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5- Y , lu, 1 A 2 ,S f Q ,. .. . P, 1 :Ni ' H .3 asf' A F, -Y 1 , J, A y . ,III , -4' , , 4, Ln . uv Q . 'TL ... 1 ,jf 1' , f , ,I 1, Q X .. I 1 14 3:1 'Ax X N, ink '1 KSC zgyg- -gfgx ai: we ., 1 ,J-'Lt ., 1 -X 1 9, f7262'2fff'M"" , 4 ," -'5 , C9 f' J. fx ,f. SEQUQHAQHQM PUBLISHED BY THE ANNUAL CLUB ANTICDCH TGVVNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Edto Chef JOA Ad o DJLye 'r J XL, v , -14, mmf ' 9 V ' -- VM Q HM, .5 -fm 4 , . Q I A ,,4- f 1 1 Q, ' I M , ' , K 'WW' N .vi W JM! F' ,ffr i LGI! '3,1i'SaBtndF3f9?1l??aliH i.1W?BiV! M12 Mr. J. O. Austin l Decfica fion We, the Student Body of' Antioch Township High School do hereby dedicate this annual to the commu- ity, to our principal, and to the school board who have worked hard to place this school and its facilities at our dispos- al. av EQYWQQ-gap Q 'C X W M MSM X XZ Q M 4 Hmfg GW A9 A JS: N H x I M Vg B3 Q1 mm E Q 'T W fu' 9 Gtlfiygg LEWIS C. HACK Science and Mathematiceg Senior Advisorg Tennis Coach. E. W. EDWARDS General Mathematiceg Physicsg General Scienceg Assistant Principalg Golf Coach. DOROTHY LYNE Englishg Dramatiesg Sen- ior Advieorg Annual. GEORGE 5 2 !Advisor. Coachg MRS. WYLLE Art C. L. KUTIL Agricultureg F.F.A. INA Englis Ad W ISABEL LARIMER Home Economicsg Cafete riag Girl's Clubg Dean of Girls. HELEN MAE OLSON Typ ing: General Bus i - nessg Physical Educa- tiong G.A.A. Sophomore Advisory Jr. Red Cross. R. H. CHILDERS European Historyg Physi- cal Educationg Head Coaohg Rod and Gun Clubg Sophomore Advisor. BANS VON HOLWEDE Germang Musicg Chorusg Band. MARGARET MCDORMAN Lating Englishg Freshman Advisor. GERALDINE ROSS Typingg Shorthandg Book- keeping. . M. Industrial Artsg Meehan ical Drawingg Freshman Advisor. ROBERT CHINN ecretary s 31 I I1 14' I7 D " 1' ' ?'ivv'f' 1 1 Y 6.5! ,, If, W , ,L . , . '4,f:. ,FJ 1 1: V, -J . H' 'Y f : f u --0 5 vuffw , . ' " , 1 nl :- sw W ,n 1 ,fem fQ,,,::f,1'y A gn, 3,5 QW X Mm ,.f. f.'ijJ' a ,,-7'1-fzii' 5-.1.f1'.fE:2F 55, ,' QQ, ,g 'f -7'yfQf:wg',' :L " l W. f-'lr X, if A-a,km,A 2 - ,. f,,w,, ,1-.,,,.!.,' 45 ' ,V ,A 4 ,WM L 1 ., Z ,Z W' ,w Q V-':,,g3 -A-.flggr I , :wzzffd -ww' 2- 11, - , 1 .QNMI1 ., '- E.3F!'1 - W' 'Wav' ,--r, 1, ,- - f "-f :ggi "-r ,U AA I s an.' ff'w , ff -. , ,ip 'egg ' ypggesgg .-1 ,Y - ' wg ' f if , A 1 ,mf-as e 12, -1,.,'5ff . ,1 , V vfiw- ' ' 1- ',.f'f'1V 'i."',2",", ' ' ' '-,w,k'T11'5'-flvf"".,"'v . gy, , ' tfifkiggtz , -,f X w w , , 5, 2 'qi wi 4, Q .1,h,-f,,g,k.M,:i., ,,.,: ,V 5,-'sfawfg ',.:5wgKEfg ge., 3, f., www- ?Q?3:.ML.-1. - ,wf'gg, kg ' . , QL -'54-fgpv :eggs " -' , 1 'i3f1'ffni.' 94 :mf ,.,. , '- 5 1 J,s1,qf1..5r 'N , gh. , X579 aq,.,, -.lf .:1.-af:-qpggv -. ,gggfgwws-V Y 4 . J -1. - . V mfg -ML N- . Q- I. -, ., Jf in. A, ' fl' " ' 1 A' 'f Z'i'Lf2'Li ff: 4' E ' A: YU? .le ?u'5',Q927"I'. HQ, -' ' M - w..,,+jL:sc V f .,'1,,m,. .WMWH , , , fm- 1e5"fii3:,gl,x.aff141: iffy: ' JJWL., '.i!9i'.L 'Q .2 , ,A ., -- -rg, :I 'F ' ' i?Wffim' Q ,. :,ifgEgV: IL T, V .I ,T 4 :1' 1iHL7i3 ,l..5"l' 'f-YW 55" ' ' 1'm""ill"2?Q. 4, '-f:" r : A a ff' '.,,.11 ff -R' A ,VW 1 I- " 'kr' "If T1 1551 ' 1- 'V f, . 'Af ' 1 Y , if, ,ak " Ly? 94 - -pwi' 'Hr-5gv"'f1 A N451 W y, 5-,ku M .Vg .1 -4 V ',..',g1Q1,f2'F- f, gnggtph ?ijM3,3. " 525 .X r X 2 ' : 'alma f ,Q 'Q-"1 ,M '1--::11mf'f1,.M is-E v M2 5 fi, Vg MQi7 i h,:U1s if A15 hi. QQ' :iT'?jlf'? ' ' ' . 1. -. :fixvfswffiii fY,g..5.Laf 'f-'A " Mrwilif ,,,. ., -1 IV- .,2-'Smal--u'.'-'.J 9 - ' 'H 1 W ' f 1"l-:iW2,'m,w: f L, - 395 -H 2553-1p,.i? Qf 'J Q,,:f1.f3f:',iI fl il - ,riy'g.:E-':ij4g I 5 ,W y I mf Q , .y,,g3g5f'3,,..! V ,Ha 4 4, ' 1, . Ly-yr-L-sx1:,,p,, f,-V L. rf - v 1 1 rf- fm, ,--Pgm-gizgiqvv 1 'Q ' 5,15aI1v:',4,j1vj.14 Q5 '-I V ' -w ,pg.i'g14 ",g'v.-'frjk-Mg. , ifgfgf Q, ggi f-,'?"'N-is . P , r :ryfSjM1g19I!1.n.VI:',g5i91,,:,LU , I L EA f1iU2fj121.fT .?"'f ' Y M 'Z3f"i"1"'f- jp v " 3131653 ' 7X'iV'v34 . fwzq 1 1, - 2, -,mg A - :f'Qi,1hx ' I A ' 3 9.4, , ., we K A K .,Q. 1,1 3 4 1 1 , Y 4 1 M91 A-'V 'w i v 5 Q IP- Mk, v", "lg, rg?" 5' 3515893 - L AUM wx Iv 1 is S I S . 5, 0 R.. "Cx Qc? ' G59 S A 51 W Uf' FREDERICK HAWKINS l'Hawk'l Swing, j,M, NAU, 2,5g Vice President, 23 President, 5,M5 Basket- ball, l,2,5,u, Golf, l, 2,j,M, Dramatics, 5,H. JOAN SMITH UShortyn Stamp, 1,23 Swing, 5,h, G.A.A., l,2,5,h5 Girls, l,2,5,h, President, 23 Tennis, 55 Chorus, 1, Dramatics, l,2,5,h3 Am- bition: Aviation In- structress. l If 'fri "- A MARY OSMOND IIOZ ll Stamp, 1,25 Swing, My Girls, l,2,5,M, G.A.A. 1,2,5,Mg President, 5, Band, lg Chorus, l,2,5, M3 Dramatics, 5. Ambi- tion: Nurse. DORIS KLASS G.A.A., l,2,5,h3 Red Cross, 2,hg Girls, l,2, 5,hg Journalism, 3,Hg Marionette, 1, Curtain Call, 2,5,h5 Editor of paper, Mg Imamatics, 1,c1S 2,5,Mg Ambition: Travel, Write. 'val RICHARD HARTNELL nDickn F.F.A., l,2,5,M5 Annual, 55 President, M3 Dramat- ics, 5,M5 Ambition: Ag- riculturist. 40-1 Little Transferred from Waucon- da. President, l,2, Basketball, l,2,5,hQ Baseball, 1,25 Golf, 55 Mg Band, 1,23 Dramatics, 2:51h' 10 JIM HARVEY nClarkn HAH: l12:5ph5 Swine, Journalism, 55 Rod and Gun, 25 President of Stu- dent Councilg Vice Presi- dent, 15 Basketball, l,2, 5,U5 Baseball, 1,25 Foot- ball, hg Track, 5,35 Golf, 2,5,h, Dramatlcs, l,2,5,u, Ambition: Physi- cal Education., - ,Ik 1 VIR JEAN HOOK HJeannieu G.A.A., 1,2,5,M, Girls, 1,2,5,Hs Swine, 5,hs Journalism, 5,143 Stamp, 1,23 Home Economics, M, curtain Call, M, Secreta- ry, M, Tennis, 5, Cheer- leader, 2,5,h3 Chorus, lg Dramatics, l,2,5,Mg Ambi- tion: Nurse. 5,Ns CHARLES ANDERSON llAndylY Stamp, 1,25 5WiT181 59: Treasurer, 55 Student Council, M3 Dramatics, 1,2,5,N. JOYCE ANDERSON Puppet, lg Handicraft, 25 Curtain Call, 5,M3 Stu- dent Council, 2,55 Dra- matics, l,2,5,h5 Ambi- tion: Private Secretary. W'?'?f+f Q CATHERINE BARTB L nKit,ty u G.A.A., l,2,53 Home Eco- namics, 1,55 Chorus, 2, 5,h5 Dramatics, 5. Ambi tion: Child's nurse-maid. ROBERT BOLTON NRedll F.F.A., l,2,5,hg Ambi- tion: Transport Driver. 11 JAMES AUSTIN, JT. NFlimsyH Transferred from Athens, ll, X Society, 1,25 Swing, 5, HAH, M3 Student Council, l,2,55 Basket- ball, l,5g Baseball, l,2, 5,U5 Track, l,2,5,M, Ten- NEDA BACON nPOI,kyu G.A.A., l,2,5,Ug Girls, l,2,5,H3 Home Economics, l,23 Handicraft, 55 Jour nalism, M3 Band, l,2,5,M Chorus, l,2,5,h3 Glee Club, l,2. nis, 5,H3 Band, l,2,5g Chorus, 2,55 Dramatics, l,2.5.A VIRGIL BURNETTT nDodeH Stamp, lg Microscope, 2, Racket, 55 President, 23 Tennis, 55 Dramatics, 2, 5,h. VERNON CRAFTK llvernvl A Music, lg Dance, 2, Swing, 5,l+s Band, 1,2,5, Mg Chorus, l,2,5,H3 Am- bition: Orchestra Leader cw""M"' ALLEN DE BATES HAl ll F.F.A-, 55 Microscope, 25 HAH, hi Rod and Gun, Mg Football, M5 Chorus, 1,23 Ambition: Engineer. ROBERT DRESSEL If Professorn Stamp: 1:23 Swing: EJMQ Journalism, 5,h3 Secre- tary, 55 Dramatios, 2,5, A 4 Harold Eltherington, Jr. VlHa1 ll R an , 1,23 e P ent, ' s ent, 5 Dr 1 Bxhf bi' tion: st-pilot. LLOYD DROM hg Ambition: Doctor. KNA. . . - I A MARJORIE FERRIS nMaI,gie u G.A.A., l,2,5,hj Home Economics, 1,53 Red Cross, lg Stamp, 23 Swing, 55 Girls Club, l, 2,5,h5 Secretary, 5, Dramatics, l,2,5g Ambi- tion: Private Secretary. ' 12 F.F.A., l,2,5,h, Chorus, 23 Dramatics, 5,hg Ambi- tion: Farmer. RUTH GLENN nRuthien G.AQA., l,2,5,hg Home Economics, l,M5 Music, lg Curtain Call, 55 Chorus, l,2,5,Hg Dra- matics, 53 Ambition: Study Music. NORMAN EDWARDS F.F.A., 1,2,5,1+g Ambi- tion: Engineer. GORDON GOOD llGOOd.yYl Transferred from Luther L. Wright, l25 Journal- is , Mg HAH, U5 Swing, M5 Basketball, M5 Foot- ball, H3 Band, H5 Chorus, Mg'Dramat1cs, H5 Aami- tion: Chemical Engineer gx fl 1 Wim DONALD HILLS HDOD-ll Microscope, lj Rod and Gun, 2,53 Swing, 343 Secretary-Treasurer, 23 Band, 5,M3 Dramatics, lj JULIA HUGHES nJulieH Home Economics, lg Chess and Checkers, 23 Handi- craft, 53 G.A.A., l,2,5, hi Girls, 1,2,5,hj Dra- matics, 53 Ambition: Medical Technician. Ambition: Airplane Me- chanic in U. S. Navy. LOUIS KRATZ 'Uhnnern Rod and Gun, 2,53 Cur- tain Call, lj Chorus, ls Dramatics, 5,hg Ambi- tion: Good. Job. VIOLET LOFTUS lfvi H Curtain Call ' Chorus, 2153 DTE-mat J 1:21535 Ambitio : ,ress and sings . CD WILLIAM JOHNSON Ilswede N Timlbling, 13 Camera, 23 Rod and Gun, 5,h3 Foot- ball, H3 Tennis, 5,M3 Dramatics, l,2,53 Ambi- LAWRENCE KEISIER F.F.A., l,2,5,hj Dramat- ics, 2,5. tion: Airplane Mechanic . . L V I RICHARD LUED "Dick' croscope, 3 Rod and Gun, 51 Secretary, hs Dramatics, 53 Ambition: Veterinary. 13 MARY KAY LYNN 3 l nKay vv stamp, Q3 Swing, l,2,5,h G.A.A., 5,A3 Journalis , 5,h3 Curtain Call, M3 Chorus, l,2,5,hj Dramat- cs, 2,5,M3 Ambition: To travel . f - 7 Qflglt' EN M JEANNIE MACK 'Wlackieu Transferred from St. Clara Academy3 Curtain, H3 G.A.A., M3 Dramatics, M3 Ambition: Go to Eu- rope. RAY PATRICK llmhlrfy YI Tumbling, lj Handicraft, 23 Rod and Gun, 5,h3 Band, 1,2,3,J+5 Ambition: Mechanic. 5? I X . A x ff 8 lv I ,,Cf'f ff ,Zn Y - :,, A f-V .. xy. ,Y --N.-,, .u W. ,M I J, .Ala h JAM S MAIN HDOC Il Usher, 1,2,53 Invaders, 23 Basketball, 2,53 Chorus, 1,2,53 Dramat- ics, 5,H3 Ambition: Aeronautics. ROBERT PEDERSEN nPeten Rod and.Gun, 1,23 Swing, 5,M3 Baseball, l,2,hj Football, kj Cheerlead- er, 5,H3 Band, l,2,5,h, Chorus, 53 Ambition: Aerial Photography. I fx A N, Ny MARY WHITE mf? I I ,L4, Vlpattyll f Amflyihanaicraft, 23 Home Ec- F.Qs,o x , ,X . ,. W VIRGINIA MINSHALL HBabeH Swing, 143 Band, 5,143 Chorus, M3 Dramatics, l, 2,5,M3 Ambition: Beauty Operator. FLORENCE PETERSEN uPeteH G.A.A., l,2,5,hj Music, 23 Curtain Call, 53 Journalism, M3 io- nette, lj Ban , l,2,3,h, Chorus, l,2, , 3 Drama ics, 5,H3 ition- 1- W onomics, 2,5,H3 G.A.A., hi Ambition: Stenogra- pher. Q IRENE PACHAY "Rene" G.A.A., 1,2,5,uj Chess, Checker, and Puzzle, 23 Handicraft, 53 Chorus, 1,2,53 Dramatics, 53 Am- bition: To travel. FRANK PETTY l7Jap ll Tumbling, l,2j Chess and Checkers, 23 Journalis , 5:h3 SW1n8: 5,Ns Annual: M3 President, lg Foot- ball, M3 Track, 5,h3 Golf, ug nramatics, 1,2, 5,h. GILDA PIERCE llGil ll Curtain Call, 23 Home Economics, M3 Red Cross, 1,25 Chorus, l,2,5,7-+3 Dramatics, l,2,5,l+3 Ambition: Make a good home for a certain Jack. DALE Stamp, 1,23 5,43 "A", 2151145 2,55 Band, us, l,2,5i Dramatics, l, 2,5,7-+3 Ambition: Surgeon. Chor- MARIE QUIRK Hcotrky ll G.A.A., l,2,5,7-L3 Home Economics, lt: Swing, 113 Chorus, l,2,55 Dra 5, matics, 2,55 Ambition: Model. JOHN THAIN F.1-:.A., 1,2,5,h, Hami- craft, lg Ambiti n: Travel H 1 SELTER Marionette, lg Curtain. Call, 2,5,h5 G.A.A., 1, 2,5,3-L3 Girls, l,2,5,l+3 Red Cross, l,2g Journal- ism, 2,5,1+g Dramatics, 1,2,5,1+g Ambition: Art Teacher. CHARLES TRUKX "Chuck" F.F.A., 1,2,5,u5 Rod and Gun, l,2,5,h5 Ambition: Travel. 4 , I ' CHARLES SMITH "Chuck" Chess and Checkers, lg Handicraft, 25 Swing, 5 343 Ambition: Travel. or Mmm WAGNESMI ,uf IIMB-I,e1l Transferred from Grant. Swing, 53 Home Econom- ics, 2,l+3 Ambition: Beautician. C7444 We were strangers here, then, 57 of us, but looking back we've passed through that stage, and we have had a lot of fun. In our first class meeting we elect- ed Frank Petty for our class presidentg Jeanette Whited, our vice president, Joan Smith, secretary-treasurer. Bob Hunt and Roberta Selter were elected Student Coun- cil Representatives. The Sophomores gave us a Hallowe'en Party. Remember the nChamber of Horrorsu? We wanted to learn to dance, so we had after-school dancing classes. During the winter, Fred Hawkins and Jim Harvey represented us on the light- weight basketball team. We had 2 plays in the Play Tournament --uThe Queen's Dietn and HHold That In- dian.H Out of the 8 plays given, HThe Queen's Dietn was one of the two plays to get nAn. March l8 we gave the Sophomores a Valentine Party, at which we demonstrated our musical talent. The group programs for the year were centered around the improving of each stu- dent and we held a quiz program on eti- quette. Six boys and six girls took part. Remember Andy's snake dance? When we came back as Sophomores, we chose Joan Smith as our president, Fred Hawkins as our vice president, and Jean- ette Whited our secretary-treasurer. That fall we gave the Freshmen a party. Four letters were awarded in basket- ball to Sophomores, and five in baseball. We really showed our Dramatic ability by winning the Drama Shield in the Play Tournament this year. The Freshmen returned our party in the spring. Before school was out that year we made arrangements for a booth at the County Fair to sell refreshments and make money to begin our Junior year. During our Junior year we settled down to our first hard work. The annual publication required combined efforts for almost the whole year. The prom which we gave for the Seniors was likewise success- ful. Our officers were Fred Hawkins, pres- ident, Joan Smith, vice president, and Mary Osmond, secretary-treasurer. wifi: fozy The Junior play, HSomewhere in Ohio,H written and directed by Mrs. M. K. Phil- lips, and the community party were present- ed to raise money for the annual and the prom. Three Juniors were on the heavy weight team and one on the light weight team. On the floor cheering them on were Bob Peder- sen, Charles Anderson, Vir Jean Hook, and Violet Loftus. On the baseball team, five boys repre- sented the class. Five also played on the tennis team, three on the track team, and three on the golf team. In dramatics we lost the shield to the class of '40 although we won half of the individual awards, and Roberta Selter was selected as best actress. In our senior and final year many awards were won by our class. The officers were Fred Hawkins, president, Jeanette Whited, vice president, and Vir Jean Hook, secretary-treasurer. Doris Klass, Mary Kay Lynn, Joan Smith, Charles Anderson, Frank Petty, and Bob Hunt were elected to repre- sent us in Student Council. In the fall we enjoyed many outings such as the wienie roast at Fox River Grove and the steak fry at Petrifying Springs. Early in the year we presented our gift to the school, a-victrola and a P.A. system. We also gave them movies. Letters for football were awarded to six seniors, basketball to four, and base- ball to four. Track letters went to three seniors, tennis to five, and golf to four. In dramatics the seniors were out- I standing this year. Violet Loftus and Dale Smith won the best actress and actor awards The senior play, nTishH was a great suc- cess. The seniors were also prominent in the play which advanced to the State dra- matics contest. The seniors also partici- pated in the chorus at the Third Division Contest at Argo and in the operetta. With the senior picnic, Ivy Day, Baccalaureate Services and finally gradua- tion, we, the class of '41, leave our Alma Mater with many valuable experiences and treasured memories. as-x--x--me-me 16 I if 5 EUSQEQMEQM M HMHEQQ 4 Q 17 I r Seated left to right: C Quigleyg J Nevelier' G Hort A U - . , . ong . Lengg M. DeBates5 J. Ellisg D. Petersg V. Schmshlg Miss Leland. lst row standing: G. Hutchisong S. Johnsong P. Decker-5 D. Druryg M. Dowg M. Buss- cherg C. Morang M. Winchg D. Wagnerg V. Sorensong D. Carneyg R. Sohonscheck. 