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1 s I E L i E i 1 i 5 Z 3 , I T 4 1 3 9 Q i E lu , .. ..,, ,, ,.,A , ,.,A..,V M ..A, ,A,, . X,M..,, ., . ., ,,., AA,,, , ., , .. .. ,, ... .l I 1 4 4 A ,Yv- i ' , A ,Jim ffl- ':-- gag . 1 Y W ,lf A K A U ' i 3 r ., 1 Y 1 . X , W, y . A In ' , X . 1. , A J , 'ish v- K N ' '1i.-,day . r sgjigi. . 1 H , 1 . ., 1-1, K ' . ,fi . J " -'ffri fl' 5 M' t . , f ,'f"',. f 1 .b . ,,. ' L mg,-5 ' J -. .ff H ., if 41- ' :MJT ' ' ' gg: , , -- , ya,- , ,-, ,, , . , '- 'f iw? " .ww .- ' ' ' fi -l ggffigfvfm . - 2 "W-"ff 5 3, ' 1'-'x' 1. 'ff W I 1 571,214 if .Q Y : f,'.9!e I ',f?-'Yf5l'4-Ailygfi ff vw mf: 2 , ' -iw ff-fygv fu s,UQ2SQfy,f. 1 .I A "f5P',,4,jJ-'g 1 gp.'AZf,Q1!'ff9?g ' X ' , f-A,i,fwf . . ' is ' -Q . ' I'f5f3,Qf3afs'g-zb1', 'U ' ,g 'fr . ' g A K Wf+!EU'5'14g' 'Q ,- '- X L1 ,, L M, - ..,, ,.y.ig,,., .J , "9 . ' . -'fly 1 -. 31 -, 43, 7 , I M :- ,I ,ig yy A., , ffegriu-,. M ,Tv ' ' ' X ef-Av f 2i'S"5.'f3qtf if ' f 1 - .- A - v - A ' wi LfQ9rif.' '- Q4 'fxlii ,,,.',,1gyg'.c" - n S,1,,.fg1A-, - , -3, -f rfis x fvf,, .. , - f W ,gp-rf . , if ' ,gf--SQXSQ 7459 ,Mm 4 , -s f 1 - V- 3 W "4F"2ifEw sf.. A . V-f -Q Aw.-ff-4, si- ' '. Q .- ' I p ' yfqh ' I. . vs. . 4 3.1571 fvrggkiig , 1 LIN, 'ffrsg ' , , , ,fn a,,iw'1' ,jig-gg53'.nYgqf fl' V-qi ' " " N - , 0 L" "ff ,fi yn -7, V, ,. ' f, T 6 vw-I " 1. 'X ' ' 'ip f 1 1 H r W . , : , , ' 1'Y"79S: g"1, . 1 .. Aqqlyx . , JY T' " J ' J. fell: ". sv? L. ,Lt ,::.3-Y' ' I, ' V ' ,. .,,,..', , Q: 4 'M V1 , -Q-I A .A - , . 1 , , , Q ,Lk 1 L v W ' A v, ' 2 . , . - I , , .Y 4' , ,V "ff, ,1 :' .1 E , . A ,Ab , 'isJ',i'f? T' ..4.ff' 'X' 4 if t , .-41.4. . Wa, .,, 31.1 v V 4 4- h ' 93m-,. Li Ml. f - , ., , P ' A .QI '. . 'ag -A 'S+ -,xii-X . x A- ." ' 1-'ff . f 4 . - . Q ,x:f,,,, -A .. ' .g ' -,' ' n,g1fv3eaJeM, - A l - A . ue' 5, ,nv - . k 5. iff . +44 - . ' f ' n ' - if 'K , V ,W 1,-.,.,.Nq,y 1. . W- Fmf- in :v5Yi,g!YiQVg--4eP, " A Q , . ., H.. 5 Q 1 , 1.-fiif., vw .. , ., , . , v Ginn' , . .Y . kgwfvil. ' N Hd .1 ,f ir .M AV? 1 Ti-IE PA NTi-IE! 1948 ANTIGCH HIGH SCHOOL ANTlo cH, CALIFORNIA DEDICATION We proudly dedicaTe This, our I948 PanTher, To Mr. Swenson, who in his TwenTy-Tive years of Teaching, has broughT TorTh and given To our cornmuniTy scholars in The Tields oT science and business. To you lvlr. Swenson in our humble way we wish To express our deepesT and sinceresT appreciaTion oT your ouTsTanding and everlasTing service To us, your home, and your communiTy. For TwenTy-Tive years Mr. Swenson has devoTed his Teaching To The sTudenTs oT AnTioch High School. This record oT service has been surpassed by Tew in The hisTory oT .our school. To The alumni who once walked The halls oT A.l-l.S. and who since have Tound Their place in The world, his Teachings have proved invaluable. We, The presenT sTudenTs, are being served wiTh The same sTandards ThaT have been adhered To by lvlr. .Swenson in his long career oT Teaching. Since he TirsT came To This school in T922 his work in The fields oT science and business has been incom- parable. As CSF. advisor he has conTinually worked To mainTain high sTandards oT learning among our sTudenTs. The C.S.F. members, by keeping up Their Tine work under his guidance, have aided in carrying on The TradiTional high aTTribuTes oT our school by yearly walking oTT wiTh honors in all Tields oT learning. For These reasons, and many more known To The sTudenTs and members oT This comrnuniTy who have beneTiTed by his work, we say: "Thank you, Mr. Swenson." BOARD ond ADMINISTRATION To The Anlioch School Board and The adrninislralive officers of Anlioch I-Iigh School is given The dillicull iob of governing our school wisely. Our Thanks should go lo Them lor a wonderful school year. THE BOARD-LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Thomas J. Dozier, Mr. Charles Coyle, Jr., Mr, Howard F. Laurilzen, Mr. Henry Spiess, Mr. Yates Hamm, Dr. J. E. Riede. 2. Mr, Henry Spiess, Superinlendenl of Schools. .5. Mrs. Beafrice Talbol, School Nurse. 8. THE OFFICE STAFF-LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Cox 3. Mr. Frank Allen, Principal. High School. 6. Mr. Walfer "Du+ch" Eells. Vocafional :Sir rosjofne aid Mafia Memes af 'bel' , ea or w . Coordinalor. Y or 4. Mr. Roberl Reed, Nighl School Principal. 9. Mr. All d M . B dl k' fh ' 7. Mr. Chris "Pop" Johnson, Allendance. en an 'S 5' 5 ev ma 'UQ e morning announcemenfs. 3 I+ is proven lhal in any mechanism lhe paris are mainslay in lhe rraining which is received by The useless wilhoulr a lorce lo hold lhem logelher. In sludenls in any school. school life il is The leacher who plays lhis role. To lhese Teachers we Ioolc for guidance in fha I+ is The qualified leacher who is Jrhe leader and educalional fields al Anlioch High School. MORRIS S. ADAMS Social Sludies, Eng. IB., Ec, and Soc. Prob., Orienlalion, Soph. Advisor. EDMUND ATKINSON Assl. Coach, Fund Malh. MARION BEEDE Typing I, ll, Ill, Sleno. I, ll. JACK DANILOVICH Alh. Coach, Boys' P.E. AGN ES FORSELL Ec. and Soc. Prob., Enq, IVB. FRANCES GALLOWAY Girls' P,E., G,A.A. 81 Ernblern A Advisor. MITCHELL HOOKINS Glee, Band, Orch. ANNE G. HOUSSELL Eno. IIA 81 B, Eng. IIIA 81 B, Senior Ad- visor. W. DOUGLAS PATTERSON Orienlalion, Biology, Applied Sci., Fresh- rnan Advisor. ANNE QUERIN Eng, IIIA, IIIB, 21. IIA, Girls' P.E., Junior I-li. Soph. Advisor. CARL L. SWENSON Physics, Algebra, Psy' chology, Pcnmanship, Spelling. ELLSWORTH WELCH Chernislry, Gen, Sci., Jr. and Sr. Sc, 4 LEROY H. BAIRD Spanish I, llg Lalin llg Junior Advisor. NORMA P. BARDSLE Eno. IA and IB, Em IIIA, Drarnalics. JAMES L. EAGLESO Arr, Mech. Drawini Cralfs, Yearbook Ac visor, EUNICE DALY ERNEST Senior, Junior X1 Sopl Eng. Journalism. CARL A. GRAVES Ivlalhennalics. PAUL HARDTEN Typing l, II, lllg J Bus. Tr., Booklceepinc Senior Advisor. BEATRICE LACOSTE Librarian. JANET O'LEARY I-lornemakinq, Cafi leria Managernenl. HAROLD STILES Melal Shop. VIRGINIA G. SWANBERG Homernaking, I-Iomi Planning, Junior Ac visor. ELIZABETH WOODWARD U. S. History, Orie lalion, Freshman Ac visor. RUBEN D. FREEMAI Wood Shop, Carpe fry. I S SSG sCla SSG sCla SSG G SSGS G GSSGS assesC assesC lasses Classes Classes Classes Classes SENIORS ooizis ALEXANDER RALPH ALCOCER PATTY ANDREWS PEGGY ARNETT LOUIS ARATA JANICE BATES NADA JOY BATES LOUIS BRIONES BARBARA BELL JAMES BROWN PAT BENNETT BOB BU RNETT DOLORES BOYD JAMES BOYD MARY BAGGETT CAROLYN BURTON Like The proverbial ugly duckling we, The class oT '48 began our Treshrnan year in SepTernber, I944. Unsure, awe-sTruck, a liTTle bewildered, we wandered Trom class To class on ThaT TirsT day oT school which rnarked Tor us The beginning OT Those long awaiTed Tour years. We were green. Unce-rTain, we were yeT deTerrnined Thai one day we would Till The places leTT by The seniors upon whom we gazed wiTh worshipping eyes. And we were Thrilled, Too. Our Junior High days were oyer. This was l-ligh School! we were Treshrnen and how well we were made aware of The TacT on The nighT oT our recepTion. Green ribbons, name signs, and lipsTickA-so skillTully wielded by The upperclass- men-branded us. DoughnuT and pie-eaTing conTesTs, Three- legged races, peanuT pushing anTics, leTT us shaken, buT aware also OT The welcome exTended To us. We were in, As we becarne adiusTed To The new school year, we began To look Towards The exTracurricular acTiviTies oTTered. We ioined The organizaTions which appealed To us, ioined wiTh The cooperaTiveness and spiriT needed Tor working TogeTher. WiTh The iniTiaTiye and ingenuiTy Tound in The class. Treshman orienTaTion clubs were organized, and in This war year we were able To do essenTial services, srnall Though They were, The boys oT The class Turned To sporTs. WiTh hopeTul hearTs--and a liTTle elbow grease- --They looked To becoming .-ff' -ni' 7 .o ms., il The admired TirsTsTrir1qers, TraclcsTars, or swimminq champs. This would be The sTarT, The qirls ThouqhT oT The Gv.A.A. WiTh The same look aT The Tulum, They parTicTpaTed wholohearTedly in The seasonal sporTs, The honor oT The Emblem A was Their qoal. The would-be acTors in our midsT came To The surTace in The annual Freshman Play. The MinsTrel Show was our inspiraTion. Black-Tace, Dixie ballads, soTT shoe rouTines, made up The scripT. Besides The TradiTional lnTerlocuTor and Mr. Bones, The audience was TreaTed To a comic: balleT, ably perTorrned by a chorus oT black-Taced ballerinas. As The lasT curTain closed we TelT The saTisTacTion oT a success- ! T A ,. QS .E ' . 2.3253 TW Y 1 ,W-A was fd' Tul play. The enioymenT by Those waTehinq, was sIiqhT in comparison To ThaT TelT by Those oT us who sanq and danced Tor Them. We were happy Treshrnen. As The year rolled To an end, we awaiTed iTs Tinish wiTh boTh reqreT and anTicipaTion. We enioyed beinq The younq- sTers7 enioyed malcinq Triends and meeTinq The new siTu- aTions which conTronTeCl us in This TirsT year. And wiTh reqrel we looked To The qraduahnq OT The seniors who were our idols. AlmosT beTore we were aware OT iT, The days were qone. We were sophomores. ' FMT . T948 ANTHONY BULCAO FLORETTA BECK PATSY BRANDT FRANK CAROLLO BETTY CAKEB READ AURORA CANADA ARNIOND CASOUEIRA BEVERLY CASE CLEO CART HENRY CESA ELIA CHIARADIA ARMANDO COTA EUGENE CRANE BETTY COMSTOCK STEVE CROCKETT VIRGINIA CRAWFORD GLENNA DAVIDSON LAVERNE DEBRAKE MATTHEW CRAWFORD JOAN DENSMORE RALPH DAVIS KAY DEPIAZZA MARY DETINA CONRAD DIETHELM BEVERLEY DORN BOB DOZIER SHIRLEY ELLIOT LUPE FLORES MARIE GUERRELHAS IAURIEL HANSEN LOUIS HERNANDES BETTY HASKINS This was IIN: second year. 