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I , 4: 1-1,-, x-4' ' Nh, 2 ww ' A 1 lm. W' wh.- f ,J ' iff . , 4 t x Q1 K a M 4 :Msg qi-LQ? 'Va tj' anna, ,.,d0" ff' ,Antioch High, ever true, true to you Loyalty respect both are due Cheers for your g1r1s Cheers for your boys A pride and joysg f shows in fight brave and bold your ,bravery untold, OUQI voice in song, our whole life long, fine and strong, ii We wish to express our regret in the sudden passing of our friend and classmate, Pat Reardon, She was an active member of the Annual Club, Pep Club, and Student Council until her tragic death on No- vember Z3, 1950. BUHHD UF EIJUCHTIUH ANTIOCH TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Antioch, Illinoes 1951 W RICHARD C. EDMUNDSON M.A,g University of Iowa. Principal. ALICE FEARON Office Secretary. CAROL BEAN 5 ELMO EDWARDS M.A. :B.S. of Ed. g ColoradoStategSouthern I1linoisUniver sity. General Scienceg Physicsg Assistant Principal. FHCUHU B.S. in Ed. p Illinois State Normal Universityg University of Colorado. Englishg Spanishg Junior classg Annual Club. NARY ANN DONOVAN BARBARA DUNCANSON B. of S. in Ed. glllinois State Normalg University of Illinois Advanced Mathematicsg Libraryg Library ClubgSenior Class B.S. of Ed. 5 Illinois State Normal Universityg Colorado State Teachers College. Physical Educationg Typingg G.A.A.: Freshman class, 3 Y-.-T. ,- -v? a.2".fJ 'qyiflif .i,E,f".1 ,. f'r ,' ,',.fi,ff'7f.,7.T-'-fwz":7'Q'if: .f 4..-zwf -,ax Y . ,..,f,f,. M., 1 ffl QQ? SZ!-' . .,2'E.1'L,j , , ,. 4: , . MAY HARTLEY M.A. 5 Columbia University. Mathematicsg Junior class. I M. R. KRUZAN B.S.g University of Illinois. Biologyg Physical Educationg Varsity Footballg Trackg "A" Club. A i'li . . A it fkifrf' g ' A 'L 1 4 ,. , w ...,,. 4 . I YT. 1 ' ' -ew Q. L - V - ,V 'rigf lzggqa ,. 5 V A , Lak K il W V , af IRIS MC KINNEY B.S. in Ed. g Illinois State Normal Universityg University of Wisconsin. Englishg Pep Clubg Sophomore class. FHCUHU NAOMI MEINERS B.S. of Ed.p Northern Illinois State Collegeg Colorado A. 8s M. College. Home Ec. I, 2, 35 Sophomore classg F.H.A.g Red Cross. FRANCIS PERRIGOUE B.S.g Marquette Universityg The Stout Institute. Civicsg Industrial Artsp "A" Clubg Golfg Varsity Footballg Freshman Basketball. WARREN POLLEY B.S.g M.S.: Illinois State Normal Universityg University of Illinois Business Educationg Freshman classg Sophomore Footballg Sophomore Basketball. RICHARD B. SCOTT B.S. of Physical Ed.g Iowa State College. Chemistryg Gen- eral Scienceg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseballg Freshman Footballg Sophomore class. IEANNETTE TULUMELLO M. M, STILLSON B.S. of Ed. , University of South DakotagEast StateTeachers Collegeg Colorado State Collegeg University of Illinois. Industrial. B. in Ed. 3 M. A. g Illinois State Normalg University of Illinoisg University of Missourig University of Miamig University ln- stitute of Kansas Cityg Columbia University. World Historyg American Historyg Junior Playg Senior Playg Social Studies Programsg Freshman class, FHIIUHU HANS VON HOLWEDE B.M. Ed.g M.M. Ed.g M.M.g University of Iowag North- western Universityg Chicago Conservatoryg American Con- servatory. Bandg Chorus: Senior class. AUGUST WICKERT THERSA WE!-IR A. B.g M.A.g Indiana State Teachers Co11egegColumbia U- niversityg University of Chicago. Englishg Senior classg Latin Club. B. of S.: University of Illinois. Agricultureg F.F.A.: Junior class. CUUHS HND CUSTUIJIHHS 9 MsM . ,,.r W, f QAM ri V ' s ""' A Mrs. Bluthart, Mrs. Gussarson, Mrs. Beger, Mrs. Bumette. 3-"""',, 4- ' ' 'f " 12432 . 2 . . MM. , 44 , Mr. Curmingnam, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Smith. 6 My B f"' fy ,'s,,f4g:, ., Z 2. ' 2 f- 5 if ' 27.l,:i':4v . ' ' ' 'swf ' fy. . , 'F f, -ay 1: ff! yawn, , . I .V 2' p i 4 ff ' 'QS 4 . , I "Y , N ,X Vi., X , '--.ff ...Nw gn mx . , YNN, CLHSS PREXIES HV, SEHIUH GEORGE SWENSON "Swede" Class Pres. 4, Class Vice-Pres. Ig Basketball I, 2, Football I, Track I, 2, 3, F.F.A. I, 2, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Reporter 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 4, Student Council 2, 3,4, "A" Club 4. Ambition: Own a cattle ranch. 4 FERN MATTSON "Fern" G. A.A. I, 2, 3,4, Pep Club 1, 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Pres. 4, Annua1C1ub 1,3, Staff 4. Ambition: Be a teacher. MARILYN WALLACE "Do1ly" Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Chorus 3, Class Sec. 4, Pep Club I,2. Ambition, Get married. BETTY ERICKSON "Bets" G. A.A. I, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 3, 4, Senior Class Treas. , Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Cho- rus I, 3, 4. Ambition: College. 8 UFFICEHS IUDITH ANDERSEN "Judy" F. H. A. I, 2, 35 PepC1ub 2, 3gAlll1U31C1llb 2, 3, 45 Chorus 25 Junior Play. Ambition: Be a secretary. DONALD APPANAITIS ..AppS.. "A" Club 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 25 -Class Vice-Pres. 3. Ambition: Play professional baseball. it SEIIIURS MARLENE BARAN "Baran" Trans. Notre Dame '475 Chorus 25 G,A.A. 2, 35 Pep Club 2. Ambition: Make the right man happy. LORRAINE BOCK "H0PPY" National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council I, 25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Playg Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 45 Cheer- leader 45 Latin Club 45 Chorus 2, 35 Band 1, 2. Ambition: Be happy. CLAUDETTE BROWNLEE "Caw" Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Annua1C1ub 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3 Ambition: Go to Florida. ROBERT BUNKELMAN "Bunk" Basketball 1, 2,45 Baseball 2, 35 Track x, 3. Ambition: Travel. 9 gnu, 3 jf' 'Y 3 'Vi in IBETTIE BURNETT "Squirt" P.n.A. 1.2: Annual 2.3.4: PCP Club 2-32010 rus I, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play. Ambition: To write a best seller. JOHN CHOPE "Jack" Ambition: Farmer. Simons JOHN CLARK "Clark" Social Studies Club 4g Track 4g Annual Club 4. Ambition: Accountant. HARRY CONRAD "Domoc" Student Council 1gFootball 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 31-1- Ambition: College. DOLORES CORBIN "Dee" F. H. A. I, 2, 3,4: Pep Club 3, 4g Annual Club 4, Annual Staff 4g Library Club 4. Ambition: Be a private secretary. BARNARD COSGROVE "B, C. " "A" Club 2,3,4g Football 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3g Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Be a salesman. 