2nd row standing: J. Wa- ter ' J. ' - s, Miller, E. DeBoer, M. Princeg S. Wellsg A. Denmang D. Aronsong L. Cobbg C. McCorkleg R. Gussar- sony J. Har-risong V. Cosgrove. Seated left to right: R. Grossg A. Carpenterg D. Weberg G. Sterbenzg L. Buchtag M . Ergang lst row standing: R. Quedenfeldg H. Atwoodg R. Seversong E. McNamarag J. Carneyg E. Dunford' L. Miller- E. R , , us- chewskig D. Freund. 2nd row standing: R. Phillipsg J. Whiteg R. Gussarsong W. Whitey E. Jonesg J. Jonesg H. Lubkemang A. Lathamg A. Smith. Cfau of 1942 Art Carpenter, President Geo. Sterbenz, Vice President Paul Gustavson, Secretary The Junior Class has found the third year to be exceedingly busy and enjoyable. First among their many activities was the Junior play entitled Block That Kick, direct- ed by Mrs. Phillips. Next, they held a Community Party, with decorations emphasizing a patriotic motif. Several students of the class gave a flo r h and was pronounced quite a success. o s ow. The Community Party was well attended A Chinese theme inspired the Prom which they held for the Seniors. They have enjoyed their Junior year very much and are looking forward to their Senior year with eagerness. 18 Left to right: Seated--Miss Olsong C. Watersg S. Johansong V. Paulseng E. Fayg A. Fox. Standing lst row L. Mintog U. Nelsong B. Sobeyg M. Mathewsg E. Nelsong L. Kuligowskig D. Kutzg P. Palmerg V. Flintg J. Dhuyvetterg D. Strang. 2nd row: E. Nelsong V. Smithg A. Shaerg C. Wursterg M. Zenderg A. Wardg B. Wil- letg G. Weberg S. McBride. Left to right: Seated--Mr. Childersg H. Glenng W. Murphyg J. Fieldsg A. Hawkinsg G. Palaskij B. Maple- thorpeg T. Maplethorpe. Standing lst row: J. Welshg C. Dalbkej Pfannenstillg R. Horam C. Dresselg C. Jorgenseng W. Dromg C. Larsenj H. Garwoodg E. Brixeng C. Fisher. End row: J. Runyardg F. Hoekstrag W. Lubkemang L. Techertg L. Yoppg D. Barnstableg H. Hessg J. Flanagang J. Hogang W. Effingerg J. Meyer-5 C. Campbell. 5rd row: J. Kiehlbauchg W. Chaseg T. Smithg G. Marrsg D. Hutchinsonj E. Barnstableg M. Wurzbaclq W. Welchg R. Freundg E. Hartnellg G. Pierceg T. Brett. CVM of X943 Shirley Johanson, President Carol Waters, Vice President Virginia Paulsen, Secretary The Class has been well represented in school activities this year. Four girls were on the all-star volley-ball team: Ella Fay, Una Nelson, Dolores Kutz, and Ethel Nelson. Jack Fields and Dale Barnstable were active in boys' basketball. There were also sophomores in the play tournament. Shirley Johanson was a cheer- leader. They are looking forward to a busy junior year. 19 Left to right: Table--Miss McDormang C. R. Uptonj E. Pederseng F. Zimmermang M. Setek. Chairs--R Sib- leyg J. Walker-5 M. Gaidesg I. Mairg R. Zellhoferg E. Zender. Standing- E Longly' J Kutil' S Earn s ' . . , . , . e s, R. McC-lynng E. Grenusg B. Gosselg H. Princeg C. Whiteg G. Kingg E. Brackteng B. Runyardg D. Edwardsg R Dromg A. Kacerg K. Fieldsg M. Hardtke' G. Pierce' T. Wimmer' E. H t ' . ' . ' - , , , or on, C Gyger, D Gebhart, I.. Meiners manng A. Harvey. ' Left to right: Table--Mr. Stillsong W. Collinsg S. Klass. Chairs--J. Messageg I. Weber' D. Phillips' ! I G. Seversong R. Lascog C. Morang T. Carlsong G. Polland. Standing: L. Longlyg M. Haneyg J. Naderj W. Elfringg B. Dowg B. Pettyg A. Boltong G. Wimmerg J. Eaismang I.. Roblinj W. Calhoung T. Deckerg I.. Sher- IUBIIQ E. Talley. ffm: of 1944 Carol Ruth Upton, President Billy Petty, Vice President Alice Harvey, Secretary The Freshman Class entered school with an enrollment of' sixty-four. In September the Sophomores welcomed them with a Wiener roast. Other social activ ities included a dancing party on October 25 and a skating party in January. Both the boys and girls of' the class were active in basketball, journalism, and drmatics. Their activities point to a profitable three years to follow. 20 g g ,J X YV-H X .N EQQRA X W 1 ,MQ W W VN I N' ' XM, I .lf Hl ffm ul' k1,U! f ARM! W X YS X N 7 Q Q 2 ' Q Q U 5 2 S Z E Q f Q N , 5 Z N. X S' WM WI" f n ' WW 1 WW 'WW 'W , I L.J,H'NT0 :ed left to right: M . J. O. Austinj M. Lynn, F. Petty, J. Harveyg D. Klassg J. Smith, L. Buchta. 1ding lst row: C. Andersong F. Zimmerman, G. Sterbenzg W. Dow, R. Hunt, E. Brixon. Standing 2nd row: Payp M. DeBates5 C. Watersg G1 Hortong H. Glenn. .gfuafenf Councif The tie that binds the various student groups together is the Student Council. Each class sent its own representatives, twenty-one in all, and here the students have their say. The president is a member of the Senior Class, chosen the year before, by popular vote of the entire student body. The other officers are chosen by and from the coun- cil. This past year the council has sponsored a football homecoming and a basketball homecoming. They have encouraged dancing, arranged for the students to dance at noon, and bought new records. Antioch sent several delegates to the State Student Council Convention at Spring- field. The Student Council sponsored the selling of season tickets for the basketball games, and the election of the six cheerleaders. X x il v 22 yffiXAr,,49' K ome corzomica kr Patty White, President Shirley Wells, Treasurer Betty Shank, Secretary Miss Larimer, Advisor The girls of the Home Economics Club this year sent Gertrude Horton to Springfield. We also sponsored a Matinee Dance, Christmas Tea, Style Show, and Mother-Daughter ban- quet. We had a Christmas party with the F'.F.A. The aims of our club are to create more interest in the home and to develop girls socially and mentally. Left to right lst row: S. Johnsong J. Nevelierg G. Hortong M. Buscherg M. Wagnerg B. Shankg M. DeBates5 S. Wellsg J. Andersong B. Willetg M. White. 2nd row: Miss I. Larime-rg D. Gebhartg J. Kutilg E. Hortcng B. Sobeyg G. Pierceg M. Gaidesj E. Nelsong U. Nelsonj V. Sorenseng R. Schonscheckg A. Lengg D. Wagner. 5rd row: M. Ferrisg E. Brackeng H. Prinoeg R. Dromg A. Kacerg A. Schearj M. Zenderg A. Wardg A. Foxg P. Palmerg E. Nelsong R. Glenng A. Denmang L. J. Mintog D. Strang. Mth row: D. Edwardsg C. Whitey G. King C. R. Uptong C. Gygerg E. Zenderg J. Dhuyvetterg M. Princeg R. Gussarsong G. Hutchinsong V. J. Hookg M. K. Lynng R. Zellhoferg E. Pedersong E. Fayg S. Harnessg S. McBride3 C. Wursterg E. DeBoer. 