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X L i H 1 1,. H ,W .-.N - my Q? , .44 'fitfi R. Q: N. . I A F -A5 1 1 ' 1 . 1 , . . "Rf H1 " -, 3. , r., Y Q , , ' , Ln ,lf x , T., 1 'A w V- , 45 K' ' S gggnb Nyajw ,V la-yn.. 1- Q. gg fy, . "5 4, V 1-714 gg. , Q. UQ? " ' gi Hi.. "1 ..f1:2f' ,a 1- QKFH5' ' "" 2-. 1-Q' 5.7 , 3.1 fy. H: ,wrFy,f.,,ii K , ,L . Ylang .g5gil.,..gglL35..93:. A, age". wg..srQ,gv' .raw w all ima". Q .. ,Q Q-.1-I mf- - 1 A : . -- '1 Yr 2' J ia? .. q 'gg'rn..n1p5g553n3ifS4",k',L,bw',!3'-. L f"i4'?aIga '- . -H ,S 1 Q-Q ' ,jf "'i'Vs -nf ' 132 f " ff ' , ...Q W... .n . .f 1 .Ay N N .. .vi 1, A ' ' ' Amifr ' " ., ' f' n 1,-iw f .g.1S:.. .mr ' .,1"tf . Qu g1..H'5g 59 'E ' - .fs-4 I T' Steiff.-E . n . 156514: - gr 'HIML fx 431. .. 1- - ' '. 'wi' 1 ' . s,.'S,QF T1 M .V ws,.mm.f,W X334 H J. ua H . gk. f g12f,f,g-g .,.w,gxff g yggw--v . ..wM.gH 31' ,-ff fa f' - -' 4, my-gi -- -of 'qw 2 .' ..5,.w1F . fi, 'f:g.f'32 .'.f'i'F",,3,s ' '- f iam- .i'..6A' www ff 14. uf 1. 3 335 ' J" 'T "lf-f 'W"i,5.,7fi2' .1 -. . f - 'ff ' f mf Af' . a4wj'f' ,"",..'gg . . i .f5'41si:+v.' .4-f ' "QQ Wir.. 1 , .'ff'gM..Jt.. H?" "--" f' 'WV ... , " ?7ffPM,..fTgiz if H rf' 1'1'uz1w', . f. P wifi" .3-V f11""'!4 H., , . " - .fx 'Q ""f?f M? 75'-:iw -" 'fw-a""""' 1' Y". F "Wiz -141 FfH"'f""'e1f-. Q d:Tff.w . ffl. 'I .W ' f g T45 ff S ,Q.,,,AQ,gf3.f'gfb.,s 1. ' . .2.f5'i"' '53 fx. Q. " .. I'1"Lp fx' ' . "g5l?r1h :why Q 'l The 1" y : nw. 'ff ' A flax' kk!" .W .1-N., . - in .5 I ' 'V fviw-if .I 4 1 .rin 'II ' .imqi-'iLh!rq9iiM1?l A ' . ,. u . 1 '- b ,1.ielA.?. 'rv,3'1aAwV 4 ,sig K Z 'MJ f ' Am" fr' ...iafm H .3 ' '. """ 'tf""2-,N :5x?f1sa!.'r w,1fg5?'fQ 3 . K , f if-. .,. --4 1, M El.. 1, ,mg 1 'Ta . ,MA fx.. '.1,,- - .urs L M . wx l .. 1 ,L F' unix wi ' . L y 1. ".x. .4 -5 H3495 4 naw? f gba-iz' . .11' , ,. .. . , . -, X .A I -J uf 'fr -- ' .- -if-Sf' . P 2. ag X 'Z' "' "frf+?4".. " .. . 4- ':"'P 11- ...N - .Lv Q .gg . u Mi, Vg-11,43 .1 9? Q 4...-EPQQJ V. i ? ' A A z.f ' g""' " '-If5Q1fv' ., ' '1 " . ,,Jge5:'79'? WZ," K. X . Q Lf ' ' .C l ' 6 f 'H 4 A . - af' 1' .. . ' .' wks? MRF'-' 'Bw 'f Q' .:..f" " i,7'j'fb?i:-1 . 1 A.,.. M24 N v f 5- ' 1, ., 5, If 3:1 f -K . . ,A -- 'wfrqiie f " -1' , E . Q. i'Trgg4.,.' 5 . ' ...J - 1 .., .. X v V g .. My ' -31 "wx .1- 1 Z' .- .- is .4 1- 2 xv' V , . 3 1 -wif 4, . V. LGA 3: v 1 2 , Ka rm , , I f-11 V1 .' x Q Q X T fy' . . X N xf, 1 xt fi 1 ? A X W- - A 1 X X ' XX V' N f Y ,M X fy 44 214.7855 ,ti-- , N X ff P ,Q 'Eh W 1' Q H' 7 X4 W1 a '4 2 'L - o, G+? 1 f Q , ff Q, Ajfw bc V 1 63 V fzyyf Ml -Q-2 .E -pf , .0 'll Qty. Q X I - -- -f 2 ,, ff ' M 4 lv' 347' ffywf 5 S 4 4 X 1 is ',f Q, ff, ,fl ' g I p'f'o'li" 5 ' 'q u fa V 6 ig, I E-gg ff f " ' if V if Z if :QS ffyjif' wr f : , , u x Q j f I ' f 2 ' if E53 l- -f" 5 ' if " 5? - f 4 'K ' X ffff ' .A ' ' RQX f Z f Q' 517 ' W fy' , ' C YZ' X , , f AN , 57 fx 5 f ' X ff I 'Q f I I , f J X 451' K 4 ,Li I A X M f '52 , X "3f7 ' ff , f: X f I X l,., f iff? 53QLlQ15j 1 KE N RYAN Dedication with utmost respect and pride, we dedicate the 1944 Sequoia to men and women of the Senior Glass who will be serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. 2 fcfibiaf .Z Hal Q Ml. The Student Council repre- sents the student body and as- sists members of the school in student affairs. It is an or- ganization which lays plans and puts them into effect for student government. Members are chosen for the Student Council by the classes who hold meetings and elect representatives. One boy and one girl are elected from the Freshman class, two boys and two girls from the Sophomores, three boys and three girls from the Juniors, and four boys and four girls from the Seniors. At the end of the year the Student Council elects the President for the coming year. The Student Council has put on social affairs as homecom- ing, dances, and parties. In cooperation with the local War Loan committee, the Council its own drive for jeep. In the first S3865 worth of stamps were purchased by sponsored buying a five days and bonds the students. Seated: S. Harness, S. Klass, Hr. Birkhead Standing: J. Nader, J. Pregenzer Student Council Raw 1: K. Gindich, J. Pregenzer, S. Klass, S. Harness, Hr. Birkhead, J. Nader Rey 2, nz. Pedersen, u. Hunter, ra. Ryan, T- YOPP. L- Elms. C- Upton: Raw 32 C- 1111'- Qokg, D. Irving, K. Krueger, S. Good, D. Bratrude, J. Cunningham, L. Roblin, W. Dow The Pep Club is behind the team and rooting for it all T the way, win or lose. Their purpose is to promote pep and school spirit and they are in there pitching. They sit to- gether at the games and really give out. The officers of l945-44 were President, Shirley Harnessg Vice-President, Louise Elmsg and Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Ruth Upton. The sponsors were Miss Culliton and Coach Kroll. They welcomed the new members by an initation. They have united with the "A" Club to give several dances after games, for the benefit of the athletic department. Members also sell candy and pop at the Seated! lr. Kroll, 8. Harness, lliee Cullitongames' ' Standing: C. Upton, L. Elms fpep C1116 -Q-'fry A Row 14 I . Kroll, D. Edwards, I. Setek, 0. Himens, J. Nelson, G. Hawkins, l. Elter- ing. D. Scott, B. Schaefer, I. Hunter, Miss Cullitong Row 2: J. Knmpik, B. Bart- lett N. Ellis, B. Ashe, C. Upton, I. Ryan, H. Gaides, J. Saylor, K. Gindick, P. lcalgnn, L, Kuhn, B, Gossell, I. Seger, A. Gossell, B. Horton, E. Wilton, Row 3: D. Bauer, H. lcCann, G. Stimpfl, J. Crawford, J. Felter, J. Spanggard, E. Weber, A. Schweizer, T. Ybpp, A. Pedersen, R. Zellhofer, M. laplethorpe, D. Morton, B. Pri- ndleg Row 4: G. King, M. Kelly, L. Elms, B. Runyard, A. Harvey, K. Fields, I. Holt, T. Ulm er, H. Hardtke, G. Reidel, H. Ryan, L. Meinersmann, R. McGlynn, M. McGlynn, R91 5: C. White, M. Paulsen, I. Haier, S. Harness, B. Busscher, H. Norman, T. Longly, L. Truax, R. Slazes, J. Pregenzer, B. Palaske, E. Pedersen, P. Stastny , E. Grenns, F. Zim erman 5 The F.F.A. has several di- visions. Its main purpose is to create better citizens. Under the different divisions comes "Supervised Practice." This division tends to give the member experience in farm- ing. He has his own project and Keeps records on it. Every year he increases his pro- jects. He is also compiled to exhibit h1s.project.' Another division is the con- servstion department. Here the F.F.A. boy hes to destroy farm pests, collect, scrap iron, maintain school forest plot and the wild game reserve. There is the community ser- vice department also. The F.F.A. boy helps h1s.commun1ty by taking soil tests, pruning end spraying fruit trees, and herd improvement tests. The F.F.A. boy has to per- ticlpste in some social ac- I Seated: Mr. Kutil, W. Dow, N. 'W11he1mi, Standing: R. Hughes, T. Carlson 131 it .1 , . Theyolfficers this year were: uturcl armers of T merlca. Pres., Bill Dow, Vice Pres., Arnold Bolton, Sec., Norm Wil- helmig Tres., Ted Gerlsong Re- porter, Robert Hughes. . f s Row 1: lr. Kntil, L. Lundgren, N. Wilhelmi, B. Dow, R. Knfalk, R. Hughes, Row 2: B, Drury, R. Carlson, P. Burke, H. French, L. Wolowic, W. Message, R. Toft,'A. Kump- fer, Row 3: R. Edwards, D. Irving, M..Edwards, R. Redmer, T. Carlson, A. Thaing Row 4: R. Wells, P. Wolowic, G. Hunter, 7. Message, J. Crichton, C. Hirocko, R. Scott, R. January 6 v Miss Culliton, B. Runyard, S. Harness nnuel Uub Anyone who wishes to belong to the Annual Club is eligi- ble. There ere no officers end the members work for the sole nuroose of oublishing the Sequoia, under direction' of the editor and co-editor. There ere several different deoertments! the oleys, eth- letics, ert division pages, faculty section, cless sec- tybing, music, informel ohoto- tion, clubs, senior end the grenh section. J The editors ere chosen for of the Annual the following yeer according to the amount have done end of work they their trustworthiness. They have been given e gold or sil- ver ewerd. The editor and the co-ediunr chosen to serve for the 1G44 Seouoia lest year were Billie Meye Runyerd end Shirley Harness. ' The meetings ere held in the librery end ere Ulenned by the editor, co-editor, and soon- ser, Miss Culliton. Row 1: I. Maier, L. Truax, J. Felter, B. Palaske, S. Harness, J. Cunningham, A. Pe dersen, R. Scott, J. Message, Row 2: R. McG1ynn, T. Wimmer, B. Gossell, K. Gindich, D. Gross, C. Upton, R. Carlson, I. Ryan, B. Ashe, Miss Cullitong Row 3: T. Yopp, K Fields, A. Harvey, R. Zellhofer, B. Prindle, D. Morton, M. McCann, M. Kel1y,G. King, E. Runyard, B. Bartlett, Row 4: M. Setek, D. Scott, m. Elfering, G. Hawkins, M Hunter, M. Ryan, D. Edwards, O. Himens, R. Risch, R. Lasco, L. Elms, Row 5: W Dow, L. Roblin, R. Trieger, F. Zimmerman, E. Grenus, J. Kutil, S. Klass, E. Feder sen, J. Pregenzer, R. Winfield I Volley Ball was the first organized activity of the sea- son. A tournament was held and the Sophomores won. Basketball was the favorite activity. After the interclass tourna- ment was won by a class, Miss Reynolds, G.A.A. Sponsor, chose the most outstanding players for the All-Star team. Spring activities were tennis, archery, and baseball. The initiation this year was one of the best. It began early in the morning with the Freshmen wearing everything imaginable and doing many silly things. A pot-luck sup- per was enjoyed after the an- nual candle light service at which the Freshmen were given their pins. The officers this year were Frances Zimmerman, President, Alice Harvey, Vice President: Barbara Prindle, Secretary, and Mary Kelly, Treasurer. . 6-1 Seated: F. Zimmerman, Miss Reynolds, B. Prindleg Standing: A. Harvey, M. Kelly Glrlsfirme tic ssociarion Row 1: G. Stimpfl, E. Schaefer, D. Morton, B. Prindle, Miss Reynolds, M. Paulsen, E. Weber, J. Crawford, T. Longly, L. Rhymerg Row 2: O. Himens, D. Bauer, R, Mcslynn T. Wimmer, G. Hawkins, L. Meinersmann, M. Elfering, G. Reidel, D. Scott, J. Kumpik , J. Nelson, L. Elms, Row 3: G. Sass, M. McCann, B. Runyard, M. Kelly, I. Holt, A. Harvey, C. White, K. Fields, R. Zellhofer, G. King, 3. Harness, I. Maier: Row 4: N. Ellis, B. Ashe, I. Ryan, M. Gaides, P. McGlynn, C. dston, D. Gross, J. Saylor, K. Gindich, E. Wilton, L. Kuhn, D. Edwards, E. Horton, ow 5: J. Vos, T. Yopp , A, Pedersen, J. Pregenzer, J. Spanggard, J. Felter, B, Palagke, E, Pedersen, M. Hunter, P. Stastny, R. Slazes, E. Grenus, F. Zimmerman 8 2 1 -5 . Standing: K. Krueger, H. Smith Seated: H. WZ nts The MAN Club is the bcy's athletic group in Antioch High. All of the boys who have won e varsity letter thru particicetion in one of the major sports of the school are invited to oecome members. Managers are included, too. The club averages twenty mem- bers yearly. Hr. Albert Kroll, HCoechU, is the faculty advisor for all club activities. The officers for the '45-'44 term are as follows: President, lRobert Ellis, Vice-president, Kenneth Kruegerg Secretary-treasurer, Harry Smith. Promoting attendance and good feeling at the games has been achieved thru several dances held after games in collaooration with the Pep Club. In this way, the vis- itors feel welcome and attend other social activities held at our school. , 1 W I I Row 1: N. Wilhelmi, H. Smith, B. Petty, R. Trieger, L. Roblin, L. Nielsen, W. Dowg Row 2: J. Cunningham, W. Reeves, T. Carlson, R. Stastny, J. Nader, H. Nevitt, mr. Krollg Row 3: S. Good, D. Bauer, H. Ellis, S. Klass R. Scott, D. Gas, K. Krueger, seated! J- Kutil. A. Kacer, Standing: Miss Dixon, E. Horton, D. Edwards The Home Economics Club was organized last November. At that time, the following offig cers were elected: President, June Kutilg Vice-President, Alice Kacerg Secretary, Doris Edwardsg and Treasurer, Eleanor Horton. The Home Economics Club started their activities by having a combined Initiation SSS. C652-SEf333rSErEZni9.?23e25 a candle-lighting ceremony, a truth or consequences program, dancing, exchange of gifts, and refreshments. " In February, Eleanor Horton and June Kutil, as representa- tives, attended a Home Econom- ics Rally held at DeKalb State Teacher's College. This meet- ing, the girls exchanged ideas for club activities and elected district officers. omo Economics Row 1:. D. Edwards, Miss Dixon, J. Voss, H. Norman, J. Kutil, M. Gaides Row 2: I. Holt, M. Setek, C. White, A. Kacer, Horton. 10 E. Winfield, J. Heath, R. Drom, I. JOURNALISM CIUB Row 1: J. Cunningham, J. Walsh, S. Googl, D. Bratrude, R. Trieger, J. Prindleg Row 2: J. Spanggard, B. Busscher, M. Hunter, S. Klass, E. Pedersen, J. Nader, Mrs. Coscarellig Row 3: B. Prindle, W. Reeves, A. Thqin, G. Stimpfl, B. Runyard, R. Zellhofer, J. Pregenzer, S. Harness, Row 4: B. Bartlett, I. Ryan, D. Gross, H French, E. Horton, D. Scott, M. Elfering, D. Morton ANNUAL TYP IS TS Row 1: T. Wimmer, M. Kelly, A. Kacer, Miss Krusag Row 2: R. Stanaitis, R. Zell hofer, S. Harness, E. Pedersen, E. Grenusg Row 3: I. Ryan, B. Gossell, K. Fields A, Harvey, L. Meinersmann 11 ,f' .Q ei , fgbf bw ,ar fi' eff! if ' Qnf Qkf bf' 754 r if a Howie and a Horn. and Bo . 1500! 9' QD!!-657 waxy.. The Senior Play Cast is announced. 9 . A study in???? Industr5tf 1'l in Industrial Art ,H l.,iY, Q, .KZUZNW ,x ,. ?5WfQ?wS?fW Eg K M F 7" 4 V2.1 wry?" .Sf '51, K' ,, 1wwm5 mwvidfa V 4 fini WW? aim ,gf +QY3f fm' ima f ,f Q l' VT if? z f 'W ' fxmwg . 5 f 413296 f f mmmfWfnJ .4 ,gf 'I ' 1?"2f ' 2l7 2 ,fzw 4-Q 2 , 2 , , , fi ff? 1,224 i f ff ,- if 5,,125,4,f, '55 f ' 'wi 1 W f A' g Our cameraman, himself. The Noon Rush'-yell melli Who's the fast streak?? Home Ea. Movie 1 !f,, lm? ,A -' f ffky, A .QN Q W X 2 'x If' W, f M 5 I ' f ff! ' 7 W W , X f I' W , K if ff 4' M ff! gf' ' Aff ' ,f K A X , f V X341 WJ 47' Aj X ff :f y X XZ v K 1 ff fi X2 x N ' s-V4 ' 7 X ffl X 60 t "-., l ffw ,N y I XXX M Q ,ff Y f D , , ,A , i4 fl, H X YN AM " lf KXff fl 2 'M Aff! N! U S l C n55GmiNy I Bop-Momoreg fFlnTG rTa1Jf1GV5 SCT'li.OT"5 Air,y1,5 gfvshmen S9rOgram lfunior-,5 Row ls M. Hunter, L. Truax, F. Zimmerman,,C. Shea, I. Maier, M. Hardke, D. Morton, R- Bufnette. J- 5PBnggard, G. King, A. Pedersen, D. Gross! Row 2: S. Rzysko,S Good, J. Nelson, R. Stowe, J. Nader, S. Klass, C. Upton, B. Ashe, B. Bartlett, M M5P19th0FP9. M. Hutchison, G. Sass, J. Felter, L. Rhymerg Row 5: R. Atwood, R. Lut terman, L. Seger, L. Roblin, L. Nielson, W. Dow, D. Bratrude, R. Ellis, R. Trieger, W. Petty, J. Message, D. Jones, L. Wolowic, Mr. Von Holwede Ig' ' 1 - 0 I , 11, a, gg 'mv-Mm, The band has the largest number of members in the entire music department. It is composed of forty students. This group has been fortunate in that it has been able to secure many classical pieces which they play excentlonally well. An oben slr concert was held in the fall for the benefit of the American Legion. With the donations received from this affair, the Antioch News was sent to the boys in service. The band nlayed marches and patriotic songs on Flag Day when the seniors dedicated a flag to the school. At all home .games, the band is there to entertain. It has snonsored several patriotic assemblies such as the Armistice Day ?rogram and the Memorial Day Program. Two highlights of the year were the Christmas and Soring Concerts. 15 A QF .I 4 K, , O KU Q9 55, XQEYJ! F, ,ww Row 1: H. Von Holwede, L. Wolowic, J. Kallel, B. Palaske, G. Hawkins, L. Truax D R Morton, B. Ashe, B. Bartlett, Maier, M. Tiede, B. Busscher, F. Zimmerman, J. Vos J. Saylor, N. Ellis Row 3: L. Seger, S. Good, B. Dow, R. Trieger, R. Stowe, R. Risch, F, Wolgwig . Carlson, B. Drury Row 2: T. Wimmer, M. Hardtke I , L. Longly, A. Schweizer, L Kuhn S. Klass, R. Stestny, D. Jones, 1 fl V P1 '5 Q Yes! the Sequoits can sing, too. Many I -1: ere talented and they brighten our es- Q if semblies with delightful end amusing A Q songs. They are telentec. both in class- 'f 3 ical and novuler music. Some of the mem' ft bers have done soloist work with the . Swing Band. ,Q The Chorus hes highlighted the yeer - with the Christmas Concert, given for lt the benefit of the Red Crossg the Soring ,A Concert, followed by e fienceg end. the Commencement Concerts, climax of the yeer. . This wide variety of good music has 5' been ours, just for the listening. V 16 - . .. Q... L nn, 1 , , I Seated: M. Hunter, S. Good, L. Rhymer, J. Felter, M. Maplethorpe, S. Klass Standing: Mr. Von Holwede, J. Spanggard, R. Buruette, J. Kutil, R. Trieger gg? W 'A Emi n Band Q' Q 1 F he By diligent practice, the .Swing Band O eb has played its way into the hearts of Q our swing-minded students. It enter- 7U 4, 4 tains and raises the spirit of the stu- 5 dent throughout the year. It consists C, of four saxophones, two trumpets, twc trombones, a bass violin, a drum, and J piano. Members faithfully practice twice li O . T a week. to The Swing Band not only entertains the students, but people of the community Q Io too. They have played in many places in l ly the township and are always pleased to 4, do so. Twice a year they travel to the i Veterans' Hospital at North Chicago, to 1, H as All in all they have had a very full play for the Veterans. V year and we are proud of them. f l7 X-gx .. m' -"' 'mg - f+' , e fA ' 'W . ' x x Fw 1 ,X v A " K . jg. .fry A 51?,,,3.l xx, , E f 3' , U ' 1 'il M, xw A Vt ' ' 3 --fm.. " .vb ,- is o KS:-vw X sg.: . gl i IA I A 'U z K 'M Q , - X 'I yt .2 Q N H 4 'X an s fi Q I avi' "' A "MW" if Q4 - . f 57K , N N Q Q . fa A g Q' ""':'rx 4- k -X L x5"JLEX,.1 :fm if ,, I i ' A N L LW A ff" .lfwg mc- 2212 ' 5 ' E' Q A' 'J ":i:!955 N I hi.. ' 4 xx v 'S if' Q ,...,. 