10 MARY CURNES "Curnesie" AHr1ua1C1ub 2.3.4, G.A.A. 1,z, 3,4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Club 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, junior Play. DAVID DEERING "Dave" Football 3, 4, Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Track 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1,2,3, Band 1,2, 3, "A" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play. Ambition: Make money, have fun, retire early. SEHIUHS FRED DITTMER "Dir" Football I, 3, Basketball Ig Baseball I,2,4. Ambition: Travel. WILLIAM DUNWORTH "Bil1" Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1,2. Ambition, Retire. GEORGE EINFELDT "Einstein" Junior Play, Latin Club 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Band 2, 3,4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Jazz Band 3,4. Ambition: Travel. ERMIT FINCH "Hermit" T.- Junior Play, Band 2, 3,4, Chorus 4, Track 2, 3, V y Basketball 3, Football 4. Ambition: Improve myself. S, ' l11 ffm, we Q5 .1 A 'qpl 1 I I 'Bl---' X V 2 w 1051, , W ,lv COLENE FLOYD Trans. from Wheeler High School '50s Aflllllal Club 4. Ambition: Commercial work. PATRICIA FREUND H par" Annual Club I, 2. 3. 4: PCP Clllb 2, 3142 G- A'A- 4, F.H. A. 1, 2.3: Chvrw 1.3-4' Ambition: Go West. SEHIURS DORIS FROZETI-I "Frosty" Trans. from Englewood High School '49, G. A. A. 3,45 Pep Club 4, Chief Rooter 4, Chorus 3,4g F.l'l.A. 4. Ambition: Musical Career. TED GAJEWSKI "Ted" Chorus I, 2, 3, Pep Club 45 Annual Club 4g,Il1IllOI PlaygSocia1 Studies Club 45 "A" Club 3, 4, Pres. 45 Track I,2, 3gFootball I, 2, 3,4g Basketball I, 2, Baseball 2, 3,4. 4 Ambition: Be a success in life. BERNARD GUTOWSKI "Boom-Boom" "A" Club 2, 3,45 Football 3,4, Captain 4, Bas- ketball 3,45 Track 2, 3,4. Ambition: Mechanic. RICHARD HAAK "Dick" A mbition: Automotive Engineer. CHARLES HALING "Chuck" Baseball 1, 2, 3,4, Football r,2, 3,45 Basketball 1.2: "A" Club 2.3.4, Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Ambition: Find a well-paying job. ' CHARLES HAMLIN Football 2. Ambition: Carpenter. SEHIURS JEAN HARDEN "Jeannie" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, G. A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. Ambition: Travel. BERNARD HAVILAND "Buzz" Student Council 2, 3, Class President I, 3, Foot- ball I,2,3,4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4,Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g "A" Club 2, 3,4g Annual Club 4, staff 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Class Reporter 4. Ambition: Playpro baseball and go duck hunting. 1 THOMAS HAVILAND "Tom" Football I, 2, 3, 4g Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g "A" Club 3,4g Annual Club 4, Track 1, 2, Golf Ig Baseball I,2,4g F.F.A. 4. Ambition: Travel. JEAN HAWKINS "Jeanie" F.l-LA. 13 Pep Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3,44 Annual Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Nurse. i l rlrr - p .. 5 I , f, Ii, 4, 3, 2 s. E ,pffaf -.wwf Q 'Q gif g.'1j 3 vial -' . V . , .V . rf, , f, N r" if f'i7giZ?:fii! 2' fvyx p 1. 'r,, ,, ,,,, lawn!!! ,3f??j7 ..w'1ii f . af ff.. .' ,wh , L' ' 4 5 .UIQ xjzpffl 14 y , Y, 4, 'ff U Q44 .N yy. ff'vvup,4,,," 2f"'5'wf 'f oxgizffliiii E' l L 1. R. 5? if c 4. l F 1. llc F.. Q, E l, 5. rr E r. -w u 'll .1 L1 5 Er H lx L I l C fi 5 C Vi X 4' .KY ,, s 1 PATRICIA HOGAN "Par" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4:AImUa1 Club I, 2, 3, 4, staff 4, Social Studies Club 4: Student Council 4, Secretary 4. Ambition: Get married and raise a family. WILLIAM HOLT "Bill" "A" Club 3,4g Annual Club 4, Staff 4, Civics: Club 4, Chorus I, -2, 3, 4g Football I, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To travel the globe. SEIIIUHS CHARLES HORTON "Charlie" Band 1, 2, 3, Jazz Band 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3. Ambition: Travel. WILLIAM HUCKER "Bill" Football I, 2, 3,4g Track 2, 3,4g "A" Club 4. Ambition: Businessman. ENID KAROLIUS "Inga" 1 A Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. . 3. 4, All Stars 3: F. H. A. I,4. Ambition: Be happy. RUBY KRIEGER "Ruby" Trans. from Ela High School '495 F,H,A. 4. y Ambition: Be a nurse. if 2 . 14 ANN MATTSON "Annie" G.A.A. I,2, 3,4, Treasurer 4, All-Stars 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Cho- rus I, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Secretary 3, Annual Club I, 2, 3, 4, Staff 4. Ambition, Laboratory Technician. BETS EY MESS AGE "Bratz" G. A. A. 3, Annual Club I, 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3. Ambition: To go North. SEHIURS CHASE MILLSOP "Pres" Trans. from Shakopee High School '49, F.F.A. 3, 4, President 4,,A1Il1U2liCillb 4, Staff 4,Student Council 3, President 4. Ambition, To find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ROBERT MISIEK "Ike" F.A.A. I,2,3,4 Ambition, To be a farmer. SUZANNE NORMAN "Sue" G. A.A. Ig Annual Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Chgrus 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To get married. VIRGINIA PETERSEN "Pete" I Annual Club I,2,3, 4, Staff 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2, 4 3, 4, All Stars 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Social Studies 4, Chorus I, 2, 3,4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Jazz Band 3, 4, Junior Play. Ambition, Be an interior decorator. f fM""' A A - V' ' - 3 ,, -SQ '4-: if , . ., .v. , Y f s ' ' so NANCY PIRSON I l , HNEHN Lm, G. A. A. 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3,4, Annual Club 3, 4: 4 f l F.ll.A. 1,2,3, Chorus r,4. E ,. 'l V Ambition, Model. c ff aw f YY 2, ' fefgfwf foffi, ' . , Y. ,A Y. Jonu PREGENZER wack" Basketball 2, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3,4, Annual Club 4, Treas. 4. , Ambition: Professional baseball player. li 2 SEHIUHS LAURA RING "Ring" Pep Club I, 2, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4, G.A.A. I,2, 3, 4, Annual Club 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 4, Class Sec. 2. Ambition: Be happy. JANICE RUNYARD "Jan" Annual Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Staff 2, 3, Jazz Band 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Junior Play, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, G.A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Social Studies Club 4. Ambition, Fashion designer. ARLYN SCHNEIDER "jitter" Annual Club 1, 2, 3, 4, PepClub I, 2, 3,4, G.A.A. l,2, 3, All Stars 3, Chorus I,2,4, F.H.A. Ig Class President 2. Ambition, Travel. GERALD SCHULTZ "Jerry" Basketball 3,4, "A" Club 3,4, Junior Play. Ambition, Go through college. LEROY SCHROEDER "Sonny" National Honor Society 3,4: Basketball A1 , 3,45 Annual 4. Ambition: Architectual Engineer. MARY LEN SNIDER "Marizy" F.H.A. r,2,3,4: Pep Club 4: Library Club 4. Ambition: Social Worker. SEHIUHS LEE THULIN ..Lee.. Football 3,4g Basketball 3: Track 2,3: Annual Club 4: Baseball 2. Ambition: A success. DORENE TOBIAS vlTobelv Library Club 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3: Chorus 3. Ambition: Dietitian. RAY TRAYES ..Ray.. Trans. Marshall '47. F.F.A. 2,3,4: Sec. 2,3, Treas. 