,sk..A.,., X a XE -' Q A Q a gc if mx I I rf x7 2,5-" Yi Z7 ...-XM-N0 'I V i, gf- i 'f 4 .mf ' Q If 24 X 5 P 5924 15 ' A 2 J 6- 539 1 ky SHERIL MULANlX Citizen ofthe world BETTY NATIONS Diamonds are my best friends KATHY NEWTON Well, here l am! TOMMY NOACK A scholar and a gentleman CONNIE NUMSEN A dynamic personality GERALDINE O'MALLEY You don't say? 'NOX I l N, MARILYN MOHR Plans for the future MARITA MOORE Parting is such sweet sorrow MARY LOU MOORE All year performance PAT MOORE The real McCoy RUTH MORRIS Oh, you kid! VIRGINIA MORSE Not a care in the world ' flew GEORGIA PANTELES A country girl BILLY PASLEY Fit as a fiddle JAN ETTA PAYNE Nice to look at JEAN PERRY Just a bright-eyed lady TH ERESA PIGATI The weaker sex? ALFRED PIMENTAL It's a woman's world Seniors kv SANDOR PITEK Never had a burn-up DOYLE POTEET The great white hunter JIM PREVOST Once a bouncing baby boy NANCY PRIDGEN A living doll MARY LU PUTNAM Worth a million dollars SYLVIA QUINTAL Boys--A wonderful invention 1 fivi JERROLD RHYNDRESS Finally at the finish line DOYLE ROGERS Made to last a lifetime GLORIA ROMO Now l can relax JUANITA ROMO Lef's do the mambo RICHARD ROSE A gentleman farmer JOYCE ROUNSAVILLE The farmer's daughter SAMMY QUINTANA That wide-awake look JAMES REED His bark is worse than his bite JOANNE REIS The average American gurl STUART RHOADS Puf some money in boy BETTY RIOS l get so lonely BILLY RIOS Ah-h-h-h! DON ROZENSKI A stranger in Paradise JANE RUCKSTUHL Oh, lucky me RENNY RUSSELL Always in there trying PATRICIA RYAN You live and learn JAN ET SAH LI Seh 's lovely .... She's SAM SCARDINA Go, man, go! fbi JAMES SCHULTZ A student of the human comedy DONNA SHOEMAKER Fun while it lasted YVONNE SILVEIRA Oh, that twinkle in your eyel TANYA SMERECZNAK Service with a smile GREG SMITH Never in hot water JANET SMITH Take a letter, Miss Smith '55- Ch BOB VASQUEZ Curfew must not ring tonight! PAT VASSAR Has a chance to succeed GENE VEDEL Ten o'clock scholar MARY LU VINSON John's other life DARLENE WALTERS All work and no play-- KARL WANDRY Barefoot boy with cheek s of tan FREEMAN SNOW Old rough and ready MARYELLEN SONDECKER Never out of step DAVID STANFORD Better late than never BOB SUBLETT A city slicker THOMAS TAYLOR lt's in the bag, now PHYLLIS TREAT Whot a treat! in 3 WAYNE WARBINGTON In the mood for love BILL WERT A clean-cut boy JIMMY WEST Clear the way, I'm coming through CHARLOTTE WHITE Looking for something? RAENELL WILSON There're two sides to every- thing SYLVIA WOOD lt's been a long, hard climb Seniors BARBARA WORLEY Someone's one and only NICK ZAMORA Zapata! "AlI who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of nations depends on the education of youth. --Aristotle gm FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS 'Y if lb' Secreta ry Treo su rer JANET KAY MARIAN HOSKINS Presudent JOHN HEREDIA Vnce Presudent Class Representative BILLY RIOS RENNY RUSSELL Class of '55 The Senror Class th1s year chose Turn Back the Clock as thexr play to be gnven on March 17 tnd 18 It was about the "Roar1n' Twent1es" and proved to be a very suc cessful comedy Dress Up Day, whxch IS a day set asrde for Semors to dress up to represent any thmg of the1r ch01ce, was May ll As every year, the judges had a dlff1CUlI trme selecrmg the wmners Leavmg school at the end of the thrrd period on May 24, the Senxors traveled to the place selected by a Semor commlttee where everyone went SWllT1I'Dlf1g, hrkrng, and dxd all the other thmgs whrch make Drtch Day a success The Sennor Ball was held on Frxday, May 27 All the couples thoroughly enjoyed themselves, although they knew that they were attendmg the last formal dance thexr class, as a whole. would be able to glVC S ,nf .. ,,.. Q, . 'f -if I . 5 , 1 2 f2' 1 -5: . -Z M my , 3 .n fqgfrl ' ' U. X. if 7713z ? t ,. fx 5 . ,- wfg.iz', x 7 , 3 ai . A fl' ' Q ' 33 l H , , f " , 3 'E . , K if L l The Senior y , a ew ays before Graduation. During the course of the evening, the Wfills and Prophecies were read. Baccalaureate was held on the Sund ay evening before Graduation for all Seniors who wished to attend. Banquet this year was held on Ma 31 f d On Jun y ere on y memories, all the final examinations were given and II h , a t e fears and worries of Graduation were com- pletely forgotten, the Seniors proudly received their diplomas. Graduation had come and had gone, but this graduation was something special never b e removed from their sacred treasury of memories e 10,1951 after all the activities of the ear w 1 to every Senior and would SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS 'PIM if mf I' .,,'-I' E2 ma ZS -I-0 mf I' Z as E-I Jr-I Z3 IE 92 5 Z Ch Secretary BARBARA DICKEY - ?W Mfr gif M if C2 VICS Pfe5ldenI Class Representative GERY ALLISON Advisors Mr Graves Mrs Long Mr RENNY RUSSELL Rose and Mrs Leonard ,Q N L 'K bn Y H Q AN s T-VK M FK 5 ,b ry. ns 1 R Rh 9 li J. YJ, Y .".,. ni c wa, M, 7 ag - if Mg, - 5 A ,Q lx 215 7 I9 r I ' sz 3 Q 2 'E' h . ... k X 3? 5125"-fi' Jr' 4 BRIGHT AS A NEW PENNY ,N Wx LH Q 2 'i,.q H X I ,,,.. lj . ,eff 1 ,- 3.1 ,A LN LJ: jlif A f ,- ,..f ,f, X' ' 'sl '-1? fdhf EMU -316. 2'5- -0-4 at Q., K -:Y Sonya Beck Sherlll Beckett Frank Blglow Joel Blglow Lanny Bown Barbara Boynton Barbara Brandt Janlc Brink Paul Brown Eddue Bryant Bvll Briar Louis Bussey Dale Bundy Bob Calma Edna Campbell Beverly Canada Peter Carey Sue Carrus Ellns Cecchlm Bull Cecll Class of ' 6 Af? All -ll 915: bl' "STN Qs- so 1-., Q9 Nm "" nik. we iF""v ly ov4',s-,v-I L.: ao' 'K by Earl Aaron Dave Aguilar Jesse Alexander Barbara Allen Jessue Alvarez Geraldnne Anselmo Norma Arnold Randy Autentlco Clark Balch Della Ballard Carmen Barrlga Sue Bartlett Rosalue Batel Bob Bates LeRoy Bauger mills- 435 Qi nv- 3 X i gs..-f I' NG' Q' l I hfxg 'lm""" lb.. .fgss Q4 A Q . c 9 , A 4 RA .. za 1 ' -.-,Q-S - ' gap. 'X .3 I-1 is A, , A N V . 