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i I E 5 3 5 f 5 V a X e , 1 F i 2 w 3 a a j Q 'I 1- E' 'r W 3 W ll A l. Z I s 3'lKM'4!2:11i f V' S .aww na Z X . X X . . X X-1XX,rX In Q , ' ' - -1'-."" ' f 1 f ' 9 -' F' ' - - 5 .. 1. . .'X.-ff 1--' .1 " I - ' ' ,N 1 ' ..X ' , ' W -X . 1 - g Q - . - .1 . ' , ' -r p.. X.1f .- X 1.15" 1- X - . X. ' 'X " -- ..1 -1. - X XX X 1 . XX. . . -4.11, X1 X, XX X. X, . .,X, .. XX f X. X- -.v , ,X,,. X 1 X X -X . - . , 1 -X-. X X. J-1. - .X . ,-. , . - ., . , X . XX X .. X -.X .. . X , . .- 1, ,. XX.XX .X X - X .X X X,1 X. ' X . .1 XX1'XX X XX--, . . ' " 'V 1' , V1' . ' . ' ' . . - - . '. ' X H X TX, 1 wx.,-. ' 'n t ' 1 . . X' ' '-X 5 . . -1 . ' J X X - X. -. 1' X 1 X 'J .zXX .X X " 1 . , 1 4' A. . - ' . Y I 1 ' 2 . 1 .X-XX 1 NX., , - ' - X, X X - .X .X .. X.. , .'f1'. ' 'X . -X X 1 . 1 X ' X. W' 'F i . " I .. ' ,K 1 - ' 1 - ' ' . ., .T ' J" ' 1 -L ' .,f1..1.1.X fX-141 .X - X, --J X .- ' -M. -. -" 1 . 1 - -' - ' ' X ,, X X . .X . 4 . ., X ...XX X . X X X 4 " X .X . X ' - nip . " ' 25 ,X .Xfl 1 X X -. .-. X 1 . X . X- ','. .' . ,.' v . -". V. J E' X I . 1151. -jf. .' ..- " . - - X X. X X X X .-I .',. .Q 1-1 ' X1 A .' V 1 , 1' ,M .:. '13 . . ' 1 ..- X, . . XX ..X,XX X 5 -.1 .. 1 4 . X X X . .L -1 ' . , .. 1 he ff- - .. 1 ' ., '. X,..J1' 1 ' .1zX .-- . :..X:,3,- .. . 1: 1- .X-:fs f 'X X , 1., X I X ' 351' X' .'+ ,X Vt.. . 1 f X X . ' Y' ' ' .. ' v .V ' ', , .1 V ' 1, ' - fl' -5 ' - ' ' 1 .. - 1..,-.1X1- .. , a- X . X -. X X 1 X , X X X . 1 ' . . f . 1- 1 X - X X X X X , X X X ' . X' ,JK-X ,. ' :X . . f- X X -- . X - . -. X .X... . X X wmv- -' - A rp ff - , -, va ' ajfg--. 'Ike 1957 Sequoia Published by ANTIOCH TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Anfiobh, qlllifiois 5323, wma ,fy MQW Nt, ,V ,W my-.,- ,,,,,, Wlanq innouationa blend The hall monitors, under the supervision of Miss Board, were stationed at various posts throughout the building for the purpose of maintaining order in the halls. Their duties included checking and recording hall passes, keeping the halls neat, greeting and escorting visitors, and delivering messages, The students gave their study hall time for the privilege of assuming these duties. The Christmas Concert, a joint presentation of the band and chorus, consisted of a blend of Christmas music in both sacred and popular vein. A special feature of this year 's program, in addition to selections by various small vocal and instrumental ensembles, was the singing of the "Hallelulah Chorus, " in which adults from the community joined. A new class this year at A,T,H.S, was Drivers' Education. Modern dance a new program introduced into the girls phy This class, backed by Chicago Motor Club and State Farm Mutual sical education classes by Mrs Baird and Miss Mainz a student Insurance, made use of a car donated by Driji Agency in Antioch. teacher was a great success The girls make up their own dances The purpose of this course was to give students the basic funda- entals of driving as well as actual behind the-wheel-training. with tnaclitiona at 14.'1H.S. "Dress right--you can't afford not to", With this slogan Antioch became a leader in a new "Dress Right Program". Newspaper and magazine articles, letters of congratulation and much favorable comment greeted the inauguration of this movement. The program banned certain types of dress and hair cuts, The effect upon the appearance of the student body was amazing. We are proud to have been one of the first schools to give good grooming its rightful importance. During the twenty-minute activity period every Wed- nesday various clubs held meetings. Those students having no meeting that week participated in social dancing in the girls' gym for juniors and seniors and in the boys' cum fnr freshman and SODi'lO1'l'lO1'CS. v in championship this year giving Antioch s underclassmen tour The soda-bar. HH adflifiell I0 the Cafeteria ifl late February, provide relaxation and entertainment for the student body Boys met with great success with both the students and faculty. Milk- from the Council served as the disc jockeys on the inter com shakes, malts and sundaes were sold at nominal prices. system '-'H-I.. 2 Jn Recognition June 3, 1957, marked the end of the teaching career of Miss Thersa Wehr, who has taught English and Latin at Antioch High for the past eleven years. Miss Wehr, who will be remembered by her former students and associates for her keen wit and scholarly vocabulary, has a commendable record of teaching at the high schools in Alberqueque New Mexico, and Dayton, Ohio, as well as that of serving as critic teacher of Latin at Indiana State Teachers' College at Terre Haute, Indiana, her hometown. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana State Teacher 's College and her Master's Degree in Latin from Columbia University in New York. Her future plans could not be disclosed at the time of this book went to press, but she surely will be able to devote more time in the future to her leisure-time activities of reading, sewing, and preparing an occasional gourmet's delicacy. Miss Thersa Wehr Roger Lang Jn Wlemoniam Roger Lang, a member of this year 's junior class, died Feb. 19, 1957, as the result of an auto acci- dent, Roger, who had gone out for football all three years, held half- back position on the varsity squad , this year, and he was playing guard on the varsity squad at the time of his passing. He had also been a member of the junior class play and was serving as a junior class representative on the Student Council, The absence of this active and popular student has been keenly felt. if 5 Louis, although enrolled at Antioch only from October 19, 1955, until his fatal auto crash We N' , during a fog on March 29, 1956, had won the respect and friend- f X, L ship of many of his associates. Grayslake High School, had not had much time to partcipate in many of the activities in school, but he had shown himself to be a good student and a gentleman, Louis Ralen Louis, who transferred from Z ,, , A 0 A 4 A Wfiffffff ' ' . ,., , ,, ,, ,W K K Q M547 A E622-ia, fldminiatnation "'3uiendlq Peuauaaionn -K W, Mr. Albert Dittmau A Mr, Fred Scott Gun School Boaftcl www me , Mr. Albert Dittman, principal of Antioch ll High, has served as administrator to the board and school tor the past tive years. Mr. Scott, a farmer east of town, has served fourteen years, six of them as president. Mr. Biel, secretary to the board, is a public accountant who lives at Channel Lake. This is Mr. Biel's sixth year with A the group. Dr. Carlucci, an Antioch dentist, ioined the board this year. Mr. Hamlin, an electrician from Lake Villa, is serving his fifth year. Mrs. Seyfarth, an Antioch housewife with two ot her three children in school this year, is another newcomer to the group. Mr. Vos has been a board member for four years. He lives in Antioch and is associated with the local lumber yard. Mr. Wilson, who is sewing his second year for the school, is an upholsterer from west of Antioch. fl.. Dr. Richard Carlucci Mrs, Ruth Seyfarth Mr. Roman Vos Ei C Mr. Lester Hamlin Mr. Harold Wilson , , ., - 4fif"2 jf fm 'f ' ' V z,'f,,"fH,f,j,j! 7, 4.7 f,, r K - fw , ' -,. -ZW.,-f-'.'.., ' ' ff W- I 3 "f f X X X yin 'M .. fig' fy ,eff , Qmf J, ,fwf,4fo 'ff - f' , ', h. . ww i V., r.,Zfy!!Vlf,, V, K VV 1 .l , ' 5 x ' WI, . M K X gf Qfa gfj' v ' iw w y y 1 f ,, ff f i , 'xi W , 2 512 - v f" , fffi'Q:,f ' Q. V fff , 4' . , VQff1v6',5L6fgf6f f f E Lf V ' iv3"'79f1Wf if f 2 f'9',f'!X' 'ff if fi ,V 3 M6374 f f, ,, 4 ffyf 'A 1 f .1 ' .ff ' f aCw'Q'f,'j!iy4:fff 1'5fyfyYff! ' , ,flg'i',ff3Lf M, fi A - fy 2' 1 'f 'mt f, V , ,, ,,,, gf 'g"',.Qy3,jg.'f3,,f , nmmmmmmm f ' V V -,,,' .:.N..f,,, ,,., , Mr, Dittman and Mr. Edwards Two familiar faces seen around the halls of Antioch High are those of our principal, Mr. Albert Dittman, and our assistant principal, Mr. Elmo Edwards. This is Mr. Dittman's fifth year here and Mr. Edwards' eighteenth. They spend a lot of time working on the growth and develop- ment of the school as well as encouraging the students and faculty. '.Theue'a plentq of wonle bon the o'btiC2 Sfatb These workers who keep our school 's records do everything from issu- ing detention slips to making lunch loans. The staff are Mrs. Margaret Moorman, who has been the principal's secretary for six years, Mrs. Edna Radke, who has given five years of friendly service to Antioch High, and Mrs. Gladys Clarke, who ioined the staff' just this year. 'Qpf Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Radko, Mrs. Moorman I With teaching, English and girls' physical education Mrs. Karen Baird still found time to sponsor the Pep Club and G. A.A. 1.55323 Wav Sponsoring the yearbook staffand serving as dean of girls and chairman of the language arts department were the responsibilities of Miss Carol Bean, who also taught Spanish. YT Being freshman class sponsor and hall monitor sponsor filled the time of a new English teacher, Miss Patricia Board. 