4,,u i ,-K ., , ,fn ff ALP' C, - 1 E 99 fb SIC I U, QJQXIEN- "?A SL" vm v ar, . 'Q 'yy , , A 1Qr:g'T3?'A' 1 f N 1 WB., 'Q Q- .uno t Z -1 1, AA J. 1 x If f' I. 5 Y lj X O0 ...Z 0" 0 7 ' Q A K w N Q fxQx x E I x wi ' 1? + N DN p-,in . 0 ' N y v 6 J? K ' 1 Q i J' f p Q vf ' A V X lf' r X Q I PLAYS r l Ullhior may On November l9 and 20, 1943, the Juniors Dresented a thrill backed Dlay, MYSTERY AT MIDNIGHT, full of susbence and romance. Plenty of side-splitting comedy was subblied by Energine and Rasmus, the colored servants. It was ably and successfully directed by Mrs. Frank Coscarelli with the fol- lowing cast sunblying suberb acting: Rathbone, Donald Bratrudeg Mrs. Went- worth, Lorraine Hutchison, Barbara, Mary Hutchisong Alma, Irene Holtg Parker, Alan Thaing Dick, Stuart Goody Energine, Gertrude Stimpflg .Rasmus, Stebhen Rzyskog Letty, Phyllis Mattsong and Oscar, Richard Stastny. 20 N ix, X I 5 E up EL 'Hifi .Rss 'F , - , 7 n ... a... Li! CUT OF THE FRYIHG PAX, a fast-mov- ing comedy, was presented by the Seniors on April BO and 21, 1944, under the direction of Kiss leitna Paulsen. This successful play, given before a capacity crowd, was excellently acted by the following cast: George Rodoll, Ralph lascog Norman Ruse, Jim Cunninghamg Tony i Dennison, Sammy Klassg Hate Ault, Anne Schweizer, Narge Season, Idal Z Haier, Qottie Coburn, Judy Pregen- 1 zerg yrs. Garnet, Terry Wimmer g r U Vuriel Foster, Myrtle Hardtke, Arthur Kenny, Herbie Ellisgfr. Co- burn, Don Bauer, First Cop, Stuart Geodg Second Cop, Richard Stastny. Senior may ,, , , 4 X-ff . . GIRLS ALL-STAR BASKETBALL TEAM F. Zimmerman, M. Hunter, G. Stimpfl, D. Edwards, E. Schaefer, B. Prindle, N. Ellis, Miss Reynolds K, V. 4,1 A K. 1 VZ , an K, , ,- .. 3 e ,.,, CHEERLEADERS M. Hunter, S. Harness, E. Wilton, L. Elms, I. Maier 22 I! Z2 fffffi f , .4 .3 73- fl' I -'S-: :xv-. t , A-..1.L'?'-i 'Q K I -N 5 .J .fx 1:2151 --""' Q fu... , X X xii!! f ' W, K9 dn f W 15' P f , ff Q5 f f M- -I'-" 5' X fff' ,-'Z-'S' ,R .Q f f """' W 'W 'b. f 15 1 ' "' f X2 1 X fl X- 2 ' f , ly! I M .. iQQEZE:::gi2'ifng::,,.., "ff bk W p , Xiglefsggig ,gfllig M4444 Bow lx J. Nader, R. Stastny, K. Krueger, I. Domg 8. Good, R. Trieger, D. B uerg Row 2: G. Beverson, L. Roblin, R. Nader, G. Gratz, R. Holem, D. Jones, R. Hughes, J. Sterbenz, A. Krollg Row 3 C. Flint, R. Ellis, S. Klass, H. Smith, H. Nevitt, L. Nielsen, D. Gaa, D. Weber, J. Pregenzer, T. Carlson, J. Cunningham The 1945 football season was one in which a fighting spirit, courage, and sportsmanship were always in evidence. The team suffered severa. set- backs with many of the players receiving serious injuries, but the 'Fighting Sequoitsn kept right on fighting, only to come out on the bottom of every game. The Sequoits played seven games during the season. The substitutes saw some action and Coach Kroll is hoping to have a top team in the Conference next year. Five of the varsity were graduated this spring, but next season's prospects will fill their places on the field. Sam Klass and Joe Nader were captains of the 1945 squad. The elected 1944 captains are Ibn Bauer and DOH Graao 24 Mr. Kroll, L. Nielsen, S. Klass, N. Wilhelmi, D. Bauer, H. Ellis L. Roblin The Sequoit varsity tied Palatine for third place in the Northwest Conference with a record of 6 wins, 4 losses. In the non-conference games, Antioch defeated 6 opponents and lost 5 games, We are proud of the boys and their coach, A. Kroll, for the victorious season. The following boys received varsity letters: Wilhelmi, Ellis, Klass, Bauer, Roblin, and Nielsen. Here is the season's schedule and record: Opponent Grant Warren St. Marys, Northbrook Wauconda Warren Wauconda Ela Palatine Grant Ela Waukegan--J St. Marys Bensenville Barrington Wauconda Waukegan--Res. Northbrook Barrington Date Where Played Nov Antioch Nov, Warren Dec. Des Plaines Dec Northbrook Dec Antioch Dec Antioch Dec Wauconda Jan E13 Jan Antioch Jan Grant Jan Antioch Jan Antioch Jan Antioch Feb Bensenville F95 Antio ch Fbb Wauconda Feb Waukegan Fbb Wauconda Ebb Wauconda 25 Score Home Opponent Team 46 24 36 55 31 35 57 27 21 23 57 24 19 24 27 36 33 27 36 29 26 38 20 14 42 36 22 47 35 29 31 29 29 25 50 56 24 29 I , Row 1: J. Cunningham, D. Jones, R. Trieger, C. Flint, R. Scott Row 2: T. Carlson, S. Good, Mr. Kroll, W. Reeves, J. Nader, D. Gan Antioch lightweights can boast of a successful season by establishing a record of 7 wins and 5 losses. The standings of the Northwest Conference placed Antioch in second place tie with Palatine. The lightweights also played four non-conference. The lightweights won three out of four non-conference. games to give them a total of ll wins, 4 loses. The following boys received lightweight lettersg Nader, Reeves, Good, Trieger, Cunningham. Here is the season schedule and record: A Opponent Grant Warren St. Marys Northbrook Wauconda Warren Ela Palatine Grant Ela St. Marys Bensenville Barrington Wauconda Waukegan Fresh Date Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. oo Where Played Antioch Warren Des Plaines Northbrook Antioch Antioch Ela Antioch Grant Antioch Antioch Bensenville Antioch Wauconda Waukegan Score Home Opponent Team 50 16 33 10 31 33 23 14 18 17 27 11 20 18 15 17 22 7 34 14 26 24 11 17 19 26 22 17 24 11 Rovrlx Sam Klass, Duane Weber, Stuart Good, Harry Smith, Richard Stastny Daniel Jones, Richard Redmer, Row 2: Norman Wilhelmi, Raymond Scott, Bar- lan French, Robert Holem, Howard Nevitt, Maurice Edwards, John Message Coach Krollg Row 3: Kenneth Krueger, Loren Seger, Louis Nielsen, Richard Lun kren, Russell Stews, Jerry Pregenzer, James Cunningham, Ralph Trieger. The track prospects for the season of '44 are better than ever before. The following boys will take part: L. Neilsen, N. Wilhelmi, and K. Kreu- ger are expected to score in the weights, while H. Smith will set the pace for R. Stastny, S. Good, and R. Ellis in the dashes. The distance events are filled by R. Redmer, J. Cunningham, and R. Scott, In pole vaulting, the broad and high jumps, Ellis, Smith, and Bauer are high point men. Antioch also has a top Fresh-Soph team with Trieger, Jones, Redmer, and Weber as members. The season's schedule is as follows: x Date Place Friday, April 7 Waukegan Friday, April 14 Palatine Monday, April 17 Libertyville Friday, April 21 Barrington Saturday, April 29 Palatine Tuesday, May 9 Lake Forest Thursday, May ll Antioch Saturday, May 15 Evanston Tuesday, May 16 Antioch Wednesday, May 24 Palatine O , ,, V, , Jam ?1Qsa--ffvmwwa Louis Nielsen-fGuard , "2 fx 712 x 'g ,Q -rn Tlx , W w, via .smxfiv f. "" "' ,1 fq2ff'5Jv'As.A,p1. E I Leonard Roblin--Guard Heybiw Ellis-'Guard arvan Wilnelmi--Center X. 55 iiiesesgg fer v9 1 1wWQf7 ' lf!! i' flfhfl W N I YAYAYAV Y Q nb HWMAMMAAAI lAbu" H1L' ah' Mgjbawww. fl 5 N EA , . 1 A A , V' of ',:'i'-'7' ' .nnffpi I X MMH7 '-'f f ff . fly' U .I A ,K Q 'f,,M1.'.'1'.'A'..'A ".'