'V Q ' ' , li r -V ' 1.4" if 35 K 4 ll 1: :Q ,5. xy :Vid . ' . W M ' s ...Q If K .1 ,fi . . E E f :sf N... .. y -.B U . r M ' I E L if 7' .' hh . :vu 4 ' A me as fr" E Y- ' 45' 4 :J ICA- LL .Y'v ll kv 5, , Kllffsklsl Q A . . R ,gh fs, M g Jr 1 K I' W' G' h l M ia , A W 4 My Q " 45' Q 'A ' ' - ' Air 'E D f r- 'M' 58 A E W , .:. A 3 'ax Q W E il, VA K wuiyy V, A T 1 A 1 K 2 l . " , 'N' f. fa- 1- A C., " .- . . . F QQ-gb I' A l 5' A - Q. Q ' A. six' Jannce Clark Ruta Clark Karen Condy Annette Cota Ruth Coursey Betty Courtney Max Courtney Dean Crawford U' Larry Crosson Rose Carollo 1X5 Ralph Dal Porto Harley Davidson Duane Davrs Marlene Dedlnl Alfred Del Favero 1 J f Wanda Denne Gary Dew Albert Dobbs Marranne Dozrer Gary Duff Y nu 1. me ,gg 'QP ,3-3. ""'1 S nf' bv Jggy 305 -5 an 'W sn--p uf' M '-. 'D 25" 'Q-sa 'V A nqwsl N r- :L IUUQ ,X ,W ,ag X .f' on '9' kr f' ali.. 'N' '91 X 5 tx 5'-J SIS' rw U9 57" ,og 221 in-A gun Benavee Ebel Danny Ecclestone Lyle Edwards Ronald Elmore Raymond Eyestone Vlrglnra Farnum Stanley Fasel Joe Ferrerra Patrlcla Fitzgerald Marlene Flaherty Angelina Flores Darlene Foust Martun Foy Robert Franchetto Maenell Franklrn Jean Frledman Elmer Gaddns Tom Garcia Gayle Gibbs Betty Grbson invx F fu ' K, I - f Q Ll' .. A V .. , . "" W . H C, he-1 'Q , A ' fi Q r , 'R 1 ' , L ff' 4 J . ' xy ' Q " , H 5, 35 C X . Q . A Q21 P - in f-1-A ia - s 5 'as if 2 52' 5 C- K ... e P' 1 if iff:- r 1 w W ka , A A N . 1 A A , 1 is 'rs ,f r e E ! 1 l ll Nu-f V 956, M X Tip' AQ I A Milla? X Q ll p .' .. cg x ts . r ' C, rl M K x :cw VI Ai, x i , O X 6 1 V, t ,A A W T .YL ,V 'sl xx 1, - 1 ' ' N ,sf A A fr 4 M ', ., .ka 4 . V' , A L D Qi' L , ,r ,K vj:,, fix h . . in IAV N J? if 1,071 ,Y , 1 .125-1 . , 'z ' pr 6 A A ' A , f We - , N 1 Y . in' x , I K 4 ga , VA Q ,. I fl: ffl' I . 9 , , A F 1 ' f 1 I ' V I up ' U C T 'P fm 5. ' ' " A 1 f' ' 3 . A A ,,a ht' f I ,, V A' Ae , ,Jif- lv 9' f 7.-A 5 swf K ff 1' Cheryl Howse Renee Hunt Robert Jacobsen Olga Jacques Paul Jenmngs Jerry Johnson Bob Keeth Mildred Kern Carnel Kung Joy Knepshreld Donna Larsson Lloyd Lawson Paul Lupton Wilma Loper Albert Lopez Bob Lucarelll La Rue Lucas Duval Luclo Bull Lynds Carmen Ma 4' S. 'Q ,Q 35 MC' Nei mag.4...i-ins it he Mk .PQ Al lene Goddard Gu lbert Goulart James Green Ki , Margaret Green Bu ll Gross 'inf- Bll Hall Qs 1 Carol Hammer Patrecla Hanna 'KK DP fr? i inns.. Phyllis Hardln Ray Harrnngton Pauline Hartsell Sharon Harvey rleta Henderson Shirley H Molly Heredla enderson Betty Hewitt Paul Hlnkle Wnllo Hlnkle Patrlcla Holllng Linnea Holmsten YN rd S., 9 L gf XM fw- t.' drlgal ,fx 5' A Q -rf" .1 -X fr'-rt fi Plan qnvs M. if tw V H A:.,v ,. ' 9 as L as . H 'J Q. ' 1 ,2 5 n s L ,X ' in ' H-A I -A ttss L - vs.. L v if "' L 5, IHE: VA , ix l sr T' ' L 'X tx fr . 'Q . ei Q - , ,f 1 5 - A ,, y AE - was 4' J l Y Q lwfq J 4 K 3:4 X f of -1: b T v E s N K "' v X- Co as M E!-: ,.QZ , ,- . i.. W , K A X 5 ji L ,L J' ,, lt ' . ' J V 1 gitfj h . . 'ly L K - . ,3 ' "1'- . . Ck' A X Q -my A , . K 0 A X ff' W J y jvwr Q W- J yy 6. QQ 'Q G 9 - I 6' .- M 59,7 my Y' 2 zz X . K R14 . :i:y ggi. , L ' 'fr 3 ' ' 5 0 , l G . 3 ax 'Q Q T' '5 . F V 4 , . I J A Y 2 J 5 ' " . J I U, Q A ia - Q- 3 X Q -.1 'Q A Q.. 4 ' W! Mk iv , I I 1' . :J ,, i. Q ik R X L 1 l l . ,- . f" s J "' 1 "' V Lt L I V. ..,. N A .. y tzlb V, K K L J 5, . ',.- i I i -A f 2 KL, . -QI ' ' N . -V i YE . X 44 ' " ' I V 'A "Jig bn, N-as IA. 1. bf 11" Barbara Moestretti Annette Maghuyop Francisco Marnn Ken Marquart Danny Martln Joanne Martin Roberto Martln John Moss Jean Mathews Lessls Mays Duane Mac Donald Charles McElroy Jerry McGoveron Ann Metheny Judy Meyers Betty Muller Dan Mlllar Leroy Mohr Bull Mooney Bob Moore 35' "buf an X A, sae. fu.. 17 TN QC. It ii Q' X' gf 4341 his ww., -Q.,-K Sgx f 'Rx Jig?- I in i-A' I i 1- Q eff", "f eE:M?ssys 2, .. .t 1 , Q 1 : .-. " .- A nw, px -1--wr R gn I lf V.-,ggi 'QQ dxf'- -.., 54' ?"a Zi AFX can tc' 16 1 it andra Moore fflartun Nellor Jeannette Neveu David Newton Sharon Null Bull Noble Nellue Oliver Loss Olmstead Clifford Osborne Elvera Pagnlnl Allen Pork Rovella Phlllrps Betty Plmentol Ernest Poggettn Patrscna Prelo Joan Pruce Carol Prouty Vernon Ramey Larry Rayner Alvaro Revs 1? tv if-f f ,fi , M." to A its Q-EE" 5 4 5' ' QYQX x 9' 'F M 7:-il 'ha 1. ng K' ' img-" lif- V eat., Q' Janice Smith Richard Smith Sharon Smith Donna Snelling Jon Stocky Adolfo Telxerla Gall Terwllllnger Jeannette Tonso Marilyn Tonso Donna Travell se Richard Ridley fj.. -- 2 :D David Riley X ll -' Donald Roberts James Roberts - W' I an 1 .Ms x Y Donald Rodgers L I-A Q l f! ' Mary Ann Roe 1- 'i S Patricia Rogers 5. Tony Romo ""' John Rosswalter Leona Rounsavn I le Romella Ruiz la si V' Leonard Russo V Nancy Sanchez Richard Sexton Barbara Sharer Bobby Shelton i? 5' James Shelton Rose Ann Sugar: Dick Sllvera Bob Smith '25 ""' x Y 'Nr Alf' wk, P35 Sunny Trout Jackie Van Deventer Guy VlSfClll Barbara Waller Hardy Warner Bob Weinberg Harry Welgandt Dan Westberry Emilie Westbrook Sam Whitlatch 'iw fi ws- 6 The nr li., was C' me P' 'IXENU Ihr' ASN 22 affix. ,f WX C, Wi 57 i 5, Q :S . 'Q' B' 'rt G' 'af K , .A... i' ' I Jul .. A if ta ' 79' Ib.- lilgfe .4--th: iii:-1 r it XX , ar , ' R :gr 1 J , ' song. ie, I wg, u Riff of vt ., 'iff 4 X ,J v V 9 v ' ' ' Q3 " .1 ,-... M., if! . . , . " S S . . ' ' ' :Z Q ' ' S gg ' ' , i s fp, 5- - i . 5, it ll' W ,sl X l S ' 'fit Q , N S S M . . 5 Tjfirs as 4 .A 'H "4 . . . 015 'V-S 'A 'L 'R wg gr " 4' RQ 3 -:ir Qgzb A W cf, 'ii' ' r f ' W at aff 4 1, A if J 4' K . 5 V X it X 1 ,if "'f Q --lr , ra , 5 .,g - X, ' rc r B -' '5' Q . . , N 5. ' i ,Vx 1 " "L" " QM' f S' ,A tg A , X, ' A S Q - 9 . '-N 'W ... i J 'Q ft-fy fn- s - 4 'ws 'A 1 - S ' for N ,X Lee Wlllnoms 0. 