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, 4' V, 1 I I .ff f - I .1 v .1 V -1-..f M J -- ,- . . if ' ' 1 ' ' 454 ' ' ' I ' 5 ' . . . 4,1 W'--1. 5 . f , I A - . " "' N, '-'44, ,mfr 'U 4-, , - . - . , , EV - M Y, A S,-V V GJ., V V, . . V 5 ,HV .,.g,.1 .2 ,,.. -j,,:,.fJ ,.- VV. 4-V ' za 2:1 -- 3 - - A- ff- , .. ff.f,:1H f- f7?'L-i2ff,fQ- '-"" ' - 1, ' 4."'-, 'F 1:4 .,: ,.. , , .'-" QA., if Q ' VQ1 9.9.-, ' J, -3,, -fi-1 ' 454 x- Q, .Q-.1 V-.F 14.-'- 4--."41...' - M f .ff-w frffa-of 1' . fi "1,.2g..iff"k-:,f 1 f,-45' 5,5-'1--, 'P Hji l ' .- 4- 14 , ,fguf if 3 .' ' .. - . A . -, , , . - , + , 212 - - .ffl , , .. 4, , '- , ..Qf,':,gF'-. :???a3n,,,,s1 3.54.-'-fff, . -,nf ...ff .14 A ,M-, . 4. J, . -.'., n- .V - ', . , ,W-,V 3- A 5 - :,.,-qw. . '- . ' V 3:-W -Q - ,:' ' 5 -'?ff'A.1f'-' '-'I'-fin" 'I , ,-' -if nf!-,1f' ' , J uf' 3' F. 59? Q"-' ' fikvjifl . in '.Pq's,qj55::,.-'fisfulerfiyg-2:15 1' ' 'If'-f7:3?gf,i"g"'.jgQ,1rf',", .1Lf":liirj" , ' ,V 5-gg.: S.: ,-H V1 ,' 1' gf" ,fx ,:L.y'blV AL. ' 1 1 is .A ,5 - V151 f .-ll, A r ,H 'V V,-H: :V-u,M,'V' ,, - 'EV V J 12 ,QV-ist.: EI- 'H.:.f.., A fglbv, VV., , , I Va, 'V' I ' fl--of 1 ' rl- I-fx -,-4' - rg ' "Lf 1' - J 1 I..." 1 T A.- , .h , f?'5",, -13. I ,, gg- uf -5-j..f f - V., 4' ., ., - . VV' V ,-V V E ,V , ..xV,J3ni,,,-,L,Ver?b, .,. spam, VV VV V . V.,.5, , V ,.V ,',VV ,if ,,wf. , - ,Vg s.Qy-f,.f- '-,,- f ' 3. ,W - "' -' -- 1 f ff .. - -.r1- 3-'ti 'f .. .. "rw .--' -- - -1- . -". -- --" I Qi 753' ' 'ski -:-::-, -it QI, fag . -5f1s1':..'f ffm W:-' ' ',,.-".::' ,fl ,K ' . M "' .' ,, -1- f',4:-- -,Nm-a 1. - .1 IL . Q-rf. - -' ' Q ,, .,,,,v'f5- .q,,Q,,- - , ' '-9 , ' ,,' :yi ,gif ,fr 1 Q. 1 WGEY ' 4" ' "xii-.aff-' ff! Q'-H , ' - -' " , . . -- -- f -fa -. 13 if- ff..-w-L w -Ile-qw ' .,g. ,wi - - ' ,, v, A" . .r f - - ' " s , LL", V .- ' . A+' f -- -. -4' - -A .. -ff:-14 - ff-""' ff'-"' .. -.1 I , . f. . , - -1""-',- - ' " -.yfs-sf ' .F-1 ., ,f .-,fdf -"' --1' V- jf- I ' -4' -,,-.---V,-- ,4,,,44-r-"5'.,,, V , . -g. -' - . V - V - 1 , ' .,f . - -, ' -.'. --a - ' ' Nh.. .' T :" , . f ' . ,L I 5 , Q ' -r , - s M V. - . . ..-' ' . . .R ,IV , Via., V , V., V V V :V 1,9974 , , s H- ' A uh. utiyf, ' ' . , 'Ls 3' , --' A' .it , , .45-TTL:-xmas.-1.-,.Sg! eu.. Q '- ' -" - ' ' ' . qqwvg ffsf' V ' ..-..,...., -.-5'v-- - . . , -- 1 .4 . ' Q -1 V - -V VV -,?'-"s:- .1 - ' - i ,.,1:,-..- :M f.V V 1: f,:f,, 1 ,' Y' :I f' A? 1 .- V L , . -- - . V W., ,- 1 L.. ' , 1"-4. - 'EBL'--' - M ,' ' 'Q3:t""P I I N, - - -:E-.., ,, ff 1 . N I , . V A - V,,.,, .34 ' - , ' 1' " - 7, ' Ju .I ' , ' V I V E . W if 4 ,-1 I I V: I . , , . , -H' hl X., . 5 V 5 , 5 V V -. '- ' . .,- x . , V . V. A ,, , . I 'i,V. - .., Vi, ,f I 1 ! ' X.: A . .- ., sl-,L-V - , ..1 ,V Yirw If 1- A., , -- . ' I 1 . Q "' 'v.-' fe. . f . , r' A ' T' I ' - ix", . 5. ,I Q I 4' :H I " A T" ff' .-pr, , 2 '22, ,.. - ,Ag ' ' ' ""' Ig' M VV V , .---. ., ..-Q.. VV , - .,,... 1 ' 4' 'j -L ' '- ", -. . 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A 5, f -,K ,' --v .- Q , ., V - ,N .- ,- -16' --w 'Q-. . 11" , 1 -,ir -25---., ,4 ,..'-142 wifi, X3-.,,,-,.-V -f?:Y -fT2f-f- .' tw s w X qi, " -. 51' H? g V '3i"'r'f:'f'- :,- f..-J ,' wa- '25- --'V'--"Mikie" 'Q - 1' -3 V 2 V- 4 I- . , " ,f -' ' . - -. :.. f., g '51, -' - ' ' - .-"4 - . V - . 1 ,rd-:"Vp-M gf' . Aff , -' , . , L, 4.-Z., 5933. "iff , - Q.. .H A g.. X... -'KZ ,,!?',f , 1 "if--.Al . 7 7 -Z' , Lug . xkf' , " glilgi f I nga, wif: 1 .5- 'xx ji . , if 7'-,,.f- , .5 1,--ff' 1 sf- ,.-1-:Q H " 4 " -2' 11' , 'f' -S 1' PY-f -Rf. - .ff f f --1 . r 4 - , k , .- AC., . -,. A ,. , WV, - . ,ff Aw ' ., W- - . -,fr --ww f Hi L ' . 1 y , -' ' ' " P-'ei' fi. if! ...W .J 1 1 X f ZX f Z f f f A f J gig-is i,.,.-,.-4-1-l" Z ,A 'W , Z 5M 5:5 PM 2 I XM fg ' X ff:-:S MN , ff f ,B I M f nl f X 'x W W M g 3 f 1, J XX I I I .nn ? W, School god.:-'CZ Mr. A. Bennett, Mr. E. Glenn, Mr. W. K. Hills, Mrs. H. Osmond. and Mr. F. Scott Mro We KI Hillsoopresident Mrs. H. Osmond...Secreta1'y Mr. A. Bennett Mr. E. Glenn Mr. F. Scott 3. y e ...- National Gold Emblem Poultry Judging Team at the Waterloo Dairy and Poultry Congress, Waterloo, Iowa. Qedicafi om We, the students of Antioch Township High School, dedicate with the ut- most respect and pride this Annual of l9M8 to Mr. C.L. Kutil, who, for the past twenty-five years has shown sincere effort and interest as the Instruc- tor of Vocational Agriculture and Chapter Advisor of the Future Farmers of America- Mr. Kutil has accomplished many things in this community since his ar- rival here about twenty-five years ago. And in speeches of praise, showered upon him on his 25th anniversary, the most outstanding of his achievements were enumerated. 1,11-. Kumi C15 organized the first r.r.A. chapter in Illinois and helped organize the state F.F.A. in Illinois. In recognition the F.F.A. paid him their highest honor when a state delegation came unannounced and conferred on him the medal of the Honorary State Farmer degree. Q25 He is known as the father of the Lake County Fair Association which he fostered. C35 He is a charter member of the Illinois Vocational Agriculture Teachers' Association of which he was president in 1932 and 1933. CMD Mr. Kutil instituted agri- culture in Antioch Township High School. f5l The organization of the Antioch Poultry Association which later became Lake County Fair Association is cre- dited to Mr. Kutil. Mr. Kutil gives the following reasons for teaching: WIt is because teaching is a mark of service of good citizenship. No one can he a good ci- tizen on an empty stomach. China, Europe, both are chaotic because they are hungry and can't think in terms of good citizenship. In America where there is an abundance of food we have the best educated people in the world. By teaching young people how to produce I believe we lay the groundwork of de- mocracy. Keep agriculture healthy and America will retain national leadership! 1' 1: fy A In memofidm john U-fa Y' m, S C1191 Nldm Cfjeoejoenagk, Sell aw! 51,613 Cm was Q-he call. 15911-71053-Q QCELRRB' Yovca My all goun mqmomg will always be, CIM Swedes-ZH i'M.H'3 iw hge, 3+ ff X2 f I 2 2 Q 1 f f X H ctmini S i'r'axEi on Tmonom n. Brmmw, Principal Antioch, Illinois: Illinois State Normal, State U. of Iowa, N-U-, U.ofCMnqm: B- Ed., Mesa: Advanced Math.: S tudent Council ELMO W. EDWARDS, Assistant Principal Antioch, Illinois: Southern Illinois U., Colorado State College: Boss, Moss: General Science, Physics 7 MAB-TOBIE IDOOLITTLE IBAETHKE Antioch, Illinois: Lake College of Commerce: Secretary CAROL L. BIDINGER Wemlcegen, Illinois: AI"G Institute of Chicago: Art JEAIINETTE M. DAELROUGH Sheldon, Illinoisg BoEd-0, MCAD: Illinois State Normal, Universal Institute of Kansas, U. of Miami: History, Economics, Civics Plays, Sophomore Class f K i n l HARCISSUS ANN DOVOVAN LAY HARTLEY Cerro Gordo, Ill.: B.S.Ed.: Aledo, Ill.: B. A., M. A.: Illinois State Normal: Iowa State Teachers Colleje Ph7eicml,Educatiow, Typ- U. of Minnesota, Columbia? ing I, Junior Business Ihthematics, Geometry, Alfe Training: bra: Senior Class Sophovore Clmfs, G. A. A. HAURICE R. KRUZAN Pralirie city, Ill.: B. s. fP.Ecl.D: U. of Illinois: Biology, Physical Educa- tiOIl, Athletic Diregtgr and Coach: Pep Club, "A" Club O 1 C.L. KUTIL Antioch, Illinois: B.S.: U. of Wisconsin: Vocaf tional Agriculture: Future Farmers of Amer. IRIS MARTHA MdKINNEY Antioch, Illinois: B.S Illinois State Normal: English I, II, IV! Junior Class, Pep Club NAOMI MEIHERS Forreston, Illinois: B.S. in Ed Northern Ill. State Teachers: Home Ee. I, II, Chemistry: Junior Class, F.H.A. RICHARD IDUIS PAYITIC Wood River, Ill.: .'B.Ed.. Illinois State Normal: Typing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand: Sophomore Class MELVIN M. STILLSON Antioch, Illinois: ZB.S Us of so Dakota! East State Teachers Cvlleeie. Colorado State College: Industrial Arts RAMONA LUIBEJKO SBEEELN Antioch, Illinois: IB.A. U. of Illinois: Spanish I, II, English III. IV, Library! Senior Class, Annual W E HAHS VON HGLWEDE Antioch, Illinois: Blix! Edo, ELI-i0Bd.o, Mo!