4: Baseball 2,3,4: "A" Club 2,3,4. Ambition: Businessman. IOAN TROESCH uloan.. Chorus l,2QF.H.A. 1:Pep Club 2:G.A.A. 2,3. Ambition: To make the right man a good wife. 17 SEIIIUHS "l?v-+.,5, 1i11 MARY ANN VANC "Mare" Trans. Farragut '50, Pep Club 45 G.A.A. 45 F.H.A. 4: Chorus 4. Ambitiong To have a family I can be proud of. PAT WEBER "Pat" LatinClub 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3,4, Pres. 45Al1 Stars 3,45 Annual Club 3,4, Staff 45 Chorus 1,45 Pep Club I,2,3,4. Ambition: Get a Florida tan. VIRGINIA WILSON "Ginny" G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,25 Annual IgChO' rus I,2,3, 5 F.H.A. I,2,3. Ambitiong Travel. RALPH YOPP "Buckwheat" Football I, 2, 35 Basketball I , 25 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 "A" Club I, 2, 3,45 Annual Club 4. Ambition: My own boss and my ovm business. STEPHEN YOUNG " Steve" Track 2,3, 5 F.F.A. 1,45 "A" Club 3,4. Ambition: Be an archeologist. r ag gi ee' ,pf n ff' 4 ,Q C' 'ef 'Sli fn -if . ,, -, X an Z 'N - X 1 Axe: - 'Q ...fc-E: ,gg-A?-.3 ,, - rw CLHSS HISTUHU The Class of 1951 entered A,T,H,S, with the small enrollment of 71. In the fall of 1947 we were entertained at a get-acquainted party given by the sophomores. In the early spring the sophomores were guests at our party. At our first class meeting, under the direction of our sponsors, Miss Wehr, Mr. Von Holwede, and Miss Wessels, we elected Bernard Hav- iland , Pres., George Swenson, Vice-Pres., Bernard Cosgrove, Treas,gand TomHaviland Sec. Our officers in Student Councilwere Lor- raine Bock and Harry Conrad. Sue Scott was elected to the Homecoming Queen's court: her escort was Henry Otterness, A picnic at Fox River Grove with the sophomores ended our school year, We held our freshman-sophomore party in the fall. Class officers elected were: Arlyn Schneider, Pres,gCharles Haling, Vice-Pres,g Laura Ring, Sec., and PhilipWard, Treas. Lorraine Bock, George Swenson, Mary Curnes, and Bernard Haviland were elected as representatives to the Student Council, When Homecoming festivities rolled around Enid Karolius was escorted to the coronation by Don Appanaitis. In the fall of 1949we entered the best year of high school--our junior year, To raise money for the exciting event of the prom, at which Bernard Haviland and .Tanice Runyard 19 r eigne d as King and Queen, we sold candy, sponsored a dance at Thanksgiving, and gave the play "Out on a Limb." Class officers were Bernard Haviland, Pres., Donald Appanaitis, Vice-Pres., Charle s Haling, Sec.g and Ann Mattson, Treas. Representatives to the Student Council were Marilyn Wallace, George Swen- son, Mary Curnes , and William Wurster. Miss Ewing replaced Miss Wessels as our class sponsor. Marilyn Wallace was attendant to the Homec oming Queen. She was escorted by Bernard Haviland. As officers of our senior class we chose George Swenson, Pres., Fern Mattson, Vice- Pres., Marilyn Wallace, Sec.: and Betty Er- ickson, Treas. Chase Millsop was elected Pres., of the Student Council with Pat Hogan, Sec., George Swenson, Mary Curnes and Ann Mattson representatives, At Homecoming Pat Hogan reigned as Queen and Bernard Gutowski as King. Sue Norman was the senior attendant e s c o r te d by Bernard Haviland. The formal Christmas dance, hoped to be an annual affair, was originated by our senior class, The senior play directed by Mrs, Tulumello was presented on March Z8 and 29. Baccalaureate services were May Z7 and graduation on May 31 brought to a close four years that were filledwith happiness, fcifix A if T THTHE THLE CULUHIH Antioch was the meeting place of many celebrities this past week, The six baseball players--Buzz Haviland, Ray Trayes, Jack Pregenzer, Lee Thulin, Ba rney Gutowski, and Bob Bunkelman--were among them. Dave Deering, John Clark, and Cha r le s Hamlin were among the fans gathered to get their autographs. Laura Ring, Lorraine Bock, Enid Karolius, Joan Troesch, Marlene Baran and Arlyn Schneider were in town getting brides- maids gowns to wear at M a r ilyn Wallace's wedding. Also in town was Don Appanaitis, whom Chuck Haling chose to be his best man. With Don were Fred Ditmer, Harry Conrad, Bill Holt, Ted Gajewski, and Tom Haviland, who are to serve as Chuck's ushers, I just got word that Sue Norman and Pat Hogan hada double wedding on the east coast last week. Doris Frozeth sang "Because" at this fabulous affair, Jerry Schultz., the famous organist, was her accompanist. The fashion designer, Janice Runyard, designed both Pat and Sue's wedding gowns, They also wore jewelry fashioned by Betty Erickson, who has done wonders with coal. At the huge I'6CeptiOn at the Waldorf-Astoria were many former students of Antioch High School. George Swenson, who is now a big ranche r in the West, came with a group of his guests,Among Z0 these were Pat Weber, Claudette Brownlee, Jean Harden, Dorene Tobias, Chase Millsop, George Einfeldt and Virginia Wilson. These dudes saw some real cowpokes when Charles Horton, Bill Hucker, Bob Misiek, and Jack Chope arrived from the wild and wooly West. The new hospital wing has just been fin- ished. Leroy Schroeder, the famous young architect, did the job. Virginia Peterson, interior decorator, decorated the home of the fast rising movie a c t r e s s , Mary Curnes, Mary's manager, Ralph Yopp, said that Mary is giving help to young aspiring movie stars, Betsey Message, Pat Freund, Ermit Finch, Bill Dunworth, and Barney Cosgrove. The author Bettie Burnett has writtenthe book of the year. The professor at Harvard, Fern Mattson, says it's outstanding. Bettie gathered material from the three scientists, Ann Mattson, Dick Haak, and Steve. Young. Nurses Ruby Krie ge r , Jean Hawkins, and Mary Len Snider also contributed material Bettie's staff has been very busy. They are Dolores Corbin, J u dy An d e r s e n , Colene Floyd, and Mary Ann Vanc. I have an inter- view with the famous model, Nancy Pirson, so l'm closing the -.