'Jen new 'JIBGCIIBYIQ Mr. William Baird, a new social studies teacher, coached sophomore football and assisted with the Student Council, A new teacher this year, Miss Kathleen Barkman, taught home economics along with sponsoring the F, H,A, and supervising the lunch menus, Teaching music was the job of Mr, Louis Chenette, who also sponsored the Pep Band, Modern Music Masters, Prep Band, and the Radio Club, join the atabf Mr, Donald Cramer, who taught mathematics, was the chairman sponsor of the sophomore class and the head of the mathematics department Miss Nancy Denby, a new member of the faculty, filled her time teaching English and mathematics and sponsor- ing the National Honor Society, Miss Josephine Diethelm. One Of Our new were to teach girls physical education and dean of boys scrence department chairman mathematics teachers, sponsored the to sponsor the G A A and the cheerleading textbook supervisor and transportation Junior Red Cross and the sophomore class squads supervisor occupied Mr Elmo Edwards 3 Mr Stuart Good, one of our industrial arts A new teacher this year was Mr John The junior and senior class plays were teachers, coached freshman basketball and Hardisty who taught scienceand sponsored directed by our speech and English teacher, as Junior class chairman sponsor helped the Junior class Miss Pauicia Howard. ClCU.lfLf membena aponaon Our guidance coordinator, business education department chairman and director of athletics was Mr, Warren Polley who also coached sophomore basketball and taught business education, w55ZilQI:!ii5M6irWl?f222Zf4f1?riKii' Q 1 ,Mg t ' 4- ' 2 ' 4' ,au L 34 Vw, if I 's U L, Mr. Elroy Robinson, one of the science Freshman-sophomore basketball coach and teachers, was the junior class sponsor in audio-visual aids coordinator this year was charge of concessions and also sponsor of the Science Club. Mr. William Seemann, a new science and physical education instructor. nam, achool actiuitiea An instructor of industrial arts, Mr. Melvin Stillson, served as chairman of that depart- ment and was also chairman sponsor of the senior class. This was the first year at Antioch High for Mr. Kenneth Smouse, who besides direct- ing vocal music and sponsoring the senior class, taught English, As well as teaching social studies, Mrs. Jeannette Tulumello devoted her time to being Student Council chairman sponsor and chairman of the social studies depart- ment. yfl XL. Q I Q 'tru '-r-C., 35535, The sponsor of our newspaper, Miss Esther Slavin, taught business education, mlm 5 .M --'PM ac. 4, Miss Thersa Wehr, our English and Latin instructor, also had duties as sponsor of the senior class and the Latin Club. wp MU, Lf , .,, F.. mw- "Im W..-1 A ,Life ilk Q, ,Af ijfsvygf- M f ' gitlw 'V aijvfflw ' if? , -...V -5 qivea aefwice withjmilea Gi' Bumpy or icy roads are a head- ache for all drivers, but these fellows cover their routes at least twice a day so students can get to school. Mr. Jannusch, Mr. Larson, Mr. Olsen, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Sershon. Preparing enough food for several hundred hungry students each noon is a momentous task for any group, but our cooks are always ready on time with a hot meal. l l f i 3 ' , gin i V.,' .f K , ll' Y: fm-'Ui "' ' i 01 ' ' if . 'fv 'fy ' V P 'V K M , ap- f xnxx gxxxxx x fz 'if' Mrs. CHFY. Mrs. Wolters, Mrs. Gaylord, Mrs. Brown, Mrs, Beattie, FIRST ROW: MI. Andersen, Mr, Larson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sershon, Mr. I21Ul1USCh, Mr. Olsen. 1' 1:1151 X ' "Wg llfsiwlkq QXH Always ready to lend a helping hand, our five custodians each day find many duties to keep them busy in order to maintain the building in good condition. 'W M, " " . fm, Q. . K L sfzxewmhi Seniona HG naduation Daq 143 ADVISORS Mr. Stillson, Mr. Smouse, and Miss Wehr. FRANCIS DORNER "Butch " Student Council 4, "A" Club 3,4, Football 1, 2,3, Class President 4, Class Play 3,4, RICHARD SRCH "Dick" Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 4, Science Club 4, "A " Club 3, 4, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3,4, Track 1, 2,4, Baseball 3, Class Treas- urer 2, Vice-President 4, ROSA ELENA MENA "Rosina" Transferred from Mexico City, Mexico, 1955, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Sequoia Staff 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Pep Club 3, 4, F,l-l,A, 2, G,A,A, 4, Girls' State 3, A Cappella Choir 4, Secretary 4, Class Secretary 3,4, Tom-Torn Staff 2,-4, Latin Club 3,4, ANTOINETTE NERING "Toni" Sequoia Staff 3,4, Tom-Tom Staff 3,4, Circulation Man- ager 4, Pep Club 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Class Treasurer 4. I4 The seniors banded together for their final activities before graduation by enioying their class trip, destination unknown at press time, and their play, "Mr. Barry's Etchings," presented on April 5 and 6. Early in the year they won first prize in the Homecoming parade with their float entitled "Tonight You Belong To Me," depicting a chained football. The Christ- mas formal, one of their major proiects of the year, was a success because of the beautiful decorations and large number of guests. Delegates elected by their classmates to serve on the Student Council were Janice Kiehl, Judy Horton, and Jack Elliott. Wlaq 3l ia qnaduation da OFFICERS RAMONA AHRENS "Ramonie" Sequoia Staff 3, Girls' Glee Club l,2, FRANK ALBERT HAI.. Transferred from Salem, Wisconsin, 1954, Student Coun- Gil 4: National Honor Society 4, Sequoia Staff 3, Latin Club 1' 2- 3. 4: Pep Club 3, Modern Music Masters 2, 3, 4, President 4: Football 2, Band 2, 3,4, Librarian 3,4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Librarian 3, President 4, Class Play 4. an the Claaa Ot I F KENNETH ANDERSEN "Kenny" Basketball 1, Baseball 2, 3. SANDRA ANGELOFF "Sandy" Tom-Tom Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Modern Music Masters 3, 4. WILLIAM BARNSTABLE "Barney" Student Council 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, "A" Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Track g 1, Baseball 1,2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 1, MARTIN BELL "Marty" "A" Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, LYNN BOLTON Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Sequoia Staff, Business Manager 3, 4, Modern Music Masters 3, 4, "A" Club 4, Basketball 2,3, 4, Boys' State 3, Band 1,2,3,4, President 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 2, Vice President 4, Class Vice President 1, President 2, Class Plays 3,4, 1 I fe 2 , ARLENE CATARDI "Pee Wee" Sequoia Staff 3, 4, Tom-Tom Staff 4. LONNIE CHRISTENSEN "Lon" "A" Club 3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, JAY CRIBB ..Benjy.. Pep Club 3,4, Track 4, Baseball 2, Band l,2,3,4, Lib- rarian 2, 3, Vice President 4, Class Plays 3,4. PATRICIA DAI-IM "Pat" Transferred from Wa ukegan, Illinois, 1954, Library Club 4, Sequoia Staff 3,4, Tom-Tom Staff 3,4, Pep Club 3, Modern Music Masters 4, F,H, A, 3, A Cappella 3,4, Class Play 3. MARILU BUSHING MARY KAY BREHEN "Katie" A Cappella Choir 3, Transferred from Chicago, Illinois, 1954. CAROL BUNKELMAN ..Bunk.. Sequoia Staff 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1. S2l'l.i0fl9. enjoq beimi Student Council 4, Sequoia Staff 4, Co-Editor 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, G,A, A. 1,2,3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Class Play 3, National Honor Society 4, T ' Ji. JOHN ELLIOTT lflackll Student Council 4, Football 13 Track 2, Class Plays 3,4, IEANNE FILIATREAULT National Honor Society 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Sequoia Staff 4: Tom-Torn Staff 4, Latin Club 2,3, Secretary 3, Pep Club 3: G,A,A, 3,4, pueata at flunion Puom CAROL FRAZIER "Fraz " .f"x. Student Council 35 Sequoia staff 4g Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2, 3,4g F,H,A, 1,2,3, President 3, G,A,A, 1,2,3,4, A11- Stars 4g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2g Class Play 3. KEITH GORDON "Sara" Football 1, Basketball Manager 2, Baseball 2, Manager lg A Cappella Choir 1, LYNN GRAY "Lynny" National Honor Society 4g Modern Music Masters 3, 4, G, A.A, lg Cheerleader 1,2g Madrigal Group 35 A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3,4, Librarian 4, Class Play 4. MARILYN GREENE "Mer " ROBERT DOYLE "Bob" Latin Club 43 Basketball 4, Transferred from Waukega n, Illinois, 1956, THOMAS GUDGEON ..Tom., Football lg Basketball 2, 3,4g Baseball 1, THOMAS HALEY wrorn H Coin Club 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2,3g Basketball 1, 21 Track 1,2g Baud 1, Claaa ob '57 aiaplaq mein! LAURA HANSEN "Punky" Sequoia Staff 3,45 Tom-Tom Staff lg Pep Club 3g F.l-I. A, 1gG,A,A, 1,2,3,4, All-Stars 3,45 Class Play 3. CAROL HEATH Pep Club 83 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 A Cappella Choir 3. BARBARA HEILIGENTHAL lIBarb ll G,A,A, 1,23 A Cappella Choir 1,29 Class Play 4. WJLLARD HENRIKSEN "Bill " Track 49 Band 4, A Cappella Choir 3,4. CELIA HOJEM "Cecil" Library Club lg Sequoia Staff 3g Modern Music Masters 2, 3,4g Band l,2,3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3,4g Class Plays 3,4. 