-Is: U.ofImm,HJL,mdmgo Conservatory, American Conservatory: Band, Chorus, Freshm.'a.z1 Class THE-QSA wma NATALIE wnssms Terre Haute' Indiana: wazseka, I11.- 1a.s.nf1 35'-mlbiigji Uingliiigiiig Illinois state Normal 0 " " Lib 1 Q Teachers College? Frezzgainclass Latin, In Senior Class ,as 43 G2,f,S'EVOc21'C27lS Mrs. A. Bluthart, Mrs. A. Beger. Mrs. E. Burnette And Knot picturedj Mrs. E. Hhnsen........Cooks Mr. C. Cunningham Mr. H. Smith Mr. H. Gussarson Q milf X "mTlIql K X W C, W, is is V Z my UB K J X if S GJ? S YR GJ y Presily Bratrude Ernest Ja1111aI'y "Pres" "Ernie" Student Council, Annual Student Council, A.m1Ua.l Club, Dremtics Club, A Club, Track, Football, Club, Band, Chorus, Swing Basketball, Junior and Band, Track, J'unior and Senior Plays, A Club, Senior Plays, Basketball Vice-Pres., Chorus, Band and Football. Class Pres. Ambition: Lead e. happy Ambition: "President life. Bratrude always sounded good. to me." Dolores Miller Robert Kraft nnollyn :mob u Student COU-I1Ci1, Band.. A Club, Azmuz-Ll Club, Chorus. Junior Play, Baslcetball, Football, G-A.A- , Class Treas. Track. Ambition! Write 8. 110015 Ambition: Professional about nv family. Basketball . IJIa.1'ga,1'et Anderson "Merge" Pep Club, Home Ec Club, Junior Play. Ambition: Photographer . Patricia Anderson 'Tatu Home Ec Club, Pep Club, Almnual Club, Student Council, Junior Play, Chorus, Class Treas. Ambition: Go to China. Clifford Bartlett "Cliff" Chorus, Basketball, Track- Ambition: Travel. 4 , .5 jg: - L .,z fin, -a,,,1',., is Y .. M . , 446' funn? " ',tf"'ve 'wal 1 "wf'Ma., if I Earl W. Brabandt Gloria Sue Brisson "Bill" "Breeze'by" Student Council, Band, G.A.A., Pep Club, Annual Junior Play, Chorus. Club. Chorus. F.H.A. Ambition: Become a Trans. Waukegan, '07- famous singer. Ambition: Marry a base- ball player. Joan Conrad UConnien G.A.A. Pres., All- Stars, Student Counr cil, Chorus, Annual Club Co-Editor, Pep Club, Junior P1353 Cheerleaders. Trans. lake View UL6. Ambition: Profession- al Dancer. Joseph Cosgrove "Joe" Student Coungil, Bend, A Club, Swing Band, Track, Basketball, Football. Ambition: Always have e. good. time. Virginia Gaa. Lavoid Crawford ngirmyu ucrawfn G.A.A., Pep Club, All- Football, A Club. Stars, Ammual Club, Ju- Ambition: Chemical nior Play, Chorus, FHA, Engineer. Student Council - Ambition: Model . , f z:,.ge2q . f , f, V f I Q ' fmgflmraljg " 'L3i,ffj,fi, ' f 554, 5. 'mm ,A,:,'gff9' fy " 5 Gordon Gebhardt liG,01.d5,-ll F.F.A. , Chorus. Ambition: Truck Driver. James Hairrell "Pee Wee" Be,sI:et'ba1l, Track. Ambition: Draftsxnam. Ralph Gresens "Ba,1phie" , Annual Club, Swing Band, Band, Chorus, Track. Ambition: Make nv nsax' talk:- Don Lee Holem B:3,Sk'.e'bb:?.ll , Track. Ambition: Dye-maker. Edwin Kania Dallas Karolius sums: unalu "A" Club, Track, Chorus, Pep Club, Home Football. Ec Club. Ambition: Draftsman Ambition: Travel. C C C 52 Robert Keulman Walter Kuligowski 'Weedien 'Whitey' F.F.A. Student Council, Axmual Ambition: I-Lay have one Club and Staff, A Club, in five years. Basketball, Football, Track, Junior and Senior Plays. Ambition! Be a, success Donna Las co "Cookie" in life. G-AMA., Pep Club, All- Stars, AIl.11UL'L1 Club, Home Ec Club. Ambition: 1T1J.rse Arlene Malm uBlondien Logan Lundgren UDairy Farmern F.F.A. Ambition: To own, raise, and milk a 1,000-pound butterfat cow. Home EC Club, Chorus. Ambition: Nurse Kenneth Mattson nkenn Student Council, Band Swing Band, Chorus, Junior Play, nAn Club Football, Track, and Basketball. Ambition: Success in college. i 1 'E 0 1-.0 W5.17.ia.m Morris Marvin C. Muleslci "Wild Bill" "Marv" Football, Basketball, Baslretball, Junior Play Track. Ambition: Aviation. Amb ition: Travel Alice Ifzwio Olsen Illuerrjll Pep Club, A.nmJ,'z,l Club, Chorus, Dramatics. Trans . Uc.ul:egjo.n U47 . Ambition: Travel West. Virginia. Lee Ostrander "Gip.ger Lee" Pep Club, Chorus. Ambition! Tiravel. Adele Risch Margaret Runyard "1Bu'o'o1es" "Margy" Annual Staff, Student Pep Club, Home Ee Club, Council, Homecoming. G.A.A. Trans. West Chicago Ambition! Nurse. U-V7. Ambition: Travel. f MS! Clarice Schultz "C1ari " Pep Club,,1 Club, G.A.A., Band, Junior Play. Ambition: Teacher. Harry Shank "Shank" Baslcetball, Football, Track, Chorus. Ambition: President of a gum factory. Dorothy 'Thompson "Dottie" Student Council, .A.m1ua.1 Club, Pep Club, Chorus. Trans. Chicagfo, 'L1lp. Alnbitionz Bea,u.ticia.n. Robert Thompson 'Bohn Basketball, Football, Track, Band, Annual Club . Ambition: Chemical Engineer. Warren Wells uWe1lsn Basketball, F-F-A- President . Ambition: Cabinet maker. Shirley Vos "Shi!'l" Pep Club, Annual Club, Home Ec Club, Chorus. Ambition: Beauty operator. Helen Winfield lllke I Student Council, Home Ec Club, Annual Club. Ambition: Make the right man happy. dw 5 26. 5,-.,,: gi' " ,X pf 4 " " 'Q 1 W9 ,f Z' ff Q nu f ,J K ' 4 if 1 ff 1 F f-uw-1 z 4 .: - A GP my A' MH 2 Q 'I S' 4, 19" 'IM' S 4.5 - .5 fX ,- K. m .-4' Y " ff -Herz.. A ff, .7 v 27 QV1 U Margaret Anderson--my late hours after school for typing to anyone who has the time. Pat Anderson--my secret ambition to Dolly Ries. Cliff Bartlett--my huge physique to Irving Buchta. Earl Brabandt--my job as Santa Claus to Buz Haviland. Pres B atrude--my 'way' with the uomen to George Miller. Gloria Brisson--my 'quiet ways' to Verna Kufalk. Joan Conrad--my steady beau to anyone who thinks she can get him. Joe Cosgrove--my lost teeth on the football field to anyone who can find them. Lavoid Crawford--my bashfulnese I!! to Bob Simon. Virginia Gaa--my short skirts to Ruth Czapar. Gordon Gebhardt--my milk truck driving to any underclassman. Ralph Gresene--my way of telling jokes during class to Harry Conrad. Jim Hairrell--my occasional autumn visits to the watermelon patches to Don Shank. Don Holem--my quiet ways to Rance Beedle. Ernie January--my 'golden silence' to Ronald Henrickson. Dallas Karolius--m love of school to Jean Byrd. Ed Kania--my ways of figuring 'math' in my head to anyone who has to write it down. Bob Kraft--my bumps and bruises on the basketball court to Lee Zoellner. Bob Keulman--my dirty hands from rotten tomatoes to Jim Phillips. Whitey Kuligowski--my blond hair to anyone who has enough bleach to keep it that 'Bye Donna Lasco--my song, 'The Too Fat Polka' to Florence Bolton. Logan Lundgren--my 'blazing speed' to Vic Conrad. Arlene Malm--my