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 - Class of 1950

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Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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' A 7 1.4 g f"qfTgiPf".'X V7xg.?FV?5." "l3?.f,,fE,.4"H:.ff . Q,,'1fVjl'V 'VX .g",g' "", f""'J ?? " V 3 'H , V .f -T , - VV VU- Vfvfjy .' V' ' V1V,'V' 'MV V I gpg.: V V' : . Vw V,VQ,'V -. VV VVV 'V I V ' V , . V-! V ."-f N A .4,,5BgJ'- KAW- .f 'mf' 1-viii' ,' f - 1155.1 f 1 W, "ff, 7 ,Y 419. .f , ,,f5f"'-i'- ' - jf 3 - V I .. 3 J-JF' ....fZ' ffmurfm' af ,af4"- ..1 , , .. 4. .. 4 I," .. ,. if 1 .ff Q , .W . VV ff . -V.wn4?gf.Q5..Vf, V. .V V . V V ,H 'f " !wwfaxV' VVVVFV KV? , ,.V.,W fr- 3 'A 'f 'i" ' ,bl :'?Q5zf' :f.:?fk-"pg.fN,s ff , VV! ,V fr V . 1-Q Nfl'-' I ,f"' " . a y Q., ,V AV V- VAVV 5 ,Q M gif-1,31 V ' VVIVK fy f VVVV pu" VV 'V 5 VV '- ' nf . .W VV Vgff - . .VIMVV V , V- W FV A J Q Jw fziwf ,J'g,'Mg'?f7':VVV. Lk , "ff," '. AV, 1 f 1' Vw. ,F . ,c ' in F "' ' . I If , "N ffl' 'fb .4""' ' - 'h'.' " - 1 'fn ' ' f ' 1 J' .1 ' 7" ' ,Q ,JP -1' ' , fl . . I uf f . v- ,, .2 ' ' 'f ' I ,VJ ,.' . F' ',. .. ff: ja, H ,.,.-f-.. 1 f I ff," --,K Q.-. If ' f P V. V3-,RV V,r J! H ix: ,V,,V,V . ,P V ,Af . A . ' ,, 4 XF I ' . , I ,.-ff I A' fl A XY--. ' ri . , , . . . f .- ., '-'lu-"" 1' ,. . Au- , . ,V J 4- V ' - . , V V! V"',f ' T' 2 J.-. V,,aJ' f 1 ..,.-Qf'S-4"f-x...25""' . fb- X ff X h I 1 ,1- 'gx' wif.,-4' ,, . ' 1 xx , X-N ,A . 4 ., , ' K fx- .4 ,, Y 'xl J. gf--' V SN. .V " " ' V V. A .xx V 'X ' N -s---. - xx I , V Y 'S ,X ' x ,.,,V-s.,g'LL..:.-N,.,,V V ,N-V Q F--X fp--X - A "'ia-.p . - V V,-f". . V -' I ' 'Q X . "Ol, --I . . ,.,, 1 5 V - , XV 4 XV V VV ,,-VVVAJV -VM . ' V. 'X if I w..- if A vf-'f gay, 0' . :Nh - ,,,....i- ,,, N ,, ,-'- f ' -Vw 'N VV ,NAV . in .X ' S-M.. ' V ' H' V -- X V ' . kj - x - - ' V-f.,,-Q... . . X- . KQV Y V . V ' W x V my 1, 'VV f. .. 7- . Vx: .. , 4, 9 .YV V VV V V V VQV VV V VVVV VV VV , EV V V xxx .VV x . if 1145, VV V f, , ,V QVV . X x 1 .Q . V, jx SK V 1 5 'N ' 'N , - M - X 1. -K ,Qs .xv x.. . : , Y ,. wi, A . Y . y 1, V ,VV V V . . V VV V VV V K xx .V V Q, V 4 V VV, V . .m , 1 -. , '- -'XIHAA 1- .' 1. A. 1 , 5 V45 k. .VV xx in x '. v 1. - w 5. Vi V V V..V if 1 , . i , UV, - ' .- it ' 'g ' ' IJ: 4 . X V , V 31- V. f aw, li -gwmpw ...u xl 'QP fn-:IP QR X HX i '55 545- 'Y V Y we .dngya A is 1 3- ,3 Twill: Vi Km S, , X E VV! MW- 7' in Vd,V:"5 AQNK, is' K 'S . . . w , . ,,-. Q.. ' . f , 1- ,fp Q . - V, 2' v . -. :W ' '1 4 V - , ' ,. . V V lim ' Vw .UI 'x . ,, W.. ' . 1. " 'vw 35' V4 fa-.' U a . .1 ' 1 :wt 4' ,.' "Q 1 , V.. -V VV, . V VV V , I . , V V V . V ,. . 'I' K . . fr. . .' ' ' nw ' V ,V , A . V V V f .V .- ' . ""' 1 w 4 A , 1 bf V -- -up V x "' Q - . . .. V . V, .VV,.,. V V . ,Vx Vg f Kg 'j'V V t VqwVV - J V, VV VVfg V QQVVV V,VV V VV,5-- r., ll' - .Q KVV XV Vac h , , ,-g V V VVV .,. V V .VVVVVV 'V V VV V . V EVV VA. N 4-.B 1:'.. 'r, ' .. , ' e-' : ' x .W X . 4 1 . .N . : '-Q.. f N ,W . 1 il' Z 3 5 A D' I ' V " ' MA 11. H N ' f: 55-'U 'N av 4 x l F Vi. ?,2V.:VV V -.V Vi :V, f R ' . , V ' 'AVA VV V. W. - iw g, VV -1 -ug M.. - . -a1l:...3f .mg-. . +4 , . 'S 1 1. fVVV v .v'?i'.,E La .2 'Ziff - VV 'Y df N' ,"'1g, -'fl ' - -XS. ' H 'x '-- x f '- 1 . '- V 1. . -'F A. -53, ,Q A V ,U 1 ', f., VS 'J . ' V ' in wr. -f.-. tk, .sm- ."'. rL.. u1f.,: '-V111 F-.15 g,h': 4 , ,QVN .fin-,V fy V X fi' , " A '. W' , . , ' V my '.1- '. ' V ,I X V, gh., ,V Vi. V . V , , , V ,V . .. 1 an X1 - . - -v 1 W . . ., ,,., , . - ' s .Q . . nk S K A 'Q HL. ' J A K' 1 4' wl ' ' 'H 4 MN 'i.j1 ,..:r ,J P Q' Z 5 . LLM, , EM Ae Lb DEDI CAT ION X r l DR, R. D. WILLIAMS We , The sTucJe,nT5 of AHTIOCL Town- slwip HIQL School , dediocfe This annual fo Dr. Wtlliams , who served qs, The Leigh School pLysioiQn.We :nope Tj'1c1'fI with Huis dedfooflolfl we can expr-css our graff- tude for Luis urnfailing service-,. gg 99 5,66 14606 Sm UL, ga, CLARE NCE L. KU T X L We fxonow +L1S mernory uf Mnfclorence Kuffi, C1 ell,-known and re,5pec,+eCl member of Hue -FGQUH-y of Ah+fOCH Scblwool . He, 5 well remembered for Hfs voiuolpwfe services in The 'l' 0-F vocaffonol I9 C1gmc,u,1'uvre, un H115 OPEC' IN MEMORIAM We wfslw To Express our 5 mpcdlfmy in T Q, passing of Mn George, Bar-'He1'i', who served as Presfdent of 'rlwe 5cl1oo,Boov-cl and who WQS QIWQYS 1-n1Lev-esJfecf In Ah'l'i0Cfl"l l'Iigl1 School q Hes. GEORGE B. BAR-VLETT Cfffvi- f lf! .,fZ5.,Q..,. 6 U. you Mr. Scott, Mrs. Osmond, Mr. Hills, Mr. Bennett, Dr. Deering The Board of Education is the governing body of the high school. It consists of five representatives of the district, each elected for a three year period. Election is held every year when two representatives are elected, with the exception of every third year, when only one is elected. The president of the board is Mr. Walter K. Hills, whose occupation is farming. He has been a member of the board for eleven years and has been president since 1943. The secretary is Mrs. Helen Osmond, a housewife who has been on the board and has been secretary for seventeen years. The other members are Mr. Fred Scott, a farmer who has served as a member for eight years: Mr. Arthur Bennett, a retired chemist who has been a member for six years: and Dr. D. N. Deering, who is now serving his second year in the group. 66 33 An, foo ff Antioch High, ever true, true to you Loyalty, respect both are due, Cheers for your girls Cheers for your boys They are yours-their pride and joys: Sequoits, your team shows in fight brave and bequoits with yohr brevery untold, We lift our voice in song, To cheer our whole life long, Antioch High School, fine and strong! bold 996 usa 450 Qs 6 N Q' 1' M' Q " w 3 0 is? 5' g 2 - , :fl -, "" 4 1.1.1 C Af , . ,. ,gi g ' f. ' + 2-+ L ?. Y --i -., NP 6' JL! A " owczrc! Lg er bm!-6 Mr. E. W. Edwards has been assistant principal of Antioch Township High school for eleven years. He also teaches general science and physics classes. I Mr. Edwards has a Bachelor of Science in Education and Mas- ter of Arts degrees. He has at- tended the following universities: southern Illinois University, Columbia College of Education, University of Illinois, and the University of Indiana. Mr. Theodore R. Birkhead has served as principal or the Antioch Township High school for eight years. He advises the Student Council and until this year he taught advanced mathematics. Mr. Birkhead holds a Bach- elor of science in Education and Master of science degrees. He has attended the following universities: Illinois State Normal, University of Chicago, state Uhiversity of Iowa, and the University of Illinois. Last year he was president of the Northwest Conference Principalls Assoc. and is now leader of the local Cub Scout unit. FAC ULTY Carol Bean Geneseo, Illinois 3.5. in Ed.-:Il1. State Normal. English: Spanish: Annual Club: Sopho- more Class. Carol L. Bidinger Waukegan, Illinois N.U.S Art Institute of Chicago. iAr't. Jeannette M. Tulumello Sheldon, Illinois IB. in Ed.. M.A.S Ill. State Normal: U. of Ill.: U. of Mo.: U. of Miami: U. Institute of Kansas City: Columbia U. History: Civics: Econom- ics: Junior Play: Sen- ior Class. Narcissus Ann Donovan Blanche C.Ewing Alice Fearon Cerro Gordo, Illinois Antioch, Illinois Antioch, Illinois B-S- of Ed.: 111. 1a.p..3Un1ve1-sity of Ill.: Wcrelary' state Normal. Western Reserve Univ.: Physical Education: School of Library Typing: J1m1or Busi- Science. ness Training: G.A.A.: Librarian! Junior Class. Senior Class. 