2 Gaul Wnlson Q W Lesier Wood Betty Youngstrom X , , If S! Junlor Class Advisors Muss Schleicher Mr Sfrm90f' cs 9- . ', ff- n W A ' is 1 3 I f 1, x 7 I bu ff- H Eg ' fgfqf if I ,if-.N Glenn Woodman Q ' I M 0 0 V FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS 59CFefCIfY Treasurer BETTY GIBSON GAIL GIBBS President STAN FASEL Vice President Class Representcmve DAVE AGUILAR CARLETA HENDERSON Class of 56 Dreamers Fantasy was chosen as the theme for the Sophomore Hop held Aprnl 11, 1954 Decoratxons were carrxed out wlth a castle, carousel, and ballermas Mr Dreamer was Stanley Fasel and M1ss Dreamer was Carleta Henderson Dancmg was from erght to eleven m the junxor Hrgh School gym Duval Luclo and Ray Harrmgton led the class through a prosperous 1954 school year In September of 1954, the jumor Class treasury held 3539 62 On November 19, 1954, the 'Class of '56 held thexr junior Prom, Northern L1ghts" Rexgnmg over the dance were Queen Norma Arnold and Kmg Bob Mrller Dancxng was from mne to twelve 1n the Hrgh School Cafeterxa Decoratnons were car rled out rn s1lver and blue, wxth a s1lver sphere suspended from the cexllng Dancmg to the musxc of Art Ne1lson's Orchestra, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves ,- xx y , X. ' ,A gg . x xr r V Q ,S Y gt X ij-'Q fi Z I f . Y Chairman of the dance was Carleta Hendersong co-chairman was Karen Condy. Committee chairmen were: Refreshments, Allene Godclardg north wall, Jeanne Fried- mang posters, Norma Arnoldg invitations, Jeanette Neveug south and east walls, john Rosswalterg west wall, Marlene Flaherty and Rosie Carollog ceiling, Sunny Trout and Carol Prouty. Secretory CARLETA HENDERSON 6' fvslx .5351 1 r , a? dLJN7CL1i - id-fs 11-'If' XDQX..--"ff7f SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS President RANDY AUTENTICO Treasurer GAIL GIBBS Vlce President Representative Advisors Mr Strmgcru and DAVE AGUILAR KAREN CONDY Miss Schleucher BX, : x X Lf P ' Lp: 5 , . E: r if' R A S if A 3 f aj s 4 K Wav' 1' Class of '57 Don Adams Pat Adams Armida Agundez .lo Ann Allen Carol Ambra V, x , f U s 5 I, as 'W ,hw 's '- -M ...I- 'N-f '- - 4 Earl Anderson , Harold Atkinson Frances August Kathy Autentrco 'kts-7 Mary Lu Baker 532' Don Ballard Patrrck Bartlett 1 Nancy Barton 'A Doreen Barton Nancy Bauer 'Inf' A-3'-J' Nr 4,52 V CW' 04' gn' 'Y' ere- -- AIN lun In H, V127 'www MS aa- Qi' 'v3'..,w. 5' r C' ' 1 EV' Q ASW guy, our ' BP .Q-J -ff jim ve- Q Jlm Benda Alberta Blancalana Betty Buggs Ralph Brggs Pat Blglow Marilyn Blocker .llm Blaclclwurst Dan Blevins Tom Boggs Nancy Borden Bob Borunda Jerry Bouslog David Boyd Wayne Bryant Darrell Bryson Joyce Brown Angle Cabral Frank Caetano Donald Calvert Janet Caple -1 G!" 'tv 25 ur QP - Y ,tx f Q B 'M "" Nr ' X l N l eil , l Y r H l .t ,' 3 s . R 8' V 4? - 'K . Ly' N r A ' VK ...J 2 ' gn ' r BV ,..., if B w M gg., AA- K , 'ffmh CJK. - 3 5? 'Q la ' xi, , B 'S' IN 6 I im W A B .2 lg 5,5 g, - q,'a,f'l tl ' J ' .' , v f ' ,B N, y r - ,ff B 'N X -we-so 1 ' Q , +V . B. Aly A S.. , Q , " R L P?-A Wag- P Q S. , M Q , . 1-3: ff' ,K xwgk' 3 ' l A 'rf Bef f J 2 A 3 jf. 4, I 4 Q K .4 G9 l ,, F rr ,,:,,w .... , B f 'rg ' Q to a l K. A ,- IN, , my 'D' 94"-' 3 Q Qxwy X W gf Q,-I QW E YQ, an Y ,... T' FN ..'2"..,N ,f'5-r. 1 QS-P H J ' 1 C Q1- 4' .fx- NU' Q-5 4? Q?lla...X Joan Crawford LeRoy Crews Judy Dal Porto Jerry Davldson Dlane Davls Charles Davles Lenora Del Rosa Bob Derrlngton Shurley Dew Sal DlGregorlo Jerry Dmellu Charles Dodd Carol Douglas Pat Dragon Edna Dryden Dlxle Duplre Bob Edwards Ray Edwards Johnny Elshere Andrew Ennl ,.- . QQ . Q" r DARK ' 23 vo' Robert Carter Carol Cates Donna Cecchini Dennis Chesley Eleanor Childress Bob Chisum Lu Ann Clark Frank Clark Jerry Cluck Charles Cochran bak Paula Cogar Paulette Cogar r 2 Julne Coal g,,,.- Myrna Col I uns Athena Comarell Fred Costa -. Tom Costello Bull Cottner 3 Ed Cottrer X VRS ,155 if' MLN as. YU mfg Jw, 1' J Nancy Coyle 3 5' " C17 ,ns "' 639 lx-xl -"L. il bf 7.4, A4- QD 'Midi sk a z' ' Q 1 7' S' he "' 4 ' 5 'MGX " -M' "' f sz-,4 , , A ' ly. Q ' Q V A E f Q, ,m I alan? pt ,V W A Sv ' ,, f" Y x V ' I' N I , for I I if X , .- L N ,, t f fe- f f 5 - X gl JE. ,X I , 5'r:I"XJwi M 'T' Qs V Qg , . Q "A" .Q , .4 - ,F Q an H Q- '45 ' is' "' IA, X Q . . 'N' Q-v l' "' - . Y t Aqyrfjy I ll " :::. 11 bw 1 . Q 1 In gh ga. 1 gb -if . of Q 'Q 5 jf lai r' - - X f V hi ft 'L ' xx . . yr Q. 3 Q Q l gy 2 .5 C 5' r fr fl' -x .11 A fl, l V' , nfl 1 J , W x Vw I 4 ,. , sf B 4 vllzrl " ' ' ' Q 1 -' .... 1 Ygfv ' ' ' , Vg D -V fl, I I I 4 . .i U U xv A I , , ' "'Ef"'ls 17' .P Audrey Erickson Leland Evens Jum Ferroro Suzanne Faeld Glorla Frasnelly W Richard Freeland Duane French Lee French Eddre Foust Josey Garcia is Kay Gibson Steve Glazler Steve Gutuerrez W5 Jean Goforth John Gonzalues Margaret Gray Bob Green Jam Green iz" Judy Green Nc.. I1 ,E ex ,W us.-v. .dl-41 'V' .hz ' 'Km am. ,lar fs t 7 'Q C' 1-v N. B f 2.4-fl, fix 47" var-' 16 .Aa AW' Ag, an '0- -lb. L-AX. ws Q l' 5- v, f"""" ,Q as ff-."!."-5 NG. qua- 'T C1 'Jil iv- irq,-f 4A'x.N-f' Marilyn Green Shelba Green Kesth Guthrie Don Hall Janlce Hamer Donald Hampton Wulma Hampton Arlynda Harmon Bonnle Harper Gary Hasenfus rbara Hatfield Bull Hause Juanita Hayes Marnlyn Hazzard Vlc Hernandez John Hlngston Pat Hines Robert Hodges Darrell Holmes Gary Horsley Dx P' LQ' 36- Vi ,I D R! A ' ,., . 5 f, . A yy 1 yr Q- I In . .,., t ga, J ' V 3 ,zv Vvll I t A , :I , , K , e ' ' - L ai . ' X' A fa l Q y A K . F Q 5 I' -. , ,V ff ' . A X ' . LH ,YQ fr my , 5 fr," , Q K lg 3 sy X V , -Q v x JT, ' i 1 A , f,-1, y f' . f ,, 1 A If . ' E, . A vi I K 4. . .X , x. . 'Ai' 5: gg, Kwai., Q. Q B aff- ' 3, ,i "' NA, I, 'Xl I k W 4. , ll N f J ,Al H E , 9 l : my ., -' Q " 3 QN r ,ff Bill Goshell - - ,Q X ,,,. - be J ' 2 . 'UW' f T7 y B ' W ,H . In , f A f e-, v V- t ,..L.?,,x y an ji, Q I T.. A 5- I gy B s 4 , 1 G eu' :I v . . ' gy ' L' A 'H is , , H ' M - , Q 1 . gist' Ft 5 My .--X W 1 H 1 . my it , H fs A , I 'YT' r - V ,, ,A vs A U 1 BQ. - ' - x ,- X , r f M -f ' 31 ef- J ki 3i'f'k2:,, -N l bf ll A r . 'tu Q K ' as A lvy 1 ' ' Ni fx??53f ' , 4 K Q Ai X X41 r 1 X tw as px Q: A V 'i Q . Ji' B if- .4 I 3 gl :ark V is we E Qi K Q '1-c ,fi Www -nh. 