wonderful summer tan to Jackie Schroeder. Ken Mattson--my squeaky seat in English IV to any up-and-coming senior who can keep it in tune. Dolly Miller-my strength to Annette Garver. Bill Morris--my shyness to Lee Thulin. Marvin Muleski--my ability to study to Jack Mahoney. Alice Olsen--my crush on 'that man' to Pat Kelleher. Virginia Ostrander--my uptown excursions to Betty Erickson. Adele Risch--my petite figure to Virginia Petersen. Margaret Runysrd--my school manners to all freshmen. Clarice Schultz--my ability on history maps to Johanna Cobb. Harry Shank--my detours on sudden trips to the office to Pete Poulos. Dorothy Thompson--my height to Margaret Winfield. Bob Thompson--my skating ability to Elsie Farnsworth. Shirley Vos-,my 'clean locker' to Jane Hunter. Warren Wells--my abilities in agriculture to Jack Heick. Helen Winfield--my gentle basketball playing to Janice Runyard. Wal' 5 1L!O1fL Remember when we were Freshmen? Everything was new to us and we were plen- ty frightened as we first went through those numerous doors at A. T. H. S. Our class of 'll-8 was small in number, but under the careful supervision of our class advisor-s,,Miss Hartley and Mr. Kutil, everything went along nicely. For officers we elected: President, Joe Cosgrove: Vice-president, Ken Mattson: Secretary. Bill Roepenach: Treasurer, Barbara Tiede. The Sophomores gave a party for us on Oct. 13 in order to become-acquainted with us. The football boys honored us by elect- ing Ann De John as freshman attendant to the Queen's Court. Eldalou Elwood and Presily Bratrude represented our class in the Student Council. On March 3 we gave a return party for the Sophomores, and then we ended our first year at high school with a picnic at Fox Grove. The following September we returned to school in order to complete our se- cond year at A. T. H. S. We started the year off with a bang by giving a wel- come party for the Freshmen. Several of our girls joined G. A. A. , and most of our boys proved to be the athletic type. The football team chose Virginia Gaa as Sophomore attendant to the Q,ueen's Court for the Homecoming festivities. Our class officers were Robert Thompson, president: Tom Suzuki, vice-president, and Virginia Gea, secretary: Walter Kuligowslci, treasurer. Helen Tinker, Dorothy Thompson, Joe Cosgrove, and Tom Suzulci were our representatives in Student Coun- cil. We had become pretty well acquainted with everyone and had many new friends. The following year we had to make moneygffor the Junior-Senior Prom. This was accomplished by selling candy bars under the supervision of Marge Anderson. On November ljth and lf-Lth, we presented our play "Just Duckgyn under the hand of Miss Darrough. Joan Conrad was Junior attendant to the Queen's Court. Mrs. Sheehan became our class sponsor. Pat Anderson, Helen Winfield, Dolores Miller, Presily Bratrude. Kenneth Mattson, and Walter Kuligowski were the Junior rep- resentatives to Student Council. The class officers were Ken Mattson, president: Joe Cosgrove, vice-president: Joan Conrad, secretary: and Pat Anderson, trea- surer: Our Junior year at A. T. H. S. ended with the Junior-Senior Prom. We used a roof garden setting with a fence of stars around the refreshment tables. This year we enjoyed a lovely picnic at the Petrified Springs. This year we enjoyed the rights given to the Seniors only. The football boys chose Dolores Miller as Queen of the Homecoming festivities and Adele Risch shared honors as Senior attendant to the Queen's Court. The Senior boys were even more active than before in sports: Ken Mattson was chosen as president of the Student Council. Adele Risch, Joan Conrad, Virginia Gee., Dorothy Thongoson, Presily Bratrude, Whitey Kuligowslci, Earl Brabandt, Ernie January were our re- presentatives in Student Council. Our class officers were: Presily Bratrude, president: Ernie January, vice-president: Dolores Miller, secretary: and Robert Kraft, treasurer. 29. rophec Have you ever been to a wrestling match? o? Well then, accompany me to one you can't afford to miss. The huge arena was packed to capacity. The clamor of the crowd was deaf- ening. I slowly stumbled down the aisle in a frantic search for my seat. My foot slipped and I found myself sprawled at the feet of a couple who seemed strangely familar. No wonder, they were Cliff Bartlett and his enchanting wife, the former Arlene Malm. Cliff helped me to my feet and explained that he and Arlene had just opened a novelty shop in Antioch. I promised I would drop in soon and then hurried on my way. As I entered the row of seats behind the radio anouncers, I heard a voice calling in the background, 'Peanutsi Popcorn! Get them while they're hot!!' I turned, seeking a glimpse of the owner of the voice and was astonished to find that it belonged to none other than Earl Brabandt. He was working here trying to strengthen his voice for his new operatic role. Finally, settled in my seat, I gazed around at the people surrounding the ring. Directly accross from me sat Pat Anderson, who had just returned from doing missionary work in China, and her very able co-worker, Marvin Muleski. Suddenly everything snapped into action. The announcer, who sat directly in front of me, announced the beginning of the main event--Bone Crusher Hairrell vs. Killer Kuligowski. I was startled when I discovered on closer inspection that the announcer was my old school mate, Ernie January. The fighters entered the ring amid the cries of the crowd. Their mana- gers were with them. Don Holem proved to be Bone Crusher's manager. The suave man-about-town, Bob Kraft, was Killer's manager. I had heard that Bob became interested in wrestling after he got bored counting his millions. His wife, Adele Risch, back in our school days, sat at the ringside nervously twisting her handkerchief. It has been rumored that Adele also has made mill- ions in the field of advertising. One of her biggest accounts is that of Ed Kania, now a famous dress designer. Ed's wife, the former Gloria Brisson, serves as his main inspiration and model. Flash bulbs made sudden blinding lights, and it was a few minutes before I could see that the pictures were being taken by Margaret Anderson, head pho- tographer on her husband's paper. Warren Wells has really made a great suc- cess of the 'Antioch Bugle.' I noticed that the fighters had also brought along their doctors. Bone Crusher's doctor was none other than Shirley Vos. Her assistant, Margaret Runyard, looked very capable in her charming white uniform. Killer's doctor proved to be Bob Thompson. His wife, the former Clarice Schultz, sat with Adele Risch at the fingside. Clarice has now become a very famous mortician. She and Bob work hand in hand. The Killer's wife sat on the other side of Clarice. I was startled to see that she was the former Alice Olsen. Alice's hairdo was really extraordinary. I was sure she must have had her hair done at Dorothy Thompson's Beauty Salon. Dorothy has been creating hair styles for the movies. By this time the fight had started. I sat on the edge of my seat and yelled with the rest of the crowd. Often the referee had to part the fighters. Were my eyes deceiving