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I ? 911 ,- W. A fi? 8' . , .!, I ,.. , ,f f - in Aft.:-ww, ,T ,f 9 1 1 2 r 'Q 4 gvwm I 1'-1 f ff' ' ,ff r ff f' -, .Q ' -. , K' ' -.- Y ' ' 53: X f V, , 47 1, ' fig' U 5 E I - My-r , i, , 5 , zfvff .4 -. , , 1-Marana-9 'i,,:tf! x L si ' ' Y 1143 f 'e 'Tuqq' j Z, ,, if: ' N-Q: . ,F 1 ' t" vt- . 'fd r gf VY-,april I K I rw' V F 4 I' 1 ,I , a I 1 P 1 w Vi ggi' :Jf.7f sf! , I VL, . - M , I x 2- Y 4- T qihfr' k -'T . if, f3-.4fA1'- 'P--.,,'f ... g if if ' ,f,..vW"' ' "".f, ' ' uf- V "' - 4 R -'ll 'T--if -A 4 A , la' 'F' Y ' 4 'T' . If . 4 F , i V 1" I " l ,,, ,JI ,,... ' r ,- A.. .wy K. ,fmlfm ,, l 1 , ' ,F -1 ' -, .1 .- - . 1 uf' f 1 ,f , f W xx , '- Q 'H 5. hw., ." 3-E53 u ikpsg-,faq-. ,. ,MH 1 5 wwf: 1 1 ,Meir 4 :eg--psi. ' ' hfwn, v , if , ' f 5 -4 ' , A' - A ':z"'va., if Mx 1 - r . A , Q wg- 1 - 1.14 -P " ' Xt X . z I A . ,, 4 - ,-wrt, . N - , , 'lf' V :Chu ' 'Y' Y' E if Xu 'i if Q . . xx ' " ks , " xl 3.4. ': " 9'- ' ai " "' E! HN QWWXEWM6 H ' Jw! WMM QQQQS wi if J949 Sofmo-ot B oe.-rd Mr. Scott, Mrs. Osmond, Mr. Hills, Mr. Bennett, Dr. Deering The Board of Education is the governing body of the high school. It consists of five representatives of the district, each elected for e three year period. Election is held every year, when two representatives are elected, with the exception of every third year, when only one is elected. The President of the board is Mr. Walter K. Hills, whose occupation is farming. He has been a member of the board for ten years end has been president since l9Q3. The secretary is Mrs. Helen Osmond, e housewife who has been on the board and has been secretary for sixteen years. The other members are Mr. Fred Scott, a farmer who has served as a member for seven years: Mr. Arthur Bennett, e retired chemist who has been a member for five years: and Dr. D. N. Deering, who is now serving his first year in the group. Dedi c,a1:"xo'fv We, 'lrffxe students of Antioch 'fewnship 'High Sekgofq do hereby dedicate this annual 'Co the A.Tf1-LS. 'music JGeacJ'1e-f, V11-'. Ha-ns Vo'-rw. Holwede, with deepesT3 appveclabion for' the time amd 81-5o'r"l'J he 'has Put f'o'r'12l'x, into his depa'f'l?rr1e-nfl? a-nd to W-'eoowigze his pew-'?eeT? attendance 'record Gov 13318, P21513 twentwj 1d86.T'S. In Memoriam We dedicate this page in 'r'6cogni1.'71'o'r1 09 lvlv-'. A1-'bhusrf P'laplefI7ho'r'p6"5 sur-v'ac,e, as a 'rvwmbefr' 04 the Board 043 Eduoadffion 'For Two wdefavs and as pv-esidevvt -Y-or wcouxrf mdefav'-9 Q76-pig? veiwv www X A , 2:-9? A A -.ff , X "' J ti A N 4 w ,T .I fn A .1 6. Theodore R. Birkhca Principal Antioch, Illinois B. of Ed.: M. S. Ill. State Formal: of Chicago: State U. of Iowa: U. of Ill. Advanced.3hthematics: Student Council. Marjorie Baethke Antioch, Illinois Lake College of Com- merce. , Secretary. , 65 VX Carol L. Bidinger Waukegan, Illinois N. U.: Art Institute of Chicago. Art. 49' LW.MmMs Assistant Principal Antioch, Illinois B. of Ed., M. A. Southern Ill. U.: Colo. College of Ed.: U. of Ill.: U. of Ind. Gen. Scieno9e7Physics Wm -up Carol Bean Geneseo, Illinois B. S. of Ed. Ill. State Normal. English: Spanish: Annual Club: Freshmen Class. Jeannette M. Darrough Sheldon, Illinois B. of Ed., M. A. Ill. State Normal: U. of Ill.: U. of Mo.: U. of Miami: U. Institute of Kansas City: Colum- bia Us History: Civics: Eco- nomics: Junior Play: Junior Class. Narcissus Ann Donovan Cerro Gordo, Illinois B. S. of Ed. Ill. State Normal. Physical Education! Typing: Junior Busi- ness Training: G.A.A3 Junior Class. Mo Re Kmlzan Antioch, Illinois B. S. U. of Illinois. Biology: Physical Education: Athletic Director and Coach! 'Au Club. Iris McKinney Antioch, Illinois B. S. of Ed. I11. State Normal. English: Pep Club: Senior Class. l 7 May Hartley Antioch, Illinois B. A.: M. A. Iowa State Teachers College: U. of Minne- sota: Columbia U. Gen. Mathematics: Geometry : Algebrag Freshmen Class. C.L.EnU. Antioch, Illinois B. S. U. of Wisonsin. Agriculture: F. F. A. Naomi Meiners Forreston, Illinois B. S. of Ed. DeKalb State College. Chemistry: Home ec.: Fo Ho AOS Senior Senior Class. 8. W. Polley' Antioch, Illinois IB. S. of Ed. Ill- State Normal: U. of Ill. Fresh-Soph Coach: Typing: Boolclceepingz Shorthand: Junior Claes. Hans Von Holwede Antioch, Illinois B. M. Ed.: M. M. Ed.: M. M. U. of Iowa: N. U.: Chicago Conservatory: American Conservatory. Bend: Chorus: Sophomore Class. Natalie Wessels Watseka, Illinois B. S. in Ed. Ill. State Normal: U. of Chicago. Librarian: English: Sophomore Class. I-I. M. Stillson Antioch, Illinois IB. S. of Bd. U. of S. Dalvrotai Fast State Teachers College Colo. State College-: U. of Ill. Industrial Arts . 94m L.. Thersa Wehr Terre Haute, Indiana B. A.: M. A. Columbia U.: U. of Chicago: Ind. State Teachers College. Latin: Englishj Sophomore Class. A. Wickert Marion, Illinois IB.S. in Ed. U. of Illinois- Agriculture: F.F.A.: Freshmen Class . C o-oKs and. Custod ians Mr. Larsen, Mr. Cunningham. Mr. Smith 7 ' v 4' l ' Y ii 55" 5 N I 2 5' ' 2. 2 Mrs. Burnette. Mrs. Beger, Mrs. Bluthart, Mrs. Gussareon Ei . 5 'W Xxx WN fx ,J WD 5U l Robert Scott UB ll 'AW Club 3,h, Secre- tary-Treasurer M: Basketball l,2,3,4l Class Treasurer 3, Pres. N2 Baseball 3, 4: Football 2,3,4: student Council 2.3, 4. Ambition: Radio electrician. ll. James Zimmerman 'Jima Class Vice-Pres. U. Trans. St. Rita 'M7. Ambition: Veterina- rian. p1'6SidE'ffLl? Uicc-President 5 . Scorevavu Jraasurew Verna Kufalk "slim" Norma Jarnigo uJaringon Annual Club l,2,3,U, Staff 3,b: Junior and Senior Plays: G-A-A- l,2,3,M: All-Stars 3: Cheerleader 3.4: Band 1,2,3: Chorus l,2,31 Class Secretary 4: Pep Club l,2,3,U- Ambition: College. Annual Club l,2,3,4, Staff 2,j,U, Business Manager 4: Junior and Senior Plays: Student Council 2: Swing Band 1,2,3,U: Band l,2,3,bg G.A.A. l,2,3,b3 All- Stars 2,3,U: Chorus l, 2,3: Dramatics Club 1: Class Treasurer 4: Pep Club l,2,3,U, Treas- urer 3. Ambition! To play professional girls' baseball. Algird Appanaitis lljkppy Il UAH Club M: Football 3,15 Beekzetball 3,43 Baseball 3,M: Senior Play. Trans. Kelly 'M7. Ambition: Play pro- fessional baseball. Frank Benes Hspeedh Trans. Farragut 'b8. Ambition: Army of- ficer. Victor Conrao nVicW "A" Club 3,1-L: Basket- ball 3.u: Baseball 3, U: Track 3,43 Student Council M. Trans. Senn '46. Ambition: Famous nov elist. Surf ff" 9 Annabelle Barthel "Annie" Annual Club 1,2,3.1+, Staff 2o3ou: SCUCBHC Council 2,N, Secre- tary M: Junior and Senior Plays: Chorus 1.2.33 G-A-A- 1,2.3, Cheerleader 2,3,h: Dramatics Club 1: Pep Club 1,2,j,b. Ambition: To travel with a circus. Johanna Cobb NJOH Annual Club j,Q, and Staff j,H: Chorus l, 2,M: Pep Club l,2,M. Ambition: Secretury. Sara Davis 'Butch' Trans. Porter 'U9 Ambition: Nurse. Arthur Ducom un 'Duco' UAH Club 3,b: Basket- ball 2,3,4: Football M: Track 2,3,4: Track 2,3,l+: Baseball 3,1-L. Ambition: To he an architect. Noel Elfering ll?-Ponsfyli Annual Club bg Track l,2,3,4: Basketball 1: Football 1,22 Cho- rus 3: F.F.A. l,2,3, 4, Reporter 3, and Vice-Pres. M. Ambition: Travel and be a race driver. Edith Federer nEadieu Annual Club M and Staff M: Pep Club 4. Trans. Proviso 'b8. Ambition! Wife and mother. 13 Ella Mae Edwards llE1lalI Chorus 2.3: Pep Club 2. Ambition: Secretary. Elsie Farnsworth uElsn Annual Club l,2,3,U, Staff 2,b, Co-editor M: Student Council 4, Treasurer 42 Bend 1, 2,32 Pep Club l,2,3, Q, Pres. D: Chorus l, 2,33 G-A-A- l,2,3,QZ All-Stars 33 Junior and Senior Plays. Ambition: To raise four boys and one girl. Sally Flint HCandyn Class Secretary 2. Trans. Sullivan '47. Ambition: To merry P nan with three million dollars. 