2 JUDITH HORTON njudy.. Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Club 4, F. H, A, 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, G, A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, All-Stars 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Girls' Glee Club l,2, Class Plays 3,4, IUDITH HOSTETLER uludy.. Tom-Tom staff 2,3, Latin Club 2, Pep Club 1, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Class Plays 3,4. V I' .rj 1 W, . :pa and qowna with pnide GERALD HUML "Gerry" Student Council 3,4, President 4, Latin Club 1, "A" Club 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Class Vice-President 2, President 3, L BETTY JANUARY Student Council 3, Tom-Tom Staff 4, Latin Club 2, Sec- retary 2, Pep Club 1, Modern Music Masters 2,3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 3, 4, RICHARD KAPELL "Dick" Student Council 3, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Foot- ball l,2, Basketball 3,4, Band 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Class Vice-President 3, SANDRA KEULMAN "Sandy" Sequoia Staff 3,4, Tom-Torn Staff 4, G,A,A, 1, Band 1, IANICE KIEHL vlan.. Student Council 4, Sequoia Staff 3,4, Tom-Tom 1,2, F. H,A, 1,2,3, Degree Chairman 2, G,A,A, l,2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Girls' Glee Club l,2, xv-4. J 'xx. ' S is, ' -:H ur .eww -X K C 4 -A, K. sriiiiiigfjii QQ CHARLES LARSON "Chuck" PETER LEHMANN Football 1,25 Baseball l,2, FRED LIBERT Srudent Council 3,4, Treasurer 4, Football 1, 2,3, SUSAN KO PAC H "Sue" Transferred from Chicago, Illinois, 1955, Tom-Tom Staff 3, 4, News-Editor 4g Latin Club 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 4, Secretary 35 G,A, A, 3, 4, CAROLINE KROEPLIN "Kreppie" Sequoia Staff 3g Tom-Tom Staff 1,2, F,H.A, 1,2, Trea- surer Qg G.A. A. 1,2, 3,4, All-SIMS 4. fl bniqht butune liea ahead Track l. K Nj 'X rrr. - -:rf FRANK LOMBARDO irbl C f riri r riiiiii ' V S' CiSiS" Transferred from Chicago, Illinois, 19545 Baseball 2, 3, E Baud Q, 3, 4, 4 4 ' i - rrsl ' M , , 4 ,,.,,r,r JAMES LYSTLUND bf- "Jim" " S LarinC1ubl,2,3,4g "A"C1ub 4, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1, 'Q xx or , 20 3 4 2252 JOAN MAIR NIO.. Student Council 2, 4, Secretary 45 National Honor Society 45 Sequoia Staff 2,3, 45 Tom-Tom Staff 25 Latin Club 25 Modern Music Masters 25 F, H, A, 1, 25 G,A,A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, President 25 All-Stars 3, HARRY MILLER Coin Club 25 Library Club 1, 2,3, 45 Latin Club 15 Science Club 45 Radio Club 45 Track 4, ft mia qean'a Seniona MARLYS MILLER HMM.. G,A, A, 15 Cheerleader 1, 2, 45 Band 25 Girls' Glee Club 15 A Cappella 25 Class Secretary 1, yi it ELMER OELKERS Football 25 Basketball 1, 2: BSSGFD-21112: Balld 1.2. 3,41 A Cappella 45 Class Play 4. PATRICIA PALMER "Pat" Sequoia Staff 1,2,8,45 Tom-Tom Staff 1,25 Modern Music Masters 2,3,4, G,A, A, 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Giee Club 2 SIDNEY PARKER "Sid" "A" Club 3,45 Football 3, 45 Basketball 2,3, 45 Baseball 2, 3,45 Transferred from Chicago, Illinois, 1954, GERALDINE PATELSKI "Gerry" Sequoia Staff 45 Torn-Tom Staff 3,45 Pep Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 A Cappella 1, 3, G ERA LD RISCH ..Je1,1,y., JANET ROGERS vlan.. Student Council 2, Sequoia Staff 3,4, Latin Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2,3, 4, Modern Music Masters 2,3,4g G,A, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars 4, Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4g Madrigal Group 3, Band 1, 2,35 A Cappella 1,23 Tom-Tom Staff 2,3, EDWARD SALINAS "Eddie" MARY LOU SEYFARTI-I "Lou" Student Council 1, Sequoia Staff 1, 2, Tom-Tom Staff 1, 2, Pep Club 3, G,A,A, 1, 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, Girls' Glee Club 25 A Cappella 1, Class Secretary 2, Class Plays 3, 4, All-Stars 3,4, MARY SHEPARD "Mare" Transferred from Lee's Summit, Missouri, 1955, Tom- Tom Staff 4, Pep Club 8,43 F, I-l,A, 3, G,A, A, 3,41 Cheerleader 4. ROGER PLECHATY "A" Club 3.4: F0Otba1l l,2,3,4g Basketball 2, Track 1, 2,3,4, RICHARD RHHIMARI "Dick" Transferred from Phelps, Wisconsin, 1955, Science Club 4, Vice President 4, National Honor Society 4, S2l1i0fl9. take lead im if ' X X ff , if f ' 2 K .11-L-Q I 1 ,Q , gf ,f any ' A 1121-12 S v I , ,M ff WX - ra M44 IOHN STEITZ BHHCl 1: A Cappella 3,45 Track lg Radio Club 3. MARIAN STOWE ..Mar.. Sequoia Staff 4g Latin Club 2, G,A,A, l,2,3g Girls' Glee Club l,2, anq achool actiuitiea RQBERT STURM II ll Coin Club 1,25 Library Club 2,3,4, SANDRA TEGELMAN "Sandy" Sequoia Staff l,2,3,4g G,A,A, 1,2,3,4, All-Stars 3, 43 Band 3, Class Play 3, DAVID VA LKENAAR X ' "Dave" ' Tom-Tom Staff 2, Basketball 1, 2,3g Track 2, Baseball lg Class Plays 3, 4, RAYMOND VAN PATTEN ball lg Track l,2, DAVID WALTERS "Dave" Transferred from Chicago, Illinois, 1956, Basketball 4, Track 3,4, if 23 l ? Science Club 4, "A" Club 45 Football 1,2,3, 41 Basket- JOHN WOOLNER If-lack!! RALPH ZEIEN National Honor Society 4g Football 1 American Government, one of the state requirements for graduation, fille one semester of all seniors' last year. The course covered the complete con- struction of the national, state, and local governments with the purpose of acquainting future voting citizens with the "why" and "how" of government procedure., S2l1iO7l5. leave with puecioua mementoa ROGER WOLF Football 1 Track 1 1 "5 Could Have Danced All Yliqht Mr. Robinson, Advisor, P. Zeien, Treasurerg C, Arndt, Secretaryg A, Hanke, Vice-Presidentg F. Ferdon, Presidentg Mr. Harclisty, Advisor. The junior class was kept busy this year raising money for the prom. Some ofthe main projects were the class play, "The Night of January the l6th," selling Homecoming pins, and running the candy store. In the Homecoming parade the juniors entered a Float, consisting of a huge Tide 1 I box with the words, "We"II Turn The Tide." 1 Toni Thomas, escorted by Terry Horton, was the junior class Homecoming attendant. Class rings were chosen in November and were received in February. The Student Council representatives were Roger Lang, Rose Ellen Furlan, Dave 1 1 Mitchell, and Tom Scunhamel. l l qLU1i0'fl5. happilq FIRST ROW: I. Cary, B. Alshouse, N. Bailitz, D, Deppe, M. Cardiff. SECOND ROW: K, Applebey, J. Denton, D, Bell, W, Carney. THIRD ROW: J. Burton, S. Barnstable, D, Beattie, I. Bentel, C, Arndt, FOURTH ROW: L. Dewar, R, Abendroth, J, Dittmer, J. Berke, I. Armstrong, R. Bm-da. www! , 22 6 ff ,Q 'K IZ FIRST ROW: D. Domek, R. Furlan, E. Frazier, M, Forbrich, C. Ellison. SECOND ROW: F. Faust, P, Dressel, F, Ferdon. THIRD ROW: W. Drury, J. Eppers, D. Gibbs. I. Elfering. FOURTH ROW: R. Gelden, R. Gable, W. Hart, A. Hanke, R. Hartman, F. Fabry, cquine claaa ninqa FIRST ROW: A. Hribar. P. Jesse. D. JHCTI. I. Lewis, I. Homan. SECOND ROW: K. Hellstern, G. Lystlund, R. James.THIRD ROW: C. Koziol, R. Lang. FOURTH ROW: R. Kopecky, L. Kempf, T. Horton, W. Herbst C. Hucker, R. Jonas. "yur ,Y HW 'i I I H ai' FIRST ROW: K. Rentner, I, Pyle, S. Ott, C. Marotta. SECOND ROW: G. Royer, S. Petersen, C. Mc Glynn M. Rudolph, A. Pleviak. THIRD ROW: T. Sanhamel, NI Palenski, T. Portalski, D, Maier, G. Nowicki. FOURTH ROW: N. Outinen, R, Poulsen, D. Mitchell, M. Quilty, R. Rockow. E, Meyer. Ul'I.i0'7l9. opeuate the candq atone FIRST ROW: N. Wetterberg, I. Zelibor, W. Schlunz, P. Zeien. SECOND ROW: E. Wohlfeil, A. Stanton, L, Zaccard, G. Thomas, M. Smith. THIRD ROW: C. Kopecky, L. Wohlfeil, S. Nebel, P, Houdeschell, E. Storch. FOURTH ROW: J, Sheehan, G. Volling, D. Smith, L. Schlunz, D. Stone. FIFTH ROW: R. Weaver, R. Schaeffer, K. Torkelson, R. Wertz, P. Zalatoris, F. Sebesta. -a-.. Svfvx - l -I. S-f1 fl X -' , 1. Sophomouea II I ' V ll We ne on Oun Waq Mr Cramer Advisor I Orlschlager, President, C, McNeil, Secretary, J Kersler Treasurer NIlSSDi6lZh6l1T1, Advisor. A float in the Homecoming parade was the sophomores' main project this year. Their attendant for the Homecoming dance was Sandy Mayer, escorted by Dick Behrens Chosen to represent the sophomore class in the Student Council were Sandy Barnstable, Jim Tully, and Margie Ptasienski. 