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3 i . .-lui mv 5' -S' , ' fi-421551-' 1 emi , f. I, . L 5 2i,,f2',-' ge .--P: K. A . fQ.7:v41 Q . ' 5 4 1 1 V -. U., V ' ,',, 5 wi 1 ' 4 v .4 I . .rf N iff 1 4 , ' -1 r 1 ' . ' 1 s - X f Y , , , . W. ,., ,faux un' ., - ' ' . R 1 A , , '1','Z. L. -' V5 ' -. ' 4' I 'Q ' Y ., - .1-,fr .f rl KL f4 .'r4 ,-1 S. ,M ,, 5 V? I dz.. , 1 , . M, Published by Antioch Township High School Antioch, Illinois 1958 Q 1 'fr' ky' s L LA, Q. 1 I N. , ,...- . -va, I,,,,,..-M. ' va. J. ' ,,....a.. I A , awww 412 4'Q':'u' M- , ,fb-v ' L-an 'W ,,..,.Q,, - qu, . -. fi N 4 .N- .MW , M1 C 4 , 1, K MW , T A, ' ,, muhaw Y 445,71 Wm W, zfwwmkf N17 61 I A' .W Ay V' ' l xfw , WW'-ff Q ,my Q, , Wy, M. ' 'f wv,,,,, X ff. 'f' f 'WW . 1 f ,r 1 ' Nw ix PV' in 472 WN- vii S 1 ' x , -1- ' -.4 - x r ,, X- A X, W 1 --x ie 1 s XX .X 3 K- ' A 7 x L 'Q , . K ., kr 1 Nw AQ X N, ' -Ax. x-., ' f e. J 'D--- A 1 7 2 ., 3 -he-cffj x 1 xi .M f' x , X VI! ,tl y X X , J 7 f yi A I W- 1 x .- . , -Z ..,,v' 71'-1, +- ' , ,-. .,, ...m ...JY- JL. Y-ux'h'-'1P -vm' -- --M. -me-Wh. l-qw - frrnu-...w..,,,,,A V,,V M 'ic-vfwwwmu4gry,f,.,, , , 'W--V Kfym WMM ,Amman My AMA. 1 ' ' r lx f , 4 I ' ' ' 100 ' , uf ' ,lv 1 1 Q ci f 's. QI in 6 A . , y 'V Ll'L'rf-Aff LL f W., LW Academic Activities Athletics m ffw'mAM, 3 ., W, ,WMMM-.5-WM .4 .40 .72 ' Q f QM.. 'A kg, ' Ax 1 1 1 , ' A' 'I if rc' , .. V AFV V I: A , 5 , rf' f .V ,. ,. , Q 1. fl ga -xf .JAY if Z A VJ M Q' .,.-WV K? ay. VK, ,. A . i , gh .1 , .5 11. Q f- .. 1- V- Y ,J ja AA F ww' f-UM' K , JK, QM- I ,W Q .b M V 8 'Va sg Q , + , fs' ,ff ,ff Q . ,Ks ,af , 4 A x , e w K ., , . , ,bf , . ,Q I 4 - .A f' M., ' ff' 4 M ' I 1 Av ,ff wx, ip. 3, 4 W A V 5, JS, Tig , 1 I 3 If If I VM... 1 I ' ' 5 ,V ' fel V ., ' if ,Q YA ,lf s. af ,v 1 ,df 1.. 2' Jw' fr ' 2 - , 2 fe ' Q K' ,V f 'P ff if 3. N t I 4 . A. ff , ,H Q 1' J 3' 41' if 'A Agp? A4 wx' f A 1 .1 , . I, z in f Ji ,bv ' c 1 ff' M' S ,. I 4 4 ,L . .' ,- 3 h ,ff f 4 r' as o 6 4 --' v ,..-'I K . A, I 1' ' . ,Q F., ., ,K If .. 6 i ,, .4 N W 4 1 f + X.. J 4' 7 ff 3 M W , ff U rf 2 1 1' G A 1 , 46 0 . ,sw 4- 1 'V if f' if 1 V. -1 1 Q4 W Q' , 0' v , 4 A F ,f 6 ,f K A f K. 'P 4 , H ,f 4 S Q 4 4' Y N , fi .4 A , I ' if 2.45 V y 4 , 41' 5 . - ' WY V w 44 f y , I , ., ' ' MJ I I '- 1 ja- 9' IV, 'Q f i . fd? . ., . ' , ff ,.,.w'4 ' 'V A ,ffl , ' -ff V .. .-My 4 ' Y 1 Avy if ' , ,Y M bg. V V: . f WA ,,--as 5' ,V 4 , ff ba,- ' V . .4 f ' ' .9 ' ,VN ,. f' , 2 -' mf nw' . -' M ,x f M ,af .f 'i , H V 1 in N I ,QMK I U ...MW . ' fs' M' I, M ff f ,ff . f- ! 'ff' Aff' A . 7 K Ib., Jr'- M ' M' A ff 'VY ' in W ' v 7 ' ff! nf' 'V ' . A I ff ' ,Wy 4' f l 'x.. Mr. Lester Hamlin Mr. Albert Dictman Mr, Hargld Wilson Oulu BOARD swweswswnilb Mrs. Ruth Seyfarth Mr. Robert Denman Mr. Hamlin, president of the board, is serving his sixth year. Mr. Hamlin is an elec- trician from Lake Villa. Mr. Dittman, princi- pal of Antioch High, has served as adminis- trator to the board and school for the past six years. Mr. Wilson, secretary of the board, is serving his third year with the board. He is an upholsterer from west of Antioch. Mr. Denman, a farmer from Millburn, ioined the board this year. Dr. Carlucci, who is an Antioch dentist, is serving his second year for the school. Mr. Seekatz, another new- comer to the board this year, is a building contractor from Lake Villa. Mr. Cain, back with the board again, is serving his fourth year with the board. Mrs. Seyfarth, an Antioch housewife, has given two years to board service . ' Mr. A. W. Seekatz it 5 9+ U1 X if Dr R1chardCar1ucc1 Mr M C Cam Two men vitally important to the functioning of our school are Mr. Dittman, our principal, and'Mr. Polley, our assistant principal. In addition to the scheduling of classes, the co-ordination of activities, and the handling of disciplinary matters, they devote much time and effort to long-range planning for the improve- ment of our total school program, OFFICE. wmolywauzq, f .4 Mr. William Baird taught social studies and was Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Varsity Track Coach, and served as a sponsor of the Student Council this year. 'I ET 'VTPYF VI. '1zgpy5 ' UT!! 1'Zi!'iT'!!T i .f 1 LLLLLL ., , Wig it .JE SL ul jiguti' , . Miss Barbara Best, who was new at Antioch this year, served as a teacher of English and science and as a Freshman sponsor. sus 1 5 , 5 if P Q, Riff' Y.. X . Y. Nz V z L1 if ,,,-f , As well as teaching Mathematics, Mr. Donald Cramer devoted his time as Mathematics Department Chairman and served as Junior class chairman sponsor. Miss Nancy Denby, who taught English this year, sponsored the Sequoia and also was chairman sponsor of the National Honor Society. Q! F- L r sl QM- .Q The music department was directed by Mr. Louis Chenette, who was chairman sponsor of the National Modern Music Masters, Pep Band sponsor, Sequoia Music Makers supervisor and Radio Club sponsor. Elwewnew Mr. Donald Chiappetta, Librarian, also sponsored the Library Club, directed the Spring music program and variety show, and served as Freshman Football Coach. Mr. James Corrigan, a new member of the faculty, filled his time teaching English and serving as Co -ordinator of Audio-Visual Aids, and was an assistant in the Boy's intramurals program. Mr. Frank Denison, who was new at Antioch this year, served as our Guidance Co-ordinator and also as Senior class sponsor ppp, Teaching mathematics was the job Of Miss JOS6phine Diethelm, who also sponsored the junior class and was Chairman Sponsor of the Junior Red Cross. asFacuBt5e4rpam1s Miss Lorraine Frantz, who taught physical education and business education, also served as Assistant G, A,A, sponsor, Frosh-Soph Cheerleader sponsor, and Pep Club sponsor. Mr. Stuart Good, who taught industrial arts this year, served as Sophomore Basketball Coach and as senior class sponsor. Mrs. Bethsebe Houghton, one of our mathematics teachers, was also a National Honor Society sponsor and a junior class sponsor. In addition to being physical Mr Elmo Edwards one of our education teacher, Miss Nary science teachers served as Science Donovan sponsored G. A. A. and Department Chairman Ticket the Varsity Cheerleaders. Manager and Science Club sponsor Besides being director of the junior and senior class plays, Miss Patricia Howard taught English and was Dramatic Club Jumof C1355 sponsor and Chairman Sponsor. Student Council sponsor lg- 'll x1 1 I MF- Wafd Leaf Seflled 35 Afhleiifl Duties as head basketball coach, Director, Business Education De- head baseball coach, hygieal ed- partment Chairman, and President ucation instructor, and, A Club of the Classroom Teachers' Associa- Chairman Sponsor kept Mr. Larry tion, in addition to teaching in the Le0n'5 time well filled, business and commercial field. ? Serving as teacher of home eco- nomics, assistant sponsor of F.H.A and sophomore class sponsor, was Mrs. Dorothy Romoser, a new face at Antioch this year. ei g., N. SIC Also new this year was Mr, William Romoser, who taught mechanical drawing and driver ed- ucation, and coached the sophomore football team and the freshman basketball team. ! r I X In addition to teaching Spanish, Mrs. Carol Maplethorpe was Chai man of the Langua e Arts De art- ment, Dean of Giri, and Hall Monitors Chairman Sponsor. Miss Ruth Poczekaj occupied her first year at Antioch with English and Latin classes and sponsorship of the senior class and Latin Club. Mr. Elroy Robinson taught chemist: and biology, sponsored Science Club and Civil Defense, and man- aged the junior concessions. Teaching eneral science and bio logiy, coaciiing frosh-soph basebal an being Chairman Sponsor of bc the Science Club and the sopho- more class ave Mr. William Seemann plinty of work. H-7 Ww' lg- UD' f-+ .10 P We've waited and waited, now we don't know if we reall Y want to leave. Within these walls we leave some sweat, some heartaches, some thrills, and a lot of nostalgic memories. We tend to be sages and seers when we reach the Senior level. ln keeping with tradition and example we wish to will the following precepts into the memory of the underclassmen: study hard, respect authority, assume responsibility, give examples of good citizenship. We have Found through exper- ience that these qualities are the most worthwhile that one can attain in his High School life. Beyond that we wish to congratulate the Juniors on their wonderful prom, the Sophomores on becoming upperclassmen, and the Freshmen on the fact that they were here. Our sincerest wishes go to the teachers we have had in our four years at ATHS and for all the guidance and wisdom they tried to place in our hands. Many thanks go to our Seni OI' Q' sponsors for the care they took with our many whims and desires Mr, Good, Chairman Sponsor, Mr. as students. Walther, Miss Poczekaj, Mr. Denison. Yes, we've waited and waited, and now it's time to go--- We lift our voice in song To sing our whole life long- Antioch High School Fine and Strong. gf, 'Selma RICHARD JONAS 6utwwf Rich ' Student Council 4, Vice -President 4, Science Club 3, 4, President 3, 4, A Club 3, 4g Foot- . ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 3 4, Class President 45 National Honor Society 4. 4 ' 4 1 nu f ., - jx 1 PATRICIA DRESSEL ' I Driz y Cx? Sequoia Staff 2, 3, 4, Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, g ' 1 Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Future Homemakers of America 1. 2, G. A, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, All Stars 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club lg Class Vice -President 4. f li IUDITH ZELLBOR Judy Sequoia Staff 4, Tom-Tom Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3g G, A, A, 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary 1, 4. IUDITH PYLES Judie Student Council 4, Girls State 35 Sequoia Staff 3, 4, Tom-Tom Staff 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 4, 7 a A gif X an E35 Q, Treasurer 4, G. A, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, , Q' 1 All stars 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, President 2 gf Class Officer 4, Treasurer, Class Play 3, Nation .ii w Y 'fQg- Honor Society 4. Gs VLH' ' it.. ,f,,..,s C? lpn... 'Thx lw ,sw ' A .X QP 11 27 ,p-. GS. 