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' f , i .-'f t AL- ' ,X. Mrz. K .. ,. ,A.,,-q X y .- 11 KR. L. ' f75fr"f:A P .nxfniv .. X v - X 'we ' Y H 1. ' '- ' Hn " r , 7? ' . ,X X , 3X :X X X? '14 x " i 4 , - 'K ' f ' STAN " - ' . La ' ' 1 an "' x .A F5 bk M. SQQUOUQ 0993 Z- fttttffff !ff 4' ,ufman-:+I 'Q flkqdmitim ff f rfxxv Q ttfffftqk ff .,f' 1' ",' ff 1'Q fff f 1 ' , G ,,f"' 2.2 lffffii 0 .4-Z3 Mil- Z Z X f " ,-. , Q A f " 4 , - fp l . Z' ' ' ,. Z -" f " .f 1 f?" -" . ,xg , Z' -- fl 4 . -- f ,. - ffl, ,, ., - .. - f f . - , , - rg. ,. 1 f - f:' 7 , f- 'M , ,A -'t 1 - 4 '- ag- , ,- G' . ' ' , . Z -,, f I T V-' ,, , , A Ag,-.:. j-jf . , Z,-V, , A . 4?,,.. X 4- f" -W f 'ff : , :S 1 ' ,, 1 ,, I ' ' . - Y-'5 -- ,-,, Q-f ,ilk V, Z ,I I , 'n A A""- 1, Y ,- ?'f: ,ff , ffg ' , ,,,. Y-',...-1 ,. lf 1, ,- ' . X " A A n,-. ,",- -Z If f .- 2, ' f . f ,, g- :A -A- I ,ff 1- b ,,'- i. Z, . ' ' .2-1' ., 1. ' f' .2,, -. f- ,.. .f f ' .f-- 1- 1 YL,- f - " " -W-- - Y-V , A M, ,,- -. H4 F, F VA- - -,M .ff ,- ,-M P -- V 5, " ,',.--..- fr, , U "' ,f . Y' N ,Qf fir.-f'fn ' ' X . ., Af. Z """' V- 3 K - M, ,, dl-, , ,fn-b . V,-,, - . f -" ' f' Nxf, f ' . , f - A A ' ' - 5 -f : ff ' " -- ' ff' DEDICATICN This l94j SEQUOIA is dedicated to the Alumni of the Antioch Township High School who have served, who are now serving, or who will be serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. 2 f X ,ffff M-ww f M' ' lf F , Q I UZ? V fix If 95.3 'Sgt ,L ,f f ' 65 1 X Q W S 4 M Z ,gy gg. 0 , fsgw Q Y Off 163 0? f' Qjf 4 f ,f' L2 X ' W7 X X y MMZ Z XL ,. Z 5 I , ! X x ,J WM X f f ,.. ...f f ff Zyfff - in 5- f X K' x .J f Z ' ' ff W f 1 W WA 5 7 J 3 f Z Q W ff W ZZ 4 M N K Y ' 2 ff 1 Ni 4, f , If Q E f f lim- 3 1 3 W f if Z v W W JI THEO. R. BIRKH AD, PRINCIPAL Bethany, Illinois St. Normal Univ., B. A. State Univ. of Iowa, M.S. State Univ. of Chicago, Chemistry DOROTHY LYNE CASS Madison, Wisconsin Univ. of Wisconsin, B. S. English, Reading, Senior Play Director ELMO W. EDWARDS Morris City, Illinois Southern Illinois State Normal Univ., A.B. Colorado State College of EmmaHon,M.A. Assistant Principal Science, Physics, Mathematics, Ancient His- tory, Book Exchange ALFRED A. KROLL Libertyville, Illinois Lake Forest, B. A. Northwestern Univ. Social Studies, Physical Adviser: Sophomore Class Edication Edviser: Freshman Class DONNA M. CULLITON MILDRED H. KRUSA Valley City, N. D. State Teachers College, B.A. Library, English II Adviser: Pep Club, Annual Club Bluffs, Illinois Illinois State Normal Univ Western State Teachers Col lege, B. of Educ. Shorthand, Typing, Book- keeping Adviser: Senior Class ETHEL G. DIXON CLARENCE L. KUTIL Gurnee, Illinois Illinois State Normal Univ. B. Ed. Home Economics Adviser: Home Ec. Club Antioch, Illinois Univ. of Wisconsin, B. of Science Vocational Agriculture and Science Adviser: F. F. A., Sophomore Class LOUISE LETTS MARTIN Libertyville, Illinois Univ. of Missouri, B. S. in Education, Univ. of Colorado, Mt. Laboratory of Univ. of Wyoming. Biology EVELYN W. PATTERSON .v 1 . I, , -N n u......l...-.C,..v-., ... .,. Madison College, B. A. Univ. of Wisconsin, Ph.M. Univ. of Maryland. English, Latin,Am. History, Economics. Adviser: Junior Class, Sequoit News SHIRLEY L. REYNOLDS Dell Rapids, South Dakota, Univ. of South Dakota, B. A. General Business, Typing, Phys. Ed. Adviser: G. A. A., Freshman Class MELVIN M. STILLSON Antioch, Illinois Univ. of South Dakota, Eastern State Teachers College, B. S. Colorado State College. Industrial Arts Adviser: Junior Class MARJORIE M. THOMAS Gurnee, Illinois Drury College, Southwest No. State College, B. S. Mathematics HANS VON HOLWEDE Antioch, Illinois Northwestern Univ., Univ. of Iowa, Teacher American Conservatory, M. Mus. Ed., M. Mus. Music Adviser: Senior Class CARL WOLFINBARGER Carterville, Illinois Southern Illinois Teachers College, B. of Educ. Univ. of Chicago. Science, Phys.Education Adviser: A Club, Pep Club, Senior Class in the service of the U. S. Navy ADELE MILLER Antioch, Illinois A. T. H. S. Alumni Northern Illinois State Teachers College, Lake Col- lege of Com erce, Secretary CW H W, S ii.- SCNIORS 1443 I 19 1 : SW, N fx 10 f 'fl ' .L F ff l'L"iT ii-OFJN Z-jf"gB- +?0L.l , A ij gtg B-f gil? ' Q ff' ' w f Q ! F 'Q if If r 'vi-f' N ffl? fl-1--1 413 f -ix y f I ill? .... ..,- ...f-' ,-,...-vit-ra-Z ,J x M ' N bf x 4 w 1 5 1 M."-7 Tl-ICV WIN Tl-ICIR WINGS ay ,f K X 1... .lap ,f N CLQSS JOHN FIELDS nsloughn HAH Club l,2,5,H5 1,25 Swing Club l,2,55 Ten- ball l,2,5,45 Football M5 Track 53 Junior Playi Five Major Letters. President of Senior Class VIRGINIA POULSEN nGinnyu G.A.A. 5,M5 Annual Club Home Ec. 15 Dramatics Club 2,55 Operetta 25 Tableau 2,55 Junior Play Chorus SQNIOR President M5 Rod and Gun Club nis 2,55 Baseball 55 Basket- 2,5,M5 Secretary of Annual 5 2,55 Pep Club 5,h5 Swing Club l,2,5,h5 Ambition: Secretary omccrzs 5 WILLIAM EFFINGER llEf-fl! HAH Club l,2,5,h5 Student Council 55 Rod and Gun Club l,25 Swing Club l,2,55 Tennis 25 Baseball 1,25 Basketball l,2,5,h5 Football 2,5,H5 Boxing l,2,5, M5 Band l,2,5,h5 Five Major Letters. Vice-President of Senior Class CLARA WURSTER li Burlapn G.A.A. l,M5 Home Ec. 1,25 Pep Club 5,M5 Dramatics 2,55 Christmas Play 2,55 Tableau 2,55 Operetta 25 Junior Play Student Council H5 Annual Club 5,h5 Ambi- tion: Be Happy Club C-HSTOQV Remember when we were freshmen? We were the largest class for some time. We chose LYLE TECHERT as president, MEREDITH MATTHES as vice-president, and CHARLES MAPLETHORPE for secretary-treasurer. ELLA FAY and BUD MAPLETHORPE represented us in Student Council. The Sophomores gave us a party in returned it. Our entire class was in the senting our group in the boys' and girls' tive in sports--especially basketball and the fall of our first year, and in January we spring gym exhibition with some of us repre- tumbling teams. Several of our boys were ac- baseball. A number of our class participated in plays. GEORGE PIERCE went to the Dis- trict Play Tournament which was held in La Grange. BETTY SOBEY and IDAL MAIER sang in school assemblies, and SHIRLEY JOHANSON was chosen