.'A'.'1. ,Vg . . .frlffh fl' A ' 5. firm' ' fffliil ' 1 .W lvvhl .F Y ' Il I rw i9'f5r':7:"'--5! n"- A v,-vggv v Av v v v 55.1 Mx' . Qlwy 'knl,qd ymQq,, O'05 WUI .f"' 5 9 9 O WWN?4'444 3.10, 32121, -2,1 f lv xy' 'ini U The Freshman Class chose the following students as their class officers: Duane Weber, president: Jerry Pregenzer, vice-presldentg Eleanor Schaefer, secretaryg Lucille Kuhn, treasurer. The nFroshn gave a party for the Sophomores Jan- uary twenty-eighth, and games, refreshments, and dancing were enjoyed by all. Joanne Baylor was the choice of the football team as the Freshman attendant in the Queen's Court for the festivities which took place during Homecoming. V e Kathleen Glndich and Jerry Pregenzer were elect- ed to represent the Freshmen in the Student Coun- cil. , Howard Nevitt, Duane Weber, Dan Jones, , Jimmy Fields, Al Kumfer, and Jerry Pregenzer were the 'menu the Freshmen contributed to the athletic de- partment. Clase of 15197 1 . Row 1: D. Weber, C. Rigby, R. Lubkeman, R. Stowe, D. Jones, J. Pregerxzer, J. Hunter, Miss Paulseng Row 2: N. Ellis, M. Gratz, J. Saylor, R. Burnette, K. Gindich, G. Sass 0. Himens, D. Bauer, Row 3: J. Kiehl, J. Nelson, J. Heath, R. Risch, W: Message, A. Berkiel, J. HeKenney5 T. Chase, Row 4: M. Haplethorpe, M. McCann, A. Kumpfer, E. Brady, M. Sipole, A. Pedersen, T. Longly, L. Lundgren 30 Q. X Nm , fx f X :D if Row 1: E. Schaefer, D. Weber, Miss Krusa ROV 22 L. Kuhn, J. Pregenzer, Miss Paulsen C1355 of 19147 i Row 1: R. Hansen, R. Atwood, B. Drury, P. Burke, R. Carlson, E. Lubkeman, W. Hills, J. Fields, Row 2: J. McKinney, L. Wolowic, G. Rzysko, L. Kuhn, P. McG1ynn J. Kumpik, A. Gossell, B. Hortong Row 3: A. Kallal, F. Wolowic, R. Lutterman, R. Marz, E. Weber, E. Schaefer, Miss Krusag Row 4: R. Redmer, E. Winfield, G. Sass, M. Paulsen, J. Crawford, J. Vos, W. Meyer, H. Nevitt 31 s 1 U NJ '4 1?f':' X ski ir ix 'YE B mua-- Niizghvhi- i 5 The officers of the Sophomore class were Wesley Reeves, President, Jim Walsh, Vice President, Le- roy Ellis, Secretary, and Joe Sterbenz, Treasurer. The Sophomore class consisted of twenty-one boys and twenty-two girls. The class advisers were Mrs. Coscarelli and Miss Reynolds. Last year the ad- visors were Miss Reynolds and Mr. Kroll. At the beginning of the school year the class gave a party for the Freshmen. There was enter- tainment by the Jazz Band and a quiz contest. Later on in the evening, dancing and refreshments were enjoyed. On the various committees for the party were Joan Felter, Gertrude Hawkins, Beatrice Ashe, Bernice Palaske, Ralph Trieger, Dolores Gross, and Wesley Reeves. The members in the Student Council were Don Irv- ing, Mary Ryan, Jackie Kallal, and Clifford Mir- ocko. The Sophomores gave a few assemblies. Some of the entertainers were Ralph Trieger, June Spang- gard, Joan Felter, and Georgia Reidel. Sophomore boys on the football team were Ralph Trieger, Joe Sterbenz, and Bob Holem. On the basketball team were Ralph Trieger, Wesley Reeves, and Jim Walsh. Uasss "f lqlie Hal Row 1: V. Sisson, R. Trieger, R, Lundgrgn. R. Knfalk, Miss Reynoldsg Row 2: J French. H, Wolf, M, Ryan, R. Toft, L. Ellis, J. Spanggard, L. Hanseng Row 3: M Edwards, W. Reeves, B. Palaske, L. Dunford, P. Stastny, D. Irving, C. Mirocko 32 rm A vvvv fb, 4- f l 4 A wgQVAw, Row 1: LeRoy Ellis, Wesley Reeves i X ,' L Row 2: Joe Sterbenz. James Walsh, Miss Reynolds Q . ,lx S 5 33 V, x , N ' v Nu nhl QU' Lb Ib! N V 1 Y QJHS5 of C146 A Rev 1: J. Sterbenz, M. Van Duzer, J. Crichton, R. Holem, Hrs. Coscarellig Row 23 B. Ashe, D. Gross, P. Chops, G. Reidel, G. Hawkins, D. Scott, M. Elferingg Row 3: J. Kallal, J. Felter, E. Schwicht, R. January, H. Schroeder, D. Portwich 33 There are fifty-one Juniors and they have had two'advisers each year. Freshman year advisers X S were Mr. Hack and Miss Lyneg Sophomore year Miss ylgilggf' Lyne and Mr. Kutil. This year they, were Miss W Vp , Bullis and Miss Culliton first semester and Miss N ,,, Thomas second semester. The class officers are 'Qt president, Don Bratrudeg secretary, Trutchen Yoppg yrs I vice-president, Kenneth Krueger, treasurer, Alan :45!iE57rf Thain. They have three girls and three boys for the Student.Counc1l, and they are Mabel Lou Hunter N ,f Louise Elms, Trutchen Yopp, Don Bratrude, Kenneth NP Krueger, and Stuart Good. K f S The Junior boys have cooperated fully ln sports, ' ' such as football, track, and basketball. The girls gd--X also have participated in sports and many of them N , - belong to the G.A.A. and Pep Club. N ge' In the Homecoming Court, Louise Elms was the Ql!:iig7' Junior attendant for the queen. 5 - Many of the Juniors have worked hard on the ann- Ygn ual. lf, The Junior Play was very ably directed by Mrs. Coscarelli. Don Bratrude, Lorraine Hutchison Gertrude Stimpfl, Stephen Rzysko, Stuart Good Phyllis Mattson, Irene Holt, Richard Stastny, and Alan Thain took part in it. , ' Uses of W5 Row 1: S. Good, AK. Krueger, D. Bratrude, W. Hadtke, C. Flint, W. Message, Miss Bul- lisg Row 2: D. Shank, R. Paasch, D. Morton, B. Prindle, E. Barnstable, R. Stanaitis L. Hutchison, C. Shea, Row 25: J. Ghan, B. Busscher, R. Seefeldt, A. Thain, R. Ed- wards, R. Scott, D. Bauer, R, Stastny 34 Q I xSmXRwx Il' 0 5- 'yf G ev W s 0 1 4 Seated miss Bullis, D Bratrude, Miss Thomas Stand1ng K Krueger, A Thain 1 1 QQEXXXQ Qai Qld xx F, 4: l vt 1 , x' Q' X an . . L . .2 g' . .- 'iv 'Mx yi mess of 16145 N V Row I: P. Wolowio, J. Prindle, L. Nielsen, R. Hughes, N. Wilhelmi, R. Nader, Kiss Thomasg Row 2: B. Bartlett, F. Edlmann, D. Stack, M. Hutchison, R. Atwood, I. Holt, L. Elms, Row 3: M. HcGlynn, G. Stimpfl, T. Yopp, L. Rhymer, L. Seger, L. Truax, R. Winfield, M. Hunter, Row 4: D. B rdick, M. Tiede, D. Gaa, S. Rzysko, c.ladsun H. Smith, R. Wells 35 LIBRARIANS salted: B. Bartlett, I. Schwicht, H. Hunter, L. Elms: Standing: Miss Culliton, D', I. Pedersen PROM PLANNRS Row 1: A. Thain, I. Krueger, II. Wilhelmi, J. Prindle, R. Scott: Row 2: IB. Bartlett, M. Tiede, B. Busscher, I. Holt, M. Hunter: Row 3: IB. Prindle, D. Morton, G. Stimpfl, L. llms, I. Wilton Sam Xlasa e Sportsmanship Troplur Winner 36 ' X QQ YMI. P A!A 1 :Y ' If l4 , -f 4 ff ys erfz 'f rf- g pg? N59 ' 'lf-Q: ' AU' 'h Aff' B ,sh f Q cfm my 0 ' V. .x 0 A , 4 f'f.,5Q'g'fA C' 'KQ V ob Db If U SQ f7!,f"MgfLi1 ,1ii'f5-5. GM X X x 0 130 A If 5 ' If -xi-QNX ,Ll - A ,- 15 0 0 - 'N ."' A ' 0 5 1 im, 1 .aw lfrffwf S QQMUWYII' XP Url A I K f 1 nw mm f 11, Jim It-I J-l VN W 2' 11' :lUW,,,IM?,,4. BKNMxKwNx K -'I A Q'f'f,' " ,ljl1,i 'l2kfg,v ,H HM 2 Q., YKNFB!Amffffljqmfmxx.-fqN 4,V 1 . Q 2. 4 JW,'wWz,li"- fW w.mN ' N . 1 P 3 gg -.'1 , if ff 4 "1 ., . . WK K - ,.n 1 - .-' 1 - 1 I - I I' .X ,n I I xv' W1 7, 11 Q, if 1 ',A f 1 I I ' 'wwf 271 Etlzr ' 1 - -., fi? T1 an .- Kr I. 13", ' . if 1 12' .f f .1 ' fx ' , x' 1 ,f 'n x fl J , N 1 .' x . X I 'W , WH 41 Y .X ' 4 w 1 1 V , ' . 4 ' 1 1 1, 'A ' sv Y fb ' ' -'ix -N u .3 9 14115 .5 x X x an x ' f A , y Fix fi 1 M f ' ' U 1 1' , 9 1 , 1? A A4 xx 1 M nf 1, g 5,17 X 7 J W Nj QVNP QQ ,TE P Qx is 11? OJ 3 QN 7 5 U 'L egg of Ralph Lasco President Judith Pregenzer l Secretary James Cunningham f Vice-President he Grace King Treasurer The flemerb Story We entered Antioch High in 1940 with a class enrollment of sixty-four. Carol Ruth Upton was elected President: B111 Petty, Vice President, and Alice Harvey, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Mas Setek, Frances Zimmerman, Sammy Klass, and B111 Dow repre- sented us in Student Council. The sophc ores welcomed us to high school with a weiner roast down in the grove. On October 25, we gave the sophomores a Halloween party in return. All of the class were laying the groundwork for future participation in sports, music, dramatics, and Journalis . At the close of school the class chartered a bus and went to Petrifying Springs on a class picnic. When we came back our sophomore year, we elected Edna Pedersen, Presidentg Kath- leen Fields, Vice Presidentg Carol Ruth Upton, Secretary-Treasurer. Our represent- atives in Student Council were Grace Qing, Rose Marie Zellhofer, B111 Petty, and Sammy Klass. After school get under way, we welcomed the freshmenx by giving then a skating party at Antioch Lake. In return they served refreshments and took us to the show afterwards. To make money, we sold pies after school ence a month. The pies were donated by the mothers of the students. lCont1nued on page 417 J ofa-v4g? or orr or h , f4 ,, . 