50'I2l10I'Yl0fl80. aponaom FIRST ROW V Brehl I Crlbb, R, Anderson, I. Barski, S. Barnstable. SECOND ROW: K, Burke, E. Christensen, A Benson S Aschenbrenner D. Caddy. THIRD ROW: D. Christensen, C, Davis, R, Behrens, B, Cain, R. Carlson FOURTH ROW R Cote, P. Case, A. Cheterbok, A. Angeloff, A, Bromstad, D, Beaulieu. rr-EQ' 'Maw f"Y ox-J Ryan bw-'fa FIRST ROW: J. Gaston, M. Geist, S. January, B. Freund, S. Jenkins, J. Griffin. SECOND ROW: J. Heidner, P, Duffy, L. Hollocker, C. Farmen, C. Kamen, C. Horton, D. Gray. THIRD ROW: D.KHogan, J. Gelden, J, Hogan, W. Jarvis, J. Hucker, W, Dressel, J. Dupre, FOURTH ROW: H. Hattendorf, D. Dewar, T, Eckert, L, Gallagher, D. Horton, D. Hay, D. Freels. bien qame dance FIRST ROW: C. McNeil, C. Miller, M. Kuzmickas, D. Mantis, J. Maleck, J, Keisler. SECOND ROW: B. Krakowski, E. Kibling, K. Keulman, C. Keulman, C. Lupa, S. Mayer. THIRD ROW: F. Mann, G, Kaub, T. Kubina, A. Milowski, F. Manning, P. Macafee. FOURTH ROW: K. Mazzuca, V. Nauseda, A, Moorman, T. Milowski, P. Magiera, R. Mack, R. Metz. Q. ,,.V, , J, A f it A .. , , Y , J "hw , ' nf V - . N' P ,f f f -M. lx ft. .4 .,.,. 7 A fag wJ 1 A tl w 'J I 'u 1, la F 1 1 I E, 'rid auf---Q INA' " " FIRST ROW: J. Putnam, M, Nowicki, R, Northern, M. Ptasienski, S. Pickus, M. Pullen. SECOND ROW: C. Ruhl, D. Nettles, G. Provencal, K. Saylor, L, Osmond, J, Scharrer, G. Russell. THIRD ROW: G. Rudolph, D. Runyard, J. Sanders, A, Rozek, I. Reiff, G. Moore. FOURTH ROW: I. Portalski, C, Phillips, T. Schissler, J. Oilschlager, J. Quinn, T, Ring, J. Proesel. SOI2hOWl0fl2Q loae their: ahqneaa FIRST ROW: A, Weedner, K. Van Patten, B. Tallman, M. Waigand, U. Stovall, B. Yates. SECOND ROW: K. Sershon, L, Wagner, C. Stoffel, D. Winstead, C. Schley, B. Simmermon. THIRD ROW: W. Yanca, R. Schlarbaum, R. White, J. Zeien, W, Seifert, P, Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: R. Van Patten, A, Wollpert, J, Tully, R. Teml, D. Sheehan, F. Stahmer, A. Wertz, ,'K K4 3 gl- i , 5 In .y 3, ix at in 32 W 1 V 4 1 - po' I nm,a7:nvz1wvM.f,' , , , I, ' '-K' - .',.-, 1 f ' ' V. - . ' E H, 1 MMM, f'.- , ., , -1 aft ', , 'f " A QM," I ff -f lf'f3'1f5i7' T , , V X - , " fff:,,f,i ' . 1- 2 ,,,, , , f, ., I W N. ,f 7484, A A- --f if 2 ' .1 N Il 11 Cjettinq to Know ou FIRST ROW: Mr. Chiappetta, Advisor: T. Good, Treasurer: S. Duha, President: J. Hughes, Secretary: Miss Board, Advisor, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: R. Gudgeon, Vice-President, The freshman class, made up of over 250 students, held a "get-acquainted" dance in early October, planned and prepared the bon- fire celebration on Homecoming Eve, and took charge of the coat room at several of the basket- ball games. Under the supervision of Mr. Chiappetta and Miss Board, the class sponsors, they built a Homecoming float, and in early March several students from the class participated in a variety show presented for the student body. A few choice acts from this show performed for the public later in the year. 1 Representing the freshmen in Student Council were Sue Romer, Phil Mitchell, and ElmerEberman. i i 'lneahmen FIRST ROW: 1. Blank, P, Andersen, J. Blumenschein, S. Bauer, D, Berkholtz, SECOND ROW: M. Anderson, S, Adler, S, Berke, I. Adamowski, P. Bartik. THIRD ROW: B, Borchardt, K, Alshouse, J. Alshouse, D, Beattie, M. Adler. FOURTH ROW: J, Apostolou, A, Berritter, R, Anderson, G, Anzinger, W. Beller, N. Bown. ,ai I FIRST ROW: M. Corris, B. Curwood, P. Derig, N. Canter, L. Coggins. SECOND ROW: D. Dowling, S. Davis, S. Dittman, N. Brown, P. Byrne, B. Carney. THIRD ROW: K, Cooney, P. Dorner, P. Callahan, N. Brockway, T. Dewar. FOURTH ROW: W. Cremin, G. Dahlman, T. Burda, S. Davis, W. Dowell, E. Curtis. fzowd the halla FIRST ROW: A. Franks. J. Fera, T. Good, I. Fath, S, Gibbs. SECOND ROW: G. Frasier, B. Fleider, V. Gruidl, F. Funderburk, B. Gutowski, THIRD ROW: R, Geske, R. Gudgeon, S, Duha, I. Gerber, V. Filip, FOURTH ROW: J, Gomaz, D. Drosen, E. Eberman, T. Golden, I. Ehrhardt, M. Gorman. X L ! . . , 1 FIRST ROW: L. Kapell, K, Horton, H. Herman, K. Hermanek, M. Jasien. SECOND ROW: I. Hughes, S. Houdeshell, V, Kandl, C. Irvin, K. Jaszkowski. THIRD ROW: T. Hironimus, D. Kaminski, K. Heath, D. Kammer, R. Hansen. FOURTH ROW: C. Hansen, E. Homan, B. Ierde, O. Johnson, E. Heath. J. Hehn. 'heahmen buil FIRST ROW: C. Lassen, M, Lehmann, W. Lense, A. Maier, L. Mani. SECOND ROW: C. Kulin, S. Kubs, C. Larsen, K, Kufalk, R, Kufalk. THIRD ROW: S. Latta, L. Loecher, W, Ludford, G. Mantis, I. Keegan, I. xLaRusso, FOURTH ROW: J. Knigge, R. Lasco, F. Lindner, R. Martin, M, LaBrose, B. LaBrose. 6' , 7 1 J - 6 w.lJ 'Y FIRST ROW: J, Masek, N. Nemek, L. Pavel, P. Milowski. SECOND ROW: D. Medley, M, Midgley, D. Meierdirk, C. Olsen, E. Ozga, L. Pitts. THIRD ROW: W. Nerud, S. Nielsen, M. Mortensen, M. Murrie, P. Mitchell, W, Merryman, FOURTH ROW: C, Oberg, M. Nelson, C. Pille, I. Peaslee, D. Moorman, R. McCarthy, umecominq bonbine FIRST ROW: S. Schroeder, N. Scott, C. Rudolph, E. Schley. SECOND ROW: B. Poulsen. I. Rentner, M. Ring, S. Romer, D. Rybacki. THIRD ROW: R. Prange, D. Powell, D, Pyles, W, Robis, W. Rosquist. FOURTH ROW: A. Root, R. Schaefer, J. Proesel, L. Porter, T. Ptack, J. Porter, R. Riihimaki. FIRST ROW: C, Smith, N. Srch, J. Smith, J. Sobey, M. Smith.,SECOND ROW: I. Sherwood, P, Storch, J Seekatz, K, Shephard, D. Stratton. THIRD ROW: K. Stepien, G. Sturm, E. Shimkus, G. Siedschlag, G. Stollenwerk. FOURTH ROW: A, Stowe, W. Srarman, D. Sinclair, D. Seyfarth, M. Stankus, D. Slazes. gfledhhlen bfzeak ennollment ueconda FIRST ROW: P. Wallace, K. Tallman, M, Sullivan, P. Zaccard, L, Veesenmeyer. SECOND ROW: R. Wolf, J. Wade, B, Young, C. Westberg, D, Wiegel. THIRD ROW: C. Thiele, L, Zerr, J. Wells, J. Weldin, D. West, D. Tomasian. FOURTH ROW: J. Wolters, G. Williamson, D. Wiegel, M. Wolff, E. Valek, R. Thayer, - Q' I I " ' 7 -' i tl munching Along '.'Ioqethen" fM66.,,,,. ., The Student Council acts as the "connecting link" between the student body and the faculty, bringing the views and attitudes of the students tc present and solve the problems in the school. Each class sends to the council its president and three elected representatives. Other mem- bership is composed of the presidents of state affiliated clubs, the girls and boys' state repre- sentatives, and the executive board, consisting of the council president, vice-president, sec- retary, and treasurer who are elected by the student body. Some of the accomplishments of this year's council are: the setting up ofa "Code of Con- duct," backing the "Good Grooming Plan," scheduling some of the social events such as Homecoming festivities, Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies, and earning funds to G. Huml, President, Mrs. Tulumello, Advisor, L. Bolton, Sponsor professional assemblies Vice-President: J. Mair, Secretaryg Mr. Baird, Advisor, ' F. Libert, Treasurer. Sfbldelflf COUYICU wonka bon impnouementa FIRST ROW: F, Dormer, F, Libert, L, Bolton, G, l-Iuml, Mrs, Tulumello, J, Mair, F, Ferdon, SECOND ROW: P, Zeien, R, Furlan, R, Mena, J, Burton,.S, Romer, M, Bushing, M, Ptasieuski, J, Horton, S, Barnstable, THIRD ROW: R, Lang, J, Tully, P, Mitchell, D, Mitchell, R, Teml, J, Oilschlager, D, Pyle, E, Eberman, R, Srch, F, Albert, 0s u'7"iii:3B " 'wif H - '-2 1. ' .g l,"'? sXKWF ' ,V f"'1 The Library Club, under the dir- ection of Mr. Chiappetta, was a group of students interested in learning the functions of a library, Among the many jobs performed by them were checking out books and magazines, returning books to the shelves in their proper places, arranging displays, typing in- dex cards, and maintaining order among the students. Some of the librarians were experienced enough to help students find research material on any subject, An aim of the organization was to help the members develop an apprecia- tion for the library arts through their constant association with books, 5:1 FIRST ROW: P, Dahm, M. Ptasienski, J, Sheehan, Mr. Chiappetta, SECOND ROW: J.Keisler, K. Van Patten, N, Bailitz, S. Barnstable. THIRD ROW: R. Sturm, H. Miller, W. Dressel, Jnboumation inapinea intellect Eleven outstanding members of the senior class and five from the junior class were honored with election by the faculty into the National Honor Society, an organization designed to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate the desire to render services, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character, national -Horton Societq FIRST ROW: R. Zeien, T, Sanhamel, J. Filiatreault, F. Albert, I. Mair, SECOND ROW: P, Zeien, R. Mena, D. Mitchell, I. Horton, Miss Denby, R, Riihimaki, M. Bushing, R, Srch, J. Burton. .Lg,N , r -T sf- Ri EW., 'E-3 13? i f ' ' r-' 1 S - I Maleck, Secretaryg J. Proesel, Sergeant-at-Arms, M, Ptasienski, Treasurer, Miss Wehr, Advisor, R, Teml, President. The Latin Club was formed for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with the life of the Roman people. This was accomplished by the schedule of activities featuring slides of Roman life, a Saturnalia llloman Christmasl, and field