as a cheerleader which we considered a high honor to the Freshmen Class. Then our Sophomore year rolled around, BUD MAPLETHORPE was presidentg JACK FIELDS, vice-presidentg BILL MURPHY, secretary-treasurer. We started out the year in full swing by giving the Freshmen a party. Five of our girls were on the all-star volley ball team: ELLA FAY, UNA NELSON, DOLORES KUTZ, L. J. MINTO, and ETHEL NELSON. JACK FIELDS and DALE BARNSTABLE were ac- tive in boys' basketball. We were also well represented in the play tournament by mem- bers of our class. SHIRLEY JOHANSON and CAROL WATERS were cheerleaders and ELLA FAY, CAROL WATERS, HENRY GLENN, and EARL BRIXEN represented us in Student Council. In our Junior year we elected BUD MAPLETHORPE, president: VIRGINIA POULSEN, vice-presidentg DORIS STRANG, secretaryg and JACK FIELDS, treasurer. We presented a marvelous play called HDon't Take My PSDHY-H We H150 WOH the drama shield for our outstanding performance in the Play Tournament. To present our CContinued on p. l5l 8 DALE BARNSTABLE Barneyn nAnClub 1,2,5,H Sec. and Vice-Pres5 Rod and Gun l,25 Baseball 15 Basketball l,2, 5,h5 Jr. Play5 Football M5 Golf l5 Track 5,45 Boxing 1 7 Major letters5 Ambition: Physical Education Director THOMAS BRETT HTomahawku UAH Club M: Rod and Gun Club 25 Tennis l5 Basketbal 2,5,k5 Boxing l,2,5,M5 Chorus l5 One Major Letter. Ambition: to travel EARL BRIXEN nBrickH HAH Club 5,45 F.F.A. 1,2,5,M, v1ce-Pres. ug stu- dent Council 2,H5 Basketbal 25 Football 2,5,h5 Boxing l52,5,H5 Christmas Play 55 Tableau 55 Play Tournaments 55 2 Major Letters5 Ambi- tion: Army Aviator WILLIAM CHASE uwild Billu Rod and Gun Club 1,25 Football 5,h5 Track 25 Box- ing l,25 One Major Letter5 Ambition: Airplane mechanic CLARENCE DRESSEL HL1ghtn1ngH HAH Club 2,5,N5 Rod and Gun Club l,25 Swing Club l,2,55 Tennis 2,55 Baseball l,25 Basketball 2,5,M5 Foot ball M5 Track M5 Jr. Play Three Major Letters5 Ambi- tion: Air Cadet WAYNE DROM F.F.A. l,2,5, Treasurer 53 Boxing 25 Ambition: Flyer ELLA FAY nSassperillaH G.A.A. l,2,5,h5 Dramatics Club 1,2555 Pep Club 55 Student Council l,2,5,h5 Band l52,5,h5 Xmas Play 25 Jr. Playg Tableau 1,2555 Operetta lg Play Tourneys l,25 Chorus l,55 Ambition: Secretary CHARLES FISH R Uchuckn Annual Club l,2,5,M5 Dramatics Club 1,2555 Journalism l5 Swing Club 25 Football M5 Play Tourna- ments 2555 Christmas Plays 25 Tableau 2,55 Ambition: Chemical engineer VIOLET FLINT llvi ll G.A.A., H5 Home EC. 15 Pep Club 5,h5 Swing Club 15 Ambition: Nurse ALICE FOX nLoddien G.A.A. l5 Journalism lg Swing Club 25 Jr. Plays Ambition: Telephone Operator HENRY GLENN Student Council, 25 Box- ing, 25 Tableau, 55 Jr. P1ay5 Ambition: Marine or aviator HOWARD HAGEMANN Transferred from Maine in 'h1, HAH Club 5,u5 Stu- dent Council M5 Vice-Pres.5 Track 5,45 Bank 5,45 Christ- mas Play 55 Jr. P1ay1Chorus 5,M5 Jazz Band A5 Play Tourney 55 Ambition: A yrs. at Wisc. Univ. EIJIER ILMRTNEHJJ F.F.A., 1,2,5,h5 Sec. 55 President, M5 Boxing, 25 Ambition:-Mechanic in Air Force MARJORIE HASNEY ML1ttle Deviln Transferred from Wauke- gan in '41. G.A.A. 5,M5 Pep Club 5,M5 Christmas Play 1,55 Tableau 55 Chor- us l,2,5,M THEODORA HENNINGS nTeddyn G.A.A., 1,M5 Home EC., 1,25 Annual Club, M5 Drama- tics Club, 1,25 Pep Club M5 Swing Club, 15 Band, M5 Tableaug Chorus, 2,55 Ambl- tion: Airplane pilot or nurse DTI-IS. .1 if "0 x 'F'f7il HERMAN HESS Transferred from Pro- viso in 'hO, Rod and Gun Club 25 Boxing 25 Ambi- tion: Be a Diesel Lngi- neer FRED HOEKSTRA uHookH F.F.A., 2,5,b5 Rod and Gun Club, 1,25 Boxing, 1,25 Ambition: Naval Air Corp DON HUTCHISON nHutchH Rod and Gun Club 1,25 Boxingg 1,25 Christmas Plays, 25 Play Tourneys, 15 Ambition: Mechanic CHARLES JORGENSEN Jorgieu Rod and Gun Club, 1, 25 Ambition: Brigadier General in the army. A forest ranger in the Rocky Mountains after the war DICK KAUFMANN Usig Dickn Transferred from Waller as Jr. HAH Club, 5,h5 Baseball, 5,b5 Football 5,h5 Basketball, 5, h5A Ambition: Physical Educa- tion Teacher LORETTA KULIGOWSKI lIRed!l G.A.A. 1, Home EC. l, Annual Club 2, Ambition: Teacher of English DOLORES KUTZ Attended Wilmot, l9hl-M21 G.A.A, 1, Home Ec. l, Swing Club lg Ambition: Teacher WILLIAM LUBKEMAN nB1l1n Annual Club, 5, Rea and Gun Club, 1,25 Boxing, 2,5, Ambition: Aviation and to have some fun ARTHUR MAPLETHORPE llBudVl NAV Club 2,5,h, Student Council l,M, Swing Club l, 23 Pres. of Student Council M, Basketball 1, Baseball lg 5 Major Letters, Band l,2,5, H, Operetta 1,23 Christmas Play l, Chorus 1,2j5,uj Tableau 5 CHARLES MAPLETHORPE llTOdIl HAH Club 2,5,k, Rod and Gun l,2,53 Annual 5, Student Council H, Baseball 5, Foot- ball 5,h, Track 5, 2 Major Letters, Band l,2,5,A3 Operetta 1,25 Chorus l,2,5, M, Ambition: Army Air Corps Ground Crew and Plane Me- ohanic DTI-1.5, SARAH MGBRIDE G.A.A. 2,5,A, Swing Club 2, Annual Club 5, Home EC. 25 Pep Club 5,h, Sec-Treas. A, Dramatics Club 2,55 Play Tourneys, 5, Jr. Play, Chor- us 2,5,h5 Operetta 2, Christmas Play 5, Tableau 55 Ambition: Telephone Operator JOHN M YER nHumptyn Swing Club 1,2,5, Basket- ball l,2, Boxing l,25 Foot- ball 5,h, Track 5, Band l, 2,5,M, Jazz Band 2,5,h, Chorus M, Jr. Play, Ambi- tion: Explorer LURA JEAN MINTO u n Porky G.G.A. l,2,5,M, Home Ec. l,2,5, Annual Club 2,5,h, Dramatics Club 2,53 Pep Club 5,45 Student Council 53 Xmas Play 2,53 Tableau 2,55 Jr. Play, tourneys 2,55 Ambition: Clothes Designer DOROTHY MORTON HMO ll Transferred from Amundsen lgulj G.A.A. l,2,5,H, treas- urer M, Home Ec. l,2,5, Pep Club H, Annual Club 5, Band l,2,Ag Chorus M, Jazz Band A, Ambition: Secretary JAMES MORTON IlRedl! Transferred from Amundsen High Hl9hlU Ambition: Non- commissioned officer in U.S. Army ETHEL NELSON nBabeu Home EC. 55 Swing Club 25 Ambition: Com ercial Artist PHYIJLIS PAIJEER HP E P ll Home EG. 25 Pep Club 5,M5 Dramatics Club lg Swing Club lg Tableau 23 Jr. Playg Ambition: Nurse ROMAN PFANNENSTILL Annual Club 5,h5 Swing Club 2,53 Tableau l,2,53 Play tournaments l,2,53 Jr. Play, Ambition: Business executive JOHN RUNYARD Rod and Gun Club 1,25 Boxing lg Chorus lg Ambition: Be a Naval Air Corps Pilot PATRICIA RYAN