7 , f , fi , .. : 4, '?t'624-fr! gf' . 'Q f -X 1 w?f,7'ff94ff4 51.9, 'V9,.w9'Lg. -I Wwgwoo wwffwlqwm ,V , 4- sy ,V Q ,gy 1,,ffw. ' 0 my '54 V 'f 1 'N 41, "Ti-fxf, ' ' ' ' f, N ' .4. , , 'L 'I V r W 4 t , ,t.?i me E 1 , I f W s, ..- -M4- 4: , r oe Q, Carlson, Theodore Dow, William Drom, Ruby Edwards, Doris ,M -35 'nuk- Ellis, Robert Gossell, Betty Fields, Kathleen Gratz, George Gaides, Margaret Grenus, Elizabeth Gebhardt, Dorothy Hardtke, Myrtle 549 , , 1 I , f . Q, , , , ,,, H.: - ,f,, ff f, V fa MW' , f - - k ,V ,' ff 1 ,fwf f, ,V ,V ,, I cf gf, 4 H Harness, Shirley Harvey, Alice Horton, Eleanor Kacer, Alice YZ 'i'1vf1?'ST3 ETL: '20, .I gm, , , V. ,U f jimi lf" . . . 1' " 2 4 X, Vg? vf Qi . ' . "fp 'QM-49f.z11:7fi fxffw :M ,am-w' M 7 . ,L l 2 , w e 4 ' ,' Q ' v. v?'fKH 'fq o . Us , , , .' ,gg g QSM 'Q , L A.' 4 Kelly, Klass , Kut il, Maier, avg, ' f e V.-M f ,ZW Q ffm, 4 ' 3' f W A' ' V 12 ,vw ' 151 174 2- f J 34.15. ijgf ,..,f,!-. 2,5 ,,,A,f. 'af ,fs A? , gf v ' 55 f :" W RZ ff . I ,fi Q , 5. , if .W ,- i., -f ,, k 5 Wg M .,,,,3,figzz,3, ,L '15'f 3f ' f M M 're A 4 wx in 'WW if I -4 f52f'.,, K 14 " .0 i ' fs , 4 1, Q vm a ' 1 af ,Wd , Q A 33 '53, Q 4 - , , o J Mary McG1ynn, Ruth Nader, Joseph Samuel Meinersmann, Louise Pedersen, Edna June Message, John Petty, William Idal Moran, Charles Phillips, Donald Pierce, Gerda Roblin, Leonard mmyara, Janne Ryan, Irene A Kaye n 5 , , ,,,., , J in f ff ff W.-,z 5 ,417 104,55 W 2?41:,,rWf ',,yfg,r4vxnr4f ,MM 4 v f ff wh!! if r Schweizer, Anne geverson, Gordon Weber, Irving Zellhofer, Rose Marie Setek, Mae Talley, Earl White, Carole Zimmerman, Frances Upton, Carol Wimmer, Therese ' .41 THEODORE CARLSON nTedm Journalism lg Band 13 F.F.A. l,2, 5,4, Treas. 43 Baseball 53 Boxing 23 Football 43 One Major Letter3 Motto: Never put off till tomor- row what you can do today. Ambi- tion: Farmer. JAMES A. CUNNINGHAM nCutn Transferred from Warren 53 Annual Club 43 Student Council 43 Junior Play: NAU Club 43 Track 5,43Class Vice Pres. 43Basketbal1 43 Motto: Have all the fun while Ambition: Army. you can. WILLIAM DOW nskippyn Annual Club 43 Student Council l, 43 Chorus l,2,5,43 Band l,2,5,43 Christmas Play, Play Tournamentsg F.F.A. l,2,5,4, Reporter 5, Pres. 43 nAn Club 43 Football 43 Boxing 13 One Major L6tt6Pj Junior Play: Motto: Never trust a woman. Am- bition: Infantry. RUBY DROM Home Ec. l,2,5,4' Motto: Be ha p while you can. , P Y Ambition: Wave. DORIS EDWARDS G.A.A. l,2,5,43 Junior Playg Home Ec. l,2,53 Pep Club 2,5,43 Annual Club 5,43 Motto: Progress is made by work alone. Ambition: Ferry Pilot. ROBERT ELLIS nHerbU Band 1,53 UAH Club 5,4, Pres. 43 Baseball 5,43 Basketball l,2,5,43 Football 2,5,43 Boxing 1,23 Track 5,43 Seven Major Letters: Motto: Be there first with my arms out- stretched. Ambition: Air Corps. KATHLEEN FIELDS Pep Club 2,5,43 Journalism 23 An- nual Club 5,43Class Vice Pres. 23 G.A.A. l,2,5,43 Junior.Play3 Play Tournaments 1,23 Christmas Play: Dramatics 1,23 Motto: To be quiet best becomes you. Ambition: Com- mercial Teacher. MARGARET GAIDES I nMargen Chorus 1,23 Band 2,53 Pep Club 2, 5,43 G.A.A. l,2,5,43 Dramatics 13 Home Ec. 1,53 Motto: Eat,eat, and be merry. Ambition: Ferry Pilot. DOROTHY GEBHARDT Pnnottie' Home Ec. l,255j G.A.A. l,23Motto: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Ambition:Nurse. BETTY LOUISE GOSSELL nGozze1u Pep Club 43 Journalism 43 Be happy. Ambition: Be a million and one things. Motto: GEORGE GRATZ nKatzen-Jamer Kidu Transferred from Warren 53 Boxing 1,22 Basketball 43 Track 13 Foot- ball 43 Baseball 23Two Major Let- ters3 Motto: Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer or F.B.I. Agent. ELIZABETH GRENUS nSunshinen Annual Club 43 G.A.A. l,2,5,43Pep Club l,2,53Home Ee. 23Motto:Smile and the world smiles with you.Am- bition: Secretary. MYRTLE HARDTKE nMertn Pep Club 5,43Home Ec. l,2,5, Vice Pres. 53 Chorus l,2,5,43Band 5,43 Play Tournament 23 Dramatics 1,23 G.A.A. l,2,5,43 Annual Club 5,43 Swing Club 13 Motto: Laugh and be happy. Ambition: Study music. SHIRLEY HARNESS Annual Club 2,5,4, Co-ed. 43 Play Tournaments 23 Home Ec. ls G.A.A. 1,2,5,4Q Student Council 4, Sec. 43 Pep Club 2,5,4, Pres. 5,43 Jr. Playjcheerleader 5,43Dramatics 23 Motto: Burn the candle at both ends. Ambition: Secretary. ALICE HARVEY llsisll Pep Club 2,5,43 Home Ec. 23Annual Club 5,43 Christmas Play3 G.A.A. l,2,5,4, Vice Pres. 43 Class Sec. 13 Play Tournaments3 Junior Play: Dramatics l,23Journalism 23Motto: Be faithful until death.Ambition: Secretary. ELEANOR HORTON HEI-ll Home Ec. l,2,5,4, Treas. 43 Jour- nalism 53 Motto: Just keep try- ing. Ambition: U.S. Army Nurse. ALICE KACER !IA1ll Home Ec. l,2,5,43 Motto: Keep at it. Ambition: Secretary. MARY KELLY nlrishn Transferred from Geneva, Neb. 23 Pep Club 1,2,5,4Q G.A.A. l,2,5,4, Treas. 43 Home Ec. 1,21 Motto: To always have fun. Ambition: Sec- retary. GRACE KING nGracien Student Council 2,53 Dramatics 23 G.A.A. l,2,5,4, Sec. 53 Christmas PIQYS Class Treas. 23 Annual Club 2,5,43P1ay Tournaments 23 Band l, 2,5,4g Pep Club 2,5,43Home Ec. l, 2,53 Motto: Deeds, not words. Am- bition: Commercial Artist. SAMUEL KLASS il S ammy H UAH Club 1,2,5,4, Sec. 53 Student Council 2,5,4, Pres. 43 Band l,2, 5,43 Class Pres. 53 Chorus l,2,5, 43 Jazz Band 43 Swing Club l3 An- nual Club 53Baseba11 2,5,43 Foot- ball l,2,5,43 Basketball 1,2,5,4Q Track 2,5,4: Tennis 13 Boxing 23 Play Tournaments lg Twelve Major Letters3 Motto: Be prepared. Am- bition: Success. JUNE KUTIL Home Ee. 1,2,5j Christmas Play 13 Play Tournament 13 Jazz Band 2,43 Dramatics l3Junior Play3Chorus 13 Annual Club 5,43 G.A.A. 13 Motto: It doesn't matter how long a per- son lives, but how well.Ambition: Fashion Designer or Interior Dec- orator. RALPH LASCO II Bud!! Class Pres. 43 Student Council 53 Jr. Playg Motto: Always put off till tomorrow what you donft feel like doing today. Ambition:Mecn- anical Engineer. IDAL MAIER nIdlen Pep Club 2,5,43Play Tournament 23 Cheerleader 43 Home Ec. 2,3,4jAn- nual Club 1,2,5,4j Band 5,43 Dra- matics 1,23 Chorus 1,2,5,43G.A.A. l,2,5,43 Journalism 2,53 I Motto: Always be cheerful. Ambition: To be a Costume Designer. RUTH MARIE MCGLYNN . nSkippern Annual Club 2,5,4Q Dramatics 1,23 Play Tournaments l,23Junior Play: Pep Club 2,5,43 c.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Motto: Love them all and they'll love you. Ambition: Teacher. LOUISE MEINERSMANN l Dramatics 1,23 Play Tournament 23 Pep Club 5,43 G.A.A. 1,2,5,4j Jr. Playg Home Ec. 23 Motto: Live and Be able to make love. Ambition: a good home for a certain person from Trevor. JOHN MESSAGE nJohn Henryn Annual Club 5,43 Boxing 13 F.F.A. l,2,53 Band l,2,5,43Basketball 53 Motto: Have a good time.Ambition: Flyer and Mechanic in Air Corps. CHARLES MORAN N Bud!! Baseball 43 Track 43 Rod and Gun Club 13 Motto: Keep trying. Am- bition: Travel. JOSEPH NADER ll Joel! Annual Club 43 Basketball 2,5,43 WAN Club 2,5,43Student Council 5, 4, Vice Pres. 43 Jazz Band 53Band l,2,5,43 Football 2,5,43 Track 2, 5,43 Boxing 23 Class Sec. 53 Five Major Letters3 Motto: No one has ever died from unrequited love. Ambition: Engineer. EDNA PEDERSEN uPeteW Home EC. l,23Annual Club l,2,5,43 Pep Club 2,5,4, Vice Pres. 53Dra- matics l,23Play Tournament 23 Jr. Play: Journalism 2,4j Chorus l,2, 53 Band 1,23 Swing Club 13 G.A.A. 1,2,5,43Cheerleader 53Class Pres. 23Student Council 5,4,Sec. 53Mot- to: Lost time is never found a- gain. Ambition: Enjoy life. WILLIAM PETTY nBi11n Student Council 23 Jazz Band 1,23 Band l,2,5,43 UAH Club 2,5,4j One Major Letter3 Track 23 Boxing 1, 2,53Class Vice Pres. l3Motto:Eat, drink, and be merry. Ambition:Pi- lot in Air Corps. DONALD PHILLIPS liBig Donm Annual Club 43Junior Play3Band 13 Motto: The more they get the more they want. Ambition: Physician and Surgeon. GERDA PIERCE nGertn Pep Club 2g Home Ec. 1,23' Junior Play3 Dramatics 1,23 Play Tourna- ments 1,23 Motto: Just be happy. JUDITH PREGENZER N ll Transferred from Weslaco, Tex. 53 Journalism l,5,4,Jr. Ed. l3Ed. 53 Annual Club 5,43 Student Council 1,5,4, Treas. 