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1, ffl Wiihbir 4 'MF' xx 1 f f' f ff 'I c Qirsi ff! 1 WJ..-,, QXIU v K, V in W1 V V 1 J 1 i V 'if' ,LLHN-M' fi ""' ff ' A x ' " W . A 1 --K.,FfQ-lux ' N. 1 ,-ff' ' x , A ff? , x K X , K.. XX- xx N M 'V whiff , 1, -Y 4 X 1 'V ' f -N ' 4 5. - A , A W , yf , -1 - .u ,U , r w . ,, V, L w ,,, . s 'i , I . . ,f ,A ,, 1 .5 lp, x f" . . ,x 1ff.a'.' 253 ,,, . Q. v , L .,K.,,, fw - 1 f V, ,Q ff" A . L, A M. , f Q . 1 ' s , HFC? 'w ' L s,'Ns l xxx! ANTIOCH TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL rx f v' Q is presents T smquon of 1947 Q '5 ' "" E il il II, A s ' , 5 5 5Q5f ggi ' ' -232' F , E .M Q: I "' I'-, 'ip AI, ' ..' H, rn r pelzcaflon We, the students of Antioch Township High School, do hereby dedicate this Sequoia of 1947 to our Board of Education, in appreciation of their ef- forts to provide us with the tools of knowledge, of their co-operation with the administration, and of their sincere interest in the improvement and progress of our school. 1476! ,H f M Wffrlklwxxn aim wx, M EEE X J 1v"" I 7 X mmzaffafzon if I v f ELMO W. EDWARDS, Assistant Principal Antioch, Illinois- Southern Illinois U., Colorado State College. IB. S., M. S. General Scienceg Physics. aff THEODORE R. IBIRXHEAD, Principal Bethany, Illinois. Illinois State Normal., State U. of Iowa, N.U., U. of Chicago. B. Ed., M. S. Advanced Math, Student Council. JEANNETTE H. DARROUGH NARCISSUS ANN DONOVAN Sheldon, Ill., B. Ed., M. Cerro Gordo, Ill.: B.S.Ed.g A.gIllinois State Normal Illinois State Normalg U., Universal Institute Physical Education, Typ- of Kansas, U. of Mo., U. ing I, Junior Business of Ill., U. of Miamig Training? History, Economics, Civicsg Freshman Class, G. A. A. Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Freshman Class ' MAY HARTLEY JEAN KRUEGBR Aledo, Ill.: B. A., M..A4 Genoa City, Wisconsing B.A.5 Iowa State Teachers College, U. of Wisconsin, U. of Minnesota, Columbiag English III, IV, Chemistryg Mathematics, Geometry, Alge- Pep Club, Sophomore Class brag Junigr Class I ,ln MAURICE R. KRUZAN Prairie City, Ill.g B.S. QP.Ed.Dg U. of Illinoisg Biology, Physical Educap tion, Athletic Director and Coachg Pep Club, FAU Club RAMONA MARIE LUBEJKO Chicago, I11.g B.A.: U. of Illinoisg Spanish, Librariang Junior Class, Annual I C. L. KUTIL Antioch, Illinoisg B. S., U. of Wisconsin: Vocational Agriculture: Future Farmers of America RICHARD L. PAYNIC Wood River, I1l.g B.Ed.g Illinois State Normal: Typing, Bookkeeping, Short- hand: Freshman Class ETHEL DIXON QUEDENFELD Antioch, Illinois: B. S.5 Illinois State Normal, Merrill-Palmer Schoolg Home Economics I,II,III2 Sophomore Class HANS VON HOLWEDE Antioch, 111.3 B.M. Ed., HJMO Ed-09 M'M': U. of Iowa, N.U., Chica50 Conservatory, Ameridan Conservatory: Band, Chorus, Senior Class 7 MELVIN M. STILLSON Antioch, Illinoisg B.S.g U. of S. Dakota, E. St. Teachers Collegeg Colorado State Colfegeg Industrial Arts THERSA WEHR Terre Haute, Indiana: B.A., M.A.g U. of Chicago, Columbia U., Indiana State Teachers College, Latin, English I, II, Senior Class ' BEHIND THE LINES.... I, , Q f e 1 e iw R ' I 3 p Qg?3gQ t'i f ,?Q7 iw I 1, f,,,,,,, ,,,G K A '- :EZ?- - -6 J. Harms Mrs. Burnette, Mrs. Blutharat, Mrs. Sass, Mrs. Hansen Marjorie Doolittle Secretary Antioch, Illinois Lake College of Commerce C. Cunningham , acufzlg fx 1' .,,-I ,V 4 2 5' , A , ,Q . aan , zff igg Q 4? f if WW pf- 1? sw f ,, if 1 2 as 1 ' ' 4 A , 6 1 166 1 ', , 1 . 9. 1 .., , 'f'c,f ' , ' -5.0 ' ' 9 ' KJ? .L-,yi ,V V 'k" - "e1?Lff1" ?Ll'ffil X f i ,1 ' ,4,5,.fiv N, -.,g93,ygfjw.:v,5 - ., f , M - f-in K 2 x ,f aw . pr. w ' 4.15 ,LL' Z 'E 1. 7 ififi 'cy ,-1-if-14 , vt jf -' ' f4i4,f'l5",f5QZ" Y' 'LAv'T-lfjgib , ,V , f ,, 'fixf ,Zyl ,. ,, I 9:1 . "ki, f' 25371 - 1.- Q M , ,Q sl f -, 3 P 1 :gy W ig Ie 9 1" 67- 6 X 4? f , f , I , , 1 ' 44 v , , S A 14 Y 1' 'W 1 3 -W 10. . I ,- I " A ' W"4'A" ' - if g , ' r , -H-,NM K ' 1 Yf ' 'H' W"'W' X f 13' f , A H ,, I 'V my X k .I F. y ' N4 I W V Q . si ,fha K ' V W' V Maw' - :lF1 E CW ' . i 4, ,, P Y ,mi V - xje..1 as 6 N .. f xx' 'fill' 1 - - f' I ' . 1? 2 . 5532-P 4 . I , .,.V, ,,...,.. , W 5 'X-I li -' L f ff , q -, ' W :.......s -- e. ' ? W3 ' - ,, ','L --'L ' L53 K , LL,. - 1- luv 'KDS , nzm ffalei ' ,"wV' :W f :Q x . fm I-H v 4. SF' ' 5.5 3 ' ' E u Sig. , if ' Nw 1 ' 3.1. Q 2 ' H , .Q A 647 fm? W Q I Q w w? QM ww Qfmfwim my 12. ffm: vqufovy Many things have happened within m wall -- things which would be very amusing if revealed to your attentive ears. For instance, at the beginning of the '43 school year, I saw a large group of freshmen entering the building from various doors. They were all typical looking, but there was that usual awed look upon their bright and smiling faces. They were just coming out of that adolescent stage when they were all arms and legs. Their ability to make new friends and acquaintances was soon put to work, and they set out to accomplish many great things. First they chose class officers, who were: Duane Weber, president: Jerry Pregenzer, vice-president: Eleanor Schaefer, secretary: Lucille Kuhn, treasurer. Student Council representatives were: Kathleen Gindick and Jerry Pregenzer. JoAnne Saylor was elected freshman attendant to the Queen's Court for the Homecoming activities. The class advisors were Miss Kruse and Miss Paulsen. In January they gave a party for the Sophomores. All the class was laying groundwork for future sports, music, dramatics, and other activities. The Sophomore year was started off on the right foot by welcoming the freshmen with a fun-packed party, which broke down all barriers. Howie Nevitt proved to be an enlightening Master of Ceremonies. The class officers were: Dan Jones, Presidentg Len Mattson, Vice-president: Jim Fields, Secretary: and Mary Jean McCann, Treasurer. The Sophomore representatives in Student Council were: Jerry Pregenzer, Duane Weber, Esther Weber, and Jane Nelson. Gerry Sass represented dur class in the Homecoming activities. Due to the large class, our advisors weres' Miss Paulsen, Mrs. Funkhouser, and Mr. Von Holwede. The Junior year was a very active one for all. It was started by elect- ing Len Mattson, President: Ray Ohlgren, Vice-president: George Grunow, Secretaryg and Mary Jean McCann, Treasurer. The class advisors were: Miss Paulsen, Mr. Von Holwede, and Mrs. Lavold, who was later replaced by Mr. Breese. The Student Council meetings were attended by: Alyce Pedersen, Pat Milz, Jane Nelson, Lee Ipsen, Jerry Pregenzer, and Ken Heuer. Candy sales, which were under the direction of Betty Ring, helped to furnish money for the successful prom. The Broadway production, WJanieW, was presented to a packed house on November 8 and 9, under the capable direction of Mr. Samuel Wenet. The play revolved around the trials and tribulations of teen? agers in a small town, which was affected by the impact of war. The setting for the prom was a Mexican patio. Soft lights and mellow music set the mood for the evening dancing. Preparation for the prom called for the cooperation of the class, due to the fact that there was but one day to complete the decorations after the Senior Play. Leonard Mattson, our king, chose Gerry Gresens to be queen. The Junior boys Cl6D proved outstanding in various sports. The girls, too, did their share by participating in all GAA activi- ties. Several girls were chosen on the All-Star team and walked off with the game. Nancy Ellis was elected cheerleader and also the attendant to the Queen's Court for Homecoming. Len Mattson surprised everyone in attaining the co-editorship of the annual. On Flag Day, Len Mattson received the Amer- ican flag on behalf of the Junior class, and Jerry Pregenzer recited the history of our flag. Yes, it was a busy year, but the one ahead held more fun and at the same time maintained its seriousness. But let the Seniors tell us about this one ..... ...... Here we were at the top of the ladder. We had always looked upon that position of 'Senior Big Shot' with longing. But when we got there, it proved fCont ' d. page 28D 13 Mary Jean Maplethorpe 0 Jerry Pregenzer nMaPeu n n Band Chorus Swing Band Rusty Pep Club, Studgnt councii Student Council, Football, Senior Class Presidentg Ambition: Professional Musician Harry Smith Track, Football, A Club, Band, Class Secretary, Ambition: Veterinarian ' Basketball, Track, Dra- matics, Chorus, Annual Club, Junior Play, A Club, A Club Pres.g Ambition: Gentleman Bum Orville Hairrell 'Butch' Class Treasurer, 'A' Club, Football, Basketball, Trackg Trans. from Waukegan, Ill. in '44g Ambition: Travel lCanadaJ 14. Jeanne Allen NJ1nxW Trane. from Miami Fla. in l46: Pep Club, Chorus, Annual, Dramaticsg Ambition: Radio singer Darlene Bauer Hnarll 3.A.A., Secretary 3, Pep Jlub, President 4, Chorus, All Stars, Home Ec. Social Chairman 3, Annual Jlub, Annual Staff Mnbition: PhyS.Education Peacher Raymond Atwood Yoff 'ien ,QfQEe- David Arthur nbaven Trans. from Chicago, I11 in '45g Football, UA' Clubg Ambition: Travel Aldona Berkiel WCaldoniaU Chorus: Ambition: To be a poet r if nRayll Band, Basketball, Track Ambition: Play a claria net like Benny Goodman. 