14. Ronald Gen nRonnieu nAn Club l,2,3,43 Band 1,23 Basketball 1 2 7 1 ,JI Football l,2,3, and Manager 1: Track 1. Ambition: Mechanic. George Gossell nGeOn Annual Club 3,42 F.F. A. l,2,j,b: Chorus 2, 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3 H: Junior and Senior Plays. Ambition: Travel. Jane Hunter WJenien Annual Club l,2,3,41 Staff 3,b, Co-editor b: Junior and Senior Plays: G.A.A. 1,2,3, U, Treasurer 2: Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- Pres. Q: Chorus l,2, 3rh: Band 1s2s3vb: student Council 1.3: All-Stars 2.3.43 Dra- metics Club 1: Class Vice4Pres. 2: Cheer- leader l,2,3,4. Ambition: College. Q I " 'C153 112'-W' i i: fe, Elaine Geng nGeng' Junior Play: G.A.A. 3 M: All-Stars 3.4: Pep Club 2,3,b: Chorus 3: Cheerleader M: Annual Club 2,3,b: Staff 4. Trans. Holy Child '46 Ambition: To see the United States on a motorcycle. Raymond Heath NRQYH Basketball 2,3,4. Ambition: Be n wres- tlero June Hunter nshortyn Annual Club 1,2.3.4: Staff 2,3,4: G.A.A. l,2,3,U, Pres. H: Pep Club 1,2,3,b, Secre- tar? 32 Chorus 1,2,3. U: Swing Band 2,3,4: Drametics Club 1: All Stars l,2.3,4: Cheer- leader l,2,3,4: Stu, dent Council 3: Class Secretary 1, Pres. 2: Band 1,2,3,4: Junior and Senior Plays. Ambition: Nurse. Joan Hughes ngodyn Annual Club M: Chorus 1,22 Gwi-A- 1.2,3,42 Junior Play: Pep Club l,2,b. Ambition: Airline hostess. Edmund Kranc REQ ll Trans. Steinmetz '47. Ambition: Get married. P I Yvonne Lux UEvlnn Chorus 1,2,3- Ambition! Keep haPPY by keeping others hap- PY' 15 Lynette Keating nLynneH Annual Club 3.M3 PGP Club 3,42 F.H.A. 3,4- Trans. Taft '45- Ambition: Navy NUISS' Beverly Jean Lasco nSquirtn Annual Club 1,2,3,4, and GsAc.Au l,2,3,4: All-Stars U: Junior Play: Chorus l,2,3: Pep Club l,2, 3iu: Band 1s2139u: Class Secretary 3. Ambition! Assistant chemist in a research laboratory. Floyd McKinney UFloydieH Track 3: Basketball 2, 3,43 Student Council 3,UI F-F-A- 2,3,U- Trans. Normal Commu- nity.'U6. Ambition: Live to be ninety. 16. George Miller 'Geou nh' Club 2,3.4: Foot- ball 2.35 Annual Club 43 Basketball 1.2.3. 4: Chorus l.2,3.4: F. F.A. 1,2,3.4. Secre- tary 3. Sentinel 33 Track 2.3.b: Juniof and Senior Plays: Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To be a good citizen. Wayne Polegrove Wweyneu Track 33 Junior Play. Trans. Leyden 'b7. Ambition: To get out of school. Dorothy Py Hnotn Annual Club 4 and Staff H: Chorus 1.2, 3.4: G.A.A. l,2,3.b: Pep Club 1,2,3,M. Ambition! Secretary. Marlene Nader 'Nedern Annual Club l,2,3,M: Staff U3 Junior and Senior Plays: Chorus 1.2.03 Pep Club 1.2. 3.4: Student Council 3.4, Secretary 3: F. H.A. 14 G.A.A. 2.3.b: Dramatics Club l. Ambition: Nurse. Thomas Poulos UTomU nAn Club l,2.3,4, Vice Pres. H: Football 1.2, j.U, Captain 4: Track 2.j,U: Baseball 3.4: Chorus l,2,3: Band l, 2.3: Student Council 2: Basketball. 1,z:,3,L+: Class Pres. l,U. Ambition: Business- man. Nancy Reeves nNencyU Annual Club l,4: Cho- rus 122,32 G.A.A. 1, 2.3.43 Pep Club l,M. Ambition: Steno-typ- iSto Laurence Reidel HBudh HAH Club 2,3,M, Pres, L+: Football l,2,3,LL: Basketball l,2,3,l-H Baseball 3.4: Track 2, 3.43 Student Council 1.43 Annual Club 2: Chorus l,2,M. Ambition: Engineer. Marilyn Ries 'Dollyn Annual Club U: Chorus l,2,3,U: Band 1,2,3,b Swing Band 3: Junior and Senior Plays: Pep Club 2,3,Q. Ambition: Secretary. Robert Simon nsin MAN Club 3,UZ Annual Club 3 and Staff 3: Band 3: Football 3: Chorus 3: Swing Band 3: Student Council 3, 4, and Pres. 4: Class Vice-Pres. jg Junior and Senior Plays. Trans. Pomona '47. Ambition: Work lit- tle and make much money. '1 a 17 Lois Riegler IILUQII Annual Club 3,43 Pep Club 2,M: Chorus l,2, 3,L+g F.H.A. l. Ambition: Be happy- Jecqueline Schroeder 'Jackie' Annual Club l,2,3,U: Chorus 1,2,b: G.A.A. 2.3: Junior Play: Pep Club 1,2,3. Ambition: To get the most out of life. Joan Smoc 'Aesie' Annual Club 2,3,4: Staff 3,h, Treasurer N, Business Manager 3: Junior and Senior Plays: Student Coun- cil M: Pep Club 2.3, I-In P1'6Bo 3: GOAOAO 2, 3,b, Vice-Pres. 3: Chorus 3. Trane. Morton 'U6. Ambition! Nurse. 18. Rex Stearns nRexN Football M: Track 3. Trans. Austin 'U7. Ambition: Accountant Juanita Woolner 'N1tan Chorus 3: Pep Club 2. Ambition! Illustra- tor. '9 William Vos UBil1u Basketball 1. Ambition! Building Contractor. 9 4 Will We, the class of l9b9, being sane and sound do hereby bequeath all our worldly goods to the following: Algird Appanaitis: M jokes to Donny Shank. Annabelle Barthel: That certain Woomph' to anyone with enough vitality to sustain it. Frank Benes: My executive manner to Paul Biel. Johanna Cobb: My frank expressions to Dawn Kosup. Victor Conrad: My physique to Irving Buchta. Sara Davis: My basketball ability to Pat Kelleher. Art Ducornmun: My seat in the library to Harry Conrad. Ella Mae Edwards: My coyness to Marlene Baran. Noel Elfering: My ways in agriculture to Guy Pierce. Elsie Farnsworth: My blushing ability to Charlene Nelson. Edith Federer: My dramatic attitude to Annette Garver. Sally Flint: Those eyes to anyone with the time and talent to develop them. Ronald Gaa: My town sedan to Jack Mahoney. Elaine Geng: My roller-skating knees to Betty Burnette. George Gossell: My gab-sessions to any talkative creature. Ray Heath: My wrestling attempts to all up-and-coming freshmen. Joan Hughes: My out-of-school boy friend to anyone who can get him, Jane Hunter: My long finger nails to anyone with sharp teeth. June Hunter: My dimples to Rose Ann McGreal. Norma Jarnigo: My style of singing nTemptationW to Fern Mattson. Lynette Keating: The art of making pop corn to the home ec. students. Verna Kufalk: M squeaky saxophone to anyone with enough oil to keep it in tune. Beverly Lascoi My straight A's to anyone with enough initiative to keep them. Yvonne Lux: My dancing feet to Bob Wilton. Floyd McKinney: My class manners to Donald Schultz. George Miller: My frequent walks home with various girls to Louis Snider. Marlene Nader: My neatness to anyone who can uphold it. Wayne Polsgrove: My frequent visits to the office to anyone who wants to make a good friend of Mr. Birkhead. Tom Poulos: My quarter-back position to Buzz Haviland. Dorothy Py: My typing speed to Benno Freund. Nancy Reeves: My frequent absences to Florence Bolton. Laurence Reidel: My crew-cut to Stephen Young. Lois Riegler: My co-operativeness to the whole junior class. Marilyn Ries: That laugh to Jackie Onstad. Jacqueline Schroeder: My shortness to Natalie Schippmann. Bob Scott: My straight-forward ways to Don Appanaitis. Bob Simon: My leadership and persuasive ability to Richard Hank. Joan Smoc: My job as lunch collector to Gwen Keating. Rex Stearns: My tardiness to school to anyone with good excuses. Bill Vos: My jeep to Jerry Crichton. Juanita Woolner: My pepsodent smile to Carl Beitzel. Jim Zimmerman: My ability to remember a Joke to Jerry Heber. 20. 1,4 ' 1: lj At least the dey had C0mG- Yes. the day we were to begin our high school career. With a group of about fifty-five bright, intelligent-looking prospects we nervously walked down the giant halls of A.T.H.S. for the first time since Eighth Grade Day During our first class meeting we elected our class officers who were Tom Poulos, presi- dent: Rudy Kacer, vice-president: June Hunter, secretary: and Shirley Miller, treasurer. On January 28 a sudden blow came to everyone when we learned our classmate, Rudy Kacer, had passed axay. John Holub was then elected to fill the office of vice-president for the remainder of e year. In order to become better acquainted with the sophomore class, they gave us a party which proved to be very successful and which was enjoyed by all. Later in the year we freshmen gave the sophomores a return party that was a box social and an old-time dance. Our class was well represented in all activities at A.T.H.S. Jane Hunter and Laurence Reidel were representatives on the Student Council: Jane and June Hunter were selected as cheer- leaders: and all clubs had a good share of freshmen members. June and Jane Hunter were elected by the football team as freshmen attendants