ltpatil Transferred from Parker High, l9h2j Annual Club kj Pep Club M, Treasurer of Student Council M5 Ambi- tion: To understand people D.TLl.5. .pn-A BETTY SCHIEBE nBetsu G.A.A. l,2,55 Secretary lg Home Ec. 25 Dramatics Club 2,53 Swing Club lg Christmas Plays 23 Tableau 2,53 Jr. Playg Senior Playg Ambition: Nurse BERNARD SHERMAN Transferred from Holy Ghost Mission House, l9M5g Ambition: Pilot in the Army Air Corps CLARE GRAY SIEBEN nPetieH Transferred from Von Steuben lghlj G.A.A. 5,35 Pep Club 5,Mg Christmas Play 55 Play tournament 5g Cheerleader M5 Dru Major- ettee 5,M3 Ambition: Acro- batic dancer and nurse RICHARD E. SIEBEN nnickn From Von Steuben in l9Ml5 Basketball M3 Foot- ball M, Boxing 55 Ambition: Army MILTON SMITH UNH-lt!! "A"c1ub ug F.F.A. 1, 2,5,h5 Secretary M5 Rod and Gun 2,55 Baseball 5,M3 Football 55 Major Letter: Track 5,hg Boxing l,2,5,M3 Ambition: Aviator TED SMITH llTed-ll NAV Club H3 Journalism 13 Football kj Boxing 1,23 Chorus 13 Ambition: Avia- tion VIOLET SMITH Ilvi ll G.A.A. l,2,5,hj Pep Club 5,h3 Home Ec. 13 Dramatics 1,2,53 Operetta 23 Swing Club 2,53 Tableau ljBBDd 13 Chorus lj Ambition: Secre- tary DORIS STRANG nDimpyu G.A,A. l,2,5,hj Home Ec. 1,23 Annual Club 2,5,h3 Pep Club 5,43 Swing Club l3 Christmas Play 2,53 Operet- ta 13 Jr. Plan Chorus l,2, 53 Play Tourney 2,53 Ambi- tion: Secretary CAROL WATERS Dramatics Club 1,2,3j Vice Pres.3 Student Council 23 Tableau l,2,53 Pep Club 5,h3 Annual Club 2,53 Jr. Play3 Christmas Plays 1,2,5, Play Tourney l,2,53 Ambition: Nurse MAX WURZBACH uMaxwelln From Grant in 19595 NAM Club 5,h3 F.F.A. 2,h3 Rod and Gun l,2j Baseball 23 Boxing 23 Football 2,5,h3 5 Major LStt8TEj Christmas Play 53 Tableau 53 Ambition: Join the Marines LAWRENCE YOPP nLawr1en, HAH Club 5,h3 F.F.A. 1,23 Rod and Gun 1,23 Baseball 5,M Football kj Track 5,h3 Jr. Play3 2 Major Letters Junior Prom, we sold candy and ice cream after school. Our Junior rings gave us much pleasure when we received them before the Christmas holidays. The girls as well as the boys were active in sports. The girls won the bas- ketball tournament and the boys participated in baseball, track, football, and bas- ketball. Both boys and girls were active on the annual staff. The officers of the Senior Class are: JACK FIELDS, presidentg BILL EFFINGER, vice-pres1dent3 VIRGINIA POULSEN, secretaryg and CLARA WURSTER, treasurer. In Decem- ber the Class sponsored a Talent Show entitled nM1nt Julep Jamboree.n This was a great success as was the Senior Play, HBest Foot Forward,u which was presented in April. Our Student Council representatives are ELLA FAY, CHARLES MAPLETHORPE, CLARA WURSTER, PATRICIA RYAN, HOWARD HAGEMANN, EARL BRIXEN, and ARTHUR MAPLE- THORPE who is the president. We were also well represented in sports. All in all, our four years of'h1gh school have been very successful, and the many happy times we have had together will be remembered the rest of our lives. SQNIOQ CLQSS DQOPLJQCV Mr. and Mrs. DICK KAUFMANN are getting the lodge ready for the summer, which gives Dick a rest from his work as a physical education director at Northwestern University. Mrs. Kaufmann is probably better known to you as CLARA WURSTER. Their three children Dick Jr. and Clarissa and Clarence, twins, are with them and have as their nurse, PHYLLIS PALM R. ELLA FAY arrived last night with her handsome boss, JACK FIELDS. BUD MAPLETHORPE is the leader of the orchestra playing at the Sequoia Lodge and CLAIRE SIEBEN'S acrobatic dancing is a favor- ite with everyone. DORIS STRANG and VIRGINIA POULSEN, who have a month's vacation with pay, are also here visiting with the Kaufmanns. Both of these girls are doing secretarial work for the government. Mr. CHARLES FISHER, "Funny Man of the Air," arrived early this morning with his wife-to-be, Miss LURA JEAN MINTO. Their their first prom date. Ah, here comes a handsome Why, 1t's SARAH and EARL. And who should be with ter. That famous African explorer, JOHNNIE MEYER DORA HENNINGS, are just back from Africa and have romance dates back to aviator and his wife. them but Sarah's sis- and his pilot, THEO- many interesting things to tell. ROMAN PFANNENSTILL and his commercial artist, ETHEL NELSON have just arrived by train and BILL EFFINGER, the handy man at the lodge, has gone to meet them. By the looks of the bus load that is arriving, we are going to have a very gala affair. Here comes DOLORES KUTZ and LORETTA KULIGOW- SKI, authors of the famous Kuligowski Encyclopedia with illustrations by Kutz. DALE BARNSTABLE, coach at Antioch High and VIOLET SMITH, with her boss Mr. Birkhead, Principal, arrived on the bus just now. Three former classmates, CHARLES JORGENSON, forest rangerg HERMAN HESS, diesel engineer, and DON HUTCHISON, a mechanic, are talking over old times. DOROTHY MORTON, private secretary to the President of Standard Oil Com- pany, PAT RYAN and MARJORIE HASNEY, who are both married to famous Doc- tors, are also here. Pat is still continuing her study to understand people. HOWARD HAGEMANN, who is a Professor at Wisconsin University, and ALICE FOX, who is manager of the Bell Telephone Company in Antioch, are coming too. Henscomes the special bus for Service Men that we have been expecting. On this bus we find JOHN RUNYARD, CLARENCE DRESSEI, BILL LUBKEMAN, WAYNE DROM, and FRED HOEKSTRA, who are all Naval Air Corps Pilots, and BERNARD SHERMAN, MILTON SMITH, TED SMITH, and HENRY GLENN, who are Army A1I'COFpS Pilots. Also on this bus are BILL CHASE, TODI MAPLETHORPE, and ELM R HARTNELL, all of whom are plane mechanics. BETTY SCHEIBE, who is an Army nurse, also arrived on this bus. We think that we are very fortunate to be able to have this many of our high school graduating class with us. We were very sorry to receive a telegram this morning from Dr. LAWRENCE YOPP with regrets that he and his nurse, VIOLET FLINT, would be unable to be with us. We also received regrets from DICK SIEBEN, JIM MORTON, and MAX WORZBACH, who were unable to get leave to attend our reunion. CAROL WATERS, who is on a non-stop flight to South Ameri- ca, also is on our absence list. TOM