15 Philip Burke Paul Thomas Chase 'Phil' 'Tom' F.F.A. reporter, Footballg Junior play, Ambition: Mechanical Dramatic Club, Engineer Ambition: To make a tour of Alaska Bennie Drury Robert L. Eppers 'Babe' 'EP' 'A' Club, F.F.A., A Chorus, Ambition: To hold a Job with two sixpmonth vacations. Joan Crawford UJOU Football, Basketball, Track: Trans. from Milwaukee, Wis. in '46g Ambition: M.D. G.A.A., Pep Club, Home Ec., Chorus Ambition: Secretary 1 .- 1 , .wgvrgiiwmg pf, , I " iffy , J .X jfjf , f Q 22' C, C, ' ffl 4' 4 f 1245 V f f , 7762 7 . f ' ' ' C 'wwwwwv How, ww5M?WWbf W4 wwfrw 16. James Fields 'Jima Football, Basketball, Track, Annual Club, Dramatics, WA' Club, Junior Play, Treasurer and Secretaryg Ambition: Conservation Work Kathleen Gindick WKatieU G.A.A., Pep Club, Journalism Club, Annual Club, Annual Staff, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Junior Playa Ambition: To write a best seller and travel. Betty Gregory WBettyW Chorus, Pep Club, G0-MAO: Trans. from Evanston, Ill.,in '44g Ambition: Achieve happiness Walter Garver Uwallyl A.T.H.S. Band, Maine Band Trans. from Desplaines, Ill. in '46g Ambition, Mechanical Engineer Anne Gossell UAnnieW Pep GQAO Ao Q Chorus, Home Ec.5 Ambition: Travel 17. George Grunow 'Georgie' Track, Jr. Play, Class Secretary, Dramatice, Chorus, Band, Trans. from Chicago, Illn in '44g Ambition: Architect Kennedy Heuer 'Ken' Basketball, Football, Band, Chorus, Annual, "A" Club, Student Council, F.F.A., Swing Band, Plays, Trans. from Chicago, Ill.. in '44' 'uni : 11 Am on P otographer Juanita Heath 'NitaW Richard Hansen 'Red' Basketball, Chorusg Ambition: To be a bookkeeper for a small business. Walter Hills WCorky' Basketball, Track, Band, Swing Bend, Annual Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Playg Ambition: To get a good job. Home Ee., Ambition: To be a dress designer. 18. Olga Himens nzayn G.A..A. All-Stars. Pep Club, Chorus, Home Ec. CSec. Officerl, Annual Editor, Jr. Play, Drama- tic Clubg Ambition: Concert Singer Daniel Jones II Dannyu A Club, Sec.-Trees, President, Track, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Varsity, Football, Jr. may, sr. Play: Ambition: To secure a place l of distinctiong own a pri- t vate plane. I or Gerald Hunter WJerry' Barbara Horton 'BarbW Band, Chorus, Pep Club G.A.A. , All-Star, An- nual Club A Staff, Dramatics, Swing Bandg Ambition: Go surf- board riding in Hawaii Jean Kiehl 'JeannieU Home-Ec. Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Annual Clubg Ambition: Beauty culturist FQFQAQ' Ambition. To be succes- ful in all under- takings. 19. June Kumpik "Junie" Chorus, Pep Club, G.A.A., Home Ec. Clubg Ambition: Travel Roger Herz wacky" Band, Chorus, Track, Foot ball, Jr. Play, Dramatics Club, Annual Club, Ambition: Chemical Engineer Erich Lubkeman K x, ' Thelma. Longly "The1" Pep Club, G.A.A., Chorus, Home Ec. Club 3 Ambition: Travel Leonard Mattson lLennyl Trans. Mt. lhnpide, Cal in '44 Vice-president, Presi- dent, Jr. Play, 'A' Club, Chorus, Band, Dramatics, Football, Basketball, Track, Ambition: Engineer 'Luke' Ambition: Mechanical Engineer 20. Wx. John McKinney 'Johnny' FOAOAO6 Ambition: Trapping Russell Myers n Skips: Band, Chorus, I,F.As, Junior Play, Ambition: Travel Patricia Milz 'Pat' Band, Chorus, Pep Club, Home Ee. Club, G.A.A., All-Stars, Annual, Dra- matics, Student Council Trans. from Evanston, Ill. in '44g Ambition: Ski in Swit- zerland Walter Message 'Wallys F.F.A., Trackg Ambition: Own a garage Mabel Norman 'Norma' Pep Club, Home Ec. Club, Ambition: Artist 21. Ray Ohlgren lgayn Annual Staff, Student Coun- cil, Jr. Play, 'A' Club, Track, Football, Basketballg Trans. from Chicago, 111. 1 144. Ambition: Engineer Viola Pedersen nvin G.A.A., Home Ec. Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics, Annual: Trans. from Chicago, 111. in '45g Ambition: Nurse . - Jean Pagels Ipegn Band, Chorus, Swing Band, Pep Club, G.A.A., All-Stare Annual, Dramatic Clubg Trans. from Chicago, Ill. in '44g Ambition: Physical Educaa tion Instructor Mary Ann Poulsen A, 'Mary Lou' A Band, Chorus, Pep A' GQAQA-of Ambition: Court Re- porting Alice Pedersen 'Pete' t Annual Staff, Pep Club, P Secretary, Chorus, Band, G.A.A., Student Council, Treasurer, Home Ee, Pre- sident. Ambition: Travel 22. Preston J. Heckers "Sv1fty" Football, Basketball, Track, 'A' Club, Annual Staff, Chorus, Dramatics, Jr. Playg Trans. Austin in '44 Ambition: Commercial Art Geraldine Rzysko 'Gerry' Pep Club, Ambition: Travel Elizabeth Ring 'Betty' Pep Club, Annual Staff, G.A.A., Home Ec., Trea- surer, Student Council, Secretary, Chorus, Dra- hatics, Vice-President, Jr. Play, Homecoming Queen '46:, Ambition: Teacher Charles Rigby 'Chuck' Basketball: Ambition: Radio Technician George Sass 'Porgie' Band, Swing Band, Chorus, Track, Bas Ball, Footballg Ambition: Success ket 49' 123. Geraldine Sass 'Gerry' G.A.A., Secretary, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Stu- dent Council, Home Ec. Club, Dramatics, Cheer- leaders, Chorus, All-Stars, Homecoming, Jr. Play, Ambition: Navy Nurse Rosemary Slazes 'Rosie' G.A.A., Home Ec., Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics , Annual Clubs Ambition: Public Health Nurse Q Eleanor Schaefer uma . G.A.A., Pep Club, Band, Chorus, Annual Club, Journalism, Dramatics, Home Ee., Swing Band, Secretary, All-Stars, Jr. Play: Ambition: Supervisor at Antioch Telephone Co. Joanne Saylor UJOU Chorus, G.A..A., Pep Club, Annual, Jr. Playg Ambition: Air Hostess Joanne Delores Smoak 'Boots' G.A..A., Home Ec. Club, Chorusg Trans. from McHenry, Ill in '44, Ambition: Accordionist 24? Irvin Sorenson n3udn Ambition: State Patrolman Esther Weber 'Tess' Pep Club, Vicedpresident, G.A.A., All-Stare, Annual, Student Council, Home Ee. Club, Dramaticsa Ambition: Study music Duane Weber 'Web' Football, Basketball, Track, Chorus, Annual, .cf jg I Jean Vos 'Jeannie' G.A.A., Pep Club, Home Ec. Club, Chorus, Ambition: Travel Elsie Winfield nwindy' Home Ec. Club, Annual Club, Annual Staffg Ambition: Chemist Dramatics, President, Student Council, A Club, Jr. Play, Ambition: Coach or Pro-football Kenneth Woolmer 'Hooley' FQFQAQS Ambition: Agriculture teacher 'WN ix' I if, ' X jf ol 2, ff 9 4 Years H C7055 To our most worthy heirs we, the Class of '47, will that which was once ours: Jean Allen--my perpetual motion while singing songs to Mary Ann Quilty. Dave Arthur--my split second answers in English IV to Gordon Gebhart. Ray Atwood-my dishwashing ability to Jim Waters. Dar Bauer--my nquiet mannern to Anita Haling. Aldona Berkiel--m sudden giggles to somber classrooms. Phil Burke-my Wtown sedan' to Bob Thompson. Ton Chase--my safe 'n sane driving to Ray Lubkeman. Joan Crawford-my Wbashfulnessn to Dallas Karolius. Bennie Drury--my interest in the F.F.A. to Joe