66 6 now May Hartley Antioch, Illinois BsAo: MUAO: Iowa State Teachers Col- Gen. Mathematics! Geometry: Algebra: Sophomore Class . M. R. Kruzan Antioch, Illinois Bess: Us of Illinois Biology: Physical lege: U. of Minnesota: Education: Athletic Columbia U.: Macomb. Director and Coach: "A" Club. 99 001, I'l.OLl!' Iris McKinney Antioch, Illinois Boss of Edo: State Normal. English: Pqp Club: Freshman Class. .J XA. X Naomi Meiners Forreeton, Illinois B.S. of Ed.: DeKalb State Teachers Col- lege. HOHIQ Eco: FOHOAI: Senior Play: Fresh- man Class. Warren P. Polley Antioch, Illinois B.S. of Ed.gI1l. State Normal: M.S. U. of I1l'. Fresh-Soph Coach: Typing: Shorthand: Bookkeeping. Senior Clasg. Richard B. Scott Antioch, Illinois B.S. in Phys. Ed.: Iowa State College. Chemistry: Adv. Math: Gen- Sci? Basketball, Baseball Coach: Fresh- man Class. QQ.. AWE if UL. 3... Mo Mo llson Antioch, Illinois 3.5. of Ed.: U. of 5. Dakota: East State Teachers College: Colo. State College: U. of Ill. Industrial Arts. Hans Von Holwede Antioch, Illinois B.M. Ed.: M.M. Ed.: M.M.: U. of Iowa: N. U.: Chicago Conserva- tory: American Con- servatory. Band: Chorus: Junior Class. Thersa Wehr Terre Haute . India-D8 B.A.: M.A. Columbia U.: U. of Chicago! Ind. State Teachers College. Latin: English: Junior Class. A. wickert Marion, Illinois B.S. in Ed.: U. of Ill Argiculture: F.F.A.3 Sophomore Class. 66 99 lbw JL!ea,.f,, AJ QQJL QW 6 P A ' 1'-, 1- -S , Z ., Rc: K 'A ffl' 1? V 1. w w A ,a ,, fini? 11 will IX7 RW uozlncl .1 e loin? ,jlilczncl H Mr. Larsen, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. smith U ' x pu- 1 QM' L .Y Row 1- Row 2- Mrs. Burnette, Mrs. Beger, J.Petersen, Mrs. Bluihart, Mrs. Gussarson, L.Schroeder, D.5chultz, M.Stil1son, G.Einfeldt, L.Bock, G.Davis. wp? Grcumszfn 9' 54+ -Q wats- 0 X iii is I W F ff A . ,-W5 SE IQRS Peter Poulos Roy Engfors llpetell nnoyu "A" Club 2.3.43 Pep Trans. Mines 'I-I-7. Club I+: Student Council Track 3.4: Baseball 2,3,I+: Chorus 1: Class I+: Class Vice-pres. I+. Trees. 2, Pres. I+: Bas- Ambition: Middleweight ketball 1,2,3,I-1: Track 'boxing champ of the 2,1-L: Baseball 2.3: Foot- world. 'ball l,2.3,I+. Captain I+: Junior Play. Ambition: Own Ted's Sweet Shop. Mary Ellen Campbell Harold Qardiff "Muscles" MBU-0-n Annual Club 1'2,3'l4,, Almual Club IH Basket- Staff 3,41 G.l.A. 1,2, ball 1,2,3,Ln Football 3,1-L, Sec. 3: Pep Club 3:43 Baseball 2.3.43 l,2,3,L+: Band 3,u: Band 1.20.45 Svine Cheerleader 44: Chorus 33-U5 43 student council 1,2,3,u: Class sec. L+. 4- Pres. I-H Class Ambition! Lady Wrestler. TTGBS- I+' Ambition: Phsrnacist. 66.f4n,lliocA xJQ24gA, Ever rue H Beverly Baird Barbara Barthel Elizabeth Bauer "Bev" "Bobby" "Betty Lou" Annual Club Annual Club, Armual Club Staff 4: Pep Club 1.2, Staff 3,43 Pep Club 1, Staff 4: Pep Club l,2, 3,43 Chorus 2. 2,3,4g F.H.A. 43 G.A.A. 3,43 F.H.A. 4, social Ambition: Air line ste- l,2,3,4, Pres. 4: All Chairman 4: Cheerleader wardess or model. Stars 3.4: Band 1.2.3, 4: student Council 4. A 4: Chorus l,2,3,4: Stu. Ambition: Nurse. Council 1.4: Jr. Play. Ambition! Talk French in France. Ramae Beedle Florence Bolton Irving Buchna llBugll :IFJ-on nbucku G-A-L 1.2.3J+. Trees- Annual Club 2.3.43 Pep "A" Club 2,3,4: Foot- 43 Annual Club l,2,3,4, Club 2,3,4: F.h-A. 2, ball 2,3.4: Basketball Staff 3.4: Pep Club 1, 3.4: Chorus 2,3,4. 2,3,4: Track 2,3: F.F.A 2,3,4: Chorus l,2,3,4: Ambition: Nurse, l,2,3, secretary 3. Chgerleader 14- AITl'bltiO!12 All-IB.yS have Ambition: Soda jerk at a good time. Ted's. 16. 66 99 rue 0 Mau, Marilyn Bushing NBlondieU Annual Club 3.4: Pep Club 3,u: chorus 1.2: Student Council 4, Sec. 4: G.A.A. M. Ambition: Gold miner. Joyce Crawford IIJOII Annual Club 3.4: c-.l.A. 1: F.H.A. 3: Pep Club l,2,4. Ambition: Housewife. Gerald Crichton nJ.C.H Football 3.4: Track 3, 4: 'AN Club 3,4, Vice- Pres. M: Band 2,33 Class Pres. 30 Ambition: Own a Cadillac and a gasoline company. 3,41 - 'f'N-v-I ' Robert Dieball llBo'b ll Trans. Schurz,'47. Track 3. Ambition: Civil Engi- nee ro Louise EriCkSSn nDolly' Annual Club l,2,3,b, Staff bt Chorus 1,2,3, 4: Pep Club l,2,3,4: F.H-A. A. Ambition! Nurse. Diana Fox HFoxeyU Trans. Foreman '48. Annual Club 4: Pep Club I4-3 F.H.A. I+, Pres. M: Student Council 4. Ambition: Secretary. HCL Benno Freund llBenn F'F-A- l.2.3.4. Report er 2.3. Vice-Pres. 4: 'A' Club 3,45 Track 2: Chorus 2. Ambition: A success in C" 99 eero or our gr 6 Clarita Greenlee nJaynieu Annual Club l,Z,3,4, Staff 3,42 Pep Club 1, 2,3,4: Stu. Council 4, Vice-pres. 4: Band l,Z, 3,43 Chorus l,2,j,4: John Hojem NJohnnien Basketball 2,3 1,2,3,4: Track ,4: Band 2l3l4: swing Banu 3.4. Ambition: Chemical engineer. life. Class Sec. 1: Nat. Hon- or Society 3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Jr. Play. Ambition: To go to England. 4!" n"d-Y 'F Doroth Holt nDot' Annual Club 1,Z,3,4, Staff 43 Pep Club l,Z, 3.4: Chorus l,2,3,4. Ambition: To travel and meet all my relatives. Nancy Horenberger 'HamburgerU Trans. Libertyville '49 Annual Club 4: Pep Club 4: Chorus 4. Ambition: Teacher. 3 Gwendolyn Keating HGwenN Annual Club l,2,3,l-L, Staff 2.4, Officer 4 Pep Club 1,z.3.4: G.A.A.1: F.H.A. 4: Chorus 2,j,4. Ambition! College. MCL J' eerb ,- 1 'QFD' Patricia Kelleher 'PatN Trans. Schurz '47. Annual Club 2.3.4, Staff U: Pep Club 2,3,4: G.G.A. 2,3: Band 2,3,4: Chorus 2,3,4: Junior Play. Ambition: Journalist. 171' 176414 9 9 Oyb I Richard Kelley nD1ckn F.F.l. 3. Ambition: To have a V better life than most. James Kennedy llJimll Annual Club l,2: HAH Club 4: Chorus l,2,j, 4: Band 1,23 Track 3, U: Football H: Base- ball 2: Basketball 2, 3.4: Stu. Council 1,3 N, Vice-pres. 3: Jr. Play. Ambition: A job with a good income. " "Q, ti' x 5? ' . Joanne Kiehl Raymond Luckel Francis Lux IIJOH uLef-by!! llshortyu Annual Club 2,3,h: Pep Baseball 2: Track 2.3, Chorus 1.2: Band l,2.3, Club 2,3,b, Treas. 4: 4: Basketball 2.3.4. 43 Swing Band l,2,3,h. G.A.A. bg F.H.A. 2,3,b, Ambition: Professional Ambition: To have a good Sec. 3: Chorus l,2,3. baseball player. time and find happiness. Ambition: Professional ice skater. Jack Mahone 6 6 -iijyl 9 9 i463 I' OLLIAQ " Louise Mccann R0be1't Mccanll 'Lou' nB0bH Annual Club 1.2,3: Football LH F-F.A. 1,2, pep club 1'2,3'L',: 3.4. Reporter 4. G.-A.A. 1.2: F.H.-A. LH A.l1lblt1OI'12 To t1'aVe1. Chorus 1,2. Ambition: Private ' Secretary. Betty Jean McDougall "Fifi" Annual Club l,2,3,Lb, otafi' 3,1-L: G.A.A. l,2,3, N., Trans. 2: Pep Club 1, 2.3.1-H stu. Council 2.3, Ll., Treas. I+: Band l,2,j, I+: Chorus l,2.3.4: Swing Band 2.3.43 F-H-A- I+: Jr. Play: Honor Society 3,l+. Ambition: Clothing buyer at Marshall Fielue. u , ff, n Y "Moe" Annual Club 3,1-L: Pep Club 4: Band 2,3,L+: Chorus l,2,3,l+: Junior Play: Football 2.3: Basketball 2: "AH Club 3.4: Track 2: student Council 2.3.42 Class Sec. 2, Trees. 3. Ambition: Aut o mechanic . Joanne Midgley 'Midge' Annual Club 1,2,3,l+: Pep 1,2,3,u': FcHlAo 3.4, Pres. 3: Chorus 1, 2.3.16 Junior Play: Stu- dent Council 3. Ambition: Housewife. Marion Miller "Sunshine" Annual Club 2.3.16 Pep Club 2.3.1-H G-A-lb 1,2: Chorus 1l2l3Iu0 Ambition: Occupational therapist. I 66 in fel All go vf'f" Jacqueline Onstad UJackieU Annual Club l,.4,3 ,LH Pep Club 1,2,3g G.G.A. 2,3,N: Class Sec. 3: Junior Play. Ambition: Teacher. Richard Radke nnicku WA' Club 2,3,M, Sec-- Treas. 4: Football 1, 2,j,ug Basketball l,2, 3: Track l,2,3,U: Band 1,2,3,b2 Swing Band 3, U: Class Pres. 1. Ambition: Always have a good time. June Petersen WPeteu Annual Club 1,2,3.h, Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4: Pep Club l,2,3,4, Vice- pres. M: G.A.A. 1,Z,3, 4: All Stars 3.4: Stuf dent Council 3,b: Band l,2,3,4: Chorus l,2,N: Swing Band 2,3,4: Nat. Honor Society 3,b: Jr. Play. Ambition: Nurse. Mary Ann Quilty MQ-uillu Annual Club 1,2,3,4, staff 3,L+: G.A.A. 1, 2,3,b, Sec. 2: Pep Club 1,2,3,M, Pres.4: F.H.A. 4, Vice-pres. 4: Student Council 2, 4: Class Treas. 1, Vice-pres. 3. Ambition: See a Notre Dame-Army football game. Adella Rentner Shirley R095 UPeanutsn n5h1T1n Annual Club 1,Z'3,u, Annual Club U, Staff staff 3,1+: Pep Club 1, 'H Pep Club 1,213.45 2.3'u: Band 1,2'3'u: G-A-A- l,2,3,4: F.H.A. Chorus l,2,3,hg Swing 2,N, Sec. 2, Treas. Band 2,3,Ln G.A.A. 3,u. 4- Ambition: Housewife. Ambltion: Dee? S92 diver. 66 B Lf bil' OLCC I1 SOIL? Georgia Saylor uRodneyW Annual Club l,2,3,u, Staff 3.14: Pep Club Walter Schlegel "Wally" Ambition! Shop teacher. 1. 