'Y Q is 'N '91 -.wk "" ,J 1 the Dave Landendorf Dolores Langston Henry Langston Norma Lamer Barbara Lanoy ins, ix 1 Shlrley Larlson Calvin Lavlnder Jane Lima Judy Lindley Pat Llndley 4 CQ fix all N. Marte Lopez Lnnda Lupher Theresa Madalena Becky MOfChIO Jack Marchuo Don Martln Angela Martins Dennis Martlnez Gertrude Martinez N' Tony Marques .by -rn" 'F Y 5 GM' we-:rx no -5,- fi 6, 'Se 1 r- -3, 5 x Sh... Shurley Houk Delbert Houk Doug Houston Sonia Hoy Loss Hoyt Bonnie Hunt Judy Husted Ronald lrwm Rachael Jacuzzl Rod Jenkms Sulas Johnson Merle Jones Jlm Kay Ada Kelslwer Dorothy Kung Jlm Kltterman Dora La Brae Vac La Grosso Marlene Lanrd Leta Lance an W if Q? 5 is-L A Q' :L O' K ,ne up A f'-:Q Y 8. l 3 3? l 5,459 Q 1 O' I 'C' ce. 'Af' ' f " , I l "1 W Za 12314 ' ' " U fag? 'Vi"ff f 7 5 .',, 1 , . I. ' 1-. fr , y , 1 Us . ' R 'A H V V Q ,-V . s J .A ,jf ' , ' ' ref' , Z t- M., X' ' ij 1 . J ., - X, 4, - Y f- N" I A tw . ' - . ,f - ,. V f- N ' - . --vt v A Q. it if if rf' , A f' :T "2 1 if 2, ,Q , , .X A M . yffyt ,go Wy. A, My .,,, ,, 'fl ' f " " V ff? 23 1 :M ' i 18'-Q 3 5 ,- ' sf .. , 'E 3 i ' - . J y Q or L . . , I W ,V , ' ., 1 -' I. ' f . '--:: N ' ll X I ' X 1 .jfjf . qfffg A 1 X 6' -' if J ,7 3 J. :. Qu Y, V ' av. ? O' e A 1-V , QA E5 , . el I ,L , . el , 'Q W - " f ,-3' 'gg ' 'L W . . r 'K 5 5 , ' ix ,.. ' 'W'f'54f" " klwgf if D ' D it lflfflf ', - ' P . 'DJ' 'Ll G , ' - 4 ' - ' , 9' ,r 3 f iv. , . ' yr :,,, x V . M- , J 4-. J L ,, s.s :ff "" I 'Z r V -i if J MQ-'Q , 6 74 V J J -3 M, . V Y ix 7, ,Q . A ,L . W s- , y If ' I' 4? QV t FX . N at z I ,, g W ,K A , as w.!L .Y-4 1 WV 39- Jlmmy Mays Ruth McClelland Jack McCuush Jarlth McElroy Barbara McGovern 5 4.--, IX Clarlce Mclntyre Dan McKlmmey Dlxle Lee McKnmmey Gary McKinney Bob Mello QQ 'C' if Bob Melton Arvada Muller Loss Muller Marvln Muller John Moody Angelnna Mor: Della Morris Larry Mulr Arlo Ra Mullins K' lv ini "Ku M "' sn' Q-X 1 5 'io 9.5 41- Q9 92 it--5 ix 3,3 A r-Mira ,,..-r9"ll pu 41" P. al' 3 115.1-"x r"5 4'2" "ing, 1-'ff' Walter Murphy Yvonne Neveu Marcia Newton Loss Nootbar June Norlck Bob Olds Elton O Mary Bob Olson Ken Patterson Leroy Pease Dale Perry Claire Peterson Max Phnllups Charlene Pull Shurley Plnkston ISI M' fs .,,. Larry Pl tts Justa Ponlaqua Mike Poveda Mnke Qulntana Shirley Ratto Q53 O :Q '7 4-1, -,5 M. . Q, cg so J ' ' A I ' k . ,lv Vi' of W . ' -1 ,ia Q 5 ' , ! Ia L W . . , 1,1 xv. K , X I A :asv . I Y 1. " 0- - r . V B V B 1 W - an fi B rffly g Q A V l ' 'affix . A A A 4 I . . M A ,xl-v B M-ivfsu ' s an . B e fl B B... wr A B,-3 V , 1 A ft , 'N V V .fax 17 .,.,,., it 4 'f we ffxl B lrl.l 1 so so O ' A Q9 5 ' it , B B 1 . . " ' .l 1 , .aw ,Ps .Qs . , K 2 K. . E an ' X ll ' "' ll Q "'r GarY Mulanix J 1.-" - . lx ,I 'filf'-'.-X 'es e--W V 1, .iv l Q .B 4... V S ,gs g, ' ff- ri - -YQ - a to if ' - V9 " , , -L: -F I Ryu A pep, A H 7 ,N 2 W 4, J Q A an , , O "" his-' . . I' ' ' ' l l l l B -1 'A xv fm il, - xxx ,.. e ii. B ' .V 7' 'iw , .Q Of U , A gg' ,gk sz 'if 4' ' . . ,oi I, I as ullt lull It yn iii Wy- 'T' QQ "' Q I N Bob Smith Barbara Smith Joaquln Smnth Mnlce Smlth Sharon Smlth Dolores Sabedra Barbara Spahn Don Stephens Sharon Stratton Woody Strucklanc Richard Stowe Judy Sullivan Betty Swaffer Eluzabeth Sweeney Barbara Taylor Shenla Taylor Readnth Thomas Hazel Tlpton Ada Tcnzo Leo Treat I ff 4 John Rebstock Ed Reed ,A Janet Rees Jerry Rhoades W 'L Myrna Rh d SW Marx 2 'QSC' SQA "x"l fun tv' ul"- 'SXS- .r ,.. ,,...., 5 Qu- yn ress Larry Rudolf: Eddie Rugglns Benard Ro mst: Arlene Ross Rally Rounsavllle Judy Rouse Charles Rudlcal Tony Ruuz Terry Ryan Pat Sanchezlor Mary Scardlna Lllllan Sh lvley Alfreda Shriver Ronnie Sllvera Wayne Sleepy .cg '- L H., 13+ A5- is i's,.x A fr R ,f J ' Rave", QS' R X-fl' A L.', ,A R : ,-'-- jail' 11.1, , i-'- . g9'N ' IL' Q2 'O 'X :- T S S v f,' Wal l au., K T V- S f ,Q -. -1 if z .. .--i Aw. 4 J 4 X ' gb . jfj ft L4,S'7jjj" ."' " R f' Q S eff? Q in A A 0 ii Q . . . I ff Q-ff lf -f . . " ' 'fe aeve 1 1 U .X X h - H' gi -W Q , Q if .' I y-- M -Elo if 421+ inf' to . ql I n , K W, dw- v 1 Ip J an S n I' Z rn- Q. ll nf-M-M , , .M f' . ,lv 2 A M N., , . ' 0' ,ggx 1 v 'L Wx f Q: 1- , G 1,10 1, tr V ,A . , Z. NE ' S -- - ' ' Q S 6. - rf " ' U b :L 1 T' ,655 k f H 0 -2 F' Y 5, '45 'f?i'w .:f 'S' 'T' I ,fx 1" Anna Tresch Patsy Tru ne 4- Art Valdez Joann Vaughn 5' Dolores Vmcente Jlm Walqutst Jim Warbmgton 'N Sandra Ward Doug West Judy West Don Westbrook we-5 vm f-3 X f'X Wayne Westbrook 1 Norma Wak ""' 35- 'l"""-7' 'MPH' Donna Wlllaams Patsy Wx lllams Betty WI lson ivy Juamta Wood is 2-R Round Wood in Ruth Wright -36 ag, -'-5' Sgr gr? Maxi ne Yarberry gpm 'Q lg.. r-fo X sv' Larry Zimmerman Mary Zamora Bull rlar :Y Tom Walgraeve Bert Orman .-4 Sophomore Class Advisors Mr Ruggms Mrs West may-f. 5 T5 Nita, FALL SEMESTER fr OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer DIXIE DUPIRE DOLORES VINCENTE 'im Presldent LARRY PITTS np-I Class Representatuves Vice Presndent ART VALDEZ Theresa Madalena Dolores Langston Class 57 The Class of 57 wtll be the frrst class whlch wxll be a5le to complete thelr entxre Sophomore un1or and Senlor years at the new Antroch I-hgh School When the Sophomore Rtngs were chosen thrs year rt was voted that the crest would be a gold panther wrth Antroch wr1tten across hrs feet The crest w1ll now be tradrtlonal On anuary 17 1955 the plans for the Sophomore Hop were gettmg under way The frrst theme chosen was Blossoms tn Bloom but rt was later dectded that Sprmg trme rn Parts would be better The dance commrttee charrmen were Cerlmg Lmda Lupher west wall Rally Rounsavrlle publ1c1ty juamta Hays program Theresa Mad alena band Ronme Stlvera refreshments Marne Lopez clean up Kerth Guthrle lrghts Earl Anderson and tnckets Audrey Errckson On March 25 the brg Sophomore dance was held and was qurte successful , Q f n I5 ' ae fb ,.t,. , ur .1 J , wx 50. . K ' ' A th M., , 7 1 : I , ' D ,-.-. 