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3' " ' f . V f , " 1 1 M f 2,18 'im 3 - , n 1' " ',' nwfwa ' , i 7 M' 4 JXEWZWQM Aff' , B lv ,gf , .R K ' f ' V 3 lf, XL Y A-sf ,, 4 ,233 if J f .1 f,-ff .wif .a xy, . N432 D . fnw , T1 .A 6 ' 3511 H xv' ,', I ny - v ..,.? - ,-., . 55. www. f 1 . ,1 ,," 4 W it-I2 74. -, .,,!3,?:, ' ' , ' ,M l ' ' ' A, ' l . ,lk ,frffffig b - -.4.,,,, ' ,xy A '-If Emhkl , W yn x. 9, "V , -' ' f.a,li1' .3 'N fy W , , ,l5g.,.v.,... ' X My " ' .....-near?" , ,f5,...,,41 .K : K , 65, vb 2 . WVU - -1. -I f vnu- . Q, . ,, ' -nur- pr ,L, .ff ,Q f -e , , 414' 1' ' .1 ' W vm, wi" ,. v.,..v" ' ,, . L . Q32 if f-,:1'4v- ... 4, A X ., 4 , J' , fm , ,.,,. ,'ffWW-A::1,,.'AQl . Ep' FH 1. 1.1 V, Y 4 H ix . , A ,g6'59.f4". ' . 4 at A ' vii.. , I W, -a'-E ' . 'Iliff fy' Eff A z .4 ,J 1 ' V -5 N ' 1 4 4' 5 , 1' S' ya" , f -'iff ,B 4 I X ,,,, , -L, gg Q- V - fig., 14 w-xv X- ff 3 .x W v el N4 9' - Mg, , f Me,4 l.'-, ' QNOXMQ J ,,jM,Q All Qwfwfwmfw mfnedzw Qmmfzwfmyybggnw Q Wk PAGE S TORN FROYX THE CPXLEN D Nl Y EHR GF A BU SY GENE HUEI-H 5 ff SPVTEFREKR., 8 15 16 17 22 23 24 1 7 BTQ O1 WQ222 Fpx Q- 1V2H2?lw 95222 2 A 1 41, 345363738 24 25 3 o 2122+225 2 3 2 12 19 26 26 3 10 13 18 2M 25 27 Bl +In Cjafenfav for .gepfemler ana! Octoler SEPTEMBER . School opensf . G.A.A. Scavenger Huntf . McHenry Football fHerej Antioch 6-O . Bensenville Football CTnerej Antioch T . Freshmen-Sophomore Party f7:OO-9:5Oj+ OCTOBER . Grant Football CHerej Antioch l9-OX . Zion CHerej Zion 6-O . lst six weeks . Barrington fTherej O-O . Northbrook CHerej O-O . Girls Conference . Teacher's Convention--nNo Schooln . Grant CTherej O-O dicates pictures are included in annual. f ,A ff X Wx 4 QQ!! ff f W , , X 1,2-1 QW? ff' 2:32 I ,QQ ffl'- ,L Miss line E 212 , N m 'X N xx E in i J m Rx X X X' X ' . ' Q Xwwf X, h swwakgk Y figx X rg X Q X C? N .N w X N, A p sx se s U, aw Q N X XX N X 3 vir,g.:, ' , ' U1 xg X X XX N ,Ns s . -sums NN X -- f X 1 xxfgx, N xxx X 3' X XX X x A f V- ,V -EXW: Q Kxxy x XxJ,f,,,kQ Y fws X' N 1 , X W ' V wfff X xf D. Bauer Mr. Kroll Mr. Kutil Miss Olson, G. King, C. Upton Mr. Von Holwede F. Zlmmerman Austin J. Miller Mr. Weiss X 1 M, wx A' fwffw 41 Vw NJ' Mr. Stilleon C. Jorgensen Mrs. Phillips R. Gussarson D Miss Grimes Miss Tnutges Miss Larimer I R. Sibley Miss McDorman Mr. Wolfinbarger Mr. Edwards 1 my NM-lx af , 1 , ff 7 zfai f fa-.U y f ,Aww if-,, -' V MQ, 4 aww 2 in ' ,AM ff MW l W,'w f V? , if ' WMZQZQ Q 55 54 1 ww ' if J. Oren Mr. Edwards X G.A.A. The G.A.A. started off this year with a scavenger hunt and wiener roast. In October about 50 members spent an evening at the Roller Rink in Waukegan. During the winter the girls spent nights after school playing volleyball and basketball. Both of these sports ended in tournaments between the classes. The Seniors won at volleyball, while the Juniors outplayed the others in basket- ball. In April a movie was shown to the school. The proceeds went toward the awards which were presented to the girls at their annual banquet. C. Sieben, B. Schiebe, C. I. Maier, D. Stack lst row: L. Cobb, A. leng, D. Wagner, L. Sherman, U. Nelson, A. Denman, D. Strang, J. Nevelier. 2nd row: L. Sobey, M. Hunter, D. Mor- ton, E. Fay, G. King, H. Lyerla, C. Upton, L. Minto, M. Gaides, T. Wimmer, J. Walker. 5rd row: D. Morton, R. McGlynn, T. Willis, G. Young, I. Holt, M. Sobey, D. Wilton, H. Prince, C. Gyger, L. Meinersman, D. Gebhardt. ltth row: C. White, D. Aronson, L. Rhymer, B. Runyard, F. Zim erman, E. Grenus, S. Wells, P. DeBates, D. Edwards, J. Bugilo. 5th row: L. Drumm, M. Quilty, B. Busscher, D. Nedbal, R. Zellhofer, E. Pederson, S. Harness, R. Sibley, A. Harvey, K. Fields, E. Nelson, J. Oren. Wurster, tw- O The class officers are Edna Pederson, presidentg Kathleen Fields, vice-pres1- dentg and Carol Ruth Upton, secretary-treasurer. The sophomores were very active. Social events included a party for the freshmen in September and a return party in October. Several boys F vuuv-"' AJ - W' man, R. Lasco. 2nd row: W. Elfering, R. Ellis, C. Moran, S. Harness, K. Fields. 5rd row: G. Winnner, J. Radtke, L. Gerwood, T. Decker, J. Nader. S OPHOMORE OFFI CERS K. Fields, E. Petersen, A H' A' lst row: I. Weber, J. Message, M. Hasney, L. Meiners- gf S, Klass, B. Petty R. Sibley, A. Bolton. lst 2nd 5rd L. Mth row: G. row: M. row: B. Groebli. row: L. King, R. MoGlynn, A. Maier, E. Talley, L. Roblin, G. Severson, D. Gebhardt, M. Setek, Gaides, C. Gyqer, H. Prince, E. Horton, A. Harvey, T. Wimmer, R. Drom, G. Pierce, G. Hasney. Goseell, E. Grenus, F. Zimmerman, B. Dow, D. Phillips, W. Calhoun, A. Bolton, B. Runyard, E' d C White J Walker A Kacer R Zellhofer J Kutil R. Sibley, G. Polland. Drumm, D. uwar s, . , . . , . , . , . , were on the basketball, football, and baseball teams, while a few girls were picked for the tum bling team and the "All Star" basketball team. Miss McDorman and Mr. Stillson were the ad- VlSOTS. o lst row: S. Good, E. Brixen, L. Teohert, J. Roepenack, B. Jordan, T. Maplethorpe, E. Jones, T. Carlson. 