'Q Xi ,frqd bxasketba ll team lr E I 1 , , L X 2 ? RONALD ABENDROTH llAbh Science Club 3g A Club 4g Football 1 2 3 4g Basketball lg Track lg Band 1g A Cappella Cho1r 3 . BARBARA ALSHOUSE Barb of America 1, 2, 3g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. KENNETH APPLEBEY ..Ken.. Latin Club 3g Pep Club 2g Future Homemak CYS Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4 . JOEL ARMSTRONG Squeak Student Council President 4g Football 1, 2, 4. CATHERINE ARNDT Cathy Student Council 2, 4, Assistant Secretary 4g Sequoia Staff 4g Tom-Tom Staff 3,4, News Editor 4g Pep Club 2g G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, Colo Guard 4g Girls' Glee Club 1g Class Secretary 3g Latin Club 1. NANCY BAILITZ ..Nanc.. Library Club 3,4, SUE CAROL BARNSTABLE Suzy Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2g Pep Club 2g G.A.A. 1, 2g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2g A Cappella Choir 3. DENNIS BEATTIE Latin Club 2, 3g Science Club 3g Basketball lg Class Plays 3,4, fl I' -1--.ii DENNIS BELL .. Denny.. Football 2 . JUDY BENTEL Latin Club 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2g A Cappella Choir 3,4. JAMES BERKE Jim Transferred from St. John's M.A., 1956, Student Council lg National Honor Society 43 Latin Club 1, 2, 3,4, Secretary 2, Pep Club 3, Track 2,3g Class Play 3g Choir 2g R.O.T.C. 2. FRANCES BOYLE Franny ROBERT BURDA Bob Transferred from Farragut, 1956, A Cappella Choir 1, 2. JOAN BURTON Student Council 3g National Honor Society 3, 4g Sequoia Staff 4, Tom-Tom Staff l, 2, 3,4, Art Editor 3, Feature Editor 45 Science Club 3, 4g Pep Club 2, Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3,4, Secretary 2, President 3: G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4, Color Guard 4, Band 1, 2g Class Play 3, 4. MARGARET CARDIFF Pe88Y Student Council 4g Sequoia staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4g Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3g F.H.A. 1,2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, All Stars 3, 4, Color Guard 4, Class Secretary lg Class Play 3. WILLIAM CA RNEY 'xnh-f, by ,,,, 6 X I 33 wmv' -dj 1lBi ll ' . . . 1 , 10 Sequoia Staff 3, Pep Club 3 Basketball 1,2 A' ,Av is no , Track 1,2, Class Play 3. 1 g1,1',r,- -uv H X QKTE' A X C-'17 ar--X 'Sty y 4 4.3, 75 1 ffxxs A K.,,3,. I fn! wr-Mgr fr . ' H sf.- . , -ass. A Ev., ps-.xi 5: gf:5,,,?Qr 15 4 Ol ?r4ar45'4' P. 5 E T: 7,4 Q'e7 + - 1 0 0- - 55 g B- f,s+,fz.+.-xl Q U U A xA. . . 4- + 'K +A-Jo -:- if , x s 15' 'Tr ' fu Iftupfg. :tiff Q E E ff'-'Z MR ,I 5 99' , . 4,'f,x. , Slxiiilll ! h3'-.ww 1 Q A 1:57 JAMES DENTON Num.. A Club 2, 3,43 Football l,2, 3,45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA DEPPE Transferred from Ela Vernon, l956g Art 1,2g Chorus 3, Pep Club 1. LARRY DEWAR Band 1, 2. GERALD DITTMER njerry.. A Club 4g Football lg Basketball 2, 3,4. DIANE DOMEK Peewee Pep Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Modern Music Masters 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3, F.H.A. 1, 2: Band 2, 3,4g Girls' Glee Club lg A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM DRURY Bill JOSEPH ELFERING Joe Transferred from Warren Township High School, 19565 F.F.A. l,2. JANET EPPERS Jan G.A.A. lg Girls' Glee Club l,2g A Cappella Choir 3, 4. FREDERIC FABRY Fred Transferred from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956, A Club 4, Football 3,4, Class Play 4. FRED FAUST Library Club 2, 3,4, Track 1, Baseball 2, 3. FRANK FERDON Ferdie Student Council 3,4, Vice-President 4, Pres- ident 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club 3,4, A Club 3,4, Football 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Band 1,2, Class President 3. MARY FORBRICH Fridge Student Council 2,4, National Honor Society 4, Sequoia-Staff 1, 2, Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, Co-Editor 4, Latin Club 2, Science Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 2, F.H.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, G.A.A. 1,2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 1, Class Play 3. ELIZABETH FRAZIER Betsy Sequoia Staff 3,4, Tom-Tom Staff 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3,4, Chief Rooter 3,4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4, Cheerleading 1, Chief Sequoit 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Class Play 3. ROSE ELLEN FURLAN Rosie Student Council 3, National Honor Society 4, Sequoia Staff 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Editor 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Points Chair- man 3, Treasurer 4, G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, All Stars 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3,4, Head 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Class Treasurer 2. ROBERT GABLE llBobH Radio Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1, Baseball 1, 2. BARBARA GALIGER Barb Transferred from Greenwood, Wisconsin, 1957, Pep Club 1,2, F.H.A. 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 4, Class Play 3. ,y f 7 , ,Z 1 fm '22 'f-f,..,,' 'ea . .4 f f X f R f 5 Pi lib! P 5 .La I , L., r 1 'fu-1 'fi 1 -V I, H Lf f , , .-. l ., .- .W '24, V f....':-1' 'Q ,visit 1 Ax.. , lx 1- 'agnwgv -1-ff? ff 4 3' ,Af 'ffwa 1: 33 f 4- ' i his-4 GX v ,sm lib? '.r'.. Q 3r' DONNA GIBBS Lefty National Honor Society 4, Sequoia Staff 4, Tom-Tom Staff lg Pep Club 2, 3,4, Secre- tary 4g G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, All Stars 3g Girls' Glee Club 1. DENNIS GOODENOUGH Denny Transferred from Chetek, Wisconsin, 1956, Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Photography Club 1, 2, F.F.A. lg Football 4g Basketball 1, Manager lg Band 1, 25 Class Play 4. ARTHUR HANKE Art National Honor Society 4, A Club 3,4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2g Class Vice- President 2, 3. WILLIAM HART Bi1l A Club 3, 4g Football l, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2. ROY HARTMAN ll ll Baseball 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 3. KENNETH HELLSTERN ll Q. 1 -ss 2 4 y Baseball 1, ,3, . gi: t 1 i K? '27 ' L I WAYNE HERBST Student Council 4g Latin Club 2, 33 A Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Basket ball l, 2, 3,4g Track 3g Baseball l, 2. JOHN HOMAN J ack Football lg Boy's Glee Club lg A Cappella Choir 1. PHILIP HORSCH ll fl ANNABELLE HRIBAR '-Ann Library Club 45 F.H.A. 2, 3,4, Treasurer 35 G.A.A. 1,25 Tom-Tom Staff 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. CHARLES HUCKER Fibber Football 1, 25 Basketball 15 Track 1, 2. DOROTHY JACH Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Class Plays 3, 4. PATRICIA JESSE James Student Council 45 Tom-Tom Staff 45 Modem Music Masters 2, 3,45 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 45 Band 1, 2, 3,4. EDWARD KADLEC u Eddy!! Transferred from Carl Sandburg High School, Orland Park, Illinois, 19545 Pep Club 25 A Club 3,45 Football 45 Basketball 1,25 Base- ball 35 Class Play 4. LOUIS KEMPF n Louu Pep Club 15 Football 1. RICHARD KOPECKY A Club 3,45 Football 1, 25 Track 3. 1 O I ,W-mf IN mf-. ,-. 5, , g.m,,Jr,, 5155 -ef. -ag in-4 Z9 -eff 'E nba v 121, .-5 3 l :3 I Isnt? 2 y 3 , , KENNETH KRIEGER '65 ' ,l Ken if 39 Band 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 2. gi L Q if NEIL LESSARD A Liz Transferred from Hayward, Wisconsin, 1957, Newspaper 3, Class President 2. I l GEORGE LYSTLUND A Club 3,4, Football 1,2, 3,4, Basketbali 1. Yzfj I DANIEL MAIER Danny i I KAREN MAROTTA Library Club 4, Sequoia Staff 2, Tom-Tom Staff 2, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Science Club 3,4, IX . . lm It Pep Club 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4, Band 1,2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2. L ' CAROL MCGLYNN McGlinty Tom-Tom Staff 3,4, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Band 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2. ELVIN MEYER ll A111 A Club 3,4, Vice-President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3,4. R, y X , '51 9 -' K' DAVID MITCHELL Q.. A- Dave Student Council 3, National Honor Society 3, 1 Q 4, Modern Music Masters 2, 3,4, A Club 2, ' 3,4, Secretary 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3 gi - Q! Q0 4, 4, Co-Captain 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 2. GEORGE NOWICKI Football 1 . SHARON OTT Sherry Transferred from Roosevelt High School, Chicago, Illinois, 19555 Library Club 4, G.A.A. 1. NORMAN OUTINEN N0tm Baseball 2. NORMAN PA LENS KE Norm Student Council 2, Football lg Basketball 4, Class Play 3. JAMES PARKER Jim Transferred from Fenton High School, 1957, Football 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. SIGRID PETERSEN .. Siggie.. Sequoia Staff 1, 2, 3,43 Tom-Tom Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4g Pep Club 2, 3,4, Vice- President 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, All Stars 3,4 F.H.A. lg Girls' Glee Club 1. AGNES PLEVIAK ..Aggie.. Transferred from Hinesdale Catholic, 1955. ROBERT POULSEN llBOblI Football 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2,4g Baseball 2. F gxzr M J iw? S, ,,., 01 ff! ay, .4-., 31 gr' 1? CD 'GW V7 'if ,. ' A? ,A Kxi' X .,, l x 5 Kit TEC - ,S T, .I I. . .a.,l W. .ml 5' 59 Z' 15 tk ar ,dh c? ' W, fs. 7, 22 1 - ' MARTIN QUILTY Quilt Transferred from Salvatorlan Seminary, 1955 Pep Club 2, 3, A Club 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 3,4. KAREN RENTNER Student Council 1, 2, National Honor Society 4, Tom-Tom Staff 1, 3,4, Latin Club 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, A11 stars 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, Head 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Class President 1, Class Play 3,4. PATRICK ROACH Pat Transferred from Highland Park High School, 1957, A Club 3, 4, Football 4, Basketball 4 Baseball 3, 4. ROYAL ROCKOW IlRoCky1l Sequoia Staff 2, Basketball 1, 2, Class Play 3. GWENDOLYN ROYER Gwenn Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 2, Band 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Class Play 3, Science Club 3. MA RY RUDOLP H IV Rudy!! Band 1, 2, 3. THOMAS SANHAMEL ufrornn Student Council 3, National Honor Society 3 4, Sequoia Staff 2, 3,4, Business Manager 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3. RAYMOND SCHAEFER ll Ray!! Sequoia Staff 2, Track 3, Baseball 1, 2. WANDA SCI-ILUNZ nwan.. PAUL SCHROEDER Transferred from Salvatorian Seminary, 1957. FRANK SEBESTA Moose A Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3,4, Track 2. JUDITH SHEEHAN Judy Student Council 4, Library Club 3, Pep Club 2, Modern Music Masters 2, G.A.A. 3,4, Color Guard 4, All Stars 4, Band 1, 2, Class Play 3. DAVID SMITH Dave MAUREEN SMITH Moe Sequoia Staff 1, 3, 4, Tom -Tom Staff 2, 3,4, Pep Club 2, 3,4, F.H.A. 1, 2,3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1. ALICE STANTON Mick Transferred from Grant High School. 1954, Sequoia Staff 4, Pep Club 4, G.A.A. 2, Band 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR STORCH Pep Club 2,4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Band 2, 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 3. ,gf 'K'- .I , J! ? q Thx 45 df ,pew ,ML ,Y ,X Q .,f' 1 Q 3'-' GX .sl I Q ' x 'Q'-PY ,., ,f 5 f if ,, aff 523 292 Frank and Karen lead Class of '5'7. 7. 