3 X Wifi f f f - f ouznaham CM This year, under the able direction of Miss McDorman, the Journalism Club had a Hred letter year.u The club worked efficiently and swiftly to do all which they set out to do. The feature attraction of this year was a trip to the Chicago Tribune. The club arranged it so that any student of the high school could go along if he wished to do so. The unanimous decision after the trip was that everyone had enjoyed the trip very much, and still more important, they had learned many interesting things. In conclusion, let us say that the introduction to the smell of printer's ink was enjoyed by everyone who participated in this club. On the facing page is the HAnnualH and final edition of the HSequoit News of '40- H 'Ml. .eft to right seated: T. Deckerg I. Mairg B. Dr-esselg J. Ander-song QD. Klassg M. DeBates5 M. K. Lynny L. fobbg F. Zimmermanng R. Zellhoferg F. Pettyg R. Selters. Standing: J. Austing F. Pedersong N. Bacong l. Zenderg D. Smithg Miss McDorman5 G. Goodg T. Smithg A. Hawkinsg G. Palaskeg T. Carlsonj V. J. Hook. SEQU OU SCHOOL CONTESTS By Idol Maier Antioch has sent stu- dents to Latin, music, and dramatic contests this year. Five people took part in the district Latin con- test, March 29. They were Doris Strang, Virginia Poulsen, Richard Luedke, Rosaline Sibley, and Doris Klass. All were chosen to go on to the sectional contest, and from there Doris Klass went on to the State contest at Chicago. The two music con- tests were held at Argo on March 22 and March 29. Ed- ward Ruschewski entered the first contest as a so- loist and was placed in first division. Thirty members of the chorus went to the second contest. They sang two well-known songs, Hwere You Thereu and HCheribim Song.H Ten other schools competed in their division. The Anti- och chorus got a rating of HGH, or third. The dramatics depart- ment sent a play, So Won- derful! fln Whitej, to the district play tournament at Calumet City. Here they were chosen to go on to the State contest. The student dramatists in this play were Mary Kay Lynn, Roberta Sel- ter, Vir Jean Hook, Vivian Cosgrove, Jeanne Mack, Joyce Anderson, Sybil John- son, Mildred Dow, and Carol Waters. Catherine Quigley en- tered the poetry contest at Calumet and was also sent on to State. SENIOR HONORS By Rose Marie Zellhofer The Class of '4l, an exceptionally small class of 49 students, has ll students with an average of 90. Among these stu- dents 3 have transferred to the school from other schools in the past two years. Seven of the elev- en students are girls. The Dramatics Cup Awards were presented to Violet Loftus and Dale Smith. A special award was given to Roberta Sel- ter for outstanding acting. Ten seniors received Thes- pian awards including Joyce Anderson, Doris Klass, Vir Jean Hook, Fred Hawkins, Mary Kay Lynn, Bill John- son, Norman Edwards, Virgil Burnette, Richard Hartnell, and Robert Dressel. Doris Klass represent- ed the Latin class at the University of Chicago. Vir Jean Hook received the trophy for the most nAll- Around Girln in school. Fi- nal G.A.A. Awards were pre- sented to Vir Jean Hook, Joan Smith, Ruth Glenn, and Mary Kay Lynn. These are but a few of the awards that the Senior Class has received. They have received an unusually large number of awards. -J nhl 5? 'I ff 25 NEW SENIOR VOCATIONS CONFERENCE By Mary Kay Lynn On April 28, the First Annual Northwest Conference Vocations Day was held at Palatine High School, Palatine, Illi- nois. Twenty-seven sen- iors of Antioch attended this conference. The purpose of it was to help the high school senior choose the occupation for which he is best suited. There were discussion groups in l4 different fields, each group being led by a person well ac- quainted with that pro- fession. The Antioch Students traveled by bus to Pala- tine and arrived in ample time for the conference, which began at one o'clock At this time a general meeting was held in Cut- ting Hallg Mr. E. L. Drom presided. The address, Choosing a Vocation,H was given by Mr. M. P. Nelson, Managing Director of Career Institute, Chi- cago. Following this were consultation groups. ll The above program was repeated at 2:20 in order that each senior could attend two differ- ent meetings. This Vocations Day helped the participants in choosing their occupa- tions and enabled them to acquire a broader knowl- edge in certain fields. K5 -A -A CVJ Cpuzfain faff The Curtain Call Club is the center about which all the dramatic activities of the year rotate. Their first activity of the year was the Book Week Tableaux, in which they gave to the school tableaux representing different books. , As a Christmas present to the community, they presented a Christmas play. All the money taken in at this play was donated to the Red Cross. In February the inter-class play tournament was held. All the money received was used to pay for the expenses of the club during the year. In March, the club gave its Annual Thespian Banquet, to which it invited all those who had participated in dramatics. Thespian letters were awarded to outstanding dramat- ic students. The talent in the three lower classes promised next year to be another successful one in drama. lst row: B. Scheibeg S. Johnsong V. Cosgroveg J. Millerg C. Quigleyg P. Deckerg D. Strangg V. Loftusg K. Fieldsg D. Klassg J. Andersong V. J. Hookg R. Selter. 2nd row: G. Hortong M. Buscherg J. Kutilg E. Zen- derg L. Meinersmanng R. Zellhoferg R. Sibleyg C. Watersg M. Matthesg D. Aronsong Mr. M. Philipsg M. Gaidesg M. K. Lynng J. Nevelierg J. Mackg G. Hutchinsong D. Druryg L. Sherman. 5rd row: L. J. Mintog U. Nelsong E. Fayg C. Wursterg B. Runyardg M. Zenderg R. McGlynng A. Wardg I. Mairg M. Winchg L. Cobbg M. Dow . V f' fm wg -,fg,f'..... + vi rfwsf+.1.zf-.s'ET.e.a.f 'Qi xp ,X Y y 5, , .4 -, M.. y Llcyv av, bbmmkevkafkii Tim-, fbknvgtwuzha ml Es -Jig. Qvcgfm, P+-Lge, -sand We Q .cpe Thfd Y','xYQ,3"YvLiLCJ if X . E VCQJTXG XA? L n,1wk's Valvgu Q,.h,ni,v 4i , Q XWQYQ if , mia Qhgggg Front row left to right: J. Nevelierg G. Horton. Standing: D. Aronsong D. Peters, J. Jones, L. Buchta' , I G. Sterbenzg E. Hawkinsg E. Ruschewskig B. Phillips, V. Cosgroveg R. Gussarsong B. Gross, J. White. wzioz pfay The Junior Play was a three-act farce called Block That Kick. The action was cen- tered around Johnnie, an Indian, and the local football hero. Grandpop and Grandmom were there and added the usual fun that the meddling old folks cause. Johnnie was handsome, but the local flirts wouldn't go out with him be- cause he was an Indian and hadn't any background. Johnnie's boss was going to send him back to the reservation since there was too much play and not enough work. Grandma took Johnnie in and helped him along, the Granddaughter fell in love with him, the team won the final game, and everything ended happily. Even Johnnie got his girl. ront row left to right: M. DeBates5 C. Moran, J. Harrisonj M. Dow. Back row left to right: L. Shermang . Whiteg J. Jones, J. Roepenackg E. Jonesg G. Sterbenzg D. Weberg V. Schmahlg R. Gussarson. Seated left to right: V. Loftusj D. Klassg R. Hartnellg R. Selter. Standing: V. Burnettg M. Osmondg J. Harveyg J. Hughesg L. Dromg R. Glenng M. Lynng I. Pachayg D. Smith. enioz pfag Tish Tish is the title-character of the amusing 5-act comedy about a bluff but lovable old maid and her, two "girl" friends, Aggie and Lizzie. Fun begins when the three spinsters, who are traveling through the Southwest in a battered second-hand automobile, are forced to seek shelter at the small hotel of Ellen Leighton. During the course of their visit, the ladies succeed in saving the mortgaged hotel for Ellen, in capturing a bandit and his accomplice, and in getting Tish's nephew married to Ellen. Seated left to right: J. Hughesg F. Pettyj J. Smith. Standing: J. Mackg G. Goodg V. J. Hookj D. Klassg R. Dresselg J. Andersong F. Hawkinsg V. Minshallg F. Peterseng C. Anderson. u ' 'elif fs'M'W"?E""'d'WZ'Z1i ,,,, .fnffs,wf.W.1W-.M....W Left to right lst row: G. Pierce, M. K. Lynng B. Shankg B. Pedersong B. White, D. Smith. 