-............. Tattle Tale Column, kfiflinq- in 259 I ' 7 if 9 J' C' 'li gr . v Z,-:if ' X85 b - ,,, - I-'J I Y N , X 4 S" 'vii Z ' ni- T -1-E: Z:--if K' ' 'MV CLHSS Ullll JUDITH ANDERSON--my shyness to Jill Mahoney. DON APPANAITIS--my ability to get into trouble to the honor roll students. MARLENE BARAN--my Studebaker convertible to Bob Lub- keman. , LORRAINE BOCK--my walk with the built-in spring to any- one who can handle it, CLAUDETTE BROWNLEE--my Pepsodent smile to Gloria Lasco. ROBERT BUNKELMAN--my straight A's to Paul Biel. BETTY BURNETTE--my height to Pat Schumacher. JACK CHOPE--my athletic participation to Bobby Weber. JOHN CLARKE- -my physique to Harry Larsen. HARRY CONRAD--my visits to Mr. Edmundson's office to Eugene Baethke. DOLORES CORBIN--my ability to converse to Uldine Ander- son. BARNARD COSGROVE--my way with the women to Joe Meads. MARY CURNES--my gift of gab to anyone who wants it, DAVID DEERING--my collegiate clothes to my brother, Bill. FRED DITTMER--my laugh to Charles Bock. WILLIAM DUNWORTH--my bachelor-life to any lucky fel- low. GEORGE EINFELDT--my Fred Astaire technique to Bob Odd- son. BETTY ERICKSON--my vast knowledge -of sports to Doris Peterson. ERMIT FINCH--my bass horn to Marshall Haydon. COLENE FLOYD--my sweet Southern voice to Katy Furlan. PATRICIA FREUND--my feminine attitude toward life to Nancy,Thompson. DORIS FROZETH- -my Nightingale voice to Charlene Nelson. TED GAJEWSKI--my ability to sing western songs to George Nelson. BERNARD GUTOWSKI--my position on the football team to anyone manly enough to take it. RICHARD HAAK--my bicycles to Ronald Scully, CHARLES HALING--my occasional autumn visits to the watermelon patches to my brother, Eddie. CHARLES HAMLIN--my sober expressions to Dennis Ken- nedy. IEAN HARDEN--my male friends to Diana Sterling. BERNARD HAVILAND- -my basketball ability to Bud Dittmer. THOMAS HAVILAND--my many girl friends to anyone who can keep track of them. JEAN HAWKINS--my success at taking pictures to Ralph Rule. PATRICIA HOGAN--my man to anyone who thinks she can get him, WILLIAM HOLT--my ruggedness to Louis Snider. CHARLES HORTON--my position at the bowling alley to Jack Nelson. WILLIAM HUCKER--my convertible to Boake Baird. ENID KAROLIUS--my plans for the future to anyone with a man like mine. RUBY KRIEGER--my quiet ways to Shirley Ross. ANN MATTSON--my friendly arguments with the teachers to Pat Keulman. FERN MATTSON- my class room behavior to Ronald Peters. BETSEY MESSAGE--my ability to fall on roller skates to anyone who can take it. CHASE MILLSOP--my blushing ability to Rudolph Selok. ROBERT MISIEK--my car to the best offer. SUE NORMAN--my perfection to Carmen Edmundson. VIRGINIA PETERSEN--my ability to play the sax to Marlene Wertz. NANCY PIRSON--my raven tresses to Natalie Schippmann, IACK PREGENZER--my grade book to the waste basket in the north corridor. LAURA RING--my ability to get out of study hall to anyone who can think up enough excuses. JANICE RUNYARD--my ability to roller skate to Gail Die- trick. ARLYN SCHNEIDER--my neatness to anyone who has time to perfect it. LEROY SCHROEDER--my dishwashing ability to some poor on-looker. GERALD SCHULTZ--my corny jokes to Quentin Belke. GEORGE SWENSON--my safe and sane driving to Tom E1- wood. LEE THULIN--my current interests to Ken Rentner. DORENE TOBIAS- -my quiet behavior in class to Patsy Miller. RAY TRAYES--my out-of-school friends to anyone who can keep up with them. JOAN TROESCH--my boy friend's hot-rod to Johnnie Eden. MARY ANN VANC--my fish stories to Carol Loftus. MARILYN WALLACE--my peroxide bottle to Lois Lonergan. PATRICIA WEBER--my job to anyone who is a good eater. VIRGINIA WILSON--my years of schooling to some unlucky student, RALPH YOPP--my laugh to Bob Palm. STEPHEN YOUNG--my ability to pole vault to Willy Poul- sen. l ROW Ig G. Nelson, President, A. Mc Millen, Vice- President. ROW 2: Mr. Wickert, Miss Bean, Miss Hart- ley, P. Keulman, Secretary. ROW 3: R. Ocldsen, Treasurer: R. Scully, Reporter. JUHIUHS ROW I: D. Sundin, S. Garland, M. Vos, A. Hattendorf, J. Stephens, P. Keulman. ROW 2: G. Deitrick, L Snider, L. Place, R. Wilton, R. Arndt, W. Poulsen, A. Mc Millen.ROW 3: C. Kempf, R. Scully, D. Kennedy E. Carpenter, H. Larsen, R. Flattum, A. Scarnato. 'C' L-. '1' 1 ik um ROW I: R. Selak, A. Hamlin, R. Dittmer, P. Biel, W. Garraughty, R. Peters. ROW 2: W. Simonsen, F. Davis G. Masopust, M. Wilton, M. Mix, T. Cahill, R. Ruggles, T. Atwood. ROW 3: V. Van Patten, N. Thompson, A Ring, I. Perry, D. Larsen, D. Chrish0P. I- Gaston, J. Mahoney. ROW Ig K. Rentner, R. Oddsen, F. Bolton, G. Nelson, R. Lubkeman, J. Halvorsen. ROW 2: R. Stratton, M. Hay- don, R. Palm, M. Popp, J. Osmond, F. Nielsen, A. Berkie1,J. Holt. ROW 3: C. Nelson, S. Mani, A. Ring, R. Stokes, P. Wise, G. Lubkeman, N. Schippmann, L. Lonergan. 2.3 ROW I: C. Bock, PresidentgMiss McKinney, Miss Meiners. ROW 21 M. Fields, Reporter: Mr. Scott, S. Beeiowg SecretarygL. Steinel, Vice-President. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: E. Rule, Treasurer. SUPHUHIUHES ROW Ig R. Floyd, B. Stahmer, G. Paglusch, P. Schumacher, D. Petersen, I. Buck, F. Zeien. ROW 2 M. Haling, C. Loftus, G. Pierce, L. Steinel, P. Miller, D. Sterling, M. Purdom, K. Martin. ROW 3 B. Baird, J. Quilty, D. Petty, R. Weber, J. Osmond, F. Stahmer, R. Rule, T. Elwood, K. Pedersen, W. Wilson. 9 "2 x jfaihkvdh V 1 P ROW I: D. Masopust, R. Ensign, C. Bock, F. Swanson, R. Thorness, L. Burdick, D, Mirocko. ROW 2: N. Cunningham, R. Seekatz, D. Swanson, L. Bogaerts, R. Hernquist, A. Anderson, J. Gonding,gH. Fox, I. Cervenka. ROW 3: I. Chope, M. Fields, J. Hughes, C. Powles, M. Nielsen, N. Vanc, M. Kisel, E. Gindick. l ROW I: U. Andersen, G. Heuer, W. Deering, N. Carney, W. Bachmann, D. Adams, J. Gaston. ROW 2: J. Bunkelman, G. Lasco, D. Braeckman, A. Case, P. Cys, M. Wertz, N. Sheehan, S. Beelow, G. Ren- dall. ROW 3: A. Kreft, J. Nelson, P. Matteoni, W. Bailey, C. Armstrong, I. Eder, H. Malrn, E. Baethke, L. Case. 'I C. S ROW I: T. McGrea1, MI. Polley. ROW 2: I. Wells, Mrs. Tulumello, Miss Donovan. ROW 3: B. Cayce, D. Martin. FHESHIHEH ROW I: J. Tegelman, S. Schroeder, S. Ross, I. Strunka, A. Schwicht, S. Nelson, V. Harness. ROW 2: M. Miller, D Martin, L. Thompson, R. Schmidt, W. Gebhardt, A. Clarke, P. Bocian, K. Furlan. ROW 3: F. Baumann, E. Frazier J. Miller, D. Harmon, I. Kelly, G. Halvorsen, R. Hedberg. ROW 4: G. Pedersen, I. Eppers, N. Ryan, D. Buck, H. Wil son, F. Miller, R. Huml, J. Gutowski, R. Snyder, M. Matteoni. lgfinuw ROW Ig D. Runyard, R. Cryer, R. Mueller, W. Terry, J. Healy, I. Pechulis, I. Nebel. ROW 2: I. Queden- feld, L. Faust, J. Paddock, R. Johnson, B. Cayce, D. Lux, G. Hucker. ROW 3: J. Wells, I. Cugier, R. Lan- gosch, F. Slazes, T. McGreal, G. Verke, J. Kramer, B. Nohlechek., ROW 41 B. Waldweilder, E. Catardi, E. Chernik, R. Iach, M. Chope, A. Gorski, S. Richards, W. Midgley, J. Horenberger. 