3 GLORIA THOMAS Toni Transferred from Chula Vista, California, 1955: Sequoia Staff 4, Tom-Tom Staff 4, Pep Club 3: F.H.A. 3: G.A.A. 3, Girls' Glee Club lg Class Vice-President and Advisory Secretary lg Class President and Advisory Secretary 2. KENNETH TORKELSON Tork Transferred from Round Lake High School, 19565 Radio Club lg Basketball 3. BENITA VERHAGEN Bonnie Transferred from Greenwood High School, 1957, Library Staff 2, 3g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Head of Girls Intramurals Board 3. GORDON VOLLING Gordy Sequoia Staff 3,43 Pep Club 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent 3g Football lg Class Play 3,4. ROBERT WERTZ, Bob Sequoia Staff 1, 2, Science Club 4g Radio Club 15 Pep Club 1, 2, Vice'-President l, President 2, Class Play 3. NANCY WETTERBERG Nanc Student Council 45 National, Honor Society 4, Sequoia Staff 3, 43 Science Club 3g Pep Club 2,4g Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4, President 4g' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 3, Secretary 4g Band 1, 2, 3,4g Class Play 3. Seniors pick up portraits. pq S? Q K, LOIS WOHLFEIL Loey Sequoia Staff 2, 3, Tom-Torn 2, 3, Latin Club ig Pep Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 1,2,3, Girls' Giee Club 1, 2, Librarian 2, A Cappella 3,4g Modern Music Masters 4. PETER ZALATORIS Pete Sequoia Staff 3, Pep Club 3, Football lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. PAULA ZEIEN Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tom-Tom 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 3,4g Science Club 4, F.H.A. l,2, 3, Vice-President 3, G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 Class President 2, Class Treasurer 3. Goal for four DIPLOMA' T t-.P 'V-I.: V X 1 Q Z5 Q. 'K' moment for class of '57 FV'-, Mr. I0hI1SOH. 8dViS01': E. Christensen, Secretaryg Mr. Robinson. 8ClViS01': Mrs. Walther, advisorg L. Wagner, Treas- urerg Miss Diethelm, advisorg Mr. Cramer, Chairman spon- sor, Mrs. Houghton, advisorg F. Mann, Presidentg S. Pickus, Vice- President. Pwvw planting occupies UMf0'L5 For a long time I'll remember our Homecoming float--FIRST PRIZE! Many of us partici pated in athletics and in other fonns of school activities, and we gave outstanding perform ances. True, we had our setbacks, and at times we had our serious problems and disap- pointments. But through a profound effort on our part we managed to hold our heads high. Can we ever forget the Prom? The dates, the colors, the music, the atmosphere all seemed to blend well with the romantic setting! Can we show the way for leadership in our Senior year? l only have to look at and emulate our class leaders to answer that question in the affirmative. R, Anderson S. Aschenbrenner Q., S. Barnstable ' ' 5 al' , zu ' ' ' I. Barski 'fx x R, Behrens 3 A. O. Belke F-It y .- 3 er 4' v. Biehl S J. Bletsch 1- 'W' N ' R. Booker V -'I 7 X K. Burke 4, F Q , ,M , 1 gf t, 5 B, Cain 4 'i xgjsy ' C 0 A V R, Carlson 0,4 - . - . 'V qv Q ' L17 -Q, R, Carlson if J lbw 'J P Case l X I l ' A' Ch . eterbok 1' N V' ' 1 x I D. Christensen M 1, -, It . ,, -2- A , E. Christensen n V , N .J A 1 R. core 9 ' , .Q 'J .zs 5 1. cribb K C ', a ' C, Davis AA. Ak ' D. Dewar J. Doyle M. Doyle H. Drazin W. Dressel I. Dupre T. Eckert D. Freels B. Freund L. Gallagher I. Gaston M. Geist D. Gray J. Griffin H. Hattendorf D. Hay I. Heidner J. I-iendriksen R. Hogan L. Hollocker L. Horn C. Horton D. Horton I. I-Iorwath S. January W, Jarvis C, Kamen G. Kaub iq i'0n-. n 4' f 'I f ' ,v ' S ..,, .. . . . ,. sz . 'sz g I -..---- . .....--' :Vg ... N' wfasezzxm .:e:e::zx1! . 4-f V.' g. , gsx . V 1, C' -1' I J if .ay . nhl ' I L'x' L 1 if 2 e Q -S L , . . 'fy .ff . .,., 'e,, Q N . .A ,Q .f G.. . 7- . 'I .8- .1 A ,. R ,, ' ff' 7 H Il - T IZ' ' .' 4 'rf . I. A s. c K 114. gg 1- ' ss. 3 4- ' 6 4? I a up ij nz. xy, is E 1' V, 9 -an .Q .., fi Y ' ,ra 'v . T x ,. 'wr ' V ri .', ., ' xr -.5 . 'Q 1'J . A' , , .1 .Q , if ,27 IN me x cv X X rv' 4 I . Keisler f C: an Z , Q 1' Cf: C 7--N M. Kenimer - 5 q 'r ' ' ' . F Keulman fr , 6, , V , 1 4' C f , ?r .U ,V QQ .EJ K. Keulman .Q gf. x ' Q. B. Krakowski , Alggf AJ ' 'ffl 3 Cf. ' v...a'r Q 'aura Q ' Qumran-.qu has L f C 6 , J T. Kubina 4: ,G Li, U, 7' C. -1' ' 0 C3 M, Kuzmickas .--- ,.. r if 1 3' , C. Lupa ,B 3 Q' r ' R. Mack Q' A A 'vi P. Magiera -Q' f 5 t F' :K Q 4, X. I . -154-' I ' S I ,ff M, 3 7 1 I tbac M profound e on J. Maleck 'Z Q 8 Prom? The ,Q A V F. Mann sn '-C 4 the romantic D. Mantis ' C for leadershup In 5- MWC' ' K Q to answer that qu K' Mazzuca 5 i C. McNeil gy f 2 'CN , . F. Menning M M' B. Metz . . ' ...- C .V K ., ... C. Miller J 'W'-'V '. rf I A. Milowski an ' T. Milowski x , Z , ' A. Moorman r 's K' Q X .. , V. Nauseda C C' gi C 'W' . --'A ' 5 ' 'A D, Nettles 6' Q I Q R. Northern o ,nv 0 o ' 0 C fs! M. Nowicki ff' .' 4- M 52 C I. Oilschlager . - ' ' f K C L. Osmond cf . M' s Pickus J ' -J' ' ..,' ' XJ Q VJ ' A - 4 Z xx A' M. Piffner -if A j f I i . , X J. Portalski N T. Portalski -, -,B ar' . , 1 , 5 1 7 Q .' ' ' ' ' X ' ' ' J. Proesel . 1 1 QQ. ' - 4 G. Provencal J, 'bf' jf 1 Q8 . . M. Ptasienski K L . ' I. Putnam I. Quinn T. Ring I. Roach A. Rozek C. Ruhl D. Runyard G. Russell K. Saylor I. Scharrer T. Schissler R. Schlarbaum K. Sershon D. Sheehan B. Simmermon G. Sorwell F. Stahmer R. Stam C. Stoffel B. Tallman W. Tasker R. Teml I. Tully N. Vanden Bosch K. Van Patten R. Van Patten L. Wagner M. Waigand A. Weeder R. White D. Winstead A. Wollpert W. Yanea B. Yates J. Zeien z 16017 . . -a ? My ., ' Q V' A ' jr 4 410 ,411 tt r an Q V I' 1 Q 3793 ,mfr 6 im? A An X W A ,. ,. ff ,X 'f 4:-ff V' M X5 I 5 VA 'J 'XR I , I 7, R x Lrg. 'AA. a ' I ' , M E1 V- . I IJ. D' ni -aa nf. . 5251 F' 'W Q 6' , A' 5 ' ,,.' K 12- . A . . A . . . L- ' 1' . ff 1 ,, Qu 'v- .Q .Q ' ' ' 4.1 A 5' .5 V 7,11 I x.. ' 12541. , 'Y - , . A A f 'A N' A ,I 1 1 Q Q '31 ia,-'vs ,7 Q T K. all f KK ' 1' 4' ' 1 ' f f M J . V It If V Q' tuna 17 , ' A , ' x ' ' , f A 'N 4 A I 'iv' ' -'M'-w 1- nu - .. -R' Ax' W? 6' wg- , Q I' an J A 41 if Qi A' an I ' ' A . .F Q51 .4 ...L Q, -1 1 , 29 f' I A FIRST ROW: T. Good, Vice-Presidentg D. Seyfarth, President. SECOND ROW: P. Callahan, Treasurerg J. Hughes, Secretary. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Zea, Mrs. Romoser, Mr. Seemann, Chairman Sponsor. Q This was our year to howl, and howl we did. We scoffed at the upperclassmenp we ignored the Freshmen, we tolerated schoolwork, and we moved a step up toward the goals we were seeking. School was not new to us. The ways and means of getting our way was made clearer to us. By always striving to do better, our enthusiasm sometimes reached beyond the grasp of our po- tential . Instead of using underhanded methods to obtain good grades, we strived hard and consci- entiously worked toward a finer understanding of our work and our teachers. The result was a hard working class and a class that never stopped being proud of itself. Now that our understanding is more complete, we realize that we do like the Seniors, we should give the Freshmen a helping hand now and then, and, in the last analysis, we realized that our schoolwork was first and foremost in our march to maturity. OP gebwtaswmgolvtldugs I. Adamowski 'T p up ig 'A ' s K. Alshouse V Q., 1 J. Alshouse M. Andersen 1, P. Anderson , 6' - v ,Y , M' 'T G, Anzinger SI- it Q cg s J. Apostolou 1 1 4 J, Austin P, Bartik A 9 ' 5, E, Bartley e. ' 30 S. Bauer ,- T' D. Beattie W. Beller S. Berke D. Berkholtz A. Berreitter J. Blank I. Blumenschein W. Borchardt N. Bown N. Brockway A. Bromstad N. Brown C. Buell T. Burda P. Byrne D. Caddy P. Callahan B. Carney K. Cooney M. Corris W. Cremin E. Curtis B. Curwood I. Dahlman S. Davis J. Day P. Derrig T. Dewar S. Dittman P. Dorner W. Dowell D. Drosen S. Duha E. Eberman I. Ehrhardt I. Fath M. Fenger J. Fera B. Fleider A. Franks G. Frasier J. Gerber R. Geske S. Gibbs T. Golden fo Q i L9 jg A B. A 4 .QQ F . ' - W, ff, 4 P ' my , .pw W X ima I , 4-W 5 155 4. 1' 4 ' J 1- , ' W P' 5' Q0 , ' , X' W ' ,M , mx 6 Aj 'I 2 0 I V g 'i f f f W W r 4 ' J F ll 6 f B W ui F Q PM C 5 x ' - X I T 4' ff - Ag . er-.V H423 Q9 J, A 1 , , . u KE W , . , J W I Q Y w 9' lv' - , y ...Q .KN A I .SZ 'F 4 W N A ' B ' .J f V W .. . ' ., f F ii F A . 4 . , I2 ty I sy A 7 in 1 f 44 - L il 9 x. 6 .Til y 43- + f f F' K ---'D'- We li 1 ff rag A .. L 4-. rg, H I ': 7: 4, I , y ,, I .un if V' ?,7 f V8.4 X Q V , 1 . I .. J .I TN 'I I 5 li, an ff' , -if J 1- A.. Z' g, lr ' ' ,il . qui f ,A 1 VZ' X P' f ra 1 A' . P ' x ' . f 1 I 1 xx ,M k I 3 C ,ts , ,077 6 l Q.. doa fs, we r' H 2 if-f K f il'0r' , 'cv 1 M3 f V' W 1 M' ' QAJL 4 .L M 3. L L fa. L , 10:6 L' A Qin' ew, V 3 E 3, f --H ff-f Q L as ' H ...W , H M , A, fe Q ff 4 J- if rf V L I 1 F- 1 ,Z .S 9 ya Q i ,, L ci 4 Q.: , 1 I, 1 V1 fx V .mb Av ,, Ta. ML 2, ' 'T' 44. , 2233 , Q ' 'I ' L Y' J ' ' L 'V H' ky h 6 A x ,Mlm Aim K. .J I f rat ,W if J , vi ihf :J ,, 1. Q- M Ag 4 L, 5 QR in , , 'Z'f' v A L X 4 , if ,Q x , , s f M I. Adamowski x rs ' M K. Alshouse A Ag,-'11 I . Alshouse t, ,V R , -,,, JW? A 1 - 4- L f 1 ' ' 1' .. f' H if 'fa -' wa, 'N li f , I A, 8 1. 1+ 2. ,Y as tb A2 sir X, ffm. Good Gorman Gracyk Gruidl Gudgeon Gutowski Hansen Hansen Harms Heath Heath Herman Herm anek Hironimus Hogan Homan Horton Hughes Irvin Jacks Jasien Johnson Kaminski Kammer Kandl Kapell Keegan Knigge Kubicki Kubs Kufalk Kufalk Lang Larsen Lasco Lassen Latta . Lehmann Lindley Loecher LoRusso . Ludford Maier Mani Mantis Martin Masek McCarthy Medley Meierdirk Merryman Midgley Mi lowski Mitchell Moorman Mortensen Murrie Nelson Nemec Nerud Nielsen Ob erg Olsen Ozga Parker Pavel Peaslee Pille Porter Porter Posson Poulsen Powell Prange Prebe Price Proesel Ptack Pyles Rentner Riihimaki Robis Romer Root Rosquist Rudolph Rudolph Rybacki Schaefer 0-1-.1 A.. .. fy 0 I nz ' Q Q- V , h'-via 'J f rf. 'xiii M Ll P Eh 'Vis J if ,Q M F' P f 1 24:39 I :AV Q, ia 'jj' 'L .A ZHA ni k LV, ,xv ally YA P ' xr f Q P P Midi 'W Th. 'Z' rw It -W ,'.' L4 rf P P P 5 1 fa fy P M 1 ' F A f I A - . P f' ' P -fc f' 3, ff gr, M if get P ,, M ..,,. ,. 1. iw ,M 1 0 1 ,V ,- , Q, V L' ' Ak ,,. 1 AA. Q ' V ix i fit' 3 ,N ' 44 I, , 5 E I ' Q 4-rv ,Q , .W ,X V K V Q A A MX. 16? 'am ' In L, L VI rg ,, VIVV V, f, , R , '7 J 5. ,,, 1 fx H ' X' :XX M 'xr .ir P ii 'X W Q Q.. if gg 4. V 'Fr 5: 1 , 'J Q' V , f -gr .., A .1105 if if J. I 6 fl X71 an . , l-. Q... - .ff- 2 5 . ,f 1 1 . . g ffm' ' ff' M i , -Gr , N S f .A 1 1 f , f., 1 S . -1 , Y , P , . 'Q 0 f ' 0 ' 1 5 1 qv, .. , 04 ' , . ...W J ,X Q! V I '12 6 . G Y 1 1 . D xl' x iv - ' I In x ll' YAZILI 1 3, A 1 '-1' is . I qs J P AA . 'Nl so . 5 i.g... my . -4 ug Y 4:4 23' . W .53 w...s Y wg in ' y W Y g 3 am. , ua Am.. A Zzngzflig I gy 1- '32-'Q jj G W9 .4 L V V ,V v V , ' .8 4 K . ' ' I 'i I I4 5 X l ?',f' F X .'Rx .I A rs: F A 4 , -mfg A 'Q 2 1 ai A4 ha N ' ' W! '-37 'N 7 l x , ,. A 3, f ' :ff ,X ...M f Q -gl . 