2nd row: L. Nielsen, A. Carpenter, L. Buchta, A. Small, D. Phillips, E. Dunford, B. Effinger, B. Maplethorpe, E. Jones, C. Dalbke, J. Horton. 5rd row: D. Bauer, B. Bennet, R. Stastny, J. Christensen, M. Smith, A. Bolton, W. Calhoun, R. Nader, R. Ellis, D. Bratude, D. Gaa. FOOTBALL When Coach C. A. Wolfinbarger blew the whistle for the first practice, forty boys, twelve of whom were veterans of last season, reported. The boys worked hard to prepare for the coming season. Though the team was handicapped the last part of the season through the loss' of the co-captains, George Sterhenz and Jim Roepenack, because of illness and in- juries, the team battled their way to a conference co-championship with one win and two ties. At the close of the season the squad elected Bill Effinger and Earl Brixen co-captains for next year. Ninteen major and nineteen minor awards were given to the squad. 5 2 U NDVEFQQHQFMI UN,TM0N.TTUE.T T 1 1 L + + 1 1 +5 2 Q3 11+ 1 q +1O+1j+ We 17 18 1 1 552-.U2621f21i1 TeCsJq1,11BQi 11 12131131 1 1 8 +01 +1011-jlw + 1F15 1e+11Q+11+2 +2b+2 1+ 22Q2,3+24+25 23f 21120 31 C:i2!2V7dl27 ZKCD7 " A ouem ev am! pecem ev NOVEMBER 3. Women's Club Program 6-7. Junior Playi 9. ll. No SChOOl 12. Freshmen party' 13. Book week Tableauxi 14. Libertyville Basketball CThere Liberty 18-37 l7. E.T.A. Speaker 19. Racine Basketball CTherej Racine 26-30 20-21. Thanksgiving Vacation 25. Warren lTherej Warren 22-30 27. End of second six weeks, G.A.A. Initiation 28. Northbrook CHerej Antioch 32-22 DECEMBER Wauconda fTherej Antioch 36-20 Warren QHerej Antioch 28-26 -X- Home Economics and F.F.A. Party -X- Palatine CTherej Palatine 30-31 Hebron CHerej Hebron 22-37 Home Economics Christmas Tea Christmas Programf F.F.A. Program in Assembly Grant CHerej, Dance, Antioch 41 F.F.A. at Harvard Christmas Vacation Starts Alumni Banquet and Dance 23 Q I' I "Zaye . JUNIOR PLAY VI V xxshf P9 Y pfool. 6 ix o C. Dressel, E. Nelson, J. Fields, D. Barnstable. JUNIOR PLAY III 0 fs JUNIOR PLAY IV C. Vureter, H. Krueger, J. Dhuyvetter J N H. Hagemgnn, P. Palmer, H. Glenn, A. Fox. V. Poulsen, L. Minto, D. Strang. . X A v . P jf i .muon PLAY ggi A , - 5' A ,f' JUNIOR PLAY V C. Fisher, Bu-inthe, R. Pfhnnenetill, A Ward. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY I I' 5 , ,L I G.Pi C.'vIt L.Y J.M, If 3 . V S. McBride, G. Marrs, E. Fay. Bree' a ers, Opp, ever k . .W ZWLWZM 4'1- The officers of the freshmen girls are as follows: president, Laurel Sobeyg vice-president, Marilyn Tiedeg secretary- treasurer, Doris Burdick. The boys are represented by Charles Vykruta as presi- dent and Steve Rzysko as secretary- treasurer. The Student Council repre- sentatives, Helen Lyerla and Robert Bennett, were active and worthy workers. lst J. R. 2nd M. L. 5rd D. ith D. J. FRESEMAN I row: L. Hutchison, E. Barnstable, Ghan, J. Dunn, B. Message, Wells, R. Nader. row: F. Edlmann, D. Morton, McGlynn, T. Willis, J. Horton, Truax, J. Buglio. row: L. Elms, T. Yopp, R. Rudolph, Holmes, M. Hunter. row: C. Flint, D. Bauer, G. Young, shank, E. Nielsen, R. winfiela, Oren, R. Hughes. FRESHMAN OFFICERS M. Tiede D. Bratrude S. Rzysko C. Vykruta D. Burdick L. Sobey L lst 2nd 5rd R Edna sale made FRESHMAN II row: R. Bennett, I. Holt, R. Edwards, M. Hutchison, E. Wilton, L. Nielsen, L. Rhymer, R. Scott. row: K. Krueger, B. Busscher, R. Stastny, M. Quilty, H. Smith, R. Dalbke, S. Good, B. Radtke. row: R. Ebeling, D. Stack, D. Gaa, A. Thain, M. Sobey, C. Madsen, L. Seger, H. Iyerla, Atwood. In the field of social activities Don Bratrude, Mabel Lou Hunter, Charles Vykruta, Barnstable, Stewart Good, and Kenneth Krueger led the group in the successful pie and in a well-accepted party for the sophomores. In assembly, such freshmen as Erna Nielsen, Stuart Good, and Mabel Lou Hunter have the student body realize that the freshmen are finding an important place for them selves. -Y fill! I-C! HTRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINEU L. Cobb, C. Upton, G. Pierce, J. Jones. LOT'S WIFE D. Wilton, S. Wells, M. Wurzbnck, H. Lyerla m If M f z- eff., . ,Q K ,ff-51 , ' '72 ' V x?,.4 ! lst row: C. Gyger, E. Nielsen, J. Oren, A. Ward, C. Quigley, C. Waters, L. Minto, D. Strang, V. Poulsen, C. Wurster. 2nd row: Mrs. Phillips, H. Prince, C. Sieben, P. Decker, J. Miller, M. Dow, G. Horton, D. Nedbal, S. McBride. 5rd row: M. Tiede, B. Busscher, R. Zellhofer, M. DeBates, D. Aronson, E. Nelson, M. Hardtke, T. Wim er. IN MEXICO L. Sherman, G. Hutchison J. Roepenack, B. Jordan J. Dhuyvetter de' " O 72aw,Lf HOME COMING COURT Roepenack, M. DeBates, Brixen, S. McBride, P. Decker, Jones, E. Nelson, A. Small, Waters, B. Maplethorpe. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: G. King, A. Ieng, L. Minto, J. Neve- lier, G. Horton, E. Nelson, E. Fay, R. Zell- hofer, L. Sobey, H. Lyerla. Standingz' S. Klass, B. Petty, C. Vykruta, B. Effinger, D. Barnstable, J. Jones, J. Roepenack, B. White, B. Maplethorpe. STUDENT COUNCH. The student council members serve to uni- fy the school activities. The first thing of any importance done was the trip to Highland Park. It was a con- vention to find out what the other schools were doing. The members are also planning on going to Chicago very shortly. This is an- other state convention. They have arranged to have visiting day for the grade schools the day of the Gym Ex- hibit. The students are discussing the idea of having all the lower classes go on a combined school picnic. 5... jose., Z.s.p,JJ.9c2. ,QD B lst row: L. Hutchison, C. Upton, E. Nelson, M. Debates, S. Wells. 2nd row: I. Maier, M. Tiede, J. Nevelier, G. Horton. 5rd row: G. Hutchison, V. Tiemnn, I. Holt, R. Dalbke, L. Sobey, D. Morton, D. Shank, L. Trusx, L. Groebli, M. Hutchison, D. Gebhardt. hth row: E. Barnstable, G. King, J. Gahn, M. Sobey, E. Wil- ton, E. Horton, J. Oren, A. Harvey, G. Pierce, D. Stack. Sth row: V. Sorenson, L. Minto, D. Morton, A. Denman, R. Rudolph, T. Willis, R. Winfield, D. Edwards, C. White, E. Longly, D. Holmes, J. Khtil, E. Grenus. 6th row: F. Edlmann, T. Wimmer, M. Hardtke, A. Leng, J. Ellis, D. Wagner, L. Sherman, M. McGlynn, H. Lyerla, L. Drumm, R. Drom, A.Kscer, E. Nielson, B. Busscher. .-l .ff HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics olub,wh1ch in- cludes sll girls who take Home-Econom- ics courses, has been collecting waste paper from the various rooms of the school for national defense. The girls enjoyed a Christmas party with the F.F.A. boys. HOME ECONOM CS AND F.F.A. PARTY PLANNERS Seated: S. Wells, M. Tiede, L. Minto. Standing: A. Latham, D. Weber, L. Miller. ff MMV F.F.A, The F.F.A. Club entertained the faculty as well as the Student body with an assembly program just before Christ- mas. Many of the boys took part in judg- ing contests from which some came back with high honors. F.F.A. OFFICERS E. Hartnell W. Drum L. Miller C. Kutil J. Jones R. Severson M ,M be ' let F. 2nd R. W 5rd D. H. 7-sth G. row: R. Severson, J. Horton, Message, I. Seger. row: B. Message, A. Thain, Scott, G. Severson, M. Haney, Elfering. row: E. Brixen, J. Roepenack, Weber, A. Bolton, A. Smith, Lubkeumn, M. Smith, R. Hufrhes row: L, Garvood, J. Flrumgzm, Pierce, A. Lethfun, V. Dov, E. Jones, J. White, D. Hagen, F. Hoekstra. W ffzfww 51106640 Zz! Mfg HAM, A, KL .7 XJQQ --4.4 ,120-IQ Dorothy Aronson leaves her alumni friends to next year's senior class. Lila Cobb leaves her stately and dignified de- portment to Thelma Willis. Vivian Cosgrove leaves her exquisitely groomed appearance to Barbara Prindle. Margaret DeBates leaves her well-dressed appear- ance to Claire Kaufman. Elsie De Boer leaves her happy-go-lucky air to June Kutil. Pat Decker leaves her place on the cheer-leading squad to Ruth McGlynn. Alice Denman leaves her figure to Micky Nelson. Mildred Dow leaves her friendly charm to Helen Lyerla. To Grace King Janet Ellis leaves her artistic ability. Ruth Gussarson leaves her ways with the lads to Dottie Wilton. Gert Horton leaves her giggles to John Dunn. Gene Hutchinson wills to Hans von Holwede her rust-colored slacks. Sybil Johnson leaves her dramatic abilities to Howard Hagemann. I Alice Leng leaves her demure ways to Margaret Quilty. Joan Miller leaves her statuesque appearance to Carol Ruth Upton. Charlotte Moran leaves her typing technique to Virginia Paulsen. Dorothy Nedbal leaves her girlish laughter to Alice Ward. Jenniev Nevelier leaves her quiet beauty to Ruby Rudolph. Catherine Quigley leaves to Erna Nielsen her fondness for sloppy Joes. Ruth Schonscheck leaves her shyness to Betty Schiebe. Lucille Sherman leaves her abilities on the basketball court to Ella Fay. Virginia Sorensen leaves her sparkling wit and brilliant repartee to June Walker. Vernetta Tieman leaves her gum chewing to anyone who will guarantee not to smear said gum over school desksp,, , ' Dgris Wagner leaves to future commercial students her great interest in said studies. ' Joyce Waters leaves her great fondness for Bill White to her cousin, Carol Waters. Shirley Wells leaves her exotic tresses to Betty Huff. Martha Winch leaves to Billie Maye Runyard her vocabulary. V ' Howard Atwood leaves his athletic abilities to his brother Richard. Leo Buchta leaves his skillful driving to Jack Message. Joe Carney leaves his quiet manner to Leonard Roblin. Art Carpenter leaves his curley hair to Theodore, Hennings. Ed Dunford leaves his ability at political dis- cussions to next years American History classes. ' Dave DuPre leaves his unique physique to Tom Decker. Bob