43 Home Ec. lg Pep Club 2,5,43 G.A.A. l,5,43 Junior P1ay3 Dramatics 1,23 Class SSC.4j Delegate 13 Motto: Laugh and the world laughs with you. Ambition: Bacteriologist. LEONARD ROBLIN nGoblinN Student Council 43 Band l,2,5,43 Jazz Band 2,5,43 RAN Club 43 Bas- ketball 2,5,43 Football 43 Boxing 1,23 Play Tournament 13 One Major Letter: Class Treas. 53 Motto: My stomach, then you. Ambition: Have all the chocolate chip cookies in the world. BILLIE MAYE RUNYARD nBillien Drmmatics 1,21 Christmas Play l, 23 Play Tournaments l,23Jr. Play: Journalism 5,4, Co-ed. 53 Annual Club l,2,5,4, Ed. 43 Pep Club 43 Oratorical Declamation 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Chorus 23 Motto: Do or die. Ambitionzwrite the all time best seller. IHENE RYAN nMickeyn Transferred from Parker High,Chi- cago, Ill. 23 G.A.A. 43 Pep Club 5,43 Journalism 3,41 Annual Club 5,43 Motto: Be natural. Ambition: Illustrator. ANNE MARIE SCHWEIZER nAnnien Transferred from Monticello, Wis. 4: Journalism lg Chorus 5: Drama- tics l: Motto: To higher goals. Ambition: Nurse. MAE LOUISE SETEK HMasie' Pep Club 2,5,4: Home Ee. l,2,5,4: Annual Club 2,5,4: Student Coun- cil lg Swing Club l:Chorus l,2,5: Jr. Play: Motto: If at first you don't succeed, try, try aga1n.Am- bition: Nurse. GORDON SEVERSON nSea Biscuit' F.F.A. l,2,3,4: Football Mgr. l: Baseball Mgr. l:Track Mgr. l:Mot- to: Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Ambition: Farmer. EARL TALLEY ll EU Boxing l,2: Motto: Eat,drink,and be merry. Ambition: Air Corps. CAROL RUTH UPTON WGoofus' Pep Club 2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4:An- nual Club 5,4:Home Ee. l,2,5,V1ce Pres. 2, Pres. 5:Play Tournaments 2: Christmas Play: Chorus 2: Band 3,43 Dramatics 2: Student Council 4:Class Pres. l:Class Sec.-Treas. 2:G.A.A. l,2,5,4, Treas. 2, Vice Pres. 5: Motto: Be happy. Ambi- tion: Airline Hostess. IRVING WEBER nBuster' F.F.A. l: Football 4: Motto: Life is what you make it.Ambition:Most successful man to graduate from A.T.H.S. CAROLE WHITE HRed!1 Rpp Club l,2,5,4: G.A.A. l,2,5,4: Home Ee. l,2,5,4: Jr. Play:Motto: Silence is golden. Ambition: U.S. Army Nurse. THERESE WIMMER nTerryn Transferred from Lake View l: Pep Club l,2,5,4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4:Home Ee. 2: Annual Club 4: Chorus l,2, 5,43 Motto: To higher goals. Am- bition: Secretary. ROSE MARIE ZELLHOFER UZellN Journalism l,2,4, Ed. 2: Pep Club 2,5,4: Annual Club l,2,5,4: Home Ec. l: Dramatics l,2: G.A.A. l,2, 5,43 Play Tournaments l,2: Chorus 1: Student Council 2: Christmas Play: Motto: Perfeotion.Ambition: Foreign Correspondent. FRANCES ZIMMERMAN nFr1nnyn G.A.A. l,2,5,4, Pres. 4:Jr. Play: Pep Club 2,5,4g Journalism l:Band l,5,4: Annual Club 5,43 Dramatios 2: Swing Club l:Chorus 2,5,4:Play Tournaments: Student Council l: Motto: Keep smiling. Ambition: Army Nurse. ':v?nJ'llllllll- h Q- l1E.E ' ' 'Ar' "UP .nf LK i5H. ziafkf -'Stinson l VJ. eg Noela-LNILIX Ill, S IU S- L -"':,.,, A I --zf'.-1: A asf' .Q .lrJ-'- ', SENIOR HISTORY CContinued from page 381 Bill Dow received the most points for his portrayal of Lincoln in one of the inter-class plays. Billie Maye Runyard, Bill Dow, and Ruth McGlynn received Thes- pian letters for their acting ability. Billie Maye Runyard won third prize in the Oratorical-Declamation Contest held at Proviso High School in Chicago. Rose Marie Zellhofer and Sammy Klass went to the Student Council Convention at Lake Forest High School and brought back some new ideas for the Student Council. We rode our bicycles to Sherwoed's Park at the end of school. The seniors held their picnic there, too, and we enJoyed'their refreshments! Then in September, 1942, we entered the best year of all--our Junior year with the addition of Jim Cunningham and Judy Pregenzer to our class roll. We started out by electing Sam Klass, President: Joe Nader, Vice Pres1dentgGeorge Wimmer, Secretary: and Leonard Roblin, Treasurer. At our next meeting we elected Sam Klass, Ralph Lasco, Joe Nader, Grace King, Edna Pedersen, and Judy Pregenzer to Student Council. -Candy sales were a worry and a bother--but oh, so much fun. The boys started right out in sports and had a very successful season. Then came Homecoming. Shirley Harness was the queen's attendant from our class. We spent weeks getting ready for it and all had a wonderful time. There were pep meetings and assemblies that left us tingling with excitement. Shirley Harness and Edna Pedersen were our cheerleaders. Terry Wimmer, Francis Zim- merman, Billie Mays Runyard, Idal Maier, Myrtle Hardtke, and Bill Dow all took part in assemblies. Then there was the Student Council Convention at Morton High School. Sam Klass, Judy Pregenzer, and Edna Pedersen were the three representatives the juniors had. The long awaited Junior Play was given in November. Jim Cunningham was Henry Aldrich in 'What a L1fe'. Edna Pedersen, Howard Hagemann, Ruth McGlynn, June Xutil, Alice Harvey, Rosalie Sibley, Judy Pregenzer, Louise Meinersmann, Shirley Harness, Kathleen Fields, Bill Dow, Frances Zimmerman, Charles Fisher, Billie Mays Runyard, Ralph Lasco, and Gerda Pierce were the rest of the cast. After waiting for months, we finally received our class rings in February. Basketball and football games were the scenes of much merriment and unforgettable fun. We won the district championship in basketball and were co-champions in foot- ball. We were very proud of our boys. The Juniors were outstanding in G.A.A. also. We won both volleyball and basket- ball inter-class tournaments. Doris Edwards, Rosalie Sibley, Margaret Gaides, Frances Zimmerman, and Grace King were on the all-star basketball team. 1 After that, all our energies were concentrated on the Prom. The committees were appointed. Trips to the ration board and Mr. B1rkhead's office were very common. After much deliberation, 'lcelandn was picked for the theme. Class meeting after class meeting, debate after debate, and finally the doors were opened to outsiders. Our Prom was the most successful one in twenty years. No, not one of us will for- get May 22, 1943. Sam Klass was elected president of the Student Council and Billie Maya Runyard and Shirley Harness were awarded the gold and silver medals by the annual club. Thus they were to be editor and co-editor respectively of the 1944 annual. That glorious year was finishing. On flag day Sam Klass received the American Flag on behalf of the class and Bill Dow recited the 'History of Our Flag'. Yes, our Junior year was over, but we had one more--our senior year to look forward to. The next September almost all of us came back, and two more, Ann Schwiezer and Jin Schaefer, were added to our list. At the first meeting Ralph Lasco was elected President: Jim Cunningham,Vice Pres- identg Judy Pregenzer, Secretaryg and Grace King, Treasurer. Then Shirley Harness, Edna Pedersen, Judy Pregenzer, Carol Ruth Upton, Jim Cunningham, Bill Dow,Joe Nader, and Leonard Roblin were elected to Student Council. Football again held our interest. Shirley Harness and Idal Maier were our cheer- leaders. The team elected Shirley Harness queen of Homecoming and Judy Pregenzer senior attendant. Joe Nader was the Sequoit chief. 