2nd row: V. Loftusg F. Petersen, M. Osmond, F. Pettyg J. Meyerg G. Goodg M . G. Ergang. 5rd row: V. Craftg B. Ma- plethorpe, Mr. H. Von Holwede. fNot as picturedj V. Craft, R. Dresselg D. DuPre5 A. Foxg V. Flintg B. Grossg G. Goodg S. Harness, J. Harrison, M. Hardtkeg F. Hawkins, J. Harveyg D. Hills, J. Hogan, S. Johanson, S. Klassg S. McBr1deg V. Minshallg B. Murphyg E. Nelsong M. Osmond, G. Palaskeg E. Pederson, B. Pedersong V. Paulseng D. Peters, P. Palmer, F. Pettyg R. Pfannnenstillg B. Phillipsg M. Quirkg M. Setekg D. Smith, A. Smallg B. Shankg V. Smithg J. Smith, J. Walkerg T. Wimmerg B. Willetg J. Waters, F. Zimmerman, S. Johnsong P. Deckerg J. M11- lerg C. Quigleyg V. J. Hookg M. K. Lynn. wing Gfufr Joan Smith, President Jim Harvey, Vice President Frank Petty, Secretary-Treasurer S Rim! Bam! Scim! Scam! If we can't do it nobody can! In the groove every Thursday morning, members of the swing club, about 50 in all can be seen "jivin" and "jamin." A This is the second year of the swing club, under the supervision of Hans Von Hol- wede. The swing band is also a part of the club. It meets every Tuesday and Thursday for afternoon practice. Through the year it has played for dances, entertainments, and concerts. The band is purely for fun. 30 Left to right: Sitting lst row--V. Craftg B. Pedersong B. Whiteg N. Bacong J. Jonesg J. Meyer? G- 43005-- 2nd row: B. Effingerg D. Weberg F. Peterseng F. Zimmermang G. Kingj A. Lathamg B. Dowg E. Fayg J. Mes- sageg G. Pollandg J. Nader. Standing lst row: B. Grossg J. Walkerg V. Minshallg E. Jonesg M . Von Hol- wedeg C. Maplethorpeg R. Ellisg J. Hogang L. Robling B. Petty. 2nd row: B. Collinsg T. Deckerg E. Ped- ersong A. Maplethorpeg R. Patrickj J. Horang W. Elfring. Left to right lst row: V. Paulseng E. Brackenj A. Denmanj A. Wardg M. Gaidesg B. Willetp M. Matthesg B. Sobeyg G. Pierceg V.-Minshallg B. Shankg M. Osmondj V. Loftusg F. Pedersong L. Cobbg M . H. Von Holwede. 2nd row: R. Glenng N. Bacong M. Setekg A. Schaerg C. Wusterg S. McBrideg D. Strangg I. Mairg G. Wimmerg J. Hutchisong G. Weberg C. McCorkle5 D. Druryg J. Dhuyvetter. 5rd row: M. Princeg S. Wellsg M. Hardtkeg C. Barthelg M. K. Lynng E. Pedersong R. Zellhoferg P. Deckerg J. Millerg J. Harrisong V. Cosgroveg C. Quigleyg S. Johnson. Nth row: A. Maplethorpeg J. Jonesg C. Maplethorpeg V. Craftg G. Goodg B. Whiteg B. Pedersong E. Ruschewskig D. Weber. 61402414 ana!-Q capeffa CJAOIZ The school chorus consists of fifty-five members. This group of singers performed in a winter concert, before several assemblies, and will take part in an operetta to be given this year. Band The Antioch High School band has enjoyed a very successful year under the guidance of Hans Von Holwede. The band is made up of about thirty-five students and is making great progress. Among the bands' activities was playing for football and basketball games and participating in a spring music concert. 31 Seated left to right: M. Wurzbackj F. Hoekstrag E. Brixong L. Yoppg R. Hartnellg L. Dromg J. White, T. Carlson. Standig: C. Larson, G. Sterbenzg R. Patickg L. Buchtag E. Dunfordg B. Bolton, H. Lubkemang W-. Welch, L. Sherman, B. Dow, R. Bolton. 2nd row: E. Talley, J. Carney, E. McNamara, N. Edwards, J. Thaing L. Keislerg J. Jones, B. Collins, L. Miller, A. Lathamg C. Truax. 5rd row: W. Elfringg G. Pierce, R. Seversong I. Weber, L. Garwoodg J. Flanagan, J. Kiehlbauchg M. Haney, A. Smith, W. Dromg E. Hartnellg G. Seversong J. Message. 7-ufuze 72zzmeu of -qqmezica The Future Farmers of America is an industrious agricultural organization, which plays an important part in our high school. It was organized under the leadership of Mr Kutil, the present advisor. The main purpose of our club is to create more interest in agriculture and to im- prove the standards of farming. Some of the activities of the club this year included the pest contest, judging contests and stock shows and also a new game, the dart-ball contest. The club also helped the Hag boysn to finance their projects. Forty Future Farmers of the Vocational Agriculture Department of the Antioch Town- ship High School completed forty-five farm production projects with a profit of S2,6l0.04. Over 35,500.00 worth of products were produced. More than 3300.00 was earned as premiums at fairs. ,f'7 fl-sri iiif' ' 'u 02: I 'T 5 ..: ij3nJ? AQ qqifi? il, Nljigggf 32 7906! ...J gun 61.4 The boys of the high school who are interested in conservation of wild game and the preservation of all good things in nature have taken upon themselves the organization of a club for this purpose. George Sterbenz leads the activities of the club as president with Lawrence Yopp as secretary and treasurer. Rifle and trapshooting occupied most of the time during the fall season. During the winter months, due to the light snow fall, there vasn't much call for feeding the pheasants or other birds. Spring activities were centered on fly1fishing and game. Two game refuges are adjacent to the school groundsg this makes it very convenient for study of upland birds and migrating birds. Coach R. H. Childers sponsors the club. Seated left to right: B. Effingerg J. Fieldsg J. Messageg D. Barnstableg L. Yoppg G. Sterbenzg B. Lubke mang L. Robling T. Carlson. Standing: M . R. Childersg L. Buchtag A. DeBates5 R.FTeundJ H. Lubkemang J Flanagang C. Dresselg B. Collinsg A. Lathamg B. Dowg R. Horang B.'Johnsong C. Truaxg M. Haney. Qf'5..Sl.g.S'.?.f?-fmfie.IVY' G - fs? U f . 'ss - N.. 97 il -aww I, nrzuaf 'He amuel club was fomed this year upon a different basis. All students were in vitei to 'oecoze :exbers :stead of just those of' one class. The stories were written 'og' the rzerbers of the four classes, and the art work was handled by the art class. Miss Lyle, the sponsor of the club, has helped us toward our goalg an annual for the entire school published by the student body in general. We-, the exmual club, sLnce:'ely hope that you like the "Sequoit of 1940-l9l+l." Left to right lst row: Miss D. Lyneg L. Kuligowskig D. Strangg U. Nelsonj M. Ferrisg V. Cosgroveg J. An- dersong B. Whiteg J. Austing G. Hortonj D. Aronsong C. Quigleyg R. Seltersg I. Mairg P. Decker. 2nd row: J. Harveyg A. Wardg R. Pharmestillg C. Fisherg D. DuPre5 E. Ruschewekig J. Harrisong B. Grossg A. Carpen- terg G. Goodg D. Klassg D. Petersg M. Vmchg L. Cobbg M. DeBatesg V. Paulseng L. Shermang J. Ellis. Qrd row: R. Gussarsong L. Millerg J. Jonesg D. Weberg J. Millerg M. Doug C. Morang L. Minto. 