Gross leaves his jitter-bugging ability to Mr. Kutil. Ralph Gussarson leaves his baby-blue eyes to Bill Petty. Jack Horan leaves his free periods to some lucky sucker. Edwin Jones bequeathes his over-large lungs to Earl Francis Tally, Jr. James Jones leaves his basketball ability to any- one that wants it. Bert Jordan leaves his place on Antioch Hill and his girl to anybody who likes to see the sun rise. Allan Latham leaves his sparkling conversational abilities to Harry Krueger. - Henry Lubkeman leaves his interested and alert expression to Alice Ward. Edward McNamara leaves his quiet and secluded manners to Kenneth Krueger. Lloyd Miller wills his blushes to Carol Waters. Robert Phillips leaves his unbroken record of at- tendance to Roman Pfannenstill. Ray Quedenfeld leaves his valedictorian qualities to anybody who needs one. James Roepenack leaves his football ability to Johnny Dunn. Robert Atwood. Arthur man girl to Albert Edward Ruschewski leaves his exceptionally good singing ability to Bud Maplethorpe. Severson leaves his manly figure to Richard Small leaves Jack Fields. Smith leaves James Stabler leave Ralph Lasco. George Sterbenz and his way with the little fresh his shyness to the girls. s his way with the ladies to Pat Decker leave their bud- ding romance to Clare Sieben and Johnny Meyers. Dudley Ward leaves his devil-may-care to Charles Fisher. Dean Weber leaves his typing ability to Dale Barn stable. Jack White leaves his football ability to Dick Sieben. Wm. White leaves his black wavy hair to Sammy Klass. Dean Hagen wills his place in Spierings Castle to Ralph Nader. 107 MQW 44,441 JJZ W ww KLQWZMM MIL own u x M w, 1 il 1 ' X 2 6 Q .N A 'M ' X r X Wg A I Qmwv 55555, 18 XJ, 1 N JTQ NQU N-V5 456 XXX Xt 2111110 7 14 9.7 V123 I5+16 2:1 'wf 19 11 1215 2 '1 U PRI. SAT. 15 O 1 wifs 6+ 11:2 k 5+l6 P22123 24 QQSQ6 3+ Jr kgwil 11d1gT1a.1s+14 1 Vliilfl 210511 11151 CCIZENJG7 60? dflLld'Iy GH! 7-24700 ry JANUARY Christmas Vacation is Over 6 McHenry CHerej McHenry 56-31 9 Football Banquet 10 Ela CTherej Antioch 28-26 11-12 F.F.A. Basketball 13 Zion CHerej Antioch 33-19 17 Bensenville Antioch 27-26 18 Hebron fTherej Hebron 20 Semester ends 21 Band Concert+ 23 F.F.A. B3Skebball Richmond CHerej Antioch Pep Club and "A" Club Partyf Barrington CTherej FEBRUARY Wauconda CHerej F.F.A. Basketball McHenry CTherej Play Tournamentx Grant CTherej Zion CTherej Annual gets under way Ela CHerej Military Ball F.F.A. Basketball BAND lst row: D. Gaa, J. Horton, C. Madsen, S. Good, J. Nader, J. Jones, C. Vykruta, S. Klass, J. Meyer. 2nd row: G. King, A. Latham, F. Zimmerman, D. Weber, W, White, G. Polland, D. Nedbal, E. Talley, R. Ebeling, J. Message, M. Hutchison, R. Atwood. 5rd row: B. Maplethorpe, W. Effinger, S. Rzysko, M. Hunter, L. Rhymer, J. Walker, R. Gross, E. Jones, W. Petty, L. Roblin, E. Pederson, L. Elms, H. Hagemann,H. Smith. JAZZ BAND lst row: A. Small, S. Klass, J. Nader, J. Meyers, L. Roblin, B. Petty. 2nd row: B. Gross, M. Bbnter, B. White, E. Jones, B. Mapl6thOTP0- afuia-3 BAND The band had a very successful year with many new members joining to help make it a big organization. They played for all home basketball games as well as entertaining the school on many assembly programs. They also gave a very successful concert . V SOLDISTS Mr. von Holweds, B. White iff ,Kawai v row: T. Wimmer, C. Wurster, B. Busscher, M. Tiede, M. Hutchison, E. Nelson, E. Fay, L. Cobb, L. Elms, Gaides, M. Setek. row: M. Hardtke, L. Hutchison, D. Morton, L. Sobey, H. Lyerla, D. Shank, L. Truax, D. Morton, C. Upton, Ward, L. Groebli, T. Hemmings, F. Zimmerman, C. Gyger, H. Prince, G. Hasney, E. Nielsen. row: L. Rhymer, S. Johnson, B. Runyard, U. Nelson, J. Miller, M. Hunter, R. Dalbke, R. Gussarson, Wells, E. Pedersen, T. Willis, R. Rudolph, G. Young. row: V. Dow, J. Jones, J. Roepenack, T. Maplethorpe, S. Klass, H. Hagerman, W. White, E. Ruschewski, Maplethorpe, D. Weber. CHORUS The school enjoyed the singing of many of the chorus members who performed on assembly programs throughout the year. Many gave out- standing performances in the concert in which all Band and Chorus members participated. Tal- ented members were chosen to take part in a contest given at Harvey and were very disap- pointed when it was not given due to circum- stances beyond their control. PEP CLUB The Pep Club which was first organized under the leadership of Mr. Wolfenbarger, Mrs. Reynolds, and Mr. Weiss, who is now in the army, had a fine year filled with many good times. They also did their part with the cheering at all football and basketball games. Many purchased sweaters in the school colors of cardinal and gray and emblems were given to all members. Z. f QL lst row: S. Johnson, C. Quigley, C. Waters, M. DeBates, J. Miller, P. Decker. 