to the queen's court for the Homecoming dance. The freshmen also had their share of assembly entertainers with Yvonne Lux, Norma Jarnigo, Dolly Ries, and Joan Hughes performing at either a pep assembly or a concert. Our class sponsors were Miss ueber and Miss Krueger. In our second year we were a little better acquainted and waited for the opportunity to initiate the freshmen as they had previously initiated us. we were then sophomores and, our class had expanded to sixty eager and active members. The first thing we did to start the year was to elect officers. They were June Hunter, president: Jane Hunter, vice-president: Sally Flint, secretary: and Jackie Schroeder, treasurer. We welcomed the new freshmen with a party in October, and in April the freshmen gave us a return party. Annabelle Barthel, Verna Kufalk, Bob Scott, and Tom Poulos were our representatives to the Student Council. During this year the Hunter twins and Annabelle Barthel were elected as cheerleaders, and all clubs were well represented with sophomore member. June Hunter was elected by the football team as sophomore attendant to the queen's court for the Homecoming dance. Our class sponsors were Mrs. Quedenfeld and Miss Kreuger. We then began our most exciting year of them all, our junior year. It was full of many activities, much hard work, and a great deal of planning as we had a class play to present be- side the prom, our biggest event of the year. Our class officers were Tom Poulos, president: Bob Simon, vice-president: Beverly Lasco, secretary: and Bob Scott, treasurer. In November we presented the light comedy. Miss Adventure, under the direction of Miss Darrough. In order to earn money, we sold pop and hot dogs at games, sold candy after school, and sponsored J.A.G. dances after basketball and football games. The Hunter twins, Marlene Heder, Bob Simon, Floyd McKinney and Bob Scott were representa- tives to the Student Council. Our sponsors were Miss McKinney and Miss Meiners. Marlene Nader was chosen as junior attendant to the queen's court for the Homecoming dance. Our banquet and prom, held may 22, had a Dutch theme, and Tom Poulos president, crowned Jane Hunter Queen of the Prom, and she was attended by Norma Jarnigo and Marlene Nader. By our senior year when we were.the upperclassmen, our members had dwindled to forty-six. Beverly Lasco was chosen Homecoming Queen, and Verna Kufalk was her senior attendant. Our class officers were Bob Scott, president: Jim Zimmerman, vice-president: Norma Jarnigo, secretary, and Verna Kufalk, treasurer. Our sponsors were Miss McKinney and Miss Meiners. Bob Simon was president of the Student Council with Elsie Farnsworth, Annabelle Barthel, Joan Smoc, Marlene Nader. Floyd McKinney. Bud Reidel. Bob Scott, and Vic Conrad as senior re- presentatives. In May we presented the comedy Tish under the direction of Miss Meiners. ?'-r-op'fLe,oH 21. As the covered wagons roll slowly toward the newly-opened territory of California in 181-P9, we find an old prospector talking to his young son. 'Well, son, this has been a long journey: but as I see it, things should be easier soon. In fact, the other night while we were all sitting around the fire, I dozed off and had a strange dream in which I found myself in the year 1959 wandering through the streets of a town in Illinois called Antioch. The first thing I saw was a little house owned by a cou le of newly-weds. The former Elsie Farnsworth had a gift for keeping house. I guess that was why they were so happy. 'This town called Antioch used to be a small place, but energetic Floyd McKinney showed his ability for big business by incorporating the stores of Barnstable and Brogan, William's Department Store, and MariAnne's into a second Marshall Field's called Floyd Field's. 'Upon entering Floyd's store, the first thing I saw was Johanna Cobb and Ella Mae Edwards, the Bookkeeper and the secretary, working very hard. Then m attention was attracted to an argument going on between Bob Scott, the floor walker, and the Reidels. It aeemed as if Edith insisted on bringing her pet duck into the store: and even though Bud told her to leave it with the rest of the ducks on the farm, she had to bring it along. 'After that little incident I decided to wander around the store and went to the men's department. There was Wayne Polsgrove, the head of the department, selling a new suit to Bill Vos. After B111 took over the lumber and coal company, he became very dapper and had been buying a new suit every month. He must have kept the store going! 'Grac1ous, what could all that racket be? It was coming from the basement where the janitor, Bob Simon, was relaxing by playing jazz music on his sax. That music certainly did not sound like a minuet. 'I got into a strange box-like contraption that took me to the second floor where I saw Art Ducom un, the store decorator, talking to Sally Flint and Jackie Schroeder, the two most exclusive Floyd Field models. Jackie seemed to be telling Art how his wife, the former Nancy Reeves, should fix her hair for the society ball. uNext was the farm section: Noel Elfering was in charge of that. He gave free demon- strations on some phase of farming every Tuesday morning. 'The store got crowded, so I walked down the street to the horseless carriage barn called the Chevrolet garage managed by Ronald Gaa. Ronald told me there must have been a big teachers' meeting that day because Rex Stearns, the principal of the kindergarten, and Jane Hunter, one of the teachers, had been in to have their carriages checked. Jane told Ronald that June Hunter, her twin: Marlene Nader: and Lynette Keating were all nurses in the new hospital for which Jim Zimmerman. the famous surgeon, and his assistant. Norma Jarnigo, had donated money. 'While Rex and I were sitting there talking, Annabell Barthel and Joan Hughes walked by in their smart-looking uniforms. Rex explained that they were hostesses on a carriage that flew through the sky piloted by another native of Antioch, Bay Heath. Al Appanaitis and Tom Poulos, both All-American basketball players, walked by with Verna Kufalk, Marilyn Ries. and Yvonne Lux. Verna was playing piano at Orchestra Hall, Marilyn was singing in the opera, Carmen, and Yvonne was a professional dancer in Chicago. Just then Elaine Geng, a photographer for Vic Conrad's Police Gazettg stopped them for a picture. fdontinued on page 221 22. fContinued from page 21.1 'I said goodbye to Rex and wandered into a glass building where the petite manager, Bev Lasco, and her assistants, Sara Davis and George Miller, were crossing different flowers to produce new specimens. George was also studying to be an agriculture teacher. 