Cosgrove. Bob Eppers-my Wback row' conversations in English IV to Don Lee Holem. Jim Fields--my Wmonstrousn physique to I. Buchta Wally Garver--my drawing ability to "little" Stillson. Betty Gregory--my correct ennnciation to Margaret Anderson. Kathleen Gindich--my friendly arguments with the teachers to Barbara Tiede. Anne Gossell--my steady beau to the halls of A.T.H.S. George Grunow--my Wtechniquen on the dance floor to George Gossell. Butch Hairrell--my place in the hall to Norman Reckers. Dick Hansen--my Uagreeablen disposition to Paul Portwitch. Juanita Heath--my Wtinyn figure to Ella Mae Edwards. Ken Heuer--my 'well-groomedn hair to Bill Morris. Corky Hills--my 'dead-pann expressions while engrossed in music to E. Brabrandt. Olga Himens--my singing ability to Colleen Fairman. Barbara Horton-my ability to overhear telephone conversations to L. Ericksen Jerry Hunter--my scholastic abilities to Presily Bratrude. Dan Jones--m pole-vaulting to Donnie Shank. Jean Kiehl--my 'wonders' in chemistry to Bob Risch. ' June Kumpik-my Florida tan to Arlene Malm. Thelma Longly--my position in the main store in the downtown district to anyone who can handle it. Erick Lubkeman-my Ugrease.m0nkeyU abilities to Bob Kraft. Roger Marz--that 'certain' girl to Carlyle Harris. Len Mattson--my physics grades to Ed. Kania. Mary Jean Maplethorpe--all my boyfriends to Farnsworth and Jarnigo. John McKinney--my dynamic personality to Osenbaugh. Wally Message-my Wdetours' on those sudden trips to the office to Tommy Poulos. Pat Milz--my gentle basketball playing to Barbara Barthel. Russell Bammoth stature to Philip Latham. Mabel Norman--my mania for reading books to Dolly Ries. Ray Olhgren--my fatal attempts of trying to be a comedian to Logan Lundgren. Jean Pagels--my tall but Wmodeln figure to Dorothy Holt. Alyce Pedersen--my neat appearance to Wanda Howell. Vi Pedersen--my knowledge of the Wmanly artsn to Johanna Cobb. Mary Ann Poulsen--my lost flowers at the Junior Prom to anyone who can find them. M Jerry Pregenzer--my Wwayn with the women to Bob Arthur. Pres Rockers--my favorite nickname to James Hairrell. fcont. p. 281 27 cfm!! WTOIDAECQ You are cordially invited to attend the reunion of the class of '47 of the Antioch Township High School held at the home of Mr. 5 Mrs. Raymond Ohlgren on May 29, 1960, at eight o'clock p.m. I R.S.V.P. The chimes have just finished their melodious notes, and the foot- steps of Mrs. Ohlgren, the former Betty Ring, can be heard approaching the door. Incidentally, their home is located in Channel Lake and is furnished beautifully. Ray is now a Civil Service worker. As the door opens the hostess greets Miss Barbara -- Madam Hortonski -, who is now a famous ballet dancer just arriving from a recent tour of Europe to ap- pear in the leading role of the 'Ballet Russel. The next arrival is Mr. James Fields, the famous lecturer, who is no touring the country and lecturing to Women's clubs on WJuvenile Delinquencyn. Along with him is his secretary, Miss Gerry Rzysko, Among the others to arrive are: Mr. 5 Mrs. Sorenson, cafeteria manager at A.T.H.S. Cafederia. She has to support the family. Mrs. Sorenson is the former Elsie Winfield. Miss JoAnne Saylor, who is singing with Sammy Kaye's WSwing 'n Swayn music is escorted by George Sass, who is the leading trumpet player in Spike Jones' revised band. The newly married couple, Mr. d Mrs. David Arthur, have just arrived. Mrs. Arthur is the former Rosemary Slazes. Dave is now a traffic cop in the loop district of Antioch, and he claims he's got the speed! To add a bit of gossip, Rosie just married Dave because Bob couldn't support her! Len Mattson has just casually strolled in. He is now an electrical engineer and claims he gets a charge out of life. A telegram was just received from the Father Marz. He is una able to come because of bad flying conditions. Roger now holds the po- sition of Bishop in one of the cathedrals at Rome. Dar Bauer and her husband Dick Hansen, who now own and operate the local ice-cream parlor, 'Snow White'sH, have just arrived. Dick's red hair has fascinated Dar ever since their first days of high school, and she just couldn't refuse his Umodestn proposal. Mary Jean Maplethorpe, who has taken over Mr. Vnn Holwede's place in the Music Department at A.T.H.S. and Gerald Hunter, who has replaced Mr. Kutil as the head of the Agriculture Department, just walked in together. Mary Ann Poulsen just arrived a little breathless due to an overtime game in which her basketball team, nThe Poulsen Pivoteersn, have just won by a two point margin, and who now hold the state title. Wally Garver, the speedway king, enters with an authoratative air about him. He now holds the title of the Indianapolis W5OO'. Esther Weber is now the owner of the fashionable 'Tess' Sweet Shopn, which was formerly known as Ted's. Juanita Heath, who is now the second Kate Smith, entered with her chauffeur, and still faithful servant, Hay Atwood. Ken Heuer, fCont'd. page 661 SENIOR WILL fContld.l Chuck Rigby--my 'heightn to Francis Lux. Betty Ring--my friendliness to Virginia Ostrander. Gerry Rzysko--m constant Chicago excursions to Margaret Runyard. Gerry Sass--my pink formal to Jackie Schroeder. George Sass--m hiccups to posterity. JoAnne Saylor-m Uuniquen walk to whoever can handle it. Eleanor Schaefer--mr anti-male opinions to Sally Flint. Rosemary Slazes--my gym shorts to anyone with enough pins to replace the missing buttons. I Harry Smiths-my whirl-wind courtships to Jerry Morris. Delores Smoak-my Wperfectn attendance to Annabelle Barthel. Irvin Sorenson!-my English IV book to some up-and-coming senior. Jean Vos--my height to the Janitors when they have to wash high windows. Duane Weber-my good disposition to June Petersen. Elsie Winfield-my Home Ec. abilities to Donna Lasco. Kenneth Woolner-my bashfulness to Cliff Bartlett. SENIOR HISTORY fCont'd.Q to be plenty responsibility and fun, too. The class officers were: President, Mary Jean Maplethorpeg Vice-president, Jerry Pregenzerg Sec- retary, Harry Smithg Treasurer, Orville Hairrell. Our Student Council representatives were: Harry Smith, Jerry Pregenzer, Ray Ohlgren, Duane Weber, Alyce Pedersen, Betty Ring, Gerry Sass, Mary Jean Maplethorpe. Kennedy Heuer was chosen president of the Student Council. Betty Ring re presented our class as Queen of Homecoming, with Gerry Sass as senior attendant. Work was started early on the annual and Olga Himens was elected editor with Ray Ohlgren as her assistant. Our senior boys had risen to an outstanding place in athletics. Duane Weber was chosen foot- ball captain and Dan Jones basketball captain. Dan Jones also received the coveted honor of the Sportmanship Trophy. Gerry Sass was one of our cheerleaders. The senior play, 'Ever Since Even, was presented on May 16 and 17, under the direction of Miss Darrough. It was presented to a very large audience. Our four years are drawing to a close. At the annual Flag Day cere- monies we presented a flag to the Junior Class for them to honor as We have honored its meaning. Baccalaureate services brought to our minds the true value and meaning of our work and happy times here in our school Bar T- . + i gf - l, F Y lx , s 1 - - if Y? -l - V - ,5 1 -J 1 , X if Qt Z 1 Z usxklumz SQIENQC Q M E? My 2- N f,, Q SPANISH-I fi HMSEMXX ' v' ' Q , X , 7'reJAmen .goplomorea guniou 9 I FQ? K 9 --ff-fi' 41,11- union GLASS OF 1948 The Juniors had the year, with a membership precious things come in class officers for the smallest class this of fifty-five, but small packages. The year were: Kenneth Mattson, presidentg Joe Cosgrove, vice-pre- sidentg Joan Conrad, secretaryg Pat Ander- son, treasurer. The class advisors were: Miss Hartley and Miss Lubejko. The representatives of the Junior Class for Student Council this year were: Pat Anderson, Helen Winfield, Dolores Miller, Presi1y.Bratrude, Kenneth Mattson, and Walte Kuligowski. Under the supervision of Mar- garet Anderson, the Junior girls have been, throughout the year, selling candy bars . , V A it . Ll ,fs C1 f r LN gg Row l- V. Ostrander, M. Rnnyard, P. Anderson, Miss R. Lubejko, V. Gas, A. Olsen, D. Lssco Row 2- J. Hairrell, B. Keulman, D. Miller, D. Thompson, E. January, J. Cosgrove Row 3- M. Muleski, L. Osenbaugh, B. T hompson, R. Lubkeman, W. Wells, R. Bisch, E. Faust 1' to raise funds for the Junior and Senior Prom. This year the football team gave Joan Conrad the honor of being chosen as the Junior attendant to the Queen's court for Homecoming festivities. The Junior boys have represented themselves in all major sports. nJust Duckyn under the direction of Miss Darrough proved to be very suc- cessful. 