2nd row: M. McGlynn, L. Elms, J. Ghan, B. Busscher, I. Maier, R. McGlynn, C. Sie- ben, A. Harvey, K. Fields, D. Edwards, M. setek, M. Games, c. white. 3rd row: M. Hunter, J. Oren, J. Buglio, D. Shank, C. Upton, H. Iyerla, L. Drumm, C. Wurster, M. Hasney, D. Nedbal. Nth row: D. Aronson, V. Cosgrove, L. Minto, U. Nelson, A. Denman, E. Grenus, F. Zim- merman, E. Pedersen, D. Strang, V. Poulsen. 5th row: G. Horton, E. Nelson, J. Nevelier, S. McBride, V. Flint, P. Palmer, S. Harness, R. Zellhofer, R. Sibley, G. King. PEP PARTY FOR HAH CLUB R. Sibley, P. DeBates, P. Decker D. Barnstable, J. Fields lczgga I, lnt row: T. Decker, A. Bolton, E. Dun- ford, R. Gronu, H. Atwood, R. Gunnmrson. 2nd row: R. Phlllipu, A. Smnll, B. Mnple- thorpo, D. Weber, V. White, B. Jordan, J. Nndor, C. Dulbko, S. Kluus. jrd row: L. Techert, M. Wurzbnch, E. Joncn, F. Kunnody, L. Yopp, T. Mnplethorpo. TH Y LED IN SPORTS lst row: J, Jones, D. Barnstable. 2nd row: J. Fields, E. Brlxen, J. Roepenuck, A. Cur- penter. 5rd row: J. White, G. Sterbenz, Leo Buchta, V. Ef- finger. -J A.CLUB The A Club has had relatively few meetings this year but the good work of its members has been evident throughout the year. All members have their major awards which are earned by points. The A Club together with the Pep Club sold tickets for a movie so that the basketball boys might get new suits. The officers are George Sterbenz, presi- dentg Jim Jones, vice-presidentg Dale Barnstable, secretary-treasurer. This was the eighth annual play tournament which was pre- sented on two nights. The four highest in acting honors were Helen Lyerla, Bill Dow, Cather- ine Quigley and Dave DuPre. The points, determined by the judg- es, entitled the Juniors to the Drama Shield, which is awarded each year, to the class with the best acting. 0-141 . ,Jalal la WJQ' Zia! ff ANNUAL CLUB This is an organization which includes stu- dents from each class, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The annual work gives students an opportunity to see their work in lication. It also gives them responsibility organizing and in carrying out to completion large project. the pub in a We want to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Wyllie and her art students for the fine work they have done in helping with this publica tion. We appreciate their cooperation very much 15101 " Jiffy ANNUAL EDITORS ist row: R. Pfannenstill ffryping Editor-D, D. su-ang fAs- sistant Editorl, V. Poulsen CSecretaryD, C. Wurster lPhotog- raphy Editorl. 2nd row: A. Denman fAssista.nt Editorl, L. Minto fBusiness Managerl, G. King CAI-t Editorj, L. Kuligowski fCopy Editorl. lst row: B. Runyard, M. Hunter, D. Morton, C. Waters, L. Truax, D. Morton, M. Setek. 2nd row: A. Ward, H. Lyerla, E. Pedersen, A. Leng, I. Maier J. Ghan. 5rd row: E. Barnstable, M. McGlynn, S. McBride, R. McGlynn, J. Oren, V. Flint, B. Busscher, R. Winfield. Mth row: D. Weber, D. Ward, L. Teckert, T. Maplethorpe, D. Bauer, E. Brixen, C. Fisher, L. Miller. X B122 + 201111 L ? 3 +3399 MABSKL. 'fgifi A 12 133 Q2 A 1 Q2 31214252 63 2 161 '5JV'9.1A Jr M 1 3,221 1511 19+ 'J C f:Z2ZEVNdQ2? 50, Ama ana! n,,f,,-1 MARCH Sixth six week Journalism mee Spring Sports Gym Exhibition 96 APRIL Good Friday Eas t er Senior Playx Gym Exhibit an s ends tsqk d visiting Day ,oZ2.!,Z5L4:6 Q' 771,41-1.3 lst row: L. Cobb, K. Fields, A. Harvey, R. Zellhofer. 2nd row: V. Cosgrove, C. Quigley, M. Winch. 5rd row: D. Weber, J. Miller, S. Johnson, E. Pedersen, R. Pfannen- still. lsth row: H. Hagemann, D. Aronson, S. Harness, R. Sibley. IOURNALISM The Journalism Department is operating under a new form of organization this year, com- bining a class in journalism, which offers liquid credit, and a Journalism Club. The class publishes Sequoit News in the Antioch News every weekg the Journalism Club publishes the mimeographed Sequoit News. In the Seguoit News, news stories, features articles, interviews, and reviews have ap- peared. The class has sent stories to the Waukegan News Sun and is now writing a weekly personal column for the Libertyville News. This is the first year that liquid credit has been given for journalism. By studying and criticizing newspaper articles, the journalism student develops greater skill in writing news stories of all types. 72,444 ggi. ,, K fs jan BASEBALL t row: B. Hughes, C. Moran, D. Gaa, R. Scott, S. Good, L. Niel- B. Jordan T. Brett sen, J. Roepenack, T. Maplethorpe, R. Stastney, D. Kaufman, W.CMhmm. d row: H. Krueger, J. Flanagan, S. Klass, L. Yopp, L. Smith, M. Wursbach, A. Bolton, G. Sterbenz, A. Carpenter, E. Jones, J. Jones, B. White, D. Weber, E. Dunford, L. Buchta, Coach. r names see top of page 555 SPRUNG SPORTS The spring sports consist of baseball, boxing, track, and tennis. Many boys are out for these activities this year. The boxing exhibit took place on April l4 and 15, while the only tennis meet was scheduled for May l6. Some of the divisions in track are sprints, low hurdles, relays, shot put, discus throwing, high jump, pole vault, and broad jump. The schedule for meets was: April 17 . 