BRETT spends his time traveling abroad and is now in Australia. lk SQNIOQ LJILL DALE BARNSTABLE leaves his athletic ability to LEROY ELLIS. TOM BRETT leaves his physique and good looks to CHARLES FLINT. EARL BRIXEN and SARAH MCBRIDE leave their place in lover's lane to GEORGIA REIDEL and LOUIE NIELSEN. BILL CHASE leaves his negative arguing ability to RICHARD ATWOOD. CLARENCE DRESSEL wills his wise cracks to BILL PETTY. WAYNE DROM leaves his studious attitude to EARL TALLEY. BILL EFFINGER leaves his unlimited vocabulary to ROSE MARIE ZELLHOFFER. CHARLES FISH R leaves his long wavy locks of hair to JOAN FELTER. ELLA FAY and BETTY SCHEIBE leave their many unexcused--excused absences to BILLIE MAYE RUNYARD and MAE SETEK. VIOLET FLINT leaves her quiet but pleasant ways to RUTH MCGLYNN. JACK FIELDS leaves his quarter-backing ability to ROBERT JANUARY. ALICE FOX wills her desk in study hall to LOREN SEGER. HENRY GLENN wills his red hair to SAMMY KLASS. A HOWARD HAGEMANN leaves his little girl friend to his friends. ELMER HARTNELL leaves his dynamic sense of humor to DOLORES GROSS. MARJORIE HASNEY leaves her place in King's Drug Store to LUCILLE FONK. THEODORA HENNINGS leaves her ability to oversleep on school days to Mr. KROLL. HERMAN HESS leaves his daily walks at noon to JIM Y CUNNINGHAM. FRED HOEKSTRA leaves his unrepairable car to IRVING WEBER. DON HUTCHISON wills his carload of girls going to K1ng's Drug Store after school to anyone that's lucky enough to have a car and enough gas. CHARLES JORGENSEN leaves his place in the hall to GEORGE POPE. DICK KAUFMANN leaves his love affairs in class to JOE NADER. LORETTA KULIGOWSKI wills her intelligence to all future students and teachers. DOLORES KUTZ leaves her quiet and serene personality to ROSEMARY MORLEY. BILL LUBKEMAN leaves his many automobiles to DONALD IRVING. BUD MAPLETHORPE leaves his ability to understand things he shouldn't to MARY RYAN. TOD MAPLETHORPE leaves his set mind and original ideas to CLIFFORD MIROCKO. JOHNNY M YER leaves his Harry James'trumpet technique to CHUCK VYKRUTA. LURA JEAN MINTO wills her ability to tell jokes to RUTH WINFIELD. DOROTHY MORTON leaves her "cat call" in American History to DOLORES MORTON. JIM MORTON leaves his quarrels with his girl friend to LEONARD ROBLIN. ETH L NELSON leaves her guarding ability in basketball to BETTY BARTLETT. PHYLLIS PALM R leaves her quick answering in history to KATHLEEN FIELDS. ROMAN PFANNENSTILL leaves his perpetual place in the commercial room to ROSALIE SIBLEY. JOH RUNYARD leaves his antique Ford to GEORGE WIM ER. VIRGINIA POULSEN leaves her whirlwind fashion in typing to MARY KELLY. PAT RYAN leaves her artistic ability to DON BAUER. CLARE SIEBEN leaves her "gift of gab" to DOROTHY SCOTT. DICK SIEBEN leaves LOIS BERTZYK to any eligible young flirt. MILTON SMITH leaves his doubly dynamic personality to BARBARA PRINDLE. TED SMITH leaves his bashful technique, which is bound to get the girls, to any wolf. VIOLET SMITH leaves her lengthy skirts to FREYA EDELMANN. DORIS STRANG leaves her dimples to MISS KRUSA. CAROL WATERS leaves her place by the boys' lockers in the auditorium after school, with that certain athlete, to GORDON SEVERSON and RUBY DROM. CLARA WURSTER wills her ways with the men to ALICE KACER. MAX WURZBACH leaves his football ability to BILL SETEK. LAURIE YOPP leaves his subversive love affair to JAM S PRINDLE. 15 X 'ff-1 H-if ,A 4, x. N ff. M.-Qfk in wx fx " Q17 411 32 'f 2' zfwfz Q ' - V", ,L Q 1 U, ,X nf .MV X Q,-x H M Q , , . , ,, We 'W xx A44 f f -.ang W W W .,- ,fy 9, x. ,, f ' M1 x , fx 1, .1 A L ,,.'- if N V, '7 V ,F f 5 ' : S2 551' f fx www :',3 xfxg, xv L13 fy . W., J, .1 5 .,f , ,AQ X' A ' Q an S .5 s Y, 2x lx- 1 5 A , k my N15 . I 1" xx. .Q . z ws? f 4-X . x :. f A . fi , Xu el Q 5 X N Q Q N X 3 X 1 X X 5 :XXX XS X wx X Qi A sl XX N X -, - T? x. ,P ,S fx X 'T Six.: x.. Q1 Q . M XX X XX X X X kk,.. QNSQ EL Efffiflfi E1s f,3ff r:1f5n2'1i 15951 'W 2114122 T063 , V, gf , fr' fi ly" 94" ?,' L9 , ,,,. ,, , 1 w , ,X 4 1 www, 3 4:1 ff f' f ,Q , ,ij il, Xf W L .w,f.,s,w., M, W, 4 .. , AX, , f f A 1 1 , f Www w M we v vw f ff 'fn , ,. .2 .L MJ, 4:1 I' ,, fx, 4 k, . aff' m'W"9'1x, V+ -W ff M-wwf, V A f,f,4., ,f, ,5 U mlffl, W, .3 . nvXaIs'1v"2,w lv , ., A RECRUITNG V- STAT IGN v W I 3 1 1 l E 1 - T? f M ..L. - ' , lv i Q , YQ 3 7 1 , 1 ,xl W H Q4 1.4 11 I , QJNDER QLASSNUN JUNIOR HOME ROOM First Row: C. Upton, H. Prince, M. Setek, M, Hardtke, L. Meiners- mann, K. Fields, E. Horton, B. Runyard. Second Row: R. Lasco, T. Carlson, I. Maier, R. Sibley, M. Kelly, E. Pedersen, D. Gebhardt, A. Harvey, G. Gratz, J. Cunningham. Third Row: S. Kless, L. Garwood, G. Wimmer, A. Bolton, I. Weber, G. Polland, C. Moran, W. Elfering. JUNIODS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seategzleft to right-- Miss Patterson, Sammy Klass. Standingzleft to right-- Leonard Roblin, Mr. Stillson Joe Nader, George Wim er. 18 s w 'S JUNIOR HOME ROOM First ROW: I- Ryan, G. Pierce, M. Gaides, B. Geeeell, c. White, R. Drom, D. Edwards, R. McGlynn. Second Row: R. Ellis, R. Zellhofer, G. King, J. Pregenzer, F. Zim erman, E. Grenus, B. Hull, B. Mooney, A. Kacer, S. Harness T. Wimmer, J. Message. Third Row: G. Severson, L. Roblln, W. Calhoun, D. Phillips, W. Dow, W. Petty, J. Nader, E. Talley. JUNIOQS This year's Juniors entered school this fall antici- pating a busy year and anxious to start work. We im ediate- ly elected our officers and started our candy sales. In the fall we gave our play, 'WHAT A LIFE," which was directed by Miss McDorman. We were all pleased with its huge success. Our boys were active in all sports. The outstanding ath- letes were Robert Ellis, Walter Calhoun, Sammy Klass, Joe Nader, and Leonard Roblin. Our girls were also active and won the championship in both basketball and volleyball. Sam Klass, Edna Pedersen, and Judy Pregenzer represented our school at the Student Council Convention at Morton High School. The Junior rings were received in February with high satisfaction. Our Prom, May 22, was a great success due to the combined efforts of all Juniors. In all it was a very busy and happy year. 19 SOPHOMORE HOM ROOM First Row: D. Shank, B. Prindleg B. Busscher, L. Parsons, E. Barnstable, L. Hutchison, D. Morton. Second Row: E. Nielsen, P. Mattson, R. Edwards, R. Rudolph, R. Scott, J. Ghan, A. Thain. Third Row: D. Bauer, S. Good, C. Flint, K. Krueger, W. Radtke, W. Message, R. Stastny. SOD!