2,3.4: Chorus 1: Jun. ior Play. Alibi ti-6112 Commercial Artist. Donna Schultz 'Dede' Annual Club l,2,3.N: Pep Club 1,2,3,h: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: F.H.A 2: Chorus l,2,h. Ambition: To travel. I Donald Schultz Donald Shank Delores Sorenson "Schultz" "DOH" "Dee F.F.A. 1,2,3,l+: Bas- HA' Club 1,213.43 Ambition Champion ketball 3.4. Football 2. Mgr- 13 horseback 1-mor Ambition: To be a suc- Basketball 4. cegg. Ambltl0n! Graduate- X 55 99 :1 czw QW M ,ae fm, Georgia Stephens Melfred. Stillson Joyce Strametz ugeorgian 'Mel' "Jice" Annual club 3'u' Staff B8.Sketb8,11 1,213pl-H Annual Club l,2,j,i-P, 4: Pep club 1'3',-Ir: Baseball 2.3.45 Foot- Staff 3.4: Pep Club Band chorus 1. 1,2,3,u: 1,2g3,l-lf: GOADAO l,2, Ambition: Teacher. l.2,3,1-H Junior Play: 3,1-If, T!'98.So 3: ch8e1" Pep Club 3,LH 'A' leader I+: All Stars Club 3.4: student 3,1-L: chorus Council 4. Ambition! Success in Ambition: To get a life. good Job. Je . Elizabeth Terry 'Betty' Annual Club 1,2,3,bf, Staff 3,1-J-, Treas. I+: G.A.A. 1,2,3,l+, vice- Pres. LL: Pep Club l,2, 3,1-H F.H.A. I+: Stu. Council L+: Chorus l,2,LL. Ambition: Interior decorator. Jack VOS Ronald Vol 'Charley' ngonn Ambition: Lumber yard Basketball 1'2,3g Bagg- Worker- ball 2,3: Track l,2: .Au 3,110 Ambition: Architectural drafter. .Anftocl ngilafj, MBT? Rose Webb Gordon Wells 'Rose Budn Wwellsf Annual Club 1.2: Pep 'A' Club 4: F-F.A.1, Club 1.2.3 u Trees. 2.3.4: Fovfball 4: A A 2 3,43 F.H.A. Basketball 4: Track 1 2 3 4. bocial chair. N- . Ambition: Farmer. 3,4. Ambition Nurse. me ALJ ffm Eugenerhieczorek 'Gene' Annual Club 4: FAH Club 2.3.43 Chorus 3, 43 Basketball 1: Base- ball 2,3,4: Track 1.2, .Ambitionz Professional football player. Robert Wilton llBo'b li Annual Club 2,33 Foot- ball l,2,3,4: UAH Club 2.3.43 Basketball l,2. 3aul TTaCk 1.213141 Student Council 4: Pep Club 3: Class Pres. 2: Baseball 2. Ambition: To own a bakery. Fred wolf HFrit1H Football l,2,3,4: UAH Club Z,3,b: Basketball 1: Track 1121311-fn Ambition: Business man. ia "1 Richard Raether URichH IHLLA. l,2,3,u. Ambition: To be a successful farmer. 66 , W gaufzfwf I 'Vs Frm iff V :if A 2,. , il rvw .W ,QM ' :PQ . , "" f" It V f - - fi if v Qrkf f M 5 A E, .lj A, , ' fi-N ' Q r I q , , 7 ,. Q my ..-Lahlih Bw ,QQ Zz YH' I ,v:""' 451.-50 ii e: , QL ' 7 '31 ax s 's g f ,Y if b.., Q if ' is .. 5. We, the class of 1950, being sound of mind and WIL worldly possessions to the following: Beverly Baird: Barbara Barthel: Betty Lou Bauer: Ramae Beedle: Florence Bolton: Irving Buchta: Marilyn Bushing: Mary E. Campbell: Bud Cardiff: Joyce Crawford: Jerry Crichton! Bob Dieball: Roy Engfors: Louise Ericksen: Diana Fox: Benno Freund: Clarita Greenlee: John Hojem: Dorothy Holt: Nancy Horenberger: Gwen Keating: Pat Kelleher: Dick Kelley! Jim Kennedy: Joanne Kiehlz Ray Luckel: Francis Lux: Louise McCann: Bob McCann: Betty J. McDougall: Jack Mahoney: Joanne Midgley: Marion Miller: Jackie Onstad: June Petersen: Peter Poulost Mary Ann Quilty: Dick Radke: Richard Raether: Adella Rentner: Shirley Ross: Georgia Saylor: halter Schlegel: Donald Schultz: Donna Schultz: Donald Shank: Delores Sorenson: Georgia Stephens: Melfred Stillson: Joyce Strametz: Betty Terry: Jack Vos: Ronald Vos: Mary Rose Webb: Gordon Wells: Eugene Wieczorek: Bob Wilton: Fred wolf: My height to Paul Biel. M laugh to Sue Norman. My wardrobe to Mary Fields. My abounding energy to Charlene Powles. My ncarrot topu to Nancy Pirson. M ability to get someone to do my work to Tom Haviland. M petiteness to Fern Mattson. M scholastic endeavors in study hall to Janice Runyard. M crew cut to Tim McCuen. M love of school to Harry Conrad. M car to Bill Hucker. M job as a soda Jerk to Dick Haak. quiet ways to Patsy Miller. bleached streak to Natalie schippmann. ever-present gum to Jean Harden. The mispronounciations of my name to Mary Vos. My rapid movements and hurried footsteps to Steve Young. saxaphone to Joan Stephens. enjoyment of library books to Kenneth Rentner. dimples to Sylvia Beelow. slow dravl to Louis Snider. ability for getting into classroom arguments to Betty individuality in classes to anyone who can manage it. playboy airs to John Clark. light-footedness to Carol Loftus. love for girls to Ralph Rule. punctual arrivals to Swing Band to Rose Ann McGreal. attentiveness in class to Dolores Corbin. split-second answers in English to Ann Mattson. knitting to Marlene Wertz. unexcused absences to Bill Wurster. conversational ability to Karen Martin. scholastic abilities to Chuck Haling. acting ability to Nancy Sheehan. stamina to the annual staff of next year. physique to Bruce Stahmer. My My My class ring to some deserving girl. ways in agriculture to Ray Trayes. musical ability to Bill Deering. singing voice to Carl Beitzel. M artistic ability to Bernard Gutowski. M sideburns to Bob Ruggles. My grade book to the waste basket in the north corridor. My My My My My My My My My My My Pt' My My My My My My My My My My My My My My My steady Job in Reeves to Sue Garland. smiling countenance to Jerry Schultz. serenity to Ronald Scully. chair in band to Jeans Burt. position as dishwasher to Charles Horton. My school manners to all incoming freshmen. M red-framed glasses to Dawn Kosup. My agreeable disposition to all students of A. T. H. 5- My Pt' My My My bashfulness to Marlene Baran. ability to remember Jokes to Bob Misiek. way with the girls to Don Appanaitis. M football playing to Ermit Finch. My rebounding ability in basketball to Ralph Yopp. My ability to sleep in class to Lorraine Bock. body, do hereby bequeath our Burnett Job as a telephone operator to anyone who can stand it. I-H STGRY The C1-HSS of 1950 elltefefl A-'1'-H-E as the largest class ever to enroll. we were greeted by the sophomores who gave a party October ll to make us feel at home: we returned this party on April 25. The class sponsors-Miss Darrough, Miss Donovan, and Mr. Paynic-helped us organize our first class meeting to elect officers-Dick Radke, president: Daryl Ostrander, vice-president: Clarita Greenlee, secretary: and Mary Ann Quilty, treasurer. The representatives to Student Council were Barbara Barthel and Jim Kennedy. The football boys chose Mary Ann Quilty as freshman attendant in the Homecoming Queen's court. Our freshman year at high school ended with a freshman-sophomore picnic at Petrifying Springs. Our sophomore year we gave a party to welcome the freshmen to their Nnew world,H under the leadership of Bob wilton, president: Jim Kennedy, vice- president: Jack Mahoney, secretary, and Pete Poulos, treasurer. The representa- tives to student Council were Betty Jean McDougall, Mary Ann Quilty, Peter Poulos and Jack Mahoney. Pat Kelleher was chosen as attendant in the queen's court at Homecoming. Our third year at A.T.H.b. gave us the title of upper-classmen but also brought us a great responsibility-the prom. with Jerry Crichton, president: Mary Ann Quilty, vice-president: Jackie Onstad, secretary: and Jack Mahoney, treasurer: we earned enough money to entertain the seniors at Apple Blossom Time. Jerry Crichton and June Petersen reigned as king and queen of the prom, at which Lou Val and his orchestra played. Betty Jean McDougall, June Petersen, Joanne Midgley, Jack Mahoney, Jim Kennedy, and Peter Poulos represented us in the student governing body, and Dorothy Verke was the junior attendant to the queen. we also presented Ustranger in the N1ght,U a mystery-comedy, on November 18 and 19 under the direction of Miss Jeannette Darrough. Mr. Polley replaced Mr. Paynic as the new sponsor to help Miss Donovan and Miss Darrough advise us. As officers'for our senior year we chose Peter Poulos, president: Roy Engfors, vice-president: Mary Ellen Campbell, secretary: and Bud Cardiff, treasurer. Bud was also elected to be president of Student Council with Betty Jean McDougall, Jim Kennedy, Peter Poulos, Mary Ann Quilty, Barbara Barthel, June Petersen, Betty Terry, Clarita Greenlee, Jack Mahoney, Betty Lou Bauer, Diana Fox, Fred wolf, Bob wilton, Melfred Stillson as representatives of this group which this year inaugurated a new constitution by which tg,govern the studeq body. The football team chose Ramae Beedle as Queen of the Homecoming festivities with Joyce Strametz sharing the honors as senior attendant