'WIIII wnaf smuqness we Iooked on me ervferlnq Fresnman CIass. Ikue memory of our own IIrsI IeeIInqs of InIerIorIIy was ye-I new In our r'nInds and so we aIIempIed Io Iite Im- pressIve. TI1Is IaIse Ironf did nof IasI as wr- fared HIP Iac' Ikvaf we were SIEII underdassmen. We couId easIIy be cIIsI7nquIsIwed Ircm IITC Mlner masses. Qur easy qoInq, careless manners marked us and proved IIIaI we Iaad Iosr our IIrsI bewIIdermen'r, Sopkmomores were everywhere. PrompIIy IIIIod brafs by ine senIors we neverfneless manaqed Io keep our dass In Inc: IImeIIqI'1I by our unwIIIInqness Io sIay In IIne background. Tlne IaII IDrouqI'1I us ouI In supporI oI Ikue IooIbaII Team. This was Ilne IIIrsI year of Ikve counIy c.IIampIonsInIp Ior Ine IfmrInf4 PfIrIIIners and we yeIIed Iouder Inan UI, Inc oIIIers. Our boys were kneqlnmnq Io show Ihrir skIII an me VarsIIy and Junlor Varslfy Teams. SIEII second and Ihird sIrInqers, IIneIr IaIen?', were nof eompIeIreIy Hidden. WIIII an eye I0 'IIC Imure we dave rlnem our supoorI. Noebra, Iypmn, SpanIsI'I, and kIIsIory were our sIumbIInq knocks. To sfudy, or nw? Io sIudy, Ina? was ine kno quesIIon. BUI sopIwomore name: were never IackInr1 Irom IIw kmoner reII or CSF. Our dass was represenfed In everyIIIInq. We kweqan 'Io be known on Ine Sfudenf Body CouneII, In Inc GAA., Ior Ine IIrsI Iime In Ikwe I3Iock A, and In many oII'Ier orqanizafions and cIasses, We were socially conscIous, Ioo. UnwIIIInq Io be wall- IIowers we qraced wIII1 our presence each evenI, aeIIvIIy, er dance IInaI was kIeId. We wouId ncII be IQII euIoIII'1eIun. ,sv The biq evenT OT our year arrived, The Soohornore Hop -our chance To show QTT The ideas and Ta1enTarnonc1 us. The circus became our Theme. On The qaiefy oT baiieons, eiephanTs, and clowns, we based our decoraTions. Cornn'iiTTee rneeTinqs, the cuTTiriQ oT paTTern-L, The Trirn minq of Crepe paper kepT us in a Tiurry of exciTemenT unTil The bid niqhT, Tired buT saTisTied we danced beneaTh Thr' red and whiTe of The crepe paper Lircus TonT and Tried Tv caTch a souyenir baiioon as They were reieased Tronw The ceilinq Tor The iasT dance, The biq decision was Tinahy ours The day The rinq Conn rniTTee presenTed us wiTh The sarnpTes. We yoTed The de siqn Tor our Class and a diiTicuiT choice iT was. We were measured Tor The size and as we ordered our rings we iookcd 3-an , I TL iorward To nexT year when we Loud proediy wear Them, This was an inrporTanT year Toi The schooi and Tor ue. The T5qhTs Tor The TooTba1 Tieid were paid Tory we Trhrnphed in our vicTory nyer PiTTsburq: we marched in The parade or The sfhooi bond issue and saw ii passed' wr: novwr rnisced fin evenT from Class rneehnqs To rhasinq our daTes on Sadie Hawkins Day: and we silrrr-'whlily handled our href hid dass proied -The Hop. Again The warm weaTher and Tinai exams marked The ending QT anoTher schcci year, Arxioesiy we icoked T11 beinq upperclassrnen. IT seemed diTTiCuiT To beiioye, bm wiTh Two qood years behind us, we accepTed The phalienqe oT The Third imp in hiqh schooT. The second year was qonea .ind we were iuriiorm. ,,.....,--Q. p...-an PAUL GURULE AUDREY JENSEN RANDALL HAGAR ALIENE JOHNSTONE JANICE KAMBIC CARL HUBLER JOYCE KELLER AUDREY KOVISTO ALFRED HUNZINGER RUTH MCBRIDE DONALD HARDY MARY LOU MILLER JW R . M, FRANCES MOLANDER JOE HARLAN STELLA OLVERA S BOY HENDERSON Uppemiazsnierm. Pioudiy we Tiaunied Ihr: fine, This waf, The sIaiI ei an imporfanf year. The beqinninq of QcI1ooI carried wifn if a rush of aefiyifies for Inf- dass of '48, FooIIfvaII Season anoII1or bin one Ion' The Panihers. We painted Io II'1e Iineup of iuniors on Inc Ieam. We would nof be ouIdone by H10 -wenior piayerr., Takinq adyanfaqe oIII1e season we launched our scnernes for raising money in aniicipafion OI a remembered Junior Prom. The I'UTiI6d biue and qeid pornpems carried byII1eIanS were made by we en1erpri5inq iuniers. Drink coca-ceia was our baffle ery. We Iiiied IIIQ booms I 4 DOROTHY NOVERO LEE JONES BETTY PATRICK STANLEY HUNT ELEANOR PFAFFENBERGER MARY ANN POSEY WESLEY KIRKPATRICK YVONNE PUTNAM JAMES MARTIN GEORGENE QUICK SHIRLEY RICHARDS JOHN MARTIN GLORIA ROCHE AMOS MOSS LEOLA RODRIGUES NAOMI ROSE .,-f"""v T9 3 3' aeI up ui II1e dame: and ordered and :old coke: In IIie II1ir5Iy crowds, Fro7en Iinqers, incorreei change, upsei Dixie Cups, creared a qenerai diiemma, buf we me? Ilne demands of fine Panfher fans. Cakes we had and eoIces we soid. The niqhi oI Ine iuniorx vs. seniora qamo at TIM- end TNI Inv Heason was a bio one. II wal, a preyuo of our senior yr-ar and in a Haze oI qlory we won, II was a moral vidory, foo. We conquered ine senior Ieam who Inad Ted ine Panflners Io Irie cI1ampionsriipIorII'me second Time. We were eonfidenf of ourseIyes. The rinqs arrived. Proudiy we dispiayed Inem Io anyone we Qoufd corner. The idenfieai qoid seffinqs Iinked us Cioser Ioqefner, II was Ine individual eymboi oI our dash, our day! rinq, ' ....,-...q M gf The niqhl sei lor The Prom drew nearer, Anxiously we loolced Io presenfinq our Iirsl formal dance. "Dancinq in Ihe Dark" became our fherne. Iyieelinqs and plans, pain? and pallerns Ioolc up our spare Time. Silhouelled Iiqures and a mirrored chandelier, pasIeI colored crepe paper Coyerinq The ceilinq was Ihe basis of our deeoralinq scheme. We were proud oi ourselves Ihai niqhl. The Crowne inq of Ihe Prorn Queen endinq in a Grand March was Ihe Climax Io a well remembered Junior Prom. Wilh Ihe iirsI rush oi adiyilies over we beqan Io seflle back. This year we Ihouqhi more seriously of whal end of school would mean. We beqan Io pick up Ihe courses we skipped, worked on grades, and look a more acfiye inferesl in our relalionship To whal was qoinq on around us. Our class was Ihe firsI and only Io have IOO por ceni dues paid. We ouInurnI3ered Ihe olher Classes on fha SIudenI Body Council and look an acIive and worlcinq par? in ii. Our cake ralfle and coke sales was profil qained. We souqhI +o haye a successful year, we worked iowards if, and saw i1 fulfilled. The niqhl of Ihe Luau was a bid one. The G.A,A. qirls who had sIrived lor Ihe honor oi beinq in The Emblem A were accepfed. As Ihe Senior Class prepared for qradualion we were Conironfed wifh Ihe fad Ihar we were facing our lasl year. II slariled us. We had iinaliy reached Ihe lasl sfep. As fhe ond of classes came, we looked ahead Io Sepfernber and Ihe beqinninq oi Ihe senior year for The class of I948. ,waf- M4-if fi 4' ii ,vm af mmm. ad! LETA RYE PATTY ROSS HUMBERTO MERCADO NATALIE SCUDERO BYRON MORRIS BETTY SALZMAN GLORIA SANTOS ARTHUR NAJERA GLORIA SHAFFER ADOLPH PETERSEN CARMELITA SILVIERA JOAN SMITH MANUEL PERRY BARBARA THOMAS MARILYN THUT FRED PITT THOMAS MINAKER CAROL TURNER BETTY VALDEZ TOM POPE MYRTLE VARNELL DICK QUINN JOANNE VIERA JACK TAILLEFER RENO RIDOLFI GERTRUDE WEBB JESSE ROMO TILLIE VIERA NANCY WRING CLIFFORD ROSE NORMA WALKER MELVIN ROSSI The hiqh and rniqhiy senior, This our iasi year we would rnake the besi year. As we began io faire over fhe rnany acriviries fo be deai? wirh by rhe seniors we ihouqhibaCi1Toihai'1iirsi'ireShr'nan year. We were bowiidered rhcn, and Thai hrs? iriqhrened feelinq oi rreeiinq sornerhinq new carne over us aqair. Wirh excirernenr we began ro pian for ihe biq year. Puriinq our bes? faces Forward, we posed For rhe phofoq- rapher, upsef ciasses, and creaied a qenerai sfir 'rhrouqhour The schooi. Senior pfiures were The dorninaiinq issue oi rhe day, Sfruffinq rhrourzh rhe haiis, we iiiced fhe sfranqf: feeiinq of The cap ano qown we had fried for size foreyue of corninq affracrion. The picrures came, brinqinq abour iasf rninurc ordcrinq and recouniinq of friends and reiariyes. Cards and announcernenfs was fhe second quesfion fo be conrended with. Whar sryic to choose, whai fo do apour middie names, and how rnany fo order were The rnain fopics of discussion arnonq seniors. in berween fhis were our siudies, iasi rninuie proqram changes, and foofbaii aqain. We seniors were in fhe iinneiiqhf and ihe boys aqain quided fhe Panfher fearn To a Third sfraiqhr year of The C,C.C.A,L. Championship. We pursued our srudies wirh as rnuch inieresi as we could rnus+er4beinq seniors, Sfiii, we were serious when we rhouqhf of posraqraduafion plans and our ciass icepr irg name on ihe honor roii and in rhe C.S,F, Aimosi before we were aware of ii rho week scheduied for our Bail was upon us. "King Neprunffs Kinqdomu was rhe seiiinq for rhis reqai aifair. Mulricoiored fish, fiowers, coral'--a whoie undersea panorama furnecl ihe qym info a blue-qreen reairn fir for royaliy. We forqof ihe days of ,ff Nwww 5 ,sw 5 sf ? i w-...M work and worry in planninq ihe decoraiions as we danced rhal niqhl Io Ihe music ol l-lenry Gallaqhers Orchesira. We were proud of ourselves--eproud oI lhe beauly we had pu? inlo our Senior Ball -a never lo be Ierqollen evenf. Diich day and The class of '48 assaulled Marsh Creek a day ol iood, lun, and foolishness, Exhausiinq ourselves wi'rh swimminq, dancinq, baseball, and ealinq we fook Iuii advanlaqe of Ihe day away from classes. Oriqinalily was Ihe keyword as we senior characfers wandered aimlessly Ihreuqh Ihe halls on our dress-up day. escapinq ihe daily wear oi swealers, skiris, and levis. ll seemed Ihe weeks were Ilyinq kyv and we were Cauqhl in Iheir wake-Ihe evenls piled up, swampinq us. Rehearsals, cosluminq, slaqe se-Hinos, all qave way Ir, lhe iinal day ol Ihe Senior Play wilh all Ihe Irivoliiy ol Ihe Gay Ninelies' Revue, W 1 2 M ww lf- The final nerve-rackinq week arrived wiih semeslei exams heraldinq Ihe end oi anolher year our lasl year, The seriousness ol the Baccalaureale Service leli us wilh an adull impression. We Iully realized we had reached Ihe peak ol our hiqh school careers. Senior niqhi was a 'nixiure ol rioi and wonder as we Vslened Io our class wills and prophecies, laid our class plaque on ihe Ironl walk, and placed our piclure in The man hall wilh Ihose qraduaiinq seniors ol: years qone by. The rehearsals and pre-qradualion iillers melled info one huqe lump in our Ihreafs as we look our places on Ihe slaqe, jraouaiion niqhl, lin fronl oi adrnirino Iriends and relalives. This was ii. We knew Th's would be fhe lasl Time Ihe class of "48" would be Ioqelher as a whole. This was Io be se'f aside in our memories as one ol Ihe mosl momen- Ious occasions in our lives. pawn HATHALIE WARD BILL STUCKER BARBARA VICTOR BILL STILES WANDA WALLER NOMA WILLIAMSON CHUCK STAPLETON LOIS WILSON RAY WELCH SARA ZAMORA BETTY ROYCE MAYER WOLFE JUANITA NABAS JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Swanbergg Donna Hammons, Class Represenrariveg La Verne Rosfamo, Viceflaresidenlg Frank Pawley, Presidenlg Barbara De WHT. Secrelary, Bonnie Paulsen, Treasurer, Mr. Baird. Looking back over our Three years as sTudenTs oT AnTioch I-ligh, makes our TirsT day oT wondermenlr and bewildermenT seem remoTe and Tar away. This year, as iuniors, we have Tackled one OT our ToughesT classes and emerged vic:Torious. The year ol: '47 and '48 has been one oT U. S. HisTory Term papers and chemisTry experimenTs: oT serious work and care- Tree Tun. l:ooTball season aT The TirsT oT The year brouqhT prooT ThaT The junior boys were aThleTes oT prowess, as our "49ers" helped us To become "Champs" Tor The Third Term. The varsiTy was backed up by such boys as "Babe" Charre-TTe, Bruce I-lieberT, Norm Cone, Jesse STorms, Le Roy lde, Lewis Williams and Bill I-lersinger. WiTh l948, The sporTs world Turned To baskeTball and again our class was noT To be ouTdone. Frank Garcia, Norm Cone, Barney