3 7, W ' N lwi. f XX Q awma , xN,1 0 C SU Ur 0 co 0 O Cl Eg J.Nr.vf.urn 35 TUBES Left to right: D. Hills H. Atwood V. Burnett R. Pedersen J. Austin R. Luedtke A. Carpenter D. Weber D. Ward TRACK First row left to right: F. Petty R. Pedersen G. Good J. Austin H. Atwood J. White Standing left to right: A. Latham E. Dunford L. Techert G. Sterbenz W. Murphy R. Bolton D. Dupre W1 Chase H. Lubkeman M . Childers At the first sign of spring a multitude of applicants poured out to compete in our spring sport schedule. GOLF Left to right: F. Petty J.Flmugan J.Ham y F.Hmkhm Mr.Edmmds D . Barnstable J. Kbppen R.Horma will After careful consideration the three coaches, Mr. Hack, Mr. Edwards, and Mr Chil ders picked the teams which are pictured above. When the annual went to press these teams were just starting their schedule. From what they have shown in practice we can prophesy a successful season for these boys and their coaches. Left to right: J. Welchg R. El- lisg C. Morang W. Lubkemang W. G. Ergangg C. Maplethorpeg S. Klassg L. Techertg A. Maple- thorpeg E. Brixen. Left to right: Mr. R. Childersg S. Klassg J. Naderg D. Weberg C. Dresselg J. Jonesg W. Effingerg J. Kiehlbauch. ganfefbaff Varsity players work hard before winning a coveted place on the team. The players pictured at the top, although they did not win letters, had the pleasure of representing Antioch for short but exciting moments on the basketball floor. The lower picture shows Antioch's first freshmen-sophomore squad. These boys drilled whenever they could get the gymnasium. Under the direction of Mr. Ergang, they developed into a strong, rugged, and fast team. This is evidenced in the fact that the boys lost only one game. Next year these boys should give a good account of themselves on the varsity. 37 I Kneeling left to right: C. Waters, V. J. Hook, S. Johanson. Standing: B. Pederseng C. Anderson. Left to right seated: M . R. Childers, B. Johnson, G. Sterbenzg D. Barnstable, F. Hawkins, J. Harveyg L. Buchtag A. Carpenter. Standing lst row: D. Weber, G. Palaskeg J. Jonesg A. DeBates5 J. White, B. Peder- sen, T. Maplethorpeg J. Austin, G. Good. 5rd row: J. Kbppeng F. Petty, J. Fields, B. Hunt, V. Burnettp Ckeezfeadezf and 'QQ " CM, What team could go on to victory without an enthusiastic backing? The cheering of the crowds at the basketball games this year did much to encourage the boys to victory. J. Hogan. Six people, three boys and three girls, composed our cheerleading corps for this year. With new cheerleading outfits and buoyant spirits, this group cheered the boys, not only on our own floor, but also at their visiting games. Nearly half of the school year had passed before the HAH club found it necessary to call a meeting. At the first meeting of the HAH club the officers were elected. They were as follows: Fred Hawkins, Presidentg Jim Harvey, Vice President, Dale Barnstable, Secretary-Treasurer. Following the election of officers, plans were made for conducting a Hhot dogu sale to gain funds for the club. Coach R. H. Childers was again the advisor. 38 C ouch Childers 7 .Za ,., ,! fe' I ,r , ,aywj macro 41- I fi WW7W 3 , fa ZW wf M , G . Sferbenz H . Ahvood ' s igh 'ff' W HQ, .'aUA 9 NWf!L'x TlM,,Ah 4a,Wp W ,o ax Qhwd I f Q Vff M .ffl X fn, 2,6 J . Ha rvenj L . Buchfa J. Fields BASKETBALL The Sequoit Braves came through with a score of 5 wins and 5 losses to win third in their ference. The high ers who paced them Barnstable with 61 and L. Buchta with points. Only 2 of COD- SCOP- were D. points 55 this team will be graduated, so Coach Childers has hap py visions for next year' basketball season. x mag! ,K f Lt D. Barnstable Xxgg fa I 'S Q1 H X gf N E I S K x 9 F E X F. Hawkins Jane S Carpenter Seated left to right: G. Sterbenz, J. Roepenack, A. DeBates5 J. Harvey, G. Goody J. Hogan, W. Johnson. Kneeling left to right: Mgr. C. Maplethorpeg J. White, W. Murphy, R. Pedersen, F. Kennedy, A. Carpen- ter, A. Small, J. Jones. Standing left to right: M . Ergangg F. Petty, S. Klassg R. Gross, M. Wurzbachg E. Jones, L. Buchtag E. Dunfordg W. Effingerg D. Weber, G. Palaskej Mm. Childers. oofbaff This year football was restored to Antioch High after a lapse of seven years. The first team, although composed of rather inexperienced players, fared well in its five game schedule. The squad will lose only three seniors by graduation and next year should do well in the Northwest Conference. While there was not organized from among the the fortune of Antioch's tion for the shortage of a freshman football team, a group known as the lightweights was sophomore and freshmen boys. These men, upon whose shoulders glory on the gridiron rests, made up in spirit and determina- weight. After a month of going home each night tired and worn out from dummy scrimmage and from being common fodder for the varsity, the future Jim Thorpes and Red Granges played a two-game schedule. The first of the two-game scenes was at home with Libertyville, the score was l2-6 in favor of Antioch, and a week later a return game was played. Next year a more extensive schedule will be arranged for these future stars in the hope of develop- ing good varsity material. 40 I 4' Kr Seats: left tc rlglts C. H ?-ET1CI?Ej FL Ibiteg J. Yelsig D. Tsberg G. Gcoig J. Kieblkauchg S. Klee K:eeli:s left tc r:'Pt: L. fezhsrtg K. Eiwsrisg R. Grcssg J. J::esg A. C5:pe:terg J. Harvey. Sta:d.:6 left t: right: Hr. 2:55:53 3. H::e:g L. Ycpgg L. Buchteg A. Msglsthcrpeg G. Ster:e:zg E. J::es5 A 301 1625 R. 3cltc:5 E. 3::f:ri3 F. KE::eiy. Mba!! Wit: tge :::i:g af spriig, thcughts 35 athletes t:::ai to participati:z i: the Tar cus cuties: sports, 3:5 :f 1:i:: was basstall. Facsi tit: he :ecsssitf 35 b:ilii:g 5: s:ti:slj :er tsa:, Mr. E?ga:z Lssuei a cal 32: tis :atterf hcpefuls tc :sp::t 1: the gy: a:i prsstics tires afte:::::s 5 week. I: the sears: 53: 3 tchers, the tale:t sctut f:::i E. E:lt::, S. Klass, C. S:it:, B. Gross a:i J. 5:st::. nie last tt: are :et1::s :f the preficus Tsar. 233-7 i: March, reatbsr gsrzittei cuticcr practice fc: the s:ti:e tef' al::g with the stxiy cf f::ja:e:tals. C: the iats cf the spri:g 55:9 the iia:::i hstsfuls ters still c::pe'i:g for p:siti3:s with J. J::ss, L. Escksrt, E. D::f::i, A. E:ltQ:, G 3305 E. Thits, L. Excite, G. Sts:Es::, B. Maplethsrps, a:i J. R:sps:a:k, A. 3a::s:ts:, a:i J. Harte? sse:::g ta :ali a: edge 2: t:i:gs. The scisiile fc: this isa: i::-:1si sight 22722 3.....v.. . 41 g. .Q .Q The Girls' Athletic Association has had a very eventful year. In the fall a Play Day was held at Antiochg there was an excellent turnout of 120 girls. In the fall a pot-luck supper was held and twenty-four girls were initiated. Many hikes were partici pated in The Sen. won star by the girls. To raise money a popcorn sale was given. results of the inter-class basketball were as follows: Soph. won seven gamesg fiveg Fresh. won threeg Jun. won two. At the conclusion of the season two All teams were chosen. Several girls entered the State Telegraphic Basketball Tournament. Antioch placed fourth. As a means of raising money a Sadie Hawkins Dance was held March 7. Name pins were also sold: At the annual Spring G.A.A. Banquet May 6, all girls received their awards. Seated at left table: M. Lynng L. Meinersmanng F. Zim ermang S. Harnessg R. McGlynn5 A. Wardg D. Edwardsg M. DeBates. Seated at right table: D. Klassg I. Mairg S. Johnsong M. Zenderg E. Zenderg K. Fieldsg R. M. zellhoferg V. J. Hook. Standing lst row: C. Whitey E. Brackeng C. Uptong A. Har-veyg J. Walkerg E. Fayg D. Aronsong M. Ferrisg J. Hughesg L. Cobbg Miss H. Olseng D. Petersg B. Scheibeg D. Strangg C. Gygerg D. Gebhardtg R. Seltersg F. Peterseng J. Mackg V. Loftusg V. Sorenseng L. Shermang R. Schonscheckg M. White. 