25 M3Y 5 22 Track Palatine, there April l6 Palatine, there May l Highland Park ' 8 Conference Meet l5 21 Baseball Northbrook, Barrington, Northbrook, Els, there Barrington, U here here there there TRACK lst row: L. Yopp, D. Bauer, S. Good, H. Ellis, J. Roepenack, J. Nader, H. Hagemann, R. Staatney, R. Atwood. 2nd row: E. Jones, J. Fields, D. Gaa, R. Scott, K. Krueger, L. Seger, S. Klass, T. Brett, J. Canfield, W. Calhoun, H. Atwood, C. Madsen. 51-d row: H. Smith, J. Meyers, G. Wimmer, M. Smith, A Carpenter, D. Barnstable, G. Sterbenz, A. Bolton, J. Jones, J. White, E. Brixen, D. DuPre, E. Dunford, L. Buchta, Coach. , A at ,,,,,, f - ' ffff uv G x ,T g A f ,Q V ., f, . y , if , Mu at f f" ff , 3? ? '51 , I, , . K 1, 4' 5' 'gf if .1 , , V, , 1 ' H 3 .3321 X 1? ' we 'W 'JY - ,ff 'f if gg , . if 5 ' X - ' , I LN 6' i if H rx P . f -"f':l'ffff 2 gi L I- kv W ,fy gill , W, ' iff 5, ff Q W, , f A 4 ,-w f ,W fu . 4, 1 , , 4, , . X' Xjyf' ' X N XV MW, ' ,JU f fW ff ? Z ,ff 1 44 , ,N I f f' 5 f f 41 -xo ff , 4 ,,,' , W' ff K f f ,f D5 -W6 f f 7 f ' W , ,WX A xx mm Xa x wx IQ BN cafmfa 7 50? fun, MAY Promf Juniors finish work Baccalaureate and Ivy Day Picnics Graduationx - W D Hagen D. Sfrafng C.Ef5f7er L . Mmfo ff' ws., KING AND 5.fx10f7f6ffI0l7t?6 K Paulsen dz JUNIOR I lst row: L. Yopp, R. Horan, L. Kuligowski, W. Effinger, D. Morton, D. Barnstable, M. Wurzbach. 2nd row: C. Wurster, W. Imbkeman, L. Minto, L. Techert, Ethel Nelson, R. Sieben, C. Waters. 5rd row: D. Hutchison, E. Fay, T. Brett, M. Hasney, D. Kauf- man, C. Kaufman, T. Maplethorpe. IUNIORS This busy class started off the year with a marvelous play called "Don't Take My Penny." It was a great financial help and most of the Juniors participated. The Junior Class won the drama shield for their outstanding performances in the Play Tournament. Every night after school the Juniors have sold candy and ice cream. Through this and many other ventures they have raised enough money to put out .TUNTORS III rw U. Nuluon, A 1' . .1L,1LM1b0, J. Wulcl J. M 1 I' 1 . Iluvminlm. F K ly T M . cannon , fm, F. Smi th. X J If 0 The Junior girls won the basketball tournament and the boys were outstanding in basketball, foot- ball, track, and baseball. Both boys and girls were active on the Annual staff. . They are all looking forward to the Prom, the theme of which is, "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star." Most of the class received their rings before the Christmas holidays started. lst F End E jrd C hth E row: H. Krueger, H. Hagemann, W. Drom, M. Smith, E. Hartnell, Hoekstra. row: P. Palmer, V. Flint, A. Ward, G. Hasney, J. Dhuyvetter, Nelson, S. McBride. row: B. Chase, J. Runyard, E. Brixen, C. Fisher, C. Dressel, Jorgensen, R. Pfannenstill. row: J. Flanagan, C. Dalbke, H. Hess, J. Canfield, G. Pierce, Pape, H. Glen. JUNIOR OFFICERS Fields, B. Maplethorpe, V. Poulsen, D. Strang HOWARD ATWOOD Stamp Club, 1,25 Student Council, 25 Vice-Pres1- dent, 53 Basketball,5,M, Tennis, 55 Ambition: Join the air corps. EISIE DE BOER uPutH Home Economics, l,2,55 Girls Club, l,2,5,h, Basketball, 2,53 Glee Club, 23 Ambition: Nurse, housekeeping. DOROTHY ARONSON HDottieu G.A.A., l,2,5,u, Dramat- ics, l,2,5,Mg Pep Club, My Home Economics, l,2, Annual, 53 Journalism,2, 55 Play Tournaments, l, 2,51 Junior Play, Bas- ketball, l,2,5,lI-Q Ambl- tion: Private Secretary to President Roosevelt. PATRICIA DECKER nPatu Curtain Call, 5,Ug Swing Club, 53 Annual Club, 53 Pep Club, M3 Home Eco- nomics, l,2, G.A.A., l, 23 Pep Club, President: Junior Play, 53 Play Tournament, 55 Operetta, 53 Cheerleader, M3 Ambi- tion: Commercial work. LEO BUCHTA NBuckn F.F.A., l,2,5,Mg Rod and Gun, l,2,5s HAH Club, 2, 5,M5 Junior Play, Tab- leauxg Basketball, 2,5,M Baseball, l,2,5,M, Track 2,M3 Football, 5,M5 Box- ing, l,2,5,M5 Student Council, l,5g Ambition: Public Service Man. MARGARET DE BATES npegqyu Home Economics, l,2,5,hg G.A.A., l,2,5,h, Girls Club, l,2,5,M, Curtain Call, My Annual Club, 55 Pep Club, My Journalism Club, 55 Swing, 25 Home Economics, President, My Junior Play: Cheerleadeq H3 All star basketball, 2:55 Ambition: Be a rich old maid. JOSEPH CARNEY uSparkeyn F.F.A., l,2,5,Mg Rod and Gun Club, 55 BOXing, 23 Ambition: Own a ranch in Texas. ARTHUR CARPENTER nCarpu HAH Club, 5,M, President of Junior Class, Basketball, 2,5, bg Baseball, 2,5,Mg Football, 5,h: Tennis, 5,N3 Ambition: Have some fun. LILA COBB HCorneyu Dramatics, l,2,5,H5 G.A.A., l, 2,5,Mg Girls Club, 2,5,h3Jour- nalism, 5,Mg Play Tournament, l,2,5,Mg Tableaux, l,2,5,M3 Basketball, l,2, Concert, 5,M5 Operetta, 53 Ambition: Air Hostess, and have fun. VIVIAN COSGROVE HVivH Glee Club, lg G.A.A., l,2,5 