4- 10 U' 17 'Z' if 5 r gf- RL 32 - A '40 w,. .1 N. Scott K. Scully I. Seekatz R. Serwa D. Seyfarth J. Sherwood E. Shimkus G Siedschlag D, Slazes I. Smith I. Sobey N, Srch M Stankus W Starman K, Stepien G. Stollenwerk P. Storch A. Stowe D. Strattan G. Sturm K. Tallman K. Tasker R. Thayer C. Thiele E. Valek L. Veesenmeyer V. Verhagen P, Wallace I. Weldin I. Wells A, Wertz D. West C. Westberg D. Wiegel D, Wiegel G. Williamson R. Wolf M. Wolff J. Wolter I. Worsley B. Young D. Young I. Young L. Zerr M. Zmuda Mr Strllson Chairman Sponsorg Mr. Smouse, ad- v1sor F Brgner Presidentg W. Wolfinbarger, Vice- Presldent P Camphausen, Secretary: I. Dressel, Treasurer Mrss Best, Advisor. Pwskmew M505 mga sclwolb I ll never forget that first day--ringing bells, lost rooms, misdirections, confusion and excitement! Is Math tough? Watch out for that Senior! Better keep quiet, we're new here These seemed to be the bywords and the asswords among all of us Freshmen. I lust went about my way trying to keep my nose to the grindstone, especially when Seniors walked by. Once in a while we were allowed privileges, like collecting the wood for Homecoming, putting on our own talent show, and having a terrific Freshman party when we were our own bosses for a change. And, Boy! that last day was a pip--ringing bells, lost books, confusion and excite- ment! Math was a cinch! Who does that Senior think he is? After all, we're Sophomores now . Andersen Anderson Anzinger Armstrong Arndt Augsburger Bailitz Barker Beaumont Bell Bigner Blalock Blank Bogaerts Bonner I Booker M Boyle C Brooks D Bruesch is ' r 4 4 if E rl! Q if , .y c my f S A U- 1 , A V 4, X., , 1 X V 5 ff if V GL - L V H2 .2 'fr 1 t islllluxmg W Y y A y x 1 ,sal W if ,E ,g x f fu 1 K i :hz s - 2 N ,. ,.. 4- lv- 7 I .,..,. 12 .- 'Ere ' ' 1 'f g, Q? Q F Y f he - -Wk .1-:, L 4:5 rg 3 3, V V 4, A y,- VL ', hTi.4. ! X 4 . 'ff' :fl if .. 1 f Q' A M. '33 . , J ' 'N I P x r . S J 4 '54 'I war:-7 X 1, 1 I ' I --4 Q 1 WL A RK Q r ' I ' .X-vf' 1 1 X f I. .fm kv 1 , J v ' rw. Q ' ,- -f 45. . P. 511. a , . 'Ll 15- , K' X... fr: Q, ,. .. ... 1. g. Ni. g '17 QI, 'LM' fi mf' . . 1 A . , I . f , A 5. L ,V 30- 'ltr' 'A v. I , V K 1 gr S. V 2 ' lvl' r 2 l .l15?f'45- .',L'!. if Q. ...sf 'Sie . '.. '31, g? Q X iv -3 S '13 CC' 'N .g , . . , -Q g 1 , , .Q J: -.x'4m'.Jf . .ff A X fi JZ .grid f. 'fa in f N Q Q ,V.- 'gl' x i.. M, ' if' ' l , , I ,L A Ja ...1 F. Burger R. Burke C, Caddy P. Camphausen I . Carlson L, Carlson L, Carrick D. Chase P, Cheterbok R. Chinn D. Close F. Coulsen I. Cox N. Cribb L. D'Aba1do J. Dressel P. Drucker J. Duha R. Dunlap D. Eggleston B. Elliot I. Etten V. Fidanso V. Filip L. Freels D. Frisell J. Furlan T. Gallagher N. Ganzer V. Ganzer M. Garvin H. Gaston L. Gibbons S. Gilday L. Goff D. Goodrich S. Gorr G. Greene R. Greene C. Gundelach J. Hallwas S. Hart I. Hattendorf D. Heath D. Heidner D. Henson L. Herbst P. Hogan S. Hookham C. Horn L. Hribar R. Houdeshell D. Iaros M. Iarvis M. Jensen I. Iesen K. Iohanesen R. Johnson P. Kadlec R. Kasicki D. Keeler L. Keisler G. Kent H. Kolher J. Korol F. Kuchta M Kulp S. Langbein D. Lasco G. Lathom D. Leib M. Lemke I. Libert K. Lightsey P. Lindholm C. Lindley I. Loeper K. Ionson E, Martin M. McNeil C. Messersmith A. Miller K. Miller M. Milowski P. Mitchell C. Mortensen R. Munn L. Murray T. Myers D. Nickerson i Q rw 5 'lhzf 49 In mnuv' Q, ,rf WA .Q 1 nv 4, 'K W ww-5, fn nf I'- M M, npr'-t 'Y' Gb I 'n f' 1' Q4 j 'vm 'se . 'Qs ' M If . 3 fs ,R 3 Q4 qw , J I , '.L77'Lf ni f P 1 y It 1 V , 9' AA! A V A Lv. . .... ,,,, . P415 . Y 4 4,4 V ,g rk ' . ' ' Z. -My S 'Fe' V ty J va' R 1' P ,f-Exif: P . M a L i 'fig X Q64 --W mv, ., i 4 4. it 'Jn :Qi 3 '13 '49 K Y -.V Q Mfr VI? 'W 7 gf L T2 za '3 if ii' f '33 , i , , '-'33 V-1 ,. fr' N 1 V 1 . ' , ! ',,.',: -:Z ' ,K xt, ,ao ,L 6 V ll . nfl! cr ' .1 'Q Th y . gy , 'L .. if' ix A 'A' K. Q, A 4 5 L. ' ,, f ' 1 Q ' 4 L 5 J 1 y Xa J V '17 fi. Zeien ' Zlatkowska - , I, 4 , I-s ul Nelson Nettles Olson Osterm ann Ott Owens Palenske Papiese Peaslee Peter Petersen Porter Proesel Radakovic Randall Reed Reichard Reichenbach Rentsch Richter , Roach Rodgers Rothm und Royer Royer Ruhl Ruhl Runyard Sanhamel Sawyer Schaefer Schimmel Schissler Schneider Schroeder Schuth Sershon Shannon Sheehan Sheehan Sherwin Shewan . Shirk Shunneson Smith , Sorenson Sorwell Stahl Stankus Sterbenz Stieber Stokes iii: 11' A 0 5 E. .,,,,l 0. qt W H' 3 x - 'U ' 1, V' A 4. , o a V I v kb al 3' I 'P QV r sux - tis 6' ' iv . Q5 '7 Q '4 ' S S Q Q , . i y if 'Q K' 'W 'dd 'Q Q ,L 5. f mf: 'Sf X ll f' S ' R R A .. ,R '25 . lf-. S . .A g '12-as '-a. 0 --f- ,.- X 2 ' ,ig -' gl ' ,Q Q 4? 7 W ' 1 'S ' 41 X ll -Y - ff fm S-f H ,Q f 2 'af' ' - N, ,,, 1' W.1 V - . -4, -CL! ' of lx A ,7 . 1'3 1, Q 4, R' X- A L ,X Av . f 5 A 1'- xi Ur 3 R. all ' ' . 4 Q. ,E S lt S, S J, Q ,Je Xu' QW 'E ' 3 w. ' f Nh ' ' v'l i I ' SQ Vk ' 'N I , J y . 4. 'S I T E t ,au A. E E 1' 002 -Q' S-Q' -5' ia P G' V' 1 X A E' ' 1, 4 - N S 5 A ' ., 3'-' Tv-A W n' 'Wi 0 W, Q. fs . S Q L: ,,, 3 - 1 Sf: ' S --- ' 12' W ' 1 fi R Jr N X ' ' ,, I' ' R S S -l R M, G. V' J. ' le Q 4, Ig , H , I, n if I' 1 Stillson ' .1 ,.- fm ' ', - 6' ,L 'KW ' f R' Stor Sullivan Tegelman Teml Thiele Thies Thompson Tressidore Truelsen Turner Tutein Uedell Van Noy Van Patten Van Patten . Van Patten Ve jvoda Vermeyen Volling Wagner Waigand Waldweiler Walker Watts Wells Wertman . Wertz White White Wieczorek Williams Wilson Woelf fer Wolfinbarger Wood Worsley I6 -. 1 KJ A 5. 1 3 . px Zi if sa f I avi' , S if Q .. , ' . ' , f a 1 f ,. I K I 1 5 av' ,G W n M if 1 ZS. s .s 'f ' -LZ I, re N , A I 4 1 Q x' L2 Z T A in AY Q , A i 'M f' A 'J ' s H - 1 A t hy ., fnl V w ? 4 A ' 4 W ' WW' ' S-My Q , if 5 ... X Q, 'if I f 1-ev Q' 1 K ff V x vlyy wry. g 'CJ' I A yur. , K . q . J no 5 Ar ,il 5 261' V4 H A, 7' , ,gb v .av Q , fi ' I ' 1 , 1 I fl f I I r ag in ' , V 3' ' ,, 2 s ' A9 LQ f e at XJ: W R. Yancz V H. Young i I ,,,, wg s 9 I. Young 'E ia . ff, G. Zanc W fa'i iq? z , N I . A LN - fr . Zeiefl Jr ...A -. Zlatkowska - - ' f '73 xi. ,,, . 1 1.4137 I 41 UD' K4-' V . 3- 11 2 XZ i in ' 'T The Student Council consists of the Executive Board class presidents and representatives, presidents of state- affiliated organizations, and the girls' and boys' state representatives. The purpose of this body is to promote good relationships throughout the school and to discuss problems which arise, with the hope of finding possible solutions. The council sponsors many activities, including Homecoming, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, 4 professional assemblies, Crusade for Freedom, Variety il Shows, Eighth Grade Day, Student Government Day, and all social activities. Some of their money-making :S -. 'V proiects are selling popcorn, Christmas cards, and OFFICERS school pennants. I U . Mrs Tulumeuo R Jonas Vice-President. F ln the past year the council gained state-wide ' I ' ' ' ' ' recognition for its methods of conducting the Crusade Ferdml' P'eS'dem1D- Goodenough' Treasureri for Freedom, the Student Variety shows, and its Code P' Zelen' Secretary' of Ethics for the Student Body. . o 5 FIRST ROW: P. Zeien, J, Pyles, S. Duha, P. Cardiff, S. Dittman, A. Royer, N. Wetterberg. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Tulumello, T. Blank, J. Sheehan, C. Arndt, F. Mann, S. Romer, M. Forbrich, F. Bigner, Mr. Baird. THIRD ROW: J. Proesel, L. Herbst, R Jonas, J. Armstrong, J. Oilschlager, R. Martin, D. Seyfarrh, W. Herbst, J. Dupre, D. Goodenough. I l . W 5 ,Av 3 G7 FIRST ROW: J. Pyles, R. Furlan, E. Christensen, Miss Denby, J. Burton, F. Mann. SECOND ROW: P. Zeien, S. Pickus, M. Forbrich, T. Sanhamel, D. Gibbs, J. Keisler, K. Rentner, N. Wetterberg. THIRD ROW: S. Aschenbrenner, B. Cain, R. Jonas, P. Magiera, A. Hanke, J. Berke, D. Mitchell, F. Ferdon. Nahanni I-lonofu Qocimhj Hall FIRST ROW: T. Sanhamel, R. Gable, A. Milowski, M. Porbrich, W. Herbst, W. Carney, J. Tully, A. Hanke, E. Eberman, M. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Maplethorpe, E. Schley, J. Zelibor, P. Zeien, G. Frazier, M. Geist, D. Domek, K. Rentner, R. Furlan, B. Stokes, I. Schimmel, P. Drucker, C. Caddy. THIRD ROW: R. Anderson, J. Masek, B. Carney, M. Jasien, G. Royer, D. Runyard, -F. Sebesta, E. Frazier, D. Gibbs, P. Cardiff, M. Waigand, D. Stratton, S. Barnstable. FOURTH ROW: P. Teml, J. Maleck, C. Keulman, R. Thayer, D. Goodenough, R. Wertz, J. Alshouse, F. Faust, G. Sterbenz, R. Schaefer, J. Pyles, T. Thomas, P. Dressel. FIFTH ROW: E. Chris- tensen, T. Golden, G. Anzinger, W. Wolfinbarger, S. Petersen, C. Arndt, G. Volling, M. Smith, J. Sheehan, G. klystlund, P. Cheterbok, J. Burton. SIXTH ROW: C. Davis, R. Rockow, K. Krieger, M. Quilty, R. Blalock, R. artin, J. Dittmer, W. Hart, J. Berke, E. Meyer, P. Mitchell, R. Abendroth, J. I-loman. I We fm ix! ef-- FIRST ROW: P. Storch, J. Seekatz, D. Gracyk, S. Berke, Miss Poczekaj, N. Brown, Secretary, S. Dittman, President, T. Good, Vice-President, P. Bartik, C. Ruhl. SECOND ROW: K. Hermanek, E. Schley, B. Tallrnan, M. Ptasienski, S. January, C. Buell, I. Cribb, J. Gaston, J. Sobey, Treasurer, K. Horton, THIRD ROW: I. Proesel, F. Ferdon, D. Hay, J. Berke, R. Teml, I. Oilschlager, B. Cain, W. Cremin, F. Mann, S. Romer, S, Duha. mlb plaw projects FIRST ROW: M. Anderson, C. Keulman, A. Royer, C. Clayton, E, Homan, V. Ganzer. SECOND ROW: S. Gilday, S. Barnstable, D. Nickerson, A. Royer, M. Jarvis, Miss Poczekaj, N, Cribb, M. McNeil, G. Lathom, E. Reichenbach, D Sherwin, THIRD ROW: L. Kapell, R. Story, R. Greene, E. Ostermann, J. Stieber, C. Bruhn, C. Horn, M. Jensen, V. White, J. Fera, S. Owens, K. Lightsey, T. Blank. FOURTH ROW: R. Riihimaki, G. Sturm, J. Sershon, L. Hribar, J. Prosise, W. Wolfinbarger, D, Bruesch, P. Zeien, B. Elliott, G. Richter, L. Porter, G. Greene, T. Ptack, W. Barker, F. Bigner. 'HDD Mrs. Walther, Mrs. Romoser, J. Sherwood, Historian, D. Harms, Public Relations Chairman: J. Keisler, Recreation Chairman, R. Furlan, Treasurer, N. Wetterberg, Secretary, B. Krakowski, Vice-President, P. Jesse, President. wi agus ctw irgiwgia Sw., 6m FJ-IA. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization composed of girls who have taken or are taking at least one ear of Home Economics. The major activites of this year were the Homecoming Float, Climbing to Victory , the Christmas party, to which the girls brought an assortment of canned goods to be packed in a Christmas Basket and given to a needy Family, Daddy-Date Ni9l f i Hobo-Day, on which the girls dress like real bums and do odd jobs to raise money for the clubg and the Spring Style Show, at which the girls model the gannents they have made in class during the ear. The members feel that the various activities of the F. H.A, provide both fun and usefufexperiences for the future homemakers of our country. FIRST ROW: D, Harms. I. Sherwood, J. Keisler, R. Furlan, N. Wetterberg, B. Krakowski, P. Jesse, Mrs. Walther, Mrs Romoser. SECOND ROW: C. Arndt, C. Gundelach, M. Wertz. I. Schimmel, C. Horton. I. Anderson, P. Hogan, B. Gutowski, C. McG1ynn. THIRD ROW: M. Geist, I. Ehrhardt, E. Christensen, K. Van Patten, K. Saylor, A. Rozek, S. Kubs, V. Kandl, S. Sorwell. FOURTH ROW: A. Hribar, S. Berke, K. Horton, S. Hart, D. Lasco. J. Schneider, B. Walker, J. Jesen, B. Curwood, P. Dorner, D, Shewan. FIFTH ROW: C. Lindley, M. Ott, J. Wilson, C. Messersmith, M. Kulp, K. Nettles, L. D'Aba1do, C. Olsen, C. Larsen, N. Srch, C. Hansen. SIXTH ROW: M. Jasien. J. Burton, D Jaros, L. Gibbons, S. Uedell, C. Schissler, S. Jordan, I. Austin. J. Blank, K. Runyard, I. Adamowski, B. Young. Modern Music Masters is a national or- ganization which honors students with out- standing musical ability. Our Antioch chapter is composed of approximately seventeen students who have been admitted on the basis of musicianship, scholastic average, and service. lnitiations, held once each semester, are designed to instruct new members in the meaning and significances of the or- ganization. The executive board members of the Antioch Modern Music Masters society correspond regularly with the national Tri-M office in Park Ridge, Illinois. FIRST ROW N Wetterberg O Belke P Anderson D Mantis, S. January, B. Yates, D. Domek. SECOND ROW L Wagner L Wohlferl L Hollocker B Young M Midgley, F. Mann, S. Romer. I. Burton, S. Prckus THIRD ROW Mr Chenette B Cam D Hay A Moorman, R. Mack, D. Mitchell, K. Applebey, 1 f 2 3 iii' I. Pyles, Treasurer, D. Gibbs, Secretaryg S. Petersen, Vice-President, S. Barn- stable, Presldentg Miss Frantz, Sponsor, PGP good spoafsmans ' FIRST ROW: S. Waldweiler, P. Tegelman, V. White, J. Pyles, D. Gibbs, S. Petersen, S. Bamstable, Miss Frantz. SECOND ROW: J. Dressel, P. Camphausen, I. Wagner, D, Stillson, C. Kamen, P. Cardiff, E. Storch, A. Stanton, N. Wetterberg, D. Mantis. THIRD ROW: S, Knbs, J. Rentner, J. Worsley, A. Royer, G. Lathom, D. Shannon, P, Wells, S Berke, K. Horton, M. Jarvis, I. Keisler, L. Wagner. FOURTH ROW: J. Anderson, J. Blumenschein, N. Brockway, P. Teml, P. Cheterbok, I. Libert, I, Ehrhardt, D. Peter, K. Runyard, F. Mann, B. Yates, E. Homan. FIFTH ROW: G. Frasier, P. Byme, N. Nemec, I. Adarnowski, M. Jasien, C. Hansen, C. Larsen, C. Olsen, B. Curwood, P. Dorner, M. Sorenson, S. Dittrnan, J. Schimmel. SIXTH ROW: K. Van Patten, L. Veesenmeyer, K. Sershon, M. Forbrich, S. Christensen, R. Furlan. J. Maleck, C. Keulman, P. Dressel, B. Frazier, M, Smith, I. Korol, K. Scully. FIRST ROW: Miss Slavin, M. Forbrich, Co-Editor: P. Zeien, Co-Editor: C. Arndt, News Editor, P. Dressel, Production. SECOND ROW: A. Moorman, Art Editor: J. Burton, Feature Editor, S. Petersen, Business Man- ager: M. Geist, Circulation Manager. WIC Through the Tom-Tom, Antioch High's bi-weekly newspaper, students are given the opportunity to exercise their ability in journalism. As the school enrollment grew this year, the Tom-Tom grew with it, necessitating the expansion of the editorial staff to include Co-Editors as well as News, Feature, Sports, and Art Editors. This year's paper was also made more attractive by the use of a different color paper for each issue. Lamb was iw l04fw-lmw ' C Amdt P Zeien Miss Slavin M Forbrich J Burton A Moormar FIRST ROW: I. Zelibor, N. Brockway, W. Jarvis, . . , . , , . , . , . SECOND ROW: C Horton, P. Wallace, M. Andersen, S. Kubs, C. Irvin, K. Van Patten, C. McNeil, B. Krakowski, S. ' ' h A Ro k J. Hu hes Maier. I. Maleck, R. Anderson, T. Kubrna, M. Ptasienskr. THIRD ROW: D. Stratton, K, Sers on, . ze , I. Masek, J. Smith, M. Iasien, T. Thomas, K. Rentner, S. Petersen. J. Pyles, M. Smith, B. Frazier. FOURTH ROW: C. McG1ynn, C. Miller, P. Teml, K. Runyard, J. Libert, B. Stokes, K. Lghtsey, I. Ehrhardt, I. Anderson, P. Jesse, P D el FIFTH ROW M Doyle L Kapell G Larhom P eterbok P Wells, D. Shannon. J. Sobey, A.I-Iribar, . ress . : . . . . . , . . . C. Olsen, C. Larsen, C. Hansen. J. Keisler, C. Ruhl, S, January, M. Geist. SIXTH ROW: T. Ptack. I. Tully, M. Mortensen . T. Sanhamel, Business Manager, R. Furlan, Co-Editorg M. Cardiff, Co-Editor, Miss enby. SGC! ' piotwws gewds events The Sequoia is published by and for the students of Antioch High School in order to give them a lasting pictorial record of each year's events. The staff works hard throughout the entire year to prepare the book for publication. The work of the Editorial Staff includes the scheduling and taking of pictures, the planning of page lay-outs and headlines, and the assigning, revising, and typing of copy. The Business Staff, meanwhile, is busy selling advertising space, student subscriptions, and keeping all financial records straight. FIRST ROW: Miss Denby, K. Sershon, M. Doyle, M. Geist, P. Cardiff, R. Furlan, I. Zelibor, D. Jaros, I. Burton, D. Stillson, SECOND ROW: M. Sorenson. J. Schimmel, J. Anderson, M. Andersen, H. Herman, D. Harms, D. Mantis, S. Pickus, I. Keisler, L. Wagner, C. Olsen. THIRD ROW: I. Wa ner, K. VanPatten, C. McNeil, B. Krakowski. B, Gutowski, A. Stanton, C. Irvin, B. Frazier, T. Thomas, M. Tasien, N. Scott. FOURTH ROW: N. Wetterberg, J, Seekatz, I. Apostolou, E. Homan, P. Cheterbok, K. Tasker, S. Kubs, J. Worsley, C. Clayton, D. Gibbs. J. P les, P. Dressel, B. Paulsen. FIFTH ROW: P. Teml, G. Lathom, T. Sanhamel. J. Sherwood, F. Mann, T. Gallagher, Keeler, M. Smith, S. Petersen, C. Arndt, C. Horton, S. Romer. T-uv' -, MQW' FIRST ROW: Mr. Chenette, C. Bruhn, D. Moorman, A. Root, S. Aschenbrenner. SECOND ROW: J. Prosise, T. Golden, S. Nielsen, B. Cain. O PAM The officers for the Radio Club's third year were Bryan Cain, Presi- dent, Steve Aschenbrenner, Vice President, Dave Moorman, Secretary-Treasurer, and Mr. Chenette, sponsor. The purpose of the organization was to gain knowledge of radio transmission and fre- quencies, and to receive amateur ham licenses and call letters for the members. Several mem bers received their licenses this year, which allowed them to transmit and receive short wave messages on amateur frequencies. The Science Club, a newly formed organization, has given students the opportunity to further their interests in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. Scheduled field trips make belonging to this club both interesting and exciting. The Science Club promotes advancements and outstanding accomplishments in science as a means of introducing more young men and women into this fascinating field. This year Mr. Seemann served as sponsor, Rich Jonas as president, lone Cribb as secretary, and Russell Cote as treasurer . I , dub FIRST ROW: P. Zeien, B. Schley, M. Anderson, C. Westburg, J. Renter. SECOND ROW: J. Keisler, S. Berke, P. Bartik, I. Cribb, S. Kubs, J. Worsley, Mr. Seemann. THIRD ROW: G. Mantis, R. Cote, C. Keulman, J. Burton, F. Mann, M. Forbrich, R. Wertz, R. Doyle. FOURTH ROW: T. Ptack, S. Nielsen, J. Parker, R. Carl- son, R. Carlson, R. Abendroth, R. White. FIFTH ROW: M. Murrie, R. Jonas, L. Merryman, R. Martin, J. Quinn, D. Seyfarth, P. Mitchell, A. Wollpert. 253213 - N7 Y qw an One ofthe highlights ofthe G.A.A. activities was the playday, at which the girls from Antioch were hosts to many of the G.A.A.'s in our district. The purpose of the Girl's Athletic Association was to create an interest in sports. This ear the G,A,A. sponsored a party for the children at Lake Bluff Orphanage. Gifts were given to the children, and enter- tainment was provided by some of the mem- bers. The main event, which occurred in the spring, was the Mother and Daughter Ban- quet. The banquet is an annual-affair held Miss Donovan, Miss Frantz, P. Cardiff, Vice- to honor outstanding members and to enter- President: S. Ditnrnan, Treasurer: J. Pyles, President tain the girls' mothers. A special sports- P. Dressel, Secretary. manship award was given to the outstanding senior girl . GAA ' PW-J WWW FIRST ROW: Miss Lbnovan, P. Hogan, B. Kisel, M. Millowski, G. Frasier, J. Proesel, C. Gundelach, Miss Frantz. SECOND ROW: D. Close, N. Srch, P. Campausen, S. Dittrnan, P. Byrne, P. Tegleman, K. Nettles. THIRD ROW: B. Curwood, T. Good, N. Brown, F. Kuchta, M. Geist, N. Scott, D. Stillson, D. Shewan. FOURTH ROW: M. Kiesler, P. Dressel, P. Cardiff, S. Kubs, C. Horton, M. Ott, B. Poulson, J. Pyles, N. Nemec. FIFTH ROW: J. Carlson, P. Storch, E. Ozga, P. Garvin, S. Romer, L. Carlson, J. Wagner, E. I-Ioman, S. Duha, E. Reichenbach. l an oi I 'B 1-4 -2 Z. 5' v I 'cv' ep! ixf' cn if' P' ' 'G-, -'df ' , 'S R VU 3 3,1 . i f ,, - 1 V as z f ' W 3 dc QQ 1 Q df S' ' , , T' , A M -,W A V ' E5 ' 6 ' iw C., f 'F' A Q 'Wt 7 ' ft .2 KN.. ,.,. T ' i' x. V i ... T ' C, M is v V5 E? ' . Q r t 4- 0 'H l ,, 1 . 9 f vw V ' Q5 Q l PM S, . - ff 5 fn 1 . .- . . 4 iv x X a Y :..--....'f 1 f Y ' 3 Su. 5 t 5 u 5 T -nr 'T YY 'C7 W -1. fb X' . ft ., I X r, . - I V u 1 . ,,, H 'K ' .- - . V , 3 I .V,. , ' A L- -4' . zz- 'F ' 2- K Q LL 6 4 1 f N ' .xg 1 5 .5 fs A 1 , V 4 V X . x l as , '- 62 E .E 1 - 'W '3 nv K - 4 ur . E ' Q37 Q I 3 5 f , A I 5 A . FIRST ROW: J. Zelibor, J. Smith, P. Milowski, S. Hart, G. Tutein. SECOND ROW: K. Rentner, E. Frazier, J. Schimmel, P.' Drucker, B. Alshouse, P. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: E, Schley, J. Duha, D. Henson, J, Masek, P. Wood, L. Pavel, M. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: P. Wells, L. Wagner, J. Dressel, K. Lightsey. I. Sheehan, L. Veesenmeyer, M. Jasien, J. Adamowski. FIFTH ROW: J. Anderson, J. Rentner, P. McNeil, K. Tasker, T. Gallagher, C, Hansen, B. Gutowski, K. Marotta, D. Jarvis. G. A. A. FIRST ROW: P. Zeien, J. Gaston, J. Blumenschein, L. Carrick, J. Putnam. SECOND ROW: K. VanPatten, P. Callahan, S. Davis, C. Arndt, J. Schneider, P. Teml. THIRD ROW: D. Gibbs, L. Osmond, C. McNeil, S. Gibbs, J. Hughes, R. Furlan, H. Herman. FOURTH ROW: I. Cribb, K. Sershon, B. Krakowski, J. Maleck, J. ' ton, M. Forbrich, S. Berke, G. Lathom. FIFTH ROW: C. Keulman, E. Christensen, C. Kopecky, S. Mayer, Arndt, S. Petersen, J. Sheehan, M, Smith, P. Cheterbok. i , at ft , Va' Qs ,, ,,,, 45 552.1 if I .Q 'Z' , get I ' ' fi , J-Q. 4.5 3, ny in L .. . '-P' if Y . We . ' 4 I Y 'EU' X V , Z , f of KIKMMM .vi , Lf , , 5,6 j , . In L.. Q I. ,R 5 9' X ' Q ff' ey . .aes '-if r isnt I ' , , , an v X331 A x N X Ib I 5 it I 4' is I f 1 . 6 ,ia 4' ,V ' as N 'KM 2 f M. - 1 I K 3 14? x y I ' 1 x r I + . -1 , 9 , 52 . a . Q 5 I4 .X Highlights of the Spring of are the selection of the All Star the annual banquet of the G.A. last award is the highest honor and is presented to a senior who qualifications, four years in the leadership, sportsmanship, and ed her junior G.A.A. award. Sportsmanship Award is Peggy 44' PEGGY CARDIFF G. A. A. wwgragis ' each year for G.A.A. members team and the announcement at A. Sportsmanship Award. This bestowed on any G.A.A. girl, must have had, among other organization, high qualities of character, and must have earn- This year, the winner of the Cardiff . FIRST ROW: Miss Donovan, K. Rentner, R. Furlan, S. Barnstable. SECOND ROW: J. Maleck, M. Cardiff, J. Pyles. THIRD ROW: J. Keisler, P. Dressel, J. Sheehan, S. Petersen, E. Christensen, K. Sershon. 