'While I was admiring the beautiful flowers, Joan Smoc, the cashier from the local restaurant, and Ed Kranc, the cook who specialized in French dishes, came in to buy flowers for a class reunion that night. They mentioned that all their classmates would be present except George Gossell and Lois Riegler, who would be unable to attend because of their teaching duties at Knox College. They were especially awaiting the arrival of Frank Benes, who had recently been elected the tallest hum n in the world after having grown to the phenomenal height of seven feet eleven inches. He was to be accompanied by Dorothy Py and Anita woolner, his private secretaries who handled his fan mail. NAt that point I was suddenly awakened from my dream by a burning ember which rolled from the campfire and singed my bare foot.n Hr V' J a"Y M ,Ans-- -xNvfRvHf"' r --' , g ,Q , A WVV S U , S: 'O- 7 N...f""-'Q Z If , Z 551512 AKD - in nr ff 'F are M- ML dv X X7 v......,-G Q-yx-54:75 I K Juni ors The juniors have an enrollment of seventy-five members. At the first meeting of the Junior class they ele- cted: Jerry Crichton, president: Mary Ann Quilty, vice-president: Jackie Onstad, secretary? and Jack Mahoney, treasurer. Class advisors were Miss Derrough, Miss Donovan, and Bow 1- Mr. Polley, J.Crichto Mr. Polley. na Miss Darrough Row 2- Miss Donovan, J.Ma.honey, J.Onstad, M.Qui1ty Council were: Betty Jean McDougall, June Peterson, Joanne Midgley, Jack Mahoney, Peter Poulos and Jim Kennedy. Representatives for the Student To raise funds for the ,JU-I1i0r and senior prom the Junior girls sold candy. Dorothy Verke was given the honor of being the junior attendent to the Queen's court for Homecoming. Helfred Stillson was her escort. A Strarmer In ,Ihe Nifrht was presented November 18 and 19 by the juniors under the direction of Miss Derrough. Row 1- M.Mason, G.Keating, J.Onsta.d, Miss Darrough, R.Wilton, D.Sha,nk, F.Lux Row 2- D.Fox, M.IBushing, B.Barthel, M.Fu.r1a.n, M.Mi1ler. D.Sorenson, D.Ho1t Bow 3- M.Stil1son, B.McCann, J.Kennedy, H.Cardiff, J.Heick, P.Poulos, R.Engfors, R.Baether The hunt and peck system? My , how at T, ent 1ve I i H Row Bow Row Bow 1- D.Schultz, L.Ex-ickson, Miss Donovan, M.Ca,mpbe11, C.Greenlee 2- IB.Terry, A.Rentner, R.Anderson, ZB.McDougall, R.Beedle, S.Ross J.Stra.metz 3- J'.C:-ichton, J.Ho,jem, G.We11s. R.Garver, J.Vos, E.Wieczorek 14- R.Ke1ly, J.Ma.honey, G.Weber, F.Wolf, M.Jefferson, W.Howe11. M.Q,ui1ty Penny for your thoughts! Tfide-ax-'aice chemists I X. ,N X. .Q Row 1- Mr. Polley, I'.IBo1ton, L.McCa.nn, J.Midgely, G-.Say1or, D.Verke, G.S'Gephe.ns Row 2- V.Wi1son, J.Cra.x-rford, J'.Petersen, B.Ba.uer, M.Webb, J'.Kiehl, B.IBaird, D.Schultz Row 3- P.Ke1leher, C.Geng, D.Radlce, R-Vos, IB.Freund., R.Lucke1, G.Dowe11 R.Die'ba11, I.Buchta l XM ij? 27 5QSf UPW1 wwf X H , W li! 5 S0950-rn. o-was The sophomore class elected the following officers for the year 1948-19U9' Arlyn Schneider, president: Charles Ealing, vice- president: Laura Ring, secretary: and Phillip Werd, treasurer. During the year both Arlyn - Schneider and Phillip Ward moved away leaving their offices un- filled. Class sponsors were Miss Wehr, Miss Wessels. and Mr. von Holwede. Row 1- L.Ring, Miss Wehr, Miss Wessels Bow 2- Mr. Von Holwede, C.Haling The second-year student council members were: Lorraine Bock, Mary Curnes, Bernard Haviland, and George Swenson. The sophomores entertained the freshmen at a get-acquainted party October 1, and the latter returned the party March 4. When Homecoming festivities rolled around, Enid Knrolius was escorted to the coronation by Don Appanaitis. Row 1- Miss Wehr, V.Reinking, D.Corb1n, F.Mattson, M.Curnes, L.Bock Bow 2- P.Fox, B.Smyth, P.Weber, P.Hogan, P.Freund, J.Hhwkins, J.Harden Row 3- P.Hhrmon, C.Horton, D.Appanaitis, J.Pregenzer, R.Heak, W.Dunworth K.Renda1l, R.M1siek5 W.Wurster xi ...M--, .-,, -. A . A if-gVQ iQj,f .i2 : ,, A ai Future Edgar A. Poe's. 'E "' "A' F L K 4 - - ev.- f by - ' Lf f ' ' i The Warblersl Bow Bow Row Row 1- 2- 3- 4- .Deering, L.Thulin, Miss Vessels, C.Pregenzer, M.Baran, .Burns Schroeder, B.Holt, R.Bunke1man, E.Finch, B.Gi1l, R.Yopp, Clark .We1lace, S.Schu1tz, M.Schrimpf, L.Ring, E.Karo1ius, Pirson, B.Message Young, B.Hucker, C.Ha1ing, T.Gajewski, R.Trayes, B.Cosgrove, Haviland My, what industrious farmers we have! What? A Spanish test! Row Row Raw Row ' ' I 7 1 1 J.Bu.nya.rd. .A.Mattson, V.Peteraen, J.A.ndersen, B.Erickson, C.Brownlee Mr. Von Holwede, L.Scroggi.ns, D.Sanger, J.Troeech, H.Snider, IB.ZBu.rnett, A.Garver A.Ba.mlin, G.Swe.nson, G.Schultz, T.Ha.vi1a.nd, R.Cou1om'be, C.1Be1tze1 Gomnfsldty H.C0nrad, BoGut0VBkiy ronittmerg Ziif-XT W Mid ffl MQW MM A MQ? eff ,f qt J, F Q ! Z B 3 J F rS'XXX V L f Al Fd NYM V MM 'N www ?'WMm5' br Jrcsimuv Bow 1- Mr. Stillson, Miss Hartley, R.Johnston, Miss Bean Row 2- R.Lubkeman, W.Pou1sen, At the beginning of the school year the freshmen elected their officers. For president they elected Richard Johnston: vice-president, william Poulsen: secretary, Pet Quility: and tree surer, Robert Lubkeman. The Student Council members were Ann Mchillen and George Nelson. Last October the sophomores welcomed the freshmen with a party at which guests danced, played games and enjoyed refreshments. The freshmen entertained at a return party for the sophomores March 4, l9b9. Mr. wickert led the square- dancing and games, and the program entertainers were: Sue Garland, Delores Sundin, Marshall Haydon, Ronald Arndt, Delores Larsen, Ruth Raether, and Bob Ruggles. Row Row Bow Row U- 1- Miss Bean, W.C1arke, R.Lubkeman, w.weyda, W.Poulsen, H.Larsen 2- R.Bo1ton, N.Upham, V.VanPatten, J.Mahoney, S.Norman, D.Kosup 3- B.Sinesh, A.Bing, P.Keulman, J.Geston, P.Beardon, A-HSHSSR, D.Sundin, G.Janisch G.Masopust R.Scully, L.Snider, R.Wa1berg, A.Berkie1, R.Palm, R.Effers, Seven minute intermissio i ' Q 1' v Q4 gg, They learn to speak English Bow Bow Row Row Miss Bartley, B.Behrendt, A.Hattendorf, R.McGreal, G.Deitrick, J.Stephens, J.Burt M.Vos, N.Thompson, P.Wise, L.Lonergan, F.Delcourt, C.Nelson, S.Man1 T.McCuen, J.Ha1vorsen, R.Johnston, R.Durrett, R.Nickerson, R.Rugg1es, J.Ho1t, R.F1attum P.Bie1, K.Rentner, R.Arndt, P.Qui1ty, M.Wilton, J.Mil1er, J.Osmond, I.Perry, D.Iarsen Mr. Edwards enlightens the freshmen in the wonders of science. Our future business people. Row 1- Bow 2 Row 3- Bow 1+ R R. M C S N G A .Dettmer, Mr. Stillson, M.Popp, M.Mix, A.McMil1en, Raether Haydon, E.Carpenter, D.Paasch, T.Atwood, B.Strattan, Kempf, J.Walczyk Garland, R.Stokes, J.Thulin, G.Luhkaman, A.Bing, Schippmann .Nelson, F.Nielsen, W.Garraughty, F.Bo1ton, G.Hhbbard, Hamlin, B.Wilton, D.Bushing J JW wffsf PM w u wi ff f g il 2551 MJVW Qvfb I V G54 Q2 Z IBTM. -must Cfufr 7 The Annual Club, composed of all students who are interested in helping edit the school yearbook, had one hundred and sixteen members this year. No dues were collected, but each member was expected to con- tribute his ideas and time toward the development of the annual. Early in the year the staff members were selected as follows: Co-editors, Jane Hunter and Elsie Farnsworth: Business manager, Verna Kufalk: treasurer, Joan Smoca Miss Row l- J. Hunter, V. Kufalk, E. Farnsworth Row 2- J. Smoc, Miss Bean Bean sponsored the group. The theme committee decided upon the Forty-Niner theme, and the members voted to dedicate the book to Mr. Von Holwede to honor him for twenty years of successful teaching without an absence. It was decided to dedicate a page to Mr. Arthur Maplethorpe who passed away during the year. He had served as president of the board of education for several years. After many months of work the staff is presenting its product. Row 1- J.Burt, M.Schrimpf, P.Hogan, M.Furlan, M.Ries, H.Beeves, A.Hansen Row 2- A.Ring, B.Barid, N.Pirson, J.Mahoney, C.Ne1son, B.Burnett, A.Garver, N.Schippmann Row 3- J.Strametz, M.Webb, J.Harden, J.Hawkins, M.Mil1er, N.Thompson, D.Holt, Lois Lonergan Row M- P.Freund, D.Sorenson, J.Thulin, N.Upham, C.Brown1ee. L.B1ng, B.Bauer, J.Kiehl Row 5- J.Midgley, L.Bock, B.Erickson, B.S1nesh, H.Curnes, V.Pctersen, G.Deitrick, J.Cobb It by 'J WMP . .WK 0' AM1 7WH??ki Q f QQ Qgwwlxakff , P QQZZQHWAQ E l 37 ' f ,, ' ., ' X Q , , ,223 , , ,,, A E A A 4 A 3, f' f f ., A 3 Hurry, there's work to dol , 4 5- , , I E "-'+-P ,, . f rf- 9 , ' J ww . Whatfs so funny? working hard, girls? Row Row Row Row Row 1- F.Lmc, G.Stephe11s, D.Sch1Jltz, J.Ru.uya.1'd, G.Keating, L.Bieg1er, Miss Bean 2- A.Bing, J.Anderse11, M.Wa,11a.ce, P.Bea:rdon, V.Wi1son, D.Sa.nger, M.1Bushing, J.Grawford 3- P.Ke11ehe1', G.Say1or, A.Rentner, B.1Barthe1, J.Hughes, C-.Ja.nisch, S.Ross, R.Beed.1e LL- V.Reinking, M.Q,uilty, D.'Verke, A.Mattson, I.Perry, J'.Osmond, L.Ericksen, J.Onsta.d, L.McCa.n.n 5- G.G-ossell, J.Ma.honey, M.S'bi11son, W.Hox-fell, G-.Eini'e1dt, F.Bo1ton J.Schroede1', N.E1fering, H.Ca.rdiff, R.Simon iii rvnuaf. Staff Co-editors-- ---------- ------------------- Jane Hunter Elsie Farnsworth Business Manager -------------------- 