Parsons and Jimmy CoalTer sTepped inTo The "A" Team and our boys on The "B" Team made us very proud. I-lowever, aThleTiCs was buT one side oT our varied school-liTe. The Junior G.A.A. girls are readying Themselves To sTep inTo The Emblem A in place oT The graduahnq seniors. FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: T. Gonsalves, B. Keller, J. Knighl, l. Crandell, J, Billeci, L. Forsell, N. Hobson, N. Baird, J. Marken, J. Moreno, D. Hammons, M. Armsfrong, W. Davidson, B. Jacobsen, J. Gray, B. DeWiIT. SECOND ROW: B, Cerri, A. Berry, K. Esquivel, M. Frick, E. Coursey, A. Chiesa, B. Giacomel, I. Hudson, M. Hansen, M. Boyd, J. Hiebert, 8. Lawson, V. Giovanni, l. Marques. THIRD ROW: N, Hork, A. Grimes, D. Dobson, A, Millar, M. Comsfock, R. Banks, M. Marfinez, V. lacona, L. Furno, L. Calverf, B. Barron. FOURTH ROW: L. Gonzales, K. Fowler, H. Calvert, R. Albriqhf, N. Cone, J. Coalfer, C. Casey, B. Morgan, D. Gooch, A. Graham, B. Hieberr, S. Ehrlich, R. Ehrlich. FIFTH ROW: R. Medina, L. Clark, J. Cram, K. Vickery, F. Garcia, W. Charreffe, B. Kolb, G. Ellioil, J. Moura, B. Davis, D. Johnson, J. MacDonald, B. Friemering, E. Cicka, H. Baugh, D. Frederickson, B. Cavanaugh, ...J The C.S.F. has been backed To a greaT exTenT by The Junior Class, who make up a good parT oT iT. A courageous "49er," Delores Wilson, alThough she is bed-ridden has Topped The honor roll ThroughouT The year. The pride oT every Junior Class, since way back when, came To us in November and we eagerly accosTed everyone To show Them our class ring, a solid reminder ThaT we were upperclassmen. The high spoT oT our year was The Junior Prom. For weeks beTore The big evenT, nighT sessions and loTs oT hard work were The rule. SelecTiOn OT our own Prom queen was anoTher highlighT, Then came The big nighf when we proudly presenTed our "Cinderella Ball" wiTh our own Cinderella, MargareT Nash. The governing oT our class was placed in The hands oT Frank Pawley and Marvin ComsTock wiTh The capable guidance oT Mrs. Swanberg and Ivlr. Baird. This has been a year oT many changes. Along wiTh The "New Look" in cIoThes came The more serious "New Look" in ideas as we prepared ourselves Tor The responsibiliTies oT senior year, our lasT chance To prove ThaT we are indeed "49ers." we I949 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Hansen, Treasurer Frank Pawley, Class RepresenTaTiveg Marvin Comsiock, Presidenf, Kathleen Warren, Vice-F'residenT. FRONT ROW, lefT fo righf: D. Miles, M. Salvador, S. Johnson, M. SmiTh, B. Pefko, J. Cagle, J. Lyon, N. STraThe.arn, B. LuTon, M. Parun, A. Vargo, K. Warren, V. VeIa,,V. Ruiz. SECOND ROW: J. WorThingTon, P. Parre, W. Prafor, B. Lipfon, L. Rosfamo, M. Nash, P. STory, L. Vasques, R. Mass, W. SmiTh, B. Oden, E. Spalnhower, P. Parker, L. Tomlin. THIRD ROW: L. Williams, B. Parsons, R. Sabedra, D. Pridgen, N. Winlzer J. Taylor, W. Shaw, D. Ross. FOURTH ROW: B. Valdez, F. Pawley C. Osborne, K. Ramey, E. Pollard, R. Ward, K. Vickery, A. Millar W. Waner, B. Rhodes, W. Sfevens, A. Prevosl. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Ouerin, Advisor, Kafhleen Plumlree, Class Represenfafiveg Marie Pill, Secrelaryg Jimmy Calisesi, Presidenfg John Carlsfrom, Vice-Presidenf, Eleanor Arala, Class Repre- senlaliveg Helen Alexander, Treasurer, Mr. Adams, Advisor. The second year of high school life rnay well be lhe mosl enioyable and exciling, for by sophomore year you are sure ol your way around school, in sludies and aclivilies, bul as yel lhe spell ol being in high school hasn'l worn oil. We lell prelly proud ol ourselves al lhe beginning of lhe school year. We were no longer insigniiicanl lilrle iroshies, bul we soon learned lhal we had a long way lo go before earning a place lor ourselves beside rhe upperclassmen. We slarled The year oil well. Our boys ioolc an aclive inleresl in loolball, and il was in parl due lo lhem lhal our iunior varsily had such a successful year. Wilh lhe beginning of baslcelball season our boys were noi lo be ouldone in lurning oul' lor praclice and games on lhe "B's" and "Cs," And wilh lhe coming ol lraclc season lhey were again oul in lull force. FRONT ROW, leff lo righl: P. Flufy, A. Keller, D. Loper, B. Douglas, B. Biddle, M. Jensen, G. Barriga, E, Marfinez, A. Clerice, R. Lopes, D. Marino, W. Fridley, P. Carlfon, N. Mercurio, A. Francis, C. Hudnall M. Chapman. SECOND ROW: P. Maloney J. Compomizzo M. Howell E. Arala, R. Assini, F. Hill, M. Holm, M.'Ferlado, S. Jobs, B. Morris: B. Bennell, K. Carey, B. Marlin, B. Bafson. THIRD ROW: D. Kielh D. Frew, R. McClure, B. Jones, K. Holden, J. Garrow, J, Calisesi T. Ernesl, S. Gibbs, R. Erickson, F. Carlslrom, D. Johnson, T. Boscia R. Brazil. FOURTH ROW: B. Dunn, M, Forsell, L. Dunlon, F. McKinney J. Bulela, K. Beck, C. Hooper, R. Gori, D. Henderson, D. Flood, R. lde I D. Boudreaux, D. McKinney, L. Harlan. - .- - -.. ..... nail .i......,.- ' .1' While sporls allracled lhe boys, l'he girls were noi idle. The organizalion of a Roo'ler's Club gave lhem lhe chance lo cheer our school, and our sophomores on, and ihere were only a few who didn'l leap al lhe opporiunily. The F.l-l.A. drew many ol our girls inlo ils circle lo prepare for lhe lulure, and lo play in The presenl. The California Scholarship Federalion also al- lracled bolh boys and girls from our ranlcs. Under lhe capable leadership oi Miss Querin and Mr. Adams we have governed ourselves well, and have learned a lilflle ol whal democracy lruly means. Ol course, our mosl exciling momenls came in preparalion lor, and on ihe nighl of our Sophomore l-lop. The lheme of "Juice-box Jamboree" gave our imaginalions a chance lo run riol, and lhe resull was a Sophomore l-lop never To be forgollen. If has been a good year, lhis second one: and if malces us eager io forge ahead lo grealer achievef rnenis in lhe world of sludy, sporls and play. i950 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Ferlado, Secrelaryg Toby Ernesl, Class Represenlafiveg Helen Alexander, Treasurer, Don Henderson, President, Sfuarl Ross, Class Represenlalive, Ronnie Trelhric, Vice-Presidenf. FRONT ROW, lefl fo righl: H. Shively, H. Alexander, D. Noack, J. Taylor, D. Noia, A. Vela, B. Romo, K. Plumfree, M. Novo, J. Sewell, M. Pill, L. Reed, J. Thomas, R. Ridolli. SECOND ROW: L. Briones, C. Radmilovich, E. Rodrigues, J. Robb, J. Warren, B. Vredenburgh. THIRD ROW: S. Thull, B. Pralor, E. Silva, F. Nunes, E. Pasley, T. Shively, B. Sexlon, B. Nelherlon, K. Wiley, E. Smilh, M. Sheldrew, R. Price, A. Pelers, M. Rocca. FOURTH ROW: G. Webb, J. Enrigues, G. Sfevens, C. Hulchinson, V. Veramonles, F. Samora, B. Spainhower, R. Ross, P. Slucker, J. Pollard, W, Putnam, D. Hargis. FIFTH ROW: G. Camp- . R'c , B. Sanlos, R. Walke, J. Quick, C. Price F. Wiya bell, T i h r , gg, G. Wallon, R. Payne, M. Sanford, V. Parchini, R. Salazar, D. Rohlfs, J. Shriver, R. Trelhric, D. Hasenfus, N. Head, J. Jennings, P. Kolb, S. Fergispm, D. Badley, N. DeTina, M. Cake- FRESHMEN FAIISHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Douglas Palfersong Grela Huss, Class Represeniafiveg Mary Ann Sramm, Treasurer, Glenn Comslock, PresidenT, Ted Carlslrom, Vice-PresidenTg Bob Delph, Class Represenla- five, Mrs. ElizabeTh Woodward. EnTering high school as Treshmen ThaT TirsT day, we Tound ThaT we had begun a new phase OT our lives. We looked wiTh awe on The superior upperclassmen, and iT one oT Them chanced To speak To us we were Tilled wiTh pride. We worshipped The TooTball Team Trom aTar and ThoughT They could do no wrong. AT The end oT The TirsT reporT period, we saw ThaT our grades were noT as load as we had expecTed and decided ThaT perhaps The Teachers were human aTTer all. The Teeling oT sTrangeness which we experienced aT The sTarT soon wore OTT, and we became accus- Tomed To The new rouTine. Several weeks aTTer school opened we were oTii- cially recognized and were inTroduced To The resT oT The school aT The annual Freshman RecepTion. Under The direcTion oT The mighTy seniors, we sang, danced, aTe pie in The TradiTional conTesT, and parTicipaTed in a TruTh or Consequences show. The applause and laughTer oT The audience showed us ThaT They appref ciaTed our eTTorTs. We had To obey every wish oT The seniors, and were Torced To wear name cards on our backs, neckTies, and lipsTick smeared on our Taces. FRONT ROW, lefl To righfz A. Barnes, R. lde, E. Moreland, Crandell, F. Farrace, A. Barfon, E. Grearhcuse, S. Maloney, D. Ford K. Lopez, P. Hall, A. Alcocer, M. Hass, I. CoTarela, S. Carr, J Garcia, D. Chilfon, R. Elshere. SECOND ROW: D. Marglin, M. Craw- ford, M. DeGaIlery, V. Agnew, E. Mass, L. BellporT, J. Kambic, A. FrancheTTo, J. Howard, N. Kelch, P. Hufchinson, M. Krapivin, E. Fidalgo, J. Ladendorff, E. Luck, A. Mayberry, G. Huss. THIRD ROW: bread, J. Cakebread, A. Carolla, E. Cofa, R. Briones, V. Glenna, T. Lynn, B. Coppedqe. FOURTH ROW: J. Hill, S. Miller, D. Chilfon, D. Jackson, B. Ferlado, E. Gragg, A. Barnes, G. ComsTock, J. Dossey. FIFTH ROW: H. Burcia, B. Banks, A. Millar, J. Mercado, D. Boud C. Lee, D. Cone, L. Ginochio, J. Flares, C. Blanchard, J. Marfinefi All lhe lhings we did in iunior high on a small scale, such as allending assemblies, elecling class olrlicers, and sponsoring dances, were only preparalion for lhe many high school aclivilies which we now lake lull parl' in. Two ol our members have represenlecl us on lhe sludenl council, and we look our lirsl slep in school polilics by elecling class olllicers who handled lheir iobs capably under The guidance ol our advisors, Mrs. Woodward and lvlr. Pallerson. Our boys have shown enlhusiasm and skill in alhlelics, and nol lo be ouldone by lhem, our girls have ioined lhe G.A.A. We allended our lirsl dances wilh orcheslras and enioyed lhe numerous and varied programs and plays presenled al assemblies. We wenl lo almosl all l'he foolball and baslcelball games in which many of our own boys played. lvlosl ol us paid our dues, and wilh This money and lhe dues which we shall collecl nexl year we hope lo give a successful Sophomore l-lop. We are looking forward lo nexl year when we will be an inlegral parl ol high school life and lo lhe years when we will hold lhe envious posilion of upper- classmen. l95l FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Slamm, Treasurer Norma Pofeel, Secretary, Glenn Comsfock, Presidenfg Eva Mass, Vice Presidenf, Bob Delph, Class Represenfalive. FRONT ROW, lefl' lo riqhl: P. Wade, V. Vivanco, M. Slamm, M. Rilchie, D. Newberry, R. Sheldah, D. Spahn, J. Sullis, G. Wrislen, J. Wilson, H. Fridley, N. Tanzo, L. Reinbold, G. Price. SECOND ROW: R. Ward, L. Reynolds, D. Parun, B. Scholl, M. Sewell, B. Williams, P. Reed, N. Osborne, S. Clark, S. SMH, J. Slralhearn, P. De Vecchio, C. Calesisi, B. Campbell, E. Minaker, M. Pofeel, B. Tomlin, B. Nevilles, B. Millar. THIRD ROW: B. Sfeiner, E. Sarfain, E. Roche, D. Keifh, G. Abell, P. Welch, D. Nevilles, E. Ramey, D. Thompson, C. Hieberf, C. Mays, J. Beck, J. Romo, R. Pullman, D. Torres, G. Tidwell, L. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: J. Salazar, J. Ricks, G. Rucksluhl, W. Rodchesler, B. Orum, C. Newby, B, Mclnfyre, E. Boofhe, M. Hernandez, E. Hieberl, T. Wheller, B. Billeci, D. Falelfi, F. Haskins, B. Habiq, T. Carsfrom, L. Rodriguez, E. Neveu. M SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ol course rhe four moior offices, presideni, vice- presideni, secreiary, and rreasurer have io be filled ably, and ihis year 'They were among ihe besi +o be The first semester senior class officers and their advisors-Ieff fo right: Mrs. Houssell, Frances Molander, Dick Quinn, Bob Burnerf, Beffy Patrick, Conrad Diefhelm, and Mr. Hardien. had. Under ihe guidance of ihe senior advisors, Mrs Houssell and ivlr. Hardien, iirsi and second sernesier handled lhe business of ihe graduaiing class ol '48 The second semesier officers-lefi io righf: Beverly Dorn, Vice-Presidenf Gloria Sanios, Presidenfg Berry Pairick, Treasurer: and Beify Cakebread Senior Represenfafive. AROUND THE SCHOOL The many classes which help io make Anfioch High Jrhe school ir is, work wirhoui much recognirion from ihe siudenl body. Doing norhing speciacular, ihese classes neverihe less make A.H.S. a more erlicienily run school. 20 l V , 1. N, A I mn-, 'M A ,,VM,X?x.Wi X. . ,T ' :ua swf.. lk N .. .,,.,.,.,G.,. z V- ,,.,.,. , W STUDENT ADMINISTRATIGN The Sludenl Council, guiding body of The school, The loiggesl issue was The changing of our school again successfully faced such problems, decisions and colors To blaclc and gold. This group can look back silualions as Jrhe year presenled. on a year of unusual accornplishmenls. EXECUTIVE CQMMYTTEE SEATED, Eeff fo righi: Wea-President, Eieanm Pfaffenberqerg Frasidenf, "Baba" Mere:-ada: Secretary, Serta Jacobseng Treasurer, Frances Mciarsder, STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT RCW, left to right: Head Yeif Leader, Doris Aiexanderg Am. Yeti Leader, Mer: Armsirongg Juniar Dian Rep., Donna Hammons: Comm. ei Publiciiy, Mayer Wolfe: Vice-Presidenf, Eleanor Yfaifenbargerz Pfasidnni, "Babe" Msrcadog Sucre, vary, Save Jacobsen: Chia? of Police, Mel Ressig Traasurar, Frances Molandar. SFCCOND ROW: Asst Yell Leader, Helen Aieranderg Comm. of Girls' Affairs, Buffy Cnmstockg Sophomore Class Reps, Eleanor Arafag Comm. of Enfervainmsnf, Peggy Story: Senior Glass Step., Conrad U'iB1he!mgComm, nf Cultural AH-airs, Jnycu Kalterg Freshman Glas: Rep., Seb Delphg Soph. Class Rep., Kai-Mun Plumfrsag Annual Ediior, Mamie Scuderog Freshman Class Repu Graf-s Huss. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS AnTioch I-Iigh's Two pul:JlicaTions, The Panlrher and sTaTT Turned ouT To The sTudenTs a welcomed and well- The I-li-Life sTarTed rolling early in The year. Under read paper. The annual sTaTT, wITh Ivlr. Eaqleson as The guidance OT Mrs, Ernest The eTTicIenT ediTors and advlsor, worked To puT ouT a beTTer Al-l.S. yearbook. THE PANTHER FRONT ROW, loft lo right: Asif. Ed., Patly R sig Ar? Ed., Sofia Giacornolg Edilor-in-Chief, Natalie Scudcrog Buxinesx.Mqr., Eleanor Plaflanberger, SECOND ROW: Advisor, Mr. Eaqlesong Photo. Ed., Conrad Diefhelm, THE STAFF FRONT RQW, lofi to right: Advariisemunfs, Wilma Davidson, Margarai Naxh: Business, Eieanor Pfaffenbergerg Edifor, lr-lalalh Scudumg Asxf. Ed., Pearly Ross: Arr, Buffs Glacomll: Suhscrlpflonx, Carolyn Burton. SECOND ROW: Pays Hill, Belts Jacobsen, Peggy Sfory, Maureen Furlado, Literary Ed.-Norma Baird, Eleanor Arala, Toby Ernest, ubscrlplions-Buffy Cakebread, June Markers, Glenna David- son, Girls' Sporls Ed,-Belly Comstock, Polly Andrews, Joanna Vlera. THIRD ROW: Photography-Conrad Deithelm, Mr. Eagleson, Boys' Sporfs Ed. Marvin Comsiock, Bob Vranclsnlaurgh, Jimmy Taylor. ,f- THE HLLIFE LEFT T0 RIGHT: Joyce Keller, Beverley Dorn, Chuck STaplelfon,. Janice Sales, Pafly Andrews. THE STAFF FRONT ROW, lefl' To rlghl: Chuck Slaplelon, Joyce Keller, Frances Moiandar, Janice Salas, Advisor-Mrs. Ernest. SECOND RGW, standing: Parry Andrews,,Betfy Cakebread, Beverley Dorn, Joan Smith, .loan Blllaci, Leia Rye, Mary Jane Rodrlquas. G.A.A. The beginning of school marked fhe sfar? of a big year for G.A.A, with mofe qirla furninq auf than ever. Under the diredion of Miss Galloway, the qiris have found healrhful recreafion and qood sporfsmanship as an uiiimme reward. G.A,A. Anofher par? of fhis growing organization who are helping fo mainmin the smndarfis which have been bulk? up by simiidr qrouos cf years before, ' XX, .M 4 1 -1 , gg, L, ih A V M Q ,gm F 1 . W4 Q M EMBLEM A This year marked fhe beqinninq of d perbd of recrqaniza- Hun in fhe Embiem A, The membership increased fo N qirls :wer 'Phe uma! 4SY '-'fonev rfisino -Q"iv?VM iiffre carried on fo pay for fha beaufifui qoid and whiie sweafefs and A new consfiiufion was esfablished, Imp .ed by fhe significance of fheir society, the qiris look fczrsvard to biqqer and bever fhinqf, for fha fumre qroups. il?LlhM4Kx New mfen? cfwmee oui in Mrs. Bv'H'fj5ir3YiS second dnamcnicx dass. The bin even? of we vwr was fha term may Given in fha Sprinq. This mrdkwcrkfnc Group has dcne waii in Weir mwsf fo imom-we driarriafiz enfsfvfainmenf. Wifh all 'lhe classes represenied in 'Phe C. S, F., 'rhis group These Fuiure Homemelrers of America are preparing for of honor sludenfs and rlreir advisor, Mr. Swensen, are fo be fheir fuiure by learning io sew and cool: under flue guiclance commended for their perseverarrxce fhrougiuour flue year. of Mrs. Swanberg. Helping io raise spirils, rise Anficclx High School Band has played el games, rallies, and assemblies. Under fhe able direcrion of Mr. Miiclxeil Hookins, lhe band has proved itself a valuable assef lo our school. Sr The addiiion of male vczices has much improved Huis year's Glee Club.Wiil1 Mr. Hoolcins leading. fhey have presenlecl various and enjoyable programs and concerls. 1753 ii? sf' X CLUB ' Organized only ll1is year, flue Roofefs Club already fills a vilal position in our high school life. Composed of feminine spcrfs fans and advised by Lois Cox if is well represenfecl ai all evenlsg il' has done a gr:-:af deal lo maize 'tlwis school really sports conscious. Starling wiflz flue foofball season 'lime Roolefs Club has parficipafed al all evenfs by yelling, singing, and aiding 'line yell leaders in all ways. lf has succeeded in keeping up flue spiril' al all games and has represented flue enfire Sluclenfk Body as H is an imoorlani cross-seciion of school acfivifies. if LIBRARY STAFF CAFETERIA STAFF The- siudenl' librarians of Anliocli High School can always "Cl1eerfulService" could well be fhe moilo of flue Caieleria be counfed on for assisfance when needed. Under ilwe quid- girls. Around noon each day lhey are llw mos? apprecialed ance of Miss LaCos'le, Yhey Fill a needed place in sludenf sludenls in A. H. S. acliviiies. D A 2 L 4- 4 U7 .2-2 -I-I 2 E 4 U7 .2 +- 2 L 4- 4 cn .2-2 -i-f B .C 4- 4 U7 .2 -1- 2 L -4- 4 LD U 4- CD E i 4 Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics At FOOTBALL The 1947 season WiTh anxious eyes The TooTball Tans oT AnTioch looked To The opening oT The I947 season. The big quesTion was could The TighTing PanThers hold The ConTra CosTa CounTy FooTball Championship Tor The Third sTraighT year. Even beTore The oTTicial opening oT school. Coach Jaclc Danilovich had The boys ouT on The pracTice Tield drilling and learning new plays in anTicipaTion oT The opposiTion To come. WiTh The vicTory oT Their TirsT game Tresh in Their minds, The PanThers Traveled To meeT The powerTul Lodi Flames and beTore Them suTTered Their TirsT deTeaT in 20 sTraighT wins aT a Third quarTer score, 7 To 0. This deTeaT brouqhT a new de- TerrninaTion and TighTing spiriT To The players, AlThough oTT To a slow sTarT, iT was soon evidenT ThaT Coach Danilovich had shaped anoTher winning Team. ATTer vicTories over Concord, CroclceTT, and MarTinez, The PanThers were prepared To meeT The PiraTes oT PiTTsburq, also undeTeaTed in The league. ExciTemenT rose To a new peak be- Tween The Two rival Towns, and a record crowd oT 9,000 Turned ouT To wiTness The game. As The Teams meT on The Tield There was liTTle doubT leTT as To which was The sTronger. The roaring PanThers pushed The PiraTes over and oTT The Tield in a I9 To 0 win. An ArrnisTice Day vicTory over Acalanes Tinished up The The season Tor The C.C.C.A.L. Champs. This year The blue and gold uniTorms were paclced away Tor The lasT Time, buT every AnTioch Tan will remember The spiriT and superioriTy oT The Teams who wore Them To vicTory, or de- TeaT. In The coming seasons The PanThers will be TighTinq under new colors, blaclc and gold, buT They will TighT wiTh The same degree oT sporTsmanship which is characTerisTic oT AnTioch High School, and The Teams oT The blue and gold. I947 FOOTBALL SQUAD YEAR CAPTAINS Joe I-Iarlan, Paul Gurule, and Chuck STapleTon were chosen by Their Team- maTes Tor The honor oT being year capTalns Tor The '47 gridiron season. These Three ouTsTandIng ball players Ice-pT up The spIriT and Tire oT The squad ThroughouT The eighT games played by The Team. Though each player oT The '47 varsiTy did an ouTsTanding Iob proving Their aThleTic abiliTy, These Three boys showed The greaTesT progress under The eTTIcfenT coaching OT Jack Danilovich. f ThIrTeen is usually considered an unlucky number, buT The AnTioch TooTball Team proved ThaT This was noT The case as They Tinished an- oTher successTul season. PIcTured below are The Tirsf ThirTeen men oT The AnTIoch squad. LeTT To righT: LYLE BLAINE Senior-ISS lbs. End-I yr. V. f s ART NAJERA I Senior-I40 IbS. Half-2 yrs. V. C.C.C.A.L. Honor able MenTIon BOB BURNETT Senlorelbfl lbs. GuardA3 yrs. V, Znd. All-CounTy LOUIE BRIONES Senior-I45 lbs. End-2 yrs. V, IsT. All-CounTy olcx QUINN Senior-I45 lbs. OuarTerv2 yrs. V. BABE MERCADO Senior-I5O lbs. T-Ialf and Fullbacli- 2 yrs. V. PAUL GURULE Senlor-I35 lbs, I-Ialf-2 yrs. V. I IST. All-CounTy JOE HARLAN Senior-I65 lbs. Fullback-3 yrs. V. IST. All-CounTy BRUCE HIEBERT Junior-I7O lbs. Guard-2 yrs. V. Znd. All-CounTy NORMAN CONE Junior-l55 lbs. End-I yr. V. C.C.C,A.L. Honor- able