2nd row: G. Kingg N. Bacong J. Smithg S. McBride5 A. Denmang L. Mintog V. Smithg A. Schaerg S. Wellsg T. Wimmerg R. Runyard. 5rd row: M. Gaidesg E. Nelsong U. Nelsong E. Pedersong M. Quirkg J. Nevelier. 'NJYFW - fa Zemin SEPTEM ER FEBRUARY 9 School Opens--new faces 1 18 Frosh-Soph Party 7 Old Time Dance Homecoming 20 School Dance 17-18 Inter-class Plays 22 Military Ball 26-27-28 District Tournament OCTOBER l Frosh Football Libertyville here MARCH 5 Football at Zion 7 Sadie Hawkins Dance 7 Rod and Gun Club 17 Boxing 9 P'T'A' H H 18 Thespian Banquet 10. Movie-- Youth vs. Alcohol 19 Boxing 12 G.A.A. Play Day 21 Boxing 15 NO SChOO1"O Boy! State Finals Basketball Tournament 18 End of lst 6 weekS"GOOd Grades? 25 Lake Shore Division at Waukegan 19 Barrington here 27 Junior Party 21 No School--What? Again! 25 Frosh-Soph Party 26 Kenosha here 51 Junior Play--HB1ock That Kickn APRIL 3-4 Sr. Play--HTishn ll-14 Easter Vacation NOVEMBER 18 Baseball Ela here 1 Junior Play--HBlock That Kickn 21 Golf with McHenry here 8 G.A.A. Initiation 22 F-F-A- Banquet 11 Zion here Baseball game Northbrook here 15 Community Party 23 Golf Waukegan here 25 warren here 25 26 Student Council Convention at Spring 30 Old Time Dance field State Finals of Dramatics at Urbana 25 Baseball game at Grant DECEMBER 28 Golf Barrington here 29 5 End of 2nd 6 weeks 6 Grant here Movie HGolf Widowsn Christmas Play 18 19 MAY 21 to Jan. 6 Xmas vacation--Ain't we 1 got fun now! 2 3 6 JANUARY 7 16 Evening School 8 17 Ela here 9 18 Old Time Dance 23 Donkey Basketball--Hee Haw! 12 25 Semester Exams--Where's the aspirin? 29 Semester Grades--We-e-ell! 15 43 McHenry Frosh meet here Tennis at Barrington Easter Star Home Talent Show District Golf Tournament here Baseball Barrington here G.A.A. Banquet Tennis Northbrook here Golf McHenry there Baseball Grant here Operetta--HAmerican Way of Lifen Mother and Daughter Banquet Golf at Barrington Baseball at Ela Tennis Barrington here Baseball Northbrook here Prom Golf Grant here Style Show Tennis at Northbrook Track at Palatine Sectional Livestock Judging Contest at Antioch Conference Tennis Meet at Northbrook Golf at Grant 27 Baseball at Barrington 28-29 Senior Semester Exams--Witt!!! 29 Grade School Graduation 30 Memorial Day--No School JUNE l Baccalaureate 2 Ivy Day 4 Semester Exams--More headaches! 6 Graduation 44 erzioz Charles Anderson wills his habit of pestering Mr. Hack to Billy Chase fwho has a good start anywayl. Joyce Anderson leaves her figure to the bookkeeping department. Jim Austin bequeaths to Arthur Carpen- ter his charming way with the women. Neda Bacon leaves her giggles to Lo- retta Kilgowski. Catherine Barthel leaves her magnifi- cent record of attendance to the rest of the school fwe hope they don't use itl. To Jack Message is willed Bob Bol- ton's height. Vergil Burnette, after due thought and consideration has left his tennis ability to Mr. Hack. To Bud Maplethorpe, Vernon Craft has bequeathed his piano playing. Allen DeBates leaves his girl friend to anyone who will take good care of her. Robert Dressel wills his calm, re- served and masculine manner to Leo Buchta. Norman Edwards leaves his place on the stage crew to Leonard Roblin. Lloyd Drom leaves his division axiom to Billy White. Harold Eltherington bequeaths his Gene Krupa drumming to Mr. Stillson's 6th hour class who may dispose of it as they see fit. Marjorie Ferris wills her neat as a pin appearance to a lot of people who could use it. Ruth Glenn leaves her knowledge of op- eras to David Du Pre. CWe'd like to see him jive to Faust.D Gordon Good leaves his many friends to Mr. Ergang. To Charles Zender is willed Richard Hartnell's glamour. Jim Harvey and Fred Hawkins will Bluff Lake to all up and coming Romeos. Donald Hills leaves his boldness to Ralph Gussarson. Vir Jean Hook wills all her Hforeignn jewelry to the boys to whom it belongs. Charles Truax leaves his carelessness to Lura Jean Minto. Marian Wagner's good nature is be- queathed to Shirley Harness. Julia Hughes wills her foolish ques- tions to Kathleen Fields. 45 William CSwedeD Johnson bequeaths to Mr. Austin his car and sun glasses. Lawrence Keisler leaves his 3rd hour fhistoryl maps to Clarence Dressel. Doris Klass leaves her glamorous eyes to Lloyd Miller. Jacques Koppen wills George Sterbenz his muscular strength. Louis Kratz wills his knowledge of the World War to Mr. Ergang. Violet Loftus leaves her temperament to Carol Waters, Doris Wagner, Howard At- wood, Bill Leubkeman, and Lucille Sherman. Mary Kay Lynn wills all future Student Council presidents to all future Student Councils. Richard Luedtke leaves his polite ways to Arthur Hawkins. Jeanne Mack leaves her demon driving to Mr. Stillson. Jim Main leaves his athletic ability to Dale Barnstable. Virginia Minchall leaves her chair in King's to next year's Hcokeu fiends. Mary Osmond leaves her strawberry blond hair to all dish-water blonds. Irene Pachay's love for college is left to Bill Petty. Ray Patrick wills his flowing locks to Chinney. To Howard Atwood is willed Bob Peder- sen's unusual pronunciations. Florence Petersen wills her bashful- ness to Billie May Runyard. To Dudley Ward is left Frank Petty's industrious attitude. Gilda Pierce bequeaths her friendly attitude in history to all future American History classes. Marie Quirk wills her Lane Tech em- blems to Catherine Quigley. Roberta Selter leaves her knack of losing things to Alice Denman. Charles Smith's laugh is willed to Tod Maplethorpe. Dale Smith's clothes are left to up- coming seniors. To Jenevive Nevalier is willed Joan Smith's smallness. John Thain bequeaths to Eddie Ruschew- ski his quietness. Mary White leaves her polite and quiet attitude to Shirley Johanson. ITEM FROM THE ANTIOCH NEWS . Iuly 18, 1961 On July 16, 1961 a banquet was held upon the opening of Antioch College which was endowed by Dr. Robert J. Dressel, a former pupil of Antioch High School who is now a learned brain specialist. In honor of this occasion Dr. Dressel invited some of his classmates. Among those present were: Charles Anderson, the actor who takes the part of Superman in the radio skit by the same name. Neda Bacon, who is the gym teacher at the newly established Antioch College. James Austin, who flew in from Holly- wood, where he is production manager of 3rd dimensional films for M.G.M Catherine Barthel, who is the gover- ness of the Burnette quintuplets. Mr. Burnette, who was chief engineer of the New York-London Subway, could not come because he was away on a business trip to Europe. Bob Bolton, who is the pitcher for the New York Giants. Vernon Craft, who is the leader of the Hep-Cats who are now playing at the Coconut Grove, where a nationwide revival of boogie-woogieu is being held. His fea- tured singer, Violet Loftus, was also pres- ent. Lloyd Drom, who