1---Verne Kufalk Treaeurer------------ ------ - ---- -----Joan Smoc Artists ---------------------- -43etty Jean McDougall Edith Federer Photographer- ---------- - --------------- Elaine Geng Typists ------ - --------- -- ------------- Johanna cobb Dorothy Py Theme ----- - -------- - ------------- -Annabelle Barthel Dedication ------- - --------------------- Beverly Lasco Will ----------------------------------- George Miller History --------- - -------------------- -Marlene Nader Prophecy ------------------------------- Norma Jarnigo Senior Pictures -------------------------- June Hunter Club Write-ups--- ---------- - --------- June Petersen Music ---------------- - ------- -- ---- Clarita Greenlee Mary Ellen Campbell Anh1et1CS---- ------ - ----------------- Robert Wilton Bow 1- G.Miller, V.Kufa1k, J.HUnter, E.Farnsworth, Miss Bean, R.Wi1ton Row 2- B.McDouge1l, N.Jarnigo, M.Nader, E.Federer, J.Petersen, B.Lasco, J.Hunt er Row 3- M.Campbel1, B.Terry, C.Greenlee, J.Smoc, E.Geng, A.Barthe1, D.Py 'N Cfufr 39 The "A" Club is an organiza- tion for boys who have distin- guished themselves by earning a major letter in athletics. A boy can earn the letter in bas- ketball, football, baseball, track, or by managing any varsity activity. Coach Kruzan, R.Scott, L.Reide1, T.Poulos The officers for 1948-49 were: Laurence Reidel, president: Bob Scott, secretary-treasurer. The club sponsors were Coach Kruzan and Assistant Coach Polley. Each year one boy from the senior class is elected to have his name engraved on the Good Sportsmanship trophy. This is the highest tribute paid to any athlete in the school. The winner of this award was Bob Scott. Peter Poulos was chosen to be captain of the football team for the year l9H9-1950. Bow Row Row Row 3... 2- 3- 14- Coach Kruznn, R.Wilton, A.Appanaitis, G.Miller, M.Stillson, I .IBuchta, Coach Polley R.Gill, R.Simon, V.Conrad, L.Beidel, T.Poulos, R.Luckel, B.Yqgp J.Crichton, R.Radke, H.Cardiff, P.Qpilty, B.Freund, P.Poulos, C.Geng, B.Cosgrove D.Deering, R.Gaa, R.Scott, F.Wolf, A.Ducommun, J.Mahoney, G.Weber, E-Wieczorek ,ir ,-.f J'u.'l3u.'r'c, .farmers of Avnerlca, W.Wurster, F.McKinney, N.EILfering, Mr. Hartnell, IB.Freund, I.Buchta The F. F. A. is an organ- ization composed of boys enrolled in vocational agriculture. A boy may be a member for three years after his graduation or until he is twenty-one. He must pay his club dues and keep his project records. There are thirty-two members, and the officers for the year were: Floyd McKinney, president: Noel Elfering, vice president: Irving Buchta, secretary: William Wurster. treasurer: and Benno Freund, re- P01'ter. In the absence of the regular instructor, Mr. Kutil, Mr. Hartnell was the teacher. Later Mr. Wickert was hired to finish the year as teacher and sponsor of the club. The 'boys sponsored a barn dance in co-operation with the girls of the F. H. A. on February 19 with a. bend from Gurnee supplying the country-style music. The club also 'brought e. magician, Balph Pierce known as the Msdcap Magician, for zz public appearance April 6. The annual Father and Son banquet was held at the end of the year. 5 L ,exits eg: 11 fl L1 M- Row 1- F.McKin.ney, A.IBerkie1, G.Gossel1, Mr. Hartnell, I.IBuchta,, G.Mi1ler, G.Weber How 2- R.Wa.1berg, ID.IBushing, D.Schultz, R.Effers, D.Paasch, W.Wu.rster, Jlwalczyk. Row 3- G.Wel1s, B.Pa.ether, B.Tra.yes, W.Wa.yda,, W.Pou1sen, F.IBolton, G.Swenson Row 14- J'.Kennedy, G.Ne1son, J.I-Ieick, R.Kel1y, IB.Freund, Ndllfering, S.Young fin .:l'u:bu.r'0 HomsmaKers of Fxmerl ca. Row 1- T.Bu1'ns, JJ-iidgley, J,Xieh1 Row 2- C.Ne1son, Miss Meiners, boys in the auditorium. A skating January 22 at the Midgley home with The F. H. A. is a girls' organization for any one who is studying or has studied home eco- nomics in school. Miss Meiners, the home economics teacher, super- vised the club. The officers for the year were as follows: Joanne Midgley, president: Theresa Burns, vice- president: Arvis Ring, treasurer: Joanne Kiehl, secretary: and Char- lene Nelson, activity chairman. During the year the girls had a square dance with the F. F. A. and tobogganning party was held the president, Joanne, acting as hostess. Several of the girls served as waitresses for the annual athletic banquet March 28. The club pins are the emblem of two hands holding a hone, sym- bolizing that the girls in the club future. will be the homemakers of the Row 1- Miss Meiners, F.Bolton, J.Midgley, D.Corbin, I.Perry, T.Burns Row 2- M.Vos, P.Freund, R.Bolton, Schippmann J.Kiehl, B.Burnett, A.Ring, N. Row 3- M.Popp, M.Mix, B.Sinesh, A.Hattendorf, J.Andersen, R.McGreal, Aomn-gg CoNS1.SOn 42 5 Sir-fs Pxtfxletico Assooxatiom nb Tv, ., The G.A.A., supervised by Miss Donovan, is a club for girls who are interested in athletics. Any girl may become a member of this club after earning one hundred points by participating in various activities after school. The officers for the year were: June Hunter, president: Mary Ellen Campbell, secretary: and Joyce Strametz, secretary. The leaders I-l.E.Campbell, J.Strametz, Miss of the various sports were: Anna- Donovan, J.Hunter, B.Barthel belle Barthelv kickbelli MEIY Curnes, volleyball: June Petersen, basketball: Mary Ann Quilty, soft- ball: and Joan Hughes, bowling. The girls had a second annual Mother and Daughter banquet at which the girls were given athletic awards, and a fun night was held March ll. The G.A.A. members won second place in a district basket-shooting tournament March 2b. The All-Stars are G.A.A. girls who are chosen because of their interest and skill in basketball to play against a faculty team. This year Barbara Barthel was elected cantain of the All-Stars. T' .3 4 kv in 17 Alf! Bow 1- L.Bock, A.Rentner, R.Stokes, A.Barthel, B.McDougall, B.Barthel Row 2- Miss Donovan, J.Hunter, B.Lasco. C.Ne1son, N.Pirson, J.Mahoney, A.Garver, N.Schippman.n Row 3- N.Thompson, S.loss, J.Harden. M.Webb, J.Strametz, L.Lonergan, J.Hunter Bow ll- N.Jarnigo, J.Burt, M.Na.der, L.Ring, IB.Bauer, E.Karo1ius, P.Weber LJ, L0 10 0 Row 1- V.Kufa1k, J.Strametz, B.Barthe1, J.Hunter, J.Hunter Row 2- IB.Lasco, E.Geng, J.PeterseI1, J-HTl6Th9S, M-Webb, R.Beedle, A.Barthel a Bow Row Row Row 1- A.McMi11en, G.Deitrick, J.Troesch, B.Terry, J.Onstad, M.Quilty 2- P.Keulman, M.Schrimpf, R.Beed1e, J.Petersen, J.Hughes, D.Py, E.Farnsworth 3- V.Kufalk, F.Mattson, V.Petersen, M.Curnes, P.Kelleher, E.Geng M- C.Green1ee, J.Runyard, M.Campbe11, J.Osmond, A.Mattson, MeBa.ra.n, Jn Smoc 44 pap C1 mfr The Pep Club is composed of athletic fans who support the team at the various games. The club sponsors the cheerleaders. and this year for the first time bought their outfits. The officers for the 19148- M9 year were: Elsie Farnsworth, president: Jane Hunter, vice SQL' Q' ,j',?Uf,jQjeQ1 -Qj"FafnSw0fth 52252523-li? Fifi 5225? 532523215-. MQKSIXHQY ' ampbell' Miss Miss McKinney was the sponsor. The main event of the year was the Hobo-Hop after the basketball game on February M, to which everyone came dressed as a hobo. Prizes were given to the best- dressed UHobosn. Frank Benes won the boys' prize, and Gail Deit- rick won the girls' prize. The club also supplied the flowers for the queen's court at the Homecoming dance and decorated the tables for the athletic banquet. Mg, 'iq if W Z .- t 235 i' Thais' ' .,W1'l!4F"' - Rgw 1- W.Howe11, V.Kufalk, F.Bolton, M.Quilty, J.Bunyard, M.Campbe11, Miss McKinney, G.Saylor Row 2- J.Andersen, V.Petersen, M.Curnes, B.Sinesh, J.Stephens, B.HcDougall, B.Barthe1, S.Boss, J.Petersen Boy 3. 3,09ng, J.Smoc, J.0smond, C.Green1ee. E.Farnsworth, A.Barthe1, G.Deitrick, P.Ieulman. L.MbMillen Row 14- J.Onsiar1, D.Yerke, Llhtteon. I-Perry' IM3!'i0k50nv 3'T91'1'.Yv L,Hedgnn, P.Kelleher. L-Bock Cheerleaders , at ease. It looks as if the referee will get it! Row Row Row Row AJ 1... 2... 