me, or was the referee Ralph Gresens? Yes, it was! Bone Crusher picked the Killer up and swung him madly above his head. He shouted, 'Here, Honeyt' and threw the Killer from the ring and into the lap of fCont'd. Page 501 Pnormcr Ccon't.j his wife. bmy, Donna "Babe" Lasco picked up the Killer and threw him back: shouting, "You can have him". A gasp came from behind me. I turned to find Dallas Karolius, owner of the Karolius Telephone Company, and Virginia Gaa, now a house- wife and mother, seated behind me. Next to Dallas sat Helen Winfield and her husband. Harry Shank. Harry and Helen both are teachers at A.T.H.S. now. Next to Virginia sat Bill Morris and Bob Keulman, partners on the operation of the Honest B's Used Car Lot. I returned to the fight to witness the end of the third round. There was to be a brief intermission while JoseyhJoe's Hot Licks env tertained the crowd. JoseyHJoe Cosgrove led his band into the ring. Two of the meth bers were old friends - Pres Bratrude and Ken Mattson. This band was really going places, I had heard, and I found m self wishing they would. They were terrible! To take my mind off the noise coming from the ring, I again looked around at the crowd. There down the aisle came the great movie actor, Gordon Gebhardt, and his beautiful wife, Dolores Miller. Margaret was right in there to get a picture. Logan Lundgren, sole owner of the Lundgren Dairies, and his wife, the former Virginia Ostrander, sat with the Crawford's. Mrs. Craw- ford was the former Joan Conrad. Joan has been driving a bus on Lavoid's bus lines. Lavoid got tired of paying so much out in bus fare, so he bought the bus lines. I suddenly realized that I had been missing the rest of the fight. I turned back to the ring just in time to hear Ralph declare Bone Crusher the winner. The Killer was limping from the ring on the arm of his doctor. Who would ever have believed that little James Hairrell could beat huge Whitey Kuligowski? Hell, no one can tell what will hap- pen in the future. ,-.IN ji lggllgfg SM, 'TNI Fr .JV J X 0 IIA V IQ Q 12 ix An 44' u.n.iOFS The class of NMQW this year had H taste of life as upperclassmen and the responsibility that goes with it. At our first meeting, we elected Tom Poulos, president: Bob simon, vice- president: Beverly Lasco, secretary? and Bob Scott, treasurer. At the annual coronetion of the Homecoming Queen, the junior class was represented by Marlene Nader. Row I-R. Scott, Miss H. Meiners, . On November 7th and Sth, the public R' Slmon was treated to a light comedy 'Miss Ad- ROW II-T' Poulos' B' Lasco' ventureu. The funds from.this went to Miss I' McKinney finance the cron in May. Jf ,-Q f 5 1 5, ,. .1 V -- Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row U- J. Hunter, H. Jarnigo, A. Berthel, Miss McKinney, Y. Lux, J. Hughes, R. Adamson, S J. Zimmerman, R. Scott, J. Phillips, G. Miller, R. Kiefer, H. Reckers R. Heath, R. Stearns, L. Riedel, E. Farnsworth, J. Cobb, A. Popp, E.fGEng, J. Smoc, E. Grams, T. Poulos . Flint, M. Ries, E. Edwards, B. Lasco, 37 .4-f' To supplement the funds from this,the play, the class sold hotdogs and pop at games and sponsored llJ.A.G. Dances" following some of the Q up Q hee,-leaders football and basketball games. The prom was held on May 22nd. The theme was Dutch and the dance and dinner were enjoyed by all who attended. E-Wk-""'4-XWCV5 G'eor1e.,-uxe Venclor X Row 1- J. Hunter. V. Kufalk, J. Schroeder, Miss Heiners, G. Gossell, A. Appani- tis, W. Polsgrove. Row 2- N. Reeves, D. Py, R. Goa, A. Duccom nn, W. Vos, L. Riegler, L. Keating . Nader 9 Row 3- F. McKinney, R. Simons, R. Steitskal, P. Portwich, G. Weber, R. Hendrich. sen, H. Elfring. V. Conrad zh- Ojokomofes The sophomore class, since its freshman Hdaze,n still remains the largest in school - a fact of which we are very proud. In our first meeting of the year we elected our class officers: presi- dent, Bob Wilton, vice-president, Jim Kennedy, secretary, Jack Mahoney, and treasurer, Peter Poulos. Our representatives to the Stu- dent Council were: Betty Jean.McDou- gall, Mary Ann Quilty, Peter Poulos, Jack Mahoney. Patricia Kelleher, at- tendant to the queen's court at Home- coming, was escorted by Peter Poulos. Row I-J. Kennedy, P. Poulos, R. Wilton, Miss Donovan Row II-Mr. Paynic, Miss Darrough, J. Mahoney Row l- M. Bushing, D. Sorenson, B. Barthel, B. Durr, M. Miller, D. Holt, G. Peterson, Row 2- L. Crawford, W. Von Bruenchenhein, M. Furland, R. Raether, D. Shank, F. Lux, Row 5- Miss Darough, J. Onstead, E. Abbs, R. Wilton, M. Stillson, G. Keat- ins, Row M- R. Engfors, W. Schlegel, P. Poulos, J. Kennedy, R. McCann, H. Cardiff, J. J. Heick, R. Oliver 35 Our sophomore boys of whom we are very proud were outstanding in f x 1 sports. The majority of them turned ,.. ,A out for games and practice at every 5 opportunity We were well nrepresented in all clubs and activities. The girls showed their talents in the C-.A.A basketball tournament by taking first place gan with a. successful party for the - I . LZ Q gi!-,,,.,Af x . I ' l Our activities for the year be- Y I 1 freshmen which they later returned. ' .34 'Q . 9 L I 52 'G' xx Row l- J. Mmhonegf, F. Wolfe, M.'Quilty, Tiles Donovon, W. Howell, L. Hgpggigqs, M. Jefferson, Raw 2- L J. IECDOLLT-ll, Beedle, J. Vos, G. Hells, D. Schultz, W. 31-idf-yer, 'B R- Anderson, J. Strwetz, Row 3- R. Carver, J. Hojem, C. Greenlee, TZ. Il. Cartnbell, L. Erickson, J.. Rent . Terzy, J. Crichton, E. Wlsczorez F R R 36. -- is , ,. I3 '51-22 V2 fx T' xiEE5i2?'!ILdia sad! ggfgg-ggi . . e N N E i Xg x fs x iw S X Y' -, ' N, X, x7 ,, h s Y rgug 19' Row 1- D. L. OW 2' B. H. ow 3- G. nw M- R. L. Schultz, R. Radke. G. Saylor, P1 Kelleher, J, Midgely, D Verve McCann, 32iTGd. J- Kiehl. J. Crawford, J. Peterson, P. Pregenzer B Bauer R. Webb, V. Wilson, Stevens, I. Buchta, T. Bolton, V051 C- GENE. Rl Dieball, G. Dovell, B. Freund, R. Luckel L Zoeliner Carpenter, R. Small 37 V We started out this year with a, class of 71 bewildered freshmen. The Sophomores gave us a get-acquainted party on October 10. All girls were requested to wear aprons and all the 'boys wore overalls. A prize was given to the best apron and the best pair of overalls. Betsy Message won the prize for aprons and Richard Bernhard recei- ved. a prize for the best overalls. B The freshmen returned the party in the Row I-T. Haviland, G. Swenson Spring, Row II-B. Haviland, Miss Wessels, Our officers were Bernard Havi- V01 Holwedev M5-SS wehr' land., president: George Swenson, vice- -U' COSZWOVG president: Bernard Cosgrove, treaswer: and Tom Haviland, secretary. Row I-J. Runyard, G. Einfeldt, H. Conrad, Mr. Von Holwede, P. Ward, F. Badtke, M. Winfild Row II-A. Garver, J. Troesch, J. Evans, G. Swenson, J. Miller, G. Irvingg, D. Sanger, C. Brownlee, B. Burnette Row III-R. Bernhard., F. Dittmer, C. Hamlin, J. Andersen, A. Mattson, V. Peter- sen, B. Erickson, T. Haviland, R. Coulombe, G. Schultz 38. X -1 Row I-D. Appanaitis, R. Haalz, E. Von Bruenchenhein, Miss Web:-, O. Renniclc, G. Pierce, C. Horizon Row I1-W. W'lJl'St6I', J. Chope, P. Freund, S. Testdorf, K. Rendell, A. Schneider J. Hawkins, N. Horner, R. Morley Row III- P. Weber, P. Hogan, L. Bock, M. Curnes, V. Reinlcing, F. Mattson, D. Corbin, J. Harden 39. was Qvii Row I-W. Huclcer, H. Otterness, V. Rennick, Miss Wessels, N. Pirson, B. Message, Je Row II-R. Bunl:e1ma.n, I.. Schroeder, P. Skeans, E. Karolius, B. Haviland, G. S11111 van, M. Schrmipf, W. Holt, R. Yopp Row III-M. Baran, W. Belcher, C. Haling, B. Cosgrove, ID. Deering, T. Gajewgki, L. Thulin, L. Eppers, L. Ring M 5 i J, R ,ak K an , ' - 5 JWJ U4 v 5 w .4 9 vo' . ., 4, 7 f .41 W-mm Q 'f k .19 fAf, f QQ ff V, ' .Q I ffw, A ff! 4wfffm5Y4, '2Q',Lf'7 . - V , ,1 ,, f YWY' f MW M' wp , wi , 'QQV f T I 5 nf' 1 'K s , , w 'Qi few-' 'f 1' ' 9!f'L fv f f 1 -1., '4 f 2 fc Y , 2 . 