31. uniou 3Zi:52g,J. Cosgrove, K. Mattson, Miss Standing! P. Anderson, Miss R. Lubejko J. Conrad. Row 1- H. Milichevich, C . Schultz, H. Winfield, B. Tiede, Miss M. Hartley, M. Anderson, J. Conrad, D. Karolius Row 2- P. Bratrude, W. Morris, D. Holem, R. Crawford, J. Vos, R. Kraft, G. Gebhart, V. Roepenack, R. Arthur Row 3- R. Gressens, J. Morris, R. Bach, E. Brabandt, E. Kania- W. Kuligowski, K. Mattson, R. Duben, E. Khmpik 32. 5 .YOPAOMOTZJ The class of i949 is an average size class of 60 members. At an early meeting in September, l946, we elected the following officers: June Hunter, President, Jane Hunter, Vice-Presidentg Sally Flint, Sec- retaryg Jacqueline Schroeder, Treasurer. We entertained the Freshmen at a Frosh-Soph Party on October 11 in the auditorium. It was considered a huge success, both parents and students enjoying the refreshments and evening's entertainment. We were given a return Seated: June Hunter, Jane Hunter, Standing: S. Flint, Mrs. E. Quendenfeld, J. Schroeder, Miss J. Krueger. Row 1- S. Flint, B. Smoak, A. Walczyk, E. Gengg I. Lux, D. Py, J. Woolner, Row 2- C. Fairman, J. Hughes, E. M. Edwards, J. Fairman, M. Ries, June Hunter, R. Heath, Miss J. Krueger Row 3- A. Popp, J. Cobb, A. Barthel, F. Skeans, L. Keating, IB. Meyer, E. Farnsworth, R. Adamson Row 4- J. Schroeder, V. Kufalk, T. Poulos, B. Vos, L. Ring, G. Weber, B. Reidel, J. Slazes, L. Reigler .QOPAOMOTEJ party by the freshmen on April 25. F Annabelle Barthel, Verna Kufalk, Bob Scott, and Tom Poulos were our Student Council representatives. lAs a representqtive to the Queen's L11 uourt, the football team chose June Hunter, who was escorted to the co- ronation by Bud Reidel. This yearfs sophomore class leads all others in its abundance of acti- vity-minded people. The Hunter twins and Annabelle Barthel are our leading cheerleaders, while the football team is fortunate in having G. Miller, T. Pouloe, L. Reidel, N. Elfring, and B. Scott. R. Gaa is manager of the team. A. Barthel, B. Lasco, Verna 33 65573 it af? d It was-'Un It tfl Kufalk and June Hunter did splendid work on the Annual. E Row 1- M. Nader, J. Dietrich, Jane Hunter, L. Leaser, B. Lasco, E. Farnsworth, M. Bachmsn, J. Smoc Bow 2- C. Harris, H. Elfring, W. Bach, R.NK1efer, R. Steiskal, R. Hendrichsen, V. Conrad, Mrs. E. Quedenfeld Row 3- P. Portwich, R. Gaa, J. Philips, G. Gossell, G. Miller, B. Plunkett, B. Johnson, J. Waters, N. Beckers 34. 7-761 A0760 The Freshman Class started out with 99 members. This was the lar- gest class yet to enroll. At the first meeting of the class, the following officers were elected, president, Dick Radtke: vice-president, Daryl Ostranderg secretary, Clarita Greenlee: and treasurer, Mary Ann Qnilty. On October ll, the sophomores gave us a party and on April 25, we returned the party. On both occa. sions games, dancing and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Seated: R. Radke, D. Ostrander, Standing: Mr. R. Paynic, M. Quilty, Miss J. Darrough, C. Greenlee, Miss N. Donovan. Row Row Row Row lynn! 1- Y. Von Bruenehenhein, M. Iurlan, D. Holt, D. M. Randall, D. Sorensen, M. Bushing, M. Miller 2- D. Barthel, D. Brackney, B. Durr, D. Geibel, J. Onstad, G. Keating, Miss J. Darrough 3- F. Lux, L. Crawford, D. Shank, V. Schlegel, R. Qliver, H. Cardiff, R. Rather, J. Heick 4- J. Kennedy, R. McCann, E. Abbe, R. Welch, R. Wilton M. Stillson, C. Geng, P. Poulos 7-TEJAMQN Our representatives to the Student Council were, Barbara Barthel and Jimmy Kennedy. Mary Ann Quilty was the freshman at- tendant in the Queen's Court at Homecoming. Her escort was Fred Wolf. We were well represented in all activities and clubs. As can be understood by our Ugraduateu brothers, it was a great change for us from the days of spending six hours in the same classroom to high school where everything we do is Won the double! So let us hope that they overlook some of our mishaps. u ? 35 .f ff , ,f ' xv I, 1 , ' " w NN C -.L 0 i' NIGHT EEFURE 'P 6 h H 'fri x Tas? glllli Row 1- B. Baird, M. R. Webb, V. Wilson, R. Whalen, J. Petersen, J. Kiehl, B. Bauer, J. Crawford Row 2- J. Pregenzer, V. Sonnenberg, R. Vos, L. Capenter, D. Schultz, Mr. R. Paynic now 3- M. Mewhinney, J. Midgley, L. McCann, B. Nielsen, D. Veoke, G. Stephens, F. Bolton, P. Hauser Row 4- A. Giebel, B. Small, B. Freund, I. Buchta, P. Latham, G. Dowell, R. Radke, S. Young - C?-TQJAITIQH P-I , ,, ,':,,,.... .21 UK Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row 4- ll - , Z 2 ,-'ff ,. 2, XZ-Z. Kp fn- lvl ,f -, - - Walczyk, J. Strametz, B. Conrad, C. Greenlee, R. Beedle, J. I-iacDofuga1l, IB. Terry Rentner, L. Erickson, M. E. Campbell, M. A. Quilty, Schultz, W. Howell, Miss N. Donovan Wieczorek, G. Wells, J. Hojem, L. Horton, D. Ostrander, Garver, J. Vos, W. Bridger Brackney, G. Nickerson, J. Mahoney, J. Kirby, F. Wolfe, Skalak, J. Crichton, M. Jefferson E wa W 711 419 Q3 S 38. ANNUAL STAFF Co-editors--Ray Ohlgren, Olga Himens Sports--Ken Heuer, Ernest January Clubs--Verna Kufalk, Annabelle Barthel Senior Pages-Gerry Sass, Joanne Saylor Assemblies 5 Plays-Jean Pagels, Beverly Lasco Music--Presily Bratrude, June Hunter Photography--Walter Kuligowski, Betty Ring Art-Leonard Mattson, Preston Reckers Typists--Alyce Pedersen, Barbara Horton Subscription Sales-Darlene Bauer, Pat Milz, Kathleen Gindich O. Himens, E. Weber, R. Obl- gren, Miss R. Lubejko M,-I Row 1- B. Lasco, June Hunter, J. Saylor, K. Gindich, G. Sass, B. Horton, D. Bauer Row 2- O. Himens, E. Weber, A. Barthel, J. Pagels, V . Khfalk, P. Milz, A. Pedersen, B. Ring, Miss R. Lubejko Row 3- P. Bratrude, P. Backers, R. Chlgren, K. Heuer, W. Kuligowski, K. Mattson, E. January ANNUAL CLUB The Annual Club is organized for the purpose of editing our yearbook, the "Sequoia. " Anyone who wanted to join the club just went to the meetings and promised to help in any way possible to make the 'Sequoia' a success. At one of the first meetings, Olga Himens and Ray Ohlgren were unanim- ously elected as co-editors. Our advisor, Miss Lubejko, helped our co-editors select the staff which worked hard until it was time for publication. This is the result of the club's serious effort. 39 ,....... PIR Row 13 Ju R. Beedle, B. Bauer, J. Petersen, M. Mewhinney Midgley, V. Wilson, M. R. Webb, Jane Hunter, J. Strametz, How 2- B. Terry, A. Rentner, J. Conrad, E. Farnsworth, N. Jarnigo, M. Nader, D. M. Rendell, B. Barthel, C. Greenlee, G. Saylor Row 3- E. Schaefer, G. Keating. Y. Petersen, D. Thompson, M. Quilty, ' J. Schroeder, B. Nielsen, R. Slazes, B. Tiede, E. Winfield Row 4- D. Schultz, D. Lasco, D. Giehel, J. Kiehl, L. McCann, D. Verke, L. Ericksen, M. Campbell, J. Smoc, IB. J. McDougal Row 5- B. Riedel, R. Marz, W. Welle, J. Pregenzer, D. Jones, D. Weber, J. Fields, K. Mattson, R. Gresens. W. Hills 40. 