1 0 R ,- ., an , ff' ,K .2 Q'-Tr' 7 . -Z is .. L A I I x w.. , , . . . . . . , J , . . ., , ,, . . . J , , . - .. - ,. . - .Q - , . . . . ,, . . . . . . . , 1 a v 9 ' x s a ' s 7 U ! ' the first semester ende fQ'N-1-N Saou iii? Secretary LINDA LUPHER In September, 1954, the Sophomore Class Treasury d, the amount was increased to S25767. Class 57 SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS amounted to 5,142,171 when Q Treasurer DOLORES VINCENTE President RON SILVERA Class Representatives Vuce President Theresa Maclalena Bonme Hunt BARBARA TAYLOR 'Q I x as ry P 0 0 ,Q 2 fi? ff, f, ' '7"' g X fZ ' un 4 ' gl! . . X 1 Q , K f I It - 9 W. . ,e .ev Y- ,yu fn- vw 1 rr , -fi' 1' ki " 1165 5 .' ,Q gr 1 33? ,M ' ?f 5 'T 'T' I I?-2' 5 W I I- '. .f wr U.Qs,, :p,.,5 ,, .2 " I ' ' ' 11? - ,Z .G ,Q it E Q? I I ' X I ORG f 'Gsskcl 1 C Q C QL Je G. 4 G 7 au. s.. .fl .1 .,z' .3 -X ,.....f- W W-Www Q M, . W ' 4 14, ,frgyin ff5f?i5f?5?s 4 52472 if 'Q 'zffli-ui :Y f f5.g?w ,,L,Z'i.f'f 0 J sfivwfs V, wfyf, - LY! ff ' ' f HA .QM ' I , 9' 44 ff' 1' gm ff 4' , N H . .Q I T ffwffgglfl . 4 A-f1x?':,,.m :www ffdiffgafrgsf 55? 4 jA,gI,,j,f,k',, ,wflfl I ls, "wax ,' Left to ri ht Front Row Roberto Keller Renee Hunt Doll Circo Sunny Trout Corleto Henderson Q I I I 1 Y I I ' Theresa Mcldclencx, Beverly Concdc. Bock Row: Renny Russell, Lee Klinkhcnmmer, Roncalcl Hunf, Morionne Dozier, Bob Berotro, Moricn Hoskins, Allen Autentico. Fall Officers T fi lr'ruA of l Student Council pfesgdemz Vice-President: RONALD ALLAN HUNT AUTENTICO Q A If J 1-J f ,Q - , T, y T ez l 7 Secretory Treosurer: LEE RENEE KLINKHAMMER HUNT i 5 'ff Left to rnght Front Row Renee Hunt Marlene Flaherty Dolly Circo, Rosalie Batel Sunny Trout Karen Condy Theresa Madalena Bonny Hunt Bock Row Beverly Canada Renny Russell Lee Klunkhammer Ronald Hunt Alvera Pagnuns Bob Beratta Marianne Dozuer Stuart Rhoads Student Council Presndent Vlce-President: BOB BERATTA Treasurer: RENEE HUNT Wm ,gf-5, . -N Business Manager Photographer Gary McKinney poses Maryellen Literary Editor CHERYL HOWSE Sondecker. GAIL WILSON Art Editor CARLETA HENDERSON ni , MXN N-as Girls' Sports Editor in Chief Circulation Manager JEANNETTE NEVUE BEVERLY CANADA ROSALIE BATEL Boys' Sports O KENNY MARQUARDT Junior Panther Staff Left to right, Front Row: Gail Wilson Jeanette Nevue Beverl Canada Rosalie 1 1 Y 1 Batel, Cheryl Howse. Back Row: Gary McKinney, Bob Franchetto, Carleta Hen- derson, Kenny Marquardt. Spring Prowler Staff ,T l,ll!!j ,M -L . "' L Via ' Asst. Ed.: Sunny Trout Boys' Sports: Grover Garvin Editor-in-Chief BOB BERATTA l5i?3i!l'f"N xr 3 f ' cd.-ffl -an i Feature Ed.: Marian Hoskins Exch. Ed.: Diane Calisesi STAFF: Left to right, Front Row: Betty Rios, Roberta Keller, Janet Kay, Lee Klinkhammer, Diane ' Calisesi, Lois Olmstead, and Sonny Trout. Back Row: Larry Davatz, Bob Beratta, Grover Garvin, Marian Hoskins, Mary Lu Putnam, Gary McKinney, and Carleta Henderson. u ' , - g, 1? f r ' Q V ' I , fs. ,,,, K In K tx X, Editors Nancy Pridgen and Jeanette Nevue in-,M -1" Fall Hi-Life Staff wx-V Radio Reporter and Teen Timer-Diane Calisesi and Janet Kay Reporters, seated left to right: Claire Peterson, Shirley Henderson, Sunny Trout, Barbara Dickey, Ellis Cecchini, standing Wilma Hampton, Gary McKinney, Bob Vasquez, Darrell Ferguson, Frank Burcio, Dave Campbell, Shirley Ratto, T030 Radio Reporters, left ta right: Bob Beratta, Rosa- lie Batel, Nancy Pridgen, Annette Cota Pub. Relations Committee: Chairmen Roberta Keller, Frank Burcio, standing left to right: Nancy Pridgen, Jeanette Nevue, Gail Wilson, Janet Sahli, Darrell Ferguson, Dave Campbell, Shirley Henderson, Barbara Dickey. X,Qt,, F bf .. l ,fl the 4,5 Q Hi-Life '14,-4 , E 4 Editors, left to right: Claire Peterson, Connie Numsen, Janet Sahli. Signing up for stories, seated: Roberta Keller. Left to right: Janet Kay, Lee Klinkhammer, Nancy gig 5l"'0W Staff: 'Dlfeffofft GUVY HOUSE' left to Pridgen, Diane Calisesi, Marian Hoskins, Barbara "'9l1f1 J0f1et5Ghlf, G0'l W'l50nf Jecnnelle Nevuef Dickey- Connie Numsen. K ..'. Connie Numsen directing Darrell Ferguson, Bar- Reeiping up bulletin board. Sonia Hoy, Shrrley bara Dickey in Family Relations Play. a o. 4-Q lwfflvfgf za" ,f .,4t"l "U if i Editor, Mary Lou Putnam, Circulation Manager, Betty Rios, Photographer, Gary McKinney, Ad Manager, Frank Burcio. Staff Football Program Editor Dolly Circo confers with Hal Matson, official school photographer A 5 -f ?'J'rA Front row, left to right: Joe Ferreira, Ray Harrington, Bill Hall, Harry Weigandt, Bill Lynds, Randy Autentico, Earl Aaron. Second row: Coach Brooks Golden, Al Pimental, Jim Frasnelly, Bob Vas- quez, Al Autentico, Bob Beratta, George Mclntyre, Grover Garvin, Renny Russell, Stuart Rhoads, Bob Albright, Gary Dew. Third row: Bill Rios, Joe Berlingeri, Manuel Hernandez, Ray Hobbs, Jerry McCullough, Izzy Martinez, Dave Garvin, Ronald Hunt, Sandor Pitek, Bob Marquardt. Back row: Sal Di Gregorio, Rally Rounsaville, Tom Taylor, Gilbert Goulart, Alfred Del Favero, Stan Fasel, Don Rozenski, Damon Knight, Bob Keith, Dean Brown, Ronald Silvera, Duval Lucio. Block "A" Society President, Bob Beratta, Vice-President, George Mclntyreg Secretary, Allen Autentico, Treasurer, Manuel Hernandez fstanding in for Carl Max- welllg Publicity, Grover Garvin, Sergeant-an . Block A Slaves at Installation Arms, Don Rozenski. N fi 'il ' f S l ' 5 , Front row, left to right: Madie I-rledman, Barbara Lesniewski, Gloria Galarza, Janet Kay, Betty Rios, Roberta Keller. Middle row: Miss McBride, Phyllis Treat, Barbara Johnson, Sylvia Quintal, Gery Allison, Frances Circo. Back row: Hazel Calvert Beverly Evans, Marilyn Ferguson, Raenell Wilson, Peggy Hunt, Dixie Green, Mary Lou Putnam, Eleanor Hufhines. Emblem "A" Society Spring officers: President, Marilyn Ferguson, Fall officers: President, Roberta Keller, Com-m. of Vicepresidenfl Gery Allison? Treasure,-I Dixie Publicity, EleQnOl' Huflwines, Vice- PVeSldenl, Green: Coy-nrn. of Enferfcinrnenfl Mary LOU Puf- Phyllis TFSGT: SGCYSTGVY, JUNE? KUYI Treasurer, nam, Comm. of Publicity, Gloria Galaza, Secre- Dixie Green, Comm. of Entertainment, Betty