trips. The meetings were social as well as educational with parties, picnics, and the biggest event ofthe year, a ban- quet held in the spring. Any student of Latin was eligible to join the group. Lafilfl linka pant to pneaent FIRST ROW: N, Scott, R, Mena, B S, January, T, Good, S, Dittman, Kuzmickas, S, Duha, W, Cremin, McGlynn, C, Marotta, J, Hughes, Teml, D, Sheehan, F, Mann, J. Lystlund, G, Royer, C ,Q ,, , Vw XJ4' , Carney, B, Alshouse, S, Berke, C, 1-Iuhl, SECOND ROW: N, Srch, K, I-Iermanek, K, Horton, J, Gaston N, Brown, M, Ptasienski, THIRD ROW: C, Schley, S, Romer, P, Storch, J. Seekatz, I, Cribb, M E, Shimkus, FOURTH ROW: P, Bartik, J, Maleck, D, Beattie, I, Parker, I, Proesel, A, Pleviak C J, Rentner, FIFTH ROW: R, Srch, M, Mortensen, F, Ferdon, D, Hay, D, Jach, J, Oilschlager, R 3 s rf ' - V -:,7v rg 5 f wg' I xt ,S Q, -, f X., B as y 3 f t Cl i i? cf' The Future Homemakers of America composed of girls who studied home economics, helped prepare the girls for their future roles as homemakers. The club also helped people overseas by sending them gift boxes. ln the Homecoming parade the F.H.A. had a Float depicting the theme, "Stranded in the Jungle." The girls also sponsored a dance after a game and held several bake sales. In October they held a "Hobo Day" - when all dressed in their ieans and plaid shirts to "bum" for odd iobs to earn money for the organization . I P, Jesse, Secretaryg A, Hribar, Treasurerg P, Zeien, Vice-Presidemg R, Furlan Poims Chairman, Miss Barkman, Advisor: N. Werrerberg, P21f1iamCUI3fi8U: J. Burton, President. 'Jutufle -Homemalzena eniowuouo Dai," FIRST ROW: P, Zeien, N, Wetterberg, B, Alshouse, B, Curwood, M. Andersen, SECOND ROW: D. Berkholta, D. H31'mS, M. Austin, J, Keisler, THIRD ROW: S, Kubs, E, Wohlfeil, B. Krakowski, J. Burton, R. Fllflafl. J. Adamowskl. FOURTH ROW1C- MC Yun A, Rozek, E, Homan, J. Sherwood, M, Smith, M, Forbrich, G, Thomas. Ai Y:-fr h 5 Q' Cf 'thu 3 49 E? If T7 4 kv an W Y 5 f 5 Kb it-PW 'T " K I Modern Music Masters is a national honorary society designed to give recognition to outstanding scholarship and musicianship. It is made up of approximately twenty members, all sophomores, iuniors, and seniors with Frank Albert as president and David Mitchell as vice-president Formal initiations are held twice yearly, at the be- ginning of each semester. The initiates have to fulfill certain requirements such as performing a solo or writing a research paper. Selected representatives attended the organizational meeting of the illinois Association of Modern Music Masters held at Maine Township High School in Des Plaines last March twenty-third. THE BRASS SEXTET ROW ONE: R. Hansen, J. Gaston, D. Moorman. ROW TWO: M. Murrie, P. Mitchell, S. Nielsen. modeun muaic maatena win necoqnition in muaic FIRST ROW K Applebey C HoJem P Palmer S Plckus I Wagner. SECOND ROW: N, Wetterberg, B, January D Domek S Angeloff S Aschenbrenner P Dahm Mr Chenette THIRD ROW J Rogers, P, Jesse, F, Albert, B, Cain, D, Mitchell L Bolton . . ine rep Llub, organized forthe purpose of promoting school spirit by encouraging cheering at games, is open to any student who wishes to ioin. The letters P.E.P. are awarded at the end ot the year to students who have gained a certain number of points either by attend- ing games or by working on activities such as dances, pom-poms, or dances and parties. The money earned through these activities is used to buy the awards at the end of the year. The theme of the float entered in the Homecoming parade this year by the group was "Arguys'll Shine Tonight," featuring a large argyle sock. l M, Cardiff, Treasurer: G, Volling, Vice-President: Mrs, Baird, Advisor D, Domek, Secretary, K, Rentner, Assistant Chief Rooter: E, Frazier, Chief Rooter, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: R, Wcrtz, President, P212 apafzka achool apinit FIRST ROW: J. Hughes, S, Gibbs, S, Ditnman, M, Forbrich, D, Gibbs, B, Krakowski, SECOND ROW: M, Shepard, K, Rentner, B, Poulsen M, Jasien, K, Shephard, J, Maleck, E, Frazier, R, Furlan, THIRD ROW: Mrs, Baird, D, Domek, S, Barnstable, C, Westberg, R. Mena M, Andersen, J, Keisler, S, Barnstable, M, Nowicki, L, Kapeil, L, Veesenmeyer, FOURTH ROW: L, Osmond, P, Milowski, N, Srch, P, Bum, G, Frasier, B, Alshouse, J, Zelibor, S, Kopach, J, Horton, D, Mantis, FIFTH ROW: E, Kadlec, M, Quilty, P, Mitchell, G, Volling, R, Wertz, M, Smith, C, Kopecky, B, Yates, B, Sershon, SIXTH ROW: P, Callahan, C, Marorta, B, Gutowski, C, Irwin, S, Kubs, P, Dressel, J, Pyles, M, Cardiff, G, Thomas, D, Stratton, I, Adamowski, T, Sanharnel, SEVENTH ROW:S, Petersen, J, Rogers, M, Miller, C, Keulman, C, McGlynn, J, Sheehan, A, Rozek, D, Meierdirk, J, Apostolou, N. Brockway, C, Kulin, K, Cooney, mm 1 fa. K , ', if 5- 5 , 7 ,.:': 1 ge ,, his i, u. if 7-4 ,L far' s ' ' T Vx 'cmvdilf Q W-' ,Z , F l y ox-Y " ly iff! . rims - Q A es: vi 4' -f 1 ' - i' , - T - 'sf lc' 1 s A 1 'S U 19' ' 7l ' z F l 5 A - T " viii S- 'Z' N1 S. fx X'-1 - fix i . -' T ' V -is-1 Students with a iournalistic bent found expression in working for the Tom- Tom, our school newspaper which was published bi-weekly. ln addition to the usual iobs of writing, typing, mimeographing, drawing illus- trations, and distributing the copies, the staff members printed and sold football programs, sponsored after-game dances, and took charge of the cloak room at several basketball games. P, Zeien, Editor-in-Chief, J. Burton, Art Editor, M, Forbrich, Feature Editor, J. Tully, Sports Editor, S, Kopach, News Editor, Miss Slavin, Advisor, 70m-UOH1 Stats pninta the newa FIRST ROW: E, Frazier, K, Van Patten, J, Keisler, M, Waigand, P, Dahm, SECOND ROW: J. Maleck, S. Kopach, K. Rerltner, J. Zelibor. P, Zeien, C, McNeil, M, Shepard, THIRD ROW: V, Biehl, E. Wohlfeil, J. Hostetler, J. Filiatreault, C, Frazier, E, Homan, J, Burton W. Jarvis, FOURTH ROW: L, Osmond, M, Forbrich, S, Petersen, C, Amdt, M. Smith, P, Dressel, M, Cardiff, J, Pyles, FIFTH ROW: L, Wohlfeil, G, Patelski, S, Keulman, A, Moorman, J, Tully, J, Dupre, A, Nering, A, Rozek, S, Bamstable, na" qv Z 'Q-f' Ss 'fi Rex, ,""T QR Q 1 my as lxifxwffgi In xx .Q fe-mr E7 4 in ,fs-tiring, riil LIAA , lk! ,. , Planning and publishing this book to picture all the students and record many activities of the school were the tasks of about thirty people who joined the Sequoia Staff this year. In addition to the editorial work connected with the publication ofthe book there were the duties of selling subscriptions to the students and adver- tising to the local businessmen. S8qU0iCl Sfatb detenmmea who a who P D 1 J FIRST ROW: K. Van Patten. C. Bunkelman, P. Palmer R Furlan E Wohlfe1l J Mau SECOND ROW J K1ehl ER MiH3M Bugs? C Pyles, L, Hansen, S, Romer, B, Krakowski, M. Cardiff THIRD ROW T Sanharnel P Z.a1ator1s R WerLzA JN 0516 I Fmalreault S Frazier, A, Catardi, P, Dahm, FOURTH ROW: M, Sf1'11T.l'1 S Keulman M Stowe L Bolton G Volhng SI g Petersen, K 4 N29 , ......-fu..-4 L-1' l This was the second year for the Radio Club whose purpose was to promote interest in radio, tion. Last summer three of the members-Steve Aschenbrenner, Wayne Starman, and Bryan Cain-received their licenses to transmitp and they have made contacts more than I, 000 miles away. The present project of the group is to con- struct a transmitter station to be permanently situated at A.T. H.S. H. Miller, A. Moormari, B. Cain, W. Starman, D. Beattie, S. Aschenbrenner. Science Clubli next atop-the moon The formation of the Science Club this year provided activities to acquaint students with all branches of science study. The members devoted their time to creating projects to increase their knowledge in any of the scientific fields. Many made collections of bugs, rocks, or crystals or made scrapbooks or posters. Mr. Seemann served as advisor with Richard Jonas as president, Richard Riihimaki as vice-president, lone Cribb as secretary, and Russell Cote as treasurer. FIRST ROW: A, Rozek, J. Keisler, C. Schley, J. Burton, V, Biehl, N, Wetterberg, C, Ruhi, M, Ptasienski, SECOND ROW: L, Hollocker, D, Mantis, S, Pickus, B, Yates, C. McNeil, I. Maleck, M, Kuzmickas, S, January, THIRD ROW: R, Van Patten, C, Keulman, R, Cote, V, Nauseda, B, Cain, J, Dupre, I, Cribb, A, Pieviak, Mr, Seemann, FOURTH ROW: R, Abendroth, R, Srch, F, Domer, R, Van Patten, D, Hay, R, Riihimaki, H. Miller, R, Jonas. - -. 