46 Enom xor will We, the Class of 1944, of the Antioch Township High School, being of an unselfish nature, wish to bestow upon our underclassmen, some of our qualities which may help them to reach the top as we have done. Our graft with the faculty we leave to all future graduating classes, for they will need it. Our past worries about our school work we leave to those who are capable of knowing how to worry without injuring either mind or body. And to our most worthy heirs, we bequeath the following gifts: TED CARLSON'S love letters to JERRY PREGENZER JIM CUNNINGHAM'S spur-of-the-moment thoughts to MISS CULLITON BILL DOW'S sense of humor to all the home rooms RUBY DROM'S boisterousness to all the gym classes DORIS EDWARDS' basketball playing to DOTTIE WILTON HERB! ELLIS' favorite song, WThe Twelfth Street Ragf to DON BAUER KATHLEEN FIELDS' quiet disposition to BARBARA PRINDLE MARGARET GAIDES' car to anyone with gasoline coupons DOROTHY GEBHARDT'S mysterious personality to PHYLLIS STASTNY BETTY GOSSELL'S happy disposition to ROBERT JANUARY GEORGE GRATZ'S drawing ability to MR. STILLSON ELIZABETH GRENUS' features to MISS BULLIS MYRTLE HARDTKE'S vocal chords to the music department SHIRLEY HARNESS' cheerleading to next year's cheerleaders ALICE HARVEY'S friendly smile to a lot of people who could use it ELEANOR HORTON'S curls to RAMONA SEEFELDT ALICE KACER'S athletic ability to MARY RYAN MARY KELLY'S smiling eyes to RUTH STANAITIS GRACE KING'S shyness to ELEANOR SCHAEFFER SAMMY KLASS' bashfulnese CU to BILL MEYER R JUNE KUTIL'S violin playing to MARILYN TIEDE RALPH LASCO'S scholastic ability to HOWARD NEVITT IDAL MAIER'S picturesque vocabulary to DOROTHY SCOTT LOUISE MEINERSMAN'S giggles to ESTHER WEBER RUTH MCGLYNN'S friendly arguments in American history to JOAN CRAWFORD JACK MESSAGE'S driving to the State Police CHARLES MORAN'S mania for ping-pong to JERRY HUNTER JOE NADER'S tooth at Grant to anyone who can find it EDNA PEDERSEN'S model figure to the Petty Girls BILL PETTY'S giant cigars to RICHARD ATWOOD DON PHILLIP'S overpowering physique to JIMMY FIELDS GERDA PIERCE'S sophomore boy friend to LOUISE ELMS JUDY PREGENZER'S management,of her social life to JUNE SPANGGARD LEONARD ROBLIN'S Wharem' to anyone who can handle it BILLIE MAE RUNYARD'S oratorical powers to DARLENE BAUER IRENE RYAN'S neatness to ALDONA BURKIEL ANN SCHWEITZER'S courtesy to LOUIS NEILSEN MAE SETEK'S meticulous hair to HELEN SCHROEDER GORDON SEVERSON'S powers of concentration to KATHLEEN GINDICH EARL TALLY'S industriousness to ALAN THAIN CAROL RUTH UPTON'S stature to ROSE MARYSLAZES IRVING WEBER'S studious appearance to ROBERT RISCH CAROL WHITE'S red hair to MARY HUTOHISON TERRY WIMMER'S rely-poly nature to BOB KUIALK ROSE MARIE ZELLHOFER'S 'Au average to ROLLIE BURNETTE FRANCES ZIMMERMAN'S pleasantness to JUNE CHAN Hereby, having disposed of all our offerings that may be used as a model of what to be or what not to be we here unto affix our seal. 47 ' Antioch VOLUME M VII Antioch, Illinois Thursday, May 28, 1954 No. 24 DARENOVA RETIRES, FIELDS best models, Margaret rushing into the drug CAP-HIES ON Games, of Antioch, Ill. stores. They are all af. M5-39 K9-151116911 T1-9168 will model the 'hat of ter the latest issue of 'ho Participated in the the year". Esguire. Joe Nader con- ballet exercises in the tributed all of the car- gymnastics at A.T.H.S., under the direction of Miss Reynolds, is now a graceful and talented ballet dancer who is take ing the place of Baren- ova, who has retired. Miss Fields is now ap- pearing in the year's Ballet Russe. I KING AND RYAN The two remarkable and talented personalities of the screen and radio,Miss Grace King and Miss Irene Ryan, have a program of their own now. Their com- ical and original jokes have made a hit with thousands of people in the last few years. They are now appearing in the new M.G.M. prod- uction,'ROAD TO ANTIOCHW. PLEASANTVILLE GAME The high school student body was very pleased with the results of the game with Pleasantville. The team won with a mar- gin of thirty points. Their coach, Charles Mor- an,was confident the boys would win. HATS GALORE William P. Dow II, the famous ladies' hat de- signer, is now displaying his creative and original styles in the Marshall Field Fashion show of this year. One of the NEW YORK STAGE We have just been in- formed by Louise Meiners- mann, an outstanding drama critic, who has just re- sturned from her two weeks' vacation in New York City, that while there, she was able to go and see that famous Shakespearean play, MAC- BETH. To her surprise, Leonard Roblin and 'Ruby Drom, former classmates of Lou1se's were playing the leading roles. ZELLHOFER VISITS HOME Miss Rose Marie Zell- hofer, chorus girl in a night club, has been vis- iting friends and rela- tives during her vaca- tion. SCIENTIST WINS AWARD Antioch's most famous bachelor, Sam Klass, was awarded the Nobel Prize Science. Mr. Xlass for has amazed the world with his miraculous discover- ies. His former classmates remember him as the all student who devoted all his time to his studies, especially science and mathematics, and who never bothered with such high school activities as sports or social life. NADER HONORED BY ESQUIRE There is no mystery as to why everyone has been 48 toons in this issue. We have all watched Joe's progress from his first cartoon printed in Q5- gulre to this great honor of having the entire is- sue filled with hls work. NOTED AUTHOR TO LECTURE Gordon Severson, author of the sport best seller, unti an he Qgsy Wgy, arrived in Ant- ioch on his lecture tour. Xe will address boys of Antioch Township High School and men in the community interested in hunting and trapping. Severson's book based on experiences gained in high school days has been widely acclaimed by sport experts, so men attending may be sure of an inter- esting talk. SALESMAN VISITS FAMILY Jim KWindyJ Cunningham, Lake County representa- tive of The Message Nov- elty Comb Co., ie now in Antioch visiting his wife and children. Mr. Cun- ningham, who has built up a thriving business sell- ing Handy-Andy Disposable Combs, informs us that he will soon be looking for agents to help him cover his territory. PSYCHOLOGIST TO LECTURE Ted Carlson, eminent author, will lecture Iri- I1 in: VOLUME M VII Antioch, Illinois Thursday day night at the high school. His talk which will pertain to child psychology is entitled 'How to Correct a Child'. NEW COLUMN FOR NEWS Starting this week, the Antioch News will feature a new column called 'Hol- lywood Through a Knot- holen. This column is be- ing written by the famous Hollywood columnist, Mae tak- late Setek. Miss Setek is ing over where the Heda Hopper left off,even to the ridiculous hats. Miss Setek is probably remembered by a good many Antioch people. EXOTIC DANCER HEADLINES SHOW AT RIALTO .Madame Shoo Shoo is now headlining the floor show at the Rialto in Chicago. Madame Shoo Shoo is mix- ing some new dances of her own creation as well as hot vocal numbers. Ma- dame Shoo Shoo is well- known to Antioch by the name of Myrtle Hsrdtke. She got much of her early vocal practice at high school assemblies. SOCIALITE HOME VISITING Miss Shirley Harness, the former Mrs. Manville, Morgan, Rockefeller, De Chumpo, is visiting friends in Antioch after getting her final divorce decree from Antonio de Chumpo. Miss Harness is a fam- ous Milburn, Illinois, and New York socialite. LADY ELIZABETH CHIZZLEWIT TO VISIT UNITED STATES Lady Elizabeth Chizzle- wit, wife of the famous English poet, Lord Archi- bald Chizzlewit is on her way to the United States where she plans to visit her home and friends around Antioch and Lake Villa, Illinois. She is former Elizabeth Grenue. TEACHER ILL Miss Dorothy Gebhardt is home with her parent convalescing from an ill- ness which has kept her away from her post at De Kalb for about a month. Miss Gebhardt is a grad- uate of A.T.H.S., and started teaching at De Kalb this year. L LOCAL FARMER BILL Bill Petty, returned home after a pleasant stay in Chicago. He at- tended the farmer's con- vention. Mr. Petty re- cently won the state prize in a hog-raising contest. PROFESSOR AND WIFE Irving Weber, professor of English in a southern university and his wife, the former Terry Wimmer, are spending the week-end with his high school classmate, Earl Talley, now chief mechanic at Hunter's garage. HARVEY SPEAXS Miss, Alice Harvey is giving a talk at the P.T.A. meeting on WCh11d 49 ill May ze, 1954 no. 24 Deliquency.' She is the matron at the county Jail and experienced to talk in this field. MESSAGE PLAYING ON BROADWAY From along the 'Gay White Wayn we get the news that J.H. Message is playing at the Diamond Horseshoe. John has per- sued the musical arts ever since his high school days. GRADUATE SINGS IN CHICAGO Also from the enter- tainment world we hear from Idal Maier, who is now an impressionistic singer in Chicago. Idal is quite noted for her version of the WTwelfth Street Rag.' ELEVATOR OPERATOR Yes, life has its ups and downs, and so does Bill1g Kaye Runyard. Bil- lie is an express eleva- tor operator in Chicago's Board of Trade Building. We hope your profession keeps on the up and up. RURAL NEWS In the farmer trade, from Antioch R.F.D., we hear from Carol Ruth