to Ramae. Peter Poulos was captain of the football team, and Fred wolf re- ceived the Sportsmanship Award. The senior play, HLittle women,H was presented on May 5 and 6 under the direction of Miss Naomi Meiners. One of our advisers, Miss Darrough, changed her name to Mrs. Tulumello during the school year. Baccalaureate and graduation services on May Z8 and June 2 brought to our minds the true value and meaning of the work and happy times we had shared ln AoTuHas0 hz VOLUME I ANTIOCH. WINSNOBEL PRIZE One of Antioch HlgD'S former students has brought great ac- claim to Antioch by his win- ning of the Nobel Prize in Science. Dr. John Hojem has discovered a new theory of Xsnthorhamnin. GRAND OPENING Last Saturday night was the grand opening of Fred Wclf's HTeen Canteen? The contractors building were Melfred and Bob Dieball. They widely known as the Contracting Corp. The for this Stillson are more Stilldie canteen is made up of a large roller rink and soda bar. The grand organist is Benno Freund Guards are Donald Schultz and Donald Shank. Working in the soda bar are Donna Schultz and Dorothy Holt RAMAE BEEDLE AND PETER POUIOS WED SUN AY More than 250 people at- tended the beautiful spring wedding of Ramae Beedle and Peter Poulos. The bride's gown was an original creation by the famous designer,Betty Jean McDougall. The maid of honor was Betty Lou Bauer. The brides- maids were Adella Rentner and Joyce Strametz. The best man was Roy Engfors and ushers were Jim Kennedy and Dick adke. Guests from out-of-town were Mn and Mrs Robert wilton, who are now living in Chicago. Bob owns a large bakery there. Mrs. Wilton is the former Nanq Horenberger. Clarita Greenlee made a special trip from Eng- land to be present at the wed- ding. Louise McCann who isnow a private secretary for the governor of Illinois, also at- tended. LADY KILLER??? Hollywood, Calif.: Last night Mary Campbell won the Women's wrestling Championship of the U. S. in two out of three falls. Her manager, Bob McCann, is taking her to Europe next week to compete for the Worlds Championship. he mid rains ILLINOIS. THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1960 NUMBER 1 1 IW N5 :i,a,f - pa ff X, A' P? ld rf 97 T gag-DCM . Jw, 5 -P e. G-5' SAINT RATRICK'S PARADE Tomorrow the annual Saint Fatrick's Day parade will be led by Jack lhhoney. Pat Kel- leher will beat the bass drum and the flute will be played by Dick Kelly. Mary Ann Quilty is the chairman of the float committee. Notify her to enter a float! ANTIOCh BUSINMDS wOMEN'S ASSOCIATION At the last meeting of the Antioch Business women's Asso- ciation the presiding officer, Marilyn Bushing, installed the new officers. The officers are President-Diana Fox Vice-President-Gwen Keating Secretary-Jacqueline Onstad Treasuer-Joyce Crawford The distinguished guest was Barbara Barthel, who gave a lecture on her recent trip in France. while in Paris she met one of her former schoolmates Shirley Ross. GUEST ON UORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR' The famous comedian, Bud Cardiff, a former resident of Antioch, was the guest on the nOr1ginal Amateur Hour,U where he first got his start eight years ago. HJOANNIE GET IOUR BIFLEH Joanne Midgely is now star- ring in the new musical comedy, uJoannie Get Your Rifle! with Joanne Kiehl as the coy sharp- shooter. One of the members of the orchestra is also from Antioch. He is Shorty Lux who plays the trumpet. BANK ROBBERY The Antioch National Bank was robbed Saturday afternoon for the second time in l0yeara Police Chief Irving Buctha 'was on the job immediately and the robbers were captured by midnight. FARM BUREAU CONVENTION The delegates from Lake County to the state Farm Bureau convention at Chicago Fri. and Sat. are Richard Raether and Gordon tells. A report will be given at the next meeting. ENTERS HORSE SHOW Delores Sorenson is going to enter and ride her prize palfrey at the National Horse Show in Chicago next month ANTIOCH HOSPITAL RECENTLY OPENED The modern hospital has recently opened its doors for patients. The hospital is one of the most modern in the state. The famous designer, Betty Terry, furnished the in- terior. Residents from Antioch env ployed in the hospital are: Jerry Crichton, the chief of staff: Walter Schlegel and Ray Luckel,interns: June Petersen, head nurse: Louise Ericksen, Mary Rose Webb, and Georgia Stephens,nurses: Marion Milleg occupational therapist Beverly Baird and Florence Bolton, di- etitians. One of the first patients was Eugene Wieczorek, who is having another operation on his leg which was injured last fall while Playing in the Bear-Wildcat game . ANTIOCh AND LAKE VILLA LUMIBER YARDS HAVE NEW OWNERS Jack and Ronald Vos took over the complete ownership of the Antioch and Lake Villa Lumber Yards last week from their fathers who are retir- ing. 'They plan to expand fur- ther as soon as they have more capital. ASS MBLIES-f3i..J. AWLQZ. 'C students attended a pep assembly at which Bob scott, president of the class of '49, presented a school flag to Mr. Birkhead on behalf of his classmates. Musical entertainment was presented by Mr. willo, who played an instrument similar to an accordian called a concertina grand. He was accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Coffin. Students who d1un't go to the football game at Ela witnessed a demonstration of the making of pottery figures. Antioch American Legion members presented an Armistice Day program honoring the dead or world war I and II. Junior play skits were presented to students and faculty members. Oct. l9M9- Nov. 19b9- Dec 1949- Jan. Mar. May 1950- 1950- 1950- Mr. Otto Bchack-lecturer, teacher, and singer- illustrated ways in which students can strengthen their voices. His wife accompanied him at the piano. The chorus ISHSSTEGG their Christmas concert numbers for the student body. The movie, UTreasure Island,H was shown in the auditorium. The students and faculty saw UHolidays with the Ha1ladays,H a movie taken by Mr. Halladay and his wife of their adventures filming the beauty of Quetico, a park between Minnesota and Canada. Senior class play cast gave skits of their play, HLittle women.W Honors Day program was held at which valedictorian and saluta- torian were announced, National Honor Society members were honored, and awards for various school activities were pre- sented. The president of the senior class handed the American flag to the junior class president at appropriate ceremonies in observance of Flag Day. C: . ,Y 4? ft, x Q 19 " . - t J .qsw s 6 X 4 2 3 A 14 Q Q X ' C865 l . 05 , p. ' ,ff " 4+-C' G ,jug Wu' lay.. J V " -ii: 3 - -ff- gi, an --fp ri 31-H JU IORS Row 1- A.Mattson, B.Haviland, D.Appanaitis, Row 2- Miss Wehr, C.Ba1ing, Mrs. Ewing. The officers chosen for the Junior year were: Bernard Haviland, pres.: Donald Ap- panaitis, vice-pres.: Charles Ealing, sec.: and Ann Mattson, treasurer. The class advisers were Miss wehr, Mr. Von Holwede, and Mrs. Ewing. Junior representatives to Student-Council were Marilyn wallace, George Swenson. B111 wurster, and Mary Curnes. To raise funds the Juniors sold candy, gave a dance, and presented a play. NOut on a Limbu was the com- edy which the Juniors present- ed on Nov. 18 and 19. The playy under the direction of Mrs. Tu1ume11o,was very successful. Marilyn Wallace was given the honor of being the Junior atten- dant to the queen's court. she was escorted by Buzz Haviland. Bow Bow Row Pow Mrs. Ewing, D.Deering, L.Thu1in, R.Trayes, T.GaJewski. N.Pirson, R.Y0pP. B.Message, J.O1ark, E.Karo1ius, L.Ring, E.!inch, M.Wa11ace. V.wi1son, L.Schroeder, B.Ho1t, B.Bunke1man, T.Burns, B.Havi1and, M.Baran, B.Cosgrove, s.Young, C.Ha1ing, B.Hucker. 