'AW CLUB The UAW Club is an organization in honor of the members of Antioch High Schoo1's ath- letic teams who have distinguished them- selves on the field of friendly and good clean sports. The symbol of such recogni- tion is the converted major NAU. Finances for the club are taken care of by holding dances, selling pencils bearing the basket ball schedule, and by selling hot dogs at the basketball games. The officers for the 1946-47 term are: Jerry Pregenzer, president: Joe Cosgrove, vice-president: and Ray Ohlgren, secretary-treasurer. The club sponsors are Coach Kruzan and Ass't. Coach Paynic. Dan Jones was the athlete elected to have his name placed on the Sportsmanship Trophy. This trophy is the highest tribute paid to any athlete in our school. Bob Kraft was selected by his mates as Captain of the football team for 1947. Row 1- J. Preaenzer, R. Chlaren Row 2- R. Paynic. J. Cns2r0v6- Mr. H. Fruzan ,AR 1' mga Row I- G. Weber, E. January, J. Cosgrove, P. Bratrude, L. Reldel, B. Drury, O. Hairrell Row II- Coach Kruzan, R. Arthur, B. Gaa, R. Duben, L. Osenbangh, J. Fields, G. Grunow, K. Mattson, P. Rockers, Ast-Coach Paynic Row III- K. Heuer, W. Kuligowski, J. Pregenzer, L. Mattson, D.Jones R. Ohlgren, R. Lubkeman, G. Morris, D. Weber, R. Kraft 41 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA This club is an agricultural club under the direction of Mr. Kutil. The members enter many different judg- ing contests in which they usually come out close to, if not on top. Each member has at least one project to complete during the course of the year which he proudly displays at the various shows and fairs. This year the whole club has a special project of getting an oak tree, a bronze plaque, as memorials for those who gave their lives in World War II. The year is climaxed by a banquet for the fathers by the boys. new 1- 3, Drury, P, Burke, K, The officers for this year are: Ken Heuer Heuer, presidentg Bennie Drury, vice- Row 2- W. wells. G. Miller. Mr. PTeSideDt3 Warren Wells, Secretary! C. Kutil Logan Lundgren, treasurerg Philip Burke, reporterg and George Miller, sentinel. Row Row Row Row F 1- Schultz, Raether, Wells, Hbrton, Myers, Heich, Drury 2- Fa st, Keulman, Gebhardt, McCann, Geibel, Skeans, McKinney, Mr, COL 3- Wells, Freund, Haters, Burke, Gang, Kumpik, Elfring, Bock, Harris 4- Heuer, Kirby, Miller, Lubkeman, Hunter, Buchta, Bock, McKinney, Gossell 42. G.A.A. The G.A.A. is an athletic club, supervised by our physical instructor Miss Donovan. Any girl wishing to join this club should go out for the volley-ball practices which would give her the required 100 points. During the informal initiation, the initiates do all sorts of stunts as directed by the older members. Then comes the formal initiation, pro- nouncing all the new girls regular members. The heads of the various activi- ties this year are: Darlene Bauer, basketballg Verna Kufalk, bowlingg and Mary Ann Poulsen, spring sports. The officers for the year are: Pat Milz, presidentg Olga Himens, vice-presidentg Gerry Sass, secre- tary: Jane Hunter, treasurer. H.!llNl"'!""' 1 Row 1- B. Lasco, V. Wilson, J. Crawford, Jane Hunter, June Hunter, B. Smoak, J. Dietrich, A. Gossell Row 2- O. Himens, D. Lasco, E. Farnsworth, N. Jarnigo, J. Hughes, Miss N. Donovan, D. Py, G. Sass, J. Saylor, M. Mewhinney Row 3- M. Poulsen, C. Schultz, R. Adamson, A. Olsen, E. Schaefer, A. Pedersen, B. Ring, B. Nielsen, M. Campbell, L. McCann, B. Terry 43 1 Ag.. Row 1- A. Barthel, D. Bauer, Jane Hunter, June Hunter, A. Gossell, B. Horton , Row 2- V.. Gaa, P. Milz, J. Paezels, Miss N. Donovan, V. M. Kufalk, E. Weber, M. A.. Poulsen ROW 1- R. Beedle, B.J. Ma.cDougall, J. Petersen, E. Weber, IB. Barthel, K. Gindich, J. Conrad, J. Strametz Row 2- Miss N. Donovan, M. Nader, B. Horton, D. Bauer, D. Smoak, J. Schroeder, V. Pedersen, T. Longly, V. Gm Row 5- D. Schultz, A. Barthel, J. Smoc, M. Quilty, R. Slazes, J. Pagels Xufalk. J. Vos, P. Milz Row 1- J. Conrad, A. Barthel, G. Sass Row 2- Jane Hunter, June Hunter Row l- Row 2- Row 3- Row 4- M. Webb, J. Strametz, V. Ostrander, M. Ries, V. Wilson, R. Whalen J. Saylor, G. Sass Mr. M. Kruzan, M. Poulsen, B. Terry, 0. Himens, A. Rentner, D. Py J. Petersen, B. McDougall, M. Miller, M. A. Mewhinney, M. Nader, Miss J. Krueger E. Weber, V. Pedersen, E. Schafer, R. Slazes, S. Vos, B. Nielsen, D. Verke, M. Maplethorpe, J. Midgley, L. McCann, A. Olsen D. Schultz, J. Smoc, J. Onstad, D. Thompson, J. Pagels, J. Vos, J. Schroeder, M. A. Quilty, G. Stephens, P. Milz, A. Pedersen, B. Ring PEP CLUB ' The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote enthusiasm, and most of all, good sportsmanship at games and at other athletic events. The girls in the Pep Club cheer equally loud whether the team is winning or lo- sing. Because of the large sum of money in the treasury, the girls gave a 'Holly Dance' on December 20. Everyone who came enjoyed a very cheerful and Christmas-like dance. The club also sold pop and candy at some of the games. The officers are: President, Darlene Bauerg Vice-president, Esther Weberg Sec- retary, Alyce Pedersen: Treasurer, Annabelle Barthel. Bow l- -T. Krueger, A. Barthel, A. Pedersen Row 2- D. Bauer, E. Weber I Row Bow Row Row 1- B. Lasco, K. Gindich, J. Hunter, Mr. M. Kruzan, Miss J. Krueger, J. Hunter, B. Baird, L. Leaser 2- J. Crawford, B. Horton, P. Anderson, H. Beedle, B. Bauer, D. Karolius, J. Allen, J. Kiehl, B. Darthel 3- A. Gossell, C. Greenlee, J. Hughes, N. Jarnigo, E. Farnsworth, D. Bauer, A. Popp, J. Conrad 4- A. Barthel, J. Cobb, V. Gaa, G. Keating, L. Keating, V. Kufalk, L. Ericksen, T. Longly, M. Campbell, R. Adamson Row 1- K. Heuer, B. Ring, STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the go- vernmental body of students, under the direction of T.R. Birkhead. Its membership consists of two members from the freshmen class, four from the sophomore, six from the junior, and eight from the senior. The officers are: Kennedy Heuer, Pre- sidentg Betty Ring, Secretaryg and Alyce Pedersen, Treasurer. The Council sponsors the big events of the year -Homecoming Weekend- which consists of the Pow-Wow and the game, followed by a dance in the auditorium. This year the Council was represented by seven of its members at the Northwestern District of Student Councils. The members T- B5-fkhead learned several suggestions for Row 3' R' Oblgfen- A' Pedersen their own council. The past year was considered a very successful one by the Student Council. Qi. 0-ffl., Row 1- P. Anderson, G. Sass, B. Barthel, A. Barthel, M. J. Maplethorpe, H. Winfield, D . Miller Row 2- B. Ring, A. Pedersen, V. Kufalk, J. Kennedy, T. Poulos, Mr. T. Birkhead Row 3- P. Bratrude, W. Kuligowski, Ds Weber, R. Ohlgren, J. Pregenzer, K. Heuer, K. Mattson vww. fi X X 'tqflfefic X H3 ,JN EI 7-oofbaff Things looked good to "Coach" when he received his material for the Wgrid- iron grindn this year and it Egg good. The boys in the backfield had the expe- rience and so did most of the linemen. With Captain Weber to spark us along, ,f' -agg there was plenty of fight in the gang. Dan Jones -All Conference-, Joe Cosgrove -Second team All Conference-. One of the greatest problems this year was the bad luck we had with in- juries, which temporarily handicapped several of our best men. The 1946-47 team was one the graduating seniors can well be proud of. Row 1- D. Shank, H. Shank, R. Gaa, O. Hairrell, K. Heuer Row 2- Ast. Coach Paynic, J. Pregenzer, W. Kuligowski, D. Jones, D. Weber, R. Kraft, J. Cosgrove, L. Mattson, P. Reckers Row 3- D. Ostrander, D. Arthur, E. January, E. Kania, K. Mattson, R. Ohlgren, G. Morris, F. Wolf, L. Osenbaugh, T. Poulos, Coach Kruzan Row 4- P. Poulos, L. Reidel, N. Elfring, R. Scott, G. Miller, P. Latham, R. Marz, B. Wilton, J. Mahoney, J. Fields, Q, of F' 3 N O V1 V 1 nf 9 14 Nl SEA McHenry .... Warren ..... Zion ....... Barrington. Palatine... Bensenville Northbrook. Grant. ..... gaafefoaff This year's Junior Varsity, f as voted by the Conference coa- ches, was composed of only fresh- men and sophomores. The team started off the season with lit- tle experience, but under the able coaching of Mr. Paynic, they started to show a great improve- ment. The opening game of the season was taken, but after that they dropped four in a row. At the end of the season each team upon meeting the Antioch J-v's, was ready for a good battle. ZH -'-,lf-J ijfii-' ',,,',,., ,,.,-ff-' l""'i4'-'-Y XA . 4- ,. Ain an V ' 'X N '-5 g-fi...