3- M- - E J N.B.eeves. R.Beedle, N.Ja.rnigo, M.We'bb, C.1Brovmlee, P.Yebe:', M.Nade1' B.Iasco, J.Kieh1, F.De1court, J.Ma.honey, 3.1Burnett, B.Message, A.Garver, N.Schippma.nn M.Fu.1'1a.n, J.Hu.nter, J.Hunter, N.Thompson, M.Ries, J.Ha.wL:1ns, J.Stra.metz, D.Ho1'b, L.Ring, E.K.a.ro1ius, 3.3:-mer, G.Ja.nisch, D.Py, J.Hughes, J.Crawh- ford. J.Bur'b 45 Y Cheerleaders I Annabelle Barthel, June Hunter, Norma Jarnigo, Jane Hunter, Elaine Gang Pat Keulman, Jill Mahoney, Anwette Garver, Charl ene Nelson, Rose Ann McGrea1 S'bL.bdC,YLi'J Couxmcib The Student Council is the A.T.H.S. governing body with members elected from the various classes. The classes are represented by the following numbers of students: freshmen, two: sophomores, four: juniors, six: and seniors, eight. This year the council has been y particularly active under the leader- l ship of Bob Simon, president: Jim Kennedy, vice-president: Annabelle Barthel, secretary: and Elsie Farns- worth, treasurer. The council members attended a district meeting at Cicero. They also supervised the Homecoming festivities. This year the council not only decorated the two trees in the auditorium at Christmas, but they also presented lights to the school for one of the trees. Row 1- A.Barthel, R.Simon, Mr. Birlchead Row 2- J.Kennedy, E.Fernsworth The council members have been working on a new constitution for the student body. The members voted to join the National Honor Society and decided that the Student Council should sponsor it. A name for the society will be decided upon later. Only selected students may belong to it. Many plans were made for the annual Eighth Grede Day. The representatives of the council also sponsored a pep assembly in April. Bow 1- E.Farnsworth, J.Kennedy, R.Simon, Mr. Birkhead, A.Barthe1 Row 2- B.McDougall, A.McMi11en, M.Curnes, P.Poulos, J.Mahonev, R-SCOUI. G.N'elson, F.McKinney U How 3' M-Nader. If-130011, Jdfiidgley, J.Smoc, G.Swenson, V.Conrad, L.Reide1, B.Haviland, J.Petersen AN ggymx .M fb ML ch 4 QLLK faxsisrr Q wi C wx 'QQ Q3 X-ff-SQ Xkgix .ff K -f' N ffg 1 E fi A gi IBCTM.. Bob Scott earned the highly-prized Sportsmanship Award this spring. Bob was not a star: he was the steady, dependable type of player that meant much to the team during the year. He was the fellow who called the huddles in football, quieted the boys, and kept them work- in as a team. Scotty was a valuable man not only in football but in all the other sports as well. The fact that Bob was never sent from any game because of fouls proves what a good sport he was. That is a record for any player to admire. That dark, good-looking, medium-sized streak that dodged around ends and in and out of tacklers during the football season last fall was the captain of Antioch's team, Tom Poulos. Tom was good as a fresh? man: and as the years rolled by, he became progressively better. He was good at both offense and defense, but foot- ball was not his only talent. He excelled in basketball, track, and baseball too. His record should speak for itself. Next year he will be greatly missed by the varsity. T L s J'T0'o'bb6.h Antioch's football team this year, coach by Nr. Kruznn, got off to a had start early in the season. The line was big and rugged, the backfield average-sized, but the boys lacked experience. Although the tqam WOR only two of the conference games this peer, they were in there fighting every minute of every game. The team was handicapped by an epidemic of mumps which kept some of the players out of the games from one to two weeks. Next season, with most of the boys back from this year and the boys from the lower classes Coach Kruzan hopes to have a team that will give any one in the conference a tough battle. SEASON SCORES WE THEY Grayslake 6 Zh Warren O 33 Palatine 13 7 Grant 7 O Barrington O 50 Pensenville O 13 Northbrook 7 13 Row 1- B.Cardiff, D.Radke, F.Woff, I.Buchta, R.Scott, G.Miller, Rawilton Row 2- Coach Kruzan, E.Wieczorek, C.Geng, P.Quilty, A.Appanait1s, B.Freund, B.Cosgrove, T.Poulos, B.Beidel, Coach Polley Row 3- R.Burnhart, B.Holt, R.Pa1m, T.Gajswski, D.Appanaitis, R.Luhkeman, B.Dunworth, G.Masopust. J'H01ts J'MahOney Row h- M.Sti1lson, J.Pregenzer, B.Hucker, J.Crichton. G.Nelson, B.Clar1ce, R.Arndt, P.Poulos 'Var' S1139 V-rsity this year had four return lettermen 110 loo Q 10T'1TQ to 1 good season. The team, although one of the talle t 1n th con eronce, was up against a tough season. The bo xon onl thr e of the conference game: and one tournament L me They lost s veral of the others by a very narrow margin. Northbrook Grant Barrington Bensenville Ela Wauconda Palatine Northbrook Barrington Grant Warren Bla Warren Wauconda Palatine Bensenville :Wauconda Barrington 0 Tournament Games SEASON SCORES vm 20 39 36 35 43 45 28 32 U8 U9 33 50 L15 219 33 '43 31 32 T M2 HEY 25 blk 56 20 L2 31 M8 49 50 36 55 47 25 34 MU 30 53 Row 1 R Scott, R.Wi1ton, I.Buchta, P.Poulos, T.Poulos, Coach Kruzan Row 2 L Reidel, H.Cardiff, R.Radke. M.St111son, A.Appanaitis M Jefferson Row 3 F McKinney, J.Kennedy, G.Gosse1l, R.Vos. J.Hojem. R Heath 52. I I -S E,q,u.cr3.'C ANTIOCH Al Appannitis Irving Buchta BARR'NGT"" Pete Poulos Bud Cardiff I ELA 9 -Sha:r'pfsT'vo-0179115 ick Radko Bud R 1 oo, ORTHBRO PALATINE - Bob Scott Bob T: T lfred Stillson 1 Junior' Varsitg This year the junior varsity, composed of only freshmen and sophomores, started the season with little experience: but under the coaching of Hr. Polley, they improved greatly. The opening gene of the season was lost, but they succeeded in winning two tilts in a row after that. They finished the season with an even nunber of won and lost games. As the season progressed, any team coming against the junior varsity really had to be ready for a good battle. SEASOH.SCO3ES WE THEY Northbrook 22 25 Grant 36 18 Barrington 27 30 Bensenville 25 21 Ela 28 41 Wauconda 49 35 Palatine 28 22 Northbrook 34 44 Barrington 36 34 Grant 40 33 Warren 33 39 Ela 33 28 Warren 45 28 Bensenville 26 31 Wauconda 24 25 Palatine no 54 T1 ,mum Q 1 W H101 tg az f ,J Row 1- R.Gray, T.Haviland, B.Lubkeman, G-NelSOH, D-APP8D8itiS, r.Ne11sen. P.Qu1lty. B-Havi1and- Row 2- R.Bunke1man, C.Ha1ing, G.Swenson, K-Rentnefv B-Hucker. J.Pregenzer, T.Gajewski, Coach Polley- Row 3- T.Atwood, W.Ho1t, R.Durrett. F-B01t0n, G'Einfe1dt' W'Clarke' G,M pu t, W.Wurster. Rm, 4- R,NZ2fe,2on, R.J0hnStOn, malm, R.Scu1ly. mrndt. R-Wilton. G.Hubbard, E.Carpenter, J.H01t- B A S E B A 1. L. Row Row How Row 1- 2- 3- Lf,- L.Reidel, E.Wieczorek, J.Kennedy, A.Appanaitis, B.Scott, M.Sti1lson, B.Cardiff, R.Luckel, V.Conrad J.Wa1czyk, J.Holt, C.Eempf, R.Yopp, R.Bunkelman, B.Nickerson, W.Wurster, B.Holt, E.Havi1and, D.Bushing B.Ham1in, H.Larsen, L.Schneider, R.Wi1ton, G.Swenson, R.Trayes, R.Scul1y, C.Ha1ing, F.Nei1sen, T.Gajewsk1, F.Dittmer P.Quilty, D.Appanaitis, G.Ne1son, R.Vos, B.Gutowski, L.Thulin, H.Conrad, B.C1arke, A.Marsha11, K.Rentner, R.Arndt Row 1- B.Reidel, B.Scott, R.Wi1ton, G.MiIler, I.Buchta, F.Woff, D.Radke, B.Freund, E.Wieczorek Row 2- R.Durrett, D.Bushing, R.Nickerson, W.Wurster, R.Bunke1nan, J.Kennedy, M.Sti11son, J.Wa1czyk, J.Holt, C.Kempf, R.Flattun, E.Finch, B.Holt, B.Havi1and Row 3- R.Trayes, R.Dittmer, R.Haak, R.Johnston, A.Hamlin, H.Larsen, R.Wilton, J.Halvorsen, J.Hojem, W.Dunsworth, G.Swenson, S.Young, R.Engfors, H.Conrad, D.Deering Rbwhh- R.ArndtQ R.Scully, F.Nei1sen, C.Haling, T.Gajewski, F.Dittmer, P.Qui1ty, R.Vos, D.Appanait1s, G.Ne1son, B.Gutowsk1, L.Thu1in, W.C1arke, A.Marsha1l, R.Dieball, K.Rentner NVX 71 'F 1 ww ix, 059 X 'XX .4 7,53 0' Q0 A WN avg?-Q3 'x bax. 5 4,5 Q 04 MQ, 3 3: fa 5? 