6C ir eg Qofz, gm! 1 Aw Q-...Hr Row Row Row Row Mr. Von Holwede. l'.Dittmer, G.E1nfe1dt, B.Conra.d, C.H.e.ml1n, B.Gutowsk:l, B.Bu:mett, M.Sn1der, S.Norm.n, D.Sa,nger, D.Tobias,'be, J.Anderson, B.Erickeon, C.IBrown1ee, J.'l'roesch. C.M:l1lsop, V.Petersen, T.Ha.v'.l1a.nd, C.Be1'oze1, A.Mattson, G.5wenson, G.schu1tz. J. Runyard, M.Jefferson. QM 0 57 I , 1 W Bow 1- Miss wehr, R-Baak, R.Nisiek, K.Penda11, IB.Dunworth, J.P1-egenzer, Bow 2- A.Schneider, J.Ha.w1d:ns, P.Freund, J.Harden, D.Frozeth, BpwU.1'Bt9I', J.Chope, Row 3- P.Hoga.n,, L.Bock, M.Cu:mes, D.Corbin, Fddattaon, R.Krieger, D.Appa.naitis. H, L:Joph.owwovi.'xo fphvloiiophxt the Ynoke Hou stung, 'Chi Toons, you Know, Zhi, 'moms you www 'Che moms, you S'loRf38T,15he, moms 'wow Q-ovLf3'e,'C,'Ch'e, 142,55 wlov Know S0 -fo'-so whw Sfvdxxg O 0 o 5- f X I QQ 3 , i X Q XXX R 'KMYK Row 1- Mr. wickert, B.Lubkeman. Row 2- Miss Hartley, J.Oemond, SOPHOMQRES man,pres.: Ann McMi1len, sec.: and George Nelson, year. group. The sophomore class, composed of seventy-five members, elected Bob Lubke- vice-pres.: Joanne Osmond, treas.,as officers for the Miss Bean, Miss Hartley, and Mr. Wickert advised the Sophomore representatives in student Council were: 5-'MCM5-11939 Greal, and Pat Reardon. G.Nelson, Miss Bean. annual freshmen-sophomore Ann McMi1len, Rose Anne Mc On December 3 the class we1comed'the freshmen at the party. The freshmen returned the party in the spring. Bob Lubkeman escorted Jill Mahoney, who was elected as attend- ant to the queen'a court, at the Homecoming festivities. 3 ' v .ffl Row Row Row Row Miss Bean, Hnfalberg, B.Lubkemann R-051556110 B-Clarke. w.S1monsen, D.Kosup, V.VanPatten, J.Mahoney, D.sundin. P.Reardon, M.Voe, J.Gaston, P.Wise, A.Ring, P.Keulma.n. G.Mae0P'119t, Insniaer, A.Berk1el, R.Pann, R.Scul1y. H-Larsen. W-P01118 M.Wilton. 1 Sn, s 6 6 O O 99 6 F6 IZ LLP ag Row 1- Miss Hartley, P.Bie1, R.Arndt, K.Rentner, L.Place, J.Ha1vorsen, ROW 2- H-Flattll-111, R-Ruggles, C.Ne1son, S.Vani, L.Lonerga.n, N.Thompson, A.Sca.rnato, J.Holt, Row 3- J.Furt, R.McGreal, D.Larsen, G.Davis, Adiatnendorf, J.Stephens, J.Csmond, I.Perry. QM 0 C5 Row Row Row Row F. N R J M M G Bolton, G.Nelson, B.Wi1ton, R.Dittmer, Mr. Wickert, Schippnarm, C.Kempf, T.Atwood, A.Ping, G.Lubkeman, Strattan, Thulin. Rmtokes, .5.G-arland, A.McMi1len, R.C1ark, Mk. F.Da.vis, Popp, M.Hayc1on, E.Carpenter, F.ITie1sen, Bfmrraughty Pierce, A.Ha.m1in, R.Peters. 37 when -Ulsq Biqin 'fh6,Bequin6, 93.2 -xxxw ff"'Mw fe fi fg - 4 di? f Al? 4 FRESI-IME Row l- Miss Meiners, J.Osmond, Mr. Scott, Row 2- B-Baird, M.Fields, D.Petty mes Mcxirmey. The enrollment of the freshman class was eighty- four. The officers elected were: Jim Osmond, presidentg Boake Baird, vice-president: David Petty, secretary: and Mary Fields, treasurer. The sponsors of the groqp were Miss McKinney, Miss Meiners, and Mr. Scott. The representatives to student Council from the class were! Don Masopust, Bruce Stahmer, and Ralph Rule. The sophmores welcomed the freshman at the annual fresh-soph get-acquainted party on December 5. The party was returned later in the spring by the freshman. Mary Fields was the freshman attendant in the queen's court at Homecoming with her escort, Boake Baird. Row l- R.Hernqu1st, L.Bogaerts, B.starman, P.Mi1ler, G.Paglusch, Miss McKinney, Bow 2- J.Bunkelman, J.Hansen. B.Seekatz, J.Cnope, M.Kisel, C.Loftus, J.Gaston, Row 3- J.Nelson, B.Wileon, M.wertz, M.Purdom, B.Meber, B.Baird, J.Armstrong, Row 4- D.Swanson, D.Petty, E.Taylor, R.Ensign, B.Deering, D.Auamg, B.5tahmer, F.Ze1en. cc 99 en 8 row I9 Row Row Row Row jlsf, zu' T.E1wood,D.Bmeckman, M.Nie1ben, C.Powles, Miss Meiners, N-cU.'l'1iD.gh8.m, L.Case, E.G1ndick. U.A.ncLer-son, b.Bee1ow, A-Kreft,, M.Fie1ds, J.Quilty, K.Pete1-een, M.Mulkey, H.Malm D.Ma.sopuet, D.Mirocko,, R.Meyer, B.Bachmann, J.Buck, G. Heuer, N.Carney. CEM of 5 Row Row I-:ow Row 1- 2- 3- U- Mr. Scott, L.5teinel, F.M1tuhe1l. C.Bock, F.5tahmer, JQFASTQ JdwwmmGJmMH,LMMm,MMhQ,LMNMm, H.Pastor, E.Baethke, A.Anderson, G.Lasco, G.Pierce, D.Ster1ing, N.Sheehan, J.Hughes, E.wi1lett, P.Cys, D.Petersen, P.Matteoni, D.Heath, J.Osmond, R.Thorness, L.Burdick. 9 Q FI YL ' 0 LI 3 J J U Q uvsakff ...,N.,'2I"'a' .U . ffm Esiggio XZ Ag W NNUA - CLL F3 Business Manager ------------------------------ Gwen Keating Treasurer- ------------------ - --------------- Betty Terry Typists ------------------------- - ------------- Adella Rentner Dorothy Holt Copyreaders -------------- - ------------ - ------- Pat Kelleher Irene Perry Printing Editor-- ---------- - ----------- ------- Betty Jean McDougall Art Editor ----------- --- ---- - --------------- Shirley Ross Sports Eaitor- --------- - ---- --------- ------ Jack Mahoney Clubs Editor ---------------------------------- Joyce strametz Snapshot Editor- ------ - ------------ - ------- --Mary Ellen Campbell Photographer- ------------------- - ------------ Joanne Miagley Assemblies Editor-- Theme Committee ---- Dedication and In Memoriau---- ----- - ------- - Senior Pictures ---- Music Editor ------- Homecoming Editor-- Prom Editor -------- History Committee --------- Will Committee ----- Prophecy Comm1ttee-- ------ Beverly Baird Marilyn Bushing Clarita Greenlee Barbara Barthel Janice Runyard Betty Lou Bauer Louise Erickmen Mary Ann Quilty Ramae Beedle Mary Ellen Campbell Row 1- G.Keating, Miss Bean, J.Petersen, B.Terry, B.McDougal1, J.Runyard, Row 2- J.Midgley, A.Rentner, J.Mahoney, M.Qu11ty, I.Perry, P.Ke1leher, L.Ericksen. M.Campbel1, V.Petersen, Row 3- B.Baird, J.5trametz, B.Barthel, B.Bauer, R.Beedle, C.Green1ee, G.Say1or, s.Rose, M.Bush1ng. 6 6 9 9 45 jlrne 065 If The purpose of the Annual Club is to publish the uSequoiaU each year. The eighty-seven members are expected to contribute ideas and time toward the develope ment of the yearbook. The staff officers who were selected at the begin- ning of the year are: editoq June Petersen: business mana- gen Gwendolyn Keating: treas- ureg Betty Terry. The ad- visor of the group is Mies Bean. The theme chosen this year is song titles. The members of the club voted to dedicate the annual to Dr. williams and rec- ognize Mr. George Bartlett and Mr. Clarence Kutil, who passed away last year. Row 1- G.Keating, Miss Bean, J.Petersen, B.Terry. Bow Row ROW Row Row 1. 2- 3' 4- 5- MnBmmRJMmmCJwhmJJMgq,LmmM,LhMmm G.Saylor, P.Freund, N.Sheehan. J.Gaston, P.Reardon, J.Thulin, L.Ring, B.Bauer, R.Beed1e, J.Gaston, D.Sa.nger, H.F:le1ds, N.Thompson, D.Frozeth, P.Hog-an, M.Bushing, J.Anderson, A.Rentner, N.Cunn1ngham, L.Lonergan, B.Baird, M.Ha1ing, B.Meesage, U.Anderson. C.Ne1son, S.Bee1ow, N.Schippman, V.VanPatten, J9K18h1, D.Petereen, J.Stephene, P.Keu1man, M.Curnee, V.Petersen, D.Schu1tz, L.Sn1der, M.Qui1ty, B.Cardiff, J.Mahoney. 6 6 9'5 QHQOPLC6 , ZDZOFLGS vs, Q A Q ' ini 4 ' 5 EF: f'Ns 1 Row Row Row Row Row 1- 2- 3' la- 5- F.Matteon, A.Hattendorf, M.Nei1sen, P.Mi11er, J.Petersen, G.wieczorek, I.Perry, C.Loftus, J.Harden, D.Ho1t, M.Webb, E.Karo1ius, S.Ross, C.Brown1ee, L.Bock, J.Burt, N.Horenberger, B.Barthe1, M.Vos, P.Weber, S.Gar1and, M.Wa11ace, B.Er1ckson, A.Bing, R.McGreg1, B.Burnett, A.Schneider, K.Martin, E.Gindick, J.Strametz, D.Kosup, N.Pirson, S.Norman, J.Manoney, J.Bawkins, A.Ring G.Keating, P.Ke11eher, J.Onstad, G.btephens, J.Bunyard, P.Poulos, M.St111son, F.Bo1ton. 'GPC' CLUB - The UAH Club is composed of boys who have earned a major letter in athletics. A letter may be earned by participating in basketball, football, track, baseball or by managing any varsity team. WW, 52laf', Mr. Scott, Mr. Kruzan, and Mr. Polley advised Fred wolf, pres.: Jerry Crichton, vice-pres.: and Dick Radke, sec.