1:7 4 S. V27 fl. 4' Q C M.. E. Meyer, Vice-President: D. Mitchell, Secretary-Treasurerg W. Herbst, Presidentg Mr. Leon. Q QA! i hows The A Club is an honorary club whose membership is limited to those boys who have earned a major award in one or more varsity sports. The members of the club serve the school by acting as ushers at the basket- ball games, and by sweeping the floor and holding the ropes during half-time. Another function of the club is the nomination and election of the Home- coming Queen and her Court. FIRST ROW: P. Roach, D. Mitchell, E. Meyer, Mr. Leon, W. Herbst, R. Gudgeorx. SECOND ROW: W. Jarvis, F. Sebesta, I, Denton, F. Ferdon, B. La Brose, R. Schlarbaum, J. Proesel. THIRD ROW: J. Lystlund, R. Prange, D. Pyles, C. Davis, R. Behrens, F. Fabry, R. Jonas, R. Kopecky. FOURTH ROW: A. Wollperl. E. K3d16C. A. Hanke, R. Teml, M. Ouilty, W. Han, R. Abendroth. I if fr .X X 4 Ki NX r xg, S if 1 It 9 77' yi' .'v. i , One of the various musical organi- zations at Antioch High School is the training choir. Under the leadership of Mr. Smouse, the organization is com- posed of 20 girls. Throughout the year the girls 'learn the fundamentals of music and song and then audition to be ad- mitted into the senior choir. The first semester their main obiective is the Christmas Messiah, but in the second semester they sing in the Spring Concert, and if their audition is successful, they sing at the graduation with the other choirs. OCTET P. Anderson, R. Northern. N. Brown, J. Eppers, B. Young M. Midgley, N. Scott, J. Anderson. Twimiug Clwilv svocalwslaiflu FIRST ROW: P. Hogan, S. Hart, K. Scully, V. White, L. D'Aba1do. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smouse, P. Mitchell, D. Hensen, L. Carrick, B. Walker, C. Lindley, C. Buell. Tl-IIRD ROW: B. Reed, B. Gutowski, O. Johnson, P. Garvin, S. Hookharn, V. Ganser, M. Wertz. 2 , , l - .. l an l ' x .1 ll..-ll.. BIANCA AND SUITORS J. Sershon, S. Nielsen, J. Gaston, B. Wolf- enbarger, K. Mazzuca. DUET PRINCIPALS OF TOUR SHOW L. Wohlfeil, J. Eppers CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER RIGHT: B. Young, B. Wolfenbarger, J. Gaston, D. Harms, S. Nielsen, N. Srch, K. Mazzuca, P. Ander- Qemimf Clwbv was The Senior Choir, under the direction of Mr. Smouse, participated in various activities throughout the year. The Christmas concert, featuring as soloists Miss Melody Midgley, Mr. Frank Denison, Mr. Ron Peters, and Mrs. lngebord Wieghart, drew a large audience. Again this year the choir for The Messiah was augmented b adults from the community. Besides this Christmas concert, the Senior Choir also presente a Spring concert and toured with the band in March. son, J. Sershon, B. Fleider. FIRST ROW: L. Horn, C. Horn, N. Srch, N. Scott, L. Veesenmeyer, S. Bauer, P. Anderson, J. Gaston, B. Gallagher. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smouse, D. Stillson, D. Domek, R. Northern, M. Ptasienski, S. January, P. W ll J. Ruhl, J. Anderson, J. Eppers, C. Westberg. THIRD ROW: K. Kufalk, D. Gracyk, C. Miller, B. a ace, Freund, O. Belke, J. Sershon, S. Aschenbrenner, D. Moorman, D. Olsen, B. Yates, L. Wagner, P. Dorner, B. Curwood. FOURTH ROW: S. Berke, J. Bentel, B. Young, D. Harms, B. Wolfenbarger, D. Waigand, K. Mazzuca, F. Menning, M. Midgley, K. Sershon. FIFTH ROW: N. Cribb, S. Kubs, P. Callahan, L. Hollocker, N. VandenBosch, B. Cain, A. Bromstad, A. Moorman, I. Horwath, S. Nielsen, R. Booker, D. Meierdirk, G. Kem, P. McNeil, L. Wohlfeil, c. Lupa. ,D Q' -qgiuvvl' FIRST ROW: A. Root, M. Sorenson, M. Kulp, A. Stanton, J. Day, K. Heath, M. Jarvis, I. Duha. SECOND ROW: G. Kaub, E. Heath, M. Jensen, M. Ott, C. Nelson, B. Tasker, I. Hlrhardt, R. McCarthy. THIRD ROW: Mr. Chenette, J. Parker. The Pep Band not only presented smooth music, but also livened the school spirit at our basketball games. The members of the Pep Band are chosen as a select group from the concert band. Their student director this year was Ken and! Applebey. The members of the Assembly Band gained experience in performance by playing at our pep assemblies and programs in the auditorium. Pep bans mmm FIRST ROW: C. Thiele, O. Belke, S. Romer, P. Storch, J. Apostolou, M. Midgley, J. Seekatz, D. Still- son, D. Hay. SECOND ROW: H. Young, K. Applebey, K. Horton, D. Moorman, L.Keis1er, M. Murrie, A. Berreitter, P. Zeien, J. Quinn, D. Beattie. if ,A PREP BAND FIRST ROW: L. Jahneke, C. Bogaerns, S. Jorden. SECOND ROW: E. Storch, D. Drosen, A. Werrz, F. Coulson. lhe Concert Band consists ot the best instrumental music students of A.T.H.S. This ear our band played at the Fall Banci,Concert, the Christ- mas Concert, and on the tour in March. Top musicians competed in the solo and ensemble contest held March l . The band also held rehear- sals during the summer, giving be- fore and after concerts to show their progress. The Prep Band is for those musi- clans who are interested in becoming members of the Concert Band. One of their activities in the fall was a field trip to Chicago to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. FIRST ROW: P. McNeil, G. Mantis, O. Belke, S. Romer, D. Mantis. SECOND ROW: H. Herman, C. Thiels, D. Close, S. Duha, T. Eckert, J. Anderson. THIRD ROW: W. Wolfinbarger, W. Cremin, S. Nielsen, N. Wetter- berg, S. Pickus, J. Prosise, M. Lemke, A. Moorman. FOURTH ROW: P. Zeien, J. Quinn, D. Beattie, R. Hansen K. Applebey, K. Horton, D. Moorman, R. Mack, A. Berreitter. FIFTH ROW: H. Kubicki, H. Young, M. Wolf, J. Parker. MAJ ORETT ES HORN QU ART ET J. Sorenson, S. Duha, N. Brown, D. Domek, D. Hansen, B. Wolfenbarger, S. Nielsen, N. Werterberg, S. Pickus. Baud bugufmawwmge FIRST ROW: S. Aschenbrenner, D. Armstrong, J. Apostolou, J. Sherwood, P. Storch, N. Cribb. SECOND ROW: L. Wagner, B. Yates, B. Poulsen, D. Domek, N. Brown, C. Westberg. THIRD ROW: S. Langbein, D. Stillson, I. Cribb, M. Midgley, J. Seekatz, B. Freund, S. Davis. FOURTH ROW: D. Hay, B. Cain, L. Kiesler, D. Nickerson, J. Zeien, C. Bruhn, J. Gaston. FIFTH ROW: M. Murrie, E. Srorch, Mr. Chenette. ff WW X47 as Law mspms ms? Prom Their reminiscences of pleasant high school days inspired by the theme Memory Lane, starry-eyed young couples cross the bridge of happiness and enter an atmosphere of ro- mance. This mood, set by the soft strains of Lane Emery's music and enhanced by the gently winding rose tree lane and the fountain graced by the statue of Cupid, sets the couples dancing under a star-sprinkled sky. Anticipation heightens as the hour draws nearer for the coronation of the King and Queen. At last the fanfare is sounded, and the court begins its grand entrance. Queen Karen Rentner and King Frank Ferdon are impressively crowned by last year's royal pair, Judy Horton and Jerry Huml . The coronation excitement over, all thoughts turn to the moments yet to be enioyed-- those last few dances, the chats with friends, the plans for late dinner and dancing else- where, the rush of departure. Another Prom is over, a lastingly beautiful memory to add to that precious store, that personal Memory Lane in each heart. Karen Renter Judy Zelibor Rose Ellen Furlan Toni Thomas Lois Wohlfeil - 3 l X E Q ' 71 S r 2 T Q 5' i i, ' si 4 5, . L- S. ms 4 ,t If Us f X UBQW Judy Rose Ellen and and wayne Gordon D-Q a hun Queen Karen and K1ng Frank. LOIS Ton1 and an Denny Marty 'iii AE K I Pwww n , 5 - V15 wxxxwxx 'WX XI ll llll Dancing under the stars, l A ' vs- o E I L :Q of K W: I ' r f . X' X ' I ' , 4 V f 4 1 W nv - 'ff v 4 , r , The highlight of the evening. if AK ' 5- ' 5 i I 1,w pl4 X w'fpf ,-' V. M N1 Everyone visits the wishing well This is a comedy which has to do with a Nobel Prize Winner who has lived for many years on 0 meagre, unpalatable diet to favor an ailing heart. Because of this fact his books were coldly cynical. He signs a will leaving a third of his estate to his young doctor, a third to perpetuate his house as a sanctuary for his spirit, and a third to the Harvard Law School to make sure that the terms of his odd testament will be carried out. After making this will, he eats a sumptuous meal and dies happily. He expects to find solitude in one of Stewart Chaney's living rooms, but he is lagued by the spirits of an Indian girl who was pushed off a cliff by her over, a Southern belle who has a very isturbing drawl and a phony liberal attitude, and a frustrated composer. As if this were not enough to annoy an aesthete's soul, the pretty cook prepares the fatal dishes. The author eventually finds peace in promoting a romance between the doctor and the impostor. Qeniow Glass La amd. Belwldfln CAST OF CHARACTERS i Milo Alcott . . ......... . Dennis Beattie Mr. Wingate. . ........ . . . Fred Fabry Daisy Durdle .... . . Karen Rentner Dr. Robert Dorse . . . . Dennis Goodenough Minnetonka Smafiflower . . . .Dorothy Jach Kenneth Moore .... . . . Eddy Kadlec Honey Wainwright . . . . Joan Burton Jack McDougal. . ......... Gordon Volling FIRST ROW: D. Goodenough, D. Beattie, G. Volling. SECOND ROW: I. Burton, E. Kadlec, F. Fabry, D. Jach. f'Ng .ai FIRST ROW: Marie Waigand, Sandy Barnstable, Joan Putnam, Nancy Bailitz, Annabell I-Iribar. SECOND ROW: Mr. Chiappetta, Chris McNeil, Bonnie Reed, Donna Winstead, Charlene Keulman, Sharon Ott, Dani Stratton. THIRD ROW: Sandy Mayer, Bob White, Bill Dressel, Alan Moorman, Mike Mortensen, Fred Faust, Margo Ott. ' The Library Club, directed by Mr. Chiappetta, was composed of students interested in learning the fundamentals of library tech- ni ue. The members of the club had the responsibility of keeping books in proper order and oft-keeping order in the library during their study hall. The purpose of the organization . . . . . k was to promote an Interest In library work and to help develop the appreciation of boo s through the members of the club. The Audio Visual Crew is a newly established group at our school this year. The group was created to give the boys the responsibility of showing movies for various classes, and learning to take care of the proiector efficiently. This year the club is sponsored by Mr. Corrigan and has a total enrollment of twenty-five members. C udwf Viwoff Owwf FIRST ROW: George Williams, Glen Siedschlag, Craig Nelson, Lester I-lribar, Bob Wertz, Jim Knigge, Bob Danlap Jim Ruhl, Richard McCarthy, Richard Schlarbaum. SECOND ROW: Bob Carlson, Roger Van Patten, Alan Moorman, Drake Frisell, Jim Quinn, Art Wertz, Tom Schissler, Jim Denton. THIRD ROW: Duane Caddy, Wayne Starman, Bob White, Mike Mortensen, Dennis Powell, Bob Wozniak, Marshall Nelson. ll- , IIIII-T111-ll 1 - 1. 1957 ' Feohmes Uliantasg Lmwlf Tlmeme Fantasyland was the theme of Antioch's 1957 Homecoming weekend, held October 4-6. Good weather and enthusiastic backing from the community combined to make the annual event one of high-spirited competition and excitement. The highlight of Friday evening's program was the parade. Floats entered by classes, organizations, local firms, and private individuals made the parade a long one and one full of competition. In the school division, first prize went to the Junior Class for their Paul Bunyan float, We'll stomp on their Bunyans. Second prize went to the So homore Class, and third to the Freshman Class. The traditional bonfire following the parade was built this ypar by the freshmen, and served as a background for the speeches, cheers, and awarding o prizes. Saturda evening's football game with Round Lake ended in a 7-6 victory for the Sequoits. The large crowd was entertained during the half-time by the Antioch band and the Lake Villa Grade School band, who played selections in keeping with the Fantasyland theme, such as When you Wish Upon a Star, and others. The climax of the weekend came on Saturday night with the annual Homecoming Dance In the decorations of the gymnasium one could again see the theme in the gingerbread house with life-size gingerbread men. Art Smeikal's band provided music, and the crowd eagerly awaited the announcement of the identity of the Homecoming Queen, whose name had been kept secret until that night. The royal pair were Gwenn Royer and Elvin Meyer. Runners-up for the title of queen were Kathy Arndt, who was escorted by Dave Mitchell, and Donna Gibbs, who was escorted by Frank Sebesta. Attendants for the queen were Chris McNeil, a junior, escorted by Bill Dressel, Sue Romer, a sophomore, escorted by Bob Martin, and Pam Drucker, a freshman, escorted by George Sturbens. ,,i -.'