-IONODQS On November thirteenth the Sophomore Class gave a party for the Freshmen. Trutchen Yopp was the general chair man of the party and made it a grand success. Many of the Sophomores have worked hard on the An- nual, especially Ruth Winfield who was co-editor of the staff. The Sophomores are well represented in the clubs and activities of the school. Four of the classmen are in the Swing Band. There are also three cheerleaders in the class. Many of the fine vocalists we have in our class have sung in assemblies. In the Homecoming Court, Louise Elms was the Sophomore attendant for the Queen. Several of the girls in G.A.A. have worked hard to be on the All-Star Basketball Team. All in all the Sophomore class has had an exciting second year in high school with the help and leadership of Mrs. Cass and Mr. Kutil. 20 i 4 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS i Standig: Mrs. Cass, Mr. Kutll, ' M. Hunter. Seated: D. Burdick, K. Krueger, L. Rhymer. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM First Row: M. Hutchison, D. Stack, B. Bartlett, D. Nelsor L. Rhymer, L. Elms, E. Wilton, F. Edllnarm. Second Row: R. Atwood, I. Holt, M. McGlyTm, R. Winfield, M. Tiede, M. Hunter, D. Burdick, T. Yopp, L. Truax, G. Stim L. Seger. Third Row: S. Rzysko, R. Nader, D. Gee, C. Vylsruta, R. Hug N. wlmeml, J. Prtndle, R. Wells, L. Nielsen, o. Madsen, SOD!-IONODQS Pfl: hes, 21 FRESHMAN HOM ROOM First Row: G. Reidel, D. Scott, D. Tanner, P. Chope, D. Gross, G. Hawkins, B. Ashe, Second Row: R. Sheldon, M. Elfering, D. Portwich, R. Morley, N. McBride, J. Felter, J. Kallel, B. Chrapkowski. Third Row: R. Prince, R. January, G. Hull, J. Crichton, R. Holem, J. Sterbenz, M. Van Duzer. FDQSI-WGN Our class officers were elected as follows: Ralph Trieger, Presidentg Gertrude Hawkins, Vice-Presidentg Joan Felter, Secretary and Georgia Reidel, Treasurer. Our advisers were Mr. Kroll and Miss Reynolds. Gert Hawkins and Georgia Reidel represented the Freshmen in assembly programs with singing. A group of the girls also took part in an old-fashioned dance given for one assembly. On March 5, the class gave a return party to the Sophomores. 22 FRESHMAN HOM ROOM Seated: H. Wolf, M. Ryan, A. Jones, L. Bertzyk, N. Pope, J. Spanggard, M. Petersen, M. Harvey. Second Row: P. Schellinger, L. Ellis, L. Dunford, M. Polland P. Stastny, B. Palaske, W. Reeves, R. Toft, H. French. Third Row: D. Irving, M. Edwards, E. Hoselton, R. Kufalk, C. Mirocko, R. Trieger, W. Setek. HQQSI-WGN FRESHMAN OFFICERS Seated: G. Hawkins, R. Trieger, J. Felter. Standing: Mr. Kroll, Miss Reynolds, G. Reidel. A z w 5 fj XM i f ws f , , V 5 Umm mga, Emi, XW6-J ,. 1 -,S gEC,Hi7f . vu, M Y Q x , A rv, fr. 1 rw: W -xw Fx -N 5-. . , E X .L .1 LA R153 U24 X aw -Z ai gig QNACX xx 2 ,, 1fffgw':V'K'- Q f M '1 if I' 3 . ESX- ' 4, . gf? Q5 S255 QQ R 1 3 533151111 We 115 ' ,. ,W ...N Q 5 , Il msg. YI x 1 7' 1 94, 'w mf C1 f - I -:vs X - 9'7" , . LAL, My Milxbwiilgj OE ,L +Wjf3, Dig x ,af ' - M K KL dw? Lfy, K. 'J' -fvffflfyr 'Hi-4,1 -V' .3 Km. Iv., . 'Ck 1 . fp l i"y K - ,, N v ,JV , gffijrx' 1 KwV,itf'sV,z M! Nfl' i , f 4 W if if Z, 2 ff' ff ' ,, , ,,, f wi ,f "W y., s 1 7 A N, 1 5- ,ff ,f w 1 fm ,S gg V: - M, 4. f, . , ' ,f V LXIAQJJ, Q.,,Lv 3 x,i ,:f3v,S'l5 if , f , C' X f X QW, W 1 Q N , v ' 1 , f tw law -2,-rf--f vw? fx fx N 1 2 W , f Nb fvx--xx.w,.A JA, v-l5j xml? is i f, S 7 Oxy iamest' girla ' 'df 1 u -ww 'tu-' 91'?U, ?h,ys3,cs amass e,1QJsfJr V, M iw swfiqa Kms apaeug vygbii Fi Q5 'ff .X :Wx T W V- N , 5 f4,,,M, f f .yn if if ,'L.ZQ,,f,.f V X X, mx ,y , f lsusvxw 25 EZ x V X ,W , 1' f ,S A W7 W:-gg M y - -. fx f ,Wir WU! fa .-3, X 1 A by 4 mtl ' , fx 'Z T , 5 1.1 'l ff 1 2' Y C . - W ,f 15W '34 , , s 'NW f 'Z ,Q 1, ' f x I ,.. ,1XU,N ,, ., , iw 23 8 'Y ,." f 5, X f,v argue ganna? mags N Rwawgnize 2222, Ageing Mau HQLQQZ if .IWW I7 , lcv if r, 4 4 'ff22'x 7 . A V 83717. xi , 'QVUQ fQQ V36 P x ,. bfigjx yn N hazy' if if Wx and BQFURHY taw. A 'f JAM, ,.,'Q A hutchiaQQ Qifb 1. x A f W, W f Y! If , -X Yr? Rx 11 -, fy- , fx, :LJ Lffff Y' if ww, W, M mf 531'-L1"f1:' Yw Q,'f1g'1, nl hx .L .:,.f?,: 1 f"f' Y VA. ,J Zxifflx -, ' x, ! M , ,fx ,,,, ' ff if , 1 w, ff I -5 rv ffl' N39 'TM-QM i ,, .A A ? Q. 'MY .X jgqi nn:-vw? 4.:.:.:.x.,zj 4 f 7? I gm ,MS ,4 ,,, X Pww1Mm4 k -W f wfm, .fn In P ' ! Q 1 ' Z ,fff '73, ,fa N X X xi. X ..4..-lr R' ? X .LXN .X ' fx X v XX' X X Q. vt xxx if x' QY Y Z, YQXRXX rf x QYWO' INN J,xf7 f ff? X 5 M17-1 3 7 f'f"" ' Z ,f A , Z! X 2' ' V X -, 2 fl fffnm f JIM X j ff ll , f .' 1 ,,,, . , .mx X f ,f ' Seated: L. Elms, C. Wurster, E. Pedersen, A. Maplethorpe H. Hagemann, P. Ryan, J. Felter. I Standing: W. Setek, T. Yopp, R. Lasso, G. King, K. Kreuger, C. Maplethorpe, J. Pregenzer, C. Vykruta, E. Brixen, J. Nader, E. Fay, S. Klass, J. Spangard, R. Trieger. STUDQNT COUNCIL The Student Council sponsored the Homecoming Dance and decorated the school appropriately. At Christmas time the Student Council purchased a Christmas tree and decorat- ed the windows and the halls in red and green. Four dele- gates were sent to the Student Council Convention at Morton High School. The Student Council has aided much in school activities. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right: E. Pedersen, H. Hagemann, B. Maplethorpe, Mr. Birkhead, P. Ryan. 28 GALE. First Row: M. Petersen, M. Hardtke, M. Elfering, M. Hunter, J. Felter, R. Winfield, V. Smith, D. Morton, C. Upton, D. Scott, G. Stimpfl, M. Polland. Second Row: C. White, I. Holt, R. Zellhofer, A. Harvey, K. Fields, S. Harness, J. Pregenzer, E. Pedersen, J. Spanggard, L. Meinersmann, M. Kelly, T. Hennings, A. Jones, R. McGlynn, P. Stastny, V. Flint. Third Row: T. Yopp, C. Sieben, B. Busscher, B. Palaske, D. Morton, V. Poulsen, E. Grenus, F. Zimmerman, N. McBride, L. Minto, R. Morley, L. Bertzyk, G. King, L. Truax, B. Prindle, B. Runyard. Fourth Row: D. Gross, H. Prince, D. Tanner, F. Edlmann, G. Hawkins, P. Harvey, D. Edwards, M. McGlynn, T. Wimmer, I. Maier, S. McBride, E. Fay, D. Strang, C. Wurster, L. Elms, E. Wil- ton, L. Rhymer, M. Gaides, B. Ashe. The officers of the G.A.A. for the year were: pres1dent,Lura Jean Mintog vice- president, Carol Upton, secretary, Grace King, and treasurer, Dorothy Morton. Miss Reynolds became adviser when she arrived in October. The initiation of new members started the year's activities. Many strange sights were seen around school as the initiates performed their duties. A formal ceremony, followed by pot-luck supper, took place in the evening. A sleigh ride was sponsored to raise money. It was enjoyed by many members of the school. During the winter the girls practiced volley ball and basket ball after school. Class tournament victories were carried by the Juniors in both of these sports. At the close of the season an.All-Star basket ball team was picked to play against the faculty. The team consisted of Trutchen Yopp, Doris Edwards, Lura Jean Minto, Rosalie Sibly, Barbara Prindle, and Grace King. In the spring baseball and tennis were enjoyed. Girls who had earned enough points were eligible for awards. G. A. A. OFFICERS Left to right: Grace King, Lura Jean Minto, Miss Reynolds, Carol Ruth Upton, Dorothy Morton. mmiwawf rxuvss 'smlllvaffmswv-f 10, elim. . ' First-Bow: B. Bartlett, G. Reidel, D. Tanner, B. Busscher, D. Morton, L. Rhymer, B. Prindle, R. Drom, C. Upton. Second-Bow: E. Nielsen, I. Holt, A. Kaiser, G. King, M. Peterson, N. McBride, H. Schroeder, L. Hutchison, M. Hardtke, M. Hutchison, Third Row: D. Edwards, M. Setek, C. white, E. Barnstable, B. Palaske, D. Portwich, P. Stastny, L. Truax, R. Winfield. Fourth Row: A. Jones, M. Ryan, E. Horton, D. Gross, I. Maier, P. Chope, M. Elfering, D. Scott, G. Hawkins, P. Harvey, B. Ashe. LIONQ QCONOVHC5 CLUB The Home Economics Club has done its share in the war effort this year. The girls have salvaged all tin cans from the school cafeteria. They washed the cans, removed all labels, and pressed the cans flat. The club held an initiation party earlier in the year to induct all new members. The enrollment of the club is forty-three girls. They are also affiliated with the State Home Economics Club. The club members were hostesses to the F.F.A. at a party. The girls prepared and served all the food. The club concluded the year with a banquet. HOME ECONOMICS OFFICERS Left to right: Georgia Reiael, Carol Upton, Lucille Rhymer, Miss Dixon, Myrtle Hardtke. 30 First Row: P. Shellinger, R. Sheldon, D. Irving, R. Toft, D. Nedbal, E. Hartnell, R. Prince, A. 'I'ha.1n, H. French. Second,Row: R. January, M. Edwards, G. Severson, R. Edwards, R. Kufalk, W. Elfering, E. Hoselton, R. Scott, L. Seger, B. Message, T. Carlson, C. Mirocko L. Dunford. Third Row: W. Drom, E. Brixen, F. Hoekstra, B. Hughes, M. Wurzbach, B. Dow, N. Wilhelmi, A. Bolton, M. Smith, R. Wells, W. Calhoun, L. Garwood, J. Crichton. The Future Farmers of America have made a splendid record this year. At the Elgin Fair in August, fourteen members showed their calves, sheep, and hogs. At the Wauconda poultry, corn, and grain show, sixteen members showed their projects. Some FFA boys have made quite a record for themselves this year. Richard Hartnell was awarded the American Farmer Degree at Kansas City, Missouri, while Elmer Hartnell and Wayne Drom were awarded the State Farmer Degree at Urbana, Illi- nois. The annual pest eradication contest was an easy victory for Antioch over Warren. Another activity is a seed-selling contest for the Food for Victory Pro- gram. F. F. A. OFFICERS Left to right: Richard Wells, 'Earl Brixen, Elmer Hartnell, Bill Dow, Milton Snith, Mr. Kutil. 31 mac .e.,, 4:wfi':t.,...,f.... First Row: W. Reeves, H. Hagemann, T. Brett, S. Klass, J. Fields, D. Barnstable, B. Chase, R. Stastny, K. Krueger. Second Row: Mr. Kroll, L. Nielsen, W. Petty, J. Nader D. Kaufman, C. Maplethorpe, S. Good, R. Ellis, D. Gaa, Mr. Wolfinbarger. Third Row: E. Brixen, L. Yopp, W. Calhoun, M. Wursbach, T. Smith, C. Dressel, N. Wilhelmi, A. Maple- thorpe, M. Smith, W. Effinger, R. Scott. "Q" C LU5 The HAH Club is composed of boys who have won major letters in athletics in their high school term. When a boy earns a major letter, he is automatically in the club. A boy who has won a major letter is entitled to wear a Fighting Sequiot Em- blem on his left arm. He also is entitled to wear a service stripe for each letter he earns. The HAH Club and Pep Club work in coordination with one another. Each year they sponsor a show for which they sell tickets. The club which sells the least' number of tickets gives a.partyfbr the other club. The HAH Club gave the party which consisted of skating, skiing, tobogganning, refreshments, and dancing. The sponsors for the HAH Club are Mr. Kroll and Mr. C. A. Wolfinbarger. HAH CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: D. Barnstable, Mr. Kroll, J. Fields, S. Klass. 32 T. 'isss :mrs Seated: A. Jones, D. Strang, P. Stastny, I. Ryan, E. Wilton, M. Harvey, Miss Culliton, Mr. Wolfinbarger, S. Harness, E. Pedersen, S. McBride, B. Ashe, V. Smith, L. Elms. Second Row: D. Scott, I. Maier, R. Winfield, R. Sibley, M. Polland, M. Kelly, L. Meinersmann, J. Felter, T. Hennings, P. Palmer, T. Wimmer, M. Elfering, M. McGlynn, R. McGlynn, D. Morton, V. Flint. Third Row: I. Holt, C. Sieben, T. Yopp, R. Zellhofer, J. Pregenzer, V. Poulsen, D. Merton, L. Mlntc, F. Zimmermann, E. Grenus, B. Palaske, N. McBride, L. Bertzyk, R. Morley, B. Bussch G. King, M. Hunter, J. Spanggard. Fourth Row: C. Waters, C. Wurster, D. Gross, C. Upton, G. Hawkins, M. Setek, M. Hardtke, M. Ryan, A. Fox, P. Ryan, H. Schroeder, C. White, D. Edwar G. Riedel, M. Peterson, D. Tanner, M. Gaides, P. Chops, J. Kallal. PGP CLUB The Pep Club is composed of girls who try to keep up the spirit of the school, thus aiding the chance of the boys winning their athletic contests. The activities were composed of having a dance and sponsoring a movie, with the "A" Club, to raise money. This money was used for the cheerleaders' out- fits and for sending the cheerleaders to tournaments. Sponsors of the club were Miss Culliton and C. A. Wolfinbarger. PEP CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: S. McBride, E. Pedersen, Miss Culliton, S. Harness. 