is the manager of Mr. Richard Hartnell's model farm which won first prize in the national farming con- test. Harold Eltherington came from Blue Island off Pensacola, where he is now the flight commander of the Hell Cats. James H. Harvey, who is the president of the New York Title and Trust, was ac- companied by his secretary Majorie Ferris. Ruth Glenn, who is now a music critic on the Los Angeles Sentinel. Gordon Good, who is working on secret plans for the new stratosphere bomber which will be used in the Nth World War by the United States. He was accompanied by Bill Johnson, his chief mechanic. Fred Hawkins, who was winner for the fifth consecutive time of the National Golf Tournament, and his professional cad- dy, Jacques Koppen. Don Hills, who is the naval commander on the air-craft carrier, Conquest. Vir Jean Hook, who is the third con- secutive winner of the Wimbledon matches. Julia Hughes and Irene Pachay, bacte- riologists in Du Pont's laboratories. Lawrence Keisler, superintendent of John Mansvilles. Norman Edwards, stage manager at Rocke feller Center. Allen De Bates, auto racer at Indian- apolis. Doris Klass and Florence Petersen, co- directors of the Hull House center of so- cial work in Chicago. Louis Kratz, designer of Kratz's Kozy Kottages. Richard Luedtke, president of the Il- linois Veterinarian Association. Mary Kay Lynn, head dietitian at St. Luke's hospital in Chicago where Mary Os- mond is director of nurses. Jeanne Mack, most famous woman organic chemist in America. James Main, architect for the new sum- mer resorts in the Antarctic. Virginia Minchell, head operator at Helena Rubenste1n's salon. Ray Patrick, author of the best seller Why I Hate Women. Robert Pedersen, aerial photographer for the United States government. Frank Petty, Senator from Illinois, and his private secretary and business ager, Joyce Anderson. Gilda Pierce, outstanding soprano at Metropolitan'in New York. Marie Quirk, switchboard operator at the Edgewater Beach. Roberta Selter, director of speech at Cornell. A Charles Smith, radio technician at Radio City. Dale Smith, skilled surgeon at Mayo Clinic. John Thain, inventor of a radio con- trolled harvester and thresher. Joan Smith, secretary for the Vice- President of the United States. Charles Truax, retired farmer. Marian Wagner, head librarian at North western University. ' Mary White, journalist on the Chicago Daily News staff. man- Anderson, 11,22,29 Anderson, 11,25,2h,26,29,5h Aronson, 18,26,28,5h,h2 Atwood, 18,56,59 Austin, 11,2h,5h,56,58,hl Bacon, 11,2M,51,N2 Barnstable, 55,56,58,59 Barnstable , 19 Bertnel, 11,51 Bolton, 2O,M1 Bolton, 11,52,h1 Bracken, 25,51,h2 Brett, 19 Brixen, 22,52,57,hO,h1 Huohte, 18,22,28,52,59,58,hO, M1 Burnette, ll,29,56,58 Busscher, 18,25,26 Calhoun, 20 Campbell, 19 Carney, 18 Carney, 18,52 Carlson, 2O,2h,52,55 Calfpenter: 18: Bb: 56: 58: 59, ho: Ml Chase, l9,56,NO Cobb, 18,26,2h,5l,5h,h2 Collins, 2O,51,52,55 Cosgrove, l8,26,28,5l,5M craft, 11,5O,51 Dalbke, 19,HO DeBates, 12,55,58,hO DeBates, 22,2H,28,25,5h,M2 DeBoer, 18,25 Decker, 18,26,5O,51,5h Decker, 2O,2h,5l Denman, 18,25,51,h2 Dhuyvetter, 19,25,5l Dow, 2O,5l,52 now, 18,22,26,28,5H Dressel, l9,55,5Y Dressel, 12,2H,29,5O Dram, l2,29,52 Drom, 25 Dram, 19 Drury, 18,26 Dunford, 18,52,56,Ml Dupre, 5o,5h,56 Eaweras, 25,h2 Edwards, 12,52,h1 Effinger, 51,55,57,hO Elferlng, 2O,51,52 Ellis, 18,5h Ellis, 51,5Y INDEX Eltherlngton, 12,19 Fey, 19,22,25,26,5l,h2 Ferris, 12,5h,25,h2 Fields, 19,55,59,58 Fields, 26,M2 Fisher, l9,5N Flanagan, 19,52,56 Flint, 19,50 Fox, l9,25,5o hwmq M Freund, 19,55 Gelaes, 2O,25,26,51,M2 Garwood, 19 Garwood, 52 Gebnerat, 2O,25,h2 Glenn, 19,22 Glenn, 12,25,29,N2 Good- J 12 5 2,"':29J5Ox5u:51: 56,58,h0,1+1 Gossel,-20 memm,2O Gross, 18,29,5O,51,5h,NO,Ml Gussarson, 18,28,5k,MO Gussarson, 18,25,M2 Gyger, 2O,25,H2 Haisman, 20 Haney, 20,52 Heratke, 2O,51,5O Harness, 2O,25,5O,U2 Hsrrlson, 18,28,5O,51,5M Hertne 11 , 19 , 52 Hartnell, lo,29,52 Harvey, 20,42 Hervey,'lo,22,29,5o,52,5h,56, 58,MO,h1 Hawkins, 19,2h Hswklns, 1O,29,5O,56,58 Hess, 19 Hills, l5,5o,56 Hoekstrah 19,52 Hogan, 50, 51, ho' Hook, 1O,25,2M,26,29,5O,58,h2 Bbran, 19,51 Horan, 19,56 Horton, 20,25 Horton, l8,22,25,5h Hughes, 15,29,M2 Hunt, 22,58 Hutchinson, 19 Hutchinson, 18,25,26,51 Johanson, 18,19,5O,58 Johnson, 25,26,5O,51 Johnson, l5,55,58,ho Jones, 18,51,hO,h1 Jones, 18,51,52,5h,57,58,hO,h1 47 Jorgensen, 19 Kacer, 25 Keisler, 15,52 Kennedy, 341 Kiehlbauch, 52,57,h1 King, 2O,25,51,h2 Klass, 1O,22,2M,26,29,5O, 5U,h2 Klass, 2O,57,hO,U1 Kbppen, 1O,56,58 Krstz, 15 Knligowskl, 19,5h Kutll, 20,25 Kutz, 19 Larson, 19,52 Iasco, 20 Latham, l8,5l,55,52,56 Leng, 18,25 Longly, 20 Loftus, 15,26,29,51,52,h2 Lubkensn, 18,19,52,55,56 Imbkbman, 55,57 Luedtke, 15,56 lynn, 15,22,25,2H,26,29,5 51,h2 M ok, 1H,26,29,h2 Maier, 2O,2h,26,51,52,5U Main, 14 MaPlSthOFPe, 19150151157 Manlethorpe, 191511571581 M1 Marrs, 19 Matthews, l9,26,5l McBride, 19,25,h2 McGlynn, 2O,26,51 McNamara, 18,51 Meinersman, 20,52 phasagen 2O:51:52:55 Meyer, l9,5O,51 Miller, 18,26,5O,5l,5h Miller, 18,52,5h Mlnshell, 1U,29,50,5l,52 Minto, l9,25,26,5h Moran, Ml Moran, 18,2O,28,5h,57 M FPUJ, l9n5O156JhO Nader, 2O,51,57 Nelson, 19,25,5O,h2 Nelson, 19,25 Nelson, 19,25,26,5h,U2 Neveller, 18,25,26,U2 Osmond, 1O,5O,51,29,h2 Pachay, lk Palaske, 19,2U,5O,58 OJ ho I Palmer, 19,25,5O Patrick, lM,51,52 Pedersen, 2O,25,5l,5O,h2 Pedersen, lh,51,5O,58 Peters, l8,5O,51,5h,h2 Petersen, lM,2M,5O,5l,h2 Petty, 20,51 Petty, 1h,22,2h,29,5O,58 Pfennenet111, l9,5O,5U Phillips, 20 Ph1111pe, l8,2O,5O Pierce, 19,52 Pierce, 15,20,25,5o Polland, 20,51 Poulsen, 19,5o,51 Prince, 20,25 Prince, l8,25,5l Quedenfield, 18 Quigley: 26J5OJ5M quirk, l5,5O,h2 Reh11n, 2O,5l,55 Runyard, 26 Runyard, 19,20 Ruschewski, l8,5l,5H Shaer, l9,25,5l,b2 Schiebe, 26 Shank, 25 .C, Sohmahl, 18 Schonscheck, 18,25 Seltef, 15,2M,26,29,52,5h Setek, 20,50,51 Severson, 18,52 Severson, 20,52 Sherman, 2O,5h Sherman, 26,52,h2 Sibley, 20,26 Wagner, 15,25 Wa1ker,,2O,5O,5l,h2 ward, 19,26,5l,5h,h2 wetere, 22,26,50,58 Waters, 18,19 Weber, 18,5l,5M,57,58 Weber, 20,52 Welch, 19 Wells, l8,25,5l,h2 Welsch, 52,57 White, 2O,25,h2 White, 58,52 Small, 50 Smith, 18,52 Smith, 15 Smith, l5,2h,29,50 Smith, 1O,22,29,5O,M2 Smith, l9,2h Smith, l9,5O,h2 Sobeyx 19125151152 Sorenson, 18,25,M2 Strangy l9J25:2615lg5u Sterbenz, l8,22,52,55,58 Talley, 20,52 Techert, 19 Techert, 51 Thain, Truax, 15,52 l5,52,53 Upton, 2O,25,h2 Wagner, 18,25 48 white, l5,25,h2 white, l8,5O,5l,5h w111ett, l9,25,5l Wimmer, 20 Wim er, 20,50,51 wineh, l8,26,5h Wurster, 19,25,5l Wurzbach, 19,52 YOPPJ 19152155 Zellhofer, 2O,25,2h,5l,k2 Zender, 2O,25,lL2 Zender, l9,2N,h2 Zimmerman, 2O,22,2H,5O,5l, M2 , 'G+ M-fa.. ,, ,H . X , .. , N 1, .,, 'Q 'x 8 ,S . -2 ,,,, ,,.,, 4' +. viii? . 1154, 4,573 ,V .- ri . , in , A ww. M r ,113 .r,QN'. ,A " .iv CL' ' a 3 L w . Ee .tl 'IA A '1 3. -n w.,. .4 W, u 5 A.. V' 4 , , 4 wr- ross-, '- 11 WE v ,, Ak V146 5 X , Nur L ,., i I ,, - .:- 3 lv 'f Y v , '. il :W ',-L-Q., , h ev Ha ,W 6 -x rn ' H, -we A 1. 2,1 '. ' ' ' . ' . 'Q. v'-A 1 34 , W-,5 ff ' In ,fy J , ,pf L., ' i 4 I . 1 't fi 2'f 56311. Bhiihd, A 2 fu' 3 'FJ " . llalf I3 .L "Lx-

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