Rios. tary, Sylvia Quintal. e-1.', tt- 'l Q, f" J . E A .h V. Cliff A 5 Q ,I CD Front row Sl1arlotteWl'ute Duane Douglas Roberta Mandeville Lllluan bhlvely Carol Douglas Back row Paul Lupton Tom Taylor Stuart Rhoads Dean Brown Darnon Knuglwt and Mr Ward Advnsor Chess Club Fall officers Tom Taylor Vice President Duane Sprung officers Damon Knvght Vnce Presndent Douglas Secretary Treasurer Damon Knight Carol Douglas Secretary Treasurer Tom Taylor President President ?' ,. '53, Front row, left to right: Mr. Ornellas, Mickey McElroy, Dale Bundy, Nick Zamora, Martha Enriques, Joy Knepshield, Marianne Dozier, Doug Hargrove, Adolfo Texiera, Bob Caiinia. Second row: Danny McKimmy, Eillen Kraucyk, Janice Clark, Tammy Crawford, Joan Crawford, Milton Andrews, Carol Ambra, Rita Clark, Joan Jackson, Norma Wik, Leroy Pease, Bob Marquardt, Ronald Garcia, David Stanford. Third row: Bonnie Hunt, Lois Hoyt, Marie Lopez, Frances August, Charles Russo, Daniel Westbury, David Nc-wton, Joe Ferrei a, Rodney Jenkins, Johnny Elshere, Jane Barton, Jerry McGovern, Jerry Hudson, Martin Nellor, Ba.bara McGovern, Richard Smith. , 1 M M K A N? 1-I iff - ,. I f ,f A if, A :Si I-xx y E f A fl A Q 0 l' J ' 5 N . J X ' L r V . J we M f L L wr' 1 , fs 5 ' is QL- i . ' It 2 BAND COUNCIL: Milton Andrews, Presadem, Dl'eC'o' , . . MR. ORNELLAS Joan Jackson, Senior Representative, Bonnie Hunt, Sophomore Representative, Adolfo Teix- eira, Junior Representative. PEP BAND 5 Ei 4 , ,T ' x ,-J , l - I, K I c.: . ,Q -'lf' s - V' ' if :D p 7... P Y A 4 F K Q 4 7 ' , I N -1 Pla 2 W l . i . - 3 V r , Front row, Benave Ebel, Marlene Dedini, Dorothy King, Georgia Panteles, Joyce Rounsaville, Carmen Madrigal, Nancy Coil, Dixie McKinney. Middle row: Miss O'Connel, Leta Lance, Shirley Henderson, Janet Smith, Mona Robbins, Gloria Romo, Mary Ann Scardina, Marita Moore. Back row: Barbara Ellison, Darlene Walter, Jeanne Friedman, Theresa Pagati, Dorothy Jordan, Mary Petko, Pat Moore, Patsy Trine. Girls' Glee Club Officers: Theresa Pagiti, Secretary, lst Semester, Officers: Marita Moore, Secretary, 2nd Semester, Joyce Rounsaville, Veep, 2nd Semester, Gloria Joyce Rounsaville, President, lst Semester, Mary Romo, Publicity, Mary Ann Scardina, Secretary- Ann Scardina, Publicity, lst Semester, Darlene Treasurer, lst Semester. Walters, President, 2nd Semester. CONNIE NUMSEN Reporter Front row: Roberta Martin, Betty Gibson, Barbara Hatfield, Juanita Hayes, Darlene Walters, Pat Moore, Edna Campbell, Bettie Youngstrom, Connie Numsen, Marita Moore, Dixie Green. Middle row: Roberta Mandeville, Janice Clark, Donna Snelling, Jackie Van Deventer, Tanya Smercznak, Marilyn Meeker, Joyce Brown, Virginia Morse, Joanne Martin, Lillian Shively,Jarith McElroy, Carol Prouty. Back row: Miss O'Connel, Gary House, Jim Prevost, Bill Hall, Paul Hinkle, Tom Taylor, Raymond Edwards, Jim Schultz, Bob Albright, Bob Miller. A Cappella Choir BETTY GIBSON Vice-President GARY HOUSE Reporter AL PIMENTAL JACKIE VAN DEVENTER President Secretary-Treasurer Orchestra Front row: Keith Guthrie, Marilyn Blacker, Geraldine O'Malley, Gene Vedel, Janet Caple, Jean Goforth, Gary Dew, Lorna Duncan, Janet Rees. Middle row- Judy Houk Luella Wallace J . , , une Norrick, Frank Caetano, Martin Foy, David Stanford, Doyle Poteet, Bob Caiina, Milton Andrews, Nick Zamora, Jerry McGovern, Billy Rios. Back row: Hazel Tipton, Ruth Coursey, Lois Nootbar, Mr. Ornellas, Wilma Loper, Nancy Borden, Judy Salmi, Bob Marquardt. Future Homemakers of America Front row: Nancy Bauer, Susan Fields, Gloria Fransnelly, Donna Checchini, Judy Lindley, Patti Lindley, Barbara Lanoy, Dorothy King, Arvada Miller. Back row: Linda Lupher, LuAnn Clark, Donna Williams, Judy Rouse, Shirley Houk, Mary Lu Baker, Betty Pimental, Barbara Hatfield, Barbara Smith, Pat Adams. 2221 'nu init IO , ll l I P' 'Q . x : sf Q", Future Business Leaders of America Officers: President, Barbara .lohnsong Vice-P dent, Betty Nati S t y Syl Q ini I Treasurer Lee KI kh Wren P' 0 H0 009 0 E Ill 35 ' 2 J f , C2 Front row: Gail Terwilleger, Bete Youngstrom, Kathy Autentico, Emilie Westbrook, Barbara Les- neskwie, Donna Trovell, Karen Condy. Second row: Mrs. Woodward, Mildred Kern, Marlene Flaherty, Betty Hewitt, Pat Holling, Christ Baker, Rosie Corrollo, Pot Fitzgerald. Back row: Sunny Trout, Gary Duff, Marianne Dozier, Ray Harrington, Elvera Pagnini, Dick Silviera. United Nations Organization Officers: Ray Harrington, President, Marlene Flaherty, Secretary, Dick Silvera, Veep, Betty Youngstrom, Member Chair., Emily Westbrook, Treasurer, Renee Hunt, Comm. of Public Relations ,fx ' A 1 Xfx is 'V iN F X QW W ii ii VQQK 4 Q eff?-S Rally Committee Trophy Committee Mr. Adams, Advisory M. Hernandez, R. Harrington, G. Golorz d G Front row, left to right: Bill Gosnell -F- Donald Hampton, Danny Millar, Eddie Bryant, Darrell Holmes, Mike Quintana Pete Marini. Second row: Norman Great house, Rodney Farnum, Jim Carlin, Bob Sublett, Billy Pasley, Charles Cagel, Paul Jennings, and Wayne McClelland. Carpentry Class Officers: Bill Pasley, Secretary, Joe Jen nings, Treasurer, Mr. Freeman, Boss Rodney Farnum, Sergeant-at-Arms, Nor man Grimm, Vice-Presidenty Jim Carlin President. , F 1' , gg, . .'.- r zugu, all 1 N' fi 'f i l ff . , .. A -' .W J lf H - Q - W 'f 'if fa , 1, Q L, ,-v I 'V'.w,-W f-V fl V 4 1 935 'ar N X L 7 2 WWW 3 1 Y if 0.0 0 X if ti " 5' J 'F 1, ' - " , ,',:,, ' . ' 3 'R l ' 'II' 1:-',.g,5+-K 5 1 My N lf 3 A 5 ' ' " ' .N , Q 1 1, - '55, 1 Q. Qqliszllig ,Q A , 2 -,.:., f i 5 'Q -' .Q mam, fl, gi . ' , Q f,,.:.3K,,,?x,,,,8 lc, Wm. -' J" r::wff++f::12 Q 9 a .fy ' v-gfglffffs.. I "Gig 0 6 A ' un duo" 4. i-1 , V" ' flinuiit' 1 ., , 1, , rg ' I. , 1 , ., ffl' K...,:. X , V -1. is A W , M k ggi , W , ig Mars. 