'H , xx an ,M 3 23,5 I W .1 ,- Q y 2, 9' it " VS' - A J ,lp 1 4 .M Ll." 7 X L f K -Qsfll , 1 -M 'QI ,"'f' 1, 4 , x ,fm di W, la, Q all ' f Q K ' 5 2 gsi gf f 42. Q 4 ,L . , MSW' ,m, , , gf 6' Q-:gig fu -' y, 2 rf . g, -uv 4,2 . , ..,kV V. K -My. Q .1 W, il-75 rl! .P -uma? 1,,'.w its 1 Eur' -1- X CT C? T X9 T CI TI G ii W l Wu A 111+ Row Row Row Row Row Co-editors--Joan Conrad, Pat Anderson Business Manager--Joan Smoc Treasurer--Robert Thompson Sports--Ernie January, W. Kuligowski Clubs--Verna Kufalk, A. Barthel Senior pages--Elsie Farnsworth Snapshots--Jane Hunter, A. Garver Assemblies, plays--D. Lasco, B. Lasco Music--Ralph Gresens, V. Gaa Photography--Margaret Anderson Art--Georgia Saylor Typists--Joan Conrad Subscriptions--P. Anderson, D. Thompson Dedication--Dorothy Thompson Will,-Prophecy--J. Hunter, D. Lasco, Alice Olsen Theme--Johanna Cobb x S x ,,..,....M--M--gn 1- G. Keating, M. Campbell, J. Smoc, R. Simon, Mrs. Sheehan, R. January, G. Saylor, J. Onstead, 2- A. Garver, B. Lasco, P. Anderson, B. Bauer, N. Jarnigo, M. Webb, J. Strametz, June Hunter, Jane Hunter, 5- J. Schroeder, R. Gresens, R. Thompson, D. Thompson, V. Kufalk, R. Kraft, W. Kuligowski, M. Quilty, J. Runyard, lt- B. Barthel, M. Nader, E. Geng, B. Terry, L. McCann, J. Cobb, p, Kelleher, D. Lasco, J. Conrad, J. Midgley, A. Barthel, E: Farnsworth, J. Peterson, 5- B. J. McDougall, M. Anderson, D. Verke, A. Olsen, A. Rentner, C. Schultz L. Keating, L. Erickson.. S. Vos, V. Gaa, C. Greenlee, R. Beadle , 45 1fmu..-12, Club The Annual Club is organized for the purpose of editing our year- book, "Sequ.oia". Anyone interested in working on the preparation for the annual is welcome to Join. The larger the membership the greater success of the yearbook. At the beginning of the school year, Joan Conrad and Pat Anderson were electeg co-editors, Robert Thompson treasurer, Joan Smoc busi- ness manager With the help of our advisorx Mrs. Sheehan, the staff, and the co- editors have been able to offer you this yearly book of the schoo1's activities. Row 1- P. Anderson, J. Conra R. Thompson Row 2- Mrs. Sheehan, J. Smoc Row 1- R. Thompson, W. Kuligowski, D. Thowpson, R. Gresens, V. Kufalk, E. Jan q R. Slnon, Pow 2- Cane Hunter, E. Lasco, J. Feterson, V. Gag, Hrs. Sheehan, J, Suoc, IE. Ancjerson, P. Anoerscm, A. GQ:-ver, Row 3- E. Earnsworth, A. Barthel, G. Seylor, A. Olsen, J. Cobb, C. Schultz, J. Conrad, D. Lasco Ao. C7-qu. cafe, 5F7a,f1nez'6 Of F2mer'I'CH The years of l9LL7 and U-18 were good years for the Antioch Future Farmers of share of prizes in our ,judging and fair work. Our poultry team vent first to G the S tate and then to the National Poul- try and Grain Judging Contest. Kennedy Heuer, Warren Wells and Gordon returned with gold and silver emblems. The team was one of the five highest ranking teams of the country, which entitled them to a 381.31 prize. Allen Geihel won the Grand Charmi- on placing with his Brox-m Swiss heifer 'both et the ll-H Fair here at Antioch and at the Elgin F.F.A. Fair. Row I-Mr. Kutil, Warren Wells, Much credit is due the excellent I George Miller work Mr. Kutil has done with the boys. Row II-Gordon Gebhardt, B. Rremmd, N. Elfering -.-,-f- .W-ff. f f Row I-W. Belcher, G. Swenson, N. Horner, Mr- K1-11211. F. McKinney, R. Raether, J. Cosgrove u Row II-J. Chops, W. Wurster, G. Schultz, E. Von Bruenchenhein Row III-R. Keulman, I.. Halukins, G. Gossell, I. Buchta, G, Lfiller, L, LU-ndgren W. Well, II. Elfering Row IV-G. Wells, L. Zoellner, C. Gong, G. Pierce, G. Gebhardt, B. Freund, GR. Steislml, J. Heirclc, R. McCann, J. Hiller, G. Irving America. Chapter. We won more than our f " " Club 7' This is the one club organized in our school for the boys who have earned mejor letters in some sport, such as basketball, football, or track. To earn a major letter e boy must train for at least one sjort. On I-hrch 8th, za. banquet was given in honor of the athletes hy the Antioch Lions Club. During the year, one boy from the senior class is elected to heme his name engraved on the Good Sportmanship Trophy. This year the boy honored was Ken Mattson. vho is also the president of the club. Other officers of the club ere, Edwin Xenia, vice-presidentg Presily Bratrude, secretary-treasurer. R fbP.3mwmMe,E.Kmda Row 2-K. Mattson, Coa, Hr.Pmmdc Row Row Row Bow 1... 2... 3- ll- !I'W4 Coach Kruzan, E. Wieczorek, I. Buchta. R. Wilton, L. Crawford, W. Kuli gowski, Mr. Paynic P. Bratrude, K. Mattson, E. Kania. G. Miller, R. Thompson, P. Poulog R. Radtke, T. Poulos, L. Zobllner, L. Reidel, R. Simon, E. January, J. Cosgrove, L. Crawford R. Scott, IL Kraft. W. Morris. 3- Gee, F. Wolf, G. Weber I-18. 9' Row I- Miss N. D onovan, sponsor: 14.1. Quilty, secretary: Bow II- Joan Conrad, presidentg Joan 'Smoc, vice-president: Betty Jean McDougall, trea- silrero Ei.. e The G.A.A. is an athletic club for all girls who are interested in sports. It is Under the supervision of Miss N. Donovan.. - In order to become a member, all prospective members are required to turn practices to earn one- out for enough . hundred points which will enable them to join the club. The first sport this year was kickball. Members took part in an informal initiation program during an assembly, and after school the tra- ditional fornnl ceremony was held. Heads of the various sports this year were: Donna Lasco, kiclcballg Clarice Schultz, volleyball: June Hunter, 'bas- ketballz Joyce Strametz, baseball: and Fern Mattson, bowling. tf or Row l- Iiiss Donovan, 3. Qauer, IS. uilt' E. Gen J. S 1 6, Q. J: fi. clroe er, V. I1,1f3,1L:, U. Von Brmezmchenhein, B. Lo,-soo, P-QU 2- M. Webb, If. Hiller, J. Smoc, D. Hiller, D. Schultz, V. Gan, 3. Terry E. F:j.rns'.':orth, J. Zlarcfen, Q ' ' ROV 13- L. Ping, P. Kelleher, L. Bach, V. Peterson, J. Conrad, J. Hughes, 'D IIcDoUgall, IT. Jarnifjo, J. Peterson Haw Bo QQ. 1- J. Schroeder, E. Gang, D. Lasco, V. Gaa, A. Barthel, w 2- J -Hunter, J. Conrad, E. Farnsworth, Miss Donovan, V. Kufelk, H. Jarnigo C. Schultz, J. Hunter. Row 1- D. Lnsco, A. Mattson, C. Greenlee, R. Adamson. J' Bunyard, L- MCCaHR, J. Onsteed, Miss Donovan, Row 2- A. Schneider, Jane Hunter, June Hunter. N. Reeves. R- 323519. H- Nader E. Karolius, V. Wilson, J. Strametz, Row 3- M. Curnes, B. Erickson, A. Berthel, C. Schultz, H. Camptell, D. Py, F. Nattson, B. Berthel, P. Weber 50. N. Jarnigo, June Hunter, A. Barthel, Jane Hunter, J. Conrad tal' -, . M :Q Row 1- J. Smoc, L. Erickson, M. Quilty, J. Onstead, M. Campbell, V. Kufalk, Row 2- Mr. Kruzan, B. Lasco, N. Jarnigo, P. Weber, E. Geng, F. Mattson June Hunter, Jane Hunter, Miss McKinney, Bow 3- L. Ring, A. Barthel E. Farnsworth, A. Mattson, A. Rentner, V. Peterson, B. Barthel, D. Karolius ep Gfub The Pep Club is an organization of stu- detns that give 1.