Menrion JESSE STORMES Junior-IBD lbs. Tackle-3 yrs. V. Znd. All-CounTy CH UCK STAPLETON Senior-I75 lbs. TackleY3 yrs. V. IsI'. All-County WALTER CHARETTE Junior-I55 lbs. CenTer-I yr. V. IsT, All-Counry FOOTBALL Polaluma Anlioch Acalanes Lodi Aniioch Ivlarfinez Ivlanieca Anlioch Concord Concord Anlioch Valleio Croclcell Anlioch Jaclcson Ivlarlinez Anlioch Rio VISIG Piifsburg Anfioch Breniwood Acalanes Anfioch Concord JUNIOR VARSITY A small bul valianl Junior Varsily iaced ils oppof nonfs wilh a Iighling spiril greal in proporlion 'Io iIs size. The '47 gridiron season showed a much improved J.V. Ieam. The younger members of Ihe school mel on Ihe praclice field Io drill and learn plays and Iheir work was noi in vain. Winning over hall fhe praclice and league games played, Ihey inched closer Io Ihe coveled counly championship. Deieai suffered under Ihe Mariinez Bulldogs and Concord Red Devils saw Iheir chances dissolve, bulr The record lei? by Ihe Team was one Io be proud of. Coach "Babe" Atkinson Joe BuIe'a and Jim Dos Co-caplains chosen lor Ihe year were Iwo oulf sianding performers. Allhough each boy played his posiI'ion wilh exceeding abiliiy, Jim Dossey and Joe Bulela were elecied Io represenl Ihe Ieam as iIs capiains. The '47 Junior Varsily is promising malerial for Ihe coming seasons. Some will siep up and fill Ihe posilions vacaled by Ihe Varsily members. Some will again lead Ihe J.V.'s 'ro more viclories, bul each wiih Ihe experience gained will be an asser Io which- ever Ieam he fighlrs for. These boys are Ihe Iulure sfars of Anlioch I-Iigh School. sey, C:-Capiains Coach Jack Daniloviih - LSE? i HA,- FIRST GAMES AnTioch 22... .. 3I. ,,,,,, . 27 ,,,, . 32 .. 27 .. BASKETBALL SCORES TEAM LEAGUE SCORES "B" TEAM LEAGUE SCORES - SECOND GAMES FIRST GAMES SECOND GAMES 50 PiTTsburq 39, , , .23 AnTioeh AnTioch 25 . ,,,,, PiTTsburq 43 .,,,,,,,, ...29 AnTioch 50 MarTinez 23. .. . 25 25 ,,,, MarTinez 39 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .35 38 MT. Diablo 28 .. ,,,,,,, 26 I8 , MT. Diablo 25 ,,,,A,,,,,,,,, I5 38 John SweTT 38.. . ,,,,,, 39 22 John SweTT I7....... , , 9 48 AcaIanes 38 28 20 . Acalanes 34 ......,,..,, .22 COACH "BABE" ATKINSON and CAPTAINS As basIceTbaII came To an end, Two ouT- sTandinq players were chosen by Their TearnmaTes To be year capTains Tor The '48 "A" and "B" Teams. The "A's chose Norman Cone, iunior, whose deTermined playinq and cooperaTiveness made him The leader. The "B" Team qave The honor To Ken Ramey, also a junior, Tor his un- TaiIinq sporTsmanship and Tine playinq. Shown here wiTh Coach ATIcinson, boTh boys will be back ne-XT year Tor a promisinq SGGSOTT, LYLE BLAINE Senior Forward I yr. B-2 yrs. A I JIM COALTER Junior Guard 2 yrs. B-I yr, A BYRON PARSONS Junior Forward 2 yrs, B-I yr. A NORMAN CONE Junior Center 2 yrs, B-I yr. A ED CICKA Junior CenTer I yr. Bel yr. A FRANK GARCIA Junior Guard I yr. B-I yr. A KENNETH RAMEY Junior Guard 3 yrs. B MARVIN COMSTOCK Junior Guard 3 yrs. B BOB CAVANAUGH Junior CenTer 3 yrs. B JIM DOSSEY Freshman Forward I yr. B JACK GARROW Sophomore Guard Z yrs. B BOB EHRLICH Junior Forward 2 yrs. B TRACK As The curTain draws To a cTose on The Tinal sporTs scene Tor The T948 season, we Took back over The pasT Tew monThs wiTh Tond memorTes oT our TracT4 Teams. OT The unbeaTen Bees and oT The game buT oTTen ouTdisTanced VarsITy. Through The Three hour CounTy TVTeeT, The TocaT ThTncTad TTghTweiqhTs skimmed, sTraTned, and sorTnTed To come sailing in To an unchaTTenqed TirsT pTace. Led by Tom Lynn's amazmq perTormance, The Cubs managed To pTace beTween one and Three men in every evenT, and run up The sensaTionaT score OT IOSV3 poinTs To 56T1f3 Tor The second place PITTS- burgers. paced by T-TarTan and Casey, The "A" Team puT up some rough compeTITIon buT were noT The cTass oT The sTronq enTries Trorn The TirsT Three piace schooT reloresenTaTives. We ended a sTrong TourTh wTTh 23 poinTs. MISCELLANEGUS SPORTS Sornelhing new was added lo lhe sporis agenda in l948. Baseball. For lhe iirsl' lime in several years lhe Panlhers had fielded a baseball nine. And, more ollen ihan noi, il was a winning one. For lhe lirsl year baclc in lhe counly since l94l, lhe blaclc and gold came up wirh a lirsl place con- lender, and showed ii by whipping some oi lhe besl cornpelilion in lhe area. l. Joe Harlan-over The hurdles. 2. The elephanl walk performed al The sporl show by Lou Harlan. Don Henderson, and Bob Ehrlich. 3. Jack MacDonald and Ray Salazar pul on 'lhe gloves. 4 s . Marvin Comsfock breaks fhe rape in The 660Ayd. run. E. Bob Ehrlich broadiumps. Baseball did more lhan gel a slarl 'rhis year, il showed The resl of Conlra Cosla lhal Anlioch High does sornelhing else besides play foolball. Sprinlcled wilh several velerans and lorlilied wilh many newcomers, lhe l948 versions ol Paniher swimming leams made good showings. Wilh lillle praclice, bul wilh a world of will, rhey did well in league cornpelilion. gn L 331 "5 7X'1si 6. Jack Cram backslrokes ro sef a new record. 7. An exhibifion of fumbling af rhe annual sporl show. 8, Forward dive by expert, Ralph Alcocer. S'. Vic Parachini and Dale Collins lussle in sport show wrestling mafch. IO. Lou Harlan-diving. GIRLS' SPGRTS G.A.A. Wilh more girls lurning our for G.A.A. rhan ever before, lhis organizalion alrained a high goal ol sporlsmanship and cooperalion lhrough cornpelilive sporls playdays and social aclivilies. The lall sporls olzlered were baskelball, lennis and hockey. There were IO4 girls our for haskelball, I9 for lennis, and 20 lor hockey. Miss Galloway, Emblem A, G.A.A. Advisor. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-SEATED, Iefl lo righl: sec., Nafalie Scuderog Pres., Belly Comslockg Vice-Pres., Joanne Viera. STANDING: Treas., Margaret Nash, Advisor, Miss Galloway. TH E FALL Early in lhe school year a group of GAA, girls allended a baskelloall playday in Pillsburg ancl soon afler a hockey playday al Washinglon Union I-ligh School in Cenlerville. Two lucky senior G.A.A. girls and advisor, Miss Galloway allended lhe annual San Francisco Slale College Playday in San Francisco. THE COUNCIL-SEATED, left fo righf: Eleanor Pfaflenberger, Belly Biddle, Rosie Sabedra. STANDING: Belly Morris, Greta Huss, Belly Giacomel, Wilma Davidson. sis? iv THE EXECUTIVE COMMlTTEE-SEATED, leff fo righlz Pres., Palfy THE COUNCIL-lefl lo righl: Sally Jobs, Cleo Cari, Virginia Vivanc Andrews, Treas., Margaref Nash. BACK ROW: Sec., Toby Erneslg Vice- June Marken, Faye Hill, Lefa Rye, Beverley Douglas. Pres., Hafhalie Ward. G.A.A.-THE SPRING In The spring our lancy lurned lo sollball and badminlon, I I5 our for lliese sporls, The impressive inslallalion lor llne new spring G.A,A. ollicers was lneld on February Ib, I948 in llne school caleleria. Willn llie spiril ol individualism llwis years l-lifclinx was clnanged lo a lvlollwer-Dauglwler alllair. l-li-liglil of llie evening was llie playoll belween llne winning allernoon and evening GAA. baslcelball reams. Under 'rlie capable direclion ol advisor, lvliss Galloway, girls' allnlelics lnas lnad .1 successful year. si U7 CD -I-4 P -4- U fi U7 CD 41 P -4- U 4 U7 CD -I-4 P E 4 U7 CD -I-4 P 4-4 U 4 an CU -I-v P 4-1 i U Activities Activities Activities Activitie a huge success. Junior Varsily og lo an early sled. S4-wffffrrgief days we mm fscmfri 'md i'?'s baqk to school fer A. H S, svudnmv., walch. S1- The monllws of Sepfember and Oclober were busy ones in Hue lives of A. H. S. sfudenfs. From flue Urs? day flhings siarfecl popping. To Freshmen, lriiliafion Week was someilming fo be lived flurouglw, but fheir receplion was Foofball was llwe dominalinq lopic of flue season wiflx 'lime Varsily and A favorite lunch-hour pasflme The boys cruise: the Qirls lnifimien irifroduces We Freshmen info Arnlieclu Hiqlx life. A-my .3 IQ yer ermwn izkqrv 1 s Orc es ra and! e urs? biq dance o l e vear CO h WWW Om Ll new DMV mm Ndiem .HrF shfi .i "s 'enurxmlf V2 hvt h fi ' fh . me direcfion of Semars, The Gym Jam, GC J. Vfs win lheir firs? vicfory over Acalanes, are only prevues Hariar' and Gurule. Coach Jack sends Dick Quinn info ihe qame wifh Es,sm.c.ioi.s ..r .ne winning play aqainsf Petaluma. Learning io sew a sfraiqhir seam in Mrs. Swan' Blaine. Coach, and Mercado solemnly wifness berqk Home Sc, class, firsf defeat in 20 qames ai Lodi. A. H. S. reofers witness Panlheris ffiumwh , ' ' Helen, Merle. and Doris cheer our boys on io over Manfeca, J. V. s frounce Concord in Z8 fo 7 vidory. anqfher vicfo,-,x Assemblies and railys, which also some ar this season were enfhusiasiic. Block A and Emblem A sweafers were berng proudly spurred by The lucky Seniors. The organizaiions ako sprang info vibrani life af Qhis Mme, and our two publlcariona, The Hi-Life and The Pemfher, sfarfed rolling, These fall monfhs marked ihe beginning of an acflve year 'for A. H, S. M. 3 , ii? The b and and Mr. Hookins foo? for frse home ieam emerge vkforioux, GS W8 uunn out an Yhe open m wmn nq game wrfh Concord Where s fha res! of We Ncormme rs res? fume ar A H S especrali Yeam scanery .0 y wifh such nice Our hrs? assembiy and mxhiary rhythm by Mr Hookms and Company The semor afhiefes recewe and wear them pr Agarn a mn ffm Mme Crocker? brings qrms fo ihe faces of fhs home feam fhewr sweafe oudYy 'S The J V 5 wm anorher on home ground An exciiing momen? as Anfioch imgeia and assisfan? perform fqr record pyQ,,5 ,Q-Hougg, fo, dnorhe, win ' . . . eg crowds as Anficch Our three ye!! Yeaders Dons Merie and Heien swam out a tense munuie Q73 3 wins aqam aqamsi Alhambra thas hm V - U U . A viva! garf of A. H, LifeNDish' The gym dass brushes up on Qhe Safes? Mr. Eagleson expiams aqarn fhe arm-xcacses of an wcrkm washmg by fhg fame, gf the ,same wuggngs mmfg-,e gg, game Hawkgn, and then aqam, Cafefe,-ia: DN. ,Q by fs is Q Q Xi 3 35? ,4 gf 2 Z 53 E i We 3: xv ai jig 11 Q if Q December, lhal magical monlh of Christmas and lhe Junior Prom. Holly and brighl ribbon sei lhe mood for gaiely. Practice games unofficially opened baskelballseason. The day coach handed our the fcolball awards will long remain in the memory of cur alhleles. Cinderella for fha evemnq Marganal Nash and her ladies an walling Barbara Keller June Marian lrls Hudson Louise Tomlin and Nancy Sfralheam 1 'fn Wlrh lhe deadline almost mel the Annual Slalf 'lakes lime our for a momenl of fun. Ffom ffoflefs GSQCVIY dwell live duclo Yhe smxlmq laces are caused by arrival sure of lhe Jumor class Cinderella of me an,,OuSgY awaned Sengof The '48 Emblem A slages a strictly all girl