'P l 2 ROW 1: S. Barans, J. Caddy, B. VanPatten, E. Phillips, L. Loecher, J. Foley, D. Lewis. ROW 2: K. Srollen- werk, M. Dowell, G. Baleck, L. Hostetler, F. Bartlett, S. Weber, M. Schlegel, R. Larsen. ROW 3: E. Balrnes, L. Lass, J. Meade, C. Edmundson, K. Buchta, G. Vizensky, P. Vos. ROW 4: J. Haak, E. Haling, J. Holern, P. Burgdorf, V. Lubkeman, R. Jarnigo, W. Davis, B. Mix, H. Kapell, M. Herman. Z7 Q '1 rf ,Y m.. , Y ' za- W4 Z V 42 W , , Y ,,,, f,. A F955 X ix K f... 1-:Ugg , ,Q A 5 fn f x , , X A 4 A 28' ' an 4 .Y 2 g 2 I5 N- ,,,, Ma, 'U A 9 rv Y' -s 5 1 . I , M' " e'f,Ll vn af f f . , ,k ,ff '65, 1' . 'U' , , f 'Ti 13 fam-if Q 5 . yi' , if f , , fi 1 ' .016 svf'H-'14 'kv wuz:-J L x-vw X.. if ,.. 1 , , I I Lum., E A , zffpf E ,-X Jai? 5 V 955. N vf ' We' wr . N" f 2 T Vx? it fi , . " K , - 4335 , ' v w V 5 'V 4 4 'SY K E! n. M ,S t ff 51 ,,, 12-vw , 1 , 4 Q Haus rw,- , 'iw , ,Q , Y, ' -'1v1f5'4L- 'f.fA,.v 1 f:HQ?s ' , VTR' S. X515 , I 'cl ' 'LEA' 1 ' fe' Q 9'3" away -f-P ,Vw if If ,naw f 1, Q ,dj 3-sm wwfg 46. df?-:nr if-y ,gr 4- sa eq ,, af :gif k i'EPi'gf J ,wx Q' f ,, . .. '30,-1 fr:-A t,,,,0 '- iii 'w if I HJ.. . ws? , f5j9?ig,f - if iiwigzzzg 41,-.f:a. 43 ii3ilg ' ??'?51ffZ'?E' Q f .H nf f1,gZfr,,.w,, :,f,.:1..'1?-H f 1 ., 'L mwf' '.:,. F'k.1,,I.v.f2 , -' 4f" ' ',, ,.jJx:.'v?' " 1 ' 'wx , 10 1 , ,. . -ev' M fw':'fw- ' ' ' 'W X AQ gf X 5 M' 1, . , sg Q f if ? Q45 f 1 T21 . ' V ' Q 5-ZA :fi ,wg JJITV7 gif? -,Q iw C,- , 1 fv.. . 5 fr G. Nelson, Vice-President, R. Scully, Secretary and Treasurer, T. Gajewski, President, Coach Kruzan, "H" CLUB ROW Ig Coach Kruzan, Coach Scott, R. Scully, B. Haviland, G. Nelson, B. Gutowski, Coach Polley, Coach Perrigoue. ROW 2: R. Yopp, B. Holt, G, Masopust, B. Baird, B. Cosgrove, L. Snider, I. Quilty, T. Havi- land, R. Flattum. ROW 3: C. Haling, J. Schultz, S. Young, R. Oddsen, J. Pregenzer, R. Lubkeman, K. Rentner, D. Deering, C. Bock, W. Poulsen. ROW 4: D. Appanaitis, D. Kennedy, H. Larsen, B. Bachmann, T. Gajewski, G. Swenson, W. Hucker, R. Trayes. 30 sf J B? ROW iz D. Corbin, Business Managerg L. Bock, Co-Editor. ROW 2: Miss Bean: I. Pregenzer, Treasurerg B. Erickson, Co-Editor. C, g HHHUHL STHFF ROW Ig C. Bock, A. Mc Millen, L. Bock, Miss Bean, B.Erickson, I. Pregenzer. ROW 2: B. Cosgrove, P. Weber F. Mattson, V. Petersen, D. Corbin, W. Holt. ROW 3: P. Hogan, B. Haviland, A. Mattson, C. Millsop, M Wallace. 47 'W 1.3555-3 ci TEV' 'LAL .:-'S 31 ROW I: R. Trayes, TreasurergC. Mill- sop, Presidentg G. Swenson, Reporter. ROW 2: MI. Wickert, G. Heuer, Sec- retaryg F. Bolton, Vice-Presidentg W. Poulsen, Sentinel. l furunf fnnmfns UF nmfmcn ROW Ig T. McGreal, F. Bolton, G. Heuer, Mr. Wickert, R. Snyder, A. Berkiel, J. Gonding. ROW 2: F. Mil ler, I. Miller, R. Trayes, K. Buchta, D. Mirocko, M. Verke. ROW 3: G. Swenson, L. Lass, S. Young, R. En sign, J. Meade, L. Place, R. Misiek, W. Poulsen. ROW 4: J. Chope, T. Haviland, I. Pechulis, I. Wells, V Lubkeman, C. Millsop, R. Nohlechek, R. Seekatz. 32 ROW I: C. Loftus, Reporterg A. Ring, Presidentg Miss Meiners. ROW 2: D. Martin, Vice-Presidentg K. Martin, Treasurer. ROW 3: C. Nelson, Sec- retary. FUTURE HOIHfIHHHEHS UF HIHEHICH ROW Ig M. Schlegel, L. Loecher, M. Haling, L, Ring, S. Beelow, G. Paglusch, B. Forbrich, R. Krieger, Miss Meiners. ROW 2: A. Ring, K. Martin, J. Tegelman, D. Lux, K. Stollenwerk, J. Gaston, D. Martin, U. Ander- son, C. Nelson. ROW 31 D. Peterson, C. Edmundson, S. Nelson, M. Wilton, P. Schumacher, A. Case, I. Perry, D. Braeckman, M. Chope. ROW 4: D. Corbin, M. Matteoni, J. Haak, B. Waldweiler, M. Mix, E. Rule, L. Steinel, M. McCann, B. Van Patten, A. Ring, S. Schroeder, D. Sterling, S. Behrens, I. Chope. ROW 5: C. Loftus, I. Caddy, E. Catardi, I. Paddock, E. Karolius, P. Hogan, N. Vanc, I. Horenberger, B. Cayce, N. Sheehan, L. Bock, M. Purdom, G. Pedersen, M. Herman. 33 G. H. H. J. Osmond, Vice-President: P. Weber, Presidentg S. Beelow, Secretaryg A. Mattson, Treasurerg Miss Donovan. ROW I: D. Frozeth, P. Weber, M. Curnes, C. Nelson, J, Thulin, ROW 2: H I- L- S T H R S V. Petersen, I. Runyard, Miss Donovan, A. Mattson, J. Osmond. ROW 3: F. Mattson, P. Keulman, A. Mc Millen. 34 -i- G iz . ROW I: K. Martin, I. Cervenka, D. Martin, A, Schwicht, C. Nelson, S. Mani, E. Gindich. ROW 2: I. Thulin, D. Petersen, I. Perry, A. Mattson, M. Wilton, S. Nelson, Miss Donovan. ROW 3: N. Vanc, D. Frozeth, P. Weber, V. Petersen, F. Mattson, M. Curries, B. Erickson, M. Wertz. ROW 4: M. Purdom, C. Loftus, R. Stokes, S. Ross, M. Matteoni, M. Herman, V. Harness, L. Ring, S. Beelow. ROW I: M. Miller, M. Kisel, I. Tegelman, I. Bunkelrnan, L. Lonergan, M Vanc, A. Schneider. ROW 2: L. Bock, E. Rule, C. Edmundson, J. Runyard P. Miller, G. Deitrick, Miss Donovan. ROW 3: B. Forbrich, P. Keulman, L. Steinel, P. Freund, M. McCann, I. Osmond, G. Lubkeman. ROW 4: I. Haak, D. Sterling, G. Pedersen, A. Mc Millen, J. Gaston, M. Vos, M. Fields, N Sheehan, E. Karolius. 6. H. H. 'HOU ROW I: M. Kise1,SecretarygB. Baird, Sargeant-at-Arms. ROW 2: R. Flat- tum, Presidentg A. Mc Millen, Vice- Presidentg M. Vos, Treasurer. ROW Ig M. Curnes, D. -Deering, A. Mc Mi11en,. G. Einfeldt, I. Osmond. ROW 2: M. Kisel, M. Vos, L. Bock, P. Weber, E. Gindick, Miss Wehr. ROW 3: A. Scarnato, R, Flattum, S. Garland, T. Atwood, B. Baird. LHTIH CLUB 36, --.-i-- -5 , ROW I: J. Petersen, B. McDouga11,M. Miller, B. Barthel, I. Midgley. ROW 2: I. Hojem, C. Greenlee, L. Bock, L. Schroeder, I. Hawkins, B. Terry, M. Bushing, H. Cardiff. HHTIUHHL HUHUH SUCIETU ROW I: A. Mc Millen, A. Mattson, L. Schroeder, B. Burnette, B. Erickson, L. Bock. ROW 2: I. Hawkins, I. Holt, P. Keulman, D. Corbin, E. Finch, G. Deitrick, B. Haviland, G. Swenson. ROW I: D. Corbin, R. Krieger, Miss Duncanson, D. Tobias, V. Van Patten. ROW 2: D. Sterling, M. Wilton. PEP CLUB usnnnu cius ROW I: M. Haling, J. Bunkelman, L. Lonergan, M. Vanc, S. Mani, S. Nor- man, B. Cayce, N. Schippmann. ROW 2: K. Martin, C. Loftus, M. Wilton, D. Petersen, P. Schumacher, J. Runyard, S. Nelson, I. Osmond, M. Vos, A. Ring. ROW 3: G. Lubkeman, P. Cys, G. Pedersen, B. Van Patten, E. Rule, L. Steinel, I. Perry, A. Ring, J. Paddock, E. Catardi, M. Purdom. ROW 4: V. Harness, J. Haak, P. Weber, B. Erickson, D. Sterling, B. Waldweiler, S. Ross. L. Bock, S. Behrens, R. Stokes. 