-rith plenty of 'oomph' at the games, in order to support our team and cheerleaders. All the members sit to- gether at the games making a large and vi- gorous cheering section. This year we printed sheets of our cheers and passed them out to the audience at one of the pep assemblies, in orderto acquaint all students with the cheers. The 19l+7-19-'48 officers are: Joan Smoc, president: Donna Lasco, vice-president: Row I- Verna Kufalk, Joan Smog, June Hunter, secretary: and Verna Kufalk, Mr. I-I. Kruzan '01'eaSU-1'e1'- Row II- Donna Mae Lasco, Miss I. Mcginney, June Hunter The Pep Club also sold candy at the games and sponsored dances in order to raise money for the club needs. Row l- Mr. Kruzan, E. Erickson, D. Thompson, G. Keating, J. Runyard, Miss McKinney, Row 2- A. Garver, M. Webb, B. Terry, L. Keating, P. Anderson, V. Ostrander, J. Strametz, RQW 3- B. J, McDougall, D. Lasco, N. Curnes, C. Greenlee. C. Schultz, J. Conrad, M. Nader. J. Peterson 52. 6?l.L'5LL.V9. f1Uom6'n'v.c1.l-CQr'S of Hrnefji C 61 o The Future Home Akers of America made their first e.jJjee.rrn1ce at Antioch H5-Sh this year. The officers are Joanne Hidgley president: Arlyn Schneider vice-president? 1 Shirley Ross, secretary: Enid Knrolius, treasurer: Mary Rose Uebb, activity chair- man. The organization is for HOHSIECODQMQCS A girls and is FL nat:,on.s,l OI'ffE'?,Z'llZR"QlOl1. . x F. E, A. sjonsored Q strre show for y- the rothers of the Hg:maEconomics girls Row 1- A. Schneider' E. zarolius, oefore Christmas, and had 1 joint party H. Webb, with the F. F. A. for Velentines' Dey. now 2- J. rndgely, :nes Hemel-S 1 V? We YOUQTT- 2116 ftmselirmc. but the 6DtHuS1QSD of tne members gives great pro- mise for next year. N Bow 1- F. Bolton, D. Schultz, Miss Meiners, D. Verke, L. Keatlng, J. Troesch, Row 2- N. Pirson, J. Hawkins, J. Kiehl, B. Durr, E. Karolius, A. Schneider, B. Purnette. Row 3- V. Wilson, J. Anderson, J. Midgely, D. Corbin, L. McCann, D. Sorenson, X. Webb student' Gouncjjy Bw I-M. Nader, K. Mattson, Mr. Binkhead Row II"'Ee' Janualvf we IHHHHIHH The Student Council is an organization of representatives from each class. Officers for this year are Kenneth Mattson, presidentg Ernest January, vice presidentg and Marlene Nader, secretaryg and W. Kuligowski, treasurer. During this year the council was in charge of the Homecoming which included the pow-wow, and parade, and dance. During the Christmas season they inaugura- ted the idea of decorating the class rooms and putting up dec- orations in the halls. Another activity of the Council is 'Eighth Grade Day' at which time the future freshmen are invited to visit our school to get acquainted with high school Iork and the build- ing. Last November twelve of the members went to the northern district meeting at De Kalb, Illinois. I I Rev 1- Jane Hunter, U. Kuligovski, H. Qpilty, 3. January, D. Thompson, E. Brabandt, Juno Hunter, Row 2- Hr. Birkhead, J. Conrad, L. Bach, Y. Gan, J- J- nCDOuC3ll, H. Under A. Risoh,, Row 3- F. McKinney, P. Poulos, I. Mattson, Jf H honey, R. Scott, P. Bratruc R. Simon, H. Conrad W y M T ' A M, QM A ,V M- , 'Ty 1 M My X U, I ,Q K V Nt K f fd' fi ii fm' ,fi ij?-ff im' ull wx' LL, -X xx F, f Z T I ,I wif X 1 may GS E M Warren ..... Zion. oooq 0 u Grayslalce. . Barring.-,'t on. Northbrook. Bensenville Grant ...... Palatine. . . SEASON' SCORES UODUIIOCDOUOI lo! OOO lit OOO!! O00 l :noun C 'ic X 27- 7 zo- o 14-13 32- o 36- 0 42- o 19- o 19- 6 gfbofbcl ff The Sequoits had the material this year, but couldn't find. e. working combination. The results were that they lost eight straight games. Injuries had taken their toll this Fall, handicapping many of us. Some of the games were close and others were not. We have one f consolation-Whitey Kuligowskzi placed on the All-Conference second team. Row 1- 3, Haviland, Ted Gajewski, R. Bernhzadt, F. Dittmer, R. Morley, L. Crawford, W. Holt, R- YOPP. Row 2- P. Ward, H. Otterness, J. Mahoney. H. Conrad. C- HP.1i11E'5. G- SVGZTSOYI, R. Gan, R. Simon, L. Zoellner, Row 3- Mr. Ki",n, A. Appenaitisf, K. Mattson, R. Wilton, I. Buchte., W. Kul- isfom-rslci, R. Thomivson, E. Kania. M' Stillsfxl. F. Wolfe, Hr. Pagfnic, Row LL- ET Wieczorek, P. Poulos, L. Cram-rford, P. Bratrude, E- Jeni?-TY. R- Scott, R. Kraft, C. Geng, L. Reidel T. Poulos, B. Cosgrove 58.'orv ansfii-' This year's Junior Varsity was one of the best in recent years. The year began with the team's winning the first seven games. After that, they ran into a bad streak, causing them to finish the season with an 11-7 record. As most of the ball club consis- ted of sophomores, it is planned that some valuable additions to the team will be made next year. 5111050 NKTIIILD7 NNUM V XXXJjK muff, J W5 wma Wim A " it sq J ROT'f Jo B' B' 'I' I1CH'lvLCn?:r5 Pow 2- W. Holt, C. Geng, J. Hojem, R- Vos. Mr- Perslc, HGV 3- H. Cardiff, L. Zoellner, R. Luchek, R- 33539, P- POulOs The Varsity of this year had only one returning letterman and seemed de- stined for a poor season, but improve- ment and spirit gave rise to a success- ful year. The league was well balanced and many of the games were Yery close. The Fighting Seguoits took second place in the holiday tournament at Wauconda, heating the host the first night, but bowing to Horthbrook in the finals. Coach Kruzan was well satisfied with the fourth place standing of our surprising aggregation. SEASOQT Grant.lOllOll Bensenville.. Uauconda... Palatine... Iorthhrook... Waucondzl.. . . Ela........ lforthbroolt. . . Barrington... Warren ....... Ela ....... ... Bensenville.. -Hauconda..... Palatine... morthbrook... Barrington... Warren ....... Grant ...... SCORES 59 TheyWe 35-36 60-2M 35-35 Ml-30 25-35 25-50 29-27 45-35 25-2M M2-36 35-41 50r35 36-24 22-29 31-24 45-39 25-so 34-35 x ff' Wy' ,X gl 7 Z VA 1 t Rom 1- J, Hairrell, M, Hulegki, R. Scott, L. Crawford, W. Morris, V. Conrad. Row 2- C, Bgytlett, P, Bratrude, I. Buchta, W. Wells, E. January, T. Poulos. gow 3- L, Reidel, H, Shank, D. Holem, wi Kuligowski, K. Mattson, R. Thofpson R. Kraft, Mr. Xruzan, Row M- R. Heath, R. Gaa, A. Ducommun, G. Gossell, A. Appanaitis, F. Hc- Kinney, D. Deering 60. BQSXEPAQZZ Ernest J anuary P1'6SilY Bmtn'-de Walter Kuligowski Robert Kraft Irving Buehta S Clifford Bartlett Thomas Poulos Warren Wells Kenneth Mattson Harry Shank W xx 3 NX XX 1 1 'y N X X C7,'l"q2, QXQ Antioch Track Squad, W5-D-T1G1'S of the Northwest Conference and defending champions, are looking forward to another successful sea- son. With most of the lettermen 'back the coming season looks hopeful, with Bob Kraft in the 'pole vault: Ken Mattson in the hurdles: Whitey liuligowslci in the weight department: gud Ernie Ja,nu.a.1'y in the distance mms. W M E af:- as M 64. C1101-'u,S The chorus this year was made up of sixty-three members. Although the group was fairly small, the sections were ve-l- belnnced. The Christngs Concert N15 given December 23. For this gala occasion. the chorus sang several songs in the spirit of Christmas. Now the chorus is practic- ing for the Festival Day et Efieuconda. and the Spring Concert. Mr. Von Holwede, the director, seems very confident that the chorus members who participate in the con- cert at Weuconda will give a pleasant show- ing for our school. The songs to be sung for the Spring Concert vary from light, gay melodies to more solemn songs of wor- ship. It is hoped by Mr. Von Holwede and the entire chorus that those attending the Spring Concert will enjoy the choral music. Row l Row 2 Row 3- Row 14- T. Poulos, H. Webb, P. Anderson, JZ lkdaoney, B, Burnett, W. Pierso E. Brah rendt , Tl, R. Gresens, K. I-httson, ID. Thompson, I-2. Simon, J, Rum,aZ,d B .mreund B Q. ! ' A. - , . Cosgrove , P. Weber, D. Karolius, A. Barthel, B. Terry, D, PV, F. Mattqon I, Miller, J. Kiehl, J- Ihiidsely. A- Popp. E. Gene. A- Olsen. v. Petersen, P. Kelleher M, Curnes , M . Bushing Row Row Row Row 65. 