parly al Joanne Vfera's ranch. . V - The library is graced wirh a Neliviry Yhe climax of a minor not is reached as. Mr sggne, lhoughllullv provided by Miss La Eaglesorfs loorsleps are heard on lhe slalrs. Coge. In a lense momenl, Lyle Blaine fries for a badly needed fwo poinls againsl lhe Richmond Oilers, The dust bowl on a windy day makes for gloomy faces. Afldflef N6ll0Ml ASSGNUY Df0Q"0m A P-Emile' and his opponenl slrelch and lbs , with birds the fopic of rhe day. ball ,goes flying, . , January officially opened baslcefball season in A. H. S. Bu? il was also llse monlh ol many ollner aclivilies. The Leap Year Dance slarled llxe New Year off willw a bang, and llxe gamas, flue plays given by 'Phe Dresmafics class, lhe Nalional Assemblies programs, and llwe many olher acfivilies made lhis rnonllw a happy one. The whole Annual Staff qaihers mund while Editor Scudero leads We discussion. Uwe first play of the season brouqhf us Yhe perlecf friendship--or are they iust Norma Wllliamsoni Norma Baird and posing, Ellzabefh Howard in "Belly, Behavef' Ticlre? salesmen Naiera and Mercado aren? Everybody wants to gal info We ac? as fha fits? A bunch of monkeys in the Panthefs lair. Do you affending sfriclly fe business dance of 'Phe New Year proceeds. suppose lhey all wan! to buy annuals? A b k if A V h b . A,H.b. students team something lhe marvelous abilily of The ' ' """' 7 as e Of n lOC rims of Yhe work of Hue Snlvaticm blind organist brings ova. J if h b U If A - cheers from we happy MM. Army V RMS and donafiomh ump ig oys means more pffmfs, for nur side, February was unique, noi only because il' was ihe Leap Year monlh, buf also because of 'Phe new lhings which were inlroducacl info Anlicch High. The noon plays, where each and every one had a chance to display his lalf,-nfs, and Hue Hrsl all girl assembly were big hlfs wilh 'lhe A, H. S. sludenls. The Dramalacs class presenfs The Srslers Mackmlosh with Barbara Oden Halhalue Ward and Beverley Dorn ,ff The Trumpefeers per a February canal Who will gel the ball is lhe big cxueslion as another qarne races lo a finish. wp- l"N1-4-ff: 'iii' 5 M A Emblem A girls quickly sell lheir candy fo fhe hungry Norm Cone guards as a Don fries for a baskefball crowdl basket. L "L...., ..,'fr" ,ff x Carpenlry boys add a much needed sforeroom lo fhe gym Thi? f5'2Cldl"lCl 5'll9fACl555 Gam? The firsl all girl assembly arouses much and lhe excitement inge.-gg. A u ,W mf' The bail 5, gnly one of fha victims as a rough game of spoedball cols underway. Q lr P P E, ,fm ., 'mf' 5 , 3 2. 2-in.. of ' They serve us faifhlully and are a very welcome siqhl when The Giee Club makes ready Yo sing for Gene Crane' me Villgim' pounggg on La. I noonfime rolls around, lhe enioymenl of the Junior Hiqh, Verne gosfdmol me Woman of MY599.-y, gl xx The angel, Hafhaiie Ward, leads fhe lime, , blind soldier, Donna Hammons, up To fha 5 Gaies of Heaven in answer fo "The Summon: E of Sarielf' monfh, of course. was ihe Sophomore Hop. as they wafched Hue annuai Easier play, "Tha Summons of Sarielf' Enrhusiasric, would-be arfisifi decoraie for ine Sophomore Hop, Mr Band cuts the cake af a honor h cafeiena Chine' holds Naiahe Wen When spend reds are given conceniraflon IS the rule PGYYY 'V' Uancmq af the Juke box Jamboree to the rhyihm of spsnmnq plaiferx Friendly?--noonfime horseplay befween Mr. Freeman and the boys. :- bound as Paffy Oakes the hmehqhi wqfv 5 kvrfff or rr. .f Q- 'Q or - L., ., llfl A Q V , ,f Two heads are beiter than one En meiai zhop. Or ara they? Parry Andrews gives the iowdown to fhe nd - lunch bags. A, lr. r, Qiqnified seniors sedafdy enioy iheir iunch hour in ihe senior court W K :AL ...srgrr ,:wk,,. G r V VJ? M ,, s ' f- 'f"'?"' Xi-ai ' U :'f15,3'3'?L33 M M-ff w , 5 N ' ' , . V rf , ' ,, Y. ,, '5 ' fsffo r ,M r A f ,r ,fr A M 4 :wr jar, af. L A Q! , H-51.1. ,J .Lx ago, , ' Q ' fr ' ' ' f".zu:' , 9 1 ' " "qw .An if rf :iff 4 'K . ' rx. -if-m,zQ 4 A fgirzrffrffr ., ' W Q . '35 ' V w fggfo V gr, V , xuvnv M A my 4 s - M' f V' r t ry at Th d ' 'P I in V e annq carspginigrdicass among e Hgrd workmg A. H. S, nudenfg? March-lion or iamb proved an inieresring one in Anffioch High. The highlight of ine a Easier ioo, was observed by Hue Siucfnf Body ' aria: .gym aff X 'Q M52 'nf K- . it amxylxg, r M M. 41. may and ea. 213 "fs" STREET ANTIOCH QPi1' iifii'fTOSiUI? 'cfdaie rrwemb sisres in We couniy is rlqhf here ir: Amiiocrx Yezsi EM GREiFS', refmzudeied re cizrwty Emo Q very mofiorn sive, We iaiezi Yrs dregs suiigv and aiwcaes can be found iwe-rf: pius loud or Qcmservaiivse shiris Ha:-5 arid S'Nf3fji'5fTS for 513511205 or ri badiy naeded pair G?Si61CiCu are ony 5 hw ui We many C?'1'3iiT6?5 ieawrod ai GREIFSI He-re you Ronnie and Bob ircfhric :iarimir iraq iiie marry varieiies of siwiris. " .f:::Q::.g-rn. ':,r,2:-6' 1. I ' 23. fifz-9-fi H - - we-: :'f..E:- E1 vga f -' , X hm w' f " '-wwf' 5 A i"""'rrv-M W i ,, " ' mf wi x is 5 wish .. M J., Sw, ,f 'B' 1, , "" N :W SZ r 1,1 gr 1, 5: . iz, : keg, P259 4 M if Q A gig if 527525 'iz 4 A Aff M fi 'TEX 1621. in am av- A fr ,xii i- M fa H 0 21 as 'A U1 C U7 -I-4 L CD P 'U U7 C m7 U7 4-4 L CD P 'U O7 C U7 -I-1 L CD P 'U U7 C U7 4-4 L CD P 'U dvertising Advertising Advertising To The GraduaTe of '48 . . . May we poinT ouT The advanTages oT living in ConTra CosTa CounTy T' T 'I' I-lere are liTe opporTuniTies: a counTry oT scenic beauTy, a wealTh oT good soil and waTer, diversiTied indusTries, modern and Thriving communiTies T' T' T' Some oT us may casT our eyes Tar aTield and ignore beneTiTs we enioy here. Some oT us, oT necessiTy, may see Tar lands and wondrous Things-buT leT us remember The man who searched The world Tor Treasure, only To Tind iT buried in The Tields oT home. FIRST NATIONAL W' "n'f"'h BANK of sAvlNes K MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DORIS FLORIST OAKLEY ROAD ANTIOCH NoThing can cheer a siclc Triend more Than a beauTiTul bouqueT of Tresh Tlowers or a poTTed planT. DORIS FLORIST has a greaT varieTy of planTs and bouqueTs plus corsages of any size Tor ThaT special occasion. I-lere you see RuTh Assini and Marilyn ThuT looking aT The medley oT 'flowers ThaT can be found aT DORIS FLORIST. LOUIS L. CAPLE THIRD STREET ANTIOCH ' A new sTove Tor your Mom To cook some oT her delicious meals on, a small radio Tor your room or a radio-phonograph combina- Tin Tor your Dad can be Tound aT LOUIS L. CAPLE'S. I-lere you see Marylis Jensen and Mary MarTinez looking aT a brand-new ReTrigeraTor Range. Also Tor The besT in painTs and enamels, be sure To Thinlc of CAPLE'S TirsT. DRAGON' RICHFIELD STATION If I SIXTH AND "D" STREETS ANTIOCH One place in Town ThaT is always a beehive of business is DRAGONS' RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION. You'll always Tind a number oT cars There being washed and polished, lubricaTed, or Tilled wiTh RichTield gasoline, which gives your car The TarThesT in mileage. Dragons sell Tires and auTo accessories, and will give you The speediesT and mosT eTlicienT service. l 46 THRIFTY FOOD CENTER THIRD AND "6" STREETS ANTIOCH l-Tmml WhaT shall we have Tor dinner? IT you are doing The shopping be sure and Turn in aT THRIFTY. One can plan a Tull course meal Trom The iTems on hand. A large assorTmenT oT Tresh vegeTable can be purchased here along wiTh meaT and canned goods. l-laThalie Ward and Bob Dozier are looking over The pros- pecT oT The evening meal. LA GRANGE BEAUTY SALON SIXTH AND "A" STREETS ANTIOCH WheTher you wanT your coiffure done in a sophisTicaTed upsweep Tor some special occasion, or a naTural every-day sTyle you may be sure ThaT The LA GRANGE SALON will seT your hair oTT To iTs besT advanTage. The La Grange can also keep you in Top physical condifion wiTh Their Gyro-ducing SysTem Tor reducing. In The picTure, Nancy STraThearn is seaTed comTorTably in The vapor baTh as Julie Alcocer aTTends her. ANTIOCH FRENCH LAUNDRY 820 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH IT you dread Thinking of ThaT pile of dirTy cloThes, iusT pick up The phone and call The ANTIOCH FRENCH LAUNDRY. They'll pick up your cloThes and in a iiTTy have Them back To you clean and sparkling. l-lere we see Mr. Tallifer and Gene Balocca by The AnTioch French Laundry and Dry Cleaners Truck. l l GARROW'S SECOND STREET ANTIOCH The problem oT "WhaT shall l geT Mom Tor her birThday?" or "WhaT would Dad like Tor FaTher's Day?" can boTh be solved by going To GARROW'S. They have a wide varieTy oT knick-knacks which should be very pleasing To your MoTher and soTT cushions and ash Trays To make your FaTher more com- TorTalole. Here you see "Hoppe" Jacobsen showing Doris Azevedo some beauTiTul drapery maTerial. Besides buying There your- self, Try coaxing Mom inTo buying you ThaT beauTiTul bedroom seT or Turnishings Tor The whole house aT GARROW'S HOME FUR- NISHERS. MAYER'S JEWELRY STORE SECOND STREET ANTIOCH "Oh, isn'T iT beauTiTull" "Hmmm, l'll say!" ThaT's The commenT Trom wise shoppers, MargareT Nash and HaThalie Ward, as Mr. Mayer shows Them one oT The TascinaTing iTems aT MAYER'S JEWELRY STORE. I'm sure you'll agree wiTh Them ThaT "iT" is beauTiTul-"iT" being everyThing Trom waTches and rings, To Those pearls you've been wanTing Tor so long, or The TinesT silver- ware made. Yes, Tor The besT, iT's MAYER'S JEWELRY STORE. NASH PHARMACY 302 "G" STREET ANTIOCH GraduaTion is coming- up! IT presenTs problems doesn'T iT? WhaT could be beTTer Than a Parker 5I pen and pencil seT? Those new pens in The ladies' size are iusT The Thing Tor your gal. Here you see Mr. Nash showing Eugene Crane and Barbara Keller The newesT Parker seTs. Maybe some sweeT smelling cologne or baTh powder are more To her liking or you can geT your laTesT copy oT "Junior Bazaar" or "True DeTecTiveg" TavoriTe TooTh pasTe or cigareTTes. All This and prescripTions Too, aT NASH PHARMACY. SANDER'S ZI4 "G" STREET ANTIOCH Do The pangs oT hunger sTrike you abouT 3230? JusT Think oT Those glazed do-nuTs or "melT in your mouTh" rnacroons-delishl Be sure To order a beauTiTully decoraTed sheeT cake Tor Those special-special occasions, iusT The Thing To Top oTT your coke- parTy. Here you see Wanda PuTman and Wes KirkpaTrick drool- ing over The sweeTs being arranged in The window aT SANDER'S bakery. JAMES MEN S SHOP SI4 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH The "Senior Ball" and ThoughTs oT new suiTs sTarT cluTTering up The minds of some oT our male sTudenTs. Here you see parT oT our greaT "champ" TooTball Team lBob BurneTT, Dick Ouinn, Lyle Blaine, and Louie Brionesl