-Q -5 V-.-.nwyygaguag VY V ww Ha. ' ' ' HOW 1- D. Radke, B. Johnson, T. PQul0S, B. Reidel, D. Ostrander Row 2- H. Cardiff, R. Vos, B. Wieczorek, I. Buchta, B. Wilton, J. Philips, M. Stillson, B. Hendrickson, B. Steiskal Row 3- Ast. Coach P Gwver, R. Gaa, F. Wolf, G. G-ossell G. Weber, M. Jefferson, E. Abbe, D. Shank andy The Varsity of this year had quite a few of the returning letter men of last year and looked forward to a good season. The season was started by taking the first three games, but then the next two hard- fought battles were dropped a few points each. With Coach Kruzan as Chief, the Antioch warriors took over half of the games. During the Christmas holiday a tournament was held at Wauconda. Antioch took the honors by beating each of two teams by a large score. The first place trophy was presented to the cap- tain, Daniel Jones. Row 1- J. Fields, P. Reckers, D. Jones, B. Kraft, L. Osenbaugh Row 2- D. Hansen, W. Hills, G. Morris, R. Ohlgren, K. Heuer, O. Hairrel, P. Bratrude, G. Weber Row 3- Coach Kruzan, K. Mattson, W. Wells, J. Pregenzer, L. Mattson, W. Kuligowski, D. Weber, J. Hairrel, Ast. Coach Paynic 52, xii? M ra w.,,. . filixfk gf 5-. In ,QM F . WJ' jf fl 3 SEASON SCORES Grant..... ..... .... .... Bensenville Wauconda... Palatine... Northbrook' Wauconda9.. Bla ........ Northbrook. Barrington. Warren ..... Ela ...... .. Bensenville Wauconda... Palatine... Northbrook. Barrington. Warren ..... Grant .... soon .nv ll Ill. 'n They . 41-22 .61-45 .131-32 ,sz-ze L32h29 .38-44 0000 u0oufo5b34 .55-36 .48-40 .41-50' 345442 Q41-32 -37 .55-32 .48-5? .52-36 S.36-29 g. 'Tournament games 4 1 54. racf "?+-'f- ,- -f"'i The Antioch Track Team this year should be one of the best in the Northwest Conference. ,-:L:l, nan Jones will be 1-mming the high and lov nur- lx dles, while Ernest January and George Grunow -r-r- 5 are the chief distance men. The Mattson boys - ' and Bob Kraft will be our sprinters. In the field events Whitey Kuligoswki is our leading man. No track meets have been held as yet, but Coach Kruzan is expecting to have a success- - f ful year. L' E, 3 Row 1: N. Elfring, E. January, L. Osenbaugh, R. Thompson, R. Kraft, K. Mattson, W. Kuligowski. Row 2: Coach Kruzan, E. Kania, L. Mattson, R. Eppers, D. Jones, R. Ohlgren, G. Miller, R. Marz, Mr. Paynic. Row Z: L. Reidel, W. Hills, R. Garver, R. Vos, E. Wieczorek, QXR. Small, D. Ostrander, B. Budnarchuk, R. Arthur, R. Atwood Row 4: M. Stillson, R. Radko, T. Schegels, F. Wolf, I. Buchta, R. Wilton, J. Kirby, A. Ducommun, P. Burke, E. Abbs. po'z'U Ven ff " ,197 V - ! f 5 ., ,, Y 1 1 -,A., , f K I kyh V 1 X 'r f DQQAI K A 'I , , Z ,,,,. .,m., N , A, " 4 f 4 'Y' .A "f, i2'g.g ,'f. g x,,A L, , ,,,V,L, ki , A b,V,, U ,,,V Z ,v.,. Q ig, :L ,1'..i . ,'L ,. g, . IVV' , , 4.-,A , V f V- ,. H 1: f fy yff -p f, A AfVL ,.,1, S A ,rrrrfr -ykr :5fy-gk, ,,., - ,ii AV 35:0 We , ' I ' V :ffl Pi MY' , Hx! ff- , ' .. J' ' . 7 f ',f"f f'zL2i,1l4232f"' ',f' K ,, vf' fwggl ., ,' iv ,y - - J' f f' -.l , !w.f1, Wfkf '," ,Fax all ' ,,,,,,.,f,.y1M W f Mwvmf 1 af-, ,Q ,- Q , 1 f f f 4 X ff Vw ny! ff nl 4, I ,f qv f 96 gg! f gb Q 0 ,, 11' f f Yi f .5 ,,,, V, ,wi ff Q aw IQ' ', Q M ,ff 1 'EA"'W x 7'ff"fA'ff4, ,V 1 L 4 V' W My 0 Wag ffwff M345 'f -,ff f w""M' I , if M X f A " ' " . X -'13-ff2f,f"5, , H-Q - f"" ? gaifefffaff J: .rg ' of J 'ir J! X kL5lC f'4""4 0711.4 CAOM The Chorus this year consists of one hundred and fifty members. Because of its large membership, it was necessary to have three separate choruses for practice. The Chorus participated in the Christmas Concert, which was presented December 19th In preparation for this concert, Mr. Von Holwede, our director, had quite a problem - how to fit all three choruses on the Q stage at once: but he did it. The Chorus sang several songs carrying out the Christ- mas Spirit. The Concert was well attended and a big success. The Choruses are now working in prepara- tion for the Spring Concert and for the Festival Day at Wauconda. Forty of the chorus members will represent the school at Festival Day, which is to be held on May 5 and 6. Most of the chorus members are anxious to attend. H All the accomplishments of the chorus are credited to the direction of our lead- er, Hans Von Holwede, and the co-operation of the students. The Chorus also takes part in the com- f mencement exercises. Kan! Due to the efforts of Mr. Von Holwede the band has reached a record membership. This year it is composed of fifty members. The band plays selections ranging from marches to classical arrangements. This group held its annual Christmas Concert on December 19th and is planning to present a Spring Concert. The band also took part in the colorful Homecoming Parade and Flag Day exercises. Mr. Von Holwede has organized a band called the Pep Band. It is a select group from the original band. This special Pep Band is at hand to entertain at the home basketball games. The original band also played and marched between halves of the home football games, as an added entertain- ment for the spectators. fx Row 1- M. Ries, C. Greenlee, B. Lasco, Jane Hunter, A. Rentner, V. Von Bruenchenhein, H. Jarnigo Row 2- C. Schultz, M. Paulsen, A. Pedersen, E. January, L. Mattson, P. Latham, D. Miller, E. Farnsworth, R. Attwood, R. Carver Row 3- June Hunter, J. Peterson, D. Jones, V. Kufalk, R. Marz, C. Harris, J. Hojem, B. Cardiff, B.J. Mcheugall, B. Barthel Kam! 1' ""-My ff X Row 1- W. G-arver, R. Gas., L. Osenbaugh, B. Horton, W. Hills Row 2- B.. Radko, I. Lux, P. Milz, M.J. Maplethorpe, J. Cosgrove, Hr. H. Von Holwede, G. Sass, W. Roepenack, E. Schaefer, G. Grunow, E. Abbe Row 3- K. Heuer, P. Bratmde, T. Poulos, Ro Gresens, E. Brabandt, K. Mattson, R. Thomson, J. Pagels 62. SWING BAND "It's the early bird that gets the worm,W at least that's what the Swing Band believes. And if you have any doubts, come up to ' A.T.H.S. at eight o'clock a.m. - X Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, Qty and lend an ear to the sweet and - 7,3 Q hot strains that float from the N A , ff music room. N J The Sequoia Music Makers, com- 0 EV X-dx posed of 16 Wsolid senders", under J X y the inspiring direction of Mr. Von ' 'Ls xx Holwede, have contributed their 'X' share in the entertainment program this year. They played at both the Junior and Senior plays, assisted in the . 5 Christmas Concert, and in March pre- " sented their own concert which was an outstanding success. 2 i C i Row 1- P. Bratrude, K. Mattson, W. Hills, J. Cosgrove, G. Sass Bow 2- E. Abba, R. Gresens, E. Schaefer, Mr. Hans Von Holwede, Jane Hunter, V. Kufalk, M.J. Maplethorpe Row 3- K. Heuer, C. Harris, E. Brabsndt, B. Horton, J. Pazels 63 Q- .,fz.4 F . ,ar W . 5 'B 9 Q, Qu f ,,aQtp,g,fqffQjQ,, ffyu we y Q f ' 4 X Q ff f K X 5221 fan im W , r any M ' , . V , a s., - , I " P, ' 1 ggtalisf fatfsff n ggi 'g ags ,f 'Y v ,Q , s s if 9 T ,. I Q 34 141 Q 1 E 1 ,, Q I . . W is W . f , omecamivtj A fitting climax to the football season was our two-day Homecoming celebration. For weeks in advance the halls of our school buzzed with rumors of who would be queen, who would be in the court, the secret plans for car and float decorations and finally withe the inevitable query, 'Who will win the game?'