'fi' , , 'Y i Front row: Jarity McElroy, Sandra Ward, Barbara Dickey, Tammy Crawford, Joan Jackson, Pat Vassar, Donna Travell, Betty Youngstrom, Eleanor Childress, Athena Comarelle, Beckey Marchio, Sl'tCl'Or1 Slr'Clfl0h, CGl'Ol Douglas. Second rOW: Nancy Barton, Jgunitg Hqyeg, Barbara Taylor, Diane Douglas, Betty Nations, Barbara Johnson, Diane MacDonald, Sunny Trout, Marianne Dozier, Renee Hunt, Gail Terwilleger, Charlotte White, Pat Fitzgerald, Pat Ryan, Lillian Shivley. Third row: Earl Anderson, Dan Calvert, Allan Autentico, Bob Caiina, David Boyd, Jim Frasnelly, Damon Knight, Dean Brown, Dole Catlet, Louis Bussey, Stuart Rhoads, Tom Taylor, Victor Lo Grosso, Mr. Graves. California Scholarship Federation Spring Officers, front row: Joan Jackson, Char- Fall Officers: Allan Autentico, Barbara Johnson, lotte White, Pat Fitzgerald, Back row: Allan Betty Nations, Jim Frasnellv. AUTGDHCOI Jim F"C1SHellY- 1 Y, Q L .54 55 5 gg 3 K I M? Qff ,l Q4 Spf 2 ii ?!! i 1: Wigs! -. I f Sifif ,pf ,ig g-F X ' I QQ f H5 33 an Art Club KALPHA RHO TAUJ D A C K wif. .., 'Q-aj' M5 f.fgg,Tg ,,,-, nf A Q 7' 411, W R' In f M "5 'H ig ,gfwl gf H2 ' if ,. fzffff 4421 :.l ' .4 b S wg' f Q . S 1 13, 4 x',s H ' Q r if .if Wi' if Y go W Qwkfkfp gr eb I Q. A - . , x , A 3 Q.-A78 . , lf- Mn V A 'if Aff BOB ALBRIGHT-Guard DON ROZENSKI-Center DAVE GARVIN--End BILL RIOS-Hclfbock MANUEL HERNANDEZ-Tackle RONALD HUNT-End BOB MARQUARDT Tockle ALLAN AUTENTICO-Guard GEORGE MCINTYRE-End BOB VASQUEZ-Center Grover Garvin goes for yardage against Yell-leaders Rosalie Batel, Roberta Keller, and Acalanes in game our boys won, 53-13. No. 20 Gloria Galarza. is Joe Berlingeri. Cheerleaders Carl Maxwell receives a short pass in the Mt. Song leaders Norma Arnold, Annette Cota, Diablo tussle. Lee Klinkhammer, Mary Lu Putnam, Cheryl Panthers won in an upset, 33-0. Bill Rios HU Howse, and Sylvia Wood. looks on. If WCW for me! Dont fall down Bob Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Total SCHEDULE Liberty Union McClymonds john Swett Pittsburg Las Lomas Acalanes Mt. Diablo Pleasant Hill High One Way Traffic! Grover Launches o ong one 'I954 Junior Varsity Squad-Record: Won 3, Lost 3 Front row: Jerry Cluck, Melvin George, Dennis Kinsel, Gary Hosenfuss, Jim Shelton, Dale Perry, Art Valdez, Eddie Riggins, Eddie Foust, Mickey McElroy, Tony Ruiz, Jimmy Benda, Charlie Davies, Don Hall. Middle row: Coach Bruno Favero, Ray Eyestone, Bill Keith, LeRoy Bauer, Johnny Gonzales, Jesse Alexander, Larry Crews, Dan McKimmy, Jim Warbington, Bob Caiina, Dick Silvera, Leonard Russo, Victor LoGrosso, Jimmy Kay, Harley Davidson, Louis Bussey Qpartially hiddenl, Assistant Coach Eugene Even. Back row: Frosh Coach Ray Harrington, Steve Guiterrez, Unidentified, Ralph DalPorto, Bob Edwards, Don Ballard, Jerry Dinelli, Dave Aguilar, Guy Vistalli, Mike Quintana, Tom Costello, Clifford Osborne, Leo Treat, Gary Horsley, Tony Romo, Bob Mello. Managers: Duncan Knowles, David Kirkpatrick. Panthers 3 3 Panthers Panthers 13 Panthers Panthers Panthers Total 60 SCHEDULE John Swett 2 Pittsburg 32 Las Lomas 7 Acalanes 21 Mt. Diablo 6 Pleasant Hill 6 74 Off to a touchdown! Asst. Coach EUGENE EVEN Coach BRUNO FAVERO Action against Acalanes ji I we--.a + Q' , Q . , of my f 1 ' A -- -'Yon Y., A . fe ' ,. f -V ' Izzy, Bob, George. Captains for John Swett Panthers rack up J. S., 20-0, for first victory Qame- over them in five years. Year captains: Joe Berlingeri, Bill Rios, and Manuel Hernandez. b I Carl Maxwell receives most valuable player Roolm roolers' award for second year in a row. .- 0 f,. bam, , sm, ,-:Q.:1-iff'-A ,fx is A '53-A' X 1, gag? ww, wg., , ' we . ' ,+ N ' ',. f 2? A . IUCN- 1 I ' 'E' Q Usb 1 H 1 , K, ' V yn aww 1 1'i5,fKE Q 15 y xvggu rQ" Q Y 1 an ' E. 'www a ir 3 -4.,,g N R "HUC I-a. ' 1 ,X . fi? f 4 1 iff' ., t , ia il JV 1 1 1-,.. X fav, X Rmgmgu, . l w .,., h lff .,,, M ff' Ei , ,f fx' A! 'K ' Q ' QW p,,,,w 'gi Q ' 1 -f 'fwv 55236 Q1 915. L 33- w.-- -N 3-,' e" " 5 Hy, D 1 X 'K ' ' 'QXZN 1 g ,SA V X u 'f 5. Qt 1' , .f f ' HQ Q' K Q, 'Q km V x 2 Su A 4 FW.: x fa Cm , - -Q 5 -f ,mfs my 3,3 gm 4. X- .4 A .U M , , ,, :,f 1, 1 'N lx v af N .f , ' Qi .Q .K ,cs N ll 'E' r- . Ni v X Q Ak' , :ALQUQ 'r ,-,,. Q 1 f . , N' Q ,QL M W A' , . ' "Q ' 4Uj'5QQg W tg :fr , X N a 3 Q ' 4 is ..' SM' EF 1+ is iii! 1' Tfjx 'S laik 'iff ' R m xiii fix x M, X AX Wg? gf xi 4.3 M f 1 'Jig A HJ' Q! 'kfkff UHF top him Gory! Well, then you do it, Guy! Mt. Diablo downs the Block ond Gold 51 20 lUnI Don't just stand There, Damon! leading the woy at Lettermon's Tourney. ucky thirteen that night huh COQCDQJ Ugh! Did if go in, Dew? Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Total Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers SCHEDULE 54 Tracy 44 Rio Vista 46 Liberty 36 Alhambra 52 Rio Vista 42 Benicia 50 Armijo 42 Las Lomas Z0 Mt. Diablo 526 and that ua! .fzllf 46 42 50 54 40 50 32 35 51 558 WM! www 3- Q ..,.,- 5 ZS' , 4 1 21 .vt , ts 05 , 5 ' D 4 7 ' S 1 A - , , A 2 - tl c T C 3 'T' ' 'H :ws 5 'pr' no 1- .,,- Q l -1' ,Q 45 QW! J ci 1 1 " Q T . 'F' sf T -f , ,, W l' 1 , Seniors, left to right, Front Row: Madie Friedman, Hazel Calvert, Gloria Galarza, Roberta Keller, Janet Kay, Betty Rios, Pat Moore. Second row: Gery O'Malley, Peggy Hunt, Gery Allison, Beverly Evans, Sylvia Quintal, Phyllis Treat, Ruth Morris, Chris Baker. Third row: Barbara Dickey, Marilyn Ferguson, Raenell Wilson, Barbara Johnson, Frances Circo, Mary l.ou Putnam, Dixie Green, Pat Ryan, Barbara Lesniewski. Girls' Athletic Associations Juniors, left to right, Front Row: Elvera Pagnini, Diane MacDonald, Karen Condy, Gail Gibbs, Mildred Kern, Phyllis Hardin, Norma Arnold, Cheryl Howse, Barbara Boynton, Barbara Maestretti. Second row: Emilie Westbrook, Anette Magyoph, Edna Campbell, Olga Jacques, Donna Travell, Betty Youngstrom, Sonia Beck, Willo Hinkle, Judy Meyers. T'1ird row: Allene Goddard, Renee Hunt, Pat Holling, Donna Snelling, Shirley Henderson, Bette Pimental, Anette Cota, Jeanne Fried- man, Rosalie Batel, Marlene Flaherty, Gail Terwilliger. Fourth row: Lessie Mays, Mary Magness, Lois Olmestead, Marianne Dozier, Carol Prouty, Sunny Trout, Better Miller, Janic Brink, Pat Prejza, Gail Wilson, Beverly