-treas. Each year a senior boy is chosen by his teammates to receive the sportsman- ship award. This year Fred Wolf received this honor. Bernard Gutowski was elected captain of the football team for the 1950-51 gridiron season. On March 27, the Lions Club honored boys who had participated in athletics. William wightkin, who played left end on the Notre Dame football team, spoke to the group. Row 1- F.Holf, J.Crichton, D.Radke Mr. Kruzan. Row How Row Row 1- 2- 3- 4- bu J.Pregenzer, D.Deering, B.wilton, Mr. Kruzan, Mr. Polley, Mr. Scott, B-YOPP. B-Haviland, Lmnider, G.Wells, S.Young, R.Luckel, B.Cosgrove, O.Haling, R.scully, J.Crichton, R.Trayes, B.Freund, G.W1eczorek, T.Gajewski, P.Poulos, B.Cardiff, R.Lubkeman, R.Vos, D.Appanait1s, B.McCann, D.Radke, B.Gutowski, F,w0lf, G.Ne1son, J.Kennedy, J.Mahoney, M.St1llson. FPA 171.6 ima JL 3116 25 if How 1- G.Swensen, R.Trayes, Mr. Wickert, How 2- D.5chultz, B.McCann, B.Freund. The F.F.A. is an organiza- tion composed of boys who are enrolled in vocational agriculture. A boy may be a member until he is twenty- one. He must pay his club dues and keep records of his projects. This year there were twen- ty-three members. The offi- cers of the year were: Bill wurster, president: Benno Freund, vice-president: Ray Trsyes, secretary: George Swenson, treasurer: Robert McCann, reporter: and Donald Schultz. sentinel. Mr. Wickert is the vocational agricultural teacher and sponsor of t Throughout the year the club members attend various Judging contests and meetings. he club. Row Row Row Row 1- F.Bo1ton, G.Nelson, G.Heuer, B. 2- R.Seekatz, J.Chope, C.Millsop, 3- D.Schultz, B.Raether, G.We11s, A.Berkie1, 4- G.Swenson, R.Misiek, J.Eder. B- McCann, Mr. Wickert, J.Vos, D.Shank, R.Wa1berg, B.Ensign, D.Mirocko, Freund, R.Trayes, W.Poulsen. PHA - ewan SLG ELG ,4 Ulm, 3' The F.H.A., an organiza- tion for girls who wish to be- come good homemakers, was under the sponsorship of Miss Meiners, the home economics teacher. The president, Diana Fox: the vice-president, Mary Ann Quiltyi the secretary, Terry Burns: the social chairman, Betty Lou Bauer: and the treasurer, Shirley Ross, served as the club's officers. Row l- M.Qui1ty, D.Fox, Miss During the year the girls Meiners, entered a float in the Home- Row 2- S.Ross, T.Burns, B.Bauer. coming parade and won second prize. They also gave a Christmas party and sponsored a UHobo Hopu on February 17. At the Pep Club carnival they had e booth to sell cake and ice cream. Charlene Nelson and Miss Meiners attended e district F.H.A. meet- ing in Chicago. 1- Row 2- Row Row 3- Row U- K Row 5- -., v Mix, M.Popp, I.Perry, B.Terry, B.Bauer, Miss Meiners, Beelow, J.Kiehl, C.Heath, P.Freund, B.Forbrick, Sheehan, M.webb, Ross, BrBarthe1, N.Thompson, B.McDougall, M.wertz, Frozeth, J.Anderson, R.McGreal, Martin, N.oohippman, J.Cervenka, U.Anderson, .hMdmmDlww,MHmm,LMhm, Ericksen, T.Burns, G.Keating, G.Paglusdm D.Oorbin. Petersen, M.Qui1ty, F.Bo1ton. Row l- B.Barthe1, Miss Donovan, Row 2- B.Terry, R.Beedle, A.McMi11en. GAA. The first event of the G.A.A. season was the ini- tiation of new members. This was followed by an informal service and a picnic at Fox River Grove. The initiates became new members by earn- ing 100 points during volley- ball season. The officers who served for the year were: president, Barbara Barthel: vice-pres., Betty Terry: sec., Ann Mc Millen: treas., Ramae Beedle. A Mother ann Daughter banquet was held in the spring to aceuaint the mothers with the nature of the club. The All-Stars were G.A.A. girls who were chosen because of their interest, ability, and sportsmanship during the basketball season to play the faculty for top honors. June Petersen was elected captain for the 1949-50 season. Row Row Row Row V A , r' ,at llx iii il-.1 -PUR?-a1'd: M-Farah. A-VSQVGSOII. I.Perry, J.Osmond, Miss Donovan, -Ping, J-GBSTZOII. D.Frozeth, M.Vos, J.Burt, R.Stokes, -Mahoney, Erickson, V.Petersen, B.Terry, B.Barthel, C.Green1ee, .McMil1en, J.Troesch, M.wertz, Campbell, M.Qui1ty, F.Mattson, P.M11ler,-B.McDouga11, McGrea1, P.Keulman, A.Rentner, M.Curnes. cc 2 99 . GI' Row 1- ROW 2- ruewf Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row M- C, jo mm, 041 54,4 3 N 3 Er H . LL5 qu, Qs, ,T f. A.Schneider, J.Strametz, J. Petersen, A.Rentner, E.Karo1ius, B.McDougal1, V.Petereen, A.Matcson, Miss Donovan, M.Campbell, B.Barthe1, P.Weber. v-f-1 1 Miss Donovan, L.Bock, M.Bushing,, R.Beedle, 5.Ross, S.Man1, M.Haling, E.G1ndick, C.Ne1son, N.Pirson, A.Schneider, Cervenka, K.Martin, .Harden, B.Forbrick, J.Gaston, M.Kise1, J.K1eh1, S.Bee1ow, Strametz, L.Lonergan, Webb, P.W1se, G.Lubkeman, J.Thulin, E.Karo1ius, M.Fie1ds, Sheehan, C.Loftus, N.Thompson. J J J M N. PEP CLUB The Pep Club, which is composed of athletic fans, is sponsored by Miss McKinney. The purpose of the club is to support the team and the cheerleaders. Mary Ann Quilty, pres.g June Petersen, vice-pres.: Ramae Beecle, sec.: and Joanne Kiehl, areas., served as officers for the year. The club bought the Row 1- M.Qu1lty, Miss McKinney, cheerleaders' unif0rm?f had Bow 2, J.Kieh1. F.Beed1e, .charge of the COTODBUIOH an J.pete,sen, Homecoming, and provideo the decorations for the Athletic Banquet. OH M8TCh 17, the Pep Club sponsored a Carnival carrying out a gay nineties theme. The highlights of the evening were the pie- eating contests, the judging of the costumes, ano the Variety Show given by the Seniors. Mary Ann Quilty and Jack Mahoney reigned as King and Queen of the festivities. Row 1- J.Stephens, A.Rentner, M.Curnes, F.Mattson, A.Mattson, C.Green1ee, Row 2- C.1oftus, B.Forbr1ck, D.Ho1t, P.Beardon, J.Thulin, R.Beed1e, P.Hogan, Row 3- M.Fie1os, N.Thompson, J.Burt, C.Nelson, M.Bushing, N.Horenberger, L.Ring, L.Bock, Row 4- K.Martin, J.Cervenka, D.Kosup, E.Gindick, J.5trametz, b.Beelow, V.VanPatten, J.Kiehl, Row 5- V.Petersen, T.Burns, P.Kelleher, J.Onstad, M.0ampbe11, D.Petersen, M.Qui1ty, P.Pou1os, B.Cardiff, J.Mahoney, M.5tillson. H a, wJaf,:746 gmgg Aff J-,fm Row Bow Row Row Row Miss McKinney, F.Bo1ton, J.Midgley, P.Cys, I.Perry, J.Petersen, C.Brownlee, E.Karo11us, S.Poss, M.Webb, J.Mahoney, S.Nor an, N.Sheehan, 3- A.McMi1len, P.Keulman, J.Gaston, M.Wbrtz, P.Weber, B .McDouga1l, B.Barthe1, P.Freund, M.Kise1, A.5chneider, N.Pirson, L.Lonergan, U.Anderson, J.Bunke1man, B.Burnett, G.Stephens, J.Runyard, D.Schultz, D.Corbin, L.Ericksen, B.Erickson, J.Osmond, E.Terry. Cc L JM O a 99 'P-' U H ... B. Bauer, R. Beedle, M. Campbell, T. Burns, J. Strametz P. Kuelman, J. Mahoney, S. Beelow, C. Nelson, B. McGreal 9 9 99 Sgffzn 0,1 Els, O SL., um Following the suggestion of Bob Simon, l9Q8-M9 president of stur dent Council, the group decided to sponsor the hsequolan chapter of the National Honor Society. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthu- siasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to pro- mote leadership, and to develop character in the students of american secondary accredited schools. Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and char- acter. To be eligible for membership candidates must have a scholar- ship rank in the first third of their class. The election of the mem- bers lnto the chapter is made by the faculty. The eleven charter senior members were Floyd McKinney hooert Simon, Robert Scott, Annabelle Rarthel, Elsie Farnsworth, Jane Hunter, June Hunter, Norma Jarnigo, Verna Kufalk, Beverly Lasco, and Joan Smoc. Clarita Greenlee, Betty Jean McDougall, and June Petersen were elected from the Junior class. The 1950 members were elected too late to have their picture ap- pear in this year's annual. 'i Ct' Betty Jean McDougall June Petersen Clarita Greenlee IQ, our auf jcrof gowar Bow 1- M.Bushing, B.Cardiff, Mr. Birkhead. Row 2- C.Greenlee, B.McDougall. The student Council is the governing body of the high school student body. The new constitution with its three branches- executive, legis- lative, and judicial-increas- ed the membership to twenty- eight. Under the leadership of Bud Cardifz, pres.: Clarita Greenlee, vice-pres.: Betty Jean McDougall, treas.: and Marilyn Bushing, sec.,and with Mr. Birkheau as sponsor the club was very active. Eighth grade day and the homecoming activities are two of the projects sponsored by the group each year. They sold programs at games to raise money. In order to send two delegates to the state convention at Peoria the council sponsored a movie to raise funds. Also several members attended a district meeting at Lyons High School in LaGrange. Row l- F.wo1f, J.Kennedy, J.Mahoney, Mr. Birkhead, M.Stillson, R.Wi1ton. Row 2- B.Bauer, J.Petersen, P.Beardon, B.Barthe1, B.nurster, .McDougall H.Bushing. B 1 Row 3- R.McGreal, A.McMillan, M.Wallace, M.Curnes, C.Greenlee, B .Haviland, B.Terry. Row M- D.Masopuet, J.Osmond, G.5wenson, M.Quilty, R.Engfors. B.Stahmer, P.Poulos, B.Cardiff. QAZ6 tj! ZJZZL .2225 '7Zf'0u L 619-'f'5Qf6:-Sf! Q56 sg s X Tx ix QXMX J" Q S ca 99 2' The highest award paid to any boy is having his name inscribed on the Sportsman- ship Trophy. This year Fred wolf was elected by his team- mates to receive this honor. During his football career, Freddie was on the All-Conference Second team his senior year and played varsity football his sopho- more, junion and senior years. He also excelled in throwing the discus and putting the shot. FT9GGi6 was a reliable player ano alvays had a word of encourgement to the team when they were down in spirit. 