Up- ton. Carol Ruth is oc- cupied at raising chick- ens on a full time basis. She specializes in White Leghorns. HOME TOWN GENIUS IN CHICAGO Ralph Lasco sends in work from Chicago. A glflifn VOLUME M VII Antioch, Illinois Thursday, May 28, 1954 No. 24 holdover from the last war, Ralph is occupied as a trolley pilot on the Chicago Surface Systems. We hope you keep on the course, Ralph. TEACHER ILL One of the most popular patients at St. Therese's is Mr. Robert Ellis. "lerb1e" is the English teacher at A. T. H. S. English IV is his favor- ite class. le receives many visits and gifts from students. VICTORY BALL The world famous soc- lalites, Gorda Pierce and Doris Edwards, are giving a Victory Ball next Irb- day evening. It promises to be a most talked about affair. POWERIS MODEL Miss June Kutil of the C.J. Iutils of Antioch is new a Power's model. Af- ter long hours of train- she has become the inc. top model of 1954. LOVE-LORN COLUMNIST The new columnist for the Chicago Herald Ameri- can is Miss Betty Gos- sell. She is noted for her practical and much sought after advice as a love-lorn expert. ANNE AND SKIIS We cannot mention Anne Schweizer's name without including her skits. She has won many ski prizes and is now in Switzerland visiting her grandparents and practicing for the Giynpic ftournament. ALICE IN IC D ELAND Alice Kacer, now ap- pearing in the modern version of 'Alice in Ion- derlandl, is thrilling the New York public with her talented co-star, George Gratz. ILCS Captain White, of the 0ff1oer's Reserve Unit of Ihe ILCS is coming to Antioch next week. She is the former Carol White who graduated from ATES in 1944. The band will be at the station to welcome Ca tain White. Women have taken over men's Jobs in all fields of work, even in the air. An example of this is Kiss Irances Zimmerman, a pilot of the P.Y.A. low that she is up in the air, she never wants to come down to earth! LOCAL AUTHORESS PUBLISHES BOOK Judith Pregenzer has just released another of her novels, entitled, 'Triangles are Compli- cating.' In this, one of her greatest novels, she presents a girl who has two love affairs and can- not choose between them. Incidentally, there is a hint that she, herself, is the girl in the book. 50 1115 MARRIES SEVEN TIMES Our own shy Don Phil- lips is about to wed another celebrity of the Kew York stage. This is his seventh marriage to an actress in the last ten years. She is the former Miss Eleanor Bor- ton of this community. LOCAL NOTE Mrs. Guiseppi'Tomalino, the former Edna Pederson, is now helping her hus- band provide for their thirteen children by tak- ing in the neighbors laundry, and her very dear friend Ruth KcGlynn will help her with the ironing. 1.3.1. EXPERT lies Mary Kelly, fenn- erly of Antioch, is new head of the finger print- ing department of the 1.3.1. in Washington. Leigh V lhifu 1 fi f '- as 7 I Our principal and his secretary. Mr. Edwards, assistant principz v Mr. Cunning- ham Rt work 1 law? . KM, A. if-w ' K. .CY w , ii' A gi-'b Thai ineevefame fem le pair, Carol and G1-ace. - 1 XX more legs Vow! What leg art! H Romona and Ill l Ping-Pong, feminine version. 8' -'.VJ..1 1 4 H, V , V,f ' Q ' L, 1 an 3, M, W , 1 L f fi ...... . If . x, 5: Q. 24, x 'QB .wma T155 AX .., ,.,, im, s-f f ,. Q Q , 4 .- ff, A v,. Y , , , .WI , ,W ,-:IM Vigjrfg faflf- ' n .4:., 4 c ,, ff, .. V- - 21:7 .5 ' ' .:1. 'f' .N-Gif, ' 3 V ,, ,. Y: v , .4 ..1 ' ,ff n fl' 'V f V4 4 f,-ar-Q4 fr 'ff 2 P ' ,A K .:- .am-ffm? 1- Vgmz. If., , ,JV - 'A A 'NV J .. ,,,wr.h K, ,MT H ' JA. :fi - " 'V 'v', L ' 2 , '. V' , " - .V v ,, '51 :.-:,:-.,- 'fn-vw , ., ' ,- . . 2g,14f,1,3 , ' V , W X7 ff AS V- yf lg! V ,,,:5Vf-1,2125 f .1gt',.4-5,555 7 ye, V 34 ' ' F ,L 1 J M ff fl 7 V, M N . zxfwggv ii M mf v L 1 V4-,VV . lwfx ' ,V , , . - 2 f,?""r-'.-4- fculilv wi- 1"' its,- 1,14- ,ff-- 1 ee l e eeee lirkhead, Theo. R. Bullie, Jeanette Oescarelli, Jeanne Gulliton, Donna Il Dixon, lthel Edwards, llmo V. K1-011, Albert Kruse., Mildred Iutil, Clarence Killer, Adele Paulsen, Leitha Reynolds, Shirley Btilleon. Kelvin ll. lhomae, lloiee Von Holvede, Hana 54 THEO. R. BIRKHEAD, PRINCIPAL Bethany, Illinois St. Normal Univ., B.A. State Univ. of Chicago State Univ. of Iowa, M.S. Mathematics Motto: Back bone, not wish bone. K. JEANNETTE BULLIS Eau Claire, Wisconsin Eau Claire Teachers College Univ. of Wisconsin Bose ' Mathematics, Chemistry Adviser: Junior Class Motto: Not at the top, but climbing. JEANNE SMITH COSCARELII Hillsdale,-Michigan Hillsdale College, A.B. Univ. of Michigan American History,Junior English, Junior Play director Adviser: Sophomore Class Motto: There must be an easier way 0 DONNA M. CULIITON Valley City, North Dakota State Teachers College, B.A. Library, English IV Adviser: Pep club, Junior Class, Annual Club Motto: Many receive advice: few ' profit by it. . ETHEL G. DIXON Gurnee, Illinois Illinois State Normal Univ. B. of Ed. 'Home Economics, Cafeteria Adviser: Junior Red Cross, Home Economics Club, Senior Class Motto: Silence is golden. gl fl I, I, I1 K , . 55 EIMC W . EDWARDS Morris City, Illinois Southern Illinois State Normal Univ., A.B. Colorado State Collage of Educa- tion, M.A. Assistant Principal, Science, Physics, Book Exchange Motto: Seek the truth. ALBERT A. KROLL Libertyville, Illinois Lake Forest, B.A. Northwestern Univ. Social Studies, Ancient History, European History, Physical Ed. and Coach, Civics, Economics Motto: Our greatest victory is in never falling but in rising every time in full. MIIDRED H. KRUSA Naples, Illinois Illinois State Normal Univ. Western State Teachers College B. of Ed. Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping Adviser: Freshmen Class Motto: Repetition is the key to learning. ADEIE MILIER Antioch, Illinois A.T.H.S. Alumna Northern Illinois State Teachers College Lake Colle ge of Commerce Secretary Motto: Victory earned through defeat is the test that tries us. IEITHA M. PAUISEN Chicago Heights, Illinois Rockford College Univ. of Illinois, A.B. English I, II, Latin Adviser: Freshmen Class, Senior Play Director Motto: Life is what you make it. SHIRLEY L. REYNOLDS Dell Rapids, South Dakota Univ. of South Dakota, B.A. - General Business, Typing I, Physical Ed. Adviser: ' G. A. A., Sophomore Class Motto: Live and let live. MELVIN M . STILLSON Antioch, Illinois Univ. of South Dakota Eastern State Teachers College, B.S. Colorado State College Industrial Arts. Adviser: Senior Class Motto: Keep working. EIOISE THOMAS Milton, Wisconsin tM11ton College, B.A. Univ. of wisconsin Univ. of Illinois History and English Adviser: Junior Class HANS VON HUIWEDE Antioch, Illinois Northwestern Univ. Univ. of Iowa American Conservatory M. Musical Ed. Band, Swing Band, Chorus Motto: Keep on singing. JOoe f Q 3. Siva' S?P1?? ff 56 ,fx , -'ffl ' 1 'f f.:zsw.,. x 33 V 1 www i rt ,' df' 1 'rwwf-f if,-11 ., -N Y . V ,Lui f , f - "'f', ff- Q 0 '. , HJ? .V .. ' 4 dd--L if-lil .617 f x'w , a Z 1 Z af an 'V ' nw? 'fx ' , fi 'f' 1,1 , ,Q, Q f'f1937 A1 ,uf - king 112 A . 4 I 3' I 'f ',,,.,f..-. W' W, we 11 if + ww . f . ,, 4, A A ,,.,r 5 ,ha ,m W V ,. 1 Q .,s M -M , .1 . . N ., ., . , .M ,M .--W NL' Q.. 371 Q :hi E :D K guyz? P 1 ,I -.1 Q W1 4 ' M M '1""'W " ' -M ,- A-x -.J V 'z ff ' 7+ FX W1 fb ff JG slid .V-,f I s N Nu Efwrwfi 22 :infix Q '42 " .AM-L 3 Q, 'Ofmjfghiiiil ' My Heart, 'Qi ,av ',r,,,,,, 4 If 1 X Y f . f, Ll Qwfiwr-3 , I ,T My -Maw. Jre ,Qu ff 4-7'wn'P 'W--,xA.,,,,-, 'P Q Ldv, ,.L2.,1M,,'U, ,lggfg UW 4.g4.,,,,.1n, vwf iz r' z .oz"i3- , A 4 e 6'- ,, .1 , M ,, if T , MJ., . Lf 4, , F A .rw 4,. ,g , f w- r: -, if ,, - ,fx V T' 9 7' 'h v"' TWS Y- fiw 'Z v -Q 'K ,L Lvk, 4OT,'QS H A v--fx -H LH- lv Q , 1 V 0 N, , fp 1. A- Vfifivsif Q ?'f,,,f- f-33, W , H, f3.,.f,,QOf., fLlg,.4.1.,:Lf.. 1,Z'Q,,f .JL L,f'fff fjfl 'F 5. . ,mm-Semin .. ,hw 7 iowancev inc hownwgwh NSR had June. y - 4 'V H ff cv 'r',7 f-1 . . M. -... .HJ ,L 5 45 -n y 4 - 4. K., ,L . , rx -'m f A L! . W I N If , . 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Suggestions in the Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) collection:

Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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