2 -I ij o RCldl0' hama tt preferably ham radio and inter-ham communica- Ihe purpose ofthe Girls' Athletic Association was to create an interest in sports. Twice a week after school the girls participated in four separate sports- baseball, basketball, volleyball, and kickball . The teams played a series of games in each sport. The high point of the year was the Mother and Daughter Banquet, held each spring. The captain of all winning teams was awarded an individual trophy, and a special sportsmanship award was given to the outstanding senior girl. Upon graduating the four-year mem- bers went for a camping trip, their final G.A.A. activity. M. Seyfarth, President, Mrs. Baird, Advisor, Miss Donovan, Advisor M Cardiff, Secretary, E. Christensen, Treasurerg J. Horton, Vice-President Cj.14.14. ententaina mothena FIRST ROW: L. Veesenmeyer, B, Alshouse, H, Herman, C. Smith, S. Davis, SECOND ROW: N, Nemec, C, Irvin, C, McNeil, J, Keisler M, Andersen, J, Masek, J, Horton, THIRD ROW: M, Lehmann, I, Ehrhardt, S, Gibbs, N, Brockway, K, Cooney, J. Marr, C. KIOCPIIH FOURTH ROW: E. Ozga, B, Gutowski, C, Frazier, L. Hansen, S. Barnstable, C, Hansen, E, Storch, S, Tegelman, l , -' za N4 rw M, fr ,v K , , 5' s... A 5- , J, x V C .sm T M , st- Q, rx A A V .D ff lg V f ,,,, " 'V' Ra T fi' , f' yr 44 TZ? 4 If Q 15, V 3 z Q i ', M 4, ' ' lay W V s , -, in I L I A I i l T ,-f t a Q1 . X 1: .y , 'ar 3 Q71 ff' f NA Q f"' ., . Q 3,5 l 'JW ld! -. My I f . I 1 N -"ik, A V 2 VV T in if a b l A T l . ,J l ,I Aa A t My A. .,, f I Q xl V f, if J-' , xg- VIZ? ' ' as , ,T as D ' ' 4.1 1 5 A gf , , X ,Ji 'E Q21 if W FIRST ROW: T. Good, I, Cribb, C, Schley, P. Storch, N, Scott. SECOND ROW: S. Dittman, N. Brown, J. Renmer, S, Duha, Mrs. Baird, THIRD ROW: K. Hermanek, S. Barnstable, K. Van Patten, I. Zelibor, S, Kopach. FOURTH ROW: R. Mena. I. Hughes, C, Marotta, I. ' Maleck, E. Christensen, C. Horton, L. Wohlfeil, G A A aponaon 'FIRST ROW: R. Furlan, K. Rentner, P, Zeien, E. Frazier, Miss Donovan, SECOND ROW: B, Krakowski, P. Dressel, I. Hostetler, D, Gibbs, I. Burton, M. Forbrich. THIRD ROW: L. Osmond, M, Shepard, E. Homan, P, Palmer, E, Wohlfeil, M. Cardiff, J. Pyles. I. Horton. FOURTH ROW: J, Kiehl, C. Keulman, J. Rogers, M, Smith, M, Stowe, I. Sheehan, G. Thomas, I. Filiatreault. 4 .. '7 Ai , X Q 59 ..' S1.:1'? , -- WZKIQ ,m...?J f, L I n r FIRST ROW: L. Mani, P, Milowski, A. Maier, B. Schley, G. Frasier. SECOND ROW: I. Smith, B, Poulsen, C, Westberg, N. Srch, P, Byrne. THIRD ROW: L. Pavel, P. Dormer, J. Fath, P. Calahan, S. Kubs. FOURTH ROW: S, Romer, A, Rozek, C, Kopecky, M. Bushing, S. Petersen, C, Arndt, S. Mayer, zatinq pautiea 4ll - Itafza FIRST ROW: M. Seyfarth, S, Tegelmann, C.Kroeplin, P, Dressel, L. Hansen, SECOND ROW: J. Horton, D. Gibbs, M, Cardiff Miss Donovan, S, Petersen, 1. Pyles, I. Rogers, C. Frazier. , , ge, hdtv" if KJ Two new activities were added to the "A" Club's program this year. One was the Olympic Fund collectiori in the tall with the purpose of helping send the U.S. team to the Clympics in Australia. As the yearbook went to press, the "A" Club was planning a semi-formal dance for March. The members also participated in the usual activities of choosing the Homecoming queen, sponsoring the clance after the Dundee basketball game, and serving as ushers at all the home basket- ball games. . To become a member of this club, a boy must earn a major award in a varsity l A- sport. Mr. Leon, Advisor, R. Srch, Presidentg D, Mitchell, Secretaryg M. Bell, Treasurerg W. Herbst, Vice-President. HAI, wean lettena pfwucllq FIRST ROW: R, Srch, M, Bell, W, Herbst, D, Mitchell, SECOND ROW: Mr, Leon, G, Lystlund, F, Sebesta, E. Deppe, W, Bamstable THIRD ROW: L, Christensen, J, Lystlund, J, Denton, F, Ferdon, F, Dormer, R, Van Patten, FOURTH ROW: S, Parker, E, Meyer, G Huml, R, Teml, W, Hart, R, Plecharty, C, Davis, "-2' v-gp ' C71 :avr f My Q LL . if lr f l ixwwf, ig' K ip, I f x ' K I , . , y2l,llWi- , 'IL ' M ' , lj: rg'- 'W wa f,y,wx"v sl, '- I, V :rw KP' - -t , 'f ' cyfwl-:Ebb lilly! ..f fs 2' Ai PM " iifff' still' " "ti HW? " 'U' , 1 hilly ililflx, .,, gp 1 lgjl My Mfg 'W W wr. 1 5 Q35 V ,, Yr 1 K, 4 8.1 W.. X, WWW 1 l V f-N ,,,x --1' . f f ,-.7pvn,- 1 ,. I fi ' V 5 2 M, . I fi, D 'fy-'TQJ ., A 5 x Y 'ftfwf' ,. 4 l .5 l , '- ,, ' ' f ' '31, E 'T 'W' if l gf, y f ' 1511! 114,541-ff ,f ' 7 .1:-, ,, , V. 4 IV f ,, ' ' .1 ' "-' 5- ..- S Vw K, '- , ff if Y H' ' ' ' "Q v. 1 Qgi 52 ,W , il' fa I ..- fm 41fzi2wf:,Q:nnJluzzznr H2 V ' X " Q5 ' V lg gi , ,,4 A W Ag. Ha, , i . ig' ,gn .Z Q ?3"+ff-e ,Q V if , V fs3Zxi3s.5 q .,x, 1. Si Wluaic 'M . , . , W "gig fnggjc: Cjoea Down and Rouhd l Tcl FIRST ROW: D, Domek, L, Gray, D, Freels, J, Hughes, B, January, J. Scharrer, R, Mena, P, Dahm, M, Brehen, SECOND ROW: W, Henricksen, J. Steitz, L, Bolton, F, Albert, '3eatiual Chofuaa The Festival Chorus, made up of well-blended voices, was the nucleus of the group which participated in the Conference Music Festival. This group was directed by Mr. Smouse. aim' glee club The Girls' Glee Club, with about forty voices under the direction of Mr. Smouse, participated with the A Cappella Choir in presenting the Thanksgiving Concert for the student body and the Christmas Concert, which was open to the public . The annual Choral Concert, held February 24, had the theme of "Music for a Sunday Afternoon." A few voices were selected to participate in the Con- ference Music Festival in the spring. Officers for the year were Evelyn Kibling, president, Vivian Gruidl, secretary, and Mary Gorman and Marie Waigand, librarians. '1hene'a mU5iC in the aiu FIRST ROW: N, Scott, S, Houdeshell, S, Kubs, L, Coggins, M, Waigand, C, Farmen, R, Northern, C, Rudolph, N, Srch, SECOND ROW: Mr, Smouse, C, Smith, P, Callahan, P, Wallace, S, Gibbs, B, Fleider, C, Irvin, R, Anderson, J, Barski, E, Kibling, P, Duffy, THIRD ROW: S, Berke, K, Sershon, J, Scharrer, P, Bartik, V, Kandl, C, Kulin, V, Gruidl, S, Adler, K, Cooney, FOURTH ROW: L. Hollocker, D, Medley, B, Simmermon, D, Meierdirk, D, Rybacki, O, Johnson, B, Young, C, Lupa, K, Kufalk, N, Brockway, , ,. - ,V !.,V .V if - ,Q , mf , , 4-3 , ,,,,7 , , , f .- , 9, 5 , , ,f ,nz ,' XM, 4 1 1 1 , 1-J -fx ef' F' 11 ""-' XLFK 'i 1 . 4? 1 ,M - ,t 2 ' pwffr ,, M4 ffffzf ,441 ,, , ,. ,, f 4-r 4, ! th 1.51 in wp ,,,.,l,f,03fL'f'i ' , Qt! i mrs , ff rf fig: - 4 -t if vu ff G gfl, W 7 ' 5 l BOYS' OUARTET TRI-ANGELS W. Henriksen, J. Steitz, L, Bolton, F, Albert, B. Fleider, S, Gibbs, P. Anderson. 14 Cappella pneaenta "Wluaic bon a Sundaq Afternoon" The twenty-six members of the A Cappella Choir presented their concert, "Music for a Sunday Afternoon," in February and attended the Conference Music Festival at Grant High School in April. On April 9 they planned to compete in the District Music Contest at Evanston. Besides participating in many school assemblies, they presented a Christmas "Gift" Concert for the community. FIRST ROW: B. January, R. Mena, O. Belke, B, Freund, D, Deppe, S, Aschenbrenner, SECOND ROW: D, Domek, P, Houdeshell, S, Nebel, L. W0hlfeil, J. Eppers, R. Hogan, Mr, Smouse, THIRD ROW: P, Dahm, E, Srorch, J, Bentel, S, Bamstable, G. Royer, C. Hoiem. J. Hughes, FOURTH ROW: K, Mazzuca, A, Moorman, R, Abendronh, L, Bolton, W, Henriksen, F, Albert, C, Kopecky. , . .,, 'J A .7 , A V fg,,::,rf ,' , 'f we it A A S .-.7 C-1 'i "wif X., , i sf :Inu ' rw- 5 ill Kali X.411'5rf'A- A highlight in the activities of the band this year was the state music contest, which took place on March 4 at DeKalb, Illinois. Our advancement from class B competition to class A proved a great challenge for our musicians. The concert band, composed of the bet- ter instrumentalists in our high school,par- ticipated in the fall band concert, the Christmas "gift" concert to the community by the band and chorus, ancl the spring concert. MAJORETTES D, Dornek, J. Hughes, N. Brown, A. Franks. Seqllilif Band adda bee FIRST ROW: L, Bolton, C, Hojern, S, Romer, F. Mann, N, Brown, SECOND ROW: A, Moorman, O, Belke, G, Mantis, R, Stamm, S, January, W, Cremin, S, Nielsen, N, Wetterberg, THIRD ROW: B, Camey, J. Blumenscliein, C, Thiele, J, Gaston, J, Zeien, R, Mack, K. HOIIOU, B. Cain, D. Jach, K, Applebey. D. M00fl'1'l3fl, D. Dewer. FOURTH ROW: T, Eckert, H, Herman, M, Wolff, J, Hogan, C, Ruhl, M, Midgley, D, Mitchell. 53-7 HN Q 7 A X f L? Q2 . k.. sph W If H ,lf , 1 j ,,., ,, :Z X 'X . f . ff" M, in TV s. JA ,, ! if . b Af '45fQLY'k, 4 A g ' W Q f. 5lQ' ff ' ,f ,e if X A , ivf wfixx -, . ,,V! V 'V X '7 Rv A if' 251' fy- , i , . 1' I4 V X ia 44 .mm ' , ,V , A , V 5 'T -' ' 'W ' Vix - fvrfw . ' . ,gf 2 ' XY 'KV ', 'f' Q I 1 z ' W .QQ fa A fx 21745 iw if Q QM' wi iv lg' , ff Ji X.