9140 One of the mainstays of the football teams was captain and team fullback, Peter Poulos. with head down and body braced Peter threatened the defenses of any team. He was fast and scored many touchdowns to carry his team to vic- tory. Peter played on the varsity team for three years and placed on the All- Conference second team his senior year. He excelled not only in football but also in basketball where he played as first string guard and in track where he threw the discus and put the shot. FQQTB LL Prospects looked good to Coach Kruzan this year when he re- ceived the material for the 19h9 gridiron season. with Pete Poulos as captain of the team plus the spirit and co-operation of the boys, the season began with much enthusiasm. Boys who earned positions on the all-conference second team were? Peter Poulos, fullback: Bernie Gutovski, guard: Fred wolf, tackle: Irving Buchta, end: and Gene wieczorek, halfback. Boys recognized as high scorers in the conference were: Gene Wieczorek, tenth place: Peter Poulos, twelfth place: and Irving Buchta, fourteenth place. The scores of the games were: Lie .Thsz Barrington O 19 Northbrook O 19 Bens envi lle 6 7 wauconda 33 7 Palatine 12 7 Grant 16 6 E15 14 29 Row 1- RO'w Z- Row 3 .Kenneay, M.St111son, F.Wolf, B.0osgrove, J.Cr1chton, .Gutowsk1, B.Cardiff, B.w11ton, R.Lubkeman, .GaJewsk1, G.Nelson, G.Wells, G.w1eczorek, B.Haviland, .Pou1os, D.Radke, B.Hucker, B.Holt, Mr. Kruzan, .Bavi1and, D.Appanaitis, D.Deering, F.Dittmer, C.Hal1ng, Conrad, B.McCann, B.Dunworth, R.scu11y, H.zopp. Mia. im M QQ on 'Q The junior varsity team, coachec by Mr. Polley, was hindered by inexperiencez and necaupe the game was new to many boys, it was difficult to find a working combination. K since the main purpose of the junior varsity is to train the boys for the varsity and the team lacked transportation, the team played only a few games this year. with most of the varsity gracuating there will be many positions open to ambitious sophomores next year. scores of the 19M9-50 games were: lg They Grant O 19 Northbrook 12 Z5 Grant 6 31 Row 1- R.Peters, J.Osmond, B.Bachmann, G.Masopust, R.Ph1m, B.Baird, C.Bock, K.Pedersen, P.Bie1, Row 2- B.Deering, F.Nie1sen, L.Burdick, w.Pou1sen, L.P1ace, G.Heuer, D.Adams, F.btahmer, J.Eder, Mr. Polley, Row 3- J.Ho1t, B.neber, A.Scarnato, D.Masopust, F.Bo1ton, B.C1arke, R.Arndt, T.Elwood, R.Thorness. ' 6' H !Z,5!ef!J H The varsity, with the aid of the returning lettermen and the arrival of new recruits from the ,junior-varsitg appeared to be powerfulg but a, tough season confronted them. The boys, although they played bard e.nd earnestly, won five conference games and one imnnamaxt game. Many OI the games were lost by small mrgins Yhe eeason's scores were: 33 Thg Palatine - Z9 Dj viauconda 33 27 Grant 35 29 Beneenville 148 34 Barrington 31 34 Bla. 1-+0 47 Northbrook 31+ 36 Palatine 36 52 nauconda. 41+ 35 Grant .47 32 Bensenville 29 42 Barrington 27 145 Ela 33 36 Northbrook I-+14 32 Row 1- B.Cardiff, T.Havi1a.nd, B.Havi1.a.nd, P.Poulos, I.Bu1:hta, Row 2- R.1f'1attum, YI.Ho1t, Luschroeder, Joblihultig Jlennedy, M.Sti1lson, J.Ho,jem, D.Schultz, Mr. Scott, Bow 3- G.We11s, B.Gutowski, D.Deering, L.Thu1in, R.Lucke1. ele le ..'i?gAt,.QL-ZEQLIE, QQLLOJ5 Bud Cardiff - Buzz Havilana Tom Haviland John Hojem Jim Kennedy 66 55 B26 16 QFLHQKAJ 16 QQ Pete Poulos , A ' Leroy :chroeder Jerry Schultz Melfred Stillson Bob hilton 66 W 9 so 6 me ea ITD The junior-varsity coached by Mr. Polley i comyosec of fr eh men and sophomore boys. At the beginning of the season, twenty-eight boys eagerly turnec out for practice. From this group Mr. Pollev chose h1 team The boys started out the season well by wlnnlng their f1r t two games but met defeat in the nextand later winnlng one with urant The season'e scores were: Palatine Wauconda Grant Bensenville Barrington Ela Northbrook Palatine wauconaa Grant Bensenville Barrington Ela Northbrook They Z4 27 33 41 jk 37 28 Z3 jb Zh 36 67 45 26 Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row M- .Stahmer, F.Bo1ton, G.Ne1eon, K Rentner, C Bock .Lubkeman, F.Nie1sen, B.BainL .Masopust, R.Scul1y, F.Stahmer, J Eder, B Clark .Petty, R.Dittmer, J.Osmond, R webeg .Garraughty, E.Carpenter, L.Burdick, G Davis, .Ne1son, K.Petersen, G.Heuer, R hilton, Pouleen, R.5tarman, D.Masopust, R.Seekatz eg as lla We Our jo jig Eff Anticch's 1948-49 baseball team,coached by Mr. Kruzan,won their games here with Palatine and haue conda: and if several of their seven scheduled games had not been rained out, they might have adaed a few more to their list of victories. They met nefeat on the diamond, however, with Grant, Ela, ann Beneenville. Some of the outstanaing players or the 1950 graduating class were: Bud uardifz, Gene wieczorek, Melfrea stillson, Jim Kennedy, and Ronald Voe. Don Appanaitis, Tom and Bernard Haviland, Ray Trayes, George Masopuet, ununk Ealing, Bay Luckel, and Kenneth Rentner were outstanaing players among the underclassmen. VT' 1 5 .,l . QT ,Az l Row 1- W.Holt, C.Haling, D.Appanaitis, J.Pregenzer, R.Lubkeman, Row 2- L.Snider, B.Baviland, F.Bolton, R.Trayes, Mr. scott. G 6 9 9 TRACK - HLA 126 Walk The 1949 track team coached by Mr. Kruzan placed third in the Northwest Conference Track Meet held in May. The boys also participated in the Palatine Relays held in April and won relays with Grant, warren, and wauconda. George Miller of the class of '49 placed in the mile in the Evan- ston Relays. several of this year's graduating class who were ac- tive in track last year were: Dick Radke in the hurdles, Bob Wilton in the high Jump, Gene nieczorek in the broad jump and the 100-yard dash, and Fred holf in the discus and shot put. Underclassmen who participated last year and who are likely prospects for next year are: Steve Young in the pole vault, George Nelson in the high jump, Bernard Gutowski in the one-half mile, and Barry Larsen in the discus. 5 MXN Row 1- L.Thulin, D.Deering, B.Gutoweki, R.Wilton, Row 2- S.Young, G.Ne1son, R.Arndt, F.Wolf, H.Larsen, Row 3- G.Swensen, W.Hucker, T.Gajewski, R.Scully, Mr. Kfu-Zane ,i US MUSIC' M 'FC' MUSJNC Y, X fjffjj R QV io . O E332 fggfg Z0 1,7 L. yr Z-,f-,.,, .-p-,,- -f fig' , W1 il' ' f,Qf!' XJ Zfl yr X ,f X if ,X W w P ff" V W' jg M f-"T1f?4---'4' Z" k Y 2 mf' ' "" l' Q 4 fif- ,,., -ff-' ' V,,,.f1-- AN The cequoia Music Makers, unoer the uirection of Mr. Hans Von Holwede, entertained at various events throughout the year. They playec at the Parent-Teacher Association gatherings, assisteu at the junior anu senior plays, ano ere entee the annual Christmas concert. This year they aio not have their spring concert in order to assure a better turnout for the festival, which was held at Barrington for the first time. The chorus, composed of seventy-three stucents, sang at the Christmas ann spring concerts. There were a few chosen from this chorus to sing zu. This group under the the annual Spring concerg at the Barrington festival, -.-- nich was hela on April oirection of Mr. Von Holweue presented which was helc March 3l5ano religious and classical music of various types was sung. The band, of forty-eight and marched in Spring concert their festival and basketball under the cirection of Mr. Von Holwede and composed stuoents, played for the Armistice Day assembly the Homecoming paraoe. They presenteo their March 31 and a few of them went to Barrington for April zu. They also playeu at the various football games throughout the year. Row l- R.W11ton, A.Mattson, G.Stephens, J.Burt, Row 2- Mr. Von Holwede, D.Deering, J.Mahoney, M.PurCom, J.Hawkins, B.Barthel, B.McDougall, Row 3- J.Nelson, J.Ste3hens, J.Osmono, F.Mattson, J.Hojem, M.lIielsen, Row 4- J.Hahoney, J.Petersen, V.Petersen, L.Stienel, M.Wertz. 