Handicraft, lg Curtain Call Club, 2,5,M5 Play Tournament, l,2,5,Mg Junior Play, Book Week Tableaux, 2,5,M3NOperet- ta, 2,55 Ambition: Stenogra- pher. -1....,-if pulp, DAVID DUPRE uFrenchyn Checkers and Chess, l3 Journal- ism Club, 25 Swing Club, 2,53 Annual Club, 53 Tennis Club, 23 Bridge, lg President of Fresh- mang Play Tournament, M3 Christmas Plays, H3 Ambition: Overseer for a tropic island. JANET EIIIS nShortyn Handicraft Club, 1,23 Home Ec- onomics, N3 Girls Club, l,2,5, M3 Secretary of girls groups, 53 Chorus, l,23 Operetta, 23 Ambition: Designer of clothes. RCBERT GROSS nGeorgen Handicraft Club, 23 Swing Club, 53 HAH Club, 5,M3 Play Tourna- ment, 1,2,5,h, Junior Playg Christmas Plays, 5,H3 Tableaux, 5,M5 Football, 5,M3 Baseball, 2,5,M5 Swing band, M3 Ambition: To have my own swing band. RAIPH GUSSARSON HLittle Gussn F.F.A., 1,25 Annual club, 55 Play Tournaments, l,2,5,u, Junior Playg Tableaux, l,2,5, M3 Football, 5,H5 Boxing, l,2, M3 Wrestling, M3 Ambition: Aviator. ALICE DENMAN uRiCkH Handicraft, lg Home Eco- nomics, 2,5,M, G.A.A., 1,2,5,ug Girls Club, 1, 2,5,M3 Dramatics, H3 Pep Club, M3 President of G.A.A., U3 Associate Ed- itor of Annual, A3 All star basketball team l, 2,55 Ambition: secre- tary. GENE HUTCHISON HHutchn Home Economics, 2,5,h3 G.A.A., 53 Dramatics, 2, 5,M3 Annual Club, H3 Girls Club, 1,2,5,u, Tableaux, 5,h3 Play Tournament, 53 Ambition: Telephone operator. MILDRED DOW NMillieu Handicraft, l3 Swing Club, l, Dramatics, 2,5, H3 Girls Club,2,5,h5 An- nual Club, 53 Pep C1Ub,u, Tournament Plays, 2,5,h5 Junior Playg Treasurer of Annual Club, 53 All star basketball team, 53 Ambi- tion: Radio Actress. GERTRUDE HORTON HGertieH Dramatics, l,5,h, Swing, 23 Home Economics, 2,5, M3 G,A.A., lg Pep Club, M3 Girls Club, l,2,5,Mg Student Council, 5,H3 Tournament plays, l,23 Junior Playg Tableaux, l,5,h3 Ambition: Beauty operator, telephone op- erator. EDWARD DUNFORD uSkeetsu F.F.A., l,2,5,Mg HAH Club, M3 Baseball, l,2, 5,h5 Football, M5 Boxing l,2,5,hj Track, 2,5,H3 F.F.A. Basketball, 53 Ambition: Professional Baseball and Travel. RUTH GUSSARSON uFritzn Pep Club, H3 Dramatics, M3 Home Economics, 2,53 Handicraft, 23 Girls Club, 2,5,H, Tableaux,M3 Concert, 2,h3 Operetta, 23 Ambition: Nurse and travel. .1- SYBIL JOHNSON nBootsu G.A.A., 1,2,53 swing Club, 55 Pep Club, U5 Home Economics, 55 Dra- matics, l,2,5,M5 Tab- leaux, 2,5,h3 Tournament Plays, l,5,h3 Operetta, 5,743 Junior Play: Christ- mas Play, 5,h5 Ambition: Swimming instructor or dramatic teacher. LLOYD MHLLER ncurlyn F.F.Aq l,2,5,M5 Annual Club, 55 Vice President of F.F.A., My Stage man- ager, 2,5,h5 Ambition: Welder. EDWIN JONES IIEG-VY Transferred from Warren, u59.H Field and Stream, 25 Handicraft, 25 HAH Club, My Annual 5,h3 F.F.A., hj Operetta, 2,55 Christmas Play, 5,M3 Junior Play, Football, 2, 5,45 Basketball, 2,5.H3 Band, 1,2,5,l+. JOAN MILLER HJ-O71 Transferred in 5rd year. Swing Club, 55 Dramatics, 5,hg Pep Club, M3 Jour- nalism Club, M5 Tourna- ment Plays, 5,Mg Christ- mas Plays, 5,k5 Cheer- leader, M5 Ambition: Live the life I love. JAMES JONES HJimH Transferred from Warren, H59.u F.F.A., 2,5,hg HAH Club, 5,k3 Camera Club, lg President of Student Council, Mg Pres- ident of F.F.A., My Junior Play: Basketball, 2,5,H5 Baseball, 5,hg Football, 5,U5 Band, 1, 2,5,Hg Ambition: Pilot. EDWARD MCNAMARA nMackvl F.F.A., 1,2,5,u5 Rod and Gun Club, 55 Ambition: Manager of a ranch. BERT JORDAN HStubbyH 'WNChw5RM.mmKhnCLmg Play Tournament, M5 Christmas Play, M5 Tableaux, M3 Foot- ball, 5,H3 Baseball, 5,M5 Box- ing, H5 Track, 53 Ambition: Architect. AIIAN LATHAM IIAl IV Camera Club, 25 Rifle Team, 2 Rod and Gun, 55 F.F.A., 5,M3 Christmas Play, 5,k5 Play Tournament, 55 Operetta, 53 Band, 5,43 Track, 5,Ng Ambi- tion: Agricultural Engineer and see the world. ALICE LENG nShortyu Girls Club, l,2,5,h5 Home Eco- nomics, 5,H3 Camera, lg G.A.A, l,2,M5 Student Council, My President of Girls Club, ug Secretary of Girls Club, 53 President of Junior Girls, Ambition: Secretary. HENRY LUBKEMAN HLuken F.F.A., l,2,5,M5 Rod and Gun Club, 55 Ambition: Aviator or Forestry service. J' ,lm ' ' ? La, V, Cifyf 'MQW LaZ,aWf! ,f,W,, yfywyfr fwgafwf ROBERT PHILLIPS HR.G.H Checkers and Chess, lg HAH Club, 5,M5 Tennis, 23 Swing Club, 55 Junior Play, Play Tournament, 55 Football, 5,H5 Tennis, 2,M, Golf, 5,M3 Boxing, l,2,5,M, Ambition: Travel. CATH RINE QUIGLEY YI Ely!! Transferred from Chicago. Dra- matics, 5,M5 Pep Club, M3 Swing Club, 55 President of Dramatics Clubg Tableaux, 5,M5 Play Tournament, 5,u, christ- mas Plays, 5,hg Operetta, 5,Mg Cheerleader, My Basketball, lg Ambition: Secretary. RAY QUEDENFEID YlQuad-YI Checkers and Chess, lg Tennis Club, 23 Play Tournament, 23 Ambition: To win the A.B.C. tournament in l95M. JAMES ROEPENACK HRopen F.F.A., l,2,5,u, Rod and Gun, 1,23 NAU Club, l,2,53 Swing Club, 53 Handicraft, 