3 8 B B Www- PEP CLUB ROW I: Miss McKinney, A. Ring, Treasurer. ROW 2: S. Mani, Secretary, L. Ring, Vice-President. ROW 3: D. Frozeth, Chief Rooter, J. Runyard, Presidenr. ROW I: A. Schneider, E. Gindick, M. Kisel, D. Martin, C. Nelson, P Freund, D. Lux, S. Beelow. ROW 2: M. Wertz, S. Schroeder, D. Braeck man, C. Edmundson, Miss McKinney, P. Miller, M. Mix, D. Corbin M. McCann, N. Sheehan. ROW 3: I. Mahoney, M. Fields, E. Karolius M. Curnes, G. Deitrick, A. Mc Millen, P. Hogan, C. Brownlee, L. Ring ROW 4: J. Thulin, G.'Pierce, J. Horenberger, P. Keulman, M, Mat teoni, N. Vanc, W. Midgley, J. Caddy, D. Frozeth, N. Thompson, 39 ROW I: D. Lux, L. Steinel, M. Purdom, V. Petersen, M. Nielson, G. Einfeldt, P. Keulman, T, McGrea1, E. Baethke. ROW 2: Mr. Von Holwede, D. Kennedy, ll H Z Z B H n D S. Garland, J. Hughes, J. Osmond, D. Deering, D. Petty, C. Bock. ROW I: M. Nielsen, K. Martin, C. Powles, B. Forbrich, A. Mattson, J. Cervenka ROW 2: A. Schwicht, M. Herman, S. Weber, J. Osmond, F. Mattson, I. Hawkins U I. Tegelman. ROW 3: E. Rule, F. Zeien, M. Purdom, I. Stephens, D. Lux, L Steinel, M. Wertz. ROW 4: R. Wilton, D. Petersen, E. Frazier. ' 4:a' Marching Band In Homecoming Parade. ROW I: G. Einfeldt, P. Keulman, E. Baethke, D. Martin, T. McGrea1, I. Osmond. ROW 2: C Loftus, S. Beelow, N. Sheehan, I. Hughes, W. Deering, G. Swenson. ROW 3: E. Finch, C. Bock A. Kreft, D. Petty, V. Harness. ROW 4: B. Stahmer, I. Nelson, D. Deering, Mr. Von Holwede CHORUS ROW 1: E. Finch, J. Horenberger, C. Loftus, M. Purdom, B. Forbrich, S. Beelow, N. Shee- han, I. Gaston, J. Healy. ROW 2: U. Andersen, J. Strunka, W, Simonsen, A. Kreft, J. Cervenka, L. Faust. ROW 3: J. Pechulis, B. Cosgrove, M. Verke, C. Bock, R. Arndt, G Nelson, G. Heuer, D. Kennedy, H. Wilson. ROW 4: R. Seekatz, G. Pierce, J. Hughes, L. Bock, J. Caddy, W. Midgley, V. Petersen, M. Fields, E. Catardi, B. Cayce, E. Phillips ROW 5: G. Pedersen, F. Mattson, A. Mattson, B. Van Patten, J. Runyard, C. Edmundson S. Nelson, S. Schroeder, M. Mix, M. Curnes, F. Martaus. ROW 1: S. Weber, D. Lux, P. Freund, M. Herman, S. Ross, M. Vanc, D. Frozeth, S Norman, J. Hardin, D. Sterling. ROW 2: D. Martin, J. Tegelman, N. Cunningham, B Burnette, J. Bunkelman, M. Kisel, E. Gindick, M. Schlegel, M. Haling, K. Martin. ROW 3 J. Nelson, W. Holt, M. Haydon, D. Deering, L. Place, T. McGreal, R. Scully, G. Einfeldt G. Swenson. ROW 4: E. Chernik, S. Behrens, M. McCann, I. Osmond, E. Rule, D. Petersen G. Paglusch, M. Nielsen, L. Steinel, C. Powles, R. Iach. ROW 55 S. Garland, B. Erickson J. Haak, B. Mix, I, Perry, A. Ring, M. Wertz, P. Weber, F. Miller, P. Hogan, N. Thomp- son, J. Thulin, F ,-,.V...,W,5 , W . ROW I: R. Scu11y,Vice-PresidentgC. Edmundson, Treasurer: C. Mills op , President. ROW 2: Mr. Edmundsong P. Hogan, Secretary. STUDENT UUUHCIL ROW I: C. Edmundsen, M. Curnes, C. Millsop, P. Hogan, G. Deitrick. ROW 2: Mr. Edmundsen, A. Mattson, L. Steinel, R. Scully. ROW 33 G. Swenson, C. Loftus, I. Pechulis. Q Z 23 C7 5 l 43 .llllllflll PI U .1 , A. MC W""' 1 G. Nelson. B- "D G Deitrickv M' W1 mn Kennedy- ROW 3 man. I. Mahoney' ROW '1 inane s. Gafland' D' R Flauum, P- Ken MIS' TU u , l C. NCILSOHI ' W. Poulseil. ROW 4' Dr. Wilfred Steele Sonia Petroff , , Jean Heather , Skip Tolliver , Rose Colfax , Clyde Loring , Eve Patterson , . Ted Blaine Delilah . Dusty . . . Sarah Colfax . Wolfe .... Stage Managers , BEUUHD HEHSUH o n 1 n s o George Nelson . Susan Garland . Ann McMillen . . Ronald Scully Natalie Schippmann . Dennis Kennedy . Jill Mahoney . Robert Flattum . Mary Lou Wilton . William Poulson . Gail Deitrick . . Quentin Belke . Charlene Nelson, Robert Oddsen 44 MSEHIUH PLHU ROW I, . P. Hogan, D. Frozeth D Corbin if 1 Tulumello r B Burnett 1 . e B E ' k . RQW 2 : M. Curnes, I. Hawkins, Mrs ROW . ' , 4- L. Bock, E. Finch rlc son, ROW 3. G E. - - , f IH eldt. D. Deering T G I ' ' alewski, William Barry , Grace Barry, Beatrice Barry Mable Warren Mrs, Granville Eddie Barry , George Jones, Ann Sherman Tommy Sally Davidson Mr, Merritt , Miss Dalrymple , Stage Manager , Granville HLHIUST EIGHTEEII n o n 45 George Einfeldt Jean Hawkins Dolores Corbin Mary Curnes . Betty Erickson Dave Deering . Ermit Finch . Lorraine Bock . Jerry . Doris Frozeth . Ted Gajewski . . . Pat Hogan . Betty Burnette Schultz R . m Q A21 y 0 Ttqxv ii 5 ,if I, Q!! 3' ., h 'Q 42 Q H 5' Q K Y ,i X A 5 shi, if-' rl, I l I M! riff, W , ,Y .yL fx gpg- Unix f r , ix 5 If .'.3.3i:u 1-Afzwffg. V f fm A 'ffl' QWTLQV 1, -,:"Aw.T!,3 1 f l ff 4. W H- 1-of IOIGIQIISHL ' ,!?5ffi!g 3 2-div, fzxfff 1 E -, Q' , VRXAI - X, 1 . S' 1 i 23 , QQ t xii im-,V 'f , 'Q lr ' " P N ' f If hr w f-f. ,, -ff ff, 4 I 4' ?f no , I nf , P ' f ff f ff , J, A J ,fy f,.' :4Y', 0 32 4 f f f,,,,,7 lf, , 4 Q gs ,, ff 'I -If :V f 4 Q , ' 4 yi- A15,-',,gf:,, , ,A if , Q, 7: T Q 3 - "Wa , ,5-gy.. E A 2 2 -'fzifxfk x 1 4' f'-1, bxcxw R - '3':?wVr.' -X -:YfWS2?W:f:"z',' f I ,W .3 Q5 ' ww,Yf.f3,-.4 ,ws . ,A Q f .,,',f,:yf,z: my V lvw' 132 ' 1msik1l:z2fffk62a1+:is?iv2fZLfbf7?"Gay Q1 '64 E! .Mm V 1 7 Y I 4 4 Q f P " ' " - -fffif' . .- . 'ffefii' ,v.:,f f, , , , Y ,,, -, vw, I QQ. 'K Y -f,, ,VV 1 , , gg W' 2 , ' , f X . 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VHRSITU SCUHES FOOTBALL BASKETBALL We They Northbrook 6 16 Wauconda Bensenville 13 19 Northbrook Wauconda 12 O Barrington Palatine 13 2 O Grays lake Grant 0 38 Grant Ela 13 Z0 Richmond Barrington 12. 53 Palatine Bensenville Libertyville ln -1 Lake Forest Ela Wauconda Northbrook Palatine Bensenville Barrington Grant Grayslake Ela Libertyville We 45 37 33 33 Z7 50 36 41 46 38 56 57 51 55 46 55 They 48 41 43 Z7 33 47 51 29 47 68 45 37 64 Z8 42. 62. VHHSITU FUUTBHLL ROW I: R. Arndt, W. Clark, K. Rentner, B. Gutowski, D. Deering, C. Bock, R. Lubkeman. ROW 2: Coach Kruzan, A. Scarnato, B. Baird, I. Pregenzer, P. Biel, R. Oddsen, E. Finch, R. Flattum, Coach Perrigoue. ROW 3: W. Bachmann, R. Scully, T. Gajewski, H. Larsen, G. Nelson, W, Poulsen, B. Haviland, D. Kennedy, G. Swenson. 'WEY , , 1 l I '1 R. 2 f is, .ij Q W i FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE SQUAD ROW I: J. Osmond, D. Harmon, T. McGrea1, Coach Polley, D. Adams, R. Thorness, K. Buchta. ROW 2: L. Case, J. Holem, R. Ensign, R. Seekatz, J. Nelson, E. Baethke. ROW 31 F. Miller, P. Burgdorf, W. Davis, R. Weber, D. Swanson, T. Elwood, E. Balmes. FUUTBHLL FRESHMAN SQUAD ROW I: R. Langosch, R. Hedberg, I. Meade, Coach Scott, M. Verke, E. Frazier, H. Kapell. ROW 2: J. Quedenfeld, G. Hucker, L. Thompson, R. Schmidt, R. Nohlecheck, N. Ryan, R. Cryer, G. Baleck, L. Hostetler. ROW 3: E. Haling, I. Gutowski, I. Wells, H. Wilson, P. Vos, R. Wolter, I. Pechulis, W. Terry, D. Runyard. iss. f' .