- A ?,,f9i 1 'i x 'I ' , .3 f fair, J l ? f 1. x f, X , I ,Ii V3 , gl Q. 5 ".f i , ,,' XE , 9' 'VX ,f X ,f mg , wi 2 , X 2 Qc, , 5 Xa , , nv L 'L 4 .fg, JM V: vi? :T ,L x iii! . F I g ' 'g ' .5 ' W Xi!! I Q , 11 X f i 3' . " ,, if , -'Mig h: . m qxwi M .3 !f i L A ,ff . Q, f , , ., FIRST ROW: Mr, Chenette, C, Hojein, O, Belke, P, Storch, J. Hughes, M Mldgley D Hay B Freund W Henrlksen SECOND ROW J, Cribb, K, Applebey, K, Horton, D, Moorman, P, Mitchell, C, Marotta, T Dewar D Mrtchell D Freels R, Hansen J Keegan D, Stone, THIRD ROW: J, Hogan, M, Wolff, Snatnumentaliatajoin Pe and Pfze Banda ' I2 I2 The Pep Band was composed ot selected and volunteer members of the concert band, and its Function was to play at the home basketball games and pep assemblies The Prep Band, which played for the pep assemblies, was for those musicians who were interested in becoming members of the concert band The officers were president, Chris Davis, and secretary, Lynn Veesenmeyer FIRST ROW: L. Veesenmeye1,S, Davis, S, Duha, P, Derrig, W, Lense, R McCarthy SECOND ROW C Ruhl D Beattle E Horman A, Stanton, E, Heath, THIRD ROW: C, McGlynn, A, Stowe, L, Lang, M Rod ers G Kaub F Mennl FOURTH ROW D D K, Heath, C, Davis, J, Quinn, T, Eckert, A, Wertz, A, Berreitter, ,z N'-v 'DY' L K, R ., , y , ali il 3 is - QRQ an Inky 1:4 vu? 377' Q VKXN ...L.llA!, , 4 o V 44' A c ti vi ti M- M A II Enioq Uounaelb 1956 PHOH1 beatuuea "Penthouae Senenaden Hours, weeks, and months of preparation by various hard-working committees under the supervision of Mr. Chandler preceded the transformation of the gym into a penthouse for the 1956 prom. After the festively-garbed guests entered through an attractively-lighted sitting room, they found themselves on a penthouse roof with skyscrapers silhouetted against the horizon. A huge moon dominated a star-filled sky which lent atmosphere to the scene as the whispers and swishes of the dancing couples blended with the soft music of Tommy Allen's orchestra. For the coronation, which is always the highlight of any prom, Queen Judy Horton and her attendants were met by their escorts at the base of a rising moon. After an impressive ceremony, the other couples ioined in for a few more dances before leaving another memory-packed prom. Judy Horton Diane Freels Gerry Patelski Sandra Tegelman Carol Frazier "' 5 'i 'S 'S Carol Frazier and Lonnie Christensen Gerry Patelski and Norman Wojczynski Cjnand entuance of the count Judy Horton and Gerald Hurnl Sandra Tegelman and Roger Plechaty Diane Freels and Ray Gelden W ,Q e- wi ' x fi QQ' 6-I hfanvsmwv'-r'vrA'-ff 1-W-ff--MA 1 'rx X I Su 1 bs... ia, Pflom 'Hlqhlzqht obthe qean Where are you going afterwards? This is real SC1'ViC6! rx., lb, if 4 iq , , ' f ,W ,a 4 g A ,w 4 i ai? Heavenly music Shall we dance? 1 Manhattan skyline Dancing under the stars ix 1 S Z "Mr, Barry's Etchings," a play of comedy and mystery with a cast of thirteen seniors, was presented April 5 and 6. Mr. Barry, an eccentric bachelor with a talent for etching, becomes very involved when he uses this talent to counterfeit S50 bills to distribute among the needy people in his community. His eventual involvement with the federal authorities deepens the mystery and adds to the hilarity of the action . Senior: talenta enhance "Wln. Beuucfa Eftchinqau Cast of Characters Dave Valkenaar . . . . . Frank Albert . . . . Frances Dorner . . Mary Lou Seyfarth . . Judy Horton .... Jay Cribb ..... Jack Elliott .... Barbara lieiligenthal . . Judy Hostetler .... Lynn Bolton . . . Elmer Oelkers . Lynn Gray . . Celia Hojem . . Miss Howard . . Mary Shepard . Sue Kopach ............... 1 . . . f . Senior Thespians ....Bud . . Judson Barry . Torn Crosby . . Mrs. Taylor . Evelyn Taylor Kenneth Plun ett . "Sawbuck Sam" . ."Fifty" Ferris . . . . Daisy Marvin Pritchard . . Sam Jordan Carrie Stanwich . Mrs. Griswold . . . Director . Stage Manager - - Assistant Stage Manager FIRST ROW: I. Elliot, M, Seyfarth, SECOND ROW: C. Hojem, F. Dorner, Miss Howard, J. Hostetler. J. Horton. THIRD ROW I Cribh, F, Alhert, E. Oelkers. -S-- ....,- f," ii' R Lang, C. Ellison, R. Rockow, J. Berke, K. Rentner, D Valkenaar. 'lunion Claaa Plaq The Night of January l6th," the first mystery to be presented at Antioch High for a number of years, was given the nights of November 9 and IO. A jury, selected each night from the audience, had to decide whether or not Karen Andre was guilty of murder. The first night the jury acquitted the prisoner, but the second night they returned a verdict of guilty. "The Yliqht ob 'lanuanq l6th" Prison Matron . Bailiff ...... Judge Heath .... District Attorney Flint. Defense Attorney Stevens. . Clerk of the Court . . Karen Andre .... Dr. Kirkland .... Mrs. John Hutchins . Homer Van Fleet . . Elmer Sweeney . . . Nancy Lee Faukner . Magda Svenson . . . John Graham Whitfield Jane Chandler . . . . Judy Sheehan Sigurd Jungquist . . . .Dennis Beattie . Robert Wertz Larry Regan .... . Gordon Volling . . . Royal Rockow Roberta Van Rensselaer . . . .Joan Burton . . . . . Jim Berke Stenographer . . . . Nancy Wetterburg . David Valkenaar Director ..... . . Miss Howard . . .Peter Zalatoris Stage Managers. . . . Betsy Frazier . . Karen Rentner Margaret Cardiff . Robert Gable Properties . . . . Gwenn Royer . . Dorothy Jach Sound . . . . Rose Ellen Furlan . William Carney Lighting . . . Paula Zeien . . Norman Palenski Make Up . . . . Judy Sheehan . . . Carla Ellison Nancy Wetterberg . . . Mary Forbrich Box Office . . . Lois Wohlfeil . . . Roger Lang Sally Nebel FIRST ROW: J. Burton, P. Zalatoris, N. Wetterberg, M. Forbrich, R. Wertz, W. Carney, SECOND ROW: J. Pyles, D. Jach, C. Ellison R. Lang. THIRD ROW: N. Palenski, Miss Howard, R, Gable, M. Quilty, R. Rockow, J. Sheehan, D. Beattie. J. Berke, K. Rentner, D. Valkenaar, G. Volling. V X 1956 Homecoming adda pleaaant memoniea October 5 was the event of one of Antioch's most exciting and spirited Homecomings. An unusually large number of floats and decorated cars from the student body and community paraded through the business district before returning to the school where a large bonfire served as background for a pep session. Prizes for the floats which best depicted the theme of "Homecoming Hit Parade" were awarded to the seniors for "Tonight You Belong to Me," the sophomores for "Blue Suede Shoes, " and G.A.A. for "My Prayer." The following evening, after losing a heart-breaking game to Grant 7-6, a.large crowd gathered in the gym to dance to Frank Laurie's band and to witness the Coronation of the court. Queen Laura Hansen and King Marty Bell were attended by Mary Lou Seyfarth with Lonnie Christensen, Toni Thomas with Terry Horton, Sandy Mayer with Richard Behrens, and Lynn Veesenmeyer with Walton Rasquist. fi-lx X TQ Jill Camphausen Jerry Meyer Marty Bell Laura Hansen Lynn Veesenmeyer Sandra Mayer Walton Rosquist Richard Behrens Gloria Thomas Mary Lou Seyfarth """"" L""""' 65 Lonnie Christensen A QW: Qs ' I ' 'Pt M. my - ' 'iii V -J' 4 9f,,i 474 f . ominq G lr M- 1 ,1 Ax , A 5, q ' ,f. V, 5 Az Y 3 H Q-gi, . A J The Rhythma ires Ht talcea all kinda The fourth consecutive series of variety shows was held during February and March. Following the senior, junior, sophomore, and Freshman shows the Community Variety Show, composed of the outstanding acts from the Four previous programs, was presented to the public on the evening ot March 21. Dave Valkenaar for the seniors, Frank Ferdon for the juniors, Ray Teml for the sophomores, and Mike Mortensen for the freshmen served as emcees For their respective classes. Frank Ferdon acted as Master of Ceremonies for the Community Show. Most ofthe acts pictured on these pages, plus others not shown here, were included in this final program, which was comprised of about fifteen acts. The purpose of these variety shows is to give students experience in stage production as well as to provide opportunity For them to display their various talents. "Nothin' Like a Dame" Nairobi Trio o- make a would! s 5 "Mr Wonderful " Out of the Tropics "The Fool" ' " .. N... Wrestling from Hunger Dancing through the Ages 6 Any dances left? Chfliatmaa 'Journal Arlene Catardi and Francis Dorner were chosen by the senior class to reign at "Fantasia in Snow." Following a new procedure this year, the class voted for five girls, the one obtaining the most votes was kept unknown until the coronation was to take place, This lovely court of Lynn Gray, Mary Shepard, Sue Kopach, and Joan Mair had as escorts, also chosen b the class, Kenny Anderson, Roger Plechaty, BilllBarnstable, and Sid Parker. Victor Parise and his orchestra provided the music amid a setting of lighted Christmas trees. Arlene Ca tardi Joan Mail' Mary Shepard Sue Kopach Lynn Gray A waltz to remember. Dressed in holiday style. Keeping step with modern times. A royal endin g- Here's one for you Welcome to "Fantasia" royalty. Bowties and ruffles. HEI! ...K-.-...ima ..,...,,,T,-T-A I f w 1 ,A 'K BF E Vaflaitq Squad wma conlseuence atandtnq the Antioch Sequoit varsity football team, although under manned with a squad of only twenty tnree players, took second place honors in the Northwest Surburloan Conference They finished off the season by winning their last four games, giving wem a total of six wins and two losses "Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch "Non-Conference FIRST ROW W Hart, R. Lang F Sebesta T Mtlowskr I Denton R Schlarbaum SECOND ROW W Barnstable G Hurnl R Plechaty S Parker, M. Bell L Chnstensen E Deppe J Lystlund R VanPatten R Srch THLRD ROW Mr Kessernch D Mitchell F Fabry C Davis, T. Horton R Jonas E Meyer R James G Lystlund Mr Leon nn x.', , ,ax '1 L! '33, . 