65 rw? Gvfog ro 6469 Q5 'S 9 P f P9 u-53 U , ' xx ' Swing .Band The Sequoia Music Makers worked hard and steadily this year with gratifying results. The members of the swing band volunteered their time and effort to the practices, since it was an extra-curricular activity. They played at dances and and concerts and went to the festival at Wauconda to provide dance music for the students. Mr. Von Holwede, pianist and director of the band, was competently aided by the members and other non-band students in shaping concert ideas and arranging appearance routines. Row 1- D.Deer1ng, F.Lux, P.Keulman, R.Badke, B.McDouga11, J.Hunter, Y.Knfa1k, Mr. Von Holwede Row 2- J.Petersen. J.HoJem, A.Rentner, C.Horton, B.McGrea1. S.Gar1and, J.Runyard Baffbd The band, led by the baton of M . F r lane Von Holvede, was comprised of approximately fifty members who played for events, both in and out of school. They furnished half-time music for the football and basket ball games and marched in the Homecoming parade. They also played at the Armistice Day services and at the dedication of the Antioch Boy Scout Hone. On April 22 the band agpeared in the spring concert, and a few members attended the Spring Festival Day at Wauconda April 25 Th - e Wauconda festival is antannual concert given by the eight schools in Conference with attendance proportioned according to the the schools. The director of the concert this year was the profesvor of music at Northwestern University. Although band members t the Northwest enrollment of each yea1'sees the passing out of the more experienced hrough graduation, the band is supplemented by the in- coming freshmen. To compensate for the lack of training of the new m9mbPTS. Mr. Von Holwede practices tirelessly with them three davs a 1 wee: as a group and he also takes the students out of study hall for individual lessons. Row 1- P.Ke1leher, C.Greenlee, M.Ries, R.Gerver, G.Stephens, A.Mattson, C.Nelson, J.Hunter Row 2- B.Lasco, A.Rentner, J.Osnond, B.Barthel, B.McDougall, F.Mattson, V.Kufalk, B.Cardiff Row 3- J.Havkins, J.Huntcr, V.Petersen, J.Petcrsen, J.Hojem, J.Mahoney, P.Biel During the past year the students vdtnessed many interesting pro- grams consisting of musical entertainers, speakers, and movies. A Negro quartet called the Mississippians presented religious and secular numbers, and a versatile, young tenor who played his own accom- paniment entertained the audience with a program showing how mus1c influences a person throughout his lifetime. Previews of all the concerts presented by the music department and the grade school music students were witnessed by the student body. The University of Wisconsin sponsored Captain Hook, an Alaskan explorer and deep-sea diver: Michael Klein, a lawyer who spoke on youth problems: and Norman Barthel, an Ethiopian explorer. Vocational movies were shown to help the students when they seek jobs: and uThe House of Seven Gables,n nhomeo and Juliet,n and Huckle- berry Finnn were also seen durinc assemblies for the school. b The American Legion participated in an assembly to commemorate the observance of Armistice Day. The Gold Star Mothers were special guests at the program. The Boy Scouts presented, with the aid of Mr. Swanson of the local theater, a traveling van of the equipment used in Admiral 3YTd'S Antarctic expedition. A special attraction was a few of the husky dogs. The F.F.A. sponsored Mr. Ralph Pierce, a magician, for the students faculty, and public. Row l- P.Keulnan, G.Einfeldt, F.Lux, D.Radke, C.Horton. R.McGreal, G.Svenson ROW 2' A-GGTVST. S-Garland. C.Geng, J.Runyard, H.Campbell, R.Raether Row 3- E.Finch, R.Wilton, D.Deering, B.Cosgrove, B.Holt, L.Bock, Mr . Yon Ho lvede Chow-'u. S This year there were two singing classes and one chorus. The chorus, composed of about sixty students, spent most of its class time practicing for two concert appearances. The first was the traditional Christmas concert, which featured carols, religious numbers, and holiday songs. Barney Cosgrove James Kennedy, Joanne Midgley, George Miller, Marion Miller, and Shirley Ross sang solos, The annual spring concert was presented April 22. Light and gay melodies contrasted with the reverent, religious music of Easter. The hard-working chorus was directed by Mr. Hans Von Holwede. Some of the chorus members attenoed the annual Spring Festival Day at Wauconda April 25 at which a Yorthvestern University music professor was the guest conductor. The chorus also sang several numbers for the commencement exercise June 3. Row Row Row Row Row Row 1- Mr. Von Holwede, P.Ke1leher, J.Andersen, R.McGreal, S.Schultz, M.Nader, B.McDouga1l, R.Beed1e 2- J.Mahoney, J.Hunter, J.Hunter, N.Thompson, C.Nelson, S.Norman, L.Lonergan, B.Baird, A.Garver 3- D.Py, M.Mi11er, B.Barthel, S.Ross, J.Gaston, E.Karo1ius, M.Bies, D.Sundin, J-Harden, D.Ho1t 4- B.Cosgrove, L.Reide1, T.Haviland, S.Garland, D.Verke, M.Quilty, I.Perry, J.Osmond, J.Runyard, R.Effers, R.Rugg1es 5- G.Mil1er, C.Horton, R.Garver, G.Swenson, D.Deering, G.Einfeldt, G.Ne1son, J.Kennedy, J.Mahoney, C.Geng 6- J.Co'b'b, C.Greenlee, L.Erickson, J'.Midg1ey, V.Petersen, M.Curnes, M.Baran. F.Mattson, A.Rentner, L.Bock Concert s The A.T.H.S. music students presented a successful Christmas concert on December 20 to a capacity crowd. The concert was divided into two sections with the serious music being furnished by the chorus and the popular music provided by the bequoia Music Makers. The beautiful harmony of the chorus inspired the audience with the melodious Yuletide spirit, while the swing band's funny acts ranging all the way from two dolls on roller skates and the inevitable Santa Claus to a clown doll announcer presented the gayer mood of Christmas. Spurred on by the results of the Christmas concert, a hard-working crew planned the annual spring concert which was held on March 18. The theme of the program was March Medley, which starred not only popular songs of yester-year but also those that were occupying a spot on the hit parade at the same time. The colorful Easter bonnets worn by all members of the band and Mr. V0nHolwede's stove-pipe hat complemented the floral Setting of the stage. Q.. Row 1- Mr. Von Holwede, F.Bolton, J.Schroeder, M.Wilton, D.Schultz, G.Keating, J.Onstad, M.Campbe1l Row 2- D.Sorenson, V.VanPatten, J.Kiehl, J.Strametz, B.Message, B.Burnett, S.Man1, N.Schippmann Bow 3- D.Larsen, M.Mix, V.Wilson, C.Brownlee, M.Vos, M.Schrimpf, M.IBushing, M.Furlan Row ll- B.Ho1t, G.Schultz, J.Pregenzer, W.Clarke, K.Rentner, R.Arndt, R.Palm, E.Wieczorek, M.Haydon Jimior' Class pfay ,Stranger in the Night, a mystery-comedy play in three acts, was presented by the juniors on November 18 and 19. It was under the direction of Miss Jeannette Darrough. The plot of the play revolves around the activities of a small gift shop located in the lobby of a hotel. A newspaper- man, having overheard the details of a murder plot wherein the victim is to be selected by the purchase of a certain gift item from the shop, comes to the store to try to find the item in which the name of the victim is concealed. The plot involves the process of trying to find the gift before the murderer could purchase it. The conclusion was surprising and thrilling. Sylvia Lee and Mable Crane, owners of the shop, were played by Pat Kelleher and Joanne Midgley. Robert Small portrayed the part of Grant Terry, the newspaperman. Other members of the cast included Melfred Stillson, Betty Jean McDougall, Robert Dieball, Many Rose Webb, James Kennedy, Clarita Greenlee, Jack Mahoney, Jacqueline Onstad, and Barbara Barthel. Peter Poulos headed the stage management with the assis- tance of June Petersen. Georgia Saylor handled the properties. 