1 1 l 1- 2 3- 14- -v G. Keating, P. Hogan, C- Greenlee, Mr. Von Holwede, P. Bratrude, V. Kufallc, M. Campbell, B. Haviland, IB. Lasco, June Hunter, Jane Hunter, W. Von Bruenchenhein, A. Garver, F. Lux, E. Farnsworth, A. Rentner, J. Conrad, A. Malm, B. Barthel, IB.J. McDougall J. Peterson, N. Jarnigo, G. Swanson, R. Small, C. Horton, ID. Deering, H. Otterness, J. Kennedy, G. Pierce, T. Gajewski, R. Garver 66. San cl The band under the able direction of Mr. Hans Von Holwede, has participated in several events during this school year. During the football and basketball seasons the band played at all home games. It also marched in the Homecoming Parade, and played for the .American Legion Armistice Day Program. April was the month of the Spring Concert, where the band played the various practiced and mastered selections. In May the 'band is entering the District High School Music Festival held at Bensenville, and has high hopes of making a fine showing. Row I-R. Simon, J. Hunter. A. Rentner, C. Greenlee, W. Von Bruenchenhein 4 Jo Runyard- , Row II-N. Jarnigo, E. January, E. Farnsworth, P. Kelleher, C. Schultz D. Miller, A. Mattson, M. Ines, 11. server. ' Row III-P. Ward, B. Barthel, B. Lasco, V. Petersen, G. Pierce, 3, MCDO-ugall v. xufanf, B. cardiff, J. Hogan, J. Petersen, June Hunter ' eiegf, M 1 Mx, 9 3 N N' X 2 Y x S if msg is -, M, V all f 0.5!-,f,ff,f f , , fffrmww, ' ng ff ' ', Y H , , ,ff,f,f, , fi f 'J gf. 4 X i sm .sg X 11 . 3isrs:j,.igL, : .- iss-Wilkie fx J .,f-gig, ex-so - This is the first season that the band has been able to make use of the new uniforms. 'The coats are of a cardinal red, and the skirts and trousers are of the steel grey -- both of our school colors. The braid df the trimming is gold. Bow I-A.. Gerver, G. Creichton, R. Radtke, J. Cosgrove Row II-IB. Brabandt, T. Poulos, B.. Thompson, R. Gresens, C. Horton, K. Mawson, P. smtmae Row III-J. Mahoney, J. Kermeiy. L- Bock. B- Cvssrove. D- Deering. Mr- Hans , Von Holwede 68. wi 71? and The Sequoia Uusiclkdzers can render sweet and mellow as Jimmy Dorsey, as solid as Benny Goodman, and as versatile as Stan Kenton. This group is under the baton of Mr. Hans Von Holwede and may be heard rehearsing several mornings each week before regular class time in the band room at the south end of the building. The efforts of this popular band can be appreci- ated only when listening to one of its concerts or dancing to its music at a school dance. They play at junior and senior plays, assist in Christmas concerts, and in March present their own concert, which is usually a huge success. ' - "' '1 - -Q . low l- June Hunter, n. S O , R G' e --, .-,. - -- 1s f-: ,... Row a- Y. h1--lu, an nifs T. 'O I. littsoi, P. Qratruoe, Row j- 3. Cosurove, A. Eentner, E. .ra'anct T1 E' SERS, n. hubs, "'1 . is 1 L 1 71 JO' 'N-Lwfggds CJ-me fm 61 g e Seng effsrenibeneze '27 Q "" hr" P. Kelleher, A. Eisch, D. Mil1ez', M. Nader, S. Scott 05 O Nm ef 70- 'J-lomecomin The annual Homecoming celebration is nthen we end on the calendar of highfschool fall activities. Excitement reigns high from the moment the first plans are made until the lest dance with your favorite partner. Many weeks of planning and preparation by the Student Council are necessany to insure a fun-packed smoothrflowing program. Homecoming is the time when the alumni come back to their alma mater to get reacquainted, reminisce of the things done when they were in school, and to enjoy themselves with old friends. The massive celebration started on Thursday, the 9th of October, with the usual Pow-Wow held at the parking lot. The bonfire was lit by the captain of the foot- ball team, Bob Kraft, and when it reached its peak. the effigy of the opposing team was thrown in to symbolize the downing of the foe. Songs and cheers were given, and the teachers present and the captain of the team were called on to offer a prediction of the outcome of the game. The Snake Dance led by the cheerleaders through Main Street climaxed the night. ni 71 On Friday the lOth, the hand assembled for the hig parade downtown. It was led by the flag bearer and strutting mejorettes. This year the hand had a chance to show off its bright red and grey uniforms. They were mighty proud. Following the hand were the attractive queen and her court of beau- ties,end gaily decoreted floats that competed for prizes offered hy the Student Council. Friday night, was the most important game of the year. Oh, was it a thrilling, exciting, extraordineryh-----heart-breaking game. We lost with e 31 to O score. The final event was the Homecoming Dance. Decorations, soft music by 2 Ray ?eulson'f hand, and refreshments were Q enioyed by moth students and alumni. Dur- U ini the intermission the Coronation of the queen took place. Dolores Hiller was crowned by the captain of the Sequoits, Bob Kraft. Her court included, Adele Risch, Earlene Heder, Patricia Kelleher, and Susan Scott. So ended the Homecoming weekend for the year "LVL We will Baci: to see others. 5777155 da' zfenfta Fe, The Junior play this year was a. thrilling comedy with just H hint of mystery- The story centered around Jo Carter, who didn't like the unexciting life she led at Miss Prim's Girls' School. Jo left the school and, dressed as a boy, became a farm hand. There followed a series of hilarious adventures. The play was brought to e dramatic close when Jo was found to be a girl. east Sugw.. ....t- Betty... Peggy ..... Samson ........... Miss Prim ............ Josephine Carter.... Sarah Haskins ...... Rebecca Haskins .... Albert Brown ..... Qyrus .... ....... ... Mrs. John Carter .... Extra cellege girls... lloznr. Jzmzrnigc Jens Hunter Jhne Hhnter Warne Polsgrove Joan SMOC Annabel Barthel Verna Kufalk Marilyn Ries Robert Simon George Miller Elsie Farnsworth Jacqueline Schroeder Beverly Lasco Joan Hughes Elaine Geng C9f"c2Cff'6CZ 7Zuz"?'j 7 Miss Drusilla Hutt is determined that her two nieces shall go to college. They can't have allowances, go to movies or have heaux: they must study to become old maid school teachers. Aunt Drusilla must leave for a rest cure. Her housekeeper is to keep a strict eye on the girls. Desperate for some ngood timen money the girls decide to rent rooms. Their two slap-happy boy friends talk their uncle into renting rooms in the house. Magnolia who is looking for a rich husband, rents a room from the girls. Last to arrive are Adelbert Deweese and his aris- tocratic mama, who is bent upon getting Drusilla's money for her pre- cious boy. Immediately a series of calamitous and hilarious events take place, which proves that the title 'Cracked Nutts' is a very ap- propriate name. Cast Drusilla Nutt ........ .. ...Shirley Vos Mrs. Garfinkle ...... ...Clarice Schultz Delicious Appleby... ...Donna Lasco Confusion Jones .... ...Ernest January Peggy Nutt.. ..... ...Arlene Malm Ginger Nutt. .... ...Joan Conrad Pete Bemish........ ...Walter Kuligowski Billy Bemish. ......... ...Warren wells Magnolia Langsford.... ...Margaret Bunyard Professor Bemish. ..... ...Earl Brabandt Adelbert Deweese ....... ...Edwin Kania Mrs. De Wayne Deweese ..... .. ..... Dolores Hiller li V 7' Q Q 4. 80618 0, , y . .,,. s s yy 5 Z, R :s......a,, 3 vu. tmjm-J-A emo:-' from The 19127 Prom began with a very tasty dinner in the gym. Kenneth Mattson gave the welcoming address and the response was given by Mary Jean Maplethorpe. The other speakers for this gala occasion were Mr. W.C. Petty. Mr. Richard Paynic, and Mr. T.R. Birkhead. After the dinner, the guests gathered in the setting of a beautiful roofgarden. A fence of stars surrounded the punch bowl. Around the dance floor were placed small tables for those who wanted to sit out a dance or two. Soft lights and the dreamy music supplied by the Rh thm1Airs set the mood of the many dancers. During the Mid-Prom Interlude the guests were entertained by a song by Duane Weber, a song by the Trmrpet Quartet, composed of Mary Jean Hgplethgrpg, George Sass, Joe Cosgrove, and Bill Roepenack, a song by Olga Himens, a dance by Joan Conrad, and a song by Earla Polsgrove. Ralph Gresens served as the Master of Ceremonies. The Grand March was led by Kenneth Mattson and Annabelle Barthel. It ended in their ooronation as King and Queen of the Prom. Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Osmond, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bennett acted as ohaperones. The prom planners were: Decorations ..... Pat Anderson, Robert Risch, Earl Brabandt Invitations and Program ..... Robert Thompson, Virge Ostrander Entertainment ....... Presily Bratrude, Joan Conrad Refreshments ........ Helen Winfield, Helen Milichevich A wonderful time was had by all. This prom will long be remembered by those who attended as one of the best evenings of their lives. C67f74zc2,Q7fe2,f"er' Sequog Antioch High, ever true, true to you Loyalty, respect both ire due, Cheers for your girls Cheers for your boys They are yours--their pride and joys: ts, your team shows in fight great and Sequoits spirit, bravery untold, We lift our voice in,song, To cheer our whole life long, Antioch High School, fine and strong! bold H H r ,A+ :ii E Ll1.h:pli!nllnU5.A. EDWAIDS BROTHEIS. INC ANN All0l, IICHIGAN 1918 . , -- . .. g 1,7 -Q: 1 1 .1 I -1 1 ., " .- .1 ,Q-Q ff - ' Q ' 1 ,gg-if' i: V f . -3.0--If . "".'1"5 - v ' ' ,- fr-Q - . . - 1?-1'i'f 1? 3 --'- . Ji. ,'1:J'15v W-Q...,:31'f7.-F-?1'i.f 'ff F'453Tf-Mff,f31'2-IHS!-ff.iiwi 1f'.i,Qf5H'. , ig? F ,. . J' . -.Q .'i'i,Q"w,., '- A f - 3. - ,, w,,fgIsHyI" 1. --ff". ' X ' 'Q "'A1w'11g. .9-5? . 3.-3 A " , ' ' -f'f f f ' " --wx.. v- 'Q 1 ' . ,' '. ' .fm -ff-, - 4 ' 'fwes-fP- - Q ' an ' ' --'. ' I--. if V- ' 1'- - rv ' ' 1 ffsf1'.f":V' H - "f ,, "T-vfM - - . 41-, H- H W . -, git' , " , M" H . xr -' -f1:1.I 5+ :wr E ,, . - .I I . I I -I Us I . I- ,I 'I I W. If-xp. .- 1'+I:I,,gi-.- I, .Q -If .NIJ . if., ' 1. '- "-pr.. if . 1 - P 5' ' ik Qty- sta X ,,..,, wg. '- x vt " F-i1 Q, .i -'Y g mf f 'f iiiiff , "fA15.- ' ' -N 1-1 ' 92 V .- 1 4' . ..:'--'-'vi R. 1 X 21- f- . L . . . . 3 1 ' ' Q "14- ' K4 'V 4- if -vie'-wfw-"av 'Y . -w1f: -eg' 1 ..y,W' . ',-,x E. -3 'FII X xi-xg ' Q ' .--::. ,II I ,N'II3"f.1! ' i I in '. - Exif - :gf-gf'-53,52 I," I ffggjg 'yi ' 5 4-4 .H . Y ' f H.-QA P -. . ' -f 5 z 'V ew- -..-i...-- . ' ' " ' 'K' 5' x-gm ' f 99' X -3 Qsffi K. . a l if f il ' ff, V ' 1 - . ' L-,?fy'f'1f' ff fi- g'-45" f, - ' ' 421 ff- ' --'--. '4"':sifn'i -, - -X 4. - -. 11 W.-'-W-,XM Q E .ss .- ,fi 1-4 h p- -.I I. . VI I , .X I,k.,3iW-,.I ., ag, - .I E .' .12-Ei, - 1 ,321 3?-.FI ,.-SI .W ,, if If Q ,H 'Y .1 . V4 ' ' - ' 2"' I-.w 7. ff 5 7 ' - 'I 7fkf5'g': ,"-- ' ' '-- "'. "-i' -'-""'Q' 1 :,.: , f' A . ' ' wg. :V 'Q-7 '- Q P 'WAT' -. - F S -xii "3w..f,f- ' A ff-A .Fa " -..- . v- . ,I ., , ,II 1 55 , -- .3-2. 1 -nf -qi, lip ' HG' " if , . - I I Lx . III III! ,RI II: 1 I I ..,, I . A, 3 I if I I ..II III.I I I , II at-,.., , II Il AA, o I-3pus,,.I:I.s II , I A, w 43- 1 .. .'...-,.-- ' '-.- Qi. '-T . -.241 Lg- "f-" f - WMWHH .A N, I . amp V '. ' I . -"'I:f ISL, . II 1 ,i..I7I,I N - ' . E ik 2 ' ' Z- -. -.13 QF? 7'--5 z -TL '5""'-.-,.,e' -4- V 1 --5. :. - x" 'qi 'Q fu 1 sz'-. - P' . 2-X I. ,I I I , Yi :II II I - ,I I . IIQIL I I 6 , I I . I. II I ,KI .I ,,I. .. I I I X , h 4.IIIII,. I - , 1 , - u.- . I - I , -. I I , I I-.' NI' ' . ,, if . ,:,I - I II W. II Xxx.: ,RI 4, II- +IIII rg . . rukzkh -.LI ,II I - ,H-I 4'---' M if f- , - 4 -1 1. --3, -gf -,II - 'N - - S ' , ' gi 7 - -. CI f 'fl l - ., I I.,I I . I II , N ., 5 - . . -. , I A "f"!.,I -' Q., .-., M-, Q ft J N ' V' "WN "5"'.. ' x. I ,. ' , - , 5. x I 3:44, Tj: ' ' I -..Lw':-1"'f:..-v- I 6 Y' ' I,,,.-"9" f " N"--.. . , I I , ,Ii I I . ,II V Mgt: I ' w - rs. A 1 -4 g . - 1 ' 'XXIII - f.. 8 af' 'x 1. ' . . X Ax 'N Msn. 1 .5 I I - ..arI I wx 'IIN . , - X-:N ,, I -, III . ' ' -4 X 'xl ' ' Y -..- E- . x I " -5 .. I I I-I . 'qiix I . - - x I - . . ' 1, 1 xa- - LII . .I I - x -ki I - N . .. . XXIII I - I IR , , , 1 A. . " I , . - .5 ' , I I I. . Iv Y ,'. . -IL.. V. ' " I l W , .,: - . ' Q' ' ,. -xx "I ' ' I I I . .I . X I ,I I , If ,I , ., . I III . y "iff . Va-fm. . J' ' . , I I V- ' V I, In-21-. . .' , puff 'ef 11- E- 'L 4352-L ' ff. -14--fzi ' f "'.3'lf--"N - ,. HIT. I. II A. I -I., II - , 'Q ' 'T V , Ifjg, M' ii: V TA 9 T32 i - .I I I,,- ---, 4. I I f- f ,.. f " 3' F --H - 1 LQ- I, I , . J 3 IfI,II 5, . , I :QI , F . , 1 ,051 .ff fs5"- 5? I+' 1 . , 4 -,WIA ,..3g- . 455, ' , .f',4,1.- 1 ,L ' f. . i If If ,. II .:- If.. .I.I,I - iff. ,-II1 :3 I' I-I'-PQ 1 I 1IIEI,.5:: 4, . . ' f' I ' - ' , - 1 - K - . 4, 4' ' .'-. "QQ W3 - '2"""" ' W if .- - '. fff- - k, gf 4 .2 f1'f'1t Y' 121:11 f'fA -' " ' ' 1- - I- , S' I I III I 1 ' -ff iz., ' , - gf?-'f' Al' ,. 'ftfIi'iiQ's?'5B I ' IIE., IIZI 1 .I .'1I:II, . IIIIIII, I, I Itgfj' -If I Irqyg I II I II I Q- -1.-:PII .III -I- ,fgxgj II1 .,, V 1 , . . -. .,., , - ff ' ". ,.. 9,"- ,. - 4. 7,1-1-,,,I ,f .1 ,r 4.-N A , . , ak , K.- -f ' -- -, 1--f-. 1' . ' . , . ' -' U4 -1. " . ..-2 ,, Il I I, I if ' - II s Q-.f..: - III has Ipfg. :I , 1 1 3' .f - . 1 Ti 5 f 'ff 'H+ - ,. .I ,wg ,II,. I,'- I. I '-.fl . -I,,1 I- .-nIg , , .I I I ,,,. V., I ': qc. Q.-5' ' ' ' , 1 9 f ' ,I . - ., P: . , ' 'V .I lf, I.: i I I ,MIIIII . I II I, A l,I f II II 1 ,' , 4' If . V' , - is. Q 5-Q: -:ff u ' ' T' 'lfwgfh ff? , QV , .Aj df? "If . 1,5 ,mu "Ii , v ,I ' ' ,ff ww- -'I 'I V f 1' -""'k' 'j'u'f'- fvf ' ,.'A. ' 1 4. A If ..'Ji,' .f"f34Q 7' ' - '- -tr. JU f --sf- ' f1Pll".5B'l!'YE3 "

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