33 er ds First Row: M. Hunter, L. Rhymer, J. Felter, H. VonHolwede, C. Vykruta, J. Meyers. Second Row: S. Good, D. Morton, H. Hagemann, B. Maplethorpe, R. Trieger, L. Roblin. SKJKNG EJQND La-de-a-de-ah! Swing it! That's the theme song of the jazz band. They have been kept very busy with the social events this year. The first social event for the jazz band was to play at the Homecoming Dance. They played several numbers for the Veterans at Five Points. They also gave the musical entertainment at an Air Raid Wardens' meeting. aire The band also had a big played popular and semi they played many of the they help They have practiced two they are that. On one occasion they were hired by the American dance given at the Danish Hall for Washington's -classical pieces. With Legion to play at a Legion- Birthday. part in the concerts of the year. At the concerts Mr. Hans Von Holwede's old songs in swing time. mornings every week so they could be "tops" and AT THE SPRING CONCERT 54 F First Row: IB. Bartlett, M. Setek, V. Poulsen, Mr. Von Holwede, D. Morton, B. Busscher. Second Row: D. Strang, I. Maier, M. Hardtke, P. Mattson, F. Zimmerman, N. McBride, M. Hunter, S. McBride, M. Tiede. Third Row: L. Parsons, H. Hagemann, S. Good, B. Dow, J. Meyers, R. Trieger, B. CHOQUS Under the leadership of' Mr. Hans Von Holwede the chorus has done wonderful work this year. Although small in number they produce a good quality of' singing. Prindle. They have had a big part in the two grand concerts of' the year. They sang many songs a cappella and had a few solos by some of the members. During one assembly the chorus entertained the student body by giving them a brief synopsis of' some of the chorus numbers to be sung at the concert. Everyone enjoyed it. Mr. Von Holwede has been very pleased with the chorus this year. ASSEMBLY VOCALISTS VIRGINIA AND SARAH 35 First Row: L. Parsons, G. King, J. Spanggard, E. Barnstable, L. Truax, C. Madsen, B. Bartlett, C. R. Upton, S. Klass, J. Nader, J. Meyers. Second Row: B. Effinger, M. Hunter, J. Felter,.L. Rynmer, B. Dow, J. Message, B. Ellis, B. Maplethorpe, T. Maplethorpe, L. Hutchison, R. Atwood, E. Fay, L. Nielsen, C. Vykruta. Third Row: S. Good, D. Morton, D. Gross, S. Rzysko. Standing: H. Hagemann, G. Wi mer, M. Hardtke, I. Maier, Mr. Von Holwede, D. Burdick, T. Hennings, P. Madsen, R. Trieger, L. Roblin, B. Petty. BAND Our band this year is larger and better than in previous years. There are forty-six students in the band. During the football season the band paraded through Antioch to advertise the games. The band had large attendances at its concerts. The band played marches, vic tory tunes, variations of old songs,and other band pieces. Once the band had guest conductors who were boys of the basketball squad. TROM ONE SECTION PRACTICES C1 F. Zimmenmann, E. Pedersen, S. Harness, L. Meinersmann, G. Pierce, R- LHSCO, H. Hagemann, C. Fisher, W. Dow, J. Cunningham, B. Runyard, R. McGlynn, R. Sibley, J. Pregenzer, C. White, M. Setek, A. Harvey, K. Fields, D. Edwards. JUNIOQ DLCW The Junior Class presented Hwhat A Life,H a three act comedy by Clifford Goldsmith, November l9 and 20. The action is developed in the high school with the following characters ing to the general confusion: Miss Shea,the secretary of Mr. Bradley . . . . . . . . . . Edna Pedersen Mr. Nelson, assistant principal interested in Miss Shea Howard Hagemann Miss Patterson, teacher.of history . .' .......... Ruth McGlynn Miss Pike, a teacher who's always got the chills . . . . June Kutil Dot, a rambunctious student ........... . .Alice Harvey Miss Eggleston, a particular teacher . . . Rosalie Sibley Miss Johnson, gym instructor ..... . . Judy Pregenzer Mrs. Vecchitto, a parent ........ . Louise Meinersmann Henry Aldrich, student always in trouble ..... . . Jim Cunningham Barbara Pearson, fascinated by Henry .......... Shirley Harness Gertie, student who wants to sell everyone tickets . . Kathleen Fields The principal, Mr. Bradley ............ ..... Bill Dow Miss Wheeler, music teacher . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frances Zimmerman George Bigelow, a student who can't get along with Henry Charles Fisher Mrs. Aldrich Henry's mother ............ Billie Maye Runyard .7 Mr. Ferguson, from police headquarters . . . . . . . . . . Ralph Lasco Mary, a student . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gerda Pierce Miss Margaret McDorman directed the play. 37 add Left to right: Earl Brixen, M. Hasneyg R. Pfannenstill, H. Hagemann, B. Scheibe, C. Fisher, E. Hartnell, C. Sieben, S. McBride, V. Poulsen, M. Smith, C. Wurster, B. Dow, L. Minto, J. Cunningham, B. Sherman, P. Ryan. SQNIOD DLDV nBest Foot Forwardnpresented by the Senior Class is a three act comed b Y Y John Cecil Holmes. It is a story of a prom at Winsocki, a school for boys, and the,pred1caments into which the boys got themselves when Bud brought Gale Joy, a movie star who needed publicity, instead of his regular girl, Helen Schlesslnger. The play was decided on by the Seniors one week after George Abbott wired that the Broadway production was leaving New York and that the play therefore was released for amateur production. Mrs. C. B. Cass directed the play with C. A. Wolfinbarger and M. C. Krusa assisting with the work of the play. Rehearsals for nBest Foot Forwardn E a 38 First Row: P. Ryan, K. Fields, P. Harvey, I. Ryan, R. Winfield, Miss Culliton, S. I...-L..