'FQ 1 rd sry 49 Row 1- H.Webb, C.Greenlee, B Kelleher, J.Onstad Row 2- J.Petersen, B.Barthel, Miss Darrough, J.Midg1ey, G.Saylor Row 3- B.Smal1, J.Mahoney, M.Stillson, R.Dieba1l, J.Kennedy, P.Poulos S6-rfmor' Ctass ?'taH Miss Meiners directed the senior class play, Tish, which was presented May 5 and 6. June Hunter worked with Miss Meiners as a student assistant, and Jim Zimmerman was the stage manager. This play is one of Mary Roberts Rinehart's stories made into an exciting comedy. The plot tells how Tish decided to get closer to nature by touring the country. She bought a car and set out with Lizzie and Aggie, her two friends. Lizzie wired Charlie Sands, who flew to the Southwest to meet them where they stayed at the Eagle Hotel. Tish had several exciting experiences such as driving through a plate glass window and becoming the center of international com- plications. She always managed to come out on top, however. The cast of characters was as follows: .Tish, middle-aged, adventurous spinster, Verna Kufalk ilgiii' Tish's close companions, giiiesiiznsworth Ellen Leighton, young girl who runs Eagle Hotel, Marlene Nader Charita, Ellen's Mexican maid, Annabelle Barthel Luther Hopkins, hard-headed old grouch, George Gossell Callie Hopkins, Luther's daughter, Jane Hunter 1 Charlie Sands, Tish's romantic nephew, Bob Simon Lem Pike, local sheriff, Algird Appanaitis Denhy Grimes, Hollywood producer, George Miller Dorice Gaylor, movie star, Norma Jarnigo Bettina Trent, Marilyn Ries novelists, Wesley Andrews. Victor Conrad -Q.-1 '21, M, 'E" 3' ,,- sr 'Hi' 5,. Row 1- Miss Meiners, A.Appanaitis, G.Gossell, G.Miller, V.Kufa1k new 2- asimon, J.smoe, nramsworrn,, V.oom-ad Row 3- N.Jarnigo, M.Nader, M.Ries, J.Hunter, J.Hunter ai Homecoming 376 stlvltfes The Homecoming festivities began October 28 with the parade which this year was held for the first time at night. The school drum major- ettes led the band at the beginning of the parade, and the colorful floats and Fecorated cars followed. The Homecoming Queen and her court led the student body in the procession. After parading through the downtown district of Antioch, the groun i returned to the high school where a povhwow was held. The bonfire was lit by the football captain, Tom Poulos. The effigy of Barrington was thrown into the flames, and speeches were made by several members of the faculty, the football captain, and Coach Kruzan. Group singing was led by Mr. Von Holwede on the accordian. A snake dance was held afterwards on the football field. The football game vas held Friday night, October 29: but much to the disappointment of the Antioch team and fans, the opposing Barrington Broncos downed the Sequoits 50-O. At the close of the game, the tradi- tional Homecoming dance was held in the decorated auditorium. During the dance Beverly Lasco, dressed in white, was crowned Homecoming Queen by the Sequoit captain, Tommy Poulos. Verna Kufalk, Dorothy Verke, Enid Karolius, and Pose Ann McGreal served as her attendants. 'T 'Nfl ' pf' ,N,f- txx ' 1 f K t i ik' 1 v I X I ' ' 4 X Y ri, I 4 d ef- 'to' 31 if-rf X X 5 j Enid Karoliusp Verna Kufalk, BGVPT1Y LQSCO- Dorothy Verke' Rose Ann MCGTea1 Y HQ x' ? f -. M P 3 Ns. + IJ '. my-,Q ,GW . s A . 5 X N, A 1 1' 4 . I-fix, 135 1. , 12 pr' om ......... . On May 22, 1948, the junior class entertained the senior, their guests, and the faculty at the annual prom. The evening began with the delicious dinner in the gymnasium followed by speeches given by Tom Poulos, Presily Bratrude, Mr. Birk- head, and Mr. Petty. Students from the freshmen and sophomore classes served the banquet. After eating, the guests danced to the music of Lou Va1's orches- tra in the beautifully decorated auditorium where the scenery carried out a Dutch theme. Punch was served from a huge windmill in the rear of the room. The spokes of the windmill sparkled as spotlights shone on them, and the ceiling was made of blue and white streamers repre- senting the sky. Below the stage was a pond, which added to the Dutch theme. During an intermission in the dance Jane Hunter and Tom Poulos were crowned Queen and King of the Prom by Presily Bratrude and Elaine Geng. 67. 1 1 4 Y Y Y W W I .J I: 1 F . 7 .wif 1 'M' .. 5 " , f' SW N X, ' 1 . wf ii ' Q, V Q 'www 1 V , up ' YF' f . I QV. - , 'W ., 'K4'k Q, " . 1 A' FV, K"' , - 'ad Ja? f 5 ,ix f' f . ... , A ' 3-' '11 5 W f- N-- va: 4' 'lrgf 1 5. F5 - ii 1 1, ILM? ww iii' , , 'Q If S X I 'gY:. 'Y' A I , pl 1 u , - W t Zvi' -. sl" 5' Q ' '!,5F.y 1Q , f ,, 1 'A x ' lv f Qxfix , f " 0? Q :ii E -v"'K 81 , , 4 ' , 'Wi fb'. f fe QQ fa I 'V-f ' 1 , ., . 1 . .W " li , fffxfg F 'W . n A V 2 f '21, " AM ww-5--A 1 1 :QM Y Sri' 9' 9' 'r g 4 X . V A , . gif rf ,iq -6 ,Q ', ...J Wynn., , 7 M. Q X4 5 'N 2.1: ,,,w?ff'5'fff11fE1i' lf- 5-if G 7 1 E is 4, :- 'X 5, ' ' w ff A 3 51' 4 -ffm 45? iff , , , l .,s , ,455 f ,f f ' K . f f? af, Q 17 A V4 ff ' ,N ', , ' VAAV . . , J ' ,555 v'f ' V. ' if' Y K, I if f 1- l -ngiiiwg' K if , 'f f",,'j?QsH V A 'V " , Q . ,, I ' t ' fx ,Lf ' 5 W . ,1 Y , " , va , Q . , Q ,K -,mv .',,t2vQi ','. , ,V ' ' "Y A QW JY , xv 'f ' - ' ' Q , f ' ', ' -:ass i . 1 .Y ,. . , V. 'V . J . b- a .1 , L 1 f, , iliffvr f' Q ,, K .sf ,... .,. V n 5 ". f ,A V r ' x- ,uf .4 .K , ilk?- ijr , 29. PZ M ,fi .-,.,, W 1- 7 Vhyw 5 W f ' if:- - ,nk ',g4" ,- -L " , . V ,za ,. 4 Q , N-..., -:-. fl' . , ,V ,Q fgff' ,1,A lf, 1 """,' -F E . , - Ii g - 5 rn ,, Va or z .1 4' im 'fligf . ,ff-wg ffm. :iw 'I 447 ' W fx 2,1 ,fy ,A ,M 4' 1 4, ' ', ' J.: s? at , M- ,, K. nf, . nw-H. af, ,.. NA 1 K ,I f . X t be I A V I 'lb -Q. X :Qt N - 4f,F'. 5 N da W' A -9,4 ,A N f r i 4.3, 'Quin ,E f-W 1, 3, K- 1.4gj.+3 5i ij',i q ff. Y 'H . x xiaxlbhu Jai N1 .A V 4 2 'TH . 1 , ' W, :N -8 1, E an-"' , W e . M I Q. Y iliy V1 lar' W ' ' 'U s ,J L, I ,- I 'TY A . 'p X ., ' ,"tl- ,- A 47? F I ,gf 15 ' V , -N , v'a,1"s':f'-:."3 X ' 'T L , 1-2 Av L" L, f ,V 1-,K-I Q1-f 'Q a' ff n., .A -fb I 'Y , .Mr-i'.', ' ' 'lid ' 5,23 '. ' M' L Y , f ff, ix I , V til ."' ,gSV L 'm H 1 i ' . fl" ' . , , .' ' ,,- k 1 T " I 'fig f aw - A - fd ,Lug " 'X ' , A V - 11 "'h ' ' 1 m ,,,ph ' +3125 :4Q 4 5 IF 4 Alma Mater Antioch High, ever true, true to you Loyalty, respect both are due, Cheers for your girls Cheers for your boys They are yours--their pride and joys: Sequoits, your team shows in fight great and bold. Sequoits spirit, bravery untold, We lift our voice in song, To cheer our whole life long, Antioch High School, fine and strong! ir' Ai ii 1 i r li,-, V 'Z W p 1 w I M ,v U, 4 A x if ,W i ,J ' Q 1 ."lL 4 i et' 1 - I' nf- . E fi '15 ,Ti , N: gif' X EW, ' -9 Q V? 1 1, E. HW .., Jllwllgk, v., , i N 'L ry" .L 1, zwgigvx F , ' jk.. V511 qv iv, A iv Q n W 1 1' rv :X 45 E . f ' Jw in ' ,. QL is 3, , - , V , , -w . '!" 1' ,f'fwfiiw,12f, ' e'f:w-fiili " Q .1 rx ' x.',. F 151, '. . F, , ,' - 3 V . , wa-:m..H F- - - ' 4, A Bw g, I M, ,V ,K ,L - i -,M . - A V Q 7 , .. Y, 'VY K 3, T! ' "M ,?'l3Um.Q 'I' 1 . A -9 ' W .' ' ' 6 -, X? ,vkwii 'W .,. Y 'FN ,Kg 4553 .X Y 14 j , s ,' " . ,,., 1 P YI, .' Q .1 , - - K ... kw --m.. '. N 2 iv ' gg A , 'jp 1 t A in. it vm L 1- , , ff' -S? uf 'E , +5 ' s Vi ,gil , Hr- .V Q .4 -F ' V 'HL - ' ' 5 f , ' f ' , -.-r J vu 1 1, s 1 1 . I, 'wwiti - U ,viffl 1 ' 'ft 'A ff! ,-1 . , 1 - fi ' ' . L ,W , H M' 1 'E -I ,ff A E3 V A -.f . Viaiq,-H 1.1 , ' V 5 W , ' .ffgmf f PM .-F3 - Q P ' f , VM' ff -f , Al, , V F S, Q Q ,. g Q :V A N -A ,:,1,,g,1??f Q . 5 , I, Q, ' Eff' 1 J 19... ,I fi' Q -. N . 1, - g v, in: Y if -ff' l ff' . 1, V . X ,I J 1 f, .h ,. I 1 69415 7 L4 1, ,GW .iv I if f ' 1 f.. ' ,.,g. , ,L,,af+'fwr4' X' -f' 'A 1 ' , rf v 6 - -Q, ...- fimsa, W 34, My .haw , cg w 1 .71 qv X 1 .wig , QQ, 521 Em A 1 H fri L I' 3530- ' """f4f" " I " Y' 255 'Ia r ' Z' -"-Wlniksf.-I", gf 'I FE I ' 3 'fb' 2' , , -, ' ' ' Q' 4 1' me-,Q -' b gig afrw, , 'J 5 ,. '--if , M 1 If Ww"2. 5' H :L ,.- 'ww - Eihxi ' f , : 2 . W - lm.. ff- -fg A ? f 14" '14 J, aw" , f' M-M'-f '-i., wr- mg 1 7 ' ft' 'fn : 5 2 . , ' 4: - 'lic ""3" A ". ' A ' 'Ii 5, 'f " " , L., , I - ,U I -, - . -P.. , ,J nl'-A .4 7,4 3 , .k 4 Y r - . an 1 -V . -rg V - f -, 1 7 EW . Y' Fr-sm, M ,. fJ y V ' 3 ,S Y, 411. if 3, J: , f '55 - 4 +w 'MKG ,"',Q.:"?" , nr

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