. As in the past, the Student Council, under the direction of Mr. T.R. Birkhead, sponsored the celebration. On Thursday evening, the night before the game, the annual Pow-Wow was held in the Village Park. The evening was filled with songs, cheers, and impromptu speeches from the members of the faculty, team, and student body. The cheers rang high as the team members cast an effigy of Palatine's team into the flaming bonfire. An early climax was brought to the fun as the students staggered back down Main Street from the maddening, circling snake dance, led by Mr. M. Kruzan. S The parade, held Friday afternoon, was equally successful. The parade was led by the band and the strutting majorettes. Following were the floats and decorated cars, the most original of which brought prizes to the owners. The student body marched behind or rode in Jeeps. The Queen, Betty Ring, and her court also were central figures as the parade marched down Main Street. For the night game the goal posts had been decorated in the colors of our school as well as those of our opponent, Palatine. Leading the Pirates to defeat through a 7-O score, our Sequoits became the heroes of the evening. I mediately following the game the traditional dance was held in the audito- rium, which also had been decorated in colors of the schools. The spirit of victory turned the floor into a maze of swirling, happy faces as students and alumni alike danced to Ray Paulson's orchestra. Later the floor was cleared and the throne prepared to receive the queen. Betty Ring, radiant in white, was crowned by the Chief Sequoit, Duane Weber. Her court included Gerry Sass, Joan Conrad, June Hunter and Mary Ann Quilty. Though happy with victory and the sight of graduate Sequoits returning again to pay tribute to their Alma Mater, the students and visitors regret- ted the passage of another year's celebration. SENIOR PLAY Ever Since Eve by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements Comedy in Three Acts Johnny Clover has been made the editor of the high school newspaper, The Penggin. He sets up a real office in his home,for it is just across the street from the school. He gets his pal, Spud Erwin to help him, for they are determined to put out a real he- an paper. To his great surprise Johnny finds that Susan Blake has been selected by the girls to be his co-editor, for the girls firmly believe that any good newspaper must have girls on the staff. Johnny and Spud try hard to discourage Susan in all of her efforts, but she shows such unusual talent when it comes to understanding them, especially when they need money. Susan's great desire to help involves the boys in no end of trouble. They become entangled with the police, create a society scandal, bring to a climax an unexpected romance, and practically disgrace the school. Inxthe end all the things are made right because of the unexpected jovial manner in whichihe community accepts the scandalous but complicat ed items of the The Pengggn. Cast of the Play Mrs. Glover-The competent mother-Mary Jean Maplethorpe Johnny Clover-His mother's boy-Raymond Ohlgren Mr. Clover-The understanding father-Leonad Mattson Spud Erwin-Johnny's pal-Kennedy Heuer Susan Blake-Johnnys co-editor-Eleanor Schaefer Betsy Erwin-Spud's kid sister-Kathleen Gindick Martha Willard-High school teacher-Jean Pagels Officer CCappyJ Simmons-Policeman and friend-Roger Marz Henry Quinn-High school principal-Daniel Jones Lucybelle Lee-The Southern gal-Barbara Horton Preston Hughes-The school athlete-Jerry Pregenzer Football Players-Members of the team- Nick ---- -- --------------- Duane Weber Fatty---------- ------- James Fields Hank ---- --- ---------- --Walter Hills Bull ----- -- --------- ---Irvin Sorenson Extra Player--- ---------- Orville Hairrell Directed byg Jeanette M. Darrough JUST DUCKY The great question and problem is nWhat makes teenage girls do what they do?n Betty Lou Maxwell and Bernadine Smith are a couple of questions and problems who are always up to something. As the day starts, Papa Maxwell learns that he has been chosen the new head of the Citizens' Committee. Betty Lou sends a heart-breaking letter to the lovelorn column. Wilbur writes a very romantic play in which he makes his father pose as the leading actor. As he does so, the lady from the lovelorn column comes to check on Betty Lou's story and becomes involved in the dramatic love scene. when the Citizens' Committee comes to in- form Mr. Maxwell of his new position, then comes the task of proving that, after all, the family is one of the finest and that Mr. Maxwell is really worthy of the honor of becoming the new head of the Citizens Committee. Mr. Maxwell- Mrs. Maxwell Betty Lone-- Wilbur ------ Hercules--- :menus-I 3--o-an 65 Earl Brabrandt ----Delores Miller Patsy Anderson Margaret Anderson Bernad1ne------ ----Presily Bratrude ----Walter Kuligowski Connie-- ---- --Joan Conrad Craig Moore- Mr. Moore------ Del Marshall Aunt Mary--- Miss Blayne- xanga- caan'--qu -ng-91 ----Gerald Morris Ernest January Kenneth Mattson Virginia Gaa Clarice Schultz i Row l- J. Conrad, D. Miller, M. Anderson, P. Anderson, C. Schultz Row 2- P. Bratrude, E. January, G. Morris, E. Brabrandt, W. Kuligowski, K. Mattson, Miss J. Darroueh 66. fC0H't- from p. 272 who is singing French love songs at Chez Paree, arrived with Dr. Kathleen Gindich, D.D.T., who is now a famous Brain and Foot Specialist. He in- tended to pick up Miss Olga Himens, who is singing the title role of 'Aida', but she was detained due to too many encores. Another telegram arrived from Duane Weber who is unable to come. Now he is another Admiral Byrd on a United-Nations expedition. He accepted this position because his love life was too disappointing. Dan Jones, the world famous checker player, is still carrying the torch for Darlene Bauer, but managed to extinguish the flame for one night and escorted Jean Allen, who is singing on the radio. Anne Gossell, a comedienne on the Musical Weather Report program whose motto is WWe'll have weather, whether we like it or notin, arrives with her sponsor John McKinney, who is the head of the Juicy Drool Apple Corporation. Thelma Longly, head of the National Tea Company in Antioch, arrives with Ken Woolner, who is the president of the State Bank of Antioch. Thelma accepted the date due to her small deficit. Erick Lubkerman, who owns his own garage and filling station, and his competitor, Tom Chase, have just arrived in their new 1960 Cad- allec and as usual are discussing the business at hand. Charles Rigby, the tall man at a near-by circus who is working his way up to Ringmaster, and his partner, Russell Myers, who is a barker at a side show in the same circus, entered arm in arm. At some of the matinees this twosome sometimes play the role of Mutt 5 Jeff. Gerry Sass is unable to come because she has taken a permanent position in a Physchiatric Ward in a nearby hospital. Delores Smoak, the owner of NSmoke Smoke A Cigarette Inc.N bumped into George Grunow, the champion ditch digger of the pope ular organization the W.P.A., on the walk leading up to the house. Aldona Berkiel just received the title of Lady Aldona. She is considered the best we11-groomed woman of the world. Betty Gregory, who is hopefully waiting for her steady beau to graduate was not present because of other plans made earlier. Corky Hills, who owns many farms in the Lake County region and who has just won the state championship in hog-raising, just came in the door with his date for tonight. She is Miss Mabel Norman supervisor of the Antioch exchange of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. June Kumpik, who is modeling Florida styles for the discriminating woman in a New York Shoppe, and her model friend, Joan Crawford, head of the Lingerie Department, were the Wfashion platesn of the evening. Bennie Drury, the new designer of women's clothes and accessories, escorted these two lovely models. Mr. and Mrs. Ohlgren were notified earlier in the evening that Bob Eppers, now a beachcomber, was unable to come because he prefers the Hquietu life. Mr. Orville Hairrell, who is writing another book on WEtiquetteH, is having a serious discussion with Phil Burke, the famous dramatic critic. Alice Pedersen is now making a tour of the world and is, incidentally, looking for the nidealn man. Results so far have been fairly satisfactory. Jean Vos, who is now head of the love-lorn column of the new flash edition of the WAntioch Newsn, is scouting around for more information. Viola Pedersen is now the head baker at Schultz's Bakery which is located across the street from its rival, Pedersen's Bakery. Jean Kiehl, who is now punching tickets and