Canada, Pat Hanna. it iss get H t gijftttm SM il? W' Front Row, left to right: Ada Tanzo, Florence Krause, Barbara Lanoy, Shiela Taylor, Dolores Langs- ton, Bonnie Harper, Justa Paniagua. Second row: Carol Ambra, Judy Dal Porto, Marie Lopez, Dorothy King, Judy Lindly, Janet Rees, Lois Nootbar, Pat Lindley, Donna Cecchini, Kathy Autentico, Arlynda Herman, Merle Jones. Third row: Lou Ann Clark, Linda Lupher, Anna Tresch, Betty Wilson, Julia Coil, Judy Rouse, Barbara Smith, Pat Adams, Rachel Jacuzzi, Myrna Collins, Barbara Taylor, Juanita Hayes, Judy Rutherford, Sharon Stratton. Fourth row: Pat Dragon, Dolores Vincente, Pat Hines, Norma Wik, Gloria Frasnelly, Pat Biglow, Alfrera Shriver, Sharon Smith, Dixie Dupire, Sonia Hoy, Angela Martins, Shirley Ratto, Lenora Del Rosa, Nancy Borden, Bonnie Hunt, Kay Gib- son, Theresa Madalena. Fifth row: Ada Kehler, Joanne Vaughan, Barbara Hatfield, Mary Lu Baker, Shirley Houk, Clarice Mclntyre, Delores Sabedra, June Norrick, Joan Crawford, Sandra Ward, Jarith McElroy, Joanne Hinkston, Hazel Tipton, Audrey Erickson, Becky Marchio, Diane French, Arla Rae Mullens, Nancy Barton. Girls' Athletic Associations Afffr f ,, fyxx, :W-zflvgjg H 3 . f f it if 85 S 1 S 1 bg? ,K if f y 14 ,Y if 21 , gr' 'C 5 'K , :Q If':u . 1 3 A n 4, vf E5 33-Q5 M211-3,.k. ' 4 K ..: .aim . mi-'fwfr 1 752' MWHQZI 5 ' Lf aff? ,nigh mgzg, 2: . 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I gas- F-SQ!! :Elica 3 F Q ' 1 v 1 ,lim u 9 4 s , 5 - . , Q , ' n I 'KQV' '91-2 I H bm' 3 UW Q 4 ge sf ' 4 P- yu xg , ja VAN .5. 2.g.q if W. , fb 14,1 'x 1 A L, AQ fit 1 r 4 2 'ww fi? 5' "'??f E -4--,fy .-vw :res .wk ni' A 'H Hr I ,V .. . ff I , -is-' ' f lv if , "1 ". pg' ,N W vw iff" H ii , 5 'll' f' . .,-- . fm N , 5 L igvw: c ' t t i ' , M K, as-no-we MV' Looking North from parking lot Holiwoy - 400 Cafeteria under construction Looking East from ployfield ni Shower rooms ond gym under construction Principqif mf-'lim 'QM enonce supervisor, ond superintendent make inspection Z3 -,S fi? 25? Mrs. Ricketts cooks over new kitchen Gym as if looked opening dGY if X- Q Campus from roof of gym Sho 5 The New School p Kos we sow it in the first doysj 'VZ 5. Hagan: H!-XMMON r f 0 9 sf j I y ' Friends HH The nd Exchange yeli with Pleasanf Hiil 1' 1 , 'W Ei' 1-,L 'X' ll 45 1 'J 1 What a LGS' wp: Af Pinecresf Playing with has kite Half fume Tlme makes a dlfference On the old gridiron Song Leaders at Pracfice f ,f iifn -wi ,J Sl 5 A i If , H55 x X Band Council's get to school! Who's your friend, boys? Arts Club Advisors County Plcydcy at Antioch Block "A" lnifiqfion 574 V P 0 5 E y More initiation Bond members ot ecse ...du M 0 Coiind ond his Why clon't you get c girl'?? Trumpef Sophomores clean-up!! T - kf.,,'k,':i' I . L , , T-F-.1---. j , v ' 45111 in 1 ,, , , my 6 H , ,lr 33312 ??'f 1' l- 1 . ll Q D I Line up of Snack Bar x I .......,. V . , .-.-..- ,,....-W ',, .. ,, ---Q,--0 wma: Q fr ..h -----A A , ' 1 , - , ,L 5 . :Ili If . AD ff: Q- Z' ku. V11 " M N, mix' , sf' ' , P Q1 Agfuf Q..-nzzstgs 'X Congratulations to the Class of I955 from the 'lclass of '5Z,' H8523 that isl. Youll always be welcome at Wells Fargo Here youll receive banking service with the personal touch In the old Wells Fargo tradltlon Here you can rely on experrenced local management When you choose your bank choose It for Its helpful Interest and for Its good name Choose ut with care Establ hed 1852 0 A toch Off ce 301 GSt eet Me be Fede l Depost I a ce Co porot on Mayer s ewelry Store Beautiful Gifts and Jewelry for all occasions 2nd Street Phone 74 Best Steak and Linquica Sandwiches Open From 6 A. M. to 3 A. M. Friday and Saturday All Night ames Nlenls Shop 601 2nd Street Phone 1108 Featuring Nationally Known Brands and Friendly Service Snappy Hot Dog SCIVICC 102 10th Street Phone 543 Nash Pharmacy Prescriptions Toiletries Sundries 304 G Street Phone 53 7 51 6 2 l'lazel,s Drive-ln Paul W Ayers All for sofl 6'I93d ohnny s Shoe Shop 1 uarte s Tlre SCIVICC 9 4 49 Best Cleaners G St Pho 390 I m nsurance Comprehensive Service Ph 531 Compliments of J 7 2nd S reet Phone - Famous Fashlons Second and G S reet ' B t'f I F h' f th Ladies fth F 'ly D , 0 0 1 "A" Street Phone 8 501 reet Antioch Stationers For All Your Favorite Records Gift Wrapping, and Office Needs 4 nd Street Phone 994-W lay Vee Beautiful Fashions for the Penny-Wise Miss 518 2nd Street Phone 1109-W Murray R Kay General Contractor Wl'11lC Fountaln 2nd and G Street Phone 48 Frank Grosso Chevron Service 515 G Street Phone 1353 Antioch California 51 2 501 7th Street Phone 1105 Riverview Lodge Jusfly Famous Seafood Dinners Phone 1431 The Silver Nutmeg Cu 508 S 1 Delta Rexall Drugs Howse Co G S1 Mission Orange Bottling Co R Ph 61 3 J Fine ndies d S f A 1' h C I'f ' r e i 204 ree? Hardware-Paints D' -GI 114 oilroad Avenue e .. To Every Antioch Student May you each develop increasing respect and apprecla tlon for the beauties of our landscape, for thoughtful planning of all land improvements, and for conservation of local and national resources Compliments Allan HIIICS Reld Landscape Architect and Site Planner Conference California Association of Landscape Architects Northern California Turf Grass Conference Abell s Apparel Nationally Advertised Brands at Moderate Prices 211 G Street Palace Sportmg Goods 215 G Street at 3rd Antioch California Member: American Society of Landscape Architects, National Shade Tree 7 GARROWS COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS 715 2nd Street Phone 121 The Seven Abowds W lbur Avenue Phone 66 Delucaous d nners served of endly manner Campbell Amer Chevrolet P O Box 575 Phone 1198 Anhoch Che rolet V8 s ond 6 s Soles and Ser ce , N V j ' 1 1 1. 1 lf K fl , 55 Ku 1, i -,ifffii :ff ,, 'ref 'g fffjiy ,Q ' - ' .-.Mg . Y, N. 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Suggestions in the Antioch High School - Panther Yearbook (Antioch, CA) collection:

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