23 Vice- President Student Council, M5 Football, 2,53 Baseball, 2,5,Mg Basketball, 5,H5 Boxing, l,2, 5,h3 Junior Play: Tableaux, 55 Ambition: Industrial Arts. CHARLOTTE MORAN H H Journalism, 23 Annual, 53 Dramatics, H3 Junior Play, Tableaux, 45 Bas- ketball, l,2,5S Ambition Travel. ROBERT SEVERSON nSeabiscuitH F.F.A., l,2,5,u, Student Council, 23 Tableaux, 2, 53 Ambition: Something connected with Agricul- ture. DOROTHY NEDBAL nDOtH G.A.A., l,2,5,45 Pep Club, M3 Dramatics, My Band Club, 55 Christmas Plays, U3 Tableaux, My Hiking Club, 2,53 swim- mins, 1223 Band: 11225: My Ambition: To return next year. RUTH SCHONSCH CK uShortieH G,A.A., l,2,53 Girls Club, l,2,5,u, Home Eco- nomics, l,2,5,hg Handi- craft, 25 Camera, 15 Am- bition: Social worker or housewife. JENNIEV NEVELIER HJenN G.A.A., l,2,5,hg Home Ec onomics, 2,5,D3 Dramat- ics, l,5,h5 Swing Club, 25 Pep Club, H3 Girls Club, l,2,5,M, Junior Play, Tableaux, l,5,k3 Christmas Play, hg Secre tary of Senior Class: President of Senior Girls: Ambition: Nurse. EDWARD RUSCH WSKI HEddieN President of Handicraft Club, 53 Junior Play, Operetta, 2,55 Play Tournament, 5,H5 Tab- leaux, 5,M3 Christmas Plays, 5,h3 Ambition: Become a professional singer. LUCILLE SH RMAN ULull Home Economics., 5,Hg Dramatics, l,2,5,Mg G.A.A., l,2,5,h5 Girls Club, l,2,5,Mg Pep Club, H5 Journalism Club, kg Swing Club, 53 Annual Club, 53 Junior Play, Tableaux, l,2,5,u, Play Tournament, 2,5,h5 Christmas Play, kg Ambi- tion: Nurse. DEAN WEBER llnafll Transferred from Gurnee. Annual Club, 5,1+3 Swing Club, 23 Journalism Club, H3 Band, 1,2,5,uj Junior Playg Operetta, 2,55 Play Tournament, 5, kj Christmas Play, 55 Tennis, 2,5,Hg Basket- ball, 5, Baseball, 5,H5 Ambition: Be a drafts- man. ARTHUR SMALL nGreekH Swing Club, 55 President of Junior Boys, Tourna- ment Playsg Football, 55 Band, Ambition: Multi- millionaire. DUDLEY WARD nAsSiSn Stamp, lg Tennis, 25 Vice President Freshman Class, Christmas Plays, l,2,h5 Tournament Plays, 1,2,uj Tennis, l,2,5,hj Band, lg Ambition: Law- yer, doctor. ALBERT SMETH llA1Il F.F.A., l,2,5,h5 Rod and Gun, 53 Wrestling, M3 Boxing, 23 Ambition: See the world. DORIS WACNER HPork1en Transferred from Grant. Home Economics, l,2,5,M5 Red Cross, lg Swing Clua 23 Glee Club, lg Girls Club, 2,5,M3 GuA.A., Mg Ambition: Stenographer. VIRGINIA SORENSEN 1VGimWll Dramatios, 23 Home Economics, 2,5,k3 Camera Club, lg G.A.A. l,2,5,h5 Girls Club, l,2,5,h5 Tableaux, 23 Ambition: Nurse. JAM S STABLER HJimN Dramatics Club, Camera Club, Baseball, l,2,5g Basketball, l,2,53 Track, l,2,53 Ambition Join the air corps. GEORGE STERBENZ llGeOll Checkers and Chess l' Rod and I 1 Gun Club, 2,5, NAU Club, 5,H3 F.F.A., 2,5,M5 Tournament Plays, 55 Christmas Play, M3 Junior Play, Basketball, 2,5, 45 Football, 5,M3 Baseball, l,2,5,b5 Boxing, l,2,5g Ambi- tion: Aviator. VERNETTA TIEMAN HShortyu Transferred from Kenosha. Dra- matics, M5 Home Economics, M5 Shorthand Club, 53 Ambition: Air-line hostess. NN KKK -guru-1 SHIRIEY WEIIS llS lY Home Economics, 2,5,h3 Swing Club, 1,23 Handicraft, lg Dra- matics, My Secretary of Home Economics, M5 Tournament Playa My Operetta, 55 All star bas- ketball team, 2,55 Ambition: Nurse. JOHN WHITE H Rod and Gun Club, l,2,55 WAN Club, 2,5,A5 Handicraft, 25 F.F.A., 5,hg Football, 5,45 Track, 53 Boxing, l,2,5g Wrestling, by-Ambition: U.S. Marines fFlying Cadetl. WILLIAM WHITE HWillH Microscope Club, lg Swing Club, 2,55 Student Council, 2,h5 President Senior Class, Play Tournament, 1,2,5,u, Tableaux, 1,2,5,u5 Junior Play, christ- mas Play, Mg Band and Swing Band, l,2,5,lI-3 Ambition: Play with Miller's orchestra. MARTHA WINCH Dramatics, l,2,5,M5 Journalism Club, M5 Student Council, lg Tableaux, l,2,5,A5 Ambition: Be a teacher or social worker. O DEAN HAGEN Hnizll Transferred from Tomah, Wis- consin as Senior. F.F.A., 2, 5,45 Dramatics, lg Journalism Club, M5 Band, 2,5,M, Glee Club, l,2,5g Humorous Declama tion, l,25 Carnival, l,2,53 Football, l,5,h3 Boxing, l,2, 5,43 Ambition: Teacher. JOHN HORAN JOYCE WATERS Qufoganmff INDEDC Picture Page Picture HAM Club. . . 28 Home Economics Club Annual Club . . 30 Journalism Club. . Band .... 25 Juniors .... Basketball. . 20 Junior Play. . Senior Will . . 21 Pep Club . Chorus ..... 26 Prom . . Christmas Plays . . 22 Seniors. . Curtain Call Club . lo Senior Play. . F.F.A. . . 19 Sophomores . . Football. . ,lO Spring Sports. . Freshmen. . . l4-l5 Student Council. . G.A.A. . 7 Tournament Plays . L-hp Page 18 55 40-Nl 15 27 59 42-M7 36 8-9 54-55 17 29 INTED IN L1 nted by Edwar PR ds Broth , I L1 h P Ann Arbor, Michigan, 19 2 -n 1 Q .lf .1 ' ' L r ' V X u X Q m "Tig 'ax ,' ' .31 -3 . ,-, ax V . .1 'lib' 4: , S -M5-f X 4 ' ' gf. X, 'Q--,, -fx A 4 r, " .M T"1,1' 1 , A- ,E'5'f1. j 'rwafffizif 1'Z'f .V 31 , 1 A ' , L..-rlrnl L' 'Q

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