---.FA in if ' - 1 fs Q wr ,f , V J -y . K 5 fr 1 -. E '-1 'B- 'ff X w u L 5 BQ 1 's By golly, we ll! Q !l!lllXil!lll 581559 S X' -3- jv . I . P' 2 Ca- p 'AA 's O bs WH sg fi Q Zh A , 'vi - A 9 J Q want a topchglowp! 'W gx ? A. ,wiv 555 ry,- 'WW 5 XF W 4 2 7 , mi AI I-I. Q. 0LQclwo-0 Vwapfg show An innovation in our school this year was the All-School Vari- e Show. In contrast to previous ta ent shows, which were pro- duced by each individual class, the All-School Variety Show con- tained talented members of all four classes. The program, which was co- ordinated by Mr. Donald Chiap- petta and emceed by Sonya Pickus, contained a variety of acts, rang- ing from singing and dancing to instrumental solos and humorous i pantomimes. Raggedy Ann 3, Andy Mr. Dinman commends Frank for fine spirit. Karen and Sharon provide Steam Heat. 68 3012110 Jeb J' Lee .. K Yeo: . lea ve eta S S Cro 6366 'Y Bfeat bless' Sonya - Mistress of Ceremonies if ,H fir.. Q! V - Ks' 11701-es prese nl' NSW an La Rf ke. n 69 we O9 9' was 3 X Nr ' suffcess QUEEN PAULA O O SEATED: Richard Jonas, Paula Zeien. STANDING: Bill Hart, Annabelle Hribar, Bob Wertz, Donna Deppe Arlene Catardi, Francis Domer, Judy Pyles, Jerry Dittmer, Mary Forbrich, Art I-Ianke. '-,.,,, all ,Q n - rl 4 1 . ...Y 3 Let's not be late! Will Jones provides smooth music. The annual Christmas formal, sponsored by the senior class, was held on Saturday evening, December 21st, in the boys' gym. The dance, whose theme was Mistletoe Magic, was truly an event that will be long remembered by all who attended. The gym was simpl but beautifully decorated with three lovely lighted Christmas trees, two by the bandstanclland the third by the Queen's and King's thrones. The highlight of the evening was the disclosure of the identity of the senior girl who was to be queen. After the entrance of the court, Annabelle Hribar escorted by Bill Hart, Donna Deppe escorted by Bob Wertz, Judy Pyles escorted by Jerry Dittmer, and Mary Forbrich escorted by Art Hanke, Queen Paula Zeien entered, escorted by Richard Jonas, King. Dancing to the lovely music of Will Jones and his eleven piece orchestra lasted until ll:3O, at which time the dance came to a close. W X, .g.?,,,,.-. ' ' 1' P .1 f w 1,1-fl .. .1-3f' f-'gf pf 1,-M-v....f'.n4-:fine-1 A - 1- -- 1- f ' t M D Q A H t A ,,,'f,4O+ 4 , ,amysw ',n.Qf1:.: -iz.: V: f ,gg--, K ' . ,. ,- ff 5 3 .,, ' A f ,,h-.ff f.f '1ze:4fv d 'AV' I Q , ,. ,- , ' K1-v4 !y4,?'wuMf-,aw an-'f uw. ' ' , ' N V . , , , -g-,x '- I ,,,,,.4 bl Q -1 3' IL ,- ' ! 11 I , we 1 f 4' - i 8'xV, .- , .Q 'N' 4, Nc-b 'ff K A Q . v1 .Q 9a44rf1 ' ,ro f ,, I-fr ,MW . ff, ,, i ' ,K ,QQ i v xy! 3 dx' L V g s . ' 8442+ .M ,M X. K ...xlfff Fowu seaiofw BILL HART Most Valuable Player - Football vac. ,-M DENNY GOODENOUGH FRANK SEBESTA PAT ROACH Most Team Spirit A11 Conference Team Most Improved Player 74 Vwwiiuj Squad ' Fielding This year the Fighting Sequoits, under the guid- ance of coaches Robert Walther and William Baird, finished their season with a record of three victories and five defeats. Antioch was proud of co-captain Frank Moose Sebesta, whose outstanding achievements were re- warded by selection for the All Conference Team. Others who helped guide the total football pro- gram at A. T. H. S. this year were Mr. Ward Lear, who served as Director of Athletics, Mr. William Lear. Romoser, who was Frosh- Soph coach, and Mr. Donald Chiappetta, who was Freshman coach. 'Antioch 6 . . Wilmot Antioch 21 . . Waucondo Antioch 6 . . Warren Antioch 7 . . Round Lake fHomecom ingj Antioch O . . Grant Antioch 7 . . Elo-Vernon Antioch O . . Lo ke Forest Antioch 0 . . . . Grayslake 'Non-Conference game Mr. Baird, Mr, Chiappetta, Mr, Walther, Mr, Romoser, Mr FIRST ROW: C. Eberman, R, Cote, P. Roach, I. Portalski, D. Goodenough, J. Proesel, R. Gudgeon. SECOND ROW: C, Davis, W, Hart, B, Dressel, D. Mitchell, F, Fabry, D, Sheehan, J. Armstrong, W. Rosquist, F. Sebesta, R. Martin W, Merryman. THIRD ROW: Mr, Baird, Mr, Walther, R, Carlson, A. Wollpert, T, Schissler. J. Denton, R, Abendroth, E. Meyer, P. Mitchell, D. Pyles, G. Lystlund, J. Knigge, R, Schlarbaum. '14-sw., L C1 FIRST ROW: B. Bonner, L, Keisler, I. Thompson, R, Greene, B. Van Patten. SECOND mm ROW: D, Armstrong, F. Vemueyen, W, Wolfinbarger, G. Schuth, G, Greene, These gniddms skills FIRST ROW: C. Eberman, I. Thompson, R. Wolf, G, Williamson, D, Wiegel, K. Stepien, I. Weldin, J, Parker, L. Porter, SECOND ROW: Mr, Romoser, D. Slazes, D, Seyfarth, W, Merryman, P, Mitchell, R. Martin, W. Rosquist, G. Anzinger, T, F tv' 2 LI E I Burda, B, Cremin. am, .X - X, rw Q! I 'WL mf' K D . W 5 S A , iff, , ' ' , . fQ'L':5 f 'ff , frf' 2 , 9' ' , W .2 T 5 ,f 7: X f fx , 5 I, ' - X 1 355 XJ ii L D nfs J f'5+v::n,?f' vb- 44 4 E 5' wmaay A556 NIU J! 33 'F AM if I XS' x.1ff'.L I f FIRST ROW: Mr. Romoser, B. Palenske, P. Lindholm, R. Porter, L. Goff, L. Keisler, J. Ruhl. SECOND ROW: P. Kadlec, J. Thompson, P. Zeien, J. Cox, I. Loeper, D. Armstrong, G. Sterbens. THIRD ROW: B. Wolfinbarger, L. I-Ierbst, D. Sheehan, B. Elliot, E. Martin, J. Prosise, J. Etten. Fwslv Qquadf These begs woab lwfwb iw Basketball FwslvQoplv Squad FIRST ROW: J. LoRusso, A. Stowe, K. Alshouse, J. Gerber. SECOND ROW: Mr. Good, D. Gudgeon, J. Parker, B. LaBrose, D. Wolf, J. Dahlman, R. Hansen. THIRD ROW: R. Prange, D. Pyles, M. Stankus, B. Martin, M. Wolff, W. Rosquist. N2 aaa ' I Qs Me i I . 1 'J , ..- . , M' , .HQ A , . .A,, . . x A 422' 1 ,ar'u,. 1. .. .0 'wk ff ,M K Xu sl 822113:-r , up ff WFQF i cry 2. ?f.v fl 1 .. ff + Q 1, UN .. I aka ,xml 5 -,LA +A- - 'Nw 'K I .ff 9 F .ed Q' -fi ff 3 The spirit of the Fighting Sequoits was carried over from the outdoor sports with wonderful ease. This was proved by the ability and skill that our boys put forth on the basket- ball court this season. It was exciting to see Wayne Herbst and Art Hanke shooting with unusual accuracy, and to watch Rich Behrens' skillful handling of the ball. Antioch may be iustly proud of Art Hanke, who was chosen by the Chicago Herald American for nts Prep Team of the Week, who was chosen by his teammates as Honorary Captain and as . , . , . , . d Most Valuable Player, and who was elected to M' Lear Mf Romoser Mf Leon MI Goo the All Conference 1st Team by vote of all players and coaches. Other honors went to Wayne Herbst, who was also elected to the All Conference 1st Team, and to Jerry Dittmer, who won the Free Throw Trophy with an accuracy of 571 Vwwftg cagw gaguww. Libertyville Dundee Richmond 'Grayslake Elo-Vernon 'Round Lake Grant 'Wauconda Mooseheart 'Lake Forest it We They 58 63 67 76 43 41 71 55 53 39 74 50 45 56 55 34 53 52 52 57 61 54 'Warren 'Ela-Vernon 'Round Lake 'Grayslake Mc Henry 'Grant 'Wauconda 'Lake Forest Warren We They 63 79 48 53 70 39 66 51 77 78 74 57 67 66 50 49 76 89 'CONFERENCE GAMES FIRST ROW: B. Cain, J. Roach, J. Portalski, P. Roach. SECOND ROW: P. Magiera, R. Behrens, W. Dressel, -F. Sebesta. THIRD ROW: Mr. Leon, R. Paulsen, R. Teml, J. Dittmer, W. Herbst, A. Hanke. Zion 11 11: -. ai --1 - -1 ml- ln- f 1- 11...- i IQTW1.. During the summer, the Varsity Cheerleaders, Rose Ellen Furlan, Captain, Mary Forbrich, Judy Maleck, Charlene Keulman, Elaine Christensen, and Kathy Sershon, attended a week-long Cheerleading Camp at Illinois State Normal Uni- versity. There they learned new ideas for skits and also many new cheers T and iumps. Later during the year Elaine Christensen, Judy Mqleck, Charlene Keulman, and Rose Ellen Furlan attended a one-day clinic at Glenbrook High School. The main job of the Cheerleaders, in addition to the planning of Pep Assemblies, is to promote better school spirit and enthusiasm among the crowds at all football and basketball games. This year the girls operated a cloak room to earn money to defray some of their expenses. MW. . Elaine Christensen 1 Kath Sershon Rose Ellen Furlan Charlene Keu man y Captain Mary Forbrich Judy Maleck Q1 f .,,. 3 Under the direction of Sharon Ditt- man, the head cheerleader, and Miss Frantz, their sponsor, the Frosh-Soph Cheerleaders showed enthusiasm and pep as they led their team to many victories. This year the girls went to a cheer- leading clinic at Glenbrook High School, where they learned many new skits and cheers. Lack of experience proved to be no handicap to the squad, for although Sue Duha, Lynn Veesenmeyer, June Dressel, and Annette Royer were new to this activity, they soon showed themselves to We've gotta team nhavs red hor! be excellent cheerleading material. keep spwts ldglv Sharon Dittman, Captain Annette Royer June Dressel Sue Duha Lynn Veesenmeyer Sharon Gibbs . .M I I ' 4g ,H I 956-57 Jwaw vwawj Baseball FIRST ROW: S. Nielsen, I. Gerber, M, LaBrose, D. Gudgeon, B. LaBrose, E. Eberman, M, Murrie, SECOND ROW: C, Oberg, K, Stepien, I. Dahlman, D, Sheehan, R, Cote, R, Carlson, I Keegan, THIRD ROW: Mr, Seemann R, Wolf, W, Nerud, R, White, T. Schissler, K, Mazzuca, A, Stowe, J. Proesel, S. Aschenbrenner. Ll., U .llliiikf '.5xQQ'llI l- I Qbb-b'l Vwrsrtg Baseball FIRST ROW: B. Jarvis, R. Jonas, P. Roach, W, Barnstable, L, Christensen, R. Teml, F. Ferdon, D. Pyles. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Leon, T. Sanhamel, E. Meyer, E. Kadlec, K. Hellstem, R, James, R. Hartman, F. Faust, D. Moorman, J! 8 1' W .2 .wif I NY L R-1 ' I mmf. 1 . M M - . if mf , H ly +1',y:,,C M ,1 ,. I' ,,w1 L , V K - x 'f 1: VS' X 1 I, 1 ff fy , ,ff WL! fr - ' if Ld .1 1 If H A X- A Xl ff . ' nfwqfun I I il- V 1 956-57 Twda FIRST ROW: D. Seyfarth, I, Lystunc W. Hendriksen, R, Hansen, L, Zerr, T, Burda, I. La Russo, A, Wollpert, Denton, Mr. Kessnich, SECOND ROV. J, Steitz, W. Herbst, D. Smith, R, Prange, R. Schaeffer, D. Valkenaar, P, Mitchell, W, Rosquist, G, Williar son, W. Merryman, H. Miller, C, Davis. THIRD ROW: Mr, Baird, M, Ouilty, A. Mani, R. Kopecky, R, BrehCl1S, R. Doyle, V. Nauseda, R, Srch, F. Libert, R, Plechaty, Mr, Robinson. Congratulations to the class of i958 STATE BANK 0F ANTIOCH All General Banking Facilities A Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 83 Fine Foods JEWEL FOOD STORE CHARLES J. CERMAK, JR. Real Estate ' Loans - Insurance 400 If2 Lake Street Antioch, Illinois Phone IOI3 Compliments of ANTIOCH SHEET METAL INCORPORATED MERRY-G O- ROU ND BAKERY fOpen Sundays 7:00 to I:00j Personalized Party Cakes Complete Bakery Service Phone 792 Antioch, Illinois JOE HORTON Full Line Sinclair Products Metered Service Phone I4 9 Q Antioch, Illinois QS 9 GIBBS AND JENSSEN Sporting Goods and Sportwear Antioch, Illinois Phone Antioch 922 STRANG FUNERAL HOME Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin Ed. R. Strang I055 Main Street Antioch, Illinois Telephone I2 ART'S PAINT STORE Paint, Wallpaper, and Draperies 406 Lake Street in Post Office Building Phone Antioch 320 Antioch, Illinois Auto Painting By Experts You Wreck 'Em - We Fix 'Em WES' AUTO BODY 8K PAINT SHOP Antioch, Illinois LAKES COMPANY Floor 8.WaII Coverings Distinction, Service, And Beauty Phone 607 Antioch, Illinois Westinghouse Electric Products- Dri-Gas, AII Purpose Gas CAREY ELECTRIC - PLUMBING SHOP Phone Antioch 75 , 889 Main Street 84 Antioch, Illinois I ANTIOCH SERVICENTER RIS. 21 8.173 Tower Gas For Less Good Service Too Compliments of THE BEST VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY WILLIAMS DEPARTMENT STORE Since I87I Phone 2 Antioch, Illinois GASTON PRINTING CO. Publishers of The Antioch News Since I886 Phone 43 Antioch, Illinois REEVES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUGS The Finest Drug Store in the Lake Region Owned and Operated by George and Helen Borovicka, R. Ph. C's Antioch, Illinois Antioch 6 DRIJE CHEVROLET INC. Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales - Parts - Service Phone Antioch 56 Antioch, Illinois ROBLIN'S HARDWARE Paints - Glass - Fishing Tackle Model Supplies 392 Lake Street Antioch 229 Antioch, Illinois LITTLE GIFT SHOP Gifts for all Occasions 950 Main Street Antioch, Illinois SOUND REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE SERVICE Loren D. Sexauer OLSON IMPLEMENT CO. 352 Depot Street Phone 29 Antioch, Illinois 85 I VILLAGE PONTIAC, INC. 362 Depot Street Antioch IOIO Don Pittman and Ray Bruhn THE JEWEL BOX Designing 8. Custom Made Jewelry 906 Main Street Phone 938 Antioch, lllinois Compliments of BARNSTABLE 81 BROGAN Clothing for the FamiIy Phone 52T Antioch, lllinois HAROLD'S RESTAURANT 904 Main Street Antioch, lllinois HUCKER'S Sales 8. Service Chrysler 8 Plymouth Elliot 6-343T Ceclar Lake Villa, Illinois Ave . ANTIOCH FIRESTONE DEALER STORE 839 North Main Street Phone TT Antioch, Illinois CODDINGTON HARDWARE The Shop For Outdoor Living Rte. 59 8. T73 Phone Antioch 426 COX'S CORN ERS Tavern - Restaurant - Cottages Channel Lake Rte T73 2 Tf2 miles CARL L. BARTHEL Excavating - Sand - Gravel - Filling Ready-Mix Concrete Fred 8. Helen i wlest of , Phofle H20 n Libert Antioch, Illinois Arr Compressor Service Antioch, lllinois PIZZERIA Pizza, Italian Sausage Sandwich, ANTIOCH LUMBER 8 COAL CO., INC Spaghetti All Carry Outs ' at no extra Charge Phone Antioch 365 Bill 8. Mary Hubner Phone T5 and T6 Everything to Build Anything LAKE VILLA PHARMACY W.L. Krater, R. Ph. Rexall Drugs Prescriptions, and Sundries Lake Villa, lllinois Elliot 6-3351 so LOON LAKE SERVICE Mobilgas Loon Lake Road Loon Lake One block east of Rt. 21-- Antioch, Illinois MARI ANNE'S Women's 8K Children's Apparels Gifts and Antiques Girl Scout Headquarters Antioch, Illinois CEDAR LAKE SERVICE STATION General Auto Repair D-X Products Firestone Tires Lake Villa, Illinois Phone: Elliot 6-2I6I Compliments of KLASS MEN'S STORE Antioch, Illinois JOHNSON'S RESORT Deep Lake Lake Villa, Illinois E . E LMER BROOK Real Estate - Insurance 9I2 Main Street Antioch, Illinois Phone Antioch 460 PAUL R. AVERY INC. CHAIN O' LAKES CLEANERS Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical Work Plqnf--Route 21 I-Olse villa, IIIIUOIS Tuxedos--Full Dress Suits to Rent Elliot 6-2261 Phone Antioch 636 Antioch 414 Antioch, Illinois G - E- Applicnces Louis Mowen 8- Son . W.V. LAHTI OIL COMPANY Compliments ot I Lake 8. Broadway Antioch, Illinois ANTIOCH I.G .A. FOODLINER Shell Heating Oils Rain or Shine Phone Antioch 509 HAMLIN ELECTRIC Lester C. Hamlin-Owner Contracting and Service Elliot 6-6762 Lake Villa, Illinois 87 Compliments of THE ADVERTISER Antioch, Illinois Compliments of PICKARD, INCORPORATED Phone Antioch 38 Antioch, Illinois Upholslerlngoraslp Covers - Compliments of H.W. WILSON MANN'S CERTIFIED FOODS Manufacturer of Fine Furniture Phone 60 Phone IIO6-J Antioch, Illinois LYONS - RYAN FORD 939 Main Street Antioch, Illinois Antioch 770 RUSSEL ROEPENACK Mason Contractor Rte. 3 Channel Lake Antioch, Illinois Phone 923-R2 Compliments of ANTIOCH RECREATION I2 Modern Lanes - Automatic Pinspotters Open for bowling every day at noon Phone 349 SMA RT'S COUNT RY HOUSE On Rte. I73 West of Antioch, Illinois Phone Antioch 602 Catering To Private Parties, Wedding, Etc. Atmosphere Deluxe Ray and Gert Lorenz LAKE VILLA LUMBER AND COAL CO Lake Villa, Illinois Phone Elliot 6-243i WlLSON'S LAUNDROMAT Phone Antioch 808 Rte. I73 859 Antioch, Illinois Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Shirt Service Compliments of KING'S DRUG STORE Antioch 22 Antioch, Illinois FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Antioch Phone 70 or 80 Antioch, II I inois OSMOND INSURANCE Real Estate Rts. 59 8. I73 Antioch, IIIinois CompI iments of PARK LUNCH George Rox Lake ViIIa, IIIinois UIKE COUNTY HEATING CO. Air Conditioning Engineers In the Heart of Antioch John L. Dupre 384 Lake Street Phone II3 Antioch, IIIinois Compliments of REGAL CHINA COMPANY Antioch, IIIinois JOE AND DON'S SERVICE STATION CompIete Auto Repairing and Towing 970 South Main Street Antioch, IIIinois Joe LoRusso and Donald Kennedy, proprietors Telephone Antioch 737 PEDERSEN'S BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN Main Street Antioch, IIIinois 'ki'k'k9t'k'k'k'ki Jo Pat Brand ANTIOCH PACKING HOUSE Smoked Meat Specialists k'k'k'k'k'k'kkki' Compiiments of LUPA'S BLUFF LAKE RESORT Antioch 342 Compliments of CARDI'S WESTERN TIRE AND AUTO STORE Antioch, IIIinois iikkitkkkki DICK'S BIKE SHOP Antioch, IIIinois Phone Antioch 888 -A-1:-kim-awww: 89 JACK STIEBER BARBER SHOP Antioch, IIIinois iitikikkiki LINDY'S SODA BAR on Route I73, 2 If2 miIes west of Antioch Phone Antioch 435-M kikkkkikik THE RECORD NOOK 845 Main 650 Pine Antioch, IIIinois Burlington, Wisconsin 'k'k'k'k'k'kkk'k'k Yvonne Dance Studios Ballet, Toe, Tap, and Ballroom dancing Antioch, Illinois--Grayslake, Illinois ifiiiiiiii Compliments of Antioch and Lakes Theatres kiiikiikii Compliments of Marek's Conservatory of Music kkiiikkkii Compliments of Ben Franklin Store ikikkiiiii Sorenson's Bait Shop Routes 59 and 173 Antioch, Illinois kkkkiiiiii Compliments of Jim Maplethorpe ikiiiikiii Ta lor Shoes Store Shoes for the entire family Antioch, Illinois iiikkiiiki L. E. Murrie Standard Service Antioch, Illinois kikikkikik KeuIman's Jewelry Store Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry RCA Television and Radio Antioch, Illinois kkkkkkkiik Homes - Lots - Acreage Nelson's Real Estate Antioch, Illinois kkkkiikkii Compliments of Amiel Feyerabend Auto Dealer iiikiiiiif 90 Compliments of Willow Dale Dairy Home of Dairy Farm Products Established 1915 ikkkkkkkkk Lasco's Greenhouse Flowers for all occasions Phone 418 Antioch, Illinois kikikkikik Martin's Hi-Way Furniture 935 Main Street Antioch, Illinois Phone 1129 kkkkkkkkkk Gibbs' Variety Store The Store of Friendly Service Antioch, Illinois Phone 136-J kkkkkikkki Ray's Grocery Cardinal Food Store Phone 35, 917 Main Street Antioch, Illinois Wkkikkkiki Compliments of Baethke's Barber Shop Antioch, Illinois kikikiifki Perry Auto Parts Lake Villa, Illinois kkkkkkkkkk Compliments of The Trading Post Antioch, Illinois kkkkkkkkkk Compliments of Frostee Sno kkkkikikkk Gordon Blumenschein Sewer and Water Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-6161 kiikkkikkk Reidel Feed Sales Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-1261 ikkkkikkii Kidera Equipment Company Lawn 8. Garden Division Box 358, Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-6931 kikkkkkkkk Compliments of Grand 21 Club Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-7418 iiiiikiffk Zens W. Zenor Plumbing and Heating Lake Villa, Illinois kiikiikkik Compliments of Williamson's Grocery Lake Villa, Illinois Phone Elliot 6-4481 kkikkikkki Town Club Lake Villa, Illinois INext to bankfl Sandwiches and Package Foods Elliot 6-7437 wxwxexxxxk Effinger's Hardware, Paints and Glass Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-3611 kkkikkkikk Storm-Proof Window Company Milwaukee Avenue 2 Blocks South of Grand Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-6281 ikiikifikk Fred Maier Service Station Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-4151 kkkkkkkkkk Jim's Service Station James Brodie Main and Depot Streets, Antioch, Illinois Phone 724 kkikkkikkk M. Cunningham Cartage Moving and General Trucking Antioch, Illinois Phone 419 fiiiiikiik Compliments of Powles Dairy Store Antioch, Illinois kikiiifiik Compliments of Elmer's Service Station Routes 59 and 173 Antioch, Illinois kikkkiikik Hunter's Garage D-X Gas and Oil Phone 352 Route 173, Antioch, Illinois kkikiiikki Joe's Tap Route 21--1 Block south of 132 Lake Villa, Illinois ikikkkkikk Cap Radke and Son Barber Shop Antioch, Illinois kkikkikikk Mabel's Cleaners Antioch, Illinois kikkfifiki The Pantry 914 Main Street Antioch, Illinois kkkkiiiiii Jack's Town and Country Sho Featuring a complete line olPMen's and Boys' Wear 890 Main Street, Antioch, Illinois fiiiiiifi! Compliments of A 8. P Store Antioch, Illinois iiiiiitikii' Erickson Pfaff Sewing Center Antioch, Illinois ikiiiiiiii Ray's Shell Station Lake and Broadway 24-Hour Towing Phone 55-J iiiifinkifi Bill's Welding and Steel Sales W.W. Horton, Jr. 312 Depot Street--Phone 446-J Day Antioch, Illinois ififkiiiii House of Beauty--Mr. Benny Open daily 9 to 65 Thursday and Friday evenings by appointment Phone 691 Antioch, Illinois kkiiiiiiii Wilton's Electric Shop 924 Main Street Phone 111 Antioch, Illinois iiikiikiki Compliments of Loon Lake Inn Antioch, Illinois Phone 380 kiikiiikii The RURALITE Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge Homemade Ravioli and Spaghetti Antioch, Illinois kieiirkkkikk Central Food Store Loon Lake, Bill Kumst Phone Antioch 760 ii'kk'k'1'i'i kit Casy's Bait and Sport Shop Route 21 and Beach Grove Road 1 mile south of 173 Antioch, Illinois 24 hour service ikikiiiiii Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. George Maleck iiiiiiiiki Steitz's Resort Bluff Lake Antioch, Illinois ikiiitiiiki' Compliments of Park Garage Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-4641 iifkkikiii 19th Hole Restaurant Highway 59 Lake Villa, Illinois fkiiiikinki Compliments of ANTIOCH LAUNDERETTE ikikiiikif Bob Hunt's Service Station Routes 173 and 21 Antioch, Illinois 'k'k'kk9t'kk'kiri EIliott's Chuck Wagon--Home 1 Mile west of Antioch on I73 Antioch, Illinois iitkkik'k'k'kk Rural Sanitary Service Complete Sewer Service Elmer Rudolph Phone 1183 f'k'kir5Yit'k'kk'k Runyard and Sons Well Drilling Antioch 643-J fries!--kuk-Je-lrakkir Bill's Service Station Loon Lake Comers Antioch, Illinois Phone 720 kitirkiitkftirk Cook ing , if V bil . 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