in JAMES MEN'S SHOP Trying To decide on a sharp Tie, shirT and suiT ThaT will make Their girls very proud oT Them! RuTT1ll Jim Davi helps Them make The deciding ABELL'S APPAREL zu "e" STREET ANTiocH choice. Big daTe SaTurday niTe? CloseT empTy? BudgeT To waTch? EveryThing Trom ThaT beauTiTul black dinner dress you've been dreaming abouT To ThaT cuTe baThing suiT Tor your vacaTion swimming can be obTained in ABELL'S APPAREL. Here Ann Vargo and Bernice NeTherTon look aT some oT The beauTiTul cloThes which are in The laTesT Tashion magazines and are also on The hangers oT ABELL'S APPAREL. The proprieTors, Mr. and Mrs. Abell, are showing The girls one oT Their many suiTs. HITSHEW BOOTERY SECOND STREET ANTIOCH IT you Think Those war-Torn loaTers are ready Tor The poor box, and your shabby saddles won'T carry you anoTher sTep, you'd be wise To hurry and replace Them aT The HITSHEW BOOTERY. You can be sure To Tind The laTesT heels and dress TlaTs To maTch ThaT new suiT or dress. Those alwayseneeded bobby-sox can be had in any size or color plus The Tine hose being shown here To BeTTy Cakebread and Carolyn BurTon by The owner, Mr. HiTshew. WHITE FOUNTAIN SECOND AND "G" STREETS ANTIOCH Where's The besT place in Town To Tind all The gang aTTer school or aTTer The show? Where's The busiesT corner in Town? Yes, The widely known WHITE FOUNTAIN is The answer To These ques- Tions. Here you see Barbara Thomas, Virginia Crawford, and George EllioT, enioying Themselves while Harlan Jackson, The proprieTor, is busy wiTh The Tizz-waTer. D 81 W SHOE HOSPITAL I07 "G" STREET ANTIOCH Are you consTanTly Troubled by gravel or sand seeping Through The hole in your sole? WheTher iT's a logging booT like Yvonne PuTnam is holding or a dainTy dancing slipper held by Babe Mercado, don'T IeT iT boTher you TurTher. Hurry iT down To The D 8: W SHOE HOSPITAL and geT speedy eTTicienT service. BROWN'S MEAT MARKET 2I6 "G" STREET ANTIOCH Yum! Yum! Look aT The delicious ham ThaT Mary Ann Posey and Fred Hunzinger are buying aT BROWN'S MEAT MARKET. BeTTer Take a peek also inTo The showcase, and look over The various oTher meaTs which will very likely appear in savory dishes aT your own dinner Table. You can be sure ThaT owner Mr. Brown, Bill Schramm and Jack Shaw will provide you wiTh The besT quaIiTy oT meaT aT BROWN'S MEAT MARKET. MEYER'S MOTORS THIRD AND "H" STREETS ANTIOCH IT you wanT sTreamlined eTTiciency and solid comTorT in an auTomobile, The 'MEYER'S MOTORS is The place To buy. Meyer's deals in Fords, and can supply you wiTh any Type desired, along wiTh any exTra necessiTies. In The picTure you see BeTTy Giacomel, KenT Vickery, and Ray Salazar noTing The many ouTsTanding poinTs OT The Ford in The showroom. HOLLIDAY'S HARDWARE 725 THIRD AND "H" STREETS ANTIOCH Are you hunTing Tor a presenT Tor a member oT your Tamily or Tor ThaT special Triend? IT so, The place To look is HOLLIDAY'S HARDWARE. Holliday's carries a large assorTmenT oT arTicles which include: household uTensiIs, Toys, guns, and supplies. Here Glenna Davidson and Henry CalverT look over some oT The many Tine arTicIes. BEST CLEANERS SOI "G" STREET ANTIOCH Do you wanT ThaT dress or suiT alTered in Time Tor The big dance? Do you wanT your old sweaTer dyed? Did you spill coke on your Sunday besT? WhaTever iT may be Take iT To The besT- BEST CLEANERS. Jackie Taylor and Nancy WinTzer are Taking advanTage oT This opporTuniTy. CARRIERE'S GIFT SHOP 2l0 "G" STREET ANTIOCH Are you aT a deadlock when iT comes To picking ouT smarT giTTs Tor weddings, birThdays, anniversaries, graduaTions, or oTher occasions when a giTT is in order? IT This is The case, we suggesT CARRIERE'S GIFT SHOP To you. You'll Tind Their selecTions OT merchandise will make The mosT enchanTing and yeT appropriaTe giTTs, and a card Tor any occasion may be purchased. Here you see NaTalie Scudero and Joan Densrnore looking over Their many arTicles. SALLY ANN DRESS SHOP 207 "G" STREET ANTIOCH CloThes galore Tor liTTle ToTs, buT besT oT all iusT whaT big sisTer wanTs. ErnesTine Pasley and Dolores Aguinaga are righTly inTer- esTed in The aTTracTive blouses and dresses shown in The window display. For The besT in casual and sporTs wear or Tor ThaT special aaa, iT's The SALLY ANN DRESS si-ioP. FAMOUS STORE 205 "G" STREET ANTIOCH IT you are in search of luggage, men's, women's or children's cloThing, shoes, yardage, household or kiTchen equipmenT, or small iTems OT every day necessiTy, Then The place To look is The AnTioch FAMOUS STORE. Here in The picTure you can see Jean Pollard and Roland McClure examining buT a porTion OT The exTensive merchandise carried aT The FAMOUS STORE. EDDY S FOUNTAIN 2I2 "G" STREET ANTIOCH WanT a coke, banana spliT or a delicious Tull-course lunch or supper? Any oT These and all sorTs oT TounTain concocTions plus assorTed sandwiches can be had aT EDDY'S FOUNTAIN. Here you see Mary Ann STamm, Jack BuTela, and Joan Densmore Try- ing To decide on someThing To saTisTy Their aTTer-school appeTiTes, while Eddy LuTz, The owner, looks on. PALACE SPORTING GOODS 6l9 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH SporTsman in The Tamily? Then The PALACE SPORTING GOODS is The place To go. There you'll Tind everyThing Tor The sporTsman including Tishing rods and reels, baskeTballs, TooTballs, everyThing Tor The camera Tan, and also Tine Table model radios like The ones we see Wilma Davidson and Tom Lynn examining here. Yes, shop aT The PALACE SPORTING GOODS. AMERICAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 504 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH Did you eaT lunch Too TasT Today Thinking ThaT you'd be laTe Tor school? Did you despair when you dropped spagheTTi all over The TronT OT ThaT luscious new sweaTerf7 Take The advice oT DoroThy Novero and Carl Osborne and Take iT To The AMERI- CAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS. Your Tace will be all smiles when you see The wonderTul iob ThaT They have done. EL CAMPANIL THEATRE SECOND STREET ANTIOCH A diTTerenT view oT The EL CAMPANIL THEATER is seen in This picTure oT Dornan Wagner, BeTTe Jacobsen, and NaTalie Scudero, examining The eguipmenT in The proiecTion room. l'm sure you have all whiled away counTless pleasurable hours in The com- TorTable seaTs oT The EL CAMPANIL, waTch- ing one oT The many Tine picTures shown There, all oT which are careTully selecTed To assure you OT The uTmosT enioymenT. W , KELLY'S UNION SERVICE STATION FOURTH AND "L" STREETS ANTIOCH For EiresTone Tires, Tubes, baTTeries and accessories, go To KELLY SPRUELL'S UNION SERVICE STATION. Spruell's will give your car The besT service in washing, polishing, or lubrica- Tion, and can supply you wiTh Union 76 gasoline Tor The besT in mileage on your car. You will receive guiclc accommodaTing service aT Kelly's and wiTh courTesy and good humor he will comply wiTh your needs. ln The picTure you see lvlarvin ComsToclc and Norman Cone waTching Kelly wash The windshield. COTTAGE FLORAL SHOP "G" STREET ANTIOCH Whenever an occasion arises when Tlowers are in order, leT THE 'COTTAGE FLORAL SHOP handle The maTTer. The CoT- Tage has a wide selecTion oT Tlowers, any Type or color you desire, and can arrange Them in The mosT beauTiTul array. Speedy delivery service is anoTher advanTage oT The CoTTage ElorisT. ln The picTure, Norma Baird and Louis Williams are selecTing a planT Trom The window. SKYVALE AIRPORT OAKLEY ROAD ANTIOCH The lceen exhilaraTion TelT while Tlying Through The air is a Thrill never To be TorgoTTen. A plane ride is someThing all should experience. The SKYVALE AIRPORT oTTers lessons and evenTuf ally you can receive a license iT you so desire. ShorT plane rides are also oTTered and The cosT is noT so greaT when you consider The Tingling sensaTion you can always remember. BeTTe Giacomel and BeTTe Jacobsen seem To be geTTing a lciclc ouT oT loolcing over one oT The planes aT SKYVALE. - 4 TEEMQT.. l MILAN'S b07 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH An ideal place Tor a snack aTTer The show or ThaT laTe dance is Ivlilan's CaTe. Famous Tor Their early morning breakTasT service, They are equally wellfknown Tor Their lunches and dinners Tor The Tamily. Ted CarlsTrom and Claudia Calisessi, picTured here, seem pleased wiTh The courTeous service which you will always receive aT MILAN'S. KEEP-U-N EAT NINETEENTH AND "A" STREETS ANTIOCH Cleanliness and ThaT well-pressed look will make a diTTerence in The appearance oT your cloThes and you. Your populariTy mighT even depend on The Trim aspecT oT your wardrobe. In The picTure Doris Pridgen and Margie Chapman waTch a quick-press iob. This along wiTh Their speedy delivery service are buT Two oT The KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS many conveniences. BEN FRANKLIN 306 "G" STREET ANTIOCH IT you are looking Tor school supplies, cosmeTics, Tools, or cuTlery, l Think you will be very saTisTied wiTh These and many oTher iTems ThaT can be purchased aT The Ben Franklin STore. Here you see Adrienne MacKinney, proprieTress, Trying To sell Teresa Brazil and Mary Posey some TooTh-pasTe which will make an ever-lasTing shine in Their smiles. EIGHTEENTH AND A STREETS ANTIOCH ETTicienT aTTendanTs always make a Tilling sTaTion popular and along wiTh The Triendliness OT Joe Bruce iTs owner JOES SERVICE STATION has become quiTe well known and is paT ronized by a good percenTage oT AnTioch Here you see Joe and Bruce H1eberT sTand1ng beside Bruce s car For quick eTTi cienT service iT s JOE S SERVICE STATION 608 THIRD STREET ANTIOCH A problem has presenTed iTselT Your cokes are warm and The gang is coming over Think no more abouT IT Phone ANTIOCH ICE AND FUEL and The chipped ice will be broughl' To your home by The new Truck shown in The picTure Jim Dossey and Don Noack pose near The Truck Chicken Teed and Tuel Tor oil sToves are also delivered by ANTIOCH ICE AND FUEL 5l6 THIRD STREET ANTIOCH IT Those shoes you love so well have worn ouT or are run down aT The heels your problem will be solved by Taking Them To JOHNNY'S SHOE SHOP Tor a quick re sole or Taps puT on The heels. Here Dan Cone Frances Nunes and Lou Harlan in back groundl seem unTeresTed in geTTing Their shoes repaired The righT way aT JOHNNY S SHOE SHOP MUSIC MANOR 7I3 sscoun STREET I'm sure There isn'T anyone noT Tamiliar wiTh This popular place of enioymenT and relaxaTion. WheTher iT's a symphony, a novelTy record, a rhumba, or your TavoriTe crooner, you will have no Trouble Tinding iT aT The MUSIC MANOR. Wilma Davidson, Barbara Bell, and Jack Garrow, who you see in The picTure, are buT Three oT iTs many paTrons. WOODMAN'S RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION FouRTH AND "L" STREET Good equipmenT, good service and good humor are all as- sociaTed wiTh WOODMAN'S RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION. A lubricaTion iob aT Woody's will seT your car running so smooThly you'll TorgeT you have a moTor, and Richfield gasoline will give your car The mosT in mileage. In The picTure you see a happy group oT high school boys sTuTTed inTo one small car, as smiling PeTe removes The gasoline cap. ANTIOCH MEN'S STORE 740 SECOND STREET For school or dares, ANTIOCH MEN'S STORE is The place To buy popular l.evi's, Frisco Jeans, handsome slacks, school sweaTers, and colorTul sporT socks, IouT deTI FasT numbers in shoes are also TeaTured. Prices are reasonable, and merchandise desir- able aT The ,ANTIOCH MEN'S STORE. PicTured are Mr. and Mrs. Tornhiem, beTTer known as Bill and DoroThy, making a sale To Jack Cram and Jimmy Calisesi. 