collecting fares on buses, is hopefully waiting for her companion, Harry Smith, who considers the name of Smith too common and has changed it to Jones. He now is a successful bus driver on the Antioch-Waukegan route. Wally Message, noted English Literature teacher who has just received his Master of Arts degree fCon't. next pagel 67 arrived a little late also. He was late due to the unexpected lecture on Uhomanticismn. Eleanor Schaefer is also late due to the inconveniences 6f her most recent divorce fTommy Manvillej. Preston Reckers, better known as WSwiftyW, has finally arrived. He was doing the 100-yard dash in the county track meet out of town and his car broke down. UBetter late than nevern is the motto of the new red-headed tycoon of the movies, popularly known as WFrankie Swoon Bait', and formerly known as Jerry Pregenzer. On his face is a broad smile and on his arm is Mrs. Swoon Bait, better known as Jean Pagels who has finally caught him on the rebound after many rea peated attempts. On the heels of this charming couple is Miss Patricia Milz, the town mortician, who was detained because of the arrival of a new customer who needed her immediate attention. Otherwise she claims that her business is very dead. This concluded the list of expected ar- rivals and the entertainment planned for the evening proceeded under the capable supervision of the charming hostess. The tances brought back memories of their youth. Was ago they had all banged upon the same lockers and stairs in a mad frenzy, fearful of being tardy to gladly have skipped? Had they actually once been renewal of the acquain- it possible that years soared up the same a class they would dance-crazed bobby sox- ers with nothing more important to worry about than a date and costume for next week's party? How foolish it all seemed now, and yet, how dear! Some who possessed worldly treasures now would gladly have forsaken a part of them for a chance to recapture some of their lost youth. Reali- zing such a wish to be impossible, the jubilant group awoke from their valley df dreams and covered their emotions with smiles, light jokes, and delicious refreshments. , x lyxfx X '- x .. ! A-.- 7 N ' Nj V Q lx 2 N if -N X x xx i QIR. E-5, Z! i ,. PRHNKEHEEE - EEEEEEE "' i PIQ4fK55E55 s'QN E Ju EEEEE fy if if .? 1 EIR Row 1- P. Rockers, J. Hidgley, W. Von Bmenchenhein, K. Miller, A. Rentner, 0. Himens, M. Quilty, B. Kraft Row 2- J. Cosgrove, O. Hai:-roll, R. Hansen, R. Small, M. Jefferson, Hr. H. Von Holwede, P. Bratmde, T. Poulos, W. Hills, G. Sass, K. Mattson Bow 3- L. Reidel, J. Kennedy, G. Nickersen, C. Harris, E. January, R. Radko, L. Osenbw-gh. J. Fields, N. Rockers, R. Gas., R. Thompson Row 4- D. Weber, K. Heuer, L. Mattsion, J. Pregenzer, B. Ohlgren, D. Jones, G. Morris, R. Mars, E. Brabandt, R. Risch, J. Mahoney ww WW, ggi? '51 We Q- AK Q4 -vnu-mn9rs1g,., -1 'D v ,,k IV? uniof - enior fiom As the days rolled by, it seemed that stars were seen in the eyes of the girls and boys every time the Prom was men- tioned. Everyone was looking forward to a heaven--spent evening A splash of color, mmhrggog, a Mexican gatio, with glim- mering stars overhead was the scene of happiness, gay festi- vity and laughter for all those who attended the Prom. They say all good things have a beginning and ours seemed to have begun with a satis- fying dinner and e. tantali- zing dessert served by candlelight in the gma- sium. After this meal our appetites were thoroughly satisfied by the meal served to us by the girls and 'boys from the Sophomore class. Following the dinner, the guests adjourned to the J if 51,4 ' ly, S if omg Region Here they enjoyed gay dancing such as rhumbes, tangos, and waltzes. Punch was served later to all the guests while they leisurely watched the floor show presented by more talented members of the Senior and Junior classes. The following people were in charge of the committees: Esther Weber, banquetg Olga Himens, decorationsg Pat Milz, entertainmentg Viola Pedersen and Barbara f Horton, progam. - .1 ., Before the evening had 72 nnl 'Z ffg edl dsn 1 ended, there were more thrills hhd re g rsnrr lsnr f jg ln5 srl 9 sln J in store for us as the Grand A hrso oli y March began and later Len L j i roel ff-e-r ,vev e s Mgttggn, King gf the Prom, gl,3Qygigg51Z.V.gf55i:Z ,e,V.1 1-1. Vi A ' .4 , I. W k 5, crowned Gerry Gresene, Queen, 1 i f t e t t J- thus ending a heaven-spent Vrd' 55311 rg ff , evening. f ,Zig Kiki P. , I, slnt ' '-'Z - ' . : 1I': , .".,.,'4 '::z . , . err r s r J A 7 'f qlluntpi 'I ,,!V,f . --I ' - "4 !. -.. ,,,, - 5 1 o , Nu P12014 UAT! ! 1? .f-"Rf 4 74, , , - il -ix -, X ,, , . ,X Q ff: I - ,, -, f 1 Y 1 L! I Y 4 A' , C 0 0 iv, , .. v .,,. ,Q , ,, . 5 . 4 1 . 43,42 .- , -' , sw .gg : -QM- ,. .1 . , . .ff 5 , f k f 5 , , - zv , .. M,- F' ni X A fs e' W, , , ,E .,, , ,k, vw 3. AM A FQ - ', . si W , f,f2Q,,ffgf,gf. x an 1 , ,, 4 f M , ,V I A wr f' ' ': ' .y fn. 35, ?. x, 1 ,W away H fr , . I A 1 !y' ' 5 ' Q , , 43,2 , . xi , Vf I E Q. ' VVVV , 4, L . ,V , W ' X fly! PGH It M vndk f . w K er , , ' Q, at as I wr rr f-'di X ",,, H , f 1 Xi! ff! J!! W ,, ,,,,,. ,, fb. A',A,V , , ,a V ,,, I , V 'V,d lb , V, V 'W ' , Vg ,M-' V ', ezsgq, 7 my .2 4 I J f ' Iv, ,, f 5' " ,, ' , ,, fv y ' V 0713 229 6 f' ,', f ' f ', " if y , 7 ,f ' ,,,fgf'f,tf..9 1 , 4 I! ii Y' Q X, 4: 1 V r , , . QQ Y V ,tis ' J ps , it vig. Bn i ,, ' x f rv 4, N " -41 Z5 . wk ff! Q in af' fi '14 ff up - I ' 1 . J Q. Hy ' tau 475 . ,4 ny Cf fr I x , ,. Q 1 .1 f 1, 915, w 1 - ' ff, V wwf' an , a 1 1 I 1 WW ff 3 Q dliififvg if , 3 f " I I ff' , 'vw , ,f- .,Y 1 , if 4 2 W " ' ., ' . if V Q ,. "'v- w V,3lJ:.,i , ., ,g, C 11, ,. A' 'W'f 'f' f i gg, , . 4' ' 'nv A: ' N I 1 R . , . , 1 f '12 f' fffffsfdfevf , V ,I ' ff v, ,1 kd ,V ,zu V4-.,,1 LA' , ww- If 35242 " if 1 ' I yn gg .334 .4 41 '24, af 3 hm . . ' 12. ,, 1, TN 5 IQ nv 5, 1 ,gf ,, , M . . 9 it 4 IIZFW' , V1 ,M TA f" 4.-. ' is 'W W -... Iva, , rv J. 1 J, f Z 4: X 4, H 'ff 5 , JL, , , 1 YJ ' 5 f 70 '4 S , 424 , 4 lu 74. 'J I Ju R 1 ' X! Q . af f Q r Q ' . , ,..fawwf K : ,' Q, ' ,wsu- X , 1 . :Sigh Jr! Zi. , if! X f my 7 , MH, I Vg! 1 1 , F5 Al W1 I r 551 d W t"'-Q 5 . 7 7"sf' ., , ' 3. WX U46 if V , N ' 4 QW 'e ,"f1,4. ?', WJ, f '1 Eh lu, ,, :V H1 ' 'Z W1 3 mf 1. ,, 5. 'A tn' sx Wil v V' ' M. ' W ? 'Q 1. if -. -iff ' - 'K f Qmwy' .- ' H Q: 1 ,TW , ,. ,X ,, . ,Q "ze ' E ' ff' A ET 9 ,A ' xv v i x 'Hs 1 'S , Q .a X Vx vt if 4 4 ,Af 'OA' . js fx H gas All 'Q 5 , 4:2 Fil 'N .-Q fm 4 aka .' "' 'V' if :tin 42' l'4 C' W ., M4 ik 72' 43522, ' Lf, ,EAA 1 . .- F n ,r , . 1 1 an g 'R 4 , . 6, , .Qi A ff ps' P RJ ' I 3 jff - A' E gn x V . ms , Q v-O -X ,,. ., , - D , , - f f ,A .ti , W ag,k:fa1ev.w5'1,,. V - V 'M 1 . 5, .M YF an . fee. K QV. .,, ww sg 11 fx 2, ,Ar 75. 'f V' V , V ff? ' ' BWV" 'V:'f'V,VL,:4 , V V , N' V ' ' VWf4Y?2: fp-V,arfVV':x6?9izV:f0Q'-ff..Iwi' V ,,,, V 2' ffa' if '..f,V' VV ff A , f f aVf494,yV,?:,,3 1:-M-Wai , ,, V 'A m , ,, ,, , V ,,,, A ,, ., ,,.f,f, V' x , . , , X , f,, , , , ,, f, .,.n,,.,f,m , ky 56 ,ff,f,,, , ,J Q ,Q " ' .:,,Qe'f?V.- inf.-f f:Q,,i,M,., , V4 wwf , u ' , -fm, . zz -2 ,fy .,' ',VZf,,+fVff:a, X gy V 'V ' V . A -'t-gf.,Vff WV V' f92ff'61,- f M5531 ' 539 - V 5 f , "1 f-if L ,-3 , VM lwrlf ,-,V WWW 1 -Qufoy'zapA5 'ull DW X X H Zi' ml: why X I W. N x, N xx - s s The Annual Staff of the Antioch High School extends its sincere thanks to Becw and the Chicago Tribune for permission A to use her crsation Kish and Kin - - mhnvrlnmn lu sl Lux I is na 1 Q, 1. J ,. 41. 'Z ,1 x ,r . If y L 4 'w-blb.. ,- vp. 1. , .L x WW .1 1 gn: 3 ,,,ni,, , U . 9, Q, , . , . 1 ,wx 1 .al LW 15 ,!,- , A r , . mm. P n X Q 1 x 11-:ly A , . Hi' '. hx, ,f v' A ,M,,,.,,. X v H , H., ,tw 5. f 11 J I . 0 xwl, ' , :lx Q: V :, . Y V XZ, 3'.TA1RYN:l." ',.L E, ' . J . X ,. w A V.. :,: ' ,.A H -f JV I Ng: f 'W' , Q H-N 'ww wx, . ' E m.L nf' M' fe J., 35,5 "2 -ul ' sl ' r ' Uh l .A r , :,,.,, gi ei, we

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