-, C. Upton, A. Harvey, B. Bartlett, D. Edwards, R. McGlynn. Second Row: B. Runyard, D. Strang, B: Busscher, E. Fay, A. Jones, E. Pedersen, H. Hagemann, S. Harness, J. Pregenzer, G. King, L. Truax, M. Setek, H. Prince, M. Ryan, I. Maier. Third Row: V. Poulsen, R. Sibley, A. Thain, J. Kutil, C. Fisher, L. Minto, R. Pfannenstill, M. Hunter, S. Klass, N. McBride, R. Scott, B. Palaske, T. Hennings, DAWN U DL STQF? The annual staff has worked hard to publish this annual in spite of dif- ficulties with priorities. The co-editors were Ruth Winfield and Clara Wurster and the adviser was Miss Culliton. Billie Maye Runyard ably assisted in making the dummy and typing. The theme of the annual, "Army Life," was chosen by the C. Sieben. co-editors. The skilled artists of our school did a splendid job in drawing the sket- ches, and doing the cover and printing. The artists were Lura Jean Minto, Pat and Irene Ryan, Ruth McGlynn, and Grace King. Shirley Harness was in charge of the senior section for the yearbook. She was assisted by Doris Edwards, Alice Harvey, Kathleen Fields, and Judy Pregenze The Senior Will, Prophecy, and History were written by several of the Sen iors--Theodora Hennings, Doris Strang, Virginia Poulsen, Clare Sieben, Charles Fisher, and Lura Jean Minto. The stories for the annual were written by Allen Thain, Raymond Scott, Betty Bartlett, Edna Pedersen, Mabel Hunter, and Alice Jones. The typists who labored over the copy were Ella Fay, Roman Pfannenstill, Doris Strang, Virginia Poulsen, and Alice Fox. The formal pictures were taken by the North Shore Studio but Rosalie Sibley as staff photographer, is responsible for the candid shots. J The other members of the staff identified pictures and did other odds and I' ends that always come with an annual. , ANNUAL CO-EDITORS Ruth Winfield, C. Wurster 59 L 1.11 2 x 3 M 4. C S If V is 5 X xv XX 2 TR X N Q-., mm f' E3 Af 5 "' 'RX fm X K fw J X First Row: M. Wurzbach, R. Ellis, J. Nader, W. Calhoun, B. Effinger. Second Row: W. Reeves, B. Setek, E. Brixen, B. Maplethorpe, J. Fields, T. Maplethorpe, C. Dressel, D. Barnstable. Third Row: Coach Wolfinbarger, S. Klass, B. Chase, C. Dalbke, D. Kaufmann, R. Stastny, L. Nielsen, T. Smith, L. Yopp, A. Kroll. Fourth Row: D. Gaa, B. Bennett, R. Trieger, B. Hughes, D. Sieben, M. Van Duzer, B. Chrapkowski, J. Sterbenz, S. Good. COOTBQLL Coach C. A. Wolfinbarger and the team marched to an un defeated championship in the Northwest Conference this year The Sequoits losing their first, tied their second and won the last five. They set a conference record by scoring l29 points to the opponents 34 points. SCORE DATE TEAM PLACE we They Sept. 18 McHenry There O 6 Sept. 24 Warren There 7 7 Oct. 2 Barrington Home 25 7 Oct. 9 Bensenville Home 20 O Oct. 16 Palatine Home 38 6 Oct. 25 NOPthbPOOk There 28 14 Oct. 50 Grant Homecoming 18 7 We are proud of the outstanding record set by the Sequoits, their co-captains Bill Effinger and Earl Brixen, and Coach C. A. Wolfinbarger. 42 FIRST TEAM First Row: T. Brett, S. Klass, L. Nielsen, R. Ellis, B. Effingsr. Second Row: D. Kaufmann, J. Fields, C, Dressel, N, Wilhelmi, D. Barnstable, Coach Wolfinbarger. BQISKQTBQLL Coach Wolfinbarger's Sequoits won the District Cham- pionship this year. They had a record of 17 victories and 5 defeats for the season and scored 771 points. Barnstable was the high-point man with 305 points in 21 games. Fields was second with 171 points for the season. 1 z I 1 SECOND TEAM Ellis, W. Reeves, Good, J. Nader, Sterbenz, R. Trieger, Roblin, A. Kroll. '45 First Row: L. Ellis, W. Reeves, H. Hagemann, C. Mirocko, R. January, L. Seger, H. French, D. Gaa. Second Row: Mr. Kroll, S. Good, R. Ellis, S. Klass, D. Kaufmann, M. Smith, J. Nader, H. Smith, R. Stastny, J. Cunningham, Third Row: R. Wells, K. Krueger, L. Yopp, N. Wilhelmi, D. Barnstable, L. Nielsen, B. Petty, E. Hartnell, R. Trieger. In track Barnstable. the "greats" and the half Klass in the TQGCK Antioch High was gifted with an exceptional performer in Dale Dale without a doubt will go down in athletic history as one of of Antioch High. His specialties were the high and low hurdles mile. Other outstanding tracksters were Harry Smith and Sam sprints. Norman Wilhelmi was a scorer in the weight events. Howard Hagemann performed in the 440 and half mile. Other lads who revealed talent were Richard Stastny, Stuart Good, Bill Petty, Herb Ellis, Dick Kauf- mann, and Tom Brett, TRACK BOYS IN ACTION First Row: D. Kaufmann, T. Brett, J. Message, R. Scott, L. Nielsen, T. Smith, W. Radtke, B. Chrapkowski, L. Ellis, Second Row: M . Kroll, S. Klass, L. Yopp, N. Wilhelmi, D. Barnstable, C. Dressel, J. Fields, R. Ellis, G. Severson, D. Gaa. BGSQBGLL The 1943 baseball season was an outstanding one. The pitching staff vas better than average with such outstanding performers as Laurie Yopp, Jack Fields, and Arnold Bolton. All three lads showed outstanding pitching ability. The bat- ting department had such performers as Sam Klass, who proved that he knew how to use the old stick. Other able batsmen were Arnold Bolton, Dale Barnstable, and Tom Brett. D119 S 861 and sets W9 6 0 W 4 7 J4 WX f ' f f ,Q X XF X S ,, f XXX , f 4 N X N 1 X XX fr X -XX W0 X ww OQ X - S ' L .XJV J 5 5 X is 1 X f f 'Q S A. , Q X f 0 S233 X ,Ig 7 f AJS? EX, f -. if f M, fm, ,f mx " My 1 1 ' ,ff ix 7 Q A' I, if ZX fsw gx Xy s , ' X 1 av ' ,f y Q Z , pf ' 5 XG. T f l Z 45 x X he , W Z f fa N Z 5 Xfm Vwfl X 4 . wf 1 Q , 1 X f X X if Q 1 1 ,, W , N- ,ww 3 I K fl , Q eps W uuhqnnu In UAL EDWARDS BROTHERS Ann Annan. ulcnu 1 ru ,wwf x jag- v . . w. A A 3 xx 'Qu .Bw A ' 1 .5 Q.. 57' Arif? if -is , K -. :.'Y. Mi . -ax . ' :.. ,wx if ...y- J. K 5 VR 'wm':5F,:,-1. k at - ,r-. Q ', Q' -ga' 5? T: V- A ' QW fw"g'?b-NL 1' V I . g Ja- . W Q1 xx ,M Y .Z H 5 f ' l ' Y 'LT' 4 is f n r , . 1 , fig, ' ff ' ,- rf 5' sw. - N , , iw. v , fl' , 1' . r r, M , A ---P -. .- -94 -- '. .-'-'TL ' 'J .,.L.., "" . ,- ,bf ' " ' wp" N' , wr ' -"P-,, -ffl! ' 3' '1- ff " ', f-I.. ""'5,,' ' ' '-1. -.. X' T7 .-' ' - ,' . , '-- 'V ,,, ' 'af -- ' f-V A 'ml 'VN' 1,4 1"37,2' '7 'L ,,,. , , M6 .:' Mff-"' ff,--H,-ryr Y. ,U A, I F :.,v..f.Q I-fu-,qui all Y, ' ,, ' v -' - , 'S--,L-v 1, ,1 n' ' IQ- -v ',, W , J gg-nf 551.-'11 Y "'-fe. A ff: V,,.' ,za-fl -fu 4 fn- V + .2 ,y, 1- . - .. ,Q - 1, Q-,-r A if ...s :mama I' " 'vffim' 1 1 -vi ,-.if 5. 31 ' a

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