35,5359 'w L, 1 l ANTIOCH I v ANTIOCH ANTIOCH EBBA'S FOUNTAIN SERVICE ROAD ANTIOCH Everyone likes coTTee and donuTsI And where can you Tind Those delicious DownyTlake DonuTs? Why EBBA'S FOUNTAIN, oT course. I-Iere Too, you'll Tind milk shakes, sundaes, sodas, sand- wiches and ThaT old sTandby-"Coke" I-Iere we see PaT BenneTT and Peggy ArneTT sTopping in Tor an aTTer school TreaT aT Ebba's. ANTIOCH PAINT AND SUPPLY COMPANY EIGHTEENTH AND "A" STREETS ANTIOCH IT you're looking Tor someThing consTrucTive To do why noT Try painTing and Tixing up your own room? And, oT course, The place To geT ThaT painT and wallpaper Tor such a iob is The ANTIOCH PAINT AND SUPPLY COMPANY. I-lere you see Mr. Aiello showing Toby ErnesT a can oT ThaT Tine Pabco painT. ELLSWORTH RADIO SHOP TENTH AND "A" STREETS ANTIOCH Philco, Sonora, Crosley, and many oTher well known names in radio's can be had aT ELLSWORTH RADIO SHOP. They can Turnish you girls wiTh a Table model radio ThaT will make your room compleTe, and Tellas, Their Philco and MoTorola auTo radios are iusT ouT oT This world! I-lere MargareT Nash and Ray Salazar inspecT The Tine radio-phono combinaTions aT EllsworTh's. g I 53 I " DRAGON AND GARROW REAL ESTATE EYE AND THIRD STREETS ANTIOCH The lime lo plan lhe lulure is now. Many ol you already have marriage plans, bul have you included a place lo live or build a home? DRAGON AND GARROW REAL ESTATE FIRM can relieve you or your parenls ol lhe lask ol linding a house or lol by presenling you wilh a complele lisl ol available properly and homes lrom which you may choose. Also il lhe-re is properly lo be sold, DRAGON AND GARROW will handle il lo your besl advanlage. BEN KERT'S PONTIAC COMPANY "A" STREET ANTIOCH "Boy whal a slick carl I-Iey, il's a Ponliac. Bel he gol il al BENKERT'S." Yes, you loo can gel a shiny new Ponliac or il you wanl your presenl one lo lasl a lillle longer lake il lo BENKERT'S PONTIAC COMPANY lor lhe besl service in lown. CROWN JEWELRY 627 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH Pearls, compacls, walches-iusl lhe lhing lor lhe graduale, a member ol your lamily or even a gill lor yoursell. And, ol course, you'll lind lhe besl ol lhese and olher ilems such as diamonds, silver, and rings liusl like lhe one Mr. Be-rnslein is showing Florella and James Beckl al lhe CROWN JEWELRY. we HOWSE COMPANY SECOND AND "e" STREETS ANTIOCH I-lousehold appliances ol all sorls, painl lor lhe house or wood- work, loys lor lhe children, and lools lor repairing all broken obiecls around lhe house, can be lound al lhe HOWSE COM- PANY. The new slore is quile large and slocked lo lhe rallers wilh any kind ol hardware you need. For everylhing lrom bolls lo lawnmowers, lhe HOWSE COMPANY is lhe place lo look irsl. SMITH'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ioo4 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH You can'l lake your girl lo lhe big dance or lo lhe show wilh lhal rallle in lhe molor. The quickesl way lo locale lhe lrouble and have il lixed is lo lake il lo SMITI'I'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE. Carl I-Iubbler, Don Dobson and Frank Corollo, pic- lured, know lhal il's SMITH'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE lor a speedy repair iob. AYERS AND MCCLINTOCK INSURANCE 619 THIRD STREET ANTIOCH No one likes lo lhink aboul having accidenls, bul such lhings cannol be predicled. Every smarl person should carry insurance in lile, properly, casually, aulomobile, lire, Iiabilily, elc. AYERS AND McCLINTOCK INSURANCE FIRM can supply you wilh lhe mosl advanlageous policies, and will give you inlelligenl advice as lo which policies you are mosl in need ol. In lhe piclure you see Mr. McClinlock giving such advice lo Mary Smilh, Don I-Ienderson, and Jimmy Coaller. V CAFE 700 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH Looking Tor good Tood? Then your search is ended! You, Too, will have as hard a Time deciding whaT To order as do Elva lvlinaker and Eloyd I-Ioskins. BUT no maTTer whaT you decide on you can be sure oT enioying iT in pleasanT surroundings and wiTh quick eTTicienT service. For good Tood aT any Time iT's The v CAFE. STORK-TO-TEEN SHOPPE b2I SECOND STREET ANTIOCH IT you wanT ThaT long soughT Tor presenT Tor baby sisTer or liTTle broTher, The STORK-TO-TEEN SHOPPE will have iusT whaT you've been looking Tor. lvliss lsbel Dragon, owner, will assisT you in picking The righT size dress or shoes, or if iTs Toys you desire, you can buy anyThing Trom miniaTure dolls and TurniTure To one oT Those cuTe cuddl sTuTTed animals ThaT Ka W lie and ' Y' Y Y Cleo CarT are looking aT in The picTure. ROGERS INSURANCE 600 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH Does your "hoT rod" or moTorcycIe need insurance? IT you aren'T prepared Tor Tire, TheTT, or accidenTs, we suggesT ThaT you invesTigaTe The diTferenT Types oT insurance handled by The ROGERS INSURANCE CO. AccidenTs can happen aT any Time and iT is beTTer To be saTe Than sorry. Babe Mercado and Louie Briones seem To be likely prospecTs Tor owner Mr. J. Rogers. KINNEAR'S looking aT. KINNEAR DRUG COMPANY 610 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH SmarT shoppers everywhere know :Ts The KINNEAR DRUG COMPANY Tor The TinesT in ToileTries IipsTicks and perTumes To Those ever imporTanT prescrlpTions ThaT musT be Tilled uick service is The keyword when developing Those snapshoTs oT The "gang" Tor you Here we Tind Virginia Vivanco and Bob Billeci engaged in The diThculT Task oT deciding IusT whaT They like besT Trorn The varied selecTion OT arTicles always To be Tound aT ANTIOCH STATIONERY SHOP 5I4 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH IT you are searching Tor a diTTerenT birThday card Tor ThaT special somebody or IT you wanT To send a geT well card To your besT Triend, Then The place To look is The ANITOCH STA TIONERS. Besides a Tune array oT cards They have all makes oT TypewriTers, all kinds oT school supplies and a large collecTion oT The laTesT books Raul Gurule and Eleanor AraTa Take ad vanTage oT The convenienT display and browse Through The large collecTion oT greeTing cards LEONARD S LOCKER SERVICE 702 SECOND STREET ANTIOCH IT you've been Thinking oT ThaT big buck you know youll geT nexT deer season have you ThoughT where you re going To have iT cuT and sTored7 Why LEONARDS LOCKER SERVICE oT course! Also you Tind aT Leonard s many TruiTs and vegeTables kepT in The big lockers you see STeIla Olvera and Gene Abell DIABLO VIEW GARDENS 220 RAILROAD AVENUE ANTIOCH PicTured here, are Marilyn ThuT and Norma Walker looking aT The mixed varie-Ty oT Tlowers and poTTed planTs aT DIABLO VIEW GARDENS. Small vases can be purchased Tor The beauTiTul bougueTs. Besides The cuT Tlowers, small planTs Tor seTTing and guiTe a Tew diTTerenT Tlowers and lawn seed Tor planTing can be obTaineol aT The DIABLO VIEW GARDENS which also has a Delivery Service. HOLLYWOOD DRIVE-IN NINTH AND "A" STREETS ANTIOCH IT iT's convenience, quick service and good Tood ThaT you wanT, The HOLLYWOOD is The place To go. Their spacious parking area adds To your convenience. You are able To enioy The besT Tood in The comTorT OT your own car wiThouT The boTher involved aT a resTauranT or TounTain. The courTeous service displayed aT The HOLLYWOOD is one oT The oTher TacTors ThaT draws iTs paTrons. ANTIOCH AIRPORT LONE TREE WAY ANTIOCH The miracle oT Traveling Through The air, hundreds oT TeeT above The earTh, is a breaTh-Taking Thrill which no one should miss. The ANTIOCH AIRPORT can show you The earTh Trom above in eiTher open or closed planes, which are kepT in The besT oT condiTion To assure your saTeTy. The ANTIOCH AIRPORT is also prepared To give you swiTT saTe TransporTaTion To a desired desTinaTion, and Tlying lessons are given by compeTenT insTrucTors. QUALITY CLEANERS 202 ROSSIE AVENUE ANTIOCH The QUALITY CLEANERS which is under The same managemenT, will bring you The same eTTicienT service as does The Modern Cleaners. In The picTure, Norma Walker and Marie Hansen are examining a newly cleaned garmenT. MODERN CLEANERS 5I2 THIRD STREET ANTIOCH Your Tormal or your besT suiT can be cleaned and pressed by The MODERN CLEANERS in iusT a shorT Time, wiTh even The mosT un- sighTly spoTs removed. Any missing buTTons are replaced and Torn seams are mended. In The picTure, Lou Harlan, Hazel Cooksey and Rosalia Lopez smile aT you Trom many rows oT experTly cleaned gar- menTs which are ready To be Taken home by The well saTisTiecl paTrons oT The MODERN CLEANERS. WM., Q9 sryoli S I ' 'E Q F ml S X J' Q 6' ASSBQX ACKNOWLEDGMENTS California Ari and Engraving Company Lederer, Slreel and Zeus Company, Inc. Colburn Sludios A HAL MATSON. ou C Phoiogfaphef DON CLARK ,,A,,,o,,oo oooo P hoieqfaplief Rozie-'s Modern Porirails Edilor Nalralie Scuclero, wiflwoul whom Jrliis a would no+ have been possible. nnuel 4 AUTOGRAPHS A, f J 'Y , J! A V fd, x I df., Q 'J V, ' if F., Uv" 1 011' . ,J 4 lf? J uf V' ,W 'ff Jw f""w J' F' ',f"JffW. A Vu! V, xy all , jjyj i,?J!?,f4!'xI,' In il? JJ 1 w J be 'ubxgvwufxuhl My + ' 1 xggggzgsii 1 ' SS yfj J' V X -K ,Lx ,E 1 p X 91,1 ffonixk f9,5iM W j1UQf3Mf4 rw? Wsjbfifvgx MW ,Q gay if W Q A L Mmm ' , QL ,X 455 ffzizwfligw kj AUTCGRAPHS M540 HM q 2 " J 1 iJ 6 . V : , 55:22-M 4giQ7a, 7Q,JZfQf4 Q4 Q, QZMWZZ, i4QTW4QQ , gill h?" K t X fp if AwWw"WQfQ?QQ Bm X R wQn03??,Vii2gf'i?SftaW'5 li WifW WV M! AUTOGRAPHS 'x ffywikfaff M M My!! pf.,,,f! i if,ff ,fj,f1ffff M ff A - . 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