64 99 Call WGA SWL !3m.f,'!J WM nB1ow, Gabriel, Blown Hbveet and Town Row Pow Row Row .Zeien, C.Powler, P.Ks1lehQr, A.?entner, U.He1so .Green1ee, Baethke, F.Luz, P.Keulman, J.Csmcnc, D.Fadke, .Einfelct, .Finch, E.Deering, G.bwenson, C.Loftus, J.Fughe: .Eee1ov. .Eie1, C.Bock, D.Fetty, E.HcGrea1, R.:eekatz. ac NSD 99 y ear :nga Row 1- Mr. Von Holwede, G.Einfeldt, G.Keating, J.Midg1ey, M.Popp, M.Curnes. Row 2- b.Garland, N.Eorenberger, M.Pu:dom, P.Freund, C.Loftus, M.Wertz, M.Fie1as, Row 3- V.Petersen, A.Ring, D.1arsen, M.Mix, P.Bogan, M.Wa1lace, A.5carnato, Row M- N.bheehan, N.Thompson, L.5teine1, J.Hughes, J.Earden, 5.Beelow, D.Ho1t, Bow 5- D.nchu1tz. B.Cosgrove, M.Nie15en, C.Powles, T.Burns, L.Erickeen, M.W11ton. Row 1- J.Pregenzer, D.Deering, J.Runyard, M.Campbe1l, G.5wenson, B.Baviland, Row 2- P.Ke1leher, A.Rentner, A.Kreft, B.McDouga11, B.Barthel, J.Petersen, R.McGreaL Row 3- B.Holt, T.Eavi1and, J.O5mond, A.Mattson, F.Mattson, B.Terry, C.Greenlee, Row Q- R.:tokes, J.Purt, C.Helson, J.?hhoney, s.Horman, L.Lonergan, K.Martin, B.Burnett Pow 5-c .Pock, J.Nahoney, J.Kennecy, G.Felson, T.Gajevski, M.Jef1erson, R.Palm. Q UL? IQMJ An IQM, Y If J L 4 T3 1 if 1' X 1 .Q - I 5' mm XYY 'jj' Row 1- Rbw 2- Row 3- G.Einfeldt, E.Baethke, P.Keulman, F.1ux, R.Padke, D.Deer1ng, A.Rentner, V.Petersen, J.Petersen, H.Card1ff, J.HoJem. B.McDouga11, L.Steinel, R.McGrea1, J.Runyard, M.Campbe1l, N.Sheehan, S.Car1and, Mr. Von Holwede. 66 7 er-ea 0 Kazsinezid :Llc .SZOLU The Juniors, under the direction of Mrs. Jeannette Tulumello, presented NOut on a Limb,W a comedy in three acts, on November 17 The play drematized the excitement created when Billie Weber and Charles Craig led her parents and friends to believe that they anim 64:5 were to be married. Actually they had gone to buy a license to sell the greeting cards Billie made. The cast consisted of: Pegina Weber---------Virginia Petersen Mark Weber ---- ---- ----- David Deering Billie weber---------Betty Burnett Mable Hyde- ---- - ------- Judy Anderson Professor Dadenhoff----George Einfeldt Orville Gray-- ---- ----Ermit Finch Bird Brain ----- --- ----- Lorraine Bock Push Pringle---------Mary Curnes Charles Craig---------Jerry schultz Doroth Mattingly ---- --Janice Runyard Cook1e----- -------- --Ted Gajewski Jean Hawkins headed the stage management with the assistance of Bernard Haviland. hd' 1 WU! ' Row 1- G.E1nfeldt, T.Gajewski, D.Deering, J.schultz, Bow 2- M.Curnes, B.Eavilend, J.Runyard, Mrs. Tulumello, Pow 3- J.Hawkins, E.Finch, L.Bock, V.Petersen, B.Burnett- LIIG3 I2 all fl .W gl 9 5' 7 Row Row Row The senior clas immortal novel. The the little lady! Meg, 1- 1-x.sz111s0n, J.xenneQy, mbchlegel, B.Dieba1l, 2 - P-Kelleher, J.0netad, M.Campbell, B.Terry, Miss. Ve'ners, 3- J-stmrretz. B.Bar1:he1, Jnamgley, Gsaylor, Bmcnaugall, 11.201, Mnfenb. s presented Little women, an adaptation from Louisa M. alcott's story centers around the four little women: Jo, the tomboy: Amy the housekeeper: ana Beth, the patient anu sweet-tempereo one. Miss Meiners oirecteu the play which was presentec May 4 and 3. aaella Rentner worken with her as student director. The cast of characters was as follows: Meg ---------- ------ - ---- -Mary Ellen Campbell Jo- ---------------- ------ Pat Kelleher Beth- -------------------- Any ---------------------- Mrs. March --------- ------ Mr. March- --------------- Aunt March- -------------- Hannah Mullet --------- - Mr. Lawrence- ------------ Laurie- ------------------ John Brook --------------- Professor Bhaer ---------- lst 2nd jrd huh. Girl ------ Girl ------ Girl Girl ------ Joyce atrametz Joanne Midgely Georgia saylor Melfred Stilleon Jackie Onstaa Barbara Barthel Bud Caruiil Jim Kenneoy Bob uieball walter echelgel Betty Jean McDougall Mary Rose Webb Diana Fox Betty Terry I-IOMEC OMIN C3 . 41 , In spite of drizzling rain the l9h9 Homecoming festivities began Thursday eve- ning,October 20, when the band led a parade through downtown Antioch followed by floats decorated by school clubs, individuals, and local organizations. Upon returning to the school Pete Poulos, the captain of the football team, lit a bonfire into which he tossed an efligy of Palatine to symbolize Antioch's defeat of that team. After extemporaneous speeches by Pete and several faculty members, the group executed a snake dance on the wet football field. Friday evening the team defeated Palatine by a score of 12 to 7 to add a vic- torious keynote to the celebration. The highlight of the Fomecoming dance, sponsored by the stunent Council, was the ccronation of Pamae Beedle as Queen and Pete Poulos as King of Homecoming. The royal atteneants--Joyce btrametz, Marilyn nallace, Jill Mahoney, ana Mary Fielos were escorteo by Gene wieczorek, Bernard Haviland, Bob Lubkeman, ano Boake Baird. 66 99 MCA Jim 'z 1 K 3 P1320 ,J 4 .4 I On May 21, 19b9, at seven o'c1ock, dinner was served in the Apple Blossom Room to approximately 300 guests. The welcoming adcress was given by Jerry Crichton, junior class president, followeo by a response by Robert Scott, president of the seniors. Other speeches and comment: were given by Mr. Birkhead and Mr. Petty. After the Swiss steak dinner, served by members of the freshman and sopho- more class, Bud Cardiff acted as announcer for a mock radio program.and members of the senior class provided music. ' , The guests then gathered in the beautiful setting of the Apple Blossom Garden and danced to the dreamy music of Lou Va1's orchestra. The decorations consisted of soft lights reflecting against the apple blossom ceiling and casting a soft shadow on the silver apple blossom trees arranged around the room. Picket fences were twined with apple blossoms and punch was served beneath two low-hanging apple blossom trees. Thus an atmosphere of a dreanW'summer night was created. The Grand March was led by June Petersen and Jerry Crichton after their coronation as queen and king of the l9M9 prom. Mr. and Mrs. Petty, Miss Darrough, Mr. and Mrs. Polley, Mr. and Mrs. Kruzan, Mr. and Mrs. Stillson, and Mr. and Mrs. Birkhead were chaperones for the evening. Committee members were: June Petersen, Joyce Strametz, Adella Rentner, and Diana Fox, auditorium decorations: Louise Ericksen, Ramae Beedle, Melfred Stillson, Jim Kennedy, and Mary Ann Quilty, table decorations: and Barbara Barthel, Joyce strametz and Joanne Midgley, coronation ceremony. GG Appl 725mm imc A' ,Bar .kb . 1 ir 66 9 99 gmf Hcaurse Mm jlgn! UM,-6 I I 'L .'1 El 'L v' -w.4 ., , .f' gg g,---- -,-kt. U -gtwgfn 5. ii 12' t p " ' iiizfslvs " w .75 .3 :Q mf. 12. ,- N, . Jw, A " "' 'n 1, fe e S , ,, . -, f- + , , ' -. 1 5 t ':..- lfkgi 1 -x fl Eff , H 'is 39 i ' V'2, 5: I 'T ., ,ff A A .1 M e.l" "' 1 K . ,4 va 5 66 C 9 9 79 J We AJWLL f A V ' 1 E . , .W , . 9 .r,, 1 ff, ' 4+-. fa H . 5 . 1 D H Y , 4, A ,gk F , , rn 'nf . -P, N Kru- 3 f fi, 1 'gk M N-.., vi . A R 'J V ' ' we J' J- ,A 4-E' 591 1 4 'J ' .rj ff' is E . 5-ff X 'I , V 'L 1 1 ,bfi f A lah- ' , - "1- I B l ii 66 99 Ulm AM SLA, E HQ-Q if - Jeu- i'f .fs , , AUTOGRAPHS W., M2411 jo IH fm: r 9 1 y 1 .4 2,2 -j e- ,vw 1 M A - 1- , S , ' 'Tk ,in I fn .- 73? ' ., .' 4, f: ... ' . ff- ' Im, gi , I, II A ,I4,I I I I , 53' Q ,- - ' 5":1, ' . ' ' ' ' ""'J'e , "e!4'v"d, Hi . f ' .I Wm, . 1. ' A ' L"','?"'45' V . 77 ' " lm- nr QW, ' f' A, 1 3' I 1 4 ' 5,-,I 'WV ff 'v' K" 'Mk Y' x H - -K Wgrn Wm ' L' A ig, 1- ' .V 1. E. :,gI,'Qz.M 1 lip 4, Y . wg.. ,., '1 .5 , .ff-"" 1 ' ' I 1 , .,I I I yu, ,v x ,,I x ,L I '- 'ri I .I.., ' - ' 5.1. 'frm - if is . f I 'I n - ' 1 z' 1 : , ' ,I ,W ,J ,' : -5: - 3 3 '- ' 94Cl"'f- ,, " . .. 1 U ' . Xa 1 A .I-vial? If ., .I ' " . A I , ,I . - , I IIII I ,I in . 3 IIII IIIIII 2,4 I V I Z, I I5 -me J - - - ' , -" ,' . - f - I .- ,I , 5' I I Lge hi" , w Q 4. . f "'7"ig"' ' ' - 1 . . I., . 4 3 Eb 1, ,. "... 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