-A V mu gh, ,mi fr 1 1 r mf, M iffkl7LUf'f3Qff3ifVEffE' X ww of1fx1,x'f:sfroN.o'rex,rUm Then, "" "" "' "' """'o "" ,i?'zgip.ff'atc:h is 35211134 Zio' f'0oiL,i:a1y'525,1, Mmiv 33063: Lf:-Qing" in mmiifievi 2137 Li C ifffii Xiffnfb' n ",f are fuw ofhex- romor ifiixzrfzgffs 'in fkw piaying voir- Mowiwrzs of ihce Nauvoo? li Qiegzizwin foofball rules 'fforrzrnix fyesiefrfifrgr fafllflk mo a resol gmake few HWHIIQQS as pow, 'There were changes D?,Ptf2f3sf1 of starting the omit gfpenaity for an illegal :shif reduce!! ' Zuni ihe rule iifaifidlfs-1'iT2EfT!1E5f1 who mov 1 Q vald Beat Wa n to 0 as Homecoming, Zion Wackfzreick was lomssaned, K Prgpg, lo amjwl 5 There were ZL number oi :rf ' a ' principally to 13Iari,fgf 1 60 io 25 25, '- ' ,'i,'.x:, f , - lrmxvfi 1mroj1oI1neq1nw, ur 5 Barrmgtm vZ!,Z1clU?5 zvonfziizzb, , , f d. , M 7 5 rzoinege IITQBCYFIQS ameri of gf g en H153 gfllnflr item' cawch TERM-wH,?9f11i5?IiC?ff' jbasketbaxl c f3.'ea,r'ff-'be refsrrared. It 'z few QCOHIFCQFQG P01131 gvised 'io profride.tha,t a mf my Epair' of 'jmaim zz, fair mfxzh by hr' we fing a szpizrited 771131111 fwovfz his 1162.6 ,mpg fthe Antioch Qit from sim: Lo side. .mcse U943 ,K gGOII1Q6fifiG!'1 isignal is given, no 11I8,yf3!f arf ffefidfcfr U1 U10 grecelvingg team may run with their QCHMUWZS' fha!! until it touches me ground was been touched by an opponent, gated no pk-vez' oh 'the k gleam may T11-Drk a fwho has 4, mir caxch. i The the we- gceiver ff mf: swf' iof the ffm' kthis the ga No uniforl sipart, the clocl ibut, the trend ww Ht on the snap for the 'ready I ELIMINA 'rr-1 om, lrting Head if' I The win over Antiogh r ?la,tte1-'S court was the'rf25th e conference cgmquest I ifsking 1 1 yahoo and ftieir' third lyear, 'QW' Barrington ' CO , " X' ' ., 4 ' ' rv, ff oo regmtered its ' ww victory, defeating the 1 under-classmen, 37 to 17. Although it wasthe third If secutive defeat for Ani agCoach Les Harman 'xihe Sequoits really were this game and forced chos to battle all rington took a opening quarter, three periods the hr tled their vaunted v terms. Barrington 28-20 and went i period in commfm rmargin. TRIO SETS PACE Sharing the off ma for 'the Har Steve Roake, Deane Paulson ucoda12,-Og 53 HU Wa!! Play Palahne Elffpd-friday Nigh Antioch High school an Dame football squads won this season any too succeQfu, met with defeats defeat ,Grant , 9 14 but and again the game. local on how fm score, dd A have Vcrence when x Maurice the w111 be Il mia Vernon everiingg r r boys have won no th 1 ey haven t and the game be Without 11' I The penalty Shift Swans c-uf from D. E V With an ey: smug the "quickie" . seam ron some occs' K C U19 jump on an 1 . X :farce 'is now requin ' ,rg S113-PH 'ping his az-mg glw om jhorizontul pm fea grae i ball is ready fpla Jud player may pb, - 2 ha fnntii it has be? .clay L Guards and r QKIBQ .fallowedto u j gut!! field uppn nm tariff they retain 2 1-:placed askin ly .such cmrnges had manent unless the r prayed five yards br, of scrimmage. The rcommittee aiso addr resoiution io the Na" Legiate A.. LA.. czzilring tion of efforts bo. cmlnmon code for ooilegr srbool iootbafi. The fwaticrnazl gqqggtion of Skate High? Graham LOpfp 0,6 30, 521 521 4 12 4 12 0357 0378 Games' rnda0 an 'arm KONG in finding a 513116110ammfiatsons hw: its wen cw set of hues and zxilnimt eiiiw its 46 menxber 823125 operme 1 X5 mm, ,,,.'wnf gzfvf, E'11i2 second quam,-r.o ,wwf Zvemon fnzmked a quwkf .rorr r. o o l. set the stage for Va to-uc7, fff,3,,,.?,,,gwn bw minutes later a series w ,,Zg,zf3ifH??FFL, Earried them through or 1 ' 1 of ro' ,' r r v he rand smother' touch! WE? M de,on a ruxmigg Pg! cg?5f' ' . gwimzhaw,fe,2',S as t in,-W famed rw wel ol Tw 5 83805 3 f Hg UH, Q mg and of :heir Sf 48 Sore rizzffzzisirsfssiw' 512212 loses In Ela H1113 was perhap 11-Ie is the lost io thefteam Maurioef Kruzan 5 fjH"S'CLUB ' " Antioch Seeks Victory , . +VVVV-VV-V . VAmmch Pups Waucmma V E 5 r . . . . , 1 5 ' V ,f! , , YV V V Q . , V ,I ! K . 1 ! ! www! Hi WSWK V HHS STRIDE IN V For 'num sm an am Bw Wawwnda Hier 5 Bensenvxlia Here HARDWQUD RACE? pfems f,,,N9,mb,,,0fV Beaimg Eia 56 in i . I I , I , 2 Z ,' f f , . ....... Z . V! S0 fbcfitifg 8-lZ IQ gf,qu0i'lSS Seeking Fourfhgse uoits R ut Buudo Antioch-Hzgfu ??ettWac3iZQQ -md, P14Y'P'P1affnfe T5 Sffafghf Foffhwfff '1ff"'fe"'f q nf gs i?ghT2idinWVVP?5 L!! O ZZLUH-.,e 'Frida Nxght mme Triumph This Wee t0 , . .S0Ph0mm'e3 gygh ' 1 N 3 of the' V Y V . , . . X .v,. . 18 .HS m Wag., 1 1 sf: V :Mi M VV Against Nonhbmgk, 5 , Ji Ylk' X 5 Q Northwest cu ' s kntiogg A f gif? i035 , Q Q. V , V "'X3"'v-,V , The Sequoits st- ueir ascent? 3 bl' ' '-f0f?fef?m3g Tha' A-95531 SQQUDIQSP3 Wiih ei 111- ' 'gi 'ling 513-e3,2last Friday night .wr F they camek y C13 9 , Y 9V5W9SQ5lf!ghC1!12t fheiqf mfg back afiefggbehgnd it ?WE"""4'W'i' ' Ship from ,behind in V. from Ela-i phi, , , S VASZEOQXQX7 drgpiff! ffifv Lyfyajgjqt dQgi.g5,chGO1 Win ,gyqffj V A? Dok Vernon here 56 : mf' ' , Sidnwl, ,gk vw K TWBSt Sub-Emw evenin' sf If.venging f At one time .VK It stages of ,,. 1 Yea Ve Urbanwwgy., xg V bg 1Q0k311gEearI,ier def find 1. Qing V firgftha game the sci wg 542-all, but gxffgf ,VV YK f ?V'f01' 'ulffil 6 fC ' Vtraight trimfdivision stf ingin Q Northwf, Antioch stiffene 'he' iiefense tO , Umvk Fifi? -MV f fha!! mf? in-lfcarrference, . . V the point that tb pak: Qurich -boyfr L 1-V ' ' 'wk "'f Q j'V3Aii3,VN0ff Y O' YSSJCUQ, 'Elle' , ', ,V ' 1 ',VW5-gli fig 119190135 'i S' ' S-CO1'ed 14' . Vb?:5FW3ii xiihigh sgorirfh 3 ami, at 216:11 Vjmpfjigxt wants While EH :Was gcormg but 4241.5 hf.-h ,, 3, V,q,A 523112323166 ,VV enge an ear-gconda h may nl .Q 5,7 to ?mree.Vpoints.V ' .f 7. . V' .4 ' 1 . ' ' Sinqg-h,i,gfV filming 553.119 Th9YVHm8S5f2d24P0?i', 11 fb? 2311 If the Sequrzg we tomorrow Q' Q !'5yQE in gym. Whl,1e holding 'the V1S1'tq'I1ighi,S gflme Sh? will fb8 t4ied with C -V ' W, .. V' V, 1fiZm.,.Q31,22'gz, Ein-Ve1'fQt0 H1289 9011115 and Sewed UP ti.'W3uC011d'?. for fmfth place. ., ' .. ' " ' ' "" Ygfidi, ' " The Sophonrnoyes the Elg- 55 8 WSU? 5'f'7?'173x3'?iGf015' miefi Theregjfey Coach Rigghard SCI. Vernon sophomores 22 to 18 to V .N ,V ' V ' ,V fWw'fQG37"?E' 'gt,Vf'w3 'ihgseqmlts if-1595 5900175 and 'fhifd Swing mqclaim a thirdfpiace in the conference , W V ,'A' V' V. " ' : nmwd, my L uelfg him' 'Wee who filiisiiihe Contest. ' Qiunderclassiriarrfstanding. The Pa- glioitsi, 1 ada Nvrthwfssii annnow ,egth,e1r gas, focx1se:t,f,.y . Q f . - ,V , and rsf K " i:'F T' id 'wfonriii place 'currenily held iff 'Nolan' the Wiamonda Forwarwooses Scored 10 paints to Ela Ver 4? 