4 5.29, 'WYE mE . 41 P5 16 '57 .Af :QFEIW On. ,Q xy TIOC5 W kgtgly QR J K 'lt 5 V 5551311 my ,ff 4 " TNQ, mfg I 1x 4 n Tffir.C2Ca FIRST ROW: G. Dahlman, D, Pyles, R, Martin, D, Sinclair, R, Prange, D. Wiegel. SECOND ROW f " J. LaRusso, C, Oberg, D. Wiegel, T, Dewar, S. Latta, L. Zerr, J. Helm, THIRD ROW: M, Wolff, M. Murrie, W, Rosquist, F, Lindner, M, Stankus, B. LaBrose, E. Eberman, R, Wolf, Uheae boqa neallq like Baaleetball FIRST ROW: J. Portalski, L. Gallager, J. Oilschlager, P. Magiera, R. Hogan, SECOND ROW: A, Bromstad, R. Stam, B. Metz, R. Teml, Mr, Polley, THIRD quo ah -Soph Squad ROW: J, Zeien, B, Cain, J. Dupre, J, Tully, W, Dressel, D, Dewer, W. Jarvis. ASK -11 - x W lea I ai The Fighting Sequoits proved their name this year by winning a tie with Palatine For second place in conference play. The players also achieved individual honors. Twice Antioch boasted a player on the "Chicago American Team of the Week"-Tom Gudgeon, senior, and Art Hanke, junior. Antioch was also extremely proud of Gerry Huml, who was the only player in the conference to receive a place by unanimous vote on the "All Con- ference Team." The outstanding game of the season was played with Grant, when the Sequoits scalped the Con- ference Champs with a 72-54 victory. vdfldiflj caqena biqht with apiuit They 'Richmond 60 44 'Dundee 51 53 Palarine 49 52 Ela-Vernon 47 46 Glenbrook 84 58 Fenton 66 55 'North Chicago gil Wauconda 0 Warren 67 55 Grant 55 63 Wan-en 68 66 " Non-Conference FIRST ROW: R, Brehens, A. Hartke, G. Huml, W. Herbsr. S. Parker. SECOND ROW MI Leon R Doyle F Fefdof' F Sebesfa THIRD ROW: R, Lang, L. Bolton, M. Quilty, I. Dittmer, T. Gudgeon X ,fn 4 W ' .iii Keeping spirits lively and promoting good sportsmanship were the responsibilities of these varsity cheerleaders during the year. ln addit- tion to cheering at the games and practicing to perfect their routines, they also organized the pep assemblies for the Football and basket- ball seasons. During the summer four of the cheerleaders Mary Forbrich, Rose Ellen Furlan, Judy Horton and Mary Shepard- went to a cheerleading camp at lllinois State Normal University, where they learned new cheers and received pointers on conducting pep assemblies and skits . Janet Rogers served as head cheerleader, and Miss Donovan was the faculty advisor for the group. vafldlflf Cheeflleadefld aet a liuelq pace lifffff " " "'QA4 f ' ,, W, f fI.f.ff-.iili , Plotting a new cheer The Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad, under the direction of Elaine Christensen, the head cheerleader, and Miss Donovan, their sponsor, conducted the cheers at the games to encourage the team to victory. They also participated in pep assemblies, which were held on Friday afternoons. This year three ofthe cheerleaders- Elaine Christensen, Judy Maleck, and Charlene,Keulman-went to a cheerleaders' clinic at Illinois State Normal University. Av Cl1227ll2Gd27l9. add yeat with cheena S. Dittman, K. Sershon, J. Maleck, E. Christensen, S. Gibbs, C. Keulman, 1 'Q ' ' I 955-56 qunion- Vanaitq Baaeball FIRST ROW: F. Zalatoris, F. Faust, K Hellsteru, R. Hartman, N. Ouunen, T. Sanhamel. SECOND ROW R, Gable, E, Meyer, R. Poulsen A. Hanke, W. Herbst, W, Hart R. James, R. Jonas, Mr, Grady. IlllllIllll"iillsnlwu unuunmlmmnmmwf- . Ms , M h ,- Q A . A .. 'W fi A H li A i qiEgg"l Y b Ill E .E .' H 'iw i. ga E' 'lr F W x W .F W V "J 'S :fx f K f u l ' Y 4x k I t V A 'L .. ' ,wx .X x A -. I fi A W A ,Qi 2 5, ,Q K- gi V Q ia Q 4 W F ff f X2 ::.': . I K ' X1 -tx. i Q, h. . V . ,N-n f -5 ff .X , EAW. ,pig 'fc' K ' ... A lxxgx x XB: : . .I R fi 'Y I 955-56 'Juack FIRST ROW: Mr, Kessenich, R. Plechary SECOND ROW: T. Milowski, F Sebesra, E, Prange, C. Davis, - 'l W A, fled 'P' .Z l g K ,IE Congratulations to the class of 1957 STATE BANK OF ANTIOCH "All General Banking Facilities" A Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 82 Compliments of ANTIOCH SHEET METAL INCORPORATED ART'S PAINT STORE Paint, Wallpaper and Supplies 406 Lake Street In Post Office Building Phone Antioch 320 Antioch, Illinois WILLIAMS DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1871 Phone 2 Antioch, Illinois NELSON'S REAL ESTATE 881 Main Street Antioch, Illinois All Kinds of Insurance Compliments of KIASS MEN'S STORE Antioch, Illinois ZENS W. ZENOR Plumbing and Heating Lake Villa, Illinois PERRY AUTO PARTS Grand Avenue -k-k-ur Luke Villa, Illinois I 'Hifi WILTCN 5 ELECWC SHOP BILL'S WELDING as STEEL SALES 924 Main Phone In 312 Depot Street Phone 446-J Electrical Contractors Antioch, Illinois Tiff 'ijt SORENSON'S BAIT SHOP EFFINGER'S Sporting Goods-Wholesale Raw Fur Dealer Hardware, Paints, and Glass Corner Rts. 173 and 59 Elliot 6-3611 Lake Villa, Illinois 'hifi 'Diff Compliments of WILLOW-DALE DAIRY COMPANY OTTO'S STEAK HOUSE Processors of Dairy Farms Grade A Milk and Cream Route 173 Antioch, Illinois Antioch, Illinois HHH, RAY'S GROCERY 4-1-44- Cardinal Food Store Phone 35 917Main Antioch, Illinois as LAKE VILLA PHARMACY William L. Krater, R. Ph. Elliot 6-335i Lake Villa, Illinois JOHNSON'S RESORT Deep Lake Lake Villa, Illinois MARI ANNE'S Compliments of Women's, Children's Apparel THEBEST Gifts, Antiques VENETIAN BLIND Antioch, Illinois COMPANY Compliments of PARK GARAGE Elliot 6-464i Across from Sherwood Park on Grand Avenue Lake Villa, Illinois Charles J. Cermak, Jr. REAL ESTATE - LOANS - INSURANCE 400 IX2 Lake Street Antioch, Illinois Phone IOI3 ART LUBKEMAN AND SONS "No job too large or too small" Phone-Antioch I9I - R Filling-Black Dirt-Gravel-Sand Wooclcutting-General Trucking-Tree PAUL R. AVERY Plumbing, Heating, ancl Electrical Work Lake Villa, Illinois Elliot 6-2261 Antioch 4I4 Removal-Landscaping Compliments of OLSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY THE RECORD NOOK International Harvester 345 Main Street Antioch 540 Phone 29 352 Depot Street 'kikk iiritit Compliments of ACTIVE SPECIALTY COMPANY, INC Antioch, Illinois 'k'kiI'k Compliments ot LOON DAKE PLUMBING AND HEATING Antioch, Illinois iricink RAY'S SHELL STATION Lake and Broadway Phone 55-J 24-hour towing 9r'k9f'k 84 S FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ANTIOCH Phone 70 or 80 Antioch, Illinois oALGAARD's I. G. A. Compllmenls of Lake Villa, Illinois SHERWOOD PARK Elliot 6-2171 Lake Villa, Illinois Compliments of LAKE VILLA LUMBER 81 COAL CO. Lake Villo, Illinois C. L. WERTZ Phone Elliot 6-243i Well Drilling Antioch, Illinois Phone 403-J BlLL'S SERVICE STATION Loon Lake Corners Antioch, Illinois Phone 720 iiif PEDERSEN'S BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN Antioch, Illinois Main Street ifii' SCULLY AUTO SALES The Best Used Cars We Buy 8. Sell Antioch, Illinois ifii' DICK'S BIKE SHOP Antioch, Illinois Phone Antioch 888 TAYLOR SHOE STORE Shoes For the Entire Family Antioch, Illinois Tiff KEULMAN'S JEWELRY STORE Diomoncls-Watches-Silverwcre RCA Radios 8g Television Antioch, Illinois nu ROYAL BLUE STORE Loon Lake Bill Kumst Phone Antioch 760 Wifi' , - L 85 Compliments of FISCHER AND GAUGER Distributors of Jefferson Ice and Fuel Oils GIBBS AND JENSSEN Sporting Goods and Sportswear Antioch, Illinois Phone 922 WES' AUTO BODY 8. PAINT SHOP "You Wreck Em-We Fix Em" Phone 76 Antioch, Illinois Sound REAL ESTATE MERRY-GO-ROUND BAKERY and Personalized Party Cakes Complete Bakery Service INSURANCE phone - 792 Antioch, Illinois Service Loren C. 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STRANG FUNERAL HOME LOON LAKE SERVICE I055 Main Street Mobilgas Antioch, Illinois Loon Lake Road Loon Lake Telephone I2 One block east of Rt. 2I-Antioch, Illinois CHAIN -O-LAKES CLEANERS Cleaning, Repairing, and Tailoring Plant Route 21 Antioch, Illinois Phone-Antioch 908 tiki Compliments of A 8m P STORE Antioch, Illinois 4441- Compliments of MALI'IK'S GROCERY Indian Point Antioch, Illinois in-at RURAL SANITARY SERVICE Complete Sewer Service Antioch-1183 POLZE BROS. SERVICE STATION Complete Auto Repairing and Maintenance Antioch 737 970 South Main Street uf-k-A GORSKI BROTHERS-WELL DRILLING GI' L k ass a e Antioch, Illinois Antioch 623eM-2 Q-new LYSTLUND'S OTIS RESORT 3 miles west of 59 on Grass Lake Road Phone Antioch 84-J-2 twea- .IO PAT BRAND Antioch Packing House Smoked Meat Specialists Antioch, Illinois 41 I A -'s Q 1 Q-gf. f- . L S' Z ijfgu , 'ef' gg i M325 f , . ,al r 4 J. 1 4 K ' 5 D X5 4 - ggi, 5 i 1 , 1 , 1 a E nl ,, l 4 .I Qs xi .-i ' QW f 1 A i 3-1 5 '4 - 4 ,-3? V in , pg f 4 ,, 1 x f' ' ' ,,.'.'iZe:S r E 1 5 5 2 Yunooxs

Suggestions in the Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) collection:

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