9. f ul' f,19l'f 43f,'37fY2thf''V Sf 9 ' ' T 'fi -V15 fjhe only effecpive -V '0r t!E'nbn'sV two in the fourth quarter to iig11f Cnm 52' ' ' f :gr sim og '15 ' f . exi f " tors, ami his 10 fiel S ali' . V ,R 'V XfV,,VVj.1 , 4 digit,a?imZ2'gZr?5'b?'gl'eag.1,VV ,M i1 shozs.accountedV'fo, .V ,oibgg figwhle' to score over the he-ads fgg' F9615 'l" xx Vsiyringtqn 'V Bmnchoza, will be Q' mints. V 'f "W'i1f larger. apponenfss Po11ey's i'1Qgg:g!'?55Z?'?V sfzrengghen its,Vgx'ip on, iv ,VVVV EIavi1arxd,brothers, 'Tong C mme Vfagt breaking in get' mfwffffa 'Wik 1 ' '' iw6i3'5?aa?HS 'flfglm'ZffnTZ?"i' if If fmh We mnMf'g.w' '34 5 'gil giffian 2222? 'Brfmchos at B: 'WSG 'X !i22Z7,ui'8m?3MS?,Q'4XZ2 52,2112 1ictory'over'WaucohdVa Qarf ,. ,SOHEQ . seshman team won Tfiifmv . I Q. Fm 'faxmnis vmim Pzmes, emits 3 tie forfiffh piafb 'Ve Rich- fffiffeshmen here 2e'2'f M 22, ' m3ffVbi1etoubmf11y wuz be VminzV on " feglarugositljon' Begsemf 'merm' "7 as nf 15 Tom . V VV" B Y' ,'5,j"f' a .previous 39-wvdefwt f. eeate g e seq-on P h V i A " " Femiifeumg' c-Y?'ceX4iV j115f f 'A' .fstgred by the Grant px-epstf 'VR ne 40 to 32, and Northbrg Q in 5 iizeigr gg-V, 3-WK4 ,AT VBALATWE. mi ed to owtscore Ela-Vernon 5 I Continued from page U ,2, . ff ,V 'f V rri on'beat Grant 61 boi . Wf3n VV'qI?nC13VVq 'Q mt 3 sm." og f1'm?V?fF4W 'mn 'mdeayt' if' V I. whengrvreiimirxary the Sopik JML yaalwaa high scorer for AnV 'emtrgntfmm P 4 ' 'Eye' If,n2',?w1,i1,5R2, fmox continued their joel "ith 12 poinfs- V V ?mg?'m'Zi:t:i't: 'gmircaiaxx 'dhgiap V'V-Zhu s3t?a,ve bien shew Wsffea' 5? fbeaffflg Wallwnda 31 '. , conference .standmgs are: H15 1:5 Q team .333 1 wprbveznent ind last wi ,Q 13:7 f 5 . f Northwest Suiburban rkQ"of'7ea 15013 esmblisnm. V f l M C01W0ffh2mSBiV2S?fV The 1339900609 T054 W Ubeffyv 4 4 ' V sit 3 l ' 11949550 z 3:L ngmmf qusntew' 'i61f"""' 1f1f48f42 ""m3M V?f?'?f 0DfM0U-day 31 10 13- f' 'Q' ar' YW L OP ' mln' I J "" Q ' ,' ho, The summary of Friday? va? 4,4 Bxfagton ' ' 6 1 244 'afmi' aww C 5' time iS! v ' ""' . I " V-,:Vf'VSj?fgVf ,'ff- f",V'!,' Vf ' sqtfxh Vfyygggr XVVV Qgig, , Pa .ULIB V.V...'L...............,..,6 2 f V ..V VV P Vwtimh 5575 FG FI, ,m,g'VNo2fnbmok . ..4,J,.........s 2 297 2 VVL' a,'V V, gsggmwgazarnitmer COS' : 1 , 2 43 Grant dw... ...... 24 20 ' .AA ,ii Q f, 1 ' we .WWW ' ""' f """ "f'v"'H "-" . Wamz, a 2 Sggzstaw-'wgy1gf5fQw4 V f Sf0'fWf1ST i?M1' . V 4 A F'-5 Amgng? ...,.... . 5 293' : g 'ZZYEZEOZEE' Width mwxas First i f 2 4 ' ' .4 V- ' 'Q ' A' ' V P Be Xb - T V, ,,",. - ' 9 ',,' - f ' ' Vji' ' , ' 1 , QQnM'1w'ff V V T W Uv 6 YS! K ' f'Baff1newn 14 0 159 1' 'VW 152W53?' V - "9?m9 1 I a B' "Northbrook N, 3 ' 206V iffzneV mwi1 f f ,qi 'Qi x . V V I t 'V , Antioch C V no Eliewefmfiil V ",' eYe3iE53Erir1azi-fxxf-'jV: 1? 'fig V ' Q' J V Ela-Vernon 158 Qntviiii? grjijg 1 VV .1 Vysemgnvaxxe ....,... N83 A 196 ,gggg VV A gig U35! , .och gun stepped om-i5 153533355 '-- -- , '22 E1ie'wim5tm F My 1.1.1.ij 55 ?QiLp,i 'Side the N011 33' fffefence S3317 Gggnf ' ' 5 M9g"f ... 'iiiay 5l'1YmfiV mg 'he'JZrT"' N XM me willlin gioixdzg -V 'V ken V game -IV season, af, Comp Vanjk, ., , V X V wo Havnicmd rot em . ,G . 1 , Q past Bensenv, g, K 4 . V ,Q mgGtkys1a1n X. Vf , . xnnmuwyu f . 11 V ,Spqrlde Forjhnho V me was game for the'g V1 HY g f V, ' 'W AntibcH.H5gh,s .Seqmus mm, gequuigs mg g V only in this Northbrook ati 3-Vers ml. 'ringlon . ....... 114 - K TQ? , 6 , dl ' ' . , 1 V-'V,, - " w .ka V V ent, after 3' V ghgir qppgngni B8l'X'iI1'gf0l1 at 4' Mft '4 'ttibrnok ........ :V 23 Qs. 5 : Wa.ucondaVs, Buildogs, 57414. 1 VSV, ,V V- , , , 1 . t B 4 in , ls Ek'X".,4::f::Z7:L 'V XZ 3, fh.weekena m X'wrt11wesz warm g comfoytabiz mf . .1 m the f1rS1V Paaf1He a ef VW 2, L .wma V 4--, V ---- V '2 E1basketba,l1'c6mPetition. The hi h81f.the1r cc. ibm? ln ghe last half Walwvflfia at A wh CH J., Q2VE1fs5f'3::f?T:: V g f? scQrmgCi0Hi?ixgnaY1iron11:e:s PUWG1 was strong e. .i'ghg! wm. 3' . V - - - . rr: 1 ... -.-. A KM' 'lik' ,VVV .V, K. ea!-nk, I ' in . the A . 4rfopLW,....L or VT W, 554073, ., Such was. pf, I., Q case xn V . , , . V ,.VV V. points on. V it if f,- f V h Frida V ' t H F 35'3i'i'i.::t-,:::Z1?5. V3 , ,325 q,so1!1aV. QgVagw , aigix me WOW ,wt QQ aa me BIB QNESQ "" 5:'1'-5 +2 323 16 'gn sew ' ' 44 Th f' hy r v- mn . ,wwf Vaffa+g,, 10 - 9- QM W 50 a P0 .- V np t A -..... .. U ,, Q :nv :xg ,V,- V V,,.,, --4..m.,1 V Lead Ln the htst quarter, but belt' I la n fly!! VARSITY ROW I- Mr. Scott, T. Haviland B Haviland, I Pre enzer R Dittm R. L bk . , . . g , . er, u eman. ROW 21 K. Rentner, R. Arndt P. Biel, D. Deering, I. Holt. ROW 3: T. Cahill, F. Nielsen, F. Bolton, W. Garraughty, J, Schultz, L. Schroeder, D Kennedy. IR. VARSITY ROW Ig I. Quilty, R. Rule, B. Stahmer, B. Weber, B. Baird, R. Floyd. ROW 2: F. Zeien, D. Petty, J. Osmond, G, Heuer, F. Stahmer, J. Buck, Coach Polley. ROW 3: R. Seekatz, J. Nelson L Burdick I Eder R Ensi n K P d 1 I 1 a , u g , . e er- sen, D. Swanson, E. Baethke. ROW I1 J, Pregenzer, K. Rentner, R. Lubkeman, Coach Scott, F. Bolton, D. Deering ROW 2: I. Buck, D. Appanaitis, R. Trayes, T. Gajewski, I. Osmond. ROW 3: T Haviland, B. Haviland, R. Weber, R. Seekatz. BHSEBHLL HND THHCH ROW 1: R. Scully, H. Larsen, C. Bock, G. Nelson, B. Gutowski, G. Swenson. ROW 2: D. Petty, F. srahmer, R. Arndt, S. Young, B. Stahmer, W. Deering, Coach Kruzan. ROW 3: E. Baethke, I. Nelson, R. Flattum. A FOOTBALL CAPTAIN Bernard Gutowski M BASKETBALL CAPTAIN Bernard Haviland GOOD SPORTMANSI-IIP AWARD Ted Gajewski w i N W 59 Q f P-mf, ,ff W gf ., 3 H W m :ks X ,H lug ,Y .t V uw ,tx f jf, , -ff.,,fo, ' f 'f Lai fi ff: .2 f ,Q V , V7 V M ry V, 1144? 'fag' ,1, QMWI' ff , Vw ,ff Y! X7 ff V , , W , Q f , f' 'J247 H V f , , ,, x x ri- 7 A-, 'fz ff-12421 . , 4 ,, 4 1' ' L, 5 , 4 R, 1 if A .I .. f wif 11,11 'ff' 'fm 'mf 'ix xsvqx .xx X x X X: xg V xx Xu fx X mx PENNPQ 2! ZH . 1, X . ,. ,fnv " , M, ' I - .f rf , v L.. . , .gmQ Nils-in ".' 4 :J ,Q-5 ,AQ ',, U 6,3 Le.. . gQ,,"!,. .v,4A,,-1 . 1' .5 -' f -v w ,qw - 'wr ' Q 1.3 S I f 38:33. ' ',,y,,y, 2. , V ga: 1 4 6, 1 bqlxf ' 6 ' 'Aff f f, ,A , ,ALL I t J V: 7? I It A J 17. Z -Q in aw, fr 5 'I , . A-' 1 v 'fl f W fx, , ,, 4 ' .4 f 8 , V fn 'Z Q f 1 f 1554 4 M I at f f if 4 'Vw 4 . . , K , Y, ' 14' 1 +4-. M MYERSL71 EYEARBOOKS Wiz 1, rm. 11.-1 MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS 'wha

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